Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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ffg -gag 'ggi-NW W5 C3 XX E5il:E'51i?f'zff w 'ff ff rw? X ?.3 ? f C gifs fix 46 2, B oi-' Ai , , M WW!! lgglf A32 lwfmwwfgtf Qiijiya SEE M6552 R3 if 3 My W filpifmixf X wk WM? wa A K gy Q3 gf k Shiga mf ' ' L 'Q 6 ti Og f va This Year Book 4? x if b on s' to: M B ' l ' L' " : ,,lI L H ' ,fy 5' r f J ' Q - " fvfi 1. r ,VX ! ,K '31 VP A ax. NJ rZ'?fzj4'0U7W X A0 V W' C0 f Chaqueta I 9 'hanklin Senion -High Edifor ...... CAROLE STALLINGS Assisfoni' ..... RENA SCHWINDEN Business Manager . . . MARLA NELSON Sponsor ...... RICHARD I. RICKS Stockton, Cahbonma 'K 1,- I, Supeuintenclenta and Bound DR. NOLAN D. PULLIAM Superintendent THOMAS H, MCCANDLESS Assistant Superintendent SQ kk Mmm 'Ml he-ug ling t ill . Nw... -..,w E DONALD R. SHELDON Associate Superintendent John Zuckerman, president of the Board of Education, is flanked by fellow board members and Dr, Pulliam who is directly behind him, Kit! MRS, BRANDSTAD MR, HOSTETTER MR, STEWART MRS, WOODRUFF 'hanklin E, G, GALLAGHER, Principal LaRUE SORENSON Secretary Helping students and administering the guidance program for Franklin High School has brought me in close contact with many students. The ioys of these relationships will always live with me. Lawrence Minahen Your spirit of friendliness, sportsmanship, and high standards of conduct have been an inspiration. It has been my privilege to point '- to you with exceeding pride as an exemplifi- cation of youth. May your effort, persever- ance, and loyalty that have made Franklin High School great be as effective in building a greater nation. E.G. Gallagher I ELIZABETH VEZALDENOS Secretary 4 LAWRENCE MINAHEN Director of Curriculum fidminiatnation BARBARA NATALI Secretary ! VIRGINIA ARMSTRONG Vice Principal HOWARD F. EVANS Vice Principal Dear Students, Let us in all our hearts be grateful that we are becoming a closely knit family unit. Our accomplishments have brought glory to our school. We must strive forever forward to greater goals. Hap Evans Dear Students, To do things with and for the students of Franklin High has been one of the greatest joys of my life. l am proud of our school, of our accomplishments, and especially of the students who are Franklin High. Virginia Armstrong .qw MR, JAMES MAHIN Counselor Math MR, TONY IBARRETA Counselor Social Studies MRS. ANNE KNIERIEMEN Counselor Spanish Directed Reading MR. GEORGE BRUMM Counselor I I MR, VANCE PAULSON Counselor Biology, Physical Education Coach MISS ELIZABETH KNERR Counselor Sp. Ed. Talking it over at Intermission ELMO ALEXANDER ROBERT BAKER JEAN BOND GAILE BRAUCHER Driver Training Student Government Physical Education Latin Music English JEANETTE ANDERSON Homemaking JACK BIRTWHISTLE RUTH DAVIS History Business H. 8x Hum. Rel. 5 ,gm BARBARA DAWSON RICHARD DRURY EDMOND EASLEY Physical Education Driver Training Auto Mechanics AUGUST DAY ROBERT DUTTON JANET EASSON Art English, History Homemaking JOHN FLAHERTY ISABEL FUREY VERNE JOHNSON EUGENE LANCELL Business Geometry, Trigonometry Physical Science Music Student Store Algebra Senior Biology EMIL .LOCHMAN KAY FLOR LEO JOHNSON HARRY JONES Student Service Spanish Librarian Crafts Sp- Ed. Sp. Ed. Dorothy Spencer greets sophomores at assemblyj Mr. Drury and Mr. Alexander ready students for first flight. 8 'sf 'Uk rw-f 'FR ERNIE MARcoPULos ELLEN MOULE MAYBELLE NAKAMURA NINA PARKHURST ARLENE PATTON 'hysical Education English, History English English Physical Education Study Hall .EE MEYER FRED MCCOY RUBY NUMOTO DANIEL PATCHEN Zhemistry, Algebra Gen. Met. Business Mechanical Drawing CARL PEREGOY shysics wogd Radio Physical Education English Catching their breath before starting their journey home at 3:15 are Gloria Torres, Edmond Easley, Emil Lochman, Doris Spencer, Ben Day, Wally Walker, and Maybelle Nakamura. 9 DAVID RADMORE IUDEAN SLETVOLD WILLIAM SNYDER Physical Education Typing, N X xi Math. , History Photography, Art History I I I Testing V RICHARD I, RICKS DORIS SPENCER WALTER RATHHAUS English . JAMES SMYTH Typing History Yearbook it Everyday Living DOROTHY SPENCER U. S. History English MARY STANFORD ANNE TOY Biology Business Math Business English GLORIA TORRES World History FRANKLIN WILBUR H- 86 HUYH- Rel- Speech, English Drama WALLACE WALKER History Journalism DAVID WONG Arith Fund, Physical Science, App. Arith 'Jhe Vital Cuewa FRANK SHADLEY CUSTODIAL STAFF-ln front are John B. Brent, Seldon Askew, Waymond Hall, and William J, Williams. Stand- ing areI,B, Crossland, Bert Edson, Vendor C. Blakely and Harry Beck. Head Custodian THE HAPPY QUINTET ARE, IN FRONT ROW: Sybble 3 2 0 E H Farley, Elsie Quast, Head Cookg and Azilda Hough. In the back are Fern Coe and Opal Etcheverry. Keepmg the landscape his attractive are Nick Rossi 8a Leslre Vernengo. MRS , QUEIROLO Matron n- ' I RAY DePOLE Vice President RONNIE CULLER Chairman, Boys' Athletics Student ROBE RTINEZ Student Bod si en I am very grateful to al of you for making it possible for me to have such an unfor- gettable year. It has given me experiences and joys that will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life. I would also like to thank the members of the council with whom I have enjoyed working this year. Although I am leaving Franklin, I will always remember you, the students, who have made this the most wonderful school in Stockton. R040-ii' MARTHA DUPLICHAN Treasurer SUSAN BAYACA Chairman, Girls' Athletics PAT RIGGS LESTER SMITH Chairman, Publications B05 OLIVER 12th Grade President Head Y'e1l Leader Council JOAN WILLS PAT WEHE Recording Secretary l Corresponding Secretary ROBERT BAKER Sponsor The Student Council this year was staffed with young people who were dedicated to full support of Franklin Senior High School activities It has been an illuminating and invigorating experience for me to serve as adviser to the council this year and observe student government in action . Jos HENDERSON ,fig if 62, 4 2, , RODGER LARSON 11th Grade President 10th Grade President , A 11" is Attendance Gbbice JOSEPHINE FOX HELEN DANIEL Nurse Mrs. Fox obligingly issues admits to students who ar returning after an absence. This accounting process one of the most important functions performed by th clerical staff at Franklin High. RUTH GOLIT HON Ylunae'a Office kt' 'ix of " Xia. my' v Mrs. Helen Daniel, School nurse, has added life and spirit to our school ng..-w by keeping it healthy. She gave advice, offered her cots, and arranged physical examinations for the students of Franklin. In her spare time she spon sored the Future Nurses. A scene in the "Doc's" Office. Sue Myers checks out an exciting mystery story to Lilmauq In the quietness of this room, have relivecl the Civil War, from Mars, and loved the boy who actually lived in New street Ralph Finch. LEO JOHNSON Head Librarian Students Study X ELIZABETH BEZ ZERIDES Assistant Librarian AWK' fr 'f ' 'QP' . s. Q, And Dream Q1 5-sr, 0141 in VU-'vcr-an Qi MQ iw I 3 I i LESTER SMITH President CAROLYN MOORE MARTHA ZELLNER Secretary Treasurer FRED MILLER Vice-President "fl" JAMES SMYTH Senior Adviser EDITH ABBOTT DOROTHY ADAMS "A smile paves her way" "Quiet Sincer-ity" ALFONSO AGUILAR BILLY AGUILAR "Good natured fellow" "A 'meaty' guy" LOUISE ALLEN IUANITA ANCHETA LOYE ANDERSON PRISCILLA ARAGON "Happily she goes "Mild manner, gentle "Job well done" "She smiled, he wilted" her way ' heart F if if e is if E VW ff? 't WILBUR BART ON SUSAN BAYACA BILL BECKNER CAROL BENSON "Wi11inghheart, "Sports lady supreme" "Little mischief here "Silence de'-EP HS helping and" and there" eternity" :Os ian '99 TRUDY ADAMS "The look of peace' calm" JULIAN AGUIRRE "Clothes make the man" DAN BARAGNO "A friend to all" if Q-54 0' 5-79 SREGORY BERNAL CAROLYN BIANCHI ALBERTA BIORN SEN 'LoZal, scholarly "Sports booster deluxe" "Fine actress on stage ac et" of life" VESLEY BREWER YVONNE BREWER SANDY BUMGARNER 'A constant friend is "Kind inaall Her ways" "A lass so fair with a are" cheerful air" 'RISCILLA BURTON PHYLLIS BUTLER MARIE BUTTRAM Modest dignity, "Silence is a virtue to "A smile on her face. alm content" possess" a glow in her heart" Xb- V' Nd 'W-G GLENDA BLEVINS f'A good friend is a precious thing" BOB BURGESS "A fine, a free, a friendly lad" WANDA BYRD "School is not the end of my world" s. M5 yn 'V' go- l K 5-47 GARY BORGES "Iust a reg BILL BURK ular fellow " In ourselves our future lies" CHARLES CASEY "Let us be our deeds" known by Z-J Y' RNEST CLAYPOOL PAT CLINE He's for work and "Her world is like sun- 1n" shine" Senior Cut Up JOHN COILTON BONNIE CLOSE "Beauty is like a si- "A deed done is well lent commendation' begun" PHYLLIS COX "Happy and from care BETTY CORBIN "Quiet G,A,A, JUDY COLEN "l-Ier nature is to be good natured" BILL COYLE "Mischief, thou art prexy" l'In free" afoot" SUE CROSSLAND LINDA CROWNOVER A RON CULLER "Her ways are "Never a dull moment" "Tops in athletics" pleasant wa Vw DIANA COLLINS "Virtues numerous as her curls" MARILYN COYLE "Highly admired Jacket editor" CARL DANGERFIELD "A good fellow" Q A I l.,g a,,, A s:rt k i It i i g t ir,t as in A f GLEN COPELAND "To know him well is to like him better" JAMES CREWS "A friend to all" INEZ DANIELS "To have a friend is 1 be one" BETTY DAVIS DAN DAVIS YVONNE DE CICCO JAMES DELAO LARRY DENNY "Face lit by a "The world holds "Sweet as the day is "All in all, a likeable "A good sport and smi1e" promise" long" lad" better friend" 20 - -rim aan Q .ij , 1 r , Af s Q- , 'YG --f ' is f ax 4? F 5' ra xg 5 , Kill' TERRY EPROSON JAMES ESTES "Classy Infielder" "Bass fiddler Deluxe" RUSSELL FAUGHT ERNIE FERRER "Our top Projection- "An O,K, Joe" ist" LINDA FITZGERALD IOSIE FREEMAN "A joke for all "The world holds no ocagsionsn other like her" Q' X. 5 Nfl' av i ,.a.,..... RAY ETCHEVERRY WAYNE EURE BARBARA FARLEY "Awaty with books, we're "Gives nothing but his "She spends her day here or fun" best" so gay" LARRY FIELD RALPH FINCH TOM FISHER "He puts a fish I0 "Not for himself but "Our best-ever shame" others" football manager" ROZELLA FULCHER KATHY FULLER BETTY GARRISON "Friends won by sweet- "Alot of charter along "A delightful person ness" the way" she is" ,ff wwf CAROLYN GEORGE MARY GILLESPIE "Quiet but thought- "Capability beyond ful" compare" EVA Her GONZALEZ HAROLD GRAHAM smile a shining "Above all he was te" blessed with person ality" Vi E ? ' fi is Kb' f T is I vs A e Q av. I A - ww. si Y Q is ., x is 1 f s f . s ri ls. L li s JELORES GREATHOUSE ALICE GRIFFIN GERTRUDE GROSS 'All's well that ends "Of a good beginning "Queen of the fun vell" comer a goo end" house" BERRY HAMRICK 'A heart as golden as ler hair" iLNORA HENDERSON 'All Around G. A. A. girl" ,. fir WOODROW HENRY It was a tuff fight" .fi LUTHER HANES "Jumping Jack on hardwood" MARION HENDRIX "The past has been rewarding " NORMAN HARRIS "Religion is life" JOY GUYNES "Like a bird she tweets" THELMA HAWKINS "Talk when there is something to say" x 1" VIRGIE HALFORD "True as the day is long" JAMES HEMPSTEAD "Mischief spices the day" ,,. x XNMWS ROSALIE HERRERA SOME SENIORS LIVING IT UP AT A RALLY "The smile of accomplishment" 23 1 I? DAVID HICKS "Polite and gentle man1y" JUDY HOPKINSON "H0PPy 15 happy" ESTHER HUBBLE "To listen is to learn" War 1 i 0' JOHNNY HICKS "Silence dis plays understanding" CHARLOTTE HORN "The joys of life are numerous" MAXINE HUBL "Pretty is as pretty does" LINDA HINGLEY LARRY HIPSHER "Healthy attitude reaps "Waste no words" success" JAMES HORN JOHN HOWELL "Accept life with "Secure the good of understanding" others" JOHN HUGHES "A good citizen needs no laws" FRED HUMPHREYS "Quiet sincerity " ALLEN HOLLOWAY "Pusher of F.F. A. " RICHARD HOWELL "His wisdom is great' GEORGE HUTCHINGS "A time and place fc everything" 'S' 'V CAROL INOUYE FRANCES JACKSON EDWARD JANZEN TONY JARVIS ALYCE JOHNSON "The only way to "Trust only your "Inactivity breeds rest- "Sincerely true and a "A quiet friendliness haze 2 frlend IS conscience" lessness" sport throughout" to e one" 24 'P ANDREW JOHNSON "Member of the team" HUBERT JOHNSON "He takes his place quiet1y" RUSS JOHNSON "He was a base- baller" Y-ww IOANNE KELLER "Cute and liked by all who know her" SENIOR FOOTBALLERS GO SOCIAL 'F -BOB JOHNSON "Sense and nonsense" JOANNE JOHNSON "Fun to be around" DALE JONES PAUL JONES VIRGINIA JONES ROBERT JUNE I "Si1ence is a great "By the work one knows "A top all-around girl" . Shallow men be,1ff'5Ve teacher" the workman" in luck-he doesn t NORMA KELLER FRANCES KILBOURN DONALD KING THELMA KING "Be human, not "Her red hair shines "Popular with gir1s-- "No goal is too important" bright" and a11" high' 25 I la. , . wi! EVELYN KOOK EN "Full of excitement" CAROLYN LANE "Our atu-active and graceful Majorette" CECIL LINCOLN "Sincerely true and a sport throughout" LOUIS KUCHENRITER "Take me as I am for I shall never Change" JERROL LARGIN "Fun and Laughter is his motto" VIRGINIA LOOSEN "Top student and house- wife" Inv 'Haw-Y ek... MARION KVIDERA "Lefty throws them hard" WAYNE LAWRENCE "To know him well is to like him better" DANNY LOPEZ "A cinder star" QW' I L Mi . . 5 A ,.,, "' L ss 1 "" 1 . W 1' if 6- L! i s RONNIE LYNN JOYCE LYONS BABS MALAND "Friendly disposition" "Cute and wonderful" "Eve1-yb0dy'S Pal" 26 ORSON LAAM "The mildest manner And a gentle heart" DANNY LAYTON "A smile of good-will" ALTA LOVE "Sweet and shy" DAVID LAGOMARSINC "A ha ppy-go-lucky 8'1Y" RUBY JEAN LEWIS "She has ability and a love for sports" JIMMY LUKE "Gaze a little longer and you see a little in' 'kr' 1----r Wren' LESTER MAPLE ROBERT MARCHETTONI "None but him his "A jolly son" parallel" ROB ERT MA RT IN EZ Yer Nr TED MARIANO "Class work disturbs my peace of mind" EUGENE MARTIN "Life is well begun" "To lead is to serve" """"'T'7' ERNIE MARLOW "Prepares well to meet society" MARY SUE MARTIN "Friendship is a chain of go1d" ELLEN MAUPIN "Industry is a virtue" DONALD MELTON JIM MENDOZA "His smile shows "His conduct is beyond understanding" reproach" YU' OPHELIA MARQUEZ "Authors words of kindness" WENDELL MARTIN "He stands firmly at the controls" Q-v MARJORIE MARSH "The joys of life are -numerous" DAVID MARTINEZ "A weight lifter with muscles to 1oan" 4 if EARLENE MARTIN "Kindness pays off in true frien s" IERRY MA RT INEZ. "Understanding acceptance of life' . .wwf SENIOR GALS HONOR THE FOOTBALLER 27 l vhs' ,M sf" 1-X 1 'LI shy N., Tha- PHYLLIS MERRIHEW PETE METAXAS "The Look to "Live Today, Tomorrow Conquer" I die" DUANE MCLAUGHLIN JERRY MCMEECHAN "One of Brumm's few big ones" "A sign post on the road of Life" KENNETH MOECKEL "Athletic Prowess and scholarship" BERNICE MOLAND "She accepts each day with Zest" BARBARA MEYERS "Sincerity stamps Character" VERA MCWRIGHT "Friendly, Dependable student" C AROLYN MOORE Q' DOROTI-lY.McCOY "To persist is to succeed RICHARD MCPHERSON "Living is a Jolly Sport" EDDIE MOORE "Ambition to Overcome" "Courageous little Q. B JUDY McCUNE "Her warmth brighten her future" FRED MILLER "His integrity and humility won staunch admirers" CAROLYN MORGAN "She wastes no words" i im! Qi ""? w...,,v KENNY MORLEY DOUG MORRIS RICHARD NEADEAU DALE NELSON MARLA NELSON "The smile to cushion "Into trouble I walk, "Success walks with "A spark in G. A. A." "Uncompromising in the rough spots" out of it I talk" him" her Ideals" 28 HELEN DOES THE CHARLESTON AT THE TRACY FOOTBALL RALLY ANGIE NEVAREZ ROBERT NIEMEYER "Fu11 of Fun" "School is not the end of my world" LEONA NIX DON NORTON "Likeable girl with "Worry and care I likeable ways" never met" BOB OLIVER SHARON OSBON GLORIA ORTIZ JERINA OVERALL EUGENE PACK "Our fine Yell 'Triendlykand fun, "Presence felt with "A smile upon her face "Quiet and unas- Leader" neat as t ey come" little noise" and a glow in her heart" suming" QI' i X LOWELL PALMER DONNA PEIRANO JESSIE PEREYRA BONNIE PETERS CHARLES PEURANO "Vita1 to Football "Ta1ent, humor, and "Reliable and soft "She looks on Life "On the road to team" a modest way" spoken" with quiet eyes" success" 29 Ci BOB PHILLIPS "Nice and reserved" DEANNA PUCCETTI "Co1or is the spice of Iife" RICK REEVE "Reputation earned" is PAT PHILLIPS HELEN PIONA SHARON PIPKIN "Active in mind and "The Charleston Kid" "Art and Drama expert" body" PHYLLIS PULLEN LOIS QUARLES WANDA RAGSDALE "Do what is right" "Little dynamite" "Fun and more fun" RON RENDON JOE RESSEL HELEN REYNOSA "Goodlooking" "Part of a tuff forward "School paper cub" wall" JUNE POTTER "Her ways are pleasanl her disposition friendly ANNA RASBERRY "Personable Charm " JOE REYNOSO "A curl for every girl" viii' .Q 5 XE 'Vi 'WY I Jr.. LYNN RHYNES LOIS RICHARDSON PAT RIGGS CHARLES RITCHIE ,IUANITA RIVERA "C00P61'2lIiVe and "Pretty rock. mid'y6H1' "No mountain too high" "Quiet Strength" "Real Sweet" mannerly" marriage " ,sex DAVID RODRIGUEZ ALBERTA ROEHM "Reliability, one of "Pretty big brown eyes" his trademarks" ROBERT SEXTON LE. SMITH "Life has a humorous "Tackles life without side" f1inching" ROBERT SMITH VIRSIA LEE SMITH "King of the "Quiet sincerity" hardwood" 'qnw V .-Al. -X 1 it I s... F ri I I JERRY ROTH "Hair styled for the occasion" JAMES SMITH "A member of the Band" I- Assy :is , I ,V,t . ROSEMARIE RUFFINI "Anxious and willing worker" LESTER SMITH "The power of Leader ship" MARIAN SETTLEMOIR "Active in home ec" MARVIN SMITH "A real nice guy" AY! X 3 .1 7' f 5 'QW 1, ' if if 'ig ' ROBERT SOTELLO CAROLE STALLINGS THE VIKING READY PCR BURIAL "His world is a stage" "Pleasant acquaintance to all, friend to many" 31 s L, I., CAROLYN STALKER IOHN STRIBLEY KAREN THOMAS PHYLLIS THOMAS CHARLES THURMAN "Pride in achieve- "A sincere friend" "She knows the art of "Always willing to "To be educated is ment" living" help" real living" GLENDA TRACY JIM TUCKER TOM TUCKER CAROL TURNER GARY TURNER "Holds knowledge "What now, good "Active in Key Club" "Pure and healthy "Star footballer" sacred" future?" vision on life" OLGA UVALLES DAVID VALVERDE BILL VAN TUYL DON VINSON ED VON ASPERN "Life has no "Why so serious, David?" "Bob's little crew cut "The future beckons" "Let 's go, the rod's burdens" brother" warme up" C' EARL WADLOW WILLIE WALKER RAY WALLACE KEN W PAT WEHE "Ready with a "You can depend on "Good citizens need no " lplus "A true beauty with smile' him" laws" . intelligence" 32 XJ GARY TURNER, "TINY" CAMPORA, AND COACH BRUMM DELBERT WELLS SANDRA WENZEL "Throw fear to "Manner is woman's the wind" best adornment" IIMMIE WHITE WOLVERINA WHITE "No sooner said "The very flower of than done" youth" PATSY WILBURN GARY WILER JOYCE WILEY ULYCESS WILLIAMS VERNON WILLINGHAM "She acts wise1y" "Democrats have "Life teaches great "All-star ath1ete" "Aptitude fO1' SLlCC6SS" returned" 1essons" MARY WILSON KATHRYN WOODS TIM YORK BARBARA YOUNG TACHO ZAVALA "Sweet are the "Good student and "Life is kind" "Her beauty runs "An understanding memories" friend" deep" friend" 33 J 1 7 MARTHA ZELLNER DOUGLAS ZWINGELBERG CAROL BENSON GRADY DELONEY "Fun loving and "Trust only your con- "Education frees the "Art Clubber" Friendly" science" mind" DARRELL MULLIN WAYNE VAUGHN VELMA KING JOAN WILLS "Check those "The look of an "One of twin beauties" "Part of Student Council curls" Analytical mind" Strength" RIC HARD FROST "Ambition and Energy" DONALD BARRON Lois BEARD FRANK BOIORGUES HELEN CHANNEL EUGENE COILTON ALVIN CROSBY JACK FARLEY JACKIE FRASER BOBBIE CRIFFITTS MICHAEL HERNDON MIKE HERRERA WILLIAM HIBDON BRIGIDO VILLALPANDO CLIFFORD WHITEMORE JIM WILLIAMS RAYMOND YOUNGBLOOD DAVID JACKSON SENIORS NOT PICTURED JOHN HOLLINS DARLENE LOWAL GARY LINDSEY WILLIS MCCLENDON JOHN MOLINE VIRGINIA PEARSON TIM PLUNKETT CARL POTTER LACEY PRUITT LAWRENCE PROVOST RUDY REYNOSA STEVEN RHODEN TONY SALAS I OHN SERRA NO DELBERT WEMMER BILLY WILLIAMS CECELIA HARRIS "Likab1e Person- ality " ALBERT ERLANDSON "Sweet Smell of Success" MIKE CAMPBELL I "Witty and Scholar- ly" LORENE THOMSON FRED HOLDEN "Energetic Jacket "Fought back after Reporter" broken leg" r I NANCY HOUSEMAN Treasurer 5 PHYLLIS BRATC HER Secretary s JOE HENDERSON President Adams, Dave Adams, Jim Adamson, Faye Aguilar, Jennie Aguilar, Raul Alexander, Glenda Altes, Corrina Arreaga, Ray Arbaugh, Joyce Anderson, Lula Barcroft, Billie Barnard, Vickie Bames, Oscar Bamett, Sharon Bartlett, Emma Barton, Dale Basler, Paul Bassi, Frances Baysinger, Alice Beasley, Evelyn Bedio, Darlene Bell, Allen Bickford, Eva Biffath, David Agnew, John Billups, Larry Blair, Reginald Blanke, Joan Boe, Ronald Bojorques, Tony Boles, Gerry Bond, Billy Bowden, Frank Bowden, John Boyle, Mary Bradford, Jane Bradshaw, Delores Brady, Bob Bratcher, Phyllis Brewer, Beverly Brooks, Shirley Brown, Ophelia 'J 'L B '9f::?9 if QE ,, 1 g 'gms 25? 