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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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4 ,T . V .- 4 nf . ,6,. xr.. . ' Af UL -1. . y-lv, 4. 4 'L 'I v . 'A I' iii. 1 mug, gs. .At Q. .1. ' .T M", 1 , . ,-lf, '. E: . 1 J . :,. .0 .g. v 1-H A , ' Gigi: . in . .,. , .JK ,' s., .' i- . L 1' 'Q f 1.3, w", ' .1252 :QAM A 1, . ...f -.45 .,, gg 1-"L 1 ,It .". If '? wg? V.. ,, V rg.. .Q , ln-. -W f. "Ph In ., J, i. ' '11 ,, Al.. 'f 1, +45 'Q 1? ,i ff. ,' .!a,.f, TK' if as U55 ,4 . 19. M W, ., T ,. .A J, 42.1 'fy J 'il -cg-6 '. pta 1 sf..- .' :V , -, 1 "rw 1. ,',,.. VT 25 4.2. gg. nf H., '-. " ' 132. . N , f ' fi- 2 n. 'E-X It v -T? f . A In ' ' f f P. 1 -'- -1 -, , 51- ' A 1. .Q . ' J , X qi . 'f',, 'ff . ui, 'Q 'Qc .15 Q . -.- .,.. ,. 'Q 1 :VX ,fr , , ' V 1 -Q '- 'f .A 1: .nn ' 1 1'-jx I 1 ,,, , p ,-L. X P' , ' f I N 1 -r UL. - A fy. ,. 6 t. Mx . fm 41' Ln F-ff: - - 1 .. .1 ".'a 3:-r A 'sl P .,.x. L . n. .' .C 'v-, 1 . v , W,l..x, 1 r .,,w-, jr 4. , w 5 f,,. 7 1 .L. . -c.s-- 'Qm QV-- A :,A, .'f P U ' -' 1, 41 '- ' n -, sv 1 ,PA 'Zz . M , Y' X :w.-!. ' v., , , . ,I 1 - '1 w"' ,fa fb- tr x. M ,N V: 0' '11 ' . 'lx ' JN '5,.- . .1'.w. WFM .-w .4 , -, C :li W - A K' s A X x ' f V' 4 J 41' -4 .45 . :LW u' '.t,.f ' M , .. ,A ,,. ,. , 1 ' . fs- 'H :I-'1--+1 - rf Va' Hit 4 .,'f',x,-' .,v I 1 , ' x :ff J- yy jg., . .ru r 4 1 .rx W . .. -,F gy ,Jllv x.1! f -- v fs ,.n. iq, .YA , A f 1 , ,, .1 J , . , . .. Y. .-1. .- H1 , .. . 4, .-. . -,ff Q ' w ,', ,. 4,9 7, ,mu w.-Q. ., 1 . . . . N, L 1 -.- 1., ' -.4 , In ww. ' - ' V Y' -1" H 'Q 1 ' LA, , .fw- ww, J ' Y, .A ,:a. .-r V . ,X , ,-V , 1 w .- ,X . L.,. ' N, Au 1:- ,,. 5. :-, sg. f . jg. ,,X1.,m,.1h va- 1f'.1f,f,,.Af ,Ns 4 'r".S 5 A955 1.3 + , Akiix JE f ,'..,z-f 1 14 A 3 Nw! 25, 'IA 4 ...A ,+A X ..,,,.,,,,-I M :V ww s. -, w.-,J f f .- rw-'LH ,lg n' HN iz ZW L GIF? fl , 46. Franmngham State Cvilm , if 'A Af-issacngseie f' 1 I 1 ' 1 ,Q uf E, . Q A unfb g gg Q DIGI tate Teachers College t Framingham, Mass. FGREWCDRD This past year has been a year of change, of new under- talcings and experiences. We have seen our campus expand with the dedication, during Education Week, of our beautiful new building, Edmund Dwight l-lall. We have seen relations between students, faculty, and alumnae be- come more firmly bound together through the Student Alumnae Building Drive which will, we all hope, result in another fine new building, a place dedicated to friend- ship and co-operation, to talce the place of our comfortable, old C. C. C. cottage. We have seen old friends, both students and faculty, depart, and others arrive, not to talce the place of the old, but to mal4e their own places in our hearts. And so we have lived in this year of change, loolcing ever forward to the greatest change of all, the step down from our quiet hill into the noisy byways of life, but through the web of our new life will always run the thread of our happy memories of Framingham. QOINIIEIXIT5 DEDICATION IN MEIVIORIAIVI WELCOME VIEWS FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPI-IOMORES FRESI-IMEN SENIOR BIOGRAPHY ORGANIZATIONS I-ILIIVIOI2 I 'T 7171 'fu Tgivg ,IRE ramI..g.:a.z2 Qiznie College Frammgham, Massachusetts DEDICATICDN To Dr. Meier, WILLIAM I-I. D. MEIER our beloved Teacher and Friend, who, after F ' ' r Colle e is graduating with our twenty-seven years o service In ou 3 , class, we, the Class of 'I938 atiectionately dedicate this volume. XA uf,-. ., in 'rg J fr: if 'fp if? i WWW. 0 ssa ,F QXWJV Vyvl 5 wt if if H Z ff KN e v ' I f Ag 735217 5, 4 rf ' X 4 Q - 'f "' X 421223 ak , if 66 iv . Q, . W 2 ff ,Q .V V. A 3,""i,!ZN 5 , 3' L 'W 'JM . ' 4' . , ., ii ' ,.,, . t 2 ' ' W A.. . ,, I U .,,.-tg. Q ' ' f f 1' v'iTf'f'.3b,,' , ,L 5- .affair , 4714. , 'f ., - ,- '5 i-.f'f'0?,-M 'Af' It " 5 ', " tf fi H170' 14 IN QYWEMQRIAM tpq Cl-ribule ARLINE POOLE "They are not dead who live ln hearts they leave behind. ln those vvhom they have loved They live a liie again And shall live through the yearsf' I-lugh Robert Orr. With high ideals for herself and her students she strove constantly to reach the heights. Ever loyal to family, Friends, students, and profession, she gave unstintingly of time and energy. Respected and loved by friends and associates, she lived a rich and happy life. May her spirit linger ever in the hearts she leaves behind. 5 -l-rilbule lo Mr. Riecl T0 FREDERICK W. RIED For your earnest guiclance, unlailing interest, ancl valuable experience wlwiclm was always at our service, time Dial stall wislwes to express its most sincere appreciation. QUELCQME ln the name of tne Faculty and students of our college We Wel- come you to Framingham with the sincere wish that your time spent in service nere will be as nappy as were your student years upon the hill. is ,A Wife- ' ff' fa 'mfs N W...-, 2' we ,' - ff K .47 ,J of , 1529, 42 wx Q 4 3-41 A ' 0 1 " ew, fr WN, O nb'fa'e.Q?vg ,M , ,gym me ' 1gQ64fw,ggg2715153:7liC5S-L?f'F' rr Q 1 mg. 6 r 'JK I KH lg .. eq W Ming S if. .4 A5 :qs 'H- ar 1 if Tm- ' ' .' 'es5s.2v:..S': Ei' -' F k 'J ,ng -vc ' 'nies-.5 '1 '3,f4f.T'f -ix.: A gig- ' V 1262 5421 325 M 351 " rpg' 51:1 ,g f ima- M 1 mfg ,ww ' 'k 3.0:-" . -gain .lm QQ -A .-'A " X QQ.-4 'ygw .yd gg, -' V W iffiff , ' - ' V ffl-A, V gig- Ch' .' : sag A K-3.7: " vikbzl C' w .,i few 345, lil' ' r r 'WSW Q. , W . X . ,mygif Q., ,A i 'L'fyif, , , GQ., 'I ff 4:26 QUELCG IVXE EDWARD F. GILDAV, JR. To you, Mr. Gilday, our new Music Director, we extend a most cordial welcome. ln tlwis snort year you lwave become one ol us, worlc- ing and co-operating with Faculty and students to make our college life riclmer and Fuller. X ,.,f- - -za, --4'-,fe-1 -' A ., E1 s, 1' , , ff 'H 0 gf .ah xt xAQ f 4 1 " 1 . ' ' t 5 q, X' ' , r . 11? P" ,Zi l V - 3 f yg .lungggyzw I . if ' , , U" -pm., . , if Qzfdfp .N i Wswvfvlivf 4- in .Q f f'fF2:'f5'?'J 'K -. Ag ff.N X. . ffl 4' wx x -ff it -'1 :Axf f" s PL q - fgT'7'v XA, ff ffzi , ' -L , , WW., -. x 2 1 K N: ,Mir .f 5:5-f ,-QQ. .,.. 0 'C S11 1 ff' au.,.,4 M-,xi ni K .uf 'Q 6 1 My L N'-Qffbxf r If IJ 4399 U X, X2 Qi',j!. Z . - h-A - , QF -A iff P, 1 . 1 . . - ' aff, ivy, .yu 1 2, e A' -A:'f'?1,3Qf , , - f., ff? ' . 'fi sf,,,,f,,f 'K-wg. bk ,..,, ., a sv X, r-MJ -v-7 KW: Li' ff ,,, sw H1 'fu ffjsjf-,'2' :g,pi Ni f ', ig., sz ifcx, ,gb J 1' : 2 c:11.3?LzZpqy:q,' "'Hf'2p!',L1'l Jffllf ' 1... . jg ... ,s ,Ka 1" ' s . ,.... 7- 1 ' w. 1-, . I 1 Hill,-'. ' ' 'X di .' - ' .lf .N .1 Q., -fl 1 ,. 'fm ' ' ,....k-. . ., . J YQ : ' 5 W' .1 ,. - -A Jia- , .15 ..- N1-A 'JH nl' ,U . 1: In , , .4 -Y 'nf .- , .M . .ff W , Q ,.-- ri rx ' -'l 'f '2 .. ...w ., ,4..,,1 , , ,- ., . 'c.. .f , H, .,, f t. I. ,',..4 ,X Ar-1.5 . ' L. 1 I .,4 A 4 , vw 3 I Y ,. x. A . 'f ,,,.' .V f .ni fx, f ,2..,.Y'...-A-.,,..,.. . .',.,. ff . . yh mg ,..'.4' X ,M " 5 5'.ll'I1551-1 1'lT'!'F?f?', 52- - ..,,.-H4 , I I ,v,,'Ni1" i W f,.,,..--,-K,M- xg. ,U . fr f . . . . . . 1 1 U 1, '.w .X 'l. ". ' pq . '. . ' , .m. -I ."' 'Nr ,. . .. Q, ,1" , .. . .,. ... .W HH .-.' J". ' 1 ' .y . , . ...' -. H " .N 1" ..x.Il X, I '21-, '. us. -1- , ' 'A .. .Aflm v V fH.Tn4-5:0 " 'F ' ' qn , . 4 , Y 1 1 ' x. ,. f w .0 . . . . , ,,, .., 1 v ,,,.4. V. .. M2345 .A '- ..,.., . ,f.,. tv ,Q v'.'..',Vk A: xg! 1 1' ' 1' ,.yQ...,... - . . .. , ,,fv.,1.., .' ., wa. , ,Y ' v' f., .,r. . .:1 .QV ' if, .,'., I .QCA 4 7,1 W 1 L.: 'f Q .H 1-yu-,'.f. . M 1 . mi.. 3, J., ,A ' ,iw 5' .. ' 4 ' '1. ' " 1- . . .1 , 'V' " ' 1 . . ' , Uv.. ' '. . .. 1.1-.41 L. ' -' ,- . . : 'J ', . ', A 4 r-A. ,,. . 1 1 ', L ' --'N 1 -4' . . I . , A .' y , . ,wg .+. . - - I x . , x. U.. ,Y...,.f..:y.. . -H,..',.., X-., 'lm 4 ,. ,-',.f ., .,.-. I., , , f. ..:l:f,p Q, .px A '24 . 1' W -ivuz' 9 K. ' fil' . 1 . ,,!'iu . ...Q W . 1 . . t..... 4 1 J ww, J ff 121 . - Y f .. ' 1 1 ve 4 'V b, ' ' N .U FACULTY ,v MARTIN F. O'CONNOR President Precious is friendship when friend call to,friend Be strong, here is my hand, let us ascend. ' X - ' 'S' -assn.....,, I , -f-wwf t ,aff in . T -as-M62 EDITH A. SAVAGE Dean Diploma, State Teachers College at Framingham, Certificate for Institutional Management from Simmons College, BS. in Education from Boston University, Teacher of grades in Agavvam, Medtield and Boston, Training teacher at Spellman College in Atlanta, Georgia, Teacher and Social Worker at "Talitha Cumi," welfare home in Jamaica Plain, Director of Children's Home in Manchester, N. I-I., l-louse Director of Y. W. C. A. in l-lolyoke, Mass. "To cultivate sympathy you must be among living beings and thinking about them, to cultivate admiration, among beautiful things and looking at them." -Ruskin. LUCILLE G. FRENCH 50 Jackson Road, West Medford Household Arts Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, Special Diploma in Supervision of Household Arts, and B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University, Assistant in Science, Framingham Normal School, lnstructor in Foods, Teachers College, Director of Foods and Nutrition, James Milliken University, Decatur, Illinois, lnstructor of Foods, Pine Manor School, Wellesley, Mass., Began teaching at Framingham Normal in 1922. "Do not live so close to the warp and woof of life that you fail to see the pattern." -D. L. Moody. DOROTHY E. WEEKS 9 Higgins Street, Auburndale Foods Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham 1919 Summer School, State Normal School at Hyannis Boston University Massachusetts State College at Amherst BS Columbia University, 1926, Graduate Studv Columbia University, Teacher in Springfield High School and Newton High School Began teaching at State Teachers College at Framingham in 1922. "The power oi spirit behind one is always greater than the human task before one." MAY C. TURNER 75 Maynard Road, Framingham , Foods Diploma, Stout institute, Menomonie, Wisconsin, B.S.,'M.A., Columbia University, Diploma, Supervisor of Household Arts, Teachers College, Columbia University, Instruction in Household Arts and Critic Teacher, State Teachers College Moorhead, Minnesota, 1919-1927, lnstructor in Foods, State Teachers College, Bulialo, New York, 1929-1931, State Chairman, Student Home Economics Clubs, New York State, 1930-1931, Assistant lnstructor in Foods, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1931-1932, lnstructor in Foods, Teachers College, Columbia University, Summer Ses- sions, 1932-1933, Assistant Critic Teacher in Home Eco- nomics, School of Rural Education, Cornell University, 1932- 1933. "lf you would create something-you must be something." l E:-2 35' f' l 5.11 1 MILLICENT M. COSS 164 State Street, Framingham Head of Clothing Department, Instructor in Household Arts Education, Historic Textiles AB., lndiana State University, B.S. and M.A. in Household Arts Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. "The golden opportunity ls never oFFer'd twice, seize then the hour When Fortune smiles and duty points the way,- Nor shrinlc aside to 'scape the spectre fear,- Nor pause though pleasure beclcon from her bower- But bravely beat thee onward to the goal." -Old Play. MUR!EL CABOT BUCKLEY 11 Orchard Street, Belmont Elementary Clothing, The Appreciation and Economics of Dress - Diploma, State Teachers College, Framingham, B.S., leachers College, Columbia University, Harvard University Summer Session, Cornell University Summer Session. "What you have in your heart you keep, But not what you hold in your hands!" -Arthur Wallace Perch. FLORENCE E. AMIDON 29 Pleasant Street, Framingham Junior and Senior Clothing, Textiles, Historic Textiles Teacher oi Clothing, Newton Vocational High School, Newtonville, and in Women's Educational and lndustrial Union, Boston. "Happiness comes not from the power of possession, but from the power of appreciation." -H. W. Sylvester. ' CATHERINE A. BROSNAN 16 Rittenhouse Road, Worcester Sophomore Clothing, Children's Clothing B.S. in Education, 1937, from Framingham State Teachers College. "The entire object of education is to make people not merely do the things, but enjoy the right things-not merely industrious, but to love industry-not merely learned, but to love knowledge,-what we like determines what we are and to teach taste is to inevitably form character." -Ruskin. DEBORAH M. RUSSELL 4 Hudson Street, Worcester Chemistry, Nutrition Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Chief Dietitian, Boston Floating l-lospital, B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University, A.M., Columbia University, Courses, l-larvard University, Boston University, New York University, Member American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, New England Association of Chemistry Teachers. "No soul can soar too loftily whose aim ls Cuod-given and Brother Love of man.'i QU STUART B. FOSTER 1 Maynard Road, Framingham Chemistry, Nutrition B.S., Massachusetts State College, 1914, Assistant Chemist, McClure Laboratories, Westtield, Mass., 1915-1917, Lieutenant, Sanitary Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1919, A.M., 1921, Ph.D., 1995, Columbia University, Member, American Chemical Society, New England Associa- tion of Chemistry Teachers. "The search for truth is in one way hard, and in another easy, For it is evident that no one can master it fully, nor miss it fully. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature, and from all the Facts assembled there arises grandeur." -Aristotle. ELEANOR F. CHASE 45 Highland Street, Amesbury Chemistry B.S., Massachusetts Agricultural College, M.S., Massachu- setts Agricultural College, Assistant in Chemistry, Massa- chusetts Agricultural College, Research Assistant in Food Chemistry and Graduate Student Art, Columbia University, Ph.D., Columbia University. "There is no great and no small To the Soul that malceth all." -Emerson. t l K WILLIAM H. D. MEIER 177 State Street, Framingham Head of Department of Biology Diploma, lllinois State Norma! University, A.M., Ph.D., Har- vard, Teacher Rural Schools, Principal High Schools, Superin- tendent of Schools in Illinois, lnstructor of Botany, Harvard University, Fellow of American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, Author: "Herbarium and Plant De- scription," "Plant Studyf' "Animal Study," "School and Home Gardens," "Study of Living Things," "Open Doors to Science," and "Essentials of Biology" with Lois Meier, and "Biology Notebook" with Dorothy Meier. "Study the past to divine the future." -Confucius. EMMA A. HUNT 30 Henry Street, Framingham Hygiene, General Science A.B., Wellesley College, 1914, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1925, Summer Session M.A.C., As- sistant Biology, State Normal School at Framingham, 1914- 1915, Teacher Biology and General Science, Framingham, High School, 1915-1920, Courses, Boston University and Alleghany School of Natural History, Member of New England Health Education Association, and American Public Health Association. "To live greatly in one's world, one must companion with men s greater triumphs." -Harry Overstreet. GRACE BROWN GARDNER 53 Milk Street, Nantucket Biology, Microbiology, Nature Study Diploma, State Normal School at Bridgewater, A.B., Cornell University, A.M., Brown University, Primary Schools, New Bedford, Harrington Normal Training School, New Bedford, It-lelag of Department of Biology, B.M.C., Durfee High School, a iver. According to D. C. Peattie, in An Almanac for Moderns, "There is no philosophy with a shadow of realism about it, save a philosophy based upon Nature." LINWOOD L. WORKMAN 17 Church Street, Framingham Household Physics, Sociology, and Social Problems AB., Colby College, 1902, Tufts Summer School of Biology, Harpswell, Maine, 1902, Ed.M., Graduate School of Educa- tion, Harvard University, 1927, Instructor at Colby Academy, Wakefield High, Watertown High, Principal of Higgins Classical Institute, Principal of Peters High School, Southboro. "Follcs'll learn a lot if their eyes ain't shetf' -Holman Day. SARAH S. CUMMINGS 35 Cambridge Road, Woburn Social Studies AB., Colby College, 1907, M.A., Boston University, 1936, History lnstructor, Lynn English High School, Head of Girls Department, Lynn Continuation School, Began teaching in State Teachers College at Framingham in 1924. "Learning Without thought is labour lost, thought Without learning is perilous. SARA M. ARMSTRONG Pleasant Street, Framingham Psychology, Education AB., Tufts College, A.M., Columbia University, lnstructor at Danbury Normal School. Began teaching at State Teachers College at Framingham in 1918. Whosoever you are be it with all your strength." -William James i l MAUDE B. GERRITSON 9 Church Street, Framingham English Composition, Literature Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S, and A.M., 'bealchers College, Columbia University, A.M., Wellesley o ege. "lt takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity." MARJORIE SPARROW 1140 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill English A.B., Radclitie College, 1914, M.A., Wellesley College, 1931, Composition Tutor at Wellesley and Wheaton Colleges, "Culture is an ideal, not a possibility. A college does not educate a man, it merely gives him an index to an education. DOROTHY LARNED 149 Highland Avenue, Winchester English, French, Education, Citizenship Training A.B., Mount l-lolyoke, 1912, M.A., Middlebury, 1931: Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1934, Penn- sylvania State, Chateau du Montcel, Jouy-en-Josas, Alliance Francaise, Paris, Universite de Paris, Institut de Phonetique, Framingham l-ligh School, Teacher of French and German, 1914-1922, Head of Foreign Language Department, 1922- 1928, Repetitrice d'Anglais, Ecole Normale d'lnstitutrices d'Angers, France, 1928-1829. Began teaching in State Teachers College at Framingham in 1929. "Sois,satisfait des Fleurs, des fruits, meme des Feuilles, Sic est dans ten iardin a tei tu les cueillesf' -Rostand, in Cyrano de Bergerac. -Percy Marks. RUTH H. CARTER 13 Clyde Road, Watertown Reading Methods, English, Book Selection State Normal School at Framingham, B.S. in Education, Boston University, Summer Session: Columbia, l-larvard, Boston University, London University, M.E., Boston University. "Life is mostly froth and bubble, Tvvo things stand like stone: Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own." -Adam Lindsay Gordon. I HAZEL REUTHER NIETZOLQ 303 South Street, Northampton Assistant, Practical Arts Department B.S., Massachusetts School of Art, 19228, Summer Sessions, Massachusetts State College, Berkshire Summer School of Art, Courses at Boston University, Museum School of Fine Arts, Massachusetts School of Art Evening School, and University Extension Courses, Assistant Art Supervisor, Framingham, 1929, Assistant Art Supervisor, Weymouth, 1929-1933. "The real test of character is joy, For what you rejoice in, that You love, and what you love, That you are like." -l-lenry Van Dyke. FREDERICK W. RIED 389 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville Graduate Massachusetts School of Art, Ex-President of M. S. A. Alumnae Association, U. S. Shipping Board during War, Member of Committee of Three on Organizing Public Schools lor War Service, Charter Member of Beach Combers of Provincetown, Ex-President of Massachusetts Art Teachers Association, Member of several Art Organizations, Con- sultant on "Art in Trade" problems. "A specialist may well be defined as a man who knows more and more about less and less. The arts and literature help us to reintegrate our vvorld after the specialist has dissected it." LOUISE KINGMAN Wellesley, Mass. Speech, Physical Education, Dramatics Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Rice School ol the Theatre, Oak Bluils, Mass., Leland Powers School of the Spoken Word, Boston, Head of the Department of Dance and Pageantry, Columbia College, Chicago. "Granted an average mind and an average ability, the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is the knack of getting along with people." -Theodore Roosevelt. BERNICE W. TAYLOR 1431 Broadway, Haverhill Physical Education Graduate, Sargent School of Physical Education, Special Diploma, B.S., lVl.