Franklin Junior High School - Kite N Key Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

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Franklin Junior High School - Kite N Key Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 62 of the 1962 volume:

Hill Gc 977.202 F — Fra 19 2 M.L tite ' n key JU VyT INDIANA COLLECTION Franklin School is now completing its first year as a junior high school. From a school having grades one through eight, it has now become a school having grades seven, eight, and nine. Many changes and adjustments lave had to be made. The building itself has been re- nodeled to make a more pleasing atmosphere in which :o work. Students, faculty, and staff have worked to- gether to make this first year a memorable year. This is also the first year that Franklin School has lad a yearbook. Its name, THE KITE ' N KEY, rep- resents our future hopes. The Kite tells of our desire :or learning and achieving. The Key opens the door to nemories of things which occurred here in the past. This, then, is your school; and this is your yearbook, rHE KITE ' N KEY. KITE KEY Franklin Junior High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume I, Number I 37?.77JZ7f 7=77+? Ik 1962 -atin students have become familiar with Roman ustoms. Here two students are studying a Ro- nan calendar and are dressed in authentic togas. English students discover the people of mythol- ogy, the gods and goddesses. The names of these characters are difficult to spell, but their feats are very interesting to study. Here We Learn To Study, Meet New Friends . . . " he break between classes is a popular meeting and ;reeting time. Although the opening of lockers adds o the noise and confusion, friends and classmates till find time to visit. Students in social studies learn the history of our dem- ocratic elections as well as how these elections have influenced our nation and world. Science projects require time, thought, and thoroughness. Some of these projects, displayed in the showcase, are observed by interested students. Working to build pyramids requires precision and steadiness, b also an enjoyable activity of physical education classes. We Learn To Work Together These friendly faces and busy hands greet Franklin students each noon. They know the way to a student ' s heart. Skill, patience, and imagination help students interesting artistic figures in art classes. Administration— Key to Franklin ' s Organization 1373397 Mr. Plasket, our principal, has helped us greatly this year to adjust to our new school. He has led and aided us in keeping the reputation of our school as high as it has been in past years. [r. Mathias, our staff assistant, has performed any of the tasks necessary to make our school in smoothly. He has also counseled many of le students. We appreciate the help and guid- rce which he has given us this year. English and Languages CAROLYN POLHAMUS Developmental Reading English CAROL ROHRABAUGH Developmental Language GEORGIA CHANDLER Eng i ish Latin and English JANE HINDERER Librarian KAY HORSCH Developmental Language English SHARON KALTENMARK English and Spanish I PAMELA MANTH English and Erench ROY STUART Developmental Reading English RUTH MINSEL MARGARET WIGGS Developmental Reading English English Arts and Social Studies CHARLES