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« wiM TROIAN 1967 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF GREENVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME 8Mr. Snyder. Mr. Ballock To the Varsity Coaches of Greenville Senior High School in appreciation of the time and effort they have contributed to athletics and to the enrichment of our school lives, we dedicate this 1967 Troian. Through their leadership and example, Mr. Ballock, Mr. Clel-land, Mr. Fagley, Mr. Mclnturf, and Mr. Snyder have given to each of us a true feeling of sportsmanship, the honor of having winning seasons, and the pride of rooting for our home teams. Mr. Mclnturf. Mr. Fagley Mr. Ballock. Mr. Clclland 2 f. •% ? HsfcM(ures A ofth e J-; 0.0 “ - W. vAA $- School Addition Is u v %'As t Moving on Schedule ■ A 5 «. N A 4 $v v « c'K -f .vvC Kv n THE 1967 TROIAN t»rjqy the locker roofl . In this rapidly changing world, wc remember headlines of current news, events of our school days, and especially the characteristics that set our generation apart from others. Being young isn't just the latest dance, fad, or fashion; it's also a yearning for the future—and a clinging to the past. V v-,. a 0 ■ O r PA DAY OF CLASSES 8:00 A.M. . . . the leap to beat the hell . . . questions, problems, experiments, projects . . . lunch lines . . . stacked lockers . . . lire drill . . . pep assembly schedule. . .3:00 P.M. 56A SEASON OF SPORTS Hustle, fight, win . . . fircd-up teams . . . excited fans . . . intent coaches . . . raise that score . . . grit, groan, sweat, muscle . . . the final whistle. 78A YEAR OF ACTIVITIES A special assembly . . . concert time . meeting . . . 250 stag, 400 a couple . parties, field trips. . a committee . club lectures.ft TROJANS ♦ tTROMf SINKEM FLOOR’EM rcnwu: okovccity 10A TIME TO REMEMBER Around the school . . . hallways and classrooms . . . the new wing goes up . . . fish sticks and French fries . . . stacks of books . . . doorways. 11Scheduled to I a ege Board Exams |ie 80 Greenvillr H i students are scheduled 30 a.m. Saturday t X . (,'rment tests Lj ? - Education Questions o °AP ' 'o £ z? c N c c e» ted r cr, A education were growing any-A : ■ . aW- -e near the pace of its quanti- tciSWj ,. te next generation might even education, up 7.5 per cent over 1 year and an increase of 68 per c in nine years. Classroom teachers, now to' ing 1.8 million, have increased ov keeping pace with quantity, reason to question absorption of know] •'damental fields 4 ' understand- MUV y V a 50 per cent faster growth tl chalked up by pupil enrollment this imbala ' •lf l A. O' - "'i O y ‘hem- tao’ School Board ‘To Consider , l%7 Changes ■ V7 1 Greenville Area School boa be made when the Carl Scott, senior high prin jj ° P l. and Ex, • v,;«w e fcn«d nrincioal. WiU ty. for'1‘it 5Ch0°l Prirvc'P'a' - ' ’■ • culutr and changing nervo I CLASSES v -------- vmencan r.auc u0n wCew • C % ,«d annually hv , i» V, S o V°CX •« •! E fu Studc J | V d Ufe ___ ___________AT THE HEAD OF OUR SCHOOLS Class of 1967: May I extend my congratulations to the Senior Class of 1967. You have the distinction of being the last class of a three year Senior High School and in addition you are also the last of the smaller size classes to graduate. It is to be noted, however, that your size has had no effect on your achievements for you have conducted yourselves admirably and with distinction in the classroom. 1 am confident that your education has been of such a nature that you can compete with other young men and women with confidence. May 1 urge each of you to recognize the worth and dignity of others as you proceed in life. Give to each task as best your individual ability provides. In so doing you will find the happiness and success in life you deserve. RICHARD B. HOFFMAN Superintendent RICHARD B. HOFFMAN B.S.. Slippery Rock Stale College Ed. M.. University of Pittsburgh Ed. I).. Western Reserve University Superintendent of Schools GREENVILLE AREA BOARD OF EDUCATION—Front Row: Mrs. Betty Weaver. Secretary to School District: Mr. John W. Read. President; Dr. Richard B. Hoffman. Superintendent of Schools. Second Row: Mr. Donald Dart; Mr. Victor I osacano. Vice President; Mr. Olva G. Ross; Mr. Parke F. Wentling; The Rev. George C. Reese; Dr. Robert H. Baker. Not in Picture: Mrs. Naomi Martin: Dr. Lester Raub.Class of 1967: Congratulations to each of you upon reaching one of the most important milestones in your lives. As you progress in all your dreams and future endeavors may you Take Time. . . Take Time To Think . . . It is the source of power. Take Time To Play . . . It is the secret of perpetual youth. Take Time To Read . . . It is the fountain of wisdom. Take Time To Pray . . . It is the greatest power on earth. Take l ime To Love and Be Loved . . . It is a God-given privilege. Take Time To Be Friendly . . . It is the road to happiness. Take Time To Laugh . . . It is the music of the soul. Take Time To Give . . . It is too short a day to be selfish. Take Time To Work . . . It is the price of success. I extend to each of you my personal best wishes for a successful future. CARL A. SCOTI ... IN THE OFFICE CARL A. SCOTT H.S.. Geneva College EJ. M.. University of Pittsburgh Senior High School Principal I HE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE—Mr. Car! Scott. Principal; Miss Sandra Beckman and Mrs. Savilln Davis. Secretaries.GUIDANCE Mr. Scott confers with members of our guidance department—Mr. Spciglc and Mr. Young. Seniors check up on colleges. rhe guidance department, headed by Mr. Spciglc, plays an important role in our daily lives. The department is responsible for arranging our schedules and administering tests. Also our guidance counselors aid us in selecting the colleges of our choice and arc always available for personal advice. Mr. Richard W. Spciglc—A.A., Grace land College: B.A., Baldwin Wallace—Guidance Counselor.... IN THE LIBRARY Rendezvous in the library. Summit conference. Mr. Robert Fagley—B.S.. Clarion Slate College—Librarian. So much of our knowledge is obtained through reading that the library is a necessity to our education. It is the center of student life, information, and study. Term paper time. :.4vENGLISH Mrs. Helen Brath—A.B.. Thiel College; M.S., Syracuse University—Sophomore English: Mrs. Mabel E. Land re th—AH.. Thiel College—Senior English; Miss Irene Kapurik—B.S. in Ed.. Slippery Rock State College—Junior and Senior English; Miss Marlene Ann Gutowski—B.S. in Ed., Slippery Rock State College—Sophomore and Junior English; Mrs. M. Jane Miller— A.B.. Thiel College—Junior English. Public Speaking.. . . LANGUAGES “cQu£ quierc dear?" Mr. Eugene Jordan—A.B.. Grove City College—Spanish I. II. Ill; Mrs. Edna Royal—B.S. in Ed.. Thiel College—French I. II. Gitin II: Mr. Andrew Jacobson—A.B.. Youngstown University: M.A., Western Reserve University—French II. III. IV. 19MA THEM A TICS Mrs. Velma Wchner—A.B.. Wittenberg University—Algebra I. II. Geometry; Miss Mary Mowry—A.B.. Thiel College: Ed. M„ University of Pittsburgh—Geometry. Algebra III. College Mathematics; Mr. Thomas Bartholomew—B.S.. Indiana State University—Geometry. Algebra II; Mr. Wilfred McCuskey—B.S., Ohio State University—Basic Mathematics II. III. Geometry. "The Here’s how.” Anxiety mounts!AND SCIENCE Toil and trouble. Mr. Theodore A. Marantis—B.S., Edinboro State College; M. Ed., Pennsylvania State University—Chemistry I, II; Mr. C. Donald Brcckcnridgc—B.S., Thiel College; M. Lilt., University of Pittsburgh—Physical Science, Physics; Mr. James A. DcFrancc—B.S., Grove City College —Biology I. II; Miss Arlene S. Zonarich—U S., Edinboro State College—Biology I.SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. David H. Clclland—B.S. in Ed.. Waynesburg College—World Culture: Mr. Paul R. Massie—B.S., Thiel College; XI.A., University of Pittsburgh —United Slates History; Mr. Michael Kolesar—B.S.. Thiel College; Ed. A .. University of Pittsburgh—Economics and Government. Mr. Kolesar explains.Mr. Glenn W. Caulfield—B.S. in C., Grove City College: Ed. M„ University of Pittsburgh—Typing I. Shorthand I. II: Miss Frances I. Chcstlcy —Westminster College—Typing I. II. Bookkeeping: Mr. Frank G. Hetra—B.B.A., Westminster College: MS. in Ed., Westminster College— Basic Mathematics II. III. Typing I. Bookkeeping. An industrious group. Touch and go.ART AND DRAWING . . . Top art. Mr. Glen Fcllnaglc—B.S.. Californio State College: M.A., West Virginia University— Mechanical Drawing . II. III. Print Shop: Mrs. Eleanor Skcllie—0.5., Edinhoro State College—Art I. II. Handy with a T-square.. . . VOCATIONAL SUBJECTS Knock on wood. Mr. William Mclnturf—B.S. in Ed.. Ohio University—Industrial Arts and II; Mrs. Marian els Bcnka—RS. in . Ec.. Indiana State University: M.S. in Foods and Nutrition. Western Reserve University—Home Economics . II. and III. Ironing out difficulties. Stitch and sew. 25MUSIC . . . "Take it from the edge.” Mr. Theodore Young—B.S. in Music. Indiana University: M. Ed.. Westminster College—Chorus and Guidance: Mr. Michael Pistolcsi—B.S.. Western Reserve University—Orchestra: Mr. Ronald A. Rohland—BS„ Indiana State University—Band. A new song. Tuning up. 26HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Richard J. Yaiigcr—BS., Slippery Rock Stale College—Health, Physical Education, Driver Education; Miss Arm Bell—B.S., Slippery Rock State College—Health, Physical Education; Mr. Robert Bullock—B.S. in Physical Education. University of Pittsburgh—Health, Physical Education. Mrs. Isabelle Smith—R.N., Oil City Hospital; B.S., Edinboro State College—School Nurse.His Trojan horse.preen vine, wove wiry rrapplers Clash Tonigh 'I Vi 2!e0an i i 9 w • v g Winners By PHILIP GROOMS Rf'Or.,- : n I Wo 0e UP gVl R VrtcV 0C .; W .oc v' ■ n f cCfeclivdy jutsci 1 1M iB ,M 1 0 ...c c- ri I l,Wa klwUd” ■ • »n«l ’.V.u i y c;,J played Wftile 'jv JTOd « J V •' - '°m? " Sporh CQtd SPORTS __ FOOTBALL Coach Snyder GHS RECORD OPP. 26 Meadvillc 7 33 Hickory 13 21 Sharpsvillc 6 13 Farrell 0 9 Oil City 12 14 Strong Vincent 6 27 Grove City 0 35 Cambridge Springs 0 13 Reynolds 0 Coach Ballock Front Row: Ed Thompson. Denny Young. John Nlathicson. Roger Read. Gary Hull. Gary Taylor. John Miller. Jeff Brenneman. Second Row: Tom Mincer, I.arry Sigler. John Ray. Mike Kelley. Jack Kosnac. Tom Williams. Dick DiAngi. John Walker. Bob Catalano. Third Row: Bill Madura. Mike Kosnac. Jim Wathan. Alex McCurdy, Jim Lovesky. John Young. Bob Brown. Gary Williams. Bob Dunworth, Bob McDonald. Fourth Row: Tom Ryan. Dale Nichols. Denny Berry. Jerry Brenneman. Clarence Coonfield. Jay Chase. Elton Barnett. Bill Achcnbach. Pete Sowash. Doug Klenovich. Bob Northrop. Fifth Row: Dave Wclton. Bob Reinhart. Ed Dawes. Jim McEIrcc. Ed Garbarino, Jack Lovesky. Steve Moyer. Rod Mayer. Lonnie Ferguson. Dale Brakeman.