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Q Q ia X :ks - Lewis Logan Betty arole Lucchesi Luisen Darlene Richardo Malone Macias Melvin Mary Marion Barbara 'C' McCloskey McClough Preston Betty Mitchell Mitchell Gail Sammy -if 3 a i. fl t ,gmjagy xl' Wx ,- , G V i J: 'lx 3: -3, .-'haf i 911' ' '. ' ,J - 2151. qi age-s:57.s.f 2' , .fhnzh Q-.menus 1, hun 4-up . l Mi senhimer Ronnie Moore Willie Mae Ain 751 : ..e L V V- E. 5: 2 rj, . Him. ww buy. ,,.-.. .1 -.y g3::ffr::.1r' 11:1 1121559255-.'i -1..."'., Q, . ....... Nicholson Harold Nuanes Thomas Patterson Billy Sf' f 3- f ms, i M , W . pi- wan' .pw-V Q---v if H..- E! il ' - P6535 A . : sf , Q, xl I+' i 4' V 1 , V 'll a W .352 . f A AV ,L M f P N, I , T P Q ' if , 'Ss i i Q 3 3, as ff. ? m, ' M -. i 4 P i GK ' .n at ' 4" M' Mobley Moland f Sue Everett 'S 7' . P 1-if 3 Moran Morgan f in , , 5 A p 5 L, K Carmen Larry A B V' 4211" ' if ry Rf' ii' . i. .,,, hiv i . yi Q , i'i'iLiii'Z'i P ll ,,, ' ,i',3L'. ,' M lei: is J , .95i?::s Moore Moore Moore Murphy Nikkel Lottie John Loraine Harold Denms Morris Morss Mouros Newhouse Billie Merry Anne Paulette Betty M ers Naranjo Nava NC1SOl'l YoAnn Joe Albert Preston Nies Nix Norling Nuanes f Pat Bonnie Toby JoAnn " Angleworm Osbon Ortega Orozco - ,Q J Angie Jimmy Eliu Pete Nlgfilftine xf ' f Pearson Pederson Pereyra Phillips Q ' Phillip Karen Olivia Linda Z 7 , uf.: 4.' 'P F, - .4 sn A., Orozco Parks 'f f PN" Z g 'ij Alice Wanda A Q Y :QKQ Sy -,N ., kash if Picard Pierce ' A3345 aii' ' ri " "" ' f ' .X - -- f Qf f T L0 lla Claude -.M 1 lv in P W , ., -f g P l ' Qggfa rev , I I 1- . 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X - T' K in ,f" Robbins Ruth Ruckman John giver 'Z' .A. b X. ,ik x , S, - T S i ws 9' E . ,U i C Mu , iii- S '2 ng! lm.. 5. If Fifa iii 4 'SEE' iv- 5' if . Ruffoni Ronald Sandau Juanita ,M V V V if Shackelford JSITICS Sigala Georgia Smith Bill Reed Betty Sanders Art Scott Tom Shadrick Melvin Simmons Judy Soares Fred :GB ..' jg, Q-4' "" yr i x e J i K . fn, 10 Qi'-A4 A - -P" . 0 os. 'Iv I V p K. ,I ' fix fl J 2' ' 4 1 aiwiiiixv 'S S, -Q 'Ili' .. . ,. N IEE Q' ' i Ruiz Art Sanders Danny Sedgwick Monite Shahan Rosetta Smith Aloma Spurgin James '55, 1-92 fat- .. W . tn-nf! f S as 1 C J va. J up . uf 'im Q . ,t J M y X v L, , ' i ,V ' 4 qua' A S' ' J T T' ' 2 J " nn: I ii? -T :NJA 'Sf . gf .1 S far J- iw' M if . ' R R I'--.S wr: Ruiz Ruiz Saldua Genevieve Josie Elizabeth Sanders Santana Santini Gloria Elizabeth Judy Scanavino Scholzen Scott Bob Patrick Judy Sharp Sharp Ca rola Virginia Smith Smith Stan D3V1d Jerry Danny Stalker Stapleton Ken Laurine ww' J g 3' J S Simpson f rr" I Rlllh 3 J fix-:z??: . ff Sm 1th gt. 3 "-"' ' J Judy ,ms my ac., 'rr 1 ids fig ggxfw liz Esau- 5-5 4 ,Wi .Q sk .S vs 4' if P- r- -R f ' is S? s ., 'W Mrs? fmt. gl fig E! I 1 H N rar 5 .- . 4 51 , , . .Lr'4 sf is .ft . ia., I ,S av-. fl 52... 1. t . Ktggsaf ! A 9' is fs of I3 R . 3 'Wo Q 'Q' 1-in 1. 1' J' S f A x Sanchez Raul Sa rra raz Peter Scott Lloyd -N lo Q. gf! ' '51 .-r' I - 0 Settlemoi r Derek Smith Paul , f.'2."'.-w X , f tr ,La .... f 1 v, r sv, s . -,,...4., Ni' x 'L-Ir , If 5. Q .i 55 9 ,JI K 'L .Y sem Nw xr-f v sk'v fiat Stroud Georgia Terlouw Klass Tille Bobry Torrez Juan Vaughn Billy Walker George .,. . . S r 1 ,""Q A f s 49- ' 1: i . t :'- ' 'Q , as Q'-- L4 v ,V S on S X1 r I K N 1 ,yfy -f if H iooo a'321111':t11,1t1'-' Arr' H' 1 4 1 ':'i1.l1:::::::?3i Stephenson Stewart -- ' a t George Duane r f Swift Tassano 'Fl 4 lf T .,, 1 Bob Susan as -ff' Q- if' k -' g T L u r at L g :" , '.r in 'V K i xx 'X I fn -tb fy ' Stewart Stout Stracner Tones Karen Doris Linda Lucme Taylor Tzyllor Teeslink r ,L Reatha irley Judy I Thompson Thomson Tidwell Wanda Lee Alice Townlin Tarkington Turner Turnbull Urbina Rodger Danny Terry Charlene Larry Vales VanDerHoek Varela Vargas Vasquez Iames Ianita Dorothea Frank Bob VCIHCI' Vernon Vickers Villalpando Walker T0m Zola Jacqueline Lupe Fannie ro' 0- ,Q r 43 T , rsh 1 N, ,rig vs 'I rig 1 A i' ,ji fl: 3 X ' n 'L 3 fff as r. H95 "ry Qs we -1 egg, ,f a I eq y tl s ,Qs-E K . we... vs . . 4 . ,. ..- b , Surmelis Kathy Thomas Marla Tipton RAY Ve nson Mary Walker Sandra 4 Q sf .Q ,. t Q 'N in 5 I Q -rr ' ,Z 'W t ga .8 4 5 rx K , A ' .4 . nv' I Jag - fa' il as s g 'E' 'ii , V 3 ,,,, X B. Q A-A i A 'ff' A so .. S ' .A.V .M mv- , WV my Q, s :J i x,,ffsw.l7 .ukf A lkii igfjigg ' A . rr f5s"fer'i!:f"' ff- , ., 4-V, Vb . V I, a s . wi or yy L 2 .. or W is ,' vi ffff' Walker Wallace y William Steve V r at -a 'f Q ti Weaver Webster y,,, Linda Jimmie Q 143' ' ' g y In K 7 I K V g th' Warfield Warfield Washington WHISOU Q White Andy Rosie Willard Bill A so I 5 L.C. Wemmer Western weston Wheeler fa' Bob Sylvia Shirley Patricia A iii white Williams Williams Williams Bob Barbara Eddie Gail Winder Woodruff Wright Yochum Zayala Leon Rita Arla Wanda Gloria Winstead Woods Wright Young Allen Clyde Darvin Beverly Betty Judy Wilson Wisdom Woolen Wright Young Allen Betty Troy La Verne Sandra Leta Le on Q ff' it g Almandarez i we sf. Moises , . ,, AP Arrega 7 , H- - fi Ramon B 1 ' I 'fl K 1 i M a B A il ' e e are s l A if ' i s ' s iit r- :... L is we i ' gf' A A fr E xx fe Watts Jim White Claudia Williams Tommy 1.x ,ggi K if i jf? is Arevelo Manuel Ballenger Kenneth ,nw ' N - arg, -F 1, 5 AF' X f "H-ff1'f,.2',f rsxgngfwz 1: if s' WY" 3 la-X 414 1 ' s w w xg if , . t s 319. 9- I . -4 . ??:z?' ' f" as v Tv ,Qc g fi2""'f'V' Q, - ,,, t 2 xl 93 QQ 6' . V ww. 1 , Bowman Melba Caldwell Gerald to ix,,f sf, Qs Gemigniani Mike Haddock Richard Kilgore O lie 'fv- Q 94 4 " q :Q -51 1 edoe Qi F , , I '- ff Banda . Joyce .'-Q Chaidez N Rosario if D 11 xx-.JV if . Q Jia- Barnard Russela Gallegos Nic Berge Richard Dowd Billy Gremillion Guerrero Kathy Carmen Hughes Hall Manuel Thomas Kruegier Lamb Jac ie Jerry ,, A As f' 1, sd .iff 4. 'Nw fi -mi 59' ' .-vi? Barnett Norma Blizzard Max Elias Gilbert Gutierrez Iohnny Hill Wiley La udari Gracie . " .. s ., ----ww i 4 r K " ua. . N 5, fk s-K .: . K t rf Q5 Beall Jim Brockway Leslie Evans Donald Gutierrez Sam Jonas Tom Martin Morgan as an E R yr. GK . c i ks Beesle Milled Cacias Mary Fields Sharelle Gallegos Raymond McGuire Anna McGee Kay 95 ' 'if' tg, ei'-' " x 4 ii R av' fe? Q- 1 -Q s vu -s Benavidis Anita Ca rrasco Helen Franco Albert Midgette Dorothy Miller Pat Q Garcia Mason Dennis Bob Stroud Winstead Ray Clyde Nicholson O'Pry Larry Barbara Archibeque, Josie Armanino, John Beltran, Charles Bernal, Arthur Blaylock, Sam Boyd, Monroe Carranco, Fermin Clevenger, JoeAnn Duncan, Judith Freeman, Georgianna Gomez, Loretta Gonzales, Tony Honeycutt, Bill Huff, Linda Huggins, Linda Hull, Jerry James, Edith Munez Angie Dorade Carolyn Soares Fred SOPH OM ORES NOT PICTURED Jaurique, Mary Johns, James Juelch, Jackie Johnson, Geraldine Larson, Rodger Lawley,'Jay .g . Lewis, Nolan J Long, Carl Luft, Richard Marshall, Clifford Miller, Geraldine Montez, Esperanza Morgan, John McGuire, Leola Porraz, Rosie Romriez, Josphine Ramos, Jesse 60 Parks Pena Reeves Quillin Peggy Esther Artie Bill Fauls Fauelo Lee Moore Donna Donna Clara Virgil Reed, Betty Rendon, Carlos Salas, Joe Sexton, Jerry Simmons, Juanda Singer, James Smith, Sharon Stewart, Basil Virden, Karen Walker, Bobbie Jean Weaver, Alice Wheeler, Harley Whitemore, Clifford Williamson, Gary Yarbough, Stanley Zaragoza, Lydia Zavala, Andrellita ,. , ,,,, ,, , , fl rf Mmnmll. at J f " " 'ls 1whlrhi,,,,or... ,. MMA 'ffl in K-RA Q 'X 'YJM9' 7 ,Qi f JVM: ff lf, Q Shop Studenta at 'Wonk "off 14 hand wonlzinq Snqliah Claaa- on handlq wonleinq ? X X25 WWWMMWMWMWWVWW wr-1,,,njv"'11--W TwMw',qF7W?1I1FWW'W 5- N gx ,,y, ,!. 1 M 4 .,w," ,,,',1-M '1"mg, , 1H:" 1,,'1 ', "' w ,, 1 ' yw 1l,,!'!3,I5y1, '! q1',,,f ,,-, ,wgqw V'-1-,1xg,W,,,,-,W-,ww1 W, ' ww' 1 ,ww ww ymxm um 1!Mn!,,!,M M ,H W W Xu N BONNIE BREWER Student Service A 51 BARBARA LAWLEY ' Art Club Amos HERRERA G A A Block F CAROLYN MOORE Future Collegiates LARRY BILLUPS Round Table, Junior Red Cross CAROL BENSON Orchestra Z MARLA NELSON Z ' M 'M' QM . M1 j H X KEN wAs NG f Band I ' Af X ' ,195 A E A 62 4 XXMN N 1 f"1"? !1 ' WN! "" N ',"'1NN ,w"' 1 H ,w.. w,-, , . , A . ,, ,,'f-. , qv ,,-, U. P w," " ,11Lwqu1 '!: ,w"w ww.v13""w' N::' "W ""'Q w"' '-"'NNN 1 ' 3 "NN ' "" "' " 'WMMW,mmm1mmmMAwuw1MMWmm,imL1E.wM1Q,,wwwws1mmaMHMuWHwwawEiMM W ' v , ' ' I ' '- ', N ' L4 Mgr, P ATI MARY WILSON Future Business Leaders G ELSIE RUCKMAN WILBUR BARTON Key Club Spanish Club ALBERTA BJORNSEN National Thespians DAVE LAGOMARSINO F. F. A. 63 BETTY CORBIN G. A. A. DIANE JOHNSON F. H. A. JUDY HOPKINSON Future Nurses RICHARD HOWELL C. S. F. ORSON LAAM Debate Hi - Fi kg-at-,. . . 4 .. , ,mg fi ,, :'......-.