Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 17 of 40
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Page 17 text:

class wills John Adams wills his name back to the second president. Jinx Adams wills her grin to Ed Sullivan. Judy Adams wills her name to all the apples. Joe Adamson wills his stage ability to a L7. Harry Aitkens wills his quietness to some noisy H7. Jobyna Akers wills her tenor voice to her soprano sister. Kenny Akiyama wills his brain to an " F-notice " receiver. ' Londa Albo wills her figure to " Sticks. " David Alvarez wills his blond hair to a " Light and Bright " ad. Phyllis Amato wills her last name to a t ' amato. Bob Amos wills his prexy job to the next girl president of Garfield. Leslie Anderson wills " Breadsticks " back to Jefferson. Pat Archerd wills Joe back to the stage. Barbara Aungst wills her voice to a canary. Margie Avakian wills her knowledge of English to Steve Roper. Dean Bacon wills his last name to an egg. Philip Barbar wills his seat on the 75 bus to the 67 bus. Sue Bardin wills herself to a model agency. Kay Barnum wills her doodling to Walt Disney. Jessica Barshay wills her brush-up to Gerry Klein. Dean Barthold wills his crush on Liberace to George. John Batt wills his last name to the gym supplies. Judy Beeler wills her height to the Campanile. Virginia Belcher wills her letter writing in study to Dave Berglund. Carolyn Benner wills the model " T " in " Cheaper by the Dozen " back to Clifton Webb. Barbara Benschoter wills her eyes to Patsy Barrington. Bob Berry wills his " Gazette " route to anybody who wants it. Marianne Bogart wills her Spanish grades to her brother, Layton. Elizabeth Bolton wills her southern accent to Tallulah Bankhead. Paul Borg wills his gory drawings to Mr. Pearl. Larry Bourret wills his smile to a " Colgate " ad. Tad Brillhart wills his dimples to a poker face. Dorothy Brogden wills her nick-name, " Pogo, " back to the comic strip. Mary Ellen Brower wills her first name to the jams and jellies. Frances Brown wills her brother to Garfield. Nancy Brown wills her dancing ability to David Dutton. John Broyer wills his money to Fort Knox. Ann Burch wills her lunch to AAiss Laurens. Malcolm Burgess wills his looks to a rabbit. Darrell Burnett wills his black cords to a funeral agency. Carl Burnham wills his pretty hands to a carpenter. Nancy Butner wills her shyness to " Tooper. " Gale Canham wills her billiard table to the " Cue Center. " Robin Cantin wills her name to a bird. Sue Capri wills her name back to the Isle. Peter Carey wills his laugh to a soprano. Ben Carter wills his manly body to a toothpick. George Cash wills the puddles in the basketball courts to the low seven class. Judy Cesena wills her ballet slippers to Bob Hoffer. Terry Clancy wills her courage to get her hair cut to anyone who needs it. Carole Conness wills her plaid glasses to a Scotchman. Peter Cole wills his last name to Nat King. Fritz Cope wills his left-handed screwdriver to Mr. Blanchard. Brenda Cox wills her red hair to Red Blanchard. Joe Crismon wills his track ability to a turtle. Sandy Cummings wills her tan to a sun tan advertisement. Anne Dahlgren wills her quietness to a lion. Marinell Daniel wills her last name back to Boone. Don Davis wills his brother to Mrs. McCurdy. Paralee Davis wills her name. Howard Davison wills Copenhagen back to Mrs. Kressman. Jack DeLay wills himself to Marlon Brando ' s motorcycle. Victor Delius wills his glasses to a mole. Charlyn deSousa wills