Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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3 A H E 5 DZ S 1 5 E . E is 2 2 N Q Q ,. 1. 5 is S' el E 6 if E bw -3 Ii 4 2 H .b I E r 'i 1 5 E i Y I a X 'Q if X 4 .., f 'I r, 5 -5- IRI lf RV 5'-IZ Sf 'ZAQ ,ff R f25f"" i 0' W F I2 !X I4 I4 L,I FI IC . II I G5 I4 JANUARY L A N E S C H 0 0 L BROOKLYN, New YORK Charles E. Springmeyer I Principal STAFF -l l EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LITERARY EDITOR STAFF KNOCK STAFF CO-EDITORS STAFF ART STAFF EDITORS STAFF SPORTS EDITORS BUSINESS STAFF MANAGER STAFF TYPE STAFF SECRETARIAL PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISER ART ADVISER OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SENIOR ADVISERS Joan Newell Rufh Windsor Marilyn Baillei' Joseph Brancalo Marie Corsello Jane? Demslcy Lucy Esburq Jerry Gerber Dorolhea Kamp Phyllis Kaspareil Mary Amodio William Beverly Pairicia Braun John Ciaccio Bernard Corso Barbara Cosher Frank Crilasi Eleanor Dorsey Philece Ehrsam Philece Ehrsam Andrew Clausen Phyllis Goldslein Vera Holzbauer Janelh Mueller Doroihy Ernsl' Marvin Ginsberq Anne Warrenbru Joan Gallinal Marie Corsello Kalhleen Nicols Harrier Levine Marie Evers Abraham Kimmc William Shapiro Peler Chialalo Frank Crilasi IT1 I Hazel Borden Jennings Edilh C. Lcunig SENIOR ECHOES FRANKLIN K. LANE HIGH SCHOOL 1 -nn 1 -. .1 .-1 BROOKLYN VOLUME XXXVIII IW I' .14- name S -f JI Cynihia Kohul' Arlene Krause Geraldine Lancieri Marilyn Lolcieiz Gloria Marullo Janel Malhisen Richard Cosla Sylvia Gagliano Elaine Goldsrnilh Marlin Hailren Frances I-luberf Mario Mancusi Ellen Marlrs Joan Mazzelli Shirley Nicholls Anne Nosanchulr Hildegarde Sfaiber Harriet Levine .lanel Rolll Rosalind Shapiro Paul Sullar Anna Zwahlen Conceila Perronc Lorraine O'Brien Marlin Weber Phyllis Goldsfein SECRETARY TREASURER Irving Roscnblum sihaa Porlia Muqnolo Lorraine O'Brien Joseph Pellegrino Barbara Silenzi Marilyn Smilh Anne Warrenbrum Joan Orelice Carl Rosen John Rossa Geraldine Rubenslein Hildegarde Schaefer Burlon Schwariz Grace Ann Truppner Grace Viscoso Doris Warnlre Roy Sioclrfisch Marilyn Smilh Richard Lampo Janis Prailschinq Marian Vanalfa ... I 5 3 L , 'F S EDITORS AND OFFICERS Joan Newoh Ldlh-v mm Ohh-4 Pcier Chiaffm VV!-wwdmvi Frank Crufaai Rufh Wind:,or' Hlldoqard Sfaihm Paul Sulfar Janis Praiischimq Marian Varmfia Phyllis Kaaparcvit Richard Cosfa Philoco Ehruam Marie Evers Dorofhy Emni Jfmeih Muolior Hearrioi Lnvinf- Richard Lampv ,le icafion bm We are Trying To Tind words: we are groping Tor a way To seT enough of a man down in black and whiTe so ThaT all may know a liTTle oT whaT we Teel Tor him, and why. The man is Mr. Leo Dressler. He Teaches LaTin To Those who care To learn iT: he does remarkably well wiTh Those who don'T. He has a way oT giving someThing To everyone who knows him-someThing rich and very human. IT is a rare giTT. He has a way abouT him, a good way. He is a man who makes people happy. The man Teaches his subiecT well. He has a magic: he can Turn almosT any indiTFerence inTo enThusiasm. He inspires in his sTudenTs a very real desire To learn, because he Teaches ThaT iT is good To learn noT merely because we musT pass in a subiecT, buT because There is a Treasure in iT-someThing ThaT can be ours iT we are willing To work. He is a man who knows how To smile. He smiles aT The dull and The TalenTed alike, and none can resisT smiling back. He can laugh, and he wanTs you To laugh. He likes you, and he wanTs you To like him. You do. You may be The rare one who doesn'T like his subiecT when he is Through Teaching iT. BUT you cannoT be The one who does noT like and respecT him. ThaT one does noT exisT. He has anoTher way-a way oT coming inTo a classroom and making iT brighT and alive. Though he is genTle, he has a Tremendous energy because he is Torever young. He is noT a policeman. This is an odd Thing. He doesn'T need To be. He places The responsibiliTy Tor your behavior in your hands: he appeals To your inTegriTy. You Try very hard noT To Tail him. He knows iT, and you know iT. And so There is oTTen a very good Thing beTween you- friendship. We have said ThaT This man is a man who makes people happy. IT is True. Because he knows a secreT-ThaT happiness is wiThin you. and someTimes you are shy and unsure, and iT is hidden. He knows ThaT whaT you need is someone To help you bring your happiness ouT inTo The sunlighT. He knows ThaT you someTimes need a Triend. He has a digniTy ThaT comes Trom knowing ThaT you have digniTy. He has many good ways abouT him. He will be young as long as he lives. We pray he lives a very long Time. He is real and very human. He is happy, and oThers are macle happy because oT iT. Leo Dressler is a man To remember. RuTh Windsor 'NX R FCFIQES STAFF Girls' Knocks Sporfs Pnofoqrapny FCP-TOFS STAFF Boys' Knocks Ar'r Sfaff FCHOFS STAFF Liferary Typisfs Business FOREWORD Four years have passed. and wilh lheir passing we leave our high school days behind us. We are now going lorlh info lhe world and no longer face lhe lrivial problems lhaf we have encounlered while in Lane, buf we lace lhe world and its problems, which we all know musl' be deall wilh realislically. You and l are no longer slriving for our diplomas, buf are slriving for world peace which is so im- porlanl' lo us and our poslerily. I sincerely hope lhal we all will work as hard to achieve lhis peace as we have worked 'ro receive our diplomas. We have spenl many enioyable moments in Lane and will always remember lhem, and. of course, we shall never lorqel' our classmales and friends who have made our slay so pleasanf. For you and me lhese cherished memories will be reborn from lime 'lo lime as we glance 'rhrough lhis book which will, in years 'lo come, be 'lhe only 'fangible lhing we have lell lo recall our four years spenl in Lane. Joan Newell I SHALL NOT SCREAM NOR PREACI-I . I have a lacl lo reporl. A recenl poll reporls lhal racial and religious preiudice is again on lhe upswing. I have somelhing lo say. Please Iislen. Whal I have lo say will lake only a lillle lime. I shall nol scream nor preach, allhough lhal ugly lacl is as near lo me and as personal wilh me as my own skin. I shall only lalk a lillle . . . I cannol lell ol how insidious lhis halred is and has always been, any beller lhan counlless olhers have lold il in lhe pasl. So I shall only lalk ol whal I have lound lo be lrue, in my own lile, in sevenleen years. I have lound lhal people have a greal deal lo give. People can give so much lhal is warm and human, so much ol lhe rich experience lhal is parl ol living. So much is being wasled. I lhink lhere is no grealer experience on earlh lhan lhal ol meeling each person as a dilferenl, unique individual. When we iudge people singly, only by whal lhey prove lhemselves lo be, we enrich ourselves many limes over. And we lose lhis opporlunily every day ol our lives. We lhrow il down a long, never ending drain ol human wasle. We are limid or resenllul because we are lhe oppressed, and we draw ourselves inlo our sullen, narrow lillle shells ol hale, and judge lhe many by lhe aclions ol lhe lew. Or we consider lhose who have commilled lhe unlorlunale blunder ol being born "dillerenl," sub-human. ll is all lhe same. I-lalred is a lwo-edged sword, and lhe hand which holds il always bleeds. I-lale is all lhe same-wilh an ugly sameness. Bul we as people are nol all lhe same, Each generalion is dillerenl. And ours musl be lhe mosl dillerenl, beller in lhis respecl lhan any olher. We have inheriled loo much lo have il any olher way. There is somelhing very promising in lhe air-somelhing low bul slrong, some- lhing akin lo a murmur. ll is more lhan iusl lhe speeches lhal are made, lhe arlicles lhal are wrillen. There is a yen,-iziwjy lo a wrong, lhe realizalion lhal lhere is an injuslice and lhal as long as some are nol sale, none are sale. This age is one in which lhe oppressed have more freedom, more dignily, more happiness lhan ever before. We have behind us many lhings ol which lo be ashamed, bul lhere is also a record ol progressive improvemenl. Ahead ol us lhere is lhe vasl, pressing need ol compleling lhe iob . . . as quickly as possible. We have loughl lwo wars lo remain free. Now we are laced wilh lhe job ol selling democracy. We musl improve our producl lirsl. We musl speak oul aboul whal is righl and wrong. We musl praclice whal we so ollen preach. We musl make lhe "iuslice lor all," which we promise in our pledge ol allegiance lo lhe flag, an everyday realily in our republic. We musl judge each individual and each counlry separalely and carelully. This is nol an easy way. Bul we have lo make il our way. No one else will ever care as much as we do. Rulh Windsor 8 SENIOR ECHOES Tl-lE DOLL She looked lovely. Her rose lulle gown wilh lhe sleeves barely hanging onlo her shoulders gave her lhe leeling ol . . . well, ol being sixleen. She knew she looked prelly, wilh lhe color ol her gown rellecling lhe radiance ol her own color scheme ol pink and brown. The lilled waisl and llared skirl accenlualed lhe liny waislline lhal Johnny always said she slole lrom a china doll. "You slole lhal waisl lrom a china doll," was lhe way he said il. Sweel Johnny. The doorbell rang. She was near lhe lronl door, so lo prevenl an unpleasanl discussion wilh her brally lwelve year old brolher, Richard, who really should answer doorbells, she answered il. A messenger boy wilh a package emilled a long, low whislle, lhe kind Lana Turner gels, and said, "Are you Miss Jenniler Larsen?" She smiled, allhough she shouldn'l have, aller lhal whislle, and said she was. "Sign here," he said, and she obliged, lhanked him, and walked inlo lhe house. Pulling lhe package in her room, she wenl lo gel a knile lo cul lhe slring il was lied wilh. She walked very slowly, because she was sure she would lrip on her high heels il she weren'l carelul. They were very high heels . . . all ol lhree inches high. Her molher had lel her gel lhem aller she had sulked and argued lhal she would look posilively repulsive dancing in her low-heeled shoes wilh lhe six-lool boys she had inviled lo her parly. She was only live leel and one-hall inch in her slocking leel. Ol course, Johnny, who was live leel eleven and one-hall, liked her small lhe way she was, bul she wasn'l going lo dance wilh Johnny all evening. And lhe olher lall lellows mighl be more comlorlable il she were less diminulive. So she gol lhe high heels. And she was leeling prelly grown up. When she gol back lo her room and opened lhe box, she gasped al whal she saw. ll was a doll! l-low could anyone do lhis lo her? She, wilh her lhree inch heels and her sleeves lairly dripping from her shoulders! True, il was a beaulilul doll, wilh a lovely rose lulle dress and bonnel. Bul she hadn'l played wilh dolls since . . . since . . . well, she hadn'l REALLY played wilh dolls since she was len. She had merely kepl Amanlha's dress clean and neal looking. A doll always looks nice in a girl's room, and she couldn'l lel Amanlha gel soiled, could she? Bul lo receive a doll as a gill, al sixleenl Creepers! How could anyone do lhis lo her? She remembered when she was a lillle girl, how overioyed she had been every lime she gol a doll. She would hug il, lhen smoolh ils rumpled dress: she would hum lo il, rock il lo sleep, lhen pul il lo bed, and kiss il goodnighl. Bul she was only a child lhen. Now . . . why, she was sixleenl She was praclically an adull! She suddenly realized she didn'l know who had senl il. She look lhe doll oul ol lhe box, pul il on lhe lloor, and began lo look lor lhe card. Hidden in excelsior, she lound il. On lhe card was wrillen, "Molher." For some unexplained reason, Jenniler lound a lear sliding lenderly down her cheek: lhis she quickly brushed away. "Hey, Jen, il's seven-lhirly. Mom says people will be arriving soon," yelled Richard. "All righl," answered Jenniler, barely audible. She wenl lo lhe mirror. Aller combing her hair slighlly, she lixed her makeeup, JANUARY I948 9 I 1 I I il 3 ,O which suddenly didn? need fixing at all, excepl where lhe fear had made a IiHIe palh- way down her cheek. She wenl Io The door, pu? her hand on Ihe knob. and suddenly lurned, as if she had forgollen somefhing. Going fo lhe doll on Ihe floor, she picked if up, hugged I+, smoolhed ils rumpled dress, and pul il on her bed. She wenl fo lhe door, 'rurned once more +o look al if wisflully, and wenl down fo me-el her guesls. Barbara Silenzi A PRICELESS POSSESSION Whal is lhaf fhing upon your chesf Ihaf shines like Ihe sun's rays? You keep if polished and gliifering Through all your nighls and days. You wear if on your dresses: you wear if in your hair: Nolhing you have ever owned has had such Iasfing care. Why do you seem 'fo cherish lhis quile subordinafe Ihing? Hs mere possession makes your hearl gay and ready fo sing. No mailer how you look al' il, iI's only a hunk of lin. Why is if so imporlanl? II's iusl a SENIOR PIN! Joan Newell SENIOR ECHOES fm X x, X, N QI Q.. -as M 6. X. K A 'sv iv WN MY PUBLIC QUARREL I've goT a quarrel wifh The world. I've been handed a raw deal, The shorf end of a bad bargain, and I'm noT going To Take iT lying down. Back in grade school, when I was as yef happily unaware of whaT my fufure acfually held, I liked To anficipafe a youTh of unresfrained growfh of body, and spiriT, and mind, and happiness. I was desperafely eager To learn as much as I could abouf as many Things as possible. Canada and Europe and, oh, a dozen ofher places would be sources of beaufy and culfure for me. I wanTed so much To geT To know people and like Them, To aTTain one day a True wisdom, To live a life rich wifh varied experiences. And I wanTed To give myself, my efforfs, all I could, To The world, in refurn for The happiness I should derive from iT. BuT, on approaching The Time when I am To Take my place as a ciTizen of our madcap globe, whaT do I find? I find myself loaded down wiTh The burden of a cenfury of ofher peopIe's greed and folly. I'm sevenfeen, and I wanT an unresfrained good sTarT in life. BuT I've firsT goT To Take care of a Palesfinian problem, a famine problem, a de-NazificaTion problem, an afomic bomb problem, a prejudice problem, a labor problem, and I'm afraid To look for any more for The cerTainTy of finding Them. I-low can I help myself? I feel ThaT sysTems of governmenf or of economics do noT sTarT wars or resulT in inTernal sTrife. IT is The characfer of an individual naTion's governmenT ThaT may lead iT To a policy of aggression, of violence, of deceiT: The characTer of iTs ciTizens who allow Their governmenf To acT in such a manner in Their name. There is no room for selfishness, for peTTiness, for The sTupidiTy of an aTTiTude of hope wiThouT acTion in This and in fuTure generaTions. And I will make iT my business To keep This lesson clear and always in mind. I will noT permif myself To become in- differenf To The world ThaT exisTs beyond my home and office, will noT permiT myself To neglecl' my vofing privileges, will noT permif myself To idly look on while my children absorb The hafes and preiudices ThaT may exisT in my communify. And I live wifh and cherish The faiTh ThaT some day, Through The sTrengTh of The combined efforfs of The many, many people of my generafion who feel as I do, we will seTTle This quarrel. JaneT Demsky MEMORIES Franklin K. Lane will hold many memories for us, The sTudenT body, affer gradua- Tion. The four years spenT in Lane will well be remembered. The fun in The classrooms, cramming for an exam aT lunch, freshmen wandering around The halls, "The Lane ReporTer," Those dreaded Regenfs, S. S. cards, cuTTing a class for The firsT and lasf Time, are some of The many phases of school life Thaf remain. Our Senior semesfer is probably our mosT cherished semesler of school. The Senior Dance, Class Nighf, Prom, and finally Graduafion end our life aT Lane. Alfhough our high school days are over, our memories of Franklin K. Lane will linger wiTh us forever. Lucy Esburg I2 SENIOR ECHCES TI-IE SECRET LIEE OE MARILYN BAII.I.ET lwiTh apologies To James Thurberl Bedecked in my exquisiTe cIoThes and iewels, and seaTed on my Throne, I was more beauTiTul Than CIeopaTra as I pondered The TaTe of my IaTesT lover. My hand- maidens, in cosTumes nearly as lovely as mine, were Tanning me wiTh large pink and green osTrich TeaThers, and aT my elbow, a marble Table was loaded down wiTh all sorTs oT The besT TruiTs and sweeTs. Chained To one side oT my Throne was my peT lion, and a Tew sTeps away rose-peTals were TloaTing in a shimmering pool. My many servanTs and sTaTesmen were busily conducTing all my aTTairs so There were iusT my prisoner, his Two guards, and my chieT execuTioner around me. My prisoner well knew ThaT I was iusT as hard as I was beauTiTul, buT he was silenTly pleading wiTh me Tor leniency. I remained asTuTe and silenT. lk 'If lk lk lk All aT once The huge audience was silenT, and a pin could verily be heard, iT one had dared To drop iT. I had made my grand enTrance, never looking more lovely. My voice had never been beTTer as I Thrilled ThaT very disTinguished audience, and when I ThoughT oT all The giTTs I possessed, I smiled, making more Than one hearT skip a beaT. To look aT me wiTh my golden curls piled high upon my head, and my TIaTTer- ing sky blue dress, everyone TeIT a pang oT envy mixed wiTh deep admiraTion. In my closing aria I surpassed Them all, and when