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' ' iT+v2-v..aSvE3ia'2s-WWKHEV' ' , .f4B6ll Y . THE M EGAPHONE 1941 I COPYRIGHT 1941 EDITOR BEVERLY WILBER ASSISTANT EDITOR RAY SANDLIN THE MEGAPHONE PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FORTUNA UNION HIGH SCHOOL FORTUNA, CALIFORNIA F QREWORD Belween fhe covers of +he l94I Megaphone il' is hoped fhal' some of 'rhe spiril' of l'he school and +he a+mosphere of +he classrooms will be broughl' back +o you s1'uden1's and facully members in +he years 'ro come. This year's Megaphone is dedicafed +o +he wild life of Humboldl Couniy wi+h +he hope +ha'l' we will beH'er apprecia+e +he beauly of our surroundings by +he many picfures 'Found fhroughouf our book. H' is indeed a diificull' iaslc +o depic+ fhe happenings of 'lhis school year on such a few pages, bul' fhe slaff sincerely hopes l'ha+ lheir efforfs will convey a lasfing impression of fhe happy years spenf while aHending Foriuna Union High School. -THE EDITOR Courfesy Ari. R CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES 'T z 5' 4 I-0 'E' .f 4 Q M i xx 'fu 1127 'h -V ' l 1 , ' 5?'7'f7W 4 ' ' ' X wilfu- vfmin Aff affo BOARD OF TRUSTEES E. P. McKenzie, K. L. Gllson, R. O, Dlclcson, Dr. H. W. Comlorf, F. M.Tanr1 Wilh unfailing in+eres+ our Truslees have mel' +he many problems which have con- fronfed 'I'hem during The school year. Always aleri' fo our besi' inferesls, members of +he Board worlc cons+an+ly for +he welfare of our school. Wha+ you are fo be you are now becoming has moHo facully has aHemp+ed lo keep before you as s+uclen+s of +he Hig Our parl- ing +ribu're 'lo 'rhose who are being gracluafed will reflec+ +he success of our efforls in a mo+'ro which reads, a free is lcnown by 'rhe fruil' if bears. We hope 'rhal +he clays spenf in high school have been profilable and +ha+ +he rich fradifions of life will fill +he hopes of all who leave +he doors of our school. G. J. Badura Principal R. H. Sfenback Vice Principal BERNICE BEABER Office Secrefary LESLIE B. ANDERSON LLOYD ANDERSON SociaI Sfudies, Bookkeeping Music JAMES A. BATCI-IELOR VIRGINIA BLACK SociaISIudies,EnqIisI1 Home Economics 29 .1 I J -,1'. f' lr'- STEPHEN COLEMAN ARTI-IUR COLWELL Science Social Sfuclies, Mafhemafics LIONEL CROSS I-IELEN CROZIER Aqriculhire, Farm Mechanics Mafhernaiics ARETA CURRY DOROTHY DALE SI1orIIiand, Business English Music - ROBERT DAMON JEAN GILLETTE ETHEL HAMBEY Boys'A1hle+ics Home Economics, English Girls' Afhlelics ORIEL ISHAM FRED JABUSCH J. SIDNEY JOHNSON Arl, Mechanical Drawinc Woodworking Agricullure, Farm Mechanics MARIE LINSER THEODORE G, LIPPERT GEORGE MQKELVIE Library Aulo Mechanics Social Sludies MARY MARGARET English, Drarnalics GLADYS SHULSEN English VIOLET SHULSEN English, French ROTH I-IEN RY FRANK ARDEN CONNICK BEVERLY MYERS JERRY LUCAS BOB MARTIN MARGARET PRYER BARBARA BALL ADVISORY BOARD M EM BERS Firsf Row: Bo nuda,VoI i, I-Iansen, Q F3 Nordquisi, Graham. Second Row: Eisner, Polach, Perer- sen, Mr. Sfenback, McConneII, Livinqsfon. S T U D E STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Presidenr . . . I-Ienry Frank Vice Presidenr . Arden Connick Secrefary . Beverly Myers Treasurer . . Jerry Lucas Sergeanr aI Arms . Bob MarIin Song Leader . Margarer Pryer Yell Leader . . Barbara Ball , ' if' I 5 sir I I POWERS Lefl lo Righl: Danielson, Wigfon, Mr. lv1cKelvie, Moore, J. Lucas, Docili, Kemp, Slciflingfon, Newland, R. Lucas. Sfudeni' Courf Talcing The place of various Senior Cou rrs Thar have preceded il in previous years, lhe Sludenr Courl was a very successful new organizalion rhis year. Organized lo lake care of slrudenl problems, lo help rnainfain good slandards of conclucr in The library and halls, and in general 'ro lake from The shoulders of The facully lhe burden of sludenl discipline, The Sluclenl Courl is succeeding in ils purpose very well. The Courr is formed of lwo represenlalives from each class, and a facully adviser, Mr. McKelvie. This is lhe 'lirsr year of ils acriviry, buf judging from ils success, if will be carried on in lhe fulure. Q 'Q f' 5 'V oo ,Ei f 4 ., e, C L f -.111 iff: feng 1 . ':'!O ' . , 'ji'-. M, ' s' X MKS- gl Ae ii M4983-QM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl ..... Franlc McDonald Vice Presidenl . Mona Billencurl Secrelary . . . Dorollmy Lane Treasurer .... Frances Monlgomery Advisory Board Member . Bellyclare Nordquisl Song Leader .... Roberl Oliveira Yell Leader . . . Shirley Barlow Sergeanl al Arms . . Louie Rovai Facully Adviser . . Miss Crozier MONA BITTENCU RT DOROTHY LANE FRANK MCDONALD FRANCES MONTGOMERY LOUIE ROVAI BETTYCLARE NORDOUIST ROBERT OLIVEIRA SHIRLEY BARTOW MISS CROZIER CHESTER BOSCH