Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY)

 - Class of 1949

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Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ALMA MATER Oh Roosevelt Hrgh we ll srng thy prarse And try to do our part Your colors green and gold Well always cherlsh rn our hearts In unrson we ve labored hard We ll grve our thanks to Roosevelt Hrgh In all the years to come Harl to thee our Alma Mater Dear to thee well e er be true We ll spread thy fame forever more And prarses srng to you And had a lot of fun. , xx Q "9nu.,, . Y'-wk v :r.,X.4,,!r . EU, Ah Q... . V--4 -.,.4. I 'B'- v "7-r'r 1 A .fgff "" ' 7 Q' Q . -Q Q Lffie? ' , f ' " NL - vas." H -+22 V' I 'INT-IRE! GMBH? P3063 L H76 o Haqb 501001 H9 mm Y GJD G 13 Class QF 49 nc 3936 Franklin Roosevew Je a, , ew or lf0I' 5 0556lg0 One hundred years ago throughout the country people ansyy ering the eall of the open spaees gathered their possessions and set out seeking unltnoyyn adventure Many yyere unable to yyithstand the hardship of the long tedious trip Hovy ey er far more refused to yield to the destruetiye forces lurlting about them and in so doing not only eompleted the yourney yyith a great measure of suecess but also furnished history with neyy important data XX e too like these pioneers of long ago undertook a journey one probably eally lor us the voyage consumed six years during yyhieh time many obstaeles were ey er ready to hinder our progress And yet yye haye emerged from all this vyith yictory grasped firmly in one hand and an urgent desire to Conquer neyy fields in the other And noyy as the time groyys short yye the Class of 49 iny ite you to gather round our last Campfire in Rooseyelt High Qehool and to join us in traveling through the past with the aid of the Senior Orbzt 6 , '1 ' , , ' . ' , 7 7 7 not so important historically, but indeed vitally' essential socially and economi- f JW H 1ous ersonalrty has helped to make our days at R H S happy er vrvac p ones We are truly grateful for her mterest rn us and her help rn all our prob d h wrll be lems A mse counsellor a patrent mstructor and a hue frren s e b ll f For these reasons we are proud to dedicate our Orbzt remembered ya 0 us to Mrs Marjorre Fry l 697 6 1 MM' gbeabcafion W Hyde Park New York February 1949 Dear Class of 49 We ll mrss you But we can t wrsh you back as you have too much to do brgger thrngs lrfe work communrty affarrs further trarnrng new frontrers to conquer challenges to meet No we can t wrsh you back but we can and wrll remarn at the old stand and watch your successes wrth prrde and satrsfactron remams out and we ll always welcome a note or a v1s1t As you leave please accept our thanks for your contrrbutnons to our school To lrst all of them would be a long job But rt IS worthy of mentron that for a few years you wnll hold the record of bemg the largest class Also your scholarshrp holds up well rn comparrson to other classes You have contrrbuted rn athletrcs and other actrvrtres And your attxtudes and sprrrt of cooperatron have been superb These factors have burlt an envrable record and you are to be congratulated If I were grven a magrc lamp and allowed three wrshes for you I would say May each of you be endowed wrth good health good work habrts and the practrce of the Golden Rule And agarn we ll mrss you Cordrally E A JUCKETT Your Prmrz pal V ,rr ,I 1 3 vu J' I . , Please remember that an R. H. S.' graduate is never forgotten. The latch-string gf . , . . AIIDMIINRSTIRATIHIDN IFACCUZIIIPY 4 U f,, U JH, . ,. N IILV L' I fx, A .Auf ftsi L, X W if 1 ffl' '- QBKLWWI 1.v1-7" ft xy VV -' Y, 1 I N" qi ' 'dna RALPH SMITH Presxdent EDUCATIO VINTON FICHTEL RAYMOND HILL ALAN MACY ACULTY MR EDWIN A JUCKETT Supervxsmg Prmcxpal ,Q A O,,f MISS MARY C WOOD Assnstant Pnncxpal and W X f Guxdance Counsellor as M "Dx F Y WM gf' A MARJORIE BURNHAM WILLIAM CLAUSS RICHARD DOWD HYLA ERW D Musxc Supervisor Art Jumor Hngh School Socnal Studies Head of Mathematxcs Department and Englnsh S15 1 'P Q, - .WXTMU X x f-. 'M X . if f ' , I 1 W . ,V 1. ' :- Y I bw A' ' ,Y ,N , , V 1 , 14, .' 'X' '53 Q' x M eeeee f ll e 7 ' ifsir X e M l", - sf- 1 , g I ll ' L 21 . 1155 'lyv . ,Y ., 1, 1 . lv, . K. . :Ii : .gl A , I i I -TV: g K ' ,F -f . 51,6-,m . , gf" ' , , ' H . - , ' l '. '1 - ' ,, , .A , V Q we f 5 XQQKW? 0 'lx Ai: -ix i--A MADISOND FARNUM FREDERICK E FINKELDEY SALVATORE FORTE Englxsh Head of Industnal Arts Department Mathemaucs Vocauons 'PQ HILDA G FOSTER Physxcal Educatnon f 5' 'C7 QP'- MARIE V HART BEATRICE FREDRIKSEN MARJORIE S FRY DORIS GEARHART 9 1 1 A I 64,1u,1f BESSlE HONEYWELL ALFRED H ISAA SON SOPHIE D KANE LEVORE G KENNEDY Jumor Hugh School Socxal Studnes In us Head of Commerce Department Junxor Hxgh School Social Studxes and Enghsh and Englxsh 8 ,f.-4-.7 YY arid, if 3 'x 'sux s . AF I Q' ' , - P 3 Q,- 1' ,. ,gk ' -an EA 2 B '- 45 Q' , I jlead of Social Studiewellgtment English' Science. Mathematics Commerce , ' O L A L A .N Q . V x "SQ j ' 5 s ' 0 L I - , 3- . ' I l N , A x 5 A A ' Va X . . 1 - K - Q X , , h . . X Q ' Ar ' A ' A . fx 4 , I ,V C ,Q .. ,Kwik 5124. 2 I " 1 1 3, . -'ejff-fl. I 1" "f J Q: L45 Nazi 'Y 'iff' EDNA KIRKPATRICK LAWRENCE H LEWIS AYLMER C MUSSELMAN JEANETTE NAGY Mathematxcs Physncal Educatxon Instrumental Musxc Homemakmg its 0 die" LILLIAN OSTERHOUT EVELYN A PATCHIN HELEN REID PHOEBE RYMPH Fomgn Languages Lxbranan School Nurse Jumor Hlgh School Socxal Srudxes 'Avi-as IM and Englxsh ? R Q 0- 1' "'-vvsf WALTER J SIMMONS JR ORVILLE A TODD FREDERICK E TRANI JEAN G WALKER Head of Scxence Department Soc1aI Studies Socxal Studxes Head of Englxsh Department 144, 4,6551 Z .gh ' 'M "" 5 Q . . so me t',, ss- ' I t.I- If V ,R gg f in .A 65' ' ily I AIA- 'IE I 1 4 I If ' g ..1A M Q x I I -ai 5 KW , Q! SYMPHONY L lk Ilf 118011 L L L fu. lb JI mfr lil Am sott gluclx d strmgs uphold thl thlml thl pllllxllkb slmm lhroughoul thkn lS no dxssonmcl No mmor hlrmonx ind 6111 x lhl moumlm mds Clom IS thu mood so tru 'Nvct a rousmg thlml IS plamd l 1vLlx 'md yt grand X masurpllu xuthm 1ts'.lt lts counur lhlmls all plnnmd Now mon slou thl rhythm IS l Lt somblr mood :msn A smooth md um tempo rulls Vw'h1lL grnmis xt dfcfl 5 nl hu dup lrcsundo slowly bullds from muud slmpll stmms Lach mmsurl fills muh mellow mss And masurlulmss gams Cmat pomp and majlstx in realhld XX mth grandlur thu rhlm IS nn Thxs IS th mlghtx lhmax of Thu Symphony of l xfe l o1s Strassburglr lh- first notes ol' l - L ' nl :X '.lr'l H lfvl ' .1 . l. -7 L' . I ' ' ' Of - K Q . l L v. A .llj ' " ' ' .3 i 3 I ' 4 Xi , . . ,I I v C V1 V AL ' 1 l 3 ' A I H 1 , ' ' N L ' . V Y 3 Y x Y l'- 1 ' I H 1 X V 4 1 1' K- A H X A . 5 I5 ' t 1 1 4 'X VV 1 5' 7 Q I '13- lk- h I I v - I 1 - i 5 V Y A 4. 4 SEN URS :gl- x f 'ia ki f Q34-7 ig w - Q l l. . N151 X X ',' ' ' Q ? ' X 1 K I - I x H X 1 4 i " ' ,if .A I 4 h KP! r Vnfi X .45,l lT'TL I Lf Q 1 ' it: ,yi ins- "P 5 , , ,.,. , J . . F V 'W 13, ..,,, Gary Powell Avalear Each mmd has tts own method Christmas Assembly 2 4 arxest Festival 1 2 Prom 3 Music Appreciation 2 Model Building Club l 2 3 4 Senior Play4 Tech mcians Club l 2 3 Richard Bahret lue danced the skies on laughter stlvered wings Band 1 2 Harvest Festival 2 Technicians Club4 Print Cluli 4 Advanced Engineer 3 Homer L Becker Stlence ts more mustcal than any sono Chemistry Club 3 4 Christ mas Assembly 4: Harvest Festisal 3: Intramurals 3. 4: Monitor 3. Soccer 4. Marion Margaret Bem The one who sets out to go places usually gets there Poughkeepsie High School Phois Staff l Dramatic Club L 1 2 Debat l Z Baslietballl 2 Soc er 2 Vlonitorl 2 Ro velt Class President 4 De bare Club 3 General Organi zation 4 Cilee Club 4 Har west Festival 3 4 Intramurals 3 Prom3 Monitor4 Nurs ing Club 3 Orbit Staff Edi tor 4 Record Club 3 Senior Play Prompter 4 Senior Prom Representative to Girls State 3 Valedictorian Eleanor Berge Art IS indeed not bread but the wine of life Art Club 3 Cheerleading J 3 Class Dance l 2 Harvest Festival l 2 3 4 Intramurals l Modern Dance 3 Orbit Staff4 Senior Prom 4 Sewing Club 2 Shirley May Berrian Play up play up and play the game Softball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3.4, Class Dance 3, 4. Har- vest Festival. Chairman 4' Soccer 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 4: Senior Play 4: Cos- tume and Jewelry 3: Graphic Art 3, We Harold Charles Bteber Count that day los! whose lou. descendmg sun Vxews from thy hand no worthy actron done Art Club Z 3 4 Baseball 2 4 Class Dance 2 3 Football Asst 'Vlgr 3 Gen eral Organlzauon 4 Harvest Fest1val2 3 4 .lunnor Prom 3 Momtor 3 Capt Mom tors 4 Orb1t Staff 4 Semor Play 4 Semor Prom 4 Sophomore Play 2 Davld Blakley When a man assumes a publrc trust he should consxder hzmself publzc property Baseball 3 4 Basketball J V 1 Asst Mgr 3 4 Chnst mas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 4 Class O cer Treasurer 2 Presxdent 3 Football 2 3 4 General Or ganmzatton l 2 Vxce Presl dent 3 Pres1dent4 Harvest trvall 2 3 4 D Representatxve Intramurals l 3 .lumor Prom P Chaxrman 3 Momtor 2 3 Orblt Staff 4 Semor Prom Bus K5 Adv Charrman 4 Techn1cxansClubl 2 Track 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 4 6' Meg, 02,40 all W ert s Qoyce Make use of the day sexze the opportumty Art Club Z Bachelors Club 1 2 Class Dance 2 Harvest Festxval l 2 Junxor Prom 3 Lrbrary Club 2 Monrtor 3 Orbxt Staff 4 Record Club 3 Technxcxans Club 3 Prmt mg Club 2 Anita Joyce Bradley Ao sooner saxd than done Art Club 1 2 Softball 3 Basketball 3 4 Chnstmas Assembly 3 4 Class Dance 4 Cale C Presndent 3 4 Harvest Festx val Z 3 4 lntramurals2 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 Momtor 3 4 Orblt Staff 4 Semor Play 3 4 Semor Prom 4 Sophomore Play 2 Soccer 2 3 Usher Semor Play 3 Make up Club Presxdent 4 Audrey janxce Brower A merry hear! goes all the day Class Dance 3 4 Soccer 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Mom tor 3 4 Semor Play Usher 4 Graphxc Art 4 Costume and Jewelry Club 4 Beverly Ann Brower A sound mznd m a sound body IS a short but full descnpnon of a happy State In this World Class Dance 1 2 Harvest Fest1val2 3 4 Intramurals 2 3 Jumor Prom Semor Play