The veIveT curTain came down, a bursT of applause rang ouT, equal To none which I had ever heard. As I came Torward To meeT The ovaTion, and To receive The many bouqueTs oT Tlowers, I glanced aT The Thousands oT Taces in The greaT MeTropoIiTan Opera I-louse, and I was in my glory. FK if ik if X As I pushed Through ThaT iungle rarely peneTraTed by man, I Tell' The Thrill oT new Things yeT To be seen. The day was hoT, buT I was sTill cool and coIIecTed, and I could sense The admiraTion of my Tellow explorers oT whom I was The only woman. There was much I could be proud oT because, alThough I was sTill a young woman, I had capTured more rare specimens and dug up more skeleTons Than any oT my asso- ciaTes. Suddenly we heard The roar oT a lion and could see him rushing Towards us Through The Thick Trees. My Triends, Taken unaware, sTood There moTionless, and if iT had noT been Tor my quickness of recovery, one oT us would surely have been ThaT king's prey, buT wiTh nerves oT iron, I raised my TrusTy riTle, sighTed The inTruder, and as The loud shoT rang ouT, our opponenT, a magniTicenT Tellow, Tell dead. i wk Y if li I saT Tacing The unTriendly audience buT knew I could win Them To my side when my Time came To speak, so sure was I oT my eIeganT vocabulary. Twice beTore I had held a place in The SenaTe in spiTe oT The eTTorTs oT my opponenTs, and alThough I mainTained my own opinions, which had consequenTly Turned mosT sTaTesmen againsT me, I was sTill The mosT popular and widely known candidaTe Tor re-elecTion. I had a low and very magneTic voice, and a sparkling personaliTy, and all my oTher qualiTica- Tions more Than lived up To These asseTs. I was The mosT discussed and admired woman oT my Time, and I Took greaT saTisTacTion in knowing ThaT I could deTeaT anyone I wished. I was also very pleased wiTh my perTecT privaTe liTe. A deep hush Tell over The audience as I goT up To deliver my speech. JANUARY I948 I3 - X, if lk lk lk ik The long skirfs swished on fhe highly polished floor as fhe finely dressed ladies and genflemen gracefully walfzed. There was no quesfion as fo who fhe mosf beguiling beaufy was. As I danced wifh my very handsome lord who had given up so much for me, all eyes furned in our direcfion. When we passed fhe new King and Queen I bowed, and even if fhey did nof refurn my kindness, I did nof care. I was 'rhe happiesf woman in fhe world because I had affained all fhaf my hearf had desired-fame, wealfh, and love. The sparkling wafer shimmered below us, and fhe moonbeams played on my hair. My blue eyes shone, and my pure whife lace dress and lovely skin were shown fo fheir besf advanfage. My husband gafhered me in his sfrong arms, and pulled me close fo him, eagerly waifing 'ro press his lips on mine, fo fell me once again of his undying love. All af once, someone shook me. Perhaps if was fhe jealous Queen. As I furned around fo see, I mef only a fluffy whife pillow. The hand on my shoulder persisfed in shaking and shaking me: so I was obliged fo look up. The sudden shock of seeing my mofher immediafely and very decidedly woke me up fo fhe facf fhaf I was iusf my old humdrum self who would be going fo school in anofher half hour, and would live fhe same humdrum life 'rhaf I had been living for nearly eighfeen years. I relucfanfly crawled ouf of bed, and as I was dousing cold wafer on my face, I carefully sfored away my many wonderful dreams for anofher nighf. Marilyn Baillef TI-IE LOST CLOUD I-low slowly and gradually you come and die: How disfanf and far in fhe wisfful sky. Who may deny finding comforf in youg In your misfy way, your cresf of gray blue? Whaf efernal mysfery governs you and yours? Why are you a prophecy of open and closed doors? Who are you, fo warn, and why so forlorn? You come and go, now you're hidden: I mourn! I beg fhee-be fhere, be of beaufy, be proud Even in mysfery: show, oh, show, Iosf cloud! Joseph Alberf Bra ncafo fe L- v3 I4 sENloR sci-loss 4 X! SENIOR COMMITTEES Senior Play Class Niqlnl Senior Dues Senior Secrefaries Color Guard Prom Reps Senior Reps Jewelry Reps LINES ON A SENIOR BUTTGN When I TirsT enTered Lane in SepTember, IA day I shall aIways rememberj The TirsT Thing I saw As I passed Through The door, Was an awesome Senior class member. I-Ier buTTon oT brighT blue and gray Flashed beTore my eyes righT away, And I swore Then and There ThaT I, Too, wouId soon wear ThaT badge OT disTincTion some day. ATTer Tour years oT Trying To Iearn, ThaT pin I did righTTuIIy earn, BuT. somehow, I Tear, WiTh RegenTs so near, I'II need a brand new one nexT Term. CynThia KohuT TI-IE SEARCI-I The haII was dark. The shadows suddenly parTed To reveaI a whiTe-robed figure. IT was a moonless nighT, and a caT's howI sounded eerily Through The air. The whiTe- robed figure Iooked cauTiousIy around, peered Through The enveloping darkness, and sToIe noiseIessIy To The sTairs. Down one, Then Two, TinaIIy The inTruder, in The nighT's privacy, reached The TooT of The sTairs. STeaIThiIy, siIenTIy, The Tigure glided Through ghosT-Iike rooms, inTenT upon a horrible purpose. IT rounded a corner and opened a door, which squeaked so IoudIy ThaT The inTruder was TrighTened. BuT his deTerminaTion was Too sTrong Tor him To Turn back now. He enTered The room, reached his hand cauTiousIy aIong a sheIT, and TinaIIy came upon The obiecT oT his search-The cookie iarl JaneT Mafhisen I6 SENIOR ECHOES I-IEARTBREAK She'd loved him, and she'd losl him, and she didn"r know whal 'ro do. She sal al home and mournlully played "Their" songs over and over and over on 'rhe phonograph. She laid her hands oul in from' of her and looked al lhe finger lhal had, so recenlly, worn his gradualion ring. How emply il looked! I-low funny il fell! She'd laken 'rhal ring oll for good, lhough, and she was going 'ro relurn il Tomorrow. She couIdn"r keep back lhe fears any longer. She'd managed lo be brave up unlil now. She buried her head in her hands, and her long honey-blonde locks fell from belween her lingers, cascaded down in brighl, loose waves. I-Ier enlire body shook wilh lhe sobs of a girl whose hearl' had been, no+ only broken, buf slepped upon, and lossed aside. They'd been "going s+eady" lor nor quile six monlhs, when all of a sudden he was dihlerenl. Lalely, he'd been so aloof, so dislanl-and 'rhen she'd seen him oul wilh anolher girl-and lhal had explained il alll There'd been no explanalions or apologies Iorlhcoming, nol lhal she'd have believed anylhing he said, anyhow, buf al Ieasl 'rhey would have soolhed her injured vanily. Oh, how she haled him, The very sighl of him! In Iacl she haled all men! She'd be an old maid-nobody loved her, and she didn'l love anybody, and whal's more, she didn'l care! I"ler lears came all lhe harder, her eyes slung, her lips quivered. and her sobs grew louder-and 'rhen lhe phone rang! II- iangled on and on! I She slirred and Iifled red-rimmed, velvel brown eyes Ihal didn'l focus al firsl. She picked up Ihe phone lhinking all lhe while, "There iusi isn'l any iuslicel You can"r even be alone wilh a broken hearl. Telephones, men, life-Bah!" She hafed lhem all. "Hello" she growled. and Ihen purringly sweel, and oh so soflly, "Oh, il's you, Alg I iusl knew you'd call." A pause! . . . "No, I wasn'l angry: I knew all along 'rhal she was your cousin." . . . And from 'rhe sparkle-Iighl in her eyes and 'rhe lill lo her childishly sweel moulh, il was plain lhal everylhing was going 'fo be all righl again. Marilyn Srnilh TRAFFIC VIOLATICNS See lhe freshman speeding, I-Ie'lI be Iale for class. The Sophomore behind him ls also going fasl. The iunior's leaping quickly As he hurries down I'he hall, And lhe SENIOR--oh, lhe SENIOR- Is chasing afler alll Cynlhia Kohul' JANUARY I948 I7 Lvl ff- NEW Emeusl-4 MEANINQS Ahi CC Algo C Alma C Aquf C C BarbaC C Baul C. Buscar Calor C Callar Cama Cesar C Cine .,,, Clima C CC Cobrar Coche C Comeclor Comer C Como Conceder Cosfar CC Cruz Cruzar C De rYr.,r.. Dolor Duranle EnC C Ese C Esperan C Esfar .,.., Eslrella C Familia CC Feliz CC Fiel C C Fin Flor CCCC Golpe C Hallar CCCC Hecho C lr C CC C Luz C CCCCCC C Malz CCCCCC Mejor C Menesler I8 OF OLD SPANISH WORDS C ,C.CCCCC Nof a she. C CCCC C CCCCC No, you go. CC CCCCC ..C,C.CC G irl's name. C C C C CC Whal goes info a lock. CC C C CCThe guy who culs your hair. Round objecl fha? bounces, if rubber. C Combinalion of lwo vehicles. CC CCCC C Red, blue, green, elc. CC CC CCOne who calls. C CCCCC Punclualion marlc. C CC Friend ofMarlcAnll'1ony Whal you do on lhe dolled line. CC CCCCCCC C C CCCCCCCCCCCCC. To mounl. CC CC Dangerous snake. Berman. CCC.CCCC.COFlicer in navy. C CCCC Unconsciousness. CC CC CLas+ name of Perry. C C CC CTO give lhoughl lo. CAccompany anolher acior. CC C CC CCCCCC A 'lrip on wafer. ship. CCTwenly-four hours. CC CC CCCC A hundred pennies. C CC C .Lasl name of Jimmy. C Fourleenlh leller of lhe alphabel. C C CC C CC CC CCCC CCCCCCCCCC A shorl arlicle C CWha+ you 'rake lo relieve a headache. C CCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCC C C A heavenly body C A conlinenl' in lhe Easlern Hemisphere CC.CWell-known. CCCCCYoung men. CC CCOne of lhe five senses. C C CCCCC CC.CCCCC.CC. F ive dollar bill. C CC C CCCCC CCWha+ you walk on. CWha+ Laneiles do wilh 'rheir food. yell. C ....C.. ....CCCC C5 od bless you! C CCCCC Whal you hear wilh. CC CCMisplace uninlenlionally. CC CC ..CCCCYellow color. COil'icer in army. CC Clergyman. SENIOR ECHOES Mes ., . .. , . ........Disorder. Me'I'er .InsTrumenT ThaT shows Tigures. Milla .. M .. A7,.,. One who makes Tlour. Mirar . . WhaT you see yourself in. Nevar . ., NoT aT any Time. Pie .. , .,u, Y,.,,.,,,. A pasTry. QuiTar Musical insTrurnenT. Raz6n . , Dried grape. Refr .. . ....The back. Revolver . ,,w. . .A gun. Sin . Do someThing wrong. Sumo ,The hoTTesT season. Marilyn LokieTz -e7'N' -f UPLIFT IN LANE Whenever everyThing seems wrong. and you are Teeling low, iusT go To The Up of Lane. WhaT do I mean by ThaT? Why, The eIevaTor, of course. When you were a Freshie, remember all The sweeT people who were willing To sell you an elevaTor pass Tor only a quarTer? QuiTe a bargain? Well, if you have ever had occasion To ride The elevaTor, I Think you will agree ThaT, IT Those passes had been any good. iT really would have been a bargain. Upon enTering The elevaTor you mighT mee-T a very sweeT looking IighT-haired lady, who answers To The name of Helen. Helen has a daughTer oT her own, and I have oTTen Thought ThaT ThaT is The reason Tor her inTeresT in all The girls. Breda. however, is quiTe diTTerenT Trom Helen. Breda has very dark hair which helps To bring ouT The Twinkle in her eyes. Usually she is ready wiTh a IiTTle ioke or some in- TeresTing happening of The day. For example, she had us all laughing when she scolded one of our young Teachers, because she ThoughT he was iusT anoTher sTudenT cuTTing one of his classes. These Two, I believe, are iusT abouT The besf-known people in Lane. They're always ready wiTh a friendly smile and a IITT Trom The caTeTeria To The Tour+h floor. I oTTen wonder how They remember The names oT all The sTudenTs. ,. - . . .. .,--.- - . . -. -e, - - . . . ... .4.-,.-- fr-..--af,----y:::,4'u OperaTing The eIevaTor This Term, I noTiced anoTher nice woman. I do noT Irniow her, buT all Those who do. say she also earns The TiTIe oT an "Upper." So, I say, haTs oli To The Three "Uppers" oT Lane. Lorraine OIBrien JANUARY I 948 I G . O. Deleqaws Boys' Deen Program Supply Squads Library Clafefeda Squads Arisfa Reporfcr Bank Squads PROLCDGUE TO TI-IE FRANKLIN K. LANE TALES Iwifh apologies fo Geoffrey Chaucenl When cool Sep'rember's leaves do fall once more, And summer wifh her carefree days is o'er, When birds fo Soufhern warmfh are swiffly flying, ' Then all af Lane, fo pass Ihaf fesf, are frying. If happened in fhaf Term upon a day, On Suffer Avenue, as for fhe bus I sfay Ready for school once more fo sfarf, yearning To enfer again info 'Ihose halls of learning, I saw, from ouf The corner of my eye, A company of four, going as I, This common cause fogefher us did fhrow And we logefher on fhe bus did go. "The Freshman" A Freshman fhere was, fhe youngesf of our band: The lad could hardly see, for in his hand His books were piled: each day fo school he ran. He was a very frighfened fimid Iiffle Freshman. "The Sophomore" Beside him was a "Sophomore," a youfh of fire: To pass his Mafh was now his hearf's desire, And yeI', I'd say he was a snob, af fhaf: He iusf ignored The lad who near him saf. i'Tl1e Junior" There was a "Junior," pleasanf, perf, and gay, Who chaffed amiably as we wenf our way. I-Ier hearf was full of love of life and cheer: She was fhinking of her Senior year. "The Senior" A "Senior," foo, fhere was who came wifh us: There was a sfir as she gof on fhe bus. She held no books: fhe only dafes she lcnew Were when fhe Prom and Class Nighf would be due. Now I've fold you shorfly, in a line, Aboul' fhe ones who were companions mine. Though, by my frofh, fhere is here nofhing new For I am sure fha? you have mef fhem, foo. Cynfhia Kohuf SENIOR ECHOES s Q X . , , . x si xg , 3 5' K R f f XY Q www? X W X y M X We wt. A X-.x -:::g:,..- . ,. ,: :- ' W X 5. N iig- : : 'Y wx x Nr1 "1Ehn.lhA . ' - Rm 2 x Q Rx N' PREAMBLE TO TI-IE PROM Here i? was, Prom nigh? a? las?, and I'd never been so exci?ed in all my life. Mom had le? me have my hair se? in ?he beau?y parlor, and I had had my nails done, ?oo. Then when I go? home Mom and I had brushed my hair some more, ius? lor a li??le exlra gleam. Dad had said ?ha? I could pick ou? my own formal, bu? I had asked Mom ?o come wilh me and be?ween us, we had decided upon a shimmering silver lame gown ?ha? swished pleasanlly abou? my ankles when I walked. Dad said ?he? I looked like a moon- beam princess in il. Dad was swee?l My flowers had arrived. I? had been so ?hough??ul of Tommy ?o send orchids. These were my very firs? orchids, and you know wha? a girl's firs? orchids mean ?o her. Mom had jus? 'raken ?hem from ?he refrigeralor where we had carefully s?ored lhem ius? as soon as ?hey had been delivered. Dad s?ood in ?he doorway ol my bedroom beaming down a? Mom ancl me. He pu? his arm around Mom's wais?, and I'll swear I saw ?ears in her eyes. They bo?h looked so happy ?here, framed in ?he doorway. They looked so young wi?h ?ha? sor? of misly Iigh? in ?heir eyes. I imagine ?ha?'s how ?hey mus? have looked when ?hey were firs? married, young, as ?hey looked now, and so in love. I hummed a li??le song as I dabbed a? my nose, for wha? mus? have been ?he hundred?h ?ime, wi?h my fluffy pink powder pull. Jus? a li??Ie dab of perfume behind each ear-?here! I looked in ?he mirror scru?inizingly, and allhough I was ?ar from beau?i?ul, I hoped ?ha? maybe I looked jus? a li??le like Hedy Lamarr ?onigh?. "You look lovely, dear," Mom said. I smiled a? her. "The doorbell! Oh, gollyl l'll ge? i?l" Jus? one las? look in ?he mirror and ?hen, "'Bye Mom, 'Bye Daddy. Oh, ?hanks, I will: I'll have a wonderful ?imel Goodbye again, angels!" Down ?he s?airs I walked, slowly, carefully. I fel? like skipping, bu? couldn'? qui?e manage i? wi?h my long, swirling gown. I opened ?he door, and Tommy s?ood ?here looking wonderful, more handsome ?han I had ever seen him look, and oh, so manly in his lux. He look my hand and led me down ?he walk. His ?a?her had le? him have ?he car for ?onigh?. He pu? me snugly in and wen? around ?o ?he o?her side. He go? in, s?ar?ed ?he mo?or, and ?hen we were o??-off ?o a wonderful ?ime-of? ?o ?he Prom, and an evening we'd never lorgell Marilyn Smilh LIMERICK There once was a senior named Jack. He held a record for being Ief? back. Finally, ou? of pi?y, in eigh?h ?erm he landed, Bu? af?er ?he Regenls, again he was s?randed. Arlene Krause 24 SENIOR ECHOES JU SALVATORE ABRUZZO I3I Hopkinson Avenue If friends were gold, lIe'd be a human Forl' Knox. Sfreef Pefrol, Beslreibell. New York Universily CATHERINE ADAMS l35 Aulumn Avenue Her eyes are brown, and so is her hair, Her smile is preily and her corn- plexion fair. Dance Club, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Hall Pefrol. Business VINCENT ALBANESE 24 Dewey Place Upon his lips lhere is a smile, Tha? girls would qo lor, lor many a mile. Business MARIE ALESI 408 Howard Avenue Youre qay and happy all the day: We hope fha! you will slay fhal way. Sec. Mr. Hamburger. Business Jvfvsaevg Q DOROTHY ALLAIRE . fi., fr' 1+-1. "a.,1'd Lrg ' ,Kill-'X"90 Wyona Slreef V, Ql,,,,,If will suffice To say sl'1e's nice! Dance Club, Library Squad, Sec. Mrs. Ma.sIrek, Floor Pairol. Business ivy MARY AMODIO 298 Arlinqlon Avenue So small, so cufe, and so periie, Mary Amodio's very sweel. Sfen Speed, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Kieller, Mr. Lieb, Mr. Todero, Mr. Rosenblum, Knock Sieff "Echoes," Business GLORIA ANELLO 222 Pennsylvania Avenue Her eyes are dark, and so is hr, hairg Shes small in size wifh skin quill lair. Sian Speed, Dance Clubs, Sec Mrs. Kieller, Mrs. Gershon, Mr Weldbaum, Mrs. Duncklee. Business ARTHUR AUDETTE 723 Herkimer Sfreel Of all llie boys l've ever mel, None Iauqlws as mucli as Arly Aude-He. Dance Club, Special Guard. Universiiy of Illinois MARILYN BAILLET 85-I 81h Sire , Wood n ' l r I 0 sweef' oy S ' aryl any. boy. Ar sfa, Mus Qykeillfion. Leed- ers, Volley , Tennis, Bowling, DremaIicL ence Cl 5, Miss Manning, " an Lrferary Sfeff "E e , Librer Squad, Recepfion Com., Viclory Collec- fion Com. Queens College JEAN BARBATO 32 Dewey Place Jean is one you'd like lo rneefp Sl1els slworl and cule and very sweeh Business EDWIN BASTIAN l4S Macllouqal Slreel Always smiling, always qay, He falks a lillle, llwen qoes Iris way. Business JOSEPH BENNETT 55 Hull Slreel He's qol red lwair, And he seems quief, Bu? don'l le? him kid you. He's a riol. Business SENIOR ECHOES I ,JF DONALD BENZ 9I26 90th Street, Woodhaven One who is always ready with a pun, And certainly is a lot ot tun. Dance, Chess, Garden Clubs, His- tory Forum, Cafeteria Guard. Queens College NORMA BERNARD Il70 Glenmore Avenue "intelligent," we declare, "With ambition lett to spare." Arista, Latin, French. Dance Clubs, Sec. Mis: Lietx. Miss Kravietz, Mrs. Jennings, Mr. Rosenblum. Gold Star Health Record, Promp- ter for Senior Play, French Award. Hunter College ELEANOR BEUSCHOLD 60-90 7Ist Avenue Eleanofs swell: Eleanor's tine: She lets us on the cafeteria line. Sec. Mrs. Sommers, Mr. Goldman, Cafeteria Guard. Business -4,26 WILLIAM BEVERLY . 