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 - Class of 1952

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Fort Stockton High School - Panther Yearbook (Fort Stockton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,., -... ,Q-J fam: uf f . , , . . ...,.Y - , 1' '- - '-twat-. 'V ' . , ,'f2. ,f1',1 ,- - V Y-1 1- - L - . f . X . .- , H. - T, , - .f,, .uv 4--ff, . 'I - A "K u" .r.1.l-- - J- ' . H--1 Y ' rf' "Dlx"-1"5' ' f'.7L:,,:' -9-' ' 'f .U . -. .mi k 1. . , V.-,M 'V--, , ..,,L .15 . , , , .. X 3"f'W--"X -W " vw -LJ- . An.. ' "1.f?2,f,-it f- ' ., fi , X R ' WLM , ,i 14- ., , -., , . . . NN. k ' . N x I f .un .-7' 'L v I b, 7611 .3 . ll 4-.AM-7 ' '-. tm- - I 4' 'V ... 4- 1. . X' -l,,' ..-I v ' ' J., 4 -nl -ai . ,- ' , Af 2 " ' 4'-',' , 4.0" . ,- ,gf 11. '. 'yn,'.'f,-'., -,Q Qiglji L- ' 1 V- , T' ."-1 af i,.,1 7.3, ol ' I f . 4 -,,f Y. I -An' :gf ,. ' -J,-. ,,' ' A' ,J -.- . I . 1 1 f ,.N A , 'J-A -"-'31 'FF' 5' Z'.f Quf' 'T -rg.. "' 1' . -.' ' :N , A 'Q - ' if -vu - '.-if .HLA ". - ' ,, ' All ' .X .' , , ' - . " f ' .':Q'f4f5,',f2!L ."".-1. :Y f,,. ' ' n - ' .r , A Pubh-sh bSr.For,t Stockhonfl-Hgh School '- g. . gy . A,:' J "', j-, I ' .,'v ., ,. .7 " Y Y D . 4 H ' "'.'t ",-:jf-gr-'ir-1 3 .jj 1' ",, 1 ,L v ,, f x jffifd for' , qme'Ruqse11 fo .. v 1 T ' ' ' 31 43 21 , 'gxt fn 4, ,sf fuels Managfr-Claudel Owens ,., '- - , -r - Q ff, '-' 'Vg ' -. . . gh -'Ng 1 -3115 55,3 322 'ff 9, 'xftrielli Af! tQponso1ffQV1rs. Wmnme Mae Johnson .5 . .' - A '..,z, 3. .1 1. ' 'vf f T. - 'L ,,- - A s .glzfgvz f-ilizg .clgznx ?'X 1-fry: XA? 5.1.7 AW 4 .Q yqbft .A P f"- 5.1 'J 1' ' 1 1 'G' ", ' -1 - - Q ,4s. VHP Q -3 X, V. , I ',Y Q,-1 ' il- -YW-f A !iqK x i , , X 2.3-'I' . u c ii 1 N , 43 ,..s ll, w,'..,1.x - x ' - 'V' X - Q 1,,,.n-- ' ' - - 9' ..u - - y - J! -X 'fy " " . " f ' '.- ' ' 94 ' ' 'un, ' ' . ' . ' ' L J P I' ' I7AL,,.-,. - w , -r ff .if-,. , Y ,, , . r' E ' .A-U I ,"' ' ' ' ..2x .' 5 1 - . fl . It-J. 'vt , I 6 ' ' 'il . uf .4 -1 .- L - - . . im, . ' 8, ,-' " ' .g . ' J. ". 'V iff' nl: I - " ' Ll . f . 1:4 . ff X N N11-Q 'x' - if 1' . . v.: , ,- ' ' , .1 . u ' I . , ' .' 'J,7:g- ' :WL 14,3 ' ." - " 'ffm , -' L' - ' - ' s l .. ' ' '-' " 1 . g. . 1 ,. . I 1 . V, K' - - .gm - ' 21 . ' . 2 s ' 1 .- , 7 ,I f gif ' , '-V , L ' f- ,, ' :J ' .fog r 1, Q '1- s , , ., 1 ', i ,M-, V Y 4 .Q X . -. 4 1 iw ,, .. , J' ' . f" 1 - I ,4 P, - ,A ' v - 'IPA . -V Q 5 ' sl.. , 1 5' . '5' 3 -' , Z I 1, .- :V -" Ny' ' x A . 1 . .' Q A - .- y 'fm . , 'Q , ' ., ' H ,QW 7 A. ' .v r 'f'!' V. I V4 I I V - 1 , ' . ' if "' ,- ' t' I 5 I V , . I I Ll . - ,lb 4, 'V f w 1' ,143-g if I. f " ' '. . 11, . t , K T711 ' 2.4 ' 4 fb ,V 1 6 :- ' ,L ' --' . ' f - . 9 -1-f: fx.: are f ., lg 1 ,r ' " wax kg , 5 1 v ,I 5.3, , 5 ,q A . ' nt A - I .L. W.: 1' .5 ." , , . '--Q . H .', W , ! Y X'-A ',.' JK u?F,-29, f' 4- ., -A 14 f AL-'fvif-'WA .'q AQ' ' -. 'Tx . .Huh . . 4 . f.v' 1" 1' 1'.+2f'A'."v P A ' .- ' V- "ri: 1 I -' ,' -' f An va'-2 --Q f 'WK' -- ff- - . . ',r N .,' I . Q ,, - Y ., 4 .-if - I ,Q .P f- P11 A ff- - - , , , - ,Q -F ' ' "' , " 'Af '-, X "sf, -', 'fc wtf, Y- 34" , 3 "'.. , ff' . ' '-'41A,,Qf." ' ,Ql'.-sf s'. M lbdgrblrl-f'f9' i 'V' I.. ,Ld '. ' s 'vw 3. ' ',.w..p,?v,I .4 '1f',' ," ' ' . . , A D5 .ur .1-,'j ,ct-,.. ll, v 1, 04 'JU .. , xx 1 4-' i' no In , .- V K ', YU, Jw.. LAM W ' f 'W' 'U ,. ' 's 'il u,Jl Imp. Order of Book FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS PERSONALITIES CLASSES SOCIAL, EVENTS SENIOR EN ENTS ADX ERTISEMEINTS FOREVN ORD In thus the 1952 Panther we of the annual staff have endeavored to reflect a perlod of tlme the lnterests and aCtIV1tI9S durlng thxs year ln Fort that ID ume to come th1s book may serve as a remxnder of thxs perxod May It brlng memorles that w1II grow rxcher and dearer w1th the years deidem Stockton High School. It is our Wish MOST HANDSOME BOY 3- 553 rm: L4 F' :wt I1 if J V d. in H. .fa Fi nf! . ,P K +gk 4.4 'a ik .xr 1' 'gif' R 4? 'V tl n."1 gun Hai-' 7- flikfffgify' Z'-f - 4, 'f' ,n- , .Hi V -df :li he ,yur H'-If 11" Lv 1 lf? C 'ff ' ' 'V '.l af ' n -v e .JL -. - K" XAIJ' f' "is 6257" 1 if . ii-'12--.Z x' , - ' 1' ' l N .4 - 11 r x J Bud Thompson CUTEST GIRL Loqce Johnson KR 1.1,-' A 2. S , f H LWB dk ' MOST POPULAR BOY K X ..-A ?' " N, X Sim Reeves Z!- MOST IDOIUU M wwp, VZ WVA! K V Susie Ch rnesmcm M051 IQEDRESENTATWE Bov Jim Black MOST REDRESENTATIVE GIRL "'I7 f J J? V, Lois Long ,J Y MUST ATHLETIC BOY f"'x'3 YU'- Georqe Qonzoles MOST ATHLETIC GIRL Helen King .-3,14 Wm 9. Al 1 I W we . Q fy' 'If . sl' s 5 if 1 5 ai.. Q ,. . . f " 55,52 T R342 'f I . rw .fx 'J' g T541-f , f , Y 0 f 4- ! W ' 2 ff . I u- ' 'jf ' '- ,, YI 214. 1,91 , . M. , ,L gf, NN""'Qjjfn 4 , 7 r Q .1 4 i ' 2 1 ,Z l lf' ', , ' -f if f 1 J 'df in Q'-9 ROYAL COURT OF FORT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL King Stuart Diebitsch Queen Susie Chriesman Prince Will Slaten Duke Jim I-Iuckaby Duchess Imogene Calhoun Duke Sutton Allison Duchess Janell Parr Flower Girls Princess Anne Waldrum Duke Lee Graham Duchess Robin Johnson Duke Gerald Saul Duchess Nayna Johnson Janice Coleman Cleone Crump Crown Bearers Chip Oswalt Karen Smith Train Bearers Johnny Long David Porter The King and Queen of Fort Stockton High School were crowned April 4, 1952, in the annual coronation ceremony. Members of the Royal Court were entertained with a musical directed by Lois Long, Barbara Rainwater, Dixie White, and Miss Celia Goodenough and pre- sented by a cast of over one hundred students. I Kmg Stuart of the house of Dlebltsch Queen Susle of the house of Chrxesman Stuart Dlebltsch and Susxe Chr1esman,Kmg and Queen of Fort Stockton I-hgh School elected by popular vote, were crowned by Prlnclpal J G. Huckaby durlng the annual coronatlon 'na inf Prmce and Prmcess of the Semor Class Prlnce W111 of the house of Slaten Prmcess Anne of the house of Waldrum lar 5 s ' .2 J? ' e Z Q . ? 4 ., v- Q bf- , i :A , 'Yi . n 4 , ,A , . is . ,I . I-A-A 1 "" A ,,..aaf Y r ff' , Duke and Duchess of the Sophomore Class Duke Lee Of the house of Graham Duchess Robin of the house of Johnson Duke and Duchess of the Junior Class Duke Jim of the house of Huckaby Duchess Imogene of the house of Calhoun 1 fl s 1 Q V 9? 9 p, .3 N .b1" H '7 fm 9 V- Duke and Duchess of the Eighth Grade Duke Gerald of the house of Saul Duchess Nayna of the house of Johnson U.. X: Duke and Duchess of the Freshman Class Duke Sutton of the house of Allison Duchess Janell of the house of Parr fun-'if 'N ,f Ni J :ef- ii 'A ,grab .X l 1 Frank Baker, Senior, King. RUNNERS-UI3 Charlotte Jean Lock, Senior, Queen Sue Meriwether, Senior, Most Popular Girl. A i L in ff 1 f 'N "' -' , ' 1 W1 uiief. ""1"l , I. y.. . 4 . "' 1 i iii' 2 4 2? 1 "4 'U Agustin Bustamente, Senior L1 Most Popular Boy i, ,. in ,M- ...fw- Emma Ramirez, Freshman, Cutest Girl. in-Q RUNNERS-UP Barbara Rainwater, Senior, Most Representative Girl !g,,, i.' .. -I L. - N Gloria Blanco, Junior, Most Athletic Girl G I i r Emu fm lmiiuwiiiiir-as Q U . I 1 I 7 1- I i f 1 I 45: ff DA? ,of -4 ,, ,a -4 1 I 9 ' -t gif ANNUAL STAFF xl Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson, Sponsor, Fane Downs, Associate Editor, Connie Russell, Editor, scan a college publication for an in- spiration. STAFF MEMBERS Connie Russell Fane Downs Claudel Owens Laverne Counts Jan Cunningham Bobby Dee Walker Mary Hale Billy Taylor Sue Meriwether Charlotte Lock Susie Chriesman Dinah Park Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson Delegates to the Texas High School Press Association which was held in Denton December 7, 8, 9 were Connie Russell, Mrs. Johnson, and Claudel Owens. 1 1 Y v R Discussing ad possibilities with local merchant, Joe Hinson, are Claude-l OWL-ns, Business Mana- ger and Laverne Counts, Assis- tant Business Manager. ,f I fzlwf I nz lei i K, X- 1, Layout Editors Mary and Bill Looking over some photographs search various annuals for a are the annual photographers, suitable idea. Sue and Charlotte. I 4 I 1 . . 