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Us f I 1 1 N E 1 l -. 'mf il ii, FE. 4 J, f i, I 1 ', '. nh, LR' .X ,L r 13zfope 1fty 0 'H x 4 Pcxqe 4 THE TALISMAN 1946 Published by the SENIOR CLASS FOSSTON HIGH SCHOOL Fosston, Minnesota R 1 DEDICATIQN To Mr. Iohnson and Mr. Harris, our able and efficient superintendent and principal, who have siriven to raise the ideals and standards of Fosston High School, we, the class of 1946, do affectionately dedicate this, the second issue of the Talisman. Paqe 5 i-.4 Page 6 FCDRWARD THE TALISMAN, the title for the Fosston High School Annual chosen by the Seniors of the Class of '45, has fittingly proved its popularity in so many ways that We, The Seniors of '46, feel We must carry on the work thus far so well advanced. We have spared no pains or efforts to make this issue one of the most enter- taining ever published. To this end we have included in it all those activities belonging to our school during the past year that time and space would permit, those We believed most richly merit- ing attention. ' In submitting this year's Talisman to its many readers We shall ask'no higher reward than to know it has pleased you: and, that in years to come it will serve to bring back to your memories the most pleasant years of all-those spent in the Fosston High School. And may each one of you, Seniors of '46, wherever you may cast your lot, feel and live faithful toe- Out of the nigh! that l'0'lf'l'l'S mv, Bind: as the pil from pole to pole,- 1 thunk wlmtever Fales may be For my miconquernble soul! DIVISICN CE TI-IE ECCIC af ir if I Division Cno CLASSES Division Two A - ACTIVITIES Division Three AT I-I Ii E T I C S Division Four VIEWS Page Standing left to right: Melford Sorenson, Winton Knudson, Jerome Johnson. S, O. Johnson, Opal Thomas. Dorothymae Bakken. Sitting left to right: Donald Olson. Elaine Tangen, Dorothy Dahl. Donna Sandgren. Margaret Sjol. Ruth Engan. Alene Rystad. Betty Bakken. Philip Megorden. ANNUAL STAFF Associates -- ..,...s.... ................... H uth Engan Organizations ......... . -- - ..., -----., ..... -------..- Associates --..- ---- ................. ----- Athletlos ......... ...... ..s....................... Photography ........... ............... Art ....s............... ...... V . .......,........... - Donna Sandgren - -Margaret Haugen - - - - - -Opal Thomas Dorothy Dahl Betty Bakken Dorothymae Baklcen - - -Winton Knudson Jerome Iohnson --------------Philip Megorden Melford Sorenson - - - -Alene Rystad Business Manager ------ . ........-.---.---.--...----------- .-Donald Olson Associates --------------.....-..------.------- - - - -Jerome lohnson Elaine Tangen Faculty Advisor ---.-................................---.----- Mr. Iohnson I Y? X QD X33 fi fx Q Af lg M ' X 9 M N ll Divisicnn 0116 C L A S S E S BETTY BAKKEN UBGHSH "I'm not stubborn, I just don't like to be boss- ed " G.A.A. 4 Greyhound Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4 DOROTHYMAE BAKKEN "Dot" "Her name is "Dot," but she mostly dashes." Class Secretary Z-3 Class Play 3 Greyhound Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1-2-3-4 BLANCHE BERGH "Fine people, like fine deeds, need no trum- pets." Glee Club 3 HAROLD BERGLUND "Boogie" "A handful of fun is North a bushel of learn- ing." Basketball 3-4 Class Vice-President 2 Greyhound Staff 4 Football 2 NIMROD BRINK T "Junior" "A mcm is measured not by what he says, but what he does." ROBERT CLARK ,,BOb., "You girls quit bothering me." F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 P599 10 CLASSES DOROTHY DAHL "Dada" "l never trouble trouble, 'lil irouble troubles me." G.A.A. 4 Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 4 RUTH ENGAN "Ruthie" "A friend worth having, 0 friend worth know- ing, a friend worth keeping." Mixed Chorus 3-4 Greyhound Staff Annual Staff 4 Double Oclelle 3 Glee Club l-2-3 ARLENE EKELAND "She can laugh wiih the jolliesl and work with the busiest." Mixed Chorus CLARICE GUNDERSON "Sing away sorrow, casl away care." MYRTLE HALVORSON "Myrt" "Lei every man mind his own business." Band 2 ALYCE HAUGEN "An unusual combinaiion: red hczir and Q con- genial disposition." cLAss1-:s page 11 P l , ,Y , I Page 12 MARGARET HAUGEN "Bones" "Preparation is the keynote of success." Annual Stafi 4 Mixed Chorus 4 EVERETT HOWELL "Sveum" "You hear him when he's there and miss him when he's gone." F.F.A. l-2-3-4 VIOLET HUOT l1TeenYrl "The best way to lengthen our days is to steal a few hours from the night." Glee Club 1 tCrooks1onJ G.A.A. 4 Class Play 1-3 tCrookstonlJ ELAINE IACOBSON "Her ways are the ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." IEROME IOHNSON "Bud" "A happy, iolly lad is hey no matter when or where he be." Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 MARGARET JOHNSON "A pleasing countenance is no slight disad- vantage." Glee Club 3 CLASSES LENNA KRINGLE "She's jolly to talk with and pleasant to think about." Greyhound Staff 3-4 Glee Club l-2-3 Mixed Chorus 4 tlibrarianl G.A.A. 4 Student Council 4 WINTON KNUDSON llwimpylr "My favorite dish-women." Football 4 Annual Staff 4 ARTHUR LANMAN llArtll "If it be a man's work l'1l do it." DORIS LANMAN "Dorie" "lt's the little things that count." AUDREY LAVOI "Mulligan" "There are other boys than those at school." Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Greyhound Staff Z-3-4 Class Play 3 DOLORES LAVOI "Woof" "A sunny disposition, an ever ready smile." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 4 IPresldentJ CLASSES Page 13 CLAYTON LUNDEEN ,,Tip,. "'A woman is only a woman but a cigarette is a qood smoke." Basketball 1-2-3 CStephenl Class Play 3 fStephenl Football 1-2-3 lStephenl Band l-2-3 lStephenJ EVELYN MEINERT "'l'here's no melancholy element in her." Mixed Chorus 4 Glee Club 3 Class President 1 Band 2-3-4 Greyhound Staff 3-4 PHILIP MEGORDEN "Phil" "Aw, those girls give me a pain-around my neck." Annual Staff 4 Greyhound Staff 4 Band 1-2-3-4 CPresident and student director? Boys Octette 4 Football 3-4 MAVIS MUNTER "The way to have a friend is to be one." Glee Club 4 CAROL NOTVEDT "She has a quiet friendly way." DONALD OLSON 11DOnAl "My mind is set on greater things than women's smiles and engagement rings." Annual Staff 4 Boys Octette 4 Class Treasurer 3 Football 4 Page 14 CLASSES RUBYE OLSON "Rube" "l don't care how you spell my name, l'1l change it sometime." DUANE ROULAN D "Let the world go as it may, I'1l lake ii any- way." LUCILLE HUD "She is kind and quiei, her nature never varies." SIDNEY RUD "Sid" "When I grow older I'll grow bolder." F.P.A. 1-2 KEITH RYSTAD 11Budll "Books and me are F.F.A. l-2-3,4 ALEN E RYSTAD "Her genial dispositi Class Secretary 2 Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Greyhound Staff 4 Class Secretary 4 CLASSES friends-1: hooey. " on wins her many friends." Page 15 DONNA SANDGREN 1 fpeqqyu "I hurry not, neither do I worry." Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Double Octette 3 Mixed Chorus 3 Annual Staff 4 G.A.A. 4 Class Vice-President 4 Greyhound Staff 4 l MELFORD SOBENSON "Eli" "Even it I do know the dictionary, I don't know everything." Boys Octette 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 tPresidentl Band l-2-3-4 Class Play 3 MARGARET SIOL t :1MGggotll "To know her once is to like her always." Class President 2-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 CPresidentJ Student Council 4 G.A.A. 4 Annual Staff 4 Greyhound Staff 4 Class Play 3 ELAINE TANGEN ll I ll Lamey "Everything comes if only you will wait." Annual Staff 4 Greyhound Staff Class Treasurer 4 G.A.A. 4 OPAL THOMAS rlopen "A modest blush she wears, not formed by art." Annual Staff 4 THELMA THOMPSON "Not the noisy kind, but right there." Page 16 CLASSES ALICE WELTE HAY, "Getting along with folks is one of the finest of fine arts." Mixed Chorus l-Z-3x4 tlvlahnomen and Foss toni Glee Club 1-2-3 tMahnomen and Fosstonl Class Play 3 Greyhound Staff 3,4 G.A.A. 4 Student Council 4 CSecretaryl Class Vice-President 3 Girls' Octette 4 Double Octette 3 VINCENT WEYER "Vince" "I relish a bit of nonsense now and then." Band 1-2-3-4 BARBARA ZETHREN "A qirl ol few words need never take back any of them." Mixed Chorus 4 G.A.A. 4 Nor Plcrunso- CURTIS MELBO "Curt" "He is one of those boys that nobody knows anything mean about." GLENN HAGEN "Crusher" "Now which way would be the easiest?" Basketball 1-2-3-4 tCaptain 42 Football 2-3 ' Student Council 4 ELAINE SOMDOLON t'There are two days about which one should never worry, yesterday and tomorrow." ' CLASSES ,sys Page 17 Back Row. left to right: T. Thompson. D. Sandgren. D. Dahl. E. Tangen. A. Ekeland. A. Haugen, M. Johnson. E. Somdolon. C. Gunderson. A. Welte. L. Kringle. M. Sjol. Third Row. left to right: M. Halvorson. E. Jacobson. B. Zethren. R, Engan. D. LaVoi. D. Bakken, B. Bakken. A. Rystad. O. Thomas. B. Bergh. M. Munter. D. Lanman. Second Row, left to right: L. Rud. A. LaVoi. R. Olson. C. Notvedt. V. Huot. E. Me-inert. H. Berg- land. E. Howell. D. Rouland. J. Brink. K. Rystad. First Row. left to right: W. Knudson. G. Hagen. C. Melbo. C. Lundeen. R. Clark. P. Megorden. D. Olson. S. Rud. J. Johnson. A. Lanman. V. Weyer. SENKDR CLASS cLAss HISTORY President ...................................... Margaret Siol Vice President ............................... Donna Sandgren Treasurer ...................................... Elaine Tangen Secretary M..................................... Alene Rystad Class Advisors: ....,............. .............. M r. Iohnson Miss Wennerstrom The long road is over for the seniors of 1946, but there have been several exciting events throughout our school years, which We will vividly remember. The lunior-Senior Prom ot 1945, of which we Were in charge, was a big success. Our class was well represented in football and basketball. We also have a cheerleader from our class. Many of the students have taken part in the various music groups. Our class will be one oi the smaller graduating classes oi Fosston. , Motto: The way is hard, but the prize is great. Class colors: Sky blue and silver. Class flower: Red Carnation. Page l 8 CLASSES , I v- 'V .t TAG. - . VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN HONOR STUDENTS The outstanding students of each graduating class are those students who because of intelligent use of their time and energies have attained scholastic success. Those who rate as the first ten in scholastic standings for the senior class are: Ruth Engan Donald Olson Blanche Bergh Opal Thomas Margaret Haugen Alene Rystad Arlene Ekeland Thelma Thompson Margaret Siol Elaine Tangen Ruth Engan is valedictorian and has an average of 94.05. Blanche Bergh with an average of 93.82 is the salutatorian. Both of these girls and the highest ranking boy, Donald Olson, will have many opportunities for the scholarships and aids in attending college. All ten of the honor students will find that their success in high school will greatly enhance their success in the post-graduate years to come. FOSSTON HIGH SCHOOL There is a seat of learning A challenge to go onward, That sends its rays of light To hold the torch on high, In ever clearer vistas Till civic virtues flourish To beautify the night. And men to God draw nigh. ln twilight men are living, A symphony of kindness, And weighted down by chains. Of love and brotherhood To you, dear Fosston High School, Transforms our schools to beacons, This clarion call contains, O, Fosston High, you're good! -Iennie Wennerstrom CLASSES Page 19 L. ,77 , Bottom row: K. Jenen. J. Bingham. R. Senum. R. Olson. H. LePler. V. Haugen, V. Danielson. L. Leervig, R. Bjornerud. C. Norden. H. Vigoren. B. LaVoi. D. Olson. N. Busse. 2nd row: D. Rouland. J. Blanchard. A. Hanson. M. Peterson. M. Bratland. G. Brenna. K. Welte, J. Brisbois. V. Danielson. E. Linforce. T. Schirrschmidt. V. Kvare. E. Borud. H. Hanson. M. White. 3rd row: D. Berg. B. Anderson, E. Johnson. M. Robinson. C. Loftstrand. D. Nelson. R. Dunrud, M. Tannen. K. Lonoske. D. Mortenson. D. Fish. J. Quarn. M. Beckstrom. A. Olson, B. Torblaa. Back row: A. Christiansen. L. Brink. M. Baustian. E. Anderson. G. Sjol. A. Hove. W. Johnson, M. Olson. G. Nord. S. Schrieber. H. Ekeland. C. Olson. lUNl0lQ CLASS CLASS i-iisrosv President .......... - ....... -. .................... David Olson Vice President .................................. Ronald Glson Secretary ---.. .................................. Hazel Hanson Treasurer .........., ...................... K athryn Konoske Class Advisor ................................... Mr. Denning We have sixty students in our junior class this year. We also have many outstanding athletes of Whom We are very proud. Three boys made the first live on the team while another is on the second five. Another of our outstanding activities is music in which many ot our class participate. There are eighteen of the boys and girls in the Mixed Chorus, eleven girls in the Senior High Girls' Glee Club and five junior girls in the Octette. Page 20 CLASSES Top. left io right: D. Ruiness. C. Paulson, R. Larson. N. Disrud. W. Rutskoski. R. Norgaard. B Carlson. M. Carlstrom. S. Olson. M. Shegrud. D. Roiness. D. Klosse. G. Whaley. L. Anderson. Second: I. Berglund. L. Vasilakes. I. Hotness. H. Larson. M. Lindfors. M. Torgrimson. B. Leite. M. Bloomst. T. Borus. H. Valden. L. Solie. M. Husby. M. Erickson. E. Holliday. M. Tavngen. C. Thomp- son. t Third: B. Berry, E. Peterson. B. Norurn, J. Kurfman, E. Landsverk, M. Norstuem, C. LaVoi, M Johnson, P. Mandt. F. Waklin. A. Peterson, N. Rundell. F. Bert. N. Clemenlson. T. LaVoi, M. Leikness Fourth: R. Polley. C. Vig. A. Vig. A. Sandry. R. Melgram. G. Fishbeck. F. Johnson. E. Eastland f W. Krogh. D. Wynne. E. Notvedt. D. Bakken, H. Megorden. T. Kjolhaug, 0. Bakken. SOPHCMCRE CLASS CLASS I-HSTGRY Our class officers are: President ....................................... Glen Vtfhaley Vice President ............................... Euqene Eastlund Secretary ..........................,.. .- ..... Treasurer - ................................ - - Student Council Representative ............... ,--Connie LaVoi Marilyn Erickson -Royce N orgaard Class Advisor ............................. Miss Wennerstrom There are 63 students enrolled in our class. Several oi Whom we are proud participate in basketball, football, and hockey. Others are in the music groups such as Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Octeite and the Girls' Octette. CLASSES Paqex21 L . w 7,,7 .4 Bdttom row. left to right: G. Einess. C. Johnson. E. Olson. J. Sandry. Q. Matson. R. Myhrum. N. Halvorson. N. Ellertson. V. Hanson. M. Heide. W. Bakken. W. Blix. K. Notvedt. O. Bergh. C. Jellum, D. Jeska. D. Reirson. Second row. left to right: C. Larson. H. Englesgaard. D. Colligan. G. Johnson. G. Johnson. R. Mel- bo. M. Oien. A. Hagen. L. Johnson. R. Myhrum. C. Aakhus. J. Wlogsland. J. Cummings. J. Beleyea. D. Molden. A. Carlson. Q. Olson. R. Miller. A. Holt. D. Hedlund. Third row. left to right: L. Meinert. M. Lumen. L. Klongerboe. K. Sinjem. R. Blanchard. A. Ny- strum. A. Lindem. M. Klinke. B. Lynus. M. Lomness. J. Milne. J. Norden. M. Longseth. S. Johnson. L. Greene. J. Mittun. L. Meinert. L. Nystrum. G. Johnson. R. Neiabor. D. Jacobson. Back row. left to right: R. Johnson. A. Quam. P. Perrault. M. Peterson. M. Hanson. R. Haugen. J. Lundeen. A. Fjeld. A. Evenson. N. Rundell. V. Whaley. D. Sorenson. V. Bjornerud. D. Bakken. W. Forsberg, V. Colson. M. Christiansen. B. Lagather. G. Reiten. D. Haugen. FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS HISTORY Our class officers are: President --. ...... -.-.. ........................ Iames Wogsland Vice President .............................. Iimmy Cummings Secretary ....................................... Ioyce Norden Treasurer .................................... Charles Aakkus Class Representative ............................ Grace Rieten Class Advisor .................................. Mr. Bohnsack There are eighty-three students in the freshman class of 1945-'46. Two students quit school during the year. Many students took part in various activities. A number of boys Went out for football and basketball. Most of the girls sang in the Freshman Girls' Chorus. Twenty-two students participated in band activities. Page 22 CLASSES Bottom row. left to right: A. Carson. B. Briske. G. Higden. R. Roysland. D. Busse. R. Espeseth. M. Moen. D. Thomas. R. Miller. Second row: P. Larsen. E. Goldsmith. F. Kringle. A. Danielson. W. Dalmaage. R. Haugen, G. Goldsmith. L. Tanfxen. P. Tagland. K. Megorden. Third ro".': G. Vennes. R. Nord. A. K1-ough. L. Hasselton. M. Halliday. P. Foster, N. Klosse. F. Tangen. M. Larson. Top row: M. Peterson. J. Duvick. I. Anglesburg, J. Klein, J. Dahl. R. Kittleson. C. Wick, S. Trogstad. ElGl-ITH GRADE President ....... -.- ........................... Royal Espeseth Vice President ............................. .- .,.. Patty Tagland Secretary .......... .. ............................. Curtis Wick Treasurer ..................................... Billy Dulmaage Our class advisor is Mrs. Carman. There are 13 eighth graders in the band this year. Lois Hasselton is sec- retary of the second band. Ten boys belong to the Boy Scout troop. Ralph Haugen is an assistant patrol leader. Nine girls are scouts. Lois is secretary and Patty is treasurer of the troop. Four new students have been enrolled in the class. They are Donald Busse and Dale Foster who were at Mahnomen last year, Gene Higdern who came here from Minneapolis, and Iames Ophus who moved here from Fargo. CLASSES Page 23 Bottom row. left to right: H. Rambol. K. Larson. N. Larson. H. Haugen. D. Illies. J. Skatvold, R. Sorenson. Second row: M. Sinjem. Peterson. K. Solstien. B. Omdahl. Klien. A. Vraa. G. Berglund. Back row: M. Hanson. D. Carlstrom. Peterson. J. Wynne. Perrault. C. Monson. Kildahl. R. Larson. J. Haugstul. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS HISTORY President ,,.,...-.......,..................... Wayne Rambol Vice President ..................-.....-........ Harold Haugen Secretary ......... - ..,.......................... Arlene Vraa Treasurer ..................... ................ C Urol Monson Advisor ..................................... Miss Gouqhnour There are 27 pupils enrolled in the seventh grade. Twelve of these parti- cipate in the band. There are 9 qirl scouts and 6 boy scouts, Page 24 CLASSES Left to right: Mr. S. O. Johnson. Mr. H. Algaard. Mr. H. E. Johnson. Dr. A. Shedlov. Mr. Marvin Hillestad. Rev. T. H. Megorden. Mr. B, I. Larson. BQARD CDF EDUCATION The members of the Board of Education are as follows: President-Dr. A. Shedlov who has been a member of the board for 12 years. Clerk-Marvin Hillestad who has served on the board for 2 years. Treasurer-B. I. Larson' has been on the board approximately 25 years. Director-H. E. Iohnson has been on the board for 2 years. Director-H. Alqaard has served on the board for 2 years. CLASSES Page 25 f FACULTY Mr. George Denning ......... .. .-......--.......- X Mr. lack Harris ......... Mr. Michael Lagaiher .... Mr. S. O. Iohnson ,....... Mr. George Bohnsack--- Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Iennie Wennerstrom .... Marian Parbst ..... Ruth Nelson ....... Hilda Goughnour ..... Thyra Berentson .... Ruth Hole ........ Maude Cameron .... Della Kringler ..... Mrs. Augusta Anderson .... Miss Marie Thornala ..... Mrs. Lowella Olson ........ Mrs. Carol Avis Carman- Miss Esther Lade .... Mr. Shurson ....... ----------History Social Science ------------Band -T---Boys' Phy. Ed. Coach - - - -Mathematics ---------Science Mathematics - - - - -Sr. High English - -- - --Home Economics - - - - - -Grade Five High Mathematics ------------Grade Six --------------Music Art ------Grade Four - ----Commercial -------Grade Cne- ---Ir. High English - - - - -Grade Three -- - - -Girls' Phy. Ed. General Science --------Grade Two - - - - - -Agriculture Page 26 CLASSES Page 27 W mi J 3 H IJ I Q I J I I X l M! E F ID nTWo ACTIVITIES N FHESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS President .... .... M ardelle Christiansen Librarian .... .......... I ackie Milne Recorder ..................................... Vivian Whaley The Freshman Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Miss Hole, is a volunteer group of singers. We do ensemble singing two days a week and art one day. We took part in the Christmas Musical and other activities during the year. We expect to learn to be good readers and interpreters so that We may take part in the Senior High Glee Club or Chorus next year. ACTIVITIES Page 29 v Page SENIGR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President .... ...,. M arqaret Siol Librarian .... .... D onna Sandgren Recorder ...... ..... A tene Rystad Accornpanist .... ---Edith Borud This organization consists of a volunteer group of girls who meet every Monday and Tuesday. A Christmas concert was our main public appearance. This group is under the efficient direction of Miss Hole. 30 ACTIVITIES MIXED CHORUS President --- ...... Alice Welte Recorder -- .... Dolores I.aVoi Librarian --- .... Lenna Kringle The Mixed Chorus was organized at the beginning of our school term. It is composed of Senior High boys and girls. The girls were selected by a musical test given by Miss Hole. Those having a score of ninety and above are members of our Mixed Chorus. The boys are a volunteer group. Miss Hole has done outstanding work in directing our group to a successful chorus. ACTIVITIES Page 31 FLUTES Marilyn Bundell Shirley Olson CLABINETS Royce Norqaard Vincent Weyer Mary Lou Lomness Connie LaVoi Alice Peterson Marilyn Erickson Wendell Iohnson Dorine Sorenson ALTO CLARINET Kathryn Konoske SAXOPHONES David Olson