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444.66 0 X' KV M aff W If K. 1 , i s fqxx N. x 'L . N' xg 'P' nd . we UV I 3 'wr fx? 'N F u f M 91 V ' 14 J' . ' U x, , X V I ,V fy F .h . if L I fa f . i iff 5' .I it KMA ,. dfyvxi, 4. J if jx lr 4? K as pr? .fr ,fic Q Jr ' V I I I X, . -A-:M9"fCA'! our Q ,, A " ' I ff' I ff 6' M l ,Vx H lr M A,- 5 .. , , f ' f ., d , J AJ I I x X' 9 in ! 4 fs iq Cf , ' 7 'f M fu W +3 If Q 'wx 4 f if-WL3-fx ' f ' f M QL ja' L x 5ff7jj"L OSX' PM D Nf 9,7 VX JL - xx N if I 4 Hx ul!" oilfl W' 1+ K1 ff JJ ,fgfffp I f f 6 ' Q 'I f A ' ' Nj Wflfyf V17 . A 0V ,Q ygigi ' nfl' ' H25-" W W W P' Wn'iv1f ' A2570 .,, ,. N-4 N6 V aa 'Q QS.. Jud ,own 1948 Qi ,, Tw. ., . , 5 s - Q, f. 3. ww ' f - Q, ,N If 'x'.v - v V 5 2 , .WJ K , -ww--.W -3 I . i1L:'Q,QYf'3f G .. 9 , K. ,,,,X J, A ,ifqzff .Q .,,, 1 , - --Aw 3 141, ' ,VA iv ' he - IG -95 1 i gms, V -1 ,f . ,, W., ,.,,!-Y-.R, ..,, ,4 .,,,,g. .. Q -,:m.2v L ' ff- A ' . . 'qv - ,U KA, .,.,.f - :. ,r 4 A f 3 2 V .wg 13 , 'L . ng,tag3 x '- , 15 v , L- X jf?'f"1 'ik-5 :Kiwi w 195 K A. " 5, .',',?'i5 ,332 ztj',,g-gg' , ,W"'2' 1 ".- V: W A ,, Q5 wg., M f'.,w,y+:Q. X: 121: -' ff-,I , 'w-,f--,,.,,' zx 'j.5f:plp?gfx,fg:,'fgQ3s 1"- 3' C iv " ,W h I Albilgir Q lii1EHR1 I n : u I . 4. 1 vu ' ,J 5 , ' Nw , fu, . , .Lf , , , : , 4, ,.z,'. I 3334: .Q ,... M , .,,,1 .jf ' 2 , nf.. ' , 1 . n , A JG .vw +1 '!.'i' if ' L. . W ,Q 1, Editor - - Leola Tagtow Assistant Editor - Shirley Bain A Business Manager - Norma Jean Preble Assistant Business Manager - Arla Knittel Drawings - - Shirley Bain and Dick Hanson Pubished by the Annual Staff of Gregory High School at Gregory, S. Dak. The Njwzafeen sr fl im --5 . .. ""S'W'4 Q. A, v , mf. ""- .- x Q 4 we y gi 3 3 fi wg X S Q 4 PQ! , 'ii J 3 L Q 1 W f X x5.,..i,n.m,,.Q A if fav v Q s pg ' 22 X, eff M 5 233 Q' M- 2 ,g K ff, r-, f''-':3f:::'iE5I2Z:'EE:'Q.E1w2g1fIQEEE ' ' .vw ,M Ei: will WW Wai Ama 353' 32' 12 .Mx lf" .www X. w. ,W . 3 w- M W W ,...M. M. . M ,,.,., ISN iwxilwml V E . ., ,ff 1' 'XM Y , A mv. ,Wang -- 1 .g,w?' N? M ,,,,.,, ., 4 W- A N I A -IE www- V M , . QW f .ff V + Q . ar' 1 ' J i ffl 1 . L , 1 - A . ,ln iifvf' ' X F .-s-A " ' R 'lkfk ' W ' ' . 2 ,f r ,D i E p 1 x ,I XM um qloaeanaul The Annual Staff takes great pleasure in presenting to you the Gorilla for 1947-48. The Gorilla cannot bring back all tales of time that is passed but it can, in days and years ahead, warm your thoughts by recalling memories that have faded. Memories are precious things. It is our hope that as you review the contents of this book from time to time, they may be a source of inspiration, pride and pleasure to you throughout the coming years. f .' ' K, f f ,f W Lf, f f ,V ,A L1 , L gf' .X M 9 Q ',I'x1'vV X' u X , X . Mrs. Inez Vanden Bosch n -1 A. I '4 1 ' 1 f X J-Aly Nikki .11 f U 1 ' AN ,fn ! X 225 Because of the trials she has borne with us, the experiences through science and Home Making in which she has led us, the examples she has set, the great inspiration she has been, and above all, the tireless energy with which she has worked for us, we, the Students of G. H. S. proudly dedicate the 1947-48 Gorilla to Mrs. Inez Vanden Bosch. J MP wisggw A 441 Mmm 5 4144214 41516501 0 Qlmm 14 .E .E , A T235 xv Q 61 ' w N lm EL gg Leitha Brown, Mary Ann Pochop, Margaret Whitley, Dorothy Pochop and Carol Jares lead a snappy Pep Meeting. Dear Diary: Sept. 1-5-Vacation is over and it's back at the old grind, gang. The records show that 160 registered for another school year. Everyone celebrated Labor Day at Winner. Also, Coach Pniak became a father. Sept. 8-12-Football boys take their physicals. Oh, girls, those fellows really have the physiques. It seems like this is apple swiping time for some students. Morgan knew all the or- chards, but heck she moved away. Sept. 15-19-Home Ec. Club gets underway. First football game of the season is played at Ainsworth. The score was 20-6 in their favor, but we find that we are still in love with those red suits. We still can't figure out if Pat H. was for Gregory or Ainsworth and Rosane. Sept. 22-26-Freshman Initiation- at least that is what we think it is. Can't tell with all these funny lookin' characters running around. Our first school dance and did Ike really shine for being just a green little Frosh. Say, did we ever skunk Spencer and on their own field, to boot. Q20-01 Sept. 29- Oct. 3-Regular old gang sessions but what we really mean is class meetings were held for the pur- pose of selecting the big shots--whoops, we mean, class officers and the student council. Football boys went to Dallas for a scrimmage. The band made its first public appearance by playing up town before the Pierre game. The final score was 26-0 in their favor. This time it was the girls that got the phone numbers and addresses. Does anyone know who lives at 234lQ South Pierre St1'eet 7 Oct. 6-10-The seniors finally got their long-awaited class rings but they were really worth waiting for. The only trouble was that most of them didn't keep them long. The journalism class proved to be everybody's buddy when they came out with their first issue of the Scrawls. Wow! The Gorillas tied the powerful Wagner Wildcats 0-0. Oct. 13-17-Our football boys played another scrimmage game at Dallas. We got our first report cards, Mercy! We lost to Platte by a 13-14 score. Did all you girls get a good look at Iverson the Great Z' Oct. 20-24HA Sadie Hawkins dance was given by the Sophomores. Does everyone love to dance! Guess we showed Colome some football, cuzz we beat them 39-6. Congrats to Leitha on winning her radio "Speaking for Democracy". Oct. 27-31-One class tried to outdo the other selling tickets for their candi- dates for carnival king and queen. We lost to Springview 13-12. Everyone had a lot of fun since it was Halloween. Just ask the Senior girls what happened to all the little houses on the way back from Springview, and Coach Pniak. how did the dummy get upon your front porch that night?? The F. F. A. sponsored a hay-ride. lt's funny how much appeal a few scattered hits of hay can have. lt was a crazy affair except for somebody's feet always jabbing you L. Kayl and V. Sejvar Class Officers-First row left to right: Ardith Hutchinson, Mary Ann Pochop, Joe Pusl. Second row: LaVona Graf. Arla Knittel, Joyce Kuccra. Third row: Harlow Miner, Joe Studenberg, Frank Kuccra. Fourth row: Marie Vosika, Marilyn McKenzie, Myrna Sinclair and Verlyn Springer. in the back or that itchy-scratchy straw getting up your sleeves. Ah, Nature! Nov. 3-7-The Juniors gave two one-act plays at Dixon and Gregory to raise money for their carnival candidates. The Burke football game was postponed on account of heavy snow. High school students get to go to the show free at the theater. Nov. 10-14-Pep rally and bonfire to give the boys a boost for the Armistice game with Winner. G. H. Sfrs are happy, G. H. Sfrs are glad, We beat Winnerg 30 TO NOTHING And that isn't so bad. Local elimination declamation contest was held. We tied Burke O-0 in the last football game of the season. Boy, are we proud to be the Rosebud Champs. Whewl CARNIVAL night is finally over. Excuse me while I go back to bed. Congrats to King Dunn and Queen Messick. Nov. 17-21--T. D. WEEK. Books were dusted off and some of them were opened as te-st days neared. Nov. 24-28-Thanksgiving vacation! Life is daily becoming more dangerous. It was a good time for a B. Drey, L. Tagtow, M. Sinclair and J. Hutchison rest and did We need it. Soesbe must have spent a profitable time-she came back with a diamond. Dec. 1-5-District Declam contest was held. We came through with Superiors' in dramatics and humorous and district championship. Good for Shirley, Mary Ann, Marcy and Marie. First basketball game this season and brother does it get in our blood. It's the best time of the year. Especially for the girls that is. We played Ainsworth down there and lost 34-25. BEAT COLOME 38-14. M Steffen, T. Wempe, D. Mc- Collam, unidentified and Lucille Klien Dec. 8-12-First annual staff meeting is held. Biggest gripe of the year-Bonesteel beats us by a measley one point. WE BEAT DALLAS IN AN OVER TIME. These games are "TUFF" on Margaret. Dec. 15-19-Fairfax beat us 30-25. Lost to Ainsworth again. Invitational Tournament is held in Colome. Everyone was fascinated by the Liquid Air visitor. Dec. 19-Jan. 5-Time out for Christmas Vacation. Joe Studenberg Back row, left to right: Raymond Kolbe, Ben Godager Juanita Messick Donald Dunn, Marvin Knittel, Zenalou Cook. Front row: Nancy Weaver, Frances Zidko, David O'Neill, Delores Jonas, Melvin Roberts. 