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Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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i 4 I . -2 - V- -, ,A ,x I CLASSES KWH' WALTER DOOLAEGE GENE LUCAS BETTY BROWN CHERYL PETERSEN BILL MAHLER PAULINE GUSHAW DUILIO MICHELI S S och Or Q PRESIDENT ............ ..,.,,,.. W ALTER DOOLAEGE VICE PRESIDENT .,....., .,.A,.,A........ G ENE LUCAS SECRETARY .,7....,,,. ,.,....... B ETTY BROWN TREASURER ...,...,..,,.., .7.,,,, C I-IERYL PETERSEN SONG LEADER ....,........ ......,,......., B ILL MAI-ILER YELL LEADER ..,......,,...,.....L,. ...,.,.v P AULINE GUSI-IAW SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ........ VwL,L,..,. D UILIO MICHEL! NAOMI ADAMSON A "Blonde Bomber" BARBARA AMEN Who says diamonds are only a form of carbon? FLORENCE ANDERSON The girl who does her duly LINO BACCHETTI Ido my work as besl I can NADINE BARNES Donr fry To change her mind! PHILO BARNWELL His French is improving NAIDA BARTLETT When she slaps her bass. all else is forgolfen DO RTHY BLAN EY , Where's fhe ofher half of 'lhe fwosome? JEANNE BRELLE Wifh hair like sunshine A . ' hw I A BETTY BROWN A business rnan's dream of a secrelary JOYCE BROWN She'll sing her way Io The slars PAT BURLINGAME I-Ier Theme song is "Smiles" GLORIA BUTTS A welcome addifion lo The class BRUNO CAPPI Thai srrealc across The baske-Hball courl MARIE CATARDI Wheres The candy? LOIS CAVANAUGH l'm iusf going fo cur every Iaif of Huis old hair QHI IRMA CRABTREE WhaI"s in a name? RAYMOND CRAWFORD I-le'lI do if righl +he first lime. BARBARA CREWS Could she raise Cain if she were a boy! STANLEY DAGGETT There's a greaf mind af worlc JACK DINSMORE The class opfimisl WALTER DOOLAEGE Nebraska for him and The Navy Air Corps LOUIS DORRIS So you Ihinlc he's quiefl FRANCES FARNSWORTH A modesf maid BARBARA FERGUSON I-low she can manage 'rhings YVONNE FIELDER She gels around DOROTHY FORNACIARI A liHIe girl wfih a long name RUBY FRANCIS Busy Ii'rHe Ruby GENELLE GILBERT We love her souihern accen+ AGNES GONZALES Quiet bu+ how she can Think! IRENE GUGLIELMINA The girl wiHi fhe perfecf blush PAULINE GUSHAW Napoleon was IiHIe 'roo, and look whar he did HARRIET HANSEN Well, say now. H1aI"S fouqhl wa: fx iwffs 1r-W:-f - 1- "wg-rar Q - -' T .. a, - , SP -' . 1 'L J A ' F Fair- - A .. . 'Q' ah. - ,, 'Y!?n.. ' I 'SN ,., Y A 'K' F A She and Quig 'i EXENE HARTNESS R il- , JASPER HILL Af ELWYN JOHANSEN X Quie! and wise His French is wonderful "A"' 'L A MARY IBARRETA Those flashing black eyes! GR if FRANCES JOHNSON She has a mind of her own HAROLD JOHNSON Give him an idea and walch ou! for lrouble Q A',4 , 4 LILLIAN LINDBLOM Wg !-lere'S Goldiloclcs. Bring on fhe Three bears A"'. y L ' S Nq: GENE LUCAS N ' N"::' f '.., , ""' Why no! lry lhe lNFANTry? , ,, ' y i s A V:.:- 2 BILL MAH!-ER y . A "I"' if ".: y A 7 Wi' Our Boy in Upper Ten 37 . EVELYN MART! N CLARA MOLLER Boy, can she cook! Busy and JAMES O'ROURKE Jolly, iovial Ji'm Wake me BETTY PETERSEN A! work a When in doulo!-qiqqle JAMES McWHORTER Wha!'s your 'theme sonq now, Jimmie? DUILIO MICHEL! ! We call him "Babe" Always Seen, bu! seldom heard GARDNER MONROE A second Harry James STAN MOORE Roh' . all riqhl if l have fo." MARGUERITE N EWMAN ALICE NIELSEN bashful ERNEST NUNES Ernie's a pal FRANK OVERHOLT up when lhe bell rings. BAISBARA PECK And Talk abou! redheads! A fulure prima donna CHERYL PETERSEN nd play she's super HUGH PETERSEN A Don"!' argue wi'!h Hugh-you can'+ win! JANICE PETERSEN "BuI' I donl' like io sleep. I Iose io much lime 1ha+ way." LOYD POLLARD "I gof if prefly sfraiqhf from a reliable source JUNE OUIGLEY BEVERLY REID Such a busy mind! "II's all very clear, bu+ I cIon'1 qel ii!" SHIRLEY REID She can draw4'nufI said! DARRELL ROBINSON EDNA SANDERSON I-Ie gels fhinqs done Her drawl fascinaies us PAT SKIFFINGTON The angel in while playinq hoolxey KENN ETH SMITH RODNEY STONE I-Ie never says more Ihan he needs Io Forfuna's own glamour boy ELEANOR SWIFT And she is, fool JANICE TAYLOR I-Ier aim-Io be an A-I business girl ROSEMARY THOMSON Small, buf delerrnined ALVIN TRUAX As serious as fhey come JOSEPHINE TRUMBLY BEVERLEE WILKINS Too dignified for words I'II+hinkabou++l1a++omorrow FLORENCE WILLBU RN As prelfy as a piclure JEANNE WILLIAMS JANE WILLS I-Iere's a beauiy fhaf folerafes no bees? I-Ier recipe for happiness-work hard andihave fun MILTON WILLSIE I-Ie's no? iudged by his words EUGENE YOUNSREEN When do I gef ou? of fhis insfifufion? . " -, ,. fs. A ' Q I Ax 'gn N 4 X R QM xx X I Iv L , .Sgflr , L Q nw I Y V. A A -A Q w 0-.V .. xx R R 45" R Q is f . 