Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 16 of 44
Page 16 of 44

Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 15
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Page 16 text:

TURNER, WENDY Activities: 7th Grade Chorus, Student Leader, Office Helper, Girls ' Glee, Drama, Noon Leagues Noted for: Being a sports fanatic Ambition: To be a water-boy for the Cal football team VAN HAREN, RICHARD Noted for: Van Ambition: To get A ' s in what he doesn ' t get A ' s in VESTAL, GEORGE Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Studying Ameri- can History and answering American History questions Ambition: To catch gopher snakes and work up to East- ern Diamond Back Rattle snakes WALKER, RICHARD Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Drama, Cafeteria Super- visor, Mimeo Crew Noted for: Nothing Ambition: To be noted for something WARREN, KATHY Activities: 9th Grade Music, Girls ' Glee, Shows Noted for: Asking questions Ambition: To qet a perfect score on an Algebra test WEI BERT, ALISON Activities: Student Leader. Office Helper, Attendance Helper Noted for: Bun-ny Ambition: To roller skate down Shattuck Ave durinq the Christmas rush in the rain with Nicki and Connie WHEELER, TIM Activities: Block G , Noon Leagues, Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervisor, Bas- ketball Noted for: Hanging around with Charlie Ambition: Same as Richie Clark ' s WILKINS, MARIE Activities: Student Leader, Counselor ' s Helper, Track, Noon Leagues Noted for: That warped sense of humor Ambition: To become serious and dignified?? WILLMARTH, ROGER Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Leech Ambition: To surpass the Rus- sians WINSLOW, CANDY Activities: Student Leader, Office Helper, Attendance Helper Noted for: Having a great dislike for Berkeley Ambition: To do what she does ULSH, BETSY Activities: Attendance Help er, Shows, Test Assistant, Counselor ' s Helper, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Glean- er 1 ' Staff, Student Leader, Teams, Noon Leagues Gym Helper Noted for: Those surprise Spanish quiz grades Ambition: To own a Tootsie Roll factory with Janice VAUGHAN, TRUDY Activities: Student Leader, Gleaner Staff, Shows, Li- brary Helper, Teams, Girls ' Glee, 7th Grade Chorus, Drama Club, Noon Leagues Noted for: TV Ambition: To said the Seven Seas in a bathtub with Sandy VOIGT, RICHARD Activities: Noon Leagues, Softball, Basketball Noted for: Going to the den- tist all the time Ambition: To stop going to the dentist WALSH, ANN Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Noon Leagues, Cafe- teria Supervisor Noted for: Annie Ambition: Ann WASLEY, ROBERT Noted for: Jokes Ambition: To be a doctor WEITZNER, CHIP Activities: Rally Committee, Noon Leagues, Boys ' Glee, Noon Patrol, 9th Grade Mu- sic, Block G, Circle G Noted for: Playing the pin- ball machine while eating chop suey Ambition: To start a square dance on the Ted Randal Show WHITE, NANCY Activities: Student Leader Captain, Cafeteria Super- visor, Gym Helper, At- tendance Helper, Teams, Shows, 7th Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff, Dance Committee Noted for: Helping Lynn look for her lost articles in gym Ambition: To find them WILKINSON, LOUISA Activities: 9th Grade Music, Shows, Teams Noted for: Louise Ambition: To go around the world in a speedboat with?? WILLS, JOHN Ambition: To become a witch doctor WONG, JANICE Activities: Attendance Help- er, Counselor ' s Helper, Student Leader, Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff Noted for: That screeching yell down the hall Ambition: To own a Tootsie Roll factory with Betsy UNDERWOOD, JUDY Activities: Girls ' Glee, Stu- dent Leader, Rally Girl, Of- fice Helper Noted for: Teasing Judy Al- len about her starchy lunches Ambition: To weigh less than I??? lbs. VERMEULEN. BRUCE Activities: Band, Orches- tra, Rally Committee, Stage Crew, Gleaner Staff, Drama, Shows, Dance Band, Library Helper, Honor So- ciety Noted for: Playing that crazy bass Ambition: To play that crazy bass crazy WAEN, FRANCIS Activities: 7th Grade Chorus, Girls ' Glee, Student Lead- er, 9th Grade Music Noted for: Combing her hair in every class Ambition: To try to hook a certain fish WARNER, ROBERT Activities: B.A.M., Student Council, Noon Leagues, Drama, Teams Noted for: Rocky Ambition: To drag Falt ' s motor scooter WATSON, DONNA Activities: Band, Orchestra, Student Leader, Cafeteria Cashier, Teacher ' s Helper, Jr. Classical League Noted for: Crooked Cashier Ambition: To short change a certain Algebra teacher WESSEL, JIM Activities: Noon Leagues, Jr. Classical League, Honor Society Noted for: Going around with the spider (Darrell Sooy) Ambition: To be trustworthy, loyal, kind, helpful, friend- ly, coureous, thrifty, wise, obedient, cheerful, honest, neat, brave, clean, and rev- erent (Amen) WILCOX, PAUL Activities: Block G , Teams, Noon Leagues, Rally Boy, Student Leader, Gym Help- er, Swim Club, Golf Club, Assistant Athletic Man- ager Noted for: His curly hair Ambition: To be a lifeguard in a carwash WILLIAMS, JANET Activities: Girls ' Glee, 7th Grade Chorus, Cafeteria Helper Noted for: Getting A ' s Ambition: To get a B on a Latin test so Shelley will die laughing WILSON-REID, RONDA Activities: Student Leader, Shows, Attendance Help- er, Rally Girl, Girls ' Glee, Teams, Noon Leagues, 7th Grade Chorus Noted for: Having the long- est and most confusing last name Ambition: To find a shorter one close to the beginning of the alphabet WOOD, DANNY Activities: Intramural Soft- ball, 9th Grade Music, In- tramural Basketball Noted for: Woods Ambition: To grow 14