6' The first big event of the year's activities was the School Carnival which was held on November 14. At the beginning of the evening's entertainment, the grade school presented a program. This closed with the coronation of the Baby Queen, Doneen Dale, and the Baby King, Jerry VandenBosch. Everyone then proceeded to the auditorium for further entertainment. By this time everyone's attention turned to the contest for carnival King and Queen. When all the tickets were tallied and polls closed-the Juniors-Juanita Messick and Donald Dunn were crowned King and Queen of the 1947 School Carnival. A dance followed the coronation. Bnaacfnfg Joseph F. Krizan, Jr., Romauld J. Kotrba, Charles F. Bain, Paul Johnson, Frank Kucera, and Jack O'Nei11, Jr. aww, Superintendent C. A. Hammer Augustana College, B. A., Sioux Falls, S. D. University of South Dakota, M. A., Vermillion, S. D. Mathematics Coach Edwzu'd Pniak University of South Dakota, B. S., Vermillion, S. D. Shop, Physical Education, Athletics, Social Science Norman Olson Northern State Teachers College, B. S., Aberdeen, S. D. Assistant Coach, Typing, Bookkeeping, American History Principal H. O. Bixler Nebraska Wesleyan University, B. A., Lincoln, Nebr University of Nebraska, M. A., Lincoln, Nebr. Latin, Civics, Chorus, Band Inez Vanden Bosch Dakota Wesleyan University, B. S,, Mitchell, S. D. Home Economics, F. H. A., Science M. H. Perry South Dakota State College, Brookings, S. D. English, Journalism, Speech, World Geography Hazel Matej ka South Dakota State College, B. S., Brookings, S. D. Mathematics C. W. Bush Ripon College, Ripon, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin, B. S. A., Madison, Wisconsin State Teacher's College, B. S. E., River Falls, Wisconsin South Dakota State College, Brookings, S. D. Fort Collins Ag. School, Fort Collins, Colo. Agriculture, Physics, Biology Marjorie Kilker Southern Normal, English, Senior Play l fi-mga! 9 Sjacfenl' eounclll Left to right: Verlyn Springer, Lawrence Berens, Mr. Bixler, Marilyn McKenzie, Myrna Sinclair Marie Vosika, Mr. Hammer, Leola Tagtow, Scotty Whitley. This year witnessed a revival of student government in G. H. S. The student council, made up of the Presidents of the four classes, the student body president, Scotty Whitleyg Vice-presiednt, Lawrence Berens and Secretary-Treasurer, Leola Tagtow, put their shoulders to the wheel and aided greatly in working out some of the problems around school and sponsoring school activities and projects. W I !V '7 L' 12 f "".Q-.a -f .fl yi 2' '39"'A5, X 5. 3 f S2 Mr. Bush and Physics Class try some experiments in problems with matter and energy. Dear Diary: Jan. 5-9-Did anyone see Santa Claus, or did he go West by horse back? Rowdy-dow! what a week. We lost to Burke by a score of 31-29. Glenice Soper might have made that last basket but you didn't have to call him that. Jan. 12-16-Lost to Bonesteel. Band played for the Commercial Club ban- quet. Winner plays down here and beat us in a few little places. Jan. 19-23-This is a goody! This time Winnie got a diamond. What are the rest of you old maids going to do? Jeepers lost to Winner again. Time to drag out those old books and dust them off-SEMESTER TESTS. My how time does fly. Conference tournament is held in Gregory. Burke was cham- pions. This would have been a nice night for a murder. Jan. 26-30-Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! WE BEAT COLOME 43-35. A sleigh ride was sponsored by F. F. A. and it was cold enough to freeze pepisills. Helen Ann was chosen first alternote South Dakota for D. A. R. representa- tive. We beat Dallas by 7 points. The sextette and soloists went to music con- test at Kimball. Such a flutter of nylons that turned out to be. Coach Pniak presents the trophies at the Conference Tournament. Febr. 2-7-al'latte gave us a little visit and took everything but the baskets home with them. The Independents and high school played a bene- fit game. An Invitational Debate tournament was held. Febr. 9-13-Surprises never cease! Burke beat us again. We wouldn't be able to stand it if we didn't have such a reliable second string. They are really a bundle of dreams, Coach and all. That includes our favorite hot-shot Kolbe, too. Lights! Action! Senior class pictures and other annual shots were taken. We played Mission at Mission. Febr. 16-20-We got beat by the best again. tI'lattel Big "B" tournament at Colome. There was an A.F.L. program complete with fire drill. Girrrrrrrls! Those skirts! Febr. 23-27-District Tournament was at Burke. Missed more darn classes that Week, -really had a good time, didn't we? We are consolation champs. Yea! Third Place Winner in "I Speak for Democracy" contest at Mitchell. Leitha Brown Yea Gregory! Mar. 1-5-Play practice starts. Oh, why do we have to give up our lovely nights? Banana splits tasted pretty good down at the Tasty-Bite after- wards. Say. Kilk, did you ever find out who that thing in the blue car Was? Eight students and Mr. Perry went to the State N.F.l,. Tournament at Mitchell. Mar. 8-12-Brrrrrr! Cold weather again. Seems like everyone is going to the State "HH" Tournament at Mitchell. Mar. 5-19-I guess everyone got over St. Patricks day O.K. This also includes Hob l'. More birthday parties this month! Good cake, Johns. Seniors got their simply beautiful class pictures. The Boys' new fad. Sweet and Lovely. Strutting Marie. Monkey face Glaydis. Goodbye Ben. Need we say more? V6l'HCDf17S across the street. e-e-ike. Who's two-timing who? A broadening View of Lolita. Doodie and Vi on the loose. Well-Well-Weill. Ah! Love! Do you need support Gae? Going after Dallas in a big way. Who's cur did you just get out of? On the farm. street. p .- Qlcwrdla Qzmwh s ii 2. . .. A l I.. . f f ill Journalism Class-Back Row-Left to right: Luther Dappen, Dean Johnson, Monte Patterson, Jim Kucera, Ben Godager, Don Naper, Stan Johnson, Verlyn Springer, Art Brunz, Bob Putnam: Second row: Mr. Perry, LaVona Graf, Garnet Thompson, Leitha Brown, Glenice Johnson, Winifred Klinefelter, Leola Tagtow, Marcy Drey. Bottom row: Marie Vosika. Mary Ann Pochop, Irene Pospisil, Darlene Soesbe, Frances Zidko, Delores Birkel. A succesful year of publications was completed by the G.H.S. students. A new project, "The G.H.S. Serawlsn was inaugurated. The Gorilla Growls staff, Scrawls staff, Annual staff and the journalism class at- tended a press convention held at Burke on April 2. Improvements that have been made in the annual this year are: a hard cover and more pictures. Gorilla Growls Staff Officers-Left to right: Sports G. H. S. SCRAWLS Staff Officers shown here left Editor. Ben Godagerg Assistant Editor, LaVona Graf: to right are: Sports Editor, Verlyn Springer, Mr. Perry, Editor, Leitha Brown: Business Manager, Mary Ann Editor, Garnet Thompson, Business Manager, Darlene Poehopg and Advisor, Mr. Perry. Soesbeg and Assistant Editor, Marcy Drey. " - ' 1 U wtfm.ssmfsmw Annual Staff-Baek row, left to right: Juanita Messick, Marie Vosika, Elmer Karl, Dean Johnson, Paul Lane, Seott Whitley, Lyle Layh, Wayne Wendell, Lawrence Berens, Harlow Miner, Art Christensen, Monte Patterson. Bob Putnam, Margaret Whitley and Joan Fillloaeh. Middle row: Ilene Konop, Darlene Soesbe, Shirley McKenzie, Garnet Thompson, Marcy Drey, LaVona Grat, Leitha Brown, Glenice Johnson, Helen Ann MeMeen, Jessie Lult, Winifred Klinefelter, Gae Weaver. Beverly Drey, Norma Malehow, Betty Teeh, Mary Ann Poehop and Delores Birkel. Bottom row: Evelyn Vosika, Frances Zidko, Lorraine Tagtow, Delores Dunn, Connie Spurling. Dorothy Poehop, Janet Hoffie, Arlene Lebert and Ann Kueera. Annual Stall' Ol'i'ieers: Advisor, Mr. Perry. Officers shown left to right are: Editor, Leola Tagtowg Assistant Business Manager., Arla Knittelg Assistant Editor, Siirley Bain: and Business Manager, Norma Jean Preble. W U S R I XV if ff X ' f f' XM ? d i! I ff f ff f ' 1 1 Mr. Olson and Typing Class Dear Diary: Mar. 22-26--Food Friday! Did every- one get their potatoes planted? No, I think it was complete rest-for some. Mar. 29-Apr. 2-Everyone went to church Sunday, they said. The Senior Class Play went over BIG. Talk about odd-looking characters. If Wash lStan5 would have had one more brain it would have been lonesome! Anyway the seniors made some money. Jour- nalism Class went to Burke to S.D.H.S. P.A. District Convention. Track meet at Colome and Gregory came through with first. Pniak got a car so Gregory would have more to show off than just a flashy outfit of boys that day. Apr. 5-9-Sweetheart Dance and more fun. Congratulations to Marcy and Butch. Oooooooo! six weeks tests are here again. School was dismissed for the Rosebud Relays in Colome. Apr. 12-16-Those Negro singers, the Mississippian-s, were here-Very good. Some of us went to Colome that night to hear them again and some of us had a house party that night, didn't we, Fillbach? Apr. 19-23-Conference track meet was held at Colome. How's luck, fellows? School enjoyed the Freedom Train Visit at Pierre. What a time poor Scott had to find enough cars. Sophomores Jukebox Jamboree was somethin' special! Apr. 26-30-Home Ec Club Picnic, we had more fun and good eats. Emily Post wasn't invited this trip. Music Festival was held at Colome. Let me hear that high note! Big day for all who attended and oodles of Music. May 3-7-Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. Everyone looked so dr-- 1 Qdreamy, that isl. It was really won- derful music. The Juniors and their sponsors are to be congratulated on their wonderful production we know it was hard work. May 10-17-There was something brewing in the air this week and unless you realize the strong tie that binds the Seniors to their underclassmen friends, you wouldn't get it. It was a sad com- bination of excitement and farewell. Yes, this is truly the Seniors last week of school. Style Show, Music Concert, Tests, and then, of course, Baccau- laureate and Commencement. Goodbye and Good Luck, kids, and come back and see us sometime. May 17-21-Picnics, parties and sun- shine take up this week, along with SEMESTERS, of course. So long, good luck and a happy vacation to you all. G. H. S. Sweetheart King and Queen, Marcella Drey and Frank Kuccra l S l Office Staff, back row, loft to right: Jessie Lulf, Leola Tagtow, LaVona Graf. L1-itha Brown. Front row: Norma Jean Preble. Garnet Thompson, Marcella DTllf,'. B ,wad flwm Af 1947 May 7, 1947 brought to a climax the long awaited Junior-Senior banquet and prom. The banquet was held in the Congregational church basement and carried out the theme of "Fiesta of Old Mexico". The food was prepared by the Congregational ladies and served by eight freshman and sophomore girls. A beautifully decorated gym was the result of much time and effort on the part of the Junior class and their sponsor, Mrs. VandenBosch. Music for dancing was furnished by Jimmy Barnett and his orchestra. The evening of dancing was highlighted by the crowning of Leola Tagtow and Stanley Johnson as prom king and queen. .4 QA .ai W ma3W'W W't y . .R xi www Sznioa ,faq Lett to iight: Don Larson, Faye Lebert,G1enice Johnson, Leitha Brown, Ilene Konop, Maiiorie Kllkei dnector St inley Johnson, Marcella Drey. Scotty Whitley, Jim Seissons, Dick Hanson. When Ma Peppin tGlenice Johnsonb sets a bear trap for Pappy Stilshy's tlion Larson? hogs and Pap came running over the hills, there's bound to he trouble. Each of them gets the mountain nitwit, Wash Jeddo tStan- ley Johnsonj to write to the Wedding Bureau for a mate. To complicate this matter Wash signs Ma's daughterls name, Emmy tFaye Lebertj to her application and Pa's son's name. Luke, tDiek Hansonb to his applica- tion. The responses to these letters are an Italian boy. Louis, tJimmy Scissonsb and an Irish girl, Bridget tlVIareella Dreyl. The Peppins neighbors, the Triffet girls. tlleitha Brown and Ilene Konopb go to Kansas City to sing over the radio and when they come home for a rest they luring their Jewish manager. Sol tScotty Whitley! with them. Sol has set his heart on taking Ma back to the city to sing hillbilly songs but Ma gets the idea that he has come to marry her and holds him to it at the point ot' a gun. Everything ends peacefully when Pap Stilslmy and Ma Peppin end their fued. Luke and Emmy make up, the aliens from the Bureau get matched up and the Triftets take their manager safely back to the city. .llidfmfuf Standing left to right: Mrs. Olson, Frances Ziddko, Norma Malchow, Leithzi Brown. Lcolu Tagtow, Ilene Konop. Sitting, left to right: Joy Dobesh, Rose Mziric Ruffingj, Violet Hurmzicek. SW Nlr. Pniak and shop boys Oh those Sundays with Vernon's car. I bet Maggie took this. Vernon, control her! Who's under the coat. Who's that with Ole? My how DiCk's Changed. Um-nice scenery. Joe and friend. Spring affects Bobbie strangely. Gladys. where have you been? Stan-thinking. Bicycle built for 2. Soon to be permanent. Waiting for someone? Where's Fritz? Glamour girl Garnet. What's the joke Ike? Isn't this in the wrong annual? iff 'C 1 -vq Mpfmetia Left to right: Marcy Drey, Marie Vosika and Patty Hansen ,vs Qt' w.Ei ' 1 A if Mm' Bam! 1 ,ezficafion We, the students of G. H. S., dedicate the band and music section of this annual to our director, Mr. Bixler. He has put forth much time and effort to improve and build up the musical department. The Gregory band has completed a very successful year. The improvement and ad- dition to the band was done by many hours of hard work and practice. The band helped create some of the pep for the home football games and a few out of town. Other occa- sions of appearance were the music festival at Colome April 29, the Commercial Club banquet and the spring concert. Also, the band played during the acts of the Senior Class Play. Ban! IWAMMM4 Trumpets Ardith Hutchison Donald Nemer Donald Eickman Wilma Krieger Nola Brunmeier Sharon Lee Whitley Glorianne Bergman Leone Dunn Altos Emily Bergman Marilyn Graham Drums Margaret Whitley Lillian Boxa Shirley Bain Trombones Norma Malchow Carolyn Bergman Beverly Drey Gae Weaver Norma Meyers Twirlers Marie Halverson Patty Hanson Marcella Drey Saxaphones Delores Steffan Bonnie Krizan Joyce Kucera Wilva Miles Sharon Kotrba Baritones Mary Ann Pochop Leola Tagtow Clarinets Helen Ann McMeen Lavona Graf Marcella Steffan Mardis Kimball Louise Graf Charles Haggard Leanne Hammer Delores Harrison Donna Hutchison Tubas Marilyn McKenzie Marie Halverson qua ew Junior-Senior, back row, left to right: Darlene Soesbe, Vivian Kayl, LaVona Graf, Helen Ann lVIcMeen, Genevieve Wempe, Glenice Johnson, Winifred Klinefelter, Shirley Bain, Shirley McKenzie. Middle row, left to right: Mr. Bixler, Arla Knittel, Marion Boortz, Garnet Thompson, Marcy Drey, Mary Ann Pochop, Delores Birkel, Juanita Messick. Sitting, left to right: Francis Zidko, Norma Preble, Violet Harmacek, Delores Dunn, Irene Pospisil, Margaret Whitley, Ruth Eisenbraun, Nola Brunmeier and Lolita Mikkelson. Boys Glee Club, standing, left to right: Scott Whitley, Don Larson, Don Naper, Dick Hanson, Don Eiekman, Stan Johnson, lVlr.BiXler. Sitting, left to right: Elmer Karl, Paul Lane, Marvin Knittel, Harlow Miner, Jim Scissons and Bob Putnam. glee ew Freshman-Sophomores, back row, left to right: Norma Meyers. Delores Steffan, Mary Kayl, Viola Bender, Gladys Voelzke, Marcella Steffan, Wilma Krieger, Joyce Kueera, Emily Bergman, Marilvn McKenzie, Arlene Lebert, Lorraine Tagtow, Tvvila Wempe, Wilva Miles, Joyce Larsh. Middle row: Erma Kobold. Lorraine Eisenbraun, Joy Dobesh, Betty