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ke our dream of Up book to all those who donated . r a e y S .1. h t m a C m d y H u .1 m a r g E time and energy to ma 3 new school a reality. W E . ?Irnift . a 3,8. :4: ish Everett Seastrom Isabelle Lundgren Eugene F board of educui Vice-President President Clerk .2, . .6! t t e r e v E S- r a e S t n a r G me n .1 d n a t S .L e H o P e 1 l e b a s I e, n m h m R n. mo .0 n u L a 1 1 e b a s I m .1 F e n e g u E d. e t a e S .1. e s n .1 M e e L e. .H a W m a .1 u .1 W m 0 U s a e S . 3 3. 6a."... . .. 3.. su eriniendeni WILLIAM ANDERSON HARRY .T. MURRAY ussisiuni LORY F. MESSINA advisor DAVID F . Mmmw w Seated: Harry J. Murray, Principal; Lory F. Messina, Junior High Math; Standing: Daniel Flynn, Guidance Counselor; David F. Sine, Senior High English; Mr. James Scofield, Physical Education. . , A. ., A L Seated: Barbara Fleming, Junior High English; Irene Estabrook, Lillian Dewing, Librarian; Elaine Johnson, Math; Standing: Commercial; Betty Fuchs, Girls Phys. Ed.; Homemaking; Dorothy Husband, Junior High Social Studies. Lucile Scofield, Seated: Nell Pratt, Fourth Grade; Gertrude Mahan, Fourth Grade; Mary LaDuke, School Nurse; Standing: Adilene Woodmansee, Music; Margaret Derby, Sixth Grade; Duressa Sager, Fifth Grade; Erma Bryant, Remed a1 FloreDCe Haley, Fifth and II III! 1 11111111111111!!! 1 , V . n 11. 11 11 1. 11 I n- - - Headlna, 1 1 u n11 : 1 nn1111;111 11vntx1n1 .-u.--n1 unnu11111 . l u Slxth Grade Comblnatlon a 9-2nev Seated: Robert Gulvin, Agriculture, Auto Driving; Melvin Heeden, Art; Standirg: Robert Johnson, Industrial Arts; John Shaughngssy, Science; Warren U'Aprix, English, Spanish; Thomas Patterson, Social Studies. Seated: Jeannette sheats, Second Grade; Genevieve Westphal, Kinder- garten; Edith Impey, First Grade; Standing: Estella Porter, Third Grade; Florence Babcock, Third Grade; Dorothy Olds, Second Grade; Lillian Warn, First Grade. Edward Tavalsky, Speech Consultant and Jo Anne Carlson, Dental Hygienist. custodians Seated: Oscar Anderson Howard Joudon Standing: Theodore Anderson' Wilbur Mara Percy Phillips, William Walters, Vincent Davis, Thomas Darling, Richard Nylander, Arthur Hyldahl. Bottom Row: Marcia Hultburg, Marcia Fredres, Reginald Hhite-Pres., Lawrence Sandburg-Vice Pres., Susan White-Sec., Mrs. Husband, Carol Carlson, Kenneth Juul. Second Row: Mary Viltsie, Mr. Murray, Mr. Messina, Mr. Sine, Mr. Patterson, Bonnie Minser, Evelyn Blair. Third Row: Paul Holmes, John Young, Bruce Lindahl, Donald Lundmark, Craig Sheldoz. student iury Judge: Reginald White, Seated: Ann Davis, Patricia Jenson, Mary Little. Sfanding: Gordan Lind, Le Roy Tuller. Advisor-Mr. Messina. yearbook stuff Seated: Janice Bjork, Sandra Young, Margaret Sjogxen, Betty Warn, Beverly Rinell, Catherine Seekins. Second Row: Mary Tomstrom, Evelyn Blair, Norma Jean Johnson, Bonnie Minser, Elvera Ekstrom, Norma Johnson. Willis Miller, Carolyn Holmquist. Third Row: Floyd Hiller, Nancy Coons, Joan Danielson, Evelyn Seekins, Allen Blasdell. Gary Clark, Joy Barber, John Young. s Fourth Row: Mr. Sine-Advisor, Carol Bennett, Donna Bova, Clayboume Sager, Richard White, Reginald White, Ronald Greene, Jack Lindholme. Fifth Row: Carl Lindahl. Allison Scott, Donald Lundmark, Norman Morgan, Donovan Bengston, Peter Sheats, Earl Bender. Harold Erickson, Frank Engbloom, Paul Holmes, Arthur Button, Lawrente Sandberg. Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Advertising Photography Art Circulation Sports Typing Betty Warn Catherine Seekins Norman Morgan Allen Blasdell Margaret Sjogren Reginald White Richard White Ronald Greene Carol Bennett J anice Bjork Donna Bova Beverly Rinell Mary Tornstrom cafeteria help Kneeling: James Rowley, Benjamin White, Jenn Thierfeldt. Seatea Elaine Bender, Julia Chandler-Head Cook, Loretta Nelson, Lettie Wasberg, Margarette Garber, Norma Johnson. Standing: Pauline Walker, Mary Dowd, Beverly Juul, Arloene Johnson, Phyliss Bush, Idabelle Annis, Marion Hale, Ann Marie Erickson, Marcia Husted, Luella Moore, Delores Himes. Hre wardens , , :w LJ . annourg, Carol Bennett, Shirley Himes, Janice BJOPk, Mr. Murray-Supervisor, Allen Blasdell-Chief, Betty Warn, Catherine Seekins, Elaine Meleen. Second Row: Barbara Lind, Carl, Lindahl, Harold Erickson, Ronald Greene, Gary Clark, Reginald White, Claybourne Sager, Donovan Bengtson, Floyd Killer. OROM out of the past comes the thundering hoofbeats of the "Class of 52. " We J galloped into our Freshman year under the guidance of Miss Aaron. Our first class meeting was held September 14, 1948. Our class officers were Betty Warn- President, Floyd Hiller-Vice President, Janice Bjork-Secretary, Sandra Young- Treasurer. Student Council Representatives were Margaret Sjogren and Pete Sheats. We roped the ice cream sales and hauled in the dough. We trotted into our Sophomore year under Miss Fleming and tied up Reggie White as President, Allen BIasdell-Vice President, Evelyn Blair-Secretary, Claybourne Sager-Treasurer. Carol Bennett and Carl Lindhal were Student Council Representatives. We put our brand on potato chips and taify and our stocks in- creased. We hitched up the buckboards and took off at a high pace towards our Junior year under the dude guidance of Miss Tatu. The big wheels that year were Janice Bjork-President, Pete Sheats-Vice President, Sandra Young-Secretary, Mary Tornstrom-Treasurer. Student Council Representatives were Floyd Hiller and Betty Warn. We took off our spurs and packed away our six-Shooters and had gtYe Old Barn Danceit. Our class'rings branded us as tiSeniors of 52". We got out the Chow Wagon and cooked up our gvictuals in'the form of a iispaghetti suppertt. Under the direction of the head foreman, Mrs. Sandborn, we as dudes prgduced a smashing hit "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. T We had a duel with the Seniors over magazine sales and was claimed as victors. We took turns at the trading post and added to our profits by selling potato chips. We fell off our horses and took the Seniors on a cruise up Chautauqua Lake. We as ttold hands" headed for the last roundup, in the new ranch - Frewsburg Central under our ranch foreman, Mr. Sine. Our head Ropers for the year are Ronnie, Carol, Mary, Dick, and Student Council Representatives - Don and Eve. We hid behind the cactus on Sagebrush Trail and roped and tied up Miss Fleming as our director and produced a rip-roaring hit ktFinders Creepers. ,t This year we had a feud with the Juniors and hit the sky with magazine subscriptions. The profit was tremendous. We stopped at the General Store and loaded Chuck Wagons with ice cream, and the Junior buckaroos helped shell out. We are now nearing the end of our trail, Our dust Will soon settle down be- hind us, but our memories will. linger long. RONALD GREENE President ;;Weakyll is a Business Law brain and what a physique. He doesnlt have curly hair or that six-foot build, but he still does all right with the girls. He can usually be heard driving a hot Ford around town and seen somewhere along Main St. Dramatic Club Ul; Chorus 0,3l; Bowling Club Ql; Student Council Vice-Pres. Bl; Rifle Club Gl; Class President Ml; Annual Staff Ml; Militar Club Ml; Fire Warden Ml; Basket- ball U,2,3,4l; Baseball 2,3,4l; Volleyball l2,3,4l. Major-Commercial CAROL BENNETT Vice President Carol is a ;;Fentonvi11ian.ll She is always trying to keep up with the llJones." She enjoys driving a neighborls car and hopes to get her license soon. She likes all kinds of sports and she also enjoys typing. Square Dance ul; Student Council m; Bowlin Club QA- TreasJ; llAdventures of Huckleberry Finn,, 3l; Yearbook Staff 6,0; Dancing Club l3-Vice PresJ; Chorus l3,4l; Fire Warden l3,4l; Vice Pres. Ml; "Finders Creepersll-Student Director Ml; G. Ps.