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Taught in Haverhill Playgrounds, Public Schools, Hoosick Falls, New York, Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia, Sargent School Camp, State Normal Summer School at Hyannis. "The mind-is not the heart. I may yet live, as I knovv others live, To wish in vain to let go with the mind- Of cares, at night, to sleep, but nothing tells me That I need learn to let go with the heart." -Robert Frost. EDWARD F. GILDAY, JR. Framingham Music l-loly Cross College, New Yorlc University, B.S.f New Yorlc University, Mfx., Westminster Choir summer school, Director of Music, Public Schools, l-lolyolce, Mass., Director Com- munity Choral Society of l-lolyolce, Mass., Director Com- munity Choral Society of Framingham, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. "The more one learns to appreciate the beautiful, the more he will avoid and despise the ugly. -Anon. f L .fi ' S T L ,Q f ...r-wp .l f' ELLA C. RITCHIE Framingham Librarian, Library Science Graduate, Centenary Collegiate Institute, I-laclcettstown, N. J., B.S., Simmons College, Courses at Boston University, Librarian, State Normal School, Bloomsburg, Pa., Air Service, War Department, Washington, D. C., Cataloguer Free Public Library, Endicott, N. Y., Began service at F. T. C. 1993. "A little reading will oft make an intellectual giant, while the gluttonous, all-clevouring reader remains a dwarf. lt is true concerning readers that 'Pigmies are pigmies still though perched on Alps, and pyramids are pyramids in vales.' " -I' 1 t FLORENCE I. ROBBINS, R.N. 120 Main Street, Avon Resident Nurse, Instructor of l-lome Hygiene and Care of the Sick Diploma, Framingham Hospital. Life's a bully game with its lciclcs and curls- Some smile, some laugh, some blutly Some carry a load too heavy to bear While some push on with never a care, But the load vvill seldom heavy be Where l appreciate you and you appreciate me." -William Judson Kibley "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." ELIZABETH C. McMlLLAN 619 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, California Lunchroom Management, Household Administration, Dietetics Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, BS., Framingham, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Certificate, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Assistant Dietitian, Massachu- setts State College. , w s -1,lj L, . 34 -Emerson. CORINNE E. HALL 16 Linder Terrace, Newton Household Administration and Practice Teaching Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, A.M., Teachers College, and Special Diploma in Household Arts, Columbia University, University of California, Supervisor of Home Economics, Danbury, Conn., Teacher of Foods, New Yorlc City, Manual Training High School, Denver University, and Massachusetts State College, Amherst. "The goal in education is always the acquisition of knowl- edge, the training of some permanent capacity for productive- ness and enjoyment, and the development of character." -Dr. Charles W. Eliot. . wr. .1 f x. fn.. .ii ,p- MARION A. BRYANT 9 Dana Street, Cambridge Assistant Matron, Pierce Hall Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham. "Responsibility is one thing that all must face and that none Cdfl CSCGDZ. ANNIE L. D. SWAN Matron, Horace Mann Hall Diploma, Posse School of Physical Education. "The true nature of anything is the best it can grow into." EVELYN W. KEITH Greendale Station, Worcester Matron, Pierce Hall, Instructor of Institutional Management Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, Samaritan Hospital, Troy, N. Y., Teaching, Worcester, Dietitian, Mel- rose Hospital, Morton Hospital, Taunton, Margaret Pillsbury Hospital, Concord, N. H. "Remember that if the opportunities for great deeds should never come, the opportunity For good deeds is renewed day by day. The thing for us to long for is the goodness, not the gloryf, -F. W. Faber. MILDRED J. IVASKA 87 Pritchard Avenue West Somerville Principal Clerk ELEANOR BOWES Concord Terrace Framingham Senior Clerk MRS. CHARLES DICKINSON 86 Barber Road Framingham Center Junior Clerk x LOUIE G. RAMSDELL 9 Church Street, Framingham Geography Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Ph.B., University of Chicago, M.S., University of Chicago. "And the man who brings his labors to a successful issue- is he not one who neglects the things which are generally prized, and prizes the things which are generally forgotten? -Written of Buddha by a friend. i i 1 i l ANNE ROCHEFORT 35 Salem End Road, Framingham Education, Mathematics, Director of Training Diploma, State Normal School at Bridgewater, BS., Columbia University, Mft., New York University, service in Public Schools of Massachusetts, State Normal School at Framingham, Prince School of Store Service, Simmons College, Cleveland School of Education, School of Education, New York University. "If thou of fortune art bereft And in thy store there be but left Two loaves, sell one and with the dole Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul." -Old Persian X LOU LOMBARD 29 Denwood Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland Resident Supervisor of Vocational Household Arts Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S,, University of Minnesota, Teacher of Cookery, Washington, D.C., l-lome Demonstration Agent, University of Minnesota, Instructor of Foods in Teacher Training Department, University of Minne- siqataq Igonsultant in Nutrition, Massachusetts Department of ea t . "A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the wantfof a little courage. CHARLES E. DONER Reading Penmanship Diploma, Zanerian School of Penmanship, Columbus, Ohio, l-letfley School of Commerce, Brooklyn, Spencerial Commer- cial School, Clevelancl, Editorial Stall, Business Journal, New York, Commercial Teachers Federation, Zanerian Penmanship Association, New England Penmanship Association. "We work day after day, not to Finish things, but to malce the Future better, because we will spend the rest of our lives t ere. IL -an . N 1 S-I,-, 1 fx v-,A .A "f V 1 C 4 w ,paw-., .U XA rr A1 k I ff x .1 vi' , 3, .HFLXCQQQ .ff X "M ,1,',1y': SJ VK1 .R ,,wf'fg,fj f'. '1 fix-fi, , ffigiL,,fQ"f7 f X5 1 3, 1 -1 A . - 31. . A WL f 5W2??,QfiM SENICDRS 3 tml. .., . .- .i ,ya president . Vice-President Secretary . -lreasurer . Class Advisor l-lonorary Clas S M2mb2T emss orrieuas ,.- H:... H . Gladys Clark Barloara Tucker Elizabeth Newton Margaret Murpliy Miss May C. Turner Miss Arline Poole MISS TURNER Q'- MISS POOLE 1929:- LINNEA ANDERSON 34 Lawrence Street, Malden May 12 Nutrition Y. W. C. A., Secretary CQ2 Vice-President C32 President C42 Dial Staff, Class l-listory C42 Gate Post, Faculty Edition CQ, 32 fisgtant Eflgor C3, 42 Cap and Gown Chairman C42 Member O . . . enera ommlttee o the Student Christian Movement in New England. "Blessed is he who has Found his work- let him ask no other blessedness. l-le has a work, a life purplose, he has found it and will follow it. ' CLARA A. BOOTHBY 26 Woodlawn Street, Randolph March 22 Nutrition Glee Club C42 Y. W. C. A. C42 Senior Choir C42 Senior Prom Committee C42 Junior Prom Committee C32 Home Economics C42 Commutersi Council C42 Corridor Councilor C32 May Day Costume Committee CQ2 Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 42 May Day CQD. "OneUfriend of tried value is better than many of no GCCOUDL Q Q MARJORIE HOUGHTON BURR 176 Marked Tree Road, Needham December 26 General r-ioclcey C1, Q2 Stunt Committee CQ2 May Day Committee C22 S ' 't F S ' C32 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Chapel CEihimi?teeFMic?me Economics Club CQ2 Fine Arts C42 Class Day Drama. l H "Gentle of speech, beneticent of mind. MARY CATHLEEN CAMPBELL "5l4iPPY" 115 Ward Street, Worcester November 5 General A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 42 Publicity Manager C12 Athletic Asso- ciation CQ, 3, 42 Harvard Hockey CQ, 42 Senior Leader of Evening Forum C42 May Day CQ2 Stunt Night CQ, 3, 45- "Better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow." I . HARRIET N. CASHNER "Cashie" 67 Richmond Avenue, Worcester August 26 Nutrition LlbVdVY Council C32 Gate Post Stahf, Exchange Editor C42 Dial Staff, Advertising Manager C42 Stunt Night C'I, Q, 3, 42 Atl"lef'C A550Cldfl0V1 C42 May Day C22 Dial Dance Chairman Decorations C42 l-larvard-Vale, Chairman Theatrelparty C42 Senior Class Day, Chairman Pageant C42 . "There are souls in this world that have the gift of Finding joy everywhere. ' HARRIET HILARY CHARKO 34 Sterling Street, Worcester March 20 Nutrition IfiNAgi!2BElSgj-42 l'lome Economics C42 Stunt Night Ci, Q, 3, 42 "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else." A 335,10-'my -Wi 'Qu- -Wm -ilv' GLADYS CLARK 354 Broadway, Lynn July 2 General Choir C42 Glee Club C'l, Q, 3, 42 l-lome Economics Ci, Q, 3, 42 Vice-President C32 V. W. C. A. CQ, 3, 42 Stunt Night C'l, E22 General Chairman International Night C32 General Chairman Junior Prom C32 Class and Club Council C42 Student Government C42 Senior Class President. "Good temper, like a sunny day, sheds a brightness over everything. lt is the sweetener of toil and the soother of clisquietude. RUTH ARLENE CONDON "Connie" 25 Colburn Street, North Attleboro February 18 General l-lome Economics C42 A'Kempis C'I, Q, 3, 42 Vice-President C42 Junior Prom Usher C22 "Friendship is the greatest bond in the world." -Jaalwv limi? R, 'W " GENOVEFFA C. COREA "Gena" 24 Atherton Avenue, Roslindale April 21 Nutrition Chemistry Council C1D, Secretary CQD, Vice-President C3D, President C4D, May Day, Hostess C1 D, Publicity Committee CQD, Quiet and Order Committee CQD, Gate Post Staff CQ, 3D, Student Government C3, 4D, Junior Prom Committee Chairman C3D, Junior Posture Program Chairman C3D, Student Govern- ment Dance, Program Chairman C3D, Class Day, Refreshment Committee Chairman C4D, Clothing Department Play C3D, Stunt Night CQ, 3, 4D, Graduation and Class Day Usher C3D, Class and Club Council C4D, Refreshment Committee Chairman, International Night C3D, A'Kempis Club C1, Q, 3D, President C4D, l-Iome Economics Club C1, QD, Finance Chairman C3, 4D, Athletic Association C1, QD, Volley Ball CQD. "The sweetest lives are those to duty wed, Whose deeds both great and small Are close-knit strands of an unbroken thread Where love ennobles all." CHRISTINE COX "CI1riS'i Concord Street, Holliston August 18 General Commuters' Association C1, QD, May Day CQD, Stunt Night CQ, 3, 4D, l-Iome Economics C4D, "True glory lies in the silent conquest of ourselves." Y? A A. VIRGINIA CROWE "Ginny" 46 Central Avenue, South Braintree January 19 Nutrition Student Co-operative Association CQ, 3, 4D, Vice-Presiden C4D, President of Judiciary Board C4D, Class President CQ, 3Di Class Treasurer C1D, Class and Club Council CQ, 3D, Student Co-operative Dance Committee C1, Q, 3D, Junior Prom Com- mittee C3D, May Day General Chairman CQD, Athletic Associa- tion C1, Q, 4D, I-lome Economics C'lD, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 4D, General Chairman of A'Kempis Dance CQ, 3, 4D, Usher at Junior Prom CQD, Usher at Senior Prom C3D, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 4D, l-Iockey C1, QD, Volley Ball CQD, Basketball CQD, Horseback Riding C1, Q, 4D, Manager of Riding C4D, Chemistry Council C'lD, Choir C4D, Tennis Tournament C1, Q, 3D, l"larid- book Committee Co-chairman C4D, Yale Toastmistress CQD, Mock-Man Dance Committee C'lD, Sport Dance CQD, C. C. C. Dance CQD, Christmas Pageant CQD, Current Events C'lD, Bac- calaureate Usher C3D, Class Day Usher C3D. ' "You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. I-lalf the battlenis gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy. INEZ ELIZABETH DAVIS 1 Metropolitan Avenue, Hoplcinton February 19 General Junior Prom Committee C3D, Modern Dance Group C1, Q, 3D, May Day C1, Q, 3D, Athletic Association C4D, l-larvard Basket- ball C1, Q, 3, 4D, Tenniquoit CQD, Tennis C'l, Q, 3D, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 4D, Graduation Usher C3D, Commuters' Association C1, QD- "l-ler modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." M11 DOROTHY EDITH DeVENNE "Dot" 88 Fiske Avenue, Waltham August 25 Nutrition Home Economics C1, 25, Fine Arts Club C1, 2, 3, 45, Treasurer C35, Vice-President C45, Chairman of Arts and Crafts Group CQ5, Chairman of Lighting for Play CQ, 35, Chairman of Play Committee C45, Prompter of Play C45, May Day Queen CQ5, May Day Costume Committee CQ5, Chairman of Christmas Basket Committee C3, 45, Co-chairman of Junior Prom Favor Committee C35, Chairman of Senior Chapel Committee C45, Co-chairman of Daisy Chain Committee for Class Day C45. "You know that a little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money." HAZEL LOUISE FAY 64 Pleasant Street, Athol August 23 Special Graduated in 1915. Returned For degree 1937-1938. Home Economics Club C45, "True worth is in being, not seeming." ia- A -7. lftu li., . .ff ELEANOR BARBARA FEERICK 24 Woodbine Terrace Auburnclale December 23 General A Kempis C1 Q 3 45 Dance Committee 45 Fine Arts 1 Home Economics C25- Junior-Senior Choir C4- Christmas Chapel C45- International Nigh, CQ5- Senior-Freshman Tea Committee C45, French Assembly C35, Posture Assembly C35, May Day CQ5, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 45, Commuters' Association C15, Tennis Tournament C15, Current Events Group C1, Q, 3, 45, fxghletic Association C1, 25, Senior Prom Usher C35, Archery 'l . "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." K. ELIZABETH FOSTER "Kay," "Dizzy" Academy Hill, Westminister June 24 Nutrition Home Economics Club C15, Y. W. C. A. C45, Athletic Asso- ciation C1, Q, 3, 45, Co-Chairman of Mock Man Dance C45, Publicity Manager C3, 45, Modern Dance Assembly CQ5, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 45, Fine Arts C1, Q, 3, 45, Chairman of Puppetry Group CQ5, Verse Choir CQ5, Play C45, Fine Arts Assembly CQ5, Glee Club C45, Chairman of Programs for the Glee Club Jpint Concert C45, Junior-Senior Choir C45, Chair- man ol Library Council C45, Chairman of Dining Room C3, 45, Gate Post Staff C45, Chairman of Decorations for Gate Post Dance C45, Chairman of Junior Prom Decorations C35, Chair- man of School Decorations for Christmas C3, 45, Chairman of Christmas Basket C1, Q5, May Day CQ5, Corridor Councillor C45. "'Tis working with the heart and soul That makes our duty pleasure." BEATRICE MARSHA FRANKEL "Bea" 389 Trafton Road, Springfield May 14 General Business Manager of Dial C42 Gate Post Staff C42 Home Economics C1, Q2 Athletic Association C42 Corridor Coun- cilor C3, 42 Horace Mann Treasurer C42 Dial Dance Chairman of Programs C42 Stunt Night CQ, 3, 42 Junior Prom Co-chair- man C32 Senior Prom General Chairman C42 May Day C22 "A loyal friend, sincere and true, With a sense of humor and a lceen mind, too, Capable in all she undertakes And of her work a success she makes." ADRIENNE MARIA FRAZIER 1774 Columbia Road, Boston April 16 General Modern Dance C1, Q2 Junior Prom Committee, May DaY Pageant C1, Q2 Tennis C1, Q, 32 Tenniquoit C1, Q2 Class Day Drama. "So joyous with a laughing air." DOROTHY LOUISE FROEBERG UDOUYH 81 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton May 29 General Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 42 Choir C42 Y. W. C. A. CQ, 3, 42 fine Arts C12 Girl Scouts C42 May Day C92 "The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerful- ness. ALDA P. GRICIUS 16 Fossdale Road, Dorchester September 23 General A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 42 May Day C92 Chairman Refreshment Committee, Junior Prom C32 Chairman Patrons and Patronesses, Chemistry Council C22 "The one that comforts a despairing friend With words alone, does nothing. l-le is a friend indeed, H Who proves himself a friend in need. MARGARET GUILFOYLE "Peggy" 24 Home Street, Worcester October 6 General Gate Post Staff C22 Current Events Group C1, Q, 42 Athletic Association C12 l-lockey C12 Stunt Show C1, 32 Modern Dance Group CQ2 Riding C12 Usher at Junior Prom C22 A'Kempis C1, Q, 32 Communion Breakfast Committee C22 May Day CQD. "lf l had a friend who went to the bad, and l met him in rags and poverty and disgrace, and if it ruined me to own him and help him, l should have to do it." SARA L. HALL "Sally" 16 Linder Terrace, Newton October 4 Special Class of 1924 diploma, returned for degree 1937-1938. Fine Arts C1, Q, 32 Athletic Association C32 Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 32 l-lome Economics Club C41 "As you go through life let your fellowship follow you as the ripples follow the wake of a ship." mr EVELYN AGNES HOFFMAN "HoFfie" "K 1610 Centre Street, Newton Highlands June 11 General Commuters' Association C12 May Day C22 l-lome Economics