Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1942

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Forest Park High School - Forester Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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E 3 2 E 1 r X x E 5 E ! Q E E 1 H I u E V,-,Q ' I ' 4, Z' F. 6 MF ' J , o Q ff 1 I. K! - 4' '4 at ' 'Y ,. Ali: ' ir' " . Q' 1, ' -' Q KJ P 7 A i '. , 6' L i' ww: ,, xi ii A 'V 1 7 ' lrzvv in - r Q' - ' ' V ' - 1' 4 Q K A P 3 . , w ' xr a . ' -Q fy V , - ' N I A im 1 1 Q ,Q U' . - 'iff' QL ' 'lr n, A 0 Y I ' .. ,g Whrl, V , All' V lx.. KI J 4' , 1 . '. "A ., 1 .. 1. . . s 5' ,. .5 , , . A ,,, Q 'vp 5 + 5 'H Y' Q 4 x . - , - .'. l Q 0 J -n .iw i i Q, 5' 4 . ,,-. ,.L, 1 . 1 K1 I' ,, -.I .. A K 1 .N u m ' ' ' .,.1,, vs. v , fu -HL , .. 1, ' ' W , F r af Y V' cgqgwfl 4+ . " 4. 5 'Q 0 4 'f " L A I .,, ,. " im , 1 Q 0 - W -A' ' " 4 u 7 -1 xf , A . ."' a . 'O' ' if . 1 1 Ar- 5 , I' O - ,, L cf 1 Q 5 iv: S Ji U F 1 U i J' A Q, 1' ' .w ,. , g 2 f s 'z ', , , ., czfzzenri o x. reafamibenfiocra' - 'fy' 1 . A,,....y:-er. 1,. "Af, lM:g4.,M nm - vf'4."Q."' '..,,,-'-.A2.r..hnaa.w,...fszA:1augh14..Qi.nL..: fffEfmi.4 .fu-xii.- V J..-. LI.. r.. ,, .M ,. ., .. 1 1 .Yi ,. ...WE Pll THE! IIIHSI Hi f June BII S CIIU Ul V. V, 5 , up V, ,,, It my -:-'A 1' H' . slain: -1 V- --:ff-,V'.' , .-'-fi-.1 ' :fi--'I 31112, .. f V-ftfflg' ' .',.-V -V:-2'jV:M. ., .I ' 1-'kzfcf' i'V" fra' ' "-'-V1-"1"-' W " . f-f-ia' '. W. i3f V'?'f3"u J .-' - X'--' 71' .-QA ., , "V C- ' 'V ' NVQ '-.LVVLVS i' f.-.145',. wtf-iiggk ,' ,'l'5!' .' ,,.1,.., .. , 2 . : N -'f'kg.g... -V1.5 K.. "yy, Q, M ' "' '--gQ:i'F'4if'1f'- V-V - V' r"1f"'- 7- F' ' ' W '-Vw 1- '- . ' "1"mu.w .--filfis--V1.P'4'F1-A" '-fi.-Ifh?fiQ3fv'55Ef' .Vw -.3 -V-V ' - . .V:, .z-:JV V .g. V M--V:-... ,f:..,,,..,.. .. .mf fg'3."'VV-.vmQgqtwsfw ' ,V1 . V. . V. A -'-'VV N A :V ---' rv ,:V'2 1f5:-.m,....5.gQf ' V' - " 'J . V -I . 'T' TWV- '. " . "".h' ,. V 'L 7- " V, ' ' L- '..f'r 1 3"'V,'fiz',g:1f " V. . ' .WV 1.3153 F. ' . QQ"K3'H'V5VV.-Q,-Vup '.g"::. 1'f1'g, '1 V- , 5 iw .'- .f2f1'1:.T1 WbG' -fm' HQ N".qff."', "-V.f'?'V., V'f V Nf'f?.L-11-'sais-4 "V+-..u.':.-'.wu. . ,V-. "Shar f . , . .p:1,V- S N fu, .X .,gy,i51 -V..Aua,x ,,I,fk F,, fqrwjif .Q Liqvh V ,V I Q ,iz-i5,,g-,.I.gif:.yilpgfayfii-yi :F V.'.5QSariV 4 X. 'J' , 55 '-V-. U ,E L' "E 1 " 'i'V1'4fV3-2'7Q.5 'A'W " 'QT1"'L'2E..--... ,HJ li.. ld .. K -W Y V. ,Quia V. 1 :kv Af- .7-I x x'-pg, A l ,. J A., M ,,..Hv:::..7:?,,..EgfQ- 8 E! -F ...ku ..:,-575,33 VWJ.. . x . . . .. A.. ,. .. . , vw. ,. . . , ..... 1.1! 1 Gln: ... -J, 1.1 ,xx xwim -rw ,l V, x :gg . J... , fl .9-.,..,l.Y5! .N iexggy ..,.a',,.Ma,g.'-M.-mkwit --gy . P V 2 ' 'Vg '- '- V- ,-' . Ve! V ' -V., .1 "Swv " L 'V' '-F-.fy--1 f'1.2"'..'f'13','- -- W P21554 VW' -f w Z-5"Q-.fw3KZH731V2V'-f"f.- .. ' .-V 'Vi V'-L Lffidz' .. A uw- 'W--QI. ,M ,git Q, Y.,.W,N7g,i,.,.,HV.,:,-Ewa.,p , ,,. -4ii:7.44S',U,.3W1,lilvlwfa . 4. ..mwig:g.,,dgI., ,qi 1,.g,uAl,.3.r ,,.V:V-fa, . . , V"g.,1f.J'5f.a. - 1. -V-. ,,,lwQ ,Y N -.y.V,5..V,,9..1.,,g,,r-.Vx, -,E V-,x-:e.p.,.W 1- lx? ,..':Zf2X6'i'!V.-.xawrwe-.1..:.V,. '- - 1- . as--V1-VV' 0 V,-., ' '1 ' f-"?."PI5,12'5VQ5f,-ff'fS'5V'7fE!3f' W ' -- :gp 1 .1 'JW 55 -1'.ITy:,J,1H13Q2'.-V,16L"'n ' 'F' Q.. ' ,, .'. y, .V 'Q .-fx, , ,V Q mg. ,4-VV. , ng 3 Y.yrgfy:,gt.VgL,tJ5, 59 If vV7.:v?.'v M .umvk , i A. bk J ., . . ... , . fa V, -A V. - -.Vf 'PV' , Vf ' . . ., ,s , '- .. . hf l j r. V, VI1 Y ' if 5 V'- -' . .jifw I 71, .QV fl V gf. Y., - 'V - -.W-'j . .I ' . j i I- .ing -.1 'W V.. , V' 3 . 4',V1x5.'2f3.','-Sigh" , nf 111 LL' " Q - 'f 'T'- Ti, ' ,.mfiggtg'g1,g,.:f4,,5i?q l 1 . 611,-:...v! V: VL-I - 'Tl v , V , ,jj i!.!-1,1 fi .VV "N .'1.s::fV' Y"-f X . - "f-V.W??'V-frff-V We ':V .'-v2 . ' VV ' Ffh-"-EL.. "-fm? fig. giikaf:-'R-5-.. 51'-',1T" 'g , , 1-r'f'V AM2'f"',ifV'.r.'k."-'fx'1 . ' A "- ,. ' .' . -:NV-n. fn-f,-w may Hui. V, ' ...-. ' ' ': ,E",,,e':-1'-.. ' , 'gz 5,1.Viyf-..V.,.iy.-.j,-4,bil-,A V'fAEixbfJ'fs-1f33'fAIv'a' P1115-55 W?V:-1 1 - V -Vf'ff?:2s".--'1S' . '- ' 57 fia-f.2-i.:'1::-:1-ffwevv. . 1 zmylf ..a .,. 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X4 Q In Vi, W 4 ' rf I . .- , if by ,A an , -Y , J, . ,, ,,5.7.-1f:5m,A,::..f1:.k3 V 2 VV, f- -fizg 5- V :,.V'-. , .V. -3 'A -VJ... I, KITS? TEA.. 4 . ,uma .. :Y V ,.. V l LS , t il? . f Q :- Q if -QQ . 51-1 32, "F 1. 'vii 3-DJ". .FEV . V " . ,.,-gf-"?'L 111V 12-,f, ff": V -. 4-n,,,g: 5,5 A W, , A V ,g,-,. 4 V ' QW-3 .1 , .4 Lj k M EVM .. -' 4 I 'I - 11,1 '-1.1 lm! I I -. ,M 3- .....::A:. ..l:' 9. 5- ,.' ': . ..,',f. -. '.. 'ig - .1 - 4' f,,::. 31. V1 - , -..V..::2" lg .w 3 Nj! 1 4 - V -- f ., 9.-V,-:r'giV-'-" , Q, ,- ' -" J... , ' " Tfffi? ,mf ,,. V ,. .,.- Vi,-V,f.:: 5 g V.,.M- , Vs ,.-1 Vip. - - -.X .V.,.,zV y -,V 5.1-rf 3gf..qVV-E., yy-.?..1l,'f , f ---,u5JpI' , V - "'..+ - -, 1-ff: ,V !'Vl1 -3- 6 X ,izffyf '. 'z V A - 1 .- . 2- 'V.-':-, gg. .gg1':,-'+I' 'irzjie-V.. ' ' ' " 3 , 'f--P .Y ' 1295531 --'Vxl--4-",4g,'5QVlf .V -,.n.11ug.5f..,":. 3 V. A K'-,if-:Fifa 'W 2,1 'f-V:.V--f-.V..,,.,,. . 1 L12ffi?12'7',::Lf..M'P ff, .. .,f..V5-i.m.j3:'f..i. - V ---r-IV,--:.:.., '..fv,.g- .' 515 . Y fl1.1Vifimfs-2-115382.2 'iff .V'-4-f ' J V' 'fri fxffwf- '5 gif"'-:f51:::V4f.1'i" 5' 4 V. ., V -'V - -" V .fr '- 1-'V"-rw. , ' fi' ' . - V- 'TW ' 59 if ' Rf fl S, V 1 VUE ,,:'QV,-' 812.2 x -.wa 9 " ' T -SM 5 X, ,..,,,..,.,:m,.. Ky x NN W: If- - ' '- .. 4- ' r 1, Q , mllszih-F '.V1 . V. ' -'5.1-fV!'p+1V!'--'lf,fi ' fm '53 1'-Ili "",Lh:5"1-gg .. ffn5.r,:.3,. g-A Hg., -.V ..,z.- . V 1 .. " " - gl Vi . 'W' - , V . fm" 7 f-- WH. - ff-. ' " ' ,, ..f, ff' V "v!g'.i.'!'E:1.V:3:J.' . A", 3 fr.-7 ' : '-- .4-I3 3.1.5 9 fb:-1-?"1"':":"-.!VV'f'L1".'l."' 1 h,5sJ . ,,,4Qg,. ' . f, ,, .N 1' .- gffsg.-, 5.21, '. V gl.,-v: .- -ag-5.5 3 515.14 ,,'Vg'uZ: V' -.- ' ' in li Illll Ill H186 0 QCLCQ... HUB SCH00l A 4 I 'I inefeen orfy- wo BHllIIlIll.Rl ' IIIHHYlHIIIl - '21 ffivff. , NLD: 9 ' . .f?-JW Q . ,. 3:4 QM' , Yi? Wifi" 'k i' 'k .i fimedb war 5203? 3 Qui' grien B ,T it h T is proper a+ 'rhe end of along and 'rumul+uous Qiyage for +he members of a ship's crew +o give creclif +o lheig- skipper for suc- cessfully pilo+ing lhem To shore andjqggy solely. Comparing our high schoolii' 'I career lo a sea lrip, we give K i credil 'ro our cap+ain, and we aref, graleful for 'rhe slcill ship has gbpwn navigaling a large, and al limes unwieldy, vessel manned by a mol- ley crew. We are graleful for lhe facl' +ha'r she has been able To do so wilhoul relinquishing The smile which was presenl al l'he inaugura- +ion of +he voyage. We are grafe- ful for 'rhe sferling qualifies which she has exhibired and for +he fine example she has se'r. We are graleful 'ro our skipper for lhesew and for olher reasons Too inlimale and loo personal +0 be included in a ship's log. We are graleful of l'his, we +0 her and because dedicafe lhis FORESTER 'ro our friend and adviser .... I THYRH WHllHlllIl i I J. ' 'nn V-ff H4 ana! .f4c!ui5er FISIIHEII emocracg in laracfice ad we ad in rinci e... 'ZTIT1 my jar x .W EMOCRACY-Tour clearly ringing syllables ex- pressive oT all The ideals Toward which we have aspired aT ForesT Park High School! Democ- racy chosen as The Theme oT our "FORESTER"! Dur- ing The Tew years oT our high school liTe, we have noT only learned buT also pracTiced Those democraTic principles revered and respecTed by The Americas. We have come To realize Through parTicipaTion in sTudenT governmenT The imporTance oT abiding by The rule of The maioriTy and sTill respecTing The righTs of The minoriTy. We have recognized our responsibiliTies Toward our Tellow men, and have Taken sTeps in preparaTion Tor The day when we shall assume Those responsibiliTies.' When we en- Tered ForesT Park, democracy To mosT oT us was iusT a word. BUT, aTTer Three years oT waTching naTions crumble, and individuals lose Their privileges and Their lives because They TorgoT ThaT democracy is noT a giTT buT a challenge, we have come To ap- preciaTe The real meaning of The words "l live in a -democracy." We realize now ThaT DesTiny, in The Torm of crisis, has ThrusT inTo our hands responsi- biliTies never dreamed oT by our predecessors. We go TorTh wiTh The knowledge ThaT we shall soon be called upon To serve our naTion. BUT looking back upon our years beneoTh The Tower, we see how we have been prepared Tor iusT such an evenTualiTy. ln a Trim, low-slung shop building, we have labored hard over mechanical, elecTrical, and indusTrial problems. We have worked wiTh drill presses, milling machines, power laThes, T-squares, and The Thousand and one oTher gadgeTs which go To make up a pro- ducTion line. Through sTenography, Typing, mimeo- graphing, we have prepared ourselves Tor The busi- ness oTTice. ln academic classrooms, we have discussed The problems aT ciTy, sTaTe, and naTion, which, in Time, we shall be called upon To solve. ln maTh rooms, we have gained The basis oT an engi- neering educaTion: in chemisTry and physics labs, we have acquired The "scienTiTic viewpoinT." Every day in all ways, we worked, Talked, sTudied, and played wiTh The summer oT l942 in mind. Soon The members oT The June Class ol l942 will be hard aT work in Their chosen lines. BUT wheTher iT be in an ivy-draped college, sleek new TighTing ship, or grimy bomber producTion line, we shall keep sTeadTasT in our minds The ideal which has been The Theme aT our lives aT ForesT Park-Democracy. OMF' dc OOZCLIQ C0lfLl'Ltl"g IDI-QNIUCRACY IN Ax Rr-jPl'lsl.lC THE FACULTY AND STUDENT GQVERNMENT l'R SCHOOL l.ll-'li. XXYURTIIY AND I.UY.Xl. CLUBS AT FOREST PARK PORTS FUR TAXLI., ALI. HJR SPORTS SPORTS AT FOREST PARK on XVI-Q Bfclnxca TU FURIQNI' PARIX THE SENTGR CLASS OF JUNE T942 l'R SPIRIT ls liYljR Tlllz S'l'RONGI:S'I' FEATURES A HISTORY OF JUNE CLASS, 1947 I 45 : :1 Q Y ' .2 xxx 'aa 4. ..,4, ff.-P:-.'-x' if N ffij , -' N 5 A A 1 y . - 5 fffffff' Z5 5 5 5, ' "QQ, fy . , +WQWXi1 :J A- 2- A ff- . ' ' V? , ' 4' 'f 'Q' ni 7' if f Jyfz , X fi ' QQ ,W ,, J f SEQ " X ij .- L, RUN' rits iP A iv , J4 clemocracy in a relau do . . . 1 K . LA '. ei ..,. , Jr, I, .44 A, T v--.1 -s ..-gf, 54 5:53 L:1.!5h.'x 'L-l.,' b vs 'K ,..' K . w.- . 1 4. x S, 1 . , T., , , 1':.JT':f, X f -r1'.1 , J' uw , . H, 4 l yu . . .-V+ X ,.- 1 f -Lg: , .--, ' , , . -I L N' -,, ., ..f- 44, ,AKA i j ,.i Y f' '11 ',1H ,- , nf ' -12 V f - 1 -xg' K . -mn? .. fx W . ' '11, .-f .,, M, .., - -.' - .4 '4 .' . .1 'v xl... -Q 1 x,,,. M.. -X-I I , , w.,.f,A g . ,, . r-,, ' 1 ' s ly, ' ff- 1 , H V, " s I ,' .. "G A, Tx lk., 1 . .H-JA f ,, , ,f , v .wa .Q . ,. Y f., , , A , v fxd, .. , wo ijyhlfiz .. ,, 1 A ..',,1. Q . Elf . 'L . QM .11 -.1 g, , 'Q h r. n. ' 1' 1.4 wr .,. . - 1 V ,f .'...V , .v.,g,::'-.g ,, -.1 ,.,4 M ' ,.1... A Q" rf ' j, , 1,49 , . ds. Y ,- 141. if . .. .. ,',l , ev, ' J. . 1.y.a 1.j',i:.-- ,-,I V , VM.. . , A , -,, .,-, :Mx gg ' 5, - , g . 3 .-. ,V Q1 ,,in9f. fwwf .' wa.-4' . T ' 1 .1 Vx 6 f a it ,f 4 Y, v. .F1 , ,5 .,kv.,. 1 + , 1 f v ,M . ,, 4 x i". A momenf of reflecfionn oreouer, wi! frandmif Te-ps +0 succ s r oorwoy +0 happy mome-nfs" ia commonwea!fA, no "In all Hs splendor" L fienecl, Au fdeffef "Win Ter W HIIIIIIIIISII-Hlllllll wiffogeg af! riglzffg WENDELL E. DUNN ...PRINCIPAL Ballirhorean for nirie years . . . Foresler for six . . . childhood spenl in middle- wesl . . . longed la be a railroad presidenl . . , lishing and hunling enlhusiasl . . . crdehl laolball lah . . . ambilious . . .always "ready and willing" . . . unlirniled lead- cwship . . . greally ihleresled iri inlernaliohal affairs . . . diploma from Universily ol Vlfiscorisih . . . aulhorily on pioneer wesl . . . looks forward To high scholaslic averages al Foresl Park. condfifufecl aufkorifg... SOPI-IIE M. BECKER Special Assislanl gracious . . . kind . . . willing lo aid pe-re plexed sludenls . . . friendly . . . sagacious counselor . . . allended Goucluer . . . alunn- nus of Cornell Universily . . . likes lennis lnikes, swimming . . . mallwemalics, lavorile Subiecl . . . .i ALFRED P. soon in Vice-Principal "M adviser of sludenl governrnenl, Boys' Leadersl Club . . . leacnes lwis- Tory . . . lrank . . . bul fair . . . resourcelul . . . inle esled in youllw . . .es ' Il F P k r ' pecia y oresl ar youllw . . . former la.rn boy . . . sheepskin lronn Universiry of Delaware . . . also allended Columbia Universily, Johns Hopkins . . . likes narure, old books . . . looks forward +o allw- lefic field for Green and Gray . . . looks backward on longesl service record a+ Foresl Park. N FACULTY l.ENGllSHWMiss Fizrnnce I. Arnold, B.S., Dr. Angelo M, Broening, A,B., A.M., Ph.D.p Miss Roberfo Carnes, A.B., Miss Morgoror W. Chose, AB., Mr. Luther Cooper, M.A., Miss Rnrh Hudson, A.B.q Miss Elimbcfh Jones, RN., A,B.g Miss Menello Koenig, B.S,, Mr. Abrohom LeSchock, B.S., Mrs. Mory C. Moore, A.B.3 Mrs. Murv Sobine-, BS., Miss Virginio Shollcr, B.S., M.A.q Miss Ella W. Smilh, B.S.g Miss Allo E. Thornpson, B.S., M.A.g Miss Fannie C. Wrighf, B.S. 2. LANGUAGFS-Miss Jessie Ebough, AB., Miss Edilh Klinesrnirhg Mr J. Fred Moore, A.B,, M,A,g Miss lrf-no Roe, A.B.j Miss Rufh E. Riihe, AB., Mrs, Maury Sabine, B.S.g Mr. Ollo K. Schrneid, A.B,, LL.B. 3. HISTORY-Mr. Harry Bord, BS., M.A.q Miss Greco D. Broen- ing, BS, A.M.q Miss Roberlo Carnes, A.B.g Mrs. Minnie W. G-rohorn, A.B.g Mr, Angus? Jansen, B.S., M.A.g Miss Florence M. Lovmong Miss Florence Levinson, B.S., M.A.g Miss Elizobelh Ridgvly, B.S.g Mr. Allred P. Scoll, A.B., A.M.3 Mr. Vernon Vovf rino, BSE Mr. Henry B. Woskow, B.S., M.A.g Mrs. Morgorer Wil- liorns, B. , 4, COMMERCIAL-Mrs. Helen G. Brooks, B.C.S., A.B.g Miss Rulh Corbell, B.S.g Mrs. Eslher S. Dorroch, B.S.q Miss Alice Elcos, B.S,3 Miss Rosselio A. Feldrnon, B,S., M.A.g Mrs. Thyro C. Fischer, A.B.g Mrs. Doris E, Flonigon, B.S.q Miss Colhorinc Freirnfnnn, A,B., M.A.j Mr. Samuel Goldsrnilh, B.S., Mr. Edward l'l, Goldslein, B.S.g Mr. Michael l.e-iphoizg Miss Madeleine Thompson, Miss Mory E. Wells, B.S, 5. ARTf-Miss Noro V. Broincrd, BS., Mr. W. Rornonr Hormel, 3.S.j Miss Nellie S. Norris M.A., B.S. 6. lNDUS'lRlAL ARTS-Mr, Edgor Bull, Mr, Sronley l.. l-leylrnnn, B.S.1 Mr. Williorn K. Yocnrn, AB., Mr. Thonrios L. Young. 7. HOME ECOlXlOMlCSf-Miss Doris V. Church, BS., Miss Blanche Rains, B.S., Miss ldo A. Wholey, B,S. FACULTY TOP ROW 1 CUIDANFE COUNSELORS Mr W:1Hrr D. Scnoid, B.S., Miss Z. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Mr. John Boydu, B.S.q Miss Lucy E. Nom A. Sioii, A.B. Hyde, AB.: Miss Lucy H. Journeoy, B.S.g Mr. Sidney H. Lipscn, B.P.E., Miss Edith L. Manning, B.S.g Mr. Rox Sirns, A.B. 3, MUSlCfMiss Genevieve P. Builer, B.S., A.M. BOTTOM ROW l. liBRARiAN Miss Bcriiicrr Winsn, 2. NURSE-Mrs. Virginia Sriipic-y, R.N, 3. SECRETARY--Miss Siiiriey M. Frcffd. A SCIENCE- Mr, Jruriri F, Burger, Jr., B.E.g Mr. Lolirrier A. Dice, A,B. M.A.g Mrs. Cine P, Fisher, B.S.g Dr. Edwin L. Frederick, S, MATHEMATlCSfMiss Srmnio M. Bvckvr, A.B.g Mr, Lmirni-r A. A.B,, Ph.D.j Mr. Henry G. Hirsch, B.S.j Miss Miidred A. HUM, Dice, A.B., M.A., Mrs. Cleo P, Fisher, B.S.g Mr. Wiilinrn H, A.B.g Mr. Crinrivs Koib, BS., Miss Ruin A. Krcrrivr, B.A.g Mr. Jolly, B.S.g Miss Fiorencri R Lone, Mr. Groynr Wiiiiurn Norris, Joseph Kririgcr, B.A., Mr. Wiiiiom McCleon, A.B,g Mrs. Ruin A.B., A.M,g Miss Katharine L, Tornes, B.S.g Miss Hvsfor C. Whii, Siiinsnn, A.B., Miss Graaff K. Vogci, B.S. field, B.S, COMBINED FORESTER STAFF Again Two heads have been proven beTTer Than one and anoTher "FirsT" has been chalked up To ForesT Park's lisT, as The TesT of parTially combining February and June publicaTions comes To a successful close. TradiTion dicTaTed ThaT each class have iTs own yearbook. TradiTion also sTaTed ThaT The ForesTer musT be an ouTsTanding publicaTion, yeT wiThin The bu-dgeT oT The average sTudenT. AT The Time The ForesTer sTaTTs were organ- ized, iT appeared almosT impossible To boTh adhere To TrodiTion and Tinan- cially back our books in The Tace oT increased publishing cosTs. Now The books are ouT. Each is a TribuTe noT only To iTs class, buT To The Tine spiriT oT cooperaTion displayed beTween The February and June sTaTTs. The explanaTion OT The unusual lack oT TricTion beTween Two rival classes and Two rival publicaTions lies in The proposal ThaT The oTherwise pracTically idenTical ad, TaculTy, club, and parTs of The sporTs secTion be made The same, Thus eTFecTing a saving on prinTing, engraving, and layouT cosTs. The plan Tor parTially combining The Two ForesTers has helped The seniors when soliciTing ads, because There has been no compeTiTion beTween classes nor resTricTions as To where sTudenTs may go To secure ads. Our adverTisers have been boThered only once This year, and Their ads are appearing in 'Two publicaTions, Thus doubling The ordinary circulaTion. Combining The ideas of The sTaTFs was quiTe a Task, besides choosing Themes and layouTs Tor The dupli- caTed secTions ThaT were in harmony wiTh The main parTs aT The individual books. We soon discovered ThaT The besT way To seTTle all issues and conTro- versies was by sending ouT The noTice, "JoinT meeTing oT The February and June ForesTer STaTTs Tomorrow aT 8:00 A. M." To fosfer a fine feeling of school spiril' and coopera'rion . . Now fhal our yearbook has passed lhrough 'rhe manifold slages of ils hecfic career and is ready +o pass ifs remaining years in peace and quiel on some dusly bookshelf, if is lining lo pass ouf bouquefs lo The sfudenfs who have made il possible. One lo our vim, vigor and vilalify girl-Rona Waxman-who knocked herself oul in order lhaf every senior would look pre'r'ry To lhe "birdie." Endowed wi+h sainfly pafience and l-lerculean delerminarion, Jane l-loflberger inscribed our accomplishmenls in lhe form ol wrire-ups. Sporfs were handled by buslling Lee Vogelsfein and reliring Marie Urey. Recording lhe evenls of our class hislory was assigned To calm Ellen Piel. The local silver-+ongued aralor, Ed Jones, deserves several boulonnieres for his work as club edilor. To Charlalle Clark musl go a corsage lor arf work, and la Alice Andre and Dorolhy Green go a heaping pile ol roses for disfinguished service lar and beyond 'rhe ordinary dulies ol lranscriplion edilars. ll would be disaslrous indeed fo neglecl lhe businessmen on our sfafli who supplied The wherewilhall so necessary +o keeping lhe wall from lhe EORESTER Room door. Buddy Ford who was business manager rales a big while carnalion, and 'rwo equally large ones go ro Jimmy Moore and Marc Abramson who handled circulalion and adverlising respeclively. These are fhe sludenfs +o whom credil musl' go for publishing This yearbook., buf lar from leasl, however, is 'rhe big boss, lhe edilor-in-chief-Charlolle Rau. l-lorliculrurally speaking, she has earned lhe whole flower garden. Wrile-Ups Fealures Sporfg Business Ari Charlalle Rau Edifar-in-Chief Howard Ford Business Manager Clubs Transcriplion Pholography g0Uel"l'll'l'lel'l of tk? ,020 ey BOARD OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES ExTra-curricular acTiviTies play a large parT in sTudenT liTe aT l:oresT Parlc. Every boy and girl has The opporTuniTy oT parTicipaTing in STudenT Govern- rnenT, oT belonging To some oT The TorTy-odd clubs, and oT engaging in a large number oT aThleTic evenTs. Since The individual inTeresTs and hobbies oT each l:aresTer are so well provided Tor, almosT every sTudenT belongs