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i'7b'4i':i'7i'4i'40 i'fiQi'7i'7i'4 . 4 - P 4 . 48194i'4i'4'94i'4i'4i'fi'fi'7i'7i'4i'7. . . - fa 4i'fi'7i'fi'fi'7Pf'7i'7i'49494 i'7i'7iQ iwi'fi'fi'4i'7i'7i'7i'4i'4 i'Ti'7n'm' ' r ANTHRACITE BITUMINOUS' J. A. rumen, mp. COAL COMPANY , Automatic Heat Equipment MH-K - CREAM u- ICE CREAM X Phone bm 262 HOLLIS smear FUEL OIL MASONS' SUPPLIES Phone 5776 Complimenfs of Lewis Furnrfure .STORE FOR MEN.. 1 Company , . x -I FRAMINGHAMS FOREMOST FURNITURE srone MERCHANDISE , HOME OF BETTER GRADE I Framingham Laundry " Complimenfs of The "BAND BOX" CLEANERS :,: ARCADE DRUG l62 HOWARD STREET Phone 7l63 KINGSBURYIS F. C. BROWN ON THE AVENUE The TGIIUI' F R CLEANING, PRESSING AND "' REPAIRING 1 WEARINQ AppAREL Special Prices for High School Sfudenfs 'A HOSERY - UNDERWEAR Suiis Made 'l'o Measure 25-?!'?I'.'l'?!'?!'?"?!'r". ' f!'f.'f.'f!'f.'3I'?I'fI''!'?!'?Z'?:'?1:3g-31.35453.3931-31:33-?1'?!'?!'?"?i'?!'?3'?!'?.'f"?!'3!'?!'?!'?!'?!'?I PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS - I THE PHILOMHTH -IRI I Hifi' S 4 JW io 4ff4e'lf'4' :iw 080 1 's'ii'iv3' WW?-8"'T'iPIY 5'a4'Fl"' . R 'E-ii' -li? 'Z' vfv- 'fffi?E5i'?ii??I52f7ff'f1 5 A - A U 'I 'V , I' : , 'Lg -f sf .ve HOWARD S. WELLS OPTOMETRIST - OPTICIAN 2 34 UNION AVENUE, ERAMINOI-IAM 3 Telephone 622I og: 5. 5. .. Q! 5' 4' 5 470 41 Q' " "The Richesf Child Is Poor Wiihoui' Musical Training" GARINO'S RADIOS - RECORDS - MUSICAL f? INSTRUMENTS - SHEET MUSIC Sporiing Goods 6I CONCORD STREET ERAMINOI-IAM, MASS. 5- KERWIN'S SHOE STORES Framingham and Naiiclc "THE X-RAY FITTING SHOE STORES" Burke BaHery Service ALEMITE LUBRICATION WORCESTER TURNPIKE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE 5 . H ward hn On - - 0 Jo S S Joseph V. AnghIneHI I20 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMING,-IAM' MASS. TEXACO SERVICE STATION ,. Z.: Firesione Tires and Accessories J PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR 496 WAVERLY STREET Dial 6003 3 BANOUETS AND PARTIES "'W"""""' s' D R U O O I S T J "We Make Our Own Ice Cream" ' 26 UNION AVENUE 265'3!'S'!'?"?!'?"?M!'?!'?!'? 'W"?"?"3'-3'0393"?2'?!'?!'?!'?!'3'?!'?!'3!'38'i!'?5v35'?!'?2'3!'!'?"?''!'?!'3'!'?!'?!'3'2!'3'W"f!'?"?!'?!'?!'?"?!'?!'2'b3!'?!'?!'? "' FRAMINGHDM PUBLIC LIBRARY nec I S I9Qf Q o QQ o '- xv 2' C 4 Q an if o -av 2' O . o 3' 4 4 o C O Zlks- THE PHILOMHTH 1iwMisiw'7Wi'm-tffiwmiw tn K C ' A EDUCATION FOR THE DEFENSE 4 -S S' 25 5 OF DEMOCRACY 9' .i. What are YOU planning to do with the next few years of your life? Start your college education for a life-time profession? Work at a trade in a defense job? Many ambitious young people are already combining both plans and you can 2, do it too by enrolling at You can attend the evening division of any department and keep a full-time day job. Or you can attend the morning division and work . afternoons or evenings on a defense job. Make these next few years '32 QE count for something definite in your educational program and at the same time prepare yourself better to serve your country in its program of Defense of Democracy. 'E , Thirty 1301 College scholarships available to those who need financial TQ aid and can meet our scholastic standard in competitive examina- tion Iuly 1, 1941. Only 1941 graduates of New England high schools '5 . . . . . . at are eligible. Applications close Iune 15th. Send for information. jg S: 3 'T if SUFFOLK COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: 5 5-year day or evening course for A.B. degree. Also special 3-year pre-legal course meeting S if requirements for entrance to Suffolk Law School. Associate in Arts certificate awarded upon if gr satisfactory completion of 60 s.h. Entrance requirements: 15 acceptable units. Cultural and , Q: N pre-professional programs. Ig Q SUFFOLK COLLEGE OF IOURNALISM: gg 5-year day or evening course for B.S. in I. degree. Practical professional course. Q SUFFOLK COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: 15 fl 5-year day or evening course for B.S. in B.A. degree. Majors in accounting, advertising or ff "Z business management. ' SUFFOLK LAW SCHOOL: 4: 4-year day or evening course for LL.B. degree. Entrance requirements 60 s.h. of academic work. 2 4: is SUFFOLK GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LAW: f 5 2-year evening course for LL.M. degree. For LL.B. graduates only. 3' IMPORTANT: High School graduates not eligible to enter 'g if Suffolk Graduate School of Law without previous academic work. 'S 4:0 .5 OPENING DATE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS-SEPTEMBER 22, 1941 5 can, write or phone cAP. 0555 for cafaioq lg 5: s u u 3' Suffolk University Registrar DERNE STREET BEACON HILL BOSTON, MASS. z. . I 5 1 ' ZW?" '4'W"'Z0"'2' "7""""'?' '-3'3.h3hZ1'."?:'?""' ' ' PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS v Wo THE PHILOMHTH -M+fZI3 T-1 1' if 2? E: CompIimenTs of o RQ ' . 2 5 .EE TWIN MAPLE FARM ' . reamclflp f' N norru-:s Famed for 5 0 Qbhqapedcnznu up B' gagfi'0U"A"""'- VITAMIN D MILK A S' 2 AK d H1 ICE CREAM f Th 5 6 an an e . 0 9 gr: SQ' , - . Pos+ Road Danry Bar 2 ar ' THE NEW YORK STORE if 2 ,. :': HDISTINCTIVE WEAR FOR WOMEN" nov CONCORD STREET, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. CompIimen+s of 2' 2 om :men S o ' 2 c T' + f P Framingham Lumber J. c. PENNEY co. Cgmpany Dial 4361 I' Q. 3- Dr. WaI'rer V. Ewmg Q- ' I Dr. Ar'rI1ur W. Ewmg af - - We Can and Will Save You Mone 5, DENTISTS Y 5 YOUNG MEN'S, STUDENTS' 26 me CONCORD STREET AND BOYS- ' FRAMINGHAMI MASS. CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS ' 1 CONCORD SQUARE, ERAMTNGHAM A ?:'?!'?!'?hZ'8'?"!'3't'?"?!'?" As:-as-W-:-'awQ:-'-sf:-awe":- ' ' f 0 .- PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH min-B' A ' al 4in666'7-M-win anemia-E' tim M .fm 4 ,Zn I , ln, I 1 4 I. -JIMJUM 5.14n-,.- E .-TTT I -, IIf-,T?I'J:9r"wgElAfI'T?3TIoII-1, ,IIEIT4 . rr,-rrfrf-f:-:L-rr, 'T . w-- - - -,-:,---,-:,-rr,-rf-,', FRAMINCHM1 nmiuo II AI ' all ASH VYWIWIAII WW C0 W1 I f 1 P I I ll 9 .ml I Il Illllll Ill I R .e I llllllllllllllllllllllll lj I I - f R lllllllllllllllllllllll llllllnlmznunnuulusmum mmmmllllllnnllumllllll I ilLfZ,,,ffff .,f,,:,,. 7 ,fr -,Y-. f, FRAMING!-IAM TRUST COMPANY FRAMINGHAM, MASS. The officers of 'the Framingham Trusl' Company sland ready al' all hmes 'ro co-operale wnlh +he schools of Framlngham Classes wnll be guven an opporlunuly 'ro vasll' +he Banlung Rooms and wllness The rouhne work of a fmanclal mshluhon, upon requesl' Ollfncers are avall able who will gladly vusnl +he classrooms and gave brief lallcs on Banlung Hlslory and Developmenl' The Fram- ungham Trusl Company IS a local nnshluhon Il' IS ln our +own lo render SERVICE - you are lnvufecl lo make use of :ls facnluhes RAYMOND L HILLIARD Treasurer MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION n . O O I O Q . 0 . . n . Q . . . . . . - . 0 0 a a 1 . O 0 Q . Q n 0 Q 0 O I 0 0 Q Q . ' I ll ll '-' "f'f'f.f' A !'3'! h ' "Z" we -3"'2'!'. W :"::'2':'Z"v'.r' f PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Vol XL FRAIVIINGHAIVI, MASS., JUNE., l94l No. 2 E:I'i1wi.1l Bmzrd Edna: nz Chief ..... ..... ..... J A MES GEEHAN AII1I1Ln11I FRANCIS BARLEY JOHN R. MAHONEY HARRIET BLANDIN TERESA MASCHI WILLIAM COLONNA FRANCIS MATHIEU RICHARD DEMILLE CORINNE MCMANUS IRWIN DERSHOWITZ JOSEPHINE MURRAY KATHLEEN DONNELLY SOPI-IIE OLSZEWSKI INIARJORIE ERICKSON EILEEN OTENTI VIRGINIA GAHM ARTHUR PERI-IAM VIRGINIA GARRY JEROME RYAN GLORIA GORMAN EILEEN SULLIVAN RICHARD I-IARRINGTON MARY TOBIN NORMAN HARTNETT CONSTANCE WARD EDWARD LEMBO MARY YOUNG Ad111iniI1mIiz'e Board Burinerr Manager ..................... JAY GORDON Arprirlrznl Mrzmzger ..................... FRANK PEW Claire Allen, Betty Alspaugli, Isabelle Ayoob, Paul Columbia, Alden Lord, Allen Noyes, james Wzlrd Adzferfiring Stajf MERLE ABBOT MARTHA ANGIER EUGENE CAVATORTA DOROTHY OHIAPPINI JEAN CLAPP MARY CLINTON ELEANOR CONNERY ELAINE CROFT LIVIA DELLASANTA MARY EOLEY VIRGINIA GAHM GLORIA HARRIS EVA CARREIA JENNIE COSTANZA MARY MORAN ALICE YOUNG Typirlr MARY YOUNG MARGARET HILL LOUISE HOBAN PAULINE LAKE DANA LEAVITT ELIZABETH LELAND PAULINE MCKAY MARY MORAN MILDRED PERLMUTTER RUTH SAFSTROM ELIZABETH SHAY KATHERINE TOWNE ALICE URBAN JOSEPHINE MURRAY SYLVIA NEDELL SOPHIE OLSZEWSKI TABLE OF CONTENTS Page DEDICAT ION . .... 6 CLASS HISTORY . . James Luby ....... 7 , Richard Kinsman, Irene Buianowski, CLASS PROPHECI ' Ijoseph Ferro, Marjorie Willard . . 8 SNAPSHOTS . ......... 15 CLASS WILL . . . Dominic Merloni . 16 THE CLASS OF 1941 ..... . 20 CLASS AWARDS . ......... 64 v Word' b Audre Hofmann CLASS SON G ' ' Ilvlusicibyiljanet Waters . 69 To MISS KHTHEBINE HHLL we dedicate this issue in sincere appreciation of her sunny disposition and willing cooperation THE PHILOMHTH --4 7 millIIllllllnlllllllllullnluulllnllunInulnunnllullnnnn llllull I lxlllu ulnull llzll nullnuln Iuulunnnuunnnan nunullm Glagu Juzaaq Almost everybody remembers that dur- ing the afternoon of the 21st of September, 1938, a fierce hurricane left its indelible mark on almost every village and town in New England. What everybody does not remember, however, is that only a few weeks previous to this almost unprece- dented event, four hundred and thirty- four subtle sophomores had breezed into F.H. S. to assume their first real posi- tions of responsibility. This invasion would seem to be unimportant, but such was not and is not the case, and we hope to prove so conclusively in this article. From the first day of school until the mid- dle of October, we were seen but not heard. At that time, however, we ate our way into the hearts of the seniors in a most expen- sive manner at the Senior-Sophomore dance. Our first big accomplishment was electing as our class advisor, Miss Emily that we extend for all she has Hall. At the same time our most sincere thanks done for us during these three years, we wish her every success in her chosen field of matrimony. Towards the end of our first year, we elected class officers. We were the first class to use the new method of elections devised and adopted by the Student Coun- cil. Our leaders were James Ward, presi- dent, Teresa Maschi, vice-president, Irene Buianowski, secretary, and Daniel Sulli- van, treasurer. In the fall of 1939, four hundred and one judicious juniors answered the roll call at dear old F. H. S. We proceeded to elect the same class officers, but joan Lynch replaced Irene Buianowski as secre- tary in the middle of the year. Through the year we helped with such worthy proj- ects as the Christmas Box Drive, the Stu- dent Association membership drive, sports activities and the school publications. We voted in favor of retaining the design for class rings and pins selected by the three previous junior classes. We ended Junior- Senior week by presenting, positively, the most successful junior Prom in the history of the school, from both the standpoint of profit realized and enjoyment dispensed. We ended our second year at F. H. S. by helping the Seniors with most impressive graduation exercises. On September 9, 1940, three hundred and fifty significant seniors fought for and gained admission to F. H. S. for the third time in as many years. The results of our class elections were as follows: Charles Alexander, president, Marjorie Willard, secretary, Teresa Maschi, vice-president, and Daniel Sullivan, treasurer. In the fall we gave a dance in honor of the sopho- mores. Music was by Marty White and his band, NOT from the usual phonograph records. Later in the fall, we gave another dance, in honor of the football team, this time. The hall was effectively decorated with dummy football players. The home room director became a thing of the past, when the S. C. authorized the organization of a Boosters' Club, with Mr. Riordan as its advisor. Each home room elected one boy and one girl representative to the club. In this yearls Christmas Box Drive, the Boosters established a new record for boxes filled and families cared for. On April 25, with the aid and assistance of Miss Neal, that supercolossal production 'fjune Mad" was presented to a full house. Our better actors and actresses, led by Pauline Rocheford and james Geehan, left us many pleasant memories of a daz- zling, daring gown and a homemade CContinued on page 681 8 THE PHILOMHTH un:lun:nulllnnlluinnnnnxnnuululu nnnlnulnlnl aIlnunnnnlnnlnni ullunuum "Step right up," bellowed the barker stationed outside a strangely erected pup- tent. This was exactly what Joe Ferro and I did as we meandered around the spacious campus surrounding the Framingham Academy of Co-Educational Improvement at their carnival, similar to the one given by that illustrious, diligent, supercolossal class of 1941. Escorted by Irene Buian- owski and Marjorie Willard, we displayed our fee for admission and hustled through a dimly lighted, dismal enclosure, to be suddenly confronted by a dazzling light, a gorgeous pool of variegated colors, into which was staring a motley arrayed proph- etess of uncanny knowledge. True, this is the year of 1961, the four of us are reu- nited on a once familiar landscape. Yet what of our other endeared colleagues who individually and collectively made our class, and indeed our school, the greatest ever to exist? But let us ask this eminent prognosticator about our friends. She straightens, rises and bids us to be seated, then resumes her original position. Yes, it is the renowned, professional fortune teller Madame Phyllis Murphy. In answer to our demands, she summons her super- human powers and presents to us our now widely scattered classmates. William Almeda is editor of a large South American Paper, the "Brazil Nut, whose chief photographer is William Nel- son. Next she calls to mind James Scrib- ner, who is running a one-acre petunia farm, with Sammy Pezza boss over weed- ers Ralph Ghetti and Eligio Ferri. Near by are John C'orker's dog training kennels, which are noted for their Cocker Spaniels. A wide expanse managed by President Curtis .llitrhell of the ffjunction to Mont- wait" airlines serves as a landing field for pilots Philip Steveris and Gordon Hodg- 77 don, flying planes designed by Stanley Crawford. It is around this field that Ray Furbish and Edward Parker had finally turned in a four-minute mile tbut that was on a bicyclej. Our view is changed to Saxonville, where George Driscoll, that red-headed iceman, and his employee, Bernie Keele, deliver ice to their slogan of 'tEvery man may have his wife, but the ice man has his pick." A loud blare blasts us to attention as former trumpeter Clif Carter calls the horses to the starting post, where "Spongy" Cavatorta is the leading jockey at "Up-Downs," managed by Esquire Wil- liam C olonna. Also brought to our atten- tion is the new football play invented by Malcom Brenner, called the "Brenner Pass" and first used by Dana Holbrook, coach at "Don't Be Technical." The head caddy at the Golf Links is Joe-Joe Libera- tori, while Francis Towne is chief retriever of lost golf balls. Patsy Mesite and Robert Dow have proved unsuccessful in the wall paper business because they couldn't get the hang of it. Richard De- Mille, old time woodchopper, now runs an escort bureau in Natick, with Robert Cap- stick and Frederick Horan as outstanding gigolos. Sheldon Whittemore, the famous elec- trician, employs Ernest Sibson, fo-rmer master electrician and physicist at F. H. S. His motto is 4'Well done-Sheldon." Ray Avery has entered the mattress business and turns out a A-very good product, with Duleey Dadrnun as chief seamstress. Paul Columbia has taken over Brockelman's store, but is worried over the tax on peanuts. However, floor- walker Donald Crump and errand boy Ralph Haynes are relieving him of these added burdens. THE PHILOMHTH Leaving Madam Murphy we entered the luxuriously furnished building where jani- tors Dante Valentini and Anthony Zickella are shooing fiies off that honorable portrait of the class of '41. Elevator boy Robert Gallagher trans- ports us to Principal Richard Harrington's office, where Jane Vial rules as private secretary. Here he directs us to the spa- cious swimming pool, where Richard Har- wood and Francis Barley are instructors. Soothing music penetrates our ears. Pro- fessor Emeritus Chester Hughes, new high school music instructor, is directing Justine Dyer, former celloist and assistant at the rhythm sticks, to the music of Tschaikow- sky's final finale of the Ninth Symphony. Next we enter a modern laboratory, where Sir Roland Avery teaches physics a la mode and thermal dynamics. At the present he is demonstrating his television set. Edward DeLage and James Doran are chief switch closers. He first fiashes on David Bell, famous radio singer, whose theme song is the "Bells of Saint Mary's.7' Next we see James Geehan, editor of the Framingham Snews fSnoozej, where War- ren Johnson is ace sports writer. Robert Fair is now a weather reporter atop Mt. Nobscot, but doesnlt live up to his name. Ernest Magrini and George Piga have re- turned to barbarism and have opened a barber shop. Harry Welton, Mayor of District 7, has just brought Nobscot under his jurisdiction, Where Kathleen Wood- worth is happily enjoying her married life. Donald Raymond is having his ups and downs as an elevator boy. Richard Saul- nier is a trigonometric parallelepiped pro- fessor at "Temperature Normal,'l and finds that the easiest way to cancel pi is to eat it. Richard Lowry, having proved Einstein's fourth dimensional theory of evolution, has taken a professorship at "U. Rascal U." Mario Treveloni is run- ning a morra league, with Bruno Mosco- telli as chief finger thrower. George Tynes 9 has lived up to his name and produced a 'tone-tyne-fork." Walter Shaw, the mod- ern "Charles Atlasf' promises through his disciple, Thomas Coyne, tfto make you a man in seven days." Daniel Cella had hoped to be a miner, but when he reached the age of twenty-one he became exempt. Ray Sullivan is moving furniture in his famous Sully-Van. J. J. Ryan, President of the Dublin-Coburnville Scenic R. R. line, has been compelled by Federal In- spector Leonard Hawkins to raise engineer John Leach's pay. Valerie Yeaton is lead- ing an all-girl swing band in which saxo- phonists Jeanne Harper and Connie Ward display their "sax" appeal. Their records may be secured at the new Beaver Street Police Station, where James Gormley acts in the capacity of police commissioner. Dorothy Cella is teaching cooking, but almost lost her job when she was boiling water and burnt it. Norman "Gabby" Hartnett has taken over "Uncle Ned's Va- riety Show" and is touring the country. Incidentally, Merle Abbott is his prima donna. Donald Langley, after having passed the bar, has now attained the status of judge. However, he more nearly resembles a weather man, for, it's-fine today, cooler tomorrow. He has recently punished alderman Walter Dauphinee of Lokerville for exceeding the speed limit of 80 mph. on the Avenue. Josephine Murray, poet