Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA)

 - Class of 1952

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, p., 4 A me , ' si K i 1 X L. 9532 HHS ,img Q 32 'E Y gyffxm n-M' Ma sw f ivxvvw :. . rx-Nggfff. ,Uv f s 11 QRQF -Xi was m. A ww' X fx-Fm-4 Q Q y , K Q' ws A 9 xx 1.2 X ,, were -Q X ' ww 'WW S' M 'FQ' Q ,Ay ,NWA , W Q .mm Q . I ' ', IT 511 In accepting the responsibility of publishing the third edition of the Vallihi we, the members of the annual staff, agreed that this year we would try to give you an annual that would live up to the standards set by our school through the many achievements in its separate departments. We hope that you will like this edition of the Vallihi and that throughout the coming years you may keep it as a reminder of this year at Fort Valley High. We hope that you will overlook our ama- teurish mistakes and that the publication of this annual may be another step forward toward making our school one of the Finest in the State of Georgia. MARVIN WHITING EDITOR Thru the Wave at Forf Valley High ! x9 N X X .4 .X g9'RoHgZf9f'4f N5 A 5? 6030? N H x H 55 X nge? x 89 -' Q NW X " f N, xx , XX x N xx K Q N x ' x " O O , if Published by FORT VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB Editor, MARVIN VVHITING Business Manager, GALE THOMSON Advertising Manager, PAT SWAN Art Editor, SHIRLY SHIPP I f .XY j A A ttf 'X-XA x 5552352 1 A ' Ktifsgffx ..-f v' ' in ' If Aman on 1 ,t 1 A A, X M C35 yt In Gratitude To one whose diligence and infspiration has led om' school to greater heights. Whose constant help and understanding We shall not forget To Our Superintendent MR. ERNEST R. ANDERSON We cleolicate this third volume of VALLII-H 445 'X - FACULTY - I , J '- 1 1-owarki Jil mmm ERNEST R. ANDERSON S111Jw'i11fm11h'nt M7351 WHEATON AUIJREY KUPEFR I zszinzg Terlcller Sw,,Cfa,.y 153 as W5 f x in JM lf N. X gf ld: 1 f jg , ,I-x ? X If TIIELMA W1LsoN English ELINOR WATSON ANNETT1-1 SHEPARD ELEANOR BELL Language Social Studies lllafhvmafics C63 JV VIRGINIA HERRINGTON Latin - Civics Mathematics 1 20.11 ,fp,,g, 77l.Q 'YP AFX, x V! w' ' gl f fx fffl , ?' 1 I 5 U .0 L JANE BENEFIELD E. J. HANCOCK SARAH Lows Home Economivs Ag1"iculf1n'e Cofmmerrrial '7 J. C. STEHIENS SADYE TANNER I,l'I.IIl'l.lP!lI Lilnwlriarl Nommw FAmc'I.o'rn NoRMA BOYER JOHN G. FLETCHER Cfmlclr Spcwlz lluml C85 'X s i G LEILA MAE ROYAL BEss1E ANDERSON EVELYN MATHEWS Arithmefic Gvography Science - Afrithmetiz BTH, 7TH AND 8TH GRADES MARGARET SHEFELTON ELIZABETH BLAND FRANCES MORSE Hi-9f0Vll 1f11yliS11, Hixfory - English, C93 Yffibgl, 'U M -faux hir' M af H Tlzaf you 'may remember H1 is year at Vcrllihi we leave you flzix book. 4105 X - CLASSES r ' Y Sponsor with Senior Officers MISS THELMA WILSON President r rr.rr or S rr..r. rrrrrrv Marvin Whiting Vice-President rrrrrrr , rrrr.r S rrr..rrr S... S rrrrrrr Betty Teece Secretary-Treasurer ..rrrr Virginia Schofill Reporter rrrroRicha1'd Aultman 6113 RICHARD AULTMAN DOTHAN BASS VERNON BOWUEN Richard Aultman-Dramatic Club, 49-50-51-529 Annual Staff, 50-525 Key Club, 50-51 523 Football, 49-50-51-523 Basketball, 49-50-51-52g Band, 49-523 Track, 50-51-52 Chorus, 51-523 Class Reporter, 52. Dothan Bass-F.F.A., 52. Vernon Bowden-Key Club, 50-51-523 Basketball, 49-50-51. Carolyn Bozeman-F.H.A.,-19-503 Dramatic Club, 51-525 Cheerleader, 50-51g Girls' Bas ketball, 49-50-513 Chorus, 52. Jerry Bryan -F.F.A., 49-50-51-52. J. B. Cliett-F.F.A., 51-52. SENIORS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Richard Aultman-"A 1l'0mn'n is fl nzarfs grcufesf ll'f'flIHIl'SS.,n Dothan Bass-"I rlor1'f believe fhafs righf, Fcssf' Vernon Bowden-"1 dorff play." Carolyn Bozeman-"Coma on Big Roy, l'm a mf now, not a Kifiyf' Jerry Br an-"His Sllllillill l'0lllIft'IIflHCl' always dear, Whaf'II uw do 'or 11111 hs?- . 9 When .lc'rry's no? h0r1'." ,.. J. B. Cliett-"No r'on1m1'11I. CARoI.YN BOZEMAN JERRY BRYAN J. B. CLIETT Mr 1121 JxMMY CRIPPS JACK DAVIS FRANKIE GOODRUM Jimmy Cripps-Beta Club, 50-51-523 Key Club, 50-51-523 Dramatic Club, 493 Band 49-50-51-52g Annual Staff, 50-523 Chorus, 51-52. Jack Davis-F.F.A., 49-50-51-52. Frankie Goodrum-F.H.A., 49-50-51. Hugh Hatchett-F.F.A., 52. James Jones-F.F.A., 52. Ted Joyner-F.F.A., 52g Football, 51-523 Basketball, 51-525 Track, 51-52. SENIORS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Jimmy Cripps-"Well, here I am g1'rIs."' Jack Davis-"Theres 'nothing like a dame!" Frankie Goodrum-"Frankie, whm'e's Johnnie?" Hugh Hatchett-"Still a mystery-Hugh's ring hz girIs'flress1'11g room." James Jones-"I think the book's wrong, Miss Bell!" Ted Joynei'-nillodesty, modesfy, 1.vIzr'rej'0re art thou, fI7l0dUSfllfH HUGH HATCHETT JAMES JONES T1-:IJ JOYNER 4137 CECIL MARTIN BOBBY MASON ERNEST MURRAY Cecil Martin-l".F.A., 525 Football, 49-50-51-52. Bobby Mason-Ifootball, 49-50-51-523 Track, 49-50-51-52. Ernest Murray-Football, 50-51-523 Track, 51. Charles Parham-- Virgrinia Schoflll -Class Secretary-'I'reasurer, 525 Girls' Basketball, 49-501 Cheer- learler, 50. Betty Jean Smith-l".ll.A., 49-50-51-529 Dramatic Club, -19-50-51-52, Chorus, 51-52. SENICRS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Cecil Martin-"O1Ir'ryr'0vm1 fugbnuf