Norma Clementson PEP BAND Glen Fishbeck Iames Hauqstul I-IORNS Glen Whaley Dorothyrnae Bakken Hazel Hanson BARITONE Vernon Howes TBOMBONES Larry Leerviq Bill Krogh Kathleen Sinjern limmy Mittum Ioyce Norden Ierry Skatvold BASSES Charlotte Thompson Iames Woqsland Iames Cummings CORNETS Melford Sorenson Philip Meqorden Alan Hove Howard LePier Roger Larson Walter Blix Charles Larson Harold Enqlesqaard DRUMS Margaret Tanqen Marion Tanqen Mildred .White Norma Rundell Page 32 ACTIVITIES FIRST BAND FLUTES SAXOPI-IONE TROMBONES Marilyn Rundell Shirley Olson Mary Sinjern CLARINETS Royce Norqaard Vincent Weyer Marilyn Husby Mary Lou Lomness Connie LaVoi Alice Peterson Marilyn Erickson Wendell Iohnson Dorine Sorenson Delores Balcken Kathryn Meqorden Evelyn Meinert Patty Taqland Karen Welte Ellen Halliday E FLAT CLARINET Lois Leerviq ALTO CLARINET Kathryn Konoske David Olson Norma Clernentson Charlotte Thompson Iames Cummings Iarnes Woqsland CORNETS Melford Sorenson Philip Meqorden Verna Mae Kvare Alan Hove Howard LePier Glen Fishloeck Iarnes Hauqslul loycella Lundeen Marilyn Iohnson Norman Larsen Howard Meqorden Royal Espeseth HORNS Glen Whaley Dorothyrnae Bakken Hazel Hanson Larry Leerviq Billy Kroqh Kathleen Siniem Iames Mittun Ioyce Norden Ierry Skatvold BASSES Roger Larson Walter Blix Charles Larson Harold Englesqaard DRUMS Margaret Tanqen Marion Tanqen Mildred White Norma Rundell Ruth Hauqen TYMPS Iune Brisbois BELL LYRE Marqaret Norstuern ACTIVITIES Page 33 SECOND BAND PLUTES Shirley Olson Mary Sinjem CLARINETS Lucille Tanqen Ioanne Wynne Donna Carlstrorn Karen Welte Ellen Halliday Mary Ann Carlstrorn Marcia Peterson Carol Monson Marilyn Hanson Beverly Omdahl Violet Bjornerud Patsy Perrault Marion Granum Corinne Hauqstul Lois Leerviq Mary Larson SAXOPHONE Charlotte Thompson Grace Rieten lames Cummings Donna Axevold CORNETS Ioycella Lundeen Marilyn Johnson Howard Meqorden Norman Larsen Royal Espeseth Gene Hiqdern Arthur Viq HOBNS Marcella Bloomst Delores Blanchard Lorraine Orndahl TROMBONES Jerry Skatvold Charles Taflin BARITONE Richard Sorenson DRUMS Ethel Goldsmith Gloria Vennes Arnelda Kroqh Ruth Nord Molly Halliday Faye Krinqle Lois Hasselton BCDY SCCDUTS The Boy Scouts ot America Troop lOl has completed another active year. ln Iune the troop spent a Week at the Andrusia Bible Camp together with Rev. Espeseth and Scoutmaster S. O. Iohnson. They have participated in the sal- vage program both for waste paper and the old clothes projects. At Christmas time they distributed boxes to the needy families in Fosston for the Athenian Club. During Scout Week in February the big event was the Fathers and Sons banquet prepared and served by the Home Economics department under the direction of Miss Parbst. Highlight of the day was the investure of eight tender- foot scouts. They were Donald Busse, Allen Kringle, Gordon Goldsmith, Wayne Rambol, Richard Sorenson, Billy Dulmage, Ierry Skatvold, and Iames Haug- stual. At present there are three first class scouts, fourteen tenderfoot scouts and six second class scouts. The troop meets every Monday night at the school building. ACTIVITIES Page 35 Pa GIRL SCOUTS The Girl Scouts of Fosstont Troop I and Troop II, have been active organiza- tions ior two years. Besides the broadening of their own experiences and inter- ests, they have rendered valuable service to their community and country by takmq an active part in international clothing drives and the March oi Dimes drive. The groups meet once a week for a period of activities and recreation. Their activities this year will advance most ot them to Second Rank Girl Scouts. They are sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary oi Posston with Miss Thyra Berntson as leader for Troop Il and Miss Della Krinqler and Marion Parbst leaders for Troop I. OFFICERS ' Troop I Troop II President .......... Kathleen Sinjem President .............. Lois Leervig Secretary ,,- ....... Lois Hasselton Secretary --- ---Ioanne Wynne Treasurer --- ..... Patricia Taqland Treasurer --, .... Beverly Omdahl qe 36 ACTIVITIES Q, First row, left to right: G. Denning. K. Rystad, J. Bingham. H. Ekeland. C. Vig, A. Hove, M. O1- son, E. Howell, C. Jellum, R. Fjerstad. Second row, left to right: D. Jeska, J. Sandry. D. Klasse. N. Disrud. L. Meinert. R. Myrum. C. Paulson, A. Sandry, O. Matson. A. Carlson, R. Neineiber. Top row. left to right: L. Nystrom. C. Olson. S. Schrieber. C. Johnson. D. Rotness, C. Olson, L. Meinert. R. Clark. R. Larsen. A. Vig. W. Bakken. F. F. A. The Fosston Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was first organized twelve years ago as an inter-curricular activity of the Vocational Agriculture students. The organization is operating on the principle of combining educa- tion and recreation for the good of the students and the community. Many varied activities are sponsored by the Chapter for the development of leadership, the building of a more permanent agriculture, and the improve- ment of country life. A few of these include garden seed sales, milk testing, Rural School Day, Community Canning for War Relief, basketball, soft ball, picnics, and banquets. The high ideals of the organization are clearly explained in the motto: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve. Officers for 1945-46 are: - - Harlan Ekeland President ....... ...................... - - Vice President - - ---Charles Vig Secretary ---- ------ A lan Hove Treasurer -- ------ Milton Olson Reporter -- ---- Everett Howell Sentinel -- ..-...---.. Billy I-aVoi Advisor --- -.-- Harley S. Shurson ACTIVITIES Page 37 711 eREYHoUND STAFF Editor-inchief .......................................... -.-- Managing Editor ..... Sports Editor .,..... Staff Assistants .... Feature Writers .... Circulation Manager .... Artist ................. Typists .............. Reporters: Alice Peterson Verna Mae Kvare Hazel Hanson Margaret Sjol Edith Borud Donna Sandgren -Lenna Kringle --- -----Alice Welte - - - - -Meliord Sorenson -----------Dolores LaVoi Theora Schirrschmidt ----Dorothyrnae Bakken Evelyn Meinert Philip Megorden ----Audrey LaVoi -----Alene Rystad ---Betty Bakken Ruth Engan Elaine Tangen Marilyn Husby 'Theresa LaVoi Marilyn Erickson Iune Brisbois Connie LaVoi Mardella Leilcness Faculty Advisors ........ ......-....... M r. Denning Miss Kringler Miss Wennerstrorn The GREYHOUND, our school paper, is published bi-monthly by the stu- dents of Fosston High School. On Monday of the second week busy minds and flying fingers are organiz- ing, proof typing and stenciling the finished product. Free copies are sent to servicemen who have graduated from Fosston High School. Page 38 A E A A ACTIVITIES 4 -v V X, X' lst row: Ronald Olson. Mr. Harris. Melford Sorenson. 2nd row: Mardella Christiansen. Grace Reiten. Alice Welte. B111 LaVoi. 