“Ready! The senior managers—Lonnie Ferguson, Dale Brakeman. Bob Reinhart. Hey. what's going on in there?" GRIDIRON WRAP-UP Once again Coaches Snyder and Ballock produced a successful football team. For the second consecutive year, the Trojans won outright possession of the Mercer County Championship. Giving up only forty-four points, the defense always proved to be a real challenge for the opposing offense. Relying more on fine blocking than on any one man, the formidable offense racked up a total of 191 points as the Greenville gridders posted an excellent 8-1 record. The Trojans began the 1966 season by winning a grudge match with Meadville, 26-7. With Gary Hull at quarterback the hard charging offense netted 291 yards, most of it being gained on the ground. Punt returns by Ed Thompson and John Walker aided in the scoring. Displaying a well balanced attack, the Junior Varsity under Coaches Stone and Yaugcr once again went undefeated. The J.V.’s limited their seven opponents to a mere twelve points while scoring well over one hundred themselves. The Little Trojans now hold a fantastic record of twenty-nine wins against one loss for the past four years.Gel off my back!" penny Young The coaches and the captains. Roger Read On a hot Saturday afternoon, the Trojans won their first league game with a 33-13 rout over Hickory. Most of Greenville's five TD's came on long yardage plays. Pass interceptions by Roger Read and Jim Lovesky were key defensive plays. The Blue and Gold received win number three with a 21-6 victory at Sharpsvillc. The defense held the Blue Devils to three first downs; their only touchdown came on a 97-yard run. The Trojan aerial attack gained 107 yards as Gary Hull completed eight out of twelve passes. The big win of the season came at Farrell as the Trojans pulled a 13-0 upset. It was a superb team effort marked with an aggressive line and gang tackling. Our recovered fumbles, two each by Jack Kosnac and John Mathieson, were main factors in the win. Denny Young and Ed Thompson each tallied a touchdown. The following week, the Trojans found that they were on the losing end of an upset. A fired-up Oil City team ruined our Home- Bob Catalano Gary Hull 32Zero" takes off! Everybody take a break coining with a 12-9 win. Leading only 9-6 at halftime, the Trojans were unable to score in the second half due to numerous fumbles and a tough Oil City defense. Greenville’s only touchdown came when Roger Read recovered a fumble in the end zone. The next Friday, the Trojans started a four-game winning streak with a 14-6 victory over Erie Strong Vincent at Stewart Field. Both Trojan touchdowns came in the first half on short runs. John Walker, Pete Sowash, and Ed Garbarino snagged Gary Hull’s passes to help set up the touchdowns. The following week the Trojans romped to an easy 27-0 victory at Grove City. After Greenville scored four quick touchdowns, Coach Snyder substituted freely enabling all the players to sec action. I he Snydcrmen had an easy time against Cambridge Springs rolling to a 35-0 win. Two touchdowns came on long plays—one was a 90-yard punt return by Ed Thompson, the other, a 94-yard interception runback by Denny Young. Ed Thompson John Miller John Mathicson Tom Mincer Jeff Brenneman Gary Taylor Going for short yardage. Dick DiAngi Boh McDonald Tom WilliamsIn the final game of the year, the Trojans hosted Reynolds at Stewart Field. Both teams displayed tough defenses. After a scoreless three quarters, the Trojans finally tallied when Denny Young returned a pass interception to the Raider 10-yard line, and Jim Love-sky scored on the following play. Later, the Trojans drove to the Raider 24-yard line. From there. Young scampered around right end for the TD. The game ended 13-0, giving Greenville sole possession of the County Championship. Hull on a keeper. Denny scores at Hickory. Larry Sigler Jack Kosnac A good block for Walker.Coach Fairley Vertical: Tom Murrin. Bob McDonald, Steve Moyer. Dan Mcchcnbier. Tom Ryan, Ed Garbarino. Horizontal: John Walker. Dick Greenfield. Mark Adams. Gary Hull, Denny Young. Ed Thompson. Managers: Art Hoffman. Jack Campbell. Greg Fuller, Charles Red inak. Under the coaching of Mr. Mclnturf. the Junior Varsity completed the season with a good 12-K record. Some of the high scorers for the little Trojans were Ed Garbarino. Charlie Gaus, Dave Lewis. Bruce McKay. Dave Rickert. and l orn Ryan.Coach Mclnturf BASKETBALL SEASON S RECORD GHS OPP. 69 Lakeview 57 72 Saegertown 52 55 Lakeview 41 45 Conneaut Lake 46 66 Saegertown 47 71 Conneaut Lake 31 60 New Wilmington 46 71 Reynolds 39 38 Franklin 62 58 Grove City 35 50 Hickory 54 63 Reynolds 41 58 Sharpsvillc 59 72 Slippery Rock 34 58 West Middlesex 52 70 Rocky Grove 62 59 Grove City 39 43 Hickory 57 71 Reynolds 31 79 Sharpsvillc 47 49 Slippery Rock 34 72 West Middlesex 37 Dick hooks one in! Jump ball.CAGER HIGHLIGHTS Clearing the boards. Tip it in. Denny! In his third year as varsity basketball coach. Mr. Fagley again produced a winning team with a fine 17-5 record. Returning letter-men for Greenville included Dick Greenfield. Gary Hull. John Walker, and Denny Young. Either Ed Thompson. Mark Adams, or Steve Moyer rounded out the starting lineup. The Trojans displayed such a strong defense that only two opponents were able to score more than sixty points in any one game, and on eight occasions the cagcrs held the opposing team to less than forty points. The rebounding of Denny Young. Gary Hull, and Ed Thompson enabled the Trojans to dominate the boards. John Walker's dribbling ability often thwarted the opposition's press and. on occasion, the hot outside shooting of Dick Greenfield and Mark Adams made the difference between a win and a loss. Also. Hull was deadly accurate with his jump shots and lay-ups. Every win was a team effort which showed the results of many hours of practice. Over Christmas vacation. Greenville successfully defended their championship at the American Legion Tournament held at Reynolds. In the semi-final contests, the cagcrs downed New Wilmington. 60-46. In the championship fray they overpowered Reynolds, 71-39. to capture the first-place trophy. Gary Hull was named to the Tournament All-Star Team following the game. In the County A-B League, the Trojans finished second with a 9-3 mark. Hickory once again copped first place with a 12-0 standing. Two of Greenville’s league games were lost by slim margins. In their first encounter with Hickory, the team dropped an overtime battle. 54-50, on the Greenville hardwood. At Sharpsville, the Trojans lost by one point, 59-58. after leading most of the game. Except for these two games and another at Hickory, Greenville easily handled all league opponents. Dick GreenfieldBob McDonald Dan Mcchcnbicr Tom Murrin John Walker STATISTICS Player Shots S.M. Pet. Greenfield 108 39% Hull 145 46% Young 83 39% Thompson 44 37% Walker 46 38% Adams 56 40% Moyer 17 32% Mechcnbier 8 40% McDonald 2 25% Murrin 1 14% TROJANS 523 40% OPPONENTS 397 31% Here, you take it!” Free Throws Total Re- S.M. Pet. Points bounds 33 58% 249 134 101 73% 391 378 55 76% 221 286 29 52% 117 97 24 57% 116 65 40 83% 152 82 7 33% 41 23 6 66% 22 14 4 66% 8 11 0 0% 2 1 303 65% 1349 1112 215 55% 1009 — “I had it first!" A jump shot for Gary.;REE«ltU JEMIU fCCmif ?EEM¥1LL: . E »lUr ,?c«riL IMIUi ■ HU i£mu M : nnu W . iiiue tftltlw WRESTLING SEASON S RECORD CHS 43 Jamestown OPP. 18 27 Canon McMillan I 1 33 Franklin 9 46 Strong Vincent 0 34 Conneaut l ikc 8 36 Grove City 11 49 West Middlesex 3 39 Commodore Perry 6 38 I-akcview 12 40 New Castle 9 24 Reynolds 22 28 Oil City 10 27 Meadville 9 43 Hickory 1 1 Coach Clclland Coach Ballock Front Row: Dale Miller. Paul IX nato. Kerry Ewing. Jeff Kaub. Jim Henry. Gary Taylor. Bob Catalano. Second Row: Doug Klcnovich. Jim Wathan, r ilc Brakeman. Dean Stockncr. John Stevenson. Sam Landfried.The Junior Varsity compiled an excellent 11-2 record. Aside from their regular matches held before each varsity contest, they also wrestled a match with the Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind. The wrestling managers for this season were Ken Swank and Mark Fisher. GRAPPLERS’ REVIEW One word, “undefeated," aptly describes the 1966-67 Trojan wrestling team. Forming the foundation for the fine squad were ten letter-men: Sam Landfried, Gary Taylor, Bob Catalano, Jim Wathan. Pete Sowash, Paul Donato, John Stevenson, Jeff Raub, Dale Brakeman, and Alan Heckman. Others who wrestled often were Dale Miller, Wally Melvin, Kerry Ewing, Dean Stockner, Jeff Brenncman, Doug Klenovich, and Jim Henry. En route to their 14-0 record, the grapplcrs had to avenge the two losses of the previous season. In the second match of the year, they easily disposed of Canon McMillan, 27-11. On February 1, the Trojans edged out Reynolds. 24-22, in a packed Greenville gymnasium. These exciting victories paved the way for an undefeated season. Hey, you cheat! Sammy still in control. ‘Tell me when it hurts.” 41Going for the takedown. There were also two other matches that held special interest, the contest with the Lakeview Sailors who had just pulled a big upset over Reynolds and the Meadville match which the Bulldogs entered with a 26-game winning streak. Both encounters ended in decisive victories for the Trojans. During Christmas vacation, Greenville hosted the seventh Invitational Wrestling Tournament. Waynesburg won with 105 points, Greenville followed with 85, Reynolds netted 81 and Oil City 41. Taking individual honors for Greenville were Jeff Raub, Gary Taylor, and Doug Klenovich. On February 17, Coaches Clelland and Ballock took the squad to Lakeview for the Section 111 Tournament where Gary Taylor and Dean Slockncr were victorious. Gary also came through at District X. Jeff Brcnncman Ed Slavic TEAM STATISTICS GHS OPP. Takedowns 205 71 Reversals 87 46 Escapes 92 116 Near Falls 40 8 Predicaments 32 16 Falls 40 7 Bouts Won 132 38 Bouts Tied 4 4 42Time for another pin! Bob Catalano Dale Brakeman Sam l.andfricd "Hey, that hurts!" "Come on. Dale, you can do it! BULU42L mi 1m Front Row: Mark Fisher. John Hamilton. John Lopochonsky. Tom Goss. Mike Freeman. Bruce Biggin. Rex Swartzheck. Dale Seger. Tom Williams. Darrell Rougher. Boh Herrick. John Aiken. Paul Andrews. Second Row: Jeff Raub. Tom Walker. I.on Brush. Jim Williams. Ken Hockctt. Jim Wathan. Art Hoffman. Denny Caylor. Tom Spargo. Bob Northrop. Ron Magargcc. Bob Morrison. Third Row: Coach Ballock. John Stevenson. Ed Thompson. Tom Brcckcnridge. John Prcbula. Steve Bortz. Frank McCurdy. Pat Buchanan. Dan Mechcnbicr. Gary Hull. Dick Greenfield. Rick Baird. TRACK Greeny “puts" one. RECORD OPP. Lakeview 35 Franklin 102 Farrell 116V Ell wood City 29 V George Junior 49 Rocky Grove 60 V Grove City 72 Commodore Perry 52 Reynolds 83 V Hickory 64 V ♦Triangular Meet The 1966 track team, first to use the new track, completed the season with a 7-3 record. There were several new school records established in both track and field events. In the county meet, Greenville placed fourth with John Aiken winning the 880 yd. run. A few of the thinclads entered and placed at both the Farrell Invitational and District X meets. 