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Ml Wx Yi AUXWX The 1957 N TIGER LAI publnshed. by Gary Senmorc, a,55 WW W f X x 0 X X X if Kg, 2 I RHI, 9 WS' Q 9 sir W 1 X Will ff f ,Muff N X x f f , fx . .X 1 , , . N 'xl' x N A 7 M ' N Haw N M I, V X f, ' XX X I W Q wiv! 'ml !l Www X l 1 it Jw .-. - . 5 Q ,iw .J . ,, , N ' , I ,- A 735: IW gwww PV- "" .IM , I I1 X ,V l f 4 NX, fm if guy' NN !Acl,N!' X - ,rf-6 fVI:',-f. 1 V: X51 J l f , " "' .HIL r 1"WA,fg V X xfl ,' ' 9 N Ml N 4 X A I ,Q ' xx MN K ,Q 1' w W 11145 A If 1 SWH 1 K N 5 I I F, F X f i f V If I ly! f ff' , L . fffv ,V V, F5 Q Qxbxb fy!! W 155 x , , ff ji rj fi? ,XA X N X x 'U m rf- H- cn 23 o an 'U G cr H, o H cr D' U' '4 E 'U m H aa 5 ec- Ui S Q4 E E G m 0-1 SD o. 4 P' U1 cn '1 U cn E-: n on C11 O : 555555555555 55 OUR . and . and o and an an and an an and and an and and an Mrs Earl CMaryJ Gordon The senior class working adviser, Mrs school The seniors TABLE OF CONTENTS BELOVED PARENTS Mrs Mrs Mrs s s S S S Roman Landgraf Emil Meister Verle Anderson Arnold Moeller Eilly Limberg Irving Heaton Ed Hauger Eric Engeseth Marian Simonton Cecil Dunn Harvey Veen Art Benner Arnold wyss Merle winrow of 1957 wishes to dedicate The Tiger to our hard Gordon, and to our beloved parents who have made it possible for us to successfully complete the four years of high are grateful for each and every effort and the STAFF Title page Dedication Bd of Ed Faculty Classes Homecoming Athletics Declam Journalism Music Class plays Senior page Ads Snaps Page QV1-FN Editor Pat Landgraf Asst editor Janice Meister Artist Hans Zullig Business managers Bill Anderson Alan Cochrane Features Juniors and Seniors Adviser Mrs Gordon Asst. adviser. . Mrs Cochrane NOCDQ ONU'l4T'l.A-HXJI-' ooo osoooo b . 0 d' 0 1 O P'- o 4 ' O0 I-ll os I d' oo 0 0 l-hoo co 1 0 Que oo o u meow oo o oo oooeoo on oneness one ooooeeoooe ooo oooeoooc so so C. . n as ll ooo osonooaoooc no lliilllilll li oooooeeooooeoo ELAJLAJIUTUIOUVD-ll-'I-l.... I-'OSD-F'U9NCD0NU'l I-' N 4 0 Q o elgoooooooo o e o e 0 o n o o e s I ' I!! 55555555555 oo ooo M MUIIAUI UD , .gg ooooooooooo gg one oc sooo O gg 00 Q a 0 A o o O C I f ,fif da,?? fSi, Q ADMINISTRATION I M if 1 fy Q I ff X S X , X X ? f f , I k . 4 1 I 'V 'z, ., J 'gm I K W. L j um. or Z --r .04".,,'A ' "' I' if 9 ' Mm: "Z r: unnas W Q 1 'f W- j 'sN X lf! - E 4""' J ,fi xA 1 'S . 1, ,Z f, f' ffztxxx x QQ 3 Board of Education g ev Mr Don Stelnle, Mrs Clinton Priest, Mr Arnold Rogne, Mrs Geraldine Brevik, Mr Merle Nelson Cpresidentb, Mr Aloysius Miller 'Y Mr Maynard Cochrane, B S Mrs Maynard cochrane,B 5 Superintendent s.D. state College S-D- State College Graduate study, s.D.s.c. Graduate Study, S.D.S.C. Home Ec.I,II 5 III As Typing I, Geometry Typing 8 Office Practice Vocal Music General Science Beginning Band Band Annual Boys' Glee Club 1+ O " u ' Y, , - . f A la, 3 ' if . 5 C Z 3 2 . , A 5 r, f ' ' " QW , wi ,,a' V C U O I l l O O Q2 xm 'EDN l - . o 0 . . ' Faculty Mr John Koopman, General Beadle Government, Geography Social Problems Economics, Shop world history Football Basketball Track General Beadle Advanced work S D State College English I,II,III 6 General Mathematics Annual, School paper Declam, Plays Library Mrs John Koopman General Beadle Wayne State Grades l G 2 Mrs Don Ellis General Beadle Dakota Wesleyan Grades S 8 6 Grade music Twirling Mrs Florence Oien State Teachers College Moorhead Grades 3 Q M Mr Lawrence Asher State College General Beadle Grades 7 8 8 Grade Athletics President of G E A 5 . . E.S. Mrs. Earl Gordon, B.S. 0 O 'THF Students Elect Council Members STANDING left to right Dennis Gross, Roger Wiese, Loren Veen, Lynwood Miller, Mr Cochrane SEATED Lois Cochrane, Nancy Law, Janice Meister, lenore Brevik, Verle Anderson Class Officers 'ik LEFT T0 RIGHT Donald M Sirnonton, I-EFT T0 RIGHT M A1211 COCHI'-2116, Berniece Moeller, Hans Zullig Dennis Cole, Delores Bren LEFT T0 RIGHT Violet -T McMahon, LEFT 'ro RIGHT Karen Marie Meister Kenneth Simonton, Jeanette Dessler Harlan Veen, Karen Limberg, Edwara 6 Moeller QSC IWW' fi 1 J El H CLASSES S0137 7 Mr Cochrane Adviser Senior Tigers Serve as Leaders Class Motto UThe Door To Succ ss Is Labeled Push Class Colors Blue and Silver Class Flower White Rose Gail Patricia lendgraf Hom comin Queen l Paper 3 H Band 12 , Glee Club 1 2 3 L+ Declam 1 2 3 H, Cheerleader 3 M, Mixed Chorus 2 3, Pep Squad 2 Softball 4, Girl s State M ed Ensemble H, Instru Solo 1 2 M, Annual Editor