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J 'f' . H 1 W 5 xi" ,c Q , rx is F? 5, lma- wi as ,r il , 4, , , inN,.-it gg ' 1 ii: ,Y-li. I .5 M '? .1 , M.. ir v ggf' 472 N w "3 1 V x , . 2-4 gfi '4lL, " . 5 45' ' 5 .ana Tf.,'?i-Y - 2, I 'A S Si 6 il! I i e .4 ,lm gi. M3 ' 'A FK? A 5 .E irxi 1 33 D 1 M 5, x 1341 1' E 'if ' 1 ,. :ff 'E L X Q. , ,, !-X ,f 'E w S lg ' 5, , f rm -f f D Y QQ' , ' - 1 2' '-Saga 1 -IS? ,E 51 Me: K ,-A Q WWI" , V , E 4 1 K 5 0 Q50 A1-UPDVAE is X1 .gk X 3 . . ,.1,s -'11, I .."tJ..x-. K, ,- .XJ-x J' -4 'k 1 ex 'a 1511 i?WT": N.,- ,: nu .f ' ' J E TW TROJANS In Ancient Times: A 4 Zeus, the chief Oympian God was the ancestor of the Trojans. Electra, a daughter of A tlas, bore Zeus a son, Dardanus, who built the citadel of Troy and who founded the line of Trojan Kings. In the third and second millena B. C. Troy stood as a strong and prosperous cultural center in the area that is now the country of Turkey. Strong physical specimens, the determined Trojans persevered to defend their city for ten years before the beseiging Greeks could defeat them through the use of treachery and deception in the form of the famed "Trojan H orsev. After the destruction and leveling of the cigf, Aeneas a noble Trojan survivor, was directed by the gods to found the cigf ofRome. . A 4 A In Modern Times: 1 A I' . A A Dissatisjied with thename "Maroons', for their athletic teams, students in G. C. H. S. in March of 1944 voted on a new name. "Maroons" was the name of one of two intramural athletic organizations within the school and was used by several other schools on the-Island, so it was felt that a new name was needed. . ' j f The balloting, .in which every student had a vote, indicated a strong pref- erence for "Trojans". Other names considered were "Bombersv, "Pio- neers", "Eagles", and "Gunners". Since 1944, plaques, athletic equipment, booster buttons, activities posters, class rings, and yearbooks have proudhf displayed Trojan heads, helmets and horses. A . X 'S L . -. L... ,..Me.:..SL.L....x . A-.. --.. -..,. ,QL . E V QE w Q? EN 0 ,M E YEA A .gg , 3, i . 3 ME zwn -.-f ms , s U Q NHL X 'ix 1.-ff W 'V ,M ' K K L Wt ' .kA,,-r must midi- X 2 ww T521 ANS: 'Q I' F in J NNW Q . 5 5 ' 'kb 2 Q Q: my W", Ms? F K. in .-::u65,s' . ' if ,nu E z 3 s S E 5 E 5 2 X lean p I0 3. X is ka I-Irv -M4 Y, i Eff? ff:- 5 1:5- E . 'QF Wmmmr- jjxg3+gwwwvwww3ww31sgHgi?i:2E 'I A 1 -if- 'Q .:?' .af OURT W , -'vm ,U ,f .i ,,,.fA mf .,-mv, Q. al' SRU' COP' -1,3 K W r , ,b lf 5 2 X p Q 4 M5 'ffef 5 3 ' f Affziffb I 'f . 9 fffg A fi- :ff as . ', 2-sfcf ff 1, , T :Nj w K IQ M ' if , 7 Wm K Q 1 I AF DR. ROBERT GARDNER Superintendent of Schools i A ,A, . V t .,,. A , f as 2 BERNARD W. ALLEN Assistant Principal JOSEPH L. PRUSAN Principal , . V ,L -i , i 125. , 1 . ig X . . . 7. P 1 1 l WALTER E. LAWDER Assistant Principal "+--...i BOARD OF EDUCATION: Sealed: DR. RICHARD HESTON. VINCENT CASHMAN. GEORGE WALKER. Smnding: EDWARD TACCHI. EDWARD MACDOUGAL. IRVING FAUST Department Chairman ROBERT CASEY WILLIAM RENISON I Guidance 0 'Spf MARTIN DWYER ELIZABETH HEFFERNAN MARLENE SCI-IELL DR. ALBERT SIEGEL English GEORGE COSTIGAN Department Chairman Xi STEPHEN CASTELLANO HENRY DAVID af R ALTHEA GONYA ROGER GOODWIN THOMAS HALLEN if , 2 i 3, NK Y Q? ELAINE LYNN ROBERT MCGOWAN INEZ SPIERS j MARY WATTS DREW WEINLANDT ROBERT WIHNYK EDWARD WOJNAR Social Studies U WW f W 1' -'C N' YNTHIA MORRONGIELLO My L Department Chairman M dp ELLEN BRAUNSTEIN GERALD DOLAN JOSEPH FARRELLY JOSEPH FORMISANO ANTHONY LAVORINO ALLAN LOW CAROL MCLAREN WALTER NELSON JAMES TARROU 'WS git: GORDON TEGNELL JOHN WHITE Mathematics F CLIFFORD HORDLOW Department Chairman DELPHINE BAUER JOSEPH BIVIANO ee eeeee gi Z., -- ,E ,it eee. ,B ' ,? , e E eeeee, E - ,,ee,e ,lm FREDERIC BRILLER 24 KEVIN COFFEY EARL EWING if Q f 3 5 WILLIAM POLLOCK ROGER REGAN . .1 'A X x X A I EDWARD RYDER WILLIS SLOCOMBE HARRY STUCKEY SANDRA WERTIS Science PAULA AN DRELCHIK MICHAEL BORUT 26 EUGENE DECKER Department Chairman :mm 'F NORMAN BADGER BARBARA BERGMAN JEFFREY HESEKIEL EILEEN HUSSEY JULIAN KANE 215 :S DONALD MALON EY .mfg .fy BENJAMIN TRUNCALE HAROLD TURKEL Q 4,25 JOSEPH MCCABE RALPH ROSSEN Quo- WILLIAM ZILKA Language MARK LEVINE Department Chairman MW if A If A., Q, :gy -I "QU I P Q ,nn f 1 ff ,ii 'QQ , J DONALD BENNETTER CARMINE BRUN1 , 'Mn PIERRE CHANOVER JOSEPH GENNA UDO GUDDAT EO JOAN MCATEER MARIETTA PANTIN ELLEN SOLOMON ALDEN SONANDER ij? '12 Fine And Industrial Arts I I I ' , " xx- "6" 8 ?: -...wi -' F ttf, , :J , Y 535225 T53 . , A X ke Lv K' 53. xl 'H "Nl" A ,,.Q. . k:f5?Qf' , . , 5 1 19' ' vim, - V, Q ROY BLAKEN EY CHARLES MORRONGIELLO ..1-x ..1:,.: . .15 -"2-saN,..s1. .J 1 3 . K ag 2' Q.: A- 1 . i' - . Sa W .11 1 . ' V .. . - Q, Q. gg. :Q nf ,fk: ' .fx as - Q -nh.-H . A - . X U: All kr tim 4, T156 X x ff R Y X A J v 1 ba X w s ,tim A Na RI is s X I +R " R at 1 ' if . 2 S1C211 f - ' S.. f- -5.1 N s. :. : rw. .-Q--N A + - -P M .. f ' 5 I. - W... A . .. , .1 . . . A-. ...N . ,... 3 , s X ' 2 . ' . A A '.... . . .,... ,K L kk .--, :ff N hh f h A - -'I .iff K' XXX if mix asf 5 .qi -fgfslfgflsf.-. . 2 wwgsx... , 26 I 3 -I - Qssfgf .. K, li... k K ..V 'K . xi.. .k..k-. ff... Q a . X: i CHARLES RIFFLE Department Chairman ine-use 'E ff.-W , 'XSS W k Rx 36:3 V, :aww a+ llnl . . . . R ll. 'Q Q r . . - . f'gax.aQ-5 a a a . 0 .i ,A.' - :.- - Eg ll f , ,, , .. ,.x. y A- , ., -L . 'Y em., . WILLIAM DOUGH ERTY xii l.a PAMELA SAN FORD WARREN KING JULIO SILVESTRI Educauon H Y 7 .'k"'f -W 59" 'W nw 'MA' ' A LINDA HUBER LORETTA STEFEK-FREIDIN W-,ll , X DONALD CHADDERDON WILLIAM DIEHL f :asf Health NATHALIE HORTON E I Nurses DORIS ALBANESE LYDIA MORRONGIELLO is THOMAS SCHALK VERONICA KELLY , i MICHAEL CIAVARELLI JAMES MCALEESE JOHN CHIAVOLI E EE Library Audio Visual ROBERT HODSON Home Economics . Q Business gf ,i ga Education ff if usd. if KATHRYN NIEDBALSKI JACKIE MCCAULEY ARLENE RAZUKAS 'Nw awk 'S N'-p ' - A . . ritz 1 'E 5 I sf lm 3 J SECRETARIAL STAFF: Bolmm Row: MRS. GEORGE. MRS. KNOPF. MRS. FISHER. MRS. KENNA. MRS. TIETJE. Tap Row: MRS. SMYTHE. MRS. FLYNN. MRS. RAUSS. MRS. GRISWOLD. MRS. VARNEY. Missing From Pl'CIlH'6.' MRS. PINTO, MRS. MALON E. Q. ...ui ' 5. V rr., 2 A V. 1 9' ,Q- ' G Y 2 1 f CAFETERIA STAFF: Bolmm Raw: S. SORGIE. R. TERMINI. R. BANKS. Back Rona' R. URBISHI. M. PENSON. L. ZENCHYK. E. LUCKAS. E. HOFFMAN. ..-T-V, .... L lg T ..... . CUSTODIAL STAFF: C. DELAVILLE. J. DEANS. A. SCHMIDT. G MCEVOY. J. STIFFLER. . . .M .M 5 - 'HRK EILEEN O'SHEA - CUSTODIAN LOU SYRACUSE 3 HALL MONITOR ,., f.+x 1 I , r I , I ' 155, :.:::r-Q... f-14" N fg.,,. Hifi 1 - . 1 -..,,'ff P' -- 4 , . .f,.,, .,,' x.. , Xi N X., " 1. - -S, R,-X X - x if 'fic :.f 1 fy- A, -Y, 2. ,f ' ,J If 4, , ,f ffibi. - If if X7 , ' 1, K vw '62 7 f V . ., .A f. Y . qw Q- ' x N ,.-... 'Q , .- . X,g:':-- ... '1Q A I 'af bfi, jg.. .5 - , A -2 L Qu ,x 5 N . K . , g, 6 . S' , I., f U' , .. F I ,wif 1 ' ' l - rr ' ' . I 1 73' vii-, 'fa . . I MA ff 45,8 ,SX ZW! If 'N "1 , ,iw XX 1 ' :iffy ' ' ,Ir 154 .Jf,"'f IZYQZJW4 .445--,,. MX vX I .V f ,. ' ' 7 x K Jdfzr, IQLXX j 91 '1'l""'x S' ' X, My Z' , C' ff :B X, 5 D , iw, 1 . ,Y , , x 5 , , 1 X.. Ali 2 --4+ V? i . .K K , -4 v 4459 Dedication The dedication is an extremely important part of a yearbook. Yearbooks have been dedicated to our parents, as well as various administrators. These people are an integral part of our lives, but this year we feel one man has been essential to the development of the Class of 1978. Ever since our class entered the High School in September 1975, this man has taken an undaunted interest in the activities of our class. For this reason, we cannot begin to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to a man who has given us support and guidance throughout our three years in the Senior High. This man has been more than a faculty sponsor to the Class Council and to the MASTQ he is a loyal friend as well as a member of the Class of 1978. For his dedication and unfaltering support we proudly dedicate the forty-fourth issue of MAST to Mr. Drew Weinlandt. Sophomore Class Council 1975-76 C3 Standing, Left to Right: John Horcher. Kathy Dwyer, Monica McNally. Juan Perez. Seated, Left to Right: Meegan McGoldrick. Celeste Chin. Junior Class Council l976-77 g 5 4 K' .gx Standing. Left to Right: John Horcher, Bret Watson. Juan Perez, John Olvany. Seated Left to Right: Kathy Dwyer. Meegan McCvoldrick. Senior Class Council 1977-78 Standing, Left to Right: Candy Curry. Kathy Dwyer, Meegan McGoldrick. B. J. Murphy. Seateai Left to Right: Juan Perez, Chris McCarthy. ur Class Not knowmg what to expect the class of 78 entered the Semor H1gh We were 1n an ent1rely dlfferent school wlth dlfferent rules and regulat1ons but Mr Prusan gave us a pep talk to put us at ease We were glven all kmds of papers to explam these new rules mcludrng the Trojan Gurde Suddenly we reahzed we were no longer blg nmth graders but small 1ns1gn1f1cant sophs Although we were new to the school we knew what we were capable of do1ng FITSI we elected a class counc1l wrth J Horcher as our Presrdent along w1th K Dwyer as V1ce Presldent M McNally as Secretary C Ch1n as Treasurer M McGoldr1ck as Soc1al Charrman and J Perez Vega as Hlstorran The counc1l s flrst task was to p1ck a r1ng company and produce a desrgn We chose Josten s and deslgned an appeallng rlng whlch sold very well The councxl s autumn leaves dance 1n November was a great success and Wllh March came the class party where our rmgs were dlstrlbuted and glven the lucky 78 twlsts As Jumors we thought of college as PSAT s and SAT s were to be taken We elected a new and dynamlc counc1l w1th B Watson as Presrdent along wlth J McGoldr1ck Soc1al Charrman The counc1l planned for our dance wh1ch was held 1n October but 1ts mam concern was the prom The counc1l searched far and w1de for two bands and fmally contracted the Meade Bros and Jester who played for us at the Malrbu Beach Club 1n Lrdo Beach The prom was a great success w1th manyjun 1ors attend1ng Scholastrcally the Class of 78 had 25 commended students for the PSAT and 2 seml fmalrsts Sue Rosen and Alec Stars Also 41 members of our class were mducted mto the Honor Soc1ety1n early June and 7 more 1n the fall of th1s year As a class we were makmg great contr1but1ons to sports and clubs We had many players who were on the champ1onsh1p football team and we d1d well 1n basketball wrestllng baseball and lacrosse G1rl s teams held thelr own wlth a champ1onsh1p basketball team Many members of the Class of 78 attended Queen Ellzabeth II s Sllver Jubllee rn England where the GCI-IS band was the only Amerrcan h1gh school muslcal group to play Masquers also dlsplayed great talent 1n thelr productlon of Plaza Surte 1n late November and Ernest rn Love 1n early Apr1l Although we were saddened to see the Class of 77 depart we reallzed 1t was now our turn to take the role of leaders It was now ourjob to set the examples and to be looked up to It was also our turn to start fnllmg out apphcatlons to colleges of our cholces so we were forced to memorlze our soclal securlty numbers , . W 3 ' , . , . . . - . , I , ' . , I . . . , , . . . . , , . t V l Q I 5 ' I Olvany, Vice Presidentg K. Dwyer, Secretaryg J. Horcher, Treasurerg and M. , . 3 . U , I . , . . . . 9 ' 9 , . . 7 In Review As a grade we had new leaders Candy Curry took over as our class Presldent w1th Chrls McCarthy as VICC Presrdent Kathy Dwyer as Treasurer BJ Murphy as Secre tary and Meegan McGoldr1ck as Soclal Chalrman Not only d1d we have a new grade counc1l but a new Student Councll as well John Olvany became our new Pres ldent w1th John Horcher as Vlce Presldent Mary Donnelly as Secretary Matt Den ned as Treasurer Carole Sprrnger as Parllamentarnan and Tara Manmon as Ser geant at Arms The Student Councll had a very successful G O sale due rn part to splendld G O Magazlne Drlve Assembly produced by Joan Stolfr and Sue Graham A great many SCHIOFS left school that day to gather flrewood and prepare for the evenlng s fest1v1t1es At the pep rally bonflre that nlght the football and soccer teams were rntroduced After the bonflre the student council held a profltable Sp1r1t Day Dance Durlng thrs tlme Masquers was hard at work on nts comrc productron of Homecommg Day arrlved on October 22 Mary Grbbons and John Horcher organlzed a colorful and exc1t1ng parade w1th all student groups and many alumn1 from as far back as the Class of 37 part1c1pat1ng After the parade there was an alumn1 receptlon at wh1ch the alumni exchanged storles and rem1n1sced Later ln the day led by the alumn1 and varslty cheerleaders we all went out to cheer our football team on to vlctory Durlng halftlme Candy Curry and John Horcher were chosen homecommg Queen and Kmg At the end of the game GC came out on top of Wantagh 16 6 for our fxrst vlctory of the season and an excellent clrmax of a long ay The Wlnter Wonderland Dance sponsored by the Student Councll was held on December 22 when the 1977 Snow Queen Lory Messlnger took her throne The dance was one of the best attended Wlnter Wonderland m years The Semor Councrl sponsored a nrfty f1fl1CS dance rn January w1th muslc provlded by the Great Pretend ers Jeff Weekes and Lynn Dodd won Klng and Queen Greaser and Steve CIFOHH and Ellen Theohar1des were the best dancers that snowy and 1cy even1ng As MAST goes to prlnt the counc1l plans a Sadle Hawklns dance ln the sprlng Wxth Graduatron held on June 25 1978 three great years at the GCHS end for our class Although we now enter a wrder and perhaps more complex world we w1ll always carry w1th us fond memorles of the many classes projects teachers games partles, dances, and frlends that made our teenage years at GC both exc1t1ng and ful f1ll1ng "The Man Who Came to Dinner" which was staged in November. d . 7 9 ' BARBARA ADDY President of Masquers, Foreign Policy Forum, the Flock "A friend is a person with whom I may be sin- cere. A man so real and equal I may drop even those undermost garments of courtesy and deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness which one chemical atom meets another." FABIAN ALEXANDER ..Fay,, Remember seeing the moon rise at Jones Beach. "The Course." October "I spent a little time on the mountain. spent a lit- tle time on the hill, Things went down we don't understand. but I think in time we will." Q9 5' 'QSQESQ1 .S DEBBIE ADIPIETRO QT' .Good Morning yesterday Q51 fm You wake up - and time has slipped away V And suddenly it's hard to find - The memories you left behind ,i Remember - do you remember The times of your life?" F.H. Leaders, Brooklyn. D.M.J. Softball, July 23. 76-77, take it easy! Thanks for the Good Times MD. MARIA ALOIA Thank you to the faculty. "You can put the art of pretending to work for you. It's a fact. If you act the way you would like to be, You'll soon be the way you act." QW Sggi Perhaps is the ability to do whether 1 T? -V-au.,,, EVELYN AN DROMIDAS "Today's dearest moments are tomorrow's pre cious memories." 1 l JOE ARDITA Kung Fu Club in sophomore year. Black Sab- bath, Led Zeppelin, 1'he Who. Kiss, Rush, Fog- hat. Robin Trower. "Life is full of bull. bull. but if you play your cards right. you'll end up winning the fight." ,3. GEORGENE BARBOUR "False friends are common. Yes. but where true nature links a friendly pair, the blessing is as rich as rare." - Arthur W. Ryder STEPHEN H. ATKINS "Steven Fire Patrol, Captain Garden City Fire Auxiliary, Enjoys Swimming. Camping, Scuba Diving, Backpacking, Fishing, and Water Skiing. Inter- ested in Law and Paramedical Medicine. 'fThe secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." A J.T. CONSTANTINE BARIS "Con" "The times, they are a changin' " - Bob Dylan Captain of the Fencing Team PATTY BARBERA UPI, "As you were, l was As l am, you will be." ERIC BARRUEL "Frenchy" Any French dish is great. Soccer. Track. not too many clubs. When C.R. catches anyone making one in class. now that's a show. College is the next thing to Live through. T.B. you "should have" made a taxi out of your car. ..,,., . .... yt .... .., Q wx QQ, THOMAS BECKER ..T0m,, One ambition in life, to go to Canada and do nothing. GAIL BERNARDINO "Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go, And no time to hate Barely time to wait Oh, oh all I want to know is Where does the time go'?', Grateful Dead LINDA EILEEN BELL ' "Neither will the wave which has passed be called back, nor the hour which is gone return." JOHN E. BENNETT Foreign Policy Forum President ll, l2, Varsity Football 12, Carey '74, Carter-Mondale '76, Babe Ruth Senior Baseball, Knicks, Rangers. "Peace of Mind." Boston, An early morning cigar, Peace of mind. "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." Franklin D. Roosevelt E H t it NQQXX QXMQS5 L S ,QXQQLYSEQQJS '. X ' 'X ss, .. was-ejiklb X , ibm . QS gixwgg ttbggiivx, gawd Q 'SNS NSW ss WS ' Q24 QQ? Q,,QRw Q JANE Bimuawsrock MARYANNE BERARDINO "Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not." "I do then with my friends as I do with my books. I would have them where I can find them but sel- dom use them." Masquers, French Club, Mast. Deering, Deer Hill, Seminar Retreats. Switzerland! ". . . Shower the people you love with love show them the way you feel. Things are gonna bejust fine Ifyou only will. . ." James Taylor gg 'W sd-v ANN BIZZARO "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face. And show the world all the love in your heart. Then people are going to treat you better You're going to find. yes you will You're as beautiful as you feel. . Carole King CHRISTOPHER BORLEY "Space like time. engenders forgetfulness. But it does so by setting us bodily free from our sur- roundings and giving us back our primative unat- tached state . . . Time. we say. is lethe: but change of air is a similar draught. and. if it works less thoroughly. so more quickly." Thomas Mann MARIE BIZZARO "Look to this day . . . for yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision." GEORGE BOYLE Remembers Band trip to London. summers at W.H.B.. prays for his "66" Ford station wagon fthe Bombj, Loves to waterski. sail fespecially Hobiesj and Playing golf. - No. you can't use the Audi There are places I remember -- all my life. Though some have changed. Some forever. not for better. Some have gone and some remain. PAUI. A. BONANNO J.V. and Varsity football. J.V. and Varsity track, enjoys skiing. sailing. parties. concerts. and the beach . . . Remembers Vermont. good people. summers out in Cuthouge and Peconic. Cape Cod la hitcher's dreamt and good times with D.T. "Just call out my name you know wherever I am I'll come runnin." Carole King 'iii ' I , 1 0 ROBERT WINSER BOYLE Track ll, 12. Intramural tennis. Enjoys skiing. camping. swimming. fishing. and traveling. Remembers Dusted weekend. Sandiella. "ahh." Class of '77. After school hoots! Red Firebird. Great times with family and friends, "I know I'll never lose affection for the people I still can recall. I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life I love them all. Wm-.Y JOHN BROOKS .l.V. and Varsity Football. J.V. Lacrosse and lndoor Track. Enjoys Friday' and Saturday Nights. Remembers good times with B.D.. C.H.. B.B.. and Fidge. "Wan" ALISA BUCHANAN Girls Varsity Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Bas- ketball. Peter Frampton. Pink Floyd. "Do what you want today. you may still be here tomorrow. but your dreams may not!" Cat Stevens ,A ff ff if f " Sufi", ..fs,ff.+',j ,ig ,fy 'i i 1' iff..-'ifJ1.'1 1515 Lg : BART BROPHY C.M.'s Bird. J.B.'s. L.T.D.. A.M.. T.P., "Fight." R.T..l.. Wes Houston. Honda. Pretzel. The Bolt. The Cady. What happened to Gentry? CHRIS BUMCROT Computers. Band. Orchestra. National Honor Society. Mathletes. Fencing. . .plans to become rich. MARY BROSNAN "Bras" "Sometimes l laugh and cry and can't remember why. but I still love those good times gone by." Trogan Club. G.A.A.. Co-captain J.V. Basket- ball. Co-captain Varsity Lacrosse ELLEN BURGDORF "Keep yourself clean and clear. for you are the window in which the world sees you." Enjoys outdoor life. swimming and skiing. and being with people. Studying to he a nurse and hopes to continue with it. A DAVID BURKE Football. The Red Sox will win the pennant and Bill Lee will pitch a no-hitter against the Yan- kees. Skiing in Canada. LINDA BUSUTTIL "CurlV" Will always remember W.L. music. travel. food. the beach. and the city. "Master of time. setting sail, Over all of our land. And as we look forever closer Shall we now bid farewell. farewell." JOHN BURKE .I.V. Soccer. .l.V. Basketball, J.V. Lacrosse. "There is nothing better than a Grateful Dead Concert" - Ask any one who has ever seen one. CHRISCALLAHAN "D,B..' Calt' Skiing. Concerts. Parties. Drinking. "The Swamp" Catching Giant Moths, Playing with slime. encountering G.C.P.D.. Applepicking in Fish Kill. Boston. "I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before I know l'll often stop and think about them . . .In my life I've loved them all." "To Y MARIE BURNS day is the day I seek knowledge for tomor row." MAUREEN CALLAHAN X l GREG CAMILLERI "Camel" Football. Baseball. Soccer. Lacrosse. Eagles. Fleetwood Mac. and Boston. "l had good times. I had bad times. but the best times that I said were great. were with the class of '78!" STEVEN CARBERRY "Believe it if you need it. if you don'tjust pass it on." X GREG CANAVAN "It is better to earn money. than to make it." JANICE C. CARLSON "I have been crucified with Christ: and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me and the real life I now have within this body is a result of my trusting in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me Galatians 2:20 LARRY CAPRUSO Enjoys motocross. and anything else that is fun. "And the time will come when you'll see we're all one. and life flows on within you and without you." George Harrison ROBERT FRANCIS CARSS "Bob" "Remember this your lifetime through Tomorrow. there will be more to do . . . And failure waits for all who stay With some success made yesterday . . . Tomorrow . you must try once more And even harder than before." FRED M. CARTER "Maddog" Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, National Honor Society, MAST Advertising Editor, Grade Coun- cil Representative, Letter of Commendation, "Big Fig," Virginia Baseball Trip, "Red Man." "Patience is a virtue" "M interest lies in the future because I am oin Y . S S to spend the rest of my life there." C. F. Kettering LAURA CELENTANO England Trip, Shows. "Every tear is a chance to comfort All need is a time to give. All coldness is but a place to be warm. Loneliness is room for a friend. And when we comfort, And as we give, When we are warm, And make a friend, We live." of li- ,vi Y Q. pf- ' Q Ig , yoljqbifkv-d'X.1"'qfr'9,-ALL 'Mug Ukqcwlj U J W 0' VJ if 57 vii VJ' M Q0 0? Jil ,X ,p gr I y vl X 2 ' 9 W li wuftlfj r"1fif"'rt'ft1t"' oft! Wfffxww Q dll! Sl! VW'WtlW1f'f'2Vi W rl YU9! ldyb XT, ' V PM 04M . 0 fa X9 SUZANNE CASTELLANO "We went the long way or maybejust the wrong way l'll never know. So Goodbye At least we made the try Something can be said for love that's pure." ROBERT CATTANI "Coco" Computer Core, Computer Attendance. coopera- tion. encouragement and patience of Mrs. Bauer and the Math Department, comrades Rayfield and Santry. that the computer room lives forever. 1977-1978 ECHO, Gedanken Der Jugend, three cheers for Mr. Lawder. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. . JOSEPH MICHAEL CHIARELLO "Shorly', Football l0. ll - Captain, 12 - Varsity. Lacrosse - l0, the best years with friends - M.D., B.B.. D.S., G.D., C.R., C.L.. L.M.. L.D.. B.J.M., S.G., M.D., E.Y ., Celeste and June. "Here's to good friends" - Lowenbrau CELESTE CHIN Sweet Elite. Hendrix Bowie, Mahogany. Rush. Vectors. Diamond Earrings. Beach Stones, 'Dela- ney, Lake George, the instigator. Neil Young. Patti Smith, The Ultimate Pleasure. Dannyls' song. Let's Spend the Night Together More than forever. "Remember - the weak give up and stay while the strong give up and move on. ..:f:,5 HELEN CHRISS "Hel" Loves the city, summer, beach and opera. "I will always remember this great school but even more important are my friends, who will always remain in my heart forever." 'fWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." I X Q f t .rf i, i I ELLEN CIQUERA "I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore, I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." Remembers the Grateful Dead and friends. STEPHEN CH ROBET "Bert" Fire Patrol, Council Comedian, Fire Auxiliary. Advanced First Aid, CPR Instructor, Mineola Ambulance Team. Trips to Myrtle Beach and boating on the sound, the satires on the council. Paks's farewell party, and the Chicago concerts. "Many a man has failed to become a thinker only because his memory is too good." MEREDITH CHRISTIE - Nlmschf 7 Mn iiiuji-,llf',fuf' T' Sabi-I L1 Bzbglftri 60 gcilqf an ,.q va, .X ts M , 1' I A N' . X95 vt IQO-dar ,Fifi IGI- We r..