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,M vw Vg., gfmwq if Q 6 I 'I Q 1,5 af ' ,X s I . rw 4 if QQ 19 31,5 " v. e g if f K 5 1 f 'mr ff 9 . ,' 5 h - f . fu! 5 r F , 5 4 i 4 s 'X t i 1 H gx I ii K , w 1 THE FORT X fb f 5 V' 2? 6 A Y s b ff lf 7 ff' JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FORTY FORT, PA. PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF T956 f u, .,, .. E DeCliCaTed To OUR STEPS pasT, preserTT, and TuTure as visualized in The conTenTs of THE FORT of i956 From our approach To The hour when our sTeps shall Tollovv diverging paThs, we pause in reTrospecT, To enioy wiThin These pages The sTeps vve Took TogeTher as a class. X f M' X 'Q' f-5: fo dn W Q k if W0 bin.. .gag I 0 1 'II SEMORS , 1 0 'QQ UNDERCLASSMEN 'QWQ ' SPORTS 50 0 I simon ACTIVITIES ' 'Q Acnvmss " f QQQ .1999 ' 51 -:'. f A 'Isl' ":Qi H 59' gag, if CCNTENTS 11 fm-nw.q.ff. K . F if . r 5 Q Z' 'FE' S jffixf fiff is, MISS ANNA JONES By administrative appointment Miss Jones became an advisor of the Class of 1956 when we entered tenth grade, Our relation- ship has run the usual course experienced by all classes and their advisors. There have been times when we have not seen eye to eye, Miss Jones, but these have been more than offset by your personal efforts to make class proiects achieve goals. For your part in guiding our steps aright through three years of senior high we, the Class of 1956, express sincere thanks to you, Miss Anna Jones. OUR ADVISCRS MR. PAUL KRAYER By similar administrative action Mr. Paul Krayer shared the advisorship of our class with Miss Jones. Just as Miss Jones did not use her duties in Room ll and at "Rec" Center as excuses to neglect our class, so Mr. Krayer has found time, from a busy schedule of teaching in the grades and high school plus coaching varsity basketball and intramural sports, to cooperate with Miss Jones in all class affairs. For his share of counsel, guidance, and good will, we, the Class of 1956, use this space to say, "Thank you, Mr. Krayerf' I BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS, PLANNERS OF OUR STEPS William E. Griffith, President, Miller S. Frederick, Bruce G. Blackman, Noel Thom- as, Frank R. Wallace, Charles D. Lemmond. Absent when picture was taken, Sterling A. Wagner, Vice President, Herman E. Plieskatt, Secretary, l-l. Lane Glidden, Treasurer, .lames'P. Harris, Solicitor, Stanley K. Walborn, Architect. The steps ot all students in the Forty Fort School District are turned toward greater opportunities in education by these civic-minded men. For their efforts in obtaining the best in every phase of our school lives, the Class of 1956 wishes to thank the Board of School Directors. MR. FRANK W. WALP Elementary grades were characterized by ever-lengthening strides, from our short wee steps as first-graders to our elongated pace as sixth grade residents. This is to express our appreciation to Nlr. Frank W. Walp, who supervised our ever-changing gait. OUR ADMINISTRATION MR. L. C. BUBECK Junior-Senior high school saw ou beaver steps in seventh grade slow r eager- down to the stately shuffle of aging seniors. For his supervision of this contrast from measured steps, we shall be ever to Mr. L. C. Bubeck. fast to grateful as 'QW' is .iff W I PAUL KRAYER EDNA MAURER JOHN MORRIS HEI-EN NOACK Health, Physical Education AFT Supervisor Geography Librarian REESE PELTON DOROTHY PETTEBONE RUTH PETTEBONE I-ORRAINE RICE Music English, Spanish, French School Nurse English, Speech KATHLEEN STACK JEANNE STAPLETON GOMER WILLIAMS SALLY YATSKO Science Home Economics Latin, Social Studies Music Without the guidance of the faculty ot Forty Fort High School, our paths would not have been nearly so wide, so straight, or so clear. We have been led, not only in the vvays of learning, but along the roads of citizenship and practical experiencefall valuable parts of our education. We have received the help of faculty members for our class projects and our extracurricular interests. They have taken to heart our problems, both personal and academic. Perhaps our best way of expressing our sincere thanks is by staying on the paths along which we have been started. 'X 1 E W Y i? X new 1 l. A 1.4. iff. 2 , ,- X ' ' 61 ' X 1 1-,ff I W 1. .IQ 1 5? . Ei HQk,' 1 XJ11 Q Q , 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 U53 ii553fxff1-7V 4.fQ 1 9' ' f 'AA- i 1 ' , ' if ,iLAvqh'QQ?g??1fF55-1!V1g-L. -1 mI ff ff . K 1' . bl .V 1.f.ff.1' " ff. '11 1' '1,'1 1 ' 1 W ' 1"11W 1 A , fi! 1 LJ V'H1fM if' : " - .l I N XX 1 A ft 1111 11 LIT' 9 11W ,.n" UL nmf 4 . A X 1 1 U I I 101 11 l'WfMWSNN T117 N15W L5QmW' K"1Wf'm ij ,I 1: 1. N' A L ' 1 f ' 1 1111111 r 1 1 1 5 "1 1 X 1 HA 1 , I 4: 2, -' gif 7, 4 Ma X' -: .- 1 I wa ly 1 X 3 1 ml ' . .1 'l1I1 1l 1.11 11 SENIORS NORMAN THOMAS CRAVER President of the Senior Class Aggressiveness, undoubtedly stemming from his Celtic Welsh blood, has been Tom's outstanding characteristic. In football, in addition to serving as co-captain, he won the unique distinc- tion of being selected to the position of center on two West Side Conference All-Star Teams in both 1954 and 1955, by the players on the conference teams and by the Sunday Independent of Wilkes-Barre, respectively. ln wrestling he was undefeated during the regular season of 1954 and he emerged as runner-up in the 133 pound class of District 2, P.l.A.A. This year he has capably filled the exacting office of class presi- dent, guiding our steps in the rapid course of events which constitute the senior year and of which graduation is the mem- orable climax. Also, he has been very helpful in promoting the best interests of the school as an active member of the Student Council. The Class of 1956 takes this means of saluting Tom for his steady "drive" that made possible the progress of our steps in senior year in achievement of goals and in service to the school. OUR CLASS LEADERS ROBERT COLLINS MACK President of the Student Council Bob's long list of services to Forty Fort High School begins early in seventh grade and extends step by step through iunior and senior high. Aside from a perfectly normal human desire to achieve, Bob can be said to have genuinely wanted to help his school, his class, his homeroom, Versatility describes his school life as proved by such things as football managerships, class clance committeeman, American Legion Award, wrestling squad member, dramatics, tenth grade class president, Sports Editor of RED AND WHITE and THE FORT, soft- ball team member, representative to two P.A.S.C. conventions, and student-of-the-month. His greatest strides have been taken in the ascent to Student Council activity. At the close of his sophomore year, he was elected to the iunior year office of vice presidency. Senior year has seen him bring to the office of president the qualities of leadership, firmness, co-operation. His gavel has not sounded a harsh "Do this" but rather the inviting challenge "Let's do it together." No student council president has left worthier steps to be followed than Bob Mack. Q ,.S. 1 4' In K Q 2 gh.. Q ,ga .Ql 4 f . Ai ' 'YA K Q.. - w!1??'V.fQ-f N W, + Q Q 2 i i -- ' 523 1 :Q S555 f l Q f A 1. 3.9 ' if A f 5 Q .L A Q. ,- E rip ykf..-'fix' 55? X . . K g , Q SUSAN BUBBLE "Bubbles" Yearbook staff . . . whizz on skates . , sweet smile accompanying a pleasant per- sonality . . . Y-Teens' member . . Miss Stapleton's "sec," RICHARD MARLIN CAIN "Deter" Masculinity personified . , . the voice htat holds you spellbound . . . agricul- ture aspirant . . . fascination for words . . . "Guard that goal!" DANIEL KEVIN BRACE "Danny" Notre Dame statistician . , . friendly hu- mor . , . the professional writer "Oooh, those mosquitoes" . . . Hunting and Fishing Club executive. CLYDE MAJOR BREHM "Clyde" Seasoned craftsman . . , striking plaid shirts . . . Sid's handyman . . . seen with Ray . . . "assistant manager" of the magazine stand. GRACE ANN CORCORAN "Corky" Steady class scribe , . . THE FORT . . reserved seat at the movie , . . music at her finger tips . . . raven-black MARIE LOUISE DAsILvA "Madge" New hairdos are her specialty . Teens . . . a flash of blue on the ball court . . . flirtatious lass . . Maaaaarie." waves , . Y basket- . "Oh RHONWYN DAviEs "Rhonnie" Small, spirited cheerleader . . . dance fan . . . ex-Tunkhannock habitant . . . soft blonde hair 4 . . RED AND WHITE production staff. DARLA ANNE DuRoss "Darla" Atomic energy with a megaphone , . . "She's a brain!" , . . responsible for half of THE FORT 4 . . smiling Irish eyes . . . future instructor of the three "R's." asia' SANDRA ELAINE GRAY "Sandy" "Swing your partners, promenade!" . . . everybody's friend . . . RED AND WHITE . . . casual and carefree . . . Y-Teens' delegate. MARY ALICE GRIFFITH "Griff" Statuesque brunette . . . THE FORT art staff . . . baubles, bangles, and beads . . . European traveler . . . Choral Club. JOHN MILTON EVANS Hjacku Gabriel in a band uniform . . : "Furniture courtesy of . . . . . Mixed Chorus tenor . . . flaxen hair and bright sport shirt . . . "Music'? Anytime." ELAINE ,VIARIAN GRAMLEY "Elaine" RED AND WHITE coachieftain . . , double treat in chorus groups . . . Spanish schol- ar . . . THE FORT'S business manager . . . neat appearance. ,iff fr, l DOROTHY