-Pres. Ml. Maj or-Commercial MARY TORNSTROM Secretary Mary another ;;Fentonvillian,ll always has something nice and witty to say. She is known for her familiar saying, llHoly Cow? She anticipates reaching the altar. Enjoys housekeeping, talking and'long ;;good nights." Class Treas. Bl; Sec. Ml; Senior Play-lTinders Creepers," Square Dance Club U,3l; Bowling l2,4l; Annual Staff 6,9; Chorus ml; Band M-SecJ. Maj or-C ommercial RICHARD WHITE Treasurer ttDick't is the hustler of the class! He is occasionally seen on Frew Run Street, when he isn,t down at the Russell roller rink. His hobby is girls, and writing letters. His house is always open for a party? One of Dicks favorite sayings is ttI Got News For You." In his spare time he is seen working at Lundquist Hardware. Treasurer Mk Chorus t1,2i; Tumbling Club tn; Hobby Club 2i; Homemaking Club 0H; Basketball 0,2,3 4i; Baseball 1,2,3 4i; Volleyball t2,3.4i: Bowling Team t3,4i; Yearbook Staff 3,4i; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finni' t3i; ttFinders Creeperstt t4-Bus. ManJ. Majior-Business EVE LYN BLAIR "Eve" is known for her friendliness and generosity. She . enjoys writing letters tespecially to sailorsi; and singing Oi. Eve tells us that her pet peeve is men, but we know different. Is active in church activities. Favorite saying "I dontt know how- ?t Class Sec. tZi; Student Council Rep. t0; Annual Staff 6,0; Senior Play-ttFinders CreepersW Bowling t1,3.i; Dramatics t2i; Publications t4-TreasJ; Chorus t1,2,3,4i; G. Ps ML Maj or-Home Economics DONALD LUNDMARK ttLundy" is one of these out of town boys who spends most of his time trying to get to school on time. He is usually seen with a certain small blonde. Don was voted to have the biggest appetite and he lives up to it. Don always has some- thing nice to say, that is when he isntt sleeping. Student Council Rep. Mi; Annual Staff Mi; Square Dance Club t3,4i; F.F.A. t3,4-SecJ. Major-Agriculture, Industrial Arts C LYDE BLAC KMER iiClydeii is one of our little classmates who is seen quite a lot around Warren. He gets along with girls quite well and is always ready for a party. Clyde was voted the most studious and the most likely to succeed. Clyde is planning to go on to College in the near future. Basketball 9,3,0; Baseball 9,9; "Huckleberry Finnf, "Finders Cree ers" ; Annual Staff OD- F.F.A. i1,2,3i; Science Club i1 ; Round Dance Club 63; Military Drill OD; Chorus Mk Band i1,2,3,4-Treas.i; Cafeteria Staff 0,2L Major-Science, Agriculture NANCY COONS Nancy is our little farmers daughter from Riverside who has a smile for everyone. We neVer see much of her ex- cept in school, but just watch for that green Cadillac and. youill see her. She is still undecided about the future, but we all know where she will end up. Chorus 0D; Craft Club 0D; NFinders Creepersii; Yearbook Staff 0H. Major-Home' Economics ALLEN BLASDELL iiAl" which gail do you prefer, Warren County? Allen and his Buick i? are lmow best up at Jamestown. He is noted for his saying, "P11 fix it somedayRi Allen was voted friendliest and we know why. Basketball 0,2,3; Class V-Pres. iZi; Annual Staff 6,43 F.F.A. i1,2i; Camera Club m; uare Dance Club at Round Dance Bk Military Drill 4i; Chorus I3,4-PresJ; Band 0,2,3; Fire Warden i3,4-Chiefi. Major-Math, Science JANICE BIORK itIan" is our bashful Hi blonde. She can usually be found working in the Frewsburg Hardware. Sheis at all the basketball games cheering our team to victory. She says she wants to be a nurse, but we wonder.l Class Sec. tli; Bowling tn; Sq. Dance Qi; Round Dance tSi; Craft Mi; Chorus t1,2,3,4i; Tri-Hi-Y t2,3-Treas.,4i; Year- book Staff t3,4i; Fire Warden t3,4i; itHuckleberry Finn"; ttFinders Creepers". Major-Science, Math DONOVAN BENGTSON ttWindyis" the boy who is always getting into arguments, maybe thatis why everyone calls him "Know it all? His silly smile and goofy laugh however are highly appreciated by the class. Rifle Club 0,2,9; Yearbook Staff 63,0; Band t2,3,4i; F.F.A. t1,3-Treas.,4i; Basketball t1,4i' Fire Warden 09; Bowling Club m; "Finders Creepers" m. Major-Commercial DONNA BOVA Donna is quiet until you get to know her. itAll she wants for graduation is her whole top plate." She likes sports and is wondering whether to become a beautician or not. She hopes to get a 1icense--a driveris license. Square Dance t2i; Rifle C1ub t3-Sec.8z Treas. i; Bowling Club t4-SecJ; tiAdventures of Huckleberry Finn" Q3i; G. PS. Mi; Yearbook Staff Mi. Maj or -C ommercial FRANK ENGBLOM iiSwedeii is the tallest boy in the class. In fact he is the tallest boy in town. In his spare time he can be found in the pool room. He is a great liability to the basketball team. He is continually having headaches from hitting his head on the rim of the basket, but we all look up to him. Basketball t1,4i; Camera Club tli; Military Drill Mi; Base- ball Mi; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,i t3i; iiFinders Creepersii Mi. Major-Business ELVERA EKSTROM iiElPi is our little iiswedeit from Minnesota, who comes from a "small" family. Sheis easy to get along with, and always has a smile for everyone. We wonder why she was voted the girl with the worst temper and biggest appetite. Maybe if we asked a certain itLongii he could tell us. Chorus t1,2,3i; Square Dancing t4? Bowling Club 0,3i; Annual Staff t3,4i; Dramatic Club 2i; iiHuckleberry Finnii. Maj or-Home Economics FLOYD H. HILLER, JR. iiFloyde" has proved to the Seniors that he has the worst temper of all. Though he is small in size he is really the oldest of the class. When Saturday and Sunday come around you can find him in the house on the corner cooking up the evenings entertainment. Student Council i3i; Vice Pres. tli; Science Club m; Craft m; Yearbook Staff 6,43 Hobby t3i; Military Drill Mi; Fire Warden i3,4i; itHuckleberry Finn"; "Finders Creepers". Major-Commercial CAROLYN HOLMQUIST Carolyn is the quiet blonde of our class, but--oh my! She is commonly heard quoting iiWhere Thereis a will thereis a way." We wonder why. Her favorite car is a "Ford? Carolynts pet peeve is being called Carol or Caroline. Yearbook Staff SID; Dramatics t3? Craft il-Vice Pres., 4i; Bowling Club t2 ; Chorus t1,2,3,45. Maj or-Commercial CARL LINDAHL tiSlimti was voted by the Senior Class as the best sport, for he always greets you with a smile and never speaks ill of anyone. In school Carl is always Willing to help others in any way and do his own work at the same time. Ever hear of Sugar Grove? Well ask Carl, he,11 tell you all about itJ Basketball 0,2,3i' Baseball t1,2,3,4i; Rifle Club t1,2, Pres.