552 Crescent Street lnt l' high: character kind: boy lilse him is hard to tind. Science, Dance, Math Clubs, Health Service Squad, Emergency Room, Knock Staff "Echoes." MARIE BLAICH I45 Euclid Avenue Theres a girl with a gleam in her eye, One loolr at her, and all the boys sigh. Volleyball Club, Sec. Accounting Omce. Business CLAIRE BLUM 683 Euclid Avenue So smart, so gay. so up to tho minute, The latest teshion with tlowers in it. Music Club. Sec. Miss Levy, Mrs. Reid, Miss Harrington, Miss Lietz, Miss Straub, G.O. Rep. University ot Maryland JANUARY I948 THOMAS BOCCIO 535 Liberty Avenue The little man who plays tirst base: When it comes to an out, he wins the race. Baseball, Locker Squad. Business RITA BOLASNY I Elton Street A girl who is pleasing and sweet: Someone who's a delight to meet. Basketball, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Steinberg, Mr. Fallrenheim, Gold Star Health Record, Locker Pa- trol. Colleqe ot the City ot New Yorl: ANNA BONAGURA l70 Ridgewood Avenue lt you ever want a treat, Meet our Anne: she's really sweet. Senior Dance Club, Sec. Miss Devereaux. Mr. Hamburger. Miss Straub, Girls' Gym Patrol. Business SALVATORE BONIFACE l9I McKibbin Street, Maspeth A very nice tellow is our Sal. And to everyone he is a pal. Baseball Team Veteran United States Army. Columbia University MARIE BONURA 807 Ashford Street Here's a girl you'd lilre to meet: Sl'1e's cute, blonde, and so petite. Sec. "Reporter" Oftice, Mrs. Gar- shon, Miss Devereaux. Business MARY BOSCARlNO 360 Montauk Avenue With her large brown eyes and iolly ways, This girl will be happy all her days. "Reporter" OFiice, Economics Of- tice, Girls' H. E. Patrol. Business JOSEPH BRANCATO 684 Hemlock Slrmer Hia div s is meal, his personality plus: llf- iirnvvs imllenlion wilhoul may fuss, Wrifers', Dance Club, Sec. Mr. Bail, Mrs. Feffig, Lilerary Sfafl "Echoes," Hall Pafrol, Sheer Pafrol. New Yorlr, Universily PATRICIA BRAUN H777 HOlh Slreel, Woodhaven Deliqhllully prerly Clixmrrninq and willy, Everybodyis pal, A very nice qal. Sec. Mr. Login, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Selwyn, Mr. Sieinberg, Miss Leu- nig, Floor Pafrol, Senior Play, Knock Sh-aff "Echoes," G.O. Rep., "Repor+er" Rep. Business WILLIAM BRENNAN 76 Weldon Slreel Liill is quili- .1 handsome blond, ill 4-.luiiii lhi- qirlg .ue rriiviluly fond. W Business lil FRANCES BRITTON 38 Cox Place Alvviiyi, pl' -fxf nmnl, and srnilinq loo, I f-'- ,,,lilwrl by many, disliked by ' few. X NY ,ff Swimming, Sewing Clubs, Sec. Home Making Office. l Business JEROME BROWNFIELD 930 Lenox Road Ji-rry i-. liqht on his feel, On ilu- clonrf- lloor he's hard lo heal. Dance Club, Sec. Mr. Calia, Sfreei Parrol. Emergency Room, Sound Squad, Physics Lab. Ci nl llw Cily ol New Yorlc REINHOLD BRUNHUBER I9o Essex Slreei A ii-'fd wludenl whois up lo par, llifs one who'll surely qo very fall. Sfreel Pafrol, Locker Squad. Prnll lnslilule VINCETTA CALCAGNO 260 Allcns Avenue A wonderful qii-I Who's prefly and nenl: Wifh sparlclinq Green eyes, Sheis o pleasure fo meel. Bowling, Dancing Clubs, Jewelry Rep., Sec. Miss Jones, Gold Star Healfh Record. Business DOMINICK CALVANO 92 Mcllouqisl Shoe? The opposinq lenmf. will slmilil--I wifh fear, When lhey learn bnsvlmll will become Dom's career, Baseball, Baskerball Teams. Business GRACE CAMPISI 408 Ellon Sfref-l S0 v0ry nife Tha? we qaze lwiw: When she smiles our wily It biiqhicns our day. Typisr, "Lane Repor1er," Senior Rep., Reorganizafion Com. Business ROBERT CANAVAN 8618 77lh Sirnel, Woodlmvren l-'le rnifrlnl noi qel in llw llfill ul Fanw. Bu? heill lie lilcr-cl iuml ilu- sm: Business JOSEPHINE CHARLETTA 3l Somers Sheet Shes pleasanl and iiisy ln every way. Senior Dance Club. Business PETER CHIAFALO g 974 Deralur Slreel For four years Lane war. liisflnrii-' residence f And now hek lhe nowosl czfclnss presiclenls. ' Presidenf of ihe Senior Class, Chemisfry Lab. Squad, Physics- Lab. Squad, "Repor+er" Rep., G.O. Rep., Prom Chairman. Bufrress ' SENIOR ECHOES f 1 f 1' I , 3-I ,V I L .K A 1l!A EILEEN CHILDS 298l Fullon Sfreel lIe1e's 11 qirl wl1o'll calch your eye, Whelhor she's smiling gaily, or .lusf passinq by. Be.lie+baII, Swimming Clubs, See, Mr. Vandeverg, Mr, Fagan, Band, Orchesfra. College JOHN CIACCIO I49 Linwood Sfreol .l11l111 is .1 boy who can acl and sing: As ml rnaller of facl, he can do anylhinn. Hislory Forum, Dramafic Club, Dancing Club, Vice-Presideni of Dramatic Club, Knocis Slaff "Echoes," Beskerball, All Cify High School Chorus. School Chorus, "Top Hels and BusIles," Senior Play. Hobart College ANDREW CLAUSEN 74 ll 76th Sireel, Queens ln Lane Hiqh, il is aqreed, llval Andrews lhe boy who will succeed. Ari Slalif "Echoes." Ari School FLOR E COHEN ' lderls Lane mpc h I ime never erase essi n from her ace len S . Senior Dan e el- b I S imm' i y Collec- o , His? r rum, Creafive Wriling C s, Honor Service Squad, Sec. Mr. Lilchblau, Mr. Kimmel, Mrs. Marshali, Sec. His- fory Forum. G. O. "Raporler" Represenlafive. Business NAOMI COHEN lbll Sl. Marks Avenue A pleasant person and very quier, Slu-'s nivur lhe cause ol any riol. Cafeleria Squad. Business CLINTON COLLINS 78 Weldon Sfreel lh1111o111be1inq Clinl is very worlh- while Beceuse in 1'en1emberinq Clint, you remember his smile. Business JANUARYI948 EILEEN COLLINS 60 Wyona Slreel She has blonde han, sl1e's lcnnwn lo all, She's noi loo fall, and nol loo small. Handball Club. Sec. Mr. Lichl. blau, Miss Levy, Mrs. Somers, Library Squad, Emergency Room. Business KATHRYN CONLON 1624 E.92nd Sheer f' W I-lair lhel's blonde, manners swoiel, Kalhryrrs a qirl lhal you sheul.l rneei. I Sec. Mrs. Kegel, Miss Hamb ger, Mrs. Raskob, Mr. Rosenblum, Sien Speed Club, Arisfa, Bowling Club, Leaders' Club. Modern Dance Club, Handball Club. Business GENE CONTINO 2059 Fullon Slreol Gene is very willy and fray: Wilh lhese qood 'lrdilfi I-le'll qo a lonq way. Dance Club, Bowling Club, Music Club, Pholography. Fordham Universily GEORGE CONTINO IOS? Belmenl Avenue Tall and darl: Wilh lols ol spallc. Dance Club. Sec. Mr. Shaw Mr. Rellrewiclr, Emergency Room. Business BENJAMIN COOKE 573 Decaiur Siren? l"lere's The type you rarely linde- A popular boy willr a clever IUIFICI. MARIE CORSELLO 6l3 Aulumn Avenue Smarl as a whip-lhal's liny Merle. The culesl qal you ever did see, Alhlelic Council, Bowling, Baslxef- bell, Dance, Tennis, Leaders, Sofi- ball, Vice-Presidenf and Aedile S.P.O.R., Chairman Volleyball and Hockey, Sec. Mr. Dressler, Mr. Kuris, Mr. Nagler, Miss Leunig, Jewelry Rep., G.O. Rep., "Re- porfer" Rep., Lilerary Sfaff "Echoes," Play Day Hosfess, Gold Slar in H. E. Columbia Universily f f ifamulij 0, 51,1 BERNARD CORSO 499 Chauncey Slreei His wil is subile, his inielliqence keen, Though wilh a 'fexlboolc he's seldom seen. Bowling and Dance Clubs, Caplain Bowling Teams, Sec. Mr. Rubinow, Knoclzs Slafl "Echoes," Baseball Team, Receplion Deslr. Columbia Universify BARBARA COSHER X 8577 B8lh Sireel Ai? ion. e lleme -eboul six l feel iwol in . ar ' r perieci for you. aders T Music Apprecia- 'on, O Iubs, Sec. Mrs. Gil- berf, Kn s Slaff "Echoes," "Re- porfer" S lf Chairman of Sludenl' Council of Brooklyn Unil of Melro- polilan Opera Guild. Library Sq. 'Bates College 's 4, XWJ nic:-Wan COSTA l82 Cheslnul Sireei I H e's a fellow wifh a high l, Q., Jli you have a problem, he'll solve ii for yOu. Dance Club, Music Club, French flub, Arisla, Hidory Forum, Treas- I urer of Arisfa, Pros. of French Club, Sec. Miss Gorman, Boys' Knoch Edifor "Echoes," Lane Pa- frol, Recepiion Deslr, Senior Play, "Reporler Rep., Banh Rep. Albany Slaie College FRANK CRlFASl i632 Coinelia Slfeel, Ridgewood H1 looks lei? he loolcs righi And wonders whom he'll date loniqhf. G.O. Rep., Dance Club, Sec. Emergency Room, Mr. Calia, Mr. Berman, Mr. Shore, Vice-Pres. of fha Senior Class, Bashelball and Swimming Teams, Hall Palrol, Slreef Patrol, Knock Slaff "Echoes." Bowiino Green Slaie College FRANK CRISCI ll Guniher Place They call him 'liqhlningl' Because he can run, And you can bel he's lols of lun. Dance Club, Slreef Palrol. Business -JJMANNA CROCIATA uf 343 Chauncey Slreel ,,QrPrnly a dcmure is lhis lass: iqhly quiel when in Class. ,Biology Club, Swimming Club, French Club, Sec. Miss Liefz. College ANDREW CUPOLO 70 McDougal Sfreel If all his subiecls were like Mdill Andy would have an easy paih. WILLIAM CUTRONE 647 Wilson Avenue There is a friend, real and lrue--- One of The finest boys we knew. Business MARIO DALOlSlO i420 Herlzimer Slreei Quiet yes, bul. ah mel ls he really as quiei as he SGCWS lo be? Guard, Ari Slaff "Echoes," Prail lnsfifuie DOLORES DAVES i843 Bergen eil-ceelg 2 ! - J' Some know I-i rzs - ll Those who do, Vice her a lol. Music Club, G.O. Rep., Lib ry Squad, Cafeleria Squad I 6 College any PAUL DEESEN 6509 8Ofh Avenue, Glendale 27 li's very easy io sec. Thai heis always wailinq For ihe bell al lhree. Baseball, Mixed Chorus. Locker Squad, Cafeleria Squad, Sfreel Pafrol. Prall lnsliiule MARY DeLlZZO l8l2 Pillcin Avenue To boosl her is lhe lhinq lo do Because shed do ihe same for you. Sec. Senior Grade Adviser, Locker Room Palrol. Business SENIOR ECHOES IOBA Somers ree ller lovely smile and qenfle rifriif ways Will cheer some man for all his days. Cheerleaders, Swimming Clubs, Sec. General Office. Business EILEEN Da MEYER I5O 20 99lh Place, Ozone Park A sunny disposiiion. a smile for everyone, Shes liked by all who know her, and she is lols of lun. Creerleadors, Leaders, Swimming Club, Sec. Mrs. Riback, Mr. Lichfblau Business ARTHUR DEMPSEY 407 Ridgewood Avenue llis derp blue eyes and wavy hair Make all lhe qirls slop and stare! Business 'Vw JANET DEMSKY 4,-ffff"'w'j3i' i449 E. 99:11 sneer Cure, fair, and lofs of lung Whal a qirl for sorneone's son! G.O. Council, Arisla, Malhema- iics, Dance, Leaders, Handbell Clubs, G.O. Sec., Sec. Mafhema- lics Club, Liferary Sfaff "Echoes." Brooklyn College MARIE DENTICI 2l6O Allanlic Avenue Like a piano Shes grand and uprighl. Sonior Dance, Slen Speed Clubs, Sec. Miss Levy, Mimeograph Squad. Business ROSE DePASQUALE I92 Macllouqal Slreel Shc's lull of life and lots of fun: She's good ai pleasing eyeryone. Modern Dance Club. Gold Sfer in H. E. Business JANUARY I948 RAYMOND DeVERA 39l Decalur Slreei ll's nice To be nafural, When you're nafurally nice. Mixed Chorus, Capfain of Cafe- leria Guards. Brooklyn College ROBERT DIBLIN 8069 BBfh Road, Wooclhaven He lruly is a friend indeed, Who helps a sludenl when in need Mixed Chorus. Business MAR 34 ar ic rig ere ' ' ery muc of Mary? al she la Qkquanfily e makes up i qualily. Arisfa, Sfen Speed Club, Bowling Club, Sec. Mrs. Jennings, Miss Hamburger Business l TIN DINAPO ' 9?- IO n l i , ill N I5VQ5, a pe1ite Such a qir is ard l Sec. Mr. Safin, Gold S r Heelfh Record. ' Business MURIEL DINZEY 32 Suydam Place We all like lhis qirl so sweel. She's quiel and shy and very neal. Music Club, Library Squad, Cafe- feria Squad. Brooklyn College LENA DiPRlZlTO I7O Rockaway Avenue A charming manner, Cule and near: Heres a qirl Who's really sweel. Senior Dance Club, Sien Speed Club, Senior Jewelry Rep., Gold Sfar in H. E. Business rl , VJ4, I of is ii i " 3 Ji- if il' ELEANOR Donssv y.J" 75l7 I-ilriili Avr-nue, Woodhaven 2l tr "' like a sprinq morning, Uniorqellable. warm, and vibranf. Bowling, Sofiball, Leaders, Tennis, S l u n I, Swimming, Valley Ball, Dance, Laiin Clubs, Aihleiic Coun- cil, Sec. Mrs. Friedman, Mr. Lieb, Program Com., Knock Siaff "Ech- oes", Girls Leader Arisia, G.O. G Vice.Presiden+. ' ueens College WW Q I UISE DOUGHERTY 525 Chauncey Sireei May she always slay OJ' ' Cuff' and blonde and qay. Cheerin Club, Sec. Mr. Rosen- PM blum, Library Squad. Business HELEN DRAUGEL 497 Lincoln Avenue Ilulen Imsn'l much lo soy. Bul we all lille her, anywnv. Arisfa, French, Se nior Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Peshlrin, Mrs. Jen- nings, Miss Liefzg "Reporfer" Rep., Gold Siar Healfh Record, Ari O, Award, French Award. Business . DOLORES DUETSCII YS! linwood Sfrecl Allluounli ul swimminq slie J M excels, .W 5 llirr pivnsonalily rinqs all N f bells. nguin of Ospreys, Library Squad, Senior Prom Rep., Baskefball, Life Saving, Pool Aide, Tennis Club. Business PHILECE EHRSAM 2-i4Il Hbll ire odhaven 2I u ny ain, i lCi nl Wi w' era ' Ospreys, M usi Ap cia , Tennis, Baskeiball, ders ubs Sec. Arisia, Sec. Mr ubin, Mr. Salz, Senior Rep., ck Slaff "Echoes," "ChrisI'rnas Faniasy," "KaIrinlia," Ar? Sfaff "Repo:-fer," Ari Slalil "Echoes." f J' Praii Insiiluie 5 , riff ywbk' DOROTHEA EISENBERG 355 Ridgewood Avenue fi I In liynrl of sporis, fond of fun, Kass 'I' A: 1, Dollies lilied by everyone. '- "" 5 ff Imming, Baskelball, T e n n is, bv ' Bowiing Clubs, Sec. Mr. Vander- verg, Band, Spring Concerl I947. Potsdam Teachers' College PHILIP EMDEN 452 Eldeils Lani: Tall and blonde sliqhlly li--iii, Herr: J a fellow whos on ilu- lurfiii' Music Appreciaiion Club, Sec. Mr. Vandenberg, Miss Laverfy Mr. Fagin, Ba nd, Orchesira, Swing Band. Universily oi Pennsylvnniii, DOROTHY ERNST . 400 Elion Slreel Vi L Preliy and noni, Clever and sweel. i - Dol is. one All should meel, W Sien Speed, Bowling, Dance Clubs, Senior Rep., Business Manager "Echoes," Sec. Miss Leunig. Business X ' .Dis-i" K. JOAN ERNSJ' My 'Msn 299 Grin fxvfimliv i ' f g' K ry smile, -1 :my lniliig i - ' 1 ays friendly, nire Io lcniivf. 4' ec. Mr. Lichiblau, Mr. Waldbaum. A Business LUCY ESBURG LJ,-0 f " - I75 ArIinq'on Avifnui- - 1-F -is A Iilllc dash of pw..-f, If 'V A liflle dash oiasiviio, I 5. 'J Musi be what malrfrs icky' 'JS So ioly and nireJ i .l 1,1 Lafin, French, Dance Clubs, Sec. V ii Miss Harrington, Mr. Sole, Mrs. Reid, Library Squad, Arf Siaff, Liferary Slaff "Echoes," 6.0. Rep. Miami Universily MARIE EVERS QI-33 Bblh Slrfvrrl, XA'nricllm'.'i-ri Pholoqmphy, dancinq Her holuloies are fun: She! aclive and lnusy Uniil day is done. P Bowling, L ders 'R., French, m Myrna. cs, is odefn Danc Clubs, " ' nch Clu , . Mr. Dress er, Mr . Welliowi z, r Lieb, . Wec sler, " epo er Rep., .O. bofogra. pher enior s," Sec. Mr. Rosenblum. Queens Colleqo ANNE FALLICA II65 Herkimer Sirr Knowinq Anne is a lroa Because she is so nic - Sien Speed, Swimm g lubs, Sec. Mrs. Dunclilee, Miss S1 Saviif, Mr. Rosenblum, far f Heallh Record, "Reporier" B '- ness Siafi, Reorganizalion Co Business SENIOR ECHOES NICKOLAS FANTUCCHIO 78-24 88rh Road, Woodhaven 2I If I were king, l'd always say: "On my pianos only Nicky may playf' ' l .fr , ' " ., . . LORETTA FARGIONE , Wifi 9046 r8OlI5, Slfeel, Woodhawen ' "Sugar ahld spice and overyihinq . I I I ' wee." For Lore-Ha, Ihls goes twice. Leaders, Tennis'CIubs, Sec. Mr. Hamburger, Miss Harringfon. Sec. Senior Grade Adviser, "ReporIer" Typisf, ybibrary Sqluad. f Business ' ARINELLA 2I Marion eel lwlallr n sli . near frim, Jwayzmwm a qrin. Swimming,.S nhl ancing Club, "Reporfer" Re6,fG.O. Rep. Locker Room Pafrol. Business FRANCES FARINELLA 202 McDougal Slreei If personalily were pur To Ihe fest, Frances would rare as one of The besi. Modern Dance Club. Business JAMES FARLEY I99 Hemlock Sfreef Lane's loss is music's gain. Through The sax Ihar brought iii him fame. ' Swing Band, Leaders Club. x l , U. S. Marine Corps. ' sm U I' 0 ' ' VIRGINIA FASOLINO A . 29 Bradford Slreei . All her friends are sure 'fo iell Abou? Ihis girl who's really swell. Sec. Mr. Zeng, Mr. Hayman, Bowling Club, Library S q u a d, "Repor+er" Salesman, 6.0. Rep. Business JANUARY I948 AUGUST FERRANDO 2 Adler Place Caesar was ambiiious, and he was killed: Augqie is going Io live Iorever. Sound Squad, G.O. Rep., Dance Club, Prom Rep., Baskeiball Team. Business MARIE FERRARA 87 Glen Slreel Good Iasle and refined soplmisli- cation, Prevail in her work and conversa- lion. Parsons School of Design GLORIA FERRETTI I7I Marion Slreei Dark and slim, and lull of lun, She's a Iriencl lo everyone. Dance, Cheer Leaders, Sien Speed Clubs, Sec. Mr. Lieb, Mrs. Gilbert Business PEARL FINE 600 Logan Sireel Small-sweelfpelilel A combinalion hard Io bear. Modern Dance, Swimming. .S'len Speed Club, Sec. Mr. Safin, "Re- por+er" Typisf, "Repor+er" Business Sfaff. Business WILLIAM FISCHL 2I8 Jerome Sireef A man of characier, firm and slrong, Who cannol be held down very lonq. Cafeferia Guard, Lane Pairol. Business RICHARD FOLWARK I322 SI. Marks Avenue The leading role in lhe Senior Play Will make him a 'famous aclor some day. Dance, Dramafic Clubs, Senior Play. Business S EVELYN FRASCA 355 Afkins Avenue Always quiel, never wild: How can we knock a girl so mild? Business JOAN FROST 9306 75lli Slreel, Woodhaven 2l .loans qolden hair and dancing eyes Are lhe cause of many sighs. Swimming, Slen Speed, Modern Dancing Clubs, G.O. Rep., Jew- elry Rep., Gold Slar in H. E., Emergency Room Aide Business DOROTHY FUREY 70 Rockaway Avenue lauqhinq eyes and a smile fhar's briqhlg Dollie always does whals riglnl. Dance, Cheering Clubs, Sec. fo Miss Harringlon, Mr. Hamburger. Business JEROME FURMAN l48 Forbell Slreel For lznalish he is always la+e, Bul always ready for a doin. Malhemalics, Science, Hislory, Dance Club, Swimming Team, Sfreef Palrol, Locker Squad, G.O. Rep., Caleleria Guard, Biology Squad. Harvard Universiiy ANNA GAETA l32 New Jersey Avenue Many a qirl would dance and sing, If she owned Anna's enqaqemenl ring. Sec. Accounling Office, Gym Office, Arl Slaff "Ecl'ioes." SYLVIA GAGLIANO 25 Schenck Avenue Our words really can'l express Your sweefness and your pleasanlness. Handball, Soffball, Leaders, Cheer- .