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W1 'Ai ml' 'E U M. Mm x 74 4 E Q. '?L7:,.., , Z oluwwuw 4 1939 MAST published by The SENIOR CLASS of Carden City High School Carden City, New York l939 MAST C41-f'dif01',: RICI IARD M.-Xl..l.ON ROBFRI' X1l'l4CIIllfl.l HllSfIIL'SX .Wauagcr YIIQCSIXI.-X CHECKS llxtljlllllftlf fldvixw' M K. WARRI NIQR lilrxifzvss ,'ld1'ixc1' HR, S'l'IilXl3liRG K mam little more than two years Miss Curran has become an invaluable part of our high school life. Her expert and understanding advice in planning our courses of study and choice of college, her ready smile and radiant personality, her friendship, have endeared her to all of us. This is to be Miss Curran's last year at Garden City and as a parting token of our gratitude and appreciation we, the senior class of 1939, dedicate our Mast to her with every hope for her future happiness. MISS HELEN CLJRRAN l t l 5 'lo THI1 NllzNlBERS or 'rifle Cefxss or logo: As seniors this year you have j led in student participation in the 1 attairs ol the school. lnder your th leadership, student government lc has ceased to be a name and has . become a definite responsibility t 7 lor the duly elected representa- Q tives ol' the student body. t A common complaint against ' the youth ol today is that it does not know how to accept responsi- bility. Proponents ol' this idea i maintain that our present inech- anistic age has abolished the necessity for the old-time chores and jobs around the home and that therefore lew boys and girls have the opportunity to learn how to assume responsibility. liven il' modern conditions have made this true in some homes, it is not true in the school. The present custom of student participation in school affairs gives to each member ot the school the opportunity to assume responsibility lor his own school citizenship. lt should be our aim. therelore, to provide a school wherein the lile may give to all school citizens all-round opportunities lor education and growth, much ot which can come through the assumption oli responsibilities by each individual mem- ber ol the school. 'lihese responsibilities involve a care lor one's personal conduct both in school and out, so that no reproach may come to the Garden City lligh School through any act ol' the individual. They involve a care for mass conduct at all public events and affairs in which our school is participating. lt is my sincere hope that the example set by your class in assuming the re- sponsibility ol a democratic government in our high school will set a pattern to be lollowed by succeeding classes and that each year will witness an increase in the assumption ol' personal responsibility by each member ol our student body, particu- larly lor those fundamentals through which the character and reputation ol our school are built, liR.XXli R. XX'ASSl'NCi. Szzpwiiiteizdeizt Six PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSUCIATIUN THE PARENT-TEACHERs' ASSOCIATION has always proven itself an invaluable friend to the school. Yery few high schools are fortunate enough to have the loyal aid and service of such an organ- ization, and the rapid progress of education in Garden City can be largely credited to its efforts. From time to time the P.T.A. has furnished medical aid to students, donated instruments to the orchestra and books to the library. lts MRS. LADD greatest achievement, however, is the yearly musical show which raises money for scholarships to worthy students The co-operation and interest of the P.T.A. will remain one of our brightest memories, and the senior class of 1939 here wishes to extend its thanks and apprecia- tion for invaluable assistance. MRS. LADD. MEN'S ASSUCIATIUN FOUNDED IN 1934, the lVlen's Association has grown steadily in size and importance, helping to promote interest and enthusiasm for sports. Not only has it provided the athletic department with equipment and financial support, but it has taught us to realize the importance of physical as well as mental training. MR- GM-LAGHER At the end of the fall season the Associa- tion sponsors the annual football-soccer ban- quet. The dinner is attended by enthusiastic boys with their fathers in order to acquaint the parents with their sons' athletic development and to give awards. For the steady interest and generous sup- port the Association has shown us, and for the innumerable benefits it has provided through athletic facilities, we wish to give our sincere thanks. MR. G.x1,i..-xoHER. l Se-vm: FACULTY t To 'rms GRADUATING CLAss: You, the Class of 1939, are about to complete your role in the ever-shifting drama of high school life. You are the fifth of such groups who have helped to build in your community a great school, Your class has played its part-and a very important part-in this pioneer work, and its contribution will always be remembered and ap- preciated. You have helped to strengthen growing traditions and initiated new policies. For this fine service, your true loyalty and the splendid friendly relations over a period of six years, you have my undying gratitude and personal good will. Garden City salutes you as you leave for college, for business, for adult life. The school has given you of its best in opportunities for scholarship, leadership, service and character building. lo you the school has passed something of its im- perishable spirit, and your teachers have left upon you the influence and guidance of their splendid personalities. Before you lies the great adventure of life, Meet it like true men and womenk-loyal, honorable, unafraid. For you, l believe the real challenge of life will be whether or not, as the years pass, you maintain in full vigor a genuine intellectual curiosity. To meet this chal- lenge, l wish for each one of you an abiding intellectual interest and a habit of mind which will carry over into adult life an enduring craving for the ever widening of your horizon as well as the constant deepening of your hold on knowledge and truth. This will lead to a nobility of character which overtops all title, caps all careers, crowns all virtue-a quality that gives weight and worth and moral dignity to the soul, With best wishes for your success and assurance of continued interest and efforts in your behalf, l salute you, the Class of IQKSQ. -I. C. Eight MATHEMATICS Top row: Mr. Wallace Graham Nlr. Daniel Rhoad fVlrs. Harriet Seaman Mr. Harold Taylor Lower row: Mrs. Edna Plump Miss Alice Griswold SCIENCE Top row: Mr. Thomas Miner Mr. Edmond Cross l.0'wer row: Nlr. Noel Corbridge Nlr. Nlurray Walter Nlr. john Orhan SCCIAI STUDIES Top row: Mr. Lee Griflln Mr. john Deutscher Middle row: Mr. Winfield Thompson Miss Jeanne Dunlop Mr. llall Bartlett Bottom row: I Mr. Maurice Colbert I Mrs. liranc Thyng Mr. Roger Barber I Nfnf' hlafiaz, ENGUSH Top row: Mr. Daniel Perkins Miss Saretta MeCrea Mr. john Marriner Miss lidna liredericks Miss jessica Van llorsen Mr. john llorton Lower row: Miss Ella Hagedorn Mr. llarry Spiers Miss Ruth Kerr Miss Aldene Curtis Miss Kathleen Delaney Top row: Miss Charlotte Finkenthal Miss listher Eaton Mr. james Riley Miss Florence Cuthbert Miss listher Kelly Lower row: Miss Agnes Amis Miss jeanne Dunlop Miss lfrances jennings Miss Geraldine Ladd LANGUAGE Tm ATHLETICS Top row: Mr. Alan Douglas Miss Judy Pratt Mr. james Steen Lower row: Miss Elizabeth Peck Mr. Carroll Smith Miss Margaret Snyder Top row: Mr. Allan Lacy Mr. john Query - Mr. j. Byron Nichols Mr, Milton Weiler Mr. john Willmott Lower row: Miss Amy Hilker Miss Elizabeth Smith Miss Winifred Linclerman Miss Ilelen Curran Mrs. Grace Peterson SPECIAL Eleven Tlwrl-ve SCHOLARSHIP 6 sk HE GOAL of most students has been reached the day they become seniors. To be a senior means an added prestige, more privilege and a greater responsibility. The senior class is naturally the most influential in the school as it has the greatest authority in all student matters. ln the following pages the senior class of 1939 makes its last public appearance in the Garden City High School. We have heartily enjoyed our senior year, in spite of the extra duties and harder work, and sincerely hope that We have proven worthy of the trust that has been placed in us. Thirtzfn 2553 7 ' AGN ES AA MODT Friendly and sincere . . . quiet and unobtrusive . . . proud of her Western heri- tage Echo lV3 German Club lll, lVg Badminton Ill, lVg Fencing Ill GARETH ALDERTON A vital part of the base- ball team . . . lover of sports . . . noted for his classroom humor . . . chivalrous . . . Gary Baseball l, lll, lYg Soccer ll, lll, IVQ Student Coun- cil lVg Band l, llg Hall Cop lll, lYg Yice President Sen- ior Classg Treasurer Fresh- man Classg Varsity Club lV Fourtren ELlZABli'l'll Al.BliRT Self-composed and unas- suming . , . intelligent and conscientious . . . a friendly interest in everyone llockey 3 Tennis ll, lll, IYQ Ping-pong llg Badmin- ton IVQ llobby Club lll RAYMOND ALEXANDER Quiet . . . well liked . . . good student . . . crack shot with a rifle . . . Ray Rifle Club ll, lll, IV: Soccer ll, lll, IYQ llall Cop lll, lX'g Slide-Rule Club IV HELEN ALBERTS Good-natured . . , a lovely soprano voice . . . takes an active part in musical events Glee Club l, ll, lll, lVg P.'l'.A. Plav Ill lV . 1 D EAN AN DERSOX Willing assistant , . . clever scenery constructor . . . sea- farer . . . sailboat builder Masquers Club ll, lll, lVg German Club IVQ Rifle Club llg llall Cop lll, IYQ P.'l'.A. Play l, ll, lll EVAN BENNETT Good taste in clothes . . generous . . . carefree . . badminton champion Basketball ll. Ill: Base- ball II, Illg Soccer lllg Bad- minton III, IVQ P.T.A. Play III DORIS BliRNSl,.IiY Sympathetic . . . the butt of most of her own jokes . . . interest in people , . . writing ability '.,. llair for fashion Echo IVg Mast IV: Mas- quers Club IVQ French Club IVJ Basketball IVg P.TA. Play Ill, IV ROSALIND BARBER Charming eyes . . , capti- vating smile . . . newcomer to our ranks . . . friendly Mast IVQ Camera Club IVQ Badminton IVg Cheer- leader IVQ P.T.A. Play IV ROB ERT BARN ES Lackadaisical exterior , . . good heart . . . keen mind . . . the gift of gab . . . Bar- ney Echo lg German Club lg Ifootball I, Il, Ill, IVQ La- crosse Ig Track IIIQ Wres- tling IIIg Boxing I, II, III VIOLET BAYNIE Willing and able helper . . . artistic . . . conscientious worker . . . pleasant com- pany Basketball Ig Ilockey I, Ilg Archery llg Ping-pong lll: Badminton IVQ Athletic Council I ROBERT BlillRIiR Sincere and earliest . . . fashion plate . . . co-ordina- tion and rhythm . . . natural athlete . . . Bob Ink Spots IYQ Basketball I3 Baseball I, Il, III, IVQ Soccer I, ll, Ill: Wrestling III, IVQ Ilead of Maroons IVQ Band Il, lllg Hall Cop lll, IV: Varsity Club IV Fifteen Af' di dx 9 qsx, i 'I Q- I N I - I AlL'S'I'INIi BREWER Art advocate . . . fine clothes designer . . . silent in- tellect French Club IV: Badmin- ton IX' Tl IOMAS BURN E Tall and lanky . . . ever laughing . . . well liked for good humor . . . passion for baseball . . . enviable batting average . , . Tom lfrench Club IYQ Baseball Ill, IVg Athletic Council lYg Hall Cop IV NIARCAREI' BUTLER Loyal sport fan . . . excel- lent athlete . . . happy-go- lucky . . . punster . . . indis- pensable , . . Rusty Business Manager Ink Spots Ig Mast IV: Hmm'- book lllg Lacrosse I. ll, lll, IYC Baseball I, III: llockey I, II, Illg Badminton I, II, Ill: Student Council III, IY3 Athletic Council I. Il, Ill, President IV: Ilead of Ma- roons Illg Student coach II, Ill, lVg P.T.A. Play I, Ill. IY: Student judge IV MARY BLTTLISR Iiriendly . . . fun-loving . . . individualist . . , inter- ested in literature and music . , . big brown eyes . . . Nickie Ink Spots III: .fllast IY3 Basketball Ig Riding Ill Badminton IVQ Athletic Council Illg Student coach IV Sixteen MARI E BOCGS Dry wit . . . easygoing . . artistically talented . . . good dancer . , . Boggsy Mast IV: Masquers Club Il, Ill, IY: French Club I, ll: Archery Il, III: Bad- minton III, IV: P.'I'.gX. Play Ill. IX' ROB li RT B R.