Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL)

 - Class of 1943

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Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1943 volume:

L A fm .HMM ,, W Iv' V V A V U U V U U V U V1 V V V V V V w-DR nf?" '7!w 6 1943 lllnwfll l0llI Il 101 0'llIQ fulgflv lim' u 01 Aw! likzf lizvuls I DAVID STEVENS d ALICE C903 EIEL B M J pI'l'A'l'lI1 10,1011 il1pi1'lu1'1cs' ilu' f11'lir1li1',s' 0l'0u12fIl111f1 f'fi1fl'l' CONTENTS . ' I ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ATHLETICS CLASSES FEATURES ACTIVITIES VVI-IO'S WHO 'Q u fill! W ll AS A SMALL TOKEN OF OUR GRATITUDE FOR HIS KIND- NESS AND FOR HIS LINFAILING LOYALTY TO THE SENIOR CLASS, WE DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO MR. W. H. HARRISON, OUR TEACHER AND OUR FRIEND. HIS INFLUENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE STUDENTS OF THIS SCHOOL IS NOT OF THE KIND THAT FADES AND DIES WITH THE PASSING OF THE YEARS AND THE INEVITABLE CHANGE OF CONDITIONSg IT IS AS INDELIBLE AS THE MARKING OF TIME ITSELF. ll4lI'lI'lN0 2 AWA' l I A IR Am... BOARD OF MR MR MR MR EDUCATION FLOYD LUSK WADSWORTH DONEHOO COL. MURPHREE i' A QU" Q19 WF ,. xf 2? 1: 1 X ' vj XL F- W J x ,, Xxx' X mf, XJ, X f Jw ff V' , N 1 N M fi Y xl VM 1 X ADMIN 1-I X44 ' MR. C. A DONEHOO 5 D U erinfemdenf ITR TI X IJ 'Y rv- WW' X MR J R DAVIS Acfmg Prmcnpol If? 5 W X if Wy 51. Yi rl U V1 MR J D SAMUELS W Supervisor of lnsfrucflon Godsden Cnty Schools Q 5. iw l' Nx Q 'f' BR?-1. x 5' 4 qw N" rig. -. ,Arr 'f45'59 'ff 5? J HJ, 1 zz ,wg-f ' Q-g,Jf11f'i U Vigil" ' 'y .Ag . Frriih-4 K". ..K 'Q 1- 'M f . ,fgfwf ' .. Y f E fi-2 'V ' ' 3' J' .ffmq ' ,ffhf .rd xg' U K , f ' V A X , . fi 4' 'K i 1, +45 3 ...-adn-l Q 'Wa Q Q 3 sl ,gg W , W 'R fx MRS. JOHN R. DUNHAM MRS. JEAN BAKER TODD MISS CAROLYN BELLENGER MR. VICKERY History Ar! English Dixersified Occupations MR. W. H. HARRISON MRS. E. T, HOLLINGSWORTH MISS JOSEPHINE HULL MISS NELL "VEST Science Mofhemotics Commercial Englizh A'X fd? , . e 4 ff. 'P fi ii Page IO Gladfiwi 7 ' I ., In V I U4 ff AQ A L 3 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILLIE ROBERTS RITA ALLGOOD AUGUSTA FENTECOST GWYNELL MANNING Senior home room Qlo. This picrores presence here is purely irrelevant, anyone found Trying fo discover a hidden meaning will be sued without mercy, Page President Vice4President Secrefa ry Treasurer CLASS OF NINETEEN FQRTY-THREE ,Ae Cffv , 'HJC-.1 ,, gal A RNA ALLGOCD BILL !-LH!!-N FPAFJQFS I-NDEPSCN MARY E. BACHELOR Rf-LPH BEALRD '- ,Q ,aa ffm, Y A.-ov: fra? 4'-'i,r . Y A,.V -X if 'iii ff f f 4 ,V i 4 ' A W ,Inn , , i 11 fl . , Q A ff Q , f Y f ROBERT LANLER BELL BILLY BENSCN LCYP-L BLA:-CKJNCOD VPPLE ECIVLLNG HUEERT BRLGGE . 'Q W :L JUANITA BUCKNER VZETTA BUPROUGHS CATHERLNE CAMPBELL KATLE CAREY MARY E CARRAWAY PJQT I3 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Q ag fa-lr - f-v MQ- 1,-1-ji' JUANITA CASH QKFWMY f'HR!STCJPVfR r1AR'RY CIJTHRIUN QLAPA COTTON HARRY CONNARD .QQ "' '4 '...'1-7' ""' P-HLDP QC" .QQ4 ik!-.'.fQ,Rij RQER' G IROSS JR 4. QE CPCSS: SLD SARAH NE4 CLL, 1 Q. L lb rw. -A -I' ,ni ,Q '5 NES Q-3,95 4' ' -1 fri, Q5 L' .f -1 , ,.-1-, :I ' .,-::'x: CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TH 1' JEANNE DUNCAN ROXIE ANN EASON RUTH EDWARDS SELMA FNNK REE ffl NNGNON FREEMAN -12 A-..... ,ao .ar VIVIAN GASTON BERNELL GIEGER GRACE GOETZ RNCHARD GOETZ M 2 AF' it -1-4 " if-gy DOLAN GRANLJNG CATHERINE HATLEY CHARLES HERSHISER RAYMOND HILL Page I5 lun.. .ou GORDON GOWENS s. do WRGINIA H LL CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Gi -fx 4? of f"" I 'f'A HELEN RUTH HOOD CLAIRE HOVVE JEAN HLJDSCN ,sa fi' MARTHA JNYER MAXTNE TSBHI A x- 'i ,L-gli RICHARD JEWELL ROBERT JEVVELL LEONA JONES 'Q' 'V' EARLINE JORDAN MARTHA JANE JORDAN OPAL JORDAN Page To LORETTA JONES SUE JONES ,3 6 ,-i 'AJ'- WANDA KELL MARY ULPATRICK CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE 1- D, 'Z wav LEE mcus HELEN nom Auueem Lomeswcszs wxxums Mfcuuouew THOMAS MCELRATH .A ,uw ig 15 ,,,A -2,34 V? my 4 ... 1 Ai - J. U1 I W A ln J C, MACHEN GVVYNELL IVANNNNG LOCHIELL MASSEY BETTY JANE MEANS LENORA MEANS 'JR - it ' k BEN MORRIS SARAH JANE MOSS PEGGY NEFF JOAN NISH FRANK PARIS Page 17 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE LLOYD PARK PJYH NELL PARR CARY PEARCF ALJCLSTA FENTECOST GEORGE N FH1 fnfpi, , , V 65,5 1, Q5 , ,ov HELEN FCWELL DCKS PRLQETT YLRGNNM REESE l '-9 PERMAN RLUTER VALUE RCBER 'X PL HWS JR CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE ,Q is '- 'fr JEAN SMITH MARILYN SMITH SARAH SPARKS HUBERT SPEARS 1 ,I ,U , JQVCE SFRINKLE -3 gnu ,raw W' fc DAVID STEPHENS LCLA STEWART JAINE STLJLTS ELAINE TARFLEY LINDA TEMPLE A fe. 69? --f ,..av' Q' 41, I. X is ,Ni WARREN THOMPSON EMORY TURNER JR EARL VINYARD BELILAH WAITES HARRY WALLACE Page I9 CLASS OF NIN ETEEN FORTY-THREE l 1 . 'Y DOROTHY WARREN FRANCES WHORTON GERALD WIGGINS KAY WILHOIT JOHN WILLIS JR JERRE WILSON JOHN WOFFORD BETTY WRIGHT SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ELDRIDGE BRASSEALE ANNE EARLY CHARLOTTE MILLER CLEO BROWN PAUL GARDNER JOHN BIS RIDDLE BILL COX CHARLES R. GRIFFITH SARAH SPEAKS MARGARET COX BLIGH DE JARNETTE LEE ROY DUKE ERNEST FRIX ALVIN MCCURLEY FAY MCGATHEY CHARLEY MCKIBBEN Page 20 MARION STRONG EMMA GRACE WOODS HAROLD YOUNG ASSO THR RITA ALLGOOD Nattonal Honor Soctety Grls HIY Band Glee Club Wrtters Club Performers Club Orchestra Student Councnl Magnavox Staff BILL ALLMAN Bond Orchestra Cructble Photographer HIY Momtor System Magnavox Staff Wrrters Club Dromotrc Club Performers Club Stunt Nlght Camera Club FRANCES ANDERSON Blology Club D O Cl b RALPH BEAIRD Band Orchestra ROBERT LANIER BELL Bond Ushers Club Boys HIY Camera Club Ptcture Mochtne Operator Stunt Nlte LOYAL BLACKWOOD Student Councul Glee Club Asststant Head Usher Boys HIY Speakers Club Nattonal Honor Soctety Magnavox Staff Stunt Nate Cructble Staff Assrtant Head Monttor Performers Club Dramattc Club MARIE BOWLING Glee Club Stunt Nate Band Gtrls HIY Student Counctl HUBERT BRUGGE G Club Stunt Nnte Football JUANITA BUCKNER Glee Club Stunt Ntte Student Counctl At Ietnc Club IZETTA BURROUGHS Band General Bustness Club KATIE CAREY Btology Club MARY ELIZABETH CARRAWAY .IUANITA CASH Monttor System Speech Club HARRY COTHRAN Boys Ht Y HARRY COWARD Glee Club Band Monntor System HILDA COX Stunt Ntte Glee Club Student Counctl Gtrls HIY Athletrc C ub JACK CRAWFORD Football Stunt Ntte G Club ROBERT GEORGE CROSS JR Cheerleader Cruclble Photographer Magnavox Staff Ushers Club Boys HIY Momtor System Camera Club Drornattc Club Speakers Club Stunt Nlte Ptcture Machtne Operator Stage Manager ALICE LEE CROSSFIELD Bustness Manager Crucnble Nottonal Honor Socuety Glrls HIY Orchestra Stunt Ntte Glee Club Btology Club AGNES DAVENPORT Glee Club VICTOR DEAL Boys HIY Glee Club JEAN DUNCAN Art Club Band Sponsor Favartte ROXIE ANN EASON Glee Club Athlettc Club Bond Btology Club Page 21 RUTH EDWARDS Stunt Ntte Art Club MIGNON FREEMAN Nattonal Honor Soctety VIVIAN GASTON Band Gtrs Athlettc Club Stunt Ntte Cructble Staff Student Councul GRACE GOETZ Glee Club Stunt Nnte Btology Club Lotln Clu Athlettc Club RICHARD GOETZ Bond Orchestra GORDON GOWENS General Bustness C ub CATHERINE HATLEY Fovortte CARRIE