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rwhuhrx if f: .n,mlr.u+mru: n..le .th 1 3p , V Lax : aw; .s L Y 55?? i? 3. ft . V .. .3: 1L Ax. 1! ,....v LY. 5.95.; as 5,. rai s iihwfku? 3,; fart? 4. E 717m 7119: Q: w 3977 529" 27', 51712 5017a 3107K; Bani; Vn a 79112 anal. IVnZSVmZ way m1; 71min N A $7: mm Iiji'znv thh 211-1 2 11191111114415 Wu! 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CIIjIL'rln'Z ,Temzmbzrinj 13km? 5M buiuf Hmlmnwn Ihzvmpfafgtw'mmlmn u ymzhc binge Hmz I 7mf7aginbi'ar 131mg 171: I jaimm thumb re 1J3? 712112 Iam, 7n naJugmnHicrz 1' can wt i712 6119 74.272135??an 6 RT njmn, ,77Lm IT? ZIU'TL EthjZfV tjime! 513175 h dministration ; Top left to right: Mr. 5. Ralph Marta, Supervising Principal; Mr. Archie Miller, RHJ Elementary School Principal. Bottom right: Mr. Robert O. Woodard, High School Principal. chool Board Seated: Elaine E. Jensen, Janet L. Jones, Bonnie StockwelHPresidenH. Standing: Gordon Sheldon-mistrict Clerld, Michael Carney, Ernest Wiltsie-Wice Presidend, Richard B. Bandley, Charles Barone. High School Office Staff Seated at desk: Carol Gloss. Standing: Audrey Gatgen, Carrie Clark, Lois McCul- lough. Left to right: Norma Watson, Patricia Fuchs, Martha Haut- zinger, Dorothy Fenton. Cafeteria Staffs Kneeling: Sue Gray. Standing: Harriet Pierce, Vivian Johnson, Donna Petransky, Barb Crissman, Marguerite Roth. Left to right: Kathy Hitchcock, Hazel Swanson, Janet Strong, Autumn Eckman, Marcia Johnson, Ruth Atkins, Dorothy Waite. a r M n 6 Lu C t b F r. M n, a m H U H s vl M f h D. 0 t m 0 r f e k. w k C .m C n O s 1H a C L M g, .n a P L M m, M g u a L C M Science Clockwise from top left: Mr. Confer, Mr. Songster, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Beckerink, Mr. Vanstrom 7 English Row 1: Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Basile. Row 2: Mr. Basile, Mrs. Suchar. Row 3: Miss Benson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Edwards. Social Studies Clockwise from top left: Mrs Mattocks, Mr. Feather, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Mangano, Mr. McFarland. Physical Education Clockwise from top left: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Sharp, Mrs. Villella. 10 Business Mrs. Skoglund, Miss Rieger. Art Miss Doskocz, Mlss Nowacki. Industrial Arts Mr. Germaine, Mr. Cluckey. 11 F rench Mr. Picard. Home Economics Mrs. Cable, Mrs. McLaughlin. Mr. Stearns, Mrs. Schmidt. 12 Special Education Mr. Goold, Mrs. Sitler bidd Librarians Miss Root, Mrs. Schwedt. 13 Guidance Mr. Gremer Mt. Hair Mrs. Sadowski 14 Top left picture. CUSTODIANS - Row 1: Roger Oberg, Hubert Beardsley. Row 2: Mike Danielson, Leroy Rearson. Bottom picture. CLEANING PERSONS Kneeling: Ruth Bennett, Charlotte Beards- ley. Standing: Judy Lauffenburger, Nancy Coe, Edgar Schultz, Nancy Barron, Minnie Johnson. 16 Before launching his career at Frewsburg Central in September, 1964, Lee Fletcher was a graduate of Jamestown High School. He later went on to obtain his Associates degree at Jamestown Community College, Bachelofs degree at Purdue Unlversity, and his Master's at Clarisson. During his 19 years of teaching at Frewsburg Central, Mr. Fletcher has had great personal Involvement with the student body. In the past, he has served as the assistant football coach, golf coach, and class adviser. In his spare time, Mr. Fletcher enjoys carpentry, cross-country skiing, hunting, and golfing. Barbara Akin Renee Bailey Karen Baker Thomas Barone Rick Barstow Anthony Barto Harold Bennett Lee Bennett Robert Benson Suzan Blanchard Bowman Bruce Boyd Andrew Bragg Brian Brake Stacie Brink J ulie Carter Brian Case J ohn Davis Kathleen Davis Christine David Bob Butters 19 Clockwise: Shawn Yost, John Davis, Torn Barone, and Lee Ben- nett, Bob Butters and Tom Mott, Craig Swan- son, Tom Mott, Rick Barstow. Seniors in V Action Row 1: Todd Walker, Patti Swanson, Wendy Nelson. Row 2: Kathy Davis, Bob Butters, Scott Stiver. Row 3: Cliff Sleasman, Steve Ryberg, Bob Munson. Kelley Eaton Janice Eckman Robert Elderkin Karen Fairbanks Christiane Feder Thomi Sue Fishwick 22 Karen Fuchs Lisbet Johns Bruce Johnson Debbie Johnson Heidi Johnson Jeff Johnson Nancy Johnson Brenda Kirik Ann Klark Rhonda Kolstee Ronald Kuhns Carrie Lind Jon Lindboom Stefan Linder Randy Lingenfelter 23 Prom 1982 Junior - Senior The 1982 Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 22 at the Jamestown Holiday Inn. An estimated ninety persons attended the buffet dinner and dance afterwards. The music was provided by the well-liked band "Prophecy." Marla Pytcher and Shane Conlan were elected senior King and Queen, while Candy Swanson and Bob Butters were selected junior King and Queen. Decorations were the class flower, the yellow rose, and guests were the Marras and the Woodards. Chaperones for the evening included Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLaughlin. Girls and Boys State Every year, two boys and one girl are accepted for Girls, and Boys, State, sponsored by the Amer- ican Legion and Auxiliary. Sent to different colleges in New York State, they spend a week forming political groups, separate counties and districts, and the various governments tq rule them. This year Kathy Davis was chosen for Girls, State, and Shawn Yost and Tom Barone were chosen for Boys State. Prom Committee Row 1: Urom left to rightk Mrs. McLaughlin bdvisorL Gloria Nelson, Patti Swanson. Row 2: Rick McMasters, Ann Klark. Row 3: Cary Logan. Anders Ljunbag Cary Logan Tamara Luke Rhonda Lutgen Jody Mathews Russell Mazzurco Michelle McKeever Bethany Moore June Moore Thomas Mott Robert Munson John Nash 26 n o b O a r y M n g u a l b .P. V. N R n m e v w m R S m n s m b d 0 N P n .w. e n W W e t S e m n s r d km N S a O .n e 10 e G .L Cynthia Seekins Douglas Sandberg 27 82 Homecoming Top picture tL to R1: Mr. Bailey; Renee Bailey, Senior Attendant; Mr. Swanson; Candace Swanson, Senior Attendant; Mr. Fairbanks; Karen Fairbanks, Homecoming Queen; Brenda Weller, Former Queen; Bonnie Weilacher, Freshman Attendant; Mr. Weilacher; Kris Fletcher, Sophomore Attendant; Mr. Fletcher; Karen Nelson, Junior Attendant; Mr. Nelson; Lori Cobb, Princess; Paul Webb, Page. Perhaps the biggest event during football season this year - that is outside of winning our one and only game on that day e was Homecoming and Spirit Week, Oct. 18-23, 1982. As occurs every year, there was much rivalry between the classes, but everyone had fun competing. As a new idea, Monday became Hat Day. Tuesday was the traditional Dress-Up Day on which the Senior football players and cheerleaders were given flowers as recognition of their years of participation and dedication. This year, Wednesday was officially Country-Western Day. This gave everyone a chance to dress up like the uOld West", and we saw everything from chaps to lassoes. Thursday was traditionally devoted to Crazy Day. New and innovative ideas were used at this year's Crazy Nights. You could take part in anything from lemon rolling to toilet paper wrapping. Despite the rain earlier that day, the bonfirehaep rally was held on Friday night. The Homecoming Game was played against the highly-rated Randolph Cardinals. The determined Bears managed to play a defensive and offensive game and squeeze through with a 15-14 victory over Randolph. At halftime of the game, Karen Fairbanks was crowned Homecoming Queen. With music by ttNightshift", the Homecoming Dance ended the week-long festivities. 