1 y 1. ,, V9 . W L. 2. , 1 ,... I , W l f' 'W 'F- .ar Susie and Dinah, art editors Sport Editors Jan and Bobby puzzle over art Work for a Dee get pictures ready for division page. their section. ,Kaiba-n -1 r X 'Mag i -K r fl 1 iw Staff members work diligently Current Annual problems are to meet various deadlines. figured out by staff members. PUBLISHLD BY STUDENTS OF THL FORT STOCKTON HIGH bLHOOL I mm' WOTk1Hg to meet a deadhne are Conme Russell reporter Odle Palmer assl stant photographer Susle Chrxesman soclety edltor and Anne Waldrum photographer Not Pxctured Stuar Dlebltsch sports edltor Covermg all phases of school actxvltxes IS our school paper publxshed by the Journallsm class under the sponsorshlp of Creola Rector if-f Susxe Chrxesman Mary Hale and Becky Walker represented the Tumbleweed staff at the THSPA Conventlon ln Denton December 6 7 and 8 The fmances for publxca Looklng over a newly arrwed ed1t1on of the Tumbleweed are Mary Hale edltor Becky Walker BUSINESS manager and Creola Rector sponsor tlon are provlded for by a sub scrxptxon campalgn and a sub sldy gxven by the school board Seven lssues were prlnted thls year by the staff '51 'N ,-nf' 'kr-1 President Jimmy Black Vice-President Secretary Barbara Rainwater Dixie White Sponsor Miss Celia Goodenough The officers of the Student Council and leaders of the student body, elected by popular vote, are pictured in Miss Goodenough's office as they discuss plans for Corning Student Council meetings. The hub of the wheel of student activities, the council directs all assemblies, social activities, concession stands, and projects of the student body. 'Y 1, him In the Student Council assembly, Stuart, the June bride, Jim the dashing bridegroom, I... B., the glamorous bridesmaid, and Lee, the raging Rev- erend, perform a lovely ceremony for the student body. A Q l 1 s I Y 0 , rn Stuart proposes to I Anne in "And the , Lamp Went Out," Q Flowergirl Billy another skit pre sented on the Dotson throws rose etals before the bridal party assembly, P Senior representatives-- l...B. Ryan, Anne Waldrum, Lois Long, Stuart Diebitsch. "UQ 510 The Student Council representatives are pic tu r e d working on the various projects that the council sponsored during the year. The Seniors are shown in the concession stand during a basketball game getting candy and cokes ready to sell. Packing the food contributed by the student body during the food drive are the Junior representatives. This food was distributed to the needy families at Thanksgiving. One of the weekly jobs of the student council repre- sentatives is being performed by the Sophomores, who are stacking the hymn books after a religious assembly. The Freshmen are shown busily making favors for one of the football games. Each class was responsible for the favors for two games. The Eighth Grade representatives are selling hand- books which were put out by the Student Council at the first of school to familiarize students with our school. 1 Junior representatives-- Betty Hallford, Gene Scott, Bill Vickrey, Jean Rose. 11 Bm lQf.,,r,,,p IAN M Wllf. Sophomore representatives - Lee Graham, Mike Fincher Lllann Dyche, Dinah Park. Eighth Grade representatives-- Willie Downs, Betty Vickrey, Sharon Smith, Billy Joe Hin- son. Freshman representatives Sutton Allison Mar aret 1 S Lannom, Nancy Armistead Jiggs Henley. The Council listens to President Black's weekly comments. bjctifmz V Delegates to the annual T. A. S. C. Convention were Stuart Diebitsch, Jean Rose, Anne Waldrum, and L. B. Ryan. Corpus Christi was host to the Texas Association of Student Councils this year, The convention was held March 27, Z8,and 29. Besides the official delegates those attending were Sutton Allison, Jimmy Black, Luann Dyche, Mike Fincher, Lee Graham, Dinah Park, and Sharon Smith. Included in the activities were general meetings, discussion groups, and social events. Mr. and Mrs. J.G. I-Iuckaby, Celia Good- enough, and Mrs. E. W. Smith sponsored the group. i' If Relaxed for a while the Council poses for a group picture. 51555 I Ps... ' . Reporting to the student body on the Shreveport S. A. S. C. Convention are delegates, Lois Long, Jimmy Black, Dixie White, and Barbara Rainwater. Rendering a rip-roaring song. are Lois, Barbara, Luann, Dixie, and Betty. BAND is. Bass Clarinet: Sharon Smith, Charlotte Walker, Charles Hunter, Jesse Dotson, Roy Johnson, Gwen Georgeg Tenor Sax: Agustin Bustarnenteg Jimmy Coleman. Alto Sax: Edwin George, Not pictured, Lois Long. lll Ill I.-1-1 Marion Bowers, Walter Counts, Betty I-lallford Barxtone Sxrn Reeves Wllllam Downs Joe Hmson Trombone James Sackeil Dotson Joan Dnebxtsch Frank Baker Downs Not plctured l., B Ryan John Smlth Bllly Bllly Fane Allen Tommy Rlogs Beth Moore Vhllda Wells Coy Boatner Royce Johnson Gwendolyn Powell Fel1c1tas Gonzales Glorla Blanco Debb1e Pat lllo Nayna Johnson Betty Vxckrey Jlmmle Ann Vmckrey Not plctured DIXIE Wlnte Barbara Rainwater Mary Lou Pina 'iii I' Q 2 In 1 Bass Drum, Howard Morgang Cymbals, Shirley Sullivan, Snare Drums, Doris Weddle, Rosemary Roye, Connie Coleman, Connie Ryang Bells, Char- lotte Lock . , T A ""r"""'f"'4f' v L , af.,....,.,,, W ' v-1 ,Q W Charles Bell: Director I , fa .-W he-41 V R t 7 L r II l Q an 11 ' ' E R "'.-"5 S Joy Whitley Barbara Fortson Mid-term band members Garcia, Rudy ' Gonzales, George Graham, Lee Harral, George I-,oyce Johnson Lois Long Moore, Beth l Moore, Dick Rodriquez, Angel Urias, Rosemary Vasquez, Felix French Horn, Jon McDonald, Cornet, Curtis Krehbiel TOTUFUY Riggs Ramon Sanchez, Pete Urias, Enedina Pina, French Hornp Drum Major Albert I-lallford. I 'QI :S FCDRT STOCKTON BAND The 72 member Fort Stockton High School Band under the direction of Charles Bell had asuccessful year. The band gave Christmas and Spring Concerts here, and a concert for the students of San Angelo College. The band went to Brady for the Heart 'O Texas Festival in March. With the coming of February the band settleddown to workfor the Interscholastic League Contest. Two clinics were held under two very capable band men. An improved showing was made by the band when they went to Kermit for contest. All solos and ensembles that were entered did well To make money to go on trips the band held a magazine subscription selling campaign. Bulova Watches went to high salesmen--Curtis Krehbiel, Betty Hallford, and Debie Patillo. The band received a trophy for selling more subscriptions than any other band in this region Selling concessions at the All-Girl Rodeo was another fund raising campaign. There was a Band Councilcomposed of eight members whose duty it was to help set the policies concerning discipline of band members. Included in the council were the officers of the bandg Sim Reeves, Presidentg Fane Downs, Vice-President, Betty I-Ia1lfordgSecretary,g and other members--Royce Johnson, I... B. Ryan, Dixie White, Howard Morgan, Frank Baker, and Connie Ryan. As band members look on, Director Bell opens his Christmas present from the band. CHOIR Back row Jesse Dotson Stuart Dnebxtsch Wxll Slaten Gerald Saul M1ss Dorls Owen Dlrector Wllllam Downs Charles Ezell George Parks Mlddle Row Janet Wl111aIf1S Nancy Armxstead Dora Granado Juamta Sosa El1d1a Scott Senaxda Ureta Asterxa Urlas Oraha Vmllalba Carolyn Cantrell Betty I-lallford Dxnah Park Enedma Pma Front Row Jean Rose Imogene Calhoun Patsy Meyer Beth Moore Rosemary Urlas Al1c1a Nunez Manuela Vlllalba Bella Gulterrlz Alejandra Franco, Mary Scott Mary Gonzales Dulcle Lxgon SQUARE DANCE CLUB MEMBERS MEMBERS f Margaret Lannom Jerry Llgon Betsy Mangum Geraldine May Nancy May John Larry McSpedden J B Mltchell Evelyn Ann Owens Debbxe Patxllo Connle Ryan James Sackett Sutton Alllson Marllan Brown Dale Burleson Clark Carpenter Connle Coleman Jxmmy Coleman Bobby Dxebmtsch W11l1e Downs Luann Dyche Butch Ezell Kurt Ezell Bobby Falkner Mlke Fincher Nancy Graham Bllly Joe Hmson Robm Johnson il i u I, ll il 1 Presldent Janet Mayes Vlce Presldent Harla Palmer Secretary Carol Kreldel Sponsor Emily Slaughter Sharon Smlth B111 Taylor Betty Vlckrey Jlmmle Ann Vlckrey Charlotte Walker : I . ' ! I Y I ' . I ' I I I ' : I I , l Y i A . Q 7 . I I D I l I . ' : I I I 3 . i Q I ' l I Y , . rv f' P.. ,gn K' V- " in 142' v " A cr., " I ' QQ 'iri- . 