- A, I ing, Tennis, Volleyball, Dancing, I L Hockey, Swimming, Baskelball Clubs, Aihlefic Council, Cheering ' Squad, Trees. Alhlefic Council, J 1 'Sec. Mr. Vandeverg, Dues Rep., of Reorganizolion Com., Cafe?-aria Q! Guard, Knock Slaff "Echoes," Gold Slar Heallh Record, Chair- . man Gold Sfar Commillee. 4 American Associalion ol Serial Workers THOMAS GAGLIARDI 2l7 Marion Slreel To any class, heres a qood addifion- A swell fellow wiili lols of ambition. Dance, Bowling, Music, Plwologras pliy Clubs. Business ji 1 JEA GALANT 383 rrimaihl Q y 'Jeenie, Jea ie whal can we ay? Youre so Lell in every way? XSQC. Misftevy, Mr. Business fs J I A JOAN GALLINAT ' 253 Monlauk Avenue An inielliqenl miss, a cliarmiiiii lass, Joans always al fhe head of hor class. Slen, Swimming, Dance Club, Sec. Mr. Zeiflin, Sec. Mr. Rosene blum, Sec. "Senior Echoes," G.O Rep., "Reporter" Business Sfalil. Business NANCY GALLO 305 Glenmore Avenue l-lere's a redhead you'd like li' meef: She is 'racllul and very swevl. Slunf, Slen Speed Club, Sec. Mr. Walclbaum, Mr. Salin, Gen. eral Oflica. Business Pool Hall, Palrols, G.O. "Re offer" Rep., Cafe leria Worker.7 l Yale Urliversily HL ' Slreel,l Ozone P,A I7 marks in Marla eydid oblain pe il weed' 'foo qr Ma Sh . A Lfpf Vai, Mmil. .iclence ,fbpiaee Club, Fomrn. Sec. Feurer, Emerg- ency Squad, Healfls Service Squad. Colleqe of lhe City of New York SENIOR ECHOES DANIEL GELLER 99 Arlinqlon Avenue I-lc's modesl and a friend ideal: Io do a favor he'Il go wilhouf a meal. Dance. Maih Clubs, Sec. Mr. Ca- Iia, Mr. Reihewick, Mr. Laffel, Baskefbell Scorer and Timer, Hall Pafrol, Band, Mixed Chorus, Physics Lab. University of Illinois JERRY GERBER 884 Belrnonf Avenue orry's brains ve wo him fame, It rou out e whole of F. K. Lane. M c Clubs-, Boy Leader , Pres. Backsiage Squad, Li ary Sfaff "Echoes." M1 '1bia Universify MARY GIGLIA 348 Brisfol Slrecf Jusl anolher sweel hiqh school lass Whqase main arnbilion is lo pass. Sec. Miss Manning, Mrs. Somers, Mr. Fabricanf. Business KATHRYNE GILLEN i269 E. 89lh Slree? Never amidsl a noisy riofg Kalhryne is fine and ralher quiel. Sec. Io Miss Holman, Mrs. Ribacl. Loclcer Pairol. Business MARVIN GINSBERG 480 Elderls Lane He laughs and he iolces, This amiable wit, And some of his slories Sure malre a hil. Cafeieria Squad, Sec. Senior Office, Business Siaff "Echoes." Business ANNA GIOE 734 Euclid Avenue Solnclirnus quiel, somelime qay, Bul always friendly eilher way, Sfen Speed Club, Sec fo Miss Seidel, Mr. Lieb, Hall Pairol. Business JANUARY I948 JUNE GODINO 845 Belmonf Avenue June reminds us of a firecracke. loaded wiih personalify-always exploding! Cheerleaders, Dancing, Swimming Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Dunclclee, Miss Lieiz, Mrs. Gallin, "Repor+er" Sfaff, Gold Sfar in H. E., 6.0. Rep. Business RALPH GOFFNER 67 Ashford Sfreef Wilh boys and girls he's popular, The wrafh of none can he incur. Sec. Mr. Kaplan, Mr. Reilewiclz, Hall Pairol. Emergency Room, Cafeieria. Long Island Universify FLOYD GOLD I99 Highland Boulevard Always happy, always gay. A regular fellow in every way. Maih, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Hamburger, Mr. Welkowih, Mr. Laffel, Mr. Annenburg, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Sfeinberg, Manager of Bas- Irelball Team, Oufside Pairol, Capt of Cafeieria Squad, Mime- ograph Squad of Mafh. and His- iory, Hall Pafrol. Lehigh Universify. ELAINE GOLDSMITH 276l Piflrin Avenue Her sfafure may nof be very fall, Bu? her personalily lowers over all. Sec. Mr. Klaffer, Record Office, Knock SfaFf "Echoes," Library Squad. Business . PHYLLIS eowsrem 'J ff'5'e' HJ Il32 Blake Avenue ,cf ,',.,,C Phyllis has a quiel way f , -q Thai would please you any day. fl Pan-American, Soffball, Senior Dance, Dance, Vicfory Collecfion Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Kegel, Miss Levy, "Reporter" Rep., A rf Sfaff "Echoes," P h o I o g r a p h y SMH "Echoes," Art School JOAN GOTTESFELD 460 Ridgewood Avenue Unsophislicafed and sweel, A combinalion hard lo beal. Sec. Mrs. Ribacl, Mr. Selwyn, Mr. Rosenblum. JJ-4,55 I Syracuse Universily. g -i ,L+ EMIL GRANIZO I373 Easl 94-lh Slreel A swell personalily Veleren, Uniled Sleles Navy. Fordham Universily MARY GRAULICH 652 Cenlral Avenue When all seems cloudy, And nol very gay, Mary comes in, And brighlens lhe day. Dance, Modern Dance, Cheer- leaders, Baslrelbell Clubs, Sec. Mr. Ball, Miss Manning, "ReporI'er" Rep. Business I, .X C I GREENBERG l l' ilu' I8 89lh Avenue l Woodhaven 2I J Il Her hone 4 lored hair and A ' L' sparkling eyes Iv! Are We mam reasons lor lhe L , l ' lellows' sighs. V 'Milne F o rlu m , Pan-American ,1'Clubs, Sec. Mr. Bach, Mr. Selwyn, 4 . spy v ' I y ,. DJ. Mr. Brodell, Mrs. Rubin. Jewelry Rep., Sec. lo Senior Adviser, 6.0. Rep. Queens College CHRISTINA GRIMALDI 21 I0 Fullon Slreel Neal, pelile, and very sweelg Alrnosl good enough lo eall Slen Speed, Dance Clubs, 6.0. Rep, Gold Sler in H. E. Business 0 QMLUE ELAINE enorr-IE f HL' 72-I4 69lh Place '.:.l2lvifYory dales are so conlusing: Oulside dales are so amusing! Leaders, Tennis, Swimming. Sen- ior Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Gold- slein, Miss Harringlon. Loclrer Pelrol, Gold Slar in H. E. Business KATHERINE GUARINIERI 2459 Pillrin Slreel Willy, pleasanl, gay, and clever, We hope she slays lhal way forever. Dance Club. Sec. Miss Manning. Mrs. Somers, Miss Levy, Mrs. Budwash. Business JOAN HAHL 8839 79lh Slreel, Woodhaven Her sparkling smile and brighl recl hair Malte Joan welcome anywhere. Dance, Slunls Clubs. Sec. Mr. Salin. Mr. Lichlblau. Business MARTIN HAIKEN 94-O4 77lh Slreel, Ozone Park I7 A lulure lawyer he hopes lo be: We'll iusl have lo wail and see. Sec. Emergency Room, Mr. Feurer, Knock Sleff "Echoes," Long Island Universily ELEANOR HARDE 64-I6 Madison Slreel Always keep Eleanor in mind: A lruer friend is hard lo lind. Business. JOSEPHINE HARRIS 383 Marion Slreel Ralher quiel, nol loo loud' Always shy when lhere's a crowd. Hall Pelrol, Sec. Mr. Kirsch. Business CHARLES HAUCK IIO9 Halsey Slreel Well-lilled and lailoredp lhe girls will howl For Lane's compelilion lo William Powelll Business ALVINA HAUK l5O Norwood Avenue AIvina's neal and mighly sweelg Knowing her is quile a lreal. Slen Speed, Dance, Leaders Clubs. Business SENIOR ECHOES MILLICENT HAUSER I24 Euclid Avenue She's sweel and blonde and nealg Knowing her is a lreal. Dance, Slen Speed Clubs. Business EDNA HAYN 368 Gran? Avenue Always happy, always qay. A very nice girl in every way. Sec. Mr. Heyman, Mr. Falken- heim, Tennis, Volleyball Clubs. ,L Cx!!! Zo -kliusiness School MARION HEINRICH 9I06 79lh Slreel, Woodhaven 2l Wilh her sol? brown eyes and genfle smile, Many a hearl she will beguile. Laiin, Baslxeiball, Afhlelic Coun- cil, Tennis, Leaders Club, Library Squad, "Repor+er" Staff, Gold Sfar in H. E., Cafeieria Squad. Lab. Squad. Cornell Universily HELENE HERBERT 27 Pine Slreer Lois of fun: Dislilred by none! Dance, Cheerleaders, Basluelball Clubs, Sec. Mr. Bail, "ReporIer" Salesman. Business SEYMOUR HOCHSTADT 599 Aulumn Avenue Seymour sports lhose "be-bop" glasses, 'Cause lhey maine him Iilced by girls in his classes. Sec. Mr. Rellewick, Mr. Galbur+. College of the Cily of New Yoilc H ufa I e n Place l h no er wil agree, Th,I e has a p ' q Music, Dance, wi ng, Forum, Pan-American Clubs, Sec. Mr. Galburi, Mr. Lichlblau, Ari Sfaff "EcI'ioes." Brooklyn College JANUARY I948 JANET HOYT 74-20 9Slh Avenue A sweel and quiel' girl is she: Success will be her desliny. Sec. Mr. Fallrenheim, Tennis-, Vol- leyball Clubs. Businessbjg4-- . 4 FRANCES UBERT l62 Euclid Avenue T F laug er and fun wh n FEIZE X1 f Any i 5 ,Q ale. s e' r H: "' f- ' fl . e C . S r M lc . Q , f Hocke 'I Qhezn f ec. T . . Pu? 2, Y - ord O n , enior Pay, Sfar H , Knock Siaff "Echoes ." ' Kalherine Gi SCM VINCENT IMBIMB l65 Founlain Avenue These four years he did succeed: AT lhe leacher's iolces he laughed, indeed, School lor Beaulicians f K v YN Msn! I MARY , nc-loLA 'ff " Be monl Avenue ,y ere's a qirl wilh-,manner cule, Whos? hair anB'clolhes"Ne sure I lo suifbzv A' ' S. P. R., Leaden, Creaiive Wriling Slgbsq-Peci Mnmressler, Prom Rep. Middlebury College JOAN JABLONSKI I96 Lincoln Avenue J is for Joan, an Olcay gal, A good bowler, and a Nice pal. Bowling, Tennis, Swimming Clubs, Healih Ed. Palrol, "ReporIer" Rep., Emergency Room Squad, Sec. Miss Siedel, Miss Manning, Mr. Lieb, Mrs. Jacobs. Nurses' Training School, Long Island College I-lospilal EDGAR JACKSON IB76 Bergen Slreel Seldom seen, rarely heard: To knock him would be absurd. College of lhe Cily ol New Yorlc JULIUS JERMANOK 287 Brisfol S'rree+ Devotion lo his sfudies has resulted very well: Even in his difliculf subiecfs he does excel. Sec. io Senior Grade Adviser, Swimming Team. College of fhe Cify of New York IRENE JOSEPH M 16062 7ls+ Avenue jf 3 nes a welcome friend n hom one can depend. ea , If Clubs, L ck r F Sec. r eI. Business .Z J ,QL DOROTHEA KAMP r Q-Vo!! Q . I77 Sumpler Slreef ,f Thoughfful and sweef, f f Jus'r can'+ be beall f' . Leaders, Swimming, Bowling, Bes- f Ji, JJ kerball, Sfen Speed, Dance Clubs, K Sec. Mrs. Somers, Mr. Hamburger. Library, Grade Adviser's Office, Liferery Sfaff "Echoes," Senior Play. Business IRMA KAMPF 78I Belmonl Avenue A quief girl who's really swell: No wonder she is liked S0 well! Sec. Mr. Rosenblum, Miss Manning. Business JEANNE KAPLAN 568 Lincoln Avenue Jeannie is a rarily Wirh charm and sincerily. Sec. Mr. Zeiflin, Mr. Klaffer, Mrs. Raismen, Mr. Rosenblum, Library Squad, Record Office. Business PHYLLIS K PAREIT 8534 86'rh Sheer, Woo aven 21 Cure, an Iwmiggfl s of fun. "'f"phida liked by everyone .Li ' bibx 'sAiisfa, Music Apprecie+ion Clubs. "Queenfish" Ospreys, Sec. Mr. M ' burger Miss Gorman Miss sgsgin, Mr. Beck, Jewelry Rep., Program Com., Girls' Knock Editor "Echoes," "ChrisImas Fen+asy." "Ka1'rinI:a." Swarfhmore College MARY KELLY 9303 76I'h Sfreel, Woodhaven Nimble feef and hair like lirel Wafchinq her we'd never fire. Swimming, Leaders, Mimeograph Clubs, Sec. Mr. Login, Mrs. Duncir- Iee, Mr. Bari, Mr. Cain. Kalherine Gibbs School JUNE KENT 7I57 69Ih Slreel Along comes cule June wifh auburn fresses. Does she have sfockinqs fo march all her dresses? Leaders, Tennis, Swimming, Dra- maric, Sruni, Dance, Baskefball Clubs. Gold Sfar Health Record, G.O. Rep., Sec. Mr. Shapiro, Miss Liefz, Mrs. Raskob, Miss Harring- fon, Mr. Vandeverg. Business ELAINE KIFFERSTEIN IQ MK 882 Belmonf Avenue fn' Quief intelligence Iha+'s fine an rare, Gives Elaine a pleasanfnessahefs hard fo compare. Mafh. Biology, Swimming Clubs, Sec. Mr. Zeng, Edifor-in-Chief "Reporfer," 6.0. Rep., Bio. Lab. 2 4' Squad. I D JA Brooklyn College RICHARD KOFFER 96 Essex Sfreef Keeping lrim is quife a leaf, fwf' Bul noi for Dick, he's always near. Sec. Emergency Room. Armed Services. RUTH KOHNKE' one who's Clubs, Gold Sfar Record. CYNTHIA KOHUT IOOO um nl' Avvf Bra sg a bilion I G' 2 E N06 Fre , . Mr. esh Mr. osen um, Library q Lirerery Sfaff "Echoes." Universily of California I' Irs e her ar ve . af Los Anqeles SENIOR ECHOES ARLENE KRAUSE 76 Gran? Avenue Beauiy and charm are her claim: To be a "Cover Girl" is her aim. Music Appreciaiion, Tennis, Bowl- ing, Swimming, Dance Clubs, Sec. io Grade Adviser, Liferary Siaff "Senior Echoes," Ari' Sfaff "Echoes." Business DOLORES KUCZEK 439 Pennsylvania Avenue Hore's a girl who's always gay, Happy, and smiling ihroughoul the day. Bashefball, Swimming Clubs, Bank SMH. Business ARTHUR KUREY 537 Drew Stree' A clean cu? fellow, Tall and qood lookinot When he's around, Someihinq's always coolcinq. Business RICHARD LAMPE 2680 Ailaniic Avenue A crack pholographer and swimmer, loo, We wonder if fhere's anyrhing he can'1 do. Phoiographer "Echoes," Swim- ming Team, Locker Squad, School Band. R. C. A. lnsiifuie INE NCIERI 44" l ai We , Clev d sweef. nice gal: Q of ay and happy, onderful pal. Swimmi 'n unis, D e, ian ubs, S om s, r-'vii' Basebal. Basie all T . Busi ss ANTHONY LANGON 274 Elderis Lane Why noi give ihis fellow 9 fry? Ask him a favor, and he'll cordially comply. Swimming, Bowling Clubs, Sec. Mr. Laffel, Cafeieria Guard, Loclrer Guard. Business JANUARY I948 PHYLLIS LEDET 248 Hegeman Avenue l'lere's someone who is quife refined: Girls like her are hard io find. Sfen Club, Sec. Mr. Hamburger. Business ANTHONY LENTINI SO-55 88th Avenue, Woodhaven 2I His way wiih girls is noi unique: A naive smile is his fechnique. Locker, Cafeieria Squads. Business DONALD LEOPOLD 87-OI Jamaica Avenue, Wood- haven Donald's handy wiih ball and bal: On ihe Loclcer Room Squad, foo- Can you maich fhal? Baseball Team, Locker Squad. Business BERNICE LEVINE 9 Louis Place Gay and charming, Never blue, Girls like you Are very few. Sfen Speed Club, Sec. Miss Levy. Business HAQRIET Levine 591 J B811 85+h oacl o have 2l MM ay be n he Some day ' ill bring lrier arne. Sec. Mr. h 'ro we ep., "Echoes" t n o raphy Sfaffs, Orchesira, "Top Hafs and Busfles-," All Ciiy High School Orchesfra. College ROBERT LEVINE 8702 77th Streei, Woodhaven Bob is undoubiedly The Swinq Band's sensafiong Some day soon he'll be ihe loasl of ihe naiion. Ve+eran's Senior Rep., Home Room Class Pres., Swing Band, School Band. Veteran-Uni+ed Sfafas Navy. Si. John's Universify WYFV Qi SPEC . N4 " , gioesnsvmqsrglgss 1 vmece e Q- . J, Row srocmscw V Zzu bqlv A W ICE CREAM - A 5 SODA,,...2s4 5' 'F , A iff 2 x - l " sssr nm-nsrs ff. , HILDEGARHSCHQEFER ww. Q., 'A Rav sTocxFsscH 1 I 1' gk: tuvnuy 4 1, li' 'X 45,4 MOST giurgo ous ie "- Mu 55: MQRY 'NT ff' v Maman vHpuw'rn+nLEx smmsv aesf moss RUTH RTHLETE SHIRLFYNI I DICK THX S MANNERED 4 f ,- :FF RLEX. BEAT SSED BEST scnomns X ELAINE mfrensrsm .HQ HAR12A .ClS..'!f- M '4 If gi 4 L' l'jr:,' U lu H15-ll lil BRRBHR9 SnLENZf-+r nNK creams: ' f I K p q . ':'A A 3' ' tx Q lf u g, " 1 ' , ,,AA' ' L f ' ' 4 -Aix V .-Mm, -V k I ,.,,. I ' l- t aug. 3' P1 ' X' ' Sfiwmon 'rwms smmn FERRETTI L+ nonomv FURE' PnuL DEESEN 4 menace STHRCKE H- x l-U BEST SC! ENTISTS Q NORMA BERNARD-+ Jos PELLEGRIND EBRITI S wx X3 "' V bblqlq " " ES1J Musncmus X ELLEN M 4 mek Pnmuccmo :T omcens M, :HRET SCIRCCFI ug, - BES MHRYLUU LOOKHXIG CUTE ST X HOWARD SCHOLLING SENIOR TRIPLETS SENIOR TRIPLETS CONCETTH JOPN num wmoson versa cmnpmo 423- EXLEEN CHILDS JUNEKENT FRANKCRIFASI AUGUST X HlLDE GAF2fm+ "VUlN2fff' a4f 1w 24'S LIZWNE JOHN LINDLAU 554 Bainbridge Slreel Good forlune he does deserve, For his modesfy and reserve. Hall Pafrol, Chorus. Prall lnsliiula ANDREW LoBlANCO 346 Hopkinson Avenue Consislenl is Ihe word for LoBianco' He frankly admils il when ho doesn'f know. New York Universily CAMILLE Lo CURTO 83l Bushwick Avenue Tlwmqli you may Search for miles around, A nicer qal cannof be found. Library Squad. College F LMZEAEILYN i.oKlE1z K ' A W A 77 Logging Slree. dv" ols o u d hive round, L-fn I fx' dh1s ibsjldom JIJV' - ,IJ 1 IOUl'1d. Arisldg, Modern Dance, Maih, Dance Clubs, Sec. Miss Quinlan, Mr. Sole, Mr. Rosenblum, G.O. Rep., "ReporIer" Rep., Liferary Sleff "Echoes." Brooklyn College ATRICIA LOMBARDI 73 Granile Sfreel Though she's quiel, Though she's shy We are sure Business P fy ly Q Y I' ROSE LUCCHESE ll Nicholas Avenue I-lavinq Rose around all day. Would make fhe blues haslen away. Swimming Club, Sec. Miss Miller. Business WILLIAM MACAULEY 258 Conklin Avenue Bill's lype is hard lo beal: A qood sense of humor and clofhes so neaf. Mafh Club, Locker Squad. JAMES MAGGIO IOO Sheffield Avenue As quief as a mouse is he, Bul look for fun, and lhere he'll be. Dance Club, Mixed Chorus. New York Universily DONALD MAINES 86-I3 Elderls Lane Ouiel' and shy- Noi a lalkafive guy. Music Club. Business VIRGINIA MAIONE 744 G-lenmore Avenue Her hair is red: Her eyes are brown, She'S always gay Wilh never a frown. Library Squad, Gold Sfar Healih Record. Sec. Mr. Hamburger, Mrs. Somers. Business MARTIN MALINER I64 Arlinqfon Avenue Marlin is The Frilz Kreisler of Lane: Isrom his violin playing he will achieve fame. Laiin, Hisfory Clubs, Sec. Hisfory Office, Orchesiu, Concerf Masfer. L Tulane Universily MARIO MANCUSI ' 78 Shepherd Av ue!4Di,vL,4 BrgT rsoj!2Ky a in one, AQ friend, hesibecond V199 Dance -,Q-ghfveubs, Knocrv- Sfafff Er oes Brooklyn Callaqe SENIOR ECHOES Jud ANTHONY MANISCALCO IO74 Decaiur Slreel Muscles rippling from shoulder fo loeg Popular, and always on lhe go, Chess C l u b, Swimming Team, Visual lnslrucfion. Ouldoor Squad of Lane Palrol. ELLEN MARKS 248 Arlinglon Avenue Walch oul llurbi, And you, loo, Levanl. When Ellen slarls playinq, You haven'l a chance. Forum, Dramalic. Dance Clubs, Pres. of Lalin Club, Sec. Mr. Brodall, Mr. Dressler, Mr. Selwyn, Knoclr Slafl "Echoes," Capl. Caleferia Squad. Brooklyn College DOLORES MARSHALL 9ll2 86+h Drive, Woodhaven lo be an arlisl of qreal fame. ls Dottie Marshall's biqqesl aim. Leaders, Basluelball, V ol le y b a l I Clubs, Floor Palrol, Ari Slal? "Eclroes." Business GLORIA MARULLO bl? slco Sfreev' K Lil I uqhler The lar 0 ,He "w " w away ilce bubbles. Lali, Sl ', Senior D c. wling, Leaders, Basket ll olleyball Clubs Sec. Miss a , . Lielz a , Mr..Dressler, Mrs. z iss Quay, Gol lar eal h or ' epor er" Rep.. , G.O. Rap. if Business SEYMOUR MASLER 8506 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven Seymour is the nicesl' fellow, ' onderlul personalily, Y a voi hal's mellow. v MATHISEN I 0 - 6 Q6l4llx el, Ozone Park iv XJ n l' 'se se h or. Janel's ' I heery grin, a I e wha a me pal shes een 5 l a l PS3 r T 'VX I lx b .1 li Vi lory, Lalie, sic Ap racia- l lo n , V ' , ' r g ramehc nc y lrol Lead M ern Dan e n Ma de rss Launi ress er L bllary Squad Colleqe ol lhe Cilyqol New York JANUARY I948 cilwjfifsasi fy fy 'A li CLARA MAZZA I69 Berriman Slreei Wilh curly hair, And dark eyes round, No befier girl Can be found. Bowling, Slen Speed, Senior Dance Clubs. Business. GAETANA MAZZARA 455 Barbey Slreel Here is a qifl.,!4ho's, duile loquaciousyhi' 1 . J As well as being quife vivacious. Sec Miss Holman. Business e JOAN MAZZETTI 2I4 Warwidr Slreel No laullsge Joarfs: she's really neal, I H Her personality is complete. Baslrelball, Soflball, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey, Leaders. Dance, Sviinimers, Hendbdll'Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Reid, Mr. Zeng, Cafeleria Squad, Knoclr S+aH'Echoes," Gold S+ar Com. Chairman. Nurses' Training School Prcsbylerian l-lospiral ROSEMARY McELvAlr-4,6 pg! A I46 Mollal Sire-ef flag This quiel bu? very friendly a , ls a welcome qirl in any clas. Slen Speecl Club, Library Squ . Business ROBERTA McKlNNEY i963 Pacific Slreel Roberla is an aflraclive lass, Who makes lhe qrade in any class. Homemalring, Swimming Clubs, Li- brary Squad, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming Teams. Broolclyn Colleqe MURIEL McLAUGHLlN 674 Jamaica Avenue To call her sweet is quile unfair, Because Theres more Than sweei- ness lhere. Business -44.54 ' I was ' ,,f...,?5i41. 