who fhinl-'s lIc"s I1 rIc'slr'oyI'r." Bobby Mason-"Thr sun rwivvr svfs un Illrlsfnfs medals." Ernest Murray-"llis mvdullu vlzlmlgnfu is lunrly wifhin his r'rnnfun1." Charles Parham--".l pvnny l'lIl'II1'!I is l'l11IrIiI"s."' ViI'g'inia Schofill-"A mfu' crm! 8,1138 guf, VV1' 'Il70l1lI!'I' hmr, 1'lUI'Sl1l"S vlnsx fi'1'4ISIll'l'?'J now?" Betty Jean Smith --"TlIf1f's righf, flIllfYS right, Illiss TlIc'lmrI."' CHAIIIIES PARIIAM VIRGINIA SCHOI-'ILL BETTY JEAN SMITII C145 BETTY MAE SMITH HELEN SMITH OLIVER I. SNAPP, JR. Betty Mae Smith-F.H.A., 50-51. Helen Smith-F.H.A., 49, Dramatic Club, 50-51. Oliver I. Snapp-F.F.A., 49-505 Band, 49-52, Chorus, 51-525 Football, 50-51-525 Bas- ketball, 51-525 Track, 52. Jimmy Stephens-F.F.A., 525 Football, 50-51-52. Betty Teece-F.H.A., 495 Dramatic Club, 49-505 Class Vice-President, 525 Good Citi- zen, 529 Cheerleader, 50-51-52, Girls' Basketball, 49-50-51-523 Band, 50. Jimmy Thomson-Football, 50-51-52, Basketball, 49-50-51-525 Track 49-50-515 Band 49. SENIORS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Betty Mae Smith-"Bcfty's thc' smart type' 1v0'rl all agree, buf likable and szvvcff as you well can see." Helen Smith-"Deaf as a doornail and blind, mall' Oliver I. Snapp, Jr.-"1 got every rvluoznzrl-in both Hl'f'll,llfCS.,H Jimmy Stephens-"A wise old owl-fave that is!" Betty Teece-"Come on Typewriter, Ief's go!" Jimmy Thomson-"MASONry builds as Tech stvaIs."' JIMMY STEPHENS BETTY TEECE JIMMY THOMSON Nm. C157 JOANN WHIDDON MARVIN WHITING Joann Whiddon-F.F.A., 523 Chorus, 52. Marvin Whiting--Key Club, 50-51-523 Beta Club, 50-51-52, Dramatic Club, 49-50-515 ghorus, 51-523 Band, 49-50-51-523 Annual Staff, 50-525 Class President, 525 Good itizen, 52. Eloise Yaughn- Alyce Akins-F.H.A., 49-50-51-52. SEINIORS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Joann Whiddon-"I love life, But who loves mc?."' Marvin Whiting'-"Biggest flirt in town!" Eloise Yaughn-"Silence is golden!" Alyce Akins-"We hear she can cook, wash, and sem.-i'That's all boys, there aint no mo?!" ELOISE YAUGHN ALYCE AKINS , C163 First row, left to right: Ruth English, Reba Sutton, Harriett Jackson, Ethelyn Joy- ner, Pat Middlebrooks, Betty Mason, Pat Anthoine, Sylvia Scarborough, Elizabeth Smith, Nita Young, Elaine Smith. Second row: Shirly, Shipp, Ann Dasher, Joyce Dyer, Katherine Fagan, Frances Pat- terson, Jean Saunders, Frank Vinson, Etta Hiley, Margaret Hatcher, Jane Doles, Georgia Walton, Virginia Leaptrot, Zadie Lawhorn. Third row: Maryanna Walton, Janice Wynne, LaVerne Middlebrooks, Kay Fuller, Beth Mathews, Gale Thomson, Dickie Watkins, Joel Hobbs, Mary Mathews, Pat Swan, Daniel Fennell, Wesley Barfield, Roy Moody, Ralph Fuller, Feddie Barnes. IUNIORS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Q57 2 QV l S QF ,X rs U71 First row, left to right: Phil Mathews, Sara Bradshaw, Bobby Harper, Bobby Holly, Jeanette Walton, Charles Pollard, Kitty Young. Second row: Nathan Shumate, Billy Clarke, Donnie Weinberger, Nan Fagan, Leigh- ton Shepard, Buddy Wilson, Gresham Aultman, Henry Harris, Bobby Snapp, Janie Olson, Reba Reagan, Ann Cliett, Joyce Scarborough, Alvalyn Hutto. Third row: Billy Bankston, Sinclair Frederick, Charles Scarbrough, William Huck- abee, Gene Sanders, Ronnie Reece, Royce Collins, Edward Beck, Strib McCants, Eddie Merritt, Ralph Bassett, Charles Barfield, Betsy Green, Penny Vinson, Nan Carithers. SOPHOMORES OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO ft X J K 4185 First row, left to right: Rae Jackson, Annie Laura Whitaker, Doris Pender, Elsie Bass, Leverne Lister, Martha Frederick, Susie Hinson, Pat Yaughn, Irma Lee Hester, Loraine Clark, Holmes Harrison. Second row: Carolyn Aldridge, Gloria Wright, Ruby Overby, Paula Janney, Beverly Davis, Winona Harris, Pat Wilson, Jere Collins, Myrtice McKinney, Hazel Giles, Mary Monk, Nancy Schoffll, Janice Jones. Third row: Edgar Brown, Davis Fountain, Rudolph Wagonhoffer, Rosemary Shep- pard, Wilder Dent, Virginia Brown, Betty Dorsey, Jimmy Pearson, Wilton Walton, Delmer Fennell, Dorothy Aultman, Annis Dent, Ruth Jones. Fourth row: Roy Bowden, Edwin Gibson, Dorothy Scarborough, Jack Newberry, Mack Bryant, Edgar Anthoine, Billy Sanders, Malcolm Ray, Rabon Niell, Tommy Branan, Lewis Lancaster, Tommy Fagan, Betty Jordan, Billie Anne Beckham, Helen Byrd, Jimmy Hudson. FRESHMEN OF NINETEEN FIFTY-Two , rw i195 First row, left to right, Russell Ray, Pat Hallman, Ruby June Gibson, Pearlie Mc- Kinney, Helen Collins, Cliff White, Billy Jones, Herschel Pollard, Durwood Fuller, Early Sammons, Ronnie Stanley. Second row: Kenneth Barfield, Gene Neill, W, L. Dent, Margaret Howard, Dorothy Collins, Gaynelle Ayers, Wynelle Cummings, Henry Wheaton, Bill Schofill, Carolyn Cripps, Frank Jones, Jo Beth Bartlett, Ruby Lee Greene, Joyce Law. Third row: Stella Collier, Betty Jean Andrews, Eugene Worsham, Al Hutto, Betty Ruth Collier, Mary Lee, Martha Lee, Linda Janney, Bill Tharpe, John Evans, Billy Allen, A. W. Dorsey, Roy English. Fourth row: Patricia Cummings, Martha Jean Bunch, Michael Borders, Eugene Railey, Mary Killen Houser, Franklin Britt, Catherine Giles, Claudia Knight, F. L. Mixon, Buddy Parks, W. L. Johnson, Gary