5 W . . 2631 ' . .5 Q 7 .., F 3 . . . - A . . . .F. A. Officers President lst. Vice-Pres. Znd. Vice-Pres. 3rd. Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Parliamentarian Sponsor Will Slaten Pat York Bud Thompson Jerry Ligon Lee Graham Douglas I-luckaby Jiggs Henley Fred Dees Eddy Sullivan Dee David White Sweetheart Susie Chriesman '?"' l MEMBERS Sutton Allison Jamie Averitt Clark Carpenter Lonnie Colston Bobby Diebitsch Mike Fincher Edwin George Lee Roy George Olan George Henry Mclntyre Larry McSpedden J. B. Mitchell Jake Nichols np! Pat Nichols Bobby Patterson Sim Reeves Ray Rose Roy Lee Scott Jack Silliman Bob Spann Fidel Terrazos J. T. Walker Dock Walters Darrel Watkins J. R. Watkins Durland Weddle The Freshmen members of the F.F.A. F'F'A' boys are making use f t fth A Club bring in the 5352. 70 that they made in the 0 par O e, g Department's equipment. March of Dimes Drive. A few of the boys complete cabinets in the Ag Barn. MEMBERS Marlon Bowers Barbara Cantwell Jo Beth Crane Mxldred Glenn Alfonsa Gonzales Mary Gonzales Betty Kemp Betsy Mangum Elodla Martxnez Carolyn McCracken PHA We f1nd Presldent Shxrley Gerbert Vlce Presxdent Helen Kmg Secre tary Nelda Spears and Sponsor Lorame Zetzsche dlrectxng an F I-I A mefetlno Other offxcers dolng thelr duty are Parhamentarlan Jean McSpedden Hxstorran Joan Vlck Reporter Nancy Armlstead and Treasurer Carla Jean Srmth MEMBERS Daphene Palmer Corma Pma Barbara Puckett Ehzabeth Rwera Rosemary Roye Mary Scott Ma ry A Valenzuela Oralla Vlllalba Dorls Weddle Betty Jean York 0 o I - . .. ' A , - , ' , ' h Q u Amelia Garcia ' O' Lucy Ramos I D 2 Mxckey Acosta Dora Aguxle ra Esther Bueno Irene Crawford Bllly Dotson Luann Dyche Luz Esplno Bobby Falkner Mlke Flncher Paula Flores Fehcztas Gonzales Frances Gonzales Lucla Gonzales Joan Gr1mes Kenneth Harper Howard Johnson Robln Johnson Betty Kemp Carol Kreldel Donnle Lawrence Mary Gonzales SPANISH CLUB gs-1 We fxnd the Spanxsh Club Offxcers Presldent Elena Sanchez Vxce Presxdent Angle Bueno Secretary8z Treasurer Alejandra Franco Re porter Bobby Dee Vtalker and Sponsor Mr Tommle Rxchardson plannlnga trlp to Mexxco Elodla Martlnez Janet Mayes Allcla Nunez Cleo Nunez Exelyn Ann Owens Harla Jean Palmer Dlnah Park Corma Pnna Beth RINSTB James Sackett Margxe Schausten Mary Scott Josephlne Scott Bob Spann Juamta Sosa Shlrley Sulllvan B111 Taylor Aurora Ur1as Eustolla Urlas Mary Della Urxas Oral1a V11lalba X 'T 7. 7 tw Q ' "W MEMBERS Jimmy Black Susie Chriesman Laverne Counts Jan Cunningham Fane Downs Mary Hale . Johnson Sponsors: Creola Rector, ' QUILL :Sf SCROLL Helen King Sue Meriwether Connie Russell Anne Vkialdrum Becky Walker Winnie Mae li? President - Connie Russell Vice-President- Mary Hale Secretary- Helen King finial The new members, Jan, Fane, Becky, Laverne and Anne, were initiated at a formal ceremony April 29. At the left is a picture taken at the Quill speaker for the program. 8: Scroll assembly. George Baker was the THESPIANS President Tommy Riggs Vice-President Susie Chriesman MEMBERS Tommy Riggs Susie Chriesman Dlxie White Lois Long Barbara Rainwater Sue Meriwether Claudel Owens Wilida Vtells Irene Crawford Frank Baker Jimmy Black Charles Hunter Jon Ollin McDonald Walter Counts Secretary Dixie White Sponsor Creola Rector ln order to become a member of The s pia n For every extra ten points a student earns h Troupe 33astudentmust have 10 points These receives a star Tommy Riggs and I..ois Long points are earned by either taking part in a are four star Thespians Barbara Rainwater production or by working back stage is a three star Thespian , , i 'rf Q, .f C4 Y: .. ,Xx,,v,' .9 ' i . . , e MEMBERS Armistead Boatner Braswell Cantrell Chriesman Coleman Counts, L.. Counts, W. Crane Crawford Diebitsch, Diebitsch, Dyche Ellis Falkner Graham Hale Hallford Hunter Ligon Long McDonald ff McSpedden Meriwether Meyer Moore Owens Palmer, D. Palmer, H. Park Parr, D. Parr, J. Rainwater Riggs Rose Roye Schrier Sullivan Walker Wells DRAMATICS CLUB Pres. Janet Williams Vice-Pres. Wilida Wells Sec. Jean Rose Officers Each year the Dramatics Club presents a mystery play for the P. T. A. Halloween Carnival, Pictured below are scenes from the Halloween play "The Vampire Bat". "THE VAMPIRE BAT" CAST Tommy Riggs Lois Long Jimmy Black Wilida Wells Charles Hunter Jon Ollin McDonald ' John Smith Jean Rose Beth Moore lmoge ne Calhoun Richard Grant Aunt Lydia Donald Mrs. Kahn Buster Zombie Vampire Bat Zoe Ainsworth A Woman Kay 1 INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE The one-act play, a cutting of the second act of "T0morrowthe World", won first place at the Regional Meet in Lubbock. Tommy Riggs was selected Best Actor and Frank Baker and Lois Long were on the A11- Star Cast. Emil Bruckner Michael Frame Pat Frame ------ Jessie Frame Frieda - ----- - Fred Miller -- -- Tommy Riggs - -- Frank Baker ----- Wilida Wells Barbara Rainwater ------- Lois Long -- Howard Morgan 715 AMW" ...K-..z. Ill ...Lf lulilik. Connie Russell placed first in At the district meet in Andrews Class A in Journalism at the Dick Moore won first place in State meet in Austin, Texas. Junior Boys Dec amation IN THIS ISSUE Football Volleyball Cheerleaders Track Basketball Tennis Baseball X f 'fig'-3 pw ik, ' ,f xl L X Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort FOOTBALL SCORES Del Rio Monahans Sanderson Marfa Alpine Wink Big Lake Mc Camey Iraan Crane STARTING LINEUP BACKS-Thompson, Gonzales, Parr, Huckaby LINE-Ryan, Baker, Henley, Pena, Kmppers Dees Sulhvan ECM" Frank Baker 3 year letterman Semor Rlght Tackle Chung I., B Ryan Odle Palmer Frank Baker Captam Co Captaln Co Captaxn J '9"'3"'9 942. Y-9 vs!! 'Q' L. B Ryan Z year letterman Semor Rlght End Odme Palmer 3 year letterman Semor Left Guard George Shlrkey 1 year letterman 5-X 'A' Z year letterman Af QQ wig? if .2558 :ln 411640 Sophomore Rxght Tackle Eddy Sulhvan X 1 year letterrran .Tumor Tamlback ii Joe Sulhvan 1 year letterman Sophomore Left End B111 Vmckrey .Tumor Left End Fred Dees IS trymg to make more yardage mn the Stockton vs Iraan clash S 4, -ff, Q ' 1 B x N K F W if A-1, In A -:,,.Q,, 45' .,3vz,1!l x g' . , , if " 5.1 4? - 5 H, ' 5 ' if f..5-W xr Howard Knippe r s 1-year letterman Junior, Center Manuel Pena 1 year letterman Junior, Right Guard fy W ' mf Darwin Parr 2-year letterman Junior, Quarterback Gene Scott 1 year letterman Junior Quarterback George Sanders Z year letterman Sophomore Quarterback 4' UW 'N 9.9,-Gm ' L' am if 119' was Lee Graham 1 year letterman Sophomore Rlght Guard Kenneth Harper 1 year letterman Sophomore Left Guard mfr 9,161 Z B .na-Vw 5.5v-A-p Jack Henley Z year letterman Jumor Left Guard George Gonzales Z year letterman Sophomore, Fullback Jim Huckaby Z year Ietterman Jumor Tallback NW Fred Dees 1 year letterman Jumor Vhngback A Panther IS tackled by an Iraan Brave an the next to the last game of the season Agustxn Bustamente 1 year letterman Seruor Wxngback Q' x.4.-3 5 Kurt Ezell 1 year letterman Sophomore Wmgback Rf: F Q IS . QV, V - X' .Ji S ' .I t wg F-3 'Lk 'Y ' . ,Q- . if '45 ' K iq 1. 