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 - Class of 1952

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garfield junior high school berkeley, California fall, 7952 principal ' s message The fall term of 1 952 has been an unusually busy one for the Student Body. The enthusiasm of the graduating class has been in a large measure responsible for the 100% sale of Student Body Cards, generous support of the Community Chest, and the sale of over 950 Glean- ers. We have also supported the Junior Red Cross in sending 100 Christmas boxes abroad, as well as mak- ing many articles for the veterans ' hospitals, and con- tributing generously to the Berkeley Christmas tree col- lection. Many of our general assembly programs have been put on by our own student talent. Since we use our gymnasium as an auditorium, this has not always been easy, but the results have been excellent. I am sure the graduating class will go on to high school with the same enthusiasm which they have evi- denced at Garfield. A. C. Baxter president ' s farewell We, the Class of Fall, 1 952, wish to thank Mr. Baxter, Mr. Sauers, and the members of the faculty for their help and encouragement in making our three years at Garfield happy ones. We shall cherish them in our mem- ories. We thank them not only for their patience, tol- erance and good fellowship, but also for instilling in us a school spirit which we hope to carry with us through senior high school and beyond. Peter Domoto JEAN MOORE vice-president ANNE FAULKNER secretary NAOMI KIMURA treasurer ELEANOR UTHLAUT girls ' association president D AVID MATHIS boys ' association president JUDY ODELL social secretary KAREN COX girls ' athletic manager GARY THORLEY boys ' athletic manager student council student court gleaner staff gleaner art staff rally boys office helpers student leaders library helpers block G boys gym helpers attendance helpers girls gym helpers ■ ■ • . drama classes noon patrol junior red cross public address crew projectionists mimeo crew girls and boys glee band and orchestra BOB ANDERSON Born: Berkeley Activities: Baseball, volley- ball, basketball, Gym Helper, Noon League Noted for: " Andy " Ambition: Sports announcer DON BISHOP Born: San Diego Activities: Noon Leagues, basketball, baseball, vol- leyball Noted for: Big feet Ambition: Navy officer KENNY BOURGAULT Born: Quincy, Mass. Activities: Baseball, volley- ball, Rally Boy, basketball Noted for: " Burgie " Ambition: Publicity agent for garbage collector JOANNE BURLINGAME Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Leader, Student Council Noted for: Ballet dancing Ambition: Dancer MARGARET BUTNER JOHN BEJERANO Born: Oakland Activities: Tennis, cafeteria supervisor Noted for: Eyelashes Ambition: A millionaire ALLAN BLACHMAN Born: San Francisco Activities: Glee, Noon Leagues Noted for: Junior Bird Man Ambition: Senior Bird Man DICK BOWER Born: Alameda Activities: Band, Noon Leagues Noted for: His shirts Ambition: Forester JUDY BURNET Born: Oakland Activities: Volleyball, track, Student Council, yell leader Noted for: " Lefty " Ambition: Dental nurse DON CAMPBELL RICHARD ALDEN Born: Berkeley Activities: Projection crew, Noon Leagues Noted for: " Cosmo " Ambition: Aeronautics AUDREY BISCAY Born: Oakland Activities: Student Leader, Noon Leagues, band, Glee Noted for: Dog lover Ambition: Dog catcher LARRY BOOTH Born: Oakland Activities: Noon Leagues, Student Leader Noted for: Height Ambition: College FRANCES BRYAN Born: Berkeley Activities: Music Noted for: Quietness Ambition: Nurse BETTY BROWNELL Born: Albany Activities: Chasing David Noted for: Her hair Ambition: To catch David BOB CARLISLE Born: Denver, Colo. Activities: Noon Leagues, volleyball Noted for: Donna Ambition: Forest Ranger BOB CHIAPPONE Born: Fresno Activities: Basketball, foot- ball, baseball, volleyball Noted for: Voice Ambition: To be Miss Ochoa ' s pet KAREN COX Born: Berkeley Activities: Basketball, Gym Helper, baseball, volley- ball, track. Noon Leagues, G.A.M., Student Council Noted for: Allergy to Spanish Ambition: French Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, baseball. Office Helper Noted for: Cat lover Ambition: Secretary JEAN CARMODY Born: Oakland Activities: Baseball, volley- ball, track Noted for: Athletic ability Ambition: Linguist FRED CHIN Born: Los Angeles Activities: Football, volley- ball Noted for: Brain Ambition: Chemist MARGARET DEDERIAN Born: Albany Activities: Student Leader Noted for: Haircut Ambition: To own a cattle ranch Born: Long Island Activities: Volleyball, basket- ball, track. Noon Leagues Noted for: " Squeaky " Ambition: Man DON CARVER Born: Berkeley Activities: Baseball, basket- ball, track, football. Noon League Noted for: " Bogie " Ambition: Archaeologist BARRY CORTEN Born: San Francisco Activities: Public address, Mimeo Crew Noted for: Haircut Ambition: Projectionist ELIZABETH DOBBINS Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Court, Student Leader, Gym Helper, basketball, base- ball, volleyball Noted for " Liz " Ambition: Naval service PETE DOMOTO Activities, Baseball, basket- ball, volleyball, track. Stu- dent Council, Rally Com- mittee, Prexy Noted for: That build Ambition: Coach MIKE DRUCQUER Born: Berkeley Activities: Rally Boy, Noon League Noted for: " Bambino " Ambition: To pass Spanish DICK DUTTON Born: Santa Rosa Activities: Volleyball, base- ball, track Noted for: Height Ambition: Architect JACK EDWARDS Born: San Francisco Noted for: Looking like Arthur Godfrey Ambition: Millionaire ELSBETH FOSTER Born: Oakland Activities: Noon Leagues, Office Helper Noted for: " Elsie " Ambition: Elsbeth SANDRE GUSTAFSON Born: Oakland Activities: Glee, Orchestra Noted for " Gus, Gus " Ambition:To get into A Cappella RODNEY HARRIS Born: Oakland Activities: Glee, Student Council, football, softball, volleyball. Rally captain Noted for: His ability with a yo yo Ambition: To sleep ALLAN HESKIN Born: Alameda Activities: Basketball, Noon League Noted for: Mustache Ambition: Cal JEFF HORNER Born: Oakland Activities: " Gleaner " art staff Noted for: Inventions Ambition: Dentist CLAUDE HUTCHINSON Born: Oakland Activities: Volleyball, soft- ball, Noon Leagues, bas- ketball Noted for: Wisecracks in Spanish Ambition: To write a joke book ROBERT KANEKO Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, basketball, football Noted for: Irish Ambition: Teacher ROGER KIDWELL Born: Nevada City, Calif. Activities: Noon League, football, high jump Noted for: Grades in Latin Ambition: Forest ranger ROY KONIG Born: Oakland Activities: Hunting Noted for: Hunter Ambition: Game warden KAREN EKSTRAND Born: Manila, P.l. Activities: Noon Leagues, Music Noted for: Hair Ambition: Secretary BYRON GAVRILIS Born: Oakland Activities: " Gleaner " staff, volleyball. Noon League, baseball Noted for: " Gabby " Ambition: Farmer CHUCK HANSEN Born: Berkeley Activities: Volleyball, Noon Leagues, baseball, track Noted for: Flagpole sitting Ambition: Civil engineer BONNIE HEBERT Born: Albany Activities: Student Court, Bicycle Court, volleyball. Noon Leagues Noted for: John Ambition: To go to Mills College NANCY HONEYCHURCH Born: Oakland Activities: Baseball, volley- ball, Noon Leagues Noted for: Blond hair Ambition: Cal TERRY HORNER Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Council, Noon Leagues, Noon Patrol Noted for: Noon Patrol hat Ambition: Doctor BARBARA HYDE Born: Albany Activities: Noon Leagues, volleyball Noted for: That walk? Ambition: Occupational therapist RICHARD KEMPF Born: Ames, Iowa Activities: Student Council, Student Court, Noon Leagues Noted for: Algebra grades Ambition: Architect NAOMI KIMURA Born: Oakland Activities: Treasurer, Student Council, volleyball. Noon Leagues Noted for: Being at the G.S.A. window Ambition: Stewardess PAUL KRAHENBUHL Born: Berkeley Activities: Mimeograph, Stu- dent Leader, P.A. Library Helper Noted for: Being out of Advisory a—U: : c : ANNE FAULKNER Born: Berkeley Activities: Secretary Student Council, volleyball, bas- ketball, Noon League Noted for: Fussing with her hair Ambition: Re-write the Algebra book PETER GRAY Born: Salvadore Activities: Basketball, foot- ball, Noon League Noted for: Shyness Ambition: Agriculturist JULIA HARMON Born: Berkeley Activities: Office Helper, Noon League, music Noted for: Horses Ambition: Housewife ALLAN HEDRICK Born: San Francisco Activities: Basketball Noted for: His cast Ambition: To stay out of the Army LINDA HORN Born: Berkeley Activities: All teams, track. Noon Leagues, Gym Helper Noted for: Liking dogs Ambition: Fort Ord VIRGINIA HORNING Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Leader, captain Noted for: " Yummy " Ambition: To graduate with flying colors RICHARD JONES Born: Oakland Activities: Baseball Noted for: Ruggedness? Ambition: Tax collector RICHARD KENNON Born: Oakland Activities: Hockey Noted for: Freckles Ambition: Millionaire RICHARD KOEBER Born: Berkeley Activities: Football, baseball Noted for: Brain Ambition: Mountain climber JAMES KREHBIEL Born: Berkeley Activities: Volleyball, basket- ball, Noon Leagues Noted for: " Jim " Ambition: Hopalong Rosen- bloom HOWARD LAMBERT Born: Oakland Activities: Noon Leagues, Student Court Noted for: Regular grades Ambition: Doctor JOANNE LUGAR Born: Berkeley Activities: Volleyball, Noon Leagues, Gym Helper Noted for: Pug nose Ambition: Stenographer KENDALL McALLISTER Born: San Francisco Activities: Rally Committee, Gleaner art staff. Noon Leagues, football, baseball Noted for: His artistic skill Ambition: Naval Reserve commercial artist CHARLENE McMILLAN Born: Berkeley Activities: All teams, Or- chestra, Office Helper, Gym Helper, track. Noon Leagues Noted for: Red hair Ambition: Secretary JON MOORE Born: Berkeley Activities: Vice Prexy, Stu- dent Council, volleyball, basketball, baseball. Noon Leagues, Gym Helper Noted for: " Sammy " Ambition: To play with Seattle baseball team HAROLD NILSSON Born: Oakland Activities: Noon Leagues, baseball, football, vol- leyball Noted for: " Ed " Ambition: Undecided MAURINE OWEN Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Leader, Noon Leagues, volleyball Noted for: Her brain Ambition: Better grades GARY POPE Born: Oakland Activities: Football, Noon Leagues Noted for: Being absent Ambition: Accountant LORRAINE REILLY Born: Berkeley Activities: Dramatics Noted for: " Rain-Rain " Ambition: To get an " A " in Spanish GRAHAME ROSS Born: Berkeley Activities: Gym Helper, vol- leyball, basketball. Noon League Noted for: Firecrackers Ambition: To get out of B.H.S. LINDA LEE Born: Berkeley Activities: Track, volleyball, baseball, basketball. Noon Leagues, Gleaner staff, Gym Helper Noted for: Boy interests Ambition: College LESLIE MASTERS Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Council, volleyball, track, baseball, yell