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The ALMANAC for 1928. Being the Year Book Published by Franklin High School for and by the Studentry: Containing many Engravings on Copper of divers Personages of Distinction and Merit: These Built the Book: Park Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief. Marjorie Cherry, Asst. Editor. Dorothy Jones, Asst. Editor. Louise Rasor, Literary Editor. Elaine Andrews, Art Editor. Marion Boyd, Art Editor. Chan. Messenger, Sport Editor. Elmer Gotfredson, Bus. Mgr. Watson Hillis, Advertising Mgr. Work of Master Clyde Browne at his Shop in the Old Almonry of the Abbey of San Encino. LOS ANGELES, JUNE XXV, MCMXXVIII. Foreword The Staff has earnestly striven Solemnly, gaily has tried, To create a year book containing The things you may think of with pride. Study, and work, and play, Friends, and good times you ' ve had. Most of these memories are happy, But some of them, also, are sad. The name of the book is the Almanac, The " Spirit of Franklin High " ; We have linked with the " Heart of Knighthood ' And ideals of the days gone by. TO YOU WHOSE SMILE HAS NEVER GROWN LESS KIND THESE YEARS WE ' VE KNOWN YOU WHO HAVE FALTERED NONE TO DO YOUR BEST FOR ALL WE WHO HAVE SEEN THE THOROUGH KINDNESS AND THE THOUGHTFUL DEED WOULD [.IKE TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE SHOWN THE WORTH OF MANY " THINGS THAT ARE MORE EXCELLENT " AND SO, MISS HODGKINS, WITH OUR TRUEST THANKS WE DEDICATE OUR BOOK TO YOU IN MEMORIAM ALUMNI JVbraljam Jxisner, (u ' 25 Contents Administration . . . 8 Classes 16 Scholarship 62 Activities 66 Fine Arts 72 R . O . T . C 100 Athletics 112 Clubs 126 2 VAAKKLIK AlMAttAC Silk ■ ' JH ' ll vm lli ' l »H fri )0ni ' iiMi rt l ' I i iiM ' MH» ' mimi« ' llli|li«ll ' » M essage In days of old, when knights were bold And barons held their sway — " And was it but in days of old That knights were bold and ladies fair? That tales of stirring deeds were told, And sweet lays trembled on the air? Ah, no ! The brave knights of those days gone by Have passed away ; but in their place Has ris ' n a knighthood new — who vie In service, not in strife — A happier, fairer, nobler race. ' ' So this brave knight, in armor bright Rode gayly to the fray " For linked mail and helm of steel What armor shall he wear — The youth who in this newer day Would Duty ' s clarion call obey And forth to battle fare? Why! what but faith, and hope, and lore. Gifts showered on man from heav ' n above? Where shall we find this dream come true ? Why reader, ne ' er completely so While time is time and man is man. But as you turn these pages through And printed word and picture scan, You ' ll catch a glimpse, now here, now there, Of deeds as brave, Of maid more fair, Of songs as sweet, Of days more rare Than were those days " when knights were bold And barons held their sway. " (9) THE GIRLS ALL KNOW WHO OWNS A CERTAIN QUICK STEP A CERTAIN GRACIOUSNESS AND HUMOR THEY BELONG TO OUR OWN MISS HODGKINS GIRLS ' VICE PRINCIPAL THE HOYS MUST HAVE A LEADER WHO WILL SHOW THEM HOW TO KEEP THE STRAIGHT LINE ONE WHO KNOWS THE RULES OF EVERY GAME WHO HELPS THEM THROUGH WITH GENEROUS ACCLAIM FOR EVERY ONE WHO DOES HIS PART THEIR ADVOCATE IS MR. SNIFFEN THEIR VICE PRINCIPAL m (10) ' sP FAAttKLIN AI,MAMAC 1 9 g 8 iuuite ' Miiiii»iiii ii« ' iiuiiiiiiiiiiiiM ' iiiiaii»iMiiiii iniijHijniwiii»iiftihiMiiiiii!iwja ' i«ijirjMiiii»Hi hiim ' ii Hi ' gi||iB5Wtpifc.. 3iw fllSiEWWIDS niSSEfiqUSH NSSFIETCHER MBFRAMK tlRWlBRAITH (11 ) FAAttKLIN ALMAMAC 9 Z 8 i iiirii i n tn l ii i iH ' JIl ' II UBW I I ' l l t ' iU ' l l iiiuil l L ' l l l ' lll ' IIUIH ' l iii — % . ' ' N • H ni55GWHAN l1l55(5RtEHL H0 UUGHE5 flftJEiieOtl nn-JOUNSTOM MfiSEKEMHEDY flRKEYES nR-KIMCrr MI55LWKJL tlR.UBBY l m li V, HI55LI5UEMK55 m-LOPEX " flA-fKOLlJOfl tllMffCULLY mn ? iwiU5 f1l55nACD0MMD ttbiflftCKALIP ni55 MALUOftY niSStlLRRILL niSflERRIflAN . (12) VftXKLKLlK XLHXKXC 1 9 Z 8 liim ' J»lini|ll ' ll|i « ' llii|llMiiWIIUIII ' lll« ' IW Qiw I1 J1LYE.R fHftMlllER tt J1ILLE.R MlftfMOODY MI55MOORL HRriEWtLL Mt55 10FZKjER MI55 OLIVER MR.ONEAL HR.PARKE.R B H f3 a HISS PUILBROOK ni55 P1PAL M05Dft£EMAri MIS5RAPP B 3 R B MI55RATTMER MB6B0BERT5 MI55R0B)e 0M HR-5UAW msUEWKYAH J1I55 SKIFF Mi».STLLTER MR.5TEVE.ri5 B MI555TEVE.rl9 HR5TRIEB fllteTUlEJA MR5.WAT50M MR5.WAUNIR 4|£ MWWUMOrl MRWELUb IWSWISt r1l55WOLF nRszinn ( 13) FftAXKllN AlMiVMAC Mr j 9 g 8 " -cLi f y j.f».mii:ii ii i ' ) ii iim ii iiiiiiii ' i i i ' in ' iiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiM ' ii iMiiMiiiihiiiiiinij ' iii gnanncEBHE fACULTy SICMATUHES fr f to £ " • rvu T7S(UU«f - .U £ d ' jSrkjoJuA, ai ..fC U - W- 2L«zt Vr se J jfA £ a t k, cu u Z » 4 Ic xcT, JUl aU % S$ ssA (14) FftAttKlIN A MAKAC L ' jitMujuiinui iniiuju ' iii i fe%r mTiiTTT ' Tirin pmTnr.Trm H ' iii ' ML ' iii ' mwmmrm ' it Agricultural Department Lowell S. Donnell Alice Groocock Gavl Haves Art Department Jessie D. Roberts Rex A. Miller Vinnie Rean Moody Commercial Department Ruby L. Anderson Raean Baltzlev Grace DeVelbiss Mary Luella Edmonds Jessie Graham Pearl W. McFadden Earl S. Parker Blanche Preernan R. B. Shaw Cora A. Warner English Department Harriet W. Allen Mary A. Barnum Geo. T. Beach May Bolton Hugh T. Boyd Virginia Church Helen E. Cochran Emma G. Conway Russel W. Edwards Grace Bessie Gill Mable F. Hahn Frances B. Hughes Elizabeth Lisherness Marjorie Macdonald Gertrude Mallory John S. McManus E. C. Miller Muriel Wise L. Wolf Home Economics Department Margaret Anderson Flora L. Campbell Ruth E. English Anna D. Robison Latin Department Nellie S. Cronkhite Eunice P. Griffin R. D. Stevens Mathematics Department Thos. A. Dutcher Wilmah B. Greene W. W. Keyes Philip A. Libby H. Lois MacKalip Jennie Rattner Mechanical Arts Department Howard D. Allen Carl S. Frank G. W. Galbraith Wilhelm T. Haglund Harry Holredge Wm. G. Johnston William Sherinyan (15) VttAKKLIK AX.HAKAC QzW 1 Z 8 iiu i«|i»miiilHi|»iMliiMiiiidiiH ' IiuMiM ' iauiimtWi™ Modern Language Department Olive R. Browning Florence Dunbar E. Alberta Clark Laura Merriman Alice H. Coffin Yvonne Tuleja Music Department Paul W. Cheatham Estelle Minkler Desire Gilson Eugenia Oliver Madge Philbrook Physical Education Department — Men Charles F. Hess Francis B. McCollom Rov C. Jellison John G. Spangler William G. Lopez William M. Wells Physical Education Department — Women Margaret L. Kennedy Emily R. Pipal Evelyn Xofziger Susie Rominger C. Jeannette Trieb Library Katherine Folger Viola Stevens Non-Curricular Department Mrs. Lawton Lillian L. Merrill Science Department Eva E. Carlquist W. P. Gilbert M. S. McCully Edna Agnes Cocks Ella M. Kennedy H. H. Meyer R. E. Gardner M. Merl Kindy " Charles H. O ' Neal Harry H. Gilbert Marcia Lange Beryl Rapp Social Studies Department Elaine Anderson Edith M. Hodgkins Alma Louise Barber Katherine Kahley Harry L. Colestoek J. B. Newell Margaret B. Cuthbert Rose Taylor Stclter Lucille E. Derr Louise Van Camp Russell W. Edwards Minnie Wharton Office Force Lola Fletcher Annis R. Zinn Marion Moore Gertrude Skiff Minnie T. Watson ( I " ) V AMKLIK AI.MAMAC i 9 a a a d tfT ' inw i vj i v ji r i ivm ' Hiun ' n I ' ffl ' iigfl UnrniM I ' JI ujh IPH imtfJI mk ' inmiunMl ' JII ' IIIHILW H BJifflinJUm ' Huji y yi nnyicjigmwii v j u ' j i w i nr J ' l ' i i i ' fl ' n gnrTrrtK , ( ' feflfif „ ■ ■ W28 OFFICERS CHARLES ££CXI£X 1NIL , I I 1 .„ 3 TWYIA.T«rE50ii,VICL-P S M ELLEN PI«PP$, SECRETARY, JACK TIIXS.TP.tASUjyLPv, JAME5 6UL1XAN, jSOt.CW . The class of Winter Twenty-eight its leaders chose with care To guide its footsteps true and straight and responsibilities bear. Chuck Ecclestone, the president, his many tasks did carry With skill and willing spirit that were quite extraordinary. His right hand man (or woman, I suppose we ought to say | Was Twyla Tygeson, vice-president, capable alway. The books were kept by Ellen Phipps, efficient secretary, While Jack Stiles captured all class dues with watchful eye and wary. The social chairman of the class was Mr. James Gillean; He planned good times that made the Senior B ' s with envy green. Cornelius Pendl and his brother Anthony led cheers; They ' ve sent the spirit of the class resounding down the years. (IT) Edward Agan Marion Anderson Virgil Allen Gordon Asplund Harriette Ballard Reed Badger Jeannette Baraw La Vaughn Beckwitii Dan Bledsoe Sam Block (18) stf FftAttiaLIK AI.MXMAC 1 Z 8 5l3fe Stanley Braunton Ruth Biddick Georgia Broadhurst M arjorie dray Bf Fern B ERN BURNETT N ORWOOD DROWN lil Joyce Burns Clarence Buchanai Charles William Burge Geraldine Cassel (19) VKAKKLIK AT.MAKAC 9 VL 8 « Margrete Christensen Douglas Carter James De Young Marie Collatz Edith Coolbavgh Margaret Elder Earl Carter Kathryn Cox William Deley Frances Eckstrom ( 20 ) sS VttAKKLlK AI,MAMAC 1 9 2L 8 ' ni ' ii i ' iii ' n i ' i i i i iiuiiiiii iiiiiiii ' iuiiii ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii» ' iiiii ui i iuiii ' i i u iiii uiii i i iiii ' «i ' i)ii ii iw ' m ' HFii — Qzlftr Gladys Fauts Charles Ecclestone William Ecclestone Marjorie Forbes Kenneth Edwards Dorothy Frasier Erna Fruholtz William Ernest Ester Jane Georgeson Alma Furer (21) sP FftANKUX AX.MXMAC 5zw .. mlMii iMii»iM i|i w i «M ii«iiiiiiirirtiM ' ii George E ORGE J1.VANS Gertrude Gilbert Cecilia G ECILIA (JILHAM Richard Flynn Mary Louise Girdlestone Anson Gerrie Esther Gladden Jessie Goslin James Gillean Mary Haffner (22) sP VKAKKLIK AX.MAMAC . lwa»ll|llllHlHi|||i|||i|| ii|Hi|l|imiillliiTnniiii ' BuimiB Sam Gotwalt Helen Naomi Hahn Marguerite Hansen Don Hewitt Margaret Hinkle Agnes May Holland Marjorie Hughes John Hupe Marjorie Jacobson Jack Jancich 9 8 ll ' lllMyi[fflfflflt]]iij igu ii7U ' muiiiJ iJ kmr (23) Mr 1 9 Z 8 " -izLi , iJ l .i i l.M.lti l l l lllil l HI ' ll l l lK ll lim ill l l llHli.i.ll l lll ' l ltiM.M I I I IIIIMI|l|IMllH|llllil.lHI ' lll ' IIIIILllill ' iLl ' lll ' lll ' ]l|i|ll ' lll ' llflHUH!IIUIH ' )IL Kenneth Knight Dorothy Jean Johnson Marie Kleinbach Dale E. Koontz Florence La Due Jeanne Lamb Charles Lamb Violette Latham George Long Miriam Leonard (24) ■ ' ' ■,.m.n.S.i !l|l|»l|l|i|l|i|BH|l ' »i|l|l|l|liKl|IHII|i|li l ' lll ' IM ll|l|» inil|IWlO»l ' M ' IH ' llll« ' IILIml|«l|lll)ll ' ll|l|lli|ll ' lll ' lll ' nTTOTiwf Louis Lowe Dorothy Lloyd Laura Frances Loop June Loomis Francis McD RANCIS McDANNALD Robert McCleary Evangeline McC NGELINE AlcLLINTOCK Clare Magary Wilma McClintock Owen McMichael (25) ni ' m ' m ' lll ' lll ' lll ' Huili ' niailiilt ' Jt V M u| .Mnimu « imiWl £l!rilM| .i ' iirliiim.M l | imin»HiiHllimN l[i |IM i HTOiETmaiCT ' ' ™™ 1 l " ' W lTYmT1lT Belle McCormick Eugene McKenna Ethel Metzler Alma Meyer William B. Menard Frederick Bancroft Miller Douglas Milligan Claribel Murphy Charles Nottleson Dorothy Nelson ( 26 ) FAAMKLIN ALMJVMAC xP S 9 a 8 .xJ ' .UMiiiitmi|IUIWMi|IHHilHi |lumu piit ' liiN Uiiii.mi|llllll ' IIIUIli|lli|liiuiillMIII ' ll |iuli|»i|lilhiimiiiO)lli)llllliiii 1 .ni.|ii ' iiL ' i» ' )ii ' iii ' »nii ' i» ' iii ' iirnv ' iil ' Bi i ' lli. n i.m , ■Qi Laurence Ott El IZABETH i EWELL Newi Hazel Paulus Vernon Owens Geraldine Pepper Anthony Pendl Cornelius Pendl Grace Perkins George P EORGE riERCE Ellen Phipps (27) IP VttAKKLIK AlMAttAC 1 2L 8 FI M II l ll lii i ML | l|l li | pUMIiiiiitlli l »MUili.-i l l l l ll ill lll ' Mm i | I W I 1 l ill ' IU I ) l l ' l l|I U IIIMMI»l»IJII ' Jl|IJ n l lir j l l L l , ni ' MlN lvlll-lllM 1 tull. ' Jll-ll -llVMIl-IIUIlf «-ll|ini-iL|i|fl ' l - SzSr George Polzin Gussie Platt Mario Pozzo Alice Pohlman Robert Rapson Richard Reynolds Mary Ricciato Wallace Robbins Kathekine Roush Helen Samson (28) FftAttKlIN AI.MAMAC 9 Z . iftiaiMiBiiiiimimiiiiinniiiiiiiuiiiiiiiMHiiiiiiHWuiimiiiimiiniiiiiiiiniiM unmniti inuuijiiuiiiiiiuii iiii-ninn William Rindstrum Leslie Sandberg Edith Segerstrou Margaret Schmidt Zoe Sciiweizer Howard Sens Joseph Shinoda Mary Louise Shea Marjorie Smith Frederic Charles Showaker (29) V AKKLIK AIMAMAC I H |i miniiiiiiimlln ' hMM-hl l l iilll l JU i l l lll l lilullll ' M ' lll ' limil l lllll l illijI ilhl ' III ' lUMU ' ni ' iiMiirin ' m ' lil ' ncmiiii fe Gilbert Simons Jack Stiles Emma Strahl Louis Stroh Carl Sugar Modesta Thompson Greeba Tucker Twyla Tygeson Wilma Wagner Katherine Walker ( 30 ) VttAKKLIK AI.MAMAC EM Z 8 i l ira i iTifl ' »i | ' » l " ™ ' iii inHiiiiitini ' ii iiiiiiiii ' iiiiiii ' jimM ' QzW Gertrude Williams Ross Thompson Carl Wiedow Helen Whitney Bella H la Harcos Phyllis Worsley Dorothy Merrill William Woolley Edwin Maurice Hayes Vincent Willett Berry (31) F AHKIIX ALMAKAC f X J l ii i ii.i.ii. i MllOIIU I I ' I I IMn ' l1 l ll » ' UUlll ' »miilllOllll» ' mMII ' ll l ' lUUttNH I |l|i|l lilil ' lll l lll ' lllllllN | )|V J RVU l J I IUIril ' niV V I DI , )U ' in ' lll . l Eammum. ' HL ' in ' jiuiii|iu!wBi| | s:2S orncERS ROBERT -SKAGER, PRESIDENT., BETTY WILLIAMSON, WE PRES WALLACE FLEER, SECRETARY, GERALD DUNN, TREASURER BERNICE 5TREVIC, SOC. C ' H ' R ' N. S ' 28 Officers The officers of this, the Class of Summer ' " 28, Have left behind a reputation that is truly great. The President, Bob Skager, proved a leader fine and true, And Betty Williamson, Vice-President, showed pluck and pep all through. Wallace Fleer the record of the class most ably kept, While at gathering in the class dues Jerry Dunn was quite adept. Bernicc Strevig, Social Chairman, planned all kinds of fun; And, last, Lu Bushey led the yells with • ' Hoot " Karagozian. (152) r sP FAAKKLIX AX.MJVKAC Marjorie Alabaster Paul M. Alle Paul S. Allen Margaret Achen Florence Allen George Abbott Leslie Albaum Eleanor Alexander Elaine Andrews Pauline Arthur ( 33 ) sP FftArtKllN XLMXKXC 9 Z 8 j efcUl iJimiui ' i iMrti»lilll-lll ' IIUm ' IJLIllli|iriJ lBI ' liuiit-i«l|lllllll|llUltUIUII»llUH|i|lli|l|iBllMUIIIKil)UI»li)l|i|l| lJI|.|lt.n|l|lt-nt-i ii-iii-iMuiL ' u .i i Mi ni-ni-iii-ni-m ' ll jril Katherine Badgley Richard Bailey John Bennett Doris Baker Bertha B ERTHA DAESTOW Orville Brown Arthur Bryson Violet Batman Frances Beattie Florence Beck (34) FAANKMX AX,MAMAC jg™ Q Z Q iiimiimiiuiniin.tmiii ' iiiiiH ' iii iuiiii»i«miiiiiniiH ' iiiiiiimiiiiiiii iiiii)ii i m i iii i iiiiiiiii ii.ii i ' n i Mii ' ii i ' i i i ' in ' m ' i i i-m i-iiiiwfi ' ni-inift ' i fc,, Qzw Ayleen Beler Lu Ada Berg Bergen Birdsall Jack Blumer Anne Bock Marion Boyd Howard Bradley Robert Brahm Mary Braun Ruth Brown (35) r 5 gftAMKUX ALMAKAC 1 9 8 zlfer Bessie B essie Buchanan Brixton Bowles Ross Burke Alice Brunt Leah Bucholtz Kenneth Burdick Raymond Burton Dorothy Burgmeier Lucille Bushey Jesse Buckman (36) V AKKLIK AI.MXMAC S FR 9 2L 8 . ■iTiBiijii ' lK.]lllll|i|l|i|lli|l|inn il|i|lulllll»lilll|l|iHLiU ' lll ' ll|ill|i|l|iJlli|HijUim ' )IU]ll lli»i|lllliiijlUiUl»unii|l iii Bi ' iii ' jiv)ivmMiuii MiNitNii ii ' i »i ' nrJiiLiiiaiJL ' !fcji yzlir WlNKRED C red Carter Dorothy Cleland Beulah Cox Lloyd Cawelti Albert Casebeer Lucille Cocke June C NE LOLLINS Doris C oris Lraigmile Alice Cooper Harold Capen (37) Mary Choate Marjorie Cherry VTlLHELM ClASEN Lena Ceretto Alice C lice Chandler Vance Clinton Francis Collins Miriam Chandler Betty D ETTY JJYKSTRA Wesley Daley (38) r 2P FftANKLIN AlMiVMAC 9 2L 3 -Qi ' Willard Duckworth Dorothy Dayton Marjorie Dunn Gladys Dodson Adelaide Doyle Gerald Dunn Alice Dufur Richard Entwistle Jessaline Dutton John Foley (39) ui fivh.ii.m .iii uii ' i iii ' i m i m u uiii ii...i imi..m i mii i iMu i i» ' iiuii .iii.i i miii|ii ' uii«L ' iiiiiuiiiiuii ' iiiuiiNiii l .i.iii.Mi. | i t »viiuiiHin» ' jirHriii ' ' iiniijTc Bnt Clifford Farr Marguerite Eckrote Wylma Entwistle Robert Gibbs Wallace Fleer Marian Eddie Given Fleetham Telejoe Freeman Haruko Fuoii Elna Fleming (40) sP VRAKKLIK AIMAMAC Abraham G HAM UOLDEN Catherine Greening Carrie Guy Elmer Gotfredson Edwin Groh Rose Guthrie Lois Fast Jack Hadden Elizabeth Goncz Sylvia Grossman (41) j gycyy i - ygfTrniiiiDiiiriiiii ' lllllgTRTn ' William Hammond Elinor Howlett Lillian Gilson Harry Haworth Pyrrhus Harding Marilee Goff Freida Goertz Kermit Harcos Violet Hull Florence Gibson (+2) sp. VftAKKLIK AI.MAKAC Charles Hensley Elinor Howlett Roth Hester Park Hewitt Robert Herron Gloria Harrisot Helen H ELEN JrlARRIS Watson Hillis Frances Hayes Catherine Hege (43) FftAKKllN A MAKAC 9 Z 8 hfciiitiuiilh ' JhnHWIHilil ' fllilll ' M ' JIl ife Harold Hall Frances Jacobson Doris Harding Frank Hobbs Lawrence Israel Zola Isenberg Hazel Hansen Robert Jamentz Jessie Hanson Keithe Hammon (44) sS FftAttKUX AX.MAMAC munm ' Qi wr mmi ' i iyniMU ' lU ' ll ' l U ' lirni 1 " ! u ' nn mwwnmn ' IKj Howard Jf Dorothy Jones Grace Link John Karagozian Marks K arks Kelly Edna Humphries Lucille Johnsoi Henry Kleinbach Johanna Kingry D OROTHY JVNAPP «) VtLAKKLm AI,MAttAC 1 Z 8 i i M ii ii i iii ' iii ' i u i| »nn irtim i i i uwuniimiiiiiimiu iiiiiiinuM iiwiiii»iijiiuiii«i ' iiiijiiiiii ' iiiHll ' Mii»-iii-iii ' iifiii-iii-iifM ' wiililii-ffl ' ilL-iriiBnK. fe Elsie Landreth Merwin Loomis John Livingston Jane Layton Annabel Lawrence John Lomen George Lininger Elizabeth Leathers Marguerite LeCroy Ethel Lindberg (46) . XJ ' ftirh.m ' iinillillim ' IIIMll ' nUm ' IIUl Hl»l»l ' lllimi|MllliWWlUUIhl|llilll«»inilW Carl Miller Mary Jane Mayhew June McCann Brooke Morris Eugene Lander Rose Mangan Josephine Monroe George Miller Elizabeth McElhinney Emma Martinelli (47) EftArtKlIN AlMAttAC i 0_ _JL_8 miH|i|lllll«IIIIIMIlllllllllll ' HUJ IIIia ' llMIIHKg]ll ' llullt ' lll ' JII ' IIHUMIII ' «l-HIIIIIHIHUillHlifc. J§JP Lilly Moore Clifton Melamphey Margaret Milton Grace Myers Chandler Messenger Eleanor Pallas Carey Odell Florence Paderewski Lora Phillips Harold Moore (48) r stf FAAMKLIX ALMAMAC Jack Ross Lucille Rau Louise Rasor Oscar Ross Wilfred Quibell Priscilla Reed Mary Redding Theodore Ohannesian Helen Randall Frances Raymond (49) Gertrude Reese Wilbur Revo Raymond Reinoehl Jane Reeves Ruth Symonds Dyson Sweger Richard Swanson Irene Schlenker Nedra Rensing Mildred Russo ( 50 ) VftAKKLlK AX.MXKAC sP 1 9 8 f -jiftim.iMi iiiiiiii iiiii|ii;iiiiiiiii«iiiuiiiiMiiliiiii ' nuiii ' ii ' iipiiiiiiii)ii ' Miiinm ' jii ' iii iii«i ' iii ' »i ij||ij||TO|||!iiii|ii ' iii ' iii»iiriii ' iiiTOiiiL ' jii ' iii ' inMii -in ' miM ' iiiwiMnK 3 km- Marguerite Shigley Herman Schlossberg Robert Skager Jean Shipley Margaret Tilley Norman Shanks John Schwerin Thelma Sawyer Kathuyne Turnep Agnes Samseth (51 ) fe k-TL •JT-!l£- IJh — i 5 8 ■HJZW ffl U ' i ffi mi i iiwiiuiK ' iiU l iiiiiiuH ' Ik ' Hi ' iiiim ' iil ' l l i ' lil ' aiW Carl Soults Marie Spuhler Margaret Sprunger Byron Stegner Sylvia Sikes Russell Steln Henrietta Stienfeld John Strausser Margaret Smith Behnice Stinson (52) F ANK11N AIMAMAC f ji JM J iiHg ' Mirt ' iii ' niMii ' B iM i i ' ni i ni ' iiPiii ' i M ' lii ' ffl ' l l l ' niWI I lilM l t i iiaidiM Herbert Tait Mary Walker Ruthe Walker Lynn True Edwin Trompeter Elizabeth Thompson Doris Thornton James Sanders Bertha Thaxter Patrice Taylor (53) VttAKKLIK