To one or more organizaTions. In a school oT TvvenTy-Three hundred boys and girls, one can easily see whaT a Tremendous Taslc iT is To Talce care aT The adminisTraTion ol all aT These arganizaTians. Their supervision is in The hands aT an advisory council lcnown as The Board aT STudenT AcTiviTies. IT is The duTy oT This board To granT charTers To clubs, To superinTend sTudenT organizaTions, To appropriaTe all Tunds, and To arTiculaTe sTudenT acTiviTies so ThaT There is no overlapping oT aims, and The perTormances aT Two organizaTions do noT conTlicT. IT malces cerTain ThaT a proposed club has every opporTuniTy To organize, ar, iT iT is similar in aim To anoTher club already organized, ThaT iT ioin The older one. IT sees ThaT acTiviTies are pro- vided ThaT will include The inTeresTs and aims aT The maioriTy aT boys and girls oT l3oresT Parlc. Our principal, Mr. Wendell E. Dunn, is chairman oT The board, and he has had as his assisTanTs This year, Mr. AlTred P. ScoTT, Vice-Principal: Miss Sophie M. Becker, Special AssisTanTp Mr. OTTO K. Schmeid, Mr. Rex Sims. Miss Doris V. Church, and Mr. Henry Hirsch, along wiTh our STudenT PresidenT, Ba rba ra WhiTehursT. e T To RighT4Mr. Henry Hirsch, Mr. Alfred P. ScOTT, Miss Doris Church, Mr. Rex Sims, Mr. Weride Dunn, Miss Barbara WhiTehursT, Mr. OTTO K. Schmeid, Miss Sophie M. Becker. Ag tAe IQQOIQ 8, Ol' tk? IQQOIQ ForesT Park is exTremely TorTunaTe in having one ol The TinesT sTudenT parTicipaTion in governmenT programs in our naTion. Our governmenT aT ForesT Parlc is paTTerned aTTer The naTional governmenT. AT iTs head are The STudenT PresidenT and The STudenT Vice-President Torming The execuTive branch. IT includes iudicial and legislaTive branches besides. This year's adminisTraTion has been highly successTul under The leader- ship oT STudenT PresidenT Barbara WhiTehursT and STudenT Vice-PresidenT Jack Packard. Along wiTh many oTher accomplishmenTs, The following proiecTs have been compleTed: The school sign was erecTedg a Junior Air Raid Warden and Fire WaTcher Program Tor The duraTion oT The emergency was inaugu- raTed: The DeTense Barn Dance was held: cerTiTicaTes Tor deserving STudenT QTTicers were awarded: a commiTTee To organize The TronT hall bulleTin board was Tormedy organized CaTe sporTs under The auspices oT The STudenT Gov- ernmenT, EThical Club and Four Square Club were begun: slogan posTers were disTribuTed, and lasT, buT noT leasT, Tloor numbers were posTed aT The landings aT The sTairways. Could we Tind beTTer proof OT The success OT This adminisTraTion? Barbara WhiTehursT and Jack Packard have proven beyond a reason- able doubT To all Those who have chosen To waTch Their Terms of oTTice ThaT Their success is due To The TacT ThaT They were consTanTly sTriving To supporT Those proiecTs ThaT promoTed The besT aims and inTeresTs aT The school. In The days To come we shall remember how well Barbara WhiTehu'sT has carried ouT her oaTh oT oTTice: "I pledge myselT To be loyal To my school, To be TaiTh- lul in my TrusT as iTs STudenT PresidenT, and To serve no TacTions wiThin The school, buT The whole school." BARBARA WHITEHURST JACK PACKARD STudenT PresidenT STudenT Vice-Presidenl' . . . eafaggdlzecl upon flume STUDENT COURT Since our STudenT GovernrnenT is Tashioned aTTer The NaTional Government one OT The mosT imporTonT cogs in our sysTem is The iudicial branch represenTed by The STudenT CourT. This all imporTanT body has The power To Try sTudenTs who have vioIaTed laws oT The school and To render decisions. Any verdicT pronounced by The CourT, however, is subiecT To The princi- paI's veTo or The cuIpriT's appeal. The members during The pasT Term have been: James Coursey, Chief JusTice: Lois EberT, Peggy STewarT, MilTon Volk, Rober-T Todd, Eleanor SENATE ForesT Parlc's SenaTe plays much The same role as does our nofional SenaTe. Bills passed Through This body keep our school TuncTioning smooThIy. IT is composed oT one sTudenT elecTed Trom each haIT-year class. Joclc Packard, The STudenT Vice-PresidenT, presided during The pasT Term. I-Ie wos ossisTed by The year represenTaTives: Edward Jones, IZA: BurTon STern, IZB: Herman Hollies, IIA, Philip Vollc, IIB, William Ober- Telder, IOAQ RoberT Russel, lOBg Charles Web- sTer, 9Ap MorgareT Wood, 9B. Bauer, Bruce Wood, AssocioTe JusTicesg MarTha Wilson, Cleric: Lee VogeIsTein, BaiIiTT. Firsf Row: E. Bauer, P. STewarT, J. Coursey, Chief JusTice: L. EberT, M, Wilson. Second Row: M. Volk, B. Wood, L. VogeIsTein, R. Todd. LeTT To righT-C. Websfer, E. Jones, I-T. I-lollies, D. Moxom J. Packard, M. Wood, R. Russell, B, STern, P, Volk, larincila ea 0 Lee REPRESENTATIVES Each advisory class delegaTes To a responsible boy or girl The auThoriTy To represenT The class in The STudenT GovernmenT oT The school. The represenTaTives oTFicially express The opinions of individual sTudenTs and reporT To Their advisory 0l'l'l CABINET AcTing as an advisory board To The STudenT PresidenT The cabineT is composed OT The presi- denTs oT each oT The Tive honor socieTies, The presidenTs oT each aT The year classes of The school, The Chief JusTice of The STudenT CourT, and The STudenT Vice-PresidenT. classes The decisions made. The represenTaTives pledge Themselves To loyally supporT and parTici- paTe in The sTudenT governmenT. IT is Through The weelcly meeTings oT class represenTaTives ThaT The STudenT PresidenT con- veys assignmenTs and messages To The various homeroom classes. The chairman This Term, STU- denT PresidenT Barbara WhiTehursT, has pro- moTed school spiriT and good Tellowship among The advisory secTions Through The class repre- senTaTives. FirsT Row: M. SchuchaT, S. Terl, B, Whifehursf, D, Kemp, S. Dawson. Second Row: J. Coursey, C. FiTzpaTriclr, D. Miller, C. Yearley. The cabineT may suggesT bills and proiecTs Tor The beTTermenT oT The school. IT has a wide inTluence in sTudenT parTicipaTion in governmenT since iT is charged wiTh The dual responsibiliTy oT advising The sTudenT execuTive on school poli- cies and oT TranslaTing These policies inTo school pracTice. . .L . equagfy, fuzifice an BOYS' LEADERS GIRLS' LEADERS From approximaTely one Thousand boys who comprise The male porTion oT The sTudenT popu- laTion, There is a parTicular group who are ouT- sTanding in leadership abiliTy. One oT The main TuncTions ol The school, ThereTore, is To give poTenTial leaders The opporTuniTy To grow. This aim is achieved by The Boys' Leaders' Club which Turnishes The incenTive Tor young leaders oT The school To prepare Tor lile, To achieve Tor liTe, an-d Tinally, To render service in liTe. There- Tore, The Boys' Leaders' Club sponsors The Boys' Coaching DeparTmenT, The lnTormaTion Desk, Locker DuTy, and provides ushers Tor Jolly Junior Jubilee, Senior Play, Graduahon, Junior and Senior Proms, and all The oTher TuncTions im- porTanT To our school liTe. The advisers are: Mr. AlTred P. ScoTT and Dr. Edwin L. Frederick. The oT'Ficers Tor The pasT Term have been: Mike SchuchaT, presidenTg Jack Buck- ingham, vice'presidenTg Edward Jones, secreTary7 Wilson I-loerichs, Treasurer. The Girls' Leaders' Club is The highesT honor socieTy Tor girls in ForesT Park. To iT belong Those girls who are ouTsTanding in every phase aT school liTe, including sporTs, year acTiviTies, clubs an-d STudenT GovernmenT. The club has done ouTsTanding work This year under The capable leadership oT Doris Kemp, iTs presidenT1 Marie Urey and Mary Louise PTQTT, vice-presidenTs: Alice Andre, secreTaryp DoroThy KraTz, Treasurer: and Miss Sophie Becker and Miss RuTh Kramer, advisers. During The pasT Term, The club has sponsored The "Big SisTer Plan." In This way The help oT The older girls oT The school has been enlisTed in caring Tor new girls by providing enTerTainmenT lYum! We can sTill TasTe Those delicious big red apples.l and making Them Teel more aT home and beTTer acquainTed wiTh ForesT Park. umanifg OPPORTUNITY CLUB The OpporTuniTy Club, operaTe:l under The auspices of The Boys' Leaders' Club, gives The younger poTenTial leaders an opporTuniTy To serve The school. Boys musT aualiTy under sTand- ards similar To Those required oT members oT The Boys' Leaders' Club. This group, whose aims are The some as Those oT iTs parenT organizaTion, perTorms many duTies around The school. Gne commiTTee oT boys is assigned morning paTrol To check on The persons who enTer school beTween 8.00 and 8:45 A. M. Members aT The club also volunTeer Their services To paTrol The halls Trom 2:45 P. M. To 3 P. M. ETHICAL CLUB ForesT Park would noT have a compleTe sysTem oT honor socieTies wiThouT The EThical Club inas- much as one oT The schoolls moTTos is "SporTs Tor All and All Tor SporTs." Here The TooTball heroes, lacrosse champions, baskeTball sTars, and valianT ice skaTers ioin To make The honor socieTy Tor ForesT Park aThleTes. Mr. William McClean is The adviser. each day To enTorce corridor rules. A special corps aT boys delivers The Press To The diTTerenT classrooms on Friday mornings. Mr. AlTred P. ScoTT and Dr. Edwin L. Frederick are The advisers oT The club. The oTTicers are: David Miller, presi- denTg Charles LeiThouser, vice-presidenTg WesTon Dean, secreTary: Randolph Walker, Treasurer. FOUR SQUARE CLUB The Four Square Club is under The supervision oT Miss Nora A. SToll and Miss Fannie WrighT. We Teel The Tollowing verse clearly expresses The acTs, ThoughTs, and creed oT This honor club: "Four Things There are ThaT one rnusT do If he would make his record True, To Think wiThouT confusion clearly, To acT Trim h'wnesT rnoTives purely. To love his Tellowmen sincerely, To TrusT in God and Heaven securely." STUDENT ACTIVITY BANK The receiving Teller and adviser aT The STuclenT AcTiviTy Bank is Mr. Michael C. Leipholz. IT is managed exacTly li'.e a commercial bank, as iT Talqes care aT The cIeposiT and wiThclrawal of money Trom The classes, clubs, and all school organizaTions. STudenT helpers acT as bool:- lceepers, and issue sTaTemenTs. DEPARTMENT OF SALES AND PUBLICITY These preTTy girls and enTerprising boys cerTainly lcnow how To make us Turn our poclceTs inside ouT, especially cluring TooTball season, This service group promoTes, sells TiclceTs and collecrs Tor all school-wide acTiviTies Tor which a charge is made. Mr. William I-I. Jolly is The adviser, and The presidenT Tor The pasT Term has been Ellen Piel. STUDENT COACHING DIVISIONS Due To The eTTorTs of Those boys and girls who excel in school subiecTs, each Term many sTudenTs are pre- venTed Tram failing. The coaching divisions are service organizaTions sponsored by The Girls' and Boys' Leaders' Clubs. Mary Jean Torsch and Charles Miller are direc- Tors and Carolyn PriTcheTT and John I-Ioplcins are The assisTanTs. PRESS ForesT ParIc's weekly has uncIoubTedly successTuIIy in- TerpreTed The news Tor all EoresTers during The pasT Term, wiTh Wahl racking his brains over TeaTures, Furshman Traclcing down wandering reporTers, BaTTin and Lachman punching ouT punchy ediTorials, SchwarTzman and LiTman piecing The shreds inTo a masTerTul iournalisTic enTerprise, and Mr. LeSchacl4, The adviser, supplying The morale boosTer. UNITED STATES BONDS AND STAMPS One phase aT paTrioTism Tor EoresT Parlcers This year has been The weelcly purchase of Defense Bonds and STamps, The purchase aT 550,000 worTh has been seT Tor This Term as our raTher ambiTious goal. The senior com- miTTee in charge consisTs OT Elsie Hagemann, Norma I-Iann, Shirley Kramer, Florence Dworlqin, RuTh Anderson, Udell I'Ierr, Jeanne RosenThal, EsTher Drezon, Norma STein, RoberTa Cooper, and Mr. Edward GolcIsTein, adviser. ' A 317933 fi W M Um, 42 4 2 f' A WWZTX f fy4 f lf' 5, 'lv-niLw-r l xx- ? X 4 fwk 224234 Q XWWZ QM ,. ' 4 A XXX I ld A wif f 'll 1 n ,E . I, f ff 'E K 'll' ' 1 i ' A A 'x 4, ' K . , A ! J , W ' " Q , ' " ' V , 3 I, :pe . , 14, i K , V , .4 I ,5:.., I ,NAV 1. X , A -f f Z C f ' 7 , ' 1: , I-" If if 27. 2 4 Z , 5 f - I1-5 ' ' 11 L'-25 Q - f V f Q 9 ? ' , 425 1 f .1 ' n- I ,, ' ' ' ff f ' 'auf' .5 :Q A :E w ' y I f X ,-22' rg' as 6 V ' Z W Q' A I 5 A . i H: 1" 5 Z ' ', W' 'A' ' f fi 1, :::1,,. Q, 1 , f, X in mf-:-' : ., - V5 7 -:Qi I " .25 4 A ...?g1:,. S i 7 4 2: .:::,i: -QQ? f " N N EZ ' 'a,:?N- R Ni-:WEE Z ' ' 2 X ,. " ' -:: Q.. . x -:4--4 "g'-: -'H 32 2 ' ' xxx f , K 155: :si 535 ' - Ex ll ,x , ?f " '1 - H . . nun' h , 4 Q 41 Z Mm ' ' . , :Q x 5-Z ' k R M K- 7 3 3 . 52 , K 3 " X 4' af vii? Z: f Z" K X I S K X - Z gg : I g ,ff . 5 'J LU' 5cAoo! AL, l,UOI"tAy an J Cl! ipa OPEN FORUM CLUB "As long as There is an America, democracy will noT vanish Trom The earTh." This mighT be a Typical sTaTemenT Trom The Tloor oT The Open Forum Club. People oT all creeds and docTrines uniTe under one common Theme in This club, "Democracy Forever!" Here may be viewed ForesT Parks democraTic youTh on parade. Per- haps a loolc inTo one of These meeTings is a look inTo The TuTure, inTo The aTTiTude oT America To- morrow. Several years ago, a number oT sTudenTs, real- izing The need Tor a raTher sound lcnowledge oT world ahfairs, grouped Themselves under The guid- ance oT Miss Orace D. Broening To discuss probe lems oT an economic, social, and poliTical naTure. Today, when Those Tounders oT The club have leTT ForesT Park, and many since Then have come and gone, The Open Forum Club conTinues, be- cause There sTill is a group oT sTudenTs who de- sire To sTudy ond discuss problems oT world sig- nificance. These pupils are promoTing an inTer- esT in naTional and inTerna+ional aTTairs cmd molding, Through Miss Broening's direcTion, in- TelligenT public opinion. The Open Forum Club has proven iTselT To be one oT The rnosT popular and respecTed clubs in ForesT Park. CHEMISTRY CLUB Booml Crash! Don'T be alarmed over These sounds Tor They're iusT minor explosions which you mighT hear in The chemisTry laboraTory if a member oT The ChemisTry Club didn'T Tollow insTrucTions. A group oT inTeresTed chemisTry sTu- denTs has uniTed under Dr. Edwin L. Fredericlcs guidance and Tormed The ChemisTry Club of ForesT Parlc l-ligh School. One oT The Club's ouT- sTanding acTiviTies is The sTudy oT The lives oT Tamous chemisTs and whaT These men have con- TribuTed To This greaT branch of The world ol Science. AnoTher OT The acTiviTies is The sTudy oT The pracTical applicoTion oT chemisTry To The chemicol indusTry aT BalTimore. Trips To impor- TanT chemical Tirms in and around The ciTy are Talcen each year To creoTe a greaTer inTeresT in chemisTry among The members. OuesT speakers are inviTed To bring many scienTiTic and inTeresT- ing TacTs To The aTTenTion of The boys and girls. l-lere ci baclcground Tor TuTure chemical research is being prepared Tor The members of one of The TinesT organizaTions in ForesT Parlc. LATIN CLUB Who said ThaT LaTin is a dead language? IT is iusT as popular wiTh s+udenTs Today as IT was wiTh boys and girls back in The days oT The AncienT Romans. WhaT modern war novel is as precise and dynamic as "Caesar?" WhaT poliTical speeches Today are as eloquenTly delivered as Those of Cicero? WhaT advenTure sTory can com- pare wiTh The journey oT Aeneas, and whaT love sTory is as hearT-rending as ThaT oT Dido? The very TacT ThaT This Club boasTs one oT The larg- esT membership rolls oT any organizaTion in The school is proof enough ThaT LaTin is Tar Trom being a TorgoTTen Tongue. Through The media oT dramaTizaTions, sTories, games, and movies, The members creaTe a deeper appreciaTion oT The IiTe, cusToms, and IiTeraTure oT AncienT Rome. EraTernal Teeling is TosTered by The associoTion oT sTudenTs Trom The various LaTin classes and Through The advisers, Miss Jessie Ebaugh and Miss lrene Roe. A huge banqueT, similar To The ones The Ro- mans of long ago used To hold, climaxes The club's social acTiviTies. IT is Through These varied TuncTions ThaT members acquire an appreciaTion ol The greaT social heriTage oT wesTern civiliza- Tion, and also gain a cuI+uroI background Tor The TuTure when They may use LaTin noT only in Their personal aTFairs, buT vocafionolly as well. JUNIOR DISASTER RELIEF CORPS IT is noT only greaT and heroic acTs ThaT can be described as golden deeds! Many a quieT deed of lcindness or a worlc oT mercy, done wiTh no ThoughT oT praise or reward, has had Tar-reach- ing eTTecTs and encouraged oThers To emuIaTe The worThy example seT Them. So sTrives The Red Cross! The TirsT organizaTion of iTs Type in BaITimore high schools, The DisasTer Corps renders service in emergencies. Worlcing in coniuncTion wiTh Red Cross T'TeadquorTers, The members learn how To adminisTer aid To disTressed vicTims. Rep- resenTaTives are senT To meeTings aT The main branch oT The Red Cross To volunTeer Their serv- ices and receive insTrucTions. During air raid pracTices aT EoresT Park, The Corps members acT as assisTanTs. They are sTa- Tioned on each Tloor To aid The respecTive Teachers. AT ChrisTmas, The members Till sToclcings Tor convalescenT soldiers aT ForT Meade. Paclcages are also senT overseas by The organizaTion. Indispensable because oT Their wor-Thwhile duTies, The Red Cross Corps is under The super- vision oT The school nurse, Mrs. Virginia Shipley. Much praise is due This unselTish group of ener- geTic worlcers. LIBRARY CLUB "Oh, Tor a book and a shady nook!" a man cried long ago. And, in TruTh, There is noThing To equal a book. IT is, wiThouT a doubT, The only Thing ThaT lives on Torever. A ThoughT puT inTo one is sTronger Than a sTaTue carved in marble. lnTeresT in books, as such, is The chief aim oT The Library Club, one oT The mosT consTrucTive clubs in The school. All Those inTending To make library work a career, gain valuable experience by means oT This organizaTion. Serving as assisTanT librarians, The members help To check incoming, as well as ouTgoing books. These indusTrious pupils Tind greaT enioymenT in keeping The shelves in order and in assisTing wiTh clerical work by Typing, Til- ing, and lisTing. By working Three periods a week, which may include work done beTore and aTTer school hours, Tor Three Terms, a sTudenT is eligible Tor a non-aThleTic award. During Book Week, exhibiTions are displayed in The Library, in hall showcases, and in class- rooms in The drive Tor conTribuTions aT books and magazine subscripTions Tram homeroom classes. This is one oT The major TuncTions oT The club which is so enThusiasTically sponsored by iTs ad- viser, Miss M. Bernice Wiese. One social aT-Tair is held aT ChrisTmas and an- oTher during May. Two meeTings only are held a semesTer. CAMERA CLUB ls your hobby Taking and developing phoTo- graphs? Then you undersTand The enioymenT The Camera Club aTTords iTs members. This organiza- Tion, which was begun soon aTTer The opening of ForesT Park by Miss Florence Lane, has as iTs aim The sTimulaTion aT inTeresT in phoTography as a hobby. IT aTTords an opporTuniTy Tor Those who wish To develop and prinT picTures. lT aids iTs members in Taking beTTer picTures and becom- ing more proTicienT in phoTography. The club deals parTicularly wiTh porTraiT phoTographs and work wiTh make-up. Mr. John F. Burger, adviser, guides This group, and oTTen Takes The club on Trips in The ouT-oT- doors. Each member Takes a picTure aT a phase aT The Trip. He Then develops and prinTs The picTure and brings iT To The nexT meeTing. A dis- cussion oT The picTures is conducTed: aTTerwards a period Tollows when criTicisms and sugges- Tions are oTTered. AT every oTher meeTing a speaker is inviTed. Very oTTen he is from a cam- era concern and he eiTher gives a Talk or ioins in a discussion. AT oTher meeTings insTrucTions in prinTing and developing are given or make-up and iTs pracTical usages in phoTography are boTh discussed and uTilized. This is one OT The ouTsTanding clubs aT The school and adds greaTly To our exTra-curricular program. Sl-lORTl-IAND CLUB lmaginel Une hundred-lwenly words a minulel Whol a record! Yer, lhis is nor foo much +o ex- pecl from anyone in 'rhe Shorlhand Club. This or- ganizalion allempls lo achieve a high degree ol perfeclion among ils members. By dividing lhe sludenls info groups according To abilily, dic- lalion is given al sixry, eighly, and one hundred words per minule, eilher by ils adviser, Mrs. Helen G. Brooks, or by recordings. Speed and accuracy are lhe obieclives. Dililerenl vocalional aspecls ol shorlhand are sludie-d, such as ifs use by courl reporlers, slen- ographers, and privale secrelaries. Personalily, appearance, and many phases of office rouline ore analyzed. QFFICE PRACTICE CLUB Why is everyone running lhal way? Why, ol: course, i+'s lhe Office Praclice Club having an- ofher meeling. Yes, lha+'s righl, a demonslralion is being given on one of lhe business machines. The demonslralion is being given or a rneeling of 'rhe club because There is insuhficienl lime in regular class periods. Machine demonslralions, however, aren'+ lhe only ocfivilies which engage Jrhe allenfion of members al club meelings. Ollen lhe group goes on lrips fo business concerns wilh lheir ad- viser, Mr. Edward Goldslein, +o gain lirsl-hand inlormalion on how an office force funclions. Or fhere may be an oulslanding spealcer from lhe world of business presenl or a club galhering. Whafever fhe reason For lhe rush, somelhing very inferesling is bound lo be happening af a meer- ing of lhe Office Proclice Club. SCRIBBLERS' CLUB Peers, drama+is+s, aulhorsl All can be found indusfriously wriling or lhroughffully chewing lheir pencils or lhe Scribblers' Club. Despile i+s comparalive youlh, Jrhis organizafion is a Jrhriving aclclilion fo Jrhe ex+ra-curricular aclivifies al' For' esl' Park. 