Hortman, Lynwood Fuller, Willene Joyner, Bobby Moncrief, Liba Shepard, Beverly Hudson. EIGHTH GRADE OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Q 1201 First row, left to right: Russell Vennes, Colleen Scarborough, Homer Jackson, Roy Anthoine, Betty Grace Tharpe, Albert Hallman, Gary Scarbrough, Terrell Dyes, Ray Anthoine, Maurice Harper, Buddy Smisson, Norma Sue Harris, Christine Walker, Paula Bryant, Maurice Swearington. Second row: Bennett Rigdon, Tommy Parham, Andrew Jackson, Martha Murray, Laverne Norton, Beverly Poole, Patricia Newberry, Joel Patterson, Hugh Wall, Felder Frederick, Gene McKinney, Emory Tyner, Melvin Hancock, Howard Weinberger. Third row: William Khoury, William Bloodworth, Charles Bryan, LuRuth Erion, Verlie Jo Greer, Claire Bradshaw, Melrose Vinson, Mary Lynde Hatcher, Holly Du- pree, Mary Dee Mathews, Barbara Pender, Charlie Culpepper, Lawrence Joyner, Benny Mathews, Ernest Read. Fourth row: Jerry Hallman, Eldridge Teece, Terry Parham, William Joyner, Marvin Mathews, Hubert Smith, Juanita Simmons, Pansy Little, Jerry Andel, Peggy Pear- son, June Pearson, Peggy Davis, Andy Borders, Jerry Fuller, Gloria Stephens, Elaine Edwards, Bunny Johnson, James Brand, Jean Reagan. SEVENTH GRADE OF NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO Q Z l21l 'IIHH ' ' i il 5 f C ' . f , , 2 , ,. it - J S , f Q E 5 5 . Q f ig :. in . . .,.,,,..,,,.,.,,,.,,..t..,..s,.,.......,.. -H -- .,.., ,.... First row, left to right: Lewis McKinney, Norma Jean Yancey, Christine Gassett, Jean Bilow, Paul Shirah, Jimmy Newberry, Brenda Anthoine, Peggy Yancey, Millard Peterson, Peggy Roland, Betty Lou Robinson, Furman Cliett, Raymond Giles, Sam McGhee, Jimmy Dent. Second row: Frances Monk, Woody Marchman, Frances Railey, Mary Jones, Thaxine Rogers, Mae Dean Jones, Jeanie McClurkin, Jean Ha1'rison, Patricia George, Olive McDaniel, Jane Yaughn, Beverly Collins, Lynda Camp, Mickie Ray, Larry Hortman, J. W. Moody, Cleda Pollard. Third row: Nelson Scofield, Marion Shepard, Edward Dent, Bobby Martin, Delores Moody, Sandra Lynne, Annette Hill, Donna Dooley, Colson Pender, Ralph Jackson, Philip Young, Vernon Smith, Calvin Rigby, Freddie Collins, Earl Rigby, Jimmy Sutton. Fourth row: Lavenia Moore, Sandra Smisson, Cathryn Byrd, Keith Taylor, Pa- tricia Moore, Joe Whittington, Robert Bloodworth, Gene Parker, J. D. Jones, Collie Mae Bilow, Lucile Hutto, Allen Jones, Katy Ruth Bryant, Carl Holcomb, Wayne Young, Joe Liipfert, Carol Greer, Ernestine Moore. SIXTH GRADE or NINETEEN FIFTY-Two QQ! W we 8 X C225 X 1 CLUBS , I , N IIXITERCLUB CCDUIXICII. Annual Staff F. F. A. Beta Club F. H. A. Dramatic Club 4-H Club Key Club 1237 First row, left to right: Bobby Holly, Adv. Solicitor, Pat Swan, Advertising' Man- agerg Marvin Whiting, Editor, Gale Thomson, Business Manager, Phil Mathews, Reporter. Second row: Donnie Weinberg'er, Reporterg Charles Scarbroug'h, Reporter: Frank Vinson, Snapshot Editor, Jimmy Cripps, Typistg Leighton Shepard, Ad Solicitor. Third row: Sinclair Frederick, Ad Solicitor, Richard Aultman, Athletic Editorg Ralph Bassett, All Solicitor. KEY CLUB EDITS VALLIHI ff K X 8 Q X, gy' ff X a I, X , vv N fl 'I A Q f ,X X. 'yaobis 076 0 I-"Qian, NN, ,carl 1243 1 ... 1 First row, left to right: Donnie Weinberger, Shirly Shipp, Jimmy Cripps, Betty Jordan, Leighton Shepard, Pat Middlebrooks Nita Young Virginia Brown Do oth y , v 1' Y Scarborough, Billie Ann Beckham. Second row: Sylvia Scarboroug'h, Margaret Hatcher, Nan Fagan, Sinclair Fred- erick, Jean Saunders, Kay Fuller, Beth Methews, Ralph Bassett, Mary Mathews, Marvin Whiting, Alvalyn Hutto, Henry Harris. BETA CLUB Spmlsor ..... President ....... V'ice-President ...... Secretary ..r.,.... Treasurer ,r,,.. 1 25 l 'ff 'Y OFFICERS Mrs. George Wheaton .............Sinclair Frederick ...,.,.Sylvia Scarborough ...............Nan Fagan Ralph Bassett -.,,.v-v--iv v...i-W -new-an-sri . J , Z'Z.J..T-T!:...........""""' , , . . ...,....A..N-.6 First row, left to right: Betty .lean Smith, Sara Bradshaw, Sarah Wheeler, Elizabeth Smith, Sylvia Scarborough, Frances Patterson, Martha Frederick, Loraine Clark, Kitty Young, Carolyn Aldridge, Mary Monk, Doris Pender, Janice Jones. Second row: Henry Harris, Norma Jean Cotney, Alvalyn Hutto, Margaret Hatcher, Jeanette Walton, Reba Reagan, Ann Dasher, Ann Cliett, Joyce Scarborough, Nita Young, Leighton Shepard, Pat Middlebrooks, Buddy Wilson, Reba Oakes. Third row: Mary Mathews, William Huckabee, Ralph Bassett, Etta Hiley, Nan Fagan, Nan Carithers, Shirly Shipp, Beverly Culpepper, Paula Janney, Beverly Davis, Dorothy Aultman, Rosemary Sheppard, Joyce Dyer, Ruth English. Fourth row: Pat Swan, Eddie Merritt, Dickie Watkins, Sinclair Frederick, Beth Mathews, Richard Aultman, Carolyn Bozeman, Jean Saunders, Janie Olson, Virginia Brown, Thelma Bozeman, Georgia Walton, Dorothy Scarborough, Betty Jordan, Billie Ann Beckham, Pat Wilson, Billy Sanders. il DRAMATIC CLUB ,- X" Q Alb Miss Norma Boyer .Richard Aultman ........Leighton Shepard .........Peggy Sullivan .......Beth Mathews ........Shrily Shipp Sponsor ..,,, .....,............,............. OFFICERS President ..........,. .....................i.......... Vice-President