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'Ts i v A 1 -Q is x g. - 3' N. - ' r .f 4 51 1 A I . x f I Y zs', -1 4. I Q E 9 2 A E 2 E 5 3 as B z E 1 s E E 2 3 5 s E E ---fr V nf - The Class of 1950 of the Fountain City High School presents The Spirit of '50 1 September November December January February March April May CALENDAR OF EVENTS 6 50 5,4 4 8 24,25 15 21 5 18 15 14 22-25 17 22 6 ll 15 21 26 Beginning of School. Freshman Initiation Party. Teacher's Convention. End of First Quarter. Maeon's Circus Lecture Course. Thanksgiving Vacation. Polomene Potters Lecture Course Beginning of Christmas Vacation End of Christmas Vacation. End of First Semester. Mary Barry Lecture Course. F.H.A. Valentine Party. Whitehall District Basketball Tournament. Freshman St. Patrick Day Party. End of Third Quarter. Start of Easter Vacation. End of Easter Vacation. Junior-Senior Pr m. Lilliput Review Lecture Course. End of School Year. 2 h Q i iyTC??E5 5 QQ 3 I X K EELWZXQZJ WWW wx 42 6 Q 19 .F,.,.,,:,..,,.,le-w,w- H, ,ll , H L DEDICATION We, the seniors or 1950, ded1cate this annual to our social problems and geometry teacher, Mr. Joseph J. Biersteker. He is also the instructor for algebra and chemistry. This is Mr. Bierstekers first year at Fount- ain City High School. He has also instructed the girls in basketball, kittenball, and bowling. In addition he is the supervisor of the boys' bowling and intramural basketball. 4 Q F2 Q Eb S 53 X em 52 db 36 Z S4 J by x ll A ,Y,..,- ,A Y .Y,,,,--W.- T-v-n..Y..l f,-..vH, -,---nv.. F--. -F env -H -,,-Y A -4 U vw' 3 xi . H 5r'- swap g'2a -. 4F:EM?sW2 -... .. it , - jqtlftbl ?e4's-551 .sw lj. ' ' , Q. fn 1 V , M, ,fiiw " - 'f . 59' ' f i' A :f,.,g ., 4'g's: -- . 31 f . -fer - "1-A i-.udfii li M91 WARREN BECHLY 'Chicken' Student Council lg Presi- dent 55 Baseball 1,25 Bas- ketbsll 1,2,r5: Bomline 4: -se nses -ffswve tres Hmm DELBERT GROSSELL 'Gus' Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 23 Band 1,2,3,4: Sec. Treasurer lg Student Nggs Staff 4g Aunt Cathie's Council 23 Bowling 43 gat 4 Fresh Air 25 Aunt Csthie's - Cat'4: Boys State 3 WYNELI DUELLMAN 'Nellie' RUTH HAEUSER nguthien Girls sports l,2,3,4: Bowling 5,4, Chorus l,2,5: News Staff 1,2,5g Librarian l,2,5g Student Council 53 Marianne 23 Aunt Cath1s's wt4gF3A.4 Girls sports l,2,3,4: Forensics 1. News Staff l,2,5g Zibrsrisn 1,2,33 Chorus l,2,3: Cheerleader 2,5: Student Council 2: Marianne 2: Vice President 4:'The Whole Truth 3: Aunt Cath1e's Cat 4: F.H.A. 4 LYLE HANEY 'Plug' PAUL KAFER 'Psulie' Band l,2,3,4: News Staff Transferred from Littleport, 3,43 Editor-in-Chief 45 Ions: Ness Stat! 4: Bowling 4: Bowling 5.4: President 2: Librarian gg Aunt Cath1e's can Student Council 33 Fresh 41 President 4: Forensics 4 Air 2: Aunt Cathie's Cat 4 CELIA HENTGES 'Citz' Band 1,2,3,4g Girls sports l,2,3,4g Bowling l,8,5,4g Pres. Girls' Bowling League 43 Librarian 2,5,4: Student Council 43 Forensics l,2,3g Nets Staff l,2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3: Marianne 2: Fresh'Air 2: Aunt Cathie's Cat 45 F.H.A. 4 3 Salutatorian 8 X , ,.,.,,,, ,-.,.- . Y. Q EVELYN KARROW 'EPP1e' Forensics 2,3,43 CUOTUB 1,2,55 Bowling 1,235.43 Sec. Treasurer of Girls Bowling League 43 Girls sports 1,25 Fresh Air 2 The Whole Truth 5: Meri WALTER MADES 'Wally' Basketball 2,35 Bese- ball 2,55 Vice President ' '25 lhrisnne 25 Bend 2,5,4 anne 25 News Start l,2,55 Librarian 1,2,5,4S F-3- 45 Aunt Cathie's Cat 1 A. D.A.R. award 45 Scholar- ship 45 Valedictorian Chorus 2,35 Au t Csthie's Cat 4 BETTY JEAN KUJAK 'Lizzie' NEWTQN HATHIS nniutien ,Girls sports Beeketbsu 1,2 a,4, Bs HQ'-line 1.2.5.-1: News Start 111811 1,2 a,4, in-enum: 1, 1n2n5s4? Libririen 2.53 350108 'Student bbunoil 4, Band 1 19213: Band 19213943 Chee? cHth1Q.B cat 4 leader l,2,5,45 Student Council Ba3ketLu11 gaptain 4 15 Sec. Treasurer 15 Marianne 2 Aunt Cath1e's Cat 45 F.H.A. 4 mmm. smmc 'mark' mvxn zntmm Dave Baseball 1,2,3,-43 Basketball 1.P.'5.4. Basnng 5,45 Sec. lfesebgil 1f,P.5i3. fluid . g- gergmnggrcgi aunt ' ROBERT SING, 'Humor' seo: Trggsuxi- 4?nBm1ing Baseball Captain 4 Aunt cum' 5 Cat 4 SLNBVNB Staff 2.14. Th! Whole Truth 5, Aunt Cath1e's Cat 4 CLASS HISTORY In September of 1946, 15 students began their high school education. They were Betty Jean Kujak, Wynell Duellman, Muriel Buchholz,Celia Hentges, Ila Ebert, Evelyn Karrow, Ruth Haeuser, David Zeller, Galen Tullius, Robert S1ng,Nswton Uath1s,Marcel Semling, Delbert Grossell, Lyle Haney, and Warren Bechly. Mr. Rosenow guided us through the year as our class adviser. The otficers for the year were President, Newton Mathis, Vice President, David Zeller,Secretary-Treasurer,Delbert Grossell,StudentCouncil Representatives, Betty Jean Kujak and Warren Bechly. Teachers for the year were Miss Parker, English, Mr. Klein, citizenship and business training, and lr. Rosenow, general science. After summer vacation we toundthat Ile Ebert andGalen Tullius had lert us. Helen Duellman and Walter Medea Joined us. Soon the sophomore class election was held. The President was Lyle Haney, Vice President, Walter Hades,Secretary-Treasurer,Betty Jean Kujak, and Student Council Representa- tives, Ruth Hseuser and Delbert Grossell. Mr. Klein was our class adviser. The sophomores sponsored the initiation party at the beginning of the year. Our teachers this year were Hiss Parker, English, Mr. Rosenow, biology, Mr. Klein, typing, Mrs. Richtman, algebra and world history. In our Junior year Muriel Buchholz and Helen Duellman left us. This left an enrollment or only 15. Warren Bechly was elected President and Prom King, Robert Sing, Vice President, Marcel Semling, Secretary-Treasurer, and Wynell Duellman and Lyle Heney,Student Council Representatives. Mrs. Richt- man was our class adviser. Our teachers for the year were Mrs. Sherman,Eng- lish and American historyglr. Rosenow,chemistry,Hr. Klein, bookkeeping. The Junior-Senior Prom was a success. The themesong was 'The Stars Will Remem- ber'. 