6 N Y me x +- v ww mags" - 'A 'i:'4S5.1--.- 45+ , 51:2-225' 1515:- AfI'.iiff.,.-bs. 'R 1'- 5 ' 'fi - M, ., . HARRY POND KAY COLE CAROL MacMILLAN RUTH RYAN Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer NORMA TOWNSEND CORNELIA NATT JACK MOUAT Song Leader Yell Leader Sergean?-af-Arms H J UNIORQ IRENE AFONSO DARYL BAIRD BETTY FAY BARNES DOMENICO BELLI ELEANOR BELLOTTI MARGARET BRANDT JEAN BURLINGAME THERON CAROTHERS RUTH CARROLL ROBERT CHARLES JAMES CHASE UARDA CHISM GRACE COLEMAN JOHN COOK BILL CORRELL BETTY CRAWFORD VERNA CREWS r JIM DAVY VIOLET DEMELLO FRED DORRIS JANICE DOYLE NAOMI DUNNING BETTY EVERS BOB FARRAR BOB FASSETT MARLIN FAUERBACH MARILYN FAUERBACH BILL FORREST DON FRASER CLARA GRAHAM ERNIE GRIFFITH KEN HACKNEY LEE HESCOCK LEONARD HOOPES LEROY HULL DEAN HUNTER VIOLA JEFFERS MARIANNE JESSEN ROY JOHNSON PHYLLIS KIRKEMO SERGE KORDASH JACK LANGDON PATRICIA LARSON MONNA LAUGHLIN JAMES LITTLEFIELD DONAL MCCALL ELSIE MCGEE SUZANNE MCKENZIE JOSEPHINE MANZI GERALD MILLER ELSIE NA AUDREY GLADYS ARTHUR P JACOB MI T N N RODNEY PETERSEN BETTY ROCHA PEGGY ROGERS FRANK ROHNER MARY ANN ROONEY EUGENE ROTHLIN ANDREW SCHEULER MARIAN SMITH JACK STEDMAN NORMAN STENEACK JEAN STROCK JOHN SUND CHARLES SUTTON FREDA SWAIN MARGARET THOMSON ARCHIE WAITE EMIL WENDT GLORIA WILBER GLENN YOUNGREEN MARILYN ZANOTTI lNo piduresl BILL REASON KATHERINE SHAFFER , 4 3. Q, :Q G- ig I . if ff 'F'-Q7 4 ...ZS I I A Gr ix ff... DON LOUDON RUSSELL CROSBY DICK WALKER DEE WOODEN VERNA MAE WILSON NADINE HOLSAPPLE EVERETT MALFATTI rs I- L I X r I- rs S oOr'r OPI Odeo PRESIDENT ............ ...,D.,,,.v D ON LOUDON VICE PRESIDENT ,...,, ..,.,.,w.. R USSELL CROSBY SECRETARY .w.A,,.... ,..,..,,..,..., D ICK WALKER TREASURER ..,,..,.w, ,,,vA.,,,,AA....,,.... D EE WOODEN SONG LEADER ..,......,.,, ,..,,,... V ERNA MAE VVILSON YELL LEADER ......,.......,,,...,,, ,,L,L. N ADINE l-IOLSAPPLE SERGEANT-ATQARMS ....,.L ,.,...A E VERETT MALEATTI The sophomore class followed 'rradilion and did ils duly in keeping lhe grounds clean and operaling lhe soil drinks sland al dances and baskelball games, buf lhis didn'l' keep lhem from olher aclivilies. They enleriained lhe Sludenl Body by lhe presenlalion ol lheir play, "The Vain Effort" and as lheir oulslanding evenl' lhey sponsored lhe annual Spring Frolic. Q, MRS. MAHAN'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, leff lo riqhh Jabusch, Alpers, Black, Wilson, Kirkman, Gunnerson, Holsap- ple, Mrs. Mahan. SECOND ROW, leff lo right: Loudon, Pond, Neville, Drake, Crosby, Gianolfi. THIRD ROW, Ieff fo right: Wooden, Petersen, Has- kin, Filby, Wilkins. Absenl: Jack Heuschkel, Mabel Town. MR. BER6'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left to right: Hardin, Helt, Peterson, Davis, Youngreen, Sweet, Sousa, Mc- Leod. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mr. Berg, Arnhold, Wat- son, Bongio, Overholt, Natt, Malfatti, Walker. THIRD ROW: left to right: Sallady, Bryant, Rowley, Nelson, Freitas, Demel- lo, Croy MRS. NEWTOll'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left to riqht: Schumacher,Sorensen,Stockt:n, Anderson, Doyle, Nielsen, Blan- ey, Bumpus. SECOND ROW, left to right: Wood, Jones, Comfort Daqqetf, Ross, Rocha, Swift, Fidieland. THIRD ROW, left to right: Kernohan, Young, Hice kox, Nelson, Miller, Mrs, Ncw- ton. MRS. RElD'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left to right: Goo'dwin, Silva, Cannon, Coch- ran, Bacchetti, Voiqt, Th:mas. Sisco. SECOND ROW, left to right: Jensen, Chase, Nielsen, Farnsworth, Price, Mrs. Reid. THIRD ROW, leit to right: Hut- cherson, Fassett, Allen, Hardv. Kindred. Absent: Lee Lewis, Hugh Noe, Patricia Casey. MISS RITCHIE'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left 'Io right: Davis, Hillman, Jorgenson, Pur- dy, Hill, Raviscioni, Afonso, Sandin. SECOND ROW, left to right: Miss Ritchie, Anslead, Senestraro, Gullett, Koplos, Ren- ner, Briggs. THIRD ROW, left to right: Griffith, Wills, Lacey, Goetz, Bourne, Winemiller. Ab- sent: Harold Giacomini. L 'f 9. nil. 1 an 1 rs.: , M 2: ' X me I Wk 84104 ...M X.. M. ,. .,,.,.. -.,,.. M--...sq ,, sw, Y KVM' 1' 11" 'F J " i"-3 0 ' v Uv J ' ' " :r7W-T", if 5 2' A f 'V 562-'. -5-Lf' '71 , "T 'U 2f n q . 