CQ, 3, 42 Y. W. C. A. C1, EZ, 3, 42 Chairman Program C42 Office Assistant C42 Girl Scouts C42 Class and Club Council C42 Stunt Show C1, Q, 3, 42 Archery CQD. "No gift is more precious than good advice." JANE HOMER 170 Whitmarsh Avenue, Worcester December 24 Nutrition Vice-President Freshman Class, Fine Arts Club C12 Play C12 Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 3, 42 Cabinet C3, 42 Social Service Com- mittee C32 Boston Representative C42 Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 42 l-larvard Basketball Team C1, Q, 3, 42 Captain l-lockey Team C1, 32 Modern Dance Group C1, Q2 l-lome Economics Club CQ 32 Program Chairman International Night C32 Gate Post Editor C32 Class and Club Council C32 Student Co-operative Council C32 General Chairman Gate Post Dance C42 Script Committee Class Day C42 Speaker New York Conference C42 Captain Basketball Team C3, 42 "Life is short-too short to get everything. Choose you must, and as you choose, choose only the bestfin friends, in books, in recreation, in everything." N ' J s , .'is.. tfmw- , . ...,.,, PRISCILLA ATTWOOD KINGSBURY 5 Curve Street, Medfield June 12 Nutrition Commuters' Association C1, Q5, Y. W. C. A. C45, Home Eco- nomics C45, Stunt Night CQ, 3, 45, May DGY C95- "l3y the work one knows the worker." PHYLLIS LAWTON 214 North Street, Foxboro October 7 General Commuters' Association C1, Q5, VOIICY Bell C'l5f MGY DGY C22 Orchestra Q 3 ' Stunt Ni ht Q 3 4 f Y. W. C. A. C3, 45, C r D1 C I I D1 I-Iome Economics C45, Christmas Play C45. "That inexhaustible good nature, which is in precious gift of heaven. MARION LOUISE JONES "Brownie" 110 Metropolitan Avenue, Roslindale October 9 Nutrition President Student Co-operative C45, Class Vice-President CQ, 35, Class and Club Council C45, Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 45, Board CQ, 35, Archery Manager CQ5, Volley Ball Manager C35, Junior Delegate to Conference C35, Stunt Night Manager C35, Junior Prom Usher CQ5, Chemistry Council CQ5, Commuters' Council CQ5, l-lome Economics Club C15. f Hlrgall misfortunes the greatest consolation is a sympathizing rien OLIVE LOVELL KING September 7 General Commuters' Association C15, I-lome Economics C15, V. W. C. A. C1, Q, 35, Fine Arts C35, May Day Chapel CQ5, Usher C15, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 45, Corridor Councilor C3, 45, Posture As- sembly C35. "Dependable, helpful, busy all day, Talking and laughing along the vvay, A friend and pal so good and true- 'Tis hard to Find another like you." i ,. llphylll Fw'- itseli the most ANNA M. LEMIECH "Ann" 55 Mendon Street, Uxbridge February 20 General Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 45, Secretary CQ5, Vice-Rresi- dent C35, Treasurer C45, i-lockey C1, Q5, Yale Basketball C1, Q, 3, 45, Captain CQ5, Baseball C1, Q, 35, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, A'Kempis Dance Committee C35, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 45, Gate Post Staff C15, Choir C45, May Day CQ5, Sophomore Representative to Student Government CQ5, Usher at Junior Prom CQ5, Usher at Baccalaureate, Class Day, Commencement C35, Senior Prom Committee C45, Delegate to Conference CQ5. "Friends may come and go with the passing years, but the sweet memory of friendship s happy hour remains." DELLA V. LOGIODICE "Del" 681 East Fourth Street, Boston October 3 Nutrition May Day CQ5, Refreshment Committee, Stunt Night C1, Q, 35, Chairman C45, l-lome Economics C45, Costume Committee, Chemistry Council C45, Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 45, Basketball C1, Q, 3, 45, Volley Ball C1, Q5, l-lockey C1, Q, 3, 45, Archery C1, Q5, Tenniquoit C1, Q5, l-landbook Committee C45, Fine Arts CQ5, Chairman Tickets and Programs, Student Govern- ment Dance C45, Current Events C1, Q5, Evening Forum Council C45, Senior Representative. "Life is not so short, but that there is always time enough for courtesy. ' 'QI' an T" M!AN 16 Elizabeth Street, Worcester November 5 Nutrition Y. W. C. A. CQ, 3, 45, Athletic Association C35, Dial Staff, Class Will C45, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 45, Chemistry Council C35. 'ipatience is a remedy for every sorrovvf, ELINOR M. MCAULIFFE 116 Gilbert Road, Belmont March 13 May Day CQ5, Stunt Night CQ, 3, 45, A'Kempis CQ, 3, 45, Y. W. C. A. CQ5, Home Economics C3, 45. "Small kindnesses, small courtesies, small considerations, habitually practiced in our social intercourse, give a greater charm to the character than the display of great talents and accomplishments." MARY AGNES McCAULEY "Mac" 59 Gibbon Street, Marlboro October 18 General A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 42 Fine Arts C1, 3, 42 Play C12 Usher C42 Junior Prom Hostess CQ2 Senior Prom Orchestra Chairman C42 General Chairman, Christmas Caroling, Song Leader, Christmas Caroling C42 Class Song C32 Choir C42 Christmas Play C42 Stunt Night Committee C42 May Day CQ2 "Life is not life at all without delight." GRACE E. O'DONNELL "Mazie" 315 Salisbury Street, Worcester Qughust 1 . utrition Student Government Representative C1, 42 A'Kempis C1, Q, X 3, 42 Communion Breakfast Committee C12 Chairman of Com- ? munion Breakfast C32 Treasurer of A'Kempis CQ2 Home eq Economics C1, Q2 Harvard Vale Banquet Committee C12 ff, Chairman Harvard Banquet C32 Gate Post C3, 42 Dance C3, 42 Dance Group CQ, 32 Recital CQ2 Chairman of Dance Group May Day CQ2 Stunt Shovv CQ, 3, 42 Ouiet and Order Com- mittee C32 Usher at Junior Prom CQ2 Usher at Senior Prom, Baccalaureate, and Commencement C32 Building Fund Com- mittee C3, 42 Corridor Councilor CQ, 32 House President C42 Chairman of Freshman-Senior Tea C42 Co-Chairman Hand- book Committee C42 Student Government Dance Committee C42 Fine Arts C42 Athletic Association CQ, 3, 42 Harvard Hockey CQ, 32 Hockey C1, Q, 3, 42 Basketball CQ, 32 Tennis C1, Q, 3, 42 Hiking Manager C32 Class Prophet C42 "Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine. Merri- ment is a philosophy not well understood. lt is the sunny side of existencef, s VERA MAY REED "DeIIie" Orleans, Mass. February 10 G l Y. W. C. A. C1, Q2 TreasureZFlCBd2 Corridor Councillor C42 Stunt Show C1, Q, 3, 42 May Day CQ2 Orchestra C1, QD , Current Events Group CQ, 32 "That best portion of a good manfs life- His little, nameless, unremyembered acts Of kindness and of love.' LILLIAN E. REESE "Tillie" 78 Belvidire Avenue, Holyoke July 15 General Fine Arts C12 Chairman of Properties C12 Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 42 Yale Hockey CQ, 3, 42 May Day Pageant, Costume Committee CQ2 Senior Prom, Chairman of Favors and Programs Committee, Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 42 Class Day, C4D Costume Committee. "A helping hand she is ready to lend To anyone, especially a friend." 'Via , - U, DOROTHEA ISABEL ROWSE "Rowsie" Old Billerica Road, Bedford August 14 Nutrition Current Events C12 Athletic Association C1, Q, 32 Basketball C1, 32 Volley Ball C1,32 Baseball C12 Field l-loclcey C1, 32 May Day C22 Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 42 Hostess at Junior Prom C32 Chairman of Refreshment Committee, Junior Prom C32 Usher at Commencement C32 Corridor Councilor C42 Judi- ciary Board C42 Chemistry Council C42 l-lome Economics C42 Chairman of Ushers, Commencement Week C42 Class Day C42 "The sincere alone can recognize sincerity." MARGARET ALICE SCHNEIDER 10 Sherbrook Avenue, Worcester March 29 General Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 3, 42 Social Service Chairman C32 l-lome Economics C1, Q, 3, 42 Publicity Chairman C32 May Supper Chairman C32 President C42 May Day, Usher C12 Costume Chairman C92 Class Day, Costume Chairman C42 Choir C42 Stunt Night C1, Q, 3, 42 Class and Club Council C42 "l-lere is a dear, a true, industrious friend." M -mi 'KV' f-no-I HILDA EDNA' STENBERG L-in L 40QWoodlawn Street, Jamaica Plain October 3 D Nutrition May Day, Usher C12 Refreshment Committee C22 Stunt Night C'l, Q, 3, 42 l-lome Economics CQ, 42 Y. W. C. A. CQ, 3, 42 Current Events C'I, Q2 Class Day Properties Committee C42 "Character is the governing element of lite and is above genius. MARTHA E. SULLIVAN 6 Union Street, Waterbury, Vermont June 26 Special Returned for a degree. A Kempis Club C42 l-lome Economics Club C42 "Cheerfulness is a small virtue, it is true, but it sheds such a brightness around us in this lite that neither dark clouds nor rain can dispel its happy influence." 'PN div X wfmwt LUCY F. VALENTINE 62 Pleasant Street, Framingham Center March 7 General Quiet and Order Committee C12 Committee for May Day C22 Gate Post Staff C32 Fine Arts Club C32 Handbook Committee C32 Senior Prom Committee C42 Chairman of Ushers, Stunt Night Committee C42 Costume Committee for Class Day C42 "Every right action and true thought sets the seal of its beauty on person and lace." HELEN ALFREDA WALKER 51 Marblehead Street, North Andover October 22 Nutrition Current Events C12 Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 42 Tenni- quoit Tournament Winner C12 Basketball, Class C1, Q, 3, 42 Vale C1, EZ, 3, 42 Volleyball C12 l-loclcey C3, 42 Baseball C32 May Day C22 Judiciary Board CQ, 32 Home Economics C42 Program Chairman, Gate Post Stat? C3, 42 Musical Clubs CQ, 3, 42 President C42 Choir C42 Junior Prom Finance Chair- man, Girl Scouts C42 Stunt Night C1, 2, 3, 42 Usher at Com- mencement C32 General Chairman, Class Day C42 Class and Club Council C42 "Thought is the property of him who can entertain it, and of him who can adequately plan it." l ep 'ZEN' ' l K, ,P I . , A I l RANCES CAMUON WETMORE "Freddy" 248 May Street, Worcester April 9 Nutrition Fine Arts C1, Q, 3, 42 Play C42 "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." HARRIET WHITE "Harry" 7 Fenwood Road, Worcester April 15 General May Day, Costume Committee C22 International Night C42 Chapel Pianist C42 "A good disposition is more valuable than gold for the latter is'the gilt of fortune, but the former is the dower of ndtllre. v , ff' .zllfgiifv 4-Q, , 'fla k JANE MILLER WOLFE 28 Claflin Street, Milford December 5 General Fine Arts CQD, Y. W. C. A. C3, 4D, Cabinet Member C-45, May Day Chapel Committee CQD. "Self reverence, self knowledge, self control- These three alone lead life to sovereign powerfl EDITH M. YUILL "Edie" 39 Glendale Street, Easthampton April 22 General Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 4D, Yale l-lockey C'l, 2, 3, 4D, Volley Ball C'I, QD, Class l-lockey C'I, Q, 41, Class Basketball CS2, 35, Archery Manager C4D, Stunt Night C'l, Q, 3, 4D, Modern Dance CQ, 3D, Fine Arts C'I, Q, 3, 41, Fine Arts Play CQD, Fine Arts Play Committee C3D, Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 4D, Glee Club Librarian C3D, Choir C4j, Gate Post C1, Q, 3, 4D, Gate Post Dance CED, C. C. C. Dance C4D, Library Council C1, Q, 3D, May Day Casting Chairman CQD, Junior Comptroller Class and Club Funds C3D, Senior Comptroller Class and Club Funds C41 i'Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast To soften rocks or bind a knotted oak." 'sts' JENNIE F. ZINKOWSKI "Jay" 23 Fernboro Street, Roxbury September 24 General Athletic Association C1, Q, 3, 45, Commuters' Association C'l, QD, Commuters Council CQD, Library Council CQD, Junior Prom Usher CQD, May Day CQD, Basketball C'I, Q, 3, 4D, Captain C'l, QD, Volley Ball CQ, 3D, Captain CQD, Junior Prom Com- mittee C3D, A'Kempis CU, l-lome Economics C4D, Chairman Costume Committee, lnternational Night C4D, Baseball C3D, Stunt Show C1, 2, 35, Committee CU. "A smile among dark frowns, a beloved light, A solitude, a refuge, a delight." PAULINE F. BERGER Oak Park, Illinois April 5 Special Graduated in 1913, returned for degree February, 1938. "Life has a value only when it has something valuable as its object." GRACE C. HUDDY CMRSJ Framingham March 26 Special Graduated in 1920, returned for degree February, 1938. "'Tis good to live and learn." MRS. MILDRED C. CDAVISD CHAMBERLAIN Dalton September 27 Special Framingham 1913-1914, Graduated Skidmore, Teacher's Diploma, 1915, Returned to Framingham for degree, 1938. "For they can conquer who believe they can." AVIS ELIZABETH BALLENTINE "Betty" Cataumet, Mass. April 3 General Chairman Properties for May Day C95, Chairman Properties for Class Day C45, Usher for Class Day and Graduation C35, Christmas Play C1 5, Dance Committee C45, Orchestra Cl, 9, 35, Athletic Association Cl, 95, Volley Ball Cl, 95, Fine Arts CI, 95, I-lome Economics C3, 45, Usher for May Day C15. "Very good hearted, loving and kind, A truer friend you'Il never Find." PRISCILLA HORTON "Sid" 2280 Washington Street, Canton March 'I General Athletic Association Cl, 9, 3, 45, Board C1, 3, 45, Stunt Night Cl, 9, 45, Chairman C95, Class Hockey CI, 9, 3, 45, Captain C9, 45, Yale Hockey Cl, 9, 3, 45, Captain C35, Basketball CI, 9, 45, Volley Ball Cl, 95, Modern Dance Cl, 95, Current Events Cl, 95, May Day C95, I-larvard-Yale Chairman C45, Dial Dance Program Committee C45, Handbook Committee C95, Y. W. C. A. C3, 45, Bazaar C35, Home Economics C9, 35, International Night Committee C35, Fine Arts C1 5, Choir C45. "ln hockey she has been our star- Our best to her! May she go far." ELIZABETHIMAY NEWTON Betty 165 Central Street, Auburn April 25 General Class Secretary C3, 45, Gate Post Staif C95, Athletic Associa- tion Cl, 9, 3,.45, Basketball C9, 45, I-lockey C95, Volley Ball CI, 95, Tennis C95, Home Economics C3, 45, Fine Arts Cl, 95, Harvard-Vale Committee Chairman C95, Yale Cheerleader C3, 45, Christmas Play Cl5, Dance Committee C45, Usher at Senior Prom C35, Usher at May Day CI5, Usher at Class Day and Graduation C35. 'ilfyou stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your par . LOUISE GERTRUDE ROYCROFT 87 Hollingsworth Street, Mattapan March 1 3 Nutrition May Day C95, Stunt Night Ci, 9, 3, 45, Class Treasurer C9, 35, May Day Chairman of Programs and Publicity C95, Usher at Junior Prom C95, Posture Scout C35, Chairman of Casting Committee for Class Day Pageant C45, A'Kempis C45, Dial Dance, Patrons and Patronesses Committee C45, May Day I-lostess C15. "There is nothing so kingly as kindness And nothing so royal as truth." MYRTLE HELEN SCHNEIDER 25 Cherry Street, Hudson July 6 Nutrition Glee Club C'I, 2, 3, 42 Junior-Senior Choir C42 May Day Pageant Committee C22 Gate Post Literary Editor C42 Framing- ham News Reporter C42 Prize Speaking Contest, Runner Up C32 Managing Editor Dial C42 Chairman Freshman Week C42- General Chairman Dial Dance C42 "Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have, what you are will showin what you do." ESTHER STENSBY 3 Bedford Street, Concord June 25 Nutrition Editor of Dial C42 Dial Dance, Chairman of Patrons and Patronesses C42 May Day, Programs and Publicity Committee C22 Stunt Night C2, 3, 42 Current Events C1, 22 Hockey C'l, 22 Volley Ball C22 Gate Post Statl C2, 3, 42 Chemistry Council C32 "l-low svgeet, how passing sweet is solitude, But grant me still a friend in my retreat Whom I may whisper-solitude is sweet." PHYLLIS MARGARET ANGELO "Fifi" June 15 Elementary Commuters' Council Cl, 45, Dance Group Class Day C45, Usher at Operetta C35, Stunt Show C3, 45, Refreshment Com- mittee Operetta C35, Grounds Committee C35, A Kempis Club C3, 45. "The fountain of beauty is the heart, and 'every generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber. JEANNETTE LOUISE AUCOIN "Jan" 25 Lowell Street, Waltham February 10 Elementary A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Stunt Night C3, 45. "Ready in heart and ready in hand." JANET MARJORIE BARROWS PATRICIA BERKELEY CARR mn--2' HJ E Tenniquoit'C'I5, Library Council CQ5, Y. W. C. A. CQ, 35 Social Service Committee C35, Glee Club CQ, 3, 45, Riding C35 Class Day Operetta C35, Student Government Council C45 Commutersi Council Chairman C45, Modern Dance Group C45 Noon Forum, Freshman Handbook Committees "Power can do by gentleness what violence fails to accom plish, and calmness best enforces vvisdom's guides." up Glee Club C45, Debating Club C45, Class Day C45, Script Com mittee Chairman C45. "I-ler willing hand-her pleasant face, In our class won a worthy place. DOROTHY M. FALVEY 54 Winslow Street, Cambridge June 30 Elementary Commuters' Council CQ5, Dial Statl, Class Will C45, Glee Club C45, Basketball CQ, 35, l-lockey CQ, 35, Operetta C35, Inter- national Night C45, Choir C45, Modern Dance CQ, 3, 45. "'Tis the song you sing, ancl the smile you wear That scatters the sunshine everywhere." l T DOROTHY FURBUSH "Bushy" 50 Waverley Oaks Road, Waltham May 20 1 Q Elementary Hockey Class Team C1, Q, 35, Captain C35, Basketball Class Team C1 Q 35 l-lockey Yale C1 Q 3 45 Baseball C1 Q 35 Volley Ball C15 Athletic Association C1 Q 3 45 Modern Dance C45 Class Treasurer CQ5 Glee Club C1 Q 3 45 Senior Choir C45 Glee Club Pianist C45 Class Day Operetta C35 Athletic Editor Dial C45 Chairman of Ushers Dial Dance C45 Modern Orchestra C15 She had withal a merry wit And was not shy of using it KATHERINE RITA GILBOY Exchange Street, Millis January 28 Elementary Quiet and Order Committee C45, Chairman, Noon Forum President C45, Dial Staff l-listorian C45, Student Council C45 A'Kempis C45, Arbor Day Speaker C35. "She is constant as the Northern Star Ol whose true Fixed and resting quality There is no fellow in the Firmament. CORA RITA HUBERT 115 Broad Street, Hudson November 30 Elementary A'Kempis C1, Q, 35, Fine Arts C35, Class Basketball C1, Q5. "Good-natured she is without a doubt, A girl we're glad to have about. Shes always willing to do her share, A dandy sport and one that's fair." lk RUTH CLAIRE LANDRY "Ruthie" l 36 Hall Avenue, Watertown October 5 ' Elementary 5 A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3, 45, Stunt Night C3, 45, Co-chairman of Senior Prom. I "She has two eyes so soft and brown-beware!" Wm MK ,gt I MARGARET RITA MURPHY 59 Elliot Street, Newton Highlands July 19 Elementary Class Otficer, Treasurer C45, Education Week Program Chair- man C45, Class Day Dance Group Chairman C45, Glee Club C45, Firge Arts C35, Dial Staff C35, A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3, 45, Operetta C3 . "Intelligent, merrya H But even to the utmost l was a friend. 1 MARY MCDONALD "Mac" 600 Huron Avenue, Cambridge February 9 Elementary A'Kempis C3, 45, Debating Society, Current Events Group C3, 45, Senior Prom Committee C45, Modern Dance Group C45. "I want to aid where e'er I can, Whenever there s need of me H lwant to lend a helping hand. HELEN WINIFRED NOLAN 32 Elmwood Avenue, Watertown February 22 Elementary A'Kempis CI, 2, 3, 45, Stunt Night C3, 45, "Dark hair and laughing eyes, A nimble brain that is a prize, A warm smile and a willing hand, We'll cheer for the girl-she's grand." 