Grove High School - Futurist Yearbook (Paris, TN)

 - Class of 1946

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Grove High School - Futurist Yearbook (Paris, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 26 of 78
Page 26 of 78

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Page 26 text:

Forever And Forever ff Amen No doubt, we as seniors, having struggled through American history and literature have heard of Nathan Hale and suppos' edly memorized his great quotation: I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. Being not vain, we do not claim to be heroes: but, nevertheless, we are conceited by the fact that we are Americans and so even though our gifts may be scant in quantity and quality, we do freely give them with open hands and a free heart. It is therefore our wish as seniors to place our gifts and achievements in this year-book in order that our greatest merits and accomplishments will be enshrined in the hearts of those we so reluctantly leave. Thus, we as the graduating class of Grove, 1946, being unbalanced in intellect, and of ill-reputed character, do ordain, constitute, and construct this our last will and testament. jean Allen-With remonstrance of spirit I do relinquish jimmy Brice to eagerly awaiting females of the under-classes. Pat Brisendine-I bequeath my willing personality to Jerry Sue Ridgeway. Wilford Brisendine--I grant my super trips to Humboldt to any fellow who may appreciate their meaning. Helen Bruce-I endow my divine love for the blue and white of a sailor's uniform to Evelyn Weinberg. May she be successful. john Bucy-I entrust my loud mouth to Alan Lasater. Joe Ed Carter-I leave my perfect goals to John Hooper. Helen Chandler-I bequeath my fraternity pin to any soul who thinks they're big enough to get it. Rozanne Clark-I leave The Comet to Billy Ray Balch hoping that he will resort to nothing worse than aspirin. Bobby June Collins-I will my ability of being the center of attraction to Dan Veazey. M. C. Compton-I leave my large hrown eyes to the junior boys as an agent in charming the women. Stanley Cooper--I leave two dozen enlarged and tinted pictures for my many fans. Robert Crick-I will my absorbing interest in history class to Bobby Jennings-no doubt he'll need it. Mary Ashley Davis-l leave my tactics on How to Rope a Man in the library for all future reference. Sue Deal-I bestow my beautiful singing voice to Marjorie Reeves. Marjorie Derrington-I concede mv broken'down, dilapidated Spanish book to anyone with brains enough to understand it. Mary Ann Dumas-I grant to K. B. Humphreys my Mable Todd Laugh. May he learn. jo Nell Ford-I bestow my blooming voice to Betty Joy Hastings. Robert Lewis French-I yield my fierce love affairs to Richard Holder. Carolyne Giles-I bequeath my place on the honor roll to Anne McClarin. Betty Gorman-I leave the basketball period to Carleen Robert' son with memories of those many workfouts. jo Rene Gorman-I bequeath my desire for a handsome Van johnson to Catherine Patterson, Jimmy Haywood-I leave my ability to get along with the gals to anyone who has what it takes. V james Hester-To some luckless soul, I gladly will my long hours spent in writing off spelling words. Katherine Hill-I bequeath my ability to crack dry corn to Dorothy Nesbitt, so she may carry on. Mary Sue Holder--I leave my most sympathetic regards for those behind us. Bobbye Jean Humphreys-l bestow upon Vianne Vincent my favorite pastime--getting in particular mixfups with tall, dark men. Charlotte Jackson-I leave my job as typist on The Tower to anyone who may get away with erasures. Dorothy jeffrey-Gladly I will my brogue to the Rebels of Grove so as to keep up a line of conversation, Billy jobe-I will my jivy feet to Charles Baker Orr. May he profit by their presence. Louis jones-I render my job as manager of the basketball team to anyone who can manage it. Jesse Key-l will my genius to John my little brother so that the Key Tradition may go on. Freeman King-I unselhshly leave my big feet to anyone that has the excess energy to carry them around. jane Mann-I leave my pretty dimples to anyone who has the patience to sleep with his fingers in his cheeks. Juanita Martin-My merry smile and twinkling lips, I will to any friend in need of a boy friend. johnny McGuire-I will my enormous stature to J. B. I... in hopes that someday he'll be big like me. Oneida McNutt-I bestow my gaiety upon Peggy Wynns. Imogene Miller-I leave my numerous excuses to get out of class to anyone who needs them. Austin Moody--I bestow upon any freshman, whatever was responsible for my graduation. Bobbye june Nichols-I will my ability of falling down stairs to those freshmen who are just learning to walk. Margaret Nichols-I bequeath my neatness to Frances Arnett. Roy Nichols-I will my shy and modest ways to Bo Brice. Cornelia Owens-I relinquish my sweet disposition Smith. Ray Peebles-I leave my playful ways to Robert Don Ramsey-I will my dependability and scholastic record to Beverly Meals. Evelyn Ray-I bestow upon Sue Sparks my plentiful supply of makefup in hopes that she'll have the luck I did. Betty Rhea-Reluctantly I leave my seat by coach on basketball trips to the next girl who is as lucky as I. Martha Spaulding-To Margaret Paschall I give my red hair, so that her life long ambition will be granted. J. B. Stewart-Willingly I leave my ability to work solid geometry to the juniors who will certainly need it. Dorothy Anne Sullivan-To Marjorie Cooper I bestow my blonde hair. Bob Swayne-Regretfully I leave my beautiful curls to Bobbye Collltins hoping that he has what it takes to roll them up every mg t. Bob Vaughn--Sorrowfullv I leave the captaincy of the football team and my place as big shot around Grove to Billy Cronin. Frances Vaughn-I render mv lovely smile as an offer for advertising Ipana Toothpaste. Virgil Wall-I concede my book on How to Get by Without Work to Bobby Jennings. Hilbert Whitehead-I will my innocent looks and quiet manners to james Chandler. johnny Wiggs-I gladly relinquish my traits that attract the girls to any junior-they are musicalness, wittiness, hand- someness. Kenneth Wimberly-I leave ever grateful for the lucky breaks I received while in high school. Myrle Augusta Oliver-I do bestow mv nickname Monkey to any poor body that fits the title. Seniors--We leave, to the underclassmen, still not believing we're graduating, all the trimmed-up pencils, all the empty fountain pens and all the stale food found under the holes and crevices. to Nelda Marshall. Executioner: Myrle Augusta Oliver Witnesses: Foo Goo Hubba Hubbard Mr. No Soap Iva Corn 22

