Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1939

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Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 13 of 24
Page 13 of 24

Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 12
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Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 14
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Page 13 text:

W H 2 WWXXM X x ,, W' ; ,, HWWL , , W

Page 12 text:

SERVICE Honor Health Club MYRA SMITH LEOTA MILAR MARTHALEE BARNES PEGGY WHEELER and WILLA RUNDBERG MRS. HESS, MISS CLARK, MISS VEDDER, Sponsors President Vice-President Secretary .Sergeant at Arms The Honor Health Club took as its project this semester, the beautification of our patio. The club has seen its first additions of tables, benches and umbrellas installed and used. These have added to the attractiveness of our lovely patio and fireplace. The Honor Health Club hopes everyone in the Student Body is enjoying the patio more as a result of the clubs work. Eunice Ackley, B3tty Lee Adams, Betty Albright, Jolly Ann Barcus, Esther Bassett, Beverly Baynes, Barbara Beck, Grace Beck, La Verne Beck, Rosalie Beckman, Shirley Berrey, Jayma Bess, Pauline Blackhard Norma Blattman, B tty Booth, Barbara Brawner, Clara Brawner, Lee Ellen Brattain Alberta Cuffey, Constance Carlson, Betty Mae Carter, Virginia Casey, Grace Cerullo, Marguerite Chalker, Mary Clevenger, Betty Jeanne Cole, Katherine Conner, Marie Constanzo, Beryle Cox, Loa Curtis, Sharon Davies, Bonnie Mae Davis, Barbara Dean, Madelyn Dennis, Frances Denos, Rosemary Doermann, Patsy Dorman, Minchen Doweling, Jean Duncan, Barbara Dushane, Millicent Edmundson, Muriel Elcock, Doris Elward, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Esthe Freemeyer, Jeraldine Freerneyer, Elizabeth Fremming, Elvira Garcra, June Gates, Colleen Gohner, Frances Griffin, Barbara Guinn, Maxine Haggerty, Barbara Hamilton, Dorothy Hanson, Mildred Hawkins, Betty Hicks, Dolores Hinckley, June Hoge, Margaret Hohske. Marguerite Horn, June Houston, Norma Houston, Betty Hudson, Myrtle Hughes, Lucille Jackson, Betty Lou Jenkins, Bonnie Jur- genson, Virginia Kelleher, Ellen Kendig, Beth Kimberley, Loraine Kraber, Barbara Jean Lesh, Miriam Levich, Harriet Lewis, Pauline Lompe, Marjorie Lund, Patty Jo Mahannah, Margaret Malaby, Audrey McKay, Peggy Mid- dough, Emma Jean Migabra, Justine Moore, Marion Moss, Mildred Neil, Alice Nelson, Nlarilyn Nevies, Rossina Newton. Nola Nielson, Emma Lou Osmon, Betty J0 Patterson, Laura Paull, Doris Peterson, Peggy Pinder, Barbara Polhill, Harriet Porter, Barbara Putnam, Florence Reese, Marilyn Rich, Marie Richards, Mary Riley. Melba Rotramel, Kathleen Sauls, Bethal Schmidt, Patty Scott, Marguerite Secord, Arlene Smith, Barbara Smith, Geraldine Smith, Helen Smith, Kathleen Smith, Carol Stearns, Helen Stolman, Virginia Sykes, Anna Tanaka, Virginia Thompson, Margaret Tilton, Candas Waldron, Geraldine Walker, Clarissa Welsh, Isabel Whitlock, Coleen Wilson, Christine Zotalis. Franklin Junior High Speakers' Bureau Ross Bigelow, Bill Blount, Betty Booth, Norman Culver, Bob Curran, Jean Davis, Minchen Doweiing, Jean Duncan, Muriel Elcock, Betty Frances Goosen, Jim Hartwig, Richard Howell, Lee Michel, Esther Ottele, Laura Paull, Myron Peck, Wanda Roberts Olive Ryan, Patty Scott, Marguerite Secord, Bill P. Smith, Bill R. Smith, Myra Smith, Candas Waldron, Thomas Wood. Woodshop Service Group MR. BERNARD TUCK . Barton Barnes. Bob Bright, Maynard Dailey, James Foxen, Dick Gossett, Keith Hammer, David Jones, Allan Lowe, Neal Pettygrove, Peter Poulos, Gordon Roemer, Howard Ross, Don Stewart, James Smith. Sponsor GROUPS Courtesy Monitors MRS. PRICE, Vice-Principal First Period-Bill Potter, Ruth Chilen. Second Periodelona Guinn, Lee Ellen Brattain. Third PeriodeJimmy DeVVitt, Jayma Bess. Sixth PeriodeFay Taylor, Evelyn Craig. Sponsor Seventh Period-Jacquelyn Hoffman, Doris Jordan. Color Guard MR. DEAVER . . . . . . Sponsor The Color Guard has had thirteen members this semester, all of whom are Boy Scouts. At the beginning of every assembly these Scouts have presented the colors. They trade off so that every member will participate in at least one assembly. The members are Captain Arthur Long, Assistant Captain Dan Angell, Bill Benner, Bill Sproul, Bill Goldberger, Franklin Beckman, Dale Westenberger, Norman Lay, Gerald Crain, Dean Berry, Jerry Cohen, Richard Polhill, Jimmie Smith. Stage Crew MR. BUCHANAN . . . . . Sponsor The Stage Crew has been sincerely appreciated this semester by the entire school because of their excellent cooperation. They have been taken out of many classes because of the numerous assemblies we have had yet by working hard they kept up their grades in the class-rooms. Members are Stage Manager, Stanley Tout; Assistant Manager, William Frady, . Dewey Martin, George Gillyat; Electricians, Keith Hammer,' Robert Saunders; Alternates, Leon Lankford, Lionel White. Lost and round MISS LUCILE HAGER . . . . Sponsor Jean Walters, Anna Bulleit, Patty Scott, Candas Waldron. Electric Service Group MR. BUCHANAN . . . . . Richard Becker, Bob Edwards, Bill Frady, George Gillyat, Keith Hammer, Clayborne Harmon, Dan Ingve, Ross La Porte, Tom Llewellyn, Dewey Martin, Don Mills, Jack Rush, Bob Saunders, James Smith, Stanley Tout, Tony Vondcrbcck, Bob Wild. Sponsor

