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Jxw' 65 J' 1 r K 0, X "f',:',-"' rm-mv-.w!.,,' . X. L- xv "--' L' .L-f - N : 'f V, , K . -' J 5' - f - L' M., .,,. '.TfT.,A11,Mh V , .A Y Q V. , 1,4 'I nl 'A N ,I .. Ig , I I A If 'uf ..? .5 , . - , N ' .' ff' , ,- , I' '7 " . , ' . 3 ..,.! b ,Q ,V - 1, A, . i W Aw ,F SJ iff-1,gjfif, ' T' ' ., A' ' K' w 1 1 f I m ,,y W Ng, , 4,,, Q1 X f N N, if fs J, Ke HJIIP- AKKMLW' fJJ?bN ., 'cf .X f Qi S . , I, 9 iv- 9 hx - xpff UU' LW? W YR-,W Ak fs 3 I 'A I, ,yrffx mr'-fL' , ,. 71 1 3 FL' mf-Q 0 pg' 191. , X , ll! I" m. I, JP V ,N V Q5M'Mf11 K, ww WMM ow fo , my XDV Ga, xl Wwfv 2 WbPw W an W A Z if ' ff- Fl Ca we H TA 1 f? f ?'?1 j V QQ M4bw Wm fnfef ff ,J A f, u T4 -- W wx MMM Ye A , , X L' A awful ali K Wa M' ww A Q ' W Ay Www MQW M WW WM? NN pffiuffiv ' J9W NSR fxgy E Q, 1 N x A Spiijiffigig EQJQ? RQ Qfiwi QM 5 X553 5? 2 A? We QQ? Q ' ,Y YJ Q :Qi xg, 56 N xy bmw Q if 1 N EL EY X M if - N 'vp BSR Q 5 Q N wi jf X? , M1 we Q5 ,Q ' 5 YQ WY M Q2 xjfdkf A, D 3 if QQ lov, fb .Q MA ' fCfx'bJJ 50 X 5 M Yxkgm K fN?0QNirfykXxWVjAT5V DX 7? gf ' . my LW J .10 '-rXF,G,L7 T? QkW THE TROIAN 1968554-ff 5fHf1Q,0flL,fR WW I L0 'I ANNUAL PUBLICATION ZQWL QQ OF 26,461 TI-IE SENIQR CLASS 6, - OF E21 . 51 GREENVILLE SENIOR I-IIOI-I SCHOOQMJWQ xwciia GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA JAMMM VOLUME I0 ,QQ I ff' J. I'G" l I , L A TRIBUTE tis!!- Q, We, the Seniors of 1968, are proud to dedicate our Troian to Mrs. Helen Brath. She has built'in us the pleasure of learning, the excitement of reading, and the challenge to be inquisitive students. From the moment we entered her class and heard her say, "Read, read, read, " she has shown a genuine interest in each of us and our activities. Her rare ability to communicate ideas has made her one of the finest in the teaching profession. - 2 v- ' - - v A -. - ,, ' N v'.. A . 1 ,f r ,-. - .'-.vw -. X 1, '-"C"-. .,4-., 4 .vs ' ' K ' . 1 ' ".177l'."F ' .n' ,. ' . 4, . . ,- T,.n,,r5Lti?f::.,:Ef:'.,1. - ' ,'."" fs."-"X, .. V. , , 1 , . Q. r?9",'.'q1?,-ik!!-Pf2k1.".A-'L'-11'f'2" . A ,ivy ANL- ..,S1-.fg.,:p- :vfrfa--c,,.cHf.,. fyt - , - -5 if :V hgnaggjb Ixmfst' -wif'-ii - 'Wil ' I .ft - '. - "-- 1. - 'QE fi. L. - .' ' '- . -..Sl pl... T"'- ' up - f ' ' ef t. , , M? .' ' 'Y",,'Lf..i Q Z..--, ,--fic-3, 'Y 3 ' A p 'H'-17 . "',"'If. ' --'-.',': '-. ' V., . . vJ3G-5'- fl' - L' '- -0? '1 .If-1-A Y , ' - f 4 :fs -,',,.-gg ff.-gg , , f. . - x .11 ,-gr 5-i1,..,. V,-6.12, ,Ag-ef.. "elf, ..,- x 1 VF. -, - ..A' 1 ' fa? 'J 1,1 9-Q--.:w,"1f.: tfff'-'..a,.lf.'r' '- . - ' ' ' F:f,fjf'ff-f' 'L-iii' .-Q1-Te-9 ' 1,1 - '.fl:,.1-'af' ',w'-1.'- . - v,,.Q.,..-'sv' T ' ' . Ax q?14.:.jA,,2,5f1:',,i.AA. 3.4, g4.,:,-,qi ..,L "fl lv,-,7 E ' A - 37-.,,:J3.,.fj,-jfs,---r 3,gg.,-N,.Q:-v'1f5Q1,1."1'.f5f-.5E,3i:,'.,, an '- ' . 31 ".,"'- ' ' ' ' v-3osi"'7 " W -' f -'r -' "' N' r'-Q1.,.'- ' , Q . ' , --I 1- -- X 1- . K. . X., ., . -1:-'-A ' '-"-i4f'f-1' " -f""f 'iff 1, ..L' ..'i THE TROIAN 1968 A solid foundation often determines the soundness of the structure built on it. We realize that the years we have spent here at Greenville Senior High School have become the foundation of our education. Throughout our lives we will continue to build on this foundation, always increasingly aware of its importance. WA' v ,W My JM Q7 JVM! N06 1 MEM M hyd' I qfyvjfyflf W ww A 'li W W Wfwm X7 WRLM QW U , 3 X LO A lbw My 60 it CW! Wh ',, WNY! M ff ff! UJIMLUJUJ , 1 If ? 'fr- Q lf -Q -...Sv 1' vi,.,-., 1 1' ug, L vrirf-.5 Er W -"" W- Lv -Q-,."' . , we -. 'Wu' ". ,, in. , LAYING THE FOUNDATION . . . Eight o'clock . . . The day begins . . . Daily routine-the basic structure of school life . . . Studying, exploring, learning . . . a sturdy base. 5 ,Sz xx :Tj ' fm Z . v. Qfh! I. , I Q ef . P a l l :cs ' I 61.41 I A .:...,, 11-4 5211-ew ,zz L.:,,,.- --A , ' X eu -'55 -Mr, . 4 - "nk " ':. 5, - ,V . rl.: a . ,pw .jan 'ea - Wulf' slam. " A 1-1-- - 5 il? .a , 5 1 V in l 'Tn 'ff NAILING DOWN INTERESTS . . . Enthusiasm plus . . . Spanning many fields . . . Time for fun . . . Where the action is . . . With a modern design . . . Constructed for fulfillment. H , 2' 1 X ' . w,!' in rp., -A. 1 IH 2.1-L w , K 4, x. 1 5.-1 . ,f . V - N. Q Y-. . ,R b. , . X ' 1 il fm , A I, If ,I 1, 1' ffibgijhixkj, " Ln T1. 19 ,Gm ' 'Jnx,.6.l' .. 4' Qirg 1- . K K g. p 1 Y :Yagi 1, ' I, I ' fl P. v. 1 ,H , r ! tx , A11 , , ' gl . -nj , X44 I, O iomsghl! .v ' . --. Q ' fa fi!" fl ','.:'Lh-" T, --rf . .Y?.j.1f gigziqi 5 .'y . QU... If ' Tfrnaq L , 4 - -Q 4. 1- ,I an 2 VI M 2 I' , - .4 BUILDING .SPQRTSMANSHIP . . .Teamwork . . . Raise that -score . . .,1A-powerful squad . 'The thrill , of victory ,. . . Backing fchefteam f . . The strength of sfeel. I 9 CEMENTING FRIENDSHIP . . . That special dance . . . Cramming together . . . Making plans for the futufe . . . Parties . . . These hallowed halls. . . Commencement, the finishing touch. -ill-' I ,,..- ,.f . -1, "W " ,' - qw ':, - - . ?'f. f.. 7' ' aj "f "-,Q"1"'v, 10 W. Hg 9? -Zig 1 I 5 I V i I AT THE HEAD OF OUR SCHOOLS . r li, RICHARD B. HOFFMAN B. S., Slippery Rock State College Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh Ed. D., Western Reserve University Superintendent of Schools CLASS OF 1968: My sincere best wishes and congratulations are extended to each of the graduating seniors. You have already learned that individual success is based on honest effort, and failure is the result of dishonesty to yourself. Hold on firmly to the enthusiasm of your youth, and reflect in your relations with others a human approach to the settlement of life's confrontations. Your parents, friends and teachers are extremely proud of your accomplishments. I join with them in wishing for each of you success and happiness in the years ahead. DR. RICHARD B. HOFFMAN Superintendent GREENVILLE AREA BOARD OF EDUCATION-Front Row: Dr. Richard B. Hoffman, Superinten- dent of Schoolsg Mr. John W. Read, Presidentg Mr. Victor Losacano, Vice President. Second Row: Dr. Lester Raubg The Rev. George C. Reeseg Mr. Parke F. Wentlingg Dr. Robert H. Bakerg Dr. Herbert G. Gebert. Not in Picture: Mr. Donald Dartg The Rev. Robert K. Naceg Mr. Walter Bossick, Business Man- ager. l CLASS OF 1968: Congratulations, you have reached an important mile- stone in your life built upon education. which no misfortune can enemy alienate, no despo- abroad an introduction, in ornament. It chastenslvice, and government to genius. sacrifice and mental pain, "Education is a companion decrease, no crime destroy, no tism enslave, at home a friend, solitude a solace, in society an guides virtue, and gives grace Education may cost financial but in both money and life values it will repay every cost one hundred-fold." As you now look forward to the future-"We need not be afraid of the future, for the future will be in our own hands. We shall need courage, energy, and determination, but above all, we shall need faith-faith in ourselves, in our communities, and in our country." I extend to each of you my personal best wishes for a successful future. CARL A. SCOTT Principal THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE-Mr. Carl Scott, Principal, Miss Sandra Beckman and Mrs. Savilla Davis, Secretaries. . . . IN THE oFFlcE CARL A. SCOTT B.S., Geneva College Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh Senior High School Principal r . GUIDANCE . . . Our Guidance Counselors, Mr. Speigle and Mr. Kiser, meet with Mr. Scott. Harvard or M I T 'I FREDERICK KISER-A.B., Thiel Collegeg M.A. Miami University-Guidance Counselor for Ninth i N and Tenth Grades. RICHARD W. SPEIGLE-A.A., Graceland College I N B.A., Baldwin Wallaceg M.A., Westminster College- I Guidance Counselor. Mr. Speigle counsels with seniors. Mrs. Callahan distributes information concerning College Boards. 14 . . . IN THE LIBRARY . ,-- ,, l..l -Y , L,..,...L..:.,.,..-.M-.g"-,1is-..g.,i,:-:sb. 4 ' Moving into thc new library. ROBERT FAGLEY B S Clarion State College Librarian. "Return or renewal?" Studying in style. It's interesting. ,ff-"' J A . 3 V , .f ' ' in-.A f 5 , it ' l ,lv 21 v. tl ,.- W .1 it cn,-15 I 'W 'WTF' -ff' 4' -fr.: f, .fv"'- ,vw ,, ,, . -,,: ' fl-i-f"',, Q ENGLISH . . A head start on homework. Shu-1 V f HELEN BRATH-A.B., Thiel Collegeg M.S., Syra- cuse University-Sophomore English. JUDITH ANN CANON-B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Fieshman English, MARLENE ANN GUTOWSKI-B.S. in Ed., Slip- pery Rock State College-Fl'eshman and Sopho- more English. IRENE KAPURIK-B.S. in Ed., Slippery Rock State College-Sophomore and Junior English. Term paper time. Practice in public speaking. I 16 X . I I went DU. W LITERATURE Students of Shakespeare. "Can you find 'cacophonous'?" A brand new classroom. MABEL E. LANDRETH-A. B., Thiel College-On Sabbatical Leave. JOSEPHINE LOUDEN-A.B., Grove City College-Senior English, Speech. M. JANE MILLER-A.B., Thiel College- Junior English. CYNTHIA A. REDMOND-Thiel College -Junior and Senior English. LANGUAGES . , "X ANDREW JACOBSON-A.B., Youngstown Univer- - X sityg M.A., Western Reserve- French 11,111,114 EUGENE JORDAN-A.B., Grove City College- Spanzsh I,I1,III. EDNA ROYAL-B.S. in Education, Thiel College- French 1 11 Latin 11 JEROME SIMON-A.B., California State College- French I,11. "Ho1a!" Tuning in. Fix V-ir .Qxx +L Spanish spoken here. F' I AH., - -pf ' u ,. i" rm - fm. -ww 7 efswffggszzssaa. , Pilot to co-pilot. Translating together. A .al - Ag 'Q 1' . j. Y 1 ' 'iv 1 'll -Q.. .ll nl -.-N i Q6 H- J - I ' E' ,4 - -ii y lg , 1-A f " 'X 'Vs' 'ri LN' 'ily P 'Mig - ' I'- .li V I ,- Mfg' pl' P" ,. -I , --i-Hr' 1 1 1- -l X ., ' 'fs Y L. L W- . PQ wg ' V-A V. h .. W? V I ll,'Q.,3m F- X fx . ,. -1 5 - rig. 1 f l,-t Q fa vfiiiyiia ' 1 ,LN-E213 . -E ,H feral 1 X ' Wif M- 7- fx ' ff .. '- X C52 1 ""'- " ,I X x ' r.. - rm 4' Xi - , 1-"AW to . ' ,-.11-pl , ,, ' - A l . . . SOCIAL STUDIES F V .ot How will this ui'l'ect clemancl'?" . , . ,W 'fain . -ffljf 1 "Right there is Zambia? l Q i -Q--. l .Q ' 'w E 435, - ggi' 7 mllg,-. l ,, V V "NOW, here . . J' Solving world problems. -1- 'Vx' un...- KENNETH BEHNER-A.B., Thiel College-US. History, Math I I4 DAVID H. CLELLAND-B.S. in Ed., Waynesburg College-World Culture. HOWARD GILL-B.S., Slippery Rock State Col- 1egeqEd. M., University of Pittsburgh-US. History, Economics and Go vernment. MICHAEL KOLESAR-B.S., Thiel Collegeg Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh-Economics and Govern- ment. PAUL R. MASSIE-B.S., Thiel Collegeg M.A., University of Pittsburgh-On Sabbatical Leave. ROBERT STONE-B.S., Thiel College-Freshman Guidance, US. History. MATHEMATICS THOMAS BARTHOLOMEW-B.S., Indi- ana University of Pennsylvania-Geom- etry, Algebra 11,111 EMILY BRECKENRIDGE-A.B., Thiel College-Algebra LIL DOUGLAS A. McELHINNY-B.S., Edin- boro State College-Geometry, Math IV, Basic Algebra. ELDA McQUEEN-A.B., Thiel College- Algebra L MARY MOWRY-A.B., Thiel Collegeg Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh-Geom- etry, Algebra III, College Mathematics. VELMA WEHNER-A. B., Wittenberg University-Algebra II, Geometry. "Which is the secant?" Factorial n! 'Where are the equations of the asymptotes?" B21SiC2l1Y,-,q-.,-vq-,-- , . .,, A+ ,TMJ 4 "K ff -fe 'fx SCIENCE Make us .in eclipse Undef PYCSSUFE- RICHARD G. CLARK-B.S., Slippery Rock State College-Introductory Phy- sical Science, Chemistry 1. C. DONALD BRECKENRIDGE-B. S., Thiel Collcgeg M. Litt., University of Pittsburgh-Physical Science, Physics. BASIL R. BUMBERA-B.S., Edinboro State College-Introductory Physical Sci- ence. JAMES A. DEFRANCE-B.S., Grove City College-Biology 1.11. THEODORE A. MARANTIS-B.S., Ed- inboro State Collegeg M. Ed., Penn- sylvania State Universityg M.S., Univer- sity of Rochester-Chemistry 1,11 ARLENE S. ZONARICH-B.S., Edinbo- ro State College-Biology 1. Galileo said A. F4-'wi-KA In -NR XFX it-X-N nl' ,I Ji 'i -' K' E Q . f 1 , ,H t : A I Z I Y 5 4 2 1 1 I 'I 9471 . I i , i 21 i .Wi - , . ' is A, li L S ,4 -irq' BUSINESS SUBJECTS . . . v-'Z 'Z-,,.. ASDF JKL5 'LWhat,S that SymbOl?,, GLENN W. CAULFIELD-B.S. in C., Grove City "5 Collegeg Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh-Short- Hand I,II, Typing 1. FRANCES I. CHESTLEY-B.B.A,, Westminster College-Bookkeeping, Typing II, Office Practice. FRANK G. HETRA-B.B.A., Westminster Collegeg M.S. in Ed., Westminster College-Typing I, Basic Mathematics III. Debits and credits. -54 x'7::':-'U sy' -11 i 5 f ,-,. .- -Q I jig .Wi X 72.4513 fb":' 1 f 'l V g 2 4 . F' f- r - V: :.!. - . X ' c I ' .- ' Ps. f'-.K K'-Q' . 422 . . ART AND DRAWING uTimC!', Drafting plans. GLEN FELLNAGLE-B.S., California State Col- legeg M.A., West Virginia University-Drafting 1, II, III. MICHAEL PARIS-B.S. in Art Ed., Edinboro State College-Art I, Art 9. ELEANOR SKELLIE-B.S., Edinboro State Col- lege-Art I, II, 111. Silk-screening posters. 5' Graphic Arts. Q'Y'i',:' pi if Budding artists. i. HOME ECONOMICS . . . i Hope it fits." "Make sure it's straight." "How much shortening?" MARY KIDD-B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University- Home Economics, LUCILLA PISANI-A.B., Youngstown University M. Ed., Westminster College-Home Economics, Freshman Guidance. f' f ry 1 I 1 I I S 24 Chefs. KC . INDUSTRIAL ARTS Skilled workmen. lil 2 YW W l Woodshop' Quitting time. ' Advanced craftsmen. EUGENE LEONARD-B.S., California State Col- lege -Industrial Arts. WILLIAM MCINTURF-B.S. in Ed., Ohio Univer- sity -Drafting, Metal Working. .