SUE HEATON Glee Club D O Club CHARLES HERSHISER Band Orchestra Stage Manager Stunt Ntte RAYMOND HILL Football G Club Stunt Nate VIRGINIA HILL Gtrls HIY Fovortte Student Counctl Sponsor Glee Club HELEN RUTH HOOD Monttor System Bond D O Club CLAIRE HOWE Glee Club Bnology Club Wrrters Club Stunt Ntte JEAN HUDSON Brology Club General Bustness Club MARTHA INZER Stunt Ntte Glee Club MAXINE ISBELL Grs HIY Girls Athlettc Club Glee Club Cructble Stall Stunt Ntte RICHARD JEWELL Nattanal Honor Socuety Cruclble Staff Secretary Boys H1 Y ROBERT JEWELL Speakers Club Glee Club LEONA JONES Fovortte SUE JONES Glee Club Btology Club Stunt Nate EARLINE JORDAN Gtrys HIY Glee Club Nonttor System Stunt Nlte MARTHA JANE JORDAN Dramattc Club Cructble Staff Glee Club Monttor System Stunt Ntte WANDA KELL Presndent of Glee Club Home Economtcs Club Stunt Ntte MARY KILPATRICK Nattonal Honor Socney Valedtctortan Student Counctl Gurls Y Glee Club Orchestra Stunt Ntte Cructble Staff er farmers Club HELEN KOHL Wrnters Club Glee Club Performers Club Stunt Nate AULBERT LONGSHORE Prestdent of Boys HIY Prestdent of Student Counctl Vtce Presrdent of G Club Ushers Club Dromattc Club Glee Club Performers Club Monttor System Stunt Nate Football Art Club CL F NINETEEN FORTY- EE ' , . . u . ' I . Glee Club' Bond' Biology Club' Crucible Staff, Magnavox Staff, Girls' Hi-Y, Biology Club, I S il, .- r , , . V , . ' I HQ I ' I 'LAI D , JR. . V ASS N EEN O THR THOMAS MCELRATH Band J C MACHEN Football G Club GWYNELL MANNING Nattonal Honor Soclety Glee Club Stun Nnte Band Glrls I LOCHIELL MASSEY Stunt Ntte Monutor System Library Asststant BETTY JANE MEANS Natnonal Honor Soclety Band Bnalogy Club Athletuc Cub Dramottc Club Orchestra Gtrs HtY Performers Club Gtrls Ba lfetball Team LENORA MEARS Crcc I'-le Staff Asslstant Busuress Manager Maqnavox Gurls HIY Btology Club Stunt Ntte BEN NORRIS Camera Club SARAH JANE NOSS Ed cr of Magnavox Wnters Club Art Club Crucnble Staff Stu t lxlte Favor: e President of Dramatsc Club Glee Club PEGGY NEFF Bology Club Girls HIY Athletuc ub Stunt Nnte Band Crucnble Staff Glrls Basketball Team JOAN NISH Band Gnrls H Y Vlce Presudent of Junlor Class Athletlc Club Bnology Club Stunt Nate Student Counctl FRANK PARIS Stunt Nnte Band Boys HIY Wnters Club Dromattc Club Head Monttor Orchestra Magnavox Staff Performers Club LLOYD PARK Cheerleader Glee Club Boys Hn Y Dramatic Club Stunt Nnte Performers Club RUTH NELL PARR Student Counctl Manstor System Glee Club Gurls HIY Stunt Ntte Nataonal Honor Socuety CAREY PEARCE Manttor System Ltbrary Asststant Glee Club Performers Cub Dramatlc Club Wrlters Club Stunt Nite Magnavox Staff Crucnble Staff AUGUSTA PENTECOST Natnonal Honor Soctety Secretary of Sensor Class Gurls HI Y Band Performers Club Stunt Nite Athletuc Club Btology Club GEORGE W PHILLIPS JR Wnters Club Stunt Nnte Magnavox Staff Crucsble Staff Boys HIY Ushers Club DORIS PRUETT Pre :dent of D O Club VIRGINIA REESE Home Ecorforntcs Club Athlettc Club Glee Club Momtor System HERMAN REUTER Band Orchestra Stunt Nnte WILLIE ROBERTS Pre dent of Sensor Class Natlonal Honor Socnety Ushers Club Boys HIY Cructble Staff Dramatnc Club Student Counctl Stunt nate Glee Club Performers Club Monutor System AMY JO ROBINETTE D O Club GUS D ROSS JR Presndent of Band Glee Club Boys HIY Mamtor System Secretary of Performers Club Orchestra Stunt Ntte Crucuble Staff Ushers Club P JEAN SHUGERMAN Art Club Camera Club Biology Club Stunt Nute MARY SIMS Gtrls HIY Bnology Club Stunt Nate SecretaryTreasurer of Juntor Class SARAH SPARKS Band Orchestra Buology Club Athlettc Club Stunt Nnte Glee Club Monutor System JOYCE SPRINKLE Glee Club Natuonal Honor Stctety Buology Club Wnters Club Athlettc Club Gtrls Basketball Team Performers Club DAVID STEPHENS Edttar of The Cructble Nattonal Honor Soctety Head Usher Salutatorlan Wnters Club Boys HIY Glee Club Stunt Nate Performers Club JANE STULTS Performers Club Glee Club ELAINE TARPLEY Queen Band Gtrls HIY Art Club Student Councll Crucuble Staff Magnavox Staff EMORY TURNER JR Glee Club Band Performers Club Stunt Ntte HARRY WALLACE JR Nattonal Honor Socnety Band Orchestra Stunt Nate Boys HIY Performers Club Ushers Club DOROTHY WARREN Natnonal Honor Soctety Orchestra Stunt Nate Performers Club Athlettc Club Bnolagy Club FRANCES WHORTON Athlettc Club Glee Club Home Econamucs Club Stunt Nlte GERALD WIGGINS Football G Club SecretaryTreasurer Student Councul Vtce Presndent Student Councul Glee Club Stunt Nate KAY WILHOIT Favortte Presudent of Art Club Crucnble Staff Magnavox Staff JOHN WILLIS Band JERRE WILSON Glee Club Stunt Nate Athletlc Club Performers Club Cruclble Staff Btology Club JOHN WOFFORD Glee Club Stunt Nrte Monltor System BETTY WRIGHT Crucuble Staff Glee Club Bnolagy Club Gnrls HIY Performers Club Student Counctl Sponsor Stunt Ntte NOT PICTURED ELDRIDGE BRASSEALE Stunt Ntte Glee Club Performers Club CHRISTINE JONES PAUL GARDNER Basketball CLEO BROWN Football G Cub ALVIN MCCURLEY JACK SHELDON WILLIAM COX ERNEST FRIX age 22 CL OF INET F RTY- EE . ,I I Y., I -, I H'-Y. ,I .' , ' , ', . . V V. ' . " ' If 'V' I ' if ' I. '.El AEI If I . f I . 'I . I . fxfqfkfk Q II IQIIIAJQII CLASS OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER IMAX DAY Pre udem BILLY DANIELS Vice President SAM I-IEATON Above Secretory and Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER PAT ROBINSON Pre rdem CLEO BROWN Vice Presrdem SAM I-IEATON Secretory ond Treasurer ge 23 IIII I II VIC ,Ia I 5 fi' if S fs A9 bd IIIIIIIIIVVQ Q? .rf 4' E: A, i I I ax 14 Lg - Q " L9 aafhgakl - . f f 49 ' 4" 1 'ff 4 H rx J' gr .LIE Ml A flfiibgf a - ' '19 ' I 1 , A F , 1 3 .. -4 - . 4 9- ' I i PX -f' ,Q -lf, 4. ,f .U 11 ' W A . wfnz Links' fa" 3633 Q H5 Ah E 'Q YLA1 A IAA CLASS FO 3 Q51 2' lad! "4 "fi 'HQ 'I' 3' 5 , L A - Y 3, 7, 4. - 2 .f , 7 . w. 5 K ,,, A , ?'P 1-ML VIA E ' 1- Q ,I " ny., - ' 3 V 'Q 'Q 34' ,, 5. 43 S i 3 ,, 35 ' 3 . I f - ,S ' - .1 - qw . 1. , A . Ai? 1 C4 L fl., f I A . 1 f X 5 X A :if 'D 1281 1542: -ma -:A :rd Q an ran "1 . F' 'L gf, Lf? L9 , 1 .f ' 2 'K f . ' X :J .7 'if fn A nr A 9 in 1 ,. f .- , - -x 1 -L . - .C '-7- . 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E Spence M Thornton Row 4 Row 5 S old Po e Ro nbc Durnord Powelt H Rowe Row3 r Nlut Row 2 Mm Motfcts Row 'I x ci Lew Froncw N cko our 1 Jo Ncxrtow ref Mtlt tn Ltr 5Ccrn fn x MCD H M N V Donc1'd v Moody Br tf Owe r G Ruttr y 1 S mc r S r George Street Dorts Hudson Fronces Str pltn lr Thorrtos N Thornton Nell Ttpton Peggy Tornrnte Lloyd Vnnyord M Wodsworth W C West Glor Osborv fold R1 s Ref Ruttedge K Steph rw Heten Pore tr P rf A tc Perry c Pctzzo V rg rt L1 Shanks Mrxikf Sharp S J Sn N Horotd Rttey Chcrtes Roberts F R bortson Pm Robtngon Pcb rt Moon Ruth Nccri Ph tl p Mosekf Btll Mo roy Peggy McDortotd Porter Mditrtney VN 'mr NcNctr R McSLUdQn Lorr IV rftt Wfot Pt Srnttn JMfor 6 oo SS TE FORTYFOUR CLA I 1 4. .-My 4 Q 4 4, be '- fa ':' 3 , I I ,' 4 ,F . 2- ' -as 'I' '9 "9 - SW 'fart ,f t' ' K 0 V t . , J? , 'V X Q ff ' ' X ti 1 7 . ' til ' - f . -' ff T, , H 2 , V in ka ,Q L 2 Z 6 if - cf ri uf I 3 , L-'N ' : QQ! 6 . 143 I. y . 5 Q 7 J, 1 , - ,,. . I 4 gf . n A .. ' Gt , ' A X xi 1 ' I1 ' ,- ' .- if . f I I . 