XLHXKAC 1 2L 8 I B iiiiliilnilililll ' llliUllBlNll ' mNUiM ' lll ' JU ' iii ' niMll ' lll H ' iiiNiiiii Trilvjllim ' IIUIIl ' flUflt ' nUIIClliltea few Ruby Whitney Morris Volat Doris White William Van Meter Cleveland Voorhies Ramona Wall Doris Waltrip Paul Wallace Marie Warner Ileta Ware ( 54 ) FftANKUN ALMANAC 1 9 Z 8 f aMWiiw ]hi]ii ' B ' m i|i i ' ft ' i g i »iuuMi»miii 3zw Carl Wahl Betty Williamson Dorothy- Wilson Camphell Weatherai.i. Estelle Wynne Frederick Wall Charles Wolf Marjorie Willis Evelyn Waterihry John Wareel ( 55 ) " Sw iii i ii mmii, SHBBB EmgBBB ■■■iii ' iiiiiii ' iiiwiW ' iii ' lli-iirni-iii-)i«Mrm ' Pi-iwn)-JivHvin-iiviii ' nu ii-iiui{jJjiJ fe Harold Wright Marguerite Wight Herman Witzel Gerald Lee, Capt. ( 56 ) VttAKKLIK AI.MAMAC 1 9 8 n W l lWrtT i ' lilMll ' MMIIun ' JUMIIllltlllli toiillilHiliiiiii ' J Alumni Home-Coming Day Who are they standing in the halls? Who are those great tall people then-. Who make such funny little calls Upon our teachers, mild and fair, Right in our classes, while we stare ? Our teachers do not seem to care. . . . And sometimes baby laughter falls Upon this strange day ' s listening air. Why, bless their hearts and let them stay — Franklin holds home-coming day. (57) 03 03 U m ( 58 ) CO (59) (60) ' Si •si o (61 ) in u o 5 («2) FflAMKLIN AT.MAMAC 1 9 Z 8 V2S EPHEBMNS I , LOUIS LOUC mi Mma t JOSEPH 5HIM0DA JUNE LOOfllS MARJORIE dm Ephebians Every year the senior class Must give its chosen few A longed-for, coveted reward For highest honors due. Those who have won the hard-earned right To this most worthy name, Ephebian, have proved that they Shall merit more acclaim. s:is ABRAHAM GOLOtfl WATSon Minis If ' fi nARJORIC ChTRRY PARK HCVITT EPHEBIANS JOhTl VAWtL CAREY 0DO.L («3) H FftAMKlIN AT,MAMAC h-,i iil i l um n lM l li ll ul I ' l iiin ' M l im uiiuuiuilliili ' lllijn unill ' lium Tetralphas We are the Hunters of Knowledge, Study our great delight. We thrill as we wrangle with problems Till we ' ve conquered and seen the light. We revel in single combat With history, math, and chem. We treasure each bit of learning Another leaf for the stem. We think of the world as a book To be read and studied and learned; None of the words are trivial, None of the facts are spurned. We ' re learning to take life coolly, To laugh and play and tight. Be gay and earnest, each in turn. But always to do it right. (64) Wlfi TrRAKKLlK AIMAMAC 1 9 t ai ffiiSiw W ' iii i i» ' iii ' iii ' iiii ii » i » i w i i i wiiiii i ' iii | ]iMiRijiuii ii ii ' iii ' ik ' iiui i uiiMi ' i i u g 8 Qi$lr nuwEL cunrun s ABRAHAfl GOLDEN Oratorical Contest The subject of the Oratory contest held each year Is our Constitution and the ideals we revere. Franklin ' s entrants always have upheld their school with skill And this year our expectations well they did fulfill. The preliminary winners were Abe Golden in first place While Alice Chandler and Muriel Cnmmings came next in the race. In the citv contest Abe was second out of eight ( 6S ) 3r 1 g 8 " S JOSEPH SffllWA SIDNEY LEVItlC SAD GOTVALT LAVIREnCE ISREAL CELIA GARDNER ELIZABETH CATIPBEtl Interscholastic Debate And those who talk at other clubs, Those who really rate, Are members of the club they call Interscholastic debate. Interclass Debate Those who like to argue Early (also late ) Have formed a club they proudly call Interclass debate. ( 66 ) af FAAttKUN ALMAKAC 1 9 g 8 Qiw Fall Lcrm Officers KATHERII1E UALKER LOUIS LOVE FIRST VP. SECOND V.f CHARLES LAHB JUNE L00HI5 PRESIDENT SECRETARY W ' 28 Student Body Officers The officers of Winter Twenty-Eight their worth have shown, For leadership of high repute their names will long lie known. Charles Lamb, the President, his duties earried out with skill And in all things did prove his spirit of the best good will. The First Vice-President, Kay Walker, Girls ' Self-Government led, A group for which it would be hard to find a better head. Louis Lowe, the Second Vice, was Boys ' Self-Government guide. His record in this task will be remembered long with pride. June Loomis, the Secretary, kept the books with care. She left a fitting journal of a term as this so fair. (67) F AMKllN AI.MJVKAC 2fi» 9 VI n iiiir M ii i i q iiim ' i l lH l l ' l l l ' UUmUIUiil ll ' n i ' llimillllUlli mi|il ' jiii]u i | l l ' J l iM I I ' niM» ' IKMIIJ i i ' ia ' | | L ' ]i iM i i ' Jll ' ii ' MMU ' ll[ ' irimi ' l ' n i ' IK. S Term c S.B. -» Oltiterf luciue BUSHEY CAREY odell tirst vp. sccoriD vp JOHfl BCMhCTT PARK HEWITT PRC5IDCMT SECRETARY S ' 28 Student Body Officers These Student Body officers are Franklin ' s very best, For character and leadership they ' ve surely stood the test. The President, John Bennett, has won the honored name Of being of the finest in all Franklin ' s hall of fame. Lucille Bushey, First Vice-President, kept the girls in line. As head of Girls ' Self-Government she proved her spirit fine. The job of Second Vice and Boys ' Self-Government leader, too, Was Carrie Odell ' s, who skillfully his hard task did pursue. Park Hewitt was the scribe, and most proficient proved to be In putting down the great events of this term ' s history. (68) sP 2AAKKLIK AT.MAKAC 1 9 8 f difti iiii ' i.iii ' iivn|iffl ' Minl ' l»iiiUiiiiiw iiiiiH ' iw fe lr Citizenship Credit Board They who take off credits When Franklinites are bad Are called the Board of C. C. B.— No better could be had. (69) . i»iminifti]ttiiMWIt|lin i ' » ' UUniwiliiMi ' h ™ Student Council The problems of the students And the teachers of the school Are solved in Student Council, And well these jurors rule. Uniform Board To keep the lovely ladies In middies trim and neat (Just ask the Board of Uniform!) Is really quite a feat. (70) pjOvm FftAMKUFN AIMAMAC »iM»iMlliiiiiiti4iiiii ' iiiiiii ii|liiiliOiiUa ' lu ' mininiFiiTTn ' ui ' lilMiuliiiju ' j»iiivii[ ' iliiiii ' ni ' iiMiii ' iiiiiiiiiiiii ii ' iiiiiiwil|i|ii ' llMiiviiii ' iii ' iiL ' iLiNii ' iK. Self-Govern merit Officers He who stands about the halls With stern, majestic air, And asks you if you have a pass And why you ' re going where, Or if you want the thing you don ' t. Then you had better stop — Fear not, small scrub, vou yet shall live — He ' s but an F. H. cop ! (71 ) 2 FftAttKlIX AlMiVttAC 1 8 -42 jfe - :C- Girls ' League Yell Officers This crew can make our fair co-eds Just raise the roof with noise; They show that girls are every bit As peppy as tne boys ! ciRis ' iuai omiiRS. mum snra-PREs. jj£(f;jl f ruiiJORiE cticwr-vp ntmtm smioey-sec. patrice tayujr-ttsas. aofitncc u dlt-prb. JB, Ti Ki tflV ' - i TERM BURnnr-VH nWJORIE BRAT-SEC. rURWRTT SniTtl-TRMS Girls ' League Of all the organizations Whose work deserves acclaim The Girls ' League ranks among the best; It ' s won an honored name. (72) ORurm LL0TD-5.C. V XMHLm AI.MAMAC ■ ' fliiimTiri ' iiliK ' llI ' lll ' lll ' llim! 9 g 8 illl ' ll|l|» ' llli|lllliL ' llli|ll ' ll|i|l|l|U ' lniimi»i)llilll ' IILl]Hl|ll ' lll ' lU ' ni ' lii ' iii ' iiuiii ' : M u S 1 c He stood beneath her window, The bold young troubador, He played his ukulele And then he played some more. She heard her love ' s sweet music, The maiden young and fair, As softly o ' er the casement She let her golden hair. Her father heard the music, But didn ' t deem it so, And clanking to the window He let his great spear go. The love affair is broken, She has no B. F. now; Alas, it was the music Made papa start the row ! (73) FAAttKLIN ALMAMAC Girls ' Senior Glee They who dress in snowy white And sing like angels, too, Are not celestial maids at all But Glee Club members true. u tf 1»] Treble Clef Club The charming coloratura, The lovely lyricist, too. Are members of the Treble Clef, A club that ' s honor due. ( 74 ) 1 Boys ' Senior Glee They who warble ' round the school And make a lot of noise Are not Caruso ' s ghosts at all But onlv Glee Club boys. Orpheus Club Old Orpheus was pretty good, He charmed the rocks and trees, So after him they named One of the Franklin Glees. (75) r VftAKKLIK AIMAMAC ± a I , Ifct- Senior Orchestra Perhaps the very finest talent gracing Franklin ' s name Is that of musical prestige, in which she ' s oft ' won fame. The orchestra has made great strides since it was first begun ; In contests, and at home as well, its best has ever done. It ' s presented programs here at school both interesting a nd new, And always furnished music for the operas given, too, Under Mr. Gilson ' s able leadership we ' re sure This reputation of the orchestra will e ' er endure. (TO) 1 9 Z 8 " -d 2jR i ' .Wi ioiii|fiwiii ' ]itiiiunw» ' ' ' ' ' " ' | ' » ' ' Literature Pan was tired — he had played All day with Dance and Song. They were silly girls, he thought, They laughed too loud and long. He flopped down on the hillside, Slowly scratched his pointed ear, And came to the conclusion That all womankind was queer. Had not sweet Terpsichore Enchanted him at first? And now she bored him so Her very name he drily cursed. That other one — Polly something He thought — but did it matter? Come to think of it her voice Was quite like magpies ' chatter. And anyway, he really was Too sleepy now to mind If lie never saw a girl again; Love — not he — was blind ! The breeze was singing lullabies; He ' d almost slipped away Into the land of dreams, when — Hark! What footsteps came his way? Up he jumped with pounding heart. For there upon the green Stood the sweetest little maiden That he had ever seen. She beckoned to him with her eyes, Then led him far away Into the vale of Poesy Where she ' s ruled until this day. Calliope (that was her name) Entranced him with her art; And now, they say, he loves her best. She ' s foremost in his heart ! (77) FAANKIIN ALMXMAC 8 fe Park Hewitt Editor-in-Chief AlMAtiXC SIAIT MRS. RODENTS MRS. CMURCM MR. SHAW. CUAND1XR MLSSDiGER-WATSON WILLIS We never knew before that were poetically inclined. But folks can do most anything on which they put their mind. So when we planned our Almanac in jingles to be writ We called upon the whole Staff ' s fund of poesy and wit. Park Hewitt, our gifted and most worthy Scribe-in-Chief , In truth performed his arduous task with skill beyond belief. Of his assistants, Miss Dorothy Jones (commonly known as Dot) Did surely prove her prowess in clever verse which she begot. Also an assistant Ed, a willing worker she. Marjorie Cherry wrote various copy and sundry poetry. And she on whom the burden of the English work befell Was the Literary Chief, Miss Rasor, a most talented damosel. Louise did edit all the copy and herself did write Much material in the book, both serious and light. May Peterson and Priscilla Reed, though not upon the Staff, Were willing helpers of Louise in poetry ' s behalf. (T8) FAANKLIK AX.MAKAC Elmer Gotfredson Business Manager ms i ALMANAC STAFF MARIOM BOYD DOROTHY JONC5 MARJORIE CHERRY ELAINE ANDREWS LOUISE RASOR The artists of the force we now announce with modest pride: Elaine Andrews, Marion Boyd, with Mrs. Roberts as guide. Their tastefulness and skill have made these pages fair to see. And lent an atmosphere of beauty most meet with poesy. A certain Chandler Messenger, our writer of the Sports, A true and faithful record kept of athletics of all sorts. Upon the brawny shoulders and the equally husky brain Of Elmer Godfredson and Watson Hillis the Business jobs were lain; Watson rounded up the ads there pages to adorn, While Elmer as our Business Manager toiled from eve till morn A-guarding of the ducats and spending of the same. In this our Mr. Shaw did help, a financier of fame. And as we near the end of this, our Staff of ' 28, Proper and most fitting now we deem it to relate The name of her by whose inspiring guidance we could make This Almanac worthwhile, we hope, for Mrs. Church ' s sake. (79) VttAKKLIK AT.MAKAC 9 g 8 IHUMBlMimm ' HI Wll»i|uimi lUllilUII ' ll|ilii ' in ' niim.iirm ' iiuiipffr? ROSS BlRKE Joe Shinoda Press Our editors were Joe, then Ross, Who worked till late at night To give us all the latest news And make the paper right. Joe was the editor-in-chief, The first half of the year, We won the contest for the Press When he was leader here. And Ross had charge the second term, To steer the paper through ; He finished up what Joe began — Fine editors, these two. (80) VftAKKLIK AI MAKAC Press Staff All copy in by three o ' clock, The billboard notice said, And each reporter heaved a sigh And wished that he were dead. Typewriters click and pencils scratch And there ' s a moan and sigh; A wan reporter wants to know A synonym for pie. Our teacher stands with cheery smile. Our inspiration he ; He leads us on o ' er miles of words To printed victory. (81) FftAKKUN AIMAMAC Christina By May Peterson SHE hurried down a chill and windy street. Before her in the gloom the Autumn swept; Behind with icy whisper Winter crept, An old, old dame of starlight and of sleet. She listened to the chimes of silver ring In ecstasy upon the frosty air, And through the gloom she heard them whisper there " Christina, star, your happiness we sing. " With calm untroubled faith she went her way. For her the great cathedral door swung wide, That all her life had let her pass inside, Her young eyes so unseeing: there to pray In confident self-strength each peaceful day. Until Life one day said: " Let her be tried. " The Autumn swept ahead. The Winter, slow, Still followed with her hands of frost and cold. But past her Sorrow came, relentless, old. Her voice shot through the air like frozen snow. " Christina, star, Christina, you must wait. " She hung her heart upon a jagged pain And watched its blood drip down like heavy rain, And mocking said, " It is but human fate. " With sick revulsion she crept past the door. ' " You give to me no comfort ! Awful place Of mockery ! Each gleaming fat white face Is foolish in its joy! Let all implore Relief from sorrow as I did, and more. And find as little of a healing grace. " In bitter haste she went before the wind; She knew not where, but cried with pain to hear Old Winter breathe upon her heart, to fear The old beloved faith she would not find. Fear melted pride; her heart strew warm again. And when it came — the summons — she was glad. " Christina, star. Christina, you are sad Away from Mr, for faithful you have been. " She hurried down a chill and windy street. Before her in the gloom the Autumn swept, As softly to the singing church she crept ; Behind her Winter with her ice and sleet. A woman now, with tender faith and thought Her offered prayer unto the altar brought. ( 82 ) VttAKKLIK AI.MAKAC tfe fer Sunset Z?; Grace Myers THE sinking sun upon the hilltop throbs, And makes the purple mountains spectral dark Against the flaming, fiery crimson light Which glowing seems to burn the ev ' ning sky, And paint the eastern hills in soft rose shades That blend enraptured till invis ' bly pale. I watched the lovely landscape ' round me pale, And hear a bird whose melody fast throbs In both my ear and heart. The warbler dark Is silhouetted ' gainst fast fading light. Its trilling tune now beats against the sky And all the love of life is in its shades. Trees file, like long-forgotten, distant shades Of nuns in somber robes against the pale Rose after-glow. With melancholy throbs They quiver waiting for the coming dark, Afraid to toss while still the earth is light. They vainly strive to reach the gentle sky. Some wand ' ring clouds drift soft upon the sky, Faint, pastel, irridescent changing shades. Now, they become dream visions misty — pale. The ev ' ning star up in the distance throbs Upon a thrilling sky fast growing dark. About is a mysterious soft light. Oh, where has gone the joyful, daytime light That flooded all the summer earth and sky With loving, basking, golden sunshine shades? Now, God, into the heavens blows some pale Young stars, like lovely myriad heart throbs; Or sequins sown upon a mantle dark. I welcome night, whose friendly dark Now screens the strife that ' s plainly seen by light. The breezes dip with joy down from the sky And make more deep and eoolv calm the shades That settle fondly over hill and pale Where Lights peep out. And all the twilight throbs. Above I see the dark and tender shades That clothe the regal sky bereft of light Except for stars — some pale, faint silver throbs. (S3) " ry z zik Fantaisie Chinoise By Henrietta Morrison SPLASH! Splash! The little green dragon shivered. Splash! Splash! Large drops of water fell on his shiny scales. Splash ! Splash ! This time his tiny pink tongue got wet. Angrily he shook himself and turned his yellow orbs up to the heavens. " Ah, yes, " he squeaked, knowingly. " Tears. " Tears it was. Hui Fei sat weeping behind the lacquered screen, catching her precious tears in a dainty handkerchief and causing much discomfort to the little green dragon embroidered on the corner. The girl sighed, a deep, soft sigh like the breeze in the reeds. She daubed her eyes that were as red as her finger tips, and rested her chin on her hand. She had never cried before in her short life and the hot tears had frightened her more than her father ' s story. Luo Chan Sun had tried to spare his daughter, but the truth had to be told. Before Hui Fei was born, the stars in the celestial heavens had quarrelled. They had run here and there, bumping into each other, and before they could get straight- ened out Hui Fei had arrived at the home of her august parents. As a result the stars promised two husbands to the unfortunate girl. They said that her husband should wheel a barrow full of pigs and should sit on the dragon ' s throne. When Hui Fei thought of the barrow of pigs she wept. Would she marry a pigherd? Then she laughed, for it was written that her mate should sit on the dragon ' s throne. And who but the Emperor sat on a dragon ' s throne? But she couldn ' t have two husbands. The Emperor would not touch a barrow of pigs nor could a pigherd even look at the dragon throne. Then which would it be? Oh, which would it be? And Hui Fei ' s almond eyes opened wide and her mouth closed tightly. She was crying again. Han Chi was in love. In love so deeply that all he could see was skin as fair as a lotus flower, and eyes . . . brown eyes. Eyes in which the misting tears had clung like pale buds to dark branches . He could recall her yet. The small rouged fingers that, for an instant, drew back the silken curtain of her chair, had disclosed a face, frightened and trembling. Han Chi closed his eyes. Why had she been crying? Had something ? The boy jumped to his feet. How dare they hurt her! He would . But he did not know her parents or even where she lived. He could do nothing. He dare not wait. They might — make her cry again. In despair, Han Chi rushed into the garden. Night was floating down in gossamer clouds about the roof of the palace. He walked slowly along the narrow paths and tried to forget, but she lived in everything. In the moon-silvered