--.. e 2 1 4 :ir I,-l 1. . 25 MUSIC . . . "Let there be music." MICHAEL PISTOLESI-B.S., Western Reserve- ' 1' ' Ei: Orchestra. , 2 ' ' n ' I RONALD A. ROHLAND-B.S., Indiana University " I . , , ' fi of Pennsylvaniag M. Ed., Indiana University of 4 X " f ' Pennsylvania-Band. f X Alf f -V , Q .fi THEODORE YOUNG-B.S. in Music Education, 'Q "' 5' i P L B gl' i Ik " . Indiana University cf Pennsylvaniag M. Ed., West- A - 5, ' ' ff. s minster College-Choir. . ' T' v it g.,,' W Y A , l A X- W A, . . , J ' lx 1' l ' :Q QQ -4 ' . A " ' i i 'T' EX li fl5.iK' " Tune up, Practice makes perfect. . GYM AND HEALTH ff Z One, two, three, four!" Grin and bear it. 'wg-Ev-' E' .F ROBERT BALLOCK-B.S. in Physical Education, University of Pittsburgh-Physical Education. MARY JANE MINETTI-B.S., Slippery Rock State College-Physical Education. RICHARD J. YAUGEReB.S., Slippery Rock State College-Health, Driver Education. ISABELLE SMITH-R.N., Oil City Hospitalg B.S., Edinboro State College-School Nurse. Wheel 27 AROUND THE SCHOOL . i I f 1 J If f , n 'L O ' ' x - fy ' . ' "EN , , e Q . , 'f ' - - ' ff ' ' . 'N fbi-on 'H Front Row: Thelma Sterling, Mary Ferguson, Marie Stuver, Betty Kosanovich, FlYiHB Submflfines- Lucille Cook, Arlene Bubeck. Second Row: Catherine Marshall, Thelma Fisher, Dorothy Feather, Carol Spargo, Donna Fisher. A YA R- L Up, up and away, Mr. Volpe. The lineup. Enjoying every minute of it. ff' 'if wax? 'gf ! NAILING, DOWN INTERESTS 29 A STEP AHEAD . f'f"?. I 'l I STUDENT COUNCIL-President, Steve Moyer L urer, Nancy Tuttleg Adviser, Miss Mowry. 4 L STUDENT COUNCIL-Voice of G.H.S .... Assemble and distribute handbooks and school calendars . . . Horticulture experts . . . Twenty members strong . . . Our student representatives for school unity and government. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Eligibility is based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service . . . Impressive initiation . . . In charge of honors display case . . . High goals . . . Members assist guidance department . . . Extended range of activities. A g Q NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Presi- dent, Keith Sibleyg Vice President, Bob Northrop, Secretary, Kathy Dixon, Trea- surer, Sue Barr, Adviser, Mr. Spcigle. l I Vice President, Kathy Moynihang Secretary-Treas- . . . HEADLINES AND DEADLINES TROIAN-Editor-in-Chief, Sue Barrg Business Manager, Sam Salking Class Editor, Debby Morrison, Literary Editor, Lisa Szugyeg Sports Editor, Rick Travis, Photography Editor, Ellen Mechenbierg Adviser, Miss Mowry. TROIAN-Staff composed of six . . . Individual responsibilities . . . A year's hard work . . . Rewarded by distribution of seven hundred and seventy yearbooks-a record . . . "Haven't you finished those captions yet?" TROY TIMES-Back in production after a semester's lapse . . . New format . . . Keeps student body informed . . . Meet that deadline . . . Filling a need. , TROY TIMES-Co-Editors, Judy Bly and Wendy Wilsong Business Manager, Phyllis Urdag Adviser, Miss Chestley. Alf! ,-Q--, 1 I , 31 BOOKS AND BRUSHES . LIBRARY CLUB-President, Debbie Adkinsg Vice President, Vicki Millerg Secretary-Treasurer, Linda Kellerg Adviser, Mr. Fagley. LIBRARY CLUB-Purpose-to aid in the maintenance and upkeep of the library . . Check out books . . . Look up reference materials . . . "Your library pass, please" . . Large membership. ART CLUB-Promotes creativity, imagination, and self-expression . . . Members visit museums and other places of artistic interest . . . Co-sponsors Homecoming dance . . . Decorates school for the holidays . . . Participates in the annual G.H.S. art show. ART CLUB-President, Pam Rogersg Vice President, Leslie McMinng Secretary, Debbie Daleg Treasurer, Lee Hineyg Advisers, Mr. Paris, Mrs. Skellie. 'T' 32 . LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION 1- JI PROJECTIONISTS-Adviser, Mr. Fagley. STAGE CREW-Adviser, Mr. Leonard. - PROJECTIONISTS AND STAGE CREW-Handymen behind the scenes at assemblies . . . Projectionists operate and maintain audio-visual equipment . . . Stage Crew assists with lighting, curtains, and stage settings. THESPIANS-President, Jerry Brenne- mang Vice President, Robert Northropg Secretary, Linda Millerg Treasurer, Sam Salking Records Clerk, Dick Cullen. NATIONAL THESPIANS-Newly formed . . . Granted a charter by National Thespian Society . . . Interest in dramatic art . . . Attend plays and visit theaters . . . present one- act plays . . . Future actors and actresses . . . "All the worldis a stage." Y'S... SENIOR TRI-HI-Y-President, Debby Morrison, Vice President, Jane Caswell, Secretary, Sue Brown, Treasurer, Judy Cookg Chaplain, Diann Cozadg Adviser, Mrs. Wehner. TRI-HI-Y-Service club open to any interested girl . . . Combining worthwhile projects with fun . . . Officers attend summer training program at Grove City College . . . Regular meetings feature guest speakers, panel discussions-refreshments, too . . . Raise money to support World Service for underprivileged children . . . Assist in community and school o affairs . . . Seniors prepared food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving . . . Had guest speaker on understanding local government . . . Made stuffed animals as Christmas project . . . Decorated the school Christmas tree . . . Held coat checks at basketball and wrestling events . . . Juniors made favors for the children in the hospital at Halloween . . . Went carolling at Christmas . . . Sophomores held Yule party . . .Planned box social . . . Freshmen sponsored sock hop after basketball game . . . Sent tissue roses to local shut- ins . . . "To create, maintain, and extend throughout home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." Interior decorators. TOYS f01' fors- 34 Y' K 1 L. Wef ei A I Q4 . W - -H, be ig. E. r . 1 ? Wig fi ,9- V jg. is 'gl-I f Q, ' ag ai' 4' . 6-v A , 2 ,Y V ' A , ,L ,,. 46 E' S, ff C l Y ii 3"Cf1P 5248611 ,,- 4- 314. Q 'r :fu . w X, 2.9 Wil ' if 151 55? .'f 3' if Q5 'Z "' 7' -Y 1 ,E fi M U w M2 Hx", QM' ff' -ff V' f 4 fi. fig gf f'M'Qi Q 2555 ' ' :W -1 7 H. .x - QP" 'V N, mgg 9 Q- .- - 1 in ""' Q , v Q Q , gy - lt' Q 3 I, ., f :rw H f4"4 -' A' ' '7 QL. 'wi 'fs' 'Qi-'49 m"7' 5" 33' 4 -- 'V . - 1 v ' Rf. "X . I!! -l- U tx .. kr! .a 1 fn git 2, I i 4 if , . T -6 2 '15 aff W 51 we .ffj 'NX x .N-Hi . -.. ' ' f.,'. . lm V.. I N! Y ' , 4 . - L- '. ., 'L,-,'-1 : , x PEOPLE WITH POTENTIAL . . . ton, Secretary, Bonnie Robinsong Treasurer, Fran McDowe1lg Historian, Lisa Szugyeg Advisers, Miss Gutowski, Mr. Marantis. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-President, Ellen Mechenbierg Vice President, Dorothy Framp- FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Present Golden Apple Award at open house . . . Officers go to Harrisburg for convention . . . Balloons for Homecoming . . . Pancake breakfast for teachers . . . Members visit surrounding colleges. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-Provides the know-how for becoming a good homemaker . . . Pins and needles . . . Mother-Daughter Tea . . . Christmas party . . . To lengthen or to shorten-that is the question. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-President, Becky Rossg Vice President, Paulette McGrath, Secretary, Carole Langiottig Treasurer, Carol Perrottig Advisers, Mrs. Kidd, Mrs. Pisani. v . PEPPY POTS AND PAWNS iioffJrSsc.M llWuMnl'fWk A PPT- N I . ,.,,,-'fc' PEP CLUB-President, Marilyn Rutkaig Vice President, Nancy Bestg Secretary-Treasurer, Vickie Lysekg Adviser, Miss Minetti. PEP CLUB-Open to everyone in promoting school spirit . . . Help cheer at all games . . . "Have ya got the spirit?" "Yeah, man!" . . . Make the signs and posters for all athletic events. CHEFS CLUB-Enjoy cooking because they enjoy eating . . . Prepare a special dinner for their mothers . . . Plan meals . . . Exchange recipes. CHESS CLUB-Matches played every Monday after school . . . Intense mental combat . . . "Checkmate" . . . Up two and over one . . . Semester champions. CHESS CLUB-President, Bob Bovardg Vice President, Jim Cl-IEFS CLUB-President, Robert Browng Vice President, Gary Williamsg Hodgeg Secretary-Treasurer, Marjie Hodgeg Advisers, Mr. Secretary, Tom Spargog Treasurer, Paul Donatog Adviser, Mrs. Pisani. Bumbem, Mr, Jordan, l' ' Q FOREIGN FLUENCY . FRENCH CLUB-President, Paula Spargog Vice President, Charlotte Zuschlagg Secretary, Nancy Bestg Treasurer, Tom Spargog Adviser, Mr. Jacobson. FRENCH CLUB-Le Cercle Francais . . . Members have studied French for at least one year . . . Meetings enhance students' appreciation of the French language and culture . . . Annual picnic at Riverside Park in May. SPANISH CLUB-President, Kathy Dixong Hodgeg Adviser, Mr. Jordan. SPANISH CLUB-Active in student exchange program . . . Several students studied in Colombia during the summer . . . Mexican m polls . . . Sponsored bowling league. Vice President, Pat Bradleyg Secretary-Treasurer, Marjie I....I...J H r ovies . . . Tobogganing party . . . Conducted S E, - ' : . l . UP TO DATE - -f"""r " - ini--- ,, , rr i YQ' wf.f sbai BUSINESS CLUB-President, Sandy Bortzg Vice President, Linda Stubertg Secretary-Treasurer, Judy . Lorcnog Adviser, Miss Chestley. BUSINESS CLUB-Members must be taking at least two business subjects . , . Sold candles and pens . . . Visited business school . . . Sixty words a minute . . . Skiing, a diversion. CURRENT AFFAIRS CLUB-Involvement is the key to membership . . . Mock election . . . Discussions center around problems of contemporaiy society . . . Issues of conscience. CURRENT AFFAIRS CLUB-President, Sam Salking Vice President, Keith Sib- leyg Secretary, Dot Framptong Adviser, Mr. Behncr. S Q L A fl FOCUS ON LIFE . I BIOS CLUB-President, Scott Woodsg X Vice President, Beth Crowtherg Secre- tary-Treasurer, Judy Blyg Advisers, Mr. DeFrance, Miss Zonarich. BIOS CLUB-An avid interest in biology . . . Seymour, their quail, healthy and spoiled . . . Visiting a bog . . . Worms and germs . . . Interesting field trips. FUTURE NURSES CLUB-Members, interests lie in the field of nursing . . . Co-sponsor Homecoming Dance . . . Tour local hospital . . . Guest speakers include nurses and doc- tors. FUTURE NURSES CLUB-President, Linda Eshbaughg Vice President, Rebecca Rossg Secretary, Sue Swickardg Treasurer, Beverly Grecng Adviser, Mrs. Smith. In lu umm: xl W- I . WOODSMEN VA: INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-President, Tom Goss, Vice President, Jerry Brenne mang Secretary-Treasurer, Cindy Duellg Publicity Chairman, Jay Chaseg Advisers, Mr. Fellnagle, Mr. Mclnturf. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-Made gift pen and pencil sets for evaluation committee . . . French curves and T-squares . . . Book shelves and gun racks . . . Blueprints . . Sponsored a sock hop. SPORTSMEN'S CLUB-A current hunting license is a major requirement . . . Activities include loading of shells, fishing trips and picnics . . . Hunting contest . . . Good sports- manship and knowledge in the fields of hunting and fishing. SPORTSMEN'S CLUB-President, Jim Loveskyg Vice President, Jim Wathang Secretary, Jim Koreng Treasurer, J im Curting Advisers, Mr. Gill, Mr. McEll1inny. VOICES RAISED IN SONG . . . I I 4 iq- ph 1 . gszzuimz ...m..:.s. r. - - ii..-5 an-ni V' '-iegwav-isuaiv-F ' CHOIR-President, Dan Solbergg Vice President, Janet Callahang Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Callahang Librarian, Peggy Mechenbierg Director, Mr. Young. CHOIReMusic from a wide range . . . Group contains many small ensembles . . . Sent five to District Chorus . . . "Let's have a little more bassl' . . . Presents assemblies at holi- day seasons . . . Spring Concert is the highlight of the year. Barbershop quartet plus one. Double quartet. I li! I 'li -A :W Do, re, mi! , THE GREENVILLE SlNGERSfJanet Callahan, Joanne Friest, Diann Cozad, Nora Meacham, Deb- bie Smith, Janet Wackenhut, Eve Diehl, Denise Scott, Jim Williams, John Robinson, John Hamil- ton, Dan Solberg, Paul Boehm, Jim Callahan. . . . MUSIC FILLS THE AIR ski lbzw 18 ' -If LDV' if we Y Mr. Young develops the vocal talents of the freshmen. ORCHESTRA-Music in the classical vein . . . Performs at various assemblies. . . Strings and syncopation . . . Presents annual spring concert with the choir . . . Largest group ever. ORCHESTRA-Director, Mr. Pistolesi. PERFORMERS OF NOTE . . . BLUE BAND-President, Keith Sibleyg Vice President, Charles Redzinakg Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Wackenhutg Librarians, Cindy Green, Linda Eshbaughg Director, Mr. Rohland. BAND-Divided into the "Blue" and "Gold" . . . Practices to attain perfection . . . The clashing of cymbals and the rolling of drums . . . Arrayed in splendor on the football field . . . Marching in line . . . Adds spark to pep assemblies . . . Performs at various concerts . . . Led in parades by Drum Major Patty Dart . . . Attend Band Day at Kent State . . . District Band brings an influx of talented musi- clans. THE GOLD BAND-Director, Mr. Rohland. Q 44 WITH PRECISION PLUS Majorette alternate, Sandy Bortzg MAJORETTES-Captain-Mary Martha Moore, Cathy Calior, Carol Mae Benson, Cathy Harry, Ellen Adviser, Miss Canon. Cheuka, Sue Fisher, Sue Brown, Connie Reinhart. MAJORETTES-Lead the band . . . Marching in step . . . Coordination and agility . . . Pom-pons and batons . . . Present intricate routines at games . . . Usher at band con- CB1'tS. Time out. Ready for half-time. , I ,z I,f 3 ! 