-X LNS Big, blond and pleasant . . . one of best athletes in school . . . winning smile . . , Bob German Club lllg lfoot- ball ll, Ill, lVg Basketball ll, lllg 'lirack Ilg Baseball l, ll, Ill, IVQ Wrestling Ilg Band II, lllg Ilall Cop III, IYQ President Freshman Classy Varsity Club IV DONALD BYRNE Definite asset to the senior class . , . never at a loss for an amusing remark or a new idea . . . skillful columnist Echo III, IVQ Nlasquers Club II, III, IVQ Rifle Club llg Football Ill RICHARD CALVERT Authority on economics, music, literature . . . good- hearted . . . brilliant . . . spotlight operator Echo I, IVg Masquers Club III, IV5 Lacrosse I, II, IVQ Wranglers Club IVg President Red Cross Council Illg P.T.A. Play III, IV r-" IANE CALCAGNO Outstanding taste in clothes . . . individual style . . . staunch friend , . . quick wit . . . Cal Echo IIIQ Ink Spots IV, Mast IV: French club Ig Basketball Ig Lacrosse lg Baseball lg Hockey I, IVJ Tennis II, III, IV, Melody Masters IV5 Badminton IV: Athletic Council IV: Student coach ll, III, P.T.A. Playf IV ff OW Forever be mg it natur hythm in his drums . . . itless suppl of uns . . Bu uers b oo 1m , estrt lIallC'opIl , PT-X II FLIZABETII CALDER Cheery smile . . . every- one's friend . , . very de- pendable . . . Betty Mast IV, Glee Club I, IVQ Basketball I, II, Swimming Ill Badminton IV, P.'Ii.A. Play Ill, IV RION CARTER onny disposition constrained giggles habit ual joker trumpet player fllast IV Glee Club IV Bas etballl Il III IV La crossel II III IV Hockey 0 hestra I , wpnf' wfflfwwq .NBQ2 ' Selvenlrrn M I! Jana fi fl-rZ,g.,u'Y- H' JEAN CALCHOIS Happy-go-lucky . . . polite and courteous . . . winning Ways . . . star goalie on the soccer and lacrosse teams . . . ,lake Echo Illg Lacrosse IY: Manager Baseball IIIQ Soc- cer II, III, IV3 Boxing Ill, IV3 Tennis II, lllg Badmin- ton III, lVg P.T.A. Play Ill: Varsity Club Ill HELEN CONNORS Dependable assistant . . . beautiful . . . true friend . . . good listener . . . extremely popular . . . ll.M. Mast IV: lfrench Newspa- per IY: Basketball I, ll, III: Lacrosse Il, Ill: llockey II, Ill, IVQ Tennis lVg Ath- letic Council IV: President Gray Society lllg Class Sec- retary I. III: Class Treas- urer IYQ P.'I'.A. Play II Eighteen CLIFFORD COLE Dry humor . . . friendly attitude . . . active in Dra- matic Club . . . lively cheer- leader Glee Club III, IVQ Mas- quers Club IVQ Track III, lVg Cheerleader III, IVQ P,T.A. Play IV ANN DAVIS Calm . . . lovely eyes . . . clever 'fjinglistn . . . lover of opera , . . interested in bal- let I Glee Club Il, Illg Ifrench Club llg Archery ll, lllg Dancing II, Illg Fencing IIIg Athletic Council ll, Vice President lllg P.'l'.A. Play I, ll, Ill, IV NAOMI CGLLINS Small and blond . . . ex- tremely Southern . . . a like- able personality and quiet manner Archery IYg Tennis ll, IIIQ Badminton IVg P.T.A. Play II, III, IV RUTH DAYTON Charming smile , . . gift for harmonizing . . . talented in art . . . fun-loving com- panion . . . Butch Ink Spots III, lVg Mast IVQ Masquers Club l: Base- ball lg Archery I, Ilg Bad- minton IVQ Melody Mas- ters IVQ Red Cross Council IV: Pfl'.A. Play I, ll, lll, IV S lpn-L Q:-th:-14: xIIiANNli lilCHlil.l. Infectious smile , . . keen sense of humor . , . capable helper in all activities , . . loyal friend Mas! IYZ Basketball ll: Lacrosse ll, IYQ llockey ll. Ill, IV: 'liennis lllg Bad- minton Ill, lVg Athletic Council Ill: Cheerleader ll, III, IY: P,'l'A. Play IVQ Secretary Melody Masters IX' M.-X RY INEQUIST Gorgeous red hair . . . good student . , . line sports- woman . . , scintillating con- versationalist . . . bound for success I . , Red Ink Spots Ill, liditor lVg Art Club ll: lfrench Club llg Basketball I, ll, Ill: Hockey I, ll, lllg Tennis Ill, IV: l'.'liA. Play llg Stu- dent Court judge IX' Ili-XRRY DIENIIARD Retiring I . . quiet . . I lover ol' horses . . , excellent rider , , . interested in swing bands liI.lZABIi'liIl IDICIIMAN Charming Southern man- ner . . . lover of quality . . . definite ideas . , . follower of the theater . . , Beth Mast IYQ Nlasquers Club Ill, Treasurer IYQ l5rench lVg Basketball I, Ilg La- crosse ll. Ill: llockey I, ll, IY3 Badminton Ill: ljflf.-X. Play ll, Ill, IX ,IOSEPIIINU IJIIILON Beautiful black hair . . . newcomer this year . . . com- bination oli scholastic and athletic ability Archery IV: Pflf.X. Play IX' DALENIE IJOWNIZR True friend . . , contagious laugh , . . calm and collected .llasf IYL Basketball ll. I Il 3 Baseball ll I 1 I lockey ll. Ill, IYQ Badminton Ill, lVg Athletic Council lllg Stu- dent Coach III, lVg RTA. Play Ill, IX' Ninftfen aiu.: MALCOM I3lLSON Newcomer . . . towering joker . . . 'itops" in basket- ball . . . "long', in soccer . . . Mac Basketball Ill, IV: Track III, IV, Soccer III, IVQ Hall Cop IVQ Varsity Club IV, Lacrosse IV WILLIAM GAVIN Mathematical and me- thodical . . . alert. inquiring mind , . . sense ol' humor . , , skillful with a camera lfcbo IV, Mas! IV, Cani- era Club IVQ Wranglers Club IV, Chess Club IX' VIRGINIA GECKS Businesswoman . . . co- operative . . . good worker . . . perpetual knitter . , . Business Manager yllasl IV: lirench Club Ill, IVL Basketball ll, Ill, Lacrosse I, II, IVg Baseball lg llockev I, ll, Ill, IV, Swimming I: Badminton Ill, IV, Melody Masters IVQ I'.'I'.A. Play II, Ill, IV P.-XLL CILLEN lfntertaining wit , . . unique artistic ability . , . veritable Boone with the rifle Ink Spots I: Camera Club llll lftibo Ill: Rifle Club I, ll, Captain Ill, IY3 Gray Representative III, Science Club I, Il Tufnty RICI IARD ERNST Engineer . . , potential avi- ator . . . excellent technician . . . strong . . . silent Soccer Ig Wrestling I ANN EVIjRS A twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips . . . active in athletics . . . excellent stu- dent , . . grand sport Ink Spots III, Max! IVE Handbook II, Illg Masquers Club Ill: Basketball Ilg junior llonor Society I, ll, Senior llonor Society Ill, IYQ PfIf.'X, Play I, II, III. IX' ff ,f s MARIE GORDON Adept knitter . . . attrac- tive and well dressed . . . excellent in crafts . . . loads of fun , . . Toni Glee Club IIQ Archery lg P.T.A. Play I, II, III CHARLES HALL Pleasing, easygoing nature . , . extremely blond . . . full of life . . . eye for business , . . Chil Iicbo Il, III, IVg Glee Club I, Il, lllg Ping-pong IV3 Orchestra I, II, Illg Cheer- leader I, II, III, IV1 llall Cop III, IVQ P.T.A. Play I, II, III, IV OM SIIIRLEY GRANIJEMAN liashion sense . . . subtle at all times . . . finesse . . . constant knitter Ink Spots III, Business Manager IV3 Lacrosse IVQ Iflockey I, II, III, lVg Ten- nis III, IVQ Student Coach lllg P.T.A. Play II, III PATRICIA HALL Independent . . . clarinet player . . . fine actress . . . interested in music Ink Spots IVQ Glee Club IVQ Masquers Club IVQ Iirench Club IV3 Basketball IVQ Baseball III, IVQ Ten- nis IVg Ping-pong Illg Fenc- ing IVg Band III, IVg Or- chestra III, IV: Red Cross Council, III, IVg P.T.A. Play II, III, IV CONS'I'ANCIi I IAAREN U Vitality and pep . . . adept in ' sports . . . contagious smile and laugh , . . beauti- ful dancer . . . all-round girl Basketball I, II, IIIg La- crosse I, II, III, IV, Hockey I, II, III, IVg Badminton IV, Athletic Council III, IV3 President Gray Society IVQ Treasurer Melody Masters Rig P.T.A. Play I, II, III, B ENTON HAMILTON H Welsh accent . . .ability to shag , keen mind and a nimble wit Echo II, Ill: Masquers Club II, III, IVg Lacrosse IIIQ Track II, III, IVg Soc- cer lg Wrestling Ill, IV3 Boxing I, IV, Hall Cop IVQ Chess Club IVg Wranglers Club IV: Varsity Club IV, P.T.A. Play III, IV 6.4-v ., W vw. ,.. V N,,..-M-""" , Twenty-one lil!!! Q ' 1 MADISLEINE IIAINIILION Genial . . . entertaining . , . sound judge of char- acter . , . genuine . . . Mad RALPII lIIiAl.Y Cheery '... breezy swagger , . , plaid sport jackets , . . football addict . . , Scotty Glee Club ll, lllg Rifle Ink Spots IV: Basketball Club 15 pootbnll Hy HI, ly? llg Lacrosse II, IVQ Ilockey W War X. COR DON II EATON Silent thinker . . . suitable sense of humor . . . une stu- dent . . . proticient in all sports Ink Spots I: Camera Club lg lfootball III, IVQ Baseball I, ll: Student Council ll: Athletic Council Ilg P.'l'.A. Play II, III IV KUVI I I IEGEMAX Quiet serenity . . I depend- able hockeyist . . . loyal AA. member , . . sincere friend . . . llickie lzltlio IYQ French Club IYQ Basketball II: Hockey I. ll, Ill, IYQ Archery Ig 'Iiennis IYJ Badminton Illg Fencing Ill: Athletic Council IYL Pfli..-X. Play Il Ill IX' Tfwrnty-I-wo tif Track Ill, IVQ Wrestling Ilg Ilall Cop III, IV: Varsity Club IVg PTA, Play Ill, IV WIl,.l-l.-XM IIISRRMAXX jovial . . . lull ol fun . . . decisive student judge . . . football mainstay . . . Ned Glee Club I, Ilg Masquers Club III, IYQ German Club II, President Illg Iio ball ll, lll, IV: Vice P sident Student Council I 3 Ilall Cop III, IYg Chief ustice of Student Court I 3 Pfl'.A. Pla' II Ill, I Wranglers III, lVg Ilall Cop Ill, IV IEDWIN HINDS liasygoing and friendly . . . active in school publica- tions . . . soccer player . . . candid camera ace . . . 'led lftrlio ll, Ill, lVg Ink Spots lX'g Must IY3 Camera Club ll, lll, IYQ Soccer I, ll, Ill, Pflf.'X, Play lll, IV P Q' xg , 7, I M I if fi "' pi I QW In 1? e s I 5 'Wi-lzfi - , Q Q' M I ew X 1 lx Z?-i.X ol QW' ff' . .,, vgrwzgl ELIZABETH HUTCIIINSON Charming newcomer to our class . . . well dressed . . . lover of horses . , . aristocratic bearing . . . Liddy lirench Club IV: Tennis IV: Badminton IV: Golf IV M.-XRIORI E KARTER Good-natured . . . level- headed . . , Winning smile . . , beautiful lyric soprano voice Glee Club I, II, III, IV: Basketball II, III, IV: Ilockey I, Il: Riding I: Pl-X Playl Il IV L , . IIIQN RY HOKE Interested in bandleading . . , musically inclined . . . droll Wit , . . good company , . . Pete Ink Spots III: French Club Il: Band II, III, IV: Orchestra II, Ill, IV: Hall Cop III, IV: President Mel- ody Masters IV: P.T,A. Play I, II, III, IV EDWARD IIOM ISYER Agreeable . , , unassuming . . . industrious . I . serious Rifle Club II, III, IVC Soccer I: Student Council I: Ilall Cop III, IV RALPH HUBBELL Infectious sense of humor . . . welcome in any gather- ing . . . efficient stagehand . . . quarterback . . . Pete Rifle Club I, II, III, IV: Football II, Ill, IV: I.a- crosse I, II, III, IV: Wres- tling IV: junior Ilonor So- ciety I, ll: Athletic Council IV: Hall Cop III, IV: Slide- Rule Club IV! Secretary Senior Class: P.T.A. Play III, IV ROSEMARY I ILSSEY Sedate and reserved . . . friendly smile . , , good steady student . . . likeable Mast IV: Hockey IV: Badminton III, IV: Student Coach IV: PTA. Play III, IV Twenty three FRANK KRALL Serious . . . sincere . . . scientifically minded . . . well mannered . . . whiz on the track Basketball II, III, IVQ Track I, Il, III, IVQ Soccer I, II, Ill, IVg Athletic Coun- cil Ilg Hall Cop III, IVQ Secretary Varsity Club IV IACKSON LAM ME Quiet observer of life . . . appreciative of good jokes . . . baseball fan Echo II, IVQ French Club I, ll: Rifle Club I, llg Base- ball Il, III, IV5 Wrestling I: Boxing I, II, IV ROLAN D LANG E Always laughing . . . full of jokes . . . hunting and fishing enthusiast . . . clari- net player . . , Rollo Camera Club IIIQ German Club I, II, III, lVg Slide- Rule Club IV5 Radio Club IVg Science Club IVQ Track II, III, IVg Soccer IVg Wrestling lVg Ping-pong III: Badminton Illg Band III, IVg Orchestra I RICHARD LESLIE Popular newcomer . . . lover of the great outdoors . . . capable football player . . . all round likeable person Football IVQ Boxing IV: Tennis IV3 Athletic Council IV: Hall Cop IV3 Spanish Club IV Twenty-four ROBERT KOHART Likeable manner . . . in- telligent . . . enjoyable com- panion . . . clarinet player Mast IVQ Band II, III, IVQ Orchestra IVg P.T.A. Play I, III, IV JEAN KOHLBERGER Happy smile . . . kind nature . . . lovely voice . . . scholarly ability . . . often seen in Suzette Echo IVQ Ink Spots II, lllg Mast IVQ Handbook II, lllg Glee Club IVQ French Club II, lllg Hockey III, IVQ Ping-pong II, Illg Badminton lVg junior Honor Society I, II: Senior Honor Society III, Vice President IVg P.T.A. Play I, II, III, IV at-naw LOUISE LITTLETON Cultured and refined . . . discriminating taste in clothes . . . journalistic tend- encies . . . possessor of that enviable smooth look . . . Toni Echo IVQ Assistant Editor Mast IVg Masquers Club Ill, IVQ French Club Ill, IVQ Tennis IVQ Golf IVQ Athletic Council IVQ P.T.A. Play iii, iv KATHRYN LYNCH Happy-go-lucky . . . al- ways humming . . . laughing Irish eyes . . . everyone's friend Echo Ill, lVg Clee Club Illg French Club IVQ Hand- book lllg Basketball Ilg Baseball II, Illg Archery II, lllg Badminton lll, lVg junior Honor