4 In our senior year Paul Kafer Joined us. A course 1D shop and home econ mics was added to the other courses. Paul Kater was elected President, Ruth Haeuser, Vice Presidentgbavid Zeller, Secretary-Treasurer, and Student Council Representatives, Celia H sntges andNewton Mathis. Our teachers were lr. Tekle, Irs. Kirchner, and lr. Clayton, English, Nr. Klein, shorthand, lr. Rosenow, German: lr. Martin, shop,lrs. Hendrickson, home economics, and Mr. Biersteker, geometry and social problems. Mr. Clayton was our class ad- viser. We chose blue and white as our class colors, the white carnation as our class flower and our class motto was 'Find a lay or Make 0ne'. At this time we would like to thank all those who made our high school education possible. lay we also hope that all those following us will use their four years at Fountain City High School to the greatest extent possi- 1 0 . Dave wills his daily drugstore stops Eppie wills her ability to stay home Betty Jean wills CLASS WILL to Mr. Biersteker. nights to Jo Ann R. her temper to Sarah. Lyle wills his nickname to Ronald B. Marcel wills his interests in baseball to Gerald F. Eppie wills her interest in orchestra players to La Vonne T. Warren wills his picture of Mary Lou to David W. Delbert wills his curly hair to anyone with straight hair. The social problems class will their ability to argue to the juniors. Citz wills her tall, thin figure to Sarah. The senior boys will their driving ability to 'Tossum'. Lyle wills his big shoes to Mr. Rosenow. Nellie wills her Newton wills his Paul Kafer wills Newton and Betty Margaret Witmer. The seniors will glasses to Jo Ann Richtman. whiskers to Mr. Rosenow. his bowling ability to Roy Bork. Jean will their fighting ability to Ferol Hedberg and their trips to Bohri's Valley to Mr. Clayton. ,Robert Sing wills his hearty laugh to Arlen Schmidt. Marcel wills his Ruthie wills her The senior girls ability to stay under 25 M.P.H. when driving to Edward H. job at the Cafe to Alice Bork. will their cooking and sewing abilities to all those who will be taking home economics next year. Nellie wills her dark hair to Lorene Lash. Dave wills his interests in Winona to Red F. Lyle wills his car to anyone who can drive it. The seniors will their ability to build dream houses to Mr. Biersteker. Citz wills her glasses to Gerry Miller. wally wills his musical ability to Orville G. Marcel wills his interests in Whitehall to the basketball boys. The senior boys will their interests in the girls to the freshmen. Ruthie wills her The seniors will smile to Mr. Klein. their good conduct to the Juniors. Delbert wills his chair in the band to Leon Moor. Zeller wills his Marcel wills his Semling. The seniors will Betty Jean wills Warren wills his nickname to Mr. Rosenow. ability to get along with double-crossing women to Gerald their ability to learn something to the sophomores. her cheerleading ability to Lois Grass. neatness to Chuck Semlings Celia wills her Job at Wally's to whoever is lucky enough to get it. Betty Jean wills her flirting ability to Jane Duellman. Delbert wills his ability to stay in his seat to Mary Jane Condon. The seniors will Newton wills his Zeller wills his ball team. Newton wills his Warren wills his their main room attitude to the freshmen. heinie hair out to Jim G. ability to miss valuable free shots to next years basket- interest in basketball to Gerald Falls. curly hair to Gerald Falls. Eppie wills her seat in back of Slim Abts to Jo Ann Boberg. Warren and.Lyle will their ability to get along together to Orville Grot- jahn and Allen Ernst. ' The senior girls will their afternoon lunches to the Junior girls. ll THE SENIOR PROPHECY The seniors of 1950 hadnot seen eachother as a group until their happy reunion of 1960, We had planned to have'1t every five years, but it seemed impossible in 1955. However, the complete class met at the Hill Top for the party and reunion. what follows is an account of the doings andlives of the class of 1950 since their high school days. First of all, let's start off with Celia Hentges. The kid we used to call WCitz' came clear from Los Angeles where she is an airline hostess. I never really thought the airforce wouldhave that much affect on her back in 1950. She certainly was looking fine with her trim suit and all. However, she's not married as yet. I wonder why? David Zeller is now practising electronics in Winona. If I remember correctly,he was very much interested in both electrical work and Winona at the time of graduation. The only difference in Dave was a few gray hair and a couple of