Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY)

 - Class of 1984

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Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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QW .9 fl f Q, . ,a'1,'hW .Qvo Q, N. , Iliil X 1 97 5 pills: 1 l,nfQg Wim ' 5529! 'awww X litem!! :H ,.-1..3:aw-- wi !! 'A ' f -:Pill f5I353w l'7I"1"'? .- 1 uulvl --'-- 1 Q ,ill , mums, . .-.,,,f ,I 3, .,W ,.' N.. -gf ,qviggpfi-ff, W , - g,,.,gq,. H., ,. ff IS f'-23231 "Wit 1 , .tag ,-xx , ,,f. f, .. v, 1-nw, J' 9, HHH, , .. "'ff'91 S ,U .-245: '.-1W,fgU,, lla ' :f 3 5- .mr o I ' -1' fn . xv. .' N t Z 0 N D go .'.'.::f':A ' 1 N N5 0.1.1. :.',l,'l:!lf1, A' O' . . . Hu wi 9- - ., ww 1 wg 2 K ,ifaf xrfw Q: ., ,'. ,,: . lr 1 ' , ' 'Wm SIXGN Q M ' "":ig:.: ..-- .,,. . YN 1-1. - I -. fi-'. fx,ff'Qgc,, .1 1:,"- MMI: ' '?-99949 lm: N 1550 ' ff, 'rn' as -- .. .'::'.a'jjv'g' .,.-1-5-9,1-,,gf,'.'i .' , his x L Qqlmq 4- 1 n i if -a Q' '--a'Q1'f9'.9" wk V. 1 x g 4 4 1 , 0 'H :Qs Nth 'Q o N' "If: 1 'S-M .-4 -' N ""'1'2". ' 'mf' 'N 1 4 i 4, , 1 Q' 4' ' lm ", Y ?W?'fJ nk 'nga 0, n 44 1 1 w,.r,, ' ' .L gvm, ,355 an 2' ,, 5 'M J 'Wu "Z", A41 ing. 4 "4 "di" U 'Zz fl . 'Jail 0 V to I I ' .. ,iw K ll w gZ""w fm . n ' is ' ff ' f fn um- 'v'.'- se " : " h l 'if' ' 'Mi' ? ---" Yr' Q' 9.1-K 'W ' N ilniizf-'f::71i :::- ff fJ:M.X,1:1.-- ,,., Farms. . 4:4 :W :EZSEVI QSSN' 42- 52f:f"" .111 ' :......::: ' V -gas.. ,w I.. I- 55- 74- lzng, -lla , v In -'ii' -5,-':::--, ..: ...,.. X -Halas.-' ' 4- - Q' I . -..---::::-v.--- ., xxx 1 ,gap-5 - . Xlijiliir 3 - .. X '! I 0' E11 51-if. ..',- 9 yn ' ' E.i..?ili5-'Ev'-1'f?:.S-Q Q. .'i".l,. at .QGSVJFE-"'-1: - -.vw - -'f:::1- 5-.g2E5'.QI-255::S5f!!5F':T5:a15:3':25gg'ftN: 'sggfrgff-1 1:24, ,dy A '--163.22357 -' G N 'I-if-alQ-::s'S':1--:i'11.:.1:2 ' -. -1-.. X- mu 3-JE. 'iuliggi xxfjllffgr Y ...i -1:-.41 Egan 1 -. .f . cf um 5 urge, 16 If .K f. u 1-1:1 E. ,. . -.- 'rn 6 :,-. ff.-'.'f5y..:::1'a 'f-r, 25155114.2- wJ,-in -5!Y,,v Y Q. W q Toy- - , Vi x .. . . Nw? P Anthony I. Sanfilippo Community Superintendent, District 24 . f ff U Bernadette F. Boyle Principal ,lMU' Leon B. Cohen Assistant Principal 5 ' Martin I. Kronenberg Assistant Principal l ii? Amelia M. Schiller Assistant Principal X " X x .ASK -. X x X 4' ' , , ., M Q' . sm ' v, wif. J W' . v" .1 Glendale Iunior High School 119 4 St. and 8 Ave. Glendale , 0 I To the Seniors, I want to extend my best wishes to you, the members of the Class of '84 Your efforts and accomplishments over the past nine years have influenced your high school plans. Academic achievements, skills, talents and attitudes are factors which are considered in determining high school programs. You must decide that 1984 is your year. You are taking a step into the future, There are no Orwellian predictions. While you must make decisions about your high school life, you should also realize that there are opportunities for change. This is what makes it so exciting. We have encouraged you at Glendale to learn more about yourself, to become involved in school activities, to learn to stand on your own feet and to be accountable for your actions. The world you are entering will expect the same of you. I t will be demanding, exciting, difhcult and sometimes