Society I, ll: P.T.A, Play II, III VINCENT LOIVI BARDI Quiet and amiable . . . serious and intent . . . inter- ested in music Track IV3 Band I, ll, lll, IVQ Orchestra llg P.T.A. Play lll, IVQ Spanish Club I , ITAIRLIE IVIACALLISTER Amiable personality . . . frank . . . extremely attrac- tive , . . good taste in clothes . . . Mac Glee Club ll, III, lVg Lacrosse I: Ilockey I, II, IIIZ Tennis I, llg P.T.A. Play I 1 n ROLAND LUTHER Versatile . . . witty . . . well rounded . , . authority on popular songs . . . inter- esting talker . . . Bert Mast IVQ Glee Club lVg Football lll, IV3 Basketball Ill, IVQ Baseball lll, IV3 Athletic Council lVg Presi- dent of Gray Society IV5 Hall Cop III, IVQ President Senior Classg Student Court RICHARD MALLON Alert . . . independent . . . businesslike . . . intelli- gent . . . fine wrestler . . . fluent talker . . . executive ability Editor Mast lVg Wres- tling II, Ill, lVg Boxing lg Tennis II, Ill, IVQ Student Council lllg Hall Cop Ill, IVg Wranglers Club IV M554 ISQLI0 Tu-only-five x ffl IP If awe MLW' O MARILYN MARSI IALL Attractiveness plus keen intelligence . , . amiable . . . secret passion for drawing . , . rare indetinable charm . . . Lynn Advertising Manager Mart IV: French Club IV: Bas- ketball II, III: Archery ll, III, IV: Tennis IV: Bad- minton III, IVQ P.T,A. Play II? III: Red Cross Council MARGARET MCLEAN Vivacious . . . voluble speaker and conversational- ist . , , determined . . . theatrically minded . . . well dressed Ink Spots IV: Maxi IV: French Club I, ll, III, IV: Masquers Club Ill, IV: Bas- ketball II, III: Lacrosse I, II: Ilockey II, III, IVQ Ten- nis IVQ Student Council I, II, III, IV: Vice President Athletic Council IV: Stu- dent Court IV: P.T.A. Play I, II, III, IV Tfwenty-six ROBERT MARTIN Excellent student . . . valuable varsity tennis play- er . . . good friend . . . droll humor Echo II, Ill: Camera Club IV: Stamp Club I, Ilg Soc- cer ll, Ill, Boxing Il, IV: Swimming I: Tennis II, III, Captain IV: Student Coun- cil IV: Vice President Ath- Ietic Council IV: Senior Ilonor Society III, IV: Ilall Cop III, IV DAVID MQNAMARA Lively . . . quick laugh . . . laconic . . . interested in sports . . . able assistant in theatrical productions Maxi IV: Glee Club I, Il. lllg Masquers Club III, IV: Football I, II, III, IV: La- crosse II, III, IV: llall Cop III, IV: P.T.A. Play I, II, III, IV: Red Cross IV: Var- sity Club IV: Melody Klas- ters IV ov! L f i kig , I I ALEXANDER MCKINN EY Friendly . . . willing assist- ant . . . known for his quiet sense of humor . . . Sandy Cvlee Club I, II, III: Foot- ball Illg Soccer I, II: Tennis IVQ Orchestra I: P.T,A. Play III, IV IIISLEN MCWILLIAM Willing , , . conscientious . . . intelligent . . . interested in Writing . . , well groomed Mast IV: French Club II: Basketball I, II: Archery III: Tennis IV3 Athletic Council II: PTA. Play II "fl, ., 'Mr' ' f tal ,my KATIIERINE NASH Silent sagacity . . . pleas- ing personality . . . ready helper . , , Suzy Mast IV3 Basketball ll, lllg llockey ll, lllg Bad- minton lVg Student Council I, lll: Student Coach Ill, IV: P.T.A. Play Ill A RNOLD N ELSON Genial . . , good-natured . . . cheerful countenance . . , varied interests Track Ill, lVg Baseball lVg Badminton lll, IV ROBERT MITCIIELL Brilliant . . . hard worker , . , interesting talker . . . important varsity basketball player . . . indispensable Student Council member . . . Mitch Mast lVg Basketball II, Ill, IVQ Tennis ll, lll, IVQ Student Council IV: Senior Ilonor Society lll, IV: Pres- ident klunior Class lllg Var- sity Club lVg Wranglers Club IVQ Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Team Ill, IV ANN MOIIAN Graceful beauty . . . witty . . . savoir-faire . . . bal- lerina . . . sophisticated Glee Club ll, lll, lVg Tennis llg Badminton lll, IVQ P.'l'.A. Play l, ll, III, IVJ Dancing Ill ,IAM liS MOORE Attractive smile . . . al- ways singing . . , active in stage productions . . . well dressed Masquers Club ll, Ill, lVg llall Cop Ill, IV: P.T.A. Play ll, lll, IVQ Golf IV jAM IES MURPHY Quick-witted . . . agreeable . . . competent athlete . . . grand sport Camera Club lllg Lacrosse Ill, lVg Soccer lll, IVQ Badminton lllg Varsity Club IV Twenty-seven r mann.. .. www jk 44 X099 OJ rfyjqg Tfwfnty-eighl DRURY NIMMICII Spontaneous sense of hu- mor . . . unending stock of jokes . . . mechanically minded . . . fast football player Glee Club I, II, III: Foot- ball II, Ill, IV: Track Ill, IV: Boxing II: Ilall Cop III, IV: Varsity Club IV LOUISE NIMIVIICH Dependable . , . intelli- gent . . . accurate worker . , . swimmer Mast IV: Handbook III: Glee Club III: French Club III, President IV: Basket- ball IQ Archery I, II, III, IV: Tennis Il: Badminton IV: Fencing Ill: Athletic Council ll: junior Honor Society I, II: Senior llonor Society Ill, IV: P.T.A. Play II, III, IV: Treasurer Soph- omore Class FLORENCE NOLAND Rehned charm . . . lovely singing voice . . , intelli- gent . . , Echo columnist lfclio IV: flfast IV: Hand- book III: Glee Club IV: lacrosse Il: Ilockey I, II, III. IY: Ping-pong II: Bad- minton IV: Fencing Illg junior Ilonor Society II: Senior Ilonor Society III, IV: P.T.A. Play I, ll, III, IV WLLIAM NORCROSS Blond , . . athletic build . . . excellent football player . . . good sport . , . Bud Glee Club II, III: Foot- ball III, IV: Track Il, Ill, IV: Wrestling IV: Band ll, III: Hall Cop Ill, IV: Slide- Rule Club IV: Varsity Club IV: P.T.A. Play I, III MARGARET N ELSON likeable nature . . . in- terested in music . . . tal- ented singer . , , compan- ionable lfclm II: Glee Club I, Il, Ill, IV: Archery Il, III: Ping-pong III: Badminton IV: P.T.A. Play II, Ill, IV FRANK N ISWMAN Zealous manager . , . cap- able leader . . , likeable . . . natural and easy to know licbo I1 Camera Club IV: Glee Club ll: Masquers Club III, IV: Stamp Club I: Rifle Club II: Lacrosse III, IV: Badminton III: Student Council I: Band II, III: Ilall Cop III, IV: P.T.A. Play III I , GN 302 an oll KD S S Cl Bo ' II :sew oi, Hall cop Ill, Ia 'x ANDREW OTLAIIERTY Radiant smile . . . sunny disposition . . . handy stage craftsman . . . daily morn- ing paper reader Mast IV, Eootball IV: P,T.A. Play III DEVEREUX PINKDS Kimi . . . buoyant smile . . . a lity to make friends easily . , . able worker . . . goo ellow V, Science Club II, b III, Nlasquers b V, Rifle Club IV, , IV: Student r 'v yIII, IV MIRIAM PASEIELD Amazing ability to repro- duce likenesses on paper . . . attractive appearance . . , unassuming manner . . . Passie Ink Spots I, Ill, Glee Club III, Archery I, IX' MA RY PROCTOR Well groomed . . . efhcient . . . appreciative sense of humor , , . poised . . . regal appearance . . . Procky Ink Spots II, III, IV, Mast IV, Lacrosse II, III, IV, Badminton IV, Hockey II, III. IV, Social Chair- man Athletic Council III, IV, P.T.A. Play I, II, III, Wulf la RUTH PIERCE Giggler . . . lively . . . ath- letic ability '... star roller skater Glee Club I. III, Hockey I, Il, III, Riding I, II, Ath- letic Council I GERARD RASKOPF Generous . , . responsible , . . known for his ability as a tennis player . . . equally at home in a serious discus- sion or a jam session . . . jerry Masquers Club III, IV, Football III, IV, Basketball IV, Track III, IV, Tennis II, III, IV, Student Council llll I-Iall Cop lll, IV, Varsity Club IY, P.TA. Play II, III, IV Tfwenty-ninz' of W. aff' of' lytic-J-'19'W A i ELIZABETH READ Quiet Southern rehnement . . . lover of good jokes . . . easy laughter and charming wit 1ukSpotx IV: Ifrench Club III GLA-XDYS ROBINSON Lnassuming , . . pleasant company '... interested in others . . . important to the lirench newspaper Echo Ill: French Club IV: Archery III: Red Cross Council Ill: Pflf.-X. III: lfrench newspaper IV Thirty ROBERT REEVES Admirable . . . respected . . . executive ability . . . fine wrestler , . . model American youth Lacrosse IV: Baseball Ill: VVrestling II, III, Captain IV: President Student Coun- cil IVQ Ilall Cop III, Cap- tain IV3 Chief justice Stu- dent Court IVQ Varsity Club IV: IJfl'.A, Play II, III, IV LORRAINIS ROBINSON Carefree . . . vivacious , . . infectious giggle , . . poised . . . striking appear- ance Basketball I, II, III1 Track II3 llockey I, ll, III, IVQ Svviniming I3 Badminton Ill, IV: Student Council I. III: Vice President Melody Masters IV: P.T,.-X. Play II, III, IV S DOROTI IY RELITER Bubbling enthusiasm . . . earnest and intent . . . ex- ecutive ability '... talented pianist lfcho Ili xllast IV: Glee Club Ill, IV: Masquers Club I, II, III, Secretary IV: Hockey III, IVQ Archery I: Tennis III, IV: Student Council II: Athletic Council Il, lllg Melody Masters IV5 Pflfi-X. Play IV WII-I.IAM ROI.I.IiR Nluscular Titan . . .friend- ly '... happy outlook on life . . , athletic interests Glee Club IV: Iiootball IV ,.,i., . SHIRLEY SNYDIER Gay laugh . . . in the cen- ter of everything . . , grand sense of humor . . . fair judgment of others . . , HSnooniel' swf'-. an-R M yom . far' MARIE ROMANO Witty , . . authority on the latest dance steps and songs . . , good listener Edin IV: Mast IV: Mas- quers Club III, IVQ French Club I, ll. Ill: Basketball Il: Archery I, ll: Badmin- ton ll, lllg P.'l'..fX. Play I, Il, Ill M lfRlliL SCI IWAB Magnetic personality . , ambitious . , . feminine . . . thoughtful . , . dramatic ability Echo IVQ Mast IVQ Hand- book Illg Masquers Club I, ll, Ill, President IVQ Bas- ketball ll: Hocky II, Illg Student Council lllg junior llonor Society I, Ilg P.T.A. Play lllg Student Court IV PIIYLLIS SIIIEERAN Bright Irish eyes . . . loyal supporter of the Stu- dent Council . . . ready laugh Echo Ill, IVg Student Council I, ll, Ill, lVg Stu- dent Court lVg P.T,A. Play I, Il, Ill, IV IIORIQST SIXGLIE Earnest . . . silent . . . genial . , . person without an enemy . . . lid Rifle Club Ill. IV: lioot- ball lll, IVQ Track Ill, IV 'vrphlt' Ink Spots IV: Maxi IV3 ,I , J6 iffeneh Club ii, ui, maker- fy WV S 5 ball I, llg lacrosse I: ' 'M iitiekey 1, ii, Ill, ixx Bad- TUW minton IV: Athletic Council IV: Melody Masters IV: Red Cross Council IVQ Pl A Play I Il Ill IV 1 . . , MIRIAM S'l'L'llR Cheerful worker , . , ath- letic , . . vivacious . . . good student .llast IV: French Club l: Lacrosse l, IV: Baseball Ill: Archery I: lJ.'Ii..'X. Play IV Thirty-one K LLISABIETII VfXNDERBII.'I' l.ikeable . . . keen mind . . . appreciative of good music . . . artistically in- clined Art Iiditor Ink Spots lVg Glee Club IV: Basketball Ill, IYQ Lacrosse III, IV: Ilockey IVQ Pflf.-X. Play IV GENHVIEVE WALSII Beautiful red hair . . . quiet and unobtrusive man- ner . . . sincere friend Glee Club I, lllg Badmin- ton IYQ PTA. Play III, IV ROBISRI WIERNERSBACK Satirical observations . . . future in chemistry , . . ac- complished trombone player . . , 'AI.ightning" Band I, II, Ill, IVQ Orchestra I, II, III, IV: Spanish Club IV: Slide- Rule Club IX' GIKDRGIQ WISST I.ith and long . . . muscled . . . excellent football and basketball player . . . never known to worry , . . Westy l3ootball ll. Ill, lVg Bas- ketball Il, III, IV: Baseball Ill! Student Council Ill: Athletic Council IV Thiriy-tfwa WILLIAM TIIOMAS Pleasing disposition . . . motorcycle whiz . . . untiring shag . . , good track man . . . star football player . . . full of energy Glee Club IVZ Football III, IVg Track II, III, IVg Yarsity Club IVQ P.'I'.A. Play IV WILLIAM 'l'IERNIiY Amiable . . . man about town . , . Esquire . . . good fellow . . . business ability Ink Spots III, IVQ Mast IVQ lacrosse III, IVQ Wres- tling I, ll: Melody Masters IVQ PTA. Play I, II, III, IV QQWMW JEAN WILSON Excellent dramatic ability . . . charming humor . . . keen intelligence . . . delight- ful personality . . . piano player Glee Club II, III, IV: Masquers Club III, IV: Ger- man Club III, IV: Basket- ball II, III: Archery II: Badminton III, IV: P.T.A. Play II, III, IV GARDINER YOUNG Ever obliging . . . out- standing intelligence . . . keen wit . . , grand conver- sationalist . . . leader among men Echo I, IV: Ink Spots IV, Mast IV: Masquers Club I, II, III, IV: Student Council I, IV: German Club II, III, IV: Lacrosse I, II: Soccer I: Tennis I I: Band I, II, III: Orche a I, Il, III: Hall Co I, IV: Biology Club IV: itudent Court IV: Pr dent Sophomore Class: P. .A. Play II, III, IV CHARLES WOLTERS Conscientious and quiet . . . mechanically inclined . . . skilled motion-picture operator Hall Cop III, IV: P.T.A. Play IV: Melody