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  PANTHER Glen Oaks Senior High Volume X Celebrating a Decade of Progress Baton Rouge, Louisiana IPANTHER - Honors 17 PANTHER PANTHER PANTHER 2PANTHER PANTHER PANTHER PANTHER JUDY PARKER, Editor SHELLEY ARNOLD, Editor CHERRY CRADDOCK, Business Manager 3Glen Oaks Is . . . Pride ... Fixed routines ... Action ... Friends ... Cheerful competition ... People ... Learning ... Striving for the ultimate ... Laughter ... Vibrant life . Youth ... Memories ... Familiar faces ... A decade old ... ■ LEN OAKS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHOOL BOARD INSTON N.MCVEA, PRESIDENT ). P. COLLIER |mbs.john E.COXE [T. H. MONTGOMERY J.CUPPORD OURSO.SR. BEN fc,PEABODY JOMN R.SMEPPAfO DR. LLOYD V. PUNCH ESS. SUPERINTENDENT ROBERT J. AERTKER, ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT CEORCE A.SMALLING. DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION I960 MILLED SMITH I ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS COOPED CONSTRUCTION COMPAQ GENERAL CONTRACTORS______.Reflections of . . . 7m$mm irimNM X'K'X'K'K'X' • M‘ .x X‘X X‘ . ti‘ • ¥WSW«'?'? W • • • ?•?•???•? tfssfcjfa B, .,. x+x x x A x«x x x«x x X.W.X. x«x x»x A • • A •?• • • • »X X X X ( • • • • A »X X+X X Xw 12til— IS1416 -iHonors . . .Graduation . . . Tea s ... Dropping your cap ... Not knowing where to go ... Remembering ... Getting a scholarship ... "That’s my baby! ! .' ... Presents ... Leaving your best friend ... Knowing that you’ll really miss school ... Finding yourself ... Looking for your box in the gym ... Forgetting to turn your tassel ... Speeches ... Pearl, a great valedictorian ... Wishing you could come back next year ... Feeling old ... Pictures ... "I worked twelve years to get this! ?" ... Knowing ... Not knowing ... Looking forward to college ... IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!! ! ... 1819Senior Statistics . ACHORD, RICHARD Art 3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4. ADCOCK, JUDIE Student Council 1,3,4; DECA 4. ANDRUS, WAYNE Newspaper 3. AMES. VIRGINIA Student Council 3; DECA 4; FHA 1,2,3,4. ARNOLD, SHELLEY Student Council 4; Beta 4; Annual Staff Coeditor 4; Newspaper 3; FT A 3,4. ATOL, JOSEPH DECA 4. BABIN. DANNY Newspaper 3. BAGENTS. JOHN Spanish 2. BANKSTON, ADELAIDE DECA 3,4; Thespians 1,2,3; FNA 2,3. BARBER. DON DECA 4. BARBER, JANET FHA 2,3,4; COE Trcas. 4. BARBIN’, BOBBY DECA 4; Interact 1,2,3. BASS, CAMMIE Student Council 1,4; Newspaper 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Spirit 4; Cheerleader 4; Miss G. O. 4. BENNETT, KENNETH BERGERON, BETTY FHA 1,2,3,4; FNA 3,4. BERGERON. DARLENE FHA 4. BISHOP, TERRY Student Council 1,2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Key 3, 4; Spirit 4; Panther 2,3,4; Mr. G. O. 4. BLACKWELL, PAUL Ind. Arts 3,4; Panther 3,4. BLACKWELL, PAULETTE Student Council 4; Key Sweetheart 4; FHA 3; Pantherettes 3,4; FT A 1,2,3,4. BLOUIN, DAVID B. BLOWN, DAVID W. DECA 4. BONFANTI, JOSEPH DECA 4. BONFANTI, STEVE Student Council 4; DECA 3,4. BONN'ECARRE, DOUGLAS BORDELON, DONALD Art Club 4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Panther 4. BOSARGE, CHERYL FHA 1,2,3,4; FNA 2,3,4. BOURG, ROBERT BOURGEOIS, JAMES DECA 3.4; Ind. Arts 2,3,4. BOURKE, AVERY FTA 3; COE 4. BOW UN. JANIS FHA 1; FBLA 3,4; FT A 4. 20BOZEMAN. BEVF.RI.Y BRANUM, DAVID Panther 4. BREAUX, DEBBIE 3REEDEN. PAULA BROWN. TERRY DECA 4. BRITT, DENMON Student Council 4; Beta 2,3,4; Key 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Panther 4. BRITT, RANDY BROWN. BETTY SUE BUHLER, BRENDA Student Council 4; DECA 4; Pepsieis 3. BURCH. DIANE FHA 1,2,4. BURGESS, MICHAEL DECA 4. CAIN, MICKEY CALAMI A. LOUIS CALMES, CHARLENE CALMES, SUE LYNN DECA 4. CAMPANILE. SANDRA DECA 4; FHA 1.2,3. CAMPO. MICHAEL CAPl’E, ROC.FR CARTER, BERTHA Thespians 4; Library 4. CASTILLE, KENNETH DECA 4. CHAMBERS, GWEN Thespians 1.2,3.4; FT A 2,3,4. CHAUV1N. MATT Beta 3,4; Key 1.2. CHEEK, KATHY CIFREO, GERARD Student Council 3, Pres. 4; Beta 3,4; Newspaper 3; Spirit 4. COCKERHAM, DANIEL Ind. Arts 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. COMOLETTI, WILLIAM Student Council 2,3,4; Newspaper 3, Editor 4; FHA Beau 2,3,4; Spirit 4; Panther 3.4; FTA 3,4. COOPER. REBECCA CORBELLO, DWIGHT CORDON, AUSSA Thespians 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; Pepsters 3,4; FTA 4. COTTEN, DANNY Key 4; Panther 3,4. COX, ALYCE french 1,2,3; Library 3; GLEN ACORNS Staff 4; FNA 2,3,4. CRAWLEY. JAMES Band 3,4. CRADDOCK, CHERRY Beta 3,4; Annual Staff 3, Business Manager 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 3,4. CROWDER. RALPH DAKE. ROBERT DAVIS. EVELYN Library 4; Thespians 4. DAVIS. JUANITA Newspaper 3. DELANEY, DEBRA Thespians 2,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; French 1, 2,3,4; FTA 2,3; Modern Dance 3,4, DIDIER, CINDEE Student Council 1,2,3,4; Spirit 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4. TOP; Pearl Robinson and Randy Walker, Most Likely to Succeed. CENTER: Shelley Arnold and Matt Giauvin, Most Intelligent. BOTTOM: Billy Comoletti and Cindee Didicr, Best All Around,DESOTA, BETTY Band 1,2,3,4. DIXON, CHUCK DORROUGH, DONNA Thespians 2,3; Library 2,3,4. DRAGO, BENNY DECA 4. DUC0TE, JO ANN Newspaper 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4. DUCOTE, RODDY DUFOUR, GERALD DUGAS, SAMUELLA DUPLESSIS, STEVE Student Council 1,4; Art Club 3,4; Key 4; FCA 1,2,3r Pres. 4; Ind. Arts 3,4; Spirit 4; Panther 3,4. DUPONT, SANDRA DUNAWAY. CLIFFORD DUPRE, KENNETH Interact 1,2,3,4. DYKES, MIKE Panther 4. EDWARDS, DANNY DECA 4; lnd. Arts 1.2,3,4. ELDER, TREZ ELLERBEE, WAYNE EWING. BUSTER Thespians 3,4; Panther 2,3,4. FRAZIER, MERRY Newspaper 4. FROUST, KATHY Library 4; FHA 4; FBLA 4. FRUGE, RICKY GAUTRO, EUGENE Photography 4. GILL, NOLAN Panther 3,4. GOETZMANN, KIM Ind. Arts 3,4; Panther 3,4. GOMEZ, TER1 Newspaper 3; FHA 1,2,3,4. GORMAN. GLENDA GRAHAM, RONNIE Newspaper 3. GUNTER, SUSAN Student Council 4; Beta 4; Spanish 1,2,3, Pres. 4; FHA 1.3; Spirit 4. HALL, CONNIE HARRELL, D’ALICE Art Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. HATCHELL, LAYNETTE Beta 3,4; Annual Staff 4; FHA 2. HARDING, GERALD DECA 4. HEBERT, GARY Student Council 1,4. HF.NAGAN, LYNN Beta 3,4; Key 1,2,3,4; Thespians 1,2,3; Ind. Arts 1,2,3; Panther 2,3; FT A 2,3. HENDERSON, RONALD Newspaper 3. HIBBARD, JAMES Panther 4. HIDALGO. IRIS Student Council; Newspaper 3,4. LEFT; Tommy Morgan and Lynette Malorin, Best Personality. RIGHT: Pat Houghton and Carolyn Johnston, Most School Spirit.RIGHT: Debbie Delaney and Dancll LeBlanc, Prettiest and Most Handsome HIDALGO, SHARON HOPKINS, MICHAEL ‘Art 4. HOUGHTON, PAT Annual Staff 3,4; Newspaper 4; Spirit 4; Photography 3. HOUSLEY. JAMES HUNT, MARY Beta 3,4; Newspaper 2,3, INNERARITY, MARLENE FHA 3,4. JACKSON, DYANNE Library 2,3,4. JARREAU, BARNEY JOHNSON, CLAUDETTE Thespians 4; Library 4. JOHNSON, DONALD DECA 3. JOHNSON. GALE Pepsters 1,2; Pantherettes 3,4; FTA 2,3. JOHNSON. NANCY Student Council 1,2,4; COE Pres. 4. JOHNSTON, CAROLYN Student Council 4; Thespians 1,2,3,4. KEEN, VICKIE Band 1,2,3,4; Majorettes 4. KELLEY, MELINDA Library 4. KENNEDY, DOLLY Student Council 1,4; DECA 3,4. KENT, MARY JANE Beta 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4. KIMBALL, CHARLES Panther 3,4. KIMBALL, RAYMOND Student Council 3,4; Panther 3,4. KINCHEN, CARLA Newspaper 4; FNA 3,4. KISH. RANDALL Band 1,2,3. LABELLO, JEANNE Thespians 3,4; FBLA 4; Pantherettes 4; FTA 3,4. LA FAUCI, NANCY Band 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4. LAFFERTY, RONNIE Ind. Arts 3,4. LAMB. JOE Band 1,2,3,4; Library 4. LANDRENEAU. ANNA library 3,4; Newspaper 3; FTA 3. LANDRY, DENNIS LANDRY. RICHARD LAWLESS, LISA Newspaper 4. LeBLANC, DARRELL LeBLANC, FLORENCE Thespians 4; Newspaper 4; FTA 3,4. Le BLANC, KAREN Art 4. LEE, CHARLOTTE Spanish 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 1.2,3. LEE, DEBBIE Art 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4. LEE, BETH Art 3,4; Spanish 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3; GLEN ACORNS Staff 4. LEFFEL, CAROL Thespians 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; FHA 4. LEJEUNE, DOLORES LEJEUNE, MICHAEL Photography 4. UN, JEANNIE Student Council 4; Beta 3,4; French 2, 3,4. UNDLEY, TREVA Student Council 1,2,4; Beta 3; Band 1, 2,3,4; Majorettes 4; Spirit 3,4. LLOYD, DONNA COE 4; Ubrary 3. LOIUO, RANDY Student Council 1,2,3; FTA 1,2,3,4. LOWE, GWEN Beta 3,4. 23ABOVE: Ann Mims and Chuck Scroggs, Best Dressed. TOP RIGHT: Eddie Smith and Gwen I«owe, Most Talented. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mark Mathis and Cynthia Partin, Most Courteous. MAJOR, JOHN Photography 4. MALINA, SANDRA Newspaper 4; French 1,2,3,4. MALORIN, LYNETTE Thespian 4; Newspaper 3,4; FHA 4. MARTIN, MARY Pepsters 2,3,4. MARTINEZ, BRUCE Student Council 3,4; Ind. Arts 2,3, Pres. 4; Spirit 4; Panther 3,4. MAT HERNE, MIKE Spanish 1,2,3,4. MATHIS, MARK Ind. Arts 2,3; Panther 3,4. MAY. DEBORAH Library 4; Band 1,2,3,4. MCBRIDE, MIKE Key 4; Annual 4; Newspaper 4; GLEN ACORNS Staff 3, Editor 4. McCAIN, RONNIE FHA Beau 4; Spirit 3,4; Band 1,2. mccartney, connie FNA 1,2,3. McClendon, Frederick DEC A 4. MCDONALD, TERRY MEARES, JAN Art 1,3, Pres. 4; Thespians 4; Modern Dance 3,4. mckenzie, Gary Newspaper 3,4; Photography 4. MELKER, JIMMY Beta 3,4. MESSINA. TERI MHIRE, KEITH Student Council 4; Panther 3,4. MIDDLETON, MADELINE 24 MILAZZO, MIKE DECA 3,4. MILLER, LYNN Student Council 4; Beta 3,4; Key 1,2,3,4; Spanish 1; Spirit 3,4; Band 1,2,3. MILLER, PAULA Thespian 4; Newspaper 4. MILLS, ALICE Beta 3,4; Pepsters 2,3,4. MIMS, ANN Student Council 4; Beta 3,4; Annual Staff 3; Pepsrers 1; Pantherettes 2,3, Capt. 4; Spirit 4. MITCHELL, DEBORAH FHA 3,4; FNA 2,3,4. M1TCHNER, UN DA Student Council 4; FHA 4. MIXON, FAYE MIZELL, KENNETH Newspaper 3; Panther 2,3,4. MOBLEY, SHARON DECA 4; Newspaper 3; FNA 2,3. MONTE, JOE Panther 2,3,4. MORGAN, TOMMY Student Council 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; Spirit 4; Photography 3,4. MORGAN, DEBBIE COE 4. MORGAN, MARILYN FNA 3,4; FBLA 4. MULKEY, PAMELA MUSSON, MARSHA Thespians 1,2,3,4; Library 1,2,3,4; FTA s 1.2,3,4. f MUSSON, THOMAS . NEAL, MIKE Student Council 3,4. NELSON, RUSTY Student Council 4; FCA 4; Panther 3,4. NEWMAN, ROGERS NEWSOM. GARY DECA 4. NEWSOM. LARRY DECA 4; Chorus 3. NEYLAND, PAT NOLAND, DIANA Art 4; Spanish 1,3,4; FTA 3. ORTEGO, KAREN Student Council 2,3,4; Spirit 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4. PARKER, JUDY Student Council 4; Beta 3,4; Annual Staff 3, Editor 4; French 2,3, Pres. 4; Pepsters 3,4; Spirit 4; FTA 3; FHA 1. PARKER, MARI FNA 3,4. PARKER, BILLY Beta 3,4; Band 1,2,4; FTA 2,3,4. PARKS, PRUDY Student Council 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Kew Sweetheart 4; Thespians 1,2,3,4; Pepsters 3, Capt. 4; FTA 2,3. PARRINO, BRENDA DECA 4; Thespians 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4. PARTIN. CYNTHIA Student Council 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2.4; Cheer leader 4. PATT, SHEILA FTA 3,4. PATTERSON, EDWARD Ind. Arts 3,4; Panther 3,4. PENALBER, CLINTON Panther 4. PENCE, MARILYN COE 4; FBLA 3,4. PENNINGTON. ROBERT Photography 2,3, Pres. 4. PERERE, KENNETH PERRONE, PATRICK Key 3,4; Interact 1. PH1LUPS, DEBBIE COE 4. PHILLIPS, SEIBERT Key 4; Newspaper 4; Panther 3,4; French 3. PICOU, CAROLYN Student Council 3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 2,3,4. PLAISANCE, HELEN Newspaper 3,4; Pepsters 2,3,4. POLK, HOWARD Student Council 4; Library 4. POURCIAU, JANIE COE 4. PRICE, JIMMIE PRITCHARD, CECIL Student Council 2,3,4; Newspaper 4; Spanish 3,4; Panther 2,3,4; FTA 3,4. RA BA LAIS, SUSAN Thespians 2,3,4; Pepsters 2,3,4; FTA 3. 