29 Kevin Sheldon Marvin Shoup Clifford Sleasman Krista Spitzer Robin Spencer Scott Stiver 30 Candace Swanson Craig Swanson Patricia Swanson John Szarowicz Michael Thierfeldt Jeffery Thomas Mark Tompkins Vanessa VanArsdale Laura Verga Todd Walker Marcie Whitwood Tammy Wilson Shawn Yost Eva Young Lisa Young 31 enior Class Officers Row 1: Todd Walker. Row 2: Patti Swanson, Kelley Eaton Ureasj, John Davis Wresj, Kathy Davis N.?J, Chriss David SecJ. enior ounge 0mm. 32 Row 1: Rhonda Lutgen, Jody Mathews, Karen Fuchs, Shawn Yost mhairmam, Chriss David. Row 2: Gloria Nelson, Bob Butters, Kathy Davis. Stefan Linder Frewsburg - What is that? - I thought first when I heard the name. Now I know it better. Frewsburg is a little town in the southwest of the state of New York. For me it also became a second home. I am really glad that I had the chance to meet a bunch of such nice not always calm Bears. It wonIt be easy to escape the claws of the Bears. Thank you to all who made it possible for me to stay in Frewsburg. Illl miss all of you. Love, Stefan P.S. There are no kangaroos in Austria. Lisbet Johns To travel is to live. You get a lot of impressions, new ways of looking at things and new friends. Here is Frewsburg I have experienced all this, and Ilm thankful to all of you who have made this year such a great one for me. Seldom do you meet as much friendliness and openness as here at Frewsburg Central School. A very special thanks is to my wonderful family, the Schmatzls. With all their love and teasing, they made me feel at home and safe, which meant a lot to me. This was the easy part. The hard part is having to say good-bye. Illl mis you all a lot. If you ever come to Denmark -- drop by! Love to all Lisbet Andres Ljungberg Ilm a boy from Sweden - a little country in northern Europe. I come from Stockholm, the capital. In other words, Ilm a city person, and, being used to that kind of life, it was kind of hard to adjust at first. I donlt like it when people tell me what to do, I'm me; I can think for myself and decide what I want to do. I read a lot of books lwhen I get timel, and I like to exercise to keep in shape. Skiing is my biggest interest; Illl do anything to ski. Imagine a medium steep slope with a foot of powdered snow . sounds great! I guess I dream a lot; there are so many things I want to do, so many I think I will do, but probably never will. Some people call me a dreamer, some think I am . . . I donlt know what. They donlt say, but I know I am rne. Anders lcommonly known as Andy or uYeepI'I Christiane F eder IIFrewsburg is like a big family.' Thatls what somebody told me when I asked what the school was like. I think this is true because it is easy to make friends and to have fun at school and at all the activities that I love so much. I know I," come back some day because it is a very special place, and I also hope that some of you people are going to visit me lmaybe graduation 1986?!I I would like to thank everybody who made this year so wonderful and full of experiences for me. 7 Lots of love 8!. thanks, Christiane 33 Hop plcturoj Sitting: Mrs. Freeburg, Miss Landy, Mrs. Nelson. Standing: Mrs. Blodgett, Mrs. Storer, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Dobony, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Augusto. Middle pictura Row 1: Mr. Champ, Mrs. Langham. Row 2: Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Damcott, Mrs. Brucstrom, Mrs. Nelson. Giottom pictura Kneeling: Mrs. lntihar. Sitting: Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Emley, Mrs. Saff. Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Rickard. Standing: Mrs. Wellman, Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Damcott, Mr. Dull, Miss Hester, Mrs. Howder. F ootball iAt righti Row 1: Ray Bentley, Brian Hair, Mark Boardman, Jim Treadway, Chad Citester, Jerry Houghwot imanagersi Row 2: Ethan Smith, Sean Carney, Bob Butters, Scott Hedlund, Kevin Jones, Randy Sitler, Todd Carlson, Jim Cappano, Chris Tomp- kins, Dave Butters. Row 3: Tom Dallas, Larry Tompkins, Louie Hartzell, John Dietrick, Brad Long, Tom Barone, Tom Mott, Craig Swanson, Russ Mazzurco, John Nash, Darryl Webb, Rick Whippo, Shawn Yost. Row 4: Andy Proctor, Darrin Waite, Roy Songster, Rick Barstow, Scott Pollock, Chad Olsen, Rich Barton, Steve Heath, Bill Hair, Todd Walker. iAbovei Captains Tom Barone and Tom Mott, Varsity This yearis football team suffered a big disappointment after last yearis undefeated season leading to Rich Stadium. Highlights of the season, however, included the victorious homecoming game against Randolph with a final score of 15-14. Finishing with an overall record of 2 and 6, league record of 2 and 4, the many underclassmen who gained experience promise a good season next year. Row 1: Jeff Gordon, Doug Sitler, Bob Verga, Steve Hazzard, Row 2: Jim Dietrick, Andy Haglund, Mike Conlan, Steve San Flippo, Dan Hill. 38 Cheerleaders Row 1: Stacie Clinger, Missy Schultz, Leslie Herrick, Grace Benson, Darlene Olmstead Row 2: Leslie Kidder, Lisa Colburm. Row 1: Kim Jones, Charlene Sleasman, Row 2: Candy Swanson, Regina Lundmark. Row 3: Cindy Weller, Paula Holmes. Row 4: Barb Akin, Kelley Eaton. Row 5: Sara Roblee, Narda Gatgen. 39 Volleyball Varsity Lisbet Johns, Stearns. Row 3: Marsh, Kathy Davis. The Varsity Volleyball team, under Coach Pat Spang, had a very disheartening season with no wins the entire season. However, next yeafs team looks promising after losing only two seniors. The J.V. record of 3 and 7 also promises a better season next year. 40 Junior Varsity Row 1: Clarice Littlefield, Sherry Grover kaptainsl Row 2: Valerie Kohler, Lisa Johnson, Lisa Dyer, Mary Kim Seated: Debbie Tompkins. Row 1: Chris Williams, Michelle Johnson, Debbie Cady, Kim Fritton. Row 2: Julie Hetrick, Debbie Lewis, Ellie Mathews, Amy Szarowicz, Joell Cham- plain. Girls, Swimming 1 Ii: , The Frewsburg varsity girlst swim team recovered from their first league dual meet loss in four years to record a fourth consecur tive Chautauqua County Division II Swim Championship. The season finale was definite. ly the highlight of the season as the Lady Bears avenged their earlier loss to Panama by defeating the Lady Panthers 294 to 277. Row 1: Kris Fletcher, Jody Messenger, Chriss David, Thomi Sue Fishwick, Tammy Luke, Jodi McMasters, Lorri Johnson. Row 2: Carissa Cannan, Mary Miller, Laura Verga. Lisa David, June Moore, Shari Williams, Christiane Feder. Row 3: Amy Cannan, Karen Nelson, Lisa Bennett, Diane Lydell, Coach Johnson, Amy Dwyer, Lauren Yaich. Varsity Junior High Row 1: Andrea Dobony, Kim Stockwell, Naomi Almgren, Coach Johnson, Val Van Epps, Wendy Axelson. Row 2: Lori Gordon, Christy Cady, Stacie Rossing, Kelly Rowan, Tammy Gallagher. Standing: Amber Bova, Karen Swanson, Melissa Lobb, Michelle Adams, Christy Schutz, Jenny Akin, Kelly Phillips, Alynn Mackey, Jill Stanton, Terri Swanson. 