AULT Social Studies HARRY HINES Social Studies CARROLL PHILLIPS Social Studies WILLIAM WILLER Social Studies M. F. (BOB) HOPKINS Instrumental Music MARY GLEN FLEMING Vocal Music LILLIAN GOODWIN Art Mathematics and Science ■ VP o nam 1 " «5 «K| - » : s, a ■ ' " DALE BARRETT Mathematics, Home Arts Science RONALD KUHN Mathematics CARL REIBS Mathematics DONA SELL Mathematics DON WEAVER Algebra and Mathematics DELMAS YOUNG Algebra GENE BUZZARD Science LOWELL DOHERT Science JAMES OVERMYEI Science ELIZABETH SHAN] Biology and Sci« Vocational and Physical Education it ROBERT EWING t4 ■ Industrial Arts In? (7 - jp-f r SANDRA GOLLER Health, Physical Education Mathematics DAVID RILEY Physical Education MADGE SCHONE Physical Education MELVIN ZEHNER Health and Physical Education 7 1 ZOA WHEATON Special Education These People Help Franklin Junior High Run Efficiently Our two office secretaries, Mrs. Pelz and Mrs. Werling, assist the faculty and the students in many ways. They are always on hand to answer the many questions which we ask. We appreciate the services they render. The cafeteria workers and the janitorial staff have helped to make this year a more pleasant one. The cafeteria staff has provided excellent lunches for us and the janitorial staff has kept our school neat and clean. conizations Student Council Practices Democratic Procedures Y ' Teens Feature Varied Program and Projects 12 Service Members Earn Points By Helping Teachers Typing Club Teaches Skill Which Aids Students MJtA n a 13 f p F% Latin Club Studies History of Greece and Rome German Club Members Learn Basic Vocabulary Speech Club Finds Original Speeches Expand Interests Actresses and Actors n o ft ft QjSHliUL L Li K sXL JMR- 4 ' « s History Club Discusses listorical Events Audio-Visual Club Members earn Equipment Magic Members Discover ' What Comes Out of a Hat? ' Library Club Stimulates Reading Science Fair Committee Has Great Success Club Meetings Develop Interest in Math Cb G ■I ■ Stamps and Coins Club Compares Findings Skin Diving Club Learns Rules of Diving ft ft ft en Pals Have World-Wide Friendships Listen to the Needles Click in Knitting Club EXPLORING THE WORLD - CFJOBS r (3 Library Assistants Ask, ' Do You Need a Book? ' ' Make That Spare 9 Motto of Boys 9 Bowling Club a aft a Band Members Perform Musical Skills Stage Band Finds Rhythm Key to Musical Enjoyment Seventh Grade Band Members Learn Music Fundamentals 18 Glee Club Voices Blend in School Performances String Ensemble Practices To Play in Melodic Harmony Young Glee Club Members Have Fun Singing Together Q f)£) Solo and Ensemble Musicians Receive Awards Hs S Social Dancers Enjoy and Improve Dancing Modern Dancers Learn Interpretation of Music li ' i M Activities, Exercises, and Fun Hightlight G.A.A. Girls Take Time To Enjoy Athletic Activities 20 Seventh, Eighth Grade Cheerleaders Add Spirit to Sports Team Excels in Flag Football Hoops Challenge Chiefs in Exciting Season Key to Intramurals Is Exercise, Energy, and Enthusiasm 21 Chiefs Tackle First Football Season With Spirit Chiefs Show Competitive Spirit Cheerleaders Display Enthusiasm in Cheering Chiefs Cross Country Team Aims Toward Physical Fitness Agents Sell and Distribute Neivspaper School Events Recorded in Monthly Newspaper, POST 23 Agents Sell 640 First Editions