Always busy composing song hiTs. CATHERINE BRANDT She really isn'T CaTTy. JEAN CESARETT! Everybody likes Jean. INEZ CI-IILDERS Can'T you smile a liTTIe Tor us? DORA MAE CLARK PersonaIiTy-A+. ARDEN CONNICK The mad scienTisT. BILL COOPER EiTher I will or I woniT. WESLEY CRAWFORD VVe l'1aTe To lose him. ALDA DAVIS She will make a charming liTTle wife. MARY JANE DINSMORE Oh buT I haTe digniTyl MARVIN DOCILI WhaT will The lirniTeds do wiThouT hirn nexT year? BILL DORSEY If iT's Tun you wanT, Tind Bill. THEDA DUNGAN If Mrs. Curry could only see me now! ANNIE DUSINA I'II keep Trying. STANLEY EISNER He has a Terrible Time wiTh his girl Triends. EDWARD FERRARI Slow buT sure. VICO ALBIANI Don'T Take me Too seriously. BOB ALEXANDER LiTe is whaT you make iT. FRANCES ALLEN Somebody is geTTing a good secreTary. HENRY BAIRD The IighTweighTs are losing a good manager BARBARA BALL Come on, kids, IeT's really yell! SHIRLEY BARTOW Wherever Olivia is There's BarTow DARYLE BAXTER A BeTTer Business man. JUNE BEACH Her hearT's in Hawaii. KATI-IRYN BELLONI WhaTever she does is well done. TED BENSON Do They need good bookkeepers in The navy? HILDA BIASCA Small buT mighTy. MONA BITTENCURT JusT give me sorneThing To laugh aT. KENNETH HANSEN He doesn'l say much buf cerlainly lhinks a lol. JEAN HARDWICK She does look inlelligenl. doesnl she? LANE HARRIS Who, me? LOLA HULL Friendly and lun-loving. PAUL HUNTER Duck To all ol us. PHYLLIS INGRAHAM They call her Phys.'I DELBERT JACKSON My mind lo rne a kingdom is. JIM JANSEN All he could say was Wowl RUBY JARVIS A real homemaker. RICHARD JASPER I'II Think il over. JESS GREGORY Jusl Jess and his harem, HENRY FRANK We wonder sornelimes whal he is lhinking. JANET FRASER l can'l help il, I lhoughl il was righl. KENNETH GARCELON l'd ralher lalk lhan eal. MARJORIE GOULD Gosh! Was il ever lun! JAMES GRIESBACK He delighls in leasing people. LEONARD GRIFFITH Napoleon wasn'l very big, eilher. ELMER GUGLIELMINA ls il Elmer or an earlhquake? EILEEN GWIN WESLEY QRAHAM ls she really as bashlul as she ads? He has his own opinions BILL GREEN Our glamour boy. ARTHUR HALL You don? have lo graduale To go lo Scolia Tech! BARBARA JESSER ERIC JOHNSON MARJORIE KEMPER She's hard lo beal. A man ol lew words. The eyes have ill DOROTHY JOHNSON LESTER JONES PEARL KENNEDY l know, buf llrn nol Telling, One of The Jones boys. Mighl as well be pleasanl HAROLD KIRK He looks sophisIica'red. DOROTHY LANE Wellh-iI's This way. MARGARET LENNON AlmosI righ+ isn'I good enough. EDITH LESSLEY Whal shall I do now? GENE LIVINGSTON Can? we bribe you fo DOLORES LUCAS Any bosss delighl. JERRY LUCAS Ouiel and efficient be quiel? DONALD LUTHER Sorry Io leave so soon. GRANT MIBCKENZIE Will he make up his mind? BOB MARTIN WhaI s doin', kid? VIRGINIA MARTIN Lel me have my dreams. AGNES MATTHEWS A sincere sludenl, ROBERT MCCLELLAND Poslers on shor+ nolice is his specially. ETHEL MCCLENDON She comes 'From Texas: canll you guess? 0 SHIRLEY MCCLURG Perseverance will accomplish miracles FRANK MCDONALD Don'I rush me, girls. JOE MENDES Janel can calm him down, ELIO MICHELI Ham loves a good argumenll JOE MIRANDA I know The answer'-iusl lel me Ihink. FRANCES MONTGOMERY A winning smile and a winning way. RUTH MORRIS Such dimples. BETTYCLARE NORDOUIST Youngesl senior qirl. NITA MURRISI-I A smile will go a long, long way. BEVERLY MYERS A way wilh fhe boys, and a shark al her sfudies. EVA MAE NEELY Skaling is lun-even when you can'I sland upl ADRIAN NICKOLS Don? be bashful! CHARLES NORDECK Jusl leave il Io BuIch. JAMES MURRAY Give a man a horse. BARBARA OCI-IOA Gee Ihafs funny! Tell me some more. JULIA O'CONNOR Nol a care in The world lbul Torn Amenl. RUBY O'DOM She likes her Tennis-and Dan. ROBERT OLIVEIRA Bul l'm nol in business! DENZIL OVERI-IOLT You oughl Io see her knill GRADY OWENS We like his lurrin accenl. GERDA PELK If il can be done, l'll do il. FRANCIS PENTIN Whal will he do nexIf7 ROSA PEREZ Wish we had more like her. El.SlE RETERSEN. She-'ll do her besl. MARGARET PRYER Ohl Raymond where arf Ihou7 DOROTHY PURDY She's a flashy maiorelle. JANET PURDY lI's Ihe lillle 'rhinqs Ihal MAX RAKESTRAW I know whal I wanl. ROBERT RENNER Jusl ask meg I'll do il. MARJORIE RITOLA counl I'II lake Ihe banking business any day. TONY ROCI-IA The E.F,A. will lose a good pres: denl. LOUIE ROVAI DONALD SAWYER HOne5+JOlmIfha1'S me. If words were a wind, wha? a cyclone he would be! RAY SANDLIN Nll-0 SEI Favorife recreafionsz fishing, dancing, Tennis. I-le has a way wifh flue girls, CURTIS SHURTER You can counl on mel EDWARD SMITH N01 so quiel as he looks. RUBY ST. JOHN She'lI gel wha? she wanfs. LLOYD SUCHANEK Tennis champ. AUDREY TAYLOR She likes arf