wrinkles causedby the trials of married life andthe raising of three boys. As for the boys--they certainly seem like their father. It's funny about Betty Jean Kujak. I always hadthe idea that she would be the first to leave Fountain City and the first to be married. But time shows that I was wrong. Lizzy has taken a controlling interest in what used to be the Ahts Cafe and has started a nice business. Her excuse for not marrying was, and I quote, 'Well, Paul, what I wanted I couldn't get and what I could get I didn't want.' So you see she still has the same way of thinking things out for herself the same as she did back in Fountain City High School. ' Newton Mathis is really the most educated one of all the fourteen. He is now doing very well at his practice of medicines, for animals that is. Yes,Newtie is now a veterinarian with a very good practice builtup in Alma. We always did suspect that his main interest was at Alma. when he was in school, but little did we expect he would set up a practice there. Ruthie Haeusen the one who used to do her shorthand in social problems class, is now the wife of a prosperous grocery man here in Fountain City. It seems as if Ruthie marrieda few years after graduation andis now raising a nice family,now numbering three. Ruthie still looks fine and has the same twinkle in her eye that she had back in 1950. Evelyn Karrow, who was the editor of our annual, is now residing on a farm out on the Fountain City Ridge. She and her husband have a large and very successful chicken farm. WEppien said she went to nurse's school for a year but love ovendame her, and she took on the duties of a farm lady. 12 1 Mark Semling has taken up his high school nightmare as e lifetime job, trucking and the repairing of cars. He has a large network of trucklines and a super-service garage down on the lower street of Fountain City. Mark isn't-married yet andexplains that if he hadtaken the 'fatal move' he might not have what he now has. Delbert Grossell is now an engineer in rect, and not in boots only, as he was in 1950. He has worked himself up so that he owns half interest in the 'Mountain Moving Engineering Co.' As far as the married life of Gus is concerned, he has a nice young wife whom he met on one of his engineering trips to Boston. Wally Mades went to the airforces for three years after graduation and upon coming out he hooked up with Lyle Haney andlormed the nationally known 'Hot Rodders' all Lyle married heart. Lucky for providing us with of those old time modern band. Their headquarters is at Chicago. a young Chlcagoan whiJs Wally married his higm school sweet- all of us that they brought their instruments along, thus lots of fun andmuslo. It was certainly grand to hear some pieces, especially 'Mule Train'. Warren Beohly is a prosperous farmer. The factis thathe is the nearest neighbor of Eppie andher husband. That certainly is nice as they can always talk over old times whenever they care too. Warren married one of the home town girls three years after graduation. We had noticed a little of such a future in 1950, but certainly didn't expect it to really come true. He had Abeen blessed with four little farmeraone girl and three boyawhich insures- not so much work in later years for Warren. Nellie Duellman now is the private secretary to a prominent Winona business man and is still free, fancy, and unmarried. Can't figure it out as back in the old days it was very evident that soon she would have a hus- band. However, maybe the story of the next senior will help to explain. The only one of us that was unable to c me for the great celebration was Robert Sing, who sailed for Hawaii a month after his graduation. Some of the kids received letters from him,and it seems that he is now the owner of a large pineapple plantation. After graduation Paul Kafer went back to his former home, Littleport, Iowa,-where he married his childhood sweetheart. Paul now owns a large and prosperous shoe store. He says he also has five little shoe-makers to help him. Thus we all went our own way in life again, probably never to meet all together. we really had a grand time and lots of old memories were brought back to our minds. 13 J Q K2 fe Q Q 65 9 wwwgxggmsymgm if g' 4, x Z Q Always-- SQNGS THAT REMIND US It's Been a Long, Long Time ---- - In the Good Old Summer Time----- By the Light of the Silvery Moon The Stars Will Remember--- ----- - April Showers -------- --- ----- --- ---- ------------ ------------ Our Alma Mater were freshmen --Vacation ------------------------------Prairie Moon - ------- ------ ------ Since we -- ------ ----- - --------------- --Prom of '49 -------------------------------Prom of '50 lrnis Is The Army------------- ---------------------------------- ---Celia H- Mary Lou So in Love ---- ---- ---- ---- ----- Someday- opgoogqg--mucus-qpognnq That's for Me--------- ----- ----- Don't Cry, Joe- -------------- --- Hang on the Bell, Nellie -------- Dear Hearts and Gentle Peop1e--- I Said M Pajamas and Glimbed In Jealous Heart -------- - ------ ---- Put Your Arms Around Me ----- ---- It's Love, Love, Love ---- - ----- - Seeing Nellie Home-------------- Slipping New That Somebody So Tired I Get Up Skirts-- Ubhb Donut---Q 1 Need You----- ------- Q ------ -- ----------- ------ -----------------------------Warren Bechly ------------------------Wally and La Vonne --------- ------------Kenny and Betty Jean ----------------------------------Diplomas ----------------------------Mr. Biersteker -----------f---------------------Wynell D. -----------------------------Fountain City to My Prayers -------------- --After a dance --------------------------------John Brose -- ----- - ----- - ---- - ------------- Paul Kafer -------------On school bus from B.B. games -------------------------------Robert Sing -------------------------------Hr. Rosenow -------Marlene H. Else is Taking My Place ------ -- ------ -------- -------- -----Lois G. an-gains-o-pgnn-qu--Q-.0 -------------- ----------Day after a dance Every Morning ------- ---- ------- ---- ----------- ---- ---- --Week days More Beer Polka-------- ----- ---- Little Jack Frost, Get Lost ----- nO Hitqabusirbnncooqoonoopa L'll Liza Jane ---------- ------- Blue Room---- -------------- ---- For Dancers 0nly---------------- I'm Gonna Move Outskirts of Town One 0'clock Jump-- ----- - ------- - Making Whoopee- ---- ---- -- ------ - Time on My Hands- --------------- Say It with Mus1c--------------- Cecelia- oc-hsnaps-uo ucsnsaunoaosaocvosaounnas Jo Ann ---- --------- --- ------- ----Basketball boys -----------------------------Winter months ----Baseball boys - ---- --- ------- - ------ ----------Betty Jean -- ------------ Main room on Monday mornings -----------------------------------Lyle H. ---Mr. Biersteker -----Dance nights ----------Dancers unthin-sngoaoon---sa--sun-fc ---------------------------------------Red --------------------------High school Band -- ---- ------- ------ - -------------------- -- ------ - ----- --Cecelia B. Whispering -------- B ---- - ------- -- It's a Lonesome Old Town ------ -- I Love You So Much It Hurts ----- Why Gan't You Bahave ------------ I've Got My Love To Keep Me Wann Cruising Down the River--------- Dreamers Holiday ----- -Q ------- -- -- ----- ------ ---------- --- ---- ---Main room --------Fountain City Q -suu a opsn o ooqn ouuoup-roooqanoo hollh J. shbacot apasv -spot-qpoaonaso ODDD Qnpgsg-gopoogpoousqqopvgnQoblngupQhoJ.0hn G. ---------------------Betty Jean and Jo Ann --- ----- - ---- ------- ------After graduation Paper Doll ---- ------- -------- --- I Got Lost In His Arms ------ ---- Mgrtha--- cuh- 'overs' donu sooonsowunnqnvn oe--o-s-o---n--n s Q nnoon -:Martha H' Boyosllponuoocnnoga -nu- All By Myself------------------- --- ----- ------ - -------- - -------- -Ruthie H. -- -------------- - ---- Ronnie and Betty Jean -------------------------------Allen Ernst -------------------------Robert Schabaeker Louise ----- ------ ------.--------- H-- ----- ------------ Mar is ----------Louise Piel ----------Marjorie G. 8 naocoao nonsonnonuo -a-osoqq. qqsggqn ---..g. an ---,-,- Oh Johnie, Oh Johnie, How You Can Love----------- ------ ----- ----John Brose A-You're Adorable--------------- ----------Lorena Lash Endless Dreams---------- ------ --- ----- -- ---- -- ----- - --------- Newton Mathis Careless Hands--- ---- ----------- 1 Qu-oqagogoaoaucunsoauu ------Shorthand Class You Call Everybody Darling --------------------------- -----------John Brose 5 Dra8""0"U'-'00h"'D0O obhlbhhl I-'Ou-so ovnn Q-oonogpaAtter i 17 Sugar Hips--- --------- -------- ---- Things to Come-- ------------ ------ Tony's Wife ------- ---------------- My Silent Love ------ -------------- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye- ---- - Smoke Rings- ------------- -------- - On a Bicycle Built for Two -------- Dark Eyes ------------- -- ---------- - -------------- Undecided ------ ------------------- Lester Leaps In- ------------------ O -----------------Janice v. - ..--- ---- - --.-- ---- - ---- ------ who knows? -------------We wonder who --------------------Jim G. -----------Galen and Eppie ----------Basketball boys ---------David and Delores ------------------La Vonne - ----------- Seniors of '50 ---Mr. Rosenow's entrances I Can't Get Started----- ------- ------- ---------- George and his school work Quiet Please ----- - ------------- --- Fuedin' and Fightin' ------------ ----- My Buddy -------------------------- Chicken Polka --------------------- Deep Purple ----------------------- Green Eyes ------------------------ Hot Lips ----------- f ---- -5, ------------------ ----- I Didn't Know What Time It Was ---- ----------------.Main rgom ------------------------Geometry class ------------------Celia H. -----------------Warren B. - ---- ------ -------- -------School sweaters --- -------------- Marcel S. --------Guess tor yourself Excuse for getting in late Love Me Or Leave Me ----- ---- ----- -- ------------------------------ --Kenny D. Romance--- ---------------------- -- Sunday --------------- ----------- -- Temptation ---- -------------------- Side By Side ------ ---------------- You're Driving Me Crazy ---- ' ------- Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend -----------Noons at school -------------Nothing to do ----Throw things in school -Newtie, Harcel, and David -----------------esuuaents -----------------Marcel s. I'l1 Get By- ----------------------- ---- - ----------------------- -In Geometry You Gotta Put Shoes on Willie----- Let's Be Sweethearts Again-- ----- -- --------- ----- I Still Get