4. RABORN, CAROLYN FHA 1,2; Chorus 2. THOMAS, SANDRA Library 3,4. THOMPSON, BOBBY THOMS, WANDA 25RACCA, RbBERT Band 1,2,3.4. RANDOLPH. ROBERT REEVES, CASSIE COE 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 3,4. RENO, VINCENT RHODUS, JANET Thespians 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 4; Pepsters 2; Panthcrettes 3,4; FTA 3,4. RICAUD, BUDDY DECA 4; Key 1,2,3; Photography 2,3,4. RICHARD, CARL Student Council 4; Panther 4; FT A 4. RIMES, BEN Ind. Arts 2,3,4. ROBERTS, BARBARA Art 4; Newspaper 3; FHA 1,2,3,4. ROBERTS. THOMAS ROBERTSON, BRENDA Student Council 1,2,3,4. ROBERTSON, VIVIAN Beta 3,4. ROBINSON, PEARL Student Council 4; Beta 3, Pres. 4; Newspaper 4; Spanish 2,3,4; Val. RODRIGUE, JOANN ROOT, EMMETT Band 1,2,3,4. ROUBIQUE, PHYLLIS FHA 3,4; Library 4. ROUX. CINDY ROWLAND. CAROL RUSSELL, MARY RYLAND, DORIS FHA 4. SALTER, WEYMAN SAXON, JEAN SCROGGS, CHUCK Panther 3,4; FCA 3,4. SCULLY, CHARLOTTE SHANLEY, PAT SHARPE, BILL SHELTON, BOYD Ind. Arts 3,4. SWELL, SCOTT SHOWS, MICHAEL Thespians 1,2,3,4. SIDES, CAROL FHA 4. SINCLAIR, DORMAN SLAUGHTER, BONNIE FHA 1.2,3,4. 26 SMITH, BETTY SMITH. EDWARD Student Council 1,2,4. SMITH. EMMA FHA 3,4. SMITH, JAMES SMITH, JANICE SMITH. KAY SMITH, SELIN DA SMITH, NEAL SONES, FLOYD Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3, Pres. 4. SPEDALE, MARK SPIERS, JAN COE 4. SPILLMAN, DONALD DECA 4. STELLY, LORNA Spanish 1,2,3,4. STEPHENS, CALVIN Thespians 4. STOCKSTILL, SUSAN Thespians 3,4. STOCK WELL, TOMMY Thespians 1,2,3,4. TATE, BILLY Beta 3,4. RIGHT: Nolan Gill and Paula Miller, Most Athletic.LEFT: Laynette Hatchell and Mike Mathernc, Shyest. THOMAS, SANDRA Library 3,4. THOMPSON, BOB3Y THOMS, WANDA Beta 3,4. TOURERE, MARIE FHA 1,4. TRAHAN, DIANE FBLA 4; Pepsters 4. TROTTI, LARRY i TUCKER, JIM VENABLE, ERVIN DECA 4; Thespians Pres. 4. VERRETT, DALE VERRETT, VALERIE Student Council 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Pepsters 2,3,4; FT A 3, Pres. 4. VINCE, GERALD DECA 3, Pres. 4; Student Council 4. VOWELL, KATHERINE WADDLE, MARIE Beta 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; FT A 4. WALES. BRENDA DECA 4; Pepsters 2,3,4. WALKER, MARILYN Band 1,2,3,4. WALKER, RANDY Student Council 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Key 1,2,3,4; French 1,2,3,4. WALLACE, GLINDA Library 3,4. WALTON, FRED DECA 4. « t WALTON, JEFFERY WARNACK, CAROLYN Student Council 4; FBLA 3. Pres. 4; FNA 4. WATSON, DEBRA Student Council 1,2,4; FNA 2,3, Pres. 4. WATSON, SHERRI Beta 3,4; Spanish 3,4. WEATHERFORD, WAYNE Ind. Arts 3,4. WEBER, SANDRA FHA 1,2,4; FNA 1,2,3. WELCH, VERA Beta 3,4; Student Council 4. WERNER, CATHERINE Art 3,4. WHIDDON, J. W. WILLIAMS, GERALD Library 4. WILLIAMS, HARVEY Thespians 1,2,3,4; DECA 4. WILLIAMS, JUDY Pepsters 2,3; FNA 1,2,3,4. WILKERSON, LOUIS W1NTERTON, KATHY Thespians 3,4; Newspaper 4. YELVERTON, LINDA Library 4; FBLA 4. YOES, THERESA FHA 1,2,3; FBLA 4; FNA 3,4. YOUNG, MARTIN ZACHARY, GLORIA FT A 4; FBLA 3,4.Senior Dedication . . . Working together to reach one goal - graduation ... Questioning ... Cheering for the Panthers ... Voicing opinions ... "I think; therefore 1 am” ... Building the best Homecoming float ... Nourishing hungry minds ... Is it really happening to me? ... Searching ... Eager to leave, but reluctant to go ... Pride ... "Who is John Galt?" ... Leading ... Trying to stay out of trouble ... Really liking some of your teachers ... Reflections ... Deciding ... Leaving best friends ... Realizing ... Finding the truth ... Frisbccs at recess ... Freedom ... 2830Junior Favorites JUDY DAVIDSON CURTIS WHITAKER Sophomore Favorites LORI DIDIER GEORGE WATANABERIGHT: Prudy Parks, Pepster Captain, is friendly and popular while being active in many organizations. BELOW: Cheerleader Captain Cindee Didier was voted Best All Around by the Senior Class. BOTTOM: L. to R.: T. Bishop, C. Bass, C. Didier, P. Parks, S, Duplessis. AWho’s Who Honor bestowed upon a chosen ten ... Enthusiastic ... Cindce Didier ... Individualistic ... Matt Chauvin ... Eminent ... Pearl Robinson ... Creative ... Steve Duplessis ... Energetic ... Prudy Parks ... Explicit ... Shelley Arnold ... Brilliant ... Terry Bishop ... Vivacious ... Cammie Bass ... Cheerful ... Lynn Miller ... Radiant... Lynctte Malorin ... TOP: Steve Duplessis not only made All-State in football, but was chosen as the Student Athlete from Glen Oaks. ABOVE: Cammie Bass, Miss Glen Oaks, is also an outstanding cheerleader, and is active in many clubs. LEFT: No, Jerry Bishop isn't really in trouble! Chosen as Mr. Glen Oaks, Terry’s personality gathers only friends!! 33“r Who’s Who RIGHT: Shelley Arnold's high scholastic average gave her the honor of being salutatorian. BELOW: Beta president Pearl Robinson was chosen Most Outstanding Senior Girl and was also valedictorian. BOTTOM RIGHT: National Merit Scholarship winner Matt Chauvin clowns with Lynn Miller, Senior Class Vice President. 34« « m innvi"«n TOP: L. to R.: P. Robinson, L. Miller, L. Malorin, S. Arnold, M. Chauvin. ABOVE: Lynette Malorin was an outstanding Modern Dance student and was also voted Rest Personality. 35 Hall of Fame . . . ABOVE: Mrs. Vernon Stockwell, Sr. received the Hall of Fame Award for her son, Vernon Stockwell, Jr. RIGHT: Robert "Hiya" Didier, catcher for the Atlanta Braves, was one of the outstanding installed in the Hall of Fame. 36TOP: Capt. Joe Michelli was chosen for the Hall of Fame because of his outstanding military record. ABOVE: Miss Allen, Student Council sponsor, was the originator of the Hall of Fame. RIGHT: Stella Michelli accepted the invitation to be in the Glen Oaks Hall of Fame for her brother John. 37i ' Panther Praises and Honors Day . . . ABOVE: Jerry Cifrco received the award for service and was also selected as an Outstanding Teenager of America. RIGHT: Matt Chauvin was the recipient of a National Merit Scholarship, which he will use while attending MIT. 38LEFT: Most Outstanding Library Workers were Anna Landreneau and Donna Dorrough. BOTTOM LEFT: Ann Mims recently received the title of Miss Capital City. BELOW; The television panel for "Our Schools Today" included M. McBride, J. Lin, P. Robinson, and R. Walker. BOTTOM: Ann Mims received the DAR Award while Shelley Arnold received the SAR Award. 39TOP: Participants in Prep Quiz Bowl: M. Chauvin, J. Lin, D. Britt, P. Robinson, R. Walker, J. Parker, M. McBride. ABOVE: Cindee Didier received the Cheerleader Captain Award and also attended Pel State. Outstanding Students Officer Workers---------------------Janice Smith Brenda Robertson Student-Athlete.................. Steve Duplcssis Special Beta Award------------------Jack Stokeld Cap Bank Scholar----------- -----Nancy Johnson Art--------------...------------ Steve Duplcssis English................-...........Mike McBride Math.................................Matt Chauvin Social Studies...............................Lynn Henagan Speech -......................... Pearl Robinson Leadership........................Steve Duplcssis School Spirit--------------------------Ann Mims Citizenship..................................Lynn Henagan Service.............................Jerry Cifreo Home Economics --- ------------ Mary Jane Kent Industrial Arts - -- -- -- -- -- - Bruce Martinez Outstanding Senior Boy - - ---------Terry Bishop Outstanding Senior Girl----------Pearl Robinson Outstanding Junior...............Kevin Stevens Outstanding Sophomore............George Watanabc Glen Acorns......................Gerald Williams SAR..............................- Shelley Arnold DAR.................................Ann Mims American Legion Award - - Pearl Robinson Outstanding Club....................- Key Club Southern Bell Award-----------------Betty Smith Bausch Lomb Award - - ----------Michael Campo FT A Scholarship.................Shelley Arnold Outstanding Teachers................Tricou Petit 40 Jack StokeldLEFT: Seletha Jarreau, along with being the Beauty Queen of Glen Oaks High, has been chosen Miss Teen Louisiana World. BOTTOM: D. Britt, A. Mims, P. Parks, and M. Chauvin represented Glen Oaks at Pelican State. Not shown is Cindee Didier. BELOW; Selected as Outstanding Teenagers of America are Matt Chauvin and Pearl Robinson. — 41Forum . . . Changing ... Arguing ... Understanding ... Twoum plus twoum equals forum ... Questioning ... Racial problems ... Shooting the bull ... "What did you say, Billy?" ... Faithful Ransome ... Finally getting some answers ... Attendance??!? ... "But I like my sideburns down to liere!!" ... Randy, our leader?? ... "One more question - why?" ... 42Faculty . . .Administration "And what is your excuse for being late this time?" ... Waiting to see Mr. Murphcc ... Why docs Mr. Stockwell want to see me? ... Paying six dollars to take a test ... Mr. Tollett lending a helping hand ... Smiling for the camera ... Typing, typing, typing ... Calling absentees ... Making out purchase orders ... Locking yourself in the vault ... Counting lunch tickets - HELP! ... Working in the summer - BLAII! 44OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: "First time tills year I've smiled! " BOTTOM: He’s always around when you need him!! THIS PAGE, TOP: The Big Three: Mr. Ernest T. Murphree, assistant principal; Mr. Vernon R. Stockwell, Principal; Mr. Gary Blocker, assistant principal of instruction. BOTTOM: "YOU’RE kidding!” 45Office Staff TOP LEFT: Mrs. Mills counts money. Her money? Whose money? ABOVE: Mr. Tucker discusses Bruce's ACT scores with him. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Stockwell takes time out to pose for the camera. RIGHT: "No, I just can’t come home now honey!" Mrs. Miller is caught off guard as site calls the absentees. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Toilet, Guidance Counselor. 46Cafeteria Staff Our dieticians, Mrs. Kilroy and Mrs. Brownsfield, did a wonderful job this year preparing food for the student body of Glen Oaks. They were assisted by the Lunch Staff. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Edward White, head custodian. 4748English . . . Conjunctions, interjections, predicate nouns, prepositions, subordinate clauses ... Arc you kidding? ... Short stories, poems, plays ... Originality, creative workmanship ... Molding ideals through expression ... Mrs. Robbie Scott Miss Dottye Varnado Miss Lyn Wall 49TOP ROW: Mr. Simeon Weldon, Mr. C. J. Beysselance. BOTTOM ROW; Coach Jack Speights, Mr. Philip Bourgeois. t- I Science Dissect a frog? NO!!! ... You say Mr. Bourgeois has a mice factory? ... E = hv ... F building = MISERY!!! ... How many people flunk Chemistry every year? ... Which teacher speaks French? ... Mr. B. and his bulletin boards ... Does everyone take Physics? ... 50Mr. James Biggers Miss Annell Tinsley Mr. Terry Long 52MAT Math Poly-what-agram? ... "Did he say transit?" ... x + y = Wo$ ? ... "but 1 thought logs were used to build fires!" ... 