Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 12 of 44
Page 12 of 44

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Page 12 text:

LONG. KENNETH Activities: Stage Crew Cap- tain, Student Council, Mim- eo Crew, Gleaner Staff, Drama Noted for Get out of the Auditorium Ambition: To work for a stu- dio as a lighting techni- cian LUCCHESE, DAVID Activities: Student Council, Projection Crew, Sound Crew, 9th Grade Music, Noon Leaques Noted for: Cyphering on Al- gebra tests Ambition: To fly on Dumbo (Hans Janzen) MACHEK, RICHARD Activities: Block G , All Teams, Gym Helper, Junior Classical League, Noon Leagues Noted for: Kathy ' s Shadow Ambition: To have Kathie grow three inches MARSHALL, BETSY Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Teacher ' s Helper, Noon Leagues Ambition: To get straight A ' s in Algebra with no trouble at all MAVITY, DAVID McCORD, JOE Activities: Noon Patrol, Boys ' Glee, 9th Grade Music, Drama, Football Noted for: Curley Ambition: To own a yacht McVICKER, WILL Activities: Rally Committee, Teacher ' s Helper, Noon Patrol, Cafeteria Super- visor, Stage Crew Noted for: Staying in school Ambition: To get out of school MILLER. BOB Activities: Noon Leagues, Cafeteria Supervisor Noted for: Sleeping on the pier Ambition: To join the Navy and see the world through a porthole MITCHELL, DON Activities: Noon Leagues, Gleaner Staff Noted for: 3I:M.N. Ambition: To get an A from Mr, Roberts MORGAN, NANCY Activities: GAP, Student Council, Pompon Girl, Stu- dent Leader, Teams Noted for: Horse racing with Darlene at Napa Valley Ranch Ambition: To Beat Darlene in a horse race at Napa Valley Ranch LONNBERG, ALLAN Activities: Gym Helper Noted for: Messy hair Ambition: To be a hermit and get away from it all LUTEN, MARGARET Activities: Girls ' Glee, Stu- dent Leader, Noon Leaques, Attendance Helper, Latin Club Noted for: Shorty Ambition: Not to be known for Shorty MAR, KAREN Activities: Library Helper Noted for: Neatness? Ambition: To pass MASER, ROBERT A. Noted for: Ask any cop Ambition: Haven ' t found it yet McClelland, cathy Activities: Pompon Girl, Gleaner Staff, Attend- ance Helper, Cafeteria Su- pervisor, Student Leader, Teams, Noon Leagues Noted for: Having a blast in World History Ambition: To keep on having fun in there McCORKLE, ROBBIE Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Glee, Shows, Student Lead- er, Track, Basketball Noted for: Flirting and Lili Mac Ambition: To continue flirt- ing in BHS and McCorkle MERRILL, DWIGHT Activities: Cafeteria Worker, Projection Crew Noted for: Smile Ambition: To show Mr. Cur- rent movie upside-down, inside-out and backwards MILLER. STANLEY D. Noted for: Failing Ambition: Don ' t know MONTEBAN, ROBERT MORGANA, ANDREE Activities: Gleaner Art Staff, Pompon Girl, Student Leader, Cafeteria Super- visor, Gleaner Staff, Block G , Drama Noted for: Eating gabardine potatoes Ambition: To eat gaberdine potato chips LOPEZ, STEVEN Activities: Boys ' Glee, 9th Grade Music, Track, Noon Leagues Noted for: Girls Ambition: To be a car de- signer for GM LYM, GLENN Activities: Intermural Basket- ball, Gleaner Art Staff, Noon Leagues, Russian Club Noted for: Rebuild Garfield with one swimming pool per student Ambition: To build a big statue of Little Johnnie MARBLE, SUE Noted for: Marb Ambition: Not to be called Marb MATHEWS, WANDA Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor. Red Cross, Student Council, Girls ' Glee Office Helper, Noon Leagues Noted for: Good will Ambition: Nurse on horse- back McCLURE, BRUCE Noted for: Mustache McFarland, dick Activities: Block G , Noon Leagues, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Track, Gym Helper, Student Council, Rally Boy Captain, Boys ' Glee Noted for: Censored? Ambition: To die at the Alamo MILLER, ANNE Activities: Student Leader, Gym Helper Gleaner Staff, Softball Team, Block G Noted for: Riding to school from T.l. Ambition: To swim to school from Treasure Island MILLER, SYLVIA Noted for: A ' s in Algebra Ambition: To get A ' s in Al- gebra MOORE, JOHN Activities: Stage Crew, Jr. Red Cross, Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol, Science Club, Intramural Basketball Noted for: Yellow Jacket Ambition: To dye that yellow jacket black MOSK, CARL Activities: Rally Boy, Gleaner Art Staff, Noon Leagues, Cafeteria Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor Noted for: Ringing the bucket from half court Ambition: To be a trader in the East Indies 10