Secretary .....,..,.. Treasurer ..,.. Reporter .... R s Nonwf BOW MXS Di,.eCt0T 4267 First row, left to rifrhtz Ted Joyner, Jack llavis, Bobby Harper, Butch Anthoinc, Dothan Bass, Wilder Ilent. Second row: Jerry Bryan, Edgar Brown, Ralph Fuller, Roy Moody, Daniel Fennell, J. B. Cliett. Third row: Cecil Martin, James Jones, Royce Collins, Malcomb Ray, Strib McCants, Hugh Hatchett, Charles Barfield, Jimmy Stephens. F.F.A. ,C Z , 0 y 'f K 1 Spowsvr .,.... ,,..... E . J. Hancock OFFICERS PEACH COUNTY CHAPTER Prcsirlent .......... ,,,,,,,, J ames Hudson Vice-President ,.,r ,,,,,,,,,,,,44 E al-1 Lacey S6CVCfCl-Vfll .......... ..,.., E dward Murdock T'reasurer ...... ,,,,..,, R oyce Collins Reporter ..... ,,.,,,,, J ack Davis C273 First row, left to right: Kitty Young, Annie Laura Whitaker, Elsie Bass, Irma Lee Hester, Leverne Lister, Pat Yaughn, Betty Jean Smith, Susie Hinson, Loraine Clark, Alyce Akins. Second row: Laura Murray, Sara Frances Bradshaw, Eleanor Dent, Winona Harris, Gloria Wright, Betty Mason, Jacqueline Whitaker, Annis Dent, Ruth English, Joyce Dyer, Ethylene Joyner, Virginia Leaptrot. Third row: Sarah Wheeler, Doris Pender, Nancy Schofill, Hazel Giles, Pat Jackson, Elaine Smith, Joann Whiddon. Fourth row: Alvalyn Hutto, Thelma Bozeman, LaVerne Middlebrooks, Jere Collins, Harriet Jackson, Reba Oakes, Norma Jean Cotney, Helen Champion, Rosemary Shep- pard, Zadie Lawhorn, Beverly Culpepper, Ruth Gassett, Betty Dorsey, Myrtice Mc- Kinney. F. H. A. Sponsor ..,... ...,... M iss Jane Benefield OFFICERS President ...,,..... ,, .....,. Alyce Akins Vicf'-Prc's'i1lc'nt ...... ....... E thylene Joyner Secretary ............ ....... N ancy Schofill Reporter .... .,,.... B etty Jean Smith C285 First row, left to right: Calvin Rigby, Earl Turner, Jimmy Newberry, Hilda Jean Bilow, Annette Hill, Patricia George, Delores Moody. Mary Jones, Sandra Lynn, Jane Yaughn, Jimmy Dent, Freddy Collins, Olive McDaniel, Peggy Rowland. Second row: Joe Liipfert, Woody Marchman, Marion Shepard, Keith Taylor, Cleda Pollard, Jeanie McClurkin, Frances Monk, Beverly Collins, Mae Dean Jones, Collie Mae Bilow, Dona Dooley, J. D. Jones, Philip Young. Third row: Roy Bowden, Davis Fountain, Malcolm Ray, Edgar Brown, Billy San- ders, Nathan Shumate, Jack Newberry, Buddy Wilson, Jimmy Hudson, William Huck- abee, Holmes Harrison. Sponsor ...... Q .W-f A ,- TI'Cl1S7ll'?7' .,,.., 1295 President .......,,r.,, Vice-President ....,, Secretary ..,.....r 4-H 9' OFFICERS P. Swan .........Jimmy Hudson .......Buddy Wilson ...........Edgfar Brown William Huckabee First row, left to right: Leighton Shepard, Jimmy Cripps, Donnie Weinberger, Phil Mathews, Charles Scarbrough, Bobby Holly. Second row: Sinvlair l"rederick, Frank Vinson, Gale Thomson, Pat Swan, Marvin Whiting, Ralph Bassett, Richard Aultman. KEY CLUB S011 oo! .-1 rloisor , l'rr'xic1e'nf .,,,....., Vivr'-I'r'0sirl1'J1f . Svcrvfury ......... Tl'l'llS'Ill'!'l' ..... 1303 Kiwrrnis Sponsor ,lf GPNATX 1' I ,I 1- X X- .il R1 qi S 41 Q x A l Rx oi' ss",,,11l OFFICERS ..,Hen1'y A. Erion WE. R. Anderson .,lNlzmrvin Whiting' Richard Aultman ...,,.,.Ji1nn1y Cripps Swan 'X ARTS , I d 1 V DIRECTCDRS MR. JOHN G. FLETCHER EEEE Band MRS. FRED FAGAN E E E Chorus MISS NORMA BOYER E E E E Dramatics Miss ANNE PRESSLEY ,A Piano 4317 1M'fw-' -N Q f Fluff: Joyce Scarborough El: f'If1rinr'I 2 .Joyce Law lflariuvls: Reba Reagan Bobby Snapp Jo Beth Bartlett Charles Scarbrouirh .Tune Pearson Gloria Stephens Billy Jones Pepruy Davis KW T1 5 'N are gf . 1 W A1 'iii I BAND PERSONNEL ,,-M483 I?f1fI'1.f0Hl'SI Oliver Snapp Donnie Weinberger Ralph Bassett Gresham Aultman Buddy Wilson Betsy Green Jimmy Pearson 'oruboncsf Richard Aultman Frank Vinson Billy Bankston Gale Thomson Bobby Holly Henry Wheaton Alto SfL.A'0l1I?IIIIl'S2 Leighton Shepard Mitchell Vinson Tc-nor SU,.1'0lIII0lIllZ Jimmy Cripps AIfoHo1-ws: Marvin Whiting: W. L. Johnson CONCERT BAND 5ouN G' FLETCH ER- Director .M ., ,Q Af, Q. J . l,f'l'f'IlSSl0IlZ Cliff White Charles Culpeppei Early Sammons Reba Sutton Al Hutto Ilvll Lyrc: Pennie Vinson Iluss Horn: Joel Hobbs MARVIN WIIITINLI Stzcdcnt Conductor 1321 JIMMY Cmrrs .flccompanist il-f iv ri: 5 td? MARCHING BAND M ajorettes Ginger Davis, Eleanor Dent, Beverly Culpepper, Assistant Head Majorette, Sarah Wheeler, Head Majorette, Dorothy Scarborough, Georgia Walton, Jeannette Walton. 4337 r a a i W +ei' fMgi FQ 5, Q it eil 5Qki.f'if5 9 J9lS3ws'? 