Usher 3 Horse mansh1p4 Dale Burhans Though vanquished he would argue stxll Art Club l 2 Bachelors Club 4 Chnstmas Assembly 4 Cass Dance 2 3 4 ra matxcs Club 4 General Or ganxzatton l Harvest Festt l S 2 n murals 1 2 3 Jumor Prom 3 Momtot 3 Senior Play 4 Techmcrans Club 3 Track 3 Helga Catherxne Burhans A little btrd told me Chnstmas Assembly 2 Class Dance l 2 Dramaucs Club 4 Nursmg Club 3 Semor Play 4 Horsemanshrp 4 Barbara jean Burnett Deeds nor words Poughkeepsne Hugh School Red Cross Representatne l 2 Roosex elt H 1 g h School Chrtstmas Assembly 3 Com merce 3 4 Glee Club 3 Or but Staff 4 Semor Play Com 4 Sevnmg Club 3 4 ii 1 John Francis Burns A gallant hmght rn sunshzne and m shadow Bachelors Club 3 4 Baseball Basketball l 3 Dance l Z Intramurals l 4 Momtor 2 3 Sentor Prom 4 Varsxty Club 2 3 4 Vjaaadcdfa IA! .4 JAM: 111651-9' ,afihadfdfa 4 1i11Yes'IA0nf'06n11clflsYl' If you wzsh Io reach the htghest begzn at the lowes! Bachelors Club 3 4 Basket 6 Asst Mgr 2 Chrnstmas if Qbmbly 4 Class Dance 1 Fo ll Harvest Festrval 3 4 Camera Club 2 Intramurals 2 3 Japanese Cult Club 2 Junxor Prom 3 Momtor 3 4 Orbnt Staff 4 Sennor Play 4 Sennor Prom 4 Techmcxans Club 2 Track 2 3 4 Vars Club 4 Joyce Anne Chatheld I am part of all that I haue met Arltngton Hugh School Dra arcs Club 2 R Chemnstry Club 3 4 Da matncs Club 3 Harvest Fes ttval 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 joseph F Comiskey I do profess to be no more than I seem Poughkeepsie High School Beehive 3 Photography Club I 2 3 Roosevelt 1 h School Orbit Staff 4 Pho tography Club Vice Pres: dent 4 Fred Corrado Dzd nothxng rn particular and drd rt very well Christmas Assembly 4 Foot ball 2 3 4 Harvest Festival 4 Chess and Checker Club 1 Camera Club 3 Intramurals 3 4 Model Building Club 2 Varsity Club 4 joseph Leo Cruger Dxstmcnon without a difference Bachelors Club2 3 4 Semor Bandl 2 Basketball Asst Mgr 2 3 Cheerleading 2 Christmas Assembly 4 Class Dncel 2 3 4 Cama Club 3. Dramatics Club 4 Football Asst. Mgr. 3, Mgr. 4' Harvest Festival 2 3, 4' Intramurals 1: Junior Prom 3' Senior Play 4: Senior Prom 4: Technicians Club 3: Make-up Club 4: Varsity Club 4. 4,1 SJ 'F .N Helen Elizabeth Cuman I have a heart with room for every Joy Christmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 Harvest Festival 3 4 International Club 2 Nursing Club 3 Orbit Staff 4 Semor Play 4 Sewing Club 2 Technicians Club 3 Costume Jewelry Club 4 Girls Graphic Arts 4 Story and Game Club 3 Bridg Club l Thomas George Daley Neither a borrower nor a lender be Bachelors Club 1 Basketball J V 2 Varsity 3 4 Christ mas Assembly 4 Class Dance Fo Harvest Festival 3 4 lntra muralsl 2 3 4 Japanese Culture Club 2 Monitor 3 Music Appreciation 1 Semor Prom4 Track 3 4 Varsity Clu 3 4 Raymond Edwin Dangerfield J It becomes a young man to be modest Band l 2 3 4 Christmas Assembly 4, Class Dance 3. Harvest Festival 2, 3: Intra- murals l, 2, 3: Japanese Cul- ture Club 2' Senior Play 4. Richard De Candlo To sleep perchance to dream Footballl 2 3 4 Harvest Festival 3 4 Intramurals l 2 3 Senior Prom4 Varsity Clu 3 4 Clarence Benson Devens I learn and loaf at my ease Art Club l Harvest Festival 3 Camera Club3 4 Intra rals 1 2 Dorothy May DeWitt Endurance rs the crowning quality Class Dance 3 Harvest Fest: l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Pr 3: Senior Play, Chairman of Props. 41 Sewing Club 2: Technicians Club 2: Treasurer of Athletics Club 3, 4: Co- Chairman of Candy Booth 3: Chairman of Hot Dog Stand Diana Mae Drane She walks in beauty like the mght Christmas Assembly 3 4 Class Dance 2 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Harvest Festival! 2 3 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Intramurals 3 Modern Dance 4 Nursing Club 3 Heather Duncan A horse a horse My kingdom for a horse Oakwood Class President l Music Appreciation 1 Horse manship l Chairman of Class Dance 1 Girls Athletic Association Sec 1 2 Cl ss Secretary 2 Horsemanship 2 Chairman of Class Dance 2 Class Assembly 2 R H S Bible Club 2 Christmas As sembly 3 4 Class Dance 3 Glee Club Z 3 4 Harvest Festival 3 4 International Club 2 Intramurals 3 4 Junior Prom Chairman of Decorations Com 3 Modern Dance 3 Monitor 3 4 Orbit Staff 4 Elizabeth Emma Ferris Lrtlle strokes fell greal oaks. Harvest Festiwal Z. 3: Com- merce Club 2' Modern Dance 3: Music Appreciation l: Sewing Club 1 2. Ernest W1ll1am Frank Jr We are the musrc makers We are the dreamers of dreams Bachelors Club I Band 3 4 Chnstmas Assembly 4 Gen eral Orgamzatxon l Harvest Fest1val4 Intramuralsl 2 3 Model Buxlclmg Club 2 Semor Play Stage 4 Patrlck M GaFfney Speak what trade art thou' Why sxr a carpenter Bac elors Club l 2 3 4 Football 2 Intramurals l 2 3 4 Japanese Culture Club Anna Ellzabeth Galvm Ah be my frzend and teach me to be thme Chnstmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 2 3 4 Harvest Fes tlval 3 4 Sewmg Club 1 Commerce Club 4 -: , fl. Jean Barbara Gartman Study rs not an end but a means Class Dance 2 3 Harvest Festnal2 3 4 Internatxonal ClubZ Nurs1ngClub3 Or bxt Staff 4 Semor Play 4 wxrlers 1 2 Twxrlers Instructor 4 Joyce Mane Gernrnel Come and mp rt as ye go On the lxght fanrastrc toe Cheerleadmg 3 Class Dance 3 4 Glee Club l Harvest txval l 2 3 4 merce Club 2 Intramurals l 3 4 Jumor Prom Modern Dance2 3 4 Record Club 3 Senxor Play 4 Robert R Glammatteo To talk wuhout effort rs after all the great charm of talhtng Campaxgn Manager G O 3 Chrxstmas Assembly 4 Class Dancel 2 3 4 ClassOff1cer Treasurer 3 4 Dramancs Clubl Secretary 3 4 Har vest Fesnvall 2 3 4 Junxor Prom 3 Orbxt Staff 4 Record Club 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 Teachers Club 4 Harrlet Goth Happy am I from care I m free Basketball 3 Bible Club 2 Cheerleadmg 2 3 4 Chnst mas Assemblyl Z 3 4 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Harvest Fes txval 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Modern Dance 3 4 Soccer 4 Barry john Hashem There rs no fire wrthout some smoke Rochester Aqumas lnstxtute Basketball 1 2 Swnmmmg Team 1 R H S Soccer 3 Intramurals 3 4 lf 39 Wglegfff we Vp fvgffsjfsfp J so' VWQ MR1ta Helmer I shall laugh myself to death Baseballl 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Buble Clu Campangn Manager G O 3 Cheerleadmg 2 3 4 Chnsr mas Assembly 4 Class Dance l 2 3 4 Class Oicer Pres 1 2 Vnce Pres 3 Harvest Festnval l 2 3 4 Soccer 2 3 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 Modern Dance2 3 4 Momtor2 3 Semor Prom 4 Technxcnans Club 3 Teachers Class 4 Salutatorlan X Ernest Herbert Henkel He who would search for pearls must dzve below Bachelors Club l Baseball l 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Chnstmas Assembly 4 Class nce l 2 3 4 Harv Festrval 4 Jumor Prom 3 Momtor 4 Semor Prom 4 Sophomore Play 2 Varslty u I 2 Leonard Allen Hetsler Good at a fight but better at a play Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basket 1 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Harvest Festnval l 2 3 4 Intramuralsl Jumor Prom 3 Momtor 3 Track 2 3 4 Varsxty Club Donald Phxllxp Holman All thangs wall be clear and drstmct To the man who does not hurry Basketball 2 3 4 Checker Club 1 Intramurals 1 2 4 Model Bunldmg Club 2 Semor Play Stage 4 Patncxa Eva Hoyt A wmmng way a pleasant smxle Dressed so neat but qutte tn style nd l 2 3 Basebal Basketball 2 3 4 Buble Club 2 Chem1stry C1ub4 Chnst mas Assembly 4 Class Dance l 2 3 General Orgamzatxon Treasurer 4 Harvest Festxval 1 2 3 4 Internatxonal Club 2 Soccer 2 3 Swxng Band 2 Band Soloxst Accompamst 4 Intramuralsl 2 3 Jumor Prom 3 Modern Dance3 Monxtor3 4 Orbxt 4 Semo Play 4 QW efiisiww Rxchard Hues GF? OU! Own Bachelors Club 1 Basketball 2 Chnstmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 2 Football l 2 3 General Orgamzatxon 1 Harvest Fest1val2 3 4 I tramurals l 3 4 Model Bulldmg Club 2 Mon1tor4 Semor Play Stage 4 Tech mcnans Club 2 josephme Laura Ingoglxa Ambmon has no rest Chnstmas Assembly 4 Gen eral Orgamzatxon Sec 3 Commerce Club 2 Intra muralsl 4 Jumor Prom 3 Orbxt 4 Record Club 3 Semor Play Props 4 Tech mcnans Club 3. Harvest Fes- tival 3, 4: Class Secretary 4 Rudolph joseph Ingogha Thought ts the measure of Irfe Chess and Checkers Club l Pnnters Devxl 2 Model Arr plane Club 2 Model Buxld mg Club 3 Techmc1ans Club Greta Anne Johnsen Earths noblest thing a Woman perfected Class Dance 2 3 Glee Club 3 Harvest Festtvall 2 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 Record Club 3 Semor Play Props 4 Sewmg Club 2 3 J Ypxrf' .mx A136315 J. 'jones R' A good smxle ts sunshme tn a house Class Dance 4 Glee Club l 4 Intram als Nursmg Club 3 Photography Club Sec 2 Ba , , : 1 l 3: VC . 'Z ' ' 5 I 5 ' 3. ' af 5 ' , . ,4: : 'I . I I L g s L I' . ' y ypyy ,Wg A ' Our thoughts and our conduct I A ' Q . 5 In ' ' H 0 Z . I , I, . ,p 1 ' ' , , : n- 1 V3 . ' : .. ' f Q' Tl " 5.' ' '3 'N-I . ' ll . rf- x 'T' . A , J . "' 3 13 A . . ' " X ,lv Q ,ng ' A ,M ' s . t P C . A 3 X A fu KJ Q 'iv T , '- - JA. . X . 