43 f"1 so ,f"' AGNES MCMONAGLE 9I427 75+ln Slreel, Woodlnaven Willing lo help and eager lo please: Wlnal virlues are llnere beller 'llman lhese? Dance Club, Sec. Mrs. Riback. Business JANICE MERSON i233 G-lenrnore Avenue If yOu'1'e lookinq for a pleasant person, Always counl on Janice Merson. Sec. Mrs. Jelmle, Library Squad. Business GLORIA MESSINEO I97 I-lull Slreel Gloria! a girl willi a pleasanl' disposilion. I-lappy, carefree, and full ol ambilion, Business HARRY MEYERS 305 Brislol Slreel Harry's a clebaler, lried and frue, And quess wlwal? I'le dances well, loo. 6.0. Rep., "Repor+er" Rep. New York Universily WENDELL MILES 472 Decalur Slreel I-le may be quiely lie may acl sad, Bul you'll never find a liner ladl Cooper Union MATILDA MILLER I42 Barbey Slreel Matilda is a person quiel and kind: One like ller is lnard lo find. Sac. Mrs. Riback, Mrs. Duncklee, Locker Squad. Business L. NORMA MILLS 56 Weldon Slreef In everyllwinq she's sure assf Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Clubs, Sec. Miss Levy, Miss Ja- cobs, "Repor+er" Rep. Nurses' Training Sclwool, Long Island Colleqe Hospilal A good sporl, q DOROTHY MONTANA I IO7-37 87ll1 Slreel. Ozone Park I7 Quiel, friendly, and sincer 1, I-ler helpfulness deserv' Sec. Mrs. Duncflja r nligfion COM. n J Business j -ir,-"j,"4 rf v ELEANOR MOORE l25 I"lerzl Slreel l-lor face is culeg her clolhes are nealg Sl'ne's a girl you'd like lo meer. . Slen Speed Club. Business SHIRLEY MORTON l65 Reid Avenue X A ready smile, a lnelpinq lwan ---Y Tl1al's wlwy we llnink Sl1irley's grand. New York Universily JANETH MUELLER 8002 Park Lane Soulh, B Woodliaven Alhlelic skill will carry licr name Quickly on lo lxeiqhls of fame. Music Apprecialion, Baskelball, Hockey, Tennis, Leaders, Soffballfx Volleyball Clubs, Afhlefic Coun- cil, Sec. Mr. Brodell, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Duncklee, Mr. Back, Miss Liefz, "RaporI'er" Rap., Sporfs Edifor "Echoes," Ushareffe, Dues Rep., Pool Aide, "Chrismas Fan- iasy," "KaIrinka" Princess Fish. Russell Sage Colleqe PORTIA MUGNOLO 424 Clwauncey Slreef , Nice, quiel, well-rnannored, ahkl kind, p I A girl like Porlia Is hotdiflo' find. " . ' ,Sem Mr.XWeIdbaum, Mrs. Jen- nirrgs, Miss Krawielz, Reorgffnka- . sion com., Halen sa. sqm, La- brary Squad, "ReporIer'l Sales- man. Business I senlon AECHOES ul. W af. P l JOHN NAGLE 830I 94th Slreer, Woodhaven How noi lo gel in Trouble is whal he preaches: Bul whal's a lillle lrouble among a few leachers? Lane Pafrol. New York Slale lnslifulc ol Applied Arls and Sciences I JOAN LXNEWELL 3 86lh Slreel, Woodhaven :Th er looks ardpersonalily r he'll wi every hearl. Alhle C unclh Siaflball, Hand- ilj I eaclers, lyiie Saving, Dance, gliniflubufio-Caplein Cheering que ,Ad nced Beskelball, Vol- lh all W, Sec. Mr. Zang, Mrs. imob, r. Kaplan, Edifor-in- fjl hief "Edxhoes," Arisla, Reorgani- , 1 xelion Com.. G.O. Rep., "Re- porler" Rep., Cap. Cafeleria Squad. New York Universily SHIRLEY NICHOLLS 747 Macon Slreel Here she comes: there she goes: Working hard you seo: Busy every minule, Helping you and mc. Afhleiic Council, Leaders, Soft-- ball, Baskelball, Bowling Clubs. Chairman of Soffball Club, Sec. Mrs. Budwash. Brooklyn College KATHLEEN NICOLS 78l3 9Olh Road. Woodhavon e's friendly and clever and very sweel. i i Someone whom you would like lo meef. Lalin, Swimming Clubs, Sec. Mr. Dressler, Mr. Zeng, Miss Laverly, Mr. Brodell, Sec. Senior Office. Nurses' Training School ANN WSAN' UK ' cute, she's nice? An ig y sweet, loo. Sec. Mrs. a o r. Zeiflin, Emergenc Room, FF "Echoes," Heallh Record. Pralf lnslilule O'BRlEN Slree' wonder, Mr Brodell Miss Llferary SNK Nurses' Training JANUARY I948 -' ROSALIE OGNIBENE IO5-2l 75th Slreel' She's happy-go-lucky. carefree. and gay: Her sunny disposilion brighlens lhe day. Dancing Club. Business JOAN OREFICE 36 Holly Slreel Wilh gaiely, Iaughler, and hap- piness combined, Her personalily is lhe basl' you can find. Cheer Leaders, Swimming, Bowl- ing, Baskefball Clubs, Sec. Miss Sief, Hall Pairol. Business JAMES O'SHEA 7l Elder? Slreel' Oul of fhe deplhs, oh muse, we cry! Give us a knock for a boy who's shy. Veferan--Uniled Sfaies Navy. Sl, John's Universily ELEANOR OSTAPI 25 Wyona MES, . s n and co iderale, nice, Wi good dis ' n, she's hard la "Repor ' ep. Busin ss School ROBERT PACHAS ll6O Glenmore Avenue l-le's presidenr of our Hislory Forum: He's a swell fellow: we're all for him. History Forum, Crealive Wrifing Clubs, Special Service Squad, Cafeferia Squad, G.O. Rep., Bas- kelbell Tickel Seller. New York Universily FLORENCE PARKINSON 464 Linwood Slreel A lillle viialily, a lillle virn, A lol of personalily: she's neal and frim. Reorganizalion Com. Business sfi-I l-lxllcarffjill A J, l ,JV xiii, I Xlvrf fx.. 45 fp J M if lsr? y X . JOSEPH PELLEGRINO l86 Howard Avenue Joe is a boy who doesn'l boasi, Though his rnarks deserve a 'roast Science Club, Senior Rep., Lilerary Slaff "Echoes," Physics, Chem Squads. New York Universily CONCETTA PERRONE 472 Cleveland Slreei Connie's qood naiure can'i be beaig A qal like lhis you rarely meel. Dance, Sian Speed Clubs. Sec. Mr. Zeiflin, Miss Leunig, Dues Rep., Business Siaff "Reporler," 6.0. Rep., Reorganizefion Com. Business MARTHA PERRONE 869 Easl 94lh Sireei She-'s a girl who can"r erase The consianl smile from her face. Sec. Mr. Salin. Library Squad. Business GLORIA PONELLA 2l72A Fulion Slreei Sweelness and sincerily combined: A beiler friend you'll never fincl. Viclory Collection, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Hamburger, Mr. Rosen- blum. Business JOSEPHINE PORTOLANO 383 Essex Sfreef Wilh a sense of humor, gay and lighl, She's lall, good looking, and iusl righl. Dance Club. Business JANIS PRAITSCHING l3l Nichols Avenue Jane is a problem over which boys debale: They all wanl lo ask 'this girl foradafe, l THOMAS PROVENZANO 2llO Allanlic Avenue Tom may be a good musician, But rating wifh girls is his am biiion. Bowling Club, Bowling Team Band, Orcheslra. Business ROBERT QUAST 533 Jerome Sireel l-le's agreeable and lols of fun A friend To all and foe io none Orchesfra. Business PAUL RAFFO l29 Vermonl Slreel Paul always likes lhal perl of lhe room. Where co-operalion has ils boom. Supply Squad. College I I I LUELLA RANDALL , , " 9008 80 Slreei ,f A if Though ou doijl make 0 Gund. She is9 f si loohjaround. Slen. - Club. Sec. Mrs. Jen- nings, lMr. Sefln. ji! Business I ' S DOROTHY REICH BOI3 88lh Aveilue, oodhavcn Doflies swe She's o sly. Bu? ' 7 S l gem Arisla, Swimming, Bowling, Ten- nis, Sfunfs, Dance, Clolhes Conser- valion, Slen Speed, Vicfory Colleclion, Music Clubs, Sec. Mr. Lieb, Mrs. Jennings. Secrelarial School JANET RICHMOND BO-43 88fh Road, Woodhaven Noi loo dominanf: - ,fl Noi ioo reces ' eg i Sfen Speed, Swimming, Senior Very ple'asari X ff Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Lieb, Sec- Menlally .yipressi fjf relary of lhe Senior Class, "Re- Musiexiapreciefi Slen S edk porfer" il, Gold Slar Heallh o 'Colleci Clubs, rery ecord, Dean's Squad. ad. ivy 'X Business College U usinesll VAX, jg X 46 ' E R ESJH S gl' ' jf If A M N- 4 4 ' an 0' , ,J , . . 'J X rs . , x ' ' di yr B l l J xy lk, fl L BETTY RIELA 2l86 Fulfon Sheer A disposilion pleasing, A smile Thai is brighig To walch her dancing ls quiie a delighl. Sec. Miss Quinlan, Mr. Peshkin. Business PETER ROGGENKAMP 850l 76ih Slreel, Woodhaven Peler is a quief boy: l-le's wha? you call lhe leacher's iov- Sec. Mr. Laffel, Locker Squad. Massachuseiis lnslifufe of Tech- nology JANET ROLFF I5 Hemlock Slreef Jane some arfisls to shame: h e some day she'll achieve greal fame. Laiin, Modern Dance, Music Ap- precia+ion, Leaders, Cheer-leaders, Senior Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Guinness. Miss Kravieh, Miss Gor- man. Dues Rep., Gallery Guard, Bank Rep., Arisia, Ari Sfaff "Echoes". Business School CARL ROSEN B6 Founlain Avenue Carl's marks are always sound: l guess ihafs why he's college i bound, French Club, Sec. Mr. Febricanf, Miss Harringfon, Knock Siaff "Echoes", Junior Orchesfra, Cafe- ieria Squad. Sanla Ana Junior College . JOHN ROSSE 505 Bainbridge Sfreef John may seem lo be quief and shy. Bul +here's more io him Than meels lhe eye. Dance Club, Knock Sfaff "Echoes", Chem. Squad, Physics Squad, Emergency Room Squad. New York University NICHOLAS ROSSI 54 Barbey Slreel "There was a fellow named Nick," Well,-lhal was quick! Dancing, Hisfory Forum Clubs. Cafeieria Squad. Brooklyn College of Pharmacy JANUARY 1948 ELIZABETH ROWAN 21 Sheridan Avenue Sweel and ololiging is fhis lass. A graceful addilion io any class. Sec. Miss Laveriy, Mr. Sole, Mrs. Duncklee. Business ,GERALDINE RUBENSTEI 2766 Pilkin Avenue An adorable lace, " A disposifion merry, A wonderful girl ls our Gerry. ' Sec. Mr. Gross, Mr: Hamburger, Mrs. Kegel, Prom' Rep., Knock Sfaff "Echoes". G. O. Rep., Ari S+aFf "Echoes". Emil Alvin Harfman's Fashion Academy bf ROSE RUBINO l5 Guniher Place Ei Wilh big brown eyes and hair so If dark Rose is gay wilh lols of Sym' Swimming Club, G. O. Delegaie. Business DOROTHY RUDLAND 268 Granr Avenue Pleasanr lo be wifh, jolly and gay, Dependable and helpful in 'mosf every way. Soc. Mi s Levy 13-'j5fi'i' AUGUST RUGGIERI l56 Rockaway Avenue A lillle work never hurl anybody. Buf why lake chances? ANTHONY RUSSOLELLO 7 Somers Slreef Short dark, and ralher smarlg Waich oul, girls, or he'll sleal your hearl. Senior Dance, Bowling, Glee Clubs, Senior Rep. Fordham Universily .,i PEARL RUTH i937 Fullon Slreei' Pearl is always on lhe qog Shes always snappy, never slow. Business ALBERT SABATlNO i098 Herkimer Slreel Sniiiil, handsome, and ralher shy: Nm qirl could ever pass him by. Sec. Mr. Fabricanl, Arf Sfaff "Echoes". Praif lnslifuie ALFRED SAHM 20 Cheslnul Slreel Day after day ihis goes on: "l didnl finish my homework," says Al Sahm. DOROTHY SANDS ' ysavoyiri' lingion Avenue - kph' A iGilraciive girl I v'-"x - ho's lois of fun, A L-,Do Iyi's,"lgi:rQ-Waker ryone. af .1 owling, ' ennis, Swimmingglubs, Sec. Miss Miller, Miss Manning, Miss Levy, Mrs. Budwash, Mrs. Jacobs. Business CONCETTA SANTORIELLO 35I Ellen Sireel A merry laugh, a lcindly word From This sweef miss is always heard. Swimming Club, Sec. Mrs. Dunclr- lee, "Reporfer" Typisi. Reorgani- xafion Com. Business HILD RD SCHAEFER Ga ' l , V' l is Hil e de's lavoriie irea 222 ad Glendale rie dy d very sweei, l'. owling, Anim i D ce, Sfunl, Swimming Clubs. c. Mr. Slein- bergf X s. el, Ari Sfaff 4 Mi "Ecl1oes". i ' ashinqlon Universiiy 50 RHODA SCHAEFFEIE, A X C 3I I oplri o nue A a she' len , VXA 1 Prelwd ieel,'s.hQ's erybod ' Siu, friend! Qi X K sf Dramgfgs, u s me Mrs. Marshbi, rcmsb. , Q Sl. John's C-o ,e i Jv59 1 L J MARTHA SC -i 257 ra q v e Gayle y, lols i , Mari ' ilce by e r ne. Dram fiqje Il II m ing Clubs, sec. Q: mob, .ii Pafrol, Emerg ncy Room Sq d, H. E. Pafrol. Business HOWARD SCHILLING B8-63 77i'h Slreef, Woodhaven Howie is a fine all-around alhleie, Always frying, and hard lo beai. Dance Club, Baseball Te m. Businee,sMJ 1 x ' C W BERNARDdSlC,HLATTERER 283i Fullon Slreef 1 When he gels up lo rnalce n speech. The class irnmeclialely hushesg Aiier delivering a word or fwo, Baci: io his seal he rushes. KATHLEEN SCHNEIDER I 77Ol Jamaica AVGHUDQWOOMEU Two liille lines can Behr revea ' Her charm, personalily, vi W zeal. i L k K Sfen Speed, Swimrnigl Shing Dance Clubs, Sac. Migalpnfur er, Ci Mr. Salin, "Repor+' VR ' Business Calleqe . C JUDITH- SCHNEIDERMAN 7540 97lh Avenue? Ozone Park Judy may noi have much lo say, Bui' she's always friendly in every way. . Leaders, Baslreiball, Tennis, Swim- ming, Hisiory Clubs, See. Miss Currier, Mrs. Ribaclr, Miss Quay, Mr. Rosenblum, Mr. Goldsfein, G. O. Rep. Crvlleqe of the Cily of New Yorli SENIOR ECHOES ARTHUR SCHOEN 8431 88lli Slrcel, Woocllraven 2l l-lc answers many queslions And has a brillianl mind, l'le's also very mannerly, And lo all, very kind. Bowling, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mr. Kaplan, Bowling Team. Cafeleria Squad, G. O. Rep. l-lolslra College DORIS SCHO IER JLMEW, 67 I7 Qlsl oodh vel Warm ion , ol9Q1ETTQs .anal V7 ' r eyes a wail qleai wimming, Bowling, Vicfory Corps. Dance. Siunfs, Sian Speed Clubs. Sec. Mr. Rosenblum, Mrs. Jen- nings. Business MAR: J SEHROEDER 7607 a dhsven 2I Sl1llNS ndfclrcer fi gllwlg qirl's , f ,Lx 'll day- llwoplncst Arfd loy can balound I -Y' f ' ,I ller way. Xrisla, Musk, Tennis, Bowl ing, Clubs, Sec. Mr. Sfein erg. Mr. Sell. Mr. Rosen- blum. Gold Siar Healfh Record. Business Scllool LILLIAN SCHULTZ l855 Slerlinq Placv A vury quiul qirl who lras noi muclr lo say: Pi-rlmps slim liquros llwal ills basl llwal way. Girls' Emergency Squad. Business BURTON SCHWARTZ 2880 Fulfon Slrcel llu':, fn lmoy who seems io be quiet, Bul willr his friends l1e's a riot. Sec. Mr. Hamburger, Cafeferia Guard. War Sfamp Salesman, Mimeograph Squad. Knock Sfaff "Echoes". lonq Island University MIACCA 5 5q6i,Glenwood Road llliwxasurcll einq one so 955'- Mu slicgfcl smilinp all flue day. Dance, Sfen Speed Clubs, Sec. Mr. Brodell, Reorganizafion Com.. Gold Sfar Heallh Record. JANUARY I948 ANGELA SCIMONE 430 Pino Slrool Youlre so quiz.-l, wr- dmrll lnovf you well, Bul your friends lr-II us your: really swell. Dance Club, Sec. Miss Manning, Miss Levy. Business SAMUEL SCORNAlENCHl ISS Linwood Slrocl Sam is vfzry quiz-l, Never lells a lie, lioeps llrinqs lo lrinrsf-ll. And is rnllrvr ally. MARJORIE SCOTT 57 Glen Slrocl Sim-is ralluer quirrl, mllu-r :.l1y5 Sim sayg lilllvg wn vnonclnl wluy. Business LILLIAN SETLER i827 Pilkin Avrrnua Sl'lClS'r1lWdyS nmusinq mind lols ml lun, VVill1 is snlilm- .ind .1 lnuqli lcv: everyone. Dance, Sfen Speed Clubs. Businefs ROSALIND SH Plqlgv 525 ar ol M pl! . .Af G lr pf: l luruslxyfin cm-,r-l, n canvas, loo 61, d l l l r r l ll n s1ol - rr lcids lor Joni. .Q n Dance, Musi wim ' Clubs Sec Mr Beclx Mr . . , . ey, , . Rosenblum. Ari sig -' Echgj Parsons Sclnool ol Dcaiqn ALEXANDER SHINLTEQQN IO6-44 Sulphin OUKIQP ,J-. nfmica Some day he hbar lulu 0 ous,A,I.l'iT: J quad, reahve Wrihig CNS? emi fri Squad. G. o. Rep., Mexjgll oy G. o. Council, Sec. l. jDramafit Club, Garden Club. Business 427' BURT SIEWERT 78 Norwood Avenue Bert is very cure, and lrnown by everyone ' As being very lilreable, and always full of fun. Dance, Mafh Clubs-, Locker Room, Emergency Room Squads. Business ROSE SIGNORELLO 74 Hendrix Srreef Ouief, conservalive, helpful, and neeh This combinefion, is hard fo beef. Dance Club, Sec. Mrs. Jennings, Library Squad. Business a' BARBARA SILENZI 94l E. I04lh Slreel ' Cufe and clever. Wilh a swell personalilyg ' Her clofhes are sfylish: 'SW Shels full of vilalily. 26 Arisfa, Ospreys, Music Clubs, Gold Sfar Healfh Record, Library Squad, "Reporfer" Sfaff, Senior Rep., Liferary Sfaff "Echoes", Senior Play. Radcliffe College X MARILYN SMITH . 