of KITE ' IV KEY Kite ' w Key Staff Works Diligently on First Edition 24 V Class Pictures r a - ■•;. ' " " ZSR e " T» • k : •i i i ■« ! :-- - sr? a a c m A a ili ii. k Seventh Gra Martha Ackley James Albert Karen Andrews Michael Argerbrighi! Steve Argerbright Marcia Armstrong , Rhea Arndt Pattie Arney Karen Sue Arnold Jerry Baer Eddie Bankson John Basile Jerry Baugher Robert Bayer Marsha Beber Connie Beck Carl Beckman Pamela Beebe Raymond Bell William Bell Kay Benedict Richard Berndt Cheryl Betts Jimmy Betts Diana Biddle Linda Bosserman Gary Bowman Dianna Brewer Johnny Brincefield James Brown Cynthia Bruns Brenda Bryan Dennis Burden Jerry Burns Marshall Bush Pamela Butler Stephen Cady Robert Cantrell Elaine Castle Mary Cates Roy Cates Ray Cates John Chester Barbara Clark Barry Clark Larry Clark Sharon Clay Gary Clifton 26 Daniel Coleman Kathleen Cook Larry Cook Lynn Covey Robert Dager Willard Dahl Kathy Dale Roderick Day Roger Deveau Marsha Dill Ray Dobbs Kim Drudge John Dunfee Steven Ecanbarger Jacque Eiser Kenneth Ellis Wilma Eloph Jon Fair Earl Farmer Raymond Fink John Fitzgerald Kenneth Fletter Boneta Fox Robert Freeman Joyce Fryer Donald Galbreath Larry Gaskill Edward Gebhard Patricia Geise Thomas Gepf ert Linda Gilbert Janice Goodrich Thomas Gray Janice Green Ronald Greene Marcy Grove Kathy Hanshew , Thomas Hanshew I Charlotte Hardiek Eyvonne Hardy Sandra Harris Dale Harter Victoria Hartwig Leon Heffley Kathy Heim Jerry Hertig Michael Hoban Darlene Hoffman N4 r % C3 _■ A A J k IK I 6 ■3. it 27 is 2. 9 Arm, 9 ft Lt Tawne Holloway Sandra Hopper Larry Horner Linda Horner Margie House Luther Hunley Richard Insley Janice Johnson Kenneth Johnson Steven Johnson Joan Johnson Donna Jones Sharon Kattas Michael Kelder Dick Kidd Brenda King Martha Koontz Cherlene Krider Danny Kumfer Sheryl Ladig Barbara Landsaw Barbara Lapadot Patricia Lasley Kathleen Lauer JoAnn Laughery Daniel Lavan Nancy Ledger James Lloyd Christine Lochner Max Lombard Robert Lombard Ronald Longley Debra Lyons Betty McCarty Starr McFarland Gary McKeever James McMeans Linda McNeal Jennie McSorley Kenneth Manier Dave Meisner Ralph Meredith Teresa Metzger Perry Miller Susie Minyard Jim Moore Sandra Moreland Ronald Morrison 28 Ruth Morse Lynne Mossburg Michael Nitzsche Diana Norris Donald Oberkisa William Oliver Ernest Osborne Marc Overmyer Thomas Paillie Robert Peck Mary Ann Pelz Rodney Poinsett Darrell Post John Potts Ann Prewett Dan Pulver Marvin Racine Penny Radke Karen Rajcany Brenda Randol Donna Ray Robert Read Charles Rediger David Rennecker Robert Renner Kay Rentschler Sharon Reville David Ritter Rodger Rouns Geneva Runyon Bob Ryder James Scheil Patricia Scheil Diane Schneider John Schneider Terry Secrest John Seely Linda Setzer Robert Sheckels Catherine Shoaf Craig Shoda Sherry Shrapshire Terry Simpson Dale Sims Jill Singewald Steven Skees Linda Sloan Cass Smith O A ft ) ' 29 Christine Smith David Smith Mary Sue Smith Janice Snyder Marilyn Snyder Glen Spangler Linda Spice Donna Sproat Constance Stamanis Robert Stanton Tom Starnes Rebecca Stellhorn David Stewert John Stewert Cheryl Subsda Mary Sutorius Brenda Sutton Katrina Swink Beverly Thompson Brenda Thompson David Thompson Steve Thurston Sharon Tonak JoAnn Trenner Robert Turner Thomas VanGorder Bonnie Vanover Candice Volmerdin