48 x 2 = Mr. Calcote's waistline ... "Who is that quiet little man who teaches Math?" ... Marriages, marriages, marriages ... Gee-I’m-A-Tree! ... Being late for Trig ... "Do you have the answer to number 3?" ... Flunking Senior Math ... And being late some more ... I just LOVE Miss Tinsley and Miss Walker! mm ABOVE: L. to R. Miss Lonraine Walker, Mr. David Calcote. TOP LEFT: "Sorry pal. This wasn't my idea! " TOP RIGHT: "I didn't hear anyone knock.” FAR LEFT: "But it's the only way to get their attention! " LEFT: "If you don't believe me, ask Mr. Biggers." 53Social Studies Civics and cigars ... A museum in C Building ... What’s conservative? Ask Mr. Pardue ... Learning brainwashing tactics ... Seeing Washington, D.C. ... NEWSWEEK - BLAH ... Mr. Ransome discovers the silent majority of Miss Allen's Fourth Hour ... ABOVE: It was really an easy test. TOP CENTER: And as your candidate for Teacher I promise to ... BOTTOM CENTER: "If you don't shut up. I'm going to sit on you!" TOP RIGHT: Cub Scouts’ Honor. BOTTOM RIGHT: ''You never saw an antique iron before?" 54Miss Inez Allen Mrs. Audrey O’Conner Mr. Bill Carrier Mr. Albert Pardue Mr. Harr f Upton Mr. Wilton Clement Mrs. Connie Weldon Mr. Robert Lawrence ■I 55Mr. Jack Stokeld Mrs. Kaye Spencer Mrs. Jeanette Langridge NOT SHOWN: Mrs. Iris Terral LEFT: “Can’t a guy ever find a little peace and quiet?” TOP RIGHT: Commerce teachers deserve coffee breaks too! BOTTOM RIGHT: “Well hello. How do you do?”Commerce Writing the letters on the keys ... Eyes on the copy ... Knowing your shorthand - for a change ... Did I spell tliis wrong? ... But my Anger's stuck in the keys!. ’’Dear Sir’ ... don't think I want to be a secretary anymore .. Borrowing a typing eraser ...58Home Ec and Industrial Arts Drilling a hole through the table instead of the wood ... You’re going to wear that? ... What’s a mechanical drawing? ... Forgetting how to turn on the oven ... SEWING YOUR FINGER ... Pretending you know what to do with a LATHE ... The fork goes on which side? ... ROCK COOKIES ... "How many girls are in the Mechanical Drawing class? Two? " ... "You think Mr. Parks and Prudy favor each other?" ... OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: "He’s my favorite student you know." BOTTOM: When the bell rings. I'm gone. THIS PAGE, TOP LEFT: Smile pretty! LEFT: It'll be over soon, Mr. White, if you’ll stay still. ABOVE: No fair telling secrets. 59ttl, ABOVE: Modem art and sculpture are favorites among the Art students. TOP RIGHT: Alan, you're supposed to be singing! RIGHT: We're the Book Fair Band! 60Arts and Music Do, Rc, Mi ... Bent clothes hangers!! -Or is it a wire sculpture? ... "Hawaii Five-O" ... Memorizing lines ... Forgetting lines ... Fa, So, La ... Conduct that last measure again Mr. Raleigh ... "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" ... There’s paint on your nose ... Ti, Do ... Hansel and Grctcl ... Putting emotions on Canvas ... Being asked to entertain at tlie GRANTLAND RICE BOWL GAME! Mr. Edward Barnes Mrs. Carolyn Ligon Mr. Mike Raleigh Mrs. Colleen Ramshur 61Language Library But Mr. Ransome, I didn't lose it ... Parlez vous d'Englais? ... Putting on your earphones for the first time ... Getting your ID card ... Si, Senor Long ... Reciting your monologue ... Losing your ID card ... Another futile search through the C3rd catalogue ... Why can't we go to France? ... Oue pase?! ... "Do you have The Love Machine?" ... Repeat after me ... ABOVE: "Is that my picture?" TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Musson works diligently. BOTTOM RIGHT: "This is the only place I can get some rest!!" TOP: "But I don't know how to speak French!" BOTTOM: Have your choice! 63 Mr. Terry Long Mr. Harry Upton Mr. Paul RansomePhysical Education Health ... Being good at ONE sport! ... Walking into the wrong dressing room ... DIRTY gym suits ..." Somebody took my pants!"... No heat in the gym ... Beating Kiss Beyer at ping-pong ... "Fifteen laps!" ... Getting an automatic in Driver's Ed. ... Everybody yelling at you when you miss a pop fly ... - NS. -1 ML. I MTVO } ivsm ABOVE: "Of course we re going to beat Lee, you dummy!" TOP CENTER: "How did I ever get mixed up in this?" BOTTOM CENTER: Whoops! Missed again! FAR RIGHT: THIS will teach her! 64Miss M. E. Beyer Mrs. Carolyn Lacey Miss Tricou Petit Mr. T. C. Calmcs Mr. Wilton Clement Mr. Vince Gonzales Mr. John Harper Mr. Jack Speights Mr. Willis Stelly Mr. Latrelle WilliamsStudent Teachers . . . Lesson plans? ... Miss King ... Now class, today we are going to discuss ... Mr. Hansen ... You mean student teachers skip class too? ... Miss Vickery ... Happiness is being two weeks behind schedule ... Mr. Fresina ... That will be 1000 lines, please!! ... Mr. Womack ... 66Seniors . . . 67Seniors "Those dumb underclassmen!!" ... Sleeping through English IV ... "How many invitations are you ordering?" ... Paying Senior dues ... Discussing politics ... Wearing the same gym suit for the fourth and final year!! ... Goofing off ... Yelling "Two Bits" at the top of your lungs - and still not getting the Spirit Stick! ! ... Learning the Laws of Motion in physics ... Ordering caps and gowns ... Being honored at the Student Council program ... "May I have one of your cards?" ... Praying for sunshine on May 28 ... Speeches and diplomas ... GRADUATION! ... 68KATHY ADAMS VIRGINIA AMES WAYNE ANDRUS SHELLEY ARNOLD JOEY ATOL DANNY BABIN JAN BALLARD ADELAIDE BANKSTON DON BARBER JANET BARBER CAMMIE BASS KENNY BENNETT BETTY BERGERON DARLENE BERGERON TERRY BISHOP PAUL BLACKWELL PAULETTE BLACKWELL DAVID BLOUIN DAVID BLOUIN STEVE BONFANTI 6970 CHERYL BOS ARCE BOBBY BOURG JAMES BOURGEOIS AVERY BOURKE JANIS BOWLIN DEBBIE BREAUX PAULA BREEDEN DEN MON BRITT BETTY BROWN TERRY BROWN BRENDA BUHLER DIANE BURCHCHARLENE CALM Lb SANDRA CAMPANILE ROGER CAPPE BERTHA CARTER MIKE CARUSO GWEN CHAMBERS MATT CHAUVIN BILLY COMOLETTI REBECCA COOPER ALISSA CORDON 71 GARY CORKERNCHERRY CRADDOCK EVELYN DAVIS JUANITA DAVIS JEANNIE DAY DEBBIE DELANEY BETTY DESOTA DONNA DORROUGH JO ANN DUCOTE GERALD DUFOUR MIKE DU HE MIKE DYKES BUSTER EWING 72 VDONALD FOSTER MERRY FRAZIER KATHY FROUST SANDI GILL KIM GOETZMANN SUSAN GUNTER JIMMY HARDING LAYNETTE HATCHELL GARY HEBERTRONALD HENDERSC. RANDY HIBBAR CHARLENE HOLME JAMES HOUSLE1 MARY HUNT MARLENE 1NNERARITY DIANEJACKSON BARNEY JARREAU CLAUDETTE JOHNSON DONALD JOHNSON GALE JOHNSON NANCY JOHNSONCAROLYN JOHNSTON VICKIE KEEN MARY JANE KENT CHARLES KIMBALL RAYMOND KIMBALL CARLA KINCHEN JEANNIE LABELLO NANCY LAFAUCI JOE LAMB DARRYL LcBLANC FLORENCE LeBLANC 75 KAREN LeBLANCBETH LEE CHARLOTTE LEE DEBBIE LEE DELORES LEJEUNE MIKE LEJEUNE JEANNIE LIN TREVA LINDLEY DONNA LLOYD RANDY LORIO MIKE McBRIDE RONNIE McCAIN 76 connie McCartneyricky McClendon sue McClendon DONNA McCOY gary mckenzie JOHN MAJOR SANDY MALINA LYNETTE MALORIN MARY MARTIN BRUCE MARTINEZ MIKE MATHERNE 77 PHYLLIS MATHERNEMIKE MAXWELL DEBBIE MAY TERI MESSINA KEITH MHIRE LYNN MILLER ALICE MILLS ANN MIMS DEBBIE MITCHELL LINDA MITCHNER 78FAYE MIXON SHARON MOBLEY JO ANN MONTE JOE MONTE TOMMY MORGAN MARSHA MUSSON THOMAS MUSSON MIKE NEAL CHERYL NEVELS OZELIA B. NEYLAND PAT NEYLAND DIANE NOLAND 79KAREN ORTEGO JUDY PARKER MARY PARKER PRUDY PARKS BRENDA PARRINO CYNTHIA PARTIN SHI EL A PATT EDWARD PATTERSON 80CLINTON PENALBER MARILYN PENCE PAT PERRONE DEBBIE PHILLIPS SIEBERT PHILLIPS CAROLYN PICOU CECIL PRITCHARD HOWARD POLK JANIE POURCIAU SUSAN RABALAIS CAROLYN RABORN BOBBY RACCA 81CASSIE REEVES VINCENT RENO GWEN REYNOLDS CARL RICHARD BUDDY RICAUD THOMAS ROBERTS VIVIAN ROBERTSON PEARL ROBINSON JO ANN RODRIGUE EMMETT ROOT PHYLLIS ROUBIQUE CINDY ROUX 82CAROL ROWLAND WAYMAN SALTERS ROBERT SAV1GNOL CHUCK SCROGGS BILL SHARPE DORMAN SINCLAIR BONNIE SLAUGHTER BETTY SMITH NEAL SMITH SELINDA SMITH FLOYD SONES JAN SPIERS 84 CALVIN STEPHENSSUSAN STOCKSTILL TOMMY STOCKWELL JAMES SMITH JANICE SMITH KAY SMITH BOBBY THOMPSON WANDA THOMS BOBBY TILLMAN MARIE TOURERE DIANE TRAHAN LARRY TROTTI JIM TUCKER SANDRA TURNER ERVIN VENABLE VALERIE VERRETT GERALD VINCE MARIE WADDLE MARILYN WALKER RANDY WALKER FRANK WALLS 85FRED WALTON CAROLYN WARNACK DEBBIE WATSON SHERRI WATSON WAYNE WEATHERFORD CATHERINE WERNER HARVEY WILLIAMS KATHY WINTERTON LINDA YELVERTON THERESA YOES GLORIA ZACHARY 86Underclassmen . . .Juniors Waiting for senior rings ... And waiting some more ... Not being the youngest anymore ... "Grow up Seniors!" ... Algebra again ... Speigh-ton Place ... "Hang 'Em High" ... Gym decorations ... Not making 6 points for Beta Club ... Not making the Beta Club! ... Greg's after games ... "Go Juniors!"... Class meetings at Raymond's house ... SENIOR 71 ... SI English, UGH I11... WE HAVE SPIRIT! ... Remedial English, OH NO! ... Panther Power three years deep ... 88Becky Achord David Aldridge Charles Allen Edgar Allen Steve Ammons Shirley Anderson Kenneth Andre David Arbour Debbie Arm and Donna Aslin rerri Atkinson Steve Aucoin Teri Aucoin John Austin Cathy Babin Ronnie Babin Darrill Bacon Dale Badeaux FAR LEFT: Junior Class Officers: P. Thompson, Treasurer; Sue Morgan, Secretary; R. Heck, President; B. Milazzo, Vice-President. 89Tracy Badeaux Nancy Bailey Carl Baker Perry Baker Warren Baker Troy Ballard Travis Barnett Bobby Baughman Karl Bayhi Paul Beach Barney Beebe Karen Bell Kenny Bennett Debbie Berry Ricky Blackwell I Alice Blades Jerry Blouin Dawn Bolda Debra Boone Chip Bordelon Kenneth Bordelon Patrick Bourke Betsy Brady Corliss Brasseaux Paul Brasseaux Cary Breaux Debra Brock Desta Brocksmith Frank Brown Tim Brown Cynthia Bueto Steve Buller leonard Burgess Linda Burrell Susan Butler 90Cynthia Calamia Geralyn Calamia Kim Cannon Rusty Carlos Donald Carlton Brenda Carpenter Linda Carpenter Margie Carpenter Rodney Carraway Kerry Carson Mike Carter Wanda Carter Ronnie Cashio Larry Castille Brenda Caston Ernest Chappel Jane Chatelain Jim Clayton Dan Clement Karen Cole Laurie Cole Daniel Coleman Evelyn Comeaux Dianne Conditt Debbie Cooper Ted Cooper 91Debbie Cooper Theresa Cooper Diane Copeland James Copeland Bobby Core Mike Coulter Mint a Courtney Frank Courville Ann Creighton Cindy Crosby Darlene Crowe Brenda Curry Jeffrey Curry Myla Curry Candy Daigle Nolan Daigle Patricia Dake Judy Davidson John Davis Allen Day Jan Dedon Connie Deloach Lindon Denham Donna Denicola Rusty Desselle 92Mark Devall Karen Dewey Donna Dickinson Nova Dillon Gary Do iron Donald Dowty Samuella Dugas Paul Dubea Dennis Duhe Doris Duncan Brent Duplessis Debbie Dupre Barbara Edwards Pat Ezell Joe Farrister Bubba Fenn Phillip Fenn Randy Firm in Farrcl Folks Peggy Fontenot Bob Ford Daryl Foster Cary Fowler Dwain Frabeu Elizabeth Frazee 93Morris Galtier Larry Garner Richard Gehlc Allen Gentiles Linda George Ann Geurin Ernest Goff Tommy Goff Dorothy Gomez Debra Graham Susan Gray Herbert Guhn Rhonda Guidroz Diane Gulino Carl Guy Fred Hagius Debbie Hall Edward Hammett Kathy Hargis Charles Harper Brenda Harrell 94Sandi Heath Ginger Hebert Raymond Hcck Inga Hcnagan Jeff Henry Ralph Higgins Kenny Hill Russell Hills Joey Holm W. G. Hoover Richard Hopkins Garland Housley Reba Hughes Russell Hull Debbie Hunt Pam Ivey Deborah Jackson Kenny Jackson Linda Janies Gail Jarreau Joselyn Jenkins Patrick Jensen 95Charles Johnson Marsha Jones Rebba Jones Sharon Jones Steve Jones Dale Jumonville Jack Kessing John Keller Keith Kelly Melanie Kidder Rita King Kenny Knccht Marilee Knight Mark LaCour Arthurine Lanclos Paula I.andry Peggy Landry Debra Langlois Maureen Laufauci Jimmy Lear Sharon LeBlanc Belinda Lee Margie Lee Vicky Lee Debbie Legget Kirby LeMoine Janie Levert Chris Lillie Joan Lisenbee Becky Loftin Bobby Longmire Janet Loreno Danny Zumo Daphnee Magee Louis Mabrough 96David Mancuso Robyn Martin Bill Matherne