1 3 Z 'l I '? X D 1 D ' 71 Q - Q 3 f- a J 2- 5' "' fa Q g S " ' "' -' 5 3 A Q f' tt Q5 45' 45 ", 9 ,, J N ., " .M Y. D N 1 I f f ' '. ,I 1 N I ' A A A x H' . 1 'la V A. V I, F ' L 'h " I .J !7 a ' 4? . ' , 1, ff.. H '7 f -svn '7 ' , 5 ZZ' I 1 1 ' . l 'Aa ..,, V fi , 93:9 Aw!!! 3.4. f-A fra ,F 5 A ' ' A t f 'F le? , , A M 4 1 5, ' A , I If ,y ' ':?' Q L , A A L ,,, I A I ,V VL I r -, I - .I . ' - it , - .f N Vx: N ti V' .,fi'b.Jv A9 J, 6 Q I W kg 5 , g 4 fa . Q 6 3 3 ' ' 'A 'W .1 , J 1 7' 'V 4 P ' :ff 1 y Q' M N - t - K A K . ff ,Q D l it 7 4 " x ' af aft to 1,3 f , fy Z A . I , r I 3 W D r . , w, 5 - X t I J V X N ,- at JN I I , ,I A z ,Ji A '9 -1 5 iii' ' ' ' ' AJ ' 7, 4? 'f 1- 3' g, A of- . 1. tx nf I , -A DQ .rt 1 .5 -,w Do ts Q gt fer her p L. se rg ' Trt r :S Ltglhwfn t -, t ls ' . A A 9 . . . New 7 b Fu ' ' er E, N' wnulty 5- , . . 'Q M,-Ag. 1 t H. tttcon tc: 'Q Hi: cm X ' . 9 5 . ' , tc , HSE' t ' 1" pre Dr: ': . U Et: writ Q fe 5 Hczrrts t Curt . . ' ' fx E ' Nc If rg lite 1 ' X Wt' D ' . 4. 't'. t t 't t H Y e - t . 3 . , . 'e- I ' . ' ' , 3 ' t r Any-Yo I S. Stzernore ts . . Mnwzz . rj e :une y H1 E, Pvtrnwn Puff-" : R 1-.5 ' .5 ' 'Qfb pr' f 1 ' '4,Z.1T',."""',,,,.g' --- -I W r' ' M' l in 5-:lids M' fs .sf L e L 1-,' , 4 4 I u I ' ' . . 'Ai' F ,JI--kk 'ia 1 ii, A If . 4: Y .r. .. . NM-.L r.-. , V W-N 'f ri. .4 , , ,rg ,. .. , ,fm ,W Jw I g u. - H3531 I X ' , . , Q. L ! .! 0 I' ki f ' x u 'K , v ' . ,W . ., X Q' 6: '?lige:,SirJv:if "lfr.,g: iw .Au SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS BILL JORDAN President ELISHA ALLGOOD Vice-President CAROLYN TURNER Secretory-Treasurer Page 27 A C H 1415 6, F! X 'Lid ax E JILL X Row 1. Row 2. Row 3. Row 4. Row 5. Row 6. .2 6' 5 5 Q 7 F 3' . 1 .Q , 4 L 3 A J 1 - ,wg '-ss' 4 -1 f-3 - K y., .r ff f . y 1 fa ha L f -. . '. f. .4 1A -A W ff 3 ' L 2 'L 3 S If ,Q 2 R' . 'L xl lssfyr Q , X ' L I X , 'W 1 if x. A I 4. 1 .Agn '44 'L if vs 5.3 'W' 3 5' P? IAS., A fa, . 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Gunrelf ASS OF NINETEEN FORTY- Page 28 FIVE ASS N TE RTY Row 1 Bcfboro Hogan Buddy Holcotnb Inez Hompt lert Horbtn LOU: e Howk n Roy Holloway Ee ty Hooo owofd Hopton Dorothy Horton H T Hudson Row 2 Moro e Hudson Betty Jackson om o Ann James H rom John on More Jones Btll Jordon Betty K erbow Allen Kreb Betty Jo Longley Row 3 Alex Lonkford Dovto Lo seter E tty LJwt nc Bully Le.1gL,e Nodo Ley: Frank Ltt' Fo ly Long Char e Lynn E Lortqshore Rolph Lydo Row 4 Jeon McCue-n Btlly NCCUGU Pecgy Mcffvothy Hoys Mclitnney Sue tv'cNobb W Itner McNolr M lv'cPhet on Mortho Motors Alt' on Monntng N ck Nonus Row 5 Helen R Mortln Ted Norttn J mtnle Mal er Rutln Mtlner E e yn Mobley Buddy Mole ffljndge Norgon Edno Moytrtg Robert Mulltr-of R chord Myer .7 Row 6 Ernrno Newton tvory O Ne I Sylyto Pace Robert Pot s Ro ul e Porker Dor Porson Wo lace Ph ll p J yce Ptpp n Bobby Pope Eogor Puckett Som Poeey -35 42 .,.,, if .A sh- p -4' ,J ,- va C' 4 LJ .ul m A Page 29 Q ,Q l C L 0 F N I E E N F O - F l V E f on 5 L , orl clcscn e, f 5 e e 1.1 tl t t L .'I ' I L He. f f J l ' l 'S t 5 I I 5 Q ' , -I l sl 1 of ' I ! lie 5 ' E lg :Sli E' t ls ' t C 2 Q A lf., 4 A 4 3 'Q I, 7 , -.AA fr ,V , ' - . . ' .F , L l X ' 72 M 4 ff 7 A R . ,, Jil 'f ' rf' f lu H a 'Q H' 5 ll " ' ""j' 2 f 1 ' , , V . V , , Gi - , I A V5 4 ga 'X lx ' W ,, V, f 7' " " A x fi " ' A f' , IJ ,, in . 4, or HQ 1 , -1 4 91 " " " L , 1 Q N A X 'A K RA ta l ' 513' . Z f . ' 5' f- -' ' L . 1 f f A f l Q 13 L H - f lf: it . Q' i it - . . L L K 71' U AXX it Q 3 I -9 1 7. Q L ' 3 'f 1 L. Q , .K A 4 - , F of y 1 L .i . ,ff tele- M- L 1 at L 'f V ' .4 J '9 'ki' A l X . . A, L N' f ,te .16 '-1 'Y ...I 'Vit W ,Q '47 4 Iv f AA f as Row 'I Lou Ellen Proctor Mory Jo Pructt Jock Roy Leon Reewz: E Robtncttc Brll Robwnson Fronccs Roo n on Juonntr1Pob1nun Glortcm Sonsovn Kuthryn Sculf Row 2 Marte Shorpton M E Sheffneld Joe H Setber Ruby Snzemoru Al ntel. Smith OJ Sm Ncxry A Smuth Po fnmry Sn Vxut r Sp o Dons Stolltngs '17 haul Row 3 E Stanford Lout e Stonton J xn e Stewort Polph Stcwort Cfuro Stowers Frunc Stru n Louf Strcnn A C Strtcko uc Tulum John Tuylor d Row 4 Scxroh Tuylor A Teusley F Thompson W Thompson John Thru her Cfyd Tdrnore X rr: xTru or C no yn Turner f L Vlnccn Lousc- trgom xi 'im if Row Arthur Wotford Erwm Wotford Betty Weover Gene Wesley G Wetzel Harry Wheeler Btlly B Whorton Horace W gg ns Btll Wttbonks Row 6 Anme M Wllder Soroh Wzllnoms Dorothy Wnlson Non Wulson Modelnne Wood Corme Woodofl Juluo Woodlnff Soroh Yates Quinton Young CLASS OF NINETE RTY Page 30 .V ui 4 -wi . qi Q 1 2 I, 1 , ' L C -If r ' 9 A .z ' 'F 1 , A ' p s din t 'ft ' F X f ..4 4 If Al . I 4 l tl ' ' A A 'S F 3 3 ' F 1 , has X ' V t , 1' ' K a A ' ' V' I 'Q , liar in I F My K X f .r 4A l I v ' L ' f 1- "' 2 3 F . , M r U 4 A 4. In 'Q' la H . t It . ,W gg ,?, rg . . it K Q . I c yyr: , Af 4. A K F lil J - L.. ' ,tk 3 .gg A '? , , 1 y tty , H t F rf F F tm, A u 3s Y F 3 t .3 3 , ', ' ' K ltd Fri . . -1 ,-. . C. - 1 Q. ' Y A I s . 'I ' Est . ith es , 3: u ' 1 I 5 V . ' , . , ft Jtnq yl ' , ' ' 5" 5: ntw '. , n c f A I n ' Il: tr S 1 Burn A t ' E N F O - F I V E Q? MQW 7114 mggkfm il if , FRANK WILHOIT JANE SUTHERLIN av--ff FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Page 31 tr It -+6 '-U 3 CL .55 2:75 fe 4 Row I B C Abel M Abercramb e Frances Adams James Akers Dons Aldrtdge TollteJ Ashley Betsy A Aytes James Barnes Betty Benefteld Bully Benefteld xl? vo '-9 at 74 N l ali' 3 'PE Hr ,, Row 2 Ruth Ben lnqer Ann Black Edsel Blackwood Betty G Bornan Betty Jo Brown Chorle Brown Mary Jo Brown Sue Buford Wayne Burrell .leon Can plnll K Row 3 Cratq Contre Barbara Carr M E Clwalmer Betty Chappell Molly Cltatlwc rn B Ily Clte trwt Donald Chun ley Hugh Clough on B l y Colm y Jackm Coleman 36 ,4 Z d at' 0 sk 6 Row 4 Claire. Cone Mary E Cook Loursc Cool for Maxtne Coopyr Ors l Copr.l tr a Naraarat Corn Peggy Cotltmn John Cowara Bobby Cox Lara Alma at .35 Row 5 Edna Darrel I Davenport Frances Davts Sara Dayts Eobby Day Doro hy Day Btl y lfcBerry N' ry E De Her Ros mowd Du Q M ry E Dod or 14 1 -1' X I.. 'X Row 6 Sue Donnegan C'ydc Donghoo Vtytan Dooly Talm tclgc EutOn Robert Ecltols .lchn Edwards Roy Edward S r 1 .lo Edwc l n E ASS N EEN RTY Page 3" t --3 8 l h Ni X B 44 K V u X ty ' . Qt ' in N i ,f A tu I V Z l I ll l +I gl Q All F -. ' V k V s N N it Q, M is E' .., O . , lihl :A , x 11 4 ' V' A M. ' A I ' N ,- - Q ' - Q ll' ' C 1 A ? A , -l A " , , an ,. 7 ,y L . l vy 7' '59 'ff -.fy ' A Q D f il rw 1 S tj . 2-is 4:7 , Q l I A at X . y ' , .I 1 L N tu Fifi . ' .A H X f qvxw Q l N . K NR .V M ' x is :. 4 - . 4 I l ll? 'lll M 1 0 - ft A B.. r , C, at U., H M . V . 1. Y we yy 4 eu bn it L E , .' I1 Q 4 X Q 4 -1, ,fu C ASS N E Row i Mc y Eiton Morton Fo rw Fe U B r Freervgr JJck Freem rm out Pre rrcm GU Frebcxrm Som Gorors Juomto Garrett Betty Gtllgm If Row A Cre 1 GW HJJ 'rt 1, rt nCe Hfxrr H tte c 1 te- Hawk row3 fr H thou HQW N crc Hood mow Hoc J L J Hu uc! on JHUCJO BGJDJ'f Hughe- Pow 'NJC J vfr DQ'wr'fL Bucr f Mo! Row I rr If rf Cond: Row MCC N NcGrJw 'J r 2 if Adil' .44 'pe AL .3 'Wi ...Lada . 16 Y ,av ,,v 'W' fri Ang 'V 'rf Page 33 ,6- , 2. 'T . 4. 5. 