Page 11 text:

JONES, KEN Activities: Bovs ' Glee, Shows. Rally Committee, Noon Leagues, Softball, 9th Grade Music Noted for: Standinq on the corner watching all the girls go by Ambition: To break the sound barrier on Mother Goose With Jerry and Jimmy JOSI. CATHERINE Activities: Student Leader, Gleaner Staff, Volleyball, BasketbaJJ. 7th Grade Chorus, Gym Helper Noted for: Fighting with Cathy over the pogo stick Ambition: To pogo stick to the moon with Cathy and Lizzie KANEKO, KATHLEEN Activities: Block G , Or- chestra, Student Leader, Cafeteria Supervisor, G.N.L. Pennant, Gym Helper, Base- ball Noted for: Another Kaneko? Ambition: 043 HKC KHUNER. KATHY Activities. Student Leader, Noon Leagues, Orchestra Noted, for: Josephine Ambition: To live to be 150 years old KINGDON, JOCELYN Activities: Girls ' Glee. Noon Leaques, Teacher ' s Helper, Student Leader, Jr. Classi- cal League, Office Helper Noted for: Dieting with Carol Ambition: To keep on it for more than one day KOEPKE, JANET Activities: Teacher ' s Helper, Student Leader, Block G , Noon Leagues Noted for: My Oakland ac- cent Ambition: To go to Canada to see Joe Kapp play foot- ball LAASI, ILMAR Activities: Gym Helper, Noon Leagues, Teacher ' s Helper, Football Noted for: Lassie Ambition: To build an atomic bomb in the basement LASHER. JAMES Ambition: To be ambitious LEONARD, JIM Activities: Boys ' Glee, Noon Leagues, Softball, Jr. Clas sical League Noted for: Leonardo Ambition: To get a boat LIBBY. GORDON Activities: Baseball, Volley- ball, Noon Leagues JONES, TONI RAE Activities: Student Leader Captain, Student Leader Chief, Noon Leaques, Teacher ' s Helper Noted for: Havinq lonq red hair Ambition: To be a qood Stu- dent Leader Chief and get everybody on KAISER, PETER Activities: Rally Committee Student Leader, Noon Leagues Noted for: Pete Ambition: To get an A in Algebra II KANEKO, SACHIYE Activities: Student Leader, Volleyball, Basketball, Base ball, Gym Helper, Cafe- teria Supervisor, Office Helper, Noon Leagues, G.N.L. Pennants Noted for: 20. 15.18. Ambition: To get 20.15.18. KIEHN, WARREN Activities: Noon Patrol, Noon Leagues, Teacher ' s Aide, Swim Club Noted for: Autographing Mr. Van ' s head Ambition: To bat .900 this summer and qet good grades LEE, NICKI Activities: Girls ' Athletic Manager, Student Council, Attendance Helper Rally Girl, Student Leader, Glee Noted for: Picki Nicki Ambition: To roller skate down Shattuck Ave. in the rain at 5 p.m. with Bunny and Connie KOONTZ, WALLIS Activities: Student Leader Noted for: Rows in the Cafe- teria Ambition: To be a cement lagger LANGFORD, JOHN Activities: Orchestra, Gym Helper, Noon Leagues, Rus- sian Club Noted for: Little Johnnie Ambition: To grow up (in size) LEGGE, JEFF Activities: Yell Leader, Stu- dent Council, Lieutenant Rally Committee. Student Leader, Gym Helper, Shows Noted for: Improving the quality of a student leader Ambition: To take Brigitte Bardot to Drop Ins. LE STRANGE, SCOTT Activities: Grade Represen tative, Student Council, All Teams, Block G , Small G , Rally Boy, Noon Leagues Noted for: Leo Ambition: Scot LIPPMANN, GENE Activities: Lab Assistant, Noon Leagues, Track Noted for: Taking 4 terms of 9th grade science Ambition: To write a thesis for Mr. Curren JOSEPHS, JANE Activities: 7th Grade Chorus, Noon Leagues, Gym Help er, Student Leader Noted for: Undecided Ambition: I.H.I2.2.S. KALDOR, ANDREW Ambition: To speak better English KANEKO, SALLY Activities: Gym Helper, Stu dent Leader, Cafeteria Su pervisor Volleyball, Noon Leaques, G.N.L. Pennant Noted for: Yoyo Ambition: I.H.12.2.5. KING, CRAIG Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: Day dreaming Ambition: To stop day dream ing KJOSE, JOHN Noted for: Student Court Ambition: To do a wheel stand in th e Palimedes KUZNETS, DAVID Activities: Noon Leagues, Teacher ' s Helper, Noon Patrol Noted for: Bad Algebra grades Ambition: To comb hair like Mr. Van LA SALLE, CONNIE Activities: Girls ' Glee, Shows, Drama Noted for: Blimp Ambition: To drive Mr. Win terholler Crazy LEHTIN, MARGIE Activities: Student Court Gym Helper, Student Lead- er, Block G , Shows, Teams, Honor Society Noted for: Drib I es Ambition: To bring Mr. Van to Berkeley High LEWIS, SANDRA Activities: Student Leader, Noon Leagues, Test Assist ant Noted for: Please move to another table in the li- brary Ambition: To climb the Him- alayas on a pogo stick with Cheryl LOFLAND, CHERYL Activities: Student Leader Captain, Student Court, At- tendance Helper, Cafeteria Supervisor, Gym Helper, Glee Noted for: Being Mrs. Bel lus ' s pest through Garfield Ambition: To climb the Him- alayas on a pogo stick with Sandy o. — 1 jot, m MmZZvA ° a 9