5 I Pre-game show. "Hey, Look Me Over." ' - ,jmn . ...Nw-ree: R115 , .. ,r,,,,.- 1-u'-1.1-1Bf"L J 5 K F I M If N-4, ,D fi: "mf::,xK 'itikfid ,jiw s E1 1 ., 'Z S fA'J'v as N f-I'g'M2Sq4YiQxi!n5lKQ?31yWxLQA ,fl If .Y X WP' -v'v"'w-Ay,,w a :2, ,De-,-W-'--f f' ,ff ,im ga . ' ' Q 1 ,rw f+ , Fw' X f ,f,,.rQ': if 'lutsbflf ' v 1l"xALJNN2jQa ,Q vw gm " .J :f -X -1 ' 1' 1,-f,4-if fb .. -i ff' Q I .mx Ni '. X U t L' isa' - ,fx J - H-Nig'-?"' E U 4 I X I' fx K . ' fj:Qgzf4m ,5 , ju'n: 'QQ1 V wt. fin g- ,Q 'Q t X xx-:EEA Yffkg-gf,. K " fl' V1.5 . , x - Y-QI VT W' V , fffsm' W 3 1 V iii ff! e il MA - W ,4 , 1.w 1 ' K. W -ll? i 'YT15'H"'XAk:3 1 5572 + 3 V will X uf ffm IXXMXVWI .QL :C 4 'if V I, -V I ,LQ V M. W X? . , Ishii? f,:5.5,?,.,,?r!? W Y y pf' g A 115. .345 - . Fc ' .7 Ffh' Pm' " ,- , 1 .3 is fi, I , . , . pn ,5 I ,-. 0 " 4- , . , IN X , ,vi-'.' 0 p .l' Y. ' ,h NF f of ' 7, 4,-ff' 1. . J 1-, ,-P' '-. I fu: ""' '. I lk, 4 .-I.A il' ,A r f VL, A,,, as V ' ' 1521 . ,, . 'I -vs ,' of 'J' QI: s 'J +42 -- -' ' fda N . . X. r w nf , ff?-f? Qf".- , ug, 1.4: u 1 '. .. 'V - I 4 .-fn inf! , H J Z, N:-ff1.l".i ' A . . " J' -1 mi ,ap-4 ,. f 5 ' ,wi-,gy . J :iss 5 Z- -4 , '. ', , 'V A. ' , , f akw 1 . W M., --' , - -' 1. :L-:z ' Q" f 4947 -1 l Front Row: Bob Northrop, Pete Sowash, Mike Kosnac, Dale Nichols, Jim Wathan, Alcx McCurdy, Jim Lovesky, Tom Ryan, Doug Klenovich. Second R0w.' Jerry Brenneman, Denny Berry, John Young, Jim McElree, Steve Moyer, Clarence Coonfield, Bill Madura, Rod Mayer, Emery Barnett. Third Row: Bill Achenbach, Ed Garbarino, Gary Williams, Ed Dawes, Bob Dunworth, Gary Hender- son, Harry Beil, Jim Barker, Dave Rickert. Fourth Row: Rick Rembold, Bob Kovac, Art Hoffman, Jim Gibson, John Koren, Tom Goss, George Krepp, John Stegkamper, Jim Hawk. Fifth Row.' Mark Leasure, Tom Walker, Roy Tanney, John Lopochonsky, Kim Williams, Jim Miller, Jim Koren, Glen Riley, David Welton, Steve Galus, Dale Seger. Our coaches Mr Snyder and Mr Ballock FOOTBALL RECORD GHS OPP. 20 Meadville 12 13 Hickory 6 36 Sharpsville 6 9 Farrell 0 6 Oil City 0 33 Strong Vincent 0 19 Grove City 6 45 Cambridge Springs 0 20 Reynolds 0 'dx MII ' A x ! N, -' -NX mf' M Q -A eff -Q A, Vff is 6 I , ., ' , 1 'K Ti"-N ' x'.g,v,N X , W ' .L Q-4: 4, ' Q- 9 f nj C .X 4 , L. .'- 4 5 Q H' R '2 L' Q .4 r' 5' no. . - : -fl A y ' ' 4 4. - H.-. - " 5 . x , ff, - . Q lx 'LI:'7Ql XQLQ ' 'ldlupfs .gnu AJ' '.'- 1 -,'.5?' 't. "?Yi'. A R Q A - .ig HJ- .7 , ,gg Q7..,,1sQxv 1., N ' -ff-fa i Aw.. Ag, . 4' M U ,Q ,- .' ,. 'Qt . ' .- , -na! ,V-5: 'Vi f 7 v . , - , , At -.A L-, W 1 J 4,25 .dir i' 5f'+31.w -2 3?.'IS2t'F32- .fn -139 ,I i.. YH Z 5 - ."' I+ . A - Q ' O ,fl lx . 'I fx , f b: TJ : 1- K v '- 3-Q :, S" 'I fl ws' Wi' Hg Vi' ,ia ul f '1'fln"'vflxl!5'fg?fuvlx4'1' A ' ll' -1 I' .BJL 7 -1 ,,.-- -,Q -.y .X P Min: 46, , . . in 'H .- pw .41 I" -. .nl Touchdown! Steve Moyer The offense started like a rocket and soared through the entire season. Pete Sowash and Jim Lovesky led in the scoring and rushing departments. Sowash made 147 attempts for an average run of 5.4 yards and a total point count of 75. Lovesky broke away 125 times with an average length of 4.8 yards and scored 46 points. Harry Beil led in passing with 17 completions out of 38 attempts. Jim Lovesky took over the receiving end with 10 catches. Team totals were 20 completions for 44 attempts and a total length of 266 yards. Returning the kicks were Steve Moyer and Kim Williamsg Moyer with 12 returns for 175 yards and Williams with 9 catches for 139 yards. In all, the Trojans made 111 first downs and a total gain of 2206 yards for 201 points. Jim Lovesky Ed Garbarino Mike Kosnac 4 Dale Nichols May the better helmet win! Doug Klenovich 51 13 2, 40 ' , 44-'L ' 303 'f 0 gr K-,Q,1:,Du-By fi' 1 5 I 1, 1 J' n 'guy . ' -Q f - LX. 1 f Sf' 1, N N I' HN ml' 3 ni Qi fl. N I K Nw I KA gy. , ' 'Q ,il '. 1 , . .4 , ' N "" 5 , 1 -Sana 'f YT ' Y E 5 1 ' .Y., I I .a X 1 ,Q ' Q rf , , ' 4? ' ' 3- ' Q 4' - ' 5 ff '747"f,k J , , "lf " if V J :" r -'5f'.A s P, . , , ,. as I nf I ,, ' I t . r qi -J r :I '- I I A J is , H ' - Q, ' D .cv I Q i ,KX Q' , 'Xl , jim", K , 1: !14v..h4.'. -V' 11. ' . ,, 1,-'Qff ' 7 , ,Liga . , ev'-1 1 , 13529: rig fr' .:Q,."C"T"':-:A Q ."K 4515? I-bf' Q . l"l'A'4 Q -,lfbi " 77,1 tx:- g-rf ' - '-5 :P - ... ,n gn.: . -1 ,-.,- -. 1 .,,,'--. rv . , ,,- an, , cw. L ,My-r -r V., 1, L-w '-1 4... 5-.,5,H,Q A-lr"'g , , Iv .lv-. m4v.'p.-., ,.:,,,J, : . -v .f . , L , hi' ,.,.. 1541.12 Af -ff .T Sf. ff'- af .1" " " ' an ' 211' .1 was -v A. 5 "ffl .-2, ,, - J rm McELree John Young Clarence Coonfield Jerry Benneman The defensive team garnered a record this season as impressive as that of the score-makers. The 1967 defense let only five touchdowns be completed by their competitors, giving them a mere 30 points. Five times they held the opposing team scoreless, and only once did any team score more than once on Greenville. That team was Meadville, which struck pay-dirt twice over the Trojans, Altogether the opposing teams gained only 56 first downs during the season, just one more than half the Trojan total. The solid line of defense prevented the completion of 81 passes out of 125 attemptsg 22 of these were recovered by Green- ville. Behind this unique season is an impressive backlog of vic- tories by Snydermen since 1937. Mr. Snyder's average since the advent of his coaching career has been six wins per season, the highest average for any high school team in the state. Seven times since 1940 his teams have recorded 8:1 seasons. It is this garnering of victories that has climaxed in a perfect season for the 1967 Trojans. QW? nf It ... 4 Q ..- -N i T ...M Q?-1-sus. 4 0 1 ilk. Our coaches, Mr. Fagley and Mr. Kiser. RECORD GHS OPP. 72 Lakeview 52 72 Saegertown 55 72 Lakeview 48 72 Conneaut Lake 61 62 Saegertown 49 60 Conneaut Lake 62 58 Franklin 53 60 Grove City 63 50 Hickory 73 40 Reynolds 52 43 Sharpsville 54 60 Slippery Rock 52 70 West Middlesex 75 84 Mercer 55 67 Grove City 47 62 Hickory 74 58 Reynolds 74 52 Sharpsville 57 86 Slippery Rock 60 52 West Middlesex 68 BASKETBALL Fkont Row: Greg Fuller, Steve Moyer, Dave Rickert, Bruce McKay, Jim Barker. Second Row: Coach Fagley, Tom Ryan, John Stegkamper, Dave Lewis, Harry Beil, Rod Mayer, Mark Adams, Rick Zimmerman, Manager Tom Walker. Q- vu I ,, . 5 K H I U ' Y" .ug , ., . Q-. 9 ufdwtk V L .N W. 51 ti Wi- . '24 NX! s, , . ?m 7f"x: ap NN Iii Q 175 3' .N-fl ' .4 X ff' ' ef r Y.... 1... u 1 , .1 ,f , rr, . , , '- l 1 , ., 1. Q -Elf Q, 2. J v ,A .Til .lg 1? ' fc! B ,il -.11 - ,114 . xx 4 ,, y 1 '1 lx Kb--4 if, fx ff K 1,2-:.-2 QS AL 5 . if A551 , 'w S JSUEQ.: in Xs gi K i ' 'M , YE ,FA ij! I l 1 'A 'S' Front Row: Bruce J ohnson, Paul Donato, Wally Melvin, Jeff Raub, Kim Williams, Jim Henry. Second Row: Duane Dixon, Dean Stockner, John Stevenson, Bill Madura, Doug Klenovich, Denny Berry. Our coaches, Mr. Clelland and Mr. Simon. GHS 32 36 23 9 30 27 25 41 33 35 20 27 24 39 WRESTLING RECORD Jamestown Sharpsville Franklin Canon-McMillan Beaver Local Conneaut Lake Grove City West Middlesex Commodore Perry Lakeview Reynolds Oil City Meadville Hickory OPP 9 4 21 36 15 13 23 5 16 11 21 17 12 6 573 Front Row: Fred Bonci, Dave Perrotti, Bob Baker, Brian Raub, Jim Lopochonsky, Greg Wilson, Kerry Ewing, Dave Fisher, Keith Richardson. Second Row: John Welch, Mark Scott, Mike Sowash, John Porter, George Wasser, Dan Giardina, Doug Loutzenhiser, John DiGiandomenico. Third Row: Coach Simon, Mike Hovis, Pete Calenda, Bill Mitchell, Dick Wade, John Lewis, Song Su Kim, Robin Rembold, Davc Couch, Manager Steve Bortz, Manager Jim Hawk, Coach Clelland. Victory at the Christmas Tournament. The tension m0UHfS, Fred BOI'lCi Jeff Raub Jeff puts the champ on his back. I.. . X 5. E I Paul Donato Paul goes for a reversal. Dean Stockner ON THE MAT Sending to the mats a team with many new faces, Coaches Clelland and Simon directed the Greenville grapplers to an enviable 12-2 season. Eight returning lettermen-Paul Donato, Jeff Raub, Dean Stockner, John Steven- son, Bill Madura, Doug Klenovich, Wally Melvin, and Jim Henry-formed the backbone of the winning team. A group of promising novices filled in the empty slots to round out the squad. Altogether, the Trojan matmen scored 401 team points while losing only 216 to their opponents. Pins numbered thirty with John Stevenson and Doug Klenovich taking half of themg John felled eight opponents and Doug, seven. Top scorer for the season was Stevenson who went unde- feated and untied. Following close behind was Klenovich with a 13-1 . Lo ,,. 1 X Dean hits the switch. Denny Berry 1 X I 1 4 Bill Madura Tie-up. record to his credit. In the annual Christmas Tournament, the Greenville wrestlers proved their worth by copping six of the twelve weight classes and winning the tourney with 94 points. In the win spots were Bruce Johnson, Jeff Raub, Jim Henry, Dean Stockner, John Stevenson, and Doug Klenovich. After finishing their regular season, the Trojan wrestlers entered the Sec- tion III tournament at Mercer. Seven of our grapplers won in the Section preliminaries and five of them-Jim Henry, Dean Stockner, John Steven- son, Bill Madura, and Doug Klenovich-advanced to the District competi- tion. Come on Opre, you can do it!" Front Row.' Ed Thompson, John Aiken, Tom Spargo, Tom Williams, Kim Williams, Jeff Raub, Tom Goss, Dan Mechenbier, Bob Northrop, John Miller, Dick Greenfield. Second Row.' Head Coach Ballock, George Krepps, Dick Wade, Lane D'Amore, Bob Wade, Jim Curtin, Charlie Gill, Gerald Wal- ton, Art Hoffman, Gary Williams, Steve Moyer, Assistant Coach Fagley. Third Row.' Ray Tanney, Dave Whyte, Dave Pelc, Jesse Szugye, Jim Bubeck, Glenn Riley, Mike Buchanan, Duane Dixon, Dale Mowry, Ed Cooper. Fourth Row.' Barry I-lodge, Wally Melvin, Jim Baskin, Jim Parker, Bob Reinhart, Steve Blahut, Bill Egbert, Gary Thompson, Dale Seger, Jim Henry. Fifth Row.' Mike Kelley, Gary Conover, John Stevenson, Richard Amy, Don Beilstein, John Hamilton, Rick Rembold, John Egbert, Jim Miller, Brian Brush, Ed Young. K Continuing to build the reputation of Greenville athletics, the thinclads, under the direction of Coach Ballock, turned in an impressive 7-2 record. Spearheaded by six senior le ttermen at the county track meet, the squad from GHS placed second. A third- place victory at the District X meet demonstrated their skill in tense competition. To close the season, John Aiken brought back honors to Greenville-our first state title. I'll race you to the corner." "Catch us if you can!" On your mark! .5 a, , 4 i .. pk. . V , '.,-"V" .-- ..-' ' ' ' A i HL PU!O'll'1' Footing it. v-me-W r J. Tom trots in. Gary clears thc bar Brmg back my dzscus to me GHS 99 1252 61 51 96Vz 89M 79 875 79 RECORD West Middlesex Lakeview Franklin Farrell George Junior Rocky Grove Grove City Reynolds Hickory OPP. 42 2492 89 99 5395 602: 71 622 71 Coach Mclnturf, Gordon Loveless, Bruce McKay, Alex McCurdy, Dale Nichols, Paul Arnold, Harry Beil, Denny Young, Roger Read, Jim McE1ree, Steve Seeley, Gary Henderson, Gary Swartzbeck. GOLF The Trojan golfers, with the silent backing of the school, brought home a 7-5 record from the links. Under the direction of Mr. Mclnturf and led by Steve Seeley, Alex McCurdy, and Harry Beil, the linksmen copped a total of one hundred seven team points from their opponents while losing only seventy points. Here's how its done. The big tive! RECORD GHS OPP. 195 New Castle 1492 14 West Middlesex 1 12Vz West Middlesex ZH 1199 Slippery Rock 35 1192 Conneaut Lake 99 65 Sharpsville 899 49'z Hickory 1095 1OVz Sharpsville 492 11 Slippery Rock 4 7 Grove City 8 2 Grove City 13 l4Vz Conneaut Lake Va 64 pe it m-:mi 45 . ,Q '41, l i l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Judy Cook, Captain Nancy Tuttle, Cindy Dart, Barb Sweet, Beth Crowther, Joyce Noll. ..Who,S gonna Win tonight? CHEERLEADERS Twelve peppy girls . . . Proudly wear blue and gold . . .Trademarks are dedication and energy . . . Present original skits at pep assemblies . . . Practice, practice, practice . . . Keep Scrapbooks for coaches . . . Organize Pep Club . . . Spark school spirit . . . "Yea, team, smear 'em!" JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Judy Unger, Lisa Callahan, Diane Dixon, ALTERNATES1Marjie Hodgeyjanet Cal- Captain NHDCY Rickert, Karen MOHI, Kathy RWD- ' lahan, Colleen Junk, Darcy Lauffer. 3 lllgll .-- ., .4 'i V si 1 ' " ATHLETIC ABILITY . . . VARSITY "G"-President, Steve Moyer, Vice President, Paul Donatog Secretary-Treasurer, Jeff Raubg Advisers, Mr. Ballock, Mr. Clelland, Mr. Fagley. VARSITY "G" CLUB-A letter earned in any one of the varsity sports qualifies an athlete for membership . . . Sell programs for basketball and football games . . . Co- sponsor King and Queen of Sports Dance . . . Donate surplus in treasury to some worth- while organization . . . Trip to King's Table for a smorgasbord-highlight of the year. G.A.A. LEADERS CLUB-Promotes sportsmanship and maintains an interest in athletics among girls . . . Members assist in physical education classes and in intramurals . . . Co- sponsor King and Queen of Sports Dance . . . Enjoy going horseback riding and water skiing. LEADERS CLUB-President, Janet Callahang Vice President, Ellen Mechenbierg Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Tuttleg Points Manager, Barbara Bakerg Adviser, Miss Minetti. Q6 ee ff-.,'? , , xl'. .N , T V P E .N Y, in V in ' .V In H, r . n AE. 44 'X V rv ' E :Fir J 1: 1 5. N .1 'I . ix-an X ,gfj whvffl f' . 