-,0 fQ2f if WW ,gn Qgtyfdi? M it W al of JOANNE COLLETTA ROGER COFFIN ECHO, Foreign Policy Forum, Cross Country, J.V. Lacrosse, National Honor Society, Porsches, skiing and the pursuit of insanity. Swampwater and Tacos. "To be a rock and not to roll." - Robert Plant "A little learning is a dangerous thing." - Alexander Pope G.A.A. President, Leaders Club, Varsity Field Hockey Captain, Volleyball, Basketball. Softball. enjoys G.C.A.A. Summer Softball, remembers Camp Woodsmoke, good times with friends. "I never cared for the sound of being alone." - Neil Diamond YOLANDA CONDELLI Badminton. surprise parties. "shopping" with Georgene. working as an IHOP hostess. TOM CONNOLLY G.C. Wings Hockey. likes skiing. tennis. basket- ball. Yes. Frampton. Skynyrd "If that one man has done only one thing of great significance in his lifetime . , . That man's life has been useful." Q f Q! f Q! I , , if . l OU 59 tip Nfl U be X R wi . Q! R- Lx O6 cw. Q0 Q59 oc NG U W -S N A Q1 . - X Q3 to PATRICIA CONDON HPIIIH "Take your time. think a lot Think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow. But your dreams may not." -f Cat Stevens CHRISTOPHER GERARDCONNORS .l.V. Basketball. Varsity Partying. ABC Club. Leebro. Digs. Edward. "You see things that are and ask why . . .7 I dream things that never were and ask 'why not"?" -V JFK X x, M. xx AUNQ, XgJil.J,5gJ-i3j X55 ot odbeotjk KATIILIZEN ANN FRANCIS CONNOLLY "I know I'll never lose affection for the people and things I can still recall. I know l'll often stop and think about them In nty life. I love them all." "There's a time forjoy, A time for tears A time we'll treasure through the years. . . Graduation Day." 73. CHRIS CON ROY Englishtown. NJ.. September 3. '77, Bear Moun- tain. Old number 7 A "One man gathers what another man spills." - The Dead SUSAN CONZA M.T.C.L., Fiat, backroom, good times, N.Y.C. "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." - Wilde IRENE STEPHANIE CORAS "Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happi- ness. take time to laugh, it is the music of the sogl. ltake time to give, it is too short a day to be se is . . ." QW' Nsytgf MARY ELIZABETH COOK "Your success and happiness lie in you . . . Resolve to keep happy, and in your joy you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." - Helen Keller "I feel the greatest reward for doing is the oppor- tunity to do more." - James E. Salk "It doesn't matter who you love or how you love, but that you love." - Rod McKuen ., t,i, X it QW , WM dist slttliifiir DOREEN COONEY Canada, Hampton's Summer '77, Skiing, my cars, K.K., good times with friends. "Don't take life too serious, you won't make it out alive anyway." "The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence." Eftfifaflsf - .sf esssfmife- FREDRICK COULTER "Fred" Homeroom Rep., S.C.B., Intramural Basketball, Intramural Tennis, Baseball, Chicago. Fleetwood Mac, Florida, Shelter Island, Running for Sr. Class treasurer and losing. "As I walk down these hallowed halls for the last time, I know this is not the end, but only the beginning." "The time is gone, the song is over, thought l'd something more to say." - Roger Waters tit Q fbtalli wk? sgji V , N.'4'Ag on I VN " Qcfoteb ku f r-56 S. .Y,,-V-, Vxswri- Qjxfj -' GLA, L ev-'J QJJQ' iCNfNNI3'CvXkgx3r7T viii? Q N150 w of A I 1- , ' WV Q W XO X . uma' Qfsakpjf S9-J C' off on QW? 'O up BN' K WS apvxf- 0' 0,1 2, ,fax Q, Q A2'Ti"9 ,J Nl G 0 QOQXWQT V Qi VIRGINIA M. CRAIG Leaders, S.C.B., Clerical Editor of MAST, Lacrosse, D. of JT. 1 "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by i our standing in our own sunshine." - Emerson if QQ-. JAMES CULHANE "Jim" "May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sunshine warm upon your face, And the Rains fall soft upon your fields, And Until we meet again, May God hold you in the Palm of his hand." Take Care in-IV iho- ig 10-- fue-,. MICHAEL CRANE Seminar, Deerhill, '77 Prom, I7th Birthday, Fuzzy and Kess, Blue Moon, HMUN, The crows, If, Bob and Ray, Punning Wars, Fearns, Row-Row-Row with Benosky. "Rose water, goodbye." "I'd rather lose a hand of hearts, I swear, than to win a round of solitaref' . - Dean Friedman KATHLEEN MARIE CURRY "Candy" Senior Class President, Varsity Cheerleader, S.C.B. Executive Board, MAST, Remembers good times with all the "Champs," the O.B. Mobile, H-Huntin', sandstorms, Homecoming Weekend, Uncle Drew, Katie's Party, F,M.W.S. -Good friends are forever. . . "In all you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success." - Proverbs 3:6 Q, , ...N KEVIN CROUCHLEY Attick, snurfing, the course, tobogganing, wake surfing, OUT EAST, F.P., Hot tuna, Marshall Tucker. "The trouble with you is the trouble with me, got two good eyes, but we can't see." - Grateful Dead we MATTHEW DAILEY "So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skieslfrom rain - can you tell a green field from a coal stee rail - a smile from a vail - do you think you can tell?" - Pink Floyd All the funny little people in my life. W ,, tw www if QS-vi l Blwl-K ,J ,tw wwf tm, , SEAN DALY Varsity Baseball and Tennis, J.V. Baseball, enjoys basketball, weekends, the beach, and Vir- ginia. "The world is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feelf' PARKE DAVIS Tennis, Boating, German Club, Class Delegate, Chicago, Steve Miller, Fleetwood Mac. BARBARA DAND Stagecrew, Inkspots, Sunday School Teacher, Cathedral Youth Group, Katharine Gibbs School. "Friends We must part To go our own ways STEPHEN H. D'ANTONlO "D'An" J.V. and Varsity Baseball, J.V, and Varsity Soc- cer, Captain Varsity Baseball, Captain Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society. Baseball trip to Virginia, the beach. tti. 3 , But we will always stay together In the memories Of my fondest days." G. KELLY DECKER Soccer, Baseball, Alpha Omega Theta, G.M.H. with E.L., "BU Shed, Bazit and a night with the Outlaws, KH., J.M., E.H., Schmitto, 2:30 breaks with .l.M. and .l.L. "Look around and choose your own ground, For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see ls all your life will ever be." - Pink Floyd STEPHEN ERIC DECKER "Deck" Varsity Soccer, G.C. Centennials: England and Canada, Shelter lsland, skiing, sailing, fishing, and hunting. I like money, good things and good times. "Live for today for tomorrow may not come." "I never let school interfere with my education." - Mark Twain JAMES VINCENT DEEGAN .l.V. Baseball. Homeroom Delegate. Social Com- mittee. C.Y.O, Basketball. Mattituck with J.P.. Skiing with B.B.. and Homeroom with Mia. "ln this world. one must be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid: one must be proud and unbending in honest defeat. and humble and gentle in victory." - Douglas MacArthur ANDREW D. deLANNOY Will always remember band trip to London and V.l. trip '77, skiing Switzerland and Austria '7S. Concert. Stage Band and Jazz Ensemble. Varsity Track. Maine and .l.V. T. Team. "lf l only had the words to tell you. lf you only had the time to understand." - Billy Joel i LAUREN DEERY Twirling. Girls Gymnastics. Manager of the Boys Gymnastic Team. Leaders. Trojan Club. and Spanish Club. Good times with friends will endure. "Oh. better than the minting Of a gold-crowned king Is the safe kept memory Of a lovely thing." Y Sara Teasdale MARITA DelBELLO S.C.B.. Vice-President Leaders. G.A.A.. Trojan Club. Majorettes. Badminton. MAST fSports Editorl. D. of J.T. "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why. but l still love those good times gone by." MICHELE DELAHUNT Celestones. Masquers. French Club. Deerhill. Alessi Bros.. D.B.C.. Loves bicycling. backpack- ing. playing guitar. "ln the midst of winter. l finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." e Albert Camus EILEEN MARIE DELLE "Champs," weekends in Peconic, lockers with B.J.. parties. S.D.. MAST, "tunes please." soccer games. summer of '77, "The time has come to say goodbye. our times together may be ended. but our memories will linger on forever." LISA DeMARCO "Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued is always beyond our rasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may ight upon you." - Hawthome "Joys is not in things, it is in us." - Wagner 1 LINDA DeSANTIS "Take your time, think a lot think of everything you've got For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens MATTHEW BARRY DENNEN Student Council Treasurer, Golf, X-C, Concerts at Central Park, G.C.G.C. Caddy Yard, F.P.F. - Harvard Model U.N., Cage-bird. "We've been through some things together, With trunks of memories still to come. We found things to do in stormy weather Long may you run. - Neil Young '51 Q-ff 4 't CHRISTINE DeNOlA Band, will always remember my trip to London with the Band, Orchestra, Business Manager of ECHO, German Club, National Honor Society. Empire Girls' State. "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die. life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." STEPHANIE DiBELLA DIANE DeVINCENTIS V.P. G.A.A., Varsity Hockey, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Softball. "The greatest achievement is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall." ERNIE DI CHIARA School is like a storm but once you see the light it's a rainbow, Varsity Bowling, Tennis, Guddels and Teddy Bear. MATTHEW DiGIORGl Track, Cross Country , Riflery, Montauk, Floral Park. Brixton Rd. Gang, the Attic, House Inspec- tions, Mitchell Field, Jones Beach. T Im- .lt ,r1fs4f,.f.X cfxirfl ,jgq , ,mil V Q f,'ff",,u,gQ HI fffn ff' 'fair' rf' f r f,,16,.'. fu. . L TOM DiGAETANO Booking to the beach, F.P., Summer's end con- cert 77, G.D. "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them." - Bob Weir DORIS DIMPEL S.M.S., D.K.D., remembers good times with friends, Canada, Sweet Dreams, FUBAR. Munchkinland, skiing. beach, parties. strawberry fields forever. . . "If you love something, let it go, if it returns, it's yours and if not, it never was." PETER A. DiGlACOMO "Y0ck" J.V. Football. .l.V. and Varsity Lacrosse, G.C. Wings Hockey. "lt's over." JOHN GREGORY DINOTO "For any Fear l will give you five hopes." - E. E. Cummings . M-M ..,.- In . time-ww-E1 :P :ix . K SARAH DiPIPPO Loves the beach and having a good time with friends. "I'll never lose affection for the people and things I can still recall. In my life, I love them all." Beatles LYNNE ALISON DODD A.I-I.R.C., Student Council Grade Representa- tives, Leaders, Track, S.C.B., MAST Typist. "I'll never forget your smiling faces CAROL DOH ERTY Track Team, German Club, Swimming Team. Vica Club, H.O.S.A. Club, Campus Life. Nurs- ing, Beach Boys, O.B.I., Wild beach parties, Summer of '76, Kings Point Dances. "He is truly happy who has all that he wishes to have, and wishes to have nothing which he ought not to wish." They meant the world to me I'll never forget the times we cried or laughed in ecstasy. I'll never forget friends Who have meant so much Over the years Let's keep in touch." is-I - Lynne MARY ELIZABETH DONNELLY "Through each new year We have grown a little more and have become insecure a little less. From each new friend we gained an insight into ourselves to allow ourselves to give a little more to others." DORIS DOHN German Club, Masquers, Seminar. MARIA NICOLE DON ATO t.Mia,, Lacrosse Statistician, '77 trip to Virginia with S.G., "Champs," All great times with friends, A.P.A., Trojan Club, S.C.B., painting. "Mier." l'So, before we end fand then beginl We'll drink a toast to how it's been . . . I've loved these days." Billy Joel L w. . 'H I . 2. i .5J""x 1 -JW' X ' jf VH- xx g,""' VJ' x e IT, -A V V, '-' w ,C 4. F55 .wgffx sigh-:-'X V L' A , y LF- V ,. 5-:tif Qtr" I ,Vxf,"1xX5 A K '-fl .N l 1 Q. .R S V X V X. L 3- L. -I .Af ,V,. ,V ,arf .nf A N- il, J J' re x V ,fwl , E f' -IV , 1 at ZW 7-. - . , V, Vt X vw q J X x. pf LI' 4 ...Q 4 V 3 .tif sk lf' af aff Ne c.flY U L, wi X330 J 7 J. 'T X ig. .5 L 'IX X ya- .Lo I, 15 V. if ,lf ,I 'L-'M - QI' 1.-if if , Q X N' '12 5 yw ,t 'ALJ 'N Lf' ,AJ xo- I "kA xxx-3' H ,gtk I Ny . sk 1 Teil - A .. ,,., K J.: -V-A 5 " -been ,B ' - - ' "I 5--If IN 5, .f ft-59. 4- V, VV "' -f ' 9' X-L f Tw NV? X I TEPHEN THOMAS DOOLEY " C-" 5 'I'll always remember all the great people I've met ,ff I and made friends with, especially L.H. 9 by "Now this is not the end. lt is not even the begin-I '. . ning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of theQrtf beginning. 1 J, - Winston Churchill jim ' -J ' f . .. .Vg . V' . x :LJ , J, , . ,g- Sjl' MARY KATHLEEN DOWDEN A . Q-WJ 5, U' 1 - Eff K . i, Q . .. Lili! WILLIAM DOUGHERTY In Y' ' Water Skiing, Fishing, Golfing on the course. ' Genesis. 0 "I don't know, but I've been told If the horse don't pull You've got to carry the load." X XYJVVXH ll Zn li1,YJN Q JSE 5'U'nI.W r V, ..U,v A fxyigx lrnfl Luify t"jlp,,'.l5vv. I ,PJ I'SL,iJs,- xv bww Lug, e l . Y n'rjqjl,J, sf- CHRISTOPHER DOWLER .z - mmm VVV ,N - --V. s.c.B., MAST Editor, chamecief, EEF., varsity fi? Cross-Country. Varsity Track, Thetford Summitt Conference, Lord Courzon, the Upper Minister. "Never worry about the Future, not until it becomes the present is it ever serious. I always prefer to believe the best of everybody -it saves so much trouble." DEBRA DOWN ES "Debbie" Varsity Badminton, Volleyball Manager. Trojan Club. G.A.A., Skiing, Tennis, "Roundabout." "Yesterday , when we met, we never dreamt of close ties. Today, my friends d0n't realize that tomorrow, I'll regret my goodbyes." SEAN DOWLING Racing Motocross and Skiing, Commack, Stew- art Golf Course, K.R.'s basement. Ferd, Ruddy, Sev, Mow. K.R., R.N., R.M.. and M.R., summers with P.F., Can't wait to get out. -M r Wf?,ll'w1lf L , I A W W1 A Vl, L1 if it +V,,ii'a5V :fat iwff-lfffif.1V+VVfs, Mlwwtwwwk' WSW-tyfbtfaliw ffLfir"lLVffiV ELIZABETH DUGGAN "Tina" "Without love in a dream. it'll never come true." St. Anne's. Ninth Grade. Frost Valley. Noyac Redmond's. Summer '76. Big Indian, L.M.H.. DEAD Concerts. Strawberry Fields. S.S.G.R.. Hoch and Irwin. Frost Valley again. "All these things are now a part of you. . . . and you are sent forth free to LIVE!" t ww MICHAELJAMES DURAND jj "Mitch" Varsity Football Captain. fishing. good times on my boat with .l.C. and Moo, "Chop." playing cards. good parties. "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance. baffle 'em with bull." ll if I J, K Y 5i9JyJ K x l ififvghrff XSQ!i'Lj,.ye,.5-- . Jail! ' 5.51, 0 X at 'tgyv--" XJ! X ow awpwfvfgf Cyjgjwofyi JOANNE CARROLL DUNNE The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand. as in what direction we are mov- liver Wendell lm . KATHLEEN E. DWYER "McGuire"i "We've onlyjust begun to live. So many roads to choose We start out walking and learn to run And yet we'vejust begun." "I must be travelin' on now Cause there's so many places I've got to see. l'm as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change." LINDA MARIE DURAND Good times in Westhampton. weekends in Cute- hoque. D.C.. Dot's House. Champs. "Sometimes I'm awake at night and wonder where the years have gone. And I would turn the pages back But time will not allow The way these daysjust rip along Too fast. to last. too vast. too strong." -Jackson Browne MICHAEL DWYER The Grateful Dead LESLIE EDWARDS Track IO. ll. I2. G.C. Swim Team, German Club. Gedanken der Jugend, Masquers. Beach Parties '77. "The Group." Concert Choir. Cele- stones. G.A.A. "We all need someone to lean on. and if you want to. well you can lean on me." - M. Jagger '. . .and they say it's impossible. . - .I. Hendrix .XS ROBERT ERICKSON "Bob" and "The Kid" French Club "Wish not so much to live long as to live well." - Benjamin Franklin "We stand today on the edge of a new frontier. . . a frontier of unknown opportunities and perils - a frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats" JFK JOHN EM ERSON "Bean" Intramural Hockey. Basketball. Pro Sports and playing TENOR SAX. Major in Biology. "Since death is at the end of Life. it appears we are all moving IN THE WRONG DIREC- TIONY' HEATHER ERICKSON "Good times with friends" Canada 77-78. The Hamptons. Summer of 77. "lf you love something. set it free. If it comes back. it's yours. if not it never was." "To laugh often and much. to appreciate beauty. to find the best in others. This is to succeed." - Emerson MARCELA ESTAY "Mann Skiing at Windham. Great times with M.B.K.. T.K.. S.O., S.M. "BAA-AA-BAA." Lake Suna- pee. Crawling home on New Years Eve of 77. "Merge" If you love something. let it go. if it returns it's yours. if not it never was. KURT FA BA "If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll see you in the next one. , .don't be late." - Jimi Hendrix QUENTIN FALK J.V. Football "We leave behind a bit of ourselves wherever we've been." i i RICHARD F. FELDEISEN Co-Head of Lights. Riflery. "You cry for the past and yearn for the future: but meanwhile the present is leaving you fast." "Be the person you really are. and never anybody else." "Believe in people. for through them you shall find yourself." GREG FARLEY "Yelraf" It's Gone, Drive All Night. Zuma. Mason "A new day. a new way and new eyes to see the dawn go your way. I'll go mine and carry on." - S.S. MARILYN FELDMAN "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference "When you get confused just listen to the music play." - Grateful Dead Remembers when. . . RICHARD FASCIANI "Just open your eyes And realize. the way it's always been. .lust open your mind And you will find The way it's always been. Just open your heart And that's a start." - The Moody Blues SHERRY FELDMAN "Such a long time to be gone. and a short time to be there." - Grateful Dead "Got no mind for wasting time feeling like I do." -J.K. Tuna, Tuckes. Dead. Daniels. Redmonds '76. Ski trip. Noyack. Heingartner's House. Big Indians. L.M.H.. El and Mel Barry Op.. Elbow. Laaary. Tree House. Gee Melinda . . , Eleana's Sand- wiches, Nooo Whooo. Late Much . . .!!! . A. LAL pofsif vfsffq faiwez AAA ' , 1 - E ,Li 0. Q We Meiffaa as , CKQJJJSSO L -DQ we fffzmffws of . We f . TIMOTHY FELIX "El1glisl1" Track. to get a degree in Business. to remember all my friends in G.C.. This place fAmericaJ is much better than Great Britain. "Though the years give way to uncertainty. the fear of living for nothing strangles the will." - Jackson Browne Me! f .f F ,,.4M!,J tj!7Q,7?,,,,Z'fzWVN ff VW! 21 Lf J 4 fmf A Wzdzfi 645201 ' Y . 744' lmygye .cc fm . A f fdffgafwpfi q fj gfl' Q' KZYWAZ ill, MICHAEL FENNESSY Wrestling. Physics with Mr, Badger. "God helps those who help themselves." 7 ..-A JOSEPH FERENCIK li "We have not only obligation to fulfd C We have great opportunities to real! X ff? "Prepare your mind and heart for the task ahead. call forth your strength. and let each devote his energies to the betterment of all." -J.F.K. ff! ,f Lo MARIA A. FERGUSON Badminton Team. National Honor Society. Biol- ogy Club. French Club. Key Club. Trojan Club. Botany Club. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and l. I took the one less traveled by. and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost rFP EIN Hiaoiwmsibokyg Lb ANDREA FERRARI "As your fortune comes to carry down the line. And you watch while the changes unfold, And you sort among the stories you'll be told. lf some pieces of the picture are hard to find. And the answers to your questions are hard to hold Take care of your brother . , -Jackson Browne ANNEMARIE FIORENTINO Track I lth Grade. Trojan Club. Key Club. "The glory is not in never falling. but in rising every time you fallf' SUSAN ELIZABETH FLOOD "Each moment . . . has its own beauty . . . a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again." DORI FLANAGAN "Though times can be good And times can be bad All one has to do is Think back on all of the friends he had. And suddenly. all those bad times seem to disappear. PATRICIA E. FOLEY 'I know I'll never lose affection for the people and things I can still recall. I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life. I love them ill " 1 . 4 Beatles SHEILA FLEMING "It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble. How hopeless the outlook. How muddled the tangle. How great the mistake. a sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world." - Emmer Fox BETSY FORAN S.C.B. Executive Board, Masquers. Track. Honor Society. Math Tutor. Commentator. Grade and Student Council. "As we travel down life's road. each step affects our life and touches our heart. I will miss my friends." KRISTEN JEAN FOSTER "They can conquer who believe they can." - Dryden "As long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of life." ROBERT FUCIGNA "Bob"or "Fig" Gymnastics, Kung Fu Club. French Club, Track. "Look not mournfully into the Past. It comes not back again. Wisely improve the Present. It is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy Future, without fear, and with a manly heart." TIMOTHY FOXEN Wrestling, Cross Country . . . Dell's Deli, Frost Valley '74, Camping, 123 Birds, the course, Tez's room, Englishtown. "Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings." - Weir ANNE FUSARO Remembers good times with friends, the Hamp- tons, the beach. Sweet Dreams, Canada, Munch- kinland and parties. "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." - Booker T. Washington RAYMOND FRANZ German Club, Gedanken Der Jungen, likes mopedding, sailing, tennis, ping-pong, beach, German class and making jokes. MARY GALLAGHER Pennsylvania, Big Indian, Englishtown, The Dead, Partying. "And l'll keep on fighting for the things I want Cause l'd rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet of a slave So as sure as the sun will shine l'm gonna get my share now, what's mine." J.G. and M.S. SUZANNEGALLO "I have spent my life seekingall that's still unsung. Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see In the book of love's own dream where all the print is blood. Where all the pages are my days and all my lights grow old." JILL THERESE GENTILE Hole-in-the-wall. RH PS "Open your eyes . . .close your eyes. "Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius power and magic in it. Begin it. now." Goethe Si It I MARY GARIBALDI Sec.-Treas. of Honor Society. Sgt.-at-Arms of Key Club. S.C.B. Executive Board. "Life is made up of small comings and goings. and for everything that we leave behind." VERA ANN GERDTS "High on this mountain - the clouds down below. I'm feeling so strong and alive. From this rocky perch I'll continue to search. For the wind. the snow and the sky. And I want to live in the sun. And I want to do all the things I never have done." MARIANNE GENNA Future Nurses of America Club. Biology Club. Vitca Club. Hosa Club. Dancing. Disco music. singing. nursing. Kings Point Dances. spending money. buying clothes. Candystri' per, V.N.A. "Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each includes the other. each is enriched by the other." MARY ELIZABETH GIBBONS Lord. make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love: Grant that I may not so much Seek to be consoled as to console: To be understood as to understand: To beloved as to love: For it is in giving that we receive. - St. Francis of Assisi ADRIENNE GIUFFRA "From another side of time. breaking down the walls of silence lifting shadows from your mind. placing back the missing mirrors that before you couldn't find. filling mysteries of emptiness that yesterday left behind." - Cat Stevens NANCIE E. GORDON Listen closely and you shall hear words of great significance. Explore them. weigh their value for from them. you shall acquire a knowledge obtainable from no book. Then go. transmit this to others for such a gift should be passed on throughout eternity. Honor Society. Madrigals. Co-head Folkaires. Masquers. Inkspots. JAMES DREW GOLDEN "Jim" Captain Varsity Soccer. Captain Varsity Lacrosse. Varsity Basketball, National Honor Society. Lacrosse trip to Virginia. "Never be content. although it may be safe. you will never know what could have. should have been." ul""""" SUSAN ELIZABETH GRAHAM Lou's. the "Champs" AOA '77 LA-x trip to Vir- ginia with Mier. Beefsteak's. the Chop, '77 Homecoming "A smile. and embrace. a lasting friendship - the best things in life are free." BARBARA A. GOODISON "Balls" Diving Team. Celestones. St. Joseph's Guitar Group. Seminar - Deerhill. Art with J.. Summer of '77. "l'll put a pebble in my shoe And watch me walk I can walk . . . And when we both have had enough I shall take him from my shoe singing 'Meet your new road. . .' " N I BILL GRIFFIN "Hom" Physics. Drag Racing. Tacos and swampwater Selective attendance. The Bird. "Loosely tight" - Jimmy Page "Go to the Beach" - S.H. 1 RICHARD GUION "The pace accelerates, there is no chance to rest. We hurtle down the freeways of life. Many fulfill- ing a long held desire to express themselves in the cinematic setting of higher education. Now in our first adventure in to life I wish all happiness and fortune." - Led Zeppelin FRANK HAJN Y KtHank,, Con. Band, Jazz Ensemble, V.P. of Orchestra, Echo Photo Staff, Enjoys camping, music, pho- tography, and working on cars. fu ,uomwguwfw 1A!pL4fMZAm0 Ay-C45-f'eJf'uf-af C164-lj gang 4442, 554. o-eQ Waite CATHERINE HAFF "Cathy" "Thou goest thy way and I go mine, Apart, yet not afarg Only a thin veil hangs between The pathways where we are, And 'God keep watch 'tween thee and me. This is my prayer He looks thy way. He looketh mine And keeps us near." - Julia A. Baker Music: flute, piccolo, and organ. I . NOHA HALEEM Palestinian from Lebanon, Arabic music, sunset, Hiba, Ahed Khahil Gibran, Blue, Black, Brown, 2,9,l3. .. "If words came as readily as ideas and ideas as feeling, I could say ten hundred kindly things." ou know my supreme happiness at having one earth whom I can call a friend." ZA ?mPf+e0,tML WML ,af fi its, JOHN HAFFNER ay. G a "Ramble On," R. Plant. l'll always remember the parties with my friends. SUSAN GAIL HALFMANN "Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower: But only an hour Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief. So dawn goes to day. Nothing gold can stay." Robert Frost LCS WILLIAM C. HALL JR. "Bill" Student Council. Grade Council. Vice-President Key Club. Social Committee. S.C.B,. MAST. Varsity Water Polo Captain. A.A.U. and Garden City Swimming. Boys' State. Skiing. Homecom- ing '77, "W-ealth. Success and all the Honors that one can obtain do not compare with the happiness and pride of having one good loy al friend." t - ,V ay- l 471 jxiifg!