- V'-triad ,, iq crs WILBUR BARTON .',k . X P President ,"" i L " r DICK DRURY ' fix 'Q' " Sponsor t 1 "" N 4 -. fx V ' ! A 1' MIKE CAMPBELL BOB BRADY ' KEN WASHINGTON Vice-President Qecretary Treasurer Keq Club The Key Club is a service or- ganization open to boys by invi- tation. Students are recommend- ed by student members and teach ers. Approximately 35 boys are on the rolls this year. 1' - N-x , ' A ,,...f"t The Key Club chose as their community project to help at the blind center. :naman--...... f Larry Billups . . . . President Sandra Wenzel ...... Secretary Richard Howell .... Vice-President Carole Stallings was ill at the time picture was taken i - U The Round Table Club was organized to improve students' understanding of their commun ity, for self improvement, and to prepare them for the future. . X A Round Table meeting in Room 119 to MR' R' BUTTON talk it over S ponsor 'GDP ag C? CAROLE STALLING S Editor Q90 go Cat Q6 'Cas' 'oxlgg 'col XX 0 Carolyn Moore, righ Zellner, sub-editors 9 K Qpxoooxs GQW Scif, OO 0 'O' X Ks ic ok 13000 eco 'gb S5225 ' X Qfbqj C33 ybx ejz6'S'S0C'W6 iota QS, 42' S, 2, Of, tg and Martha RENA SCHWINDEN DOLORES CUMMINGS Assistant Editor Ad Manager MARLA NELSON Business FRONT ROW: Mr, Ricks, C. Harrison, E. Kooken, C. Stallings, M. Nelson, M. Zellner, C. Turner, C. Moore, P. Buckmaster. 1. BACK ROW: B. Williams, K. Washington, D. King, P. Thomas H, Riddle, S. Bumgarner, R, Schwinden, D. Cummings, R, Nelson. To Carol Turner goes much of the credit for the art DICK RICK5 work and layout. Advisor NSF?- WALLY WALKER MARILYN COYLE, ECliI01' Advisor CAROLYN Moons, Assistant Editor Z' ,t g . .yt -5? in i X -'-t-- ss. s rf if - '- i The Jacket, our school paper, is published by the students in the r iournalism class approximately every ' g other week. It is normally a four- ' it r ff page paper containing a news, edit- , i is ,y orial, feature, and a sports page. Marilyn Coyle, a '. veteran, was the spark I that ignited a "green" staff into an A-l Pro- duction Crew. HARD WORKING STAFF--AT DEADLINES PAGE EDITORS Carol Benson, News, Lorene Thomson, Feature, Donna Peirano, Editorialg Greg Bernal, Sports, The orchestra is open to all students who play viola, violin, cello, or string base. Its purpose is to study and play orchestral arrangements . Oncheatna 6' clxix ,,, i , A.-:Q ' MR. BAKER Sponsor Chain The choir is limited to fifty people or less who are selected by audition by the choral director. lts purpose is to give special performances and concerts. 68 EUGENE LANCELLE Sponsor KEN WASHINGTON '1S.-H.S. Band 'E rf-25 , .A 3 'f ? C C as - C 'E C S - E :ri :ss ., X, 9553- A ' ,Q X C is is .5 ET' 'ff 4' r ' - Q- "'.k ' ' . - 9 , A .ik i KEAA N, 5 5 , S ML :Ei E , fs C E E so .ss ' ' X M me A . The band members are se- Iected by an audition at the first of the year by the band Band Manager director. Its purpose is to of- fer students an o ortunit to K PP Y , 5' -H perform for the school and community. 5 XY is LARRY BILLUPS FRANCES LUCAS Secretary Librarian S Q L 1 L , Q - This Page is Sponsored by SEYMOUR'S JEWELRY COMPANY Student Sefwice Club Hg. VIOLET RENNA, Secretary FRANCES JACKSON, Treasurer VIRSIA LEE SMITH, Vice-President BONNIE BREWER, President MR. LOCHMAN Sponsor Membership in C.S.F. is based upon citizenship and subject accom- plishment. After four semesters, one of which must be in the senior year, students are awarded a life mem bership pen . 70 The Student Service Club is a club dedicated to the services of our school. Students learn a multitude of jobs that will help them in their vocational pursuits. .s. 'J MR, BIRT WHISTLE Sponsor 5 Glenda Tracy, Secretaryg Carol Benson, Treasurerg Richard Howell, President: Sharon Froeliger, Historiang Clem Lee, Vice-President. 'Jutwre Colleqiatea 1... GLADYS RHODES Sponsor The National Thespians are mem- bers of the National drama group of the same name. Their main purpose is to interest the school and com- munity in the fine arts. R. Eddings, Treasurer: E. Abbott, Secretaryg A, Bjornsen, President: H. Piona, Vice-Presidentg S. Pipkin, Publicity FRANK WILBUR Sponsor national 'Jheapiana MARY GILLISPIE, Secretary CAROL BENSON, Vice-President CAROLYN MOORE, President was Sk Qi? -1. it c te .5 The Future Collegiates' main purpose is to install a drive in Franklins' stu- dents to further their education after high school. In order to ioin this club you must have a C letter grade average. Q.. L I es fi, fi? 5- ff K 7 fry, DAVID RADMORE S ponsor . X THE STORM TROOPS 5 ilu I 72 Mike Pillsbury, Secretaryg Fred Miller, Treasurer: Jim Stephenson, Sergeant at armsg Fred Frazier, Vice-Presidentg Amos Herrera, President MILLER AND LINCOLN- Outstanding Linemen The Block F Society is an athletic association open to boys who have earned a varsity block letter in football, baseball, basketball, or track. sf r- I r G O A 0 A O GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BQ 9 3 9 Q 5 A A ff Q ie me-it 9 9532, Qu Af Mmm Qu-. QMBIQ 9,53 Q Amir' il lilllllkf ii' ujiifaall Sophomone Clam flunion Claaa The G.A.A. is an athletic association open to girls in grades I0-IZ. They hold sport days throughout the year to provide the opportunity for the girls to partici- pate and become acquaint- ed with other girls in the JEAN BOND city and county. sponsor OFFICERS OF G,A,A, ARE Holly Quick, Gerry Hamrick, Betty Jo Young, Sandy Bumgarner, Betty Corbin, Babs Maland, Myra Zwingel- Senibfl Clagg berg, Judy Teeslink and Pat Waggener. Q . 1 4 wav luv-' F ,Q 5 xi, 491.41 A fi iff 'Jutune Buaineaa Leadena - -wk 33-sg ll 5l.. i g Gertrude Gross, Secretaryg Linda Fitzgerald, Vice- Presidentg Patsy Wilburn, Publicity Chairmang absent were Mary Wilson, Presidentg Joyce Arbaugh, Treasurerg and Martha Zellner, Social Chairman, DORIS SPENCER Sponsor . . - k, The Future Business Leaders' Club ns open Business Students at wot to any business student who is interested in knowing more about the business world. I I r ti its 74 Qi ,zQgZ.p, E17 M s ' y V I 1 7-T-Q3 'RQ .L ,-- l A group of Art Club members working on yellow jackets, a club project. Roy Nelson, Treasurerg Sharon l-locket, Secretaryg Martha Zellener, Vice-Presidentg Barbara Lawley, President. 75 MR. SNIDER Sponsor The Art Club was created for stu dents interested in art and for the purpose of promoting art apprecia- tion in the school. '3utuue 'lanmena ob fimenica The Future Homemakers Club is open to all girls who have taken, or are now taking, Homemaking . The main purpose of the club is to prepare today's students for their duties as wives of tomorrow. MRS, ANDERSON MISS EA SS ON Sponsors The Future Farmers, Chapter 258, is open to any students taking agriculture at Stockton College. These students attend agriculture conferences and participate in fairs. DAVID LAGOMARSINO President A D, Johnson, President: J. Roberts, Vice- Presidentg P. Horne, Secretaryg H. Reynoso, Treasurerg B. Ianzen, I-Iistoriang E. King, Song leader. .44 'Hutune 'Homemaleena of flmenica 5 Ga .Ai C , ,X All students interested in the Spanish language and culture with at least one year of high school Spanish may join the Spanish Club. P. Hemdon, Vice-President E. Ruckman, President M, Serpa, Recording Secretary S. Bayaca, Historian A. Marquez, Treasurer L. Hansen, Board of Directors O, Marquez, Points Secretary Mrs. Knieriemen, Sponsor K. Washington, Board of Directors FF if The Hi-Fi Club is open to all students interested in music appreciation. Their main project this year was to set up a sound system in the auditorium. 'Hi-'Ii Club 3?- Mrzs. KNIERIEMEN - Sponsor 5 5. I . ' K r--A Spaniah Club K A MR, BAK ER L I S onsor - 2 P ,ff . -me , s 'iii ac, s f -WNW... as 155524 1 77 1 i O. Dugan, Treasurer, A. Rasberry, Secretaryg E, Claypool, Social Chairmang O. Laam, Presidentg J, Martinez, Refreshment Chairman. .I utune Yl .ELLEN MOULE Sponsor ,Li-1 Alyce Johnson, Corresponding Secretaryg Pat Phillips, Hist- Presidentg Judy Hopkinson, Presidentg Absent when 1 picture was taken, Billy lx ,QVA i- Jean Barcoft, Treas, All students at Franklin Senior High School be- long to the .lun- ior Red Cross. The officers ofthe organization, and other class representatives, usually go to Saturday regional conferences, help in the Red Cross Drive, and pre- oriang Elnora Henderson, Vice- The Future Nurses Club is ar organization open to all students interested in a health career. Its purpose is to acquaint students with the opportunities of nursing and other social work. MRS, DANIEL Sponsor flunion Red Cnoaa Ruby Roethler, Secretaryg Larry Billups, President pare Christmas boxes . 78 Debate Club The Debate Club is open to any student interested in public speaking. The main purpose of the club is to develop poise and self-confidence in its members. MR. f ,T SMYTH 2 Sponsor " as ff! K. Washington, Vice-President: O. Laam, Presidentg R. Aguilar, W Sergeant at armsg G. Gross, Secretary The sound equipment for school rallies, assemblies, dances, and school athletic events is man- aged by Russell Faught, Roger Goyette, Henry Hernandez and Bill Jones. Mr. Verne Johnson is advisor to this group. l l 79 F' U , ,L I , W M ww ,Qi vw' bl' V1 W , W. ,Q H km' 1 fi Qi' 1 , , M UN X M H l W U WNW W N M W W. N W vu U M N.. W N v Nw WW WM H N11 Wim EEN w M M5 Mx' www W MM: Gig, L WW ' Um W MH, PJ! W NM M fav MM ww "" ' XV T ,U 1 hw 1 if , W I 'Q' W1 H 1, 1 yg w Ml! " , ,, , ,. , , -. x , x x , N M X 1, ,,. J ,,4Y ,,,., ,MW , ,k ,W , ,w w , M m ,d w ,' k, w., -M,---X Wilw l i l , , X N M! NW MW' W M,,,.,w.,.,.m.."1W:1L..,4,MM.,.,.,,.W U X W,W,Mum,mmhwmnuiwuwwmwmH'-"' " W 1' ' ' ww -' W ' W ' -ww 1 .1 M- ,.- H- wx -. , ,- ' X .w W 1 1 ,. ,WW'"Q""'M"T'WWWWWWWWWWWW..,.. W 'Q 1. ,. 