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i 1 1 S V! i L' 4 3 4 I ge-fnfhfa Mdwfff Q A . 4 Q 3 J s S i RJ unc! Qrfraif of CEM 1945 OIWQ lfU0lf' There are all sorts of collectors in this world. Some hunt bugs and others go into ecstasies over stamps and match folders, but there is one thing we all collect-memories. They are intangible, you can't file them away for safe- keeping, yet some little thing will bring them back-a color, a song, or perhaps a picture. That is where the Red and Black comes in. Between the covers we have collected pictures which we hope show every side of Fostoria High. All the clubs are here, and the teams, and the classes. We have attempted to picture lite at F.H.S. in the senior year of those who will be graduated in l945. This was the year that "Her Tears Flowed Like Wine," and the root of the Hi-Spot shook with the male chorus on "Ac- centuate the Positive." This was the year that our con- versation made no sense to outsiders, who probably had visions of murder and mayhem when they heard "l'll beat your little head in," and "knock yourself out." Every- thing from cokes to homework was "gunk," and a banker might have felt at home with the phrase "big deal-small profit." Of course, there are many things that must of neces- sity be left out. No mere book could catch the sound of the yelling at the games, or record the weird odors that drift up from the chemistry lab. But with the Red and Black for a key we hope that you will be able to see, hear, and smell them for yourself. Well, have fun with it-now-and for as long as it holds together. -Allegra Pasqualetti, Editor z 986560 Ifion fo ence "The future is not so bright as it once was and the world is not so kind to its children." We have been told these things over and over. But we do not believe them. We believe that it is our job, and your job, too, to make the world the way we want it, to correct the faults that pre- vious generations have left behind. We must add our bit of culture, invention, and beauty if we are to be good citizens ' These things will not be easy to achieve, but no worth while thing comes easily to those who desire it. We will have to till the ground before we can plant the seeds of our ideals. Therefore, we, the class of 1945, dedicate this year- book, which holds our hopes, dreams, and deep prayers, to Peace. 3 ZLL O! Cmfmfd ADMINISTRATION ........ 5 Faculty ............. ,,.... I I STUDENTS ......... ..,,.. I I5 Seniors ...... ...... I 6 Juniors ......... ....., 3 4 Sophomores ..... ...... 3 9 Freshmen ..... ...... 4 4 Junior High ..... ...... 4 8 MUSIC ......................... -- ...... 53 Instrumental ...... ...... 5 4 Vocal . ..... Q .,... ..,... 5 7 ATHLETICS .......... ...... 6 3 Football ....... ...... 6 5 Basketball ...... ...... 7 I DRAMATICS ,.....................,........,..... ...... 7 7 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ........ ...... 8 3 War Activities .....................,..... 84 Publications ..,..... ...... 8 6 Clubs ..................... ...... 9 O Junior High Clubs ................. ...... m 99 FEATURES AND ADVERTISEMENTS ....,... ......... I O5 4 fgcfmilfzmfralfiolfz l MR. H. L. FORD Ohio State, B.S., M.A. Ashland College, A.B. Seldom seen or heard, but always on the job, is the Superintendent of Schools, H. L. Ford. His task is a big one and he does it well. Not only senior and junior high students are his interest but also the grade school pupils of the city. lt is his job to see that things are going well all over at all times, and he fulfills any praise you may have heard of his efficiency. 6 PRINCIPAL OF FCSTORIA HIGH i 5 i i MR. Wm. M. HAWK University of Cincinnati, M.A., A.B. The office of the principal is a busy place any day of the week. Mr. Wm. M. Hawk can tell you this. As principal, he is on the job at all times keeping our school right on schedule. Besides his business-like manner and efficient ways, he has a winning personality, ready smile, and a helping hand for every student. 'I SENIOR HIGH DEANS MISS MABEL J. BOURQUIN "When a feller needs a friend-" he can always turn to the boys' dean, Mr. W. W. Nixon, for guidance and "straight from the shouIder" advice. You will always find Mr. Nixon busy at something though never too busy to listen to the problems of the day. He is always on hand, tirelessly work- ing on thigh school athletics and the many problems which the senior high boys bring to him. Miss Mabel J. Bourquin is the living exponent of "a friend in need, is ci friend indeed." She is always ready with kind, practical suggestions and friendly interest to help the senior high girls over the many stumbling blocks which find their way into the school and social life. Yet, when the girls find themselves becoming lax in any way, Miss Bourquin is right at hand to jog the memory with a few well-chosen words of wisdom. Always kind in her criticism, benevolent, and with a sense of hu- mor here unequalled, she is truly valuable as an instructor and C1 friend. MR. W. W. NIXON "A girl's best friend-" is Miss Vera Eger if she is a junior high girl. Ener- getic and inspiring, she makes the junior high life seem more attractive to all by the interest she herself shows in it. Her quick step, crisp speech, and helpful words have made her one of the favorite junior high teachers. Besides her teaching and work as dean, Miss Eger is also active in Junior Red Cross, and she has stim- ulated her students to a like interest. However, regardless of her many activ- ities, Miss.Eger always has time to be a true counselor to her girls. MR. THOMAS BEN DER JUNIOR HIGH DEANS MISS VERA EGER Mr. "Tommy" Bender has been dean of junior high boys for only one year, but- already they have found him not only a good athletic coach but a good "coach" in the matter of junior high problems. The boys have found him to have "the hand of steel in the vel- vet glove" when they-find cause to arouse his ire. But he is always fair. Everyone recognizes his sense of humor and the wonderful energy which have made him an invaluable aid in helping junior high students to become good citizens of Fostoria High. BOARD OF EDUCATION President .................. ............. M r. R. J. Carter Vice President ............. ...... M r. Floyd Kinnaman Clerk' andsTTeasurer.1 .... ....... M rs. Ruth Daub MEMBERS, left to right: Mr. H. L. Ford, Mrs. Ruth Daub, Mr. C. D. Hauser, Mr. Floyd Kinna- man, Mr. H. L. Zemer, Mr. R. J. Carter, Mr. D. D. Schlatter. The "guiding hand," about which we hear so little and yet could not do with- out, is the school board. Many of its members have been part of the power behind the power through many years, and all are there to help make school life smoother for faculty and students alike. The next time you feel the urge to complain about some minor detail, give a thought to the Board of Education and the fact that they are doing their best and we must cooperate. ' The school board gets no pay and very little recognition, so let's give three cheers now and then for the work they are carrying out. I0 Language Miss Luellc Moss Heidelberg College, A.B. English l2 and 9 Latin l and Il. Miss Catherine Snyder Bowling Green University, B S. English 8 FACULTY Miss Mabel J. Bourquin Mrs. Mildred Davis Mrs. Mary Jane Weeks University of Toledo, B.S. Bowling Green University, College of Wooster, A.B. English ll. B.S. English 9. Senior Dean of Girls English lO. PubIic'Speaking Dramatics. L1brancin Mrs. Ernestine Wiedemann Miss Barham Moore Miss Marguerite Seip Ol'iiofNorthern University, Ohio Northern University. Ohio Wesleyan University, B.S. .B. B.A. English 7. Ohio State University, M.A. University of Minnesota, Journalism I and ll. B.S. in Library Science Spanish I and ll. Librarian. ll Social Sciences Mr. C. D. LaRue Miss Elizabeth Freck Miss Hazel Stubbins Miss Olleitu Whiteman Otterbein College, B.A. Miami University, B.S. Michigan College, M.A. New York, M.A. American History World History Bowling Green University, Bowling Green University, Problems of Today B.S. B.S. Social Science 8 Social Science 7 Math Miss Margery L. Hoftert Miss Vera Eger Miss Lucille Brickner Ohio State University, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. Bowling Green University, Algebra Bowling Green University, B.S. Plane Geometry B.S. Math 7 Advanced Math Math 8 Senior Class, Advisor i Guidance Junior Dean of Girls Science E l Mr. L. A. Van Sant Mr. Albert Siekeres Miss Jean Goble Mr. W. W. Nixon Findlay College, B.A. Bowling Green University, Indiana University Extension Ohio State University, M.A Ohio State University, M.A. B.S. Ball State Teachers College, Mount Union, B.S. General Science Physics ' B.S. Biology Chemistry Q Science 7 Guidance Pre-Flight Aeronautics Math 8 Athletics Manager . , Senior Dean of Boys 12 Business Education W r '1 Miss Jean Shaw Miss Ina Sponsler Mr. Jess E. Powers Mr. G. D. Knepper Bowling Green University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Indiana State University, Bliss College, B.S B.S. A.B. B.S. Bookkeeping l and ll Typing I and ll New York University, M.A. Oklahoma AGM, M.S. American Problems Junior Business Training Shorthand I Shorthand ll Junior Business Training Office Clerical Practice Business Principles Distributive Education Music and Art Mr. James Middleton Mr. Ralph Tiniarrew Miss Marietta1Kershrrer Ohio State Universityg BS' Ohio i"" State University, B.S. Bowling Green University, Choir Instrumental Music B.S. Chorus Art 7 and 8 Glees Advanced Art Junior High Choir Physical Education Photography Miss Wilma .Cole Mr. Robert 0'NeiII Mr. Thomas Bender Mr. Charles Zumpht Bowling Green University, Ohio State University, B.S. Ashland College, A.B. Findlay College, B.A. B.S. Boys' Physical Education Physical Education Lowell School Girls' Physical Education Health Q Football Coach Photography Health Basketball Coach Junior Dean of Boys ' 1 3 i Industrial Arts Mr. R. L. Bohyer Mr. Floyd Gehres Mr. Kermit Janes Mr William Jones Bowling Green University, Bowling. Green University, Toledo University Toledo University B.S. B.S. Shop Science and Sr Machine Shop Mechanical Drawing Woodworking Vocational Education Machine Design Auto Mechanics Printing Shop Math Shop Manipulation Welding Electricity Home Economics Miss Helen Mettler Ohio State University, B.A., M. A. Textiles Clothing Boys' Home Living Professional, Non Instructional Mrs. Ethel Ritchey Bowling Green University B.S. Home Economics ll Home Living Boys' Home Living Mrs. Mary Chamberlain Mrs. Donna Breidigan Miss Lucille Kanalale Mrs 0 R March Secretary to the Tsantles Findlay Hospital, R.N Cafeteria Head Superintendent Secretary to the Principal Cincinnati General Hospital 5 School Nurse Attendance Officer H' Nu i SFX Wffgig Sk 5? 0!mfz'?6! enior 6655 l 945 AU REVOI R Commencement l 945 The strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," The dim-robed figures moving slow, The hint of roses on the air, The watching parents row on row, The memories whose whisperings Are heard by only Senior ears, Q The heads held high, the tear-dimmed eyes, The quick parading of six years: .Junior high days- Valentines- Social Science- Text book fines- Heavy homework- Young romances- The holidays- Dates and dances- Late spring classes Often cut- Books and doors Forever shut. The strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," The dim-robed figures moving slow, The scent of roses on the air, The tearful parents row on row, The ticking clock, the parchment scrolls Of untold worth, The heart can tells Of thesethough lips can only say "Au revoir"-"but not farewell !" -Barbara Fruth I6 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY William Barringer Robert Restemyer W GIRLS' TREASURER Jo Anne O'Brien Mary Louise Heinze Class Flower ..... ....... A merican Beauty Rose Class Colors ......... ........................, N avy Blue and White Motto ............ ....... S uccess is Not Attained in an Hour I7 OYS' TREASURER Richard Fast RUTH BALSAT Soft voice . . . Friendly . . . The girl at the ribbon counter . . . Business tech- nician. JAMES BEESON Reserved . . . Dimpled chin . , . "Jim." xii VELMA ALLISON White caps and thermome- DORIS BAKER fers l , , Cherry pie , I , Senorita . . . Our Dinah "fyAy kilqgdorn fgr Q good Shore . . . -H1058 TQIIQOTIVE fime-C1ock," eyes . . . Stuffed peppers. WILLIAM BARRINGER ROBERT BAXTER Blue, too . . . "Bill" . . . "To This year, too? . . . "I have a football team of 1 wanta go steady" , . . little Barringersf' Woof, woof! . . . Half-pint. PATRICIA BARLEY Sports fan . . . Determina tion . . . Cupids-bow lip House-wife lPresent an- Futurell . . . Likes blue. s I N BENSON Cameo-type beauty . . Calm, cool,- and collecter . . . "Phyl." JAMES BENTZ BARBARA BISHOP Onion fiend . . . Electrical Green eyes . . . "Stinky" engineer . . . Beware! ln- . . . Sparkling smile . . . fectibus grin. "Shall we dance?" I8 S 2 S5 :S ii 51 JUNE BRANDEBERRY She's engaged, she's love- ly" . . . Lilting soprano . . . lmpish. ANN CLARK Airline stewardess . . . Ice ream and potato chips . . . Nice to know . . . The bet- ter things in life.- FOREST BOSTIC LOUISE E BOUCI-IER remont G R pin Class Home type Ready smile c ow Why work? Fireside chat ter HELEN BROMKLEY Typing terror . . . A little of the house-wife . . . Good humor girl. VIOLA BROWN GENE CARREL Sweet . . . Third finger, "l've been working on the left hand . . . "I love choco- railrogd" . . . Big, blond late cake." and bashful. curroko COCKIE RQBERT coonff Aussie ,,CHh,,, Unpredlctable . . . Food! Cute, ri'n ' ' ' ' Give me more!" . . .. Un- Q ' hurried speech. xl x 'I I9 RAYMOND CLARK They call him Ray . . . Red hair and freckles . . . Quiet. CHARLES ROBERT CURRIER Muscles . . . "Bob" . . . He likes Scotties. Aileen os wars: The dreamer . . . Double- trouble . . . Bright colors . . . baked beans. JEWEL COPSEY She weeps for all, she STANLEY CRAMER, laughs for all g 4 n ..Butch,. Handy-man . . . Amiable u Q . Rhyme and rhythm ' I I . , . Seldom Seen, 0II'l'l0UQI"l .,1-hotu gleam. his work is everywhere. i 5 GERALD DAVIS Charles Atlas . . . "Stinky" . . . Nick's right-hand-man . . . "Meet Miss Jones." CLYDE DECKER "Boner" . . . How about that wink? . . . Just plain nice . . . "Gas? Plenty!" ALVA DOLCH PATRICIA DYE "Don't Fence Me ln" . . . Diamond ring . . . Efficient "Lefty" . . . Short, dark, and easy-going . . . Head in and mmmmmm! . the clouds. 