41 42 Cross Country Row 1: Shawn Mason, Steve Ryberg, Paul Davis, Bill Bowman, Todd Stohl- berg, Boyd Walker, Chris Paterniti. Row 2: Mike Elderkin, Coach Feather, Stefan Linder,T.J. Hodges, Russ Paladino, Chris Oberg, Denny Eklund, Dave Williams, Ann Davis. The Varisty team finished in 9th place out of 13 teams at the County Meet. The Junior Varsity team finished 10th out of 18 teams. Four runners - Steve Ryberg and Russ Paladino for the boys, and Ann Davis and Chris Paterniti for the girls qualified to run at the Section IV meet at Elma Meadows. If nod'ung else can be attributed to your years In attendance at FCS, there are certain skills whlch you soon perfect in your senior year As you can see, one becomes quite adept 1n the operation of one of the world's greatest Inventions, the telephone. Also, one acquires amazing handyeye coordination through daily visits to the foosball table Oh, and certainly we do accomplish some work occasionally, chm is with a lriendos help. E 4 :2 2234?: 4 :72 2:5 4:32 :66 Mgwgmww uniors Katherine Adams Mark Axelson Richard Barton Lisa Bennett Lora Lyn Bragg Corene Buck Scott Burns David Butters Carissa Cannan Todd Carlson Jeff Chitester Dawn Corbran Allen Craft 46 Charles Crooks Belinda Dallas Thomas Dallas Robert Daniels Bobbi Derby William Devereaux John Dietrick Amy Dwyer Lisa Dyer Dale Eckman Peter Eckman Jefferey Eggleston Richard Ecklund Michael Forbes Narda Gatgen Sherry Grover Mark Gustafson William Hair Timothy Hays Steven Heath Scott Hedlund T. J Hodges Mark James Lisa Johnson Lorri Johnson Michelle Johnson Kimberly Jones Victor Karas Michael Lauffenburger Clarice Littlefield Kurt Logan Teresa Lundmark Julie Marsh Kimberly Marsh Howard Marvell i 48 Randy Munson Karen Nelson Nancy Nelson Paul Nordland John Paladino Susan Palmer Wendy Parisi Mike Peterson Scott Pollock Sara Roblee Barb Rumbaugh Ethan Smith Roy Songster 49 Sheryl Stiver Bob Stone David Swanson Tim Thomas Chris Tompkins John Verga Darrin Waite 50 John Warner Cynthia Weller Chris Williams Gerry Williams Randy Williams Lauren Yaich Shawn Zinger 51 Class Officers $3 W629 ? J? ' WMM Wop picturd Juniors. Row 1: Amy Dwyer, David Butters Row 2: Narda Gatgen, Lora Lynn Bragg, Sara Roblee, Jeff Chites- ter. mentexo Sophomores. Row 1: Lisa David, Julie Crooks. Row 2: Kris Fletcher, Darel Webb, Sean Carney, Paula Holmes. wottom picturd Freshman. Row 1: Sharon VanStry. Row 2: Connie Wilson, Bonnie Weilacher, Leslie Kidder, Bever- Iy Hitchcock. 52 Sophomores Lori Abbey Teresa Adelgren Kym Baker Ray Bentley Matt Black Dale Boyd Pam Brooks Debra Cady Amy Cannan Jim Cappano Sean Carney 53 Jeanne Carter Gregg Clark Mike Classon Stacey Clinger Amy Coe Jim Cole Julie Crooks Lisa David Ann Davis Jackie Dietrick Jim Dietrick Dennis Ecklund Denise Fessenden Kris Fletcher Kim Fritton Jeff Gordon James Gremer Pat Guimond Laura Gustafson Lily Hallowell Rick Hamilton Louis Hartzell Matt Haskell Julie Hetrick Kelly Hill Mark James Jeff Hitchcock Paula Holmes Jerry Houghwot David Johnson Kevin Jones Valerie Kohler Laurie Latona Cory Lauffenburger Yvette Ledoux Robert Lingenfelter Brad Long Dennis Long Jacqie Long Chris Lucas Diane Lundmark Regina Lundmark Toni Martinelli Larry Marvell Ellie Mathews Cathy Mazzurco Ray Mesler Mary Miller Jim Mistretta Kathy Munson Todd Nelson Jeff Noyd Noelle Noyd Chris Oberg Darlene Olmstead Chad Olson Marie Peterson Phyllis Phillips Andy Proctor Rhonda Rearick Jim Rossing Karen Rumbaugh Chris Shablak Randy Sitler Charlene Sleasman Pam Smith Darryl Stohl Patty Stone Curt Swanson Larry Tompkins 57 58 Gina VanEpps Bob Verga Marcus Waite David Watson Darrel Webb Tim Weber Bob Weilacher Rick Whippo David Williams Shari Williams Phill Wilson Becky Wiltsie Jim Yaich Chris Yost F reshman Row 1: Jon Blanchard, Brian Champlain, Mike Conlan, Lisa Colburn, Jeff Ekstrom. Row 2: Mara Blackburn, Steve Burkett, Rick Black, Mike Elderkin, John Cayer, Jodell Champlain. Row 3: Billie Jo Anderson, Grace Benson, Torn Eggleston, Naomi Almgren, Ken Dodge, Jim Babyak, Cindy Anderson, Leroy Belin, Bill Bowman, Pat Covey. Row 1: Jeff Sandburg, Shawn Mason, Mike Scott, Todd Parisi. Row 2: Ron Lindberg, Amy Szarowicz, Chris Mattocks, Greg Linholme, Scott Phanco, Tim Rowan, Carol Perry Row 3: Katie Molly, Melissa Schultz, Lauri Swanson, Darlene Swanson, Kris Phillips, John Mascelli, Don Mitchell, David Sadowski, Jodi McMasters, Karen Mahoney. 59 Row 1 inngr Mike Sobocinski, Boyd Walker. Row 2: Bonnie Weilacher, Debbie Thompkins, Amy Widmark, Sharon VanStry, Teresa Young, Connie Wilson, Faith Thomas. Row 3: Bill Territo, Todd Stohlburg, Mike Taft, Mike Ulrich, John Verga, Kevin Shepherd, Doug Sitler, Dave Sherman. Row 1: Leslie Kidder, Debbie Lewis, John Kocur, Debbie Halovich, Andy Haglund, Julie Johnson, Ken Kelwaski, Steve Hazzard, Dan Hill. Row 2: Jeff Fairbanks, Keith Johnson, Jim Gage, Leslie Herrick, Aimee Burns, Jeannine Lennon, Wendy Ingrao Row 3: Tim Kennedy, Jeff Haley, Beverly Hitchcock, Jody Greenwood, Jody Grover, Jeff Gordon. 6th Grade Chorus Row 1: Travis Birt, Doug Nelson, Ray Unger, Rob Rearick, Paul Webb, Vicky Overbeck, Patty Davis, Jeanette Anderson. Row 2: Amy Dale, Kelley Swanson, Patty Allem, Laurie Berry, Tammy Lee, Susan Ludwig, Jill Lewis, Matt Ekstrom, Chris Payne, Ricky Palidino, Todd Johnson, Laurie McMurdy, Trevor Butts, Darrin Widmark, Phillip Giambelluca, Autumn Swearingin, Richard Rothleader, Todd Ekstrom, Pennie Williams, Amber Bova, Ashley Hokanson, Kimbar Phillips. Row 4: Shawn Lucas, Shawn Sanfelippo, Geoff Rondeau, Gregg Sherman, Kelly Werner, Terri Swanson, Sherri Becker, Donell Taft, Michelle Morreale, Sandy Krasa, Patricia Mitchell, Jody Black. Row 5: Jon Anderson, Billy Drake, John VanDework, Jeff Dalgren, Steve Marsh, Kenny Intihar, Herbert Anderson, Gabe Smith, David Young. Row 6: Kristy Shultz, Ricky Anderson, David Benson, Mark Bush, Paul Winters, Chris Devereaux, Lori Cobb, LeAnn Baker Seventh Grade Chorus Row 1: Scott Scholeno, Melissa Lobb, Carol Hardinger, Jeffrey Stohlberg, Shawn Crooks, Jim Powell, Don VanStry, Darrin Williams, Brett Mason. Row 2: Mrs. Schmidt, Steve Carlson, Nathan Bragg, Mike Cheney, Rodney Grover, Mark Board- man, Lori Quinn, Becky Walsh, Betty Bentley, Kathy Sleasman, Bruce Moore. Row 3: Barb Milstrada, Karen Swanson, Miss Peterson, Lori Amatuzzo, Mary Hammond, Lisa Dietrick, Lori Lennon, A'lynn Mackie, Shari