'lnleresl is found parficularly in review- ing and analyzing examples of fine lileralure and in wriling shorf srories, edilorials and poems. During The year, The club engages in many in- leresfing aclrivifies such as Theafre parries, broaclcasfs, and ofher social acfivifies. The ad- viser of 'rhe Scribblers is Mr. L. A. Cooper. ART CLUB Whenever a line piece of arf work is exhibiled in 'rhe school, one can be sure +ha'r if has come from +he Ari' Club. Miss Nellie Norris and Miss Nora Brainarcl, advisers, help lhis club achieve i'rs aims of foslering a love of arf and of learning fo make beauliful lhings. An arlisl, inviled each monlh 'ro +he meefing, gives a demonsfralion of his specially, whelher if be oils, wafer color, e'rch- ing, sculprure or commercial arf. The members enrer many con'res'rs during fhe year and win a large number of prizes. FRENCH CLUB "Parlez-vous Trancais?" A number oT The school's language sTudenTs who enioy spea'-:ing French have ioined The French Club. Through This organizaTion They have learned To appreciaTe The beauTiTul Tlowing language oT The French people and To undersTand Their cusToms. The meeTings are auiTe unusual, as They are conducTed compleTely in French. Hardly a word oT English is spolcen. The presidenT calls The meeT- ing To order in French, and The secreTary reads The minuTes in The some Tongue. The Lord's Prayer also is reciTed in French. Songs Telling oT liTe in France are sung aT each geT-TogeTher. Humorous playleTs and dia- logues are presenTecl wiTh The assisTance oT The club adviser, Mr. J. Fred Moore. To enliven The aT- mosphere, There are usually some ForesTers who have acTually come Trom France presenT. They converse TluenTly wiTh The oTher members oT The club in French. The organizaTion someTimes visiTs similar groups in oTher schools, widening in This way Their circle oT "French" acquainTances. AlThough The French naTion may noT aT This momenT appear To be operaTing as an inde- pendenT poliTical uniT, and all signs oT democ- racy in France seem To be gone, The French language is being preserved Tor posTeriTy in America Today, and ForesT Parlcs French Club is doing iTs parT in This noble endeavor. GERMAN CLUB German language sTudenTs have always Tound a greaT deal To inTeresT Them in The German Club aT ForesT Parlc. Here, under The direcTion oT Mrs. Mary Sabine, games, plays, and musicales are presenTed inTormally by members in order To give a broader concepTion oT The hisTorical and culTural background OT The German people. Many meeTings are devoTed To The singing oT German Tollc-songs. These geT-TogeThers are al- ways enioyable because The Toll:-songs are very rhyThmical and easy To sing. As an exTension OT The club's acTiviTies, The members give reporfs on Tornous German scien- TisTs, composers, arTisTs, and auThors in The vari- ous German classes. Then, Too, oTTen The club presenTs plays and programs appropriaTe To The diTTerenT seasons oT The year. In The club meeT- ings, many acTiviTies are conducTed ThaT cannoT be given in class. To develop conversaTional abil- iTy, The German language is spolcen aT The vari- ous TuncTions. All in all, a mosT enioyable Time is had by The members ThroughouT The year. MASOUERS Every srudenr of Eoresf Park knows of rhe fine assemblies presenled by The Masquers. This dra- maric organizalion is one of lhe rradilions of our school. ln lacr, rhe Masquers were lirsl broughr Togerher in I925 when a group of srudenrs who were inleresred in rhe drama asked Miss Alfa Thompson lo organize a club of This kind. Ever since Jrhen, The Masauers have been a very real parl ol Eoresl Park. Only 'rhose people who are capable and lalenred are admilled, and mem- bership is limiled ro Torly persons. This year ir has been given a co-adviser, Mrs. Cleo Fisher, who is very much inleresred in dramarics and Jrhe lhearre. The club rries To presenf lhe finesr Types of drama which The sludenls are capable of han- dling. A Shakespearean play is given during The monlh of April al an assembly' and Jrhese pro- ducrions are usually memorable occasions. The Masquers enrerlain rhe Eacully wi+h a +ea and play each year. Skils are presenled by small groups Tor The club's own enrerrainmenl and dra- maric experience. Thearre parries are arranged and 'rhe besl shows 'rhal visil Ballimore in lhe larger rhearres, os well as +he plays in lhe liffle rhearres, are seen and appreciared. All ocfivifies are on a friendly basis, and every Masquer has a good Jrime. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB l-lere is one of rhe mosr inreresring clubs in rhe school Tor rhe feminine members of our popu- lus. Conlrary 'ro popular opinion, 'rhe Home Eco- nomics Club is nor a "cooking and sewing" club. Insread, a program made up ol inferesfing guesf speakers, field lrips and knillring for 'rhe Red Cross is carried our. Inferior decoralors have given The club poinlers on good lasle in home furnishings. Beauficians have fold aboul' how lo improve feminine beauly, Probably +he mosl popular ol rhe ralks are Jrhose on slryle which are given as allen as possible. Then, foo, Trips have been 'raken +o local dairies ro see The precau- lionary measures Taken lo send pasleurized milk 'ro our doorsfeps. Trips lo furnirure galleries have proven of inreresr ro many members. A+ leasr one hundred and rwenly-live girls are working on knirring Tor The foreign service of +he American Red Cross as well as The emergency division of Jrhe Unile-d Slales Army and Navy. Miss Doris Church and Miss Ida Wholey, ad- visers, are proud ol lheir organizalion, and like lo srress parricularly rhar none of 'rhe work of +he l-lome Economics course is carried on in Jrhe I-lome Economics Club. GIRL SCOUT CLUB One oT The mosT honored organizaTions in The world is The American Girl ScouTs. We, oT ForesT Parlc, are proud To have a secTion of This group among our lisT oT clubs. Miss Alice Elias, adviser aT The club, organized a group of Senior Girl ScouTs in The early parT oT This year. They serve The school and cornmuniTy dur- ing emergencies, and engage in many special proiecTs such as in Red Cross Work and in malcing candy Tor soldiers. lndeed, The Girl ScouT Club may well be considered a valuable addi- Tion To exTra-curricular acTiviTies aT ForesT Park. CULTURE TRAVELERS' CLUB l-low many oT us can TruThTully cell ourselves BalTimoreans? Very Tew no doubT, since we, Tor The mosT parT, are ignoranT oT The ciTy iTselT and whaT iT has To oTTer. The members oT The CulTure Travelers' Club, however, have The op- porTuniTy oT becoming Tamiliar wiTh The ciTy in which They live. Various insTiTuTions ThroughouT BalTimore are visiTed by This organizaTion in iTs eTforTs To learn someThing abouT Them and Their TuncTions. Mrs. Minnie Graham and Mr. l-larry Bard, advisers, bring many oT BalTimore's poinTs oT in- TeresT To The aTTenTion oT This club To TurTher The civic inTeresTs among The sTudenTs. CRAFTSMEIXVS CLUB Have you oTTen wondered who malces The Tine scenery Tor our plays and assemblies? A group of boys, inTeresTed in craTT work aT all Types, does These excellenT seTTings. The boys call Themselves The "CraTTsmen's Club." and The original organ- izaTion daTes back To The Time when ForesT Parlc was a Junior-Senior l-ligh School. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To inculcaTe in iTs members on inTeresT in all phases oT craTT worlc. Mr. Wil- liam Yocum coaches and direcTs The acTiviTies. BADMINTON "T-liT iT hard, ThaT's iT, righT over The neT," calls Miss Edifh Manning, adviser oT The BadminTon Club, as The girls Try To gain a poinT during a badminTon TournamenT. This organizaTion aims To sTimulaTe Triend- ships among girls oT The club as well as To de- velop beTTer badminTon players. l'liTTing The shuTTlecoclc around in The morning helps malce experT badminTon players oT The girls. To de- Termine The champion aT The school, Round Robin Tourname-nTs are played each year. Fair ploy is emphasized in all The games and unconsciously is carried inTo The daily liTe of The girls helping Them To become beTTer sTudenTs and ciTizens. GIRLS' TABLE TENNIS "WhamI ThaT's hiTTing iT! RighT over The neT iT goes!" This mighT easily be The exclamaTion oT a specTaTor who is wiTnessing one oT The hoTly conTesTed TournamenTs beTween The Girls' Table Tennis Club and The Boys' Table Tennis Club. These TournamenTs are held each Term aT EoresT Parlc. AT Their regular weelcly meeTings, The mem- bers oT The Girls' Table Tennis Club go in Tor some Tine playing. OTTen a TournamenT is held To ascerTain who is The besT player in The club. Girls ouTside of The club who are known To be good players are inviTed in To play. This is one OT The mosT popular clubs in The school. IT pramoTes good sporTsmanship and worThy use OT leisure Time. Membership is limiTed To ThirTy girls and The waiTing lisT is usually large, according To Mrs. EsTher Darroch, ad- viser. The members become acquainTed wiTh oTher Table Tennis enThusiasTs Through associa- Tion in TournamenTs held wiTh oTher school clubs and organizaTions. Then, Too, a CiTy Wide lnTer- scholasTic TournamenT is held each year. AT leasT one exhibiTion maTch is given each season aT The school by ciTy, sTaTe. and naTional champions in order To Teach The club championship Techni- que. To climax The many acTiviTies of The group, parTies are given Twice during The school year. BOYS' TABLE TENNIS A long, green Table, a neT sTreTched across iTs cenTer, Two boys, each wiTh a small wooden paddle, hiTTing a ping pong ball . . . paT-Tap, paT-Tap. paT-Tap, paT-Tap . . . and There is The seTTing oT a session OT The Boys' Table Tennis Club. The cardinal principle of This club, coached by Mr. AugusT W. Jansen, is To oTTer To Those who lilce To play Table Tennis an opporTuniTy To geT TogeTher and have Tun playing. ProTiciency comes, buT iT is only a secondary considera- Tion. MaTches are held wiTh members of The TaculTy, The Girls' Table Tennis Club, and oTher school organizaTions. An inTer-school Tourna- menT is conducTed each year, and iT is inTeresTing To noTe ThaT EoresT Parlc has been The champion Three ouT OT The pasT Tive years. Club members compeTe among Themselves on a ladder charT which shows The relaTive posiTions oT The various members. Many privaTe Teu-cls are carried on among The boys who lceep a running score oT The seTs which They have won and losT. The expenses oT The club are so slighT ThaT enough oT The TwenTy-Tive cenTs dues collecTed Tram each mem- ber is leTT over To "Throw a Teed." STrangely enough This aTTair draws The besT aTTendance of any meeTing during The year. The members will make greaT sacriTices To see ThaT The club is well represenTed aT This TuncTion. RADIO WORKSHOP "Take ThaT line over again and read iT This way, -in calls Mrs. Eleanora B. Kane To a member oT The ForesT Park Radio Workshop. A radio scripT wriTTen by one oT The members oT The group is being worked ouT in a meeTing oT The Workshop. The casT is sTudying The scripT in- TenTly, and The audience, The remaining mem- bers who were noT picked Tor The casT, is oT- Tering helpTul suggesTions. The ForesT Park High School Radio Work- shop is one oT The newesT organizaTions in The school. IT was organized in March, l94l, wiTh groups in scripT-wriTing and idramaTics. The pur- pose oT The club is To develop an inTelligenT ap- preciaTion of The arT of radio broadcasTing Through acTive parTicipaTion, and To provide The sTudenT wifh a naTurally sTimulaTed mefhod oT selT-expression. Groups meeT on alTernaTe Wednesdays To sTudy radio scripT wriTing, pro- ducTion, and dramaTics. The scripT group does noT necessarily have The same members as The dramaTics group, buT The Two TogeTher are known as The Radio Workshop. Many oT The people Trom bofh groups par- TicipaTe in "The STudenTs' Program" over W. F. B. R. on Friday nighTs. ScripTs wriTTen by sTu- denTs are Trequenlrly used on The air. All in all, This is a mosT inTeresTing addiTion To The group oT clubs aT ForesT Park. CHESS CLUB "Your move nexT . . . ThaT is, if you can move." These words sound raTher craTTy and sarcasTic on The parT oT The speaker. And, perhaps They are, Tor you have overheard one of The Two boys aT a parTicular Table in The Chess Club. These boys, as well as all The members of The Chess Club, are Trying To TurTher playing abil- iTy and enioymenT OT This age-old game. The club, one of The oldesT organizaTions in ForesT Park, assisTs novices in becoming experT play- ers, and compeTes wiTh clubs and organizaTions in oTher schools. As a maTTer oT lacT, Mr. Henry Waskow, adviser, arranges an inTer-scholasTic championship TournamenT each year. The Chess Club oT ForesT Park plays Teams Trom PolyTechnic lnsTiTuTe and CiTy College. Games are played alTernaTely aT each school and The winning Team receives a prize Trom each oT The losing Teams. As a resulT, enThusiasm is kepT aT a high piTch The enTire Term in anTicipaTion oT The goal aT The end oT The year. lIlllSIlI af joredf pall "One, Two, Three, Tour! one, Two. Three, Tour! beaT ouT The Time! beaT ouT The Time!" So called Miss BuTler To The orchesTra which happened To be "beaTing ouT" The "Grand March" Trom Aida. The orchesTra is a developmenT and expan- sion oT The band. AT various Times iT makes use of all band insTrumenTs-buT TreaTs Them diT- lerenTly. lTs aims are Tor good playing habiTs. regulariTy and prompTness oT aTTendance, con- sTanT aTTenTion To Tone qualiTy, expressive per- Tormance guided by suggesTions oi The con- ducTor, and acquainTance wiTh sTandard musical liTeraTure. Then, Too, The orchesTra has cerTain obiecTives. For insTance, There are creaTive and esTheTic obiecTives. The sTudenT is TaughT To re- spond To o naTural love oT Tone and rhyThm, and To saTisTy an innaTe craving for making someThing beauTiTul. ln addiTion, There are social obiecTives which aim To develop in a sTudenT a desire To serve oThers in school and communiTy wiTh The musical power TosTered by The school. There are also leisure Time obiecTives and vocafional obiecTives. This mighT be summed up by say- ing ThaT The orchesTra aims To TurTher an inTeresT in group playing. in exTended reperTory and in Turnishing programs Tor assemblies, com- mencemenTs, plays, musicals, and P. T. A. meeT- ings. AlThougl'1 The ForesT Park Band-was less im- porTanT in our music program Tor a long Time Than The orchesTra, Today iT probably inTeresTs more sTudenTs Than any oTher musical organiza- Tion. This is probably True because iT is more specTacular, more oTTen in The public eye, Than The orchesTra. IT plays an imporTanT parT in rallying school spiriT during The Toofball season and aT numerous oTher school TuncTions. The well-organized, 'Finely Trained Drum and Bugle Corps, coached by Mr. John Burger, arouses enThusiasm and supporT aT various aTh- IeTic acTiviTies oT The school. IT is making music hisTory aT ForesT Park. AnoTher ol The school's many musical uniTs, The lnsTrumenTal Ensemble, plays chamber music reperTory, The acid TesT of real musicianship. The TuncTion oT The Glee Club is To give iTs members an experience ThaT will enable Them To grow in musical power and undersTanding. and To develop a deeper and wiser love Tor music as a Tine arT. BuT, speciTically, iTs luncTion is To Train adolescenT boys and girls To use Their newly developed adulT voices wiTh conTidence and skill: To learn To sing composiTions of dif- TerenT moods, Thus enlarging Their grasp oT The --...NM '21--. - ---.- wang -Q 5 , .Y Ti T ff., Q K, . ., iff' Q :f L 7 ' 7531 vi .Q is W1 1 f 4, . -Q1 Q A as ffl Y V -if x g, ' SH! inf V, . . ,. ' K T H 'wx Bs V- ' ' 1, K fy 21, X I A '1iff5gf:f77fE. :A ' wa Y. . M 26 Yfizfif.. ' ' A s In R 1 M , 1. 5 LE wx-1 ivy -. Qs-as K My 5 1 -x.k W A ,, y. . . 5.4, -'f 1 L. ? U' 3 'fa ' Q. , ,L ' '1-,, X, f-sf 'N ,. Q f Q 3, 94 R . L:,. a W HQ, ,mg 'fy 51735 ,Q X' 'v ' 5 M X,,.. X x W D W .W - fx A ,E . img f 1125 f 5 ' I x V -LLL Ln il Q V 1' W f 1 hiky W , L z L ' Aix 9' " ' VX A Lg A ' , Wm: 1, . A .1 , skis., v ,5. f E ,, ff , 3 -,1U9Tx:' X 'V ' y. -L: x. " N M. , ., 5- ,, N: 5 3? ' U - y 4. 'M 1 4-.-....,. ,..,.,,-Q,., V Q , , 5 I V . Q Q -,M A V 5. If 1 P +I 21 s Q Eg E f i A, i a n f Q Q if M xa' ,P L. SP W f " V XXX ,K s I Nh n 1, kk P R? K 'B f X jf, 5, .3 af xx f f L' -2 i f . tv Y. 1, la Y Hg I A .ix SE :V W S k in Mfg 2 1' K ww A E 1 , 3? 73 in X 5 R H 1 ' -Q Q eff Hr my 5? P -f 1 ' Q ' Vex .2 if 3 2 - V1 5 i A, lp Us i X a A t 'Ab L , -g K5 V' - f U , if K 21 x, A mm L, -5 'K x 3 ,QV X 2 L 9 Q ?f - f , in 'Q J, afif-'VxF'lv 1 ' - 9 ' 3 Q kg 's ', . - '7 X ,Q -1 x Q, Q, . , H , ' f- f- A 9 , 'if' , r X: Q' 'ya M lg 9 I I., ' x X X . i ,M 5 ,Q- Qb fy 'x A A '? wx. ' Ay, X AMERICAN CONSULAR CLUB "WhaT naTion do you Think will assume The leadership aT The world in achieving a lasTing peace aTTer This conTlicT is over?