'MG' H1 W , ,. H .t. leg ,ffk V-f"""V X Franklin girls receive awards after G. A.A. , Block F banquet from Dr. Eleanor Cole and Mrs. Jean Bond. Wi This is Babs Maland as she appeared in Head Custodian, Frank Shadley, assists G.A. A. , Block F banquet entertainment. Waymond Hall in clean-up preparations 82 ,ms su x. -S .ia ..,, . Students live it up at one of the basketball games - a losing one. At Vallccitos Atomic Energy Plant in Livermore are Chem and Physics students, Richard Howell, Tony Gutierrez, Lester Smith, Sharon Marvels of Science leave us so dumfounded! S, Ng A Ly- Eating and speech making at Key Club Banquet Froeliger, Wilbur Barton, Dolores Cummings, and Clem Lee. Mr. Lec Meyer was in charge of the group. I rx, Warbling at a P.T.A. meeting are The Casualettes, D, Midgette, S. Taylor, B. Wright and W. Simmons. Leadena in monale 1-tony Q Our song leaders attended all home and out-of-town games. Their new costumes with black 1 uick 8: Mercie Correa Antoinette Pricola and Carolyn Lane - Twirlers Deluxe 84 l In unison we stand tights started a fad that lasted all year. u Q1 e la, , New Betty Kimmel and Florence Knight The majorettes. led by Antoinette Pricola, performed at the football games and led the band on to new glories at the annual parades. 14 Liuelq Qnoup Wane 'Jheq La urilee Sa unders The yell leaders participated in rallies attended games, and raised school spirit to a new high. They discovered new yells, like "Mickey Mouse," and added pep to the old ones. Bob Oliver Edith Fegan Laurilee, Bob and Edith were a smashing team in '58-'59, "T T31 "TRN BM D. - This Page Sponsored by THORNTON MOTORS - 647 E. Miner Ave. 85 Blasting forth the Alma Mater at a rally Rodney Polk entertarns at Tracy Rally wrth skrt. Helen Piona performs the Charleston. Ralliea Enjoying one of the rallies 'Ta Phu I Tracy rally skit Se nl. , O1-S ar X 1' UCUO 6 fee Us be what ? ffron fore .9 0- 11 . Cfllfege the C al 117, f-f 81-Ser -is LJ swu- what in blazes is going on, Mr. Meyer? 1' li 1 I oe Oi we 35 O V696 vi Ngeixl we KX bi gwwg 0950456 megs. 19 . 605 SQ Aevatx' da ' 1. 103 - 5 J' W: Q xC az y e 660000 Sandy samples silly "sick1e. " oh Lolly Lolly Lolly Pop! chortled Ray DePo1e and Dorothy Adams. Lolly Pop, Lolly Pop, 'que' This assembly helped many Franklin students appreciate the up-hill battle being waged by the blind. On stage at the senior class assembly are James Fred Miller, vice-presidentg Lester Smith, pres- identg Carolyn Moore, secretaryg and Martha Zellner, treasurer. i 5 Sophomore aspirants at Our Principal campaign assembly. ,sg ,rs Smyth, class sponsorg Kay Flor, 1957-58 sponsorg ,. .,,rrr,., I t-r-1rr ss ' 5 asses S5 of He puts across a point at sophomore assembly. Aiea r i Mr. Baker produced a quality-plus girls' glee club to perform at a number of Franklin High School activities. B xssgs 'sf Simplicity Fashion Show was put on by the Franklin Homemaking Department. N545 This Page Sponsored by MEMORY FLORISTS - I5 N. Wilson Way 89 Y 1 K 9 74 .df K ws 'ab 'WIOQOW FPR Wil' Martha Zellner, "Sir" Don King, Carole Stallings, and Roy Nelson decorating for yearbook dance. 9. Joy makers at "Big Ben Buzz." Four stag party goers, posing for a cameraman. 5.5. R L , ff' N . f Y 5 'X 2 , . ff ,r ' 'Jn af' ,, as 5 1 S' I 1 2 A 2 E a X ,A r ii? J ,A A s " ' Students cavort at welcome dance, 5 N September 19. '19 A My A, h. ar ' t This Page Sponsored by FAIR OAKS PHARMACY - 2222 E. Main of the 1958 Viking Football team. Effigy hung by Vikings prior to the rude awakening at the an- nual football clash. Football king, Fred Miller, dances with Jacket editor, Marilyn Coyle. Mr. Gallagher helps to celebrate the death 5. J. Martinez, M. Kvidera, K. Wash- ington, and J. Skaggs hold jam Fifth Quarter Journalism Dance after Edison game. session at Fifth Quarter dance. 3: " -. , - .. rw... it ..........""""" .... .....,. i-.........., I 2 '-'-v .......,.. ... was -. a f ' 1 ,SEW- ,191 11" 4' . WW, v S, X 1 13: M..,.5N"xs-Q-:?""':"f"':'s" ,QV kv" I.. QUEEN CANDIDATES , LEFT TO RIGHT ARE Carol lnouye, Linda Fiori, Sandy Bumgarner, Janita VanDerHoek, Sue Dodder, Faye Adamson. SECOND ROW ARE Carol Benson, Gloria Encinas, Josie Ruiz, Florence Knight, Barbara Maland Glenda Tracy, Diane Johnson, and Marilyn Coyle. 13,5 45 'N F' P522 gc.f'.4 Ewa fc 1.29 6' Om Queen Babs and date, Joe Curley, per- form ar dance. sponsored by F.S.H.S. Key Club Ba bs Ma land Queen This Page Sponsored by FREMONT DRUG STORE - 2305 E. Fremoni' K 052' QW Q6 Alumnus Dave Burns with date Alberta Roehm. as ' 125656 wx Cool, man , cool. 1' X o'x 58900 'N ww IAQCJGXQ7 K0 to 6 -50 0566 Q3 OO . we k X Ex '15 Q XY This Page Sponsored by M. CORREN 8 SONS - 136 S. San Joaquin 'Ii 1.01118 '19 69? Wiler straightens a loose strand of 605' hair While Billups and Shahan YE, look on. qxqxOXQ5x0o3,- Q0 K KS' 156 O Lane and Larson prepare to tie the knot? Part of the cast poses for a candid shot by Mr. Gallagher. 94 P Another touching scene F URSTA THE CAST Mr. Smith . . Wendell Martin Lon Smith. . . Harrell Kimmel Tootie Smith. .Laurilee Saunders Grandpa Prophater. . Bob June Katie ..... Patsy Herndon Rose Smith . . Alberta Biornsen Esther Smith . . . Elsie Ruckman Mrs. Waughop . Paulette Mouras Mrs. Smith . . . Sharon Pipkin e of F 5-H'S"S A siudious P05 ' F auk famous Producer' Mr' I W ilblll' . Ida Boothby .... Linda Flor: Fred Gregory . . .Gary Wller Agnes Smith . . .Rosetta Shahan John Shephard . . Roger Larson Lucille Pentarcl . . Carolyn Lone The Conductor . . . Joe Ressel Mr. Dodge . . . Jim Webster Mr. Duffy . . Larry Billups Part of the fun ""'? "Sl:-vw! Balm Quada O69 256 59 Russ Johnson 09 O9 99 40 Carol Benson fbi is 592 53 pam ' 'box , f e W , 5 W in sf sf' 'H K "f- in ' -xr hi' is ,X , ww -M ,k wiy r, .. 1, wwgwgqf-A . .S sg - ,vt arg,-2' V l 47 , K yi' ,V - 'A mhss Elnora Henderson fx f as ,, Y Ia, - :Psi 3 X 1.44 i x Q Jo z?:ff4' Y 9 e "Tri" .si f w gov? 0126! Q I? .:'. ' 45 060 .. 1' . -A 9 909 'foo Barbara Young Lester Maple Sandy Wenzel This Page Sponsored by STOCKTON SKATING RINK - 221 S. Roseg Lodi 96 r lx ." '21 'VIQE H - - P06 fx' 1 Billy Coyle 7550 ,M a 1' X 6' ' ' h g is 5 ,133 6,010 Q ,TSX infix KK: l 1 ' ' Q94 iii' .I 5 '70, V ' I no 133, 5, 1 hbjdlll - I fo I 1 Gloria Encinas 62,6 Qofge Jia 41090 , Ge rr ' 3' W' lg, 5" ' Kathryn Woods 3' ' , 4 y of n ,"v33r- if Ca , r r ive rofbo Kgblq ' Q6 0661-dy? jig iii ? X FY , .22 , . , 5, , 'i , V H1-N X Carolyn George Olivia Dugan Linda Hingley This Page Sponsored by KOOKEN'S GARAGE - 3610 Section 97 Rozella Fulcher Luther Hanes Yvonne DeCico Ronnie Rendon Phyllis Thomas Vernon Willingham Dorian Holladay Priscilla Aragon TOUY Gutierrez Mercie Correa Betty Clark Bill Beckner Winten Coupled Jim Luke Sharon Richardson Jerina Overall Ronnie Culler A 3, 1 "s sr E 'Au Q! Orson Laam Raul Aguilar Rosalie Miller Betty Davis Glenda Alexander Jganne Keller f ft Beat S III-if 'hienda M r 'i or .M Skt E ' Marie Buttram Pat Cline 1 Douglas Edge Tim Plunkett Carol Turner Elizabeth Santana Marla Nelson Glen C0Pe1aUd Judy Santini Jim White I' Beautq Queen floqce Lqona is cu Member of G.A.A. She is 5'1" tall has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 105 lbs. Joyce plans To atrend Stockton College nexi' year, ond, as ca hobby, she prefers bowling. Queen Attendant SANDY BUMGARNER is Treas- urer of G.A.A. , Staff member of Chaqueta, and Member of Future Business Leaders of America. She is 5'l lf2"1-all and has blond hair and blue green eyes, and weighs 100 lbs. She is a member of Fashion Debs and is employed by Katten 81 Marengo. Q MARILYN COYLE is Editor of the Jacket, Member of G.A.A. and Round Table. She is 5'4" tall and has brown hair and hazel eyes, and weighs 119 lbs. Marilyn plans to continue her education at Stockton College where she plans on a career in nursing. ueen Attendant ll . sggwu . as Semona CITIZENSHIP Joan Wills and Wilbur Barton C5 ,o -, M QUIETNESS Karen Thomas ancl Davicl Hicks 102 WELL-DRESSED Sandy Bumgarner and Harold Graham TALENT Marla Nelson and Ken Washington GOOD CITIZENS Glenda Tracy and Bob Martinez LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carolyn Moore und Richard Howell On Review x 103 f WITTY Judy Hopkinson and Mike Campbell 1 any 5 A POLITENESS Carol lnouye and Ken Moeckel faq 5555 . ,I -y --1 fs . - v, X 4 I f ATHLETIC Susan Bcxyaca and Uly WiIIic:ms C' f DANCING Yvonne De Cico and Richard Necdeau ,ki INTELLIGENCE Bobs MoIcmcI and Lester Smith Don King IO 4 -5 I sg S . MISS PERSONALITY PLUS Pat Wehe f Oo O 'W 01- L fl , ,r N ,I X JSS' MR. PERSQNALIW " I , , I ' avi, PLUS F' TEASE Marty Zellner and Joe Ressel 105 ia V TALKATIVE Patsy Wilburn and Lefty Kvidera E Q Y j Jerry Hamrick Mr. and Miss JUNIOR Allen Patterson Carolyn Rippy 'K' ..,v h A Mm., s was Claaa Mr. and Miss SENIOR Fred Miller Judy Jensen Mr. and Miss SOPHOMORE 'I06 5 Gary Williamson '3avonitea Ron Rendon Mr. Senior ' a 9,5 fRunner upj Ss' N1 sn, Rena Schwinden Miss Junior Y Pct Wehe Miss Senior fRunner upl Austin Williams Mr. Junior fRunner up, Becky Aquirre Miss Sophomore fRunner upl CRunner upl Charles Browning Mr. Sophomore fRunner upj 107 Aaaemblq HELP L l l l x ea r v GRIPPLED l il 3 s.a,l,.. r""3 Little crippled child is greeted hy Mr. Don Evans. There are fabulous machines to aid the handicapped. 108 Robert Martinez, Student Body President, presented Mrs. Nolan Pulliam with a Passport Wallet as she was preparing to board the United Air Lines plane for Europe where she was to join her husband, Dr. Nolan Pulliam, Superin- tendent of Schools. H15 - :Q 'Y 109 XG s .- at iff Qi Es. Q The Pep Band played "l'll Set- You in my Dreams" to Mrs. Pulliam at the Stockton Air- port. X 0 Q n Q L H-.wi Q fx i Fwy ARLENE PATTON JEAN BOND BARBARA DA W SON mg, 5909 'I'l0 ' s 'figs Members of the winning co-educational volleyball team are, LEFT TO RIGHT , Marie Buttram, Sue Crossland, Pat Cline, Waynette Buttram, Sue Letchworth. Ruby Jean Lewis. Rosella Fulcher, Betty Guynes and Dale Nelson. G.A.A. sponsored numerous cookie sales during year. Martha Zellner and Carolyn Doherty are shown selling here to Don Chaudoin. .4 .... Franklin and Linco1n's playday was held October 25. Dale Nelson and Antonette Pricola entertained during lunch time . 