lwifh a small a ROSEMARY THOMSON She has a home of her own. FLOYD VINCENT He looks rafher sleepy, donlf OLGA VOLPI Was There ever a nicer girl? l. you fhink? PHYLLIS WAGGONER Whalcha been doing? MARILYN WAI-IL Oh, 'ro have a grin like hersl IONA WENDT I'lI slick To home ec. and baskefball. WALLACE WHITE There ouqhl 'ro be a law! JIM WIGTON How aboul a Iiflle publicily? WILLIAM WOOTON He will Trade his pencil for a rifle. LLOYD WRIGHT Whal goes on behind lhal blank expression? BEN KEMP TRUMAN BOLER VIRGINIA CLONEY BARBARA MOORE WALTER BOGNUDA JOHN POLACH BLANCI-IE O'LEARY MR. COLEMAN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenr ....... Ben Kemp Vice Presidenr . . Truman Boler Secrerary .... . Virginia CIoney Treasurer .... . Barbara Moore Advisory Board Member . . . John PoIacI'1 Song Leader . . . . Blanche O'Leary YeII Leader . . . JoI'mn PoIacI'i Sergeanr a+ Arms . . Walfer Bognuda FacuI'ry Adviser . . Mr. Coleman EMMA ALLIOLI HARRY BAILEY DARREL BECKWITH VIRGINIA BELLOTTI LOIS BENSON JACK BLAIR WALTER BOGNUDA TRUMAN BOLER RICHARD BRIGGS EORRESTINE BRUSIE LEWIS BURCHER VIRGINIA BURGESS ALICE BURPEE BERT CHARLSON CHET CHANEY DONALD CHISM DONA CROUSE ROSELLEN DAVIS BLAINE DIXON JOY EGLIN MERRITT EVANS VIC EXTON LELAND EIELDEN PAULINE EILBY JANET FOWLER RICHARD FRASER EDWIN GIACOMINI MERLE HALEY ELVA HANSEN LAURENE I-IANSEN MARGARET HANSEN VIRGINIA HANSEN RAE ANN HARDWICK RICHARD HOLM TONY IBARRETA CAROL JACKSON ALICE JENSEN MELVIN JOHNSEN META JOHNSEN MARANELL JOHNSON RAY JOHNSON VIRGINIA CLONEY ROBERTA CRANK VERYLE O'NEIL CLIFFORD OWSLEY WILMA PENTIN LILIA PERRA LOIS PETERSEN JOHN POLACH MARGARET PRICE THEAETTA OUICK X. :IIS If qi, ALICE JOHNSTON WALLACE JOHNSTOP SIDNEY JONES JAMES KARRY BEN KEMP SHIRLEY KIPHART EUGENE KEMPE CAMILLE LAMSON AUDREY LARSON LUCILLE LEONARD GROVER LOIKA JEAN MacMILLAN GERALDINE MARTIN HELEN MAUDLIN WALTER MCCALL BETTY MCKEE ALBERT MELA ANG-ELINA MERGA TONY MIRANDA BARBARA MOORE CATHERINE MOSELEY ELINORE MUDGETT NAOMI NELSON TOM NEWLAND LILY NIELSEN JAMES O'BRIEN BLANCHE O'LEARY IRENE OLESEN CARMEN REBELLO MARY REBELLO JOHNNY REITZ BERT RHOADES FERYL SHREEVE ELEANOR SIMMONS WALTER SIMMONS EMMA SMITH REED SMITH TED STEDMAN RUTH STOVER VIRGINIA SUTHERLAND JOSEPHINE TESSARO COLIN TOWN VERA TURKOVICH KENNITH VAIL CHARLOTTE WALKER BETTY WALTER 3 ZHARLES WALTER ALMA WENDT LOUISE WASCHAU BEVERLY WILBER ILBERTA WILLBURN LEORA WINSLOW JUNE WILLS LORRAINE ZIMMERMAN No picfures: EUGENE CHANEY DICK CRABTREE LEON DOKWEILER GEORGE GLASS PAT HARDIN ALICE HARRIS Wx x , if SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Raymond Lucas Vice Presidenl Ben McWl1or+er Secrerary . . . Mary Hansen Treasurer ..... Belly Danielson Advisory Board Member . Frances Godec Sergeanl ar Arms . . George McConnell Song Leader . . . Lois Hough Yell Leader . . Gloria Albiani Facully Adviser . Mr. Balclielor Mr. Ba1'cl1elor's Advisory Firsf Row: B. McWl'vor+er, Adorni, Niclcols, Danielson, Winemiller, Pulyer, Swift Murray, Lucas. Second Row Malllwews, M. Hansen, Wagner, A. Hansen, Hixson, Houglw, l:arrar,Slenbaclc,Sl'1alier. Third Row: Mr. Ba+cl'w elor, McConnell, Rose, Keesey, Coleman, Miller, Goclec. Absenf: Burnpus. S P O RE Mr. Damon's Advisory Firsl Row: Langdon, Porfer, James, Adams, Rogers, Junker, Tompkins, Crane, Black, Second Row: Beck, Merga, Nelson, Sucnanek, l-lill, Hell, Cloney, Bower. Third Row: Mr. Damon, Windbiqler, Amen, Barnwell, Damm, Turner, Milclwell, Snider. Absenl: Goodner, Coons. Miss lsl1am's Advisory Firsf Row: lversen, Surfon, Murray, Thomson, Miranda, Cox, Giacomini, Kirkman, Farmer. Second Row: Al exander, Penfin, Mela, Jeffers, Guqlielmina, Simmons, Beckwilln, Miss lslwam. Tlwird Row:Marcl1e1'fi, Barnes Williams, Rocha, Hescook, Tompkins, Mclxlauglifon, Cheeseman. Mr. Cross's Advisory Firsi Row: Lindbiorn, Albiani, Tompkins, Garceion, lversen, Hepworfh, Griififh. Second Row: Lima, Mullen, Thomsen, Suih- eriand, Jarvis, Rhoades, Thornion. Third Row: Boesen, Wiliburn, Doers, Baird, Sfone, Peck, Mr. Cross. Miss Ro+h's Advisory Firsf Row: Wood, Miilios, Mudqeft Afonso, Baird, Connick, Burpee, Benson. Second Row: Wiiiburn, Renner, Gushaw Crouse, Davis, McWhorier Tarno, Heney, Third Row: Sfinson, Jarvis. Nieisen, Irwin, G-raharn, Lernmer, James Absent Freil, Sherrick, Miss Roih, 1 PH O FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl .... Slanley Moore Vice Presidenl . . Gerry Boulwell Secrelary . . Mary Ibarrela Treasurer . . . Barbara Ferguson Sergeanl al Arms . . Rodney Slone Advisory Board Member . l-luglw Pelerson Song Leader . . . Annie Bellum Yell Leader . . . Melba Adorni Facully Adviser . . Miss V. Sliulsen Mr. Colwell's Advisory Firsl' Row: Burcner, Brisbin, Blaney, Guglielrnina, Wills, Scoll, Coons, Pollard, Second Row: Jensen, Wlwile, Ogle, Pric Taylor, Francis, Pefersen, Doolaeqe. Tlnird Row: Mr. Colwell, Srnillw, Mendes, Hardy, Collins, Bacclrneffi, Tlwornsen. Ab senf, Fraser, Fales. Mr. Jabuscifs Advisory Firsi Row: Baird, Gusnaw, Lindblonn, Cameron, Pefersen, Ti1orni0n,Farnsw0rii'1. Second Row: Dorris,Joi1ansen, Slnori, Hili, Truax, O. Srnifiw, D. Srniin. Third Row: Vieira, 0'Rourke, Mr. Jabusclw, Swain, Mendes. Absent Crouse, Van Cieave. Miss Hambey's Advisory Firsf Row: Wilisie, Hansen, Barileii, Annen, Depugni, Sione, Finiey. Second Row: Johnson, Doers, Caiardi, Miss Hambey, Pe+ersen, Simmons, Breile, Adorni. Third Row: Truax, Carroii, Meii, Gomes, Owsley, Sione, Rovai. Firsf Row:Arnen,Willburn,Jol1nson, Barnes, Nielsen, Hansen, Hill. Second Row: Dunning, Daggeff, Simmons, Glnilarducci, Cappi, Micheli. Tlnird Row: Overlwolf, Robinson, Duclcefl, Malvler, Mr. Johnson, Barnwell. Absent Dernello. Mr. Jol1nson's Advisory Miss V. Shulsen's Advisory Firsl Row: Ibarrefa, Ferguson, Kelly, Swill, Jaclcson, Sanborn, Adorni, Bellum, McWl1orler. Second Row: Sund, l-larlness, Rob erls, Peck, Gonzales, Brown, Slqiflinqlon, Boufwell, Moore. Third Row: Pefersen, Olesen, Pollard, Umland, Miss V. Slwulsen Monroe, Clnarlson, Dinsmore, Asplund. Absenl: Fales. ' Q1 J., ,ft F wcmgf ' r ,, J ' ff' K9 , A an Na n S- X MMS- cfl' 1'z'1'e .... 474- .4n '3 Nice cafch, Mr. MCKQ ke O6 Rakfx 3596 I0 XM q L.- Ivfe ek Mr. Bird qefs a nice one u 9' xox Q Cb-GY on cfeek Q .f ,, ,fy X-- WM Mr. Cross, Mr.S'rer1back, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Badura EGAPHO TAFF 1941 This year lhe Megaphone Slalf has enioyed 'frying To give you a beller year book lhan ever before. We have all lhoughl long and hard for a few differenl ideas for our own parlicular seclions. Alhlelics, Aclivilies, and Fealures have all been changed in some small way. We, The slaff, will be safisfied if you, lhe sludenls of Forluna Union l-ligh School feel +ha+ lhis book represenls our school and i+s many aclivilies. Edifor . . Assisfanl Edilor Senior Edilor . . Junior Edilor Girls' Alhlelics Boys' Afhlelics Organizalions Beverly Wilber Ray Sandlin Phyllis lngraham Theaella Quick Marilyn Wahl John Polach . . . Marjorie Kemper Snaps and Sales Manager . Rober+ Cliveira Facully Advisers . . Leslie Anderson Gladys Shulsen Raymond Slenback EXCALIBUR CLUB This year has proven To be a very successTul year Tor The club. Our Two presidenTs have worked very hard during The pasT year and The club has prospered greaTly. Some oT The acTiviTies Tor The year include sponsoring a dance in The Tall: having The RoTary Club as our guesTs aT a luncheon and being Their guesTs. The annual spring picnic was also held. The club purchased Excalibur Club pins Tor The new members. RepresenTaTives were senT To The Excalibur Club ConvenTion in Eureka, and Two boys were chosen by The club To represenT ForTuna in Boys' STaTe aT SacrarnenTo. ln upholding The sTandards oT our moTTo, l-le who besT serves oThers, besT serves himself we sTrive To widen our scope oT acTiviTies. FirsT Row: O'Brien, Sandlin, WigTon, Mr. Jabusch, McClelland, Polach, Frank. Second Row: LivingsTon, McDonald, lbar- T OI a K H T reTa, Docili, BarTow, Conniclc, Glass. Third Row: Sawyer, Rovai, Sei, Mar in, iveir , emp, un er, WooTon. Girls' League Ca binef Firsi Row: Johnsion, Lindblom, Albiani, lngralwam, Biasca. Second Row: Hull, O'Connor, Morris, O'Neii, Davis Third Row: Miss Black, Gouid, Biifencurf, Hardwick, Quick, Hansen. Leif io Riqlwi: Liviriqsfon, ibarreia, Sei, Boqnuda, Mr. McKelvie, Wigion, Mele. Boys' League Officers G. A. A. Cabinef Firsf Row: Cesareffi, I. Wendi, Danielson, Miss Harnbey, lngralnam, A. Wendf, Biasca. Second Row: Biffencurf, Perez, Hardwick, Ball, Quick, Wilber, Davis, MeNa. lnframural Managers Firsf Row: Shaffer, Wiqfon, MiTcHeH, Alexander, Suffon. Baird. Second Row: Maffnews, Marcheffi, Lucas, Mmer Mela, Clweeseman. Hi-Spy Firsl Row: Hansen, Clark, Clweesernan, McClelland, Frank, Docili. Back Row: Miss Skiulsen, Benson, Giacomini Crawford, Sei, Rovai. A+ Riqlwlz Newland, O'Brien, Baird. Camera Club Firsf Row: Amen, Nordquisl, Morris, Larson, Jolnnslon, Burgess, Jackson. Second Row: Mullen, McCall, Brandi Bower, Price, Vfalfer, Slwaller. Tlwird Row: Kemp, Tlnornsen, Eisner, Suclwanek, Mr. Anderson, Oliveira, Dorsey Grilfifh, Umland. A Firsr Row: Mr. Johnson, Langdon, Dagqelf, Vieira, Dinsrnore, l-lansen, Lima, Wiqfon, Baccherri, O. Srnirh, Thorn- lon. Second Row: Ralcesrraw, l-lardin, P. Barnwell, Waller, Fielden, K. Srnifh, Chaney, Turner, Mendes, Mr. Cross. Third Row: Fraser, Niclrols, Kirlc, Renner, Miller, B. Barnwell, V. Exlon, Murray, Crablree, Nielsen. Fourlh Row: R. Exron, E. Srnirh, Willburn, Robinson, Carroll, Charlson, Doers, Giacomini, Rocha. Fufure Farmers BeH'er Business Bureau Firsl Row: Taylor, Lennon, Lessley, Cesarerli, Dusina, D. Lucas, Davis, Wahl, Lane. Second Row: Mrs. Curry, J Lucas, Kennedy, Allen, Monfgomery, Rifola. Third Row: Suchanelc, Alexander, Dungan, Maflhews, O'Dom, Chil ders, Brandt Franlr, Gregory. Fourfh Row: Sei, Sandlin, Benson, Conniclr, Baxfer, Wriqhl, Marlin, Docili, G-rilfilh Royai. FIVITI S French Club Firsf Row: Dorris, Lindblorn, J. Swiff, Burpee, lversen, Hep- worfh, Scoff, E. Swiff, Boufwell. Second Row: Miss Shulsen, Guglielrnina, Barfleff, Roberfs, H. Hansen, Gonzales, Gaicelon, Slmiffinqfon, Hough, Davis. Third Row: Baird, Perra, Beck, Jesser, Pell, V. Hansen, Suchanelc, Sfenbaclc, Pefersen, M, Hansen. --- f 5 X, J X, Q . XV Scholarship Sociefy Firsf Row: Pells, V. Hansen, Danielson, Mudgeff, Marilyn Hansen, Miss Shulsen, lbarrefa, Waschau, Scoff, Lind- blom, Swiff. Second Row: Daqgeff, Nordquisf, Morris, Be-lloni, Gonzales, Jesser, Davis, Johnson, Skiffingfon, Hough, Langdon. Third Row: Moore, Walfer, Benson, Farrar, Beck, Sfenbaclc, Suchanelc, Myers, Garcelon, Kemper, J. Pe- fersen, J. Lucas, Larson, R. Lucas. Fourfh Row: Johnsen, J. Hardwick, R. Hardwick, Margaref Hansen, Mary Hansen, Clarlc, C. Pefersen, Robinson. A Home Makers' Club Firsl Row: A. Wendi, lbarrela. Second Row:Wascl1au, Bellum, D. Baird, J. Baird, Adorni, Giacornini, Cox, Albiani, Rel:-ello, Lindblom, l-lansen, Sanborn, Gvuslwaw, Miranda. Third Row: l. Wendl, Merga, Brusie, M. Simmons, J. Simmons, Zimmerman, l-lill, Peclc, Farnsworllw, Depucci, Cameron, Tliornion, Miss Gillelle. Fourflw Row: Miss Black, Sf. John, Doers, Adams, James, Taylor, Murray, Hell, A. Tompkins, Jackson, Kelly, Calardi, R.Tomplcins. Filfh Row: Jarvis, Brelle, Waqqoner, Neely, Prickeff, Brown, Filby, Rogers. Sixfln Row: Nielsen, Francis, Belloffi, Turlcoviclw, l-lansen, Pelersen. i i i Firsf Row: V. l-lansen, Nordquisl, Morris, Belloni, Clarlc, Zimmerman, Mudqell, Jolwnson, M. l-lansen, A Jolnnslon. Second Row: Conniclc, Baird, Wiqlon, McCall, Eisner, Crawford, Dorsey, Bosch, Baird, Oliveira Tlnird Row: Exlon, Jolwnsen, Kemp, Woolon, Mr. Coleman, Garcelon, Jasper, W. Jolnnslon, Town. Plwy-Chem Club I I I QM. Advanced Band Firsl Row: F. l-lansen, Wilber, l-lardwiclr, J. Pelersen, Pryer, lbarrela, A. Jolwnsfon, Biasca, A. l-lansen, Diclc Beclcwiflw, Mia randa, Glass, Bellum, Langdon, Willburn, B. Moore, Monroe, Boesen. Second Row: McDonald, Perez, Junlrer, B. Peler- sen, Qliyeira, Beaclw, Finley, Gould, Mr. Anderson, Purdy, Monlgornery, Simmons, McConnell, Renner, Darrell, Beclcwillw, M. Hansen. Iliird Row: Lindblom, lyersen, Porler, Burpee, Willsie, Rose, Kirlf, Garcelon, Scolf, Jasper, M. Jolwnson, Fielden, Dixon, Ferguson, Graham, S. Moore. Fourlli Row: Albiani, Livingsfon, Snider, O'Brien, Mendes, Exfon, Wendt. Exciling numbers inlroduced Jrliis year by Jrlfie Band, under Mr. Anderson's direc- lion, included 'Scolcli Fanlasiaf' Prayer and Dream Panromimef' a new marclw, l-lis l-loner, and Viclor l-lerberr Selecrions. In addirion ro Jrlieir regular performances ar Home Games, in Assembly, and else- wlfiere, Jrlwe band Took parl in flue dedicarion of llie new Rio Dell and Scolia bridges, and a radio program broadcasl by remole conlrol from Forluna over radio slalion KIEM. Big evenrs ol rlie year: performing on Field Niglfil in Albee Sradium in Eureka, our annual Music Fiesra, and 'rlwe Spring Music Fesrival ar Arcara. ACTI I LiTTle Symphony OrchesTra FirsT Row: MudgeTT, McKee, Peck, Kiphart Tompkins, Johnsen, J. PeTersen, ST. John, BriTTing, Burpee, STenback, Miss Dale, Kemper, Baird, NordquisT, C. PeTersen, Rogers. Second Row: Hill, Millios, Hardwick, Dixon, Crank, Jackson, Myers, Crane, Brandf, Irwin, Ball, Purdy, Hansen, BeckwiTh, Cox, Vieira. Third Row: McDonald, lversen, Davis, Pryer, Moseley. Lindblom, Oliveira, Wilber, JohnsTon, Hough. FourTh Row: O'Brien, Crane, Vrfilliams, Garcelon, Pollard, Simmons. Reinhold Gliere's Russian Sailor's Dance Trom The Red Poppy, MozarT's Rondo, Felix Mendelssohn's NocTurne Trom A Midsummer NighT's Dream, and oTher numbers Tormed The new and delighTTul reperToire oT The LiTTle Symphony OrchesTra This year. Under Miss Dale's direcTion, This organizaTion perTormed aT Public Schools Week, The Senior and STudenT Body plays, BaccalaureaTe, and GraduaTion. Big evenT oT The year: The Spring Music FesTival aT ArcaTa. Unusual evenTs oT The year: Spring ConcerT, and parTicipaTion in a ChrisTmas Pro- gram broadcasT over KIEM by remoTe conTrol Trom The ForTuna Union High School