--America, oT course!" The American Consular Club, The very laTesT addiTion To ForesT Park's ever-growing lisT oT clubs, has been organized To discuss and look inTo The probabiliTy aT This naTion's leader- ship in world aTTairs when peace is once more declared and The presenT world sTruggle is over. A group oT highly selecTed sTudenTs was inviTed To Torm This new club on OcTober 20, I94I, under The direcTion oT Miss RosseTTa Feldman and Miss RoberTa Carnes. Miss Feldman said ThaT The need Tor Trained inTellecTual leadership Tor boTh presenT and TuTure world problems broughT abouT The organizaTion oT This club. The mem- bers are aTTempTing To creaTe Trom our democ- racy The seeds which will bring abouT a universal belief in democraTic principles in The world oT To- morrow. The ideals and basic undersTandings oT permanenT world peace and why These principles will work are discussed. The club sTudies condi- Tions in The various counTries and learns why America is The logical naTion of The TuTure To as- sume leadership in world aTTairs. AlThough The American Consular Club may be The youngesT oT our Tamily aT clubs, iT is one oT The mosT con- sTrucTive and helpTul oT Them all. lT is playing a greaT parT in Training leaders Tor school govern- menT, naTional governmenT, and world govern- menT. TYPEWRITING CLUB Perhaps The club which proves To be oT The greaTesT value To The individual sTudenT is The TypewriTing Club. Good TypewriTing will help one in every vocaTion. The aim oT The organiza- Tion, Then, is To sTimulaTe inTeresT in cerTain phases of TypewriTing which can noT be TaughT in class. A Trip To The OTTice PracTice Room is Taken once a year To acquainT The members wiTh business machines oTher Than The TypewriTer. ArTisTic TypewriTing is also TaughT by Miss Alice Ekas, adviser. Discussions in reTerence To busi- ness in The ouTside world are given which give The members more knowledge of business Than can be given in class. Trips are Taken To see business oTTices aT work. A ChrisTmas parTy is given annually and The year's acTiviTies are closed wiTh an ouTdoor parTy. A pleasanT as well as beneTicial program is enjoyed by all oT The members OT The TypewriTing Club. 'Z ei -'Ei N f B 1 " 9 .fu 471, 3, 5 Q W5 fy 5 Q M 44 X 5 5- V 3 , I3 , ..::A " 1 V X' r'7Vy ff 42 " I 4 ll? Al: .b f .X . 13,5141 4, f ':'--- ' ,- I, , 1 S 1:55. K 1+ 1959 L XX C 'T Q x J R.,-1. , - - , 3 5--r' - 'M "ZA X PZQE7: 'S Sanrio Ar CJK affkr alaorfa . . . G 3 4 n. LeTT To RighTiFirsT Row-Ruppersberger, TaTe, STreckfus, Ben- er, Sollers, Magruder, Sullivan, Philips, FiTzpaTrick, SmiTh, Smel- r, Hogan, RosenblaTT, KnighT, Ropka, Coursey, Moore. Second ow,.Mr. McClean, Levin lAssT. Mgr.T, TolboT TMgr,T, Frank, Volk, Nicklas, Numkin, Joyner, Jones, Kermisch, HesTerberg, Sor- nson, BelT, Hollies, Tennyson, Kunkle, DiPaula, Jacobson, Seiz- ann, Frank TASST. Mgitj. Cn SepTember I9, I94l, a smooTh-working ForesT Park ouTTiT compleTely ouTclassed a hard- TighTing VocaTional Team To The Tune OT 3l To O. Showing Ia+eraIs, Take-reverses, and passes, The ForesTers ran roughshod over Their opponenTs. From The kick-oTT, The Green and Gray was in compleTe command oT The siTuaTion, and in six plays, wiTh less Than Two minuTes oT The game gone, DiPaula ran 22 yards behind perTecT inTer- Terence Tor a Touchdown. WiTh DiPaula and T-logon reeling OTT long gains, The ForesT Park Team was conTinually in VocaTional TerriTory. The scoring closed when Joyner Tossed a 25 yard pass To Numkin. Cne week laTer, ForesT Park came To The STa- dium in hopes OT annexing vicTory No. 2 oT The currenT campaign againsT a TighTing SouThern Team. Receiving The kick-oTT, SouThern immedi- oTely sTarTed To move up The gridiron. Using o puzzling "T" FormaTion ThaT seT a man in moTion, Cage hurled a pass Tor a SouThern Touchdown, and Then drop-kicked The exTra poinT. In The sec- ond quarTer, Hogan on a righT end sweep laT- eraled The ball To DiPaulo, who Took iT over Tor a Touchdown. SouThern had Two addiTional chances To score in each oT The lasT quarTers, FOOTBALL buT The Green and Gray's hard-TighTing Team held Tor downs boTh Times. The game ended wiTh a score oT 7 To 6. ln The ensuing conTesT, a surprisingly sTrong MT. ST. Joe Team capiTalized on Two breaks To beaT l:oresT Park, I2-6. ThroughouT The TirsT pe- riod and eighT minuTes oT The second, The Teams baTTled back and TorTh wiTh liTTle resulTs. lnlow- ever, ST. Joe succeeded in scoring Touchdowns in The second and Third periods. The T:oresTer aT- Tack came To life in The TourTh period, when They advanced Tram Their own ThirTy-Tive yard line by a series oT runs and posses. The aTTack was sTalled as ST. Joe held Tor The downs, buT on The TourTh down, Dilbaula bullied his way over Tor The Tinal score. A Tired McDonough Team, ouT-ToughT and ouT- played Through The enTire game, carried oTT The honors in The lasT Two minuTes OT play. Because oT The muddy Tield, There were numerous Tumbles buT neiTher Team Took advanTage oT Them. LaTe in The TourTh quarTer Miller oT McDonough in- TercepTed a pass on his own 35 and ran Tor a Touchdown. A Tew minuTes laTer The game ended 6-O. A lighT rain Tell on The already soggy Tield as The ForesTers meT Severn in Their TiTTh baTTle of The season. Severn scored in The opening minuTes oT The game. Fumbles and inTercepTions were TrequenT ThroughouT The TirsT period. A Tew min- uTes before The period ended DiPaula Took a kick on Severn's 45 and ran down The sidelines Tor ForesT Park's only poinTs. ln The second period, McCall oT Severn inTercepTed a ForesTer pass, and galloped 65 yards Tor Severn's second Touch- down. Midway Through The Third period, Hogan's kick was blocked and Severn recovered on The Green and Gray IO yard line. On The Third down McCall again wenT over Tor Severn. ln The lasT quarTer, The ForesTers aTTempTed To score-buT were unsuccessful. The Tinal score-20 To 6. Building up To a peak aTTer Tour sTraighT losses, The ForesT Park gridders ran up a score of 26-O over powerless CalverT Hall. The TirsT quar- Ter was unevenTTul because aT The many Tum- bles in CalverT Hall's TerriTory. However, near The end aT The TirsT halT, Hogan passed To Joy- ner who ran l5 yards Tor a Touchdown. ln The second halT, Numkin made a beauTiTul run around righ+ end and scared a second Touchdown. ln The lasT quarTer, capiTalizing on a I5 yard holding penalTy ogainsT CalverT Hall, The Green and Gray moved To The six Tram which DiPaula scored. Then Jones inTercepTed ci pass and raced 35 yards Tor our lasT Touchdown. On The lasT Friday in OcTober, a heavily Tavored Tech Team was almosf baTTered To a sTandsTill by a lighT buT scrappy ForesTer Eleven. ln The middle oT The TirsT quarTer, OsTendorT ran 68 yards for The TirsT Poly score. The second quarTer was merely a kicking duel, wiTh each Team hoping Tor a break. ln The Third quarTer Poly recovered Their kick-OTT on our 30, and aTTer marching To our 4 yard marker, scored on a dis- puTed laTeral play Trom Nufh To Scarborough. ln The Tinal period, The Green and Gray ThreaT- ened, buT losT The ball when Poly eiTher held Tor downs, or inTercepTed our TuTile passes. IT was a plucky and sTubborn Green and Gray ouTTiT which was ouTgained buT noT ouTgamed by a power-ladened opponenT, when ForesT Park was deTeaTed by CiTy College, 24-O, on Nov. 8. CiTy was held scoreless in The TirsT quarTer, buT swung inTo acTion in The second period and ob- Tained Two Touchdowns. ATTer The ForesTers kicked midway in The second quarTer, CiTy sTarTed a Touchdown drive which carried 65 yards To a Tally. Anders scampered Tor a score aTTer Taking a Touchdown pass ThaT wenT Tor 36 yards. CiTy added Two more Touch-downs in The TourTh quarTer To beaT The TighTing ForesT Park Team. ln The lasT game of The season, ForesT Park received The kick-OTT and reTurned The ball To Their own 35. Jacobson picked up a TirsT down on The PaTTerson 40. Affer This Thrilling beginning, The TirsT half was merely a kicking duel. ln The Third quarTer, nearly every aTTempT by The PaTTerson Team To pass, was sTopped by The ForesTers. ln The TourTh quarTer, The ForesTers were as Tar down as The PaTTerson 25, buT Tailed To geT any TarTher. ln The lasT play oT The game The PaTTer- son Team Tumbled on Their own 8, buT recovered iusT as The whisTle blew. The game ended in a scoreless Tie. I-Signals! 90-50-23l 2-"Did you hear This one? 3-Mr. "Mac" Takes his exerc se 4-"Will They win?" 5-Go geT 'em, boy! 6-"STop Tickling me!" 7-STruT on down! 8-Mow 'em downl 9-Don'T leT him have iT! IO-"Cheer, cheer for our ForesT Park." ll-GoTchal I2-OUT of bounds! l l T i FirsT row-Johnson, Massimini, Ulrich, Yurkewich, Urey, Kemp, Pecora. Second row-Burdick, Wills, Quesenberry, Dann, Pfuff. GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY Ground sTicks, ground sTicks, ground sficks, and The deTermined ForesT Park lossies launched Their I94I hockey season. Co-capTains Marie Urey and Barbara Yurkewich were The only veT- erans oT The lasT year's Team, bu+ The remain- ing posiTions were ably Tilled by former Jay-Vees. Barbara was an inner oT proven scoring abiliTy, while Marie was recognized as The ouTsTanding goalie aT The public school loop. The opening TilT wiTh SouThern ended in a scoreless Tie as neiTher eleven was able To crack The oTher's deTense. Led on by CapTain Anne KraTz, The ForesTers' J. V. Team Trimmed The maroon and gold Jay-Vees by a score of 2-O. In The Tollowing conTesT, The ForesT Park co-eds gained a one-all deadlock over EasTern's Team. Early in The second halT, EasTern scored The inifial Tally. l-lalfway Through The period, how- ever, ForesTer Mary Johnson Took a hard swaT aT The ball and iT bounded Toward The goal To knoT The counT. The Green and Gray Junior Var- siTy losT iTs TilT as EasTern's cenTer accounTed Tor The lone Tally. ForesT Park won iTs TirsT vicTory over WesTern on November 5. Mary Lee Johnson received The pelleT on The 25-yord line and pushed iT Through The goal posTs wiTh a hard drive. The ensuing Jay-vee deadlock was a lively scrap, ending wiTh boTh Teams having scored one goal. Falling before a TasT-working PaTTerson eleven, The ForesTers managed To gain one poinT To Their opponenTs' Two as The resulT of a hard drive To The enemy line. AlThough They Tailed To capTure The champion- ship, The enTire hockey squad deserves praise Tor Their Teamwork and honesT eTTorT. , T 1 Viv? -' Q , Scufed-Rennie, Burker, Senfz, Schindler, Cunningham, YoT'fe, Bun- ting. Sfonding-J. Jones, Mnllonee, Slirling, PorTer, Sooer, Mr. Scheid, Cooch. Loolcing Torword To on even brighTer seoson This yeor, The pucksTers show promise oT o greoT Teom. WiTh o championship ond The public school Trophy Trorn losT yeor To help odd sup- porT, ond obly coochecl by Mr. Scheid, The Teom will prove o big ThreoiT in The ice leogue. LosT yeor deTeoTing every Teom in The leogue OT leosT Twice ond losing buT Two gornes, Those being To Poly ond MT. ST. Joe, The ForesTers proved ThoT They would be hard To sTop once They sTorTed rolling. This yeor The ForesTers opened Their seoson by dropping ci close one To ColverT l-loll. This moy hove been due To The inexperience oT some oT The new ployers on The squod. Every indico- Tion, Though, is ThoT The Teorn will prove To be o sTrong conTender cigoin Tor The chompionship, W. Jones, B G Y S I l C E H O C K E Y SCHEDULE Dec. ,,,. . . .. ColverT l-Toll Dec .... Loyola Jon, .,.,,. Poly Jon. .MT. ST. Joe Jon. CcilverT T-Toll Feb .... Loyola Feb Feb LINE-UP G. l-logon-G. B. Burlrer-C. R, Mollonee-R.W. R. Cunningham-L.W. R. SmiTh-L.D. S. YoTTe-RD. G. PorTer-C. S, Dipoulo-R.W. D. SenTz-C W. Sfirling-L.W. J. Rennie-R.W. L. BunTing-D. XX, Schindler-G. 1. Sopei-L.W. W. Jones-D. Poly .MT. ST. Joe BOYS' BASKETBALL Cheers and hopes lor o successful season marlced lhe opening of lhe I94I-42 baslcelball season. The srrong and spiriled Foresl Park Five have deiealed lhe Alumni and Park School so lar in lheir schedule. Ably coached by Mr. Sid- ney Lipsch, 'rhe leam is well prepared 'ro meer all possible lhreals in lhe coming year. Leol by Reginald Elliol and "Mouse" Summerfield, lhe sparlcplugs of lhe leam, The Foreslers give prom- December 2-Alumni .. .. .l-lome December 4-Park .... ,.. .. .Home December 9-McDonough .. ...Home December IO-Parlc ...,..... .... A way December I2-Calverf Hall ,.. ..,l'lome December I6-Friends ..,.. .......,.. H ome December I9-Si. Paul's ,.. .... lhlighll Away January 3-Sl. Paul's . .... lNigh+l Home January 6-wBoys Lahn .. .......... l4ome January 9-Alumni .., .. .... lhlighll Home January I3-Vocalional ,... .....,,.,. l-l ome 'January lo-Pallerson Parlc .,. ,..... ,,Away 'January 20-Ciiy College .. .,........ Home 'Jonuary 23--Poly .,...,..,. .,.. l Nighll Home 'January 27-Soufhern l-ligh .. .......... l-lome 'January 30-Vocafional ....., ..., A way 'February 3-Palferson Parlc ,, 'February be-Poly , ..,.. .. .... February 7-Md. Freshmen . 'February IO-Cily College ... .... X February I3-Soulhern l-hgh ., .... ise of a successful year. 'Denoles league games. Sealed-Packard, Jacobson, Elliolf, Philips, Summerfield, Rulh, Tale, Nicklas. Standing! Mr. Lipsch, Coachg Leizman, Balachow, Rosenthal, Cordner, Hollies, Rath, Zenifz, Cross, Mgr., Brandi, Assf, Mgr. lil UB , . , Q 5 1 E Home Away Away Away Away -Y , T. . . GIRLS' BASKETBALL This season's cagers begin wiTh excellenT new maTerial and also wiTh a new coach, Miss Edirh Manning. Miss Manning succeeds Miss Lucy Hyde, The proud coach of The I94-I .lay-Vee Champions. LasT season's champion sexTeT is baclc again in The spoTlighT capTained by Ann KraTz, cenTer guard. Ann's sisTer, DoroThy, a Torward, is The highesT-ranking baslceTer in The ciTy. as Peggy Burdick, Grace Rosen, and Gloria George. The Team's capable manager is Ellen Marie Urey. ln every pracTice period and in every game, There is evidence aT The high spiriTs, good sporTs- manship, speed, and skill which are uppermosT in The mind of each squad member. And so, They go lorTh wiTh combined eTlorTs To bring Foresl' Park The l942 crown. Barbara Yurlcewich and Theodora Jones, The December 22-Alumni . Home . J l2-S . .. speedy goalmalrers ol I94l, are again perTorm- armory efon " Away January I5-Parlc .. .Away ing in experT Tashion. The Two oTher posiTions on JG.-,wry i9-MOn+,O5e Q Home . 6- The Team are Tllleid by The sTar guards, Beulah lomloryz Sparks Home January 22-CaTonsville Away Massimini and MarTha Wilson, who are very February 4-'We5ie,,, Away adepT aT inTercepTing and in Tailing Their op- February I3-xvomllonol AWGY Februay l8f'SouThern Home POn9nT5- February 24-'Easlern Away March 4-'PaTTeison Home Among The subsTiTuTes are Tound such sTars 'League games' Firsf row-Burdick, Ulrich, Jones, D. Krafz, B. Yurkewich, Wilson, A. Kralz, Massirnini. Second row-Urey, Rosen, Goldman, G-ivner, George, Cohen, Zabrisky, Kemp, M, Yurkewich. Third row- Ufarl, Mack, McCanville, Chase, SwarTz. T1 lr i g L SOCCER This year's soccer campaign sTarTed oTT wiTh a bang. ln Tacl', The piTchmen impressively bowled over Their opponenTs in all Three prac- Tice games. To sTarT The scholasTic league rolling, The ForesTers played SouThern. This vicTorious conTesT led To many more vicTories which boosTed The morale OT The Team considerably. Plowed under in Their TirsT deTeaT by Poly, The socceriTes remained undeTeaTed in spiriT. ln The CiTy game, They made a Tine showing Tor Themselves by holding The enraged Collegians scoreless. ln The Tinal game wiTh PaTTerson, The undeTeaTed champion, The I:oresTers puT over buT one counTer To PaTTerson's Tour. LeT? To righT-SiTTing-Freiman, l-Iey- man, Summerfield, Lerner, ZeniTz, Packard, Wolfel, Williams, BiTzer, WebsTer, Marks. Kneeling-Segraves, Woodland, Ker- ber, O'FarreIl, Levy, Berger, Bachrich, Bowman, Lowy. STanding4King, Berg, Caplan, R. Fox, Dorf, Davidson, Bevans, Wooden, Mar- cus, Cohen, T. Fox, Mr. Waskow, Coach. GIRLS' ICE RACING FirsT raw-Malcolm, I-Iarnlin, Miss Journeay, Coach, I-lubin, Second row! Powell, STahl, Dobbs, Redman, Bar- neTT, PorTer, Oliver. Third row-Morris, Boyarslry, LipsiTz, Maynard, Kelly, Johnson. Keen blades biTe inTo The glisTening sheeT of ice as l:oresT Parlcs co-eds Try To geT in as many pracTice sessions as possible before Team Try-ouTs. Ice racing, a comparaTively new girls' sporT, has many Tollowers who pracTice during The winTer monThs under The waTchTul eye OT Miss Lucy Journeay, Their coach. The Team has buT one meeT a year. AT This evenT, SouThern, EasTern, and WesTern aTTempT To wresT The Team diadem 'From ForesT Parlc. The school has IcepT The Girls' lnTer-ScholasTic Ice Rac- ing Trophy Tor The pasT Two years. FirsT Row: F. Fliclcinger, M. Urey, M. L. PTQTT, D. KraTz, D. Burlcom, C. Ulrich, B. Massimini. Second Row: R. Levinsohn, O. Haselbeclc, P. Hoare. D. ArmacosT, L. PorTer, V. Beccio, l. Basse. Third Row: R. Connor, E. Cherry, B. Yurlcewich, A. Kadron, L, EberT, M. Wilson, M. Mayers, A. KraTz, G. George, H. Kcelom. Once again wiTh The opening aT The spring season aT ForesT Park, greaT emphasis was placed on volleyball. In l94O The ForesTers won The championship +i+le, buT were deTeaTed by WesTern The Tollowing year in a very lively maTch. ln I942 The Green and Gray began wiTh all indicaTions poinTing Toward a successTul sea- son in volleyball performances. In spiTe OT The TacT ThaT The Team losT many oT lasT year's ouTsTanding varsiTy members, The squad was a TavoriTe choice and capTured The championship. ForesT Park inTroducecl a well-or- ganized and slcillTul Team To sTage a speedy VOLLEY BALL comeback againsT compeTing public school Teams. We cannof say ThaT anyone of The ForesTers played besT, buT special recogniTion should be given Their coach, Miss Lucy Hyde, For her fine and splendid coaching This year. Some oT The girls on lasT year's Team who re- Turned were: Beulah Massimini, Marie Urey, Lois EberT, CelesTe Ulrich, Ann KraTz, Evelyn Cherry, DoroThy KraTz, Florence Fliclcinger, Marlha Wil- son, MargareT Mayers, Doris Burlcom, Rebecca Levensohn, Mary Louise PTQTT, BeaTrice Gribben, and Barbara Yurlcewich. l Firsf Row: A. Paul, M. Volk, W. Magruder, M. Gimmel, P. Volk, R. Senfz, L. Shor. Second Row: B. Mallonee. S. Burman, H. Boswell, G. Gibbs, H. Schindler, E. Hiller, B. Koiler. Third Row: A. Marks, G. Maron, M. Miller, S. Abramson, C. Benner, B. Tale, J. Lerner, Manager: Coach W. McClean. LACROSSE Lacrosse, fhe old Indian game, has always been popular around Foresl Park, and This year was no exceplion. The leam, ably coached by Mr. McClean, alfhough comparalrively new 'ro "A" Conference compeli+ion, has shown up very well in 'rhe lasl lwo years. This year marked The 'rhird year ihal Foresl Park has parlicipale-d in lhe slrong "A" Conference. Las'r year lhe Foreslers wound up lhird in league play, and lhis year 'rhe boys have used championship lechnique. The leam was builr around several relurning velerans, and a hosl of promising young prospecls. Oufslanding members were: Bob Tafe, Con- rad Benner, Alberl Marks, William MacGruder, Morlon Huber, Paul Weinberg, Jonas Rappe- porr and Bob Mallonee. SCHEDULE April 6 Johns Hopkins Freshmen . ,.... Away Pork School .... Home Friends . Away Msy BOYS' Latin .. Away Gilman ., Away S+. Paul Home Severn .. . Away McDonough ,.. Away Firsr Row: L. Smilh, J. Coursey, M. Fox, S. DiPaula, S. Sezief. T. Sorensen, Co-caplainp T, Anderson, J. Jones, R. Higdon, M. Hewill. Second Row: B. Hodgson, M, Marcus, S. Greenebaurn, T. Keesey, D. Wilhelm, C. Williams, Co-coplainz G. Shepler. R. Wolfe. J. McCloskey, O. Soper, J. Moore, V. Kicas. Third