20 DONALD DANNER Class character and musi- cian...88 keys... Shostakovich . . . Vogue socks. Sill JANE DICKEN Fun, Incorporated . . . The girl with the plastic face . . . "Janie, dear." ,S , on ESTHER EMERSON RICHARD L FAST umsncal No aspara Easy does it Personality gus please , . . Competent pus . . . Jake . . . Three . . . Very thoughtful. cheers for the Navy. ROBERT FEISEL Bob" . . . Weakness for cheerleaders . . . Those Navy blues . . . "OW-wooo!" THELMA L. FULLER Sweet dignity . . . A heart for Hammer . . . "Come what may." BARBARA FRUTH A little bit of everything Matter-girggv FRY Slender ' ' ' garb Guessvwhatl blonde . . . "Why hurry so?" . . . Original clothes. JUNE HALL Sh JUCEARD Gkovfg, ku Short and sweet . . . "Jun- Y: gr- ug ' ' ' 'C ie" . . . "Do you-all think e uh' Ah talks funny?" 21 RUTH EVELYN FOX Squeeze box gal Big, black eyes Sweet- ums Dark, cloudy hair. JACK GANGWAY "Who, me?" . . . The search for Betty . . . The roamer. MARY LOUISE HEINZE Mary, Mary, quite contrary . . . "Personality" in capi- tal letters . . . Jewelry col- lector. BEATRICE LEEDY Flaming hair . . . Sweet dis- position . . . Willing to please. MYRON JOHN HALL EULA HECKATHORN Quiet industry . . . Seldom "The mail-mon is such a , seen or heard . . . Good lovely person" . . . To be o student. good wife . . . Loyal. HELEN HUTCHINSON DORIS IMBER Helen Hayes, iunior . . . Woman athlete . . . Sincere Summers in New York . . . . Oh, for some brothers Long, wavy locks . . . Style. like hers. GLADYS HEISERMAN "Blondie" . . . Song-bird . . . "lt's so nice to be en- gaged." CLYDE LENTZ Seldom seen . . . Anecdotes . . . Airplane fiend. VIRGINIA LEWIS JACK MCCLELLAN "Ginny" . . . Natural curls Strawberry lover . . . Ambi- . . . "l wish l could make tious . . . He drinks deeply up my mind" . . . Cute. of the "Pierian Spring." zz, X x S X x S S E E s 2 H X S E S ss K3 ss ss fi DANIEL McGlNNIS "Mac" . . . Bowling Green is the loveliest town . That beautiful lavender sweater. GLORIA MORGAN Silver blonde . . . On again, off again . . . Variety is the SP ice of life. BETTY JANE McCURDY Everybody's friend . . . She aspires to be a "barbour" . . . Good at figures. ETHEL MANECKE Something new, something old . . . Willing, worker . . . Accountant. MARK MUNN Cosmopolitan . . . "Mac- beth" . . . Edgar A. Poe, Jr. . . . "Contra." JEAN MeDONEL "'Jeonie with the light brown hair" . . . "I wont to get away from it all" . . . Cheerful earful. WILLIAM MILLER Solid citizen . . . Debater . . 4 "Bill." HOWARD MYERS Chemistry prof . . . "Licor- ice-stick" Musician . . . The Judge's daughter. ' JAMES MALL Auto-mechanic . . . "Jim' . . .D A streak of adventure JoAN MUMMA "Ja" . . . Well-groomed . Equestrienne . . . Silver jew- elry . . . "I beg thy por- don!" WAYNE MYERS MARY Lou MYERS The Voice Junior girls are so nice Schol Sweet and friendly winning way . . . Active. Orly JAMES NEEDLES "I like gray and rich apple pie" . . . "Jimmie" . . . Machinist lst class. JAMES NUSSER JO ANNE O'BRlEN Slow and steady . . . "Jim" Irish eyes ...- ' 'Cutie" . . . . . . "l love to eat. Who Pecan candy -rolls . . . She Jdoesn't?" lives up to her name. ROBERT OGG "Ah, June!" . . . Anything edible: particularly spaghetti . . . Likes brown. ALLEGRA PASQUALETTI "Pete" . . . Bright answers MILLICENT PASTORIOUS . . . "Please spell my name A Photogenic . . . Vivacious right!" . . . Black coffee for . . . "Millie," the Editor. A 24 IMOGENE NISWENDER Nice things come in small packages . . . Future book- keeper . . . Petite. JANET CAROL PAGE The Marines have landed ,. . . Clever -. . . Lovely hair . . . Girl athlete. MARJORIE ANN PETERS Fuchsia . . . Engaged girl . . . Letters in American I-listory. GEORGE J PERKINS Big Man on Campus Perpetual president Why worry? . . . "Jack All round student JOE PAYNE Southern tried chicken . . . Mechanical engineer . . Another "blue" fan. BETTY PIOTTER "Take life easy" . . . A gown of blue, an apple pie, and you . . . Happy. KENNETH REINHARD Willing worker . . , "Kenny" . "K-k-k-k-katie" . . . Good sportsman. ' JANET PREIS ROBERT A. QUAINTANCE Conscientious . . . Para- The Major General . . . Al troop wings . . . Always fred Lunt, Junior . . . "She's sweet . . . "Why?" so small and sweet." BARBARA ANN RHUDE HAROLD SAXTON "Oh, you men!" . . . Likes Cheerful . . . Unobtrusive green . . . Sheffel's "twin" .. . "Here today, gone to- . . . Baked apples. morrow." 25 ROBERT RESTEMYER "Most likely to succeed-" . . . Junior prez . . . Trump- eteer. ' HARRY SHIFF "Abie"' . . . Sweater boy . . . "Tea" stamps . . . Fu- ture basketball coach. RICHARD SNYDER "Dick"v. . . Glamour-boy . . . Future cowboy . . . "Still water runs deep." JUNE Vsuerrsi. Class superwoman . . . III mean ta hold onto my man" . . . Likes bananas. DUN SINGLETON Salesman extraordinary . Asks not for glory, but serve . . . Loyal. to RALPH SHERMAN Happy mon . . . "Watch the Chevvies go by" Sherman and Shuman, Inc. NINA sMlTH The skin you love to .L . . Feathery curls Sterling-silver voice. touch 5 GORDON S'f0UFFER BENNETTA STOVALL Super-salesman . . . Lim- Likes blue and ice-cream . . . burger cheese . . . Salt-and- Crusader . . . Well read . L . pepper disposition. Good student. i . JOAN SHUMAN Florence "Nightingale" . . . Quality not quantity . . . The bright side of Sherman's life. t GENE STEARNS - Qameras and machines . . Quite quiet . . . Bland! tr BERNYCE TARVER Boogie-woogie . . . lemon pie . . . White uniforms and Ether. PHYLLIS VOGEL "Ponds" complexion . . . Hamburger fiend . . . A letter a day . . . "Your shoe stamp, pIease." JACK SWITZER Likes blondes l?l . . . "Any- body got an extra A.P.0.?" . . . More fun! FLORENCE THOMAS "Tommie" . . . Anchors aweigh . . . Seafood . . . "l like navy lperiodll blue." BETTY WALTERS Likes black . . . Flowers, feathers, and veiling . . . Little and lively. MARGARET TARRIS Wedding bells . . . Calm . . . Friendly smile. GREETHAM TWELLS Ceramic engineer .. . Likes cherry pie . . . Scholar and gentleman. ASA CLARA TATE Future Marian Anderson . . . Butterscotch pie . . . Beau- tiful penmanship . . . Friend- ly. GLENN WALKER A little bit goes a long way . . .'Music student . . . "Me, myself, and a beefsteak." HARRY WELLS "l like brown and chicken" . . . The flying engineer . z . Quiet? CHARLES WONDERS Charlie" . . . The ideal life . .A word, a smile, for all. . I :- . ,,:., , T, ,. MARY Jo ANN wn.cox HAnou.o wma y , , Pepsodent smile . . . "Mary Tall and happy . . . "This K Q , E1 Q . ' ' 3, z 5.5 Jo" . . . Here, there, and is a good book!" . . .Talka- D 'f everywhere. tive. ig ' , HERBERT YENSER "Herbie" . . . "I wanta girI" . . . The Slove of Duty . . . Our crooner. 28 CHARLES WYANS Fiaendly . . .. "I wa this crazy . . Likes brown nt to get ahead in worId." Jack Perkins Barb Fruth Dick Snyder Cutie O'Brien Mark Munn Janet Preis Bill Barringer June Sheffel I . f . ,,,,a.cJ., A Dick Fast I Mary Heinze . i . i. ,, Bob Restemeyer 'Pete' Pasqua letti Don Danner Joan Shuman Bob Quaintance Helen Hutchinson Velma Allison Girl Reserves 2,3,4. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Phyllis Benson Louise E. Boucher Jewel Copsey c.A.A. l,2,3,4: v. President. Home Economics Club 3,4- Home Economics Club 2,3,4. Doris Baker Girl Reserves l,2,3,4. Journal Salesman 2. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Glee 2,3,4. Junior High Choir l. Annual Staff 4. Trio 4. Operetta lchorus 2, 4l. Lambda Sigma 4. Ruth Balsat Journal Salesman 2. Chorus 2,3,4. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. cast 3, Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Glee 2. Freshmen Players l. Chorus 2,3,4. chair z,3,4. Glee 2,3,4. cms' Basketball z,s,4. Annual Staff 4.. . Operetta: '-lI lChorusl 2y3,'4. Trio 4. Cafeteria Staff 3,4. Jr. High Choir l. Jim Bent: Hi-Y 4. Projection Club 3. Nature and Science Club 1. Annual Staff 4. War Stamps Salesman 4. Pre-Flight Club 4. Barbara Bishop Freshmen Players l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Home Economics Club 2,3,4. ' G.A.A. l. Chorus 2,3. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Student Nurse 3. Joumal Salesman 2,4. Jr. High Chair l. Helen Brombley Vi Home Economics Club l,2. G.A.A. 2,3,4. Lambda Sigma 3,4: Vice ' Sta President. War Stamps Salesman 4. Library Staff 3. Cafeteria Staff 2. Student Nurse 3. ala Brown Findlay High School l,2. Girl Reserves 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Jr. High Cheerleader l. . yor Siogspffciesmon 4' '3,4. Gene Carrel nnuo C' ' Choir 2,3 4: Secretary. Football l,2,3. Operetta lchorusl 2. Glee 2 3 4 Hi-Y 4 ffffigerlaogggfrf 34' Journal Salesman 4. Boys Sports l. ' 9 ' War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lChorusJ 2,3,4. Ann clan, . . Freshman Players l. Patricia Barley 4 . , Freshmen ploygrs In Girtlarlsleserves 2,3,4. Secre- Sluden' Colm" "3' omaafaa Lambda 2 3 4. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Forest Bogie Scriveners 3,4- War Stamp Salesman 4. S I, I r hi T m 2 3 Upper Sandusky l. BOYS SPPIIS l- C3805 S2 g ea ' ' Bowling Green 2. Journal Salesman 2,4. Choir 52 5 - Glee 2,3. War Stamps Staff and Sales- w'ir s ' a mon 4' : iam arrmg r O ich i i Football l,2,3,4. Jana sfaaaabaffy Sffjjlf' N,,,S2'lf-i 23 Basketball l,2,3,4. National Honor 3,4: Secre- Jn High Choir It Student Council 4. tary. Cafeteria 3,4. Jr, Resreves l. 3 4 T Boys Sports l. Girl Reserves 2, , z reas- War Stamps Committee 4. urer, Ruygqggtiglagub 3 4 Joumal Salesman 4. l ' ' Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. .M k. aaa- Jr- Ha- 1- C"p::,5:.ii:f. 2... 2. H' Y 314- Glrls Glee 2'3'4' Nature and Science l. p,e-Fi,gi-,f Club 4, War Stamps Salesman 4. Schomrshi Team I 2 Choir 1- Lib'0'Y Sfaff 4- Pre-Fiaahrpciab 4 ' ' Junior Hi-Y It Annual Staff 4. Basketball 3 4 ' - Annuql 4, Orchestra l,2,3,4: Secretary- ' ' D Treasurer. Esttgrcghtffilimzlor'-?'3i43. 'Robert Coolier O Hen! 2 3 4y ' ' Freshman Players l. JONES 569800 Qgorten 4 ' ' Journal Salesman 2. Football 3,4. Student eNuLSe 4 War Stamp Salesman 4. Hi-Y 4. V ' Annual Staff 4. Bays' Glee 2. Scholarship Team 2. 30 Traffic Patrol 3,4. Jr. Girl Reserves l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Scriveners 3,4. Journal Salesman 2,4. War Stamp Salesmar'i'4. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,fl. Glee 2,4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta 2,3,4' lCastl. Trio 4. Freshman Choir l. nley Cramer Freshman Players l. Proiection Club 4. Operetta 3. Annual Staff 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Boys' Glee 3. Chorus 3. . Omicron Lambda 4. Charles Robert Currier Boys' Sports I. Football l,2,3,4. Basketball l,2,3,4. Donald Danner Hi-Y 2,3,4. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Scriveners 3,4. Journal Salesman 3. Scholarship Team 3. Chorus 4. Choir 4. Boys' Glee 4. War Stamp Salesman 4 Annual Staff 4. Band 3,4. Orchestra 2,3,4. Pit Orchestra 2,3,4. Operetta lCastl 4. Pep Band 3,4. Freshman Players l. Little Symphony 3,4. Gerald Davis Hi-Y 3,4. Omicron Lambda 4. Jr. Hi-Y l. Journal Salesman 4. Junior Class Play 3. War Stamp Salesman 4 Annual Staff 4. Basketball 3. Football 2. Cafeteria Staff 3,4. Traffic Patrol 3,4. Proiection Room 3,4. One Act Play Contest 3 Clyde Decker Robert Feisel Thelma L. Fuller Hi-Y l,4. Journal Salesman 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Aileen De Weese Girl Reserves l,2,3,4. G.A.A. l. Home Economics Club 2,3,4. Joumel Salesman 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Chorus l,2,3. Jane Diclren Girl Reserves 2,3,4,ALeader Freshman Players l. Junior High Choir l. Chorus l. Scholarship Team- 3. War Stamp Salesman 4. Alva Dolch Hi-Y 3,4. Debate l. One Act Play Contest 2,3. Freshman Players l. Patricia Dye ' Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4 . Glee 2,3,4. ' Journal Salesman 2,4. Girl Reserves l,2,3,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta 2,3,4 lChorusl. Home Economics Club 2. Esther Emerson Findlay High School l,2. Lambda Sigma 3,4: Program Chairman. Girl Reserves 4. War Stomp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Richard Fast ' Basketball l,2,3,4. Student Council l,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Freshman Players l. Journal Salesman 4. Hi-Y 3,4. All School Play 3. Junior Class Play 3. War Stamp Salesman 4. Omicron Lambda 2,3. Proiection Room 2. Operetta 3. Freshman Players l. Omicron Lambda 2,3. Hi-Y 3,4: V. President. All School Play 3., War Stamp Salesman 4. Journal Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Student Council 2. Basketball 2,3. Football 4. Ruth Evelyn Fox Freshman Players l. Lambda Sigma 2,3,4: Presi- dent. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Scriveners 2,3. Chorus 2. Journal Staff 3. Choir 2. Operetta 2 lChorusl. All School Play 3. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Barbara Fruth Freshman Players l. Journal Salesman l. Scholarship l,2,3,4. Chorus 2,3. Girl Reserves 2,3,4: V. Pres- ident. . Omicron Lambda 2,3,4: President 4. National Honor 3,4. Scriveners 3,4. One Act Play Contest 2. One Act Contest Play 2. Choir 4. War Stamp Committee 4. Junior High Choir l. Journal Staff 4. Library Staff 4. All School Play 3. Junior Class Play 3. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lChorusl 4. Journal Reporter 3. Betty Fry Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Home Economics Club l. Chorus 2,3. Glee 3. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Student Nurse 3. Operetta 3. Sl Home Economics Club l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. G.A.A. 2,3,4. Accounting Staff 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Girls' Basketball 3. War Stamp Salesman .4 Journal Salesman 4. Jack Gangway Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 3,4. Glee 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Freshman Players l. Journal Salesman 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Operetta 3,4. Hi-Y 3,4. Glee 4: Librarian. Richard Groves Glee 4. Hobby Club l. Photography 4. June Hall Tiffin Jr. Order High School l,2,3. G.A.A. 4. Myron John Hall Journal Salesman l. Chorus 2,3,4. Boys' Glee 2,3,4. Choir 3,4. Projection Club 3,4. Operetta 3,4 lChorusl. Eula Heckathorn Art Club l : V. President. Home Economics Club 2,3,4. Chorus 2. Annual Staff 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Mary Louise Heinxe Freshman Players l. Omicron Lambda 2,3,45 Sec- retary Treasurer 3. Girl Reserves 2,3,4ALeader. National Honor 3,4. Scriveners 3,4. Scholarship 2,3. Chorus 2,3. Choir 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Student Council 4. ' Library Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Orchestra l,2,3,4. Pit Orchestra 2. Little Symphony l. Operetta 4 lChorusl. Journal Staff 3,4. Contest Play 2. Gladys Heiserman Chorus 2,3. Choir 2,3. Home Economics Club 2,3,4 Treasurer. G.A.A. 3,4. Cafeteria Staff' l,2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lChorusl 3. Helen Hutchinson Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Presi dent. National Honor 3,4: Presi dent. Freshman Players l. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Scriveners 2,3,4. Journal Staff 3. Scholarship Team l,2,3. All School Play 2. Junior Class Play 3. War Stamp Salesman 4.t Library Staff. Annual Staff. Pit Orchestra 2,3,4. Orchestra l,2,3,4. Little Symphony 2,3,4. Student Council 4. Debate 2. One Act Play 2. Doris lmber G.A.A. 1,z,3,4. Home Economics 2,3,4: Pres- ident. Girls' Basketball 3. Annual Staff 4. Beatrice Leedy Woodville High l,2. Girl Reserves 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Student Nurse 3. Clyde Lent: Model Airplane Club l. Hi-Y 3,4. Projection Club 2. Scholarship Team 2. Pre-Flight Club 4. Virginia Lewis Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Omicron Lambda 4. Journal Salesman 2,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Freshman Players l. Annual Staff 4. William Miller Betty Jane McCurdy Home Economics Club Secretary Glrl Reserves 2,3,4. G.A.A. 2,3,4: Secretary. Journal Salesman 4. War Stamp, Salesman 4. Girls' Basketball l,2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Cafeteria Staff 3,4. Student Nurse 3. Accounting Staff 3,4. Jack McClellan Annual Staff 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Boys' Sports l. Jean McDoneI l: Home Economics 2,3,4: Sec- retary. G.A.A. 3,4. Girl Reserves l,2. Gloria Morgan Wayne Myers Al Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Freshman Players l. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Glee 2,3,4. Journal Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta iChorusl 2,3,4. Joan Mumma Girl Reserves 2,3,4ALeader. War Bond Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Scriveners 3,4. Freshman Players l. Chorus 2. Scholarship Team 3. Journal Staff 4. Kindergarten Work 4. Journal Salesman 4. Mark Munn Annual Staff 4' American High School l. Highland Park High School Z. Pan-American 2. Dan McGinnis Hi-Y 3,4. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Junior Class Play 3. Hi-Y 3,4: Program Chair- BOI'1d 3,4- man. Pep Band 3,4. Science Club l. Journal Staff 2,3,4. Scholarship Team l,2,3. All School Play 2,3. War Stamp Salesman 4. ' Annual Staff 4. One Act Play Contest 2,3. Jim Mall Traffic Patrol 4. Cafeteria Staff 4. Nature and Science Club Model Airplane Club l. Scholarship Team 2. Pre-Flight Club'4. Ethel Manecke Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Home Economics 2,3,4. 2. 'Cafeteria 3,4. M Accounting Staff 3,4. Scholarship Team 3. Hi-Y 3,4. Hobby Club l 1 President. Journal Salesman 4. Howard Myers Nature and Science Club l. Hi-Y 3,41 Secretary. Journal Salesman 3. Scholarship Team 3. - Junior Class Play 3. War Stamp -Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Band l,2,3,4. - Orchestra l,2,3,4: Secretary. Pit Orchestra l,2. Clarinet Trio 2. One Act Play Contest 3. Pep Band l,2. Clarinet Quartette 2,4. ary Lou Myers Bascom High School l. Jr. Girl Reserves l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Latin Club l. Home Economics Club l. Journal Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Student Nurse 2,3. Hi-Y 3,4. Art Club l. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Glee 2,3,4. Operetta 2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Traffic Patrol 3,4. Glee Club 4: Representative. Football l. Journal Salesman 4. Jim Needles Traffic Patrol 3,4. Boys' Sports l. Iegra Pasqualetti Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Freshman Players l. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4: Pro- gram Chaimian. Annual Staff 4. Scriveners 2,3,4. Journal Staff 3,4. Scholarship Team l,2. Junior High Choir l. Junior Class Play 3. Library Staff 4. Debate 2. One Act Play Contest 2. One Act Play Contest 2. Millicent Pastorious G.A.A. l,2,3,4. Bond l'2' Home Economics 2 3 4 Orchestra l,2. ' ' ' Pre-Flight 4. Annual Staff 4. Joe Payne Imogene Niswender gljgni' Home Economics Club l,2,3, pre,Flight Club '4. 4: V. President. Annual Staff 4. Accounting Staff 3,4. Jim Nusser Band l. Pre-Flight Club 4. Traffic Patrol 4. Ja Anne 0'Brien' , Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Leader. Jr. Girl Reserves l. Journal Staff 3,4. Chorus l. War Stamp Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Student Council 3,4. Robert Ogg Boys' A Cappella Choir l. Pre-Flight Club 4. Janet Carol Page G.A.A. l: President, 2,3,4: Treasurer. Girl Reserves 2. Chorus l,2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Girls' Glee 2,3,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Girls' Basketball 3,4. Operetta lChorusl 2,3,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Jack Perkins Hi-Y 3,41 President. National Honor 3,4: V. Pres- ident. Student Council l,2,3,4. Basketball l,2,3,4. Football l. 'War Stamps Staff 4. Annual Staff 4. Journal Staff 2: Editor 3,4. Boys' Sports l. Scholarship.Team l,2,3. Marjorie Ann Peters Annual Staff 4. Chorus l. Girl Reserves l,2,3,4. Home Economics 3,4. Betty Piotter Student Nurse 3. Janet Preis Girl Reserves 2,3,4: A Lead- er. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4: V President. Scriveners 2,3,4. Freshman Players l. Journal Staff 3,4. Junior Choir l. Junior Class Play 3. Library Staff 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Debate 2. Journal Salesman 4. Annnual Staff 4. One Act Play Con Scholarship. l,2,4. test 3. Greetham Twells Robert Quaintance Ralph Sherman Hi-Y 3,4: Chaplain. Journal Salesman 4. Scholarship 4. Chorus l,2,3,4. Choir l,2,3,4: V. President. Boys Glee l,2,3,4. Junior Class Play 3. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lcastl 2,3,4. Quartette 2,3,4. Football 4. l One Act Play Contest 3. Boys' Choir Accompanist Omicron Lambda 3,4. Boys' Sports I. Kenneth Reinhard Football l,3,4. Cafeteria Staff l,2,3,4. Boys' Sports l. Hi-Y 4. Robert Restemyer Hi-Y 3,4. Boys' Sports l. Scholarship Team 2,3. Annual Staff 4. Band l,2,3,4: President. Orchestra l,2,3,4: President. Student Council 3,4. Cafeteria Staff 2,3,4. Pit Orchestra 2,3,4. Pep Band l,2,3,4. Barham Ann Rhude Girl Reserves 2,3,4. G.A.A. 2,3,4. Journal Salesman 4. Chorus 2. Girls' Glee 2. Junior Choir l. Girls' Basketball 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Band 3,4: V. President. Orchestra 4: Secretary. Operetta 2. Pep Band 4. Harold Saxton Jr. Hi-Y l. Gym l,2,3,4. June Shetfel Tiffin High School l,. G.A.A. 2,3,4: President. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Journal Salesman 4. Chorus 2. Girls' Basketball 2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Band 3,4: Secretary. Pep Band 3,4. Hi-Y 3,4. Chorus 4. Boys' Glee 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lChorusl 4. Camera Club l. Harry Shiff Hi-Y 3,4. Band l,2,3,4. Basketball l,2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Junior Hi-Y l. Pep Band 2. Joan Shuman Girl Reserves l 1 President, 2, 3,4: Song Leader. Home Economics 2,3,4. Journal Salesman 4. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir l,2,3,4. Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta 2,3 lChorusl , 4 iCastl. Quartette 4. Student Nurse 3. Kindergarten Work 4. Don Singleton Photography l,2,3,4. Junior High Choir l. Nina Smith Flint l,2,3. Choir 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta lCasti 4. Dick Snyder Clyde l,2,3. Fremont 4. Hi-Y 4. Gene Stearns Boys' Sports l,2. Chorus l,2,3. Hi-Y 3,4. Jack E. Switzer Freshmen Players l. Student Council 2. Hi-Y 3,4. Basketball 2. Annual Staff 4. War Stamp Committee 4. Omicron Lambda 2,3,4. Sr. Class Play 4. Journal Salesman 4. War Stamps Salesman 4. 33 Margaret Tarris Home Economics 2,3,4. Kindergarten 4. Student Nurse 3,4. Bernyce Tarver Lorain High l,2. Girl Reserves 3,4. Home Economics 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Clara Tate Girl Reserves l,2,3,4: A Leader. Annual Staff 4. Home Economics Club 3,4. Girls' Basketball I. Florence Thomas Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Chorus 2,3,4. Girls Glee 2,3,4. Cheerleader l., Freshman Players l'. Operetta 2,3,4 lChorusl. Student Nurse 4. Journal Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Home Economics Club 2,3,4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Kindergarten 4. Basketball 3. . .. Bel-ty Walters Jr. Girl Reserves l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Home Economics 2,3,4. Annual Staff 4. Harry Wells Annual Staff 4. Boys Sports l,2. ' Mary Jo Wilcox Freshman Players l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Home Economics Club 3,4 Journal Staff 4. Journal Salesman 2,3. Junior Choir l. War Stamp Salesman 4. Student Council 2,3. Annual Staff 4. Harold Wing Band l,2. Orchestra l,2. Pep Band l. Wa: Stamp Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Science Club l. Student Council 3. Charles Wonders Band l ,2,3,4. Freshman Players l. Hi-Y 3,4. Annual Staff 4. Scholarship 3. Phyllis Vogel Jr. Girl Reserves l. Girl Reserves 2,3,4. Chorus 2,3,4. Choir 2,3,4. Girls Glee 2,3,4. War Stamp Staff, Salesman 4. Annual Staff 4. Operetta 2,3,4. Jr.' High Chorus l. Home Economics Club 2. Glenn Walker Orchestra l,2,3,4: Publicity Manager. Hobby Club l. Scholarship Team 3. Band l,2,3,4. Pep Band l,2,3,4. Clarinet Quartette 2. Clarinet Trio 2,4, Hi-Y 3,4. Orchestra 3. Pep Band 3. Football Manager 2. Boys' Athletics l. Ha-Y 3,4. Herbert Yenser Choir l,2,3,4: President. Chorus 2,3,4. Boys' Glee 2,3,4. Boys' Choir l. Boys' Quartette 3. Mixed Quartette 4. Operetta 2 lChorusi , 3,4 iCastl. Drum Major 4. Omicron Lambda 3,4. Vocal Solo Contest l. Marching Band l,2,3,4: Publicity Mgr. Concert Band l,2,3,4. Pep Band 2. Junior Class Play 3. Freshman Players l. Journal Salesman 4. War Stamp Salesman 4. Hi-Y 3,4. Cafeteria Staff 2. Annual Staff 4. . 670444 of 216 How wonderful it is to be a Junior! Any Junior can tell you and probably will if given a chance. The Juniors have all the glories the Sophomores don't have, and none of the headaches that are prevalent among the Seniors. The class of i946 has come a long way since they were "scored seventh grad- ers." Their many achievements have made for them the name of a busy, energetic, and alert group. Their always present interest in schol- astic things, their various abilities in dra- matics, music, and other extra-curricular activities have easily made them a class that the Sophomores may watch and imi- tate. The class of 1945 leaves its unlaced shoes behind, and proudly invites the class of l946, "Step in!" ' Junior Officers President ............................ Charles Koester Vice President ....... ........ J ack Cummings Secretory .......,.... ...... W ando Henderson Treasurer ......................... ' ....... Dick Lenhart HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS Suzanne Smothers, Kenneth Miller, Wanda Henderson 34 Wilma Creps Eileen Fruth Hazel Franks Lois Bennett Jack Watts Robert Preble Orville Lynch Tom Stevenson Charles Kaester Helen Balsat Helene Balsat Jo Anne Brickl Margaret Dible Jean Groves Wanda Henderson Ginny Maurer Patricia Post Betty Niday es 35 Harvey Bentley Kenny Miller Robert Marquardt Bob Dray Jock Cummings Richard Good Donna Dull Gladys Freet Virginia Elsea Phyllis Brink Betty Burkhart Rosemary Gillum Evelyn Devore Colleen Hickerson Donna Hartley Betty Henry DeWitte Barton Dean Dillery Jack Brubaker Don France Alberta Dippelhofer Pat Gary Beverly Flechtner Barbara Yoder Doris -Reidling Garlyn Rader Lois Slaughterbeck Dea Jo Hutchins Bevon Painter 36 Dick Muter Evelyn Lind Joanne Huffman Bob Lucius Jeannine Lane Herbert Hathaway Dick Lenhart Frances Mullholond Norma Niswander June Mergenthaler Norma Jane McKay Virginia Pritchard Barbara Jones John Bollinger Dick Abel Bill Etzinger Bob Peyton Bob Stovall Pat Shirk Bob Foltz Chuck Deagan Laura Sherick Millie Trousch Betty Jo Shirk Suzanne Smothers Joan Wagner Bob Sheets Mona Lee Smith Thelma Pickett Q Betty Opperman Eerqogd Hanley Fay Mansfield BET' Hcmgger 37 Eleanor Munger Jackie Houser Alvernis Hutchins Naomi Speelman Arlene Shuman Irene Smith Phyllis Sendelbach Carroll Smith Joanne Sprout Janice Shumaker Elton Steinman Keith Wetherill Herman Seel Robert -Stevens Jack Schwab Sally Lundberg La Vonne Henline Ruby Kimble Marilyn Herrig Alice Hottenstein 38 Jessie Lou Waltermire Audrey Statler Mary Alice Willoby Deloris Kopf Doris Moots Mary Joe Morehart Delores Earlie 66154 of 217 "And how does it feel to be in Senior High?" we ask any Sophomore. "Well, strictly sol- id!" is our answer. Last year the class of l947 was in that pitiable state of being too "old" for the Junior High and still unrecognized by the august upper-classmen. This year has proved their worth in many ways. They are always ready and will- ing to do any job however insignificant it may be. They have joined the clubs, taken new and unusual subiects with fascinating names like Biology and Plane Geometry, and are clabbling in anything and every- thing. With out a doubt, unless they wear themselves out before then, the year 1947 will see the graduation of one of our school's finest classes. Sophomore -Officers HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS Jim Williams George Bruggemann, George Hill, Donald Might 39 Marge Feisel Joyce Bormuth Beverly Brown Mary Flechtner Eleanor Fox Harry Buckingham Don Burgbocher Gene Beeson Wendell Conley Eileen DeBarr Jean Engle Gayle Burke Sally Crosby . ' . Lois Franklin J - Marvel Ash Nina Bomer Marlyn Farrell Verna Boucher Georgia Ann Apple Betty Cockie Mary Deckard Donna Brombley lda Brown Geneva Ernahiser Donna Buckingham Mary Allison Virginia Babb Ruth Baker Charley Bucholtz Johnny Bowman Junior Daugherty Buck Alley Gene Dunfee Floyd Emerine Don Devore Millie Herbert Anna Mae Housley Phyllis Gillette Norman Gibat ' Ralph Hummel Ted Hansen Joan Mutchler Juanita Mosier Roberta Magley , Arlene McComb Paul Vogel 3 Mike Higley ' Lynn Leedy Joan Lapidos Arvetta Kopf. Donnie Larson Frank Gary David