6. f Brfjy Gttlivr Rae K fwberh' ,ce Hpgree El. ir" Lee Mzrc e s'!iC5'f f t nc I 5 C055 JM y J' ge M':ze"e 'Lrg' Ni Q Rt," ,- r F! Q CLQ' Jgrves rfwscn He'ef Gfegcry H. Umgs' or'h Ee"t,f L. Jewf. . WN L 1:5 F t!'Di'r :"r U35 -, B- H3955 r, Rgf E ily J. JC't'5:f ,r"1'1,.. rizj '. H1:ro':: iGeeA f Q Sue C I t ark Lea , tm GE df J ve. Nizr e Lciln' er Que J ' L se 43 t' f-1f'yLO'H::Ul'5 Very C Ho :G Jpfe Janes Eff: NQY3 LC:-f: Betty Maddox 5 t Pais H r'-'tc in Der 5 . dgirg Rdph 'groan D1:.t11L:f-. lf," :QM Uwcrz ' J Fm 5 ts D ck H 'S Rum :Pdrurrv It-'crftz NQCUH F' f H'-sfcr.-i - ' Sue Cf JJ Pwidfz' 5 v -t t c:S5e'eV EC , H' 'ZCHJI K- Lf"'Ac' N'tJtC:1v' t ' fc r' . J' .S fit , es Betfy .c ' f A J J 4 A A yi? , . J i f F A ' it - T PM 1, 4 v I' . f Q 3 fy . 2' 1 ' ' . , J ." -' ., Q 1 '- N 'f ' ' 1 1 t uf "' A X f f, ' , I ' t "4 Q' 1 Z - 3 sb A A I2 J Q 6, 9, b vr , t . Y X, I 3, f fp , , 1' Ye. ! 5 ' yy I I H g 1 . J is 'Z .3 ' 9 QQ 27 1 1. fi' , 1, J 'f J "' 3 , I ,, ,Q Y, V 5 5 Vi V 1 V ,Q MQXK - Q V . , . ,,, R '- f 6 ' 'lv a ' Q ' ' T -5 f' v .4 2 ' I I d ' ff 'Q -.. , . lv! A, V M fl f A l y . 'sv p gui: I . , 411, , J Y k , ,-J. , , , 4 ,y sa Q1 gy 3 . Q K- J 'D I Q gif Q X XX N ' 5 W 'J i .I L -' .- , V . I -. , 45' .. 'J 3 'f :S Q: 1 b a U, . -v I a J.. 4 LQ - -1 ' ,-' . ,J 1 ? 5 , 5 ' M - -. E ' 'Q 1 J -4 . fl ' 1' .4 . Q I x rag' if 1 33 49 ' J' ,f 5 "" 4' .4 bike? pf L Row Row 2 Pow 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 x NXOV 31 P vv 1 v S TY 4' SENIOR BANOUET 'F ff ,KX I K IJ I SENIOR BANQUET PROGRAM Toostmoster Roddy Cros Inyocotton JoIn Bob Rnddle S ng I-Imp Hap Hocrcx, Presentotron of Guest Pre entotron of Voledrctorron Puono Quartet Augu to Pentecot Dorothy Worren Rrto A-Hgccd Betty Wrrght Pre entot on of Scxlutcmtortcrn Orrls Ouortet Helen Kohl CIc1rre I-Iofve Rttcn AIIgood Cor y Pearce Truth or Conseouence rot rr Music Seruor Members of Ecu I Ind Orch ro Orttorron Song Dedrcoted to BoyQ In Serv ce My Buddy Grand O'd FIc1g AIrnc1 Meter Page 35 0,5 ai 'I U-ly f 'Jdirx I II Vx Q , X you J X , L ,Qc Welcome Willie Roherts, Prestcent I S F wk Pc1'S I ' "' " 'c c est' pt 1'- -S, 2 K , I EVE? II gil: I-' L W XM THIS RAOE IS ORATEFULLY DEDICATED TO THE OALLANT BOYS FROM THE GADSDEN HICH SCHOOL WHO HAVE ENTERED AND WILL IN THE NEAR FUTURE ENTER THE ARMED FORCES OE OUR COUNTRY P93 nn, V E X, L t x Qs I l ISA: L -I 'na' A.. V x tv -2- TX! ' 599' 1 ' 1 X I 'Ti l,,Lz f U A t m Q 7 I X f , ' lj is f "- C .- . I Hi-A-Pi"f5'ff 0 fx IQ 'Q . ,, .5 " ,N Emu .Q 'lf K .E I' M ,gf 1 S3 3, Lg - .' I xiii' ' ' A,ll, H, V, h I X -- , In f . ,-'S 1 ' -':1:"A , L I "'A' ' y A A: T C' ' QT ' in f .4 A A , . . 11' 5 -,., ,gi-I -'sgill ,I,.' , I1 1N'R f 1 I I I ' I I ':'--' 0 I 1 n A W K 1 - v-q - - 7 I I "' X I ! 4 SARAH JANE MOSS SHEROLD POPE NELI. WEST Eairor Buslress Manager Faculty Advisor MAGNAVOX STAFF Because cf The shortage in riewsprlhf, we were allowed only two copies of The Magnavox lhis year, che each semester. All the material was written by sfudenls and members of The stall. The paper was made possible Icy advertisements of local mer- chahls. The sfudehl body lacks forward 'ra The Tirre when we can once more have wcmhly issues cl cur schcol paper. EDITORIAL BUSINESS MISS SAWYER T I i 3 1 1 93 Q'-04 USHERS OFFICERS DAVID STEPHENS Head Usher LOY!-XL BLACKWOOD Assistant I-Iead Usher 4 These boys can be seen distributing programs, selling tickets, or holding doors at practicohy all pubhc occasions at the Gadsden I-Iigh School. Sometimes, even, they voIunteer their services at pIaces not connected with the schooI. When a rally pro- noting the saIe at war bonds was heId at the Municipal Auditorium, they vvhoIeheartedIy agreed to assist in shovving peopIe to their seats, and again they demonstrated their vviIIirgn-ess to serve the pubIic by ushering at the basIcetbaII tournament, Members are chosen annuaIIy by Miss Sawyer, sponsor ot the Ushers' Club, and Mr, Davis, acting principaI. The chiet duaIities to be considered in a vvouId-be-rnernber are triendhness, trustvvorthiness, Cooperative spirit, and neat appearance. Page AI iji :lla at 4,6 V 49 BUYS' Hl-Y OFFICERS AULBERT LONGSHORE President ROY RUTLEDGE Vice-President RICHARD JEWELL Secretary The Boys' Hi-Y Club, headed by its president, Aulbert Longshore, has been very active this year, The club distributed baskets at food to needy people at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mr, Havard was the club's taculty advisor until he left for the army, Then Mrt James was elected to the position. Page 42 I 90 -V YV, f"" GIRLS' HI-Y OFFICERS JOAN NISH President RUTH NELL PARR Vice-President RITA ALLGOOD Secretary MARTHA INZER Treasurer The Girls' Hi-Y undertook for its main project for T942-1943 the sale of United States War Stamps and Bonds. Many purchases were made by the students of the Gadsden High School. This Christian organization has benefited the school this year in many ways through its untiring and unselfish efforts. Gur hats ore oft to the Hi-Y. Page 43 r"' sa NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AUGUSTA PENTECOST HARRY WALLACE RITA ALLGOOD MARY SIMS Rita Allgood Loyal Blackwood Bobby Bowers Marie Bowling Ann Connally Alice Crosstield Mignon Freeman Richard C. Jewell Mary Kilpatrick Virginia Kilpatrick Gwynell lxfannirg Betty Jane Means JCcin Nisb I-lelen Pace OFFICERS MEMBERS Ruth Nell Parr Augusta Penteco,t Mary Perdue Dora Gene Rattray Willie Roberts Lois Rosenberg Mary Sims Jewel Sneitlw Joyce Sprinkle David Stephens Anne Striclclard I-larry VVa'lace IDCv'C?lN,i Vlicarrci' Wcirtlca Ann Will one President Vice Pre ident Secretary Trea Lrer MONITOR SYSTEM OFFICERS FRANK PARTS Head Mcmrcr LOW-'XL BLACKWOOD Assisram Head Monitor The fferifer System! refine: iraelf in grand sryie This year ahd became a very effecfwe force. The patrol hhei HT The hah were Qamred again and new cross-overs were added between rooms A pregram was giyerw Ye mise money To buy new momitof pirwi, which were bought rn January CHORAL CLUB he Ch ral Club dlrected by Mrs Myrtle Mey Moore was very uccestal thls prrhg ln the presentatuon ot a Gnlbet and Sulluyan operetta M S Plnato Two performances were guven and each was honored by a large and odrmrung ouduence The prnncupal character were BILLY GILES The Rt l-lon Str Jo eph For er K C B BAY HGLLOVV-'XY Ralph Rackstrow JACK RAY Captaun Ccrchoran JOE DUKE Dick Deadeye 'QQ A x 1' owcmoomsr Emoe The cepfem Decgmeft Josephine PEGGY MacDONALD Little Buttercup l2lTA ALLGGOD l-lebe ,r ' -",'.. is 1 , -44 4 - - 1 '. V' 1 ' z . I ln, 1 2, "lg !l".'- ' 15551.-qfa-rw., .f 'n -, MRS MOORE Page -16 PERFORMERS' CLUB The Performers' Club is composed of members ol The Chorol Club ond members of lhe Bond. Its cbject is To hove on hohd or oll Times o plemiful supply of tolem to be used in vorious school prcgroms. Although lf vvos sforted only this school yeor, lt is olreody one ol The school's lofgest orgohizolions. N qif fx Qs! 