laureate of Framingham, has just com- pleted her most famous poem, entitled "Parlor, Kitchen, and Zinck," in com- memoration of private secretary Viola Zinck's birthday. Arlene Martin is the president of the Anti-Pipe Smokers League of this town. Janet Waters and Pauline Lake are the mainstays of the United States Olympic swimming team. Mildred Milligan, player-manager of the Framing- ham Giggolettes girls' softball team, an- nounces the purchase of two star pitchers from the Pacific Coast, namely, Barbara 10 lie-- Tworney and noted pianist, Marcia Spaul- ding. Bruna Misaggia has remained home on the range, posing as the proprietor of a flourishing bakery business, successful because of the efforts of advertising man- ager Elaine Rabinoeitz. Robert Chandler has passed up a movie contract to become a salesman for the 15 Karat Gold Fish Company. To continue our adventures at the Car- nival of 1961, I shall recount more about our classmates. Jay Gordon has taken over the managership of his father's dress factory, where Barbara McFarland and Pauline McKay are models, and June Morse is a dress designer. Grace Tryon is also employed here to try on every new gown that june designs. Next we see Ser- geant Kenneth Sargent, who has attained that distinguished rank in the army. Mary McLellan, Eileen Otenti, and Marguerite Southwick, now nurses in the army, are under the supervision of Doctor Charles Savage, MD. X. Marguerite Behan and Mary Foley have become very popular hostesses at a Naval recruiting station. After seeing many of my classmates through the crystal ball, I decided to leave the tent where the fortune teller was. Walking around outside of the tent I sud- denly became quite sleepy and sat on a chair near by to rest. In a few moments I had fallen asleep, and I will tell you what I dreamed. First, I saw a huge new sky- scraper located where Brockelman's was. On every window shone the name of Eddie Lernbo who, supposed to be a noted loan shark, has computed a ten easy payment scheme, so organized that John Hickson does all the collecting. Next door Robert Clark, former soda jerker, now runs the famous club called UThe Get-Together," where John R. Mahoney checks coats and rhapso-ody. Marcella Brennan and June Arnold make charming waitresses at the club. Kathleen Donnelly is a distinguished opera singer at the new Framingham Opera House, which has long since taken the THE PHILOMHTH place of the good old St. George. Virgil Proctor manages and finances the highly successful Framingham Opera Company. My dream suddenly transported me to the icy Arctic, where Sylvia Nedell and Mildred Perlmutter have gone so that they can go coasting all year round and at the same time freeze out their worries and cares. Marguerite Taylor captained the sailing vessel, with Barbara Welch as first mate, on which they traveled to the frigid zone. With a rush I found myself back on Concord Street, where I saw Elaine Abbot, Dorothy Atwell, and Jacqueline Shira, usherettes at the New Hill's theatre, man- aged by Ruby and Margaret Hill. Priscilla Woodworth, Claire Allen and Betty Bea- trice, I suddenly visualize undertaking an exploring expedition into- the heart of the Nobscot region, with Florence Shoekett and Anna Vella acting as guides. Dorothy Tinney and Doris Mauke I picture in New York where they are at the famed Parisian Art school run by Made- moiselle Marjorie Jessanian, now located on this side of the Atlantic. Florence Rallis and Irene Saoi serve as air hostesses on Norman Vogt's huge new passenger liner, whose hangar is located not far from the art school. Jane Winters runs a summer home on Long Island, where Rose Canali and Berkeley Young are employed as chambermaids. Teresa M aschi and Edna Murphy I see touring the country, lectur- ing on "How to Get Your Man" in six easy lessons, with Mary Tersoni as their maid. Louise Splaine and Rita Paradis are writ- ing for nationally famous comic strips called 'fCatch Me If You Canf' Back to Framingham with a whiz and I see experi- enced teachers at the beautiful modern Framingham High School, two of whom are Gladys Turner and Hazel Eaton. Elizabeth Webb and Louise Hoban are running an antique shop, where they are selling their school books of '41, Around the corner Lina Hill and Agnes Guerra are running a rest home for bankrupt, broken- THE PHILOMFITH hearted glamour girls of Broadway. Some of the first customers were Mary Tobin and Irene Hollander, former actresses, playing in a picture produced by Richard McGrath. Muriel Bell, Alice Young and Lucy Brunnetta are Working as house- maids on the estate of Eileen Bemis. As I walked around the grounds, to my surprise I saw Gloria Harris and Marguerite Gray pulling weeds out of the garden which has been kept so neatly by Jimmy Welch, who is an ace-one gardener. As I glanced across the street I saw Mary Lill and Rita Brillhart perched on the limb of an apple tree. Standing in the middle of the road was none other than officer Bob .Monahan trying to give a ticket to Mary Moran, who was speeding. Etta Carreia, Edith Femia, and Anne Gial- lombardi were all sitting on the lawn, knit- ting sweaters forthe Red Cross. After see- ing all these friends in my dream, I started toward the town. On the way I saw Helen Whitehouse, now happily married, sweep- ing off the front steps of her little white cottage. She told me that Mary Luminari, Nellie Croatti and Mary Mackey are working as telephone operators. Josephine Bengiovanni, Florence Billings and Patri- cia Condon are also working in the Tele- phone Co. as messenger girls. Marjorie Erickson and Pearl Miller are employed as social workers, and I do mean social work. As I walked down the street my attention was drawn to an art shop win- dow display featuring a beautiful portrait of Roberta Patten in water color. In the lower corner I was just able to distinguish the tiny letters of my classmate Armida Brizzolesi. Lydia Mercorelli, blushingly petite as formerly, banged happily away on a typewriter in the background. U go Abelli has established himself as dictator of Coburnville, with Ablino An- tonio as his stooge and Rose Franchi as his secretary. Vincent Dangelo is profes- sional golfer at Louis T rottier's miniature golf course. Warren CBean-balll Smith 11 has obtained a job of yelling "fore" at each hole. Bidding farewell to Sir Avery we leave the building and are greeted at the door by groundkeeper Francis Jewell, who informs us that our former classmate, Irene Buianowski, now operates the famous f'Madame Renee's Fur Salon" in New York on Fifth Avenue. She employs many of her friends, including Anna Mor- rissey, who is the head mistress of the models, Gloria Gorman, June Hastings and Rita Maplebeck. Donald Gillis sweeps up all moths picked off furs by Kenneth Giac- comuzzi. Incidentally, Alexander Mole- ronek supplies the shop with the skunk furs which he traps. He also notifies us that Muriel Bullard is running a rodeo out in Texas, with Cowboy Arthur Liberatore as foreman and Thomas Kane as instruc- tor of dudes. We hail a cab driven by Barney Cirioni, who is working for the Speedy Taxi Ser- vice run by Charles Mute. We whiz past Irwin Dershowitz's Womenis Clothes Shoppe, trading in dresses patterned by Mary Casella. His coat hangers are made by carpenter James Copithorne. Barney relates to us that Gus Bartoli is chief grave digger at the Happy Hunting Grounds Cemetery, supervised by Arthur Martins, who is trying to increase the death rate. The cab stops in the business district of our famous town and we step out and start to walk the busy streets. Our eyes meet with the name of one of our classmates, f'Salak's Slick Window Service." We greet this person only to find it is not J-ohn Salak but Charles Sage, who is employed by this big business man. We reach the Luxurious Park and hear quite a loud rumpus. We hurry nearer and see cop Mario Sannicandro hitting a poor fellow on the head while he is stretched out asleep on the bench. Mario finally belts out a good clout and Sleepy John J. Mahoney rolls off the bench and wakens. After these disturbances the crowd disperses and we 12 see, much to our amazement, none other than Marion Lewis and Stanley Kittredge, still in the courting stage, sit down on this now unoccupied bench. Continuing our walk we see a man perched on a soap box, swinging his arms, trying to sell something. Being interested, we approached this ora- tor, to see Edward Gareeau trying to sell to the public a bottle of body builder- upper. Standing beside him is John White, who we see is an example of what this firewater is capable of doing. Our appetite getting the better of us, we step into HThe Better Duck Inn" restaurant. Going through the door, we toss our gum towards the gutter, where we observe street cleaner Dominie Merloni, who is constantly on the job. Proceeding through the doorway, we are greeted by proprietor William F erriter, who beckons head waitress Margareta Peterson to show us to our table. Our food is ordered and as we look around we see Theresa Pev.ieri's head bob back and forth by the hole in the kitchen door. At the end of our table is a nickelodiong in it we place a lead nickel, and the romantic voice of our f'Sun-kist" Phyllis Walsh reaches our ears. Through her courteous coopera- tion, we hear a new ballad entitled "VVhen the Humming Bird Returns to Framing- ham," composed and sung by Mary Young. Our food, which finally is served, is known as the 'fDucky Wucky Specialf' nothing but roast chicken created by Dan Murphy. After our bite we leave this place of Fresher Finer Foods to see a large win- dow, across which is painted in gaudy let- ters, 4fHow to Stay a Bachelorf' Now fully interested, we walk in, to be greeted by none other than Robert Clinton, who em- ploys as his ace bachelors Joe Fedolh, Ea'- ward F. Parker, and Arthur Perham, who has divorced Eilene Sullivan. The shock being too much for us, we hastily leave and are about to enter a long, shiny black car when John Saunders hops from the driver's seat and informs us that the car THE PHILOMHTH is owned by wealthy cigar maker Saul Lodgen, who makes the familiar "El Cab- bego" cigars. Unable to find any vacant taxis, we start to walk and are attracted by a new skyscraper being created by Joseph Nieoli's Construction Company. Balancing on one of the girders, Joseph Bertolino is trying to eat his lunch with one hand, catch rivets with the other, and hang on when he has time. Tufanio Taralli is on the ground, heating and throwing the rivets to Joe, at the same time dodging wheelbarrows pushed by Roy Gil- more, Charles Babuka, and Richard De- lage. John Speer offers us a drink from the water pail which he carries around trying to make an honest living. Having trouble with the machinery, Nicoli sends his right- hand man, William Tomkinson, over for new parts to Jimmy Phipps' junk yard, and orders his left-hand man, George Sydow fwho recently tried to start a race track at Dennison Dump, but failed, due to the trouble from the dump ratsj, to dis- mantle the broken machinery. Leaving this scene we are intent on seeing the resi- dential and farming districts of Framing- ham. Before we leave the town we stop at Ronald Neitz's Donut Shop and are waited on by Louise Tosti, as Neitz and Pafriek C eeearini are busy making pastry behind the big glass window front, so busy they don't see-us. Coming through the door we see that Bernard Featherstone is still walking the streets selling papers. Being old friends, we buy a paper, hand him a nickel, and say, ffKeep the changef' As we walk along the sidewalk, we see Aleide Belloli sitting in a car and we hurry over to greet him. Finally after a weary- ing conversation he asks to take us for a ride. All agreeing, we pile in, only to get a flat. Since none of us wants to get dirty, we use another lead nickel to call up Ray Gent.ili's Master Service Station. With a few seconds left to sip a soda, we advance towards the Crown, which is still the hang- out. There we order a soda from Walter THE PHILOMHTH Bowen, who is employed by this establish- ment. When we ask if he knows about the rest of our beloved class, he starts to relate what he knows. Alden Lord has finally purchased the Abner Wheeler House after slaving for twenty years as the dish washer. He has hired Rose Messana and Levern Whitman as glass and pot washers respectively. Emma Zonak and Louise' Barani walk in and inform us of their new establishment, 'tYe Old Date Shoppef' Returning to the car, we see Albert Grover under the car and Severino Gran- doni on the running board, instructing Grover on how to dismount a tire. So, after more minutes of tiresome waiting we start on our ride. We ride down the Ave- nue and see Frank Wood going around the Union Avenue track trying to break Fur- bish's mile on a scooter. Proceeding to- wards Sax, we see Francis M cCann run- ning a prosperous "Soy Bean" farm for Henry Ford, and Richard Avery and Henry Bersanini as his ace weeders. Con- tinuing along the road, we see John Ford and Hugh Hunter chugging along in a Model-T Ford. Vin Kelly, who is running along the road, tells us that these two gentlemen are trying their hardest to bring the Model-T back into its own again. The next farm we come to is painted a bright red and looks inviting, so our driver turns in. Out in the field are Marjorie Wheet and Edith Tullio, digging in a worn-out potato patch. Getting out from the car, we start to enter the cowbarn and are almost knocked over by Henry Hickson, who is carrying milk. But, alas, we see our own Don Kinsman, who has always wanted to be a farmer, finally achieve his life's ambition. He is busy pitching hay into a wagon driven by Robert Jackson. Seeing and smelling enough of the barn- yard, we again enter our car to continue our ride through the suburbs of our town. Remembering our paper, we start to read, and notice a picture of Audrey Hofmann on a golf course, hacking at the ball, try- -na 13 ing to keep her score below 150. Marjorie Willard is seen walking the back roads arm in arm with a retired sailor boy who is quite new to us. We stop and ask her for directions to Sherborn Village, but she fails to introduce us to the sailor. Arriving in Sherborn, we are glad to hear that Julian Empey, who is running a turkey farm, has finally become mayor. He tells us of Frances Doyle, who has refused offer after offer of marriage, for she prefers to remain a spinster and live on the income brought in by selling eggs. When we reached the golf course we found that groundkeeper Charles Davis had just completed rolling the courts. The United States Tennis Champion, Lena Belloli, strolled into view with her per- sonal secretaries, Mildred Casey and Rita Collins. Gym teachers Harriet Blandin and June Lynch were on hand to cheer Lena, as were United States Senator Charles Alexander, with his bodyguard John Good, lawyer Richard Karb, and radio singers, Dorothy Gittleson and Doris Cotter. Photographer Leland Gray, Jr., snapped a few shots of Miss Belloli and some of the other notables and then hustled off. Robert Orchard and his as- sistant, Francis Mathieu, were present with their ambulance and ever active nurses, Ruth Willard, Helen Hoban and Eva Howland. Returning from the match, we refueled at Molly Angier's husband joe's Filling Station, where attendant John Corley washed our window and his helper Ernest Dow shined the boys' shoes. Salesman Francis F errick, who was sell- ing newspapers, brought to our attention several articles written by Virginia Gahm. It is rumored that she develops her exten- sive vocabulary with the assistance of head librarian Constance Durkee and her assistant Barbara Clark. Her feature arti- cle presented Theodore Hawkins, the mod- ern HBabe" Ruth, whom owner Arthur Cunningham had just sold to the "Nobscot 14 Indiansn for four wheatie box tops and Catcher Alfred Antul. Manager John Man- gini was highly elated over this purchase and hoped to put out a pennant winner this season. However, Boyd MaeKinnon's "Waverley Boys" are still in the race. An advertisement in the paper has Pro- roller skater Alive Urban skating to the music of Hsatchel mouth" Ralph Tognaeei and his harmonica player Willis Wood. According to our well-informed news- paper, "Rigoletto" is the present opera playing in Framingham, with vocalists Corinne Mrlllanus and Daniel Sullivan in the leading roles. Dora Zanella has en- tered a full page ad for her dress shop, where Eda Moseatelli, Virginia Garry, and Florenre Hedburg are employed as sales- girls, and where Virginia Galvani, Sarah Gennario, and Helen LePore model the outstanding creationsg Marie Jordan and Helen Winch also work here as yarn winders. Dick "Gluefoot" Walsh, profes- sional ice skater, is already booked for the Ice-Wipers of 1961-62, and with his shoe- lacer, Gabriel Lamagna, and his private secretary, Pauline Roeheford, is reported to be in Framingham at Peter Sene- eal's ultra modern hotel, where Joseph "O'Toole" O'Malley, the desk clerk, can be found either sleeping on the job or sur- rounded by a bevy of gorgeous patronesses. Here also is Walter Munger, engineer of the dish washing machine, who obeys orders given by chief cook and bottle washer Florence Lapina. ffPete" has James Ward, the noted lawyer, handle all his suits and makes sure that James Luby is the presiding judge in each case. Viola Jubinville, Rita Ottaviani, June Petheriek, and Rosemary Giallombardi are the wait- resses, under the supervision of hostess Corinne Wilbur, and report each morning to timekeeper, Sylvia Whitman. As an added attraction, the hotel boasts of a fine hairdressing shop run by the noted hair stylist Helen Buianowski. She is aided by Margaret Haggerty, Marie Mail- THE PHILOMHTH hoit, and Angela Lapenta, with "Linda" Powers as manicurist and Jennie Costanza as Helen's private secretary. Sophie Olszewslei has recently been appointed switchboard operator, succeeding Ruth McGraw, who left on her honeymoon. Joseph Ferro, chief dairyman of Wau- shakum, has bought all the old straw hats in town and is feeding them to his cattle. Audrey Callahan, his secretary, is busy milking the cows, aided by Mary Jennings and Ruth Johnson. Cattle inspector Nancy Gavin had previously tested the bovines. In the paper there is a picture of Mary Adams, President of the Framingham Kin- dergarten, who it is announced by her private secretary, Yvette Mailhoit, is plan- ning a recital to be given by all the lads and lassies in her midst. Livia Dellasanta, well-known lyric writer, is to pen words for the music, which was composed by Frances Speranza, and Muriel Pleshaw and Norma Nobilini are to design the cos- tumes for these future artists. Added to this announcement is a report made by school nurses Marion MeGaughey and Annette Thibault, stating that the rate of absences in the Kindergarten has de- creased. The boys having had their shoes shined, fContinued on page 16D SNAPSHOTS l. Eileen Sullivan. 