ELIZABETH HOSEY "Dot" Fascinating hands . . . THE FORT pro- duction staff . . . willing to help . . . "Miss Commercial" . . . RED AND WHITE. FRANK EDWARD HUTTER ,,Ed,, Terrific tackle . . . likeable guy with unquenchable humor . . . "Love that German" . . . Hi-Y bossman . . . Mixed Chorus. RICHARD JAMES GROMELSKI "Dick" Crazy cartoons . . . wrestling enthusiast . . . eye-catching clothes . . . Hi-Y . . , likeable guy with an impish grin. JoAN ELIZABETH HEYDON "Joanie" Pint-sized dynamo . . . S.C. public rela- tions director . . . Band president . . . our contribution to District Chorus . . amiable personality. ROBERT WILLIAM KING "Kinger" "Mr. Questions" . . . associate prof. with Mr. Earl . . . "Dog it!" . . . scenery stand-by . . . irrepressible humor with a beaming smile. JANET PEARL KLINE "Janet" Dependable tumbler . . . "Howie" . . . zooms in a gray Ford . . . loyal friend . . . Hom Ec is her favorite. SUSAN ANN KUPPERMAN ,,SUZ,, Queen of the "Talkathon" . . . under- standing pal . . . Albert Einstein-watch out! , . . jovial clarinetist . . . "GoirI' to Howards!" LOUIS THOMAS LANE ,,TOm,, Mixed Chorus bass . , . ardent outdoors- man with a complacent manner . . . "Henry, watch your rheumatiz" . . . seen in the "Green Beauty" . . . band member. DOUGLAS FRANK LEARN NDOUQU Varsity Band member , . . Hunting and Fishing Club . . . enthusiast rock col- lector . . . pleasant personality . . . asset to the bass section. SAMUEL MICHAEL l.IGUORl "Chugger" Gridiron great . . . Pavco's silent partner adroit accordionist . . , experienced ath- lete with a flair for gymnastics . . . THE FORT. 55", 4,4 VIRGINIA HELEN LAINES "Ginny" Glowing red hair . , . tri-chorus member . , . always ready to help . . . glittering gloskenspiel . THE FORT, SUZANNE AMANDA LAYTON "Suzanne" Dependable flag bearer . . . contagious giggle . . . versatile homemaker . . . RED AND WHITE staffer . . . calm, cool, and collected, , 'fs flaw.. L Mavgiyi- I 3 Qevgisfm-, - . ELEANOR DEANNE MARLEY "Eleanor" Band librarian . . . seen swinging and skating at the Rollerdrome . . . girls' chorus . . . tobacco seamstress . . . loves popular music. WILLIAM DUDLEY MILLARD "Beab" or "Bill" "The Fiddler" . . . fishing is his pastime . . . resonant speaking voice . . . known for his interest in guinea pigs . . . valuable band member, ANN MARIE LOUGHNEY ,,Am,, "Crazy Auto" . . . accomplished roller skatter . . . The Juke Box . . . aims for beauty culture . . 4 giggles are her trade- mark. ANNA MAE MARCINKO "Auncl'I" Basketball whiz . . . Friday night at the Farmer's Market . . . Lecture Room co- meclienne . . . Y-Teen . . . Hdungaree doll." ,gh . oy, , E if 'cove gn, 5 fc? s kiyitvxsvxk ,A gig F3 .MM .1 ,M Q A 3 Awffi, iff' . K A-View Is ivfiryzil A elseif!-Lx Ye if-'F A I. ,L ssisgzrk 515"?3l',F?'l,'Q:' I el swam ,a,f,af,,e, ' '?ff'?'?"!"f rm' a'11fl'.1 WILLIAM MICHAEL MILLER "Bill" "Mr. Mathematics" . . . seniors' cash collector . . . snark-snatcher . . . subtle comedy in blue leans . . . varsity matman. ROY JOHN MORGAN ,,ROy,, The Fort's photographer . . . WILK . . . "Ginger's boyfriend . . . mixed chorus member , . . a vvay with unusual words. DWIGHT LESTER MOYER "Dwight" Camera Club . . . vivid imagination for science fiction . . . noncomformist . . . "Ginger's school principal . . . South American dance king. ELEANOR LOUISE MOYER "Elkie" Rollerdrome resident . . . smiling blue eyes . . . stand-up collars . . . chorus member . , . a certain sailor who is ,impsfi ROBERT STEVEN PAvco "Poof" Naitonal Guardsman . . . "reserved for Cadillac" . . . seen with Sam . . . con- siderate, friendly, and liked by everyone . . . football letterman. FRED STANLEY PROLEIKA ffsianf' Modern car designer . . . friendly rnan- ner . . . "Wl1at's on TV this week?" . . . accumulator of popular music . . . cheers for the Cardinals. ra in WM PAUL MICHAEL MURPHY "Murph" "Erin go brath" . . . court and gridiron performer . . . friendly teaser . . . Student Council's "second the motion" . . . clean cut. ELLENLTA ANN NEWCOMB "Newc" Deligbtfully dimpled . . . co-editor of the RED AND WHITE . . . art work char- acterized by forceful lines . . . our "sub" cheerleader . . . primps and powd- ers the players. x JK HP 93522 MARY ALICE REID "Reidy" Slim and trim . . . Band gun-toter . . . stylings of hillbilly and iazz . . . choral member . . . never a dull moment. JOHN A. RICI-IIE "Jack" From the halls of GAR ardent fol lower of Izaak Walton motor bike Iockey sincere local adventurer SALLY ANN RIEFENSTAHL Hsauyn Autumn ride on a chestnut stallion . . . uniforms! . . . dreams of the silver screen . . , following in Miss Felker's footsteps . . . gold-medal drama. RICHARD HUGH RIMPLE Hizimpf' Student Council money-changer . . . terrific on the take down . . . rugged rifleman . . . French word-Wrecker . . . mesmerizing eyes. PATRICIA ANN ROARTY MPM., Crystal tones and a satin gown . . . 5.C. pep-talk writer . , . choral soloist . . . flash of red with a peppy cheer . . . Irish temper. RUTH ANN RUNDLE "Ruthie" RED AND WHlTE key-tapper . . . un- limited ambition . . . rollicking laughter under closely-cropped curls . . . petite maiorette . . . "Hey, Sang!" JACKELYN DOLORES SENGHAAS "Jackie" "The Strutter" . . . Miss Grabko's favorite . , . All vighteeu . . . Student Council Steno . . . full of fun and fancy free. JEANNE MARILYN SENGHAAS "Jeannie" High-stepping rnaiorette . . , efficiency .. , cap of flaming red . . 4 manager of year' book production , . , gracious nature. - ,sis 1 . . QM BRENDA ANN STONEHAM "Brenda" Natural black waves . . . RED AND WHITE . . , clothes that mix 'n match . . . able color guard 4 . . Room Il fudgemaker. lVl'ARY FRANCES SWIGERT "Svvig" Assiduous worker . . . harmony from a licorice stick . . . appropriate attire , . . co-commander of THE FORT . . . clever retorts and an aim for culture. RICHARD GEORGE SHEMO "Rich" Respected linesman . . . keystone of the Class players . , . the "tall man" , . dependability and leadership . . . "Old Doc." CLYDE E. SPOTTS "Clyde" Faithful member of the Sports Club . . track star . . . kindly manner . . . THE FORT layout staff . . . interesting speaker A as HELEN LOUISE VINCENT "Helen" Versatile in supporting roles . . . '38 rattlebuggy . . . summers at Harvey's Lake . . . Choral Club . , . stunning evea ning attire. JOAN ELAINE WASSEROTT "Joanie" Spirited cheerleader for the Flyers . . . sparkling laugh . , . THE FORT staff . . . leading alto voice . . . grace and charm before the footlights. DAVID STORMS THOMAS "Dave" Fascinating blue eyes . . . a "Devil" in his grin , . . swell guy . . . resonant baritone . . . silver tones from a golden trumpet. WILLIAM MEAD THOMAS "Bill" Gridiron ground-gainer . . . THE FORT . . , good natured redhead with a ready smile . . . football co-captain . . . bookkeeping whiz. JANE ANN WELLHOEER "Janie" Femininity, frills, and flowers . . . Y-Teens . . . Art Editor of THE FORT . . . petal- soft complexion . . , "illustrated by J.We." JUDITH ANN WRIGHT ,,JUdy,, High-stepping maiorette . . . a whistle blows-"All out!" . . . footlights and make-up . . . collegiate clothes . . . graceful water nymph. K' ii ww-wqik Q H, XX ffl X .uso-K qw, W 8' W ,.. 5,,, 'F'-W O Q ' ' ai- .ns X1 ii N Q E chilli vii: 'G if Y f 4 is X4 - 1 K I adv is f ar. ev I Q43 I I Q ' 'S '3' UI", I 4. , 4 'B ' I if 1 I l , 1 ' 490 M' Eff: 2 xx ' lf: fs' ' lg 5506 H Hqimm Q ii - , "MM ...- unv., .i - f-ff - , ' I Q- M W Q05 1 ' ,aww . 171' f ', xx ' f x , YU j I ix, 24 'W 1211. W A. r" ' - Q -' 4,-Y UNDERCLASSMEN -...WMV J ll' ,......-an OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 1957: Pairicia Davis, Secretaryg Andrew Larko, Treasure-rg Marlene Jones, Vice Presidenfp James Dean, President. LEADERS OF Sophornores hear minutes Juniors discuss coming play Q F F5-'Drill' ,t,,..a-' OUR CO-TRA VELERS OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 1958: Martha Wallace, Secretaryg Philip Edmunds, Vice President, Sterling Sowden, Presidemg Judith MacGowan, Treasurer. Room I4 MISS RICE President . . . Gerald Patyk Vice President . . . Carol Christman Secretary . . . Judith Newcomb Treasurer . . .James Ford Student Council Representa- tives-Gerald Patyk, Carole Berry FIRST ROW: P. Davis, J. Ford, C. Christman, G. Patyk, J. Newcomb. SECOND ROW: T. Lewis, C. Congdon, J. Kren, J. Hylton, W. Shaw. THIRD ROW: L. Burke, B. Prater, J. Shedlarski, S. Williams, L. Johnson, L. J. Taylor, J. Davis. FOURTH ROW: J. Dean, C. Berry, J. Vanyo, J, Gorman, B. Dombroski, B. Roberts, D. Kelly. FIFTH ROW: Miss Rice, J. Yanchick, G. Emershaw, M. Lewis, W. Wightman. CLASS OF T957 I Room I5 Mr. GRAMLEY President . . . Sara Marvin Vice President . . . Marvin Antinnes Secretary . . . Sue Taylor Treasurer. . . Marti Williams Student Council Representa- tives . . .Sara Marvin, Andrew Larko FIRST ROW: S. Taylor, S. Marvin, M. Antinnes, M. Williams. SECOND ROW: R. O'Connell, E. Samuels, H. Lewis, B. Emmel, W. Davis. THIRD ROW: H. Harrison, M. Rundle, V. Monte, N. Carey, S. Lukesh, M. Jones, A. Larko. FOURTH ROW: M. Price, R. Jones, M. E. Craver, R. Jeffery, D. Hartman, W. Foust, B. Ackourey. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Gramley, F. Hills, B. Sowden, H. Owens. FIRST ROW: E. Cragle, F. Austin, K. Hohn, H. Williams, M. Carl. SECOND ROW: R. Berretta, M. Krysick, J. Wright, E. Gilmore, R. Heslop. THIRD ROW: M. Schultz, R. Pagurek, R. Schalm, M. Emershaw, L. Wilton J. Gower, M. Davis. FOURTH ROW: Miss Pettebone, R. Morgan, M. Evans, A. Eckhart, V. Watkins, T. CLASS OF 1958 Room I8 MISS PETTEBONE President . . . Kenton Hohn Vice President . . . John Davitt Secretary. . . Herbert Williams Treasurer. . . Fred Austin Student Council Representa- tives . . . Robert Morgan, Kenton Hohn Room I9 MR. WILLIAMS President. . .Philip Edmunds Vice President . . . Walker Mitchell Secretary . . . Marti Wallace Treasurer . . .Judy MacGowan Student Council Representa- tives-Sterling Sowden, Philip Edmunds FIRST ROW: W. Schmauch, J. MacGowan, P, Edmunds, W. Mitchell, M. Wallace. SECOND ROW: P. Mar- rapodi, I. Litwin, W. Morgan, B. Oldfield, A. Price. THIRD ROW: S. Coutts, M. Russin, M. Lewis, S. Sowden, M. A. Skopic, G. Wagner, B, Mekula. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Williams, V, Davis, W. Lupinsky, R. Bearley, C. Howell, R. London, E. Richards. Room I2 MISS BIRNBAUM President. . .Virginia Nerhood Vice President . . . Jane Woolbert Secretary. . .William Roberts Treasurer . . . Joseph Newcomb Student Council Representative- Barbara Downs FIRST ROW: J. Newcomb, V. Nerhood, J. Woolbert, W. Roberts. SECOND ROW: J. Yarrish, R. Andress, R. Tate, G. Moffat, S. Crosby. THIRD ROW: Miss Birnbaum, R. Dean, B. Federer, W. Glahn, B. Downs, T. Saba, C. Beerweiler. FOURTH ROW: H. Ellsworth, G. Downs, W. Oswald, E. Koneman, R. Hohn, M. Sowden, J, Parsons. fa 9 Lecture Room MR. BRONG President . . .William Space Vice President . . . Foster Swan Secretary . . . Patricia Cawley Treasurer. . . Barbara Dietz Student Council Representative-- Howard Hockenbury FIRST ROW: H. Hockenbury, B. Dietz, W. Space F. Swan, P. Cawley. SECOND ROW: W. Black, B Ellsworth, J. Sentman, J, Cheskiewicz, J. Nesgoda THIRD ROW: A. Goditus, W. Davis, R. Hosey, J Richards, L. Lamoreaux. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Brong B, Rundle, G. Potera, S. Jones, F. Lamoreaux. CLASS OF 1959 Biology Room MISS STACK President. . . Robert Austin Vice President . . .Sandra Arnold Secretary . . . Susan Common Treasurer . . . Nancy Hand Student Council Representative- Beverly Urisko FIRST ROW: B. Urisko, N. Hand, R. Austin, S. Arnold, S. Common. SECOND ROW: B. Shemo, J. Lamoreaux, N. Pickering, C. Howell, D. Gray. THIRD ROW: B. Niewinski, K. Bolton, V. Ramsey, F. Hylton, B. Neale, J. Yaglenski, B. Carlson. FOURTH ROW: Miss Stack, J. MacGowan, B. Andrews, T. Scott, P. Keibler, C. Schmauch, J. Jenkins, S. Wellhofer. 4 , 3 L i Room I7 MR. EARL President. . .Gail Kuhns Vice President. . . Henry Farr Secretary . . . John Hayes Treasurer . . . Joseph De Marco Student Council Representative- Katherine Mackenzie FIRST ROW: J. DeMarco, G. Kuhns, H. Farr, J. Hayes. SECOND ROW: T. Claus, K. Mackenzie, W. Pearce, D. Wasserott, R. Sunday. THIRD ROW: C. Marshall, M Bomboy, W, Palmer, A. Kane, R. Chaney, S. Frierl son, W. Pucilowski. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Earl, A. London, P. Patingre, T. Roberts, J. Mattern, J. For- gatch, E. Ellsworth. Bookkeeping Room MR. DAVIES President. . . Richard Ackourey Vice President . . . Sharon Masters Secretary. . . Lana Dunkle Student Council Representative- William Davis FIRST ROW: L, Kunkle, G. Fortney, R. Ackourey, S. Masters, W. Davis. SECOND ROW: L. Bonhamer, K. Klotz, A. Reabuck, M. Mortiz, E. Myers. THIRD ROW: S. Yarmey, S. Deeble, T. Parry, J. Segar, L. Helsby, C. Williams, D. Evans. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Davies, B. Austin, H. Price, M Pickering, W. Ben- netto, E. Bowers, W. White, E. Pearson. W CLASS OF 1960 ...A - L Room 7 MISS BROWER President . . . John Fedorko Vice President . . . David Owens Secretary . . . Rose Mary Hagel Treasurer . . .Joan Woody Student Council Representative- David Owens FIRST ROW: E. Myers, J. Woody, J. Fedorko, D. Owens, R. Hagel. SECOND ROW: C. Carr, M. A. Gregory, P. McGuire, M. Hawk, R. Emmel. THIRD ROW: D. Haughout, J. Albertson, R. Francis, G. Boyle, D. Whitman, M. Hosey. R. Scovell. FOURTH ROW: M. Brower, H. Keast, R. Tamblyn, C. Keeler, C. Becker, A. Evans, B. Simms, F. Hylton. xxlii Q In Room 6 MISS HANDLONG President . . . Keith Jones Vice President. . . Ronald Geiser Secretary . . . Catherine Skopic Treasurer . . . Carol Goodman Student Council Representative- Beverly King FIRST ROW: J. Brunza, C. Goodman, K. Jones, R Gleser, C. Skopic. SECOND ROD: D. Sentman, R. Stanukinas, N. Mercando, M. A. Peters, K. Williams. THIRD ROW: M. Miller, W. James, P. Hallis, R Jarenski, E. Cheskiewicz, W. Soovell, A. Attardo. FOURTH ROW: W. Wilcox, B. King, M. Angley, B. Stansfield, E. Niewinski, C. Kisbaugh. FIFTH ROW B. Smith, K. Hills, C. Bassler, L. Werner, Miss Hand long. l 4 Q a Room I MR. MORRIS President. . .Paul Richards Vice President. . .Lillian Russin Secretary . . . Jane Newcomb Treasurer. . .William Lamoreaux Student Council Representative-- William Roarty FIRST ROW: W. Lamoreaux, P. Richards, L. Russin J. Newcomb. SECOND ROW: E. Roarty, D. Sekerah L. Kutish, J. Hann, A. Marrapodi.lTHlRD ROW: L Hosey, L. Eckhart, M. Groff, D. Wellhofer, J. Green FOURTH ROW: L. Fortney, E. Davis, K. Gorman, J Cragle, J. Simonson. FIFTH ROW: R. Wilce, W Fulton, R. Zaremski, J. Truckenmiller, Mr. Morris. CLASS OF 1961 Room 2 MISS FELKER President . . . Mark Cohen Vice President . . . James Rosenbaum Secretary . . . Carol Newcomb Treasurer. . .John Lewis Student Council Representative- John Lewis FIRST ROW: J. Lewis, M. Cohen, J. Rosenbaum, C. Newcomb. SECOND ROW: R. Hughes, M. Connois, C. Shepherd, A. Knorr, F. Watkins. THIRD ROW: Miss Felker, P. McOrmand, J. Pickering, M. A. Tate B. McCormick, B. Carlson. FOURTH ROW: W. Mc- Avoy, P. Ruha, V. Treslar, D. Parry, P. Bergen, R Wilce. 2' www' "ww I sh, in O J.-F Q- gr-M sw' "' X, at ' kwa., ,M ,W . T ,gel W Lg-fm xiii' ' 4 gm, Q.. . , ?e.- - " . . -4. . . A-r-'92 - ', . g,"v . ,,- ,- ,',:?32:,t:-1'J,:z::g,,?-:--. .nv ,, .-!.,- 3rQ,'g',.f,5u, cgpfrh.. gn '- vr. .Jw 'fx-.exif-'IA' ' ' ,-'..w-Jr-5' -411.-'.3. rf T'x,:,g.+'gJ ' f ' V ' Qi-4-g4zi5m:- -ft4'w.g7 f.fq'1--'Q - 'Q " , ' , ' , .1 rg-32 - ' '- ,-'.-:" ,':g..'-'1-s - ,' -'-.5 V V - Q -Fr. .ASM ,. . V ,. 2... nl '+A f 1 -1. K vu' vt ' frfvmff fl q. 'i.1.s.yf4 - 54 :ll ,I-:""1 ' ' y qv.. - " -.i ' E1-. ' u , xi vp lg, 1 - .. , .X I -. 5, fr ' x. ' .. - .. - ..g-j ,. . .'-M.. iff, 3 -- I -. -- -' 1 - ' V1 ulwfv .11 -' ,,- .I .. ' .Il '- .,-.Mvc U t .V Q. . ..7- ','4 - ' - ' ' I A 1 ' 5 NH' Hy, . ' .gfFl.:gA' Q3-L - . ,r ' if : ', L ug - 4 ti-' ' t I 1, I ' HJ-K" , 9 ' ' , "7 A , X X '.'. D , ,X ,3 A .,, , . -1' K na 1 Ib u'4 .fx X ,.,X ' x' .ST : 1 'fx Xx - 1 ' -' ., 1.-..-5,3-.f--KQ5 1 X. N f Q45 - ' , x Hx u X - SN ' . 4' X f 7 , b Q . f 5 xf'f' ' ' .- - fs-ff:-"'-' -ig-..,, ' ' ' I - ' - ' . ." ,. . fn . . M. 4:38 Q N-A . ' . . . -- . -4 2'-xl. -4 4 1- . , .,r:Vs:N-.17 hr,-.,-xg .W SPORTS . ,s-nr. :.- a ..--- Q...-.Q-. g.. .,4.'.',: A "'f.'-4 Q: -X-,F v - - , 55- .g,d,.,?. ya ,g?w.,:lu, at .I ,I'.xf,,,,cM. I, , 5.3-:3-.p,,,,:1n'. -51,4-.Ln '- 5-. -.X .-, . , - J.. 9- .,L,,,,.v ,v , ., ,J-fn: -.,. Qu -. , .1 - '..,zC"-U,',5!1g- "-1 In '44 lr +',- . . . X . '-g1f.j1-5,5-,,fg-54' X K 9 f .i ,'3'L',1:f, ,z-'A .- . V.-'-.,-fan.-4 -.wa-' X Qt N'-'--z, -' ,' --we-.-:'.-'fi-,gg af X ' ,JL SEL.. Q-r ' ' D --af ' -'V' . 'ng..A Q .- - ' 5 . ,J Aff We - L: ' . ,l h. ' ' ,, fy, , ' ' 'QL 'nhl ' . 1-.wg 4. 'v :lf ,S 'x ??553lv5FQgf?'flZif4jT-"4l'fixl, 'l ' x'.',":, 2 ' . , fi: W- x. IQETN g,Nf-as-A bs Us T - - . -,.. -- N,-F f-J1,-fs-,I -,.,gw 1 J, yl., s . 1 Y' E.-h E I .Z NR 3' qQ'.,.4i H .x . f -f. fri "-' 'fs--:ASHA fS:'fI'4f.6-f ' '1 "If-,-.. - Q w -. . . ..lyo 1 XX . - 1 f::':'-1- .L--'--'x ffx-""'if: .' N114- n, ' '1fs"u- , n-,.--T15 KX?X'5'5-3,h,l'i1L G . "" " . 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Imti Q, Co-Captains THOMAS CRAVER WILLIAM THOMAS Center Fullback SAMUEL LIGUORI Halfback GRID FLYERS DISPLAY SPIRIT ROBERT PAVCO Tackle PAUL MURPHY RICHARD CAIN EDWARD HUTTER Quarterback Guard Tackle RICHARD SHEMO Tackle ROBERT KING RICHARD RIMPLE Center End KNEELING: T. Craver, W. Thomas. FIRST ROW: S. Liguori, R. Cain, R. Shemo, R. Pavco, E. Hutter, R. Rimple, R. King, P. Murphy. SECOND ROW: L. Burke, H. Lewis, R. O'Connell, A. Larko, J. Ford, T. Lewis, R. Jones, M. Antinnes, J. Kren, J. Davitt, G. Patyk. THIRD ROW: R. Heslop, J. Yanchick, R. Mor- gan, K. Hohn, M. Davis, S. Sowden, V. Monte, T. Morris, H. Williams. FOURTH ROW: R. Hohn, K. Bolton, H. Hockenbury, F. Swan, J. Sentman, J. MacGowan, R. Austin, F. Hylton. FIFTH ROW: Coach Higgins, W. Roberts, G. Wright, F. Austin, W. Space, G. Wagner, Coach Herrold. Stamina and the will to win drove the Flyers to a second place tie in the West Side Confer- ence. Grueling summer practice sessions led by our able co-captains, Tom Craver and Bill Thomas, brought about many obstacles-iniuries. The Fly- ers went on to obtain a 5-5 record. The record was better than it sounds, for the teams victori- ous over the Flyers had to put down a deter- mined dynamo. How can any of the seniors leaving this year forget the high spirits at the Bloomsburg game, the closeness of the Shick- shinny game, and the heartbreak of the West Pittston game? As in the past, the Flyers were well represented in individual honors. The press and the coaches made a wise choice in placing Tom Craver as first team center, Dick Rimple, Harry Lewis, and Tom Lewis also gained honors and mention. Another step was made into the future by the creation of a iunior high team. We know this will lead to future commendable Forty Fort gridiron teams. 