5 Q of Z .,. il f A ' xLXL 3ii.Li:giQ:: , First row left to right' Carol n C ' . . ' - y ripps, Margaret Howard, Wynelle Cummings, Betty Jean Smith, Beverly Hudson, Claire Bradshaw, Joyce Law, Janie Olson, Hazel Giles, Jeannette Walton, Anne Cliett, Loraine Clark, Janice Jones, Mrs. Fred Fagan, Ilirector. Second row: Patsy Dooley, Beth Mathews, Kay Fuller, Nan Fagan, Nan Carithers, Shirly Shipp, Peggy Sullivan, Joann Whiddon, Zadie Lawhorn, Katherine Fagan, Ginger Davis, Sarah Wheeler, Joyce Scarborough. Third row: Thelma Bozeman, Jean Saunders, Dickie Watkins, Richard Aultman, Uliver Snapp, Ernest Murray, Joel Hobbs, Marvin Whiting, Tommy Fagan, Wilton Walton, .lane lloles, Georgia Walton. CHORUS Christmas Concert December 23 Spring Concert April 24 JIMMY CTRIPPS, Al'I'lHIl1NlIllSf M ns. Fmzn FAGAN -""' D ircctor 1347 RICHARD AULTMAN BILLY SANDERS .. unisf' AumnZ1MMY CRHDPS Male Quartet DICKIE VVATKINS MARVIN WHITING W 1351 my Y' I rw S 4 R. 3 . I-A an, P Girls' Trio NAN CARITHERS KAY FULLER NAN FAGAN Debaters Both Mathows, Pat Swan, Mary Mathews, Shirly Shipp, Annette Shepard, Advisol Villfilliil IIe1'1'ing't0n, Advisor. DRAMATICS as . r Wa GT Declan WAN Reader mcumv' Am' SHIRLY SH IPP 4363 Play Cast Nita Young, Mary Mathews, Eddie IVI9l'1'itt, Beth Mathews, Shirly Shipp. YER ORMA B0 B Nusa N- I ,. ETH M Dlyebto A711977-ca QTHEWS 1377 Le-92012 0,.a fOr PIAIXICD M155 AN N ya VRESSX 'EY 1,.sfff'f""" X E I 1381 A Lesson With Miss Pressley Pupil-Jeanie McCl'urkifn X - SPORTS , I - 1 7 Football Coach N ormom Faircloth . . . At Work Boys' Basketball Girls' Basketball Track i . i 4 First row, left to right: Phil Mathews, Charles Scarbrough, Buddy Wilson, Gres- ham Aultman, Jimmy Pearson, Jack Newberry, Delmer Fennell, Bobby Holly, Tommy Fagan, Eddie Merritt. Second row: Coach Norman Faircloth, Feddie Barnes, Ralph Bassett, Jimmy Steph- ens, Donnie Weinberger, Billy Bankston, Charles Barfield, Bobby Mason, Wesley Melvin, Joel Hobbs, Sinclair Frederick. Third row, left to right: Jimmy Thomson, Ted Joyner, Strib McCa t D' k' k' . P ' ' ' ' n s, IC 16 Wat- ms, at Swan, Richard Aultman, Oliver Snapp, Jimmy Rasnake, Cecil Martin, Ernest Murray. Cheerleaders Left to right: Jean Saunders, Thelma Bozeman Bet ty Teece, Nan Fagan, Reba Sutton, Beth Mathews,,Jane Doles, Mary Mathews. C403 FCDGTBALI. Coach 1951 RECORD Ft. Valley ,,,,.,, ee., 6 Forest Park Ft. Valley .,,,,,.,... .40 Monticello Ft. Valley ...... . ..... 20 Hawkinsville Ft. Valley. .........,. 27 Cochran ....... Ft. Valley .... ........ 4 2 Sparta ......... Ft. Valley ...... . ...., 80 Eatonton ...... Ft. Valley ........,... 28 Gray .............. Ft. Valley., .......... 57 Eastman ...... Ft. Valley ....... ..... 3 3 Hawkinsville Ft. Valley, .........., 48 Forsyth ......... t A First String Pat Swan, Right End: Cecil Martin, Right Tackleg Ernest Murray, Right Guardg Oliver Snapp, Center, Richard Aultman, Left Guardg Joel Hobbs, Left Tackleg Jimmy Thomson, Left Endg Eddie Merritt, Quarterback, Wesley Melvin, Right Halfbackg Ted Joyner, Fullbackg Bobby Mason, Left Halfback. F . 41- 4 .-,,.,Ql. rpg 'V jr? 3-graft F. .. ax? fl? K ' K N w,.gg-We rl ,I X, , , A - 3 ' - .w -w ' , . L...l XJIQJZHJ' - ' 'W 0 'am Qt in N5 Second S tfring Jimmy Stephens, Right End, Sinclair Frederick, Right Tackleg Billy Bankston, Right Guardg Donnie Weinberger, Center, Charles Scarbrough, Left Guard, Ralph Bassett, Left Tackle, Feddie Barnes, Left End, Eddie Merritt, Quarterbackg Gresham Aultman, Right Halfbackg Dickie Watkins, Fullbackg Charles Barfield, Left Halfback. 1413 First row, left to right: Dickie Watkins, Daniel Fennell, Jimmy Thomson, Strib Mc- Fants, Eddie Merritt, Richard Aultman. Second row: Coach Norman Faireloth, Ted Joyner, Pat Swan, Edward Beck, Oliver Snapp, Vernon Bowden. 1423 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort IMJY Valley. Valley, Valley. Valley, Valley Valley. Valley. Valley, Valley, Valley, Valley, Valley. Valley. Valley. Valley, Valley. Valley, Valley, Valley, Valley. Valley, Valley, Valley, Valley, Valley Valley, Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley. Valley Boys' Basketball S'BASKETBALL.RE 1951-1952 ,,,,,,, 138-Mai-shallville . . ,, ,49-Warner Robins , . ...... 53-Thomaston ,,..,.G4-Pitts 50 49 ---Hawkinsville Byron ..,,,, CORD Middle Ga. Col. Freshmen , ,,.,..54-Oglethorpe . , .47-Hawkinsville ., ,. .,.61fMontezuma 513-Cochran ,, ,, ...... oflfPittS ,,,,...,.., A., . ,N47-Montezuma , 5.3--Adel 58-Lanier ,,.,,57-Cochran .53--Warner Rollins ,. ,.,, ,751-Byron .,i.,,. , .. ,,,,, G8-Canton ,,,,, ,,li7-Cuthbert M70-lVlontezuma . ,W139--Hawkinsville ,. , , H 59--Cuthbert ,,,, ..,,,. 5 7!Lanier ..,.,,... ,W52-Canton DISTRICT TOURNAMENT ,, .. ,., .... 27-Hawkinsville ,, ,,444l'erry ,, , , ..., ,47-Cuthbert ,, , ,, ,, 135-- . ,, ,, ,,,, 41 -Montezuma ,, STATE TOURNAMENT , ,......,. .,,, , G9--Austell ...., ........ , ,, ..,.. , ,, 58-Clarkston ,H60--Broxton . ,,. 432 Sandersville ,,, 28 22 31 48 33 42 34 22 Ill! 248 50 39 31 48 41 19 '54 39 49 62 27 34 42 39 18 422 41 35 '39 1 Q 1 33 37 31 45 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Valley1 1 Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley First row, left to right: Beth Mathews, Mary Mathews, Betty Teece F1 ances Pat terson, Alvalyn Hutto, Nan Fagan. Second row: Coach Norman Faircloth, Reba Sutton, Marnev Hatcher lacqueline Whitaker, Nita Youngr, Etta Hiley, Betty Mason, Pennie Vinson Girls' Basketball GIRLS' BASKETBALL RECORD 1951 - 1952 11 1 145 139 11 139 30 1 31 24 1111136 11111120 35 1 ,111, 28 1133 - 1134 1138 11 1 1142 1 1,1,,1 1 47 32- Marshallville 1 Warner Robins Thomaston 1 Pitts , 1 1 Hawkinsville 1 Byron ,,,1 1 ,,,1,1 1 Cochran 1111 Pitts 11 Montezuma 1 Adel 1 11.1 1 Cochran 111111. 