AudiTorium. '1 .J Choir Firsl Row: Burpee, Slover, Baird, O'Brien, Beclcwilh, Gregory, Dayis, Neely, McKee. Second Row: MacMillan Myers, Johnson, Pellc, Perra, Nancy Crane, Lamson, Pefersen, Kennedy. Third Row: Farrar, Bilfencurl Norma Crane, Sandlin, Lindblom, Hough, Eglin, F. Johnson. Fourih Row: Docili, Kemp, Jasper, James Miss Dale, Bosch, Gliveira, Garcelon, M. Johnsen. Girls' Glee Club Firsl Row: Ogle, McKee, Conniclc, Burpee, Swill, Marlin, Pulver, Sfover, Davis, lngraharn, Lamson. Second Row: Gonzales, Perra, Pelle, Farrar, Baird, Lindblom, Maudlin, Giacomini, Lessley, Myers, Johnson, Neely. Third Row: N. Crane, Wills, l-louqh, Turlcovich, Allen, Gould, Murrish, Fowler, Beck, Volpi, Tessaro, Ken- nedy, F. Johnson, M. Johnson. Fourlh Row: Bower, MacMillan, Suchanelc, Bellolfi, O'Dom, Waqqoner, D. Johnson, Miss Dale, Cloney, Oleary, L. Pelersen. E. Pelersen, Eglin, Billencurl. 4' 6 'ef ' .Q4 WCl,,1l ' 5 ,5 6 ,jvggr 'ilu ' .iz ?: '4- 5 ., M, . 8- X flt1ef1'cA..... Deb? as and Cfedws Ns everxfoo dy ready? Namrds Our dkqnwed YH Xeadwe dwKXdw an rs Chem L,XwmXf:, Classy Xasixes Snap Heavyweiglml' Scores Forfuna 20 Forfuna 24 Forluna 26 Forluna 47, Forfuna 46, Forluna 242 Forfuna 242 ,, WIIIIIS 9 ,, Eureka 22 ,,ArcaIa 3I ,, Souflw Fork I4 I-Ioopa 7 ,, Del Norle 26 Forluna 23 ,,,,, Forluna I4,, Forfuna 56N , Ferndale 30 , Eureka 20 Arcala 40 , ,,,, Soulln Fork I O Io Bows' I-eaque rakn Clllld' Forluna Forluna Forluna Forfuna Forluna Forluna Forluna Forluna 4I,, Forfuna 302 Forluna 352 COIN BA KETBALL CH WMO Lig N hfweighl' Scores ,,,,,WiIliIs I3 ,,,,Eurelca 22 Arcafa 20 ,,SouII1 Forlc I2 ,,,Hoopa I2 Del Norfe I9 ,, Ferndale 25 ,,.,,,EureIca 28 Arcafa 3I , Soullw Fork I8 E Heavyweigh+ Baske+ball Our unlirnilreds, allrhough nol so forlunale as our limileds, played a classy brand of ball lhroughour The year. The highliqhls of fhe season were Jrheir slarlrling vicrories over our lradilional rival, Eureka. Graduarion will prove cos+ly To lhe heavy- weighl squad, bul Jrhere is some good rnalrerial in lhe lower classes ro lake Their places. Firsl Row: Boulwell, Mr. Damon. Second Row: Sandlin, Boler, Dixon, Livinqsfon, Royal, Sei. Third Row: McDonald, Hardin, Vincent Sawyer, Bar+ow. Fourfh Row: Johnson, Mahler, Goclec, Cheeseman, McConnell. Lighfweiglni' Baskefball Firsf Row: Boulwell, Mr. Damon. Second Row, Bognuda, Lucas, Jarvis, Windbigler, lbarrefa, Glass. Third Row: Rhoades Slone, Milchell, Docili, Marchelfi, Gomes, Alexander. Qur limileds, wilh a veleran learn, proved lhal lhey were one ol Jrhe icorernosl guinlels in Jrhe league. Q Showing excellenl Jrearnwork and willingness lo cooperale, lhey wenl on lo lalce second place in The C. l. F. race. Wilh af leasjr seven velerans relurning riexr year and a few promising D division players Corning up, Forluna should have a championship Jream. B B LL C Baskefball Firsi Row: Lucas. Second Row: Jarvis, Miiciweii. Third Row Mendes, lrwir1.Fourii'i Row: Sfone, Smifh. Fifth Row: Rhoades, Rovai. D Division Scores Foriuna 27-Ferndale Foriuna 35-Arcaia Foriuna I I-Eureka Foriuna I9-Ferndale Foriuria Foriuria Foriuna Foriuna C Division Scores 27-Ferndale 30-Arcaia D 2 I-Eureka 37-Ferndale D Baskefball Firsf Row: Boufwe-il, McWhor+er. Second Row Sufion Glwil arducci. Third Row: Miciweii, Sund. Fourfh Row Windbiqler Moore. Firsf Row: Cheese-man, Ibarrefa, Okiveira, Owens, Garcelon, Livinqsfon, Jasper, Dixon, Newland, Mafflwews Second Row: Akexander, Godec, Gomes, Connick, Barfow, Hunfer, Boler, Mala, Wfqfon, Crawford, Sawyer Vlncenf, Jackson. Heavyweighf Track Firsf Row: Mendes, Rovai, Sund, Jarvis, Lucas, Renner, Miller, Pefersen, Moore, Sfone, Windbiqler, B. Rkmoades. Second Row: Gkwllarduccl, Mickxefi, Hansen, Irwin, Cappi, McCall, R. Rkwoades, Bos-sen, Lernmer, Wlllburn, McWnor1er, Vieira, Dookaeqe. Ligh+weigh+ Track l l Tennis Firsl Row: Baird, Sandlin, Pryer, Conniclc, Alblani, Jesser, Walnl, Polach, Burnell. Back Row:Sei, l-lunler,Jol1nson, O'Dom, Wilber, Gould, Jolwnsen, Waller, McClelland, Lucas, 3aseball 2 A Zirsf Row: Shorl, Turner, Srnl'rl'1,Gl1IlarducCI, Marcilmelll, lVlicl1eli,Farrner, MHclnell,Alexander. Second Row: G. Rovai, Zarroll, Mendes, Docili, Dixon, L. Roval, Barlow, Sawyer, Marlin. Baseball 2 B Firsf Row: Asplund, Mela, lbarrela, Cheeseman, Malflwews, Hardin, Owens. Second Row: Baird, Sund, Duclcell, Dunning. Barnwell, O'Rourlce, Srnilln, Irwin, Mendes. GIRLS' SPORT Baske+ball 1 r I s s i Q u s 1 I i r Firs+ Row: VVallcer, Moore, Smifn, Wendt Wascnau, Price. Second Row: Quick, Johnson, Hansen, Waifer, Hardwick, Beiloffi. Senior Hockey Firsf Row: Biasca, Wendi, Hull, Belloni, Miss Harnbey, Fraser, Myers, Kemper, Volpi. Second Row: Morris, Rifola, Gould Maffhews, Bali, Perez. Brandi. Dinsrnore, Hardwick, Ciarlc. GIRLS' SPGRTS Volley Ball Firsf Row: Belioni, Jesser, Ball, Walwl, Wendt Oclwoa. Second Row: Clark, Brandt Hardwick, Perez Mafflwews. Volpi. Archery LORRAINE ZIMMERMAN FRANCES CLONEY Our maesfro afs no lie' New leaf Prefiyfeh, Fd? Reverie Super salesmen Over Hue , lUFdNCS A lemon! Q 1 nun LEIEMORRW Le? me consider my pas? 