3,43 M, ex f HN -1 ' jf? buff .9 J , I " KH' t H I V 5 ' 3 A I A A 2, 3: 1 V ur 1.21, Harold Palmer Juckett Hitch your u,agon to a star Bachelors Club l Baseball 2 B ketball 1 Christmas Assembly 4 Class Dnce l 2 3 Football 2 Harvest Festival 3 4 Intra murals 2 3 4 Junior Prom 3 Senior Prom 4 Techni cians Club 2 Varsity Club 2 es occer Capt 4 Raymond Barry Kearney The time I ue los! rn wooing Has been my heart s undomg A Club 4 Bandl 2 3 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Christmas Assem bly 4 Class Dance l 2 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Harvest Festival Z 3 4 Intramurals l 2 Junior Prom 3 Mom tor 2 3 Orbit 4 Track I Mgr 2 3 Varsity Club 2 Lois Elame Lasher A thing of beauty is a joy forever Cheerleading 2: Class Dance l. 2, 4: Cilee Club l: Harvest Festival l 2, 3: Senior Play: Usher 4: Cheerleaders Dance 2, 4: Intramurals 2: Junior Prom 3: Modern Dance 2, 3: Sewing Club l, 2. K5 Carol Ann Martino Garher ye rosebuds whale ye may Cheerleading 3 Christmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 4 Dramatics Club 2 Har Festival l 2 3 tramuralsl 2 3 4 Junior Prom 3 Modern Dance 2 3 4 Monitor 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Commerce Club 2 S cerl 2 3 Ellen Mane McDonald They also serve who only stand and wait Dramatics Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 Harvest Festival 2 Junior Prom 3 Modern Dance 2 Senior Play Usher 4 Horsemanship 4 june Carol Miller The mouth obeys poorly when the heart murmurs Wappingers Central School Cheerleading 2: Class Dance 2, 3: Class Treasurer l: Gen- eral Organization 2: Dancing Club Z, 3: Intramurals I, 2: Junior Prom 3' Library Club : Sewing Club 3: o Cub l. R. H. S.: Glee ub Richard Cady Montague A work of real merit Ends favor at last. Campaign Manager 3 bate Club 3 4 General Or gamzatton 3 Harvest Festtval 3 Momtor3 4 Record Club l 2 Edttor 3 4 Nancy Vera Moore Speech zs sxlver Szlence rs golden Chrxstmas Assembly 2 3 4 Class Dance 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Harvest Festival l 2 3 4 Mustc Apprecxanon l Horsemanshtp 4 Semor Play Prompter 4 Charles R Near Buzld thee more stately manstons O my soul Bac elors Club 1 2 3 4 Class Dance 2 3 Harvest Fest1val2 3 4 Intramurals 3 Jumor Prom 3 4, Ml at zrfs' xW '5 Frank B. N God helps them that help themselves. Christmas Assembly 4: Class Dance 3, 4: Football, Mgr. 3, 4' Harvest Festival 2 3 Ad vanced Engmeermg 2 3 4 Intramurals l Jumor Prom 3 Model Butldmg Club l Techmcxans Club 4 Varstty Club 4 74,691 Wapewff ,ear Zac, My !flf0'4,9o-up! heres Johanna let As merry as the day ts long Baseballl 2 3 4 Basketbal 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadmg 2 3 Capt 4 Chemtstry Clugl4 Class Dancel 2 3 4 ass Secretary 3 General Organt64-L' zatton 4 Harvest Fesnval l 234 Soccer234 na rals 1 2 3 4 Jun Prom 3 Modern Dance 1 4 Pres 3 Momtor 3 Record Club 2 3 Semor Prom4 Edward Alan Oakley Wamng for somethmg to turn up Bachelors Club2 3 Baseball Asst Mgr 2 Chnstmas As sembly4 Class Dance2 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 2 4 Foot ball J V l 2 Japanese Cul ture Club 2 Jumor Prom 3 Semor Play 4 Varsxty Club 4 Horsemansh1p 4 Soccer 3 4 Soc1alDancmg 4 21 lfelfdrhd Kelth Waldemar Olson I am a monarch of all I surueg Bachelors Club 3 Basketball l 3 4 Chemrstry Club 4 Chrrstmas Assembly 4 Foot ball 2 3 Harwest Festnval l 4 Intramuralsl 7 Momtor 2 Technrcxans Club 2 Track 3 4 Soccer4 Charles R Overdorf Tha! man seeks a lztlle rhzng ro do Sees rt and does rt Bachelors Club 2 3 Chrxst mas Assembly 4 Chemxstry Club 4 General Orgamzatron Harxest F srnal 2 3 Intramurals 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Soccer 4 Collectors Clu 2 3 Xf'6Qa-.flfffffffd Lln-so I fic loll. Q0 Mary Elrzabeth Patrrck Berrer late than never Class Dance 2 4 Harvest Festnall 2 Mus1cApprec1a non l Nursmg Club 3 Or bn Sraff 4 Record Club 2 3 4 Seuxng Club Z Q K hae- ?-r nr... f Stanley Edwm Paul Ease Luth drgnrry and l 4 Base as ball 2 Campargn 'Vlanager 3 Chrnsrmas Assembly 4 Foot ball 3 General Organrzatron Har F srnal 1 4 lntramuralsl Z Japan ese Culture Club 2 Jumor Prom 3 Momtor2 4 Orbrt Sta Bus Mgr 4 Semor P 4 Track l Soccer l Z Swrng Band 2 Andrew Joseph Perassr As thou sowest so shalt thou reap Bachelors Club 3 4 Checker Club 2 Intramurals 1 2 MOHIIOI4 janet Helen Petty l arzety rs the very spree of 1 e Thar grves rr all nts flavor Chrxstmas Assembly l 2 3 4 Dramatncs Club 4 Glee u l 2 Sec Treas 3 odern Dance 3 Musxc Ap precnarron 3 Semor Play 4 Horsemanshxp 4 Harvest Fes a 3 sw ff f MM any Victo ra Phi A pleasmg countenance zs a szlent commendatzon Class Dance l 2 3 Harv t Festival 1 2 3 Intramurals l Z 3 Jun1orProm3 Vlod ern Dance 3 Music Apprecia tion Z Record Club 3 Robert Warren Polhemus I agree wzrh no man s opznxons I haue some of my own Chemistry Club 3 4 Class Dance 3 Football 4 Harvest Festival 3 Junior Prom 3 Model Building Club 3 Monitor 3 Senior Pay Stage 4 Senior Prom 4 jacob Rasstga A school boy creepxng z e snazl Unwxllmgly to school Bachelors Club 1, 2, 3: Band 1: Harvest Festival 1: lntra' murals l 2' Technicians Club 1. wwf MM ff! J6g1tinn I Il be merry and free Bandl 2 Christmas Assem bly 4 Class Dance 1 Harvest Festival 3 4 Modern Dance 3 Monitor 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Marguerite Ehzabeth Richard And I will capture your minds Wzrh sweer nouelry Chemistry Club 4 Christmas Assemblyl 2 4 Dtamatics Cub 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Harvest Fest1val2 3 Modern Dance 2 Orbit Staff 4 Record Club 3 Senior Play 4 Sophomore Play2 Teach ers Club 4 Farewell Dance 4 Ethel Marsella Ruhle A woman rs always changeable and caprrczous Harvest Festival 3 4: Int a- murals l, 2 3: Senior Play. Usher 4: Sewing Club 3 4' Commerce Club 2, 4. 23 M Helen Munnetta Sauer Wrse to resolve and patuenl to perform Class Dance 2 3 Dramatucs Club l Harvest Festuval 2 3 4 .lunuor Prom3 Modern Dance Z 3 4 Senuor Play Comm 4 Sophomore Play jjj bert Kendug Schwartz Glue me your hand and Ie! me feel your pulse Whutesboro Central Hugh School Band l Roosevelt Hugh School B nd 2 3 4 Chrustmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 4 Harvest Festuval 3 4 Junuor Prom3 Model Buuldung Club 3 Senuor Play 4 Senuor Prom 4 Sopho more Play 2 Track 3 Donna Madelyn Sheldon Nor awed Io duty by superuor sway Band l Chrustmas Assembly 4 Dramatucs Club 2 Glee Club l Harvest Festuval 2 lntr murals 1 2 Modern Dance 3 QW 18. if ymflxl' Bermce J Sherow Her arr her manners all who saw admrred Commerce Club 2 Harvest Festuval 1 Z 3 4 Modern Dance 3 4 Musuc Apprecua tuon 1 Senuor Play 4 Sew mg Club 1 2 Martha Jean Sums Blue were her eyes as the faury flax Poughkeepsue Hugh School Softball 1 2 Basketball l A Capella Chour 1 Soccerl 2 Alpha Theta Nu Sororuty Roosevelt Hugh School Softball3 4 Basket ball 4 Class Dance 3 Har vest Festuval 3 4 Junu r Prom 3 Orbut Staff 4 Record Club 3 Senuor Play 4 Soccer 3 4 Commerce Club Vuce Presudent 3 J,lf"fw'f'?ff" W ui' Wulluam Martm Srmth I Il not budge an xnch Bachelors Club3 Bandl 2 Baseball 4 J V Basketball l 2 Cheerleadungl lass Dance 1 Dramatucs Club 1 2 Harvest Festuvall 2 3 4 Intramurals! 2 Sen Prom4 Lois May Strassburger Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control. Band 1, 2, 3: Bible Club 2: Chemistry Club 4: Christmas Assembly 4: Class Dance l, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 3: Harvest Festival l. 2, 3, 4: Interna- tional Club 2: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom, Chair- man of Bids and Tickers 3: Monitor 4: Orbit Staff 4: G. O. Campaign Mgr. 3: Swing Band 2: Amateur Assembly 2. Anna Marie Van Ackooy They never talk who always think Art Clubl 3 4 Class Dance l Harvest Festivall 2 3 4 Bridge Club Treasurer l Record Club 1 3 Art Editor Richard Van Wagner As rdle as a paxnted ship upon a painted ocean Bachelors Clubl 2 Baseball Bas etball 2 Christmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 4 Footballl 3 4 Harvest Festival l 2 3 4 Intramurals! 2 3 4 Tech nicians Club l T ack l 2 4 Varsity Club 3 4 Soccer Ula 'P' Q-A If Yu 3 joan Martha Ward O, for a book, A jolly good book. Dramatics Club 3. 4: Record Club, Lit. Ed., l, 2. Asst. Ed. 3, Exchange Editor 4: Sop- homore Play 2: Teachers Club 4: Bridge Club l. Vice-Presi- dent. Charlotte Karin Wenck A daughter of the Gods Dxuinely tall and most divinely fair Art Club 2 3 4 Harvest Ees tival 3 4 Social Dancing 4 Karl Adolf Wilhelm The shortest answer IS domg Bachelors Club 2 4 Baseball 3 4 J V Basketball Class Dancel 2 3 4 Foot b 1 2 3 4 Harvest s a 1 2 3 4 Intramur s 2 3 4 Junior Prom Model Building Clubl 2 3 Monitor 4 Senior Play 4 Senior Prom Co Chairman 4 Sophomore Play2 Track 2 Varsity Club 3 4 Robert Roland W11lets The rolling stone gathers no moss Band 1 2 3 4 Chnstmas Assembly 4 Class Dance 3 4 Harvest Pestxval 3 4 Junmor Prom 3 Orblt Staff 4 Semor Play 4 Senxor Prom 4 Techmclans Club 3 Col lectors Club 2 Sophomore Swlng Band Z C 1 ...L 904 Em: Yoshlkawa Anythmg done for another IS done for oneself Glee Club 2 3 4 Harvest F tlval 2 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Senxor Play Usher 4 Sew1ngClub4 Chrxstma Florance York Ever m monon Bllthesome and cheery Class Dance 7 Harvest Fesu val 2 3 4 Modern Dance 2 3 4 Semor Play Usher 4 Sophomore Play 2 JEAN STRASSBURGER A nl 28 1931 Apnl 18 1948 Qlllrmnrtam JOHN DE PEW September 26 1931 September 28 1948 Whom we have loved long smce And lost a whale 1111 0 ,, I 55, 7 , 1 ' .. fi 3' t ' A 1 1 e',, i ffl . 5 1 1 p ' , - ' , ,, NAME Gary Avalear Richard Bahret Homer Becker Marion Beni Eleanor Berge Shirley Berrian Harold Bieber David Blakley Robert Boyce Anita Bradley Audrey Brower Beverly Brower Dale Burhans Helga Burhans Barbara Burnett John Burns James Carmichael Joyce Chatneld Joseph Comiskey Fred Corrado Joseph Cruger Helen Curnan Thomas Daley Edwin Dangerheld Richard De Candio Clarence Devens Dorothy De Witt Diana Drane Heather Duncan Elizabeth Ferris Ernest Frank Patrick Gaffney Anna Galvin Jean Gartman Joyce Gemmcl Robert Giammatteo Barry H X Rita Erne n e eon etsler L- onald Hol WAGUN ,- ADDRESS Violet Avenue Hyde Park Violet Avenue Poughkeepsie R. D, No. l Poughkeepsie North Road Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Hyde Park 44 North Road Poughkeepsie borsey lane Paughkeepsie B rcher Avenue Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Hyde Park Creek Road Poughkeepsie Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Violet Avenue Hyde Park Violet Axenue Poughkeepsie 57 Washington St Poughkeepsie Hillcrest Park Poughkeepsie So Quaker Lane Hyde Park Brrcher Avenue Poughkeepsie 9 G Hyde Park Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Albertson Street Hyde Park Sunset Avenue Poughkeepsie Greenbush Park Poughkeepsie Creek Road Poughkeepsie Van Wagner Road D No Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Staatsburg Staatsburg Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Mill Road Hyde Park Cream Street Poughkeepsie Salt Point BIRTHDAY March 27 January 28 January 28 March 8 November 19 January 5 June 13 S ptember 28 'Sloxember 18 'Vlay 22 January 14 October 29 March 29 September 2 June 10 March 12 January 4 October 7 June 4 November 2 December 76 August 21 Sep ember 29 Ju l4 Nlarch 6 'Noiember 24 Nla 30 February 5 June l8 Jux 30 Yebruary 2 Noiember 3 l Vlill Road Hyde 'Park -'X ril 7 Violet Avenue Poughkeepsie 90 Clirkc Str I Poughkeepsie June Januari Poughkigpstg .5 85 N th ad X- gt Poug k epsie PROPHECY Radio Singer Used-car Dealer Einstein's Assistant Soap-Opera Star Fashion Artist for Vogue Candidate for Olympics Southern Plantation Owner lrtsident of the U S Crim Photographer Military Career President of the PT A Understudy for Sonja Henie World s Star Debater Broadway Actress Head of V F XV Restaurant Owner Stand in for Smilin Jack Rose Grower Flash Bulb Genius Coach of Army Hollywood Make up Man Home Economics Teacher lllodel Husband Band Lead r Rip Nan Vtinkle ll Truant Olicer Business Man s Wife Driv ng lnstructor Society Deb XVorlds Tallest XVoman Ambassador to Havtau Tax Assessor librarian Professional Twirlet Stretcher Business l Professeur Tobacco -'X uctioneer l ireman N io e xenue u l oug k psie I X- 4 a I eda treet r 24"i.f W Pough epsie ares cnu Pough p Clinton U atricia t 5 Nmlet Aienue Poughketpsie Ric d ues 1 5 Josephi oglia l k----X ll Ame itan At-hl e 1r ""' embers M n 1 i Pa ra ,W exif? ecember 3 Social Mixer A ust 3 vo, ' R , e 9 r ' . . . c 5 I A 1 i V ly e . , A I V 'V R. , .'l . 