2 45,3 n' hq - 1 0355- ' 'fl '+V :ff ,, 1. I-'arggg -V gf :ff .H--.4-,7.31,'f.f:E'M.,,,,5,j1, , . , . v -I .V X- , Q' 3, V. ff '- :VV-.,m 5 . . , Lv ' 1 1 -- V , 2 . - ,- Q ' -ff' I I '55, pk,-V .F , X. si-.-, K , X p,.J.-, Y kwa' g Q,-46'-L ,g-7112,-153 K I ,v W ET 1 ugh y x 4 9 , I Aw' J -. L +I 4 W , A 1- 'ILM-1 .W mfs " 4 I' If :gl "J'f f..'- 'ff.- ' . '1'f,'J" f fi-fx? fling Q. ' . f . 1,1 J, , waz, 14, 4.5 ..,,,,..,l- ., - , , . . . .. , ., .. . , 'Lb 13' 2" J: V- .- fi, ' We ' "w:fef.f! f4f'K7f -.L " 4 , ' ., 1' '- ' 5.4-'YJ , 1121 mt,-f , . xi, , Aff. .,,,4.4,..xA,. ' 4 - :uf . h:ir'2'- fsfjixyi 'TH,1Z+i"f, , 1 i'Q,s':Q V 215. ' - ' 'AL F ,., "gi-A kr . ' Fra 'A ' . I V. , x G. x,' ' . 1 1 3 1 w jf ,, . r i 1 4' x f ,Ml - EW - 1 a ., f i ,' r,. U, 3 4 fv ,' 1 4 1 1 5 1 n W ,.J"Ll. I 1 ,. A 1 l 1 FQ., , lv! i , , . . 4 ,1 -1 4 Y a -1 ,. 11 .54- -ff ,T ,- .I V35 ' , , i2ii"" 1'i Z- Ala, , ,, 1 . ,. V slew LEE ROY GLASS DALE SKIFFINGTON LOLA SEI CONRAD NEVILLE MARIE HACKNEY DICK OLIVER DON NEWELL " R' C ' I I' I rn nor N QF PRESIDENT ..., ,,,,, , . YA,, .. LEE ROY GLASS VICE PRESIDENT I.,,, I,Y,... D ALE SKIFFINGTON SECRETARY ....,,,,.. .,L.....,,...LL....,,,.. L OLA SEI TREASURER LL......... ..LLLL., C ONRAD NEVILLE SONG LEADER ,,..,.,,.,, ,,,,.... M ARIE I-IACKNEY YELL LEADER .....,,Iw......... ........, .... D I CK OLIVER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS .,Y,.,. .. .Y,,, DON NEWELL Under its excellent corps of officers the freshman class got off to a good start by winning the scrap drive contest, and they are keeping up the good work by participating in other activities. They sponsored a "Z" basketball team, presented an assembly program, and ended a busy year by giving nexl' year's freshmen an interesting and educational Eighth Graders' Day. - MISS V. SHULSEN'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left to right: Schumacher, Craddock, Nich- ols, Hackney, Zientara, Coomes, Edwards, Sei, Welborn, Pulver, Lewis. SECOND ROW, left to right: Sund, Francis, Hickox, Cesaretti, Lamb, Neville, Skit- fington, Glass, Oliver. THIRD ROW, left to right: Miss V. Shulsen, Thacker, Newell, Bish- op, Bowers, Deberville, Jordan, Cross. Absent: Jean Bucknell, Dolores Wheeler. MR. DAM ON'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, leff Io riahl: Gilson, DiBene, Thrap, Cloney, Pedrolli, Crank, Hogan, Smifh. SECOND ROW, lefl' Io riqhl: Cannon, Svendsen, Hase, Jaeh- niq, McKee, Schumacher, Wig- ginlon. THIRD ROW, leff lo riqhf: Mr. Damon, Evans, Jor- dan, Larson, Swain, Brenafd, Madden, Lilflefield. Mifchell. Absenl: Mildred Nichols, Lewis McWhorIer. MR. JOHNSON'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, leff Io right While, Mead, Swain, Larson, Corbeff, Carr, Holsapple, Molles, Jenks. SECOND ROW, leH Io righlz McKenzie, Dins- more, Boyd, Ambrosini, Sl. John, Ferguson, Mr. Johnson. THIRD ROW, left fo righf: Lowe, Nolan, Travis, Keenen, Tompkins, Madsen, Marsden. Absent Naida Crawford, Sam Sluarf. M ISS MacPHERSON'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, lefl Io righlz Brown, Schueler, Crablree, Mac- Millan, McCauqhan, Viemann, Taylor, Dungan. SECOND ROW, leff Io righl: Millios, McNu'rf, Lewis, Barnes, Zanofli, Hescock, Moore, Sluarf, Miss MacPher- son. THIRD ROW, leff fo right Davis, Gordon, Radcliffe, Flef- cher, Kolopoulas, Johnson, Hud- son, Caslrc. Alosenlz Jessie An- zum. MRS, LINSER'S ADVISORY FRONT ROW, left to righl: Sfockson, Johnson, Doers, Mc- Cann, Danielson, Gonzales, Crablree, Van Duzer. SECOND ROW, Ief+ fo right: Willburn, Kirkman, Harmon, Taylor, Hub- bell, Sharp, Hunfer, Ross. THIRD ROW, leff io righf: Baird, Fin- neran, Carfer, Brinkman, Brown, Lash, Mrs. Linssr.. Absenl: Bob Johnson, Maryalfllcheli, Norman e . is -unsung --nn-an Cufe couple 7. Lone Wolfess Double dimples 8. Walling for Ken A liHle more en+l'1usiasm,Abdul! 