-..j'i4q 1,fQe.1Xg5 i '5eN l N, l- lu i ' .. llsefi Q3 iff? "TNQ-ef Xfri:t-Q3 o if-JC QW- li CN by i Nr lf9xlJ5i.5'X'i ' l X li X lv l l Xu Qi ' - - ix' . ' ' 'T M V fi" .il 55 'S .i - X l ifivgux KQJQ, .Qui we. i!1Xc-.K Wwe I ev' v A F X ,fy -H-,, .7 'tx A 1 ,. K ll-' X ET' l '-aj "1 kkdchlg-3 STAB 13012-"1 l'lf.ff.j,fl,3, 0125 if A N t xl ' ' xxx k U 'f' l ff., , L3 lcncfrtfs ee . l'fi'yiQf I K XSL if lxlfg' W 'fYXiI2Qi.!s lx kiljvxs glijivi? K of iv XCLL S j -Z .XX H. WILLIAM HALLORAN Fracture. Drums. Concerts. Led Zep. Hammer- heads.Lf'Lou," 21 l2. X-X C3313 'LJ clgxf L- LUN C ,if X --- 1 , - if' f-so . ,-5 .' "K- ,J ko, L- ' -V. J ,Q l . N ,f ,-" X 'xx vi-it Xl, PAUL HAMILL' lf X S1- 'C' K-'sw Q32 " "" l.. .1 px, LFVXQZ JR , - 'Q NS- 'fl've liiied in a silvermine and we call it Bake " "Ml R' gif. ,li 5 . , 'Q Rmb-"l . Gl t V mv Q. W-b,.,,,. . Q, cfs X s, Y H Skeletons vo Qie ,fx lNe.,. NM ' 'XI' L-' V si ix ...LAX 3 Closet ,L QSO ' ,D SX sl':yi"jf'i L35 iff CXCZD 4 LTUSBYQ5' X' 'XX' L. X K J . Y' ' X LI . x WJ g b TL! Sign ' Xl fffl gfahivdslk- .ll ll 1 .gflfl llj.f..ii3'Xj -Ll? N 'x "-D " ' if Li lg if., it i. - i cg.: y 5 1 .1 1 X N' ' 3 - 3 .J , ., s 2,13 EU delle lflfvi- WEN . X1 NMe'J"'J ln' ff? V. Ely- N tfl ll HP u L. L S Q M Q L X N A MA . X-M55 5, fu . QQ .c J mi . 2 , .S awwe Lb ' li! iv L ' X fl-fit but Q5 uv if S Q t if ' VVZQ' Q, Utkfh-' Pr or it K my N, P -se il el of .flwfiie L S K GAYL ALECE HAMMOND ilis -'t-i ..... s'i- 1- .. Gm- ,, - - .---.-.- .'-.. g Badminton. Softball. New Years '76. Sardee's. Beatles. Skiing. Rifle trips. Canada '77. slopes. Charlie llth. Summer '77. Westhampton. Beach -- Rollerskating. Cruisin'. getting small with all. Homecoming '77. Moose's DYFO. play clothes. "lf you love something. set it free. If it returns. it's yours lf it doesn't. it never was." ,A uf "ffl ii it L . dl crib' ltEQ . . J remember the good frien x 2 -. the great times especially wi? . , ' if i N e AIILIFS always seems to come befbe 'XJ rl dy to give up the past. lloweverx-VWe ' n t our new yo ins unlc xy l1aXs5:tl'i!coir'w 0- l Nj il? - l' A ' -' tl' URA ANN HARRIGAN ' 5, ll iw g 1 f A 5 .A xii ' --...X we be me r .fs . 1 C i RENE HARLOW o i. " f l i' , it 'J ll - ' it -. W' "The more we measure what is ours to use. the ix Mmm!! gl it .' lmlx' l less we groan for what the gods refuse." N3 ' Alou .L i , Y, 'xo N gg. I N, Tl.-' Captain Craig NJ 1 1 ' QQ JL QL' X -'ll Xs ,J jfxl' Elf N II C O! - ik 1 i wb AW NW. l . V sg" ,Ni l . LQ' ,I 1 4 I' l, V . J - 3' 1' I I , ."' 'll fi C ll? 'itil ff' . il F, N L 'il ' S fl ' T V' . l V' ' N . '-ll ' 'i 'Bl' 1 NX, lx lb nw X. 'LN 4 'M ilk! L., K Q 1 N: X xl isp P XML p ggi' ,, i Kyla Xqxthy ar flu 3 ffvlki- 'tiff ., " ' ' lf , ' I Nw vu-my KEITH HASEMANN .l.V. Football. Varsity Football. Varsity Winter Track 3. Varsity Spring Track 3. Lido Beach, Surfing, Skateboarding. Montauk, "This place is the joint" Ditch Plains and Georgia Beach +- Getting Stoked! AN APOLOGY FOR THE DEVIL W We have only heard one side of the case. God has written all the books. - Samuel Butter it . W if NOREEN HEALEY "lt seems to me a crime that we should age. These fragile times should never slip us by. A time we never can or shall erase. As friends together watch their childhood fly." VIRGINIA HAYNES "If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do. is to save every day like a treasure and then once again, I would spend them with you." ERIN HEAN EY Feelings newly found Fly But remember Don't look down Take as much as you think you ought to Givejust as much as you can Don't forget what your failures have taught you Or else you'Il have to learn them all over again. Take good care G. PHILLIP HEALY ll The beach. surfing. Intramural Hockey and Soft- ball. OH. come with old Khuyyum. and leave the wise to tack: one thing is certain. That Life flies: One thing is certain. and the rest is lies: The flower that once hath blown forever dies. KATHERINE HEIGL "Kalhv" P.T.R.. Mast. Trojan Club. Will always remem- ber: K.V.S.. M.M.. singing to the Beatles. M.T.C.l., Sandee's Parties, Homecoming at Chop. Halloween. Oct. 2. "Though nothing can bring back the hour of the splendor in the grass, the glory in the flower. grieve not rather find strength in what remains behind." A ,Ml I Ok fi yfsltil if jfyllfi i I V65 oo' - K I 4 .175 lali Ilya A lu vmiali yi V53 AIM Q CRAIG HENNEBERGER JN. Baseball. Varsity Cross Country. S.C.B. Executive Board. National Honor Society. Echo. and Foreign Policy Forum. "I'lI always remember Shea Stadium's upper deck. section one and the Mets." "The greatest use of life is to spend it for some- thing that will outlast it." - William James CHRIS HERRMANN "A faithful friend is a strong defense and he who has found him. has found a treasure." -V Ecclesticus PETER HIGGINS .l.V. and Varsity Baseball. The Little Bull. Lake George. "Doc" Dougherty. Maybelle, Trip to Virginia. lack of concern. S RICHARD HESTON "Take as much as you think you ought to Givejust as much as you can Don't forget what your failures have taught you Or else you'll learn them all over again." - Dan Fogelberg ANDREW HIMELSTEIN u.'III!lI'H ECHO. piano. Ambassador to Israel. Math Club. swimming "To know that we know what we know. and that we do not 'know what we do not know. that is true knowledge." Q Henry David Thoreau ' STEVEN R.HILDRETH Clif? mf' - J I uSI6"l'L',Sl6'FFL'I1H J 4 V M25 'ff Surfing. Ditch Plains Gang. The Cliffs, Hunting- V ' fi 4 h ', ton Beach California r A -7 I, . WHEN INSIDE , FU 64011 I 9 " , . . You never really get the chance to see the I - ' miracle around you. For every bit of concentra- f I I M' M44 J tion must be directed towards where you're ' 7 M going. So take this opportunity to check the sub- ,Q and P ,. tle droplets from your place of relative security. f Am? t fu!!! facet!!! ' 1 do M f ll Z I tyfphlf, 69 MALIREFN IIOCII A.H.R.C.. L,Tv1.H.. Bike riding with Laura. G.C.S.. Shots with Tina. the Dead. Strawberry Ifieldsl "Every hodfs got a dream to live on And I got one of my own. So I best be moving on And I will think of you often" Charlie Daniels Photography. The Course GARY HOLZMANN "Master of time Setting sails Over all of our lands And as we look Forever closer Shall we now hid Farewell. Farewell Yes fs JAMES IIOWE PAUL HOFFMAN "Going where the water tastes like wine" KEN HOGE Enjoys. . .water skiing. Molsons, the Hamptons and the girls that migrate there in the summer. Mao's attic. Four wheeling in the Mean Green Machine in the East Quogue Hills till sun-up, doing bowls "Green grass and high tides" Outlaws JOHN HORCH ER Vice-President Student Council. Assistant Editor MAST. Grade Council. Homecoming King. Ski- ing. Tacos "Never let your schooling interfere with your education" Mark Twain Make it on your own ifyou think you can Somewhere later on you'll have to take a stand Th 'n you're gonna need a hand Ggsclen City Wings Ice Hockey, skiing. ix Kackson Browne J A- 'iw' to X , it M, it L! ':' T I ii f ' JO "Take it easy. but take it." 5' , it W LL . ,W 'lu X . V- 3 w Z X X LJ 1, J f fl JM EZ L Q MQ-DL F-. 1 w , -Z! I FK W tt .2 A ' :J .riff of '- fe 93 x. V . E. 6,1 5 YA 1' ti f ,- xi ,WK .K Q :GV -I Aj f' pg, ff f ff? ,ffl E- ' ' , .A ' - Q VXA f .1 73,1 A l -JU J X lg' . A T2 il? ,IK VI x Lf Iwi: 3: , I fm ' "C ll .. . "QI N . N- If ' F , 5 f ill V ,fi -' Qu'-ff A T' ix I Sf A '11 ' -..-if 1' ,I N ,X kj 'Life X .I h g yy, tug mfg fi. Y i icy- I. R , iff PATRICIA A. HUGHES QQQGJQ Qpwtoig ' 'Q MW Ewan ISM? , 'Q Qmwgw upto C1 C6069 QUSDWS- 55:-Q CHQ O- twig was sw tsww ' QW e CWS ' pixaxvxml' ali- ushirln i.Hugs,, Masquers, cast parties "I walked on the beach in the early morn I ran on the sand till I could breathe no more I stood on a rock looking out at the sea And believed what I said when I said I feel free." - Steve Miller Band PETER HUTTER German Club. the upper deck at Shea. "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstand- ing all you see. John Lennon i . . ELIZABETH HUMMERS "Beth" "All I want is to see you smile, Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow Don't stop it'll soon be here. It'll be here better than before Yesterday's gone - Yesterday's Gone." - F.W CHRISTINE IMGRAM Switzerland, Masquers, Seminar, C.E.C. fstarsj, dinner parties, K.B.E., E.L.P., Mosel- blumechen, J .E.B., veterinary medicine. "I am closer to believing that I ever was before On the crest of this elation must I dash upon the shore And with the driftwood of acquaintance light the fire to love once more." "I am windblown, I am times." - Greg Lake ANNE HUSCH LE OUWNSL Features Editor Echo, Secretary Masquers, Liter- ary Editor lnkspols, FPF, Miki, the Flock, a ple picking, my notebooks. "twojeeps and a trucE." "In the end there are three things that last - faith, hope. and love and the greatest of these is love" - Bible "I get by with a little help from my friends." - Beatles STEPHEN INDELICATO Technical Director of Stage Crew University of Maryland. "Do the leaves of green stay greener Through the autumn? Does t e color of the sun turn Crimson white? Does a shadow come between us In the winter? Is the Movement really light?" - .I . Anderson swf I 7I LAURAIRWIN N.Y.C.. Bicycling with Maureen. Blackness. L.M.H. "Gonna break out of this city Leave the people here behind Searching for adventure lt's the type of life to find I'm sure I must be someone Now I'm gonna find out who." "Do anything you wanna do" - Rods ,sv-'ff ug- iw. sl LINDA MARIE ITGEN Secretary-Treasurer of Future Nurses Club. future plans: Registered Nursing "If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens. you can never regain their respect and esteem." - Abraham Lincoln "Goodbye is the hardest word to say" "L- ebewohl" - Linda Itgen ,..,. ,,....A' ,CQX ,xt l ,ff D6 rx T KQQN LESLIE SUSAN JENKINS 34 C:fS.C.B.. Leaders. German Club. Y.F.. Sunapee. ij ' ' os. D. of J.T.. G and G. trip to Germany. QCQQYITQT K . , ood things come to those who wait. QW' Q "To laugh often and love much. to find the best Z ,X Q, in others. to give of one's self, to know even one ,530 X life breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have sgcceededf' N ,A SC! ggi facie' Us g gt . is oi? gflvqcg. pX,DxNQ,. Q, , 5 fo is b gm, LYS p I my wage QQ Q? . QQ g 'xg ICAQUE .gpg li Xqxpggt. QQ 66352, :sf 7 W se Y' N ,NJN J. STUART JENSEN "Stu" Band, London tcockney pridet. Doc. 55 base- ment. chasing the football Youth group Ed. in Ch.. Yes. G.D.. The Who. Neil Young. C.S.N.Y. "Knowledge is a deadly friend when no one sets the rules. The fate of all mankind. I see. is in the hands of fools." King Crimson. Viel Vergnuegen ..f'i' f i JULIA JAMES "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die. life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly" "Of all the faculties of the mind memory is the first that flourishes and the first that dies." KATHERINE N. JOHNSON "KH" Exchange Student to Spain. Spanish Club Sec! Treas., Pep Rally in IO. I2. St. Patrick's Day in llth. Katie's Halloween Party and Chop. "Don't walk in front of me. I may not follow. Don't walk behind me. I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." 4 JAMES JOHNSTON German Club, The telephone booth "Take your time. think a lot, think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens MICHAEL JORDAN ujordyu Varsity Wrestling, The Room - LOOK! "Son. don't wait til the break of day 'cause you know how time fades away." - N.Y. unav- Wann LEE JOLLEY "If I live tomorrow like I'm livin' today there ain't no way to go wrong." A Jorma Kankoneu fHotTunaJ JENNIFER KARB "Was the sign with a touch As I kiss your fingers We walk hands in the sun Memories when we're young Love lingers so." - Anderson JOHN J. JORDAN III "Sean" Technical Directors fStudioJ, J.V. Soccer Team. Garden City Centennial Soccer Youth Club. Waterskiing, Surfing, Senior Project in Architec- ture. "To be a great architect" "Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities." THERESE KELLY "There are places I remember all my life, Though some have changed, some remain. All these places had their moments with lovers and friends. I still can recall some are dead and some are living. In my life, I've loved them all." Lennon and McCartney A N . . kk . -.1-A s,gs.sse-.1 fi '- CHRISTOPHER KENT - OUT OF SCHOOL -- Summer '77, Concerts. Coast Guard. Station. Surfing. R.M.P.S.. Deer- hill "Master of time Setting of Sail Over all our lands And as we look Forever closer Shall we now bid Farewell Farewell" -- Anderson!Howe MARY ELIZABETH KETTRICK "Beth" Sweet Dreams. Munchkinland. Beatles. Eisen- hower. Strawherry Fields. forever. . . "If you smile at me I will understand. Cause that's the one thing that everyone. everywhere does in the same language." - Crosby. Stills. Nash. Young tg. 81, KATHY ANN KIERNAN S.C.B.. Leaders, Trojan Club. French Club. MAST Photography Editor. D, of J.T.. '77 base- ball trip to Virginia. "You never really leave a place you love: A part of it you take with you. leaving a part of yourself behind." R.. Fi ii.- .s. - LAURA KIERNAN HAYTHAM F. KHALIL "Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today. well-lived. makes every yes- terday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. And always remember: never hit a man when he's down. he may get up! If FRED KINN SEA FEVER "I must go down to the sea again. to the lonely sea and sky: and all I ask is a tall ship and a Slllr to steer her by." -John Mansfield HLA ,KALK kr JOHN S. KIRK JR. 'tSid,' Editor-in-Chief of MAST, Student Council Dele- gate, Senior Class Homeroom Representative, S.C.B.. Senior Representative to B.A.A., Soccer, Lacrosse trip to Virginia. Summers at the Jersey Shore, MAST deadlines. PEGGY JEAN KLEPPER "Happiness is like a butterfly The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, lt comes and softly sits on your shoulder." f L. R. Lessor .,'e-Q vs W 3 1' WP' Q. s.,.,, CHARLES KIRSTY "Chuck" Band, the computer room. Garden City Commu- nity Church, Basketball, F.P.F. "You are what you make yourself. S0 make yourself you." PATTY KNOX "Love when you can Cry when you have to. . . Be who you must That's a part of the plan Await your arrival With simple survival And one day we'll all understand . . ." - Dan Fogelberg KATHRYN KLEMANOWICZ National Honor Society, MAST Art Editor. lnk- spots Art Editor. S.C.B. Executive Board, Girls Lacrosse Team, Grade Council, Junior Honor Guard, French Club. "The three grand essentials to happiness in life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for." 4 Joseph Addison CAROLYN MARY KOHLER Band, Orchestra, German Club, N.Y.S.S.M.A. Honor Society. Senior Project, 3 c's. Burr!!! Enjoys music. swimming and tennis. WILLIAM KOHLER Hammerheads. partying. the Van. Zeppelin. Fracture. the Dead. "Sweet Sally." East Hamp- ton. Hot Tuna. Tull. Rush. Z-Bob. Dial-a-Joke, Ted Nugent. DOROTH EA V. KRAMER "Dede" S.C.B.. Trojan Club. H.R. Representative. the beach. Westhampton. Quoge "Life is easier than you think. All you have to do is accept the impossible, do without the indispen- sable. and bear the intolerable land be able to smile at anythingjf' KIM KOSLOW "Love when you can, Cry when you have to. Be who you must, lt's a part of the Plan. . .' - Dan Fogelberg KEVIN KUBLER I don't got nothing much at all, but I damn sure got it made, if you don't like the way I'm living, youjust leave this long-haired country boy alone. C .D.B. 'WNW MARY KOTTENBACH "Come into the mountains. dear friend Leave society and take none with you But your true self Get close to nature Your everyday games will be insignificant Notice the clouds spontaneously Forming patterns And try to do that with your life." - Susan Polis Schulz SUSAN ELIZABETH LABANOWSKI "Laho" "Plans I've made. A masquerade fading in fear of the coming day, Heroe's tales. like nightingales wrestle the wind as they run away" - Dan Fogleberg "Time passes by too quickly my friend. Good times we've had will soon come to an end. But memories will always bind us together. In a spe- cial way that will last forever." - L.D. KENNETH LANG "Ken" Varsity Track and Varsity Tennis, Concert Band and Dance Band. enjoys skiing. waterskiing. bas- ketball and Maine. Remembers trips to London. Virgin Islands and skiing in Switzerland and Austria. "Do what's good for you. or you're not good for anybody," - Billy Joel PATRICIA ANN LAVELLE "Pz1IU"' S,C.B.. Trojan Club. German Club. G.A.A.. Gymnastics. Field Hockey. Softball. Soccer. P.T.R. Barnacle Bill. great times with friends. To peto or not to peto. My b. and "beers-up." hell nite in the Fiat. "l feel l'm losing a part of me. The happy side l got from you." Q . my t feline 5 7 'Ssfb Wi ,, ta 29 T e A t X6 xx P63 A iv x fav Xl K 9 JW cf X65 Rob .. y Www SK Exon i x E Y WV X U ' Lkpv Muzi Q A -Bfxfxdx W7 0 , ,Lib A XL 9 ,alan fa ,fo 'H 'ff WV ' ws' AQVJ Ltoof XF' WL er je . t 1' , V9.2 X DNV X- WY' In kcMU3bx0z7m . g . J Ni iyivsvlfs X b VV js M 'VK 'Q Q wf wi 39" I Ln 31 O,:""' X ,lfn Mi' .wail qs-if ALEX LASKAS Basketball, enjoys fishing. camping. andjust hav- ing a good time. Remembers the Englishtown concert. the course. the attic at Lieb's house. upstate and Montauk. Future plans are to go into business and be successful. "Believe it if you need it. if you don't just pass it on." - G.D. MIKE LAVORANDO "Lav" Golf. Looping. Fishing. Umping. Upstate. the snack. Old Number Seven. "Just bein' alone. Just bein' me and when l die. Let me die with a dream on my mind. A smile on my face and no trouble behind." - Marshall Tucker STEVEN Lai TORRIZ Baseball. l'll be dipped - !! Get serious. plans to be at high school graitluzite. "GinZo" "The drunkenness of the wave. the power in the wheat." - Jackson Browne ,sv- f sw... RICHARD l.. l.eCOM'l'E Masquers. Echo. Foreign Policy Forum. "The bigger the self the smaller the man." V- Anonymous 4 v-"0 DAVID LENHART "Lenny" "In the mountains. in the cities You can see the dreams. Look around you. Has it found you, Is it what it seems? - Neil Young M . JAM ES LEWIS "Tell me children, are you sleeping? Are you innocent like me? I hope you never cross the line. I hope your dreams are not like mine," - Strawbs ADAM LEVIN Masquers, Inkspots. song-writing, keyboard playing, "Quintessence," friends, "Inner Space" at the Battle, YES, ELP, GENISIS, Gentle Giant, College out-of-town, song-writing, playing key-boards in a rock band. "Soon oh soon the time All we move to gain will reach and calm, Our heart is open Our reason to be here." - Yes MICHAEL P. LICITRA "Pit" Varsity Football, Captain of .I.V. Football, J,V. Lacrosse. CAROLYN S. LEWIS "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty , believe in them. and try to follow where they may lead." Louisa May Alcott MAUREEN M. LILLIS Leaders, S.C.B. "One song leads to another, One friend leads to another friend. So I'll travel along With a friend and a song - I'll travel along Ten thousand strong f To the end. W. Gibson W MARK LOCKWOOD Likes hiking. camping. skydiving. "Skiing." "The Bowl" THEODORE S. LORD "Then" J.V. Soccer '75. .I.V. Football '76, .l.V. Wrestling '75. V. Wrestling '76. '77. Surfing. Ditch Plains Gang. The Cliffs. New Jersey and Jerseyites. "Dreams turn to Nightmares Heaven turns to Hell Lines of confusion Nothing more to tell." - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath DANA LONG A.H.R.C.. Enjoys horseback riding. swimming. "Burger King" "Never wait or hesitate Get in good before it's too late You may never get another chance! PERRY LOSKAMP Band Jazz Ensemble. England. smokin' em on the Cougar. best times with F.H.. CS.. CM. "With time slipping so fast into the future even the present is hard to keep up with. So always keep a smile on your face and it won't hurt so much when time slips out from under you." Qfwwkww SP2 Wm I PATRICIA LONG "Tricia" "Everything has its season. Every- thing has its time. Every man has his daydreams. every man has his goals. Rivers belong where they can ramble. Eagles belong where they can flow l've got to be where my spirit can run free. Got to find my corner of the sky. - Pippin EDWARD LUCANO Summer. the beach. working in town with T.D.. P.H.. and J.M:. G.M.H. skiing, Peconic with K.R. Platoon 77, Maos Attic. The Benz. "Take the Highway." "Mine honor is my life: Both grow in one: Take honor from me And my life is done." - Shakespeare "I have not yet begun to fight." -- John Paul Jones rx Q- flffl fiat LAWRENCE LYNN ..Larry,, National Honor Society, Echo. Student Citizen- ship Board. Foreign Policy Forum. Village Soc- cer Team Coach, Mathletes. "One very important ingredient of success is a good, wide-awake, persistent, tireless enemy." "When human relations last long enough. the tol- erable becomes the indispensable." "I'll always remember this school and the won- ' derful people in it." ,ff CHARLES LUCCHESI ..K-Zu Varsity Football, Lacrosse. the Cougar, the beach "You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by." Wfthiqgm JANET LUCY President Celestones, Inkspots. I've learned that every day is what you make it. If you wait around for something exciting to hap- pen, you might wait a lifetime. You can depend on only yourself to make things happen. "Music is the only language in which you cannot say or mean a sarcastic thing." D - John Erskine KEVIN McCARTHY "This is day of the expanding man that shape is my shade There where I used to test and It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass At ramblers wild gamblin That's all in the past." - Walter Becker and Donald Fagan fS.D.J EILEEN McALVIN "Look at yesterday as a remembrance, Today as an experience, And tomorrow as your most prized possession " QZM . Q61-izzf., WM, gil .f 5ZLS'!l46t?J 12414 we fffif 'fa Hldfgfihifliw My fzsfpvffik M mf. il? malty? ji V fwdo not choose to be a common man. q, iz tgp., W ,,,,,?,g,g.z,, itsfi1:.fssf2.1,t:1f:f.1,za23f2.I.2:'a,.riff',A 4.'fEW,.., .,f 2-W! Al e' lx., f 1 J E' g I Mimi-fzflalff fwilfrzl Q52 IMT Tim fwgeiiwim Q'62W Wff?Q' 9041 ew W7 aff Mft-ith 01612 597714551 Wmgfwif MM6'8?mgi 'JDJJW tfizalfzmzl, I tmwltmf W5 WZ WCW? W L 'M C7 fe . I my X fi :MEM M 41,4 M M6 ,,g,1 5, Zy.iaiq,Sf7Ztfulff9aaLff'My, 7?W4l9 l.U!riifCv45'fWZWW'f,'1 Wil lm DOLIG LAS MCCARTN EY Do what's good for you. or you're no good for anybody . . Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes - l'm afraid it's time for goodbye again" "lt's either sadness or euphoria" - Billy Joel Band. Football. the team. London U.l.'s. Switzerland. Austria and Maine ROBERT MCGOWAN MB68ChI1lllu Foreign Policy Forum. Fire Patrol, Intramural Basketball. Fifth place in Magazine Drive, Eagle Scout. to be an engineer "The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn" PATTY MCENTEE The smiles of my friends will always be my fond- est memories. for they have given me the greatest memories throughout high school. l MEEGAN RITA McGOLDRICK "Meegs" Social Chairman. cheering, soccer, summers in Westhampton. Remembers . . . The Weekend . . .Champs. . .Dot's. . .Surprise Party. . . Being Healthy . . . Manhatten. "By the Good Grace. . Great times with great friends "Never walk so fast that. you can't stop and smell the flowers." A Smile and Be Happy 1blnai...,,. ROBIN JANE McGOWN "Go placidly amid the noise and haste. T and remember that peace there may be Rn silence. With all its sham. drudgery and V broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world . . . strive and be happy" ' - ' - Desiderata i TOM MCGOWAN And our time is flyin' See the candle burnin' low lt's the new world risin' X from the shambles of the old X , Y Led Zepplin p A fiieiia ofthe devil isa friend of mine 55,64 v Grateful Dead l l 8l JANE MCLAUGHLIN "Friendship improves happiness and abates misery. by doubling ourjoy and dividing our grief." SANDEE MCPHEE Saru. The Fiat. Beatles. Backroom. my parties. M,T.C,I,. D.E.l.. Beatlemania. The Village. Sweet Dreams Munchkinland. "Never wait or hesitate. get in kid before it's too late. you may never get another chance." "None of life strings can last so I must be on my way. . .and face another day - G. Harrison 'TD CYNTHIA ANN MCMAN US "Cindv" Leaders. S.C.B.. Homeroom Rep.. V.P. Trojan Club. Social Committee. Junior Honor Guard. Homecoming '77. Gusto Guys. OJ.. The bomb. P.T.R.S.. good times with friends. "lf you smile at me I will understand. for that is something we all do in the same language." CYNTHIA MacDOUGALL "Freedom freedom. we will not obey Freedom. freedom. take the wall away Freedom. freedom. we will not obey Freedom. freedom. take them all away." MONICA CATHERINE MCNALLY Dude. Monique. Council. Sophomore Secretary. class ring. My Flat. M.T.C.l.. April in Paris. BEATLES. the backroom. parties. the beach. munchkinland. "You and l have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead." - Beatles "Take it to the limit one more time." 