'SN l ,-5 1 f" 5 A 1 Q ulgfx I i FTMN DRAMATIC CLUB The Dromottc Club vvo orgontzed ot the be-gunnlng of the school yeor ond groups ot members vorylng trcm five to sux In number were formed Each group worked on o ploy to be presented to the student body Under the copoble gundonce of Mr Hurt the Dromotuc Club hopes to become one of the best ID the tote I Aff? K-N L., f mv ,JJ--in Poge- 48 xxx tix-X 5 .1 xy ART CLUB OFFICERS KAY VVILHOIT Fresrdent JEAN MCCUEN Vmce Presudent CLAIRE HOWE Qecretary VVANDA CONNER Trea ur r SARAH JANE MOSS Publtcuty Chaurman The Art Club has been one of Gadsden Hugh s most actlve clubs this year All the members can be recognlzed by the lrttle leather pallettes on their blouses and sweaters Vuctory posters were exhlblted rn the halls and I0 the lunchrocm carrynng out the club s theme which thus year has been Victory Through Art Art has been Interestingly collaborated with other sublects an the school The lunchroom has been brlghtened up by a number of gay pictures among which was a trleze ot costumes A tea was given In April for the P T A by the Art Club members and Mrs Todd Art Coun elcr The work of each member was dasplayed and punch and cook es wer served late In the aftemoon Page 49 L HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS SHIRLEY BYRD EVELYN MOBLEY Vuce P e MARGARET VVARSHAIVI Scc efovy ELLA MAUD BROTHERS DIXIE DOUGLAS CO Trecn crcr The Home Economic CIUI3 meets bu rv cmhIy IIT The home ecor cmuc dcpcmrm em Lmder the supervision of Mu Ivory Frohces WUI or Focuhy Adv: cr Thus year the club chc e Q :Ts Theme Wm Tune o Chcmllemgc to Owl In ccrrr I Q out The Theme se-vcrc1I mfereshhg peclkcr werc prese Tcd AP' i Page 50 list? DORIS PRLJETT VIRGINIA LONG HAROLD YOUNG MR VICKERY D. O CLUB OFFICERS Page 51 President Secretory Treo urer Sponsor DeWITT CORN Vice-President ff 452624531 X zzf . CAMERA CLUB cmd RODDY CROSS BILLY RAYBURN KENNETH BROWN BILLY GILES JOHN TAYLOR DAVID ADAMS PICTURE MACHINE OPERATORS ,lx I T gi- '. Qi I Kf?vcI 9 iffy K I, I X I I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AULBERT LONGSI-IOIZE Preswdemt ROY RUTLEDGE Vice Pre ndehf SHIRLEY BYRD 'Secretory cmd Trec urer The Qtudem CouhcuI I The crgdmzotroh by vyhmch The Tudehf body dcqwres Ts pruweges rrcblerrs cf The do es ore presented by merrber of The Cfudem COUITCII who hold offrce for owe yeor Edch hone room hd VGFAFGQSHTOIICIT occordmrq To the number In the room CN 3 I 7-if IJ if I ' TN bww ..l-fx 'uf ' N , , , rx CII AULE-ERT LONGSI-IORE Prztzf, 53 THE GADSDEN HIGH Pc- all BAND r I 5 3-x E' In 'P - ff--QQ K .in QQ, "-' ,IV '-i 'Q 'hm A ,V QW' 'Qs of ' . gb 4 X 'aa 9 X 33 'WE I QQ Og- l '1 N 5' SI . Lew. Q U ' Q , 1 . Q J.. Lil, 1, bil' ji, 5 D " -. , , ff. ' " if I .giAf' .V 'fn ,fm J A 'f W5 I if K Rx fee fxi !xN As-1 J-A kj f- 9 ffieldflffw THE CHILDREN S PAGE The PG rotuorw pr PT d belef wo orugurohy vyrrtteh on rhe bNoc4booro ef the ohhuo reem vxos so 1heroLghIy eh oyed by the few who were Nowed the pruvuleqe e reodwg at here thcf N emswrer I 1 to Q Pory people o pcssm Alfhmoh I em os ered 1hot rf rQ profeded by 0 strong eopyrmghr I have TIWFOVVIW dns Crehorw To wlnde cmd hoye qr en r w OT rr um I e ple CRUCIBLE I quye you how By Jomes A Leng here Ons? theyre Nuz o dog Whrch o ht get rwerhm To do with thus here beor 'roll vvhmeh p urhb MEAN To? e eh ew Hot wuz fl ooc rrfrw e rw o Lf src wd ng 1 C1 c vy 1 1 cm ohfyoy dld hote r ebowf ectm up oc mom FINIS e regrer thot A9 ore UV'C1l"1C to "PfVCduC h re h mer r rrorko d CINNVVQ T occempohred rhe ebo e cccowr on th bkxckooord feel hor rr odded rmm eo or TQ WT Q EC If Q Po if ,Sf . Y, 2 1 N l 'ky Q5 xixvffx Ejfglif Xxxxx '4'A2x cf Qf X 'V x fl J I5 ...ed - ll Y. Vie WWE ..w, .V 1 . rr V r f f ' ' E f ' , ' 1 1 C 'ff 'T my dLgTy1O present it IS w w - 5 'ble ' the ' Q E, K hs m 5 inf Q ' Q INN, role W5 lust me rn the you ore reczdinq, fer hir is obo-M cn wwf, which shp' up on the Cid mon omd ef hiny I eq' h- b e. N P w X Q 4 ir , Sed The wwf, cmd fl urvst wor' ond rt ur r Von, Cdso sed fhe meeh 'i of Aff, tho he h,ed hc ppy ever frer, he S' -i, 1" ,fheli . W e ' Q ,J ee,fe sef ble rVthor ' 1 : r e, ' ,XIXJQ U? ' ,- ' r 5 - obly Seff Mehese.-Ed nv: 57 ORATORICAL CONTESTANTS JEWELL JOHN BOB RIDDLE JOYCE SPRINKLE Ps W ,, ,K LOYAL BLACKVVOOD, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, ROBERT o e 58 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH CARRAVVAY President EDITH DURRETT Vice President NADA LEVIE Secretary BOBBY COX Treasurer The Library Q ff of Gadsden High School is formed of students who have as their purpose improvement of the library and service to the school Each member spend one period each school day striving to achieve these aims Their duty is to do everything possible to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of the library. Charging, mending and shelving of books are among their chief responsibilities. These students contribute much to the life of the school and deserve Commendation for their efforts. Front Rovv, Left to Right: Virginia White, Louise Stanton, Mary Jo Gramling, Katherine Spears, Annie Clyde Strickland, Carey Pearce, Edith Durrett, Nada Levie, Betty Joyce Chappell, Gladys Patterson Back Row: Bobby Cox, Ruth Edwards, Mary Elizabeth Carraway, President, Edgar Prickett, Tollie Joe Ashley, Floyd Thompson, Learnon Hooten, Ruth Bensinger, Dorothy Day, Dickie Hudson. Page 59 SHIP CARPENTERS The Ship Carpenter' classes Elcdy teriits used in ghipbuildirdgl including the hdrres el all the parts of a ship, They hecorre skilled ir the use and care af machinery artd tccls through actual practice. Their time is well divided, allowing them ample tirite lcr study, operation cf machines, and use el tools, The Ship carpentry caur:e is new to high schccls, hayihg been placed iri the schedule cnly last January, and it is cremiiwg to be eiwe el the mast popular courses altered. Peas 60 WRITERS' CLUB OFFICERS CLAIRE HOWE President GEORGE PHILLIPS Vice-President JOYCE SPRINKLE Secretary The Writers' Club, sponsored by Miss Ethel Hauser, was organized only last spring. However, what the club lacks in age is abundantly supplied by the interest, originality, and industry ot its members. It is ccmposed at students who are interested in creative writing as a hobby and as a profession. Several members have been induced by the encouragement and stimulation cf Miss Hauser to enter state, as vvell as local contests. - Page 6I A ,L . QQ CLEO BROWN HUBERT BRUGGE JACK CAHOCN BILLY GLIDEWELL SAM HEATCN TERRY HODGES H T HUDSON ALJLBERT LONGSHORE HAYS MCKINNEY DCLAN GRAMLING JAKE MACHEN PAT ROBINSON MARCUS ROYAL ROY RUTLEDGE HARRIS STRAIN Yf f Y.YA 3 G CLUB NOT PICTURED EUGENE ABEL CLADSTONE BOATWRIGHT JACK CRAWFORD BLIGH DE JARNETT CECIL FORD PETE GRIFFITH JAMES HEDGSPETH RAYMOND HILL PORTER MCKINNEY G P MYNATT CLARK TAYLOR BILLY BOB WHORTON GERALD WIGGINS Y Page 62 .QF L 'O xx 4 lx I 1. y N OTB sys.-' 5 Couch L L Nelson and Aesrstont Coach Roy Wedgeworth Page 64 Two of the managers James Hedg pefh and Bnliy Bob Whorron dz O O O O O 0 ouficofmii Teom, the well-known nemas. i Shown of the right is 0 picture of our co-coptoins of lost seoscn, Royrrond Hill ond Por Robinson. Both of them ore new servirg in the orrred fcrces, ond ore doing cs fine G job There ds they did cn the gridiron. Page 65 ! , THE TIGERS QW ' 'fs 3. -A wi- " T4 -1 I. .Ill x .- an-,,,. M silk' gk -'-" ' 7 In Q 5 E I 531 1-..,.l CLEO BROWN, Halfback I-IUBERT BRUCCE, Quarterback JACK CAHOON, Tackle 'I JACK CRAWFORD, Guard BLIGH DeJARNETT, Tackle BILLY GLIDEWELL, Tackle . is " Ll in DOLAN GRAMLING, TCJCkIe SAM HEATON, End RAYMOND HILL, l'lOlIbOCk . 