Jackson, Kim Hitchcock, Lisa Elderkin. Row 4: Wendy Axel- son, Susan Thierfeldt, Anna Mason, Christy Backburn, Melan- ie Fessenden, Kelly Rowan, John Walsh, Jamie Johnson, Terry Gray. Row 5: Tricia Luce, Emery Stohl, Tim Carney, Ralph Long, Sandra Durfee, Steve Frew, Denise Woodard, Lance Belin, Lance Rumbaugh, Sean Lander, Mike Heald. Eighth! Grade Chorus wusa-a Row 1: Kathy Wiltsie, Tammy Hartzell, Miss Peterson, Poppy Dodge, Jennifer Long, Danny Moore, Jim DeLong, Kelly Phillips, Mark Scholeno, Randy Bjork, Dennis Molly. Row 2: Dawn McIntyre, Ritchie Hayes, Jason Ransom, Tommy Eaton, Craig Cannon, Tammy Gallagher, Nellie Stone, Tina Becker, Tracie Haskins, Laura Christensen, Julie Miles. Row 3: Michele Swanson, Janis Brady, Christy Cady, Valerie VanEpps, Diane Lydell, Michelle Giambelluca. Row 4: Mrs. Schmidt, Sharon Frankson, Jill Stanton, Kim Stockwell, Marjorie Songster, Shawn Bova, Stephen Haller, Melissa Smith, Liz Yager, Rob Linbeck, Wendy Almgren, Lori Greenwood. Senior Choir A, '2 Row 1: Carissa Cannan, Amy Dwyer, . k X1 Tammy Luke, Chris Williams, Michelle W ' Johnson, Karen Fairbanks, Lauren Yaich. Michelle McKeever, June Moore, Sue ' Palmer, Chriss David, Marcie Whitwood, 9 Laura Bragg, Mrs. Schmidt. Row 3: Doug Q k ' V Row 2: Vanessa Van Arsdale, Lisa Young, Sitler, Davis Williams, Sara Roblee, Lisa Johnson, Julie Marsh, Lisbet Johns, Laura Verga, Sherry Grover, Kim Marsh, Dave Sherman, Todd Stohlberg, Row 4: Jim Cole, Dale Boyd, Steve Burkett, Steve Ryberg, Todd Walker, Shawn Yost, Steven Linder, Andres Livingberg, Paul Nordland, Ray Mesler, Pat Covey, Boyd Walker. Absent when picture was taken: Candy Swanson. Girls Chorus Row 1: Leslie Kidder, Missy Schultz, Debbie Tompkins, Becky Schwartz, Kim Baker, Amy Widmark, Kim Fritton. Row 2: Darlene Olmstead, Julie Crooks, Connie Wilson, Kris Fletcher, Mara Blackburn, Marie Peterson, Charlene Sleasman. Row 3: Naomi Almgren, Lori Abbey, Carol Perry. Row 4: Julie Johnson, Kelly Hill, Becky Wiltsie, Julie Hetrick, Pam Smith. 65 66 All-State And Chautauqua F estival Lorri Johnson, Darrin Waite, Tammy Luke. Sara Roblee Dawn McIntyre Mbovd Row 1: June Moore, Sue Palmer, Clarice Littlefield. Row 2: Dave Williams, Mark Axelson. Row 3: Todd Walker, Paul Nordland. Mith Row 1: Wendy Axelson. Row 2: Don VanStry, Karen Swanson, Kelly Rowan, Shari Jackson. Row 3: Kevin Fletcher, Darrin Williams, Jeff Stohlberg, Steven Carlson. Mbovd Todd Walker menteH Row 1: Katie Munson, Debbie Tompkins. Row 2: Jackie Long. War Lem Row 12 Kris Fletcher. Row 2: Karen Bowman, Todd Walker, Vanessa Vanarsdale. far Lem Row 1: Dave Sherman. Row 2: David Sadowski, Steve Burkett, Doug Sitler. Row 3: Bonnie Weilacher, Carol Perry, Mara Blackburn. Row 4: Leslie Kidder, Todd Stohlberg. mem Row 1: Steve Burkett, Mara Blackburn. 67 Senior; Band Row 1: Julie Miles, Beverly Hitchcock, Kelly Phillips, Chris Paterniti, Gayle Lutgen, Leslie Kidder, Lisa Colburn, Kim Marsh, Sue Palmer, Karen Fuchs, Becky Wiltsie, Kathy Adams, Laura Verga, Jackie Long. Row 2: Lisa Johnson, Sherry Grover, Christine Williams, Katie Munson, Kelly Hill, Sara Roblee, Rhonda Lutgen, Lauren Yaich, Carissa Cannon. Row 3: Leslie Herrick, Debbie Tompkins, Lori Lennon, Sandy Greenwood, Todd Walker, Steve Barkett, Bob Munson, Steve Ryberg, Marie Peterson, Darrin Waite, Mike Peterson, Tammy Luke, Lorri Johnson, Kris Fletcher. Row 4: Bob Nielsen, Bruce Boyd, Jim Yaich, Greg Clark, Mr. Stearns Directed, Dale Eckman, Sandy Nelson, Mary Miller, Kathy Davis, Mara Blackburn, Dawn McIntyre, Clarice Littlefield. Row 1: Jim Yaich, Bob Munson, Steve Burkett, Dar- rin Waite, Marie Peterson. Row 2: Greg Clark, Steve Ryberg, Kathy Davis, Mary Miller, Kris Fletcher, Clarice Littlefield. Row 3: Mike Peterson, Todd Walker. Seated: Mike Bean, Darrin Williams, Geoff Rondeau, Chris Weldon, Matt Ek- strom, Chris Wlsniewski, Matt Miller, Doug Nelson, Chad Chitester, Jason Ran- som, Steve Carlson, Jeff Stohlberg, Sean Lander, Scott Scholeno, Paul Webb, Todd Ekstrom, Travis Birt. Kneeling: Lee Ann Baker, Melissa Lobb, Aaron Koby- larz, Jason Smith, Sherri Becker, Wendy Axelson, Jeanette Anderson, Kelly Rowan, Ashley Hokanson, Patty Davis, Kim Phillips, Lori Cobb, Lorraine Len- non, Tracy Hasklns, Tina Becker, Andrea Dobony, Brendon Smith. Standing: Chris McLaughlin, Kelly Phillips, Julie Miles, Chris Paterniti, Dawn McIntyre, Trisha Mitchell, Kristy Blackburn, Kim Stockwell, Christie Collver, Brian Hair, Gayle Lutgen, Mr. Stearns wirectorL Mary Hammond, Jenny Wilson, Kevin Fletcher, Mike Heald, Poppy Dodge, David Young, Rob Colburn, Craig Cannan. 69 Brigadoon mom Row 1: Bob Munson, Debbie Tompkins, Carissa Cannan, Michelle Johnson, Lauren Yaich, Kelly Hill, Todd Stohlberg, Mara Blackburn, Mrs. Schmidt, Sara Roblee, Amy Dwyer, Kris Fletcher, Chris Williams, Connie Wilson, Vanessa Vanarsedle. Row 2: Laura Bragg, Tammy Luke, Kathy Adams, Karen Bowman, Chriss David, Marie Peterson, Dale Boyd, Jim Cole, Dave Williams, John Davis, Dave Sherman, Kim Marsh. Row 3: Darrin Waite, Steve Burkett, Paul Nordland, Mike Peterson, Shawn Yost, Leslie Kidder, Candy Swanson, Todd Walker, Rick Barstow, Ray Messler, Gregg Clark, Mark Axelson, Becky Wiltsie, Kathy Davis, Chris Tompkins, Jeff Chitester, Jackie Long. MBOVE RIGHD Row 1: Lauren Yaich, Chris Williams, Carissa Cannan, Bob Munson. Row 2: Kathy Davis, Becky Wiltsie, Paul Nordland. Row 3: Kathy Adams, Tammy Luke, Darrin Waite. Row 4: Dawn McIntyre MBOVB Left: Mrs. Schmidt, Jacqie Long, Amy Dwyer. LEADS - Row 1: Karen Bowman, Steve Ryberg. From Top Of Ladder: Vanessa Vanarsedale, Todd Walker, Stefan Linder, Kris Fletcher. 72 Boys, Varsity Row 1: Randy Williams, Andy Proctor, Dave Butters, Todd Walker. Row 2: Darrin Waite, Bill Hair, Chad Olson, Steve Heath, Craig Swanson. This year,s Varsity Basketball team was not short on enthusiasm and determination, despite the lack of wins. Two seniors, Todd Walker and Craig Swanson completed the season and five juniors are expected to return next year. With these five experienced players, next year promises a better season. Junior Varsity 4'5 3; Row 1: David Sadowski, Jeff Ekstrom, Chris Yost, Jim Dietrick, Boyd Walker, Ron Lindberg, Coach Hair, Chris Oberg, Darel Webb, Mike Conlan, Ken Dodge, John Cayer. wBasketball x Girls, Varsity Row 1: Karen Nelson, Ann Klark, Lisa Bennett, Chriss David tManagerL Row 2: Coach McFarland, Shari Williams, Jodi McMasters, Patti Swanson, Clarice Littlefield. Junior Varsity The 1983 GIrls' basketball team recorded the tlrst winnlng record In the 10 year history of the sport at Frewsburg, Their 12 win - 8 loss record t8-6 In the leaguet came largely on the strength of a slx-game winning streak to start the season and a 7-2 record at home. Besides the record number of wins and record win streak, the team set record for points per game MW, while giving up an average of less than 40 per game. The gtrls wexe led by senior Patti Swanson t123 steals, 92 assists; and 254 polntsl, and scphomore Shari Williams ta record 297 polntsL Junior Kaxen Nelson and senior Ann Davis were the reboundlng leaders with 175 and 174 respectively. and the fifth starter, Junior Lisa Bennett was named Most Valuable Player In the WJTN-broadcast game agalnst Maple Grove Juntor Clarice thtleerld and Freshman Jodl McMasters substituted at forward as well as at guard to round out the smallest but most balanced team In Chatnuqua County Division II this season. Row 1: Grace Benson, Michelle GiambelA luca. Row 2: Cheryl Adams, Ann Davis, Sharon VanStry, Dawn McIntyre, Kelley Phillipst Row 3: Julie Miles, Diane Lydell, Kim Stockwell, Amy Szarowicz, Jill Stanton. Lisa Colburn. 