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sf qyxffiiyg Pfjxf x Mff !W 'J M4 ,MJ ZJZAWW JWW -fa, ,J Q, Q 'bqfjfjgi ljfvfjysw WWW WM gpmq'lg'qq 4 JPN, ' , ..,, vw - 3 Hy iffy fa! f f f -fvfgffi 2 f W . 'f QJVWH J, U 5.-U 'J aj :VD Q .fgim ff? fi, M t QW fffLi! m W, 1fj ' M23 fiiofm ? Yi7f5 M 'I 6 jf I ff if ,,fa1w X 'ff gf. O., gp gf wb f JAH!! w i f W My ,Q ef , . Q 251 ' Xiiffiffffiy WWW MS X? f ffvgyfffjlfyv JM? f M iff v p . ,YA , X NA I f Q , .4 W1,ULM,pcVw.yik jL Wu U17 iWWw' Mx M , f Ap , P! ff ffffff W W guy! U GLELJWL L c J TM 4 X W l L -U 5 1 V' M L '1 ,., :yu , 1 N X V 1 I , V 1 l - N. LX wat , I I LLL , Q, , V 4 1 0 rv " f . n 1 'iw' XUL A f -wx Qxkbtf' paw, G .N 1 ' N L If , 1 , 1, L ,H . ff 7 L J 5 - i , X ,b ' vw Ly, C . gl w - XX, is fy flu pl ,U Ny, P36 ka A :Aw N BX ,mx ' fn X fm " X M W Vvv QMVX SL A' L 9 K J CX LINK W f L ,LW- ,,1 ,, rx, ' JL Lb lv o AK iq I X X V .xU', Q, f, ' Wlffgcxumh x7 V v 1 ' 1 ' I , 't , v v l X x Q X i ' xi - ' 6' kx. 4- . 'J . v 4 . L , I7-' ,L X w FL Www WC 7 N ,Q N LAX' 2 7 The1959 Tro i a n Annual Publzkation of the Sembr Clam Of Greenville High School Greenville, Pennsylvania Volume 1 In Appreczatzon He was concerned wlth each step IH the constructlon of our school from the blueprmts to the completed buxldmg We the Senlor Class of 1959 feel that the person most worthy of our gratltude IS our prlnclpal, Mr Hughes D Brmmger We appreclate the many hours he spent watchmg over the constructlon of this beautl ful buxldmg so that It would be completed ln tlme to be our Alma Mater We are grateful for the valuable courses of study that he has lntroduced the opportunlty that he has provlded for advanced study and for the hlgh standards he has set up for our school We are thankful for the mterest he has shown ln our class and for the helpful guldance he has glven each of us There fore We dedlcate thxs first volume of the T rozan to Mr Brlnlnger who has done so much to make Greenvllle Hlgh a school from whlch we are proud to graduate 2 January, 1957 P. :Yi fha RQ :FHS- .avg 'Ulltf F v 9 ...wi :ff '. --mv. gfiiiiiil " g 2,3 rm F. ' 'QI 152551 ktqi iff" A 1- Mclf- :Eff 4. :SV 'Jay 15' F October, 1957 WMU 9C1i00L LQEENVILLE VA The 1959 Troian This is the first chapter in the story of a school-a school which only a few years ago was a dream of the Greenville community. This dream became a reality as it progressed from the drawing board of the architect to the actual construction. But the school was only a build- ing until September when we students arrived to claim it as our Alma Mater. .Z Pre jf ,I fllkltion t, Or . Dilvu lg. 1 ff,- A d Team beC0m6J ,4- Y 0003 UedKcuXKuxx 4 uf' 'Y uugh gym. cevcmm . 'Yom' Un' Xlkqw oi Cue muixc ,W,.,,4,.,,,.,,, X Xook at domestkc ans. S Kkche n on dksp hy . Knspcc' tion of Chg? term .Afwe be ' 8111 I0 k 5 A Stud cnt prUjl,0t' Daytime hour! mee filled with new enjbyment . . . . . AJ we put our building into opemtzbn N zlglaz mme! . . . and with it b7"Z.1flg.f the thrill Ilmm-collling. l,2lIll'illg.I in 1110 gym. Victory in sight! O I g., 1 Of lbltzying lb6g6l1'l'l6. . . Antz' the fun of getting together Down classroom wing from the library. In classrooms, laboratories, a library . . . bright and cheerful . . . we spend many Wonderful moments . . . 10 Q S K, K sl Q kms:Qgnfpfzfmgrzgmfssssgffgai. wsiidibiig wezrgrwfs-M. 1 f . , .W . ll' -Y , Lgezsaiszfl-gui, l I : f, 1 1mg'g-lgf-:, 55 PM M zffiai, X K K 9 aff ww'-Y -nba X ff , N Q V U .K il? W ku-uw 2 sw , 'Q rs V ,mil ,, , 3 ramad., ily , Hey? K M s K , , 2 . W At the Head of Our Jlcboolr. MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS: Graduation from high school is a major step in prep- aration for a life of service to others. It provides a basis for continued preparation so that you may make the maximum contribution to our universal society. VVhen you complete your academic training and engage in a given occupation or profession, the respon- sibility of service to others may seem secondary to per- sonal gain and gloryg however, a self-appraisal of true values will reveal your importance in terms of your service to others. To offer the full measure of service of which you are capable, you must take advantage of opportunities that will provide for maximum mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Your friends and associates stand ready to help, but you must provide the initiative and determination to succeed. Broaden the horizons of universal accomplishment by building on the past and thus extend the present beyond its known limits. Accept the challenges which are rightfully yours and chart a course of personal development which will enable you to help make the world a better place in which to live. CHARLES C. WEPSIC CHARLES C. WEPSIC B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College lN'I.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh Supvrinterzdent ry' Schools GREENVILLE AREA JOINT SCHOOL BOARD : Mrs. Eleanor Kilnerg llfrs. Louise Stoeberg blr. VVarren Mitchellg Dr. Robert C. Petersg Mr. Joseph N. Yorkeg Dr. Gilbert H. Diehl, Vice Presidentg Dr. Charles C. Wepsie, Superintendent of Sehoolsg Mr. Norman P. lllortensen, Presidentg Mr. James Henryg Mrs. June Harpstg Mr. Robert N. Loveg Mrs. Dorothy Oehs, Secretary to School Districtg Mr. Okley Gruberg Mrs. Naomi lllarting hir. Joseph VV. Rileyg Mr. Charles H. Rayg Mr. Owen J. VVathan, Jr. Nut in Picture: Mr. Alton D. Sehadtg hir. Clarence H. llfyers. MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1959: Congratulations to each member of the Senior Class for continuing your studies and meeting the require- ments for graduation. There is ample evidence to indicate that your work in our school has equipped you well to begin new studies or training in proportion to the success that you have attained here. There are many opportunities in the future for each of you. An increasing number of skilled and well edu- cated people are needed to sustain and advance our very complex economy. The need for such persons will increase even more rapidly in the future as new frontiers are developed. May you use the skills and understandings developed at Greenville High School to attain worthwhile and challenging goals ahead. Sincerely yours, HUGHES BRININGER . . . Um' Primqml HUGHES D. BRININGER B.S., Susquehanna University Ed.M., University of Pittsburgh Senior Iligh School Principal HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE : Mr. Hughes Brininger, High School Principalg Miss Janet Patterson and Miss Sandra Beckman, Secretaries. 13 With 61 Gmkling Word . . . Although Mr. Brininger is lmnsivr than ever this your with ull the problems of :I new school, he still finds time to help ns with our incliviflnul prolmlenis :ind to talk to us :ilmnt onr special interests. Here senior majorottes are displaying il new :ulrlition to their nniforlns. DEAN K. CR,0W'TIIl'lR JABIES NI. SMITH , i A .-LB., Grove City College? M-Ed.. B.S. in Ed., Edinlmoro State Teac-llers : H vkg, 5 'V I University ol' Pittslinrgh Collegeg DLA., Columbia University 'X 1' . ' i it i..' If' l"l Q -' I 9 rl' ' ' g A K i - f , ,n,g,1.s1, . mia, i fll ms Iimlngy iiil .,i . , I :::' , Hi: .r l .. ..-' a- ei l 2-: s F sf ! '," Guidnnee Director, Mr. Smith, :incl r-hiss gnidnnr-e f'0lIIlS0l0TS7BII'. Rimmey, Mrs. Linn, and Mr. Crowther-study individual class records. 14 . . SOCZZIZ Sfudlkf MICHAEL KOLICSAR ILS., Thiel Collegc:lC1l.M., University ol' Pittsburgh SUI'I.l1l Sluzliex llAl,l7ANl'l l'. MARTS BS., Slippery Roek State 'l'ezu'l1e1's 1 Collegeg M.lCcl., l'ennsylvm1i:i State University llfsfnry Q iifififfagliz it - swsv gg ' .asszsfzt , KA'l'lIlCRlNl+I M. SAYLOR A.B,, Hood College Soefal Sturlics ROBERT FAGIEY, HH.. Clarion State 'llcnehers College Librarian Mr. Fagley helps Larry and Dianne find material to supplement their reports. llarry Zzihniser holcls his P.0.lJ. class captive as he presents his report in an interesting inanner. 15 Englzkla. . . Mrs. Linn gives an enlightening explanation of thc Elizabethan theater in fourth period acadeinic- English. HELEN BRATII University English GENE JORDAN A.B., Grove City College S punish, English MABEL E. LANDRETH A.B., Thiel College English AB., Thiel Collcgeg lVI.S., Sym c-use 16 Sturlcnts in Frenc-ll H seek the assistance of Mrs Royal in translating an unfamiliar idiom. MARY B. LINN ICIJNA ROYAL AB., Tliiol f'nlIg-gp BSA in l'l4l., Thiel Collcgv Ifnglfslz Laiin, I"rz'm'h, English And Language! l Rc-soarcli van lic fun in our bright new library. Spanish students work diligently on lOlllOI'I'0WlS assignment. f-4" Tbe Sciences . . . Mr. Breckenridge stresses the importance of accurate temperature readings, C. DONALD BRECKENRIDGE AMIL V. JINAR HS., Thiel College: M. liitt., llniver- HS., Pldinhoro State Teachers College sity of Pittsburgh Biological Science Physics, Mathematics Much to the distress of some hiolo ' ' students, mice are sometimes nec-essar ' for research. F- . . . And Mathematics "Lct's do this problem according to Hoyle," demands Ralph in trig class. , . , 1 ij ,. :f1?V1."i1f91 I ::w:4ff1:,2a A if f.s-'sig zgswlif 51 fi ffl We 155-We if 5-r1jg.1l5sfie2i:s1 1,31 'f u Preparation for an experiment interests advanced chemistry students. MARY MOWRY AB., Thiel Collegeg Hd,M., Univer- sity of Pittsburgh Itlafhematics VELMA WEHNER AB., Wittenberg University Mathematins RONALD K. YOUNG B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College Chemistry Bufine.r.f Tmining . . GLENN W. CAULFIICLD RUTH DUNMIRIC BS. in C., Grove City College: Eriltf., HS. in Bus. Ed., Thiel folk-ge: MS., Uuivcrsity of PittSiJllI'gil Florida State University Iiusiness Subjef-is Business Subjects FRANK G. H ICTRA JANE MGCAMICY B.B.A., xN'9StIllillSt6I' Collegvg NLS. in BS, in C., Grove City 011111-go Ed., w76StlllillStCT Collcgc liusiness Sulqjects Busz'ne.s's Sulrjevts . Office practice class is tlw sc-cue of much activity. Practical makes perfect! ha WIP- 'l A perplexing problem seems to confront these M.D. students. Jerry applies the finishing stroke with his brush as classmates gather to admire his painting. . Vocatzbnal Subjects The new shop provides opportunities for boys inter- ested in both metal and wood work. NORMAN P. BROOKS B.S., Stout State College Mechanical Drawing RONALD A. HILGERT B.S. in Ed., California State Teachers Collegeg Ed.M., University of Pitts- burgh Industrial Subjects ROSALIE SCHEIBE B.S. in Ed., Thiel College Art, History, Dramatics 'Gm 21 Music . . The Trojan band. HENRY L. COLONNA MICHAEL PISTOLESI B.S., Duquesne Universityg M.S., B.A., Western Reserve University Duquesne University. Orchestra Chorus, Band Practicing for District Orchestra. . . Health and Safegf BERTHA H. MARTINSEK B.S. in H.Ed., Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health, Physical Education PAUL R. MASSIE Bs, Thiel Collegeg MA., University Net ball! of Pittsburgh Safety Education, Driver Training G. NICVIN RIINHNIEY B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers Col- lege Health, Physical Education Ready! VVrestlc! ISABELLE SMITH R.N., Oil City Hospital School Nurse Just say, "Ah-h-h." Domemk Arif . . JANET E. KNUPP B.S., Indiana State Teachers College Home Economics This is the way we wash our clothes! l Company coming? The way to il In:-1n's heart. g M Who says everytlling vornes from Paris? m, ,.., 4 In the eafeteria-Mrs. McDowell Mrs. Fisher, lNIrs. Linn, Blrs. Ruff, Mrs. Dcason . . Ca etemkz 'ali .4 ,yiiim 4 in kykh i' ' Une of the best periods of the day is lunch period. As noon approaches, A, B, and C shifts wait anxiously for their turn. During the period, while we enjoy hot meals, we have an opportunity to relax and talk with our friends. Our appreciation of the meals is greater beeause wc can still remember the days when we carried those little brown lunch bags. In the spacious gym We play the game with all our might . . . or cheer our Bien of Troy . . . Looking toward the student entrance in the gym. 26 '-:Q Front Row: Ron lVIcDaniel, Terry Wepsic, Jim McCall, Gary E. Hittle, Dick Stanley, Harry Jones, Spike Cooper. Second Row: Coach Marts, Harry Zahniser, Jim Jeffries, Tim Meier, Tom Ullery, Joe Smargiasso, Mike Young, Dave