Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1939

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Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 10 of 24
Page 10 of 24

Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 9
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Franklin Junior High School - Almanac Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

?ij 3237; . W - i 4 . rudmw " mmwm ow; u .4. ,, XIXX 'y I 1' ' D 17111"? 09 I Q??? I I I ' ' I I , Ilmz szfz ,Wyh , - 7 , x V r" w XffM7 W ' , , , gag 7 ' 12 me?z7zl7ili" , . , ' '$ 4' m mgm, 4;? , . V WWWX , . Jxlwmf?x , M, WWWM. h, w l . C 'z um mwm HMx MMIIWCO : 1,, j, M? , ,M . x W m x Qxx X Wx

Page 9 text:

WMP44; -..'-.T.M;m..--h--... SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY MARGUERITE SECORD KATHLEEN SAULS . . MRS. LYMAN and MRS. RICHARDS This semester the Scholarship Society has under- taken the project of better citizenship. Moving pic- tures are being made with the new school camera. Some of the pictures which are being filmed include cafeteria conduct, hall order and school ground be- havior. All of these pictures stress courtesy and safety, and should help improve Franklin citizenship. The entire plan was suggested to the society by Mrs. Price, the Vice Principal, who has appointed several teachers to cooperate in the plan. Ground action will be super- vised by Mr. VVertz and Miss Clark. Costumes are to be provided by Miss Morrison and Miss Ringheim. Mr. Deaver, who wrote the script, also is acting as cameraman and Miss Burns is collaborating with Mr. Deaver in preparing the scenario. All pantomime scenes are directed by Miss Walker. The following students are in the Society: 7A-Lou Jean Barlow, Darlene Benson, Joyce Buchanan, Vir- ginia Clevenger, Betty Goosen, Patsy Green, Geraldine Hoy, Len- nice Hubenbecker, Marilyn McClure, Leona Murry, Edda May Trostler, Marilynn Whitaker, Irene Wickliffe, Joanna Worsham. President Secretary Sponsors SB-Betty Adams, Betty Albright, Marilyn Chudnow, Sharon Davies, Keith Deeds, Stanley Parker, Eugene Reid. 8AAEunice Ackley, Floyd Blizard, Seymour Chapin, Helen Choate, Gerald Crain, Barbara Dean, Millicent Edmundson, Homer Evans, Beatrice Foster, Patricia Graham, Frances Gril'hn, Gloria Grueuewald, Barbara Guinn, Betty Hicks, Marguerite Horn, Richard Howell, Hope Hribal, Beulah Hudgins, Margaret Hughes, Myrtle Hughes, Bonnie Jurgenson, Virginia Kelleher, Margaret Kohnke, Barbara Jean Lesh, Miriam Levich, Jim Lund, Patricia MacDonald, Lois McCuller, Margaret IVIalaby, Marion Maspero, hdarion Moss, Allen Mosteller, Dorothy Nelson, Emma Lou Osmon, Barbara Oswald, Dolores Parker, Jeanne Perry, Barbara Putnam, Howmrd Roach, Bayshie Rosenberg, Georgia Mary Smith, Helen Smith, Kathryn Smith, Carol Stearns, Annabeth Tiffany, Rose Wick, Coleen Wilson, Virginia Zolalis, Gerald Zwentzig, Geraldine Crain. , 9B--Arthur Arnold, Edwin Bonilla, Dixie Coco, Jerry Cohen, Rosemary Doermann, Jean Duncan, Jack Dusek, Tordis Haga, Dorothy Hanson, Eunice Henson, Gerald Jampolsky, David Eellogg, Noreen McNeice, Evelyn Normington, Jean Ruth, Olive yan. 9AeMarthalee Barnes, Suzanne Baynham, Gloria Beaumont, Ross Bigelow, Bill Blount, Jean Davis, Minchen Doweling, Albert Fish, Blll Frady, Emmanuel Gross, Harriet Lewis, Marjorie Lund, Lee Michel, Fred Oldham, Esther Ottele, Laura Paull, Gilbert Reese, Marilyn Ross, Willa Rundberg, Kathleen Sauls, Margue- rite Secord, Bill R. Smith, Margaret Tilton, Charles Vorck, Candus W'aldron, Patsy Weeks. JUNIOR CIVIC LEAGUE