1 -4 '7 IUNIGR FOOTBALL "1 -f--03's A V13 L to R back row Manuel Benav1des J R Watkxns Bobby D1eb1tsch J B Mltchell Larry McSpedden Coach Carley L to R Znd row Douglas Huckaby Charley Mclntyre Jerry Llgon fommy Bobo L to R lst row Jmggs Henley Jamle Averxtt Sutton Xllxson Butch Lzell Bruce Grxff1th Not plctured are Jlmmy Sullmvan Bxll Cleveland Thomas Arm strong The Jumor football team rolled over the heavler McCamey Jumor team bya score of 19 to Otowmd up m flrst place m Dlstrlct 5 A .Tumor competxtmon They ended the season undefeated The football scores are as follows Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Stockton Stockton 19 Stockton 57 Stockton 69 Stockton 14 Stockton Stockton 39 19 Crane Iraan Pecos Sanderson Wink Big Lake McCarney .f....w-:f .LJ wwe Hia ,,.......4 ls-Q C H E E R Q --., inl Q v , . :'f'f,:f Z 'L' ",f".u -r' ..M.""' Lu ., ,. 4 t . yn, C , Q. . I R wr x The Panther Cheerleaders worked hard this year backing the team at every game. They att Cheerleader Camp last summer at S. M. U. Creola Rector was the sponsor. .....-.,.,, Susie Chrie sman Senior A' Ns... . - 4 Q . ' ' 'F' Y - Il ll an -a " ' L eng " 1 -U4 ended Miss Jan Cunningham Junior Sue Janet Meriwether Williams Senior Junior '1 BASKETBALL Standmg George Gonzales Bull Taylor Manuel Sanchez Jesse Dotson S L Gonzales Dale Burleson Coach Nlchols Kneelmg .hm Huckaby Bobby Dee Walker Howard Knxppers Mlke Costello Walter Counts Fernando bub1a Monahans Tournament Ft Stockton Ft Davxs Ft Stockton Mc Camey Ft Stockton Crane Blg Lake Tournament Ft Stockton Lohn Balmorhea Ft Davxs Blg Lake Marfa McCamey Iraan Alpme F S Z4 Wlnk Ozona Tournament Ft Stockton Ft Stockton Ft Stockton Ozona Sonora Carrlzo Sprlngs Wxnk Crane McCamey Marfa Iraan Blg Lake Alplne George Gonzales, Ft Stockton guard, was placed on the All Tournament team ln the Ozona Tournament. He was the only player to place durmg the season of 1952. , L 1 ef 1 I ' 'D 1 f- fa ,M 15, 1 ,J - 4123 21 T15 l31ll'l1x - J I r - is 's ' ' ' us, of .1 Q- ' .X , V f L.- ' 'W I I lt . 39 . ' 33 . Zl 26 . 17 45 . Z3 37 . 34 . 49 . 34 ' ' F.S. Z7 35 1:-'S' 31 ' F.S. 36 . ' 38 F-OS. 39 F.S. 15 ' 45 F.S. 50 F.S. 33 61 F.S 38 F.S. 35 38 F.5- 41 F S 33 38 F.S. 39 ' F.S. 42 ' 66 F.S. 33 ' . . ' 36 ,ff , 1 Q N .' A -, -4 I K N Q Bobby Dee Walke r 1 year letterman Sophomore forward S. I... Gonzales 1 year letterman Sophomore guard R , ' 3 1 ,K 1 S - '1 2 George Gonzales Z year letterman Sophomore guard Bob Spann 1 year letterman Sophomore center f-rf 2 f-3:5 6 ff, Q E f ., 51 . i Mike Costelo Howard Knippers 1 year letterman 1 year leffeffflafl Sophomore guard Junior guard Manuel Sanchez 1 year letterman Sophomore forward sf, Walter Counts 1 year letterman Junior center VOLLEYBALL District Tournament lst Place Ft. Stockton 15 Monahans 11 Ft. Stockton 31 Kermit 18 Ft. Stockton 23 Crane 11 Big Spring Tournament Grandfalls Tournament 3rd Place Ft Stockton Crane Smckton Ga rden CNY Ft Stockton Grandfalls Stockton Forsan Stockton Antelope Ft Stockton Impenal btand1ngL to R Mrs James Esther Bueno Janell Parr Joan D1eb1tsch Exelyn Ann Owens Glorla Blanco Anne Waldrum Knee-Img L to R Aster1a UTIHS A11c1a Nunez Becky Walker Sue Merlwether Ameha Garc1a Stockton Stockton Stockton Stockton Stockton Stockton Ft Stockton Impe r1a1 Grandfalls McCamey Iraan Imper1a1 Crane Grandfalls H . 12 Ft- 43 9 . 30 Ft. A 43 10 l 14 ' Fr. 8 32 Ft. 30 ' 15 Ft. zo 31 Ft. 30 17 Ft. 43 18 Ft. zz ' 14 Ft. 25 zz . zz 15 Mrs. James has made an excellent re- cord during her eight years of coaching volleyball for FSHS. The team has won five District Championships and three 3rd Places. The volleyball girls, under V ... XM! WM? ai! . gp... 7 A Gloria Blanco Junior Z year letterman All-tourney at Crane-'52 Captain-'52, T31 her direction, have brought home 17 trophies from 2.0 tournaments in which they won either lst, Znd, 3rd, or consolation. Amelia Garcia Freshman 1 year letterman .X -N, Esther Bueno Freshman 1 year letterman Best Spiker-Big Springs '52 Al1-District- l I Andrews 52 sw fA' Alicia Nunez Sophomore 2 year letterman Best Set-up-Big Spring '52 Sue Meriwether Senior 3 year letterrnan V 'lf Becky Walker 4-5 Senior 3 year letterman All-District-Andrews I 52 C aptain '52 -'xf-9 4 J Q A 5 ggi A xi . Asteria Urias Junior 3 year letterman Q.. I Pictured are the girls who were on the starting lineup for volleyball games during the 1952 season. Left: Sue and Becky Center: Gloria and Asteria Right: Alicia and Esther ff" -p,,. 'i 4 , I GTS About 70 girls came out for volleyball this year. Workouts began on January 5 I-I Z6 and lasted until the district tourna- ment was held on April l. "B" TEAM HQ! Kneelmg Elena Sanehez Xmeha Garcna Juamta Sosa Cleo Nunez Standumg Mrs James Janell Parr Joan Dl6bltSCh Evelyn Ann Owens Carla Jean Srr1th Anne Waldrum Manager FWD Back Row Deble Patnllo Betty V1ckrey Nancy May Georgeanne Smlth Carolyn Cantrell, Vnckx McSpedden Nancy Graham Front Row Charlotte Walker Belxa Gutlerrez Dorxs Weddle Peggy Zuehlke Judy Alhson TENNIS Laverne Helen Coach Nichols Betty Left Betty Hallford Jumor l year letterman Stngles Rxght Helen Kung Semor 4 year letterman Doubles Laxerne Counts .lunlor 3 year letterman Doubles Atthe begtnmng of the 1952 season the prospects for a wxnmng tennxs team looked verybrtght Laxerne Counts Helen Kxng Betty!-lallford Darw1nParr Howard Kmppers and Vtalter Counts were returmng lettermen Conme Coleman represented F S H S on the Iumor team The Sentor team played matches w1thGrandfalls Pyote and Alplne The enttre team went to Odessa Inv1tat1onal Tournament and the Dtstrxct Meet tn Andrews Laverne Helen Betty anClConn1ewor1f1rst places tn thetr FCSPCCYIVS classes and the team won ftrst place at th1s meet Helen Betty and Laverne went to the Reglonal Meet at Lubbock Betty played tn the ftnals and won second place Helen and Laverne were ellmtnated ln the quarter fmals .W Q, iq, A4 , .,,'.,7 Howard Knippers Junior Z year letterman Coach Buddy Nxchols Darwln Parr Jumor Z year letterman iw is Ray Rose Jumor Team Jack Sllhman Freshman Jumor Team KA If 1-1' mul' Walter Counts Junior I year letterman val le Conn1e Coleman Sophomore .Tumor Team f'X I '11 'H Q xWi4 P: l Q r A. . " V- I ' K u 4 xl, ff -- 1 -' ' ? f - , U :XA yr 111.1 lf' C.--g' ,za-:. 1 f I "" v an , Q ' A" vi" 1 -,YAJW I B . rfxiiv :- N .' ' if 5: .- -A , , 4, V C V' F4 395' gl--'fs . ' ' E2 1 4 ' , - ,zz ' ,r -. . ,.1: Freshman ' 1-'In , ,W l r ir 1 r vi ' 1 ' h J .... . "ws - . friizg l H xxztxfixiyvi TRACK QW 1 it Q . I O in.: It's a long way down there boys J B Sutton Bobby and Douglas In Agusttn Bustamente practtctn g A scene from the Comanche for the rntle Relays Fox t Stockton played host to the etghth annual Comanche Relays on March 3 1957 Mote schools attended than exer before Fort Stockton 5 lone entry Amusttn Bubtan ente plat ed 5th tn the mtle Jxrn Huclxaby later Jotned Afrusttn to represent Fort Stockton at the dtstrtct meet tn Odesea ln Juntox track Sutton Xlltson qualttted and ran Cath tn the 50 yard dash Bobby Dtebttsch qualttted and ran :wth tn the lOO yard dash .l B lx ttchell won lst IH the IOO yard dash 7nd tn the htgh jump and 3rd tn the 50 yard dash Douolas Huckiby won lst tn 1115 heat but tatled to qualtfy 11:1 , I . fm A 3' , .v y v ' 1 J 'f -g . y ,-' ' -7 - l "--' 'NV ,4 X 9 ? X r S S t . r , f G ffl , , Q " 1' ' , ' ' ' 'A , - 4 V- B, ' x - . ., , , . L 1 .A t -fl ' '11 . ' yn' Q '41 2' ni 2 1 , F ,Yi Sari- 'Q ' . ..,n V, . -- V t ff- I 1+ t f , . in , V- I , , ' QV A. '72""2m ' i P, , Q I l -- A A ut- M 4 , ,if A""' . , y- ., In A 5 U A A D Q . 1 I , N K , I I . . .t N I Y , . D . . . l' ' , , ' S ' , - ' i ' ' , , K ,Y I i D I . . K . , . l Fi ' 9 Q J' J' x lx X Yi , Q! X2 X D 15,1 rl . ,ik 0 V - l ' - - ' ,I P6 , ,A 5 Back Row: Couch lion Curley, Mranucl Pena, lnrry McSpcddGn George Gonzales, Howard linippers., Bunny Hallford, Walter Counts Front Row: .lirn I-luckaby, Pele Urias, LB. Mitchell, Ray Rose Sutton Allison, Lev Graham, lxlanuvl Benrividcs. 6 -Q ' 'ri J ., L ' x f Q f ...andthen... 91, .ri Howard hit it. 9.5 a' x' f ...Q--we-f' fl s-"""'f"" ii , if 10 5 t Q.