'W z 6' lf E. if Nd!- f 4 ' e i- Q ' :tg ' ,1 f' Q I ,, .,4 1 'I,, .. 41 Q nW::gn . I K- X f1a3:Fu- afure ..- Y ml You deceilful worml ou wor SENIOR PLAY Mr. Peck M l-lenry Peck Jimmy Duffy Mrs. Peck Minnie Luella Clifford Melville Lizzie Dalilia MM Scliullz M Dora eeeee eeee Flora MM M foa s d in llwe flour barrel! How ii slwould be done PECK'S BAD BOY l-lenry Frank M Jim Wiglon M M MBill Green Jean l-lardwiclc Pliyllis lngraliam Mona Billencurl M Bill Woolon Ricliard Jasper Marqarel Pryer Marjorie Gould Roloerl Oliveira l-lilda Biasca Olga Volpi Lora MMMMMMMMMMM Bellyclare Nordquisl Oli, Popsie, dear! MARGARET PRYER BARBARA BALL DOROTHY LANE Yell Leaders MajoreHes GLorie fmbianl, Marjorie GouLd, Dorofhy Purdy, Frances Monfqomery, Iona Wendf Ski picnic School boakkeepers CLASS l, Vico Albiani, leave lhe baseball leam minus a good player. Smile Prem!! i l, Bob Alexander, leave my guiel manner lo Bob Jarvis. I, Frances Allen, leave my blonde locks lo Alice Burpee. l, l-lenry Baird, leave my red hair and lreckles lo Tony Miranda. l, Barbara Ball, leave my vim, vigor and vilalily, lo Melba Adorni. l, Shirley Barlow, leave my place on lhe heavyweighl leam lo George McConnell. 4 l, Daryle Baxler, leave Mr. Cross minus a good secrelary. l, June Beach, leave my big brown eyes lo Jusline Swill. l, Kalhryn Belloni, leave my ambilion lo Johnny Polach. l, led Benson, leave my maieslic heighl lo my brolher, Paul. , l, l-lilda Biasca, leave my gym suil lo Marjorie Crouse. l, Mona Billencurl, leave my place al lhe piano lo Lillian Lindblom. l, Chel Bosch, leave my masler mind lo Baby Micheli. l, Calherine Brandl, leave my heighl lo Dick Beckwilh. l, Jean Cesarelli, leave my genlle manner lo Joy Eglin. l, lnez Childers, leave my even disposilion lo whoever can use il. l Dora Mae Clark, leave my nickname ol Clanky behind me ll hopel. l, Arden Connick, leave my chemislry book lo Truman Boler. l Bill Cooper, leave Miss Rolh's English Lil. classes guiel. l, Wesley Crawlord, leave my sisler al lhe mercy ol F. U. l-l. S. Mind and machine Whal's cookin'? Breaking lhe lape Mona and Louie Megaphone sale Reserve Band Mullins lor lunch Whal a srnllel WILL Alda Davis, leave my Denlyne leelh To Wallie Cheeseman. Mary Jane Dinsmore, leave To gel inlo my bools and saddle. Marvin Docili, leave my alhlelic career lo Darrel Beclcwilh. Bill Dorsey, leave lhe dramalics deparlmenl minus a good aclor. Theda Dungan, leave my beauliiul long lresses 'ro Pal Slcillinglon Annie Dusina, leave my shy smile lo Bud Evans. Slanley Eisner, leave all my cares behind me. Edward Eerrari, leave my English Lir. boolc lo Miss Rolh. l-lenry Frank, leave E. U. l-l. S. minus one more good S. B. Prexy Janel Eraser, leave my dimples lo Ben McWhor+er. Kennelh Garcelon, leave my sweel Trombone lo Royal Rose. Marjorie Gould, leave my abilily ro make friends +o Bev Penlin. Wesley Graham, leave Jim wilh lhe Graham repulalion. Bill Green, leave my flexible lingers lo Irene Doers. Jess Gregory, leave my slcill al lhe piano lo Ray Johnson. James Griesbaclc, leave my many roules lo Willard lversen. Leonard Grifiilh, leave my brolher lo lollow in my loolsleps. Elmer Guglielmina, leave lhe classrooms quiel. Eileen Gwin, leave my nice complexion lo anyone who needs il. Jabusch's prize Arlrhur l-lall, leave. Goodbye! Eour on a bilce Slreel scene Bellyclare and Phys Whal a man! Track Meer CLASS I, Kennelh I-Iansen, leave my Ag. proiecl lo Sonny Benson. I, Jean I-Iardwick, leave my uniform lo Thelma Coons. I, Lane I-Iarris, leave Mr. Lipperl lo galher up all lhe shop Tools. Valenline I, Lola I-lull, leave Miss l-lambey a lasl look al Elhel. l, Paul I-lunler, leave lor Los Angeles. I, Phyllis lngraham, leave my sense ol humor lo Theaella Quick. I, Delberl Jackson, leave my sislers lo carry on wilhoul me. I, Jim Jansen, leave my crew haircul lo Rodney Slone. I, Ruby Jarvis, leave lo be wilh Slacy. I, Dick Jasper, leave my place in lhe Phy-Chem Club lo June Quigley. I, Barbara Jesser, leave my nolebooks lo Joe Mendes Jr. I, Dorolhy Johnson, leave my hair-do lo Ruby Merga. I, Eric Johnson, leave lo help brolher Ed. I, Lesler Jones, leave lo be in grealer seclusion. I, Marjorie Kemper, leave my coillure lo Annie Bellum. l, Pearl Kennedy, leave all my losl pencils To whoever finds