MISS MARJORIE WALKER . STANLEY F. HOVVLAND During the past semester the Benjamin Franklin Junior Civic League Cabinet and Representatives have held many legislative meetings in room 122 to discuss numberous plans for our school. Among the outstand- ing activities are: The new Constitution, 3 new school banner and a new Franklin Guide. Due to the activi- ties of the Cabinet, pins have been ordered and will be presented as the permanent property of all 9A Cabinet and Representative members. The members of the Cabinet are: William Ruben Smith, President; Jean Duncan, Vice President; Olive, Ryan, Secretary; Jean Davis, Commissioner of Girls Affairs; James Hartwig, Commissioner of Boys Affairs; Betty Mae Booth, Commissioner of Girls Athletics; Robert Cur- ran, Commissioner of Boys Athletics; Thomas Wood, Commissioner of Assemblies; William Perry Smith, Commissioner of Safety; Norman Culver, Commis- sioner of Records; Wanda Raberts, Commissioner of Art for the Main Building; Patty Scott, Commissioner Sponsor Sponsor of Art for the Auditorium; Marguerite Secord, Com- missioner of Scholarship; Muriel Elcock, 9A Class President; Lee Michel, 9A Class Vice President; Myron Peck, President of Achievement Society; Myra Smith, President of Honor Health; Minchen Dowel- ing, Editor of Franklin Post; Esther Ottele, Assistant Editor; William Blount, Assistant Commissioner of Boys Atheleics; Ross Bigelow, Fire Chief; Candas VValdron, Assistant Commissioner of Art for Building. Representatives are Daniel Angel, Robert Ashly, Jolly Ann Barcus, Donald Blurton, Elizabeth Brakeman, Ernest Briggs, Thomas Cady, Virginia Casey, Ross Crain, Jack Dusek, Ethel Edell, Albert Fish, Ronald Gardner, Howard Hall, Frank Heinz, Ray Howe, William Hughes, Robert Kiefer, Edwin Markham, Paul Perry, Neal Pettygrove, Eugene Reed, Mary Riley, Georgia Smith, Stanley Smith, Carol Stearns, Audrey Sturkie, Eleanor Sutherland, Henry Tanaka, Ruth Alene Thomas, Evelyn Wagganer, Buddy War- ren, Robert Weld, and Donald Whitmeyer. THE ACHIEVEMEN T SOCIETY MYRON PECK LAURA PAUL . GLORIA GRUENEWALD MRS. OUTHIER MRS. PHILLIPS The Achievement Society has become one of the most active organizations in the Franklin Junio High School. This year we have sponsored the Toy Loan Library Drive, which has brought joy into the hearts of many underprivileged children. For our annual party, we had a HHard Times Dinner? With all of these activities going on you will enjoy being a member of the Achievement Society. Old members of the Achievement Society are: Arnold, Arthur; Briggs, Ernest; Doweling. Minchen; Elcock, Muriel; Evans, Homer; Gruenewald, Gloria; Hudgins, Buelah; HUghes, Myrtle; Hurley, Jim; Kohnke, Margaret; Lesh; Barbara; McNiel, Patricia; Malaby, Margaret; Nieto, Joseph; Niver, Margene; Parr, Corrine; Paull, President Vice President Secretary Sponsor Sponsor Laura; Peck, Myron; Putnam, Barbara; Saunders, Bob; Smith, Bill R.; Smith, Helen; Smith, Myra; Taylor, Faye; Tilton, Margaret; Wood, Tom. New members of the Achievement Society are: Barnes, Martha Lee; Blattman, Norma Ann; Corbet, Robert; Coco, Dixie; Culver, Norman; Elliot, Archie; Fellows, Donald; Fish, Albert; Fitzpatrick, Shelia; Frady, Bill; Hamilton, Harlee; Hammer, Keith; Howe, Roy; Joyce, Patsy; LeRitz, Patricia; Michel, Lee; Milar, Leota; NIitchell, Alice; McKay, Audrey; Morrison, John; Richards, Marie; Smith, Geraldine; Scott, Putty; Sewell, Virgil; Stearns, Carol; Tanaka, Anna; Tout, Stanley; Vorck, Charles; Waldron, Candas; Weeks, Patsy; Woody, Stella; Wyper, Wil- liam.