Masters IV DOROTHY ZELLER Bouncing energy . . . con- versation dotted with hoot- chies and thing-a-ma-jigs . . . amazing ability to do things well at a tirst try Mast IV: Basketball II, III: Lacrosse I, II: Hockey I, II: Swimming I: Badmin- ton III. IV: Athletic Coun- cil II: Melody Masters IV: P.T,A. Play II, III, IV ROBERT WRIGHT Good student , . . likeable personality . . . willing to work . . . indispensable to class functions Mast IV: President Iio- rum IV: Lacrosse I, II, Ill, IV: Badminton III, IV: President Athletic Council IV: Hall Cop IV: P.T.A. Play II, III, IV iffy ig! 419 Thirty-three Aichele, lidward Albertson, Shirley Aldworth, William Amy, Eleanor Anderson, Adelaide Anderson, Donald Atwood, Alice Avenius, Rodney Ayers, Dorethy Back, Charles Ballasty, Rosemary Barnes, Theodore Barrett, Bernadette Bayer, Marion Bennett, Iivan Boger, Robert Bowdren, William Bowie, Walter Bowman, Russell Bowne, Marilyn Brown, Robert Buck, Robert Campbell, Paula President B ETTY GORMLEY Vice President jAN E SNYDER Thirty-four Carpenter, Warren Carter, Carol Clark, Mary Cornell, Dudley Cuff, Eileen Daley, Rita Decatur, Alice Decatur, Ann Dennehy, Gerald De Yoe, Kenneth Dickey, Carl Dillmeier, Mary Louise Donahue, john Dunn, Ruth liarl, Florence lfarll, William lillis, Charles lillison, john Emison, Harold Iinnis, Peyton lippler, Warren lirkenbrack, Kenneth Vegan, Frank IUNIUR Ferris, Gwendolyn Figueroa, Roy Foeh r, joseph Foster, Sally Gaither, lfrances Gallagher, Walter Gillspy, Robert Godfrey, Gloria Gormley, Betty Grant, Richard Hagopian, Ethel Hanley, Carol Hanley, joan Heaton, Murray l lerren, William Hicks, William Hill, Dorothy Hiltz, Seeley I lollendar, jean Hothan, Roy Hubbell, Roger Karter, Helen Kindt, Arthur CLASS l.eydet, Walter Littleton, Susan Lonette, Therese MacDonald, Henry Mansneld, Patricia Martin, Gloria Mason, Marjorie Mattneld, Kenneth McDonald, Donna Mcllhenny, Eva McLean, Betty McKinney. john McPheeters, Harold Meyer, jane Molony, Albert Moore, David Mori, Margurita Morrison, Richard Morris, jeremiah Mulford, Robert Munger, Carol Murphy. Audrey Musk, William OlNeill, Patricia Pelikan, Rudolph Pennington, l larold Perrell, Barbara Perrell, David Piel, Margarita Podeyn, jacqueline Pu rington, Woodbury Reimer, Frederick Richmond, Gail Rieger, Thomas Risk, Anasthasia Roche, john Roberts, Barbara Rowan, Edmund Rusher, William St. john, Frank Schiess, Katherine Schlayer, Edna Shaw, Virginia Silliman, Dorothy Silliman, Martha Smith, john Snyder, jane Sohl, Doris Stark, Muriel Stearns, l.illie Stoll, james Stone, jean Strohecker, Robert Strother, French Studwell, Robert Swanson, Gustav Sylvester, Alice Tisch, Charles Torney, jacqueline Van Buskirk, Elverda Vix, Ruth Walsh, Thomas Watson, l lerbert Wells, Albert Westphal. William Whitaker, Betty Whitney, Dudley Wolters, Viola Young, Stanley Zabriskie, Margaret Secretary YIRGINIA SHAW Treasurer RICHARD GRANT fldviser M R. j. NOEL CORBRIDGE Tlzirty-film Albiston, Arthur Alderton, Roderick Alexander, john Alfonso, Alice Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Roy Bennett Barfoot, Eugene Barnes, lirancis Bauer, Quincy Beazley, Georganne Behrer, Betty Behrer, Margaret Benze, George Best, Charles Best, Edward Bixler, joan Blake, William Bolton, Robert Britt, Lucille Burns, Ruth Butler, NValter ljfdjltftlllf GEORGE BENZE l7n'el're51de11l IEIDXXEXRD BEST Thirty-six Cauchois, Mignon Chevalier, Harold Cleaver. Murray Cooney, Stanley Cordes, Betty Creamer, Carolyn Cuff, Elizabeth Curran, james Currier, Bernard De Laney, john Dick, Robert Dickey, james Dittrich, joseph Doscher, Charles Dow, llarry Droge, Evelyn Dreyer, Louise Edwards, Brooks Eginton, jack Ennis, William liarr, George liischer, Donald lfries, Edward Fletcher, Donald lford, Emmett Franklin, Emilie Gibson, Ann Gillen, Dorothy Gluck, Muriel Goddard, Louise llall, George Hall, Virginia llall, William Hamilton, Charles llamlin, jane Hanley, Dorothy llarris, Marion Heagan, Robert l legeman, Alan l leiser, Grace llellawell, Eileen llickey, james SUPHUMURE llillyer, Mollie llollman, William Hoke, Charles llopkins, Adele Horn, Barbara Hostage, Arthur l loughton, William Howlett, Barbara johnson, lilorence j oseph, Arthur Karst, llenry Keane, Roger Kehl, Gwendolyn Keppicus, Nancy Ketchum, Robert Knudsen, Calvert Lamme, llerbert Roy Link, Marjorie Ljungquist, jean MacNeill, Donald M aesel, Carol CLASS Martin, Connie Martin, lidward Matheis, Richard McCaffrey, james Mcliennee, Richard McNamara. Eugene McPheeters. Donald Mears, Clay Meehan, john Mellord, Persis jane Metzger, Robert Meyer, George Miller, llelene Mitchell, Marion Moch, George Moline, George Molony, Rohert Molony, .Xlexander Morris, l loward I. 5 Mulhall, liileen Murdock, George Murphy, john Murray, Gail Nammach, William Nelson, Siglrid Xemeck, Charles Nissley, Marguerite O'l3rien, joseph U'Connor, Mice Orr, limma Orr, james Page, Courtney Petherane, George Pllugfelder, William Powell. jacqueline Powley, Rolwert Reayis, Dorothy Redmond, Mary Regan, lidward il Richardson, james Ripperger, joseph Ritter, Ann Romano, Paul Rudd, Diana Rumpl, Mary liliz Ryan, Rosemary Scala, Gloria Schell, l larold Schletter, Gerade Schwager, Arthur Shade, Sylyia Simpson, l.loyd Smith, Beatrice Sommers. Daniel Sommers. john Spaulding, Alice Stevenson. janet Stuhr, liileen Swanson, l5loyd aheth Swenson, Richard Sylyander, lirederick lacchi, juline Teed. Dorothy lhieringer, Otis lhomas, xjlllltf 'l'hornton, Mildred lierney, William L'lsh, William Yiall, john Wagner, Alan Wagner, Gwendolyn Warlel. Geraldine Wendell, Roy liverett Werner, Lorraine Wernershach, lidward Whitten. Delhert Wilcox, Betty .Xnn Wright, Patricia Secretary Cl..-XY MIQXRS Treaxurer Cl l.'XRl.liS l IOKIS .flt1'1'ixer MR. j.XM HS R ll.liY Thirty-51'fU1 71 Acton, Poster Allison, Richard Bailey, john Ballasty, Elizabeth Barber, lloyvard Barnes, Anne Behrer, .Xrthur Behrer, Richard Brown, Geery Buehler, lfrederick Burgess. Patricia Byrne, Robert Carey, Arthur Carlin, George Carter, Stanley Chevalier. Charlotte Clark, jane Clarke, lirank Cook. ,Xml Cleaver, limmy I.ou President THOMAS Sl IAW Vice President DOLGLAS MCK IXXEY Thirty-eight Cordes, llarriet Crawford limalina Creamer, Richard Crombie, Patricia Cull, Mary Daly, Catherine Daly, lfileen Daly, Vv'illiam David, Carol Davis, Muriel Day, Brenda Dick, Edward Doing, Warren Dreyer, Charles Dull, Cameron Dull, Patricia Duffy, jane Dunn, Mildred ligly, Patricia ligly, Theodore lilder, Charles lflmendorf, William lfnequist, Louise liasciani, Arthur liilson. lileanor lfitzgerald, jeanne lirey, Dorothy lfrisbie, Sue Gafney, john Gaither, Ann Gallenkamp, Betty Ganzenniuller, Ann Geddes, jeanette Gerland. Gladys Gerry, Donald Godson, Carol Graves, William Greason, Craig llanley. Polly llansen, l larry FRESHMAN Hanson, livelyn Hawthorne, john l lazelwood, Peter llealy, Robert llill, Barbara Hodgson, Barbara Hoke, jack Hutton, Phyllis Hylander, joan johnson, judith Kind, Paul Kleniknecht, lidith Klingman, Audrey Kramer, Shirley Kuhn, john Kurt, Gloria l.a 'l'urno, Raymond Lauman, Claire Leather, Peter Leslie, john Lombardi, lileanor l CLASS Long, Gloria Loughlin, Edwin Mallett, Peter Mallon, Thomas McAldufT, Thomas Mcffandless, Byron McCutcheon, lflarry Mcl aughlin, Grace Mclaughlin, William McDonald, james Mcliay, Ronald Mcliay, Walter Mcliinny, Archie Mcliinny, Douglas McNary, Douglas Mendes, George Meyer, Elizabeth Moline, Barnard Mott, Dorothy Murphy, Catherine Murphy, joseph Murphy, Patricia Nash, Shepard Xicoll, Dorothy Nimmick, jack Nolte, Elsie Nosworthy. lnez Xulty, Ruth Nunnally, Elizabeth O'Dell, Patricia O'l'7laherIy, William Ogden, llope O'Xeill, Eileene O'Rourke, james O'Rourl4e, Patricia Palmer, john Pardy, loilliam Pekor, Patricia Peto, Harold Pflugfelder, Gloria Post, jeanne Powell, l,orraine Quinn, l,ucille Raskopl, Vincent Rea, Dorothy Regel, lileanor Reilly, Mary jane Reilly, Sheila Reinhart, Woody Richmond, Kenneth Ross, William Rowe, Richard Salkeld, Thomas Sampson, Robert Sanders, Ann Scalla, Marjorie Schleher, Louise Schroeter, Samuel Scoltock, Albert Search, Priscilla Shaw, Thomas Smith, lidward Smith, lrene Smith, Nancy Snowden, Phyllis Sommers. Donald Sparling, Donna Staub, lireda Starin, jack Stewart, jean Swaningson, Arline Taylor, Alice Thomas, Oliflfe Van Tassell, jane Vellve, Robert Ward, William Wassung, jack XVeeks, john Whipple, Mary jane VVhitaker, jean Zabriskie, William Zavidow, Raymond Secretary LOL7 ISE EN EQUIST Treasurer EDWARD DICK Adviser MR. Tl IOMAS M INER, Thirty-nine Forly iffy Q Q scuouuzsuxr 'r is AN ESTABLISHED fact that not only scholarship but extracurricular activities, also, develop well-rounded students. This year the school day was so planned as to allow a half hour every afternoon for extracurricular activ- ities. This activity period not only made for better organizations and progress in the various clubs but also made it possible for every student to take part in some activity in which he was interested. This idea has worked out most successfully as there has been not only a more enthusiastic group interested in the activities, but alsovsev- eral more clubs have come into existence. Forty-our STUDENT STUDENT CUUNIIIL Tap row: Walter Gallagher, lirench Strother, Betty Gormley, jane Snyder, Robert Reeves, Dorethy Ayres, Mr. Ilall Bartlett, Phyllis Sheeran, Anne Evers, Ned Herrmann, Robert Martin. Middle row: Robert Mitchell, llarold McPheeters, Gary Alderton, Robert Studwell, Gardiner Young, llarold Chevalier. liotiom row: George Benze, lidwaril Best, Charles lilderf Richard Allison, james Dickey. lN PREVIOUS YEARS we have had Student Councils here at Garden City, but they were much hampered by their lack of experience and restricted authority. As the school grew, however, so grew the Council, until it hnally reached its present position. ln the spring of 1938, the Council presented, after a lot of hard work and experi- mentation, a new Constitution to the school. This revised Constitution was made to include all the improvements of the previous years and also some new ideas put in as an experiment. This Constitution met the full approval of the school and was put into effect immediately. ' Although the Council had attempted many things before, it had never actually possessed the backing necessary to accomplish what it had set out to do. Now, Hnd- ing itself practically the sole arbiter of the school's fate, it immediately set about putting its new-found authority to work. lts Hrst act was to inaugurate a Student Court, which body, composed of Hve student judges, was to assume certain burdens hitherto carried by teachers. Their duties included decisions on trafhc problems, violations of all school rules and other offenses not serious enough to merit the attention of the teaching staff. The school can bear witness to the efliciency of the Court. Still a further task assigned to the Council was the supervision of the trafhc squad. llenceforth all traffic squad members are to be chosen by the Council with the consent of the captain of the squad and of the faculty adviser. Forty-tfwo URGANIZATIUNS As still another innovation. the Council installetl a calentlar committee. whose tluty it was to take care ol' all utlicial tlates lor school affairs ul' any nature. Class and cluh ufllcers were required to come helore this hoartl antl ohtain their permission to use a certain tlate lor their particular project. In this way confusion hetween cluhs or classes was avoitlt-tl. ln pursuit ul' this program of iinprcweinents, the Council has other itleas. such as the supervision ol cluh activities. the granting ol charters to wortliy organizations. etc.. which have not yet ht-en put into ella-ct. All in all, one can salely say' that the present Stutlent Council is one worthy ul' the highest praise. STUDENT CUURT lam- Snytltfi. Phxllis Sliuvran. Ruht-rt liuuws. Xml llerrniann TRAFFIC SIIUAIJ Tap nm" litlxxartl llomeyt-r. l-rank Krall. Malcolm l-ilsun. lhrlancl l.uther, Thomas llurne. ifnurlli ru1.'.' Gcmlun llealon. xlanit-s Nlourt-, liuhert Martin. john Carter, Rtrlwrt Wright. Third mic: Dean Antlerf son. Cliarlcs Wolters, Peter llulwlit-ll, Bula llrauns, Clam Mtlurtun. Ray .-Xltwziiitler. Stvmzd rm. Gartliuer Young. llichartl l es- llc. William Nrrcruss, T,l1lll'lL'N llall, Richartl Nlalltwn Drury' Xllllllllill. liuttuni mic: Nlr, llall Ilartlett, liolwrt Xlitchell. jerry Rasltupli, Robert licexes, Neil llerrinann. Robert lit-lirt-r. Furry-lllrn' Top mt.