perplexing. The challenges are not new. You are new to the challenges. For most of us success is not associated with a star studded career or a life of wealth. Successes will be quiet victories. Be secure in the knowledge that you have done your best. Be ready to move ahead. Be open to advice. Realize that you must be as graceful in defeat as you are in victory. Recognize that your daily achievements are signs of success. Appreciate the good times, treasure the support of family and good friends. Try to understand why you experience failures and resolve to correct them. Learn to be as gracious in giving as in receiving. As your confidence grows, so will your willingness to accept more difficult assignments, You will surely have a 'Touch of Classf Congratulations - Good Luck. Sincerely, Bernadette F. Boyle Principal 2 SS I.. Sli! . i To The Graduates A Touch of Class - Tommy Tune and Twiggy have it in the Broadway Musical, "My One and Only." Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had it as they danced through the "30's" in the movies. Michael jackson showed it in his sensational album "Thriller". They make it look easy,' but behind these performances are many long hours of study, practice and rehearsals to perfect their craft. You too can have that touch of class. If you realize that now is the time for study, practice and perfecting your skills, you will achieve that success in the future. You can do what you want to do,' be what you want to be, As Oscar Hammerstein said "follow every rainbow till you End your dream. " I know you will do well and when you do it - do it with a touch of class. Leon B. Cohen To the Graduates, The theme for this year is "a touch of class." Each of you in the senior class is capable of utilizing your full capacity in order to reach the heights of success. However, in reaching these highest levels of success, try to do it with Uclass, " so that you offend or injure no one and do honor to your achievements. I wish all of you success and happiness in your quest. O Sincerely, Martin 1. Kronenberg Assistant Principal To the Graduates In an era when it is fashionable to be "common, " it takes special effort and willpower to rise above the crowd. Here at Glendale junior High School there is a pride in performing "with a touch of class. " As you leave here to take your place among the many we hope that pride in yourself and the values instilled here will help you rise to a role of distinction whatever your vocation. Sincerely, Amelia M. Schiller 'Fx K X :CQ 3 wi The 1984 yearbook is dedicated to this year's senior class. As we have grown through the years, each individual has developed his own unique personality. Every graduate has a special quality: his own "Touch of Class". Some people seem to exemplify that "Touch of Class" more than others. However, it does exist in us all. We hope this book will reflect our past experiences and influence our actions in the years to come. The Yearbook Staff Nm is V, 23' ,tl :Www B ,,,f"1 M . The Yearbook Staff Feini Ardelean Andrea Negron Maria Peragine Karla Platarote Christa Potten Tina Chang Patricia Cox Beth Kanter Gina Mendoza Roberta Rollo Claudia Roman Laura Molnar Lucy Morreale Kerri Wichern Laura Muller fi .. N 'Mis'- Advisors David