H, Girls Ens mble M, Operetta 2 H, Play 3 H, All State Chorus H, Vocal Solo H, Class Officer 1 2 3 Mixed Ens mble H Donald Marion Simonton King Attendant M Class Offic er M, Annual M, eclam 1 2 Verle William Anderson HOmeCOmlng King 1, Operetta 2 Boy's State 3, Declam 3, Track N, Play 3 H, Mixed horus 1 2 3, Boys' Ensemble U, Annual H Paper Staff H, Student Cou ci M, Football 2 3 N, G Club 2 3 M, Ensemble H, Glee Club 2 Edith Arlene Engeseth Librarian 2 H, Operetta N HA H, Queen Attendant M, GAA 1 2, Softball M, Annual M, Pep Club 2, Play H, Glee Club H Janice Arlene Meister Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Operetta M Declam 1 2 3 H Paper 3 H FHA President 4, Mixed Ensemb e M Class Officer 1 2, SOftba1l 4 Play 3 4, Twirler H, Pep Squa 3, Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 Student Council 2 H, Vocal So o 1 2 H, Queen Attendant 4, Girls' En semble 4, Annual Staff N Loren Dale Veen Track 2 3 H V Pres 3, Annual H Basketba 1 4, Student Coun c 1 Pres U, Paper N, Football M Homecoming King H, Play N L brarian M, G Club M 8 0 e E - , ' ' ' ' ' 7 - 3, if ' . 'L' 9 v 6 ' 0 - I 1 1-3-lr Basketball he Band 1-2- 1 - , -Ei. - , F 3 - A - ' 'Ji - - ' ' 1 0 0 - I . 1 . ' Hans M Zullig Glee Club 2 3 H, Class Officer H, Band H, Librarian 1, Artist 1 2 3 H, Vocal Solo N, Annual 1 2 H, King Att ndant M, Mixed Ens mble 4, Paper 2 3 H Play 3 M, Boys' Ensemble 3 H, horus l 2 3 Theresa M Hauger Perfect Attendance 1, Operetta 2 4 Librarian 1 2 4 Softball M horus 1 2 3, Dec am 2, FHA H, Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Play 3J+ Annual M, Band 2 Dennis Arthur Benner Band l 2 H, Operetta 2, Annual H, Play H, Chorus 2 3 4, Track David DeWitt Dunn Vocal Solo 2 M, Chorus l 2 3, e M, All State Chorus M, Play 3 H, Track 1 3 H, Football 2 3J+ Annual 4, Operetta 2, G Club 1 2 3 M, Declam l H Berniece Elinor Moeller Librarian l, Annual M, Play 3 H, Mixed Ensemble H, Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Mixed Chorus 2 3, DAR Candidate N, Paper 3 H Declam 1 2 3 I+, Girls' Ensemble L+,FHA H, Queen Attendant 4, Operetta 2 H, Class President M, Cheer leader 3 4, Vocal Solo M, Band 1 2 L+, Softball 1+ David Henry winrow Chorus 1 2 Band 1 2 H Annual 4, Boys' G ee 2 3 H, L brary 1 4, Play 3 M Donald Duane Limberg Track 3-4, Library 1-H, Annual M, Basketball Manager M, Play 3-4, G Club H, Declam 1 John Irving Heaton Boys' Glee 2 3 k,Footbal1 2 4 Chorus 1 2 3 Play 3 4, G Clu M, Class Offlcer 3 Homecoming Attendant H, Annual 4 9 -Q 'fd fd -- 1 ' '-' 9 2-'+. -- Boys' Chorus-l-2-3-H Ensembl '-' ' 9 -1 ----i - --Q' - '13 in: I wb' Q""'Y 359' fu-ff ANU' 'TY Ami' hee 6 3 aroma, an Juniors Capably leo by Mrs Cochrane, t e class advlser, thlrteen Juniors of GHS have gone one step closer to seniority. In the top row, left to right, are M Alan Cochrane, Dennis Cole, Leroy Dessler, and Dennis S Gross, second row Sandra Precht, Roberta Althaus, Delores A Bren, and Glenn Johnson, next row Lester Lorenzen, Darryl Schlehuber, Gordon Severson, and Leo Van Steenberg Below are Mrs M Cochrane on the left, Roger Wiese on the right 10 AC' W' 3..- Sophomores if-4 fn BACK ROW left to right Kenneth H Simonton, Lynwood Miller, Arlen Engeseth, John Denekamp SECOND RCW Ronald Lorenzen, Lois Cochrane, Jeanette Dessler, Joyce Dessler, Curtis Meister FRONT ROW mr John Kbopman, Carol Nuteson, Violet McMahon, Phyllis Hanger, Janice Limberg Freshmen BACK ROW-left to right: Gary Miller, Jerry liese, Merlin Helmbolt, Lily Engeseth, Mary Bekaert, Edward Moeller, Eugene Schulte. SECOND ROI: Mrs. Gordon, Lenore Brevik, Betty Hemmingson, Richard Severaon, Francis Schuttler, Nancy Lew, Monica Van Steenberg. FRONT R l: Judson Kbnyon, Khren Meister, Betty Reinertaon, Bhrlan veen, Khthleen Stangeland, Khren Limberg, Ioye January. 11 Young Tigers Do Their Share STANDING left to right Frances Reinertson, Charles Priest, Donna Helmbolt, Eugene Helmberger, Donna M Rost, Frieda J Gunn, Edmond Rodermacher, James Cochrane, Mr Asher SEATED Henry Hauger, Russell Denekamp, Bernard Mason, Cynthia A Miller, Karen Fitzpatrick, Darlene Helmbolt Joe Tschacher, Bonnie Rost, Richard Engeseth, Margaret Miller, Da e Lorenzen, Frederick wiese a STANDING left to right Shirley Lorenzen, Mrs D Ellis, Michael Gllbertson, Orlan Ped rson, Linda Swanson FIRST ROW LeRoy Gage, Raymond Hults, Richard Reinertson, John oontag, Jimmy Cole, Lois Mason, Roxan Emerson S COND ROW Robert Engeseth, Paul Reinertson, Eugene Hults, David