'fkvffzgx ,571 23351 In gf. iv a' T"5 ' YV. -.f fr-f fvQ ',.1-J .N m-' ff? sw fi' '- .,-4-glff mj KTA, i n 4 V .-g r 1 wwf" 'J T- -L gif .21 ' pal?-'HL , q Q . , " 1 1 lu' " H . qv 'V L -1 ' U 5 '-f-:' i- .Q 'A X A f N 'W-V - 5 xx 5 if , A hw? , ' 795 2, " ,.5,dsg3,:1:. .N f'-ixgags if '-, "Inga HP 1 .' , fu' 'U Q5'1i" 1 I-LL 53.31. L, .' ff' , EI-' Q I '11 v: e' . 1' T. X A 1 I ' 2' THE CLASS OF '68 . JERRY DEAN BRENNEMAN "Y.A No one can surpass This leader of our class. Class President 4g Class Treasurer 3g Student Council 4g Industrial Arts Club 4, Vice Presidentg "Arsenic and Old Lace"g "Get Smart", Football 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 4g Drama Club 3,45 French Club 2,3g Senior Con- cessiong Prom Committee. 'lk 'iles- it CLARENCE COONFIELD "Bud" His serious manner oh so thin Is belied by his impish grin. Student Council 2,3,4g Football 2,3, 4g Varsity "G" 43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Class Vice President 45 "Get Smart", Prom Committee. DEBORAH ADKINS "Bertha" Humor is the essence Of her effervescense. Class Secretary 3,45 National Honor Society 3,49 Student Council 45 Sen- ior Concession Co-Chairmang Prom Aide 2g "Get Smart"g Choir 3,43 Girls Trio 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Pres- ident 3g Library Club 3,4, President 45 F.T.A. 49 Bios Club 3,4. 68 SHIRLEY J. CURTIN "Pearl" Her clothes so chic, Her personality-unique. Class Treasurer 4g Bios Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 3g Current Affairs Club 45 Library Club 3, Vice President, Drama Club 3,43 Senior Concession Co-Chairmang Usher 3,4g Prom Committeeg French Club 4. WILLIAM T. ACHENBACH "Abotch" MARK EDWARD ADAMS "Twiggy" Sports-minded is Bill: ln basketball his agility Football 's his skill. Shows off his natural ability. Football 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 4. Varsity "G" 3,45 Basketball 2,3,4g Senior Concession. ELAINE AIKEN "Elaine" Elaine likes to skateg On ice, she 's first rate. Spanish Club 25 F.T.A. 3: Tri-Hi- ROBBIE L. ALEXANDER "Flower Girl" Bright, vivacious is Robbie: Enjoying life is her hobby. Business Club 43 G.A.A. 2,3. 69 .BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS RONALD JAMES ADDISON "Ron" Ron is often very funny: Keeps classes gay and sunny. JAMES P. ALEXANDER "Jim" Just a bit shy, But a very nice guy. Track 2. v I . PAUL ARNOLD "Ziffe1" MARJORIE I. ARTMAN "Marge" l With a stroke, putt, and tee, A quality important to stress He leads the team to victory. Is her eternal cheerfulness. Band 2,33 "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Band 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary Golf 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 4g Industrial 3g Spanish Club 2,35 F.H.A. 4g Prom Arts Club 4. Committeeg Usher 3. ' UP THE LADDER STEPHEN W. BANIC "Jake" Steve shows his finesse Riding hondas, playing chess. Chess Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Senior Concession. REBECCA SUSAN BARR "Sue" She has a very unusual trait, The innate ability to create. Troian Editor-in-Chief5 Troy Times 2,3, Editor-in-Chief 35 National Hon- or Society 3,4, Treasurer 45 F.T.A. 2, 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 French Club 2, 3,45 Art Club 45 Band 25 Senior Concessiong Prom Committee. ELTON R. BARNETT "Elton" Always willing to lend a handy A steady meniber of the band. Band 2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,4gSpan- ish Club 4. GERALD F. AUGUSTINE "Chicken Hawk" HOWARD L. AXTELL "Lennie There 's no limitation To his knack for imitation. Sportsmen's Club 4. JOSEPH BAYUK "Joe" KATHLEEN SUE BEATTY "Kathy" I Joe's tall and slim To those she knows JIT M And follows his whim. Her humor shows. F.H.A. 45 Senior Concessiong Busi- ness Club 4. 70 Len 's never far From his guitar. Band 2. DIANE E. BARBER "Diane" Everyone harks To her droll remarks. Nurses Club 2,3,45 French Club 2,3 F.H.A. 4. EMERY BARNETT "Emery" In music, a talent,- In manners, so gallant. Football 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4 Choir 3,45 Varsity "G" 4. DENNIS A. BERRY "Eager" This eager wrestler, Denny, Has surely toppled many. ' Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Sen- ior Concessiong Varsity "G" 4. THOMAS LEE BILLIG "Albino" Always evokes a groan Telling jokes of his own. Football Manager 45 Intramural Sports 2,35 Originator of Rodney K. Wentling Wrestling Awardg Varsity HG!! 4- FRED BONCI "Fred" Not very loquacious But, in science, tenacious. Wrestling 3,45 French Club 45 Senior Concession. . .SOPHOMORE TO SENIOR STEPHEN A. BEDNAR "Crash" Easy-going Steve- Homework 's his pet peeve. Spanish Club 45 French Club 25 Sportsmen's Club 45 Senior Concess- iOI'l. K QM vii CAROL MAE BENSON "Benny" There 's no rival for this girl As her baton begins to twirl. Majorettes 2,3,4, Captain 35 F.T.A. 3,45 F.H.A. 45 French Club 35 Leaders Club 35 Class Play Committee 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Prom Committee. PATRICIA MAE BILLER "Peppy" A newcomer to G.HS.,' Pat abounds in cheerfulness. Transferred from Reynolds High School, Greenville, Pa. 4. RONALD G.BILLIG "Ron" A friendly guy is he, Polite as one can be. Spanish Club 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 4, Executive Councilg Prom Committee. DORSE A. BLACK "Dorse" Attractive is Dorse, And neat, of course. Transferred from Lakeview High School, Stoneboro, Pa. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Hall Monitors 3,45 Sailorettes 2,3,4, Secretary 45 F.B.L.A. 4, Vice Presidentg Gym Club 35 Business Club'4. SANDRA SUE BORTZ "Sandy" An athletic miss is Sandy: At gfmnastics she 's a dandy. Majorettes 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Class Play Committee 45 F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Business Club 4. 71 xgi MAKING THE RAFTERS RING . SUSAN ELAINE BROWN "Sue" Her movements lithe, Her spirit blithe. Majorettes 2,45 Homecoming Courtg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Prom Aid 25 Usher 35 F.T.A. 35 Prom Committeeg Pep Club 2,3,4, Vice President 35 Library Club 45 Class Play Committee 3,45 Senior Concess- ion. JOSEPH BURNS "Joe" His heart flutters When his car engine sputters. JANET K. CALLAHAN "Calhoun" Her lively cheering at a game Helps push our team to fame. Leaders Club 3,4, President 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Cheerlead- ers 3,45 Homecoming Court 45 Stu- dent Council 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 25 Spanish Club 2,3, Vice President 35 F.T.A. 45 Choir 2,3,4. JANECASWELL "Jane" Her complexion Is perfection. French Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 45 Drama Club 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 "Get Smart"5 Usher 45 Library Club 3,45 Prom Committeeg Senior Concession. 455 DENNY LIN CAYLOR "Denny" Doesn 't seem to have a care- Just a happy-go-lucky air. Stage Crew 45 Projectionists 45 Var- sity "G" 2,3,45 Sportsmen's Club 45 Track 2,35 Senior Concession5 Prom Committee5 "Arsenic and Old Lace." 72 KIM D. BRAZELTON "Bruiser" A likable guy is Kim: You can rely on him. Art Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Bios Club 3,45 Current Affairs Club 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Senior Con- cession5 Prom Committeeg Track 2. ROBERT JAMES BROWN "Brownie You cannot deny it, He 's really a riot. Football 2,35 French Club 35 "Get Smart"5 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Senior Concessiong Prom Committee. CHERYL BURNS "Cheryl" Her ideas- originalg Her status-individual. Transferred from Strong Vincent High School, Erie, Pa. 35 Art Club 3, 45 Senior Concession. STEVEN W. BUSH "Bushy" In mathematics, Steve High honors does achieve. Spanish Club 3,45 Chess Club 4. GARLAND CAMPBELL "Skip" - He 's at the top When it comes to shop. l JAMES DARRELL CHASE "Jay" He 's very well dressed And given to jest. Football 2,33 Industrial Arts Club 4, Business Managerg Senior Concession. GARY GRANT CONOVER "Gay" Not one to lurk Where there is work. Track 3,4. JUDITH DIANE COOK "Judy" Bouncing spirit, shining hair: Judy 's a girl beyond compare. Cheerleaders 2,43 F.T.A. 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treausrer 4g Spanish Club 2,3g Pep Club 2,3,4g Prom Committecg Usher 3,4g Scnior Concessiong G.A.A. 2,3,4g F.n.A. 4. JOHN CRAMER "Crum" John is a studious guy: His favorite query- "Why? " Art Club 3,44 Track 4g Chefs Club 4. l RALPH A. CLINGER "Ra1phie" I Ralph Clinger- f He 's a swinger. . .WITH CHEERS FOR THE TEAM J l li.- Q.,- JOHN CRISMAN "Stanley" A mechanical potential From brake to differential. 73 ANN MARIE CONSIGLIO "Ann" An attractive girl In the social whirl. F.H.A. 3,43 Pep Club 43 Senior Con- cession. DIANN LOIS COZAD 'iCoz" Her lovely voice- The students' choice. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 4g Choir 2,3, 4, District Chorus 3,4, Regional Chor- us 3,4, State Chorus 3, Double Quar- tet 3,45 "Bye Bye Birdie"g Band 2,45 Senior Concessiong French Club 2, Spanish Club 3. CAROL ANN CRAWFORD "Speedy' A helping hand, a gay smile- Carol is a friend worthwhile. Transferred from Conneaut Lake High School, Conneaut Lake, Pa. 3. RICHARD J . CULLEN "Dick" Good times abound Where Dick is found. Spanish Club 2,3g Bios Club 3,4g F.T.A. 3,45 "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Class Play Committee 35 Prom Com- mittee. CURIOSITY THE KEY . . . 355, PATRICIA A. DART "Patty" Finding Patty is easy indeed: She is always in the lead. Majorettes 2, Captaing Drum Major- ette 3,4g Ba.nd 35 Homecoming Courtg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g French Club 2,33 F .T. A. 4g F.H.A. 4g "Get Smartng Prom Aid 29 Usher 35 Prom Committee. THOMAS P. DAUGHERTY "Tom" Tom never wears a frown- Never lets friends down. Wrestling 2g Class Play Committee 4. CONNIE J. DEMALINE "Con" Independent and carefree- A sparkling personality. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,33 Prom Committeeg Pep Club 3,43 Sen- ior Concessiong Business Club 4. DEBORAH G. DALE "Deb" Sweet, kind and quite a tease, These are Debbie's qualities. Art Club 3,4, Secretary 45 F.T.A. 3g French Club 2,3,4g "Bye Bye Bi.rdie"g Choir 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Senior Concessiong Pep,Club 3,4. MICHAEL G. DALFONZO "Dell" On the radio he 's DeIl,' He knows electronics well. "Arsenic and Old Lace"g "Get Smart"g Senior Concessiong Projec- tionists 4g French Club 33 Current Affairs Club 43 Chess Club 4g Drama Club 3,43 Prom Committee. JAMES W. DAUGHERTY "Jim" Jim is well known For playing baritone. French Club 2,33 "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Band 2,3,43 Dance Band 2,3. EDWARD L. DAWES "Flash" Hardly a word From him is heard, Football 2,3,4g French Club 33 Sportsmen's Club 4. JOSEPH DIFEDE "Nose" Joe is one Who's full of fun. Industrial Arts Club 45 Football 25 Art Club 4g 'LArsenic and Old Lace"g Sportsmen's Club 4. ANTHONY DISALVO "Ants" Has an explanation For any complication. tl put' r v ' .JA A 'I ROBERT G. DUNWORTH "Dodie" For subtle humor, has a flair, Ana' always is quite debonair. National Honor Society 3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Varsity "G" 45 Bios Club 3,4g Troy Times 3g French Club 45 F.T.A. 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Doorman 3. APRIL R. FERGUSON "May" It 's undenuzble, She is reliable. Library Club 45 Choir 2,3,45 Orches- tra 25 "Bye Bye Birdie"5 Senior Con- cessiong Pep Club 2. DOROTHY A. FRAMPTON "Dot" Dot receives praise For her roles in plays. Leaders Club 3,4, Points Manager 35 F.T.A. 3,4, Vice President 4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 3g "Get Smart"g Drama Club 3,45 Bios Club 3: Current Affairs Club 4, Secretary-Treasurerg Spanish Club 2,35 Band 2. JOANNE K. FRIEST "Joanne" Gay and attractive- Etemally active. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 F.H.A. 4, F.T.A. 35 Choir 3,45 "Get Smart"5 Pep Club 3,45 Band 25 Senior Concession, Prom Committeeg Library Club 4. V 1 ,ff .hwy , u V . f Shirley is a lass 1 : al GREGORY J. FULLER "Greg" A very nice guy is he, - As serious as one can be. Spanish Club 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 45 Varsity "G" 45 Basketball Manager 35 Basketball 45 Senior Con- cession. 