1967 senior lettermen. GHS 119 48 43 101 75V 78 98 61V 85V 44The new track is dedicated to Mr. Dean K. Crowther before the County Meet. Honcybcar hoofs it! Anticipating the gun. First heat of the high hurdles at County.Front Row: Gordy Loveless. Bill Bright. Tom Kilncr. Denny Nichols. Doug Dart. Bruce McKay. Alex McCurdy. Second Row: Coach Mclnturf. Tom Frampton. Bill Kerpan. Dale Nichols. Paul Arnold. Denny Young. GOLF Under coach Mclnturf, the Trojan linksmen finished the 1966 season with an impressive 10-3-1 record. They easily defeated every opponent except the county champs. Hickory and Grove City. The team showed much improvement as the season progressed and managed to tic Hickory in the next to the last match. GHS 1 1 9 11 Vi 5 14 Vi 11 2 Vi 17 14 14 15 5 Vi VA 7 RECORD West Middlesex Reynolds West Middlesex Hickory Conneaut Lake Sharpsvillc Grove City Conneaut Lake Sharpsvillc Reynolds West Middlesex Grove City Hickory Slippery Rock Denny tecs off. 46VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Kathy Crognale. Bonnie Burns, Mary Lu Moss, Annette Bcrryhill. Karen Johnson. Captain Trudy Adams. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders help to stimulate school spirit by presenting skits at pep assemblies, making P.A. announcements, and leading cheers at athletic events. They start practice in the summer and continue throughout the school year so that they will always be doing their best. An extra job this year was maintaining a scrapbook for the coaches of each sport. We want a touchdown! J.V. CHEERLEADERS—Cindy Dart. Margie Hodge. Barb Sweet. Beth Crowther. Captain Nancy Tuttle. Debbie Williams. 47ATHLETES ALL VARSITY "G"—President. Dick Greenfield: Vice President. John Aiken: Secretary-Treasurer. John Miller: Advisers. Mr. Ballock. Mr. Clelland. Mr. Faglcy. VARSITY “G” The lettermen . . . program salesmen at sports events . . . identified by blue and gold jackets . . . an annual activity is the King and Queen of Sports Dance. LEADERS CLUB Pleasure in teamwork . . . horseback riding—the memory lingers on with saddle sores . . . co-sponsor King and Queen of Sports Dance . . . membership based on points earned in various sports. LEADERS CLUB—President, Debbie Beil; Vice President, Bonnie Artman; Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Titzel: Points Manager, Dot Frampton; Adviser, Miss Bell.nksgiving served by dent Body V 6 lw.iv miwuqal of the iC "Thanks Be to Thee ' c ° «NX “Let There B Day.’ The en «'e 3 does and Gree7Conce I . sart" e', . «» ; « N c sw tw‘».. c ■ r o e o' - w A V»V C vL-uAU® -. o f3r »'t 4',c •5 . 9, 0 • „ ©. Se » “ ■"' „ '4E ,e"v ”' i Honor Grou f'V - Ss --ti...-’. i-j... . -», £L«4J se High Schoo Inducts 27 3toft ;;cavsovi aJV Afc ' d‘ v t UclVoe A"T V‘: we ’.Ge Twenty-seven student %he V ” tO'»s"”'a afe ‘ I Creor.ville Senior High S Yve %y v v, .0V9 v ,o0d : V,% '% $ a u- fc 'c. cv O ,r Se Nation£ V 'V v »' ■■S . O 'V vT ‘I » ,. ' • XViV" fe - A r' , , ® x °P k re inducted into the Nai nor Society at an asse Monday afternoon. N.i i- iul iIonov Socii ty A. Scott, high s introduced the four area CLUBS And Judy tusch and v on G s 4 ® U"4 o' V .rer ,. f,0 . y % b «44„ I '0’ £ _ V{ ■ - tC,! '7s q»s ■ .. , 9 v. % f . J b V V 0 7, I 0 )1.(. paiGHS REPRESENTATIVES STUDENT COUNCIL—President. Richard Greenfield; Vice President. Alex McCurdy; Secretary-Treasurer. Diann Eckley; Adviser. Miss Mowry. STUDENT COUNCIL Members work to carry out school policy . . . assemble and distribute school handbooks and calendars . . . G.H.S. gardeners . . . eight seniors, six juniors, and four sophomores . . . contribute time and effort to promoting school unity. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Primarily honorary . . . standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and service . . . largest membership ever. . . impressive initiation in assembly. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY—President, John Aiken; Vice President, Sue Packard; Secretary. Ellen Gill; Treasurer. Polly DeLaurentis; Adviser. Mr. Speigle. MW N.. . . RECORDING HISTORY TROIAN—Editor-in-Chief. Judy Titzel; Business Manager. John Mathicson; Class Editor. Ellen Gill; Literary Editor. Susan Packard; Sports Editor. John Aiken; Photography Editor. Virginia Spaulding; Adviser. Miss Mowry. TROIAN Staff members in paper hats sold six hundred fifteen yearbooks . . . “What, another deadline?" ... the midnight oil burned in room 209 . . . “Smile, you're on Troian camera!" TROY TIMES Busy after school working on the “dummy” . . . combined talents of writing, drawing, organizing, and typing . . . "And make that thirty characters per line” . . . one hundred per cent circulation. TROY TIMES—Editor-in-Chief. Rebecca Barr; Assistant Editor, Fred Travis; Feature Page Editor, Leslie McMinn; Sports Page Editor. Scott Woods; Adviser. Mrs. Landreth.SERVICE WITH A SMILE I PROJECTIONISTS—John Wilson; Ken Swank; Dave Minkin; Ron Foust; Adviser. Mr. Faglcy. STAGE CREW—Tim Morrison; Randall Rougher; Bob Reinhart; Buz Nacc; John Mathicson; Dave Hinkin; John Wilson; Ken Swank; Adviser. Mr. Mclnturf. PROJECTIONISTS AND STAGE CREW In demand at assemblies . . . Hal Harrison’s handymen . . . projectionists operate and maintain audio-visual equipment . . . stage crew mans the lights and curtains and assists with stage settings. LIBRARY CLUB Have library pass, will travel . . . Mr. Faglcy’s assistants at the desk . . . thirty-four members . . . “There is no substitute for reading!” LIBRARY CLUB—President. Helena Cheuka; Vice President. Shirley Curtin; Secretary Treasurer, Ellen Cheuka; Adviser. Mr. Faglcy.SENIOR TRI-HI-Y—President, Sue McKee; Vice President. Carol Priest; Secretary. Judy Willaman; Treasurer, I.ynn Sibley; Chaplain. Pam Walker; Adviser. Mrs. Wchncr. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y—President. Debbie Adkins; Vice President. Shirley Curtin; Secretary. Margie Artman; Treasurer. Ellen Mcchenbicr; Chaplain. Dottie Frampton; Adviser. Mrs. Royal. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y—President. Becky Adkins; Vice President. Charlotte Zuschlag; Secretary. Kathy Moynihan; Treasurer. Sue Paulovkin; Chaplain. Judy Bly; Adviser. Mrs. Brath. TRI-HI-Y A service club for all interested girls . . . regular meetings feature a variety of speakers . . . money making projects—bake sales, dances, coat checks . . . concern for community, school, and home. 53FIELDS FOR THE FUTURE . . . F.T.A.—President, Grctchcn Gochring; Vice President. Annette Bcrryhill; Secretary. Patty Longiotti; Treasurer. Pam Walker; Historian. Virginia Spaulding; Advisers. Mr. Marantis, Miss Gutowski. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Initiation at Open House during Education Week ... the coveted Golden Apple goes to Mrs. Marian Orr . . . Homecoming Game: “Want to buy a balloon?" . . . panel discussion with college freshmen ... a new dance innovation— "The MORP" FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Encourages the homemaking abilities of its members . . . the buttonhole twist isn't a dance . . . spaghetti suppers . . . Christmas basket collections . . . "Is it 'knit two. purl one,’ or 'knit one. purl two’?" F.H.A.—President, Patricia Straub; Vice President. Susan McKee; Secretary. Grace Barry; Treasurer. Donna Long; Historian. Brenda McAdoo; Adviser. Mrs. Benka.. . . CREATIVE CAREERS NURSES CLUB—President, Terry Hahn; Vice President. Judy Willaman; Secretary-Treasurer. Linda Eshbaugh; Adviser. Mrs. Smith. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Girls interested in the health professions . . . tour hospitals in surrounding cities . . . co-sponsor Homecoming Dance . . . guest speakers at meetings include nurses and medical technicians. BIOS CLUB An interest in the natural sciences . . . bugs and drugs . . . taxidermy, self-taught . . . experiments with fruit flies . . . exciting field trips. BIOS CLUB—President, Scott Woods; Vice President. Mark Fisher; Secretary-Treasurer. Vicki Losacano; Adviser. Miss Zonarich.BON JO UR SEN OR SPANISH CLUB—President. Roger Read; Vice President. Janet Callahan; Secretary Treasurer. Judy Cook; Adviser. Mr. Jordan. SPANISH CLUB Emphasis on Greenville’s student exchange program . . . club byword: “Hola!” . . . pihata parties and Mexican sock hops . . . several members travelled to Monterrey, Mexico, for summer study. FRENCH CLUB Monthly meetings stress the language and culture of France ... a French-speaking volleyball team? . . . picnicking at the park . . . friendly atmosphere within the club leads to fluent conversation. LE CERCLE FRANQAIS—President. Bob McDonald; Vice President. Jack Kosnac; Secretary, Kathy Pilgram; Treasurer. Sam Salkin; Adviser. Mr. Jacobson.... ON THE EXPRESSIONWAY ART CLUB—President. Tom Williams; Vice President. Bob Reinhart; Secretary. Pam Rogers; Treasurer, Kim Bra clton; Adviser. Mrs. Skcllie. ART CLUB Regal Greek decor for the Homecoming Dance . . . “Pop art?” “No. that's a paint palette" . . . hall decorations . . . student exhibits . . . creative activities for members. PEP CLUB Large membership . . . help the cheerleaders with posters and cheers . . . “C’mon, you can yell louder than that!” . . . aim: to encourage school spirit . . . “Everyone for Greenville, stand up and holler!” PEP CLUB—President. Midge Rcuff; Vice President. Sue Brown; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Doddo; Adviser, Miss Bell.THE SOUND OF MUSIC . . . CHOIR—President. John Mathicson: Vice President. Stic McKee: Secretary-Treasurer. Janet NVackenhut; Librarian. Pam Rogers: Director. Mr. Young. CHOIR Music at performances ranges from the sacred to the secular . . . special interest in trios, quartets, and ensembles . . . “Let's bring the pitch up” . . . singers at District Chorus—Diann Cozad, Pam Rogers, John Mathicson, Tim Morrison, Buz. Nace, and Dan Solbcrg . . . Diann. John, and Dan also sang at Regional and State Chorus. Junior trio. Double quartet.. . . RHYME AND RHYTHM Mixed ensemble. ORCHESTRA The classic side of music .... provides entertainment for holiday assemblies . . . “one-two-rcady-play!” . . . combines with the choir to present the annual spring concert. ORCHESTRA—Director. Mr. Pistolcsi. 59STRIKE UP THE BAND HAND—President. John Aiken; Vice President. Carol Fries!; Secretary-Treasurer. Virginia Spaulding; Director. Mr. Rohland. BAND Livens up pep assemblies . . . half-time routines on the football field . . . pops concert featured music of Leroy Anderson . . . participants in District Band—Judy Logan, Becky Ross. Virginia Spaulding. Gerald Dunnavant. and Tim Morrison. The new banner. Patty Dart, drum major. 60. . 