Page 15 text:

SMITH. BLAINF Activities: Stage Crew, Noon Leagues Noted for: Always borrowing money from somebody Ambition: To walk around the world in 80 days SMITH, JOAN Activities: Girls ' Glee, Test Assistant, Student Leader, Noon Leagues Shows, Drama Noted for: Those long nails? Ambition: To grow lonqer nails STEBBINS. STEPHEN Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Steb Ambition: To get good grades in high school STENGER. EDWARD Noted for: Being a non-con- formist Ambition: To be a non non- conformist STONE. DON Noted for: Algebra Ambition: To become a mathematician STREBEL, HILMA Activities: Attendance Help- er, 7th Grade Chorus, 9th Grade Music, Shows, Office Helper, Student Leader, Rally Girl, Noon Leagues, Girls ' Glee Noted for: Peanuts, Spot, Lit- tle Lucy Brown, Shrimp, Pixie. Annie Bannie Ambition: To be a gym help er with Carol and Mary TALBOT. JOHN Activities: Baseball team, Football Ambition: Ranger THEOBALD, ANN Activities: Student Leader, Student Leader Chief, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Library Helper, Girls ' Glee, Teach- er ' s Aid, Shows, Noon Leagues, Teams, 7th Grade Chorus, Program Aid Noted for: Helping to look for Lynn ' s clothes in qym Ambition: To find them TOM, SHARON Activities: Student Leader, Gym Helper, Office Help- er, Teams, Noon Leagues, Counselor Helper Noted. for: Tom Sharon” Ambition: Sharon Tom TREGANZA, MARCO Noted. for: Interest in Science Ambition: To be an engineer chemist SMITH, CANDACE Activities: Library Helper Noted for: Tightrope walk ing Ambition: To get a Ph.D. in Physics SOOY, DARRELL Activities: Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol, Drama, Shows, Cafeteria Supervisor Noted for: The Spider Ambition: To be a spider in later life STEEDMAN, KATHIE Activities: Student Leader, Gleaner Staff, Jr. Clas sical League, Teams, Girls ' Glee, Attendance Helper, Latin Club, Noon Leagues, Office Helper, Teacher ' s Helper, Shows Noted for: Rick ' s shadow Ambition: To have Rick shrink 3 STEVENS. SANDY Activities: Student Leader, Jr, Classical League, Glean- er Staff. Attendance Help er, Seventh Grade Chorus, Girls ' Glee, Teams, Girls ' Gym Helper, Office Help- er, Shows, Noon Leagues, Latin Club, Teacher ' s Help- er Noted for: Contributi ng to Campershipll! Ambition: To sail the Seven Seas in a bathtub with Trudy STONE. MELINDA Activities: Girls ' Glee Noted for: Pestering a cer- tain World History teacher Ambition: To get to know him better STRIZICH, BOB Activities: Dance Band, Noon Patrol, Honor Society, Shows, Astronomy Club Noted for: Guitar Ambition: To see Mr. Van with hair on his head TAN IGUCH I, FRANCIS Activities: 8th Grade Music, Teacher ' s Helper, Student Leader Noted for: Not being able to write anythinq in the Gleaner Ambition: To be able to write something in the Gleaner THOMPSON. GEORG I AN A Activities: Gleaner Art Staff Noted for: Black hair Ambition: To go to an arts and crafts college TONJES, TERESA Activities: Counselor ' s Help- er, Teams, Noon Leagues, Swim Club Noted for: Usino her desk in a quiet study as a bongo drum Ambition: To plant a bomb in rooms 136, 144, 214 107, 104, and 222. TRENERY, CLIFFORD Activities: Orchestra, Noon Leagues Noted for: Getting D — from Mr. Van Ambition: To get an A SMITH, DEBRA Activities: 8th Grade Music, Shows. Office Helper Noted for: Dimples Ambition: To get rid of them SOWERS, GARY Activities: Stage Crew, Noon Leagues Noted for: Beinq a hunter Ambition: To qet good grades STEINER. PAUL Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Nothing in partic ular Ambition: Nothing in partic- ular ST, JOHN, VALERIE Activities: Student Leader, Gleaner Staff, Office Helper, Teams, Shows, 9th Grade Music, Library Help er, 7th Grade Chorus, Girls ' Glee, Teacher ' s Assistant, Noon Leagues Noted for: Blotting her lip- stick on anything that ' s handy. Ambition: To skip a grade STOVALL. RICKY Noted for: Being an unusual Algebra student Ambition: To bring up his grade to a D in Algebra STROBLE, PAMELA Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee Shows, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Music Noted for: Escorts A.mbition: To have more es- corts TENNEY. JOHN Activities: Orchestra, Latin Club Noted for: Lousinq up the orchestra Ambition: To play a violin in a gypsy restaurant TIONGCO, DAVID Activities: Rally Boy Noted for: Looking in win dows and getting caught Ambition: To look in windows and not get caught TOY. BEVERLY Activities: Latin Club Office Helper, 7th Grade Chorus, Teacher ' s Aide, Student Leader, Tennis Club Noted for: Never going any- where Ambition: To go around the world TSCH I ERSCHKY, JOYCE Activities: Girls ' Glee, Stu- dent Leader, Cafeteria Helper, Office Helper, Noon Leagues, Drama Noted for: Large eyes Ambition: To be with Joan, Mary, and Lois in Berkeley High 1% ■r- i jr ' r 4 ' .3 M K. - 4 n 0 i4JHi n i 13