Cochrane, Darlene Tschacher, James Fitzpatrick THIRD ROW Carol Hundertmark, Elonne Cole, Dallas Miller, Bruce Stangeland Gary grade school was very proud last week when the grade basketball team came back from the Deuel County Grade Basketball Tournament with the runners up trophy They have an athletic banquet each spring and they participate in a grade county track meet each May 12 ' 2 ll ' ' a o Z Q Q ,lil- Q-1 af C ,A M 1' ..I . . - 9 ' ' Q . ,- l '-1 EL 3 U C . . I ' o Q ' L - L 4 BACK ROW left to right James Hundertmark, Michael Sontag, Leon B Pederson, Albert Rodermacher, Kenneth Theisen, Clark E Dessler, Merlin Gilbertson, Danny Nelson, Jerry Denekamp, David Law SECOND ROW Dennis E Lorenzen, Mary Ann Theisen, Izeta A Jepp, Phyllis Gage, Pamela Hovey, Yvonne M Winrow, Carla Helmberger, Ruth Hundertmark, Elizabeth Schaefer Allan Swanson FRONT ROW Robert Reinertson, Marcel a Stangeland, Judith Helmbolt Rita Van Steenberg, Debra Hovey, Cheryl Emerson, Mildred A Miller, Dennis Hergenroder, James Rourk, Mrs Oien SET IN Wayne Nelson an txxhj BACK ROW left to right Mrs Koopman, Mary Ann Knopp Linda Heaton, Wayne Swanson James Peterson, Lorray Jepp Gene L ochrane, Gary Theisen, Phyl is Mueller, Janice Lorenzen, oris Rogue SECOND ROW Keith Gilbertson, Melvin V Helmbolt, Dianna K Mueller, Pamela Cornell, Sandra Nelson, Janelle Brevik, Janet Cornell, Leslie Gage, Marvin Helmbolt FRONT ROW Barbara J Van Steenberg, Carol Stangeland, Mary Sontag, Dennis Mueller, Kenneth Hults, Roger C Reinertson, Michael Miller, Kathy Mohor, Janet Rourk, Shirley Stangeland SET IN Lillian Helmbolt, Roger Reinertson, Carol Nelson 13 Tlgers Depend on These U5 SS LEFT TO RIGHT Ray Nelson, Harvey Nelson, Ted Potthoff Gary's three school buses, driven by three very efficient drivers Ray Nelson, Harvey Nelson, and Ted Potthoff, transport the children from rural districts to Gary school The buses are also used when students go to ball games, contest, picnics, and various activities Cusfodfans Mr. and Mrs. Ted Potthoff Grateful are we to our faithful Janitor, Ted Potthoff, and Elsie his gracious wife and helper. A neat, warm schoolhouse adds much to our comfort. Kffchen Hosfesses Mrs. Hentges and Mrs. Eilly Limberg Our cooks, Mrs. Eilly Limberg and Mrs. Pete Hentges spend hours in preparing tasty meals for us and serving them. Their work is above reproach. lk I 1 11- V f-W ,. K ' 'ez . - 5 ' 14 :gaze-"' L 2 . 'J 2 f Q r . i V: ' we-A ,pf WPS k'. . . 0 C Q e 0 o o I RfffA off .Nj QAQ1 cf? ,J ig Q45 sz-5 Aammy C AJEPLAY 02- S NG ALL BP-ND Homfcow in 099 SCHOOL PA PER O O0 O +I. if 'gl' .2 ilkgis? ACTIVITIES 15 0 Q A 4 ff! Jw 4, ff! I Q G44 1 Af 464 f :Ji ,z-0 5 61 5 I S C 7' 'fs 'I C 41 04 F ' OG QIGQ or HE :fl VE 0 W CQ U OOO 50 0:9 if an ! ff 7 C X J I 5 f A-s Q. p 1 , I 4 fn ' x- If 'I Homecoming Tiger Day floats picked by the Judges as flrst place wlnners included the senlor class float, seventh and eighth grade, Sprlng Dell 36,Red Owl Store, Music, and MYF floats .125 41661 CWNTER Klng Loren and Queen Karen and crown bearers, Keith G1lbertson and Janet Cornell Attendants left to right John Heaton, Hans Zullig, Don Slmonton, Edlth ang eth, Janice Meister, Berniece Moeller Gary High School celebrated Tig r Dayn on Frlday, October 19 Homecoming actlvlties got underway with the coronation program held in the high school auditorium Thursday evenlng This was followed by a pep rally and bonfire Homecoming King Loren Veen on the school grounds An American Legion Color Guard and the high school band led the parade of 39 floats which paraded through the streets of Gary on Friday afternoon The Gary Tig rs edged out the R vlllo Nildcats in a spectacular foot ball game played that evening Queen Karen Gilbertson Carmval The GHS carnival was held November 27 The royalty is shown below Carnival klng and queen were Lynwood Mill r and Viol t McMahon Their attendants were Rlchard Sev rson and Karen Meister The Prince and Prin c ss w re James Cochrane and Cynthia Mill r The att ndants were Michael Gllbertson and Elonne Col The crown bearers were Dennis Hergenroder and Cheryl Emerson 6 Of 17 - . rt' h . ... a A w ?'s fdl 315 F- 35 4' 'r P 1 1 -I 4 ' as ' - 1 as ,, - 1 - A x I x 3 F-N T Q 'H' ' Y I . T J l, -sx, - . . .. ' .V ,A xr ,104-gr :A ' f - f Sf an I A .U U : ' , ' ' ' es- O ll Q . . . . 