75 if SHIRLEY ANN DONAHUE "Shirl" V . Who enjoys homemaking class. F.H.A. 3,45 Pep Club 2. .TO EXCITING DISCOVERIES PAUL DONATO "Paul" Puts opponents on their backs When in wrestling he attacks. Varsity "G" 2,3,4, Vice President 45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Football 25 Senior Concession. LINDA P. ESHBAUGH "Linda" Studying is bliss For this lively miss. Band 2,3,4, Librarian 3,4, District Band 45 Nurses Club 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 3, President 45 F.H.A. 3,45 French Club 2,3,4g Prom Committeeg Class Play Committee 3,4. MARK E. FISHER "Marcus" Noted for his concentration On chemistry-his inspiration. National Honor Society '3,4g Track 2, 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Bios Club 3, 4, Vice President 3g Wrestling Man- ager 35 Wrestling 45 Varsity "G" 45 Current Affairs Club 45 Magazine Sale Co-Managerg Senior Concession. F. MICHAEL FREEMAN "Mike" He adds sparks With his funny remarks. Transferred from Divine Words Sem- inary, Girard, Ohio, 25 Track 2. MONDAY MORNING . . CHARLES D. GAUS "Smi1y" Is always heard But wastes not a word Basketball 2,3. MARK E. GILL "Gi1ligan" Mark is a very good sporty Always has an apt retort. Art Club 3g Senior Concession. LINDA MEGAN GODINICH "Lynn" Proficient in baking- All types of homernaking. Tri-Hi-Y 2g Nurses Club 3,43 F.H.A. 3,4 g Senior Concession. GREGORY LEE GRAU "Theodore" An engaging smile All the while. French Club 4g Bios Club 43 "Arsen- ic and Old Lace." . -j .Eggs In any situation Football 2. CYNTHIA LEE GREEN "Cym" Her laugh ter so gay Brigh tens an y. day. F.T.A. 2,3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4, Librarian 3,4g F.H.A. 4g Pep Club 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Class Play Committee 4. 76 CHARLES E. GALUS "Charlie" Deep in meditation. S. EDWARD GARBARINO "Garb" A sociable guy is Ed- Always uses his head. Football 2,3,4g Basketball 3,45 Span- ish Club 2g Senior Concession. DIANNE MARIE GEORGE "George' Ligh t-hearted is she- So gay and carefree. F.H.A. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Prom Committee. PAMELA GILLESPIE "Pam" Quality, a characteristic Of her talent-artistic. French Club 2,35 Art Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 35 Prom Committeeg Class Play Committee 49 Tri-Hi-Y 2g G.A.A. 2,3,4. SUSAN LYNN GOODLIN "Goodie" Cu te and good-natured is Sueg Optimistic, her point of view. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4g Bios Club 3,4g French Club 2,33 Usher 33 Sen- ior Concessiong Prom Committeeg Class Play Committee 3. We "I DONNA LEE GROOVER "Donna" NANCY M. GURSKY "Nance" Her charm shows through Her smile so bright Her eyes of blue. Is a true delight. Business Club 43 Band 2,3,4g Nurses F.H.A. 3,4g Prom Committee. Club 3g "Get Smart"g Senior Con- cession. DENNIS HAGGERTY "Den" Walks with an ambling gait- Never early, sometimes late. Graphic Arts 4. ALAN S. HECKMAN "Big Al" So nimble in the gym- . Athletics are for him. Wrestling 2,3. LEE HINEY "Herby" Polite and mature- A gentleman for sure. Art Club 3,4, Treasurer 4g Sports- men's Club 4. fllf ,big I . 'T '1 JAMES B. HODGE "Jim" Quiet but jiiendly is Jim,' Science is the field for him. Bios Club 43 Chess Club 4, Vice Presidentg Wrestling 23 French Club 4g Current Affairs Club 4. 77 -at FRIDAY NIGHT LARRY HALL "Larry" He shies from studies- Pre fers his buddies. PAULINE ANN HESS "Polly" For being pretty and petite, Polly Hess is hard to beat. Spanish Club 33 French Club 25 Pep Club 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Prom Committeeg "Get Smart"g Senior Concessiong Business Club 43 Class Play Committee 4. DAVID HINKIN "Hink" Dave 's talent as a magician Has brought him recognition. French Club 2,3,4g Art Club 3,45 Bios Club 3,45 "Bye Bye Birdie"g "Get Smart"g "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Drama Club 3,45 Stage Crew 2,3,4g Projectionists 3,43 Choir 2,3,4. DONALD L. HOFFMAN "Hoffie" If it has wheels, To Don, it appeals. CURRICULAR, EXTRACURRICULAR . LINDA L. JONES "Linda" In studies proficient With methods efficient National Honor Society 3,45 Nurses Club 2,3,4g Art Club 45 French Club 4g "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Pep Club 2. THOMAS JAY KITCH "Tom" Tom enjoys the feel Of a steering wheel. Prom Committeeg Senior Concession. DOUGLAS D. KLENOVICH "Opie" Athletically inclined is Doug: For sports he has a bug Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3,4g French Club 35 Sportsmen's Club 4. ERIC D. KNAUF "Eric" Unconcerned and so carefree,- A quiet guy he seems to be, Wrestling 2g Industrial Arts Club 4g Prom Committeeg Band 2. PATRICIA LEE JANOS "Pat" Her manner so steady, Her smile, always ready. Band 2,33 French Club 2,3g Pep Club 3,4g F.T.A. 3g Art Club 4g Business Club 4g Tri-Hi-Y 4g Senior Concessiong Class Play Committee 43 JOHN KORMOS "Magnum" When he hunts and fishes He fulfills his wishes. Transferred from Sharon High School, Sharon, Pa. 3. 78 Prom Committee. DAVID A. JONES "Jonesy" N0 one can deny it, He is very quiet. Wrestling 2. SONG OK KIM "Song OK" Her magnetic personality Radiates congeniality. Transferred from Dong Myung, Seoul, Korea, 43 Art Club 4. LINDA LEE KNAPP "Knapper" Full of bounce and pep: Never out of step. Band 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Nurses Club 2,3,4, "Get Sma.rt"g Bios Club 2,3,4g French Club 2,3,43 Current Affairs Club 4g Dance Band 3, 43 Pep Club 4g Senior Conoessiong Dra- ma Club 3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Usher 3. CAROLE J. LANGIOTTI "Carole" Tasks assigned to this one Are sure to be done. Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pep Club 3,43 F.H.A. 3, 4, Secretary 43 Library Club 43 Sen- ior Concesslong Class Play Committee 43 Business Club 4. DAVID A. LEWIS "Lewin On the basketball floor Dave really can score. Basketball 2,3,43 Track 2. LINDA ANN LINEMAN "Linda" She 's seldom in a hurry And isn 't one to worry. Transferred from Union High School, Rimersburg, Pa. 33 Majorette 2,3. . .DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM MICHAEL S. KOSNAC "Rudy" Opponents soon yield With Mike on the field. JUDITH ANN LOGAN "Judy" Very sincere- Nice to be near. F.l-I.A. 3,43 Nurses Club 2,3,43 Band 2,3,4, District Band 2,3,4, Regional Band 3, All-State Band 43 Class Play Committee 43 Dance Band 2,33 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,43 French Club 2,33 Usher 3. 79 Football 2,3,43 French Club 43 Var- sity "G" 43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Senior Concessiong Prom Committee. RANDALL LEE KOUGHER "Randy" So helpful is Randy: When needed, he 's handy. Stage Crew 43 Library Club 43 Choir 4. WILLIAM L. LARIMER "Green Streak With a tractor, his ambition Is to win in competition. Industrial Arts Club 43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Projectionists 33 Basketball 2, 3,43 Track 43 Class Play Committee 4g Prom Committee. LAWRENCE M. LESKOVAC "Lesley" Selfsufficient is Larry: After school he doesn 't tarry. Art Club 3,43 Industrial Arts Club 4g Prom Committee. DEBORAH J. LEWIS "Deb" Her humor bright Keeps things light. Pep Club 43 Tri-I-Ii-Y 4. FILLING THE HALLS OF LEARNING . JUDITH ANN LORENO . "Judy" A feature oh so rare- Her shining auburn hair. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g French Club 2,3g Li- brary Club 45 Pep Club 3,45 Prom Committeeg Class Play Committee 39 Senior Concessiong Business Club 45 G.A.A. 23 F.H.A. 4. JAMES E. LOVESKY "Slims" Effort on the football team Places Jim in high esteem. Football 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 3,4g Wrestling 2,39 Sportsmen's Club 4, Presidentg Senior Concession. WILLIAM E. MADURA "Bill" All opponents he defeats When in wrestling he competes. Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3,4g Var- sity "G" 3,45 Senior Concession. RODNEY L. MAYER "Oscar" Known by one and all- As sharp as he is tall. Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,45 Var- sity "G" 43 Sportsmen's Club 43 Senior Concession. '--. ' TTY ANN LONG "Betty" en there 's time to sit, e likes to knit. air 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Pep Club ,4g F.l-l.A. 4g Prom Committeeg iior Concessiong "Bye Bye Birdie." RONALD R. MCCARTNEY "Drag Boat" Ron 's happiest by far When driving his car. Sportsmen's Club 4. 80 DAVID LORENO "Dave" Hardly a word From him is heard. VICKI LYNN LOSACANO "Vicki" Reveals sophistication In her conversation. Band 2,3,4g Leaders Club 3,4g Bios Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 39 Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 23 French Club 2,3,4g Current Affairs Club 4g "Get Smart"g Pep Club 4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Orchestra 3,4g Nurses Club 3,4. JOHN JOSEPH LOVESKY "Scientist Chemicals and such Interest him so much. Football 2,3g Wrestling 2,34 French Club 33 Sportsmen's Club 4g "Arsenic and Old Lace"g Prom Committee. SUSAN LEE MAGARGEE "Sue" Her smile denture- A friend for sure. French Club 2,3,4g Spanish Club 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Choir 3,49 F.T.A. 3. CATHERINE McCONNELL "Cathie Small in size, With lovely eyes. Art Club 45 Senior Concession, Tri- Hi-Y 2,45 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 25 F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. 3,4. ALEXANDER S. MCCURDY "Alex" Football 's the game Where Alex wins fame. Football 2,3,45 Golf 2,3,45 Varsity "G" 3,45 Student Council 2,3,4, Vice President 35 "Get Smart"5 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 French Club 2,35 Senior Concessiong Prom Committee5 Sportsmen's 'Club 4. JAMES COOKE McELREE "B.J." Fast as a whip With a humorous quip. Transferred from Gilmour Academy, Gates Mills, Ohio 35 Football 3,45 Golf 3,45 Varsity "G" 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Senior Concessiong French Club 35 Sportsmen's Club 45 Prom Committee. BRUCE JAMES McKAY "Buck" Laughter he evokes With all of his jokes. Basketball 2,3,45 Golf 2,3,45 Varsity "G" 253,45 French Club 2,35 "Get Smart"5 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Senior Concessiong Prom Committee. SHARON L. MCCONNELL "Sharon" Sharon has a flair For arranging hair. F.H.A. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Senior Concession5 Art Club 45 Pep Club 3,45 Spanish Club 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Li- brary Club 3,4. F-5? - - ,IH T,?, f7, 15 b rg. YO' I CATHY LOU MCPHERSON "Cath" Her appearance shows Her fine taste in clothes. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice President 25 F.T. A. 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Current Affairs Club 45 "Get Smart"5 Bios Club 2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3545 Pep Club 45 Senior Concessiong Usher 35 Prom Committee. 81 .WITH CONTAGIOUS SPIRIT THOMAS W. MCDONALD "Tom" A perfect mix Of mischief and tricks. Art Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 45 French Club 45 Sportsmen's Club 45 Senior Concession. PAULETTE L. MCGRATH "Sam" The smile on her face Keeps her dimples in place. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 F.H.A. 3,4, Vice President 45 Business Club 45 Senior Concessiong G.A.A. 2,3. LESLIE ANN McMINN "Les" Her talent in art Sets her apart. National Honor Society 3,45 Art Club 3,4, Vice President 45 Troy Times 2,3, Feature Editor 35 "Get Smart"5 Class Play Committee 45 French Club 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Prom Committeeg Senior Concession. NORA LEE MEACHAM "Meace" All do admire Her voice in the choir. Drama Club 3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Class Play Committee 45 Senior Concessiong F.H.A. 45 "Bye Bye Birdie"5 Library Club 2,3,45 Double Quartet 3,4. READ! READ! READ! . .. LAURA ANN MILESEND "Mouse" Of kindness and cooperation She's a perfect illustration. Pep Club 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Choir 45 F.H.A. 45 French Club 35 Business Club 45 Nurses Club 4. LINDA ANN MILLER "Linda" Long brown tresses, Short mod dresses. Transferred from Corona del Mar High School, Newport Beach, Calif. 35 Student Council 25 Chorus 25 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Spanish Club 2. DEBORAH A. MORRISON "Idget" To be speczfc, She's just terrmc. Troian Class Editor5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Class Play Student Director 35 Class Play Committee 45 Troy Times 2,35 Current Affairs Club 45 Prom Committeeg Usher 35 Senior Concess- ion. DEBORAH R. MUTDOSCH "Debbie" Just loaded with vim- Outstanding in gym. F.H.A. 2,3,45 Spanish 35 Choir 2. ELLEN T. MECHENBIER "Ellie" Ellen fits the definition Of one deserving recognition. Troian Photography Editor5 National Honor Society 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4, Pres- ident 45 Leaders Club 3,4, Vice Pres- ident 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Library Club 3,45 Troy Times 2,35 Choir 45 Senior Concession. JANET NEUSTUPA "Janet" Happy in her way: She 'll help out any day. Library Club 45 Pep Club 45 French Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Business Club 45 Senior Concessiong F.H.A. 35 Class Play Committee 4. 82 NORMAN D. MELVIN "Mel" Everyone can hear it- His great school spirit. KATHY SUE MILLER "Kathy" Her manner-sweety Her appearance-neat. Band 2,3,4. JAMES MITCHELL "Hermie" Jim is a constant teaseg He comments on all he sees. Sportsmen's Club 4. STEPHEN D. MOYER "Steve" With comments droll, He 's in control. Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 3,4, Captain 45 Student Council 3,4, President 45 Prom Committeeg Senior Concessiong Doonnan 3,45 Class Vice President 35 "Get Smart"5 Varsity "G" 3,4, President 4. S- ., MARTEN C. OWENS "Skeet" He flees at three With boundless glee. CAROL A. PERROTTI "Karate" Small and vivacious And truly gracious. F.H.A. 3,4, Treausrer 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Senior Concession, Business Club 4. A SHARON LEE POLLEY "Sharon" Likable is Sharon Polleyg She is often very jolly. Tri-Hi-Y 45 F.H.A. 45 Pep Club 4. JEFFREY DOUGLAS RAUB "Jeff" This Trojan wins fame In the wrestling game. Wrestling 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Bios Club 3,4, Program Chairman 45 French Club 2,35 Varsity "G" 253, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Sportsmen's Club 45 Senior Concession. , .