- 4i; Dancing Club t3; Fire Warden 6,0; Student Council t2, 3i: Yearbook Staff Mi; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" t3i; "Finders Creepers" Mi. Major-Commercial BEVERLY RINELL "Bev" is the girl who we find standing on the corner wait- ing for the bus. She likes Basketball and we find her sup- porting our team at all the games. She is planning to attend Upsala next fall. We wish her luck.I Annual Staff t1 ,2,3 34k Bowling m; Square Dance tZi; Round Danae Bi; Rifle t4 ; Chorus t1,2,3,4i; Student Director Senior Play- "Finders CreepersJi Major-Math GE ORGE LITT LE FIELD "Pug" has always been quiet around school, but if he could ohly make the noise that he does when hets out on a lonely night at the Forbes Farm. Student Association Officer Bi; Rifle Club 0,2,3; F.F.A. t1,2,3-V.Pres.,4-Pres.i; Military Drill Mk Annual Staff t3,4i; Baseball t1,2i. Maj or -Agriculture CAT HERINE SEEKINS "Katy, is one of the ttIvoryites." She has a friendly smile and is well liked by her classmates. One of her buddies Oi resides at Smethport. Her pet peeve is angora sweaters. We wonder if she Will attend Grove City College.l Annual Staff t3,4i; nFinders Creepers" Mi; Craft Club tn; Bowling t2,3i; Publications Mi; Chorus t2,3i; Fire Warden 0D; Girlsi Intramurals ML MajoreMath and Science NORMAN MORGAN Norm, called ttHerb'i, by his school pals, is the happy ttlive- wireP He is constantly seen with Joan. He gave a splendid performance in both the Junior and Senior plays. He also has artistic ability 0i and is our schoolis ttMickey Rooney". Will he ever grow up! Varsity basketball t3,4i; Jr. varsity t1 ,Zi; Baseball t2,3,4i; Annual Staff 6,10; tiFinders Creepers"; ttAdventures of Huckleberry Finn"; Hobby Club tZi; Square Dance t3; gcgebce tn; Military Drill 0n; Chorus t1,2,3,4i; Band t1, , , ' Major-Math u u ",4 n . "Ma, r i 4; Wy ' m M. : .u "pump? 1,:, um ; . m? t x ; azy , , JOHN ROUNDS iiJacki, the guy with the heart the size of his feet especially for a girl in Fentonville. He is also known for his fast ride to Fentonville, and long good nights. Jack is the only iiHot Rodii in the class to stick to Chrysler Products, especially 1939 Plymouths. Rifle Club U,2,3i; F.F.A. U,2,3-SecJ' Yearbook Staff Mi; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" $5, "Finders Creepers" Mi; Assembly Committee Mi. Maj or -Agriculture MARGARET SIOGREN iiMargii is one of our iifull of fun" gals. She's our art editor and the reason is obvious. She likes to write and receive letters. She is fond of Swedish boys we wonder whyi. Marg is sometimes considered a flirt. Although we hear her pet peeve is "Men in Generalf, Chorus i1,2,3,4i; Bowling U,3i; Dramatics iZi; Sq. Dahcihg $0; Yearbook Staff i3,4i; Student Council Rep. W; Trl-HI-Y 3,4i; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" i3i; NFinders Creepersi, Mk G. L OD. Major-Science CLAYBOURNE SAGER iiSager" is a guy Who you will always see on a Tuesday night dressed in a Naval Reserve uniform. Heis usually seen with Reg, but knows how to get along with girls all right also. He drives a hot Ford and is good for a party anytime. In the future he is planning on taking up an apprenticeship. Basketball i1,2,3:4i; Baseball i274i; Volleyball 9,9; Class Treas. mi; Chorus i1,2 3; Science Club U-TreasJ; Music Appreciation iZ-Treasj; Round Dance i3i; Military Drill i4-CorporaD; Band a,2,3-Treas., 4-Vice PresJ: Year- book Staff 6,0; Fire Warden Mi; F.F.A. i1,2-Sec.,3,4i; iiHuckleberry Finn" Bi; iiFinders Creepers" Mi. Maj or-Math AL LISON SCOTT "Zeke" Although Zeke has never gone out for sports to any extent, everyone in school Will readily agree that a finer sport or better companion would be hard to find. Zeke likes hot Fords, sharp curves and Ivory blondes, even though he was voted by the class as the most shy. Yearbook Staff Mi; Craft tn; Bowling tZi; Rifle Bi; Military Training Mi; Baseball t2,4i; Basketball Qi; F.F.A. t1,2,3- Reporter, 4-Vice PresJ; itFinders Creepers" ML Major -Agricu1ture BETTY WARN "Bettstt one of the blondes of our class, is nice to have around because she is sweet and yet lots of fun. She likes sports, writing letters and likes to go places and have a nice time. She doesnit like going steady though she has trouble trying to convince some of her boyfriends that. She is editor of the yearbook and also the school paper. Chorus t2,3,4-Sec.i; Fire Warden OD; Yearbook Staff t1,2,3 4-Editori; Pres. tn; Student Council t3i; "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"' Craft tn; Bowling t2,3i; Publications t4-Editori; G. rs. m PETER SHEATS "Peteit is the reckless hot-rodder of the class, he has an ability, but try to find it. He can usually be found losing his money in Kyle 8L Little,s. He likes going steady, and is known as ttFalsiesi, Sheats! . Student Council tn; Vice Pres. t3i; Yearbook Staff t3,4i; "Huckleberry Finn" t3 ; ttFinders Creepers" Mi; Camera Club tn; Science Club 2i; Rifle Bi; Military Drill Mi; ?ajseball t1,2i; Volleyball tZi; Basketball t1,2,3,4i; Chorus Maj or -Math RE GINALD WHITE Reg,or ttCueball" as he is often called is our 10 oiclock scholar. He likes sports, music, and of course the girls. It is always nice to have him around for he is so friendly and quite the joker. Reg can usually be found With Sager or out camping somewhere. One of his favorite sayings is "Tell us all about itRi Chorus $1,2,3,4i; Band t1,2,3,4i; Basketball 0,2,3,4i; Base- ball 6,4 ; Yearbook Staff t3,4i; iiHuckleberry Finnii wk "Finders Creepers" 08; Round Dance Bi; Military Drill EM; Student Council t4-PresJ; Hobby Club QM Class Pres. 2i; Fire Warden Mi; Rifle Club tn; F. F.A. t1, 2, 3, 4i; Volleyball 08. Maj or-Agriculture SANDRA YOUNG "Sandyii is the last of the Frew Run Triplets to leave school. No doubt the best of them, making her very en- joyable company. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her quite an attraction with the boys, but tfice-bergs" have no- thing on her. She spends quite a bit of her time writing to an A. F. man and although she has plenty of dates, she still can be heard singing ttUndecided Now." Bowling Club tn; Square Dance tZi; Round Dance t3? Rifle t4-TreasJ; Student Council tz-SecJ; Class Treas. di Yearbook Staff t3,4i; "Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn,i; iiFinders Creepersii; Cheerleader 8,9; Tri-Hi-Y t2,3- Sec.,4i; Class Sec. Bi; Chorus t1,2,3,4i. o , Major-Math and Science CLASS FLOWER 3t YELLOW ROSE CLASS COLOR t MAROON and WHITE CLASS MOTTO ii "HE WHO HAS PERSEVERANCE, HAS SUCCESS? iunior play First Row: Sandra Young, Norman Morgan, Janice Bjork, Dick White. Back Row: Carl Lindahl. Reginald White, Carol Bennett, Betty Warn, Elvera Ekstrom, Donna Bova. Frank Engbloom, Margaret Sjogren. N April 6 and 7, 1951, the Junior Class presented a fascinating play entitled tiThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." This play was a small portion from the life of Huckleberry Finn relating in detail to a few of the hilarious and serious scenes that occured during his earlier days. The lovable characters of Huckle- berry Finn and Tom Sawyer were portrayed by Dick White and Norman Morgan respectively. Other characters were portrayed by Reginald White, Carol Bennett, Sandra Young, Janice Bjork, Betty Warn, Elvera Ecktrom, Frank Engbloom, Carl Lindahl, Margaret Sjogren, and Donna Bova. Much of the success of this play is credited to the splendid direction of Mrs. Sanborn and to the student director, Nancy Becker. Although this play was presented only twice,the profit was $179.59. senior play Left to right: Front Row: Norman Morgan, Reginald White. Frank Engbloom, Catherine Seekins. Back Row: Clyde Blackmer. Mary Tornstrom, Janice Bjork, Sandra Young, Margaret Sjogten, Carl Lindahl, Allison Scott, Nancy Coons, Clayboume Sager, Evelyn Blair. Peter Sheats. gHEASenior Class play presented on Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8, was thinders Creepers." Displaying the best talent to be found, the cast re- ceived praise from both students and adults. The action of the play centered around Wilbur Maxwell and Hercules Nelson. Finders Creepers is a rib tickling mystery comedy, about two slap happy boys who spent a weekend at a mortuary. Other sen- sational characters were played by Janice Bjork, Sandra Young, Frank Engbloom, Nancy Coons, Donovan Bengston, Evelyn Blair, Mary Tornstrom, Clyde Blackmer, Margaret Sjogren, Carl Lindahl, Catherine Seekins, Peter Sheats, Allison Scott, and Claybourne Sager, Miss Barbara Fleming coached us to success with the help of the student directors Carol Bennett and Beverly Rinell. The two performances netted us a profit of $232.50. Allen Frank George Marg Betty Bev Floyd Sager Don Dick Evelyn Elvera Katy Janice Donna Carolyn Mary Carol Nancy Norman Reggie Donovan Ronny . Pete Jack C arl Cly de Zeke Sandra his battered Buick to Bill Dallas. W his height to Stub. his silence to Emily Brady. her good humor to Shirley Sheldon. her love for convertibles to Esther. her abilities Oi in driving to Elaine Meleen. his masculine charm to Roger Stone. his place at the Reserve to Paul Holmes. himself to Janice Eckman. his seat in the D. H. chair to Raymond Johnson. her knowledge of good parking places to Jack Lindholme. her ability for brownie making to next years homemaking class. her weekly visits to Smethport to her sister. her naturally blonde hair to Carol Carlson. her dimples to Norma Johnson. her tumbling abilities to Ethel Waite. her Bikini bathing-suit to Sylvia Nelson. her seat in Mrs. Dewing,s room to Mary Wiltsie. her pretty hair to Evelyn Seekins so she can wear her hair parted in the middle. his rebounding ability to Gary Clark. his good feelings toward girls in the coming times, to Bud H. his artistic ability to Basic Art Class. his hot-rod Ford to loan, so Herb can have his own. his attendance record to Dave Munson. his speeding ability to Harold Erikson. his 5 oiclock shadow to Ronny Nelson. his ability to study and concentzialce to Myron E. his girl-shyness to Jack Lindholme. her seat on the player bus to Jean Barker. We, the seniors of Frewsburg CentraLSchool leave not only our marvelous reputation, but also our halos distributed among our many and worthy admirers. Janice Allison Carolyn Jack and LeRoy Donovan n h 0 J om a r 6 V l E prophecy Howdy Pardners.I This is the happy salutation that greets us as we pull into the dusty drive of the tiT and R" Dude Ranch, Sno-Laak, Texas, operating under the auspices of Jack and Mary tTornstromi Rounds. The sun is still low in the eastern sky as we are the first to arrive for our tenth year class reunion. Suddenly there is a thunderous roar and a cloud of dust as Zeke, Carl and George come barreling down the road from their ranches in the valley. There is wild confusion for a few moments as the cows stampede to the farthest corner of the pasture, and a jet plane lands with a roar. We run closer and we see 2nd Lieutenants, Reggie White and Ronald Greene climbing from the pilots seats. Ensign Sager and Seamen Recruit Blackmer step from the passenger seats. Our reunion is not the only celebration for them, for they have just been to a big shindig out east, celebrating their discharges from the Air Force and Navy. As we return from the plane we see some more of our classmates sitting comfortably on the terrace sipping cool drinks. They are Beverly Rinell with her husband, the Minister of a small church in Virginia, and Janice Bjork R. N. who has successfully landed a Doctor. With them, just as they used to be ten years ago, is another nurse, Sandra Young still undecided. This peaceful scene is suddenly disturbed by the hysterical laughs and giggles of Betty, Margaret, and Elvera. Rising to our feet and looking toward the barn we see Betty, an airline hostess, and Elvera, a happily married farmeris wife, reaching up to their elbows in the watering trough. Finally from the water they pull a muscular babe. Itis Margaret who is now a gym teacher in one of the Jamestown schools. She was pushed into the water by those two practical jokers Peter Sheats and Dick White. Peter tells us he is busily engaged in the brick- laying business and also watching after his two curly-headed sons. Dick is covering the class reunion for the White Tower Times where he works as a reporter. We hear a commotion from the corral but thinking it is only the horses, we mosey along toward the house. But as we pass the corner of the barn we are surprised to find iBig Stretch" Engblom and "Little Herbi, Morgan trying to boost Don Lundmark up onto a hOrse for a ride. Don is' a farmer but much to our surprise he has never ridden a horse. Frank is also a farmer, a iigentleman farmerii busily raising his hat tto all the girlsi. Norman, by the way, is head draftsman at MePoodle Dinds and Sons construction company. And over on the fence getting a big laugh from this scene are two more of our classmates, Katy and Evelyn. They are both teaching school at our Old Alma Mater. Katy is head of the Math Department and Evelyn is teaching iifamily lifef, As we stand there recalling old memories we hear the clang of the dinner bell and we hurry