Hollenbaugh Allen Rasey George Bruggemann Linden Brooks Spike Hill A Harlan Horner Kenny Matz Donald Mall Pete Peeler Leo Morel Beverly 'Hessey Marilyn Keefe Jeannine Harter Leroy Pohlman Gene Nusser Rulon Pratt Don Ostrosky Walter McClellan Eleanor Patterson Lucille McCullough LaDonna Rader Margaret Reber Alice Manecke Don Might Bob Marks Harold Sauder Art Wolfarth Bob Myers John Sharp Wendell Snavely Glorida Goodale Gertie McCubbin Ester Moffitt Dorothy Koons Joan Groves Betty Lorah Wilda Tate Louise Johnson Eileen Richards Joan Harler Bonnie Morgart Kathaleen Kirkendoll Betty Purdy Charleen Stumpp Marilyn Ressler Marvine Thomas Pat Hunker Ruth Henline Gwen Wolfelt Helen Myers Joyce Needles Betty Smith Betty Singleton Joan Smith Norma Lambright Donna Jean Sprow Sally Ullery Marianne Warner Ruth Smith Elma Robinson Betty Harler Erma Stoddard Mary Shultz Al Reinhard Duane Peters Roger Marietta Ronald Hyte Charles Volkmer Jimmy Richards 1 J it Roger Cole ' J Junior Ward Jim Pierce Junior Shumaker Carolyn Peggs Janet Ramsey Kathleen Walsh Josephine Shultz Betty Jane Ortega Sareldo Ray Jane Ray Evelyn Rust A ,Esta Sherridan Wanda Spangler Lydia Moyer Joyce Mansfield peggy Yeager Pat lflunker ' Marrnanne Thomas Ruth Henline 43 Hazel Smith Jim Williams Don Kisabeth Tom Ward Jim Hanover Jackie Snyder Joanne Rothenbuhler Barbara Stainbrook Luella Miller t Citi ,zz The "Frosh" of this year have showed their willingness and eagerness to become part of Senior High by the many things they have participated in. Their clubs have been active, their classes have been over-flowing with pro- jects, and everywhere one,goes a Freshman is present. Next fall, as the curtain goes up on an- other school year, the Freshmen will be playing featuredparts as illustrious Soph- omores. Already they have been "cast." They now need only to play out their roles to the final "Curtain," Freshmen Officers HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS B. Niswender, D. Blosser, I. Lindower, C. Switzer 44 Garland Allison Carla Jean Earle Donna Earlie Jeanette England Wanda Bovee Barbara Barth June Carson Goldie Aurand Bob Barchus Nancy Carter Robert Forster Arlene Baker Don Bollinger Peary Bollinger Norman Dieter Bob Bomer Jack Bateson Bob Compton Dick Blosser Harold Davis John Brant Duane Crow Pat Deubel Mary DeVore Viola Baker Floyd Allison Gene Claypool Bill Brown Nancy Berlinghoff Betty Baseshore Helen Baxter Hazel Buckingham Juanita Brambletl' Mardell France Duane Angles Bill Bosinger Barbara Etzinger Genevieve Baker Frances Batdorff V G Janice Anderson R32 Gigrsfe Mary Lou Davis M-ld d Mary Ann Cook I re Groves Norma Lee 45 Doris Cole Patsy Beigh Mary Lou Burkhart Joan Jordan V L Dorothy"Ward" Joann Smith Ruth. l"'lOl'i'er1Cl0rf Ruth Layton Dolores Harsh Cherie Lou Jackson Alyce Henning Donna Hoffbauer Gene Hanley Albert Jones Larry lckes Dwight Hazeltine Nelson Harris Paul Preble Clair Manecke Bill Mclntyre Betty 'Mclntyre Doris Opperman - Elsie Moon Paul Heckathorne Junior Helms Allen Kimble Herbert Horn Jim Hicks Gordon Lewis Byron Niswender Bill Mottram David Mpmpher Janet Newhouse Barbara Myers Marilyn Martin Ann Harrold Arden Lockhart llene Lindernan 'Mary Jo Howell Mary Ellen Lentz Don Hutchins Dick Lowmaster Gib Lone Wayne Kingery Jeannine Pierce Betty Jean Cooper Anna Haynes Mildred English Dorothy Johnson Jim Peyton Fred Hoffbauer Richard Musser Ed DeWalt Duane Munger 46 Dick Hdrding Bob Meng Bob Minord Jim Purdy Pat Travis Marilyn Snyder Betty Rothhaar Nancy Sowry Colleen Walsh Phyllis Statler Cliff Reinhard Torn Watts Jr. Romig Art Reinhard Bob Wiedemann Richard Young Virginia Stower Jack Stroman i Bum Thrailkill Stella Snyder Sharon Saddoris Jane Payne Jeannine Stienhurst Pat Workman Howard Wyatt Lowell Shrider Bob Stuckey Clyde Zuern Charles Rahrig Anna DeVore Helen Rose Josephine Szallar Jeannette Cook Harvey Saxton Bill Stevenson Charles Switzer Dick Vogel Kenneth Whiteman Eugene Young Natacha Rowe Georgia Smith Josephine Szallar Egrsrlgosgose Helen Jean Ross Jo Anne Woodland Dorothy Word Joann Smith Virginia Williamson FIRST ROW: Patty Carson, Joyce Bennett, Thelma Bullock, Evelyn McRoberts, Barbara Burch, Leona Jay, Lila Mae Fraver, Vida John- son, Lucy Ann May. SECOND ROW: Gloria Keefe, Marjorie Mom- pher, Carol Barnes, Mary Jo Harper, Mildred Buckingham, Jane Marietta, Diane Hillier, Su- san Bates, Mary Alice Jones, Lou Ellen Bower, Nancy Charles. EIGHTH FIRST ROW: Everett Daugherty, Robert Hull, Ralph Henry, David Fittro. SECOND ROW: Betty Lou Barton, Anna Blake, Annabelle Manecke, Russell Keckler, Frank Jordan, Carl Mosier, Jack Lytle, Byron Mad- den. THIRD ROW: Carl Emmons, Hugo lbarro, Ro- bert Kroetz, Joe McAnaney, Jack Lambright, Howard Dieter, Robert Gillette, David Busick. FIRST ROW: Jack Morgart, Lawrence Jones, Lawrence Hover. SECOND ROW: Jennette Jordan, Bernadine Clark, Mary Ellen Hunt, Elsie Moon, Mary Alice Head, Joyce Ann Huth, Virginia Lowry, Donna Musser. THIRD ROW: Betty Cousin, Sally Clemens, Viv- ian Knierim, Frances McCullough, Etta Harris, Ruth Dickhout, Neva Bomer, Rose Banks, Betty Haynes. FIRST ROW: Daniel Foltz, Robert Hanley, Jim Emerson. SECOND ROW: Donald Groves, Bob Gillespie, Charles Brant, Dwight Buchholtz, Bob Hogan, Bob Kiefer, Jim Keckler, Jack Feisel. THIRD ROW: Ed Myers, Jim Harden, Roland Cook, Harold Fuller, Robert Dunfee, Jim Cot- ter, Jerry Knepper, Eugene Benninghoff, Ro- bert E. Lee. FIRST ROW: Robert Law, Marvin Vitte, Wayne Walls, Dick Payne. ' SECOND ROW: Laura Hostottle, Darlene Davis, Barbara Wolfelt, Barbara MacDonald, John Pierce, Jim Bob Warner, Stanley Roberts. THIRD ROW: Richard Lewis, Tom Miller, Bill Mullholand, Carlos Jackson, Everett Keckler, Jock Coburn, Jim Reinhard, Arthur Marker. GRADE FIRST ROW: Niles Woodley, John Shatzer, Ogle Yates. ' SECOND ROW: Betty Jean Patterson, Wanda Lou Sauder, Marilyn Snyder, Maxine Tribby, Jeannette Tannyhill, Betty Jean Ziegler, Louise Ziegler, Marilyn Ricksecker. - THIRD ROW: Sue Porter, Geneva Willoby, Gwen Turner,' Ruth Segner, Marilyn Walsh, Marilynn Schmidt, Mildred Reinhard, Betty Reinhard. FIRST ROW: Robert Waltermyer, Ray Smith, Elva Mae Rasp, Glenn Sheridan, Bill Stein. , SECOND ROW: Rosemary Tate, Betty Slayter, Mary Lou Stainbroak, Lillian Reidling, Doris Niswander, Joan Parmenter, Elizabeth Yates, Margaret Pressette. THIRD ROW: Fred Raymont, Gordon Shiflet, Jim Schasser, Raymond Pastorius, Bob Wal- ters, Charles Walker, Robert Zuern. FIRST ROW: Bill Yeager, John David Pennell. SECOND ROW: Rose Anna Yates, Ester Yates, Vivian Richard, Florence Soles, Margaret Wal- ters, Virginia Thompson, Beverly Risser, Marilyn Rothhirn. THIRD ROW: Jean Purdy, Patricia Valenti, Lucille Shultz, Verna Shultz, Mary Post, Janet Peters, Joyce Stiles, Janet Ray, Bertha Thomas. FIRST ROW, Seventh Grade: Sally Seiple, Anne Tsantles, Vera Kreais, Betty Gonyer, Kurt Hen- nig, Kenneth Gaertner. SECOND ROW, Eighth Grade: Phillis Blackford, Mary Arwood, Jean Snyder, Normand Might, Bill Duffey, Don Brickles, Charles Gaertner. FIRST ROW: Bill Swinehart, Russell Keckler, Ray Smith, Jae Shank, Marvin Vitt, Glen Sher- iff, Charles Copsey, Carl Emmons. SECOND ROW: Patty Nusser, Wanda DeWeese, Jim Hurtt, Elizabeth Yates, Virginia Parsell, Geraldine Jackson. FIRST ROW: Mel Lafferty, Walter Dick- hout, David Basehore. SECOND ROW: Glenn Law, Karl Baker, Deon Groves, Clarence Banks, Jerry Broy- les, Raymond Haase, Marion Moon, Orman Hoschar. THIRD ROW: Donald Dotson, Jimmy Cook, Bob Foltz, Charles Hess, Richard Gonyer, Watson Harden, Dick Banks. FIRST ROW: Patty Dauterman, Joyce Beach, Mildred Hulld, Mary Hagerman, Marcella Kimble, Bonna Jean Atha, Doris Barnett, Marilyn Heckathorn. SECOND ROW: Shirley Bateson, Eleanor Maxwell, Carol Decker, Rosemary Dye, Floel- la Bethel, Laura Couch, Jean Musser, Jo Ann Crosly, Jacquin Degan. l SEVENTH FIRST ROW: Carl Filhart, Charles Allison, Bill Hirsch, Jack Feasel, Allan Kiser, Robert Ash, Roy Cramer, Donald Fout. SECOND ROW: Lynn Echelberry, Jack Earl, Carl Henry, Ray Deckard, Gilbert Myers, Bill Horen, Gene Law, Charles Johnson FIRST ROW: Donald Graft, James Munger, Tom Link. SECOND ROW: Janet Gregory, Adrianne Hawk, Virginia Carter, Jo Ann Kopf, Shirley McFadden, Jane Davison, Gwendolyn Gove. THIRD ROW: Paul Herbert, Eddie Harrold, David McKay, Shelby Hutchins, John Allison, Richard Gee. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Hattendorf, Donna Bradner, Nancy Beers, Ethel Keckler, Bev- erly Dixon, Valerie Jones, Blanche Haynes, Janie Hill. SECOND ROW: Media Blankenship, Mar- cella Emmons, Jane McNutte, Norma Mort- imer, Marilyn Mullholand, Edna lbarra, Lucy Hole, Nan Hollenbaugh, Patty Fillhart. RADE FIRST ROW: Albert Weiker, Carl Stagger, Wayne Poorman, Jimmy Shumaker. SECOND ROW: Joan Vogel, Dorothy Romig, Betty Burch, Barbara Tate, Joyce Stevenson, Madaline Schroder, Dorothy Wyans, Jo Anne Shumaker. THIRD ROW: Patty Williams, Patsy Wil- liarns, Lucille Yenser, Patty Schaar, Mar- jorie Post, Carolyn Walfarth, Betty Turner. FIRST ROW: James Patterson, Paul Davis, Melvin Yates. SECOND ROW: Pat Hollenbaugh, Beverly Richards, Doris Wallace, Velma Wright, Royal Snavely, Don Stein, Don Peeler. THIRD ROW: Lester Walters, George Sher- ick, Bill Yingling, Jack Ressler, Paul Slotter- beck, Paul Donner, Dwight Rangelerf FIRST ROW Nadine Wells Ruth Yates Silver Purdkey Jaretta Snyder Eleanor Scott Marlene Phillips Jean Warner SECOND ROW. Donald Perrlne, Donald San- ders Charles Underwood Dean Vo el Don 1 1 Q I ' .ald Rhude, Frederick Sprow, Mary Ortega, Kathryn Lewis, Vera Jackson. FIRST ROW: Gerald Coppler, Bud Goodale, Ralph Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Earl Cooper, Phillip Dauter- man, Gene Logan, Bill Cook, Robert Loach, Jim Miller, Jim Doll. THIRD ROW: Donald Beck, Jim Harris, Peter Dryer, Jim Howell,' Bill Morgan, John Groves, Danny Goshe. N Q .Q N X gg -f fs S Q x ix ii . XS X X lg Q xx 22 s S owic BAND Soon after school started in the fall we heard lively marches coming from the football field. Yes it was the marching band practicing their formations for the coming grid games. We heard moans and groans from band members who arrived at 8 a. m. to practice. However, they were proud to strut their stuff when the big games arrived. In November they again added dignity and became the concert band. Under this title we heard them in two very enioyable concerts. The pep band reigned at basketball games and gave them that added bit of spirit. At some of the dances after the basketball games we danced to music furnished by a newly organized dance band. They started only the second semester and did remarkably well. We'll be expecting more of them in the future. SENIORS D Donner H Myers M. Munn B Restemyer B. Rhude J. Sheffel G. Walker C Wonders H. Yenser .IUNIORS F. Gary R. Reinhard S. Porter J. Brubaker D. Kisobeth J. Lusk B. Risser C. Koester D. Might C. Earl R. Segner E. Steinman A. Rosey EIGHTH GRADE J. Snyder R- Stevens. J- Richards c. Barnes ssverm-i GRADE K- Wefheflll D- V0Qel E. Benninghoff J. Allison SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN S. Bates D. Boseshore C. Puchholtz D. Bollinger D. Buchholtz J, Broyles B. Cockie L. lckes J. McAnoney E. Harrold J. Bowman S. Snyder N. Might P. Herbert 54 Hutchins Link McKay Phillips Perine Rangeler Rhude Scott Snavely Stagger Underwood Pep Band S SITTING: G. Walker, A. Rasey, C. Koester, L. Ickes, R. Stevens, C. Buchholtz, D. Bal- HERBERT YENSER linger, R. Restemyer, S. Snyder, D. Buchholtz, J. Brubaker. DRUM MAJOR STANDING: D. McKay, S. Hutchins, J. Allison., LAST ROW: J. Snyder, E. Harrold, S. Baseshore, J. McAnaney, J. Sheffel, B. Cockie, B. Rhude, J. Richards. . Pit Orchestra JUNE BRANDEBERRY SITTING: H. Hutchinson, A. Hawk, D. Donner, V. Carter, A. Baker, B. Cockie, J. Lusk ACCOMPANIST D. McKay, S. Hutchins, C. Buchholtz, R. Restemyer, D. Kisabeth, C. Koester, G.'Walker STANDING: C. Earl, D. Vogel, K. Wetherill, J. Richards. 55 ORCHESTRA No instrumental music department would be complete without an orchestra so F.H.S. has that, too. We first heard them on an assembly program. They next performed at Christmas time when the orchestra and choir presented the vesper services. Then they confined their squeals and toots to the music rooms until their formal concert in the spring. This showed much improvement in all sections. A large percentage of the players were in the orch- estra for the first time this year so we closed our ears to an oc- casional off-note and clapped most heartily. We are anticipating big things next year. The Pit Orchestra also plays an important part around the school. They played for assemblies and the class plays. SENIORS JUNIORS FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE D. Donner C. Koester A. Baker J. Bennett- V. Carter .. Bglndeberry K. Wetherill B. Barth V. Parcell G Gave . einze D. Bollinger S. Porter A. Hawk H. Hutchinson sogHoCA2g55s M. Groves J. McAnaney S. Hutchins H. Myers C' Buchhbnz G. House S. Bates J. Knoff R. Restemyer D' Kisobeth J. Lusk D. Buchholtz S. McFadden B. Rhude J ' Richards S. Saddoris S. Seiple G. Walker Walsh S, Snyder D: Vogel C' Walsh 56 CHOIR Wherever good music was heard around Fostoria High this year, we were certain to find the senior high choir at the source. Many times during the past year they have entertained the student body, faculty, service clubs, and the general public with their melody. The choir is always in demand. The clever, musical rendition of Gilbert and SuIIivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" will not soon be forgotten. We will also re- member the Christmas vesper service, the Christmas assembly music, and the spring concert. With such an excellent director as Mr. James Middleton and music of beauty and variety-"Begin the Beguinef' and Fred Waring's arrangement of "Onward Christian Soldiers"--the choir could not help but be one of the best in years. BASS J. Richards G. Freet - T. Pickett - ALTO H. Bentley H. Seel E. Fruth E. Sheridan P. Benson G. Bruggernann D. Barton J. Groves P. Shirk B. Burkhart J. Gangway J. Cummings B. Hessey A. Kapf J. Bormouth M. Hall C. Smith C. Hickerson A. Richards J. Capsey J. Hanover B. Reinhard J. Huffman J. Smith D. Dull H. Hathaway D. Donner D. Kapf N. Smith P. Dye R. Marietta SOPRANO E- Lind J. Shuman M. Feisel R. Marquardt D, Boker V. Maurer F. Thomas B. Fruth W. Myers B, Bishop G. Morgan P. Vogel , Mjeinze R. Muter J. Brandeberry J- M9Si6r