Jealous ---- ----- -----------. ---- - --------------- --Rasta J. ------Kenny and Betty Jean -----------------Ronnie F. Angry- ----- ------- ---- - ---------- ---- -- ------------------- ------- Betty Jean I Can't Give You Anything But Love Don't Fence Me In-4 ---------- ----- Alice Blue Gown ---- ---' --------- --- Five Foot Two -------- --------- ---- Far Away Places- --------- --- ---- -- Clayton, My Boy- ------ ----------- - ----3 --------------- ----Nellie and Hunner --------------------Jo Ann -- ------ ---- ---- Delbert G. ---------------Lorene Lash ----------Basketball games ---------------Hr. Clayton I l BOOKS THAT REMIND US Calamity Town-------- ------- ----- ----- -------- Junior liss------------------" ------ '------ The Promise --------- - -------------- - ------ ---- Behind the Time- ----------------- ------------- Little nan ---- -------- ---- - ---- - -------- - ---- - Come and Get It-- ----- ----- - ------ - ----------- Seventeenth Summer---- ------ - ---------- - ----- - Secret Information ---- --- ------------------- -- Those Boys-- ----- ----------- --- -------------- - Excuse It, Please--- ------------------------- - uamery of the Moon- --------------------- - ---- - Hen Without Fear -------- ---------- ------------ Forever Free ---------------- ------------------ Above Suspicion ------------------------------- Little Minister -------------------- ------ ----- American Beauty ------------- - ---- --------- --- Hutlneers -------------------- e ----------------- Quick Service --------------------------- ------ Double Trouble --------------------- -------- --- 30 Seconds Over Tokoyo-- -------------------- -- Master at Arms ------------------- - ------------ Yearling---- --------- ---------------------- --- As the Crow Flies ----------------- --- -------- - Two Little Savages ---- ------------ ---- ------- No Man'a Land-' ------------------- ------------ 4 Fight tor Freedom ----------------------------- Crash Dive --------- -. ----------- - -------------- Ambition ------------ - ------------------------ - Boy's Life on a Prairie ------ --- ------------- - Keeping Up With Lizzie- --------------------- -- MOVIES THAT REMIND US The Green Years- ----------- ----- --------- - ---- A Night To Remember ----------- - ------- -- ----- Pin Up Gir1------ ------- -- -------------- ------ The Time, the Place, and the Girl ------------ - Because of Him- ----- -------------------------- And Then There Were None ---------------------- Come Out Fighting ----------------------------- Crimson Canary -------------------------------- It's In The Bag ------------------------------- I Love a Soldier- -------- -------------------- - Hour Before Dawn ----- - ------------------------ Music for Millions ------------ ---- ----- - ----- - The Great Lover------ ------------------- ------ Leave Her to Heaven -------------------- ------- Deadline at Dawn ------ ---- -------------------- 19 ---------------Fountain City -------------------Ruthie H. --------High school romances ----------------Make-up work ---------------Freshmen boys --------------School lunches ----------------what a time! -- --------- ---Tests -----------------senior boys -----------------misbenavior -------Prairie Moon ---- ------------- Senior boys ------------------Betty Jean -------------------shop boys --- -------- ---- Warren Bechly -------------------Janice V. --------Nestle, Mark, kDeve. ---------Drug Store --Newtie, Mark, k Betty Jean --------------Mr. Biersteker --- -------------- Mr. Rosenow ----- ---------- Ronnie Weseka ----Drugstore to high school ----Jerry Semling R Roy Bork - ------- - -------- High school ----------------Our diplomas When the bell rings -----------------To graduate ---------------Warren Bechly ------ --------- ---Miss Haney --------------------Freshmen ------------------------Prom ------------------Who knows? -------------------Prom date --------------------Quarrels -------------At intermission --------------After the half ' .""" ' """""" Fa ----- ------ - ------ B.B. games --------------------Celia H. ----------------We come home --------------------The band ------------------John Brose ------------------Betty Jean ---------------News deadline sum- me V. THINGS WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER In1tation.......School parties......Going down to the Eagle and Palm Garden after basketball games.....School movies......The basketball boys' heinies. Girls? basketball games....Seniors social problems class in the music room. Magazine sales every year......The Cafe after school.....The girls' donkey- wa 0 0 6 9 o I no s our: 0 0 0 0 0 curl Rosenow's squeaky shoes.....Boys going out before a basketball game........ Students looking innocent after shooting a spit ball.....Santa Claus coming to school at Christmas time.......Mr. Rosenow referring to himself as 'CAT' before leaving for principals convent1on.......0ur classes with Miss Parker and Mrs. Sherman......Our many English teachers in our senior year......The expression, 'Louie lowered the boom'......Zel1er waking Newtie up at 5 to 9 every morning..c...The Milwaukee Depot.....The Drug Store every morning and noon....School picnic or '49'...,.Ze11er's boat racing ability...Partner in Cr1me.....The appearance of dead mice in school....The sleigh ride party at Mr. Biersteker's home. THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN Chewing gum in English class..Someone bowling a 300 game...A girl's basket- ball game having more than ten points....Epp1e getting a zero in a geometry test.....The senior boys going out and not having a good time.....Bechly or Gus without their hair combed....Fountain City winning the State Basketball Tournament.....0ne of the students calling Mr. Rosenow 'Tubby' to his face. Someone forgetting his excuse....Mr. Blersteker getting mad......Joe Mathis having trouble with someone.....John G. not sitting with Ruth........George being a good boy for one whole day.....Jo Ann staying home nights....Zeller going to the Milwaukee Depot with the intent to catch a train........Newton getting to school on time for one whole week....Not having a magazine sale. Clarence W. coming to school without a toothpick in his mouth......No noise being made on the bus....Paulie and Eppie getting along together.....Hunner not sitting with Nellie...Cutz and James G. going to a show without a girl. Lizzie becoming thinner than Ruthie. WHO'S WHO IN TH SENIOR CLASS Most popular boy ----------------------------------- - ----------- Newton Mathis Most popular girl- ------- - ------------------- - ------------- Betty Jean Kujak Most friendly girl --------------------------------------------- Ruth Haeuser Most friendly boy ---- -------------------------------------------- Paul Kafer Luckiest --------- ---------- - --------------- -------- ----------- Evelyn Karrow Unluckiest ------- -- -------------------------------------------- Ruth Haeuser Most studious ------------------------------------------------- Evelyn Karrow Most intelligent girl -------- ----- s- ------------------------ Celia Hentges Most intelligent boy ------------------------------ - -------- -Newton Mathis Most artistic -------------------------------------------------- David Zeller Best singer ------------ s - ------- ---- ---------------------------- Paul Kafer Most cooperative ------------------------------------------------ wa11y Mades Best leader- ---------------------------- ----------- - ----------- Wally Medea Most athletic ------------- ------------------------------------ Newton Mathis Best dancer -------------------------- J ------------ ------ --------- Lyle Haney Joined most outside activities-boyi ------- - ------ ------------ David Zeller Joined most outside activities-girl ------------------------ Betty Jean Kujek Best bluffer ------------------------------ ----------- -------- Newton Mathis Best smile--n ---- ----- - -------- ---------------------------------- Robert Sing Most temperamental- ------------ ---- ------------------------ Betty Jean Kujak Most humorous ------------------------------------------------- ---Paul Kafer Z0 1 . ' f 2 3 1 ' v""-Mpc new my :Eg-Q1 1. no . . - f r' N Q 21--f,,Jf,f :YXWNN 'girl'-F'-iwbugg, . 5251, S2 -f 'fe' A if-' - f' W hr ' -b '- -12-A.-.. ec-ia ,R .. ,31 ,rr J A wif, A . '3a.Q?,Qs,Q flfri-Q.,-, Y5'fi' 2 5,5 -"f -A '.'- g,,"i' f Ewfwk +A. .rneflm zqii e- .C , I , i, it 31,557-g,k x l -A -G -o it j R n ' V N1 'fieli '21 ' +' 1 . I no fn . - ., 1 v or J on 1 Z 3 QL , 1 ., N E i -161,4 .f,5 S E X x, x li :QM A' , ' - 1' .1 4 U 5 6 A qv 3' of , A f f A nil: ENB ' 3 f me 'X , V Z 'si l "ffl V4 10 1. 'Junior-Senior Shop Claes 2. Newton 81: Haney 5. Picnic of '49 4. Initiation '49 5. Chicken, Mark, Ac. Plug 6. Glamour Boy Kafer 7. Lizzy 11 13 Z1 8. Newt., Dave., Chicken, Bppie Q. Presentation of Cane A. Neut 6: 'Kitmer at Shop ll. Klien 12. Lester'a Little Helper 13. Senior Cheerleaders Betty Jean Bc. Ruth J yLXU??MF3 9 K2 Ci E5 Q Q 2 K LQGMQWIXFIES ik , Q HOME ECONOMICS A home economics department valued at 85,000 hasbeen set up this year, providing the wives of tomorrow with the most elaborate of today's cooking and sewing equipment. A dingyl basement has been transformed with almost magical suddenness into a glistening area of chrome and white. Mrs. Vern Hendrickson, wife of the Buffalo County Agent, was persuaded to take up teaching duties again and become the instructor in this new and fascinating department at Fountain City High School. Under her supervision, girls .have already come to feel right at home in their new surroundings, which are set up as two complete kitchens, with room for eight girls to a section. Stoves of all types are available-apartment size, full size, gas and electric. There are two apartment size stoves and two regular size, two sinks, a hot water heater, a refrigerator and built-in cabinets in places ordinarily left as waste space in a room. Under contracts set up by the school, the stoves will be replaces as new models are turned out, assuring that classes will have the most modern of equipment at all times. Across the room are four new electric sewing machines, with several large sewing tables. Built into one corner is a fitting room,with full-size mirrors--three of them--that fold un into a closet when not in use. The kitchen units have been designed by the state as the mostefficient type now being planned. Blueprintsdrawn to statespecifications were carried into actuality by a local contractor,Adolph Schwark, and the cupboards were built by the H.8F. Roettiger firm. A style