987 E. 94fh Sfreef V Arr' xifall irx ined. and lofs of X fl V fun, RZIY y arrily ' a friend fo everyone. r and l, Leaders Club, Sec. Mr. ,SVI um, Liferary Sfaff 'lE hoes", Ar+ Sfaff "Echoes", Business JANET SOSSIN 2832 Fulfon Slreel No? loo fall, nof foo small, A pleasing qirl, who's lilced by all. Dance, Sfen Speed, Forum, Acro- bafic, Swimming, Life Saving Clubs, Orchesfra. Business FRANCES SOTTILARO I76 Milford Slreel lf a smile like Fuzzy's was had by ell, Info lhis life no rein would fall, Sec. Mrs. Jaffe, Mr. Hamburger Business Negra? ., 7 if of Q ,f i ' N . Xjoguo s R Nlasres JJ 3 - rwo venue ' ' ' ' ' Hhiscl ' Hui max d his iqh e an sliclc blaclc hair, lf's no wonder fhaf llle girls ali srare, ,J D A o v , ene m , Ever ch . al a s . HIL S IBE Miz Lan ndal So f se f i ul y Hall P frol, Library S uad, Arr Sraff "Echoes". Fashion lnsfilufe GEORGE STARCKE 60-08 Cooper Avenue, Glendale Sferclres friends never cease fo roar Af his willy remarlrs and iolces galore. Emergency Squad. GLORIA STEFANUCCI I366 Herkimer Slreel She'5 well lcnown, end well liked, loo: A girl like Gloria will please you. Cheerleaders, Dance, Swimming Clubs, Sec. Miss Levy, Mr. Man- del, Mr. Lichfblau, Mr. Todaro, Mr. Goldsfein, Banl: Rep. Business FERNANDA STELLING 9l-2l 89rl1Avenue,Woodhaven Zi Nan is bolh sweel and sincere: When you need her mosf, she's always near. Sec. Mrs. Somers, Mrs. McHugh, Library Squad. ss Busine ROBERT STETTNISCH 204 Hale Avenue Roberl has always been reserved: Lilre all qood fhinqs he should be preserved. Business X WWW so SENIOR sci-ross W RO S CKF CH N 207 ' qewood A e When lhinkinq of an a u 5 may lhink of Gish, Bul when lhinkinq ol a pal, i1's always Slocklisch. Sec. Mr. Beck, Bio. Lab., Visual lnslrucrion, Swimming S q u a d s, Chorus, "Reporler" Rep., Arl Slafl "Echoes", Business CLARlCE STRASSBURGER j2I2 Woodhaven ol Ulla, ind 05 s 1, 5, X T e kirrxof inf Ahal Wlrxlr 'Vi leafl- ,Dbilza Jpadelgg T nnis, falin, fl .V FrencEVClubs, Sec. Mr. VS6l2, Mr. Dressler, "Reporler" R ., Library ,ii Squad. Hood College - DORIS STRASSLE QBO7 llka.rn'a icazsvenue, Woodhaven Ji' Doyiaiis a charminq girl, lfililh sparkling eyes and hair wilh I a curl. s Tennis, Bowling, Dance, Slen Speed Clubs, Sec. Mr. Todaro, Bank Slalif, G. O. Rep. Business CAROLYN SUDA 884l Elderls Lane, Woodhaven She qoes her own quief way, Doinq her besl from day lo day. Sac. Mr. Vandenberg. Columbia Bible Colleqe PAUL SULTAR 789 New Lois Avenue All of his colleagues did exclaim Thai his sporfs wrilinq would brinq him lame, Lalin, Hislory Clubs, Sec. Hisfory Office, Sporrs Edifor "Echoes", Baseball Team, Lane Pairol, Sports Editor "Reporler". New York Universily IRENE SUMSKI 586 Barbey Slreel She isn'l shy: she's always game: Irene Sumski is her name. Sec. Miss Slraub. Business JANUARY I948 'SN 75 JOHN SWARBRICK X I9 Clifford Place Personalify plus and red hair Add lo This lellow's winning air. Vicfory Colleciion Club, Cafeferia Guard. Business SAVERIO TARALLO 749 Bergen Slreel Like a wellrknown gasoline- No knocks! Dance, Bowling, Music Clubs. Fordham Universily GLORIA TARLANQ - ,J 'I :-Q Belmont Kveveifii re's 'A Whos quife p1+iips..l hr wE2mshe's-Wweel. Slen Speed1'Slrimrmng C bs, Sec. Mrs. Gallin, ' T'Mr9. Duncklee, Mr. Lie , Miss Yoder, Gold Slar Healy Record, ' - por+er" Business QI ' . Business I RICHARD TAXIS 9303-74Th Place, Woodhaven 2l A Terrific baskelball player! l-low do l know? He lold me so. Sec. Mr. Shaw, G. O. Rep., Baskafball and Baseball Teams, Emergency Room, Locker Room Squads. Niagara Universily DONALD TENNIS E408 Bushwick Avenue Why, oh why, does Donald fry lo sing? He knows he'll never sound like Bing. Dance Club, Arr Gallery. Business CHARLES TIMM S303 74'fh Sfreel, Woodhavsn 2I A characler qenerous, an inlellecl keen: A beller friend l've never seen. Swing Band. Sl. John's Universily 7 P-J lil U , f I ANNA TRIMARKE IZ74 Herkimer Slreei Anna, we like lo have you near Because you are so sweel and N sincere. Slen Speed Club. Business ' GRACE TRIPPODI .1 A 9520 Avenue J A Ac eerlul, happy. charminq lass. loy lodn isenior Class. eaders, nce Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Duncklfmx Girls' Gym Palrol, yi, "Repqrler' Slaff, Gold Slar Heallh Record. L Business CA ERINE TRUPIANO 37 Bradford Slreet Uuiel, demure, efficienl, and nealg A more charming qirl, you'll never meel. ance, Bowling Clubs, Sec. Mr. Waldbaum, G. O. Rep. Business GRACQ 'KRUPPNER BBQQI 80lh'Slree',1 oodhavveil 2l mf All ,ll quiet lcfJl 9 we Mmm, ' B.uJUG'raq9j was bo 'iz lhe East. Swimming, Dance, ubs, Sec. Mr. Ball, Senior Play, Knock Slaff "Echoes". , Oswecf.-1!Collequ JOAN ULMES 74I7 93rd Avenue, Woodhaven l l lhc lrails one can possess, 0 has lhe be-sig il's friendliness. Bowling, Swimming Clubs, Sec. l Mrs. Marshal, Mrs. Jacobs. Nurses' Traininq School, Lonq lslanrl College Hospiiol CARL VACCARO 24 De Sales Place llm only lhinq small aboul him is his height. Business MARY VALENTI 329 Sl1CpllCfCl Avvriuir Kind and sweol, lovely fmil ni-nl, A qirl all people love lo nieel. Prom Rep., Gold Slar Haallli Record. Business MARIAN VANATTA 89-Il 98lh Slreel, Wood 2 Arnonq the worlds l'mo s n iii be placed. As a fashion arlis ol fo ni- qratf-. ' Arisla, Lalin, Dance Clubs. Sec. Mr. Sole, Miss Levy, Treas. Senior Class. l-lunfer Colleqc CARL VASILE 93l4 95fh Slreei, W00dllrlV1NI1 ll's C-asy lo lull l'le's really swolll College DANTE VECCHIO U8 Hopkinson Avenue Danls a line lellow lhrouqli -mil lhroufgh, Always happy. smilinq, and nnvrrr blue. Dance Club, Swimming Team, Lane Band. Fordham Univorsily GRACE VISCOS 372 Monlnuk Avo rv Grace is cleveQ,sweel, .inc ' lg ln brains and floii-res sho L. 'l lm bear. '47 V ,KL Dance Club, Arisla. K' S , XX Sec. lo Senior Advlfg, ' Staff "Echoes" ' " Business i xg, BQ CATHERINE voosi. 05? 2 CYPfess Court ' f A line qirl. sweel and wise: ln happiness her lulure lies. Bowling, Tennis, Baskelball Clubs, Sec. Mr. Goldslein, Mr. Lieb. Delehanly Inslilule SENIOR ECHQES 38643 89lh eel, Woodhaven M . M shalgiixbfrs. Budwash, Wl A MA VON GLAHN rl 'fl AIKM3 always gay. X SKU plfqkrs us ih eyery way. X J T iiRepwui Typist x ., ,, . A A f X J usincss Q I Jf f I ' Yeo WARNKE .Y 75Sli1ridan Avenue Ile: wir srnilqs, 501' PIOGSIUCI X' -5 ' I 9,1 A' ways. M lqeppyh swzwl' Ihrouqh fill ,0 I her day:-. Bo ling, Tennil. Swi ing CIUIDS. Sex Mr. Waits , rs, Mrs. Jaedbss Miss lil. Mrs- 4 Dunclrlee, Miss Manng Knocll Staff "Echoes", Mixed Chorus. "Repor1'er" Rep. Nurses' Traininq School, Lonq Island Collcqe Hospi 'i ,. ANNAWARRENB M' I e , 1 'y 3.7 H sdalt' Siren Qlfxlway-3 lher5 lo iflhe pace. ywfcnyvifigr '5 a pe sonalily race. J Dancel Mqglih Daria, Acroba 'ef' Sfen Spell Clubs, c. ' alin. Misal- Leunig, B u si s s ,Slelf I "across" . ,Rep. USIl'ICfwi MARTIN EBER 1709 97lli Avonuef O20 PGFIK Why, oh why, are you so shy? Youlve qol whal il lalccs To catch every eycl Dance Club, Sec. Mr. Relkewiclr. Boy's Emergency Room, Senior Office. Prom Rep., Cafeferia Squad. Business RICHARD WHITE 284 Granl Avenue Diclr is very quiel and shy, Ihr- lypo lhai rnalws The Knock Slall cry, Dance Club, Sec. Mr. Calia, Mr. Reilrewiclr Emergency Room Sq. Berqen Junior Colleqn YM UR wi-HTMARSH Van Sucl n Aycnu Y P a cu hal a wonderful place Lanc- Q ag. Blefisorvil I s h would bo! Manager, Swimming Team. Business JANUARY I948 cred: JOHN WILLIAMS 656 Linwood Sfreel Johnny's anfics lreep ihe class alive: Many rnomenls of lauqhfer from him we derive, Dance Club. Sec. Mr. Arlale, Mr. Hamburger, Mr. Gross, Capl. Cafeferia Squad, "Reporier" Rep. Si. Francis College MARTHA WINDSOR 262 Allmins Avenue A fallcafive and a friendly lass, She's lcnown Io all in lhe senior class. Leaders, Social Dancing Clubs, Library Squad. Business RUTH WINDSOR I49 Lexinqlon Avenue In briqhl liqhls you will see her name, For in some way shell win acclaim. Dra ic.,Aris1a, Sfen Sp d W ' coes, G. O. Re.2EJ c.f.+ag.q,squ ,.Pres. of e. o' P . e J e res ev 55 nr! Play. ' New Yorlr Universily PATRICIA WOODHAMS "X P is quiel ialher y 22 Cooper Slreel 77 al A ' , ' gh , k Bul we are sure she'll always q Hisfory Forum, Leaders, Volley Ball, Handball, Dance Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Somers, Record Ofiice, Li- brary, Emergency Room Squads, "Repor+er" Rep. School of Laboralory Techniques MARILYN WORETH 2993 Fullon Slreel Cule and small with lovely eyes, Her personalily could win a prize. Senior Dance, Basleiball, Sfen Speed Clubs, Sec. Miss Devereux, Miss Yoder, Cafeteria, Emergency Room Squads. Business 2 -.Z- HELEN ZAMPARELLI I04 Hull Slreel A carefree girl who's lull of lun, She has ia smile lor everyone. Dance, Slen Speed Clubs. Business ANDREW ZARAKAS 76I7 88 Avenue, Woodhaven A popular lad is Andy Z6T5k55. One whom lhe girls are going lo miss. Business HELEN ZEICHNER 2824 Fullon Slreel Many a person has yel lo see A girl as nice and perl as she. Slen Speed Club. Business GORDON ZIMMERMAN 808 New Lols Avenue You never know he's lhere 'lil he speaks: Bul, lhen he maices known a world ol knowledge he lreeps. Hislory Forum. Harvard Universily JACOUELINE ZUCKERBROD 503 Barbey Slreel She is musically inclined, Wilh a lalenl hard lo lind. Sec. Mr. Waldbaum, Orcheslra. New Yorlr Universily ANNA ZWAHLEN 545 Berbey Slrcel Praise is due lo a girl so swell, Who in her sludies does excel. Slen Speed Club, Sec. Mr. Hey- man, Mrs-. Raslrob, Mr. Zeng, Miss Harringlon, Mr. Salin, Arisla, Gold Slar Heallh Record, Busi- Sbg, ness Slall "Echoes", Reorganiza- ii lion Com., Pilman Shorlhand V Conlesl. RENEE ZIEGLER " Business 429 Pine Slreef Big brown eyes and hair so dark: l,ols of wil, and plenly of spark. Sec. Mrs. Ribeci, Miss Hamburger Business EDWARD HERRMANN 84-27 89lh Slreel, Woodhaven Quick hands and quiclc feel Make him a wonderlul elhlele. Baseball Team. Rhode lsland Slale College ROBERT F. CURTH 225 Marion Slreel Swimming Team, G. O. Rep. PAUL SEUFERT Veleran-U. S. Coasl Guard 440 Pine Slreel Holslra College Veleran. HAROLD OKIN LESTER TORSWICK 600 Myrlle Avenue 8422 89lh Slreel, Woodhaven Veleran-Unifed Sleles Army. Veleran. Miami Universily 54 Rhode Island Slale College SENIOR ECHOES LOOK PRETTY. PLEASE We seniors had our picTures Taken and breaThed a sigh oT relieT: ThaT They would come ouT well was our hope land our beIieTl. They came back in a monTh, and To our greaT dismay, We looked like "Who dunniT?" and ran The oTher way. Gerry Lancieri mg I TI-IINK ON Tl-IIS DAY IT is graduaTion day: The orchesTra is playing The march, and I am waiTing, in my cap and gown, Tor my Turn To march down The aisle. IT is a long aisle, one ThaT will Take me inTo The unknown. I see "IiTe" as a long aisle or hallway. one which is empTy excepT Tor a succession oT doors. and man closes one door and opens anoTher unTil liTe is ended, and The IasT door closes behind him. Each Time ThaT a chapTer of his auTobiography ends, a new door opens. In a Tew minuTes I shall receive my diploma, and quieTIy close The door on The Tour Tun-Tilled, buT ThoughTTul years I have spenT aT Lane. WiTh my hand on The shiny knob oT The nexT one, I shall remember The Things I did here, The people I meT here, and all ThaT I learned here. Then, anxiously, yeT reIucTanTly, I shall open iT, Take a deep breaTh, and cross The Threshold, knowing ThaT everyThing I have learned aT Lane will sTay wiTh me unTil The IasT door closes quieTly behind me. CommencemenT exercises are over: I have said goodbye To my Teachers and cIassmaTes: my yearbook is Tilled wiTh The signaTures oT people I shall always remember, and wiTh one IasT look behind me, I have passed Through The gaTes oT Lane Tor perhaps The IasT Time. My hearT is a mass oT mingled emoTions, and my mind wonders, "WhaT comes nexT T. CynTI'1ia KohuT JANUARY I948 55 RTY-El l-IT RETF Tl-IE : .9 Q" no c 3: ua Q C3 C O 'l w O CL .Q C3 U .E L U '9- m L O 3 3 ua C X vu an 3 mous For Be Fa 2 3 C .c U7 C '0- w L 0 E C -f an E IU Z de Tnef Blue Co 'Y Suga H16 ole for P P- 73 Siu eyes Se ar Tho 3 CL C CL U L O 2 c P'- 3 Tw an L 2 C 3 'U L I L I- B 22 5 -o S an -o-I IU "5 0 -0-mc 3 -can-,v-Lw an 4- 1: G2 Q '5 5 M :a..::"': 'U 3 03202-9 0 an m.1i.uI I P- -ST: .. ,yu E:'E.9Q.: 33321181 L L 0 C O 2 C C OIDUw'i KD 4- Q 1 .- U L- vw 0 az- 0 g D -moi WEL C m 4. uw 0 .. cf 3-2.25--511: +C U3 LJ J: gg '7 CD ff .,,... --U7 as cn .3 Q? U m E aahf, 'U N m CL LJ C -L U, U1 Q, .. -M.- fvvxmcz -C U3.':co'D 'U O O 0 L 'E 0 cz -O- SD 42.9553 .A --L 'ECD -o- gog c cu 563435 3 .- lmm U -Om -3 'CND-TEUQA ,QD an 'O- S -02:5 9 5091191 S m.Eg-Q:':2 'TD 4: L U 15 U 4- -0-Umm 5 23'-Each 3 Oigifffm 3 Q PN U 0: L rms L C 2290- I8 -E 0 S .X W m ofio-9'-2 E -7 CL. :E C3 J: LLJ : on 9' 3 0732 --as g 'G up -- D W 0 3.925322 'Q .- .C O O L Q -C UUUU.UD LU D S L ETS 22 -X 4- O3 -C40 333 CD P 3: .9 U CD C 3 PN .EE T33 Ujtn C G CP 0 KU E E3 'EE .QS QC C 02 75 5.9 23 LE O Q-I v 'C 3 UU 'E L 3 0 EI CP L G D oa- 'gc ,co PTE -3 L Ei :w L 0 2 3.92 -21' L17 CJ 1 CD 5 UE' EL UJLLI CD .E -Q- .Q no A Solid '19 Danci mbone C L F- U .C 1- .c IE U Ti usical U1 SS Le Bulle+" CD .c E' .Q .C u u : '5- C vo u. 9 ries ' IVO X KD 'C C YD Q. C il 5- D o o C LD -o C fU .Q CD E 'x an 'x IO -m U -0- 'vs O o. Q. O hone saxop His T HWHTG A dru :- E E Ji Farley On py Lago Slee us? o FE .Q E 'C .c CP :1 2 Thai '19 Sleepi nalify C v L 0 CL 'U 0 C Awake Caesar Ferrando Marriage Cheery Accep+ing rings Dales Versaiiliiy her More like Joan Gal ina? Deep sea diver ef Alw Swimming ieam Blondes ples Dim A swimmer Benny Garreff -m .c 1: w o'2fE 31.20 305' OODQ. Q CT O N340 -0- if an 522: 0002 3:30 mmm :C 2 C 0 Q. 65? - gc: 'm L: 0 L -gow-Oo .2 --2 sr. - QDIUJ -WE 'Sim o'-24' D- 3 c ,E 5-Oi +890 .2 E: m 0 I nach 3 o U1 Eu-.E -BE -EUNEE .9.g"i'5 itbmii 5 E-0.9 WQDL 2610.9 0 CD m .2 40.12 aa i'E 'D ACCC "'E.E"'5 Eu.o.FJ tn ft .E 5:93 -Dion- 2-elm --:BFE LDiIyz4 JK 23 U 3 bl U1 E I : O O v 3 O 0 C 'D 4- C O CL an if To .Q :t Q. in 2 CD .E 32 L D CL m 'C 'o cv E D v- 2 -0- va ... .C 3 'C arcle 99 Hild L C 50- 2 L O 4- 0 L O X 0 .D CL D O U9 E 1-0- .C us OU m school ST HTFR Su Boafs CF C LE Ill 3 an 'U L I E C U. .u .2 Q an Q. E 0 .I C o E U7 2 IU VI CD E T: Trav PPY P-ha 2 U7 cn c 15 C Fli ncing grin Da 4- 0 .C L. S C 15 -13 0 c c EZ Tony nfini Le -E f C an 5 C9 7 1 4 1 ? LI C -a 41 -1 G C E E I 4 u 4' C 4 L 4' -I .S u s 4 L u C 'C L F' C C J L hd .Il 0 DD Levine sfinaiion De isposifion D me ri C Worsf eakness W ous For HI Fa Be Should 'ro N Answe me Na Fiddler hangeable C Su 'Echoe '19 gerafi 9 Exe Fiddling Calmed Harrie? Levune P- fo 3 fu L IU IL Ca ref ree srgnmg for De 0 5 O .J 'o. O 1 :- 'o .E .J 0 L O M Dolores all .c 2 IU E Economics conservafive E U5 w .92 'U U7 0 P -C 0 if 0 P- u- O 4- C O T9 m 0 IL CL Speeches efic I -'E .Q .D oo U 5 e Less Joani zzeHi lu I Afhlefic Council cil Un Co ania Pennsylv CF .E 4' L Spo Hor Ed Sporfs Bob III -0- 0 .: un CL J +- G uh .E C o 2 :- U7 c c as Q. C Jan ef Muell fb '3 L an E 4 S m CL O F' w W O -C D UJ L CJ it 15 LU To .D 'Q' on .K Vi no no oks Her Io nl .43 effic SS Le anie Jo well 0 Z pics Olym -2 L G 'C C O 3 .2 4' .2 .C +- 'U cn .E G cn an c C Z CL E .1 .C .T I L U X D U 3 7- cu E .C an J2 -6 .c .Q Z Majoreffe sh Devili Ying 73 D +- LH .ac C IU I E O O L m m U ry Cl Sul? boy :- C 4 G .9 '4- 0 L O Parade Easier Nice D- L M -0- C L C G U7 L .9 C C U7 L G 'U C L3 U C 3 U all: Mas F VV He assured SS nie Le M '7 CP C hi SC Prail L an U1 C IU .C 5 2 Q 8' FU CL IP U7 3 .9 C1 ,, 19 L C '- o 3 o .Q D TJ 3 an cv 2 .E 'U E C3 .J C .9 an .c C sn 3 YU -3 LL 3 E 6 2 0 4- 2- t an 4 E '-0- U1 -F, .E no 3 an :- -Y is .9 B Z KD E an G 5 3 .o o :m zz cz U IN CP L 2 2 L. 9 2 P 53 U - L7 .C 'E 0 L PN Q- U 3 ,,, .- ,U .- Q, U' 3 c 3 .-L + Z5 'D .9 S S. 'Q S 'U -C an U' O W L 0 'C 8 L -E LD LD Q. an W , E 3 an cu .- +5 ,N .. 'U U CP '- IU -U 3 5 CE .Z 3 3 E 0 D 4 an an O Ill ID as C 'U 0 3 WD m AK .E 9 0, .2 E C 'Fw gl .E :- 'U U1 E L.: - C 8 E ro 'C .E " L an Q. 3 0 O an an cn o. O C O 3: VI 3 -T E i an -5 40 S .1 'U C 2 'U 'E 9 -0 'U U 2 LU u. u.: 3 D- m L o E 9 fr '- WD 3 w 8 3 32 0 4' 0 m 2 L6 0 if B 4: 0 CL L 0 15 -3 CL 9 m O 3 -- o fu -- Q. an O 1 0- I an 4- V1 0 0 '13 1: 7 P D gg 0 0 .- .