leader Noted for: Swell guy Ambition: Comedian anne McKinney Born: Oakland Activities: Volleyball, basket- ball, Student Court, Gym Helper, Noon League Noted for: " Mac " Ambition: Model JOHN MIILU Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, volleyball Noted for: His last name Ambition: Truck driver KATY MULVANY Born: Oakland Activities: Gleaner staff, baseball, basketball, vol- leyball, Noon Leagues, Gym Helper Noted for: Her jokes Ambition: Naval Supply School in New Jersey CHARLES NUTTING Born: San Francisco Activities: Noon Leagues, baseball, football Noted for: Homeruns over the fence Ambition: Game warden PAT PARKER Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, volleyball. Office Helper Noted for: Tech High friends Ambition: Roller skater VAL PRESCOP Born: San Francisco Activities: Noon Leagues, Band, baseball Noted for: Fish stories Ambition: Mad scientist DONNA RITZMAN Born: Oakland Activities: Cheer Leader, Stu- dent Council, Noon Leagues, lota Prexy Noted for: Bob ' s argyles Ambition: Secretary MARY SCHWAB Born: Santa Rita, N.M. Activities: Basketball, base- ball, volleyball, track, Gleaner staff. Gym Helper Noted for: " Midge " Ambition: To get taller ALLEN LEGGETT Born: Berkeley Activities: Gym Helper Noted for " Penny " Ambition: To go to Davis DAVID MATHIS Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Council, volleyball, football, base- ball, basketball, track. Noon League Noted for: B.A.P. Ambition: Lady wrestler JOHN McKISSICK Born: St. Paul, Minn. Activities: Student Court, volleyball, baseball. Noon Leagues, football Noted for: " Bonnie " Ambition: President of Mills College JEAN MOORE Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues, baseball, basketball. Gym Helper Noted for: Low 9 girls Ambition: To go to Vassar College SANDRA NEALSON Born: Berkeley Activities: Baseball, volley- ball, basketball, Noon Leagues Noted for: Her naturally curly hair Ambition: Airline Stewardess JUDY ODELL Born: San Francisco Activities: Soc. Sec., Student Council, track, volleyball. Glee, Noon Leagues, base- ball Noted for: That baby voice Ambition: Graduate from B.H.S. JERRY PEDRONI Born: Albany Activities: Gym Helper, foot- ball, Noon Leagues Noted for: Writing passes Ambition: To write more passes DEBRA PROCTOR Born: Hollywood Activities: Gleaner Editor, Noon Leagues, Student Council Noted for: Gleaner Editor Ambition: Military career CHARLES ROSE Born: Washington, D.C. Activities: Studying Noted for: Esperie de Patie Marino Americano Ambition: To get rid of the 10-Year Plan CARROLL SILVEY Born: Berkeley Activities: Volleyball, Noon League Noted for: That smile Ambition: Airline Stewardess BOB SLEEPER Born: New York Activities: Noon League Noted for: Curly hair Ambition: Stanford DON STRUBLE Born: Oakland Noted for: " Struble did it! " Ambition: Not to do it DAVIDA TAYLOR Born: Berkeley Activities: Student Council, Student Leader: music. Red Cross representative Noted for: Slimness Ambition: Red Cross repre- sentative MARY TUEMMLER Born: Oakland Activities: Student Court, Noon Leagues, track. Bicycle Court Noted for: " Blondie " Ambition: To stay that way GREGORY VOGE Born: Berkeley Activities: Noon Leagues Noted for: His big feet Ambition: Berkeley High DAN WAGENER Born: Albany Activities: Volleyball, Noon Leagues, basketball, base- ball, football Noted for: " Figaro " Ambition: Salesman WAYNE WILCOX Born: Berkeley Activities: Projection crew Noted for: His wavy hair Ambition: Chemist LEONARD WOERTENDYKE Born: San Francisco Activities: Basketball, volley- ball