Mortensen. Third Row: Dan Heath, Bob Blake, Mark Stuyvesant, Anthony Catalano, Bill Groovcr, Tom Thompson, Bob Biggins, John Williams. Fourth Row: Phil Soper, Jeff Thomas, Budge Keck, John Scullin, Keith Hittle, Ron Fertile, Jack Robbins, Coach Lentvorsky. Fifth Row: Tom Luckock, Tom Jeffries, Stanley Baxley, Wayne Richardson, Mark Christman. Football N I m l K 'Ii Q sEAsoN,s RECORD ' Q U -,..... G.H.S. Opp. . ,QQ X GOAL Meadville 6 13 - H' k if 9 -gk ,K sliirsgille 13 ig C f lily 5 'ritusvillc 31 6 f -- Oil City so o Mercer 7 Q3 Grove City 0 Q1 Brookfield 6 30 The starting line-up. 4 . if e 1 of si M i l Checking for battle sears. Between the Goal Pom The Greenville High Trojans under the direction of hir. Marts played host to the lweadville Bulldogs in their opening game of the 1958 campaign. The visiting Mead- ville eleven proved too strong for the Greenville boys. The Trojans were never able to overcome the lead the Bulldogs chalked up in the Hrst half of play. In the only afternoon encounter of the season, the Trojans won their first league game by downing the Hickory Hornets. Tom Thompson proved his Worth at half- back as he led the spirited Greenville attackers to a I9-14 victory. The under- powered Hornets were no match for the determined Trojans. More practice! T29 Meier Cooper The Blue and Gold sustained their second loss of the '58 season at the hands 'of the Sharpsville Blue Devils. Both clubs played a hard game, but the Greenville boys could not seem to find the right scoring combination. The Blue Devils were able to score three times, leaving the Trojans on the short end of an 18-0 score. The Trojans started the Titusville game rather slowly, scoring only once in the first half. Inspired by the performance of Jim Jeffries and Spike Cooper, the Blue and Gold came to life in the second half of play. The Titusville Rockets could find no defense for the hard-running Jeffries and the fleet-footed Cooper. The Trojans were not to be denied this victory. Tom goes for extra yardage. J eff ries S0 Smargiasso Jones McCall McDa niel VVcpsic J v - I -K A , ..., ,V "' I . L, K, Zahniser Hittle Tim flips an aerial. The Men of Troy won their most decisive victory of the season by defeating Oil City, 30-0. The Greenville offense executed its plays brilliantly as the Trojan backs galloped for one long gain after another. The Trojan defense stopped the Oil City attackers before they could get their offense rolling. The Homecoming Queen and her attendants watched their boys fall victims to the Mustangs of 1NIercer. The Mercer offense, led by their quarterback, Dave King, proved too strong for the Trojans. At the sound of the buzzer, the score read 23-7, Mercer. In a downpour the Greenville Trojans fell before the onslaught of the Eagles of Grove City. With a starting line-up of all seniors, the Grove City squad was too powerful for the Men of Troy. The Trojans played a hard game but could not over- come the power and experience of their opponents. The 1958 gridiron season drew to a close as the Blue and Gold met the Brookfield Warriors. The boys played one of their best games of the season but could not over- eome the Warrior defense. Ed Ulmer, talented halfback of the Warriors, proved to be the difference between the two teams. On the gridiron this season the Trojans compiled some interesting statistics. In first-downs, the Trojans chalked up 61 to their opponents' 78. In the air, they com- pleted 22 passes to their opponents, 26. On the ground, the Trojans rolled up 1117 yards, but their opponents were able to gallop for 1252. Statistically, the best game of the season was that against Oil City. The Blue and Gold tucked away 273 yards in this game while holding the Oilers to a mere '79 yards. The thirteen seniors who have played their last game for Greenville High School are as follows: Spike Cooper, Gary E. Hittle, Jim Jeffries, Harry Jones, Jim lNIcCall, Ron lNIcDaniel, Tim Nleier, Joe Smargiasso, Dick Stanley, Tom Ullery, Terry Wepsic, Mike Young, and Harry Zahniser. 31 Ullery Stanley Young '-S Coach Rimmey, Dick Bee, Mannie Billig, Carl DiClaudio, Tim lweier, Gary Crowther, Jack Nehlen, Harry Uber, Gene Speight, John Mielcarek, Paul Beck, Wayne Richardson, Gordon Reash. K C .-it i AMS:-'- U 7' Basketball SEASON'S RECORD Linesville Conneaut Lake Titusville Meadville Conneaut Valley Fredonia Lakeview VVest Middlesex Sharpsville Mercer Grove City Mercer Hickory Sharpsville Fredonia Hickory West Middlesex Lakeview Grove City Meadville 32 G.H.S. Opp 40 32 44 26 35 54 37 55 50 59 59 31 56 36 44 57 29 60 51 54 58 41 52 44 64 59 42 47 55 35 49 43 48 46 38 53 74 59 57 74 Pre-game warm-ups. Through the Hoop! Mr. Rimmey successfully started his fourth year of coaching at Greenville High as his squad handed Linesville a 40-32 defeat. The Trojan accuracy at the foul line proved to be the margin of victory. On December 2, the Greenville boys chris- tened their new gymnasium by defeating Conneaut Lake, 44-26. After three consecutive defeats, the Trojans again hit the victory trail as they outscored Fredonia, 59-31. Paul Beck paced the victorious Trojans with twenty points. In the following game Greenville picked up a 56-36 victory over the Sailors of Lakeview. And then the game begins. 33 Beck Paul sinks :1 free throw. The Big Reds came up from WVest Middlesex to hand the local squad their fourth loss. The Trojans met their VVaterloo in the second and third quarters as they were outscored 28 to 11. Next, the Sharpsville quintet picked up their second straight league victory defeating the Blue and Gold, 60-Q9. On January 13, the lttustangs of Dlercer reared back and defeated the Trojans, 54--51. Greenville led most of the way only to lose in the last forty seconds. The Trojans snapped their three-game losing streak as they outclassed Grove City. Beck, Nehlen, and Crowther all hit the double figures to help round out the 58-4-1 victory. Next, Greenville traveled to Mercer and, remembering their 54--41 defeat, downed the lVIercer five, On January 27, Greenville met Hickory and won one of the seasonls hottest. contests. The Trojans nabbed a 64-59 victory in a three- minute overtime. Crowther The stands roar for an Trojan victory. ,-f"5f Jack controls the tip. After losing a rough-and-tumble contest to Sharpsville, the Trojans again played the role of victor knocking off Fredonia, 55-35. Paul Beck riddled the net with twenty-five points for an outstanding performance. In their final home game the Trojans chalked up their second win over Hickory. The following Tuesday, Green- ville traveled to West Middlesex and nipped the Big Reds in overtime. Crowther, Uber, and Beck led the way for the Trojan victory. The Trojans' three-game win- ning streak was then brought to a halt as the team met a determined Lakeview squad. The team tucked away their most decisive victory overwhelming Grove City, 74-59. This victory gave the Trojans a 4-Q record in Class A competition. The Green- ville boys ended with a record of eleven wins and nine defeats. Nehlen Meier 35 The Trojans grab a rebound, Front Row: Lyle Anderson, Earl Lewis, Rod We-ntling, John Williams, Dick Stanley, Gary Hittlc. Second Roux' Keith Hittle, Dave Lindesmith, Jim McCall, Art Lewis, Tom Jeffries, Coach Lcntvorsky. Third Row: Don Wilson, Albert Mariacher, Bucky Moffett, Bill Gruver, Bruce Lytlc, Budgc Keck, Sam Orr, Jim Smith. Fourth Row: Jack llittle, Raymond McCauley, Larry Martiii, Bob Biggin, Roy Stoyer, Bob McHale, Richard Lininger. Wrestling , Vg . SEASON'S RECORD on 5 'f N ' G H s Jamestown Fig Oil City Im Commodore Perry I ' xx New Castle 4 ' ' ,li Franklin Y "f ' Grove City U Titusville Hickory Jim demonstrates the figure-four. Weight check. Dave tries an escape. On the Mats to e Under the training of Coach Lentvorsky, the Greenville High wrestlers compiled a very impressive season's record of seven wins and one defeat. The Trojans won their opening match as they wrestled Jamestown to a 43-12 victory. Five of the Trojan eleven turned in first period pins. The Trojan grapplers scored their most decisive victory as they smashed Oil City 40-8. They went on to defeat their next four opponents-Commodore Perry, New Castle, Franklin, and Grove City-by impressive scores. Igwis Sike Stanley Q W v 51,-.., 32, Wh. Q i . 5-:ff i1,5.,., Q .-Lg Y f .295 E Aga. V K X 5 37335, H if L f el ,M i ,mv 25 gem.. , ,ig 5. ., . , 5, .M w A-MM B . .Sf . gi Q fi S?-5 W, SQ Qi Q Q fl Q i- Q wi Xi . X L, 5 . Zi Q JS 4 ? A .. ,- 1 MM 4 ,ff Q5 .itz dsl? f' Q x L Ei! if ws-1 , 1 Bat Boy: Scotty Hodge. Front Rout Ben Smith, Anthony Catalano, Dick Bee. Ralph Boyd, Spike Cooper, Darrell Stuyvesant, Gordon Reasli. Second Roux' Coach Rimmey, Jim VVyatt, Mannie Billig, Carl DiClaudio, Tom Jeffries, Avon Hayne, Dean Snyder, Lee Blarini, John Foulk, Paul Beck, Jim Jeffries. Baseball During the ,58 baseball campaign Mr. RlIIlI1lCQ',S Trojans compiled a record of three wins and three losses. In the opener, Greenville traveled to Sharpsville Where they suffered a 7-1 defeat. The second Contest was a 10-Q victory for the hleadville squad. The Trojans, behind the pitching of Foulk and Wyatt, picked up their first win as they shut out George Junior, 9-0. In the fourth game the Greenville nine avenged their previous loss to Meadville as they defeated the Bulldogs 12-1. The strong pitching of Dean Snyder and the thirteen walks which the Trojans received were the gaineis deciding factors. John Foulk hurled his second straight victory as the Trojans downed George Junior. Blarini, Snyder, and Beck provided the power to round out the 7-2 victory. The closing game was an 8-5 loss to the Blue Devils of Sharpsville. The Trojans led until the seventh when the Blue Devils were able to drive across three runs. hlarini provided the final score as he homered for Greenville in the bottom half of the seventh. If 'EAP J 1 33522-ig? A, p, K Q X - X -R J' 2 in 3 V Q . .V X, X Y SEASONS RECORD G.H.S. Opp Sharpsville 1 7 lweadville Q 10 George Junior 9 0 lileadville 12 1 George Junior 7 2 Sharpsville 5 8 39 Front Row: Cliff Hettenbaugh, Bob McConahey, Ron Newth, Ron Kilner. Second Row: Coach Breckenridge, Jay Breckenridge, Nevin Clark, Roger Evans. Golf Under the coaching of Mr. Breckenridge, the ,58 golfing season officially opened as the Trojans played host to the New Castle squad. Greenville lost this match as they went down to a 95-5M defeat. The following Monday the Trojans traveled to Sharpsville where they sustained their second loss, however, Ron Kilner put forth a fine individual effort outscoring his opponent, 5-1. In the third match Emlenton defeated the Trojans, 9-6. The Trojans captured their first victory as they out-scored Hickory, 8-'7. It was a hard-fought match and the victory was not secured until the final hole of the last match. In the next contest the Trojans won their most decisive victory of the season as they trimmed Emlenton, 12-3. Jay Breckenridge received medalist honors for the day. The Greenville golfers won their following match, out-shooting Meadville, 92-55. In the next contest the New Castle squad defeated the Trojans, 15-0. In t.he final game, Hickory avenged their previous loss to Greenville downing the Trojans, HM-3M. This defeat left the Trojans with a record of three wins and five losses. SEASON'S RECORD New Castle Sharpsville Emlenton Hickory Emlenton Meadville New Castle Hickory G.H.S. Opp. 5M 9M 13 5 16M 6 9 8 '7 12 3 9M 5M 0 15 35 115 40 CHEERLEADERS: Pat Christmang Cindy Swattg Alice Zuschlagg Nlarsha Owens, Mascotg Linda Sopcr, Captaing Beverly Portcrg Donna Owensg Miss Martinsek, Adviser. TEX Cheerleaders Q ? X . . . . . , . ? - j The cheerleaders are responsible for maintaining high school spirit. fx Selected on the basis of poise, pep, coordination, and personality, 'f ducted the various pep assemblies. these girls led cheers at the football and basketball games and con- f 6 L Milli x 11 Nl Vin-W of lllc stzlgv in the nllflitnrillln. In the beautiful 2l,l11lit0l'iUIIl, where plays are stagcml, Where Clubs Invct, wha-ro converts are given . . . wc find enjoyment . . . 