Stephanie Mathis Don May Kay McDempsey Dale McKee Wayne McLin Helen McMannis Margaret McMannis Jimmy McMichacls Chris Mcdinc Theresa Meischke Cathy Melker Linda Metcalf Carl Mhire Barbara Milazzo Russell Miller Barbara Millet Gary Milligan 97Debbie Mills Terry Minton David Mire Julie Mistric Katy Mitchell Randy Mizell Vince Monistere Mike Monte Debbie Moody Steve Moore Douglas Morgan Mike Morgan Sue Morgan Mays Morris Kathy Mulkey Jessie Munson Mary Jan Myers Dale Nelson Yvonne Nickes George Nolan 98Carl Nutter Linda O'livier Bobby Ortlieb Gary Owens Ronnie Paola Debra Parker Sam Parker Ricky Parent Margaret Patterson Judy Perkins Edmond Peters Gary Pine Tim Pinion Phillip Plaissance Cindy Polk Elaine Price Peggy Price James Rainwater Robert Randolph Gene Rauh Susan Ray Vincent Reno V. J. Reno 99Joanne Reynolds Virginia Rhodes Calvin Richard Ray Richardson Charles Roberts Jesse Robins Valerie Romano Linda Roubique Darlene Russell Paula Russell Tommy Russell James Ryall Connie Sanchez Romiie Savignol Allen Schaffer Kathy Schexnayder Janet Schilling Donald Schultz Cheryl Scully Brenda Seal Wayne Shackleford Brian Sheill Mitchell Sicard Nancy Sigler Robin Simmons Frankie Sinclair Bill Smith Brenda Smith Pete Smith 100Ronnie Smith Randy Snowden Jeri Solar Darlene So tile Randy Sprouse Sonny Spurlock Julie Stanley Kevin Stevens Darrin Stiles Jo Ann Stilley Emma Stokes Brian Suire Shawn Swinney Jeanne Talbert Sandy Talbert Linda Tapps Jackie Terrall Roycc Thiel Richard Thornhill Sharon Tillman 101Jacqueline Torrence Chris Toups Ray Lynn Toups Catherine Tourere Denise Trahan Dianne Tucker Janet Tucker Debra Turner Kerry Vallet Rhonda Van Veckhoven Gary Ventrella Debra Vick David Walker-Lou Walker Becky Wall Elrich Wallace Jane Walters Ashley Walton Jimmy Walton 102Karen Way Angela Weatherford Joan Wessels Curtis Whitaker Amanda White Karen Wliite Malkus Wiley Glenda Williams Jeff Williams Larry Williams Mona Williams Shiela Willis Greg Wilson David Woodward Garr Wooley Elizabeth Wright Pat Yglessias 103Sophomores Finally learning the way around Glen Oaks ... Everybody thinks we’re nobody! ... Getting in the SWING OF THINGS ... Sitting through the Alma Mater ... Chinese Homecoming float ... Two sophomores in the court ... labour’s definition of alliteration ... Burger King crowns ... CHALLENGING and WINNING in the cafeteria ... Supporting G. O. in the true Panther spirit .., SENIOR 72 ... 104 ABOVE: M. Kidder, Pres.; T. Bosarge, VP; K. Simmoncaux, Trcas.; L. Didier, Sec.Michael Achord Betty Ann Adams Paula Adams Pearline Adams Beth Adkins Rebecca Aldridge Beth Alexander Beth Alleman Becky Altazan Charlotte Altazin Mike Andre Donald Arlington Theresa Armond Stan Arnold Thomas Arnold Abe Artigue Cathy Asliley Ricliard Auter Suellen Averette Kerry Badcaux Mary Baggett Tim Barbay Pam Barber Howard Barnes Randy Bames Mitchell Bates Terry Beeson Geneva Bell Sheilah Bellelo Janice Bcnnct Margo Bergeron Charles Berry Debra Berthelot Susan Blackard Ellis Bonavcnturc 105Ricky Bonaventure David Boone Teri Bosarge Rene Bostick James Bourgeois Richard Bourgeois Pat Bourke Brenda Bourque Dorcas Bradford Margaret Branch Debbie Brancum Ronnie Breaux Randy Brooks Charlene Broussard Delores Brown Sheila Brown Paula Brumfield James Buckley Edward Buggs Brenda Burns Mike Caffarel Les Caraccioli David Card 106Y vonne Calivier Mike Carollo Gayle Carpenter Randy Carter John Cashio Lisa Cashio Jeannie Chambers John Chaney Kay Chapman Tim Chapman Bob Chene vert Glenda Clark Brenda Coates Tollie Coates Debra Cockerham Earl Coleman Madeline Comeaux Robin Cordon Linda Corkern Chris Cormier Debbie Courville Katherine Courville Barbara Craig Mike Creel Carol Culivan Wanda Cutrer Alvin Daigle Connie Daigle Kathy Dake A1 Davidson Grover Davidson Delores Davis Donna Davis Tommy Davis Edna Day 107Gwen Day Lisa DeLee Patricia Dentro Jerry Depina Sam Depino Ccrcda Dickey Marlene Dickson Lori Didier Monte Donaldson Mary Drew Greig Duchamp Wanda Ducote Becky Dufour Steve Dugas Darlene Duhon Harriet Duhon David Dukes Robert Duncan Mike Early William Easley James Edwards Linda Efferson Karen Eisworth Marty Emmons John Evans Sandra Femi David Fletcher Richard Flores Cheryl Foster Gar)’ Foster Dianne Fountain Mike Frazier James Freeman Charles Fresina Steve Friday 108Bobby Frierson Peter Gaidos Steve Garcia Bennie Gardner Shan Gardache Glenda Garner John Gauxtreaux Vicki Gentiles Sandy George David Gerald Donna Gerding Becky Germany Marivn Givens Victor Glaviano Danny Gomez Marilyn Graham Rhonda Greaud Rodney Gremillion Jason Guidry Shelly Guidry 109Marilyn Guillot Carol Guillory Ronnie Gulino Margo Hall Belinda Hammett Jerry Hammett Mary Hanks Georgia Hano Johnny Harris Richard Harris Tim Hatcher Vickie Housley Pat Haynes Eve Hebert Janet Hebert Paula Hebert Timmy Hebert Ronnie Himel Danny Henley Gary Henry Valorie Hibner Dwight Hillis Williard Hillis Monica Hochong Jackie Horn Jill Hodges Randy Holden Larry Holmes Sally Howard Rodney Hudson Ritchie Hull Frances Hunt 110Theresa Hurst Bobbie Hutchinson Calinda Hutchinson Howard Hutter Dorothy Hyatt Gayle Hyde John Imcl Rusty Jabour Larry Jackson Joanie James f-'rcdda Jarrcau Seletha Jarreau Mark Jenkins Julia Jensen Danny Johnson Janie Johnson Jerry Johnson Marsha Johnson Billy Jordon Nancy Jordon John Keen Clifton Kelly Eddie Kelly Sidney Kelly Carl Kennedy Mike Kidder Tanis Kimball William Kirkpatrick Lowell Kish IIIJeff Knight Kenny Kuykendall Lyle Lamotte Randy Landry Randy Landry Darlene Langlois Debra Lavergne Donald Lavergne Debbie Lebouve Debbie Lee Ashton Lejeune Sheila Linder Danya Loflin Marsha Loftin Ray Lofton Charlie Love Ginger Lowe Kathy Lowe I 7Isadore Major Sandy Major Richard Malina Nelwyn Malorin Judy Marranto Lanell Manin Myer Martin Robert Mason Lyle Matheme Sheila Maulding Cathy May Biff McArthur Vivian McCartney Danny McClendon James McClendon Lynn McCloud Kathy McCullough Kim McDade Terr)f Sue McDonald Beryl McGhee Larry McGhee Jan McLin Danny McMurray Linda McNeely Rebecca McNeely 113Mona Melon Patsy Mendoza Jerry Wayne Meyers Pam Mire Pam Mhire Mike Michelli Debbie Miller Mary Ann Miller Russell Miller Debbie Millet C.J. Mistretta Russell Mistric Dale Mitchell Alicia Moak Michael Morel Howard Morgan Debra Mumphrey Billy Murray Chris Murray Louis Nacol Gary Nash Charles Naquin Marvin Newman Richard Newman Cookie Noble Rusty O’Brien Keith Olexy Debbie O Neill Robert O'Rillion 114Pam Orillion Denise Ortlieb Donna Pardue Angelle Parent Janet Parker Edward Partin Jo Lynn Patton Michael Paul Matthew Payne Gary Pecquet Gerald Pence Ronnie Pennington Leo Persick Janet Pesch Cindy Petty Alden Phillips Dana Phillips Diane Phillips Larry Phillips Nadine Phillips Ronnie Phillips Ford PickeringPatricia Pope James Price Rocky Priest Karen Pritchard Etta Quiett Paul Ramano Freddie Rapuana Patricia Ray David Rayburn Barbara Reed John Reed Peggy Reed Buster Reeves Michael Reeves Lynnctte Reisner Sammy Riley Randy Rivet Delores Robertson Doug Robertson Jackie Robertson Larry Robillard Paul Robinson Ricky Rossin Darlene Russel Mona Russell 116 jGloria Ryals Steve Salter Wanda Salter Alane Samson Juanita Sanchez Liz Sanchez Brenda Sanders Gwen Sanders Linda Saragusa Debi Schexnayder Gary Seale Carl Semore Corrie Simon Kim Simmoneaux Wanda Simms Pam Singer Donald Sliipp Bertha Smith Clay Smith Dennis Smith Edwin Smith Felix Smith J. B. Smith Kerry Smith Linda Smith Pete Smith Robert Smith Roseanna Smith Sarah Smith Patricia Spangler Edward Spille Debra Sprouse Billy Sykes Phyllis St. Amant Paulette Stemley 117Cathy Stephens Catherine Stewart Elizabeth Stewart Ted Sumner Susan Tait Louis Tapia Wanda Tarver Joy Tate Malcom Teekel David Templet Janice Templet Barry Thomas Debra Thompson Danette Thornhill Jim Tillman Pat Tillman Jacqueline Torrence Debbie Toups Jo Ann Tourere Joe Townsend 118Nancy Tucker Greg Van Veckhoven Terr)r Venable Marsha Verrett Victor Vincent Dennis Viola Annelie Vosburg Bennie Wagner Pam Wales Cindy Walker Virginia Wall Rita Walls Alden Warner George Watanabe Sandra Watson Franceen Webb Steve Weber Cathy Wesley Donna Wesley Patricia Wellington Carol West Dawson White Steve White Jamie Whitehead Carolyn Wiley Karen Wilkinson 119Danny Williams Sandy Williams Linda Williamson Sharon Windham Beth Winter Carrie Wisham Yvonne Witt Dawn Wooley Elaine Wright Evelyn Young Tim Young 120Arts and Music . . . i 121G.O. Panther Band Practice makes perfect! ... Mobile Marching Contest . . . Staying over night_KEEP YOUR WHITE SHOES CLEANU! ... Floyd Soncs - President ... Mr. Raleigh being thrown in the pool! . . . Top Hats . . . NEW UNIFORMS . .. Performing on National Television! ... RIGHT F ACE!! 1 ... Sing F concert . .. OUT OF TUNE??? ...ATTENTION! F LUTES L. Metcalf, Treas. V. Keen C. Craddock, Sec. B. Parker C. Reeves CLARINETS M. Waddle, V.P. N. Lafauci, Sec. D. Henderson, Off. D. Duncan D. Cooper E. Buggs B. DcSoto G. Jarrcau J. Lear T. Lindley D. May S. McClendon K. Smith R. Smith SAXOPHONES J. Williams, Off. E. Coleman J. Hammett D. Cockerham, Off. R. Himel FRENCH HORNS K. Cannon R. Auter M. Donaldson OBOES M. Lafauci K. Pritchard BASSOONS M. Walker, Off. J. Keen CORNETS R. Gehle F. Rapuana D. May, Off. A. Day M. Coulter B. McArthur D. Gomez TROMBONES F. Soncs, Pres. T. Cooper, Off. R. Hopkins, Off. BASSJS. P. Beach P. Baker B. Beebe BARITONES L. Matherne A. Warner I. Major DRUMMERS W. Baker V. Monistere S. Swinney E. Root, Off. F. Courville C. Bordelon 123ABOVE: Stage Band performs for the Gymnastics show at Glen Oaks. RIGHT: "Ready, one and a two and a here we go!" 124G.O. Panther Majorettes Twirling and marching ... SMILE! ... Trcva losing her tassels!! ... Heavy boots ... Dropping three times at one game! ... "Oh When the Saints" ... National T.V. ... SWING your arms ... PICK up your legs ... Having your baton brought out to you after the music starts!!! ... WE'RE ALL SENIORS '70. LEFT: Majorettes before their first game of the year. ABOVE: Sue McClendon, head majorette, led the majorettes through the football games and marching contests. 1251969-70 MAJORETTES BELOW: Cassie Reeves, Senior. BOTTOM LEFT: Cherry Craddock, Senior. RIGHT: Treva Lind-ley. Senior. BOTTOM RIGHT: Vickie Keen, Choir Don't make me sing a solo!! ... Christmas story told in song and dance ... Having a director who is the Most Outstanding Young Educator in Louisiana ... Traveling to Pennsylvania ... Rating SUPERIOR at District Festival ... I don’t think I can climb those stairs again!! ... Practicing for concerts ... "Boy, did we sound bad!?? ... Performing ... Having thirteen in All-Parish Choir ... I hope next year is this great!!! 127ABOVE: Members of the All-State Choir: Floyd Soncs, Valerie Vcrrett, Vivian Robertson, Sonny Spurlock. RIGHT: Section leaders of the A Cappella Choir: TOP TO BOTTOM: Randy Lorio, Gary Owens, Kim Cannon, Jan Meares, Marie Waddle. 