4 ' 4 V Z V H ' I ' Juli 5 Q ' A V U , A p h . . ' . ll e ' i . A ee ' ll lg Harriet Gothf' 34 XX'oodlawn Avenue January 8 X-Ray Technician , , alhem I i' Ro Y Nb r gu l . ' ' I ff "1 ' 'A J 1' 8 f 'A 3 .' 4 v, gia l ., ' gr' 4 kl oz C 'Q ft 13 'Sgr 'H ' -Q Y -s " ' V if A T- A y', , S . - ' wr 1 1 ' 4 4' A ' V I E I' rl ' 'S re A ' t f '--- . X A ' H I - - , ....... . . NAME Rudolph Ingoglia Greta Johnsen Doris Jones Harold Juckett Raymond Kearney Lois Lasher Carol Martino Ellen Mc Donald June Miller Richard Montague Nancy Moore Charles Near Frank Nelson Theresa Niet Edward Oakley Keith Olson Charles Overdorf Mary Patrick Stanley Paul Andrew Perassi Janet Petty Victoria Phillips Robert Polhemus Jacob Rassxga Joan Richard Marguerite Richard Ethel Ruhle Helen Sauer Robert Schwartz Donna Sheldon Bernice Sherow Martha Sims William Smith Lois Strassburger Anna Van Ackooy in-lv ii- hard Va l Wagner Ward ,M W s UC 1 2 ml ZWZ Gill! EGM 6 ADDRESS Hyde Park Quaker Lane Hyde Park l4 Woodlawn Avenue Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie East Dorsey Lane Poughkeepsie Creek Road Poughkeepsie Quaker Lane Hyde Park E. Market Street Hyde Park Hyde Park 2l Adams Street Poughkeepsie Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Hyde Park 285 Fairview Avenue Poughkeepsie Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Violet Avenue Hyde Park Bedell Road Poughkeepsie 294 Fairview Avenue Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Hillcrest Park Poughkeepsie Violet Avenue Hyde Park ll7 Talmadge Street Poughkeepsie 43 Woodlawn Avenue Poughkeepsie East Dorsey Lane Poughkeepsie Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Cream Street Poughkeepsie 31 Yates Avenue Poughkeepsie Bucher Avenue Poughkeepsie Hudson River State Hospital Poughkeepsie Hyde Park Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Miller Place Violet Avenue Poughkeepsie Salt Point Road Poughkeepsie Hyde Park 84 Buckingham Ave hkeepsie Hy ark H7 e Park St tsburg mar Terrace if 2 2 BIRTHDAY January I4 January 29 December 9 February 7 October 26 October 6 February 27 August l4 May 3 October l February 21 December l 9 June 29 December 6 November l9 August 4 February l2 May 22 September November September November February 18 March 29 September July 20 December 3 Ju l6 March Bl March November December 9 August 18 May 2 l Apnl 5 y I September Ma l9 October 7 ,jf Math eng W 6 ' - . . 11 . . 2 .. . , . . 25 . , , I 10 . . 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PROPHECY Carpenter Good-will Ambassador to Norway Half-owner of Woolworth's Politician "Happy" Home Life Cioverness Best Dressed Woman Circus Barker Miss America Ed. of Herald Tribune Fashion Designer Star of 'Faithfully Yours" Admiral U S Senator Social Studies Teacher Elizabeth Taylor s Leading Man Executive Society Ed of Local Paper Traveling salesman Professional Bowler The Spirit of Youth Wealthy Spinster Model for reducing ads Policeman Certihed Public Accountant Third Degree Lawyer Tester in a Chewing Gum Factory Sweet Shop Operator Butcher Rockette Private Secretary Artist s Model Republican Candidate for Governor lnve tor B Ch I Tiddley wink Chixapion Mod ens Lotion Ar st feteria .2 IIIIRNA fa Ollflla As I sxt here gazlng at the fire on the hearth I realxze more than ever that e has caught up wnth me at last Years and years ago I was a spry young one hopeful member of the 49ers Never w1ll I forget the sxx years I spent travelmg wxth those pxoneers The course we had plotted was a famxllar one one whxch had been attempted wnth a great measure of success many trmes before Beyond us lay our goal the gold of opportumty ours at the completnon of the Journey As mementos of thxs tr1p I have saved some souvemrs symbolnc of the actnvrty of those sxx years I had spent sxx years m preparatxon for the time when I could jom the caravan When we were all gathered nn camp the weeks before the be gmnlng of the Journey I found that there were about 125 young folks just lxke me Thxs knowledge comforted me and frankly I could hardly watt to start In September of 44 we began the Journey Because everythlng seemed strange most of the year was spent taggmg along becommg acquamted wlth the surroundlngs the elders and especxally those other 124 teamsters All Ive saved from that year rs a blue rxbbon As I recall my team won first place rn an ll out sport contest sponsored by the old folks After two months of 1dle camplng we were once agam on the move The cond year was very s1m1lar to the first There were a few famxlxar faces mxssmg mu ard stams take me back to that wonderful plcnxc and that delrcxous food D rmg those two years we were 1n a sense on probatron for the greatest part of ou ourney stxll lay ahead I can st l see rn memory that year begmnmg nn the fall of 46 That s when our wor began Toward the end of the year we put our plcks and shovels to rest and celebr her xmportant progresslve step wxth a bang up dance We called nt Wrshxng decorated the meetmg house wnth a large wxshmg well I managed to rescue thxs et for my memory room Before we knew xt the year had passed and ln a short tn we were back at work Soon It was 47 and we could hardly realxze that hal our Journey was over Time was closmg rn wnth surprlslng speed After a pe od of mtensnve act1v1ty .we took txme out for an autumn hop See here s a leaf I v pressed ln re membrance of the dance we called Autumn We made a startling lscover hrs year Some of us were really talented So when the season was slack t ou attrlbutes together and came up wxth a swmg band You never heard such sweet muslc Here s the baton the maestro used That band was almost as good as our actmg group who put on the show Angel Chxld for the entxre caravan That was an extremely busy year However xt could not compare wxth what was to follow b we made the most of it. Let's see: I have a napkin from that year. These the wall is devoted to our third big on th trail t piece of paper is just - Q - as left of the statxone w d around the camp You c how succ sf l the drive was re s a candy wrap per Yes the ney ally b an to - e p when we fe those sweets at th athletic meets 0 h does this roo represent? e way old lady witc came to our b1g a owe en d ' xtchcr There s o e th g about us were alw original We didn t have time to entertain th other lks this ye b o I nd Reverend Chant a cler we decided that e n ded a stron f to supervise the activities of ninety some members stil maimng in our caravan We chose five candidates ho fought a fight to the Hmsh in a group election In the end the best man on and I managed to rescue one of the ballots Then here s a bouquet of ers It and a memory are all that are left of the formal closing to 48 the P m Despite all rumors of failure we even managed to make a profit on that Summer passed swiftly and before long our wagon wheel were keeping time to 49 the last lap of our Journey Just look at all these so enxrs A paper football from our sport dance starts the series This program adve using our last big dramatic effort Junior Miss is especially dear to me n t begm to mention all the fun we had at rehearsals And these two mag 1 es remmd me of our all out drive to raise funds once again All these Chris as decorations are symbolic of our Christmas program The Christmas Car by Dickens given before the entire caravan At last we gathered all our m ey and as a closing gesture published an account of our activities the Orbit By this time our goal was in sight and word c that we were to prepare ourselves for the ceremonies to celebrate the success I completion of our long journey. Elation filled us all and yet we were lo to complete this pilgrimage lest we lose track of our fellow travelers. By Ju e of 1949 however we were prepared to accept certificates to prove that we d creditably complied with all the regulations of the caravan and were consi red capable of becoming pros- pectors in the future. To celebrate our successfu arrival we held a Senior Prom and bid farewel ' rou or six y rs we practiced the technique and efficient of the tools c we ad earne or fashioned for ourselves ' this jo rney. Now we were ready o undert e an even greater assign- ment th o 'ng out on our own to min what nu ets we could find in the life ahead of us. To members of later caravans we leave ory May they cherish it and sometimes think of us the class of 49. s - e s ' - ' ' ' 'C- ' ' . - T . I i I . . ' l ' O l a . . f ' ' , - i - ' - . ' i . , u r ' , g -- n from a nearby s ttlem t, who ga e - teresting talk about India. I "- . . i . . f . r 'WlllL1L We the semors of Roosevelt Huh School consrderrng the uncertalnty of the future do hereby declare thls document to be our last wxll and testament Bemg of sound mmd and body we are busy spend1ng all our money but we bequeath our other possessrons as follows We leave the Jumo Class our seats ln 210 Cwlth tacks on themj a pack of bubble gum so they can all stxck together and an assortment of coverless text books