Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 16 of 42
Page 16 of 42

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Page 16 text:

Evelyn Louie wills her last name to Donald Duck ' s nephew. Alice Lyman wills Mrs. Curtice ' s world history tests to a poor little L9. Bob MacDonald wills Donna McColly to David Lee, Rod MacPherson wills his muscles to Walter Moore. Bill Mallett wills his teachers to the unsuspecting L7 ' s. Lorraine Marshall wills her grades to Judy West. Nancy Master wills herself tp El Cerrito High School. Dennis Masters wills his curly locks to whoever wants them. David May wills his homework to a L7. Earl Mayeri wills his cheer leading to a worthy L9. Donna McColly wills her blushing to anyone who likes the color red. Barbara McCorkle wills Liberace back toi the birds. Helen McCosh wills her duck tail back to the poor duck. Jack McFarland wills half of his hair to Van. Barbara McKean wills her hair to Penny Pray. Pete Mehren disinherits everybody and says he ' s taking it with him. Joyce Miceli wills her fingernails to Penny and Sis. Kenneth Mines wills his teeth to his brother who is missing two. Gary Modden wills all his Garfield girl friends to the coming H9 class. Charles Moore wills his grades, hair, and sense of humor to Van. Walter Moore wills the Library Quiet (?) Hour to Miss Stone. Jim Moorman wills his arguing ability to a L7. Grant Morgan wills himself to Gayle Grosser. John Morris wills his well-worn books to Ronald Alcorn. Susie Morse wills her naturally straight hair to Jill Nealson. Jill Nealson wills her naturally curly hair to Susie Morse. Fred Nelson wills his head to a headless horse- man. Bill Nelson wills Tom Odegard to Mrs. Dunmire. Karoline Noste wills her brother to Miss Laurens. Judie Nunns wills herself to Dave Bertoli. Tom Odegard wills his distillery to Peter Mehren. Kenneth Olitt wills Garfield t o both of his bro- thers. Marjorie Ong wills her broken glasses to a mole. Bill Oxley wills his fat to anyone who will take it. James Page wills his " 0+ ' in Spanish back to Miss Thomson. Inger Palmquist wills her algebra grades back to Mrs. Dunmire. Bob Parker wills all his bad grades to a L9 who wants them. Nina Pastorino wills her eighth grade grades to a struggling ninth grader. Jane Pattison wills herself to Gus. Caroll Pedri wills all her St. Mary ' s boy friends to anyone who can stand them. Clark Permar wills his English grades to the birds. James Phillips wills himself out of school. Carol Pitts wills her sister Janice to Garfield. Richard Porter wills his boots to a cowboy. Penny Pray wills her eyes to Joyce Miceli. Larry Price wills his mental banquets back to Van. C. John Ralph wills his blood and tear-stained locker to a poor L7. Meredith Redmond wills her zebra-striped pedal pushers back to the zebra. Mervyn Rasraussen wills his membership in the Elec- tronics Club to a future Marconi. Gayle Renouf wills her albegra grades to her bro- ther Bob. Lynn Ricker wills her spaghetti A plates back to the cook. Ruth Rinne wills her purse to anyone who needs a suitcase. Lois Robertson wills her French book to the dumps. Tom Roberts wills his student leader post to Van Mat re. Judy Robson wills her good grades to her brother. Steve Roper wills his Latin ability to Bob Crawford. Don Rosenberg wills his track ability to Ralph McCoy. Diane Ross wills her grades to a suffering L7. Judie Ross wills her Spanish grades back to Miss Thomson. Galen Rowell wills his baseball ability to Larry Price. Carol Russell wills her horse tail back to the horse. Margie Sabine wills her dreams to Mr. Sandman. Bill Salisbury wills his ' A ' in Algebra to a struggling L9. Ted