7 v I O , - e e ' Y . - I O .1 0 O ' e e . ' 9 0 ' e e e . e ' e. I MA! if ik 5 2 ,v W A an Football BACK ROW left to right Coach Koopman, Gary Miller, Jerry Wiese, Lester Lorenzen, Bill Anderson,Merlin Helmbolt,Arlan Engeseth, Lynwood Miller Roger Wiese, Francis Schuttler, John Heaton, Edward Moeller FRONT ROW Tony Schlehuber, Dennis Cole, David Dunn, Loren Veen, Dennis Gross, Alan Cochrane, Leo Van Steenberg Football Sept 7 Moraine Conference Hayti Marietta Waverly Bellingham South Shore Revillo Revillo Strandburg There Here There Here There There Here Here They Champs 18 Basketball NAU TEAM BACK ROW left to right Coach Koopman, Dennis Gross, Lynwood Miller, Lester Lorenzen, Roger Wiese, Dennis Cole, Alan Cochrane FRONT ROW Manager Donald Limberg, Gary Miller, Gordon Severson, Jerry Wiese, Tony Schlehuber, enn Johnson ll ll BACK ROW left to right Coach Koopman, Dennis Benner LeRoy Dessler Loren Veen, Bill Anderson, Jerry Wiese, Merlin Helmbo t MIDDLE ROW Manager Donald Limberg, Richard Severson, Edward Moeller Gary Miller, Ronald Lorenzen, Eugene Schulte FRONT ROW Judson L Kenyon, Harlan Veen, Curtis Meister, Francis Schuttler. 19 Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT Delores Bren, Berniece Moeller, Violet McMahon, Pat Landgraf G CLUB Gary Basketball Scor Opponents The Marietta Clear Lake Waverly Revillo South Shore Strandburg Watertown Jrs Brandt Revillo Toronto Goodwin Goodwin Watertown Jrs South Shore Waverly Astoria BACK ROW left to right Donald, Lynwood Loren, Blll, LeRoy D , John Alan FRON ROW Coach John Koopman, Dennis Cole, Dennis Gross, Tony, Lester, Roger, Leo, David DENNIS COLE Athletic HMan of the yearn at GHS this year was Dennis Cole After the tournaments he was chosen to play on the Big Seven All Star team and the County All Star team Dennis was also one of our ace football players His playing was a big factor in our winning the conference trophy In track Cole figured in pole vaulting broad Jump, 100 yard dash, an 220 yard dash Track BACK ROW left to right Gordon S , Lynwood, Loren, Bill, LeRoy, Roger, Leo, Arlan SECOND ROW Dennls C Dennis, Tony, Lester, Dennls B , A an, Davld D THIRD ROW Coach Koopman, Donald L Glenn, Richard, Eugene, Ronald FRONT ROW Judson, Curtis, Merlin, Gary, Harlan 656696590 lx SCHEDULE Gary 26, Brandt Gary 52, Astoria Gary 23 Goo win Gary 12 Astoria Gary 22 Goodwin Gary 35, Brandt Deuel Co Grade Tournament March 5 and 6 B ig Seven Grade Tournament March ll andJ2 SOFTBALL BACK ROW left to right Monica, Jeanette, Edith, Mary, Lily, Joyce, Edythe, Violet MIDDLF ROW Karen L ,Carol N , Betty H , Roberta, Betty R , Sandra,Karen M ,Lenore, Kathy, FRONT ROW Nancy, Janice L Phyllis, Lois, Pat, Delores, Margie, Berniece, Janice M HHH GRADE BASKETBALL BACK ROW left to right, Bruce Stangeland, Dale Lor nzen, Bernard Mason, H nry Haug r, Michael Gilbertson, James Cochrane, Dallas Miller, Eugene Helmkerger, Richard mngeseth FRONT ROV Coach L Asher, Jim Fltzpatrick, Raymond Hults, LeRoy Gage, Russell Denekamp, Charles M Pri st, Fred PICK Niese,Orlan Ped rson, ugene Hults, Richard Relnertson, Paul Relnertson CH RLEADBRS Frieda Gunn, Elonne Cole, Cynthia Miller 21 1 " C ,, 1 4 '. - : A, , J ' ' , ' do VU 5 ' L : . . . S , : . V ., fi Ps W W N , .., , Y I lO A Q' , ' ,. 5 26 L2 'K I A ., y 12 " 23 17 Declamatlon BACK ROW left to right Roberta Althaus, Mary Louise Bekaert, Verle Anderson, Alan Cochrane, Edythe E Battles, Joyce Dessler MIDDLE ROW Carol K Nuteson, Berniece Moeller Nancy Law, Jeanette M Dess er, Janice A Melster, Lois Marla Cochrane, Karen Limberg FRONT ROW Violet J McMahon, Janlce Llmberg Pat Iandgraf, Gary Alden Miller, David Dun, Mrs Gordon LIBRARY STANDING-left to right:Mrs. Mary Gordon, David H. Winrow, Roger Wiese, Loren Veen, Dennis Keith Cole Donald Limberg. SEATED: Lois Cochrane, Theresa Hauger, Edith Engeseth, Patricia Landgraf, Janice Limberg. At the district speech contest in Hayti, South Dakota, November 6, the following people received ratings in declamation Pat Landgraf, superior David Dunn, excellent, Janice M Limberg, good, and Gary Miller, good Pa Landgraf was entitled to enter the poetry division at the Regional contest at Brookings November 13 She received a rating of good Marg1e Goes Modem and '-v ALL-G IRL OPERETTA STANDING left to right: Betty J Reinertson, Kathleen Stangeland, Sandra Precht, Betty Hemmingson, Violet McMahon, Edith Engeseth, Delores Bren, Patricia Landgraf, Mary L Bekaert Lily Engeseth, Phyllis Hauger,faren M Limbarg, Karen M Meister,Edythe Battles, Theresa Hauger Carol K Nuteson, ssmnn Mrs deem-ana, Lois M Cochrane, Lenore Brevik, Monica