'M all MARYELLEN MACK "Mack" Remembers good laughs with K.N. ' iliken with M.B.. S.K.. L.M.. and K.N.. G ting small at Centurians. Fren ' Club ' sident. S.C.B.. Badminton Tea "Don't ' eh' m ' lfgtay Jt ead. D n't walk inf t of eg may lt .J 'I 'alk beside me ' n be m ' i d." A OV JB GF' , A-A amus UI is V iflvwfiflg I Wigs. si KI if 'K IAN PATRICK MaeLEOD 'AMtIC'i' Captain Varsity Lacrosse and Soccer. Lacrosse trip to Virginia. National Honor Society. "All these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall some are dead and some are living. In my life I've loved them all." - Beatles .... N ts . ,.,k LAWRENCE MAEURER Grateful Dead. linglishtown. New .lersey luv- PALIL MAHER Skiing and Swamping. F.P.F.. CC .. I.L.C. Festina Lenten llvlake Haste Slowlyl Semper Eadenw tAlways the Samel "Crescit Endo" llt grows as it Goesl - Motto of N "I know 'A' N ew Mexico J, Lynne ANNEMARIE MAHONEY "A friend is one who knows you as you are. understands where you've been. accepts who you've become. and still gently invites you to grow." LISA MARIE NIAGRO Skiing Canada 77. llamptons 77 Mill. Ken. A.H.R.C.. Trojan Club. Leaders. "Kiss today good-bye. and point me toward tomorrow - wish me luck. the same to you . . NW I t .IANI-QCLALYDIA MAl.MQl'IS'I S.C.B.. Trojan Club. Florida. penguins. and the incredible Islanders. Laughing. cruising. and run- ning amok, D, of IT.. "YesV' "Better late than never." "Do what you want there is always a way, in this life youive been given. don't throw any of it away." Larry Burnett of I-'irelall . W, C g f ! I J 1 LAUREN MANGIA "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." DANIEL MANNIX "Dan" Ambassador to Bielefeld. West Germany. J.V. and Varsity Baseball, MAST Sports Editor, will remember Mr. B., Mr. C.. and Mr. G.. "I o'clock - be there!" Let's go N.D. "Experience seems to be like the shining of a bright lantern, It suddenly makes clear in the mind what was already there. perhaps, but dim." GEORGE MARGARITIS Computer Room, Tennis. Mr. Briller's trigono- metry class. Mr. Levine's conversational French class. the French party in ll grade. LAURA MARTIN Down the pair-chambeted corridor of years. The quiet shutting, one by one. . .of doors. silent: DAVID W. MANTZ Varsity Bowling 1 I0-l l-l2l. German Club. Band. Bob's Triangle Shell. "A life lived for others is a life worth living." A Albert Einstein CHARLES MARTONE i "Charlie" Mr. Briller - 3 long years. Brook's Thrifty, Bart - "Like, the other day." Sap - "here" Led Zep. Dr. Jimmy, the o.k. "I don't need to fight. to prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven" I - Pete Townshend 'N JEREMIAH MATHER l I e i t 1 JOHN MEAD Spanish Club, Fire Auxilliary, second period Sr. Study, plans to sail around the world, become independently wealthy, and retire to a life of ease and comfort at a young age. " .I STEVEN MATTHEWS Concert Choir, Music Cathedral Choir, A.G.O. - L.I.C.S. . "Time is but the stream I go a-fishin' in. I drink at it, but while I drink l see the sandy bottom and detect ' how shallow it is. It's thin current, ' slides away, but eternity remains., 2 in ir , i' k ED MESLOH Band - Vice President, Jazz Ensemble, German Club, band initiation and trip to London A espe- cially Picadilly Circus. "Deutsch ist immer Vergniigenu Herr G. "I'm on the outside, looking inside. What do I see! Much confusion, disillusion all around Me!! - K.C. RANDIE JEAN MATTLAGE Remembers great times with K.C.. M.C., L.B.. P.B., "Ocean City 77." Mattituck 75, Montauk Pt., QKate, Moa, and Moosej. "Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope." NANCY LEIGH MESSER "Mez" Once in a vision, I came on some woods stood at a fork in the road. My choices were clear, Yet I froze with the fear Of not knowing which way to go One road was simple acceptance of life The other offered sweet peace. When I made my decision My vision became my release LORY MESSINGER Friends. Track. Magazine Drive. G.A.A.. French Club. Leaders. . .And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me. . - Beatles , ,,i,- DEANNE MILLER President Concert Choir. Madrigalsl, Honor Society. German Club. Masquers. St. Joseplfs Choir. organ. piano. Austria-Germany trip. Jim "The Lord respects me when I work. But he loves me when I sing." - Anonymous "Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive. it isn't." --- Richard Buch ., fees. Q if. ,wer snswfit .eff -V we 1.39 .5 t. "X X-Y N Nj' X Q 9 .1 bl .J ,j XD "' gk! , ' C y mio. gr fs ge O tteibxj R Q .tfsiiizr .5 F? gf oe x U '61 I ff -X X -,J . , , rs y5'3ltQfC?43. as 5 mv ef! rfbgfgpjr .rv Q9 use fr 59553553 FJ ist IVBZ of 7 ,' Q -D M' jj J NK 3 ,rw H K' SJCQ M ry w Q 'X eg 1 .5599 i fr' QQJNQN. I me U ' J F QNQJA, QQ' JJ glib 3.0 PH MILISQSQXJ V vv 'NTl.V. and Varsity Soccer. theGarden City Empo- Qtfhfhmy rium. Bazit. J.D. Q-' "If I could hold on tojust one thought NANCY CAROL METZ S.C.B.. my horse "Tiffany" "May the road come up to meet you and the wind be at-your back on the road to wif 660106, Ill DG U orerfjpo C9150 wr C t5orerw1+o11 ICJYTD fC'3VCI7 for Qemmcscmdtccm aelgwove faimcinom A BARRY MILLWARD Steal Your Face. Duhies. Hammerheads. The Dead at Englishtown. V.F,B.. "Glue" "A friend of the devil is a friend of mine." for long enough to know why my mind is moving so fast and the conversation is slow" "Burn off all the fog and let the sun through the snow." "Let me see your face again before I have to go." - N.Y, sa wi mime, 6551532 EM' . tfgvcib tjflj iff" MFE FRANCEEN MOCKLER MARY THERESE MORAN Trojan Club. M,T.C,l.. Nelly. Fiat. Parties Munchkinland. Bumble Bees. Homecoming at the Chop. Reds. "Though l know l'll never lose affection for people :ind things that went before. l know l'll often stop and think about them. in niy life l've loved them all." - The Beatles CARLA MOYER Track. Celestones. "S.G.." retreats. camping. traveling. Aruba. teaching and learning "lf somebody doesn't do something now. nothing will ever get better. It won't land l'm somebody ll" "lt's okay to feel afraid, but don't let that stand in your way." -J.T. wtf? 'kk 'QM' ,fn EVE MORRA "Oh. these vast. calm. measureless mountain days. . . in whose li ht ever thin AL MOSCATO Football. Lacrosse. Hockey, Trouble with Char- lie. "Summer of 76." Bowling Team. "Glad to get out. school could be cool." 2 ,Y E seems equally divine. opening a thousand windows to show us God." "Always seek to understand others and you can- not fail to love them." 41 ROBERT MUCK LAURA M. MULLOOLY "Moon Skiing, Canada, Waterskiing. Fishing. Cape Cod. Hamptons. Summer. Art. painting. friends. learn' ing. laughing. T.R.. M..l.D. "We must do the best we can With what has been given to us And live today the best we can For life is real and tomorrow May only be a dream." CHRIS MULRONEY Goes swimming, waterskiing, boating and to the beach. Plays baseball, likes the Yankees, softball, and football. Runs Varsity winter and spring track. Likes the Adirondacks and more rural areas rather than cities. "The world is but an apple for the ambitious to bite into." - Mul ast lo s know THOMAS MUNKENBECK MAUREEN NAGY Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. ,.,.. pw ANNE MUNRO Leaders, Field Hockey, Botany. "This is only the beginning and we've only just begun to realize the best is yet to come," gr-in aw HIROMI NAKAGAWA In two years, I made many friends and learned new things I have never known before. I thank all who helped me make G.C.H.S. a place to remem- ber. "If I am happy and you, And there are things to do, It seems to be the reasons Of this world." NICK NAPOLITANE Hanging out wasting time. Goodbye. Frost Val- ley '74. E.O.. K.K.. L.M.. M.K.. B.R. "Remember the good times and the good people. Remember when things were easy. take time to remember." BETTY NEUS Band. England. V.T.R.. Masquers. A.V.. Fol- kaires. "Everything has its season - Everything has its time." - Stephen Schwartz ROY N ELSON "There's fog up on the mountain frost is clinging to the ground days keep getting shorter Ya know the winter's come around this sure ain't the promised land and I ain't hanging round I'm packing up my traveling bags and checking out of town" - Bob Weir. King Fish THERESA NEWMAN The Breakaway at Indian cove, the Islanders. Having fun in Alicia's basement, "How many of there are you" on the way to B.K. "I'd rather look around me - compose a better song 'cos that's the honest measure of my wealth," -Jethro Tull KATHLEEN ANN NESSLER ufvflfn Always remember great times with Mack. skiing with Beth Tung Jr.. my period four shorthand class. getting small at Centurian. lab partners. Art Softball. S.M.'s New Year's eve parties. Mil- liken. "If you love something. let it go. if it comes back. it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." AMY NOBLE Memories of Holland, Seminar. Deer Hill my second home. Candystriping. Queen my darlings. "No book can teach itself. It is a hidden language only heart can read." "The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It's O.K. to feel afraid. but don't let that stand in your way." T. at THOMAS H. NOBLE "Tom" "1" J.V. Football. Varsity Football. Varsity Football Captain. Hampton Bays. Montauk Pt.. Ditch Plains Gang. Surfing. Skiing. Sailing. New Jersey and New Jerseyites. THE GAME . . . is to stay Within the circle of death. Taunting the inevitable. while avoiding The horns with casual elegances. so . . . GO FOR IT! BARBARA NOHE "Kiss today good-bye. and point me toward tomorrow -wish me luck. the same to you." I love Florida and am going to attend the School SCOTT J. NORDECK ily. Soccer. Wrestling. Forestry or Oceanogra- P Y- The truth of sport . . . plays rings around you JOHN NOONAN "Chip" Soccer. Skiing. Rifle. Spanish Club. French Club. Madrigals, Echo. Wrestling. Friends and an occasional party. "I said I love you. That's forever. I And this I promise from the heart: Q I couIdn't love you any better. cu I love youjust the way you are." a ofNursingat1 ' J ' '.6Lm,t Cdl? fgngyf' wwf ,dv GRM ,JW M .5 VW Wfimtism' . ff Wm he UMW aifx QEQDQQ eechslx ' I CQ fgfg QQW' A160 ci 'nm . OMK2 W dkfx KATHRYN NORTON It's laughter we remember. When we remember The way we were. FMC W? L T g lik ' LAURA AN N.K.I.T.. l.T.O.Y.. R.H.P.S.. Dr. Zoggs. ole in the Wall. "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." J.T. "You can try to run but you can't hide from what's inside of you." - Steely Dan .,. . .... S ,.... . 4 Billy Dei Xp MARILYN O'BRIEN Mfqfllllilpn Cheering. S.C'.B.. MAST. driving in the O'B Mobile. MacTavish. sandstorms. F. C. L. M. M. Bubblegum. Homecoming I977. many' thanks to my family and friends. "If you see someone without a smile. give him yours." SEAN P. O'C'ONNOR Madrigals and CLBZXQ "Imagination is more important than knowl- edge." - Albert Einstein Q Q.. S3 Vw 'ltr EDWARD LUKE O'C'ONNOR Remembers Scabby"s Cutthrough. Raging in Westhampton. Central Park concerts. Enjoys Motocrossing. Molson's. skiing. Babes. C.D.B. and Kingfish. "Looking all around me. what do I see. Lots of changing faces. and lots of things to be. But I am happyjust to be a part of all l see. As I turned 'round to look at you. And you looked back at me." - Dave Mason MICHAEL OTONNOR ".Wi'lw" .l.V. Tennis. Concert Choir. Madrigals. Remem- bers my friends and all the good times we had. "Happiness is not so much in having or sharing. We make a living by' what we get but we make a life by what we give." SUSAN LOUISEODELL "Sue" "Smlvll" Masquers Set Designer. everything else. induc- tion. Remembrances: The Miss B imitation. Drama Class movies. sharing locker with Lorrie. happy times with friends. especially Apple-Pick- ing Expedition! Aspiration be nurse. marry' Navy Man "When you walk through a storm l . I - Ky ef do Hold your heidupliivli fx rv .NQY 2, .IANEOTONOR e . fy H 5 ' ' 3 - .-x ' Masquers. Rehearsals. Drama. Celestones. Fol- And yo: ll never milk illOne'9VXT ka' ef. Ferns. Llpstat' in Schuyler Lake! Priie , t I pokkesssion the Sundankce Kid - Palomino horse. bio W s l k VK' and guitar. --K sf CJ' I WD y - E Xl- f X till' we , W' Ab it A ,ff L "You may say I'm a dreamer. but l'm not J xJL , XIXUS Avg V the only one. ' QQ A It 'QI ' I L U. 4 l hope someday' you'lljoin us. N dh NPD O . HJV5 And the world will live as one." N. Xu ' Ex I N n A VN I U' f7 we me Q5 -I w A 4. ' A: i je: F- . Uikyf fx we QW .asefilf I Qiztefw K , N QV x tu- NJA f Q. i WMD, U ROBERT O'HALPIN "Bob" Skiing, partying in the gondolas, Vermont ski bum, ski into a girl then pick her up. "Wreath the bowl with flowers of soul, The brightest wit come find us, Towards heaven tonight and leave the dull earth behind," we . , ---uve? MELINDA O'ROUKE "Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future." "This is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago." - Grateful Dead "Everything is gonna work out alright just as long as we keep movin' on." - Charlie Daniels Band i 1-rep! ff 7 AA nf! K g ,Def MU' . osfx. . I f -HC VWA 4 , f -in--' ix I M5 C' on i'N,6"5 - Y gt,.s ,Q flliljxfg 307' ,L efefk N tr it P t of acl. kk A 00,3 fi 5 . if Qld 6, Xe, GQJZ Q-. Q Cv ff Lx 'kj t O' Q' T3 ue J Q74 ,c,..5- J ' .2 J ' .X , ,-5' " ' ' Y 1 weei.:s,.f fel ge is . -5 LJLIQ , ' IW 1 vii 'xi t'X..QfD4f XJ t-.J ' ljl' - t kArHLEEN'o'NElLL J National Honor Society, MAST Layout Editor, S.C.B. Executive Board, French Club President. Junior Honor Guard, Grade Council, Trojan Club. AQ "Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomor- row a vision of hope." JOHN J. OLVANY Football, La-x, G.L.O.-6, Kad's room, skiing, the beach. "You can see it fading fast, so you grab a piece of something that you think is gonna last." - Steely Dan DAVID 0'SU LLIVAN ..0,S,. Varsity Lacrosse Goalie, Lacrosse trip to Vir- ginia, skiing in Vermont, Big Al's Heroes. N.H., Commentating mass at St. .Ioe's, parties. SANDRA OSPINA , "Sandy" "I know I'll never lose affection for the people and thin s I can still recall. I know I'll often stop and thini about them. In my life, I love them ' - Beatles Vx 1 F ,V , . .- A ty ty 1 M - -. 'X it f " - l s i 1 X f 1 "1 xi 2 J :J NL, ,XL i t l t X . . t lit vxw - U A ,X-V . 1 . JAMES PALLADINO "Jim " Track. Cross Country. Excuuuse Meee. A. H. Beekman JOHN PAPPAS x LINDA PALIMERI Waterskiing. Champs. "l'm sorry." Cutchogue. V. parties. zoso. D.C.. LG.. FEJ. macaroni salad. Peyol. "The young become the old - mysteries to unfold - cause that's the way of time -- Nothin' stays the same - Everything must change." -- George Benson KATHLEEN PAPPAS Friendship is the gentle touch the little things that mean so the caring heart. the sharing ways. the smile that brightens all our days. ' Q . BETTINA PAPOULAS "Rivers belong where they can ramble Eagles belong where they can fly l've got to he where my spirit can run free. Got to find my corner of the sky. RUTHANN PATERSON Leaders. Mast Clerical Editor. Trojan Club. French Club. "D, of .l.T.." France. Good times with good friends. "Nothing lasts longer than happy memories." F "Sometimes I laugh and cry and K can't remember why.-,but l still 'X . A ' 7' , love those good timesggone .by."' ' ft. ' f Fw, ' 1 .James Taylor "R L' 3 T g - . ,t , i fx" , 1 , f X ',X f - ,Wi x X ,ul .X 1 . t T .A l 1933 i , -C.. LYN ETTE J. PELTON N.K.l.T., L.P.G., S.T.P.. N.A.H., R.H.P.S.. Hole- in-the-Wall "lt's so easy to hurt others when you can't feel pain." - Daryl Hallfjohn Oates "turn on to love" - Jon Anderson xg . 'ii LISA PENNACHIO Sometimes you have to be to be heard. v Swiss proverb JUAN PEREZ-VEGA Class Historian, Student Council Delegate, MAST, Discipline Committee, J.V. Baseball, C.Y.O. Basketball, Intramural Basketball, remembers water skiing in Mattituck with B.B., remembers Mattituck with J.D. ANTHONY PERICO "Tony" J.V. Football. Varsity Football, enjoys going to practice, and going to Poconos on weekends "Sometimes l laugh and cry, and can't remember why, but l still love those good times gone by." -James Taylor MARK B. PETERSON Varsity Tennis, J.V. Wrestling, MAST, Badmin- ton, Soccer, Track. Enjoys summers in Maine, skiing, eating, sleeping. " - And let it be known it is not the amount of friends that is important, but rather who they are, and what they mean to you." " - True friends are eternal" ly-TY ,, DAVID PHILLIPS Snow and Water Skiing, Paddleball, and Cook- ing at Millcreek, Big Blue at Mt. Tremblant '76 corner of Yongs Ave. and Old North Rd. '77, Mad Hatter E.Q. Bonew down the math wing, S.C. at Bona's thinking of E.H. "She's the woman of the world and God she knows it" - S.T. ROBERT PINTALIRO "Good Year" 7 X CQQJZDL Maw jlDS E T I X . QD JAN ET PisCi'rEi.i.i k Ex Q l "So. so you think can tell 'lik , I A YQ Heaven from Hell. rx '1 ft blue skies from pain. Q! Y W Can you tell a green field from a cold B steel rail? A A X smile from at veil? ' -ffj. 5 ' t you think you can tell?" il'i , , Pink Floyd . R 94 1 QQ llctilli ss.-WF lt- 'ik "'.-Fla? '. f BILI. PORZIO Head of all xarsity teams. Favorite sports skate- boarding and skiing. Favorite groups Charlie Daniels. "Youre such a rich." Lf MARY ELIZABETH PRATT Basketball. Volleyball. Softball. Bowling and Field Hockey Teams. Student Council. G.A.A.. Honor Society. Math Tutor. "lime it was and what a time it was It was. . . A time of innocence .-X time of confidences Longago. . .lt inust be l hate a photograph Preserve your memories 'I hefre all that's left you. RAY MON D POLLEY .IAN RASKOPF J.V. lCapt.l. Varsity Cheerleader. GAA.. Key Club. .lunior Honor Guard. S.C'.B.. Trojan Club. lOth. llth. l2tl1 Grade founcils. Student Coun- cil. "lt takes both rain and sunshine to make a rain- bow." - Shakespeare "When fate knocks you flat on your back. remember she leaves you looking up." f V my 'gm-"g,tiMkii! wg -it if nf.-,V mm. 4, N., ROBERT REDMOND "I'll remember the student I'll remember the school. But I hope I forget the rest of the fools" - Grateful Dead JANET RESWICK "Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go and take us up -- always tip . . . we may never pass this way again," CATHERINE REC-AN Frost Valley. Maine. canoeing. skiing. water hal- I ! I ff U!!! let ,. "Lone enough to look down at your own loneli- X ZA fn ness and forget it forever." "You've only got one life. live it up." Uh! -fi "To love someone is to see them thru and thru and love them still and all" - Joseph Pintauro and Corita Kent ' A !.!1t,. Ji" fl j I' 'pn X ff I giujbl K J flf PAUL RICE This space should be devoted to my parents. with their kindness and generosity. have me to be on my own. even though it might cause them discomfort, I hope they stay around awhile so that one day I can repay them for all they have done for me. AOT ,Amd ll lil 0 V fl 90 l .. . ...a , fa- ELIZABETH RIPPE "What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. They are but trifles, to be sure: but, scattered along life's pathway. the good they do is inconceivable. f Joseph Addison DSO!! CJEOCZJSCJ 5yk5l9Qf,r-1SOVvtJUCJfNi:2"7'l we W. Qivdrc Q 5 KEVIN ROBINSON Racing Motocross, J.V. Football, summers and weekends in Peconic, The moon Platoon, playing the guitar, Led Zeppelin, the beach, jamming with Edwood, Ed's Benz, racing with S.D. 3vmwtec:l+vlS year col, be I5 QJAOQ QW? M301 me dwffftf mmf CQMQQ -'WI -r -IEHS5. lfvwece, - ffm zawifiw Q REGORY ROEPKEN beluycdjwleeygts ivxovf' WMWCF f Q SQWQQ 'INV' f CCIUCJ xQxe'60ooQ Q:i"C .U. LAURETTA ROMANO "I know that I will never lose affection for people and things that went before. I'll often stop and think about them in my life, I've loved them all." T LL, 25 A it DRUSHA E. A. ROELLIG "Rock" "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt has lost its taste. with what will it be salted?" - Matthew 5: I3 "And you shall be called Sought Out. a city not forsaken." -Isaiah 62: I2 Glory be to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men. SUSAN V. ROSEN And it's only the giving that makes you what you are. - .Ian Anderson This above all: to thine own self be true and thou cans't not then be false to any man - Shakespeare I'll always remember Kitty . Naura, Di, and my little friend and senior year: Let's do the time warp again! MICHAEL ROSENBLUM "To each his preference." "Rock 'n roll!" ROBBIN ROSSI "Do not follow here the path may lead . . . Go instead where there is no path. and leave u trail LYNDA SACK ETT "Lyn" "Friends I will remember you Think of you. dream of you And when another day is through I'll still be here with you." "Oh. I love the life within me I feel a part of everything I see And oh. l love the life around me A part of everything is here in me 'N----up CAROL LYNN SAGER German Club. a devoted YANKEE fan, loves skiing and Jethro Tull . . and it's only the giving that makes you what you are." Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull CAROL RYAN Leaders. MAST. Honor Society. S.C.B.. Trip to France. French Club. Trojan Club. D. of J.T. "Time changes and we with time but not in the ways of friendship." KENNETH JAMES SAPANSKI "Learn as ifyou were Io live forever: Live as if you were to die tomorrow." QQ, Wu- VV' S J Q tio 'JXWA JOSEPH SARABIA ".lnt"' Football and Waterpolo. hoping to visit Spain soon. lox e winter. LYNN MARIE SCHIATTA Troiain Club. Social Committee. MAST. Cruising ih- N1-. gi.. MATT SCAN LAN "Keep a fire burning in your eye and pay atten- tion to the open sky." -- Jackson Browne in the O'B Mobile. WOP, Cham s. Sandstormg P Vlaefavish. M. C. F. 'tHello is a beautiful word when said with a smileq' QA,3qw5Q.l0J"CA QCUJ xp 2 03' wif- Pt Q, x .J ba? xQfw LOULI X-.iflfl i ttf Q. 07:06 'STN NVE XA 9. L xvf' C, MICHAEL SCHLINK KENNY SCHAUF "Slu4fi" Soccer. Basketball. Baseball. Secretary of B.A.A,. Alpha Omega Theta. Social Committee. Grade Council Representative IZ. Partying. Warm Weather. . .and when the night is cloudy. there is still a light that shines on nie. shine until tomorrow Let it be." wg.. iff' . 3 DEBORAH SCHMITT "D0lvlvi1' ' ' S.C.B.. Troian Club. the Hamptons. Ski trips. Canada. cruising. Chop. and getting small. "ln making others happy you will be happy too. for the happiness you giveaway returns to shine in you." "I will always treasure the great times l'x'e had with friends. because these are the good old days." f r I 1- Ki-'LVM A ju mf L ftflfx vfvx XX pe? WWW V f g V' ,of 'G' ', up LJ il' , O16 Qigeixwligef. fljm 'Y wow .I t , 5 - JU X e I' sigh UJIV ly KL, Vi X X 'll-IX I At5YiAsdsIftQii'r"r f iw QQUJ Trix . vii , uit. ox .. S.CI3fIl4XltbalI 1 ia N ':keth'l Manalijdtg Loves saili g. waters 'A g. ' pirt ll L f'fI s I'll j FU QI XIII! ITIONI O I O0 n Hi-'Ig :'tg f 1 rem her mvtrac liam! If I ' tothe ' . ' ealth . . I fi G V- 'ly QV-Y K 1d I' ?Ig ed A I Rf ,KLM r he 211 e 1 I1 di 'V "Ter rovwn a" fi I I P U1 Wh werl oose! Xolyl if E JOSEPH SEVIROLI Indoor Tennis. Outdoor Tennis. skiing via Europe. Grateful Dead and New Riders. Moped- ing over to Jerry's. hitting the course. IOO DOUGLAS SEIM This space is available for rent. Call Murray Hill 9-1007. GEN EVIEVE SCHROEDER L.M.H. weekend, Big Indian Mt.. Englishtown N..l.. I'll never forget Lynn. Lisa. and Sue and all the good and had times we went through together. They have always been there when I needed them. I hope I never live to see the day that they won't he there when I need them, CHRISTINE SHANNON "C hLII71fIlIgI1e?H Varsity Track. Literary Editor of INKSPOTS . . dance with the westwind. touch the mountain tops . - N W Sail through canyons and up to the sky GLU Reach for the heavens. hope for the future tg 'fl ,I And all that we can be - not what we arglbojcxs O .f . - I O - x XS "You can only get out of lif v if Y THOMAS SEXTON. you pu ,mgcwag , QU Y we CV X65 .I.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball. Varsity Basketball. 'Q ' 3 GX -- 59 f-Q, - Y ivieiaiciub. QQQJ fy .UQ X Ccydbv qu IN VI! if X '- X i tl 'B A . . "Don't ask me any questions and I won't tell you ATX I fx Kb .7 X00-Q 2 Q19 XAQAJ any lies." KQCIU X . 'bf wel KJL bsxlx , -- Lynyrd Skynyrda QS' i QQ C I XJ ' QCQ ffm Lv -L vm' , Gow md :ste geooes' T U5 'N' YR Lol ,,1.,C-gbxxvg mtg f- 'sa - g S t ff . p X QD 0 56 lbblik 34 QV' 'C' wx-l I. ADV ' I - I 'QW' . fo , .2 we . wt iw was L Mitch Wt XG My ' Bev awe I welt A . I f X fill th I . 'f"""'- -- I ' L, ,... I' X-il' IWIUQ. TMUJVQ Scsi WW QA 75 UWC QQWQQCQT' Q "IU if JS 5 seems SLI 'Wsc,1fQQ'u.f Jule-emi I ,Dui 5, wil , Lyn, 4 My Q ,S-fit! mf, G35 Cami 'Tub 'X PPC 'I Yu-Wie, oaks fbbta Xl, 03 iislvliby, .U 'Q' ij gjiotgc N173 A J, ,,V gwywmesrt it SI7.,,.