E. Rust TENOR G. Nusser G. Bu,-ke B. Niday J. Waltermire L, Brooks J- 5ChW0b D. Buckingham J- P096 B. Shirk H. Buckingha 57 ITT Cole France Hill Lenhart Might Morel 1 Souder Ward Wetherill Williams Ward Yenser Quaintance GIRLS' GLEE FIRST ROW: A. Kopf, J. Sprout, N. Smith, E. Sheridan, I. Brown, L. Franklin, J. Harter, D. Sprow, E. Fruth. SECOND ROW: J. Shuman, J. Waltermire, D.,Dull, B. Burkhart, E. Rust, W. Kreps, K. Medely, J. Mosier, G. Burke, B. Bishop, J. Brandeberry, B. Smith, D. Baker, G. Freet. THIRD ROW: J. Ramsey, E. Richards, J. Copsey, F. Thomas, E. DeVore, R. Gillum, G. Rader, A. Hutchins, B O Y S ' J. Wagner, B. Opperman, S. Lundberg, W. Henderson FOURTH ROW: P. Vogel, M. Deckard, J. Bormuth, G Morgan, D. Kopf, E. Lind, J. Huffman, J. Groves, H Balsat, H. Balsat, B. Niday, V. Maurer. FIFTH ROW: P. Benson, J. Smith, B. Brown, J. Lapidos, M. Feisel, J. Page, D. Dye, J. Lane, B. Shirk, C. Hicker- son, T. Pickett, B. Hessey, D. Buckingham. G L E E FIRST ROW: L. Brooks, H. Yenser, B. Quaintance, D. Hanover, J. Cummings, J. Williams, G. Hill, D. Might, G. Nusser. SECOND ROW: H. Buckingham, R. Muter, R. Marietta, J. Schwab, T. Ward, J. Myers, D. Donner, D. France, R. Grove. THIRD ROW: J. Ward, D. Burgbacher, C. Smith, D Might, R. Lenhart, D. Alley, J. Gangway, D. Barton, C Earl, D. Vogel. FOURTH ROW: R. Cole, H. Souders, L. Pohlmar, G Bruggemann, R. Marquardt, H, Horner, M. Hall, W Myers, B. Foltz. ' CHORUS FIRST ROW: R. Reinhard, J. Sharp, R. Sherman, M. Hall, T. Ward, H. Horner, L. Bowman, D. Burgbacher, L. Brooks, H. Yenser, C. Smith, J. Schwab, D. France, D. Donner. SECOND ROW: D. Barton, R. Marquardt, Bl Qaintance, R Marietta, K. Wetherill, D. Lenhart, J. Williams, D. Hanover, J. Cummings, D. Good, R. Cole, G. Nusser, G. Bruggemann, D Might, H. Souder, H, Buckingham, W. Conley. THIRD ROW: J. Richards, J. Gangway, B. Foltz, G. Burke, J Mosier, J. Mutchler, M. Flechtner, L. Larson, R. Balsat, AI Statler, J. Waltermire, D. Dull, V. Pritchard, E. Munger, S Smothers, J. Houser, B. Jones, N. McKay, K. Kirkendoll. FOURTH ROW:' M. Thomas, J. Shultz, R. Baker, J. Needles J. Groves, L. Franklin, J. Brandeberry, B. Bishop, J. Shuman D. Baker, P. Benson, G. Morgan, M. Tarris G. Heiserman J Harter, N. Lambright, D. Sprow, P. Dye, S. Lundberg, S. Crosby, Girls' Trio 1 E. Moffitt, E. Stoddard, J. Groves. FIFTH ROW: B. Niclay, E. Lind, J. Sprout, J. Huffman, P. Gary, J. Shumaker, K. Medley, W. Kreps, E. Fruth, G. Freet, D Brombley, B. Smith, J. Snyder, B. Stainwick, J. Rothenbuler P. Gillette, M. Deckard, H. Balsat, W. Henderson, V. Maurer' B. Opperman, G. Rader, A. Hutchins. SIXTH ROW: B. Morgart, B. Harler, E. Rust, N. Smith, P Vogel, F. Thomas, J. Copsey, E. DeVore, R. Gillum, B. Burkhart C. Hickerson, T. Pickett, M. Dible, J. Brickles, J. Ramsey, C Peggs, E. Richards, E. Sheridan, NN. Spangler, A. McComb, M Shultz. SEVENTH ROW: H. Balsot, G. McCubben, J. Smith, J. Page J. Bormuth, B. Brown, M. Feisel, A. Kopf, D. Kopf, J. Engle B. Hessey, D. Buckingham, J. Lane, B. Shirk, M. Warner, B Smith, I. Brown, B. Henry, D. Hartley. Mixed Quartet Phyllis Benson, Jewel Copsey, Doris Baker Robert Quaintance, Joan Shuman, June Brandeberry Herbert Yenser 1 OPERETTA OPERETTA CAST H. Yenser, D Baker B Quaintance J. Copsey, K Wetherill N Smith J. Shuman D Donner G Freet R. Cole J Brandeberry We don't think Gilbert and Sullivan would actually turn over in their groves at the Music Department's production of "The Pirates of Penzance." ln fact, we believe they would have heartily enjoyed it-every bit os much as the audience and cast enjoyed it. The beautiful, warbling heorine, the dashing Slave of Duty, the pompous Maj- or-General and his lovely daughters man- aged to captivate a capacity audience as they tangled with the Pirate King, the Cockney Police-Sergeant, and the love- lorn Ruth. V "One of the best operettas our choir has ever given," is the comment often heard since the night ofthe performance. Music DIRECTORS Instrumental Music Vocal Music Mr. Tinianow- Mr. Middleton ' The Music Department is under the direction of two very capable men: Mr. James Middleton in vocal music and Mr. Ralph Tinianow in instru- mental. Mr. Middleton has done a splendid job of presenting interesting and varied programs throughout the year. We understand that any person missing a rehearsal was subject to the death penalty, but from the re- sults, we see this pays. The operetta, under his capable direction, was one of the highlights of this year. Mr. Tinianow came to us directly from Ohio State University. He has drilled the band and orchestra with great patience, and his efforts have been rewarded. We are particularly indebted to him for organizing the dance band-a welcome addition-which he not only directs but also plays in. Mr. Sidney Hauenstein who has had many years of experience with or- chestras came from Bluffton, Ohio, to assist with the orchestra and in- struct in stringed instruments. We feel very fortunate to have had him with us this year. u The brasses have been under the instruction of Mr. Mark Osbun from Fremont, Ohio. His influence is also felt-and heard-in our musical circles., 61 .D 'JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR Gaertner Patterson Broyles Hoscher Pierce Benninghoff Roberts Might Warner Lee Feisel Yeagger Harden Dunfee Hanley Cotter Walters Jackson Bollinger Deiter . Kingery Reinhard Munger Harris Basinger Angles Ash Cramer DeWalt Saxton Harding Brown Stuckey Mottram Lane Hazeltine Claypaol Thrailkill Wiedemann Reinhard Niswender Hicks Feisel Echelberry A. Kiser W. Hirsch R. Foltz G. Myers J. Shumaker R. Gonyer W. Dickhaut K. Hennig R. Gee D. Groves F. Sprow M. Lafferty C. Staggers E. Harrold J. Allison D. Baseshore D. Rhude. D. Perrine D. McKay S. Hutchins R. Snavely D. Rangeler E. Burkmier P. Davis J. Harris J. Howell G. Logan D. Peeler B. Gillespie R. Henry D. Jacoby F. Jordan E. Daughtery F. Jordan R. Keckler B. Madden J. Pennell F. Rayrnont G. Shiflet R. Kroetz R. Kiefer J. Lambright B. Barton B. MacDonald D. Niswender Barth V. Richards M. Post Fillhart R. Hattendorf L. Reidling Purkey B. Etzinger M. Stainbroak Gregory C. Earl R. Tate Jones J. Pierce M. Milligan Heckathorn S. Snyder M. Tribby Davison B. Rouse B. Zeigler Crosby G. Baker L. Zeigler Kopf N. Lee M. Phillips CGYTGI' J, Jordan E- Scott SYYYCICT N. Berlinghoff E- YUYES Gove F. Battorf G. Jackson McFadden J' Anderson E1 'SLT' .iiJ6.'E 5- gppgfmon M. Hagerman Tsantles ' ew ouse V. Jackson Doutermon H- Rose M, Post Wells W. Bovee M. Schroeder Hattendorf R. G1-Ifhefie B, Turner Haynes P. Travis J. Vogel Hollenbaugh B. Rothaar J. Weber RiCl'10fCl5 M. Cook C. Wolfarth Burch L. Grooms S. Porter Hollenbaugh S Soddoris G- Tumef Yates P' Williams M. France Segflel' C' Johnson M. Howell Hillier ' M4 Davis Marietta W. Poorman B- Baxter b Reinhard P. Slotterbeck 3. Bqseshore M, Schmidt J. Stevenson G, Smith Bauer B. Horen V. Groves M- BUCkiY1Ql"l0m M. DeVore N. Carter M. Jones T. Link A- Bllkel' J' Stiles P. Herbert N' SOWGVY Shultz H Buckingham N. Rowe pel'eI'S Lunsford I. Musser G' W.H b D. Harsh -SVIYCJGI' S'B it O y A. Lockhart V- Thompson ' 0 es R, Lqyfon M. Parsette R- Yates C. Jackson DiCkl1GUf M- Welsfh J. England BOITYEI' H- Cook A. Harrold . Niswender J. RGSHEI' A. Burkhart J. Jordan P. Fillhart 62 Q M fglffeglficd.. ATHLETICS Another season on the gridiron and hardwood has passed with numerous thrills and upsets. We have heard it said that this year's teams were not up to the high standards of previous years. Let us give credit where credit is due. It is also true that the fellows played the best they were able with all the energy and initiative they could bring into play. Our teams were not winning ones, but they played well. Their games were always clean, sportsmanlike, and fast moving. Looking into the future we can see teams of high caliber moving forward with determination and skill. The, coaches have looked ahead and have re- alized that in order to have winning teams the men must have actual exper- ience along with adequate training in the fundamentals of the games. Speaking of teamwork, we cannot help mentioning the good show made by our cheerleaders. They work as a team, perform as a team, and their in- genuity in cheers and the clever outfits they wear, have made them something to be proud of. L Athletic Board SITTING: Mr. G. D. Knepper, Mr. W. M. Hawk, Mr. T. L. Bender. STANDING: Mr. R. J. Carter, Mr. W. W. Nixon, Mr. H. L. Ford 64 L E .A X K v Q f . X A S x 5 5 X s - 5 ix Xx l - , S- sy. Q- -M X - S-i . L ii X is - - A. - Q--- i XX--S-s :- - X , . X X - .icq .I ew: - X - - , Lk NX. NX: .5 ffi k g- gf 1. ts: x ' - Q Q:-.arg X X - - NK A C5 -Q L- ggi-xg x.--Q Q1 Q xx - 3' - X N . N: -- Y E. ' Sw Q -- - - 4 -, XX K Q - XXTS. -A -X 'xii' w + S -Sf ii XXX? X 1 -Mig--5-XE.--,fx -X . -X . , SS 5 , XX. -- -.I '- F-521, XS X 3-'S 3 '-:i k -' X- QS?-Xgff ,N 'X X . - . -K - . : X A . L S X 'X Q: N X55 Qs T X X QR A- -XX vfif-xg. X X -K -K 5 1? F1 5 -sing - SE , - R 1, 1 M .S k QQ g X- ' x -f W x, ik. -ii Q6 . X 5- XXX - X 3, AN - ,. Y g .S K V X-N . X X . S Q X , 2 - X -- Q N5 , X XX X N X gg -. X S - . -mx X Ex is - " X S 1 K If :,.Q1,Z X k y 1, . R . -X- S 33-1--I X . l, -F ww g 1 MX - 'E Q . Q X5- , .ki S4 - if - . - 7 N X: S K -Q51 Q . SK i -S g -X R Q 1 X X - X X XX X X X s , X - X. 'i - X f X X Q sk sw --- - Na-if A ,kg M .-- Q 5 -- - Q S-X , gf- X ww? X 5 - Ki, 5 6 fs i .. X 139- X - -X - i VK . 5 1 S K f X- K. K, I 5, -R , , .. X X3 1 - -Q K- ax- M- -,-sw- ww -, . X XSS- xg X-Alf A-gi 'giwfcyjg if 5 in-S - Q sexi E X tk -Q N- S- . Coach THOMAS L. l"TOMMY"l BENDER FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: B. Quaintance, J. Bollinger, K. Reinhard D. Smith, B. Barringer, R. Currier, L. Russell, C. Wyans, J. Beeson. SECOND ROW: S. Hill, H. Bentley, B. Lucius, B. Dray, G. Warrington, D. France, D. Alley, D. Abel, R. Wiede- lT1OI"ll"1. THIRD ROW: D. Might, J. Torres, J. Bateson, J. Cum- munings, J. Schumaker, B. Marks, T. Stevens, D. Mom- pher. FOURTH ROWQ H. Saxton, J. Willliams, D. Hanover, B. Thrailkill, R. Crow, D. True, H. Deiter, G. Lane, D Burgbacher. FIFTH ROW: W. Kingery, C. Reinhard, P. Peeler, G Beeson, C. Switzer, E. Steinman, B. Niswender, D. Set- tles A, Kimble. R. Pratt. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Bender, Mr. Van Sant, Mr. O'NeilI, R. Angles, B. Basinger. V FOOTBALL SCORES 1944-45- Fostorici .................... Zl O ......v....... St. Wendelin Fostoria ......... ..... 6 I9 ........ ...... L ima South Fostoria ........ ........ 2 O O ........ ....... S t. Joseph Fostoria ......... ..... 7 26 .............. Fremont Ross Fostoria ......... ..... 7 l 3 ,................... Defiance Fostoria ......... ..... . ..l4 7 ....,. Tiffin Columbian Fostoria ......... ..... O 6 ........,,.....,,,,, Sandusky Fostoria ......... ........ 2 6 O ............ Bowling Green Fostoria ......... ..... 6 44 ...................... Firtdldy Faculty Manager Assistant Coaches W. W. NIXON Mr. Kermit Jones, Mr. Robert O'Neill Student Managers Mr. Lester Van Sant. Orville Lynch, Bill Basinger, Bill Et- zinger. V 67 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN "SPIKE" HILL Another sophomore who played block ing back and wing back. He showt possibilities as a kicker and a passer. His competitive spirit makes for star dom. DON MIGHT The captain-elect for next year shows great possibility as a kicker and passer. We believe he will make a goodlleader in the two years of competition left for him. BILL BARRINGER The honorary captain of the 1944 team is known for his brilliant blocking and defensive playing. He was used as a passer and a runner during the past season. JOHN BOLLINGER Although it was his first year for football, he had enough natural ability to play right tackle. The service is beckoning him now, but we hope Tojo gets enough of the Yanks soon so that John may be with us next year. 68 BOB QUAINTANCE Bob waited until his senior year to go, out for football. ln spite of this he was able to make a letter. What a player he would have been with a year or two of experience! BOB CURRIER He is one of the very few boys of Fostoria who have earned four varsity letters. In addition to being selected a member of the All-Buckeye League Team three out of four years, he was chosen a member of the second All- ular varsity haired boy" extra points Ohio Team. JIM BEESON Jim had the misfortune to break hi ankle during his junior year. This re tqrded his progress. However, he be came our regular left end this yeai An exceptionally strong backer an coverer. LEONARD RUSSELL This junior, who has entered the serv- ice, played right end. He was particu- larly tough as a pass catcher, He was on the receiving end of most of those "quick ones" over the middle. KENNY REINHARD This was Kenny's second year as a reg- guard. He was the "fair- with those place kicks for 69 CHARLEY WYANS Charley is a living example of the old saying that "persistence makes for success." After two years of deter- mined effort he became our regular left guard in his senior year. JESSE TORRES He looks from here as ou that full-back spot so nec goods team. He loves the gives it his all. GENE WARRINGTON Now a member of the Navy, he played our left end and occasionally right tackle. Remember the Sandusky game, was he tough! JUNIOR SHUM14 As the season p apparent to all tt toughest young Ii He is full of the DICK SMITH Now in Uncle Sam's Navy, Smith was varsity center for two years. As a Sophomore he was used as a blocking back, at which position he earned a varsity letter. a good football te 70 ,Ns 1 . x ix ii X if W X Q Yi L XR 5 . K Q K Y 3 X 53 Q . A Q. pf..-5 . Q Wm nn. 5 as mm -ri mf - M X Nm. X .ff W ff? Q.. .. X X . gif . i X. ix -. s N is A X -.Q .X X X R s .A . . isis NX X ff M 1 SML: L QI-i..gT 'sf :ggi X .KYWQ A 1. s ,...QN .. -- -.N-Q... .. . . -A-Q x K QA- y X .S-Q - .N ' ,Q-1 xxx.. We... wfwm. S Wxzzigxk ' .Q L- . w X . . 1 - - K K S LR 1 W.....w XX N if X S59 'X X S . S X Nix i NS-SS? E X X 3 Q S S ,.... N Q S S A iff: Z X, Sa "' 1 x-.N X 4... X. Q .Wg ,4- XXXQ , X NX . ...-QQ eg.-. . XX? X Rx X X N QS E X X is X X - Q N- Q. X .X Wx x In X A vi x x. k' W Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria' Fostoria Coach VARSITY BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SCORES 1944-45 High ........ 30 37 High ........ 28 25 High ...,.... 32 63 High ........ 27 57 High ........ 