Van Steenberg, Berniece Moeller, Janice Meister, Janice Limberg, Nancy Law FHA , v BACK ROW left to right Kathleen Stangeland, Edythe Battles, Edith Engeseth, Lily Engeseth, Mary Bekaert, Pat Landgraf, Jeanette Dessler, Joyce Dessler, Phyllis Hauger, Janice Limberg, Theresa Hauger MIDDLE ROW Mrs Cochrane, Roberta Althaus, Betty L Hemmingson, Monica Van Steenberg, Lenore Brevik, Sandra Precht, Violet McMahon, Betty Reinertson, Carol Nuteson, Karen Limberg FRONT ROW Berniece Moeller, Lois Cochrane, Janice Meister, Delores Bren, Karen Meister, Nancy Law Newspaper Staff FRONT ROW left to right, Darryl Schlehuber, Hans Mario Zullig, Berniece Moeller, Pat Landgraf, Janice Meister MIDDLE ROW Donald D Limberg, Edith Engeseth, Edythe Battles, Delores Bren, Theresa Heuger, Roberta Althaus, Sandra Precht, David Dunn. BACK ROW: Dennis Steenberg, Loren Anderson, Roger Cochrane , Denn is Gross, Leo Van Veen William L. Wiese, Alan C0190 23 P1 Annual Staff FRONT ROW left to right, Hans Zullig, Karen M Limberg, Bill Anderson, Mrs Gordon, Janice Meister, Patty Landgraf, Alan Cochrane MIDDLE ROW Donald D Limberg, Janice Limberg,Theresa Hauger, David W1nrow,Berniece Moeller, David Dunn Sandra Precht BACK nw Dennis Benner, Edith Engeseth, Edythe E Battles, Dennis K Cole, Loren D Veen, Delores Bren, John Heaton Girls Glee Club e'b'lh ng BACK ROW left to right Monlca Van Steenberg Lily Engeseth M L , , ary Bekaert, Edythe Battles, Edith Engeseth, Delores Bren, Pat Landgraf, Jeanette Dessler, Joyce Dessler MIDDLE ROW Janice Meister, Theresa Hauger, Roberta Althaus, Lenore J Brevih Phyllis Hauger, Berniece Moeller, Sandra Precht, Carol Nuteson, Lois Cochrane FRONT ROW Mrs Cochrane, Betty Himmlngson, Karen Meister, Janice M Limber Nancy Law Ka L1 5 , ren mberg, Kathleen Stangeland, Betty Reinertson, Violet Jane McMahon GIRLS ENSEMBLE Delores Bren, Berniece Moeller FRONT ROW Mrs Cochrane, Monica June Van Steenberg, Janice Meister, Karen Meister, Violet Jane McMahon, Lois Cochrane, Patty Landgraf We Q BACK Row 1 ft to right Lenore J B1-evik, REGIONAL CONTEST-GOOD RATING MIXED ENSEMBLE BACK ROW left to right, David D Dunn, Hans Zullig, B111 Anderson, Leo Van Steenberg, Alan Cochrane, Dennis Cole FRONT ROW Mrs Cochrane Lois M Cochrane, Pat Landgraf, anice Meister Monica Van Steenberg, Lenore revik REGIONAL CONTEST-GO D RATING 2k ' 9 A , , r 5. an I 4 I M- ' 5 fs f I 5 Q 1 A ff s '? Q J , . J' ii , -If , T f -L ' ' O b 4 in 'U 3 Y ? 0 ' 2 ' 0 . . . . u ' , 3 o a 0 FafYs5QgE?g7 6, kiss ,stcl , . JYQEQFW W 4 '- - 9 : . 1 5 V. C , . V kv : .. Y ' Q ' IX - ' . . 1 9 0 5 A. 15 . .V . Boys Glee Club " OO Steenberg, Dennis Benner, Dennis Gross, Jerry Wiese, Gary Miller, Dennis Cole Alan Cochrane FRONT ROW John Heaton, Lynwood Miller, David Dunn, Eugene Schulte, Richard D Severson, Edward Moeller, Loye January, Mr Cochrane ALL STATE BAND TRYOUTS LEFT TO RIGHT Lois Cochrane Alan Cochrane, Pat Landgraf ALL STATE CHORUS BACK ROW left to right Hans Zullig, B111 Anderson, Janice Meister, Berniece Moeller, David Winrow were runners up. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Cochrane, Alan Cochrane, Pat Landgraf Lois Cochrane, David Dunn. These four s udents participated in the 800 member chorus at Mitchell, South Dakota on November 9 and 10 25 9 - 4 f. V., so A 3 A . , . . 1 O . . BACK ROW-left to right: Hans Zullig, Bill Anderson, Tony Schlehuber, Leo Van A , ,AW ou, Y. V1 . 1 Q il Band STANDING left to right Mr Cochrane, IeRoy Gage, Hans Zullig, Violet McMahon SEATED Pat Landgraf, Lois Cochrane, Jim Fitzpatrick Lenore J Brevik, Berniece Moeller, Lois Mason, Davi Cochrane, Alan Cochrane, Sandra J Precht, Nancy Law, Phyllis Hanger, Cynthia Mlller, Kathleen Stangeland, Raymond Hults,Betty Reinertson, Orlan Pederson, Danny Nelson, Charles Priest,David Law, Frieda Gunn, Dennis Benner, Edward Moeller, Judson Kenyon,James Cochrane 'if Mr Cochrane BOYS ENSEM LE LEFT TO RIGHT Bill Anderson, Hans Zullig David Winrow, David Dunn, Richer Severson, Eugene Schulte, Edward Moeller, M Alan Cochrane, Dennis Cole SAX TRIO Regional Contest Excellent rating Pat Alan and Lois Reg onal ontest Excellent rating 26 C3 1 N D xy gi' ' he Jw L a 1 e -' . ' at fx! STANDING left to right Hans Zullig, Dennis Benner, Alan Cochrane Nancy Law, Violet McMahon, Mr Cochrane SEATED Lenore Brevik, Lois Cochrane, Pat Landgraf Regional Contest Excellent ratings Lois C , Clarlnet, Lois C , Sax, Alan C ,Tenor Sax , Alan C , Clarinet Good ratings Dennis B , Cornet, Nancy L , Trombone, Lenore B , Piano, Lenore B , French Horn BACK ROW left to right Lois Cochrane, Pat Landgraf Hans Zullig, Bill Anderson, Alan Cochrane, Janice Meister, Mrs ochrane FRONT ROW Karen Meister, Betty Hemmingson, David Dunn, Berniece Moeller, Monica Van Steenberg Lenore Brevik Regional Contest Excellents Alan C , Tenor Lenore B , Soprano, Pat L , Contralto Goods Hans Z , Bass, Davi D , Baritone, Lois C , Mezzo soprano 27 o O 1 x . i S R t iw S5 R U M E N T - 3 , A . . L 2 - . 