+ tk Rl AYIPQ gcurvwf - big' OI' lui Of 1 me xlklukxbi "9 fx! MARILOU SHEEHAN "Borne On the first warm winds of Feelings newly found Fly But remember Don't look down Take as much as you think you ought to Givejust as much as you can Don't forget what your failures have taught you Or else you'll learn them all over again. . - Dan , KENNETH SKOLNIK Fogelberg Hockey. CLC. Wings Goalie l0th. I lth. l2th. HOPE SICOUTRY Enjoys walking along the beach. sunsets, and life. Take care . . , "For the time has come to say goodbye. our times together may be ended. but our memories will linger on forever." Live, Love. and Laugh! "All I know is that I know nothing." - Socrates THOMAS SKUTSCH MELANIE LISA SIMBERKOFF "Mel" Masquers. football games Friends are near and far between. . . BARBARA ANN SLIWOSKI "We're all like the working of one mind: the fea- tures of the same face, blossoms upon one tree: of first. and last, and midst. and without end." - W.W PATRICIA SMITH "Paw" "Give me strength to speak my mind. Give me the sun and peace of mind." - Peter Frampton "I'm glad it's all over 3 thank God it's the end. Must say it's been different - wouldn't do it again." ANN SMOLLON Once again, I think back tojunior high days and the growth of everything and all amazes me. Remember. no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt Some men see things as they are and say, why. I dream things that never were and say, why not? - Robert F. Kennedy PHYLLIS ANN SMITH Masquers - props. cast parties, seminar. Deer- hill, warm fuzzies "Kiss today good-bye. And point me towards tomorrow. Wish me luck. The same to you." Y A Chorus Line 1- -,.i SUE SMITH "SchooIdays were the happiest days, But we never appreciate the good times, We've had until it's too late. I'll miss all the acquaintances I've made." Y Ray avies. The Kinks . ' if . . . f if . " W ' XM ll all lf I 'fl t lllsllikldkl of iftlly y 5 ph Cry on MUN fl WI tim. it , J Yklllr ,ry ljl Navy, xp ,iv to My tif - I t it lay .M BILL SPEAR JOHN SNIADO Skiing, Sailing, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Kung Fu Club, President of Bicycle Club. "Reaching what seems to be an impossible goal can sometimes be made possible." Madrigals. Varsity Tennis, Basketball. "Now, this is not the end. It is not even the begin- ning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill r ROBERT SPOHR '-Bah" 'tSomeday we will all look back at these days and have a good laugh or a good cry. or both." ALEC' STAIS ECHO Sports Editor. Madrigals. National Ilonor Society. I-'oreign Policy Forum. Will always remember the "Boat'i and the 5 B's. "No man is an island," John Dunne 3? vf. as , A JI? ,Ziff T .fi .,. ,'q.'Z:,1w:Hg I-fy V '7.' i'f'.L1,.+:gg,.Hg' ,q,,f?X,hm mf . . fn." .2 'ai-123.3 M? ':!f'?f'M 'Za -', 'F , Pm' fri? yy ' 4.1 mf .,i-M awww Q1 ,f!l?Zf!7'i W . at-rf .f .!.,ig5.Q,f4-' 4' ff , Q. we :V t 5 'Q 5 w,,w..qa1f j ,fm :.1, . J 5:12526 -ffl '-ff?-.I I-iz-""-'27s-TZ? f ' , ft' CAROLE GLORIA SPRINGER President of Honor Society and Leaders. Student Council Parliamentarian. S.C.B. Executive Board. Magazine Drive Treasurer. MAST Edi- tor. Grade Council. G.A.A.. Homecoming '77. "Good friends last forever." "Ere I forgot all the Joy that is mine today." "lt is never any good dwelling on good-byes: It is not the being together it prolongs: it is the part- ing," SUE STABILE Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply. to enjoy simply. to think freely. to risk life. to be needed. 3 MARY STARK There are places I remember all my life. though some have changed. some forever not for better Some are gone and some remain. All these places have their meanings With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living. In my life. I've loved them all. l.ennon fVIcC'artnex K' CATHY STEFANO Dream deep for every' dream precedes the goal, The way you go must be your decision 4 FRANCES JEAN STEIN "Fran" Varsity Cheerleader. S.C.B.. Social Committee. Homecoming '77. "Champs." the O.B. Mobile. C.L.M.. sandstorms "Hold on to what is good. hate what is evil. Work hard and don't be lazy. Let hope keep you joyful and be patient in your troubles." -W Romans l2:9 CHARLENE STUMP "I feel the pull on the rope let me off at the rain- bow." Ijpstate with "GSMGLOLP" fthe ditch!l CMM Strawberry Fields Forever. Funky's Summer of '77, "This year was different." Thanks Mom and Dad. All my love to Stephen 8!23!76. "What a long strange trip it's been!" ' 9 ' I of LIN DA STEWART A.Y.S.O. Soccer. J.V. Softball. C.S.F.. Varsity Badminton. Varsity Tennis. Orchestra. Seminar. J.V. Basketball. Band. Bowling. Kung Fu Club. "Friends and experiences come and go so quickly with time They're gone before we even realize it. But they never really leave us as long As we keep and place them in our hearts." JAMES SULLIVAN "Janne" Remembers skiing. France. and the Cliffs. "I'll see ya at the village corner." JOAN MARIE S'I'OLI"I ".lon1"' P.T.R.. getting small with all! Hell-nite lBeers- Uplj. Homecoming '77. Big Fig!! "Chopping lt." Will never forget that Great Assembly. Juana "There are two ways of spreading the light. in this world: Be the candle. or the mirror that reflects it." DENNIS R. SWEENEY Alpha Omega Theta. Varsity and J.V. Lacrosse and Soccer. Council. remembers the parties. M. and U.. Bugs Bunny. Gemini "I will remember all the good things I have done and good times I have had and try to forget the bad." - me. myself. and I F KEVIN RICHARD SWEENEY HSWL'l'lI " .l.Y, and Varsity Baseball. working at Belmont. '77 trip to Virginia. 550.00 movie "Rivers belong where they can ramble. Eagles belong where they can fly. Iixe got to he where my spirit can be free. Gotta find my corner of the sky." - Pippin ELIZABETH THOMPSON Y' N X x TIFFANY TERRANOVA All the things I really like to do are either immoral. illegal. or fattening. When all is lost. the future still remains. CHRIS THOMPSON Eagle Scout. Bob's Triangle Shell. ANCHOR. Life is what you make it. -1 z ,f,. ' ' tt' iz L GEORGE TILYOU " Te: " Floor Hockey. Hoops. S.S. Wing. Englishtown. the Park. Aloha. the Course " f- a lost of poor man make a five dollar. keep him happy all the time. some other Fella's mak'in nothin at all. and you can hear him cryin." H- the Dead ,Q DIANETODARO "A ship is safe in a harbor. but that's not what it was built for." Anonymous MICHAEL TOMITZ Parties Hither. Heineken. concerts. camping. cars. Music Jones beach. hockey. ice skating. driving. Hot tuna and Jefferson Airplane. "On this road I'm walking on I see my way Paradise. I'm living for each and every day But the crossroads of the past Nothing more to say Good times now but we can See our way." NANCY TRENKLE Waterskiing. sailing. vacations. "A smile is worth a thousand words," ll M VICTORIA TRAINA Flatbush. Brooklyn. The B-9. Kearny Marl- boro Crowd. Focus. Camelot. Kung Fu I love you T.K.. M.A.. CS. Y.P.. M.C, Q "I've taken my fun where l've found it: I've rogued an' I've ranged in my time' I've 'ad my pickin o' sweethearts. . . An ONE o' the lot was prime." -V Kipling ELEANA TOURIS "So as sure as the sun will shine I'm going to get my share now What's mine." f MS. and JG. "Trouble ahead. Trouble Behind And you know that notion Just crossed my mind." Freebird L.S.. CDB KATHLEEN THERESE TYNAN "Kaffe" Student Court Judge. Discipline Committee. Field Hockey. Tennis. P.T.R.. camp. unforgetta- ble friends and memories from Holy Child. Bos- ton weekend. lifeguard. Tab. hot pink. E.J.T.. piano. Halloween '77 V "All of us have two educations: ' one which we receive from TERESA TROY others: another. and the most ..Temy., valuable. which we give ourselves," ' -- John Randolph Ysolfee 2631- C4rwi5"'1lIroD If B Ykitiifwvcs V SN Mgr. .aww Cate ...fre he 1 'GMT 'll W - ",tgaS 5 Guy. D ,f 'cs 'Q' Ex 'GST lcv- I Vl 'UI-L 750 531555 lu,-hee" WTA - YIM" H 4 so-7Qv'V JK '.l,- 3 QJQSLXJT ozileuyzsli, wmkvh, Gabe Hmfwejw 5 MJ UJQ us rv J we C we CM -I wwsx Q6 L-if rouse ef? ,aiewit Ze wel W ,K 5 DIANE MARIE LIRBAN Celestones. Masquers. Deerhill. Lazarium. D.I5.C.. Dinner parties. hole-in-the-wall. memo- ries "Scattered pictures of the smiles vxe left behind Smiles we gay e to one another Memories Maybe beautiful and yet what's too painful to remember We simply choose to forget So it's the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember. the way we were." I KATHLEEN VIERENGEL "Sail on silver girl. sail on by. Your time has come to shine. all your dreams are on their way." f'May be if we think and hope and wish and pray it might come true. . .wouldn't it be nice." 43 DOUGLAS VAN WICKLER Band. President of Jazz Ensemble. Orchestra. German Club . . .Remembers Band trip to Eng- land. especially the Cockney Pride Tavern in Pic- cadilly Circus. "Friendship isa language the blind can read. and the deaf ean hear," "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a man playing golf with his boss." RICHARD KIRK VonSEEI.EN Breezely. Big Metal. Twinkletoes. Homecoming at the Chop. Trojan Warrior. Halloween at K.T.'s, good times with Kathy. Southhold. Shi- rus. M.E.'s party October second. getting small with .l.C. at the Centurion. swinging Czech. Var- sity Soccer and Lacrosse. B.A,A. President. BRIAN .lOSIiPll VIiNABl.IiS Ilyou think you are beaten. you are. lfyou think you'd like to win. but c:tn't. lt's almost a "cinch" you won't. lfyou think you'll lose. you're lost, For out in the world you'll find. Success begins with a fellow's will. It's all in the state of mind. LORIANNE M. WALLICK "l.orl"' Celestones. Madrigals. "Barbara-Ann." to M. and D.. thanks for being great XXOO Me "Walk with love in your heart. and you will never walk alone," 5 I :fi 'O' -'vga' .mv 107 BRET WATSON Born to ti humble family in northern Pennsylva- nia. he made a nuisance of himself as writer for ECHO. Honor Society member. Student Ambas- sador to Italy. Junior Class President, "l concede." "l don't care to belong to any social organization that would accept me asa member." -- Groucho Marx JOHN WHALEN "What a strange trip it's been." -The Grateful Dead JEFFREY T.WEEKES Varsity Wrestling l0. ll. l2. Captain. Varsity Gymnastics Captain. Band. MAST. FUBAR with M.P..J.H.. and B.H.. J,C.. New Hampshire. "So before we end - and then begin. we'll drink a toast to how it's been. We know it's all a passing phase. But l' It mxhese da Sfilggtofggyifii: lb fo ,ll .. 'if"f'L J it fs KAREN WILSON it for an hour, or for years. We say it smiling. say it choked with tears. We say it coldly. say it with a kiss. And yet we have no other word than this "Good-Bye" We say RUSSELL WEINRICH "Talk about your plenty. Talk about your ills. . . One man gathers what another man spills." -V Grateful Dead filjifp X Wal LORRAINE WINEGARD "l.m'1'i'e " "Life -- as they say is but a game and they let it slip away. like the twilight in the road up ahead they don't seejust where we're going Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up- always up." M.. ,,M Q CLAIRE ELIZABETH WITTECK "Will" "May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. The rains fall fast upon your fields. May God hold you In the palm of his hand. ANDY WYDLER Grateful Dead. Hot tuna. The park. course funky times. The attic. Enjoys fishing. camping. hunt- ing and frisbee. Works at A. and P. Europe of 72. QW JOSEPH WOJNICKI Hanging out. the moon rise at Jones Beach. Moto Cross. Coruairs. andjust being "Crazy Wojo." "Call any vegetable and the chances are good that a vegetable will respond to you" - F. Zappa 'lk' CHRISTOPHER JOHN WYDLER Varsity Wrestling. Masquers. F.P.F.. ECHO. MAST. National Honor Society. Skiing. Bio. Boston. Mass., Fishkill, N.Y.. Yes. Zeppelin. the Pontiac. "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I mustlbe traveling on now. 'Cause there's places I got to see." - Skynyrd VERONICA MARY WOLF Keep smiling Mr. Sonander. Honor Society. F.N.A.. S.C.B.. Key Club. Candystriper. to be a nurse. "No goal is too high if you have confidence in yourself." -ini-u-wi-.M STEVE YANNOPOULOS Varsity Soccer. J.V. Soccer, J.V. Lacrosse. S.C.B.. Foreign Policy Forum, French Club. MAST. Student Council Delegate. ECHO. "To accomplish great things we must not only plan but also believe." reggae I X I I wily tif ' ' 7 ' AOA "I NOK' EMREYENAL BHARATH RAJAGOPALAN TODD W.ZlNKE President of Technical Directors tStudiot, S.C'.B. Matdrigals. Disciplinary Review Board. Haiti Fire Aux.. Hoke Comm. "Never let school interfere with your education," '51 3 ' if ' Q if 1' if 1 V, fa R fn H- 3, , g,V 1, xg s Hx: gin. 1, 4. If . X 5 kt 9 5 Q 1 A K A .- r fr M 5 gt 5 f' s ' K 5433691 'Y' iw Z V 5 ,vw A Gv -. , A ,A K 11, if , eff--, , ,eww 'wg-1 M? Senior Poll BEST DRESSED l. Andy deLannoy Linda Bell f 2. John Kirk. Lauren Mangia "l?4nu-nv' MOST TALKATIVE MOST HUMOROUS l. Hope Sicoutry, Jim Culhane l. Bret Watson. B. J. Murphy 2. Mary Kate Dowden. Joe Chiarello 2. Joe Chiarello. Hope Sicoutry BIGGEST WISE GUY l. Dennis Sweeney. Joan Stolfi 2. Greg DiNoto, B. J. Murphy rx -1.1 ag f It -:xx 5 Y 2 A , l.m 'V l V' iio. X ff, 5 J Q ,.e'. 'fl+'i7'13- BEST ALL AROUND SC l. John Horcher. Candy Curry S3 2. Jim Golden, Meegan McGoldrick t '7- P l 1 ,'flfl"' ' ' . N-'. in 0 he H ' ' X E 1,-mfg . X ...fiif "",2?? 1 ,lfr:,f,. MOST ARTISTIC l. Kathy Klemanowicz. Steve Hildreth 2. Laura Mullooly. Ted Lord ' lj. is Y, .gW,. L? I FQ., C- I 1 - , A .. , F gf Ba I f 5 MOST ATHLETIC I. Joanne Colletta. Jim Golden 2. Diane DiVincentis. Brian Venables isillxw Ili ,aw-.aikk i . , z MOST INTELLIGENT l. Andy Himelstein. Christine DeNoia 2. Alec Stais. Anne Huschle l 9' 3 f"","Sw Whmf MOST ATTRACTIVE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED l. Lory Messinger. Brian Venables l. Andy Himelstein. Carole Springer 2. Erin Heaney. Greg DiNoto 2. Chris MeCarthy. Anne Huschle I ff I N I Pm N IP I I , 5 C- fl L X5 r , !X 'L' Q 0 6 55-X 'Zigi-I W' 6 'lv l ' 5' 5 1 ' 9 I Nw wil 1 7 A I 'f "' 'I f X H A v N fy , . Q I ' 'Kill' Qe R T f ' -E Tw, X i Cy V M nj- ,.,-,, 113 FRIEN DLIEST I. Jim Golden, Meegan McGoldrick 2. John Horcher, Marilyn O'Brien fav' X tx it s . .. ' .1 fu-tl? , , ,Q ., . f-f fl Y Z' 3.. S . J Q it ' .fr "E5'7"'?fE , DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL I. John Horcher.Cz1ndy Curry 2. John Olvany. Carole Springer 5 nw 4 5 r MOST INDIVIDUAL l. Hope Sicoutry, Bret Watson 2. Drusha Roellig. Rich LeComte tt? , X 'nr' - K I I me 9: oo o 1 , tw 'CT AZ ' 'N 'Z V 6 ,I I if L, ll "' ill t i l lx lg v Mlflll t llllmoulh 4' FAVORITE TEACHER " I. Mr. Drew Weinlandt. ' Mrs. Carol McLaren 2. Mr. John White. Dr. Lydia Morrongiello 'S I tif! f -11" f' ,Qi KK -at 4 ' ' 1 -4 1- I x. , on - Q .1 ZR mv V f X' or " " aff? J if Xi : T-T . I S 1 I ANN 5 ltxqffj I g , ly ll! lfltk M I. I its I . I7 A ....: H- r I I I I ,AM IIA l ' ' - I in ' 'I l W X f l I , 'Wing ix NN f Wt' R W f K W,X fx' fb my s E V9 kj J 1 3 J N ff I X! K i H X l R UM K V' 1? fm fi 4l!V P ' lif X--,Q M TQXZX mx , QL 321' hx A' Li YQ ty x Tim Reis Vice-President Peter D,Antonio Treasurer -if . . . 4 f 5 .K Y A ., w . ey f Tom Griffith President Junior Class Gfficers Barbara Olsen Social Chairman Laureen Burke Secretary X , W, 3 Chris Newman Historian A if Qt 5 J Homeroom 162 G. Alonge. M. Berger, M. Bliss, P. Camilleri, G. Capreol, A. Cavouti S. Cirona. N. Craig, J. Deysine, D. Duel, W. Fay, T. Halloran, M Heaney. N. Higgins, J. Hug. A. Kendrick, T. Mannion, J. Mortensen T. Noone, B. Olsen. J. Palminteri, J. Pavone, R. Presti, G. Pretzfelder. M. Scott. J. Tantillo, S. Taylor, G. Wren Homeroom 165 A. Alford, N. Barruel, M. Baumann, J. Beck. R. Borzilleri, J. Capruso D. Catania, A. DeNoia, J. Donnell. D. Gallagher. J. Giordano, J Giordano, K. Halikias, C. Indelicato, E. Krawchuk, E. Lazarus, P McDonald, J. Mannix, M. Marchelos, C. Morreale, J. Mulligan. C O'Kane, S. O'Neill, T. Pace, J. Peterson, N. Schnell, G. Sullivan. S Terzi, J. Zannos J ' Homeroom 166 i C. Boyle. J. Campbell, D. Carroll. P. Coleman. M. Connor. N. Fajans, A. Fischer, R. Foster, K. Frey, K. Giacini, A. Gib- bons, D. Hewitt, T. Holmes, S. Kenna, M. Krauss, P. LaFlare, T. Logan, C. McDowell, K. Niederreither. N. Nolan, R. Pom- pilio, B. Quinlan, S. Ripp. M. Steinbrecher, M. Steinbugler, N. Zerille W . . . . -'fy-tg.. f ..Hw..,. M.......,.,...,.,m,W -V. 4... Homeroom 201 J. Bonadonna, P. Boyle, H. Buckley, W. Casey. G. Conway, D. Derle A. Fagan, P. Fogarty, R. Greiner, T. Halloran, T. Hoston, R. Hoyt, T Iavarone, M. Kelly, B. Koslow, D. Leighton, T. McCloy, S. Margraf C. Mormanis, J. Rayfield, J. Repetto, J. Russell, S. Serpe, A. Sirkin, R Smutny. L. Von Seelen, E. Walzauck. G. Weeden. M. Williams Homeroom 106 .N: .....,., -.,2 1 R i g. L1,. E 1 N. Albano, A. Anderson, P. Aspland, M. Bridges, L. Canzoneri. E y l Chute, E. Cirona. P. Cullen, F. DeMaio. C. Dillman. E. Dwyer. D , 1. , Dziuba,N. Ehrman, M. Foehr. E. Fox, C. Friedrich, J. Greenbaum.A his g r M I Harrison, A. Kovalcik, G. Lally, M. Langworthy. P. LaMantia. J P Loweth, S. Norris, N. Pamas, A. Smith, S. Tacchi, D. Thurber. L .e'e Walker .-'r Q . .J K "'ee . .. i - sl Homeroom 143 B. Almquist. K. Brown. P. Buttafuoco. J. DeRaddo. B. Dooling, PPA' 5 r"fr"fr' 1 N y D. Drum. M. Geraci. B. Heath. T. Hensley. R. Jensen. J. Koes- 3-JV5' . . H S .Si: ter. J. Lonergan. B. McCormack, G. Martin, M. Masiello. D. teil iili Melnitchenko. F. Panzera. G. Petropoulos. L. Rayel. C. Riedell. if 'Q 'ff Q 'M' R. Reche. M. Scibelli. L. Spanakos, J. Sullivan. S. Tasker, E. .Mft V , .. 1 A ' llit f i'iiii Theoharides. R. Tramposch. H. Tsai. J. Venier, F. Wieland, A. it ' W ' . ' y t wi11iamS,D.vena1 4 5 V . ff .., . Q sft ' --J f r .in 4? is vvvr .LQ ,, 1 - V N Z , , P Homeroom 150 W. Barnes, J. Bauer. K. Bohan. C. Brinkmann. B. Brudie, J Danks. B. Fitzgerald. J. Fitzsimons. K. Franzese. P. Gardner. J Garvey. C. Glaws. .l. Gaved. W. Grogan, R. Harrison, C. Has- slacher. D. Hermann. R. Hubbard, E. Kramer. P. McDonnell, D MacLeod. A. Macyko. W. Metzler. V. Mitchell, A. Mylott, C. Rudansky. K. Ryan. M. Wright Homeroom 159 J. Ahearne. D. Bertolino. P. Breiling, J. Coleman. N. Cox, G. Essner C. Garcia, A. Gavin. J. Hannon, G. Hill, J. McEnery. C. McGowan K. McGowan. E. Madden. M. Mallon, S. Molter, M. Murphy. H. Noe C. O'Neill, G. Perez-Vega, M. Scolopino, A. Sheehan .B. Spadaro. W Stasco. D. Sygulski. C. Taddeo. J. Tantillo. A. Trivilino Homeroom 208 J. Amato. B. Baird. S. Barnett, T. Bianco, V. Boyd, K. Buckley, P. Burns. J. Burnside. J. Cahill. E. Clancy, L. Dellolacono, R. Diamond, T. Dick, M. Downing, M. Evers, D. Flanagan, M. Gallagher, C. Gor- don. S. Gray. S. Gust, K. Kaliban. R. Kelly. S. Lavorando, A. McGowan, E. Maffucci, R. Marino. T. Murphy, R. Rick, M. Rieger 92 ...J lrr P B ,f .4 4. 'tr ffl A ll' Homeroom 210 ,Em .at Swv 'ii L. Bonavenlura, A. Cadwell, L. Cappoli, C. Chirico, C. Collins J. Cosgrove, K. Dooley, J. Duddy, B. Ernst, B. Himelstein, P Hollis. M. Jones, P. Kelly, C. Krebs, J. Lynch, J. Marcin, R Moloney, C. Newman, J. O'Neill, L. Pappas, S. Pate, M. Paxton M. Regan, J. Rix, L. Sackett, S. Selby, C. Thumser, R. Wagner K. Yenal 9 1 ..i1 :zfx el as 2 11: a:vv1 -W... E .... , . J .. . iait L V . .J ...... ..L.E:3- Q X 4 y,. y A 5. psi... A Q' ..... "1 r -- ' " ' - . . 5 .... ....,... i. wg eaee. V. .... ' A C... ii I .... atse -' .fp N:Af1'1r' SS '-l 'JU V' 'U 5 2 5 54' D 5 as :f 5' Q E? O 'J' 5 ED U 3' 553, FD 0 K4 ' D J- l" fl - Q 6' 9 rv -U rn 3 an Q Q . . O G n-. Q g 9, an L4 F g O o : " ' 0 EI. :Q U E. B :1 53 - fr D , -H P' EQGS- lxj ?' -cu ."2.' 2 v--' va. U2 FAQ., IX, a 5 2 2' : E 5 G- ff D -1 fb O B fr' T' F 5 ,E PU Q F1 F, ' Z Q Z' O 5 5' Q rn :Q CD 0 "1 -1 O 2, gf' lf F g ri pu Vs S- f' PU 0 ' :r- -1 Q P' 31 3 8 Q5 aff O :Q 3 ' 2 5 fr F H o Pl 0 '-l W 7 K4 Homeroom 214 B. Baeza. L. Burke. W. Caccamo. B. Daniels, M. Delahunt, A. Del- Bello, S. DeMaio. C. Edwards. N. Egan. S. Franz, R. Garrigan. L. Genberg, P. Iaquinta. A. Ingrassia, P. Jankowski, K. Katonah, N. McDonough. M. Morra, T. Mueller, D. Murphy, J. Nakchi, K. Pechenik, T. Reis. C. Roman. K. Santry. E. Trinca. S. Yuter, T. Walker. R. Wall "fn-e:2":2 .QV -W V Homeroom 203 T. Asher, J. Bennett, A. Bick, T. Brillat, E. DiNoto, T. Dooley, M ter, P. Mulvaney, P. Nessler. K. O'Connor, L. O'Leary, P. Polley, R varo, K. Watson f A . T J W , va. Homeroom 204 A. Bambach, R. Burggraf, B. Conza, S. Corrie. R. Dolan, J. Dunne, T. Fitzsimons. L. Fonseca, K. Furman, J. Gibson, P. V J Gordon, D. Greco, E. lngrassia, J. Kenny, R. Johnson, B. Lude- mann, P. Lutz, G. Menig, A. Nicols, L. Reardon, L. Rebell, P. 'M Rudolph, D. Sanossian, E. Schmitt, J. Smith, S. Sudholz, C. 'QQ Thoet, W. Wilson, T. Wright ' 2. . W W ,N , ...W . .,..,. W . .. I .. . ' f'A I' "A'f .'-L '.. .ZZ ". i Zf f i .. " ..'..1,.'tm"..,,,,,.,Z'..""""""""""' . .rf . Homeroom 206 C. Balboni, R. Caselli, D. Chiarello, C. Connolly, P. Cullen, J. Dalzell, E. Fernandez, J. Fonseca, E. Haas. R. Hammond, J. Heilshorn, R. Hersey, J. Hirche, M. Kane, M. Keefe, J. King, C. McCarthy, S. Mallis, D. Murphy, M. Nickson, T. Nothel, B. O'Connell, N. Olsen, K. Patterson, N. Sciarrotto, W. Spencer, M. Virgil, J. Waters, N. Zach Homeroom 207 P. Beaudet, M. Brancato, A. Burke, R. Burns, P. Charles, J. Connolly, E. Crafa, J. Curi, J. DeFazio, D. DeMay, M. Gallagher, P. Gallagher, M. Hoffman, J. Hummel, P. Kalafatis, N. Krug, J. Lavelle, J. Leone, S. McDermott, A. Mercante, M. O'Connor, D. O'Shea, L. Patterson, J. Perduto, C. Pompilio, J. Reifschneider, D. Roepken, H. Tang, B. Thompson, W. Tierney 20 Fox, N. Gallic, M. Griffin, T. Griffith, S. Jung, C. Koch, P. Koppen- hofer, L. McDonough, K. McGann, J. MacLeod, P. Mahan, C. Mol- Pratt, E. Tacchi, L. Tollner, L. Trotter, C. Ulfik, M. E. Valyo, P. Var- Chris Molloy Vice-President ,5 rs F fi i my Jack Tierney Treasurer Kathy Sweeney President Sophomore Class Officers Alexis Efthimiou Secretary Kathy Dodd Social Chairman Jackie Sullivan Historian Homeroom 110 E. Anderson, D. Buehler, B. Crofton, D. Deane, A . Foehr, J. Haleem. V. MacLeod, W. Mannion, D. Norton, T. Poz, R. Regan, B. Roche, S. Rosen, E. Sackett, D. Schneider, P. Serafin, J. Sullivan, F. Takach. R. Thoet, R. Varney, J. Virgilio, J. Watts, C. Wright Homeroom 1 12 D. Bindel, D. Bindel. P. Birkenstock, M. Boring, Cr. Halpin, J. Hauswirth, J. Jaeger, K. Johnson, L. Kallem, K. Kiernan, M. Lee, J. Latito, G. McMahan, V. Madden, B. Malloy, D. Mesloh, R. O,Connell, M. Oravec, D. Payton, T. Petersen, R. Rudkin, R. Rasor, L. Sorrentino, A. Turchiano, K. Van Meter, K. Varvaro, K. Wakeshima . Homeroom 126 D. Baumgratz, C. Brink, J. Cullen, C. Debler, M. Digan, B. Duff- ner, C. Falk, J. Fleig, L. Gitelman, D. Hiltz, A. Hummel, R. Jae- ger, G. Koester, J. Lubin. K. Lucano, P. McLoughlin, J. Morin- giello, K. Oberst, A. Paykin, A. Priest, M. Redmond, A. Ryan, J. Schroeder, J. Stasco, S. Strom, S. Van Wickler, J. Vione, L. Willis Homeroom 130 B. Connolly, K. Crowe. B. Daly, M. Delahunty, G. Deysine, J. Dool- ing, A. Epp, M. Franz, J. Hasslacher, R. Jenkins, R. Jones, K. Keane. E. Krecko, P. Kwee. M. Laing, E. Losee, T. McCarthy, J. Merrihew, C. Munro, C. O'Hare, M. O'Keefe, C. Pizzarello, M. Philippides, P. Shan- non, M. Stais, C. Tsai, C. Umbach, D. Vacchiano, L. Vought Homeroom 134 Q D. Basile, Y. Campbell, R. Carton, L. Conte, P. Dausch, R. From- mann, D. Furey. M. Furlong. E. Hogan, E. Holobigian, V. Karay- iannis, R. Kent. P. Kuhnel. J. Lovaglio, B. Lynch, S. Maher, F Materia, P. McCarthy, M. McGuire, C. Molloy, C. Napolitane, T. Nowack, J. Paterakis, M. Sekas, K. Smith, J. Stein, R. Telfeyan, J Wagner, J. Waluk 1 Homeroom 136 S. Delahunty, A. Eftimiou, G. Freeman, S. Eschmann, D Fusco, J. Heiselman, P. Hobson, J. Horstmann, T. Kettrick M. Knoerzer, W. Kuhlman, N. Leininger, P. Licitra, M Milano, E. Moran, J. Mullooly, K. Murphy, P. Napolitano, H Newman, W. Odell, P. Olmsted, A. Palagonia, W. Peak, D Pineman, T. Reifschneider, L. Roellig, M. Skolnik, J. Tierney C. Turner, E. Weisburg, L. Winter Homeroom 137 C. Ahlberg, C. Barrera, M. Bennett, J. Beyer, P. Bode, D Caruso, P. Cersauolo, P. Cornacchio, R. Cureton, W Emmert, R. Fairgrieve, P. Gasperin, I. Gutekunst, W. Harder M. Hazel, R. Holman, P. Karejwa, P. Knapp, R. Laboda, P Larie, J. McGratty, M. McGowan, D. Mantz, C. Nouryan. O liams, J. Woodward Homeroom 139 R. Attardi, A. Baris, J. Beck. P. Casale, J. DeCastro, K. Deegan, B. Dies, K. Dodd, D. Dumas, M. Erskine. C. Friedrich, B. Gibbons, R. James, K Kenny, W. Kimmons, S. Kraker. B. Leiter, T. McGroary, P. Mannion, A. Monahan, C. O'Connor, S. Ostrowski, D. Pamas, M. Pirrmann, G. Smith A. Stevens. T. Terranova, N. Tredwell Papoulas, L. Semmes, J. Sena, D. Slattery, M. Smith, E. Wil- Homeroom 141 C. Blank, J. Cavallo, P. Dietz, M. Dowden, C. Durand, E. Jackson, W Keller, L. Lorenson, M. McGowan, M. McPartland, M. Maloney, D pin, K. O'Shea, K. Paulini, M. Pramnieks, M. Preziosi, J. Puvogel, R Reuper, J. Schlapp, H. Schuster, L. Smith, C. Snaido, F. Stutzmann K. Sweeney, S. Treber, G. Vitale Homeroom 142 K. Allison, S. Becker, J. Buttafuoco, D. Capruso, D. Castellano, M. Craner, P. DiGiorgi, C. Farrell, E. Farrell, B. Fleener, K. Frazer, T. Gordon, B. Hildreth, D. Howe, J. Judge, K. Lanning, S. LoPresti, S. Moyers, T. Murtagh, L. Meira, M. Neira, T. Nimmo, C. Petrone, P. Schmut, J. Sena, K. Steinbrecher, E. Sut- ton, N. Victory, H. Vollmer, T. Wallace, K. Wren, M. Zeitlin Homeroom 144 D. Bartges, M. Buczkowski, B. Carlson, G. Cox, C. Douglas, D Drewitz, J. Edwards, A. Falvey, J. Fitzsimmons, J. Foley, A Galassi, M. Grogan, L. Hagerty, K. Holfelder, D. Housman, C Keller, E. McCartney, T. Mortensen, K. Mortisugu, G. Nesi, D Norris, C. O'Connell, A. Peterson, S. Pratt, J. Raia, M. Regan, T Schauf, K. Scollard, M. Segre, S. Simberkoff, F. Stabile, L Walsh Homeroom 16 1 berg, L. Healy, L. Hegdal, R. Hegeman, D. Hoffman, S. Lynch, V. Spanos, G. Springer, L. Stration, R. Tejani, R. Todaro, B. Wildermuth 'WN ,aa . Mineo, D. Montalbine, M. Murray, E. Nicols, M. Noonan, L. O'Hal- E. Bauer, S. Chisholm, M. Collins, M. Duggan, S. Fiorentino, S. Gen- Monsees, R. Martin, S. Millward, W. Murphy, S. Nicklin, S. Noble, H. Park, V. Peppard, T. Primrose, M. Rice, S. Rombach, R. Reardon, W. Homeroom 161 E. Burke. J. Burton. J. Debe. D. DiGaetano. C. Dowler. J. Durkin, D. Dwyer. E. Finegan. B. Fottrell. E. Golinowski. J. Helmus. T. Hersey. M. Joyce. N. Lewis. M. McCarthy. D. MacLeod. J. Merwath. B. Nort- ham. S. O'Keefe. J. Quinlan. M. Ruebsamen. R. Sapanski. S. Scal- chunes. P. Schauf. J. Schaus. D. Stemple. L. Stevens. R. Venier Homeroom 171 W-Z J. Adams C Aquila D Bartolf G Bock K Bocklet D Burke R. Capreol. M. Caputo. B. Cheikes. E. Chrobet. K. Curry, P Dougherty. J. Durand. J. Fennessy, C. Gallic, J. Gerace. H Gitelman, L. Harrington. M. Higgins. P. Hopkins. P. Huschle. J Keating. A. Kinn. T. Larkin. P. LoSardo. B. McAlvin. C. Oles- chuk Homeroom 172 J. Angus, K. Beatty. C. Becker. L. Bedeian. M. Berdel. R. Bill S. Bonfilio. T. Brittan. D. Bumcrot. P. Casey. G. Chianese. S Collins. C. Cooney, E. Costello. C. Debany. P. DeSantis. D Franz, M. Georgi. V. Greene. M. Kramer. T. Schlapp. L. Sex- ton. C. Sullivan. F. Sweeney. R. Vaughn. C. Wheeler. J. Zwicke "I---... .ii 1 Homeroom 175 J. Aloia. D. Berardino. B. Bliss, L. Borzilleri. M. Buckley, P. Burke. A. Caruso. S. Chandler, S. Condon. R. Forster. J. Gagliardo. J. Gal- lagher. J. Galvin. J. Gassert. W. Glaws. J. Gowan. J. Gordon. A. Gupta. A. Hampson. J. Holmes. P. Holmes. V. Houston. N. Hoffelder. R. Ironside. K. Kohart. D. Koslow. P. Lazaradis. P. Margaritis. B. Noho. A. Vicory. C. Witteck 'ffm - -.N . 