128Choir LEFT: A Cappella Choir officers; FIRST ROW, L. toR.: P. Black-well, C. Didier, M. Kidder, S. Part, J. Davidson, V. Verrett, K. Cole. SECOND ROW: A. Gentiles, M. Walker, V. Monistcrc. FOURTH ROW: F. Sones. CENTER: Members of the All-Parish Choir, L. toR.: V. Monistere, G. Owens, K. Cannon, M. Walker, D. Card, V. Verrett, E. Smith, F. Sones, B. Richard, A. Gentiles.RIGHT: Ensemble, FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Mills, B. Richard, S. Spurlock, M. Kidder, R. McCain, C. Did-iCI. SECOND ROW: D. Brocksmith, K. Cannon, G. Owens, J. Davidson, C. Me-dine, S. Patt, V. Monistere. THIRD ROW: D. Stiles, E. Smith, P. Blackwell, K. Or-tego, A. Gentiles, V. Robertson, F. Sones. ABOVE: A Cappella Choir, FIRST ROW, L. toR.: W. Decote, A. Parent, D. Brown, B. Alexander, J. Meares, D. Mills, S. Tillman, P. Pope, N. Graves, P. Miller, C. Sanchez, L. Didier, T. Bosarge, K. Or-tego. SECOND ROW: K. Adams, V. Monistere, D. Bonnecarre, D. Cockerham, G. Seal, C. Medine, S. Spurlock, F. Sones, V. Verrett, C. Didier, V. Robertson, D. Hall, M. Walker, V. Gentiles. THIRD ROW; K. Goetzmann, G. Milligan, R. Lorio, K. Perere, F. Pickering, W. Baker, R. McCain, A. Gentiles. P. Blackwell, S. Patt, C. Lowe, M. Kidder, J. Davidson, D. Brocksmith, B. Seal, K. Cole, B. Alamond. FOURTH ROW: D. Mitchell, G. Owens, S. Jones, R. Barnes, D. Williams, C. Kennedy, R. Phillips, B. Duplessis, D. Card, A. Cox, S. Rabalais, M. Waddle, C. Foster, K. Hargis, D. Sprouse, K. McCullough. J. Partin, J. Partin, J. Smith. FIFTH ROW: D. Stiles, G. Hebert, J. Forrester, M. Young, J. Cashio, G. McKenzie, B. Richard, E. Smith, K. Cannon, D. Cotten, K. Olexy, G. Williams.Choir LEFT: Boys'Choir: FIRST ROW, L. to R.: K. Mizell, C. Kimball, B. Longmire, N. Gill, R. O'Brian, V. Reno, J. Smith, B. Bordelon, M. Andre. SECOND ROW: J. Johnson, W. Salter, R. Kimball, G. Hebert, M. Morris, G. McKenzie, D. Templet, M. Pennington. THIRD ROW: S. Breaux, R. Mizell, R. Henderson, B. Tillman, M. Cafferel, B. Sharpe, K. Lemoine, D. Shipp, K. Woodward, B. Thompson, R. Smith, P. Plaisance. ABOVE: Girls’Choir: FIRST ROW, L. toR.: A. Samson, K. McDade, P. Landry, L. George, T. Gomez, T. Kimball, C. Crosbie, E. Frazee. SECOND ROW: D. Brock, B. Millet, J. Templet, P. Mulkcy, S. Blackard, D. Branum, P. Haynes, K. Adams. THIRD ROW: I. Watson, C. Wesley, B. Hammett, J. Perkins, P. Underwood. FOURTH ROW: C. Kinchen, J.. Ducote, A. Cordon, B. Buhlcr, A. Landreneau, J. Tucker, R. Hughes. D. Moody, P. Duhc, K. Mitchell, Q. Davis, P. Singer, J. Williams. D. Thornhill, S. Weber, C. McCartney.TOP RIGHT: Folk Group, FIRST ROW, L. to R.: V. Verrett, M. Walker, P. Miller, A. Gentiles, M. Waddle, C. Foster, S. Part. SECOND ROW: E. Smith, V. Monistcrc, S. Spurlock, G. Owens, F. Sones. BOTTOM RIGHT: Barbershop Quartet, KNEELING: A. Gentiles. STAND-IND: S. Spurlock, K. Cannon, F. Sones. TOP LEFT: Student conductors pose with Mrs. Rarnshur: S. Patt, K. Hargis. BOTTOM LEFT: M. Walker, Pres., F. Sones, Student Conductor, K. Cole, Accompanist.Thespians Crash Course in memorizing lines ... Forgetting them the next day! ... Sorry, Wrong Number ... Performing for the elementary schools ... Stage fright at rehearsals ... uhhh?!? The Ugly Duckling. ABOVE: L. to R. FIRST ROW: J. Clayton, T. Russell, F. LeBlanc. P. Beach, R. Heck, B. Finn. SECOND ROW: B. Smith, A. Cordon, J. Labcllo, S. LeBlanc, S. Morgan, T. Meischke, L. Cole. THIRD ROW: J. Meares, D. Fountain, M. Musson, C. Leffel, L. Malorin, P. Parks, C. Johnson, D. Jackson, E. Davis, E. Venable, D. Delaney. FOURTH ROW: G. Garner, P. Haynes, B. Carter, B. Ewing, D. Bordelon, J. Rhod-us, P. Miller, C. Johnston, T. Morgan. FIFTH ROW; G. Pine, F. Haigus, S. Rabalais, K. Winterton. S. Moore, S. Stewart, G. Chambers, M. Shows. 133RIGHT: It’s time for Hce Haw! BOTTOM LEFT: From The Ugly Duckling, "It's the outside that counts, isn’t it?" BOTTOM RIGHT: FIRST ROW, L. to R., Officers: D. Delaney, C. Johnston, P. Parks. SECOND ROW: E. Venable, M. Shows, T. Morgan. Art Club WHAT SHALL IT BE TODAY? Plaster sculpture or color and design? ... Painting a car at Bon Marche ... The Halloween decorations! ... Working hard on the Homecoming mural and the GREAT Pumpkin!!! ... Art Exhibits ... Talent show and American Bank ... Planning a trip to Audubon Park to sketch! BELOW: SITTING, L. toR.r J. Tourerc, K. Mc-Dempsey, D. Russell, J. Parker, J. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: J. Meares, C. Werner, D. Noland, B. Bums, D. Henderson, V. Lee, J. Lisenbee, P. Robertson. THIRD ROW: D. Stiles, D. Lee, M. Branch, P. Pope, S. Duplessis. 135Art Club 136Athletics . . .138 Sports Highlights . . . 139Football Six on All-District ... Put a band-aid on it ... 7-3 season record ... Piranha drills for the hunters ... Beating the Big I ... Joe and Bruce - Best Defensive Linemen ... Third in District ... Steve making All-State ... Charlie Allen is Guitarzan? ... "Who says Broadmoor won?" ... "YOU line up on the LEFT. Mike!" ... Happiness is beating BRHS ... Steve selected Most Valuable Player ... 222 carries and 1017 yards for Steve ... "What am I out here killing myself for?" ... The beauty of victory ... Hoping for a scholarship ... Catching your first pass ... Being one quarter short of lettering ... "Pep rally? What pep rally?" ... HAVING THE BEST COACH IN THE STATE ... 140 OPPONENT GOHS Holy Cross - 3 0 Rcdcniptorist -0 15 New Iberia - G 12 Cattolic 3G 7 Lee - - ■ ■ 0 34 E. A see n ion - 0 27 Wills " i 12 Broadmoor 24 14 1 irouma 12 27 0 Baker - -- -- -- - • 16 19i) Quarterback Rusty Nelson 2) Halfback Steve Duplessis 3) Halfback Mike Carter 4) Defense Back David Branum 5) Fullback Ken Mizell RIGHT: Two outstanding Panther players make a great effort to overcome the troublesome Broadmoor Bucs. BOTTOM CENTER: Brent carries and makes an impressive run. FAR RIGHT: When you're losing Coach, give up! 1421) Tackle Joe Monte 2) Tackle Danny Cotten 3) Tackle Keith Mhire 4) Tackle Ed Patterson.1451) Defense Guard Bruce Martinez 2) Defense Guard Chuck Scroggs ABOVE: On a grand defensive play, tough Joe Monte throws a Buc for a loss on an important offensive play for Broadmoor,1) Guard Raymond Kimball 2) Guard Paul Blackwell 3) End Larry Trotti 4) End Nolan Gill 5) End Charles Kimball 6) End Ray Richardson. NOT SHOWN: Brent Duplessis. BEST COACHES IN THE STATE BOTTOM CENTER, KNEELING: Head Coach Chico Gonzales. STANDING: Willis Stelly, T. C. Calmes, Latrell Williams and Jack Speights. 147J. V. Football Becoming a PANTHER! ... Practicing ... He made tlie team??? ... Playing a great game ... More practicing ... BOY, tliat coach is a tough one!!! ... Learning ... Preparing for varsity next year ... A team with SPIRIT ... First down ... TIME OUTS! ... Field goal ... TOUCHDOWN!!! ... MORE PRACTICING ... 149150Basketball • • • "We want - Two Points!" ... Making the winning basket ... Finally getting to play! ... Winning in overtime ... PEP Talks at halftime!! ! ... Happiness is seeing Coach Speights smile during a game! ... Finals for Wedge Kyes! ... "Jump up, Curtis, jump up!" ... Being fouled when the ref isn't looking ... Missing the whole goal on your only shot.1 1) Curtis Whitaker 2) Nolan Gill TOP RIGHT: Curtis steals the show as he sinks another shot against his mighty opponent. ABOVE: Nolan does a toe dance as he fights off three Catholic Bears. 1521) Lynn Henagan 2) Open wide, here it comes! Bobby Longmire. BELOW: Glen Oaks and Lee jump for the toss! LOWER LEFT: 25 of the Panthers takes a foul shot against Baton Rouge High. jBMgs i 153154 j1 2 1) Rusty Carlos 2) Mike Morgan TOP LEFT: The J .V. team comes on STRONG ! LEFT: Bobby fights his way alone for another two points. 155 U1) Doug Card 2) Kenny Hill OPPONENT SC . GOHS Redemptorist - - - - - 62 - - -67 Wood lawn - - - - • - - - 44 - - - 82 Woodlawn - - - ■ • 52 76 Ovey Comeaux - - - - 38 - - - - - -64 Lafayette 70 - - - 57 Catholic 60 56 Redemptorist N.O. - - 31----- 57 GOHS CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT Port Allen - ------46.........59 Baton Rouge High - -73..................67 Broadmoor..............................54.-60 East Ascension - -- --51 - -- -- -50 Istrouma............................---64..84 MIDDLE RIGHT: The dozen players of the Junior Varsity team look forward to next year when they will be fighting against tough opponents for the 3AAA crown. Coach -Willis Stelly. RIGHT: TRUE PANTHERS. The Varsity team with their coaches have a lot to be proud of for their fine work this year. Coach -Jack Speights. 156Wrestling "Pin him down!!" ... Getting your opponent in a dead man’s lock ... The long count to f i v e ... "And the heavy weight champion of Glen Oaks High is -Mr. Carrier??" ... Did you say "rasslin?' ... Traveling to New Orleans for the tournament ... Calmes and Carrier’s Crunchers ... TOP: The Winner!!! MIDDLE: "I think I have him now. LEFT: "Just one more trick." ABOVE: Others watch the exciting match. 157158Baseball . . . DISTRICT CHAMPS!!! ... Hard work ... Swing, batter, swing ... Practice, practice, practice ... Curfew - ugh! ... Misery is being a bench warmer ... Would you believe "bat girls?" ... Staying in training ... Having the greatest coach in the state ... Making it to State play-offs ... Finally getting to play, then missing a pop fly ... CELEBRATE ... DISTRICT THREE TRIPLE A CHAMPS!! FRONT ROW, L. to R. : K. Stevens, B. Ewing, M. Chauvin, B. Long-mire, M. Morgan, R. Richardson. SECOND ROW; L. Denham, J. Cashio, K. Hill, P. Baker, M. Mathis, B. Chenevert. THIRD ROW; S. Arnold, L. Henagan, S. Phillips, R. Lorio, D. Cotten, N. Gill, C. Pritchard, Coach Stelly. 159RIGHT: KNEELING, L. to R. : L. Denham, M. Morgan. STANDING: N. Gill, S. Phillips, B. Ewing. BELOW: Another strike! OPPONENT GOHS Nicholls Frosh 2 1 LSU Frosh - - 2 5 6 5 Nicholls Frosh - - - • - - 10 1 Catholic - - 5 1 Istrouma - - 15 12 Opelousas 5 0 Baker - - 0 I Lee - - 2 4 East Ascension 0 9 Broadmoor 3 1 Baton Rouge 3 1 Catholic 0 5 Istrouma 3 1 Baker - - - - - 3 7 Lee - - 4 3 East Ascension 0 8 Broadmoor 0 4 Baton Rouge District Play-off 1 3 Lee - - 1 2 0 2 Broadmoor 3 6 State Play-off 3 C Fortier 0 5 Jesuit 1 0 160Oakers Win District Championship LEFT: SITTING, L. to R. : B. Ewing, B. Longmirc, M. Morgan. KNEELING: M. Chauvin, M. Mathis, K. Hill. STANDING: L. Denham, N. Gill, C. Pritcliard. 161RIGHT: L. Denham makes it to first. BELOW: B. Ewing pitches a no-hitter, nothing out of the ordinary!!RIGHT: FIRST ROW, L. to R.: K. Kelly, R. Newman, J. Kecsing. SECOND ROW: R. Hibbard, M. Carter. ABOVE; FIRST ROW, L. to R.: B. Duplessis, M. Creel, R. Mizell. SECOND ROW; R. Nelson, N. Gill. RIGHT: L. toR.: K. Mizell, B. Ford, L. Burges. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: FIRST ROW. L. to R.: B. Smith, M. Dykes. SECOND ROW: J. O’Sullivan, B. Shelton. BOTTOM LEFT: L. to R.; B. Duplessis, S. Duplessis. BOTTOM RIGHT: BOTTOM to TOP: B. Smith, R. Hull, R. Hibbard, K. Kelly. 164Track . . . Going to meets ... Falling over every hurdle ... Dropping the baton ... Run for your life ... Up, up, and away ... Stabbing someone with the javelin ... Practice makes perfect ... Love those gigantic crowds ... Run, run, run ...ABOVE: L. to R.: E. Kelly, R. Newman, J. Cifre, M. Carter. RIGHT: L. to R.: R. Newman, M. Carter, R. Hibbard, K. Kelly. 166Gymnastics . . . Getting into the swing of things ... Giving shows at the elementary with the Stage Band ... Tops and Bases ... Tillman likes to run into the horse ... Would you believe a triple forward flip followed by a backward roll ... Inviting fifty kindergarten children to a show ... Babysitting?168 Gymnastics . . . LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW; M. Russell, B. Germany, M. Jones, K. McDempsey, D. Russell, J. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: H. Mc-Mannis, K. Phillips, V. Robertson, P. Russell, S. Tillman, C. Lee, J. Solar, P. Brumfield. THIRD ROW: J. Taylor, R. Firmin, R. Savignol, L. Sullivan, C. Turner, R. Achord, Mr. Harper. FOURTH ROW: G. Wooley, G. Owens, R. Britt, P. Houghton, J. Walton, S. Williams, H. Ward. FAR LEFT, TOP: Up and over!! FAR LEFT, BOTTOM; ... 