1 Q -M ig, . 34 QW' 1, ?fw gf X as , 5, sf ' 1' 'f Q Q , Sa 'S - 1. A .Q . A Y ,W iimw. A'i,,,,,'7f' 3 QW. I 1 54 4 mx av 1 ff " rv R- 1-.u iw? tx 2 S ? I Yikf X ' g- X Nr mm we . K A k,T?i M-mf 5 -,kk, A: .ww - - , 5 1 7 Q 9 at' I J b S if ax . r , v ' X' ' gk b use N . fs! 1 J. .T fun N . - .kgs , , .1 Q ' . -x l xx .. , .. f . r -A ' 1 , .. , . X . 1, 4 1, 4 ,, 'phi W! xy ii 'av g . - ,, -Q XX' Y, 'xi' . . , A' . ' f 'HW gi AEN El". 5. ,- vw- 'gg A a 7 553 S- X iJjgTN,:3'kf::f ' f fx 5 f Qjf-E, w".N55,gf5n1?4'f 'f " f3'15g,1, a 4. ' Q . f. 4 ,-,f -' 'xi- ii' ,, sf -fy s A R -U. Q' ev k . 4 V V " X K. -ff 11- .Wifi 3, ' 1 2 +I T ' 'ka x i A x If-M' , W S K 1 1-,t ,Q X.. 1, K. H 'Y S J , J Y Kim. Sk ,fw,Km asf . S , A V ,. X, M , A fx' im vt ' x 'H s ,. I Q 0 7 I Q- I E "N .- 1, I A mx? 'Q'Qi.k.qI' K -3 qffkm 04: x I 'F N, 1 a 1' W .1 Wm K ,wx -- T 1 vm nl . .- 1 s I ,E Q, .. W Ns: i J ' wing-M -4.-ai 3 F -ag Ms- li 'fs-3 F is ,gig FIRST ROW: L. Davis, G. Keiper, A. Balcomb, J. Soltis, W. Werner, C. Beach, E. Margavage, T. Smith, J. McAfee. SECOND ROW: D. Brace, G. Wright, R. Rimple, S. Lukesh, R. King, T. Lewis, W. Thomas, H. Lewis, J. Ford, J. Kren, C. Spotts, V. Monte, A. Larko, TRACK FLYERS SHOW SPEED The track Flyers showed plenty of speed and ability in emerging with an undefeated season and copping the second place trophy in the dis- trict meet. Co-Captained by Craig Beach, the distance runner, and 'Ed Margavage, the field general, the Flyers pulled many meets out of the fire in the last few events. The real speed of the team was distributed among Tom Lewis, Harry Lewis, Dick Rimple, and Jim Ford, not excluding the fast finishes by Bob King. The Followed by Ford, Rimple breaks tape. weight department was held down by Lee Davis and George Keiper, while Margavage, Andy Larko, and Joe Kren kept the Flyers in the run- ning in other field events. The Flyers took anoth- er big step by taking their share of titles at districts. Don't think the boys relaxed over the summer. No sir, some of them lent their talents in helping Wilkes-Barre to a victory in the Junior Olympics competition. King presses for 4:00 mile. Forty Forty Forty Forty Forty Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort COACH HIGGINS deep in track thoughts. ASSISTANT COACH KRAYER faces fuli track responsibility. Q R X I . e e ""ss AY . SCORES I I S 45 Tunkhannock 41 'A Q76 Wyoming . 42 6IV2 Piymouth 56V2 61 West Pittston 57 '79 District 2 Meet-Runner-Up Til . I I 1' DISTRICT 2 TRACK WINNERS STANDING: Coach Higgins, C. Beach, J. Kren, Assistant Coach Krayer. KNEELING: J. Ford, T. Lewis, J. McAfee, A. Larko, R. Rimple. f FIRST ROW: A, Larko, J. Ford, J. Kren, P, Murphy, T, Lewis. SECOND ROW: W, Morgan, R. Holm, G. Patyk, H. Hockenbury. OUR STEPS IN BOUNDS AND REBOUNDS PAUL MURPHY Forward GERALD PATYK Cemel' JOSEPH KREN JAMES FORD GU6l'd Forward EXHIBITION F. F. F. F. 37 Tunkhannock 47 75 Wilkes-Barre Twp. . . 51 69 Westmoreland 61 57 W. Wyoming 71 CONFERENCE First Half Second Half F. F. F, F, 61 Edwardsville 63 67 Larksville 58 Pittston 62 63 Pittston 55 Larksville 71, 54 Plains , 47 Shickshinny , 67 69 Wyoming , .. 64 Exeter 63 57 W. Pittston 43 Wyoming 71 51 Luzerne 66 Plains 58 71 Exeter 50 Luzerne . 52 56 Shickshinny 62 W. Pittston .. . 106 73 Edwardsville A young determined team represented Forty Fort in the Valley Basketball League. Their lack of manpower was the main reason in stopping them from a successful season. Co-Captains .lim Ford and Joe Kren led the team, made up ot juniors and one senior CPauI Nlurphyl, into close and exciting games. In Kren, Forty Fort had one ot the best rebounders in the :.,.4c WQQXTFQNX I K,,,gus1n-. COACH KRAYER A ,- ss Valley. Ford turned out to be a top scorer and an all-around cager. With these two boys and Tom Lewis, Jerry Patylc, and Andy Larko, Coaches Krayer and l-lerrold expect big things next season. Since these boys have been working together tor the past few years, we know that next season will be much more productive. ANDREW LARKQ THOMAS LEWIS HOWARD HOCKENBURY . ' -rf I l 5 I 1 Q I E E fs , A t . Q . ? N rff I I if I I X ,I X ek t . . . 3 - iii. Guard Forward Guard R. LONDON, F. HILLS - P Go Flyers Go! Get that rebound! Two sure points. no W-Q-W Q 4 c,2':j:""' l 'x -was i Suspense! CAA... W, -onmftf-my. l Come on Joe, put it in, Shooting high! Q KNEELING: Captain G, Downs. FIRST ROW: B. Carlson, J. Yarrisli, D. Gray. SECOND ROW: M. Sowden, S. Common, B. Downs, S. Arnold. Our girls parcticipated in friendly competi- tion between our newly organized basketball teams. The victor of the struggle between the well-matched teams was the one captained by Gertrude Downs. KNEELING: Captain S, Layton. FIRST ROW: V. Davis, M. Emershaw, L. J. Taylor. SECOND ROW: E. Richards, J. MacGowan, E. Prater, P. Rundle. .... -.. Q Q ?'X 5 s. 4. K COACH FELKER .Y 'W in KNEELING: Captain B. Niewinslci FIRST ROW: V. Ncrhoocl, S. Crosby, J. Jenkins. SECOND ROW: P. Keibler, B. Federer, M. Hoscy, N. Hand, B, Andrews. OUR STEPS IN "SNEAKERS" KNEELING: Captain J. Cheskiewicz. FIRST ROW: B. Rundle, B. Shemo, V. Ramsey, SEC- OND ROW: R. Tate, B. Neale, N. Pickering, C. Beerweiler. X I K -X s Z l V 'IS S-1 . 7 .7. 'H i FIRST ROW: W. Mitchell, K, Holm, R. Gromelski, W. Space, W. Morgan, F. Lamoreaux J. Davis, R. Berretta, W. Roberts, J. Richards. SECOND ROW: W, Thomas, T, Craver, M Aritinnes, V. Monte, R. King, R. Rimple, W. Miller, R, Mack, G. Wright, P. Marrapodi Coach Higgins. THIRD ROW: F. Austin, G. Moffat, M. Schultz, W. Wightmari, F. Hylton R. Austin, S. Sovvden, M, Russin, S. Luke-slw, R. Dean, T. Morris, D. Kelly. OUR STEPS ON THE MAT OF "HOLDS" RICHARD RIMPLE l27 lbs. THOMAS CRAVER RICHARD GROMELSKI ROBERT KING l65 lbs. 112 lbs. l38 lbs, . oo :cl-Q5 ,, ,J K Q35 .If GRAPPLERS TAKE SECOND STRAIGHT TITLE Forty Fort, . G.A.R. ., . Forty Fort Ithaca , Forty Fort Hanover . Forty Fort Williamsport Forty Fort Coughlin E,,, Forty Fort Kingston ,,7, Forty Fort Hughesville Forty Fort Meyers ,. Forty Fort Plymouth Forty Fort Shamokin District I champion--3 runners-up Regionals I runner-up For the second consecutive year, a well balanced Forty Fort wrestling team won the Wyoming Valley Wrestling League Title. Captained by Dick Rimple, runner-up for the George Hopper Memorial Trophy, the Flyers posted seven wins in ten contests. The most satisfying victory, of course, was the 22-21 triumph over Kingston. In the final bout of this meet, Bill Thomas dupli- cated Bill Pickering's effort of last year and ensured victory for the team. Three seniors carried the FIyer's banner into post-season tour- neys. In the Districts Bill Thomas and Tom Craver were vic- torious until the final bouts in their classes. Dick Rimple was the District Il champion in the I27-pound competition and placed second in the regionals. Other senior matmen were Bob Mack, Il2, Dick Gromelski, II2g Bill Miller, 120, and Bob King, I38. With several returning veterans ancl a number of promising reserves, prospects are bright for future championship teams. WILLIAM MILLER ROBERT MACK WILLIAM THOMAS MANAGERS J Sentman W Wghlman 120 lbs. II2 lbs. 185 lbs, Schultz G Moffat 9. ' , kv " bf is-rv ,qu ..-1 V FIRST ROW: L, Bonlmmer, D. Haughwouf, A. Jones, W. Lamoreaux, P, Richards, D. Wightman. SECOND ROW: W. lVIcAvoy, NI. Angley, R. Geiser, R. Sunday, B. Carlson, L. Fortney, N. Mercando. THIRD ROW: D. Owens, L. Eckhart, A. Rhone, O, London, E. Nievvinski, D. Wellhofer, R. Zaremski. PM MARRAPODI 95 lbs. BOB MACK 112 lbs' is JERRY WRIGHT IO3 lbs. BILL MILLER 120 lbs! DICK RIMPLE I27 lbs. PHIL EDMUNDS T33 lbs . N. I W,g.,.f. l D 45995 L .T ,K QW WWW! .1 inewum.-...V Q LLm' f me ' - ,A . Q awww- SATCH SOWDEN 138 lbs. 1 ' ' era' - ., A. 1- 1 E BOB KING 138 lbs. MARV ANTINNES 145 Ib VERN MONTE 154 lbs. TOM CRAVER 165 1bs. BILL THQMAS 185 lbs, me Q N. Five tense seconds before our 22-21 victory over Kingston grapplers -1 ' We b Inspiring instructor Miss Felker FIELD HOCKEY MAKES DEBUT Spirited Co-Captains Marlene Jones and Donna Gray , v R , Q is is 4 , 'CJ' ' , 7 A new step has been added to the staircase of extracurricular ' activities, girls' hockey. Much practice and hard work have gone E " fy into the torrning of this activity and the carrying out of it. Q:YY-pazp 'Yrhqp h Under the expert coaching of Miss Felker,.the team has heen 4,5 ,pg highly successful considering the fact that It is a beginning team l' l 1-Lynne r RS 6 'Q l i Q Hard practice makes the team. K . D 3 fn 1? N g4,5,l.lf 51 if ,qi o Wim KREN MURPH PATYK 121 Dunno 33 3655522 ig F03 ms E HSITORS ? 'GNN f 5 W' - 1 gp f fi 35 3' , F YQ - 552 vp, 3- .- , .1 : ",f?.af,,. 3 G iq QQ 5 K 5' , 1: .2-3 wg, Q Q 5 r, . .9 'Sw- X 5? 4' 'V X i ,y 4 9 'Q K gs., . v 4 1 It-Qizggafvi . '-Q'P54'ePa,',5v.sggi5 H .- . ,-w x H' -.-,..,. ACTIVITIES .-. .g,.y',gwa,, . .1.-. 