Page 14 text:

+++MUSIC+++ Senior Orchestra LEE COBLER BARBARA PUTNAM LA VERNE BECK CHARLES BURROUGHS JAMES DeWITT HELEN SMITH ESTHER BASSETT MYRA SMITH . IRMEL o. WHITNACK The Senior Orchestra is one of the most active organizations in school as it has represented Franklin in many of the civic affairs of Long Beach. Franklin attracted the attention of Southern California Music Officials by winning so many high ratings for the soloists entered at Pasadena. Besides those outside activities there was the splendid Spring Concert in which Mrs. Whitnack so ably conducted the Senior Orchestra to higher levels of musicianship and music appreciation. FIRST SEMESTER: Alice Connolly, Carlotta Kelly, Patricia Page, Merle Reseigh. SECOND SEMESTER: Mary Frances Argeson, 96Velma Bradford, AGRobert Corbet, Ralph DeGraffenreid, Valeria DellTAringa, James DeWitt, Rosemary Doermann, Dorothy Edwards, asjohn Farrell, Gloria Gruenewald, Josephine Hay, Pedro Lardizabal, $6Eleanor McGowan, Marian Parker, $6Doris Ann Peterson, Virginia Plunkett, a6Robert Ruethain, e6Stuart Sittig, Bruce Stoddard, a6Edna May Trostler, aeLouis Williams. THIRD SEMESTER: +9Dean DeGraffenreid, 9eJacqueline Drake, 96Robert Goldberger, Tordis Haga, James Herley, Betty Lou Jenkins, Allen Mosteller, flack Olson, Gilbert Reese, Bayshie Rosenberg, Melba Rotramel, John Snider. FOURTH SEMESTER: Lillian Beattie, William Gearhart, Frances Griffm, Ruth Harrin, Hacqueline Hoffman, Florence Humphrey, Jean Barbara Lesh, Jacqueline McLean, Marion Maspero, Nancy Merritt, Barbara Louise Putnam, Willa Runbert, Virgil Sewell, Truie Sittig, Helen Smith, Gard Tesch. FIFTH SEMESTER: Lee Cobler, asDixie Jean Coco, Gerald Jampolsky, Barbara Pascoe, i'Olive Ryan, a6Daniel Sturkie. SIXTH SEMESTER: Esther Bassett, Dorothy Ruth Bates, La Verne Beck, Richard Bernard, Charles Burroughs, Patricia Kelly, Opal Markham, Charles Leroy Michel, Helen Louise Pulley, Howard Ross, William Short, Myra Smith, Thomas W'ood. 1Telndicates lst Semester. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at Arms Librarian Librarian Director QQQ Junior Orchestra President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Librarian HARLEE HAMILTON JEAN LOHMULLER PATSY GREEN MARILYN McCLURE WILLIAM SPROUL KATHERINE SMITH JACQUELINE SAUNDERS IRMEL O. WHITNACK In the minds of those who are closely associated with the orchestras, there is a doubt whether or not the Junior Orchestra receives due credit. The reason for such a doubt is easy to see when we realize that although the Junior Orchestra makes fewer appearances than the Senior Orchestra, it affords an opportunity for the musicians to prepare themselves for Senior Orchesetra. It gives them needed experience and confidence to become efhcient in the advanced work in Senior Orchestra. ONE SEMESTER: Robert Barrett, Jack Blackman, Eloise Burke, Alberta Coffey, Carolyn Daniels, Barbara Ann Dean, Margery Flinn, Elaine Fuston, Partricia Green, Lee Horrowitt, Martha Houpt, Geraldine Hoy, Shirley Jean Lauri, Jean Lohmuller, Marilyn McClure, Mariel Mosteller, Helen Roy, William Small, Le Ora Smith, Virginia Smith. SECOND SEMESTER: Rosalie Ann Beckman, Ann Chedister, Josephine Costosa, Nancy Grandfield, Leona Murray, Ralph Owens, Audrey Raab, Frances Sammons. Betty Schuck, Kathryn Smith, Raymond Todd, Billie Joye Woodlan. THIRD SEMESTER: Grace Cerullo, Marilyn Chudnow, Donald Foster, Jack Gustavson, Jacqueline Saunders. FOURTH SEMESTER: Orvil Akland. FIFTH SEMESTER: Willam