4Q fill! eing T 0 gather Leadenr Appear . . STUDENT COUNCIL: President, Tom Ulleryg Vice President, Dave Mortenseng Secretary-Treasurer, .Iim 3ICfiI'2llHlllElll1 Advisers, NIr. Brininger, INIiss lVIowry STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council works for the betterment of our school. The group spon- sored the Homecoming activities, planted shrubbery, provided guided tours through our new school, and held at county-wide student council forum. NATIONAL IIONUR SOCIETY Members of N.H.S. are selected by the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholar- ship, character, and service. They are inducted at an impressive ceremony held in the spring. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: President, Gary Crowtlierg Adviser, lIr. Crowther 44 . In the School Rcfordf TROY TIM ES: Co-Eclitors, Dale Kelmetly :incl lVlzu'y Rogersg Feziture Erliturs, li2ll'0l1ixlldt'I'S0ll, Linda Super, illltl lloniizi Uwensg Spurts Erlitors, ltiek Rnfl' :mtl -lay Breekenriflgeg f'lul1 Eflitor, Nancy Lull- ning: Business Mazinger, Janet Wagner: Atls, Phyllis Ulierg Arlviser, Mrs. LZlIlflI'0tll TROY TIMES Students having' an interest in journalism compose the Troy Times staff. Once :L month this group publishes ai newspaper containing ai variety of interesting and in- formative articles. Sophomores aspiring to he staff members attend journalism elasses after school. TROIAN The yearbook slam composed of six members of the senior class, prorlueetl the first edition of the Troian. The staff had Illkllly meetings mluring the year while f'0IIl- piling this volume. TROIAN: Eclitrxrsin-f'liiel', Dorothy lleissenliuttelg Business Mzuiziger, Lynclzi Pringle: Class Editor, Cindy Reaulg Literary Editor, Marey Anrlersnng Sports Editor, lliek Ruffg Plmtugrzlplly Editor, Mike Eeonomidisg Adviser, Bliss Blowry t T t Awww-ww, tiff f'if ,. 5 WSW' 45 Thqf Keep in StqJ . . . HAND: President, Donald liewisg Vice President, David lVIOl'tl'IlSOIl1 Secretary-'llrezlsurer, Cindy R1-ad, l,ib1':1ri:111, Nancy Gilson: Sec-tioilal l4CElKlCl', Bob Ri0lll10lIl1 Director, lllr. Colonnzi. BAND The Greenville High School Band, pride of the student body, exhibited its talents to many during the school year through its performances at football and basketball games, pep assemblies, and local parades. The band, which also presented an annual spring concert, is open to any senior high school student having sufhcient training on a brass, percussion, or woodwind instrument. MAJORETTES Chosen on the basis of poise, appearance, personality, and twirling ability, the majorettes are selected from girls in Senior High School. These girls, who partici- pated at football and basketball games, in pep assemblies and parades, add much to the appearance of the band and also help to inspire school spirit. NIA-lORl'lTTES: Head Nlajorette, Nancy NIC-Clureg Adviser, Bliss Knupp. 9' 1 IYMYWQ' N X 4 .f E Mn ffm Wins Er iw V 1 H V+ Q 1 3 Q ij, 4' Q 4 f , fy Q wif -my 1 W, ,K E? .af My ? -W 4' 'f .uf E , z x 'e f, 1,3 Q L. 4 me-up U Member! Strive . . SAFETY CLUB: Captain, Jim Turkg First Lieutenant, Ray Kirstg Second Lieutenant, Jim Smith: Third Lieutenant, Paul Plummerg Adviser, Mr. Hilgert SAFETY CLUB Members of the Safety Club devoted their time on Saturdays to washing cars in order to earn money for their annual trip to Washington, D.C. HI-Y President, Gary Crowther Vice President, Dave Mortensen Secretary, Terry Wepsic Treasurer, Mike Economidis Chaplain, Dave LaSalle Adviser, Mr. Massie THE "YU CLUBS The four NY" clubs, which are open to any student, share the same purpose in that they try to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian living. The separate clubs held various social activities throughout the school year, and each also sponsored several service projects. 48 SENIOR TRI-HI-Y President, Mardie Osborne Vice President, Judy Reichard Secretary, Nellie Card Treasurer, Jane Bush Chaplain, Dolly Korbini Adviser, Miss Saylor JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y President, Kathy Greenfield Vive President, Irene Rabold Secretary, Judy Heisser Treasurer, Cindy Swatt Chaplain, Relda Evans Adviser, Mrs. Royal SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y President, Charlotte Ivagner Vice President, Nancy Frohlich Secretary, Mary Lou Riffer Chaplain, Esther Mc-Grath Adviser, Mrs. Brath For Hzgb Standardf Club Interem Grow . . . vmwmng JETS: President, Phil Glzlssg Vice President, Jack Turkg Secretary, Alan Snyderg Treasurer, Ed Fresh- waterg Adviser, INIr. Brooks. CENTURY V JETS Interest in engineering and other scientific fields is the qualifying factor for mem- bership in this organization. The purpose of this group is to help its members learn of engineering and related seienee professions. BIOS CLUB Any student taking a biology course and maintaining a "Cv average in that course is eligible for membership in the Bios Club. The elub, whieh took an annual field trip to Pittsburgh, contributed to the landscaping of our school by planting shrubbery on the grounds. BIOS CLUB: President, Harry Jones: Vice President, Nancy MeClureg Seeretary-Treasurer, Charlotte Wagnerg Adviser, Mr. Jinar. 50 . . . From the Clamfoom BUSINESS CLUB: President, Sue Nelson, Vice President, Elaine Shattuckg Secretary, Dorothy Boyd Treasurer, Dolores Korbinig Advisers, Mrs. Dunmire, Miss McCa1ney. BUSINESS CLUB Any senior who is taking one or more of the business subjects such as typing, shorthand, office practice, or bookkeeping may become a member of this club. To increase the student's knowledge of modern business machines and methods is the goal of this club. The members make various field trips and hold several social events during the year. MODERN LANGVAGE CLUB To become a member of the Morlern Language Club a student must have studied one year of French or Spanish and maintained at least a "C" average. Promoting a better understanding of French and Spanish is the goal of this organization. One of the enjoyable social events is the banquet held in the spring. MODFRN LAN! UAL lr CLUB President, Mardie Usborne: Vice President, Nancy Polleyg Secre- tary Treasurer Patti Yorke Advlser, Mr. Jordan. 51 They Prepare Today FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: President, Dorothy lleissenbuttelg Vice President, Patti Yorkeg Secretary, Linda Kirknerg Adviser, Mrs. Wehner FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Students having an interest in the teaching profession and having a "CH average are eligible to join F.T.A. lyleetings featured movies and talks. ART CLUB ART CLUB President, Jerry McElwnin Vice President, Nancy Polley Secretary, Karen Amy Treasurer, Jim Lowry Adviser, Mrs. Scheihe Members of the newly organized Art Club made posters for various school activities and held several social events during the year. LIBRARY CLUB Adviser, Mr. Fagley 52 LIBRARY CLUB Members of the Library Club performed various duties such as typing, making posters, and charging out books. . . For the Profeyriom Tomorrow FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: President, Nancy Lanningg Vice President, Paula Con- nerg Secretary, Bonnie Redfootg Treasurer, Janice Snodgrass, Adviser, Miss Knupp FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Girls having one year of homemaking and a "C" average in all school subjects may join F.H.A. This club tries to promote an appreciation of homemaking and to work for good home and family life. FUTURE NURSES CLUB The qualification for membership in the Future Nurses Club is a genuine interest in nursing. Through their meetings, the members become better acquainted with the nursing and medical professions. FUTURE NURSES CLUB: President, Dale Kennedy, Vice President, Ann Smith, Secretary-Treas- urer, Sue Pfaffg Adviser, Mrs. Smith. 53 Tbeytferve IB.. 1 aim STAGE CREW: Manager, Phil Glassg Advisers, Mr. Hilgert, Mrs. Scheibe. STAGE CREVV Boys interested in technical or vocational shop skills make up the stage crew. The members are responsible for operating the lights and curtains, creating special sound effects, and constructing any scenery needed for stage productions. This year the stage crew was in charge of the sets for both the senior and junior class plays. PROJECTION CREW Any junior or senior having a "CH average, or better, is eligible for membership in the projection crew. This group of boys provides our school with operators for audio-visual' equipment. Every two years the club visits the Vath Studio at Sharps- ville where the members receive instruction in the operation of such equipment. PROJECTION CREW: Senior Manager, Bob Reimoldg Junior Manager, Harry Uberg Adviser, Mr. Breckenridge. 1 C 54 . . . Wz'th All Their Mzlght LEADERS CLUB: President, Elaine Hunt, Vice President, Karen Anderson, Secretary, Linda Soperg Treasurer, Mary Rogers, Adviser, Miss Martinsek. LEADERS CLFB Promoting and maintaining the interest of Greenville High School girls in sports- manship, health, and athletic activities are the goals of the Leaders Club. This club is open to sophomore and junior girls who have earned the required number of points in G.A.A. and outside activities. VARSITY "GU To foster maturity, to promote pride through athletics, and to give recognition to those boys who have participated in athletics are the main objectives of this group. The qualification for membership in this club is the possession of a varsity letter in any sport. VARSITY "GU: President, Tim Meier, Vice President, Gary Hittleg Secretary, Tom Ulleryg Treasurer Paul Beck, Adviser, Mr. Rimmey. 55 From the hall nc-ur the cafeteria, These hallowed halls leave a lasting imprint on the lives of the first class to graduate . . . 56 nz 2 5 f X I Class of 1959 CLASS FLOWER-CARNATION CLASS COLORS-LIGHT BLUE AND BLACK 1-D.-Y. L. w..:u..f-5?-,I-.7-f.--QL 5,,,--- A .Q-Ji: - A ,-.- Y. CLASS MOTTO-"THEY CONQUER WHO BELIEVE THEY CAN." SHIRLEY ALICE STRATTON "Sherrie" "Bright with intelligence and fair." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Class Secretary 11-125 Student Council 115 Cheer- leader 10-11-125 Nurses Club 125 Leaders Club 11-125 Bios Club 10, Secretaryg F.H.A. 115 National Hon- or Society 11-125 Prom Comrnittee5 Band 105 Choir 11-125 Latin Club 10. JUDY LEE KECK "Judy" "Charms strike the sight and merit wins the soul." Class Treasurer 125 Modern Language Club 10-11-125 Majorette 11-125 Troy Times 10-11-125 Choir 10-11-125 Busi- ness Club 125 College Club 115 Na- tional Honor Society 125 Senior Play Committee5 Prom Committeeg Tri- Hi-Y 10-115 Bios Club 10. THOMAS D. ULLERY "Tom" "His worth, his honor all the world approved." Class President 11-125 Student Coun- cil 10-11-12, Secretary-Treasurer 10, Vice President 11, President 125 Foot- ball 10-11-12, Co-Captain 125 V.G. 11-12, Secretary 125 Basketball 10-115 Jets 11-125 Sportsmen's Club 10-115 Hi-Y 10-115 Doorman ll. GARY EDWARD HITTLE "Gar" "Ability 'wins us the esteem of true men." Class Vice President 125 V.G. 11-12, Vice President 125 Football 10-11-12, Co-Captain 125 Wrestling 10-11-125 Hi-Y 10-115 Jets 11-125 Sp0rtsmen's Club 10-11. LINDA LORRAINE ADAMS "Bizz" "A musician 'tis true and a good one too." Band 10-11-12, District 11-125 Choir 11-12, Assistant Manager 11, District 115 Cheerleader 10-12, J.V. Captain 125 Prom Committee5 Tri-Hi-Y 10- 11-125 Latin Club 105 Teen Talk 10- 11-125 "Finders Creepers." DEANNA AMOS "Dean "Small, but her smallness is only in stature." Modern Language Club 105 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Teen Talk 10-115 Bios Club 10-125 Senior Play Committee5 Troy Times 11-12. KAREN LEE ANDERSON "Karen" "Sweet and smiling are thy ways." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Treasurer 115 Teen Talk 10-11-125 Leaders Club 11-12, Vice President 125 Prom Com- mittee5 Troy Times 10-11-12, Co-Ed- itor of Features 125 Choir 11-125 Senior Play Committee5 Latin Club 10. GLADYS AMMANN "Gladys" "A merry heart maketh a cheerful coun- tenancef, Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 F.H.A. 10-11-12, Secretary 115 Modern Language Club 10-11-125 Teen Talk 10-11-12. 