Noted for: His last name Ambition: Auto racer JAMES SPITZE Born: Berkeley Activities: Boys Glee, Library Helper Noted for: World History reports Ambition: Electrical engineer PEARL SWICEGOOD Born: San Francisco Activities: Track, baseball, volleyball, basketball Noted for: Drawing horses Ambition: Horse farming HOYIT TERRY Born: Amarillo, Texas Activities: Football, Noon Leagues Noted for: His smile Ambition: To join the Navy ELEANOR UTHLAUT Born: Berkeley Activities: G.A.P., Student Council, Glee, Noon Leagues, Theta Phi Prexy Noted for: That laugh? Ambition: Kindergarten teacher SUZANNE VOGE Born: Berkeley Activities: Glee, Noon Leagues, track, volleyball Noted for: Her height Ambition: To be five feet JUDY WEBB Born: New York City Activities: Baseball, track. Noon Leagues, Attendance Helper, Gym Helper Noted for: " Spider " Ambition: To follow in Mrs. Shriver ' s footsteps SHARON WILDS Born, Alliance, Nebr. Activities: Dramatics Noted for: Giggles Ambition: Policewoman DON STEVENS Born: Stockton Activities: Volleyball, basket- ball, football Noted for: His camera Ambition: To join the Navy ZENAIDA TALBOT Born: Berkeley Activities: Track, volleyball. Noon Leagues, basketball, baseball Noted for: Sports ability Ambition: To be a WAVE GARY THORLEY Born: Mason City, Iowa Activities: Student Council, volleyball, B.A.M., Gym Helper, baseball Noted for: B.A.M. Ambition: Pilot SAMMY VIVIANO Born: Oakland Activities: Football, baseball, basketball, track, volley- ball, Student Court Noted for: " Jean " Ambition: Mechanical engi- neer LEO VON SEEBURG Born: Oakland Activities: Basketball, track, Noon Leagues, Rally Com- mittee, Asst. Ath. Mgr. Noted for: His haircut Ambition: Detective ADELINE WHITEHEAD Born: Vallejo Activities: Student Leader, Office Helper, cafeteria supervisor Noted for: " Addie " Ambition: Private secretary NANETTE WILLIS Born: Oakland Activities: Volleyball, Glee, basketball Noted for: " Naneddie " Ambition: Housewife CORNELIA YOUNG Born: St. Helena Activities: Dramatics, Noon Leagues, Attendance Helper Noted for: " Corny " Ambition: To go to Princeton class wills Richard Alden wills " Cosmo " back to the Space Cadets. Bob Anderson wills his lankiness to a giraffe. John Bejerano wills his wise cracks to Miss Ochoa. Audrey Biscay wills her art ability to Miss Collar. Don Bischop wills himself to B.H.S. Allan Blachman wills his car to the nearest junk yard. Larry Booth wills his mimeo job to some unsuspecting Low 8. Ken Bourgault wills his athletic ability to the Boston Red Sox. Dick Bower wills his nickname ' " Bow-wow " to Lassie. Betty Brownell wills that hair to Mr. Van. Frances Bryan wills her quietness to Dave Archer. Joanne Burlingame wills her ballet dancing to Franklin. Judy Burnet wills her neatness to a pin. Margaret Butner wills her copper hair tint to a blonde. Don Campbell wills his algebra grades to Bud Kamb. Bob Carlisle wills Garfield to his sister, Sue. Jean Carmody wills her good grades to anyone who needs them. Don Carver wills " Bogey " back to Lauren Bacall. Bob Chiappone wills himself to the B.H.S. girls. Fred Chin will s his Latin grades to some struggling Low 8. Barry Corten wills his haircut to a bowl. Karen Cox wills " K. C. " to a bat. Margaret Dederian wills her wavy hair to a Toni ad. Elizabeth Dobbins wills her last name to a horse. Pete Domoto wills his Garfield " prexy " job to anyone who dares to take it. Mike Drucquer wills his Spanish grades to Jerry Frug. Dick Dutton wills his height to one of those short Low 7 ' s. Jack Edwards wills his looks to Arthur Godfrey. Karen