Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1941

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Garfield Junior High School - Gleaner Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 13 of 28
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Page 13 text:

Name Answers to Mirror Noted for Needs Most Falo Cathcart, Jack Jockie .Shorty Being tall Latin Insurance man Cathcart, Robert Bob Smile Shyness Her Man-about-tow n Chapman, Dolores " Old Chap " Athlete Home runs Dainty touch Powder puft Clapham, Nancy Duchess Peppy Boys Earl Homan Pianist Clarke, Elaine Darkie Quiet Combing hair Comb Hairdresser Coles, Marjorie Margie Petite Tiny writing Stilts Juggler Cook, Sherburne Burn Surprise Well??? Stilts Teacher Corson, Donald Phoebe Freckles Feet Yardstick Tiny shoes Costigan, Mary Illy That tan Beauty Ha-ha-ha-ha Artist Cox, Walter Blondie Foxy Coxy Being lazy Midge _ Short wife Craig, Alice Bubbles Frankness Singing Evey Singer Crandall, Kay Okay It ' s o-kay Blinking eyes Miss Patton Trainer Crawford, Shirley Crawfish Blushes Flag raising Not telling Scout leader Croze, Flora Mae Femme Laugh Cuteness A man!!! Fashion plate Cummings, John Johny Brilliance Student leader captain. ..More badges Professor Davie, Florence Florence Chief justice Explanations Bob Stevens Debater Davis, Herbert Herbie Too tall Being tardy Tardy slip Street cleaner Davison, Lloyd Lloyd Sluggo Funny laugh A change Tax collector Denham, Kayo Kayo K-yo Liking Stanford A ball Standlee, Jr. Dexter, Marion Dexter Dopey Mails Rathborn Model Dickie, Barbara Dickie Legs Legs Stanley Movie star Dieden, Barbara Barbara Black hair Sister ' s poems Miss Patton Stenographer Donahue, Barbara Barb Fun Run-ins Mrs. Bagnall Teacher ' s pet Dunham, David Dave Cowboy Curly hair Doris? Love Dunnings, Robert Dunning Shorty Can ' t find him Length Ventriloguist ' s dummy Eastman, Larry..... Larry Anything can happen. His brother Mrs. Smith Janitor Eiben, Norma Jean Norma Dignity Dictionary Webster Einstein II Elledge, Jean Jeanne Shy.... Being good An " F " Punning Ellis, James Ellis Nonchalant Boys ' Athletic M Femmie A school teacher Elmore, Celia Ceely Sweetness Shyness Boldness Barker Emery, Philip Phe Red hair Stepping on shoes M. I. C : Peanut vender Fabrin, John Johnny Theseus Sneeze powder Someone Accompanist Farmer, Stephen Shorty Midget Love affairs Love affairs Dancer Faulkner, Dorothy Dottie Comb Comb Clara Mirror Fay, Margaret Magpie Happiness Brains Alan Winslow ...Hostess Fikso, Bob Mrs. Bagnall Blondie Chardus A gal Violinist Fish, James Jim Fish Excuses Better ones Algebra whiz Fitzmaurice, Annabella. Annabella A bella Jokes? Peter Mrs. Hayden Foreaker, Ray Ray A killer A good scout Barbara Sea Scout Foster, Leland Leiand O-oh. Cutting up A Gibson Broker Fracchia, Geraldine Jerry Smiles Pep Gee whiz ? ' s wife Prick, Pearl Prick That hair Finger nails Ernest Terry Chorus girl Gardner, Kenneth Kenny Blushing Basketball Ball High-point man Gerrard, Violet Vio-let-me-see ????? Fast step Every needs it... ...Soup saleslady Gerringer, Jarl Charkee A Cheshire cat ..The grin Everything Gad-about Gibson, Margaret Gibby Bustling Talking A man Lectures Goff, Doris Doris Surprising Walk .To talk Lingerist Goldeen, Samuel Sam Camera Pictures Mr. Helmke Snap-shooter Gomez, Marvin Marve A sticker Left fielder A chance GAMBLER Gordon, Nancy Nancy Giggling Giggling A make-up Entertainer Goubareff, Alia All " A " Brains Test answers Advanced French Linguist Green, James. Jim 