show and tea was presented December 21, 1949, when the girls were given a chance to model clothes made in the new sewing room. SHOP Much of this year wasspent in building up the shop under the direction of Mr. Martin, our shop instructor. Benches were constructed at the beginn- ing of the year,and as soon as the machinery arrived, a number of boys vol- unteered to set it up. The electric tools now consistof an eight inch table saw, a jig saw, a lathe, a jointer, a portable sander,and a home-made table sander. There is still room for a drill press and an emery'wheel which we hope will be added in the near future. JUNIOR-SENIOR PRQM 'The.Stars Will Remember' was chosen as the themesong for the Junior- Senior Prom of 1949. Dancing wasfrom nine o'clock to one o'clock withmusic by Henry Burton and his orchestra. The grand march was led by Prom King Warren Bgchly and Queen Jo Ann Richtman. The prom was presented by the juniors under the supervision of Mrs. S.C. Richtman, Junior class adviser. , Z3 I BAND FIRST Row: ur. wooa, A. K1etzke,M. wnmelg J. Richtman. R- -Tustin. Marjorie Grossell, A. Plank. M-'T-Condon' QCQND ROW D, Wolfe' L, Haney, G. Miller, C. Hentgasy B' KHJHK, THIRD now: R. scnabaeker, D. Grossell. W- Medea. - fausef L. Moore, E. Gunderson, C. Wunderlich. a H NEWS STAFF FIRST ROW: Mr. Clayton,A. Plank, G. Miller, C. Hentges, Marjorie Groesell, L. Grass, L. Buchholz. SECOND RUN: M. Haeuser, E. Kennebeck, L. Tallius, A. Schaffner, Marilyn Grosaell, I.. Lash, J. Duellman. THIRD ROW: D. Zeller, J. Richtman, M.J.Cond0n, M. Witmer, F. Hedberg, B. Kujak, R. Justin. FOURTH ROW: D. Witmer, P. Kafer, D. Wolfe, R. Waseka, L. Haney, W. Bechly, L. Krause, W. Mades. FIFTH ROW: W. Farr-and, C. Witmer. LIBRARIAN STAFF FIRST ROW: Mr. Clayton, M.J.Condon, Marjorie Grossell, D. Mueller, ' M. Witmer, M. Haeuser, J. Richtman. SECOND ROW: F. Hedberg, L. Buchholz, E. Karrou, Marilyn Grossell, O. Hentges, E. Kennebeck, M. Hentges, I.. Grass. Z4 . STUDENT C OUNCIL FIRST.ROW: Marlene Haeuser, La Vonne Tullius, Lillian Buchholz SECOND ROW: Wallace Farrand, Edward Heutges, Celia Hentges, New ton Mathis, James Glomski. ' CHEERLEADERS Marjorie Grossell, Jo Ann Richtman, Rheta Justin, Betty Jean Kujak ' 25 ' ju FJ Q E5 Q KR 3 zuzwzgzazfncis xx 4? 6 i g 1 X W .1 Q BASKETBALL Only twelve boys reported for the first week of practice. Four weeks later, John Glomski turned out. Midway in the season Fountain City lost two of its regulars,Wal1ace Farrand and Kenny Danielson, who became ineligible. David Witmer, George Semling,and Vernon Gunderson then donned suits so that Fountain City could keen its B-Team going. Fountain City finishedthird in theBi-County Conferencewith a record of and four losses. Alma had but one defeat, and that at the hands of Cochrane. Cochrane lost but two games,one to Fountain City and one to Alma. Fountain City lost two games to Alma and one each to Arkansaw and Cochrane. ten wins The scores of the games are as follows: F.C. 56 Plum City 26 F.C. 44 Arkansaw 45 F.C. 57 Gilmanton 24 F.C. 55 Trempleau 55 F.C. 46 Nelson 20 F.C. 25 Cochrane 51 F.C. 43 Arkansaw 59 F.C. 40 Alma 42 F.C. 26 Cochrane 25 F.C. 46 Rollingstone 24 F.C. 55 Trempleau 55 F.C. 57 Pepin 21 F.C. 50 Alma 66 F.C. 45 Independence 47' F.C. 51 Pepin 29 F.C. se Hixton 29" F.C. 49 Maiden Rock as F.c. so Taylor 5'1" F.C. 59 Gilmanton 20 F.C. 55 Plum City 40 F.C. 51 Nelson 25 "' Tournament games. The above schedule is not complete because one of the games withMaiden Rock had been postponed The conference.standings are as follows: Team W. Alma 15 Cochrane ll Fountain City 10 Arkansaw B Gilmanton 7 Plum City 5 Nelson 1 Pepin 1 L. TP. OP. Pct. 1 758 509 ,929 2 599 578 .846 4 515 465 .714 6 629 567 .571 6 457 465 .558 10 477 608 .251 15 400 685 .071 12 581 652 .077 After losing an overtime battle to win the consolation by defeating Tournament. Scoring for Fountain City is as Ronald Farrand 285 Wallace Farrand 188 John Glomski 115 Newton Mathis 112 David Zeller 87 Jerome Baures 49 Fountain City's second team had to Independence, Fountain City went on Hixton and Taylor at the Whitehall follows: Rodney Bessie 49 Kenny Danielson 55 Edward Sing 7 Jim Glomski 6 Vernon Gunderson 2 Duane Fells O a season's record of ten mins and five losses.-After winning their first eight games, they hit a rut and lost five stra ght, and then came back to min e rema ning wo games. Z7 BASEBALL Only thirteen boys reported for the first week of practice. David Zeller, Newton Mathis, 'Red' and Ronald Farrand, George and Marcel Semling, Jerome Baures, Kenny Danielson, and Rodney Ressie were returning veterans. Four newcomers included Gerald Semling, Jim Glomeki, Ronald Waseka, and Duane Falls. 