1 LOVE A PARADE MAJORETTES Out in from . . . the girls in gold . . . lively baton drills at games . . . head majorette. Carol Benson; Kathy Harry; Mary Martha Moore; Patty Longiotti; Brenda McAdoo; Judy Titzel; Connie Reinhart; Ellen Gill; Linda Risavi. The Pom Pom Girls. Waiting for the whistle. Marching on Main.AN ACCENT ON TALENT Drummer boys. Summer band camp. DANCE BAND Hot notes and fast tempo . . . entertains at concerts, assemblies, and community events . . . brass, saxes, and rhythm . . . “Swing it, group!" DANCE BAND—Director. Mr. Rohland. todays eenager SENIORS G'b ?re XtoxfiW Oue nmenromQntINTRODUCING THE CLASS OF 1967 DANIEL J. MECHENBIER •Pres" An outstanding leader . . . agile on the court . . . dependable Class President 11-12: Student Council 12: National Honor Society 12; Basketball 10-11-12; Track 10-11-12; Varsity “G” 12; Senior Concession. EDWARD THOMPSON “Duck” A charmer . . . made many TD's . . . indeed an artist Class Vice President 12; Football 10-11-12; Basketball 10-11-12; Track 10-11-12: Student Council 10-11-12. Vice President II; Varsity “G" 10-11-12; French Club 12; Prom Committee. BONITA KAYE ARTMAN “Bonnie" Pretty blue eyes . . . never lacking energy . . . flirtatious Class Secretary 11-12; Leaders Club 11-12. Vice President 12; French Club 10-11-12. President 11: National Honor Society 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Secretary 10; F.H.A. 12; Troy Times 11: Prom Committee; Senior Concession. ANNETTE BERRYHILI “Annette" Loves cheerleading . . . nice to everyone . . . reigned as queen Class Treasurer 12: Cheerleaders 10-11-12: Student Council 12; F.T.A. 10-11-12. Vice President 12: Pep Club 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. President 10; Library Club 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; F.H.A. 11-12; Prom Committee; Senior Concession. 64TODAY’S TEENAGERS GERTRUDE JEAN ADAMS "Trudy" Cute dimples . . . captained the cheerleaders . . . perl flirt French Club 12; Nurses Club 10-12; Pep Club 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; National Honor Society 12; Cheerleaders 11-12. Captain 12; Class Play 12; Prom Committee; Senior Con-cession; G.A.A. 10-11-12; Homecoming Court. JOHN E. AIKEN "Bear" Terrific in track . . . very witty . . . plays a wicked tuha Troian Sports Editor; Magazine Sales Manager; Track 10-11-12, Captain 12; Varsity "G” 11-12, Vice President 12; Band 10-11-12. President 12; National Honor Society 12. President 12; Spanish Club 11-12. REBECCA ANDERSON "Bcckic" An easy-going gal . . . enjoys a good joke Pep Club 12; F.H.A. 11-12; Chorus 12. SUSAN J. BALDWIN “Sue" Neat . . . big brown eyes . . . thoughtfully quiet Transferred from Conncaut Valley High School. Conneaut-ville. Pa. II; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Pep Club 12; Girls Athletic League 10; F.H.A. 12; Class Play Prompter 12; Senior Concession. LINDA RAYE BARNETT "Barney" Unique laugh . . . believes in being herself . . . inquisitive Pep Club 10-12; F.H.A. 11-12; Spanish Club II; Tri-Hi-Y JO-12; Troy Times 12; Senior Concession. GRACE M. BARRY "Grace" Favors mohair sweaters ... a giggler . . . constantly chews gum Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; F.H.A. II-12. Secretary 12; Pep Club 11-12; Senior Concession. RICHARD BARTEL "Cowboy" One of the gang . . . manly stride . . . wise remarks 65DRESSED IN DEBORAH BEIL “Deb" Long blonde locks . . . wonders why . . . always frank Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Treasurer II; Leaders Club 11-12, President 12; French Club 10-11, Secretary 11; Spanish Club 11; Bios Club 10: Troy Times II; Senior Concession; Prom Committee. JAMES H. BEILSTEIN "Jim" Quiet in class . . . genial . . . plays the clarinet Band 10-11-12; Dance Band 12; Class Play Committee 12. WILLIAM H. Bl.ACKSON “Bill" Considerate of others . . . tall . . . drives a Merc JOHN BLY "John" Dignified . . . neat dresser . . . faithful band member French Club 10-11-12; Track 10-11; Band 10-11-12; Senior Concession; Prom Committee. KATHERINE E. BORTZ "Toots" Agile athlete . . . amiable . . . bright sparkling eyes Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Pep Club 10-11-12; F.H.A. 11-12; G.A.A. 11. DALE BRAKEMAN "Dale" Spins records at hops . . . sportsminded . . . and can he dance Football 10-11; Football Manager 12: Wrestling 10-11-12; Varsity "G" 12. JEFFREY J. BRENNEMAN "Jeff" Ready with an answer . . . venturesome . . . swaggering gait French Club 12; Football 10-11-12: Wrestling 10-11-12; Varsity “G” 12; Senior Concession. 66. . . PAISLEY SHIRTS AND MINI SKIRTS ROBERT E. BRINK I.EE E. BRITTON “Brinky” A fiend with a lest lube . . . keen sense of drollery Spanish Club 11-12: Senior Concession; Prom Committee; Basketball Statistician 12; Golf 12. "Jizzy” Takes things as they come . . . often speaks up .. . nice guy ELLSWORTH I. BROWN ”Irve” An outdoorsman . . . shop enthusiast . . . unique penmanship AMY L. BURNS “Amy Lou” Attractive . . . marvel with paint and brush . . . sweet soprano Art Club 10-11. Secretary II; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Chorus 12; F.H.A. 12; Senior Concession; Class Play Committee 12; Pep Club 10. TIMOTHY S. BURNS “Tim” On the go . . . innocent-looking . . . sly humor Spanish Club 10-11; Wrestling 11. BONITA BURNS “Bon” Party lover . . . comical . . . oh those eyes National Honor Society 12; Homecoming Court; Cheerleaders 11-12; Class Treasurer II; Class Play 11-12; Prom Aide 10; Usher II; Pep Club 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Senior Concession; French Club 12; Library Club 11-12; Prom Committee. GERALD G. BUSH “Jerry” Self-reliant . . . the man with the horn . . . likes to hunt Band 10-11-12; Orchestra II-12; French Club 10; Bios Club 10; Art Club 12; Class Play Stage Manager 12: Dance Band 11-12. 67MOVING OUT ON . . . JAMES KUSH "Bushy" Looks forward to assemblies . . . appreciates a good laugh MARY CAMERON "Mary" Nimble at the typewriter . . . frequently found at the library Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Pep Club 11-12; Library Club 11-12. JOHN LEE CAMPBELL "J.L." A quiet thinker . . . good sport . . . always has a grin JOHN M. CAMPBELL "Stclbcrt" Husky . . . seen everywhere on a motorbike . . . not one to worry Varsity "G” 11-12; Art Club 12; Basketball Manager 11-12. MARY LEE CANALE "Mary lee" Loiters at her locker . . . doesn't voice all of her opinions Tri-Hi-Y 10-11: Nurses Club 11; Pep Club 10-11; Library Club 11. LINDA CARl.ESS "Linda" Talks a mile a minute . . . sweet smile ... a sociable miss Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Spanish Club 10-11; Pep Club 10. BARRY A. CARDOZA "Barry" Individual walk . . . adroit magician . . . intrigued by science Art Club 11-12; Class Play 11; Current Affairs Club 10-11; Class Play Stage Crew 12; Bios Club 10; Spanish Club 10. ROBERT CATALANO "Bob" Top-notch wrestler . . . great complainer . . . gets around Varsity “G" 10-11-12; Wrestling 10-11-12; Football 10-11-12. 68. . . HOT RODS AND HONDAS HELENA M. CHEUKA “Helena” Neat appearance . . . quiet . . . creamy complexion Pep Club 10: Spanish Club I fill; Library Club 11-12, President 12; Nurses Club 10; Prom Committee: Senior Concession. KENNETH L. COWHER "Ken” Cheerful . . . seldom at a loss for words . . . a live-wire JUDY ANN COPPICK "Judy” Does what she enjoys . . . pretty dark hair . . . self-reliant WILLIAM R. CRAIG “Bill" Never in a hurry . . . pets a hanp out of life . . . hip-hearted Basketball 10-11; Intramural Sports 10-11. ANN KATHLEEN CROGNALE “Kathy" Coy . . . surrounded by hoys . . . looks on the hripht side E.H.A. 12; French Club 12; Cheerleaders 11-12; Class Play 12; Bios Club 10; Pep Club II- 12. RICHARD DIANGI "Dick" Snappy dresser . . . can always set the fun hall rollinp French Club 11-12; Band 10-11-12; Football 10-11-12; Track 10; Varsity "G" 12; Class Play 11; Senior Concession; Prom Committee. PAULEITE DEI.AURENTIS “Polly” Excels in acting . . . managed the concession stand . . . lively Transferred from St. Michaels High School. Greenville. Pa. II; National Honor Society 12. Treasurer 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; Library Club 11-12; Class Play 11-12: Senior Concession Co-Chairman; Prom Committee; Nurses Club II. GERALD M. DUNNAVANT "Dunnic” Plays a hot saxe . . . jovial . . . class entertainer Band 10-11-12; Basketball 10; Dance Band 11-12. ✓ 69LISTENING TO DIANN M. ECKLEY "Di” Loves a good lime . . . pretty miss . . . bubbling laugh Student Council 10-11-12. Secretary-Treasurer 11-12: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Treasurer 10; Homecoming Court: Cheerleaders II; Art Club 12: F. H.A. 12: French Club II: Chorus 10; Pep Club 10-11-12: G. A.A. 10-11; Usher II; Class Play Committee II. GERALD FERGUSON "Ferg" Plays woodwinds . . . industrious and serious minded Band 10-11-12; Dance Band II-12: Chorus 11-12; Pep Club 10-II; Basketball 10: Intramural Sports 10; Bye Bye Birdie II; Prom Committee; Orchestra 11. DENNIS C. EMMETT "Emmett" Big mischief maker . . . happy-go-lucky . . . top salesman Basketball 10: French Club II-12; Class Play 12; Prom Committee: Senior Concession; Intramural Sports 10-11-12. LINDA ANN FERGUSON “Ferg" Hard worker . . . long dark hair . . . bowling’s right up her alley Pep Club 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Vice President 11; Art Club 10-11: Senior Concession: F.H.A. 12; F.T.A. 12; Prom Committee: Class Play Committee 11-12: French Club 11: Usher 11. ROBERT LON FERGUSON "Fergy" Always thinking up something clever ... an efficient manager Varsity "G" 11-12; Basketball 10-11; Football Manager 10-11-12; Senior Concession: Intramural Sports 10-11-12; Prom Committee. SHARYN FERGUSON "Sharyn" Finds life exciting . . . pitches in and helps . . . affable Library Club 10-11-12; Pep Club 10-11: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11. 70. . . TERRIFIC TIJUANA BRASS DIANN V. FISCHER "Diann" Ambitious poster maker . . . shining hair . . . enthusiastic Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Art Club 10-11-12; Pep Club 1012: G.A.A. 10; French Club 12; Senior Concession. PAUL F. FOULK “Foulkie" Great in the shop . . . stalwart . . . never gets upset DARLENE FRANTZ "Dar" Whiz at business subjects . . . lively . . . chews gum Transferred from Reynolds High School. Transfer. Pa. 10; Pep Club 12: F.H.A. 12; Library Club 12: Tri-Hi-Y 11. SUSAN ROMAINE FISHER “Sue" Tall and slender . . . waits for the bell. . . loyal friend F.H.A. 