1' HELEN VIRGINIA RANDALL 5 Lake Shore Road, Natick October 18 Elementary Fine Arts C32 Stunt Show C3, 42 "She lives for those that love her Whose hearts are kind and true, For the human ties that bind her And the good that she can do." FLORENCE SOLOMON 38 Lawrence Street, Framingham January 1 Elementary Commuters' Club C12 Freshman Tea C32 Stunt Night C1, 2, 42 Operetta C32 Library Council C42 "Lovely to look at, jolly to laugh vvith, Firm to depend on." 57343 AGNES ELIZABETH STONE "Betty" 46 Aberdeen Street, Newton Highlands July 8 Elementary Student Co-operative Representative C2, 32 Vice-President C42 Class and Club Council C32 President C42 Dial Staif, Managing Editor C32 Art Editor C42 Gate Post Staif Assistant Editor C22 Senior Committee Scenery for Operetta C32 Chairman, Junior Prom C22 Usher at Senior Prom C22 Y. W. C. A. C3, 42 Bazaar Chairman C32 l-lockey C12 Stunt Night C1, 2, 3, 42 General Chairman, Dial Dance C32 Dele- gate to New York Conference C32 Modern Dance C42 Class Day Committee C42 ' . "Conscientious, reliant, and independent Keen, determined, she gains her goal. Creating happy spirit wherever she goes A real good friend to all she knows." RUTH C. THOMPSON "Tommie" I 2 Thayer Street, Belmont l February 8 Elementary 5 Orchestra C1, 22 Choir C42 Commuters' Council C22 Library Council C32 Music Chairman, Class Day C42 Operetta C32 I Dial Stati, Class Prophecy C42 Modern Dance Group C3, 42 I lnterrgational Night C3, 42 Basketball C2, 3, 42 Field Hockey Q, 3 . ' . "A merry twinkle ofthe eye, U A sunny smile as she passes by. BARBARA E. TUCKER 23 Pearl Street, Marlboro May 27 Elementary Student Co-operative C32 Gate Post Statt, Training School Reporter C22 Ouiet and Order Committee Chairman C32 'Senior Committee Stunt Night C3, 42 Gate Post Dance. Com- mittee C32 Y. W. C. A. C3, 42 Commuters Council C42 Student Alumnae Building Committee C42 Dial Statl, l-lumor C42 Class Vice-President C42 Glee Club C42 "Personally, she's conscientious, Studious, clever, and unpretentious, To attain the Finest is her desire, l-ler vvork is something to admire." MARJORIE CLAIRE WERNER 126 Edinboro Street, Marlboro August 12 Elementary Musical Clubs. "Happy and merry all the day, Friendly and jolly in every way, A helping hand she'll always lend, We are proud to call her everyone's friend." i ,, ,,, ,-,, , ev "Tuckie" LILLIAN wiooo wwe 39 Robinhood Street, Auburndale May 9 Elementary Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 42 Class Day Operetta C32 Modern Orchestra C12 Current Events Group C1, 42 Stunt Night C32 Posture Council C32 Senior Prom Committee C42 Modern Dance Group C42 Class Day Music Committee C42 "Shes what she is-what better report? A girl, a student, a friend, a good sport. JEANNETTE ADELE WILCOX "Jan" 66 Chester Road, Belmont February 14 Elementary Student Co-operative Class Representative C12 Class and Club Council C42 Class Officer, Vice-President C32 Chair- man of Rings and Pins C32 Ouiet and Order Committee C22 l-louse Officer, Secretary C32 Vice-President C42 Eine Arts Club C1, 2, 3, 42 Treasurer C22 Vice-President C32 President C42 General Chairman of Play C22 Chairman of Play Com- mittee C22 Chairman of Publicity C42 Play C1, 22 Athletic Association C1, 2, 3, 42 l-larvard l-loclcey C42 Class l-loclcey and Basketball C1, 2, 3, 42 Class Day, Chairman of Programs and Libretto for Operetta C32 Chairman of Make Up C42 Entertainment and Casting Committees C42 Dial Dance Com- mittee C42 Usher at Senior Prom C22 Usher at Class Day C22 "ln quietness and confidence shall be your strengthf' SHIRLEY ROSSAMORE RIVITZ 24 Fuller Street, Brookline January 23 Elementary Class Day Operetta C3D, May Day Dancer C1 D, Representative ol Class CID, Natural Dance Group Cl, 4D, Bridgewater Play Day Dancer CID, Current Events Group Cl, Q, 4D- Glee Club Cl, Q, 3, 4D, Orchestra Cl, QD, Tennis CID, Stunt ghovy C3, 4D, Leader of Modern Orchestra C1 D, Class Day Dancer C4D. "QX!lhatever she attempts she does, smilingly, with all her mug t. OFITIGI' SI'T1lDC1'S of ll"lG QlC1SS of Anderson, Verna, 90 Fiske Street, Waltham. Carpenter, Genevra, Tucson, Arizona. Clark, Frances M., 1478 Park Street, Attleboro. Clark, Lydia M., Q0 Sevvall Street, Framingham. Gibbs, Elizabeth, 49 Burdett Avenue, Framingham, Conservatory of Music. Goodman, Gertrude, 1O Tahanto Road, Worcester. l-larris, Marjorie E., 40 Joslin Street, Leominster, Mass. State. l-lolden, Ruth W., 409 North Main Street, Palmer. Karp, Ronnie, Lovvell, married. Kelley, Alice J., l-lolbrook, married. Kingston, Agnes L., Cambridge, l-lighrock Secretarial School. Knight, Margaret L., Falmouth, Mrs. Wells. Knowles, Marie L., Eastham. Mayo, Eleanore, Mrs. Robert Fletcher. McNeill, Doris, Framingham, married. Miller, l-lelen, Worcester, Mrs. Stephen Pavvelski. Nickerson, l-larriet, Chatham, Mrs. Wendell Deer. Nielson, Margaret, Canada, Mrs. Rykard. O'Donnell, M, Beverly, 9 l-lall Street, Worcester. Poucher, Ethel M., l-lyannis, Mrs. Burse. Seagrave, Gertrude, 147 Vergil Avenue, Ohio, Mrs. Wendell Fitch. Tapp, Virginia G., 121 State Street, Framingham. Tatelman, Shyrlie, Mrs. Samuel Shriberg. Vars, lda E., Natick, married. Ward, Anna, 31 Hudson Avenue, Lawrence. Woodhead, Glenna, Q6 Bancroft Park, l-lopedale, Peter Bent Brigham l-lospital, Boston 1 , ., w ,,.. V, .. X 5" uf. ..1-.- ,1 .1 .,.,.l4 .. ' ' ni'-Jw Q: ,Qi-9 .V W, .NY .X . :M 41...-., ,ff .,,.,. ,, . QQ g...-,nl U' W 1 -.5 . , I .W . .Rf I .W . .. . ... 5 1 . W. 4, , mv! ., . A v . 'uf- , -W. , A . 1, y' ' . -1' vu' ' . L, Q. ., f V v ,.,.' ' . ...Q ...W Sa 5.91. 4 .. : Q 5:2- f ., pw.. -A J ' x 'VL . 4 ' 4' w. :wk ' Wil . ' .m, w .3 f. QM .V f .-u 1 ,Q -1 nw.. .. '....1 a,+1fg5tj.i'. QNH.,-, .. cf fr.. -W, xx, f A . P.. .qui - M., ,AA - X.. . , ..,.,,. .-A .5-9, gi, I.: 4 V . .. Ma, -, F ' J"f"'."."' 'W .guy V 1.951-.1."'fi f" ' -.,.f'.'.f .11 1. 4 1 5 f 'f . .fn . "WJ U" ' .,- s 5115: H I lv 11... '1'-' I- ' "',f,'.1. --W- . 1. A ,S-,--.-H H Al.. ..'II.h1V,"'. it 44-I Jw ' in I ' Ir . " r N . 1 RFK v '54 453 044 f l'l n K , 1 ,Q ,A JD, ng- ? A w .N Ill tn" ,H W. V , , 'g'--4 4. - wmv . I:-Y ' -1.1, .rl 1 X '. " -' .!e..1f'. "W ""' .v ,.-m. . .1 , , . , . I 4 x, +1 4... J , Q? . 1 I T' "W,-w 4537 K I NA 6 I - 1 ,xlf ig ' if LR , 'Y 1? L ' 4 ,sw ' -. Q ,. JC lf J Wk 5? e, viirw fv f v 4 ' f f, 2 'A ., .,m,m , . JUNICDR5 m I3,.-Ln ......z ., ,wwli 4 K - -...,,,...,. .,,g,-MM M U ' CLASS OFFICERS President . . ...... Charlotte Sherrill Vice-President . . Louise Usborne Secretary . . Priscilla Pettingell Treasurer . . Jean White ClC1SS of Each one ol us is getting nearer and nearer to the goal that we set for ourselves our Freshman year. Qur friends have helped us greatly to gain that goal by the inspiration that they have given us. Someone has said: Q "The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the lcindly smile, nor the joy oi companionship, it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one vvhen he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his iriendshipf, The lriends that vve have made here at Framingham will be with us all through the years to come. Even though lar avvay they vvill still give us inspiration, for there is a partnership in Friendship that is very binding. None can define Friendship, yet vve all enjoy it. in the year that is left us, vve hope to mal4e new friends and to better understand our old ones, for they are our best ones, and to the classes that come alter us, vve wish as much success and happiness in their friendships as vve have had in ours. Ma rga ret Lovett. ousehold tpilrls cluniors Ahtio, Paula V. Bartlett, Rebecca M. Bryant, Ella E. Burkett, Mary V. Carlisle, Caroline E. Carroll, Helene E. ChaFfin, Ruth E. Chouinard, Lois E. Cote, Bernice E. Crown, Arline L. Danahy, Rita C. Dickenson, Ruth Dunton, Leah M. Eggers, Gloria C. Fiske, Mable A. Friedman, Judith Fuller, Dorothy E. Golden, lrene M. Goldthwaite, Eleanor Gray, Margaret L. Guaragna, Lucille M. Hanley, Alice l-lersey, Alma M. l-liggins, Mary M. l-lorgan, Alice G. Jarisch, Thelma C. Joliklco, Edith S. Kellogg, Florence B. Kerrigan, Mary V. Knight, Marguerite B. Larner, Madeline Lewis, Constance E. Lovett, Margaret T. Luce, Carolyn A. Mcllvene, Louise Merrill, Lodema A. Murray, Jane Nourse, Marion O'Connor, Margaret Cram, Phyllis Osborne, Louise Palmer, Jeannette Parmenter, Beatrice D. Phelan, Phyllis F. Q68 Central Street, Gardner 92 Coburn Avenue, Worcester Q9 Clairemont Park, Boston 83 l-lawthorne Street, East Weymouth 167 Warren Avenue, Wollaston 43 Virginia Street, Springfield Q1 Brighton Road, Worcester B Street, l-lopkinton Oak Street, Grafton Main Street, Wamesit Cedar Street, l-lopkinton 1063 Worcester Road, Framingham 19 Grove Street, Milford 11 l-lamshire Road, Framingham 75 School Street, Manchester 158 Morningside Road, Worcester R. F. D. No. 1, Lowell 177 Sandwich Strec t, Plymouth Pleasant Street, Dunstable Ash Street, l-lopkinton 35 Van Winkle Street, l-lolliston 71 Coburn Avenue, Worcester Box 575 l-lopedale CMendonD QOO Walnut Street, l-lolyoke 185 l-lighland Street, Worcester 118 Fountain Street, Springfield 6 Squam Road, Rockport 34 Cleveland Street, Arlington 781 l-lanover Street, Fall River 364 Lincoln Street, Marlboro Q69 North Street, North Weymouth King Street, Falmouth Main Street, l-latiield Dalton Q89 Middle Street, Braintree Francis Street, Lunenberg 34 Bower Street, West Medford Sterling Junction 11 Beechmont Street, Worcester 45 Kenneth Street, West Roxbury Q71 Lowell Street, Peabody 74 Commodore Road, Worcester 41 Sawin Street, Marlboro Pine Swamp Road, Ipswich l-lousehold Arts Juniors continued Pinson, Virginia Pike, Eleanor F. Radovsky, Claire P. Seely, Elizabeth M. Sherrill, Charlotte Smith, Marjorie B. Smith, Rosemary J. Smith, Shirley J. Stott, Edith C. Teahan, Ruth E. Waitz, Esther Weeks, Katherine N. White, Eleanor D. White, Jean Whiting, Eleanor Whitney, Catherine l-l. Whittemore, Louise Wilcox, Phyllis L. 823 Market Street, Rockland 40 Cranberry Road, Weymouth 1316 Highland Avenue, Fall River Q3 Bowditch Road, Jamaica Plain 16 Downing Road, Brookline 9 Fruit Street, Milford 441 l-lolmes Road, Pittsfield Chilmark 403 North Main Street, Andover 57 Nonotuck Street, Holyoke Boston Road, Billerica Williams Avenue,'Barre Acuschet Station, New Bedford 9 l-lancock Street, Auburndale 56 Mill Street, Worcester 48 Forest Street, North Brookfield 47 Worcester Lane, Waltham 17 Nanset Road, North Weymouth Wild, Ruth E. 529 Walnut Street, Fall River Vocoflonal CJUFHOFS Amidon, Beatrice M. 151 Riverside Drive, Dedham Kolodziej, Genevieve S. 344 Washington Street, l-laverhill Mackie, Evelyn F. Mortimer, Claire E. Rodger, Martha E. Zepp, Anita D. 163 Cambridge Street, Fall River E28 Brent Street, Dorchester 1O Medway Street, Dorchester 177 Metropolitan Avenue, Roslindale C51 Aiken, Eleanor E. Blyth, Catherine M. Byrnes, Ruth E. Carle, Barbara Cavanaugh, Rita Churchill, l-lelen G. Delaney, Patricia W. Ellis, Catherine M. Emery, Elizabeth P. Epstein, Alice Feldman, Ruth Fitzgerald, Eleanore M. Gage, Anna R. Garland, Ruth C. Cvibbs, Alice A. Gunn, Anna M. Goodman, Grace C. l-lemingway, Ruth A. Konetzny, Margaret M Lamb, Levona T. Lynch, Margaret M. Lyons, Kathleen R. McKeon, Marion McManus, Louise M. Morrily, Mary F. Millane, Margaret B. Nagel, Marian F. Nelson, Emma l-l. Novick, Belle O'Neill, Ellen M. Pease, Elvie W. Pettingell, Priscilla Ricker, Mabel A. Russo, Marie R. Scholl, Myrtle A. Short, Mary F. Snow, Edyth E. Stacey, Katherine Sullivan, Meave T. Voudouris, Mary C. Thompson, Athene R. Westergren, Lillian S. White, Rita l. Williams, Fern E. emenlci uniors 42 Whitfield, West Somerville 312 Center Street, Newton 116 Danforth Street, Saxonville 27 Cross Street, West Newton 697 Washington Street, Dedham Whitney Street, Northboro 23 Linden Place, Dedham 9 Orange Street, Nantucket 3 Winthrop Street, Winchester 19 Melvin Avenue, Brighton 263 lrving Street, Framingham 42 Cottage Street, l-ludson Brewster 111 Washington Street, Wellesley 35 Commonwealth Road, Cochituate 38 Carleton Street, Newtonville 202 Charles Street, Waltham R. F. D. No. 1, Framingham 25 Clarendon Street, Newtonville 1 Woodman Avenue, l-laverhill 55 Essex Street, Marlboro 87 Maynard Street, Roslinclale 980 Main Street, Worcester 8 lrving Road, Weston 102 Alexander Street, Framingham 100 Van l-lorn Street, West Springfield Burtch Street, Sheffield 4 Mendon Street, Upton Millis 727 Parker Street, Roxbury 7 Mechanic Street, Monson 62 School Street, Dedham 45 Bennett Street, l-ludson 176 Dedham Street, Newton Highlands 6 Morse Street, Natick 6 Greymere Road, Brighton 23 Raymond Street, Framingham 114 Antrim Street, Cambridge 9 Clark Street, Brookline 22 Strathmore Road, Brookline 17 Frederick Street, Framingham Wellesley 40 Mellon Street, Framingham 106 Speen Street, Natick 4 n , I 4 4 .Q .vf'1'A"' ""'f7"" 4-T' 'VX X 4. 4,1 7 . ,.-,' r-541X.w.- ,' .'X, X' .,,u4 , . 1 . A4 4 .4 4 .,-44.X4 4 -.XX .4 4 , :, -' X44 ' , X 4 X4 N-P., ' 447, 444.451, ' X X:-4' ,nf ,A 4.X .44-4 .. - 'J , 44 ,.-'4-.' 4 4 K .f 44 -'."'4 MWA", -"4 4 " , " X Q a.w"J 44 ' ' 4 ., X ,K 5' .4 Maf' . ' .' 4 4 ' "f. ' -T 4-.4 ,4' ., ,1.- ,. X, . . -. ' 441- 4' , , -7-1 .- XXX- XX, ,,., ..,1XXlX.. X A 4,,. - , f ..X,,, fn? 4 -, , 4 ' 4 414 ., 4 HH 0, . .4 -' ,'..- 4" '1"4 n X X1 X X 4 ' F ' lX4,f "14 ,FAN ,' 4 - ,mu 4X 4-v,4'-k. X. ' 154.-: . , ' .'. ' "' 4 4 4 4, , , 4- .-,A X ' X, - wiki. .3 X X X X X, 4 if ' 2- 4 4 4. 14- 4 Ut, , ,X X 4 ,X . L, 5' - ..4 '- L r.' 4.' 4 ' -A 4 .f 4, X X X., 4., 4 - ' 4"'4 4. Y , 4 , X Anim X jk 414 ' '1 3241 ' . 'Q'-L' ' '4.. L' ' ,' '44 4, 4 X X . ' "ll X K 4 x4 ,n N-' - " 4 ' .4 . . ' 4L4- , Q55 uf.: ' :"" "Q" 4.4 -"4ff4 A 4 " 'Q 4 '- , 4. " 4 'YF 4 .4224 Q .,-,. ,. .4,,, 33' ,- MG' -XXX X X., XX XX XXX ,X , .4 .X : ,L A 1.4 4. 4 - NH 4' 4 ' "Q ' .44.4,. YXXX .X. ,um H- l . X .4X,:1XX X 4 -,1X4,X:44X 1 ,,X lg! K ,ATX 2,4 4' ,E 4 -f , - "-"-. :L '4 - ' 4' 4. 11444 ' 4. . ' . n. , A 44-'V I4 4 4. -4 ,, ., 4-4 .-4.4 4 5 ' , ' 'Y 1' 4 1 ' if X WI-X lv' 4 , X, X, X 4 X -' 'vfjy . 4,ggX4y, X ' yi .E'4"' ' .4 .X - 9 X g 4. ,Yr Ng, :X 'X XV XX, , L4 :4 392 X, X X zx"' '4- X 4XX.,.4X4. , .. Xu' . 'ff . 4 1 A X 4 A If H' y . QffJ,mfi"ff? qiqf .. .,i'E?u Y SQPHCDNXORES fffm- f ,Aww K4 ek milf fi N ,N KN- if 5 agfxx Li f 'ey ,, H-3 'w-y,4,.f'f.,.Z?:l.3'f-'-- -- 9. J - . 4, E Fig H' if 4V,,. f 9 "7 , R W , f L 1 Nix X 4. 1 Milan--. N? If' CLASS OFFICERS President . ...... Phyllis Carlson Vice-President . . Katherine Barrett Secretary . . Jeanne Arbuclcle Treasurer . Janetlw Ford So homores--Sill ? We are just completing our second year at Framingham State Teachers College. Cn our arrival, more than a year ago, we were-as are most Freshmen-a wee bit frightened and a wee bit cocky, but thoroughly interested in our new environment. The Freshman year was Filled with surprises at every turn. Stunt Nightl It shocked us into a discovery of the talents possessed by our class, only to bewilder us as to what would seem acceptable to our elders. Looking back, we recall errors which, now we are sophomores, we shall not be guilty ol repeating, but, even so, alter the show was over, and despite our failure to capture a prize, we privately acknowledged our First united etlort "not bad." Song Contest-another trial to which we were subjected. We may not be musical critics but we all feel ours was a dainty song with a catchy tune, and even now we hum it through, every once in a while. And now-our second year. ln the fall we looked forward to more lun and closer friendships. Fortunately, perhaps, we couldnlt see what was in store lor us around the corner: maps and more maps, double-cord seams and laced-and-bound plackets, lesson plans and history datesl l-lowever, other classes have come through with Flying colors, so here we are Ha-tryin." We might call ourselves the Hbusy sophs,U yet the term is hardly adequate to include the work For our second Stunt Night, our second Song Contest, and a new opportunity which brought to light further ingenuity ol our class- matesfthe Sophomore May Day-requiring carpenters, costume designers, composers, authors, and actresses. But the lun ol working together as an undivided group has been worth the small sacrifices some of us have had to make. Yes-it has been great, the second year ol ours. Welll never forget it-the one in which we were all together, no practice teaching, no Crocker, no "Voc" l-louse. perhaps it might be called our acclimation period-a sophomores knock on the door ol sophistication. Mary Callahan. OLlSSl'1OlCJ e9q'l'lIS So l'1Ol'T1Ol'eS Bemis, Lois M. Birch, Sylvia Blackie, Dorothy R. Calder, Rhoda Callahan, Rachel Cantwell, Pearl Carlson, Phyllis Carney, Catherine l'l. Chick, l-lelen Corre, Jotrette Cummings, Doris Cummings, Sylvia Currie, Esther E. Currier, Marion Davis, Elvi S. Delaney, Maria D'Elia, Pauline Douglass, Genevieve Durlee, Mary C. Dorr, Emma Flynn, Ruth Ford, Janeth A. Geddes, Margaret J. Goyette, Margaret Green, Dorothy l-layes, Rita l-ledge, Gladys l-lesslink, Margaret l-lillner, Dorothy Jurusz, Leona A. Kassabian, Anna Kellaway, Ruth E. Keller, Florence Kelley, Eileen M. Kinsman, Phyllis Kirby, Marguerite Kontrim, Nellie A. Lajoie, Alice Lancaster, Dorothy L. Lincoln, Grace C. Lowney, Marjorie Maurullo, Catherine McCarthy, Elizabeth Summer Street, Northboro 80 l-lillcrest Road, Belmont 19 Hughes Street, Springfield 780 Brayton Road, South Somerset 1 59 Radford Street, Yonkers, New York 81 Garlield Street, Springfield 18 Francis Street, Worcester 137 Morse Street, Sharon 72 l-larvard Street, Chelsea 18 Miller Avenue, l-lolyoke 59 Cambridge Street, Woburn 43 Pasadena Road, Roxbury 303 Auburndale Avenue, Auburndale 105 Prescott Street, North Andover 4 Bourne Street, Worcester 40 Kingsbury Street, Worcester 41 Marian Street, Medford 818 Winthrop Avenue, Revere 19 Summer Street, Fairhaven 334 Kendrick Street, Newton 6 Merritt Place, Attleboro, Mass. 33 Gale Avenue, Pittstield 77 l-lall Street, North Adams 1250 Northampton Street, Holyoke 83 l-ligh Street, Needham 19 Whitney Terrace, Dorchester 3 l-lolt Avenue, Worcester 19 Belvidere Road, Framingham 1622 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 14 Rockwood Street, Jamaica Plain 30 Glen Street, Worcester 19 Wyman