'iwswiax 'Qi ryyf ,yt 3 ., 41 RICHARD ARNOLD "Dick" "I am as I am and so will I be." Sportsmen's Club 10-115 Hi-Y 105 Football 10. KAREN JEANNINE AMY "Karen" "The rose that all are praising." "Finders Creepers"5 Bios Club 10-12, Treasurer 105 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Leaders Club 125 G.A.A. 10-115 Mod- ern Language Club 115 Teen Talk 10- 11-125 Troy Times 11-125 Prom Com- Initteeg Latin Club 10. MARCY LOUISE ANDERSON "Marcy" "IFS nice to be natural when one'.s nat- urally nice." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Business Club 125' National Honor Society 125 Troian Literary Editorg Senior Play Com- mitteeg Usher 115 Prom Committeeg Teen Talk 10-11-125 Latin Club 10. PHILIP E. BARR "Phil" "No legacy is so rich as honesty." Hi-Y 105 Safety Club 115 Sportsmen's Club 115 Projection Crew 125 Library Club 125 "Finders Creepers." PAUL EDWARD BECK "Fish" CAROL YVONNE BEIGHLEY "He liked to like peopleg therefore peo- "Carol" ple liked him." "Not much talk-a great sweet silencef' Hi-Y 10-11-12, Treasurer 115 V.G. 11- F.H.A. 10-11-12. 12, Treasurer 125 Basketball 10-11-125 Baseball 10-11-12. 59 3 13. if ,X 1 .1 2 53' if 3. 2 -as l N If 4 5 , 3 5' J' Y J 3?- W , ,, SARA ANNE BENSON "Sally" "Blushing is the color of virtue." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 "Finders Creep- CFSHQ Bios Club 103 College Club 11Q Modern Language Club 11-123 Prom Committeeg Teen Talk 10-11-12: Latin Club 10. MYRON ROBERT BOLIVER ..B0b,. "For man is man and master of his fate.', V.G. 11-123 Sportsmen's Club 10-113 Football 10-113 Teen Talk 10-11. THOMAS GERALD BILLER "Thom" "Daring but not dangerous." DOROTHY E. BOYD "Dot" "Serene amidst the savage waves." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-IQQ Teen Talk 10-11- 123 Bios Club 103 Choir 10-11-123 Business Club 12, Secretary3 Prom Committeeg Usher 12. JOYCE I. BROWN "Joyce" WOODS ROBERT BROWN "She was our queen, our rose, our star." "Woody" F.H.A. 103 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-TQQ Stu- "Like the sun, true merit shows." dent Council 10-113 Homecoming Football IOQ Golf 10-11-123 Hi-Y 10- Queeng Teen Talk 10-11. 112 Sportsmen's Club 10-113 V.G. 12. - .. . :I' Jllfki a J ' i fl' S S f ' f . - vv- so . ., , , g -1 , ..-,- ,M - f -if " 1. 3 7 ' ,. .. o,i . . s .:,3 ahh .,, -A -w e ,E I -g a-gs., my Qi Ie ef 1 M Us 3 g 3? 7 f JAMES BLAIR BROWN "Jim" "He is well paid that is well satisfied." Sportsmen's Club 10-113 Doorman 123 Teen Talk 10-11. ANNA JANE BUSH "Shrub" "Here is a dear and true industrious friend." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Treasurer 123 G.A.A. 123 National Honor Society 123 Business Club 123 F.H.A. 10-11- 123 Teen Talk 10-11-123 Usher 11. sass as so RAYMOND EDWARD BURNETT csspudsn "Happy am I 5 from care I am free." Sportsmen's Club 10-113 Wrestling 10-11-123 Football 103 Teen Talk 10. FRANCES LUCILLE CALLAHAN "Toots" "A good heart's worth gold." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Nurses Club 11-123 F.H.A. 10-11-123 Teen Talk 10-11. NELLIE ELIZABETH CARD "Nellie" "She that can have patience can have what she will." Tri-Hi-Y 11-12, Chaplain 11, Secre- tary 123 Usher 11, 123 Bins Club IOQ Modern Language Club 123 College Club l1Q Teen Talk 10-11-123 Nurses Club 10-11-12. ELEANOR CLISBY "Elnor" "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Choir 11-123 F.H.A. 123 Nurses Club 103 Bios Club 103 Teen Talk 10-11-12. FAITH HAZEL CHARLETON "Spade" "A maiden wooed and won." F.H.A. 10-11-12. GEORGINA ELIZABETH COLEMAN "Georgie" "Her eyes are the index to her heart." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Modern Language Club 123 Teen Talk 10-11-123 Bios Club 103 Prom Committee. PAULA JOYCE CONNER "Me" "A smile's the same in every language." F.H.A. 10-ll-12, Vice President 123 Choir 123 Tri-Hi-Y 123 Art Club 12. RALPH ALAN COOPER "Spike" "Men of few words are the best men." Hi-Y 10-113 V.G. 11-123 Football 10- 11-12Q Basketball 103 Wrestling 11- 123 Baseball 10-11-123 Teen Talk 10-11. BETTY VIRGINIA COOPER "I would both sing thy praise and praise thy singing." MARK FRANKLIN CHRISTMAN "Conway" "Let the rest of the world go by, l'll catch up later." Football 103 Football Manager 11-123 Wrestlillg 103 Hi-Y 103 V.G. 11-12. csGinnyys Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Latin Club 103 Modern Language Club 11-123 Choir 10-11-12, District 111 Bios Club 103 Prom Committee3 College Club 11-12. RICHARD EDWIN COTTEN axDickas ya "Be silent and pass for a philosopher. Hi-Y 123 Sportsmen's Club 10. 61 PATRICIA ANN CHRISTMAN "Pat" "I am part of all that I have met." Cheerleader 10-11-123 Student Coun- cil 10-11-123 Leaders Club 123 G.A.A. 10-112 Penn Hi Points 10-113 Tri-Hi- Y 10-11-123 Latin Club IOQ Teen Talk 10-11-123 Prom Committee3 College Club 11g Bios Club 10. rene." REGINA ELLEN EVANS "Reg" "A quiet conscience makes one so se- Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Vice President 115 Bios Club 10, President5 Nurses Club 115 Vice Presidentg Majorette 10-125 Leaders Club 125 Homecoming At- tendantg Business Club 125 Senior Play Committee5 Prom Committee. EDGAR G. FRESHWATER "Ed" "One who never turned back but marched straight forward." V.G. 10-11-125 Sportsmen's Club 10- 11-125 Jets 11-12, Treasurer 125 Wrest- ling 10-11-125 Football 10. PHILIP ENGLISH GLASS "Phil" "Whose words all ears took captive." Latin Club 10, President5 Hi-Y 125 Jets 10-11-12, President 125 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman5 Stage Crew 12, Managerg National Honor Society 11-12. GARY P. CROWTHER "Crutch" "Exceeding wise, fair spoken and per- snarling." National Honor Society 11-12, Presi- dent 125 Hi-Y 10-11-12, President 12 Band 10-11-12, District 125 Basket- ball 10-11-125 Projection Crew 11-12 Teen Talk 10-11-12. CAROLE ANN EAGAN "Igy" "Who does not love a sweet disposition?" Business Club 125 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Nurses Club 115 Band 10-11-125 Orchestra 125 Latin Club 105 Teen Talk 10-ll-12. NANCY ANN GILSON "Nanc" "Never alone, her ideas are always with her. National Honor Society 11-125 Band 10-11-12, Assistant Librarian 10, Librarian 11-12, District 125 Orchestra 10-11-12, District 105 Tri-Hi-Y 10- 11-125 F.T.A. 11-125 Modern Lan- guage Club 11-12. sy ROBERT E. GOEHRING "Cowboy" "Why aren't they all contented like me?f' Sportsmen's Club 10-115 Hi-Y 10-11. 62 DENNIS F. DAWES "Denny" "He was the mildest 1nanner'd man." Hi-Y 10-11-125 Sportsmen's Club 10- 11-125 Teen Talk 10-11-125 Bios Club 115 Modern Language Club 125 Band 10-11-125 Orchestra 11-12. MICHAEL W. ECONOMIDIS "Mike" "True nobility is exempt from fear." National Honor Society 125 Troian Photograph Editor: Hi-Y 10-11-12, Treasurer 125 Jets 125 Latin Club 105 College Club 115 Senior Play Commit- teeg Teen Talk 10-11-125 Doorman 11. CHARLOTTE FOREMAN "Charlie" "A true friend and a friend forever." Nurses Club 10-11-125 Modern Lan- guage Club 10-11-125 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11- 125 Bios Club 105 Choir 10-11-125 Usher 125 F.H.A. 125 Art Club 12. LEE ROY GREENFIELD "Roy" "He most prevails who nobly dares." Jets 10-11-129 Projection Crew 11-129 Hi-Y 10-11-129 Orchestra 10-11-12. REGINA FLORENCE HARTLEY "Reggie' "As merry as the day is long." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-129 Bios Club 109 Teen Talk 10-11-TQQ Choir 10-11-129 Usher 12. x SARA KATHRYN HAYES "Sally" "Though she be but little, she is fun." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-129 Bios Club 10-129 G.A.A. 129 Teen Talk 10-11-12. CLAIR N. GRUVER "Clair" "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Projection Crew 11-IQQ Jets 12. WAYNE PAUL HAUSE "Wayne" "Manners make the man." Latin Club 109 Doorman 11-129 Choir 11-12: Art Club 12. DONALD RAY HERRICK "Don" "Few were his words, but wonderfully clear." Jets 10-11-129 Hi-Y 10-11-129 Teen Talk 10-11-129 Football 109 Wrestling 119 Choir 11. CAROLE ELAINE HUNT "Elaine" "StraighU'orward, steadfast and true." Leaders Club 11-12, President 129 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-129 Band 10-11-122 College Club 11-129 F.T.A. 129 Teen Talk 10-112 Latin Club 109 Bios Club 10. 63 DOROTHY JEAN HEISSENBUTTEL "Deje" "From her shall read the perfect ways of hO7!0T.,, National Honor Society 11-129 Troian Editor in Chiefg F.T.A. 11-12, Presi- dent 129 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, President 109 Modern Language Club 11-129 Latin Club 109 College Club llg Bios Club 109 Usher 11. GARY RALPH HITTLE "Gary" "Patience achieves more than force." Hi-Y 10-11-129 Jets 11-129 Sports- men's Club 10-119 Teen Talk 10-11- 129 Latin Club 10. JUDITH ANN JAYNE "Judy" "Thy modesty is a candle to they merit." Latin Club 102 Tri-Hi-Y 10-1 1-129 Business Club 12. FREDERICK LEWIS JUNK "Junkie" "Though 'words fail me I can still smile." V.G. 11-123 Wrestling 103 Football 103 Football Manager 11g Sportsmen's Club 10-11Q Hi-Y 10-113 Teen Talk 10-11. RAYMOND PAUL KIRST "Ray" "Such a good-natured wit." Safety Club 10-11-12, President 11, Vice President 123 Radio Club 103 Hi-Y 10. 'E""" "' " T '-gl 0 --ar '- JAMES R. JEFFRIES "Jeff" "A mighty athlete he." V.G. 10-11-123 Football 10-ll-123 Sportsmen's Club 113 Baseball 113 Wrestling 11. HARRY JONES "Spook" "He combines ideas with ideals." Bios Club 12, President3 Football 123 Transferred from Meadville High School, Meadville, Pa. 12. MARIE ANNETTE JOHNSON "Marie" "A friendly heart has many friends." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-TQQ Bios Club 103 G.A.A. IIQ Leaders Club 123 Teen Talk 10-11-12. THEODORE EDSON JONES "Ted" "Still waters run deep." Hi-Y 10-11-123 College Club 11Q Mod- ern Language Club 123 Projection Crew TIL J.V. Basketball 10. rs? ii - . AGNES DALE KENNEDY si' 2 l'DRlC,, 'js t X . i "Sincere and very much in earnest in all V 1, U 3..i- she does." 4, ' Troy Times 10-11-12, Co-Editor 10- 3 11-124 Nurses Club 10-11-12, Pres- i siee if-fy dent 12, Secretary-Treasurer 11Q Na- E 3 ' f' it ' tional Honor Society 123 Tri-Hi-Y 10- fy 11-12, Vice President 103 Bios Club 3, 10-123 Play Student Director 12. Li ' A H Q 5 . DOLORES MARIE KORBINI "Dolly" "Who deserves well needs not another's praise." Modern Language Club 103 F.H.A. 10-11-12, Treasurer 111 Business Club 12, Treasurer3 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Chaplain 123 Teen Talk 10-11-12. e 3 . s 0 fiilfifff' , Jlfff -'i" y 2 or EDITH DIANNE LAIRD "Di" "The very pink of perfection." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Troy Times 11 College Club llt Business Club 12 Latin Club 103 Prom Committee: Teen Talk 10-11-123 Senior Play Com mittee3 Choir 12. 64 NANCY JEAN LANNING "Nanc' "A merry heart goes all the day." Latin Club 103 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12 F.H.A. 11-12, President 123 Bios Club 103 Troy Times 11-12, Club Editor Business Club 123 Leaders Club 11-12 Teen Talk 10-11-123 G.A.A. 10-11-12 DAVID FREDRICK LA SALLE "Dave" "Abolish fun and I exist no more." Hi-Y 11-1Qg Bios Club 10-123 Projec- tion Crew 11-123 Band 10-11-123 Choir IQ, Districtg College Club 11. DONALD THOMAS LEWIS "Pife" "How far that little candle throws his beams." Band 10-11-12, President 123 "Finders Creepersng Hi-Y 10-11-125 Student Council 103 Projection Crew 12g Bios Club 11. ..Y.-.YA 1-yr.. ARTHUR W. LEWIS "Art" "He is as full of valor as of kindness." V.G. 10-11-125 Wrestling 10-11-12g Hi-Y 10-113 Prom Comrnitteeg Sports- men's Club 10-113 Doorman 11. MICHAEL W. LEWIS "Lew" "What'er he did was done with so much ease.'l Football-10-115 Wrestling 10-125 Hi- Y 125 V.G. 10-ll-12. JAMES H. LOUTZENHISER "Loutzie" "Nothing succeeds like success." Sportsmen's Club 10-115 Projection Crew 10-11-12g Hi-Y 10-113 Golf 10- 113 "Finders Creepersng Teen Talk 10-11-125 Prom Committeeg Bios Club 10. CHARLES EDWARD LOVISCKY "Charlie" "He was straightg you could trust him." Modern Language Club 11-123 Hi-Y 10-11-125 Teen Talk 10-11-12. 65 Wrestling 105 Teen Talk 10. -L.- --A----W - -I---H ---Y ----- ---f - --1 -W-A - gf- - :IT DAVID LINDESMITH "Burg" DENNIS DAYTON LOCKARD "Reading maketh a full man." "Denny" Wrestling 10-11-12g V.G. IQ. "I work, I live, I have my fun." Sportsmen's Club 10-113 Radio Club 10. DARRYL GRANT LOCKE ROBERT D. LONG "Elsie" "Locke" "Happy is as happy does." "A sensible and well-bred man." Sportsmen's Club 10-11-12. ELLEN MARIE MATHIS "Ellen" "A good disposition is better than gold." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 F.I'I.A. 10-11-123 Choir 10-11-12. JAMES H. McCALL "Beege" "A good sport and a good comrade." Student Council 11-125 Class Vice President 113 V.G. 1QgHi-Y 10-11-123 Wrestling 10-11-123 Football 10-11-12. EVELYN LOUISE MAYES "Weggie "T rue modesty is a discerning grace." Business Club 12g "Finders Creepers,'g Teen Talk 10-11g Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Library Club 105 Choir 10-11-12. sy JOSEPH EDWARD MCCLELLAN "Sugar" "Young fellows will be young fellows." Transferred from St. Michael's High School, Greenville, Pa. 11. WILSON MARQUIS "Pete" "The world is no better if we worry." JAMES LOWRY "Jim" RONALD H. MANVILLE "Being good never bothered him." "Skimpy" Hi-Y 192. "And certainly he was a good fellow." CAROL MARGARET MARX "Carol" "She is the mirror of all courtesy." Latin Club 103 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12g Modern Language Club 11-125 F.T.A. 11-129 Nurses Club 11g College Club 11g Choir 113 Teen Talk 10-11. DIANA LEE MCCLIMANS CATHERINE BURNO "Dinah" McCLURE "Kay" "Short and sweet." "Her heart's like the moon-the're's a Band 10-113 Modern Language Club man in it." 103 F.H.A. 10-11-125 Tri-Hi-Y 10-l1- Tri-Hi-Y 11-12g Teen Talk 11-123 125 Bios Club 123 Teen Talk 10-11-12. Choir 11. NANCY ELIZABETH McCLURE "Nance" "Sugar and spice and all things nice." Homecoming Queen Attendantg Na- tional Honor Society 12g Student Council 1Qg Majorette 10-11-12, Head Majorette 11-123 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, President 113 Bios Club 10-12, Vice President 123 "Finders Creepers." RUTHANN McCORMICK "Rudy" "A ready smile makes a host of friends." F.H.A. 10-11-12g Choir 103 Teen Talk 10-115 Tri-Hi-Y 10. DALE PATRIC McGONAGLE "Dale', "O, this learning, what a thing it is." Sportsmen's Club 115 Projection Crew 12. JANET ELAINE McCORMICK "Janet" "Silence is more eloquent than words." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Bios Club 105 Choir 10-11-12g Business Club 125 Teen Talk 10-11. JUNE MEREDITH MCCURDY "June' "Her sweet smile is true to her char- unter." F.H.A. 10-11-12. ROBERT McCU'RDY "Curdy" "Life is not life at all without delight." Sportsmen's Club 10. JOHN S. McDOWELL "Pickle" "He tried the luxury of being good." Hi-Y 10g Sportsmen's Club 11. ROGER MEANS "Roge" "A kind and gentle heart he had." Choir 10-ll-12g Hi-Y 105 Sports- men's Club 10-11-12: Radio Club 10- 11. 67 RONALD EARL McDANIEL ccDanss "He was a burning and shining light." Basketball 10-11-152g Football 10-11- 123 V.G. 12. GERALD McELWAIN "Mac" "Where he met a stranger there he left a friend." Choir 10-11-12, President 123 Art Club 125 "Finders Creepers." . . 1.5.1-ff P- ? siotei fi .. Q i 5, 1 if Q -'.- i 1 st of . . :i 33,5611 S N 1 ' . 'Fe-1 ii. ' if 'f -f it if '31 YL . K 'lei' -1 . ' IW' A K' . l S mlyl'-1 4 . in AFLY . , ,, ,M , JOHN L. NEHLEN "Jack" "Destined to be a star in the leading acts of life." Basketball 123 V.G. 123 Transferred from Farrell High School, Farrell, Pa. 11. MARDITH HARRIET OSBORNE "Mardie,' "Don't hold my hands-I can't talk." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, President 123 Teen Talk 10-11-123 Modern Language Club 11-12, President 123 F.T.A. 12, Secretaryg Prom Committeeg Troy Times 10-11-123 "Finders CFCBPBTSHQ Bios Club 10. RALPH CHARLES PACKARD "Pack" "He's sudden if a thing comes in his head." Hi-Y 10-123 Jets 10-123 Projection Crew 11-IQQ Bios Club 103 Prom Com- rnittee3 Band 10-11-123 Orchestra 10. ff ff - -- -- s--W1-2 Tm. --. -- --.---G-l!"1f,.f... KEITH H. MEIER "Tim" "He touches nothing but he adds a charm." V.G. 11-12, President 123 Football 10- 11-123 Basketball 10-11-123 Baseball 103 Hi-Y 10-11-123 Jets 123 Sports- men's Club 10-113 Latin Club 103 Prom C0mmittee3 Teen Talk 10-11-12. .IUDITH MAY MINNIGH "Judy" "She has so kind a disposition." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Choir 12, Secre- tary-Treasurer 123 Orchestra 10-11- 123 Latin Club 103 Modern Language Club 123 Nurses Club 10-112 Band EDWARD A. PACKARD "Ed" "Patient men win the day." Stage Crew 12. CLEORA SUE PFAF F "Sue" "Refinement creates beauty everywhere' Band 10-11-123 Nurses Club 11-12, Secretary-Treasurer 123 National Hon- or Society l23 Business Club 123 Tri- Hi-Y 10-11-123 Teen Talk 10-11-123 Latin Club 10. s 68 10-ll-123 Teen Talk 10-11. SHARON MILLER "Sharon' "Her bright smile haunts me still." F.H.A. 123 Choir 12. VINCENT MOSCONI "Sconi "The pupil of impulse." ROBERT JOSEPH NEMETH "Nemo" "A silent, shy, peace-loving man." Football 103 Hi-Y 10-113 Teen Talk 10-113 Sportsmen's Club 10. NANCY POLLEY "Nanc" "Quick, witty, charming, full of light." Leaders Club 11-123 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11- 123 Nurses Club 10-11-123 Modern Language Club 10-11-12, Vice Presi- dent 123 Bios Club 103 Teen Talk 10- 11, Majorette 11-123 Homecoming Attendantg Prom Committee. BONNIE B. PROCTOR "Bonnie" "In her very quietness is a charm." Commercial Club 10-112 Transferred from Farrell High School, Farrell, Pa. 12. JAMES RICHARD REED "Jim" "Write me as one who loves his fellow men." Stage Crew 12. LYNDA LEE PRINGLE "Lynda" "Fill.s the air around with beauty." Troian Business Manager3 Homecom- ing Attendant3 Student Council 10- 11-123 Troy Times 10-11-123 Major- ettes 10-11-123 Prom Comrnitteeg Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Chaplain 103 Choir 123 Usher II, Nurses Club 11-12. CYNTHIA ANN READ "Cindy" " The precious porcelain of human clay." National Honor Society 11-123 Ma- jorettes II, Band 10-11-12, Secretary- Treasurer 123 Class Treasurer IIQ Tri- Hi-Y 10-11-123 Troian Class Editorg Troy Times 10-11-123 Student Coun- cil 10-11-123 Latin Club 10. JUDITH ANN REICHARD "Judy" "Her merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Vice President 123 F.H.A. 10-11-12, President 11, Choir 10-11-123 Business Club 123 Teen Talk 10-11-12. ROBERT JAMES REIMOLD "Bob" "A man of capabilities, character, and quality." Bios Club 10-123 Projection Crew 11- 12, Manager 11-123 Hi-Y 10-11-12, Vice President 113 Jets 123 College Club IIQ "Finders CFBCDCTSUQ Band 10-11-12, District 123 Orchestra 10- 11-12, District 10-12. 69 GERALD REESE "Jerry" "Weflnd in life only what we put in it." Transferred from Sharon High School, Sharon, Pa. 11. NANCY LEE REICHARD "Nan" "She has many friends and there's a reason for it." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 F.T.A. 11, Nurses Club IIQ Modern Language Club IIS Bios Club Ill Teen Talk 10-113 Choir 11-123 College Club 11. SANDRA VIRGINIA RICHEY usandyn "A merry heart and a smiling face." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-123 Teen Talk 10-11- 123 Band 10-11-123 Orchestra 12. DOROTHY JEAN SAVCHUK RICHARD SAYLOR "Crow" "Jeanie" "T he laborer is worthy of his rewardf, "The mildest manners with the greatest Hi-Y 109 Jets 129 Teen Talk 10. heart." F.H.A. 11-129 Tri-Hi-Y 10-IIQ Teen Talk 10-11. JOHN RILEY "John" "The life of Riley." RICHARD RUFF "Dick" "He'll leave his mark on the sands of time." Troy Times 129 Hi-Y 10-11-129 Latin Club 109 Prom C0mmittee9 Troian Sports Editor9 "Finders Creepersng Teen Talk 10-11-12. MARY LOUISE ROGERS "Kim" "More is thy due than more than all can pay." Troy Times 10-11-12, Co-Editor 10- 11-129 National Honor Society 11-129 Cheerleader 109 Leaders Club 11-12, Treasurer 129 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-129 Prom Committee9 F.T.A. 129 Choir 11-12, District 11-129 G.A.A. 10-11- 12. LAWRENCE WESLEY RUHLMAN "Larry" "Very rich is he in virtues" Hi-Y 10-11-122 Teen Talk 109 Projec- tion Crew 112 Sportsmen's Club 119 "Finders Creepers." RONALD CLAIR SCHAAF "Ron" "Every man is the architect of his own fortunes." Band 10-11-129 Orchestra 10-11-129 Hi-Y 11-12. JAMES SHAFER "YeaFf" "There is no wisdom like franknessf' Radio Club 102 Sportsmen's Club 11. 70 PATRICIA A. SCOTT "Patty" "Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-129 Business Club 129 Modern Language Club 11-129 Choir 11-129 Teen Talk 10-11-129 Prom Committee. ELAINE SHATTUCK "Elaine" "T he sweetest garland to the sweetest maid." Tri-Hi-Y 11-129 Teen Talk IIQ Busi- ness Club 12, Vice President9 Choir 129 Transferred from Haverling Cen- tral School, Bath, N. Y. 11. MARY SUE SHUGARTS "Shug" "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low." Majorette 10-11-125 Bios Club 10-125 Modern Language Club 11-125 Tri- Hi-Y 10-11-12, Secretary 105 Teen Talk 10-11-125 College Club 11-125 Troy Times 10-11-125 Choir 10-11- 125 Prom Committee5 Latin Club 10. BETTY LOU SIMONS "Betty" "I have a heart with room for every joy." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Teen Talk 10-115 Business Club 125 Choir 125 Nurses Club 11-12. BRADLEY RAYMOND SIKE "Brad" "To take things as they are-that's my philosophyf' Wrestling 10-11-125 V.G. 10-11-125 Projection Crew 11-125 Hi-Y 10. JOHN E. SKASICK "John" "How wise one must be to be always kind." Hi-Y 10-125 Basketball 105 Football 105 Modern Language Club 115 Sports- men's Club 115 Jets 12. ALAN C. SNYDER "Al" "Modesty becomes a young man." Golf 10-11-125 Hi-Y 11-125 Jets 10- 11-12, Secretary 125 V.G. 125 Teen Talk ll-12. RALPH FREDERICK SNYDER "Butch" "Off 'we go into the wild blue yonder." Hi-Y 11-125 Projection Crew 11-125 Modern Language Club 115 Teen Talk 10-11-125 Choir 11. DIANE ELIZABETH SNYDER "Diane" "T rue humility is contentment." Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-125 Modern Language Club 105 Bios Club 105 Teen Talk 10- 11-125 Choir 10-115 Business Club 12. LYNN VIRGINIA SOPER "Linda" "H er air, her manner all saw, admired. National Honor Society 11-125 Cheer- leader 11-12, Manager 11, Captain 125 Troy Times 10-11-125 Tri-Hi-Y 10- 11-125 Business Club 125 Choir 125 Leaders Club 11-12, Secretary 125 Prom Committee. 71 JOE SMARGIASSO Mease JANICL IEE SNODGRASS "O, it is excellent to have gzant s Janice strength." Sweet and smiling art thou always Football 10-11-125Wrestl1ng 10 11 12 Trl H1 Y 10 11 12 F H A 10 11 12 Sportsmen's Club 11-125 V G 10 11 Teen Talk 10 11 12 Choir 10 11 12 3? Y M gp 1 ROY TERNEY "Tourniquet" "There's mischief in this man." Baseball 10-11-123 Choir 11-12. JOHN LARRY TURK "Jack" "He was wont to speak plain and to the purpose." Jets 10-11-12, Vice President 123 Prom Committeeg Hi-Y 10-11-123 National Honor Society 123 Latin Club 103 Teen Talk 10-11-12. JANET ANN WAGNER "Wags" "Honest labor bears a lovely face." National Honor Society 11-123 Tri- Hi-Y 10-11-123 Leaders Club 11-12, Points Manager 123 Troy Times 10- 11-12, Social Manager 11-12, Business Manager 123 Majorette 11-123 Choir 11-12, District 11-12. WILLIAM R. SPENCE "Bill" "He was ever precise in promise-keep- ing." Hi-Y 113 Latin Club 10. FRED STUYVESANT "Fred" "There is only one proof of ability- action." "Finders Creepersng Latin Club 103 Modern Language Club IIQ Jets 11- 123 Projection Crew 12. ' t . . e RICHARD H. WEAVER "Dick" "I am ready to try my fortune." Hi-Y 10g Band 10-11-123 Sportsmenls Club 10-11. RICHARD GEORGE STANLEY "Stan" "He was very knowing." Football 123 Wrestling 10-11-123 V.G. 11-123 Hi-Y 10. LLOYD A. TALBOT, SR. "Lloyd" "A newcomer in our midstf' Transferred from Pymatuning Joint High School, Jamestown, Pa. 12. DAVID E. TUDOR "Dave" "Ambition is the ladder to success." Jets 11-123 Orchestra 103 Hi-Y 10-123 Choir 11-12, Vice President 123 Pro- jection Crew 123 Bios Club 103 Teen Talk 10-12. PHYLLIS MARIE UBER "Phil" "Her loveliness I never knew 'until she smiled on me." Troy Times 10-11-123 Modern Lan- guage Club 10-11-123 Tri-Hi-Y 10-11- 123 Teen Talk 10-11-123 Nurses Club 10-113 College Club 11-123 F.H.A. 123 F.T.A. 12. 