toward the chuck wagon where a big barbeque has been prepared for us. Finding our places at the table and looking over the brim of our heaping plates we see Allen busily feeding his face. Allen is now working on bodies---car bodies that is. Sitting next to Al is Don Bengston who now has one of the largest greenhouse businesses in the state of New York. Floyd, a well to do businessman, takes a seat next to Bengston immediately they pick up where they left off ten years ago. We recently heard that the husband of the glamorous Nancy C is in the car business - ---Cadi11acs. There is a distinct sound of a faulty engine, as an early model car comes chugging into the driveway. We go out to meet it and much to our surprise we find two grease-covered 0P class- mates, due to the break down of their car. Donna, who is secretary to Senator Melven Jones, and Carolyn who is running an office machine in the same office. We are all present, no, wait a minute, there is still one missing. The former Carol Bennett who is now Mrs. Donald Jones, is not here. Due to the recent addition to their family, they were unable to attend. Finishing our barbeque 'we all gather around the campfire to sing songs. As the sun sets in the western sky, it brings to a close the first day of our tenth year class reunion. Most Athletic Mo 3 t Humorous 3 ': . ' W! erg a: $92, ' 650 d '91 5 1 I 5 at, 9' 5; 15:23 5 3 o .v fillitu: V 3.35 menlh. 5. any JIIIIHII x First Row; Pauline Markham, Mary Wiltsie, Earl Bender, Harold Erickson, Lawrence Sandberg, Shirley Himes, Evelyn Seekins, Emily Brady, Shirley Sheldon, Sylvia Nelson. Second Row: Norma Johnson, Carol Johnson, Esther Battles, Carol Ann Bartlett. Joy Barber, Elaine Meleen, Joan Danielson, Miss Johnson-Advisor. Third Row: Arthur Button, Eugene Shures, Russell Houghwot, Willis Miller, Gary Clark, Paul Holmes, Roger Stone, Jack Lindholm, Myron Ekstrom. Eugene Jack Joy Lawrence Elaine Ronnie Joan Roger WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF . . . . Sylvia Shirley Gary Earl Evelyn Shirley S. Esther Harold Myron Arthur Norma Willis Paul Emily Carol B. Mary Carol J. Barbara Russell couldntt go to a western had a girl went out with a Jr. grew tall overnight stopped flirting could shoot pool couldntt use Herbts car wasnt a walking tool box had a date couldntt bet on the games couldntt get big enough shoes didnt know how to manage the varsity got a failing mark broke up with Ralph didnt come back to school went steady wasntt in trouble with the teachers answered a History question couldnt find a ride home went back to beautiful Ohio forgot about Mayville couldntt talk wasntt working didnt get any letters didntt like to play basketball hadntt gone out New Yearts Eve couldn,t help "I. S. " Front Row: Susan White, Idabelle Annis, Edith Bartlett, Phyliss Bush, Mary Dowd, Beverly Juul, Joyce Holmquist, Delores Himes, Ethel Waite, Louella Moore, Marcia Frederes. Second Row: Donna Swanson, Virginia Moore, Norma Jean Johnson, Arloene Johnson, Beverly Bengtson, Ann Marie Erickson, Pauline Walker, Nancy Wiltsie, Naomi Sitler, Thomas Kirik, Mr. Patterson-Advisor. Third Row: John Thierfeldt, Gary Waid, Robert Johnson, Ernest Danielson, David Munson, Clifford Holcomb, James Rowley. Benjamin White, William Dallas, John Young, Alton Lindstrom, Kenneth Buck. FAVORITE PASTIMES Isabelle Edith Beverly B. Ken Phyllis Norman Bill Bud Janice E. Ann Marie Marcia Nancy H. Dolores Cliff Joyce Arloene Bob Tom Washing dishes Collecting pictures of D. Tumbling 8; "Tony" Learning to Dance Watching Television Kissing girls B1ondie Shooting pool Growing long fingernails Spanish Getting records ? Flirting Reading wooks'n Biology Eating hotdogs Teasing Mr. Sine Riding horses Norma Jean Beverly J . Mary Alton Louella Virginia Dave Jim Naomi Donna John T. Garry Ethel Pauline Ben Susan Nancy W. J ohn Y. discussing trip to Mexico H II Saying Gee Rowley" . Duane! Trying to cook Jamestown nurses Catching falling girls Loafing on Ivory St. Skating at Celeron Fooling around Loafing Being helpful? writing letters to Tenn. fooling around with cars Florida Watching the J. V. s Telling jokes Front Row: Dolores Campbell, Elaine Bender, Marion Hale, Mary Ann Cook, Shirley Becker, Susan Howard, Harriett Kline, Jacqueline Bratt. Nancy Fish, Margie Clark, Mr. D'Apriz-Advisor. Second Row: Sandra Lindstrom, Janet Washburg, Beverly Youngberg. Kathleen Ryberg, Doris Blackmer. Marcia Husted, Lois Sittinger, Nancy Wiltsie, Donna Nelson, Donna Jacobson, Jean Ann Carter, Mary Jane Nelson, Nancy Green, Third Row: Roger Nelson, Alvin Butters, Tommy Dorsey, Raymond Johnson, David Benson. Brian Lindberg. Ira Miller, Leonard White, Craig Shelson, Phillip Traver, Eddie Strickland, Bradley Sittler. Harriet Nancy F. Marion Lois Beverly Suzanne Nancy G. Elaine Jackie Mary Anne Gwen Barbara Janet Myrna Shirley Kathleen Doris Marcia Margie Raymond "Bear" Hugs Basketball games ? Joe Doaks Writing letters! Lunch tickets Late again? Ivory Street "Joker" in the crowd Pro. at chewing gum Chautauqua Art Classes? Science? Basketball "Little Himes James R. Rye Bread " Universe, Horses Where they gm Hard won certificate Romance? Dolores Mary Jane Donna J. Donna N. J ean B. Jean C . Bonnie Sandra Roger Ed Bryan Craig Phil Ira Leonard Tommy Alvin Bradley Dave Jackies side kick Swede TarW Alleghany Weekend B. .W. R. J. CH Parties! ! "Giggles ttsandyn S. S. Class? Short stuff Bud Flirting! 1 Roller Skating! Hustler! Hot Rod The 01, Swimmin Hole! Five foot two, eyes of blue "Litt1e Spanish Homework? eigwhih grade ' i Front Row: Harriet Himes, Barbara Suckow, Ardell Ekstrom, Patty Bush, Beulah Stanton, Mary Nordland, Janet Jacobson, Ruth Gustafson, Donna Barrus, Carol Carlson, Marion Clark, Cora Irwin, Barbara Kebort, Wanda Nelson, Mrs. Husband-Advisor. Second Row: George Hamilton, Thomas Traver, Patty Waid, Shirley Seekins, Beverly Wargo, Loralee Kiefer, Nancy Greene, Barbara Swanson, Joan Coons, Lynette Irwin, Loralee Jones, Sharon Cook, James Adams. Third Row: David Shelcon, Dan Russell, Bruce Lindahl, Dale Nelson, Fred Clark, Roger Tornstrom, Earl Brady, Robert Merchant Frank Elderkin, Robert Greene, Donald Frankson, Dale Erickson, Dick Butters. seventh grade 9 Front Row: Ethelyn Johnson, Betty Becker, Donna Thurston, Alicia Holmquist, Norma Dulmus, Carol Motter, Joyce Sisson, Lois Sisson, Teressa Traver, Laura Sweatmen, Winifred Dowd, Nancy Elderkin, Second Row: Kenneth Juul, Keith Kroenke, Bob Frankson, Robert Elderkin, Frank Seekins, Robert Johnson, Ann Davis, Donna walsh, Marcia Hultberg, Sandra Nelson, Marion Clark, Griffin Smith, Charles Peterson, Jan Nordlund. Third Row: Curt Spontaneo, Roger Markham, George Rowley, James Engstrom, Reginald Eaton, John Turk, Shayne Munger, Dorian Larson, Bruce Kidder, John Covey; Gordon Nelson. Forth Row: Brian Johnson, Jack Mc Intyre, Timothy Bjork, Alan Shures, Ronald