- 3 ..STONE UPON STONE DALE E. NICHOLS "Boamer" Whether serious or in jest, Dale is one of the very best. Student Council 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Golf 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Prom Committeeg Doonnan 35 Senior Concession. 5. N is I V t CHARLES M. REDZINAK "Charlie" Never misses a chance To attend a dance. Band 2,3,4, Vice President 45 Dance Band 3,45 Varsity "G" 3,45 Basket- ball Manager 3,45 French Club 35 Prom Committee. K, 83 ROBERT PAUL NORTHROP "Bob" He succeeds for many reasonsf Truly a man for all seasons. 'Get Smart"g "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Track 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President 45 Prom Committeeg Varsity "G" 2,3,45 Senior Concessiong Graphic Arts 3,45 Drama Club 3,4, President 3,4. SUSAN JEAN PA'I'TERSON "Sue" A tomboy of sorts- Sue just adores sports. G.A.A. 2,3,45 Senior Concessiong Li- brary Club 45 F.H.A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. BARBARA J. PETERSON "Barb" When Barb is smiling She's so beguiling Transferred from Conneaut Lake Area High School, Conneaut Lake, Pa. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Majorette 2,35 Pep Club 2,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Library Club 25 Choir 2. JOHN R. RAMSEY "Jack" This gentleman in every way Drives a shiny Model A. EACH BIT OF KNOWLEDGE je I fi f MARGIE I. REIGLEMAN "Margie" Friends she does win With her cheerful grin. F.H.A. 3. KENNETH L. RHOADES "Posey" Congenzkzl and tall, Well-liked by all. Transferred from Conneaut Lake High School, Conneaut Lake, Pa. 35 Span- ish Club 3. PAMELA SUE ROGERS "Pam" Artistically inclinedg A manner so refined. Art Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 45 Choir 2,3,4, Librarian 3, District Chorus 35 Nurses Club 2,3545 Pep Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 Industrial Arts Club 45 Senior Concession5 Drama Club 3,4 5 Library Club 2,3,4. LEWIS EDWARD RUFFING "Lew" Congenial is Lew, And dependable too. - Football 25 Track 4. .gg SHIRLYN J. REED "Chal" Shirlyn is quite a elowng She dispels every frown. Pep Club 25 Orchestra 25 Band 253,45 French Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 F.H.A. 4. 5 ll x 1 MARILYN J. RUTKAI "Marlin" Her achievements-scholasticg Her attitude-en thusiastic. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 25 Leaders Club 3,45 Library Club 45 Spanish Club 3,45 French Club 2,35 Pep Club 3,4, President 45 Choir 25 "Get Smart"5 Senior Concessiong G.A.A. 2, 35 Usher 35 "Bye Bye Birdie." 84 FREDERICK D. REESE "Fred" Fred is really quite a guy: In popularity he rates high. Spanish Club 2,35 "Get Smart"5 Sen- ior Concessiong Prom Committee. CONNIE SUE REINHART "Connie" Easy-going and diplomatic- Her major interest is aquatic. Majorette 3,45 Leaders Club 45 "Get Smart"5 Bios Club 3,45 French Club 2,35 F.T.A. 253,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Dra- ma Club 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Pep Club 2, 3,45 Nurses Club 25 Usher 3,45 Prom Committeeg Senior Concession. CHRYSTENE A. RIMER "Chrys" Sweet and sincere is Chrys, A very delightful miss. F.T.A. 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 F.H. A. 45 Art Club 45 Class Play Commit- tee 45 National Honor Society 3,4. REBECCA JUNE ROSS "Becky" With Becky at the head FHA. was well led. Band 2,3,4, Librarian 3,4, District Band 3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Nurses Club 253,45 Vice President 45 Bios Club 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Prom Committeeg Class Play Committee 35 F.H.A. 3,4, President 4. THOMAS CARLTON RYAN "Tom" A witty fellow is he, Distinguished by his repartee. Class President 3g Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Varsity "G" 3,45 "Arsenic and Old Lacc"g French Club 2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Senior Con- cessiong Prom Committee. GRETCHEN A. SCHEIFELE "Gretch" Gretchen has a lot to say: When she's near, all is gay. Choir 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 Spanish Club 2g French Club 4g F.H.A. 4g Senior Concessiong Art Club 3,4. KEITH SIBLEY "Keith" Intelligence, determination- An unbeatable combination. Band 2,3,4, President 45 National Honor Society 3,4, President 45 Cur- rent Affairs Club 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dentg French Club 2,3,45 Troy Times 2,35 Prom Committeeg Doorman 35 Senior Concession. LINDA M. SMARGIASSO "Smar" Her beauty wins recognitiong So docs her even disposition. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Choir 2,4g French Club 35 Senior Concessiong Library Club 45 "Bye Bye Birdie." 1 . X , .A SAMUEL J. SALKIN "Hermie" An informed mind, a sly remark: Sam is never in the dark. Troian Business Managerg National Honor Society 3,45 "Get Smart"g "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Current Affairs Club 2,4, President 45 Troy Times 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3. , t., NAIL IN THE FRAMEWORK Vs Qs- Nur s 23 1H1 4 ep V 43' :rs- ' DANIEL N. SOLBERG "Dan" N He can do most anything- Ski, act, and even sing I . I ,V . Yruv' French Club 2,45 Current Affairs Club 4g "Get Smart"5 "Arsenic and Old Lace"5 Class Play Committee 45 Choir 3,4, President 4, District Chor- us 3, Regional Chorus 3, State Chorus 3 Double Quartet 3,45 Troy Times 3. 85 vel J A Y LOUISE SIMMONS "Mary" Y u'll neverfnd Another so kind. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Business Club 4. JAMES SMITH "Smitty" Sets a fast pace In a drag race. Industrial Arts Club 45 Sportsmen's Club 4g Class Play Committee 4. JAMES SORBER "Sleepie" A good-natured gu y is Jim,' Sincere is the word for him, Industrial Arts Club 45 Senior Con- cession. i DOORWAYS TO THE FUTURE . THOMAS F. SPARGO "Fin" Tom's comic expressions Enliven class sessions. Track 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 2,3,4 French Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. JANET M. STEVENSON "Janet" She 's quiet and reserved, Not easily unnerved. Tri-Hi-Y 4. JOHN M. STEVENSON "Stimey" This track star Jumps high and far. Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 2,3,4g Sportsmen's Club 43 Bios Club 3,4g French Club 3g Prom Com- mitteeg Doorman 3. DAVID STEWART "Stu" Dave 's like no other, Not even his brother. Wrestling 2. if' DONALD STEWART Just like his brother, Don 's like no other. Wrestling 3,4. PETER SOWASH "Pete" Opposing teams fall When Pete carries the ball. Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2 "G" 45 Sportsmen's Club 4. "Stu" 86 ,3g Varsity PAULA DIAN SPARGO "Margo" Her manner-quite affableg Her remarks-laughable. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 2g French Club 2,3,4, President 4g Choir 3,4g Art Club 4g "Get Smart"3 Drama Club 4. DAVID SPATILSON "Spats" Dave is a fine musician, Full of fun and ambition. Senior Concessiong Band 2. E. DEAN STOCKNER "Dean" By decision or pin, Dean 's sure to win. Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 2,3,4. Has a ball In study hall. KENNETH L. SWANK "Ken" If it 's a stage hand you need Ken will gladly do the deed. Stage Crew 2,35 Projectionists 2,3,45 Wrestling Manager 2,35 Varsity "G' 2,3,45 Senior Concessiong Prom Com mitteeg Class Play Committee 3,4. LISA MARIE SZUGYE "Squidge" This talented young lass Is a credit to our class. Troian Literary Editorg Troy Times 2,3, Assistant Editor 35 National Hon- or Society 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4, Historian 45 Current Affairs Club 45 Library Club 45 French Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Bios Club 35 Senior Concession. JEANNE L. TRIBLEY "Tribes" A manner so steady, A smile always ready. F.H.A. 4. ' v X w ELEANOR TUFARO "Tuftie" A friendly girl is she- Congenial as can be. French Club 25 Business Club 4. 87 MICHAEL STROSSER "Stress" Wrestling 25 Sportsmen's Club 4. S ON THE PAST LINDA SUSAN STUBERT "Stu" In typing, a whiz- The best there is. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Choir 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Troy Times 2,35 Business Club 4, Vice Presidentg "Get Smart"5 Senior Concessiong G.A.A. 2,35 Prom Committee. BARBARA LEE SWEET "Barb" Barb 's personality bubbles,- She never has any troubles. Cheerleader 45 J.V. Cheerleader 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Leaders Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 "Get Smart"5 French Club 2,35 F.T.A. 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 Band 25 Senior Con- cessiong Prom Committee5 Usher 3. DAVID SYLVESTER "Cool Ray" A very loyal friend: Help he ll always lend. FREDERICK W. TRAVIS "Tricky" An inquisitive mind Keeps his nose to the grind. Troian Sports Editorg Troy Times 2,3, Assistant Editor 35 National Hon- or Society 3,45 Bios Club 35 Current Affairs Club 45 Prom Committee5 Class Play Committee 35 Doorman 35 French Club 2,3,4. 1 v I r. 5, fe' i i I lL+, "POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE" . JANET S. WACKENHUT "Wacky" Takes everything in stride- Optimism personijied. Choir 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Band 2,3,4, Secretary 4, "Bye Bye Birdie" , French Club 2,3, Dance Band 3,43 Girls Trio 2,3, Double Quartet 4, Troy Times 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Drama Club 4, Prom Aide 2, Prom Commit- tCC . JAMES O.WATHAN "Wahoo" Imaginative and clever, Successful in every endeavor. Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3, Sports- men's Club 4, Vice President, Var- sity "G" 2,3,4. DAVID JOSEPH WELTON "Dave" Full of good cheer, And very sincere. Football Manager 2,3,4, Varsity "G" 3,4. DAVID WHYTE "Malcolm" He shows co-operation In any situation. Football 2, Track 3,4, Senior Con- cession. BARBARA E. WILLEY "Barb" Transferred from Milford High School, Milford, Conn. 4, Art Club 4, French Club 4, Pep Club 4, Sen- ' NANCY LOUISE TUTTLE "Nancy' A manner so charming, Completely disarming. National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Cheer- leader 3,4, Captain 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4, Leaders Club 3,4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4, Homecoming Queen, Pep Club 3,45 Library Club 3. sill' 88 1 KATHRYN JEAN URDA "Kath" Hers is the touch That helps so much. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Executive Board 4, F.T. A. 3,4, Magazine Sale Co-Manager, Class Play Committee 3,4, Current Affairs Club 4, Library Club 4, French Club 4, Bios Club 3,45 Drama Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Senior Concess- ion, Troy Times 3. SUSAN JANE WASSER "Sue" Sue's friendliness is genuine, Her image-always feminine. Homecoming Court, J .V. Cheerleader 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Spanish Club 33 Prom Committee, Prom Aide 2, Pep Club 2,3,4, Senior Concession, Usher 4, Business Club 4. GARY WATKINS "Gary" Takes things as they come, Never, never glum. Wrestling 2, Band 2,3,4. ROBERTA C. WHITESIDE "Berta" Always full of fun,' Well-liked by everyone. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Pep Club 2,3, "Bye Bye Birdie", Choir 2,3,4, Senior Concess- ion. DEBORAH JO WILLIAMS "Jo" "Contagious " refers To that smile of hers. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, French Club 34 F.H.A. 3,4g Cheerleader 3g Prom Committeeg Pep Club 3. GARY L. WILLIAMS "Willie" Sports-minded Gary- Of studying- wary. Football 2,3,4g Varsity "G" 45 Track 3,4. . PATRICIA E. WILLIAMS "Pat" Her outlook-down-to-earth, Her comments- full of mirth. Class Play Committee 3. D. SCOTT WOODS "Scott" A whiz in math and science Who possesses self-reliance. Troy Times 2,3, Sports Editor 35 National I-Ionor Society 3,43 Bios Club 3,4, President 3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Current Affairs Club 45 Foot- ball 2. DOUGLAS R. WILLIAMS "Doug" When Doug wants to relax He starts playing his saxe. Transferred from Boardman High School, Youngstown, Ohio, 33 Track 2,3g Band 2,3,4g Dance Band 3,43 Latin Club 2g Bios Club 2. by j lv! X' -el...f. L' JOHN E. YOUNG "Emie" An earnest guy is John: His airs are not put on. Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2g French Club 3,4g Spanish Club 2g Prom Com- mitteeg Prom Aide 25 Varsity "G" 4g Senior Concession. 