Rosen Iarnes Flannery Kathleen Izzo .manure msn scum 11 Memories are wonderful things. They can bring a smile to your face, tears to your eyes, and an awfully good feeling to your heart. Soon we will all go our separate ways, to many different high schools throughout the city. As usual, time will fly fit always doesj. Before you know it, some of us will go on to college, others into the business field, some still into the military service. ' With each new venture, our years at 119 will be pushed back further and further into a corner of our minds. When those days come, I 'll reach for a book I yve kept in a special place, It won 't be a best seller or a collectors item, but it'll still be my fa vorite, It will make me laugh, cry, and hold my interest from cover to cover. It will have great illustrations, beautiful photographs, and be autographed by many popular personalities. It will help me remember a special friend, a funny joke. a concerned teacher, a school play, and a serving of "mystery meat" from the cafeteria. In 1994 my 1.H.S. yearbook will be twice as precious to me as it was in 1984. - Christa Potten 9E1 1 .,.....,-im Q . f if Ytffk Sherri Heitner Kathleen Izzo Felicia Serrette Grace Feeney Ieff Feig Delores Benton nn-.1 loan Evans Helga Rupnick ff L ri Z M ig ' E V ..,, L ' tb.. 5 14 f . 9 R . 'W if mv , lm Wim' A 1 ., , i"' 1- ,,,, ,,... 3 V, ,,,,,, , l' ,,,L , A V V A X if 2 , Gerard Haggerty Allen Hymowitz X' Xfff Scenery fy WWE Cast From Annie Ruth Lax 4 Cecile Stanton Michael Hoch, Louise Asperas 3 s K Q law Q S 1 'W 1 f '- ? f Q 0,322 'h 1 w-,msn F , 51 .55 , ' ' . T 2 , n K , n 5 ---- Zola Hogans ,, , ., uf f .. Roberta Miller Martin Samey Roseanne Keogh Katherine Locasto Ioel Diamond ,f Bruce Kahn Frank Asta Q "Fx ,. 4, ,, I Maria's Indian Drill Shirley Meyer -77 Scenery 3 Eg J Office Monitors Ardis Albergo -4. i ,, ! - V , ,. W. Aw , ,. ' A' V ' l fl ,,,, . . V :Tj L ' ' f"f' mfg, , , 9th Grade Basketball Champs Valentine'5 DRY '34 10 V i if Q ' ': I f ,fg ' 1 1 w 1-f'f""QQ"r'-."'i1f,f::-wfctzzv'W' M MGE, sara! if .,,.,, ,, -- f " A , I I 5 A f e 1 1 V H 4, 4 Q , ' ' 2 of ,,fWf,Wwgg1fW:. ,,, ' M 'B 'vw wf eff , W ,, lf f ,, Q 'MK if 'WW yy-M, M.4w H,Sx,w4zw?1, 'ogy Carmela Ciarcia - Forte '4 .KC vigdigaz' niiunnril vuqtur wsu Alfred Fischer Sophie Georgiades David Gram Deborah Kronengold J., Iames Nesi r 'Ah' A lik , Eleanor Kolin ww W' -M' .rig - ,Z , hx. Alfred Welch fn' Y I ,. Mm, r -as , ' f W. i yi ,l .- , , -.4 .: 5 f ,,,,v VV, ' , , Y ,'a , 1 M Y X W . A , ', " 'Q Q 3 H rr ' .,. : .VA K' , eff'1?,f4f?, ., .Y My . ll' L -'pf A ,, awww, . fl I 5 I,i. ..n, I ',', 19? ,sz " K af. . L,L, ,M ?, , ,f 7 ,ii iffczzu ':,,1'v3: ,,,,1 - : .I , 5, H , :f,,f,,u I Q 3 5.vv,f5.W,g V- W fi +L as ' f f Y fr X 17, Z Z ,I Wir f f Q 5 W ,W -w M . Ruben Dytell Library Monitors Nat Cirulnick 4 W, David Behar, William Stamatis, Stuart Linder H , if-M , 'N-N, , lames Flannery Zgsx y il? 