Stroup, Delores Jonas, Carol Jares. Dorothy Poehop, Myrna Sinclair, Janet Hoffie, Joan Fillbaeh, Zenalou Cook, Connie Spurling, Violet Sejvar. Ardith Hutchison, Mr. Bixler. Front row: Caroline Rezac, Sylvia Grim, Ellen Supik, Donna Hutchison, Gayle Beekers. Inez Boeteher, Margaret Shanahan, Klein, Joyce King, Jean Hutchison and Joan McKenzie. Sextette. Loft to right: Margaret Whitley. Darlene Soesbe. Winifred Klinvfelter, Shirley Mm-Kenzie, Joan Fillbaeh and Donna Hutchison. Q, ed4.t.l sjweenz aw, awww tley Repmaumw Seniau During four years of high school it is to be expected that some students will rise aliove the others in measure of their attainments. We do not have room to list all the people who have acheived something outstanding but we do feel obligated to mention tho e whose accomplishments are considered greatest by their fellow students. ln attempting to be as little arbitrary as possible We present eight outstanding seniirs relaxed by popular ballot. Honorable mention in the close row goes to: Stanley Johnson and LaVona Graf. Helen Ann McMeen Band, Glee Club, Paper Staff, Declam, Junior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer, N.F.L. Vice President, Piano Solo, D.A.R. Representative State Alterna- tive, F.H.A. Club, Annual Staff, Clarinet Solo, Glee Club Accompanist. Verlyn Springer C l a s s Secretary-Treasurer, Class President Senior, Sports Editor of Scrawls, Sophomore Carnival King Candidate, Football, Track, G. Club, Paper Staff. Marcella Drey Harvest Ball Queen, Baton Twirler, Annual Staff, N. F. L. S e c r e t a r y and Treasurer, Paper Staff, Declam, Glee Club, Junior Vice President, Assistant E d i t o r Scrawls, Senior Class Play, Office Staff, Sweetheart Queen 1948. Helen Ann McMeen Verlyn Springer Marcella Drey lpn! Dick Hanson Class President Freshman Year. Band, Football, Basket- ball, Traeli. G. Club, Glee Club. Senior Class Play. Frank Kucera Carnival King 19-17, Traeli. Basketball, Football. Paper Staff. G. Club, Sweetheart King 1948. Leola Taqiow Class President Sophomore Year, Prom Queen Junior Year. Annual Editor, Library and Office Staff, Student Council. Student Body Secre- tary and Treasurer. Paper Stall, F.H.A. Club. 2 .Q WW We Scottv Whitley Student Body President, Foot- ball Co-eaptain. Basketball, Track. Class President Junior Year. Boy State Rep.. Band, G. H. S. Sweetheart King l947, Harvest Ball King, Senior Play, Student Couneil, Glee Club. Annual Staff. G. Club. Leitha Brown N. F. L. President, Deelam. F. H. A. Viee President, Sopho- more Viee President, Annual Staff, Paper Staff, Editor of Gorilla Growls, Band. Girl State Representative, Library, Assistant Cheerleader, Office Staff, Senior Class Play, Miss Vanity Fair. Dieli Hansen Frank Kueera Leola Taetow Seotty Whitley Leitha Brown - 1 Ilene Konop Leola Tagtow e,a2uuluaJK,1k1-9 ,an4f.Q,ueen Juanita Messick and Don Dunn 71, 4 ,wh Lcithu Brown Wfnifq 0 Leola Tagtow Marc-ella Droy ,auaiaa fjnam 16,019 ,an4f.Q,ueen Stanley Johnson and Leola Tagtow Image Not Available Dorothy Pochop, Margaret Whitley and Mary Arm Pochop X 1 fm, Scotty Whitley and Art Brunz Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Football Co-Captains 6 Ainsworth 20 Spencer - 0 Pierre - 0 Wagner - 13 Platte - 39 Colome - 12 Springview 30 Winner - 0 Burke - First row: Verlyn Springer, Marvin Knittel, Dean Johnson, Art Brunz, Lute Dappen, Joe Pusl, Jerry Jones. Second row: Don Eickman, Scotty Whitley, Lawrence Berens, James Kuccra, Sam Dappen, Doyle Robertson, Don Robertson, Art Christensen. Third row: Coach Pniak, Joe Studenberg, Ben Godager, Stan Johnson, Jim Hlavka, Don Dunn, Frank Kucera and Assistant Coach Olson. I - . Q'-1 ' E I " at f. Gregory Gorillas opened their 1947 Foot- ball Season with twelve lettermen. After three weeks of practice, the Gorillas met Ainsworth on the latter's lighted field on September 19. After a hard fought battle, the score stood at 20-6 in favor of Ainsworth. The Gorillas next game was on Spencer's field September 26 and was an easy one. The Gorillas took an early lead when Frank Kucera caught a pass from quarterback Whitley and ran 40 yards for the first Gorilla touchdown. The Gorillas drew heavily on their second team in the last quarter. Final score 20-0. The Gorillas don't talk much about the third game of the season. They were badly outclassed when they met Pierre on the home field on October 3. Score 26-0 in favor of Pierre. The game with Wagner on the Wagner lighted sand burr patch was a honey. Both 1 ' 1 teams played their best but they were too evenly matched for either team to score. Final tally 0-0. Platte was met on the home field October 17. The Gorillas pushed the Panthers all over the field but couldn't keep the ball long enough to cross Platte's goal line. The Pantherfs offensive consisted of very ac- curate passes which accounted for one tally. This was a game in which conversion points counted. Highlight of the game was Springer's run back for 6 Points. Platte won by a score of 14-13. The Gregory Gorillas rode the Golome Cowboys to an easy victory in the next game on October 24. Score 39-6. The Red Eleven engaged in battle with the Springview Indians on October 31 on Springview's field and came out one point behind the Indians. The tally was 13-12. In the traditional Armistice game, the Gorillas slithered and slid through a sea of snow and slush before their home crowd to defeat the Winner Warriors 30-0. The Gregory Gorillas and the Burke Bull- dogs met on November 14 to decide the Rosebud Football Championship. The game was played at Gregory on a field that had turned into a quagmire as the result of another thaw. To hear a player say "he went forward one step and slipped back two" was nothing uncommon. The game ended in a tie and ordinarily both teams would have claimed the cham- pionship but in a meeting before the game, it was decided the Dickenson rating system should be used in case of a tie. So according to that System, the Gorillas alone were Rosebud Conference Football Champions. At the end of the season, fifteen players were awarded letters. They included: Scotty Whitley, Don lflickman. Stanley Johnson, Art Hrunz, Jim Kucera, Frank Kucera, lion Dunn, Floyd Winkler, liuther llappen, Sam Happen, Hen Godager, Verlyn Springer, .lim Hlayka and Jerry Jones. Roy Hasche, foot- ball manager. was also lettered. Art Brunz and Scotty Whitley were chosen as Co- Captains. Verlyn Springer ci set SGW -Lyn If up 01-I., Jerry Jones, Verlyn Springer, Scotty Whitley A xy w if .az wif I ...,Xi,, K JF ff -.-. - A. X X iw Mg: l ullu 1 D xp bc 1 December Gregory Colome December December December December December January January January January January January January December December December December January January January 4 9 11 16 17 8 12 16 20 22 26 30 4 9 11 16 17 8 12 16 Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory 38 26 24 25 25 29 31 30 25 23" 46 31 26 23 20 31 16 25 24 25 1947-48 "A" Team Seasonal Record Colome Bonesteel Dallas Fairfax Ainsworth Burke Bonesteel Winner Winner Fairfax Colome Dallas 1947-48 "B" Bonesteel Dallas Fairfax Ainsworth Burke Bonesteel Winner B 14 February 3 Gregorv 35 Platte 27 February 10 Gregory 32 Burke 20 February 12 Gregory 35 Mission 30 February 17 Gregory 27 Platte 37 Februarv 26 Gregory 344' Colome 31 February 26 - Gregory 19" - Bonesteel Ig February 27 Gregory 42" St. Charles 33 Total Points - - 577 35 1' "A" Conference Tourney at Gregory. 24 "U" "A" District Tourney at Burke. Team Seasonal Record 5 January 20 - Gregory 32 - Winner 13 January 26 Gregory 22 Colome 11 January 30 Gregory 14 Dallas 27 January 3 Gregory 28 Platte gg February 10 Gregory 13 Burke E Total Points - - 299 The 1947-48 record of the "A" Gorillas shows there were 4 victories and 12 defeats. The "B" Gorillas record shows 10 wins and 3 defeats. The Gorilla lettermen for the year were Dick Hanson, Frank Kucera, Scotty Whitley, Jerry Jonas, Don Dunn, Don Eickman, Bill Brookens, and Joe Studenberg as manager. Buck row, loft to right: Coach Pniak, Don Eickman, Dick Hanson, Frank Kuccrai, Ben Godzigvr, Don Dunn, Assistant Coach Olson. Middle row: Manager Joe Studcnberg. Jerry Jones, Bill Brookens, Jim Mannion, Leonard Haimacek, Jim Hlavka, Scotty Whitley. Front row: Ray Kolbe. Doyle Robertson, Darrell McCollam, Harlow Miner, Joe Pusl. 44 1 - A sus, 4... 