Nelson, Robert Carlson, Charles Carlson, Peter Hansen, Kay Benson, Don Mc Intyre. Front Row: A na :ae -oore, ' ar ene Jelson, oan Barber, Betty Rowley, Marleen Donelson, Nancy Parker, Carol Butters, Sharon Harris, Cynthia Hodges, Judy Hamilton, Second Row: Arthur Ekstrom, Stephen Christian, Ronald Johnson, Yvonne Walter, Patricia Eckman, Marvin Swanson, Dennis Johnson, Clayton Scott, Alvin Bragg, Miss Derby-Agvisor. Third Row: Jo Ann Spitzer, Mary little, Shirley Long, Clyde Irwin, arriet Cushner, Alice Lawson, Maxine Busted, Shirley Johnson, Kathleen Barker. Forth Row: William Tornstrom, Lars Stone, Morris Heinriechs, Jerry Guth, Le Roy Tuller. . infill .I'wgrade Front Row: ' wea man, lav a u er, 'er-er '1 316, Wayne Lindstrom, Ronald Kidder, Craig Bryant, Thomas Seekins, John Elderkin. Second Row: Lhirley Bennett, Barbara Gregg, Martha Bova, Sharron Hunger, Lois Carlson, carol Cook, Sandra Murray, Shirley walls, Jean Campbell. Thrid Row: Barbara Gustafson, Constance Nobbs, Sylvia Liniboom, Judy Danielson, Donna Springer, Janice Bennett, Jo Ann Carter, Phyllis Houghwot, Sandra Featherstone, Mrs. Dueressa Sager-Advisor Dolores Griffin, Forth Row: Bruce Darling, Larry Eklund, James Frederes, Allan Hamilton, David Hansen, Theodore Anderson, Russell Swanson, Jon Becker, Lynest Bova. 40 5H1 6'1 6": combinuiion Front Row: Edward Davis, Thomas Swanson, Roger Washerg, David Christian, Donald Campbell, Wayne Robinson. Second Row: Linda Mainwaring, Norma Munger, Carol Horner, Patricia Berg, Roberta Dean, Sandra Luce, Diane Frankson. Third Row: Diane Fellows, Patricia Jensen, Kathleen Walsh, Marilyn Hamilton, Jeanette Rice, Donna Lind- strom, Mrs. Haley-Advisor. Forth Row: Larry Starks, Gary Burgett, Gordon Brady, Kenneth Rowley, Ronald Youngberg, Eugene Russell, David Barker. fourth grade First Row: Marilyn Anderson, Kathleen Banville, Dianna Benson, Donna Benson, Karen Ingeman, Judy Swanson, Sally Sheats, Grace Turk, Karen Sweatman. Second Row: Patricia Barry, Betty Johnson, Ann Hansen, Sharon Johnson, Jimmy Sahpson, George Ekstrom, Dick Westman, Mrs. Pratt - Adviser. Third Row: Milton McIntyre, Arthur Culver, Gary Darling, Thomas Atkins, Bernard Jensen, Terry Olafson, Richard Markham, Milliam Lindberg, Cordon Bush, Harry Hardinger Absent' Michelle Birt. Front Row: Donna Lindberg, Judy Tuller, Elma Rowley, Suzette Bjork, Marjorie Adams, Larry Hyldahl, Gary Berg, Gene Waid, Second Row: Richard Lowery, Laurabelle Brown, Sandra Swanson, Florence Blood, Diane Wiltsie, Emerald Seekins, Eleanor Walls, Diana Fellows, Mrs. Mahan-Advisor, Third Row: Gordon Daniels, David Covey, Joseph Marsh, Leonard Ekstrom, Robert Davis, Roger Jacobson, Kenneth Peterson, Edward Stone, Terry Johnson, Phillip Knapp. pt Front Row: Linda Jensen, Merle Atkins, Cecile Nobbs, Evelyn Mc Intyre, Evelyn Moore. Lois Starks, Rita Johnson, Georgann Young, Mary Louise Dorsey, Bonnie Johnson. Second Row: Mrs. Porter-Advisor, Robert Anderson, David Frew, Patricia Jones, Edith Rowley, Wanda Lee, Linda Lou Harvey, Alan Hamilton, David Thomas. Third Row: William Perry, Thomas Eaton, Donald Norman, John Rice, Sheldon Anderson, Burton Waide, William Bratt, John Mahoney, Richard Radspinner. Absent: Frank Ellis, Jon Husted, Robert Sandburg, Margie Walsh. w Front Row: Susan Parker, Sally Pratt, Rebecca Motter, Patty Swanson, Sandra Waite, Belle Birt, Sue Harris, Annette Gregg. Second Row: Mrs. Babcock-Advisor, Richard Niles, Keith Mitchell, Jerry Eklund, Judy Walker, Susan Russell, Louise Lee, Donald Irwin, Sandra Youngberg, Richmond Walls, Alford Hyldahl. Third Row: Everett Seastrom, Barry Stone, Paul Tyler, Stephen Hill, Joseph Ellis, John Little, Timothy Marsh,Jame3 Rice, Harry Adams, Paul White. First Row: James Barkman, Jack Markiel, La Verne Youngberg, James Lee, Paul Bova, Jerry Horner, Sherwood Johnson, Gordon Danielson, Roger Dulmus, Second Row: Mariann Strand, Patricia Eaton, Irma Daniels, Barbara N61son, Cheryl Skinner, Marcia Bennett, Gretchen Bryant, Nancy Turk, Nancy Colver, Althea Bragg, Linda Nelson, Kathleen Waid, Suzanne Luce. Third Row: Miss Olds, Penny Barker, Roberta Battles, Frances Ekstrom, Marcia Carlson, Delores Thurston, Camille Nobbs, Norma Fellows, Susan Jacobson, Sue Jean Atkins, Nancy Long, Alice Davis, Judy Ellis, Maxine Martin, Mrs. Sheats. Fourth Row: Donald Daniels, Peter Turk, David Warn, Steven Kidder, Paul Anderson, Marshall Frew, Teddy Miller, James Covey, Norman Green, Lawrence Bennett, Richard Guth, Ronald Anderson. ' first grade First Row: Joanne Sears, Judith Hedges, Diane Robinson, Donald Anderson Lance Barker, Laura Rhodes, Kenneth Waite, Mary Agnes Atkins, 6indy Lou Johnson, Sharon Youngberg, Douglas Waid, Raymona Bowers, Evelyn,Rowley, William Patterson. Second Row: Sue Ann Thomas, Patricia Haley, Bonnie Anderson, Mearl Fellows, Arne Hansen, Linda Gustafson, Juanita Jensen, Daniel Christian, Kenneth Stone, Jerry Westman, Loretta Hale, Sue Ann Olarson. Third Row: Mrs. Impey, Dawn Marsh, Sally Lundgren, Kristine Young, Sherwood Anderson, Dennis Walker, Robert Baker, Conrad Donelson, Priscilla Bush, Sandra Walker, Donna Scofield, Sally Bova, Priscilla Barry, Alfreda Hamilton, Sharon White, Mrs. Warn. Fourth Row: Beverly Westman, Susan Lowery, Mary Becker, Barbara Moore, Mary Ann Sittinger, Ruth Sweatman, Edward Radspinner, Joanne Rice, Sylvia Stanton, Ivan Waid, Thomas Gustafson, Audrey Carlson, David Swanson, Alan Mackie. kindgrgurien N. Front Row: Richard Frankson, Thomas Harvey, Sharyn Kennedy, Gary Pasco, William Waid, Rose Marie Himes, Phyllis Brown, Paul Anderson, Nancy Derby, Julie Radspinner, Barbara Anderson. Middle Row: Gail Nelson, David Shures, James Campbell, Robert Norman, James Swanson, Brooks Nelson, Kermit Ekstrom, Gordan Skinner, Michael Percy, Linda Bennett, Daniel Maroney. Back Row: Sheryl Marsh, Noelle Swanson, Shirley Coons, Diane Anderson, Patricia Covey, Alice Burch, Maureen Springer, Terry Berg, Link Lee, Ronald Darling, Carl Seastrum, Duane Munson. First Row: Nancy Adams, Robert Barry, Cynthia Oberg, Thomas Mahoney, Barbara Lindholme, Robert Birt, Sharon Cartner, Larry Atkins, Sheryle Kennedy. Second Row: Christine Heeden, Peggy Pratt, Diane Swanson, Jessie Hedges, Carol Gates, Bonnie Simmons, Robert Niles, Kathleen Berg, Margaret Parker. Karen Seake, Mrs. Westphal-Advisor. Third Row: Edward Payne, Susan K;dder, Carl Lindstrom, Thomas Sundgren, Gregory Lombardo, Karen HoveIl, Torie Derby, Susan H111. :- iverside Standing: Mrs. Johnson- Adviser, Tommy Cheney, Kathleen Cheney, Yvonne Magnuson, Marilyn Coons, Yvonne woodard, Lonne Heinrichs, Albert Lee. Seated: Robert Lee, Kirt Woodard, Pat Harvey, Cynthia Cheney, Mark Cheney, Irene Stover, Clyde Stover. ' Berg, Alired Swanson, i ht: Clare Berg Clinton Johnson, Wayne $ . Egg? ggigzgr, Grant Johnssn, Eric Anderson, Billy Keborb, Llnda Potter. Elliott Scott, Marilyn Warn, Susan Warn, Dolores