Page 17 text:

WOODWARD, PETER Activities: Noon Leagues, Tra k Noted for: Cars Ambition: To get an A in Algebra YUASA. KATHRYN Activities: Orchestra, Coun- selor ' s Helper, Junior Red Cross, Teacher ' s Assistant, Honor Society, Art Awards Noted for: That terrible last name Ambition: To give Gail Per- kins another nickname, like Pokey IIVNUSKA. LOUISE Activities: Nurse ' s Helper, Student Leader, Counselor ' s Helper Noted for: Opening her big mouth and sticking her sis- ter ' s foot in Ambition: To get her sister to go barefoot WRIGHT, CHARLIE Activities: Gym Helper, Teams, Block G , Noon Leagues, Boys ' Glee, Stu- dent Leader, Teacher ' s Helper Noted for: Being the first one out of Typing Class Ambition: To beat Tim in a ping-pong game ZEMSKY, BARBARA Activities: Attendance Help er, Shows, Student Leader YAFFE, JUDY Activities: Girls Glee, Noon Leagues, Gym Helper, Teams Noted for: Good grades in Algebra Ambition: To make a movie in Hollywood ZENTNER, SANDRA Activities: G.A.A. Secretary, Student Council, Studeni Leader, Gleaner Art Staff, Drama Club, Library Helper Noted for: Drawing the crack s on sidewalks Ambition: To belong to the Sidewalk Crack Drawing Society TAT I ATTENTION! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT DREAMBOAT ? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE THE (Voted by Class) Hair of-- Smile of Eyes of Wardrobe of Figure of Dancing Ability of. Artistic Ability of Athletic Ability of. Manners of Popularity of.. Personalify of Sense of Humor of. ..KATHY KANEKO ...JIM PRICCO ...KATHIE STEEDMAN ......JEFF LEGGE ..MARTHA GERACI ..PAT BLEW ..MARGIE DILL TOM JOCHUMS .Cathy McClelland...... ..joe McCord ..LINDA SCHACHT. .....EARLE ATKINSON ..SANDY ZENTNER... ......MIKE HEIZER ..MARGIE LEHTIN ROCKY WARNER .TONI RAE JONES ... . .. ... DAVE LUCCHESE ..PATTY HAMILTON. JOE MUELLER ..PEGGY HAMILTON . ... DICK FALT ..SHARYS RENYER . . JERRY NICOL (Voted by Staff) Nose of Mouth of Teeth of Dimples of Voice of .. Laugh of Cuteness of Scholastic Ability of. Musical Ability of Friendliness of. Sweetness of (General) Most Likely To Succeed. Tallest Shortest Teachers ' Trial Biggest Flirt Cutest Couple. Teachers ' Joy .CHILI JOSI . ELAINE DUNCAN. MARGIE DILL .. . . .EDITH HOLLANDER LYNNE HUDNER .. SANDRA ZENTNER BARBARA CAMMACK ..JOAN RICHARDSON SUE EVANS TRUDY VAUGHAN BONNIE ELLISON ..CLAUDIA REAY PEGGY BONNAR JANET WILLIAMS . GAYE RICHARDSON . CONNIE SILVER... BONNIE ELLISON CLAUDIA REAY. ..JIM PRICCO PETE KAISER ..SERGIO SCHERR ..JERRY NICOL FRANK GROSSO DICK FALT .TIM WHEELER PHIL NEELY SCOTT GILBERT RICHIE CLARK GENE NAKAMURA GENE NAKAMURA BILLCLEMENS .VASANTHAde LANEROLE ALAN BOWMAN SERGIO SCHERR BOB BUSCHINI MIKE BAREKMAN vruvia 15

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