'L as TG- 6 I The Queen -I ,'N, ,. , .. ..,n, ,,. ., - .... -Q.. . .. ,. ..f3- -s. w wf: fi' v -:V , ... "QAM e , 1 , f -K K xiii Q jx S d 5 I W1-vNamq...n.... 's ll0 LNYIAY. Xx ' I Aw YK . ' 'H I SJ? X i xxx x :yr N 9 A . f r' - . V Hi.-.0 SPN' ...g,. Agggr X -H - 7 f ,-I" 1 i V ,gif fig ."'2"i-' . ,fwfr J ff I ' -'Irfan f 33,12-rl f- ,ll ..:-fi1f?"f- ". 7 .., V If ff ,H ,, 1 l, Y -Y I " 'ig K F f , K , VX, X V X Xa XM! I , .. E: 0 John Horcher Vice-President f X Vw lxv Jff John Olvany President Student Council Officers V7 HJ" ' N N rx! U O I5 Y M XJU fr Nl V, , Q I ' r 'Nu ki, X., 1, ff ' r , - N lx. ' All 3X1 1 rl, fe ll x Mary Donnelly Secretary W lv r Cf' NP j IX S AX f L l J! if A W X X OJ All LN ffxy W! VJ M if 11 lf l A X vb 1 H5 l if X321 UU: J X XXV X or r W XJ I ,J fly X Q View EMM QJ ' JJ Q: l r Matthew Dennen Treasurer mxr lo JJ f if L l,ll X Ma or V4 i X 'XJ . QS' lu Nl U X Caro e Springer W Parliamenlarian JR X rf K f- xl x Mir KNXV We of Wm' JTA mv r My ,rl 1 JX flvigf ,XR-jj Jo., X X TJ f 'XZ fly fx lfl J l . The liaison between the student body and the high school administration. the Student Council. had a very successful year. The Council was led by John Olvany fPres.l. John Horcher Nice Pres.J, Mary Donnelly tSecretaryD. Matt Dennen fTreasurerJ. Car- ole Springer fParliamentarian5. and Tara Mannion fSergeant-at-Armsl. The two faculty advisors. Dr. James Tarrou and Dr. Ger- ald Dolan were very helpful to the council. The council started off the year with a successful GO. Drive and Spirit Day dance in late September. The council sponsored Winter Wonderland Dance was a financial success and the funds from this dance were put to work on such activities as the Battle of the Bands. the Computer Dance. and community service projects involving the elderly. The Student Council also contributes time and money to the various other high school activities. Student Council QSM-f 54" ELI ,,,,fe,bvo45 ' fp Lew-L it ctw- .pw il 03' 2 10, U-SW so J'-'Cl lu VJ Mp' mf goof-l . gh, S www beddlqub Ut M, w L., at i-0q5.3uM Bottom Row: T. Mannion. J. MaCloud. and M. Domaly. Second Row: J. Olvaney. L. Willis. M. Kramer. J. Burton. M. McGowan. and J. Kirk. Third Row: S. Yanopoulas. E. Cirona. L. McDonough. J. Smith. R. Varney. B. Chute. R. McCloy. M. Murphy. H. Buckley. Fourth Row: C. McCarthy. C. Molloy. M. E. Valyo. G. DiNoto. C. Lewis. J. Tierney. T. Riess. and B. Carrs. Fifth Row: J. Horcher. Qu' E7 l, f 2 r,,,.....A..f-5. Siiting: C. Wydler. T. Mannion. E. McAlvin. P. DeNoia. C. Callahan. Firsl Row: B. Cattani, B. Chute. A. Huschle. A. Himelstein. R. LeCompte. B. Himelstein. A. Stais. Second Row: R. Coffin. CL McCarthy. J. Macloed. J. Beck, B, Fox. J. Repetto. S. Nicklin. H. Gitelstein. J. Patarakus. C. Tsai. K. Moritsuqu. R. Varney. E. Bauer. Third R0rw."R, Wall. R. Morra. T. Mortenson. A. Smith. R.Tejani. y y C The monthly school newspaper. ECHO. serves to keeptthe student body informed while exposing its staff to the rigors of today'sjournalismL Included infthis year's format were guest colums. art contests. numerous reviews. a gossip 'coltumnytand in-depth news. features. lerr a nd sports stories. if The I977-78 Staffis as follows: Andy Himelstein, Editor-in-Chief. Richard LeComte, News Editor? Bruce tHimelstein.VAssociate News flrf E ditor. Anne Huschle. Features Editor. Alec Stais. Sports Editor, Beth Chute. Associate Features Editor. Robert Cattani. Photography Editor. Chris McCarthy. Cartoonist. Christine DeNoia. Business Manager. Eileen McAlvin.fAdvertis- inglVlanI:1ger.' A A f J . 4ii,l, Honor Society Selected for their excellence in the areas of scholarship. leadership and citizenship. National Honor Society members tutor. compute honor roll standings and serve the community in various ways. This year. a Senior Citizens Day was held in November. The Club hopes to organize a community-wide toy drive and complete the Orientation film this year. Officers of this year's Honor Society are: C. Springer - President. C. McCarthy A Vice-President. M. Garabaldi Y Treasurer. J. Gentile - Honor Rating Chairman. and B. Foran e Honor Roll Chairman. i , i y as "1 Fran! Ron C McCarthy C Wydler S Yannopoulos F. Carter. L. Lynn, M. Garabaldi. J. Golden. Middle Row: C. Henneberger J Gentile K O Neill B Foran C DeNoia. M. Gibbons. K. Vierengel. E. Rippe. J. Dunne. Back Row: A Stais T Rider A Himelstein R Coffin D Miller C. Springer, M. Pratt. B. Watson. C. Kirsty. R. LeCompte. D. 4 E Bnlmm Raw: N. Gordon. B. Foran. L. Winegard. S. O'Dell. B. Addy. Mrs. Spiers. A. Huschle, and P. Smith. Second Row: C. Moreale. P. Mulraney, R. Lazarus. S. Cirona. L. Pelton. L. Nouryan. J. Gentile. S. Rosen. R. LeCompte. M. Crane. J. O'Neill. J. Repetto. A. Bamhack. Top Row: A. Levin. B. Daniels. M. Simberkoff. Masquers Bolmm Raw: C. Nouryan. J. McEnery. D. Furey. B. Chikas, J. DeCastro. Mrs. Spiers, B. Ironsides, P. Bode. Second Row: L. Golinowski, P. Kuhnel. S. Lynch. C. Wydler. S. Nicklin, R. Tejani. R. Dolan. A. Kinn. M. Skolnik. M. Sekas. Top Row: T. Turchiano. S. Indelicato, D. Fusco. L. Sorentio. C. O'Hare. D. Baumgralz. M. Lainge. P. Delahunl. L. Edwards. D. Schneider. B Us 'ku ""k x nqa K L W S 43 V hx My .I-fa. L M -3' M I' .. f K 1 wt 1 i.. J F' Masquers, the school's dramatic cluh. is an activity that involves many students in its three major pro- ductions: The Man Who Came to Dinner. The Children's Theatre production of Aesop's Fallahles. and One Foot in Heaven. Under the dedicated sponsorship of Mrs. Inez Spiers. Ms. Linda Brownell. and Mr. Jim McAleese. students are exposed to the numerous phases of stage production. Through the unified efforts of the committees. actors. and sponsors. the cluh presents three major student-directed produc- tions. one of which isa popular Children's Theatre presentation. Masquers provides not only an enjoya- ble. rewarding activity but also first-hand experience in the group art of the theatre. N mlm xx X.. l 35 6 SElII8cf.' E. Cirona. J. Smith. M. Valyo. T. Mannion. L. Rayel. Standing: C. Springer. S. Graham. L. Mes- singer. L. McDonough. Magazine Drive - The Drive is the approved fund raising activity for the school. Though the drive is organized and run by five senior girls and selectedjunior appren- tices, all students are encouraged to sell. Forty percent of the money is retained by the school and distributed to the student council, the Garden City Student Exchange Program and the three high school classes. These profits fund council and class activities. Incentives, in the form of attractive prizes, are provided to students achiev- ing sales quotas, Summer Ambassadors l Bark Row: A. Himmelstein. D. Mannix. Front Row: A. Noble. C. Noonan. S. O'Dell. Missing From Picrures J. Birkenstock. J. Dunne. C. lmgram. K. Johnson. J. Sullivan. and B. Watson. The Garden City International Student Exchange is a program whereby Garden City students are given an opportunity to live in a foreign country and thus obtain a valuable cross-culture experience. This past summer, 1977. twelve Summer Ambassadors spent six to seven weeks living with their families in various countries through- out Europe and Israel. The Spanish Club is comprised of students who wish to further their knowledge of Spanish cul- ture. The club,s activities consist of restaurant and theatre trips, international meals and many other group projects. Bonom Row: J. MacLeod. T. Reardon, A. Nichols. B. Chute. K. Niederreither. Sec- ond Row: A. Bick. R. Wall. S. Cirona. C. Noonan. K. McGowan. L. Bonaventure. H. Buckley. E. Fox. S. Foster, J. Beck. Top Row: A. Huschle. M. O'Brien. M. Donato. C. Lewis. French Club First Row: L. Ingrazzia. S. Suthold. E. Wal- zack. J. Reifschneider. R. Morra. J. Garvey, M. Kelly. K. Tedesco. C. Newman. Second Row: J. Sullivan. M. Virgil. M. Kane. K. Hali- kias. R. Wall. K. O'Neil. M. Mack, J. Beck, A. Williams. R. Dolins. L. Genberg. Third Row: Cv. Petropoulos. B. Chang. B. Watson C. McCarthy. E. Rippe. L. McDonough. E. Fox. L. Bonaventura. S. Forster, R. Paterson, K. Klemanowicz. K. Kiernan. Miss McAteer. S. Yannopolous. L. Messinger. J. Birken- stock. E. Theoharides. J. Perduto. D. Reinig, A. Smith. J. Dunne. J. DeRaddo. C. Ryan. 138 Spanish Club One of the largest and most popular organizations within the high school, the French Club is com- prised of students who wish to further their French knowledge. Under the superb leadership of Kathy O'Neill fPres.J, Jeff Beck fVice Pres.J, Maryellen Mack fSoc. Chmn.J, Roger Wall fTreas.j and Ginny Boyd fSec.J, the French Club enjoyed one of the most active and successful years in its history. Activi- ties included trips to restaurants, cultural excursions to New York City, bicycling, and the ever-popu- lar "Partie Joyeux Noel." The club was directed under the outstanding supervision and patience of club sponsor, Miss Joan McAteer. Italian-Latin The Italian-Latin Club is a select group of individuals dedicated to pre- serving the ideals of ancient Rome. OFFICERS: President W- Paul Maher V.P. - Chris Callahan Sec. - Alec Stais Treas. - Larry Lynn High Minister - Chris McCarthy Advocates of Inner Roman Culture e Sketch QKenb Schauf. Cornelia CCeciliaJ Balboni. Carolyn fAudreyj Lewis, Audrie fMorraJ Murphy. Chantal Cheikes. Raul fPaulJ Kuhnel. Daphne tLil' Flowery Yenal. Bollom Row: S. Selby. M. O'Brien. Second Row: L. Schiatta. K. Curry. K. Foster. J. Dunne. A. Stais. Third Raw: B. Watson. L, Lynn. C. Callahan. P. Maher. A. Himelstein. C. McCarthy. German Club , i f ,..4 l. alas? in Bonam Row: M. Regan. J. Campbell. A. Fischer. B. Ludemann. M. Gibbons. S. Forster. A. Trivilino. J. Fonseca. L. Dodd? C. J Donerty. Second Row: R. Franz. M. Synder. K. Niederreither. J. Jaeger. D. Meslon. A. DeNoia, C. DeNoia. C, Friedrich. S. Terzi M. Evers. E. Fox. Third Row: Mr. Guddat. T. Curi. A. Hitler. D. Bartolf. M. McGuire. D. Dohn, B. Papoulas. C. Sager. D. Maninix P. Cullen. B. Almquist. B. Fitzgerald. Y. Condelli. L. Edwards. L. Fonseca. Fourth Row: D. Vanwickler. E. Meslon. P. Hutter. S. Jensen. The German Club. under the sponsorship of Herr Guddat tries to stimulate further interest in the German culture. This is done through various activities throughout the year. This year's activities included a Homecom- ing float. an Oktoberfest. a Ger- man Christmas Party, a trip to a German restaurant. and various other parties. I39 Fiesta Fiesta, the Spanish literary magazine is written and edited by Spanish students of all levels. It is a collec- tion of poems, essays, puzzles, and cartoons written entirely in Spanish. This year, under the guidance of Mr. Genna, and with editor Karen Katonah, staff members work together to publish a successful maga- zine. Botlom Row: E. Kramer. R. McCloy. J. Feccaor. K. Niederreither. A. Alford. Second Row: C. McGowan. M. Donato. S. Graham. E. Delle. S. Castellano, J. MacLeod. H. Buckley. Chantecler Chantecler, our French literary magazine, is pub- lished by students of all levels of the French lan- guage. Under the sponsorship of Dr. Pierre Chan- over. many poems, stories, and other creative works are composed for each issue. This yearls club mem- bers enjoyed an excellent and productive year. Bouom Row: S. Graham. J. Dunne. J. Nakachi, L. Messenger. Top Row: C. McCarthy. E. Rippe. D. Yenal, B. Watson. Gedanken Der J ugend Gedanken der Jugend is the German magazine pub- lished under the sponsorship of Herr Guddat. The Eng- lish translation is "thoughts of youthf, It is a prize-win- ning magazine published bi-yearly mainly for the enjoy- ment of German speaking students. Students are free to express their opinions on any facet of life they wish. It is hoped that the magazine will continue the trend of excellence shown in previous years and be successful in this year's national competition. This year's editors are Bob Cattani and Mary Gibbons. Fronl Row: B. Cattaini, R. Franz, M. Gibbons. Back Row: D. Mesloh, Mr. Guddat. D. Seim, L. Edwards. 140 Biology Club The Biology Club. sponsored by Dr. Zilca consists of dedicated members who further their interests in the field of Biology through projects done after school. They gain experience in dissection and plant and animal pro- jects. The club meets weekly with Dr. Zilka. Botany Club This organization attracts those students who appreci- ate. like to work with. and find out more about the world of plants. Various projects are undertaken. which include pressing and identifying plants fwe are starting a Garden City Herbariumj. preparing slides from pre- served specimens, and growing fruit plants hydropomi- ally and in soil. BUIIIIHI Row: T. Newman. P. Hughes. A. Munro. J. Karb. D. Todero. B. Goodison. L. Pelton. Tap Row: F. Carter. G. Farley. R. Smutney. C Kent. Dr. H. Turkel. S. lndelicato. C. Kirsty. A. Stais. .3.:gf:: Q. li j Research Group Under the fine leadership of Julian Kane. a small number of high school students have become involved in the Earth Science Research Group. These students are Gregory Farley. Anne Munro. Kathy Klemanowicz. Dave Norris. Sandy Yuter and Carla Moyer. The students have participated in studies involving waste-water management. nitrate concentrations. waterimporting. wetland preservation and earth crust composition. Articles concerning the students work has been published in the N.Y. Times. Science Teacher. and Newsday. ll r 59, 56 . QF . . 1 . .1 . .. .V W,xA ., I 1, - . .,,... . 5. . ,. l .. , S A.V. Squad Organized to provide the faculty with record play- ers. projectors. and other essential materials. the Audio Visual squad under the direction of Jim McAleese. Mr. McAleese also teaches students to use these materials in the classroom. Slilllllgf D. Tadaro and K. Franzese. SILIIlfI'I'll'2.' J. Cowan and D. Norris. .,..t . 142 Radio Club In preparation for an amateur radio operator's license. the Radio Club members work together to learn the basics of radio operation. Weekly sessions are held on radio theory and the Morse Code. Approximately one month is required to prepare for the novice license. Station KZVST is maintained in Room 205. Sllllllllillgf J. Weekes. J. Horcher. M. Peterson. A. Bick. and K. San- try. Sealed: Mr. Badger. If ,F ..,. iii 5,5 .H,,,,,. ..., ,, V ,ea . Studio Club Performing a vital service to the school. the Studio Club is directed and supervised by Mr. McAleese and three senior members. Sean Jordan. Todd Zinke. and Steve Hildrith. There are nine members in all: three boys from each grade. The boys spend their free time in the studio. Their wide range of services include broadcasting the bulletin. setting up microphones for all assemblies. running sound effects for all sporting events. videotaping and sound effects for Masquers productions. and playing music for all lunch periods. Student Citizenship Board Bottom Row: M. Garibaldi. J. Gentile, K. Foster, B. Foran. K. Klemanowicz, K. O'Neill, K. Curry. C. Henneberger, C. McManus. P. Schmitt. M. Gibbons. C. Springer. Second Row: T. Reardon. J. Sullivan, M. O'Brien, E. Cirona, H. Buckley. R. McCloy. M. Murphy, T. Mannion. F. Stein, M. Donato, B. Kramer. K. Kaliban. H. Tsai. K. Kiernan. Third Row: L. Dodd. M. DelBello. P. Condon. E. Fox. C. Ryan. L. Bonaventura. L. Jenkins. V. Craig. B. Addy. J. Malmquist, A. Huschle. J. Raskopf. D. Kramer. P. Lavelle. A. Cavouti. C. Newman. K. Bohan. M. Kelly. C. McGowan, J. Smith. J. Garvey. M. Schnell. S. Gust. E. Rippe. Fourth Row: B. Ernst. L. Lynn. J. Kirk. B. Hall. Mr. Lawder. P. Albano. T. Zinke. K. Dooley. P. D'Antonio. A. Bick, K. VonSeelen. M. Lillis. Missing From Picture: J. Amato. J. Beck. M. Cook. F. Coulter. M. Donnelly. C. Dowler. C. Edwards. M. Gallagher. K. Halikias. R. Harrison. K. Katonah. C. Kent. M. Mack. N. Metz. C. Moyer. S. Rosen. R. Wall. L. Winegard. S. Yannapoulos. "Those happy. smiling faces in the main and attendance offices, writing furiously, operating the switchboard, presenting the Daily Bulletin. verifying class and school attendance - those are the SCB Squad? Membership consists of 48 seniors and 32 juniors, selected on the basis of teacher recommendations. SCB's work directly with one of the assistant principals, Mr. Lawder. They may be seen in action before homeroom, during all class periods, after school and at night on special occasions, such as "Back-to-School Night." With the help of the S.C.B. Squad a cooperative administration-student attendance and disciplinary system operates quietly and with organi- zation. This yearis executive board consisted of: K. Curry. B. Foran, K. Foster, M. Garibaldi, J. Gentile, M. Gibbons, C. Henneberger, K. Klemanowicz, C. McManus, M. Mack. K. O'Neill, P. Schmitt. C. Springer and L. Winegard. I4 A4 Discipline Committee The Discipline Committee is a student-teacher group that decides the manner in which students will be disciplined. From: Miss McLaren. Mr. McAlesse. K. Tynan. Back: Mr. Allen. B. Neus. Mr. Nelson. Election Club The purpose of the election committee is to organize the Student Council elections. This involves writing campaign rules and regulations, approving posters, reviewing speeches, and organizing the assembly in which the speeches are given. On the day of the elec- tions. the committee is responsible for running the vot- ing machines. The finaljob of the committee is to notify the candidates of the outcome. The sponsor for this committee is Mr. Tegnell. Bolzom Row: M. Donato. C. Lewis. M. O'Brien. Top Row: C. Curry. K. McGowan. L. Schiatta. Missing: F. Stein. Q Student Court "MAY JUSTICE REIGN FOREVERH The Student Court is a part of the school government which represents the rights of the students. Cases brought before the court are resolved by a representative from each grade and two faculty members. They may be reduced or dropped completely Cbut sometimes they are notj. The judges this year were Katie Tynan. Jeff Beck, Lisa Semmes. Dr. Tarrou and Mr. Allen. Front: Lorilee Healy. Jeff Beck. and Katie Tynan. Buck: Mr. Allen and Dr. Tar- rou. I Model U.N., which is the Model United Nations group. is comprised of many students who are interested in the workings of the U.N. and in international relations. During the year. they examine foreign policies and then draw up resolu- tions which are submitted to the National School Model U.N. Committee. In the spring. the group members meet in New York with other Model U.N. students for a symposium at the United Nations Buildings. Barzani Row: R. Frommann. C. 0'Neill. A. Monnihan. J. Rep- peta. S. Yuter. S. O'Neill. C. McCarthy. S. Yannopolous. Top Row: R. Coffin. R. LeCompt. C. Callahan, R. Varney. T. Mul- ler. P. Maher. T. Mulligan. C. Thoet. F. Weinlandt. E. Tacchi. C, Wydler. The Foreign Policy Forum is a club meeting bi- weekly. It has as its aims the discussion of those international current events that affect both inter- national and domestic policies. Students deter- mine the topic. do the research and then at a meet- ing engage in debates and discussions concerning different understanding or view on the issue. The Forum attempts to attend some Model United Nations Conferences. participating as a nation and following its policies in committee and General Assembly. For the past four years, the Forum has attended the Boston-Harvard Model United Nations Conference. Bollom Row: R. Varney. R. Frommann. H. Kissinger. S. O'Neill. P. Maher. R. Coffin. Sevond Row: C. O'Neill. A. Mon- nihan. A. Huschle. A. Bambach. J. Reppetto. L. Genberg. B. Spidaro. S. Yuter. C. McCarthy. S. Yannopolous. Top Row: B. Watson. C, Callahan. R. LeCompt. T. Mulligan, T. Muller. D. Mannix, M. Crane. E. Tacchi. F. Weinlandt. C. Thoet. C. Wydler, odel U. . Foreign Policy Forum Math Tutors The Math Tutors consist of fifteen students who are willing to aid those having difficulties in math. Mrs. Wertis is the sponsor of the club and Virginia Mitchell is the student coordinator. The tutors give many hours of service and their assistance is greatly appreciated by the many students they help. Franz: D. Yenal. C. Thumbser. Back: S. Selby. A. Smith. L. Fonseca. V. Mitchell. 146 Langua e Tutors The Language tutors are excellent foreign language students who tutor their classmates requiring help with their language studies. Fr0n1.'T. Mannion. Cat Turner. K. Bohen. M. Downing. A. Nicole. M. Berger. Back: J. McLeod. D. Bick. D. Mannix. P. Maher. J. Bennett. C, McCarthy. Miss Ellen Solomen. Mathletes The mathletes are a group of students interested in math who are engaged in inter-school competition six times a year. Each competition consists of five ques- tions. Students are allowed four to eight minutes to answer each question. Individual and team awards are available for those who do well on a county-wide basis. Front: A. Himmelstein. L. Lynn, B. Himmelstein. Back: A. Stais. J. Rayfield. F. Weiland, R. Cattani. Twenty active members of the Chess Club under the direction of Mr. William Pollock meet weekly for instruction and playing. They compete on the Nassua lnterscholastic Chess League which plays on a home to home basis. THE MEMBERS OF THE CHESS CLUB ARE: From Lefz ro Righl: B. Carlson. A. Monohan. R. O'Connell. J. McGowan. F. Weinlandt. and E. Tacchi. Kung-Fu is an ancient Chinese system of self- defense invented by the monks of Shaolin Temple in the 6th century A.D. The movements which involve kicks. sweeps, blocks, and punches are vitally savage but mentally civilized. The Kung-Fu Club, under the direction of Mas- ter Allan Low. emphasizes proper breathing, inter- nal power development fch'i-kungj and medita- tion. Members meet weekly for the purpose of learning these ancient health exercises that build stronger bodies and improve mental self-disci- pline. THE 1977-1978 OFFICERS ARE: T. Ries, Pres.. V. Traina. Vice Pres., R. Weeden, Secretary, and C. Fraser. Sgt.-at-Arms. From: K. Fraser. R. Feldison. T. Iavarona. B. Duffner. L. Stew- art. D. Furey. Bark: A. Noble. D. Fusco. B. Carlson. J. Sniado. C. Koch. E. Tacchi. Chess Club Kung-F u Club U Jyfydwlfffl N Ulf 147 Social Committee Borlom Row: L. McDonough. L. Burke. J. Smith. M. Regan. Second Row: M. Gibbons. C. McManus. M. Donato. F. Stein. J. Culhane, L. Schiatta. M. O'Brien. T. Mannion, R. McLoy. C. McGowan. Third Row: A. Alford. C. Brinkman. T. Reardon. N. Schnell. S. Graham. M. McGoldrick. Mr. Ewing. E. Delle. K. Curry. M. Kelly. E. Cirona. H. Buckley. Fourth Row: P. D'Antonio, B. Hall. J. Horcher. J. Deegan. B. Kramer. N. Pamas. J. Garvey. Key Club Bonom Row: H. Sicoutry. D. Yenal. A. Guiffra, T. Mannion. E. Schmidt. M. Downing, K. Foster. Top Row: M. Garabaldi. M. Regan. B. Hall. H. Chriss. M. Houston. A. Alford. C. Krebs, P. Cullen, P. Burns. J. McLeod. S. Dooley. S. Castellano. J. Horcher. J. Gentile. G. Lally. 148 The Social Committee sponsored by Mr. Ewing is responsible for the many dances held through- out the year. They organize, prepare, and decorate for each dance to make it enjoyable for all. They especially help in the organization of the annual Winter Wonderland Dance. a big event every year. Service is the keynote of the Key Club. Spon- sored by Mr. S. Castellano and affiliated with the Kiwanis Club, its activities include a car wash, working with the handicapped, selling bread for the March of Dimes, raising the flag daily and conducting the annual Thanksgiving teacher-stu- dent get together. Membership is open to all stu- dents. Inkspots Displaying examples of poetry. photography. art work. essay. and satire. "Inkspots." a creative arts magazine. is an annual publication which expresses the talents of the students. Under the guidance of Mr. Goodwin. the staff not only compiles and edits the material but also works with the publisher preparing these works for printing. Borlom Row: A. Bick. C. Shannon. A. Huschle. S. Foster, B. Spohr. Second Row: H. Tsai. L. Edwards. M. Stark. L. Dodd. C. Chin. B. Dand. A. Gupta. B. Watson. L. Messinger. Guidance Aides "Have an aide do it." is a remark often heard in the Guidance Office whenever an extra hand is needed. The Guidance Aides are a group of students who have given up their study hall time in order to help the counselors and secretaries by doing various jobs, such as filing, recording program changes, and running errands. These dedicated students have the chance to learn useful skills while they help the counselors with their never-ending work. Bozzom Row: N. Victory. S. Krauker. C. Turner, B. Fleener. J. LaVallo. Top Row: R. Carter. Mystery Aide. L. Fonseka. P. Triola. A. Macyko. A 2? Q ,. 1. ,lv , i X .xf"'? Q Library Aides Those handsome students behind the charge desk in the library are library aides. They assist the librari- ans and perform a service for the school by checking out books, finding magazines, repairing books and binding magazines. They help provide a valuable service to the faculty and students. Bottom Row: M. Murry. J. Repetto. L. Smelly, T. Reifschmeider. Second Row: P. Margeoritas. G. Margaritis. G. Cattani. E. Moran. Mr. Hodson. E. Tacchi. B. Carlson. R. Reardon. 