ripples on the deep pools, he saw her quivering lips. The water dripped into bowls of smooth, white jade as the tears must have fallen into her dainty hands. Han Chi looked at the stars for comfort. They were always the same, always calm and quiet. Even now they were writing his fate in the star-dust with their pointed fingers. He held out his hand to them, but they only blinked in embarrass- ment as they tried to hide behind the straying clouds, and one of them melted away in fright. They wondered if he knew of the trouble they had caused. In the room of the Blue Heron, the Emperor sat listening to Han Chi ' s tale of love. He loved his young orphaned protege, but he could not let him marry below (84) V 1 9 g 8 lZ Z1H I v IH ' IIINIIMII ' II U I hilllllliiiifiiinniiliiiiuii lllll iii l l l iimUi in J I M III l l l.ll lll l -■■■; ' ' . lll ' m ' iiii|iii|i|i)iilli( ' lllUiiiBii niiiiiiiiiiiiiMii ' iiuiiL ' jii ' iit ' iu ' iiiiiiPMiini ' ffiiiicnriTi7K, his caste, no, not even if it hurt. Only yesterday he had thought of arranging a marriage between him and the counselor ' s daughter. The Emperor ' s face grew firm. He must not give in to the boy. How could he interest him and make him forget? Ah, yes ! Of course. That would please him. " You will occupy my place at the council this morning, " lie smiled. Han Chi ' s brain whirred like the wooden wheels of a water-clock. He sit on the dragon throne at the head of the honorable councillors? Again the Emperor spoke. " You will marry my chief counselor ' s daughter. " Han Chi ' s world began to whirl around the other way. " As you command, Excellency. " And bowing to the ground he stumbled to the door that led to the council chamber. All morning he presided over the council, but his joy was tarnished by the thought of a visit to his prospective bride in the afternoon. Swiftly the dreaded hour came nearer. The meeting was adjourned. His escort awaited him. Through a maze of broken dreams he made his way to the home of the chief counselor. The formal ceremonies were over. Han Chi had asked for the hand of his bride and now he was to see her. A door opened and Hui Fei entered the room. Han Chi stared. This was the lady of the chair, the girl of his dreams. Eagerly he watched every graceful movement. He wished that he were a child again for one glorious moment, so that he could sing and dance for joy. Hui Fei sat down and folded her hands. Her bright eyes peered through the long lashes like bits of sunlit waters glancing through slender reeds. So this was he who sat on the dragon throne. How shy he seemed, fingering the carved ivory ornaments that lay on the small table. Yes, he sat on a dragon throne. Hui Fei pressed her hands together. But he will never wheel a barrow of . Hui Fei ' s eyes widened, became wider, for with one strong finger Han Chi was pushing an ivory carving back and forth. The little green dragon trembled with joy. His great yellow eyes were fixed on the table. Han Chi was wheeling a barrow of pigs. (85) As It Seems to Slim Thev ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. " Mixed the ointment with greasy lard, A coach ' s life is plenty hard, " Says Slim. They ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. ' ' I thought this locker at least would lock; Say, who tied knots in my new red sock? " Snaps Slim. They ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. " I looked for the coach, but he never came, You ' d better dress, though, just the same. " Says Slim. They ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. " But, how ' d you like to wear those ' nicks ' ? I wouldn ' t be coach for three gold bricks, " Sneers Slim. They ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. " But, after all, he makes good teams, He ' s not as bad as he sometimes seems, " Thinks Slim. They ' re changing clothes in the Big Boys ' Gym And the sun-light gleams on each muscled limb. " You fellas know as well :is I That the blamed old coach is a darned fine guy, ' Yells Slim. ( 86 ) V AKKLI K ALMANAC H 8 ' AAmm i i ' m ' iii ' i n i i i iiiiiijUiVriii r iiU ' Hiim ' iii u i iniMm iiiiiini ' iii uiiMiiiiiiiiuiiuHijit- m u n ' i itriii ' iivjiv iH ' in-i ' i-iiLjirjii-in-iw-inrm-fiivirinaii ' MKilCsM Hoppity Hop Writer ' s Workshop goes Hoppity, hoppity Hoppity, hoppity hop. Whenever you tell it Politely to stop it, it Says it can ' t possibly stop. If it stopped hopping it couldn ' t get anywhere. Poor little Workshop, Couldn ' t get anywhere ! That ' s why it always goes On Inspiration toes, Hoppity, hoppity Hop. Attendance Office Halfway down the hall Is an office Where I call. I ' d be mighty glad If it weren ' t There at all. Halfway down the hall Isn ' t up And isn ' t down. I ' d be mighty glad If it were Out of town. For many sad excuses Run ' round my head. I ' d be mighty glad If it were somewhere else Instead. (87) VftAKKLlK AtMAMAC Whither a College Rec I had a text book, A great big text book, I took my text book to Franklin High. I wanted a college rec — An A or a B rec — And I looked for a college rec Low and high. For I went to a room where they taught good Spanish. ( " Forty-five minutes of good old Spanish. " ) " Have you got a college rec, I don ' t like Spanish? " But they hadn ' t a Spanish rec, low or high. I had a Spanish book, And I had another book, I took my text books to Franklin High. I did want a college rec, A fine old college rec, And I looked for college recs, Low and high. And I went to a place where they taught World Lit. ( " Learn about authors in wide world Lit. " ) " Have you got a college rec, I don ' t like authors? " But they hadn ' t a college rec low or high. So I went to a class where they taught gymnasium. ( " Build up muscles with hard gymnasium. " ) " Could I have a college rec, I ' ve got good muscles? " But they hadn ' t a college rec, low or high. I had nothing, Yes, I had learned nothing. So I took my nothing to the Franklin Gate I didn ' t want college recs, Not one college rec; I ' m going to Junior College When I graduate. So I ' m sorry for the students that slave in Spanish, And I ' m sorry for the pupils that study World Lit, And I ' m sorry for the fellas that take gymnasium, ' Cause they ' ve got to make college recs before they quit. (88) VftAKKLIK AT.MJVMAC 1 9 Z 8 ' ll|iui ' lu ' ja ' m ' jKMliuii-jll ' ]k iOiili]ik ' JiV ' ; ' )M ' U L ' Mtuivvitilli ' jH l lll iv ' iii f M ' nTm |rrvr rL:ii ' iitn»vil ' m-nt ' ht l ' na " rfc;te Qi3$r Missing Has anybody seen my manuscript? I opened its box for half a minute Just to make sure it really was in it. " Twas as empty inside as outside. I tried to find it, I tried, I tried. I think it ' s somewhere about the house. Has anyone seen my manuscript ? Mrs. Church, have you seen my manuscript? Just a small sort of manuscript, a nice little typed one, It was my favorite, I ' m sure ' twas my best one. It will feel so lonely among strangers, I know. Why, where in the world could it possibly so? It must be somewhere. I ' ll ask the rest. Have you seen my manuscript? I know ' twas my best! Oh, somewhere about They ' ve thrown it out. Has anybody seen my manuscript? Modesty (Politeness) If people ask me I always tell them " Yes, my reading was a brilliant one, I know. If people ask me I always answer, " Yes, when I ' m on the stage, I ' m all the show. I always answer, I always tell them If they ask me — .Modestlv. BUT SOMETIMES I wish That they wouldn ' t. (89) a 8 Sz! J gw TWmu™wm ' MNii ' iii ' i» wmTiiwiir.TrmTiPmwn™T To His Credits Said He George, George, Messenger, Messenger. Wellington James Meline Took great Care of his credits Because he was seventeen. George, George, Said to his credits, " Credits, " lie said, said he, ' You must never go wand ' ring about the school If vou don ' t go ' round with me. George, George, Messenger ' s credits Decided to go on a spree. George, George Messenger ' s credits Went to the C. C. B. George, George Messenger ' s credits Said to themselves, said they, " We ' ll just go in to look around; We won ' t go in to stay. " George, George Soon got a notice : WE ' RE VERY SORRY TO SAY THAT GEORGE, GEORGE MESSENGER ' S CREDITS HAVE ALL BEEN TAKEN AWAY. HE LET THEM WANDER VAGUELY, POOR LITTLE HOMELESS STRAYS, AND NOW THEY ' RE LOST COMPLETELY. ( ' ARELESSNESS NEVER PA YS! The Seniors The Seniors bear in mind The burden of the world, And weigh it carefully to find If all the ends are curled. They arc a wise, almighty group. They are not always stern; For often when they ' ve had their soup They speak in accents glern. ( 90 ) sP FftAttKlIN AlMiVttAC r iiiftftiiiii l llimi i ii i iii ii ii i iiii ii uiiiiiiii»iiii iii in ii i ii i w ' i i i iii iiiii ' iii i |» ' )n ' )iiiiniiii ' H ' Physically Speaking JOHN HAD A GREAT BIG FOOT-BALL SMILE OX. JOHN HAD A GREAT BIG FOOT-BALL SWEATER. JOHN GOT A GREAT BIG FOOT-BALL NUMERAL. AND THAT (SAID JOHN) IS BETTER. I ' ll Name My Key What shall I name my little key ? He always slips away from me. I sometimes call him " Mike the Mocker " ' Cause he ' s never there to open my locker. And I sometimes call him " Dick the Dirk " ' Cause when he ' s there the lock won ' t work. And I sometimes call him " Suzy Jane " ' Cause I dare not say another name. But I think I ' ll call him " Soul of Hating " Because he is so irritating. (91) IP FAAttKUN AXMAKAC Football Our gridiron gladiators on the field Remind me of the knights in lists of old ; The straight-arm like the warrior ' s lance they wield And rush against the foe in dashes bold. Basketball We have casaba boys who do and dare, Who rush about the lists against the foe, While in the balcony a lady fair Waves wildly to her champion down below. Track Our sprinters rival couriers of old Who dashed about o ' er Englands hills and dales, And though to other schools the points have rolled, The fighting Franklin spirit never fails. Baseball The baseball teams we have are of the best, They run about the field like gallant knights Who in the contests challenged all the rest, And in the name of sport would always fight. Waiting at the Door In the middle of the hall there ' s a great big door. Someone stays behind it, but I don ' t know who. And I waited and I waited and I waited some more. (Other people waited, too.) I looked behind the door and it made me dizzy. Principals can never wait to talk of this and that; They wriggle off at once because they are so busy. (So I sat down and waited, and sat and SAT.) ( 92 ) FAANKL1N AIMAMAC 9 VL 8 W The Class Humorist The Class asked The Press and The Press asked The humorist : ' ' Could we have some humor in Our weekly bit of fun? " The Press asked The humorist. The humorist Said : ' ' Certainly, I ' ll go and get The news Now, Before the Press is run. " The humorist, He curtsied, And went and told His English prof: " I ' m in a dreadful Pickle, sir. I gotta have some fun. " The English prof Said, sleepily, ' ' You ' d better tell The Press staff That many people nowadays Would much prefer a pun. " The humorist Said: " Fancy. " And went to The Press staff. He curtsied to the editor. He felt a little done. ' ' Excuse me, Kind Editor, For taking of The liberty. I ' ve heard it said the Senior B ' s Would rather have a pun. " The Editor said : " Oh! " And went to the Class. ' ' Talking of the humor in The weekly bit of fun, Many people Think that (93) r sU FftAttKlIN AlMAttAC Oh. deary me ! ' dum. Humor ' s out of Fashion. Would you like to try a little bit of Something like a pun? " The Class said: " Bother! " And then it sobbed : " Oh, deary me ! " The Class sobbed : And felt quite very " Nobody, " It whimpered, ' ' Could call me A fussy class. I only want A little bit Of humor in My fun ! " The Press said: " There, there! " And went to the English prof. The prof, said: ' ' There, there ! I didn ' t really Mean it. " Til help you get some Humor for your Weekly bit of fun. " The Press took The humor And brought it to The Class. The Class said : " Humor, eh? " And bounced out en masse. " Nobody, " it said As it giggled tenderly. " Nobody, " it said As it slid down the bannisters, " Nobody, Dear humorist, Could call me A fussv class. BUT ' I do like a little bit of humor to my fun ! " (94) VAAKKLIM XLMXWKC 1 9 Z 8 ' laiHItiK ' llrHI ' lllillt ' lllTOJII ' iii ' iii ' lil ' In ' M ' riimiini ' iii ' iiiiiipiii ' iiiiiii ' MMii ' niMiv ' ni ' irri iTiiTK.. 3zw Drama The villain seized the lovely wench And kissed her soundly twice. The hero sprang from off his bench And rolled a wicked dice. " We ' ll shoot for her, " he loudly cried, " We ' ll fight for her — yet stay, We ' ll ask the heroine. " She sighed, " I know another way. " She seized a dagger from the wall. " This knife your fates shall tell! " And down upon this bloody scene — (95) FAAttKLIN AI.MAMAC lir 1 9 2L 8 lii|li;|IIMIUiii ' ti tiiii ' niiiiimw lMilii ' iii kOiii|iiiiKOILi|ll ' lll ' ilLll » ' iiiOailll ' iiiiiii ' mni iM i i ' ni niu i »M i iuiiN i i ' ii L j tri» ' ui ' iir i uM i uniwflLN ' Mi K 1 Dramatic Activities Speaking from a dramatic point of view, the past season in dramatics at Franklin has been a wonderful success. During the fall semester the season was started with the produ ction of the Five One Act Plays. The season ended with the successful presentation of ' ' Rol- lo ' s Wild Oat. " The Five One Act Plays were given by the Dramatics II classes under the supervision of Mr. MeManus. The attendance was good and the audience responded well to the plays. " The Road to Yesterday " opened in the new Aud the last part of the fall semester. It was a wonderful suc- cess in all ways. The leads were played by Grace Myers and David Seott. Each carried his part very well. The comedy lead was taken by Carey Odell, who interpreted his part very well. For the benefit of the Art and Dramatic departments three one act plays were given. They were ' ' The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, " " Fourteen, " and " Two Crooks and a Lady. " These plays were given by Mr. MeManus ' Dramatics classes. " The Marriage of Nannette " was presented by the combined glee clubs of Franklin. Under the able direc- tion of Miss Oliver, Miss Pipal, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Gilson the operetta was successfully presented. The leads were played by June Chandler and Lucien Den- hardt as Nannette and Rene, respectively. The comedy lead in the second large school production of the year, that of the Duke, was again carried very successfully by Carey Odell. The successful season was completed with the produc- tion of " Rollo ' s Wild Oat. " The leads were Florence Parker and Dwight Crandall as Goldie and Rollo. Mr. Webster, the comedy lead, was again played by Carey Odell. Herman Witzel played the part of Mr. Stein. So ended one of the most successful seasons that Franklin has ever had in the dramatic field. ( 96 ) Sr 1 g « 8 W: I W«WIW I P W " i " ™ | ' M !luiII!M Shakespeare Study Club " To be or not to be " ? They ' re asking of us yet. These followers of Shakespeare His words will ne ' er forget. (97) FftAXKllN AlMAttAC ' r T ' n wrrmTirninfi ' ni ' lfl ' ittmTTiuiiUB 2L 8 niiiiiBim ' i.i ' iiw ' iiimiinijiiui ' HiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' iii ' iii ' iHiieiii ' iit ' few rnimynwii ' irra rirrav The Masquers The Masquers are a group of all the actors in the school, Tragediennes and heroines and even the Court ' s Fool. Much talent is there in this club, as all their plays will tell, For no matter what they do they always do it well — Mrs. Cochran is their head and well beloved is she For helpful, kindly leadership, most fine in quality. The presidents of both semesters were surely picked with care First, Louise Lowe and, this term, Grace Myers held the chair. Twice each year these Masquers give a very worthwhile play. We ' re sure in Drama ' s line they ' ll stand for Franklin ' s best alway. (98) FAANKUN XtMXWKC 1 9 2L 8 f niMnffiiJiii|«im ' B ' aiMM»i|UMIhinh lflaui jfe A r t Ancient art and classic art And art of the modern school. The chisel, brush, and the carver ' s knife And many another tool. If you would follow the classic, Look to the work of Corot. And if you would follow the ancient To the tombs of Egypt go. For modern and ultra-modern art Such as they ' re doing now, Paint a purple hexagon And call it " Mother Cow. " But art is art as always Whatever the artist ' s school, And " Beauty as I can see it " Is the age-old artist rule. (99) IP FftANKUX At,MAMAC ML " " 1 iHI ' muill lll ' lll ' IU ' iu ' llllll|i|l|iii| ' l» ' llli|liimi|ll ' lll ' ll| i |ll l | l l ' lllll l i l | l iij l l l )ll ' l l | i ]lliii|.ii|i|li.iii.ili.iii.iii.iii.jii.iu.|li ' iiiini.ii(lhi B ART CLUB Franklin shines in many ways, In many things excells ; And in the ranks of artists Admiration she compels. They who paint and sketch and draw And make our posters bright Have formed a club where genius burns, They rise to lofty height. STAGE-CREW The stage crew moves and moves and moves In most convenient ways, For Mr. Miller trains the gang To get behind the plays. ( 100 ) FftANKHX ALMANAC 1 9 £ ft -Or ' Mr. Greer Mr. Wells R. O. T. C. " The Navy, " said the Admiral, " Is a he-man ' s game. " " And the Army, " said the Colonel, " Is just about the same. Some people think militia Is just a lot of fun. But you ' ve got to learn to drill and march And maybe shoot a gun. You ' ve got to learn to take commands, And don ' t mistake ' fall out ' For ' shoulder arms ' or ' right flank march, ' ' At ease ' or ' right about. ' The R. O. T. C. as a unit Is a game that a man must play ; A trainer of young commanders In a soldierly, manly way. (101) r s EftAMKUX AIMAMAC 1 9 " i " n ' " " mi™ Ross Thompson W ' 28 Major The major leads our army, Ross Thompson is his name. And in the R. O. T. C. Far has spread his fame. Company A The army ' s best is Company A, A very worthy crowd ; They ' ve won the title, " Honor Squad, ' Of which they ' re justly proud. (102) Robert Brahm S ' 28 Major For the major of our army They chose the best of men, Boh Brahm lias made the sword Mightier than the pen. Company B The R. O. T. C. ' s ' ; Crack Platoon ' Will he found in Company B. Better form than these boys sport You will never see. (103) I VKAKKLm ALMANAC ± 9 Z 8 - " ' " " I ' l ' i ' iii ' iiiumm wiui|iiiBUfliiMiMdUMii« ' « ||iiifl|ii|MMiii miiU ' jii ' jii ' m w .