her Theta Psi prexy job to some Epsilon guy. Marjean deVries wills her blond hair to Jo Goody. Bill Dickson wills his freckles to a freckle cream jar. Judy Dieter wills her millions of clothes to I. Magnin ' s. Marilyn Dilke wills her blond hair to Spencer Lewis. Eugene Dillion wills his good handwriting to " Paper-Mate " ads. Beppie Ann Duker wills her hulas to a Hawaiian. Jim Elkins wills his appetite to Mr. Edward ' s rats. Oliver Ellsworth wills his piano playing to anyone but Liberace. Tishie Emerson wills her braids to Vickie Vohs. Joyce Enninger wills her diets to any plump L7. Florence Entriken wills her long fingernails to a nervous L7. Barbara Evans wills her piano playing to Liberace because he needs it. Sunya Evans wills her voice to her sister, Sue. Bob Falconer wills his quietness to Mr. Edwards. June Farley wills her green elf shoes back to the elf. Ruth Feuillard wills her tap-dancing to a bear. Ed Fitzgerald wills his haircut to a porcupine. Bob Fitch wills his voice to a mouse. Liz Ann Flint wills her last name to the Ronson Lighter Company. Mary Fone wills her last name to Alexander Graham Bell. Alyce Lynne Fong wills her hair to the Fuller Brush Company. Jerry Frazer wills his height to a giraffe. Johnny Froines wills Garfield to his kid brother, Bob. Philip Fry wills his Noon Patrol captain job to Jim Phillips. Irene Fuery wills her haircut back to the barber. Pat Galvin wills her voice to Mrs. Riley. Luis Garcia wills his black cords to Bob Davis. Douglas Garrison wills his name to Fort Knox. Eric Gaustad wills himself to St. Mary ' s. Charles Gavrilis wills " Johnnie ' s " to Berkeley High. Pauline Gaw wills her peaches-and-cream complexion to a gravel road. Marilee Gibson wills " Mare " to a filly. Ricky Gilbert wills his French grades to some stupid idiot. Doug Gompertz wills his grades to his sister, Joyce. Sharon Gould wills her overdue books back to Miss Stone. Quana Gove wills her name back to an Indian. Linda Greene wills her last name to some chlorophyll. Jerry Grismore wills his initials, G. A. G. to a comedian. Walter Groch wills his scientific brain to Miss Lowrey. Nellie Guth wills her art ability to a caveman. Sandy Hakmiller wills her earrings back to a pirate. Gail Hardy wills " Hardy " back to the judge. Liz Hargrove wills her Cadillac to Mr. Baxter. Warren Harnden wills himself to Dana B. Glen Harrington wills his voice to " Inner Sanctum. " Judy Heller wills her name!! Sara Henderson wills the high eight class to another gym helper. Pat Holland wills herself to New Zealand. Craig Hoyt wills himself to Marilyn Monroe. Walter Hudson wills Emy to himself. Danny Hutson wills his wisecracks in study to Mrs. Luke. Sondra Jarman wills her experience in giving permanents to Mrs. Shriver. Carl Johnson wills his voice to " The Shadow. " Geoff. Johnson wills his hair to Van. Pat Johnson wills her G. A. M. job to an unsuspecting L9. John Kagel wills " Bones " back to the grave. Betsy Keasbey wills that flower in her hair to Sweet Lei Lanai. Barbara Keller wills her personality to her sister, Pat. Roger Kent wills his last name to the cigarettes. Bernie Key wills his head of hair to Van. Johnny Klein wills his Levi ' s back to Levi, Strauss Co. Anne Kluegal wills her straight hair to a French poodle. Conrad Knoll wills his Algebra grades to Barbara Gade. Thierry Koenig wills his French to Miss Laurens. Bob Kurtz wills Mr. Van ' s jokes to his L7 brother. Emile Lacombe wills his brother to Mr. Van ' s Algebra class.