3 'ia--GMT, 149 3 sr Wah , 1 M., m:',, - Chamber Strings As with the other instrumental groups, The Cham- ber Strings participate and provide both school and community entertainment. Under the leadership of Mr. Donald Chadderdon. the strings keep busy pre- paring for their various performances throughout the school year. Stage Band The Stage Band, after a busy schedule last year, continues to play many engagements. Among this year's "gigs" are the Winter Wonderland Dance, the Village Ball, and the past concert dances. These engagements display the talents that its members have acquired under the leadership of its conductor, Mr. Donald Chadderdon. THE ELECTED OFFI- CERS FOR THE 1977-78 STAGE BAND ARE: President - Alan Trivilino, V. President k Kristine Tedesco, Sec. Y June Nakachi, Treas. - Alex Smith, Librarians - Nancy Pamas. Diane Mesloh. ff . , ff' . " , K ,, f 1 f - -"7 '. f .- Lx., , 1 -tv at ru-L-Lf" . , t7 Kata till aw -'WJ to y J." J. , Lf' ,V ' , V Ky I 7' l L , i4 f ,D L,iJ4,UL,J QZL'-X lk ' '. X' f , , ' 51- -' I f , - " ' f .1 J' ,,'-,A, ,,. tiw L fW'ff'5'V' W L' Mm WW 'w . 7 , QU C-U1 -' Uv I2 4 U17 1 Jazz Ensemble A popular group in the Instrumental Music Depart- ment is the Jazz Ensemble. These accomplished musi- cians perform advanced jazz literature pieces in numer- ous concerts, including Christmas, Band Follies, Spring, and town concerts. Dixieland, Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Rock, and Modern Jazz are studied, emphasizing chords, progression, and performance techniques. THE OFFICERS ARE: Doug Van Wickler - President, Tom Rider If V. President, Ken Lang - Treas., and Ron- Casselli L Lib. The Jazz Ensemble thanks Mr. Chadderdon for his dedication and help throughout the year. f I S L , , . .fn 'ril ' -' 499' ' 'AUWL - L' V V t 4. if V' '- - 7' MAJ ' x f2,zQ'lf .fflbgl-' 151 .f 1' r Celestones we-was-W - Madrigals 52 As a highly selective female vocal group, the Celestones consist of 16 sopranos and altos, and one accompanist. They perform two concerts a year and numerous concerts for community organ- izations. Their reportoire consists of popular, sacred, secular, impressionistic, and show music. THE OFFICERS FOR 1978 WERE: Pres. - Janet Lucy Vice Pres. - Michele Delehunt Sec. - Helen Chriss Librarian - Jane O,Connor Under the direction of Dr. William R. Diehl, the Madrigals are auditioned and selected each year. The group is a talented one capable of performing a wide variety of styles of music as well as works in various languages. The overall objective is to enjoy singing with the gratification that comes with the performing of fine pieces. The Festival Chorus is open to all high school students who enjoy singing. While it is intended for students who have had limited experience in singing. the Festival Chorus has proven its success in numerous performances. Consisting of forty bright and talented students under the direction of Dr. Lydia Morrongiello. Concert Choir composes the largest vocal group in the school. ln addition to performing in the Christ- mas and Spring Concerts they do workshops with other school groups and put on performances for the community. THIS YEAR'S OFFICERS WERE: Deanne Miller - President, Michael O'Connor - Vice-President. Randie Hubbard - Secretary. Helen Chriss - Treasurer. Leslie Edwards and Carla Moyer A Librarians. Festival Chorus Concert Choir :A 3 Folkaires The Folkaires is a student-directed singing group sponsored by Dr. Diehl. These talented singers make up their own arrangements and interesting ways to perform. In l977-78 the group was directed by Nancie Gordon and Jennie Karb. Those young ladies who march and twirl around the football field at half time are the color guards and the majorettes. They are under the direction of Mr. Chadder- don and they also march in the Memorial Day Parade. 154 3 Bnfmm Row: M. Sekus. A. Bambuch. J. Karb. N. Gordon. A. Noble. Top Row: K. Niederreilher. J. Defastro. Dr. Diehl, S. Cirona. Color Guard And Maj orettes Deg V Gee i-aes, CjC'UF'LKl'Z- SW'-lo O- CU'L'?3- l','xA lgqlx ifocetlz CJ Call iw-f I xygyffgnifj lf-iTliQiWd"S, iuoffgi Cx bf ik? IC. cslclm I uf L-Qu ffislij f 3 0 pl e 6 Chg Ejlrll 5476. Lcdfi bvl Firsl Row: H. Buckley. M. Regan. N. Nolan. S. Gust. Seca and Row: T. Mannion. J, McCloud, L. Sackett. K. Nake- shima. L. Winters, M. DelBello. Exchange Students EW I 4 f 'KW 4V di. AnneChristine Mathisen This year the senior class welcomed Anne-Christine Mathisen. an exchange student from Tonsberg. Norway. During her stay in the U.S.. she is living with the Rayels. Scotts. and Vanderbilts. Pres- ently in her second year at the Tonberg Gymnas. Chris is interested in History. Geography. French. and Athletics. She also enjoys read- ing. music and dramatics. Chris plans a profession in the field of medicine. Christoph Koch Christoph Koch. an exchange student from Bochun. Germany. was a new addition to the junior class this year. He immediately became active in the school by playing on the soccer team in the fall. Some of Christoph's interests include. skiing, sledding. bicycling and boating. He is also well adept at playing the banjo. Christoph is the guest of the Mulvaneys and the Diamonds. While in Germany. Christoph attended the Albert Einstein Gymna- sium. where Mathematics. Latin. and History were his favorite sub- jects. In the future. Christoph plans a field in dentistry. ""'h..,!W- Varsity Cheering First Row: C. McGowan, A. Alford, J. Raskopf, E. Heaney, L. VonSeelen, L Rayel. Second Row: F. Stein, S. Graham, N. Schnell, M. O'Brien. L. Durand, C Curry. J.V. Cheering First Row: C. O'Connell, J. King, T. Larkin, M. Valyo, L. Stevens. Second Row: K. Curry, R. Norton, T. Reardon, M. Steinbrecher, A. Gibbons, K. Dodd, L. McDonough. The Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squads are made up of twenty-four spirited girls who cheer at football and basket- ball games. They also work together with the Trojan Club for such events as the annual pep rally and homecoming. The sponsors and advisors for the cheerleaders are Jake White and Eileen Hussey. Captain and Co-Captain for Varsity are Sue Graham and Candy Curry, and for Junior Varsity - Tish Reardon and Mary Ellen Valyo. I ,.-.ignv K- A - f .,,V..s,. U. y .Q '9'I'xf'51' .. V if x 'Q -ff: ily! 'T-,ZCHJ-ui-3-5, 7 Trojan Club School spirit is the main concern of the Garden City High School Trojan Club. With over 150 members it is among the largest activities in the school. The Trojan Club helps to plan and carry out Spirit Day and the annual Homecoming which includes the parade. the Alumni Reception and the election and crowning of the King and Queen. This year's parade attracted over 30 graduating classes between l937 and l98l. A large crowd turned out to see Candy Curry and John Horcher crowned as "the two sen- iors who have done the most for the school." To complete a perfect day. the Trojan football team defeated Wantagh. I6-6. Other Trojan Club activities include poster parties, selling of refreshments at football, basketball games and concerts. They also sponsor the annual "superstars competitionn which was started two years ago by the Trojan Club. The 1977-78 officers provided great leadership to lead the students in school spirit. They included President Mary Ellen Valyo, Vice Presidents Kathy Norton and Cindy McManus, Treasurer Mary Gibbons. Secretary Mary Kelly, Publicist B. J. Murphy and Historian Judy Garvey. The sponsor is Mr. White. ,,-r- ww-+. ,H 5 mi , f ,,,,,,3, ,www W, mm, 1 In v Y Q., .,x ff' , up 2, ' Q, 4,. K m ., z M , ,...3?,f, 'sw -af P, nf. : W. , E z nw 4 . ws' , bf Q ',2Y:?, V ,H uv., ' st' - uf gg, H 4: 'am 4 1 ,flfnka ,O , V i isa A ff f 1 in X4' 'nf Q ' ' 11 Q n 3, 4? " "".,.. 94 . Af - E ,Q rv x 'L 5' r x H 4 I x ' 1 f A 0 M , ' f A s ' 5, 4 , 1 .f ' f i , 5' 'rf if 3 ff' ' 'vg' . fr, Q up Q ,ka- !i'14f 5 .1 . A X K x ' ' I we . , W. 'A V QV 13: , K ' V 5 f 2 . 3741 Jcofgwi ,. .. .4-131. 'J x 1' 'V fwsxl fu 'wi H f,'x.,,v-gn--. "4-ff' :mm -+v'f-' 'pg V :A f gi, , i'?.p43f,,::2+- f I 'Vinh , ,f N,.+, W.Nz.'f"'K , , . f fly., It ',"'f'f5"f'f'1-7-gli ...MQ-,M.,.. . 1... Front Row: B. J. Murphy. S. Castellano, K. Klemanowicz, K. O'Neill, E. Delle. M. Gibbons, P. Con- don. K. Vierengal. B. Watson. Second Row: T. Mannion, P. Lavelle, J. Weekes. B. Hall, R. Patterson, K. Keirnan. C. McCarthy. D. Mannix, F. Carter. V. Craig. M. DelBello, J. Malmquist. Back Row: J. Horcher. Mr. Weinlandt. J. Kirk. J. Perez. There has been a great deal of work put into the production of the 1978 issue of MAST. It is very difficult to express thanks to all those people who worked on MAST. Work began on MAST in the late spring of 1977 with students going to pub- lisher seminars, organizing our staff, and settling appointments for our senior por- traits done by Wedgewood Studios. In 1978 the MAST had a new advisor, Mr. Drew Weinlandt, also the Senior Class Council Advisor. For those who were a part of MAST it was an experience that will last a life- time. We have had differences of opinion, but in the end all went smoothly. The whole production of a yearbook doesn't happen overnight, it takes a great deal of planning and work to meet something called "deadlines" The 1978 MAST has some aspects that have never been incorporated in the yearbook before. This year, the endsheets have a color picture of the Senior Class, team pictures of the boy's junior varsity teams, and separate homeroom pictures. As MAST goes to print, we look back and feel that we have pleased the major- ity of the Class of 1978 and the school in what we have accomplished. MAST 160 THE 1978 MAST STAFF: Editor-in-Chief: John Kirk Assistant Editors: John Horcher Mary Donnelly Format Editors: Mary Gibbons Kathy O'Neill Pat Condon Photography Editors: Kathy Kiernari Lynn Schiatta Activities Editors: B. J. Murphy Sue Castellano Senior Photo Editors: Mia Donato Candy Curry Eileen Delle Boy's Write-Ups: Bill Hall Juan Perez Girl's Write-Ups: Carole Springer Sue Rosen Girl's Sports Editor: Marita DeBello Boy's Sports Editors: Dan Mannix Steve Yannopoulos Advertising and Business: Fred Carter Chris Dowler Senior Poll Editors: Bret Watson Kathy Dwyer Parent's Page: Liz Rippe Kathy Vierengel Typing Editors: Virginia Craig Ruthann Patterson Art Editors: Kathy Klernanowicz Chris McCarthy Photo Credits: Mary Grace Gallagher Marilyn O'Brien xv- if ls in id 124.5 Y ,f,' 1 35',j-'J m ' P -nu " "P" X 'W WM, ff' '.:,: wwf My ma , Qi :ii ii 520 we f, in I S Z , N pi . f' jj f 47 if f X VJ fw O! nn ff" rl . i,,n.'. ff' PI. h I " 533553 Q' EKWMSQF b f '?2v'2'i'3riW""' I ' 'Q' 1:64 TW 7' ' . V a PQxx?fyxn ?sf 'Wi , ? 3 , A ugXw'u?h,37-3592, !v'QfQ,r.z -g.rP"5"" ?iEtmg?Q2ZLiQx "wg-u51gAS2'z5g'L'f' "S Q .-is 5 1 tm., ' fig4iP 64 arsit Football . K Firsl Row: C. Reilly. B. Tierney. P. Bonanno. M. Durand. T. Noble. B. Venables. J. Olvany. D. Burke. M. Krauss. G. Camilleri. Second Row: B. Almquist. B. Millward. M. Licitra. J. Chiarello. B. Barnes. .l. Capruso. J. McEnery. Manager. Third Row: J. Lewis. B. Lynch. B. Harder. B. Fitzgerald. J. Bennett. T. Hensley. C. Durand. J. Durand. J. Brooks. M. Fox. D. Roepken. K. Haseman. F0lll'llI Row: Assistant Coach J. Frasca. S. Franz. B. Ernst. J. Bennett. T. Griffith. C. Lucchesi. F. DeMaio. C. Molloy. B. Carss. F. Stutzman. Head Coach Warren King. In a rebuilding year. the varsity football team. coached by Warren King. Chuck Riffle and John Frasca. had a 2-6 record and finished in 8th place in Nassau County Conference 111. The team captains were Mike Durand. Tom Noble. John Olvany and Brian Venables and those four players were the only returning starters from the 1976 championship team. This season marked the final year for Warren King. who is retiring after a very successful 34-year career as head coach. His team compiled a 132-123-10 record fora .518 percentage. Mr. King will always be remembered for his hard work and devotion to Garden City football. The season was highlighted by the 16-6 victory over Wantagh on Homecoming Day and the exciting 12-8 upset victory over Mineola. In the Mineola game. Garden City capi- talized on a blocked punt and Mineola mistakes to score 12 big points in the fourth quarter. The offense was led by Junior quarterback Matt Kraus and Senior running backs Brian Venables and Charles Lucchesi. Venables gained 461 yards on 109 carries and averaged 4.2 yards per carry. while Lucchesi gained 128 yards on 44 carries and averaged 2.9 yards per carry. The defense was led byline- men Mike Durand and Bruce Ernst. and linebackers Mike Licitra and Brian Venables. Individual honors were won this year by Brian Venables. who made the All-County team. and Mike Durand. who received All-Division honors. Garden City will be hoping for an improved year next year and will have such players as Juniors Matt Kraus. Bruce Ernst. and Tom Griffith. and Sophomores Chris Molloy. Brian Lynch and Bill Harder. m . I ' 'NJ ,L L U - ' ww. . , " , :z G A ,z ' !.?'- .8579 " -fr . x--r -- A iff: '+5."f if - . i i 3 ff-jf "3 ' , Ap ' 'if-,:f:5,f.1 f ug ' if J -Q g, 1 , , L. bg, b, Pr ' f A s'B51 5? 1.-v ga ,,,.f'3 h ' ..,W ,,,. K b Q L . .J . . - :rw 'Q I N- X i,fNi!r2. lF n s f ' .""gfQ2i, 24, 3" xg, 2 L " ' ' . f :QQ I ., ,,-1, 1, , , , N - ,:Li" 1 "df ,A .. 'M S 3 'H D ""l ,- sgifmx .V T 1 . . f. Q V.. Ae iz-,ul A l -1 3 N X 'Q df '1 ' ,ah f 4, f r,,,..f -H X' I -,, 5 i X Q ' ggi I i s Si.. Xt ld ii' I 2 Q :N ' Q .A Q A . - t f Y fi' t Q' X l . ' . . l L, A ,h X !i 1 -R :.-f 1,6 H 2 'S . - : mA DJ V' N. . l f - I K ' 1 , YQ - .Inf - 1, . QM - 1 kr. .5 -. H 3 .5 ,mains 4 ,IJ b X J V' L ,LTC X i 1 ' " J 59' 9 'Q?W"f"'. Qi - , Q, . A I r ,fx. . . 1 ,. 1- M.,-,zifiljw , ' -3 - 'l",A gf. G+ gf 'ij' f'mf ,gj Q "', -341.8 ffl xl' ,v Au...-424-U , h x hw f X 1 1 fja5Y,,,5': ,9 -A . -Q -- A- ,. . sy - M5993 . -'vi9."x' ,Lai xsllw- " M B -, '. . l - NL..""x 7 V - ., ,.a ' gm f' 'mf ' 4..a-v'm+.- " ,.,' 1- 4, 'A " , J 66 Varsity Soccer Firsl Row: Mr. Ewing. E. Barruel. B. Tramposch. I. MacLeod. K. Schauf. J. Golden. K. VonSeelen. E. Dwyer fmanagerj. Second Row: A. Caccamo. S. D Anto nio. S. Carberry. S. Carnopoulos. F. Carter. B. O'Connell. J. Merrihew. Third Row: G. Hill. P. Fogarty. D. Sweeney. P. Beaudet. J. Koester. B. Heath. P, D An tonio. Fourlh Raw: D. Melnitchenko. D. MacLeod. M. Dwyer. Missing: J. Miles, K. Decker. G. Farley. Under the auspices of their new coach. Mr. Ewing. the Trojans continued their successful ways on the field. This year's team compiled a 9-1-2 league record and an ll-Z-3 overall record. Leading the young team were captains Jim Golden. Ian MacLeod. and the leading goal scorer. Steve D'Antonio. Playing good team ball paid off 4 the team placed second in the North Shore Division Two. They were then upset l-0 by Cold Spring Harbor in the first round of the playoffs. Highlights of the season include the 2-l victory over Hicksville at the pool and a 2-2 tie with Plainview-Kennedy. Playing the line were Ken Schauf and Joe Miles. The halfbacks included Jim Golden and Greg Farley and the stalwart npalace guards" were Kirk Von Seelen and Ian MacLeod. Returning players include Peter D'Antonio. Peter Beaudet, Derek Melnitch- enko and Brian O'Connell in goal. A pleasant surprise and shot-in-the-arm came from sophomore John Merrihew, the number two scorer on this year's team. if 71? "Q 1 " in , 'Q N 5 I? Q V, W ff W 4. , .wi . '5 'P V E I ' I f A, I -'Wi ,- , f f ?'fi'g ' 7 Varsity Tennis Bottom Row: M. Peterson, K. Lang. T. Rider. S. Daly. B. Spear. Second Row: C. Roman, A. Bick. P. Casale. J. Mannix. B. Borzilleri. Third Row: L. lngrassia. W. Slocombe - coach. T. Reardon. The tennis team. coached by Willis Slocombe, had a fine year with an 8-5 overall record and a 4-2 league record. This year's success was due in part to the singles play of team captains Bill Spear and Alan Bick, both of whom won All-League honors, and the strong doubles play of tandems Sean Daly and Mark Peterson, and Bob Borzilleri and Tish Reardon. The team was extremely strong in its matches against Manhasset, MacArthur and Plainview Kennedy. VARSITY TENNIS 1977 Garden City 7 Manhasset 0 Garden City 3 Glen Cove 4 Garden City Great Neck So Garden City MacArthur Garden City Clarke Garden City Kennedy Garden City Plainview Garden City Jerico Garden City Glen Cove Garden City Clarke Garden City Great Neck So Garden City Bethpage Garden City Kennedy Boyas Gymnastics From Raw: S. DeMay. S. Rippe. Middle Row: C. Baris. J. Weekes. D. Gallagher. Coach Muller. Top Row: T. Logan. J. Zwicke. R. Franz. M. Franz. N4 M Q 're gig The varsity gymnastics team coached by Ed Muller, with captain Jeff Weekes. used this year as a rebuilding season. Despite the loss of half of the team, including All American Tom Pace. the team was able to improve their team score by 20 points. Steve Ripp qualified for the Nassau County Individual Champi- onships. He worked the pammel horse, but tough competition did not allow him to place. Next year, if all goes well, the team should be a strong one since it will be losing only two members due to graduation. 70 .ax Cross Countr Mun ,,:,,:5,,,, ,,,,1,,: K I ' ' Ik . , , . ,,, Fronl Row: T. Foxen. D. Ward. D. Franz, J. Beck, B. Nohe. Bark Row: C. Bruni fcoachy. J. Palladino. M. DiGeorgi. A. de Lannoy. T. Kovalcik. R. Morra fmgrj. P. Cullen fmgm. The cross-country team, coached by Mr. Bruni, had a disappointing l-5 record this year. However, the team did have some outstanding individual efforts. Fine running performances were turned in by seniors C. Dowler. J. Palladino, T. Foxen, A. de Lannoy and sophomores B. Nohe and D. Ward. The underclassmen gained valuable experience this year and the team hopes to improve on their record next year. Junior Varsity Soccer . , ww. fi., j Q isvf ' i"1.-- is 'ffl 5 ' it .. 402 Junior Junior Varsity Tennis Varsity Football Ann 6 Varsity Basketball Front Row: K. Schauf, J. Dunne, M. Paxton, R. Carss, A. Macyko. Second Row: B. Murphy, L. Palmeri, fStatisticiansJ, T. Sexton, J. Golden, K. Buckley, E. Phillips fcoachj, S. Daly, J. Gould, B. Spanos, P. Gordon QMgrJ, F. Carter fscorekeeperj. The Garden City Basketball Team finished its season with a 5-7 league record and a 9-I l record overall. This season ended with a tough loss to Southside in the play-offs. Super sophomore Billy Spanos led the team in scoring with 235 points as he was a key factor in every game. Junior Keven Buckley was the second leading scorer and contributed often with his excellent rebounding ability. Senior tri-captains Ken Schauf, Jim Golden and Bobby Carss led the starting five by playing consistent defense and capitalizing on scoring opportunities. John Gould and Sean Daly continually con- tributed to Garden City's rebounding strength as Andy Macyko and John Dunne added shooting strength for the Tro- jans. Next years outlook is very promising as oustanding players such as Spanos, Buckley, Dunne, and Macyko return to the line up with some very talented players coming up from this yearis junior varsity team. ffx 1 A 1 'I gk. S 1 S C. .lr 3' nf" arsity Wrestling First Raw: M. Kuhlman. S. Lavorando, M. Fennessy, D. Burke, T. Foxen, M. Jordan, J. Weekes, T. Logan, C. Wydler. K. Sapanski. Second Raw: R. Jones. T, Becker. M. Craner. D. Burke. M. Langworthy, T. Griffith, D. Duel, S. Fennessy, C. Nourynan. Dr. Decker. Third Row: J. Adams, S. Rosen. J. Capruso. J. Zannos. S. Nordeck. M. Crane. C. Georgi. Mr. Frasca. In a highly improved year. the wrestling team finished the season with a I0-3 record as Conference Co-Champs. This year's captains were Tim Foxen. Mike Jordan. and Jeff Weekes. The team's main strength lied in the lower weight classes, in which Tim Foxen. Mike Jordan. Steve Lavorando. Ken Sapanski, Jeff Weekes and Chris Wydler competed in. Fine performances were also turned in by Dave Burke, Doug Burke. Jim Capruso. Tom Griffith, and Scott Nor- deck. Victories over tough Hicksville and McArthur and the overwhelming 56-3 defeat of Mineola highlighted the Tro- jan's season. The G.C. grapplers did well in tournament action. In the Herricks Christmas Tournament, Tim Foxen took second place in the ll4-pound weight cl iss while Jeff Weekes took third place in the 126-pound weight class. Coach Eugene Decker and as aiftvnt coach John Frasca drilled and conditioned the team and their hard work paid off in this season's meets. Garden City Wings Hockey Club Firsl Row: P. Buttafuocco. J. Bunn, B Foster, C. Riedell, T. Halloran, R. Kent, B. Pompilio. Second Row: G. Perez, J. Pavone, J. Howe. Third Row: B. Casey. B. Spencer. J. Hannon. This year's team had a year from the first game to the last. It was un uphill climb because of the lack of experience on the team. Fine erformances were turned in by Bobby Pompilio, Craig Riedell, and Jim Howe. Coaches Ward Doershuck and Peter G ll did a fine job working with the team this year. With many underclassmen returning, the team hopes to do better ne t season. 1 SQXKJQX I r '7 Ebikvxa I A f V. vw T WW? +C ibm .J K ii f X be f 'fn ff 7 SSB iff: , to Qeseilqgiir 2-HJ? i6t5'i 0+ 5 f If llkwa Us Girl 35355 +5 if 4 bghtir - , KM-5ST HM 14 t XQJQ Q - lx Wt A iiwxx KM i vb QQMK U . . Q eil inter Track First Row: M. Fox, K. Hasemann, B. Barnes, J. Ferencik, B. Ernst. Second Row: M. Regan, P. Schmidt, M. Preziosi, M. Murphy. Third Row: B O'C0nnell, D. Gallagher, D. Carroll. The winter track met diligently every day under the guidance of coach Warren King. Among the events they com- peted in were the hurdles, 60 yard dash, 300 yard dash, 600 yard dash, 1000 yard dash, and the 2 mile. Although facili- ties were limited the team ended its season with a fine standing. Outstanding performances were displayed by Jim Pal- ladino, Mike Fox, and Ken Brown. V r E 1 if I l fri . H, i I 6 Z, ,- r. 1 ' - Y 52' - If 3' as , l l Fencing l l 1 Top: J. Mulligan. C. Barris. R. Goodwin. P. Birkenstock, B. Baird. Bottom: M. McGuire, M. Stark. C. Bumcrot, A. Barris. O. Papoulas. Rifler Top: R. Morra, S. LoPrest, M. Digorgi. Mr. Wojnar. Bonom: T. Murtaugh, M. Biring, S. Mallis. 178 The fencing team, coached by Roger Goodwin. had an extremely successful season as they fin- ished with a 13-3 record. Senior Con Baris and Juniors Barry Baird and John Mulligan led the team to the North Shore Championship. As a result of an extremely difficult schedule, the Varsity Riflery team, coached by Ed Wojnar, had a trying season. Although the season's results were dis- appointing, fine performances were put in by Nancy Cox, Matt DiGiorgi, Ed Rimmels, and Rudy Smutny. Front Row: Jack Tierney, Greg Chianese, John Gal- vin, Tripp Martin, Bob Vaughn. Back Row: Jaime Holmes, Bob Bill, Chris Durand, Eugene Sackett, Tom Martin, Jim Mullooly, Peter Schauf, Sue Selby. Front Row: Cathy Koestner. Gigi Bock, Karen Neid- erreither. Coach Dr. Tarrou. Middle Row: Elaine Walzauck, Jeannine DeRaddo, Jill Reifschneider. Back Row: Mary Grace Gallagher. Diane Reinig. Kathy Kaliban. Diane Mesloh. J .V. Basketball Girl's Bowling Varsity Lacrosse 4 f X , f ......,.,.. ., .1 KL , K ' Ct K.. 1. W Ist Row: J. Olvany. B. Venables. P. Coleman. I. MacLeod. J. Golden. T. Worstell. P. Hollis. D. O'Sullivan. M. Donato. Znd Row: S. Graham. N. Zerille. B. Tierney. C. Reilly. J. Coleman. T. Griffith. D. Sweeney. C. Connolly. G. Martin. K. Schauf. 3rd Row: P. Buttafuocco. G. DiNoto. T. Gordon. D. Basile. B. Lynch. P. Charles. J. Bennett. B. Ernst, B.. Harder. B. Spencer. M. Kraus. Mr. Dougherty fCoachJ. This spring the Garden City Lacrosse Team hopes to equal or better last year's I5-5 overall record. With many returning starters the team hopes to defend its league championship for the third year in a row. We have experienced players returning at almost every position with Timmy "Woof" Worstell and Ian MacLeod at attack. Bill Tierney. Pat "Mad Dogl' Charles and Jim Golden at midfield. and Peter Coleman and Chris "Buzz" Reilly at defense. Keeping the nets will be one or a combination of three fine goalies: John Olvany. Dave O'Sullivan and Nick Zerille. With these experienced players and many fine lacrosse players coming up from last year's Junior varsity and freshman teams Coach Dougherty believes Garden City could possibly win its league championship for an unprecedented third Straight year. 1 VA Q ma? .59 L, Nw' 4? .,- Q Us 5 "1 - mmf' A 5 -5 'yfmy ' Q 5? V ,,. 5 -K kk ' , . :W ,,,. "' L' 1 ' , ., I , .. ,.'f' - - - ,,,, , ,Y N H , .E A M,-wi .. yy . , ik I f f f . H M M , 14 V Wm f.,,,,, gb ,- ,I V , ,v . N T , , K H H A K -, 1 FV' QQ MF' 1 f Aa: , mn saw , W7 Gag ' H, L' . .vi at if gn ,.xk - 7 sf-I JE 5 wwe Varsity Baseball Kneeling: IL-Rj K. Sweeney, P. Higgins. J. Perez, F. Stutzman, D. Derle, P. Beaudet, J. Koester, A. Macyko. Standing: KL-Rl J. Chiarello fMgrJ, G. Hill, F. Carter. D. Mannix, S. Daly, R. Gasparello Coach, R. Smith Coach, D. Roepken, S. D'Antonio. J. Bog, J. Deegen. The Varsity baseball team, coached by Richard Smith, begins its season this spring in what hopes to be a fine year. The team will prepare for the season with a six-day trip to North Carolina in which the team will play four games. Although the team has only seven experienced varsity players returning. upcoming talent should provide the team with enough depth and skill to do very well against formidable league competition such as Clarke and Glen Cove. The pitching staff will be led by returning seniors Fred Carter. Stephen D'Antonio and Peter Higgins while the catching duties will be handled by junior Peter Beaudet. Although pitching and defense will be the team,s main strengths. a potent offense will be provided by seniors Sean Daly and Kevin Sweeney. andjunior infielders Don Derle and Gerry Hill. With this year's talent the team hopes to better last year's record. one which enabled the team to reach the playoffs for the first time in over twenty years. mr-' J ' in , 1., ..