- L .ZS 'S 3 C 'E CD L .U an fC an -C FU L .C L 3 E 3 U' U U' as CP C m Y' fl 'C :J 4 F1 "E oo u .E 0 S- 'U P' " .c 'O U- E, E' 2 B - 'E fD 2 2 zz II E 5 -C N u H fu t .2 U HO- CL Q g .C AK E jg .9 .c 7: 8 :E u u u E -0- :s an an an an an an C an -9 U LDCE SZ-3: .fgmf Emgi E U? LD L 2 'U TJ 53 'U 0 C g tg-.9 O 0 7: U QE an L' age i -mfs' .Q 3: 4: -0- CU 2 mg' 3 is no Em : 9, Q5 E ES "" 'U I v-2 L G I- D en - vo 7, 9 .ogy-'- 76325 2Z'f92'S an-EIV: 'O- 3 '08 'o '20- m 3 -M L 4. U o 0,5- gw fU - U4 - E QD L if 'S fu an .1 '53 Q 'E-2 5 LD:- L SLE .2 CL 2 5 Em 1- r-P 2 .Q vu S o .n L 'U 22 4 va CD .C -0- .Q U v O 73 .E 'D I .2 E VD ve Her nlo C9 o Gra Vlscos an Offn Do The besf TS BNHS Hlsm ss Ar? Shyne Lane FP C Oui Marry eber W .C 4- U JD U -0- .E as CL cu In lo an C5 .9 E 2 41 fo 2 :- -U an .1 v 4- 'U .C 'C G D! 6.0 US H1C 'cl Fa gr: ln Windsor I-IIGI-I I-IOPES I sal near lhe phone wailing. The smile on my lace fold lhe slory. I knew Johnny would call +o ask me +o Ihe Prom! He really had no olher girl lo ask. Afler all, wasn"r I lhe only girl he had been seeing for 'rhe las! +wo weeks? Every nighf he had been al my house helping me wilh my homework! Oh, I was posifive lhal I was lhe one. ln fact I gave him fifleen minules more lo call. I looked al lhe four fall baby-pink walls surrounding me. lMolher hadn"r changed 'fhe color since Sis was born, and Sis was six nowll In one of lhe walls were lwo large windows oul of which could be seen 'rhe lrue signs of winler. The frees were bare: 'rhe ground appeared 'ro be cold and damp, and a 'rhin film of snow covered lhe window-sill. I could iusl piclure myself, in my blue salin gown wifh Mo+her's fur jacket, and Johnny in his black luxedo walking in 'rhe snow lrying nol lo gel' wel! I looked al lhe small black inslrumenl al my elbow which I knew was going lo bursl any minule. "R-r-ring!" There if is! I'Il lel il ring again. "R-r-ring!" "Hello .,,,, Oh, il's you Harriell .oss.,,.....,,,. No, Johnny didn'l call. .,,,.c,,,....... Yes, I expecl him lo. ......s.,.,.,.,...,. lSigh!l lsn'l' he wonderful? .,s., Have lo say good-bye now. I'Il call you as soon as if happens!" Gee, I-larriel's swell! She's so sympalhelic. She underslands me so well. Gosh, i'r's geliing lale. I wonder if he's home from school yel. Maybe he's been defained. If so, he'll probably call 'romorr .....,,...... "R-r-ring!" Hello! Yes, +his is Marilyn! .............,.. Why hello, I-Ig-rby! ,,,,.,,,,,,,s,,, Go 'ro Ihe prom? I'd be delighledl. .,.,ss,..,., .This Salurday nighl? I'd love lo! .....,,,..,, So long, lhen ,.s,....,s ,, Unlil Safurdayn . ,.,..,,.os,, Goodbye, Herby." "Hello, l-larriel? Guess whal? I-Ierby asked me lo 'rhe Prom! ,,,s,.,. .,.. . , . ,Who? johnny? ...,,....,,,,,,s No! ofcourse noi! .,o,..,,.,.. Why I wouldn'l' wanl 'ro be seen wi+h him!" Marilyn Lokielz FIRST LOVE They were young--and carried away by Ihe wondrous magic of +he moonlighf. They slood close logelher, for lhe evening was chilly. Their fingers barely 'rouched as 'rhey walched lhe waves break genlly againsl fhe shore. The sand was in lheir shoes, making Iheir 'foes feel all squishy-like. He benf and 'renderly 'rouched her hair. They kissed. Il was The very firsl kiss for eilher of Them, and if was beauliful and so very righl. They walked slowly away, hand in hand, each filled wilh +he heady, wonderful magic of firsf love. And +hey'll always remember +ha'r nighl as somelhing very special, for fruly il was a magic nighl when lhe breeze whispered soflly 'ro lhe- ocean waves, lhe waves danced nearer Io caress 'rhe sands, and lhe sands 'I'hrew kisses lo The slars above . . . and a girl and a boy discovered firsl love. Marilyn Smilh 58 SENIOR ECHOES I-ICDME TOWN Througlnour my sevenleen years of life my home lown has been a conslanl source ol salislaclion and happiness for me. l+'s nol really a lown, iusl an oullying seclion ol Brooklyn, and ils name, Canarsie, has been The obiecl of counlless iokes. Yel, neilher lale, nor parenfs, nor God could have chosen a spol in which I would ralher have grown up. I like Canarsie because il has a spiril all ils own, a spiril ol freedom, of separa- 'rion from fhe hard, hurried, ugliness of 'rhe shallow sophislicalion +ha+ abounds in mosl ofher parls of New York Cifyg a spiril lhal brings oul a really heallhy proporlion of Canarsieiles +o walch +he Sunday double-headers, and Thursday evening baskel- ball games sponsored by one of lhe local parish churches: a spiril lha+ has, somehow, managed 'ro gel' lhe people on Avenue W and Ninely-second Slreel' lo arrive al, al leasl nodding 'rerms wifh almosl every family as lar as Flallands Avenue and Rockaway Parkway, +he opposile corner of "+own." I like Canarsie because il has given me lhe love of so many people, unsophislicaled, inieresling, earnesf people, people whom I can gladly and freely love in relurn. Janel Demsky M LANE! Whar school will always sland our?-Lane! Whal school do we like 'ro char aboul?-Lane! Where did our knowledge slarl +o gain?-Lane! Where did we suffer a lerrible slrain?-Lane! Where did we meel all Those wonderful Teachers?-Lane! Whal school conlains so many good leal'ures7-Lane! Where did we acquire many a friend?-Lane! Where is This all coming lo an end?--Lanel This place, Lane, I'm crazy about And in my mind If will always sland oull Gloria lvlarullo JANUARY l948 59 LAST NIGI-IT OF AUTUMN When evening Iighfs burn low And soff cool breezes blow 'Tis fhen I Iisfen, Iisfen, lisfen And fainfly hear from fhe sighing frees Slighf and mournful whispers, whispers, whispers. From ifs shallow mournful grave winfer has arisen. Then I know whaf I shall see fomorrowz Leaves dashing in mad flighf before fhe frigid blow, Frenziedly fumbling, even in deafh, before fhe icy blasf. Winfer's jaws of hunger and fear again musf seek repasl. Choking ice will glislen, glisfen, glisfen Like fhe feefh of some mad devil dog Turned free Io chew and fear dead bodies in a morgue. And o'erhead burn efernally fhe fires of Orion While Taurus casfs one unconcerned glance upon fhe earfh below. He knows all life and lighf and warmfh musf some day go. Joseph Pellegrino . f N AMERICAN SCENE The day was pleasanf and cool, and fhe bus sped foward Nanuef, leaving a frail of brillianf aufumn leaves behind if. A feeling of safisfacfion and confenfmenf seemed 'ro have laken hold of fhe passengers as fhey leaned back in fheir seafs fo enjoy Ihe scenery passing before fheir eyes. Suddenly, fhe bus sfopped. This abrupf half did nof seem fo annoy or asfonish mosf of fhe passengers, buf I, burning wifh curiosify, peered ouf of fhe window. I had fo look fwice fo believe whaf I saw. There, walking leisurely across 'rhe road, was a red fox. As soon as he had goffen safely fo fhe ofher side of fhe road, fhe bus sfarfed on ifs way once again as if nofhing unusual had happened. I smiled inwardly as I seffled back info my seaf. The world was a wonderful place. Cynfhia Kohul 60 SENIOR ECHOES Tl-TE LAST PAGE l-low do you say, "I am never going To do These Things again-These Things I love? How do you close a book ThaT is large and sweeT? How do you say, "I am never going To do These Things again-These Things l have done Tor so many years ThaT They have become parT of me? There will be oTher Things To do, buT never These again. This is The lasT Time." How do you sign your name Tor a Triend you may never see again? l-low do you hold The pen, weT and very heavy, in your hand? WhaT do you say when The lasT march has been played and caps and gowns, wrinkled and dusTy, have been puT away? WhaT do you say while your parenTs waiT, very proud, and you Teel a hand in yours, and you know ThaT even if you see your Triend again, iT will never be The same? SomeThing-a bond-is gone. You know ThaT you have ceased being a parT of someThing big and happy To become a parT of someThing which is bigger, and pcrlmpx happy- WhaT do you say when you know The lasT momenT is here, really here? This is no dream, no mere ThoughT, buf realiTy-a momenT of parTing, real and unwilling To waiT while you linger. WhaT do you wanT To say when you realize ThaT everyThing which is everyThing To you TonighT, will be a sweeT memory, buT sTill, only a memory, Tomorrow? WhaT is your lasT acT before The many Triends you may never see again, before The Teachers, and The halls of The building ThaT is suddenly no longer yours? Think. Do you swagger now? Do you walk quickly or slowly? Do you speak Too soTTly or Too loud? Do you linger, Too long? Do you run your fingers over The desks, The walls, The chairs? Do you cry? Are you young or old in This momenT? Are you foolish or wise, an adulT or a TrighTened child? Do you cry? LisTen. You do all These Things a liTTle. You are noT quiTe sure Tor a momenT. ThaT is as iT should be. You are human. BuT The unsaTe Teeling will quickly slip away. Some- Thing very new To you will Take iTs place, You will linger, buT iusT a liTTle. Then, you will say goodbye, which once meanT "God be wiTh you." You will Take The book cover firmly in your hands, and you will Turn The lasT page and Then shuT The book, reverenTly and quieTly, wiThouT Tear oT whaT The nexT book will be like. And you will be saTisTied To have iT shuT and To soon begin anoTher book. You will say goodbye, slowly and happily, and wiTh rich meaning: "God be wiTh you." I will know whaT you mean. RuTh Windsor JANUARY I948 bl JLH R Y w2Q1W'2 fs Q 5 2 5 ll ll Fay. ZW l. X . 'K gk 'ng M Xbmz .4 1- w fm -. -Q, --fx, - 'P X . 5. " ::- R R 1' . Wm 5 'N "NA s. 'Ax . xmas xx HS ...,. ,K as , NX wf 'E- arf R . A' x s ' .. , ww k k 2 i fx w K ,kiss f BLESSINGS ON TI-IEE, GRADUATE lWi+h apologies 'ro John Greenlief Whifiierl Blessings on Thee, Graduale, You'll be oui, come Iorly eighf. By ihy Turned-up panialoons, Lollipops, and Ioy balloons, You'll remember Senior Day, And by Ihy fux and formal, you Will recall your Prom fun, foo. And Ihrough Ihe years recall iusi biis Of Ihose clever Class Nighf slci+s. From my hearr, dear Candidaie, I wish you happiness, if you gradualel Marilyn Smiih '48 I-IIT PARADE I. Tha+'s My Desire . .. .. . 99.8 average 2. Give Me Someihing Io Remember You By A diploma 3. A Fellow Needs a Girl . .. .. . . . .. . For Ihe prom 4. Red Silk Sroclcings and Green Perfume .. . . .La+es+ s+yIe in Lane 5. Sleepy Time Gal .. .. . . ..GirIs aifer gym 6. Years and Years Ago . . . ...I enfered Lane 7. Sunrise Serenade . .. .. .. .. . ..Mr. BaH's 8:30 club 8. l'Ie's Ihe Besi Presidenr We Ever Had . . . .. .. .. ...Pele Chiafalo 9. 011+ of This World . .. . Franklin K. Lane Band IO. Ask Anyone Who Knows . . . ...... .... A Senior I I. Twilighf Time .... . . . .... . .Coming home affer de+enrion IZ. Feudin, Fighlin, and a Fussin .. .. . .. , .,,,, ...Lunch line Arlene Krause Dororhea Kamp JANUARY I 948 63 WI-IAT LANE I-IAS DONE FCDR ME When I TirsT enTered Lane, IiTTIe did I realize ThaT I should ever worry abouT missing school and The many educaTional and inTeresTing acTiviTies which Lane oTTers To iTs sTudenTs. ATTer Tour years in Franklin K. Lane, I have begun To realize how much an educaTion can mean. A good educaTion leads To The road oT a successful life and good characTer. My experiences in Lane will help me when I enTer The business world. I have noT only gained much knowledge from my subiecTs, buT also Trom my experience wiTh sTudenTs and club acTiviTies. These clubs prove mosT enioyable. and They help a person gain new Triends. Knowing how To gain new Triends and keep Them is a valuable asseT To one enTering The business world. This is one oT The many advanTages I have gained Trom my Tour years in Lane, and I am very graTeTuI Tor This experience. I shall never TorgeT Lane, or my Senior year. My school days have been educa- Tional and mosT inTeresTing. My school days will also be memorable because of The many enjoyable momenTs I have had aT dances and enTerTainmenTs. DoroThea Kamp Ik lk lk lk wk I owe a greaT deal To Franklin K. Kane High School. I-lere I have made many friendships ThaT I shall always Treasure. Lane has sTarTed me on The road To a career. I am now ready To enTer college and To achieve my goal. BuT I owe much more Than ThaT To Lane. During The pasT Tour years iT has been a second home To me. I'll admiT ThaT There were plenTy of Times when I would raTher noT have seen Lane's Tower in The morning. However, deep down in my hearT, I know ThaT I really love Lane. IT has shown me The imporTance and weaITh of educaTion. IT has given me a sense oT iusTice and Tair play, and iT has helped me To geT along oThers. In IaTer liTe I will appreciaTe Lane more Than I do now. There is one Thing I am sure of, however. I will never be able To Think oT Lane aTTer I graduaTe wiThouT a lump coming To my ThroaT. Jerry Gerber WI-IO'S WI-IO IN BABY PICTURES CN PAGE 65 I-Grace Ann Truppner, 2-CaTherine Vogel, 3-I-larrieT Levine, 4-JaneT HoyT, 5-Allrank Crifasi, 6-Ronnie Springsfeen, 7-Joan Jablonski, 8-Dorolhea Kamp, 9-PorTia Muqnolo, I0-Mary Graulich, II-Frances HuberT, I2-Ellen Marks, I3-Phyllis KaspareiT, I4-Richard Lampe, I5-Roy STockfisch, I6-Angela Scimone, I7--Doris STrassle, I8-Barbara Cosher. I9-Doris Warnke. 20-I-Iildegard Sfaiber, 2I-Frances Farinella, 22-Marilyn WoreTh, 23-Richard CosTa, 24-Barbara Silenzi, 25-Norma Mills, 26-Rosemary McEIvain, 27-Gloria STeTanucci, 28-Ann Nosanchuk. 29-Anna Bonagura, 30-Camille Lo CurTo, 3I-AnThony Lanqcn, 32-Connie Sanloriello, 33-Joan Ernsl, 34-Dolores DueTsch, 35-JaneT RQIFT, 36-Gerry RubensTein 37-JaneT Richmond, 38-Eleanor OsTapiec, 39-Joan Newell, 40-Eleanor Dorsey, 4I-Philece Ehrsarn 42-Janis PraiTsching, 43-Mary Bonura, 44-Bernice Levine, 45-DoroThy Rudland, 45-JaneTh Mueller, 47-Claire Greenberg, 64 SENIOR ECHOES ir 31 1' wx QW DESERT SCENE As The sun dips low over The horizon, The silenT deserT sands give up The heaT of day. The moon enTers The sky Tor iTs nocTurnal visiT and duplicaTes The cacTus in shadow Torm. The sounds oT nighT are many, and The sacred quieT is oTTen broken. The cooling winds scaTTer The sands and disTorT The varied sounds. Here and There a coyoTe is heard addressing The silenT sky. BuT There are many noises which are zmexplainable and which exisT only aT nighT. LisTen To The Talk-The deserT Talk. LisTen To whaT The lovely deserT has To say: Erub is liddle on The schlips. The nuckle buns iTs parib, As guggle sees The soTT nur, And schlagle is on The TruTz. Slowly and silenTIy The kish bubbles, And The long, dark moosh Tizzles. BuT look! LisTen! ls iT noT The walking crud? The uzzu sees iT. IT Tries To schleop. Hold! Whooshl IT's caughT in The woogle. "Thrash, Thrash" go The nushygoos, "Slug, glug" go The woogins. IT is over! Uzzu is schlumppl And, as The prilobles clug back To The Tlurp, The sun reTurns once more To The deserT. The sounds and horror oT nighT are gone. Gone are The shades of nighT, and The inTangible Tears oT darkness. The sun, which has been warming The deserT Tor cenTuries, reTurns once more To iTs daily Task. ATTer unruly nighT, The deserT once more is quieT and unmoving. Jerry Gerber WI-IAT IS LIFE? WhaT is liTe? An inTangible subsTance given To us by a mysTic Torce. We are all Tree To mould our own lives inTo whaTever shape we wish. We are all The sculpTors of our desTiny, and each acT or deed, good or bad, puTs anoTher chip in The Tigure oT our liTe. EveryThing we plan and Think remains in our memory and assisTs in shaping our lives. When The Tigure is near compleTion, can we lean back and say we are Truly saTisTied wiTh The resulT? Or do we wish TervenTly ThaT we could relive a cerTain parT oT liTe over again, and so change The lines oT The Tigure? Are we happy wiTh The resulT? Now is The Time To plan our Tigure, when The moulding clay is srill pliable in our hands. Now is The Time To begin To chisel careTully and well-This precious maTerial oT liTe given To us. JaneT MaThisen 66 SENIOR ECHOES TI-IE TRAVELER I boarded fhe frain af Penn Sfafion. I saf down in fhe firsf empfy seaf nexf fo fhe window and decided fo fake ouf my book since I knew ihe ride ahead of me would fake four long hours. Affer having a greaf deal of frouble wifh her baggage, a young woman saf down nexf fo me wifh a long, heavy sigh of relief. Nr firsf she saf back, buf soon I noficed her siffing on fhe edge of her seaf frying fo look ouf of my window, af fhe same fime making me a Iiffle uncomforfable. I asked her if she would like fo exchange seafs wifh me so fhaf she could have a beffer view. She eagerly accepfed my offer, and we exchanged our seafs wifhouf foo much frouble. I prefended fo read my book buf was really wondering how a bare, recenfly plowed field could hold fhe inferesf of fhis young woman. My curiosify was safisfied when she furned fowards me and said. "OhI eef ees wondefol fo see fhe farm again!" Her sweef French accenf made my ears fingle. Realizing fhaf she wanfed fo fall: fo someone, I sfarfed fo converse wifh her. She fold me she had arrived from France fwo weeks ago and was on her way fo her sisfer's house in Albany. I fried some of my fhree years of French and affer having much difficulfy, decided her English was beffer. She fold me she had lived in a small farming fown in France. Her fafher had been a hard-working farmer who raised vegefables and animals for fhe markefs. I-ler mofher had been an excellenf housewife and a wonderful person. Bofh of fhem had been killed during fhe lasf war. She explained fhaf she had never seen her sisfer who had leff France as a child, buf she had corresponded wiih her regularly. Wifh fhis she fook ouf a faded picfure of anofher young woman wifh a baby in her arms. The picfure was five years old, buf you were able fo see fhe smiling face which resembled Georgeffe siffing nexf fo me. The porfer called ouf "AI-I-lbanyI" She iumped up excifedly, and I wished her luck. As fhe frain pulled ouf of 'rhe sfafion I saw a young woman wifh a Iiffle girl of abouf five years run fo Georgefle and embrace her, all were frying fo hold back fheir fears. I wiped my eyes and felf very foolish because her sfory had broughf fears fo my eyes. Affer all, she was only a frain ride acquainfancel Marilyn Lokiefz SUCCESS This badge of glory, fhis mark of success, Thaf I sfrove so long and so hard fo possess, Wifh valianf efforf I managed fo win And place on my blouse, fhis - - rny Lane Senior Pin. Janef Demsky JANUARY I948 67 IRI! I if M, QL BOYS' SPORTS AT The end oT This Term we, who are sporlsing Those big Senior Pins, hope To Take The sTep which we consider The greaTesT we have Talcen Thus Tar in liTe. To some OT us, The sTay aT Lane was Tilled wiTh Trials and TribulaTions: To oThers iT has been a happy Tour lor morel year period. However, we all leave wiTh one pleasanT memory which, Through The years To come, will probably remain ToremosT in our minds. ln order To lceep This memory Tresh in your minds, we have dug deep inTo The Tiles To give you This review oT Lane sporTs acTiviTies. T-TOOPSTER PARADE Because The baslceTball Team is The highlighT oT discussion aT presenT, we shall sTarT our review wiTh iT. When we TirsT came To Lane, Willie Zirlcel was a prominenT player. The 6 TooT, 3 