0 M . 0 I A i N-93 ' S t V 0 S C . A L N -I : .Cf . 'QMS' Q.. TOP LEFT left to right Carol Nuteson, Karen Meister, Betty L Hemmingson, Mary Bekaert, Janice Limberg, Janice Meister, Karen Limberg Center Monica VanSteenberg TOP left to right Mrs Cochrane, Lepore Brevik, Lois M Cochrane, Monica Van Steenberg LEFT left to right Sandra Joan Precht Phyllis Hanger, Kathleen Stange and, Betty Reinertson Boys State and Girls State 1956 1957 Verle KBillJ Anderson represented Gary at Boys' State in Aberdeen from May 27 to June 2, 1956 Gail Patricia Landgraf, alternat attended Girls' State at Mitchell on June 10 to 16 because of the illness of Karen Gilbertson T? Gary Legion members picked M Alan Cochrane to attend Boys' State this year Alternates are Roger Wiese and Dennis Cole Roberta Althaus will go to Girls' State Delores Bren is the alternate chosen by the Gary Legion Auxiliary nr-5 THE BIG PoTATo rT! 7:!5'fT SEATED Lester Lorenzenfleftband Tony Schlehuberirightl who were double cast in the part of Gramps STANDING left to right in the center row, are Leo Van Steenberg, student coach, Lois Cochrane, under study and sound effects Violet McMahon, Csophomoreb who played the part of Belle, a London reporter Dennis Gross who had a strong supporting role as Tommy Carlton, Sandra Joan Precht cast as Janey Butterfield, Delores Bren who acted in one of the leads as Mrs Butterfield, Janice Limberg Csophomorel and Roberta Althaus, social ites, Mrs Gordon, director Back row Roger Wiese who portrayed the local banker who was also a potato raiser, Alan Cochrane who had the leading role of Aaron Butterfield, The Big Potato, and Dennis Cole who was cast as Mike Edwards, a racketeer Senior Class Play Janice Meister had the leading role of Mrs Maxwell in the rollicking comedy 'If Mother Only Knew' put on by the G s seniors on April 25 26 Pat Landgraf as Connie Maxwell Berniece Moeller as Betty Lou Maxwell, onald Limberg as Wilbur, and David winrow as Hercules Nelson also had outstanding parts Theresa Hauger played the part of Aunt Mary The part of Bernadine, Betty Lou's pal, was taken by Karen Meister Ca freshmanb Edith A Engeseth was cast as Gladys Gouch old college roommate of Mrs Maxwe l's In order to get all of the boys in the play it was necessary to double cast night David Dunn and Hans Zullig were cast as Charles nBra1nsW Burke, typical college sophomore Dennis Benner played Dr Jeffry Gooch, Gladys's husband The police officer Badge Burns, was Loren Veen Donald imonton chose to be stage manager rather than acting a part 'l u g rf , o , fl' lliEi:l" 6 .' 1 85 K M iiimisfasaaszzi,ami-Jfzxziit 2:5 l X s. ' " 4 . ' . . I O - ' ,rv . 5 Xzileixirivx fl , A I NL, , V K s glen' i ll A' V ' Q 57 ! . f l '- sf A 10 alm a' Af Junior Class Play QF THE IQ Volume 2 Gary High School, au-,s n Maya, 19572106 umor Banquet Honors Sen mors W ning in Paris theme will be carried out at the 1957 Junior senior banquet which will be served in the ment Tuesday, May 7 Following the dinner the Juniors and their guests will go to the Stony Point dance hall where the schools f the Big Seven Confer ence will hold their prom jointly Music is to be furnished by Leo Fortin and his dance band Those who do not dance will attend the show at the East Park theater Qrclmmczr Room Qraduotmg Jen James Cochrane, Dale Lorenzen, Bonnie Rost, Edmond C Rodermacher, Cynthia Miller, Frieda Gunn, Darlene Helmbolt Henry Hauger, Bernard Mason, and Karen Kay Fitzpatrick are pupils graduatlng from Gary grade school in May. Mr. Lawrence Asher is the instructor in the grammar room. Eighth grade honor students are Cynthia Mil1er,James Cochrane, and Karen Fitzpatrick. SENIORS PLAN TRIP Seniors of GHS will enjoy the annual skip day on Friday, May 10. They plan to go to the Black Hills and stay for the week end. natty Lcznclgraf Qanace Measter Corn DOP Scholastzc Tosmons Gayle Patric1aCPattyJLandgraf has been named valedictorian and Janice Meister salutatorian