Micheal Walker Charles Watson Sharon Weisenbur Connie Welch Patricia Werling Dennis Whiteleatfo Janet Widmeyer Marilyn Williams John Wilson Dianne Winebrenn Margaret Winingei Carol Witzigreuter Waneta Wright Glenn Wysong Jerry Yoder Sandra Zimmermar Barbara Zion Cherry Zuercher Richard Albaugh Nannette Beck 30 Jill Fudge Stephanie Green Thomas Hill Jimmie Houser Jennifer Jay Clarence Lock David Lock Daniel McCord James McKnight Rosemary Paddock ' , Thomas Pappert $EJJKfr jf% Linda Poff •., .;£fMTA iiKk Richard Rentschler Leon Schwalm James Stueber l o £} $ A a Cl S3 W. ji j 4 Chiefs Tackle Football With Enthusiasm 31 § A M J5.. ;?J t A ' v Eighth Gradt James Allen Byron Andrews Pamela Archer Janet Armey David Armstrong Deborah Arnold Herbert Ashley Teresa Ashley Deborah Beatty Joel Bechtold Edward Beck Sharon Bell Tom Berndt Sharon Berry Robert Blain Doris Blazer Delores Bodle James Bojinoff Judith Bonham Donald Bowers Walter Boyles Patricia Bradley Carolyn Bredemeyer Larry Brewster Steven Brewster Betty Brisentine Gail Brown Lana Brown Cynthia Brubaker George Buckhardt George Bufink Diane Butler Barbara Caldwell William Cantrell Cynthia Carvin Michael Casey Thomas Castle Tom Clark Vonna Clary Dennis Clawson gjfc». James Clay A 9 tw iL Mar jorie Click Carol Coffman Allyson Cole Judy Coles Marsha Collins Terry Cornelius Nikki Cottier 32 Eileen Coyne Mark Critchfield Dianne Cummings Jane Davis Marcia Dawkins Jeanne Dennis Linda Dey Zoe Ann Diffendarfer Deborah Doehrman Carol Doswell Cynthia Earnest Steven Eddington Herbert Edwards Linda Edwards Sandra Ehrman Janice Eichel Patricia Erdle Perry Falk Linda Faudree Jerry Faulkner Roger Faulkner Carol Federspiel Kyris Federspiel Don Fiandt Larry Fishbaugh Edward Flaugh Phillip Fortmeyer Janice Frantz Jean Frantz Richard Frantz Terry Funk Bruce Furniss Judith Gaskill Arlene Gaw James Gebhard Donna Geise Wallace Geller Edward Getts Carolyn Gilbert Carolyn Goodin Colleen Gorrell Connie Graham Kay Groeschel Judith Gross Judith Hale Carolyn Hall Michael Halquist Mike Hardiek ' 1 (ft ft •A 9 33 Steven Hardiek Dan Hardy Donald Harris J Gary Harter i ™ ' Linda Hatch Tom Hatcher Cheryl Heck Roger Hendrickson Joseph Henderson Mark Henry Darlene Hershberger - DeberaHigh Joyce Hinkson Marsha Hitchcock Jerry Hite Sharon Dixon Laura Hobbs Sandra Hoffman Charles Hoover Gayle Horstmann Michael Hosford Diane Hosier Kenton Houser Sandra Hudson Rebecca Hurst Susan Hutsell Linda James Linda Jantz Jane Jennings Darrell Johnson Leslie Jones Betsy Keck Earl Keever Jessie Kelley Barbara Kilfoy Dennis King Gregory Kinsey Eddie Kirkpatrick Denny Kiser Sandy Klemke Sandra Knight Trudy Knight Thomas Konkle Charles Krider Bob Kurtz Dennis Kuruda Donald Kuehner fSt Tamera Ladig 34 1373397 William Lee Patricia Leist Maxine Lindemuth Patricia Logan Stanley Lord David Luckadoo Jerry Luyben Lynda Lyons James McCarty Gerald McClellan Ron McFarland Michael Mankey Paul Markey Jay Dee Martin Joseph Masel Michael Meighen Terry Menze Deborah Merchant Ronald Merrill Ron Milholland Donna Miller Gah Miller Guy Miller Rosemarie Miller A Barry Mills James Moore Patricia Moore Cynthia Moreland Jill Morkoetter Sally Morrison Linda Motz Lynn Mowry Rebecca Mulles Linda Netzley Kay Newby Max Oberkiser Jeanne O ' Day Margaret Oesch Carol Oldberg Vicki Osmun Jerry Oswald Wanda Owens Irving Park Arthur Payton Susan Pipino Gail Potts Pamela Pratt William Prumm ft .