pmk slnps and forged lxbrary passes Betty Ferns leaves her paxr of strlts to Jean Cruson B111 Smlth and Jake Rassrga leave thelr ab111ty to nnvent excuses to B111 Baird so he can play hookey more often Terry Nlet leaves some of her vxm and v1gor to Leona Brower Dxck DeCand1o leaves h1s locker full of old papers and lunch bags to the Janltor Bobby Boyce leaves one of hrs flashy tres to Dlck Slavlk June Mlller leaves her sweet d1spos1t1on to Lourse Mackm Joe Cruger leaves h1s collectlon of Jokes to anyone wxth a strong stomach Marguerxte Rlchard leaves her status as Jumor Mxss to Annle Lou Horton Harrxet Goth leaves her happy go lucky nature to Barbara Lltts Don Holman leaves a few mches of h1s he1ght to Wlllxs Draxss to help hxm come up rn the world Ha Juckett leaves h1s abxlxty to get along wnth teachers to Art Parenteau Rxta Helmer leaves the brxlllance of her smrle to George Power to make hrm shlne out 1n a crowd Erme Henkel leaves h1s place as star of the basketball team to Walt Crxspell Ed Oakley just leaves Cgreen onesj Dave Blakley leaves the G O Presxdency to the most popular junror Joyce Gemmel leaves her dancmg abxllty to Jamce Bub .hm Carmxchael leaves h1s bean shooter to Tom Jordan to gxve hxm some thmg to do rn class besxdes talk Shxrley Berman leaves her knowledge of sports to Eleanor Lamoree 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 'IME TAM Dale Burhans leaves hrs abrlrty to ask questrons to John Burkhart Pat Hoyt leaves her charmrng personalrty to Joan Drehl Hal Breber leaves hrs bottle of Vrtalrs to Leonard Keenen Karl Wrlhelm leaves hrs technrque to Jrm Outvs ater to be used as he sees fit Marron Benr leaves her flarr for wrnnrng contests to Hermrne Wergel Drck Montague leaves hrs sense of humor to Johnny Alessandrello He probably won t apprecrate rt Janet Petty leaves as unaffected as she came Bob Polhemus leaves hrs man of the world attrtude to Leonard Krnney Bobby Grammatteo leaves hrs rnfectrous laugh to someone rn next year s chemrstry class to please Mr Srmmons Pat Gaffney leaves hrs book report folder to hrs brother Jack Johnny Burns leaves hrs lrttle black book to Bob Brown Anrta Bradley leaves her artrstrc abrlrty to Al Sprurll Carol Martrno leaves each of the Junror grrls a bottle of H202 Ray Kearney leaves hrs photographrc equrpment to Brll Kommer Barry Hashem leaves hrs trrp down to the corner every noon to Bob Wyatt Jean Gartman leaves her twrrlrng abrlrty to Marlene Hall Heather Duncan leaves her love of horses to Jean Hunt Lors Strassburger leaves her memorres of Chemrstry Class to Ronnre Sharp Stan Paul leaves a copy of hrs book A Few Odd Moments Whrle Study rn very few to A1 Rrchard And lastly we leave the tradrtronal brt of rubber tubrng fsnrtched from the ab to Mrss Wood to use on unruly Junrors rn other words Junrors Srgned HORACE GREELEY BELLE STARR JESSE JAMES ANNIE OAKLEY .gui . l X MOST ERSATI LE J L A 5 EST kisses OST THLETXC A .J 3- v-1,i.vL QR Q M 1 W' Aw Bm Wlmwsnan 3 OCCEED r Nl OST 'gmfx VOPULM1 34 9 vwifw N x JR BY-rm 717i W3 ,Ar LW X.-,ffxrd f , :K ' li 5.5 7 ' Q 17 Q . , " ,. 4 X Ui' , , -. Q I , 5' I ' , .5 ' ,f '. K ' hm f ' '95 M A xx lr' 1 1 , :fs I Ap? , 4 k , Q J u I IJ? A xlr, .h Vw In .ly I ,.- ., , "":-ff ,Q J. xy! .X fb! , SP3 X' ,.,, 0 i: 'U 54 - 15-. X. 'ff' ws- . Y 5 f 543 ff A ' cr OST IKELY pl lf? , 1 Y ' ' J' G 9 ., 4742- g, , 91 . 5 fy , 1 M M 1 QL- 1 Ah " Ha' S I " xl A 4 X W L 4 bqRmNl" L 6 R, is A K? gl: ly yi 44 i A " 11'-T: f' E ' Y' z .S X , ' f Q gy I, I. -D NA-5: if fkxkvgrulif Q fr! 21, T' s ? If N5 'I . 4 x f W " 9 79' " J 0 K 1 . X D 0 Q In L ?f"91' , E Bm: is CLASS JOKEQS MW K wwf Nl 0ST ,Q gg. SQ 'P EST RESPECTED Q Q DANCERS S ffaw xx UQ f 1-QSTXLOOKNNG N if ALL Arm Snow Sw, ,f-ff F HARDEST Xxfomsks ,vw F B V sz" , ag, Q is WN. 1 Q! W 4 xS.',S..F- A , 1. , Y ' ' .' 'QE ,pp . 1' 'rl Q4-5" 3 Q 1 L I S if X 'rv CN-qv . , f x . N fi, ' V . ,"u M L f S 4' Qvimx-AE .S f'S NNN. 1 f Vw V gl Q, Q iz' lf.-S :', xi ' ' ' 1 N- , VNC!! ' ig ' f"-W ' ' ' Q--' ,zu ,4 QRVAL-Csvlt 'la .V ,V T ls: if li, ,gay ,. ,. ac N ,V :V --x ' W, zf ' X 'K ' , i I , ' 55' 77 - 5 ' , 7' M- 'E ' S DR -N ,EU t A , I ,V , I A . 1 .t JNL f ' I 1 1- . Sf , S., N V 41 '-""""" I V-I -Q' M- . if E ? gi 'A SS Aix , , I M 4, If 7 lil' , f . N - 7 -, 3 A '1s T , x x f ' X A y f 1 1 1 X 'X "--.- Y 1 fvix " x 'I K S f X Q, - E S XL in 'af S S. f 5 ,. 2 JS b L ' IE I Si H ' as-X. S I X -, .A . .7 ,f " V " ,' f ' . If L3 gf' ' ,, ,ff ' . IEWQQW-4 , ' rt, " ' erzmssxzs f Lxgwggkap f 1 ,LHS 12 QV? 6 , 143 , ,A J I jf: ,f fs X 50 g s ' Qfl SJW iQ, A-A 5 Q -41 5 ---2aQ' in ' Wk ! - : W - it y A e. 1 ,., ,. .Jw ,Q- F 1954 ASS eRoy dl, 81' Edw President 7 -l Crapser CI Jan President 7-Z 2.2 LETS in 'JC E.-C O "D 7 1 ua D . N Q NNW' I l IXKX 5-'CJ CCI mu QU 'v:'c'2 cam un-4 CMO-4 F 1953 SS nvery Co el' Ang 8-1 11121 President Ei v-P3 me EU C 1:12 ON '1-C .2 .Di 6166 .. If C-I5-I CIC N61 EE V110 Q9 5-nl-1 O-O.. SSO Traba JS Thom -4 8 sident fe P f"2'r 'ah I :-in O' ' . 5 'vb I Tad- S ,-A A ASS UF 1952 311 Bruce Bev 6-J 5o. 794, Eu CL? fl abeth arin .EM I1 I9 OO VJV3 A-ll-4 WN 5.1 CE E no E IP I-4 E mr! 'SZ Q3 mf" m"i'ii,ilQf , mah' Q 5? fig!! "9?4fv-- vnu: ? '31 '5 i -N. .-x J, Q .Q 43 if Nm xv .lx K., T -TQ Q A ffl., "1 at E.u if':Qf145K .C 4,,,,.., ...f-..' is NX"+-W AE' "'q:'22-141- '4 I pw. Os 4- . s.f- 0 xox ! J '1 415 CDF 1951 A P Q E CJ CQ cv C LE Q. Q va O 'J President X! 1 yt, 3m,, , X fuk Y , U3 :E J 51 -I 5 v .2 3 yi J 3 3.2 1-' f E " 3 va so ' P7 V3 A.. x. ' 3 , f I .- I , 1 if . ' I ra -7 , 8 f' 41-,LA '53 'Ira rf 2 E3 ' ' Qf we , J H 322.4 r 7ffAf" 'r t ,- Kitt? gxb ,. . ,-fa? 1 K---,qv 1 Il! .I 5 ' ,Arn YN , 'ri ,,-7 , 'F .V K PJ:-f KI 'Y if TY , 'VHT WV., X all f' 41 Gai G Gem P, ,km V50 K 1 I 195 f -Mk 'W ,.A..,. GL ,y 50 0F 19 SS A 'ffm 81155 CRES ufvic DE CI .-E gg I-ill! ff:"O 333 6-l C1 8 -.- 'ESQNS cv'-'SS Ying gufjm 5-1""CJl-1 O-.7v5I- I-MCWFIIVIITIIIES ,Q LGB. 5 +1 WEST "elf" sy.. 1 uw? EK 2 6 X. 40, K 51 f-Edgi i i . . . 'A " 11' v fl- Vp' 1? ,, .LA'l:.j4g'.f3gi,q "'T..1:."IhTL"f"1n -.'-iw: 1 ,W , ,V 711, x.V,-gysixgn :F -,.-'+':L'f--,-x:j.V Q- . f' . .fm ' :'i:.,..,'x':ff1, 1 6 ,..t - 1--"Z1fS- ,. ' ' +1 -rs 5 ff 2? e Q' ' , tliilx w . " If f fm' ' 9 Z -:-Ag, ,. ,r , 5 .. 1 1 , , 1 ' 'I ' :'?A3:7f'- wg f ly f ' pf if mg . 'T' W 1 -' f xr- . , , . f 1 : I' - A , ga, XX 1 9, .... , . . ,f . V 'FT-' 115 Ai' , 5 - lg.-' ,- -9' V T ' A F., .f ..f-1 . 1, N , nl v 1 wiv K L- ' - X. 'fff f' "" ' at Z 2.1 6,4149 I 2? - , 1 .A -' ' ' A w' . , 2 - ' 1 X 1 -V- ... ' ..1 I 5 1, ' Y " . 4 ' N V' ' 1: - T First Row: Johanne Hahn, Mary Ann Packer, David Blakley, Elizabeth Patton, Patricia De Hart. PJ Second Row: Mary Beth Darlington. Marion Beni, Patricia Hoyt, Shirley Vaughn. Third Row: J James Mac Brien, Margaret Bahret, Karin Mattson, Hermine Weigel, Arthur Gross. Fourth Row: RA -ty N I Theresa Niet, Harold Bieber, Howard Paul, Barry Grauleck, ' J x w- A ' , se- it V i ,iw JY P' , GENERAL ORGANIZATION P I Y ' I J' X" gf' gil -5' President, DAVID BLAKLEY Secretary. HERMINE VCEIGEI. gf' N ' Vice President, HOWARD PAUI. Treasurer, PATRICIA HOYT 'i -1 Adviser, MR. EDVJIN A. JUCKETT The student governing body, the General Organization, attempts to solve "-' 1 the roblems related to student welfare. The rou met re ularl each week dur- P Q P 3 Y lf 1 ' v l. 'I' ... le 1 are ing the year and held special meetings whenever important issues arose. During "Know Your Student Organization" Vfeek. three public meetings were held, at which time the student body had an opportunity to see the council at work on a typical school problem. Projects this year included the awarding of extra-curricular letters, the setting up of a satisfactory monitor system. and the establishing of a Sunshine Committee within the council to send messages to students who are absent from school because of illness. As a special feature the '48-'49 council supervised the collection of food for several Christmas baskets which they distributed in the area. M - 7 f ,Vasa .pf ,r i 'V , ny - I y. f in 13- -a'tt,!.. 1' ' -iv J ' ' ,i fe Lt -' .V First Row: Mary Patrick. Anita Bradley, Marion Beni. Heather Duncan, Eleanor Berge, Josephine Ingoglia, Martha Sims. Second Row: Marguerite Richard, Helen Curnan, Jean Gartman. Barbara Burnett. Patricia Hoyt, Lois Strassburger. Third Row: Robert Giammatteo, Joseph Cruger, Robert Boyce, Stanley Paul, Harold Bieber, John Burns. James Carmichael, Raymond Kearney. Miss Jean Walker. ORBIT Editor-in-Chief .. .,.. . , , . . ., , . ,Marion Beni Literary .. . ., . , ., .... . .. .. , , Patricia Hoyt, Marguerite Richard Features ..,.. . , . .. , Mary Patrick, Robert Giammatteo, Lois Strassburger Sports, ,. ....,. ,. . ., ..... ,.,, , , , ,. ,.,.. .... i ., James Carmichael Photography . , . ...... , .. . .. Joseph Comiskey, Raymond Kearney Circulation . . . Helen Curnan, Barbara Burnett. Jean Gartman Advertising ,. ,. David Blakley, Stanley Paul, Robert Willets Art , ,. ,, . . , Eleanor Berge, Anita Bradley, Harold Bieber Typing .,.... . . .. , , .Martha Sims, Josephine lngoglia Adviser .....,,.,. .,.........,. . ..,. . , ..,...... ,. . . . . , Jean Walker Into the hands of this group was entrusted the task of compiling the six- year record of the class of '49, Although at Iirst it seemed as if it would take seven years instead of months, gradually the files labeled "Assignments Due" and "To be Proofread" thinned miraculously. Those who purchase the finished product little realize the effort and time spent on the preparation of this project, but both will be justified if these results meet with the approval of the Orbit readers - 5155 i li ii t:'.T.., , .. 1' P gg. A., Y-.