2. P. Rocheford, M. Tay- lor. 3. A. Antonio, S. Kit- tredge, R. Walsh, F. Barley. 4. Jean Harper. 5. Eva Correia. 6. Lydia Mercorelli. 7. M. Pleshaw, B. Two- mey, G. Gorman. 8. Chester Hughes. 9. Rita Collins. 10. Corinne Wilbur. 11. D. Sullivan, F. Shockett. 12. S. Olszewski. 13. Marie Jordan. 14. Joe Liberatori, Hank Salak, Capt. Walsh. 15. Helen and Mildred Casey. 16. S. Whittemore. Grade 5. Lincoln School Grade 6, Roosevelt School. Janet Waters. Lena Belloli. Mary Tobin. Janet Waters. Edna Murphy. Gladys Turner. Helen Whitehouse. Roland Avery. June Hastings. M. Jesseman's birth day party. Framingham Centre Gang. Pearl Miller. Millie Milligan. Florence Rallis. Muriel Bell. 2 I 724 4 ' x 4 fwm Vg '9 if 2? , 4, ' 1 iv-- ffzg 4,4 116' Km I 5 A , 'HT' I 1 E1 16 Class Prophecy fContinued from page 141 we were on our way again. In order to get to our destination, we had to go through a newly erected park, named f'L0vers' Para- dise," which had been planned by archi- tects Jaarz Lynrh and Dana IlIrD0nald. When We were halfway through the park we spied Palma Jllarrhetti and Anita Zllisalsky, holding tightly the arms of a couple of handsome marines, who were making no effort to escape. A little farther on we saw Mary McLaughlin, famous lovelorn columnist for one of our leading magazines, in deep thought, while beside her sat her private secretary, Margaret THE PHILOMHTH Bourhard, rapidly writing at Mae's dicta- tion. After leaving the park, we agreed that we had done a good job at "snooping" into the affairs of our former fellow classmates, so we voted unanimously on the motion that we each go home and go to bed. joe and Don took Margie and me to my house, as she was spending the week-end with me, and then they bade us Mau revoir" and left. It is very probable that we all dreamed similarly that night. Thus ended our sur- vey of that supercolossal, magnificent, stupendous, philanthropic, magnanimous class of 1941-may it exist forever! By Donald Kinsman, '41, Marjorie Willard, '41, joseph Ferro, '41, Irene Buianowski '41, iiii iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii C W 1 iiiiiiii iiiiii To all those who were taken in by the Philomath sales talk managers or by the Banquet Committee: We, the largest and most glorious class ever to be tutored by the F. H. S. profes- sors and teachers, hereby make public our last will and testament. CLASS B1-:QUESTS Premier: We give to our grand and wonderful school lunchroom tables so large that there will be no eating of ham sandwiches by mistake, when you know definitely that you had a hamburger in your hand the minute before. Dcuxiemc: To the high school, we leave a gym large enough so that Mr. Jones' classes won't have to make every move simultaneously so that all of them can exercise at once. Troisiemc: We give to Miss Squires a phonograph record that says all during the year, "Please be quiet," and at the end of the year says, "Donlt let me see those pictures after the bell rings if you want to see them againf' IIIllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnlulnulluunnnlunlnlnnllnunlnn Quatrieme: To Mr. Cassidy, we give assurance that one of our gangster mem- bers will Uknock off" some teacher during the summer so that he may become a "regular" Cinquieme: To Mr. Magoon we leave a two-way telephone system to assure him that all broadcasts have been received and that repeating will be unnecessary. Sixieme: We unanimously bequeath to the juniors and 'fhalf-pintll sophomores, who will be experiencing the wonderful feeling of graduation in a year or two, all our worn-out facilities and faculties, plus our knack of getting around teachers, our way of getting time slips in without mak- ing up full time and last, but not least, our superabundant knowledge. Saptiemv: For the benefit of the juniors and sophomores tto keep them company for a year or twol we leave behind a very few unfortunates who have not success- fully completed their high school course. Huitiemr: To Mr. Lundberg, we leave enough copies of Emily Post to be passed El Eb THE PHILOMHTH out to his pupils who do things wrong, thus relieving him of repeating "If Emily Post approves of it, it's okay with me.'l Ncuvieme: To Mr. Riordan, we give a competent executive committee for the Boosters, Club, to boost the boosters. PERSONAL BEQUESTS One: I, Gus "Warm-upi' Bartoli, be- queath my talent as a football player and my position as special confidant of Coach Daniels to Richard Lawson, with the hope that he will be as thrilled as I was at the call of battle. Two: I, t'Beautiful Dreamer" Coyne, leave my dozing ability and a pillow for comfort's sake to Captain Ujughaidll Chiudioni for extra relaxation in school. Three: I, 'tDownwind Jaxonl' Clinton, leave to that up and coming junior Eddie Schell my code book of "De-Icersll and hope that he can please them all. Four: I, 'tMow-'Em-Downw Fedolfi, leave my technique as a Hbouncern to 'tBoxcari' McKeown III, to be used on any little boy. Five: I, "Not-Over-Fifty-Club" Muto, leave my driving ability par excellence, to any junior or sophomore able to outdis- tance the law. Six: I, Pauline 4'Sweet-Fifteen" Roche- ford, leave to Barbara 'fOomph,' Hill my acting ability for use in next year's senior play. Seven: I, "Queen-of-the-Debs" Gor- man, leave that '4Never-to-be-Forgotten" personality to my sister Barbara, "Debbie II,l' for all-around use. -fi 17 Eight: I, Nancy Gavin, leave my cook- ing and prize winning abilities to Barbara 'tStepin-Fetchit" Harrington for use in thc rudiments of home budgeting. Nine: We, joan and june 'tAren't We Cute" Lynch, leave our dual personalities and athletic abilities to Nancy and Janice "Itis-the-Red-Hair-That-Gets-'Em'' Wood- ward. Ten: We, Charlie '4Snowshoes'l Sage and Dan K'Waltz-Me-Around-Again" Sulli- van, leave our speed and deftness to George Mooney and Eligio Ferazzi. Eleven: I, Phyllis "Gee-Ain't-He-Hand- somew Murphy, leave my ability as a co- quette to Norma 4'Hya-judge" Smith, in hopes that she can attain the success that I have had in high school. Drawn up on this beautiful day, very few more of which we will spend in high school, I hope, I hope, I hope, the first day of May in the year of Our Lord, one thou- sand, nine hundred and forty-one by tSignedj Class of 1941. Dominic Merloni, Class Lawyer. Witnessed by: Barney Cirioni, Captain of Football, Dick Walsh, Captain of Hockey, Bud jackson, Captain of Baseball, Mac McCann, Captain of Track, Bob Clinton, Captain of all Spanish Athletes. God save the Commonwealth of Massa- chusetts from the class of 1941. Dom Merloni. YZ' in -gy J., 4 'no ,121 51' - 'rf-'G' Elm of 7947 MISS EMILY HHLL Class Advisor 016,44 Gjficeaa '3 1 4 CHARLI2s J. ALEXANDER T,-RESA D. MASQ-HI Intramural Basketball, 2, 4, Track, 2, Dance Club, 2, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Home Room Director, 2, Band, 2, Prom. Patrol Committee, 3, Prom Decorating Committee, 3, Public Speaking Club, 3, Student Coun- cil, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Camera Club Vice-President, 4, Carnival Minstrel Show, 4, Football Dance Commit- tees, 4, Sophomore Dance Committee, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Class President, 4, Chairman, Student Association Drive, 4, Senior Play Usher, Construction Committee, 4, Delegate to Reading, Saugus and Wellesley Student Council Conventions, 4, Co-Chairman Poster Commit- tee, Concert, 4, Ticket Committee, Carnival, 4, S111- denf Crier, 2, Patrol, junior Prom, 3, Carnival Auc- tioneer, 4. Charlie is our President And the leader of the class, For he's a politician, And hard to surpass. X MARAJCJRIIQ FRANCES WILLARD Dramatic Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Nominating Com- mittee, jr. Prom, 3, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 3, Student Council, 4, Sub-Deb Club, Pres., 4, Decorating Committee, Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Class Secretary, 4, Patrol Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Hospitality Committee, 4, Class Prophet, 4, Dance Club, 2-3, Graduation Usher, 3, Co-Chairman Re- freshment Committee, 4, Senior Play Selection Com- mittee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Margie is the secretary of this great and glorious class, She has many, many friends who'll never forget this lass. Basketball, 2-3, Marshal, 2-3-4, First Lieut., 4, Dance Club, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Sec.-Treas., 2, Stu- dent Council, 3-4, Delegate to Student Council Con- ventions, 3-4, Plailomafly, 3-4, Boosters' Club, 3, Co- Chairman Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 3, Class Vice-President. 3-4, Co-Chairman Refreshment Committee, Spring Dance, 3, Soph.-Reporting Com- mittee, 3, Head Usher, jr. Prom, 3, Usher, Gradua- tion, 3, General Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Graduation Nominating Committee, 3, Italian Club, Vice-Pres., 4, Parliamentary Law Club, 4, Senior Class Picture Com- mittee, 4, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 4, Chairman junior Elections, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Senior Play Selection Committee, 4, Concert Committee, 4, Favors Committee, Carnival, 4, D. A. R. Good Pil- grim, 4, june Plyilomafb, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Toast, Banquet, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors, Honors for Outstanding Leadership and Service. Teresa's sweet, Teresa's charming, The effect on the boys IS most alarming. DANIEL WILLIAM SULLIVAN Football, 2-3-4, Track, 2-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Home Room Director, 2-3, Boosters' Club, 3, Boys' College Club, 3, Class Treasurer, 2-3-4, Decorating Commit- tee, jr. Prom, 3, Handbook Committee, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Student Council, 4, Flying Club, Pres., 4, Chair- man Red Cross Drive, 4, Decorating Committee, Foot- ball Dance, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Toast, Class Banquet, 4, Picture Committee, 4. Blue Sunoco is Danny's pass To the heart of many a lass. THE PHILOMHTH ELAINE HARRlliT ABBOTT Girls' College Club, 2-3-4, junior Election Com- mittee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. E-Efficient L-Lovable AiAmiable I-Industrious N-Nice E-Elfish MERLE ABBOT College Club, 2, Dance Club, 2-5 Graduation Dec- orating Committee, 3, Sub-Deb. Club, 4, Student Crier Advertising Staff, 4, Carnival Decorations, 4, Christ- mas Boxes, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Graduation Usher, 5. Merle, Merle, pretty as a pearl- A prominent member in the social whirl. UGO ABELLI Christmas Boxes, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. Ugo hasn't any curls, But he sure does get the girls. MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Lost and Found Committee, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Graduation Usher, 3. The tall and short of iti- Mary and Marcia both very gay, One likes to knit, one likes to play. CLAIRE ALLEN Ping Pong, 2, Student Crier Advertising Staff, 2-5, District Manager, 4, Dance Club, 5, Italian Club, 4. Claire-'s cute and Claire's jolly, Claire's full of fun and folly. Claire's got just what it takes, We know that Claire will get the breaks. WILLIAM THOMAS ALMEDA fBrazilitm Billy Now Bill is a boy that all of us know, He came from Brazil not long ago, He's a peach ofa guy about six feet tall, But he doesn't like the girls at all. ABLINO ANTONIO Ablino's mottoftrue as true: Never speak 'til you're spoken to. MARTHA DAVIS ANGIER fM0llyj Camera Club, 2, Marshal, 2, 4, Chemistry Club Secretary, 3, Home Room Director, 3, Student Cfier Advertising Staff, 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Boost- ers' Club, 4, Carnival Minstrel Show, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Banquet Committee, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4. Molly's got a beau- Molly's got her joe. As soon as she leaves college, To Niagara they will go. eil 21 Q16 1... 22 Ea..- THE PHILOMHTH JUNE EILEEN ARNOLD Boosters' Club, 2, 43 Prom Refreshment Committee and Usher, 33 Dramatic Club, 4g Carnival Bowling, 4g Red Cross Committee, 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Banquet Committee, 43 Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 43 Dec- orating and Refreshment Committees, Football Dance, 43 Honor Tenth. It's time for the army to take a back seat-for were in the navy now! ALFRED PETER ANTUL Model Airplane Club, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 33 Model Airplane Exhibit and Dart Committee, Carni- val, 4. Alfred is a brawny lad, Theres nothing will make him mad. He's an outdoor man whose pride and skill Is in shooting the rapid or making the kill. DOROTHY RUTH ATWELL Sub-Deb Club, 3-43 Dance Club, 3. Dottie sure is one rufell girl, And of her, we think the world. She's nice to all, and never fails To help one out o'er diflicult trails. RAYMOND CUMMINGS AVERY Christmas Boxes, 23 Lost and Found Committee, 2' Tennis, 344g Chemistry Club, 33 Football Dance Com: mittee, 33 Prom. Patrol Committee, 3g Flying Club, 4' Usher, Senior Play, 4. v Now he's hereinow he's tl1ere3 Bell's the one who gets in his hair. RICHARD WARREN AVERY Tennis, 23 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Patrol Committee, 3, Intramural Basketball, 43 Marshal, 43 Flying Club, 43 Dart Committee, Carnival, 43 Usher, Senior Play, 4. The Carnival Committee, We all could see, XVould never have been what it should be Withcmut our Mr. Avery. ROLAND MAXFIIELD AVERY, JR. fBI1C'k, Hockey, 2, Manager, 3-43 Camera Club, 23 Chemis- try Club, 33 Football Dance Committee, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Prom. Ticket Committee, 33 Dramatic Club, 4, Technician, Senior Play, 43 Honor Tenth. If "Buck" would only see to it that his "line" cir- culated in more directions, a lot of us girls would be made happier. CHARLES BABUKA Christmas Boxes, 3. Charlie is tall, Charlie is neat3 A boy with such a background Can't be beat. LOUISE MARIE BARANI QL0uj First Aid, 33 Italian Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. Tl1ey'd walk a mile To see Louise smile. THE PHILOMHTH ---5423 Auousrus A. BARTOLI QG1z.rj Football, 2-3-43 Marshal, 2-3-43 Camera Club, 2-3 Flying Club, 43 Football Dance Committee, 43 Enter tainer, Senior-Sophomore Dance, 43 Picture Commit tee, 43 Graduation Committee Chairman, 43 Techni cian, Senior Play, 43 Decorating Committee, Prom, 3 ,ps Student Council, 33 Chairman, Carnival Minstrel 445 Show, 43 Intramural Basketball, 3-4. Gus Fixes cars in all types of weather, , But the Lord only knows how he puts them together. FRANCIS BARLEY Camera Club, Treas., 43 Sfudenl Crier Staff, 43 ,Iune Philomarb, 43 Construction Committee, Carnival, 4. "Frannie" is from 228, And for home room is never lillffl But when it comes time to keep a date, . Gloria always has to wait. BEATRICE EUZABETH BEATRICE fBeflyj Sllzdenl Crier Typist, 4. Betty lives on Beaver Street- Betty's quite a galg Everyone that Betty meets Is sure to be her pal. MARGLYERITE DOROTHY BE1-IAN Sub-Deb Club, 43 Patrol Committee Football Dance, 43 Carnival, 43 Usher at Football Dance, 4. Margie is quiet3 Margie is shyg - Is the sailor boy -- The reason why? DAVID WALTER BELL fDfzz'e, Ding-Dozzgj Football, 2-3-43 Track, 3-43 Patrol Committee for jr. Prom, 33 Senior Dramatic Club, 43 Intramural Basketball, 43 Patrol Committee Senior-Soph Dance, 43 Patrol Committee Football Dance, 4. Dave's a very likable lad, Always cheerful, never sad. MURIEL A. BELL Basketball, 2, 43 Volley Ball, 2-3-43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Honor Tenth. Miss Bell, a newcomer to our class- No sweeter a girl, or ever a lass3 Cask Dexj. She brings great joy and throughout the year, She brings cheeriness to whomever she's near. ALCIDE BELLOLI Marshal, 23 Football, 3-43 Camera Club, 4. One advantage of being an usher-he'll never miss a dish night. LENA ADELE BELLOLI fLeej Italian Club, 23 Home Room Director, 2-33 Tennis, 2-3-43 Basketball, 33 Softball, 33 Sub-Deb Club, Sec., 33 Usher for Graduation, 33 Student Council, 4g Mar- shal, 43 Red Cross Club, 43 Badminton Club, 4g Ban- quet Committee Chairman, 43 Senior Nominating Committee, 43 Picture Committee, 43 Chairman, Handbook Committee, 4g Quiz Team, 4. Leading contender for a national tennis champion- ship-and Alice Marble's first bit of real competition, 24l3eQ-- THE PHILOMHTH ' 'e Wet JOSEPHINIS MARIE BENGIOVANNI fTi11yj Dramatic Club, 23 Advertising Committee for Car- nival, 4. Tiny isn't very tall, In fact, she is quite little, But when whizzing by on roller skates, These things are all belittled. Elm-:EN VtRc,1N1A BEMIS fLeej Dramatic Club, 23 Dance Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 35 Decorating Committee Graduation, 5. Eileen had a boy friend, But she let him go, Now all the boys are glad And try to be her beau. HENRY BFRSANINI fDreekrj Henry is quiet, Henry is nice. I-lenry's the guy, We keep on ice. AURELIO JOSEPH BERTOLINO Aurelio was very shy, When he looked at a girl, he thought he'd die, But now he's changed his point of view, And is always looking for someone new. HARRIET E. BLANDIN fTedj Basketball, 2-5-4, Cap., 4, Girls' Official Club, 23 Pong Club, -lg Bowling Committee for Carnival, 43 Lost and Found Committee, 4, Senior-junior Athletic Committee, 43 June Plailomtzlb. 