4- .... I 5,2 Ja.- .WC-E-IFv7gf,' , ' ' . 5A'f'4.Y-Lf.E'fy,Q'f" S 4 ' A .2 fl :P ,912 , in- 5"'..L- --2-Eu' 5v,- -1 ' grl' f"rlf!g?w. , 'ug 4 'Mag HAIg:!'132ff1,5'?:V , -3. 6 -. 4: :. ','?3f.-,-IJ lm- -V 73,1111--vi: 2. 7 " AW" 1, 64-Si-QLMJQ.-Q-' Lk," f 71-:Fiji-r431v:i'f.m. , 1 " ' Ji.,-Zfg.1u.. ' - . .45 Liu- .-: f4f4.f."'F' - '. . -1-"al 'fi ' ,,,- " f ff' f ?J5'm ,..,r:.'?eef3gf?' . r ' -f"'.I--.' .:sew.w:a- 'w'f.a..yaaa - ,. ' 1, '1r"'.",.'..--.."--...I-'.., '. '- . " H '7 'f 1.75.-...,, ' If Vg.-.517 ' .121 j,Q.j,f.,g Ei?v'T+4-1-5.-QSAH1-.4155 'I I-' I' ' ff ..H..1 'L 1 ' 'Ev-VR.-.-nf: ' Q '- A '. Q ...Tl 1.-'Q .bf :I fl. .I fax I 3 .1 5. f ':.'.'5f:.xi: fi:-1-V' -. 1.'.+,,-1 ,g .a,x5..a.f.'.' 'Q' j':.' 5Q ,j5f.:,:-: - mv' 1? ffl'-4 -'mhz f'- W' " Hu" ' . 'X - " '.r1l:.t-LQIQPZ 9vf'sfQe"' haififkf. -4 -' .1,-.xi '.- '--,.-.-, .n -' ,.- 1. -' . 'f-'Eh ' 1'I.-3 'J' - 'x.'- '. :.rf,'.', '- . '. 11'-l".f"-'f 'X I- 11- '-.-71.1.-'g.1'. . "I ' "C H 1 Frkf w54fag,' R- gk?-'Q',:i4555, '3:-iie.:.,gg,-:QgQ3g- ,X . U . ' X fi?-a:1f.1f4frww-ev sbfxiifsirix .iw I1 .1:j","-D'-19, -ff? bfi- -4 :ff-I I ,J " 1: ' ith: 'fi 5 f '1 F J? Q . -,',4..,' ,- ..3.m3.- 4.-. ,'-A-- J 7... -'...a, ",--... .ai z.-...F ,. . ..., 9 - -I A 7. , h : --e - 1.551 ' 'ar' .'-ff-'-f.' Q,5.x:v,N '--.. .!Lf,5',.k":4,' . -5 4 2. X J "..j:.:f.:"' Q- .Tw-2. A "1-:fx 'fj- .5-.:'-.ifr - ,ff f ' f ts: .....-.. Q X 1 ' :- I - I gnc , If I ,P V Yi-4 I f 1 ' I ' II' .J ,A 6' V 0,11-ex " ' ' - - '------A ,Q .sh Mahi 5' 1G'bW'5'9iT'?'-1. 1.4. :1 'ef ' 0 'I' 4-Q,g2g,91'g7.,.'v-1 .: ,Z I FHS LJ X .?4:i'5,ff:5L:zf in 1: ,.. ' k 1, A L.: 31.1 1 '. :I ff : I OV' E' Ip' -F an ix M 2- , lgg 6. .SA- 1K'L -. .343 gffff'-':g....j"ff 6 rv 5 Z' " " ' l I 5 -:I I- II I Q' -f11::5iff.' -I 1 6723! 'XO I ' - 1 J' -" W , , X -I nr' A' - . f ll 4" Y W7 , ff Q, 5- ,,,g- AN f ' ' f II"'!1 I ll!" Q, du "1 P" fllyv - W1 FIRST ROW: C, Berry, W. Miller, J. Heydon, E. Richards, E. Roberts, R. Mack, J. Senghaas, R. Rimple, P. Murphy, R. Shemo, B. Downs. SECOND ROW: P. Richards, W. Roarty, K. Mackenzie, G. Kuhns, B. King, B. Urisko, J. Lewis, J. Fedorko, W. Davis, K. Jones, M. Cohen, D. Owens. THIRD ROW: W. Space, K. Hohn, R. Austin, R. Morgan, M. Antinnes, G, Patyk, A. Larko, P. Edmunds, S. Sowden, H. Hockenbury, R. Ackourey. OUR STEPS IN PURE DEMOCRACY President .... ...... . -. ...,,,. Robert Mack Treasurer .- ............... ....... .... R i charol Rimple Vice President -- ..... , ..,, ...,,...... B etsy Roberts Public Relations Director ..,. ..... J oan Heydon Corresponding Secretary Jackelyn Senghaas Public Relations Director .... Patricia Roarty Recording Secretary ..,.......... ...,. E Iaine Richards Advisors ................ ...... M iss Stack, Mr. Williams pguuvlsff' jf .?'Y'f'-1 v 1 K" .?J?gikDkX! A-4 K , as f wr , . k 1 ,Qu K:-v , 5591? of un -f . 4 - rm. . . ibfifwffxfstg E ws Vote In Australian secrecy s 5. 5 '-,W ,gig N R fi' , . is 4 Stagg-5 iss P IN .jj 44, ffm? ,B -W., ""':f'Mwf. ..,,..,X. j 1'-6-'Y-w..,.g ,. . X ml K li 'rw -H if sqqf First row: R. Morgan, J. Heydon, E. Roberts, C. Christman, E. Gramley, E. Newcomb, M. Williams, S. Marvin, P. Roarty, D. Thomas. Second row: D. Hosey, V. Laines, B. Stoneham, R, Davies, S. Rietenstahl, J. Wellhofer, J. Wright, S. Layton, R. Rundle, S. Gray, D. DuRoss. Third row: D. Houghwout, R. Jeffery, M. Lewis, B. Ernrnel, J. Gorman, C. Berry, B. French, W. Wightmpn, R. Mack. Fourth row: P. Richards, C. Beerweiler, A. Goditus, S. Coutts, M. Carl, J. Kohar, E. Bowers, K. Hills, J. Hayes, J. Kohar. RED AND WHITE STAFF, RECORDERS OF OUR STEPS Business Manager, Elaine Grainley. This year because of an overwhelmingly successful subscription drive, the Red and White has been entirely self-supporting. An excellent staff worked hard to enlarge the paper and add new features, including several new columns. By working on this publication the statt has had fun and also gained much experience. Joan Heydon. Editors: Ellenita Newcomb, Advisors-Seated: Miss, Rice, Mr. Gramley, Miss Maurer Stand ing: Miss Felker. s M' .!. ,V - ws N sp N7 ft' A'rif'.,,l i ' ggvvgi .lies-20 T F vw Q ' T'.."'t'::f K -- M .. fe 1 - ..,.-ww, .M 4 diwalvwmwwx www. . , Q ' Q. f QW? Q H if X? T pkg, IN wap, Q79 -.rf ji A + :fu Q Q: ' r f 4 ,ff 8 as 6, ' F' 4 35941-41 W ,, K -,QS 7 . 'H 1, QAM, M,,,,s: ww mi, Q ,QW ,bm .eu si vpn, lvl ,sua A M. Griffith, S, Gray, S. Layton, R. Rundle, B. Stoneham, S. Kupperman. Third G. Einershaw, M. Krysick, E. Craglc, V. Watkins, M. Carl, B. Melmula, R. Pagurelc, s .ft .Xue-Bs, First rovv: M. Jones, V. Laines, S. Coutts, V. Davies, J. Senghaas, C. Christman, J Heydon, J. Wellhofer, E. Roberts. Second rovv: M. Reid, E, Gramley, S, Rietenstahl rovv: S. Layton, A. Marcinko, S. Taylor, M. Emershavv, M. Evans, J. MaCGowan ia L. Taylor, E, Prater, M. Rundle, J. Wright, M. Swigert, M. Wallace. Fourth rovvl M. Hurtt, M. Scopic, l. Litvvin, C. Berry, M. Williams, J. Gorman 0 ouiz FEiviiNiNE rRAiL ' OF SERVICE From door to door our Y-Teens have tramped, boosting the sale ot Jello. Vend- ii ' ing candy at football games came naturally to these practiced salesvvomen. Led by Jackelyn Senghaas, they traveled a successful road, reaching the summit in MFSS FELKER the Christmas dance, "The Winter Fantasy." President Jackelyn Senghaas Treasurer Jeanne Senghaas Vice President . . Carol Christman lnterclub Council Joan Heydon Secretary Sandra Coutts lnterclub Council Virginia Davis s x 5. fM HpW QW www f i i Siw xp Hx ' X xx .X Xt 1 gs' 5 ill, ix ak M x , ,gn wb A f- 5 L uf xy Q Q if f H A :ix W f A M ,., . I 5' st? -li 'yi ' f x , W I J X . if K . 5 3 A7 fy? 3 5- S X X 3 L. S3 Q If v 'M' 5 J L A 5? L-K'k v f 'Fig ,R 2 , .A.. A A, Y if , gy ' - S . i ii! i gg 555 M.. E- K , A' f K wg -Q. 5 fT"""' li I 1339" K' :W -X' Rx.w4f9Lnk'i , -naman mm. f W I -1. w.....W,..W.w X , 'Mx A ':-,.:J.v..:, x 5 . .V , g , X 'K' v A X. ,V X -Y? if X. l X. K 2. Q' xx 2 X ' x ' . K. f it Y 5 lwasmw- an 2 4, K 'gk Ji: W f M ?mlwmX wf nw,gUw, - Q 1 .Kg H X ,Q xx ff 1 k gk K If , ,. . 5 A X var My ., '31 Wigs, 'wfxmwv X an .1 ,E ex sl- 4 N M,U w3g WM, W F 15555 - an aww - as . ,Wm Q.-fwmw-aaa, .1xa1s.nws 2 . , N S Y fn K ww' -,X ws 1 'YL gn! ggfw xx Xxx if .fiiawx v ,QQ lm ,. 4, IN Sami 5 QR gm Q if Q AQ W QS Y Q f X Q S 'ix X X SX x , 'XE R ix g P S if Q 1 bi b ' ,X r Eff, , 7 2 Q, e E k 3 V , X X S is-gg Q is F s xii Q . X 'TTS Ks X M W 1, 22 P f YE lj , -5' 3 W ig L , fgg , 5 Q 4, an , I K Q1,, 3 K V xx 3 ,M CHAPEL ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: J. Woody, S. Williams, L. Taylor, E. Cragle, M, Carl, E. Prater, E. Roberts. SECOND ROW Mr. Pelton, M. Swigert, E, Gramley, E. Marley, M. Jones, J. Heydon, C. Berry, D. DuRoss. THIRD ROW R. Emmel, L. Wilton, H. Owens, F. Hills, M, Schultz, J. Evans, D. Owens. Throughout the year, members of the student body stepped briskly into the auditorium in time with the various selections played by our chapel orchestra. The versatility of this organization makes it a valuable asset to our school. The members perform for chapel exercises, assemblies, plays, and many other occa- sions. Their music is always entertaining and polished and is enjoyed by all. COLOR GUARD S. Layton, M. Reid, B. Stoneham, M. Griffith. Sprightly stepping at the head of our band, our statuesque color guards have proved themselves able leaders. They have com- bined dignity with proficiency to fulfill their positions. it DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: E. Gramley, L. Wilton, A. Evans, A. Eckhart, E. Prater. SECOND ROW: W. Davis, H. Owens, W. Foust, F. Hills, R. Schalm, M. Schultz, D. Thomas, J. Evans. This is the newest of our steps in musical organizations under the direction of Mr. Pelton. Since its organization last year, it has provided music for dancing many times at Yankee Youth Center and various local high schools. DISTRICT AND STATE REPRESENTATIVES Coughlin High School saw much of Jack Evans, Harry Owens, Betsy Roberts, and Wayne Foust as they participated in District Orchestra. Leon Wilton and Marlene Jones traveled to Canton, Pennsylvania for District Band. Marlene had the distinction of being chosen for Eastern All-State Band at Frackville, Pennsylvania, and Betsy was given a similar honor in being selected for All- State Orchestra at Warren, Pennsylvania. FIRST ROW: E. Roberts, M. Jones, SECOND ROW: L. Wilton, W Foust, J. Evans, H. Owens. BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Paving the steps to be taken by our band is the main function of the Band Executive Com- mittee. This committee, consisting of the four band officers and two delegates from Junior and Senior High, organized the candy campaign, made all the arrangements for the very success- ful concert and aided in the solution of problems that annually arise. SEATED: Joan Heydon. STANDING: Virginia Laines, Warren Shaw, Jack Evans, Joan Woody, John Fedorko. TRIPLE TRIO Our Triple Trio, a group with voice of high quality, has been outstanding in the musical performances given by the choral groups. First row: S. Layton, S. Kupperman, S. Riefenstahl, P. Roarty, J. Senghaas, B. Stoneham, J. Heydon J. Wasserott, H. Vincent, E. Gramley, V. Laines, J. Wright, D. DuRoss. Second row: R. Davies, S Taylor, B. Emmel, C. Berry, L. Taylor, E. Prater. E. Roberts, M. Jones, M, Williams, J. Gorman, S Layton, J. Wellhofer, M. Wallace. Third row: E. Marley, M. Reid, M, Krysick, M. Price, B. Sowden B. Ackourey, M. Lewis, B. Mekula, M. Emershaw, S. Williams, C. Christman, M, Griffith, M. Swigert SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Spring glided in on a musical note with the harmonious music of the Senior Girls' Chorus at the May Concert. The program climaxed and rewarded hours of practice. OUR STEPS IN TUNEFUL SOUND M. Reid C. Berry V. Laines S. Layton J. Senghaas E. Roberts E. Prater D. DuRoss J. Wasserott 1 1 First row: C. Berry, M. Reid, S. Williams, P. Roarty, J. Senghaas, 5. Kupperman, J. Heydon, J. Wasserott, E. Gramley, V. Laines, D. DuRoss, M. Swigert. Second rovv: F. Hills, H. Owens, L. Wilton, J. Shedlarski, L. Taylor, E. Prater, E. Roberts, M. Jones, M. Williams, J. Gorman, S. Layton. Third rovv: W. Davis, W. Wightman, R. Schalm, M. Schultz, A. Eckhart, L. Johnson, R. Morgan, D. Learn, R. King, J. Evans, D. Thomas, E. Hutter, Mrs. Sally Yatsko, Director. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus, composed of four parts vvell-harmonized and vvell-balanced, was spotlighted at the Thanksgiving Program which was presented for the student body. 1 MIXED ENSEMBLE First rovv: M. Svvigert, P. Roarty, E, Gramley, L Taylor, J. Heydon, S. Kupperman, M, Wallace J. Wright. Second rovv: H. Owens, W. Wightman F. Hills, J. Evans, W. Davis, D. Thomas. The well-blended, heart-lifting mu- sic of the Mixed Ensemble was en- ioyed by all at their appearances. f . M -5 I ' nw ' -mf' Q 5.13 M-,Q We yf Mp - 'W Z 5 24 , . . 'Q Yu.. Xf ,f.',:f" 1.x V, . .3 . 37'- wh X 9. , .., 9' Q? " I sg X En Lim , 'gi 'af' Eg, I 5 - ,X ., .Q x,Q xgryzg xi? NWA. P .4 41. X an MN.. ' cf Q Q 8 " 3 W, . M I . , . ., ., ww - NE-vw " :na ' M .Q W bXf5Efj:f5fi':fXQff: is K K J' fix? ' ' ' -.YM b M -E' 1 5- 1 .X Q- - i H i is L .2-Sf'-+L S . M L .3 5 4 , .- N rg Q - 33 ff -' QE ' -ff K i .Q-,,i In-.-xg, A 1.-. -.1-Q . Jimi! - -. -:-: , ,. ,, X Q ,gg . X xg N Q X V I Q mf' C Six. i 3 2 x 'W J R Y ' 'kv if by 4 v"w R s s F? -Q +59 xx I Q X. X -' , , E 3 R if xx K i N1 if X X Rh? 5 ma . X Q , X .. .1-P - gy A " K ' ,E . -wx - ' 1 ,W . , . Y? 'lb , ,i 4 K fi 1:51-,, ' Q me A 4 . 1 ' ff P 162 "f-. , fL5rf w1M1":,' fx ' -f 431,4 11 ,m,,Ef,5xQ' -. .2 ,V Vgsi yrg- .W Q ff1f,.i:, i' 5, g 2 T Q '3 ' 1 1, 4 1 M 1 Q v , ., M A P, is . 5,1 A f.v :L . ..,.,,:f:--s fu : 2 '7 W X 5 Q 1 ., R -4' l affix , J ., Q QP? Ig 5.4, ge, my A AH . .3 mv? 5' Q x i ffigg giff L, -Ms . 5' f A " Q 1 f ' ,Q N --R ,- 2 6 nw-gf Q r x'- N. .mm Ek xi .Q 2 K ,iz 12 , . x k RW X 'fb-. E, if 1 g'3Q1 5 5' ,- pw 5.4 M' fm . 5153! -?'ia. - f . X: 4 1 H 3 .X 1,1 Q Q Q + Q 5 ,Q 3' e 2 , f f ,S Vs, gig: K in K ' Y 55- J P11555 'fifilf T V 'fffsij www . 5.5, 5 I H . Q Q, W1 L1 55' v t A F 3 'fi .af f f fm . My . . A Q 5 " I ,, rg. - fl, ' -if , Q 52132 I . gk? 5 V 'Sf :xx 5 is TK Q x EE l 5 M A Y fi Si- 5 Q as 3 'Q ,W Q X 5-sf R cm Aux M3 7 if Q y A QQ" .K-qzg, 'bi' x sw. .4 i W 4 +V-M2 if :'l,s.s4i Q :Q W 1 ,g I 'iq' Q K 'sw t f' Q e 5 'RW .' g . ' S LJ. Vrjii, ,Qi Q l g ' Q Qi' 5 Q -' . x . 9 Q avg: ., K ..a,,. , . Q. ., , X J, Eta jx. Q ' ,iff MMM r 5 ,I ,f I I ll!! I ' ,- N I . I! I X 12 I IMIW I ll' Y 'M xi, II I ' I f f I r I f , I I ,QQ I IIIIII '- I I' I I I' M X ly ' I j I IM . I I If I In SENICR ACTIVITIES II I I I Is I," 'I I II , -Ia A I M I II' ' M' 7' il X I I0 X I In X X -I "II I I Q ' III X X' .f- I 1 'x .I .I x --'-I NN , , X ' - WQQ6. - ' 4 PI-xx! I I f w' ,' 4 1 Q I III . ' ' Q ' W T'i"I "" ' I I 'U , jf :gm III III ' I 1 " I VIII' I IIIII1 I IX I I II 'I IQ? 1-I-I-Q"II I L'-I-151 'IVR I ' "1 ' tl'--1 '-' 'IIN' I ,-fi W , I IIII 'Wu 2 ' i I k III 'lrw l IIIIQI JII I K I 'I "'I f'- I I'III'I ' ' II I I u' X , I 'I J-ALM II w I , "I 1 II X j 6' mfg 3 ' T 'IX I Ml I I L'-+f!i"l'l?,f-f5'E:QlQ 2 I,4 xwgux .II II II,"I'I" III I, ,Il 'MII 'I 'I' OUR STEPS IN EIGHTY PAGES EDITORS: Mary Frances Swigert, Darla DuRoss. Working diligently at every meeting, Mary and Darla have helped each staff with its iobs. The completed yearbook is a credit to their efforts and abilities. ART STAFF: Jane Wellhofer, Editor, Ellenita Newcomb, Mary Alice Griffith, Jane Wellhofer, Miss Maurer, Suz- anne Layton, Judith Wright. With the efforts of our staffers and the red pencil of Miss Maurer, the design of our yearbook took shape. The artistic touch is just the perfect topping for THE FORT. BUSINESS STAFF: William Miller, Editor, Robert King, Elaine Gramley, William Miller, Richard Rimple. Absent: Daniel Brace. Promoting sales and soliciting patrons were the jobs of our Business Staff. As a result of their efforts, our yearbook was a financial success. LAYOUT STAFF: Sally Riefenstahl, Editor, Thomas Craver, Paul Murphy, Douglas Learn, Brenda Stone- ham, Sally Riefenstahl, Absent: Clyde Spoots. Where to place the contents of THE FORT was the problem of the Layout Staff, who did a magnificent iob. Long nights were spent solving the spacing prob- lem and cropping pictures. -Pm ,f 98 'ff . '4 8 4 is 3, V D QE Q.. - . Af. rx ' . -1 N.-M a x X Y f H ' 'M' " .... 4 1 F Q - K 1 ,..x.:,. .4-.N N..-aa: .ami xx f- - K 'L "R" ,W N .. 957291:- J, N we 5 c x K 5, , i,.k Y ' mt. .... ' Wig 5 .Q 5 1: x -,LL ig, Z A, i ,,,,K,.X in 5 s xfyii! "That's o M--.Q-he ur daughter!" .. ' ' lil 5 ' fi V 5 II f 3 fy ji ji. Then she faded back for a pass' 'iw' fa 1,5 Q14 'YY .tr Wi iv iv- 'ff 'fi . ia PS5 D First rovvf J. Wright, H. Vincent, S. Riefenstahl, S, Kupperrnan, J, Wasserott P D. DuR0ss, R. Mack, D. Moyer, W. Miller, D. Thomas, R. Morgan, Miss Handlong ff .38 3' fi SENIOR PLAY TIME OUT FOR GINGER, the story of a female foot- ball aspirant, was our final step in class dramatics. The student directors were Ju- dith Wright and Patricia Roarty. 0 if s 1' .V J ,mw. X X, -is - J . J ' Sa si? xx 53' .Anti 'id U X Q. .K ' 'Sk 3 . X f were ai F The all nmportant telegram Oh you d make a wonderful doctor Duck JUNIOR PLAY The charming story of "OId Doc," a small-town doctor who wanted his son to practice with him, was our first step in three-act drama. S a I I y Riefenstahl and John Evans were the student directors. Flrst row R Kung J Ev ns W Bonham, D. Bowers, R. Sherno, D. Moyer W Mxllard Miss Handlong Second row M Grnfflth J Wnght, P. Roarty, D. Du Ross, J. Senghass J Wellhofer J Heydon H Daniel Webster wins his case ALL SCHOOL PRODUCTIONS FIVE FOR BAD LUCK-1954 Directors: Miss Dorothy Pettebone, Miss Lorraine Rice. Student Director: Mary Alice Griffith STORY OF A DEAD WOMAN-1955 Director: Miss Margaret Handlong Student Director: Richard Shemo THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER-1956 Director: Miss Margaret Handlong Student Directors: Sally Rietenstahl, Susa "Get your hands off her!" n Kupperman Swing your partner! Five for Bad Luck Whodunit? Stepping in socks! SOCK DANCE No shoes! Just socks, gaily decorated socks. This was a pleasant change of pace at our Sophomore Sock Dance. MR. TOUCHDOVVN DANCE In our junior year, Lee Davis was named Mr. Touch- down by the voters who came To dance in his honor. Their socks won prlzes YJ im.-l. ev-uae Refreshment committee defends OUR RHYTHMIC STEPS Planners of the Mr. T.D. Dance Touchdown Dancers Lx X . 3 3 7 Ov "-.ft i I 551' we . .r. tx' WML. if' . in-1 25 KE gm !'O 'Y1 54' 1-4 SI 3'I'1'l CD 1 f"7K Z O U O ? 3 -T' 'll Z' RJ E OJ if F JI' -. J 2 P- 5' O U. 2 2 9- 3 Z fb 2 n 9 1 P' 0 T FD E NS 3 Blue-green lights, soft music and colorfuJ fish in the background all provided a nautical atmosphere for the Junior PromfNeptune's Kingdom. On May 17, l955, the gaily decorated gym was crowded to capacity. Couples whirled and spun to the music of Al Anderson and his orchestra in a glittering tribute to the sooneto-be-leaving Seniors. The highlight ot the evening was the crowning ot lovely Mary Lou Newcomb as Queen ot the Prom. Richard Shemo, iunior class president was general chairman. MGVY LOU, Queen of the Deep STEPPING OUT CLASS HISTORY OUR STEPS With its premiere in 1953, Troupe 1956 es- tablished itself as a group with a brilliant future. Miss Anna Jones and Mr. Paul Krayer took on the task of directing our troupe. When tryouts were completed, Robert Mack emerged in the leading role, with Jane Wellhofer as his cosstar. Grace Corcoran handled the correspondence for the cast, and Richard Rimple managed the financial affairs. As the curtain opened, on stage appeared sev- eral members of the troupe in Five for Bac! Luck, our sophomore entry for the All-School Play Con- test. With Mary Frances Swigert in the featured role of a small town girl who "turned the tables" on Richard Cain, a sophisticated college sopho- more, our first production was a great success. During the second act the scene shifted from one athletic event to another. Many members of the cast were depicted as athletes, boosting the school's name in interscholastic sports. The third act showed the cast with shoes in hand, enioying a social "Sock Dance," which brought the curtain down on a most successful season. Before breaking up for the off-season vacation, the troupe enjoyed the annual outing, held this year at Hickory Run State Park. During the va- cation many members of the cast could be seen leisurely swimming at the pool or gathering at Martins' to discuss next season's production by Troupe 1956. After three months of delightful summer rec- reation, the troupe jumped eagerly into a year of performing. The maior role for this year's production was filled by Richard Shemo, with Joan Heydon as his leading lady. Grace Cor- coran and Richard Rimple retained their positions as secretary and financial director. The first act was resplendent with the colorful reds and yellows of autumn as the members of the cast took part in the "Mr. Touchdown Dance." Stepping into the spotlight was Ruth Ann Rundle, chairman of this traditional event. As the curtain closed, the evening was acclaimed a success. All eyes turned to view The Story of a Dead Woman, the cast's contribution to the 1955 All- School Play Contest. For her superb acting, Sally Riefenstahl received the award for the outstand- ing performer, and the cast received congratu- lations for a splendid production. -cr P '. ,Q I 7 . XA! Q . 