9. BaHlin' Bob Some carroll I0. Now where did she go? Ambifion ll. Par+ners Smifh and Ryan, lnc. Ac.-'rlvrrnas ' 9411 MEGAN-If NE STAFF GENE LUCAS ,,,, .A , V.,....,, , ,Y .,..,A Y,., . ,,, , E D ITOR RUTI-I RYAN ...... ,,....w ..... ... A SSISTANT EDITOR JANICE PETERSEN so v,,E.TEA ORGANIZATIONS BEVERLEE WILKINS Y,... .. EIYI.EI...,. SENIOR EDITOR FRANK ROI-INER ,E., I,....,YE E,,E,,,.,...... J U NIOR EDITOR PHYLLIS KIRKEMO ..EEEE,E,,,EEEE Y,.....,.,......EE......wE.E,,..A.E, S NAPS BARBARA FERGUSON L. ,E... LBUSINESS MANAGER CAROL Iv1acIvIILLAN L, L ,.E,, ,V,..,.. GIRLS SPORTS BUD POND .L.....,,..w,.,,,L as .L,LLLLLLLL,L.L BOYS' SPORTS eerie LucAs ' RUTH RYAN JANICE PETERSEN BEVERLEE WILKINS FRANK ROHNER PHYLLIS KIRKEMO BARBARA FERGUSON CAROL MacMlLLAN BUD BOND Befween Ihese covers we have fried 'Io bring a very 'IuII year direc+Iy info view. We believe 'rhe familiar sighfs and faces appearing on Ihese pages wiII, in Iuiure years, bring many hours of enioymenI'. AII'hough This book is noi quife so 'rhick as usuaI, we feeI Iha+ we are IorIunaI'e 'ro have a Megaphone Ihis year. I+ may be 'rhe Iasf un+iI peace comes again. Wi'rh Ihis +hough'r in mind we, +he sIaFF, hope we have done our job well enough +o Ias+ un'riI peace does come. We have enioye-CI working on Ihis book. and we hope if pIeases you. ADVISERS MISS G. SHULSEN MR. STENBACK , X ' -. ' ii -... 4 e-IRLS LL- GUI- CABIN I JANICE PETERSEN Presidenl FRONT ROW, left fo right: Fielder, Wilkins, Pefersen. SEC- OND ROW, Ieff 'lo righl: Mrs. Reid, Amen, Cavanaugh, Cole, Brown, Newman, Ferguson. BILL MAH LER President FRONT ROW, lefl to righh Mr. Damon, Mouaf, Mahler, Gi- anofli. SECOND ROW, left fo righl: Pond, Petersen. Absent: Walter Doolaege, Rodney Slone. BOYS' LQAGUF Cr BIN-I' SCi-If LA RST-ll? SOCIETY The Scholarship SocieTy has been acTive This year, parTicipaTing in a number oT evenTs OT unusual inTeresT. The ForTuna chapTer oTTiciaTed aT The insTallaTion oT Two new chapTers in The counTy, one in The Eureka and The oTher in The ArcaTa High School. Scholarship sTuclenTs have conTinued To keep up The service men's Tile in which are lisTed names oT gracluaTes in The service. Following lasT year's prececlenT, each member oT The group Toolc over The duTies OT a Teacher Tor one day, an experience which was TelT To be valuable and inTeresTing. Janice PeTersen was presidenT during The Tall semesTer. Franlc Rohner in The spring semesTer. FRONT ROW, Ieff To right: Jorgenson, Ja- bu sch. HuTcherson, Swiff, Giacomini, Senes- Traro, C. Pefersen, Smifh, McKenzie, Ibar- reia. SECOND ROW, Ieff 'fo righf: Lindblom, ' Corbeh, .Pond, Rohner, B. Fasseif, R. Fasseh, Suffon, Hunter, J. Peter- sen. THIRD ROW, lei? To righf:HilIman,WhiTe, Graham, Edwards, Reid, Hackney, Kirkemo, Wil- kins, Miss Shulsen. FRONT ROW, leff fo riqhf: Graham, McKenzie, Wilkins, Hansen, Fielder, Amen, Swifl, J. Pefersen, Mr. Coleman. SEC- OND ROW, leff to right: Fas- seff, Suffon, MacMillan, C. Pe- tersen, Johnson, Farrar, Kerno- han. THIRD ROW, leff fo riqhf: Moual, Dorris, Sfenback, Kor- dash, Lifflefielid, Rohner, Lang- on. FRONT ROW, Iefl fo riqhl: Gunnerson, Black, Wilkins, Swiff, Wood. SECOND ROW, Ieff fo righf: Holsapple, Purdy, Mrs. Mahan, Sorenson. THIRD ROW, Ieff fo righf: Amen, Fielder, Sweef, Jabusch, Shaf- fer, Graham. Absent Mariorie Younqreen. Pi-I Y-Ci-I1-EM i-If RIZV N CLUB FRONT ROW, lefT To righT: R. Pefersen, SuT'ron, Mr. Jabusch, Rohner, Neville, Farrar, R. Fassefl. SECOND ROW, left To righf: Pond, Monroe, Correll, Lifflefield, Mouaf, Mahler, Sfenback. THIRD ROW, leff To righf: B. Fasseff, Robinson, Hull, Dorris, H. Pefersen, Lucas. Absenf: STanIey Moore, WalTer Doolaege. EXC! LIBUI CLUB Under The leadership oT Darrell Robinson in The Tall Term and Gene Lucas in The spring semesTer, The l943-44 year has been a successful one Tor The Excalibur Club. ln upholding Their moTTo, "l-le who besT serves oThers besT serves himselT," members oT The club