3rd row: Margaret Sjol. Philip Megorden. Royce Norgaard, Glenn Hagen, Lenna Kringle. STUDENT CCDUNCIL The Student Council is a new organization started this year, tor the pur- pose of representing the student body in forming closer cooperation between the students and the faculty, and promoting school spirit. The Council is made up of one representative from each class, the head ot each ot the major organizations, and Mr, Harris as the faculty rnern- ber. ACTIVITIES Page 39 I l l I 1 -l 1 l l 4 ...J ff A? I f .v If 4 1 I Q T W x f,' x ,O O ,, ,O 1 D lsion Three I ATHLETICS FOCDTBALL TEAM Billy LaVoi-Backhalf captain and a junior. He played left halfback. Ronny OlsoneeLine captain and a junior. He played left end. Philip Megorden-A senior who played right halfback. Dick Wynne-A sophomore who played quarterback. Charles Aakhuswlk freshman who played center. Roy Biornerud-A junior who played right end. When Coach Bohnsack issued his first call for candidates for the 1946 foot- ball team, 15 men drew suits. Of this number 9 Were veterans and many of the others were promising young players. The Greyhounds again played six-man football in place of the regular eleven-man which had been played every other year. ATHLETICS Page 41 , . . , 4 if 3, . g..,vf.c5x.,,, RESUME OE THE FOOTBALL SEASON The 1946 football season got under way in September, when our boys put up a stiff fight against the strong Mahnomen team. Although the game was played on our home field, the final score stood 25-U in favor of Mahnornen. The second game was with Gonviclc. Improvement was marked. This game was a victory for our boys with the score standing at 32-12. The next game was with Mahnomen. The game was loosely played by both sides. Forward passes were tried frequently, but were unlucky in com- pleting them. Mahnomen won 32-U. We met McIntosh on their field October 19. Both sides put up a hard fight. The score was 13-U, but those thirteen points meant sweat and blood, as our boys played an outstanding defensive game. The Climax of the football season was reached when Fosston again met Mclntosh. Although we lost 18-l4 it was a thrilling game. Both sides were on their toes and that ball was really kept red hot. According to the games we played towards the last, it was evident that we could have had a better team if we had had more practice before the schedule opened. Although the football season was not a success from the standpoint of games won, yet much credit is due to the team and the coaches, Mr. Bohn- sack and "Daisey" Hagen for the excellent showing made in the face of odds. Page 42 ATHLETICS Back row. left to right.: Charles Aakhus. Glen Whaley. Clifford Norden. Donald Bakken, Harold Bsrglund, Coach Lagather. Sitting: Roger Larson tstudent managerl. Roy Bjornerud. Ronald Olson. Glen Hagen, Dickie Wynne. Bill LaVoi. In front: Wayne Rambol tstudent managerj. BASKETBALL TEAM Glen "Crusher" Hagen-One of the two graduating seniors on the squad. His quick of- fensive fake is his best bet and he scores continuously by using it. Ronnie "Goopy" Olson-"Push Shot Artist"-One of the team's three leading scorers, very aggressive play. Best year coming up. Boy "Gus" Bjornerud-Team's leading scorer and one of the most aggressive men on the squad, Hit the jackpot in the Bagley game with a 21 point total. Best year coming up. Richard "Dickie" Wynne-Defensive playing is his key point. Did cf fine iob as a sopho- more regular. William "Billy" LaVoi-The speed merchant of the team. Team's leading "Ball Hawk" and scored many a bucket as a result of his "stealing" tactics. Donald "Dude" Bakken-Fastest man on the squad. Turned in a stellar game against Bemidji and ended up high point man with 10 points, Harold "Boogie" Berglund-+Best defensive rebound man on the squad. Coaches' dream as far as attitude is concerned. Too bad it is his last year for F. H. S. Glenn Whaley--A comin' with a natural one hand push shot. We will hear a lot of Whaley in the next two years. Charles "Chat" Aakhus-One Freshman on the squad lettered in his first years. Should have an excellent athletic future. Clifford "Kippy" Norden-"Midget of the squad" but makes up for his size with speed and attitude. X ATHLETICS Page 43 BASKETBALL RESUME The season officially began Tuesday, November 27, when Bemidji came to F osston and defeated the Greyhounds by 35-21 in an exciting ball game. Friday, November 30, our boys played at Thief River where they played the Prowlers in a close game, losing by a 33-30 count. Gonvick tasted defeat at the hands of the Greyhounds who beat them by a score of 55-23. lt was a big scoring night for the team. Coach Lagather was unable to accompany the boys on account of illness. A A big throng of enthusiastic rooters and the band accompanied our team to Crookston, on December 7. Our team lost by a 29-27. It was a thrilling game of good basketball. On December 11, the boys journeyed to Erskine where they gave last year's district champions a real tussle. Our team lost this one by a score of 35-27. Mclntosh invaded our court and caught our team in one of its off nights on December 14. We were beaten by 21-10, the lowest score our team was held down to all season. During Christmas season, Coach Lagather scheduled a game with a good Morris High School quint. They won the ball game, but had to give their best to do so. Mentor defeated our team on their floor Ianuary 9 by a score of 34-22. The Greyhounds came back and handed Crookston a 27-21 defeat the following Friday, Ianuary ll. It was a big night for Roy Bionerud who hit the net for a high score. Our team lost a heart breaker at Cass Lake the following Tuesday, Ianuary 15, when the Cass Lake aggregation nipped our team by a 29-27 score. Roseau was just too good for our boys the following Friday, Ianuary 18. Iourneying north, our boys came home on the short end of a 39-19 score. Erskine did it again defeating the Greyhounds on our court by a 35-22 score. And then Clearbrook followed suit by defeating our boys by a 39-33 score on their floor on Friday, lanuary 25. The inexperienced Greyhounds showed improvement in handing Thief River Falls a 31-27 defeat at our gym, Ianuary 29. Page 44 ATHLETICS On Friday, February 1, our team journeyed to Bagley and in one of the most exciting games of the season lost by a score of 35-34. The Greyhounds gained another victory, Friday, February 8, defeating the leading conference team, Clearbrook, by a decisive 35-17 score. McIntosh was all set for the Greyhounds Friday, February 15 and won by a 25-19 score in an exciting game before a capacity throng. A double header was played at our gym Tuesday, February 19. The Grey- hounds won both contests defeating Gonvick 59-28 and Mentor 39-25. Friday, February 22, Bagley came here and eked out a win in the final minute of play, defeating us by a 29-28 score. Tournament play started February 28, our first opponent being Clearbrook. The game was hard fought in that both teams had won a game apieceearlier in the season. Our team was defeated by a 33-29 score. The Greyhounds won the consolation honor by beating Mentor by a 44-28 score. So ended the season for the Greyhounds. Berglund and Hagen will be missing from the squad next year. Promising material and a year's experience will undoubtedly make the Greyhounds a strong contender next year. To next year's best team, best wishes for a successful season. ATHLETICS Page 45 G. A. A. President ..... .... D olores LaVoi Vice President .......... --,Alice Welte Secretary and Treasurer .... ---Dorothy Dahl Sports Manager ........ .... L enna Kringle Our Advisor .... .... M rs. Carman The Girls' Athletic Association of Fosston High School is a new organiza- tion established in 1946. ' The purpose of this organization is to set standards of sportsmanship and cooperation, to provide and to promote desire Within the high school for both physical efficiency and mental alertness. The means of obtaining this purpose is physical activities. r Officers are elected on the last meeting of each school year. Those elected, called the board, Will preside at meetings in the following year. A constitution has been adopted giving the duties of the o-fficers and also includes a point system. Rewards are given to those members who earn the sufficient number of points. These points are earned by participating in all G. A. A. group sports and individual activities. Membership is open to all girls attending Fc-sston High School from grades 10-12. Page 46 ATHLETICS l l This year the basketball team was coached by Michael Lagather. Mr. Lagather, who was recently discharged from the Army Air Corps, returned to Fosston to resume his previous duties after spending some time in the service. Wi. Tl-lE CHEERLEADERS The rooting section at all the football games, basketball games and pep meetings was led by our able and attractive cheerleaders, Audrey LaVoi, Madge Lindgren, Verna Mae Kvare, and Marilyn I-lusby. Madge moved to International Falls in February. The cheerleaders conducted all pep meetings with a different class being , ..'i' sponsible for a skit each time. The most outstanding skit during the year was the one given by the Faculty. ATHLETICS A Page 47 L 7 w N X , gd VIEWS , W CALENDAR September 4-Today many children heard that old familiar school bell ring, but for some it was the first time and everything was new and exciting. September 12-Our first lyceum program featured Loring Campbell, the juggler. Everyone en- joyed this excellent performance and went away to try and juggle the dinner dishes. September 21-We played our first football game here against the experienced Mahnomen team. The score was 25-0 in Mahnomen's favor. September 28-Played Gonvick. The team had this game well in hand, leaving with a final score of 32-12. October 11-Our opponent was again those husky fellows from Mahnomen. And again we were defeated. October 19-We paid a visit to "Sleepy Hollow" but they weren't so sleepy because they won by a score of l3-O. November 1-The Hobo Day Bonfire and Snake Dance which is an annual event preceded the Homecoming football game. The best dressed hobos were presented with prizes. A senior, Donna Sandgren, won the girl's prize. The Homecoming dance was held in the evening. November 2-Mclntosh was our opponent forthe Homecoming game. We were unable to clinch this game. But we did come very close, losing by only four points. November 27-The first basketball game of the season was with Bemidji. The boys put up strong resistance, but lost this game. ' November 30-A hair-raising game with Thief River Falls, with our team losing by only three points. December 4-Met Gonvick and won. December ll-Played at Erskine. Having most of their lettermen back with them, we lost an- other game. December l9-The annual Christmas Concert was held with the band and vocal groups tak- ing part. Much credit must be given to Miss Hole and Mr. Harris for the success of this fine program. December 21-In the afternoon the class parties were held. Christmas spirit filled the airy songs and merriment were heard throughout the entire school building, Ianuury 9-Fosston was well represented and supported at the Mentor game, but lost by a score of 34-22. Ianuary 11-We played at Crookston and the boys were "red hot," showing the fans a great game of basketball. The score was 28-21 in our favor. Ianuary 14-We met Cass Lake on their floor. We led throughout three quarters. ln the last quarter Cass Lake came in as a dark horse and won by two points. Icmuary 18-This was another nail-chewing game at Roseau. The boys played a swell defen- sive game only to lose by three points. Icmuary 22--Met Erskine and lost. Page 50 VIEWS Ianuary 23-Another lyceum program featured the Kilties. For a full hour we were carried away to the highlands of Scotland by lislening to the weird music produced by the bag- pipes and by the songs, dances and stories. Ianuary 25--A close game with Clearbrook. Score 39-33. Icmuary 29-Determined and ready to go, the Greyhounds met Thief River Falls and won. Score 31-27. February 1-e-This game was hard on our morale. We played Bagley and lost by one po-int. February BW-Met Clearbrook and won. February 13--Met Mclntosh and lost. . February 19-A double header with Mentor and Gonvick. This was our lucky night as we won both games. February 22--A thrilling game with Bagley, lost by one point. February 28-The first clay of the sub-district tournament. The Greyhounds lost to Clearbrook in the first tourney game of the year. Hot dogs and popcorn were served by the Girl Scouts. March I-We played Gonvick in the afternoon and won. March 2-We played Mentor for the Consolation prize and wo-n. Erskine won the Sub-district tournament. March Se-This lyceum program had something entirely new in store for us. Threenfamous composers were impersonated by Donald Scott-Morrison. He played his own version of Rhapsody in Blue which held everyone spellbound. April 5-The momentous day at last arrived for the band members. On this day they made their band trip to Cass Lake and Bemidii. April 12-All the hard work and practice was evident in the wonderful band concert which was given in the gymnasium that evening. April 29-Another lyceum program featuring the Hanley Marionettes. May 3-The Seniors gave their class play "Love Troubles Tommy." May 4-Music Festival and Contest at Crookston. May 17-The lunior and Senior Prom was held. The gym was beautifully decorated and every- one was wearing their best for the most formal occasion of the year. May 26-The Baccalaureate service was held in the auditorium. May 31-The climax of our high school days, Commencement. May the road of life bring the Seniors success. VIEWS Page 51 SNAPS DYING WCDBDS Philip Megorden-"Women fight over me." Mr. Denning-"Hooba, I-Iooba." Dorothy Dahl--"I've gotta go home and wrap a batch of bread." Everett Howell'-"Cough drops are my favorite vegetable." Elaine Tangen-"When do we eat?" Curtis Melbo-"It isn't that I don't like school." Arlene Ecklund-"F lash, that's me." Clayton Lundeen-"Any brand, any place, any time." Alene Rystad--"Not tonight, l'm too busy." Alyce Haugen-"Got any black dye?" Vincent Weyer-"Misery loves company." Miss Wennerstrom-"Has the gong rung?" Evelyn Mienert-"Guess I rode too many horses." Harold Berglund-"What do you mean? I don't blush." Ruth Engan-"Be quiet, l'm studying." Winton Knudson-"Aw, come on, honey." Violet Huot-"I'll take Chesterfields, please." Arthur Lanman-"Can I help it if l'm short?" Doris Lanman-"Me too." Barbara Zethren-"Yes, l've read 'Mein Karnpff " Keith Rystad-"I-Iow's that for a physique?" Margaret Haugen-"All I Want is a man." Dolores LaVoi-"l'm Marine minded." Glenn Hagen-"Gosh, didn't I make that one?" tat a gamei. Mr. Iohnson-"Coffee and Donuts served at the half." Audrey LaVoi-"What will I do when the fleet comes in?" Clarice Gunderson-"That's for sure." Ierome Iohnson-"One, Four Roses, please." - Blanche