89 . .FINALLY, GRADUATION JOANN WILLIAMS "Joann" She will never shirk Her share of the work. Library Club 3,4g F.H.A. 3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,35 Senior Concession, G.A. A. 3. JOHN M. WILSON "Willy" John always says 'Hin When he passes by. Band 3,4g Projectionists 3 3 Stage Crew 2,3,4g Class Play Committee 3. DOROTHY L. WYATT l'Dot" A lively air . With energy to spare. Pep Club 2,3,4g Tri-I-Ii-Y 2,3,4, Span- ish Club 3,4g "Arsenic and Old Laceng G.A.A. 3,4g Library Club 4g Choir 3,4g Senior Concession. RICHARD ZIMMERMAN "'Dixie" A helpful word, an eager grin,- When he plays, he plays to win. Transferred from Allegheny-Clariom Valley High School, Foxburg, Pa. 4g Basketball 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Art Club 3g Band 4. THE JUNIORS.. . ' Front Row: Eve Diehl, Kathy Calior, Beth Crowther, Becky Adkins, Debbie Burns, Barb Baker, Judy Bly, Myrna Brown, Mary Dambacher, Janet Campbell, Kathy Alexander, Debbie Busse. Second Row: Ellen Cheuka, Doris Artman, Ruth Buda, Toni DellaVecchia, Mary Barnes, Sharon Adell, Carolyn Caswell, Bev Chess, Joyce Crowley, Sherry Artman, Janice Dawes. Third Row: Cindy Duell, Ed Cooper, Bill Baker, Jim Barker, Joe Bonaquist, Steve Bortz, Edith Altman, Pat Bradley, Becky Anderson, Linda Christman, Doris Barnes, Sibby Burton. Fourth Row: Laura Anders, Dave Boston, Ed Daugherty, Tim Burns, Stan Adams, Jim Bubeck, Linda DiGiandomenico, Mary Doddo, Karen Dignall, Linda Brocklehurst, Nancy Best, Cindy Dart. Fifth Row: Fred Brown, Gary Cook, Jim, Burleson, Phil Adzima, Jerry Allgeier, Paul Boehm, Michael Buchanan, Jim Callahan, Rick Amy, Don Beilstein, Gary Babcock. Front Row: Janet Eddy, Karen Kuban, Janice Kerschner, Jody Gibbs, Marilyn Gaugh, Shirley Kitch, Kara Eich, Penny Garbler, Marjic Hodge, Joyce Keifer, Sharon Green. Second Row: Song Su Kim, John Koren, Curt Kline, Dennis King, Jim Henry, Diane Junk, Kathy Fell, Pat Hanna, Lori Hewitt, Cheryl Hall, Jim Gibson. Third Row.' John Hamilton, George Krepp, Tom Goss, Diana Kannnerdiener, Shelly Giardina, Linda Keller, Sally Haines, Kathie Harry, Susan Fischer, Dee Johnston, Carroll Gregory, Thomas Kormos. Fourth Row: Art Hoffman, Tedd Engstrom, Jim Hawk, Bob Kovac, Jim Koren, Patti Gariepy, John Egbert, Chris Gaugh, Johanna Hawes, Jean Hoffackcr, Mike Garbarino. Fifth Row: Tom Gilliland, Barry Hodge, Alfred Johnson, Ron Foust, Dave Ferguson, Richard Graham, Bob Gaus, Ed Fellows, Steve Galus, Jeff Jackson, Gary Henderson. l l 90 1' i . . .INSPIRED WITH CLASS SPIRIT Front Row.' Eva McQueen, Mary Martha Moore, Fran McDowell, Loretta Mowry, Letitia Potase, Patty Page, Dorothy McCarthy, Katie Mulligan, Rhonda Mossman, Carol Pfaff, Sue Paulovkin. Second Row.' Libby Pistolesi, Margie McClelland, Darlene Pressler, Vicky Monroe, Patty Powell, Heidi Nace, Vicki Miller, Norma McCurdy, Velma Leslie, Janie Peterson, Gale Portz. Third Row.' Margaret Pifer, Diann Peterson, Shirley McGranahan, Kathy Moynihan, Debbie Lysek, Sue Moyer, Joyce Noll, Charles Livingston, John Lopochonsky, Wally Melvin, Mark Leasure, Karen Lyon. Fourth Row.' Terry Liszka, Pete Little, Jim Miller, Dave Pele, Jeff Limber, Bob Morrison, Dave Laird, Dennis Osbome, Gerald Lane, Karen Ott. Fifth Row.' Lesa Penniman, Joyce Louden, Bob McCarrier, Harry Parker, Ed Mc- Adoo, John Porter, Bill Mabry, Jim Leskovac, Ron Lineman, Frank Lewis, Lou Loreno, John Mowry. Profit Row Rick Rembolcl Terry Ridgeway Dale Seger, John Robinson, Tom Walker, Jim Williams, Ed Young, Dun Specht, Doug Willey. Second Row.' Denise Scott, Bonnie Robinson, Alyce Zimmer, Susan Westover, Jane Reigelman, Bonnie Sumners, Charlotte Zuschlag, Sally Williamson, Claudia Tribley, Paula Sylvester, Bettelou Rauch. Third Row.' Cindy McClelland, Carolyn Rodemoyer, Mary Stone, Linda Stuck, Annette Stanfa, Wendy Wilson, Linda Zarecky, Phyllis Urda, Marsha VanTassel, Mary Trunipak, Judy Williams, Susan Swickland, Charlotte Rodgers. Fourth Row.' Ron Veado, Ron Stowe, Roy Tanney, Glenn Riley, Kim Williams, John Stegkamper, Jay Stevenson, Mark Stewart, Ray Tanney, Terry Starry. Fifth Row.' Richard VanTassel, Robert Wasser, John Swartz, Paul Zarecky, Jeff Smith, David Rickert, Eric Riley, Jim Shaffer, Marc Stewart, Bill Snodgrass, Eric Rinella, Tom Rowland, Jon Willey. 91 ' THE SOPHOMORES .. . Front Row.' Lane D'Amore, Kerry Ewing, Tom Christy, Renee Conner, Verlene Cameron, Gay Eng- lish, Linda Faloney, Kathy Burazer, Rose Cramer, Linda DeMatteo. Second Row.' Steve Crognale, John Baird, Brian Brush, Duane Dixon, Bill Egbert, George Beil, Harry Beil, Jim Curtin, Bob Bovard. Third Row.' David Barr, Steve Blahut, Jared Emmett, Ellen Banks, Pat Daugherty, Pam Ferguson, Eleanor Cooper, Karyl Beilstein, Sue Curtis, Jim Baker. Fourth Row.' Paul Burns, Dave Dale, Bev Canale, Saundra Bell, Jean Allgeier, Diane Dixon, Theresa Buaer, Linda Cannon, John Conner, Walter Anthony, Bob Donahue. Fifth Row.' Harry Brydon, Dick Bunton, Todd Engstrom, Charles Cullen, Jim Baskin, Larry Barber, Denny Caseio, John Boliver, Gary Brink, Steve Anderton. Front Row: Sue Livingston, Carol Henry, Joyce Griffith, Debbie Hall, Jackie Humphrey, Mary Kerekes, Margie Liszka, Donna George, Deb'Huntley, Mary Little. Second Row.' Mary Hubbard, Cindy Klingensmith, Colleeli Junk, Debby Keck, Tish Fieeman, Vickie Lanigan, Laurie Fleeger, Betsy Kidd, Bonnie Little, Kathy GITJCSCI. Third Row.' Chri? Huhn, Debbie Fisher, Bonnie G'ursky, Diane'First, Cherylfioda, Yvonne Korbini, Riclf' Gray, Dick Lauffer, Denny Freeman, John Komula, Julie Hewitt. Fourth Row.' David Fisher, Johnx Kammerdiener, Kevifn Fitzmartin, Bill Ibbs, Chuck Hamilton, Mike'Hovis, Mike Heffern, George Greggs, Stan Timber, Bob Lake. Fifth Row.' Bruce Johnson, Rick Jaxtheimer, Ron Langietti, Mike'fGKodinich, Scott Hawes, Keviillluels, Tom Geisler, Jim 'Ka1ler, Charles" Gill, Tom Galus, Jim Gilliland, Rick Hamblin, Norm Hamilton. 92 . . . ON THEIR WAY Front Row.' Dale Mowry, Dale Miller, Janine McElree, JoAnn Pele, Patty Pilgram, Mary McCormick, Marla Mowry, Barby Long, Charlene Loreno, Linda Meacham, Brad Paxton. Second Row: Bill Mc- , Connell, Dave Lucas, Nina Packard, Nancy Powell, Sue Marshall, Cathy Osborne, Randi Mcllhany, 1 Sharon Portz, Peggy Mechenbier, Karen Mohr, Bruce Long. Third Row.' Dave McKay, Christine I Palm, Karen Phillips, Alice McKay, Vickie Lysek, Kathy Love, Linda Perrine, Dave Manko, Dave Proudfit, John Mitchell, Philip McCartney. Fourth Row.' Bob Miller, Mike Murrin, Mike Nelson, Jean Murrin, Violet Miller, Margie Lucaric, Janie Nye, Jane Nair, Susan Long, Bill Peterson, Larry V Minccr, Terry Page, Bill Prosser. Fifth Row.' Denny Mowry, Lee Moerke, Bill Mitchell, Mark McDon- i aid, Nick Moss, Jeff Peebles, Doug Peterson, Randy McCarrier, Wayne Maggs, Anthony Piccolin, Jim N Parker, Andy Parillo, Ron Noble. L. li Front Row.' Gary Swartzbeck, Paul Wackenhut, Jerry Smith, Robin Robinson, Mark Spaulding, Jesse Szugye, Denny Reinhart, Larry Speir, Wes Snodgrass, Paul Suntheimer. Second Row: Philip Wasser, Dianne Simons, Kathy Ryan, Nancy Rickert, Priscilla Young, Judy Unger, Debby Smith, Janice Stevenson, Marilyn Sweet, Stephanie Spargo, Kathy Schadt, John Williams. Third Row.' Eldon Spinks, Elaine Smargiasso, Sonya Zuschlag, Sandy Suddoth, Cheryl Resinger, Nancy Reagle, Freda Thompson, Terri Wheaton, Wanda Thompson, Bob Wilson, Jim Shartle. Fourth Row.' Jerry Wasser, Mark Wasser, Lonnie Wensley, Pam Tomasello, Pat Travis, Dottie Smith, Ginger Thayer, Paula Williams, Wendy Woods, Donna VanDyke, Charlie Reigleman. Fifth Row.' Garry Weaver, Jim Swei- gard, Pete Robinson, Dick Wade, Mark Scott, Mike Sowash, Dan Spence, Bob Wade, Gary Thompson, Rick Whiteside, Frank Roberts. I 93 THE FRESHMEN . . . Front Row.' Lisa Callahan, Laurie Ferguson, Mary Alice Beaver, Hope Craig, Dee Counselman, Deb Bortz, Kathy Burt, Nancy Clark, Thelma Artman, Bonnie Cramer. Second Row.' Sharon Carlson, Joan Alabran, Marilyn Alabran, Barbara Fagley, Ruth Donato, Brenda Dawes, Cathy Billig, Jenny Adkins, Rhonda Crash, Karen Baskin, Barb Barney. Third Row.' Eileen Butler, Suzanne Dale, Peter Calenda, Joe Cheuka, Clifford Beil, Douglas Andrews, John Curtin, Dave Bly, Dan Baker, Bob Baker, Brenda Barnes, Joyce Bunton. Fourth Row.' Linda Barr, Charla Ferguson, Denny Fell, Bruce Bovard, Michael Downing, Scott Carpenter, Robert Elek, David Couch, John DiGiandomenico, Randy Bush. Fifth Row.' Andrea Farina, Wilma Bray, Jesse Bortz, Charles Cowher, Bruce Coppick, Rick Chason, Tim Dale, Rick Diefenderfer, Denny Campbell, Jerry Chason, Jack Cooley, Gary Eckles. Front Row.' Debbie Henderson, Pam Hall, Linda Good, Betsy Guffey, Donna Green, Patti Kelley, Deb- ra Gruber, Charla Hecker, Debra Gearhart, Kathy George. Second Row.' Linda Kammerdiener, Susan Jennings, Mark Gaus, Doug Lewis, Darcy Lauffer, Carl Kerekes, Todd Gillespie, Jim Jordan, Michael Flack, Marcia Kiser, Robin Gillespie. Third Row.' Darlene Green, Barbara Keck, Elaine Koren, Vera Guthrie, Avery Huels, Donna Janos, Ronda Hyde, Jane Hamilton, Susan Kormos, Dixie Hawes, Susan Leasure, Irene Leslie. Fourth Row.' Charles Hinds, Jeff Kuhn, Dick Kuban, George Grexa, Dan Giatdina, Robert George, Steve Hall, Brian Godinich, George Gebert, Leo Hawk, Jay Joseph, Carl Heasley. Fifth Row.' Gary Kougher, Dale LeBarron, Bill Hoffman, John King, John Lewis, Bob Grantham, Gary Hinkson, Jay Hodge, Tim Higbee. 94 0 0 0 A NEW ADDITION Front Row.' Rebecca Reese, June Nichols, Kim Robb, Cathy Ritchey, Ruth Reagle, Helen Pifer, Mary Miller, Lois Potase, Myrna Peterson, Carol Powell. Second Row.' Rose Miller, Dixie Patterson, Carla Procner, Kathy McElree, Karen Osborne, Doris Rodgers, Vanetta Miller, Sheila Loreno, Rhonda Myers, Linda McMahan, Diane Neustupa. Third Row.' David Riley, Jeannette Parillo, Dianne McAdoo, Cyn Moore, Janet Rutkai, Mary Moynihan, Roberta Monroe, Bruce McDougall, John Myers, Richard McCarthy. Fourth Row.' David Reinhart, Bill Miller, Mike Bongar, Dick McGuffle, Dick McKay, Keith Richardson, Pat McDonald, David Osborne, Tim Robbins, Gary Mutdosch, Ken McMinn. Fifth Row: Larry Moerke, Brian Raub, Rob Rembold, Tristan Marguglio, Doug Loutzenhiser, Tommy Radish, Dave Perrotti, Thomas Polley, Randolph Painter, Raymond Mowry, Jim Lopochonsky, David Pence. Front Row.' Dan DiSalvo, Chuck Stowe, Ed Schang, Michael Tribley, John Williams, Peter Traynor Chuck Zarecky, Bill Sorber, Joyce Thompson, Betty Swogger, Grace Tribley. Second Row.' Vickie Stephanie, Jamie Smith, Karen Wade, Janet Zuschlag, Millie Simmons, Sandra Taylor, Michael Anders Paul Walker, James Tumpak, Ray Rodemoyer, Dan Meeker. Third Row.' Shelley Stewart, Jody Trumble, Dawn Starry, Pam Wolford, Pat Speir, Audrey Whiteside, Debbie Smith, Debbie Snodgrass Anne Thompson, Mary Lee Talbot, Leslie Stitt. Fourth Row: Chad Sankey, Barb Wilson, Pat Shafer Bob Zuschlag, Dale Walberg, Greg Wilson, George Wasser, Tom Sigler, David Williamson, Earl Thomp son, Don Conover. Fifth Row: Frank Consiglio, John Welch, John Shafer, Donald Suntheimer, Tim Scullin, Denny Swartz, Dave Zuschlag, Charles Salkin, Charley White, Paul Wetzel, Ben Beil, Larry Connelly. 95 .af I TIES OF FRIENDSHIP . Sonia Montesinos from Lima, Peru, spent three months with Kathy Dixon. She plans to study law at the Catholic University of Lima. Among her interests are psychology and art. Kathy Dixon and Sue Magargee were our exchange students in Armenia and Bogota, both in Col- ombia, South America. :ggi lgfq r Sllq Hugo Matalia, a track enthusiast, is a native of Chacabuco, Argentina. During his one-year stay he will live with three families. Upon returning home he will go to Buenos Aires to study aeronautical engineering. Sue Magargee's South American 'fsisterf' Am- paro Moreno, comes from Sincelejo, Colombia. The promise of international friendship is revealed in the congenial attitudes of both our own and foreign students. The Student Exchange is a major step forward in promoting understanding between nations. 96 An active girl, she rates skiing as her favorite sport. Amparo's future plans include the study of medicine at Javeriana University in Colombia. FINISHING TOUCHES l Our class adviser, Mr. Bartholomew, looks over candy sale records with Vice President Steve Moyer, President Tom Ryan, Treasurer Jerry Bren- neman, and Secretary Debbie Adkins. f g x Ng f Mr. "B" sparks enthusiasm for candy sale at first class meeting . . . Turtles sell quickly . . . Does your class ring fit? . . . "Get Smart" is a success under the direction of Mrs. Miller . . . Play features comedy and Secret Agent 86 . . . Junior poets have works published in Anthology of High School Poetry . . . Delinquent prom decorators led by Mr. Bartholo- mew stage water balloon battle . . . Tests, tests, tests . . . One year to go. The hams. Our Princess. B211't,S B1'O21dS- "Excuse me, but would you like to buy a box of candy?" One for the press. . ' R' ' . ,gp K J uv f ' 'I f 4 A L , -f .,x U' ,1- Qir A 4 3 . f il, 52 NL 4 11" r 2- , wg., 2 7 A- M Nl ' wx.. -Yi iv! Mfg " T' -2: 3. IX , 1 - ,IH Nl IU . T1 IH! Y - XL' L1 . 4 ' ' IX " xt vu - V .., lm X Y, 5 - 6f....a.s u Vs mn 'UI IH XII XIII I TU UIUC I S I UI XIX IN I I HI , n i I. , Rh fff7f'Ml..... .4-' Amis: I t V-xx-N ri ,ag '.- - 1 Ti Soft light, soft music. THE PROM Neptune's Realm . . . Finished product of many long hours of planning and decorating . . . An aquatic theme . . . Mermaid surrounded by sunken treasure . . . Beautiful pink shell as background for pictures . . . Lively band and captivating hypnotist entertain at swinging after-prom party. :Li .- X-gg Van Lee and his orchestra. Neptunffs Realm- The belle of the ball. Sitting one out. V..- ' 4 ' fi-be ff l y Nl b.c.f it I The senior class officers, Jerry Brenneman-Pres ident, Clarence Coonficld-Vice President, Debbie Adkins-Secretary, and Shirley Curtin-Treasurer, 3 examine our graduation announcements. 1 1 w 1 , Lb : ' ' NSI AS SENIORS - v S? . 'LJ .A f . ? ma H C Q' T: ' ' ' Class officers plan year's activities . . . Biggest class ever . . . Magazine sale a success-prizes are cute rat finks . . . Working in the concession- coke and hot dogs . . . Humor in "Arsenic and Old Lace" . . .' College Boards again . . . The Christmas Dance . . . Waiting for letters of accept- ance . . . Making tentative plans . . . Graduation! . I 1 V ..L..,,..J.... ..-.Q-y gg' ,.,,... 