--.L-O. Q. Stee---rike! Whoosh 1 4 1 n zu , tr 'qi N Coach Ken Carley L 1 Walter Counts lst Base Junior Sutton F 3rd Base 1 Freshman Allison A '-' "Y, I LA x 1 ij, xf,.!.,,..1 X. , w yf f , ' Q 4 -5 X f Y . . fi Bunny -t A Hallford ' ' , 'M Outfield V Q, Senior T 'M I George Gonzales Pitcher Sophomore SIX X1-.iff l S Manuel Benavides Catche r Freshman QX yxxl , X I f 1 , 1 Q Z If Lg!! Q fu tg , Lee Graham Outfield Sophomore J, ZT7331 ' S , .li , gl Howa rd Knippers Znd Base Junior J.B. Mitchell Outfield Freshman X - Z' 5' f ! '1- 1 Pete Urias outfield Outfleld Junior Freshman 57" E. W. "Ike" Smith Superintendent of F. S. H. S. ,. ". fi ll I. G. Huckaby Principal of F. S. H. S. 'J Q 'If pi" 0' Q ,W 'I af CQ 00? iff IM' XQ. Joe Hinson President BOARD OF EDUCATION Mofyt Russell Dee Walker Vice-President Secretary 1 gb Aa rr AE T. W. Hillin f 5 1 E. F. Triplett Business Manager Clyde Park Tom McKenz1e 3---' " I Q Qf Harry Carpenter Y C English themes '? Sallie Buster B.A. , M.A. San Marcos English Q 'fi L' Y9' R,-,, Kenneth Carley B.S. North Texas Social Science 1 T' Doris Baumgardner R.N. Hendrick Memorial Health Co-cordinator Morris Childers B.S. North Texas Math lx 3 fi Charles Bell B.S. B.S. West Texas Martin Baze West Texas Science Band 2-ff E3 J' "I think the kids are worse than they were last year, " Celia Goodenough B. A., M. E. Texas University Guidance Director T' i. 1. Q Joseph Greenan Dora Hayter Mary Ella James B.A., M.A. B.S. B.A. Baylor Sul Ross Hardin Simmons History Math Physical Education 2 A-I' V. "1 Miss Slaughter helps two students with their work. Winnie Ma B.S. T.S. C. w. Study Hall e Johnson Ma rgue rite Jordon Sec reta ry 'Q Q- I Pat Mayfield B.S. North Texas Manuel Training FAC Buddy Nichols B.S. Sul Ross Physical Education i vu ULTY Tommy Richardson B. A. . B. S. Howard Payne Spanish Emily Slaughter B. A. North Texas Librarian ll M Doris Owen Gilbert Ray B.S. B.S. Texas University Sul Ross Choir Commerce Dee David White B. S., M. A. Sam Houston Agriculture Creola Rector B.S. T.S.C. W. Speech Baylor vs. Rice, maybe? Loraine Zetzc he B. S. T. S. C. W Home Economics CAFETERIA MANAGER Ihin., fwmggg Mrs Merry Ryan Cafeterla Manager 1s1n charge ofthe preparatlon and servlng of meals fo r approxxmately 200 school students and faculty members each noon BUILDING ENGINEERS X-v' J A Shorty Dedmon Chlef Bulldxng Engmeer has servedF S H S fa1thfullyforZ3 years He lS genumly mterested xn the students, and IS always glad to help them. Hrs assxstants are Back Row Felxx Gonzalez, Ramon Franco, and Sxmon Franco. Flrst Row Albert Gonzales, Chavel Rammrez, and Pete Subla. K Y Q I, x,,,, I 4 1 M 4 W , -- .M,mz.wN A ,,A,,,,,, rw-V. I wifi' A s L i lx V .J ,pg ,Q I I ,ry in . ' ,, , ' 7 I ' A . 5 '-- ---M-N-V m..--..... . . . I . - . . X ' ' A 4 4 , 1 . I IV VI ' ' ' ' U ' Y I 0 l O I I A . U FEATURING Class of '52 Class Officers President Frank Baker Vice-President Sim Reeves Secretary Sue Meriwether Sponsor Pop Childers u E 4 Mid-term graduates who a SUSIE CI-IRIESIVIAN "I've got an idea!" Sense of humor Eating, laughing ANGELINA BUENO "Gaily s " Curly hair, brown eyes Listening to the radio Q vt Key: CLASS I. Favorite saying Z. Ideal boy or girl 3. Favorite pastime re in the services now, STUART DIEBITSCH "Ride, rope, and get down. 5'8", blue eyes Working on car h0N ts- JL. 6' in-v lol FRANK BAKER "Wait for me ! " Good personality Traveling, new experiences AGUSTIN ls BUSTAMENTE "OuCh! " 5' tall, brown eyes Shoot pool, dance .IIIVIIXIY BLACK "Hello, ba--by" Blond, green eyes Dancing, working OF '52 LEE ROY GEORGE "Let's go to the roping" 5' 7" tall, 115 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes Roping contests . MARIE GIPSON "O' Reilly was closing the in bar." in 0: g , S I 1 7. A- f R -5 ff JESSE DOTSON BARBARA FORTSON "Let'S play ping pong,' "l'll get Off at Balrnorhea! " Cute and good personality Eating and reading. MARY GIPSON A6 Tall and good . dancer. Swimming and reading. SHIRLEY GERBERT "That's a good lick." Talkative, good manners Reading "Now when it comes to "This army life. . . " swabbing decks. . Good looking, cowboy Tall, dark, and hand- type. some. Swimming. Sewing. MAR Y HALE "'s go to the post office. " Tall, curly hair, good dancer. "Really, now! ! !' LUCIA GONZALES "Oh, dear!" 5' 6" tall, good dancer Dancing, Movies ALBERT I-IALLFORD "I'll play you a game of checkerslu Cute and good person- ality. Hunting and fishing . CLASS In Ruidoso there's always something to do. DORA GRANADO "Wow! " 5' 8" tall, all around sport. Riding and dancing. P .4 I .4 FRANCES GONYALES FELICITAS GONZALES Q19- "Boo-Boo ! " 5'6" tall, good personality. Movies, Spanish music. "Stup. . Handsome, good dancer Listening to the radio. OF '52 I CHARLOTTE LOCK "Well l'll be dog gone it all any way!" Cowboy type. Getting into jams and trying to get out. V 1 JEAN MCSPEDDEN SUE MERIWETHER "You'll be sorry!" "Did somebody mention sleep!" Blond hair, blue eyes. "Need l say? " ,,Reading Sleeping, being mean. Glamour Girls!" ROYCE JOHNSON "ldon't L::1tCliit!" Handsome, good pe-1' sonality Ove rc-ating and sleeping. wt 9 WC!! 'Ulf ,L 'i Lfg' ,J , ,n x Y HELEN KING "Vl'hat about those tennis jackets ! " 6' tall, talkative. Reading. LOIS LONG "Neiman-Marcus, who's he!" "So who's particular?", traveling. CONCHA QUINTELA "Geepers ! " Good personality, good dancer. Dancing, movies. CLAUDEL OWENS Well, now in June. . .' Brown hair, blue eyes. Going to the post office. You don't say! BARBARA RAINWATER "lf I can get off. Well-groomed, varied interests. Reading. has 6. 'tr fi Q- 'Cs- PATSY MEYER CLASS ODIE PALMER "Nova isn't that too bad 5'8" tall, good looking. 1 Playing pool. HOWARD MORGAN "There we were, twelve "l've got an ordinary miles out of N' Orleans." deck of cards. . . " 6'3" tall, black hair. 5'5" tall, blue eyes, Running a round. dark hair. Shooting snooker. CF '52 ' 15 -lf , ali' L. CONNIE RUSSELL "That would be hilari- ous!" Generous and sweet. Playing the piano. JOSEPHINE SCOTT "Gee whiz!" Nice personality, brown eyes. Reading, movies . "IS that so, Sim?" -1'- I 1 i Y. 6.-I Z JO ANN SECREST "Wait a minute, I'l1 tell you later. Brown eyes and hair. Skating and dancing . SIM REEVES JR. "l'd of told you if I wanted you to know. Ruthie, ofcourse! Eating, sleeping. W f ' fd' QU LEOPOLDO RODRIQUEZ "Hi ho!" 5'5" tall, brown eyes Shooting pool. L. B. RYAN "Yeah, I know about you...." 5'4" tall, brown eyes and hair. Loafing. 5, x ' Q X' A QF 11N JOAN VICK "That's beside the point!" Tall, cowboy type Riding horseback, rodeos. BUD THOMPSON "Well, don't just stand there!" Cute and good personality. Pool and Roping . CLASS "Evidently that was a good one." ANNE WA LDRUIVI "That's the breaks! 5'l1" tall, brown curly hair. Eating and loafing . Ll. it l uv L 397 'S-J 5 1:7 X AURORA URIAS "Gosh! " 6' tall, well built. Dancing and reading WILL SLATEN NELDA SPEARS "Now, I'll tell you what "That'5 a New I'm going to do!" 5'9" tall, brovin hair Good looking. and eyes, Pool and roping. Reading . OF '52 BECKY WALKER "Oh go ahead and take it"' 5' IO" tall, good personality. Sports. JIMMY BLACK-- Student Council '51- pres. '5Z5 Quill and Scroll '51-'52, Jr. Class Pres. '51, Freshman Duke '495 One Act Play-Dist. Winner '51, Most Representative Boy '52. SUSIE CHRIESMAN- Student Council '48 8.1 '50, Most Attractive Girl '49-'51, Cheerleader '50-'52, FFA Sweetheart '52, Queen '52, Most Popular Girl '52, STUART DIEBITSCH -- Student Council '51-'52 Tumbleweed Staff '52, Dramatics Club '52, King '52. JESSE DOTSON-- Iraan-Track '51, Basketball '51, Band '52, Football '51, Junior Historian '51, Dramatics Club '5I. BARBARA FORTSON-- Home Eco. Club '48-'499 Swimming Team '47-'509 Vice-Pres. Soph. Class '50, Volleyball '5lS Youth Council '52, Majorette '50-'52. SHIRLEY GERBERT-- F. H.A. Club '49, Sec. of F.H.A. Club '50, Pres. of F.H.A. Club '512 Pres. of F. H.A. Club '5Z. SENIOR ACTIVITIES FRANK BAKER-- Football '48-'50 Capt, '51, Band 2 first Div. on Solos '48-'52, Student Council '48 Z1 '51, Thespians '52, lst Dist. Debate '48 2nd Decla. '52, One Act Play, Regional Winner '52. ANGELINA BUENO- - Pres. of Spanish Club '5O. AGUSTIN BUSTAMENTE- Football '50-'52, Basketball '50-'52, Track '50-'52, Baseball '51-'52, Spanish Club '51, Band '50-'52. LEE ROY GEORGE-- F. F. A. '50-'52, Basketball '50, Track '49. MARIE GIPSON-- Student Council '48, Swimming-San Marcos '51 Glee Club " " '51, Duchess '49, Band:All star Majorette in Del Rio '48-'50. MARY GIPSON-- Band-Majorette '49-'50, Square Dance Club '49-'51 Student Council '49, F. I-I. A. '48-'50, Glee Club-San Marcos '51 Swimming Senior Div. '5l. FRANCES GONZALES-- Spanish Club '48-'52, FELICITAS GONZALES-- Band '49-'52, Spanish Club '51-'52, DORA GRANADO-- Spanish Club '48-'52, Tumbleweed Staff '51, Chorus '52. MARY I-IALE - - Tumbleweed staff '51, Editor Annual staff '52, DIXIE '-'.l-ll'l'E Hlxlirc! lxlire!' traveling. c liar hair, dark Coiiiplet-Lion. Loafing, eating, Quill and Scroll '51, V-Pres. '52 Dramatics Club '51, V-Pres. ALBERT I-IALLFORD-- Baseball '51-'52, Football '52, Band '48-'52, ROYCE JOHNSON-- Band-Brady, Crane, Ft. S. Spanish Club-Brady '49, Duchess-Blanket- '48, Valedictorian " '48, H. E. -Crane '50. HELEN KING-- Tennis '48-'52, Quill 8: Scroll '51-'52, Dramatics '48-'51, F. H.A. '48-'52, Volleyball '48-'50, CHARLOTTE LOCK-- - F.H.A. '48, Pres. '495 Band '51-'52, Square Dance Club '48-'52, Annual Staff '52, Chorus '52. '52 l48 I '52 5 "Seniors making football favors." LOIS LONG-- Thespians '49-'52 Pres. '51, Majorette '52, Student Council, Parl. '52, Debate-State meet '51, Dramatics '48-'52 Pres. '50, One Act Play, -Regional Winner '52. JEAN McSPEDDEN-- F. H. A. '48-'52. SUE MERlWETHER-- Student Council '50, Sophomore Duchess '50, Band Sweetheart '50, Cheerleader '51-'52, Volleyball '48-'52, Annual staff '50-'52. PATSY MEYER-- Sports Queen-Junction '50, N.E. Club " '49-'50, Volleyball " '49-'50, Dramatics " 81 Ft. S. '49-'525 Tumbleweed staff " '5l. HOWARD MORGAN-- Band '48-'52, One Act Play, -Regional Winner '52. CLAUDEL OWENS-- Class Sec. '50, Dramatics Club '48-'52, Annual staff '50-'51 Bus. Mgr. '52, Thespians '51-'52, Cutest Girl '51, Student Council '51. ODIE PALMER-- Football '48-'51, Capt. '52, Dramatics Club '48-'52, Tumbleweed staff '52. CONCHA QUlNTELA-- Spanish Club '48-'52, LEOPOLDO RODRlQUEZ-- Spanish Club '50-'51. BARBARA RAINWATER -- Thespians '48-V. Pres. '49-'52, Student Council '49 V. Pres. '52, Dramatics '48-'50-Sec. '51-'52, Halloween Play '50-'51, One Act Play '50, One Act Play-Regional Winner '52 SIM REEVES, JR. -- Band '48-'50, V. Pres. '51, Pres Duke of Class '50, Student Council '51, Vice-Pres. of Class '52, Most Popular Boy '52. L. B. RYAN-- Student Council '49-'52, Class Pres. '50, Football '48-'50-'51 Capt. '52, Manager of Football team '49, Band '49-'52. CONNIE RUSSELL-- Annual staff '50-'51, Editor '52, Tumbleweed staff '52, Quill gl Scroll '51, Pres. '52, Volleyball '49-'51, Journalism-State Winner '52, Valedictorian '52. JOSEPHINE SCOTT-- Spanish Club '48-'52, Sec. of Spanish Club '50, JO ANN SECREST-- Student Director of Halloween Play '52. WILL SLATEN-- V-Pres. of Soph. Class '50, F.F.A. '50, Sec. '51, Pres. '52, Prince of Senior Class '52. Coming home on the bus. NELDA SPEARS-- Class Pres. -Rocksprings '49 F.H.A. '48-'51, Drv. '52, BUD THOMPSON-- Jr. Class Duke '51, F.F.A. '51-'52, Football '51, Most Handsome Boy '52. JOAN VICK-- F.H.A. Treas. '48, F.H.A. '49-'51 Hist. '52. AURORA URlAS-- Spanish Club '49-'52, F. H. A. '49-'5O. ANNE WALDRUM-- Student Council '52, Dramatics Club '52, Volleyball Mgr. '52, Spanish Club '50, Tumbleweed staff '52, Princess of Senior class '52. BECKY WALKER-- Volleyball '50-'51, Cap. '52, Tumbleweed staff '52, Dramatics Club '50-'52, Jr. Dist. Tennis '48, Spanish Club '49-'50, F. H. A. '48. DLXIE WHITE-- Student Council '51 Sec. '52, Band '49-'52, Duchess '51, Thespians '51-'52 Sec. '51, Class Pres. '49, Spanish Club '49-'5O. The seniors were guests of the San An- gelo College on Feb. 28, 1952. They attended lectures on citizenship. After a barbeque, they went to the rodeo. 5 HVHII H611 "Y President Dulcie Ligon Vice-President Geraldine WEE Secretary ' Imogene alba Tommie CLASS OF '53'f, -...aww .f""" ""'1-in-mln-nv-' CLASS OF R '53 Let me see too. Walkin' and a talkin' ? 1 - 92 '55 Watch that stuff! CLASS OF '53 ' fb if iufx l I x f W. 'Q 9 X17 Billy Dotson Fang Downs Joan Euyson Alejandra Franco 9 4 In the shade of the old apple tree. hi' Alfonsa Gonzales Betty Hallford Deal me in too, Pahdnarl Jack Henley Run! Run! Run! 48 K' 15 ' 'lvl V N 'T A J .x 'I Jim Huckaby Charles Hunter LOYCG J0hn5Of1 Betty Kemp CLASS OF -Q Q '53 A .nd 'IT' Howard Knippers Curtis Krehbiel 4:5 I. ,Inu 5 BP You don't say! i ,,. 7 s 3 is -I-21 i ., Q :lil Donnie Lawrence Look at the birdie please Uh-Oh! CLASS OF '53 ., ,Wt I D 4 Ace it, Keed! 'If bf , v "rv 4-HQ ' 05' of 'i Dulcie Ligon 7-X' 'S Jon Ollin McDonald Fancy meeting you here! Who turned on those lights? ri ,- V .95 in sf Y7 Beth Moore Theresa Parks Darwin Pa rr Geneva Patterson iQ Pat Nichols sf, 'Q K C? 4.19 L 3? ff- f 'ff - sf f3'hvX V7 'TQ 7' Y f , M V Hag.: V, - ' 2 4 W ' - . w f ,. x 3 Y , ff ., . .4 1-, , R: L -- W ,L Y, A ,. A Mary Lou Pena Enedina Pina Tommy Rigg s Bobby Jean Rose CLASS OF '53 James Sackett I P5 xx 'Y . F e Ray Schrier 'ET' Elidia Scott It happens every game! L.. P 4 . ,,,A,n my z 9, "" X i. - 5 'W --.. Go easy there! Sold any ideas yet? CLASS OF -53 .Q nf ga so ., gh, G G.. pf 1, .2 , I wa . Gene SCM John Amen smith Eddy Sullivan Catherine TaY'0 Senaida Ureta What do you say? Asteria Urias Pete Urlas What's up, Doc? Rose Mary Urlas Blll Vlckrey Arthur Waters Gel-aldme Weddle Chrlstmas comes but once a year Not pictured are: Dean Bahlow Don Baird Peggy Hill Manuel Pena Ric ha rd Stoddard Dan Wyche CLASS O ! , Jw ? Q ' Q 1 5 N ,,x',' f x , is Ia oxix f1:g7"l,',,x 0 slxflvsjh fy! all 'E 1 ,Q A 15,1 O if U A-R' f I . 0 ' X 4 m av All Nlwxi' ,.i31J"',-v ,if . tiv..vq'.f -4' ' fa? 14, , fi T "ff veg K L, - it .gaswuunvf 419' H, e451 'hr' -may 'vu-1 Q tv-9 4. '9-v' ' ! i 'R '51 A nv. 5, fe Sam Aguilera Alberto Blanco Tommy Bobo Dale Burleson Jerry Don CLASS OF '54 And they wonder why they get demerits! wlliii 'F'-1-Lig gll ll, ill ll 'T 'f Serious business. . . . Cantwell Not Pictured: Mike Costelo Connie Coleman Irene C rawfo rd Luann Dyc he Kurt Ezell 1' .2 ,X an Qs-v iz "P se Loye B rown Ma rilan B rown 1-r be YN? nf-I Q-vv Q-.f ,QM Li , J. YZ' fl ov 2 'bfi inf,- CLASS OF '54 Luz Edwin Espino George Bla q-., I Bobby Olan Falkner George fs' , 1 14' 'Q VY Ll ,. 5 Q ?TY7"! Girls, the last minute studying if lr '71 ,,f' "V ffq, 'f L will not help. giflgyi-I .Q ig " Mike Bonny Fincher Gonzales ",,,"". 'Q Paula Mary Flores Gonzales '- Handsome boys gaze fondly at the F. S. H. S. babes. Rudy Lee Garcia Graham Not Pictured: George Gonzales Q, s '54 T27 1-'59 Q4 bv' '. if' Joan Grimes Kenneth Ha rpe r Howard Johnson Robin Johnson Carol Kreidel i CLASS OF '54 Are they busy tonight? '? ? K-1 ik Bobby Dee charms the girls. Not Pictured: Harla Jean Palmer Bobby Patterson Delvyne McSpedden Dick Moore Jimmy Moore Alicia Nunez Dinah Park Joe of-, r-W 17" 'Q 1 Q. ivy' P in f 'E lf"'v as Q., T? CLASS OF '54 wen Manuel owell Sanchez Sophomore sponsor and student read local weekly. Angel Mary Rodrxquez Scott lntellectuals of the Class of '54 listen attentively to the teacher s George comments on the daily lesson. Shu-key box bn Q-I-7 ir CLASS OF '54 Shirley F'6liX Sullivan Vasquez Bill Aurora Taylor Mary Delia Urias Socially -minded Sophomores attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Villalba Margie von Schausten Monte DOCK Wootton Walters Not Pictured: Mona VN agne r Yr' s-4 nv T7 has bf yi Durland Wilida Vleddle Vlells av! 4.4 s-Q., Anastacio Vasquez to 'TX Q-7 ,Bobby Dee Walker 1 .. 