inch souThpaw led The SouTh Shore P.S.A.L. division in scoring Tor The I944'I945 season. ln The aTore-menTioned season, Zirlcel was ably baclced up by an all-sfar lineup. Tom Gibbons, CarleTon Irish, Ed LoeTler, and lvlorTy Schorr were The oTher Tour on The sTarTing squad. They, wiTh The assisTance OT Augie Di Fusco, Bob Flynn, and Julie TrubowiTz, TirsT sTring subsTiTuTes, broughT The CounTy Liners To The Garden play oTTs, where They were deTeaTed by EasTern DisTricT, 32-3l. The Tollowing season saw Di Fusco, Flynn, and TrubowiTz playing in The sTarTing lineup, wiTh newcomers Norm Kramer, Alex Shinlcaricln, and DICK TAXIS also playing TirsT sTring ball. This squad also wenT To The Garden, only To be deTeaTed by Monroe T-ligh. The sTrongesT Lane Team on record since The l93O championship Team saw acTion in The l9464I947 season. TrubowiTz, Shinlcariclc, TAXIS, Flynn,and Di Fusco were pounding The boards during The TirsT halT. However, The services oT The TirsT Three were losT aT The halTway marlc. They were replaced by Norm Kramer and newcomers Joe SmyThe and Dave Wallcer. This Team wenT Through To The quarTer-Tinals beTore They were sTopped by Commerce, 5836. JANUARY I948 69 DICK TAXIS, The only member oT The Team To be graduaTed wiTh us, will be back wiTh The hoopsTers again This season. AnoTher Senior is FLOYD GOLD, non- playing manager, who, unlike his predecessor, Herbie BuTler, never scored Two poinTs Tor Lane. , IN THE DRINK In The Time we have spenT in Lane, The naTaTors have had Three coaches. Because of The deaTh of Mr. Hugh Jones, Mr. Harry SmiTh was senT from anoTher school To Take over The Team in I945. ln The nexT season, Mr. Carl Schoening, The presenT coach, was TransTerred Trom Thomas JeTTerson High School To Lane. All Three, however, had a hand in The coaching oT such ouTsTanding swimmers as: bacl:sTroker Hank AuwarTer, whose broTher Dick has now Taken over his duTies: Jack Clancy, a TasT Tree-sTylerg Len GoldsTone, sTar long disTance swimmer: Hank SchmidT, Tancy diver, and Chubby Howell, anoTher speedy Tree-sTyler. All hold All-Oueens honors. Marching down The aisle wiTh us aT CommencemenT will be The presenT capTains oT The naTaTors, HAL GARRETT and JULIE JERMANOK, and Tree-sTyle, DICK LAMPE, who have broughT The Schoeningmen Through To many a vicTory. DIAMOND CHATTER Now leT's Take a look across The sTreeT inTo DexTer Park, where we see an all-sTar Lane baseball Team in iTs pre-game warm-up. On The side we see Bob Forge, The lanky righT-hander, being warmed up by The hard hiTTing caTcher, Ray Gallagher. TroTTing down To The bullpen To geT ready in case The going geTs Too rough is Coach Berman's sTar souThpaw, Len JaTTe, accompanied by Jerry Weiler, anoTher able backsTop, while Trailing close behind are Bob Grimm and WalT Turke, Two righT-handers. Behind The plaTe, where he will sTarT, is The sTrong-armed receiver, Joe Falco. as- sisTing in The infield warmup. Taking his peg aT TirsT base is Carl Tranchina, while his successors, TOM BOCCIO and DOM CALVANO, are waTching him To pick up valu- able poinTers. WaiTing Tor his relay around The inTield are: second baseman, John Dore: shorT-sTop, Tom Churillo. who is now playing class "C" ball on The Dodger farm: and Third basemen, Ken Dixon, whose predecessor, Mike Ouagliarello, is looking on. In The ouTTield are Mike Marmo, Ernie Mamay, and Gene RicheTTi, while on The bench are ED HERRMANN, Carle Miller, and George Michel, all eagerly waiTing Their chance. Also on The bench are Rocky Laurino and BUCKY LEOPOLD, boTh second baseman. Churillo, Forge, JaTTe, Marmo, and RicheTTi all hold All-Queens honors. STRIKES AND SPARES - In This resume we cannoT TorgeT The Keglers, who, under The able guiding oT Mr. Larry Rubinow, broughT The divisional championship To Lane Tor The TirsT Time since Their enTrance in The League Two years ago. The Two Jerries, LindsTadT and MasTilone, head The parade of bowlers. In Their sTay aT Lane boTh hiT well over The Two hundred mark more Than once. NexT comes Al Holmes, who also is on record Tor hiTTing ThaT score. He is followed by BERNY CORSO, TOM PROVENZANO and Bob Lorenz. CORSO, who has been capTain for The pasT Two seasons, and PROVENZANO will also receive Their sheepskins in January. Paul SulTar 70 SENIOR ECHOES GIRLS' SPORTS As we receive our hard earned diplomas aT CommencemenT, and Thus pass anofher milesTone in our careers, memories of bygone, buf noT forgoTTen days, will pass in review before our minds. We will Think noT only of The English Teachers who Tried franTically To drive grammar info our heads, buf of The many inTeresTing and exciTing evenfs ThaT we experienced, noT only in our daily gym classes, buT in affer-school sporTs acTiviTies as well. I I'm sure none of us will ever forgeT ThaT firsT day in gym when everybody had a clean new gym suiT on, Thus making us all look and feel like The Bloomer Girls. Nor will we soon forgeT The Times when we dashed inTo class iusf before The laTe bell, our hair dripping weT, and some smarT classmafe would call ouT, "Did you go swimming?" IT seems nobody was smarT enough, Though, To derive a meThod whereby we could wear our sfockings under our gym socks or chew gum in class wiThouT Mrs. Reid's or Mrs. Dunklee's noficing iT. Now, leT's meeT some of Those girls from The AThleTic Council and The Ospreys who gave so much of Their Time To organizing AThIeTic Clubs and puTTing on Terrific waTer pageanTs, and spending so much Time aT iT ThaT They were undecided whefher or noT They should sTay on speaking Terms wiTh Their parenTs or seT up a new home in Lane. FirsT, IeT me infroduce JOAN MAZZETTI, who has capably filled The office of PresidenT of The Blue and Grey AThIeTic Council for Two Terms, and who is really an all-around aThleTe. NexT in our parade of aThleTic ceIebriTies is SYLVIA GAGLIANO, who served as Treasurer of The Council Twice in a row. Alfhough on The shorT side, Syl has no Trouble whafever in guarding The besT of forwards in a baskefball game. Besides being chairman of The BaskeTbaIl Club several Terms, JOAN NEWELL can also be seen, as Co-capfain of The Cheerleaders, cheering our Lane Teams on To vicTory. Then There's SHIRLEY NICHOLLS, whose keen shooTing makes her invaluable as a I-Ioopsfer, and who can clear The high jump aT four feeT eighT. MARIE CORSELLO is The Council's only represenTaTive on The Bowling Club, and a very able represenTaTive she is. Following close behind are ELEANOR DORSEY and MARION l'lENRlCI'l, who have helped To make The AThIeTic Council The success ThaT iT is. The Ospreys will be lef+ in a desperaTe posiTion when six of iTs members graduafe This Term. Leading The lisT are PI-IYLLIS KASPAREIT, our Queen Fish, and PI-IILECE ERI-ISAM. BoTh girls have had ouTsTanding parTs in The Two waTer pageanTs, "ChrisTmas FanTasy" and "KaTrinka." Phil noT only swims, buf serves a mean ball when iT comes To Tennis-Take iT from one who found ouT The hard way. DOLORES DUETCI-I, our Penguin, can ofTen be found gliding Through The waTer wiTh The grace and ease of a fish. Of course, we can never omiT BARBARA COSHER or BARBARA SILENZI- wonderful people as well as wonderful swimmers. And aT The end of The lisT we find YOURS TRULY, who has Tried To do her besT as Vice-PresidenT of The Council, and Princess Fish of The Ospreys. Believe me, when I say I have loved every minufe of iT. On To our regularly scheduled affernoon AThIeTic Clubs, of which The mosT im- porTanT is The Leaders' Club. As The name implies, The girls of This club are Trained To be leaders and are prepared for The Afhlefic Council. Girls from The Leaders Club, as well as many oThers, parficipafed in Two inTeresTing assembly programs ThaT The Girls Health EducaTion DeparTmenT puT on. NoT only did our BaskeTbaIl Club aTTracT a JANUARY I948 7I huge crowd, buT also ThaT Council-FaculTy baskeTbalI game where The TasT shoofing and hard hiTTing Council Team ouT-poinTed a sTrong FacuITy Team. Our Volleyball and Modern Dance Clubs are also quiTe popular, and many a sTrong volleyball Team has won honors. AlThough Hockey has been inTroduced To Laneifes before, iT is only recenT- ly ThaT iT has been revived. Alfhough iT Takes a hardy person To play Hockey, iT's loTs of Tun. I can sTill remember The Playdays when all of Lane's aThleTic clubs enTerTained many aThleTically-minded gals from various oTher high schools in The neighborhood. Before I close, I know The girls of The AThleTic Council would like To Thank Mrs. Reid for her paTience and guidance in making Lane's aThleTic acTiviTies possible. WiTh- ouT you, Mrs. Reid, many wonderful Things could never have been accomplished. Nexf, The Ospreys wanf To Thank Mrs. Bauer Tor her unTiring efforfs To puT on Top-noTch waTer pageanTs. Her eTTorTs were rewarded wiTh success. Lasfly, we wish To Thank Mrs. Somers, Mrs. Duncklee, Mrs. Riback, Mrs. Budwash. Mrs. Jacobs, Miss Levy, and Mrs. LoveTT Tor The parTs They have played in mainfaining our sporTs program during and aTTer school. JaneTh Mueller ' r A GREAT TASK Four years ago, The naTions of The world were engaged in baTTle. The enemy losT. We were once again vicTorious. The world has noT seTTled down To The idea of peace. CounTries are sTill TighTing wiThin Themselves. The world is very unsTable. People are sTiIl suffering from wanT of Tood, cloThing, and shelTer. The world sTill goes on, day aTTer day, monTh aTTer monTh, hoping and praying Thaf Through an organizaTion of naTions, a lasTing peace will be made, noT only on paper buT Through each individual counTry sTriving To mainTain Tha? peace. We are graduaTing from high school, many of us To go on To higher insTiTuTions of learning, while oThers will face The world aT once, Tor whaT iT is worTh. The world is whaT you make iT. Fighf for whaT is righT. SupporT a democraTic counfry where you have The righT To express your opinions, The Treedom of worship, and The freedom from wanT. Help Those who are Trying To survive This pasT war. IT is up To you and me To make a beTTer world, by pracTicing Tolerance, good will, and respecT for each oTher. We graduafes are The TuTure men and women of The world. LeT us be proud of iT-and worThy of The name. Lucy Esburg 72 SENIOR ECHOES ADVICE ERCDIVI A SENIOR Freshie, Ereshie, filled wirh frighl, Where are you dashing, lillle mile? Could il be English, grade number one? Or is if fo gym Io have some lun? Waill wail! liI+le man, iI's nor so lafe: I can explain how Io reach grade eighf. Rule number one, please Iake nole, Is, over your homework you really musr dole, For if you don'+, you can 'rake il from me l'll bel' Ihal' you'll never reach up +o grade Ihree. Lacking a denlal for Mr. Shaw's gym, Your chances of passing are all prelly slim. Excelled by none is Ivlr. Brodell lAlexanderl When you rake Physics al him you will gander. He Ieaches elecfricily and Teaches if well, Bur someday he's bound 'ro ger shocked clear Io heck Of 'rhe English deparlmenl Ihere's none so superb As dear Mrs. Kegel: pray Iell, have you heard? She hands our a novel every Iwo days And dozens and dozens of ponderous plays. If you Think under This slrain your nerves will crack You'd belfer sfop here and iusl Iurn back. Buf when you're a senior, as you hope you will be, You'll gel a big burlon 'lor all Io see. Then comes your senior +erm's blessing of blessings- Coming Io your rescue will be sweel Mrs. Jennings. She'll plan graduarion, Ihe prom, and class nighl, Wifh her al Ihe helm you'll have Ihings ius+ righr. And in closing I wish Io say-Oh! Oh! Ihere's Ihe bell. Farewell, freshman friend, I've no more 'ro Iell. Joseph Pellegrino , JANUARY I948 10 JLM LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, The Senior sTudenTs of Franklin K. Lane High School, afTer The Senior Dance, Class NighT, The Prom and Senior expenses, have decided To leave whaT IiTTle remains To Those who are noT deparTing wiTh us. To The FacuITy: Mr. Peshkin- Mr. Dressler- Mrs. Jennings- Mrs. Kegel- Mrs. Gershon- Mr. Beck- Mr. Koss- Miss I-IarringTon Mr. Lebowsky- Mrs. Marshak- Miss Maloney- Mr. Waldbaum- Mr. Selwyn- Mr. Rosenblum- Mr. Mandel- Miss Manning- Mrs. Somers- Miss LieTz- Mr. BaTT- Mrs. Kiso- Gym Teachers- a radio program wiTh The signaTure "ATTENTION, PLEASE-ATTENTION, EVERYBODY, PLEASE!" a January I948 yearbook. all The sugar in The world To remain as sweeT as she is, aIThough she doesn'T need The sugar. congraTuIaTions. a bouqueT To a wonderful Teacher and a wonderful friend To all who had her. sTudenTs who appreciaTe fine arT. The burden of having To Teach us I-lisfory. an English class ThaT will be "specific" in iTs com- posiTions. more people aTTending The 6.0. and HisTory Forum. a senior class ThaT appreciaTes "MacbeTh." Thanks for her blue eyes and Irish wiT which gave us many an enTerTaining period. a brief case. a bow Tie. sTudenTs who don'T mark up Their desks and who have perfecT records. some more Commercial Law plays. a baTheneTTe To baThe her doll in-basins are very inconvenienT. a class ThaT will have iTs "denTaI noTes" in before The firsT Third ends. a bouqueT oT Tlowers To maTch her sweeTness. a group of boys who will safisfy his TasTe. our admirafion for her beauTifuI hair-do. an "ArThur Murray" bookleT. To The sTudenTs who will some day be Seniors and are now in- P.G. 7- PG. 6- P.G. 5- PG. 4- PG. 3- P.C5. 2- PG. I- Senior AcTiviTies plus Senior buTTons. a dozen novels To read in Their spare Time. ArisTa applicaTions and our heroes, Sydney CarTon, Lancelof, and ArThur. aThIeTic clubs elecTrocuTion-Correcfion, please-"EIocuTion." more freshmen who call Themselves sophomores. permission To laugh aT incoming freshmen. SENIOR ECHOES And we also leave: To The Clubs and Organizafionsz To fhe Arisla- wizards-like us. To The Alhlelic Council- uniforms. The S.P.Q.R. lLalin Clubl- "The Farragof' To fhe Mafh Club- a perfecf puzzle. To fhe "Repor+er"- anolher Elaine Kiflerslein. To lhe G.O. Council- lhe end of lhe orangeade discussion. To fhe fulure Seniors- everlasiing slrenglh lo publish 'rheir yearbook. We, +he represenlalives of lhe represenrafives, affix our slamp of approval on This documenl, while silling in fhe Senior Office iusl a weelc after lhe deadline. Marie Corsello Porlia Mugnolo Anna Warrenbrum , , GUR FRIEND Mrs. Jennings is a leacher whom we all adore: In her class rhe work is noi' a chore. Her charm, her grace, her fhoughllulness, Help many sludenfs achieve success. A helping hand she'll willingly lend, Because she believes in being a friend. Her cheerful advice we always obey, Because wilhoul her, someone would srray. She is more 'rhan a leacherg she is our friend. Wilhouf her. on whom could we depend? Dorofhea Kamp JANUARY I948 75 Q .op ,'-, 'C Y e 'id pl lg ug I I I I I ff OUEENSBORC SCHOOL I Sound fraining for I'l'1e superior secrefarial and iunior execufive posifion. Also courses in all 'rypes of modern business machines - Individual promofional plan - Super- vised office experience - Successful placemenf bureau. Cypress and Myrlle Aves., Brooklyn, N. Y. DAY 8: EVENING I'lE99m0n 349252927 CATALOGUE SESSIONS l60-I6 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, L. I. Up0N REQUEST JAmaica 9-I9BI-l982 I HEGEMAN FARMS CORPORATION HSafe-Seal' hAHk and hAHk Producrs For Home Deliveries , I I1 I624 CENTRE AVENUE I Te ep one N Hageman 3.5300 Rioegwooo, N. Y. I BLUE CORNER CANDY SHOP and LUNCHEONETTE LOHMANN'S -1- Ice Cream and Candy -:- Delicious Sandwiches Served I 75+h STREET and JAMAICA AVENUE Opposile Eranlclin K. Lane High School 76 SENIOR ECHOES Es+abIisI'wed I873 FOxcroI'I 9'8I47 D R A K E INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION DAY EVENING AFTER BUSINESS i 1416 BROADWAY Gafes Ave. L. S+a+ion Brooklyn, N. Y. A -:QA . . I -, Combine Life Insurance I N A-J utr, 0 0 I Wi+h A Savings Accouni' Open a regular savings accounf, and fake ou+ a Savings Bank Life Insurance policy. Premiums are au+omaIicaIIy Iaken from your accounf as They become due. A convenieni' me+I1ocI of geffing I1igI'i value life insurance at low cost HEEQST N EW Yonlc SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion JANUARY I948 77 N. R. DRILLING CO. Official Lane Jewelers I34 WEST 46+h STREET New York Ci+y SENIOR ECHOES ARTHUR STUDIGS, Inc. I i' OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER 'ro Hue "SENIOR ECHOESH I I i' I I I Exclusively Equipped Io I457 BROADWAY Do Yearbook PI'1o+ograpI'1y New York Ci+y JANUARY I948 Vlrqinia 9-4225 OSCAR W. KARLSON KARLSON'S FLOWERS 84II JAMAICA AVENUE Woodhaven, N. Y. BEST WISHES -0f- KANDY LANE many years Pace Instltute has aided high school students. well +53-I.. in advance nl graduation and without obliaa- fig tion, In planning for urolessional business success through "IEE adequate training, Technical-Cultural courses are provided, A with emphasis cn development ol "leadership" qualities, ln A SECRETARIAL TRAINING ACCOUNTANEY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE lC.P.A.I PREPARATION MARKETING, ADVERTISING, AND SELLING All courses are ln held ol higher edueatlon. and lully :cured ited by N. Y. State Dent. ol Educ. Day and Evening. Coedueational. Visitors welcome. Bulletins on request Tel BArelay 78200 PACE I SVHTII Y ome Cary Hall Parlrl Im QUXIII I'l1lss.IXl..llllX xzxuae 5IllIll XlnNfmr1..l2.X 'I I IS ff X X45 Ufiki-QKb!.,..,f -!,?4 OAf Sjaxutwu Lp, w J ,1 C M., . . 'i A ',F20...p.J Q' X . :dx ,Q ini ,zfYk' gi wh. ll .1 w WJTW' WW 1

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