Street, Waban 16 Allen Street, Woburn 295 Bellevue Street, West Roxbury 963 Worcester Road, Framingham 37 Beulah Street, Whitman 120 Marine Road, South Boston 180 StaFiord Street, Worcester South Dartmouth 35 Elm Street, Milton 59 Mattapan Street, Mattapan 25 Arlington Street, Worcester 17 Rosemary Street, Jamaica Plain Household Arts Sophomores---continued Newell, Anne E. O'Connor, Llrsula Page, Ruth Parker, Louise Plastridge, Nathalie Pecevich, Jennie Plummer, Laura Powers, Agatha Prolita, Josephine Riley, Santina Rousseau, Marylou Sacco, Mary Shorrock, Dorothy E. Shultz, Esther Smith, Beatrice - Smith, Lois Spaulding, Ruth l, Stacy, Olive Thomas, Ruth S. Walsh, Rosamond Wetherbee, Arline M. Wright, Harriet Wuorenmaa, Ann ocolioncll Callahan, Mary Hall, Marjorie Hathaway, Hope Hofstra, Bernice Martin, Frances McCatlrey, Hester Schlepegrell, Georgia Watters, Grace Weber, Laura 935 Washington Avenue, Holyoke State Teachers College, Framingham 'I Coleman Road, South Byfield 'I Sunset Street, Amherst Concord Road, Bedford 600 South Street, Shrewsbury 190 Williams Avenue, East Lynn 83 Florence Street, Worcester 57 Snow Hill, Boston 94 Hillside Road, Franklin Q9 Jeiopson Avenue, Worcester 540 Haverhill Street, Lawrence Q59 Savin Hill Avenue, Dorchester 17 Lake Street, Amesbury 604 Fulton Street, Medford Harwich 67 Bowers Street, Newtonville West Yarmouth 64 Sever Street, Worcester 61 Wollaston Avenue, Arlington Heights Burnham Road, Bolton 'IO Wolcott Street, Readville Q55 Main Street, Gardner So l'1OI'T1OI'CS QA Lakeview, Arlington Q65 Main Street, Montague City 84 Court Street, New Bedford Main Street, West Medway 74 Wellesley Street, Weston Main Street, Shrewsbury 'I3 Woodland Street, Sharon 80 Barnaby Street, Fall River QQ Englewood Avenue, Worcester kglSI'TlGI'l'lfCl So l'1Ol'l'1OI'GS Andrews, Louise Arbuckle, Jeanne Barrett, Katherine Chesarone, Jennie Clampitt, Ruth Clark, Marguerite Clarke, Mary Coffin, Helene Cotter, Margaret E. Clune, Marie E. Deagle, Alvina M. Donnellan, Alice N. Dwyer, Mary E. Eagan, Marguerite A. Ebell, Gertrude P. Grant, Madelyn L. Hackett, Christine Hobbs, Harriet Keyes, Margaret Keylor, Marjorie F. Long, Dorothy MacDonald, Margaret A. Martin, Delores McAuliffe, Alice Mueller, Margaret Murphy, Helen Murphy, Mary E. Norman, Shirley O'Donnell, Mary L. Parker, Christine Pattison, Marjorie Pellissier, Laura Robart, Beatrice Roberts, Edna Savage, M. Barbara Scully, Dorothy Stafford, Ruth Werber, Sylvia Wheeler, Florence A. Wilbur, Frances Wozniak, Helen 180 Allerton Road, Newton Highlands 198 School Street, Somerville 1593 Centre Street, Newton Highlands 915 Chestnut Street, Waban Q5 Broad Street, Plainville 79 Wood Avenue, Mattapan 118 Congress Street, Orange 15 North Liberty Street, Nantucket 169 Elliot Street, Newton Upper Falls Q3 Channing Road, Newton Centre 349 Linwood Avenue, Newtonville 36 Carver Road, East Watertown 346 Cherry Street, West Newton 301 High Street, Somerset 63 Rockland Place, Newton Upper Falls 11 Adams Street, Medfield 14 Bates Road, Watertown 30 DeLoss Street, Framingham 11 Osborne Road, Brookline 5 Highledge Avenue, Wellesley 170 State Street, Framingham 377 Linwood Avenue, Newtonville 153 Trapelo Road, Waltham 116 Gilbert Road, Belmont 49 Hazel Street, Watertown 68 North Avenue, Natick Hampden Road, Monson 17 Lyman Terrace, Waltham 17 Carpenter Street, Amesbury 68 Brown Street, Pittsfield Q11 Walnut Street, Holyoke Q29 Northampton Street, Holyoke 197 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge 51 Worcester Street, Belmont 86 Shawmut Avenue, Marlboro Q9 Walter Street, Newton Center 1 4 Catherine Street, Worcester 36 Bancroft Avenue, Milford Summer Road, Berlin 423 Weir Street, Taunton Northfield 1 1 1 1 1 4 ,,,-,.1 111 n.,1111 ' ' 1 N '1' "V-' f- ' ,1,1.1f- 1 I1, 5 .,, 1 1 , 1 , 1,1 11 ' 11 1 1 11 o ,1 ' 1' 11 1.1. 1 4 1 111711111 : 11" f 1 1 '- K QL' 1 1-. 1 'M 1.1. ,' 1 .vx 1,1 mb 1 WV 11 .1151-1" .,1.1. 1 1'.1 1 ,11.,I11 ' 1 "u ,x 15 1 .v 1, .. 51. '1 ,v .r, .. 1 17.1.11 .1. 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1.b'.14 1 1 141 1-1. JW ., 1 ,, ,1 ..5.1 1, 1 . 1 1 1 1 .rv . 1' 2 X 1 '-1 ,11 1.11. ..1-1 , ,1'11.1.11 .-,V -T1 1 1 1 .Q-11 1.1 M1 " -.1".1 A' LIN 11 " E "u.. 1v 111 1- .. 1..,, 1 .'1 j' 1 1.111 1" 1 1 1 11. .1- ,fig- ' .'.-'I 1' 141.-1 7 '1111 1111, I ,l.11 1- AM' '1'1'11!1'- . 1123434 .1 ' WZ: -1 1 1'.N'1 q 1.-.,1..: 1 1 ...MN 1 1 11. .1 ,-Q, 1' -N11 1 1 -1. .1111 11 .1 11 15.,. 44 .rf- vv -1r , -1-11 I 11-- 1.11" 1 1 1:3 ' 'iv 11 '- 1 L -li' ,I 'H 563 J . . ., . ' . : um w 0 V ,A . , H . ' Lf f,, .53 2 x '42 ' ' , , - 5 - 1 1 'Yf 23775 FRESHIVXEN :" 'N Q --.,. ,,,, in-ir CLASS OFFICERS President . . ..... Marion Blood Vice-presidenr . . . Muriel Wallace Secretary . . . Helen Maxwell Treasurer . . Elizabeth Story ClClSS of Now that we have terminated the First and perhaps the most dilficult stage ol our journey to the "Land of Knowledge," a four years' pilgrimage which every girl who is a graduate of Framingham State Teachers College well remembers, we may loolc down with sweeping glance from our pedestal, a mere Foothill compared to those blue moun- tains ahead ol us which we have yet to ascend, upon the territory we have left behind. As the sun sinlcs in the west, a glorious red ball ol Fire, we may perceive in the distance the dim, hazy outlines ol miniature, winding streams, those rivers which we had found almost impossible to lord, so deep were they and so swilt. Now, they appear so un- disturbed, so tranquill Upon the surlace ol each seems to be imprinted the following VVOI'dSI Ufhnd he who hopes to scale the heights without enduring pain, And toil and strife, but wastes his life in idle quest and vain." For us, each one of these rivers signifies some phase ol worl4 which has been ac- complished, some lesson which has been learned. The thin wisp ol ribbon which can barely be discerned on the horizon signifies lriendship, is a symbol ol the numerous friendships which we have formed throughout the year. The second stream stands lor the amount of etlort which we have put into our studies and extra-curricular activities. The small tributary which we can see branching oil to the east, stands for willingness, that characteristic which goes hand in hand with etfort. If we lool4 a little to the left, we may perceive a wide creelc groping its way through the lar-away meadows, one ol the First, yet one of the easiest bodies of water we were obliged to lord. This signifies co-operation and good sportsmanship, two traits ol character displayed by all members of this class during Freshman Week, and two that have persisted throughout the two semesters. As the shadows deepen and we peer down into the valley below, we calmly watch the large, placid river gliding by, where, we do not lcnow. And what could this nearest river represent? It signifies leadership, active participation in college lile. All about us now is darkness, but wait, one lone star, the evening star, is shining. Perhaps this is to be our torch, our guide throughout the coming year. l-lazel Williamson. OLlSGl"lOlCJ e9q6l'lS l:1'GSl"ll'TlSl'l Allen, Virginia Atkins, Emily Aubertin, Dorothy Babson, Marjorie Baker, Erma Berry, Margaret Brine, Constance Calkins, Betty Jean Call, Doris Capeless, Mary C. Catler, June Cole, Marion Cook, Virginia Lane Curran, Mary L. Darling, Muriel Dolan, Virginia M. Fahey, Ruth Farr, Jeanette Ferris, Madeline Fitzpatrick, Margaret Flavin, Grace Fresia, Eva Garoian, Agnes Gendron, Lillian C. Gray, Elorie L. Gray, Jeanette Hearn, Audry Hogan, Vivian Jouannet, Ann Kroepel, Lois Labouteley, Dorothy Lamborghini, Eleanor Leamy, Margaret L'Esperance, Bernardine Lyman, Barbara Mandigo, Jean McGaw, Gladyse Mcliechnie, Ruth McLaughlin, Marion Milne, Helen Mitchell, Mary Mooney, Elizabeth S. Mothes, Charlotte E. Olson, Dorothy L. Page, Charlotte J. Patten, Charlotte Rand, Helen '15 Rosemont Street, Lynn 4 Williams Place, Middleboro 35 Carlisle Street, Worcester 279 William Street, Stoneham 3 Whitehill Street, Taunton Q0 Gilmore Street, Wollaston 73 Prospect Street, West Newton Walnut Street, Rutland 305 High Street, Newburyport 56 Charles Street, Pittsfield 65 School Street, Quincy 33 Peak Hill Road, West Roxbury 1 5 Park Street, Norwood 61 Park Street, Arlington 49 DeForest Street, Hyde Park '18 Copley Street, Roxbury 76 Howard Street, Waltham Tilley Street, Ludlow '173 Hampden Street, Chicopee Statiorcl Street, Rochdale '14 Forest Street, Attleboro 769 East Street, Pittsfield 59 Plymouth Street, Cambridge 39 Burtt Street, Lowell 33 John Street, Worcester Coolidge Street, Sherboin 202 Beacon Street, Worcester West Street, Sheldonville Q9 Athelwold Street, Dorchester Q11 Lower Westfield Road, Holyoke 40 Norfolk Street, Holliston Main Street, Bryantville 59 Greenleaf Street, Quincy '14 Centre Street, Cambridge Q4 Rockland Road, Auburn 9 Bentwood Street, Foxboro '18 Tower Avenue, South Weymouth 88 Park Avenue, Natick 80 Main Street, Woburn Q5 Hamilton Street, Dorchester 450 West Broadway, Gardner 76 Allen Street, Arlington 65 Cottage Street, Hudson '19 Brinsley Street, Dorchester '11 Homewood Road, West Roxbury Hilltop Street, Sterling 45 Sudbury Road, Weston l'lousehold Arts Freshmen continued Regan, Miriam Robinson, Claire S. Romard, Catherine Sawutz, Evelyn Shalran, Beverly Solin, Rosalie Smith, Stella Story, Betty Sullivan, Mary Sweeney, Mary Sweet, Edna Totilas, Betty Wallace, Muriel Walsh, Miriam Welb, Cora White, Barbara Wilcox, Anita Worden, Barbara Zurawinski, Irene 55 St. Andrew Road, East Boston Q Shirley Street, Worcester Felton Street, Waltham 33 Waltham Street, Maynard Q9 Cayston Street, Roxbury 194 Nonotuck Avenue, Chicopee 7 Ruggles Street, Quincy 128 Granite Street, Pigeon Cove 118 Endicott Street, Worcester 800 Slade Street, Fall River 139 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead 18 Montrose Street, Worcester Bear Hill Road, Merrimac Q5 Russell Street, Brookline 64 Overbrook Drive, Wellesley 33 Washington Street, Chicopee 364 Riverway, Boston 90 Mill Street, Shrewsbury 56 Richland Street, Worcester Vocolionol ll-reshmen Braclish, Carolyn Briggs, Ethel Geddes, Ruth Luthringer, Doris Melanson, l-lelen Parker, Eleanor Riggs, Doris Silcox, Alice Stearns, Phyllis lela, Lena lronerud, Ruth 51 Pine Street, Leicester 6 North Avenue, Attleboro Falls QQ Centre Street, Watertown 16 Millbrook Street, Worcester 11 Ruthven Street, North Quincy Acushnet Station, New Bedford South Street, Grafton 3 East Avenue, Lowell 68 Richards Street, Dedham 1 51 Bailey Street, Lawrence l-lill Street, Topstield egl Anton, Carolyn Bire, Mildred Blood, Marion Bridev, Joan Brigham, Marion Britt, Alice Carboneau, lrene Cobbett, Alice Coburn, Audrey L. Colburn, Betty Condon, Helen Costello, Lucille Cotton, Virginia Currie, Lois M. Dacey, Dorothy Fishman, Shirley Foley, Mary D. Glancy, Doris Good, Mary C. Hall, Barbara Hanlon, Eleanor Hart, Elizabeth Havner, Alice Hazlett, Joanna F. Hickson, Mary M. Hildebrand, Rosemary Kapstein, Estelle Keating, Mary Kennedy, Helen Maxwell, Helen MacFarland, Jane McNiff, Anne Q'Niell, Mary Paul, Helen Elizabeth Payne, Maude Elizabeth Perkins, Betty Pitbladdo, Patricia Robinson, Virginia Rush, Helen C. Shaughnessy, Anna E. Sheridan, Barbara E. Smith, Stella Spiers, Gertrude Stinson, Barbara Sullivan, Esther Tokaruck, Pauline Williamson, Hazel Wilson,iBetty SITICVIJECI l:I"CSl'1l'T'lGI"l 769 Columbia Road, Dorchester 68 Maple Street, Belmont QQ lntervale Road, Wellesley Farms 11 Lewis Street, Newton 39 Norwood Street, Marlboro 19 South Prospect Street, Amherst Q3 Wood Avenue, Framingham Church Street, Upton 82 Prentice Street, Waltham Q63 Walnut Street, Brookline 18 Parker Hill Avenue, Milford 14 High Street, Franklin 79 Charlesbank Road, Newton 303 Auburndale Avenue, Auburndale 9 Lincoln Street, Hudson 33 Wyoming Street, Roxbury 174 High Street, Brookline 33 Lowell Avenue, Watertown 59 Wendall Street, Cambridge 15 Center Street, Raynham 67 Prospect Street, Medway 322 Duxbury Road, Worcester 190 Lake Avenue, Framingham 59 Diamond Street, Walpole Q48 Winthrop Street, Framingham 183 Newton Street, Waltham 30 Cloflin Road, Brookline 87 East Street, Natick 13 Grant Street, Natick 159 Mechanic Street, Marlboro 614 Trapelo Road, Belmont 1O Rice Street, Hudson 18 Davies Avenue, Brookline 31 Lawrence Street, Waltham 19 Howard Street, Waltham 89 Elm Street, Framingham 164 Oliver Road, Waban 67 Richards Avenue, North Attleboro Kendall Street, Barre 44 Sumner Street, Milford 51 Woodside Road, Medford 7 Ruggles Street, Quincy 15 Nonantum Street, Newton Q8 Davis Avenue, West Newton 55 Bigelow Street, Fall River 53 Gilbert Street, Framingham 6 Miller Street, Medfield 18 Brigham Road, Framingham 'N ' .:.3N'y'. ' . ,J x ". ,:g,.4wf-Q, ,qt V , . J-. :'. , ' 'all in ' ,L Jn. .. 1.-.r -' A 1- r.. , .- -4 , , iff" ' 1u1""-I ' L . 4115411- ..o", f . -L 1 -' fy, , -14 ' 1 :f ,-X- 5 .,,V V ,. uf, , SENICDR BIQGRM HY D I 'Q "- W f g K- 'IEW " gu fuwt 1 1 A I 5 1 mf. I 9 ' X CRN V 1 Zur' 1 -Q " H, ' X . ' I" 'E V5 4 Q . , A , EM11 E2 W 44 SY? f 2-, - 5 , ,J 23' .m. + N ' J, 'vp " Cl-he Post in eview A Freshman, really annoyed at having had to leave home, on seeing a prospective classmate with a baby doll in her arms, turned to her harassed parent and said, "Where have you sent me? To a lcindergarten or a college?" The Following days with their Freshman activities and initiation, guided by Senior Sisters oF New England weather character traits, soon proved to that Freshman as well as to many others, that it was a :bona Fiden college. l-laving elected as oFFicers, Dorothy Dowling For president, Jane l-lomer For vice- president, Glenna Woodhead For secretary, and Virginia Crowe For treasurer, we, lilce regular Freshmen, began the traditional course oF events. First came a most memorable l-larvard-Vale weelc-end, then Stunt Night, For which, despite our qualms, we received honorable mention, and the usual sport activities in which many participated. For this year we have only one regret, namely that the Framingham Fire Department was too eFFicient so that we received but a single weelcs vacation on account oF the spring Fire in May l-lall. During this First year and the year to come, our class was guided by Miss Poole, a sympathetic and helpiul advisor For whom we all had the greatest respect and aFFection. With our Freshman days past and providing only musing thoughts For idle retro- spection, we now came to a parting oF the ways, The elementaries, outsmarting the household arts students, became juniors and shortly, with great trepidation, braved, in their First practice teaching assignment, the upturned, expectant Faces oF the Jonathan Maynard boys and girls. The junior prom brought a capping climax to a strenuous, satisfying year. The senior year proved even more strenuous For these elementaries because with the spring, came the operetta, Hfxny King, Any Crown," the presentation and success of which was oF vital importance to every member of the class, and because with the close oF the year came commencement activities to which some looked Forward whole- heartedly while others gave more thought to returning a Fourth year For a degree. Meanwhile the household arts girls, having made a start in their Freshman year, continued their good worl4 by winning the Stunt Night banner in their sophomore year. The next year they tied the seniors For the same award. With Dorothy DeVenne as chairman, they came out First in the Christmas baslcet competition, as they also have done under her direction in their junior and senior years. The May Day that year was an original pageant, Ulhe Blaclc Prince," based on a story oF medieval England. The writing oF the adaptation was done by a class committee with the assistance oF Miss Poole and Miss Cummings. Miss Kingman and Miss Taylor helped with the staging oF what proved to be a most successFul May Day. Such were the main happenings oF the sophomore year. Junior events came in quiclc succession. Will we ever Forget bedraggled and vexed Jane l-lomer and Gladys Clark, declaiming the injustice oF practice teaching at the Mock Man Dance, while l.illian Reese and l-larriet Cashner lamented the chores oF house practice? Nevertheless, we got there. Where? Why, to the junior prom. It Uweren a strugglel But we got there, almost to a person. Later, with woeful eye, we helped with commencement activities: daisy chain, tea-ushering, and baccalaureate. With hushed tones, we whispered, "Une more yearf, Those last days as juniors reminded us of two pleasures that had been ours during the preceding months. Une was the good Fortune we had of welcoming in our midst a very important but ever so friendly Freshman, our new president, Mr. Qfonnor. Th other was our pleasure in having had as Faculty advisor, Miss Turner, a tarsighted and capable leader, who willingly continued her guidance in our senior year when we lost Miss Poole who was to have been our advisor. Qnce more, for our senior year, the elementaries, with many desirous oi obtaining a degree, and the household arts students joined for class activities. These elementaries are unique in that they are the last by-product ot a three year diploma course and are a hardy group who have weathered many experimentations in curriculum. The household arts students sympathized with them as they still had the difficulties of a last nine weeks ot teaching to solve. As Senior Sisters, both groups had such obedient freshmen that there were no infractions of our stringent rules and therefore we could hold no court. l-larvard-Vale week-end saw many of our Fine athletes on the Field forthe last time. Presently the Christmas season came and with it an innovation in our holiday caroling, for this year Miss Larned presented the carolers with Five French lanterns for their immediate use and that of future carolers. Days go by quiclcly and already the year is half over, yet we still have many hopes. One is that the new event of our class day, in the form ot a Greek pantomime, will, for its classic quality, become a tradition at Framingham. Another is that, as our junior prom was attended, so we hope our senior prom will be-almost to a person. Then, Stunt Night hangs still in the balance-as freshmen, honorable mention, as sophomores, winners, as juniors, tie, and as seniors? Thus, despite the trials and tribulations so manifest in the foregoing tempestuous reminiscences, we have become strong in the Framingham tradition