Page 25 text:

.ill PW lllll i ll ,,.,1-- fi Qi! , -0-Y 5 - -- -'grieve ' L T X - f CLASS POEM Beyond the bend of the years to come We long to look ahead, To learn of deeds as yet undone, Of words as yet unsaid. Cur commencemenbtime heralds a New Day, A World reioicing in peace And strange new powers that, rightly used, May the pleasures of Life increase. We're happy on reaching this milestone- Our honors are well-earned, And many aside from textbooks are The lessons we have learned. We've been taught the value of kindliness, Of patience and of truth, The ioy that lies in good sportsmanship, Distaste for things uncouth. We offer a grateful vote of thanks To the teachers who've guided our way, Their friendly counsel and ready help We'll remember for many a day. Yes, we'd like to know our future roles, But there isn't a way to tell, So whether our parts be great or small We'll try to do them well. And this we hope for, above all else- Wherever lie our labors, We humbly ask God's gracious help, Please let us be Good Neighbors. -Io Rene Gorman CLASS SONG to tune of I'll See 'You In My Dreams u Here's to old Grove High, Sing her praises to the sky . . Teachers kind and Schoolmates so true 'Fortyfsix Class Won't forget yon. Joys that here were ours, Gainful, shining hours, These will light Our pathway bright, So dear old Grove good-bye. -jo Re-ne Gorman 21

Page 27 text:

History of the Class of 1946. Perhaps four of the happiest yet shortest years of our ives have just drawn to a close-years rich in memories hat will linger in our hearts forever. It is the purpose of his brief history to recall some of tne outstanding events If those memorable and unforgettable years. It was on the morning of August 31, 1942, that one' iundred and three bewildered little freshmen were called o attention in the gymnasium, to start their upward climb o the day now so near. To us it was the beginning of a new and heretofore unknown world. Such curious and infamiliar things as Hi-Y and Home Ec initiations proved o us that this was really that strange world. But it was ilso a world of war. Old grads and classmates went narching off, some never to return-to give their lives for :he freedom we now enjoy, and nationfwide rationing vas put into effect. On September 18 we witnessed our irst football game. We saw our team, the Blue Devils, Jutscore Bruceton and go on to win, 13f6. We had be- :ome a little more adjusted by the time class officers were :lected. Bill McCarley was chosen presidentg Don Ramsey, licefpresidentg Bobbye Humphreys, secretary, and M. C. Sompton, treasurer. The football queen was crowned the might of November 6 and freshman attendants were lanice Berry and Helen Chandler. We finished our exams December 23 and were given a holiday until January 4. About three weeks after we resumed our studies we suff fered a great loss in the burning of Cavitt Hall. It was Jn the evening of January 27, 1943, that we saw its gray, Jrick walls crumble to the earth, only to rest in the soft white snow. The rest of the year we managed very well without a cafeteria, even though lunches had to be brought from home. In February we were most ably represented it the InterfClass Contest by June Collins, Harry Neal, md June Nichols. School was dismissed May 14, and we were freshmen no longer. When we returned in September, '43, our number had dropped to eightyffour. My! The freshmen surely were small! Or at least that's the way they looked to us. To start the year off we had a new principal, Mr. Moody, ind four new teachers: Mesdames Outland and Moody, Miss Paschall, and Mr. Sidwell. Every Wednesday after' moon students were either learning the principles of first' iid or marching militarily to the cadence of an instrucf :or for one or the other was required of all. Once more ave elected Bill as our president. Other officers were Bob Vaughn, vicefpresidentg Bobbye Humphreys, secretary, md M. C. Compton, treasurer. To attend the football queen we again chose Janice Berry and Helen Chandler. Dur football team had a good season that year, winning seven of its ten games. Murray was among its victims, zoo. We were really proud of our basketball teams that rear also. At the regional playfoff the girls defeated 3yars-Hall of Covington to become West Tennessee cham' aions, while the boys were nosed out by South Side. June Sollins won second place in humorous reading in the fnter-Class Contest. Other black and gold representatives were Rozanne Clark and Billy Jobe. A second year was behind us and, as sophomores, our mental worries were over. Climbing the Hill as juniors fand upperclassmenj we were still fewer, to be exact 74. We again had a new principal, Mr. Pitner, who had formerly held a position in the mathematics department. We also welcomed back Mr. jelks as athletic coach. Class leaders were named and they were as follows: Bob Vaughn, president, Pat Brisendine, vice-president, june Nichols, secretary, and M. C. Compton, treasurer. Our football team again had an unusually successful season. Only once did the Blue Devils of '44 taste defeat. Our attendants to the football queen were Jean Allen and Helen Chandler. On December 12, at the football banquet, Bob Vaughn was elected captain, and Virgil Wall, alternate captain. The boys' basketball team was undoubtedly the best Grove has ever produced. Final rankings placed it fifth in the state. Three members of our class were on the first team- Stanley Cooper, Jimmy Haywood, and Bob Vaughn. And speaking of classmates, Rozanne Clark, Bob Vaughn, and Don Ramsey were elected to the National Honor Society. Junior members of the Quill and Scroll were Helen Chandler, Rozanne Clark, Mary Ashley Davis, june Nichols, and Myrle Augusta Oliver. A boxing team was organized by Coach Jelks and staged two meets with Union City. Class talent really came to the fore' front in the Inter-Class Contest, for June Collins and June Nichols took highest honors. The middle of May soon came and vacation was again at hand. Ah, seniors at last! But only sixty of our original one hundred and three were still together. New names on the faculty were Mrs. McCullar and Misses Bryant and Edenton. Bob Vaughn was chosen to fill the class presidency for a second year. Also given official positions were june Nichols, Helen Chandler, Jimmy Haywood, and Don Ramsey. Editors of our two publications, The Tower and 'lThe Comet, were Myrle Oliver and Rozanne Clark respectively. The football team was vicf torious in most of its games, winning eight and losing two by very close margins. Murray was defeated 6-0 in the annual TurkeyfDay tilt and the Williams Trophy was once more within Grove's walls. Football queen for 1945 was Pat Brisendine. Helen Chandler, serving her fourth year, and Jean Allen, serving her second year, were the senior attendants. Bob Vaughn was voted outstanding player and received the Fisk Award, besides being recog' nized in All-State selections. Among tne twentyftwo lettermen were the following seniors: Vaughn, Wall, Cooper, Swayne, Peebles, Kennon, and Moody. The shipment of class rings was delayed and they were not received until after Christmas. Invitations were ordered in January and graduation exercises were held May 16. Thus we come to the close of another chapter of our lives - a chapter that we will always remember. We are grateful to the teachers who have guided us through these four years and pray that the Grove spirit will remain with us forever. -Don Ramsey 25

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1946, pg 6

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