of the Gary High School Senior class of 1957 Supt Maynard Cochrane made the announcement at the iunior senior banquet May 7 Other seniors who will receive diplomas t the graduation exercises held Tuesday, May 21, at the School for the Blind auditorium are Berniece Moeller, Edith Engeseth, Theresa M Hauger, Donald Limberg David Winrow, Donald Simonton, Berle CB1llf Anderson, John Heaton, Loren Veen, Dennis Benner, Hans Zullig, and David Dunn Mr Ben Reifel, of Northern State Teachers' College at Aberdeen will be the Commencement speaker Karen Gilbertson and Edythe Battles left the class at the end of the first semester Supt. Maynard Cochrane will present the mem bers of the class to the school board. Merle Nelson, president of the Board of Education, will present the diplomas. BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Baccalaureate services will be conducted on Sunday evening, May 19, at the School for the Blind auditorium. The program will begin at eight o'clock. Rev. Ronald Hartung, pastor of the First Methodist Church of Gary will give the baccalaureate address. The scripture and invocation will be given by Father Sikkes of St. Peter's Catholic Church of Gary. Junior classmen will act as ushers. 30 yon U Q Sit J - ' An Eve ' Catholic Church base- o D a , 0 Boosters GARY B OOSTERS DoDE's cm-3 J.P. mason DEPOT AGENT HINsvARK's MOBILE sTAcr1oN LAWRENCE JENSEN'S Rssom LAKE COCHRANE CANBY, MINNESOTA REXALL DRUGS FLYNN CHEVROLET GAMBLE'S--ELMER MECKELSON CLEAR LAIE, SOUTH DAKOTA PETE JOHNSON'S HAMBURGER DIN KEITH'S CLOTHING STORE COAST TO COAST THOELKE 8: KOENECKE TEXACO SERVICE CORNER CAFE HENDRICKS , MINNESOTA IRENE'S CAFE DIGRE PLUMBING 8: HEATING SCHULZ HARDWARE MADISON , MINNESOTA ULRICH FASPIONS 8: GIFTS SCHUELKE JEWELRY HOFSTAD 8: HANSON DYSON JEWELRY PIEHNER'S MENS' WEAR KLEIN NATIONAL BANK COAST TO COAST WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA WATERTOWN MONUMENT WORKS DICK'S SPORT SHOP, DICK SHEEHAN BREN'S CORNER, OSCAR BREN, Prop GOODWIN, SOUTH DAKOTA REVILLO, SOUTH DAKOTA L E ENSTENESS DRUG REVILLO CREAMERY 8: LCCKER BOB'S BARBER SHOP 31 .J A 1 0 0 5 . v V, . 4. Farmers Cooperative Elevaior Co AGRICUL RAL CHEMICAL GRINDI GRAI F RTILIZER FEEDS SEEDS RALPH M TREET MANAG REVILID SOUTH DAKOTA Rourks Drug Sfore ipti F ai V t 1 y Sup 11 Mldwesf Beach Co PRINTING 8: SCHOOL SUPPLIE Fall S tb. Dakot 32 TU NG N E . s , ER I I Prescr ons- ount n e er nar p es R. N. Rourlf, R. Ph. Gary S. D. Phone 54 I . 1 Q S Sioux s, ou a Compliments to 1957 Class MUNICIPAL LIQUOR STORE Fred Marsh, Mgr. Robert Stangeland, Ass't Mgr. Gary, South Dakota Gary Sfafe Bank General Banking Insurance Loans M MBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Phone 26 GARY SOUTH DAKOTA Sexauer gf Son GRAIN, com., FEED, an SEED Phone 105 Gary, South Dakota 33 I. , Wesfgard Store RACHEAL 81: EDWARD IE DELIVER bvtl Phone 52 Gary, South Dakota Don Sfemle s RED OWL STORE GROCERIES FRUITS FRESH MEATS We Deliver Phone 49 Gary, South Dakota Great Plains Supply RETAIL BUILDING MATERIAL LUMBER COAL FENCING Phone 56 Gary, South Dakota 31+ ' I O C. J. MOHROR MANAGER 4 if u 1.81, Q 'fig' ""' --sq.,.. ST PET R'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Father Henry Sikkes Gary, South Dakota .nm MUN FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pastor Ronald Hartung Gary, South Dakota HENDRICKS CLINIC Dr P E Hermanson Dr C O Thompson endricks, Minnesota WOODWARDS EVERYTHING P0 WEAR Dry Goods, Ladies' Ready to Wear Shoes, Men's Furnishings Madison, Minnesota HAUCK'S DEPT. STORE EVERYTHING T0 WEAR Madison, Minnesota GLENN KURTH -- JEWELER Watch Repairing GLENN E. KURTH, Owner Hendricks, Minnesota . , - , ' ifwg"1'fS . .f wffumf -Waamww ' i' f 191.f'1fff , ,X ,Lg ,. , if X , ff I as f L ' Y . , . 1 '2' ' ,I f - f 'N' 5. 1 pusy! V X, C I I 31 Q - 1-at A 1 I . Ag. fm , xg' .,. , I G, 'I' ' -' I J Q 3? A - " - s S " v 1 - - " ' g ,. V 1 V-, -' . Ar..... -A 4 I, . , , . - f 1 . ..- - ,M , P Aj' - ,N . . . wav- -- -v.