'QB xxx gil as W William Rienecker, William Vesely Anny Dietz Q .4 K ,. W,,,, , fn..,,.,, "' Sheldon Polner 5 , "if 'iw-xx, inf, - Q' W Miss Boyle, Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Asperas, Mr. Flannery, ? if" ,,,.,f,f' lazraff .M Martin I. Kronenberg David Rosen K' iq' Nd' Mxldred Munroe Wllham Stamatls Project Friend A V Monltors Steven Hauser Ioanne Zinno 13 :VK X L ,, -ff M1 don? haue vi' 'arf' buf we do haue: broccofi .Xspercw 0. rose an ,-:fs fa. Q Mr Ocean a. ffr C. 0. popsfhfe 4, CQAGIU 0., ruby 0. Diamond a kiss-and-fe!! ak Dyfe!! 0. fhvdo. an C'uarz5 o. Dffazzio 0. Rene a. fzanfer 0. Fscfrgi CL CQ-Tffe CL 751-Te ok 974 0.GUff07"12L a bw7def og Hauser a. shorfner cx Heffner Me Heroes fha Hojans o. hflShfYyf0n aufagbrson, 0, Comma. 0, hbffru CL He1'n6ffl77 0. Hromnbuj My 13726 a Zyons an 0 car 0, gg gf- CL Budweber 0. flyer M7221 Ukffjiff 11 on Munras ' U5 MIS. o a. Colo f CL an 7721-f'!kr 0, Schiffer a 7FopfZano., o. hfzlcfu Jflbezo V 05' .' 7716 W fh of ffafm. W2 don? fry- Mi Brfyfe. . 'R' A ,L 9 ? . 1 - . Ng x aw W ' ,,.,: QM Qmde Z ,- 1C'Q'T'Yl Ioseph Albert Kellie Aldred Robert Alt Iohn Amore Melissa Anglum 900 Richie Antonelle Feini Ardelean Ioe Ardelian Bruce Aris Danny Barrett J' gf K ,,,. M K j Kelly Baumann Maria Bonomo WOM Christine Bubak Melissa Buchholz Q Dana Brown Isidora Burriesci 1 'San-f 16? E Francesca Caleca Ieffrey Calov Iames Cassidy ,Z Tina Chang Anna Chiarenza Peter Chong Dorene Clay fill . TQ! Marianna Colvin Lashone Clay Angela Colombo -lr Patricia Cox Nino Colombo Helen Dacos Nancy D'Angelo if Vito Colombo 'Nt' -ers' Vinny D'Angelo is-H 7 D Rudy David Ted Davide Adrienne DeBonis Sean Delevan Angela DeLuca Michelle DeLuca -lah' 'fth- 'E' Richie DeTommaso Lge, ,Lf NA Dawn DePerg0la Iennine DeSimone 'in - 53:7 Danny DiLorenzo Pat DiMarino Sal DiPiazza Alberina DiPilla Christine Dixon Mary Doria Michael Ducroiset W! wanna' the I, , Lori Edery Danny Ennis Alicia Esperson f U My ily Katherine Espinoza Caryn Eyring Mike Fanto il- Alaunmlln.- . Anthony Felice Lisa Finley Michele Firstenberg Carolyn Fuller Huei-yen Fung 'OVW aww Kathy Gambino Antonio Garafolo Rosa Giangrande Santo Giglia 21" Ioanne Gonzalves 19 Crystal C0055 Leslie Gordon Peter Grossman X Christine Guyer Tanya Harrington Sonia Herbin ,pm N 5 Fred Herzog Paul Ho Leslie Hoffman Bruce Howard Christina Iannuzzi Robert Kaminski Beth Kanter Iohn Karalis Iackie Karner Michael Kavouridis 20 A A'A' V ll l gi il if! dv'- 4-vs ., 6 X... uqvvnl as--ef Iohn Klein Herculis Kontoginnis Lillian Koperman Desiree Krock Alexander Kurgan 'ldv 'Ng-M? Winston Lee Tina Lego Mark Lobel Robert Longstreet Christopher Lord Mr 'N-aw' Kirsten Loria Donna Lyons Igor Lyubaursky L L N!" 'NR .19 r u 1 .va ' AK A A Christina Mahoney Michael Mahoney Fatime Murataj 21 1 495'-an ...M 7910 Tam 4 A 3 ' Phyllis Marchisotta Kelly Marshall Lena Mascolo Renzo Mayorga Nadia Mazzara o09W"'Nyf an 0394. Brian McDermott Robert McNamee Gina Mendoza Augostino Messina Diane Meyer 'iffjfxv .5 Rosemarie Meyers Ioe Michaels Ioseph Miele QW - C "P- ' Iohn Mlekusch Laura Molnar Lucy Morreale 22 M K Nw' MJ' .M...,-.- ,www ..w...wv' ....,.....,.w....,.i . ,,,,,.r"""" ,,.,h..-..........,..