-- ,,,., MW WQWQ U if ,M l My X -5 N.. i 95258 ri Y" ill W J First Row: Robert Schwartz, Neal Horton, Glenn Coy, Jean Hunt, Eleanor Le Clair, Shirley Power, Francois Weigel, Shirley Staber, Carol Frank, Carol Juckett, Karen James, Marilyn Hankins, Roger Czech. William Eckerline. Second Row: Mr. Musselman. Edwin Dangeriield, William Birdsall, Richard Durbeck, Gerald Murray. William Luckfield, Edwin Beck. Robert Martineau. Charles Seaman. Donald Weber. William Coffin. George Beckman, Mary Darlington, Joan Joyce. Third Row: George Decker, Harold McCornac, Roy Johannessen, Elizabeth Patton. Ronald ahgep, lalglx Polhemus, Ernest Frank, Per Thyrum, Bruce Kimball. Donald Whiten, Stanley Paul, 0 If CIS. BAND President, STANLEY PAUL Secretary-Treasurer, ERNESQT FRANK Vice President, ROBERT WILLETS Conductor, MR. AYLMER MUSSELMAN "There's music in the air" applies here at R. H. S. on those various occasions when our fine band appears. At each assembly, at home football games, at the Harvest Festival and at special concerts the students have the opportunity to hear this versatile musical group. Since each performance means hours of serious re- hearsal, those who participate deserve every honor and recognition offered them. Three major appearances were on this year's calendar. Four band members - Stanley Paul, Robert Willets, Ernest Frank, and Robert Schwartz - played in the All-State Band in the Westchester County area, a great honor and privilege for these boys. On April 8 the Band appeared in its Spring Concert, resplendent in new uniforms, and on May 6 seven members participated in the Spring Festival in Hudson. The R. I-I. S. band is one of the most active groups in school and deserves sincere applause for its work throughout the year. +2191 i swf? X9 SI 5' SCM U First Row: Elsie Langefoss, Carol La Bonte. Carol Hey, Janet Petty, Lona Morey, Vivian Ruger, Diana Drane, Dawn Winters, Mary Lou Zwecker, Doris Jones, Ann Finkel, Marlene Overfield. Second Row: Lenora Cole. Barbara Hahn, Arlene Dayton, Anita Bradley, Marion Beni, Margaret Gardner, June Miller, Mary Draiss. Shirley Vaughn, Pauline Brower, Marion Duncan. Clara Nord- low. Third Row: Frances Manna, Nancy Sutton. Robina Trisko, Charlotte Ray, Eleanor Curran, Virginia Larson, Heather Duncan, Barbara Lyon, Thelma Budd, Ellen MacDonald, Florence Lynch, Helen Stillwell, Doris Atkins. Fourth Row: Janice Bub. Emi Yoshikawa, Harriet Goth, Nancy Moore, Annetje Coon. Janet Dingee, Nancy Taylor, Carol Reeves, Ann Smith, Janice Mahoney, Charlotte Filmore, Josephine Beni. Fifth Row: Barbara Langefoss, Patricia Styles, Ann Locke, Helen Filler, Margaret Dickenson, Elma Velie, Barbara Schaffer. Anna Carter, Joan Traver, Marilyn Hogle, Joan Douglas, Hermine Weigel. GLEE CLUB ape 777 OFFICERS President, ANITA BRADLEY Vice President, HEATHER DUNCAN Adviser, MARJORIE BURNHAM The Girls' Glee Club, one of Roosevelt's major clubs, meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for concentrated practice. This activity offers a rare opportunity to novices as well as to those who have already had some musical training. Mem- bers learn to recognize and appreciate some of the better known works of the masters. They are also taught many vocal techniques for their own singing en- joyment. The Cilee Club participated in the P. T. A. entertainment, the Christmas assembly, the Harvest Festival, the annual Cilee Club Concert, and the Bac- calaureate Service. Every year several outstanding vocalists are discovered and developed. Who knows when we may find a second Lily Pons? wa? 15" Stream 47 "JUNIOR MISS" On October 22 and 23, appreciative audiences witnessed memorable per- formances of the Broadway hit comedy. "Junior Miss." These people discovered for themselves that in addition to its other gifts, the class of '49 also has dramatic talent. Harry Graves .,.. , ,,.Harold Bieber Joe .,.,,........ ,,..... . . ,,Dale Burhans Grace Graves ..,. ., ,. ..Martha Sims Hilda. .. . ., .Joan Ward Lois Graves .... . .... Helga Burhans Judy Graves ..... . Marguerite Richards Fuffg Adams ......, .... ....,...... J a net Petty J. B. Curtis . .. ..,..,... Robert Willets Ellen Curtis ..,...... ........ P atricia Hoyt Wi'IIis Reynolds ..,.. , ...,,.... Stanley Paul Barlow Adams . ., .,,. -Edward Oakley Merrill Feurbach ., , . , ..... Joseph Cruger Albert Kunody . .. ,.,. . ...... .Karl Wilhelm Tommy Arbuckle ,. .... , . . . Robert Giammatteo Haskell Cummings , ...,. ,. , ,, ,,... ,,.. , .. ,... Robert Schwartz Prompters: Marion Beni, Nancy Moore. Properties: Josephine Ingoglia, Dorothy De Witt, Greta Johnsen. Shirley Berrian. Stage Crew: Ernest Frank, Gerald Murray. Richard Hues, Gary Avalear. Edwin Dangerheld, Donald Holman. Stage Set: William Clauss. Make-up: Anita Bradley, Charlotte Ray. Business: Barbara Burnett. Bernice Sherow, Helen Sauer. Ushers: Joyce Gemmel, Joan Richard. Carol Martino, Ethel Ruhle, Audrey Brower, Donna Sheldon, June Miller, Victoria Phillips, Beverly Brower, Emi Yoshikawa, Lois Lasher, Diana Drane, Ellen McDonald. Director: Jean Walker. Class Adviser: Marjorie Fry. Left Row: Mrs. Bessie Honeywell, Albert McMickle, Bruce Bevens. Willard Allen, Gordon Kidd. Center Row: Mary Patrick, Robert Giammatteo. Joan Ward, Walter Pfetsch, Richard Montague. Right Row: Carl Raymo, Robert Becker, George Caccione. Stephen Region. RECORD STAFF Editor, RICHARD MONTAGUE Business Manager, CARL RAYMO Assistant Editor, DORIS MULLER Fashion Editor, MARY PATRICK Art Editor, WALTER PFETSCH Exchan e Editor JOAN VVARD Adviser, MRS. BESSIE HCSINEYWELL This year the Record hit a new high in circulation. There are three possible reasons for the increased popularity - a Hner paper. a new subscription plan, and an intense publicity campaign conducted in a series of noon assemblies. Four members of the staff attended the Empire State School Press Associa- tion in Syracuse and brought back valuable ideas for improving the paper. The group have devised plans for a permanent office so that they can carry out their writing efficiently. ' Having become Record conscious, the student body eagerly awaits the Friday noon publication. Such a response has helped to give the Record a permanent place in R. H. S. journalism. ' 'Q'-'WL' 1. '.n1H?ow.-H ar., A we 3, C G , S O TZYL'-jii I -, I inf, 4, 4 it nav" .. 1.4" H nu' 49 R R., -.V h , I 'V ,' JJ I .I ' I . l '- ,- . I Wag ,inn 1 ' f M- -as ., , 3 ' ii il " Q -.X ,r Al' UL' 4 0' First Row: Josephine Beni, Nancy Taylor. Audrey Brower, Anita Bradley, Marion Beni, Heather Duncan. Second Row: Richard DeCandio. Stanley Paul, James MacBrien, Carson Robinson, Merle Coy, Patricia Hoyt, Theresa Niet, Lois Strassburger. Third Row: Emest Henkel, Karl Wilhelm. Cerulli. gy! If Louis Manfreda, Harold Bieber, Selwyn Lozier, Walter Pfetsch. James Carmichael, Salvatore 1 MONITORS "Walk!" There is hardly a student at Roosevelt who has not heard that command in the corridors. Since over 600 students are turned loose at the 'end of each class period, some provisions had to be made to control the traffic situation. I 4 . . . 4:2 Monitors were selected to stand at strategic spots and remind students of the com- QF mon safety rules in existence in the school. These monitors were chosen because they are reliable members of the student body who can be depended upon to ful- ! ' fill their obligations conscientiously. il 44. 9, A X 1' T W " 'I 'Q' fig " W ' 'J Li N. , M, ,. to Wil gl.. 1 C", 0 " 2. I WIRLERS Under the able leadership of Joan Joyce, the Q4 Roosevelt Twirlers have progressed greatly these last two years. During the football season these attractive young ladies perform in cold and rainy Weather. When the band concert is held, they twirl to music as only determined and accom- plished twirlers can. Every year a festival is held in which Twirlers from surrounding schools perform. Our girls may hold their heads up proudly because Roosevelt was the only school in which all the Twirlers received top rating. Now they have become teachers, instructing the younger girls who will lead our band in the next few years. I MODERN DANCE With poise, grace, and artistry, the Roosevelt version of the Rockettes made several public appearances during the year. They performed at the Harvest Festival. the Rooseveltian Review and the Exhibitions. Numbers range from folk dances to interpretations of modern popular numbers. ' l if 'af .gwzv 1 I .- 4 QQ' .WQ1 ,. U! VARSITY CLUB President, HAROLD JUCKETT Vice President, RAYMOND KEARNEY Secretary-Treasurer, JOHN BURNS Adviser, MR. LAWRENCE LEWIS The parade of Green and Gold jackets in the school indicates the pres- ence of the Varsity Club. Membership in the organization is limited to letter- men in one or more major sports. The group occasionally sponsors a social af- fair at school and generally stands for good sportsmanship in all activities. Roosevelt artists have ample oppor- tunity here to develop their talents in the esthetic Held. Many exhibits during the year showed remarkable ability with pen and brush. What America needs is more careful drivers. R. H. S. is doing its part in a very popular drivers' course to insure the safety of the highways. f"f-EW M? ln the Lab our prospective scientists concoct the queerest potions. Clouds of smoke and vile smelling vapors indicate the group is at Work. Uffgg Q. if? QF jf. Sli 21.1, -lj.:-I In the print shop, classes and crews are busy all the time preparing tickets and posters for school activities. This work and that done in the wood and metal shop courses afford valuable and practical ex- periences for the boys. Along with home management and family care the Home Economics Depart- ment stresses correct social etiquette. These girls are learning the need and value of poise at an afternoon tea. MX Speedy, accurate and efficient typists are being produced in the R. H. S. Com- merce room. Time and effort in this field will bring practical rewards to all with secretarial ambitions. 53 I Here in the library reference material is available for all students. Perhaps the rnost popular spot is the periodical sec- tion. We must keep up on current litera- ture. More questions are answered here per day than on all the radio quiz programs. Miss Lamoree and Mrs. Bloomer patient- ly and efficiently attend to all the assorted clerical details of the school. The haven of hypochondriacs, the health room is more practically a source of great help to all. Here each student receives an annual physical examination and care for any minor injuries. SPUIRT QQ x,, j X ,ff E My ax ffff a, I Q K . is f if Q l, ' l 1 i K' , A ,f f Q ' 'M 1, Q. X 1 f x 3 ' A- 'X H., ,A V! ' b "3-:Q- 4 f - Xml. 