■n ' m ' iu ' m ' m ' iii ' ni ' jii ' MiiTinN Flag Raising Thrill of the bugles in the morning air Answering thrill that is always new Of each loyal heart as the flag mounts high Over the school of the Buff and Blue. Company C The rookies are a happy lot, These boys from Company C ; They ' ve learned just how to shoulder arms And mark time merrily. ( 104) VKAKKLIK ALMAMAC 5ftHUf VL 8 .yd»Miir|l|Tl ' JIIMl WII|l|HI|nMI|l|lllll|IWill|l|Mm Qzw CAPT REIHOtWL CAPT MORRIS CAPT CASEBEEP. CAPT.WIEDOW CAPT MUP£ CAPTLDWC CADT. LONG l " LIEUT SWEGEA 1 " LIEUTBIR[)SALL l LIEUT.KOOriTZ 1 " ' UEUT MAQCOS 2 " Ultl TBURTOT) Z " UEUTruLUD 2n UEUTKEIWEDY t»« LIEUT. LEWIS ( 105 ) 1 UEVT.WITZE.L l a UEt T.UERPOh ' l fl LIEUT.SAMDERS 1 UEUTWAUL 1«UEUT0 LEY 2 " UCUT.BP.YS0ri 2-UEUT WALL 2 " UEUT. ISRAEL 2 UEUT ABBOTT 2 LIEUTQ065 2»»UEUT t KEMI1A 2 " LIEUT BP.OWH f a i ftihnii i iiiiM i n iii w i vi»iau»ii»iii« »i™M The Staff Tlie unit of Franklin is lucky It has men that can pass the test Of Major, and Captains, and Looies, And all of them men of the best. Officers ' Club Shiny leather putts and belts, Proud, official bearing. Quite the latest English cut Are the suits they ' re wearing. ( 106 ) sP. FflAttKLIN AXMXMAC , JUnimirilBiNii ' lllllll ' lll ' lll ' 1 9 8 . ' JiuimJIB HffllBWUKfJHUnimUl I ' M 1 IH ' illUH ' JiliHtifrflrfi ' M. ' JllUU ' ii t ' nidll ' niuivjii?jamcjTiTnpn |i ' iiL ' i ii ' Jit , iii ' ni!ni ' Tn K« tk fcr Mr. Gilsox, Director R. O. T. C. Band Blaring horns and marching feet, Rythmic boom of the drummer ' s beat. Gleam of the sun on the metal shines, Clock-like turns of the well drilled lines. Straight backs, straight tunes necessary Both musical and military. Smart and snappy the captain grand — This is the R. O. ' T. C. Band. (107) September 12 Vacation ' s over, summer ' s gone, And sunburned we return. For " though in summer we may ' live ' , ' In winter we must learn. October 6 The anniversary of the Press We celebrate today. It ' s been with us for ten long years- Grown better dav bv day. October 26 Franklin went to Jefferson To cop a football game. With score of 32 to 6, The victory they claim. November 2 They ' ve chosen us a major (R. O. T. C, you know). With Ross Thompson as the one, We ' re in the army now! November 17 Dan Gridley and Bess Daniels Charmed us at aud, today. The memory of their music sweet At Franklin long will stay. (108) s V AKKLIK AlMAttAC 1 9 g 8 Pilfer December 1 8 No adjectives describe tbe coats Our noble seniors wear. We ' ve never seen a brighter red — Nor seniors half so fair. January 5 A paper startling in its news Came out today at school. The " Josh " edition found the studes Not quite so hard to fool. January 1 1 Ephebians are those we find For their good works most famed. Marjorie, Louis, Joe and June The Winter class has named. January 20, 21 When we drive Fords the highways lead To mountains or to bay. But Drama classes bring to us " The Road to Yesterday. " January 21 Our first aud was a happy one Within the portals new. We made a resolution To live up to its due. T NUOOLD ' VE SVJORN TUW VWNS OHE Of NW (109) FAANKUN AIMAMAC 1 Z 8 ■ " ' ■ " ■ " ■ ' ■ii »ii wiinmiiiii«iiniiiB iin»|iiii ' ni ' BWli nBail!ln ' JH!IHUli: 3 VJEkR " pmup January 27 Tonight the Senior A s and B s Will hold a Spanish fete. Senors and Senoritas gay Will dance and play till late. January 30 ' Mongst institutions great and strong, The Press rates very high. In Editors like Joe and Ross, We find the reason why. February 1 The air is full of politics; Election time is here. And Johnny Bennet ' s president To serve the coming year. February 22 Today the grads come back to school About the halls to race. And meet their friends and say to them : " I hardly know the place! " February 28 Music lovely, funny, sad; Music sweet or gay — The Dixie Harmony Quartet Won our hearts at aud todav. (110) March 8, 9 Aery, fairy music, Figures light and gay, Enchanted by the " Dream Gate ' We ' re held within its sway. March 21 They cheer us up — they make us laugh With singing, fun and noise. We wish they ' d come more often, The Stanford Glee Club boys. March 22 Frederick Warde, the actor, Spoke to us at aud today, Inspired us far along the road Of better speech ' s way. April 20 Demosthenes was good, no doubt, An orator of fame. But Abraham Golden of our school Makes quite as fine a name. April 21 First place in the contest Wylma Entwistle won; As an interpreter of Shakespeare She ' s Franklin ' s best one. SPEECH WITH THE NWoGD w6LI,! SOK EWOwRoTr£ri IN WE STATE (Qfih ° X)EKnNRH. ' NEH? PHlUP (111) VftAKKLIK AlMAttAC Z 8 yxlfe yaiftimiriiiii ' iiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' in ' iiiiiiuiiiHniiiiiiii ' iuiiti ' m ' iii ' iii ' iii ' H ' iiuiiiiiiL ' ji mi uni«iini nijiiijnuniiiiijiiiin-iiMm-iivjw»n-in-m. ' jifn -mjn- ivimin-j i nujLiiln-m 1 -you Koy Be J E W o OUT O May 3, 4, 5 Gay music, sweet music, Lilting song and graceful dance; " The Marriage of Nannette " brings Comedy and romance. June 7, 8 For ' ' Rollo ' s Wild Oat " they chose a fine cast, And hard did they work on the play. The results were so good ' twas a thrill- ing success. — That ' s what all the critics say. June 9 From sober studes to society belles, We change just once a year. The Senior B, Senior A dance Brings to us all, good cheer. June 28 With slow and measured tread they pass, Diplomas to receiye. Commencement day of ' 28 Bids them reluctant leave. June 29 School days are oyer, winter ' s gone, To summer turns the year. We ' re sorry our winter fun ' s over Yet glad that vacation is here. (112) VftAKKLlK AI.MAMAC 1 VL 8 r i ' .iflim.i!ii!riiminiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii iniiiiiiiiiim»iiiiimi i i» i mi ii i i iii i niiu nnii i ' ii i ' i |ii || n — HILLI5 FODD o BROOKS Yell Leaders The leaders of our songs and yells, The wielders of the megaphone, The boys who kept our spirits up, And made us yell instead of groan. These boys were Parker, Hillis, Ford; The second term we had Brooks, too. They bolstered up the Franklin Fight, And kept the Franklin Spirit true. (113) FftAMKllN AIMAMAC mhvli I ' J!l ' lltil»MUminiJHiJ iimi ' JltlJKi ii vn t ' k 1 jm ■7 T T T7T :■. ' Tt T 7TV J ■ jii t n : 1 1 CTTg « CAPTAIN BOB SCHULTE, Tackle.— Schulte certainly upheld the faith placed in him by his fellow players when they elected him captain last year. ELMER GOTFREDSON, Tackle.— Elmer is well known in football circles for his fighting face that he always as- sumed just before a play was attempted. JERRY LEE, Quarterback. — Jerry was well picked for the position of quarter and his ability to call signals was noted by many. HAYES MEAD, End— Hayes is to be with the team next term if all goes well and we expect to see him become a star end as he really gets out and fights for the passes that come his way. JOHN KARAGOZIAN, End.— The team will miss " Hoot ' s " support on the end of the line when they assemble for prac- tice next year. EDWARD AUSTIN, Tackle.— The team has a good man for tackle next year when Ed returns for another season. Ed was cool headed and alert at all times this season and can be expected to be the same next season. ANSON GERRIE, Halfback.— The team suffers another loss when Anson leaves them this year. He was well known for his ability to imitate " Red " Grange when he got his hands on the ball. CHARLES LAMB, Halfback.— Chuck ' s loss will be felt when the team is called together next year as he was well-known for his ability to make yards through the opposition. HERBIE HUGHES, Halfback.— Herb- ie ' s speedy playing will be missed by the football fans next term as he leaves Franklin. PATSY ANGELLIO, Halfback.— Frank- lin ' s varsity suffers a great loss when Patsy leaves it. (114) ' sS FAAHKLltt AT,MAMAC 9 2L 8 IIIIIUIIUII ' Mllllllltllll ' lll ' lll ' UlllllUIUBlillliillillUIII ' lllilll ' niMIM IIIMII ' lll ' lll ' ll l ' JII ' llt ' lUilll ' lll ' lll ' llliiU ' lllilM nKj 3ji3fcr DAN BLACKMER, Guard.— The Sport Editor of last year ' s Almanac prophe- sied that Dan would make a first class guard this year and he certainly knew what he was saying for Dan has lived up to all expectations JOHN BENNET, Center.— John never faltered when it came his turn to con- tribute to the success of the game. He held down his position with able pass- ing and strong defense when called for. ORVIL HOWIE, Halfback.— Howie has completed his two years of football with marked ability for running the ball into the enemy ' s territory. CAPTAIN-ELECT DALE JONES, Halfback. — With Dale as Captain next year, Franklin ought to have a very good team, for if there is any person that can get the fellows to cooperate with him it is Dale. GILBERT SIMONS, Fullback.— " Solly " has certainly done some very commend- able playing this season. It seemed as though " Solly ' s " main enjoyment was tearing great holes through the oppos- ing team ' s line and advancing the ball well into their territory. MARIO POZZO, Tackle. — Pozzo was feared by all the backfield men of the league when it came their turn to carry the ball as they knew if the play went his way they would be stopped. VIC HIEBER, End. — Hieber stays at Franklin next term to again play the game. He looks as though he would be a good support to the new team as his ability to fight for the passes aroused much interest. BOB GIBBS, Guard. — Gibbs filled his position with ease and when called upon to make a hole in the opposing line was able to make a very large one. VIRGIL GLADSON, Halfback.— " Virg, " who was ready to fight for Franklin at any time, will be lost to the team next year. " Vire ' s " (11.5) VttXKiKLIK AlMAttAC ?Sak Hl ' ll|l|lli|||-BI ' llli|llMH-Hl-IWH fil|i|lfllfllflH ' lH ' lluJKinumFgglfc i. BOB SCHl ' LTE, CAPTAIN ' Class A Football " The fightingest team " in the league was again produced at Franklin by Coach Hess. Though the ' varsity failed to win the pennant, they played a fair, clean, thrill-a-minute game of football. Opening the season at Jefferson the team ran roughshod over the Democrats and emerged victor by a 32-6 score. Manual Arts was host to Franklin in the second round of the City League. The game was played on a wet field and was packed with thrills. After four quarters the score was 0-0, but for the unfortunate fact that a Toiler player was ineligible the game was forfeited to Franklin. After an exciting game the Romans were victorious by a 12-6 score. Playing at the Coliseum the Franklin ' varsity lost a contest to Poly. It was in this game that " Chuck " Lamb was injured. Lincoln — the underdog of the game — surprised all by winning a 20-6 victory over Coach Hess ' charges on a muddy field at Occidental. The City League Champs were our next opponents and after playing a style unbefitting of their title, Hollywood defeated the Hessians by a 12-6 score. (110) 2 FAAttKLXN AI,MAtfAC Q Z 8 r ir™miffi ' iiHiftiMiM ' WilUI»iUU«l»iiMi i ' JUm ' « Class B Football f The members of the lightweight team this year were: La Fleur, halfback; Harry Jones, halfback; Turner Quarterback; Hensley, fullback; Rosenberg, halfback; Reed, fullback; Captain PAne, left end; Malamphey, right end; Duckworth, right end; La Due, tackle; Thompson, tackle; Benson, tackle; Livasay, guard; Darby, guard; Morely, guarcK Weir, center; and McClellan, center. Class C Football Again Franklin produced a championship Class C football team. This year the coach of the team was Mr. Jellison. The team gave all it had for him and as a result for the second consecutive year they brought the pennant to Franklin. (117) sP FftAMKllN AlMAttAC HVHl ' nluu ' ircnS 9 2L 8 ik 1 Varsity Basketball Another season has passed and Franklin has not gained the coveted championship, hut it has produced some men of fine character and good sense of sportsmanship that in the long run build up the true Franklin spirit. The team was composed of: Captain Lynn True, forward; Frank Hobbs, forward; Clarence Buchanan, guard; Dan Bledsoe, center; Lyle Bonham, forward; Gerald Dunn, guard; John Hupe, guard; George Lininger, guard; and Richard Swanson, forward. Playing a game with a thrill a minute, the ' varsity lost to Los Angeles by a 16-15 score. Hollywood — to be the champions of the league — played Franklin ' s team off the floor and took the game by a 26-11 score. Victory is ever the reward for patience. Coach Lopez ' team won from the Jeffersonians by a 27-18 score. Though playing in fine style,the Franklin Class A team was no match for Poly, who walked off with a :58-lf) victory. Displaying wonderful form for the first half, the team led the Lincoln team, but in the second half the Lincolnites played a better game of basketball and pulled through a 27-20 victory. Apparently discouraged by no many losses, the team was no match for the Manual Arts team, who won the last game of the season by a score of 35-12. ( 118) Class B Basketball The boys that made up this fine little team are: Captain Pipkin, center; Redondo, center; Simmons, guard; Lininger, guard; Collins, forward; Jamentz, forward; Wilson, center and forward; and Agan, forward. Class C Basketball The plucky team was composed of: Byron Stegner, captain; Watson Hillis, guard; Dick Entwistle, center; Clyde Wilcox, forward; Lester Ford, guard; Charles Cheathom, forward; Al Thomas, forward; and Tucker, guard. (119) 2P FAAMKLIX AtMAMAC t_a_ L_a r ya WiiSiliili|.|iHi|IHll ' iiill!li|||lUUIIIHnmi|||i|Hini.||| |l|l|l|» ' llli|llliivlll ' l l l ' l ., l| IL I ] l ll| l lllli l | l | I JI| l jll ' lll ' lllMli ' n i l ' i i| .|i i ' iii ' ii Miiii|i ii|.|i t .|i|.|ii.iiL.| ' i ' )iLiniMilJa 3t J , wr Varsity Track Brinton Bowles was the high point man throughout the season, taking as high as fifteen points in one meet. Patsey Angellilo, Dale Jones, Dick Entwistle, Boh Pruett, and Vie Heibert also made very fine showings in mony of the meets. Belmont 66 — Franklin 38 Polv 81 — Franklin 23 Manual 77 — Franklin 27 Lincoln 64 — Franklin 40 Class C Track The Big Track Men can " leap " and " tear, And some can only waddle. But these wee youngsters have the pep Although they can but toddle. ( 120 ) . iftftlBilhljUiMIIMIIil " iw .UL.ij vurMlli irtlM l lw ll l i M il i Um ' llWM ' l ll ' lHiH HIiia Varsity Baseball Franklin produced one of the best ball clubs in the major city league this year. Though the championship was not won the team made a very good showing. Several of the members of the team are sure to make a place oon the All-City Team. Among them are Karagozian, first base, and Captain Machuca, pitcher. In the Alhambra-Franklin game Captain Machuca pitched a no-run, no-hit game. Alhambra was the Southern California champion for 1927. Class C Baseball Under the direction of Coach Jellison the team won much distinction in their league, winning many of their games. In latter years this team was called the Xinth Grade Team, but now a Class C League has been organized in order to give the Tenth and Eleventh Grade boys a chance to learn the game before they try out for the varsity. (121) sS FAAMKLIKAXMXKAC Z 3iw iiiimi » ui i iiutiii iiiii i i i iii iiHti ii » ' M i ihiHiifflW« i i Gym Team Their muscles bulge; they writhe and twist; They twirl upon the rings. In fact this team can really do The most amazing things. Tennis Team Zing! comes the ball, and the crack of the racquet Bounces it back with a strong arm to back it. In their uniforms white they are packing the fight; The Tennis Team plays with vigor and might. ( 122 ) FfcANKLlN ALMANAC l_g__j 8 -tzlKWR Boys ' Swimming- Team The swimming team is a jolly gang, They scintilate and glimmer. They have the most tremendous chests, For that ' s what makes a swimmer. Girls ' Swimming Team Each member of the Swimming Team With unabated zeal Has managed with untold success To imitate a seal. ( 123 ) FAA MULIN AlMAttAC yiir Athladelphs Society The lettermen ' s club of Franklin is known as the Athladelphian Society. All lettermen are members. The club is sponsored by Mr. Lopez, head of the Physical Education Department at Franklin. Golf Club For the first time in Franklin ' s history a golf team has been organized. With Flintridge as their home field, they played many fine matches and won most of tin in easily. The tram was composed of Carey Odell, Bill Van Meter, Chuck Hensley, " Pants " Livesav, John Spe ed, Tom Hunt, Coach Jerry Lee, and Manager " Waddy " Hillis. ( 124 ) FftAttKlIN AIMAMAC : = 1 ft _8_ M.. Girls ' Athletic Association Resembling the Athladelphian Society, the Girls ' Athletic Association is made up of the girl athletes of Franklin. It is one of the many organizations that help Franklin maintain its " friendly spirit. " The officers of the successful term that ended in February were: Betty Williamson, President; Ethel Lindberg, Vice-President; Ruth Hester, Recording Secretary; and Jessaline Dutton, Secretary-Treasurer. For the summer term the officers were: June McCann, President; Bertha Thaxter, Vice-President; Leona Ware, Recording Secretary; and Bernice Strevig, Secretary- Treasurer. The ladies of our Castle Franklin ' s Halls Are supple, strong and graceful as can be. Our honor they uphold with bat and balls; Their prowess is a wondrous thing to see. They faithfully play their games and win their letters And sew them with much pride upon their sweaters. Their coat of arms bears " Franklin G. A. A. " Their slogan is: " We ' ll win each game we play. " (125) (126) ToJj - stf FAAttKLIN A1,MAMAC French Club If you are fond of frog-legs And can also parley-vou You should join the French Club, They ' ll be glad to welcome vou. Cafeteria " Gimme a sandwich, ' ' " Ham for mine ' " I want some hash, I guess " — The helpers in the " Caf " are seiged With clamorings at mess. (127) sP VftAKKLIK A MAKAC 1 9 . 