-...4..,,,.. I S Laura Muller Richie Onody Maria Peragine V Robert Muckian if Harnzo Muratovic Maria Navarra Andrea Negron Iohn Nordmann Erek Otremba Melissa Palmeri Smita Patel Tracy Pendelton 'few 'Vw li ,',uG1wC' ' Karla Platarote Roberta Polce Scif' Christa Potten Nicole Prete Michele Pullano Dawn Riehl 2 X X 2 ki fe 'CNW -It M -sswww Anthony Rizzo Michael Rizzo Cary Rizzuto ,f',3'X,. Roberta Rollo Claudia Roman lean Romeo Lisa Rotolo Fred Rubiano 'iv' 'W 2 , vu P'-lbfulvvtsqdllur Q . mmwmw.. na:-sshd 1 24 KQRN. Denise Rumph Liam Russertt Patricifa Quinci Iohn Santiago Ianene Sassano Dorothy Schaefer 2.2, 3 gg Qfx ,, X Lee Scheeler Christine Schneider Fred Sciarratta Sean Sharkey Dawn Smith 'Gb' Allison Sternfeld Guy St. Iohn Steven Straber Iohn Stubenrauch Antoinette Taravella Frank Tavolacci 511454 vm., .IS X Sl Nick Tepeneu Stefano Trovia Michelle Tropiano Michael Tufarella Michelle Tuozzo 2 l 1lUF""'H .. ,.....l Antoinette Varvaro Anthony Veneziano Eric Villacis Iames Visconti Denise Wahmann Troy Washington Robert Wenzel Kerri Wichern K David Williams Tanj a Windischmann 26 -8516 1...-.... 3 Shannon Winkler Liz Wolf r- m a y qu sggly W I 4 3 ff Danny Wong i ,. 04 l gg X , " it brings fashionable Park Avenue and OLII' of 19 We try best W OUI' W ,J-ffffxwl that he class IS Cla SS e When a to hide and respected by born with but re born Wlth class IS a major It all up, I think time. Even a person ouch of Class for and perfect is the rlght thing goal, in my eyes, i WEE fi f M fl ...Q ,A wr,- ,XG 6 Q cLQJ?weQsQwle-Cefvefzed admnamowapmd Qnympinw-Pm.nnlfw Xl DEG XX o.wCL.UQ,lrYL mf Y WW fffwfm fxf l bWiigAQjJQ-,PQ od-Dwnmm m Hx W srqitzttmm mvpaawmlvpwuggti up m+MS LmA,0.,.pdL0smf 8 agwmwm WQM3? MM Qwxfmm wma 200-fw Olwpwnimp. 4,,,d,.w gstvlacpum The Pond The pond: Brimming with water, Overflowing with creatures Who make it their home The frogs: Springing from lily pad to lily pad, Flicking their slender tongues To snatch the hovering gnats The bird: Spiraling above the water, Then swooping down, To quench their thirst and rest their weary wings Stacy Au Class 8E-1 414.-1--. IQP1 Rocks Silent old men Sitting so mighty and yet so motionless As the years while away. Eddie McMahon Class 8E-1 , v-In-its--,ug--'1, A ,nf P, ' -In-P" ,fi -'Ai ' . V -z -fe U..-.,,,.,,,n 1. Y., ,-,g Y lm v--..v. :...g,-. . . , .- 1,45 ..s.,...., 'A' ' ' f ' 4. -rw 1-fu-..-,.. THE BEA CH My footsteps warmed, By burning sand. Foamed waves race fast, At earth's command. Today no crowd, Has swarmed her shore. I am, Her only companion We talk together. I ask the water. To sing to us, Of her sons and daughters . Late I leave, Bidding farewell. Knowing that I, will return one day. Harriet lung Class 8E-1 I g'?P""f"3"f...,?'i"""'f"':., -Q ""' The Questions of My Life All my life I've wanted to know How does the moon manage to glow? Of other things I'd like to learn Why does the sun constantly burn? I'd like to know the how and why Of how the birds float in the sky I've always wondered if it would be grand To be as small as a grain of sand. But maybe one day I'll finally find The answers to the questions that live in my mind Ioey Sudano Class 8E-1 31 WfA1....M, fly WV E EiNw:RiNG E i sg' in THE 69 I -'S'-,,.. 9' H ,.L,-5'T7b. 'Q-M, ur' mf , YY 4 Ga X"f .1 be Y' if I, - M-was M- P , Iohn Antonakos Roxanne Antonucci -an, xsxkffw X M. X4 "Na-4. Christi Bahnken john Barbes f V ,, ,f - A fm , , ,,,, ,, I -' M If Scott Adamo Domenick Affatato ,, Antonella Ancona Mark Anderson , , it .. 