1 1 1 W? 2 Q s f , E. X3 1? 5 Ying 'S KVA 1 up 5 V , 'SEM " bf as 5'H""5'f X. W W 'Sa K. A ' g G15 mf 1 '- ,gk Qlll I 21:1 Q sag I 5 ' i f KV 1 : 'erm 5 Q Qx A " f p ., , A 25.1 I A f W' ' " 2535? '55 Z -:-,,' z - I -. K . . A ,.E. wi., , Y N , x 5323 7A66k Left to right, first row: Eddie Soesbe, Richard Peterson, Doyle Robertson, Bill Brookens, Ray mond Kolbe, Joe Pusl, Donald Robertson. Second row: Marvin Knittel, Luther Dappen, Jerry Jones, Jim Kucera, Bob Sperl, Joe Sperl, Ralph Dobesh, Donald Peterson. Third row: Joe Korton Dick Hanson, Donald Larson, Frank Kucera, Lawrence Berens, Stanley Johnson, Verlyn Springer and Art Brunz. 7947 721406 7,eam The 1947 track team consisted of 19 boys. Dick Hanson was the outstand- ing track man of the season. In the Rosebud Relays, Gregory placed second. Hanson was high point man with 3 firsts and one third. Gregory broke 4 out of 6 records broken at the meet. Those broken by Gregory were: The high hurdles and high jump by Han- son, two mile relay by Floyd Winkler, Scotty Whitley, George Langan and Don Larson, and the shot put by Frank Kucera. Gregory won the Rosebud Conference by placing in 12 events. Frank Kucera smashed the Shot Put record of 37 feet and 6 inches by tossing 38 feet. In the Pierre Relays Gregory placed in 3 events. Hanson was high indivi- dual scorer at the meet with 2 firsts and a tie for first. Dick Hanson, Floyd Winkler, Verlyn Springer, Wes Dappen, Don Larson won events in the regional to qualitfy for the state meet. The 1947 lettermen were: Dick Han- son, Earl Boxa, Floyd Winkler, Frank Kucera, Ben Godager, George Langan, Verlyn Springer, Wes Dappen, Don Larson, Jim Harmacek, Jerry Jones, Scotty Whitley and Jim Kucera. 1948 74405 7,eam During the 48 season Gregory par- ticipated in the following meets: Winner Invitational Rosebud Relays Rosebud Conference Meet Corn Palace Relays Dakota Relays Regional and State Meet Stan Johnson was the only Gregory boy to set a new record. He smashed the shot put record in the Conference meet at Colome by putting it 38 feet and 10 inches. Dick Hanson, senior ace, proved to be outstanding by picking up four firsts at the Conference Meet, in the pole vault, high jump. high hurdles and broad jump. He also won first in the broad jump at the Dakota Relays. The 1948 seniors and their events are as follows: Stan Johnson-shot put and discus: Frank Kucera-mile relay, shot put and discus: Verlyn Springer-mile relay and 880 yard relayg Dick Hanson high hurdles, pole vault, high jump and broad jumpg Art Brunz-shot putg Don Larson-mile relay and 880 yard rung Jim Kucera-880 yard relay. Art Brunz 1 -li .2 1 i I f i ' ' I 2 E ,i. Stanley Johnson Dick Hanson Frank Kuccra if GAWWWM M, Glad iiililii S .L ii it Front row, left to right: Jim Scissons, Luther Dappcn, Jerry Joncs. Verlyn Springer. Sam Dappen. Middle row, left to righ: Coach Edward Pniak, Jim Kuccra, Scotty Whitley, Lawrence Berens, Art Brunz, Assistant Coach Norman Olson. Back row, left to right: Don Dunn. Don Larson, Ben Godager, Frank Kucera, Dick Hanson, Don Eickman, Stanley Johnson. The Monogram Club was made up of letter-winners in the arts of pig- skin-toting, basket shooting and spike wearing. These were the boys who brought honor to G.H.S. by winnig the games, tournaments and meets besides getting a lot of bruises and blisters. Bosses for 1947-48 were Arthur Brunz, president, Stanley Johnson. vice-president, and Frank Kucera, secretary-treasurer. Jlnme Ep 01146 Q 5 , 3 a M X Left to right, front row: Jean Hutchison, Joan Fillbach, Carol Jares, Janet Hoffie, Connie Spurling, Delores Dunn, Violet Harmacek, Donna Hutchison, Gayle Beekers, Ardith Hutchi- son. Second row, left to right: Mrs. Vanden Bosch, Irene Pospisil, Violet Sejvar. Wilva Miles, Evelyn Vosika, Marie Vosika, Mary Ann Pochop, Dorothy Pochop, Nola Brunmeier, Zenalou Cook, Francis Zidko. Back row, left to right: Ilene Konop, Delores Steffen, Darlene Soesbe, Arlene Lebert, Wilma Krieger, Marcella Steffen, Winifred Klinefelter, Leitha Brown, Beverly Drey Twila Wempe, Mary Louise Kayl, Myrna Sinclair and Betty Tech. The Home Ee l, ll and III classes were under the supervision of Mrs. Inez Van- denllosch. In conclusion of the year's work. the three classes presented a Style Show in connection with the Glee Club and Hand Concert. Mrs. Inez Vande11Bosch was also Ad- visor for the Future Homemakers of America. Officers for the year were as follows: President, Winifred Klinefelterg vice president, Leitha Browng secretary and treasurer, Darlene Soesbe and re- porter, Frances Zidko. The thirty-seven members were active in the extra activities brought forth in the club. A spring picnic ended the year's work. 'W Sm 'wi 4. 4. 14. 6,646 Top row, left to right: Lyle Layh, Donald Larson, Wayne Wendell and Mr. Bush. Second row, left to right: Joe Sperl, Robert Liebel and Sam Dappen. The Club of 1947-48 have been very successful. The banquet was the biggest event of the year. They have sponsored a hay ride and a bob- sled ride for school recreation. The major project for raising money was building a hayrack and making hog troughs. They won a first superior and two excellants in the State F.F.A. Judg- ing Contest at Brookings on the 26th and 27th of April. fbwlam I S I iii L it .1 Top row, left to right: Marcella Drey, Leitha Brown, Shirley Bain, Helen Ann McMeen, Beverly Drey, Gae Weaver, Mary Ann Pochop. Second row, left to right: Mr. Perry, Margaret Whitley, Darlene Soesbe, Marie Vosika, Marilyn McKenzie, Lorraine Tagtow and Mary Louise Kayl. Third row, left to right: Joan Fillbach, Wilva Miles, Ellen Supik, Evelyn Vosika, Dorothy Pochop and Connie Spurling. Declamation Work, under the direction of Mr. Perry, proved successful the past year, Last fall twenty-one took part in the local elimination contest held in the high school assembly. The first place winners took part in the District Contest held at Gregory and the second place winners took part in the Hickory Stick contest also held at Gregory. Gregory took top championship fg- honors in both contests. Mary Ann Pochop and Shirley Bain, receiving first place ratings in humorous and dramatics in the district contest, participated in the Regional meet held at Huron. Leitha Brown received third in a radio broad- cast on the topic 'LI speak For Democracy" spon- sored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce at Mitchell. ,mm WM.. .i....,,.M my Dcclam First Place Winners, left to right: Marie Vosika, Mary Ann Pochop, Marcella Drey and Shirley Bain. 4 I Standing, left to right: Garnet Thompson, Leitha Brown, Helen Ann McMeen, A Marcella Drey, Mary Ann Pochop and Advisor, Mr. Perry. Sitting, left to right: Frances zidko, Marie vosika, shiriey Ann Bain, Margaret Whitley and Norma Jearbig MW Preble. !V,a1fumal Qnaendw .llefifue QW Under the direction of Mr. M. H. Nine former members and four new Perry, the Gregory High School Na- members make up the Gregory tional Forensic League came through chapter for 1947-1948. The officers with a successful year. include, Mary Ann Pochop, presidentg Declam second place winners, left to right: Darlene Soesbe, Gae Weaver. Leitha Brown and Helen Ann McMeen. Helen Ann McMeen, vice presidentg Frances Zidko, secretary and treasurer. Shirley Bain is the member holding the greatest number of points totaling 87. Thirty five of which she earned this year. Mary Ann Pochop ranks second with 81. Thirty of which were earned this year totaling 57. Harry Slaughter ranks second with 44 points. Seven members attended the State N. F. L. tournament held at Mitchell on March 6. They included, Marcella Drey, Shirley Bain, Mary Ann Pochop, Beverly Drey, Gae Weaver, Joan Fill- bach and Harry Slaughter. Mary Ann Pochop