and now, joylully yet sorrowfully, prepare to leave Framingham to live her tradition in the world. Linnea Anderson, Rita Gilboy Qlaaa fLUiII When the time comes to leave one world for another, it becomes necessary to draw a legal document so that there will be no complications arising after departure. ln view of this fact, the class of 1938, being of sound mind and body, do name Miss May C. Turner as executor of this document, to see that the following are carried out. tem l. tem ll. tem III. tem lV. tem V. tem VI. tem Vll. ltem VIII. ltem IX. To Mr. Qfonnorxour appreciation for the inspiration he has given us. ln addition we leave a new phrase to replace the old one, UAS l recall." To the entire faculty our deep gratitude and recognition of their untiring effort in the huge task of educating us. To Mr. Workman a book entitled fdokes OF1939' which should be good until he retires, To Dean Savage a private secretary to relieve her of all N. Y. A. responsi- bilities. To the freshmen we leave all our notebooks and heirlooms which have been handed down to us. We also leave some hope for the hopeless future. To the sophomores we leave the ability to produce a fine May Day. To the juniors, an opportunity to win recognition for Stunt Night, which they may be able to do, now that we are out of the way. To the Crocker juniors we leave the hope that the dish washing machine will hold out until the end of the year. To the elementary juniors we leave a number of pocket-sized notebooks to keep journal notes for R. l-l. C. To all future seniors, a warning that four years are not as long as they seem to be. We leave to those who find them necessary a group of Austins to be used in traveling from Dwight to May l-lall. To the commuters who use the back hill we leave an escalator to facilitate their ascent. To other students who come back for graduate work we leave the ability and finesse of Florence Whalen and Bertha l.unnie. To all students we leave the hope for a new gym. To those who are interested we leave Barbara -l'ucker's and Betty Stonefs abilities to spend the week-end at West Point and return Ufresh as daisiesn on Monday morning. To the right inner of Valefs hockey team next year we bequeath Dorothy l:urbush's success in carrying the ball down the field for a goal. To fern Williams we leave Rita Gilboy's ability and poise in addressing an audience. We bequeath to HDell" Martin Lillian Wigodls efforts and success in main- taining a perfect head dress. We bequeath to those who get hungry before school begins a sandwich shop to be open in Dwight l-lall from eight to nine-twenty to serve a second breakfast. We also bequeath the last minutes of grinding to those who have not studied. To Alice Epstein we leave Shirley l?ivitz's extra few minutes that she managed to find every morning, ltem X. We will to Marion Brigham Phyllis fAxngelo's ability to do all the latest dance steps. To anybody who is absent minded we leave Janet Barrows' power to always remember. To l-lelen Maxwell we leave Patricia Carr's sweetness. lo the treasurer ol next year's senior class we leave Margaret Murphy's capability in handling money. To 'xpatn Delaney we leave Jeannette Aucoin's interest and abilityin trans- lating passages in French. To all students who wish to go to school dances in years to come, one square inch of space upon which they may dance all evening. We leave to the practice teachers of next year Florence Solomons notebook on ulhe Discipline Problem." To Doris Glancy we leave Mary MacDonald's sophistication. We bequeath to Mary Good l'lelen Nolan's ability to solve mathematical problems. -lo two most deserving sophomores we leave a book by Cora l'-lubert and l-lelen Randall on "Qur l-lappy Days At Framingham." To Mr. Gilday we leave a group of silver-toned juniors to carry on in the choir. For no specific reasons at all the following students bequeath as much oi their valuable property as they can. Ruth Landry bequeaths her lovely, sparkling brown eyes to "Cal" Callahan. Eleanor Feerick leaves to Virginia Burkett her much used powder pul-l and comb. Sid l-lorton bequeaths her athletic ability to Barbara Carle. Virginia Crowe leaves her ability to run a very successful dance to any underclassman who can step into Virginiais shoes. Peg Guilioyle and Grace Q'Donnell leave their Favorite rendezvous at -l'ravis's to Midge Millane and Peg Lovett. Jane l-lomer passes on the duties and the worries ol Gate Post editor to l'lelene Carroll. You can't have one without the other, l'lelenel lnez Davis and Marj Burr bequeath a list ol unique absence excuses to needy freshmen. Della Logiodice bequeaths a few inches of her enormous height to the petite l-lelene Carroll. l'-lilda Stenberg, l-larriet Charko, and Clive King leave their fondness For the lunchroom to the unsuspecting juniors. Gladys Clark leaves her patience in conducting class meetings to the in- coming class president. Alda Gricius leaves her diet formula which guarantees a loss ol Five pounds in tour years to any one who desires it. Jan Wilcox leaves her quiet but pleasing manner to next year's elementary senior who plans to live in the dorm. Skippy Campbell bequeaths a book entitled ul-low l Can l-landle Two Men At Qne lime" to Kay Lyons. Brownie Jones leaves her cheertulness and capability ot leading the Student Government Association to Future presidents. l-larriet White bequeaths to Martha Rodger her speed in knitting. ltem Xl. Margaret Schneider bequeaths her fondness lor dogs to some doggy lresh- man. Linnea Anderson bequeaths to the library a bool4 entitled 'Al-low lo Run A School lvly Way," which ought to be completed by now. Gena Corea beciueaths her ability to assimilate chemistry to Rebecca Bartlet. The girls ol the Voc. l-louse bequeath all their notes tal4en on readings from the lists ol references to future Vocs. Phyllis l.awton leaves her seat in baclc of the bus driver, but not the bus driver, to Jean lvlandigo. Adrienne Frazier bequeaths her literary possibilities to lVlarie Russo. Vera Reed leaves directions lor an Afghan to any junior who doesn't l4now what to do during the English 6 period. lvlary lVlcCauley bequeaths to lvliss l'lall a pair ol roller sl4ates to facilitate her movements in Croclcer l4itchen. Dizzy Foster leaves a bool4 entitled ul-low You Can lvlanage lo l'lave The Last Word Yourself" to Claire l2adovsl4y. Freddy Wetmore and Dot DeVenne will disclose their secret in Ugetting places" upon request. l-larriet Cashner leaves her sense ol humor to Carolyn l.uce. Anna l.emel4bec1ueaths her ability to 'kwin lriends and influence people" to Charlotte Sherrill. Ruth Condon leaves the honor ol carrying Mr. l2ied's tray to an eligible junior. We would also lilce to bequeath the following songs: To some future dorm students-HlVloonlight Qn The Campus." -lo the people who doze in class-"Vou're Gonna Walce Llp Some Day." lo N. Y. A. girls-"Nice Worl4 ll You Can Get lt." To those who commute by automobile-"A Foggy Day." 'lo practice teachers-'LAlraid lo Dream." lo those who want a man lor a dance-"lVlal4e A Wish." -lo the dorm students a future romeo to sing L'Rosalie." -lo another class small as elementary senior Q we leave ml-en Pretty Girlsf' To the students that leave Dwight l-lall alter 5:45-uWhispers ln The Darlcn by Benny. To other commuters we leave "You Cant l-lave Everything." l.ast but not least we will to purgatory "Une Broad Avenue paved With Good lntentionsf' l-laving exhausted all donations with which we can part, we the class ol nineteen hundred and thirty-eight do hereby allix our ollicial seal and signature. lsabel Momian, Dorothy Falvey. OI'GCClS'lI l:lClSl'1SS This is station F.l2.A.M. broadcasting from Normal I-iill. Greetings Mr. and Mrs. North America and all the ships at sea, letls go to press! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! One of my raving reporters from paris informs me that Phyllis Angelo and her famous dancing partner have packed the Follies Bergere while showing the newest vogue in ballroom dancing. Best of luck, Phyllis, we knew that those rhythmic feet would get you places! l have been requested to announce that Miss Dorothy Falvey, founder of the Falvey Settlement l-louse in the north end of Boston is winning great renown for her book entitled, Hl'low To Teach Armenian Children To Speak English." Copies are available at any reliable book store. California has claimed Ruth Landry, now living on her sumptuous estate in San Francisco. It is heard that she is trying to practice her child psychology on her children. Let's hope she,s successful. The supposedly demure Janet Barrows of F. S. T. C days is exposing to her students her latent vivaciousness by teaching ballroom dancing and etiquette as an extra-curricular activity in one of our local junior high schools. Rumors are that Rita Gilboy has received her l3h.D. from Radcliffe and is now displaying her talents as professor of English at the University of Chicago. l-ler latest book is ul-low To Express Your ldeas Clearly"-it's a great help to all teachers. News from the Green Mountain State has just come in informing us that Bertha Lunnie and Florence Whalen, both members of the State Board Cf Education, are revising the Vermont school system on a more progressive basis. They are reported as making great headwaya-keep up the good work! My reporter tells me that Miss Lillian Wigod is the head buyer for Lord and Taylorys in New York. She has published a book entitled, ul-larmony ln Dress" and copies are selling rapidly. The theater has claimed Jeannette Wilcox who is now playing the leading lady for the Theater Guild. l-ler latest and most successful production is Hlnside College Walls." Critics say Miss Wilcox played her part superbly. Another curtain call for Miss Wilcox. Seen at the Qlympics by one of my reporters was Dorothy Furbush, our vivacious athletic star of F. S. T. C. Dorothy is playing left wing on the All American Field l-lockey Team. Congratulations, "Bushy"! You deserve all thatfs coming to you. l have been requested to announce that Miss Betty Stone is giving a series of lectures in Boston this week on the "Advantages Cf The Progressive Schoolf' Tickets are going rapidly, so make your reservations early! White Plains, New York! Barbara Tucker and Margaret Murphy have set up an exclusive school for girls, the boast of this institution is its competent teaching staff. Rumors have come in that l-lelen Randall is conducting a model grade school in the state of Connecticut. lt's the pride of all teaching circles. Visit this school for new ideas in the classroom. Flash! Fashl Fashl Fashl Fashl Fashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flash! Flash! Flash! Flashl Flashl Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Bostonl The prince School Ol Salesmanship has claimed Miss Mary MacDonald as a member ol its Faculty. l'ler course is entitled "poise," lo all who lack this gift Miss MacDonald guarantees help. lhe Field ol athletics has claimed our basketball star, Cora l'lubert. She is coach ol the National Women's Basketball -l-eam, nice work, Cora. ln the state ol New York, whom should l meet hut Shirley Rivitz, now traveling book agent lor Ginn 84 Co., Boston. 'Business is good," Shirley says. My reporter tells me that Jeannette Aucoin is working at the lmmigration Bureau as interpreter oi French. Panama has claimed pfimary grade teacher Marjorie Werner. It is rumored that she has already begun to teaclfrher pupils the current events ol the day. We have heard many comments on l-lelen Nolan's "New Methods QF -leaching Mathematics For Elementary School Teachers" which she has recently published. We all knew her mathematical ability would help her reach the top. Florence Solomon, a primary grade teacher at the Lincoln School in New York, has attained recognition in education circles For her success in progressive methods ol teaching. The success ol our talented singer, Ruth Thompson, in grand opera hasnit sur- prised us too much. We were sure her lovely voice would get her places. Congratulations to a second Lily Ponsl "l3atH Carr who has just become society editor ol a New York newspaper stole a march on us by announcing her own engagement as her First Feature story. The Wetmore school lor mannequins opened its doors this week to what looks like a prosperous season. Bea Frankel as the leading model has already set the pace For them. Peggy Guilloyle drove into town last week alter middle-aisling it with a noted expert on steel production. Best ol luck to herl lsabel Momian was seen at Macy's the other day autographing her new book, "The Essentials OF The Carbon Atom And Why We Need lt." l might add that lzzy, as we know her, is the leading counselor on "Life vs Carbon Chains." l-larriet Cashner, the Former "trucking" star, has set Maine on Fire by opening a new dancing school For Flexible Feet. l understand that Edith Yuill and Phyllis Lawton were the First enrollers. My reporters tell me that Gladys Clark has made great headway teaching her chemistry students the quickest way to put water on HQSQ4. The rumors are that Jane l-lomer is going to surprise us all by marrying a well known sport enthusiast. ln decorating her home she is using colored mirrors to give character to the place. Marion Jones From the Regional Scout Board addressed a group ol parents recently. l-ler subject was "Learn To Swim With One l-lundred Easy Strokes." She guaranteed results. The Former Virginia Crowe has invented a new type of invisible towel rack. lt is a corner cupboard al'lair into which you just heave the towels. Works all right, she tells mel L Esther Stensby and Louise Roycrolt, the internationally famous tennis team, swung into action at Forest l-lills recently by using stringless rackets. They knew they just couldn't missl Linnea Anderson received an invitation to address members of the "Lonlihearts Club," but she had to reluse as her dating bureau is keeping her busy day and night. Flash! Flash! Flashl Flash! Flashl Flashl Flash! Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Flash! Flashl Myrtle Schneider, the well known lecturer on "The Personality Cf The Mouse," was seen strolling down 60th street the other day with Minnie on a leash. A brand new tea shop has just opened up on 5Oth street. -lhey tell me the owners, Vera Reed and Dot Froeberg, promise service if nothing elsel Clive King Cby the way, she's a Mrs. nowl breaks into the headlines in tomor- rowis news by being the first woman to reach Millis, Mass., in an airplane. She shook the townl live been asked to announce that tickets are rapidly selling for the discussion to be carried on by Margaret Schneider, leading textile expert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, next month. They wonit last-get yours now. A flash just came in that Alda Gricius, a competitor of Schiaparelli, has left for Paris on the Queen Mary. Cn embarking, she said, "When America pro- duces pedigreed foxes, l'II be backln The famous cake decorator, Miss Dorothy DeVenne, claims she has an invention for fancy pastry. It wonit squirt, won't leak, and she promises it will melt the fat. Vienna has claimed Americans Marjorie Burr and Mary McCauley to serve on their international board of teacher training for the development of the psycho- logically minded. Miss Gena Corea's school for dietitians seems to be prospering in spite of the fact that the head of the personnel department, lnez Davis, recommends diets of salt pork and grapes. l-larriet White, the renowned ballet sensation, will open a penthouse studio soon. Clara Boothby, formerly of new England, has gone southern on us, and is teaching in a day school for little tots. .lane Wolfe has rewritten her latest book for children, "Sleepy -lime l.and ln Dozy Valley." All the schools are buying it to keep the pupils awake during class. l-lazel Fay and Sally l-lall are rolling right along when it comes to outdoor sports. Sally manages a bike rental station while l-lazel leads groups up a moun- tain. Sally claims she can't make the mountainsl Why don't you try shifting into second, Sally? "The Eleanor Feerick Knitting Shoppe" put out a sign recently guaranteeing that anything attempted along that line would be finished within three years. Anna l.emek, the womenis sports commentator for the l-lerald, plans to settle down now and teach physical education, Martha Sullivan and Mildred Chamberlain, instructors at the Parker School of Sociology, called an assembly the other day to lecture on 'Culture And Why We Have lt." Mary Campbell flew from Denver Saturday to visit notable friends such as Ruth Condon, a demonstrator for lobster fisheries in Portsmouth, Adrienne Frazier, the exquisite personality on Woodbury's radio hour, and Betty Newton, General Electrics leading arbitrator. A collection of Elizabeth Fosters work received a generous prize when it was displayed recently at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Grace Q'Donnell, a competitor for the prize, was indeed crushed when the patrons attempted to look at her display upside down. Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash! Flashl Flashl Flashl Flashl Lucy Valentine and Helen Walker marched to Lohengrin soon after graduation from college, it was disclosed today. They tell me that both are excellent house- wives, but have given up the idea ol canning tomatoes without juice. Priscilla Kingsbury and her partner, l-larriet Charlco, have startled the scientific world by discovering a new acid which will destroy anything. They call it Uclearitalf' Well, girls, what are you going to lceep it in? Dorothea Rowse drove to Nashville last month to view a new bridge under construction. Alter having had physics, she proposes merely to suspend the bridge, and see what happens. The federal government became quite incensed today, when l-lilda Stenberg and Evelyn l'loFfman,'leading tax assessors, said no one needed to pay taxes any more unless they cared to, For-the assessors Felt that the money could be used to help build Lillian Reeseis new museum for portraits ol the movie stars. The debut of the celebrated Della Logiodice in "Faust" was suddenly inter- rupted last weelc when glamorous Priscilla l-lorton rushed down the aisle on roller-sl4ates. She had seen the sign outside advertising the performance, and decided to roll right in to have a chat with her old schoolmate. Philadelphia philanthropist Jennie Zinl4owsl4i has launched another new drive to help ship refrigerators to the Esldmos. Une staunch agitator in the affair, Christine Cox, editor ol a New Yorlc newspaper, says that it wouldn't be such a Hhotl' idea. Elinor Mcfbxulitle, the competitor for the Amelia Earhart cup, Flew from Boston to Miami with only one wing on her plane. She is quoted as saying, "lt is so easy to go around corners and not have to worry about hitting anythingln Betty Ballentine, editor of a current weekly, startled the world Wednesday by advocating shorter working hours for school teachers in order that they might read 'ithat next chapter." Grace O'Donnell, Ruth Thompson. L, :Ij.'L Lf- ,MMV ri- . .