4 ...W .....,. K f B, M if ' Army 'r-, 79 -i,-,, it , , rnr 9' :.. B- Vincent Armano Stacey Au Shakara Barnes 2 .., , QM ., as I .ff 'E Chris Baston William Althausen Matthew Anderson Theodora Boskinis C' '57 """' Michael Bay Eddie Becker , A V ' : -1-Z a "ik: V fm , .W ., , , , ,, ' , K Karen Becker Bridgette Bell Andres Bernazal 34 x fy ii 2 6352.1 M Ku Qi' if William Bernitt gk Bhavna Bhayani Marcus Bianchi LeDetra Bishop , f J f ff, 2,5423 , , f 'W- 1 gf an 5, ,Wy l 5, Robert Black ' tllll Deborah Bundrick Eric Blum Renee Blunt Violet Bolan Alberto Burgio Chris Byron Ioseph Calderaro if--my Iohn Camus Q, I .ii . ts. Marie Carsioni ,pw ., - Z, , Nw w f if I Z ,JWEVR Robert Cerrito 8119-f 146 Crystal Chancellor Ann Chen Ioonho Chung Camille Bono X1 i Cindy Callahan f Angela Caputo joseph Caruso rv' Richard Chung fm, rr Nr 1 I , ai Martin Browne ,Q vi. Michele Camoia I Wh Antoinette Cargile 'Gin Tara Cernacek Nadine Civil 35 l 3i3?f1m? iziiiiiwliiifiiiiiaphz! '52 l lay ,112 ,V ,, A. :4'viiifiliiiVW?:WWf"''?2hSE?7'?2?ffllfiijwhfi f fa Z 7 fi 9 Y 1 ,K ,M Vs 1 N l 'Q 5' has an G Ioanne Clausen Frank Conte awe Peter Daempfle Tony D'Ateno 1 in 4 ' 'W' W . . 1, I ' 4 ax 'K 'U Q - 'i Q sh N ' 'Kiev I l., , - ix ..,, ,, 1 'M N L., D' I Y" , ., " , Ni " - M au, ,, , ,W ir ,,, e- , ,:,.-, .Vg 1 Pf' .:f2f' . t Latonya Decker Lorraine Ding ag W ' , Y. ,, iii? C f 'T . , Ioseph Durso Walter Eberlein Christopher Corr .,, . , , .,,,,,, M, , We - , 9 9 -2, ' 1 , 59790 V f ' V 5 MZ' V Tirzaha Davis David Dixon Frank Elia INR' Nicolas Dontas 2'-may u ,M I 1 F F '- 429, -KN , V Mark Erdtmann My rx. Ting. '--W we ,f loseph Evangelist Douglas Famiglietta Renee Feddern Adam Fedechko 36 3 ., .7 1' ' it 777 '- f I ' iyrr 5 Q14 ggi : j ? Iames Ducroiset Robert Duncan affin- Eh. Colin Ernst Iose Esquea -fa 'st W Raphel Fernandez Ioey Filippone 3 1 itntit. C X H '11 ? P. af, " 552 N W 'P-:H 221' 1 4 if A Q- Angela Flynn f W7 Q , ' ,L f .V, : 4 ,Q fe 1 44 'W Q Maria Gagnon an f fU"S Iimmy Gengo we-si 5 1 Diana Gonzalez Uneise Greene Q.. Q in 42, y lohn Forcina Barrington Foster Louis Fragale QV' W X I 1 aw W' , ,,f::f' f ..,, 1 Eric Gambale Ioseph Gamble Ricky Gangi on Affh, -r-A-,. Shawn Giardina Iohn Giglia Anthony Giglio Teresa Friscioni My .r f. i NO Sal Gattuso Vernell Gilbert ww' ,,, Natalie Gonzalez Damiano Guardino iw' 1 , Abbey Furman ,M Niahm Gaynor Michele Gluszak Laura Gragin "5" Kim Gulotta 'Www New ' V ,,.,. . iagwfifw 'V 1 gg' , f 1 , , if , , , E +V W l Y I V L 1' Steve Hagan 1 ,Q we y z . , 7 X-1.f'if' leey ,Qi nki Lf'k ',,: l yyili Richie Heins 5 Y , WM - 'sfziieiaziiii' ff'f:,,f',g'l?,'lfJii5Jfivi"2zi5' 43E'9iiif5:.w:-ff ,H gs f 2 9 4+ ff! Z :f""W wif .. W We S55 we Q 'W X if , .Sw ' .- Wayne Hagmaier Crystal Henderson f f , 1 MW f ff 4 is 1, S wi ' si s 1 'D Zi . .gem Y f ' fl ' S ,, 521 i Mg Q x P 1 F g T3 1 a 5 ,, V y as 1 Sadirjya Hakam Laurie Hamroh "1 4 f 'vs 5' 1 Iv , my R W :W My il ,, 44- imwii , if les? , f Iohn Hargrove Cherice Harris Walter Hartmann Anne Haywood Arben Haziri Iames Heck 4 '55 L. . M Lgl .,L,n., "ww H ' e-,, ,.., t - - ff.- -V fi . I , ,, 2 . 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I 5 X 5 E Matthew Kruzynski H X , , Vito Leggio Connie Licata .I A, '91-..-r ' Eric Kump Anthony Lamalfa Michelle Lamanna George Lazo Debbie Limbert V ,I 2 'Lx' v A A L 'mr ' rf .,. f L7 L ' t , 3 Q Tony Lord Denise Loyal loseph Lozito I Gina Lipani Lauren Llewellyn Clarise Luces Chris Mack ,gvv ,fu K . Matthew Mahoney ..