111 M 'N 3 'V ,x ,sh 10th Grade mad scramble! The sky is falling! Not really, just watching the basketball. 1 I 2 W W. . , , www ?v,1N,,:,,:, , U The future inhabitants of Sherwood Forest. jk ll ,Z Lincoln, Franklin playday. 113 Ji, fi QF? " 5,1 Mp, Q-13 K - Q in g 5-44" 57' Q22 f , is .- .. 5' .iff K :bg E' his 5. Q ,. N f',,zi?m E fx X 4 , 7 N . 1 gk i I gf 55 135 , V, ,:NY 5,9x 5151 iff if Q? 5 . xx Q ' Wt K M . fi x Q, XF 53' , ii' X , in Jie 3' .vw A' MH Q 13" 'R LI- RP'-221 '9- SJ 4 1,, 3 ,..u .Am 'nn rr fm am. fm" rms-u. wliasnivivnduul THE 1958 GRIDDERS, FRONT ROW ARE T. Fisher, managerg D. Martinez, L. Palmer, D. Goyette, D. Lopez, L. DeVad, E. Moore, A. Herrera, R. Culler, A. Inouye, G. Turner, and F. Frazier. IN THE SECOND ROW AREQ T. Eproson, manager, K. Moeckel, F. Miller, B. Beckner, R. Sandoval, D. Rodriguez, A. Crosby. M. Kvidera, T. Fritz, U. Williams, F. Riggins, and C. Dangerfield. STANDING ARE N. Harris, managerg Coach Marcopu- los, Coach Brumm, J. Aguirre, J. Ressel, D. Smith, C. Lincoln, R. Smith. J. McMeechan, J. Skaggs. L. Featherston, S. Blaylock, and G. Williams. ERNIE MARCOPULOS MANAGERS: T. Eproson, N. Assistant Coach Harris, and T. Fisher. GEORGE BRUMM, Head Coach 116 av ' 4 VI 5 an , I xII ,I fx. R st, If Ir! Ns I 1 '..... . fl I . , ,I R R- -f ,. X441 A . 'R R I A My X 1 A P I ,..R , .. .M 9,5 .MRI ,K I.,,, - - - 4... 4... . sq. dw M -bv. . 25...Ll!-67,4813-n-slim ,,,.' , ,. .V....... .s I W J., 9-. QR . II ,asv-r QQ. f -A I M ,- M , , X' w,y4-fm-rf i 'if I I - M' . - -,Nf'fi,f'?:f' R- 'K' 'R "'-i1?"'fl5kXiQw'Ag 1 ,,, 9" venfif' - ji I.,v-f ' 5n.sI'x'5w5z.RI I - TESXXQQL' RW 12 .' 1' ,ci-S:f1'5N f "-' 1l'a'.i'f "'IV I' ' 4-'. ' " vIt5f"fT.:"" I el 'R Q- I . 1 g,hi,.2.A-Q ff' I: "Rig Fil 1 ' wfmmffmaffig ,?3"'o If'ff.Qf.x5vl'1 II I ' ' ' -vnvf Xfzv-JN -M Q. I xii!-Rx.. -3-L 5' . I " ' 'Q' was L X mm . I fig: ,II WI 5. .. ,,,, A Rgi3II1af,,yg 1 3 Siswssig Is' :d"'3'5, WI L f ': .i:lf1NQ8.1..' ' I "3-fax' " I, MPP, A fi , I , 1 1 YN, nw...-'f -5 --. . J.. - Ir I , '.V,f--,1-gn.-I.v 1 Q T ' ' 9 ITtf,.v-'lffi ., , , rf. .."'g, I llvv , 3,"f,,A I I gui ,J - -,. w2,' I ' nails PNQ-Q., . ' I f In ,X.mW'- ' - 1. .-If EDDIE MOORE , Q .4-R? GARY TURNER, HB y .f A . , . I ' -25? . - I f ' 'ij . ., 5? : v .I ' . ..I,:,,.- I ' R - , 1. 1 'fl :iz . 5 'T 1 Q' , - . I ,QQ-an-..+..wou I 1. , fs ' C - B 'f ti -5 I . 4 5 Q . , g - xr' ,I In 0 I .. 1 X II Q I I - 'I " 2 -- , ,A+ II I 'II If XIII I .I My 9' . , I . I . , III 4 .. M,-JI I' Q 1 In " I .1 ,R - I I . I I., - .f . ls, an ,C Y , f A , ,ab -. ,Is . ' ' 'H . J V." s II II I. .I .I ' ' I ",.'.,,l.., fl .'--in I 1, - 'SE ' , In 4 ' 5' l'y,','. -4. ULYCESS WILLIAMS, B LARRY DeVAD , Q f 'vk , .,, 1. . H .-Alnanina-an I.-W -4 RL If .-nukf ,' Q. ' R. N. X I 1 . Ni, vkfmx 'D ,'96. " ,-rv Q. Rf: III,II.,4 II R. 5k.'0,I,QII 43 I: SN' Jo-I5-' I N .. Ar, qv' l "..,I,L.:,x-x I Q 'A' .if-., FRED RIGGINS , HB m p 1 AMOS HERRERA, B I 'I 7 .Ii I :N f X I S ,, I Nl x sf. f W. ls I1 I 1 l Q n-Jan! 4 'A l4,.. . :N -' -Q . I R RI - . 4 R ' -- 1. tx X l'q if. .. .Q f -g wx QM w W 'K 1. I L .va , . . Y S x', . .u- MARION KVIDERA, Q - IN . X I X V I,. N' : 'Nl Ig . - J. .sI ' NNE ff 1. Q I A ' if , T ' ' '. AI' x SIL -.ABQNII 0, I 1 a 1 . I I v 57 ' . Q3 . ' I '- Aa-oI -' .' ' ! '- mg - RONNIE CULLER , FB IXIIII 1 4 - -A 'fxxf Q .Ig - :I Q ' - .ckxixf . "f 3, -... .-. .mn -R. : I v I , III I .I .I,,I:fI., K4 S I R q. I I ,, ' . sq.. , Q "f so S.. . w . :mf X i 1 A Un: 5--" x . 4. " DERALD GOYETTE, B was-A . 'f 501-1 - ' NI l 1 0 ,, r LA qu L N mg. Q. 4 Har.-'iw' , v -4':ff1e:3'r.f my-si I J . - o'.' ". 'L-J -'IW-5' 'W K 1 -"'l5.,xN Q 1 . , 1 1 sy.-t .M -gl.. ' . 1 H ' J' ' - .1 - . 5 . . K. , 4 N. . - In , ' . 'U-. .vfY,'..1w 'U ' L - " " "1 . .. ' -mx . - "V . ' .K-k I " -'Nl k"'.x"I-K o -fi-lidl. 1 x,'N-.-.',' T 'gi' As,"1M- . . K 4. -xr: . ,, SFI-4 t' .". ,,.-5 -.H I rv X , fur -p. . .-I ::jgap,.,. 4, ',.u'M:. .., 'L 1 'J . :waits 3 lu. j D QQ: ,Mg -xli1'f,"igR,. vgxzgu .1 A 'I ' 'I f ' ' . , .. v 'I1"""'l' 4 Ns vs'-' A, "'VJ"' H -'-' 'Mm 1 " ' M F ': "VJ" ' x 'Li . AW S '.".?yl 1113!-Jklsm' ' gr , .llugvv I , 7. ,ln I. N W, .z .K 1 nanny V,,K. :H ' ' ' 4 ' - I v I ' ,-14','5,i Ixds vs "MN KEN MOECKEL, G JOHN SKAGGS, LB GARY WILLIAMSON, E w X' V , ., I 4'-lllllanw. . 1 uw 4 FRED MILLER, T CECIL LINCOLN, T ART INOUYE, C 4 g4-Q4--1-rf" ' A -g---... IAM . ' - ' ,. ,4 1 ' ' AQ4. 4" . - N V, .n, ,, ,'., A x f .,Q.m'.i if E Q 665. L - LOWELL PALMER, G JOE RESSEL, T JERRY MCMEECHAN, T 5' I K , 1. fa n " ' 'I - K.. 1 I V E 3 'A' -rn YM!-.r'f'5'1'-ev 'ma DAVID MARTINEZ , B TED FRITZ , B FRED FRAZIER, T Boys stand for Alma Mater after win over Edison. 'Ns L- ,sh --,,, f , tgps rf , t 1 4,1-.'lri7l,1 aff, f tsgflgrkkfi .-iff?" 4 FRED MILLER Stockton's top football player of 1958 stands weighted down with trophies. The large one is the Frank Alustiza Memorial award. V A R S I T Y Amos nabs pass for big gainer -f 9 9 9 9 ' rr t Q fa nf. X11 11 1, Ia fr' or .Q -.6 ' f QT"r4s gg -' 4' . t R' ' FWF Q -4 -1. M' ' 5 begin N ,Q Every inch counts, Gary Eddie heaves one tts Turner all set to intercept against Turlock 'lo lk B-Goofball THE 1959 B'S, FRONT ROW ARE A. Williams, D. Grays, L. Greathouse, L. Scott, J. Hempstead, T. Rhoades, A Patterson, V. Martin, N. Rivers, L. Easter, H. Valdivia, J. Stephenson, C. Browning, and J. Robinson. SECOND ROW ARE B. Foster, D. Nikkel, H. Herrera, R. Greer, T. Verner, M. Villamor, L. Gomez, T. Gutierrez, C. Fitz gerald, B. Smith, C. Henry, T. Turner, and W. Kenoly. BACK ROW ARE A. Sanders, E. Ortega, managers, B. Bahrenfuss, B. Rogers, T. Jarvis, R. Aguilar, O. Washington, C. Rendon, D. Clark, O. Kelley, T. Whitmore, P. Smith, D. Crownover, and G. Stephenson. .....,,,,..-Q ai- 'km 1' Q ll B F 3 M. 'B' team coaches were Carl Peregoy and David Radmore. 'l2'l Working hard as managers of the 'B' team are A. Sanders and E. Ortega. L. GOMEZ A . WILLIAMS A , PATTERSON I A. . K-X 3. L 1' ' ' ff' 4,439 eau N V m V A .13:"' .' 1. ' ,': ft . 4.-4 Q '. .8 'hu C . FITZGERALD , ina ta. N O f ti :W 3 H "" B. SMITH T. TURNER H. HERRERA I. STEPHENSOI 5294! M. VILLAMOR N. RIVERS D. GRAYS L. EASTER ,Q T. RHOADES L. SCOTT L. GREATHOUSE J. HEMPSTEAI R, GREER H. VALDIVIA C. BROWNING T. GUTIERREZ 122 Then Came L L VARSITY HARDWOODERS, IN THE FRONT ROW ARE Gary Williamson, Uly Williams, Jerry Hays- lett, John Hollins and Ted Fritz. KNEELING IN THE CENTER ARE Dick Crandall, Luther Hanes, Jim Cargal, Alvin Crosby and Glen Copeland. STANDING ARE Coach Marcopulos, David Duley, Clem Lee, Robert Smith, Jimmie White and Lowell Palmer, manager. IMPORTANT The picture for this position needs spe- cial handling. It will be inserted at a later operation. One five Another five B A S K T B A , 731 6 1 in .gf S A Q f ff X J ff 1 2 ? C1-,EM LEE JOHN HOLLINS B 1 x ,O X 1 ALVIN CROSBY GLEN COPELAN D ULY WILLIAMS 124 '-I O Qi an I BOB SMITH 3. O O OO395fg? qzgb 3 LUTHER HANES B-Bamefuazzm FIRST ROW: C. Hom, A. Williams, R. Christman, M. Campbell, B. Patterson, and L. Easter. SECOND ROW: W. Quinnet, J. Robinson, T. Pina, E. Williams, L. DeVad, D. Grays, and T. Verner, manager. STANDING ARE: Coach Brumm, C. Browning, T. Hall, W. Kenoly, M. Allen, R. Greer, I. Nesmith and Greg Bernal, manager. . ,-' 3 fi Q ggi. . R, I F AUSTIN WILLIAMS A 'x ' A . 3 1. C ' 1 ,:'k,, Sv fa I Q t I Y - ' J I I , ,. ,v A R, ' rgwii f 7 , E -A. l H ' . ' ' ' A s I' iggv' -4-2 LARRY DEVAD 95? CHARLES HORN I i RAY CHRISTMAN I ,Ja . , flu: ? Sri! EDDIE WILLIAMS LEE VAN EASTER 125 Glen Copeland tries for a bucket against the Lodi Flames. Glen Copeland C51 and Clem Lee C151 poise for re- bound in losing game against the Turlock Bulldogs. Franks give battle to cross-town rivals, Stagg. "U1y" Tanks two n , if 3.4 ,iw val ' Qq 1,153 Q, A, . , ,Ox if f Q' sh ilu 2 bv i .Sw + : ywsw 1 , m :fx 2 ' 5 W -. ir' Q: -in Q a i 2 5 'l , . . fzf lx kd -1 Wm ,J I aw 4 Af' fb if ,ifgizii 57 , , K, 4 Q, ' if eff S If L. 5 'Dr Q 'bf 1 z L X w .222-v: ff 151, -' if M, - 1 . i fir .-w-'W' ,F FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT ARE B. Smith, R. Christman, A. Herrera, K. Moeckel, W. Barton, M. Kvidera, E. Moore, T. Turner, U. Williams, and Lowell Palmer, Manager. BACK ROW ARE J. White, B. Oliver, G. Turner, C. Horn, T. Pina, D. Duley, C. Lee, and Coach Carl Peregoy. K 'am . V A 2' ' ..,, - .villa Baaeball . " LEFTYH R R KVIDERA Pitcher 2 . I , f 5 E RIS. ,Af ' X.. ff' , C t 4 0 2 x Q. E 128 WILBUR BARTON Pitcher Q l.lf . KEN MOECKEL O,F. 5 S -. Wa llou'ne Out! 'lu- BOB SMITH 1B -ga: A A -5 .Aw, RUSS JOHNSON O. F. .- Ns ii. A Q3 CLEM LEE C S Q., . Q X - B gfvw ,ELBM B ,QBE, ,ga is' if EDDIE MOORE 2B iff' 1 -JBL?