73 Eighth ; Grade Basketball Row 1: Jim Delong4 Row 2: Tom Eaton, Brendon Smith, Jason Ranson. Row 3: Steve SanFlippo, Matt Miller, Damon Pierce, Steve Haller, Frank Erickson. Seventh Grade Basketball Row 1: Chad Chites- ter, Jim Powell, Dar- rin Williams, Shawn Crooks. Row 2: Bruce Moore, Brian Hair, Jim Treadway. 74 Basketball Cheerleaders 1 ,, , . L3, HSHAMZEL ?' IZBHAZZAH ISIBUUEBS 38 LB!!! MSUHFII ISSWJHZ WW" Scorekeepers Amy Dwyer, Gloria Nelson, Tom Barone. VARSITY - Kneeling: Barb Akin, Kim Jones, Kelley Eaton, Michelle McKeever. Standing: Narda Gat- gen, Sherry Grover. JUNIOR VARSITY - Row 1: Darlene Olmstead, Cynthia Weller, Kris Fletcher. Row 2: Paula Holmes, Regina Lund- mark, Julie Crooks. Wrestling l Row 1: Steve Hazzard, James Gremer, Bob But- ters, Keith Johnson, Kurt Swanson. Row 2: Bob Swartz, Todd Carlson, Brad Long, Louie Hartzell. Row 3: Coach Gremer, Bob Benson, Larry Tomp- kins, Scott Pollock, Mike Lauffenberger, Coach Confer. Row 1: Mike Clausen, Bob Verga, Chris Shablak, Bill Gage, Scott Phancot The 1982.83 wrestling team was again a Row 2: Tim Rowan, Jeff Gordon, Jim Cappano, Sean Carney, Jim Mistaetta. Row 3: Coach Confer, Jim Rossing, Randy Lingenfelter, Scott Hedlund, Ray Bentley, Chris Mattocks, Coach Gremer. success with many pleasant surprises. Thirty wrestlers completed the season for a seasonal record of 9-6. Twenty of the thirty were either freshman or sophomores. The team finished 2nd in their league 7-1 record and promises a good season next year after losing only five seniors including the two captains. Four experienced Juniors, Scott Pollock, Todd Carlson, Scott Hedlund, and Mike Lauffenburger should lead the way as the Bears prepare for another winning season next year. In addition, the Junior Varsity team completed a very successful year and all 76 members will be returning. Wrestling Cheerleaders JUNIOR VARSITY. Row 1: Bonnie Weilacher, Ronda Rearich. Row 2: Leslie Kidder, Lisa David. Center: Debbie Tompkins. VARSITY. Row 1: Den- ise Fessenden, Candy Swanson, Sara Roblee Row 2: Charlene Sleas- man, Amy Canann. 77 Row 1: Carissa Cannan lman- agerl, Gregg Clark, Randy Bjork, Kevin Jones, Tim Weber. Row 2: Jeff Chitester, Dave Williams, Scott Scholeno, Jeff Stohlberg, Jon Blanchard, Kevin Sheldon, Anders Ljungberg, Bill Dever- eaux. Row 3: Todd Stohlberg, Denny Eklund, Shawn Mason, Jeff Sandberg, Darryl Stohl, Mark Tompkins, Coach Johnson. The 1982-83 Boysl Swim season was a great success, culminating in the Division 11 County Championship. The team was lead by captains Kevin Sheldon and Jeff Chotester, and many records were set by the llfishh including the 200 yd-m. Medley relay and the 400 m. Freestyle relay teams. Individual record setters included Kevin Shel- don, Jeff Chitester, Darryl Stohl and Jon Blanchard. The seasonal records of 10-4 overall and 6-1 league fulfilled all hopes for the young team with only 3 seniors and 1 junior. Coach Johnson predicts ltnext year promises to be even better." 78 Row 1: Emery Stohl, Kevin Fletcher. Row 2: Doug Nelson, Matt Ekstrom. Bowling The Frewsburg bowling team finished the 1982-83 season with a 16-20 record, giving them a tie with West- field for second place in Division II. The highlight of the year was in the opening match when the Bears blanked Divi- sion I Jamestown 4-0. In- dividual honor went to Jim Payne, who finished fifth in the league high average category. With four members returning, Frewsburg should be a strong Division II contender next year. Row 1: Dale Boyd, Mike Taft. Row 2: Bruce Boyd, Rick Barstow, Coach Pari- si, Rod Uhlig, Jim Payne. 79 The 1983 Winter Weekend proved to be a great success again this year. The festivities began with a close-run game against the arch-rival Falconer Falcons. At half time of the game, the royal court was introduced and the 1983 Winter Weekend King and Queen were crowned. The senior attendants were Kelley Eaton, Renee Bailey, and Gloria Nelson, and the senior escorts were Bob Butters, John Davis, and Craig Swanson. The freshman attendant and escort were Lisa Colburn and John Cayer. The sophomore attendant and escort were Stacey Clinger and Chris Yost. Representing the junior class were Sherry Grover and Steve Heath. After the voting by the senior class, Chantelle Swanson, the 1982 Queen, was proud to crown Renee Bailey and John Davis as the 1983 Winter Weekend King and Queen. R , agm Row 1: Rick Swartzen- truber, Mark Scheleno, Eighth Grade Row 1: Randy Bjork, Craig Cannan, Doug Bush, Shawn Bova. Row 2: Janice Brady, Jodell Carlson, Laura Christensen, Tina Becker, Jim Delong, Bill Crossby. Row 3: Joy Schultz, Christie Cady, Wendy Almgren, Bruce Atkins, Jeff Colver, Thersea Dodge, Cheryl Adams. Kim Stockwell, Rick Verga, Jill Stanton. Row 2: Stacie Rossing, Debbie Russell, Brendon Smith, Jeff Sobocinski, Shelly Weldon, Elizabeth Yager. Row 3: Val VanEpps, Michelle Swanson, Melissa Smith, Jim Sherman, Steve San- Flippe, Margie Songster, Kathy Wiltsie, Candy Wil- liams, Nellie Stone. 82 Row 1: Steve Haller, Candy Hiller. Row 2: Frank Erickson, Tammy Gallagher, Diane Hallowvitch, Sharon Frankson, Lori Gordon, Tracy Has- kins, Jeff Johnson. Row 3: Debbie Eggleston, Michelle Giambelluca, Lori Greenwood, Eric Ecklof, Bill Gordon, Tammy Hartzell, Richie Hayes. Row 1: Dennis Molly, Jason Ransom, Matt Miller. Row 2: John Kennedy, Dan Moore, Damon Pierce, Jim Rock, John Klark, Sandy Nelson, Julie Miles. Row 3: Chris Paterniti, Tammy Phillips, Gayle Lutgen, Diann Lydell, Dawn Maclntyre, Jody Long, Kelly Phillips. 83 Seventh Grade Row 1: Joe Ingrao, Rod Grover, Jody Eaton, Jamie Johnson. Row 2: Scott Jones, Shari Jackson, Mike Heald, Walter Kocur, Kim Hitchcock, Lisa Elderkin, Brian Hair, Row 3: Steve Frew, Terry Gray, Sheila Haley, Carol Hardinger, Kevin Fletcher, Mary Hammond, Earl Frodelius. On Ladder: Melanie Fessenden. Row 1: Don VanStry, John Walsh, Ron Verga, Emory Stohl, Steve Wards, Becky Walsh, Jeff Stohlberg, Karen Swanson. Row 2: Mark Thomas, Darrin Wilr liams, Chris Wisniewski, Laura Yates, Mike Wells, Lisa Rumbaugh, Jim Treadway, Susan Thier- feldt, Kelly Rowan, Liz Skinner. Top: Kathy Sleas- man, Denise Woodard. 