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. An all around athlete surely is Ted, But when she blushes does her face get red. FLORENCE ESTHER BILLINGS QFIUQ Ping-Pong Club, 2. A sweet person whom you'd like to know, Is our friendly, charming, lovable Flo. MARY MARLJARET BOUCHARD fPeggyj Christmas Boxes, 4. A ready smile, a witty remark, A personality hard to beat, That is why the boys all park Up on Danforth Street! WALTIER DENNIS BOWIEN fllvally, B0.Boj Football, 2, si, Student, Council, 2, -lg Marshal, 5-4, Public Speaking Club, Sec., 5, Dance Club, 3, Track, ig Grand March Committee Prom, 5, Senior Dramatic Club, Treas., -lg Patrol Committee Football Dance, -lg lintertaimnent Committee Senior-Soph Dance, -4, Usher, Senior Play, -lg Minstrel Show, Carnival, -1. The "Nelson Eddy" of Framingham High School. Dance Club, 2-3, Field Hockey, 5--lg Softball, 3, Ping- THE PHILOMHTH MARCELLA FRANCES BRENNAN ffllaruyj Dance Club, 2-3-4, Sub-Deb Club, 5-4, Usher Foot- ball Dance, 5, Ticket Committee jr. Prom, 3, Usher Graduation, 3, Marshal, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Usher Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Class Gift Committee, 4, Usher, Prom, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. The boys never stop to debate The question of asking Marny for a date. MALCOLM VAUGHN BRENNER Hockey, 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Publicity Com- mittee, Senior Play, 4. Malcolm's hair is long and wavy, It's seldom been cut since he was a baby. RITA MARGARET BRILLHART Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Student Association Drive, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Tall, blonde Rita, With her lovely page-boy bob, Should without the slightest trouble Get a secretarial job. ARMIDA CORINNE BRIZZOLESI Qfvlidaj Italian Club, 2, 4, Sec., 4, Travel Club, 5, Sizrduzf Crier Typist, 4. Armida likes a boy named joe, And in his "Chevie" just watch them go. LUCY B. BRUNETTA fL0z1j Italian Club, 2, Library Service Club, 4, Smdefzf Crier Typist, 4, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Lucy is a pal everyone should know, She works so late on Saturday, though, She'd like a ride home on a bike, perhaps, So come on, fellows-get out your maps. HELEN MARY BULANOWSKI Softball, 2, Basketball, 2, Italian Club, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Simian! Crier Typist, 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Committee, 4. Helen blushes very nicely, When she's mortified, Helen will do very nicely, As a blushing bride. MURIEL BULLARD fWilZy, Texfzrj Although you came to us so late, We congratulate you for your good rate. IRENE VERONICA BUIANOWSKI fBlomiie, Reezziej Home Room Director, 2, Marshal Exec. Committee, 4, ,Sub-Deb, 4, Co-Chairman Decorating Committee for Carnival, 4, Red Cross Club, 4, Chairman, Deco- rating Committee for Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Chair- man, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Dance Club, 4, Class Prophet, 4, Senior Nominating Com- mittee, 4, Chairman, Decorating Committee, Prom, 5, Marshal, 2-3-4, Booster, 4. She has pep and popularity, Her personality is line- And when it comes to winning, Irene will sprely shine. THE PHILOMHTH AUDREY CLAIRE CALLAHAN fDz1ckj Marshal, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3-4, Dance Club, 2, Softball, 2-3, Home Room Director, 3, Field Hockey, 3-4, Decorating Committee for jr. Prom, 3, Student Council, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Chairman of Refresh- ment Committee, Football Dance, 4, Decorating Com- mittee for Carnival, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Senior-junior Athletic Committee, 4, Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4. A charming little waitress, A perfect sport as well, She can do most anything, As all her friends will tell. RosE CANALI Christmas Boxes, 4. Rose is sweet, Rose is neat, But without jiggs Life's not complete. ROBERT PETER CAPSTICK fCappyj Model Airplane, Sec., 2, Current Events Club, 3. Cappy plans with all his might To sell that stuff called anthracite. EVA CARREIA fEz'ej Szudent Crier Typist, 4, Ping-Pong Club, 4. E-for Earnestness. V-for Vitality. A-for Alertness. This is our Eva. MARY JOAN CASELLA Home Room Director, 2, Pbilovzatlo Board, 2, Field Hockey, 3-4, Basketball, 3, Student Crier Typist, 3, Dramatic Club, 3-4, Badminton Club, 3-4, Deco- rating Committee for Graduation, 3, Handbook Com- mittee, 4, Refreshment Committee Football Dance, 4, Refreshment Committee Soph.-Senior Dance, 4, Red Cross Service Club, 4, Honor Tenth. Mary may talk a lot-but she always knows what she's talking about. CLIFFORD STANLEY CARTER fCli,ffj Marshal, 2, 4, Chemistry, 4, Senior Nominating Committee, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Publicity Com- mittee, Senior Play, 4, Honor Tenth. Dear Mom stop cannot understand how such a quiet lad as I have so many hours to make up stop your loving son, EUGENE A. CAVATORTA fGezzoj Football Mgr., 2, Current Events Club, 3, Assistant Chairman, Patrol Committee, Prom, 3, Student Asso- ciation Drive, 4, Decorating Committee for Football Dance, 4, Advertising Committee for Siudent Crier, 4, Patrol Committee for Senior-Soph., 4, Carnival Entertainment Committee, 4. Eugene is a race horse rider fair, Wlio sees that his horse at least is there. MILDRED LOUISE CASEY QMII, Redj Dramatic Club, 2-3, Basketball, 2, Sllldelll Crier Board 2, Field Hockey, 3, Badminton Club, 4. "Postal Telegraph, Number, Please," Says Mildred, as she sits at ease, One of our very eflicient business girls ls Mildred, she of the red curls. THE PHILOMHTH PATRICK PAUL CECCARINI QPQI, Chiclej Italian Club, 4. Pat is a very studious boy, And from his books he gets much joy. DANIEL A. CELLA Marshal, 3-4, Italian Club, 4. Danny is the boy who in any class, Will roll his eyes at every lass. But, oh dear, these girls don't know, That Danny is a gigolo. ROBERT G. CHANDLER Basketball, 3-4, Golf, 4, Chairman Quiz Commit- tee for Carnival, 4. Bob-fabout to toss a coinj "Heads-I will Tails-I shall-take out Justine." DOROTHY FRANCES CELLA Field Hockey, Z, 4, Italian Club, 2, Library Service Club, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Boost- ers' Club, 4, Handbook Committee, 4, Refreshment Committee for Carnival, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Advertising Committee, Carnival, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3 4 The only person in the world who could ever com- pete with Tizzy Lish. BENO CIRIONI fBawzeyj Football, 2-3-4, Cap., 4, Basketball, 2-3, Boosters' Club, 3-4, Treas., 3, Pres., 4, Marshal, 4, Advertising Committee for Carnival, 4. Barney was captain of the football team, He is really quite a "big shot", Although he tries to deny it, He goes very steady with Dot. BARBARA D. CLARK Marshal, 2, 4, Refreshment Committee for Football Dance, 3, Usher for jr. Prom, 3, Senior Play, 4, Col- lege Club, Sec., 4, Patrol Committee for Football Dance, 4, Carnival Committee, 4. Barb can act, Barb can tease, But best of all She likes to please. ROBERT EDWARD CLARK QBz1dy Marshal, 3-4. What has he got that gets the girls? Why it must be his natural curls. ROBERT JOSEPH CLINTON fHatchetj Baseball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Marshal, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2, 4, Treas., 4, Boys' College Club, 3, Chairman, Ticket Committee jr. Prom, 3, Hand- book Committee, 3, Boosters' Club, Exec. Committee, 4, Chairman Ticket Committee Football Dance, 4, Chairman Ticket Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Senior Play Selection Committee, 4, Chairman, Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 4, Representative, Wellesley Student Council Convention, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Football, 4. Hatchet is handsome, Hatchet is gay, Maybe that's the reason The girls go his way. 'ill 27 28139- THE PHILOMHTH RITA MARIE COLLINS fCzn'ieJ Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2, Field Hockey, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Bowling Committee for Carnival, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, Lost and Found Committee, 4, Usher at Graduation, 4, Senior Nominating Committee, 4, Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 4, Baseball, 3-4. Rita is a natural- Comedy is her line, She can keep you laughing Until the end of time. JOI-IN T. COCKER Sfzzdefzf Crier Board, 2, Track, 2-3-4, Chemistry Club, Vice-Pres., 3, Decorating Committee for Foot- ball Dance, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Senior Picture Committeee, 4, Dance and Sound Committees, Carnival, 4, Home Room Director, 3, Co-Chairman Senior Play Construction Committee, 4, Ass't., Amplifying System, 3-4, Honor Tenth. . "Betty be good. Betty not cry." If there's a man with Betty, Then Johnny's the guy. WILLIAM J. COLONNA fBillJ June Pbilonztzlb. 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Usher, Senior-Sophomore Dance, 4. The pupils like Bill because he is lots of fun. The teachers like Bill because his work is always done. PAUL FRANCIS COLUMBIA fC0lllllZbllJ', Camera Club, 2-3, Student Council, 3, Slmiezzf Crier Advertising Staff, 3-4, Pbilomazb Advertising Staff, 4, Thanksgiving Program Committee, 3, Con- struction Committee, Carnival, 4. Photography is his hobby, On that he can certainly lobby. PATRICIA ROSE CONLON Qlrirla, P40 Basketball, 2, Badminton Club, 3, Picture Commit- tee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Dramatic Club, 4. A wink, a giggle, A tittet, a laugh- Pat's conversing with Empey In English class. JAMES W. COPITHORNE, JR. Christmas Boxes, 4, Marshal, 2, Senior Play Prop- erty Committee, 4. With dazzling eyes and curly hair, Jimmie with Connie is seen everywhere. JENNIE THERESA COSTANZA Italian Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Smdent Crier Typist, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Jennie is tiny, Jennie is sweet, And to top it all, she's very neat. JOI-IN JOSEPH CORLEY, JR. fYo-Yoj Home Room Director, 2, Baseball, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Basketball, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Carnival, 4. Handsome Bud Corley is always happy and gay. Lots of success is bound to come his way. THE PHILOMHTH -...,5t29 THOMAs ANDREW COYNE I Model Airplane Club, 2, Football Dance Commit- I tee, 3, Patrol Committee for Jr. Prom, 3, Senior Play . Stage Committee, 4, Camera Club, 4, Entertainment Committee for Football Dance, 4, Construction Com- mittee Carnival, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. Tommy is quiet, Seldom ever heard, Especially in English, ,ca Where he never says a word. . Af' DORIS MARGUERITE COTTER fDOfD Dramatic Club, 2, Boosters' Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. . Her dark wavy hair, her flashing brown eyes- 'Tis "Duke" from Maynard that has this prize. NELLIE THERESE CROATTI fNellj Italian Club, 2-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Dart Com- mittee, Carnival, 4. Nell is always in a whirl, Because she is a popular girl. STANLEY R. CRAWFORD Model Airplane Club, 2-3-4, Sec.-Treas., 4, Air- plane Exhibit, Carnival, 4. Stan makes airplane models, Which are very fleet, And in this respect He Can't be beat. DONALD CRUMP Christmas Boxes, 4. Crump-ets and tea will turn the key To Donald's heart. Hurry, girls, let's start! ARTHUR G. CUNNINGHAM ffirfhiey Dramatic Club, 2-5-4, Vice-Pres., 2-4, Pres., 53 Marshal, 2-3-4, Usher for jr. Prom, 5, Grand March Committee, 5, Senior Play, 4, Senior Picture Commit tee, 4, Senior Play Selection Committee, 4, Boosters Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Banquet Social Committee, 4 Picture Committee, 4, Senior Nominating Commit tee, 4. Archie is the women's joy, Where they see him coming boy, oh boy! VINCENT D,ANGELO Ufimzyj Golf, 3-4. Beware when Vinnie is playing golf. DULCIE SMITH DADMUN Girls' Official Club, 2, Girls' College Club, 3 Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Usher, Grad uation, 5. Dulcie is a little girl Who lives up Nobscot way, And when it comes to English, She knows just what to say. 3019:--Ae THE PHILOMHTH CHARLES W. DAVIS Football, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4. Charley is a slow and sleepy sort of chap, And in J. Bush's class he always takes a nap. WALTER LEONARD DAUPHINEE QWal!yj Camera Club, 4. Hats off to Wally, For he's very jolly. EDWARD W. DELAGE Ed has a bicycle, He makes it go so fast- But if he works it overtime It surely will not last. RICHARD ARMOND DELAGE Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4. Dick's always smiling, Dick's always gay, I-le's full of fun in every way. RICHARD IRVING DEMILLE Home Room Director, 3, Intramural Basketball, 3, Marshal, 4, Co-Chairman Bowling Committee for Carnival, 4, june Pbilanzatb, 4. Dick has crinkly, curly hair, Fancied by all the lasses fair, But tarry a while, you languishing dames- Wait till Dick acquires his fame. LIVIA MARY DELLASANTA fLi1'i6, Italian Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 4, Advertising Board for Sfudefzl Crier. 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. She's loads of fun! Her gaiety is as infectious as her grin. KATHLEEN CECILIA DONNELLY fKa1!oy, Kay, Home Room Director, 2, Badminton Club, 3, Mar- shal, 4, Boosters' Club, 4, Flying Club, 4, june Philo- zmzfb, 4, Graduation Usher, 3. Kathy flies an airplane- She does it very neatly, When she makes a three-point landing, Her instructor smiles so sweetly. IRWIN ALAN DERSHOWITZ QDerrbj Golf, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Camera Club, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Public Speaking Club, 3, Senior Play, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Senior-Soph. Dance Committee, 4, june Pbilwmzlfa, 4, Carnival Ticket Committee, 4, Honor Tenth. A great prospect, swirls! Remember what a grand husband and father he was in the senior play? THE PHILOMHTH JAMES J. DoRAN fCozj He is very nice, In every way3 All F. H. S. Will miss him some day. ERNEST F. Dow Glaeikj Ping-Pong Club, 33 Hobby Club, 53 Christmas Boxes, 4. Though Sheik says he's a night hawk, Who loves to stay out late, Most people know different- He's been out on a date. FRANCES NORMA DOYLE Dramatic Club, 23 Sub-Deb Club, 4. Here's a jolly little lass Who'S important to our class. ROBERT Dow fBob, Bzzdj A quiet boy is Robert Dow, But take him to a party, And he will show you-and how! CONSTANCE DURKEE Hockey, 23 Dramatic Club, 23 Girls' College Club, 3-43 Football Dance Committee, 33 Decorating Com- mittee for jr. Prom, 33 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4. Connie and jimmy are seen all around together at every big function in town. GEORGE W. DRISCOLL fRedj Construction Committee, Carnival, 4. George knows all the answers Right from A to Z3 We know that he will succeed In whatever he tries to be. HAZEL PATTERSON EATON Field Hockey, 2-3-43 Student Council, 2-33 College Club, 3-4, Sec., 3g Co-Chairman of Soph-Handbook Committee, 33 Lost and Found Committee, 3g Deco- rating Committee for Prom, 33 Marshal, 43 Szudenl Crier Staff, 43 Senior Dramatic Club, 43 Refreshment Committee for Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Decorating Committee for Football Dance, 43 Play Selection Com- mittee, 43 Senior Nominating Committee, 43 Proper- ties, Senior Play, 43 Quiz Team, 43 Flower Committee, Graduation, 33 Dramatic Club, 23 Booth, Carnival, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Student Council Convention Delegate, 33 Highest Scholastic Honors. Hazel fon Mondayj: That test was terr-rr-ible! Hazel ion TuesdayJ: I know, I flunked that test! Hazel Qon Wednesday, test returnedjz Whoopeel- an A. JUSTINE DEXTER DYER fjazziej Dramatic Club, 23 Hockey, 2-3-43 Current Events Club, Vice-Pres., 3g Marshal, 43 Student Crier Staff, 43 College Club, Sec., 43 Quiz Team, 43 College Club Booth for Carnival, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Chair- man, 43 Refreshment Committee, Usher, Prom, 33 Lost and Found Committee, 2-33 Patrol Committees, Foot- ball Dance, 2-3, Prom, 33 Senior-Sophomore Dance, 23 Census Committee, 43 Honor Tenth. jazzie's the girl with no distraction When Shelley's around as the main attraction. 32Jf+..- THE PHILOMHTH MARJORIE L. ERICKSON College Club, 4, Sub-Deb Club, Program Commit- tee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, June Philomafb, 4, Honor Tenth. A writer of no mean renown, Were sure that Margie will go to town. JULIAN EMPEY fjzzdj Football, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3, Marshal, 3, Senior- Junior Athletic Committee, 4. When Thursday night help sessions Come 'round in 229, It's safe enough to bet you'll find Jud there every time. CHARLES BERNARD FEATHERSTONE Boosters' Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Bernie thinks Helen is very cute, Bernie thinks Helen is sweet. From dawn to dusk he follows her route, This beau of Cedar Street. ROBERT JAMES FAIR Baseball, 3-4, Home Room Director, 5, Marshal, 4, Patrol Committee for Football Dance, 4, Refreshment Committee for Football Dance, 4, Decorating Com- mittee for Football Dance, 4, Senior Nominating Com- mittee, 4. Bob plays out in the daisies, Always chasing flies, He works the hardest of the nine, So give him a cheer, you guys. JOSEPH FEDOLFI, JR. Home Room Director, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Joe has English In 229, Wl1e1'e he argues with Miss Squires And hands her a line. EDITH E. FEM1.-x Qlidiej Boosters' Club, 3, Badminton Club, 4. Always laughing in a study, Edie" entertains most everybody. ' Erzlo FERRI Christmas Boxes, 4. I love to ride a Ferri fferryj boat. IfRANc1s O. FERRICK Christmas Boxes, 2, Patrol Committee Jr. Prom, 35 Dance Club, 2-3. A department store man is our Ferrick. from which he gets a decided kick Knot literallyj. THE PHILOMHTH WILLIAM FERRITER QBIMEJ Christmas Boxes, 4. Buck is quiet when he's in school, And he's never been known to break a rule, But when outside, on the loose, He certainly can raise the in JOSEPH B. FERRO Qjoej Marshall, 2-3-4, Football, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 4' Boys' Gym Club, 4, Carnival, 4, Christmas Boxes 2-3-4, Class Prophet, 4. Ah! there goes Joe, in his hand is a posie, You can just bet it's going to Rosie. JOHN JOSEPH FORD QFUI-dy, Model-TJ Christmas Boxes, 2. He's a Ford that does not run, Needing no mechanical test, With him we've had lots of fun. To him our wishes for Success. MARY E. FOLEY Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Ping-Pong Club, 4. Mary completes the party of three, Who dance in Holliston frequently. ROSE LOUISE FRAN-CHI Field Hockey, 2-4, Camera Club, 2, Senior Dra- matics, 4, Library Service Club, 4, Handbook Commit- tee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3. Rose listens While Dottie speaks, And dreams of vacation ln a very few weeks. RAYMOND CHARLES FURBUSH Track, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball, 4. When Furbush Steps upon the track, His opponents quietly step back. Furb, they know, will win the race, Sadly they concede first place. VIRGINIA MARION GAHM fGinJ Dramatic Club, 2-4, Boosters' Club, 3, Basketball Mgr., 4, Field Hockey, 4, Studenl Crier Staff, 4, Bad- minton Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Refreshment Com- mittee Football Dance, 4, Chairman Bowling Com- mittee Carnival, 4, Senior Play, 4, June Pbilomalb, 4, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 4, Advertising Board, Student Crier, 4, Honor Tenth. A foreign correspondent Is what she'cl like to be, But the answer to that question Will depend upon Lee! ROBERT JAMES GALLAGHER QGagJ Chemistry Club, 4. Happy-go-lucky-free as air- Never a worry-never a care. Model Airplane, 2, Intramural Basketball, 3-4' 1 v a THE PHILOMHTH EDWARD FRANCIS GARCEAU Model Airplane Club. 23 Intramural Basketball, 4. Mr. Bush's left-hand man. VIRGINIA PAULINE GALVANI QGimziej Italian Club, 2-43 Girls' Official Club, 23 Dance Club, 33 Sub'Deb Club. 3-43 Sludefzl Crier Typist, 43 Usher for Graduation, 33 Banquet Social Committee, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. Pretty brown eyes And a sweet disposition. Any man's heart Is her acquisition. VIRGINIA KATHRYN GARRY Uizzij Dramatic Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, Z3 Sub'Deb Club, 43 june Pbilomatb, 43 Dance Club, 2. jini is a pretty lass, So friendly and so sweet. jini is a true friend, Whom no one can beat. NANCY MARIE GAVIN Girls' College Club, 43 Senior