presented the trophies won by speech and declam students to student body president, Scotty Whitley. A banquet held at May 3rd concluded the work for this year. At this time, new members were elected for the coming year. Debate Squad, standing left to right: Advisor, Mr. Perry, Gae Weaver, Jim Korton, Marie Vosika, and Joan Fillbach. Sitting, left to right: Frances Zidko, Norma Jcan Preble and Dorothy Pochop. Third Place Dcclam Winners, left to right: Joan Fillbach, Dorothy Pochop, Beverly Drey and Leitha Brown. The students, of Gregory, who reported out for debate Were: Frances Zidko, Shirley Bain, Joan Fillbach, Dorothy Pochop, Harry Slaughter, Norma Jean Preble, Gae Weaver, Wilva Miles, Lorraine Tagtow and Marie Vosika. Tournaments in which the debate squadc participated were: Invitational, Gregory, February 73 Invitational, Vivian, February 273 Regional, Mitchell, March 93 and District N. F. L., Mitchell, March 5 and 6. Highlight of the season was the surprise defeat of Pierre by Gae Weaver and Harry Slaughter. K Popular with teachers Oh those legs. Waving at Stan? On Stan it looks good Monkey and Maggie. How's the water. Don't jump-no water. Dick. The Farmers daughter. Little sister takes over. Looks good Boney. Girls- You'r blocking the road. To bad he moved Wilma. The flowers are pretty anyhow. Out in the park. 9.- -, X x s .K ' ' N X X X 'buf In 'V X Xb is .X , i 7 1 xx :Q .Ek s - T Q 3 wi K X RR sl sq X- f . X X e Glam 4 X f X -" :- ya I , 'a .,z-.rkrs F I1 MRM. . E, wv.x'X3g:i,: .3 ifgwgfgz-2-S , 5: " -,fs :Ai fi, Q: Wt 1 mfg. 'mn 5 i 5 li First row, left to right: Irene Pospisil, Lolita Mikkelsen, Margaret Whitley, Evelyn Vosika, Rose Marie Ruffinq. Second row, left to right: Donald Nemer, Norma Lou Malchow, Betty Tech, Mary Ann Pochoo. Shirlev McKenzie. Juanita Messick. Third row, left to right: Jimmy Mannion, Gae Weaver, Harlow Miner, Genevive Wempe, Joe Sperl, Marie Vosika, Bob Putnam. First row, left to right: Monica Barrett, Ann Kucera, Violet Harmacek, Delores ,Dunn Nola Jean Brunmeier, Ruth Eisenbraun, Imogene Lane. Second row, left to right: Elmer Karl, Arla Knittel, Vivian Kayl, Shirley Ann Bain, Beverly Drey, Lillian Boxa, Marion Bortz, Art Christensen. Third row, left to right: Dean Johnson, Paul Lane, Don Dunn, Lawrence Bcrens, Jerry Jones, Frank Dobesh. 8 X QV5-vw Nvwfr-'-NS! Left to right, back row: Gladys Voelzke, Doyle Robertson, Joe Pusl, Evon Preble, Donald Petersen, Bob Wegner, Eddie Soesbe, Marcella Steffen. Front row, left to right: Joan Mc- Kenzie, Norma Meyer, Marilyn McKenzie, Ellen Supik, Connie Spurling, Dorothy Pochop,, Betty Lou Stroup and lvucille Klien. f if f all ff tvffdi bf ' .Tip ,MID ll ggi, l ' 2 Left to right, back row: Richard Christensen, Wilma Krieger, Emil Hlavka, Joyce Kucera, Bill Brookcns, Raymond Kolbe, Middle row, left to right: Eleanor Herndon, Carol Jares, Joyce Larsh, Viola Bender, Arlene Lebert, Joan Fillbach, Zenalou Cook. Front row, left to right: Donna Hutchison, Janet Hoffie, Pat Hanson. Gayle Beckers and Joy Dobesh. Front row, left to right: Caroline Rezac, Violet Sejvar, Delores Steffan, Margaret Shana- han. Middle row, left to right: Vilva Miles. Gerald Vielmette, Bob Sperl, Joe Studenberg, Donald Robertson, Twila Wempe, Baek row, left to right: Myrna Sinclair, Harry Slaughter, Franklin Svoboda, Darrell MeCollam. LeRoy Walker, Richard Petersen, Lorraine Tagtow. l Front row, left to right: Ardith Hutchison, Erma Kobold, Sylvia Grim Lorraine Eisen- braun, Joyce King, Jean Hutchison. Middle row, left to right: Lyle Hambek, Ralph Dobesh, Delores Jonas, Leonard Harmaeek, Inez Botteher, Lyle Beekers, Jim Kayl. Back row, left to right: Mary Louise Kayl, Merlin Knittel. Jim Korton, Don Eickman, Marvin Knittel, Emily Bergman. Sum ,4.aZ'awz'w4 Gerald Beehler La Vona Graf Frank Kucera C l a s s Secretary-Treasurer l F. F. A. 4 F. F. A. Judging Team 4 Delores Birkel Annual Staff 3-4 ,Glee Club 3-4 F. H. A. Club 1-2 Paper Staff 4 Leitha Brown N. F. L. 1-2-3-4 N. F. L. Vice President 2 N. F. L. President 3 Declam -4 F. H. A. Club 1-4 F. H. A. Vice President 4 Class Vice President 2 Annual Staff 3-4 Paper Staff 2-4 Gorilla Growls Editor 4 Band 3 Girls State Representative 3 Library 2-4 Head Librarian 4 Assistant Cheerleader 4 Office Staff 4 Class P1ay'4 Miss Vanity Fair 4 Art Brunz G Club 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Football Co-captain 4 Track 3-4 Carnival King Candidate 1 G Club President 4 Paper Staff 4 Luther Dappen G Club 3-4 Football l-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Boxing 1 Track 3 Sports Editor Gorilla Growls Sam Dappen G Club 3-4 Football l-2-3-4 F. F. A. 4 Marcella Drey Harvest Ball Queen 1 Baton Twirler 1-3-4 Annual Staff 2-3-4 N. F. L. 2-3-4 Paper Staff 2-4 Declam 2-4 Glee Club 3-4 N.3F. L. Secretary-Treasurer Class Vice President 3 Assistant Editor Scrawls 4 Class Play 4 Office Staff 4 G. H. S. Sweetheart 4 Winner 1-2 Glee Club 4 Class Secretary-Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 Clarinet Duet 3-4 Clarinet Trio 4 Clarinet Solo 4 Paper Staff 4 Assistant Editor Gorilla Growls 4 Office Staff 4 Dick Hanson Class President 1 Band 1 - Football 1-2-3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track l-2-3-4 G. Club 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Class Play 4 Jim Harmacek Track 3-4 G. Club l-2-3 Jim Hlavka Track 1 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 4 G. Club 3-4 F. F. A. 4 Paper Staff 3-4 Glenice Johnson F. H. A. Club 1 Glee Club 1-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Class Play 4 Stanley Johnson Football l-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Track 1-2-4 Glee Club 3-4 G. Club 3-4 -f G. Club Vice President 4 Class Play 4 Prom King 3 Paper Staff 3-4 Winifred Klinefelfer Yankton l F. H. A. Club 1-2-3-4 F. H. A. Vice President F. H. A. President 4 Mezzo Soprano Solo 3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Paper Staff 4 Ilene Konop Glee Club 3 - Annual Staff 3-4 Library 3-4 F. H. A. Club 1-4 Class Play 4 Carnival King 3 Paper Staff 3 Track 1-2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 G. Club 3-4 G. H. S. Sweetheart 4 Jim Kucera Paper Staff 4 G. Club 3-4 Football 2-3-4 Track 3-4 Don Larson Track 1-2-3-4 G. Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3 Paper Staff 3 Glee Club 3-4 F. F. A. President 4 Class Play 4 Lyle Layh Annual Staff 3-4 F. F. A. 4 F. F. A. Reporter 4 Faye Leberi F. H. A. Club 1-4 Lake Washington High School 2 F. H. A. Club 1-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Office Staff 4 Class Play 4 Robert Leibel F. F. A. 4 F. F. A. Judging Team 4 F. F. A. Local Sentiel 4 F F. A. District Sentiel 4 Paper Staff 3 ' Jesiie Lulf Glee Club 1-2-3 Annual Staff 4 F. H. A. 1-2-3 Office 4 Library 3 Helen Ann McMeen Paper Staff l Band Secretary-Treasurer F. H A. Club 1 Declam 2--4 Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Glee Club President 2 Class Secretary-Treasurer Clarinet Duet 3-4 Clarinet Trio 4 Clarinet Solo 4 Annual Staff 4 N. F. L. 2-3-4 N. F. L. Vice President 4 Piano Solo 2-3-4 Piano Accompanist 3-4 D. A. R. Representative State Alternate 4 A 1 3 65- Don Naper Mitchell 2 Glee Club 1-3-4 Paper Staff 4 Monte Patterson Annual Staff 3-4 Assistant Sports Editor Growls 4 Norma Jean Preble F. H. A. 1-2 Glee Club 1-2-4 Carnival Queen Candidate 1 Declam 1-2 Band 1 N. F. L. 2-3-4 Paper Staff 2 Annual Staff 3-4 Assistant Annual Business Manager 3 Annual Business Manager 4 Debate 4 Office Staff 4 Jim Scissons Track 2 Basketball 3 Football 2-3 G. Club 3-4 Paper Staff 3 Glee Club 3-4 Class Play 4 Verlyn Springer Class Secretary-Treasurer 2 Class President 4 Scrawls Sports Editor 4 Carnival King Candidate 2 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 G. Club 3-4 Paper Staff 4 .rf jiwfwi Darlene Soesbe SCOHY whine? F. H. A. Club 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Paper Staff 4 Glee Club 1-3-4 CI' Sextet 4 Mezzo Sopranon Solo 3-4 Declam 4 F. H. A. Secretary- Treasurer 4 Scrawls Business Manag Leola Taqtow Class President 2 Prom Queen 3 Paper Staff 4 Assistant Annual Editor Annual Editor 4 Library 3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 F. H. A .Club 1-2 Office Staff 4 3 Student Bodv Secretary- Treasurer 4 Student Council 4 Garnet Thompson Declam 2 Glee Club 3-4 N. F. L. 