1 Warner Robins Byron 11 11 Cuthbert 11111 Montzuma 1 11 Hawkinsville 11 Cuthbert 111111 TOURNAMENT COMPETITION 31- 37- 1431 Marion County Terrell County 9 First row, left to right: Daniel Fennell, Wesley Melvin, Ted Joyner, Bobby Mason Second row: Jimmy Thomson, Dickie Watkins, Richard Aultman, Pat Swan. District Co'mpetitz'0n F I R S T P I. A C E in four successive years 1949, '50, '51, and '52 l 1441 X - SNACKS - I A Hlwp, ,V 8 ' f - ,X ,N , . , H gyms Q Q fu' x . N 'x ,J W wir-WX .FA x , 5 , ... 'f 1 1'5" K ' " " , QL ,N4wAl.H u n A A V 4 . ,Q we 3 fm --"2 ef -.1 -H A L" 1' 'f :Q K . M We The People 4 N Q6 qw r A V Q-:EP Q UI I Q J 5 N 4 l A N1 .. 'xi 4 AT Fort Valley I-liglw Sclwool 1453 The Macon News The Macon Telegraph EVENING MORNING The Macon Teleqraph and News SUNDAY-WITH PARADE MAGAZINE 'E "Middle Georgiafs Finest Newspapers" C 0 m p Z i WL e n t s 0 f HAPPYVALE FLOUR MILLS O FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Afueboro, Mass. he Fort Valley High School Class Ring Jewezeera George Fowler, Rep rese mauve Valdosta, Georgia C 0 m p l i fm e n t s of SHEPARD INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY 1463 You Are Always Welcome at Wheeler's Pharmacy Incorporated "Walgreen Agency" Telephone 393 McClure-Baldwin Co. OFFICE OUTFITTERS 570-572 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Compliments Of Hallman and Hunnicutt Electric Company Godwin Truck and Tractor Co. FARMALL TRACTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Fort Valley, Georgia Compliments Of Bateman Implement Co. R. S. Thorpe and Sons Men's and Boys' Wear Ladies' Beauty Salon 'E john Deere Farm Equipment Next to Hotel Dempsey Fort Cherry Street Macon, Georgia I. F. Duke and Sons W 12' p M ' o Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery Studebaker Trucks and Cars Building Supplies 1150 ON YoUR DIAL Liberty Network 1477 MCCORD Implement and Motor Company OLDSMOBILE ak GLAMOROUS 98 ROCKET 88 -Ir TELEPHONE 401 FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA COMPANY 0 f fa HARRELL BUICK Telephone 315 Fort Valley, Ga. FRESH MEATS AND COMPANY PRODUCE PROCESSED FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA FROZEN FOODS FREEZER LOCKERS O 'E Retail Sales Sales - Service 1481 Good Citizens-1952 King Queen and Court School Patrol OUR JANITOR, WALTER 1 49 J MARVIN WHITING BETTY TEECE Homecoming Captain JIMMY HUDSON Compliments of FURT VALLEY Ull COMPANY 'ii' Manufacturers COTTGN SEED PRGDUCTS and FERTILIZERS 'sin' Phone 127 Fort Vcrlley, Georgia 6 D For Flowers With That Sun Life Insurance Co Personal Touch of CCII1CIdCI T. F. FLOURNOY Phone 70 I Adelaide Kell Woolfolk Building FLORIST Residence Telephone 372-J I Office Telephone 372-W Fort Valley, Georgla Fort Valley, Georgia Compliments Conzplimlents 0 f 0 f LeRoy Moody's I Harr1s H. Haier Garage Compliments . 0 f . Co mplznz ents Williams Motor Co. f 0 'fa pontiac Rocks Funeral Home G. M. C. Trucks . Sales - Service Compliments Compliments of of T- F' I-0We'S G. w. a. J. R. Hardware PEARSQN 4513 BANK OF FORT VALLEY is CAPITAL, SURPLUS, AND PROFITS S275,000.00 'E i Member Federal Deposit I nsaranoe Corporation A 310,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor V6 A Good Bank Serving A Good Community GREENE MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet I First for Quality at Lowest Cost O TELEPHONE 26 FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA Sales and Service 1527 The People zfu ' , W X sg K ",: - W --:,' in V C531 "Egg . A -534,1 ext!! laik flak. i BRADLEY LUMBER COMPANY 'JM HARDWARE AND PINE LUMBER 'iii' "We Specialize In Treating Lumber" C 0 m p Z i fm e n t s Of Georgia Grocery AND Young and Bowden's Meat Market FRESH MEATS, SEAFOODS FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES EDWARDS CLOTHING COMPANY o Fort Valley, Georgia Telephone 182 O John Vance Thomas Edwards C 0 fm p Z i m e n ts Of FORT VALLEY MOTOR COMPANY AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS Sales - Service O Fort Valley, Georgia C541 I Compliments C0m11lime11iS of 0 f The Parscm Khoury's Department Store 'Fort Vallegfs Style Center" and the Fort Valley, Georgia Fashion Shoppe Compliments Of Atlantic Company SUPERIOR SUE SAYS, Eat More Superior Ice Cream Compliments Of New Perry Hotel Perry, Georgia FUMH13' MILK ICE CREAM Dixie Dairies Division Compliments Compliments 0 f 0 f . , . Peach Theatre Carrthers Furnrture 0 Stores , Fort Valley, Georgia l55l Compliments Of Ty Stokes Bastian Brothers Company H igh School Jewelers and Engfravefrs Compliments Of GRAHAM MOTOR PARTS Co mplimenzs 0 f Cleve's Department Store '6 Main Street Fort Valley, Ga Co mplimenzs 0 f Iordan Electric Company 1567 69' Gr 3,01 'S 1 NfNg5Qg 1575 Complimrnls Complimrnts of of , , L. F. Stephens 61 Son Trranqle Servrce I Plumbing and Heating Statron Telephone 520 Pearson Basket Mills O Illanufacfurvrs of Fruit and Vegetable Baskets Telephone 45-J Complimfnts Of Stop 6. Shop Market 'E FORT VALLEY FLORIST C0mp1f11lc?l1l5 Compliments 0 f o f H. V. Kell Company w a fel' . omas WHOLESALE GRQCERS V Efimonos -Jewcuzv -wmcues Griffin Fort Valley C f I ' ' Cnnzplirnvnls amp ,mints 0 f 0 f Rush Lumber and Wright and Solomon Supply Co, 17lC0'l'1207'!1tf'd Telephone 33 Merchandise Brokers C Peaches Q Pecans "There Is A Material Difference an 1587 CQMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES .Mom SAND IC' ELRO-D STORES 5ANDl0t 'ti-fi' 'liz' Compliments of M. F. HATCHER Consignee THE TEXAS COMPANY 'liz' f 5 WOOLFOLK CHEMICAL WORKS. LTD. IE Manufacturers FARM AND ORCHARD CHEMICALS AE FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA ANTHOINE MACHINE WORKS ESTABLISHED 1885 MACHINE WORKS anol GARAGE Full stock PIPE FITTINGS PLUMBING SUPPLIES Compliments MATHEWS TIRE AND APPLIANCE CO. 0 f PHILIP MATHEWS, Owner A' I' General Electric Appliances B. F. Goodrich Tires and Accessories Youngstown Kitchens Zenith Radios . Television "We Service lfVhaI W1'Sell" Dealers In ' GEORGIA FARM PRODUCTS Telephone 450 1607 The People 1615 Compliments Co 7llfJIi77lCl1lS Of . 