Dramatic Club, 43 Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4g Car- nival, 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Winner of the State Servel Contest, 4. For our school she won a prize, For herself, she won it, too. And so all through her life, She'll keep doing the best she can do. SARAH GENNARIO Dance Club, 4. Sarah is jolly, Sarah is sweet, And in dancing She can't be beat. JAMES GEEHAN Flower Committee Graduation, 33 Marshal, 43 Senior Play, 43 Dance Club, 43 Publicity Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Quiz Team, 43 Entertainment Committee Football Dance, 43 Publicity, Football Dance, 43 Entertainment for Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Szudenl Crier Staff, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 43 june Philo- mtzzlz Editor-in-Chief, 43 Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 43 Marshal, 3-43 Refreshment and Ticket Commit- tees, Carnival, 43 Christmas Boxes, 43 Patrol, Foot- ball Dance, 4. jim's lament before each issue of the Slzzdenl Crier: "Work, work, toil, and trouble, Why on earth don't I have a double?" RAYMOND GENTILI Patrol Committee for Senior-Soph. Dance, 4. I-le and a friend fsex unknownj Are going to settle down on a little farm On a lifetime basis. RALPH GHETTI Christmas Boxes, 43 Electrical Committee, Carni- val, 4. Reasonable Ambitious Liberal Polite Happy THE PHILOMHTH KENNETH LOUIS G1AcOMUzz1 Track, 2-3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Basketball, 2-4, Marshal, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Emblem Committee, 4, Patrol Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Patrol Com- mittee, Football Dance, 4, Quiz Committee, Carnival, 4, Banquet Social Committee, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Gym Club, 4. On the track team he's a whiz, The highest honors are all his. He has a humor all his Own, And what a physique-all muscle and bone. ANTOINETTE MARIE GIALLOMBARDO Italian Club, 2-4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4, Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Ann's a joyful little lass, With eyes of sparkling blue, She always has a pleasant smile That warms you through and through. ROsEMARY GIALLOMBARDI Dramatic Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3. Rosemary could never sleep a wink, Because of the fellow from Boston she'd think. DONALD HARDING Grrus Track, 2-3-4, Boosters' Club, 3, Gym Club, 3. Donald is a trackman- A quiet lad in school is he, But put him on the cinder path, And how surprised yOu'll be. DOROTHY GITTLESON Basketball, 2, Field Hockey, 2, Softball, 2, Ping- Pong, 2, Dramatic Club, 4. Dottie's very devoted To one and no other, But if you knew her as I do- The one is her brother. ROY CLAYTON GILMORE Airplane Club, 2. java Jive king with his sax. JOHN H. GOOD Camera Club, 2-3-4, Intramural Basketball, 4. There's a lot in the name. JAY RICHARD GORDON qjazyfie-Wayfiej Marshal, 2-4, Plailomath Board, 2-3, Editor, 3, Slu- dent Crier, 2-3-4, Business Manager, 3-4, Senior Play, 4, Decorating Committee for Graduation, 3, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, General Chairman Christmas Box Campaign, 4, Boosters' Club, 4, Publicity and Ticket Committees, Carnival, 4. In regard to the senior play, Karloff's future is in doubt. Did you see Gordon, Boris? If you didn't vOu'd better watch out. 5 36134-W THE PHILOMHTH V 'Wt GLORIA JANE 'GORMAN Marshal, 2-4, Ping-Pong Club. 2, Dance Club, 2, Basketball, 2, Home Room Director, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 3-4, Ticket Committee, Prom, 3, Usher Jr. Prom, 3, Usher, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 4, June Pbilomafb, 4, Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4. From the top of her head To the tip of her toes, She attracts much attention Wherever she goes. JAMES EDWARD GORMLEY fjim, Jimmyj Baseball, 2-3-4, Football, 3-4, Basketball, 3-4, Senior-Junior Athletic Committee, 4, Senior Nominat- ing Committee, 4. Jim is very able At games of every sort. He is known throughout out high school As an A-one ranking sport. LELAND E. GRAY, JR. fDz1deJ Camera Club, Pres., 2, Public Speaking Club, 2-3-4, Dance Club, 3-4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 3, Home Room Director, 3, Jr. Prom Commit- tee, 3, Carnival, 4, Marshal, 4, Senior, Play, 4, Care of Public Address, 3-4, Banquet Program Committee, 4, Advertising Staff, Pfailomaflo, 2-3, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Honor Tenth. Leland Gray is happy and oh, so very gay, But who's the girl we see him with almost every day? SEVERINO GRANDONI Christmas Boxes, 2, Baseball, 3, Honor Tenth. Grandoni is a swell fellow and smart, the kind of fellow with whom F. H. S. hates to part. ALBERT H. GROVER, JR. QAI, Jmziorj Christmas Boxes, 4. Junior drives a Buick, He drives it very fast. He doesn't stop for red lights, Because his foot is on the gas. MARGUERITE FRANCES GRAY T Sfudenz Crier Staff, 2-33,1-lobby Club, 2-3, Dance I KQ f Club, 2-3-4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Sludent Crier Typist, 4. Marge has personality, Pep, vigor and vitality, Combining this variety, She'll stand high in society. MARGARET ANN I-IAGGERTY fPegJ Girls' Ping-Pong Club, 2, Girls' College Club, SQ Sub-Deb Club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Red Cross, 4. Big dimples and bright sparkling eyes, Peg is the pride of Framingham High. AoNEs MARY GUERRA ffiggiej Italian Club, 2-4, Travel Club, 3, Student Crier Typist, 4. Agnes, the girl with the million dollar smile. THE PHILOMHTH 7 RICHARD MAXWELL HARRINGTON Camera Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Decorat- ing Committee Graduation, 3, Hobby Club, 3, Dance Club, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, Student Coun- cil, 4, Marshal, 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Patrol Commit- tee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Patrol Committee Foot- ball Dance, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, June Pbilwmzlb, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4. What a sight to see Dick and Rite Riding together, down the street. JEANNE C. HARPER fBzzttermpj Tennis, 3-4, College Club, 3-4, Vice-Pres., 3, Usher Graduation, 3, Student Association Committee, 4, Carnival Favor Committee, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Banquet Program Committee, 4, Graduating Nominating Com- mittee, 4, Property Committee, Senior Play, 4. Bob, Fred, Archie, or Charlie, Which one will it be? Into her heart-which isn't small- She gladly takes them one and all. GLORIA ELIZABETH HARRIS Student Crier Staff, 3-4, Dance Club, 3, Badmin- ton Club, 3, Dramatic Club, 4. If you should happen to hear her say, "Has any mail come for me today?" You'1l know for certain, you can bet, She's expecting a letter from a lad named Chef. NORMAN B. HARTNETT fGazbbyy Basketball Mgr., 2-3-4, Chemistry Club, 3-4, Mar- shal, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, june Pbilomallf, 4' Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Honor Tenth. "I object! Your Honor!" a strong voice roars. Can you guess? Don't you know? Of course, l'il Gabby has the floor And argues 'em down, row by row, JUNE EVELYN HASTINGS Basketball, 2-3-4, Hobby Club, Vice-Pres., 3, Bad- minton Club, 4, Flying Club, 4, Boosters' Club, 4- Christmas Boxes, 4, Honor Tenth. June is the apple of our eye, We wish her well as the years go by, She and Sammy, hand and hand, Will make the finest pair in the land. RICHARD KNIGHT HARWOOD Model Airplane Club, 2-3, Patrol Committee jr. Prom, 3, Senior Play, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4' Christmas Boxes, 3-4. He fools all day, and he studies all night, In the senior play he did himself right. THEODORE R. HAWKINS Basketball, 2-3-4, Baseball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, Nominating Committee, 3, Football, Mgr., 4, Senior-junior Athletic Committee Chairman, 4, Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 4. In athletics Ted is supreme, He throws the ball with plenty of steam. LEONARD AVERY HAWKINS fPatj Baseball, 4, Banquet Program Committee, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 4. Quite a mathematician is Pat- He names off formulas just like that. s 1 s 38lE+4- THE PHILOMHTH 3 ' RALPH LINWOOD HAYNES Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Dart and Airplane Commit- Q tees, Carnival, 4, Senior-Sophomore Dance, 4, Prom Committee, 3. Papers in spare time, work in school- This is Ralph's golden rule. FLORENCE ALICE HEDBERG Uiloppyj Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Softball, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4. The tall, blond goddess of F. H. S. HENRY HICKSON fHirky, Henry Aldrich, Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 3g Track, 4, Model Air- plane Club, 4g Christmas Boxes, 4. The Walter Winchell of F. H. S. JOHN JOSEPH HICKSON QHifkj Track, 2-3-4, Mgr., 3-4, Dance Club, 4g Public Speaking, 4, Decorating Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Bowling Committee Carnival, 4. Hick is quite a ladies' man, Of which we are all aware, But when it comes to studying, Hickson is elsewhere. LINA HILL Lina, Lina, is there anyone finer? If there be, show her to me. MARGARET A. HILL Sub-Deb Club, 43 Student Crier Slajf, 4. The silent girl in Miss Hemenway's English class. ' f HELEN GLADYS HOBAN , Lost and Found Committee, 2, Girls' College Club, 2-3f4g Patrol Committee Football Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Graduation Usher, 3, Ticket Committee and Fortune Telling, Carnival, 4. Where Helen spends her week-ends, We know without a doubt- Marlboro is the lucky town, Where Helen gets about. RUBY MAY HILL Sub-Deb Club, 3, Ping4Pong, 4. A loud laugh, A shrill scream. lt's Ruby and junie- Oh! what a team. THE PHILOMHTH GORDON R. HODODON fGordiej Dramatic Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 4. Gordon is a friendly boy, From good old F. H. S. He'll help all when he can, So here's to his success. LOUISE ANNE HOBAN fRed, Torcbyj Ping-Pong Club, 2, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Re- freshment Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Staff of Pbilomufh and Siudenl Crier, 4, Basketball, 4. Flashing red hair-that's our "Torchy", And when she drives down the street, No rules or regulations stop her, As she performs this stupendous feat. AUDREY JANE HOFMANN Hockey, 2-3-4, College Club, 2-3f4, Dramatic Club, 2-4, Basketball Mgr., 3-4, Pbilomaffa, 3-4, Decorating Committee jr. Prom, 3, Lost and Found Committee, 3, Marshal, 4, Decorating Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Publicity, Senior Play, 4, Rogues' Gal- lery, Carnival, 4, Tennis Manager, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Highest Scholastic Honors. She's on the road to success and we wish her luck every inch of the way. DANA DowsE HOLBROOK, JR. Marshal, 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Senior Picture Committee. 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Graduation Committee, 4. Assistant chief of the voluntary fire department of Sherborn fChief Waterboyj. IRENE ELIZABETH HOLLANDER fReneej Tennis, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-5-4. Irene, Irene, as nice as a queen, Man, oh! Man, is she a dream. She's sure to hook you for a date, Look out, boy, you'Il be used for bait. FREDERICK HIXON HORAN Pbilomazla Board, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4. If it's a booming bass voice coming from exactly everywhere in the room, If belongs to Fred. EVA EUNICE HOWLAND fEveQ Travel Club, 3. Eva is a home girl, But she leads a busy life, Now she is all awhirl Since Bill entered her life. CHESTER ALBERT HUGHES Christmas Boxes, 4, Honor Tenth. We're beginning to wonder about our Chester. His knowledge of dinosaurs has us bafiled. Does he or cloesn't he live in the twentieth century? 4 at THE PHILOMHTH DOROTHY HUNT Basketball, 2-3-43 French Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 3. Beauty and brains, What a rare combination! The best that we've seen, Since the dawn of creation. HUGH HUNTER Marshal, 3-4, Patrol Committee Jr. Prom, 3g Christ- mas Boxes, 4g Class Gift Committee, 4, Patrol, Foot- ball Dance, 4. Will Hugh take a P.G. course next year-just to be near someone-namely, Kay? MARJORIE JESSAMAN Senior Dramatic Club, 4g Quiz Program, 4. She'll soon get used to that Tramp, tramp, tramp! As medical sec't'ry In an army camp. ROBERT CLIFFORD JACKSON fBz1dJ Football, 2-3-43 Baseball, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Student Council, 2g Marshal, 2-3-4, Home Room Director, 2-35 Patrol Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Concert Stage Committee, 4g Hockey, 43 Prom Refreshment Committee, 33 Football Dance Patrol, 3. Bud is on the hockey team, And at baseball is a star, When attending college We hope he goes just as far. FRANCIS LAWRENCE JEWELL Christmas Boxes, 2-4. Franny drove a Buick A hundred miles an hour, When the law caught up with him, His face went very sour. MARY A. JENNINGS Softball, 2, Refreshment Committee Jr. Prom, 35 Badminton Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4g Boosters' Club, 3, Lost and Found, 3-4. Here is an Irish lass, Who sure has plenty of class. If you knew her you'd agree, That she's always on a spree. RUTH MILDRED JOHNSON Dramatic Club, 2-3, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Ruthie is a cheerful girl, Makes everyone feel bright and gayg If you have any cares or troubles, She will smile them all away. WARREN FREDERICK JOHNSON fScoopJ Sfudent Crier Staff, 4. Scoop is an intelligent boy, About the sports he writes. He loves long lists of adjectives To make us see the sights. THE PHILOMHTH MARIE THERESA JORDAN Christmas Boxes, 2, Public Speaking Club, 4. Marie plays the trumpet, She plays it loud and long, And to every football game She brings it right along. VIOLA MAY JUBINVILLE Unbyj Basketball, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-4, Sub-Deb Club, 4. Viola likes Hudson- That's plain to see, Because "Muff" lives there, And her heart has he. THOMAS J. KANI5 fKillerJ Football, 2, Christmas Boxes, 3, Patrol Committee Football Dance, 4. Killer Kane is quite the boy, Fooling's always been his joy. With his pal McKeown, too, He can think of things to do. RICHARD DANFORTH KARB Basketball, 2-3, Tennis, 2-3-4, Captain, 3-4, Chemis- try Club, Pres., 3, Co-Chairman Jr. Prom Ushering and Grand March Committee, 3, Marshal, 3-4, Philo- matb Staff, 3, Boosters' Club, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Refreshment Committee Carnival, 4, Executive Committee Musical Festival, 4, Banquet Committee, 4, Editor-in-Chief, Literary Issue of Pbilomafh, 4, Honor Tenth. Why go to Hollywood? Didya ever see anything that looks more like Bob Montgomery? VINCENT IRVING KELLY flfimziej Football, 2, Track, 2-3, Marshal, 2-4, Airplane Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 3-4, Decorating Com- mittee, Jr. Prom, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4. Have you ever heard of Vinnie's technique? The girls all agree it's quite unique. BERNARD MERRIAM KEEFE, JR. QBewzieJ Dramatic Club, 2, Gym Club, 2, Student Crier Board, 2, Public Speaking Club, 4, Intramural Basket- ball, 4, Dance Club, 4, Carnival, 4. Bernie's not a very big lad- But who is measured by his size? When it comes to studies, Bernie's very wise. STANLEY MONFORD KITTREDGE fKiz, Skeezfj We wonder if Marion fell in love with his beauti- ful blond hair. DONALD MARKI-IAM KINSMAN Baseball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-3-4, Basketball, 3-4, Capt., 4, Marshal, 3-4, Marshal Exec. Committee, 3-4, First Lieut., 4, Plailomazh Board, 3-4, Emblem Committee, 3, Patrol Committee, 3, Class Prophet, 4, June Pbilozmzlb, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Honor Tenth, Honorable Mention for Leadership and Ser- vice. Funny thing is, you can't help laughing at Don's puns. -af 41 'Y . 4- . A- 4294- THE PHILOMHTH KENNETH KNAPP Hockey, 23 Hobby Club, 3. Ken is quite the mechanic, He can hx your car with the bestg You'll have to go far to End him, For now in khaki he's dressed. PAULINE R. LAKE Smdeuz Crier Staff, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. A very quiet lassie, who is never very sassy. GABRIEL LOUIS LAMAGNA Model Airplane Club, 2-54, Chairman Dart Com- mittee, Carnival, 43 Sophomore Election Committee, 4g Christmas Boxes, 4. A businesslike face And a firm, steady way- That is Gabriel Day after day. DONALD EDWARD LANGLEY fTzwiffy, Donj Home Room Director, 2g Basketball, 3-4, Ticket Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Marshal, 4, Ticket Commit- tee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 43 Ticket Committee, Football Dance, 4, Boosters' Club, Treas., 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4, Ticket Commit- tee, Senior Play, 43 Ticket Committee, Graduation, 4, Dance Club, 4. We wonder which comes closer to DOn's heart, Phyllis or basketball? EDWARD R. LEMBO Senior Play Construction Committee, 43 Patrol Com- mittee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Intramural Basketball, 4, Carnival Committee, 4, Quiz Team, 4, june Philo- 7m1lf9, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3. ' This fellow Ed is quite a guy, He blows his trumpet sweet and high, On boogie-Woogie he can't be beat. Listen sonetime-you'll get a treat. FLORENCE HELEN LAPINA Sub-Deb Club, 5, Italian Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 4. Florence is attractive, And a friend to all, Whether their position Be large or small. JOHN L. LIZACH, JR. Baseball, 4, Patrol Committeee, Football Dance, 4. Fixing cars is johnny's game, With the girls he'll also play. We wonder if he's still the same Since he swallowed gas that day. HIILEN THIERESIE LEPORE QHJ Italian Club, 2-5-4, Christmas Boxes, 43 Dart Com- mittee, Carnival, 4. Helen likes New York- l'm sure we all know why, We may have thought our Helen shy, But just ask Herk, the lucky guy. THE PHILOMHTH MARION MADELINE LEWIS Hobby Club, 3, Dance Club, 3, Decorating Commit- tee Graduation, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Marion had a little lamb, Witli blond and silky hair, The course of love did not run smooth For this devoted pair. ARTHUR T. LIBERATORE Basketball, 3-4, Dance Club, 4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-41 Auctioneer, and Electrical Committee, Carnival, 4. Tealo is the biggest Hitt That we have ever known, But when he's in a physics class, He leaves the girls alone. MARY ANN LILL Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2, Field Hockey, 2, Dra- matic club, 4, Dance Club, 4, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, journalism Club, 2. Mary's got a boy friend , With heart so brave and true, And everywhere that Mary goes, Her little Bud goes, too. JOSEPH G. LIB ERATORI Basketball, 2-3-4, Golf, 4. joe is a