Sarbin wills the P. A. crew to Laurence Kahn. Flora Sato wills her Thursdays after school with Van to Adrienne Kimura. Charles Scaparro wills his weight to a skinny L7. Maurice Searcy wills his ' A ' to Harry Talbott. Pat Selsor wills her three hours of Latin study- ing on Tuesday nights to anyone who can stand it. Mary Sessions wills her red hair to anyone who wants it. Caroline Shaw wills her spelling to the Great 7iite Father. Penny Shephard wills Pokey to any speedy algebra student. Barbara Shutts wills her last name back tp gun powder. Eddie Sicard wills his brain to science. Dan Silver wills his sterling qualities back to the Comstock Lode. Karen Skeels wills her popularity to a shy L7. Marilyn Sloane wills Gertrude back to Dick Smith. Liz Small wills her algebra grades back to Van. Dave Smith wills his name to someone who wants something unusual. Janet Smith wills her piano playing to Linda Long, a L7. Janice Smith wills her good study habits to Danny Hooper. Laura Smith wills her algebra book back to Mr. Van. Randy Smith wills his name back to the brothers and their cough drops. Richard Smith wills his basketball glasses to Mr. Corley. Grant Solberg wills his hair to Van. Connie Sparks wills her last name to a fire. Mike Staley wills his lost left shoe to a pigeon-toed L7. Barbara St. Amant wills her halo to Jerry Clark. Dave Standley wills his English books to Mr. Dunkum. Dick Stasmer wills his Toni Home Permanent set to Rick Miller. Connie Stohler wills all her French back to Miss Laurens. Gerry Stone wills her algebra book to anyone who can do algebra. Bill Stroup wills his fortune consisting of ten cents to Rockefeller. Katy Stuhr wills her noisiness to a parrot. Kathy Swezea wills her braces to Liberace. Mavon Sykes wills her nickname, Kitty, back to the birds. Margaret Tabbutt wills all her hours of study on world history to her cousin Doug. Penny Terry wills her Spanish book to any eighth grader who is willing t o tackle it. Tony Thomas wills his smile to Bill Hoogs. Dean Thompson wills her fingernails to Sis McCorkle and Penny Pray. Loretta Thorp wills her silence to Mrs. Shriver ' s classes. Cathi Tilton wills her dog Tomo to Mr. Sauers. Sherry Todar wills her Latin book back to Mrs. McCurdy. Barbara Todt wills her blond streak back to the peroxide bottle. Margery Trevorrow wills her soft voice to Mr. Edwards. Fred Tuemmler wills his money to Reno where one of his ex-girl friends lives. Sue Turner wills her bangs back to Mamie Eisenhower. Stephen Ulsh wills his ability to blush to Gary Rhalves. Rudy VanderVegt wills his great skiing knowledge to Letty. Henry Vaux wills his ambition to Sir Edmund Hillary. Gary Vieira wills his English books to a junk collector. Paul Voigt wills his two-and-a-half-foot clar- inet case to some L7 who wants to be asked if he plays the piccolo. Linda Vcbs wills the tarnished chain she wears around her neck to a silver polish advertise- ment. Judy Ward wills her disposition to a rattlesnake. Margaret Ware wills all her grades but her Span- ish grades to her little sister. Sue Warner wills her eje lash curler to Cormie SparKS. Sandy Waters wills his hair to Mr. Van Matre. Janet Weitzner wills her winged glasses to a bird. Paul Welch wills his seat at McCurdy ' s to Jerry Clark. Bonnie Wergley wills herself to Kimo. Bruce West wills the Garfield varsity baseball uniforms to the Salvation Army. Judi Wheeler wills her math grades back t o Mrs. Dunmire. Terry Wilson wills his car to Eddie Sicard. Marilyn Woodhall wills herself to Ronnie. Greta Woods wills her wide awakeness in algebr- ' to Merle Gibbins. Peggy Yarwood wills her sister ' s clothes back to her sister.