0 f Carter s Food Store . Reddlck Hardware South Macan St. Telephone 18 '.'........I-'..'..I...''.'....'-...'..l".ll'... We Dclfivev' Q l CUmP1imC"l5 Compliments of I 0 if Avera Drug Company D. N. Herbert The Rexall Store JEWELER Meet Your Friends C0 'fl P I i 111 C7115 at 0 f Taylor's Drug Store 101111 A' Houser M0dem'CO'We"ient Realty and Insurance Telephone 64 MALCIJLM TAYLOR, fllfmuga Agency ' I , Poole s Feed Store Compliments I Riclpoole 0 f Baby Chicks Odorless Cleaners Poultry-md Supplies ' Telephone 699 Fort Valley, Ga C621 -'2- Compliments of THE PHYSICIANS of Fort Valley, Georgia .fg- C!1lIlf71illIt'lIl.V Compliments 0 f Crutchtield's Texaco of Service Station John Pearson i Firestone Tires and Batteries . N. Macon St. Telephone 93 C o m p I i m v II I 5 Of Georgia Peach 6. Pecan Co. Fan Brand Peaches C o zu jfli m 0 u ts 0 f Christopher's. Inc. C Furniture, Radios, Rugs, and Refrigerators C o rn p l 1' 'ln e n t s Suzanl-le's 0 ,f Because Carter I on Looe Insurance Agency Beautiful General Insurance Clothes C o rn p l 'i fm e n ts Mathews 0 f Service Station The -Steak House Phone 9186 East Main Street Texaco Gas and Oil I Greasing - Washing - Tire Recapping C643 Girl Betty Teece- . .w... Betty Teece Carolyn Bozeman Carolyn Bozeman Carolyn Bozeman Betty Teece ....r L Whos Who Cntest Best Looking Silliest Wittiest Biggest Flirt Friendliest Most Conceiteol Boy Jimmy Thomson jack Davis Moose Murray jimmy Thomson jack Davis L ,... J. B. Cliett Joann Whiddon aaaaaa , ....,.,.Y.... 7,... ..--,,-. .......... ....... Jack Davis Most Popular Betty Teece ,L ,sssssss s,Yss,,,,,ssss,,, , ,ss,,,,.,,A,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, ,,..,eee R i c hard Aultman Quietest Betty Mae Smith . .7Y,7 ,77, ,77,.,..7, , ,7,,,r......,...,.. . ...raaa aa.aarrrrar..... ....v7 f Y J 6 rry Bryan Most Likely To Succeed Betty Teece ,,,..,, ,..,,s,.s,s.., ,, A,,..,,, ,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,. ,.,.,,s,, A ,..,,r... . Marvin Whiting Betty Mae Smith Most S tudions Best Dressed Virginia Schoiill ...,s , 7 Betty Teece Betty Teece see,s,. Betty Teece ...sss Most Athletic Best All-'Round Most Intelligent Most Di gni fied Jimmy Cripps Richard Aultman jimmy Thomson Richard Aultman Marvin Whiting jimmy Cripps Virginia Schofill ....,i,,... ., ,,,,....,,,,....,,,,..,.....,,......,,i,,., Betty Teece sss.,,i Betty Teece s,,.... Carolyn Bozeman Betty Teece .,,.i., Most Literary 1Minded Most Conrteous Most H appy-Go-Lucky Most I ndustrioics Richard Aultman Richard Aultman Vernon Bowden Marvin Whiting C651 STERCHI' O Home Fzwnislzpers for M ore Than Half A Century I GEORGIA STORES . . ATLANTA . . . ATHENS . . . DALTON MACON . . . ROME ECONOMY GAS AND APPLIANCE COMPANY C Batane - Propane Gas and Appliances O Fred W. Shepard-Local Representative C 0 m p l i m e n t s 0 f CHESTER WILSON INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 259 Fefe Valley, Georgia -we App te.Yo Ifuefneew' 1663 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of the SENIOR CLASS-1952 We, the Seniors of the Class of 1952, being of probable sound mind and in possible good health, do this day hereby certify this Last Will and Testament. We leave to posterity and to all students who can make the grade through twelve long years these last remarks and remembrances. Alyce Akins leaves to Nan Carithers her tiny waistline with hopes that she will not starve. Richard Aultman leaves his ability to catch on to jokes to anyone who doesn't understand them. Dothan Bass leaves his love for Coach Fair- cloth to anyone who thinks it's worth ac- cepting. Vernon Bowden leaves his athletic looking physique to Al Hutto, hoping he'll make bet- ter use of it. Carolyn Bozeman leaves to Sylvia Scarbor- ough her flirting ability and her desire and effort to always try and know more people in other towns than Kay Fuller. Jerry Bryan is just satisfied to leave. J. B. Cliett leaves his love for blue eyes and blonde hair to Jimmy Rasnake. Watch out Jimmy, fickle blondes always mean TROU- BLE! Jimmy Cripps leaves his ability and energy from winning the State Championship in pi- ano for the 1951 to Billy Sanders, hoping that he will take it up. Jack Davis leaves his ability for learning to type in 10 easy lessons to Kay Fuller. Frankie Goodrum wills her philosophy of life to Royce Collins because he says, "Ain't a word of it so." Hugh Hatchett leaves to Gale Thomson his ability to find trouble anywhere and all the squirrels he ever missed. James Jones leaves to