+I-l.:'L'VV1'Yf1' 4 f. , ,, -Lq5L.L- - .31 ' 1.. Sim ir" J, L 24 , .-,L ,NL L, . 3 ,X .4 , Y.. fe Q Lwx , 1,-AL L ' .1, if L .., ,. 'UT L f'!','.. ' L L ,.L!., V W ,K ww, 1 '. -,L.,.. ,4 V f . M-A ,, ,A -- , f,1, 3,1 L, 11c1,.L L J.. , MEL' , 5 .1 L.: 'JFL ,,. , U -A1,y..,',,R,V. .L- ,,,. , '.,.-',, v -L lf: , ,.1,.,:, 1 - 1, . .l y. ,., V., 1 r--'. -- ?:' 'P',7",: fl AW. Y 4- .,,L,n ,Nw .,1., -L' 1 li? ,l...L?,c,,,MU, ,. fn 1" L, 'f, 1'-13.-:' - Lf, -'fc' ,. 151. ., ,UL L, , JJ, ,-.,, L..LL,,I. If. ,ML 7 L J, ,LL L , L . , L L , L ,. .Y',. , , L... , , ,,L,, f - L -. L "Jff'l1' Lv' . - 4 L . , v 1 L 1 L11-,v J. -- fg- I 1"L ,-Y' L -,L, LV" , L., V .A ,g ,,f, -an +g.' 1'- , L.l,, .,...,, M. N.. . .1-'1 -1- -6 LP.. , ,1,., .4 4, V.-Q L , f-,L 1, I L L L, . . ,Vg-.f Ng "ln 1 L L ' LL fy A' L 1' , L1 ,L LV 4 L n , .,x'4, 2" r L -L L-.. 1 , ...Ll, L Lv , . -4 1--Lv? WL.-1 J L , . 1- 1 L X . L r 'L ,v , , A. L L L 1 s. L x.' . ' 1 cloncilhon ci nord -l-raining School Vital actualities always malce a deeper, Firmer, more enduring impression than any amount of purely theoretical training could. That is why our worlc at the Jonathan Maynard School stands out so vividly in our minds, and why we believe that this part of our course was the most important time of all. l-lere we were introduced to real experience, things as they are and things as they will be, in the form of a school lull ol challenging boys and girls. Most ol the elementary girls have spent one, two, or three periods of practice teaching in this school, while the household arts girls have taught cooking and sewing to the upper grade girls. . The genuinely co-operative and friendly spirit with which the training school staff welcomes these inexperienced groups, helps them to undertake this most thrilling worl4, and sends them Forth with new ideals, deserves more than these few words of tribute. The Class ol Thirty Eight expresses its sincere appreciation of all that the Jonathan Maynard School has done to benefit them. Priscilla Pettingell. ., ,W Qf' 5:2 f . ., E ., 2.3 ,W v. ' ff-41 . v. .ff fa ,VI x a it if W , r 5 L..,,- 2416 LUNXNAE D416 SSQCIATIQN Siaie ,Normal Sclaaal and Stole Clecichers Qollege roming om, ossochusells LQCSE-LEAF HISTORY July 3, 1839-July 3, 1939 The Alumnae Association hopes that this history vvill be as complete a record as possible oi every phase oi the liie oi the School and College during every one oi these First ninety-nine years ol its existence. Mio record vvhat this school has meant to us and vvhy, the personal experiences that have meant much in moulding the character, experiences both vvith instructors and methods oi vvorl4, the variety ol activities and interests bearing upon the school and the student, all may be oi incalculaple value in years to come in shovving hovv the school grevv and the iactors prominent in its development as vve tried to live to the truth., H 114 'N f ktj' Q tR'fXX 6'-rf , 5 -f gi..:'E" ' . A: ,fy . , U, .fx . , M. .Sgfifa -- CDRGANIZATICDNS Thr CLASS AND CLUB CGUNCII. President . . Betty Stone Advisor . . . President Qfonnor l-lonorary Advisor . . Fredericlc Ried -l-his year the Class and Club Council has attempted tvvo important things: first, the mal4ing of a class and club portfolio, and second, the planning of a Well organized activities program. The portfolio is for classes and clubs. It contains valuable suggestions for running dances, teas, plays, and many other school functions. The activities program is forthe entire school, and in behalf of the student body, the C. C. C. wishes to express its appreciation to president Qfconnor and the various clubs for their help in bringing to Framingham so many fine assembly spealcers. It is our hope that the coming year vvill be successful. May each nevv month find more and more Framingham girls participating in Student Government, class and club activities. ff ' V 0' if ff ,-ff, f I ' 7 ,, 'A fag K f 4'7" j " I f, M f ff 41? M y 21 Ji - , f " f "-4,44 - ' .' 4 f 1, f' 1 A if 1- 'wi 1 1 fi? 1 1 7 f M ,I S59 5 lWfrf f b 11 1 f igli X 'il , V X xr ' j i 1 XR, iq ' ,l f A 'I 4, " , , ff L' Y' - 4 '72, M.1'f4 4 .5 'HA 4 if If V XL :fx 1 :VS N 'H 4: I 14 X-.- izQzii'5 gg 5 X 1QmfQ'xj' ' 1 -f 'f ff , rf, T! ' 11 . -. 5515 'fig q -35, , 1 5 4 : Q' ' ' 1 'ff 'tffi' 5 1 1 'N 1111111' if S 1 1 Hy' if 5- M ' ,QL W 1' 1' ' ' Qi-fi "1 x 2. gy ji I '- 1 f ' X 1 2 gxilf R' 7 . 1! V E , 1 1- r 5 245,14-1 E E - 1 gif V, I EE --: E:i 3g,f , .' fu 7 Q 141i1'1.fQ 11 ' 1' ,gflk ix i -1 ? 25-I' E 1,-' gig s l5? Si 'f gI. W.yX 5,1 'A ff 1 fi' ' ' 5 S 'Q Fw: ' " " A" M-"' '-E 7 '. Jw 1 ... J lilill iillilllflIlmfll'IRISHiH!!?5?f151i3EiHHHU!!!!l95i5 - K 1 . XQ , if sf j'Ti:f1 ' ff F , 2, ' 'R xxx- ' i'ff"'fif:- f -A,TJ,,,, f4,,,4 X PV!! W XA: x,.,x V 1 Kew SIE' 1, - 7"'gT 111 'Q f p QSQEQQUQQQ? Q 1 1 ? fp 6114 1 EQ : if im u kg 'Kiwi 1-4- 1 I Q ,--i-T H- 1 l 'Ili ulggf 1 M043 11-11i'Jf'V'1! f-1 i ,L ,iii - we 'QQ Q Ll 1 575? 1 2 ' f V , 1 - - r , Ca, Q - 4 5 55, O45 11 ? 1 :MD , 1 1U R -1 4111 1 - -- 1 D 1 - L 1 ,, ,, ,1 - Ii Tl! 1 2 5? 1 1 1 2- un go 1 G 0 Ill 3, IE Q L1 E11 W J f m- Q Il f1 1 1 ? 1 'rm-1 1 'mx 1 1 ' .7 A 1 1 10 ' , ,, 1 1 1 I lryelsil-mlA'n'fI ' i I F-A22 smazanwm moose YA Ulf ix J Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5-gamma M QC.-.1 .131 'il uf- WN if - iudenf Uossord IU b UH' funn noon W k 5-Guest l!2oom U me 5-3tUXDf'AlUYT'XT7I Deceplfcn gloom G- Ibfnfng room 7- 5ervTmg room ' IPRIEILHM IINAIRY STUIDIHES 0 'FOR- 8-KITCHQD , ' STAT Ui 'IHRIAM 'll'-AILU MNA IHIUFUSEE - 'ITEEACIHEEEIRS CODJLIEG KE Q IINGHAM MASS' 4- Museurr: and 0.-lommifiee Ugoom 1 ' GUSTAV A. MAGIZH- ARCHITECT 0611" 1951 I, , I I i L--.f STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Cn entering Framingham as a Freshman, each student becomes automatically a member ol the Student Co-operative Association and from then on her membership in this Association implies that she must be willing to accept her obligations as a citizen ol the college group and coniorm to its standards. There are certain obligations and responsibilities as Well as privileges connected vvith the Student Co-operative Association at Framingham and each girl should be under obligation to subordinate her ovvn standards to those standards which the Association upholds. Each student should inform hersell as to the academic and non-academic responsibilities vvhich are hers and maintain them to the best ol her ability. The purpose ol this Association shall be to provide an organization lor student participation in promoting the highest standards ol honor, integrity, and loyalty in all matters ol personal conduct as members ol a college vvith unusually high and vvorthy traditions, to encourage responsibility and co-operation in sell-governmentf to lorm an otlicial body lor expressing the judgments ol the students and directing the activities and matters ol general student interest. ' JUDICIARY BOARD Virginia Crowe, Chairman Dorothea Rovvse lflvie Pease Alice Gibbs l.ouise parlcer Miss Rocheiort, Advisor The Judiciary Board is made up ol the First Vice-President oi the Student Co- operative Association vvho automatically becomes chairman, one other member of the senior class, tvvo members of the junior class, one member ol the sophomore class, and a faculty advisor. This is the Fourth year of the existence of the Judiciary Board. lts function is to consider matters of discipline vvhich are referred to it and to malqe recom- mendations. It tries to meet these cases in a constructive vvay vvith the object ol en- couraging a better school spirit of sell discipline. 45. liar ', CHEMISTRY COUNCIL President . . Genovetla Corea Vice-President . Louise Mcllvene Secretary ......... l-larriet Wright The chemistry department, unlilce any other department, is under an honor system which is controlled by a student council consisting of three members elected from each of the three upper classes and two elected from the freshman class, with a faculty member from the chemistry department as an advisor. It is the aim of the council to promote student government and provide opportuni- ties for developing leadership and responsibility. QUIET AND ORDER COMMITTEE Rita Gilboy, Chairman Shirley Smith Claire Radovslqy Gladys McGavv Rita Cavanaugh Katherine Barret Esther Schultz Eleanor l'ldl'1lOI'1 Besides the usual two representatives From each class in the college, the Quiet and Qrder Committee this year had an additional two from the junior class to help with increased duties that resulted from having another administration building. With the help oi faculty and students, this committee tal4es charge of conduct in chapel, in assembly, and in the dining hall. This year the committee has worked particularly to improve bulletin boards and to make notices more etiective by classifying them. I ""' 'I If-sf LIBRARY COUNCIL lflizabetlw Foster, Clwairman Florence Solomon Lodema Merrill Margaret Geddes Elvie Pease Mary Dvvyer -Ilie Library Council is made up of tvvo girls in eacli department vvitli Miss Ritclwie, tlwe librarian, as our advisor. Qur purpose is to stimulate a sort ol co-operation among students using tl'1e library, to mal4etl1e rules of tlwe library, and to see tliat tlwese rules are carried out. With tlwe real interest and lielp ol our advisor, Miss Ritclwie, vve have succeeded tliis year in making our nevv library a timing of beauty, joy, and usefulness. "E-P Kr' T CCDMMUTERS' CGLINCII. .lanet Barrows, Chairman Clara Boothby Pxlvina Deagle Barbara Tucker lflvie Pease Eernice Cote l.ois Currie lfleanore Fitzgerald Betty lVlooney Dean Savage, Advisor The commuters, Council consists oi eight representatives, tvvo from each class, with Dean Savage as advisor. The organization as it is novv was Formed in 1935, to replace a much larger organization which had proved too large to function vvell. This Council meets tvvice a month during the noon hour for the purpose ol dis- cussing matters which directly concern the commuters group. lt has always been ready to help whenever any diiiiculty arose. During the year various problems have been handled. For instance, transportation problems, lunch situations, and the arranging For commuters to stay overnight when late functions made it impossible For them to go home, are some of the problems which have been earnestly discussed and taken care ol. The council appreciates any information or requests from those interested in com- muters and hopes to enlarge its usefulness each year. if FRAMING I-IAM FORUMS Under the leadership of Mary Campbell, Rita Gilboy, Katherine Weeks, and Anne Tower, the Framingham Noon and Evening Forums have discussed the topics and prob- lems oi the day. Guided by Miss Cummings, they have striven to see both sides oi every question, study each impartially and to come at last to a decision vvhich represents the intense interest, careful thought, and Fair judgment vvhich our life at Framingham should develop. THOMAS A'KElviPIS CLUB President ......... Genovetla Corea Vice-president . . Ruth Condon Secretary . . . Rosamond Walsh Treasurer . . . Ruth Teahan Federation Delegate . Mollie Higgins Publicity Manager . . . . Catherine Whitney ACTIVITIES Tvvo Communion Brealclasts, one at the beginning of the year, and the other to close the club activities. Birthday Party-tvventieth anniversary of founding of the club. Formal Dance at the Copley Plaza. Distribution of Five Christmas baslcets. Lecture on "Vestments" by Father Dunford. Retreat during Lent. Lecture by Father O,Connor. Question Box conducted by Father Duniord. Participation in all events sponsored by Federation of College Catholic Clubs, including: Monthly meetings Communion Breakfasts Charity entertainments Social functions i. i '- l l i Q-it 'www' Y. W. C. A. President . . l.innea Anderson Vice-President . . Alice Gibbs Secretary . . Alma l-lersey Treasurer . . Gertrude l'laas First Meeting, Puritan l-lotel, Boston. Discussion ol year's activities with Mrs. Jaclcson, Metropolitan Secretary. Sue l-lastings Marionettes From Columbia University presented Hfxlice ln Wonderland" and 'Sophisticated Follies Revuef, Christmas carols at the Qld Ladies l'lome and presentation ol roses to the ladies, Christmas Vesper Service at Wellesley Chapel. St. Patriclcs Day March l'lare Party. Discussion groups led by Janeth Ford, K'l2elationship Between Parents and Childrenf, 'bex and Marriage problems." Delegates sent to Cedar l-lall, the Metropolitan Council, and general meetings in Boston of the Student Christian Movement. Delegate to be sent to Maqua in June. i ,-. rm sq " -. -v LOLIISA A. NICHOLAS HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President . . Vice-president . Secretary . . Treasurer . Program Chairman publicity Chairman Finance Chairman Faculty Advisor Margaret A. Schneicler Louise Usborne Jean White Mary l'liggins l'lelen Walker l-lelen Chick Rebecca Bartlett Miss Millicent M. Coss ACTIVITIES Membership meeting. Miss Eleanor Bateman, Massachusetts Department ol Agriculture spoke on 'Con- sumer-Proclucer Relations." International Night. Miss Louisa Dresser, curator, Worcester Art Museum, gave an illustrated lecture on "Early American Silversmiths Ancl -Iheir Nxforlcf' Miss Roberta Rowe, Framingham Community I-Iealth Service, tallcecl about public nursing. Miss Dorothea NicoII's cloll collection. Mr. Jaclc Despres and his seeing eye dog. Annual Spring Supper. 6' fs, .uv 6 l sr KN-fy president . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisors FINE ARTS CLUB . Miss l.ouise Kingman ACTIVITIES Jeannette Wilcox Dorothy DeVenne Elizaloeth McCarthy Virginia Kerrigan Miss l-lazel Nietzold Qctolner Q6 First regular meeting. Introduced club groups. December 7 Second meeting. Selected play committee. January II Third meeting. Chose play. Were entertained by theater vyorlcshop, 'radio, puppetry, verse choir, and arts and crafts groups. March 8 Fourth meeting. l3anto Players, Clarlc University, presented "The Marriage Proposal" hy Anton Chel4oy. March I8 HSpring Danceu by Philip Barrie presented. April 'II Miss Dorothy George, Vesper George School ol Art. April IQ l.ast meeting. Chose next year's olficers. , 7 Y, 1 E President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Librarian . Faculty Advisor MUSICAL CLUBS ACTIVITIES Cllee Club Armistice Day program Thanksgiving program Nevins Memorial Hall, Education Christmas Candlelight Service Christmas radio broadcast Assembly program Concerts with Clark University Pops Concert Singing at Class Day Junior-Senior Choir Senior Chapel, Tuesday mornings Civic League program . I-lelen Walker . Thelma Jarisch . Emma Nelson . Rita Cavanaugh . Carolyn Luce . Edvvard F. Gild Week GY Board Managing Ifditor Assistant Editor . ol Reporters: Literary . News . Sports . . . Social and personal Exchange . Faculty . Alumnae . . Training School . Malce Up . Copy . . Special Reporters: Ruth Byrnes I'IazeI Williamson Margaret Keyes Ruth I-Iemmingway Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Circulation . . Advertising . Distribution Valentine Dance, February 'I'I. Gaia POSI ACTIVITIES I-Ielene Carroll Marie Russo I-Iope I-Iathaway Mary Lou Rousseau Priscilla pettingell Margaret Lovett I.aura pellissier Edith Jolliklco Charlotte Sherrill Mabel Richer Virginia Iferrigan Marjorie Pattison Kathleen Lyons Anne Tower Paula Ahtio Mary Callahan Jean ArbucI4Ie Carolyn I.uce Ruth Clampitr Thelma Jarisch Elizabeth Foster, '38 Ruth Wilde, '39 Mary Clarlce, '40 Charlotte Patten, I4'I Conference ol the Mass. State Teachers College Publications, May 6. 4. a.. 9 'J gs t 7 , A 1?