have Tound opporTuniTies To carry ouT worThwhile proiecTs around school. Some of The acTiviTies Tor The year include decoraTing and ushering aT all home baslceT- ball games and having a new seT oT numbers made Tor The seaTs in The audiTorium. The club This year adopTed The pracTice oT wearing scarleT shirTs and yellow Ties every Friday. ' AlThough several of The boys leTT during The year To ioin The armed forces, a number oT new members were accepTed inTo The club. FRONT ROW, lefT To right Mrs. Anderson, Bumpus, B. PeTersen, Nickols, Good- win, Slocklon, Hunfer. SEC- OND ROW, leff fu right: Gilbert Town, Shaffer, C. Petersen, Lindblom, Jorgen- son. THIRD ROW, left fo right: Sanderson, Townsend, AnsTea'd, Johnson, Bucknell, Gunnerson. Absenl: Mar- iorie Kirkman. GLEE CLUB AlThough The glee club was small This year, The girls presenTed some very colorful and inTeresTing programs. They were able To cover a wide varieTy oT music ancl They per- Tormed Tor The ForTuna Business Men ancl The RoTary Club as well as Tor school assembly programs. Their singing oT ChrisTmas carols was parTicularly inspiraTional. The spring concerT which The glee club presenTecl in cooperaTion wiTh The band was The ouTsTancling musical evenT of The year. The sexTeTTe was enioyed aT iTs perTormances beTore The RoTary Club, The EasTern STar, and The ForTuna churches. The group sang aT The lighTing oT The world's TallesT Tree during The ChrisTmas season. Leif To right: Cheryl PeTer- son, Lillian Lindblom, June Jorgenson, Norma Town- send, Alice Gunnerson, Bei- Ty Pefersen. 'I ENG-I CLUB LOS AMIG JS FRONT ROW, lefl lo righl: Wooden, Loudon, Fassefl, Gu- glielmina, MacMillan, Gianol- li, Chase, Dinsmore. SECOND ROW, leff ln righl: B. Reid, Ed- wards, S. Reid, Hillman, Mc- Kee, Hansen, McKenzie, Hogan, Mrs. Reid. FRONT ROW, left lo righl: Crawford, Gusl-naw, Gilson, Voigf, Sweel, Holsapple, Rocha, Davis, Black, C. Pelersen, C. Neville, Cook, Wilkins, McCall, Bourne. SECOND ROW, leff fo righl: Graham, Blaney, Cannon, Raviscioni, Larson, Jabusch, Drake, Skiffingfon, Jones .THIRD ROW, lefl' lo right Mrs. Reid, McNuH', B. Reid, S. Reid, Shaf- fer, Fielder, C. MacMillan, Cros- by, Walker, Kordach. FOURTH ROW, left fo righh While, M. MacMillan, Gunerson, lbarrela, Jorgensen, Sorenson, Hutcher- son, Sfenbeck, Langdon, Roh- ner, Haskin, Fasseff, Comforl, Correll, Pond, H. Neville. Ab- senlz Mary Lu Sandin. Fred Dor- ris, AI Price, Jim Chase. 'R I NT RAIVIU RAI.. MANAGE E R S L ff 1 ghf N Ile, Sk ff gt W lker, M lf if H k Mou- 1' K d h C fori, R h P d G Hi. C I C h D on. N C bf Fer- q M M han, T W Ik C va- gh B I g Ab- ? Cl Hd Af so. GIRLS' SPORTS COUNCIL FRONT ROW, lefl Io righf: Sisco, H. Neville, Willsie, Jorgenson, Peiersen, G-unnerson, Ibarrefa, Brown, Glass, Hogan, C. MacMillan Black, Ross, Goodwin, F. Willburn, Wooden, Monroe, L. Willburn. SECOND ROW, left io right: Craddocic, Carr, Larson, Crawford, D. Sund, Viemann, Thacker, Marlin, Wheeler, Nail, Forresf, Zanolfi, D. Blaney, Rogers. THIRD ROW, lefl' fo righf: Newell, Bongio, McCall, Lindblom, Graham, M. MacMillan, C. Neville, J. Sund, Farrar. FOURTH ROW, left 'lo right: Jones, Mrs. Anderson, Brelle, Johnson, Bryanr, P. Blaney, E. Youngreen, Charles, Haskin, G. Youngreen. Absent: Marilyn Zanofli, Cheryl Pefersen. BA ND ln spile of a year of almosl complele inaciivily in i942-I943 because 'lhere was no music leacher, The band, under rhe direciion of Mrs. Lloyd Anderson, has shown whal' enlhusiasm and cooperalion can do in developing a splendid musical organizalion. The credil should go noi only 'ro The band and direclor, bul also 'ro Jrhe enlire siudenl body and lo 'rhe people of lhe dislricl' who have given il lheir supporl and inleresl. Because of difiiculiy in securing lransporlalion, lhe aclivilies of 'rhe band have been limiled. bul il has played for baslcelball games, school assemblies, and local service clubs. Mary lbarrela was presidenl during 'lhe fall semesler and Janice Pelersen presided in lhe spring. CLARINET QUARTET VIOLIN TRIO Willsie, Gunnerson, Hell, Burlingame Jorgensen, Neville Jeffers Fielder L-'l"l'FRS If UUCEINI' NO. I-FRONT ROW, lell lo righl: Burlingame, Cavanauqh. SECOND ROW, leff lo riqhl: B. Pelersen, lbarrela, Wilkins, Swiff, Trumbly, J. Pelersen. NO. 2-Ibarrela, Sund, Wilkins. NO. 3-Fielder, Doolaege. NO. 4- leff fo righl: Burlingame, Wil- kins, lbarrela, Hill, Swifl, J. Pe' fersen, Cavanaugh, B. Pelersen, Trumbly. Absenl: Bill Mahler. FRONT ROW, lefl lo right Miss Crolier, Sorenson, Edwards, Gushaw, Fielder, Wilkins, Voighl, Barlell, Mrs. Newlon. SECOND ROW, lelf lo right: Nickols, Sfocklon, MacMillan, Price, Thacker, Wooden, Gun- nerson, Hillman, Graham. Ab- senl: Lois Larson, Marie Hack- ney, Muriel Hogan. FUTUI " ' EA Ci-IFRJ J AM-RICr 1-UI' Us 'F FARMPRS Or AMERICA FRONT ROW. lei? lo riqhf: Sledman, D. Daggelf, N. Lewis, Stewart, Nielsen, Radcliffe, Hase, Lowe, Tompkins, Arnhol'd, Senesfraro. SECOND ROW, leff fo righl: Truax, Allen, Madsen, S. Daqgell, Bacchefli, Bishop, Larson, Hackney, Rowley, Bre- nard, Travis, Gordon, Giaco- mini. THIRD ROW, Ieff io righf: Mr. Johnson, Miller, Barnwell, Crawford, Robinson, Dinsmore, L. Lewis, Swain, Noe, Nunes, Mr. Berg. BETTER BUSNESS BUREAU .. .. FRONT ROW, Iefl' fo righh Ferguson, lbarrela, Peck, Quig- ley, Crews, BuHs. SECOND ROW, lefl' fo righf: Mrs. Curry, Brown, Burlingame, Willsie, Pe- fersen, Moller, Trumbly. THIRD ROW, lefl' 'fo righf: Crabiree, Nielsen, Harfness, Cavanaugh, Fornaciari, Wills, Brelle. Ab- senf: Ruby Francis, Mildred Por- fer, Jeanne Williams. e-3"'l'T'-n JUJINFSS 3UI nf U SPORTS 3 gg !.IGi-l'I'WElGi-ITS F ASK!-'.'Ii'-SA LL FRONT ROW, lei? lo righl: C. Neville IMascoll, Gianolfi, H. Neville, Dinsmore lMasco'll. SECOND ROW, Iefl lo riqhh Glass, Forrest, Walker, Skiffing- lon, Wendi. THIRD ROW, Iefl lo righl: Malfalli, Rohner,WiIls, Kordash, Comforl, Mlcheli. Ab- senf: Rodney Slone. C.l.F. LIGHTWEIGHT SCORES FORTUNAW, ..,.,,,,,,,, 25 FERNDALE .,,,,,, 26 FORTUNA ,,,,,,,,.,.,.... 20 EUREKA ..,,, v .,,... 28 FORTUNA ...,...,...,,,,. 25 ARCATA ,,.,. .,.... 2 7 FORTUNA Elvwlll ,,,,, 3 7 FERNDALE .....,. ,.. I8 FORTUNA ,,,,...,...,,,,. 38 ARCATA ,,,,. .,,.. 3 4 FORTUNA ...........,.,,. I9 EUREKA ..,.... ,,,.. 2 O FRONT ROW, leff fo righf Neville lmascorl, Crosby, R Fasseff, Dinsmore Imascofl SECOND ROW, Iefr to riqhf Correll, Pefersen, Cappi, Lu cas, B. Fassefl. THIRD ROW Iefi fo righf: Pond, Mouaf, Has kin M hler Sund Ca fh s , a , , ro er Farrar. Absenf: Stanley Moore ul im. T?4:,.fi i wg! i-lEAVYWElGi-ITS C.I.F. HEAVYWEIGHT SCORES FORTUNA rrr,.,rrrr,,w... 3I FERNDALE .....,r ,,r. 2 2 FORTUNA ..,,......rrrrr, 35 EUREKAW r,,S. or 39 FORTUNAH. ,.,, 25 ARCATA 3 . 23 FORTUNA rrS,,,r ,.,r. 2 6 FERNDALE ,rr, ,r,. 41 FORTUNA Srrwr .... 2 3 ARCATA S,,S. 30 FORTUNA ,.rr.w. rr,, 4 5 EUREKA .,r. ,, or ,. 57 COACH DAMON INT! AMURAL "A" LEAGUE FRONT ROW, lefr to riqhl: Loudon, Micheli, Daggeli, Ca- rolhers, B. Pond. SECOND ROW, left fo rlghl: Lilflefield, Correll, Rohner, Mahler, Pefer- sen, H. Pond. "B" LEAGUE FRONT ROW, lefl fo right: Hutcherson, Seneslraro, Mc- Whorfer, Wendt, Drake, Neville, Littlefield, SECOND ROW, leff lo righf: Nielsen, Jones, Lewis, Lamb, Walker, Dorris. lnlramural sporls have been a greal sucess rhls year wilh nearly everyone compelling. Sludenls have compelecl in lhe following sporls: foolball, bellball, aerial clarls, baslcel- ball volleyball baseball, lable Tennis, soflball, lennis, lug-of-war, baslcelball relays, swimming and lrack. All games are playednal 'rhe noon hour from l2:3O lo l:0O. FRONT ROW, lef! io riqhi Rohner, Miichell, Giacomini, Rowley, Glass, Keenen, Jaehnig, Skiffingfon, Hu'dson, Naff, Pe- tersen, Miller. SECOND ROW, left fo riqhf: Loudon, Monroe, Crosby, Hull, Kordash, B. Pond Comfort, H. Pond, Correll, Perl ra, Fasseff, Kofopoulas, Haskin. Willsie, Gianohi, Gunnerson, Kirkemo Burlin ame McKen- - Q . zle, Chase, Rohner. LJ. 1 ' RACK TENNIS Q: -Q VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Leff fo riqhf: Mrs. Mahan, Fauerbach, Nall, Rocha, Kirke- mo, Hackney, Ryan, Coleman, McGee. Absenf: Lillian Lind- blom. BASKETBALL CAPTAINS FRONT ROW, lefl lo riqhf: Marlin, Town, Smilh. SECOND ROW, leff fo righf: Willburn, Brown, Townsend. SP fu BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS FRONT ROW, left