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11. EUGENE FOUST "Gene” A hunter at heart . . . slim . . . happy-go-lucky CAROL FRIEST “Carol" Creative organizer . . . capable seamstress . . . very attractive Student Council 11; Leaders Club 12: F.H.A. 10-11-12. Treasurer II; Band 10-11-12: Library Club 12: Senior Concession; Magazine Sale Manager: Usher 11: Pep Club 10. CHRIS'I INE GIARDINA “Chris” Sparkling dark eyes ... an asset to the school office Library Club 10-11-12: Tri-Hi-Y 11-12: F.H.A. 12: Spanish Club II: Pep Club 10-11-12: Senior Concession : Prom Committee: Bios Club 10; Usher II. ELLEN JANE GILL “El" Dependable . . . beautiful blue eyes . . . lots of fun Troian Clavs Editor: Majorettes 11-12: I-caders Club 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. President 11: National Honor Society 12. Secretary 12: French Club 10-11 : Senior Concession. RICHARD EDWIN GIBBS “Gibhy" Inquisitive . . . keyboard king . . . enjoys roller skating Golf 10-11-12. GRETCHEN B. GOEHRING "Grctchcn” Cute . . . first a friend, always a friend . . . sweet personality Student Council 10-11-12; National Honor Society 12; Homecoming Court; F.T.A. 11-12. President 12: Spanish Club 10- 11. Vice President II: Library Club 11-12: Tri-Hi-Y 10- 11- 12. Chaplain 10: Chorus II; Senior Concession: Class Play Committee 12. 71ATTEMPTING THE. . . FAYE EI.AINE GREEN “Faye" Willing to lend a hand . . . always has a library pass F.H.A. 12; Senior Concession: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Pep Club 11-12. RICHARD H. GREENFIELD "Grccnic" A true gentleman . . . top man . . . his sport is basketball Transferred from St. Michael’s High School. Greenville. Pa. II; Student Council 12. President 12; Varsity "G" 11-12, President 12: French Club 12; Basketball 10-11-12: Track II-12: Prom Committee: Senior Concession. TERRY LEE HAHN “Terry” Interested in nursing . . . fascinated with South America Nurses Club 10-11-12. Vice President II. President 12; Spanish Club 12; French Club 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Bios Club 10-11; Senior Concession: National Honor Society 12; Class Play Committee 12. WILLIAM H. HAMILTON “Red” Shocking red hair . . . loves leisure . . . fun-maker Art Club 12; Track 12. SANDRA LEE HARAKAL "Sandy” Helpful . . . moves in a quiet way . . . very considerate ETHEL JUDITH HAZl.ETT "Judy" World traveler . . . cuts a neat figure on skates . . . diligent Spanish Club 11; French Club II; Leaders Club II; Current Affairs Club 10-11: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11: Bios Club 10. GARY HULL "Gary" Good looking . . . sports fans will miss him . . . speedy Football 10-11-12. Co-Captain 12: Basketball 10-11-12; Track 11-12: Varsity "G” 10-11-12; Spanish Club II; Prom Committee; Band 10. 72WATUSI, JERK AND ? JUDITH L. JAC KSON “Judy" llluslics . . . ice skater . . . modest about her accomplishments Bios Club 10-11, Treasurer II; French Club 10-11-12: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Bye Bye Birdie; Class Play Committee 11-12; Senior Concession. RICHARD JUNK "Junker" Fun-loving . . . hilarious . . . dislikes homework Basketball 10-11; Stage Crew 10-11: Spanish Club 12. JUDITH LYNN KEIFER "Judy" Contented with life . . . an alto of note . . . terrific typist Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: French Club 10-11-12; F.T.A. 10-11-12; Bios Club 10-11; Troy Times Typist 11-12; Chorus 10-11-12; Double Quartet 11-12; F.H.A. 12; Class Play Committee 11-12; Usher 11-12; Senior Concession. MICHAEL T. KELLEY "Mike" Doesn't say much . . . freckles . . . dotes on sports Football 10-11-12; Wrestling 10-11; Track Manager 10-11-12: Varsity "G" 11-12. DEBORAH D. KERSCHNER "Debbie" Walks with poise . . . quiet-mannered . . . sincere Tri-Hi-Y 10-12: Spanish Club 10-12; Senior Concession; Usher 11; Class Play Committee 12: F.H.A. 10-11. JEANNE CAROL KING "Jean" Newcomer to GJf.S. . . . loves to sing . . . pleasant Transferred from Warren Area High School. Warren. Pa. 12: Spanish Club 10-11; Girls Glee Club 10; Chorus 11-12. JOHN T. KOSNAC "Jack" Nice guy to know . . . true sportsman ... a bit shy Student Council 10-11; French Club 11-12. Vice President 12: Football 10-11-12; Basketball 11; Track 10; Varsity "G" 12; Senior Concession. 73RELAXING WITH . . . LINDA KOWACICH “Lin” Super candy salesman . . . baubles, bunnies, and beads Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; French Club 11; Prom Committee; Bios Club 10; Senior Concession; F.T.A. 10; F.H.A. 12; Pep Club 10; G.A.A. 10-11-12; Troy Times Typist 12; Chorus 12. JOYCE KREM IS “Joyce" Abundance of energy ... sociable . . . shuns oral reports Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Pep Club 10 II; Chorus 10-11-12. SAMUEL R. LANDFRIED “Scrambler” Tops at wrestling . . . good looking . . . never too serious Wrestling 10-11-12; Football 10: Varsity “G" 10-11-12; Spanish Club 11 ; Prom Aid 10. LINDA MARIE LANGIOTT! “Lynne" Rosy complexion . . . pensive brunette . . . genuine Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Library Club 11-12: Current Affairs Club II; Usher II; Prom Committee; Pep Club 10-12; F.H.A. 11; Class Play Committee II. MARLENE F. FANNING "Marlene" Chic hairdos ... always cheerful . . . photogenic smile Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; F.H.A. 11-12; Pep Club 11-12; Nurses Club 11: Senior Concession; Usher 11. PATRICIA L. LONGIOTTI "Patty” Pert majorette . . . courteous and considerate ... a cute giggle National Honor Society 12; Student Council 11-12: Majorettes 11-12: F.T.A. 11-12. Secretary 12: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Secretary 11: Class Play Committee 11-12: Spanish Club 10-11, Secretary-Treasurer II; F.H.A. 12; Usher II: Senior Concession. DONNA LONG "Donna” Likes work in home ec . . . never shirks responsibility Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; F.H.A. 12. Treasurer 12; Pep Club 10-11-12; Usher II: Senior Concession. PAUL I.ORENO “Paul" Mixes work and pleasure . . . a subtle sense of humor Transferred from St. Michael’s High School. Greenville. Pa. 10. 74PIZZA AND POP CANDACE J. LORENZO “Candy" Sweet as her name . . . finds homework fatiguing . . . talkative Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Pep Club 10-11-12; F.H.A. 10; Spanish Club 10-11; Senior Concession; Chorus 12. CAROLE M. MAGARGEE “MaGoo" Teeming with enthusiasm . . . a riot . . . active in athletics Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Pep Club 10-11-12: Spanish Club 10; Leaders Club 12: Senior Concession. CHARLENE M. LOVETRI "Char" Looks on the bright side . . . fine homemaker . . . pleasant smile F.H.A. 11-12: Pep Club 12: Senior Concession. C. BRUCE MARTIN “Bruce" Likes a little joke . . . makes hard things easy . . . obliging French Club 12: Art Club 10: Wrestling 10-11: Prom Committee: Senior Concession. JOHN A. MATHIESON "Matty" Swings that bass . . . likes dates with peaches . . . energetic Troian Business Manager: Football 10-11-12. Captain 12; Chorus 10-11-12. President 12. District 11-12. Regional 11-12. State 12: Band 10-11-12; French Club 10-11-12: Bye Bye Birdie: Orchestra 1011-12. District 11: Varsity "G" 11-12. RONALD K. McCARRIER "Ron" Believes haste makes waste ... a big tease . . . shutter-bug Band 10-11-12: Spanish Club II; Prom Committee: Senior Concession: Basketball Man- ager 10. BRFNDA JOYCE McADOO "Mag" Sometimes serious, sometimes not . . . friend worth having Majorettes 11-12: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Pep Club 10: F.H.A. 12; Library Club II: Band 10: French Club 12: Prom Committee: Senior Concession: Usher 11. MARGARET McCORMICK "Margie" Sweet and petite . . . likes to sing . . . congenial Transferred from Lincoln High School. Ellwood City. Pa. 12; Chorus 10-12: F.H.A. 12. 75WHILE WATCHING . . . ROBERT E. MCDONALD “Mac” Man about the school . . . friend of everyone . . . handsome Transferred from Si. Michael's High School. Greenville. Pa. 10; Student Council 12: French Club 12. President 12; Varsity "G" 12: Football 11-12: Basketball 11-12: Prom Committee. SUSAN I. McKEE “Muck” Keeps everybody laughing . . . many abilities . . . enjoys drama Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. President 12; F.H.A. 10-11-12. Secretary 11. Vice President 12: Leaders Club 11; Class Play 11-12: Chorus 10-11-12. Vice President 12; Bye Bye Birdie: French Club 10-11-12; Bios Club 10-11. DERRICK S. Mcll.HANY "Derrick" Enthusiastic worker . . . carries a brief case . . . tries to please SpanUh Club II; Chorus 12: F.T.A. 12: Art Club II: Senior Concession; Prom Committee: Bios Club 10. JOHN R. MILLER “John” An end in football . . . versatile vt cal chords . . . muscle-bound Football 10-11-12: Spanish Club 11-12: Varsity “G" 12. Treasurer 12: Senior Concession; Prom Committee; Class Vice President 11; Track 12. RETA JEAN MILLS "Jeanic” Blithe . . . here for a while . . . worth knowing Transferred from Sharon High School. Sharon. Pa. 12; Nurses Club 10-11; F.H.A. 10-12; Pep Club 11: Spanish Club 11. THOMAS C. MINCER “Tom" Math whiz . . . rarely argues . . . droll sense of humor Football 10-11-12; Varsity "G" 12; Spanish Club 10-11. 76BATMAN AND 1 SPY TIMOTHY A. MORRISON “Tim” Cuts out on his drums . . . sets high goals . . . capable Band 10 11-12. District 11-12. Regional II: Chorus 10-11-12. District 12: Orchestra 10-11-12: Stage Crew 10-11-12: Spanish Club 10-11-12; Current Affairs Club 10-11: Bios Club 10; Prom Committee: Doorman II: Bye Bye Birdie: Dance Band 11-12. THOMAS MURRIN "Mole" Rarely misses pleasure for study . . . quick on the court Transferred from St. Michael’s High School. Greenville. Pa. 10; Basketball 11-12: Spanish Club 11-12: Senior Concession. ROWENA NICKLIN "Rowena” Pleasant to know . . . not easily discouraged F.H.A. 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Pep Club 10-11-12; Sen-ior Concession. MARY I.U MOSS “Lu" Fashion wise . . . full of school spirit . . . has good times Cheerleaders 10-11-12, Captain II; National Honor Society 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Chorus 10-II. Secretary-Treasurer 11; F.H.A. 12: l ibrary Club 11-12; Prom Committee; Class Play 11; Bye Bye Birdie: Senior Concession; French Club 12: Bios Club 10. ROBERT F. NACE "Buz” Serious-minded . . . versatile . . . tall, blond, and handsome Band 10-11-12: Dance Band 11-12; Chorus 11-12; Orchestra 12; French Club 11-12; Football 10-11: Current Affairs Club II: Stage Crew 10-11-12: Bios Club 10. JAMES KENNETH NYE "Rat" Contagious laugh . . . lighthearted . . . cooks a mean cookie Varsity "G" 10-11: French Club 11-12: Senior Concession: Wrestling Manager 10-11. SUSAN PACKARD "Sue" Delves deeply . . . laughs at the wrong time . . . literary talent Troian l iterary Editor: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Bios Club 10-11: French Chib 10; National Honor Society 12. Vice President 12: Senior Concession: Class Play Committee 12: Troy Times 11. KAREN PETERSON “Pete” States her opinions . . . neat as the proverbial pin . . . poised F'.T.A. 12: National Honor Society 12: Chorus 10-11-12: Bios Club 10-11; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Prom Committee. RICHARD PEREDNIA "Richard” loves a debate . . . inquisitive . . . travels south of the border Orchestra 10-11-12: Dance Band 11-12: Current Affairs Club 10-11; Spanish Club 10-11-12; National Honor Society 12: French Club 12. EDWARD T. PICKENS "Trace" Always ready to try something new . . . histrionic talent Class Play 12: Intramural Sports 10-11-12: Basketball 10. 