-L I y- ,wr ,K . Y ., Managing Editor Editor . . . Business Manager Art Editor . . Advertising Manager Pxtliletic: Editor . l-lumor . . . Class l-listory . Class Will . Class Prophecy . Myrtle Sclineider Estlier Stensby Beatrice Franlcel Elizalvetlw Stone l-larriet Casliner Dorotlwy Furlouslw Barbara Tucker l.innea Anderson Rita Gilboy Dorotlwy Falvey lsalnel Momian l GTGCZ 0,DOHDZll Rutli lliompson i 7 I I I I I I I , Cr' President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Publicity Manager Archery . Baseball . Basketball . Bowling Dancing I-lilcing . I-locltey . . Riding . . ill 'HIP' Q ji: 1,9 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MANAGERS OF SPORTS Tenniquoit and Badminton . Tennis . . Volleyball . Ping Pong . Freshman Representative . A. A. Conference Delegates I 6 1? M4 Barbara Carle Eleanor Aileen Christine ParI4er Anna Lemelc Elizabeth Foster Edith Yuill Phyllis Kinsman Katherine Barret Fern Williams Elizabeth Emery Mary Durlee Priscilla I-Iorton Virginia Crowe Frances Wilbur Mary Callahan Elvie Davis I-Iester Mcca Fir Phyllis Stearns Elvie Pease KY aWafti-YaIe Week Emi An emphatic opening ol l-l-V week-end is the traditional lV'locl4man Dance. The hilarious conglomeration oi costumes is always the best that lVlay l-lall has ever witnessed. Saturday morning, however, presents an entirely ditlerent picture. ln place of solt lights is glaring, white snow. The game is delayed until the Field has been cleared in a very modern method-simply that oi rolling huge snowballs, using the snow on the playing Field. Qi course there a Few slushy, muddy, places but these disadvantages only help to mal4e the game more interesting. Barbara Carle, captain oi Yale, and l.ouise Whittemore, captain ol l-larvard, lead their teams of red and blue on to the Field, -l-here are hard worlc and lceen sportsmanship, a Few tosses and Falls, cheers from the sidelines, and when the Final whistle blows Yale is victorious, but l-larvard deserves credit lor a game well played. ln the afternoon, long before the scheduled time, a crowd begins to File into the famous gym. l-low will all these people Fit into such a small place? But harlcl Scorers ready? Timers ready? Captains ready? The game is onl What an exciting onel Both teams are determined to win. The players get tangled up with the audience, but what does it matter? Everyone is breathless and hoarse when the Final whistle is blown and a tie score is announced. Qrchids to captains Nelson and Ridderl OF course we celebrate with a banquet,with toasts lor those worthy deservers who helped malte another I-i-Y week-end successful. Carry on, undergraduatesl DANCING This year we were very Iortunate in having as special guests, I-Ianya I'lolm and her dance group. Their noteworthy performance has encouraged some ol our girls into joining modern dance groups at I:. S. -I-. C., which are instructed by our own physical education teacher, lVIiss Iaylor. ARCI-IERV Although archery is one ol our oldest sports, it is ever popular. Qur prospective archers have made excellent use ot new, modern equipment. -Ihose oi you who are not Familiar with these Iacilities'should investigatefcome and try your sI4ilI with the bow and arrow. BOWLING Does everyone Imow that we are boasting ol a new, cleverly manipulated bowling alley in Dwight Hall? Credit Ior this accomplishment goes to Fern Williams, I39 who has Iqept enthusiasm in this sport growing by leaps and bounds. PING PGNG Many students are unaware oi the big, bright recreation room in Dwight I-IaII which contains modern ping pong equipment. Though not strenuous, ping pong is good exercise. HOCKEY Besides the I-I-Y enthusiasts, many other girls have enjoyed this zestiul sport. Participate in hockey, renew your vim and vigor. TENNIQUCDIT An ideal substitute lor tennis is tenniquoit, with which many ol our girls are not as familiar as they should be. Why not acquaint yourselves with the doughnut-lil4e rubber disc and net which constitute the tenniquoit paraphernalia? I-IIKING Not too exerting, yet enjoyable, is hilcing, a popular sport at Framingham. I-his forms a delightful and refreshing way ol earning points Ior A. A. BADIVIINTON Badminton is one ol the newer games which we have started to play but we expect it to become very popular in the near Iuture. TENNIS Although we are handicapped in having just one court, we girls patiently await the signed up hour. During Fine weather one Finds this court occupied from early morning till dusl4. BASKETBALL This is one of the most important sports at the college-on-the-hill. From early Iall until late in the spring this interesting game is played. Why not malce this sport one ot vour extra-curricular activities? I HONOR ATI-ILETES Dorotliy Furbusln, certificate ..... . 1368 Priscilla l-lorton, certificate . . 'IQ78 Jane l-lomer, certificate . T199 Anna Lemele . 87Q Edith Yuill 827 l-lelen Walker 777 Jennie Zinlaowsld 667 Betty Newton 665 Jeannette Wilcox 651 points points points points points points points points points -ml 97 R, ' x 'J . -. . 1" 4 , , ,, , , 8-, 91 '. ' -, 5-N, , 3'.".:f, " , ' , . -Y "wi X f 2 1 Q .4-'lg , . ,fy W ,A - - f 1, ,AI X: .A Y I ' , , 4' yu' v - .xqql ,mf ,- ,H- 1, , ,4 - , . X w. , s. VH ' ,, ' X -31 N.. ag,f,,Jv,,M"4 ww,- f , ,V 1, ,, -:,Q-'-"41Tj.,"A1' ,1 ',-.1 ' ' ' ' l' 2 ,fi T. 1 MD 5. .JS-' f- 1. ' ' Q Nj vu -','7 b , ,. , 'ng "q-'JW' I E qw ,iv .V 1 ' fm - 4- 'f ff:-lu -23?-Zzfy' . ,. ,, 1 , ' 1,1 ,g-1 ,WMI .Q-Ji. ,, "4,.f'L'J.,-Z:-":'5 ,V 1 g MN Y , x 4. .t-.V - 'W ,, X N: ,f, V .n" , A .Vg --,M .JI , ., f, ,4..,.:'.: f , ., ,gn . . f I -O Tw Ur., 1.-,f .f. f ,-- , WE! v fig., ff? K .1 44 5 V Y . " b y ' ., 'ff LQ Q Aka QJQUIVXCDR l-lSCll'Cl Aboul 'lilie CZCIITI LIS Senior music appreciation, suggestions vvere being made for the first line of a class song. s Shirley Rivitz, "We,ve come four years and novv vve're throughln The class was learning hovv to create a song. Mr. Gilday, "First of all vve vvant to know vvhat you're interested in. Well, Phyllis what do you like to do?" Phyllis Angelo, 'lln What line, Mr. Gildayfy' Mr. Workman Cin ec. classb, "Just what is pasteurization-anybody?' Earnest student Cinnocentlyb, "Well, it's when the pastures are kept clean." Hostess fat table in Peirce, freshman yearl, "Will you have some egg-plant, l2uth'?,' Tommie, "No thank you, l don't care for eggs." Alda Cto her foods classb, l-low can We help entertain mother's guests?H Pupil, "Serve them cocktails." SAVED BY Ti-IE BELL Mr. Gilday Cto special music groupj, :freshmen sing first, then sophomores, juniors, and seniors." Cfreshmen, sophomores, and juniors sing in turn. Then Miss Metzger comes in and speaks to Mr. Gildayl Mr. Gilday, "Betty Stonell' Betty Clone senior, timidlyy, "Do l have to sing alone, Mr. Gildayff' Mr. Gilday, "You're Wanted on the telephone." Miss Carter vvas defending her reading methods in a discussion vvith Rita Gilboy. Rita, HWell-that has an element of truth in it." l.est vve forget- -lhe Crockerites vvho had ten minute noise conferences with Mr. Qlconnor. The gesso boxes equipped vvith men's garters. Elementary gusset-trouble before that Glee Club concert. The silver box on the porch of the empty house. The market trip with Hschool-teachers on paradefl The group who Cvvhen freshmenD rendered school songs at four o'clock in the morning. The ladies from Peirce and their pre-bedtime trips to l-lorace Mann. The elementaries trip to the driving range and breakfast at Johnsons The Hpessimistic ground hog" from Clark. FACULTY FAVORITES Youlre bloated capitalists, heh, heh. I I Everybody hold up your 4l-l pencils. See you at the pajama parade Ctown halll. The house has been too noisy lately. -lhat's right, that's right. Oh to be a Fly on the wall when you people get out teachingl I This is a pwactical pwoblem. ll l had it here a minute ago. l-lerels some citrocarbonate. As in other words- G-o-o-o-o-dl The moral of the story is- Well, l think if you talce a larger dart here and ease it in a little there Just for contrast, picture- Mr. Q'Connor without a poem. Clara Boothby wasting time. l-larriet Cashner not "Snoolcing." Eleanor l:eericl4 with a shiny nose. Lillian Wigod in Alaslca. Dr. Meier as a pessimist. Ginny Crowe without her closet "dressing room." l Peggy Guilloyle driving a streamline car. Dot Falvey without connections at Dartmouth. Miss Gerritson getting thoroughly ruttled. Linnea at a loss for words. Lucy bragging. Evelyn l-lotfman as a passive class member. Marjorie Burr "forever fond and truef' , Marge Werner and l-lelen Nolan brooding. i Mary McCauley without a hanl4ering lor New l-lampshire usceneryf Phyllis Lawton not talking about her bus drivers. Connie without Slcip. Bea Franlgel in a last year's dress. 1 Shirley Rivitz doing the class worlc at hand. lnez at home all weelc-end. Christine Cox as an auctioneer. 4 Janet Barrows shirl4ing. , Miss Carter in a domestic setting. E Dot Froeberg without that Camay complexion. Dorothy DeVenne being rash. i L Miss Kingman getting stage-struclc. l I , SCREENTIME STEALS l-lappy Landing'-graduation day. Hurricane-exam weel4. Bringing Up Baby-freshman initiation weelc Crashing hlollywood-Dizzy Foster. -l-he Road Bacl4-alter vacation. One ln A Million-Gladys Clarlc. Big Broadcast Qi 1938-Stunt Night. Women ln prison-us. l-lawaii Callswlfreddy Wetmore. The Spy Ping-posture scouts. Damsel ln Distress-Sloppy Campbell. -lhrill CDF A Lifetime-senior prom. Mannequin-Florence Solomon. The Awlul Truth-semester marl4s. Vouire A Sweetheart-Miss -l-urner. Blondes At Work-Sid l"lorton, Jane l'lomer, Esther Stensby, Myrtle Schneider, l-lilda Stenberg. A Girl With ldeas-Jeannette Aucoin. Beg, Borrow Gr StealAa man lor the dance. Goldwyn Follies-modern dance group. Sally, lrene, And Mary-Margaret Murphy, l-lelen Randall, and Cora l-lubert. Wise Girl-Brownie Jones. Partners ln Crime-Betty Stone and Barbara Tucker. Romeo And Julietwlfdith and Jaclc. l.ool4 Cut For Love-Ruth Thompson. Women Men Marry-Betty Newton, l.illian Wigod, Betty Ballentine, Jane l-lomer, Edith Vuill, Priscilla Kingsbury, Vera Reed, and l-larriet White. The Perfect Specimen-Mr. Qfonnor. Barbara Tuclcer, Mary McCauley. PM STCIFIW COR ALMA MATER Framingham has one ol the Finest campus ol any Teachers College in the State of Massachusetts. ln all seasons we have appreciated its beauty. Thus, the following views as a last reminder ol happy clays spent on the hill. MAY HALL MAY I-IALL ARCH ff! X - A X ...I ENTRANCE TO I-ZCRACE MANN HALL 1 Q 1. x:mx"1 Vu 9 r X . V ' Y' ':,: ' 'f ' . . 'J ., W ' ,u.57,',1lAf HV. Y A V kff ' I 1 ., iffy ,Z f - ji-N -' Wie ,-4 ' 'f 'H-'w '?' fgfi ,..!.:.s' -iw-9 T +54 , Muff, V " ' ' ,, x xl X 3:J.,,f. fp -- " 'xr xl, "f.1,,L'.w-j , -. HORACE MANN HALL Veda-.- -'flwff f. N- . - 1 - A -.via - , Avi, 3 ! 1 1 3 I I-IGRACE MANN TERRACE VOCATIONAL HOUSE fl' 3- Nga -sf xx V yy! sgg CROCKER HALL HORACE MANN DRIVEWAV NEAR TI-IE GATE POST FROM Tl-IE GATE POST TO WELLS HALL WELLS I-IALL MAY HALL 1 P I . i Jw- QA ki .X 5 ai 5 Q CROCKER HALL N -r-.K-Wk"g-,Lv " rf' 'ffl 'Cf M K N.. an JL pgfdxlx 'W ,.,LT.X g.l,-LgixY,?-Q-,,A,y-X - A , ,. 1 s tkg 2 L M b '- TI-IE OLD C. C. C. HOUSE PEIRCE HALL WALK GATE POST I-IORACE MANN DOORWAY I-IORACE MANN TERRACE I-IGRACE MANN LAWN ENTRANCE TO MAY HALL +Q3rGF Alnglw Aiglw 8 QQADVERTISEMENTS ' rf , .- J u, A . -A. Q 5 X' Ani R . 3 3 Qomfblimenjfs of like Uqlumnae Uqssociafion RIVAL FOODS, Inc. Cambridge, M assa chusetts SEALED-FRESH and FROST-SEALED FRUITS and VEGETABLES COFFEE ROASTERS RIVAL FOODS are BETTER C' - .lfzavcs Qi-ug Sfote FRAMINGHAM CENTRE HEADQUARTERS For OLII' SCHOOL SUPPLIES Batchelder 81 Snyder Co., Inc. Producers of Fine Foods BOSTON, MASS. Union Bookbinding Company Established 1890 Editions and Pamphlets School Annual Covers and Binding Loose Leaf Binders Covers and Binding of "The Dial" A Product of this Company 289 Congress St. Boston, Mass Tel. Fram. 3442 Established 1891 COMPLIMENTS OF GORDON MFG. CO. manufacturers of i3Hnmcu'5 anh Hli55z5' QIuat5, Quits anh BFB552B "Buy Direct From The Maker" FRAMINGHAM CENTER MASSACHUSETTS EIO!! HIGHS? WHITMAN, MASS. Route 18 to the Cape KENNETH WAKEFIELD RUTH WAKEFIELD '24 -l-lie Grace -l-6GCl'l6I'S Agenfly GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager 120 BOYLSTON STREET B. B. McKeever, Pres. F, B. Tyler, Treas LOWELL BROS. 81 BAILEY C0. FRUIT ana PRODUCE BOSTON Tel. capital 8790-8791-8192-8793-8794 Member National Assoeiation of Teachers 47-48 A9e'1C'2S Rostow, Mass. THF Cl A55 GF 1938 THE B 8a W LINES Convenient Motor Coach Service C omplzrzzeizzir of BOSTON WORCESTER NEW YORK Uqlmev qwzeelefz tgfouse Low Monthly Students' Rates Ask Us About CHARTERED COACHES Tel.: Framingham 4343 680 Worcester Road, Framingham Centre Massachusetts Samuel Holmes J. Frederick Holmes Frank W. Holmes Samuel Holmes, gnc. Compliments of tlie WHOLESALE AND RETAIL C . POULTRY AND GAME musical Clubs Stalls 17-19-21-23-25 Faneuil Hall Market Basement 3 South Side Tel.: Capitol 0708-0709 0710 Boston, Mass' Compliments ol tlwe FRESHNIAN CLASS x QB- ZO MATHEWSON STREET PROVIDENCE THE FACT that this company was selected to design and make the engravings for this book and many other prominent Annuals, is significant that we are New England's leading Designers and Engravers of school and college publications. THE BICKFERD ENGRAVING 81 ELEETRUTYPE EU Compliments of the tpqlltlwlelic Qqssociotion MKTIW . 4 f, 1 7 I 'X T N i 9 T2 . p 0 4 Q Q-'l' ERg5LJ5 p ' ulft l A X. Wm. W ,f Sixty Years of Correct Catering Service LUNCHEONS TEA DINNERS Caterers to Framingham Teachers College Main Office: 'i'lO Norway Street, Boston Compliments ol ,Qi Pnones Laf. 4670-4671 C l' - - , , Ompments 3. 41. dlllenmrxng Ulu. ofa FRIEND Fancy Dressed Meats 13-15 EANEUIL I-lALL MARKET BOSTON, MASS. Comstfmmof Otiielfu-dlilsilidgfig Q ffriiiiatfn Vliflii you say it with owersfi Btf-writ gt Mcotiliat, inf. , Silks - Woolens - Domestics - Hoisery QUTTGYIIJOAITII S Q9 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Telephone l.,lBerty 5753 Flowers Telegraphed all over the World Cor. Concord and Clinton Streets Tel.: Framingham 3533 Qomlolimenjfs of UQ ,Cfjvfziencl Compliments ol agoplzomofze Class Compliments ol gnzomas Qqljfenzyais Club ,cframingham efaunclfzy ELBIN E. LQRD, Manager 162 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Framingham 7163 G? X wi Careful Launderers of all Washable Material The largest and best equipped Laundry in Framinglwam or Vicinity Compliments of gfjzne Qqrfs OGWOC .glze Qjfzaplzic ,cpress CQIVIREEIE RRINIING SERVICE .qbfzinfefzs of .qlze Qia! fofz 8-I2 CENTRE AVENUE, NEWIQN, IVVXSS. TELEPHONE NEWTON NORTH oovv .gjieges S2 Cfusf Bolton-Smart Co., lnc. wif we made it, ,tvs rightff Tlfholesale Purveyors oi ciwoice CLASS RINGS and PINS Beef, Lamb, Veal, Porlc, Poultry Fislw, Butter, Cheese PRIZE CUPS Eggs, Relislies TROPHIES PLAQUES 4 '19 - Q5 SOUTH MARKET STREET 41 Fish Pier BCDSTON MASS. BOSTQN MASSACHUSETTS 73 TREMONT STREET Compliments oi Cqlze Students 60-opefzafive Uqssociafion orncms or 1937-1938 President .......... Marion Jones First Vice-President . . Virginia Crowe Second Vice-president . . Elizabeth Stone Secretary . . . . Mary Clarke Treasurer . . Meeve Sullivan 43 Qomfnlimenjfs of H16 guniofz Cyass 45'-Tw fkllpxfx Foods From Around the World FAMOUS FOR GOOD FOODS DELICACIES CANDIES SALTED NUTS CAKES AND ROLLS GIFT BOXES TOILETRIES Telephone and mail orders. Shipments everywhere At S. S. pierces there are cheese and chocolate from l-lolland .... from Strasshourg famous pate de foie gras .... from France fragrant black trutlles and wines from age-old vines. Russia sends superb caviar .... Greece the honey ol fabled Mt. l-lymettus .... England biscuits and jams and savories. Since 1831 the Finest loods the vvorlcl has to otler have found their vvay to S. S. l3ierce's shelves. S. S. PIERCE CO. Compliments ol Henry L. Sawyer 8a Co. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Compliments ol the Compliments ol Strongls Marlcet 3 i-noi-i smear Sophomore glass FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. Compliments of UQ .,,cE'iencl Mansion House "SEALTEST" Ice Crea is served at ROBBIN'S DRUG STORE Fro-Joy "SEALTEST" Ice Cream is served at CLOUGH'S DRUG STORE and BALBONI'S DRUG STORE IN FRAMING!-IAM COMPLIMENTS OF Tl-IE Louisa A. Nicholass I-Iome Economics Club Shattuck 5' fones Incorporated FISH ern 152 ATLANTIC AVENUE BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS CAPITOL 1436 - 1437 -1438, m clrren Kay Vcmjrine Sjnuclio Gfficiaf .,CPlz0t0gf7aplzers 3:07 the Class of QUISHING THE BEST GF LUCK CVC .qfze Qin! 1 Y. f . P -' 'v H c , , W W . . -' 4" Ziff f ' A 1 ' I ,T ' 1 1 , 1, I 54,11 v . 'i 1'-. H ff- .' 1 . ft! W 1 1 1 I Q, : 1,-4: A, 4 ,. ,X .-. 'f 1 .7 w f ' I, 5' . rx 4. . .4 ,Ny ,-, ..V 1, 4.x w 1.-m ,, , "VH, lx Q. ' 4 ' 44, .. 4 '.L 'l V u ",I1Aa". hu 7' , ,Q slr. . . ul '1, - l..F'.'5gr 17. ,- I lf ' "f 'r 'I x. M -N .t V .IU , 'w H. 1 . .th ' f ,Xxx ',:v. , V J ,', ,,y, V J :m .1 . x 3. 5-:.,, 'D' , V 'W rf- '1'5'L'.' ,V " 9 .' 11 ,,'f.', -- J 'S Zttsgf- .nw ,. ' Y 4. -f- i -ga.. ,FIU , ,, ,JI . x , ,Al ., , , , ., J ,,K:'1'1f-. ,. .w,g, .-I.,: K- .na . wr f1,"+1'q1 G , ,in W., I ' :avg - .f . , . Q . , , , Ffl iff -, . .. ' " Q - a . .t M, ,.,, - ,. . - ,, ,J 2 , .- 1 ..F' ., .. I w ' .Y ,x .55 -"1 T - .'- Q W .1-f L I . , V' ...uri , Q: , .fh5.,-W wzfrf. "? J- ' iii -' . Yx , . 1 E. .. ' ,Y K '. ,V 3, .9 'Iv . df- ,f 1 ., 7-,-5,1 d. . V7 ' ' ' fp' " .FL fr, '- -. , ,' -T- '.1-.fu ' Q'. "3 V 'J' Va. f - V n .xg 1 "HY 'if ' ' I , ., --1.1 v. ,. - -4 ' ,L 'Q-,N -..- . :' ' L -A F' Ig. " . .S V.: V . uv, ',f . ,. w. . A A -4- A ' . 'fr' 3 ,, ff ,..-V. L- A f4- -.1 '-KA. -41: h' 4' fy ' , -.f YQ, -Q. ,L VV. 5n., B ggi - V , . 'L 1 - 51' .vw -.' .f 'LZ J ' 2,1 -1, 'V , f . ' , PA 4. ,, ,.: -17' ' " N ." V QW' ' . f 4-:vw '1 J' H: .. J ' j, H ., - ,. fl-1. ' ,A ' -. " 3' .- V t 4 - .,'. ff L., :.5,,:- 1' .xxx r " t ff-+rLf fn 1 'V ' 1, '4 'f' ,-'- . F' . 1- 1. 1 '--1, ,g ,, . 74 1 5 f- , Y V ij J , R ' 54' .k 4, .,., .X -. . X 4 ga -v r . ,,-- 4' ' .: fa ' ' -'- QR? 1. :,. .1. - . 12.40. -,, h -5- - ,s . 'ii ,. f ' " '-'J Q- , X- ,. , 5,-. .gem ,, r, , - 1 , , . , ,fy ,.1. .,, ix . A ... V K -',- fc.. . -, ,, 2. 45.5. , I.. .2 , N .,. ,V Y 6, . .,", Q1V,,.f .Q r ' 51, 44.5. all in 1 , h LZ. .-.z wi ' , , - . 1 e ,. 'ff - f -4 V .-.. ...- . if .. 1"- . ,. ,. . ,.,, . 4 . . .1, F ,. V '- -mg nv-N .,. 5, Y, 1.312 .- 'fx 5,4 4- sd - . ' - A -1 . -V 'mp -- ,. . F QC' 4- ,. , , bb' J' ' .'Q?'l'f:. "Ir , ' ,.f1-,- . KJ, . 1 J' .1',.,,,, .1 ,. fn-.-.w 11' ' t sr . 1 veg- , r. , x. -1 wg, .71 . . , K, .., , . - ,5....,.1:,':-. ,A 5 Z '7 -o. ..-..n...1.,-.M-,-..-..w..-- .-.-. .....- . .......-.. .. . .... ......,. . 115: 1.4" f- - - 9-. .V N , 'L' L , In v 'WJ , X vw Y. X 'M L-1 W Y u 1 x' .Ml W1 ,AA uw- 'f 1 - ,r N. . ,. - , gp.. ., -,gl . V ,,,:,f,g5Ax.1. 'I 'v 1, LN . V., .K , W' 4. W 1"-4..' r -M. 2 wp.: 'v . V f 4 . -,., J. x . , 15 . 1 ' 1 'qa:r1,x1"'x"' ' v ' :ffJ?fxm 1 b .. X 4V , -1 3. J gl 'f-ff1.Qitq31Av! - .. WJ Q, ' . 4 Vxfcf , 4 'WH X -Y-'Wim' N -,,,. ,,- A- J eu. V A ul Y f WN 1. J' -X 'lj 'jx H th '.f'-' bfi Y, 11' ,ff , 'z 1. ' ' V , - ,, 1, 1..,-xXY,Ln..v!-5. , M: 1.4.5 'N if :jp 1A if ng' , -15-'ngf " F. ,, ,M up r,. G f 1 H yy I if I ' ' X 4 1 . -. f 'f ' s-f,:'-'gfwe ",'2'fjLv55 X ',.'1. 5 ji, x VGEJ4? ,. A ,..m,..A. - H . f,v,7 , , X, h , , , . ' K' V .miiw 1 Q, .-1 fi 1 Af 'gl .Lxxkgulxv A If :.u- '- '-4 H 'f-.M ,4.'l3'j- .,,: V-M: -Q : .'. T9--1' ' '-7 Eff? ,, , Mig' X li Q 'f-1-"'. 7' W- ', J-'X 4 7",' ,'f'-'.-ff, " 1 " ,.A '- ':,q4 ', ' '95 .2 4 V' i . ' . rl "fp 4' J Jr.. ,., , ' - , , ,W 1: ,-, 1 , 4- . 1,14 . , I '- 'A-55? '.f,f,,'W.:, ' V f':vP-"'. ' , ".,l. , , .In3'.f: . - 'nf i V ,x!.!,ff,h., xi . "1 '7 4"-l'f:'f7 ' . 5+Y:',l"". C Q . 1'-,g.,,'. ,- gh, if ' N, t.',- '.-1j31Q::'NI':5Q: ff 'I Y , -- . -A vzv -1,1. -.Ig-" ,v ,. ,fg - 'L FUH?,,Q'11, ,gn '- 523.1 A' N-, I . in 41 . -"U .'f.,'n'Jiif if, " . 45r":1. 'M' 'cw 51:3 21,12 LA , 2 - -+g,,- ."-xx ,. ,, ---,,.. -4- f-vi-M V . K X1 .., , . ' :C , 'Q , I A ".:..' I' I1 -. . . ' ,fy I 31,5 ., ,., , Ng'G',f' 'ff' in - -".f'?if .Aa ' --L-V Rn 5.4, . A1- :.' -L ,j. ' 4,'l 4- .. , . ,. me. my--:' Jf3.9',gvf' ' qzgg-'p,i,.. , 'nj R: 3 I PM . , ' fn 1' ,-Qi, 4 . ,W I f'Qy:gT-'w 1 Ugg Q. r . I- -, ' -S".?"4 'P V - V--Lfilgffz, if mg' w,, V ,I ".'f."f3' f , ,I , ' -.ln 'ai . ' "M w, Vi! -f :f ' ' . J' -' xii-1 21 ' f , 'TJ' 41- , Fey: J.-:lag - 2 : J' ,x - A- . - ,JV ' fl, A 'Y'-ff . .' .50-' -v. - J W "' ' 'A ,3- ., A . I 4 Q V 4 't I F: 5 A - -.vx ,M ..

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