30 27 High ........ 28 31 High ........ 33 24 High ......,, 21 31 Galion Toledo Waite Lima Central Fremont Ross Bowling Green Upper Sandusky Sandusky Tiffin Columbian Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria High ........ High High High High High High High ........ l6 28 ........ St. Wendelin 36 ................ Findlay 44 ........ Fremont Ross Bowling Green Kenton St. Wendelin Tiffin Columbian Findlay SENTOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Managers Virginia Maurer, Wanda Henderson, Marge Feisel, Betty Niday Bill Etzinger, Frank Gary, Dave Hollenbaugh ESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Jim Hanover, Robert Marquordt, Jock Cummings, Bob Marks, Gene Beeson 73 BASKETBALL LETTERIVIEN DON MIGHT The toll boy of the teomg Don, though only o sophomore, was center ond o good push shot ond rebounder BOB SHEETS A junior forward ond o scropperg we find Bob not only o good shot but ol- woys "on the ball." 74 KENNY ,MILLER Although a junior, Kenny is as fast and tricky a player as you would wont to find. As a forward he was always in there fighting. JIM WILLIAMS Another sophomore and guard, Jim was easy going even when pressed, He managed to come through with his "SPIKE" HILL This sophomore played a good guard position this year. He handled the ball down the floor and delivered it for scoring.,A player to watch in the future. beautiful long shot on many occasions. 75 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: C. Reinhard, D. Crow, J. Hanover, N. Deiter, D. True, B. Thrail- kill, W. Kingery, J. Williams. SECOND ROW: Mr. O'NeilI G. Beeson, P. Peeler, DT Mompher, J. Bateson, H. Saxton. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: H. Horn, C Switzer, G. Lane, D. Crow G. Thrailkill, H. Saxton, J Bateson, B. Bomer, P. Low- master. B. Niswender. SECOND ROW: S. Roberts J. Feisel, D. Jacobv, L. Hale C. Jackson. R. Gillette, H Dieter, J. Cotter, B. Yeager, J. Knepaer. THIRD ROW: B. Rnsinaer, Mr. Bender, D. Angles. 1 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Helen Baxter, Mardell France, Barbara Etzinger, Gwen Ann Turner, Lou El- len Bauer. X5 bike as G NX WE ix? NXQY1 XV Ai mx . l'0LWL 0L1fic5 FLOOR: J. Switzer. SEATED: M. Munn, H. Hutchinson, D. Donner, J. Preis, H. Myers. STANDING: M. Wilcox, J. Dicken, A. Pasqualetti, B. Quointonce, J. Perkins, D, McGinnis, B. Fruth, M. Heinze, R. Balsat. "George Washington Slept Here" or was it Benedict Arnold? Newton Fuller and his wife, Annabelle, could tell you about this iust as they did in the play. Anyway the audience didn't sleep here Chow could they with all that thunder?l While Mr. and Mrs.lFuller carried on their feud with Nature and Mr. Kimber, their daughter was busy falling in love with a foot-light Romeo, Uncle Stanley was muniticently smoking up all the Corona-Coronos he could pilter, and Raymond was doing all he could to make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness difficult. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Director: Mr. James Middleton Being something new along the line of Senior Class Plays, "George Washington Slept Here," the cast, and the director will go down in F.H.S. history for o job well done. 78 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY MR. C. D. LARUE SITTING: Norma McKay, Jack Cummings, Richard Muter, Jessie Lou Walter mire. STANDING: Wanda Henderson, Suzy Smothers, Keith Wetherill, Charles Koes ter, Helene Balsat, Jock Brubaker, Jacquelyn Houser, Audrey Statler What could have been more appropriate for Juniors than the clever play, "Almost Eighteen," which they presented in March. However, many observers were under the impression that those connected with the production must be eighteen or older because of the smooth, professional way in which the performance moved. Everyone has known o boy like Eddie Barry, the aspiring "Bing Crosby" of his class. And we were as intrigued as Eddie by Ann, his young love. Surely every parent in the audience felt reason to sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Barry as they faced the complications which Eddie seemed to collect like stamps. The many amusing moments--yes, and the more serious ones too-combined to make this play well worth attend ing. y 79 ONE -ACT PLAY CONTEST Juniors CAST: K. Miller, B. Niday, A. Dipple- hoffer, C. Koester, J. Shumaker, H. Balsat, J. Cummings. Freshmen, Second Place CAST: A. Lockhart, N. Carter, J Hicks, N. Sowry, M. France, B. Wiede- mqnn. Seniors CAST: M. Munn, H. Myers, A. Pos- qualetti, D. Donner, D. McGinnis, J. Mumma, R. Fox, J. Perkins, S. Cromer, H. Hutchinson. Sophomores, First Place CAST: R. Cole, E. Rust, Mrs. Davis adviser, L. Brooks, G. Bruggemann, M Reber, B. Hessey, A. DeBorr. Command- Performance "Mabel Morrison" i Helen Hufchinson Command Performance "Mol'1orojoh of Sondor' ' Jock Perkins Whodunit? "Mamie" Helene Bolsot Junior's Moustache "Junior" Roger Cole Little Jack Horner "Jock Horner" Jimmie Hicks 81 Lf X Q S RE uk 3: X X gi O Wx SM. rx . SX? A 'N S .XX .V A H? 5 . S ,Wa xssv Q - is --: -- wx -fx zf I -4 few ii -ssl ss N glflfrof - Cfwwfclfz, Em .fgcfiuilfied WAR ACTIVITIES Each week this year a half-hour has been devoted to selling war stamps and bonds. The first semester sen- iors went scurrying over the build- ing, collecting dimes and quarters, and having a' terrible time making change. The second semester the vice-president of each homeroom took over the job. The average sales per week was Sl 30. Each week the junior high and senior high home- rooms which bought the most stamps were awarded the War Stamp Ban- ner. Stamp Salesmen FIRST ROW: R. Sherman, D. Dan- ner, D. McGinnis, J. Gangway, H Yenser, S. Davis, D. Fast, J. Swit- zer. SECOND ROW: P. Dye, R. Fox, H Brombley, B. Fry, L. Boucher,,B McCurdy. THIRD ROW: F. Thomas, M. Tar- ris, J. Shuman, J. Page, J. Brande- berry, J. Copsey, B. Bishop, H Hutchinson, J. O'Brien. Stamp Staff SITTING: B. Fruth, M. Heinze, J. Mumma. STANDING: J. Switzer, B. Barringer, J. Perkins Home-Room Stamp Salesmen FIRST ROW: P. Gillette, N. Reber I. Lindeman, J. Pierce, A. Hawk J. Huth, V. Parsell. SECOND ROW: R. Hyte, B. Bas- inger, B. Thrailkill, P. Vogel, P Donner, C. Hess, F. Jordan. I 'lla HONOR ROLL DEAD lMarch 2, 19451 Charles W. Mottram, U.S. Marine Corps, October, I 942, Southwest Pacific. , Donald L. Madden, U.S. Maritime Service, October, 1942, North Atlan- tic. Donald D. Estes, U.S. Navy, March, 1943, North Atlantic. Ernest M. Eckert, U.S. Army Air Forces, September I I, 1943, Spartan- burg, S.C. Henry Clay Florea, Jr., U.S. Navy Submarine Service, listed missing Oc- tober, 1943, presumed dead. Ralph O. Kwilus, U.S. Army, December 15, 1943, Italy. Charles E. LeComte, U.S. Army Air Forces, January 22, 1944, over Italy. Robert J. Brookover, U.S. Army, Janu- ary 29, 1944, Italy. Donald R. Olin, U.S. Marine Corps, February, 1944, somewhere in Pacific area. Died of wounds. William M. Mosier, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard, March 9, 1944, North Atlantic. John E. Thomas, U.S. Army, May 24, 1944, Italy. Edward Sheets, U.S. Army, December 6, 1944. Germany. Wayne N. Dennis, U.S. Army, Novem- ber 23, 1944. Died of wounds, France. Fred H. Vosburg, U.S. Army, January 5, 1945, of poliomyelitis in Italy. Fred M. Schaefer, U.S. Army, January 14, died of wounds in Italy. MISSING Robert J. Might, U.S. Army Air Forces, February 22, 1944, in Germany. Robert A. Carter, U.S. Navy, July, 1944, Pacific. Robert B. Clare, U.S. Army Air Forces, November 28, 1944, Marianas. K. Hampton Speelman, U.S. Army Air Forces, February 3, 1945, Germany. PRISONERS OF WAR Paul H. Burgbocher, U.S. Army, cap- tured by Germans in Italy. January 21, 1944. Thomas J. Snowden, U.S. Army, cap- tured by Germans in Italy, January 21, 1944. Malcolm M. Fouts, U.S. Army Air Forces, captured after plane shot down over Germany, August 15, 1944. Thurman Bloser, U.S. Army, captured by Germans in Italy, October 17, 1944. Day by day the number of stars on the F.H.S. service flag is in- creasing. Former students and graduates of our school are found in all the branches of the service and on all the battlefronts of the world. These boys rank from Seamen and Privates to Lieu- tenants and Majors. Nor should we forget the girls who are ser- ving as nurses, WAVES, WACS, and Spars. Our prayers are with them all for a safe iourney home. We wish to pay special tribute to those gold stars for those boys who have given their lives for their country. We are proud to be graduating from their high school. We at home have tried not to let these friends down. In school we have bought war bonds and stamps and promoted the sale ot them. We all contributed to the Red Cross and the junior high has been particularly busy working for the Red Cross. They have made many games, menu covers, hospital slippers, and packed kits. All of these things were sent to hospitals for wound- ed men. 85 ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR Allegra Pasqualetti Mary Louise Heinze Barbara Fruth ASSISTANT Helen Hutchinson ADVISERS Miss Shaw, Miss Sponsler, Mr. Powers, Miss Moore "Danger! Genius at Work!" read the sign which adorned the door of the Journal room during the ten hectic weeks in which the Annual was being brought to its glorious t?i conclusion. From the Commander-in-Chief Editor to the lowliest member of a committee the above stated time was a period of aspirin and a great expenditure of shoe-leather and brain-cells. A typical day in the life of an Annual worker ran thus: ' At eight forty-five the very happy person arrived at school, full of vim and vigor and with reams of paper, etc. The work was carefully spread out over a rather large area and a typewriter was secured. From then on all was still except for the gentle potter of little fingers on the keys. Or perhaps the work pertained to asking everyone and any- one to "Buy an ad!" or "Buy an Annual l" As noon rolled around, it was usually found that everyone was far too busy to take time out for lunch-but usually someone broke down and begged time off to get sandwiches for all. As the afternoon wore on, words became sharp and wits dull as the noble workers hurried to complete the alloted tasks. And finally as the last bell rang, everything sud- denly was finished, and no longer happy worker struggled into his coat, collected his homework assignments, and set off for home, peace, quiet, and--mmmmm. IEditor's Note: At this point the writer of this must have become intimidated by her own writing, for I just found her with her little head pillowed on the typewriter. I might add that this is a good way to end an "Annual day."l BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER CIRCULATION MANAGER Gordon Stouffer Howard Myers Robert Quaintance ASSISTANT ASSISTANT ASSISTANT Ruth Balsat Jo Anne O'Brien Joan Mumma LITERARY STAFF B. Bishop, J. Copsey, B. Stovall, H. Hutchinson, E. Emerson, D. Danner, J. Sheffel, B. Fruth, B. Rhude, R. Fox. BUSINESS STAFF R. Balsot, P. Benson, G. Stouffer, D. McGinnis, M. Myers, C. Cockie, E. Heckathorn. ADVERTISING STAFF FIRST ROW: L. Boucher, P. Dye, F. Thomas, J. Brandeberry, A. Clark, B. McCurdy, J. Preis. SECOND ROW: T. Fuller, J. McDor1eI, G. Bentz, D. Imber, G. Heiserman, I. Niswender, M. Pastorious. THIRD ROW: A. Shiff, J. Switzer, J. Perkins, W. Myers, B. Baxter. FOURTH ROW: D. Fast, B. Feisel, H. Wells, H. Myers, J. Gangway. CIRCULATION STAFF FIRST ROW: R. Restemyer, R. Sherman, R. Cooper, J. Payne, H. Wing, H. Yenser, R. Quain- tance, S. Cramer. SECOND ROW: C. Tate, P. Vogel, N. Smith, J. Shuman, M. Wilcox, V. Lewis, J. Mumma, J. Page. THIRD ROW: B. Leedy, V. Brown, M. Peters, V. Allison, B. Walters, B. Fry, E. Manecke. 87 1 z i EDITOR Jack Perkins ASSISTANT EDITOR Jim Williams . . eww-T A ADVISER Miss Moore . . . . N NEWS EDITORS Allegra Pasqualetti, Barbara Jones Once upon a time there was a Red and Black Journal-really there was, kids! lt began its turbulent life in the Journal room, and occasionally it wandered back there to die. But, oh, how we loved it. It was just full of choice items on the clubs, the assemblies, and-smack, smack l-gossip! lt was a bigger Journal than ever before. Of course this ran into liberal spending of that green stuff, but we figure that it was worth it. Where else could you get such sparkling information for a nickel or dime? The Journal was blessed this year with a large staff which assured us plenty of ma- terial. There were always stories to spare. Several new features were introduced - "Bones From Me to You" and the "Service- men and Alumni" columns bowed in. Next year will tell whether or not they proved their worth. The old stand-bys- the gossip and the fashion columns and the sports page - will probably be back to greet you next fall. How could we live without them? JOURNAL STAFF ADVERTISING MANAGER FEATURE EDITOR Barbara Fruth ASSISTANT Norma Jane McKay j Jo Ann O'Brien ASSISTANTS Mary Louise Heinze, Joan Mumma SPORTS EDITOR Richard Good ' ASSISTANTS David Hollenbough Dan McGinnis CIRCULATION MANAGER Mary Jo Wilcox ASSISTANT Wanda Henderson SALESMEN FIRST ROW: J. McDonel, L. Boucher, B. McCurdy, R. Good, G. Morgan, J Page, F. Thomas, J. Shuman. SELOND ROW B Bisho J C0 se 5 - P1 - P Y, D. Hollenbaugh, H. Souder, J. Williams, J. Gangwoy, D. Fast, J. Switzer. THIRD ROW: H. Yenser, S. Davis. REPORTERS FIRST ROW: H. Balsat, B. Flechtner, B. Niday, V. Maurer, P. Gary, B. Opperman, D. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: M. Herbert, S. Lund- berg, B. Stovall, J. Wagner, L. Boucher, J. Preis. THIRD ROW: G. Rader, B. Henry, D. Hartley, M. Herrig, E. Munger, D. Lenhart. GIRL RESERVES FIFTH ROW: M. Shultz, S. Crosby, L. Miller, A. Housely, M Herbert, A. Kopf, M. Feisel, B. Brown, J. Lapidos, J. Bormuth J. Engle, M. Reber, B. Ortega, L. McCullough, H. Franks A. Statler, J. Waltermire, J. Hauser, V. Pritchard, A. Dippel: hotter. SIXTH ROW: A. Manecke, D. Koons, L. Franklin, R. Baker M. Thompson, V. Brown, D. Reidling, L. Slaughterbeck, M Trausch, V. Allison, M. Peters, B. Leedy, J. Harter, M. Keefe M. Ash, J. Groves, J. Mergenthaler. SEVENTH ROW: T. Fuller, B. McCurdy, G. Morgan, B. Fry, D. Baker, P. Dibble, J. Mirck, L. Bennett, B. Opperman, D. Hutchins, T. Pickett, E. Fox, B. Singleton, J. Harter, J Ramsey, P. Barley, P. Shirk. EIGHTH ROW: S. Lundberg, J. Sprout, E. Lind, J. Huffman P. Gary, J. Shoemaker, G. A le, E. Moffett E. Stoddard PP I i E. Emerson, A. Kopf, W. Creps, K. Medley, J. Lane, B. Stovall. I 1 FIRST ROW: M. Brant, M. Farrell, P. Vogel, R. Balsat, A. Clark, J. Copsey, J. O'Brien, V. Lewis, B. Bishop, J. Mumma, H. Hutchinson, M. Heinze, J. Dicken, J. Preis, M. Wilcox, B. Fruth, A. Pasqualetti, M. J. Morehart. SECOND ROW: R. Fox, K. Kirkendall, L. Rader, D. Bucking- ham, J. Sheffel, B. Rhude, D. Dull, G. Rader, J. Brandeberry, J. Shuman, F. Thomas, W. Henderson, V. Maurer, B. Niday, S. Smothers, E. Fruth, B. Jones, N. McKay, F. Mansfield. THIRD ROW: R. Magley, J. Mansfield, W. Spangler, E. Rust, G. Burke, A. McComb, J. Mutchler, J. Mosier, L. Larson, M. Flechtner, J. Smith, L. Boucher, J. Sprout, A. DeWeese, P. Dye, H. Balsat, P. Post, V. Elsea, D. Moots. FOURTH ROW: P. Gillette, M. Deckard, C. Peggs, M. Warn- er, R. Smith, S. Ullery, B. Hessey, E. Manecke, B. Walters, J. Groves, W. Tate, B. Bleinbrood, J. Rothenbuhler, B. Flechtner, M. Willoby, H. Balsat, E. Munger, C. Tate, L. Johnson. CABINET l June Brandeberry, treasurer, Barb ' Fruth, vice president, Helen Hutchin- son, president, Ann Clark, secretary, Jo Ann O'Brien, silver triangle, Joan Mumma, gold, Clara Tate, purple, Janet Preis, white, Jane Dicken, red, and Mary Louise Heinze, blue. ADVISER Mrs. Davis Once a Girl Reserve, always a Girl Re- serve-or something. And what is a Girl Reserve? Ask anyone in the school. "Gracious in manner, Ready for service, Ever dependable"-to name a few. The Girl Reserves also go in for variety in their club meetings, which probably explains the large membership every year. Folk-dancing, speakers, demon- strations, skits, and music all go into making club life enjoyable. Many a cold fall evening and many an exciting basketball game the Girl Re- serves were on hand to serve hot-dogs, candy, and pop: Surely this is service? And they have their serious side, too. We are thinking of the devotions without which no meeting was complete, and the pre-Easter services. Yes, it's nice to be a G. R. We HI-Y FIRST ROW: D. Lenhart, C. Lentz, R. Restemyer, H. Yenser, R. Quaintance, J. Perkins, J. Switzer, H. Myers, D. Donner, D. Fast, B. Feisel, B. Foltz, K. Reinhard, B. Baxter. - SECOND ROW: G. Stearns, R. Stevens, C. Wonders, H. Bent- ley, D. Snyder, J. Schwab, D. McGinnis, C. Degan, C. Wyans, S. Davis, C. Smith, A. Dolch, A. Shift, G. Bentz. THIRD ROW: R. Preble, D. Abel, B. Peyton, J. Gangway, G. CABlNET Don McGinnis, program chairman, i Jack Perkins, president, Robert Quoin- ADVISER tance, chaplain, Robert Feisel, vice Mr Siekeres president, Howard Myers, secretary, ' Dick Fast, treasurer. 91 Carrel, W. Miller, D. France, C. Decker, B. Dray, B. Hall, B. Hanley, J. Cummings, K. Miller, R. Sherman, G. Walker. FOURTH ROW: B. Etzinger, J. Ballinger, J. Brubaker, R. Marquardt, D. Barton, J. Watts, J. Peyton, B. Lucius, B. Sheets, G. Twells, H. Hathaway, D. Good, G. Stoufter, C. Koester. ln one issue of the.Red and Black Journal for this year, the question of the week was, "What would we do without Hi-Y?" Now this is a serious question. To be quite honest the school could not possibly be the same. Hi-Y brings us Neophytes in the tall and Sweethearts in the spring. What more could any one want? Besides these two spectacular events they render service throughout the year in the refreshment stands, cooperating with Girl Reserves in the Easter services, and attending church as a group once a month, Competent officers and cooperative members cannot help making this club a success. l NATIONAL HONOR INDUCTED FEBRUARY, 1944 SEATED: Barbara Fruth, June A Brandeberry, Mary Louise f Heinze. so L STANDING: Jack Perkins, Helen 5 gf Hutchinson, Robert Restemeyer. L T T ADVISER Miss Hoffert One of the main assemblies of the year is the one in which National Honor announces its members, who are chosen by a committee of the faculty. This year's assembly was no exception. The members who were inducted in February of i944 planned and held a most impressive ceremony in which nine seniors and six juniors were received as members. The year's junior members will be the ones who will keep the society running until next February when new members will again be taken in. We are sure they will live up to their policy of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. INDUCTED FEBRUARY, i945 FIRST ROW: Richard Good, Barbara Rhude, Jessie Lou Waltermire, Jo Anne O'Brien, Barbara Jones, Charles ,Wyans. SECOND ROW: Jane Dicken, Allegra Pasqualetti, Robert Quaintance, Virginia Pritchard, Gerald Davis, Joan Mumma, Charles Koester, Norma Jane McKay, ,Betty McCurdy. OMICRON LAMBDA ADVISER Mrs. Weeks FIRST ROW: D. Lenhart, R. Cole, H. Yenser, D. Donner, J. Switzer, B. Fruth, V. Lewis, G. Morgan, A. Clark, R. Balsat, A. Pasqualetti. SECOND ROW: J. Mosier, S. Cramer, R. Quaintance, J. Waltermire, B. Jones, S. Davis, H. Hutchinson, D. McGinnis, M. Heinze, J. Preis, S. Ullery. THIRD ROW: M. Flechtner, E. Lind, P. Gary, P. Post, N. McKay, S. Smothers, V. Maurer, B. Niday, H. Balsat, B. Flechtner, S. Hill, K. Kirkendall. FOURTH ROW: L. Larson, J. Shumoker, J. Sprout, G. Burke, B. Brown, A. Kopf, J. Bormuth, J. Williams, M. Feisel, J. Lapidos, E. Fruth, H. Balsat, A. Housely. LAMBDA SIGMA ADVISER Miss Moss FIRST ROW: M. Mansfield, D. Baker, E. Emerson, R. Fox, H. Brombley, J-. Groves, A. Statler. SECOND ROW: W. Spangler, V. Pritchard, A. Dippelhotfer, B. Hessey, G. Rader, M. Herrig J. Sprout. THIRD ROW: M. Herbert, D. Buckingham, C. Peggs, M. Keefe, J. Harter, L. Miller, J. Snyder. 93 G. A. A. ADVISER Miss Cole FIRST ROW: E. Robinson, E. DeVore, J. McDonel, D. lmber, J. Page, J. Sheffel, P. Benson, B. McCurdy, P. Shirk, W. Creps, J. Houser, J. Needles. SECOND ROW: A. Shuman, B. Harler, P. Gillette, M. Deckard, I. Brown, W. Tate, B. Stovall, B. Burkhart, T. Fuller, B. Rhude, J. Dull, B. Cockie, C. Stumpp. THIRD ROW: J. Romsey, E. Patterson, G. Heiserman, H. Brombley, J. Hall, E. Munger, J. Wogner, C. Hickerson, M. Tarris, J. Engle, J. Rust, D. Sprow. ' FOURTH ROW: M. Brant, S. Crosby, M. Warner, M. Reber, M. Shultz, G. Apple, G. Emahiser, P. Brombley, V. Boucher, E. Fox, B. Singleton, N. Lambright. HOME ECONOMICS , i 5 I 3 3 ADVISERS Mrs. Ritchey Miss Mettler FIRST ROW: N. Niswender, P. Sendelbach, D. Hartley, N. Speelman, I. Niswender, J. McDonel, D. lmber, G. Heisermon, E. Richard, P. Benson, M. Wilcox, T. Pickett, H, Franks. SECOND ROW: V. Elsea, B. Harter, C. Tate, M. Peters, E. Heckathorn, G. Emahiser, P. Brombley, I. Brown, J. Shuman, M. Tarris, F. Thomas, M. Morehart, P. Moots. THIRD ROW: J. Harler, E. Sheridan, R. Baker, M. Thomos, J. Shultz, N. Lambright, C. Stumpp, J. Wagner, L. Boucher, J. Groves, P. Hunker, R. Henline, L. Henline, G. Wolfelt. FOURTH ROW: N. Bomer, B. Lorah, A. Manecke, D. Koons, L. Franklin, V. Allison, B. Walters, A. Manecke, A. DeWeese, R. Kimble, A. Hottenstein. 94 SCRIVENERS i Aovlssk 1 Miss Bourquin SEATED: J. Preis, B. Fruth, J. L. Waltermire, D. Donner, A. Posqualetti, M. L. Heinze. STANDING: B. Jones, A. Dipplehoffer, N. J. McKay, J. Copsey, A. Clark, J. Murnma, H. Hutchinson. LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARIAN Miss Seip SEATED: J. Lusk, J. Marietta, A. Hottenstein, G. Rader, R. Kimble, A. Harroid, J. Preis, N Berlinghoff, H. Baxter. , STANDING: B. Weidemarm, B. Basinger, R. Pratt, N. Carter, M. Herbert, H. Hutchinson, A Posqualetti, A. Dippelhoffer, N. McKay, B. Fruth, M. Heinze. 95 FIRST ROW: B. Barringer, D. Fast, K. Miller, J. Perkins, J. Williams, D. Might, S. Hill, G Bruggemann, S. Smothers, W. Henderson. SECOND ROW: P. Hollenbaugh, M. Post, J. Cummings, D. Lenhart, B. Restemyer, C. Koester, M. Heinze, J. O'Brien, H. Hutchinson. THlRD ROW: J. Gregory, G. Turner, V. Parsell, B. Gillespie, H. Dieter, D. Blosser, C. Switzer, B. Niswender, B. Forster, D. Basehore. STUDENT COUNCIL MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN y STUDENT MANAGERS Mary Heinze, Jo Anne OLBrien, Dick Fast, Norma McKay. FIRST ROW: E. Maxwell, A. Hawk, V. Carter, L. Zeigler,' V. Parsell, J. Williams, R. G. Lewis, B. Forster, H. Wyatt, H. Dieter, J. Knepper, R1 Lee, J. Keckler, D. Good, J. Copsey. SECOND ROW: B. Zeigler, L. Jay, B. Patterson, G. Willoby, L. Fraver,'J. Bennett, B. Burch, B Stovall, K. Hennig, J. Warner, G. Logan, P. Donner, R. Dunfee, R. Lewis, R. Muter, M. Heinzd THIRD ROW: C. Jackson, J. Jordan, P. Lunsford, N. Berlinghoff, B. Roose, l. Niswender, E Manecke, H. Brombley, N. Wells, A. Dipplehoffer, B. Jones, J. Huth, J. Stiles, J. Hardin, J -Sharp, B. Fruth. l FOURTH ROW: J. Shumaker, P. Williams, L. Yenser, N. Sowry, N. Rowe, I. Lindemann, in Hennig, H. Buckingham, W. Souder, M. Aurand, B. Wolfelt, M. Harper, J. Peters, D. Musse H. Baxter, B. Basehore, A. DeWeese, B. Leedy. FIFTH ROW: R. Segner, L. Bauer, G. Turner, J. Manella, G. Keefer, D. Harsh, D. Hoffbaue gil. Schmidt, M. Jones, D. Hillier, M. Walsh, R. Coates, R. Dickhaut, D. Nusser, B. MacDonal . Barton. SIXTH ROW: E. Rust, G. Burke, J. Mosier, B. Compton, P. Preble, A. Jones, W. Swinehart, Pennell, R. Henry, A. Hottenstein, R. Kimble, A. Kiser, R. Mitchell, P. Dauterman, M. Rebe W. Tate. SEVENTH ROW: S. Bates, C. Barnes, W. Conley, C. Manecke, R. Young, M. Phillips, E. Richards D. McKay, P. Buchholtz, S. Hutchins, E. Harrold, J. Broyles. 96 STUDENT NURSES SEATED: K Medley, J. Sprout, Miss Kanable, J. Brandeberry, M Willoby, F. Thomas. STANDING: J. Lapidos, J, Groves, M. Herrig, L. Slaughterbeck G. Hickerson, B. Fry, S. Crosby, F. Mansfield. ' CAFETERIA' STAFF P. Benson, P. Gillette, A. McComb, M. Farrell, A. Manecke, J Bormuth, B. McCurdy, R. Balsat, G. Hill, K. Reinhard, R. Musser. 97 ACCOUNTING STAFF I. Niswender, E. Monecke, B. McCurdy, G. Stouffer, T. Fuller. PROJECTION STAFF Mr. Von Sant, G. Cloypool, D. Hanover, B. Forster, J. Cummings, D. Burgbocher, S. Cromer, B. Compton, D. Kisobeth, G. Stouffer, G. Dovis, M. Holl, B. Thruil- kill, J. Peyton, R. Clork, B. Wiedemonn, P. Bollinger. TRAFFIC PATROL Myers. Q SECOND ROW: R. Cooper, J. Moll, G. Davis, G. Nusser. 98 FIRST ROW Mrs Ritche N Beers R 5 - Y, - I ' Yates, S. Purkey, N. Wells, G. Gove, M. Hull, M. Rathburn, Miss Mettler. SECOND ROW: L. Hostottle, W. DeWeese, E. Rasp, -A. Manecke, F. McCullough, B. Clark, D. Baker, L. Couch. FLOOR: R. Wedge, J. Purdy. FlRST ROW: W. Swinehart, P. Donner F. Raymont, H. Cromer, B. Goodale, G. Coppler, D. Beck, R. Mitchell, M. Laffer- ty, D. Perrine, D. Sanders, G. Law, G. Law, C. Henry, D. Davis, W. Dickhout, Mr. Bender. SECOND ROW: P. Cook, P. Peeler, J Howell, J. Harris, D. Groves, W. Poorman B. Walters, M. Hersch, R. Law, J. Huitt, C. Manecke, C. Lyburtus, R. Johnson, C Underwood, E. Cooper. THIRD ROW: R. Long, C. Walker, N Might, R. Lewis, C. Reinhard, B. Compton D. Blcsser, D. Hutchins, W. Kinqery, B Thrailkill, G. Lone, A. Jones, N. Woodley H. Johnson, R. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: K. Boker, P. Shrider, A Kimble, C. Rahrig, P. Lowmaster, B Bomer, J. Bateson, H. Saxton, F. Allison B. Mullholond J Coburn D. L burtus, I - I Y D. Settles, C. Saxton, Mr. O'Neill. FIFTH ROW: J. Boll, G. Molter, D, Mompher, E. DeWalt, P. Heckothorn, D. Dotson,'K. Cousins, R. Pastorious J Lytle, R. Zuern, F. Sprow, C. Johnson, Pl Evers, M. Stowers. 1 1 JUNIOR HOME ECONOMICS BOYS' SPORTS FIRST ROW: J. Wyons, B. Scott E Cromer, E. lbarra, J. Musser, P. Hollen! baugh, M. Hollenbaugh, J. Beach, E. Yates, V. Wright, V. Stowers, J. Grooms V. Groves. SECOND ROW: P. Williams, M. Niswend- er, E. Keckler, B. Gonyer, J. Gregory, P Daughterman, J. Parmenter, Miss Cole M. Head, J. Stevenson, R. Tate, P. Nusser, D. Davis, B. Wolfelt. . THIRD ROW: M. Snyder, E. Yates, C Joseph, E. Jackson, B. Etzinger, P. Travis C. Earl, M. Emmons, P. Williams, -A Blake, H. Bronson, A. Lusk, A. Haynes. FOURTH ROW V Williamson : . , R. Lock, J. Jordan, W. Bovee, M. Martin, J. New- house, D. Earlie, R. Guthrie, D. Hoffbauer L. Reidlinq, D. Niswender. FIFTH ROW: R. l.ayton, B. Maclntyre M. Pressette, V. Lowery, B. Haynes, E Harris, D. Musser, B. Haynes, R. Banks G. Jackson, M. Walters, V. Thompson. FIRST ROW: J. Munger, B. Morgan, M. Moon, R. Gonyer, D. Wallis, M. Mull- holand, L. Hale, H. Snyder. SECOND ROW: Miss Goble, G. Myers, J Patterson, R. Henny, F. Jordan, J. Slosser, D. Hillier, M. Jones, L. Bower. 1 1 1 1 1 JUNIOR G. A. A. HANDICRAFT CLUB 100 JUNIOR HI-Y DRAMA CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. Van Sant, C. Allison M. Yates, D. Jacoby, J. Pennell, C. Brant H. Deiter, R. Gillette, C. Gaertner, Ei Daugherty, D. Fittro, K. Gaertner, G Sheriff. SECOND ROW1 J. Shatzer, T. Link, B Loach, D. Goshe, J. Doll, C. Fillhart, G Sheridan. C. Fillhart, B. Madden, R. Folti 1 P. Nusser, B. Keiffer, B. Hugan, B. Horen. THlRD ROW: J. Romig, J. Peyton, J. Carter, J. Shumaker, C. Hess, J. Cook, R. Waltermire, J. lbarra, B. Hull, G. Shiflet J. Lambright, D. Brickles, D. Foltz. FIRST ROW:'M. Ricksecker, M. Milligan, B. Atha, J. Ray, J. Hill, M. Walsh, S. Roberts, R. Baumgartner, E. Scott, M. Phillips, A. Tsantles, M. Kimble, V. Kreais. SECOND ROW: D. Rangeler, K. Hennig, R. Gee, B. MacDonald, M. Post, J. Peters, V. Johnson, B. Slater, B. Richards, B. Dickson, M. Blankenship, S. Bateson, G. Bethel. THIRD ROW: J. Feasel, P. Dyer, Miss Whiteman, J. Tannyhill, P. Blackford, R. Yates, B. Risser, J. Stiles, V. Parsell, N. Bom-er, P. Schaar. T FOURTH ROW: R. Snavely, J. Knepper, J. Cotter, E. Benninghoff, J. Warner, R. Lee, O. Yates, B. Turner, J. Weber, M. Hagerman. V 1 1 FIRST ROW: Miss Stubbins, S. Ciemens, R. Dickhaut, B. Stevenson, J. Warner, M. Schroeder, J. Crosby. SECOND ROW: S. Sn der J. En land B. Y f Q , Beigh, M. Burkhart, D. Cole, R. Degan. FIRST ROW: E. Moore, Miss Snyder, J. Hill, E. McRoberts, B. Rinehart, N. Mor- timer, V. Jones, M. Heckathorn, J. Davison, P. Fillhart. SECOND ROW: J. Marietta, J. Bamitt, P. Carson, G. Aurand, J. Cook, B. Rose, B Rothhaar, B. Myers C. Jackson, P. Dible THIRD ROW: v. Kham, M. Reinhard, LQ May, J. Huth, M. Anwood, B. Patterson, W. Souder, M. Snyder, L. Fraver, M. Harper, M. Buckingham. MUSIC CLUB JUNIOR PRED cnoss CLUB JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES FRESHMEN PLAYERS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Wiedemann, H. Cook, B. Barton, S. Porter, R. Segner, G. Turner, J. Pierce, J. Lusk, J. Kopf, V. Carter, A. Hawk, S. Seiple, S. N'cFadden. SECOND ROW: D. Romig, M. Post, M. Stainbrook, N. Charles, N. Rowe, P. Statler, H. Buckingham, H. Walsh, E. Maxwell, C. Deckard, J. Snyder, H. Baxter. THIRD ROW: J. Vogel, J. McNutt, J. Purdy, L. Shultz, C. Wolfarth, J. Shu- maker, B. Roose, N. Lee, G. Baker, B. Baseshare, S. Bates, C. Barnes. FIRST ROW: J. Anderson, V. Baker, N. Sowry. A. Baker, B. Barth, J. Steinhurst, M. Lentz, P. Workman, V. Williamson, A. Harrold, Mrs. Weeks. SECOND ROW: J. Bmmbien, D. Harsh, M. Cook, J. Payne, P. Lunsford, N. Berl- inghoff, N. Carter, S. Saddoris, A. Lock- hart, M.,France. M. Davis, I. Lindenman THIRD ROW: F. Batdoff, J. Woodland, R Hattendorf, D. Ward, A. Devore, M Devore, A. Hennig, C. Smith, J. Szaller I-I. Rose, J. Opperman. FOURTH ROW: J. Hicks, R. Wiedemann B. Nlswender, B. Forster, H. Horn. FIRST ROW: J. Broyles, D. Stein, A Weiker, O. Hoschar, G. Sherick, G. Logan E. Young, D. Fouts, E. Harrold. SECOND ROW: P. Herbert, B. Hutchins, D. McKay, D. Graft, B. Mottram, N Harris, B. Stuckey, D. Mosier, R. Young R. Banks. THIRD ROW: Miss Brickner, C. Snyder A. Keiser, E. Woodmancy, E. Bronson, R Ash, C. Banks, L. Walters. FOURTH ROW: l. Allison, P. Munger, J Earl, L. Echelberry, D. Vogel, R. Moon, R Cook, R. Emahiser FIRST ROW: D. Harding, G. Claypool C. Zuern, H. Wyatt, L. lckes, J. Reinhard C. Stagger, D. Rhude, K. Whiteman, RI Dunfee, R. Hanley, Mr. Williom Jones. SECOND ROW: B. Brown, J. Keckler, N Myers, D. Busick, J. Stroman, R. Haase J. Rissler, P, Slaaghterbeck, J. Harden B. Stein, W. Harden, L. Haver. THIRD ROW: J. Emerson, J. Pierce, B. Duffey, D. Groves, J. Feisel, B. Yeager, J Miller, P. Dauterman, D. Paine, R. Kroetz, H. Fuller. 