Row: Assislanl Coach John Boyda, V. Bowman, L. Harris, J. Brandi, M. Tinori, H. Bunling, M, Clark, R. Lerfz, P. DiPaula, V. DeSlafo, F. Milhauser, J. Duval, L. Roberis, J. Tarr, W. Websler, H. Silverman, Coach Rex Sims. Foorlh Row: S. Levin, Manager, O. Arnoli, B. Wood, D. Jacobs, J. Dobel, B. Hayden, R. Walker. J. Moll, L. Levy, W. Thomas, H. Orliz, R. Wills, Assislanf Manager. Las'r year, wilh only five relurning velerans, Alhlelic Direclor Rex Sims pul oul a leam which deleared McDonough, Ml. Si. Joe, Pallerson Park and Sourhern High School. This year, Coach Sims has had five lellrer men, lhree of whom are Seniors: Claude Williams, sprinler, Herberl Fore resler, high iump, and Mayer Freed, discus and sholpul. These Seniors, logelher wilh Vincenl Kicas, shoi and discus, and John Paul Jones, pole youll, have bolslered lhe slrenglh ol rhe learn. New addirions who have shown special abilily are: Slanley Greenebaum, Russell Wolfe, Donald Wilhelm, Owen Soper, Leo Levy, James Coursey and Jimmy Moore. TRACK The J. V. Team was handled by Mr. John Boyda, who also assisled Mr. Sims wilh rhe Var- sily. SCHEDULE April ll Univ. oi Maryland Fiosh . . .College Parlc 22 Cily College ..... .. . . Away 2? Seniifr P ,blic School Mele' . Cilv 'lay 2 Uhiv. of Maryland lnvilalion . . College- Porl: 5 Fcly . . ., .. Home-wood l4 Fallersan Fark ... . . ..,. Home io C" Meer . . Washingqlon, D. C. l? Mr. S+.Joe .. . .,,.. , ...Away 73 Maryland Scholaslic Championship.Home-wood FirsT Row: S. Dawson, M. OTTIT, T, Gorman, F. RuTh. Second Row: L. Joyner, B. I-Iiclcs, E. Jones, R. SmiThson. S. Bianca, M. ApTelbaum, A, Krell, D. Ayles- worTh, S. Fieldman, G. Drummond. Third Row: I. Fine, I-I. OTTTT, T, STreclcTus, A. Jacobson, B. Cordner, W. Jones, H. GesserT, Coach Sidney BASEBALL WiTh bu+ Two yeTerans Tram lasT season as a ToundaTion, Coach Sidney Lipsch Taclcled The ForesT Park baseball schedule oT I942. l-Iowever, Things weren'T as bad as They looked. ln TacT, The I942 season and The ouTloolc Tor a Tew years To come Turned ouT To be considerably brighTer Than in previous years. We say This Tor Two big reasons. FirsT OT all, The TurnouT This year was Twice as large as The I94I TurnouT. NOT only was The group larger, buT iT also had more Than iTs share oT promising rnaTerial. Secondly, and mosT imporTanT, were The plans ThaT Coach Lipsch puT inTo eTTecT. These plans consisTed of developing The younger boys and keeping on The squad only Those Seniors who were absoluTely essenTial To The nine. Frank RuTh, who suTTered an unlorTunaTe mis- hap lasT year when he was hiT by a piTched ball, was one aT The Two veTerans who reTurned To The diamond. Franlc has been labeled one oT The Lipsch. TinesT ballplayers To don a high school uniTorm. The resT oT The Team was builT around his Tine shorTsTopping. MorTon OTTiT was The oTher imporTanT hold- over Tram l94I. MorT was more or less The handyman Tor The squad. I-le caughT, played inTield and played The ouTTield, Too. OTher Seniors who had places on The squad included inTielders T. Gorman, B. Cordner, R. Waxman, and L. VogelsTein: ouTiTielders B. Hiclcs and B. Lachman, and piTchers M. ApTelbaum and T. STreclcTus. SCHEDULE April 7 PaTTerson Park May I Poly IO MT. ST. Joe 4 CiTy I4 Poly 8 Loyola I7 Loyola I2 CalverT Hall 21 CalverT I-Iall I9 VocaTional 28 VocaTional 22 McDonough 25 SouThern BOYS' TENNIS GIRLS' TENNIS Led by lhe velerans Sluarl Shprilz, Seymour "Cy" Friedman, and Sam Levilas, 'rhe Foresler Iennis squad experienced a very successful sea- son under ils new coach, Mr. Augusl Jansen. The leam was buill' around Sluarl Shprilz, Mi-d- dle Allanlic Boys' Champ and Maryland Slale Finalisl, who loomed as one of lhe oulslanding scholaslic players. Diminulive "Cy" Friedman, lhe surprise of lhe I94I leam, was able lo gain greal heighls in his Senior year. Melvin Torsch and Arnold Rolhschild, Iwo promising newcom- ers, rounded our lhe Ieam. The squad played Gilman, Loyola, Severn, Calverl I-lall, Cily, Poly, and Ml. S+. Joe. Firsl Row: B. Engleman, S. Friedman. Second Row: J. Rappeporl, Manager: M, Blumberg, L. Shprilz, Coach Augusl ,Ian- sen, S. Knock, B, Fox, S. Levilas, A. Rolhschild. Firsl' Row: K. Pecora, G. Rosen, P. Wainer, I-I. I-ligh- slein, P. Burdick, A. Kach- adourian, R. Goldman, E, Spear, G. Givner, M. Schwartz. Second Row: E. Klein, A. Moses, E. Schugam, M. Smyrk, C. Cohen, V. Davis, L. Shprilz, T. Jones, E. Wainer. Delermined lo break lhe lie lhey held wilh Weslern, lhe Green and Gray leam buckled To serious nel-lending. Allhough four oul ol live of lasl' year's varsily leam gradualed, Coach Lucy Journeay slill had veleran Peggy Burdick in lhe No. I posilion. Lucille Shprilz, Ann Moses, Phyllis Wainer, and Theodora Jones, slellar players of lhe "4l " Ieam, relurned again lo malch Their powerful slrokes wilh lhe on-coming conleslanls. ln lhe class compelilion, Grace Rosen became The inlermediale champion, while Shirley Shu- man was runner-up. FENCING The Girls' Fencing Ieom hos been under lhe lulorship lhis yeor ol Cooch Sidney Lipsch. Mony new girls lurned oul 'ro leorn 'Ihe lundo- menlols of Iencing. A novice Round Robin Tournomenl wos held wirh Ihe experienced girls, While, Kemp, Yurlcewich, Bosse ond Beggs, serv- ing os iudges. Fogler won lhe lournomenl' lol- Iowed by Rubin, Ben-der, Nimmo, Spier ond Smyrlc. In Ihe cily-wide Iournomenl, which closed o very successful fencing seoson, Kemp ond Yurlc- ewich reoched lhe semi-linols ond Kemp loolc Third ploce. FENCIN6 Firsl Row: J. While, D. Kemp. Coach Sidney Lipsch. Second Row: R. Fogler, Mrs. Helen Brooks, Adviser: S, Gold, P. Werlheimer, S. Cohen, M. Wrighl, B. McConviIle, I. Bosse. B. Yurlcewich. SWIMMING Clockwise Ilrom figured suil ol boclcl: R. Denny, B. Sohl, J. Ho- bon, F. Conhom. J. Oliver, C. Clorlc, R. Kelly, J. Milby, I. Hey- mon, J. Moore. E. O'I.oughlin, F. Heil, J. Bolcer, 6. Lessnor, H. Weber, L. Showe, M. Simpson, M, Sworlz. GIRLS' SWIMMING ifcme on in, Ihe wolerls linefi This wos echoed every Solurdoy morning os Foresl Porks mermoidff' procliced diligenlly lor lhe Inler- icnolgzslfc Swfmming Meel held Moy 23, ol Cily College. The evenls lhey porlicipoled in were lhe I6O-yord reloy, lhe 3Ofyord boclcslrolqe ond breoslslrolce, ond lhe 40-yord lree slyle climoxed by some exhibilion diving. Allhough Foresl Porlc losl severol speedslers vio groduolion, such velerons os Coploin Rulh Kelly, Izronces Wohmon, Doris Kemp, ond Mir- iom Lelqson relurned lo lorm lhe VIZ" sciuod obly ossisled by such newcomers os Belly I-Iinlon, Jeon Hobon, Noncy Lenderlcing, ond Moriorie Simpson. BOYS Foresl Park always produces an oulslanding goll leam. This year's divol-diggers have slrenglhened lhal lradilion. The leam has had lwo velerans lo relurn, Sylvan Aronson and Auslin Oppenheim. The number one spol has been held by Aronson, while Oppenheim has prolecled lhe number lwo spol. Bolh players have been well lilled lo prolecl lheir posilions. All lhe boys who came oul lor places on lhe GOLF leam showed exceplional slcill and abilily, how- ever, John King and Jaclc l-lawlhorne were chosen lor lhe remaining places. Coach l-lirschls leam climaxed a very successlul season by achieving lop ranlc in lhe Maryland scholaslics. SCHEDULE April QI Ml. Sl. Joe May 2 Maryland Scholawir 24 Weslminsler I2 Loyola 27 Poly lo Navy Plebes 2? Mcllonoigh 2I Calholic Towson GOLF Firsl Row: S. Aronson, A. Oppen- heim. Second Row: J. King, D. Mer- vine, M. Kohn, J. l-lowlhorne. ARCHERY Lell lo Righl: C. Levy, I. Boss. Mrs. D. Flanigan, Coach: R. L. i Cohen, J. l-lollberger, J. Mocre. J. While, B. Wilson, L, Vollr. ARCHERY To give lhe girls a cupidls view ol lhe world in general, archery, under lhe supervision ol Mrs. Doris Flanigan, opened ils spring season. No longer compeling wilh olher schools, lhe Dianas have soughl lhe pleasure and correclive worlr lhal lhis sporl has lo oller. ll has been highly recommended lo all ol us who have pos- lure delecls. Nol one ol lasl yearls members was slill draw- ing lhe bow al Foresl Parlc, bul some who have proved lhemselves lo be very slcilllul ol lhe his- loric sporl are Jane l-lollberger, Charlolle Levy, Irma Boss, Rona Lee Cohen, and Sylvia Gulzal. GIRLS' SOFTBALL When spring is in full swing, The girls' baTs begin To swing in Tune wiTh The weaTher. The veTerans Trom lasT year's Team, Doris Kemp, KiTTy Pecora, LiTa Shawe and Frances Heil, Tormed The nucleus oT The "-42" class Teams. AlThough The varsiTy members missed Their league compeTiTion This year, There were many baTs Tlying in The class division under The TaiTh- Tul guidance of Their new coach, Miss Edifh Manning. BOYS' SOFTBALL For The TirsT Time in quiTe a Tew years, ForesT Parlc has noT had a soTTball Team To compeTe in The ScholasTic race, lnsTea'd, an inTerclass Tour- namenT was held in order To promoTe school- wicle inTeresT in The comparaTively new and up- coming sporT. Nearly all oT The classes, Trom The Treshmen To The seniors, have enTered The maTch. lT has been very ably Talcen care oT by Mr. Henry Waslcow, who in The pasT years has led successTul varsiTy soTTball Teams. Ol' we T A 1 S' I A. ,. 3'. f S V 5 2 we 97" , kg xi 5 X N ' ' 4 1 f 4 rv. fi 4x fliivf, 4, W 7 7'1"-. zu- ' H555 A W 2222 J 41 x X X ,X - :IJ X- L Aging fo j0l"e5t PML . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TIN- IvmIersI1ip oI our rIaxss we enIrusI0rI I0 in SOII-spoIcen, m0cIe-sl young mam num:-:I BOIJ Tata Uur Irusl was well r0puicI. Ex- IliIriIing am inIJorn IInir Ior win! ning Iriz-nrIs nncI inIIuc-ncingf pf-Uplf-, IMI, rnrrim-QI OII IIN- i0Im of vI1if-I cxvclllivv wiII1 IIyinQ VoI- ors. ffur cIuss cIzmCc-S, nssc-rnIxIi0s nncI UIIN-r projm-CIS were Com- pIc-IHI witI1 n minimum UI- 1-IIIorI uncI maximum oIslu'1'0ss. In nr- FOIIIDIISIIIIIQ' IIwsv Ivills, I,JOIm was alIrIy nssisIe'tI Imy il spIvncIitI c'Iuss Ci1Irim-I. Sum VVUIII. Ilis rIry Immor sm-ping IIIYOIIQII IIN- snI- :-mniIy of in svnior rInss, was IIN' numIwr Iwo mam'--vivo pre-si1I1-nl. SIim I'1urI Sm00I, IIN' f'Inss Iqinun- fir-r. muinluim-:I our roIIf-c'livc- por'Iu-lImoIc. RoIwrIu Cuopvr amcI IXIIIFIIIII XViIson we-rv IIN' scriIws III .Iunv I-Il. Two InusI4y six-Ioob 4-rs-WInrC AImrnmson emcI CImrIiv IjiIzpnIrivIe-pre-serve-QI pc-nrv. or- tI1'r nncI IHIINIIIIIIIIX in our 1'Iuss nl0f'Iing1s in IIw r0I1- QI svrgjvilllls- at-arms. During our sf-nior ye-nr. the Iogu OI sPnz1Ior was worn Imy I'irIwnrcI .Ions-s. RIJISIQRI I.. "INDIE" 'IlX'I'I'f Svnior fIInss I'n'wi4I4-nI SENIOR CLASS UI'I'Il'IQRS I:irfI Rnw: RUIH-rlu fiunpvr. IxIurlIm VViIsm1, IIuIx S1-um1I Row: c'IlilI'IL'S I'IiIlpnIri1Ic. IfnrI SnuouI, Sum I C 0 M M I TT E E S HAPPY HILLS COMMITTEE I.4-It Io RIQIII: N. Hamm. D, Hnfhn, fvrlx.1Ixls. IE. JOIIPS, .XIIIIHY JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Firsi Row: IIIngc-lnauxn, Pm-rum. SUI Unll IQUYYI ETIUYIISIYY, Irrflfll. IXITUH, cw lgilll. XXIIIQUII, CTIHIITIIIZIHZ CTIIIISSOH, P. IEIHII4 RINO COMMITTEE I'ir4I Ruw: RI. I.vIisun, NI, Stllllfllilt, I.vmIvrIcing ly, III-rr, Lxllilifllliilll D. Kvmp, .I. Irrncr, I.. Nha: SPsnn1I Row: BOIIUQ, SIIEIHIQQ, ITHIINUIIQ, .X XXvt'IllIll'I'Q. NI-I-.III-. SENIOR AUTUMN I-IOP COMMITTEE I'irNI Ifmx: Hulm, BI, XViIs0n, fImirnu.un: IJ 3Ioxonu, EI.. ,Iomx SPVOIHI Run: cIlL'l'ry', FIHIIN. flu-5, K.-III. TREE PLANTINO COMMITTEE I,t'II In IQIQIII: RI, llrvy, IJ. Huge-I, II. Ifurllmn, Slmmh LTIIZIIYIIIRIIIZ D, ITHIIIIQ. COMMITTEES SCRAP BOOK AND MEMORY BOOK COMMITTEE Iuiu-I Ifmx: If. NI.uIJnnnI1I, IP. CHQ.-I, CU-LIIGIHIICII 5--urmI Ifmx: NI. I.. I'I..II, I.. Kaunme-rf-r. , V I , U U . , IIIIHI IXIHYZ TIYIYKILIN, XXAIIIIHIII. IJ, IIVIIHIII NI. 3IiIIvr, IXI. XVI-im-r. I-UIIYIII IIUXNI ISHIIRIIIII, I,. NIXIIYV, Ig1lIl1'f, I tmhl, NI, XMIQUH, lx. .XIwnmmIn.-, NI, I, III-mInfL sun, I. 5InrI1-x. SENIOR INAUGURAI. COMMITTEE , , W v . -1 In-I Ivm: C. Truss, I'. Rm-nn'scIu, .X fusIy, C , I . , . A Imuu, 5. Ii:-IIue, X. Ifmlmzm, 5. Ifxllui 54-unuI Ifmx: II.uIv1mIi. Iusliu-, F IA-xin, 'I4'fI, If. IIINNIIIQ. , 1 1 - ' Ilmll Ixmm: I.. Rm:-nIu'rg, N. NIUUII- '.1llIlIli1lIl. PROM AND BANOUET COMMITTEE I'ir5l Huw: I'. xxillilllilll, .I. IYIiu-r, NI. 5ny4I:-r, I. RuprvrIuI, I,nnrI4in, NI. XYIIRUII, fTIlilIfIllilIlI NI ITUXXVY, IIl'YIllmllI. S1-:muI Rem: I.mIgz-1 I"r.u1Ii, II-Ilg., SIl.lllIw, II1'1lrll, II4'IIlh, EAREWELL COMMITTEE I in-I Ifmx: NI. I. IIr'luIri1 Ivrm, II. NI.nIIun1-1-. 54-mmuI Ifnm: II, fIug,54'I, fIrix.lIxIs, cTIl.lirllml1: T uxtv. IiuI Ifmx: II..m1. S. I.n-xinv, C. I:IILpa1IriCIi, I II.urig, f.. Ifill.uuIn. GIFT TO TI-IE SCI-IOOI. COMMITTEE Sf-III4-1I: I rm-3, I Imllm.ul1. Sl.mmIlnQ: NIIIII-r, I. xI.uIxI4'y, IJ. IIn'IIxmI. I9 j. ABBOTT ABRAMSON ANDRE JAMES AI5I5U'I'Ii . . . "linnnyu . . . wants to join tin' Nmy. RL"I'II C ABBO'I"I' . . . . . . uxvuirinittu . , . Spe- cinl Ciiorus: Typing, Give Clulms: IIOIPEIIIIIPIIK' "ITU: Current Ilvvnts Connnit- tr-0: .I.I,I . , . wnnls I0 Iw- cornc n goorl secretary. RAE ABICLL . . . "RUM-" . . , ITIUIIICTOOIII OHII1K'fI .Iunior Prom fIoiinnittr'v: PRESS: IXIay Day . . . sf-vlcs n iolr. MARGARET EUGENII-f ABERCROMBIE . . . "Genie" . . . IX'Iasqucrs'. secretary: Calm-rn Ciuix, Urcsirivntz I.:-rulers' Club: Scraplooolc Committee tennis: May Day . . wants to ioin Aeria Nursing Corps of Amer- ica. i R. ABBOTT ABELL ABERCROMBIE ADAMS ADLER ANDERSON APFELBAUM APPLEBAUM ARMACOST NIARC , , . Piano Club: Intcrrlnss III: Student Oiiicerc NI MLonq lolinn , . . Ivlns- quorsh, Clpportunity. I.z-acI- ers' flulisz Scout CIUI1, riff'-nrr-siclvllt: Intf'rCI21ss Atlilc-tics: H 0 in 0 r 0 o in 0 cor: Yr-an r Olliccrs Acivertis- FORESTER, ing Ixlnmugorz Ixlny Day: Senior Play: Ring Cmn- inittm-: Prngrznn Cnnnnit- tvv: Poly Lliorusz In- Sfllfltxltl Oiliwr: Cain Oliirc-r . . . woulzl like to Inf- a gentle- Iornlntion Desk: lllitll lflflllvf. ARY CHRISTINA ADAMS . . . "Teeny" . . . Cvir-rn Ixlusic Appre- ciation CIuI1s: non-atI1Ict- if "FH: Intern-Inss Atli- Ietics: minor "FH: Home- room Officer: Student OI- firer . . . wants to Ile a svrretnry. PHYLLIS ADLER . . "Phil" . . . Masquers' I AI Atlilc-tics: .I.I.I: IVIay Day: lllillil'-Up VVOIIQ lI0l' pIEly4 . . . Iiopvs to be a social worlccr. TTH E. ANDERSON . . . Hxvlioopeel' . . , GI----. IVIusir Appreciation, I-:-utters., Oiiico Prnrtirc CIUIJS: Sp:-fini Cliorusz ll0l1'2tIIlIt"fIF Intrfr- rlass Atlilvtics: m n i o I HIT: Honieroom Oliiiccr: Typing Connnittecz Sturlc-nt Advisory Com- mittee, cllairmanz Dc-- partinent ol Dc-tense Bonds ami Stamps . . . IiIu's rlogs nnLI clog sliows. ,ICE LOUISE ANDRE . . Hftndvn , . . Ollicv Practice, S It o r t In a n CI CIuIzs: Leaders' Cinlo, secretarv: IntercInss AtI'1- Ietics: Homeroom Officer: FORESTER, Business Staff, Transcription Co- oflitor . . . Llotcs on Iozmana splits. VVILI .IAM APFELBAUM , . . "Bill" . . . Varsity tJascIJaII . . . intcrcstccl in aviation. MARTIN APPLEBAI TM . . . "Apple" . . . SI1ort- Imncl CIuIJ: Open Forum CIuI1, president: non-atI1- Ietic "FH: Homeroom OI- Iiirer . . , future unde- ciflf-cl. WILLIAM ARIVIACOST . . . "Bill" . . . Chess, Science CIuBs: Home- room Officer: .I.I.I: Inior- mation Deslc . . . would IiIce to sleep untiI tweive o'cIocIc every day. 42 in s s if 'XX .. wt X x. Rug xt i im . . N it 'XX . Nxxxi N sg. ARONOFF ARONSON ASBEI. BABCOCK BALLAND BASS BATTIN BAUER BECK BELLUS BFNNER BiiRC'OVl'I'Z SHIRLEY C. ARONOFF RIC'll.'XRD N, BABl'UL'K Masqiu-rs': Rniliu VVurkA SlllRl.lflf R. l5lfl.l.lVS .. . . . . usilirlu . . . Red . . .i Militia" . . . Srout. slmpg Railiusrliuul alvtln- ulfflllllil'-' . . . Typing, C r 0 s s, Gia-c. Ciwin- istry, German Clulusg .l. V. V0ilCy lmll: lIli1'l't'ifiFi Atilicticsg Homcmom Ul- lnicer: Program Commit- lf-ez JH: May Day . , . wants to stucly mcmlicinc. SYI ,VANN D.U ARONSON . . . Cy . . . l.atin Club: interclass Atillvt- irs: J. V. imslccllmall: Varsity golf: minor Mijn: ilomr-rnnm Ollicer . . . imp:-s to rio rcsvarrli wnrlc. ISERNICE ASBEL . . . "Balmy" . . . Ulm- Chili: non-ntilletic "Fu: Confli- ing Ccrtiiicatr: PRESS: Svninr inaugural Cunn- mittce: .HJ . . . wants tn lin u commercial artist. lraltsim-ns. Piano. Gif-c Clulrs: Urriir-stra: non- ililllfqit' UFU: Svnior ln- augural Committcv: Sz-- nior Farcwvll Cmninittvvz .l.l,l: iviay Day . . . pi-I 1-ntiiusiasm is playing llu- piano. l5lf'l'lYlf l5.Xl.l.AND . . . usliiffsu . . . Srivllvv, l.i- lxrary Clulxs: FORISSY TER: .lunior Prom Com- mittvi-: ixlcnlory iiouli Cuiuniittc-c . . . wisllvs to lic an inlvrior rivrnratnr. MAX BASS 4 . . Hmm-- room Olllirr-r: FORES- 'l'lfR . . . rollcge iaouncl. RICHARD BA'I'l'lN . . . Hlfattvn . . . Ciivss Clulm. prvsirlcnt: Taliln Tc-nnis Clair, sr-crelary: Oppor- tunity, lmaciffrsh Clulwz Air: Coarliing ff-rtiliA Catv: P R li S S5 ESTITR: Happy Hills Cmninillvv, fllairman: .l.l.i: Scniorplayz wliwvllitll Niglitng Stu- clvnt Ollirvr . . . raw-s almut Hcillwrl ami Sulli- VDD." MARILYN ANN BAUIZR . . . Hsunrlvn . , , Latin, Art. lrrvmli, Flu-inislry qilllllil lnlvrrlass Atlilvt- irs: ixiav Day: Svninr prmn ami Banqur-t Cani- mittvv: Sturlanl fill-ivvr: Cali- Captain . . . going to ilnivvrsity ul' ixiary- laml. SYLVIA R. BECK . . . ix,lElSfIllf'l'S., Camvra. l.nt- in, Talmlv Tc-anis Cialis . . . wants to attvml rol- lf-gc. 69 fill-icc l,Nl1'iil'0 filuiws: il 0 m 1- r u 0 m fllliicvr: PRESS: Senior lnnugu' ral C'ninmitti-c': Ring ci0lllIllilll'l' . . . lmpe-S to gr-I a gon-rmm-nt i-lb. DNRAD BICNNICR . . . 'lfiorinivu . . . liillifili Clulmg Varsity larrosso, llaotliallz .l,l.l . . . vniuys swimming ami sailing. Cl MRI .0'l'l'l'f BICRFOVITZ. . ."Sfmily" . . , l.illrary, Sllurtliami, Bamlmintnn, Opt-n l7urum. fullliirm' l,raf'ti1'r'. iviusic Apprvfialiun flulrs: non- atlnlm-tir Ul"": lnh-rriass Atllli-ticks: l:fJRifSTER: Happy liills fomniillce: Slurlvnt .fxiivisury pro- gram f'lHlllllilll'l'I May Day . . . wnulii lilcc to ln- a stir-ri-swlniil sc-rr:-tary. BERGER BLACK BLESSING jL'LlAN BERGER , . . flmnuislrv Cluld: lnlvr- class Allxlviifs: Sluclvnl L'0E!IllI .l.I.l: Blny Day . . , unnls I0 lx- an 1-nginm-r. NORTON BERNSTFIN , . . .lB!'TllfP-Q . . . Plun- iugrapllv, Opporiunitv. l.:-aclcrs' Clulms: Canbviw ul lxlorning Pulrolz . . . pel vnllxu- siasm is luis rmlwra. NIIYYAN BIEGUN . . 'AAWIIIH . . . Ollicc Prat- lirv. cllz-f-, lxlusir Apprv- rialion Clulms . . . woulzl like an QOXf'l'Hllll'I1l iolv. BIZRNSTEIN BIEGUN BIEHL BLAIR BLATT BLESS BLUM BLUMENTHAL BOEGER DORIS BIEHL . . . "Dot" . . . Glrv. Slmrtlmncl. Opvn Forum, Fvnring Clulns: lnlcrflass Aflllrtf ics: Homernom Olilirer: l.l,l: Blay Day . . . lmpr-Q in lu' in iurrvss IATVIES BIACK . . . "lim nw" . . . lVlasqur'rs': Honmrunm A Cl v i S 0 r y C 0 In nz i H1-ff, clmirman: lu: lvlay Daly: Mln ilu- Zunvsn . , . vniuys url- ing, Gr5QRG5.A, BLAIR . A Porlev . , . JH . . lilcvs ailllvlics. 70 RENEE BLATI' . . . Prem-in fwlulm sz-rrclary: Aamir- iran Consular Clulv . , . ink-rm-stool in lnreign lan- guagvs. IRYIN BURTON BLESS . . . "Flash" . , . wants Iu go into rc-al vslalr- lxus- inf-ss, RLYBY LEE BLESSING . . . HKDIIIFFOOIII Officer: Slu- rlr-nl Coarll: Program f'0lllHlill6'f' . . . amldilion is to go lo art srlmol. B1 'RTON BLl 751 . . . HRmleH . . . fjllirrf pmt- lifv, Tvning Clulw: .l. V, lmslir-Ilmll: lnh-rrlass Alli- I9 lvlivs: l'l0lllI'f0Olll Officer: Svnior Alllulllll Hop Culllnnilhw' . . . lmpvs In lu- ex salcsnmn. RIVA J. BLUIVIENTHAL . . . "Riu" . . . French. C l ee Clulrs: lntcrclass Athletics: numc-mls: Sen- inr Prom and Banque! Committee: .HJ . . . en- joys listening to Tommy Dnrsvy. MARY ELIZABETH . . . ulwnisivu . . , Glef- Cxlulwz non-allr ln-liz' HFU: lnlf-rrlass Atl-- lcfirs: muior UFU: FOR' ESTER: .LU . . . lilces lo 4lanu- ln fur-nn Nlillrr. If 25 - ,jf ,vb Rf JS.