Anderson, Dorothy LJam, Mrs. Varsh-Teacher, Carolyn Scott, Claire Warn, George Anderson Jr., David Cheney. iunione Standing: David Frankson, David Berg, Cindy Norberg, Richard Frank- son, Clark Lee, Miss Turncy-Advisor, Donna Stiltsen, freston Norberg, Beth Lindquist, Karen Waite. Se ea: Donnie Rush, Becky Lindquist. Everybody wahts to get Patterns You'll never make it I brush them twice a day Necktie Party? qu 1! Ir, 4,64' J, af'.l f,' ..' basketball "Ron" Greene Scofield "Dick" White "Reg" White u gotm" "Frank" . Ems years basketball team started out by winning 3 games in a row, then losing to Panama by 2 points and Clymer by x 4 points. We had a 10 game winning streak if we beat our , next foe, Panama. We faced the team that defeated us once and after the game, the scoreboard read 67-38 in our favor. We were now on the way to the top but we had to face Clymer the following week. We had a re- cord of 13 wins and 2 loses and Clymer had a record of 14 wins and 1 loss; Ont the night of February 21 we traveled to Clymer where they defeated us by a close score of 64-62. The game was very close all the way but the game did not last long enough. That put us in second place tied with Panama with a very slim chance of taking the league. Our next two games against Sherman and Ripley have yet to be played. "Bill" 53 iunior varsity Bottom How: John Theirfieldt, Paul Holmes, Lawrence Sandberg, Kenneth Buck. Second Row: Russel Houghwot, Willis Miller, Harold Erickson, Ernest Danielson, Coach Scofield, Benjamin White, hobert Johnson, John Young. Seated: Bradley Sitler, Alvin Butters, Edward Stricklund, James Adams, George Hamilton, Roger Nelson. Standing: David Benson, naymond Johnson, Roger Tornstrom, Ira Miller, David Sheldon, Coach Scofield, Daniel Russel, Dale Nelson, Bruce Lindahl. baseball Front Row: Ronald Greene, Norman Morgan, William Greene, Cliffdrd Holcomb, Sherwood Nelson, Gary Clark, Richard White, Charles Oberg, Carl Lindahl, Coach-Mr. Scofield. Back Row: Lawrence Sandberg, Ernest Danielson, John Young, Allen Minser. Robert Genberg, Bathoy-George Hamilton. Ll .HE Frewsburg Central Bears had a very successful 1951 baseball season, by not losing a single league game. We beat Ellicotville for the Bi-County title and from there we went to Hamburg where we defeated Youngstown for the sec- tional VI title. This years team should be just as successful, the only players lost via gradu- ation were William Greene, Charles Oberg and Sherwood Nelson. Frewsburg 11 Forestville 5 Here Frewsburg 4 Ripley There Frewsburg 10 Mayville Here Frewsburg 7 Chautauqua There Frewsburg 13 Sherman Here Frewsburg 3 Ellicotville At Salamanca Frewsburg 10 Youngstown At Hamburg cheerleaders Susan White, Elaine Meleen, Nancy Hiller, Janice Bjork Young,Joy Barber. Center: Kristine Young. Kneeling: Mary Ann Cook. Second Row: Kathleen Ryberg, Gwendolyn Meleen. Third Row: Doris Blackmer, Donna Nelson, Jean Barker. Center, Mascot: Harriet Kline. t mlxtiwli ,0- h 2' 1 15a $ , ' . C90,? :1,,$,I , 5,11! Front Row: Mary Ann Cook, Ethel Waite, Elaine Meleen, Susan White, Pauline Walker, Beverly Youngberg, Louella Moore, Joyce Holmquist, Mary Dowd, Margie Clark, Nancy Fish, Beverly Rinell, Elaine Bender, Dolores Himes. Second Row: Joan Danielson, Shir1 y Himes, Pauline Markham, Norma Johnson-Vice Pres., Joy Barber-Treasurer, Emily Brady, Nancy Wiltsie, Naomi sitler, Idabelle Annis, Phyliss Bush, Carolyn Holmquist, Sandra Young, Miss Woodmansee-Advisor. Third Row: Ann Marie Erickson, Edith Bartlett, Nancy Green, Norma Jean Johnson, Elvera Ekstrom, Marcia Husted, Donna Nelson, Carol Bennett, Margaret Sjogren-Librarian, Janice Bjork, Nancy Coons, Beverly Juul, Janet Washerg, Doris Blackmer, Evelyn Blair. Fourth Row: Harriett Kline, Donna Jacobson, Barbara Wiltsie, Lois Sittinger, Suzanne Howard,Roger Stone, David Benson, Norman Morgan, David Munson-Librarian, Clifford Holcomb, Allen B1asde11-Pres., Reggie White, Clyde Blackmer, John Young, Alvin Butters, Betty Warn-Sect, Esther Battles, Shirley Sheldon. senior band First Row: Bruce Kidder, John Theirfieldt, John Young, Benjamin white, Willis Miller, Craig Sheldon, Donna Lindstrom, Patty Eckman, Norma Dulmus, Saundra Luce. Second Row: Brian Johnson, Jack McIntyre, Janet Jacobson, Mary Tornstrom, Ruth Gustafson, Donovan Bengston, Robert Greene, Charles Carlson, Timothy Bjork, Griffin Smith. Third Row: Norman Morgan, Clyde Blackmer, Reginald White, Harold Erickson, Robert Johnson, Ernest Danielson, Ira Miller, Garry Waid. iunior band Bottom Row: Larry Ecklund, Richard Lowrey, Edward Davis, Bruce Darling, David Tuller. Second Row: Leroy Tuller, Constance Nobbs, Mary Little, Maxine Husted, Patrica Eckman, Jacquline Barber, Miss Woodmansee. buion twirl Donna Swanson, Susan White, Joy Barber, Front Row: Winifred Dowd, Ann Davis, Joan Barber, Kathleen Walsh, Patricia Jensen, Nancy Parker, Jo Ann Spitzer, Judy Hamilton, Sharon Harris, Shirley Johnson, Gordon Lind. Second Row: Mrs. Haley-Advisor, Kenneth Juul, Shayne Munger, Griffin Smith, Timothy Bjork, Charles Carlson, Diane Frankson, Mary Little, Marilyn Hamilton, Dale Clark, Miss Derby Advisor. Third Row: David Barker, Gordon Bnady, Edward Davis, Marion Clark Donna Thurston, Donald Campbell. Forth Row? Gary Burgett, Le Roy Tuller, Lars Stone, Kenneth Rowley, Ronald Young- berg, Ronald Johnson, Thomas Swanson. ' lark Bruce Stanalng: Dale Clark Ronald Fellows, John Covey, Gary C , Kidder, Mrs. Scofiela-Advisor. Sitting: Raymond Johnson, Clifford Holcomb, Richard White . b r I f I e c I II First Row: Roger Markham, James Rowley, Gary Waid, Bryon Lindberg, Edward Stricklund, Sandra Young-Treasurer. Second Row: Carl Lindahl- President, David Sheldon, Richard Eaton, Bruce Lindahl. Third Row: Donovan Bengtson,Alvin Butters. Standing: Mr. Johnson-Advisor, Beverly Rinell. Bottom Row: Benjamin White-Sentinal, Reggie White-Reporter, Don Lundmark-Sec., Allison Scott Vice Pres., Don Bengtson-Treas., Robert Gulvin-Advisor. Second Row: Garry Waid, James Rowley, Raymond Johnson, Clifford Holcomb, Third Row: Arthur button, Leonard White, Russel Houghwot, Jack Lindholm, Eugene Shures, Myron Ekstrom. Absent: George Littlefield-Pres. Front Row: Susan White, Elaine Meleen-Vice Pres., Barbara Lind Treas. Joan Danielson-Pres., Sandra Young-Sec., Janice Bjork, Virginia Moore Nancy Wiltsie. Second Row: Naomi Sitler, Nancy Hiller, Luella Moore, Emily Brady, Joy Barber, Norma Johnson, Pauline Walker, Margaret Sjogren, Mrs. Husband-Advisor. dance club Front Row: Nancy Elderkin, Donna Thurston, Winifred Dowd, Betty Becker, Sandra Lindstrom, Carol Motter, Alice Bova, Laura Sweatman, Alicia Holmquist, Ethelyn Johnson, Miss Fleming-Advisor. Second Row: Mr. D'ApriX-Advisor, Joan Coons, Ann Davis, Marian Clark, Norma Dulmus, Shirley Becker, Lynette Irwin, Cora Mae Irwin, Beverly Wargo, Myran Clark. Third Row: Shayne Hunger, Fred