'Red' Farrand was the leading batter with a .448 batting average. Cap- tain 'Mark' Semling was second with .59l. The scores of the games were as follows: ,F.C. 3 Cochrane 0 F.C. 9 Trempleau 10 F.C. 4 Cochrane l F.C. 4 Alma 5 F.C. 5 Pepin 4 F.C. 6 Trempleau 4 F.C. 5 Alma 7 F.C. 4 Pepin 8 BOWLING Last tall four boys' and four girls' bowling teams the supervision of Mr. Biersteker. The members of the teams are Girls' Teams Pinwheela Alice Plank Evelyn Karrow Cecelia Baures La Vonne Tullius Janice Veraguth Eight Balls Ardys Schaffner Margaret Witmer MarlenexHaeuser Martha Hentges Marilyn Grossell Luck! Five Betty Jean Kujak Marjorie Grossell Jo Ann Richtman Louise Piel Wynell Duellman Topglers Rheta Justin Lois Grass' Celia Hentges gerol Hedberg ane Duellman as follows? Boys' Teams Screwballs Donald Wolfe Warren Bechly Kenneth Danielson Clarence Witmer Walter Mades Lucky Strikes James Abts Clarence Schollmeier Gerald Semling George Semling Lyle Haney Unknouns Edward Hentges N Paul Kafer Delbert Groesell Robert Sing Arlen Schmidt Gang Four Marcel Semling David Witmer Roy Bork wggflgigrigi-If-Zia were formed under Ronald Farr-and ' Center ' - BASKETBALL TEAM ' V David Zeller, Jerome Baures, Ronald Fax-rand, Newton Mathis, John Glomski. SECOND ROW: Mr. lCLein,, Vernon Gunderson, Duane Falls, James Glom - 'ski, Rodney Reese, Edward Sing. Q FIRST ROW: Je rome Baures Forward David Zeller New ton Mathis Guard Forward 2.9 John Glomaki Guard John Glomski - Jerome Baures Guard Forward Newton Mathis Ronald Farrand David Zeller Forward Center Guard 30 i 1 GIRLS' SPORTS FIRST ROW: lr. Biersteker, B. Ewing, D. Mueller, L. Buchholz, J. Bork, L. Tullius, J. Veraguth, M. Haeueer. SECOND ROW: V. Buchholz, A. Bond, F. Hedberg, Marilyn Grossell, C. Baures, M.J.Condon, 'A. Plank, J. Richtmanv. THIRD ROW: M. Engel, L. Lash, J. Duellman,A. Schaftner,M. Witmel Marjorie Grossell, W. Duellman, R. Haeuser. FOURTH ROW: E. Kennebeck, A. Bork, C. Hentges, B. Ku,1ak,L. Grass, L. Piel, J. Boberg. FIFTH ROW: M. Hentges, G. Miller, R. Justin. BOYS' BOWLING ' FIRST ROW: Mr. Biersteker, O. Grotjahn, Gerald Semling, J. Abts, R. Bork, A. Schmidt, A. Ernst. SECOND ROW: George Semling, K. Danielson, W. Farrand, D. Wolfe, D. Witmer, C. Scnollmeier, Marcel Semling. THIRD ROW: E. Hentges,R. Sing, W. Bechly, W. Medea, D. Grossell, J. Brose, P. Kafer, L. Haney. BASEBALL FIRSI' ROW: Hr. Klein, R. Ressie, Jim Glomski, D. Falls, R. Waseka, Gerald Semling. SECOND ROW: D. Zeller, J. Baures, W. Farr-and, R. Farrand, Marcel Semling, Gerald Semling. 31 9 65 imwm E E M UFWKMMP X 757 Q5 5 Z Gqufofj 'zaflfga WALSWORTH K .9 .- 1-'--'11, " 31 L' u .,m..a,n. uv-an 'll-IIOITIC Olbflllll lunlllo. lm U. S. A. Q PRJQWWW 3 3 2 . I - fl A1 Wg zfzfszzw if CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES SALES -- -- SERVICE CARS - TRUCKS - TRACTORS MERCURY AUTOMOBILES A. C. PRUSSING 8k SCN KOCHENDERFER 8L SONS FOUNTAIN CITY, WISCONSIN ALLIS-CHALMERS - NEW IDEA - GEHL POWER FARM EQUIPMENT SURGE MILKING MACHINES 8z DAIRY EQUIPMENT , H and FrRoettiger, Inc. LUMBER 8z BUILDING MATERIAL COAL ELECTRICAL WIRING PHONE 13 FOUNTAIN CITY WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF Clearinghouse Ass'n. ol Winona First National Bank ot Winona Merchants National Bank ot Winona The Winona National Savings Bank I1 Albert Kirchner Co. General Merchandise F untain City, Wisconsi Compliments of Knaub 8i Wunderlich General Merchandise K Si W Feed Store Fountain City, Wisconsin tain City Drug Store S. C. Richtman, Propriet 1 City W H. E. KOCHEHDERFER Petroleum Products Cochrane, Wis. Emil Abts, Representative - Fountain City, Wis. JOE'S PLACE Joe Grossell Phone 151 Fountain City, Wis Favorites With Graduates - - Graduation Gifts of Beauty and Lasting Value from M O R G A N ' S "At the Sign of the Street Clock" KAFERS SHOE SHOP Shoes 8: Shoe Repairing - Rubber Footwear - Nylons Fountain City, Wisconsin FIRST STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Fountain City, Wisconsin 1 Compliments of ABTS GARAGE A. J. Abts, Proprietor Fountain City, Wis. Compliments of DR. F. C. SKEMP Corsages - Cut Flowers - Plants Wedding Bouquets P Funeral Flowers WEST END GREENHOUSES 802 West King - - Winona, Minn. - - Phone 4182 We Telegraph Flowers WILLIAM G. STOLL 8z SON General Hardware - Tin Work DeLaval Separators - Skelgas Fountain City, Wisconsin ABTS CAFE "For Good Food" Dinners - Luncheons H. A. Abts - C. J. Abts, Proprietors Fountain City, Wisconsin MONARCH TAVERN Carl Heitman Phone 19 Fountain City, Wis FOUNTAIN CITY LOCKER PLANT Cry-O-Vac Processing of Meats Vegetables Sz Fruits - Quality Meats Jack Sprat Fine Foods Harry Bess, Proprietor Fountain City, Wis MARR'S SERVICE STATION Atlas Tires 8z Batteries - Auto Supplies Greasing - Washing Fountain City, Wisconsin Compliments of FOUNTAIN CITY C0-OPERATIVE Fountain City, Wisconsin Compliments of FOUNTAIN BREWING CC., INC. DR.. C. E. THUBAUVILLE Dentist Fountain City, Wisconsin H. CHOATE 85 CO. Top for Teen Fashions Winona Minnesota GRAHAM 8: McGUIVE Headquarters for Spalding - Wilson - Rawlings Athletic Equipment Award Sweaters 76 West 3rd St. - - Winona, Minn. - - Phone 2590 ROBERT J. HAEFNER STUDIO Specializing In Weddings -Portraits- Commercial 8z Color Photography You'Ve Seen Photographs Here Sz There Have A Haefner Photo -- 8a Then Compare Winona's Newest 8z Finest 155 East 3rd St. - - Winona, Minn. - - Phone 7564 WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE 5 X o 4 1

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Fountain City High School - Spirit Yearbook (Fountain City, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 39

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Fountain City High School - Spirit Yearbook (Fountain City, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 39

1950, pg 39

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