« ( - ft t±£ h, r$ ft Q c ft .ft ;l?5K ffi ft ft ft {% ► ft {$ ft £§i ft fo it ktv w % i a £» a 35 W %i «l Q 9 a. 1 v ' 1 ■ ffi Dawn Priest William Pulver Kathleen Purcell Dan Raber % Tom Ralston A q Larty Rediger Linda Reed Sharon Rennecker Robert Sanders Allen Sapp Nancy Sark Glenna Savio Carolyn Sayles Gregory Schaeffer Steve Schaefer Sandra Schreiber Nancy Schwartz Don Seller Basil Shady Jackie Shanks Roger Sherland Christine Shoda Donna Showalter Sue Shropshire Jacquelyn Simpson Linda Simpson Janice Skinner Linda Smead Dennis Smith Karen Smith Robert Smith Sharon Smith Terry Smith Sandra Smitley Danny Speidell Stanley Spice Carl Spoerhase Robert Spuhler Bruce Stall David Stein Royal Stevens Sharon Stevens JoAnn Stonebreaker Danita Sutorius Colleen Sweeney Daniel Tannas David Tanner Mary Ann Tegtmeye: 36 Karen Thompson Steven Tipsord Phillip Tracey Melinda Treesh Larry Tuttle Paul Ulrich Randy Upton Becky Van Horn Juanita Vasquez Kenneth Vinson Hobert Wagers Lawrence Walker Gene Walker Bruce Wallen Marilyn Warren Jacqueline Waters Carl Watson Celeste Weick Mark Werling Janice Wermager Linda Whitman Steven Whittecar Billie Jane Widner Karen Wilburn Delores Wilder Joyce Williams Sharon Williams Linda Willis Robert Wilson James Witzigieuter Steve Wright Bruce Zimmerman 1 37 .A o ex f f$ © $ £) ' A-. Ninth Grade Donald Akey Jerry Alexander Mary Anderson Sally Anderson James Andrews Joan Anspach Karen Antrim Sandy Antrim Penny Archer Larry Argerbright Richard Armstrong David Arney Gregory Arnold Jud i Ayers Janet Bailey Rex Bailey Phyllis Baker Phyllis Ballard Maria Barrera Elizabeth Barrett David Beber Marilyn Beery Janet Bennett Cheryl Bernhardt Anita Black Jimmie Bock William Bodine Nancy Bourne Richard Bowman Bill Braden Rosemary Braun David Brennan Cynthia Brown Kathleen Brown Walter Brown Frank Bryan Cheryl Buckhardt John Buelow Sandra Burelison Ronnie Burget James Busche Cynthia Butler Faye Byerley Mary Cady Linda Cantrell jRick Cary [Danny Christlieb Dennis Cismowski JLinda Claphan Deanna Clem iTerrie Clouser Mary Cochren Karen Coleman Jack Coles Sharon Covault Marilyn Covey Craig Cowan Jerry Craig [Edward Crapo Robert Crist David Cummings Clifford Davies Donald Davis John Davis Phyllis Davis Diana Dawkins Vicki Deahl Maderis Delph Fred Dey Cathy Dickson = % 4Jfifct pmk. " £% ' V ■N4l »j£j| 3 ' C f $ $ (§ ? © 39 4. . Ilk frfeOk.- fi i ♦ " • !: Ol Diana Dixon Alice Dolan Shirley Domer Thomas Domer Michael Downie Ronald Eastman David Elliott Thomas Fahling Robert Fair Steve Fairfield Thomas Falls Sue Farmer Tamara Faulkenberg Janetta Federspiel Robert Fiedler Lynn Flood Larry Foster Michael France William Galbreath Ronald Gallmeier Robert Gardenour Martha Gaunt Kenneth Gaw David Geise Carol Gerardot Linda Gerardot Norman Getts David Getz Coleen Gill David Gillespie Allen Glock Larry Goble John Goelz Terry Goldey Suzanne Gonser 40 i ' ohn Gordon Gary Gottfried ' eanne Green Wanda Green Dale Grooms ' ames Grubb Cynthia Gushwa [Nleva Haenal David Halquist ary Halter iBetty Jean Hand [Rodney Harrison Patricia Hattery (Arthur Hayes iPeggy Haynes lathy Heck Terry Heffelfinger William Hegbli fune Held Ronald Hippenhamer ) P ft .o cy f A -ft [Patrick Hite Richard Hohman plick Holoeher ] Jackie Hols worth J§ . ,. ( Steven Holsworth IBl " " [Cheryl Horstmann V __■ .