2 - 9 P Ii ,ieb-v n h as ' X I , l THE TIGERS in EESIWW I ' Q77 ' 31, , I T. , 'gl' 1 ,,L,.., 31 9 w 7. .r.:'::s1'r 1. . "" ' ,I ' 9 I A , , ,F L' TERRY HODCES, Haltback H. T. HUDSON, Erd AULBERT LONGSHORE, Guard '41 NL, ". I ,ff ' I I 'Tl D HAYS MCKINNEY, Guard PORTER MCKINNEY, Center FAT ROBINSON, Fullback -9 'his f. , M 0 I " ' ,3 .u f A fa. ' in . ,.,1 -'ay R'E i BUDDY ROYAI., Center HARRIS STRAIN, Quarterback GERALD WIGGINS, Center GLADSTONE BOATWRIGHT Pee Wee A senaor end Pee Wee played a great season He used every track known and combined speed endurance and experaence He was usually the games out standang end CLEO BROWN Donner Cleo gave everythang he had and always worked dalagently Has speed and abalaty wall be massed next year as he as a member of a bagger team the U S N A C R HUBERT BRUGGE Glamor Boy Glamar Boy one of the Tagers dependables for the last four years reached has peak at the quarterback posataon last season He wall be massed next year JACK CAHOON Galahad Galahad a husky lunaor played a capable brand of football Has downfaeld blocking and faery sparat was a great help to the Tagers Has performances are expected to be great an the ccmang years SAMMY CASHIO Greek Greek was really a faghtang Tager from the start to the fanash W wall have a hard tame replacing ham next year as he as an ervace wath the U S fleet JACK CRAWFORD Tarzan Tarzan was faithful to the team all the years he was playang Has services were of great value throughout the four years he was here He as an the army now and what a fane soldaer he must be BLIGH DeJARNETTE Pudgy Pudgy was the Tag rs mcst rugged tackle last season Has faerce tack lang and blocking abalaty wall be massed next season CECIL FORD Toughae Toughae was a sterling performer at the fullback slot Has servaces wall be massed next year BILLY GLIDEWELL Ashvalle Thas was Ashvalle s farst year on the varsaty but he always gave the ball carraer plenty of trouble Has returnang next year gaves the Tagers prospects for a great season DOLAN GRAMLING Bear Bear put all he had anto every play None could help admarang has savage blockang and tackling Its a bad blow to know that he wont be wath the Tagers next fall PETE GRIFFITH Nag Nag s sure footed fleetness has brought many a vactory to the Tagers We really mass Pete but faghtang for has country as more amportant than faghtang for the Tagers sparat to wcrk wath ham and put at to excellent use He as draft age and has posataon wall be hard to fall RAYMOND HILL Reno Feno vaas the co captaan of the team for the past year Has keen audg naent as well as has ball carryang abalaty gaaned ham recognataon as one of the most ver atale halfbacks Cadsden Hagh has ever seen TERRY HODGES Flash Hes called Flash becau e he was one cf the fastest backs we had last eascn Thas looks lake Flash s last year wath the Tagers because Uncle 'am as lookang for men has age IKE HUDSON Snag Snag showed the type of elusave football whach makes the star player He had had lattle experaence but has performances wall be somethang to remember AULBERT LONGSHORE Lattle Darlang Has clean play and fraendly sportsmanshap have made ham a favorate wath all the players Has wall to wan and has consastency helped the Tagers through many rough spots HAYS McKlNNEY Atlas Atlas one of the youngest on the squad played lake a veteran all season He has a great future an football and we are lookang forward to seeang some good performances out of ham next season PORTER MCKINNEY Doggie Doggaes determanatacn and abalaty to back up the lane made ham a great asset to the team Has love for the game and has wall to play proved ham one of the outstand ang lanesmen JAKE MACHEN Booger Boogers great defense work and pass catchang abalaty made the Tagers vasaon of an undefeated season come true He wall be sadly massed next year PAT ROBINSON Preacher Preachers outstandang performance an the Annaston game wall long be remembered by Tager fans Co captaan for the past year he was feared by Tager foes because of his runnang abalaty and defensave work BUDDY ROYAL Marcus Marcus played a great defensave game and was always alert on the offensave He has a promase of greater thangs to come an the next few years HARRIS STRAIN Fuzz Fuzz farst year varsaty man kept Brugge on has tces throughout the season He showed versatalaty an darectang the team through touchdowns GERALD WIGGINS Hollywood Hollywood made a good showang at the center posataon last season He made no touchdown but has work and faghtang parat were worth more than a dozen touchdowns Page 68 -,, ,, . -,, ,, - , -ill - ll ' ' ' tn 11- ' ' ' - - . e , - . . . ' 1 -,, a, . Q , . . U v-11 - 11 - - - - - ll ' ll ' 4 I ' ' - D I -,, ,, . . . . Til ' ll ' I - ' ' SAM HEATON-"Terrapin". With a year's experience under his belt, Terrapin brought his fighting 111 11 - - - - - -a, ,a , S Til ll ' ' -,, . . ,, . . . . ll If ' 1 . , , . -11 - 11 - 1 - - - - - f -,, ,, , . . . . , -,a ,a . C ' l l C I . 4 -, , RESUME The mughty Gadsden Tugers began theur football season by playung Collunsvulle un Murphree Qta duuum It was a thrullung exhubutuon of sportsman hup The Collun vulle team purut was hugh but ut wa Cad dens game throughout the contest The funal are wa 52 7 TECH HIGH CATLANTAJ The Tuger uourneyed to Atlanta to engage the pcwerful Tech Huah eleven Cad den scored early and held the lead untul the last munute of play wh n Tech completed a pas unto the end zone to tue the score The whustle blew wuth the count even l3 l3 ETOWAH Our county ruvals the Etowah Blue Devuls unvaded Murphree Staduum wuth quite a spuruted team but they were no match for our fuerce Tugers and were trampled beneath a 42 O score BESSEMER Throughout the quarter of a century that Cadsden and Bessemer have played Gad den had been unable to defeat the Purple Tugers untul thus year Both teams fought theur hearts out and Gadsden ASHLAND Ashland had a small but scrappy team Thus was our furst tume to play them and our Tugers won 34 O DADEVILlE Dadevulle was another newcomer on our schedule They are con udered a strong team throughout the state but Gadsden was vuctoruous 33 O EMMA SANSOM The Emma Sansom Rebels and the Gadsden Hugh Tugers met un theur annual cla h thus year wuth both teams dusplayung fughtung spurutand fruendly ruvalry lt was a hard fought game as evudenced by the 22 l9 score The Rebels were strong but they were unable to hold back the ragung Tuger CENTRE The Cherokee lnduans from Centre Alabama came to Murphree Qtaduum to play Cadsden Hugh Thus u the second year that they have appeared on our schedule The Tugers got off to a low start but the fourth quarter found our boys huttung on all sudes and they walked away wuth a 46 O wun ANNISTON In theur funal and one of the best games of the year the Gadsden Hugh Tugers fought the Annuston Hugh Bulldogs to a 7 7 deadlock Our boys autplayed Annuston all the way and the game ended wuth Gadsden s ball on Annu ton s one foot lune Thus splendud game wa the clcse of an undefeated eason fcr those mughty Gadsden Hugh School Tugers AULBERT LONGSHORE Sports Edutor Page 69 .E .. S.. ,S. ,SSM ,I . S - s ' . ' sc s -. ' s ' ' . - s u ' ' , e s' I - C emerged triumphant l4-l3. . Q. . . , . Q . . . ' ' Q. . I I V , Q . H . .S 4 . S I , ' 's ' - ' . ' ' s s , 7ke Same C-EVNCC,E GLENCCE GLENCCE GLENCCE SANSOM SP-NSOM ETCWAH ETOWAH CCLLINSWLLE COLLINSVNLLE SPRNNG GARDEN ANNNSTON ASHVNLLE ASHVILLE SOUTHSIDE BOAZ BCAZ COACHL NELSON NAR ROEERT A KEENER gk fs.