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Paoer Staff 2-4 Scrawls Editor 4 Office Staff 4 Wayne Wendell Paper Staff'3 Annual Staff 4 Assistant Football Manager 4 Siftgrfplfwi Harvest Ball King 1 Band 1-2 Paper Staff 3 Class President 3 G. H. S. Sweetheart 3 Student Body Vice President 3 Boys State Representative 3 Senior Play 3-4 Student Body President 4 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 3-4 G. Club 3-4 Track 1-2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football Co-Captain 4 Marjorie Wirth Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 3 Glee Club 3 Frances Zidko Debate 1-2 F. H. A. Club 1-2-3-4 N. F. L. 2-3-4 N. F. L. Secretary- Treasurer 4 F. H. A. Reporter 4 Library 2-3 Declam 2-3 Glee Club 2-3-4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 3-4 Carnival Queen Candidate 4 2 . 61.444 nf 1947 Margaret Beckers-Teacher, Gregory. Marylis Bergman, Employed, Farmers Union, Gregory. Earl Boxa-Home, Gregory. Lilarae Casey-Employed, Dental Assis- tant, Gregory. Barbara Chambers-Employed, Buches, Gregory. Lyle Christensen-Home, Lucas. Jane Dickman-Employed, Omaha, Nebr. Bill Harder--Employed, Gregory. Darlene Hanson-College, Vermillion. Ruth Johnson-Teacher, Gregory. George Langan-College, Springfield. Maxine McCollam-Beauty Opertor, Greg- ory. Robert McCright-Home, Gregory. Betty McGinnis-Employed, Bank, Greg- ory. Belva Malchow-St. Augustant College, Sioux Falls. Martin Miller--Employed, Gregory. Alice Moffit-Employed, Burke. Robert Myrick-School of Mines, Rapid City. Jean Petersen Kayl-Married, Gregory. Lorraine Pusl-Home, Dallas. Betty Raschke-Employed Veterinarians Office, Gregory. Ronald St. Pierre-Employed, Gregory. Raymond Whiting-Home, Gregory. Jack Wirth-Employed Denver Colo. Elma nf 1946 Nellie Bailey-Employed, Los Angeles. Tom Berens-Employed Buches, Gregory. Helen Birkel-Employed, Laurs, Gregory. Twila Blake Kumn--Married, California. Evon Davis Soesbe-Married Gregory. Margaret Dunn-Teacher Gregory. Joy Ann Ellwanger-Beauty School, San Pedro. Mary Ellen Foley-College, Yankton. Jim Gassen-School of Mines, Rapid City. Joseph Goeden-College, Grand Island. Jackson Good-College, Vermillion. Lillian Halvka-Employed Hogrefe, Greg- ory. Lois Jares-Employed, R.F.A., Gregory. Jerry Jonas, Army, Japan. Bill Jones--Employed, Krotter Lumber Co., Gregory. Pat Kendall Jones-Married, Gregory. Leota Klinefelter Womeldorf-Married, Dallas. Eugene Knox-Home, Bonesteel. Doris Krieger-College, Yankton. Evelyn Kucera-8Employed, Bank, Greg- ory. Jack Mannion-Corroll College, Helena, Montana. Wilma Maxwell-Employed, Bank Greg- ory. Donna McCright Johnson-Married, Good- land, Kansas. Edwin Meyers-Home, Gregory. Donald Milligan-Army Air Corps. Modenna Sorsensen Nelson - Married Burke. Mary Ann Parish Audiss--Married, Burke. Frances Pochop Hogrefe-Married, Greg- ory. Rosella Pusl Sandoval-Married, Los An- geles. Belva Robertson Hoffman - Married, Dallas. Betty Jo Robinson-Teacher, Wood. Helen Rosser-Beauty Operator, Sioux Falls. Paul Scissons-Home, Gregory. Ila Smith-Teacher, Dallas. Marjorie Voelzke-Teacher, Dallas. Harold Wempe-Home, Gregory. Rita Wempe - Employed, Hauptman's Gregory. -X Tx xxi' fxx x: 'A' 11 ,I 3' :E Gregory Electrlc 5, 55 Rosebud Gram Co. r 'l Company 5, ,, WINNER, SOUTH DAKo'rA 1 ., I Blue Square Feeds Electric Supplies and Service lv ,Q :E 1: 1, AA-A A-- 11o Volt Kohler Farm it 4"" "" Plants X :::: ::: 1: 1, 1, 1, Car Glass and Service , E: 1, p P ' ' "Best Prices" Gregory, South Dakota 1, 1, Fat Hogs and Pigs 1 : Winner, South Dakota PHONE 5271 , 1 Office Phone 362 .1 4, Residence 344 11 tr 1, 1, x: -:x 11' 4:::: :::::::::::: x:- Bowl For Health RUSEBUD LANES WINNER, sourn nAKoTA The Show Spot of South Dakota and home of the 1949 State Bowling Tournament Steve Hargrove, Mgr. C. J. Grossenburg, Owner Ruth Hargrove, Asst. JK "'A "" 'k 41 'A' KEY SERVICE STATION TIRE Headquarters for the Rosebud for 25 years WINNER, SOUTH DAKOTA A. A. BAUMAN HARDWARE PAINTS Gregory, S. D. Louie's Grocery Meats and Groceries Phone 5361 Gregory, S. D. 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ll- 'A' 'I 'I :I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 1 I 'I 'I 1 I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I A Better Line of Merchandise at A Price You Want To Pay G. F. BUCHE CU. Gregory, S. D. Dial 6461 Dry Goods Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Men's Furnishings A Complete Grocery Line Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 0RLLEY'S VARIETY Dealer in Chinaware Paints Cosmetics Quality Goods Kemtone Wall Goods Floor Wax and Polishes Reasonable Prices Gregory, South Dakota 4 ex :xi 4-x: xe- ll' U' "'A 'A' :KMA 'A' i' S1inton's Farm Store CASE FARM EQUIPMENT SALES and SERVICE O Burke, South Dakota Seeley Jewelry DIAMONDS, WATCHES and SILVERWARE PHONE 6821 GREGORY 71,441 51101243 Originally the Fashion Shoppe Ladies' and Chi1dren's Ready-to-Wear I Gregory, S. D. Dial 6131 Ted's Repair Shop Auto Repairing and Welding DO NOT FORGET NEMER'S Shoe Store 4 xxx:::x::::::::::::::lt' -Vx: -ee ll' Northwest Security National Bank ot Sioux Falls Gregory Branch Gregory, South Dakota ak A General Banking Business A GREAT BANKING INSTITUTION -fj- Lzff to ,-1, -R11 F- ' ew Affiliated with the Northwest Bancorporation MEMBER or FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 4 i P NAPEPUS CLOTHING STORE lg il 1, in 1, :I li 3 4, ly 4+ 0 0 'n 'I 'r 4+ 'r lr 1 'I Dakota Market Quality Merchandise at 'A' Fair Prices MEN'S WEAR '1 'r WOMEN'S APPAREL I II POCHOP 81 WENDELL ir DIAL 7341 Phone 5761 Gregory, S. D. 11 I U 1: Ti U 'I -x - ....A+. x ..v. if 4 ---x Ax: Bob White Shop - - - 'A' RADIOS APPLIANCES GLIDDEN'S PAINTS Electric Work Our Specialty 'A' Dial 5601 Gregory 4 ::::::::::::::v -:::::::x A: ll' ff ::::-"::: :::f Gregory Cleaners No Job too Large or too Small ir Hats-Our Specialty All Work Guaranteed i' DIAL 5121 Edward Prchal ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Burke, South Dakota GREEN PARROT THE BEST IN REFRESHMENTS Gregory, S. D. INTERNATIONAL SALES-SERVICE Farm Operating Equipment Maytag Washers Largest Repair Stock in the Rosebud Gassen Bros. Dial 6151 Gregory, S. D. - - - - - -llefx- x- ll' 41 ul' 1 TILTON MOTOR CO. Sales Service WE SERVICE ALL MAKES xx: ' -""""" :xxak -K 'xxx::xx::x:::::x' ll Meet I QE SOCI Farmers Elevator 55 if Gregory l' ll For a Me At The A L CLUB 1, Friendly Ak ll Game of Cards GRAIN 9 CUAL BEER - - SOFT DRINKS LIVESTOCK EQ AND CANDY f " 0 Dial 5811 :Q Earl Van Cleave :xx A-mi kxxx wx: 'll "' 'A' VON SEGGERN BROS. Lumber Grain Coal Gregory, S. D. - Phone 5441 4 Ax :xfxx : ll' x: -xx? Txx -, 4 lg 1, 4, it 4, 'v 1 'I r SIM'S MOTOR INN I Greasing, Washing and H U R T U N S Tire Repairing 1, Phone 6371 0 :E IE fl 4:::: --- A----A -: ll' f USED PARTS if 4 xx -: ,y NEW PARTS ii EE , , , " Joe s SGIVICE Stahon and SALVAGE Gas-Oil-Repairing EE gi R '5 1' .IUE SEJ VAR ,I E Plumbing-Heating Co. 