-' lit-nton llamilton, Barbara l'errell, Mary Retlinoiid, Thomas Walsh, Doris Hensley. liill Cayin, Robert Brown. Iiliml rme, 'lane llanilin, Phyllis Sheeran, -It-an liolillierprer, Xirginia Shaw, Florence Noland, Louise little- ton. lilizabelli Nunally. Nliss Saietta Nlcifrea. Second mr: Anne Barnes, Mariorie Mason, Ann Risk, Alice Svlvester. Ruth Burns. Ruth llegeman, kldilx Lamme. lfoltonz roi." jean Wliitalver. .Xlice Ollonnor, Connie Martin, lborethv Ayers. l-rench Strother, Yiola Wolters, Muriel Schwab, Susan litlleron. THE ECHO THE lfrbo is outstanding for its portrayal ol' the sportsmanship. humor and versa- tility ol our student body as a whole. An indispensable publication ol' school life, the lftflio has made rapid and concrete progress. Although there were no startling, changes introduced in the general character and make-up ol' the paper this year, there were some very significant innovations made in the type of articles used, and many special interviews and articles were written. The staff also made an etfort this year to obtain advance news, rather than a rehash ol past events. Nlany types ol' informational articles were included on the editorial pages, and write-ups on topics of current interest included such diversified subjects as swing-band leaders, popular actors and contemporary authors. .N definite trend toward rellecting student opinion was noticed in the editorials. and various school problems were discussed freely. Students were also encouraged to submit any constructive criticism to the editors. These various merits enabled the lfcho to win second place in the Columbia Scholastic Press conference, an honor of which the stalf was justly proud. Ratings were also obtained in the National Scholastic Press Association Contests. Forty-four INK SPUTS SINCE its BIRTH in io28. Ink Spots has made spectacular and praiseworth J progress. Originally a small magazine without illustrations, it has grown to its present attrac- tive appearance because of the efforts of a competent art staff. Linder the untiring efforts of each succeeding editor, with the co-operation of a talented staff. Ink Spots has added new and more absorbing sections and has improved each year in quality. Under the leadership of the editor, Mary Enequist, and the adviser, Miss liredericks, the staff this year has made definite progress in securing material which was not only of a high literary quality but was also interesting and diversified reading for the whole student body. This year a special effort was made to have Ink Spots contain material of an appealing nature to all students and pertinent to various phases of school life. There- fore, stories and articles which derived their inspiration from actual school situa- tions were used largely as main features. Ink Spots has proved its superiority, despite its comparative youthfulness, through the various honors which it has attained. Since 1951 it has won hrst or second place almost without exception in the various national press contests. Top row: Mary l.ouise Dillmeier, Alice Alfonso, Therese l,onette, ,lack Yaill, Richard Swenson, Carol Munger, Miss lidita Fredericlis. joan llanley. Robert Brown, Murray lleaton, Robert Gillespy, james Dickey, Walter Butler. Ilenry Mcllonald. I-'mirth rme: llorethy Ayers, Murray Cleaver, -lean Stone, Bonnie Martin, lilizabeth Nunally. Marion Bayer, Betty Read. Betty Yanderbilt, Mary Proctor, Shirley Grandeman, Mary Enequisl, Third rats: Barbara Cook, Margaret McI.ean. Second fmt! Yiola Wolters, Lily Stearns, jane Lfalcagno, Ruth Dayton. Bottom row: Connie Martin, Shirley Snyder, Mary Butler, Patricia Hall, Forty-fifvr : .Nl,XSl lrlll IORIAXI. Top VU'2.'.' Gardiner Young, Robert .Nlitcht-ll. Roland Lange, Ted ts, alph llealy. lit-xeteux linltus. Donald Byrne, Andrew tfl laherty. .Ywmitl mm: Nlr, -lohn Wariiner, Louise Nimmick, ,lean liohlberger, lieth Dichman. Doris lit-rnsley. Mary Proctor, llelen Vonnors, Phyllis Sheeran, Mary liuller. liofloui nm! llorothx lit-titer, Margaret Nlcl.t-an, William Gay ni, Richard Xlallon, louise littleton. Bert l.uther, Muriel Schwab, Anne livers. MAST STAFF THE 1aDl'rlNc. of the Mast by the senior class is its last big eflort before graduation. Planning for the publication from the freshman class up until the time they become seniors, all students help to lay aside a certain amount each year which is saved for this final enterprise. This year another group has edited and published its yearbook, in commemora- tion of the four years spent at Garden City High School. Once again a whole class passes on either to college or to a place in the business world, and leaves behind it this concrete evidence of four years of school activity. To newcomers it will be a record of past achievements on the part of the graduates, to the seniors themselves it will be a tangible and everlasting recollection of many varied and happy days. To rising seniors and to all the undergraduates headed for the same experiences this class has just passed through, a cordial wish is extended that they may profit by the mistakes and by the accomplishments of this group. A trial and error method proves profitable in the end, and if this year's seniors have contributed anything through their experiences, they are at least gratified to an extent for their efforts. The success of the Mast has been due largely to the efforts of certain capable seniors who have expended considerable time and energy on the publication. 'lo them a debt of gratitude is owed by the whole class. But equal consideration is due to the constant guidance and inspiration offered by the two faculty advisers who have done so much towards supporting and encouraging all efforts, and to them the staff gives yvholehearted thanks. Top rote: Dean .-Xnderson, ylames Mu rphy, Ned I lerrmann, ,Iantes Moore, Dave NlcYamara. Clit'- tord Cole, Benton llaniilton Tlvfrd mic: Xlr. john Steinberg -lane llalcagiio, Rosh n Barber. Nliiiain Stuhr, lilorenct' Noland. ,It-anne lichell. Ruth Dayton, llelen Kli- Williani, Second rote: Mai'gart-t Butler, Dorothy Yeller. Marilyn Marshall, Yirginia Geclts, liill lloinano, liatlierine Lynch. lin!- fom rote: l7alene lloyvner. tionnit' llaaren, Shirley Snyder, Katherine Nash, Betty flahler, Roseniary llussey, Marie Boggs. NLXST Bl'SlNliSS S'l',Xlflf 'l'it-rney. Robert XVright, Marie Top row: Arthur llostage, Dick Swenson, james Dickey, ,Ianies Nlcilallrey, Robert Mitchell, Robert Martin, Peter lluhbell, Warren Carpenter, Richard Dick, Richard Allison, Roger lluhhell, Gartlint'r Young. Third rome: Dorethy .-Xyt-rs, Xluriel Schwab, Eleanor .-Xniv, I-retl Sylvander, john Donahue, Albert Wells, Elsie Nolte, liileen O'NeiIl, Louise Enequist, Louise litlleton, Emma Orr. Elizabeth llallasty. Second row: Louise Ximmick, jacqueline Powell, lfarol Maesel. llaroltl Xlcl'heeters. -lean Stone, glean liohlherger. Xlarilvit Bowne, Jacqueline Torney, Sally Foster, Lillie Stearns. liottom ww: Katherine Lynch, lilorence Noland, Virginia Shaw, Carol Munger, Mary Louise Dillmeier, Patricia Ilall. Betty Gormley, llelene Miller, Anne Evers, Sue Littleton. HUNUR SUCIETY CONSISTING of the top honor students of the school, the llonor Society members are appointed to the club usually at the end of the school year. Divided into a senior and junior club, freshmen enter at the end of junior high school and seniors usually at their graduation. However, in special cases, juniors are admitted if they show exceptional work before their senior year. Entrance into the club is based upon scholarship, leadership and character. Members of the upper five or ten per cent of the classes are chosen and accord- ingly receive certificates. This year, officers of the club were elected at the beginning of the year, and the organization was concerned mainly with work on a handbook to be given to in- coming freshmen. MASUUERS CLUB ETTHE MASQUERS CLUB, organized in 1935 by Mr. Green and a group ol' students, this year presented the successful Broadway hit Stage Door. Muriel Schwab took the difficult lead, supported by the largest cast in the history of the club. Effective costuming, lighting, production and scenery are studied in the club. Members make all sets and enough money has been made to contribute a new electrical unit, complete with dimmers and spots, to the school. Each year the club takes a survey trip to obtain information about the stage. The club is constantly widening its scope of activities and is looking forward to the time when it will be able to give more than one large production a year. Top rote. David McNamara. Roh- erl Gillespy, Deveieux Pinkus. llenton Hamilton. ,llztldle fmt' Doris liernsley. Nlarie Boggs. Marie Rontano, lieth Dichnian. juline Tacchi, Nlargaret Mclean, Barbara Cook, Patricia Ilall. l.illie Stearns, louise l.ittleton, Thomas Walsh. Charles lfllis, French Stroiher, Roger lluhliell, ,lanivs Moore. Dick Calvert. -Ioltn Cfarter. lioltorn wx: Dutllev Wliitiiev. jean Wilson, Warren Earle. Dick Swenson, Dorothy Rt-uter, Gardiner Young, Clilfortl llole, Muriel Schwab, Ned llerrmann, Frank Xewnian, ,lane Snyder, jerry Ras- kopt, lletty Gormley, Dean Antler- son. Robert llrown, Nlr. Donald Green. MUSIC DEPARTMENT THIS YEAR the music department has improved greatly in quality because of many of the old members who have had the benent of training and experience and the opportunity of regular practice. The band has become the pride of the school in the fall season when it plays at the home football games, and the attractive uniforms on the held have won great admiration. Pete leloke, twirling his baton, also excited favorable comment, and the band made a colorful picture as it moved in and out of formation at the games. The orchestra was also brought to the attention of the school by its evening concert and its accompaniment of the operetta. The orchestra got well into the swing of the attractive lilting music of the operetta and gave a remarkable performance, considering its comparative youth. The glee clubs participated in four major events this year. They sang appro- priate carols as a background for the Christmas play and presented a concert in February. ln collaboration with the dramatic department they presented the annual operetta, and shortly afterwards played an integral part in the Spring Festival. The Festival was a combination of the whole music department. Band, orches- tra and glee clubs gave a program to show the long strides toward perfection made during this year. The whole season showed remarkable improvement, thanks to the untiring efforts of the music department faculty. GLEE CLUBS Top rome: Cfliarles Bast, john Nlelvinney, Charles Tisch. Warren l-arle, William Roller, William llerren, Dudley Whitney, Walter Bowie, john Smith, Clay' Xleers, lidward Smith, William lloughton, Tlurd mu: Betty' Calder, Dorothy Reevis, Dorothy Gillen, Marjorie liarter, Woodbury Purington, Kenneth Defoe, Robert Roger, Charles Nininiich. jack Nimniicli, Ted Barnes, George Meyer. lfthel llagopian, Betty Wilcox. Ann Gibson, Rosemary Ballasty, Nlr. Query. Sermid rms: jane Dutly, Louise Schlerer. Lucille Quinn. Lucille Ritter, Grace Nlciiloughlin. Yiola Wolters. Carol Gotlson, llope Ogden, Rosemary Ryan, Dorothy Teed, llleanor Regal, Mary Louise Rumpf, llelen Alberts, Margaret Nelson. lfirxt roam' livalina Crawford, juline Tacchi, joan Bixler, Dorothy Renter, jean Kohlberger, lilorence Noland, Eleanor Lomliardi, Betty Vanderbilt, Constance Martin, lileanor Filson, Dorothy Rea, Nancy Smith. BAND Tap row: Kcunclh Delov. Robert Wcrnershack, Gcralll Schlcllrr, William liowdreu. Robert Buck, William llcrrcu, Thomas McAldutf, john Carter, Alice Sylvcstvr, Elvcnla Van Buwkirk, Donalil Schlicpcr. jmuph Donahuc. lidwaril Hamilton. .liiddle rom: Nlr. Nichols. llenry lloke. Ogden Warnvr. Alxin lionart, lidward XX'erner5liaQk. Charley Moline. Charles llamilton, Don NlcXcil, .lim Orr, Marion Cfartur, Woollliury Puringlon, Yincenl Lomharili, Barnvx' Edwards, ,lack Barnes. -Iusvph Wilson. Georgc Illcllonalrl, Charlu: Back,'er rump: Barbara Nlcliinm-y. Norma Sylvcslcr, Bryant Seaman. Bill Ross, Al llcgcman, Roheri Brown, Patricia llall. lh-tty Wifuox. Rolwrl Koharl, Roland Lange, Bill Alglworth. Sealed: Barliara Roberts. Tap rout' Marvin Kuhn, Pat fllansiicld. jams: Orr, Marion Carter, Donalil Schlicpr. .llzddle faux' llarold Mc- Pliculcrs. Aliso Taylor. llully' Comics. Louise Scheler, Marguerite NiSsley. Mr. -I. Byron Nichols, Frederick Sylvan- nler, lilvcrla Yanlluskirk, Walter Bowic. john Carter, Stanley Carter. Lower row: Virginia llall, Slanluy Young, Alulrcy Klingman, Xlarion llarris. Puls llokc. Barnca lirlwarda, Pat llall. Rohcrr liohart. bltffj' Fcliu. In fmnf: .lohn liowney. URCHESTRA FRENCH CLUB Top ruin: ,lactiueline Day. ljlizahetli Yunallt, l.ouise linequist. lilsie Xolte. Donald McNeil. lidwartl lirics, Bar- liara llorn. larry Clark, Patricia llall, lloward liarlieii fliird rmix' Craig Greason. Donald Geery. -lohn Roche, Xlurray Cleayer. Betty Nlel,ean. llarliara Cook Sally l-taster, ,Iacqtteliiie Podeyn. Dorothy Neuter. llelen Connors. Nlargaret Nlcl.ean, Ruth lbunn, Rita Daly, Marilyn Bowne, Xliss listher liaton, Yirginia Geeks, Xliss l..nltl. Second rome: illlss Dunlop, Miss Amis, Ruth llegeman. Uorethy .Xy ers, Bt-th llichman, Marilyn Marshall, Louise Ximmich, lileanor .