84 Row 1: Mark Miller, Brett Mason, Bruce Moore, Scott Scheleno, Shawn Maynor, David Pearson. Row 2: Jim Powell, Barb Mistretta, Melissa Lobb, Lori Len- non, Vicki Phillips, Alynn Mackie. Row 3: Lori Quinn, Lance Rum- baugh, Tom Sheldon, Sean Lander, Scott Lauffenburger, Anna Mason, Stephanie Molly, Trisha Luce. Row 1: Paul Davis, Paul Lindberg. Row 2: Mark Boardman, Tim Carney, Tom Coleson, Rodney Adams, Lisa Dietrick, Terri Allen, Shawn Crooks. Row 3: Chuck Coleson, Nath- an Bragg, Rodney Birt, Mike Cheney, Steve Carlson, Shelly Anderson, Betty Bentley, Lori Amatuz- 20, Sandra Durfy, 85 Sixth Grade Row 1: David Benson, Herbert Anderson, Travis Birt, Leanne Baker, Laurie Berry, Jennifer Akin, Jody Black. Row 2: Jeanette Anderson, Richard Anderson keeliningx Amber Bova, Lori Cobb, Michelle Adams, Patricia Allen, Sherri Becker. Row 3: Robert Colburn, Mark Bush, John Butts, Richard Bandley, Michael Bean. Row 4: Jonathan Anderson, George Anderson. Row 1: Richard Paladino, Christopher Payne. Row 2: Andrew Nelson, Chris McLaughlin, Vicky Overbeck, Michelle Milner, Susan Ludwig, Kristy Schultz. Row 3: Kimber Phillips, Tammy Lee, Richard Rothleder, Michelle Morreale. Row 4: Robert Rearick, Jill Lewis, Steven Marsh. Standing: Gregory Sherman, Shawn Sanfilippo, Geoffrey Rondeau, Patricia Mitchell, Laurie McMurdy, Doug Nelson. Row 1: Cara Graham, Todd Ekstrom, Matthew Ekstrom, Ashley HoKanson, Amy Dale. Row 2: Sandra Krasa, Andrea Dobony, Phillip Giambelluca, Christine Devereaux, Patricia Davis, Jeffrey Dahlgren. Row 3: Todd Johnson, Shawn Lucas, Kenneth Intihar, James Gage, Todd Giambelluca. Row 4: William Drake, Dustin Derby, Richard Haller. Row 1: Autumn Swearingen, Raymond Unger, Chris Weldon, Jason Smith, Terri Swanson, Kelley Swanson. Row 2: Pennie Williams, Paul Winters, Kelly Werner, Kenneth Wilson. Row 3: Jennifer Wilson, Paul Webb, Jeffrey Youngburg, William Thomas, Darrin Widmark, Gary Welch, Kevin Williams, David Young, John VanDewark. . . Vt . 1'. . $539? 4?- '.", thf v I. .. . . , ' I tintu..., . . . ' ';.-',.--' 88 Headless Chorusman? Open Wide Choral Pandemonium Totally Disgusting Can I help you Mahm? He flies through the air 90 Row 1: Doug Nelson, Chad Chitester. Row 2: Karen Swanson, Dawn McIntyre, Kim Stockwell. Row 3: Steve Bova, Mark Miller, Shari Jackson, Darrin Williams. Junior High Student Council SWWWQJ? Row 1: Boyd Walker, Ethan Smith, Mike Elderkin, Steve Hazzard, Ken Kelwaskl, Ron Rothleader, Bob Mun- son, Denny Eklund. Row 2: Lee Bennett, Steve Ryberg, Tom Barone, Chris Tompkins, Ted Hodges, Brad Long, Louie Hartzel, Mark Axelson, Sean Carney. Row 3: Lee Stohl, Bill Long, Gregg Clark, Ray Bently, Russell Paladlno, Todd Carlson. Row 4: Scott Phanco, Jim Dietrick, Marcus Waite, John Davis, Coach Feather, Roy Songster, Scott Pollock, Rich Boedecker, Darrin Waite, Jeff Chltes- ter, Scott Stlver, Jim Yaich. The 1982 Track and Field Team had a league record of 4- wins and 2 losses. The team took third place at the County Meet. Individuals who qualified to go to the Section VI Meet were: Steve Ryberg - Triple Jump, the undefeated two mile relay team of Daryl Stohl, Rich Boedecker, Tom Barone and Lee Bennett, and Ray Sartzentruber - the 800 meter and the 1 mile. Ray ran the mile to a new school record of 4:408. 92 e. The 1982 Girlst Track season was a positive building year. Led by the performance of lone senior Marla Pytcher, the Girlst Track Team achieved many goals. The team highlights were an upset win over Cassadaga 7O - 62 and a convincing season finale 8O - 51 over Pine Valley. Marla Pytcher set new school records in the 200 meter t27.9t and the 800 meters t2:43.5t. New records were set in the 100 m. and 400 m. hurdle events by Leslie Kidder t19.8t and Jodi McMasters t1:16.8t respectively. Karen Nelson established new marks in the shot and discus with throws of 283" and 80'1t. Candy Swanson lowered the 1600 m. walk to 9157.9. Other records were set by Ann Davis in the long jump, Cheryl Adams in the 3200 m. run, and Sherry Grover in the high jump. With the base of the team being underclassmen, the Lady Tracksters are looking forward to continued success in 1983. Lying: Laura Gustafson. Row 1: Candy Swanson, Ann Davis, Carissa Cannan, Toni Martinelli, Chris Paterniti, Lislie Kidder. Row 2: Michelle Swanson, Coach Goold, Cheryl Adams. Row 3: Debbie Cady, Sherry Grover, Karen Nelson, Margie Songster, Jody McMasters, Debbie Tomkins, Wendy Parisi. 93 5? ,3, k. :55; w MM" : ta: Six seniors - Pat Hautzlnger, Kathi Littlefield, Wendy Prevesk, Lisa Stockwell, Susan Strandburg, and Judy Yost - led the Bears to one of their best seasons in school history. They recorded a record 15 wins during the regular season. A 12.2 league record was good enough to qualify them for post-season play for the fourth consecutive year. In addition to the excellent play of the varsity squad, 1982 was the beginning of a formal junior varsity squad at Frewsburg. The JV. squad was formed to allow more girls a chance to participate and to develop skills in the younger girls. With the return of seven varsity players and many promising, the girls will continue to field a very good squad in the upcoming season. 94 Varsity Softball Seated: Wendy Nelson, Kathi thtlefleld. Row 1: Pat Swanson, Sue Strandburg, Coach Co Clarice Littletield, Lisa Bennett, Shari Williams, Judy Yost, Pat Hautzinger, Lisa Stockwell, D Corbran. Junior Varsity Baseball Seated: Chris Yost, Kevin Jones. Row 1: Randy Williams, Jim Cappano, Coach Champ, Darryl Webb, David Butters, Andy Proctor, Dave Watson, Larry Tompkins, vae Heath, Rich Barton, Randy Sitler, Chris Softball Seated: Sharon Van Stry, Debbie Lewis, Tammy Hartzel. Row 1: Lorri Johnson, June Moore, Marie Peterson, Julie He- trlck. Row 2: Poppy Dodge, Kathy Davis, Jackie Dietrick, Kim Stockwell, Lori Abbey, Lori Gordon, Coach Stockwell. 95 Varsity Baseball Row 1: Jon Treadway, Bob Butters. Row 2: Steve Clinger, Tom Mott, Jay Leonard, Craig Swanson, Todd Walker. Row 3: Coach Hair, Bill Hair, Jim Holsinger, Ken Perry, Shane Conlan, Jon Birch, Mike Gordon. The 1982 Baseball season was most successful. The team finished with one of the school's best overall records - 19-5, including an 11-3 league record and a 2-1 record in the prestigious Dunkirk Invitational tourney, where the Bears were playing against some of the biggest and best baseball schools in Western New York. Also the team advanced to the Sectional finals at College Stadium, losing to Wilson Central, a team which then advanced to the New York State finals and was the runner-up in the state championships. The 1982 Bears were the best hitting team in many years, if not the best ever. The tremendous talent of the 1982 seniors will be greatly missed, but the younger players will show pride and try to carry on the winning tradition. Seated aeft to righth Trevor Butts, John Verga, David Benson, Mike Sobocinski, Kneeling: Geoff