3 guesses Workshop 2 " Shirley Wise Guldbrandsen, Anne Anne. Woeful The $64 guestion Jitterbug music Never know Gullholm, Elaine Skeezik Soft voice Drawing More brushes Artist Hall, Knowles Hall Ladies ' man Dan Cupid Carol Gigalo Hansen, Paul Paul .Brain Questions Answers Quizzer Harris, Marjorie Harris Resemblance Dimples Just — Cigarette girl Haslam, Lynn Dah-ling I!yum!! Smiles Just " him " Just " him " Hatch, Robert Bob Curly Public address A gal Engineer Hatfield, Sally H-field i Algebra Freckles Frown Snake charmer Hayden, Peter Pete Panama Suits Pearl or Annabella.. A man? Haymond, Donald Don Red nose-um Algebra The honor roll .....Prof. Heims, Helmut Henie Accent Lockers Latin .Reporter Hepfer, Jean Hygeine That smile Puns A man Poet Henry, Lindly Lindie Big boy Missing flies Mary Pulton Gambler Hiscox, Margery Midge Sunshine .Vice-pres One sister A cloud Hodgson, Carolyn Carolyn Modesty Manners Rubber band .....Emily Post, Jr. Hoeg, Eric. Hog Pigs Big feat A racket. .. Tennis player Hoiriis, Karen Mrs. Smith Danish Name mispronounced A needle To sew HoUenbeck, Rosemary... Rose Hm-m-m-m Being slow Another foot Farmer ' s wife Homan, Earl Homan Don ' t say it Dignity Nancy Clapham Champ Howland, Joanne Joanne Sweetness Slow smile Nothing Teacher Humphrey, Gerald Jerry Blackout Sports. A girl? Shopkeeper Humphrey, Janet Janet Platinum .....Page boy Lynn Jean Harlow II Hurtig, Milford..... Figbar Orchestra leader That band That band That band Hanner, Stewart Stu Sour-puss - . Absence A smile Garbage man Hutchins, Margaret Mutt Smiles Aha -Jeff Aha Imrie, David Imrie Cutie Flag salute Whistle Patrol leader Jameson, Joyce Joyce Midget Errands Errand Errand girl Jeffries, William Jeff Whoops A good Duke Mutt Good Humor Man Jeha, Richard Di ck .Poor fella Baseball?? A baseball W.P.A. Worker Jenanyan, Aileen Jenanyan A gal Flat notes The peanut man Stooge Jetmore, Clifford Cliff Musclebound Playing around A spanking Printer Johnston, Marian Marian Red hair Freckles A blonde hair Red hair Joice, Donald Donney Squirrel Cut-ups A deep voice Cutting class Jue, Jun Wan Jun Money Treasury Some money Treasurer Karpi. William Bill Giant Seriousness A " C " Jazz trumpeter Keithehn, Julian Julian Dummy Being new Miss Patton Question Kassebaum, Robert Peuterbomb Curly hair U. S. essay Nancy Brown Gob Keller, Milton Milton Artist Artist Patsy Artist Kelting, Lucille Hi Babe! Blondie Her hair White horse Circus lady Ketcham, Jack Ketcham Katsup Red hair A gal Blonde Kiessig, Carol Kiessig Attractive Figure Knowles Ice skater Kirby, Beverly Bev Hair Pun Diet Yell leader Kniaht, G ' oria Knight Night Well Day Niaht watchman Kroeber, Kar ' Loon Chemist Latin Chemicals Ph.D. LaPortune, Albert Fred A wink Winking New eye Neon sign Lambraix, Carol Carol Hair Study Two of them Do ' no Lam born. Jack Lamebrain Alibi Ike Bleach blonde Murray Crooner lapham, Betty Jane Jane Jean Algebra Mrs. Mead Not an algebra teacher Lawrence, Hugh Hugh A queer Stories Mary Brown Cameraman Lee, Clifton Clifton Jitters Recitations Egeus Orator Lewis, Edward ...Lewie Mr. Bliss Toyce Joyce Historian Linder, Marion Marion Brain Blue sweater " F " in French French prof. Lindsey, Peggy Peg ..Brown hair Quietness Whoops Wife Lindsey, Kenneth Lindsay Blonde -Blonde hair Mrs. Bagnall Typist Linscott, Stella Stella Have you seen Giggling Diet C3ym teacher Louqher, Ruby Woobie Tall Gleanor pictures Shrinker Wash woman Lubin, Lawrence Lawrence Baptista Bossing Margaret Pay Big boss