Page 16 text:

David Nicholson Joan Nielsen Bonnie O ' Brien Jean Orleman Joyce Peterson Penny Peterson David Pettys George Petty Norma Petty Lorna Phillips Sheila Phillips David Poe Bob Pors Eldon Ream Terry Rentz Tom Rosano John Rose Cathy Rounds Ellen Saegebarth Dave Shimansky Diane Schwab Carol Scott Linda Sebree Barbara Shepardson Anna Sherriffs Sue Shipley Bill Sloane Dona Smith Don Smith Mayne Smith Bill Spaulding Jeanette Spencer Margery Stephens Eleanor Stevens Richard Talbott Ann Talburt Wayne Tarr Stuart Taylor Jim Thebaut Dick Tinkham Kathy Tomlinson Pat Toombs David Turner Kay Venstrom Beverly Waen Michael Walton Rita Weill Paul Weller Anne Whiston Leonard Wohletz Kathy Yarwood Brenda Zercher Pat Zerlang James Zumwalt

Page 18 text:

Bill Ladwig wills his eastern clothes to Texas. Joyce Lankow wills her curly hair to someone with straight hair. Janet Larson wills her clothes to a Hollywood designer. Marybeth Laurence wills her mouth to a clam. Pam Leach wills the cuts she used to get from Don Davis to anyone who can stand them. Howard Leggett wills his improvement in Algebra to the fourth period class. Frances Leonard wills her first name back to the mule. Roger Lewis wills his shyness to Jerry Lewis. Wei-i Li wills his name to anyone who wants it. Chuck Liotta wills his feet to Felix Adler. Mary Lonnberg wills her glasses to anyone who can see through them. Isabel Lovejoy wills Garfield to her four younger sisters. Karen Mackinder wills her library job to her sister, Sheila. Doug Martin wills his boat to the Berkeley Yacht Harbor. Joan Masters wills her shortness to anyone who wants it. David Mathews wills his athletic ability to Tim Carter. Ray Mayeri wills his Algebra grades back to Mr. Van. Mike McCormack wills his crew cut to the Navy. Norman McKay wills his blue peggars to a garbage can. Kay McLaughlin wills her hair to Mary Sessions. Norman McQuilling wills his artistic ability to Norman Rockwell. Kathleen McVicker wills her name to the Irish. Tom Meigs wills his athletic ability to Roger Bannister. Don Melen wills his last name to a fruit stand. Elizabeth Milczewski wills her last name to anyone who can spell it. Bob Miller wills his height to Susan Light. Doug AAills wills his Jefferson grades to B. H. S. Barbara Miyasaki wills her sweetness to a lemon. Bill Monroe wills his low voice to someone with laryngitis. Judy Moonitz wills her sister, Elaine, to Garfield. Alex Moorehead wills his yo-yo to anyone who can make it work. Morley Morgana wills French to anyone who wants it. Norman Morley wills " Slugger " to a ball park. Jack Morris wills his first name to a barber shop. Ernie Mortimer wills his wrestling ability to Rudy Enriquez. Carol M.oscrip wills her blindness to a bat. Andy Nantz wills his first name back to Amos ' n ' Andy. Steve Nelson wills his binder to his brother. David Nicholson wills his silence to the United Nations. Joan Nielsen wills her curly hair to a seal. Larry Nielsen wills " censored??!! " Bob Nyland wills his hair to a brush factory. Bonnie O ' Brien wills her initials to " Lifebuoy. " Jean Orleman wills her boy friend to herself. David Owen wills his last name to the boat company. Emy Paltridge wills Walter to herself. Nick Pereira wills his Boy Scout rank to a Cub. Joyce Peterson wills her neatness to a pin. Penny Peterson wills her tennis racket to Judy Allin who can use it. David Petteys wills Miss Laurens to the French Foreign Legion. George Petty wills last term ' s " Gleaner " cover to the files. Norma Petty wills her last name to grand theft. Lorna Phillips wills her father back to his office. Ricky Phillips wills his eyes to a cocker soaniel. Sheila Phillips wills her shortness to " Bob. " David Poe wills his name to the river. Bob Pors wills his name to the " Morton " salt slogan. Victor Porter wills his last name to a red-cap. Bonnie Rae Ramos wills her splashing in puddles to anyone who wants to get wet. Eldon Ream wills his rides with Miss Collar to Helen