Rondeau, Chris Wel- don! Matt Ekstrom, Aaron Kobylarz, Kevin Shepard, Kris Phillips, Mike Bean, Jeff YoungbetgA Standing: Diane Lydell, Diane Hal- lovich, Jeannie Carter, Todd Parisi, Brian Case, Mr. Songster mdvisorL Lance Belin, Dustin Derby, Steven Frew, Kurt Logan, Don Mitchell, Steve Bur- kett. Row 1: Doug Nelson, Paul Webb, Frank Erickson, Jim Treadway. Row 2: Chad Chitester, Mike Sobocinski, Jim Powell. Row 3: Doug Sitler, Christina Feder, Brian Case, Bob Nielsen, Mr. Songster Mdvisorl Computer Club Senior Student Council The Student Council is comprised of representatives elected from each homeroom. The students are responsible for the assemblies, the visit of the annual blood mobile, the vandalism fund, and Winter Weekend. The Student CounciVs chief purpose has been to vocalize the student bodyhs concerns and to organize many of the schooVs functions. Top photo - Row 1: Lisa David, Paula Holmes. Row 2: Jeff Johnson, Sharon VanStry, Grace Benson, Patti Swanson, Melissa Schultz. Row 3: Darrel Webb, Kris Fletcher, Amy Dwyer, Sue Palmer, Gloria Nelson. Row 4: Narda Gatgen, Todd Walker, Craig Swanson, John Davis, Dennis Ecklund, Tom Barone, Mrs. Anderson, David Butters, Lora Lyn Bragg. Middle photo e Sue Palmer, Secretary; Craig Swanson, Vice-President; Gloria Nelson, President; Dennis Ecklund, Treasurer. Bottom photo - YAC COMMITTEE - Standing: Lisa David, Todd Walker, Craig Swanson. Kneeling: Tom Barone, Darrel Webb. 99 i Library Aides l Wicture at righG On the floor: John Mascelli. Row 1: Jacqie Long, Katie Molly. Row 2 Gittlngh Lorri Swanson, Kelly Kill, Row 3: Diane Brown, Connie Wilson, Brenda Frodelius. Row 4: Steve Polasko, Beverly Hitchcock, Darlene Swanson. Mbovd Row 1: Karen Swanson, Jeff Stohlberg, Melissa Lobb, Jim Delong. Row 2: Teri Allan, Mike Heild, Frank Erickson, Tom Eaton. Row 3: Janice Brady, Kim Stockwell, Liz Yager, Melissa Smith, Jody Carlson, Wendy Axelson. Row 1: Doug Sitler. Row 2: Donald Mitchel, Kevin Shephard, Dave Sherman, Jim Cole. Row 3: Ray Bentley, Mrs. Dwyer, Jerry Hewitt, 100 DRAMA CLUB COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS Row 1: Jacqie Long, Stefan Linder, Grace Benson, Jeff Stohlberg, Chriss David Secretary 8: treasured. Row 2: Ray Mesler, Jim Cole, Kathy Davis Moe presidentL Nancy Nelson wresidentl Row 3: Dale Boyd. Row 1: Stefan Linder, Jenny Long, Jacqie Long, Val VanEpps, Christy Cady, Kathy Davis, Nancy Nelson, Katie Wilsie, Kelly Phillips. Row 2: Doug Sitler, Dale Boyd, Mike Heild, Jill Stanton, Grace Benson, Kim Stockwell, Poppy Dodge, Tina Becker, Michelle Swanson, Chris Paternetti. Row 3: Julie Milles, Jim Cole, Ralph Long, Liz Yager, Ray Mesler, Margie Songster, Chriss David, Stacey Rossing, Lisa Elderkin, Richie Hays, Tammy Galagher, Wendy Axelson. 0n ladder: Jeff Stohlberg, Shari Becker, Michelle Giambelluca. 101 HI-Y Sitting: Andy Proctor, Chris Shablak, Ron Rothleder, Mr. Feather, Bob Butters, Chris Tompkins, Russ Mazzurco. Kneeling: Dave Butters, Jim Rossing, Mike Classon, Steve Hazzard, Kevin Jones, John Dietrick, Todd Carlson, John Paladino. Standing: Chris Oberg, Jim Payne, Lee Bennett, John Szarowicz, Tom Barone, Craig Swanson. F ellowship of Christian Sitting: Ethan Smith, Chris Tompkins, Kevin Sheldon, Dennis Ecklund. Kneeling: Darren Waite, Jody Messenger, John Paladino, Jeff Chitester, Steve Ryberg, Mark Tompkins. Standing: Mr. Johnson, Chad Olson, Roy Songster, John Davis. AFS stands for American Field Service. lt,s made up of students from grades six through twelve who are interested in sharing and learning about the different ways of life. Each year the AFS club raises money to host a foreign student for a year. This year we were fortunate enough to host four students Grom Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Swedenl Kneeling: Tim Weber, Lisa Dietrick, Lori Quinn, Jodie McMasters. 0n Table: Jeff Stohlberg, Jeanette Anderson. Standing: Todd Stohlberg, Christiane Feder, Jackie Dietrick, Thomi Sue Fishwick, Anders Ljungberg, Stefan Linder. Row 1: Patty Allan, Amber Bova, Chris Devereaux, Stacey Rossing, Lori Cobb, Mrs. Beckerink, Jody Black, Susan Ludwig, Michelle Giambelluca, Wendy Axelson. Row 2: Kelley Werner, Kelley Phillips, Tammy Gallegar, Chris Paterniti, Michelle Swanson, lenn Mackie. Row 3: Barb Akin, Debbie Tompkins, Jenny Long, Kelley Eaton, Michelle McKeever, Shari Jackson, Karen Swanson, Carol Perry, Janice Brady, Jill Stanton, Kim Stockwell, Cynthia Weller. Row 4: Lori Abbey, Sara Roblee, Sue Palmer, Lisa David, Denise Fessenden, Sherry Grover, Stacey Clinger, Leslie Kidder, Bonnie Welacher, Paula Holmes, Julie Crooks, Leslie Herrick, Melissa Schultz, Donell Taft, Cara Graham, Sharon Frankson. Row 5: Charlene Sleasman, Kim Jones, Amy Canann, Kris Fletcher, Lora Lyn Bragg, Amy Dwyer. 103 Seated deft to rlghth Mrs. Edwards Mdvisod, Kathy Davis, Karen Fairbanks. Standing: Jacqie Long, Gloria Nelson, Mark Axelson, Ray Mesler, Kelly Eaton, Greg Clark, Karen Bowman, Bob Nielsen. Newspaper Staff Sitting: Amy Dwyer, Chriss David, Shawn Yost. Standing: Wendy Axelson, Laura Bragg, Christine Lucas, Ann Klark, Bob Butters, Jacqie Long. Seated: Michelle Morreale, Mike Taft, Leslie Kidder, Todd Stohlberg, Michelle McKeever, Lisa Young, Christiane Feder, Sue Palmer, Wendy Nelson, Tammy Luke, Val Van- Epps, Chriss David, Kneeling: Jody Mathews, Sandy Krasa, Cara Graham, Sara Roblee, Narda Gatgen, Thomi Fish- wick, Lisbet Johns, Lisa Dyer, Nancy Hanson, Car- rie Lind, Laura Verga, Debbie Cady, Gina Van- Epps. Standing: Jon Blan- chard, Shawn Zinger, John Nash, Rick Whippo, Lee Bennett, Tom Barone, Todd Parisi, Todd Nelson, Stefan Linder, Andres Liviingberg, Mrs. Mattocks Mdvisoxd 1 N ational L Honor Society Row 1: Kathy Davis Row 2: Karen Fairbanks, Ann Klark, Mr. Picard, Bob But. ters, Kevin Shel- don. Row 3: John Davis, Kelley Ea- ton, Tom Barone, Lauren Yaich, Vanessa VanArs- dale. Standing: Lee Bennett, Narda Gatgen, Bruce Boyd, Gloria Nelson, Karen Bowman. The Quiz Bowl team travelled to Buffalo to appear on HIths Academic? They came in second with 300 points losing to Alden M40 poinm and beating Salaman- ca 950 pointsl On the local level U-iigh School BowD the team has done quite well, beating both Pine Valley and Chautauqua U78-130L Row 1: Brian Case, Kathy Davis, Stefan Linder, Bob Munson, Ray Mesler. Row 2: Katie Molly, Beverly Hitchcock, Mara Black- burn, Lauren Yaich, Coach Edwards, Gloria Nelson. 1982 Typing Contests Row 1: Gloria Nelson, Karen Bowman. Row 2: Mr. Sweetman iadvisori, Jayne Butler, Doreen Johnson, Karen Fairbanks, Ann Klark, Amy Dickson. Row 1: Jayne Butler, Amy Dickson, Karen Bowman, Karen Fairbanks. Row 2: Doreen Johnson, Mr. Sweetman iadvisori. Row 1: Karen Bowman, Ann Klark. Row 2: Mr. Sweetman iadvlsori. 