Page 12 text:

H9 FUN Q) ; a h o CQ D O 2 C D B S S- ' ft-Q S " D- 3 e Q) g c .2 o c y H c ? D-.iS a P - m ■S ■■ c OTI o O O ra 0) 5 0 c ° 5 N s 2 l. m e- E- m. S k a. o (D D O .2 o 0-Y p w i T o b : ffi O S O D D . C (D (!) o 0 , ; m H H K X K 2 rc c 3 D CO o- ' rp o—zno d.5 !) i o IId o5 ' go B P C g O, (1) D C ja; -2 o CO M O O m O j3 -t: 0), m O D ■ o2 o E tp " tj cj= o,|.S.S c-S 0) , 3 a o - M CQ c 3 pa w . Q CO w w m Q O H w ; O E K K a 3 C mT) c c o O O 0) 0) -2 2 £ m g ° " 3 B _ 0) „ 0 DT) ? 0) „ 22 o O 0) N-r 0.2 a B m • ci.2 S ?i D 0) 0) D o iTi o : c 2 f " a o a ca C.C Eiii: » S t it " o;a.S-2-2m H Offi ci 2d 3.2 S E O K D w 03 O w w w 2 D w ii m O w t)-, K m w 2 2 E m aa X K a X 00 PQ ai 6 0-2 r : ; 3 ai ; g ; : S.S i i-2 d-p2 is ; i,r= p S ;CTia)Oo03S 3oDD i -2t35DDOo5;=i— (i -- ' " C-2 0q -::cq n:coQP ii OaaaaaXQpqwmraQm pa ;xp G DTS O (B OH THOSE AWFUL " PASTS " Key to Baby Pictures See Page 13

Page 14 text:

Name Answers to Mirror Not ed for Needs Most Fate MacDonald, Lloyd Mac Tan President Nancy Tubist Mainwaring, Doris Doris Cute Voice Don ' t know Society Mansfield, James Jim Glasses Funny Charlotte M Screwball Martin, Joy Martin Devilish Those eyes Another May 17 Housewife May, Kenneth Kenny Shy Thisbe Outwardness Husband Mayer, Charles Charlie Scientist Bad grades Good grades Scientist McBride, Ross Ross Gloss Floss Get a hoss!! Boss McCallum, Ellen Ellen Face Story OH! BOY! ! McCellan, Betty Betty Dark Good reader A man Society woman McCord, Charlotte McCord Intelligent Bright cracks Jim M Good wife McGiffert, David Dave Good Boys ' Ass ' n P A girl Athlete McKimmins, Mark Mark Short Temper Another Mayl7 Dentist McLaughlin, William Bill " Toughy Toughness Tweezy 1 ! ! I McNab, Jean Jean Blonde Blonde hair Peter Wife of a meat seller McNab, Peter Pete Plump Fooling Jean Meat seller Meadows, Jean Jean Plump Writing R. M Writer Meers, Jeanne Lou Jeanie Cute voice Songs Swing music Bonnie Baker Merkle, Mary Lou Merkle Curly hair Baseball Gee whiz! Athlete Meyer, Helen Helen Prettiness Singing voice Nothing Firefly Millar, George George -Himself Snobbery Dave Imry Commuter Miller, Barbara Miller Smiles Art Art C Designer Miller, Lawrence Larry Red Alto New script Actor Miller, Marinell Marinell Surprise! Voice Bob C Miller Mitchell, Marjorie Margy Fun Likeableness A frown Whoops!! Mohr, Donald Don Quiet Quietness Firecracker ???? Moriarity, Gloria Gloria Wow!!! Ice-skating Can ' t say Prodigy Mower, Philip Phil Height Drums Mr. Minzyk Gene Kiupa Muratore, Lois Lois Sweetness Being Lois Push ' em Lois M. Muryhy, Eugene Eugene ? ? ? Mystery man Murray, Betty Murray Dimples Hair-cuts Lamborn Lady of leisure Nelson, Robert Bob A gentleman Manners To shout Quince Nelson, Bruce Bruce Good naturedness Latin Miss Martin Nice guy Nelson, Dorothy Dorothy Friendly Friendliness A boy Secretary Nelson, Marion Marion Darling Bianca Loud voice Skiing Nielson, Wallace Wally Dick Fooling arou nd Good grades Loafer Ninekirk, Cameron Cammie Girl-shy Hortensio Anne Hubby Null, Pat Pat Glasses Clothes Hair cut Actress Olssen, Bertha Lips !!!!.: ?? A guy Bachelorette Olysleger, Ans Ans Dutchie American English American Orbiz, Clara Clara Black hair Black hair Blonde hair Black hair Palmgren, Carolyn Palmgren " B " Clothes Another May 16 Zorina II Paquette, Helen Helen Buttercup Nails Nail cutter Singer Parker, Helen Helen Braids Sports Hair cut Playground director Parrish, Anne Parrish A riot Soc. sec Camie New York Patche, Clinton Clinton Short Girl friends Pat R Playboy Patterson, Edward Ed Hair Acting Jo- Anne Turner Butter Pennell, Don Don Miss Brush P. A Margaret H Dancing teacher Penrose, Margaret Penny Glasses Anything Anyone Bruce B. Petersmeyer, Joy Pale-face Freckles Smart brothers A fella Model Peterson, Roy Roy - O boy! Glub! Patience Grade " A " Peyovich, Tom Tom Tan Paler Tan Lifeguard Porter, William Bill Short Swell pres.H. S Pat Ball President Queener, Eugene Joe Small Can ' t say Nancy Clapham Uh!! Reynolds, John John Good-looking Eyes --A swell girl Working man Rickli, Norman Norman Black hair Drawing Bad grade Architect Rinke, Marian Marian Dinky? Talking Dinkeyness Wife Robertson, James jpie Face Blondie Sport clothes Another May 16 Good guy Robinson, Frank Frank Hair Wood shop ' Traps . .. Wood Rogers, Patsy Pat Cute Talking back Chnton P Swell gal Rogers, Ward Rogers Sun-burn? Censored Alice Lyle Lifeguard Ryan, Patty Patty Fun Jumping around Soother Giddy Sanford, David Davie Sister Sister Sister Bachelor Sanford, Margaret Maggy Brother Brother Brother Bachelorette Sauer, Betty Sauer Toughy Athletics Good grades With circus Schueler, Dorner Don Tow head Athletics Carol Bliss Gym teacher Schurman, Charles Beeze Bands Crashing dances Vesta Adams Singer Schofield, Barbara Barbara Cute Hair Cute guy Housewife Senimon, Junior Junior Eyes Good lookin ' Midge Secret romance Severn, Audrey L ' il Audrey Big eyes Dancing Anne Love affairs Sheats , George Touchstone Clown Algebra Circus Hubby Shields, Robert Bob Quiet Clarinet Voice In an orchestra Sylva, William Bill Dark Drawings A Camel Betty Smith, Hazel Hazel Small Sewing Length A seamstress Smith, Margaret Maggie Hair Accordion Accordion Accordionist Smits, Henry Hank Smile Trombone A picture Coffee-taster Soweh, Wilham Bill Pill Car Bath Truck driver Stanislawski, Joseph Joe Shorty Stare ■- Megaphibe Yell leader Starner, George George Mucles Baldy , Hair Prize fighter Stevens, Lyle Lyle Bad boy Throwing hammers Goodness Clergyman Stevens, Bob Bob Tall Height Florence D Gambler Stirton, Helen Helen Glasses Drawing Som e fun Ice skater Stone, Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie Story, Jack Story Darkness Voice Pat? Singer Stout, Claire Claire Cutie Clothes A man Model Strieker, Jacqueline Jacliie Suits Roos Bros, suit Hinks ' suit Suiter Terry, Earnest Terry Funny guy Humor Gerry Wilson Gigalo Thomas, Doris Doris Cute hair Gleaner A man Editor ■Pom, Eddie Eddie Black hair Running. A gal Track man Tom, Gee... Gee Gee Gee -Smartness A gal Track man Turner, Joanne Joanne Tall Voice Ed Patterson Shopper Ulmer, Dorothy Dorthy It ' s broken Accordion Another Doris Nurse Underwood, Pat Pat Eyelashes Singing lessons John Cummings Opera star Van Brunt, Ted Ted Baby face .Stories Nancy Doctor Von Steitz, Gerarda Gerarda Mirror full Ahem! Silence Scientist , Wagner, James Jimmy A boy Vesta A pin? Tysander Watson, Beverly Beverly Pug nose Typing Comb Typist Wharton, Betty Jan Flirt White lies Haberdasher Haberdasher Whitelaw, Joe Joe Good-looking Eyelashes Carl Zemm Actor Wilkerson, Ella Mae. Ella Mae Umn Stories ha ha L ' il Abner (Cinder)ella Wilson, Geraldine Gerry Bob Perfecto! Singer Berkeley Hi!! Ginny Simms Winslow, Alan Wins Good competition Saxophone Marg. Fay Bootblack Wise, Shirley Shirley Short Her brother Langille Fiddle player Wiser, Ray Ray Sun ray Hey! Pay Gay Ray Wyman, Joe Joe Freckles Tennis To win The winnah Windersheim, Johnh Wendy Bands Accent A German frau Citizen Zander, Valerie Valerie Rich Gum supply To chew Society Zehm, Karl Karl Babista Being tardy Mrs. Archer Comedian Zerangue, Jane Jane Braidminus Puck Rolling pin Ballet dancer Eastman, Elizabeth Dizzy Lipstick Hair-combing Someone Old maid

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