Page 15 text:

Sue Cockins wills her hair to a television com- mercial. John Collins wills the broken rubbers off his sling shot to Bob Beck. Dorothy Coltrin wills the colt of her name out to pasture. Jean-Pierre Comeau wills his French accent to a struggling L8 French student. Bob Crawford wills some height to David Lee. Pat Cripps wills her name to Pat Krebs. Sue Critchfield wills her feminity to Liberace. Prancine Cummings wills her remarks to Louella Parsons, Norma Delgado wills her speed to Alka-Seltzer. Caroline Deirup wills her gum to her desk. Bill Dempster wills his Spanish grades to anyone who wants them. Mike Dickie wills Garfield and his rusty tear- pitted locker to the low 7 ' s. Dorothy Dickson wills her can of Spray Net to Liberace. Ellen Dietschy wills her Junior Red Cross pres- idency to Joyce Cameron. O ' Neil Dillon wills his specs to a near-sighted worm. Tom Doman wills his grades to a needy L7. Pat Duffey wills her rosy cheeks to an apple. Dave Dutton wills his height to a giraffe and his shoes to an elephant. Dottie Eakin wills the achin in her name to a hospital. Diane Edwards wills Diana back to Dave Gillespie. Martha Ellis wills her musical talents to Susan Hoyt. Caroline Eyring wills sludger back to Marciano. Robert Pambry wills all his books to Mr. A. C. Baxter. Cathy Parr wills her brain to an F-notice re- ceiver. John Pawcett wills his specs back to a tortoise. Bill Peinstein wills his Latin grades to Bob Gordon. Mary Ann Pinch wills her last name to the birds. Helen Fisher wills her dimple to anyone who wants it. Lea Fisher wills the grease back to the bottle. Hal Fishier wills all his books and papers to the incinerator. Geneanne Floyd wills some of her hair to Mr. Van Matre. Don Preitag wills Fry back to the frying pan. Roy French wills his seat in the auditorium to an incoming L7. Peter Prulan wills his books to the junk man. Meredith Pry wills her Student Leader Squad to some hopeful L7 student leader. Jean Gallagher wills a slightly chewed piece of gum to Miss Riley. Sandy Gallinetti wills her first name back to the beach. Keith Gaustad wills the inkwells at Garfield to certain persons in hopes that they won ' t be as empty as those persons ' heads. Kathie Gelus wills her job as treasurer to any- one who dares to take it. Bill Ghiselli wills his last name to anyone who can spell it. Dave Gillespie wills his ears to an elephant. Don Girvin wills walking in the halls with girls to Bob Carver. Stephen Goldsmith wills his athlete ' s foot (the only athletic part of him) to Mr. Gomez. Joyce Gompertz wills her St. Mary ' s boy friends to Betsy. Joanne Goody wills her name back to the song Goody, Goody. Jack Goon wills his books, gum, candy, and bugs to the Garbage Department. Robert Gordon wills his will back to the will- ful person who wrote his will, Adrianne Gotzenberg wills her talking too much to a shy Low 7. Pat Gregg wills her Latin talents to Dick Jochums. Charles Gustavson wills Gus back to the goose in the Walt Disney comic books. Jean Habekoss wills her laugh back to ' wherever it came from. Arthur Hall wills his math book back to the teacher. Donald Hall wills his lousy Spanish grades to some up-and-coming L8 Spanish student. Nancy Hall wills herself to Jack. Mackie Hand doesn ' t will anyone anything be- cause she doesn ' t intend to die. Bill Hanlon wills his grades to Robert Gordon. Lynn Hardy wills her swimming ability to a fish. Gary Hargrove wills his locker to some double jointed L7. Jim Harris wills a lizard to Miss Laurens. Steve Havis wills his sweaty hands to the drink- ing fountain. Connie Hays wills her thinking cap in Miss Jennings room to someone who brings it every daj. Mike Hearn wills his temper back to the Irish. Pat Hill wills her last name back to the moun- tains. Sylvia Hollis wills being Gleaner editor to Evelyn Hoff. Steve Honeychurch wills his name back to the person who gave it to him. Susan Honeychurch wills her nature men to an aging spinster. Bill Hoogs wills his tremendous athletic abil- ity to Bobby Avakian, who needs it. Rosalind Hoole wills her cookies to Marilyn Sloane. Dan Hooper wills his brother ' s car to himself. Jerry Hornibrook wills his grades to some hard working L7. Phyllis House wills her last name to its rightful owner. Susan Hoyt wills her musical talents to Martha Ellis. Betty Hudson wills her nerve to tell Mr. Van cf f tp ' some unsuspecting L9 Algebra student. Susan Hutchinson wills her naturally straight hair to Liberace. Janeene Icardi wills her boy friends to Nina Guralnick. Art Irwin wills his roses to a garden. Hiroko Ishii wills her sewing ability to an unexperienced L8 Donovan Jenkins wills his rides with Van to someone who needs a ride from Danville to Berkeley. Fred Johansen wills his slaving over hot pro- jectors to Mike MaCabe. Marion Johnson wills her brother and sister to Garfield Margaret Johnstone wills her boat to the L7 ' s that are all at sea. David Joly wills his high pockets to an elevator. Craig Jones wills his looks to Mr. Van Matre. Mike Jones wills his pen to Dennis Masters. Charles Josephs wills his great sports ability to any me who will take it. Myrtis Kabeary wills her place on the Gleaner staff to some boy. Linda Kahn wills her Algebra grades to someone who wants bad algebra grades. Laurence Karp wills his name to a fish. Pat Keller wills her ability to get along with teachers to any fellow-fool. John Kelley wills his dubious artistic talents to the queerest L7. Bill Kerr wills his English books to the dumps in West Berkeley, and his others to Clark Permar. Norma Kidwell wills herself to all the sailors in the United States Navy. Ron Kiger wills his books to his teachers and his clarinet to Mr. Minzyk. Jack D. Kimball wills the broom with which he sweeps the halls to Bill Glass. Susan Kjarsgaard wills her last name to anyone who can pronounce it. Bennett Kolstaddwills his grades to the dump. Carole Krahenbuhl wills her sweetness to a lemon. Tim Laddish wills Craig Jones back to the Stone Age. Jim Ladwig wills his sunny disposition to Mr. Baxter. Cathy Lamb wills herself to boys. Bob Larkins wills his girl friends to a L9, Linda Larsen wills her algebra grades to Pat Krebs. Robert Lawrence wills his student leader post to Mr. Van. Beth Leavitt wills her straight hair ta a L9 with naturally curly hair. David Lee wills Mr. Van Matre a new joke book. Mary Louise Lee wills her freckles to Barbara McMath. Ronald Lesea wills his Latin book to Mrs. McCurdy. Pat Lillie wills her walk to Marilyn Scaglon. Neil Lochhead wills the lock in his name to a key. John Loram wills all the girls in the L9 to Davey Crockett. Shirley Loughlin wills her height and size to Dick Smith.

Page 17 text:

Student Council " Gleaner " Staff " Gleaner ' ' Art Staff

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