108 Last May, Frewsburg girls participated in the annual competition held at James- town Business College. They competed in typing, short hand, and bookkeeping. Karen Bowman placed first in the Advanced Typing competition, and Ann Klark won the Advanced Shorthand competition. Debbie Warn came in third place in the Bookkeep- ing competition. On May 7, Frewsburg typing students traveled to Clean Business Institute to compete in an advanced typing competition. Karen Bowman, with 82 words a minute, claimed first place. Doreen Johnson placed seventhi With an overall average of 59 words per minute, Frewsburg also won the high performance plaque. Our Sincere Congratulations VAC AIR ALLOYS CORP. Frewsburg, NY 112 Sealtest Dairy Products UPSTATE Milk Cooperatives, Inc. mfhe Real Milk People" 484-7178 233 Fluvanna Ave Jamestown, NY Congratulations to the Class of 1983 from Maple Grove Arabian Farms Frewsburg, NY Mr. 8: Mrs. J. 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First National Division Of MEMBER Lincoln First Bank FSLIC How blessed is the man who finds wisdom Congratulations to the and the man who Class of 1983 from gains understanding. For he who finds me. Finds Life, and obtains LORY'S APPAREL favor from the Lord 26 E. Main St. Hamburg N Y' PROFESSIONAL FREWSBURG COMMUNITY PHARMACIES PHARMACY 5r FREWSBURG, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1983 569-2171 Thanks for being ou. BENNETThS LAUNDROMAT y Peace, Love, Joy 5 Water Street from your Frewsburg, New York Pharmacy friends. 1 17 BEST WISHES Congratulations SHORT JEWELERS 7 W. Third St. Jamestown, NY 14701 Congratulations Class of 1983 Class of 1983 F REWSBURG REST HOME Main St. Frewsburg, NY 118 Visit our full service store for all your jewelry needs featuring Diamonds Speidel Wedding Bands Anson Citizen Watches Jewelry Repair Pulsar Watches Watch Repair Best Wishes from CHUCWS SERVICE CENTER Ivory Road Frewsburg, NY 569-2015 General Auto Repair JOHN DEERE ZAI-IM and MATSON, INC. 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Congratulations to the Class of 1983 from F rewsburg Division of ETHAN ALLEN 36 Railroad Ave. Frewsburg, New York 260 Tiffany Ave. Jamestown, NY 17161 487-0177 128 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 .0- l I a Q dgmff? d E W E L E R S 7 EAST THIRD STREET JAMESTOVVN, N. Y. 14701 CAGSD MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY V' Congratulations to Class of 1983 EDBDRG'S EDBOHGS INC. 0 FOOTE AVE. EXTENSION. STILLWATER CORNERS, RD 3 - ' JAMESTUWN, NEW YORK 14701 '716I664-7205 Love is a word you never tell me, Yet I know you care. You express it in what you do And the thoughts that you share. Sometimes it seems youIre angry And I get angry, too. I just can,t seem to please you, No matter what I do. ItIs really hard for me to express All the love I have for you. It seems to me itIs equally hard For you to love, too. My interests arenIt the same as yours, They may not ever be. But I wish that you could realize How much mine mean to me. Maybe if we sat down And talked it over together We could both stand back up Feeling a whole lot better. Beverly Hitchcock Haunting elvish melodies float silver-sweet and honey Beyond the mountain majesties So far and high in infamy Where golden Laurerlin reigns again Restored to majesty Shadows frolick as a play around, beneath the gilded leaves Whispered lute notes dance and bow As sweet as memory And golden Laurelin reigns again Reclaiming majesty. Eternal youth, as fresh as spring, Here claims the mind and soul Mocking other hopes and dreams As purely fantasy There golden Laurelin reigns again Forever majesty . . . Kathy Davis Nubile women in immaculate body paint. Prismatic colors alive on flesh. A twisting, distorting geometry growing cold at the slightest touch. Mirrored eyes like Iakeshores shine reflect the multi-emotional transformation from faraway hopes to a deafening, enraging, suicidal lifetime. Jon Lindboom 129 It is boarded up now - the old church. I can go into the sanctuary and sit among the cracked pews. The breeze blows through the broken windows. What a sound the old pipe organ must have brought. It is gone now except for some broken pieces. The ladies are coming in now with their feathered hats and spring frocks. The gentlemen remove their overcoats and usher their ladies down the aisle. The church bells stop ringing as the leader announces the first song. What a joyful noise we make as we stand and sing Amazing Grace. The breeze awakens my senses. IIm alone. No more music. No singing or people. Just the breeze in the old boarded church. Lora Lyn Bragg My leg itches Around me I see I reach down and scratch it. soft shimmering saffron goldenrod. A voice drones I reach for the sky . in this equation p equals and dance a little pirouette. IIm bored .. who cares? Laughter trills from my throat. so I look out the window and a startled deer glances. I laugh again ItIs a sunny day e blue sky Oh, so blue! Huh? IIm walking in a white dress Oh, sorry, I was daydreaming. light and flouncy, it drifts. Lauren Yaich where 13 Q9 ' clubgggggwu jgji" QQQW T EXXLW QEWUS Swamigeacama; Qaaumiy QGQCQAUQ Egg EQDUB Mh QDJIPDSS$CQQ93CQ gwEQMDEDSkWQCA Epilepsy Fran pm; Mam 4111111352? IGQA; 9f N:ijgmggs GONE O O 374$ BOO WSDQQQ KOCZ LEAVES XBW QJX V358 839w LEAVESS Op 0 $41394: Ome P4685? Sijcggg 0V3 SEEK? QCagS QCOme MR OLIvm cam PHSYSQBRL ?pmxxw. m mm ICMANEQSOJU chmons V OTAV ?ZAOOAAAQW A WMQQV? A? tag ?K O BUCK WHEAT IX J-OHN DBVLS D6 000000 8 senior Class Q g; I '.'- A 2. i1;-'-E: xlxo ELUDS QFTER H yngSQON T-V R KA+hy PaVIS IT? HAT and baby E ? x. f 5mm: aging Luv m SPD RHTJUG Q; FmCQSS Grace Dxes mgCBSSMw ML camd DEVO W2 WWdS Wm, iFikaCth Qmw Hug 4136f I- Q7 N y 04? W3" Gejcs dadzochwn TM 5mm C AFS TYLENQL POISONlNG gm u joxx STUDENTS esus Q5" Q 69 Adm wow you know MRQNWAM 53MB +19? Gdfw f9 ?CRFE BQV$ QE? QQQBSEQERS CYO vs yFC 132 two he year +hoL+ WIH never be CorgoHonk .0 w "w wzxpmm? ,3 DEC. 3 E 3181.694. L NO SBMIOP CJNEM 5t Lows Lamb 0r erLes .. $.23 . . Pu nK lHamCu'Ls X Aka M, ?bkmt MEL ??mtball IStrLke fgf Xx '1 3 RE d5k U75 mm MbuPeQB owl EL Phoknoae CaLL ufOR-nla 60: 5;: 7 Q5353 W 21: u:r 2 fMDRmkmo; 636$ O rw 3; :5 $3? $62 LstER mam 335 f9 th5 1g? 32 Qg ?MSKSE $?aiszl mm :30 : LL16 wont git thod ajamo $5.033 0 E? 4? 1W 426R Ojjml PpQ E 0:33? XASLA 1-K; Ru vs vs MM m w adam ant joodj e5 fer Save Hommuj Queen: KGFEWLi'jLP baqkj gunkgut Umtzr Umhchf Kujj 5QUEEW3 labmyakks E EEWEE GGLLQ $05 E3533 VGH Mg gtleooL g Kanchar 3d; Men at Do at Pen 4., SCORpLansl, l 3 CdC- 5 a mad 133 h :3 ' L ELM v K WMW'WX ' """v 3e KX , Q 1 0 $9 Vx . .......Il.,- f-...........m n 63L k1 Winn 4 11 Z , f7 l 7 , , 7V , I l, ; Vain . :kWe gnaw its not nice to poiirit. Weg'donut rum in the hallways.1 ,, 1-We dont yell $uch anymgpre. , Q: $38 We realize now that boys are always blue and girls are always pink 1 iYou ve dreSC'ed us neat in our unifor' 5. Now you tell us ta, leave and be individuals 1 .,.L-,,. ., M M. M F m .m u.

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