- — k s [Beverly Hughes iGeorgia Hunsaker (Donald Jewel Iris Johnson i fS f V f| Keith Johnson Jerry Kelder Donna Kelley j» ' WV " Joan Kelly ' T Kaye Kensill 41 «v ¥ ■ e 9 a fe. am-. -vM ' 1 . V Marilyn Kensill Thomas Kidd Steven Kienzle Martha Kiracofe Thomas Kirk Darrel Kissinger Andrea Knuth Terry Kreigh Kathy Kumf er Patsy Landsaw Jim Lasley Joyce Lasley Wesley Laughrey Mary Lavan Cynthia Leazier James Lechleitner Ned Lee Suzanne Lee Robert LeSure Claudia Lewis Berniece Lindemuth Terrill Lochner Anna Logan Dan Logue Carole Lombard Anna Lord Anne Loveless Danny Luce David Lynch Eddie McClure Donald McCurdy Resa Mclntyre Joan McNeal Charles Magers William Markey 42 Marley Marquette Philip Martin Valerie Mason Thomas Mast Jeri Mayhew Shirley Mencer James Mensing Leonard Mentzer Donna Menze Richard Meredith Thomas Mertz Karen Miller Michael Miller Jack Milton Peter Mironenko [Joseph Moore ILorraine Monroe ! James Morris I Elmer Moses Martha Moss Kay Mowan Janie Newman Kenny Nicolet Dennis Norton Linda Nuerge iMaryann Ort Donald Osborne Piane O ' Steen John Oswald steven Ott Walter Ott James Owens Leroy Owens [Ronald Phillips iBill Porter f V7? y : " »- hi PX s £5 O - ? |a l 4 h. . 9 O £S ft O 43 i » • r IBS s jsW 9 •»T} a d a A v %- .jLfc i i a a Q ' a A tZfaOk.jj Paula Post Bonnie Prewett Terry Priest Donna Pynchon John Radatz Kathleen Rathert Barbara Ratliff Robert Ream Anita Reaser James Rhodes Tom Richards Cynthia Rimmel Nancy Robins Bobbie Jo Roberts Rosa Lee Roberts Julie Robinson Terry Robinson Earl Rogers Carl Rouns Jean Ryder Katherine Sanders Judy Saurbaugh Mary Saylor William Scheil Sally Schmidt Karen Schultz Arthur Schwartz Richard Schwartz Kathleen Seitz Connie Shanks Becky Sheehan Grant Shepler David Sherman Dennis Sherman Dennis Shoda 44 Ronnie Shoopman Connie Shriner Cort Shuler Michael Sibert Allan Smith Dave Smith James Smith Judy Smith Rick Smith Ruth Smith Terry Smitley Frank Snyder Ronald Snyder Rubyann Snyder Mike Sorg Jeanne Stalder Catherine Stamanis Fox Statler Linda Steiner Gregory Stephens Vickie Stephens Carl Stevens Daniel Stewart Bruce Stirlen James Stone Vicki Streets Leonard Strong Sharon Stutz Patricia Subkowski Stuart Swink David Switzer Diane Tatman Ralph Taylor Linda Thompson Karen Tibbies ?$ f% £3 Q i$l p ;-, v ' (, •» m, . ' A , t 4 k diSL. $ O 9 £% Q 45 v t j ' i ■ 5 © Joyce Till Roberta Till Diana Timmons Terry Toms Mary Tripoli Sandra Troop Cindy Turrin Sharon Ummel Perry VanMeter Leroy Vanover Mary Vargas John Wallen Helen Walter Owen Walter Beverly Warner Anita Waters Karen Weaver Sherry Wells Robert Werling Kenneth Wermager Sharon Williams Anne Wilson Nancy Witzigreuter Shirley Witzigreuter Michael Wolfe Phyllis Worrell Robert Wright Gary Wring Cathleen Wyllys Kay Wynkoop Steven Wysong Terry Yant Jean Yentes Michael Young Sandy Yourkwitz 46 We Learn To Study, Develop Interests and Spirit AUTOGRAPHS 48 672

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Franklin Junior High School - Kite N Key Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Junior High School - Kite N Key Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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