72 I-I. TERRY WEPSIC "Terry" "The force of his oum merit makes his way." National Honor Society 11-123 Foot- ball 10-ll-123 Hi-Y I0-ll-12, Secre- tary 12, V.G. 11-123 Choir I0-11-12, Yearbook Staff 10-IIQ Transferred from Avonsworth High School, Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 12. JOHN CHARLES WILLIAMSON "J. W.', "He was fresh and full of faith that something would turn up." Sportsmen's Club 11-123 Bios Club 10. PATRICIA JO YORKE "Patti" "Her ways are the ways of pleasant- ness." Modern Language Club 11-12, Secre- tary-Treasurer 123 F.T.A. 12, Vice Presidentg Tri-Hi-Y 10-11-12, Treas- urer 103 Troy Times 10-11-123 Prom Committeeg Teen Talk 10-11-123 Choir 12. HARRY L. ZAHNISER "Bearcat" "Laugh, and the world laughs with you." Wrestling 11g Football 10-123 Hi-Y 10-123 Projection Crew 11-123 V.G. 12. BEVERLY JOANNE WHEATON uBevu "Good nature is one of the richest gifts. Library Club 103 F.H.A. 10-123 Tri Hi-Y I0-ll-123 Choir ll-12. LAWRENCE WOLBER "Dude" "I would help others out of fellow-feel- ing." Football 11. 78 ss MICHAEL L. YOUNG "Co-ordination" "It's good to live, learn, and be happy.' Football 10-11-123 V.G. 123 Hi-Y 113 Bios Club 105 Sportsmen's Club 11, Teen Talk 11. 2 CAROL ANN ZUSCHLAG "Corrie" "Oh, discretion, thou art a jewel." Tri-Hi-Y 103 Library Club IIQ F.H.A. 123 Transferred from Farrell High School, Farrell, Pa. 12. CHARLES E. ZUSCHLAG JOHN A. ZUSCHLAG "Zeke" "Cheko" "Life gives nothing to men without great "The gentleman is a rare speaker." labor." V.G. 123 Sportsmen's Club IIQ Wrest- Football 103 Sportsmen's Club 11. ling 10-11. Lest Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot We, the Class of 1959, being perfectly normal psychologically are as vain as other human beings. We don't want to be forgotten when these hallowed halls are no longer blessed with our illustrious presence. Therefore we have decided to will to those we feel are needy and deserving a few of our noble traits and worldly posses- sions. We have been so kind as to donate these one hundred fifty-four items. Now we ask you, the heirs, 'SIS it too much to ask that you set up one hundred fifty-four monuments to perpetuate our memory?,' 1. Frances Callahan reluctantly bequeaths her numerous oflice duties to Irene Rabold. 2. Bob Long gladly passes on his textbooks to Beverly Shaffer. 3. Pat Scott wills her well-kept P. 0. D. notebook to Carole Murphy. 4. Ralph Packard relinquishes his leisure hours at the record shop to Ed Richard- son. 5. Regina Hartley bequeaths her share in the alto section of the choir to Carol Chase. 6. To Nancy Hinkson goes Elaine Hunt's skill with a "round ball." 7. Roy Greenfield's position in the cafeteria is granted to Jim Smith. 8. Clair Gruver endows Bill Ruhlman with his carefree strolls through the halls. 9. Margie Howe will take Wayne Hause's place as a most promising artist. 10. Judy Minnigh passes on her many musical talents to Linda Graul. 11. Cindy Swatt inherits Mardie Osborne,s love of Fords. 12. Sally Hayes and Sandy Baker will continue to share their petiteness. 13. Elaine Shattuck hands over her trying tasks on the duplicating machines to Carol Mariacher. 14. Gary R. Hittle leaves his art of persuasive conversation to Jim Turk. 15. Brad Sike offers some rather worn English term papers for sale to the highest bidder. 16. Jack Nehlen leaves some of his height to Ronnie Colonna Che needs itj. 17. Bob Biggin is the recipient of Vince Mosconi's supply of absentee excuses. 18. Ed Packard wills one disconnected spark plug to Darrell Stuyvesant. 19. Bob Nemeth donates his shy smile to Gary Summers. 1. Having a party, girls? 2. "Droopy drawers." 3. Sitting pretty! 4. The lineup. 5. Ho-hum! 6. A soft seat! 7. Why so glum, chum? 8. All rested? 9. Puppy love. 10. Who's driving? 11. Kat hat. 12. A Girl Scout over-night. 13. Paula and pooch. l. Happy birthday, Nance! 2. Gangsters, Inc. 3. Ginny and friend. 4. Ah, Betty, tell us! 5. High stepper! 6. Glamor girl. 7. H0w's the water? 8. Ladies Aid 9. "Sleepy time gal." 10. Pretty as a picture. 11. 1t's the big night! 12. The gang's all here! 13. Watch the birdie! 14-. My, what pretty , I . , . . t? teeth you have! 15, hood morning, lrram. 16. bteppmg ou 20. Don Herrick's passion for "rods" goes to Dick Bronder. 21. Nancy Polley entrusts Judy Kirst with one battle-scarred baton. 22. Beverly 1Yheaton leaves locker number 177 to a future senior. 23. John 1Yilliamson's brother Gerald inherits John's art of looking concerned. 24. Sue Pfafli generously donates one reed for a clarinet to Mary Ellen Brakeman. 25. Lawrence Wvolber offers his sly sense of humor to Dave Kaulen. 26. Pat Yorke's taxi business goes to her sister Judygprovided she passes her driveris test. 27. Mike Young endows a pale sophomore with a sun lamp. 28. Gary E. Hittle bequeaths to his brother Keith his neat erewcut. 29. John Zuschlag shares his good taste in clothes with Bruce Emmett. 30. hfike Economy donates a whole case of shoe polish to Johnny Godinieh. 31. Rodney Yventling inherits Chuck Zusc-hlag,s interest in wrestling. 32. Regina Evans gives her knack of doing the right thing at the right time to Alice Zuschlag. 33. Phil Glass isn't. leaving his slide rule to anyone! 34. Tim Bteier reluctantly wills his little black book to Carl DiClaudio. 35. Dave hfortensen is elected by Terry VVepsie to continue tormenting hlrs. Linn. 36. Bob Goehring's talent for vacating the school at the speed of sound Qsound of the dismissal bellj is passed on to Ed Homer. 37. Ron McDaniel gives his love of loud mufllers to Niark Stuyvesant. 38. Dale Mc-Gonagle donates an old beat-up soccer ball to Randy Thompson. 39. To Bob Lewis goes Harry Z2JLlll11SCI',S dry sense of humor. 40. Dave Tudor wills the Florence flask he took from the chem lab to Dave Baine. CIt's too bulky to fit in the pocket.j 41. Tom Thompson receives all of Jack Turk's '!Ilot Rodi' magazines. 42. Dick Yteaver leaves to Fred Bracligan his yen for convertibles. 43. Janet 1Yagner,s suede sponge goes to a pleased Sandy Vlleaver. 44. Ed Freshwater bequeaths his felt. hat to Frank Reigelman. 45. Jerry McElwain graciously bestows upon Doug Paxton one bent lli-Fi needle. 46. Bonnie Gill is the recipient of Sharon lXIiller's long curly locks. 47. Nancy Gilson secretly passes on all her old English themes to her sister Linda. 48. Charlotte Foreman offers one moist paint brush to Carolyn Charleson. 49. Carole Eagan shares her habit of dressing neatly with Charlotte 1Vagner. 50. Phyllis Uber passes on her love of homework to Karen Chase. '75 l f' 51. Roy Terney Wills his carefree manner to Jed Thomas. 52. Carol Zuschlag leaves her pleasant smile to Barb Burno. 53. June Mcflurdy endows Barbara Hodge with her knack of enjoying life. 54. To Ben Smith goes John lwcllowellls love of pitching right. in on a hard job. 55. Tom llllery grants Ron Kilner his "fun talkf, 56. The girl with "more bounce to the ouncef, Linda Adams, wills this happy con- dition to Nancy Jo Myers. 57. Gladys Ammann bequeaths to Priss llanna one used typewriter eraser. 58. Deanna Amos's love of rock 'n roll goes to Julie lWoHett. 59. Gretchen Schuster receives Karen Amyls love of New Year's Eve parties. 60. Ted Jones shares his undivided interest in the Detroit Tigers with Bob lWcConahey. 61. Judy Keck entrusts her brother Budge with her last. name because he'll keep it longer. 62. Phil Barr entrusts Jim Stevenson with his unfinished assignments. 63. Judy Jayne gives her hearty "hiv to Sherry Osborne. 64. Ray Kirst has agreed to relinquish his cowboy belt to Dave Mosher. 65. Lynda Pringle leaves her love of neat hair styles to Joanne Lininger. 66. Bob Lydic inherits Jim lleedas plans for an armadillo farm. 67. Jim Jeffries relinquishes one worn thigh pad for his brother Tom. 68. Dale Kennedy's determination to win l'.O.D. debates goes to Sally Irvin. 69. ltlarie Johnson donates her innocent look to Martha VVolfe. 70. VVe were happy to hear that Marcy Anderson will bestow her Hammond organ upon the schoolfin the year Q059. 71. Fred Junk elects Jack Greenfield to continue supplying Donation Road with strips of rubber. 72. Dick Arnold leaves his last nickel to Jim McGranahan. 73. Jack Sirota is the recipient of Bob lVIcCurdy's gym locker. 74. Gerald lteese's silent way of driving teachers "nuts" is bestowed upon Dion Davis. 75. Janet lWcCormick leaves Nlr. lletra without a helper to count the club money. 76. llarry Jones's unquenchable delight in sports is granted to Dick Billig. 77. Pat Christman bequeaths her knack for thinking up tricky announcements for the P.A. system to Lynell Moss. 78. Judy Heisser inherits Paula Conner's mischievous eyes. 1. Sure do look nice! Q. How was your game today, Al? 3. lt was cold that day. 4. Three cheers!!! 5. Denny and his bright-eyed pal. 6. Puzzled. 7. At ease. 8. What a night this is going to he! 9. "Ain't she sweet?" 10. Hi, Lainby! 11. Rah, rah, rah! IQ. It ean't he that bad! 13. A motley crew. 14. Blow, Mike, blow! 15. It must be interesting. 16. Where are you headed? 17. See my Sunday go- to-meetin' clothes! 18. Now, ladies! 19. And we're off! 20. Nothing but cool! 1. And we stole it ourselves! 2. w!l13.t!Cll3 got there, Brad? 3. I didn't mean to do it, officer! 4. Sh-h-h, man reading! 5. See my eorsage? 6. WVe're going to the prom! 7. Hi there, everybody! 8. lNIy name is Don Herrick. 9. I'm gonna getleha! 10. We're in tl1e Roekettes! 11. Short shorts. 12. Look Mom, no cavities! 13. VVhat's tl1e joke? 14. Party time! 15. VVhere's my comb? 16. Who needs a coat? 17. Uh, no! 79. Ellen Nlathis shares her friendly smile with Sue VVarren. 80 Gary Crowther has agreed to leave his father to be testing director for many years to follow. 81. Judy Reichard leaves her knack for making tasty pizza to Audean Bang. 89. Virginia Cooper shares her love of singing with another Cooper-Lynda. CThese Coopers stick togetherj 83. Shirley Bedfoot is the recipient of Dianne Laird's familiar blushes. 841. Georgina Coleman shares with Linda Kirkner those thrilling moments on the cold gleaming ice. 85. Roberta lwitchell is granted a bubble of Janice Snodgrass's effervescent per- sonality. 86. The choir is the recipient of Louise lwayesis music and lyrics to '!That Old Time Religionf, 87 Next year's ticket puncher in the cafeteria will receive a punch from Jim hic- Call-a paper punch of course. 88. Diana Lee lN'IcClimans wills her love of new styles to Barb Thompson. 89. Nancy lN'IcClure cntrusts hlike Kennedy with two thousand unsliced loaves of bread at the Pastry Shoppe. 90. To Pat Hill is given lluthann lVIcCormiek's talent for making off-hand re- marks. 91. Eleanor Clisby leaves behind some pages from her book of mischief for Judy Bollenbaeher. 92. Spike Cooper's ability and spirit on the gridiron go to Ron Fertile. 93. Bev Porter receives Lin Soper's super cheerleading ability. 94. Dick Stanley bequeaths to Grant Brooks one slightly used trig book. 95. Shirley Stratton will continue to share with ltelda Evans a becoming hair color. 96 Alan Snyder leaves that golf ball buried in the sand trap for Jay Brecken- ridge to find next year. 97. Fred Stuyvesant's talent for making uncensored remarks goes to Sam Orr. 98. Paul Beck is reluctant to give his "one-handed push shotw to Harry Uber. 99. Dave LaSalle shares his way with the women with Dick Bee. 100. Art Lewis passes on his good-natured and easy-going manner to Jim VVyatt. 101. Dolly Korbini reluctantly relinquishes her trick on how to make a curly pony tail to Alice Brest. 77 AC Sandy Richey contributes her horseback riding skill to Bonnie Sorg. Dorothy Boyd gives her knack for quick, witty conversation to lwary Ann Taylor. Mike Lewis bestows his unassigned office duties upon John lN1ielcarek. Dave Lindesmith will always take his polished mannerisms with him. Nancy Reichard donates a few of her ever popular jokes to Donna Owens. Dick Saylor reserves his standing room at all sports events for Leon Cash- dollar. John Riley bestows a slightly used can of Vauxall wax and polish upon Jeff Nlorris. Tom Biller donates his loudest shirt to John Cullen. Nancy Lanning leaves her love of red to Josie Grover. Bob Boliver bestows a few of his unused cheers to Jim Thompson. Larry Ruhlman concedes his love for those "extra longf' parts in class plays to hladalin Perrine. Sally Benson's impish smile is willed to Karen Lauffer. To George Nicklin goes Donnie Lewisfs "ever-sharpw appearance. Joyce Brown gladly wills her office practice set to Bessie Luckock. John Skasick wills his middle name to Eugene Speight. Joe Smargiasso grants his wrestling talents to Bob Wvilson. Jim Loutzenhiscr donates his ability to create a good time anywhere anytime to Jim McGarvey. Ray Burnett reserves his place in line in the cafeteria for Cliff Hettenbaugh. Betty Simons gladly leaves her P.0.D. reports to Judy Nicholson. VVilson lylarquis will sell at a discount a Cleveland Indian pennant. VVoods Brown grants a lock with a forgotten combination to Earl Nottingham. Nellie Card trusts that Carolyn Bollenbacher will continue her practice of be- ing late because someone must keep the attendance office busy. Jim Lowry's knack of keeping up with the latest styles goes to Bill Broadbent. Mark Christman wills a well-worn V.G. jacket to Anthony Catalano. Dennis Lockard removes his means of transportation from the parking lot. 1. Off to the game! 2. Ah, I'm just hashful. 