golfer-a very good one, too, He always breaks 100, once an 82. SAUL GEORGE LODGEN Uanliey Christmas Boxes, 3, Camera Club, 4. A pleasant personality, Saul is everybody's friend. RICHARD JAM ES LOWRY Model Airplane Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 4. Dick is a study teachers joy because he is always quiet. JAMES WILLIAM LUBY Hockey, 2, Golf Mgr., 3-4, Public Speaking Club, 3, Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Ticket Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Class Nominating Committee, 3, Marshal, 4, Boosters' Club, 4, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Class Historian, 4, Publicity, Senior Play, 4, Dance Club, 2-4, Emblem Committee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-4, Co- Chairman, Publicity, Senior Play, 4, Chairman, Meat Fund Show, 4. Statistics show that the tall, statuesque girl now reigns supreme, but fortunately for us little things- not so with Jimmie. ALDEN F. LORD fflldiej Baseball, 2, Hockey, 2-3, Smdenl Crier Board, 2-3, Pbilomazh, 3, Boys' College Club, 3, Decorating Com- mittee, Jr. Prom, 3, Marshal, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Patrol and Ticket Committee Football Dance, 4, Chairman Entertainment Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Publicity Committee Senior-Soph. Dance and Football Dance, 4, Class Gift Committee Chair- man, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Dance Club, 4, Stage Committee, Senior Play, 4, Advertising Board, School Publications, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Refreshment and Decorating Committees, Carnival, 4. Aldie has a cute technique, And surely he has reached his peak, For when he whistles, the girls all flock- Why should Aldie be one to squawk? -- 43 44134-W THE PHILOMHTH fy I MARY ANN LUMINARI Dramatic Club, 2, Field Hockey, 2-3, Softball, 2, Basketball, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Hospitality Commit- tee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. She's a girl who craves success, And in her work finds happiness. JOAN MARIE LYNCH Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Capt., 2, Basketball, 2-3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Dance Club, 3, Hospitality Committee, 3, Secretary Class, 31 Home Room Director, 3, Soft- ball, 3-4, Nominating Committee, Prom and Gradua- tion, 3, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Usher, jr. Prom, 3, Student Council, 4, Exec. Committee, 4, Public Speaking Club, Vice-Pres., 4, Refreshment Committee Football Dance, 4, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 4, General Committee, Carnival, 4, Chairman Hospitality Committee, 4, Head Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Student Council Convention Delegate, 4. A trim, straight nurse in crisp, starched white, Armed with healing arts- She really ought to wear a sign, "Danger to male hearts." JUNE MARIE LYNCH fBz1gj Basketball, 2-3-4, Student Council, 2-4, Softball, 2-3, Capt., 2, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Field Hockey, Capt., 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Travel Club, Pres., 4, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Badminton Club, 4, Hospi- 1- tality Committee, 4, Lost and Found Committee, 4, Decorating Committee Football Dance, 4, Co-Chair- man Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4, Chairman Club Committee, 4, Chairman Senior-Junior Athletic Committee, 4, Football Dance Refreshment Commit- tee, 4. lil' Cute little freckles- Nice friendly grin, When she's under the basket You know we will win. 7, BARBARA ANN MACFARLAND fBab.rj Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Barbara is struck on someone you all can see. It wouldn't be the marshal facing 223? His name wouldn't happen to be Bob Fair, That handsome senior with the dark brown hair? MARY ALICE MACKEY Slndwzt Crier Typist, 4, Sub-Deb Club, 4. It is always Mary's rule To do her work in school. DONA HARRIET MACDONALD Ping-Pong Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Dona is demure and sweet, And she's also quite petite. ERNEST MAGRINI QE:-nie, Ernie is always humoring, Witli his jests of happiness. Wl1en out into the world he goes, He is sure to be a great success. BOYD MACKINNON QMMQ Marshal, 3-4, Boys' College Club, 3, Emblem Com- mittee, 3, Entertainment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Entertainment Committee, Football Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Mac is quite a man-about-town, Always smiling-never a frown. THE PHILOMHTH JOHN RICHARD MAHONEY ff. R., Football, 2-3-4, Basketball, 2-3, Tennis, 2-3-4, Mar- shal, 2-3, Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Pres., 2, Home Room Director, 3, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4, June Pbilomatfo, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, Honor Tenth. A brainy boy is this J. R., In friendship, too, he's above par. JOHN JOSEPH MAHONEY fT6.X'cZJ',!.-1.7 Baseball, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2, Football, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Construction Committee, Carnival, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. J. J. is a sleepy lad, But as a friend He's the best to have. MARIE ANGE ANNETTE MAILHOIT Ueamzezzej Sub-Deb Club, 4. Boys run for many a mile, To see Marte's contagious smile. YVETTE ALFREDA MAILHOIT fliwzj Baseball, 2, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Badminton Club, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4. A million dollar baby in a 5 and 10 cent store. RITA MARY MAPLEBECK Hobby Club, 3, Basketball, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Hospitality Committee, 4, Decorating Committee, Car- nival, 4, Club Committee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. We all agree that Rita is A lot of fun to know, Her smile is ever ready, And her humor never slow. JOHN J. MANOINI Baseball Mgr., 2, Hockey, 3-4, Football Mgr., 3-4, Marshal, 3, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4, Golf, 4. john Mangini is quite a Hash, When he sees a blonde- He's Off in a dash. PALMA T. R. MARCHETTI Italian Club, 3-4. Palma is sweet, Palma is shy, Palma's the girl that will get by. ARLENE LOUISE MARTIN Red Cross Committee, 4, Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Lost and Found Committee, 4, Honor Tenth. What would the 4-H Club do without Arlene? al "fi , 4 it at 46 ,fa THE PHILOMHTH ARTHUR F. MARTINS fflrlj Att's a flash in chemistry, In physics he's a whiz, Whenever there's a blonde around, That's where Artie is. FRANCIS GERARD MATHIEU QF:-fzmzyy Marshal, 4, june Pbilomatb, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3. Franny was a clever boy, He was Miss Kay Hall's pride and joy. When he left, she sat and wept, But Franny he just slept and slept. FRANCIS JAMES MCCANN, JR. Uvhzfj Track, 3-4, Capt., 4g Refreshment Committee, Jr. Prom, 3g Ticket Committee, jr. Prom, 33 Patrol Com- mittee, jr. Prom, 53 Student Council, 4, Marshal, 4, Co-Chairman Construction Committee, Carnival, 4g Intramural Basbetball, 4. The captain of the track team Is this boy called "Mac," For when he starts running, They hold the people back. DORIS MAY MAUKE Christmas Boxes, 2g Home Room Director, 3, Mar- shal, 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Hospitality Committee, Christmas Boxes, 43 Concert Ticket Committee, 4, Properties, Senior Play, 43 Quiz Team, 4, Carnival Committee, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. We have a sneaking suspicion that "I knew her when-" is going to be a right handy expression when speaking of Doris a few years hence. RICHARD T. MCGRATH Mgr. Baseball, 2, Current Events Club, 3g Christ- mas Boxes, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. Dick is bashful, loyal, and sweet- His technique is hard to beat. MARION Lots MCGAUGHEY fLaz1laj Marshal, 3, Boosters' Club, 3-4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 3-4, Decorating Committee, Jr. Prom, 3, Girls' College Club, Sec., 4, Dance Club, 3-4, For- tune Telling, Carnival, 4. With a brunette from Worcester And a redhead from Boston, She has a good time And by no one outdone. RUTH MCGRAW fllzztlaiej Christmas Boxes, 33 Refreshment Committee, Jr. Prom, 3: Sub-Deb Club, 4. Dark brown eyes and beautiful hair, The "Scottish Lass" for whom we care. PAULINE LUCY MCKAY fDixie, Pallyy Sfudenl Crier Staff, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Quiet and sweet, And oh! so neat. THE PHILOMHTH MARY VIRGINIA MCLAUGI-ILIN QBlofzdie, Mary Baseball, 2, Philonmtfa, 2, Slzzdenz Crier Staff, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Boosters' Club, 3-4, Executive Commit- tee, 4, Home Room Director, 3, Cheer Leader, 3-4, Field Hockey, 4, Basketball, 4, Dramatic Club, Sec., 4, Ticket Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Ticket I Committee, Senior Play, 4, Ticket Committee, Football Dance, 4, Publicity Committee, Carnival, 4, Dance Club, 4, Bowling Committee, Carnival, 4, Chairman, Program Committee, Banquet, 4. Eddie is her man- He likes her golden hair, And the sparkling personality That marks her everywhere. MARY JANE MCLELLAN Sub-Deb Club, 3, Graduation, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Mary had a sailor, but the sailor went to sea. She also had a soldier, but the soldier went to war. So now all she does is sea-saw. CORINNE SHEILA MCMANUS fRimzyy Girls' College Club. 2-3-4, Program Committee, 4, Usher, Graduation, 3, Fortune Telling, Carnival, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, june Philomtzlb. 4. Brown eyes, curly hair, A smile that can't be beat, Friendly, intelligent,- A girl who's very sweet. LYDIA P. MERCORELLI Italian Club, 3-4, Honor Tenth. Those blushes of Lydia's are surely real, It is enough to make you feel That the days of the shy damsel are not past, But she still does walk with eyes downcast. DOMINIC JAMES MERLONI fZiggyj Marshal, 2-4, Executive Committee, 4, Football, 2-3-4, Home Room Director, 2, Boosters' Club, Ex- ecutive Committee, 4, Quiz Contest, Carnival, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Class Lawyer, 4, Senior Nominating Committee, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4. Dom and Ashland Are just like the buses, For both stop at Doris's In spite of all rushes. PATSY LAWRENCE MEs1rE Christmas Boxes, 2. Patsy is that handsome lad, Who never falls for any lass, It's disappointing, and it's sad, For all he does is watch them pass. ROSIE F. MESSANA Christmas Boxes, 3, Italian Club, Program Com- mittee, 4. Rose gets along with everyone, To be with her is loads of fun. PEARL MILLER Dramatic Club, 2, Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 3. Pearl and Lennie make a swell combination. Marriage is their destination. -sl 47 THE PHILOMHTH MILDRED LORRAINE MILLIGAN Basketball, 2-3-4, Softball, 2-4, Student Crier Staff, 2, Ping-Pong Club, Pres., 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Field Hockey, 4, Carnival Committee, 4. Millie's lover is Buddy. They stick together like putty. It's been two years now, you know, But Millie says there's more to go. ANITA FRANCES MISALSKY QNeetj Basketball, 2-3-4, Field Hockey, 2-3-4, Marshal, 2, Public Speaking Club, 2, Hobby Ciub, 3, Senior Dramatic Club, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4, junior Red Cross, 4. Laughing blue eyes and blonde curly hair, Neet goes through life without a care. Her basketball skill is something to see, She romps through a game with plenty of glee. BRUNA MARIE MISAGGIA cBIllZllyD Italian Club, 2, Lost and Found Committee, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Quiz Program, 4, Honor Tenth. just the sight that the doctor prescribed for sore eyes. CURTIS F. MITCHELL fcllff, Crerj Hockey, 2-3-4, Football, 4, Marshal, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Senior-junior Athletic Committee, 4, Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4. Curt is the best of all pals, And quite a hockey player, too, But the girls down Natick way Say he can best pitch the woo. ALEXANDER C. MOLERONEK M1150 Intramural Basketball, 2-3-4, Refreshment Commit- tee, jr. Prom, 3, Football, 3-4, Marshal, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Electrical Committee, Carnival, 4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4. Great big eyes, Wavy hair, When he goes by The girls all stare. ROBERT RALSTON MoNAI-IAN fBob, Moonj Home Room Director, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, Decorating Committee, Graduation, 3, Senior Play, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Dance Club, Pres., 4, Boosters' Club, 4, Chairman Quiz Contest, 4, Publicity Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Senior Play Selection Committee, 4, Patrol Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Business Manager, Senior Play, 4, Floor Chairman, Christmas Boxes, 4, Chairman, Dance Committee, Carnival, 4. Bob is a lad well liked by the boys, But the girls in his life are really his joys. MARY EILEEN MORAN fivitzyj Basketball, 2-3-4, Softball, 2-3-4, Sub-Deb Club, 3, Field Hockey, 4, Lost and Found Committee, 4, Bad- minton Club, 4, Stzzdent Crier Staff, 4, Student Crier Typist, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Pbilomtztb Typist, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. All the boys rush out to meet This grand young girl from Lindsay Street. ANNA CATHERINE MORRISSEY Boosters' Club, 3, Red Cross Committee, 31 Deco- rating Committee, Jr. Prom and Graduation, 3, Mar- shal, 4, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. Ann's heart is with a soldier, Whose buttons gleam and shine, Wlmen she sees him in uniform She thinks him very hne. THE PHILOMHTH 149 JUNEMORSE Christmas Boxes, 4. junie is smart, gay, and clever, And by her classmates She'll be remembered forever. BRUNO E. MOSCATELLI Italian Club, Pres., 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. He thinks he is handsome Because he attracts them- But it's only those curls That make the girls. EDA P. MOSCATELLI junior Election Committee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Edie is friendly, Edie is funny. She is a girl with A disposition sunny. WALTER P. MUNGER fWally, jerk, Dripj Intramural Basketball, 3, Marshal, 43 Refreshment Committee, Football Dance, 4, Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 3. Wind or rain, Snow or sleet, Munger's car Is on the street. DANIEL JAMES MURPHY fjeepj Track, 2-4, Public Speaking Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Marshal, 2-4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4. A boy who can keep one jump ahead of anything. EDNA MARY MURPHY fEd, Mm-,blaj Public Speaking Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 3-4, Christ- mas Boxes, 3-4. Edna's homework is always done, She knows shorthand characters, one by one, In a test she is calm, never in a whirl- Altogether, she is quite a girl. ANNA JOSEPHINE MURRAY fjoj Dramatic Club, 2, Slzzdenz Crier Typist, 2, Student Crier Staff, 3-4, Marshal, 3, Public Speaking Club, 3, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 33 Chemistry Club, 4, Decorating Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Library Service Club, Sec., 4, Chairman Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Quiz Team, 4, Philomalh, Literary and june issues, 4, Co-Chairman, Properties Committee, Senior Play, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Minstrel Show, Carnival, 4, Parlia- mentary Law Club, 4. "jo" is plump, "Jo" is jolly, This combination Is tops, by golly. PI-IYLLIS BRENDA MURPHY Student Council, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, College Club, 3-4, Pres., 43 Dance Club, 3, Lost and Found Com- mittee, 3g Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 3-4, Usher, jr. Prom, 3, Auction Committee, 53 Fortune Telling Carnival, 4, Marshal, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Chairman, Banquet Social Committee, 4. Petite and fair haired- A girl with loads of personality. .-, l. 45 so , gg -3 , '. .fig , ' 'fr - ef: -32" 'in at THE PHILOMHTH SYLVIA RUTH NEDELL fSidj Dramatic Club, 2, Student Crier Board, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 3, Girls' College Club, 4, Student Crier Typist, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3, Fortune Telling, Carnival, 4. Sylvia always intends to do well, That is why we think she is swell. CHARLES MUTO fCl211ck, Taxiej Basketball, 2-4, Marshal, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Have you heard the news that's going round About Chuck Muto and the girl he's found? Chuck it seems is no longer at home- With Madeline he perfers to roam. RONALD IVOR NEITZ QB11dj junior Election Committee, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Decoration Committee for Graduation, 3. Ronald is very jolly, We wonder, could it be because of Olly? WILLIAM POTTER NELSON Camera Club, 2, Dance Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 5-4. A lad who loves nature and makes it an interesting hobby fbutterflies and photographyj. JOSEPH N1cOL1 Christmas Boxes, 4. Handsome is as handsome does. NORMA MAEALDA NOBILINI Sub-Deb Club, 5, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Italian Club, 4, Smdenz Crier Typist, 4, Carnival Committee, 4, Dance Club, 3. Norma has dreamy eyes and a cute smile- Whiclm induces all the boys to stay a while. JOSEPH LEO O,MALLEY fO'T0olej Home Room Director, 2-3, Football Dance Deco- rating Committee, 2, Decorating Committee, Gradua- tion, 3, Hospitality Committee, 3, Marshal, Executive Committee, 4, Patrol Committee Football Dance, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Construction and Decorating Committees, Carnival, 4, Graduation Committee, 4. lt's true joe lives across the tracks, But most of his time is spent in Sax. SOPHIE J. OLSZEWSKI Goapiej Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Sludenf Crier Typist, 4, Bad- minton Club, 4, june Pbilomulb, 4. Sophie is cute, but rather shy, And it takes Freddie to catch her eye. THE PHILOMHTH EILEEN D. OTENTI Basketball, 2-3-43 Ping-Pong Club, 23 Home Room Director, 23 Dramatic Club, 3-43 Usher, jr. Prom, 33 Marshal, 43 Chairman Amateur Show Carnival, 43 June Pbilomalfa, 4. Could Franny be the one to attract Eileen's sudden interest in Sax? ROBERT JOHN ORCHARD There are orchards of apple and peach and pear, But only one Robert-to that we'll swear. EDWARD FRANCIS PARKER fParkj Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3. In most cases clothes make the man, but in Park's case clothes make the women. RITA ELIZABETH OTTAVIANI Italian Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 23 Christmas Boxes, 23 First Aid, 3. Quiet and nice, And a loyal friend, A helping hand She'll willingly lend. EDWARD GOOKIN PARKER, JR. fRookj Track, 2-3-43 Hockey Mgr., 2-3-43 Marshal, 3-43 Chemistry Club, 3-43 Gym Club, 43 Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 43 Senior Play Selection Committee, 43 Intramural Basketball, 43 Dance Club, 43 Sound Com- mittee, Carnival, 43 Quiz Contest, 43 Head Usher, Senior Play, 4. For our track team Rook is a star miler, But when with Diantha He's a star smiler. RITA HELEN PARADIS KF1-emhyy Camera Club, 23 Field Hockey, 2. Rita's quick, Rita's alertg Rita's the girl Who likes to flirt. ROBERTA B. PATTEN fBobbiej Marshal, 3-43 Sub-Deb Club, 43 Decorating Com- mittee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4. "Bobbie" is a Worcester girl, And the sweetest one we know. To every side that she would whirl, The boys were sure to go. ARTHUR PERHAM QAM Airplane Club, 2-4, Sec.