-.. . , 1? A f-- . ,, 4 Y . , ,. .""', ,gi I v S' . E . I O C I O U SPORTS INN GRACE G HARVEY MEALS LUNCHES LICENSED TAXIDERMIST Phone 71 Gary, S D Burr Farmers Elevator 8: Supply Co KINGSCROST SEED CORN GRAIN SEEDS BURR MINNESOTA Hmsvark s Hardware Appliances Phone 37 GARY SOUTH DAKOTA 36 0 I 0 Faculty Supt Maynard Cochrane Mrs Maynard Cochrane Mrs Earl Gordon Mrs John Koopmar John Koopman Mrs Don Ellis Mrs Florence Oien Lawrence Asher Mrs Eilly Limberg Cook Mrs Pete Hentges Assistant Board of Education we want to express our sin cere thanks and appreciation to every member of the Gary School faculty for the fine work they have done throughout this school year We feel that each of you has done his best We have also appreciated the splendid attitude of all the Gary Board of Education DESIRAEJLE QUALITY AND PEDIGREE Zat0 Heir SOO Mahlon Tohe lst Jeppesen Herefords Gary, S D 6 east, 4 north, li mlles west of Clear Lake, S D Route No 1 Worthington, Minn Farm located ll miles north 31M mile west of Worthington Deuel Counfy Nahonal Bank GENERAL BANKING AND INSURANCE Phone TRN 3321 MEM ER of the FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Clear Lake South Dakota 37 0 Mr.. L A Mr.' . Mr. Ted Potthoff-Custodian students. . 9 O VOLK'S ELECTRIC WIRING - APPLIANCES Madlson, Minn Phone 388 Hamilton Dryers Monarch Ranges MADISON FARM SERVICE J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY Sales 8 Service Lloyd Miller, Manager Phone 323 Madison, Minn CULLIGAN'S SOFT WATER SERVICE Carl Nicklander Madlson, Minn COCO COLA BOTTLING CO Watertown, South Dakota EVER READY STATION MOBILE PRODUCTS, TIRES 8 BATTERIES PIONEER SEED CORN Mr and Mrs Trygve Peterson Phone 306 Marietta, Minn KLEVEN BROS GARAGE DESOTO PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE Madison, Minnesota ,Q .. M , 1 WATERTOWN MOTOR TRADE ASSN BICHLER MO OR CO JENKINS MOTOR INC HUBBARD MOTOR CO COLONEL MOTORS ROZUM BROS MOTOR CO NORDSTROM SALES HANSON AUTO G ELECTRIC SANDERS CHEVROLET SERVICE BUICK Watertown, S D TUNER VILLE Service Station Intersection of 77 6 212 Tank Truck Service E L Lindner WALT 8 ANN'S TAVERN Revillo GRANT COUNTY IMPLEMENT John Deer Tractors 5 Equipment Revillo, South Dakota FARMER'S MARKET Mr 8 Mrs L A Olsen Mgrs We buy eggs cream poultry We sell Trisco WIMPY'S FORMULA FEEDS POULTRY EQUIPMENT Compliments of STATE LINE STATION Groceries Q Gasoline Linde Hayles Manager Marietta, Minn Phone 227 DE SUTTER STUDIO Baby Portraits wedding 6 Candid Photographs Call us for culling and pick up Family Groups WINFRED W SCH IDT OWNER Phone 8k Gary, S D Canby, Minn 4, ' SQDO - ll - ll . 39 UMTGCHMCME Meals and Lunches Beverages Pat Gary, s D Moder LAKE COCHRANE RESORT GEORGE HORNSTEIN Proprietor Cottage and Rooms for Phone 15FllO Rent KENYON GAS Q APPLIANCES J E KENYON Phone Sl Gary, S D OLSON'S DEPARTNENT STORE Dry Goods Shoes 's 8 Women's Wear Canby, Minn Compliments of RECREATION CENTER Arnold wyss, Prop Gary, S D Mason's State Line Gas Oil Phone 22 Gary, S D BILL SLATER Standard Oil Agent Phone 17 Gary, S D Compliments of EARL F GORDON Plumber Phone 89 Gary, S D n N ll , . Men . Distributor v 40 HARVEY'S STATION Gas-O11-Tire Repairing Car Washlng Phone H3-2 Gary EENNER'S LOCKER SERVICE Phone 50 G ry, S D EILLY LIMEERG 8 SONS CARP NT RS Gary, S D D W G GR SS DENTIST Gary Phone 6 GARY HOTEL 8: CAFE Meals Lunches Beverages and Mr Sontag Procrlet rs GARY T LRPHONE CO Leona Q Clint PT1eSt G ry, S Advertising R ne Printing R R Miott 1 Editor Cream, Eggs, Q PouWtry G ry, S D Phone 27 G ry, S D 7 Sv D0 8 . 0 R. . . O . . ', S. D. Mr. . A 'e e a . D. THE GARY INTERSTATE GARY CREAMERY AA 4 R. Sorensen A. Sanden a . . a ' . GRONDAHL'S MARKET MEATS AND LOCKERS Dave Grondahl Proprieter Canby, Minn GUNDERSON GUNDERSON ATTORNEYS Clear Lake, South Dakota CANBY THEATER western Minnesota' Finest CINENASCOPE CLEAR LAKE DAIRY WHOLESOVE FOOD PRODUCTS and LOCKEH SERVICE WALSH BARBER SHOP Canby, Minnesota BEN FRANKLIN STORE LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY KNOWN Lovestrand Hendricks inn LAW 6 LAW ATTORNEYS Clear Lake, South Dakota SIVERSON'S DRUG STORE PERSCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALITY Phone 26 Hendrlcks, Minn s . , Canby, Minnesota Phone H-2121 Clear Lake, S.D R. , M M2 oLsON's FOOD STORE FABRNAY BRANDS OF CANN D FOODS FRFQH MFATD, FROITS, ND OROC RIES OF ALL KINDS Canby, Minnesota BRUFLAT'S Barber Shop Canby, Minnesota CHARLDS S JAMES DCIZITOR OF D NTAL SURG Canby, MlHHPSOt8 D N C J N OFTOMCTRIST Canby, Mlnnesota WMWRCMWMW 2O St Olaf Av nue North Canby, Minn WHOLES1LE DISTRUEITORS Phone 410 205 St Olaf Avenue North Canby, Minn CANBY MACdrNE SHOP C J MOHN, PROPQI mOR MACnIIwn. WORK ARC WELDING Canby, Minn VALET CLEANERS GWORG VAN MOORLEHAM PROP Phone 93+ Canby, Minn DS ' A . O . R. '. . AH E - ERY ' O 1 ' MELZER--REESER CANBY WHOLESALE MOTOR PARTS 9 . e ' . '+3 a2"'N-'YL-af

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