3. Hm-In-m! 4, Swimming, anyone? 5. Hold on, Dianne! 6. Linda. 7. Go, Tom! 8. 1s everybody happy? 9. Roy, wh0's your friend? 10. Just goofing off. 11. All for one, one for all! 12. Dick. 13. Hold it! 14. Sing a happy tune! 15. Why so sad? 16. Guard that door, Shirley! 17. Peek-a-boo! 18. Green pastures. , 1-Jr-mv,,,f 1. Dave and doggie. 2. The big night. 3. Take that! 4. I'm all dressed up. 5. What'cha looking at? 6. Hard day on tl1e range. 7. Four heads are better than one. S. Three of a kind. 9.What's the secret? 10. One-two, one-two! 11. VVe're eating, thank you. 12. Hold it down, Jack! 13. Lucky boy. 14. New dress, Judy? 15. Now, let's see- 16. I'm Kareng I'm a dog. 17. Paris-inspired. 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151 152 153. 154 Ron Schaaf leaves his love of back seats in all classes to Art Atkinson. Ken Peters will some day receive a million dollars from Darrell Locke, but he must be very patient and live to be very old. Joan Duncan receives Jane Bush,s mad dashes to the cafeteria. Chuck Loviscky hands down a somewhat worn notebook to Boy Stoyer. Carol Marx offers her leaf project from biology to Carol Blau. Jim Brown offers a very empty locker to someone with a lot of books. Bill Sankey will take the place of Jim Shafer on the Business Club trip to Pittsburgh. Dorothy Heissenbuttel donates her super efficiency to Janet Thompson. Joe lVIcClellan leaves one care-free moment to Vickie Osborn. Sandy Godley receives Karen Anderson's curly hair style. Carol Beighley leaves to John Logan a package of lint-free paper for cleaning glasses. Esther IWcGrath is the lucky girl who gets Dick Cotten's seat in honor study hall. To Jerry Nehlen goes Bon Manville,s long trips to school. Dick Buff wills to John Scullin his "man of the world" characteristics. lwary Bogers leaves her enthusiasm for Chem H class to Linda Doyle. Roger hfeans leaves to Bill Birch his ability to torment choir directors. To Carol Fox goes one pair of red knee socks from Bonnie Proctor. To Nancy Tower, Sue Shugarts leaves her unassuming manner. Butch Snyder donates a can of dead tennis balls to Marc Rinella. Lloyd Talbot leaves Frank Vanderslice his bright red sweater. A future Thiel student inherits Kay hIcClure's interest in Thiel. Bill Spence leaves his frequent trips to the bowling alley to Jeff Hubbard. Faith Charleton leaves to Gracie Swartz two unsold cafeteria tickets. The powerful soccer foot of Dot Savchuk is left to Sue Huels. Bob Reim0ld,s well used physics book goes to Beecher Klingensmith. Kathy Greenfield inherits Cindy Read's ability to stare down a bear. Diane Snyder offers a rather wrinkled choir robe to Louise Oakes. Dennis Dawes is glad to leave those slow moving clocks of GHS. Receive humbly these generous gifts and think of us often-please! THE SENIORS OF 1959 79 We'll Remember Alwezyf JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President, Tom Ullcryg Vice Presi- dent, Jini McCall: Secretary, Shirley Stratton: and Treasurer, Cindy Read-are busy with the salt' ol' Cliristlnzls Cards. Um' Days' in Penn Hzlqla No history of our class would be Complete without some mention of our years at Penn High School. We often recall the wonderful tl1I1QS we experienced within its walls. There will always be a warm spot in our hearts for this proud old school which we know so well. Lunch from a paper bag iii 'll0lil1lWOI'kl SENIOR FIASS OFFICERS: Presiflent, Torn tvllery Y t Pr dent, Gary llittleg Secretary, Shirley Stratton: :intl Trt isurtr ucly Ks-ek-elmose the :nmouneements for ggrzuliintion. Uur Senzbr Hur In this our senior year wt-'ve experieneeml the huni of the claily routine anml the excitement of spec-ial events. The familiar sights of stuclents talking in the hulls, un- loading hooks in lm-kt-rs, fliseussing elnsswork, :mil eut- ing lunch are all part of the pattern of the st-html year. The whirl of activities kept us busy until graduation. lYe eleetecl otlieers, solcl lIl2'lg'2lZllll'S, presented "Finders Creepers," and puhlishecl the first, Trofan. This, our final year, has truly heen za year to renlenlher. ,. , . 1 Fscmt ' Vmnwml' 81 Cllenlistry for two, The pause that refreshes 1 Um' Friends. . . The union. . . Front Roni: Rod Everett, Richard Billig, Carl DiClaudio, Richard Bee, Jay Breckenridge, Ron Cooper, Jack Craver, Class adviser Mr. Jordan. Second How: Dorotha Brown, Art Atkinson, Dave Bainc, Boh , , , Blake, Mike Coulter, Grant Brooks, Fred Bradigan. Third Roni: Audean Bang, -Judy Bollenhacher, 1 1 WM Linda Doyle, Mike Crossland, Dion Davis, vvlllitllll Birch, Harold Daisley, Rich Bronder, Dennis De- ,A Ullf' Ciancio. Fourth Roni: Carol Fox, Karen Chase, Sandy Cotten, Carol Artinan, Lynda Cooper, Mary Ellen kj Ill" 2 Brakelnan, Relda Evans, Sandy Baker, Carolyn Charleston, Carol Chase, Ralph Arnold, Ralph Boyd. lf ,fx , Front Row: Linda Ilarsoni, Karen Lauffer, Bessie Luckock, Sandy Long, Judy Kirst, Carol Harnett, Jeanette Guerrini. Second Iiouf: Joyce Herrick, Shirley Hirschman, Janice Guerrini, Josie Grover, Sally Irvin, Joanne Lininger, Kathy Greenfield, Sue Huels, Bonnie Gill, Third Roux' Bonny Hunt, Ruthann Hamilton, Pat Hill, Linda Kirkner, Judy Heisser, Barb Hodge, Priss Hanna, Nancy Hinkson, Sandy Godley. Fourth Row: Keith Kamerer, David Kaulen, Mike Kennedy, John Godinich, Ed Homer, Dan Heath, Dave Long. Fifth Row: Bob Lydic, Doug Gihhens, Wilson Gosnell, Bill Jones, Ron Kilner, Tom Jeffries, Ed Gosnell, Beecher Klingensmith. 82 Front Roux' Jaek Robbins, Frank Reigelman, Earl Nottingham, Ed Rieharflson, Darrell Perry, Fred Ray, Russell Roberts, Ken Peters. Ser-ond lfozr: Vic-kie Osborn, Louise Oakes, Beverly Porter, Donna Owens, Irene Rabolfl, Pat Ross, Shirley Rerlfoot, Marlalin Perrine. Tlzfrd Role: John Mielearek, George Nieklin, Uren Mc-Clellalid, Albert Mariaeher, Bob lNIeConahey, Bob lllyers, Zoe Ann Piroth, Nfarian Martin, Fourth lfozr: Mike Nlaluk, Calvin WIf'Ii0lll0I'L', Carole Murphy, Carol Mariaeher, Sherry Us- borne, Judy Nieholson, Bonnie Renlfoot, Carol Noble. Flffflz Rolf: Sandy Peabody, Julie Moffett, Roberta lllitehell, Gail Nugent, fiorrlon Reash, Bill Parlen, hlare Rinella. Frou! Ifnuu' Ruth Sprung, Sandy Uber, Bill Sankey, Harry Uber, Paul Savehuk, Tom Thompson, Ben Smith, Jett Thomas, Gary Summers. Serond lf0'1l'.' Jolm Skiff, Frank Vande-rsliee, Randall Thompson, Dave Stuyvesant, Jim Thompson, Jim Smith, Cindy Swatt, Mary Ann Taylor. Third ltoux' Edward Webster, Beverly Shaffer, Janet Thompson, Jennie Sike, Nancy Tower, Bonnie Sorg, Pat Wilson, Carole Shafer, Pat Taylor, Graeia Swartz. Fourth lfozr: Pat Sikora, Pat Saylor, Joyee Splitstone, Esther Zim- merman, Carol Taylor, Deborah VYilliamson, Patricia Shirey, Martha VYolfe, Charles Tate. Fliffll Hole: Bob Wilson, Jerry Wianfl, Jim VVyatt, Darrell Stuyvesant, Roy Stoyer, Jerry Stevenson. 83 And the Sophomore: . Front Roux' John Burazer, David Black, Bruce Emmett, George Blair, Ron Colonna, Bill Bartel, Ron Bortz, Elizabeth Brown. Second Row: Leon Cashdollar, Ron Barber, Ron Fertile, Robert Biggin, An- thony Catalano, Dave Britton, John Bowman, Pat Campbell, Clarence Arnold. Third Roux' Carolyn Bollenbacher, Nancy Frohlich, Barbara Burno, Joan Duncan, Carol Blau, Margie De Barr, Dona Barr, Karen Ferguson, Cora Lee Freshwater, Stanley Baxley. Fourth Row: Larry DeWcese, Wayne Everall, Nancy Crash, Vesta Clisby, Rachel Alabran, Charlotte Billig, Maxine Bowen, John Cullen, Keith Chess. Front Row: Grace Greenfield, Nancy Hamilton, Linda Hause, Sasha Hawks, Barbara Keys, Henrietta Hanna, DaVee Artlnan, Bill LeBarron. Second Row: Pat Gillespie, Margie Howe, Roberta Johnson, Sherry Linn, Carol Holler, Geraldine Gruber, Rae An11 Hughes, Alice Brest, I7eWayne King, Jeff Hub- bard. Third Row: Nancy Herrick, Linda Gilson, Sue Himes, Janet Herrick, John Logan, Cliff Hetten- baugh, Dale Hayes, Baird Gibson, John Long. Fourth Row: Fred Holzapfel, Jim Haag, Bob Lewis, Keith Hittle, Allan Knight, Warren Keck, Bill Groover, Guy Oliver, Jim Groves, Richard Hahne. 84 Front Row: Heather Reash, Esther McGrath, Nancy Myers, Mary Lou Rlifer Pat Ncfl Nancy Roberts Peggy Rowe, Barb Pomponio, Kathy Mackey. Second Row: David Mosher Jeff Morris Sim Orr Doug, Paxton, Dave Myers, Bonnie Rcash, JoAnn Romine, Karen Proud, Ann Mc Curdy Thzrd R011 Glenn Packard, Bruce Perkins, Jim McGranahan, Denny Mohr, Jim Murphy Don Roberts Frmd Rutter Paul Micsky, Jim Noble. Fourth Row: Bill Ruhlman, Joe Pierce, Dave D Myers Paul Plummer Wayne Richardson, David Meeker, Ray McCall, Ray McCauley, Larry Rauch Front Roux' Margaret Williams, Judy Yorke, Sandy Weaver, Pat Stone, Sue W'arren, Nancy Simons, Linda Young, Kathy Wagner, Mary Uber. Second Row: Beverly Williams, Sandy VVilliamson, Carole Sorg, Charlotte Wagner, Barb Thompson, Alice Zuschlag, Gretchen Schuster, Devona Thompson, Ama- bel VanDeman, Ellen Speight. Third Row: Fred Spaulding, Rodney Wlentling, Jack Sirota, Eugene Speight, Jim Stevenson, Ken Stuyvesant, Jim VVolf0rd, Jim Wehner. Fourth Rmr: Howard Smith, Mark Stuyvesant, Jim Turk, Bob Uber, John Williams, John Scullin, Ray Stubert, David Sherbondy, Wesley Shasko. 85 in 4 2 lr.. X MNH y ,xA Q ' 1- f 79 7, ,sh X , xl je t Rf as K ll f M ' J i s A . QM 'Saw V, ' 'fax' .' -' . . 3,35 f , , ij VVA' Il i - 5, . rg . , X ff. hw- -. ' ' ,Ay v .EY ' xg g K ., - , 4 1 'K . , f f ' '3,.. - 4 ,R 'Q .... I Q QL? ' Q s . ff a 'Y x , , maxi dk W, , Q K S is Q , x 93 H 39 Q X 'kv , 1 pa, 5 K Wg S iv fig if :iw w ES? 457 ff Wil , , 5 fy A r I , ' - 6 E V L,'L , V u I ' ' , , ' .. M, ,, M, , Q "At J M 5 ' I ,fm P ,,,,.L . 44 I- - ,, 5 ,A K , iff! 'wvwaf F -, E -Z A 1 A WW ' ,L W W ,kmx . , V , , P, M v - A Hp, UFINDERS flRHFPHRS": Front lfozr: Wilbur Maxwell, Jerry Mc-lfllwaing Celeste, Nancy McClure, Frankie, Linda Adams: Nina Quigley, Karen Amy, Hercules Nelson, Don Lewis. Sf'f'11IllI Row: Director, Mrs. Sclleibe: Claude, Fred Stuyvesant, Dalpliine, Louise hfayesg Dr. Brown, Phil Barr, hlrs. Nelson, Janet Wagnerg Mr. Nelson, Jim Loutzenhiser: Mr. Quigley, Dick Ruff, Granny, Mardie Usborneg Mr. Schuster, Bob Reimoldg lladeline, Sally Benson. 'finden Creepewv On December fourth and fifth the seniors presented "Finders Creepers," a story based upon the supposed death of one Jason T. Quigley, a spry old gentleman of seventy-five. Although believed to be dead by niost, Quigley was actually hot on the trail of his would-be murderer. VVilbur lfaxwell and Hercules Nelson added to the comedy when they came to visit Wilbufs uncle, proprietor of the funeral home. Many laugh-filled mo- ments occurred when YVilbur and Hercules encountered the frisky hir. Quigley and decided to unmask the sin- ister plot and bring the culprit out into the open. With the help of Frankie, a pig-tailed terror of eleven, they did just that. Culprit caught! Gone but not forgotten. A sad moment. "Finders Creepers" was under the direction of Mrs. Scheibe. Dale Ken- nedy assisted as student director. 