77COMPLAINING ABOUT. . . SHIRLEY ELAINE PIFER “Shirt" Civic minded . . . cooperates with others . . . strums the guitar Transferred from Sharon High School. Sharon. Pa. II; Orchestra 11-12. KATHLEEN E. PILGRAM "Kathy” Seemingly quiet . . . miles of smiles . . . vivacious French Club 10-11-12. Treasurer 12; F.T.A. 11-12; Troy Times Typist 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Chaplain II; National Honor Society 12 Chorus 10-12: G.A.A. 10-11-12; Leaders Club 12; F.H.A. 12; Class Play Committee 12; Usher 11-12; Bios Club 11-12. DEAN POLITY “Dean" Takes things as they come . . . always on wheels Band 10-11-12; Dance Band II. I INDA LEE POTASE "Linda" Sews a fine seam . . . hales tests . . . partial to fun Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Pep Club I M2: F.H.A. 10-11-12: Senior Concession: Class Play Committee 11 : Chorus 12. DAWN L. PROUD "Cousin" An equestrienne . . . interested in sports . . . unique personality Art Club 12: Pep Club 10. WILLIAM G. PROUDFIT "Bill" Journalistic bent ... a congenial guy . . . trombonist Transferred from McDowell High School. Eric. Pa. 12: Dance Band 12: Troy Times 12; Band 12. JOHN A. RAY "Eagle" Plays life cool . . . southpaw . . . hangs around the halls Football 10-11-12: Varsity "G" 12; Track 10; Class Play 12; Senior Concession. 78. . . PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE AI.AN I. REA “AT Loves that gas pedal . . . broad shoulders . . . always at ease CATHERINE ANN REA "Cathy" First class clarinet . . . an interest in psychology Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Band 10-11 12: F.H.A. 12: Senior Concession: Usher 12: Pep Club 10-11-12. ROGER B. READ II "Roger” Always has a comment . . . teases the girls . . . who’s his tailor Football 10-11-12: Track 11; Golf 10-12: Varsity ”G” 12; National Honor Society 12; Spanish Club 10-11-12, President 12; Current Affairs Club 10-11; Prom Committee: Senior C onccssion: Basketball Scorekccpcr 12. PATRICIA ANN REED "Patti" Vivacious . . . sharp black hair . . . congenial Library Club 11. ROBERT JAMES REINHART "Rciny” Drives a spotted hug . . . tall . . . hibernates backstage Football Manager 11-12: Basketball Statistician 11-12: Art Club 11-12. Vice President 12: Varsity "G" 11-12: Stage Crew 10-11-12; Football 10; Basket-ball 10. MARGARET MARY REUFF "Midge" Easily blushes . . . faithful worker . . . perpetual motion Pep Club 10-11-12. President 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Library Club 11-12: F.H.A. 12: Nurses Club 12: Spanish Club 11-12; Prom Committee; Class Play 12: Cheerleaders II; Senior Concession Co-Chairman. SHAREN RICHARDSON "Sharcn" Gay and bubbly . . . not one to complain . . . helpful F.H.A. 11-12: Spanish Club 10: Chorus 12. 79CONCERNED WITH m ESTHER MAE RILEY "Esther” Considerate . . . busy in class plays . . . lives far from CHS. Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: French Club 10-11-12; Rep Club 10; Class Play 11-12: F.T.A. 11-12; F.H.A. 12; Chorus 10-11-12; Senior Concession. RUTH ANN RIMER “Ruth" Dabbles in art . . . thinks of others first . . . violinist Orchestra 10-11-12; Art Club 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Class Play Committee 11; Senior Conces-sion: Library Club 12. LINDA A. RISAVI “Linda” At ease with brush and easel . . . constant line of chatter Transferred from St. Michael's High School. Greenville. Pa. 11; National Honor Society 12; Majorettes 12; Art Club 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; Nurses Club 11; Senior Concession; Library Club 11-12; Class Play Student Director 12; Prom Committee. ROBERT M. ROSS “Rossic" Asks tli ink inn man's questions . . . inventive . . . efficiency plus Bios Club 10; Spanish Club 12; Senior Concession. DORIS JANE ROBINSON “Doris" Says little, thinks a lot . . . good student . . . long tresses Bios Club 10-11-12; French Club 10-11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Chorus 10-11-12; Pep Club 10- 11; Senior Concession; Prom Committee; Bye Bye Birdie: Class Play Committee 11- 12. DIANNE SANKEY “Spanky" Has a sunny disposition . . . enters activities with spirit Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; F.H.A. 10-11-12: Nurses Club 11; Prom Committee. NANCY L. SCHWARZ “Nancy" Noted for her quiet sophistication . . . exotic eyes Troy Times 11-12; F.T.A. II-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; French Club 10-11-12; Bios Club 10-11-12; Chorus 10-11-12. STEVEN P. SEELEY “Steve" A hint of mischief . . . terribly ticklish . . . what sales power Band 10-11-12; Orchestra 10-11; Senior Concession; Prom Committee; Golf 12. 80NEWS OF VIETNAM LYNN A. SIBLEY "Lynn" A personality with poise . . . can he counted on Tri-Hi-Y I0-II-I2, Treasurer 12; National Honor Society 12; leaders Club 11-12: Band 10-11-12; French Club 10-11-12; F.T.A. 11-12; F.H.A. 12; Class Play II: G.A.A. 10-11-12; Orchestra 12; Bios Club 10-11; Prom Committee; Class Play Committee 12. WILLIAM C. SILVIS "Bill" Relaxed . . . loaded with remarks . . . alias "Canary" LAWRENCE M. SIGLER "Spear" A real joker . . . has his serious moments . . . philosophizes Spanish Club 11-12; Football 10-11-12; Varsity "G" 12. EDWARD SLAVIC "Eddie" An industrious worker . . . handy with tools . . . blushes Wrestling 10-11-12; Varsity “G" 12. JUNE A. SMOCK "June" Lively blonde ... a smile for everyone . . . pleasing appearance Transferred from Monongahcla High School. Monongahcla. Pa. 10: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11: F.H.A. 12; Business Club 10; Pep Club 11. JOSEPH STANFA "Jose" An ace at pool . . . never without transportation ... a riot Transferred from St. Michael’s High School. Greenville. Pa. II; Class Play 12; Basketball Manager 10; Football Manager 10; Spanish Club 11; Senior Concession. VIRGINIA M. SPAULDING “V.A." Peppy personality . . . candid . . . in the state of happiness Troian Photography Editor; Band 10-12, Secretary-Treasurer 12. District 12; Cheerleaders 11-12: F.T.A. 11-12. Historian 12: Bye Bye Birdie; Bios Club 10-11; Pep Club 10-11-12; National Honor Society 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Chorus 11-12. LARRY STEWART “Fuzzy" Never a dull moment . . . makes his presence known 81AND INTRIGUED BY. . . ROBERT STEWART "Stew" Mod dresser . . . motorbike maniac . . . chases the girls Spanish Club 10: Senior Concession. MARTHA ANN SWARTZ "Mart" Willing to help . . . always on time . . . pretty complexion Transferred from St. Michael’s High School. Greenville. Pa. 11; F.H.A. 11-12. PATRICIA MAE STRAUB "Trish" At home in home ec . . . agile gymnast. . . fond of fan F.H.A. 10-11-12. President 12: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: Pep Club 10-11-12: Usher II; Senior Concession. GARY W. TAYLOR "Gary" Tinkers with cars . . . one of the crowd . . . avid athlete Wrestling 10-11-12; Football 10-11-12: Track 10-11; Prom Aid 10. MARTHA LEILA THOMPSON "Martie" Often at the attendance office . . . interested in aviation Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; French Club 10-11; Spanish Club 12; F.T.A. 11-12; F.H.A. 12: Pep Club 10-11-12. JUDITH A. TITZEL "Jude" Flair for fun . . . creative thinker . . . gets things done Troian Editor-in-Chicf; Leaders Club 11-12. Points Manager 11, Secretary-T reasurer 12; Majorettes 11-12; National Honor Society 12; Senior Concession: Prom Committee: Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12: F.H.A. 12; French Club 10-11. Secretary-Treasurer 11; Usher 11-12. 82SPACE WALKS INNOCENZO TRAVAGLINI "Lui” Warm-hearted . . . lots of fun . . . entertains with his ftuitar Transferred from Luigi di Savoia, Chicti, Italy II; Art Club 12. DENNIS EDWARD VEADO “Veat" Original ideas . . . always has a question . . . comb in hand PAMELA WALKER "Pam” Mellow voice . . . shining straight hair . . . lively walker Transferred from Thomas Jefferson High School. Port Arthur. Texas 11; Student Council 10; Executive Council 10; Art Club 10-12; Tri-Hi-Y II-12. Chaplain 12: I ibrary Club 12: F.T.A. 11-12. Treasurer 12: Pep Club 12; F.H.A. 12: Usher 11. DEBORAH VANSCHAICK “Dcbi" Radiates friendliness . . . adept at dancing . . . a special style Transferred from Mt. Lebanon High School. Pittsburgh. Pa. 12: French Club 12. GERALD ROBERT WALTON •Jerry” Likes fast cars . . . terrific in math ... a prankster Transferred from St. Michael's High School. Greenville. Pa. II; Football 10-11; Basketball 10; Track 11-12. JOHN C. WALKER "Willie” All-around athlete . . . really hustles . . . quite a chef Transferred from St. Michael's High School. Greenville. Pa. 10; F.T.A. 12; Football 10-11-12: Chorus 12; Basketball 10-11-12; Track 10: Varsity "G" 11-12. JOHN W. WATT “John" Carefree . . . always springs the unexpected . . . wastes no words CAROLYN WHEATON “Peep" Optimistic . . . delights in deliberation . . . never gets flustered Transferred from Mercer High School. Mercer. Pa. 10; Chorus 11-12. DIANE Y. WHITESIDE "Di” Pretty smile . . . loves to chatter . . . dislikes homework F.H.A. 12: Pep Club 12; Senior Concession. JOYCE WHITESIDE "Joyce” Never out of sorts . . . quiet in class . . . practical nature 83THE GREAT SOCIETY JUDY LEE WILLAMAN “Jude" Hair with a sheen ... a I lies-pian . . . charmed the Colombians Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12. Secretary 12; Spanish Club 11-12; Bios Club 10-11; Nurses Club 10-12. Vice President 12; Senior Concession; Class Play 11-12; Prom Committee; National Honor Society 12; Chorus 10-11-12. RODNEY WILLIAMS “Rod" Big. hold smile . . . honest with everyone . . . admires a nice car Football 10-11; Track 10-11. THOMAS B. Will I AMS “Willy" Little hat mighty . . . crew cat . . . javelin champ Football 10-11-12; Track 10-11-12; Art Club 10-11-12. Treasurer II. President 12; Varsity “G" 12; Senior Concession. ESTHER MARY YEARDLEY “Esther" Excellent at the piano . . . individual tastes Chorus 11-12; Orchestra 10-11-12. Bye Bye Birdie; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; French Club 11. GABRIELLE A. YF.ZOVIT “Gay" Delightful to know . . . plays the accordion . . . conscientious Art Club 12; Bios Club 10; French Club 11-12; F.T.A. 11 ;12; Pep Club 10; Prom Committee; Class Play Committee 12; Senior Concession; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12; Nurses Club 10-11. DENNIS JAMES YOUNG "Injun" Always caught those passes ... a quiet man. but quite a man Football 10-11-12. Co-Captain 12; Basketball 10-11-12; Golf 10-11-12; Varsity “G" 10-11-12: Prom Committee: Senior Concession. RF.NEf YURISIC “Ren" Has lots to say . . . perky . . . variety of hairdos Transferred from St. Michael's High School. Greenville. Pa. II; F.H.A. 11-12; Chorus 10; Senior Concession; Class Play Committee 12. 84W • V. 26 Columbia Av i wo More Young People From South America in Greenville for Studies -r or Atter p ' Ann fu f Anitotl f , 'v,‘h ,h« Clifford Another appeal Febnia-v t D 3 ,hf f on5 ro m b; , month'; r an M'u ? nior after-prorp h j I C aW IM i «j All thr , ot M.' am .Two young peopl- from South B !