-- , Nh ,. , K, . K 1 R fi, .N fm .vxk.g,.. .f4,x I--fm" 61 ja ci D ,X ,bm .. .QQLD3 .. .-,W .Q Spring Track Franz Row: M. Murray. J. Gagliardo. J. Ryun. M. Boring. D. Capruso. K. Wren. C. Mulroney. P. Bonnano. Back Row: D. Carroll. J. Zwicke. R. Rick. J. Donnell. M. Bridges, P. Kearney. R. Pratt. J. Buttafuco. T. Kovalcik. J. Heilshorn, J. Durand, B. Barnes. Spring Track looks fairly good this coming season. Fine performances should be turned in by Ken Brown in the high jump. Doug Carroll in the high hurdles. and Bruce Almquist in the shot put and discus. This year's team is rebuilding but will still bring back members of last year's second place team. Among them are Tom Dooley. Brian McCormack. Bruce Ludemann. Tony Kovalcik and Mike Fox. lt is a young team. but is expected to do well in division competition. y J. X I . we-fi' T J' li uf eeeer Ns - K K. -x . EH W 'E wa i'!"! Varsity Golf SIUI1dil1g.'IL-RQ R. Glaus. E. Fischer. C. Glaus, T. Logan. T. Daly. K. Skolnik. Mr. Slocombe. The I978 Trojan golf team expects to be very promising. Coming off an exceptional season of ll-3 and a second place finish in league play. the team has several seasoned players returning to the starting line-up. Senior Matt Dailey and Juniors Charlie Glaus and Eric Fisher are expected to battle for the top three positions, while other returning golf- ers are Juniors Tom Daly. Jim Confort. Tom Logan, and Matt Dennen. All six of these players are very strong golfers for the positions they are expected to fill. The Garden City High School team plays their home matches at Cherry Valley C.C. and Garden City CC.. while playing away matches at many of the great courses in Nassau County. Considering that this year's team consists of four of last year's top six. the Trojans must be considered a top league contender. as well as contenders for a spot in the North Shore tournament at the end of the season. J .V. Lacrosse , J .V. Baseball ' ,,.. - rfff ' X L' V 2, Af Aff zu GX ! We QU fag? . Q, SWU WW Bwfkig U gf as imfflz 1: QI, ,md it V of s jj WP! Q19 M45 WCJVC 4 'ff af rw!! Q Y A T 70 3 V Q' .Q Cz? 2 is Mx We 've 2' 1, , r ZL.zfQL M 0'l, fhkgywmgki Ofc 7 Boy's Athletic Association The B.A.A. consists of boys from all three grades dedicated to sponsoring the growth of sportsmanship. The group works in cooperation with the Men's Association on fund raising and other tasks. Various activities are: sports nights. ski trips. and a banquet for varsity athletes at the end of the year. THIS YEAR'S OFFICERS ARE: Kirk Von Seelen. Bill Barnes. Ken Schauf. Jim Golden, Doug Carroll, John Kirk, Tom Griffith, and Bill Harder. The sponsor of the B.A.A. is Mr. Bob Wihnyk. Girl's Athletic Association ., z. Firsl Row: K. Wilson. A. DelBello. Second Row: N. Leininger. D. DeVincentis. Mrs. Huber. J. Colletla. L. McDonough. The Girl's Athletic Association started the year off suc- cessfully with the Publicity Tea held in September. Among other events held this year were the Fall and Spring Prog- ressive Dinners, Halloween and Easter Parties. Student- Faculty Volleyball Day. Father-Daughter Square Dance. GAA-BAA sportnights, GAA-BAA ski trip in March and camping trip in May. The year ended with the Annual Awards Banquet with honors all the girls who supported and participated in the afterschool sports program. This year's Executive Board consisted of President J. Colleta. Vice-President - D. DeVincentis, Treasurer f K. Wilson, Secretary - L. McDonough. Social Chairman Y A. DelBello. Senior Rep. Y M. DelBello. Junior Rep. f N. Barruel. Sophomore Rep. f N. Leininger. The advisor is Mrs. Huber. 90 Leaders as a xg, wg: 'E .mtl 5 , rw A LEADERS From Row: V. Mitchell. L, Deery. M, Lillis. Semnd Row: K. Kiernan. C. Ryan. R. Patterson. L. Magro. C. Witteck. Third Raw: L. Jenkins. M. DelBello. C. Springer. J. Colletta. The Leaders Club sponsored by Ms. Stefek-Fredein, consists of a group of girls selected for their abilities in Lead- ership and Service. The girls aid the gym classes. help with the attendance. and participate in various social events during the year. This year the leaders held a mother-daughter Halloween Party. a Faculty-Leader volleyball tourna- ment. and their annual Kris Kringle. As Mast goes to print. we are planning a dinner and skate night. Junior-Senior competition. Bertha Bunny and a Father-Daughter picnic in the Spring. This year's officers are President. C. Springer: Vice-President, M. Del Bello and M. Gibbons: Secretary, P. McEntee: Treasurer. A. Munro: Social Chairman. V. Craig: and Photographer. J. Colletta. Varsity Field Hockey Q- '." lf BIIIIOHI Raw: J. Judge. B. Daly. J. Puvogal. Second Row: A. Cavoti. N. Barruel. N. Pamas. J. MaCloud. D. Dzuiba. Top Raw: M. G. Gallagher. J. Colletta. Pam Sanford tcoachj. D. DeVincentis. A. Munro. Missing From Pic-lure: J. Smith. K. Duffy. E. Cirona. v The girls varsity Field Hockey Team goes undefeated with 5 wins and 3 ties to accomplish a task never before achieved by a Garden City High School team. The team then went on to win the league l division A title. Diane DeVincentis. Joanne Colletta and Mary Gallagher were named to the county all-star team. l9l adminton The Badminton Team coached by Mrs. Huber and managed by Jane Malmquist and Debbie Downes, completed the year with a split season despite the loss of last year's seniors. Doubles number l this year were seniors Debbie Downes and Marita Del- Bello and Singles number l wasjunior Jeanine DeRaddo. How- ever, strong doubles and singles players who competed in the League finals are: T. C. Nowack and Ginny Monsees, Pam Triolo and Lynda Tollner. ta Firsl Row: J. Nakachi. A. Falvey. W. Keller, A. Gavin, A. DelBello, L. Tollner, E. Schmitt. Second Row: K. Katonah. J. Reifschneider, G. Monsees. S. Bonfilio. D. Mineo L. Kallem, M. DelBello. G. Hammond. Top Row: Mrs. L. Huber. T. C. Nowack, D. Downes. P. Triolo, K. Kaliban, Y. Condelli, M. Regan. 192 l Girlis Track And Field Boiron: Row: P. Schmitt. D. Dwyer. C. Shannon. M. Evers, S. Delahunty. S. Eschmann. N. Nolan. C. Doherty. C. Koller. L. Edwards. M. Regan. M. Murphy. Top Row: S. Pratt. A. Harrison. N. Victory. K. Halikias. M. Virgil. E. Walzauck. S, Sudholz. D. Roellig. L. Dodd, Mr. Guddat fcoachj, C. Thumscr, C. Moyer. N. Holfelder. S. VanW- ickler. K. Deegan. M. Kane. C. Farrell. K. Wakeshima. M. K. Preziosi. B. Fleener. S. Kraker. Xxx.-X if iff? The girl's track team had a great season this year with their terrific new coach, Mr. Udo Guddat. During the season ten of fifteen school records were broken. The team placed third in the Divisional Meet, with Lory Messinger becoming Division Cham- pion in one event and Carla Moyer in three events. The team placed fourth in the County Championship Meet. Carla Moyer and Drusha Roellig qualified for the New York State Championship Meet on the basis of their respective first and second fin- ishes in the County Meet. Consistent winning and outstanding performances were turned in by Paula Schmitt. Maura CMokeJ Murphy, Barbie Fleener, Carolyn Thumser, Lory Mes- singer, Drusha Roellig and Carla Moyer. 193 Volle ball Bonom Row: B, Daly. Mr. Farrelly Ccoachj. A. Cavouti. C. Thumser. Top Row: J. Colletta. M. Pratt. K. Wilson. D. DeVincentis. , . as x V x QI - 'E . ' f we 5 A , g .Y The Volleyball Team coached by Mr. Farrelly this year. had a rebuilding year with l0 sophomores and 5 seniors. Next year's returning players should have the experi- ence to play a successful season. Co-Captains Joanne Colletta and Diane DeVincentis lead the team in scoring and defense respectively. Although the record was poor. 4 wins. 8 losses, the spirit of the team was always high. l94 Girls Basketball First Row: J. Colletta. B. Daly. M. Kelly. D. DeVincentis. Second Row: A. Buchanan. S. Maher. J. Judge, coach: Miss Vomacka. J. Fonseca. C. Thumser. M. Brosnan. missing from picture. M. Pratt. The Girls' Varsity Basketball team. coached by Miss Vomacka and managed by Paula Schmitt. has shown a great deal of improvement since last year. The girls' skills. teamwork and experience help them to be contenders in one of the toughest leagues. Because of her leadership of high scoring ability, Joanne Colletta has made an effective team captain. High scorer Beth Daly. a sophomore. will be returning for two more seasons. Working together. Alisa Buchanan and Diane DeVincentis lent their experience to the team. Senior. Mary Pratt displayed tough defense. The leading rebounders were sophomores: Janet Judge and Sheila Maher. and Juniors: Carolyn Thumser and Jenny Fonseca. Mary Kelly and Mary Brosnan are dependable players in a tight situation. .4 .1 .HJ J .V. Volleyball Front Row: P. Triolo, Coach - Mr. Farrelly, S Maner. Middle Row: L. McCarthy. E. Chrobet, A. DelBello, G. Houston. Back Row: P. Cullen, G. Ham- mond, J. Puvogel, G. Monsees. C. Oleschok, P McDonald. l ! 196 T M.. . J .V. Field Hockey First Row: M. McPartland, B. Wildermuth, J. Sulli van, E. Chrobet, M. O'Keefe, S. Scalchunes. D Pamas, L. Smith. Top Row: M. Caputo, S. Maher, M Ruebsamen, L. Williams, M. Williams, F. Tach, L Healy, L. McCarthy, T. Nemo, G. Regan, Coach Ms. Munro. .2 . f we , 1 of - 5 J 'L-:Mft ' , as , v VI' 5 X l I 1 X X I. L N ' 1 1 J .V. Basketball First Row: E. Chrobet, C. Newman, T. Nimmo, L. McCarthy, T. C. Nowack. Second Row: J. Puvogel, P. Delahunty, L. Sackett, Coach Mr. Farrelly, L. Fonseca, R. Regan, G. Monsees. Girls Gymnastics Firsz Row: P. Lavelle, T. Larkin, L. VonSee1en, J. King, L. Deery, P. McDonald, G. Alonge. Second Row: L. Healy, J. Stasco. T. Terranova, N. Victory. K. Katonah. Third Row: M. Urquid, J. Sullivan, D. Vacchiano. N. Schnell, L. McDonough, Coach Pam Sanford. The girl's gymnastic team is anticipating a very successful season in 1978. Under the direction of Pam Sandford. this year's team will compete in division one. The captains are Tiffany Terranova and Patty Lavelle. This yearis outstand- ing competitors are Tiffany Terranova, Julie King, Lorilee Healy, Lauren Deery, and Janice Stasco. sts vfo 't fthf Q 6' 0, ,, . gwoooi ,Q 4 gtk!! J N ' 901299 0? we X 0 Q' 's zo gba? ,IQ 'SQSZSSQQ . 'vvofo af s. r O V 4 Y 0 O. ' ' Qs 0. I 4' 4 4 ,Ag f ',s:,o.4w IAQ? 'K' O O xxx ,tQ6'g' 2 l Q f P GIRLS TENNIS r vs ' f':?33"31s' AS' Qsgtxetg: QQO' Cs Q QQ! O O55 6'2" w 4' ' J VX, o ' :pa GIRLS LACROSSE Garden City Girls Lacrosse will enter its second season this April. This year's team will be comprised of sophomores. juniors. and seniors into one J.V. team: because Girls Lacrosse has been absent for many years at the high school. Coach Pam Sandford feels a J.V. team would be more beneficial. The team shows signs of a good season with an outstanding sophomore class to choose from. A promising season is in store for l978. A so 'll , x 'X f f ff jfxf A I X ,I , lr . , . . , . i , 5 .,,! This years tennis team. despite the loss of last years seniors. hopes to R., 2 , , 1 improve their standing with the help of the newly finished courts. Coach Dr. Q N 1 'LQ' Z' Decker predicts a rebuilding season with returning sophomore Patty Dausch ' A . and juniors. Jeanine DeRaddo. .loan Leone. Carolyn Thumser. and Pam M Triolo. t t R775 . l d x A ylfcmrdelt Ciiy M 1 X Q ff, 1 X 1 , I, i J ,cm . iii , Q, N f L t X gofdetwq is .ff Qt-I f' V ff! iff l l -J? I vv H9550 f L 'I fk 'S we 'W . GIRLS SOFTBALL Although Mast's final deadline comes before the spring sports begin. it is possible to predict that the girl's softball team will have a successful season. Varsity softball. coached by Mrs. Huber, is looking forward to a winning season with leading players Joanne Colletta and Diane DeVincentis. As Alvin Toffler made clear in his account. Fuzurv Slmrk, change in the twentieth century has been increas- ingly dizzying in its acceleration and scope. The following events demonstrate that since our birthdate. H9603 a relatively brief time span in the history of Mankind. our nation and the world have altered dramatically. 1960 l96l l962 American U-2 reconnaissance plane shot down over Soviet territory: Francis Gary Powers. pilot. exchanged for Rudolf Abel in 1962. John F. Kennedy elected President with Lyn- don B. Johnson as Vice-President. Anti-Castro invasion at Bay of Pigs failed. Kennedy established Peace Corps and pro- posed Alliance for Progress. Alan B. Shepard. Jr.: first American in space. After bloody campus clashes. .James H. Mere- dith became the first black to enter the Univer- sity of Mississippi. I968 l969 Treaty pledging peaceful uses of outer space signed with Soviet Union and Great Britain. North Korea seized U.S. Navy intelligence ship Pueblo: men released ll months later. Reverend Martin Luther King. Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated. Delegates from Washington and Hanoi met in Paris for preliminary Vietnam peace talks. Richard M. Nixon won Presidential election: Spiro Agnew became Vice-President. Americans Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin. Jr.. were first men to land on Moon. CEDWS AYQ 19W? 20 is gifs :QS FE TION I ED E E E E so os cs OS cf, 3 U1 A W fa-infig'v'-fTwCEi.t'CV-2-'Jf157f5Sf'32:C?E?'CfF? OwefaE3rweg2o3SE2fwiswaamaagggi1 EEQCEQP 23 '1fIgE:sfEf:2g1E.'3f3-C-'?1,'m':s5-'D r-'UQ--Woof' -1 Q-.zwws-ggxn, 3 WH-'C,,.Oru- ,,rnfIQm O .... Ov. AD... v 'JU' vga- I V O 223 O Pima' "'r"i-jc" OUQSQCIJ4 1 - 02-FQ: H 755520-Q19 if t' ca.-,,..-' 4 C1-rim -3 ru 3'-"-1 'hagg C 302.9926 O O-...FQ-1'3 "1 gn-'igwmftg 5 3335.35-gi .... 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H, f, , W 2, I 0 WA 3 fn' n' W lm ,, .,, ,,f Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs William K. Baris .Anthony Barbera .George Barbour . Henry Becker . Lawrence Bell and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . George Camilleri . Lawrence Capruso . J. Douglas Carberry . Robert H. Carlson . Donald Carss . Louis J. Castellano . Fred Carter . John Condon . Salvatore Conza . George Cook .John E. Curry . William D. Daly, Jr. . Carmine D'Antonio . George K. Decker . William C. DeLannoy and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . Celesten Durand . Robert E. Dowler Emest D. Birkenstock Anthony Bonanno Raymond Burke John Callahan Joseph DeNoia Edmond J. DeVincentis Donald J. Downes John R. Dunne Friends Of The Mr. and Mrs. John Francis Donato Mr. and Mrs. William Dwyer Mr. George A. Eichert Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Emerson Mr. and Mrs. N. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Julio Estay Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Farley Mr. and Mrs. Francis Foran Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster Mrs. Ruth E. Franz Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Garibaldi Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Haff Mr. and Mrs. David Haffner Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hasemann Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hildreth Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Holzmann Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Horcher Mr. and Mrs. Donald lmgram Mr. and Mrs. Venerardo Indelicato Mr. Joseph B. Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jensen Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jordan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Jordan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Emmons N. Jenkins Class Of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. 1978 Donald Kent Frank J. Kieman John Kirk William E. Kohler John Labanowski Mr. Joseph Licitra Mrs. Marion Lucchesi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mannix Mrs. Gail B. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAlvin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGoldrick Mr. Hewitt R. McGowan Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. McManus John C. Mesloh Roland Messinger Edward J. Metz Charles J. Miller Paul Morra William Mulroney Mrs. Joan Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. O'Connor Mr. W. L. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Albert Hale Odell George Olvany Frank Pallidino Felix Palmeri Frank Popoulas James Paterson Arther E. Pelton Luis Perez Vega Mr. and Mrs. William Lucano Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Creighton W. Phillips Mr. Thomas F. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Wolfgang P. Wydler Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs James J. Reilly Jack W. Rippe Ralph Romano Richard H. Rosen Charles K. Ryan Eugene J. Sackett Frederich H. Sager . John Sapanski . Anthony T. Schiatta Harold Simberkoff Leonard J. Smith . George T. Springer Robert T. Stefano . John Stein E. J. Sweeney Frank Terranova Alexis Traina William F. Tynan Edgar A. Vierengel Thomas Watson Thomas E. Weekes William J. Wilson Wallace E. Weingard John W. Wydler Richard Von Seelen Richard Zinke Dr. and Drsllemetrios Yannopoulos Auf, f ",..b il r" The new Charlie's Angels ' ' if I xv X X' X ff!! Qs I 5 xg ' Q P- ' I f .U---Q-5"-ix e. ' Nvs N Q 5' ly G . Q ' ' X fi ., X x e:g,, gk Ek , fs, 52746, . J2j2f' N'3' W' 2 X is I i Congratulations to Katie and The Class of 978 William F. Tynan, Jr., Inc. 110 William Street New York, N.Y. Compliments MARS PHARMACY Congratulations Class of 152 7th st 1 66789, 747 2259 Ray Fleck Don Fleck Jr. E WORLDS FINEST CHE - ,: - " A--.-1 A Q13 'F R - ' ,:.- !. 15:61 248-4344 Garden CILQF7? ilree Congratulations to the Class of 1978 Student Discounts From R. C. Fuller Inc. fMon., Tues., Wed.j 248-8393 Hilton Ave., Garden City 734 Franklin Ave. Garden City ADELPHI DELICATESSEN ' and' S Imported and Domestic Gourmet Foods Home Made Salads 4 Finest Cold Cuts - Buffet Catering 186 Seventh St' Garden City For Free Delivery. . . IV 6-8114 245 Post Ave Westbury i Nassau Gafden Congratulations Class of "78" Ploneer 2-3199 J. J. Newman 8c I-,..,.f. OF Com an Inc. 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INC. 166 Seventh Street Garden City, L.I. 11530 Paints - Hardware - Housewares Glass - Electrical Supplies 747-5060 Congratulations to the Class of "78" Dr. Mary Jane Peaks D.D.S. Congratulations to the Class of '78 Best Wishes Tim and Maureen McCarthy Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 . L. GROSS 85 BRO Jewelers Since 1910 815 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 747-6666 srnvucrs, mc. 55 Years of Service Grand Opening ISULA N BELLA 3 Cheers f0f Restaurant 85 Pizzeria the Senior Class 93511 kl A G ti C NY. """"""""""""""""' - The Cheerleaders Op SH, PM xlcfzui gm? Cl ds d 5 Please Call Compliments Congratulations to the of Class of 78 JOSEPH P. DQNNELLY THE TROJ AN CLUB Qefcfia Qfoziafa - A BO vt Zi 2 x 255 so. Franklin st. 160 seventh st. G denC1t NY 11530 Hempstead.N.Y. 11550 ar y, .. Tel. 1V 3-6984 Tel. P1 7-3330 'NC- Congratulates the Class of '78 May your endeavors prove rewarding in ventures with new friends to distant places! Dry Air Cold Storage Phone 742-8280 "Personalized Serviceu B . for All Your Travel Needs 7 1tCosts No More. . . Fine Furs . ALL ABOUT TRAVEL INC. 1046 Franklin Avenue ii Nassau Boulevard Garden City South Repairing and Remodeling Garden City, N.Y. 11530 NeWggf1g20gl530 HHUTC Raskopf President P1 1-4422 Est. 1919 15165 741-7961 C5165 741-5772 TAYLQR GREG'S LAWNCARE Specializing in Lawns - Shrubbery k Tree Pruning Gutter and Drain Pipe Cleaning - Odd Jobs Firewood - Painting - Snow Removal NOW in Its 59th Year of Specializing iii 130 Chester Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Garden City Properties Prompt, Efficient Action in Buying, Renting or Selling Any Form of Real Estate Robert F. X. Hogan, President 1952-1971 i Robert J. Krener e President Best Wlshes f0f Staff Representatives agucgessful ca emic Year Dougall Fraser Doris McGowan Mary Krener Elizabeth Nosh Joy Krug Janet Redhead Ka 'Tacchi Nagicy GARDEN CITY Taylor Warner Corp. SANDWICH SHOP Independent Realtor 101 Seventh Street. 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Trust is something I' I -K everyone learns from ' experience. On the Island, people have learned that Long Island Trust is a bank they can trust. For checking accounts. Savings. And more. As Long Island's largest bank, We have 33 offices all over the Island to serve you, - X and a Wide range of 5? X services to help you. - - And shoulders it ' you can rely on. '51--V YL--f-X Long' Island Trust Company Long Isla.nd's largest bank. Member F.D.I.C. The Menis Association of the GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL President Walter Gallagher, Jr.. GCHS CLASS OF 1940 Vice President Fund Raising Richard E. Von Seelen, GCHS CLASS OF 1953 Treasurer Robert Martin, GCHS CLASS OF 1954 Asst. Sec.fTreas. Rennold W. Whiting, Jr. Congratulations to the Class of 1978 Thank you for the loyal support of our programs by the students and their parents. QQ-A OF XV- ! 5 U5 4? Z ul SPOLQ TSMAN SHI x '5' ll- XCH SCHQOL' Vice President Frank K. Harder, Jr. Vice President Awards Frank Kiernan Vice President Membership Robert Reinig Secretary John F. Nothel, Jr. Congratulations to the Class of '78 From the Class of l980 Special Prom Rates to G.C. Students and Their Dates G00d Luck FoREsTo TUXEDos Sales Rental r 'fx' Garden C' y Park :WJ . . 24E3hJerkxlrt11lTpke 1 is ' V - o ac 1 age. 294-2ZJ35Willis Aveinliigeola Dowler ' - Eafliililiw 2238 Hempstead Tpke . tOpp Meagciggggcgok Hospy 15161 74'-4484 Best Wishes to the 9 Cfvefzfune gbgofo Class of C ' A.V. E ' d S l' . amerassaies . Se?5il5ffQ22QriS upp THE DOWLER H. Jacobs 739 Franklin Ave.. Garden City NY l 1530 Compliments of Dal , Goetz and iler, Inc. J lNSURANai SERVICES 114 Seventh Street, Garden City, New York 11530 742-4564 HEMPSTEAD FoRD FORD iam A. Daly, Jr. GCHS - Class of '42 J. Walter Gallagher, Jr. GCHS - Class of '40 3gIinif31255' Compcgments A. BOI'6lll BRGWN 1 CONTE CADILLAC INC. Kiwanis Club, Sponsors of the Key Club Congratulates the Class of '78 Congratulations to the Class of '78 From Your Class Council Congratulations to the Class of '78 Em? ll, Good Luck Class of '78 Compliments of a Friend V9 5- X9 vb Z X 31-fi? SS? 5-Pi ff if mx - V7 gi gag? .1-4 C373 OYQT Cm 9 V3-rg DQ gi 250 5- X3 if 44 il C5 CX! ' xffl' QV KVI F xffB5LL UN EEHALLQQ QT W9 1321 77' sq 'Sv 73 ,-: EN WATSQ ggesmmfs 511 QE W2 QQ: 5? fmw DWYER SUECASTELLHNOQQ 771771 E :U W VEFSUMZK' CUN ON E CHR! MCC RTHY TD? ufiqsmcem. fl3?l?Vg JHZABGDDDLOS ,Q 2 2 if 295 2333 E? '-UQ NL LIE: gaz- x-N242 Qi bd -aa '!? XE Kg, M Aygfijiiw 5,522 f 59bQ?iWUSUCg BQ Q53 ' dQQiJQ 'jW"f NVE? iekjwf ANY NW? Jxiillijiioi mgyf,QvK6! Q55 Q Wygxiiialgy fig EQ M L5 Q7 W 25 Wk WP Ov DBX C fm, utographs M W wb WE we 0QfQ 95?3?NWfaf4Qiyff Q 0,3 My V' yfigiw MJD M Nl? iff W PKK Wy xifw M4 pw V mf W - -mdffii E 2 4 F -v-'- 228 ,WA Wk ,f 4, if 5 ,, 4 3' s 's 'ts ,, R x' 'Hx -' .gg Ananda XIAAA 4-L-2-Q W -lklxl'-I-If . 6 . ,Aix ff! p X, 5 4245 V , -ws M m N 'V Fil!! 4...- 1, ,PPH4 k 'L 'ia ,1 N a if 4. 1 ', ,, 1 uf K v xl 3 L 1 w 2, Q ixxf 'Y 5 it as D, 4 ag Qffagxf' 1 'Z ,rn S--.. sawn, .fgrx 1 -WM, W, - 5, V, 'Vg - , N, 1f'f"FZ:r' MF' A, 9 A-lm 3 af li' 'Qu- --' wk- 11' - . J' "fgiFif'!":+b 'ffm ' -K X -A ..... ,ax 'NHT Y .Q Q 'SI' av W . ,fi .. -- W? x fx' .aw-1 g sv,'fg x,.-wiffg -1 Ji v Kr, 9 i.""'h":'p5?57 .x j WJ. 3. -535 A A QS, . Apu-N.. .Q --3, 4'. -. t .ef ..... . -- ,N ,. K ...Q at ..,.,,f- SQ an V AQ,f"l X 't I 1. . .5 . may 'Lim M ,ff .-,E s. R 'JT' 1 I... 'fx I :"'hnh-Ya if Spf ff' Ls C . if 'N' K A R K. 4 ' i ,, l ,N. w QM NIIA GROUP!!! i t ry g . .:...,: R v, W 7 Good luck Seniors! 'vt--f""S mJL, owffa x W 1 W Wo Si' fi o X awww 3 It .o ,30sf3S'LCwPiii ' o -om . Q X VW my aww Q u Q M, 1 Q S Mya M! me yzfvxf' PQ 'Q 8 ,Q S WW any 337 v . , , Sf '54, 5 Wg pf , vxgwwdg, fggkm i 9 o I Cy g fwifggwggg of X 1 lx Q X 09? M" ff' 55 o I Gro pf, EPAWQ . - -ff' .La I Qi Ky W S 4 ' QQMM w J N, ' ,Q 4. ,.f' f . , ' -fx o 021 'V I of vf' Q3 ' f Q Y , ? H3 X B fj K kwa 3 jig Mg M X 'mbxgliifklifw A ' Qfsjggvfif UV f X 4 ' gk 'Xffw ' W V x Q CN ? -J . x FX W J A' L sf X5 A :E XX Q fx mf S D mf X Q- 'Q J 4 Q99 4 X N f o Q bg, lv Q ,oo 37 K, . ww M' ffm ' n 1MUflM Q o o -J. I ME ORY l fl il, Delphine Bauer Silvestri Mrs. Delphine Bauer Silvestri, a teacher in the Garden City High School will be remembered for many years to come by her colleagues, as well as the students who were fortunate to have her as a teacher and friend. Mrs. Silvestri taught in the High School for seventeen years. It was through her persistence, patience, and energy that the computer program was installed in the school and became such a success. Her colleagues describe her as an extrovert, who spoke up for what she believed in and one who reached out to people. She loved many things, her family, her work, her friends, but most of all, she loved life. Her children and students describe her as a best friend. She could always be counted on to give up her time to solve a prob- lem. . I' 40 M W, . .

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