Ekstrand wills her blonde hair to a rag doll. Anne Faulkner wills her smile to Pepsodent. Elsbeth Foster wills " Elsie " back to Borden ' s. Byron Gavrilis wills his black hair to Mr. Corley. Peter Grey wills his shyness with girls to Jerry New- man. Sandra Gustafson wills " Gus-Gus " to the Cinderella mice. Charles Hansen wills his conceit to a pup. Julia Harmon wills her horse to Santa Anita. Rod Harris wills his Latin book to Mrs. McCurdy. Bonnie Hebert wills her legs to Betty Grable. Allen Hedrick wills his long book reports to Miss Jen- nings. Allan Heskin wills his deep voice to Stan Sharp. Nancy Honeychurch wills her cute nose to a plastic surgeon. Linda Horn wills her love for dogs to the city pound. Jeff Horner wills his neat algebra papers to a printer. Terry Horner wills the " Horny Terror " to Mr. Dunkum. Virginia Horning wills her long absence to Mrs. Bar- tell. Claude Hutchison wills " Sebastian " to room 210. Barbara Hyde wills her last name to a cow. Richard Jones wills his motorcycle boots back to a motorcycle. Bob Kaneko wills his glasses to an optometrist. Richie Kempf wills his eyes to Maybelline. Richard Kennon wills his red hair to a carrot. Roger Kidwell wills his skininess to a scarecrow. Naomi Kimura wills her cuteness to Frankenstein. Richard Koeber wills his good English grades to Mrs. Rowell. Roy Konig wills his soft voice to Mr. Edwards. Paul Krahenbuhl wills his P. A. job to Prince Albert. Jim Krehbiel wills his sports ability to the gym. Howard Lambert wills hanging up the absence slips to Mr. Van. Linda Lee wills her boy friends to anyone who wants them. Allen Leggett wills " Penny " to a dime. Joanne Lugar wills her cousin, Dave Foley, to Mr. Baxter ' s office. Les Masters wills his sense of humor to an undertaker. Dave Mathis wills his wise cracks to a nut. Ken McAllister wills his art work to the " Gleaner. " Anne McKinney wills her niceness to everyone. John McKissick wills Bonnie ' s locker to her cousin. Charlene McMillan wills her freckles to Max Factor ' s. John Miilu wills his last nam e to a dictionary. Jean Moore wills her twin brother to any L9 who wants him. Jon Moore wills himself to the Low 9 girls. Katy Mulvany wills her jokes to Bob Hope. Sandy Nealson wills Bob to her sister, Jill. Ed Nilsson wills his size to a moose. Charles Nutting wills his homeruns to the Oaks. Judy Odell wills her last name to " Digger. " Maurine Owen wills her " A ' s " to a bowl of alphabet soup. Pat Parker wills her Oakland Tech friend to B.H.S. Jerry Pedroni wills his brown eyes to a cocker spaniel. Gary Pope wills his absence to a truant officer. Val Prescop wills his fish stories to " True " Magazine. Debra Proctor wills her job to the next Gleaner editor. Lorraine Reilly wills " Rain Rain " to sunny? California. Donna Ritzmann wills her many clothes to Hink ' s. Charles Rose wills his last name to a florist. Grahame Ross wills his nickname, " Crackers " back to Nabisco. Mary Schwab wills " Midge " to a sideshow. Carroll Silvey wills that walk! Bob Sleeper wills his last name to all H9 ' s. James Spitze wills his brains to Einstein. Don Stevens wills his knife to a butcher. Donald Struble wills his ruggedness to a worm. Pearl Swicegood wills her drawing to an art exhibit. ZeeZee Talbot wills her sports mindedness to Mary Ann McHenry. Davida Taylor wills her slimness to a flag pole. Hoyit Terry wills that smile to a Cheshire cat. Gary Thorley wills himself and his brother to a Toni Twin ad. Mary Tuemmler wills her blonde hair to Diane Albo. Eleanor Uthlaut wills her Theta Psi " prexy " job to any Low 9 