8 B ' I I UWUUIiii i B iimin niiK ' j i lM ' » l ' J I | i awlllilRTO Qi Dancing Club Swaying, lovely dancers, Footsteps quick and light — The Dancing Club ' s in action, A graceful, charming sight. y» fes Printer ' s Guild Oil, we belong to the Printer ' s Guild, We know a lot of print. The work our wily ringers do Is worth a moneyed mint. ( 128 ) r IP FftAttKLIN AX.MAMAC Qi 8 - ' Senior Latin Club These champions of a classic tongue Have proved it very much alive. You ' ll never find a finer spirit Than that in which this club does thrive. Junior Latin Club As grammar must be studied first Before Aeneid you can read, So Junior Latin Club the path To S. P. Q. R. ' s doors will lead. ( 129 ) EftArtKllN AlMAttAC J[.iAl» l ft l |IIUll ' l«IMIll| l lUI I M I UI l Mimll i m iiia " MTTOtMt Post Employees " Two bits for two and a dime for one- " How much is half of one? " The Post Employees have a job That is a lot of fun. World Friendship A French friend and a Swede friend And a little Spanish amigo. A chance to think of the other folk And forget the personal ego. ( ISO ) itf FAAttKLIN AT,MAMAC 1 9 g 8 [Ullllllllll ' IMHIIIUUIMIIlrtlllM ' lUllM ' lllHMIIIIHII UWILWi ' niW W Girl Reserves " To face Life squarely, " is tlieir aim, " To find and give the best " ; As Franklin ' s finest group of girls They ' ve surely stood the test. 1! r WW, fib A, Home Economics Club These maidens pursue the oldfashioned art Of learning to cook and sew; They can bake a good cake and sew a fine seam And still be quite modern, we know. (131 ) Spanish Club " Hablar " and " escribir " and " si, " And " no es necesario. " The Spanish Club quite gaily prates In talk of Spain so fario. Clubhouse Association The Girls ' League has a Clubhouse now Of which it ' s justly proud. These girls, its guardian angels, are A truly worthy crowd. ( 132 ) sP FAANKL1N AI.MXKAC 1 9 Z 8 f niimwnilliiiliM ' llli|i|i|K ' IIUimill)iii i|i|ii ' ]iiiiii ' m ' lii ' iii ' ii|i)ll ' li liiiin ' iil ' ill ' lli ' U[iiiL ' iiiiiiii)ii ' ii»]H ' lll ' ili ' iu ' m ' iu ' i» ' m ' iii ' TimTjininii Rhyme and Reason Club Take oft ' your bonnet and write US a sonnet, Or maybe a nonchalant verse. The Rhyme and the Reason, whatever the season, Can write them for better or worst. Wm% Junto Club When two opinions differ There is an argument. To all that is a good debate This Club ' s a monument. (133) r ,jaittiiiiiffiirtii»iMiiMiiii ' nii«iiiiu«iMiiiMiiMi Senior Class and Activities, W ' 28 Edward Agan. Marion Anderson — Girls ' Council; Library Club of Southern California; Spanish Club ; Girl Reserves. Virgil Allen — Self-Government, 2 terms; Junior Glee, 2 terms, Treasurer and Secretary; Senior Glee, 2 terms; Press, Associate Editor. Gordon Asplund. Harriette Ballard — Self-Government ; Girls ' Council; Spanish Club. Reed Badger — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, 1st Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 4. terms; Self- Government, 1 term. Jeannette Baravv — Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 5 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Opera, Nightingale; Vice-president of Girls ' Senior Glee; Spanish Club, 2 terms. La Vaughn Beck with — Self-Government; Shakespeare Club, 4 terms; Shakespeare Club Treasurer; Spanish Club, 3 terms; Music Club, 2 terms. Dan Bledsoe — Baseball, 2 years; Basketball, 2 years; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Athladelphians, 4 terms ; Senior Class Representative ; Special Self-Govern- ment, 1 term. Sam Block — Interclass Debating, 5 terms; Interclass Debating Champion, B— term; Self-Government, 2 terms; Tetralpha, 5 terms, Treasurer, 1 term; Class Prophecy; Transportation Committee; Junto Club; Inter-Scholastic Debating, 4 terms ; Interclass Debating Coach, 3 terms. Stanley Braunton. Ruth Biddick — Secretary of Mrs. Church, 2 terms; Uniform Board; City Typing Contest, 1925, Second Place; Clubhouse Ass ' n; Dancing Club, 3 terms; Social Chairman of Dancing Club; Girls ' Council; Self-Government; Press Repre- sentative; Swimmi ng Club; Nature Club. Georgia Broadhurst — Senior Orchestra, 7 terms; Social Chairman; Press Repre- sentative; Press Staff; Senior Class Orchestra; Senior B Orchestra; Music Club; Spanish Club. Marjorie Bray — Secretary of Girls ' League; President of Junto Club; Social Chair- man of Junto Club; President of Tetralpha; Vice-president of Forum Club; Secretary-Treasurer of Forum Club; Inter-Scholastic Debating, 1 term; Inter- class Debating, 6 terms; Championship of Interclass Debating, 1926; Senior Orchestra , (5 terms ; Uniform Board, 1 term ; Secretary of Uniform Board, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 terms; Shakespeare Club, 3 terms; Spanish Club, 3 terms; G. A. A., 3 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; Clubhouse Ass ' n Historian, 2 terms; Tetralpha, 7 terms; Vice-President of Junto Club; President of Forum Club; Vice-President of Tetralpha Club. Fern Burnett — Girls ' League Treasurer, 1 term; Girls ' League Vice-President, 1 term; Girls ' Senior Glee Club; Self-Government, 3 terms; Forum Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Uniform Board, 2 terms; President of Uniform Board; Girls ' Clubhouse Ass ' n, 2 terms; Clubhouse Ass ' n Historian; Al2 Interclass Debating Team; Girls ' League Representative. Norwood Brown — R. O. T. C. Officer. Joyce Burns. Clarence Buchanan — Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Varsity Basketball, 2 terms; Special Self-Government; Photography Club; Athladelphian Society. Charles William Burge — Football, 1 year; Spanish Club, 1 year; Printers ' Guild, 1 terms; Expression Entertainment Club, 1 term, Treasurer, 1 term; Gym Club, 1 year; Apparatus Club, 1 year; World Friendship Club, 1 term. Geraldine Cassel. ( KU ) Margreite Christensen — Latin Club, 4 terms. Douglas Carter. James DeYoung. Marie Collatz. Edith Coolbaugh — Self-Government, 2 terms; Senior Orchestra, 4 terms; Senior Boys ' Glee Accompanist, 3 terms; Junior Orchestra, 1 term; Music Club, 2 terms. Ma rgaret Elder — Senior Orchestra, 5 terms; Junto Club, 3 terms; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Interclass Debating, 4 terms. Earl Carter — Plastic Art Guild. 3 terms; Social Secretary of the Plastic Arts Guild; Vice-President of the Plastic Arts Guild; Agriculture Club, 1 term; First and Second Place in the Glendale Eisteddfod; First Place in the City Eisteddfod. Kathryn Cox — Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Tetralpha; Senior Orchestra, 1 term; Music Club; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Girls ' League Representative; Uniform Representative, 2 terms. William Deley — Vice-President of Printers ' Guild; French Club; R. O. T. C, 1 year. Frances Eckstrom — Tetralpha; History; Girls ' Council; Girls ' Reserves; Library Club of Southern California. Fladys Fauts. Charles Ecclestone — President of Class of W ' 28; Chairman of C. C. B., 1 term; Student Council, 2 terms; Track Team, 2 terms; Second Vice-President of Senior B Class; Junto Club, 3 terms, Vice-President, Social Chairman; Self- Governmcnt, (3 terms; R. O. T. C, Band, 4 terms; Athladelphian, 1 term. William Ecclestone — Self-Government, — terms; Self-Government Court, 1 term; Senior Band, 5 terms; Junto Club, 3 terms; Junto Club Treasurer. Marjorie Forbes — History Club, 2 terms; Home Economics Club, 1 term. Kenneth Edwards — Swimming Team; Gym Club, President 3 terms; Gym Team, 7 terms; Self-Government Representative, 1 term. Dorothy Frasier — Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 4 terms; Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Spanish Club, 2 terms; History Club, 1 term. Erna Fruholtz — Tetralpha, 2 terms; Girl Reserves, 2 terms; German Club, 2 terms. William Ernest Ester. Jane Georgeson — Girl Reserves ' Social Chairman; Girl Reserves ' Vice-President; Girls ' Reserve President; Spanish Club; Girls ' Council. Alma Furer. George Evans — Class C Basketball; Self-Government; Tetralpha; Gym Team; President of Boys ' Gym Club. Gertrude Gilbert — French Club; Tetralpha. Cecilia Gilham — Girls ' Council; Girl Reserves; Library Club of Southern Cali- fornia; History Club. Richard Flynn — R. O. T. C, 7 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; Printers ' Guild, 2 terms. Mary Louise Girdlestone. Anson Gerrie — Varsity Baseball, 1 year; Lightweight Football, 2 years; Varsity Football, 1 year. Esther Gladden. Jessie Goslin. James Gillean — Social Chairman of Senior A ' s; President of Spanish Club, 2 terms; Varsity Football Manager, 2 years; Varsity Basketball Manager, 1 year; Varsity Track Team, 2 years; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms. ( 135 ) FftAttKllX AlMAttAC .yaffimmi iMllitllllllllllllllllMlllllulllli iillllllilUiiliillllllllilvllllllllilKlilliiii.lllilll ' llllUlllll ' lll ' lliilllilluil 1 Mary Haffner — Girls ' Athletic Association, 8 terms; Spanish Club, 2 terms; Finance Club, 2 terms ; Girls ' Council, 2 terms ; Tetralpha, 1 terms. Sam Gotwalt — R. O. T. C, 2 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Spanish Club, 1 term; Junior Orchestra, 1 term; Senior Orchestra, 3 terms; Interclass Debating. Helen Naomi Hahn — Girls ' Council 1 term; Home Economics Club, 6 terms. Marguerite Hansen — Music Club, 1 term; Art Club, 2 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; Girls ' Council. Don Hewitt — Shakespeare Study Club; R. O. T. C, Band. Margaret Hinkle — Chairman of C. C. B. ; Secretary of C. C. B., 2 terms; Spanish Club, -1 terms; Dancing Club, 3 terms; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Student Council; Forum Club, 2 terms; Swimming Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Athletic Association, 3 terms. Agnes May Holland — French Club, 3 terms. Mar.iorie Hughes — Tetralpha, 7 terms; Spanish Club, 2 terms; Vice-President, 1 term; French Club, (5 terms, Secretary and Treasurer 1 term; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term; Representative to Council; Press Representative, 1 term; Girls ' Council. John Hupe — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, Captain; Secretary-Treasurer of Officers ' Club; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Basketball, 1 term; Senior A Press Representative. Marjorie Jacobson — Self-Government, 1 term; Girls ' Council; History Club; Latin Club. Jack Jancich — Spanish Club; Class C Basketball; Cosmopolitan Club. Kenneth Knight — Tetralpha, 5 terms; Varsity Track Team, 1 year; Class C Track Team, 1 year ; Debate ; Orpheus Club ; Class Will ; Secretary of Tet- ralpha. Dorothy Jean Johnson — Self-Government, 8 terms; Court, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 7 terms; Tetralpha, -i terms; Forum Club, 2 terms, Vice-President 1 term; Dancing Club, 8 terms; " Toy Shop, " " Midsummer Night, " " Nightingale. " Marie Kleinbach — Spanish Club, 3 terms; German, Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term; Girls ' Athletic Association, 1 term; Plastic Arts Guild, 1 term. Dale E. Koontz — R. O. T. C, 5 terms, First Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Orpheus Club, 1 term ; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms, Secretary-Treasurer, 1 term. Florence La Due — President of Girls ' League; Vice-President of Senior B ' s; Social Chairman of Girls ' League; Student Council, 1 term; Girls ' Athletic Association; Girls ' Council; Uniform Board, 2 terms; Clubhouse Association, 2 terms. Jeanne Lamb — President of Girls ' Senior Glee; Secretary of Girls ' League Club- house Association; Music Club; Girls ' Council. Charles Lamb — President of Student Body; Student Council, 3 terms; Football, 2 terms; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Senior Glee President; Principal in " Gypsy Rover " ; President of Senior B Class; Chairman of C. C. B., 1 term; Athladelphian, 3 terms. Violette Latham — Junto Club, 5 terms; Secretary of Junto Club; Forum Club, 2 terms; Secretary of Forum Club; Shakespeare Club; Girls ' Tennis Team, 3 terms; Interclass Debating Team, 1 terms; A-10, B-ll, B-12 Debating Coach; Uniform Board; Prologue and Epilogue of " Twelfth Night " ; Spanish Club, 3 terms; Girls ' Athletic Association, 8 terms; Girl Reserves; Girls ' Council, 2 terms. George Long — R. O. T. C, 7 terms; Officers ' Club, 6 terms, President 1 term; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Orpheus Club, 1 term; Finance Club, 2 terms. President 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term; Press Circulation Manager, 1 term; Press Business Manager, 2 terms; Press Advertising Manager, 2 terms; Nature Club, 1 term; Aero Club, 1 term; Business Staff; Interclass Debating, 1 term; Self-Government. 1 term; Business Officer, 3 terms; Usher, 3 terms; Enter- ( 13(i) FAANKLIN ALMANAC tainers ' Club, 1 term; 192(5 Music Festival; City Officers ' Club, 2 terms. Miriam Leonard — Associate Member of Tetralpha; Girls ' Council; Spanish Club, 1 term. Louis Lowe — Second Vice-President of Student Body; Masquers, Secretary, Vice- President, President; Shakespeare Study Club, Treasurer, President; Tetralpha, 3 terms, Treasurer, President; Photography Club, Vice-President; Junto Club, President; Senior B Treasurer; Dramatics: " Dear Brutus, " " Dulcy, " " Ideal Husband, " " Road to Yesterday, " " Twelfth Night, " " Florist shop, " " Man in the Bowler Hat, " " Le Voyage de M. Perrichon, " " English as It Is Spoken. " Dorothy Lloyd — Social Chairman of Girls ' League; President of Dancing Club; Social Chairman of Dancing Club; Uniform Board; Self-Government, 2 terms; " Gypsy Rover, " " Nightingale, " " Toy Shop. " Laura Frances Loop — Sophomore Baseball Team; Junior Baseball Team; Senior Baseball Team; Spanish Club, 6 terms; Home Economics Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term; Girls ' Athletic Association, 6 terms; Press Staff; Senior A Orchestra ; Senior B Girls ' Orchestra Leader. June Loomis — Secretary of Student Body; Student Council, 2 terms; Board of Finance; Girls ' Senior Glee, 3 terms; Girls ' Council; Girls ' League Clubhouse Association; Self-Government; Tetralpha, 5 terms; Spanish Club. Francis McDannald — Self-Government; Basketball, 1 year; Baseball, 1 year; R. O. T. C, 4 terms; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Platoon Sergeant. Robert McCleary — Varsity Track Team, 2 years; Tennis Team, 1 year, Captain. Evangeline McClintock — Girls ' Council, 1 terms; G. A. A., 8 terms; Lost and Found ; Press Staff, 1 term. Clare Magary — Senior Orchestra, 6 terms, Social Chairman; Spanish Club, -1 terms; French Club; Writers ' Club; Forum Club; Swimming Club. Wilma McClintock. Owen McMichael— R. O. T. C; Art Club; Electrics Club; Boys ' Chorus. Belle McCormick — Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 2 years; Girls ' Junior Glee Club, 1 term; G. A. A., 4 years; Home Economics, 2 years; Girls ' Reserves, 1 year; Music Club, 1 term. Eugene McKenna — R. O. T. C, Second Lieutenant; Boys ' Junior Glee Club; Junior Orchestra; Officers ' Club; Tetralpha Society. Ethel Metzler. Alma Meyer — Tetralpha ; Spanish Club. William B. Menard — Assistant Manager of the Cafeteria, J term; Gym Club, 2 terms; Photography Club, 1 term; French Club, 2 terms; Transportation Com- mittee, 1 term; Tetralpha. Frederick Bancroft Miller — Apparatus Club, 2 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 1 term; Architecture Club, (i terms; Hamilton College, N. Y. ; School of Archi- tecture, N. Y. Douglas Milligan — Self-Government; Music Club; Spanish Club. Claribel Murphy — Spanish Club, 1 term; Girl Reserves, 2 terms; Music Club, 3 terms; German Club. Charles Nottleson — Self-Government, 3 terms; R. O. T. C, Band, 3 terms; Officers ' Club, 1 term; Photography -Club, 1 term; Plastic Arts Guild, 2 terms; Senior Orchestra, 4 terms. Dorothy Nelson — Girls ' Council, 1 term; Self-Government. 1 term; Basketball, 1 term ; Commercial Club, 1 term. Laurence Ott — Architectural Club, 4 terms; R. O. T. C, 7 terms; Officers ' Club, 4 terms. Elizabeth Newell — Girls ' Athletic Association, 3 terms; G. A. A., Social Chair- (137) VttAUKLlK A MXKAC 4m rtnnilrtlttllM ' IIU I MU I IU I I l J I IWItira i HM ' Bl ' MM man; Girls ' League Representative, 2 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Press Rep- resentative, 2 terms. Hazel Paulus — Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Lost and Found Department, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term; History Club; Music Club, Press Representative, 1 term. Vernon Owens — Baseball, 2 years ; Football, 2 years ; Athladelphian ; All-city Left Fielder ' 27; Best all-around Athlete of School ' 27. Geraldine Pepper. Anthony Pendl — Track, Class C, 2 terms; R. O. T. C, Band, 4 terms; R. O. T. C, N. C. O., 2 terms ; Special Self-Government, 2 terms ; Athladelphian Society, 2 terms; Senior A Yell Leader; Basketball Manager. Cornelius Pendl — R. O. T. C, Band, -i terms; Baseball Manager, 1 term; Special Self-Government, 2 terms; Class C Track, 1 term; Senior A Yell Leader; Self-Government, 2 terms. Grace Perkins — Tetralpha, 3 terms; Finance Club, 2 terms; Music Club; Girls ' Council, 3 terms. George Pierce — Special Self-Government; Treasurers ' Club; Finance Club; Ath- ladelphian; Football Manager; Music Club; Forum Club. Ellen Phipps — Secretary of Senior A Class; Tetralpha; Girls ' Council; Self- Government; Uniform Representative. George Polzin. Gussie Platt — Tetralpha; Self-Government; Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Treasurers ' Club ; Finance Club. Mario Pozzo — Football, 4 years, Varsity, 3 years, Lightweight, 1 year; Varsity Track Team, 2 years; Student Council, 2 terms; Self-Government, 7 terms; Athladelphian Society, 7 terms. Alice Pohlman — Self-Government; Girls ' Athletic Association; Latin Club; Girl Reserves; Music Club; Girls ' Council. Robert Rapson — Tetralpha, 3 terms; Orpheus Club; Class Prophecy; History Club; Latin Play, ' 26. Richard Reynolds — R. O. T. C, Band, 1 terms; Lightweight Basketball, 2 years; Athladelphian, 2 years; Photography Club, 2 terms; Spanish Club, 1 term; Senior A Yell Leader. Mary Ricciato — Tetralpha; Music Club. Wallace Robbins — Boys ' Senior Glee, 5 terms ; Vice-President of Boys ' Senior Glee; Junto Club, 2 terms; Football, 1 term; Interclass Debating, 3 terms; Aero Club, 2 terms; Opera, " Nightingale. " Katherine Roush — Senior A Historian; C. R. Treasurer, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 6 terms; G. A. A., 8 terms; Press Staff, 1 term. Helen Samson — Tetralpha, 2 terms; Girls ' Senior Glee, 5 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 1 term; Opera, " Nightingale. " ' William Rundstrum. Leslie Sandberg — Self-Government, 1 term; Gym Team, 3 terms; Junior Glee, 2 terms. Edith Segerstrom — Girls ' Council, 1 terms; Treble Cluf Club, 3 terms; President of Treble Cluf; Tetralpha, 5 terms; " Gypsy Rover " ; Self-Government, 1 term; Secretary of Senior B Class; Girls ' League Representative. Margaret Schmidt — Girls ' Council, 1 terms; Press Staff, 1 term; Uniform Checker, 1 term; Spanish Club, 3 terms; Assistant Treasurer; Music Club, 1 term. Zoe Schweizer — Student Council, 2 terms; Self-Government, 8 terms; Silf-Gov- ernment Court; Dancing Club, 8 terms; Social Chairman of Dancing Club; Spanish Club, 5 terms; Forum Club, 2 terms; Swimming Club, 2 terms ( 138 ) Howard Sens. Joseph Shinoda — Editor-in-Chief of the Press; Secretary of Boys ' Self-Govern- ment; Interscholastie Debate; Winner of the Southern California Editorial Contest; Almanac Representative of Class of W ' 28; Editor of the Senior Edition; Editor of the Cub Edition; Tetralpha, 5 terms; Interclass Debate; Junior Glee, 2 terms ; Publicity Manager of Tetralpha ; Junto Club ; Press Staff, 2 terms; Circulation Manager of Press; Chairman of Senior Class Will Committee; Latin Club; Forum Club; Writers ' Club; Class C. Football. Mary Louise Shea — Girls ' Council, 6 terms; Manager, Business Office, 1 term; Finance Club; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Home Economics, 1 term. Marjorie Smith. Frederic Charles Showaker. Gilbert Simons — Varsity Football, 2 years; Varsity Baseball, 1 year; Athladel- phian; Agricultural Club; Self-Government; Student Council. Jack Stiles — Senior A. Class Treasurer; R. O. T. C, 6 terms, Second Lieutenant; Classroom Treasurer, 8 terms ; Classroom Press Representative, 7 terms. Emma Strahl — Self-Government, 3 terms; French Club, 2 terms; History Club, 2 terms; G. A. A., 1 term; Treasurer of History Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term. Louis Stroh — Self-Government, 5 terms; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Stage Crew, 1 term; Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Class B. Football, 1 year; Gym Club, 2 terms. Carl Sugar — Varsity Football, 3 years; Varsity Swimming, 3 years; Head and Organizer of Special Self-Government, 5 terms ; Self-Government Court, 5 terms; Track Team, 2 years; R. O. T. C, Band, 5 terms; Stage Crew, 2 terms. Modesta Thompson. Greeba Tucker. Twyla Tygeson — Vice-President of Senior A Class; Dancing Club, 6 terms; Self- Government, 7 terms; Student Council; Swimming Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Ath- letic Association, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 8 terms; Girls ' Clubhouse Association; Forum Club, 4 terms; Spanish Club, 5 terms; Tetralpha, i terms. Wilma Wagner — Self-Government, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Music Club. Katherine Walker — Vice-President of Girls ' League; First Vice-President of Student Body ; President of Dancing Club, 3 terms ; Self-Government, 7 terms ; Student Council, 1 term; Commercial Club; " Toy Shop. " Gertrude Williams — Self-Government, 1 term; Press Representative; Girls ' Coun- cil; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Nature Club. Ross Thompson — R. O. T. C, Major; R. O. T. C, 7 terms; Special Self-Govern- ment; Senior Glee Club; " Dear Brutus, " " Dulcy, " " The Ideal Husband, " " Hamlet, " " Romeo and Juliet, " " The Road to Yesterday. " Carj, Wiedow— R. O. T. C; Officers ' Club; Aero Club. Helen Whitney — Self-Government, 2 terms; Student Council, 1 term; Secretary of the Home Economics Club, 1 term. Bela Harcos — Varsity Basketball, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term; R. O. T. C, 3 years, First Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, -i terms; Aero Club, 2 terms. Phyllis Worsley. j Dorothy Lydia Merrill. William Woqlley — Class B Football, 2 years, 1926 Captain; Varsity Football, 1 year; Swimming Team, -i years; First Place in Breast Stroke in 1927 City Meet; Track, 2 years; Athladelphian; Chairman of Decoration Committee for 1927 Senior Party. Edwin Maurice Hayes. Vincent Willett Berry. (139) FftAMKLlN ALMAKAC He Wlto G-cts Snapped ( 1 Ml ) V AKKLIK AIMJVMAC 1 9 Senior Class and Activities S ' 28 George Abbott — Boys ' Glee Club, 4 terms, President 1 term; Self-Government, 2 terms; Swimming Team; Tennis Team; Music Club; Photography Club; Classroom Treasurer, 2 terms; " Marriage of Nannette. " Eleanor Alexander — Spanish Club, 4 terms; Commercial Club, 2 terms; Business Ethics Club, 1 term. Florence L. Allen — Art Club, 8 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 3 terms, Pres- ident 1 term; Masquers ' Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term: " The Wonderful Son " ; 1st place in Shakespeare contest as " Queen Katharine. " Elaine Andrews — Uniform Board; Girls ' Council, 5 terms; Tetralpha, 4 terms; Senior Orchestra, 4 terms; Senior Glee Club; Girls ' League Representative; Dancing Club, 3 terms; Art Club, 4 terms, Social Chairman 3 terms; Spanish Club; Treble Clef Club; Classroom Chairman; Honorable Mention in Orange Show Contest; Music Festival; " The Marriage of Nannette, " " The Dream Gate. " Pauline Arthur — Music Club, 1 term; Secretary to Miss Hodgkins, 1 term; Self- Government, 1 term; 3rd place in City Typing Contest, 1927; Girls ' Council, 2 terms. Bertha Barstow — Spanish Club, 2 terms; Girls ' League Representative, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term; Cashier, 1 term. Frances Beattie — Girl Reserves, 4 terms, Social Chairman 1 term. President 1 term; Girls ' League Representative; Classroom Chairman; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Tennis. Florence Beck — Girls ' Council; Girls ' Reserves; Music Club; Girls ' League Rep- resentative ; Spanish Club. Aileen Beler — Boys ' Senior Glee Club Accompanist, 1 term; Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Junior Glee Club, 2 terms; Boy ' s Junior Glee Club Accompanist, 2 terms; Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Tetralpha, 1 term; Music Club; French Club; Latin Club; " Marriage of Nannette. " John N. Bennett — President of the Student Body; President of Senior B Class; Student Council, 2 terms; Self-Government, 5 terms; Track Team, 1 term; Football Team, 2 terms; President of Spanish Club. Lu Ada Berg — Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Music Club, 8 terms; Spanish Club, -1 terms. Bergen Birdsall — Press Staff, 2 terms, Assistant Editor 1 term; R. O. T. C, 6 terms; First Lieutenant Publicity Officer; Senior Glee Club, 5 terms; Librarian; Shakespeare Study Club, 3 terms, Treasurer, Second Vice-President, First Vice- President ; Junto Club, 2 terms; Masquers, 2 terms; Forum Club, 4 terms, Treasurer; Latin Club, 2 terms; Music Club, 3 terms; Officers ' Club, 4 terms; " The Roman Wedding, " " Twelfth Night, " " The Marriage of Nannette. " Anne C. Bock — Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Tetralpha, 4 terms; Art Club, 3 terms; Music Club, 1 term; Press reporter; " Gypsy Rover. " Brinton Bowles — Self-Government, 3 terms; Student Council, 2 terms; Track Team, 3 years; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 7 terms; Interclass Debating, 5 terms; " Rumpelstiltskin, " " The Nightingale. " Marion Boyd — Art Editor of the Almanac; Art Club, (5 terms, President, Secretary; B 11 Classroom President; Honorable Mention in Community Chest Poster Contest; Girls ' Council, 3 terms; Self-Government Representative; Uniform Checker, 1 term; Spanish Club, 1 term; Home Economics Club, 1 term; Tetralpha, 1 term; Girls ' League Representative, 1 term. Howard Bradley — Spanish Club, 2 terms; Baseball, 1 term. (141) FftANKlIN AIMAMAC fe$fcr Robert Brahm— Major of R. O. T. C. Unit; R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, 6 terms; President of Aero Club, 1 term; Officers ' Club, G terms, Vice-President 1 term; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 4 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 1 term; Self-Gov- ernment, 2 terms; " Twelfth Night, " " Open Your Heart and Swell Your Chest, " " Hamlet, " " The Ideal Husband, " " The Road to Yesterday. " Mary Braun — Self-Government, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term. Orville Brown — Swimming Team, 2 years; Water Polo Team, 2 years; Light- weight Football, 1 year; Athladelphian Society, 4 terms; Senior Band, 4 terms, Principal Musician; Junior Band, 2 terms; Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Officers ' Club, 4 terms; R. O. T. C, 4 terms; Press Representative, 3 terms. Ruth Brown — Home Economics Club, 3 terms ; Vice-President of Home Economics Club; Girls ' League Representative; Uniform Checker; Girls ' Reserve, 2 terms, President; Girls ' Council, 5 terms; Self-Government, 1 term. Alice Hazel Brunt — Spanish Club, 5 terms; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 5 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 1 term; Press Representative, 1 term. Arthur C. Bryson — R. O. T. C, 6 terms, Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 4 terms; Craftsman Club, 1 term; Self-Government, 2 terms. Leah Bucholtz — Spanish Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term; German Club; Dance Program. Jesse W. Buckman — Tetralpha, 3 terms; R. O. T. C, 5 terms, Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Entertainers ' Club, 2 terms; French Club, 1 term; Latin Club, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Boys ' Self- Government Court, 2 terms. Kenneth M. Burdick — Varsity Baseball, 2 years; Lightweight Football, 1 term; Class C Basketball, 1 term; History Club, 2 terms; Photography Club, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term. Dorothy Burgmeier — Business Ethics, 1 term; Commercial Law, 2 terms; Nature Club, 1 term; l 2 term Sec. C. C. B.; " Dream Gate. " Ross Burke — Editor-in-Chief of the Press; Student Council, 1 term; Sport Editor of the Press, 1 term; Press Staff, 4 terms; Varsity Football, 1 term; Varsity Track, 2 terms; World Friendship Club, 2 terms, Charter Member; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Self-Government Representative, 5 terms; Boys ' Self-Government Court, 3 terms. Raymond Burton — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, Lieutenant 1 term; Senior Band, 7 terms; Senior Orchestra, 5 terms, Secretary 2 terms; Music Club, 3 terms. President 1 term; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term; 1st place in Eisteddfod Contest for Ad- vanced Cornet Solo in District and Southern California Finals, 1927. Lo Bishev — First Vice-President of Student Body, 1 term; Girls ' Self-Government Court, President, 1 term; Self-Government, 5 terms; Board of Finance, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 3 terms; C. C. B., 1 term; Girls ' League, Vice-President 1 term, Yell Leader 1 term; Senior A Yell Leader; Senior B Yell Leader; G. A. A., 8 terms, President 1 term, Yell Leader 1 term; Girls ' League Clubhouse Association, 3 terms. President 1 term; Head of Swimming, 1 term; Baseball, 4 terms; Basketball, 2 terms; Track, 1 term; Volleyball, 1 term; Latin Club, 2 terms; Press Staff, 2 terms, Exchange Editor 1 term. Harold Capen — Senior Orchestra, 5 terms; Latin Club, 1 term; Plastic Art Club, Social Chairman 1 term, Vice-President 1 term; Art Club, 1 term; 3rd place in Eisteddfod District and California Finals for Advanced Plastic Art. Albert Casebeer — R. O. T. C, 6 terms, Second Lieutenant, 1 term; Special Self- Government, 1 term; German Club, 2 terms. Treasurer 1 term; Officers ' Club, 4 terms. ( 142 ) . giiTiair mi ' iiiiiffnfiinB ' BiMt ' niiji ' iiiiM ' iii ' iii ' MW Lloyd Earl Ca Welti — Opheus Club, 1 term; Junto Club, 3 terms; " Gypsy Rover. " Lena Ceretto — History Club, 2 terms; Girls Council, 2 terms. Alice Chandler — Interclass Debating, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Photog- raphy Club, 3 terms, Secretary-Treasurer; French Club, 2 terms; Girls ' League Representative; Self-Government, 2 terms; Business Office, 1 term; Apparatus; " The Florist Shop, " " Why the Chimes Rang. " Marjorie Cherry — Latin Club, 2 terms; Tetralpha, 5 terms; Associate Editor of Almanac; Press Staff, 1 term; Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Junior Glee Club, 2 terms; Vice-President of Girls ' League; Rhyme and Reason Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 6 terms; Junto Club; " Dream Gate, " " Marriage of Nannette. " ' ' Rumpelstiltskin. " Mary Marguerite Choate — Classroom Treasurer; Girls ' Council, i terms; Girls " League Representative, 2 terms; Art Club, 2 terms; Latin Club, 1 terms; Swim- ming Club, 1 term. Wilhelm Clasen — Swimming Team, 2 years; Spanisli Club, 1 term; Gym Club. 1 term; R. O. T. C, 2 years, Band, 1 year. Dorothy Cleland — Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Home Economics, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term. Vance Clinton — Plastic Arts Guild, 3 terms; Stage Crew, 1 term; Self-Government. 6 terms; Press Staff, ] term. Lucille Cocke — Self-Government, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 3 terms ' , French Club, 7 terms, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President ; Shakespeare Study Club. 2 terms. June S. Collins — G. A. A., 2 terms; Girls ' Council. ■ ' { terms; Self-Government. 1 term; Girls ' League Representative, 1 term. Alice Cooper — Self-Government, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 3 terms; History Club, 1 term. Beulah Cox — Girls ' Council, 5 terms; Uniform Checker, 1 term. Doris Lucile Craigmile — Treble Clef Club, 1 term; Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Dancing Club, 8 terms, Secretary-Treasurer 2 terms. President 1 term; " Toy Shop, " " Rumpelstiltskin, " " The Nightingale, ' ' " The Gypsy Rover, " " The Dream Gate. " " Dance Fantasies, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Halbert Cruzan. Wesley Daley — R. O. T. C, 7 terms. First Lieutenant Quartermaster; Officers ' Club, 5 terms; Self -Got eminent, 2 terms; Track Manager, 1 term. Dorothy Dayton — Tetralpha, 1 term; Girls ' Council, ! term; Spanish Club; Book Club; Typing Club; World Friendship Club. Gladys Lenohe Dodson — Basketball, 1 term; Baseball, 1 term; G. A. A.. 2 terms; Spanish Club, 1 term. Adelaide Doyle — Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Junior Glee Club, 2 terms; Forum Club, 6 terms; Junto Club, i terms. Social Chairman; Interclass Debate Cham- pion; French Club; Music Club; Spanish Club; Dancing Club; Assistant Editor of Press; Editor of Cub Edition; " Marriage of Nannette. " Willard Duckworth — Orpheus Club, 1 term; Senior Glee Club, 1 term; Treasurer of World Friendship Club; Lightweight Football, 1 term; Press Staff, 2 terms; " Marriage of Nannette. " Jerry Dunn — Senior Class Treasurer; Circulation Manager of Press, 1 term; Chairman of Senior A Board of Finance; Basketball, 2 years; Swimming. 3 years; Class C Southern California Championship 1-man Relay Team; Athla- delphian, 6 terms; Special Self-Government, 2 terms; Self-Government, 2 terms; Music Club, 1 term; History Club, 2 terms; Cosmopolitan Club. 1 term; Enter- tainers ' Club, 1 term; Press Staff, 1 term; Senior Class Day. Jessaline Dutton — Secretary, 2 terms; Baseball, 2 terms; Basketball, 2 terms; ( 1+3) r FftAMKlIX AIMAMAC h -»nL_ B 1 9 g 8 4iW . , j i ftain fti]inmn ii nii H ' ii i ii » i iiujiiiiiHiiiiiii ' ™ G. A. A.j 4 terms, Secretary 1 term; Classroom Secretary, 1 term. Betty Dykstra — Uniform Representative; French Club; Masquers; Self-Govern- ment; Girls ' Council; French Club, 2 terms, President; " Open Your Heart and Swell Your Chest, " " The Road to Yesterday. " Marian Eddie — Self-Government, 6 terms; History Club, Vice-President; Dancing; Club, 5 terms; G. A. A., Uniform Board, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Music Club, 2 terms. Richard Ray Entwistle — Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Class A Track, 2 terms; Class C Track, 1 term; Class B Basketball, 1 term. Wylma E. Entwistle — 1st place, World Friendship Oratorical Contest; 1st place, Dramatic Reading Contest; 1st place, Shakespeare Contest; Shakespeare Study Club, 4 terms, President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President; World Friendship Club, 2 terms, Vice-President; Masquers ' Club, 3 terms; French Club, 2 terms; T. N. T. Club, 1 term; Uniform Representative, 1 term; Girls ' Self-Government, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; " Road to Yesterday, " " An Ideal Husband, " " Open Your Heart and Swell Your Chest. " Wallace Fleer — Senior B and Senior A Secretary; Secretary of Music Club; Senior Band, 5 terms; Senior Orchestra, 3 terms; Sr. Glee Club, 2 terms; " Mar- riage of Nannette. " Elna Fleming — Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Shakespeare Club, 2 terms; History Club, 1 term; Home Economics Club, 1 term; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term; Girls ' League Representative, 1 term; Shakespeare Contest; " The Marriage of Nannette. " John Foley. Telejoe C. Freeman — Senior Orchestra, 6 terms; Classroom Treasurer. Haruko Fujii — Self-Government, 2 terms; Press Representative, 1 term; Girl Reserves; Girls ' Council, 1 terms; Classroom Treasurer, 1 term; Treasurers ' Club, 3 terms. Robert Gibbs — Self-Government, 5 terms; Special Self-Government, 2 terms; Self- Government Checker, 1 term; Spanish Club, 4 terms; Varsity Football, 2 terms; Athladelphians. Florence Gibson — Girls ' Council, 3 terms; Classroom Treasurer, 1 term; French Club, 4 terms ; World Friendship Club, 2 terms ; Self-Government. Lillian Gilson — Vice-President of French Club, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 3 terms ; Self-Government, 1 term. Frieda Goertz — Self-Government, 2 terms; Girls ' Reserves, 4 terms; Senior Orches- tra, 3 terms; Home Economics Club, 2 terms, Social Chairman; World Friend- ship Club, 1 term; German Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council. Abraham Golden — Tetralpha, 6 terms; Four Star Interscholastic Debating Cham- pion; Latin Club; World Friendship Club; Forum Club, 2 terms; Junto Club, 4 terms; 2nd place, World Friendship Oratorical Contest; 3rd place, Forum Extemporaneous Contest; Treasurer of Tetralpha; Interclass Debating Coach, 4 terms; Coach of A9 Championship Team; Track, 1 year. Elmer Gotfredson — Varsity Football; Business Manager of ' 28 Almanac; Business Manager of Cafeteria; Senior Glee Club, 2 terms. Sam Gotwalt. Catharine Greening — Self-Government Officer, 1 term; Book Club, 1 term; Pres- ident of Home Economics Club; Classroom Treasurer, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term ; Press Representative. Sylvia Grossman — Girls ' Council; Social Chairman of French Club. Rose Gi ' therie — Self-Government , 2 terms; Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; History Club, 2 terms; Latin Club, 2 terms; Music Club, 1 term; Girls ' League Repre- ( 14+) FAANKLIN AT,MANAC ilKWfr sentative ; Book of the Month Club; " Marriage of Nannette. " Carrie Guy — Girls ' Council, 4 terms; History Club, 2 terms; Nature Study Club, 1 term; Girls ' Baseball Team, 1 term. Jack Hadden — Orpheus Club, 3 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 1 term. Keithe Hammon — Home Economies Club, 7 terms, Vice-President 1 term, Second Vice-President 1 term; Swimming;, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term. William Hammon — Special Self-Government. Hazel Hansen — Art Club, 8 terms; Girls ' Council, 2 terms. Jessie Hanson — Latin Club, 4 terms; Home Economics Club, 2 terms; Self-Gov- ernment, 2 terms ; Entertainers ' Club, 2 terms. Doris Hardini; — Home Economics, 6 terms; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term. Pvrrhus Harding — Self-Government, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Track Team, 1 term. Gloria Harrison — Senior Glee Club, 1 terms, Treasurer; Junior Glee Club, 1 term; Masquers ' Club, 2 terms, Secretary, Vice-President; Shakespeare Study Club, 3 terms; Home Economics Club, 1 term, Secretary-Treasurer; 1st place Con- stitution Oratorical Contest; Girls ' League Representative; Dance Recital; " The Road to Yesterday, " " Twelfth Night, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Harry N. Haworth — Senior Orchestra, 4 terms; Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; " Mar- riage of Nannette. " Frances Hayes — Press Representative, 1 term; Girls ' Student Council, 1 term; History Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term. Catherine Hege — Self-Government, 3 terms; Uniform Checker, 2 terms; French Club, 3 terms; Music Club, 1 term; Dancing Club, 1 term; Uniform Repre- sentative. Charles Hensley — Lightweight Football, 2 years ; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 1 term ; Shakespeare Study Club, 1 term; Golf Team, 1 term; C. C. B., 1 term; Self- Government, 1 term; Track Team, 3 years; Stamp Club, 1 term. Helen Heppler — One Act Plays, 1927; Dance Program, 1928. Robert J. Herron — R. O. T. C, 6 terms; First Lieutenant, Range Officer; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Rifle Team, 1 term; Latin Club, 1 term; History Club, 1 term; Assistant Senior Classroom Treasurer. Park Hewitt — Secretary of Student Body; Student Council, 1 term; Board of Finance, 1 term; Editor-in-Chief of the Almanac; Tetralpha, 5 terms, President; Interclass Debating, Gold League; Class C Track, S ' 26, S ' 27; City Champion- ship C Track Team S ' 27; Latin Club, 5 terms, Treasurer; Junto Club, 1 term; Orpheus Club, 1 term; Press Staff, 1 term; Athladelphian Society, 4 terms; Almanac Aud Call. Watson Hillis — Self-Government, 1 term; Special Self-Government, 2 terms, Head 1 term; Press Staff, 2 terms, News Editor 1 term; Shakespeare Study Club, 3 terms; Masquers ' Club, 3 terms; Tetralpha, 3 terms, Treasurer 1 term; Junto Club, 3 terms; Stage Crew, 3 terms; Athladelphian Society, 4 terms; Class C Basketball, 1 term; Class B Basketball, 1 term; Advertising Manager of the Almanac, 1 term; Student Body Yell Leader, 2 terms; " Marriage of Nannette, " " Open Your Heart, " ' . ' The Ideal Husband, ' " The Sweetmeat Game. " Frank Hodbs — Lightweight Basketball, 1 term; Varsity Basketball, 1 term; Ath- ladelphian Society, 2 years; Self-Government, 1 term; History Club, 1 term. Elinor E. HowLETT Spanish Club, 3 terms; Library Club, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 1 term. Edna Humphries — Girls ' Council, 3 terms; Ramblers ' Club, 2 terms. ( 145 ) jg gggg w £k P rai mift ' iiiiiiiini i iiiiiii ' ii iM i iiai i iii ' ii i ii i i ' ni i n iii i ' mM iiii mnri i i i iiiiiK i iii ' Mi i w niiii ii iiim f] i i i iK ' iu ' ]ii ' i i Zola Isenberg — Music Club, 1 terms; Dancing Club, 2 terms; Senior Orchestra, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 1 term; " Dream Gate. " Lawrence Israel — Tetralpha; Interclass Debating, Silver League Champion; Inter- scholastic Debating, 2 terms; .Junto Club, 3 terms, President; Latin Club, 4 terms; Latin Play; R. O. T. C, 3 terms, Rifle Team; Officers ' Club, 2 terms; Forum Club; History Club, 2 terms; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term. Howard Jack — Classroom Treasurer, 1 term. Frances Jacodson — Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Silver League Debating Championship; Junto Club, 4 terms; Girls ' League Representative, 2 terms. Dorothy Jones — Art Club, 5 terms; Plastic Art Guild, 2 terms, President 1 term; Rhyme and Reason Club, 1 term; Writers ' Club, 1 term; Writers ' Workshop, 2 terms ; Press Staff, 2 terms, Feature Editor 1 term ; Almanac, 2 terms, Assist- ant Editor; 1st place in Almanac Poetry Contest.. John Karagozian — Baseball, 2 years; Varsity Football, 1 year; Lightweight Foot- ball, 1 year; Athladelphian Society, (i terms. Johanna Kingry — Spanish Club; Tetralpha, 3 terms; Girls ' Council, 3 terms; Library Club. Henry Kleinbach — Senior Glee Club; Orpheus Club; Spanish Club; Stamp Club; Rooters ' Club; Usher; Track, 1 year; " Marriage of Nannette. " Elsie Gertrude Landreth — Music Club; Shakespeare Study Club; Girls ' Orches- tra, 1 term; Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Girls ' Council. Eugene Langer — R. O. T. C, 4 terms, Band 3 terms, Principal Musician; Senior Orchestra, 1 term. Annabel Lawrence — Self-Government, 4 terms; History Club, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term. Jane Layton — Senior Orchestra, 6 terms; Music Club, 2 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 2 terms, Secretary 1 term; Girls ' League Representative, 1 term; Self- Government Representative, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Eisteddfod, 3 terms, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. Betty Leathers — Debating Team; Junior Glee Club; Girls ' League Representative; Uniform Checker; Spanish Club, 6 terms; Girls ' Council, 3 terms; Girl Re- serves, 6 terms; Senior Class Songs; " An Ideal Husband. " Marguerite I. Le Croy — San Diego High; Dancing Club, 2 terms; Self-Govern- ment Representative; " Dream Gate. " Ethel Lindberg — G. A. A., 8 terms, Vice-President, Head of Hiking; Girls ' League, Vice-President; Girls ' Self-Government, 3 terms; Student Council, 1 term; Baseball, 3 terms; Basketball, 2 terms; C. C. B. Chairman, 1 term; Girls ' Self- Government Secretary, 1 term; Latin Club, 2 terms; Girls ' League Clubhouse Association, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Press Staff, 2 terms; Volley Ball, 1 term. Grace Eleanor Link — Spanish Club; Girl Reserves, Treasurer; Student Council, 1 term. John Richard Livingston — Art Club, 8 terms, Vice-President 1 term, Treasurer 1 term ; L Anglais Tel Q ' on le Parle ; French Club, 2 terms ; Special Self- Government, 1 term; Senior B Class Treasurer, Chairman of Decorating Com- mitter; Usher, 1 term. John Henry Lomen- Secretary and Treasurer of Gym Club; Printers ' Guild. 1 term ; Latin Club, 1 term. MiitwiN B. Loomis — Boys ' Self-Government; Gym Club; Photography Club; Ex- pression Club; Secretary Roys ' Chorus. Emma Martinelli — Girls ' League Representative, 1 term; Uniform Checker, 2 terms; History Club, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term. ( 1 16 ) FAAHKLIN AI,MAttAC 1 2L 8 nmmiiLiiiimriiiiiri ' iiiijiiiniiiMiiii ' iiTinmnffr Mary Jane Mayhew — Senior Orcliestra, 3 terms; French Club, 3 terms; Music Club, Secretary, 2 terms; " Dream Gate. " June McCann — Girls ' Self-Government, 4 terms, Checker 1 term; Girls ' League Yell Leader, 1 term, Representative 2 terms; G. A. A., 6 terms, President 1 term; Head of Basketball, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Swimming Club, 2 terms ; Tetralpha, 3 terms ; Classroom Treasurer, 1 term. Elizabeth McElhinney — Shakespeare Study Club; Home Economics Club; Music Club; Girl Reserves; Girls ' Self-Government, Secretary; " Twelfth Night. " Chandler Messenger — Self-Government Representative, 3 terms; Special Self- Government, 1 term; Charter Member Forum Club; President Senior Latin Club, 1 term; Sports Editor, Almanac. George Miller — Latin Club, 2 terms; Self-Government, 2 terms; History Club, 1 term; World Friendship Club, 1 term; Athladelphians ; Basketball Manager, 1 term; Nature Club, 1 term. Josephine Monroe — Book Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term; Home Economics Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 2 terms. Harold Moore — Gym Team, 2 years; Gym Club, 2 years; Photography Club, 1 term. Lilly Moore — Tetralpha, 2 terms; History Club, 2 terms; Girls ' League Repre- sentative. Brooke Morris — Self-Government, 2 terms; Special Self-Government, 2 terms; R. O. T. C, 8 terms, Captain; Officers ' Club, 6 terms, Social Chairman; City Officers ' Club, 2 terms; Art Club, 1 term. Grace Rider Myers — Dancing Club, 2 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 7 terms, Vice-President; Masquers ' Club, 5 terms, Vice-President, President; French Club, 7 terms, Social Chairman 2 terms; Art Club, 5 terms, Treasurer, Vice-President; Rhyme and Reason Club, 2 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term; 1st place in Shakespeare Contest; " Dear Brutus, " " Romeo and Juliet, " " Dulcy, " " An Ideal Husband, " " Open Your Heart, " " The Road to Yester- day, " " Dream Gate. " Theodore Ohannesian — R. O. T. C, 3 terms; Self-Government, 2 terms; French Club, 2 terms. Florence Paderewski — Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Dancing Club, 3 terms, Secretary and Treasurer; Home Economics Club, 1 term; " Dream Gate. " Eleanor Pallas — Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Typing Club; World Friendship Club; Book Club, 1 term; Business Club, 1 term. Lora Phillips — Senior Orchestra, 2 terms; Senior Glee Club, 1 term; Music Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Uniform Checker, 1 term; " Gypsy Rover, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Helen Randall — Music Club, 4 terms; Girls ' Council, 1 term; Self-Government, 1 term; Tetralpha, 1 term; Boys ' Glee Club Accompanist, 2 terms; Accompanist for " Nightingale " ; G. A. A., 1 term; Girl Reserves, 4 terms; Girls ' League Representative, 2 terms. Louise Rasor — Literary Editor of Almanac; Rhyme and Reason Club President, 2 terms; Press Staff ,2 terms Municipal Editor; Franklin Book of Verse; Dancing Club, 6 terms; Book Club, 1 term, Secretary; Mrs. Church ' s secretary, 1 term; Writers ' Workshop, 3 terms; Almanac Aud; " Toy Shop, " " Gypsy Rover, " " Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " Lucille Rau— Girls ' Council, 1 term; Music Club, 3 terms; G. A. A., 1 term; C. C. B. Secretary, 1 term; Swimming Club, 1 term; Tetralpha, 1 term. Priscilla Anne Reed — Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 6 terms, President; French Club; Music Club; Rhyme and Reason Club, Secretary; Dancing Club; Director of Almanac Aud; " Nightingale, " " Marriage of Nannette. " (147) H VttXKKUKXLMXWKC St 1 3 g 8 l£ - i ,. Timfrn ni ' lrt ' ftl ' lllMll ' ny j IIIIIUAlilliiiilillinillwift ' lllLll HlllH ' HVUl ' IHiJU ' JI Gertrude Reese — Girls ' Council, 5 terms; Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Music Club; Self-Government ; Latin Club. Jane Reeves — Tetralpha, 7 terms, Recording Secretary 3 terms; Dancing Club, 6 terms; C. C. B. Secretary, 1 term; G. A. A., 1 term; Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Treasurers ' Club; Music Club. Raymond Reinoehl — Orchestra, 2 terms; R. O. T. C, 8 terms, Band 8 terms, Captain; Officers ' Club, 4 terms,; Finance Club, 3 terms; Music Club, 1 term; World Friendship Club, 1 term; Manager of Cafeteria, 1 term, Assistant Man- ager 1 term. Nedra Renslng — Self-Government, 2 terms; Dancing Club; Nature Club, 2 terms; History Club, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term. James Sanders — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, 1st Lieutenant 1 term; Officers ' Club, 5 terms; Physics Club, 1 term; Finance Club, 1 term; Nature Club, 1 term. Thelma Sawyer — History Club, 1 term; Commercial Club, 1 term; Senior Orches- tra, 6 terms; Music Club, 1 term. Herman Schlossberg — Lightweight Football Manager, 2 years; Orpheus Club, 2 terms ; Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 2 terms ; Athladelphian Club, 6 terms ; Social Chairman of Nature Club; Press Representative; Usher; R. O. T. C. Band, 2 terms; " Gypsy Rover, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Laura Jean Shipley — French Club, 5 terms; Spanish Club, 4 terms; German Club, Social Chairman, 2 terms; Treble Clef Club, 3 terms, Librarian, Treasurer, Vice-President; Tetralpha, 4 terms; Music Club, 4 terms; Self-Government; Uniform Board; " Nightingale, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Robert Skager — President of Class of S ' 28; Senior Class Day; Sweater Day; Varsity Track, 1 term; Class C Track, 1 term; Self-Government, 6 terms; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; Athladelphians. Margaret M. Smith — Basketball; Girl Reserves, 2 terms. Margaret Sprunger — G. A. A., 7 terms; Head of Baseball; Plastic Art Guild, 4 terms, Secretary-Treasurer, Social Chairman; Swimming Club, 2 terms; Self- Government; Classroom Treasurer; Tetralpha, 2 terms; Press Representative; Press Staff, 1 term; Spanish Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council. Byron Stegner — Class C Basketball, 1 year; Class B Basketball, 2 years; Athla- delphian Society; Assistant Cerculation Manager of Press, 1 term, Circulation Manager 1 term, Advertising and Business Manager 1 term, Press Staff 1 term; Student Council, 1 term; History Club, 1 term; Self-Government, 2 terms; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Senior A Class Assistant Treasurer, 1 term; Entertainers ' Club, 1 term ; Music Club, 1 term ; Senior B Decoration Committee. Henrietta Steinfeld — Music Club, 2 terms; Treble Clef Club, 1 term; History Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 1 term. Bernice Stinson — Tetralpha, 7 terms, Recording Committee, Secretary; Dancing Club, 4 terms; C. C. B. Secretary, 1 term; Girls ' Council. Richard Swanson — R. O. T. C. Band, 5 terms, 2nd Lieutenant; Senior Orchestra, t terms; Class C Basketball, 1 year; Varsity Basketball, 2 years; Self-Govern- ment, 2 terms; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Manager of Senior A Orches- tra, Treasurer 2 terms; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Music Club, 3 terms. Dyson Dweger — Assistant Manager of Cafeteria; Head Usher; Officers ' Club Secretary-Treasurer; Special Self-Government, 1 term; R. O. T. C, 7 terms, 1st Lieutenant; Commerce Club, 2 terms. Ruth Symonds — Girls ' Council, 1 year; Spanish Club, 3 terms; La Vuelta Del Tio; Girls ' League Accompanist; Classroom Treasurer. Patrice Taylor — Girls ' League Treasurer, 1 term; Girls ' League Clubhouse Asso- ciation, 1 term; Girls ' Uniform Board, 1 term; Girls ' League Representative, (148) r VttAKKLIK AI.MXKAC 2 1 Q 1 term; Classroom Social Chairman; Photography Club; French Club; Spanish Club; G. A. A., 1 term; Senior Orchestra, 4 terms; Girls ' League Jazz Orchestra. Bertha Thaxter — G. A. A., 7 terms, Vice-President; Head of Baseball; Head of Volleyball; Girls ' Council, 4 terms; Classroom Chairman, 1 term, Social Chair- man 1 term. Elizabeth Thompson — Girls ' Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Junior Glee Club, 4 terms; Music Club, 3 terms; Plastic Art Guild, 3 terms; Spanish Club, 1 term; Home Economics Club, 1 term; Girls ' Council, 2 terms; " Marriage of Nan- nette. " Margaret Tilley — Tetralpha, 2 terms; Music Club, 6 terms; Latin Club, 4 terms; Masquers ' Club, 2 terms; Entertainers ' Club; Senior Glee Club, 3 terms; Junior Glee Club, 3 terms; Self-Government, 1 term; " Gypsy Rover, " " The Siege, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Lynn True — C. C. B. Chairman; Basketball, 3 years, Captain 1 year; Senior B Class Treasurer; Athladelphian Society, 7 terms; Manager of Post; Student Council. Morris Volat — Self-Government, 5 terms; Special Self-Government, 1 term; Bas- ketball Manager; Spanish Club, 4 terms; Expression Club; Track, 3 years; Interclass Debating; Music Club; History Club; Athladelphian Society. Cleveland Voorhies — R. O. T. C, 2 terms, Band. Carl Wahl — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, 1st Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 2 terms; Crafts- man Club; Photography Club; Track Manager. Mary Walker — Girls ' Council, 2 terms; Dancing Club, 4 terms; Art Club, 5 terms : French Club, 2 terms; G. A. A., 1 term; Music Festival; " Dream Gate. " Ruthe Marie Walker — Girls ' Junior Glee Club Vice-President, 2 terms; Music Club, 2 terms. Frederick Wall — Forum Club, 1 term; R. O. T. C, 5 terms. Lieutenant; Officers ' Club, 3 terms, Vice-President; Junto Club, 3 terms, Secretary; Self-Government, 2 terms; Special Self-Government; Inter-class Debating, 2 terms. Ramona Wall — Junto Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 7 terms; Self-Government, 2 terms; Champion Inter-class Debating, W ' 28; G. A. A.; Tennis Club, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President; Home Economics Club; Swimming Club; Forum Club, 1 term. Doris Waltrip — Spanish Club, 2 terms; Music Club, 1 term; Home Economics Club, 4 terms; Self Government, 1 term; Swimming Club, 1 term. Ileta Ware — Latin Club, 2 terms; Girls ' Council, 3 terms. John Warfel — Tetralpha, 6 terms; R. O. T. C. 5 terms; Officers ' Club, 2 terms; Latin Club, 1 term; French Club; Special Self-Government; Secretary Boys ' Self-Government Court; Dramatics, 1 term. Campbell Weatherall — R. O. T. C, 7 terms, 1st Lieutenant Battalion Adjutant; History Club, 1 term; Officers ' Club, 3 terms; Shakespeare Study Club, 1 term; Special Self-Government, 3 terms. Betty Williamson — Student Council; Tennis, 2 terms; Basketball; G. A. A. Pres- ident; President of Girls ' League Clubhouse Association; Senior B Class Social Chairman; Senior A Class Vice-President. Margy Fern Willis — Spanish Club, 2 terms " Music Club, 1 term; Self-Government; Editor Department III of Press; Municipal Editor of Press; Swimming Club, 1 term. Dorothy Wilson — Music Club, 4 terms; Latin Club, 3 terms; Forum Club, 4 terms; Press Staff, 2 terms; Dancing Club, 1 term; T. N. T. ; Library Club of Southern California, 2 terms; " Dream Gate. " Herman Witzel, Jr. — R. O. T. C, 5 terms, 1st Lieutenant; R. O. T. C. Band, 4 ( 1+0 ) FftAKKlIN AIMAMAC I ySt ' r Hvn. ' i [ ' Wl 1 9 iiiiii iiii ' iii ' iiuni ' m ' iiii)ii ' ]UUK ' )iu]iimL ' )ii ' iii ' iii ' ii 8 e Qz ' terms; Interclass Debating, Gold Team; Entertainers ' Club; Secretary of Masquers ' Club; Treasurer of Shakespeare Study Club; Officers ' Club, i terms; Tetralpha, 1 term; " Lonesome-Like, " " The Giants ' Stair, " " The Man in the Bowler Hat, " " The Road to Yesterday. " Harold Wright — Boys ' Senior Glee Club, 2 terms; World Friendship Club, 2 terms; Press Staff, 2 terms; Sport Editor of Press; Boys ' Self-Government, 2 terms; Interclass Debating; Tetralpha; C. C. B., 1 term; Music Club; Forum Club, 2 terms; " Gypsy Rover, " " Marriage of Nannette. " Estelle Wynne — Girls ' Council, 7 terms; Tetralpha, 2 terms; Self-Government, 2 terms ; Latin Club, 6 terms, Secretary 2 terms ; Lost and Found, 1 term. (150) List of Almanac Advertisers INDEX A. B. Market 163 Adams Goodman Co 153 Adohr Creamery 1 f : i Albers and Newman 163 Allen, T. V. Co 158 Baxter Candy Co 161 Blue Goose Cleaner 164 Clyde Browne Studios 168 Broadway Costume Co 166 Bockman Tile Co 157 Brunner ' s Bakery 167 Bryan - Brandenburg, Engravers ...169 Burke ' s Confectionery 160 Chileville 157 Cresse, Undertaking Parlor .. 178 Cross Roads Pharmacy 157 Desmond ' s -1G3 De Vorkin, Photographer 170 Dyas Co 165 50-50 Hardware 160 Furniss Bros., Confectionery 161 Eastern Wholesale Grocery... 156 P. J. Flaherty Co 165 Efficiency Business College 167 Franklin Barber Shop 165 Franklin Pharmacy 153 Franklin Flower Shop 159 G. B. Market 155 Gaspard, Doctor 157 Friend of Franklin 158 Gene ' s Dry Goods 160 Globe Ice Cream 154 Greenlee ' s Barber Shop 153 Grotthouse Hardware 166 Highland Park Drug Co 166 Hansen Dairy Co 159 Hiner Band School 154 Highland Park Laundry 156 Holland ' s Electric Shop 167 Highland Park Dyers -152 Hartzell Motor Co .162 Highland Park Grocery 156 Hoffman Candy Co 157 Irvington Pharmacy 152 Jones Book Store 156 Kalis, Sam 156 Karan Shorthand 163 Korean Quality Market 160 Kizer, E. B 167 Lane Sporting Goods Co 154 Mullen Bluett 155 Maryland Studio — 163 Meyers, E. B 161 Myers Co 164 Mollett 164 Modern Auto Camp 160 Molo 162 National Grocery 157 Pendl Studio ..... " . 