lhem. I, Harold Kirk, leave my wavy, blond hair lo Dick Briggs. I, Dorolhy Lane, leave shorlhand lo Mrs. Curry's nexl class. Federaled Womenls Club Dol and Bob Tony and George Whal goes on? I Edilh Lessley, leave my sympalhelic nalure lo Rae Ann I-lardwick. I Gene Livingslon, leave my embarrassing momenls lo Jerry Boulwell. e's Jonah? Three skiers Gene and Theaella Camera Club WILL I, Dolores Lucas, leave my abilily lo keep my hair nice Io Wilma Penlin. I, Jerry Lucas, Ieave Io make someone a splendid secrelary. i 'HN' I, Donald Lulher, lell many Iriends when I moved lo Sonoma. I, Granl MacKenzie, Ieave my bashlul smile lo Lewis Burcher, I, Bob Marlin, Ieave, wilh no regrels. I, Virginia Marlin, leave my malch book colleclion Io Tom Nedland I, Margarel Lennon, Ieave my shorlhand books lo Barbara Peck. I, Agnes Mallhews, Ieave as guielly as I came. I, Bob McClelland, Ieave Forluna I-Ii minus one aII-around good kid. I, Elhel McCIendon, Ieave my soil soulhern accenl Io Bill Mahler. I, Shirley McCIurg, leave my abilily Io work Io Cliff OwsIey. I, Frank McDonald, Ieave all Ihe girls Io Iind someone else 'ro worship. Vai! Down again I, Joe Mendes, Ieave Janel II Ihinki. I, Elio Micheli, Ieave my abilily Io keep guiel in Ihe library lo Lois I-Iough. I, Joe Miranda, Ieave Jerry Marlin. I, Frances Monlgomery, Ieave Ihe SB. books in good condilion. I, Rulh Morris, Ieave my scholaslic record Io Virginia Cloney. I, James Murray, Ieave for my ranch. I, Nila Murrish, Ieave my abilily Io sew Io Barbara Amen. I, Beverly Myers, Ieave somebody else Io read lhe S.B. minules. Bev Three lillle maids Snow light WhaTl Again? Finishing Touches STan and PaT T. B. TesT CLASS N l leave my place in choir To Jeanne Connick. Eva Mae ee y, ' Adrian Nickols, leave my Ag. proiecT books Tor Mr. Cross To C Tigure ouT harles Nordeck, leave To a e BeTTy NordguisT, leave my bashfulness To Tony lbarreTa. Barbara Ochoa, leave Merle lonely, Julia O'Connor, leave my arTisTic abiliTy To Jack Charlson. Ruby O'Dom, leave The school scrapbook To whoever wanTs iT. RoberT Oliveira, leave my Russian accenT To WalTer McCall. Denzil OverholT, leave my candy wrappers To Mr. Tarpley. Grady Owens, leave my public speaking abiliTy To Leora Winslow. Gerda Pelk, leave To devoTe more oT my Time To kniTTing sweaTers. Francis PenTin, leave my abiliTy To cuT class To Marilyn l-lansen. Rosa Perez, leave alThough l wish I didn'T have To. Elsie PeTersen, leave a very pleasanT memory oT my Tour years aT T k a much needed resT. ForTuna High. , MargareT Fryer, leave someone else To lead The school song. , DoroThy Purdy, leave my maioreTTe cosTume To Gloria Albiani. , JaneT Purdy, leave my place in The Home Ec. Lab. To Jennie Cox. , Max RakesTraw, leave my place in The public speaking class To Jimmy Karry. l, RoberT Renner, leave my ro ' ' ' T Price. l, Marjorie RiTola, leave my sophisTicaTecl air To Margare Think TasT, Joe ALL Tl-ll PIL CAN LAT FOR Nice going, Tony b Ther To carry on Tamily TradiTions. 'Mosl any noon Sew-sew Glora and One I, Tony Rocha, leave my induslry lo Ted Sledman. I, Louie Rovai, leave Gene Livingslon's iaclcel lo Merlyn Langdon. I, Ray Sandlin, leave my line lo Waller Bognuda. I, Don Sawyer, leave my boislerous manner Io June Wills. I Nilo Sei, leave my abilily lo lake il lo Tony Miranda. I, Curlis Shurler, leave my old Ford lo Ray Lucas. I, Edward Smilh, leave my unlamiliar name lo John Doe. I, Ruby Sl. John, leave my sludiousness lo Frances Giacommini. I, Floyd Suchanelc, leave a record as lhis year's youngesl senior boy I, Audrey Taylor, leave my friendly smile lo Lois Pelersen. I, Rosemary Thomson, leave lo go lo Ferndale. I Floyd Vincenl, leave The leacher's roses lor somebody else lo swipe. I, Olga Volpi, leave my inlelligence lo Smolcy Mchlaughlon. I, Phyllis Waggener, leave Gerlrude Murray To help Mrs. Slansberry I Marilyn Wahl, leave my alhlelic poinls lo Carol Jean Sanborn I, Iona Wendl, leave Alma lo sinlc lhe baslcels. I, Wallace While, leave fhe old school echoing. I, Jim Wiglon, leave my boxing career lo Buddy Bumpus. I, William Woolon, leave my speclacular vocabulary lo Don Chism I Lloyd Wrighl, leave my chair in lhe inner ollice lo Truman Boler. Joyce Up and al 'eml Tennis Team f AU T 0 G RA P H s f . ff fum fl EW!! WM gf I N G 6? f . XZEZFQ i 1 3i 1f ?f3 if QW QQ MW if R . Q M ., V Jax' pri' 1 bn 'fA!'LQ' m P234 Q? Q V by fi? 7f14?ff?703N6QVyj?N f?'7 'y'!f 4W'i QQ , . , ., , ,,, ,.V ,iw 4 Q, : . . ,, he -., , ' , A . ,-X.. LL. fv 'z I - f. W1- Y ,, , , 1 1, . N 1 - . K v T4 , s ' wi, - + , . ' X 1 BiTn5'mE!i+.kA.aZ?'7' '5.Eli2.2'33iV,'f l'.S2r.fI,TDi QI, N, !5 5 '

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