-Treas., 43 Home Room Director, 23 Marshal, 3-43 Boosters' Club, 33 Decorat- ing Committee Graduation, 33 Hockey, 33 Baseball, 3-43 June Pbilomalla, 4. Out of Eileen's house Arthur was sent, Because her mother was demanding rent. ' at THE PHILOMHTH MARGARETA CONSTANCE PETERSON QPetey Girls' College Club, 2-3-43 Refreshment Committee, Jr. Prom, 53 Senior-Soph. Decorating Committee, 4g Christmas Boxes, 43 Carnival, 4. With hair so fair, Who is this lass? It must be "Pete" From Saxonville, Mass. MILDRED HOPE PERLMUTTER Dramatic Club, 2-43 Usher at jr. Prom, 33 College Club, 43 Parliamentary Law Club, 43 Smdenf Crier and Pbilozmzfh Advertising Staff, 4g Refreshment Commit- tee Football Dance, 43 Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4g Christmas Boxes, 2-3-43 Red Cross, 43 Favor Committee and Rogues' Gallery, Carnival, 43 Honor Tenth. "Millie" has just loads of friends, Especially down in Brookline3 Even to you her heart she'll lend. Step this way, boys-join the line. THERESA LOUISE PEVERI Italian Club, 2-3-4. Theresa is a cook so rare- She plans her meals with precise care. JUNE FRANCES PETHERICK Umziej Badminton Club, 33 Christmas Boxes, 3-43 Basket- ball, 4. When those eyes begin to crinkle, When that smile begins to twinkler- Then we'll know that here at last A basketball game has claimed this lass. NAZZARENO PEZZA fZe1z0j Christmas Boxes, 43 Tickets and Invitations Com- mittee, 4g Student Council, 4. Zeno has such beautiful curls That he wins admiration from all the girls. JAMES H. PHIPPS Christmas Boxes, 43 Advertising Committee, Car- nival, 4. jimmy likes to roller skate- This he does so very lateg But when home work comes next day, jim finds out it doesn't pay. MURIEL E. PLESHAW Qzlfooeyj Dance Club, 2-43 Badminton Club, 5-43 Christmas Boxes, 4. This lovely blonde has an enthusiastic interest in the "Steel" industry. GEORGE Pica. Camera Club, 23 Flying Club, 4. If facts about the war you cate to know, Then to George you should go. THE PHILOMHTH MALINDA ETHEL POWERS QLizzdaJ Dramatic Club, 2-43 Dance Club, 23 Nominating Committee, Jr. Prom and Graduation, 33 Decorating Committee, Jr. Prom, 33 Library Service Club, 43 Boosters' Club, 43 Marshal, 4. Linda has a little lamp3 She's trained it well, no doubt, For every time that Ray comes down The little lamp goes out. VIRGIL W. PROCTOR, JR. fRedJ Dance Club, 2-3-43 Marshal, 43 Intramural Basket- ball, 4. A brilliant smile, a cheery hello, That's Red all over, you all know. FLORENCE RALLIS flilofriej Basketball, 23 Junior Red Cross, 43 Candy Girl, Senior Play, 43 Decorating Committee, Prom, 33 Usher, Graduation, 3. Flossie's cute and Flossie's smart. But no Framingham boy ever Won her heart. ELAINE SHIRLEY RABINOVITZ Dramatic Club, 2-43 Marshal, 33 Home Room Direc- tor, 33 Public Speaking Club, 33 Usher, Jr. Prom, 33 Girls' College Club, 43 Parliamentary Law Club, 43 Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Candy Girl, Senior Play, 43 Rogues' Gallery, Carnival, 43 Honor Tenth. Elaine is sweet, and oh, so pretty, And what's more, boys, she's very witty. PAULINE CATHERINE ROCHEFORD fPemzy, Pol!yJ Student Council. 2-3-4, Recording Sec., 43 Cheer- leader, 2-3-4, Head, 43 Boosters' Club, 33 Dance Club, 33 Chairman Prom Refreshment Committee, 33 Usher, Jr. Prom, 33 Marshal, 43 Senior Play, 43 Public Speak- ing Club, Sec., 43 Chairman of Decorations, Football Dance, 43 Quiz Contest, 43 Honorable Mention, Out- standing Leadership and Service. An actress line'-a lovely face- Pep and charm-that's Pauline's case. DONALD WESTON RAYMOND Early to bed-early to rise- Don never seems able to open his eyes. JEROME JOSEPH RYAN fjerryj Student Council, 2-3-4, Executive Committee, 2-3, Vice-Pres., 33 Student Crier Board, 3-43 Marshal, 2-3-4, Marshal Executive Committee, 3-4, Second Lieut., 3, Capt., 43 Public Speaking Club, 2-3, Vice- Pres., 2, Pres., 33 Co-Chairman Lost and Found Com- mittee, 23 Meat Fund Show, 3-43 Co-Chairman Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 3-4, Jr. Prom, 33 Jr. Class Nominating Committee, 33 Baseball, 43 Philo- mazh, 43 Dramatic Club, Pres., 43 Chairman of Patrol, Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Delegate to Student Council Convention, 43 Class Orator, 43 Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 43 Entertainment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4. Jerry likes to talk 'em down3 He likes to entertain3 But best of all things on this earth He likes a railroad train. CHARLES E. SAGE fCbuckin' Charlie, Smirdgej Football, 2-3-43 Baseball, 2-3-43 Hockey, 2-3-43 Dance Club, 33 Boosters' Club, 33 Marshal, 3-43 Deco- rating Committee, Jr. Prom, 33 Student Council, 4g Public Speaking Club, 43 Intramural Basketball, 4g Graduation Committee, 43 Usher, Senior Play, 43 Decorating Committee, Carnival, 4. Chuckin' Charlie has discarded his butch For locks which have some curls. Football hero! Hair like that! Line forms on the right, girls. 54 Psa- EJ' 1- .L ..... .- L-. THE PHILOMHTH JOHN SALAK f0t1o, Honkj Football, 2-3-43 Marshal, 2-3-43 Home Room Direc- tor, 23 Gym Club, 23 Decorating Committee, Jr. Prom, 33 Parliamentary Law Club, 43 Decorating Committee, Football and Senior-Soph. Dance, 43 Graduation Com- mittee, 43 Assistant Technician, Senior Play, 43 Intra- mural Basketball, 23 Decorating Committee, Carnival, 43 Basketball, 3-43 Student Council, 4. Otto has a little auto. Everywhere Otto goes- The auto doesn't go. MARIO SANNICANDRO fSazmzieJ Basketball, 2-3-43 Home Room Director, 23 Football, 3-43 Track, 43 Baseball, 4. Miss Ward's model pupil fpew-pillj. KENNETH R. SARGENT Airplane Club, 2-3, Sec., 23 Home Room Director, 2-33 Marshal, 3-43 Red Cross Committee, 33 Decorat- ing Committee, Football Dance, 33 Track, 43 Senior Dramatic Club, 43 Refreshment Committee, Carni- val, 4, If Kenny goes into the army, he will at least be addressed as "Sargent." RICHARD E. SAULNIER Basketball, 3-43 Baseball, 3-43 Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 43 Co-Chairman, Construction Committee, Carnival, 43 Honor Tenth. Dick's just an all-around man who excels in base- ball, basketball, and the intricacies of math. CHARLES FRANK SAVAGE Football, 23 Track, 23 Marshal, 3-43 Student Council, 33 Decorating Committee, Jr. Prom, 33 Dramatic Club, 43 Senior Picture Committee, 43 Intramural Bas- ketball, 43 Picture Committee, 4. Since Charlie Savage met his Jim, No other girl has a chance with him. JOHN ALLEN SAUNDERS fjolomzy, SHIIIZZJIJ Camera Club, 2-3-4, Pres., 4. Johnny is an ardent camera fan, His pictures are a wow! If you want to learn the camera craft, Johnny will show you how! IRENE EMMA SAVI QL11rkyJ Student Council, 23 Dramatic Club, 2-33 Italian Club, 43 Christmas Boxes, 2. Courageous and brave, smiling Irene, She is never ruffled, always serene. We know she'll be successful in whatever she'll do, And always be there, smiling thro'. JAMES HAROLD SCRIBNER Gpikej Hobby Club, 2. Spike likes flowers, Spike likes trees3 Spike dislikes home work, Just like you and me. THE PHILOMHTH PETER 0. SENECAL fPete, Flarhj Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Hockey, 3-4, Patrol Com- mittee, Jr. Prom, 3, Marshal, 4, Senior Play Construc- tion Committee, 4. Pete Senecal sure has his troubles With the girl he knows as Bubbles, Yet she's friendly and sweet, charming, and kind,- A better girl, Pete cannot find. WALTER H. SHAW fWa!lyj Biology Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Model Airplane, 3. Wally was the class delight, And kept them wearing a grin. The battle for success he'll surely fight, ' And we all do hope he'll win. JACQUELINE JANE SHIRA fjarkiej College Club, 2-3, Home Room Director, 2, Hospi- tality Committee, 3, Marshal, 4, Chairman Rrefresh- ment Committee, Carnival, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Chairman, Christmas Box Committee, 4. One of the prettiest girls in school, To be that way, follow her rule. FLORENCE MAE SHOCKETT QSM Ping-Pong Club, 2, Badminton Club, 4. Sis is the girl who is never shy, Especially in each class of Framingham High. She never fails to speak her piece, And her chatter probably will never cease. ERNEST JOHN SIBSON, JR. Track, 3-4, Football, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. Ernie's going to Northeastern To be an engineer, We all wish him the best of luck In his chosen career. MARGUERITE MARY LOUISE SOUTHWICK fzlflargiej Girls' College Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 4. Because Jimmie has been conscripted, Margie's love has been drafted--not drifted. JOHN H. SPEER, JR. Current Events Club, 3, Camera Club, Sec., 4. Heres a spear you need not throw- His numerous friends hate to see him go. MARCIA ELAINE SPAULDING College Club, 2, Hobby Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4, Accompanist, Boys' Glee Club, 4. Marcia can cook, Marcia can play, She'll be married Before she's gray. a3f55 sa 't ,107 E 563- THE PHILOMHTH FRANCES M. SPERANZA cFl'6l7ZlZi6, Fazyej Italian Club, 2, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 5, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Red Cross Committee, 4, Senior- Soph. Decorating Committee, 4, Christmas Boxes. As meek as a little mouse is she, But a true friend to all will be. LOUISE M. SPLAINE Christmas Boxes, 3, Smdenf Crier Typist, 4, Sub- Deb Club, 4. You never see Rocco Without Louise. They're always together, Like a pod with two peas. PHILIP N. STEVENS Chemistry Club, 5, Camera Club, 4. To Gillette shaving blades, says Phil, He owes his smooth face and his skill ln shaving,-that is to say he will, Wlien time and nature fill the bill. EILEEN MARY SULLIVAN UQ Sub-Deb Club, 3, Refreshment Committee, Jr. Prom, 3, Decorating Committee, Graduation, 3, Boosters' Club. 4, Refreshment Committee Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Marshal, 4, june Pbilomafh, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Favor Booth, Carnival, 4, Chairman, News Items, Carnival, 4, Red Cross, 4, Tennis, 2. Eileen and Art,- High school's swellest pair. Called so because They go everywhere. RAYMOND J. SULLIVAN Football, 2-3, Marshal, 2-4, Red Cross Committee, 3, Banquet Committee, 4, Track, 4. Ray is the big boy of Framingham High, He always wears a smile and a nice bow tie. GEORGE RUDOLF SYDOW Model Airplane Club, 4, Property Committee, Senior Play, 4. George is a boy of high ideals, But the heart of Doris he wishes to steal. MARGUERITE Lois TAYLOR Dramatic Club, 2-4, Home Room Director, 2, Lost and Found Committee, 2, Girls' College Club, 3-4, Sec., 3, Pres., 4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 3-4, Flower Committee, Graduation, 3, Patrol Com- mittee, jr. Prom, 3, Senior Play, 4, Senior Play Selec- tion Committee, 4, Decorating Committee, Senior- Soph. Dance, 4, Chairman Meat Fund Show, 4,.Field Hockey, 4, Usher, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Chairman Rogues' Gallery, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Census Com- mittee, 4, Booster, Alternate, 4, Honor Tenth. Marguerite's ability as an actress and scholar have nothing on her ability to make friends. TUFANIO TARALLI Uijiy Wlien on his accordion he starts to play, You can't help but swing and sway. THE PHILOMHTH ANN THIBAULT fBabfj Dramatic Club, 2, Hobby Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 31 Usher, Graduation, 3, Ping-Pong Club, 4, Ping- Pong Committee, Carnival, 4. Vim, vigor and vitality Make up her personality- She's well received by society, And is noted for hospitality. MARY JOSEPHINE TERSONI Ping-Pong Club, 2, Italian Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. A little quiet, and quite a bit shy, But Mary manages to get by. DOROTHY EVELYN TINNEY Marshal, 2-3-4, Lost and Found Committee, 2-5, Dramatic Club, 5-4, Hospitality Committee, 5, Home Room Director, 5, Red Cross Drive, 4, Football Dance Committee, 4, Dance Club, 4. Dot thinks the army is pretty nice, The feeling is mutual, too, Not only patriotic, but personal Is her interest in the defenders Of the Red, White, and Blue. MARY ELIZABETH TOBIN Ping-Pong Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2-3, Bas- ketball, 5-4, Field Hockey, 3-4, Marshal, 5-4, Sludent Crier Typist, 5, Dramatic Club, 3, Hospitality Com- mittee, 3, Nominating Committee, 3, Badminton Club, Sec., 4, Co-Chairman Handbook Committee, 4, Re- freshment Committee, Football Dance, 4, Club Com- mittee, 4, june Philonzatb, 4, Usher, Graduation, 5, Christmas Boxes, 4, Senior Play, 4, Honor Tenth. She twirls a baton with greatest of ease, And she plays love scenes as nice as you please, She has definitely got what it takes, A portrait of Mary is what this makes, RALPH TOGNACCI Boys' Gym Club, 5, Dance Club, 4. Here is a lad for some nice lass, He is a dancer with much class. WILLIAM C. TOMKINSON fBil!, Towmyj Model Airplane Club, 4. Tommy and Charlie are quite a pair, The Sunshine Dairy is their lair. FRANCIS P. TOWNE Intramural Basketball, 2-5-4. When this artist goes to "Towne" He has us all a-wondering- Is he on the way to school, Or is he just aawandering? I Louisa Tosrt Field Hockey, 2, Marshal, 3-43 Stzzdefzl Crier Typist, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 3, Usher, Graduation, 33 Decorating Committee, Graduation, 3, Badminton Club, 4, Chair- man Refreshment Committee, Carnival, 4, Class Gift Committee, 4, Basketball, 2. Her clothes are like a fashion plateg Neat and trim and smart, Her hair will stay where it belongs, But we can't see her heart. C-A ' 58 Aff: A.. THE PHILOMHTH MARIO LoUIs TREVELONI QTrevj Italian Club, 2-4, Pres., 4, Construction Committee, Carnival, 4, Intramural Basketball, 4. That slick-haired lad, Who never gets mad. Louis PHILIP TROTTIER Airplane Club, 2-3, Home Room Director, 5, Re- freshment Committee, Jr. Prom, 31 Christmas Boxes, 4. Louis works on wireless just as much as he may, For Louis knows he will be A great success some day. GRACE HAZEL TRYON Travel Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Sub-Deb Club, Chairman Program Committee, 4. A girl to be admired- Of work she's never tired, And where it comes to "Eddie"- Grace is always ready. EDITH A. TULLIO Sub-Deb Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Italian Club, 4. Florence and Edithathe perfect combination. BARBARA ANN TWOMEY Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Dramatic Club, 2, Usher, Graduation, 3. Barbie's learning how to drive, She hit a tree, but she's still alive. GLADYS ALEXINE TURNER Dramatic Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Christ- mas Boxes, 2-4, Usher, jr. Prom, 3, Typist Student Publications, 2-3-4, Publicity, jr. Prom, 3, Chemistry Club, Sec., 4, Refreshment Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Carnival, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Highest Scholastic Honors. Looks kind, doesn't she? Don't tell anyone, but she captures helpless butterflies and preserves them. GEORGE HERBERT TYNES, JR. fP1'0f6J'.f0l', Christmas Boxes, 2, Dramatic Club, 33 Parliamen- tary Law, 4. All day George is engrossed in his dreams Of how to make better soy beans. ALICE MARY URBAN fBli1zj Basketball, 2, Smdenl Crier Board, 2, Usher, Jr. Prom, 3, Sludenl Crier Staff, 4, Italian Club, 4, Christ- mas Boxes, 2-3-4. When Blitz goes roller skating She feels so very gay, But after a few tumbles That feeling flies away. THE PHILOMHTH DANTE VALENTINI Football, 4. One of the chief trappers from the wilderness of Sherborn. ANNA URSULA VELLA Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Sludenf Crier Typist, 3, Dramatic Club, 3, Library Service Club, 4, Badmin- ton Club, 4. Anna was never shy, And that is why We had so much fun with her, In Framingham High. JANE SHAW VIALL Dramatic Club, 2-3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2, Music Concert, 4. Janie with her silver voice Does make the echoes ring. The angels in heaven give rapt attention When jane begins to sing. NORMAN EDWARD Voor fbnomzyj Chemistry Club, 3-4, Boys' Gym Club, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 3, Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4. A quiet sort of boy- Use your imagination- Does he strive with mind and books, To get an education? PHYLLIS W. WALSH fPbil, Kzzoblyj Christmas Boxes, 4, Basketball, 4, Senior-junior Athletic Committee, 4. From down South came Phil one clay, And Bill and Don say she's here to stay. RICHARD J. WALSH Student Council, 2, Marshal, 2-3-4, Hockey, 2-3-4, Capt., 4, Track, 4, Christmas Boxes, 3-4, Intramural Basketball, 4, Assistant Technician, Senior Play, 4. Handsome Dick of high fame! Hockey is his middle name. CONSTANCE ADELINE WARD Lost and Found Committee, 3, Tennis, 3, Flower Committee Graduation, 4, Marshal, 4, Girls' College Club, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, Field Hockey, 4, Carnival, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Banquet Social Com- mittee, 4, Picture Committee, 4, lune Pbilomatb, 4, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 4. Connie had a marshal post, She went to it every day, She never missed a single time, For that is Connie's way. JAM ES PATRICK WARD Student Council, 2-3-4, Pres., 4, Marshal, 2-4, Public Speaking Club, 2-3-4, Class President, 2-3, Sfudent Crier Staff, 3-4, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 33 Patrol Committee, jr. Prom, 2, Intramural Basketball, 4, Golf, 4, Dance Club, 2-3-4, Music Committee, 4, Delegate to Student Council Conven- tions, 3-4, General Committee, Carnival, 4, Vox Pop Booth, Carnival, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, Chairman Census Drive, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, President, Eastern Division of Student Councils of Massachusetts, 4, District Manager, Ad- vertising Staff, School Publications, 3-4, Christmas Boxes, 2-3-4, Graduation Decorating Committee, 2, Auction, 3, Chairman, Entertainment Committee, Spring Dance, 3, Senior Elections Chairman, 3, Hand- book Committee, 3, Honor Tenth, Honors for Out- standing Leadership and Service. Who says "you can't have everything?" Take jim for instance. . . THE PHILOMHTH ELIZABETH HAZELTON WEBB fBe11yJ Betty is a noisy gal, She loves to talk, she loves to eat. But you'l1 never find a pal, Half as good or half as sweet. JANET WATERS QRedJ Girls' College Club, 2-3-4, Sec., 2, Student