-Xniy. ,lacqueline Torney, Muriel Stark, Marjorie Mason. liollom mix: Carol Carter, Carol Nlaesel, .lacqueline Powell, Ruth Yix. louise littlt-ton. Gladys Robinson. glean Ljungtluist, Doris llernsley. THis YEAR the lirench Club was reorganized, headed by a council of six students who have done outstanding lirench work. All French pupils were eligible for mem- bership, and the new members of the l3rench llonor Society were chosen on the basis of their scholarship attainment and accomplishments in the club. The new program included the division of the club into four groups: the Linguaphone group, which listened to records in French on various phases of l3rench life, the glee club. the dramatic club and the newspaper group which pub- lished its biweekly newspaper, Le Cbautettler. During the year, programs of interest were planned for the members, among which was a tea in honor of a visiting lfrenchwoman and a visit to L'Ecole Nlater- nelle in New York. The new program has proven quite successful, and a renewed enthusiasm for the lirench language has been established among the students, ORGANIZHJ to give German students a better insight into German customs, folklore and history, the German Club provides ample opportunity for varied meetings of both an instructive and entertaining nature. The members have confined their actions to intraclub activities, such as reading books, plays and poems, playing games, puzzles and other amusements. Conducted entirely in German, the club is not only informative but is also a great aid in enabling the students to become fa- miliar with conversational German. Through the results of a sale sponsored by the club, the organization was able to build up a treasury of over twenty dollars, part of which was spent in buying German records for the Linguaphone. During the year the club members have attended outside programs related to German, among which were German movies, a German festival at Adelphi College and participation in a German contest, also held at Adelphi. Top rote: Margaret llagelthorn, Alice Sylvester, Marion Bayer. Robert Reeves, Roland lange. Dean Anderson, s 1 1 S .-Xlbert Wells, liredericli Sylyantler. Charles lzlli.. Iiollt in nie: ,lean ftone. Agnes .-Xamodt. Nlary Louise lbillmeier, Gardiner Young. Robert iiroxxxi, William Wt-stphal. Robert Xlulfortl, joseph leoelir. GERMAN CLUB SPANISH CLUB Top mcg: james Stoll, lirances Gai- ther. Alice Svl- yesier. Dudley Cornell, Miss lilor- ence Cuthbert, ,Ioan barter, Ralnh llealy, Pevton lpn- nis, lzugene Mc- naniara, Yincent I ornhardi, llarold Mcpheeters. llnima Orr, Robert Wer- nershacly. 5'elll:'Jf lloh Byrne, Richard tlreamer. ,loe Byrne, Bill Nic- l.aughlin, Richard Iii ,xx' 5. Warren Ruess. NARRONYED down to a select and enthusiastic group of students, the Spanish Club is concerned mainly with studying and participating in events concerned with Span- ish culture. The members have been fortunate to obtain slides from time to time on places of historical as well as contemporary interest in Spain. This year the club was headed by llrances Gaither, who has a definite interest in the Spanish civilization due to her many visits to Mexico where she has lived. Under her leadership several projects were undertaken by the club, included among which was a visit to the Hispanic Museum. Travelogues of South America and Mexico were also shown upon occasion. The purpose of this language club is to encourage an interest in the living Spain and to acquaint Spanish students with the life, emotions and history of the country whose language they are learning. AN INTEREST in current issues and a desire to discuss the problems of our country led to the establishment of the Wranglers Club. Originally it was just a group of boys who met to talk over these questions among themselves, but soon they found they were journeying to various schools to participate in forums. This year, under the competent leadership of Mr. Lee Griffin, who can put up a stiff argument on any question, the Wranglers organized a forum at home and invited other schools to discuss the merits of a Pan-American Policy. The meeting proved extremely interesting and was well attended by many outsiders, all of whom took active part in the discussion. Interest was aroused in the school also, and several students outside the club came to listen. Next year the Wranglers hope the club will be broadened and include many more enthusiastic members. liofv rote? Ned llerrniann, Robert Mitchell, Mr. l,ee Griliin. Rohert Wright, Albert Wells. liollnm row: William XX1-stphal, Ricliartl Nia!- lon, William Gavin, llenton llamil- KOH. WRANGLERS CLUB W 1 I I I Fifty-lfwo 52 e ,V 'Q Va? fab SCHOLARSHIP I F E i, 4 3 fl N EVERY scnoot there is always a group of ardent sport enthusiasts, boys and girls who not only participate in sports but also give their wholehearted support to the school teams. The aim of the physical education department of the Garden City High School has been to create a system whereby every student would have a chance to engage in all sports, regardless of his ability. The Girls' Athletic Association and the Boys' Varsity Club-a new organization this year-have attempted to give every student an interest in intramural and varsity games. Fifty-three FUUTBALL THIS YliXR'S 'riiui was well supported by seniors who had seen action on last year's varsity. Although the record of two games won. three lost and two tied is not particularly impressive. Garden City's gridders gave a good account of themselves as lar as their spirit and enthusiasm were concerned. The prospect for next year shows evidence of several promising juniors who will rise to fill the places lelt va- cant by the graduation of Bert Luther, Bob Brauns, George West, Peter llub- Air. Douglas 1 tti. 1 nf, irtifttm, ti ttitf hes bell and several others. llowever, the new team is by no means experienced. and in all probability next year will be a build-up for the season following. The Maroon and Gray started off the season with a tie score against Wood- mere, 646. This score does not give a true picture of the game, as Garden City easily outplayed the weaker Woodmere team, but greenness and resulting mistakes allowed the Woodmere gridders to push over the line once. Co-Captain Bob Brauns was responsible for Garden City's only score. Against Roslyn, Garden City came to life and showed good football ability. The team pushed the weak Roslyn eleven helplessly about the field, scoring almost at will to the tune of 18-o. Bob Brauns was again responsible for all the teamls points. Facing Southside in the third game, the grid warriors ran up against two of the best backs they saw all season, and as a result went down to defeat, 25-I2. Brauns scored once in this game, keeping himself in the running for the county scoring honors. while Quarterback llubbell rang up the other tally. At Oyster Bay, Garden City showed up its great fumbling weakness and tied the game 12-12. although they could easily have swept their opponents off the field. Many fine plays shot the ball to the enemy goal time and time again, but the lvlaroons seemed unable to keep their hands on the ball. once there. Yindicating the poor exhibition of the previous week. the Douglasmen turned back an inferior Manhasset eleven by an I8-O score. Completely outclassed. the North Shore team launched a few drives, which, however, Garden City was able to repulse. llard tackling and some good blocking on the part of the Garden City boys was put down to their credit in this game. The big game of the season against Farmingdale. Garden City's rival, ended in defeat for the Maroon and Gray. But though the score looked formidable, the team Fifty-four gave a good fight against an obviously stronger Green-clad eleyen, Pete llu we deserved high honors lor the several brilliant runs he made, as well as scoring the lQLllTlyS only touchdown. The season closed with a disappointing loss to liast Rockaway. Scoring on y on a pass from l3rauns to Luther, the team let opposition get through the ines illowing liast Rockaway to score twice. l5OO'l'BAl.l. 'l'E.-XM lop row: Mititlle row: lforest Single William Thomas Albert Wells liugene McNamara I lerbert Watson Peyton linnis Robert Studwell Robert Gillespy Ralph llealy ,lohn Mcliinney john O'l3rien Mr, Alohn llorton Roy Figueroa llarold liinison Rodney Avenius lack lillison Dudley Cornell Williain .Xldworth Warren Carpenter George Murdock ,lohn Donahue Roy l.a1n1ne llayid McNamara lfrank St. john Klr. Alan Douglas Bollouz mic: Roy llothan Peter Hubbell .-Xndrew Olflaherty Drury Nimmick Richard l.eslie Ned llerrmann Burt l.uther Robert Brauns William Norcross klerry Raskopl' George West Robert Barnes Bill Roller Charles ljllis Ifijty fu LAST season's soccer team gave Garden City rooters justifiable cause for celebration in the fine record it set up. In the Nassau County Soccer League Contest, Garden City tied with Sea Cliff as co-holder of the championship, an honor which the team had fully earned. Scores speak even more eloquently than words, as is evidenced in the record established bv the team with eleven out of fourteen wins. tvinv the .V .f O other two games and losing but one in the entire season. At the head of the team were many high scorers who kicked the ball through repeatedly against all opposition Especially worthy on this score were Bob Behrer, Bob Ketchum, Tom Rieger and Deano Maxuta. Equally distinguished for his steady trustworthy work on the defense was the goalie, jack Cauchois, who allowed only five goals to be registered against him in fourteen games. According to Coach Steen, the prospects for next year look equally as good and show promise of much potential material in the line of undergraduates. lle is con- fident of a strong offense which he saw developing in this year's campaign, and a few of his best possibilities include Tom Rieger, Bob Buck, Bob Ketchum, Dick Behrer, lired Reimer, Ken Erkenbrack, Bill Bowdren. Dave Moore, Rod Alderton and Gerard Schletter. With this group as a nucleus for strong opposition, Mr. Steen expects to have a steady group which will fill in the gaps occasioned by the gradua- tion of Mac lfilson, jack Cauchois, Frank Krall, Gary Alderton, Bob Behrer and jim Murphy. The success of the squad has been mainly attributed to its splendid teamwork, and if next yearls members give the same support, they will be assured of equal success. Although the team was by no means perfect, careful training and fair sportsmanship gave them a good appearance upon all occasions. 