« America who arrived in ; reen- C— xtaaa. SM oSTJtk Kathryn Smith. ‘6. • S' Brazil i. spying «'th Vher .pare «i T "« • °«f- „ Beil fnmily. 126 Co- - ieache poor chil ,,wrw w ror ■™«n,. r,Sfffltor ar« ’ , ,A" „e hcrr V" ••••' : IUI OIUUIW International un ftp , °S Shfn « program. ' “ to P'oWd fe South She will be a junior ,n £ '• U™ Br , ,n,cw 3reen--Catholic all-girl school m Rio wTlLmV. Hahr r,.. M _ i Plnriw thi-ri- _ m n, nrnt rs , i lr C 31 ,n Row, i erTy Hahr r • WLiSst- . gpjors te“2£ri£. «- S-’sr. Dronw bV 3 ‘.ued ugvsifsvrr T kipi| Rece•veu ’26h,£ .Iso teaches poor ch.i I - 1 s rfA W. .... „ai bom .« C S“' " Wa Brush faxnu- 7e , 'ss sa. —« - ■■" FF ashes „ VIV- Anhattan to see rk c »te Jberty and ihn New V »v? S « » Vtoxotcov 1 axvo v ScP°°X » ' . ,¥CMr 1 . n %W .me ynri ,w ,er Cify affr oc!U 1 Most of the group now " « Pennsylvania, while a nof ' c h'“ rtf to Nebraska. Ohio . t Vew VorAc sfafe. T iev — went UJ iseoraska, Ohio a V jhe ,s sew York state. They arc «u »« ’ « a’ Rotary return home Julv 10. 1967 V r-A S Called -Lottie - re: Cecilia l t -h t(t . iv jo »s caJ!e L Sweden, non- ’.v ,vrf Me In' v rrs__ by our Junior Class officers—President, Dan Mechenbier; Vice President. John Miller; Secretary. Bonnie Artman; Treasurer. Bonnie Burns; and our adviser. Mr. Breckcnridgc—we completed a successful year. “It moved! AS JUNIORS . . . Mr. Breckcnridgc rounds us up for our first class meeting . . . over the top with a record candy sale . . . two weeks later: G.H.S. has 47% more cavities . . . Schizophrenia reigns in “Kris or Kristina” . . . College Boards arc a subversive plot . . . new experience—prom in the gym . . . summer at last. Dress rehearsal for "Bye Bye Birdie.KRIS OR KRISTINA—Front Row: Greta Nelson. Bonita Burns: Marie. Mary Lu Moss; Bill. Dick DiAngi: Kris Nelson. Judy Willaman. Second Row: Hilda, Esther Riley: Siftrid Nelson. Polly DeLaurentis: Student Director. Susan McKee; Director. Mrs. Janet Lithcrland; Sam Hunter. Roger Read: Howard Lincoln. Barry Cardoza; D. Olmstead, Lynn Sibley. “Checkmate. KRIS OR KRISTINA “Kris or Kristina" was the drama of a high school student who, after an accident, was left with a split personality. One day she would be Kris, an average student; the next day she would be Kristina, an intellectual genius. Suspense mounted when her sister Sigrid decided that Kris must be cured and given a permanent personality. Under Dr. Olmstcad’s treatment, Kris became Kristina for all time. 87Walking through an Oriental garden. Dim lights and soft music. THE PROM Long, long hours of decorating . . . first prom held in the gym . . . Oriental theme . . . Japanese murals ... a magnificent Buddha and exotic gardens . . . music by AI Billcn's orchestra . . . “Sayonara," but not "Good Night” . . . wild after-prom party at the V.F.W. . . . everyone dancing to the beat of the “Crass” . . . best prom ever! Resting by a Japanese landscape. The center of attraction—the Buddha. 88Mr. Brcckcnridgc. our adviser, looks over plans for the 1966 magazine sale with the officers elected to serve the senior class: President, Dan Mechcnbicr: Vice President, Ed Thompson; Secretary, Bonnie Artman; Treasurer. Annette Bcrryhill. AS SENIORS. Catsup in your coffee?! Not quantity but quality . . . banner year at the concession stand . . . swapping senior pictures . . . magazine sale: we beat the Class of ’66 . . . traditional Christmas dance . . . book critiques are a pain . . . commencement announcements . . . autographing Troians . . . vespers . . . farewell banquet. . . graduation! Business managers and high salesman. Denny Emmett, check the progress report of the magazine sale. The eleven highest salesmen made up the all-star team and had their choice of prizes. Everyone with sales over forty dollars also received a "rat fink." The "Big G" doesn't stand for girls! Preparations for the play.Homecoming Queen Annetic Bcrryhill with her court— Bonita Burns. Trudy Adams, Diann Ecklcy. and Gretchen Gochring. Mr. Scott presents the game ball. HOMECOMING Thursday night . . . spirited student body . . . pleasant weather ... a parade and pep rally . . . curiosity mounts . . . our queen—Annette . . . she receives the game ball . . . something new, girls try football . . . comical cheerleaders . . . game ends in scoreless tie . . . burn Oiler in effigy . . . Friday night . . . band starts off crowning ceremonies . . . 1965 Queen Patty returns to crown Annette . . . Queen Annette presents the game ball . . . Trojans try hard, but not hard enough . . . Saturday night . . . queen and court reign over dance . . . many couples . . . beautiful decorations . . . another successful Homecoming! 90 The queen on her throne. Ready to be crowned!THE DEATH AND LIFE OF LARRY BENSON “The Death and Life of Larry Benson” was a superb presentation centered around a young Marine who had just returned home from the war. Instead of being given a warm reception, he was treated like a stranger. Finally, the truth was revealed—the real Larry Benson had been killed, but before his death, Larry had told this boy about himself. “Larry’s" final acceptance into the Benson family brought the play to a tearful but happy close. "He’s not my son!" THE DEATH AND LIFE OF LARRY BENSON—Front Row: Jessie Benson. Trudy Adams; Freda Benson. Polly DeLaurentis; The Boy. Traccl Pickens; Sam Benson. Dennis Emmett; Director. Mrs. M. Jane Miller. Second Row: Mrs. Fitch. Susan McKee; Mrs. Potter, Esther Riley; Nettie Clark. Judy Willaman: Mr. Potter, Joe Stanfa; Grace WHkey, Bonita Burns; Susan, Kathy Crognale: Mary Ellen. Midge Reuff. Third Row: Melvin Clark. Jerry Bush; Bud Merkel. John Ray.Judy Ha lctt. seated here with her two Swedish “fathers" and a Rotary Club official, spent her senior year abroad studying European languages, history, and religion. While learning about the Swedish people. Judy came to appreciate their warm hospitality. STUDENT EXCHANGE Our expanding student exchange program has given us the opportunity to be citizens of the world as well as of the community. Sponsored by the Rotary Club and International Fellowship Inc., several GHS students lived with families in foreign countries. In turn, we had the pleasure of welcoming teenagers from Europe and South America. I.iselottc Nilsson, our exchange student from Bromolla. Sweden, has been an attractive addi-Lotte tion to our student body this year. Lotte said that she was disappointed not to find “the big skyscrapers all over America.” but she was glad to find Americans friendly and. in many ways, similar to Europeans. Last summer. Bob Ross. Richard and Dave Percdnia. and Dick Cullen took advantage of a trip to Mexico which was arranged by Mr. Jordan, they pursued academic courses of study at the Institutio Tccnologico de Monterrey. ■TKathryn Am jo Smith, who resided in the home of Debbie Beil, said that the customs of the United States are very dilTcrcnt from those of her home, Rio dc Janeiro. Brazil. Maria Antonieta Romeu. from Valparaiso. Chile, quickly became known as “Tony" at GHS. She is contemplating a career as an interpreter. Three GHS students, Terry Hahn, Debbie Beil, and Judy Willaman. spent last summer visiting South America. Terry visited Lima. Peru; Debbie. Guayaquil. Ecuador; and Judy. Cartagena, Colombia. Conversing with her '‘sisters." Elizabeth Amaya explains a native costume of her country. Colombia. When Elizabeth returns to Bogota after her six months visit to Greenville, she will study to be an architect. International friendship.THEY REALLY RATE Front Row: Robbie Alexander. Kathy Beatty, Mary Cole. Sandic Bortz. Judy Cook. Sue Brown. Carol Benson. Elaine Aiken. Susan Allen. Debbie Adkins. Jane Caswell. Second Row: Cheryl Bums. Donna Brown. Diane Barber. Ann Consiglio. Carol Crawford. Shirley Curtin. Bill Achcnbach. Joe Burns. Denny Berry. Steve Banic. Third Row: Rebecca Barr. Diann Cozad. Margie Artman. Janet Callahan. Jerry Brenneman. Ralph Clingcr. Ron Billig, Emery Barnett. Jay Chase. Denny Caylor. Fourth Row: Fred Bonci. Jim Alexander. Tom Billig. Clarence Coonfield. Bob Brown. Kim Brazelton. John Crisman, Steve Bednar. Joe Bayuk. Fifth Row: Ron Addison. Mark Adams. Skip Campbell. Paul Arnold. Dick Cullen. Steven Bush. I.yn Axtell. Elton Barnett. Front Row: Joann Daniels. April Ferguson. Dianne George. Betty Davis. Shirley Donahue. Debbie Dale, Linda Godinich. Kathy Dixon. Patty Dart. Joanne Fricst, I.inda Knapp. Second Row: Nancy Gursky. I.inda Eshbaugh. I.inda Jones. Becky Ferguson. Dot Frampton. Pam Gillespie. Pat Janos. Cindy Green. Connie Dcmaline. Polly Hess. Sue Goodlin. Third Row: Don Hoffman. Alan Heckman. Dave Jones. Anthony DiSalvo. Doug Klcnovich. Tom Daugherty. Joe DiFcdc. Ed Garbarino. Randall Rougher, John Kormos. Fourth Row: Greg Fuller. Paul Donato. Charles Gaus. Charles Galus. Mike Kosnac. Eric Knauf. Tom Kitch. Jim Daugherty. Mark Fisher. David Hinkin. Fifth Row: Robert Dunworth. Lee Hiney, Ed Dawes. Mike Freeman. Jim Hodge. Gary Conover. Mike Dalfonzo, Denny Haggerty. Robert Herrick. John Cramer. 94. . . THE CLASS OF ’68 Front Row: Kill Madura. Jack l.ovcsky. Jim McEIrcc. Bruce McKay. Bob Northrop. Alex McCurdy. Dale Nichols. Larry I.eskovac. Bill I.arimcr. Fred Reese. Second Row: Sharon Polley. Susan Magargcc. Janet Ncustupa. Judy Lorcno. Carole Langiotti. Leslie McMinn. Connie Reinhart. Doris Osborne. Linda Miller. Laura Milcscnd, Cathie McConnell. Third Row: Susan Patterson. Chrys Rimer, Kathy Miller. Margie Reigleman. Ellen Mcchcnbicr. Dcbby Morrison. Debbie Lewis. Betty Long. Carol Perrotti. Sharon McConnell. Paulette McGrath. Fourth Row: Judy Logan. Linda Lineman. Nora Meacham, Shirlyn Reed, Cathy McPherson. Vicki I.osacano. Charles Redzinak. Steve Moyer. Rodney Mayer. Jim Lovcsky. Fifth Row: Duane Martin. Jack Ramsey. Dave Lewis. Tom McDonald. Jim Mitchell. Ron McCartney. Norman Melvin. Jeff Raub, David Lorcno. Marten Owens. Front Row: Eleanor Tufaro. Linda Stubcrt, Pam Rogers. Mary Simmons. Jean Triblcy. Carole Shimshock. Grctchcn Walker. Sue Wasscr. Dot Wyatt. Roberta Whiteside. Second Row: Janet Wackcnhut. Joanne Williams. Kathy Urda. Lisa Szugyc. Becky Ross. Paula Spargo. John Young. Jim Wathan. Sam Salkin, Dan Soll erg. Third Row: Thomas Spargo. Janet Stevenson. Pat Williams, Grctchcn Schcifclc. Debbie Williams. Linda Smargiasso. Marilyn Rutkai. Barb Sweet, Nancy Tuttle. Ken Rhoades. Jim Sorbcr. Fourth Row: Pete Sowash. John Stevenson. Tom Ryan. Dave Sylvester. F red Travis. John Wilson. Ken Swank. Scott Woods, Lew Ruffing. Gary Williams, Mike Strosser. Fifth Row: Dean Stockncr. Keith Sibley, David Wclton. Don Stewart. Jim Spiegel. David Whyte. Dave Spatilson. Doug Williams. Jim Smith, Dave Stewart. Gary Watkins. 