-XI.IIf Bi DYARSKY . . . "Rn" , , . Ifnur Squam-. GI.-I-, f,IIIu- Ijrm Iirr- K'IlIIlSZ Inh-nInss .XIIxIvI- hs: Ynrsily iu--aImIing5: IIIIIIUI' A-IA-HI IIOIIIUYUUIII fYII'iu-r: Svninr Ifurmx I-II QIOIIIIIIIIIKT' . . . Iivz-s In 1-nl, NIIGNON PIQARI. ISIC.-XIfIfNI.'XN , . . Upr- nmn QIIUIJ, Il'l'1lSlIl'l'I'I ffpvn l'Uflllll, frI1'a', sic' .'xIDIll'K'K'IilII0ll. fiIn-m- islry, liillllllilllllll fiIuIxs: Inh-rrIuss AIIIIQ-tics: nu- Im-mlsg FORESTERQ Sf-- niur IJIuy: may Dany , . mIun-s gnnIm-nins. VI I.-XRI .ICS XY. ISRXSSIZ . . . nCi'lfISn . . . ISIIHII, flrr Iwslm, Bmw fiImir, CIIN-lnislry fiIuIn: nun- IiIAINI'I BIQODSKY I.uIln, frIm-, Rf-fl cross Kniiting, CIIIPIIIISIYY fIuIms: Spz'1'inI CIlurus: Inlvr- rInss AIIII1-Iirs: nunu0mIs: SIUQIPIII QIOZICIIQ . . . wunld I0 Iwrullw in nn'mIi4nI II'1'IlllIl'IilIl. A x'.xl+iIgRI-1 IjRO'I'INIAN . . . RMIS ...A ' Xrl fiIuIw. sm-rrvlnryz nun-nIIr Iciic HI'-HC II.I: :Way Dany: BUII1-Iin IinnrrI cwOllllllIIIl'!'2 AI- Im-ncIum'v CXIIIIIIIIIHPUI Pm- Qrmn Connnillcv: Sunior InnuguruI KIUIIIIIIIIIPI' . .. Iulurv InIn1ra1Iury h-cI1ni- cinn, INIJXRY BRI IIXIBAI 'GII. . . Uiiflllflyn ,... KIHIII- OIIIU-r . . . wants In Iw- KYUIIYK' il SIt'lNbQI'ElpIl4'r, alIIlI1'II4' Y, In- xrnssc-: I Inmz-rnmn fJIIIi- H-r: .I,l,lq CLIE- IJII-Iu'r , . , MVK Cl, BI 'FKINCIIATNI u1nlI1I Iilu- In In' ax mmI . . , Ulslllllyn . . . flp- IIIVIIIIYI. purlunifv KIIIIIT. pn-sirI1-nl: PIQJXRI. VZIIZANV ISI 'RNINY I.:-mIm-rs' fiIuIm. sn-ar:-Izu'y: ,I. Y. I1asIu-IImII, :nun- ugvr: Ynrsily ImsIu'IImII, nfsislnnl lnnmegvrz nu- nu-znIs: IXIny Daly: Inu-n'Inss AIIII1-Ii: 1 furps, prr-sirIr-nl: Anh- vry. Hmm' Ifronmnims I.:-ncI0rs', Four Squaw. I.nIin f1IuIvs: nunfnII1Ir-III sl SInnIn-nl Uffiu-r: SIIICIVIII nmnvrnIs: In-v I Innling fi nIxin1'I: InIurnlnIiun i10IlllllIIIl'C1 .I.I,I: Nursz- s Dvsk . . . Ilnpvs In gn Aillc . . . going In I,Ini- intn nlinishy. nursing murscx DORIS ISIIGNITII . . . vvrsiiy of IXIuryInn4I Im' "U,,,,,,5,," V V V f1l,,,.V ISIfII'I'Y I.IfIf ISVRR . I'ArPn1Il, I.nIin CIUIN: Ill- I-IIIWVY-V A"'f'fi"f"1 Vi WI' lpn-InSSAlI,I,.qjf5:PRESS: suInr, s1'riIrIrIm-rf: , K In-nr NIny Day . . . wonIfI Iikf- NYY I IUIW3 'I-Ili NIM' to IN. H wmprl Ijny . . . inlvn-wh-rI In mImlnuIi1's. DORIS BVRKUNI . . . , ,A , V HIJnlrIlH , . . I.nIin. IRIIQINIA- FAIJLAN ' ' V' R4-rw . . . I.nIin, I.: fiIu-rnislry. Ifnur Squam- LIIIIIISI I,iImmry tilllll. sm- I'm"V' hm' 5'l"f""- n-Inrv: InI4'r1Inss AIIIIM- ins: IxIny Dany . . , Hunts Io Iwunnr- an nursv nncI pIc'ns1' Ilr'r pnIir'uIS, RI-II Cxross Knilting lIIuIrN: lmll-ufIlI1'Ii4' Inlrr 1Inss AIIIIQ-lim: IIUIHIIILI. IrnrIrvIinIon. Ivnnis: nu' Ill0f'ilIS1 ylily Daly: Nurss-Is Aifl--1 I.i- Iwmry Aifh-2 IVIISS SIoII S , . . IX . . . Iunmr H1-Ipvr . . . wuuIcI Iikf- In R1-II firms Disnsivr gf-I an g11m1I iuIr nn1I u rilv-, BROTMAN BURKOM My V WI .,., mfg BRASSI7 HRODSKY BLILKINCIIIAM BUGAT1 H BURR CIAPLAN I iii. 'it wi ff' 'TD 9 t A 71 3 JEROME CAPLAN . . . "Cap" . . . would lilce to tour the country. LESTER CAPLAN . . . Opportunity. Leaders' Cluhs: Frosh-Soph has- lcctlmall: J. V. traclc: nu- merals: J. V. letter: Ilomeroom Ollirer: FOR- ESTERg JJJQ May Day: lnlormation Deslc: Stu- clent Ollicer . . . college houncl. DON CARTER . . . "Nick" Oll-ice Practice, Typing Clulls: lnterclass Athlet- ics: JJJ: May Day: Cale Ollirer . . . hopes to join the Sr-rvire. JOHN G. CHARLTON . . . "lack" . , . Bancl. Or- chestra: non-athletic AFM: J. CAPLAN CHASE C. CLARK lVIay Day: JJJ: Inlorma- tion Desli . . . would Iilce to he a second Tommy Dorsey. BEVERLY CHASE . . . "Bev" . . . Red Cross Club: Aeronautics Course: J. V. Iaaslcetloallz PRESS: JJJ: Office As- sistant: Student Ollicer . . . craves a deep tan sunlaum. GLORIA T H E L M A CHASSON . . . "Chas- sien . . . Art Clulm, vice- Dresimlentz non - athletic "FH: Homeroom Ollicer: FORESTER: Ju n io r Prom Committee: JJJ: lvlay Day . . . wants to go to college. EVELYN CHERRY . . . Square Clulw: Interclass Athletics: Varsity volley- luall: major UFH: Autumn Hop Dance Committee: JJJ: Captain ol cheerleacl- ers . . . ambition is to he a pilot. BETTY M. CLARK. . . "Bet" . . . Glee, Home Economics Clubs: Inter- class Athletics: JJJ . . . hopes to stucly clress de- signing at Nlarylanri In- stitute. CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA CLARK . . . "Charlie" . . . Glee, Leaders' Clulns: Special Chorus: Inter- class Athletics: Varsity lencing. swimming: maior "Fu: PRESS: FORES- TER, Art Editor: Senior "Cherry" . . . Four Play: Program Commit- L. CAPLAN CARTER CHARLTON CHASSON CHERRY B, CLARK COARTS CODD COHEN tee: May Day: JJJ . . . woulcl lilre to he a Goucher girl. RALPH EMERSON COARTS . . . "Tymp" . . . Craltsmen's. Scout Clubs: Frosh-Sopll loot- laall: May Day: stage hand: Student Officer . . . expects to he a naval technician. IRMA ELIZABETH CODD . . . "Bebe" . . . Mas- quers': Aeronautics Course: tennis: Scrap- lmoolc Committee: May Day . . . aclores aviation. HARRIEI' COHEN . . . "Har" . . . Ollice Prac- tice Cluh: Homeroom Ollicer: May Day . . . lilces sweet. solt swing. I9 r 72 IRWIN COHEN . . . "Irv" . . . Opportunity. Lead- ers' Clubs: Chess Clulu. treasurer: Captain ot Mornirig Patrol: Coach- ing Certificate: FORES- TER: JJJ: Student Otiti- cer . . . ambition is to be a movie owner. JEROME COHEJV . . . "Shool2y" . . . Home- room Officer: May Day: Student Officer . . . "as- pires to go forth to serve." RHODA SONYA COHEN . . . "Rho" . . . Ottice Practice Cluh: Heme- room Officer: May Day . . . lilies classical music and operas. RONA LEE COHEN . . . "Ronnie" . . . Four Square, Music Apprecia- tion Clulas: Interclass Athletics: numerals: May Day . . . hopes to tae a flental hygienist. ROSLYN T H E R E S A COHEN . . . "Lyn" . . . German. Chemistry Clubs: tnterclass Athlet- ics: .HJ . . . adores Char- lie Bamet. SONYA COHEN . . . "Toni" . . . Latin, lvlas- quers', Four Square, Ra- :lio Workshop, lvlusic Appreciation Clubs: ln- terclass Athletics: minor "FH: Homeroom Officer: Senior Inaugural Com- mittee: May Day . . wants to he a nurse. GLENN GENE COLLINS . , . HG. G." . . , Chem- istry Clullz archery . . . plans to go to college. WINTER CONWAY . . . "Hiver" . . . Stamps, C h e s s , Opportunity Clubs: J. V. football: .Ill . . . college lnounrl. MIRIAM COOPER . . . "Coop" . . . Cvlee, Home Economics, Music Ap- preciation, Latin Clubs: lnterclass Athletics: goll. tennis: May Day . . . lilies the ballet. ROBERTA SHIRLEY COOPER . . . "Bobby" , . . Natural History Ctutn. secretary: Mas- quers', vice - president: Leacters', Office Practice Clubs: Radio Worksholx: I n t e r c l a s s Athletics: Homeroom Officer: Year Officer: Senior Inaugural Committee: JH: May Day: Department ot De- lense Bonds ancl Stamps . . . wants to he a raclio actress. CHARLES HOWARD CORDNER . . . "Beau" . . . Ethical Clutm: Inter- class Athletics: Varsity tnaslcethall: Varsity "F" . . . hopes to he a news- paper reporter, LUCY CORTOI.tI..I.O . . . "Lu Lu" . . . Ottice Practice Cluh: .I.I.I: May Day . . . adores jitter- hugging. I. COHEN J. COHEN R. COHEN R. L. COHEN R. COHEN S. COHEN COLLINS CONWAY M. COOPER R. COOPER CORDNER CORTOLILLO 42 73 ILXNII-QS IQ. COURSICY . . . nlirnu . . . fvpportunity fi I u I1 , X its--ptr-sitivnt: I.:-atlcfrs' flulm: Craits- mvnis flulm, IH'HSllI'Ixl'l flu-unistry, Iitlliral Clulxsz Varsity Inotlwall. traclc, ,I. Y. Ivttvr. minor HIFI: II u m 4- r n n m fjiliiff-IA: citlilillillg fivrtilitatvz .I,I.I: Nlay Day: Poly CIIIUFIISI Stucicnt Olliu-r: Tramla I4-am. assistant managz-r: assistant cuaclling IIIYPKA tor: S:-niur Inaugural As- st-mlxly. mllairmanz fliif-In Iustift- SIIIKIOHI Court: falminvt . . . rnllr-Qc' hounll. KliNNIi'I'II t'R.'XNItiR . . . "Dorn . . . Ilunw- ruam flllirvr . , . amlui- tiun is tu grallualv. C NINIQRT I.. CROSS , . . ufwulu . , . fjllirc Pram'- tifc Ciulwz non-atI1Ietic Mijn: .I, V. socrcr, tracli: Iwasicf-tlmall, managvr: .I. V. HFU: Iiomcromn cyl-IIFPIC I,Hl2l'illll Culllrnittvv, Sr-- 6 OI IRSIZY DA! KMAN DREZON niur Inaugural CSUIIIIIIII' tm: Sf-nior Prom ami Banflubt CIOIIIIIIIMPCS .I IIC Drum anci Bugle' Corps, Band: Student Oliliicc-r . . . expects to imc- sales man- ager oi a Pliilarlr-Ipllia lirm. YAIICRIE ANN C'L'STY . . . Hvaln . . . I.atin. I-:-acl:-rs' Clulus: Svnior Inaugural Cmmnittc-s-, Sr-- nior Iiarvwvll Cunnnit- tt-1-z Hapm' Hills Entvr- tainmrntz Nurse-is xximim-: fait- Ullirvr . . . Impvs In writv, NXONII DAVKMAN . . . Hlhxrlexw . . , GI.---, :Xiu- sir' Apurvmiation Fluids: Intvrrlass AIIIIPHCSZ Scrap- Imuli Cmmnittvr- . . . am- Iwition is In gn to follr-gm-. ROYIAINE DAIION , . . DONAID ,IOEL DAVIS . . . Dm-L . . . Or- tlmstraz CIIIPIIIIFIYY Clulli non-atlxlc-tif HFU: I, V. sunrr: Stullvnl Comix! JII: Ixlay Day: FOR! ESTERg Student Officer . . . Iilif-s to pltw at- rorclinn. NIARI.-NN Rl'TH DENNY . . . HIDPIUIYN . . . I-aIin, I'-I'f'f11'Il Clulms: Intcrflass Atlilvtirs, swimming: Ar-- runautirs fours:-: Home- ruom 0liirr'r: ixlay Day , . . Iilws pwplf- tllat arf' lun, IfS'I'HIiR DREZON . , . Hlfssien . . . Dr-partlnvnt ol' Dr-Ilvnsv Ifmntls ami Stamps: fIlTir'r- Prartirf- Club: PRESS . . . would Iilil' Io own a rar "Row" . . . FORES- TERQ Ixiay Day: Poly I.II.I.lAN DINNER . . . flmrus , . , woulci ratluz-r "I.onr1yP" , , , I.atin. xlanu- tlman vat. CI:-1-, Upon Forum, Four I RAMIER VROSS CUSTY DALTON DAVIS DENNY DUNNER DXVORKIN EBERT I-'I. Squaw, C I1 e Ill i s t r y , I:ft'Ilt'Il, Nlusic Apprvria- tion Clulrsz Intvrclass .Mlnletirsz Hom:-room ALI- visory Collllllittvv. Clluir man: .I.I.I: Ivlay Day: Poly flmrus . . . wants to Iam a cianring lvaclier, ORIINCE DXVORKIN . . . linltforleil . . . Li- Imrarv. Office IIraL'li4'e flulvsz Dtill-EIIIIICIIC UFHZ D4-partmvnt oi Dvlicnse Bnnfls ami Stamps: In' Ivrriass I I1 I 1' I i 1' s : PRESS: May Day: I'rnm anci Banquet Com- mittvr' . . . Iilufs to win- rlow slmp. RUTH LUIS IiBIfR'I' , . . Hlvivrtn . . . I.C'a4ir'rs' Clulmz Intvrrlass Atlilvt- irs: .I. V. Ilorlccy, vnllvy' Iuall: Hmm-roum Olliirer: FORESTERg IXIay Day: Student Court . . . Iuvcs scntimz-ntal swing, -4 I9 I f I 'WIW . IN 42 IZISENBERG VNGELMANN IZNNIS FPHRAIM IZRLILK IQRMER FARAONE FARBKR FIQIESIZR ISICRNICIZ IilSI2NI3IQRG,. ulfzlllrlyu . . . I.nIin, RIRIIIIPHI,KRIIPIIIISITYL-IIIIYNZ nnn-nlI1Ivli1' "ITU: Inlvr rIzns .'xIIlll'H1'5I Hmm'- ruom .'XcIvisory cilblllllln- If-4-, uIuuirnmn: PRESS: III: Drum NIIli0I'l'H!'- Drum umI BIIHIK' Corps: S4-niur I'Izuy . , , uunk In Q0 In I-UIII-gf-. VI .,'XRA N. INGIQI .MANN . . . N.l'illIK'fS., GI4'r', I.ulin, clvflllilll LYIUIDSI IIIIPYKIEISS I AlIlIf'lirs: .I. V, Ilmlu-yi nrcIu-ry: minor UI' I: Slu- 4I4'nI twliilllll 5Iuy IJHYI Shulvnl fjffiu-r . . . Ilnpvs In ulh-ml Inusim- N mllf-gf-. I'IIlI.lI' Il. INNIS , . . HSRIIIIIVH . . . NnIurnI History. LRIIPIIIISITY, I,nIIn t!IllllSZ I. V. sur 1' cr: I-'ml' - SUPII IJnsIcr-IImII, IIIEIINIHUYZ Ii0IllC'fO0lll OI- Iic 1-r: Siurlvnl fum Il: Ivmior Prom cw0VIlIHiMI'l'Z FORISSTER: May Din' . . . Iilws mm cnrs. IIQAN IQNSOR . . . "lim" . . , film- fiIuIv: lllll'l'I'IkIii .'XlIIIf'Iil'SI . . . w0uI1I IIIU- 10 nMf'nrI VviIIimn anrI Ixlnry CoIIvg1'. CAROL I.. IQPIIRAIINI , . . xxxiniion Corps: Fvnring CIUIQ: ivnnis . . . Impl-s Io gn I0 1-MII.-gp. SIIIRLIQIC C. IiRl.ll'K . . . I"uur Squier:-. fTII'iu' Ilrm - Iiu-, S1riIrI1If-ISV, Typiluj Ti culllllil Inh'rrInss AII1- Ivlirs: minor 2 'IDR- ESTIER: ,I.l.I1 PRESS , . . Im:-s to ssrih' slurivs. RICHARD IiRNIIiR . , . mlvl1'if1'Iln . . . flppur- lunily cullllli l,rcIn-slrzl. Ilflllll illlll ISUQII' Cqilfpi. Biilllll IIIIRIIIICLPY, lil! YIISSUI Nlily DIIYZ SIluI1'nI fyrzmvr . . . wimls Io I'urIIn-r Iris 1-1IlunIiun. IUAN ITQXIRAIJ .,.. "Io" . . , Imp:-s In gd an iuIw, RUFIQ A. I:.'XRAONlf . . . "Ro" . . . fJII'iu- Ijrauiiu- fIuIm: Sf-nior InuugumI I'-Iowr'r c1lllllllliHl'l'2 NIM' Day , . , vnjuys Inking um- UI' IIN- Imusc-. KNSOR FAIRALI. PINK . . . QRIIUIIIISIYY liI'iIIlSllll'IllS CIUII. IRNYIN I-1XRI3IiR. . . "ln C IuIn Irvns urvr: Ilmlvrrlnss Ioollm I. Y. Inrrossv: ,I.I.I: Slum C rm-xv. ausslshunl nmnnge S4-niur I,Iuy . . . wunls lu Iwmulm- nn ilfK'IliIl'l". I5If'I"I'Y I-'IfIfSIfR . IAXXIIIHIYT ...A 'XIIIIIIHI Dum 1' I i1Iu'I R4-pn-sc n Iniiw- . . . Inv:-s In Iymx umI pIny If-nnis. ISICRNARIJ VINK . nlfz'rlliv'I . . . lying Pong RIIOIIIISIYN' fIuIrs: InIor mnlinn D1-NIQ . . . gvls II-fill Iron: wnIIcing up Hflmxnn sluirs. IIIM CDM...3:ff.: Mi 1.15 -:vt I9 FISHER FORRESTER FRIEMAN SONIA FISHER . . . Latin. Liimrary, Four Square. Fencing Clulgs: Interclass Attilcticsc Homernom Oi- ficcr: .l.l.l: ivlay Day . . . college lxounci. CHARLES FITZPATRICK . . . HFUZH . . . litllifill Club, prusiricnt: lnterclass Attila-tics: Varsity football. ice-lioctccy: J. V. letter. major UFH: Year Oiiiccr: Homcroom Officer: Bowl- ing Committee, ctiairman: Senior Farewell Commit- tcc: Stucient Oiiicer: Sen- ator: Calainct . . . tiopcs to play a professional sport. LLVVIS HOWARD FORD . . . UButlciy" . . . Latin. Opportunity, Leaders' Clutls: Varsity ice-lmclcev, manager: tVtanagcr's "Fu: numerals: Stuclent Coacli: FORESTER, Business Nianagcr: Junior Prom Committee: ivtay Day: Special Ctlorus: Stufient Oiiiccr . . . iiopes to attend FITZPATRICK FORD FORKER FRANK FREED FRIEDMAN FURSHMAN GAAR GOGEL AUDREY RAE FORKER MAYER N. FREED . . . . . . "Sonny" . . . Giee "Vitalis Kid" . . . Latin Club: Oitice Practice Clutmz J. V. letter: Var- Clulx, vice - presirlent: Special Ctriorus . . . arlorcs ixlorulc liair anti lolue eyes. HERBERT FORRESTER. .IR .... Hcrin . . . Opportunity, Leacters' Clulus: Varsity traclc. lnootlnallz Varsity H o m e r o om Oiiicer: Yr-ar Officer: .l.l.l: Ntay Day . . . tmpes to lie- rome a goori lawyer. DONALD S. FRANK . . . "Hawk" . . . Office Prac- tice. Typing. Opportunity Clulws: Etliical Club, sec- retary: lnterclass Atti- it-tics: Varsity tootimall. captain: Nic C o rm i c lc Tropiivz Homcroom Otiti- cer: Tree Planting Com- mittee: Senior Prom anrl Banquet Committee: Mas' Day: Stuclent Officer . . . lilces all outcloor sports. 76 sity track: Major "FH: tnterclass A t li l e t i c S: H o m e r o om Officer: PRESS: lu: Stu ci ent Officer: Cate Officer . . . would like to talce up cliiropociy. SEYMOUR 'FRIEDMAN Cy ...J.V. soccer, traclc: tl. V. "Fu: Varsity tennis: Major --Fmt HOIUCIODIH Ori-'iCCri FORESTER: .lllz May Day . . . hopes to attend Clemson College. BERNARD LEONARD FRIEMAN . . . "Bebs" . . . lnterclass basketball: Varsity soccer: Varsity HFU: .l.l.l: ivlay Day: Stucient Officer . . waits tor vacations. SYLVIA C. FURSHMAN . . . "Fuzzy" . . . Cvlee. Masquersz Raclio Work- sluop, Music Appreciation Clubs: non-atiuletic "FH: tnterclass Athletic sz PRESS, News Eclitor: Senior Play: Sen- ior Autumn Hop Com- mittee, Senior Inaugural Committee . . . IIOPCS to ine a sct1ool teaciler. SARA JAYNE GAAR . . . "It-'ssien . . . Chemistry, Home Economics Clubs . . . iiopes to lac an in- terior decorator. DOVERA GOGEL . . . "Davie" . . . Latin, Chemistry, Open Forum Clubs: interctass Atil- letics: minor HFU: Home- room Officer: FORES- TER : Tree Planting Committee: Senior Fare- well Committee: Scrap- tmoolc Committee, cilair- man: J.l.l: May Day . . . wants to tue a Gouctler girl. XIV" 'I vhxi' 42 GOLD COTTLIIZB GRADMAN D. GREENBERG M. GREENBERG GREENEBAUM GRIVAKIS GROSSMAN HAGFMANN GOLD . . . HR'll'- iJfJRfj-IIHY IXI. Intvrfiass Atilir-tits! biS,l'?llH . . . IxIasqu0rs'. FFCHCII, IICITYIIIII, CIIPIII- istry, Gi:-v Ciuimsg Intvr- ciass Atiiicticsz Hmm-- room Afivisory Commit- trcf. rimirmanz Svniur Piayz .I.I.I: Sturivnt Oilfi- cer . . . iwopcs to atlr-mi Cniivgc. REBA I. COT'TI..IEB . . . Circ, Oiiice Prartirc- Ciuiasg Intvrciass Atilivl- ics: minor "IIN: PRESS: Homeroom Uiiiu-r: Nay Day . . . wants In gt-I an office ioiw. SYLVIA GRADMAN . . . usyivn . . . Latin, Iiomr- Economirs, Iviasquz-rs', Four Square Ciubs: In- terciass Atimicticsg Home- room Officer: Stucic-nl Coach: FORESTER. PRESS: IVIuy Day . . . Ixopes to attcnri Nortin- westem University. . . . npinieyn . . . OI- Iicc Prartice Ciutwz Dc- partmcnt ot' Deir-nsc Stamps anri Bonds: In- tvrviass Atiiivtirs: Transfription Cwifmiitorz Stucicnt OHI- rvr: Spf-ciai Cimrus . . . iivcs to cianrr-. IJONAI .D S, CRIZITNIIFRC . . . llGTl'l'llil"' . . . I, a t i n fwiuiwc Inlvrriuss Atilivtirsi Frosil-Snpil Iwasiwt- imaii: Hmnvrnom Oiiirvrz Sturivnt Cfiiirc-r . . . 1-njoys aii sports. NIARTIN CREENBERC , . . "Hank" . . . FOR- ESTER . . . pet enttlusi- asm is Iwis camera. STANLEY I. CREFNEBAUINI . . . MRWISH . . . Ciiemistry. I.atin Ciuims: Banciq Var! sity trariic .I, V. Ioottmaiiz 77 Bl . . . wants to stufiy vngi- nr-r-ring at voiix-gr. ZATRICE N O R M A GRIBBEN . . . "Bm" . . . Latin Ciuim: J. V. voiivyimaii, iwasicvttmaiiz Intr-rriass A t Il I e t i C S: Iiappy Iiiiis Committvvz Svnior Autumn Hop Cmmnittr-P . . . wants to In- a tcuciler. MARY CRIVAKIS . . . I.0mic-rsi. Gif-0 Ciutzsz D4-partnlvnt of Saivs anti Puiziirity: non - atinivlir Intvrriass Atilictics: numr-mis: I'Iumc-room Oiiirr-r: Cnaviming Car- iitimtcz FORESTER. IVIPIIIOFY Booic Committee, Svnior Inaugumi Com- mittc-:-, Color Committee. Happy Hiiis Rcircsix- ment Committee, ctlair- man: S4-nior Farewc-Ii GREEN GRIBBIZN I-IAINES Cmnmittoc. ciiairman: .I.l.I: Ixiay Day: Stucicnt Oiiic-or . . . wants to go to coiiz-gc. ANN II. GROSSMAN... Hnovmyn . . . Omce Pram-tiu-, ixiusic Apprvria- tion Ciuiosz SIl0fiiHllllI Ciuim. trr-asurvr: Iinnw- runm Oiiircr . . . ilupvs tu gf-t a gooci scrrr-tnriai position. IQISIE F, HACEMANN . . . "Sully" . . . Ot- iirv Prarticc Ciutm, treas- urf-r: Dvpartmvnt of Dc- I1-nsv Stamps anri Boncisz Intcruiass A t ii I rv t i 1' sz Iiomr-room Oftiu-r: FOR- ESTER: .Iunior Prom Comnlittr-0: May Day . . . wants to see tim worici. GENEVIEVE HAINES. . . "Gen" . . . fiancing is Imer pet entixuniasm. I9 H'Hli?xki1lll5 J' rikiifm v WQW' A HERfJ'12i'f1icLioN Cl.AlRE l'lAlNllNlANlN . . . liwr . . . wants to nurli in SYl.N'l,-X . . . lilivs lIllISlll'00IHS nnrl .litt nvfootsakfu . . . CIN-, Ol- racliu zmcl tclvvision. Hfiltifklfl . ,Q . Ollicf' piclclvs. lin- Practice- Clubs: Sm! I' r n 1' l i 1 1-. blwrtllflmlv inr Progrmn Comniittovz .ul . . . woulcl tiki- ln lw an artist. NORMA V. HANN . . . "Sis" . . . Ollirz- Prav- ticc Clulx: lntcrclass Atlu- lvtirs: Homcroom Olliccr: U1-parhlwnt of Dvlrnsc Bomls ancl Stamps: FORESTER: S e n io r Autumn Hop Committee, Svnior Fun-wr-ll Commit- tvv: .l.l.l: Nlay Day . . . mlorvs TOIIIIIIQ' DflY5Py"' bflllll. .lOSlilJll B. HARIG . . . "lor-H . . . lVlasquers'. lrnclcrs' Clubs: J. V. ive- liurlic-yz .l. Y. UF" numer- als: Home-room Ollifr-r: F O R E S T E R: Svnior Fare-wi-ll Committf.-0: .H.l: Nlay Day: Stuclent Ol- SH IRH-fY HARRINCTON . . . Typing. Rmlio Vvnrlcsliop. Srrilnlnlc-rsl. Sllllflllilllll, Office pfiiti- tiff-. Opt'-n Forum Cluln: Homc-room Ollirvr . . . would like to mulu- some lmsi unlmppy witll livr sllnrtlmnfl. HERSHFI. HARRIS . , . "Hersh" . . . liopvs to nttvml Tvmplc Llllivvrsity lor clmiropody. ,IFANNE HARRIS . . DC l.ilmrarv Clulwz .lil . . . wants to lm a svrrc-tary. IRIS HARTZ . . . Ununleu . . . Ollic'4' Practice Club: lnterrlnss Atlilctirs: Happy Hills Committr-0 . . . lows to swim. 78 CDIIPII l:0l'lllll cwlllllii III' tvrrlnss Atlllvtirs . , . mlnrv-1 ronvvrtilrlf-4. t.LlZ,XBF'l'tI ANNE . . . Spvrinl Clmrus: GI.