Page 11 text:

SERVICE GROUPS The Art Department The art department has accomplished a great deal this semester. The following are some of the most important proj- ects for which we received recognition: 1. Two safety sign boards. 2. Scenery for the Spanish Festival. 3. Prize posters for the P.-T. A., Latham Foundation contest and the Junior Chamber of Commerce safety campaign. 4. Decorations for the Foundersy Day Luncheon at the First Congregational Church and the Family Relations banquet at the Villa Riviera Hotel. 5. Block printed covers for the Franklin Post. 6. Frontispieces for the Almanac. 7. Design for a new school flag. 8. Decorations for plays and P.-A. A. assemblies. Mrs. Richard's Ar! Service Group Dollie Ellsworth, Harvey Doty, Barbara Oswald, Marguerite Chalker, Virginia Thompson, Dan Ingue, Georgia Smith, Mildred Hughes, Virginia Kelleher, Betty Lee Cookson, Alice Nelson, Vivian Thorsen, Neal Nordlund, Doratha Humphrey, Richard Bloom, Nedra Carmichael, Jack De Rosa, Lila Vee Kreider, Vivian Hoskiee, Eileen Ball, Barbara Stewart, Maxine Mathews, Candas Waldron, Wanda Roberts. Mrs. Murphy's Service Art Group Arthur Arnold, Earnest Briggs, Grace Brocklisby, Clara Browner, Evelyn Canner, Virginia Collins, Della Crosby, Susan Cury, Pauline Darling, Bonnie Jurgenson, Flora Howard, Margaret Hughes, Grace Koerner, Mary Ann Lewis, Audery McKay, Betty McKee, Patricia McNeal, Evangeline Millar, Alice IVIitcheI, John Morrison, Joseph Nieto, NIargene Niver, Patty Scott, Geraldine Smith, Jeanette Thomas. OW. Officials and Coaches Club BEVERLY BAYNES SHELIA FITZPATRICK WILLA RUNDBERG MISS HELEN CLARK The Officials and Coaches Club, under the supervision of Miss Helen Clark, has umpired and coached the after school playgrounds. President Vice-President Secretary Sponsor Ollicials Beverly Baynes, Barbara Beck, Barbara Borton, Carmen Christanson, ledilyn Dennis, Frances Denos, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Hanson, Beth Kimberly, Noreen McNeiII, Opal IVIarkham, Marian Moss, Evelyn Normington, Juanita Raley, Willa Rundberg, Olive Ryan, Luana Salgado, Kathleen Sauls, Helen Smith, Kathleen Smith, Myra Smith, Carol Stearns, Annabeth Tiffany, Peggy Wheeler, Rise Wick. Coaches Bonita Bailey, Marthalee Barnes, Emma Bill, Barbara Campbell, Dixie Jean Coco, Hope Hribal, Mildred Hughes, Myrtle Hughes, Lucille Jackson, Margaret Krieser, Pauline Lompe, Patricia MacDonald, Margaret Malaby, Virginia Marcus, Delores Parker, Laura Pauli, Clarissa VVelch, Coleen Wilson. .9. Student Body Store MRS. RUTH B. BURLINGAME Suzanne Baynlwam, Barbara Beck, Patricia Berry, Norma Ann Blattman, Lee Ellen Brattain, Anna Bulleit, Barbara Campbell, Betty Jean Coco, Bonnie Mae Davis, Madeline Dennis, Robert DeYoung, Edward Fox, Bill Hughes, Edward Hyatt, Albert Marcoux, Dewey Martin, Audrey McKay, Mildred Neil, Marriett Porter, Mary Riley, Wanda