'V -,K ' ' it is-st"'fg.. 5 . , . Q . H I ll. , 'ff ' s I Act two opened with a three-act drama entitled Old Doc, for his realistic portrayal of a country doctor, Richard Shemo won the plaudits of all. The final step in this year's production cen- tered around Neptune's Kingdom, theme of the Junior Prom. Soft blues and greens blended into the shimmering aquatic atmosphere. Romantic music by Al Anderson's Orchestra accompanied the dancing guests. The crowning of the queen, Mary Lou Newcomb, a senior, was the highlight of the evening. After completing their second season, the mem- bers of Troupe T956 adjourned to enioy their vacation. During the months that followed, they could be seen enioying themselves at the pool, tennis court, or park. ln September, l955, the members of the troupe stepped into position for their final engagement. The title role was held by Thomas Craver, with William Bonham as the supporting actor. Grace Corcoran continued to do an excellent iob of handling the correspondence for the troupe, and William Miller was named financial manager. As the curtain rose, the spotlight fell on the excitement of a pep meeting. Joan Wasserott and Darla DuRoss, assisted the students in a tribute to the Flyers. That evening at the football game, the snappy majorettesfRuth Ann Rundle, Jeanne and Jackelyn Senghaas, and Judith Wright-set the pace for the band as it marched briskly down the field. Joan Heydon, band president, was justly proud of the spirited-playing instrumen- talists. The curtain closed for a brief interlude, then opened on the successful performance of Time Out for Ginger, Darla DuRoss was the teen-age "dynamo" who finally succeeded in gaining a position on the varsity football squad. Robert Mack and Sally Riefenstahl added to the hilarity of the play as Ginger's distraught parents. Taking time out from busy rehearsals, the cast stepped into the wonderland of the Winter Fantasy presented by the Y-Teens, under the leadership of Jackelyn Senghaas. The dance was supported by various organizations including NNW Nu the Hi-Y under the direction of Edward Hutter The affair was given excellent coverage by the press agents of the troupe, Ellenita NSWCOINU and Elaine Grarnley, The feverish preparation for The Devil and Daniel Webster was the opening note of the second act. Members of the cast of wltont we were especially proud were Willrarwr Bonharn as Daniel Webster, David Thornas, the Devil, Ju' dith Wright, and Richard Sherno. The All-School Play Contest was under the direction of the Student Council, with Robert Mack as president, Practice continued srnoothly until the begin- ning of May, when seyeral rnernbers of the troupe put aside their playboolrs to participate in the Band Concert. A few weeks later the troupe, in a change of costurnes, stepped out for a night of dancing at the gaily decorated Junior Prorn. ln the final act the rnentbers of the cast as sentbled for Award Day. As several rnernbers of the troupe received their hard-earned letters, the others looked on proudly. The captains ol our successful teants were William Tltontas and Thomas Craver, football, and Richard Rrntple, wrestling. The scene rnoved rapidly to the solernn at' nrosphere of the Sermon to the Graduates. Class Day soon followed with rnernbers of the cast feverishly signing yearbooks, Darla DuRoss and Mary Frances Swrgert did a very cornrnendable job as editors of the rnenioirs of Troupe l95o. As the curtain rose for the final trrne on the members of the cast, they appeared in cap and gown to receive their diplontas. The ntentbers ol the troupe had reached the long-awaited goal. VVhen they walked proudly down the aisle, they knew that although each one would soon embark to play an individual role elsewhere, nothing could ever' replace the experiences they had shared together. Jane Wellhofer Charrrnan Joan l-leydon Robert Nlaclc Joan Wasserott Richard Sherno Virginia Laines Patricia Roarty as SECRETARIES Our steps have taken us many times into the high school office. Whether we were answering a summons or making a volun- tary entrance, we were greeted, Miss Mes- singer and Miss Thomas, by one of you. We Seniors wish to acknowledge with gratitude all your services and favors. Your efficient operation of the school office is outstanding even in a borough so well managed as Forty Fort. Miss Ida Messinger, Miss Melba Thomas Mr. Edmund Kent, Mr. William Beach, Mr. Miles Lamoreaux C US TODIANS Steps, steps, and more steps! Through five entrances they have admitted us into the building. They have made it possible to reach second floor from first. When we have wanted to go to the shop, athletic equipment room, or the shower, steps have led us there. Likewise, steps have taken us from the auditorium level to the stage for chapel announcements, for plays and programs. Why all this fuss about steps? Just this. It enables us to say to you who have kept all steps of our school building in good repair and neat appearance, "Thanks, Doc, thanks, Miles, and you, too, Bill." Agnes and Bob Anonymous Antinnes Cullet Supply Antinnes Scrapyard Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold Miss Janice Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Clement M. Asklar Salome Adrienne Asklar PATRONS Mr. John Daniel Derzek Mr. and Mrs. Howard Devine The H. B. DeWitts Dale, Dean, and Skip DL and Mrs. Mrs. Paul W. Keibler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Atherholt Mr. and Mrs. C. Ayres Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnoski Mr. and Mrs. Peter Baron Mr. and Mrs. William Beach Miss Garnet F. Benner Mr. and Mrs. Junius Bernardoni 8- Sons Mr. and Mrs. Walter Berry Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bhaerman Miss Constance M. Birnbaum Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Bittenbender Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bomboy Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Bonham Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Bonham Miss Evelyn Bonham Mr. and Mrs. William Douris William Downey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Downs Mr. and Mrs. F. W. DuRoss Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Earl Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eggert Eleanor and Johnny Mr. and Mrs. Emil Emershaw Mr. and Mrs. Charles Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles Epstein, Jr. Mrs. Mary El Mrs. Mary N len Evans . Evans Mr. and Mrs. Osie Evans Mr. and Mrs. William Evans Mr. and Mrs. William Fabian Miss Madge Hon. Daniel R. Felker J. Flood Mr. and Mrs. James Ford Franklyn L. Fine Homeroom Biology Homeroom Lecture Homeroom I5 Homeroom 17 Homeroom I8 Homeroom 19 Mr. Bert Hughes Mr. and Mrs. F. Edward Hutter Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Hutter Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Cain Bob Bonnice Q. David Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Quentin H. Bowers Rev. Aloysius Boylan Daniel Brace Tim and Bill Brace Mrs. William Brace Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brong Miss Mary Elizabeth Brower Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. William J. Brown Mrs. Grace Bubble Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bubble, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bubeck "A Friend" Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Garney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Genester Mr. and Mrs. Paul George Mr. Joseph Gido Dr. and Mrs. John Gill Mr. and Mrs. George Gwilliam, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glahn Mr. and Mrs. William Goodman Elaine Gramley Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gramley Miss Mabel Granger Sandra Gray Mrs. Stewart Gray Gordon Gregory Mr. and Mrs. William James Jeanne and Jim Jeff and Ruthie Mr. and Mrs. George Jeffery Mr. and Mrs. William Jervis Joan and Bill Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Johnson Miss Anna Jones Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Jones Marlene Jones Miss Mary Jones Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Jones Joyce and Danny Mr. and Mrs. Edmund H. Kent Mrs. William King Miss Janet Kline Mr. and Mrs. Paul