fo riglvl: Corbeff, Town, Blaney. SECOND ROW: leff +o righf: VanDuzer, Hunler, Molles, Cannon, Har- mon, Kirkman. THIRD ROW, lefl fo right Rooney, Bucknell, Crawford, Holsapple, Hescock, MCNUTT. Absenlz Jessie Hubbell. HOCKEY CAPTAI NS Crews, Fauerbach. Petersen, Fielder, Kirkemo, Wood, Lew- is, Blaney, Wilkins. Absent Nina Corbell, Mariorie Youngreen, Carol MacMillan. L MM v P - A ng Training for C. B. and l.7 Hi, Margel Faculfy smiles. Don'l flghf, girls. Togeme, again' 9. :4Vl1ose sweafer, Marie? Well, I fhink i'l"s funnyl WT1is'saYs +here.s a man Sfep brofhers. ' shodagey Loolr pleasanf, please. I2. Wlaaf, anolher leHer7 WE GIVE AND BEF UE! Ti-I... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. We, fhe Class of '44 of fhe Forfuna Union l-ligh School, being of sound mind and memory, do malce, publish, and declare fhis our lasf will and fesfamenf, in manner and form as follows: l, Naomi Adamson, leave my painf pofs fo Donald McCall. l, Barbara Amen, leave my collecfion of bandanas fo some girl who has fo wallc fo school in fhe fog. l, Florence Anderson, leave my abilify fo sif sfill fo Gloria Goodwin. l, Lino Baccheffi, leave fo see whaf goes on in fhe world. l, Nadine Barnes, leave my brofher fo fill my place in fhis school. I, Philo Barnwell, leave four years of fun behind me. l, Naida Barfleff, leave my soff voice fo Franlc Rohner. l, Dorofhy Blaney, leave my sisfer Phyllis fo do as she pleases. l, Jeanne Brelle, leave my V-Mail sfafionery 'ro Mary Ann Rooney. l, Beffy Brown, leave my shorfhand books fo Barbara Briggs. l, Joyce Brown, leave fhe broken glass under my chemisfry deslc fo fhe ianifor. l, Pafricia Burlingame, leave my office pracfice record fo Rufhie Ryan. l, Gloria Buffs, leave my one year af F.U.l-l.S. well spenf. l, Bruno Cappi, leave my speed on fhe baslcefball courf fo nexf year's heavyweighf feam. l, Marie Cafardi, leave a liffle bi+ early. l hope you don"r mind. l, Lois Cavanaugh, leave my soufhern accenf fo fhe dramafics deparfmenf for fufure use. l, Irma Crabfree, leave my abundanl pep fo some of nexf year's seniors. l, Raymond Crawford, leave my abilify fo work fo some freshman member of fhe F.F.A. l, Barbara Crews, leave my size fo Ernie Griffifh. l, Sfanley Daggeff, leave my unruly hair fo Bud Pond fo frain. l, Jack Dinsmore, leave Mr. Badura fo run fhe school his own way. l, Walfer Doolaege, leave my prefly red shirf and yellow fie fo Ralph Fasseff. l, Louis Dorris, leave my nofebooks 'ro Fred. l, Frances Farnsworfh, leave my genfle manner fo Kennefh Killeen. New, buf nice Ready 'for work Recepiion commiffee Puf your hand in your pocket Mr. Berg. 40 lnseparable Mr. Badura and subs+i+u+e Frosh Prexy LH'+le Lifflefield r L P X E Looking for someihing? No wonder fhe busses breakdown Man shortage Bicycle builf for fwo? BeHy and Ed 'X " 'i Ill CL1- so ii LL Barbara Ferguson, leave my abiliTy To dance To Nadine Holsapple. Yvonne Fielder, leave my puppeT, Robber CapTain, To waggle his own arms. DoroThy Fornaciari, leave my forward posiTion on The baslceTball Team To Carol Mac Millan. Ruby Francis. leave my Typing speed To nexT years Typing lV sTudenTs. Genelle GilberT, leave my red hair To Marilyn Fauerbach. Agnes Gonzales, leave my quieT naTure To my liTTle sisTer. lrene Guglielmina, leave my sinceriTy To any freshman who can use iT. Pauline Gushaw, leave my cowboy songs To Mabel Town. HarrieT Hansen. leave my dreams To some sleepy sTudenT. Exene HarTness, leave, buT Talce June wiTh me. Jasper Hill, leave my blond locks To Tony CasTro. Mary lbarreTa, leave my grade in Spanish To Don HuTcherson. Elwyn Johansen, leave my many Triends To miss me. Frances Johnson, leave wiTh The resT of The Girls' QuarTeT. Harold Johnson, leave The Teachers in peace. Marnell Kelly, leave my shorThand noTes Tor Mrs. Curry To Tigure ouT. Lillian Lindblom, leave wiTh a merry song. Gene Lucas, leave my anxious momenTs as ediTor of This bool: To nexT year's ediTor Bill Mahler. leave F. U. H. S. wiThouT The "George" ThaT geTs Things done. Evelyn MarTin, leave my good naTure To Serge Kordash. James McWhorTer, leave The busses in someone else's care. Duilio Micheli, leave my aThleTic abiliTy To my sisTer. Clara Moller, leave my calm and composure To some ambiTious freshman. Gardner Monroe, leave Frances Johnson in peace. STan Moore, leave my maTh books-buT l'm Taking my slide rule wiTh me. MargueriTe Newman, leave The Home Ec. deparTmenT less one cools. Alice Nielsen, leave my shorThand dicTionary To Margie Kirlcman. ErnesT Nunes. leave my brighT red sweaTer To Johnnie GianoTTi. 