'lihe team also owes a great deal of gratitude to Coach Steen who was a constant encouragement, and to him they extend sincere thanks. SUCCER TEAM Top row: Mr. james Steen, llarold Pennington. Roderick Alderton. William Hoffman, David Perrell, Patrick Regan, Henry McDonald. Evan Bennett, Malcolm Filson, lirank Krall. Kenneth Matfield, Harold Peto, Thomas Rieger. james Stoll, Dudley Whitney, Mr, William Carr. .tlnldle rome: james llickey. jack Cauchois, james Murphy, john Alexander, Donald Anderson, George Pethman, Robert Behrer, Robert Buck, Kenneth ljrkenbrack, Gary Alderton, Gerard Schletter, William Bowdren, William Ilerren. liottom row: Robert Ketchum, Deano Nlazuta, Ray- mond Alexander, David Moore, Frederick Reimer, joseph l'oeh1', Richard Grant, Richard Behrer, Albert Moloney. Fifty-six Top row: lfrank Newman, Charles Hamilton, .liiddle row: Mr. Noel Corbridge, George Benze, Peyton Ennis, George West, Daniel Sommers, Rodney Avenius, Mr. Carroll Smith. linttom row: jerry Raskopf, Patrick Regan, lirank Krall, Malcolm Filson, Roland l.uther, Robert Mitchell, Robert Ketchum, BASKETBALL TEAM LAsT season's basketball team presented its followers with an assortment of hard- fought, skillful, alert and inspiring basketball. Although they combated many over- whelming odds in the way of sickness and injury, they never lost heart. For this fact alone we are justihably proud of them. The high light of the season was the team's victorious trip to Baltimore, when they defeated the Baltimore Friends' School after a hard-fought and low-scoring game. The score was ro-15. This was the hrst of a series of meetings planned and arranged by Mr. Smith, who had previously directed athletics at the same school. Aside from this, the most interesting encounter was with Manhasset, who, at that time, was riding the crest of a ten-game winning streak. Contrary to expecta- tion, the game was not decided until the closing minutes of play, which finally showed the close score of 31-29, in favor of Manhasset. The individual scoring records show the co-operation that prevailed through- out the season. The final count was always well distributed among the members of the team, except in the case of Mac Filson who invariably held the spotlight through his great height and daring pivot shots. Mac led the team in scoring with almost a hundred points. Bert Lurther, also, was famed for his set shots sunk from the center of the court, while Bob Mitchell proved a constant threat on the defense. The heavy duty was done by Mac Filson, Pat Ennis, Bob Mitchell, Bert Luther, Pat Regan, Frank Krall, George West and jerry Raskopf. With all but one of these members in the graduating class, Mr. Smith and Mr. Corbridge are plan- ning next year's campaign around Pat Ennis, Rod Avenius, Dan Sommers, George Benze and Bob Ketchum, all of whom tasted experience during the past season. Fifty-:even Tap mu: Mr. john Steinberg. Richard llchrer. Thomas Rieger, Richard Grant. William Aldworth, john Donahue. lirank St. john. Ilaiold Pennington, Mr. john llorton. llortom wz.'.' Douglas Blcliinney. Albert Xlalony, Richard Illallon, William Norcross, Robert Reexes, Peter lluhbell, Roger Hubbell, Charles Moline, Robert Moloney. WRESTLING THREE years ago Garden City was, for the first time, represented by a varsity wrestling team. The interest and enthusiasm were high but the percentage of vic- tories was exceedingly low, for in wrestling, to an even greater extent than in most sports, experience is a tremendously important factor in the development of a good team. This year was the first time that a majority of the members had had previous seasoning, and their seasonls scores testified to the vast improvements made during the past three years. Garden City had a rather short season this year-only six matches-but it turned in the enviable record of five victories and but one defeat. This year the team was captained by its outstanding grappler, Robert Reeves. He, Dick hlallon and Al Moloney were the veterans with three years of wrestling to their credit. Dick Grant, Frank St. john, Charles Moline and Roger Hubbell showed the value of their two years, experience. These men formed the nucleus, and around them was built the rest of the team. At the close of the season, Garden City, for the first time, entered a team in the Long Island Wrestling Championships held at Mepham. The one hundred and twenty competing grapplers were the best that the Long lsland teams could pro- duce. There was but one Garden City boy who met with any success, Charles Moline. The star II5-pOLlI1Llt3l' struggled successfully upward through the prelimi- nary bouts but was defeated in the finals by his opponent from Amityville, a school well known for its excellent wrestling teams. llis prize, as runner-up in his weight division, was a handsome bronze medal. The wrestling team will lose but four of its members by graduation this year. With the remaining men, Garden City is sure to develop an outstanding team for IQ4O. Perhaps this fourth year of steady wrestling will establish the home team on equal ground with some of its stiff competitors, and with plenty of good training and hard practice, Garden City will be able to show its own against any competition. Fifty-fight Dudley Whitney, ,Iohn Smith, Charles llaniilton, Devereux Pinlxus, Peter lluhbell, Richard Swenson. Frank St. john, Edward lflonieyer, llenry Mcllonald, limmett liord, john Alexander, Paul Gillen, Robert Metzger. RIFLE TEAM ESPECIALLY fortunate was the school this year in having built the Hnest rifle range in Nassau County. ln previous years the team had been lorced to go to the police department range for their practices, and consequently lost much of their shooting time. The value of the range was apparent in the many high scores this season. Frank St. john, the star of the team, shot lour one hundreds in succession, and backed by the outstanding marksmanship ol such shooters as Paul Gillen, Peter llubbell, Ray Alexander, George Meyer and others, the team had a successful season with seven wins out ol eleven matches played. TENNIS DESPITE the loss of three vete- rans from last year's squad, the tennis team presented a for- midable array of netmen with Bob Martin, Bob Boger, Bob Mitchell and jerry Raskopf, all of whom saw action the past season. With the added strength of several newcomers the team pushed through to an extremely successful season against op- position and totaled many big wins. Richard Nlallon, Robert Martin. Stanley Young. Robert Mitchell, Gardiner Young, jerry Ras!.opl', Robert Boger, jack Clau- chois, Mr. Xoel tlorbridsze. Fifty-nine r .i.-.. , , Top row: Mr. Steinberg, Robert Behrer, Robert Gillespy, Robert Studwell, Peyton Ennis, Bert Luther, Robert Brauns. George llenze, Mr. Rhoad. .llzddle m1.'.' Gerald Schletter, jack l.amme, Thomas Burne, Gordon Heaton, Warren Carpenter. Donald ltisher, Murray Heaton. William jednat, Lauer mum' Alvin Kohart, Rod Avenius, Richard Behrer, Paul Romano, Rod Alderton, Gary Alderton, Don McNeil. BASEBALL TEAM LAST year, Garden Gity's baseball team had a gratifying season with six wins, one tie and only three losses. lleaded by Frank Ketchum, a Hrst-string pitcher, Gordon Heaton, who batted four hundred, and Bob Behrer who batted Eve hundred with equal pitching records, the baseball nine had a strong offense and was backed by distinguished varsity members. This yearls prospects looked equally as good. From last year's squad was a troup of experienced veterans, including Bob Behrer, Gary Alderton, Gordon Heaton, Gerard Schletter, Warren Carpenter and Bob Brauns. There were several losses through graduation, and Walt Gallagher was also missed from the teamg but these vacancies were Hlled by Tom Burne, Rod Avenius, Burt Luther, George Benze and Dick Behrer. The strength of the new team was well distributed with Bob Behrer, Gordon Heaton, Gerard Schletter, Gary Alderton and Bob Brauns maintaining a high aver- age at the plate, and both inneld and outheld were well supported on the defense. The usual amount of enthusiasm was shown by all the players, and their efforts were further encouraged by Garden Gity's representation in the North Shore League. Sixty OPENING the season with a bang by defeating the New York Military Academy at Cornwall-on-the-l ludson, Mr. Steenys lacrosse team headed on for a successful sea- son. This year's team was built around four veterans, with Peter Hubbell as cap- tain, Tom Reiger as center and both jim Murphy and Dave MacNamara as alter- nates. Many of last year's squad had graduated and, according to Mr. Steen, were playing on college teams. Included among these were Bleaker Seaman and Dave Peto, playing at Navy, Bleaker having made the varsity, Paul Rieger playing var- sity at Union and Howie Lawrence on the freshman team, and Bill Coulson a mem- ber ofthe squad at Dartmouth. At the time this book goes to press, we expect one of the most interesting games of the year to be the contest between the Baltimore Friends' School and Garden Gity, played here at home. The game will be especially notable in that liriends were champions of their division last year. Many newcomers to the squad this year came from the junior class, including Bob Buck, George Murdock, Bob Ketchum, Bob Metzger, Ken Erkenbrack, Charlie Moline and Bob Molony. Besides these there was Mac lfilson, a senior, to round out the squad. lt is interesting to note that all but four ofthe boys will be back next year, thus insuring a successful season with a well-trained and more experienced squad. LACRUSSE TEAM Top mu: Mr. Steen, William, lznnis, George Murdock, Eugene Barloot, Thomas Nlallon. William Roller, Peter Hubbell, Ray l.a Turno, Roy Lamme, Bert Currier, Fred Reimer, Harold Pennington. Middle row: Malcolm Filson, Kenneth Erkenbrack, Roger Hubbell, Robert Buck, Richard Grant, llarold Pcto, Quincy Bauer, Robert Metzger, lidward Best, XYilliz.m Aldworth, Dudley Whitney. 1,01-er nfm: james Murphy. Thomas Reiger, Robert Reeves. Robert Ketchum, Charles Tisch, Bernard Xloline. Albert Moloney, Frank St. john, David McNamara. Sixty-one Top row: Mr. Douglas, Roy Figueroa, jack Nimmich, Warren Earle, Malcolm Filson, Eugene McNamara, Benton Hamilton, Dick Leslie, Edward Single, Mr. llorton. Middle row: Vincent Lombardi, james Stoll, Roland Lange, Frank Krall, john McKinney, Ted Barnes, Drury Nimmich, William Thomas, Robert Strohecker. 1,0-wer row: Russel Bowman, Alexander McKinney, George Weeks, Peter Gibson, Bud Norcross, Douglas McKinney, Donald Anderson, Courtney Page. TRACK TEAM WITH the graduating class this year go several of our best track stars. Mac Filson has been a mainstay at the shot-put and has occasionally twirled the discus for the home team. Frank Krall has been an all-around star as high and broad jumper, with the added accomplishment of being a sprinter. Bud Norcross will also be missed as a fine pole vaulter and a good high jumper. Bill Thomas has shone as Garden City's Cunningham, and, as a matter of fact, was the best miler ever seen at the school with his graceful and effortless running. jerry Raskopf will also be missed in the high jump and in the sprints, Drury Nim- mick in the loo-yard dash, and both Roland Lange in the 220 and Benton Hamil- ton in the mile. The prospects for next year show several present juniors who will probably step in to till the vacancies, Among these are james Stoll and Warren Earle in the high jump, Ted Barnes and jack Nimmick in the mile and Ted Barnes and Roy Figueroa in the half mile. john McKinney will also be among the sprinters, and the coaches expect good running from him since he was one of the best men this year. Walter Butler has good possibilities in the 440, and it is expected that with more experience he will develop into a fine runner. Sixty-tfwo Sixty-three Top roz,.'.' Alice Atwood, Nancy Smith, Ann Ritter. Mary Proctor, Louise Littleton, Kay Schiess, Seeley Hiltl. Third foie: Inez Nosworthy, Dorothy Rea. Phyllis llutton, Priscilla Search, Alice Walker, Susan lirisbie. Second mhz' Mrs. Franc Thyng, Susan McLain, Mary johnson, jane Swanson, joan Hen, Madeleine Swanton, lilizabeth llallasty, Betty Weeks. Xliss Amy llilker, linlfam ro1.'.' Rusty Butler. Alice Altonso, Margaret McLean, jane Snyder, Connie llaaren, -lean Stone. Anne lzvers, lietty Gormley. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSUCIATIUN GiRi.s' athletics are divided into two groups, Maroons and Grays. Each student at her entrance into junior high school is assigned to membership in one ol' these groups. The oflicers ol' the executive council are chosen in the spring ol' the pre- ceding year to serve for a one-year term. and two delegates from each home room are chosen in September, one Maroon and one Gray, to attend council meetings. Through this organization. the girls are able to voice their opinions in many mat- ters which would otherwise go undiscussed. At each meeting of the council any business, old or new, is discussed. The girl members ol' the student body are reported to by the delegates, who in turn carry any suggestions from the home rooms back to the council, Perhaps the most important function ol' the year is the Girls' Athletic Ban- quet, which is under the sponsorship ol' the council. This meeting, held in june, is lor the purpose of giving awards to those girls who have earned them through participation in athletic events during the year. At the banquet, an entertainment is conducted by a group of girls which always proves entertaining and amusing. This year's officers were: Rusty Butler, Presideritg Margaret Mclean, Vice l're5ide1zt,' jane Snyder, Secretary' Anne livers, Treasztrerg jean Stone, Maroon Reprexe1ztafi1'e,' Constance llaaren. Gray Represeiitatimwz' and Alice Alfonso, Social Cbai1'ma1z. Sixty-four lNsTEAD ol having varsity hockey teams some of lhe schools on Long Island have employed a new system of play days in interscholastic sports. These play days are attended by many schools, and a number of teams are formed from among the players attending. The first play day of the season was held on November fifth at Great Neck High School, The scores of the hockey games were Great Neck 2, Garden City o, and the second team, Roslyn o, Garden City 2. Garden City was hostess to St. lNlary's, Adelphi, and liriends' Academy, Locust Valley, on November fourteenth. Garden City played St. Marys The score was 4-o in favor of St. Mary's. On November twenty-fourth we held our second play day at home. Great Neck and Roslyn constituted the Green team and Manhasset and Garden City the White team. The Green team won, scoring sixty-six points to the sixteen points of the White team. The hockey season was closed on November twenty-first by All-Star Hockey Day. At the tea following the tournaments, the Gray team was declared the season's victor by a close margin of to-17. The song cup was presented to the Maroons as winners of the Song Contest. The afternoon and season closed with the two teams gathering in the main hall to hang the Gray banner as an emblem of their victory. HUCKEY Barbara Ryker. Elsie Nesselhauf. l.illian Partly, Marion liohart, Mary liox llellweg, Mary Clark. Polly' llanley, Alice Walker. Patricia Wright, Louise lgnequist. Ruth llegeman. Sixty-jffvf BASKETBALL ,lvztnne Marsh. Betty Vanderbilt. planet Stt-wnson. Barbara lluhbell, llgtrriet tiordes. louise lnequist. THE girls' basketball team did not have a very successful season this year but it was an enjoyable one. The team attended two play days. Our first game, which was played at the Stratford Avenue School, was against Oyster Bay. Other schools pres- ent were Roslyn and Manhasset. We lost that game 29-5. The second contest was with St. Nlarys at Cherry Yalley. Both our first and second teams were defeated by scores of 59-18 and 26-6 respectively. The members of the nrst team were: Marion Carter, Mary Clark, Grace lleiser, Patricia O'Neill, Betty Gormley, Betty Vanderbilt and Adele Hopkins. All-Star Basketball Day ended the intramural basketball season at Garden City. On that day two all-star teams were chosen, one Maroon and one Gray. ON NOVEMBER tfnfru Garden City attended a play day at Great Neck lligh School. ln the badminton matches Garden City was defeated by Great Neck. The total score was 16-4 for both singles and doubles matches. On November fourteenth liriends' Academy were our guests. Dorothy Zeller defeated her opponent ll-I, Carol Carter won by a score of tt-6 and Virginia Gecks was defeated ti-to. As we won both the doubles matches. with scores of I5-it and I5-IO, Garden City was victorious for the day. Garden City won its singles matches against St, Nlaryls with the scores of ll-Q, it-7, it-8 and the doubles 15-3 and I5-6. ln the intramural badtninton contest which closed the winter season, Bonnie Martin was the winner and Shirley Grandeman was second. BADMINTUN i i Tap YIM! I Nlary Clark, liileen 0'XciIl. llorothy Zeller, l illiiln Pardv, l.ouist- Xim- mich. Frou! rm.: lilurt-nee Noland, Constaiice ll'llll'k'I1, llonnie Nlztrtin. Sliirlcy Grztndctnan. Nlargttret Butler. Yirginitt Geeks. lltnotliv Silliniztn lane Clark, Doro- thy Rexx. LACRUSSE loft rtttpt ,lean None, ,lane Snyder. Nlary Proctor, Nlarv fflarlv.'t'r mc.: Sue I ittleton. Shir- ley li ra n de nia n. ll e t t x Yanderliilt. nally loster. .Xlice Xtwood. liilt-en Mul- hall. IN 'rue spring of the year lacrosfe takes the same place in girls' sports that hockey occupies in the fall. When the sport was first introduced to Garden City about tive years ago, only a handful ol' girls were interested. With each year, however, the number has increased, until now there are enough girls for almost tour teams. The team this year was headed by a group of seniors and juniors who showed capable sticlt work, and a large number ol' juniors gave evidence ol good material for next year. The weelx alter Easter vacation, the Nlaroon and Gray teams and captains were chosen. Constance llaaren was elected Gray captain and Eileen O'Neill Nlaroon captain. The first team was scheduled to play only one outside game, which was with St. Nlary's. Aijrnounxi baseball as played by the girls differs somewhat from the hard-ball game of the boys, the rules are very similar, Girls enjoy the game greatly even though they pitch underhand and use a sol't ball. Practice started this year the week following liaster vacation, and there were two afternoons a week, Monday and Thursday, devoted to baseball. jean Stone and Alice Atwood were elected captains of the Maroon and Gray teams respec- tively. 'lihey in turn chose their teams. From these two teams a squad representa- tive of the school was selected to attend the play day at St. Mary's on May tenth and the one with liriends' on May fifth. This is the iirst year that baseball competition has been extended to include other schools. BASEBALL Barbara Riker. Nlarilvn lvoliart, Dorothy Rae. l-.leanor liilson, liar- bara llorah, l'at llagerty. STUDENT COACHES ,lane Snyder, Katherine Nash, Alice Atwood, Alice Svlvester, Mignon tfauchois. Margaret liutler. STUDENT coaching plays an important part in the extracurricular program of the girls who cannot participate in active athletics. However, it is also open to other girls who wish to learn the technical points of any game. ln order to gain a student coach badge, the girls must attend a nrst-aid class once a week, after which they receive a liirst Aid Certificate. They must also be present for two days a week of coaching instruction. After a period of two months the girls are ready for a written and practical test. Last fall, badges were received by Katherine Nash in tennis, Alice Sylvester and Alice Atwood in hockey. Margaret Butler, Rosemary Hussey and Dalene Downer received badges for badminton, and Patricia Wright and Patricia O'Neill for basketball. THis year a small but determined group of girls started in the early fall with Hrm intentions of perfecting their skill and form in tennis. Although during the winter months the number who attended each week dwindled rather sadly, the coming of spring brought a revival of interest and enthusiasm. Despite the loss of Barbara Bixler, several new members added strength to the squad. Last spring two play days were held, one with Manhasset and one with Great Neck. Garden City won both of these, also defeating St. Marys. The spring prac- tice was held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the Garden City Casino. A team was chosen from the girls attending practices and this team participated in a play day with Great Neck. The group was under the direction of Miss Pratt. TENNIS Top rom: Margaret llagclthorne, Peggy Moline. Doris Vlade. Mary .lane Reilly. 'Ianet Newlaoltl, Gail -Xnderson, -lacque- line Podeyn. Peggy Mori, louise little- ton, Sally Poster. ltthel llagopia n. .lliddle twin: liath- erine Xash. Sylvia Shade, llelen .Kic- Willianis. Dorothy R e u t e r, Margaret Nlcl.ean, Patricia llall, ,lane Meier. Betty liehrer, ,lean l.iungquist. l'tlna Schlehet. Nliss Amis. llolfom roms lietty Alberts, Yera lit-ck, lzilt-en l ink. Klar- iorie Mount. ltlith Currier, kloycejones, I.ucillc Quinn, Ilon- niv Martin. Caro- ' lyn Mctllosky, Bea- trice Willartl. ' l GULF tcr, Alice Decatur Dorothy Mott. THis spring, golf has taken the place of riding in girls' sports. The school was for- tunate in being able to procure the course of the Hempstead Country Club two days a week, Monday and Thursday. For the nominal fee of hfty cents a lesson, the girls received instruction from Mr. Lucas, the golf professional at the club. Under the supervision of Miss Bennet, seven girls turned out for the sport. As most of the girls had never played golf before, they started out with driving lessons, working up a gradual technique. No outside matches were planned for this year, but it is hoped that by next year the girls will be ready to participate in an inter- school match, since they will have ample opportunity for practice over the summer. THE TWANG of the string as the arrow leaves the bow is the signal that the archers are in action. ln the fall and spring they may be seen practicing out of doors behind the hockey Held, and during the winter months in the girls' gymnasium. On November Hfth archery was one of the contests held at the play day at Great Neck. Bernadette Barrett and Rosemary Ballasty represented Garden City. On November fourteenth Adelphi College defeated Carden City, io-o. This spring, Cherry Valley competed with St. lVlary's on May tenth and later on with Roslyn and Manhasset. On May sixth, in a play day at Adelphi College, a group of ten girls represented our school in an interscholastic athletic day. Sports Day this year was held june second. ARCHERY Lucille Ritter, Eleanor l,omb:1rdi, Alice Taylor, Louise Schlvher, Gloria Lung. in-nnf.ww-'ata-an wa- Shirley Snytler,,Iane Calcagno, Sally lios- T GIRLS' INIJUUR MEET AN occasion which marks the end of winter sports is the lndoor Meet. lt has become a contest between the entire Maroon and Gray societies in which every girl takes part. Formerly it was a tumbling meet where each individual girl competed for herself. Now the result of each event is added to the score of the societies, and the society having the greatest score at the end of the evening is the victor. This year the meet was held on April fourth, the night before Easter vacation. The meet included such events as tumbling, deck tennis, ping- pong, volleyball, relay races, bad- minton, shuflleboard and dancing. L 't The entrance of the societies into the jean Stone, Captain of the Maroons: Mr. Coulbourng gy,mnaSium and their Songs Counted Connie ll: izir en, Captain of the Grays. for originality and presentation. Both the junior and senior high schools contributed to this event. This year the Grays were successful in the hnal outcome by the narrow margin of three points. The entrance was won by the Maroons, but the Grays retaliated by winning the song contest. Toward the end of the evening the Maroons were leading by a few points, but the junior high relay races put the Grays in the lead. The announcement of the results and the presentation of the banner to the Grays closed the evening, which was enjoyed by many of the parents present. Sefventy f fo QU S A m Am 11137 4 5 'Q 3 scuomnsmr 5 1 I F ARDEN CITY, in the past Hve years, has been growing steadily in both population and com- mercial importance. Consequently we have re- ceived many new advertisers this year who have shown their interest in our school by advertis- ing in the Mast. 9 On our side, the school has also been en- larging and expanding similarly throughout this period, and we are becoming more firmly established as Garden City itself takes hrmer root. ln return for the support shown by our advertisers, we can return the gesture by pat- ronizing the stores of those concerns which have taken space in our yearbook. Sffventy-one I SCHENK'S MARKET I . I I I I Camplnments at . . . I I . . Pmme . , , I I MEMS, Paumw e PROVISIONS I 137 New Hyde Park Road I 1 I I A FRIEND I Franklin Square, L. I. 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Suggestions in the Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) collection:

Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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