Roberts, Geraldine Smith, Georgia Tallefson, Ann Paul. Sponsor Safety Department MR. MAXWELL DAN ANGELL . CHARLES BURROUGHS DEAN De GRAFFENRIED BILL P. SMITH ROSS BIGELOW The safety department this semester has been commended very highly for its eHiciency and ability to handle its work satisfactory. The department has been increased in number by the addition of twenty-five boy representatives. A record fire drill was made on March 20, when the building was vacated in thirty-nine seconds. For the first time in the history of the safety department they had an enjoyable picnic on June 8. Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Dan Angell, Orvil Ackland, Gene Barsdale, Dick Bennard, Franklin Beckman, Bill Benner, Dean Berry, Richard Bloom,w Don Blurton, Ross Bigelow, Robert Brooks, Chrles Burroughs, Don Churchill, Thomas Clark, Frank Cooper, Delbert Conover, Robert Corbet, Jerry Cohen, Tommy Dahl, Dean De Graffenried, Homer Evans, Clyde English, John Farrell, Albert Fish, Bill Goldberger, Carl Goodman, James Gray, Bob Harpin, Dean Hayes, Clifford Haydon, Frank Heinz, Lee Horowitt, Jim Hutchines, Edward Hyatt, Gerald Jompolsky, Bob Kiefer, Frank King, Norman Lay, Arvel Mattson, Johnny Martin, Cameron Maycock, Owen Miller, Clarence Mulvey, Bert Oakland, Fred Oldham, John Orvid, Neal Pettygrove, Ward Shonnon, Bill Short, Bill P. Smith, Stanley Smith, Jimmy Smith, William Smith, Bill Sproul, Bob Stanick, Bruce Stoddard, Henry Tanaka, Jerry Thorpe, Jack Rink, Bob Ross, Austin Vineyard, William Walters, Vernon Walker, Paul Watson, Dick Watson, Bud Warren. Dale Westenburger, Bob Weild, Bill Williams, Lowell Young, Gerald Zwetzig, Harry Woody, Robert Ender. er Almanac Staff We of the Almanac Staff sincerely hope that the students of Franklin will enjoy this issue. A creditable effort has been made to satisfy the demands for a better Almanac. The fol- lowing are members of the staff: Lee Michel, Editor-in-chief; Bill P. Smith, Sales Manager; Patty Scott, Art; Jean Davis, Jean Duncan, Esther Ottelle, Calendar Committee. Credit goes to the Junior Civic League for collection of material; Con- stance Carlson, Patsy Weeks, Betty Jean Cole, Harold Little- field, Geraldine Smith, Marjorie Lund, Anna Bulleit, Peggy Longstreth, Marilyn Casper, Theressa Hood, Audrey McKay and Charles Vorck for typing. .00 Text Books and Supplies MISS BULLOCK Sponsor Jack BuIen, Tony Nieto, Jerry O'Quin, Hoyt Schoonover, Paul Watson, Thomas Wood. I Librarians President Vice-President Secretary LAURA PAULL . NORMA ANN BLATTMAN MILDRED NEIL One SemestereMarjOrie Bedford, Frances Bryson, Valeria Dell'Aringa, Albert Gradolf, Mildred Neil, Peggy Wheeler, Shirley Wilson. Two SemesterSeNorman Ann Blattman, Robert Corbet, Leota Milar. Four Semesters--Laura Paull. Five SemesterSeMinchen Doweling. Six SemesterSeMuriel Louise Elcock.

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