Fisher. Sandy Rees wills her father ' s boat to " Davy Jones ' s Locker. " Terry Rentz wills her naturally straight hair to her sister. Doug Riggs wills his being new to a L7. Jim Ronan wills his conservations with Linda to Jack Benny. Tom Rosano wills his height to Judy Nunns. John Rose wills his sense of humor to a dying Communist. Neil Rosenberg wills his songs (?) to Stan Schiffman. Cathy Rounds wills her dramatic ability back to Mrs. Curtice. Chris Rubsamen wills her black hair to Vivian Fahlgren. Michoel Rulon wills his French grades to a Chinaman. Ellen Saegebarth wills her brain to Einstein. Dave Schimansky wills his pretty eyes to a girl. Ron Schneider wills his red hair to a peach. Linda Schumaker wills her grin to the Cheshire cat. Pokey Schwab wHIs herself to Monty Clift. Carol Scott wills her perkiness to a goldfish. Linda Sebree wills her pretty hair to a shampoo ad. Carl Selness wills his trumpet to Glen Miller. Barbara Shepardson wills her tight sweaters. Anna Sherriffs wills herself back to Hawaii. Sue Shipley wills her hair to Judi Wheeler. Robert Simmons wills his newness to a L7. Bill Sloane wills his L9 English grades back to Mrs. Small. Dona Smith wills her name to Nina Christina Pastorino. Don Smith wills himself to numerous girls. Carlo Smith wills her name to anyone who wants something unusual. Mayne Smith wills his guitar playing to Gene Autrey. Deanna Soe wills her quietness to Mrs. Shriver ' s classes. Steven Sowell wills his height to a flagpole. Joe Sparks wills " Moneybags " back to Van. Bill Spaulding wills half of " Bill and Coo " to Anna. Jeanette Spencer wills her French knowledge to a postage stamp. Steve Spencer wills Pam to himself. Victor Staadecker wills his blushing to a rose. Robert Stallone wills nothing because he plans to live to age 100. John Starr wills his cafeteria job to a starving and penniless L7. Margery Stephens wills her 1 -A on a French test to her sister. Eleanor Stevens wills her quietness to a frustrated teacher. Lee Roy Strong wills his hair to " Ike. " Jerry Sturdivant wills his difficult last name to somebody named Smith. Carol Sutherland wills her laugh to the Fun House. Richard Talbott wills his Spanish grades to any " F " student. Ann Talburt wills her French grades to a struggling L8. Wayne Tarr wills his B. A. M. job to some athletic L7. Stuart Taylor wills his quiet nature to Roger Barthell. Jim Thebaut wills his Math grades to anybody stupid enough to take them. Gretchen Thompson wills her swing to someone ' s back yard. Gene Thorley wills his eyes to the Breen office. Dick Tinkham wills himself to Albany High. Kathy Tomlinson wills her World History knowledge to Mrs. Curtice. Pat Toombs wills her last name to a graveyard. David Turner wills his personality to an ink-blotter. John David Turner wills his hair-do to a porcupine. Kay Venstrom wills her good typing ability to some ambitious secretary. Tom Violich wills hi s flute to Mr. Minzyk. Beverly Waen wills her shortness to some tall L7. Doug Walker wills his lines to a clothespin. Michael Walton wills his laziness to a vitamin pill. Larry Wesson wills himself to succeed in his ambition. Kathy Watkins wills her tallness to one of those short seventh graders. Rita Weill wills her diets back to Ann Delafield. Paul Welles wills his glasses back to his optometrist. Kenny Werner wills his dancing ability to a snail. Anne Whiston wills her tan to an albino. Kathie White wills her flirting to a timid L7. Ann Wightman wills herself to the " Wild One. " Sally Wilson wills her tennis racket to Alice Marble. Leonard Wohletz wills his curly hair to Barbara Elam. Jane Yanagi wills her straight hair to anyone who wants it. Kathy Yarwood wills her good grades to a L7. Brenda Zercher wills her voice to anyone wishing to scare cats. Pat Zerlang wills Shelda and Kathy back to the birds. James Zumwalt wills his last name to Miriam Abramowitsch, the first " A " in the school.

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