Council, 33 Patrol Committee, Football Dance and Spring Dance, 3, Chairman Lost and Found Committee, 5, Chairman Flower Committee, Graduation, 3, Chair- man Refreshment Committee, Spring Dance, 31 Usher, Jr. Prom. 53 Marshal, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Carnival, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Banquet Program Committee, 4. Janet is a friend to everyone, And she's always full of fun. BARBARA MARY WELCH Dramatic Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2, Hobby Club, 33 Girls' College Club, 4, Candy Girl, Senior Play, 4, Lost and Found, 3, Field Hockey, 2-3. Pleasant to all- Although she's small, We all fall For Barbara. JAMES H. WELCH, JR. Jim Welch never seems to tire Of talking day nor night, When he's in 338 He chars with all his might. HARRY E. WELTON Track, 3-4. Harry is on the track team, A miler with plenty of steam. Every time he runs a race, He finishes, though not first place. MARJORIE IRENE WHEET Ulla:-gej Ping-Pong Club, 4. Marge is cute, she's also serene, She's what they call a Saxonville dream. HELEN GERTRUDE WHITEHOUSE Smderzl Crier Typist, 4, Sub-Deb Club, 4. Helen and Win, the ideal pair, And for each other they do care. JOHN JOSEPH WHITE fll7laizzei-J Football Mgr., 3, Marshal, 3-4, Patrol Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 3, Intramural Basketball, 4. Assistant Mayor of Framingham. THE PHILOMHTH GRACE LEVERN WHITMAN Soph-jr. Dramatic Club, 3-4, Basketball, 4, Public Speaking Club, 4, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 4, Quiz Contest, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Patrol Com- mittee, Prom, 3. Levern may be present bodily with the Class of '41, but her heart belongs to '42, SYLVIA WHITMAN Sub-Deb Club, 4. F. H. S.'s answer to "Who Is Sylvia?" SHELDON CHANEY WHITTEMORE QWIMQ Baseball, 2-4, Current Events Club, 3, Chairman Electrical Committee, Carnival, 4, Flying Club, 2-4, Graduation Decorating Committee, 3, Intramural Bas-- ketball, 4, Honor Tenth. The electrical wizard of F. H. S. CORINNE CHARLOTTE WILBUR College Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Hobby Club, Sec., 3, Ticket Committee, Football Dance, 3, Philomalh, 3-4, Usher, Graduation, 3, Marshal, 4, Sub-Deb, Sec., 4, Decorating Committee, Senior-Soph. Dance, 4, Decorating Committee, Football Dance, 4, Christmas Boxes, 2-4, Prom Decorating Committee, 3. She is sweet and fair This modern blonde. George Bliss is the one Of whom she is fond. RUTH ANN WILLARD Camera Club, 2, Field Hockey, 2, Basketball, 3-4, Sub-Deb Club, 3, Patrol Committee, Football Dance, 3, Student Crier Typist, 4, Italian Club, Sec., 4, Hospi- tality Committee, 4, Usher Senior-Soph Dance, 4, Patrol Com., Football Dance, 4, Class Gift Commit- tee, 4. Many a friend is captured By Ruthie's cheery smile. And everything that she does, Is certainly worth while. HELEN FRANCES WINCH QHo1zeyj Dance Club, 2-4, Hobby Club, 2, Christmas Boxes, 2-4, Sub-Deb Club, 4. Helen has that certain thing That makes you want to sing and swing. JANE D. WINTERS Handbook Committee, 3, Lost and Found Commit- tee, 3, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Football Dance Committee, 4, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 4. The only girl in Miss Hall's Hrst period English class who did all of her homework all of the time. FRANK P. Wooo Granby, Woodyj Track, 4. Woody is a favorite, wherever he goes, He always makes friends, never foes. +A- THE PHILOMHTH WILLIAM A. WOOD fBillj Polite and friendly, Kind and true, That is Mr. Woods, Bill to you. KATHLEEN L. WOODWORTH Sludent Crier Board, 2, Dramatic Club, 5-4, Usher, Graduation, 3, Dance Club, 4. "Oh, johnny," Kitty always did sing, So on her linger he placed a ring. VALERIE REID YEATON Dramatic Club, 2. Into the sea of marriage, From out the bay of bliss, Go sailing smoothly along Fred and this charming miss. ETI-IEL PRISCILLA WOODWORTII QP:-irj College Club, 2, Sub-Deb Club, 4. Pris is cute, Pris is sweet, As a friend Pris can't be beat. BERKELEY I. YOUNG Boosters' Club, 3, Decorating Committee, jr. Prom, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Berkeley as an artist Is full of pride and joy, She also feels the same way About a certain handsome boy. ALICE EVA YOUNG Basketball, 3-4, Hobby Club, 3, Pbilormzlb and Slu- dent Crier Staff, 4, Badminton Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4, Honor Tenth. Alice knows all the answers, She's never stuck for one, Besides all this, she's mighty nice, And heaps and heaps of fun. MARY ELIZABETH YOUNG Studenl Crier Board, 2-5, Ping-Pong Club, 2, Home Room Director, 2, Decorating Committee, 2, Marshal, 3-4, Sub-Deb Club, Pres., 3, Chairman Decorating Committee, Graduation, 3, Boosters' Club, 3, Spring Dance Entertainment Committee, 3, Red Cross Drive, 3, Student Council, 4, Senior Play, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Student Association Drive, 4, Senior Picture Com- mittee, 4, Chairman Favor Stand Carnival, 4, Chair- man Entertainment Committee, Football Dance, 4, june Philonmih, 4, Prompter, Senior Play, 4, Toast, Class Banquet, 4, Student Council, 3-4, Marshal, 3-4, Dance Club, 2-3-4, Chairman, 3, Christmas Boxes, 2-5-4, Quiz Team, 4. Mary is pretty, Mary is cute, She has plenty of boy friends, And personality to suit. DORA E. ZANELLA Italian Club, 2-4, Chemistry Club, 3, Christmas Boxes, 4. Wlien Dora rolls those big brown eyes And pirouettes at drill, lt isn't for the girls she struts, But just for her own Bill. THE PHILOMHTH ANTHONY JOSEPH ZICKELLA fZekej Airplane Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, Intramural Bas- ketball, 4. Tony tries bowling, Tony tries baking, We wish him success In his love making. VIOLA MAY ZINCK Ufiy Student Crier Board, 2, Girls' College Club, 23 Decorating Committee, Graduation, 3, Christmas Boxes, 3, Sub-Deb Club, 43 Decorating Committee, Senior-Sophomore Dance, 43 Properties Committee, Senior Play, 4. V-for Vim I-for Industry O-for Obedience L-for Loyalty A-for Ambition This is our Viola. EMMA A. ZONAK Basketball, 2-3, Sludenz Crier Board 2, Boosters' Club, 33 Italian Club, 4, Christmas Boxes, 4. Teresa Maschi's right-hand girl. PAUL BIRD Gym Club, 2-3-4, Model Planes Club, 3, Christmas Box Committee, 4. Paul has gone to Hawaii- He said to learn how to Hy, But most of the time, we strongly suspect, He-'ll not be found in the sky. In Memoriam ROBERT JOSEPH KIMBALL November 21, 1923 December 20, 1940 35--V .,.,x P ' 1,3 5 .1 ..ti - P ,QA THE PHILOMHTH gk ---- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- 1 '7 Senicvz. rqwafuh gf GIRLS BoYs Class Benefactor . Teresa Maschi James Ward Best Athlete . . Harriet Blandin Theodore Hawkins Most Popular . . Teresa Maschi James Ward Most Friendly . Irene Buianowski Charles Alexander Neatest . . Louise Tosti William Colonna Quietest . Fxffgnlidiaiggnl Chester Hughes Best Dancer . Irene Buianowski John Mangini Faculty Joy . Audrey Hofmann Chester Hughes Biggest Eater . . Eileen Otenti Francis Barley Most Optimistic . Teresa Maschi Charles Alexander . . . lVirginia Gahm iHugh Hunter Most Pesslmlstlc ' lMargareta Peterson 1Jerome Ryan Jolliest . . Irene Buianowski Joseph Ferro Most Serious . . Hazel Eaton Chester Hughes Best Looking . . Wittiest . . Smartest . Best Actress . Best Actor . . Biggest Talker . Biggest Gum Chewer . . Most Sophisticated Sweetest . . . Best Dressed . . Most Likely to Succeed . Most Pleasing Personality Most Industrious . Best Speaker . . Class Artist . Most Domestic . Pauline Rocheford Gloria Gorman Audrey Hofmann Pauline Rocheford Gloria Gorman Rita Collins Mary Young Virginia Galvani Louise Tosti Teresa Maschi Irene Buianowski Hazel Eaton Marguerite Taylor Jane Winters Nancy Gavin Richard Karb Donald Kinsman James Ward James Geehan Jerome Ryan Joseph Ferro S Richard Karb 2 Boyd MacKinnon Robert Clinton Irwin Dershowitz James Ward Charles Alexander James Ward Jerome Ryan Severino Grandoni Arthur Perham Tallest . . . Florence Hedberg Richard Saulnier Shortest . . . Josephine Bengiovanni William Wood THE PHILOMHTH -P-1165 T34 -v-lv--' -i-im Il Left to right-First Row: D. Merloni, D. Sullivan, J. Empey, B. York, E. Ferazzi, B. Cirioni, F. Chiudioni, E. Fiorio, C. Sage, A. Napolitano, F. Zanella. Second Row: B. Montenegro, D. Valentini, W. Bowen, J. Salak, E. Schell, C. Adams, J. Gormley, J. Ferro, B. Jackson, J. Halpin, G. Bartoli. Third Row: R. Clinton, R. Wallace, M. Sannicandro, B. Boynton, R. Lawson, J. J. Mahoney, D. Bell, A. Belloli, E. Ferrari. Fourth Row: M. Piccerillo, C. Davis, E. Sibson, W. Ryan, F. Meade, G. Mooney, A. Moleronek. Fifth Row: J. Clopeck, Mgr., J. Mangini, D. Wiggin, J. King, F. Carini, I. Rocheford, A. Lowery, P. Bird C. Mitchell. Sixth Row: Mr. Magoon. L. Geoghegan, Coaches Brooks, Lawson, Daniels, Mr. Hayes. v 'UN..,f4, F. Kimball, T. Hawkins, R. Clinton, R. Fair, R. Jackson, D. Kinsman, J. Gormley, C. Adams, J. Halpin, A. Piccerello, A. Ferrari, E. Belbusti, T. George, R. Saulnier, S. Whittemore, H. Morris, D. Wiggin, R. Yeaton, C. Gardner, L. Markowski, J. St. Andre, F. Carini, Coach Lawson, Coach Daniels, Mr. Hayes. 554. THE PHILOMHTH Left to Right. First Row: K. Giacomuzzi. E. G. Parker, D. Murphy, F. McCann, R. Furbush, E. Sibson. B. Montenegro. Second Row: R. Whittemore, J. Yurewicz. M. Ablondi, J. Hannagan, F. Woods, R. Lee. E. Fiorio, D. Bell. Third Row: S. Piso, R. Sullivan. Coaches Brooks and Lawson, E. Fletcher, J. Clopeck. A J i- Q is ,W A- :Ji 'lf' f 1 ,i J Rza' '. Q fi: 5' , ' A Jw Qu . ' ' g . . ' H V fy A fe .u I ftifnx '51 M 4, ., ' of . 'pvgp iff 't 2 x .S I' x ,X ' V5 ll :V N12-5, ' . 1 ,. J- J 1 . Front Row, Left to Right: Betty Savage, Shirley Foster, Louise Vialle, Ann Walsh, Joan Balch, Jean Harper. Back Row, Left to Right: Audrey Hofmann, Manager, Diantha Seaman, Nancy Wood- ward, Lena Belloli, Janice Woodward, Jean Anthony, Miss Thelma Stiles. D. Sullivan, F. Kimball, C. Sage, R. Walsh. R. Clinton. C. Mitchell, Mr. Magoon, HF Cun- ningham. M. Boynton. H. Leach, R. Jackson. C. Adams. R. Lawson. W. Wallis, A. Scribner, R. Senecal, J. Mangini, E. G. Parker, J. McKenzie. E. Guardiani, S. Greeley. G. Robertson, M. Shephard, J. Clopuck, M. Brenner, E. Brandolini, G. Twombly, P. Brodeur, R. Yeaton, R, Avery, D. Flood. THE PHILOMHTH Kneeling, Left to Right: J, Mangini, J. Liberatore, V. D'Angelo. Standing, Left to Right: F. Pew, T. Ward, J. Luby, Manager, R. Chandler, Captain I. Dershowitz, Coach Riordan. JVL.. A Front Row: S. Viall, C. Bracken, J. Shaughnessy, S. Greeley, H. Perlmutter, F. Cam- pion, M. Waldron. . Back Row: Mr. Lundberg, R, Tepfer, J. Antul, R. Lawson, R. Karb, W. Wallis, J. Dunn, A. Fronda. Left to Right, First Row: M. Milligan, R. Maplebeck, M. McLaughlin, R. Collins, M. Tobin, A. Callahan, June Lynch, Joan Lynch, P. Walsh. Second Row: Mr. Magoon, M. Peck, I. Ayoob, J. Woodward, D. Hart, P. Duffy, Capt., E. Falconi, B. Alspaugh, S. Mason, L. Leveille, Miss Stiles. U - L Third Row: A. Hofmann, Mgr., V. Fair, Ass't Mgr., J. Donnelly, R. Pepi, D. Chiappim, M. Genesio, V. Montenari, P. Abbott, E. Guerra, V. Boyle, V. Gahm, Mgr. 68 le'- THE PHILOMHTH F. Chiudioni, T. Hawkins, E. Schell, D. Kinsman, E. Ferazzi, J. Gormley, D. Langley, Mr. Magoon, N. Hart- nett, E. Fiorio, J. Halpin. D. Saulnier, J. Fedolfi, R. Chandler, J. Salak, K. Giacomuzzi. S. Toczydlawski, Coach Daniels, W. Montgomery. D. Guernieri, R. Whittemore, T. George, G. York, J. McManus, W. Ryan, B. Wenzell, J. Dalton, D. Tomb, C. Hickson, D. Wiggin. Class History QContinued from page 75 glider. On May 9 in Nevins Hall, the or- chestra, band, and boys, and girls, glee clubs gave a combined concert, with Mr. Thompson conducting. There was an excellent attendance at the affair, the first of its kind ever attempted by the school. On the following Friday, the whole stu- dent body produced a most successful Carnival. The success of this great under- taking was due, in no small part, to the fine advertising of the Boosters' Club. All through the year, we enjoyed the benefits of the public-address system realized as a result of the class gifts of '38 and ,4O, and a contribution of the school department. President Gray of Bates paid us a visit in the early spring, to present to the school a cup won by three of the members of last year's graduating class. Joan Clopeck, Dorothy Yates and Elaine Bush had con- tinued their highest scholastic accomplish- ments at Bates. We as a class have been more or less of a windy venture, in with the hurricane and out with the draft. The rush of graduation activities finds us at this our Class Night. If we can remember the words of Presi- dent Gray, and if we practice the lesson they teach, we cannot help being a credit to our school, our teachers, our parents, and our country. President Gray said: "The best way in which we can aid the Government in this national emergency is by doing the ordinary, humdrum, and often uninteresting duties of life, daily, and with as little complaint as possible." james Luby, ,41. THE PHILOMHTH B9 Class Song Words by Audrey Hofmann Music by Janet Waters But we'll always remember youg we've made Lessons we've learned and the friends K While under the white and blue. 3 Now we are leaving to go into life, C All our good times we'll remember, And the ideals we learned, toog so, To be worthy of Framingham High Our best we will always do. A u'ro g ra p h s ' . x 312512 S-15534512814 ,314 , Lel' us co-operale for beHer business Flowers are Necessary . . . . phone 3533 for BUTTERWORTH CLINTON AND CONCORD STREETS QUALITY - SERVICE - PRICE Bonded member of F.T.D.A. ,I ,r"3'fv5' ., '?' 4 ' ?"' i " ' 5? . Q a X, PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 7051-M THE PHILOMHTH QI 3' 4 gi, rn 21 1, -4 4 I-A H1 Ui 1: 3 O 2 Z E -I 2 2' C 3 2 W if 2 m 2- 2 O 2 2 o Z Z E Z -4 " ve N25 Q5 5 "Every'rI1Ing for+I1e Home" 5 Al L 51212559 EZLTSIZFRS CARROLL'S T FRAMINGHAM'S DISTINCTIVE CQSMETIC 5HQp HEMENWAY BUILDING 512 11215114132 Paul B. LeBaron, D.Iv1.D. . Gif+s by FRAMING-HAM, MASS. SP? Rubinslein, Lenfheric, Lelong, Tel. 5,04 574757211 Elizabefh Arden and many 533232995512 more popular lines QM 5 fe T2'i1?Z?13'?LTP9Z8Z2??23Il8f295I 5 Peerless Dye House CLEANSERS AND DYERS Worlr Called for and Delivered Complimenis of C CQSH1'5flf?+l'3fZ9fl"7lsI1lYFl'S1?3'PJbU2Y?T5 E Z? V . A I " ' CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MARINOFSKY THE TAILOR I 78 HOLLIS STREET BUILDING QXRXPTQQQKEFQS XT-2 'H O Z P 'E A qv 'E ? r . P S r- 7: 9. 5 m O T rn J' Z ,., ,. Di Y ik ORDER I I 945 +1 R?-3912534 I SUNSHINE DAIRY PRODUCTS , 157255. 5 f?ff5jCAj 374721-' T 9,131 271 Zf,i'i'g1T'11 22137-371ZY1'f76f??Z5 TYIYCL 1F531TL7f1?'2iTf'If2iIUIf!'?QI?3ZfA''H33'1'?! 'fTQV1'1TC'75IFQIRZIUESIIBYZZEI-l1Ifi2If2IF3ZUZ2IQ53gf4 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH --4-QI71 ,fffizfxfl fv:2I1e,rf.,1a:j5f:mfagf2 CompIimen'rs of Hue PERLMUTTER BROS. 5 CLASSES OF 1 jg FIRST IN CLOTHES w '42 and '43 OF VALUE XI I C I' I I gr Complimenfs of omp 'men S O CALDWELL'S STGRE CLD RED HOUSE 4' FRAMING-HAM CENTRE D' I 34II ,, sono WORCESTER ROAD I' Y ' CompIimen+s of +I-me Complimenfs of I'I1e . SPAULDING , ABNER WHEELER 5 GROCERY NON VENUE Complimenfs of THE FRAMINGHAM MASTER SERVICE S 'Q '5 3 Vo - Y . Y 32 O J l a 3 STATION INC I ' gl ' 1 'v' ' h i 4 1 ' fb ' ' ' 'N' vw PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 722e:-- THE PHILOMHTH 9 CD9 O 00090 0 at 9 900 0 0905 O O 09 9 9 O 9090909 9 O O90 O0 O9 909000 00000 E'3E'4"4' 4 W" fc ' P' We , 'ov P' P aw ww' 4 'J aw? :WM 04' .aflhv VP'lg4':'lVG'lb'4 .'JB'h'l94 .'4s'4z'm'k'4z' P Q 'A' Cv! 5 Q 9 . J. ' Q O . 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O E' :S . .Q .5 v 0: . 42 ZS .g. .,. gr or . . . . . . 33 O . . .S F . . . . . . . . . . . . .,.,.,.,., .,.,., , ,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,iq 4 e,.?..3:,-,az ,,3:,3!,3:,?p,7p,3539.3p,3p,3r,3:,:.:,,r,:r,, v,, .35 r,,v,,0,,r,fr,,lq qgqvqqa v.g4gg4gg43gag,4y.4g oy ay Qing 1 , 1 .5 V 4,1 q of 45 4, - of .5 45 .g,45,.g,q..g.45,.5, PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE PHILOMHTH "r+??I73 1-, 1 1,1 W Ji r -. Fic ,rv V, 525 '1 ,JI ,fn 3, 'cf -A 7s A 9 YR .Il 1,- fi C4 I "E Z4 yi ,ji 1 fm g8 Qi5i dQf2i MHMli3h9Eih4ki'Mi's'?lu?4i?1c'ifILiifiilfi' "IQ "" T' Q BURDETT f if COLLEGE A ere THE TRAINING MEETS THE NEEDS or THE TIME ii I 2 Ar My I'm.1fnecL'afe zlemanal fi 53 One- and two-year courses. Well- Ar Me fnfufe Opporimnlfy Eg qualified faculty. Extra-curricula Qi activities. Day and Evening classes. " if Previous commercial training not re- 1 f quired. Courses meet the needs of ' ?-EL ff business and government. Calls Q for graduates exceed the supply. Catalogue contains full information. ' f BUSINESS TRAINING SINCE I879 if gi. BIIRIJETT CULLEGE Telephone HANcock 6300 I il. a va 2 WI'III'e Hardware Co. ff! Sa 25 9 HARDWARE - PAINT - OIL 5' 5 m I L R S VARNISH if Imarl Women? Wear .-.E .gg f 55 gg I4I CONCORD ST., FRAMINC-I-IAM, MASS. Asenfsfov 5 BAY STATE PAINTING PRODUCTS ii . Woodworking Machines and Supplies tv Leverone Coal Co. SEAVER BROS, 2 COAL, CEMENT AND BUILDERS' - FLORISTS - , gf SUPPLIES gi HOWARD STREET, FRAMINGHAM 673 CONCORD STREET if Authorized Dealer for FRAMINGHAM- MASS' ELECTRIC FURNACE-MAN STCKER Te'-8223 Tel. 3033 Flowers for AII Occasions 35 y. if MM PATHONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS .'4i'7i'fS'r"7 ':'97?3'3 7'Z'olE'4i'oi'79 'P?4Pf'a':'4 x 2 Q . gl v . v v E nv 4 4 3 v 0 v 4 .o v Q Q V . V I lf Y Q g. 'I l S if 2 sv. - 0. ,V ,V n .V Q v 5 s Q Q" x o'v :Vu 0'- 4 f . THE PHILOMHTH 3 , 'a6'46wI'ai'aiMZ' m ' Ji' va i'7i'7iuE'7i'4i' i .N - it I , : 'sz ,4 : -.,-4:5.-,- -. 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"TI1ere is no subsiifufe for a savings M accouni' In a MuI'uaI Savings Bank" S' .Vo Q 0 1 Ju Q Ju . 8- K- 5. .. 8. QV. 9 l'. 'Q it 'v Q Q ,v' 4 V as 4 4. 'r Q vo J 4' 'O '0 4 vv 5. ,v 'Q Q' 'o .v 'v ,v 'o ,v 'Q .V J qv fo k. 4 . Q 3. 3' fWZVMK'3'KWP3MMZi'4X . . ,- 2SB' "3" "'- "f' "3"- - PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS - e-ev-L e- ue' -' - W Q' Y 0. ll I Q. 5' 3' S. 52 4:0 if VICTORY BEAUTY f' I ' I T Fuel and Range Oils - Kerosene 1 3. 5' 15' 52 x as lo S. 40 ' I THE PHILOMHTH 1-viI'75 .ew r . ..-Q-+. .-..-w . Q. -' . . RZ E4 if ff BROCKELMAN'S MARKET FRAMINGHAMS COMPLETE FOOD STORE Complnmenls of 46 :Rvws soumzc Over Kay s Jewelry Sfore Spam, Ram FUNERAL SERVICE CENTRE COAL ALL RAIL ANTHRACITE and SAXONVILLE MASS Agenfs for The WILLIAMS OIL-O-MATIC ROXBURY RUGS AND CARPETS Tel 7576 - Office and Yards: Phone Framingham 3846 I095 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Complumenfs of Frammgham s Largesi' Depar+men+ S+ore ALLEN S .. 3'?i'?!'?!'?!'?!'?' ' "f' ' "?"?" ? 'fZ'2"'?!'?"?5'r!" 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Suggestions in the Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 1


Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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