4.315 con L10 9' X " " Z,9ww""' rr ,Nr ,I 717mm f ww. 1,7 - .. J Z' I I, I. ni? - V ,'. iv .vf Q -, CLASS OF '55 President Janet Mayes Vice-President J.B. Mitchell Secretary Evelyn Ann Owens Sponsor Gilbert Ray g. X , W, , - 5 ,, ' f t l ' N ' , ff, A ' V f f , " g a iff f - ' t 1 .JZQQQ iz, - ' , I: i 2 , nfwf h Z WW, ,4 I . I I L Wu I f azmny THE VVEEKLY NEWSMAGAZINE f- Sutton Allison Nancy Armistead ' 1 f 1 ri Q 9,0 Don't get in such a hurry. The bell just rang five minutes ago. Mlc key Acosta Dora Aguxlera 5 ,., 3, s. 6 li -1-'Sl' M 4 nl-ilu. luxe' all Jamie Averitt eu' Q9"'M .pgs , Octavio Barron f.: iv f s.,f g. , PQ Jimmy Lea Bean Q-9 Manuel Benavldes xv 'G 8. Coy Boatner . 5 H Marion Bowers '55 A Lonnie Colston Jo Beth Crane fi , .-'N ,L Boys don't be so happy over it all! Esther Bueno Clark Carpenter I .- L 'V' -Us .-... . 5 , sa ig Q.,-I M --A an -aus. but '27 sf T7 li Dorthea Foster Amelia Garcia if Q'-ur' Q15 ark fn' V 1.4 5 .3-7 f 25. 7 Bobby Diebitsch Freddie Jean Ellis ? '54 um...- Felix Garza Mildred Glenn OF '55 . 1 I Some eo le o to school to stud and then fiffg- P P g Y ' ' their are others. . . ....... . . .1 I 1 A 'Q-n. 'TI Dorothey Gonzales lf! i I 2.1, .L Mil farm 517 ' C- ,""X lv.:- l m . fir S. L. Gonzales Jiggs Henley Qc f"hsl 2' "ii S, i 4 J 'ab f-... Ma ry Lou Gonzles :Glam fs-5 F'-Q ii I4 . f 'Q 4-5 'A W Louise Hill 1 Douglas Huckaby if V 'rv' Ramon Jasso Margaret Lannom 356' Q0 '27 Not Pictured, Estelle Lawless Jerry Ligon Carolyn McCracken OF '55 --..als . ' 0 'Sl fn". - ' ' 4. Elodia Martinez Gm- raldine May "And did you hear about - - .ll Henry Mclnty re fi Y Larry McSpedden 1 54 Janet Mayes ""' J.B. Mitchell in w-v i4 Jake Nichols rj... Cleo Nunez Pablo Nunez Evelyn Ann Owens '55 Corina Pena Noe Pena ax I x mi, Seems as if Rosemary has obtained something she doesn't know about. Could it be horns? Daphene Palmer Janell Parr 'N Y? Q52 Robert Prado 7'7" Emma Rameriz is' 'Z 1,4 T-7 IN Lucy Ramos 5,5 I .N Ray Rose ' rw- Q-v If Rosemary Roye Ramon Sanchez OF '55 QM! sn-Q These freshman boys surely look like they are an energetic bunch. Sa rah Schultz S.-N Q ' I Y' 1 Frances Smetak Z? Carla Jean Smith 45 x Juanita Sosa f 'W , np, Bob Spann 'tr ,I Fernando Subia K kv X Joe Sullivan Q--v Fidel Terrazos 'R Edward Urias Jack Silliman 2 ' ! it 1 x 4 1 L.. I l A t I 0 k'r Y Oralia Villalba Estell, Gail, and Mona were newcomers at Manuela Villalba midterm. Eustolia Urias ' a. Jo Vaughn i 9 is f I 1.1 A six'- A We af I gr?-1 ' 'fa ' -"tr" if , F ..- .'1 It me nf ' 'iff ,, 'vo irb- Pete Villalba 'ZR eq ?i Z 0 P+ 'U rm C+ C -z ro CL CU ns E sw oo 5 ro H J. T. Walker N Darrell Watkins J. R. Watkins Er Julia Ann Weaver Glenda vmson Sa' Y Betty Jean York '55 01 Q DECEMBER 4, 1951 5. fi Vx 'ff 1' 19' Carolyn Barbara Betty Jimmy Philip Cantrell Cantwell Childress Coleman Clarke i 4. Vs W i ii in in fir, I 'Y Z 5 4 I GU 'hx 'Vx William Charles Downs Ezell Q Q That's not the way to act Show offs Lingering by the Fishpond 3 , - ? 1' 1 41 C55 ,Q Buddy Nancy B ruce Clifton Gwen Gerbert Graham Griffith Grittman George X- , g, F1 .l C... by 1? 123 or T'? Bella Joe Alan Claude Robert Gutlerrez Hallford Hassenflu Hayter H111 Billy Joe Nayna Hxnson Johnson '-A 5 Band Hall Badmen What are they domg'P rx fQ 1, ITT p-T 'SIX .va C+, 'sa H 'Z' Roy Elton Don Betsy Darrell Johnson Kemp Llvely Mangum Martm T' ..-.. X Nancy Carole Cha-1'lSS Dudley Curtls May Mc Donald Mclnty re M0 1-gan Mulkey all-'Ou 'QUT 'XX Nr' Henry Debbxe Murray Patlllo ,QQ Q-1-vz"E'h'E Glggllng Glrls lsn 1 he sweet' amtmv for the bell 'Ln Q..-v' '0- 'ip' George Barbara Elxzabeth Abelardo Mlckey Parks Puckett Rlve ra Rodrxquez Rowell ,R ,Q F' 7? Gerald Ben Charles Sharon Jmmmy Saul Smetak Smetak Smlth Sulllvan ,,1 H Alta Jlm Stanley Tmkler Not Plctured 'N Bllly Bob Cleveland Davld LeMe111eur Sylv1a VN eddle 'nhl X0 D Mary Betty Jlmmxe Ann Charlotte Dons Valenzuela Vlckrey Vxckrey Walker Weddle HS' ':QT.Af , .. x , I ,r ':'5f":-'f HUERFANA The youngest member of the F S H S student body IS Huerfana agenume panther Gwen to the student body by r J F Glpson Huerfana was chosen hlgh school mascot The vocatlonal agrxculture boys under the dlrectmon Peeberyy white have made a cage for the flfty flve pound anlmal and are takmg care of her They are plan nmg to make a portable cage for her so that she can be exhmbxtedat ball games to provmde that real Panther spurni bw -Q Z- -fe Myir' At the first dance of the year students discuss which record to play next. Several couples enjoy dancing to the music of "The Old Grey Juke Box." An exciting game of ping- pong interests some Thanks- giving Party-goers. FRIENDSHIP DANCE Sponsors Creola Rector and Charles Bell stand with Mrs. Bell and smile at the camera. THANKSGIVING PARTY A serious gang of boys ponder over a game of '4Z' while Marie, Jack, Sue, and James look on. av' 1:11, E a ,ARMA . KW 'si Yi-A-4 ' r,..i'A ri: y fx j. I' I 57 ffm! . Aw H2 i ii Q ' A a4"' . A Q -1-"n.uAt sv- f 4 O0 Jan 8: L.B. keeping "Steady Company" Wash Day Blues" 6' 48. ' 1' if l , X K'- Gy Gays oo fo N75 070 o o 1, fs' "wQf"1y IZ? 'S Wonder Who's kissing "Him" Now? i Paymaster Feed was well advertised by Sponsor Peeberry who had the pleasure to dance with Boots. .,Z""1fnnq1 hw, , W v ,, ,. "Www up W "'.-'-w On Saturday evemng December ZZ students regxstered at "Chr1st mas Lodge" where they celebrated the hollday season wlth the annual Chrlstmas Dance The large commumty hall transformed unto a lodge wxth a lobby and a ballroom was decorated by the Semor class Punch and cookles were provlded by the .Tumor class and the Sophomore class made the favors whlch were mrmature lodges Checklng coats were the Freshmen whlle Elghth graders pub llClZEd the dance Danclng to the dreamy musxc of the Sul Ross Modernalres couples cxrcle the whlte Chrlstmas tree IH the ballroom The lobby of the lodge complete wlth fl replace furniture and deer heads shows the effect of an even ing of dancing ir tf JUNIOR-SENIOR IPI V 1'D 'S vi ai 341, A B C ,x N Q U E 9 T , I 4 A M if V Q Z' r Laughter came from every corner of the room when Barbara read the will and Tommy read the prophecy. .3""Q'4 Everyone ' 5 attention turned to Max Hall, the speaker at the banquet. Lee Graham, Bob Spann George Shirkey, Mike Fincher, Billy Taylor, Dickie Moore, Bobby Dee Walker, Kenneth Harper, Bobby Falkner. Under raining violets and fluffy umbrellas everyone danced to the music of the Sul Ross Modernaires. IUNIOR SENIOR PROM On May 9, 1952, the Junior and Senior classes attended the "Basin Street Hot Spot" where they were entertained at the annual Senior Prom. Sunshine Butler and his orchestra from Hobbs, New Mexico, provided the music. The dining room was decorated as the "Basin Street Hot Spot". In the lobby of the hotel was a billboard "featuring Sunshine Butler and his Orchestra, playing from 9:00 until 1:00. " Music notes and records were above the flames which danced along the wall. Silhouette jitterbuggers danced on the south wall to the music of silhouette hourns. Various colored balloons were hung from the ceiling. Written onthe mirror at the west end of the room was "Welcome-Basin Street Hot Spot". Pictured above: Couples dancing to the music of the Sunshine Boys. D Right: Couples taking time out from dancing for . .ff the pause that re- freshes. M ..'. ,rl . 1,5 ,fav X'-Hon' lr I 1 Students dance in the gym following the Coronation ceremony April 4, 1952. ,K .,., X I ,AI . 11 ,17 " "" ' if ,fx it Q, .3 ' , -.fd as -5' iq? 