Miss Bell his unfound mistakes in the answer book. Ted Joyner leaves his ability to broad jump and run the 100-yard dash to fleet-footed Eddie Merritt. Cecil Martin leaves his quiet and unobtrusive manner to Larry Dyes because goodness knows he needs it. C673 Bobby Mason leaves to Roy Bowden his light- ning speed on the track in hopes he will be able to learn to lift those clod-knockers he wears. Moose Murray leaves his 8 years in Junior High and High School to anyone who's crazy enough to take it. Charles Parham leaves his slow-poke voice and little ole Southern drawl to Beth Math- ews. Virginia Schofill leaves her perfect attend- ance record to Patricia Anthoine. Betty Jean Smith leaves her ability to take care of Miss Boyer's typing needs to Jimmy Rasnake. Betty Mae Smith leaves her ability to be ex- empted from her examinations to Feddie Barnes. Helen Smith leaves her changeable mind to Dorothy Aultman and hopes she does as well as she did. Oliver Snapp says he wants everything he's got. So therefore he leaves nothing to no- body, except himself whom he leaves to Elea- nor Dent. Jimmy Stephens leaves his love for Macbeth and Miss Thelma's English classes fsnoozelj to Katherine Fagan, Betty Teece leaves her love for and excessive use of make-up to Virginia Leaptrot. Jimmy Thomson leaves his million dollar legs and break-neck speed on the basketball court to Edward "the Turtle" Merritt. Joann Whiddon leaves her ability to sing to Nan Fagan. Marvin Whiting leaves his love-for women that is-to Jimmy Pearson hoping he has many happy returns. Eloise Yaughn leaves her theatre attraction to Pat Yaughn. Your Total U F00dBfll1S Compliments Less of when You Shop ww MAL Tommy's Cleaners c sl sr0RfS , I Compliments of Massee Appliance 6 Furniture Co. D. L. MASSEE, Owner Complete Home Furnishings Telephone 2361 Marshallville, Ga. R. L. Marchman and Company. Inc. Frigidaire Appliance Dealers Deal's Luggage Store Third Street Side of the Dempsey Hotel Macon, Georgia For Your Luggage Needs See Us Nationally Advertised Brands Carried Best Wishes Laney Food Processors, Inc. Camzers of QUALITY FOODS Marshallville, Georgia Compliments 0 f P A T R O N I Z E I oe E. Davidson R ip 'esentative G U R METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE A D V E R T I S E R S COMPANY 1685 FOUNTAIN'S DRY CLEANERS 6 LAUNDRY, INC. Quality Work - - - Coiirteous Service 'iii' Telephone 203 Fort Valley, Georgia C o rn p lim e ii t S Of BLUE BIRD BODY COMPANY 'lb Furnishirig Safer School Bus Traiisportatioii for Georgia Schools Since 1927 if 1 ,if . Corp 'mm 6 Sundown Nurserles Of '43 Valley Fan , M h 11 '11 ,G ' Manufacturlnq Co. als a V' e eorgla Compliments Fort Valley Bakery 0 J. Anderson Avenue Louise Turner 53 Q Home Made Bread and Pastries Olnigmal Floweln Paintings Special Orders PORTRAITS 4695 1 1 - ' ,: .7 . 1 - - 1 -uf.. ' , - , 3 . ' 1 f:' 1,3 if I I of' 4. ' . ' ," e1' ' .. -YJ1 -'24 .',-.q ,, l 6-no W- - - ' : " ' A' ' n. 5 J N F HL Q V 'ij' ' A b 1' Y U ll V 2' .4 X s ' 4 .v A Vg:--Q .inf 1 af f I' y gf F I I -f , I ? s 1 r 1 4 'I ' I' df wx W V aV MM ,m fi M QQE W .fy fig! + Qwgfy Sf' NN JydNiQg?Wg.VW V! R , . W Q 'iff wi AutogfaphsP ' 35 F- L zany:-v .0 wif.-., Autographs owdinwgif' fyxi far 222' 4. ,044-'tc' 4i",,."Z?Z1..e ZILZZQQ aj JJ. feta-s-Lwwl, MvuQ .QA -'W:.W-'wa M 'fa-1-e. aZ.,.,74,! Java. 5 . 'L R -111: W -I. K V-5 '-, 1557, FTF? 1 o A U T o, r 23 , 1.3. I 4: . .. -v 1 f. . N V I . ,I - 1' Pg' . 13 . " v ., A ,f 1 4 x f .1 .if ., -if .. ,, 6:31 , r i , ,,,g,1 Y Y ::.Qg3'If V ,M EEE- in x 2 K -Q, Y I . - 21 - -It bf- fax? - , 'ms .F 1- H- 1,'Q 4 wi' ' . 2,-xt' A - , F,-:G , , 3, . 4, , f. ,V ,, , ,Q QE V ,V i L V ls Y, s v X- 'ivy ,M ,, R, ' , , -'L 's fii-P2 'L '-sl: ff 5'-if fp " Agp. ,.. . , , .,x, , .-1 Q ,EL . AV, .HP - P 'Y r- MIIIII. , A A 1'- V.4 . f'v"-VL '. ' '. lx -1 'aI I in ' . '1 . . .5 A ' . -I -um - 'if 5 -- 7' 1 V ' --.- ' -1 ' it .. ffl' A V" ' 'CEIEL 'A , ' -, -'14 13:5 . Ii. 1-"pf .Vx A Lf V -f-5'v'.-- Eff' ' V 5 -1 .- . - LfJ,i""' V14 ' -iq' , V. If II If I I I I. .. IIB ISM :'?:IIhfIIH ' 'Y f If f ' if .f QB f V333 V' ' an-V11 I V. fn. piggy- . Q . '- II I I- .541 j ffl, M " --'Iyaaisi-1 I . ---'fu ' IR -firifff, fiifi '. I- QQ A If, I 7 , ' Emi'-f ' EP- rs' lie--V.i-If..-.i yr . I,- . ', -' - 5 ' ' .' "' -W.-14: -. -V '-""'-S154 f-f4'2'V'f'-ef' V V L "am. .' 1-'f +'- - - -1-. 'fi .SU ff" V -J ' arf -"w2'f. et -' . ,,.,.g, 41- 4, -V., -.-. Q -2- ' - It -. ze : -V -aw ., .Q -S I .I'-f.-yy' .I ,A , ,I - Q 3 TV 1 '-.Y I I Ig, VI II..- 1- Hg... -gtg , 4. ,Q .Q - V ,, . -- I IIII, .- I H- I ' -f V . J - - . a .V . rf vw - V ,VV is--5-5 V V . -"F" .,, -1 ff V - r . 1 UV. I- A. ' - fp. .f I II V I- . AI - ' a ' . 13. .5 --1 . - - I ,awk - 'azgVgawj- f .. --1. A II Qi ff E. - - I .II,II-,I Vg ' .5 .gi iII . I I .IIIE V, , I I V. :V ' . V ' . ,Ir-1 . 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Suggestions in the Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) collection:

Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 14

1952, pg 14

Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 33

1952, pg 33

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