95THEY'RE SO FINE Front Row; Sherry Artman. Ellen Cheuka. Janet Campbell. Kathy Alexander. Debbie Busse, Myrna Brown. Sharon Adell. Linda Brocklehurst. Linda Christman. Doris Barnes. Sibby Burton. Second Row: Carolyn Caswell. Nancy Pest. Barb Baker. Mary Barnes. Ruth Buda. Kathy Calior. Debbie Burns. Doris Artman. Becky Adkins. Beth Crowthcr. Third Row: Judy Bly. Jeanne Brower, Becky Anderson. Pat Bradley. Edith Altman. Bev Chess. Jim Burleson. Paul Boehm. Stan Adams. Fourth Row: Gary Cook. Michael Buchanan. Don Bcilstein. Jim Callahan. Richard Amy. Rodger Brocklehurst. Joe Bonaquist, Dave Boston. Fifth Row: Ron Beil, Bill Baker. Steve Bortz, James Bubcck. Ed Cooper. Jim Barker. Jim Burns. Jerry AJlgeier. Front Row: Shirley Kitch. Kara F.ich. Janet Eddy, Dec Johnston. Sally Haines. Marjic Hodge. Cindy Ducll. Karen Kuban. Penny Garblcr. Marilyn Gaugh. JoAnne Gibbs. Mary Dambachcr. Janice Dawes. Second Row: Sharon Green. Diana Kammcrdicncr. Janice Kerschncr. Cheryl Hall. Linda DiGiandomenico. Shelly Giardina. Patti Gariepy. Sue Fischer. Diane Junk. Linda Keller. Toni DellaVccchia. Sandi DcMatteo, Kathy Fell. Third Row: Carroll Gregory, Lori Hewitt, Karen Dignall. Mary Doddo, Chris Gaugh. Beverly Green. Pat Hanna. Joyce Keifer. Cindy Dart. Kathic Harry. Eve Diehl. Johanna Hawes. Tom Jennings. Paul Hockctt. Fourth Row: Bob Kovac. Thomas Kormos. Ron Foust. Tom Goss. John Hamilton. Curt Kline, Tom Gilliland. Jim Henry. Arthur Hoffman. Jim Koren. George Krepp. Steve Gains. Bob Gaus. David Ferguson. Fifth Row: Jeff Jackson. Robert Filer. Jim Hawk. Tedd Engstrom. Gary Henderson. Mike Garbarino. John Egbert. Denny King. John Koren. Jim Gilson. Tom Junk, Rich Graham. Ed Daugherty. Mark Gill. 96. . . THE CLASS OF ’69 Front Row: Lesa Pcnniman. Velma Leslie. Dottic McCarthy. Janie Peterson. Shirley Mc-Granahan. Vickie Miller. Kathy Moynihan. Sue Moyer. Patty Page, I.ctitia Potase. Loretta Mowry. Margaret Pifer, Libby Pistolcsi. Second Row: Rhonda Mossman. Norma McCurdy. Katie Mulligan. Pat Powell. Joyce Noll. Mary Martha Moore. Debbie Lysek. Terry Liszka, Vicky Monroe. Gale Port . Diann Peterson. Deborah Emanuclc. Third Row: John Mowry. John I.opochonsky, Dennis Osborne. Sue Paulovkin. Carol Pfaff. Eva McQueen. Fran McDowell. Heidi Nacc, Karen Lyon. David Perednia. Lou I.oreno. Barry Hodge. Fourth Row: Dave Pclc, Bob Morrison. Margie McClelland, Darlene Presslcr, Cindy McClelland. Jim Miller, Wally Melvin. Dave Laird. Gerald Lane. Frank Lewis. Ron Lineman. Al Johnson. Fifth Row: Lester Oliver. John Porter, Harry McAdoo. Ed Parker. Jim Lcskovac. Charles Livingston. JefT Limber. Gordon Loveless. Pete Little. Mark Lcasurc. Bill Mabry. Alan McCarricr. Front Row: Dale Segcr. Rick Rcmbold. John Robinson. Jim Williams, Ed Young. Terry Ridgeway. Tom Rowland. Ray l anncy. John Swart , Paul Zarccky. Roy Tanney. Second Row: Kay Riley, Karen Speir, Johanna Ranieri, Charlotte Zuschlag. Bonnie Robinson. Denise Scott, Carolyn Rodcmoycr. Linda Stuck. Sally Williamson. Elizabeth Rcigclman, Bonnie Sumners. Paula Sylvester. Bcttclou Rauch. Third Row: Frances Valentine, Annette Stanfa. Wendy Wilson. I.inda Zarccky, Phyllis Urda. Marsha VanTassel. Sonya Zuschlag. Mary Stone. Mary Tumpak, Claudia Tribley. Susan Swickard. Judy Williams, Linda Stevens. Fourth Row: Terry Starry. Eric Rinclla. Bob Wasscr. Ron Veado. Larry Stevenson. Kim Williams. John Wasko. Jay Stevenson. Jeff Smith. Mark R. Stewart. Fifth Row: Thomas Walker. Dan Spccht, Jim Shaffer, Mike Walton. John Stegkamper. Bill Snodgrass. Bob Wilson. Rich VanTassel. David Rickert, Eric Riley, Marc Stewart. 97ET CETERA urccungs, group! Early morning shower. Homework already! SEPTEMBER: Assembly greetings from Mr. Scott open a new school year . . . Grccnie’s golden voice over the P.A. . . .Mr. Kolesar: “What can you do to improve your grades?" Dick DiAngi: “Nothing.” . . . We beat the Mcadville Bulldogs in revenge game— “Remember, Remember!” . . . Seniors make sales pitch for magazines . . . Construction workers outside cafeteria sponsor a hootenanny ... At the concession stand—“Two cokes and a hot dog?” "Right, Mel!” . . . Mr. Eskelin gives us a guided tour "Inside India”. OCTOBER: We shut out Farrell, 13-0, and a wild night follows . . . Magazine sale brings in a record $5560 and postpones a book critique . . . Sock hops add to football season . . . Homecoming festivities include a powder puff game between the juniors and seniors of the Leaders Club—Dennis Emmett and Steve Seeley make cute cheerleaders ... Do Mr. Jacobson’s tics glow in the dark? . . . Birdies perch in the rafters Sweethearts of '66.Farmer Read. Committee meeting. Made up for the show. as girls’ gym classes play badminton . . . Mr. Speigle: “National Honor Society should be a guiding light to the school.” President Aiken: “It’ll have to be a pretty dark night.” . . . Hallowe'en fun and games at F.H.A. initiation. NOVEMBER: “Dunces” in the hall sell yearbooks . . . Book critiques due again?!? Stuck for a concluding paragraph. J.J. signs: “Sincerely yours, Judy Jack-son” . . . The MORP proves to be a turn-about prom . . . Tar smells from the new roof compete with the odors from chem lab experiments . . . Lui Tra vagi ini nearly loses his head during Barry Cardoza’s magic show . . . Mr. Snyder and Mr. Ballock are dubbed "Mr. Dillon” and “Festus” . . . Leaders Club goes horseback riding . . . Richard Percdnia: “In this high-powered equation, you have to sneak up on the roots.” Deb VanSchaick: "How do you do that?” Ron McCar-rier: "Wear tennis shoes!” . . . Hal Harrison takes us up “The Mighty Missouri” . . . Seniors successfully 99"Where’s my bike?” Mirror, mirror on ihc wall. “Ho, ho. ho!” The staff at work. Full throttle! H.B.'s harem. Triple trouble. Brinky. produce melodrama, “The Death and Life of Larry Benson” . . . Student in speech class, speaking on “drugs”: “When you're a kid, you're usually willing to try anything for kicks.” Gerald Dunnavant: “You don't mean that cafeteria food?” . . . Thanksgiving vacation. DECEMBER: Mr. Sinclair, from NASA, presents the facts of life in a space capsule . . . Three students represent Greenville at State Chorus in Harrisburg . . . Exchange students lend a foreign note to classes . . . In speech class Linda Barnett puts a saddle on Gary Hull and prepares to ride off into the sunset . . . Mr. Brcckenridge to physics class: “I didn't notice how fast this period went." Rossy: “Oh, were you asleep too?” . . . After a foot of snow, John Aiken finally forsakes his motorbike and Bob McDonald remarks: “What’s the matter? No guts?” . . . Clocks remain slow, proving that GHS is a rather untimely place . . .Mr. Young, after a dog walks into the band room: “Anybody can get into choir these days!" . . . Original locker decorations 100give an air of anticipation—holly, bells, and mistletoe . . . The traditional Swedish Santa Lucia ceremony highlights our Christmas assembly . . . Vacation: “Take a break!” . . . Seniors carry on tradition of Christmas dance, the Jul Bal, with a Swedish theme suggested by Lisclottc. JANUARY: Roger: “Boy, am I glad to get back to school—I need the rest!” . . . Showers at last as the girls' locker room finally resumes operations . . . Panic sets in—semester finals . . . Construction causes water shut-off and suddenly everybody's thirsty . . . John Bly: “But if we have a snow day, we'll have to make it up in June.” Brinky: “Who cares? We get out in May anyway!" FEBRUARY: The army recruiter visits senior boys and their parents, and Steve Seeley shakes all the way out the door: “They want me!” . . . Midyear break—a welcome relief . . . Mary Lu Moss stages one of those impromptu senior parties . . . District Band representatives spend a weekend at Knoch High School . . . Bob Brink doesn't make doughnuts in the kitchen—he does them in the parking lot . . . Valentine’s Day “You turn me on!" Biondic. Playmates. Room 209—winter sets in. Three's a crowd. Judy's diet. Simon says. ‘'Jump up!" 101"Who's that crawling on the floor?" Tarzan in trunks. Teacher Tim. Twa-a-ng! How to make a million. comes and goes . . . Jerry Ferguson takes T.B. Tine Test like a man . . . Mr. Flasncr’s “Wonderful World of Words’ includes a selection from “Moo Cow Moo” . . . A stirring performance by the Thiel Players of Shaw's “St. Joan” fills our afternoon . . . The clocks finally run on time . . . Seniors pick class colors—blue and white —and class flower—the orchid. MARCH: Thinclads hit the cinder path . . . The band entertains in style with a “Pops” concert . . . Panic-stricken students moan, “College Boards again!” . . . Students welcome early dismissals as teachers begin evaluation . . . Roger Read: “When is Halley’s Comet due next?” Mr. Brcckenridge: “Well, if I reach eighty, 1 should sec it.” Roger: “You mean it’s coming next year?” . . . Easter vacation . . . Mr. Ri .k reaffirms that “America Is More Than a Country” . . . Greenville barbers continue to starve as Bob Stewart's hair grows longer and longer . . . Report cards reveal the bitter truth. Loafing. Beauties and the Bear. Not now! 102APRIL.: Class of '67 succumbs to “senioritis” though everyone else is content to have spring fever . . . Everybody’s a secret agent, as the juniors present their class play, “Get Smart" . . . Ron McCarrier sets a new GHS record for consistent tardiness . . . King and Queen of Sports Dance has Blue Hawaii setting . . . All-Sports Banquet . . . April showers interfere with golf practice . . . Esther Ycardlcy makes her own dinner music at lunch. MAY: “Are you studying more and enjoying it less?” . . . Choir and orchestra entertain at Spring Concert . . . Original and decorative objects, artwork and furniture, at the Art and Industrial Arts exhibit . . . Troian dedication . . . Autograph Day . . . Junior- Senior Prom lives up to high expectations . . . The big night, followed by the morning after . . . Senior awards assembly . . . Classes arc over . . . Caps and , gowns . . . May 28: Vespers . . . Farewell Banquet . . . “Open houses" . . . The Day approaches! JUNE 1: We graduate . . . “Would you believe, we’re alumni!” Scoobcrs Curled up. “Where are my wings? i ms tmrti neat isn t so hotThe future belongs to those who prepare for it! PHOTOGRAPHY: L1NINGER STUDIO. GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Additional photographs—page 6:photo 3. 10:3, 12:3. 34:4. 45:2-3, 65:8. and newspaper clippings used on pages 3-9-13 29-49-63-85—courtesy Record-Argus; also additional photographs—page 2:photos 1-3-4. 6:1-4-5. 7:1-2-3-4. 29:1, 32:1. 33:2. 35:3. 37:3. 38:2. 39:5. 41:3. 42:1. 43:2-4-6. 62:2. 66:8. 75:11. 76:8. 78:8. 79:8. 82:7. 85:1. 89:4. 90:1-2—courtesy Mrs. Evelyn C. Spaulding. PUBLISHING: WM. J. KELLER INC.. BUFFALO. NEW YORK COVERS: K1NGSCRAFT, KINGSPORT. TENNESSEE 104 ©This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lit graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo. N. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Vdvatonc meth 

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