3, 2, 1, 0 ... Blast Off! LEFT: The gymnastics team performs during half time.170Golf Chasing little balls over acres of grass! ... Ready, SWING!!! ... Completely missing the golf ball ... FORE! ... A hole in one ... Coach Harper, A REAL PRO ... Which club do you tee off with??? ... Entering meets ... Get that grip right ... Sinking a putt ... Free lessons with Mr. John ... I'M A PROFESSIONAL!!! ... Practice ... Butch Bordelon elected Captain ... 171 TOP: Butch Bordelon. ABOVE: L. to R.: D. Carlton, R. Hull, C. Guy, T. Ballard, B. Bordelon, Coach John Harper.172 ABOVE: The Junior Varsity Team elected C. J. Mistretta as Most Outstanding Player.Panther Cheerleaders i n« -••Mat SPIRIT ‘70! ... G-O-O-O-o ... Leaps, splits, and cartwheels ... Four seniors and three juniors to lead the way! ... P-P-Panthers, P-P-Panthers, your the only T-T-Team that we adore! I! ... Cheering in the rain ... Getting out onto the floor in time to cheer ... FUN all the way ... Falling socks! ... WE LOVE YOU PANTHERS!!! TOP LEFT: Panthers make them sit up. and beg!!! ABOVE: "Let’s make a run for it while we still can!!" BOTTOM LEFT: "WE’RE GONNA BEAT THE REBELS! 11 173RIGHT: Like they say, "Things go better with Coke." BOTTOM LEFT: Pep rallies on the mall arc great!! BOTTOM RIGHT: Our faithful Panthers, rain or shine: Pat and Ronnie. 176Pepsters . . . Losing your uniform ... Summer practice ... Dropping your flashlight on the 50-yard line ... Keeping in step ... Run-through at the basketball games?? ... Getting demerits for unladylike conduct ... Polishing your shoes ... Being "ill" for every basketball game ... Marching to the wrong yard line ... Trumpets in your ear while waiting to go on ... Learning your left from your right ... A beautiful sun for the Baker game ... Doing the wrong cheer ... Rocking the bus ... Gulping popcorn at halftime ... Painting signs ... Forgetting the signs ... "We're from Glen Oakes - Couldn’t be prouder!!!" TOP LEFT: Another Picasso, we’re not! I ABOVE: Panther's welcoming committee. BOTTOM LEFT: V. Verret, Co-captain; P. Parks, Captain; S. Mathis, Treasurer; H. Plaisance, Parliamentarian.ABOVE: COMPANY "B": D. Aslin, L. Cole, K. Simoneaux, M. Russell, J. Mistric, B. Mil-azzo, D. Wooley, D. Trahan, S. Watson, J. McLin, T. Bad-eaux, Co. Commander, J. Vessels. 178Pepsters . . . LEFT: COMPANY "D": SEATED: M. Martin, Co. Commander. KNEELING: C. Broussard, S. Ray, C. Wesley, P. Ivey. STANDING: N. Graves, D. Parker, L. Didier, K. McCullough, S. Fenn, M. Knight. SEATED: K. Dewey. BELOV : Miss Beyer is her usual, loving self! ? I LEFT: D. Davis, T. Bo-sarge, H. Plaisance, B. Edwards, V. Lee, M. Drew, R. Van Veckhovcn, B. Seal, K. Way, T. Armond, I. Hcnagan, Co. Commander of COMPANY"C". 179RIGHT: NOTHING will stop us from cheering!!! BOTTOM: COMPANY "A": D. Leggett, A. Cordon, S. Rabalais, D. Schcxnaydcr, A. Samson, S. Mathis, J. Parker, Co. Commander, K . Melker, A. Mills, L. Janies, P. Mhire. 180Pantherettes . . . Shuffle, shuffle ... Up, Up and Away ... Smile! ... Ready, and, 1-2-3-4 ... The Stripper ... Summer practice ... Get Together! ... Do You Know the Way to San Jose? ... Watch the line! ... Pink Panther-ettes ... Windy ... Dancing at the Bookfair ... Aquarius ... Performing in the rain. TOP: Co-Captain, Paulette Blackwell. RIGHT: Captain, Ann Mims. ABOVE: L. to R., FIRST ROW: A. Mims, J. Rhodus, L. Hatchell, T. Meischke, J. Day. SECOND ROW: N. Bailey, P. Blackwell, J. Label-lo, L. Orr, G. Johnson, S. Morgan. 181Pantherettes 182Homecoming QUEEN TREVA! ... Shoe day. Hat day. Tie day, Sock day, Friday ... WE BEAT BIG I!!! ... A glowing bonfire! ... Some Halloween! ... THE GREAT PUMPKIN! ... Pep rally in the auditorium ... The night before the game dance ... Convertibles for the court ... Game night -COLD!!! ... Great floats! ... A WILD dance! ... I love you Panthers! ... Roses for the court ... A crown for Treva .'.. Thank you PANTHERS for a great victory ... BELOW: The Queen and her Court: L. to R. Janis Kimball, Junior; Brenda Parrino, Senior; Treva Lindley, Senior; Seletha Jarreau. Sophomore; Kim McDade, Sophomore. 184185ABOVE: Debi Lee and her date SWING at the dance. TOP CENTER: "This Indian needs a shampoo!!!" RIGHT: Sophomore float had a Chinese theme. FAR TOP RIGHT: Juniors hung the Indians. BOTTOM CENTER: Treva awaits the great victory. FAR RIGHT: Panthercttes, Band, and Majorettes performed at halftime. 186187Book Fair Wet sponges in the face ... Shoot-em-ups by the cafeteria ... Books, books, and more books ... Hard work for the English teachers ... Lasso a book - only a dime ... Sue Morgan - Gone with the wind??? ... Cowgirl Panthcrcttcs ... "Where is Lady Chatterly's Lover? ... Home, Home on the Range ... School Board members were served BEANS? ... "Sock a Senior" ... REMEMBER, "Demon" Britt and "Mighty Matt?" ... Western music just TURNS ME ON! ... 188 TOP RIGHT: Books—Cheaper by the dozen. ABOVE: "Don't look at me, 1 didn't kill him. LOWER RIGHT: "Really I prefer funny books. 189r ABOVE: Ed Patterson receives the senior letterman award. TOP RIGHT: A golden football is awarded to the Most Valuable Player, Steve Duples-sis. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Care for a cigar, Terry?" I 190 Football Banquet Wishing you were in shoulder pads instead of a coat and tie ... Mizell is Best Offensive Back ... Secretly hoping for the biggest trophy ... Martinez shares the Best Defensive Lineman award ... I can see myself in this dinnerware ... "Peanuts" characters on the wall ... Tillman takes Best Offensive Lineman trophy ... Monte has highest scholastic average?! ... Looking forward to 1970!!! TOP: Ann Creighton receives cheerleader award. CENTER: Clinton Penalber receives a handshake and Most Improved Player award. ABOVE: That trophy seems a bit heavy for Best Defensive Lineman, Joe Monte. LEFT: Bobby Longmire, a fine choice for Best Defensive Back. 191OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: "Eleanor Rigby" BOTTOM RIGHT: Ann Mims won 2nd place dancing under psychedelic lights. THIS PAGE: RIGHT: 1 LOVE YOU TRULY? BELOW: "Hey Big Spender! !!" BOTTOM CENTER: Wham, Bam, Zam!!! Eddie Smith and Vincent Monistere did a drum duct to excite the audience.Talent Show YOU have talent? — Working up an aet ... Flashing lights ... NERVOUS??? ... Cathy Lowe wins first place ... Drums and special effects ... Having your own friends in the audience laugh at you ... Is there a brave way to "chicken-out?" ... The green glob ... "I dream of Annie - OOPS - I mean, I dream of Jeannie!" ... Flying fingers playing "Fireflies!" 193THE CROWNING TOUCH!!! Seletha Jarreau, Queen 1970; Ann Mims, Queen 1969. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Tears of joy! TOP RIGHT: Top ten beauties. BOTTOM: L. toR.: Darlene Sotile, 3rd runner-up; Charlotte Lee, 2nd runner-up; Seletha Jarreau, Queen; Kim McDade, 1st runner-up; Marsha Mussor., 4th runner-up. 10 ABeauty Pageant Buying a new formal ... "Don't slouch" ... Practicing ... Discovering at the last minute that your hair dryer doesn't work! ... Shaky hands ... Feeling beautiful for the first time in your life!! ! ... Being interviewed by the BIG four! ... Quivering smiles ... Tripping on the stairs ... Will it ever end? ... HAPPINESS!Choir Concert . . . The spectacular result of a year’s hard work ... Wearing spring formals ... Performing for an audience of many ... "But 1 can t have laryngitis! !" ... Roses for the one we love ... Practice pays off ... "We make beautiful music together!! ... 196Modern Dance Concert . . . Borrowing props and costumes from Southeastern ... Practice 'til six o'clock every day for a month ... Delaney coming down with strep throat ... Mears' sacrifice!!! ... West Side Story really turning on the heat ... Boy-girl dances can be fun ... Danny giving Petit a standing ovation ... Great performance! ... Glad it's over!!! ... Just wait until next year!! ... 197Guest Speakers . . . Auditorium assemblies ... Jack Brown ... "Did he really know Clyde Barrow?? ... Crowding into Miss Allen's room to hear ... Simeon Opechi ... An LSU student from Biafra ... War heroes and helicopter pilots ... Dwain Watson ... Profiting from the experiences of others ...Donkey Basketball Happiness is not being a donkey ... But wlio has the ball? ... Guess which one is the donkey ... Hee-Haw!! ... Two points! ... "All right! Who stuck my donkey with that pin?" ... SUCKER ... TOP LEFT: "Hold it there, Partner. " LEFT CENTER: "Now if I could ever get the bridle." LEFT: To make it or not to make it, that is the question. ABOVE: "And away we go." 199Poetry Festival . . . Its a ROCK-IN! ... "Like Man, it's spring; come do your thing!!" ... What's a Tarot?? ... "O Happy Day" ... A ten minute drum solo? ... Gerald wins first place ... That candle stinks! ... What do you do when your life card represents death? ... "The chairs are for the visitors!" ... Song and dance ... The record shop on the hill ... Dedication to Mr. Stockwell ... TOP: Students and visitors take in a program of music and poetry. ABOVE: Mr. Stockwell converses with two of our many guests. RIGHT: "West Side Story" by the modern dance class was part of the entertainment. 200201THIS PAGE: LEFT: Bands keep up the beat tliroughout the day. BELOW; The record shop sells penny poetry. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Gerald Williams and his band do their thing. BOTTOM LEFT: Is it true that Miss Wall has three arms?! Weird!!! BOTTOM CENTER: The stage band prepares to perform. 203ABOVE: Mike falls asleep as he and Randy give the Senior Will at the Beta Club banquet TOP RIGHT: Gary thinks that he has "tamed" girls at last, as they campaign for Inga Henagan at the Beta convention. RIGHT: Senior Betas, 1st ROW, L. to R.: R. Walker, T, Bishop, M. Chauvin, B. Parker, D. Earitt, L. Henagan. 2nd ROW, L. to R.: L. Miller, V. Welch, M. Hunt, V. Verrett, P. Parks, L. Hatchell, C. Craddock, J. Parker, G. Lowe, V. Robertson. 3rd ROW, L. to R.: P Robinson, Pres., M. Waddle, S. Gunter, M. Kent, S. Watson, Mrs. Scott, A. Mims, J. Day, J. Lin, A. Mills, S. Arnold. 204Beta Club POINTS, POINTS, POINTS!!! ... Painting signs ... Making paper flowers ... Glowing paint ... Running Inga for V.P. ... Most outstanding Betas, Inga Henagan, Daron Stiles ... Lynn is an ugly man! ... Pearl and her gavel ... Shiny dresses ... Teny willed his smile to the entire club! ... The rainy Gulf Hills trip ... Selling ads in the summer, officers ... Pearl’s Number One, Valedictorian!!! ... Seniors honored at graduation ... 205RIGHT: Mrs. Brownsficld and Mrs. Kilroy were presented a rose bush for helping with the Beta Banquet. BOTTOM RIGHT: Certificates were given to new Betas at the banquet. BELOW: Mrs. Scott keeps the Betas busy at any task. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Harper receives a ten year service plaque from Mr. Stockwell on Hall of Fame day. 206 ATOP LEFT: Terry Bishop shares some of "his" garlic bread with other tables at the banquet. ABOVE: HENAGAN for V. P. !!! LEFT: New Beta members receive pins and certificates from Pearl Robinson. L 207Student Council Polite discussions in the auditorium?!? ... Supernatural Halloween - Super Homecoming Dance ... Please stand for the pledge of ... What was the definition of too-tight pants again?? ... Jerry is our leader ... Being the lucky girl who went to Catholic High on Student Exchange Day ... Making plans for the Glen Oaks Hall-of-Fame ... The Great Pumpkin ... Listening to advice from the principal and sponsor ... Could we vote on that again??? ... A year of progress and achievement. 