-4.34 1 1' . gms! Q' A, 1- -V 'W ' l 'in 3 5 I 1 9 N: 1 gj ig fn 'I -. 'M- M' -A rx .,- N E .ffgn N lj :' tif ' I Av ., .iz J ,19"7' ". Z,-K , mx, I 'K I 'ugly 'lu A . . dr: ,X Vx 1 1 far' 2 4. 'i . 'wil vw, wW' M I vg ing K o , . If 6. 'I 1 'em , if .5 E " 3 . k 5 My f O I A , f Jw x N F uv .e'-A , , 'www V if 4. Movvv , , 'F V: 4 1 ,ogg jf- f WV, 3,3 I L 8 I A J L- f,! 3 .1 "' 4 1'7" K I N G 0-fvfnlefzf gfmgge UV' K X qv Q U E E N flame 7QfLf2Z6q ix 5 f vvl .L VV V is 1 ,v , , Kai ,- 1' ,L FRANK PARIS AULBERT LONGSHORE LOYAL BLACKWOOD KING'S MEN JUNIQR BEAUTY QQZAQWQ Jfcagmma , - . 4 2 f 5 2 I SQPHOMQRE BEAUTY Emu Shim? 4 A gjsifil iv .. 6 0 , .-if mf. '55 ' '-. ,lfikx f . , , -gig, fi. " ,lim 4 iw, 4:4 . f, .5 .Sf f :QW 5 1.. " 'jg ,yfvl Si e if ww as -T MV JEANNE DUNCAN CATHERINE I-IATLEY VIRGINIA I-IILL 1' Ma "9 LEONA JONES KAY VVILI-IOIT wuz SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES gl DONNA VVILBANKS EMIVIADALE NUNNALLY KATHLEEN STEPHENS JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES L ,fa VVYNEMA IVIQDILL SHIRLEY BYRD -E U51 - 93 -Alu 1' .H gif ,gzjfqaf Ting ET' .1 uf" -,J .DT V if Idsf, q I as T T' I I W A K Q3 A E- I' Q! , . K - K - . -xi 2. 43 iff' may DOROTHY WILSON RUBY SIZEMORE TOMMIE SUE OARRARE I lin Fifi BETTY HOOD SARAH TAYLOR SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES age 83 BETTYE HANNAH BETTY GRACE BOMAN LOUISE COOPER if Nga 'sfg FMJQFM FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES BETSY ANN AYTES SUE DONEC-:AN A T ,pf A if T C ,L 4 5 5 T 'fb' f ' 1' 'LQI vi' 3 V Q ,dv . A ' ""'s., . E3 I I 'L 4 4 . - ' Y I K ,, F4 - 'rx ' - ' 1 -- ' -0.125 '- f : , . ' gigs 'fig ,Q 4 f , 1 . Qi k ix- 'E zf' i ' ' - A , . ' 2 an X . ., 5- "" -ffH?1f:Qf T ' .T . ' G e 84 tltnff-Q--,Q-an-- Ani WM IOR Most Likely 'ro Succeed DAVID STEPHEN S AUGUSTA PENTECOST --rv-an-11"-v Hondsomesf Boy .,.... A HUBERT BRUGGE W,,.,,. """"' Best Dressed LOYAL ELACKWOOD ALICE CROSSFIELD CLJT651' RODDY CRQSS JEAN DUNCAN W 5? IF, HO'S WH ' HUBERT BRUGGE Grid ELAINE TARPLEY 3 Cl J i A Preffiesf Girl ELAINE TARPLEY Most Sfuclious ALVIN MCCURLEY MARY KILPATRICK Most Athletic HUBERT BRUGGE JOAN NISH Q ,T A MosT Likely To Succeed 1 JUNIOR sv'-'V 3 EUGENE ROCKS Best Dressed MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS SHEROLD POPE ' K 3 3'A F Ss. Mfg Hi' , ' H il 'fi A Most Studious EUGENE ROOKS LOIS ROSENBERO CATHERINE HOFFMAN ,Q-!,,4-rv Most Athletic Boy PAT ROBINSON WHO'S WHO Best Locking SAM HEATON DONNA WILBANKS F .5 4 ilu' L c Mcsf Popular ROY RUTLEDGE KATHLEEN STEPHENS " Curesf Mosf Avhle-fic Girl EDWARD CHRISTGPHER SYBIL GRIFHTH DONNA WILBANKS oge 89 SOPHOMORE X , X Q I L E. W 4 'v' L , L v' , si-"" ' ,,-- , ,,, ,. . , . L Most Popular HOLLIS GIEGER cmd BARBARA HAOAN Boy Most Likely to Succeed JOE DUKE Best Dressed Most Athletic HOLLIS OIEOER and BETTY KtERBOVv' BILL JORDAN cmd JOYCE PIPPIN WHO'S WHO rf'- af' Best Lookmg JACK RAY and BETTY KIERBOW Girl Most Likely To Succeed ANNIE LAURIE SMITH Cufest Most Sfudious ROBERT PARIS ond SUE TATUM JOE DUKE cmd MARY JOE GRAMLING 'EJ FRESHM A 1 Most Likefy To Succeed Hcmdsomesf Boy CLYDE DONEHOO ond MARI!-NN FAIN CRAIG CANTRELL Most Athletic Most Smclious GUS LIKOS CLYDE DONEHGO cmd MARIAN F!-XIN BETTY JO BROWN W H WHO i O'S If 'GQ : Y PreTTiesT Girl MOST Popular BETTY GRACE BCMAN BILLY MITCHUM Gnd JEANNE RALLS Besf Dressed Cufesf CRAIG CANTRELL CRAIG CANTRELL BETTYE HANNAH BETTY GRACE BOMAN Wir 4-E we 2 Q-,WM M mah' I, f ' -wa ww A f'f'im., I Q, B8 EAW fffr :ww aw- QEZK 'C' if ' 'ff-H Qiilgff' fm id R 4Kir 'AW' F CE? 4-I :V n,. - N I Alma Make 1 our C yQ cs r Qpmed uguu 51 Tim 5 Oudly tc: C' ou A Mo gr T 1: ye Jr gc 1 r Ol by yew the nge wroug C GL 1 f Cf it Q vw mm bcdcer, X A . , ky! Pr 5 :N .S I' frm: TA A5 IWW f 1 5 1 ly, Exe: lcycrl firm cmd True, on wel! go Ye A 515 ' fh Ee suse me Five yy: SO, ' ,yr 1: 'QQ' 40 0"-,,'0",00'0"' '44 'QQ' 0'0"' "",, .E 'Q '4 THE HOME OF SUPERIOR MILK IIIIIIIII I IIIIII IIILII From Tuberculm Tested Cows RAINBOW DRIVE PHONE 4402 Gadsden Alobomo ' , ' I . A I r ,",,',,,",,,,,'-,,-,,,""',,,,-,,,,,,,,,",',-, 'Q'"',,,,,',,,,-,,,',,,,,"' ,',4",--'Q" Ice Cream ls America's Favorite Health Defense Food Ask For RGSSFIELD S ICE CREAM Supreme ln Quality Fq?,VlCTORY RLY INIIEI SIU! xn A smwa BIRDS I . V V 4' Q I 'l l' X v '- . H. - f I. . .. - 'n K. V 1 'I . n f 'fo AND . , "K YIMIPS 1 f 1, n 2iL ,--------,,-'-,,,,,,-,--,-,,,,---,,,,-,-,, fi' WE HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF CREATING YOUR THRU THE HERFF JONES COMPANY MAY WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU THRU THE COMING YEARS REGISTERED JEVVELERS M AMER! AN OEM SOCIETY X' lc l943 CLASS IIIIGS ln the hands of the students of Gadsden High School and similar institutions rest The well-being and welfare of This greaf nation of ours. This in The near future will be very largely your problem WHAT WiLL You oo Wm-i IT? AGRICOLA FURNACE CO Inc COMPLIMENTS CITY COMMISSION GADSDEN ALABAMA A WELL BALANCED CITY 'Q 0, QQQQQ4 0, Q Q QQQQQQQQ QQ", Q ,,,, 1 1 ol a ""','4',-4"QQ,"""',""',""""',,, ,,,"',,",,,',0,,,,,,'"""',""""4-,Q 11 if '0""0'0'00',"0"',,,,',,-,,,--,,,,,,,,.- BEST WISHES TO GMD D N HIGH SCHOOL STLDENTS IILIIIIILHC IIIFEIFIIIMIE ,ce PLAY SAFE' BUY YOLII2 ATHLETIC OLVPMFNT rom GADSDEN HARDWARE CO Athletic Ouffmers FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TENNIS GOLF WIwoIcsoIe Qefonl ,,,,f,"Q',,Q'000'Q',-0'04"",,,,",40',","-',, C 'I I ,X '4Q404,',"44"'044'"",4000"",0".',,,,,',,,,,' ,',- Y . ,,-,,,,,,,,,,',,.-',',',',",,,,,,,,"',',".-0 L L I H. I I1 9 11 - ' 11 '- 4 ',',",,,4',"'0""4',',,'0"'',,',","4"'-,,', "T T 00004 Q4Q0""Q0"'Q, 4-4,0 Q4-000000000 'R' 0' QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQZ foo-.f T 0,04-QQ00Q0QQ-QQQQQQQ-,,Q4o,'Q::::Q0o::,: ::::,: : :::: TO ANOTHER DESERVING STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY Educofrorm hos much To do wuth us keepmg our Amemcon democrocy ond we re proud of you WISHINO EACH OF YOU A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE Your New 74mm ,A-- 1 T 0 "fax, COMPLIMENTS OF TH GADSDEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SAVE WITH G U L F SEE YouT2 LocAL DEALER f 'QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 'T 'T T 'T 'T T 5 'T 'T 5 'T T T T T 'T 5 TT 5 5 T T T, 5 TT 'T 5 T 5 'T 'T 5 T 5 'T 'T 5 T 5 'T 'T 5 TT 5 5 'T 5 TT 5 5 T T ' TT 5 5 T 5 'T 'T 5 TT 5 'T 'T 5 T 5 'T 'T 5 TT 5 TT B T 'T :T T TT T T T T T Q 'T 'T T 5 T 0 T T' T T TT TT T TT T: , TT T, TT TT TT 'T 'T T, 'T 'T 'T 'T T, 'T T, TT TT TT TT TT 2 :T T, :T 'T T 'T T 'T ' 'T 5 'T rn 'T 'T N TT TT TT T TT 'T 'T T, 'T T, 'T 'T T, 'T T, 'T 'T T, 'T ', TT TT TT TT TT 'T 'T T, 'T 'T TT TT TT TT TT T TT TT TT TT TT T, TT TT TT TT TT TT TT T, TT T, T, TT T, TT TT TT TT T, TT T, T, TT T, TT T, T, T T, TT TT TT TT TT TT 'T 'T T, 'T T, 'T 'T T, 'T T 'T 'T TT 'T TT - TT TT TT T, TT TT TT TT TT TT 'T 'T TT 'T TT T, TT TT T, TT T, T, TT T, TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT 'T 'T TT 'T TT 'T 'T T, 'T T, T,::-,-::::::::Q::,:::: ,T