-nv' """"'s """'Mm.t Doreen Maloney QP' 1"'r' lohn Maichin Danny Makhmaltchi 1 ! Paul Mancione Antonella Marino v, -4 . ' , V. 3, ,, Tommy Martin Iill Maurer Iennifer McGinnis Dawn McGrath 'iw-.. "1 Raymond Mehling Ioyce Mills J W2 , t f 5 5 ' , ,?W v . ..- N Y-...M ' ww 'M fs' ,Qi S 'Q , 'fl i if Lf' , Liz Mitchell Rovetta Mitchell Margaret Montanez Anthony Monteleone I -fm 3 ' ' 4,a"'w Mn. , Michael Moore Michelle Moorehead Nereida Morales Richard Morea -eJ':WwiVfw WT? ' ' , 1 , if ! 1. ., ,, , ,,,,, f, , ,,,,, My , X f WJ M "fee ig itliix. Melissa McEnerney Eddie McMahon W JQPY Paula Ann Mertyrio Peter Militello frm.. 5, Z1 WV. if if 2 :wwf .,- E. 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Q, , Dorian White Ionel Zungu He ,,:,V H H MMM Wm, . V' Y 7ff"f M ,if -nm A of W 'f - 'sf32"X?,-2-""- ,Fw 'I '-Slmiiz, fir' ,,,,, is Q' Q Eddie Whitmore Frank Zustovich A. DePaola Agnes Owen Ann Salomon Anthony Cracchiolo Barbara Ferreiro Best Wishes Carmela Bianchi Congratulations!! Congratulations Christine Congratulations Desiree Krock Congratulations Liam Love, Mom 8: Dad Congratulations Lori 8: Dawn! Crystal Gooss Denise Loyal Dennis Finley Diane Riehl Domenick Affatato Eighty Four's Esterhaus - a legend is born Executive Board P.T.A. I.H.S. 119 Fedechko Family Frederick Herzog Goodbye 119, Hello High School Good Luck!! Good Luck QE1, C.P. Good Luck, Danny Barrett Good Luck Beth Good Luck Class of 84 Good Luck Colin Good Luck Graduates Good Luck Iennifer, Yolanda 8: Theresa Good Luck Iohn Good Luck Iohnny! Good Luck Liz Cammarata Good Luck Maria! Good Luck Melissa Good Luck Natalie Helen Gillespie Helen Gordon 8: Family Herculis Kontogiannis Hodurski Family Hogan Family H. Stucky Irene Corr Ianet - Don't open the envelope - Rio 56 oosters Iennifer Sale lim Korotk Ioanne Siegmund Iohn Camus' Ioseph Mehling Iosephine Navarra I. Twachtman Kathy Davies Keep up the good work Kellie-Ann Marshall Kenneth I. Kramer Kruzynski Family Lisa Heinz - Good luck to the class of 84 Little Billy Heins Lory Iaros Lucille McDermott Maria K. Robyne G. F.F. Marie Iannicola Maurer Family May your future shine brightly! M. Browne M. Churchill 1 Michael DiTommasso Miss Locasto MXM T. Edery Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Eck Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert C. Miller Nicholas Spetko Nick Dosiae Patricia Feddern Peter Amato Roberta, Christine, Patti, Christine - Friends to the end Rocky 8: Brandy RoseMaria LaMalfa Rush Rocks 119 Ruth Ding Sal DiPiazza Selena Cox Shine on - Chris, Pete, Chris 8: lim Sofia Lohin Stephen Rohrer Steven Cermak To Mrs. Dietz from, unknown admirer Van Halen H1 M.G. Vicki Williams Virginia Farrell William Riker

Suggestions in the Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) collection:

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 40

1984, pg 40

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 31

1984, pg 31

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 17

1984, pg 17

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 15

1984, pg 15

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 35

1984, pg 35

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