'E Sheet Metal Work 1, t Your John Deere Dealer ,, 3: Phone 5341 4, It 4, 'U QUALITY IMPLEMENTS gf 4:::::: x- -x--:xx 'W' 'n FIRESTONE TIRES It TK :x:x:::::::x::xxxx 'A' I, , 1, I, P tu 'v 1 SALES 5, Soper s Beauty Shop and 1 , . , . . SERVICE .I Specializing in Cold Waves , ji and Radio Waves In tr Gregory, S. D. fl :I Shop Phone Residence Eg 5301 6431 1: 1: '55 55- 55555 -5555, 455555555555 5:55:55-:' 'K T' """" "" : ' ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ':::: i' ARE YUU PRUTEETED? Against the Danger ot Fire and Wind Do You Have Your Automobile Property Insured? IF NOT SEE NORTHWESTERN AGENCY Insurance of all kinds Gregory ----- South Dakota 4 ::::::x:- x::::::::::::::: ll' -::::: ::::::t y ::::: -:::: 4, ly 4 4, :, Men M GRUCERY Keith al scnan Groceries Meats We Have Complete Fruits and Vegetables I Business Line In EAST SIDE f PRODUCE MAIN 5 Phone 5211 5: If 1: 1: I: 'r in xx, -,,,,, It 4 ,xx -xx Rosebud Electric Association I Reddy Kilowaii Is Ai Your Service 0 Phones: Office 6661 - Plant 5421 fl ' 'A' Heres a Tip- - - For Better Bargains - - - Buy at THE X L nun HARDWARE - - FURNITURE Inquire about our easy payment plan Dial 7761 4 ll- -K i' Dr. M. H. Johnson VETERINARIAN Gffice-Dial 6411 Residence-Dial 6414 Gregory, South Dakota 4 ll' -K 'A' II. C. Krotter Company "Build Your Home Firsi" HARDWARE - - - LUMBER - - - PAINT - - - COAL 'r i' Gregory, S. D. Dial 6381 4 xf ::::::::f:::f :f ll' : :f A -:t Ik :::::: :e S C I-I 0 L L ' S I' Hansen's SEIVICE Statlon : Implement Quality and Service 0 'A' GAS - i OILS it J. I. Case GREASES ji Farming Equipment Gregory, S. D. ' t Clarence Hansen Dial 5171 :I 1: Dial 6111 Motor Machine Co. M. Skooltvet, Prop. i' CYLINDER GRINDING and AUTO REPAIRING Johnson Motor 8: Appliance Repairs Briggs and Stratton Engines and Magneto Sales 8z Service Dial 5694 Gregory, S. D. STANDARD FEEDS 6 Years in the Field A Safe and Low Cost Feed for Every Farm Program. A. C. WEAVER FOXBILT FEEDS Basic Balancers for ALL LIVESTOCK O BRING US YOUR PRODUCE We Pay Highest Prices for CREAM, EGGS, POULTRY Ray's Produce Gregory, S. D. TASTY ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE Lunches-Candy-Pop "Large enough to Serve You Small enough to appreciate Your Patronagen Tasty Shop DIAL 7591 Gregory, S. D. 4 3: :xi Alix: x lt- ff Allum's Barber and Dr. MgMeen Beauty Shop O Phone 7351 ., 4 W, .A.......... -xr Q: DEN TIST 3E 0 CASH BUYERS 1: 1 C -P lt -E :g EE team ou ry ggs 1+ 1: Gregory, South Dakota SWIFT gf CU' PHONE 7361 Gregory 7701 if ft' 'I'h9ReXa11 ff Gregory Locker DRUG STORE 'A' DRUGS - - SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES -A' Pat Locke Gregory, S. D. 'r 0 tr 'r 'r I 'n 'r 'r 4+ 'I 'r 'r 4 r 4, :n I I ln tr I, Wg 4, 1, :n it p r 1+ 'v Service and Market Dial 6361 Custom Butchering and Processing HOGS - BEEF - SHEEP POULTRY -CURING- ll' -Yxx fx- xx :xx GAMBLE STORE The Friendly Store Gregory, S. D. Phone 5251 O G. R. Wilkinson - M. J. Drees Owners Hansen's Market Home of the Best FRUITS and VEGETABLES Dial 7391 Gregory, S. D. ' ' 'xxk Luellyn Hotel and Cale Gregory, South Dakota -K ix' ix i' GRAHAM HARDWARE 'A' Furniture Hardware Appliances 'A' Dial 5771 4,:,, -::- i :::- ::: I-IOGREFE Clothing Company Everything to Wear for . . . MEN WOMEN and CHILDREN I PHONE 7101 +1 "---M''--"--'---'-'-"---'---"'----"---"--- H if ROSEBUD FARMERS UNION COOPERATIVE OIL ASSOCIATION Gregory, South Dakota 0 Gas, Oil and Grease Farm Supplies 0 The Place That Is Owned By Home Folks 4 x- -xx :v ll' For Reliable Insurance See John 0'Neill 6- Sons Bargains in Farms and Ranches FORD IMPLEMENTS Wood Bros. Pickers, Combines and Threshers New Idea Spreaders and Pickers Gregory, South Dakota 4 :x x ll' x: 'xii' J. A. KDUNOVSKY J ewler C "Gifts That Last" I Across the Street from Luellyn Hotel x' vxir Hayes Cleaners 24 HOUR SERVICE O Leave Them Today Get Them Tomorrow PHONE 6501 SOPEPUS HATCHERY -A' For Your Poultry Needs FEEDS - BABY CHICKS CUSTOM HATCHING ak Dial 6431 Compliments ol . . J. E. ARATA, M. D. J. E. MANNION, M. D. 4 ,,,,v ,: +1 -v ----- if 4:--H --we PETERS SHOES We Shoe the Entire Family Wesselmann's Cloihing Bonesteel, South Dakota CUZY CAFE Meals-Short Orders Soft Drinks Herrick, South Dakota A. S. MOLES MOBILE STATION Telephone 4551 Colome DON'S MARKET Dallas Telephone 8451 ,lf 4--x --- Manzer's Filling Station Telephone 4241 Colome Frescoln 8: Randle Grain, Coal, Hogs, Feed Telephone 4531 Colome VOGT'S RADIO SALES sl SERVICE Crosley and Admiral Dealer Colome 4 xx 0. E. FORD INCOME TAX CONSULTANT Plan 1948 "Tax Planting Now" 41 '1 '1 1 '1 '1 '1 lr 1 '1 1 1 'A' 4-xx-- 'P '1 41 1 1 1 in lr '1 '1 1 ln 'I 1 1 41 41 'I '1 'k -i f "" if T "" K. c. THOMPSON PHARMACY I 5 Colome, South Dakota 1, 1 Phone 4321 ' 1 . , . WE TRY TO PLEASE 1, 1: . 1, K. c. Thompson l Zimmerman Hardware Colome, South Dakota i' Hardware-Plumbing' Pumps-Windmills Electrical Appliances ul' Phone 4291 Farmers Cooperative Association ir Grain - - - Feed - - - Coal - - - Lumber 'A' Phone 8131 Dallas, South Dakota -'Fx ll' -K "' ""' ""k 'K DAY'S D LIOUUR STORE Dallas, South Dakota GREGORY BAKERY O Try our delicious . . . BREADS, ROLLS, PIES, CAKES and COOKIES O Dial 6221 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 1 1 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I 11' 'T' 1 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 1 1 I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 1 1 I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 1 1 1 I I I 'I 'I 'I 1 43+ Dr. MacDonald's VY-TAB-O-LATOR Remember- "It's the Finish that Counts" For the Past Nine Years at the Large Midwest Livestock Shows, more Champions were fed and conditioned on Dr. MacDonald's VY-TAB-O-LATOR than on all other similar Feeds Combined L. A. ELLISON, State Mgr. Dallas, South Dakota ADVERTISE IN THE BUY-LINE Burke, South Dakota 'A' COMPLETE COVERAGE 2450 CIRCULATION REASONABLE RATES ir THE MOST FOR YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLAR FRANICS CAFE A Good Place to Stop In and talk il over after l I the game. +1 xx Axxf :xxx xx :E EE 5 55 lVla1sonImplemeni Compliments of . . . 1 E 1 4 1 I' 1 Your County Seat Farmers Umon Mutual 1, E MCCORMICK-DEERING Insurance Company I ' DEALER 1 J. A. Hinken, Sec.-Treas. ' 1' Ik 1 SALES 8z SERVICE P ' I Burke, South Dakota 1 'k P 'r 1: Burke, South Dakota would im: :I 1+ FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Dial 4422 Bee 8: Zee Agency Insurance-Real Estate Burke, South Dakota Howard E. Blake-Karl E. Zutz WOLF'S Service Siaiion Champlin HI-V-I Motor Oil Tires-Tubes-Batteries Accessories Batteries Charged Hi-way 18 At Burke If I -ex xi if I I I I I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4 4 4 4 4 tl 'I 'I 4 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I +4 If I I I I I I I I I 'I 4 4 4 4 4 4 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Anton Oe1rich's BLACKSMITH 'A' Burke, South Dakota CEMENT BLOCKS WELL TILE SAND DELIVERED Burke-Phone 3052 Burke, South Dakota -ll' 4-:fxv :L ll' 'IK' "" 'kiln "ir The Burke Gazette Publishers-Stationers I Burke, South Dakota Kallendar Bros. if Meats-Groceries Locker Service 'A' Burke, South Dakota Phone 2721 ACCURACY ALWAYS I Burke Pharmacy "HINZE'S" i Burke-Phone 2851-S. D Harley Hill Hardware Duo-Therm Oil Burners Westinghouse Appliances Zenith Radios Phone 2351 Burke, South Dakota :xi 4-:x -:f lt' L A U N N A- IS H T FOR S by E R en ICTU tak P ere E W H T to who elguiop Q05 ir 57 OI' eg GF el' I1 ill W 1 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'P ll 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P ll 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P IP 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'I 'P 'P 'P ll' '7,f:me4-14 8 DMM if This Annual was printed in the Office of the Gregory Times-Advocate 'K i' Meyers 8: Bradstreet BARBER SHOP Standard Supplies Courteous Service x it 'fe 'xfx 'ixxi' 4K "" C 8: H Shoe Store , Men's Ready-to-Wear 4: 'r 'r Ladies' Apparel Men's and Ladies' Shoes 1 'r 4, p 1, tp . 1, 1, 4, 43 1, 'D 4, 1. ,,,::- xx: ll' -Y-N.. Image Not Available 4 I I ' n 4 I 7' 'ii T "' L Gregory Cement Works Il 1 Building Blocks 4+ 'E . Well Curbing g P P p 4, U ' I, ONLY SELF-SERVICE I' :I D131 6721 If STORE IN TOWN 1: Qgxx -::::::::v xx if Qt 4: The firms whose advertisements Dry Goods P 11 appear in this annual are supporters 4 :E of the schools in the community in I: which they are established and merit S EI your individual support. The revenue 1: 'from their advertisements has con- 1: tributed much toward making the il publication of this year book possible. 'r lr MX' :xr nxt 12 Q 0 I 4 lives oo u 5, 1 I :.very Thursday 1, 4 4 I :r lest Weights and 1: mteed Satisfaction Ei 0 I in I . NOAH, Mgr. ' it Dial 7131 I :E 'r -J: ll' Image Not Available

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