165 Presto Cleaners 155 Petite School of Dancing 157 Royal Barber Shop 154 Simonoff Grocery 157 Rely-On Hosiery 163 Spencer, E. B. 160 Stephens Barber Shop 156 Sander ' s Service 160 Seymour Jewelry Co 159 Silver Moon 160 Thoroman Pharmacy 163 Teurman Seed Co 160 U. S. National Bank 162 Vileta Toggery 161 Vollmer, A. 157 Wells Dry Cleaning 157 White Swan Bakery Kit Woods, Organ Teacher 160 Wunder Inn 158 York Bootery 160 York Theater 163 York Blvd. Paint Co 155 ( 151 ) Irvington Pharmacy 801 NORTH AVENUE 54 Phone Garfield 4610 Opposite the School Personal service and what you ask for. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Pure drugs and chemicals. School supplies (complete line). Eastman Kodaks and supplies. Fresh sandwiches and cakes prepared daily for students. First class service at our fountain. " The Store Where Franklin Feels at Home " Employer: " Can I trust you not to take anything? " Carey: " Sure! I was manager of a bathhouse for five years and I never took a bath. " " Neptune " : " Why so sad? " Bob: " Didn ' t you hear I lost my wife last week? " " Neptune " : " How awfully careless of you. " Customer (to drug clerk): " Is this candy good? " Park: " Is it good? Why, it ' s as pure as the girl of your dreams! ' Customer: " I ' ll have a package of gum. " Peggy: " I ' d like to match this piece of ribbon. " " Jerry " : " Unfortunately, we cannot, madam. It happens to be one of the ' matchless bargains ' we offered last week. " Mr. Galbraith (in a Mech. Arts class) : " What is a dry dock? " George Miller: " A physician who won ' t give out prescriptions. " We Have Dyed for Others; Why Not Let Us Dye for You? Highland Park Cleaners and Dyers We Call for and Deliver Phone Garfield 7237 5907 Pasadena Ave. ( 162 ) G R E E X L E K S B A R 1 i E R SHOP ' ' WE no YOUR W R K THE v A Y Y U W A N TIT DONE " 5 « i Y O R K B L V D L O S A N a E L E S C A L . PAGE A. G. SPAULDING Salesman: ' ' Something in golf apparel, Madam? " Bernice: " I would like to see some handicaps. Large size, please. My husband said that if he ' d had a big enough handicap yesterday, he ' d have won the match. " The things one stands for are called convictions ; the things one falls for are called flappers. Prof.: " Why are you always late for class? " Bud: " Because of a sign I have to pass on my way here. " Prof.: " What has that to do with it? " Bud: " Why, it says, ' School Ahead — Go Slow ' . " Adams-Goodman Co., Inc. SPORTING GOODS " To You at Wholesale " 843 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, Calif. Byron: " Have you captured Miss Brown ' s hand yet? " Lynn: " Nope, but I got the thing next to it. " Bvron. " Oh, you mean the mitten. " " I ' d like to see something cheap in a straw hat. " " Certainly, sir. Try this one on, sir, and the mirror ' s on your left. " Is this a jungle scene? " asked the slightly uncertain individual at a movie. " No, " replied his friend. " You are looking at the picture through the foliage of a woman ' s hat. " FRANKLIN P H A R M A C Y Prescription D r u g c i s t s M. W. Hilliger, Ph.G. Phone Garfield 1169 5700 York Blvd. at Ave. 57 ( 153) Three Barbers JS iifr . Up-to-Date Equipment Royal Barber Shop John Mucciaro 556-1 Pasadena Avenue Toadies ' Hair Bobbing HINER BAND SCHOOL MUSIC AND METHOD Band and Orchestra Routine Solo Interpretation 4757 Pasadena Avenue Garfield 5912 Eat Globe Ice Cream Drink Puritas Water FOR YOU R H E A L T H ' S S A K E 230 West Jefferson Street, Cor. Hill St. NOT A RASH STATEMENT AT THAT Ethel (to clerk in bookstore): " I want a standard novel to read on the train- nothing new or trashy. " Bob: " How would ' The Last Days of Pompeii ' do? " Ethel: " ' Pompeii ' ? I never heard of him. What did he die of? " Bob: " I think it was some kind of an eruption. " Paul M. (horseback riding): " Hey, you! Don ' t stop your ear in front of my horse. " Paul S: " Don ' t worry, I know the rules. Don ' t park in front of a plug. " Wm. Lane Company Distributors: " Stall Dean " Everything from Golf Clubs to Bathing Suits 20 Per Cent Discount to All Franklin High School Students 108 East Adams St. Los Angeles, Calif. ( 15-1 ) York Blvd. Paint Wallpaper Co. Free Plaque Lessons Garfield 9067 5036 York Boulevard IN LOS AfGELES On Broadway at Sixth IN HOLLYWOO D The Boulevard at Vine IN PASADENA Qothes do Qountf MULLEN 6 BLUETT clothiers Robt. P. Giles 5258 York Boulevard Ella Bossler G. B. GROCERY AND MARKET Garfield 0350 Mrs. Church: " Who can give me a sentence using the word fundamental? " Carey: " My sister went out horseback riding and when she came home for lunch she had to eat fundemental. " DRAW US ANOTHER, BOY " Are you a doctor, " she asked the young man at the soda fountain. " No, Madam, " lie replied, " I ' m just a fizzieian. " Dry Cleaning Relining Repairing PRESTO CLEANERS TAILORING Geo. F. Smith, Proprietor 5593 York Boulevard Phone Garfield 9317 ( 155 ) Ladies ' and Gentlemen ' s Work a Specialty Strictly Sanitary STEPHENS BARBER SHOP 793 No. Avenue 50 Los Angeles, Calif. Highland Park Grocery David J. Matchett GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Garf. 1994 - Garf. 6227 Ave. 50 at Monte Vista St. ighland Park Laundry W A T C H V S G R W Phone Capitol 5584 A LIGHT LUNCH " Bring me another sandwich, please. " " Will there be anything else? " " A paper weight. The last sandwich blew away. " G. Cruickshank Phone Trinity 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers 306-308 N. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, Calif. OWN YOUR LIBRARY Start It With a Book or Two at a Time Helpful Suggestions for Your Selections The JONES BOOK STORE, Inc. 426-428 West Sixth Street Opposite Pershing Square IV- - UsJILal We Call and ' ' 77T : ' j% i W I Deliver | _. y f7 SAM J KALIS, Mull ' " V-M; jjjjj : j to« | _ y Proprietor NEiW l £ TA!| )]flNf, ' Garf. 1671 TRAM (YUKIV J MARK New York Tailoring , Cleaning and Dve House 5805 York Blvd. Since 1913 Calvin — ' ' How did you know that he was a sailor? " Henry — " He said that he believed in the freedom of the sieze. " And if that doesn ' t rcork — Coolidge — " How did you know that he was a Federal agent? " Ford — " He said that he believed in freedom of the sieze. " Note laugh, demmit, laugh. ( 156 ) IT ' S CHILE A T CHILE VILLE MORE LIKE HOME THAN HOME IS! TOM CANNING ' S FAMOUS CHILE! (HOT STUFF. ' ) Proud Father (showing triplet to visitor) — " What do you think of them? " Tom (pointing to one in middle) — " I ' d keep that one. " — Awgwan. o Delta Zeta — " Now, dear pupils, what hapened to Anthony? " Who — " He was hooked by the College Widow. " — Axcgwan. F. J. Gaspard, M.D. 5928 York Blvd. Garfield 5028 A. VOLLMER Verdugo Bakery 1046 Verdugo Road S. SIMONOFF PIONEER GROCER Seven Years On York Boulevard Booster and Taxpayer NATIONAL GROCERY 5757 Aldama St. Everything for the Table Call Garfield 9705 for Delivery PETITE SCHOOL OF DANCING " The Newest in Dance Steps " Special Rates to Students 5004 York Blvd. York Prof. Bldg. W. E. BOCKMAN TILE CO. Manufacturers of Floor Tiles (5300 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles Thoroughlv Cleaned, Properly Pressed WELLS Cleaning — Dyeing 805 N. Avenue 54 " Garfield 0438 CROSS ROADS PHARMACY Steve Patterson, Prop. Reliable Pharmacists 3817 Glassell Ave., Cor. Verdugo Albany 2311 Buy Los Angeles Made Candies They are Fresher They are Better They keep the Family Purse fuller WESTERN CONFECTIONERS ASSOCIATION E. A. HOFFMAN CO. 634 San Pedro St. Los Angeles ( 157 ) The Wunder Inn Restaurant •1611 York Boulevard ALL HOME COOKING Open from 6 a. m. to 1 a. m. Phone Garfield 6997 " Mother, can I have those apples on the sideboard? " " Yes, dear ! " " Oh, I am so glad you said ' yes ' . " " Why, are you so hungry? " " No, but I have eaten thern already. " r Q This Space Donated to Franklin High School from a Very Good Jriend RELIABILITY Serving Schools for Sixteen Years THE LARGEST AND OLDEST MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL JEWELRY AND STATIONERY IN THE WEST The T. V. ALLEN COMPANY 810-816 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, California ( 158 ) Watches 5.505 Pasadena Ave. S e y m a u r s JEWELRY STORE Pine Repairing Diamonds Phone Garfield 3301 Dorothy, the little daughter of a tire salesman, had seen triplets for the first time. " Oh, Mother, " she cried, on returning home, " what do you guess I saw today? " " I can ' t imagine, dear. What? " " A lady that had twins — and a spare! " Hansen Milk and Cream ' ' FROM HEALTHY COWS " This Milk Is Exceptionally F r e s li and Pure RECEIVED TWICE DAILY From the Dairy ■M jt DELIVERED TWICE DAILY To Our Customers -Jt D r i n k M r e M i I k It I s Your Best E r i e n d A well-known manufacturer received an exceedingly hitter complaint from a cus- tomer, and wired the local representative to call, pacify, and report. In due season the manufacturer received this cryptic telegram: " Saw Mr. Brown and explained. He was well pleased when I left. " J I M M Y B L O H M • Vhelma Gray Blohm lr ankltn Jf 1 o fu t X £ I? " P Phone Garfield 4943 5533 Pasadena Ave. ( 159) KOREAN QUALITY MARKET Fresh Vegetables, Quality Fruits Staple Groceries of Popular Brand We Take Care of Flower Orders for all Occasions 5709-11 York Blvd. Phone GArfield 4420 Theatre Organ Playing Piano : Classic : Popular MABEL FULLER WOODS Garfield 1132 221 W. Ave. -15 GENE ' S DRY GOODS Ladies ' and Gents ' Furnishings • 3406 Glassell Avenue Glassell Park Agent for Federal Tires SANDERS SERVICE STATION SHELL-UNION-ETHYL AND RICHFIELD GAS 1849 San Fernando Road Drunk, on a boat, leaning on rail, furtively asks sailor: " If that ' s the moon down there, how in hell did I get here? " 50-50 HARDWARE R. W. King, Prop. 5050 York Blvd. Phone Garfield 28.54 Shoes for the Family YORK BOOTERY 5254 York Blvd. TEURMAN SEED PLANT CO. Fuel, Feed, Hay and Fertilizers Seeds, Plants, Flowers 5823 Pasadena Ave. Phone Gar. 0826 BURKE ' S Confectionery, Ice Cream, Stationery, School Supplies, Kodak Finishing Gar. 1353 5436 Monte Vista St. Federal Tires Accessories MODERN AUTO CAMP AND SERVICE STATION Lee A. Davis 1849 San Fernando Road SILVER MOON CONFECTIONERY 4 9 5 1 York Boulevard W. R. Dixon, Proprietor Garfield 9075 V You ' iv Tri id the Rest, Note Try the Best " E. B . SPENCER Tailoring C 1 e i inii g , Pressing, Dyeing All Work We Ma Guaranteed kc a Specialty We Call for and Deliver of Remodeling Ladies ' and Gents ' Garments Phone Garfi ■Id 5586 Six 1 ' ears in the Same Location 873 Annandale Blvd. (160) EVERYTHING FOR THE COLLEGE MAN Recreation Center Bids. 5627 Pasadena Avenue NO MARKET FOR IT Lady of the House: " Why don ' t you go to work? Don ' t you know that a rolling stone gather s no moss? ' ' Jerry (the tramp): " Madam, not to evade your question at all, but merely to obtain information, may I ask of what practical utility moss is to a man in my condition? ' ' Business Man: " Yes, I advertised for a boy. Do you smoke? " Bob Skager : " No, thanks, ' but you can treat me to an ice cream soda. " Bernice: " Do you believe in fairy tales? " Peggy: " No, but my husband seems to think I do. " As we journey through life let us live by the way. Have a jolly good time, as the young folks would say — In riding in autos, chassis or cars, • Buy only the best: BAXTER ' S CANDY BARS. Makers of OH! SKINNY 10c MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE THE WHIP ORIGINAL PUFF BARS - NUT CREAM CLUSTERS BAXTER CANDY COMPANY Buy Made in Los Angeles Goods Angry Parent (striding into dimly lighted room): " Young man, I ' ll teach you to make love to my daughter ! " " Hoot " : " Wish you would, old top! I ' m not making much headway. " Professor: " You missed class yesterday, didn ' t you? " Lvnn : " Not at all, old boy, not at all. " Atte ntion Class Officers and Advisors Sweate rs - Class Uniforms - Caps - Gowns - Tennis Dresses Phone Dunkir k 8147 (School Contract Dept.) 10.31 W. Seventh St. E. B. MYERS COMPANY Makers of the official athletic suit for girls in L. A. Ji . and S -. High Schools (1«1 ) Prevent.? All Throat Diseases The Only loci ne A ntiseptic M o [_ O Keep That Sweet Brea th Nature Gave You Cures T o n s i 1 i t i s , Pyoi r h e a , R e c e d i n g Gums May Be Secured at All Leading Drugstores Labora tories, Los Angeles Calif. 4% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Open Saturday Evenings 6 to 8 Convenient Community Service Institution Glassell Park Agency United States National Bank 3163 Glassell Avenue Albany 2313 Main Office Spring at Eighth Street A. J. Hartzell Motor Co. Authorized Nash Sales and Service Nash Leads the World in Motor Car Value G017 Pasadena Avenue Garfield 5215 ( 162 ) Compliments of Sugar ' s YORK THEATER Ave. 50 and York Blvd. Garfield 7295 EAGLE ROCK THEATER Eagle Rock Blvd. Albany 1517 The RELY-ON HOSIERY SHOPPE FOR STYLE AND QUALITY FOR BETTER VALUE AND GUARANTEE 6302 Pasadena Ave. Violin, Piano, Voice Training A. W. Albers J. F.Newman 722-3 Majestic Theatre Bldg. Tucker 2573 Terms Reasonable Unusual Photographs Priced Right to Graduates MARYLAND STUDIO 381 E. Colorado Pasadena " Everything for the Office " Pasadena Typewriter Add. Machine Co. 1188 E. Colorado St. Terrace 2094 Pasadena, Cal. THOROMAN PHARMACY Courtesy and Service Garfield 1 572 7-i9 No. Avenue 50 Los Angeles, Cal. SOMETIMES EVEN SOCRATES would lie pressed to know whether it " s the Clothes or the Man. Good impressions have a habit of registering, just the same. J)esmondS 616 BROADWAY LOS ANGELES KARAN SHORTHAND STUDIO OF CALIFORNIA Day and Evening Classes TU. 9186 806-8 Broadway Arcade A B MARKET C. C. Ayres 707 Annandalc Boulevard Phone Gar. 1198 DOW " You Know It ' s Good " ( 163 ) Visitors Welcome to the Largest Si nee — " „ " J. A. MYERS CO., Inc. JEWELERS and STATIONERS 822 South Flower Street Los Angeles A J. M . M O L L E T T Cement Contractor Personal Supervision Estimates on Request Albany 2605 4553 Glassell BLUE GOOSE CLEANERS, DYERS Men ' s Suits Cleaned Pressed, $1.00 Your Garments Are Insured 3402-04. Glassell Ave. Garfield 8208 TIME TO QUIT Neither Sambo nor Rastus could read the time of day — or anything else — but Sambo had a nice big Ingersoll, which he exhibited with a great air of superiority. " What time am it? " asked Rastus. Sambo hesitated, and then extended the time piece, saying, " Dar she am! " Rastus looked at it carefully, and said, " Darn if she ain ' t! " WHITE SWAN BAKERY Our baking, " Just a little different " 5044 York Blvd. Furniss Bros. Confectionery 5 3 2 York Boulevard ' ' For Stuff to Eat W e Can ' t Be Beat ( 1«4 ) FRANKLIN BARBER SHOP WHERE BARBERING IS AN ART 5605 Pasadena Avenue J Ladies ' Hair Bobbing and Shingling ,S ELMER B. GREGORY Proprietor Highland Park Laundry Agency Shoe Shining best in the city Baths ' Jive Stores to Serve tfiu ' Football Supplies A complete stock of athletic needs including supplies for Football, Soccer Basketball, Baseball IN THE SPORTS SHOF— LOWER STREET FLOOR When You Think Watches, Think P. J. FLAHERTY CO. Watchmakers Jewelers Complete Optical Dept. Vandike 9255 681 Central Ave. Store No. 2 : 2635 Dayton Ave. Capitol 2952 AFTER A FASHION Franklin Coaxed Lightning From the Clouds SO PENDL FURS plus PENDL QUALITY SINCE 1 ) Combines a Complete Service — CLEANING, LINING, RE-STYLING STORAGE Coats, Scarves, Collar and Cuff Sets ■TiV4I.H ; l!A l x? n n Telephone Tucker 2596 935 S. Broadway, 3rd Floor (165) Garfield 0181 H. H, Grotthouse HARDWARE Sherwin-Williams Paints 5703-05 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles " Not a bad looking car vou have there, Brown; what ' s the most you ever got out of it? " " Six times in one mile. " Harold (stopping the car): " I can ' t drive any farther for a while. My wrist is asleep. " Elise: " How original ! " P rnafrfaan (ttttshtntc (Formerly Temple Costume 525 So. Broadway, Near Fifth St, . (Omttpait Co.) Second Floor 8 Los Angeles, California COSTUMES --Every Kind, for Every Occasion, Made New or Rented— COSTUMES Special Prices Extended to Schools for Operas, Dramas, Prologues, Etc. No Charge to Assist or Manage in School Presentations Miss Van Camp: " This is the third time you have looked at George ' s paper. ' Malamphey: " Yes, ma ' am, he doesn ' t write very plain. " " Little girl, why are you so interested in these birds? " " Well, I just learned that there ain ' t no Santa Claus and I ' m out here to invest! gate this stork proposition. " Jno. W. Gray, Pres. Ray T. Prettyman, Sec. Jas. G. McEwen, J ' ice-Pres. Highland Park Drug Co., Inc. Corner of Pasadena Avenue and Avenue 57 Free Delivery Until 9 p. m. Garfield 0596 - Garfield 3610 Los Angeles, California (166) WATCHES DIAMONDS E. B. J E VV Kizer E L E R Watch, CI ock and Jewelry Repairing Phone Garfield 2569 5633 Pasadena Ave. B R U N X E R ' S BAKERY We Use No Substitutes 5 10 York Blvd. Garfield 14 9 A fraternity had sent their curtains to the cleaners. It was the second day that the house had stood unveiled. One morning the following note arrived from a sorority across the avenue : " Dear Sirs: ' ' May we suggest that you procure curtains for windows ? We do not care for a course in anatomy. " The chap who left his shaving to read the note answered : " Dear Girls: " The course is optional " — Ski-U-Mah. ' Tell me, Donald, how many sheep have you in your flock? " ' That I can ' t say, your reverence. You see, every time I count them I fall asleep. — Yale Record. Get Our Catalog Half an d Evening Sessions UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST Associated Colleges: L. A. College of Music and Arts L. A. College of Accountancy L. A. College of Law L. A. Prep School EFFICIENCY BUSINESS COLLEGE 747 S. Hill Street Tucker 2580 HOLLAND ELECTRIC SHOP John C . Holland ELECTRICAL — RADIO — MUSIC Phone Garfield 3912 5632 Pasadena Ave. (167) Ipbe protone, Jflasiter of tfje bbep of H an Cnctno, announced tfje djapel i£ being ugeb for toebbtngs, anb tfjat tfje ghtgelus $ipe rgan is available for stubent practice, tEbe console ig planneb ( 168 ) Chas. W. Morgan of Bedford Oj. Just as the famous old whaler pictured above is safe in her home port after many perilous journeys over stormy seas— so is your annual safe in the port of Completion. The men whose duty has been a pleasure in the guidance of your " craft " take this opportunity of wishing those about to sail forth on the sea of life mON VOYAGE! Ben H, Hooper Waldo E, Edmunds BKtANBRANDENBURG CO. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ( 169 ) e IrTorfetn Official Photographer for Franklin Almanac LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 73.5 SOUTH HILL STREET Tucker 7887 (170) o J tpatutei (171) IGNATURES ( 172 ) SIGNATURES (173) G N U R E (174) SIGNATURES ( 175 ) N U R (170) SIGNATURES 1AJ 3 ) (177 ) ? , ® : Highland Park c R E S s E S Eagle Rock ( ITS) m iff to vVhe e 34 c ?

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