1 F Prize winner 5. l'lypnolism7 8. Tennis mafch Jusl a bunch of kids 9. Hurry up, boys: you'll be lale for The game F 6. Pals . . . . unny sfory IO. Babe will soon have if running like new Carrol' piclcers 7. Shorlhand +es+, Bobby? ll. Gel' up and +ry again CLASS WILL ' Q James O'Rourke, leave for V-5. Frank Overholl, leave 'ro join The Army Air Corps. Barbara Peck, leave my sweel disposilion +o some ofher red head. Cheryl Pelerson, leave my school record and aclivilies lo anyone who Thinks she can handle lhem. Belly Pelersen, leave 'rhe school wifhoul one beauliful soprano voice. Hugh Pelersen, leave my brillianl ideas lo Donald Sund. Janice Pelersen, leave four years of lvlalh well done. Loyd Pollard, leave my innocenr expression +0 James Chase. June Quigley, leave my jokes 'ro Kay Cole. Beverly Reid, leave my chemislry lesl' lubes To somebody else 'ro break. Shirley Reid. leave The slrudenl' body in a dilemma as +o who is who. Darrell Robinson, leave my heighl 'lo Dick Oliver. Edna Sanderson, leave my leHer wrifing 'ro anyone wilh lo+s ol slalionery. Palricia Skiflinglon, leave +o go lo l-lumboldl Slale. Kennelh Smilh. leave my cares behind me. Rodney Slone, leave my records 'ro Mrs. Mahan. Eleanor Swift leave my brain 'ro 'rhe science deparfmenl. Janice Taylor, leave my shy ways To Charles Swill. Alvin Truax, leave my Ag. proiecl lo Mr. Johnson. Josephine Trumbly. leave wilh sad regrefs. Beverlee Wilkins. leave my blond curls lo Marilyn Zanolli. Florence Willburn, leave my hair-do's +o Clara Graham. Jeanne Williams. leave my boy-'Friends lo BeHy Rocha. Jane Wills, leave fo join my sisler, June, as alumni. Milfon Willsie, leave 'rhe school minus one wolf. Gene Youngreen, leave lhe silence unbroken. Sshl 4--lun , QM 9 l. lf's Leap Year. 4. Verna. 7. Noon dance ioday. 2. Jack. 5. S+ep sis+ers. 8. Don'+ Ief him down, Janice. 3. Forever faifhful. 6. All aboard. 9. Anyihing you'd like welded? My mmap- .V ' W f My ,f . ' V' UQ' w 1 I L I S ., I rf A .- . - W . I1 . .WV ' ' f. ,fi V r-", A , F , , .4 I I, 1 V H. 32-f 1 . . - ..g 'Y ' .K A6 . . -ffl v"'. I '1 X. 11:4 ,. . 2? -' - g X 1. - qf.. M ,,' V '11 , .Jig . 1 ,3 '-'J-. ., .. K, 1 . .1q1...,l'z,-1.5: 3.4 .I-Mug ,H VN' Vg . 3 W," .-,.,., - ,,.Q-55 Ea ,bt-."VJ':jai,f:7...',4 Fi,-..-. ,JJ ' ' 'gyv-', f , 'jay .A V ... 1 ' - rf 1 - HW41 ,- A. 3' v 1 1 , 5 -9' , x' x'Xr x -. l 1 1 QL' ,.:,s , is' W-41. , why. r A., .1 N, s 'A ., 'V' .Ay 7. . .ug . A , 9 5, --1 . J , q v I 214 ,M Nwywf ' WZMKA-ww WM', 22,3444 WQWWWMV My els 16 l.,j!?3g4 igggfv F H Lx. QR of U' ,ff WW Filip fl Q-4 'Z 1 11 ,Si , ,JI 1 W w WL .1 -'4 'Km Wy ,451 , Y baggy. 'fdif .,.,r 5 , ' .H GL' 'w Bef ml, 8 V 1 --.15-1' , ' , . -331. :gf -73'71g5?' v Y i5ii? ,g-fu ff, gm Jw 41:9 on 4, W f .we - WS?- , :Ll ,X 1 1 1 4 A 4. 4 1- 1. , ,. ff" , 1' - N. ,-... Pr ,,. 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N I ST RAT I O N MR. G. J. BADURA Principal MR. R. H. STENBACK Vice-Principal MR. E. P. MCKENZIE President 4 4.. PI INCIPALS The I944 Megaphone carries our sincere greeT- ings To The many graduaTes and Tormer sTudenTs of The ForTuna Union High School who are now serving Their co'unTry and upholding The TradiTior1s oT our school. We congraTulaTe The Megaphone sTaTT and sTudenTs upon making This book possible during These Trying Times. IT is our hope +haT Through The medium of This book The Ties oT high school friendships will be more closely bound and The memories OT high school days will be made more lasTing. BO!-XRD V F 'l'RUS'I'EES MR. F. M. TANN DR. H. W. COMFORT MRS. JOHN W. ROONEY SecreTa ry MR. HEN RY PERROTT sz-l

Suggestions in the Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) collection:

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