-as 5.9 5' V Q, GARY TURNER O, F, v- QR xx xx X QI G Q X S A S R' ' 515 g k X ' 'lv s ZSXEW5-RN -j A Y v A :ix A W "53'if?R' Moeckel raps out base hit. . , 1 5 .. ULY WILLIAMS S. S. his AMOS HERRERA 3B fr? n. 11' mg? Q Smith scores a run. Uly takes a. healthy cut. ROY NELSON HARRY JONES Golf Instructor 9. ROBERT MARCHETTONI X Q. X RAY EDDINGS LARRY EHPSHER Archery Ace C C C 'Jnack Championa I O if FIRST ROW ARE: D. Crownover, T. Jarvis, C. Rendon, J. Edwards, L. DeVad, J. Stephenson, M. Malone, R Lovelace, R. Ford, E. Bell, C. Renfro, B. Bahrenfuss, W. Jackson, L. Hanes, T. Fritz. SECOND ROW ARE L. Greathouse, R. Aquilar, J. Jackson, L. Looney, W. Washington, O. Kelley, J. Robinson, V. Grimes, J. Coilton, R. Greer, C. Moore, L. Anderson, A. Williams, D. Grays. THIRD ROW ARE: M. Gimigioni, B. Hanes, A. Crosby, C. Browning, J. Skaggs, J. Hempstead, C. Henry, D. Clark, R. Rendon, O. Edmond. FOURTH ROW ARE: C. Dangerfield, J. McMeechan, J. Ressel, R. Ruffoni, F. Miller, D. Goyette, C. Davidson, B. Smith, J. Sexton, D. Rodriquez. FIFTH ROW ARE: Coach D. Radmore, Managers, V. Martin A. Sanders, and L. Freeman. A crew of point getters. JOE RESSEL This page sponsored by Bl-LO MARKET MELVIN MALONE JOHN SKA GG S A small but outstanding group of tracksters, centered mainly among six performers, pulled the unexpected by capturing their first conference crown in CCC varsity competition since the league started in l958. The 'C' team was no slouch as it nailed down 2nd place. The deciding event in the 'A' division came in the relay where Franklin's quartet of Miller, FRED MILLER JIM STEPHENSON LARRY DeVAD -4 Q7 1 I Skaggs, Fritz and Hanes won in school record time of l:32. 9. LEON GREATHOUSE TED FRITZ FIRST ROW ARE: L. Heikkinen, L. Billups, D. Wemmer, D. Edge, L. Fields, B. Johnson, C. Lincoln, R Culler and Coach Vance Paulson. SECOND ROW ARE: J. Cravens, D. Nikkel, H. Aldridge, J. Agnew, P. Nelson, J. McClain, B. Patterson, M. Smith, K. Walker. THIRD ROW ARE: L.C. White, R. Pierce, H. Hernandez, H. Johnson, P. McClosky, F. Kimmel, P. Ritchie, D. King, and S. Hensley. To S lasher L . DOUGLAS EDGE ..... R P P ,,...............-.-f s i .. .K ,MMF R J., I .,- 1 f-.,,e,:, s r af? , .. D -ff 1 .TQ ' A s A 4,5 s , . . N, , Delbert Wemmer, Larry Field, and ' M., 'Q 'I Q s A V f' Larry Gray prepare for take-off. Other .. . , mm aqua stars watch at left. , .g " " h . .. JN . . ,... 5 J.. . .f .. fl m 'W 'D 'tg "aa fd' Q ' r A fe' A .we x 134 if M M90-n 5 M J ...- if 4 , wf "'3Q X - ' ii' i Q-T ' 7x'fS,p,,,,QQ Q. We ni-4 ' swf' I qw 'W . .p -- ' x H ,gg 4 I . ffl V XF " 5 . SSE! .M sir ' VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach -- George Brumm This team will always be known as the smallest but toughest team in the CCC. Many thrilling vic- tories were enjoyed due to desire, willingness to work, and team enthusiasm. We feel that these experiences will carry over into the future lives of the team members and also set a pattern for future Franklin students and players. OPPONENTS FRANKLIN 13 Berkeley 0 6 Turlock 12 6 Modesto 13 6 Sta 12 28 Locgg 12 6 Tra cy 13 13 Manteca 18 13 Downey 6 6 Edison 12 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach -- Ernie Marcopulos This basketball team is the first Franklin var- sity team that lost more games than it won. Lack of height and shooting ability were the team's major deficiencies. Although the boys were outscored, they were never out fought. This team will always be remembered as one that could take it when the going got tough. OPPONENTS FRANKLIN 38 St. Mary's 37 39 Manteca 43 35 Lodi 32 29 Tracy 35 44 Castro Valley 42 37 Mc Clatchy 32 45 Antioch 43 64 Stag 36 32 Oakgale 73 63 Lodi 51 64 Manteca 48 59 Tracy 53 54 Edison 43 64 Tracy 42 59 Turlock 46 '72 Stagg 49 64 Lodi 49 66 Modesto 46 59 Edison 56 TRACK TEAM Coach -- Dave Radmore Many Franklin tracksters made this an outstanding year by cracking school records in most every meet. Winning the CCC crown was the highlight of the spring. SWIMMING TEAM Coach -- Vance Paulson Though coming out on the short end of scores, the swimming team had a "splashing" good time. The sport is still in its infancy at Franklin High. "B" FOOTBALL Coaches Peregoy and Radmore One more win somewhere along the line would have put the Franklin " B" football team in a tie for 1 first place to win the league. An upset loss to Man- teca, who only won one eague game, and a one- point loss to Lodi were the low spots of an otherwise successful season for the little Jackets. OPPONENTS FRANKLIN 0 Turlock 25 12 Manteca O 0 Oakdale 14 0 Tracy 18 6 Modesto 12 7 Lodi 6 19 Downey 6 "B" BASKETBALL Coach -- George Brumm The little hardwooders had a more successful sea- son than their big brothers but still lost a number of heartbreakers in the final moments of play. OPPONENTS FRANKLIN 23 St. Mat-y's 32 25 Lodi 37 10 Castro Valley 42 36 Mc Clatchy 39 33 Antioch 30 37 Downey 45 50 Stagg 47 31 Oakdale 32 48 Lodi 41 23 Manteca 65 49 Tracy 65 50 Edison 49 39 Tracy 37 53 Turlock 26 55 Stagg 54 41 Lodi 40 44 Modesto 51 25 Edison 53 BASEBALL TEAM Coach -- Carl Peregoy The Franklin baseball team started the season with one of the best pitching staffs in the league and a good defensive team but the batting potential left a lot to be desired. The success of the team depended on the consistency of veteran pitchers, Marion Kvidera and Wilbur Barton, plus the ability of the batters to get a few runs each game DOROTHY ADAMS, wlll my brother. Jlm, to Mary Ann Morse. TRUDY ADAMS, wlll my seat at the Basketball games to Julle Adams. JUl.IAN AGUIRRE, wlll myself to all the pretty glrls. IOUISE AI.l.EN, wlll my ralns to Loretta Maes. PRIISCILLA ARAGON. wlll my English Book no Dorlan Holl- a ay. , DANNY BARAGNO, will my Shlrt to Paul Jones. WILBUR BARTON, wlll my arm to the Yellow- jackets. BILL BECKNER, wlll my Bent Fender to Jlm Cravens. CAROL BENSON. wlll my Last Jar of Peanut Butter to Gerrl Wlllls. FRANK BOJORQUES. will my Seat In Mr. Ibarreta's class to Black Bart. ALBERTA RIORNSBI . wlll my gym sox to Mrs. Patton. BONNIE BREWER. wlll my D ty Gym Clothes to Beverly Brewer. WESLEY BREWER. wlll my Suas!-geLungs to Mr. Gallaggr. SANDY BUMGARNER, wl l my Ight to Next Years s- ketball team. BOB BURGESS. wlll my Callfomla History Book to Mr. Srrlnxytls. P lJ.IS BUTLER. wlll my lee-a-tars to Connle Coleman. MARIE BUTTRAM, will my membership to Waynerte But- nam. WANDA BYRD. wlll my slster Joyce to Mrs. Patton. MICHEAL CAMPBELL. wlll my "Mad Books" ro Mr. Dutton. PAT CLINE. wlll my Good Memorles to Mrs. Spencer. JOHN COILTON. w II m E es to I.avern Jmes. JUDY COLEN. wlll my Old ,Test Papers to Mr. Flaherty. PHYIJ.l5 COX, wlll my good teachers to Julle Adams. MARILYN COYLE. wll my ahlllty to drlve and my drlver's JIIlIviIESeClREbI':'.guI.v'IlI,rny Notebook to Wayne Trlgg ALVIN cnosmi, wlllmy Shoe Shlne Klt to James Moore. LINDA CROWNOVER. w ll my Freckles to Delores Cum- mln s. INE! DANIELS. wlll my books to Earma Daniels. BETTY DAVIS. wlll my Shorthand Book toorgy slster Nancy. DAN DgVlSihwIll my ablllty to obtain a g paying job to Mr. my . YVONNE DE CICCO, wlll my beat-up tennls shoes to Carol Maland. BARBARA DIXON, wlll my Freckles to Mrs. Torres. KQY g0BBS. wlll my Engllsh Llterature Book to Caroline S ae er. OLIVIA DUGAN. will my A,B.C.D, and F's to John Dugan. DEIDRISE DUKES. wlll my Books to the School. CHARLES DUMONT. wlll my Basketball sklll to Mr. Ricks. RAY EDDINGS, wlll my Eng Ish Literature test to anyone who can stand them. OPHELIA EDGE, wlll my Suede shoes to Blols Johnson. OIDRIA ENCINAS. wlll the 12th Grade to Gena Marttnez. TERRY EPROSON. wlll my Stacey's to Mr. Smyth. ALBERT BRIANDSON, wl lmy gtood luck to Mr. Smyth, J.B. ESTES, wlll my Gultar Plc ro Mr. Ibarreta. WAYNE EURE, VIII my Personallty to Mr. Ibarreta. BARZARA FARLEY . wIll'my Broken shoe laces to Anlta Har en. RUSSELL FAUGHT, wlll the left leg of my Gym Clothes to Ralph Jurado. ERN E FERRER, wlll my curly halr ro Mr. Wllbur. TOM FISHER. wlll a Meg to Don Patchen. I.INDA FITZGERALD, wi I mymTroubles to Mr. lbarreta. JACKIE FRASER, wlll my Bra to Mr. Ibarreta. RICHARD FKJST. wlll my Brains to Mr. lbarreta. ROZEILA FUICHER. wlll my Sllm Flggure to Betty Fulcher. IDA GALBERT. wlll my Ilecelgts to e Cafererls Cooks. BETTY GARRISON, wI I my S orthand Homework to Myra Zwllgg-lebezggo CA YN RGE. wlll my long halt to Charlene Turn- bull. MARY GILLESPIE. wlll my glasses to Mr. lbarreta. GERTRUDE GROSS . wlll my height to Mrs. Dawson. VIRGIE HAIEORD. wlll my long halr to Charlene. GERRY HAMRICK. wlll my frlend. Marlon. to Sandy Bumgamer. LUTHER HANES. wlll my Van Dyke to Bonnle Hanes. NORMAN HARRIS, wlll my halr brush to Mr. Flaherty. THELMA HAWKINS, wlll my hooks to Llnda B-ratchet. JQMES HEMPSTEAD, will my track shoes to Leon Great- ouse. ELNORA I-IBIDERSON, wlll rnylgmlle to Vlola Parker. MARION HENDRIX, wlll my s rthand book to James Vales. ROSALIE HERREZA. wlll my term pagers to Miss Toy. JOHNNY I-IICKS. wlll my rlvlng a Its to Mr. Evans. LINDA I-IINGLEY. wlll my cow eyes to Irene Gulterrea. LARRY HIPSHER, wlll my history book to Mr. Smlyth. JOHN HOLLINS, wlll my Love to all the girls at ranklln. ALLEN HOLIOWAY. wlll my Health and uman Re- latlom notes to Anlta Hardin. JUDY HOPKINSON. wlll my sour notes to Mr. Lsncelle. CHAWRLOTTE I-IORN. wlll a 1 my Booklteeplng to Mr. Fla rt . JAMES ILIORN, wlll my artendanoe record to Mr. House. RICHARD HOWELL. wlll my Slide rule to Mr. Meyer. ESTER HUBBIE wlll my energy to Karen Hubble. Seniors Willa L X S Si XI X 33 MAXINE HUBL. will my school splrlt to all the Sopho- I'l'l0I'8l. CAROL INOUYE. will Artery to Art lnouye FRANCES JACKSON, wlll my Qutemess to the nolslest XJ rson at Franklin JOANEE JOHNSON. wlll my gabblness to Charles Fitz eral EPDWARD JANZEN: wlll my pack of gum to Mlas Flor. . X . lgAUL JONES. wlll mg! Wagon to Bobby. BOB JUNE, wlll my ceptlonal abllltles to Bore people to those who would llke ro be expert Bores. JOANNE KILLER. wlll mylSense of Humor to Mlss Numoto. FRANCES KILDURN. w my red halr to Joyce Byrd. DON KING. wlll my glrlfrlends to Mr. Ricks. THELMA KING. wl I mylg m clothes to mysIsterJackIe. VELMA KING, will my eght to Fay Carman. IDUIS KUCHENRITER. wll my Height to Rm Lobaro. LEFTY KVIDERA. wlll my Study Ha Its to . lbarreta. CAROLYN LANE, wlll my Braces to Lauralle Saunders. WAYINIE LAWRENCE, wll my sore writlng atm to Mr. Smy . 