1 . Wi F ttf '21 Our Prom Hwwen on Earth Nlziy 255, 1958, is :L clate we shall long' I'CIIl0lIllX'I', for that night we spent halfway hetween heaven aunt earth. Our prom was :L perfeet f'0IlllJlll2l,tl0l1 of the best things on earth and :L tour-h of heaven. The soft lights revealed an pieturesque gzmlen in which fresh spring' flowers blooinemt. Ileavt-n's mystic touches were perfect for our scene of enehzmtment. A white flex-ey elontt floziteml in to provide :L unique setting for Johnny lNIurtin's orchestra. A beautiful blue sky lowerecl itself to become the eeiling of our paradise. The memory of at night spent in this suspenclerl worlcl he- tween heaven :incl earth will he :L joy to us for :L long time. Graduation Time All too soon we approaf-herl the encl of our senior year. YVe were Il102tSL1I'0Il for Caps and gowns zintl orfleretl our 211111011l1C'6IIl0IlfS for COIIIIIICIICCIIICIIt. Mainly of us thought about the future, xnarle :qmplic-ations to the colleges of our ehoiee, or lookerl for jobs. Time passed quickly. Wlith spring came the vV2LSlllllgl0Il trip, the Trofan clerlieation, the prom, the farewell btlllllllltf, and finally, eomnleneelnent. Urezuning of college 'Q- Consirlering employment opportunities. .Xml mm'-grzuluzitionl sw-nr' 1 if V f ' 1 X F641 if-T - 4 .ws-I .1 ew :wf 2. rw: - eww See you at school! Are you lost too? Here we come! Ready to cheer. It's Greenville High School! The pride of everybody here. Tempuf ugit SEPTEMBER 3 Certainly is a nice school, isn't it? 4 Hooray! No more cold lunches! 5 First pep assembly in our big new gym . . . Sang our revised Alma Mater. 8 Consult your road map if lost. 9 Orientation assembly was nothing but cool! Br-r-r! 10 VVorkmen are running all over the place adding finishing touches. 11 Ron Schaaf: "What is marriage to two persons called?" Linda Soper: "Bigamy.,, Ron: "Then what is mar- riage to one person?" hlike Young: "lNIonotony." 12 These lockers are surely an improve- ment over home room desks! 15 Our lawn is graded and seeded. 16 Senior class oHicers elected. 17 We learn of honor study halls. 18 Now our driveways are blacktopped! 19 Out early for Hickory game. Q2 Our shiny trophies have a new home now. 23 We met Dr. lVepsic in assembly. Q4 How do you like the new Hre alarm? Q5 The Hon. Carroll D. Kearns spoke at our open house and dedication and presented us with a flag that has flown over the Capitol. 26 Student guides of last evening appear to be a bit weary today. Q9 Leaders Club initiation. 30 Thirty days hath September. OCTOBER 1 The grass is growing nicely. 2 Pep assembly for Titusville game. 3 Wheel No school! Convention for teachers only. 6 John McDowell: "Algebraic symbols are what you use when you don't know what you are talking about." 7 Seniors begin magazine sale. 8 New furniture is still arriving. 9 Yearbook staff selected by class oflicers and faculty. 10 Oil City game tonight! 13 Homecoming queen elected. 14 The library opened today. 15 Six weeks have gone already! 16 Bonfire. Seniors are victorious in powder puff game. 17 Homecoming. VVe play ltlereer. Q0 lNIr. lNIassie to Dale lXIcGonaglc: "Stop on red, go on green, and take it easy when I turn purplef' 21 Seniors and juniors take Scholarship Qualifying Tests. QQ New members of N.H.S. announced. 23 F.H.A. initiation. Q4 VVe donit care if the report cards never come. 27 VVhere are all the boys? Uh, yes, hunting season opened today. Q8 ltlrs. C. D. Kearns speaks to the P.0.D. classes. They get pretty pen- cils too. Q9 Senior pictures completed. 30 Ray Kirst: "Can you make a sentence using 'gruesome'?', Clair Gruver: 'KSure, 'The man stopped shaving and gruesome whiskers' 3, 31 Trick or treat! NOVEDIBER 3 The magazine sale was a success. 4 First report cards! 5 Dick Stanley: "W'hat,s the difference between-PM Jim Jeffries: "Between What?" Dick: 'Tm not giving any hintsf' 6 Student teachers invade G.H.S. 7 Business Club trip to Pittsburgh. 10 Business-Education Dayfvisitors tour our school. 11 Hal Harrison presents movie, "The hlighty lNIissouri," in assembly. 12 Another assembly+Dr. William E. Skadden. 13 Yearbook on sale today. 14 Plans begin for senior play. 17 Student Council bush planting proj- ect postponed by showers. 18 Seniors take guidance tests. 19 1Ir. Blaugh: "What does C'.I.0. stand for?', Vince Mosconi: g'It stands for 'Everyone I C I Of H The night before . . . . . . The morning after. 'tn We dig these bushes the most. Preparation . . . , , , For class, VVe could have danced all night. Mi.. Finishing touches . . . Before curtain time . . . . . . On opening night. 8:19Vg A.M. Let's go . . . f-'.r.,,, fy -we .v,1t, s . K I ' F i i - , I i tonn A ioiit . y , .h,' it . M M ,W .. . f.,t., ,..,V A E , ,sf , V iiio tii Classes . . . . . . Then lunch. Get that ball 1 20 21 24 25 26 Juniors order class rings. Last call for yearbook orders. Shrubbery appeared over the week- end. It's really pretty. General Motors provides us with an assembly, "Previews of Progressf' At last! Thanksgiving vacation! DECEMBER 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 The snow plow was busy around the school all day. Play skits sixth period. First night of "Finders Creepers." Second performance of senior play. lNIrs. lNIcCartney talks to P.O.D. classes about the Yvashington trip. How about that moonlight cruise! Mr. Crowther at classroom door: 'SGary, may I have the car keys?,' Hey, girls, how do you like those standardized gym tests? hir. Brooks in second period lNI.D.: "Constant dropping weareth away stoncsg also a set of dishes." Student Council Christmas dance to- morrow night. Seniors are victims of X-ray. Jack Turk: 'EDO you think I should put more Ere in my themes?" lNIrs. Linn: "No, vice versa!" 17 ltlodern Language Club initiation. 18 Turkey for lunch in cafeteria. 19 Vacation! Itis almost Christmas! JANUARY 5 1Ve,re back with new resolutions. 6 '7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 19 Q0 21 Art Club organized. Last call for first payment for the Wlashington trip, Everybody's trading pictures. Basketball game tonight. Mrs. Linnis English classes are laugh- ing through "She Stoops to Conquer." Dick Ruff: "A synonym is a word that you use when you don't know how to spell the word you wantf, Mr. Young: "Confucius say: 'Scientist who falls in acid is said to be absorbed by his work.' H Flappers appear in pep assembly. We defeated Grove City. Hip, hoorayl Early dismissal because of that nasty old snow! Semester exams are under way. Fred Stuyvesant, hearing a knock on the door when the electricity was off: "VVho,s that, the lamplighter?', It rained cats and dogs. Everywhere we have little poodles! lNIr. Kolesar: "I have to sit down to- day, classfmy very close veins, you know." Last day of first semester. Teen Talk movie on Y.lW.C.A. work. Remember that P.O.D. movie on the Federal Reserve, or better yet, forget. Gulp! Report cards again! Dave LaSalle to Nancy Reichard: "Nancy, you're a brat, go play in the traf'lic.,' FEBRUARY The groundhog saw his shadow. Seniors look at name cards and an- nouncements at their meeting. Payment due for Wlashington trip. Our windows got cleaned in a hurry. Has anyone started to cram for Col- lege Boards? No school-county teachers meet here. VVe miss lllr. Brininger who is in Philadelphia. Fire alarm startled us during seventh period. lwr. Kolesar: "lVe,ll observe Lincolnis birthday now with twenty minutes of silence while we take a testf, Dr. Abo paced through a talk on the evolution of the stars. Congratulations to District Orchestra members who brought back high honors. Tri-Hi-Y girls showed their basket- ball skill by beating the Hi-Y. Mr. Breckenridge: "What is a mcteor?', Sandy Richey: "Something you for- got to put a nickel inf' Seniors measured for caps and gowns. Anybody find Pete lllarquis' books? VVe won six matches and the team trophy at Commodore Perry Saturday. Y clubs hear the Rev. lllr. Reinig. Karen Amy, wearing neck cast: UI ea11't stand this collar much longerf' Jim lN'IeCall: "Keep your chin uplu Wrestlers ready for Franklin! Tomorrow our scientists will have a chance to shine in the physics test at Thiel. Show him the lights! Food, a punch away . . . . . . Diners . . . . . Stack 'em up. The bus is waiting. Hurry CZ The gang's all here! Between classes. i f X . . . Of springtime . . . Remember this? Dreaming . . . V ..LVVi YLVA -Q1 .ya :Mt c,- Q .' K' K Wv f 3, is V M ... 'K 'K ' : -1 ,. -ffm . f .fag . -.ft-Y 1 Q, .. -an . , . M se.. iiftiiii 1 " N 2 1 wel 1' , nz: - iz . . , .. . 1 55+ Wil? 'wffff ' :E E22 fan ' 69 15 f i,igs7', " . 'i' f . V. . . . Of prom time. MARCH 2 Ralph Packard: "Ignorance is when you don't know something and some- body finds outf' 3 F.T.A. goes to Thiel. 4 Juniors are at work on their play. 5 This week-end4Distriet. 10 Finals at lVIeadville. 6 F.H.A. carnival in the gym. 9 Six weeks tests again. 10 College-bound seniors are cramming for College Boards. 11 Student Council Forum. 12 First performance of junior play. 13 Second performance of "Dino" . VVrestling Regionals at Altoona. 16 Jane Bush to Dave LaSalle: "You,ve got a photographic mindg Why don't you develop it?', 17 Business Club hears talk by Secre- tary Nancy lNIowry. 18 Anxious golfers practice in the gym. 19 Mary Rogers and Ginny Cooper represent Senior Tri-I-Ii-Y at U.N. Assembly at Harrisburg. Q0 State wrestling at State College. 23 This will be a short week! 24 Student Government Day. 25 Impressive Easter assembly. 31 Easter vacation was wonderful! APRIL 1 LOOF LIRPA! 2 Phil Glass, in an argument: "I refuse to engage in a mental duel with some- one who is unarmedf' 3 Senior sharpies travel to iwercer for state scholarship tests. 6 Cindy Read: "Burns wrote 'To a Louse., ', Terry VVepsic: "Did he get an answer?" 7 V.G. and Leaders Club get their heads together. 8 Seniors take Pennsylvania State Em- ployment Tests. 9 Joyce Brown: "Did you miss me while I was gone?" Pat Christman: "Oh, were you gone?,' 10 King and Queen of Sports Dance. 13 The grass is looking greener. 14 Did Jim Loutzenhiser study during third period? 15 Some seniors find where their interests lie by taking some aptitude tests. 16 District Chorus at New Bethlehem. 17 Dave Tudor: "If I am wrong in this, I have another point that is equally conclusivef, Q0 1Yhat's the cure for spring fever? Q1 Speaker in assembly. QQ Ouchl Those six weeks tests again! Q3 Ellen Blathis in home ec: "And then what do you do with the custard?,' Eleanor Clisby: "Then you bake it standing in a pan of waterf, Q4 Band concert tomorrow night. Q7 The beginning of last six weeks. Q8 P.O.D. students off to Washington. Q9 Senior classrooms deserted. 30 Bet those sightseers are having fun. lVIAY 1 Sure was a wonderful trip! 4 Special awards assembly. 5 Clubs are ending activities. 6 Troian staff meeting. 7 Brad Sike: "They're not going to have the halls here any longerf' Sue Shu- garts: "VVhy not?', Brad: "They're long enough now.', 8 Prom plans nearly completed. 11 National Honor Society induction. IQ Choir and orchestra concert. Getting in step! Thinking . . . . . . Of many things . . . 13 The juniors are extra busy. 14 The caps and gowns are ready! 15 State Chorus at Carlisle. 18 Juniors are recovering from ordeal of College Boards. 19 lNIr. Caulfield: "Who helped you with this homework?" Chuck Loviscky: "Nobody, I got it wrong all by ...And gathering... myselff' Q0 Long Troian staff meeting. Q1 Dedication of the Hrst Troian. QQ Autograph day . . . Prom night! Q5 It won't be long now! Q6 Seniors are boning up for exams. Q7 Final tests. Q8 Seniors call it a day. Q9 Vesper rehearsal at 8100 A.M. 31 Senior Vespers this evening. JUNE t - - - FOI' full -. - . . . And fellowship 1 Commencement rehearsal . . . Senior H i And a last look- farewell party. Q That wonderful day-Commence- ment! 3 New alumni are job hunting. 4 Underclassmen complete exams. 5 It was really an enjoyable year! Q F3 , ri 'Baie gi' will Kgs.. E?" lg! ,K 1 MSM , ,AM ag, vm W - laiklkm , V -4, - SE Y- . Now as we leave Greenville High, we look back on all the Wonderful hours we have spent here. Our feelings are put into words in our Alma Mater . . . Hail to the Gold! Hail to the Blue! Hail Alma Mater, ever so true. VVe stand united to pledge our loyalty To Greenville High School, true We'll be! 62 aw? 96 PHOTOGRAPHY Lininger Studio, Greenville, Pennsylvania PUBLISHING William J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, New York COVERS Kingscraft, Kingsport, Tennessee ,. 1 iw 1 fir. FUQ4. f 521. . .Ria , .f f-W 'Z . ' 5 ' 5 ig 3 f fri, , ll J .L f .- 1 . f 1 4 bmi: , ' J"t7Y'7f i.3.t5i,v: , 45- A 4.

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