'A P' " I' If fbi M r f I SEN ICR EVENTS THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 Top Row: Frank Baker, Albert Hallford, Will Slaten, Bud Thompson, Stuart Diebitsch, Jo Ann Secrest, Helen King, Jean McSpedden, Nelda Spears, Shirley Gerbert, Susie Chriesman, Anne Waldrum, LHB. Ryan, Sim Reeves. Second Row: Lee Roy George, Leopoldo Rodriquez, Odie Palmer, Howard Morgan, Jim Black, Dixie White, Lois Long, Barbara Rainwater, Patsy Meyer, Barbara Fortson, Sue Meriwether, Claudel Owens, Connie Russell, Becky Walker. First Row: Jesse Dotson, Agustin Bustamente, Angelina Bueno, Dora Granado, Royce Johnson, Joan Vick, Concha Quintela, Aurora Urias, Frances Gonzales,Charlotte Lock, Mary Hall, Felicitas Gonzales, Josephine Scott, Lucia Gonzales. COMMEN CEMENT Connie Russell delivering the "Dawn, Not An Evening" was the valedictory address, "Listening topic of Sue Meriwether's In", saliutatory address. Frank Baker, high point boy, recounted in his speech, "Panther Footprints", the high points of school life. Mr. Russell, presi- dent of the school board, presenting his daughter with her diploma. Just loafing around after swimming. On April Z3 the Senior class took their Senior Day. The students stopped for a swim in Bal- morhea and then rode on the the roadside park to eat lunch. Eating at the roadside park. 413 Q , NY ,vb M, DAY ,sv What a c rew! SENIOR yT'F 'FM Well, Dixie, let her have another one! The afternoon was spent at Indian Lodge where the stu dents played table gamesg mountain climbing was also enjoyed. More food! V .asain i Pop Childers gazing into the water. PROM Busily working on the Senior Prom decorations are four seniors. "Wha- hoppened" to the rest of the class'?! 2.51- Cheer up Babs. I DECORATING Who said the Senior class was lazy'7 Well some of them are work ing anyway ' 1 L Jesse will surely help you think of a "brainstorm". SENIOR BREAKFAST The Seniors of 1952. were honored at the tenth annual breakfa st given by the Women's Missionary Union of the Baptist Church. This was the first party honoring the class of '52 f f' The center piece on the speaker's table was a miniature red school house. Standing at the entrance were two little dolls dressed in caps and gowns. , 1 ,, ITE' il 5 "' 5 r , 'A 'fxg all? A group of Seniors were honored with a dinner party at Al s Chicken House given by Mrs. J.S. Meriwether, Mrs. Mofyt Russell, Mrs. R.L. Walker, Mrs. L. D. W.ute and their daughters. mv. Waiting for a fried ' , That lemon pie was chicken dinner is , 5 surely good. no easy task. Q . ,,, , ,, i,,i Iigl F' f 1 . ., QW , . f i 1 1. 35, 1 f Q v The Senior Class was honored at a Western Party given by I... B. Ryan, Jimmy Black, Stuart Diebitsch, Sim Reeves, Albert Hallford, Frank Baker, and Will Slaten, and their mothers. The Home Town Boys played while the couples danced. A supper of chile, potato salad, cookies, and iced tea, were served to fifty students. Some girls gab during a lull in the dancing. As the dancing is re- sumed, the couples once more take the Time out for a reg after a fast "Under the Double Eagle. " floor. 'O' Congratulations Graduates To Protect Your Future Sturt o Bunk Account Now' THE PECOS COUNTY STATE BANK Fort Stockton Texos M b You Will Find A Friendly Institution At- I eme1o!thFd1Dp'tl Cp t' Comphments of HOTEL STOCKTON MQ 2911031 gezwefzzfz fl do my ?eaziZZfi?0i5azZL MR G MRS I S MERIWETHER MOSLEY PHOTO SHOP CONGRATULA TIONS SENIORS QUALITY WILSON VICKREY Department Store Th sz fF dly s CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE Phone ZOO FAMILY U EXW , ' 1 Owned cm percxe Ft. Stockto T " e oreo rien ervice" CARPENTER MOTOR COMPANY QW' SALES d SERVICE ' 272-w 'favs' cusvnotfr Pal T bef n mg ca un Congrcrtulouons SSHIOIS T 81 R MOTOR CO SALES d SERVICE Wallace Lumber Co Phone 38 EN ' ii PRESCRIPTIONS F41 X Compoundeu STOCKTON PHARMACY '12s-244, THE D qSt F St kt il' KKKKKKIYKKKKKKKIYKKKKKKKKKKKKKK V' K Sl.Nl0lJx fffifyim W SLAUGHTER S JEWELRY "'--H-- GALLEMORE DRUG WhR Q R C? Phone 124 an Nxte Phone cy I . n . . wi'H1 5 N1 oooovh Y' A ,, O A t an Ft. S kt T Ph 299 lg Q A WW UAW 0 I I I ' ' , 1 C mf' 'iii ,IPM ' ,I N . ,A " fb- ' ru ore m t. oc on X X Phone 59 Ft. Stockton, Te 5 1.21 L. Q mscm Jo 'C T4 ,T sunomes 0 A R A . 1 "7 - 5 J--fy ' N A X PM T' T ' l - V, tt gf 6' A 7 V!-F fa Azuokcu-me-ww JI, JL " T ' x , - 0 o-- Iewelry 0- Engmvmq . Ft. Stockton Phone 1 0- atc epolrs glee' G 'Q efwwe BERRY OIL Fm 9 B img BUTANE CO dl Z2 522 Qfdjzffafs. PFIESTER MOTOR CO PHILLIPS 66 DISTRIBUTORS fphup DODGE PLYMOUTH SALES d SERVICE Ft St gk, OWEN HARDWARE COMPANY Applmnces Sportmg Goods Furmture Gxfts PHONE 15 FT STOCKTON, TEXAS i . 'Q' r' ., gm 4-9 ' s, I '+C fs ' cj G1 xt p n-EQQQQ' LT' my! 0: - I T- ' a Phone 150 . ockton, Te as F t Stockton, Te r' - ffiv ' I Q I QN I .1 Qt ffgffsftf' 0f My mam Loulse Edwards PHONE 162 img. Stockton Abstract Co Dy h o F ICE Se Call 178 Sbsttt I C1dAI L' Codit edl g Wt Cool gCool h HOME ICE CO AM WWA 107013 Zenlth Radios MELODY SHOP Phone 68 Shannon Chevron Station Schaaf s Varlety Store t O edSt B Sh p ui BI yd BILL BLAYDES Lannom Wrllrams Motor Co Elm 55' LLVLQL 4,3 QE! Sigur ? l7ljZ-L ,S t 1 P 1 l SL' ww W U' lj ' Y . I. Harrison c e, wner Phone 137 I or rvice - There is no A- ...,.., .,... d ' , u iu e or o one is f . . Not nough AZ er n l kgs miie liifgaergtors ers Radio Repair and Records Crus ed Ice and Ice Cream Freezers ' rj- . - WWW iw mt - X Q xy , . . 22' N ,Q I Sc o 55.00 Your Home wn ore sf - fav' x X . H I9 p E 3, " i? Complete Insuran Protection , 1 is " is -. ,- e ar -- Insure wi a es -6---' "' W W COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE CAFE Phone 9538 BLACK S DRUGS Your Prescription Drugqist Complete Fountcun Serv1ce DAN S GROCERY If You Dont Eat Well Both Staxve HIGH SCHOOL HANGOUT COMPLIMENTS OF SILLIMAN and WALKER ENGINEERS l ack Smlhman Russell Walker Ft Stockton Texas CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM Owned and Operated by MR and MRS KERMIT DYCI-IE Q l LEWIS DRESS SHOP COMPLIMENTS MOFYT RUSSELL :Xl Woody s Service Station COSDBN Petroleum Products Wholesale and Retcnl Phone 110 Bo Fort Stockton Texas X PLAZA HOTEL E 5 - f o F I . . DEE WALKER FIRESTONE TIRES GULF PRODUCTS On the Hxghway Phone 85 Ft Stockton Texas Park s Standard Serve U Stat1on ATLAS TIRES and BATTERIES champton spark Plugs CLYDE PARK-Owner Congratulatlons Semors Co Op Gln Association Ft Stockton Texas PHONE 146 THE TRADING POST GROCERY and MARKET WE MAY DOZE BUT NEVER CLOSE I-hghway 290 Phone 297 BETTER CLEANING and PRESSING TRY WINTER'S and HUBBS' CLEANERS WINDY WOOD Mgr Phones 183 and 54 CONGRATULATIONS 52 SENIORS The Sprlnghlrst Hotel PHONE 323 Ft Stockton 'Iexas Stockton Food Market SHOP HERE and CUT FOOD COST Phone 47 Fort Stockton Texas Fort Stockton I For Good Luck To All The Good ci G 1 th 1952 C1 TAYLOR CAFE 6 PUT 6 9 GOOD AND RICHARDSON MQTORS s T U D E B A K E R omphments of The Trans Pecos Feed Co S kSp1 Pecos County Insurance Agency FRED CLIETT Mg PHONE 198 Ft Stockton App11ance Co Aaron Servlce Stat1on SERVICE 1 :WR V and B CLEANERS Boys on ir s in e cxss cxn U Ph 164 F 1 MJ , r. Purina Feeds A toc up ies Ph 624 'Emo A . U A Q 2 '!.Q.' F2ft.'!3.E' ' ' - ' - " ' A . cmd Congratulatlons 52 Graduates FORT STOCKTONS MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Wh1le Others Prom1se We Perform N WINKLER and SONS V f t Nance E1ectr1c Company Complete Electrrcal Servrce Ft Stockton Texas HENRY COOK STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS B e s t W 1 s h e s LAN DERS AND PARK Authonzed Lmcoln and Mercury Dealer Make Your Next Car A Mercury SALES and SERVICE fH'K , Q , SENORS Stockton Wool and Mohan X, v3nvl4 , - Q 4' A ae: f wt Z Q an 0 5 I ww f WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE d H H Tracy Ir LOREN HILLGER TEXACO SERVICE FIRESTONE TIRES PHONE 84 I I WHITE AUTO STORE PHONE 640 d MRS O H AKE SAY IT wnu 'WZ Westerman Flower Shop I I laiffffi s KZQQQW Mm MARTHA S FLOWERS Phone 274 l SENORS C G MORRISON CO BURTON LINGO CO LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL I A BUHLESON Mg Ph 185 Home Owne By- o 0 I o MR. an . . . Owners Ft. S ock on, Texas Home of Greater Values :Sh I - , I if 0 Q ll N :4v,-13335, I Y, ,Z0400'Uf e5v,', I lin.. F 10x Am OCCASIOYXJ I 409 N. 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