Clark, Ronald Nelson, George Rowley, Curt Spontaneo, Donald'LundmarK, Margaret Sjogren, Elvera Ekstrom, Janice Eckman, Craig Sheldon, Roger Stone. r: -6 HQBBQ Firs ow: nyna Himes; Harriet Himeb, Delores Himes, Joan Danielson, Evelyn Seekins, Sylvia Nelson, Second how: Miss Johnson-Advisor, Charles Peterson, Dick Butters, Griffin Smith, Frank Seekins, Jan Nordland. y ' :1: Seated: Luella Moore, Mary Nordland. Standing: Nancy Coons, Keith Kroenke, Jean Carter, Carolyn Holmquist, Laura Lee Jones, Janice Bjork, Thomas Kirk, Mr. Heeden-Advisor. archery club Front Roz: MissEsterbrookhAdvisor, Michael Nelson, Jack McIntyre, Kenneth Juul, Don McIntyre, Brian JOhnson, Richard Butters, George Hamilton. Second Row: Bonnie Minser, Mary Dowd, Edith Bartlett, Harriett Kline, Nancy Green, Carol Bartlett, Joyce Holmquist, Nancy Hiller. Third Row: David Munson, Ronald Nelson, Dale Nelson, Robert Elderkin, Robert Johnson, Roger Nelson, Mr. ScofieldvAdvisor. newspaper staff Front Row: Susan White, Norma Johnson, Barbara Lind, Janet Jacobson, Marcia Fredres. Second Row: Catherine Seekins, Pauline Markham, Beulah Stanton, Ruth Gustafson, Evelyn Blair, Betty Warn. Third Row: Mary Wiltsie, Carol Carlson, Donna Barrus, Patricia Waid. Fourth Row: Mrs. Dewing-Advisor, Donald Benson, Thomas Dorsey, Nancy Greene, Naomi Sitler, Laura Lee Keifer. Imodel railroad clyb Seated: Earl Bender, Russell Houghwot, William Dallas-Pres., Willis Miller-Vice Pres., James Adams, Roger Tornstrom. standing: Theodore Peterson, Timothy Bjork, Charles Carlson, Alan Shures, Alton Linstrom, Dale Erickson, Earl Brady, Peter Hanson, Mr. Gulvin-Advisor. Front Row: Ernest Danielson-Pres., Mr. Messina-Advisor, Mary Tornstrom, Carol Bennett-Treasurer, Donna Bova-Sec., David Benson, Jean Barker, Donna Jacobson, Donna Nelson, Jacqueline Bratt, Kathleen Ryberg, Gwendolyn Meleen. Second Row: Ira Miller, Kenneth Buck, John Thier- fieldt, Bob Johnson, Jack Lindholme, Philip Traver, Leonard White, iargxe Clark, Idabelle Annis. Third Row: Virgina Moore, Mary Ann Cook, Barbara Wiltsie, Marion Hale, Suzanne Howard, Lois Sittinger. drill s - uud Left to Right: Mr. Sine-Advisor, George Littlefield, Floyd Hiller, Frank Engbloom, Allen Blasdell, Allison Scott, Reginald White, Peter Sheats, Paul Holmes, Harold Erickson, Clyde Blackmer, Claybourne Sager, Ronald Green, Lawrence Sandberg, Norman Morgan. Bottom Row: Nancy Green, Nancy Wiltsie, Gwendolyn Meleen, Mary Wiltsie, Carol Bennett, Joyce Holmquist, Bonnie Minser, Mary Ann Cook, Virginia Moore, Nancy Hiller. Second Row: Evelyn Blair, Naomi Sitler, Janet Wasberg, Elaine Bender, Jean Barker, Emily Brady, Marcia Husted, Doris Blackmer, Jean Carter, Kathleen Ryberg, Miss Fuchs. Third Row: Margaret Sjogren, Joan Danielson, Norma Johnson, Catherine Seekins, Sylvia Nelson, Margie Clark, Joy Barber, Susan White, Norma J. Johnson, Donna Swanson. Fourth Row: Harriett Kline, Donna Bova, Betty Warn, Elvera Ekstrom, Elaine Meleen, Mary Dowd, Beverly Juul, Evelyn Seekins. Fifth Row: Donna Jacobson, Barbara Wiltsie, Suzanne Howard, Lois sittinger, Donna Nelson, Barbara Lind. . tumbling Front Row: Barbara Suckow, Donna Walsh, Barbara Swanson, Carol Sears, Donna Swanson, Phyliss Bush, Marcia Hultberg, Emily Brady, AnnlMarie Erickson, Pauline Walker, Beverly Juul, Shirley Himes, Norma Jean Johnson, Esther Battles, Shirley Sheldon, Arloene Johnson, Nancy Wiltsie, Norman Crow, Reggie Eaton, Gordon Nelson, John young, Dorien Larson, Benjamin White, Bob Frankson, Robert Carlson, James Engstrom, Cynthea Mackie. Standing: Jackie Barbar, Patty Bush, Wanda Nelson, Ardelle Exkstrom, Charlotte Lee, Beverly Bengtson, Sharon Cook, Marcia Husted, Janet Wgshburg, Doris Blackmer, Barbara Kebart, Elaine Meleen, Elaine Bender, Miss. Fuchs-Advisor, Mr. Patterson-Advisor. On shoulders: Sandra Nelson. f' . I vtllgua'l, I m I N ' $.55. aw, : v ,ru- ' 1-0 ,- 9$ 3,,. Q; 2 , '0' 5 I t'v? I d wag; gf r $3.: ,l 17 4;! . 's .. Iv . . ?" 'g. TO THE CLASSOF 1952 '- $ OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS C6 ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE JAMESTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JAMESTOWN, NewYoxK EAST 31m GULF STATION W.L. Nelson 8+ erl Tulla- Penna. Ava. ahd Cr-cse.ev.Cf St WARRE N, Pa Pun"; 34:: 7 CONGRATULATWNS TO THE CLASS OF W501 WARMEST CDNERATULATIUNS FREWSBURG CENTRALS I952 GRADUATlNE CLASS SUCCESS TD EAEH 0? YDLL FRENSBURG PHARMACY JLL ombardo PHB. 25 Mom 31513142522 PTA. CONGRA+QLA+IONS To THE CLASS OF W51 BLAIR FuNE KAL SERVICE FuNERAL Home - 8 WHEE s+nes+ FREWSBLLKG, New YoaK DA NIE L S 0N5 FrlthUy Servicc MOEiles 1- oil tires i. tubcs bAttCrics ICOMPLIMENTS TO ' . CLASS OF ms; Bed Y'Shes KYLE'S w a VARIETY MiiWSZ Frewsburg, NY THE BARBER 70 zzbmw WW 6Zwmazm7; gloaiy JL a+agqu TASTY PRONTO PUPS and LUNCHES SUNDAES WILK SHAKES SIMONE ICE CREAM FALCCMVEIQ- FRE MSBURG fome'mengs of CO 214?44 ZMCQ, w CREHME Ry !V 5656! M05665 5 WM? GROCERY STORE Kennefk FOE Lari $meg7L0 WMJ NY FA Mbokcscwe Paper ProJ. 1w 559 gaffab 575le y Co. A5 71 BEST MSHES TOAH Bowdib Drodum: COMPUMENTS SENIOR ems SWAN SONS O F RESTAURANT A q N w MOOREZS ' E HARDWARE Frowsburfg,NY COMFIimen+s o; ComFliTth+S Red 29 um: ogr wwrmah Store. Mupapertg n? ER.SRCZAOH GeQWhH-man Prop. PH . ' Ivory $9 Pros? M Q owe FREwsvu . r Y Groacry Gcorgc. Rice. 6 . J . 1c: Qneam Fl remahs groaerles ?asv Dewy R as c - 0 - O z mxH$6325 Mh$Mv5.MeJCIArk, Cheesa AQXiziKTY Bes'erhg-s Congrafulahong 3H chls Class 0? ,52. or Insurance Chap: 31 Lumber emffrisjtaxlimm F. D. Chapman i?5 mom $77253. Compln mcn+s COMPLIM5N+5 cg MoR+oNIS KENDALL szhznl RaHDFo MoHLon owney $QQX LMISAQS 61a 55 o; 3.2 QUAZHLV CASH 7L0 4 Ha Ha BC 51L M549. 5 To 55 oiyl Jagi'a ck Love??? Gco. Benson Gown P, I m: ME 0? . rrcw 5 x3": Hare? COMPHMENts 07W ' WEISERS GROCERY Com m falahons realfz. aha Russe II Seplgits Comag'Mcth ComPlJmenva Ira Rhodes Bcnson Fara Village; Garagbg PAW, 25-951 ComPle-1'6L home $uryu's aIahoIsTerfng oF ifure. 5+0", Hing S fepafm'nj ' K1979? Jamesfown WxMeZQWQXQ' I K7,; a? L17?76. WWqMW 9 wa;ng$axyw?s fglkc 37,3 CowlFIimehfS3 61C QiokOM' En+onvIUc 5+0V0 OWYlCr'- Pcfc Gra99 74 COMPLIMENTS OF 30 ?DENS FKEVSBURG, MY BEST WISH ES SHREVE HAMMER BOARD FGZSHrcve. OWNER COMPLINENTS OF HILLE R BROS. APIARY meskquX COMPLIMEMS of MOLL HIDE COMPANY FREWSBURG NEW YORK j $441,?! . 752, igazmz wam 714K BENSON's DraPer-y' DeiatA DraPcm'es Bamboo Shades Venah'ln B Isz Phone, 45-252.. ' CURTISS CANDY co. BABY RU TH BUUERFINGE R OTHER G000 Cnuoues Wllbhf' E Zekudev Saks manageh Bugfalo Ava Kow.r+ L.Cook1 SuPlvvtqu BW$nlo Ava pay +0 D. BL! w SaleSMn Qkavu. +au 7W6 Ca. ALTRANIELLO LLSeJ Cars And Part Junk looujla'f-fSOU Albarf fvam'eNo Owner COMPLIME NTS OF FRJENDLY JAMESTOVN J :w; A ELER MORGAN LINEN sunny Co Fa, cccccc NY J MP. I Vneh+5 OJ 7 . 0f FRIEND waonkkc damn! 7722 Ehd

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