1 1 1 1 1 AIRPLANE CLUB JUNIOR MECHANICS 'I04 X. . f .Lk, Q 5 vi' --QQ X x X K- x.s1vqx,f- f . X .xxx R-Q. Q X X MQ X f A ww -XQQMN WNQK. . 1 x.x. k . X X ,CQ80L1flfLlf'815 GLVLC! v .105 CALE NDAR OF EVE NTS September Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning, dear teachers, good morning to you." And school begins for another year. 8 Class elections! "Hair-pulling in the outer lobby only, please!" St. Wendelin knows it's Friday the l3th. Assembly to introduce new teachers. Hmmmm! School is getting better all the time! Lima South takes our scalp. "Ay, yi, yi, yi tum tume te ahda!" Dr. Keeler with his Mexican movies takes us "Sous of de bordah." Whee! Assembly again! Mr. Giovanni Sperandeo, lyric tenor, tells us how to live though handicapped. After this in- spiring program we go out and send Fre- mont St. Joe home crying. 5 II I3 Z! 22 28 29 October 6 Big day! E. Stanley Jones gives us a restful assembly. First iournal out with only two casualties: Scoop and Snooper, may they rest in peace! How could Ross do this to us on our own field. I3 You better move here, Columbians. Tif- fin won't love you after tonight. Mr. Archer Diehl -- "The Epigram Man." Bruh - -ther! ! Need we say more? Such a way to treat your guests, Defi- ance! Sob, sob! ! No school. "Anybody here from Sandusky?" lt would seem that there is. Otto Schacht and assembly. We like the way he closed the program. For once everyone was quiet. I9 20 27 30 November 3 Well, Bowling Green tries hard. 9 Naughty, naughty! John Boggs and his films of Ohio State Pen life. Anybody want to sample it? lO Black, black Friday! We hope Findlay got fallen arches from walking all over us. 106 l4 2-l 22. 23 The De Harrack Duo entertains us with piano and voice. How the Junior boys swooned when Miss Rose Lee sang to them! Mr. Tinianow's valiant crew'-lets forth some noise called concert music. Seniors present their "Follies" in the gym. Sad lack of orchestration, but oth- erwise confusin' and amusin'. Thanksgiving vacation. Sale of bicar- bonate of soda goes up ZOOM. December l 5 7 8 9 l5 I7 i8 Grade schools present "Pinocchio." Our brave basketball knights sally forth on to Galion and are carried home on their shields. Football Banquet. "To the victors l?l belong the spoils." Pearl Harbor Day. Everyone gets good and mad and buys 53,543.75 in bonds and 5386.45 in stamps. First basketball game here, and we show Toledo Waite where they stand- but good. Lima Central returns the compliment. The Hi-Y representatives go to Colum- bus and return with many new ideas. lHmmmmmm!l Fremont Ross tries to beat us-and suc- ceeds! Vesper Services a la Middleton and Tin- ianow. To get out of school we go to see "Old King Cole "and are pleasantly surprised. 22 Santa Claus gives the basketball team the Bowling Green game. Omicron Lambda puts us in the right spirit with a cheerful earful or two in assembly. 25 Guess what? ! ! . 1 29 Upper Sandusky ruins our joy with sev- eral baskets too many. January 6 Sandusky let's us beat them. l2 Tiffin Columbian decides to get even for that football game. I5 l6 T9 26 Sh! Don't say we told you, but exams started on this day. St. Wendelin--oh, no! lt's too awful! Well, they beat us. Anything can hap- pen now. ' And it did. The Trojans sweep in for the kill. We play Fremont Ross. 'Nuf said. February I Z 9 is is i6 21 23 Roelof Schotman talks to us in assembly and gives us something to think about. Ye Juniors drag out the ballot boxes. The "new" team goes into operation ver- sus Bowling Green and comes home at least bent--if not broken. The Music Boosters pay us back for being "music- ions" with dance and jitterbug contest. We play Kenton or Kenton plays us- anyway you know the outcome. Ouch! St. Wendelin again. First annual deadline. Oh weary weeks that lie ahead! Getting monotonous isn't it? We play Tiffin Columbian again. Yi! The "Pirates of Penzance" strut across the stage warbling as they go. The Juniors run the Journal in debt a few notches. National Honor Assembly. Oh grief! Oh jay! Oh my goodness! ! The team is off to Findlay to win the game. Unfortunately Findlay does not realize this. 26..G.A.A. Playnight in the gym. Maybe we should have an all girl basketball team! March l 2 3 lO Second annual deadline! How time drags. . Annual Assembly. "Buy an Annual cheap. lt is the most stupendous, glor- ious, magnanimous, blah, blah--!" Junior High Tournament. Well, what do you know! We won! Oh, Tiffin, beautiful Tiffin! Your senior scholarship tests are terrible but your cream-puffs are delicious. 7 I6 "Almost Eighteen" is dramatized l?l by the Juniors. Good but oh, sooo long. 29 Easter vacation begins. "Why don't we do this more often?" April l Easter. "Darling, your new dress is simply divine!" 3 Back to school. All good things must end. lO The Sophomores show us the value of much rehearsal, Omicron Lambda re- plenishes their treasury and is every- body happy? No! Friday the l3th! Hi-Y picks this day to express their sentiments via the "Sweet- heart Banquet." Let's have more of this. I3 l7 Hi-Y lbusy, aren't theyll invites their district neighbors to join them. We won- der why all the girls were dressed up? ! i9 20-2-l Our more outstanding vocalists and instrumentalists go forth to prove their worth. Ye editor goes to visit Mr. Truman. May 4 Bowling Green is honored by the pres- ence of the choir. Well, we got out of school anyway. J 7 G. R. provides eatables and entertain- ment for their mothers, and installs their new officers with finesse. l l "George Washington Slept,Here"l Yes, he did-right in the auditorium. We hope the audience didn't do likewise. Senior Assembly-Bye, bye, everybody. The Annuals are distributed-it says here. Baccalaureate. Well, Seniors, it was our turn this year. The Juniors give us a Prom to remem- ber. "The strains of 'Pomp and Circum- stance', the solemn figures moving slow-" Grade cards! The anti-climax. I8 20 23 Z4 25 Uhr Ahlenius Glu Tile Dependable Store THE EESTERIA PRESSED STEEL CORP Manufacturers of Products for the War Effort "Ba1anced" Lighting Infrared Coolant Filter Equally as useful for the Post War Era IO9 THE PREIS STORE SMART CLOTHES FOR THE MISS HAROLD EMERSUN GARAGE 509 College Avenue Phone 2261 FOSTORIA, OHIO IOHNNY 6 LEE'S CAFE . One of the Good Places to Eat 440 So. Main Street Phone 987 I S S I I1 G FURNITURE CDl'l1PFlVl'l'll J ,, . :,, 19:11 105-107S.MAIN CLIFF G WALT-Barbers 107 E. Center St. Our Aim, Your Satisfaction! Across the street from A. H. Yonker's Insurance Compliments of DR. G. H. BRUGGEMANN H0 DIANN FUNERAL ll0DlE 217 West Center Street FOSTORIA, OHIO BERT'S RESTAURANT Special Plate Lunches. Sandwiches for Students and Teachers OPEN DAY AND NIGHT The Best in Food Try Our Sunday Dinner AMERICAN RAILWAY SIGNAL 00. n,- Cornphments of DR. L. C. GERLINGER REED INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE BOND SERVICE Phone Office 2251 113 West Center Street Fostoria, Ohio T H E T O W N H O U S E GOOD FOOD 120 W. Center Phone 995 Y. M. C. A. THE CCMMUNITY CENTER CE FOSTCRIA Gym Classes . . . Swimming Classes Recreational Activities Meet Your Friends at The I-li-Spot Compliments Of FEASEIJS MARKET The annual is out. The staff sleeps, counts the money, and dances for joy. MCCORMIC MOTOR SALES 133 E. Tiffin St. Sales - Service II2 SERVICE LAUNDRY TELEPHONE zsaz Pmhhm cgdlzkvwl 67mlm, 204 South Main Iohn F. Williams Earl F. Williams IOHN B. ROGERS PRODUCING CO. World's Largest Producers of Amateur The-atricals Paqeants, Spectacles and Centennial Celebrations LOWERY 8: CHAPMAN Fostorias Leading Jewelers Credit at Cash Prices 103 South Main Success to the Class of 1945 TIIE VAL-U DRESS SlIOP 121 S. Main Street new eww, sm FOSTORIA'S FINEST MEN'S STORE 201 S. MADN ST FOSTORIA. OHIO H3 J. B. BASEHORED 8: CO. com. AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Chi-Namel Paints "OP" Automatic Coal Burners Phone 667 Flowers For All Occasions ' . 5!lQ.QI'lllD1lA.Q, EDWARDS' CLEANING SHOP "Really Good Cleaning" Ill Perry Street Phone 2802 1. H. IONES AND SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS I. P. Iones COAL H. A. Murnrna Builders' Supplies Cement Blocks - Ready Mixed Concrete Barrett Roofing Truscon Products Winkler Stoker HOMERICK STUDIO PHOTO FIN1smNc PORTRAITS 107 Perry Street Phone 565 Congratulations to the Class of 1945 WHITNEY'S DRUG STORE "Reliable prescriptions by prescription druggist" H4 . I S N Y D E R ' S Fountain Service cmd Light Lunches GREETINGS from . .. I THE Boox AND GIFT sHoP 109 N. Main St. Margaret I-I. Thomas Zada E. VanI-Iorn I Compliments of F. H. PENNELL. M.D. H. L. PERRY. D.D.S. Compliments of A F R I E N D - Boydi, 4 FISHING AND HUNTING LICENSES Open Evenings and Sundays Fremont and Sandusky Streets Fostoria, Ohio H5 BEST WISHES TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF 1945 B. P. U. ELKS 116 n' ISU ex MQ' Q X " 'N S' A l5.oon xg xrnomol I 'V eat Y X MEMS This Bank again extends Good Will to Red and Black and to the Graduating Class ot 1945 as well as to the entire Fostoria School System. Much praise is due Superintendent Herbert L. Ford, Principal Wm. M. Hawk, all other Principals and Teachers for their part in building our Schools to their present high standard. ' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FOSTORIA Compliments from HEDGE'S DRY CLEANING 105 East Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Homework, we presume. H7 BEST WISI-IES from THE SENECA WIRE AND MFG. CO. HARRY'S GOOD FOODS FOSTORIA IRON AND METAL We Buy All Kinds of Scrap Pczy Highest Market Prices Myer Shiff Call 3291 Compliments of FRED'S RECREATION cmd RAY BURSON'S BARBER SHOP Phone966 II8 MOSE LAMFROIVI CLOTHING COMPANY "DRESS BETTER AND YOU'LL FEEL BETTER" 7 15,45 DAIRY PRODUCTS LUNCHES The Fostoria Monument Company Opposite Fountain Cemetery + + + Phone 3872 A. H. YONKER INSURANCE AGENCY Exclusively Insurance 108 E. Center Street Phone2573 Across the street from Cliff G Wcdt 1 BILLS - . u I ' I, , , QUALITY AT LOW' Pl?lC'f MORRIS STORES 5c to S100 l'I9 For ictory T118 3111111011 Wall Paper 8 Paint Cn 312 North Mum c. M. PEGGS mea zvoa ALWAYS THE BEST B' ho f CLEANING 'S P 5 - t RUG. HAT -PRESSING FURNITURE DYEING QUALL QUNL CLEANING CLEANING COMPANYJ 113 West Ncrth Street I... A. BISHCP, Proprietor Phone 2515 Paints -Wallpaper -- Window Shades - Glass -- Picture Framing PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS SU. 119 N. Main Street-Phone 3405 S. S. KRESGE COMPANY Congratulations '45 DI I C K E Y ,S GRILL AND coFFEE SHOP 331 S. Main Street Fostoria, Ohro Our Congratulations to Class of 1945 HOME PASTRY SHOPPE 207 N. Main Street Dial 3240 120 EUNEHlTTULlTTlllN TU THE CLASS UE 1945 CML E '5 BEST WISHES TU THE CLASS UE 1945 121 Fostoria lee and Coal C0 Ice Refrigerator and Stokol Coal Stokers "Where Fostoria Buys its Coal" 410 E. North Street Phone 3686 122 -1.11-i1 Compliments of BOB'S LUNCH 118Perry i 3 Librory-quiet please. SENECA LUIVIBEH and MILLWURK CU. We believe We too gre gn institution in Fostorig y- 54 yegrs of furnishing homes With good furniture ond three grgdugtes from F. H. S. with one more coming up -- definately plctce us gs g port of the schools ond all they stgnd for in our community. We gp- precigte your parents' pgtrongge ond when the time comes for you to need things for the home - we invite you to coll upon us- C A Il Il 9 S Good Furniture Since 1890 Compliments of THE MENNEL MILLING COMPANY 124 R O Y S H U L T Z 144 Sandusky Street Elec. Welding Acetylene Welding Forge Work T I M A N U S "Everything in Hardware" Household Gifts - Lowe Brothers Paint- Archery Equipment 205 North Main St. Twins? 4 C. I. STAHL . . . Wayne,Ohio Distributor of TEXACO Gasoline - Oils - Greases Congratulations to the Class of '45 THE FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP First National Bank Bldg. I25 FUSTURIA WELDING COMPANY ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING GEORGE D. WDLPH FLDING ENGINEER Q55 PHUNE 2985 - Portrait - Commercial 'KU W. X 131 XX 'Q Nhrtes n Hem: N Make an Ad' ' Q 51 ,... I , -. ' . ,3 THE DICKEN STUDIO - Yhe Professional?110togIfayhQr- R Compliments of DR. I. L. MURPHY Our Congratulations to Class of 1945 I.I.IIYII BIIUTIIEIIS IIISIIIIAIIUE SERVICE 104-105 First National Bank Bldg. POSTORIA Phone 4242 OHIO 126 N x YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES STEVENS The Diamond Store of Fostoria Complete Line of Mcn's and Boys' CLOTHES AND FURNISHINGS ART CLOTHES SHOP Pda Glolfzing, Slew FOSTORlA'S FINEST MEN'S STORE 201 S. MAIN ST. FOSTORIA. OHIO OLDEST LARGEST BEST P 0 Ill' I ll ' 5 CLEANERS, PRESSERS, DYERS HAT CLEANING -Q RUG CLEANING Phone 864 A II3 Perry St Comphments of THE FUSTURIH RUTFIIW CIUB HUVT SEED GOIIIPRIW PURE FIELD SEEDS, WOOL, ETC. Office cmd Warehouse 147-149 West North Street FOSTORIA. OHIO 127 .4 Your Fostoria Newspaper Review-Times I. 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