208 TOP: "Oh no!! Another lecture from Miss Allen!!!" BOTTOM LEFT: Leaders of our school deciding how to vote on an important issue. BOTTOM RIGHT: Melancholy officers.LEFT: "What are these kids coming to?” BELOW: S. Duples-sis, I. Henagan, S. Gunter, M. Bergeron, S. Brown, T. Morgan, J. Parker, P. Robinson, V. Verret, D. Watson, P. Parks, C. Warnack, V. Welch, S. Arnold, C. Bass, C. Didier, C. Partin, K. Ortcgo, M. Kidder, B. Germany, K. McCullough, T. Badeaux, T. Russell, R. Thiel, E. Venable, D. Britt, C. Johnston, B. Comoletti, B. Martinez, C. Pritchard, L. Miller, R. Jabour, J. Lin, R. Snowdon, R. Holden, R. Walker, P. Kimball, T. Bishop, B. Richard, E. Smith, K. Mhire, G. Owens, C. Picou, B. Milazzo. 209F.C.A. and Panther Club . . . Lettermcn's Paradise ... To the showers! ... Visiting various churches ... A guest speaker who balances a chair on his chin?? ... Learning what "shape up or ship out" really means! ... ABOVE: Left to Right: D. Cotten, G. Pine, R. Richardson, M. Morgan, J. Cashio, B. Duplessis, R. Lorio, L. Henegan, C. Pritchard, B. Ewing, P. Yglesias, D. Clement, W. Hoover, S. Duplessis, B. Comoletti, B. Thomas, A. Gentiles, F. Hagius, E. Partin, D. Arbour. PANTHER CLUB: M. Morgan, T. Bishop, B. Martinez, K. Mhire, B. Ewing, C. Whitaker, M. Gill, R. Nelson, B. Duplessis. K. Goetzmann, S. Duplessis, R. Mizell, C. Penalber, E. Patterson, P. Blackwell, D. Cotten, J. Monte, C. Scroggs, K. Mizell, R. Mizell, B. Tillman, R. Kimball, L. Henegan, B. Longmire, C. Pntchard. G. Pine, C. Richard. 210 TOP RIGHT: Guest Speaker, Ray Hildebrande says, "You didn’t surprise me!! " LEFT: The Chaplain of Bourbon Street enthralls his audience. ABOVE: "Welcome to your friendly neighborhood Panther Club meeting!!" 211FTA . . . Enthusiasm ... Working to make points for convention ... Sapphire wins the beauty pageant ... Ringing bells during the Christmas holidays ... Substituting ... These are television starlets?!? ... Two from G.O win district offices again ... Missing convention by one point ... Running a candidate for state office ... Did Sapphire find George? ... Campaigning for Tracy ... Staying overnight at the Prince Murat Inn ... Success! 21? iABOVE: FIRST ROW: M. Musson, G. Chambers, S. Patt, M. Guilloit, P. Brumfield, R. Thiel, S. Morgan, T. Meischke, D. Aslin. SECOND ROW; S. Arnold, V. Verret, P. Spangler, M. Bergeron, D. Delaney, F. Leblanc, B. Seal, G. Calamia, J. Labcl-lo, A. Cordon, S. Ray, B. Parrinp, T. Badeaux, D. Brocksmith. THIRD ROW: K . Simoneaux, M. Carpenter, N. Lafauci, M. Waddle, G. Zachary, J. Bowlin, B. Burns, J. Levert, D. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: L. Orr, N. Bailey, D. Mills, M. Kidder, P. Russell, J. Rhodus, P. Blackwell, C. Richard, S. Rabalais. FIFTH ROW: B. Comoletti, R. Burns, C. Walker, B. Parker, D. Lee, R. Lorio, C. Pritchard, G. Owens, J. Davidson. 213Projectionists . . . Gening out of class to show "The King and I" ... Playing the first reel twice ... Scotty's two-bit movies at night ... "Planet of the Apes???" ... Having to guard the extension cord against disconnection ... At least, getting in free!!! ... 214 1 ABOVE: L. to R.: P. Yglesias, R. Mizell, S. Spurlock, A. Davidson, B. Thomas, M. Lejeune.Spirit Council . . . Perfect attendance at every meeting??? ... Mall decorations ... Painting signs for the gym ... Monthly meetings in the coaches' office ... Not going to a meeting because you've missed five in a row ... Being chosen to be on the council for your outstanding spirit ... Cindec cheerleader and council leader ... Faithful sponsors. TOP: Take it easy, Ronnie! ABOVE: Could this be Cynthia?? CENTER: FIRST ROW; C. Did-ier, P. Houghton; B. Germany, I. Henagan, S. McClendon, B. Milazzo, L. Cole, C. Nevels, Coach Gonzales, sponsor. SECOND ROW: J. Parker, R. McCain, C. Schexnayder, L. Did-ier, K. McCullough. THIRD ROW: J. Lin, T. Morgan, J. Cifreo, P. Robinson, S. Gunter, J. Partin, C. Bass, K. Onego. FOURTH ROW: T. Lindley, D. Britt, J. Day, L. Miller, P. Blackwell. 215Key Club . . . Painting the letters ... Electing the new sweethearts - Inga and Sue ... Meetings at 6:30 ... Going to convention ... Selling the slaves ... Buying the slaves ... Positive leadership - Denmon Britt??? ... Our sponsors: Laurel and Hardy ... Hot, buttered frcczccs and frozen popcorn ... Twirp dance? What twirp dance??? ... Project 1309!!! ... Raising the flag - MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE!!! ... Saying good-bye to our old sweethearts - Paulette and Prudy. 216 ABOVE: L. to R.: R. Gehle, D. Cottcn, S. Duplessis, G. Watanabe, L. Henagan, T. Bisliop, A. Schaffer, B. Ortlieb, D. Britt, R. Snowdon, R. Walker, L. Miller, F. Haguis, G. Owens, D. Arbour, P. Perrone, M. McBride, R. labour, R. Aut-er. Sweethearts: Prudy Parks and Paulette Blackwell. LEFT: What happened to Friday??? 217Photography Club We're experts!!! ... Taking pictures, pictures, etc. ... DARK ROOMS!! 1 ... What? No girls in the club??? ... Selling photographs to the yearbook staff ... Don’t pose for the picture ... Blank negatives ... SMILE! TOP LEFT: FIRST ROW, L. toR.: T. Morgan, R. Heck, J. Walton, J. Walton, Mr. White. SECOND ROW: E. Peterson, B. Finn, E. Schapell, G. McKenzie, E. Gautier, A. Schaffer, J. Major. 219 — ——------.—.---------RIGHT: Photographers P. Houghton and T. Morgan take time out from their hard work for a break. 220Panther Staff . . . Winning first place at State Workshop ... The Yearbook Room - our second home ... Crop, crop, crop ... Missing pictures ... No pictures at all ... Hard work and lots of fun ... Three days without sleep ... Selling ads ... What?? No Camera??? ... Office pests ... Drawing layouts ... Going to USL ... Getting out of class to work ... Wondering where a photographer is ... Having more enemies than friends ... Wishing someone else would do your job ... Proofing and making corrections ... Hoping that no pages will get lost ... HAVING A GREAT BOOK ... TOP: PANTHER STAFF! L. to R.: Jane Walters, Cherry Craddock, Business Manager, Shelley Arnold, Co-Editor, Judy Parker, Co-Editor, Judy Davidson. Not shown: Laynette Hatchell and Mike McBride. ABOVE: Mrs. Badeaux, sponsor, attended USL Workshop with the staff and helped them win first place. 221Claw Staff Ask AB who CD is! ... Maybe EF knows ... You want me to interview President Nixon? ... Ask Cecil what the Globe Trotters wear??? ... Writing your articles for THE CLAW during Tri , Pearl! ... Who ever heard of the CLAW Staff editor being on the PANTHER staff also??? ... Where has GB been lately? ... "Buy a paper, only a dime" ... Proofreading ... Selling. E5fl 222LEFT: CLAW Staff editors: FRONT: B. Comoletti, M. McBride. BACK: C. Picou, C. Johnston, C. Leffel, L. Malorin, D. Delaney, H. Plaisance, J. Ducote. BELOW: The Staff studies layouts and designs for the next paper.Nursery School . . . Is this what it's like to be a mother? ... Balloons, balloons ... Musical chairs ... That's a clown? ... Preparations ... Fun ... Losing a kid ... "Ugh! You got me!!" ... Games ... Lots of food ... "Don't you want to play with the others?" ... Ltessing like a clown ... "I want my mommy!!!" ... 224OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: "Just call me Dead-eye!!" BOTTOM LEFT: Musical chairs entertained the children in the morning. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Why do I have to be the clown??!" THIS PAGE: TOP: "Let s get some candy while nobody is looking! " LEFT: "I don't know what this is, but it sure is fun!" 225BlllllllMn RIGHT: "But our meetings aren't always like this!" BELOW; "And how many of you would like to go on a trip to China?" BOTTOM CENTER: President J. Parker opens nominations for new officers. 226 FAR RIGHT: Yes, Randy, we all love you!!!French Club . . . Trip? What nip?? ... Attentive members ... Attentive officers ... Attentive sponsor ... Oh well! We still have fun! ! ... New officers ... Big plans ... That last meeting is something else!!! ... Arc you a real vice-president, Randy??? ... Well make it to New Orleans one of these days!!! ... French films with English subtitles?? ... Would you believe we've been invaded by the Chinese??? ... Invited guests at the meetings ... Uninvited guests at the meetings ... 227Spanish Club Dialogue 2201 - WHEW! 1! ... Can we go to Spain this year? ... Reciting ... Earphones do such wonders for a hair-do!!! ... Could you repeat that phrase, please? ... Translating ... "And all I wanted to know was how to say 1 love you’ in Spanish! ! ' ... Buenos dios, Senor??? ... This would have been so much easier if I had been born in Spain!!!, . • • ,K. .X.X.X.X.X‘X. .X.X.X. X- ‘X-X| x.frx-xl. . X-X«XA-X -lfcX‘X X. LEFT: SEATED. L. toR.: D. Noland, P. Robinson, S. Watson, C. Lee, A. Schaffer. STANDING: C. Pritchard, S. Gunter, Pres., R. Bostich, V. McCartney, S. Maulding, D. Courville, J. Whitehead, B. Mathcrne, E. Bonavcnturc. 229Health Careers Do I want to be a nurse? ... Listening to a dietician and a medical technologist ... Visiting the children in the orphanage ... Learning about the mentally retarded ... "OH, BLOOD" ... Me? Give a shot! ... Planning a trip to Carville ... Working as a nurses’ aid ... Spotless uniforms! ... "Oh, my aching feet” ... Filling out medical charts ... I’m going to be a DOCTOR! ... TOP: FRONT ROW, L. toR.: C. Bosarge, Mrs. Pritchard, N. Sigler, D. Tucker, D. Leggett, D. Turner, J. Wessels, K. Cole, B. Bergeron, C. Leffel, C. Polk, D. Denicola, D. Brock. BACK ROW, L. toR.: Mrs. Jamison, C. War-nack, D. Watson, Pres., N. Graves, E. Price, J. Williams, A. Coxc, T. Atkinson, D. Dupree. 230 IKIMFAR LEFT: Debbie Watson discusses plans for a trip with the members of Health Careers. LEFT: Nurses attend the meetings to give the girls a better understanding of what will be expected of them. TOP: Members listen with patience to the planning of activities. ABOVE: A PICNIC? Not Quite! The children at the orphanage were given an Easter egg hunt by faithful members of the club. II 231RIGHT: Juniors. FIRST ROW. L. toR.: K. McDempsey, D. Turner, H. McMannis, J. Wessels. SECOND ROW: D. Dickinson, B. Wall, D. Tucker, L. George, D. Mills. THIRD ROW: B. Milazzo, D. Aslin, M. Jones, P. Ezell, T. Badeaux, I. Henagan, B. Seal, A. Creighton, P. Thompson, N. Graves, D. Parker. FOURTH ROW: J. Smith, D. Vick, D. Denicola, D. Dupre, K. Schex-nayder, P. Price, J. Mistric, P. Landry, R. Jones, D. Hunt, J. Chatelain, S. Heath. ABOVE: Juniors, SITTING, L. toR.: G. Hano, S. Major, M. Russell, J. Johnson, B. Bourque, K. Simoneaux, K. Wilkinson, B. Adkins, W. Tarver, B. Wagner. STANDING: N. Tucker, S. George, L. Williamson, A. Vosburg, D. Phillips, B. Dufour, S. Averette. 232Future Homemakers MY CAKE FELL!!! ... Did you iron that dress??? ... Learning the color chart ... Can I sew? Well! ... How do you boil an egg? ... I forgot to put in the zipper ... Tracey Badeaux -President ... Redecorating? ... My house is going to be RED! TOP LEFT: Seniors: M. Inncrar-ity, T. Gomez, C. Partin, M. Kent, C. Bosarge, B. Bergeron, C. Picou, V. Arnes, L. Mitch-ner, J. Davis. BOTTOM: SEATED: B. Comoletti, R. McCain, Beaus. STANDING: C. Lee, M. Tourcrc, L. Malorin, C. Lcffel, J. Ducote, B. Parrino. SEATED: C. Lee, K. Froust, D. Ryland, D. Burch, D. Bergeron. JL 2331) G. Day, K. Dake, B. Burns, G. Nacquin, N. Jordan, P. Haynes, M. Guilloi, M. Hoch-ong, D. Lee, D. Brown, E. Day, L. DcLec. 