Sproul. SIXTH SEMESTER: Harlee Hamilton. Librarian Director Boys' Glee Club JESSE HOLTON ROSS CRAIN TOM CADY ROBERT MATHENY MRS. RUTH THAYER MRS. IRMEL WHITNACK Any boy in Franklin is eligible for entrance into the Boys, Glee Club. An applicant, in addition to having a satisfactory voice, must have good citizenship in other classes. The Glee Club has four sections, two for unchanged voices and two for changed voices. We are proud of our Franklin Boys, Glee Club and believe it is on its way to become the finest BoysT Glee Club in Long Beach. ONE SEMESTER: Howard Akin, Edwin. Bauer, Howard Blevins, Robert Brooks, Clifford Brown, Tom Cady, Jimmie Lee Davidson, Donald Downer, Jack Fasmire, Edward Fox, W'ilmont Hunter, Edward Logan, Dick Michel, Lee Michel, Charles Milar, Dee Jay Nielsen, Richard Polhill, Lloyd Probst, Malcolm Richards, Leo Soovajian, Ward Shannon, Norman Trojan, Austin meyard. TWO SEMESTERS: Franklin Beckman, Richard Clayton, Bill Conner, Donald Coombes, Reed Jackson, George Tawerence, Tony Nieto, Ross Crain, ?obeit Ijarpin, Richard Heal, Richard Howell, Myron Peck, Bill Williams, 1m un . THREE SENIESTERS: Willis Clark, Gerald Crain, Edward Mee. FOUR SEMESTERS: Norman Culver, Bob Head, Jesse Holton, Bill P. Smith, Jimmie Smith, Jack Taylor. FIVE SEMESTERS: Robert Ross, Bill R. Smith, Loren Williams. SIX SEMESTERS: James Gray, Robert Matheny. . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Director Accompanist QQQ Senior Girls' Glee Club KATHLEEN SAULS PEGGY WHEELER JEAN WALTERS BETTY WAITE GERALDINE CRAIN ANNA TANAKA MRS. RUTH THAYER MRS. IRMEL WHITNACK During this semester the Senior Girls Glee Club has made three public appearances. The first performance was presented in our own school auditorium for the Parent-Teachers Associa- tion. Three very delightful numbers were given. The second program, given for the Moore Memorial Church was much appreciated by its members. The numbers sung were as follows: hThe Little Dustman" by Brahms, "Dedication" by Franz, ttAn English Garden,n and ttI Love Lifeh by Mawua-Zucca. These numbers were repeated for the program at the Municipal Audi- torium during Public Schools Week. Mrs. Whitnack has been throughout the semester, our very willing and gracious accom- panlst. ONE SENIESTER: Corinne Parr. TWO SEMESTERS: Grace Beck, Betty Booth, Barbara Bruingten, Evelyn Craig, Ethell Edell, Nola Nielsen, Doris Van Every. THREE SEMESTERS: Margery Amstutz, Suzanne Baynham, Barbara Beck, Pauline Blackard. Barbara Borton, Lee Ellen Brattain, Bernice Chambers, Joan Clevenger, Geraldine Crain, Dorothy Gordon, Iona Guinn, Betty Hail, Gloria Jean Handy, Dorothy Hanson, Norma Henderson, Betty Hudson, Mildred Hughest Noreen McNeice, Evelyn Normington, Betty Jo Patterson, Laura Jeanne Paull, Arline Potmesil, Isabel Richards, June Rogers, Luana Salgado, Helen Stohlman, Anna Tanaka, Fay Taylor, Janet Thibodeau, gle'ixgia Tollefson, Jeanne Ulrich, Phyllis Verbryck, Jean Walters, Shirley lson. ' FOUR SEMESTERS: Gladys Akland, Marilyn Casper, Jean Davis, Muriel Elcock, IWarion Martin, Barbara Polhill, Kathleen Sauls, Marguerite Secord, Maribel Synold, Barbara Thompson, Joan Timblin, Betty Waite, Peggy Wheeler, Marty Martint ' FIVE SEMESTERS: Constance Carlson. SIX SEMESTERS: Betty Jean Colt, Stella Edwards, Eleanor Peterson. tCOntinued on Last .PageJ Prsident . Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Sergeant Director Accompanist

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