T,::::.,:::-- :::Q::,::::-,3 L,,,:, -::,,,:::,: ,,,:,,,,,,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,,, ,,'Q""o,,, 'f' Q ' , ,,"" "',"',' PHOTOGRAPHS THE GADSDEN STUDIO fOver Hogedorn 81 Co Lodues Storel -4I7V2 Brood Street Phone 693 A SPIELBERO Propruetor Over thtrty years mokers ot Ilrte portronts Comphments of SUTHERLIN FURNITURE COMPANY Compluments ot GIEGER DRY CLEANERS WE CLEAN TO SUIT YOU Phone 787 4I6 Chestnut Street - I '1 - 1 ,",',',"'0"",",,,",,,",',',,"',",,',',,,' ',',""",,,,',,',,,,,",,',',,,',,",4,",' ',,, ',",4,0,"',',"",,,',4"",',',,",,',,,,,,',,, ,,,"',,,,"',,,,"',,"", ",,,,,,',,,,',,,,',,,, ff ff 0'0,4,,"-,,',"0"-",,'"'"'-,,',4',,',' Q ,,'4' ' WRENN S Ice Cream Try Our Extra Thuck MALTED MILKS POPE CLEANERS I2Th STreeT Phone 978 JULIA S STORE FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES and NOVELTIES Complnmenfs of AmerIcan Ba kerles Makers of MERITA MREAD Q''f,",,-,,,,,,,"""""1 Q-,,,,-,,,'""Q-,,,,,4'0aQo" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ---------,,"-'--,,"""".I L-,,,,,-,,,-,-,-,-,,,,,,--N-s ""'--"''v'--"0"""""7 f-,,,,',,,---,,,,,-,,,--,'-,,'4 I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I o 0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I oooeoooooocoovoev-040400000-'J 900Q'Q""""'a-00400000044-0-,J 's""""""""-""""'1 f-.,,-,-,-,-,,----,-....,,,.,--q I I I I I I I I I ' I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I ' I I I I I I I I I I 0'00000""'-'Q-04000000044-0 9,'QQ0s",,040,4-QQ.,Q'-""" ,,,,, ,..,,,,.,,,,..,,.. NN, N, ,,.... N .,,,,,.,. .,,,,, I I I I I I I I I OI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . - I ' ' I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I - I I I I I I I I I I 'NI I I ',,,,,---',-,,,,,,,-,,,',. 4,,,,,-,-,'---,,,,'Q',,',-, Complumems of STERCHI BROTHERS STORES Inc Comphmenfs C F CROSS Jewelers, Inc 'Q Compliments of THE GUARANTEE SHOE STORE fs,-.fa Usry Drug Company 302 Broad Sfreef Phones Nos IQOO IQOI VISIT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN Your Pafronage Appreclafed Q.,-Q CRESTWOOD MEMORIAL CEMETERY INCORPORATED In Gadsden Alabama TWO MODERN FIREPROOF HOTELS THE REICH THE PRINTUP Dlrechon of A P Reach a so THE REDMONT Blrmmgham Alabama THE SARASOTA Sarasota Florida COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE FITTS REALTY COMPANY II8 Courf STreeT Phones 808 and 809'J Compllmems of GADSDEN LAUNDRY and QUALITY LAUNDRY 4' ,,004440Q4,0,,44,,.Q,,,,,'0,.,,,,',Q,,,,',',,',-,,---1 I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I ",,,,::::::::::::,::::::,::,,,,-,-,,.,,,,,-,,, ,,,,,,k.-.Q ---,,-,,,-,,::.-:,::::::::::,::::,,:::::,,::'::::::::::1 I , I I I I I I I I . . . 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Compluments of WOODLIFF S AMBULANCES vvooourr ruNERAL Home HOOD INZER MARTIN 81 SUTTLE 7I 6 Forest Avenue -v---------------v--vQ,-.,--,---,---,:'QQ4-:::::: 1 I I I I -II "',,,0"'Q4Q0",x,.'x' 'Nl f-0:::999tt::91:::669- v :Q f:::99::::::::L0-9 eeoe 99? 99000 tiff: 9696 :IJ fffff-Qfiifffffi-9: I II I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I II III II II I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II I II II II I II II II I If II I I I I I I I II II II I E I I I I I I I II II II I I I s I I - I I I N I I I I I I I I I I I II I II II II I I II II II I II II II I II I I I II . II II ,.,..,I , , C O' ""'1I II II I' I I I I I I I II II II I II II II I II II II II I I I I I I I II II . 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I I I I I I v I I I I I I I I 44o00'o4o0'a00040:o00f4-04-'aj 9044000Qvaaaaafaoaooooaoa:4-Q Dunaway Pharmacy Rollo Dunoway Manager It you dont know your Drugs know your Druggtst 122 South Fttth Street Cornpltments ot MCCUEN S STEAK Gnd SANDWICHES WALTHOUR S BICYCLE SHOP NEW and USED BICYCLES EXPERT REPAIRING Atrplane Models and Suppltes and Toys 4IO Chestnut St Gadsden Ala PHONE 584 5,00 IRA PHILLIPS SERVICE STATION EXPERT LUBRICATION Thtrd and Chestnut Streets PHONE 9294 I L Southern Shoe Store SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY TONEY S CAFE Eats and Drtnks ot All Ktnds ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Served Datly 204 Broad Street Phone 9l89 Gadsden a Compltments H UGULEY S Clothtng Store QUALITY CLOTHING ON CREDIT SI7 Broad St Gadsden Ala 500' Ta rpley Floral Co I23 South 7th Street Gadsden Alabama PHONE 2I I8 Flowers for Every Occaston r-,,"""0,,,--,,,-,""",'4f',,,,,',""',,',"Q,,,,," I : 5- I I I II I II I II I II I II ' ' I2 I I II I H 1 II I II I II I ' H II I II I II I II I - :I I II I II p--,----,,,,-,------------,,-4p""-0--0-4-""o""-""' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,9,,,,,6,,,,,,, fetsleeeeeteeteetttftyt990909 E I I 1 I II I I II I II I II I - I II I II I II I l II I II - I II I II I II I II I II I II - -I Al I If I II g-,,-,,,-,--,----,,,,,,,,-.,-3po'oooo'0'o""o'oo0'oo'-04' f,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, f,,. ....,,,,,,,.,.,.,,.,,.., I I I I I - I I, ot I II I II I II I I II I 'I I I I2 ' I ' ' II I II I II I II I II I . , . 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Brood Corgo will moke your cor PHONE 9296 EOR ROAD SERVICE ROY S WAFFLES so oEuoous We Try To serve The Best Coffee ID Town MAKE US PROVE IT' Buy War Bonds Every Pay Day I.ef's Double Our Quota -0""',0'Q"'0"'Q"pQ' ,011-o's""' 0""' "QQ "QQ", I I I I I I I I I I " C I I I I I ' ' W - H I I I Hf""T , I I I I I I I I I I ------,-,--,--,---,,,---,--.I aff'-""""""""'-""" I I - I I I I ' I I I I I I . . I I I I n - H I I I I H ll ' I I 90 I I I I I I 8 ' I I ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,--,,,,l I--,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,-,,,,-,,, ,-.,--,,-,-,-,-,,,--,-,,,,,-,q r"s""'--'O-"""""'-"" I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I ' . 8 5 I I I I I I - - s I . I I ,,,--,,,,,,,,,----,,,,,,,,-l In'-N000,00-HHN", I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I ' I I 1 II II I I ' I I I I I I I I I - . . . . I I I I I I I I ,,,---,,-,----,,,',,-,,,,,-, L-,.,-,-,-,,,,,-,,-,,,,,,,,,, Corhpllmems of Ccmpllmems Ol PRINTUP MOURE BEAUTY SHOPPE Grocery Company PHONE 212 Pl-IONE 846 DRY CLEANING U an PHONE Iolo STAMPS COME WHAT MAY CONFIDENCE IS 'rhe herrtage or youIh IS also luhclamehfa r qulrewuerwf ol ou mess artamed by long study Tram ng and experuehce We have en Ioyed The cohhclehce of yearbook Srafls Throughout 1he country for over Ihrrly years GU accomplushmenf for vvhrch we are truly graIelul ar Cl IU Ily proud COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMIINGHAXI ,000:oaooooovfppeoaocooaq roeo00a:000:0'000o0c000"'0 I I I I I , I I ' I I I I : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V I 0,0 0Q""'0"""0"'vaJ L,"':' :"0""""""' ,,,,,---,-'-"-' '-'- ,',,,1 r,,---', v- - """ : I I I I I I I - . . B Y 3 I I I I It WAR BONDS I I I I I I d I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q-, ",,,, ,.'.' " """, g-, ,"""',,",,' ",,, 'A' 'A' I If O ' 4 l e ' r l S' Z 4 l ' - N Q WmMmp.' MMWHWW WAR SAVISGS BSNIIS and STAMPS AND PRINTERS 14 ADAMS AX ONTGOMERY

Suggestions in the Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) collection:

Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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