Krayer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kulina Mrs. Louise T. Kupperman Mr. and Mrs. Ephriam Kyttle Mr. and Mrs. Adrian K. Laines Marian Laines Virginia Laines Mr. and Mrs. Miles Lamoreaux Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Lane Thomas Lane Mr. and Mrs. John Latsko Mr. and Mrs. John F. Laverick Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carin Mr. and Mrs. The M. Carls Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Carey Joseph Carini Sam Casciano and Family Casterline-Texaco Chas and An Mr. Tony Chi Mr. and Mrs. n azza H. T. Christman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Churnetski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Congdon Edward Corcoran James Coon Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Griffith Gordon Griffith Mrs. Joseph Gromelski Mr. and Mrs. James Hand Mr. and Mrs. Allen Handlong Miss Margaret Handlong Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hanlos Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hapeman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hardish Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Harris Mrs. Louise E. Haupt Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Hayes Heidi and Butch Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Connelly Mary Anne and Bill Craver Mrs. H. W. Craver Mrs. Ethel Crompton Mr. and Mrs. George Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cruthers Mrs. Helen DaSilva Miss Marie DaSilva Ray DaSilva and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Davies Mr. and Mrs. Willard Davies Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Davis Mrs. Lola ,Davis Mr. and Mrs. Reese Davis Mr. and Mrs. Walter Davis Mr. and Mrs. George Dean Mrs. Lilian Herr Mr. Donald L. Herrold Mr. Jack Hessler Mr. John Hessler, Jr. Mr. William P. Hessler Joan Heydon Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Heydon Atty. and Mrs. John H. Hibbard Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. John Hollodict Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Honnis Mr. Lawrence J. Hosey Homeroom l Homeroom 2 Homeroom 6 Homeroom Bookkeeping Homeroom 7 Homeroom 12 Mr. Charles H. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Learn Royale F. Learn C. D. Lemmond Mat Leshinski Robert J. Lewis Oliver London Mr. and Mrs. James Loughney Louise and Bill Miss Jean O. Mack Robert Mack Mr. and Mrs. Harold MacGowan Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Madden Susan Maior Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malpass Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinko Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Masteller Twi Miss Edna F. Aletha McCa Edward Mackavage William Marley F. Gordon Mathers Kenneth Masteller ns Maurer be Mrs. Bertha McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Meixel Mr. Thomas E. Mensck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Millard A. C. ,illiller William M. Miller William M. Miller Walter S. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Evan Morgan Mrs. Lewis Morgan Mrs. Margaret E. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. George L. Ruckno Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ruger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Flody M. Rundle John Rundle Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Moritz Jack Morris Robbie Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Mr. and Mrs. O. P, Morrow Mrs. William Morton Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Moyer and Son Mrs. Vineta Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Fran Yarmey Mr Mr and Mrs. Thomas Munley Joseph Murphy J. P. Musgrave Raymond W. Myers James Neale and Mrs. Joseph J. Newcomb Michael, Johnny, and Paula Rundle Mrs. Sidney Rundle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan Sam, Bill, Bob, and How Miss Clema Sanders Mrs. Ruth A. Senghaas Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sentman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneiderhan Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott Frank Shappelle Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Sheekan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Shemo Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Shockless Atty. and Mrs. William Shockless "Sid" Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Siglin Charles Siracuse Mrs. Paul E. Walder, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Walsh Mr. Frank W. Walp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wanchisen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wasserott Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. Anna Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watkins H. R. Weaver Weir Ernest S. Wellhofer Paul Werner Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Miss Marion Mrs. Henriett Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wheatly White a Whiteman Ted Wilkinson David Williams Gomer J. Williams W. S. Williams J. H. Wright Mrs. Frank Stephenson Paul Niemenski Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Niewinski Mr. and Mrs. Ben Niziolek Mrs. Helen S. Noack Miss Vinnie Nygrin Miss Lucille O'Konsky Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Overpeck Mr. and Mrs. Evan Owens Mrs. Howard Paine Mr. Gene Palchanis Mrs. F. G. Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Parry Roy W. Parry Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Paylor Mr. John Pearce Mr. Reese E. Pelton Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Peters Miss Dorothy Pettebone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Phillips Paul Phillips Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Piccone Mrs. Harry Piccone Mr. and Mrs. William Pickering Mr. and Mrs. Herman Plieskatt Mrs. Peter Poole Mrs. Anna Proleika Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rorick Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. J. Arlington Rees Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reid Mary Alice Reid Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Reid Miss Lorraine H. Rice Rhonnie and Dean Rich and Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Foster Richie Mr. and Mrs. John Ricketts Mr. and Mrs. William Rifenbery Mr. and Mrs. Asher Rimple John A. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Ritter Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roarty Miss Betsy Roberts Florence M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. William O. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M, Robinson Mrs. Clara Roselle Roy and Jackie Mr. and Mrs. Harradon H. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sordoni Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Sowden Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Spotts Richard R. Spotts Miss Kathleen Stack Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stansfield Miss Jeanne P. Stapleton Betty and Ha nk Stawicki Brenda Stoneham Mrs. Thomas Stoneham Mrs. Margaret Struthers Ted Struthers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stusnick Mrs. John Sutter Mrs. Homer Swigert School Organizations Hi-Y Hockey Team Student Cou Y-Teens Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. ncil Charles L. Tamblyn Vincent M. Tate George A. Taylor, Jr. Robert L. Taylor Ray Tippett Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas Mrs. Edward Atty. Enoch Thomas Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thomas Miss Mary Lou Thomas Miss Melba Thomas Mr, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Shirley Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Morgan P. Thomas . Ray Thomas Thomas . Edward Transue . Edward Turnberger . Ray W. Turner . William W. VINCENT Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Walder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Zuloff Joseph Yoskus BUSINESS FRIENDS Allen's Market The Avenue Pharmacy Bastian Broth ers Company W. E. Bonnice and Sons Busch's Beverage and Sandwich Shoppe Carpenter's Shoe Repair Circle Cleaners Common and Company, J. M. Products Connolly Excavating W. G. Downs, Coal DuRoss-Anderson Company, lnc. Evans- Home Furnishing Evans Pharmacy Forty Fort Service Station Forty Fort State Bank Hall's Nursery Andrew Hardish Service Station Hugh B. Hughes, Funeral Home Kathryn, Your Hairdresser Bill Kelly's Restaurant King Floral Company Arthur Kline Washer Service Lukesh's Market Lyons and Carnahan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Machinist M and M Market Marvin Mfg. Company Morris Lumber Company Newcomb Brothers William Oncay Peter Piskorik, Jeweler Pritchard's Card and Gift Shop H. A. Rinker, Plumbing Roadside Nursery Joe Ryan's Service Station Sakenkahn's Paint and Hardware Tallman Printing Company Tate's Theater Equipment Harold E. Taylor, General Contractor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Weaver West Side News BU 7-I I II Wilkes-Barre Iron and Wire Works, Inc. Don Wilkinson Casualty and Life Insurance The But Vnrb k A TANOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING OMPANI DALLAS TEXAS E Q i W ' -.vw nwxfm , AX. w 3 i I lvl' '-'unsung , 5 , 2 A ' J -uun .,.. - ! ergq , X my vm W v Q, wg N536 Q,

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