Page 13 text:

MUELLER, JOE Activities: Student Council, Baseball, Vice President of Latin Club, Latin Club, Stu- dent Body President, Noon Leaques, Block G Noted for: Those deadly two handed set shots Ambition: To run an eleva tor up Terrace Walk NAKAMURA, GENE Activities: Student Council. Vice President of Student Bodv Baseball, Basketball Football, Volleyball, Junior Classical League Noted for: Genie can do Ambition: Genie did it NEMY, JUDY Activities: Gym Helper, Cafe teria Supervisor, Student Leader, Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Basketball Noted for: Having Charline beat me in typing Ambition: To beat Charline in typing NIP, GRACE Activities: Library Helper, Junior Classical League, Honor Society Noted, for: Nipper Ambition: You guessl! OLSEN, JANET Activities: Student Leader, Latin Club, Cafeteria Su- pervisor, Gleaner Art Staff, Noon Leagues. Gleaner Staff, Volleyball Noted for: Sandy, Westerns, hating Latin Ambition: To be with Sandy in a TV Western with Mav- erick, Jim Hardy and Sugar- foot POIRSON, MIKE Activities: Ninth Grade Mu- sic, Drama, Boys ' Glee, Melodeers, Noon Leagues Noted for: Spike Ambition: To finish a Poor- boy Sandwich with Al PEACOCK. DARLENE Activities: Nurse ' s Helper, Student Leader, Office Helper, Track, Volleyball Noted for: Jay and dimples Ambition: To beat Nancy in a horse race at Napa val- ley Ranch POTHIER, DENISE Activities: Noon Leagues, Track, Student Leader, Block. G Noted for: Going on hunting expeditions to Live Oak Ambition: To find something PROSEN, DOROTHY Activities: Band Noted for: Doodles Ambition: To remember to bring my gym suit home every Friday READ, BOB Activities: Noon Leagues Captain, Gym Helper, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Student Leader Noted for: Gunner Ambition: To cut Mr. Rob- erts from the B ' s NAEF, LISA Activifies: Library Helper, Orchestra Noted for: Hatinq Orchestra Ambition: To be a scientist NATHAN, ELINOR Activities: Student Leader, Girls ' Glee, Attendance Helper, Junior Classical Leaque, Seventh Grade Chorus, Gleaner Staff, Music Club Noted for: Leavinq a trail of bobbypins wherever I qo Ambition: To have somebody follow them NICOL, JERRY Activities: Noon Movie Help- er, Noon Leagues, Block G , Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Football Noted for: My dimples and squaks Ambition: To be with Ken and Jim when they break the sound barrier on Moth er Goose NOLLER, TRUDY Activities: Student Leader, Glee, Library Helper, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, Cafe- teria Helper Noted for: Ladybugs Ambition: Science Fair OTT, DIANE Activities: Office Helper, Test Assistant Noted for: Hi. Fi. Di. Ambition: To cut Mr. Winter- holler ' s hair PARKE, VICKIE Activities: Attendance Help- er, Shows, Cafeteria Super- visor, Student Leader, Gleaner Staff Noted for: Wanting to throw all the old program cards from the Attendance Of fice off the Empire State Building with Jo Anne S. Ambition: To feed cold hot cakes to white blackbirds sitting on dead live oaks PERKINS, GAIL Activities: Attendance Help- er, Jr. Red Cross, Student Leader Noted for: Perkey Ambition: To look my age! POTTER. CYNTHIA Activities: Student Leader Noted for: Goino around with Toni Ambition: To be a secretary PROWD, LARRY Activities: Cafeteria Helper, Softball, Block G . Noon Leagues, Golf Club Noted for: Havinq small feet Ambition: To have curly, black hair REAY, CLAUDIA Activities: Grade Represen tative, Pompon Girl, Chief Justice, Student Council, Student Courtj Student Leader Captain, Attend- ance Helper Noted for: Wantinq to work at the Hungry I with Sharys, Joan and Marty Ambition: To go to Ameri- can Bandstand on a flexy and on a. diet of Giant Orange Juice NAGEL, DAVID Activities: Noon Leaques Noted for: Math and Cuban Gunrunner Ambition: Cloak and Dagger and Gunrunner NEELY, PHIL Activities: Rally Committee, Shows, Noon Leaques, In termural Basketball, Honor Society Noted, for: Flash Ambition: To drive an M.G. backwards on the Freeway NICOLAYSEN, CAROL Activities: Student Leader, Nurse ' s Helper, Orchestra, Girls ' Glee, Noon Leagues, Test Assistant, Seventh Grade Chorus Noted for: Dieting with Joce lyn Ambition: To stay on my diet NUNES TOM Activities: Basketball, Base ball, Mimeograph Crew, Volleyball, Block G , Noon Leagues, Glee Noted for: Broken legs Ambition: To keep my legs in one piece OWENS, BOB Activities: Gleaner Staff, Ninth Grade Music, Boys ' Glee, Track, Teams, Noon Leagues Noted for: Man with a Camera Ambition: Bob Cummings PARRIS. CHARLINE Activities: Girls ' Glee, Sev- enth Grade Chorus, Stu- dent Leader, Track, Shows, Basketball Noted for: Beating Judy Nemy in Typing Ambition: To keep on beat- ing Judy PIPER, RONNIE Activities: Cafeteria Super- visor, Softball Noted for: D.D. Ambition: To live it up PRICCO, JIM Activities: Student Court, Grade Representative, Stu- dent Council Rally Boy, Block G , Noon Movie Helper, Sound Crew Noted for Preek Ambition: To be with Ken and Jerry when they break the sound barrier on Mother Goose RANDLES, PATSY Activities: Seventh Grade Chorus, Student Leader, Gym Helper. Noon Leagues, Track Noted for: Ermitrude Ambition: To be called Bel- luha , not Ermitrude REINHARDT. SHELLEY Activities: Student Leader, Seventh Grade Chorus, Gleaner Staff, Band, Shows Noted for: Lookina like a people Ambition: Person fi 1 1

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