Bergh-"Wish I was graduating from the 'Cow College' " Mr. Bohnsack-"We're going to have an experiment tomorrow" tPhysicsJ. Myrtle Halvorson-"Don't hurry me." Melford Sorenson-"I can't help it it l'm catty." Junior Brink-"Please don't call me Nimrod." Margaret Iohnson-"I love to laugh." Miss Parbst--"Two hours after school boys." Donald Olson-"Red hair but no temper." Alice Welte-"What if I do like basketball?" Betty Bakken-"Oh, ish, l don't like that!" Elayne Iacobson-"Do you have it in my size?" Robert Clark-"'W as I sleeping, Miss Wennerstrom?" Lucille Rud-"Oh, I love English, don't you?" Mavis Munter-"When is show out?" Duane Rouland--"If you think l'm quiet, you probably don't know me." Lenna Kringle-"I haven't a thing to Wear." - Donna Sandgren-"lt's healthy to be sloW." Dorothymae Bakken-"I don't mind playing second fiddle." Elayne Somdolon-"I want rny face to freeze with a smile." Carol Notvedt-"I don't like school either." ' Margaret Sjol-"Now you boys be quiet!" tAt a class meetingi. Ruby Olson-"Say, where's the dance tonight?" Sidney Bud-"l love those girls, I love them." Opal Thomas-"Soldier or civilian, l'm not choosyf' VIEWS Page 53 ,.. 1 SNAPS I L "1 CLASSWILL Blanche Bergh wills her pretty smile, 1 To Edith Borud to use awhile. To Carlson and Lindfors, Doris wills her braces, Now between their teeth there won't be spaces. Carol Notvedt wills her lips of red, For Mavis Fierstad to use instead. To Harlan and Richard, Evelyn Wills her car, Do you think they will travel far? Mavis wills her tiny feet, A To Allen and Sherman, now theylre complete. Now comes a Senior, Alene by name, To Marion T. and Carol she leaves her fame-for drawing. To Hazel, Dorothy leaves her excellent baking, F or David, pastries she will be making. Clayton leaves his conceit to Hoy, Now he'll be the real McCoy. To Verna Mae, a lass so fair, Alice Welte leaves her long black hair. To Ding, Vincent wills his curls, Now he'll be swooned by all the girls. Esther and Ioyce are willed the chance, For Barbara to teach them how to dance. Sidney wills his nose so red, To a Iunior boy, no other than Ted. Arthur Lanman with a build so brawny, Leaves it all to little Ronny. Alice Haugen leaves her freckles many, To Verna Danielson, who hasn't any. All Donna's height is left to "lvIert," Who certainly needs it, "the little squirt." VIEWS Page 55 Melford wills his knowledge immense, To Kim and Ardelle, who need some sense. Vi I-luot, so jolly and so free, Wills her charm to Mary B. Donald Olson leaves his political career, To Clifford Olson. the little "dear." To Doris cmd Ianette, Elaine S. wills her eyes so brown, Now the boys will show them around. Ierome wills his small ears, free of charge. To Ding Danielson, whose are too large. Lenna wills her flirty eyes, To Gladys Brenna, to catch some guys. Ruth leaves her shapely figure To Doris N. and Kathryn, who in places are bigger. Now we come to the inheritance of Bill, Whom "Crusher" leaves his athletical skill. Marion R. and Darlene are left Boogie's laugh, Now they'll sound like a music staff. Everett wills his English and History, to Alvin And Ruby, now to them it's a mystery. Doris Berg is willed by Keith, His winning smile and pretty teeth. Next year look forward to many a fight, For Betty leaves her temper to Mildred White. To Anita, Clarice wills her Phy. Ed. For Anita can use it-'tis often said. To Virgil and Milton, Ruby leaves her pals, For we all know they like the gals. To Ralph, Opal wills her lovely skin, Now he's tops in Fosston, Minn. Lucille Wills her long brown curls, To Karen Welte, one of the Iunior girls. Page 56 VIEWS Curtis wills his shoulders wide, To Glenn L. who will walk in pride. Thelma Thompson wills her timid poise, To Theora Schirrschmidt, who can certainly make the noise Audrey Wills her ability to cheer. l To quiet and timid Howard LePier. Robert Clark wills his urge to rest, To Norman Busse, the infernal pest. Margaret Siol wills her shape so slim, To Iunie Brisbois, who would look like a trim Winton Knudson wills his urge to think, To a quiet lunior named Lois Brink. l'm Iunior Brink and I feel so mean, I think l'll will my ears to Gene. Every Senior has 4 subjects to carry, So Duane wills his to poor Larry. Margaret Haugen wills her manners new, To Clifford Norden, who needs a few. Elaine Tangen leaves her jacket of leather, To Marilyn and Beverly for stormy weather. Margaret lohnson can well afford, To leave her knowledge to Glenn Nord. Elaine Iacobson wills her nice reputation, To Doris Mortenson, a Iunior inspiration. The bashfulness of Myrtle is willed, To Archie who with noise is filled. To Wendell, Philip leaves his ability to play, Now he'll soon be starring on old Broadway. Dolores leaves her lack of conceit, To David Olson who thinks he's all-reet. Dorothymae wills Beulah her looks, But please don't waste it reading books. I'm Arlene Ecklund with surplus speed, l'll leave it to Allen and May, as my good deed VIEWS Page 57 SNAPS VIEWS UNCLASSIFIED AIDS WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: WANTED: LOST: LOST: LOST: LOSTL FOUND: FOUND: EOR SALE: FOR SALE: FOB SALE: FOR SALE A rnirror CFull lengthl. Evelyn Meinert A Walkie talkie. Alene Rystad Brakes. Arlene Ekeland Loud Speaker. Thelma Thompson A SteadY qirl. Winton Knudson More time and less work. Melford Sorenson A bucket for my tears. Vincent Weyer Better character sketches. Miss Wennerstrom Incense for chemistry lab. Senior High Rubber heels. Clayton Lundeen A hearty laugh. Harold Berglund Our knowledge to Seniors. Iunior Class My heart. Alice Welte My temper. Betty Bakken All ambition. Everett Howell Our lost love. Philip and Dorothymae Billy LaVoi at Trail. Coach My ability to yodel. Dolores LaVoi My corny jokes. Violet Huot Air corps wings. Lenna Kringle Pencils lcheapl. Band Members Page 59 Tl-IE l-ICDIVIECCDIVIING The grid clash was the climax of the series of homecoming activities touched off October 31, on Wednesday evening when Mclntosh paid a visit to Fosston. At 11:00 that night they burned down the pile of material which had been collected for the Thursday night traditional bonfire. On Thursday evening after everyone had gathered together a bigger and better pile, the band marched around town and the rest of the student body snake-danced after them. A circle was formed in front of the theater and everyone yelled some of our school yells. The main feature of the evening was the burning of "Sleepy HolloW." On Friday afternoon the upper four classes proudly displayed their floats. At the half, the Seniors were presented with a gift for having the most outstand- ing float. The game on Friday was played on a cold and bleak afternoon with in- termittent snow flurries. The boys put up some stiff opposition only to lose to Mclntosh by a score of 18-14. At half time the Coronation of the homecoming king and queen was per- formed. A candidate from each of the four upper classes was chosen to take part in the contest. The junior entrant, Gladys Brenna won the honor as queen, Alvin Hagen, a freshman, won the honor as king. The annual Homecoming dance was held on Friday evening. lt was Well attended by all and proved to be a great success. Page BU VIEWS OUR ADVERTISERS