'I 1 , , N A X. If 4 , -Q H 7 Q5 Q 3 BX f " P' 2 rf .-,, . ff '- fy 25-3-5-4.1?Ej'f:'f1 . . EL 152: Y-E,' F':T-fx-PFIQ i f . 4 f gi-1 321151 ,sf X0 X 09 ffgf-ii JY leo I X ilisi First Row: David Blakley, Pasquale Cassetta, Friedrich Durr, James Cruger, Walter Biscardi. Michael Cassetta, Richard Cook, Arthur Pourquoy, Gordon Nlateer, Richard Whitney, Gerald Secor, Stephen Crapser. Second Row: Coach Farnum, Joseph Cruger, David Brenner, Richard De Candio, Karl Wilhelm, Fred Nash, Howard Paul. Franklin Hadden,Leonard Hetsler, James Out- water, Karl Herrmann, Richard Slavik. Ronald O'Rourke. John Collins, William Duntz, Coach Lewis. Third Row: Frank Nelson. Rudolph Markey, Louis Manfreda, Robert Brown, August Oetjen, Thomas Daley, Raymond Kearney, Robert Masten, Robert Polhemus, Richard Van Wagner, James Carmichael, Kenneth Faust, Walter Crispell, Edward Kearney, Richard Wilson, Coach Moseley. FOOTBALL 1948 This year's football season was one of the best ever at Roosevelt. The team boasted speed and weight, a nearly unbeatable combination, as proved by the impressive 7-1 record. The only missing leaf in the Green and Gold laurel wreath was taken by Hastings in a closely fought game at the Westchester field. Without letting this defeat slow them down, the R. H. S. gridders continued on to defeat such traditional rivals as Wappingers, Highland, Beacon, Cardinal Farley, and for the sweetest victory of all, Arlington. R. H. S. 14 - 0 Pearl River R. H. S. 0 - 6 Hastings R. H. S. 18 - 6 Wappingers R. H. S. 19 - 2 Arlington R. H. S. 38 - 6 Highland R. H. S. 34 - 0 Beacon R. H. S. 18 - 0 Delmar R. H. S. 32 - O Cardinal Farley R. H. S. 173 - 20 Opponents AM . .,., 7 '7 ' 1 21 577, l I J x.Lif nur me wp ne, on 4 Lost 2 Tied 1 gy mexpenuy 4' ? 'ighlnnd Pills gm, I goqd 5? fl 'ghlmd oosevelfgmqgfcldglgrs Ca fure ' A ' . unch that completely ce1v:donevgrhg'p:eut:l:vlI.i1i1I:1erl::t, . l md - fr-md V1 rfxf, im Wu X' lu' 1 eleven- 28'0- " es :mia raunld UPNWIW ' or 23.150, which mf -u and his me to B I mm if er lt meme su we worm mm, 1 H + rg' well-drilled Zeller was glv - , , , Sewmhu' 4 ' ' land und 1 amend rin X outlanted P -4-' ' 99 1? 'gf YQQVI riew Dorn. , M, A mg vim 'xtpalr Tj ' l., 25, ,Q ,ivy 6' xy wav' on Tm " - and deff 1 9 n rece ' - - -P,-0 Q. -IV .1 '4'-X9 A ,Q len Cox of 0 D SOD , tgp S Wys nb A -, Q V ... l ' Z5 y- V P :LINL T lzln an C. - g f pponenl ' Mde after 354 S hmtla . -. , ', n week 'YJ' ' m Dobbs Pzrry '- A men- rm Cardinal Par a few early Roosevelt Army the rest. ' HBVCYStflW U Wlpnlnserl F1115 ans nelaed a 5 Liberty 71 4, or mm "p . mamma 11 W gi th. beffig Last Quarter '- an - - w .mg by 'We' Ae K, Qe Rally Decusnve E33-TIELEEE cg Sgiiglggv 61'-gl? 8 6, 9 A Eruptirxg in tlme final 4 4 ans Om: " N' KP 0' CP of if feb """"f' ' 4' z.he...BAu...1f Cenggl nponen . two of 13035 56' 5 4.3 ,-9 , - 1 . 1 mn . fl RWE' 14 0 r of threl I , , .n ni' 0 Q , 1 'P :ungs 0 6 emu K X . xx IG Arlington PPUISRY' Fill! 13 9 they I ' :lay aftemoon gals: gg 2 ann a 3 1 . field. The ' 34 o A E I -lim' I ellrfullarxl 18 0 ' ' 'f l me final I1 Cardinal Farley as o I - C d V, ,,,,,,,,d hom, ' Y- 2 Wg it wu curtains 174 a u ,ef 'W i ,, ' en, .1 Herrmann Leads ' ' ' ' ' TMJ- vm g FALLS . , 1- or Rouse vu 'VAPPINGER cmmrgi Team to VlCl'0ry 33' 'K . nme meellnzs or .- , A win in 1944 was the qpwmnt wrcs P . Z Roosevelt Central scl'xool'u ' yestzrdlyi thriller. -Q, 00, X club continued to roll powardn 9baIL a banner sensoy "' "diy if- never dld msn Y' OBGVCU QCOH 0 last 4 pponent CIMA lngwn 13 Hlllows 3 0 Fl-l-ll 0 PAWLING Won 0 Lon. G 'hed l Opponent PBS Hendrick HUQITD 0 Vrewmer 0 rllnghon JV 13 PARIEY ACADDH Oyp. 25 mlldrenu Vllluc 6 Pntrl ' 0 69 'io 06 'faofz 6 'nwvcll' K ew rw: 010 'I in -' f 0, 9 6 o' "5 f 0' yxnvlg W9 wralip to 6 W' Id .53 Q v,- 932, "IS Wg F' ooejlfojefi- gli' u!?b Yr 941, A,'r. 'e I ci - e ' 4- gvlwgr 4 lf, fbgxv- Q36 K ego 0,20 '04, t A":!f9 4? ' 0 9-. D 0,1309 510 and Q o as 21: D ml " Y' lo? BK Wag!! Q1 W 99 X' 3 119 On. 42 fini:-Fx 3' G95 ,mx ugh' 30 6 will ni Q .Y li' 64-f'-SCCJSSYNW 8 F 0 HOME nil, rf- 1 0 ternnon. The I Gold Lima fenslve After sl l mler mel , 1 off Q 1 rf ' 0,4 4,4- be-213 noosevelt soon rrlimed Po" nee Karl Wilhelm ln'-gl ms 1 the iwhen 41 plays from the to the 49 'then ll tle held the upper I Then I hld pus tram lled past Lanier to the Fred Schmalborger and an Wagner for the safety J 'll ck: 14 Q' 'ox 5 13 5:38 l Herrmann zzbrogtg touchdown. If - D, Roosevelt una on Hoqi 5746 pe 'un lt vu A lang one beanies, 9 w Onkn the Arlington end smcori "eq,0', -L me ,M ph, X ball ne, Allowing 1 I0stdTledl lf V 'gosmmelwaseuunugnublilrlro In lutm utel p y BBS 09:5 S ' ,.,...uao by Hema in me regained possession of the 0 1-Q10 10N HUA ,ha ttmunfplhort pau from Hnhn to hm 5 7, qqoniii U1 ms mais .Y lynn lncereepneatby Buddy 0 4,57 A -,Www lmggmg 'ar u the G yard atnpe and he 34 A 'QADQ Q 4534 phaq guess v 'Aauom ' ,dung wacehdown. . f gun 5 ppqgdjng ,g dm! o Lhroon B' -K 6, Jo' P51 auf .barium ew-an um-.rrumq,avvz H nv pl 1 4. ' mt 45 '51, lv 'a'4 noosrzvtu' cor mw gm enrlyl ' - V- ' , x room f--1: 1 vq-v-. .. ..-.... I1 of in yest.erdny'a tray. Buddy Hermann, l ' d1a.,.e3:gh0w vm-4' 9 J, quarterback, took I nxgmma punt! A - r he lcl ll-Sl YQ!!! ," on the mldneld marker md hauled , ' Milly ddeuwd www of if. back no the so. wuz Cflspell .pea . I-Utd 9116 N11 1'0UiDl 4 075 ' to the 20 for A tlrlt down and Lhenl l r - , A S vtcwrv. All HAI- X' 4, 45:5 Ken but go: to me xo. I ' J .- the Cid!!! I-Hd 'GMP 0,03-,svqo Here n 15-yard penalty mamen-n . ,f ff 12 to 4 dec1sion.Bel- 00 41.011 may mud me ma But Rouse-L , f. 1 U mn me zo w o upset 05064 Q el vel! mx mm Km wu- ' mm Centrll cloned Qu 0 Q dwlyq, helm n nm run. men, in ,Q '. ,1 n O. L66 04' Q, to endnBud2'ly, ' ' nr- ' limi I pe or msu',f'f".. Cnspeu nn over rm- meg uve mn -we J um I . all-ll: I 7 WP' 'll-ht A W ltllectlve thrust. 'V I N by mmrku: uvey, , 0 defense set up by ' 'aaa pouado E 1 1 v - mlnmwn 0 0 3 4: o z 4 , me 35- A ff 9' " f aosevelt 0 0 0 0 'id' V34 B" 'W' ul' JA,-ff' am ugllsnfredstoflerrmn I- OHM n . 1, u the TD, Herrmann all- umm 'ne' '-' 'el 5' P 1 1411. R. Smith Ddclel, ap Bella. Roosevelt reserves ner husgcdspeumd!er-Q CenfraL Halls Arling on First Row: Coach Lewis, Salvatore Cerulli, Ernest Henkel, Richard Slavik. Walter Crispell, Louis Manfreda. Second Row: Harold Juckett, Keith Olson, Karl Herrmann, James Outwater, John Alessandrello, Leonard Hetsler. Third Row: Thomas Daley, Richard Van Wagner, Donald Holman, Robert Masten, Raymond Kearney. VARSITY BASKETBALL Showing complete reversal of last season's form, when the Green and Gold hoopsters won only six games and lost twelve, this year's quintet concluded the most successful season at R. H. S. since 1944-45 by winning 12 and drop- ping 6. It was a veteran team well rounded with height, experience, speed and. most of all, the ability to score often. Faced with a strong schedule of opponents, which included the ever power- ful Poughkeepsie, Arlington, and Wappingers Falls fives, and spiced with tradi- tional battles with strong area teams like Cardinal Farley, Highland. New Paltz. and Millbrook, the Roosevelt Raiders started the season with 16 straight victories before running into a series of disheartening reverses. ' Next year's team. being composed of some of this year's varsity and those moved up from J. V., promises a season almost equal to this year's. R. H. S. 64 - 45 New Paltz R. H. S. 48 - 38 Wappingers R. H. S. 43 - 26 Hartford R. H. S. 43 - 49 Arlington R. H. S. 51 - 27 Pine Plains R. H. S. 40 - 31 Millbrook R. H. S. 46 - 39 Highland R. H. S. 32 - 37 Cardinal Farley R. H. S. 55 - 31 Pine Plains R. H. S. 32 - 36 Wappingers R. H. S. 38 - 33 Cairo R. H. S. 65 - 42 New Paltz R. H. S. 29 - 41 Poughkeepsie R. H. S. 39 - 46 Poughkeepsie R. H. S. 45 - 20 Millbrook R. H. S. 43 - 61 Arlington R. H. S. 54 - 34 Cardinal Farley R. H. S. 58 - 48 Highland First Row: William Bradshaw, Fred Nash. Vincent Jesionek, Walter Biscardi, Richard Cook, Joseph Tancredi, Pasquale Cassetta. Second Row: Coach Moseley, John Mattson, Richard Veith, James McDonald, David Brenner, Richard Dolan, James Mac- Brien. Richard Whitney. Third Row: Richard Wilson, Monfred Kaehler, Howard Paul, Edward Kearney. Kenneth Faust, Henry Barton. 1. V. BASKETBALL This year's J. V. team of Roosevelt High School proved themselves worthy of the green and gold uniforms they wore by winning ten games and losing seven. The juniors boasted speed and dexterity in ball handling. Undaunted by its minor losses, the team went on to round out a very successful season under the capable coaching of Mr. Moseley. R. H. S. 32 - 33 New Paltz R. H. S. 4l - 19 Hartford R. H. S. 32 - 20 Pine Plains R. H. S. 30 - 36 Highland R. H. S. 50 - 33 Pine Plains R. H. S. 33 - 23 Cairo R. H. S. 42 - 26 Poughkeepsie R. H. S. 25 - 32 Millbrook R. H. S. 28 - 45 Cardinal Farley R. H. S. 32 - 33 Wappingers R. H. S. 30 - 32 Arlington R. H. S. 30 - 28 Millbrook R. H. S. 47 - 34 Cardinal Farley R. H. S. 36 - 28 Wappingers R. H. S. 46 - 27 New Paltz R. H. S. 37 - 28 Arlington R. H. S. 31 - 32 Highland I First Row: Richard Dolan. Clyde Haines, Edward Oakley, Harold Juckett, Arthur Gross, Keith Olson, Robert Wyatt. Second Row: Albert Conrad. Edward McDonald, Richard Veith, George Berryann, Edward Denning. John Cleary. Third Row: Coach Trani. Gordon Kidd, Homer Becker, Charles Overdorf, Alexander Spruill. Ivan Sarda, Harold Harden. SOCCER 1948 In keeping up the athletic prestige of Roosevelt, this year's soccer team did its share by winning three games out of a tough live-game schedule. Anderson and Oakwood, the former soccer powers of Dutchess County, both met defeat at the able hands of Coach Trani's Roosevelt booters, captained by Harold Juckett. If this is an indication of future seasons, Roosevelt can expect some great soccer teams in the coming years. This year also saw soccer instituted as a major sport at R. H. S., making the letter-men of the team eligible for membership in the Varsity Club. The record of the season's games is: Roosevelt Cornwall Roosevelt Anderson Roosevelt Oakwood Roosevelt Anderson Roosevelt Oakwood , f, -cf' i A ' I sage JE-".::f ff f 12121-5 'i. .if if Gm First Row: James MacBrien, Walter Biscardi, Walter Crispell, John Mattson, Richard Masten, Fred Nash. Second Row: Karl Wilhelm, Harold Juckett, Harold Bieber. Louis Manfreda, John Du Four, Michael Cassetta, Frank Paganelli, Karl Herrmann, Ernest Henkel, Robert Matthews, Coach Todd. Third Row: Robert Masten, Leonard Hetsler, Edward Kearney, Emory Plunkett, Raymond Kearney, Richard Van Wagner, Edward Schmaling. BASEBALL 1948 Last year the Roosevelt High School ball players saw one of their most suc- cessful seasons. Out of a fourteen game schedule, Coach Todd's boys won six and lost eight. While this does not seem too impressive, the Green and Gold team was outstanding in local competition. For the first time in their rivalry Roosevelt beat Poughkeepsie in baseball, but was not content with one victory, so went on to overpower them in the next game. Todd's Terrors rounded out 'the season by splitting two games each with Arlington and Wappingers. This year's team, composed mainly of veteran players, may expect another good season. 