'I3 7 I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l. If I. It I I I I l I. I. I I RUBY LEWIS, wlll my Slng Volce to my brother Nolon. VIIRSINIA IDOSEN. wlll my battered Algebra Book to Ricardo Lulren. DANNY IQPBZ. will my Tennis to Mr. Ibarreta. ALTA IDVE, wlll my S orvhand Book to Nora Slrden. RONNIB LYNN. wlll my Bottle to Carltone Dlllard. JOYCE LYONS. wlll my homework to Elsle Ruckman. BABS MALAND. wlll m Stale Humor to Mr. Flaherty. Rosen MARCHETTONI, wut my I Golf Tee to Roy Nelson. TED MARIANO, wlll my used up Tennls Shoes to Mr. Smhyth. OF LIA MARQUEZ, wlll my snack bar to Alice Marquez. EARLENE MARTIN, wlll my talklng In class to Mrs. D. S ncer. ESEBNE MARTIN . wlll my Moneyeto Bllly Smlth. WENDELL MARTIN. wlll my Sml to Mlaa Flor. DAVID MARTINEZ. wlll my Bulld to Mr. Evans. JERRY MARTINEZ. wlll my Thlmplter to some stlnker. ELLEN MAUPIN. wlll my slster to Francis Wllllams. MARIO MENDOZA, wll my lungs to Mr. Day. PHYLLIS MERRIHEW, wlll my last name to Francls Lucas. FRED MILLER, wlll my Pole to Derrll Goyette. KB4 MOKZKEL, wlll m Tennis Racket to Mr. Rlcks. BERNICE MOLAND. wIII' my Gym clothes to Dorothy Penn . CARJLYN MOORE, wlll the Pre-Clvll War to Marllyn B. DOUG MORRIS. wlll my Gym Socks to Mrs. Torres. DNERRELL MULIJN. wlll my sloppy Math Papers to Mr. 011 . BAREARA MYERS, wlll my Books to Mrs. Gayle Whlte. DOROTHY McCOY. wlll my coay llttla fum house to Cherry Fields. JERRY McMERIHAN. wlll mly.Dlapers to Duarte Dlll. VERA McWRIGHT, wlll my nds to Ellzahath Santana. RICHARD NEADEAU, wlll my Sense of Humor to Mlss Furey. ANGIE NEVAREZ. will my Leng Brown Halr to Lacllle Herrera. ROBERT NIEMEYBR, wlll my Joke Bmk to Mr. Patchen. LEONA NIX, wlll my Headache no Shlrley Cross. DONALD NORTON , wlll my Short Shorts to Mr. Brumm.. GIDRIA ORTIZ. wlll my slster Betty to Mrs. Dawson. SHAIDN OSBON, wlll my Laugh to Pam Johnson. JERINA OVERALL. wlll my Bac Manager to Mr. Ibarreta. EUGENE PACK, wlll my School Boob to Mr. Evans. BONNIE PETEI6. wlll my Earrlnigs to Dorla Spencer. DONNA PEIRANO, wlll my abll ty to gsve the wrong Egches to the future Chores Plona player. SIE PEREYRA. wlll my old Shoes to Ollvla Pereyra. till-'IARLBS PEURANO. wl my Trafflc Tlckata to George ansen HELEN PIONA. wlll my Bow legs to Pat Waggener. SHARON PIPKIN. wlll my supp los stolen from the Art Dept. to Mr. Snyder. TIM PLUNKETT, wlll my red Halt to Mr. Evans. PHYI.I.IS PULLEN. wlll myozersmallry to Soclety. LOIS QUARLES, wlll my ka to Austln Wllllams. RON RENDON. wlll my Glasses to Mr. Wong. JOE RESSEI., wlll my old Track Shoes to Mr. Radmora. I-IELEN REYNOSO. wlll my school Splrlt so my slster. JOE REYNOSO, wlll my Wlne Bottles to Mr. Snyder. STEVEN RHODEN, wll my Money to my Mother. DICK RICKS. wlll Rana Schwlnden as much success as yearbook edltor as Carole Stalllngs has enjoyed. PAT RIGGS. wlll my snoopy nose to Marllyn B. CHARLES RITCI-IIE. wlll my Pencll to Mt. Rlcka. JUANITA RIVERA, wlll my Insalllgence to Mrs. J. Preclado. ADDIE ROBBINS, wlll my Frecklea to Ml. Ibarrtta. ALBERTA ROEHM, wlll my Batteries to tha school so they 'gat a chaigs out ol It. - BERT RIQUEZ. wlll my Shoes to Mommy JERRY IDTI-I. wlll my hrokan peucll tolohu wden. ROSEMARIE RUFFINI, wlll my Bubble Gum to Jlmmy Os- horn. MARIAN SETTLBAOIR. wlll my BI5:Feet to Mlss Numoto. l.Ik.LV:NA Sl-IAHAN. wlll my lovely reckles to Iknerta S an. BOB SMITH. wlll my Tennls Shoes toITomJ Dave Duley. JAQIIES iam. wlll my Wealmess ta Mr. Paulson. . . M . wlllm rain to Mr. ay. MARVIN SMITH. wIII my 1951 Chev. to Ray Tavella. VIRSIA SMITH, wlll m Tennls Shoes to Derot Penn . ROBERT SOTEID wlll In Fllln to Miss Numoto Y czmots STALLINGS, wtII m Egtperlence at Maetlng Deadllnes to the Future Yearhook Edltors. l KAKRBI THOMAS, wlll my mop ol Halt to Glenda Alex- an er. I. PHYLLIS THOMAS, wlll my Vernon to Mr. Evans. I. IJDRENE TI-DMSON. wlll my Broken test tubes to Mr. Me ers. I. THOMAS TUCKER. wlll mly name Bllmp to Mr. Brumm. I, CAROL TURNER, wlll my rlvlng Pxper ences to Glenda Alexander. I. GARY TURNER. wlll my Block F. Sweater to my younger brother. I. OIGA UVALLES. wlll my Llptlck to Tommy Ramos. I. BILL VAN TUYL. wlll my curly halr to Mr. Rathhaus. I. WAYNE VAUGHN. wlll my Lovely Voice to Jim Branson. I. TIIIGIIIDO VILLALPANDO. will my best luck to my ot er. , I. KEN WASHINGTON. wlll my Comet to Tom Rhoades. I. WILLIE WAIKER. wlll my Halt to leon Greavhouse. I. DELBERT WEMMER. wlll my Webbed Feet to Mr. Paul- son. I. JIMMIE WHITE. wlll my Profile Bread ro Mr. Brumm. I. WOLVERINA WHITE, w II my Swlmmlng Sult to Mrs. Dawson. l. BILLY WILLIAMS, wlll my Wlll to Tonyqlarvla. I. ULYCESS WILLIAMS, wll my Izvla to G'I'I1sl Cllnton. I. VERNON WILLINGHAM. wlll my Raggedy Gym Shoes to Mn. Torres. I. KATHRYN WOODS. wlll my Halr Brush to Fay: Carmen. I. TIM YORK. wlll my Sense of Humor to Mr. thhaus. I. BARBARA YOUNG. wlll my Peroxlded Blonde Halr to Tonl Maile. I. TACHO AVALA, wlll my Track Cleats to Mr. Jones. I, MARTHA ZELLNER. wlll my 37 Impala to DrIver's Ed. Department. 1 Prom A .... .. .. - 1 ,K A . - Qs. e1'i31 Vie W of dan Cers - 'S' K.: at the .59 K -+ ,su - Q' X ir , . S Evelyn Kooken glares at f . I i ' Camerman XLS A Y K f .X 5 The cozy warmth of a prom A. . x Faculty Guests 138 Hernando's Hideway john Adamson is offering con- gratulations at the Honors Day Breakfast Feb. 26. Alberta Bjornsen receives one of the awards given out at the Honors Day Assembly. Honors Day, a semi-annual event, now looms very impor- tant in the lives of Franklin students and Faculty. On this occasion, honors and awards richly deserved by students are bestowed at an assembly, and other activities are scheduled which make it truly a day of honors. Virginia Armstrong and Ruth Davis receive hand shakes from Mr. Gallagher after being informed that they had won trips to Valley Forge. X . , X , v .nl Leon Iker accepts his award. 139 sr' f ur, Mgmt 1 Lester Smith and Pat Riggs won honors as student representatives to Valley Forge as a result of Franklin winning the Freedoms Foundation Award. V +I .YS K 5, . r w I, A-11' V I .7 L J?-' '- 1 f ,,g,w, iw I 21 Q36 - 'Q , , RICHARDAND HELEN ' s YDSHIKAWA A f PHOTOGRAPHERS M 1 ' if - , pf 1- . GLAMOUR oS W L1 . Poknmlrs ,,, M?i5.,Av f0!1, Q , I 5 P-cf ww 6z, ,f ,fE 1 -f ' OUMMEKCIAL , if-+-JW' fr .Q , , ' W3 f'k' WTT' X 33' mx i A A ' BABES fi!! iz "WE :fm "' . PMURE STORY fi J' gfffii J my nf Your Wedding ' E 4 1 0222 ,f ' " and Formals iw? ' ff? K ii?" " 3 ' 5 -A f J 36 N. ELDDRADD S5 . 'ifgfjf . HDWARD 3-7941 Xxf-Qfgfwa 4 A-6 . fx: hn- I '-,. I fn Q fc ' is ,S ' x iii, SX, "ig Q . kzi Q E N Joetta Kay, a former Franklin student, and Carol Turner pick up cleaning from 1621 E. Fremont HOward 4-4515 Q1 fx 1 x 1 a 1 V 4 I 1 - sm ' If 1 X 404 1. Scwe at 1 CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class 2 Super Markets to Serve You 1536 Waterloo Road 3310 E. Main St. STOCKTON. CALIF. KOOKEN'S TRUCKING Rt. 4, Box 787 Stockton BF. FREMONT CENTER MARKET Fresh Meat, Groceries, Produce 25l7 E. Fremont Faye Adamson and Glenda Alexander Phone Howard 4-0612 pose for a picture in dresses chosen from THE WONDER 340 E. Main HO 6-6871 I I 1-frm 5 Q Best of Luck . . . Grads! . . . and You Others Too! ' MRS. GREETICE R. BOREN M U LDOWN EY PRI NTI NG CO. Greg Bernal, Janice Kelber, Delaine l3gElNE11OClEl5ifE,f3.: 55+ Proctor, and Ken Moeckel pause for cool refreshments at A 81 W ROOT BEER Weber and Sierra Nevada LEE'S FEED STORE Dairy Poultry Rabbit After Graduation keep the habit of visiting FEEDS FREMONT VARIETY 5 a. I0 I Equipment-Baby Chicks-Medicines In Fremont Came r 2 . - 4423 E. Main HO 3-6132 526 E F'e"'0"' H0 5 1684 SAVE-WAY DRUGS 3330 E. Main H0ward 6-0411 'KVM Us and Be 5"'U,' OUJ' C 2 0 M I e F1 allay M! 60 M-,,.,vfJ:W"3fm.w Emi, 1 Ios NORTH SUTTE ,fw- 'DEPENDABLE B H., R HO 3 4855 DRUGGIST JOE DOLL s c Free Delivery Service Groceries - Delicatessen Meats - Liquors PEZZI-CHICCONE MARKET CATERING Phone HO 5-9493 l563 E. Fremont St. Zrownls Gosfume Shoppe COSTUMES ' TUXEDOS DINNER JACKETS Stockton, California S R LEROY PEZZI LOUIS CHICCONE L55 BROWN 40 S A 5 TONY PEZZI 4' f'9 S c """9""' Phone I-Io 4-0549 HO 6-4346 l45 E. Weber Avenue Hotel Stockton Building Stockton, California I Tm KM CITY TIRE SERVICE New-Used Tires-Vulcanizing-Recapping Wholesale-Retail-Batteries , Factory Warehouse Distributors A B. Ferroni 2272 Waterloo Road Owner Stockton, California JACKlE'S DRIVE IN Take-out Service 2466 E. Main Stockton QFFICE DIAL HOWARD 5'5B15 0 95 CIBUHHMENT " EUPPLIES ' BOOKS BSD E. WEBER AVENUE STDCKTUN, CALIFCIRNIA GAIA-DELUCCHI CO. Imported and Domestic Groceries --- Catering --- I4-0 N. American Phone HO 6-794l I fi Become a Leading Heir Smist and Cosmetologist Under e Federico System The Best Costs No More in the Valle 's Most Progressive Eeauty College 0 Higher-Then-Average Income O Year-Round Employment 'I . RS I i -' ig? The Federico System The Valley's Leading 0 U I' 't d O rt ' . GT'TL2..v.5"' """' Registrations Now Beini Taken Write for Free Boo let ,-.J FREEWAY AUTO SUPPLY Auto Parts Wholesale Retail Complete Machine Shop HO 4-8348 8l9 N. Wilson Way Stockton B B--:fy 9-an-gc: STOCKTON ""c'In52..i2. BEAUTY cou.EeE .'5flff,'f,'f,3. za s. sumf Phone HO 3.ssza JDE AND AURA SCHWINDEN, PRDP5. FREMONT POULTRY ' Wm:u.:aALl: A Rl:'rAuL PHONE HD 5-1756 65? N Glance poullaq and 3994 I 'LI' , or-ucxzu av 'rl-is Plans lv TURKEY! O RAEBITB I GEEBE 0 DUCKB 'f' 'tif -. - CIPEN SLINDAYS AND HDLIDAY5 2G34 E. FREMIIINT BT. STDDKTDN. CALIFORNIA FAMILY TOGGERY "Ask About Our Penny Bonus" Open Daily 9 AM to 9 PM Sunday Il AM to 6 PM HO 4-2301 2656 Waterloo Rd. 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 49

1959, pg 49

Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 32

1959, pg 32

Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 139

1959, pg 139

Franklin High School - Chaqueta Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 124

1959, pg 124

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