1 SHOOPY and Friends- "Things go better with Coke." The Concession Crew. "Arsenic" and Jim McElree. . ' .3 45,3 ww J ,Xml In gi The game ball. The Coronation. ii- .T . - ,X . fn, A V Ls ' L, Pre-game show. HOMECOMING Excitement and spirits mount . . . Thursday . . . Pep assembly . . . Cheerleaders impersonate Homecoming Queens of yesteryear . . . Mr. Scott presents football to Nancy . . . Friday night . . . The Queen is crowned . . . Band adds to festivities . . . Trojans triumph over Colonels . . . Sat- urday . . . The regal dance . . . Queen Nancy reigns . . . Decorations with a Trojan flair . . . Homecoming is a success. On the dance floor. AAN The royal couple. The queen and the captains. Would you believe? The president and royalty. . ul' it lull ik J 103 I 4 ,V -'S The aunts. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE-Front Row: Mortimer Brewster, Bob Northrop, Elaine Harper, Linda Millerg Mr. Gibbs, Greg GraugDr. Einstein, Joe DiFedeg Dead Man, Kim Brazeltong Jonathan Brewster, Dick Culleng The Rev. Dr. Harper, Bob BrowngAbbey Brewster, Dot Wyatt, Martha Brewster, Linda Jones. Second Row: Officer Brophy, Dave Hinking Ofjlcer Klein, Dan Solbergg Lieutenant Rooney, l Mike Dalfonzog Officer 0Y1ara, Paul Arnoldg Teddy Brewster, Jerry Brenneman. Technical Director, l Mr. Hogang Director, Mrs. Louden. l I I l X The Brewster clan. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Abbey and Martha Brewster set the plot in motion through their hobby, poisoning lonely men. They were aided in their ven- tures by nephews, Teddy and Jonathan. A love affair between Mortimer Brewster and Elaine Harper added much to the plot. As the play closed, the aunts and Teddy were committed to Happy- daleg Jonathan, an escaped criminal, was returned to jailg and Mortimer and Elaine lived happily ever after. The ugly American, The dirty dozen. Teddy and friends. ,f tix. 'Q Y H Ha! Ha! H+ 2+ "All right, you guys!" . l I l 'Q I Almost finished. We take over. A stacked locker. CHALK DUST 1 l SEPTEMBER-School starts in high gear-experiments, problems on the board, stacks of books . . . and tons of homework . . . Seniors at last- "It's so hard to be humble" . . . Mr. Breckenridge wonders why all his graph paper is disappearing . . . In the cafeteria, pleasant atmosphere and good food . . . Chem II class enjoys roasting marshmallows over Bunsen burners . . . Remember, remember-we beat Oil City . . . Three cheers for the concession crew . . . Diane Barber: "I can't talk, I have laryngitisf' Mr. Gill: "I can't hear you." . . . Mark Fisher and Kathy Urda begin work on magazine sale . . . Senior English students have become poets-have you written your Chaucerbury Tales yet? . . . A lost freshman wanders into Room 231 . . . Steve Moyer: "Right, four-eyes." . . .We shut out Farrell again. H , Concentration. Who, me? ' Beat the bell. Bertha . f - A U ' .. , I , 5' ' - at in -l ' if ffl 'au .--,. -E. 'thu' .Lff i. H 3, . 113-- ,1 f'-f -V' YEL .,.e:"f4r 1W"Sf, -- -- t. -J..-..-, ..,. .1 U ,fx 4- ' ' nwnfgl Fifi-4 j,H'L., -.'A' Liggrf ' ' ' " W' On the nmacadamf' OCTOBER-Mrs. Redmond eats life-savers in English Class . . . Peppermint Patty, alias Charlie Redzinak, wins Snoopy . . . At Homecoming pep assem- bly, Jeff Raub poses as mysterious Miss X . . . Jubilant fans celebrate Homecoming victory . . . Ellen Mechenbier likes tall balloons . . . The price of cigarettes has gone up five cents . Mr. Volpe: "Why is everyone wearing green today?" Sam Salkin: "It's St. Patrick's Day in Poland." . . . In Spacemobile program, inhaling helium turned the speaker's voice to that of Donald Duck . . . Thirty seniors are now accepted at colleges of their choice. NOVEMBER-New wing is dedicated in grand style-student guides are lost as they lead parents around the school . . . Troian staff in paper hats sell a record number of yearbooks . . , Mr. Breckenridge: "During my life- time l've seen three solar eclipsesg they occur once every fifty yearsf' . . . Everyone in the locker room after the Reynolds game gets a shower and Mr. Scott loses his hat-first undefeated season in fifty years . . . Guess who got a write-in vote for District Attorney in the Current Affairs Club mock election . . . F.T.A. pancake breakfast for faculty-would you be- lieve six o'clock in the morning . . . A certain senior is seen wearing a suspi- A11 Wet. "Arsenic and Old Lace." 106 A J Q ,.. +V' 'fwfr Night owls. Dress rehearsal. 5 V . Fairy Godmothers. China doll. ciously familiar hat . . . Hal Harrison guides us "Beyond the Shimmering Mountain" . . . "Arsenic and Old Lace" is successfully staged by the sen- iors . . . Eighth graders relive Pilgrims' Landing at our Thanksgiving assem- bly . . . Mr. Snyder and Mr. Ballock receive autographed footballs and red ties from the team. DECEMBER-Patty Dart asks Mr. Volpe to play Pere Noel . . . Tom Spar- go, as he is caught eating a fireball in English class: "I have a swollen toothf' . . . Judy Logan represents GHS at State Band . . . Did you know Jack Lovesky's draft classification is l-A? . . . Everyone's dying of thirst- the water fountain caps have disappeared , . . The Christmas assembly is presented by the speech class and the choir . . . Seniors, with the help of Santa Claus, finally schedule the Joyeux Noel Ball . . . Vacation . . . Tro- jan matmen triumph at Christmas Wrestling Tournament. JANUARY-Vacation over . . . Mrs. Louden is culturally enriched by her students' term papers . . . Time out to visit colleges . . . Good grief! Semes- ter tests! . . . Mr. Marantis locks himself out of his room . . . First period physics class takes top prize for door decorations during loyalty week, proving they have a lot of "sole" . . . Beware, Hugo Matalia's a winner at 107 Buy a Troian. Food for thought. .gif 'sig I' 4 ' 'T P V 9 1 Flurry of activity. Homeward bound. 'Q X. "Hey, four eyes! " National Merit finalists. Our representatives to District Chorus. The Christmas spirit. Twister . . . Paula Spargo: "Oh, Daryl" . . . When Dodie Dunworth was asked if he was going to MIT: "Are you kidding? Do you know how many cars I'd have to strip to earn three thousand dollars?" . . . GHS band con- cert . . . Scott Woods starts a rumor that Mr. Jacobson can speak English . . . Linda Knapp: "I've just been accepted at Muskingum." Bruce McKay: "What is it, a university or a reservation?" . . . Jim Hodge and Sue Barr make top scores on the College Boards-Mr. Speigle now owes them steak dinners . . . Troy Times resumes publication. In shock. Mr. Eight-Hundred! The roaring crowd. The epidemic. Party time. Royal headache. ,A tif 'nl w - ""'-1- C37 ,.. g I -.11 Aj Twisted Janet. Mike at the mike. The scientists and Charlie. FEBRUARY-In assembly-"The Challenge of the Soviets" . . . Jeff Raub hasjust been named the unofficial spokesman for the senior class . . .F.B.I. wants all those who are interested . . . Mrs. Miller and Mrs. McQueen send anonymous valentines . . . Ed Garbarino holds the first "open house" of the year-he just can't wait . . . District Chorus . . . Mid-year break-no school . . . Greenville hosts District Band . . . Mr. Kolesar: "Do you think the government has the right to condemn my house?" Mike Kosnac: "I don't knowg I've never seen it." . . . Mr. Bumbera is counting the days too . . . Warning to Janet Wackenhut-remember Pythagoras . . . Keith Sibley, buying supplies for the NHS tea: "It's better to have more than less." .1 1. V we I . Ups and downs. 'lWhat do you mean?" Explaining PHEAA. pn. - 'Um-m-m, good!" t MARCH-Seniors are measured for caps and gowns . . . Skeet Owens is still trying to beat the bell . . . Teachers' seminar day . . . Trojan thinclads P f follow the rugged road-Stymie Stevenson practices pole vaulting . . . Stu- ! l dents explore vocations during Career Day . . . An afternoon off to see the Thiel Players in "Peer Gynt" . . . Mr. Tony Gauer presents a terrific assem- V . tl bly . . . Football team has a chicken pie supper . . . Junior class play, "The f-Ah,h,h,h!v Cat and the Canary" . . . The Evaluation Committee has arrived-three days of surveillance . . . College Boards have sneaked up on us again. APRIL-"LOOP LIRPA"-Rick Travis: "What language is that in?" , . . A vu Trojan golfers hit the greens . . . Easter vacation . . . King and Queen of 'ff Sports Dance . . . As Roberta Whiteside entered class late, Mrs. Redmond: "Where is your slip?" Roberta: "I've got it on!" . . .Jim McElree titles his report card: "Laugh of the Month" . . . Sign on the board to Mr. Jordan: "To Sir with Love" . . . Announcements and name cards arrive . . . Track and golf teams hope for sunny skies . . . All-Sports Banquet. MAY-With lack of concentration and with high expectations, seniors await the final day . . . The annual Spring Concert is presented by the combined efforts of the choir and orchestra . . . Students exhibit their YZ, Tough test. I V' it A , ,rl fi. Q -4 lu" - S' .. 2 ,V Preparing for "evaluation," ' 'I' Dress-up day. ff as Tlu'ee's a crowd. Favorite period. Figure four. Three o'clock rush. u1u1-:.J ru n-:zz rjzxxu-n:..4:.....:.. ...Y : .... .. tum " Q. Over the bar! Five of a kind. A ,i ,f Y ,gr . l "Here we come!" Spfing fever. Finished! Remember when? T l .vi I creative and artistic talents at the Art and Industrial Arts Show . . . Troian dedication-the rush to autograph yearbooks . . . Senior Awards Assembly . . . Seniors breeze their way through final exams-mostly . . .Junior-Sen- ior Prom . . . Debby Morrison looks chic in her cap and gown fsee page 67D . . . Vespers . . . Commencement practice . . . Senior farewell party . . . Open houses . . . Graduation nears . . . Anticipation of the final day . . .' Commencement . . Diplomas- Alumni we are! lll ...Q . ...-Z r 1: - 4 ,fl kv ,fl i , -5 '- E211 ,l u r'N x l , Meat. S. mg ' Smurf, The Bandwagon. The graduates 1 . l a lg. J- . r ,. f, l r As we graduate we leave the hallways, stair towers, and classrooms behind and go our separate ways, taking with us the mem- ories and the education on which to build our individual lives. PHOTOGRAPHY: LININGER STUDIO, GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Additional photographs-page 8: photo 1, 9:2-courtesy Graphic Horizons: also additional photographs-page 1: photo 1, 4:1, 521, 6:1-3, 722, 8:2-3, 1521, 1722, 2316, 2922, 4224, 5014, 51: 1-4, 52:3, 5326, 5922, 67:2, 10321, 10521, 10611-2-5-6, 10824, 109210-courtesy Record Argusg and additional photographs-page 7: photo 2, 9:1-3-4, 2626, 5521-3-4, 56:5-7, 5727, 5923-6, 6022-4, 61:2-4-5-7, 10222-3-4, 10821, 10923-courtesy Mrs. Evelyn C. Spaulding. PUBLISHING: WM. J. KELLER INC., BUFFALO, NEW YORK COVERS: KINGSCRAFT, KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE A, . 4 -QD Q,-GBQQGX QSLC L Wx 9:2 E57 457' T1jf 5.f il ip 45q W', M3 Qaamnk Mm. if 2 Qlwwmif wgiwm 5153 mm M- MQ'wK QT f fgqdlw - QMS Q -figs A " f ' 'Qu QSQQC USQCXSS ' dw gr -' A E' Xxe,CQ,. - lXk.,k.Q.k,, W ., A 'Q xxsbxi f - fi 1 Q I rx K ' n ' SQLQJVQ Lg U6 5 UL . ' cl,-, ' V AX , , s X!.. 1 K A L'-Lanier.. 4. .. 17 lm, WT sfswv' -fwfr' 'ff'-'ev-Ilnffr--1-Q ff . , -,.. MJF- T, 'L' YH -f ,"?Yn. " L U ,J. Y LW' A. V. W ,, "'1 -, - r-'iff-"' -Y,T'v'f1v .:-. 'Ri-tri' .- .-gh . . ,g',f..f1:..e5t?- "3j1Y',-351,-,z.',hah-1' fi ' fu ,gf L.-v,., :1:s+i 1..1:m .'. :'- F 'vrsgiw 1"1j4 -.44J'Z75Ff ' " ' ' .- P-sufrafm-.1-. 2... ,ali-'-'1p'+,'gu'f'1-'WL-.Lr-1'. ' W-,- g J - -' Y-1 "LIME l1.,,'1, .-gf-51.11 ' ,U -.4T1J.,2' , -4...'Q,', 'J '." ,511lL"me,,Lg1l,?l1-f"', - ' , "i-3 - 11 '-4-LB 1' , " afpf, , ',.,i"Mz,rQ1V-:"jp"'Q5?1-H?EJ1f'f5'f ' I 'f '14 Y f:""".f-" ai ..L:'1!-'i"?3r'g-y'U?,f:'fQ"'1iij'Af rf .X ' f 'fF:f'!f,f3"L2'.35" ,J 7? , 4 ,-,L'1'-,f9'w Ffa L5,N1!x3:Ig5f'v'liT7?v'f Yu-,xl ' ' Y' , ?L'1n'.fl'L'FL.,'1' '1, -' r' iv-'Lf . ' -. -gm' ,fly 4' v 1 .w,5,'L11'Emi M7 ':'ffh'T4Y'L",'7,'1j:- ...W .A-..'m1-'fn 4'-"':'.-IH. .J '.' .- ,- 4 " -' ,- -'1f':'- -'EFL-Arif.. -. rfmrf. .n-v.'wi,. 1 ,.-. r g..!r.f41w,g ,.-H "fl . ,.,-l ,rw 4, ... .. .. J 1 . . .X J... .+ ,,.,...,v- ,, L, ,1ql,4'qP1.-M-',4p.E-.. Ja., , ...f 5 T , 1 vw, --.,. .V .3 J, ,4 af, x - , rx ,'.-.Kyiv-fi. W , 5 ?-5'fsQf'ff.fQer .9i1l'-',45.1f''mi ww,--., ' f . . If - ,1.1,'gfHH'.T' 4' it ,vLg'v',v:Q,.gillv Eglrirxg'-4 ' r - in-rf. 1,1 liLJV5V.jf,yQ'can Z4 W. ,H l31j1sw,Q.?f11.i.L:f1x:,5x':5d.yiLmFr,- 11' , 'sy . 45- tif - -, 3 - ,jf 1',','5 - . .V , .." ., A-' A '.,.4Y-Wy!!! ' 9,f-v'z-5',5"Pv.-' .zH.'. ' T- -- ' 'if-' ,F-' IU. " ', " J? " ,. - . ,. '- 'x I ng-d,l.4A.Z:jl.:5!,.,, :T-Ahrxk Engine, 'Y n. I, , I--,I -4 A g l :lv V, MAJ 'V W1 . H .. H K lu- vi I Y f ' ' .'f'F.,-,fugsfvd ' P- .g','fQ ,, jf 1, -L, f7L'f1,,-',y 'f 5- if ?cf'7,f.Q.f QQ ,' JQ7' LJQQ.,-' ' Q'-l ,. .1 lx l'.g,AN . QZ A .n . I, i,.,.,.I .1 vi. V W X , , rj: 'qi' J ,A Y . V,-1 Mrff' T :- Q L ' nl u. , I ' , N 4 .. lf.. . . V ' ig 15-,gg rl gj,..xiQ g.p.,. . , . , V as. Vw. - ' ' "if'E51'f.f':"'w4. " "J 4 ff: s.I'fQ:wv', V-F 'Qm...-blip vi P'J A 'M 3 I o....... Q-.......u -1,:L ,, 1 ., . - -L -1-.vs!!',g"1-,143 14-.. I' .. f4-'-1-ff-----1-fv'-LEW" " ,, ' 'fze' ly ..N...,f 1- " M-A mg- S F29-in 5 ' --A" jx " ' ' Is"'1'ArL 912 if TV "-.- t' ..- "WA-' i --"QL ',.i.Jq..1,N,r, I . .V ,PQ W......- . mm... V, V gr 1 L V ,tl Q.-b'3.""f.fa1 -QT. M .p, A . 'L-1'5"-if ff' 1'''f"':f!5f-1'!1!'.4t-?,':"f'.'l:.n.',I.Hi3?'i"x.:: .' " - w ' ' - ' ' -Y ' -,-..,. V ' Q V-in if , , N. .I V ' . V 'TNT' ,

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