-1-, Latin Clulxs: lntr-rrlass Atlilvt- ics: numvralsz Seninr Prom :xml Banque-t Com- mittvv: .l.I.l: Flay Duv: Poly Chorus . . . Llvliglitn in Amlrc Kostc-lunvtzls mnsir. FRANCES IN IARGAR ET HEII. .,.. "Franny" . . . l.atin. Gln:-, Piano Clulms: Varsity soltlmull. swim- ming: lntf-rvlnss Athlf-tit-S: minor UFN: S t u cl e nt Coat-lt: F ORE STER : .l,l.l: lvlay Day: Stuclr-nt Ollicer: Calc Olilzircr. . . I'HYLl,lS HIELFANT . . . Pliylly , . . Clicmistrv. Glu-, Frcncll. Ops-I1 Forum. lxlusic' Ap- prvviation. Four Square Clulms: PRESS: Sc-nior Play: Gilt to the Svluool Colrliliittcvz Senior ln- angurnl Committee: Scraplxonlc Committee: Poly Cliorus: Special Clmrus . . . lilies Strauss wultzvs. MARY JANE HENDRICKSON . . Glee, Latin, Four Square Clubs: non-allllctic "FH: J. V. lmclccy: Interclass Atlllolirs: lencingz minor HFH: Homeroom Officer: PRESS: Scraplmolc Com- mittee: Attendance Com- nlittvc: Svnior Farrwvll Committf-C: Happy Hills Entcfrtainment . . . wants to attencl Vvestern Blury- lancl Cullvgv. RAYMOND I., HENRY . . . Hrillllllu . . . Sri:-:irc CIuIr . . . wants to Im n Iamm-r. llDICI.I. IIERR . . . "UfIie" . . . I.iIyrnry, OIIicc Prac- tirr-, IVIusic Appreciation CIuIJs: Dvpnrtmvnt oI DPICHSP SIHIIIDS HHII Bonds: non-atIlI1'tic "FH: Intc-rcIass A t It I,c t i c sz I'Iomc-room OIIicc'r: Ring Comnmittvv, rI1nirman: Sr-nior InnugumI Com- mittvv: May Day . . . wants to Iwc El privntr- sorrvtnry. ROBERT HIYYMAN , . . HIIOIJH . . . fJrf'I1r'stril. String Ensc-mIJIc-: Crafts- mc'n's, piano, Radio. CIl0nlistry, I, 0 a ft if r sv CIuIxs: non-ntIiI1-tic UIJH: I'Inmr-room Offiu-r: FOR- Svnior Prom zuuI Bzmquvt Committx-0. S4-niur Autumn Hop t'mmnittr'0: .l.l.l: IX'Iay Deny: Stage' IYInrmgc'r: Soninr PIuy . . . Ilopcs to cI0 tc-rImicaI worIc Ivor EOVCYIIIIICIII. MARY VIRGINIA HINDS IZX . . . "Ginnie" . . . Cul- turr. GIcc CIuIxs: Cur- rvnt EW-nts Committvc: .Ill . . . wants to be zu nurse. 'IZLYN JANE HOFFBERGIYR . . . "Hoffy" . . . I.atin, ping Pong, Radio Srript. RzuIin VVnrIcsIuop. I- r- a :I 0 r s ' CIuIvs: varsity arrImf-ry: golf: I'Iomc-room Ofticvrz FORESTER, VVriu--up IfmIitnr: .Iunior Prom Com- mittr-vz IxIay Day: Sprfc'iaI Cixorus . . . acIorcs CacIiI- Iuf 1-0m'1'rtiImIf'S and CHII- Iurnin. HENRY HERR HOFFBERGER HORNSBY HOWE HUBER XV . ROSS HORNSISY. IR. .. . AtRUilIh.' . . . I.0auIvrs' CIuIr: Varsity sorrvr, cap- tnin: Varsity trm'Ii: nmjor "FH: Homvroom OII-ir'0r: Junior Prom Committee: StucIc-nt CoarIl: Studvnt Officvrz Studi-nt Court . . . IiIu's to VVUTIC Ull IIIS Itolwhivs. MARY JANE HOSKINS . . . 'ABIlIC"l', . . . IJ-:ucI1-rs' CIuIr: Inti'r1'Inss Athletics: I'Iomz-mom OI- Iifvrz SturIPnt Com Il: IIORESTER: Spa-riuI CImrui: CHIP C0-Captain . . . r'nII0gi- INHIIHI. Nl I I, D R E D .Il IANITA HOUSMAN . . . "Mir- Ziu . . . CI:-0 fIIuIw: In- tr-rrInss AtI1Ic-tivs: nu- mf-mlst FORI?S'I'lfR . . . wants a g0x'Prnnu'nt juIr. HIZYMAN HOSKINS HUNTER NIARILYN IIUNYIZ . . "I.ynu" . . , AIumni Durlrr' lit-In-r Rvprvsvntn- livv . . . likt-S pr0Ivs- sionuI in--Iloc'Iu'y. NORTON VV. III IISER . . . HZPRPU . . . ISIIVQI CIIIUTIIS CII:-mistry CIuIm. prvsi- cIz-nt: MI. V. Iarrossv: I'Iomr-room 0IIir0r: Yi-ar OIIic'c'r: .lllq StucIf'nt OI- Iirvr . . . wouI1I like to stucIv CIu'mistry nt .IoIms IIopIcins. RICHARD S. IIUNTITR. IR .... "Dir-Ie" . . . ImIuIry is m0fI4'I ruiIr0mI- ing ITI.IfqXNUR III 'RVVITZ . . . "lil" . . . SImrtImmI, OI- Iiu' Ijr1u'tirP CIuIms: In- tvrrIass AtIlI1'tirS . . . wants to Iw n sc'r'rr'tnry. HINDS HOUSMAN HURXVITZ 42 79 BARBARA A. HYMAN . . . Utillllllillu . . . Latin, NI u s i e Appreciation. Clleinistry Clubs: Inter- class Atllleticsz Homeroom Officer: Stuclent Coaclt: FORESTER: PRESS: Nurses Airle . . . wants to be a Gouclier girl. JENNIE B. IMBRAGULIO . . . "Jeanne" . . . Sliort- lmnrl. 0 p en F o r u in Clubs: lnterclass Atlllet- ics: numerals: Ring Com- mittee: program Commit- tee: blay Day: Happy Hills Entertainment . . . wants to be a singer, MARY A. IMBRAGULIO . . . Wlliriyn . , . Slmort- luanrl, 0 p e n I: o rum Clubs: lnterrlass Atlilet- ics: numerals: lvlay Day: llappy Hills Entertain- ment , . . wants to be an actress. JANE JACOB . . . I,atin. Committee. Senior ln- augural Committee: JJJ: May Day: Stuclent Of- ficer . . . wants a college eclucation. WIN IFRED CATHERINE JOHNSON . . . "Win- nie" . ..OrcI1estra. String Ensemble: non- atliletic "FH: Interclass Atliletics: major "FH: JJJ: lvlay Day . . . lilces tall brunettes. ROBERT S, JOHNSTON . . . HIOIITIIIYH . . . non- atllletic Milli: Ivloflel Craltsmen's Club. serie- tary: Rarlio Club, presi- clent: Homeroom Ollicer: JJJ: Leaders' Club: lVlay Day: Senior Play . . . liopes to join Naval Air Corps. BEVERLY Kiizx JONES , . . Bev . . . Glen. l.atin, blusie Apprecia- tion Clubs: Aeronautics Course: Interelass Alli- EDWARD JONES . . . "Jones" . . . Leaclers' Club. secretary: Ameri- can Consular Club, pres- iclent: IVIusic Appreciation Club: Senator: Raclio Scliool of tbe Air: Coacb- ing Certificate: FORES- TER. Club Editor: En- tertainment Committee: May Day: Presidential Campaign lVlanager: Sen- ior Play . . . wants to be a radio announcer. THEODORA JONES . . . mlllwou . . . I. e a cl e r sl, Table Tennis, Cllemistry Clubs: Scribblers' Club. xire presiclent: non-ati1- letic "FH: Varsity bas- lietball, tennis: lnterclass Atbletirs: major "FU: C o a C lr i n g Certificate: PRESS, Girlsi. Sports E cl i to r: FORESTER: Happy Hills Committee: Senior Autumn Hop Committee: : Ivlay German Clubs: Inter- letics: swimming: JJJ . .. Day . . . going to Vvest- class Atllletirs: Costume lxopes to go to college. ern lvlarylaml College. HYMAN J. IMBRAGULIO M. IMBRAGULIO JACOB JOHNSON JOHNSTON B. JONES E. JONES T. JONES JORDON JUSTICE KAIN JU JO NE E. JORDON . . . IVIusic Appreciation, Art. Glee Clubs: Homeroom Officer: .JJJ...wants to be a professional moclel. HN TAYLOR JUSTICE . . . "Johnny" . . . non- atbletic "Fu: Cvlee Club: Boys' Cborus: Bancl: Orcbestra: Varsity tracli: Senator: Aclvisory Com- mittee, Senior Inaugural Committee: JJJ: Student Oificer . . . tonal ol music. swing and classical. DOROTHY V. KAIN . . . "Dottie" . . . IVIasquers,' Home Economics, lvlusic Appreciation Clubs: Dis- aster Corps: Raclio Vtlorlcsltopc non-atlmletic "FH: lnterclass Atbleticsi Coaching Certificate: FORESTER: JJJ: May Day: Nurses' Aicle . . . entbusiastic about acting. 1 ig , Q' 80 RTWW t if wwf ELLEN KAIVIMERER . . . "Louie" . . . Latin, Home Ifrononmirs, filer: filulmsz Ivnnisz CQUEIKIIIHH C4-rtilifatvz PRESS: .I.I.I: IVI1-innry Bank CIOIIIYIIIIIPTH Ilrogram Cmnmittvc-: IVIay Day . . . wants I0 go Iu Ivarln-rs' frills-gc. LEE KAI IFNAN . . . "Coffee" . . . Ping Pang f'IuIm, trvasuri-r: I.aIin f'IuIr: non-aIIiI1-tic NFB: IInnwrnnm OI-Iic'vr: Si-nior Play: .I,I.I . . . wants to gn Io L'uII4'g0. INIIIDRED KEISER . . "Mill" . . . Gvrman. Opt-n Forum. file-0. NI u S i C Appreciation, Clwmistry CIuI'1s: Inter- rlass Athletics: Ilomr- rimm ffllircr: .I.I.I: IVIay Day , . . wants to Inc a music teacher. .IANICS CUSTIS KELLAINI. IR .... "Rip" . . . Nin- cllini' Slmp, Clmmisiry C'IuIvs: .I.IJ: INIay Day . , . Impvs to go Io fall.-gf-. DALE KELLER . . . Hpun- PAITL VV. KELRICK . . . Iain" . . . Spf-riaI Cliorus. pri-siclr-nt: I..caiIi-rs', IVIu- sil' Apprvriatiun. CII-0 f'IuI1s: non-atlllvtic NIT: .l.l.I: Ixlay Day: poly Clxoms: Svnior Inaugu- ral Ass:-mIiIy: Calc UI- Iiivr . . . woulfl Iilcf' In In' sum:-Imcly in tI1c music worlzl. Rl'I'II T, KELLY . . . UKf'IIy" . . . Piano, Glcv, Ilomv Eronnmics, Irour Squaw, Imailc-rs' Clulysz Int:-rflass Atlllc-livs: Var- sity irc-racing: swim- ming team. faptainz major "IIN: Ilomvroom Uiiiu-rp FORESTISR: Ilappy IIiIIs CmnmitI1'i', Si-nior Autumn Hop fiimnnittm-, Tri-0 planting LIIIIIIIIIIIIPP, Attvnllanrc Cmninittvv, Svnior In- augural Committee-, Son- im I'.arf'wi'II C0llllllIIIPl'C ,II.I: May Day: Sturlvnt Oflicvr: Calc C0-Captain Di Upinleyu . . . Band. Or- ilmstra, Drum anrl Bugle furps: ping Pong, Clivm- istry Clulmsz non-atI1Ii-tic "IT: Varsity Iarrussi-. Illallilgffl Sm-nior Inaugural Commit- I4-r': .I,I.I: Svniur Play . . . C'llII!'gl? IJOUIIII. BRIS LORRAINE KENI' . . . HKvrnpicH . . . I-:-amlcrs' f'IuIx, pri-sirli-nl: GI:-if CIuI1: Varsity sult- IraII, Iioclu-y, Ivnring: Intvn-Iass vnIIs-yImaII: ma- jor Allin: .I. V. IrasIictI1aII: Homvrnom O I I i c c r: C 0 n it I1 i n g Cr'rtiIii'aIc: IIORESVIIEIQ: Ring Cum- mitluv, Color Connnillvv, IVII-mory Book Commillz-P: Nlay Day: Ilappv I'IiIIs Iinlvrtninnwntz Calvin:-I: Sluilcnt OIIic'1tr: CaIc Uaptain . . . Invvs roast CLIFFORD 0, KICPNER . . . "Crisco Kill" . . . IEI0II1f'I'l'10IIl A cl v i s n r y KTUIIIIIIIIIPP, 1' Il a i rm 'i ni .I.I.I: Cali- flIIii'i'r . . . :Ii-Iiglits in airplanr-s nnrl Imuats, AIJULPII KIQRIIER . . . ulfvrlzn . . . Clwmistry. I.aIin CIuIms: Int:-ri'Iass AIIlIi'Iii'S: Varsity S0111-ri Varsity "IT" . . . wislms to ga into aclvvrtising. MII.I7RI'fD I' A I I L I N E KICSSLIQR . . . HIxIicIevy" . . I'ing Pang, Office Il r u 1' I i 1' 1-, Slmrtlmnil CIUIJS: Intr-rrlass AIIIICI- irs: num:-raIs: Ilomi-room UII-ir:-r: Stuclvnt COIICII . . . :Ii-sirvs In Im il str-nograplwr. If L If A N 0 R VIRGINIA KICY . , . "Elly" . . . Inti-rvlass A I li I r' I i C SZ C 0 a r I1 i n gg Ci-rtilicntc: lfORIfS'I'lfR: .I.I.I: Ivlay . . . wuulcl like I0 Im 3 In-0I aml masllcil pola- Day . . . Iinpvs lo Ile ix elif-litian. Ions. nursv. X , KAMMERIER KAUFMAN USER KIZLLAM KELLER KELLY Kl21.iur,l-1 A KEMP KIEPNER KIZRBER KIZSSLER ' Kiev 81 JOHN BAILEY KING. JR. SYLVAN KOGAN . . . M. ANNE KRATZ . . . BERNARD LACHMAN . . . "King" . . . Drum and Bugle Corps: Chess, Scout Clulus: Varsity golf: Varsity and J. V. soccer, manager: Home- room Otticer . . . hopes to he an electrical en- gincer. IUDITH CARYL KLINE . . . "Indy" . . . Latin, French, Chemistry, Four Square Cluhs: Music Ap- preciation Cluh, treas- l.ll"K'rC HOIiIl'f00Hl ACIVISOYY Committee: C lt air ma n: Senior Play: Senior In- augural Committee . . . College Imuncl. ROBERT V. KNIGHT. JR. . . . "Boogie" . . . Scout, Ethical Clubs: Interclass Athletics: J. V. "Fu: ma- ior "FH: Homeroom Of- ficer: May Day . . . woulfl like to he an en- gineer. "Keg" . . . Ice-Hockey. Frosh-Soph Ioothall: nu- merals: JJJ: IN'Iay Day . . . hopes to go to Car- negie Tech. CARL S. KOLIVIAN . . . "George" . . . Band. Orchestra, Brass Ensem- hle: non-athletic "FH: Interclass Athletics: Homeroom Officer . . . wants to he an accoun tant. SHIRLEY JEAN KRAMER . . . uslzirln . . . Lihrary, Office Practice, Music Appreciation Clubs: non- athletic HFH: Homeroom Officer: PRESS: FOR- ESTER: May Day: Dc. partment of Defense Stamps and Bonds . . . hopes to get a secretarial position. "Annie" . . . Leaders' Cluh: non-athletic UFH: Interclass Athletics: Var- sity haslcethall. volley- I:-all: J. V. hockey: ten- nis: major "FH: Home- room Officer: TER: JJJ. lvlay Day: Student Officer . . . Iilces cI1ocoIate cake and ice cream. DOROTHY I-. KRATZ. .. FR A'Dot" . . . Leaders' Cluh, treasurer: non- athletic "Fu: Varsity vol- leyball, lzvaslcethall: Inter- class Athletics: major HFH: Homeroom Officer: FORESTER: JJJ: lVIay Day: Student Officer . .. hopes to hecome a com mercial artist. ANCES KRONBERG . . . UFrenc,lyU . . . Sllortllancl, Ivlusic Appre- ciation CIuI3S: Interclass Athletics . . . a future stenographer. KING KLINE KNIGHT KOGAN KOLMAN KRAMER A. KRATZ D. KRATZ KRONBERG LACHMAN LAWTON LEBOV . . . "BunIzy" . . . Op- portunity, Leaclers' Cluhs: Varsity baseball: Inter- class Athletics: Home- room Officer: PRESS: Attendance Committee, chairman: Program Com- m i t t e e: FORESTER: PRESS, Publicity Chair- man: Senior Farewell Committee: JJJ: May Day: Student Officer: Cate Officer: Cabinet . . . wants to he a pall-hear er's assistant. LEWIS LAVVTON . . . "Lewis," . . . hopes to go to college. EDNA I. LEBOV . . . "EoIcIie" . . . Cvlee, Of- fice Practice Clubs: In- terclass Athletics: minor "Ez lvlay Day . . . wants to get a goocl job. I9 82 42 fbi ,W .0 gg, LEBOWITZ LEIZMAN LEIZURE LEKSON LENDERKING LENHART LEPKA LERNER I.. LEVIN S. LEVIN LEVINE LEVITAS SARA-JANE LEBOVVITZ B. MIRIAM LEKSON . . . pt-t t-nllrusirtsm 1 SIDNEY LEVIN . . . "Lib" . . . Latin, Nlasqucrsx . . . 4'Milll" . . . Bantl: music, , , , Latin fjlulng vm-- l.il1rary. l'0ur sUlIHl't'. Orclu-stra. s rf C rc t a r y: sity trarlc. assistant man- Raclio Vvorlcslmp Clulms: lVlasquvrs'. C a m 0 ra MARIE E. LEPKA . . . agvr: Varsity lnollrnll. Rarlio Srript Clulu, presi- clvnt: Sporial Clmrus: non-utlilvtic UFH: Inter- rlnss Atlllz-tirs: lxlay Day: Stuclvnt Olllicvr . . . wants to lwc a nursc MURRAY LEIZMAN , . . 'lla "Aron . . . l.atin Clulm: Orrlivstra. Banrl: non- atlllc-Iir "FH: Varsity tracli, trmrhnllg Varsity "lv: Holm-roorn Olliri-r: .l.l.l . . . lrlws wmv, women. anrl music." IIGY l.ElZl IRE . . HSlnp" . . . Home-mom Glliwr: .l.l.l: lxlay Day: Happy Hills Entcrtain- mvnt . . . llopr-s to lun a rommorcial artist. Clubs: Consular Cluly, smtrvtary: Varsity soft- luall: lntc-rclass Athletics: minor "FN: Ring Com- mittcc: .Ula May Day . . . love-s to vat, clrinlc, ami ht! Illeffy. NANCY LENDERKING . . . Art Clulw: lntcrclass Atliloticsz swimming: nu- merals: Homcroom Olli- rorc FORESTERg Ring Committee-: .l.l.l: lvlay Day: Stuclcnt Ol-licer . . . wants to study art at Nlarylancl Institute. HERBERT LENHART . . . Hzonlllivn . . . Latin Cluldz Aclvisnry Commit- tr-c': .l, V. lootlmall: .l.l,l Homcroom Advisory Pm- grams, rlnairman 5 PRESS: .UJ . . , wants to get a jolm. JACK LERNER . . . "lurk" LU 83 . . . l.atin Clulv: Varsity soccvr: .l. V. irc-lmrlcfry, manugr-r: Varsity la- crosse. managc-r: J. V. "FH: lxlanagofs "FH: major UFU: Ring Com- lnittvi' . . . ll0IN'S to llc an imlustrial l'llK'llllSt. CILLE LEVIN . . . "Lu" . . . Latin Clulm: Home Economirs Clulx, vivo- prr-siclr-nt: lntorrlass Atl-- lctirs: numc-rals: Home- room Ollirc-r: Student Coacli: May Day . . . wants to tcacll. watt-rlmy: Nl' a n a g c r's HFU: Hmm-romn Ollirvr: Program CtlIIllllitll'C'Z Gilt tn tht- Sflmnl ci0llllllllll'!'I .l,l.l: May Day . . . wants to go to mllc-gr-. BtiRNK'E LEVINE . . . "Bunny" . . . Ol-lirc P r a c t i 1' 0, Slmrtllaml Cluluz lntvrrlnss lwnslcvt- lmall . . . woulrl like to lac a private' svvrr-tary. SANI YEL LEVITAS. . . "Lou" . . . l"msl1-Sopli luutlmll. lmasl-mtlmll: il. V. trarlc, lnotlwall, lmslcvtlmll: Varsity tvnnis: maior "Fu: Sf'lll0t' lnaugural C0lIllllillI'l' . . . lilws gooll lqnml nnrl guorl music. I 'Y "' ' W9 c. LEVY L. LEVY LITMAN LITTLETON E. LODGE H. LODGE LONDON LOWENBERG LOWENTHAL MAASS MACDONALD MACKLEY CHARLOTTE BI. LEVY ANNE LITILETON . . . M A Y N A R D NICKEL . . . HLee" . . . Latin, Four Square, Ixlusir Ap- preciation Clubs: Inter- class Atliletirs: numerals . . . lilies to listen to good records. IFO LEVY . . . Latin. Chemistry Clubs: Aero- nautics Course: Varsity soccer: ,I. V. NFH: Home- room Officer: May Day: Senior Play: Ill . . . would lilac to go to college. FVELYN F. LITIVIAN . . . "Ernie" . . . German Club, secretary: Travel- ers' Clulm, secretary: Radio Workshop: non- atlllelic HFH: Interclass Atliletics: minor "FU: PRESS, Managing Edi- tor: FORESTER: JJJ: May Day . . . Iilces horseback riding. EL Lilurary Club: non-atl1- letic "FH: Intcrclass Atlm- letics . . . Iilces costume designing. EANOR LODGE . . . Library Clulo, president: Latin, GIQQ Clulws: non- atliletic UFU: Interclass Athletics: minor "Fu: Coaching Certificate: Senior Prom and Ban- quet Committee: .I.I.I: May Day . . . Iilces to travel. HELEN LODGE . . . .Iunior Red Cross Disas- ter Relief Corps, treas- urcr: Glen Club: lnter- class Atirletics: minor "Fu: Senior Prom and Banquet Committee: May Day . . . wants to at- tend college. 8-4 LONDON . . . "Clover" . . . Boys' CI-torus: May Day . . . would like to get a good job. JEAN LOWENBERG . . . Hleannien . . . Latin. IVI u s i c Appreciation, Home Economics, Frencll Clubs: Interclass Athlet- ics: May Day . . . ap- preciates a good sense of humor. HORTENSE LOWENTHAL . . . uHorte" . . . Latin Club: Interclass Athletics: nu- merals: I'Iomeroom Oili- rcr: FORESTER: Scrap- lwoolc Committee, co-cI1air- man . . . Ioolcing forward to college. LUCILLE ANN IVIAASS . . . "Lou" . . . Fencing Club, secretary: Music Appreciation, Latin, Mas- .IO quersi, Badminton, Knit- ting Clubs: Interclass Atliletics: major "FH: Homeroom Officer: PRESS: FORESTER: Senior Play: Ring Com- mittee: .ILI.I: May Day: Student Officer . . . has Impes of talcing a Icin- clcrgarten course. ITH A. IVIACDONALD . . . 'tMuc" . . . Art Club, president: non-athletic "Fu: Intcrclass Atlrleticsi FORESTER: Memory Book Committee, chair- man: .I.I.I: May Day . . . would like to Ive a com- mercial artist. HN R. MACKLEY . . . Hivlaclzn . . . Varsity lootlsall: Interclass Atti- lenics: J. V. "F": JJJ: May Day: Student Offi- cer: Cale Captain . . . hopes to attend prep school. 42 QBAM- -1.1452 in 'VM444 MAGAZINER MAGRUDER MAIN MAJIESKII H. MALLONEE R. MALLONEE MARANTO MARIA MARKS MARSHALL MARTICIK MASHKIQS SYLVIA GIIIIIPIIF IHIL'N'IilSS minor IIUIIIPYOOIII "Butz" . . . Inlvrr'Inss AIIIIL-Iirs: .I.I.IgIVIay Day: "Surry" . . . Cunriuingg Oiiirvrz .I.I.I: May Day: Aliuir-Iirsz n u rn c ru I si PRESS: Iiomcmom OI- Iifvr . . . enjoys u gumi mvslv Iwooic. . VY Sr-nior Iliny . . . wouIrI Iikf- Io trnvc-I lilmugimul lIic rounlry. Cc-rlii-iralc . . . wunIs lo work. MARY MARIA . . . In- Ivrcinss AIIIII-tics: Svninr Siufivnl OII-ir:-r . . . wnnls to niiz-r Iris svrvircs io Unric Sum. WVIIIIAIVI G. IIIiI.IiN .I. INIAI.I..ONEI3 I I FI C . JEANIf'l'IF NIARTICK. ' U If2If'XQI2LIIJITI2I .V . ' 4 . . . . IMTuliIirE1tiunACfcirn- 1 aitxfczr Fl-Gigi! SI-rilihll-rs.. L i b r Fl ac .... . , uv- IIIIIIPP, ntvrr ass I 1 vi- Clubs: mm-ml,I.,m. ' I. . Imciruyg Vnrsily Inolimii, Inrrosw: .I. V. "Iv: nm- jur "IIN: IIOIIIITINIIII fjiii- u'r . . . wuuiri Iikr- Io join IIN' Army Air Corps. CIIARLO'I'I'I2 MAIN . . . .KCIIGISII . . . Cine, I,nlin, Cilcmistry CIuIJs: .I.I.l . . . Imp:-s lu in: in ciispiuy nrlisl. VIOLITT A. MAJESKE . . . irs: Vursily snilimiiz Iiolnvmom fniiiccr: Senior Innugumi Fiowf-r Com- mitlvc: Senior Furcwcii Cmnrnitlcrtz CIN-urienrierg Slurivnk OIIiC1'r . . . Iiites sponding wecicemis at Navni Armin-rny. ROBERT I.. MAILONEE . . . HIWQIU , . . Varsity in--Imr'Iu'y, I n mt r 0 s s c C I'Iumcroom Officer . . . AI Iirimi poiuiovs. .BERT MARKS . , . "Al" . . . Scout, Opporlunily CIuIrs: .I. V. Iuulimiiz Vursily Inrmssr-: minor "FU: .I, V. "FH: FOR- ISSTER: Sluricnk Ofificvr . . . I10pc-s Io nlh-nri Uni- vcrsily of Nortil CaroIina. WALTER MARSHALL . . . "Gunner" . . . Crails- I n Iv r c I zz s s AIIiIc-tics: Sl'l'llpIl0Uk COIU' millvvz Sr-ninr Piny . . Imp:-S Io uih-mi Univer sily of IVIuryIn'nmI. MYIDRI-ID MASHKES . . . "Mash" . . . German. M u s i c Appreciation Ciuiwsz Interciass Athlet- ics: FORESTER: JJJ: May Day: Senior Piny "Vi" . . . D1-pnrhnr-nt oi' Impvs Io ullend IVInryA mr-n's CIuIm: .I. V. fool- . . . crazy about Tommy SHICS FHNI Ijuiriiviiyz DOH- Innri. Imll. soitimiiz .I. V. "FH: Dorscy's Uslnrriuskf' ' ' ' 1,2 ..,..4..u.. 