Epsilon. Sammy Viviano wills his jokes to Howy Green. Gregory Voge wills his feet to a corn plaster factory. Suzanne Voge wills her height to the Empire State Building. Leo Von Seeburg wills his " noon-time collections " to a beggar. Dan Wagener will his voice to a fog horn. Judy Webb wills her last name to a spider. Adeline Whitehead wills her figure to Charlotte Gar- rison. Wayne Wilcox wills his two " W ' s " to Walter Winchell. Sharon Wilds wills her brush-up to a pair of scissors. Nanette Willis wills " Nanny " to a goat. Leonard Woertendyke wills his last name to anyone who can spell it. Cornelia Young wills her nickname " Corny " to Mr. Van ' s jokes. Biscay, Audrey Blachman, Allan Bourgault, Kenneth Bryan, Frances Burlingame, Joanne Butner, Margaret Chiappone, Robert Cox, Karen Dederian, Margaret Dobbins, Elizabeth Drucquer, Michael Ekstrand, Karen Faulkner, Anne Gavrilis, Byron Gustafson, Sandra Hansen, Charles Harmon, Julia Hebert, Bonnie Honeychurch, Nancy Horn, Linda Homing, Virginia Hyde, Barbara Kimura, Naomi Lee, Linda Lugar, Joanne Mathis, David McKinney, Anne McKissick, John McMillan, Charlene Moore, Jean Moore, Jon Mulvany, Katharine Nealson, Sandra Odell, Judy Owen, Maurine Parker, Patricia Pedroni, Jerry Proctor, Debra Reilly, Lorraine Ritzman, Donna Schwab, Mary Silvey, Carroll Spitze, James Talbot, Zenaida Taylor, Davida Tuemmler, Mary Uthlaut, Eleanore Viviano, Salvadore Voge, Gregory Voge, Suzanne Von Seeburg, Leo Webb, Judy Whitehead, Adeline Wilds, Sh aron Willis, Nanette Woertendyke, Leonard Young, Cornelia girls H9 volleyball boys H9 volleyball girls L9 volleyball boys L9 volleyball girls H8 volleyball girls L8 volleyball boys H8 volleyball boys L8 volleyball Pet r t qn mmm I ' ' 4 »r - v stv • . M m£. ; JptpiP M -■ [ Wi i :lfe ■ " ' ’ m Vo • ' ll »t i»s t) I l t 1 I ’•! M .HI M ' I I li i i i I 1 1 l till ' MM ' li ’ III ' - ' I {! ' il ' f I " » .’••Al Aril s -MU IN 4 M i i r - i » A« t U • " ' N I - garfield teachers TEACHER NOTED FOR Miss Almy— Those arithmetic tests. Mr. Eehrens— His trusty camera. Mr. Blanchard— Cracking funnies. Miss Brubaker— Her " shenanigans " in algebra. Mrs. Choisser— The box she sat on. Miss Collar— Her smocks. Mr. Corley— " Pete. " Mrs. Curtice— " Large, economy-sized " coffee cup. Mrs. Davies— Good old Cragmont. Mr. Di Franco— A new " poppa. " Mrs. Davis— Wearing slacks during gym classes. Mr. Dunkum— His ties and tie clips. Mr. Edwards— Science— and howl! Miss English— Dancing exercises. Mr. Falsarella— Ex Santa Clara football player. Mr. Gomez— Silence. Miss Goode— Her bracelets. Mr. Gremaux— Height. Miss Groefsema— Her jokes. Miss Hamsher— Low voice. Mrs. Haskell— Her fine advisory. Mr. Hawkins— His paddle. Mrs. Jameson— Various pairs of glasses. Miss Jennings— Cute clothes. Mr. Jewett— Brief case. Mr. Kueffer— Meekness— (?) Mrs. Kressmann— Her extra " A ' s. " Mrs. Lamp— Her popularity with the girls. Miss Laurens— Her dry sense of humor. Miss Lowery— Oscar, Timothy, and Horace. Miss Mally— Those pictures. Mrs. McCurdy— Mr. Monkey. Mrs. Means— Her " seams. " Mr. Minzyk— Cute accent. Mrs. Montagne— Trips to Europe. Miss Ochoa— Her travels in Spain. Mr. Pearl— His neat room. Mr. Phillips— His wrestling holds. Miss Riley— Springing quizzes. Mrs. Rowell— Sharpening pencils with sandpaper. Mr. Sauers— The " fix-it " man. Mrs. Shriver— That morning coffee session. Miss Stone— The " quiet—! " library. Mr. Van Matre— " Throwing " students out of class. Mrs. Webber— Originality. Mrs. Wobken— An early bird. Mrs. Young— Those music notebooks. Mr. Baxter— Gym period " pep " talks. dzff-Hotnzfc - (9ckrlpet_ calendar Sept. 10- 16 - 19- 25- 26- 29- Oct. 1- 2 - 3- 10- 17- 20 - 23- 24- 27- 31- Nov. 5- 7- 10- 11 - 12- 18- 19- 21 - 26- 28- Dec. 3- 5- 10- 12- 15 - 17- 18- 19- School starts — " Here we come! " Student Body Cards go on sale — " Have you bought your card? " " Little Sister " party. -G.S.A. Movie, " Santa Fe Trail " — " Real good " ■Grade Representative Election starts. Election of Grade Representatives. Dance, 3:15 — " Harvest Hop. " Boys ' Association. N.S.A. — " Clay Sculptor " — " This is how you ' ll look! " Girls ' Association. " United Nations " week. Dance, 3:15 — " Spooks Scramble. " N.S.A. — " Electronics Speaker. " " G. M. Progress. " " The Lost City " — Chapters 1-2 — " Hugo!! " Chapter 3. N.S.A. — " Ken Jarnagan " — " Home on the Range. " " Armistice Day " Program. " Armistice Day " — " Holiday — Goody! " " Gleaner " sales start — " Buy your ' Gleaner ' today! " — Chapter 4. Symphony Concert. Dance, 3:15 — " Turkey Strut, " Chapter 5. " Gleaner " Program — " Where ' s the bustle? " Thanksgiving Vacation — " Don ' t eat too much turkey! " ■Chapter 6. -Girls ' Association. -Chapter 7. -Boys ' Association. -Nominations. -Primary Election, Chapter 8. -Call Candidates. Xmas Program. Dec. 22-Jan. 2 — Xmas Holidays — " Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. " Jan. 7 — Chapter 9. 8— Chapter 10. 9 — Election Day — " I promise " 13 — Symphony Concert, Chapter 11. 14 — H9 Dinner and Movie. 15 — Visitation — Awards Assembly — " Sword of Monte Cristo, " Chapter 12. 16 — N.S.A. — " Melo Marimbas. " 19 — H9 Girls Farewell. 22 — School closes — " Finally! — Have fun at Berkeley Hi! " TONI BLAIR statistics H9 ' 53 Prettiest hair — Mary Tuemmler, Ken McAllister. Prettiest eyes — Judy Burnet, Richard Kempf. Longest eyelashes — Judy Burnet, John Bejerano. Cutest smile — Anne Faulkner, Ken Bourgault. Best figure — Bonnie Hebert, Don Carver. Shapeliest legs — Bonnie Hebert, Chuck Hansen. Biggest flirt — Pat Parker, Dan Wagener. Biggest brain — Maurine Owen, Jim Spitze. Best athlete — Karen Cox, Pete Domoto. Best dressed — Donna Ritzmann, Chuck Hansen. Shyest — Mary Tuemmler, Howard Lambert. Tallest — Suzie Voge, Dick Dutton. Shortest — Mary Schwab, Grahame Ross. Nicest complexion — Eleanor Uthlaut, Don Campbell. Nicest manners — Naomi Kimura, Bob Carlisle. Prettiest hands — Carrol Silvey, Sammy Viviano. Best all-around personality — Jean Moore, Pete Domoto. Quietest— Davida Taylor, Val Prescop. Wittiest — Linda Lee, Les Masters. Cutest couple — Donna Ritzmann and Bob Carlisle. FAVORITE: Food — Johnnie ' s hamburgers. Drink — Coke. Actor — Tony Curtis. Actress — Marilyn Monroe. Radio program — Burgie Music Box. Television program — I Love Lucy. Singers— Pattie Page, Frankie Laine. Song — You Belong to Me. Expression — Barf! Pastime — Eating. Sport — Football. Movie — High Noon. c JonuaiiL t SC ' S yC (j 7; o - GRAPHS «Vt) 1 ) } t M V I : • ' A f v nl tJ ., acknowledgment The publication of this Gleaner has required a great deal of effort in which members of our faculty have given generously of their time and support. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for this assistance to the faculty in general and particularly to Mr. Behrens, faculty advisor and photographer; to Miss Collar for her invaluable assistance in the art work; to Mr. Sauers for his effort as sales manager; to Miss Hamsher and Miss Groefsema who handled all of the typing; and to our Principal, Mr. Baxter, for his constant support and encouragement. The Editor

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