's ,-nga ll I - First Row: David Blaltley, Walter Crispell. Glenn Coy, Robert Schwartz, Louis Manfreda, August Oetjen, Richard Williams. Second Row: Manager William Ghee, Paul Lozier. Charles Overdorf, Keith Olson, Robert Brown, Thomas Daley, Robert Masten, James Carmichael, Coach Lewis. 1948 TRACK Some people measure an athletic team not by impressive records, but by the spirit displayed in contests. Those people would point with pride to the Roosevelt Winged-Feet of the 1948 season. Track is not as yet a major sport at Roosevelt. This is mainly due to the small turnout of candidates as well as a limited schedule. With the completion of the new athletic field, a cinder oval may be constructed, offering more opportunities for practice, and in turn may lure more speedy hope- fuls into this increasingly popular sport. While not the outstanding team in Dutchess County, as far as victories go, the R. H. S. cinder-men were surpassed by few teams in spirit and will to win. Nllltlrg, The team took its many ups and downs in stride and looks forward to a much . ' - better season in the spring of 1949. , J 5 N f i .. ' A- - -, ,ff4fif5'i'1ifa1 i'.fJ'i61'Ci?3?if'f'r7151 ' n First Row: Joyce Baker, Dolores Davis. Joan Heckinger, Theresa Niet, Karin Mattson, Frances Brinkama. Second Row: Geraldine Mallory, Anita Bradley, Shirley Berrian. Martha Sims, Carolyn Ball, Patricia Hoyt, Harriet Goth. Rita Helmer, Coach Foster. GIRLS' SOFTBALL 1948 With girls' interscholastic athletics at a minimum nowadays, participation in an athletic program has been limited. However, in the spring of 1948 this team made a creditable record for itself. The girls played teams from a few neighboring schools and won a majority of the games. The captain was Rita Helmet: the manager, Theresa Niet: and the coach, Mrs. Foster. Qxlkxxx ll if N A A Q A ' tl ,, , , v- A wx 40, 4' S , is f V H , xzziwf W ' , L N' ' ' 2 'M' K 'QQ I 5 11' 1 F A, J 4 5:5 y we 5 Q " ',ff' f4X , 1 .X f' I 5 k L. W i '. x TQ! lg, if Ag 6,4 XG U gf ZMEVIEIRTRSIEMIENTS f'fffQ ...T-5 .f5T 2 'Wd' E f an cams: l'bsJiX 000,-LY' XIQQQQ 7 ff " , , 5 lp I 7, 1ff,rf gif-yn' A .,.-- -1. --,H 9 -1"""" 'A A :...:l f W A f ff '1Rif wx. ' - A mf fl N 1 X 1 f az N1 I N : V .wr 5 1-f-:refill '--'A' Qfqw 2 : - 1 'Al :viii - E 'b.J, g,'1 :Z --- r , lv- LSL Y, 'ff' . .,. -A 'ki ' 5,1 . r .,.- ! 5' ' ' if +t,,.5-m., - VW -fr L M' "f 4 :X ' fn and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Albert P Avalear Howard Babcock George Bacon Alfred E Bahret Edmund A Baker Homer Becker Savrno Benr Arnold Berge Brewster Berrran Mrs Naomr Bleber Mr and Mrs John J Blakley Mr and Mrs Arnold W Bradley Mrs Gladys P Brower Mr and Mrs Albert Burhans Mrs Hazel Burnett Mr and Mrs James W Carey Mrs Mary Carmtchael and Mrs George V K Chatiield I' and Mrs Joseph F Comrskey and Mrs Charles J Cruger Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Hazel Curnan Thomas E Daley Raymond E Dangerfreld Harold Davrs Nrck De Candro Monroe De Wrtt W L Drane Walter Duncan Ernest Frank Harry Ferrxs Damel Galvrn Mrss Margaret Garrrson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rrchard Gartman Rmaldo Grammatteo Frank Goth H John Hashem Wrllram Helmet Ernest Henkel Leonard Hetsler Wxllram Holman Alton Hoyt and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John Kluge and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Howard and Mrs Elm Olson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs 'Vlrs Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs r Vrctorra and Mrs Fred Hues Frank lngoglra Mrlton Jones Edwrn A Juckett Raymond Kearney Clarence Kelder Fred W Lasher George Lmsxg Joseph Martmo Harold Mc Donald Rxchard Montague Albert H Moore Charles R Near Frank B Nelson Frank Nret Oakley Mose Oakley Charles T Overdorf Robert Patrxck Albert Paul Edward Petty Phrllrps Lester Polhemus Gus Rrchard and Mrs Leo P Rrchard and Mrs Frank J Rohan and Mrs Elmer A Ruhle and Mrs Donald K Schwartz Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs T F York Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. , Mr. . ' ' l , Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' . ' ' Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' . . Mr. . . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . . . Mr. . ' . ' Mr. Mr. . . . Mr. . M . . . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. and Mrs. . Mr. . Joseph A. Perassi Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr' u . . t . . . . Mr. . ' M . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' Dr. . . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . Donald U Sheldon George Sherow John H Sxms Martrn H Smxth Walter Strassburger James G Van Wagner Charles Ward Paul Wenck Karl O Wrlhelm John A Wxllets Comphments PARENT TEACHER S ASSOCIATION of ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL Complzments EDWARD SCHMAUNG ALLEN s GAS sTAT1oN VIOLET AVENUE 9 G G L A Z I N G FVERY DESCRIPTION Say It With Flowers on all occasnons 12 CLINTON SQUARE PAUL O BAHRET H P 2204 Hyde Park N Y Daurylea M1lk INSPECTED PROTECTED Served In Our Caferernas Produced By Members o The Dalrymen s League Co operatlve Ass n, Inc Of 9 OF Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ' f . , - . , eadmg store of the Hudson Valley for more than three-quarters of a century the shoppmg center of the hxstorlc countles along the raver LUCKEY PLATT 86 COMPANY EVERYTHING to make your house YOUR HOME Mitchell Furmture Companv 387 391 Maxn Street Poughkeepsie, New York Phone 2384 C om :ments 44.44 IHE SUUAREUUll!WllER Emerson Motorola Automatic Radnos Gruen Bulova Longlnes Watches HOWARD C GRAVES VIOLET AVENUE Hyde Park New York General Electrical Appliances Bottled Gas Installatzons Ranges Water Heaters Tel 2403 9 P, of I O AJ ' , My , CRAFT and SON Grocerzes and Hardware Hyde Parks Most Modern Grocery Store Hyde Park N Y Tel 2289 POST S GREENHOUSES BLAKLEY BROS 518 MAIN STREET Tzres Lubrication Batterxes Accessorzes Floral Deszgmng Tel 5847 Flower and Vegetable Plants East Park Tel 2512 Phones 3140 3141 Comphments J E ANDREWS HARDWARE C0 INC Hardware and Mall Suppl es 279 Mun Street Poughkeepsne, N Y 1 O of I O I, O ' i When Its ATHLETIC and SPORTING GOODS C0,,,p1,,,,e,,f, 0 Youre Thinking o M SHWARTZ and CO L E T S The Home of Good Clothes Be Your Out tter Our Expertence as Your Protection Poughkeepsie New York Good Luck Class o 49 0 PM OPEN DAILY 8 A M DOTTIES Violet Avenue-1 Male South of East Park COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE HAMBURGERS OUR SPECIALTY ICE CREAM T0 TAKE OUT Telephone Poughkeepsxe-8252 J WV 9 XIIVG NHd d UI N N . .-11 . . gr, 2 CIJ 'R FD fb F9 . - . we ' ' is pq so 0 S" 5 I sy, . B I - Nl ' ws. 'wr II.. o O Complnnents L O Y S MILLARD LUMBER COMPANY MILLWORK LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES Yards at Tel. Pok. 54 Tel. Wapp Falls 193 Store Natrona! Bank Bldg Wappmgers Falls Tel Wapp Falls 686 of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. New Hamburgh, N. Y Compliments vf KENNEDY PUMP SERVICE Vnolet Avenue Phone 6841 MYERS WATER PUMPS ROSE S STORE Grocerzes Meats Greetmgs to the Class of 1949 Sodas Sundaes Noveltzes Cxgarettes Tel 7508 W The store whuch has your every need WOLF S Sport Shop ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT GUNS 8L AMMUNITION OUTBOARD MOTORS PAINT VARNISH HOBBYCRAFTS HARDWARE TOYS 587 M111 Street Phone 8246 Distributors Wllson Athletic Equipment H Mld Hudson Automatic Sprmkler Co Contractors 6? Engineers For Standard Underwriter Approved Automatxc Fare Protectxon Apparatus Pxpe Fabricated According To Sketch E Maruneau 15 Buckmgham Tel 4394 Ave 3 7 FISHING TACKLE M c C 0 M B S Commercaal and Social Stationery 271 Mann St Poughkeepsie N Y Parker Shea er and Eversharp Pens joseph W Doyle Louls E Santopadre DeS ewelers Dxamonds Watches Sxlverware Watch and ewelry Repax ng Mam St Poughkeepsie N Y Phone 142 POUGHKEEPSIE PAINT 86 GLASS Putsburgh Pam! and Glass Products 23 Academy Street Phone 1836 Chester Satz Co O ce Equxpment 53 Market Street Poughkeepsxe N Y Tel 3359 SCI-IRAUTH S Best Washes From Mr. 86 Mrs Ed Dusenbury "Every Flavor Meets With Favor" 7 . . l , . . - I . -'i , F Bibles - Leather Goods 386 - i - , U Inc. If ' 7 Compliment, Groceries - Meals 0 I EAST PARK SUPER MARKET HYDE EAST PARK, N Y Telephone 2202 PHILIP ANDRGS-prop Frans 0 Vegetables Beverages SAY IT Cgmplgmenlg saufofa Qualnty THE SALTEORD FLOWER SHOP MARIAN MOTOR INC 18 Cannon Street Telephone 538 LINCOLN MERCURY P N Y oughkeepsle 745 Mann Street Phone 8484 Member Flornstf' Telegraph Delivery Asia Compliments COLD OR HOT THEY HIT THE SPOT EDWARD PATT Tony Trabasso s UPHOLSTERY Restaurant 456 Mam sf Po k N Y 442 Mann Sr Tel 6594 Phm' 3670 C omplxments o PHILIP E SPROSS C0"'Pl""e"'f0 JEWELER InBus1nessforover40Years HQRN S GRQCERY Watcbmaker Engraver 396 Mam Street Poughkeepsne N Y . of , 0 . , C O . Of 7 and all its branches Specializing in Real Italian Foods , . 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