We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to our advertisers, Who, by their liberal patronage and kindly interest, have made possible this, the second issue oi the Talisman. ADVERTISERS Page 61 GREEN LANTERN CAFE FINE FOODS AND FRIENDLY SERVICE LESTER FREDERICKSON, Owner Phone 75 Fosston, Minnesota TAFLIN BROTHERS HOME APPLIANCES FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 84 Fosston, Minnesoia LIBERTY THEATRE LES DANIELSON, owner Fosston Minnesota WE PAY TOP PRICES PoP ALL GRAINS FOSSTON CLEANERS A. BIORNERUD, Prop. PEAVY ELEVATOR CO. Phone 3 F osston, Minnesoia ERNEST IOHNSON, Mgr. F osston Minnesota Page 62 lt Pays to Sell to FCDSSTCDN FARMERS CG-GP. CREAMERY ASSCDClATlGN and Egg and Poultry Department Yes, selling to the FOSSTON FARMERS CO-OP. CRY. ASSN. is a regular habit with leading producers. For here they are assured a dependable, permanent year around market geared to handle any volume-large or small-in any grade. They know they can always rely on our facilities, experience, and financial responsibil- ity to get honest grading, highest prices consistent with ceilings, and prompt returns. That's Why it Will also pay you to sell to FOSSTON FARMERS CO-OP. CRY. ASSN. and EGG AND POULTRY DEPT. Tl-IE CONNECTING LINK BETWEEN FARM AND MARKET P133 WELTE CAE E MEALS AND LUNCHES OF C. M. OLSON E H Rootinq Contractor DRUGGIST Asphalt Shingles, Roll Roofing Phone I27C7 Fosston, Minnesota Phone 128 Fosston Minnesota C "Tops" in Food and Service Russell and Ethel Buqh, Proprietors Fosston Minnesota LEPIER OIL COMPANY Dealer in Champlin Products - Bulk and Service Station PHONE IOICI or IOICZ FOSSTON, MINNESOTA RIERSON ci SONS MEAT MARKET PHONE 48 FOSSTON, MINNESOTA FOSSTON FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR ASSN. Grain - Seed - Flour - Minnesota Farm Implements H. A. SKATVOLD, Mgr. Fosston, Minnesota Phone l32C2 Paae 64 BEST WISI-IES from THE FARMERS STATE BANK O F F O- S S T O N MEMBER E.D.1.C. Y B k I Y r Servant in Many Ways, H lp q Y t Attain Greater Success CONGRATULATIONS to theC1ass of '46 STYLE--RITE DRESS SEQP FOSSTON MINNESOTA PQ BEST WISHES from ARMSTONG'S For Everything Electrical FOSSTON MINNESOTA PRINCE SATRAN G CARLIN Top at Bom' sHoP FURNITURE CO- FUNERAL HOME Fosston Minnesota F 1 oss on Minnesot COMPLIMEN TS of WALSTROM'S Better Clothing for Men FOSSTON MINNESOTA The Grand-Row Store N YSTROM'S GARAGE Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Dodqe and Plymouth OUR FAMILY STORE SCIIGS - Service phone 72 Fosstonl Minnesota Phone l84C2 Fosston, Minnesot coN ERICICSON POSSTON IEWELER FROZEN Poon Fosston Minnesota Phone 8 Fosston, Minnesota IOI-INSON CLOTHING COMPANY F. I. IOHNSON, Prop. FOSSTON MINNESOTA Page 65 COMPLIMENITS OF MARKS DRUG STORE on the Corner PHONE 111 Over 54 years of service to the Fcjsston Community F GSSTON MINNFSOTA Pq LLQYD N. KVARE BRATLANUS CAFE Homecooked Meals IEWELER ' Lunches Fosston Minnesota Possum Mirmesot ANDERSON'S CAFE GEO. PETER of SON Good Coffee Fresh Fruits and Groceries Meats and Fish Meals and Lunches IOHN BORGENI Manager Fosslon Mifmesola Phone 66 ' F osston, Minnesot ILLIES AUTO SERVICE COMPUMENTS and of MACHINE sHoP W I L C C X LUMBER CO Phone 135-C-1 Fosston, Minnesota GIL DANIELSON, Manager PETERSON FURNITURE co. CITY DRM UNE and L. C. LEERVIG FUNERAL DIRECTOR Fosston Minnesot Fosston Minnesota HAUGSTUL o1L co. COMPLIMENTS Texaco Gasoline and Oil of Minneapolis Moline Fosston Minnesota COMPLIMENTS of and DR. A. M. o'HAoEN BEAUTY SALON DENTIST FOSS'lO1'1 BAKKEN Minnegot Page 68 g , ,W ESTEN MOEN FOSSTON, MINNESOTA CONSULTING ENGINEER: RADIO, ELECTRONICS, TELEVISION ' -7.-3 I . I There's a in your future! a '- Ixx IX I --E ALDERMAN MOTOR COMPANY GENERAL REPAIRING - WASHING - LUBRICATION WEECKEE SERVICE PHONE 110 FOSSTON MINNESOTA Pczqe 69 CAMPBELL QS STRONG DR. A. E. BELYEA DENTIST Tire Repairing and Recappinq I Two blocks south of the post office Fosston Minnesota Possum Minnesota IOHN ENGEL HAN SON HARDWARE CO. M h -W Radio. Repair Man ars all elis Stores ' I Sporting Goods, Stoves, Paints Elegmcmn House Furnishings Phone 82CI6 Fosston, Minnesota Posston Minnesota CARL LINDPORS INSURANCE FoE ALL NEEDS FOSSTON MINNESOTA BELLE'S BEAUTY SHOP BELLE I-IALVORSON, ' ' TOOTSIE HEGLUND P R A N C I N S Operators . VARIETY GOODS - DRY GOODS BEN'S MILLINERY , APPLIANCE COMPANY BEN HALVQRSQN LADIES' READY TO WEAR Frigidaire - Westinghouse Appliances Electrical Wirinq I-'osston Minnesota Phone 32 Posston Minnesota Page 70 , There's a :fin your future! I ALDERMAN MQTQR COMPANY GENERAL REPAIRING - WASHING - LUBRICATION WRECKER SERVICE PHONE 110 FOSSTON MINNESOTA Ncrtic-ncxlly Organized Locally Owned fn fro' QOFST Sr TURES AUTO SUPPLIES HARDWARE HOUSEWARES SPORTING GOODS MR. AND MRS. RALPH BUNNELL, Owners PHONE 47 FOSSTON, MINNESOTA Page 71 O. I. I-I A U G E N GENERAL TEUCKING Phone l3R7 Fosston, Minnesot ANDERSON'S GROCERY MES. L. W. ANDERSON, Prop. STANDARD SERVICE Gas, Oil and Accessories Groceries and Meats IOI-IN MOY Lengby Minnesot Trail lvlinneso L. B. I-IARTZ GULLY C0-OP I I , CREAMERY COMPANY Groceries, Vegetable, Fruits LAND O'LAKES CHARLIE OHM, Manager PGULTRY FEEDS Phone 8 GUUYI Minnesota Phone 4202 Gully, Min L. I-I. AOS I-IARDWARE CO. McCormick-Deering C O M P L I M E N T S Farm Implements International Trucks of Phone 36 Gully, Minnesot F ' I co-op Cornplxments of I.INDBERG'S SERVICE CQMPANY STATION Lengby Mlnnesot S E E D and G R A I N EOSSTON TRADING POST Phone 1002 Dealers in New and Used Merchandise GULLY, MINNESOTA Fosston Minnesota Page 72 A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE P. L. OFSDAHL DOING BUSINESS AS ZETHREN AND COMPANY Fairway Fine Foods Federated .Stores FOSSTON, MINNESOTA McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment International Motor Trucks I. E. GLOVER IMPLEMENT COMPANY PHONE 79 F OSSTON MINNESOTA COMPLIfMENTS C O M P L I M E N T S LELAND'S SERVICE of BE SURE WITH PURE C Fosston , Minnesota COMPLIMENTS OF HALVORSON IMPLEMENT RED OWL STORE WALT THOMPSON, Manager Q Case Farm Machinery Grocenes - Fruits ' Fosston Minnesota Phone 103 Fosston, Minnesota I Page 73 1 I A.l..A DAT-IL'S BAKERY OUR TOWN BREAD Try Our Oven-Fresh Bread Fresh Rolls and Pastry IOHN DAHL, Proprietor PHONE 155 FOSSTON, MINNESOTA CHEVROLET BUICK ALLIS-CHALMERS WYNNE Sz TAGLAND ' PHONE 85 FOSSTON, MINNESOTA I Page 74 . . EOSEBUD COMPLIMENTS CO-OP OIL Of ASSOCIATION DR. A. SI-IEDLOV, MD. CITIES SERVICES OILS FOSSIOH Hospital BULK AND STATION Fosston Minnesota Fosston Minnesota L. B. I-IARTZ STORES SENIORS' CONGRATULATIONS GROCERIES Und T P L CK FRUITS BBS G U VEGETABLES G A M B L E S The Friendly Store PHONE 85 H. ALGAARD G SONS Fosston Minnesota Phone 169C1 Fosston, Minnesota Page 75 F' in-. COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE TI-IIRTEEN TOWNS YOUR LOCAL PAPER FRANKLIN VIKAN, Editor cmd Publisher FOSSTON, MINNESOTA ANGLESBURG HARDWARE ci STAFF HARDWARE - PAINTS -- SPORTING GOODS FARM SUPPLIES PHONE 56 FOSSTON, MINNESOTA Prxqe 76 FCDSSTON I-ICDTEL IRON FIREMAN STOKERS A. AAKHUS S. O. JOHNSON O O M P L 1 M E N T S O P I-I. SANDGREN FOSSTON MINNESOTA Puqe 77 Jqutogzfczplfzs T Q JCf 1fz t0g'1faplfz s gT.L 77A N , ' ff X 'H , ,XX i 3

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