2) S. Gunter, C. Johnston, D. Bordelon, B. Robertson, L. Malorin, D. Delaney, E. Smith, B. Richard, R. McCain. 234Modern Dance Sore muscles and broken backs ... Going to the elementary schools -they laugh ... After school rehearsals ... NO EXCUSES!! ... Going to see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet ... The Christmas dance was fun ... Trying to talk boys into being shepherds -you bunch of no good savages!! ... More practice ... Dancing on the choir tour ... West Side Story ... Leaving Miss Petit and exercises for the summer ... 235Industrial Arts . . . Learning the tricks of the trade ... Do I have to make bookshelves again? ... Mastering the saw before it masters you ... Learning the simple procedure of rebuilding an engine ... I wonder what this yellow wire was connected to? ... Building a car from scratch ... "With these simple tools you can" ... Hammering your thumb ... Another outstanding year ... ABOVE: "They don’t really expect me to build something, do they?" RIGHT: Clean-up time!!! 236LEFT: "Oh well, I didn't need that finger anyway! " BELOW: L. to R. : D. Verrett, D. Galloway, M. Anderson, W. Weatherford, R. Richardson, K. Goetzmann, D, Babin, J. Wilson, B. Shelton, M. Miller, B. Rimes, D. Lee, B. Martinez, D. Schex-nayder, L. Burgess, B. Partin, J. Harding, B. Beebe, R. Paola, R. Laf-ferty, J. Tucker, C. Whitaker. 237Library Club Putting up with Mr. Ransome???_Getting an overdue slip when your book is due tomorrow ... Shelving books ... Making fun of I.D. card pictures ... Did you say call number??? ... Using the library for a forum ... Bulletin boards ... SH-H-H-H ... Donna Durrough and Anna Landrancau taking Mrs. Musson's place during her absence. 238 ABOVE: FIRST ROW, L. toR.: D. Smith, B. Achord, M. Kelly. SECOND ROW: L. Moore, D.. Durrough, D. Jackson, B. Smith, A. Landraneau, Mr. Ransome. THIRD ROW: W. McLin, K. Froust, P. Roubique, J. Roduigue. FOURTH ROW: E. Davis, G. Willaims. L. Yclvcrton, J. Lamb, F. Sinclaire.LEFT: Mrs. Musson helps keep the library in order for the students of Glen Oaks. BOTTOM LEFT: "It’s not a staring contest you know!" BELOW: Checking out books. 239Commerce Majors Would you believe 27 words a minute?.. .Trying to keep up with the tapes...A trip, what trip, no trip!!!... Writing faster in shorthand; would you believe writing faster in longhand?...Typing letters to "JOHN DOE." ABOVE; FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Morgan, C. Wamack, T. Yoes, C. Novels, M. Knight; SECOND ROW. j. LaBello, M, Carpenter, L. Walker, J. Bowlin, K. Froust, L. Yelverton, D. Trahan; THIRD ROW, D. Sotile. C. Calamia, J. Dedon, M. Pence, G. Zachary. 240241TOP: 1st ROW, L. to R.: D. Phillips, D. Morgan, J. Spiers, J. Barber, Treas., N. Johnson, Pres. 2nd ROW, L. to R.: F. Mixon, W. Thoms, C. Reeves, S. Stockstill, V. P., S. Smith, T. McDonald, Mrs. J. Lang-ridge. Sponsor. NOT SHOWN: M. Pence, Rep.-Hist. ABOVE: Cassie Reeves. MIDDLE RIGHT: Susan Stockstill. RIGHT: Janet Barber. 242C.O.E. JOB INTERVIEWS!!! ... Tom Watt Kits! Banquet at the Camclot Club ... Faye Mixon, Most Outstanding ... Nancy Johnson, President ... Typing, filing, taking dictation ... Skipping the last five minutes of fourth hour in order to get to work on time ... Painting Mrs. Lang-ridges’ office ... Good Experience! ... Thank goodness for five o’clock!!! ... TOP LEFT: Marilyn Pence and her boss confer over office business. MIDDLE LEFT: You really should stay awake Faye, someone just might come in! LEFT; Selinda Smith. TOP RIGHT: Debbie Phillips. ABOVE; Wanda Thoms received the C. O. E. scholastic award. 243DECA Landing your first job ... You mean we still have to go to class? ... Scholastic award goes to Brenda Buhlcr ... Buying Dr. Scholl’s corn pads ... Outstanding Worker - Mike Milazzo ... Learning how to WORK! ... Ervin Venable - Mr. D.E. ... Owning your own car ... Judie Adcock - Miss D.E. ABOVE: L. toR., FIRST ROW: B. Wales, S. Calmes, S. Willis, S. Mobley, S. Campanile, D. Langois, B. Buhler, A. Bankston, T. Atkinson. SECOND ROW: M. Millazzo, M. Dake, V. Reno, D. Trebeau, B. Hancock, J. Bourgeois, S. Aiol, B. Barbin, J. Stockwell. THIRD ROW: D. Barber, B. Drago, J. Bonfanti, G. Newsome, E. Venable, D. Blouin, D. Spillman, C. Toups, D. Dewey, B. Ricaud, D. Edwards, H. Williams. 244246 247SHERWOOD NURSING HOME 24 Hour Professional Care Accommodations by Day Week or Month 11188 Florida Blvd. Phone 926-3622 248IKE SMITH 605 Fidelity National Bank Building Baton Rouge, Louisiana Phone 348-6741 ELECTRIC SHOP, INC. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE 2950 Mission Drive Phone 356-4696 COMPANY JOE YGLESLAS 924-2786 Life Insurance A. B. "Bud" BROUSSARD 673-6784 Gonzales Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension Plans PAUL L. DAVIDSON Your Plans or Ours, It's Your Choice! TRAVIS SONS For Any Custom Built Home Come See Us ! HARDWARE 5360 Plank Rd. JOHNS HODGES REAL ESTATE 3060 Monterey Blvd. CHUCK JOHNS - HARRY D. HODGES Glidden Paints We Can Supply You With All Black and Decker Power Tools Address 5360 Plank Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana Office 357-5456 Home 357-9842 We Need Your House for Sale ! LeROY TRAVIS 921-8196 J 249BOB SMALLEN’S MOBILE HOMES 6666 Airline Hwy. Phone 355-5562 HI NEIGHBOR - STOP AND SKC? WITH FRIENDLY BOB We Service What We Sell Local Bank Financing Always Lower Prices Good Home Town People Best of Luck From Everyone At BLUE RIBBON FOOD STORE 5186 Evangeline Street CHARLES C. CLOY GENERAL CONTRACTOR 1801 Woodale Court Drive Residential - Commercial Baton Rouge, Louisiana 926-5842 or 924-2255 250OURSO AND When Your House Needs a Carpet Call Us ! 927-5700 COMPANY jB You're money jliyfe»Ahead! 2783 Plank Road 357-1486 Groceries Clothing Appliances ECONOMY CARPETS Build Firm - Call Lavergne ALLEN LAVERGNE - 927-6636 MASONRY CONTRACTORS 10525 Jefferson Hwy. RUFUS LAVERGNE - 357-4719 LAVERGNE BROTHERS Baton Rouge, LouisianaPARTEX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY - Roofing Materials - 4045 Scenic Hwy. 5321 Greenwell Springs Baton Rouge, La. C. H. i ORSHAG and SAM PARISH R. K. GILLESPIE CONSTRUCTION GILLESPIE COMPANY LUMBER SUPPLY Orange, Texas COMPANY Complete Line of Lumber EDWARD E. OLEXY Building Supplies 8325 Riffel Dr. and Hardware PERSONAL Phone PRINTING 357-7968 or Campaign Cards Graduation Cards 926-1844 "Thank You" Cards "Men Who Know Wedding Invitations Building Materials Accessories 357-2722 or 924-2193 1 rust This Name"EL RIO GRANDE MEXICAN FOODS Tacos - Enchiladas - Guacamole Salad Prepared by Mexican Chef Also American Foods 8334 Airline Hwy. Phone 926-1348 Served the Old Mexican Way! KORNMEYER’S Custom Decorator Service Two Locations to Serve You Store Hours 9:30 A.M. - 5:30 P. M. Thurs. Until 8:30 P. M. 7643 Florida Blvd. 149 St. Ferdinand St. 926-0137 348-5806 Known Since 1880 for Fine Home Furnishings, Dependability and Service GREG’S GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS Come See Us for Dependable Service 4748 Airline Hwy. Phone 357-8847 or WHY PAY RETAIL? ALL STATE BUILDING MATERIALS SHOP ECONOMY - ALWAYS TOWN COUNTRY FURNITURE WE INVITE COMPARISON Name Brands for Quality Furniture Nationally Advertised Brands Our Modern Showroom Is Open to the Public Phone 355-7459 or '357-6406 6545 Airline Hwy. -Corner of Evangeline 8719 Greenwell Springs - Ph. 924-4218 5373 Choctaw Drive - Phone 356-3411 Come See Us For All Your Building Needs. POST OFFICE BOX 686 Senior Pat Houghton receives excellent service from Debbie Freemen, a former G.O. graduate. I 254 BATON ROUGE SAVINGS LOAN ASS’N.YOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR The Craftsmen who made Your Class Ring a Masterpiece and BOB GRANT • SAM BEJACH • JIM PLUMMER Join in Sending Their Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINOS ANO PINS • CLUB INSIONIA • MIDALS • TROPMIIS PIAOUIS • DIPLOMAS » COMMKNCIMKNT INVITATIONS PETE’S PHARMACY BATON ROUGE TALENT ACADEMY 7762 Plank Road Phone 355-4045 A Qualified Druggist Learn to Dance! Over 25 Years Professional Experience Call 357-1812 or 355-551 1 4335 Airline Hwy. BOBBY McDADE KIM McDADE 255- BOOSTERS - CHICKEN CHEF 357-7021 602 5 Greenwell Serving Glen Oaks YARBERRY’S BLUEPRINTING Pick-Up and Delivery 4343 Government 342-5631 U-PAK SERVICE STORES 6980 Plank Road 7 A. M. to 11 P.M. Proudly Serving the Glen Oaks Area STATE FARM INSURANCE - STATI FARM INSURANCI V__________ MERLIN K. PRITCHARD 8504 Airway Dr. 926-7805 256 Careful-driver car insurance . . . Known for value . . . insures more cars . . . World's largest full-time claim service network.dOROEN'S GLEN OAKS SPUR PROMPT SERVICE EXPERT CAR AND REPAIR CARE SILVER DEAF AT GREENWELL STREET Students always enjoy our quality service. If It's Bordens It's Got to Be Good Ask Elsie ! "For Durable Beauty" Hand Rails Columns Gates Basketball Goals Clothesline Poles Structural Steel L G REXALL DRUGS "HONEST JOHN" JOHN T. "PETE" RAMEY Free Pick Up and Delivery Prescriptions, Cosmetics, Baby Supplies. 10432 South Choctaw Drive Just Call 924-3141 HONEST JOHN ORNAMENTAL IRON Veterans and Welfare Prescriptions 5455 Evangeline Street Phone 355-8886 257ROYAL FORMAL WEAR 319 North 26 Phone 342-0056 or 342-5941 STOP-GO MARKETS Stop by and see us for all your grocery needs. Let our staff of workers help you find what you want. It's our pleasure to help you ! 3036 Monterrey Phone 926-2138 FOUR OTHER STORES FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE Park Forest AreaTHOMAS PARKER, CONTRACTOR 7435 Prescott Rd. Phone 357-5895 Baton Rouge, Louisiana “BUILDER OF FINER WOOD PRODUCTS” AD SALES COMMITTEE Shelly Arnold Cherry Craddock Judy Davidson Dianna Dies Laynette Hatchell Charlene Hilbun Pat Houghton Isadore Major CLOVERLEAF RED WHITE GOOD LUCK SENIORS Cloverleaf Shopping Center Lyle Matherne Wayne McLin Tommy Morgan Judy Parker Kathy Schneyder Donald Spillman Jane Walters Pat YglesiasSomewhere in the World You Could Find Your Exact Double - But probably not in Baton Rouge. No two people here are alike. And John Hancock believes life insurance is an individual thing, too. We tailor specific life insurance programs for each and every client. Even more important, we could arrange the right plan for you. And We'll change it as your needs change over the years. We think John Hancock's Flexible, personal approach is the way to offer the best possible life insurance service. Give us a call and let us prove it. H. H. "SARGE" SANDERS 5345 Lanier Drive 357-2493 9 27-241 1 Phone 260 IThe PANTHER '70 Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons. We deeply appreciate the contributions made to this book by these businesses, and hope that each person reading this book will pay special attention to our advertisements, remembering the names found here. As the year closes and six members of the PANTHER Staff leave Glen Oaks, we lookback with satisfaction and gratitude. It is our wish to give to you a small part of that which we have taken in the PANTHER ’70. Let this book be a reflection of years at Glen Oaks that we will cherish forever. It is with great pride that we have edited and presented to you the PANTHER 70. 261 The ’70 Panther Staffxrrrr

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