'CMI'-0 11+ 8 fflfl-4-0 I I v . AM.. .Q zz ..... MM- f A X ' ft .' l ,- -'vruovg - 'Af'-79114 '-A WL! , 4 749 1' T A-41 au. .J 72 ' 'M-. 71.041 ' fl-I 04-ws - f0..A5L "T"'3"--4-ls., would lilce to stucly to lie I9 MATTHEWS MAYERBERG MAYNARD MEAGHER MEYER C. MILLER M. MILLER MOLDAVE IWOLLOY MOORE N. MOORE MORGAN BETTY iVtA'l-THEVVS , , , Slrortliand, Open Forum coulrt live on mattert Coacti: JJJ: May Day: "Bel" . . . Glee, Cliemis- Clulws: lnterclass Atlllet- millcs. Special CIIONIS . . , loves try Clulws: inter:-lass Atlu- ics: swimminghnnumerals: vanilla cotces. letics: Nlay Day . . . wants Homi-room O icer: JU: . N1 V i - -- I , MARILYN A. MILLER . , . to go to bllsllil ..s tolli ge. Coactung CCftItlC1tl .... ,,Mare,, . . ' Latin' French, J A M E S CAROL MAYERBERG . . . 'lFranlzie" . . . German. Nl u si c Appreciation, Ctremistry, Open Forum Clutxs: tnterclass Atlilet- ics: Hnmemom Officer: FORESTER: JJJ1 May Day . . . tuture lalmra- tory tectmician. HELEN MAYNARD . . . M. "Happy" . . . Cleo. Lat- in Clutms: ivlay Queen: Varsity ice-sliating: tntcr- class Athletics: numerals: Homeroom Officer: JH: Cate Officer . . , wants to tie ptlotograpliervs IIIOCIPI. PHYLLIS MEAC! IER . . . "Phill", . . Rect Cross, il SUYH tfill FIIIYSP. NATALIE B. MEYER . . . Hivticlzeyn . . . Nlusic Appreciation, Ctiemistry, Knitting Clulos: tnterclass Atlileticsg s w i m m i n gc Homeroom Officer: Aft- visory Perioct Committee: .l.U: Niay Day . . . lilies tvoys wittl large tlluc eyes. CHARLES R, MILLER. . . Science Clutw. treasurer: Opportunity, Leaders' Clubs: Cliess Clulu, vice! presiclent: H o m c r o o m Officer: Coaclling Certifi- cate: FORESTER: JH: Boys' Coaching Director: Sturtent Ollzicer . . . 86 Clremistry, Open Forum, Glen, Piano, Four Square Clubs: Music Apprecia- IVIOORE, JR .... Hlirnu . . . l..!'ElClt'l'S,, Art Clulrs: Varsity tootluall, trafic: tion Club, president: tu- .L V. "FH: minor "tru: terclass Atllletics: Home- Home-room Officer: FOR, room Advisory program, ESTE R. sulxscription cllairman: Scrap- lvoolc Committee. Gift to Scllool Committee: Spe- cial Cliorus: Poly Cllorus: Nurse's Aiftt- . . . lilces to collect classical recorcts. JOSEPH MOLDAVE . . . Hloen . . . wants to Iw- come a sliilleft meclranic. FRANCES M. MOLLOY . . . HFrauH . . . Glcc, Bactminton. Cllr-mistry, Garcten Clubs: Home- room C-Jil-icer: Student nianagcr: .l.l.l: Nlay Day: Stuctent Officer Captain . . . college tnounrt. NORMA JEAN MOORE BE . . . "Norm" . . . Home- room Officer: Senior tn- augural Committee: Nlay Day . . . twpes to suc- ceecl in the literary tielct. RNICE H. MORGAN . . . "Bae" . , . Office Practice Clulm: lnterclass Atlrletics: FORESTER . . . wants to travel, SIZIJVIA NI. IVIORGIZNSTEIN . . . I.atin, Ifrcneli, Cliemis- try, IVIusic Appreciation, Arclicry Clubs: Interelass Atlilctirs: I'Iomeroom OI- Iieer: Senior Play: May Day: Stuclcnt OII-icer . .. Iiopcs to study hacteriol- ogy at college. Bl'fI'I'Y MORRIS . . "Betts" . . . Four Square, SIIOIIIIHHCI, Office prac- tice, Open Forum CIuI'1s: Interrlass AtI1Ietics: Var- sity ive-racing: Home- room Officer: Sturlent Cnarllz PRESS: FORA ESTER: Senior Autumn Hop Committee: May Day: Stuflent Officer . . . Ioves to clown. DOROTHY CAROL MORRIS . . . Hnnttien . . . Art CIUI1 . . . Iiopes In Ive a rommereial artist. ANN LESLIE MOSES... "Autos" . . . I.atin, Barl- minton, Fencing CIuI'zs: .I. V, Iioelcey: Varsity Iencing, tennis, Imel- minton: Interrlass AtI1Iet- irs: major HIT: Stuclent Coaeliz PRESS. IVIay Day: Stuclent Officer . . . wants to stucly occupa- tional tliempy. DOROTHY I.. MOXOM . . . "Chic" . . . Glee, I-eacIers' Clubs: Inter- elass Atlileties: TER: Senior Autumn I:Iop Committee: May Day: Student Coacliz Student Officer: Senate, secretary . . . would IiIce to attend Imusiness COI- It-gf-. LORITITA IVI. MUI.I.IC'AN . . . "Refs" . . . Home Economics CIuI1 . . . aclores strapless evening gowns. .IOHN J. IVIULVIHILI. . . . ulacIz" . . . Interrlass Alli- Ietirs: May Day . . . Iilces all sports. PHYLLIS RIDDLE IVIYHRE . . . non-atIi- Ictic "FU: Brunel, Orclies- tra: Latin. Cliess Clulms: Camera CIuI'm. secretary: Interelass Atllletirs: ten- nis: Stuclent CnarI1: Scraplmolc Committee . . . wants to go to eoIIege. EIAINE S. NADEN . . . "E" . . . Fencing, Burl' minton. Refi Cross, Ping Pong CIuIis: Interelass AtIiIt-tics: tennis: minor RGENSTEIN B. MORRIS D. MORRIS MOXOM MULLICAN MULVIHILL NADIZN NATANSON NEEDLE "Fu: May Day. . . would IiIce to Ire a Iaeauty cul- turist. EDITH NATANSON . . . Frencli, American Con- sular Clulms . . . wants to sturly Ianguages at f'0IIf-ge. HANNAH LEE NEEDLE . . . "Rusty" . . . Home Economics Clulr, presi- tIent: Red Cross Knitting CIUI1, president: Inter- elass Anltli-tics: an-Iiery, tennis: I'Iomeroom Olli- cer: Stuclcnt Coarli: PRESS: Ring Commit- tee: Program Committee: IVIay Day . . . Iilies Icnit- ting, knitting, anrl Icnitting. ISHQDORE NEUMAN . . . lu, . . . .I.l.I . . . clreams of Ineing a piIot. MOSES MYHRE NIEUMAN :mx 87 'La ZSLJC' N Y MA! 'KWWCUYZ ANGELA NICHOLSON . . . UNicIey" . . . GIce, Latin. F 0 u r Square CIuIJs: non-aII1Ic-tic "FH: Inlcrciass A I I1 I ff I i c S: Sturicni Coach: PRESS: FORESTERg .I.I.I: Sm- cIenI Oificvr . . . nmiorcs cinncing Io Tommy Dor- sey. HERBERT NOEL . . . "Herb" . . . Horneroom Officer: J.I.I: May Day . . . swing music is Iris pei eniiiusinsm. JACK NORMAN . . . "SnaIe0y" . , . Crails- rncn's CIUIJ: NnIuri1I IIIS- Iory CIuIm, vice-prcsicIcnI: WILLIAM NORMAN . , . "SnoIeey" . . . NnIuraI I'IisIory CIuIm. Ircasurcr: Craftsrricrfs CIuI1, ser- rffiury: .I.I.I: Acivisory Programs . . . Iiiccs to coIIeci Iivc snakes, IurIIcs, and Iizarmis. IRENE RUTH NOVEY . .. 'IIIQPGH . . . Oiiice Prac- iicc, SIIOTIIIHHII CIuIms: IntercIass AIIiIelics: IInrncroom Oiiqircr . . . Iiicos Io fiance Io GIenn IVIIIIL-r. FLORENCE OBCAS . . . UFIossi0" . . . Lalin CIuIx: Home Economics CIUII. sorrclary: non- MORTON H. OFFIT . . . HIVIorIyU .... I. V. Ime- Iu'II1aII: .I. UFHQ Var' sity I'JaseIuaII: I'I0meroorn Officer: PRESS, Ex- rImngo Editor: Cafe OI- Iifcr . . . IiIrr's nigint life. ROBERT F. OGDEN . . . HBoIz" . . . Ixopes Io go Io coIIcgc-. JEAN S. OLIVER . . . Hg IziI" Glce Four i y . . . , . Square Ciuims: .I, V. Ilor'Ic0y: Varsiiy icc'-sIiuI- ing: swirnmingg rnuiur MIT: Inlcrr'Iass AIIlIcIir's: Sturic-nt Coach: Senior INIOIIIQWOOIII OII-ire-rg .I,I.I: nII1I4-lic "FH: Inivrfinss Prom anfI Bzmquci Corn- Acivisory Program . . . AIIlIeIics: tr-nnis: Ixiny rnith-eg .I.I.I: Advisory Pro- IIIU-s Io coIIccI nncI sIurIy Deny , . , Iiopcs Io go Io grams: Senior I-'Iay . . . HIIIPIIIIJIBHS ami rcpIiIes. coIIi-gc. likr-S Io sI:-ep ami cnt. NICHOLSON NOEL j. NORMAN W. NORMAN NOVFY OBKIAS OFFIT OGDEN OLIVER O'LOUGHLIN OVERALL PANITZ EDNA LOUISE O'LOUC-HLIN . . . "Essie" , . . Glee, I..cacI- ers' CIuI:Js: InIercIass A!I1IeIics: n u m e ra I s : FORESTER: JU: May Day: Speciai Chorus: Senior PIay: Radio ScIiooI of the Air: Happy Hills Enlerlainmenl: Siu- civnt Officer: Cafe OIIi- ror . . . wanis to Ire a dancer in Iler spare lime. MILTON THOMAS OVERALL . . . Band. Orcilcslrag non-aII1IeIic "Fu: .I.I.I . . . wouIcI IiIre Io pIay First Irumpct for Benny Goodman. LUCILLE F. PANITZ . . . "Lou" . . . Cilemislry. Gorman CIuIJs: FORES- TER: May Day . . . wanls Io Ile an arlisl. 88 I9 JULIA PAUI .... CII-ff, IVI u S i C Appri-riutiun, Sliortluxnrl, Art, Opt-n FOHJIII CIUIISI IIUIIIKTUOIII A :I v i s 0 r y Committee, ilinirmnn . . . wuuI4I Iilcc to In: n comme-rriul nrtist. C'A'I'I IICRINE IIIQCORA . .. "Kitty" . . . Sliorilianil, Ping Pong, ISRKIIIIIIIIUH Clulxs: Vursiiy Ilovlu-y, soltlmnll: Ivnnis, Inu IQ: Intcrcluss Atlllctics: nmior "FH: Ilmm-room Olliccrz Student Cum-Ii: FORES'I'ERg .Iunior Prom Cunimittre: .I.I.Ig Ixlny Daly: CIN-urlf-mlor "Fu: Sturlcnt Ollicvr . . . wants I0 Ire an gym Icnclicr. .IAMITS LLOYD PIZI .I AM . . . "Sully" . . . Crnltsrm-n's CIuIm . . . wouImI Iilm to Im n privatiz- pilot. VINCENTA PEZZELLA . . . hvinyu . . . Inter- class Athletics . . . Iilces to clance. NIARY LOUISE PFAFF . . . MNicIzieU . . . Latin, I1-ucIcrs' Clulrsz Varsity Iiorlivy, IHICIIIIIIIIUII, vol- It-ylmllg Illililll' In- it-rr-lass Atlilctirsz Stu- clvnt Conrlig PRESS: IVIr-nmry Boolc Commit- h-:-: FORIfS'I'IiRq IVIny Day: Calc fllliivr . . . Iiopcs tn utlvncl Gourlrcr. A. IfI.I.IiN PIITI .... ulflivinu . . . I.aiIin, Scout, I.l?FlfIC'I'5, Clulmsi CI:-rinmi Ululm, xirvfprvsi- clontg D1-pnrlmonl ol' Fnlvs mul Ijulrlirity, pros- imlontz IIIIIIYHIIIIPIIC HIT: Inh-rclaiss Atliloiifsz nu- nwrnlsg Homr-room Olli- ri-rn Stuclc-nt CllElI'IlI I"ORIfS'I'IfR. Fc-nturc IZIIIIIITZ I'Iuppy I'IiIIs Conl- mittvr-: .I,I.I: Ixlny Day: FIIIIIPIII Ullirvrz Calc OI- ICI I-ivrr . . . rruzy alvoul flu-c-sz-Imurgi-rs. D XV I N IIOFFINIAN PITCI'II-IR, .IR. . . . "Sonny" . . . Cralls- nu-n's fwlulm, pri-sill:-nl: Int:-rcluss Atlilntirsz .I.I.I: Nay Day: Si-nior I'Iuy . . , ink-rr-slr-:I in auto nwrlianifs. IANIZS POVVIZRS . . . Ulinunyn , . . Sliortlmml fwlulm: .I. V. Imrli: .I. Y. "IIN: Iritorrluss Atlili-time: Ivlay Daly . . . gvls on- lliusiuslir' ovvr uviuiion. DOROTHY PRICE . . . JO "Dottie" . . . SIiortI1ancI, film-rv, ffl-live Prariiu-, Opt-n Forum Clubs . . . wants lo Iw n Imcliclor girl. NAS R. RAIIPIQPORT . . . HRup" . . . Oppor' Iunity, I.:-mIvrs'. Sroul. IIIioiogrnpIiy CI u I1 s : PAUL PIEKORA PIZLLAM PFAFF PIEI. PITCQHIER PRICE RAPPIZPORT RASMUSSEN Ijflllll HIIQI Igllgll' Corps, Drum Aluiorz , .. I H011-illIlI1'IlI' I' 1 .I. N. S0t't'1'f, Iurrossv: rl. NI. HIFI: Intcrcluss Atlilvtics: Varsity in--Iiorlu-y. ussis- Inni nlnnngr-ra I"f,RIfS- TER: .I.I,I: Stunlvnl Olli- rr-r . . . lik.-S to twirl n Imton. IIIlI .IQN If. RASNI ISSHN . . . ukussyu . . . GI.-4-, Arflurry lflulrs . . . IiIc"s lo riwoivm- Ivllvrs. CIIQRI.Q'I'I'E RAU . . . Cliivf . . . I.nIin, filvv. Ga-rnmn, Scout, I.m-mlm-rs' Clulmsg non-zilluli-tir "IW: Intvrrluss Xxililviirsz nur- ior "IAM: FORIZSTISR. Irfilitor-in-fIliit-I: .I u n i n r Ilrom cI0llllllIII1'4'1 S1-nior Inuuguml foiuiniiivv, rlmirmunq .I I.I: Ixlny Dany: Big Sisli-rs' fioinniittvv, rlmimmnz Stuclz-ni fllli- ror: Viale' fflllirorz Svnior I'Iuy . . . zulorvs rt-il gum mlrops nml spillmlle. PIEZZIZIIA POXVIZRS RAU 89 Lihrary. French. F o u r JOHN P. REED . . . Ulolinf sonu . . . Science Cluh: Homeroom Officer: May' Day . , . wants to have a business of his own. ANNETTE REITER . . . CHARLES RINAUDO Suuare, Glen-, Chemistry Cluhs: non-athletic HFU: lnterclass At h l e t i c s: Scraplooolc Committee: Orchestra: Special Chorus . . . wants to stucly to he a technician. FRANCES REMESCH . . . "Sweetness" . . . inter- elass Athletics: Senior ln- augural Committee . . . wants to final a hloncl with a Buiclc. ANNA K. RESSLER . . . "Annie" . . . Glee, Latin. REED RICHARDSON ROHRER E. Chemistry Cluhs: non- athletic UFH: Homeroom Oiliicer . . . wants to own rr-al estate oliice. MAE RICHARDSON . . . Hivlaisien . . . Latin, Chemistry, Scout Clubs: Interclass Athletics: May Day: Student Ollicer . . . hopes to enter husiness college. DAVID RIFKIN . . . "Dave" V lnterclass Athletics . . . pet enthusiasm is his ira- ternity. . . . Hspeeriyn . . . inter- elass Athletics: HJ: Raclio School ol the Air: Senior Farewell Committee: Stu- clent Officer . . . wants to travel, MARY NELSON ROACHE . . . "Reds" . . . Latin Cluh, secretary: Leaders' Cluh: lnterclass Athletics: swimming: H 0 me r 0 om Olfficc-r: FORESTERq Nlay Day: Poly Chorus: Stucient Officer . . . aciores stealcs and French fried JU: May Day: Stuclent Officer . . . amhition is to he a stcwarfless. NHLDRED ROSEN . . . . . . "Milly" . . . Inter- class Athletics: Home- room Oli-icer: Good Will potatoes. EMMA M. ROHRER . . . uHoney" . . . lilces to spend her time in movies. GRACE BETTY ROSEN . . . "Bt-ny" . . . Ping Pong Cluh. president: Open Forum Cluh, sec- retary Cluhs: Leaclersi, Fencing major UF ': inter- Committee: FOR- ESTER: May Day . . . wants to he a nurse. ELYSE S. ROSENBERG . . . "Lee" . . . Home Eco- nomics Cluh: Four Square Cluh, vice-presi- dent: non-athletic "FH: lnlerclass Athletics: ten- nis, archery: Homeroom Officer: PRESS: FOR- ESTER: Senior inaugu- class Athletics: Varsity hariminton: .l.V, haslcet- hall, volleyhall, tennis: Homeroom Ollicer: Sen- ior lnaugural Flower Committee: Senior Play: REITER REMESCH RESSLER RIFKIN DTTXTAUTW0 ROACHE G. ROSEN M. ROSEN ROSENBERG ral Cornrnittee: Senior Autumn Hop Commit- tee: till: May Day: Senior Play: Cheerleader: Stu- dent Officer . . . hopes to he a commercial artist. I9 Lf' 1 I. . .tj . I hi, J ,, 90 Q. l. Cf' 'fdfli 0' M! , ROSIENBERG ROSENSTOCK ROSFNTHAI. ROTTMAN RUDICH RUDO RUNGI2 RIIPPIERSBIZRGIZR L. RUPRECHT R. RIIPRITCHT RUTH .I Iff7SI'INBIiRCv Cross, flllifc Prm'liCr', Il'l': Illlrlrllllllillll D1-sk. . . Ixllly Daly: Sllvrilll Cllor- . . . Uspvllwri' . , . I-illill, Islllllllilllibll, Ixlllsilz Apprv- lilllioll, Clllllllislry Clulls: If-lllillfl: Vllrsily Illlcllllill- lull: Illll'l'1'IllSS Allllz-lil'-1: lllillllr Ixllly Daly . . . lik.-S lll01ll'fll ilillllvfi. -Tun 'Ra-pu BERNIFIZ . . . I.lllill CIUIJ, lrcllsurl-r: I'.I'l'llK'Il, Ixlllsir Apprllcial- lion. IIOIIIU Ifrcllllllllics Clulmsg Illll-rrlalss lxlll- Iclll-5: Senior I'Illy: New Day: Slllllvlll Ulliu-r . . irlulizz-s Bull Ilopl-. EI.I.IiN G. ROSIZNSTOCK . . . Ar! CIIIIII. svlrl-Izlry: lloll-alIIlIvIil' . . . Iilil-s grm-ll f-yvs. IILANNIQ CI IARI1 J'I'I'If RUSIJINTIIAI .,.. Hlennivn . . . I.iIlrzlry, Rl-ll Ixlusir Apprvrinlioll CIIIIIYSZ IJl'lJ2II'lllIl'lll ol' IJPIICIISP S I il Ill p s al ll cl Ifollllsz l10ll'ilIIlIl'lIl' "FU: FORHSTIZRQ Illmll-mom Allvisory pl-ri0lI, Clluir- lllllll: Ixlzly Daly . . .WVZIIIIS Io Ill' ill! 1'Xf'I'IIl'Ill SIPII- IILZHIIIIIUF. JFROINIIT ROTTINIANI , . Hlvrryu . . . c,lll'll IIAUYIIIII KIIIIIH .I, V. HIT: IIFUSII- Sllllll ill--Iloflu-y: Inlvr- llllss Allllvlirsz Irzlvliz NI1ly Daly , . . Iikf-S llvill- Iilrll. ,IIfROINII'f I. RIIDICII . . . u'4'fI'yH . . . All Clllll, Sl'fQl'2lI1I'2iI'IlflllSI lloll-nlIl- I1-lil' HIFI: Inlvrllllss Allr I4-Iirs: Ilolllvnlfllll fjllnirvrl Gill Io Slllulll cj0IIIlllIl- 91 0llj0yS glllllc Iislling. FRANK RUDO . . . hlillllleyu . . . fflll-lllislry cilllll, vin--prvsiflr-lll: lllllll' l'rllIS: .I. V. I' : Inlvr- l'IllssAlIlIvIil's: IllililIl'Ul:,-1 I7fIRIfSTIfR: .I.I.I: May Illlyz SIlllIl'lll ffl-Iilvr . , . Iilcl-s Iisll-:ling In jill' Ily KIIIHFIIK' I5ill'IH'I. DORIS i'A'I'IIIiRINIf RlYNUIf . . , "I'Imll-y fqllilvn . , . Ulm-ll, Ar! f'IllImS: .l,l,I . . . walllls Io Im illl illh-rinr llvlllrlllllr. AIXITY ' Rl IRPIQRSBIZRCIIZR . .. Ulqllllfln . . . Illlll-IllllI4'lIL' HIT: Bzlnll, IVIllsil'llI Ifn- s0lllIlIc-, Gll-1: CIllIl: Iralrli. IoolIl:lII, Ill ilior "lin: IIIJIIIPIIHIIII Ullqicvr: .I.I.I: lls: Slllllvlll tjlyl-I1'4'l'3 cwllri' flllirllr . . . Iilu-s playing! IIN- IIllIc ill illl Uf1'IlC'SII'il. IDIS INIAIQ RlII'RIflIII'I' . . Mlmllyn . , . SIIOTI- Ilzlllrl, Chu-ll Ifllflllll fIIllIls: IllIl'ITlilSS Alll- Ivlirs: Sl-lliur I'rlllll llnll IsIlIHllll'l fxullllllillm- . . . XVilIllS Io slllrl illl oIcI lllllills' Il0lllI'. RUI5IiR'I' Rl 'I'RI'X'II'I'. . . "Rllppy" . . . IXIKISKIIIPYSIC Iglillll, t,l'lIll'SIHl1 IIollll-- rlmlll fjlluirl-r . . . VVRIIIIS Illl 4'IIi0yilIlII' llffllpilllllll. FRANK A. RlVI'II . . . "II l I'AIIlil'lI cxllll ll . 4 il I'msIl - EUIIII IlllsIcl'IIlllII: llllllll-mls: Vllrsily Illlsll- IvllII. Illlslu-lIlllII: llllljur . . . Iikl-S llII Sporls. LE it Mmffllfl 'iw SACHS SAGNER SAI-IM SAUNDERS SAXMANN SCHARPF SCHERR SCHIAFFINO SCI-ILENGER SHOCHET SCHUCHAT SCHUGAM ONARD . . . Fencing Aviation SCHIAFFINLJ . . . "Len" . . . Art Cluln: Course: I'Iomeroom Olli- Homeroom Olllicer . . . lVIasquers': Aeronautics cer . . . lilies great Janes. wants to go to college. Course: ice-lioclcey. J. V. "FU: Interclass basket. ball, n.:.,,:. get. FOR- UV' 553.95 5ftQl2Q'?RE M IL D R E D L 0 UI s E ESTER: Program Com- ll ' ' AATIJ rug: SCHLENGER . . . mittee: lVIay Day: Senior n Cm ass e 'C ' "lVIiclzey" . . .Latin Clulp: Autumn Hop Committee: .I.l.I: Clieerlvamler: Poly Cliorusz Inlormation Desli: Student Ollicer . . . college ITOLIYICI, GLORIA SAGNER . . . "saggy" . . . I..atin. lvlas- quers', Four Square Clubs: Radio Vvorlcsliop. presiclent: Homeroom Acl- visory Pmgrams, rllair- man: PRESS: Senior Play: Senior Prom and Banquet Committee: Ra- dio Programs . . . wants to major in drama at col- lege. EVELYNNE LOUISE SAI'IlVI . . . "Twinlcs" . . . Homeroom Ollicer: .IJ.l: lVlay Day . . . loves apples and peanut luutter. ROBERTA SAXIVIANN . . . "Berclie" . . . Glee. Open Forum, Slmrtliancl Clulos: Intcrclass Iiaslcet- laall . . . lilces lootlnall games. WILLIAM GEORGE SCHARPF . . . "Bill" . . . Cliess Clulzz, secretary: lVIay Day . . . would lilce to own a Iarm. WALTER SCHERR . . . llwaltl' . . . I'Iomeroom Officer . . . wants a good jolm. 92 Chemistry secre- tary: Drum and Bugle Corps. maiorette: non- atllletic "FH: Interclass Athletics, I'Iomeroom OI- licer: Stuclent Coacllz PRESS: llsl: Senior Play . . . wants to Ive a stew- arcless. IRVING E. SHOCHET . . . Uoivinn . . . Frencl1ClulJ: Interclass Atlileticsfz Homeroom Ollicer: JU: lVIay Day . . . likes to wise-craclc. MICHAEL SCHUCHAT. .. Ulvlilzen . , . Opportunity Cluln: lseaclers' Clulm. Q , I. fp I9 president: Aeronautics Course: non-atliletic "FH: Frosl:-Sopli Iootluall. mane ager: Senator: PRESS. Sports Eclitor: FOR- ESTER: lVIay Day Com- mittee: Ring Committee: Senior Autumn Hop Com! mittee: Senior Inaugural Committee: lVIay Day: JIJ: Special CIIOFLISZ Sen- ior Play: Student Court: Stuclent Calminet: Student Olllzicer . . . would lilie to go to Naval Acaclemy. ELAINE LEE SCHUGAM . . . "E" . . . Junior Real Cross Disaster Corps: Home Economics, Ping Pong Clubs: non-atliletic "FH: tennis: Interclass Athletics: minor "FH: Coacliing Certificate: .I.l.l : Nurse's Aide . . . amlni- tion is to get a piIot's license. 5 WC-z, S AN sciHxvARTzMAN SEIBEI. SEVELY SEWARD 12. SHAPIRO M. SHAPIRO FI. O R I N E E 'I' H E L CLAIRE B. SELLERS . . . SCHWAR'I'7lNIAN . . . Hlitterizugn . . . Ilmnc- u':I0H . . . LICFIHHD Ciuiv, YUOIII Ori-if'CfI .I.I.I: May .IO presimicnt: CIN-mistry, Baci- minton, Open Forum, Music Appreciation. Give Ciuims: non-atiiietic "IIN: Intcrciass Atiiictics: IIIIHOI' HIT.: IEIOIIIPYOOIII Arivisory Program, rimir- man: FORESTER: Sen- ior Autumn Hop Com- mittee: Senior Piayz May Day . . . aciores Xavier Cugat. HN C. St-IIBEI .... Hloiuulyu . . . Ciremistry Cillb: HIIIIIPTOOHI Gift to tim Srilooi Com- mittee: .I.I.I: Stucient Offi- cer: Cato Officer . . . wants to piay guitar in orrilestra. BERNARD A. SEIDEL . . . nnerrlien . . . Latin Ciuir: Intcreiass Atiiictirs: .IJJ . . . wouici Iiice to become a rI1emist. Day: Poiy CilllfUS . . . wants to cianee on tim stage. RITA SEVELY . . , "Giu- geru . . . GI!-e. Office Practice, Music Appreci- ation, Typing Ciuins: non- atinictic "FU: .I.I.I . . . an arricnt footimaii fan. JANE SEWARD . . . Glo:-. Bmiminton, Cilnmistry Ciuias: Intereiass Ath- Ieticsg swimming: minor "FH: FORESTERg Sm- ior Inaugurai Committee: .I.IJg May Day . . . Iiices Tommy Dorscy's orcilcs- tra. RUTH .IUDITH SHAFER . . . "Ru" . . . Frencii. Giee Ciuixsg Intcrciass AtI'iIr-ties . . . wants to wuric for tire government, 95 VERA nie" Pmftlee Ciuimg Atilietirs: numeraisz Ring Committee, Com- merciai Hamiimooic Com- mittee. Goociwiii Commit- tee: Iviay Day: .I.IJ: Happy Hiiis Entertainment: Poly Chorus: Stucienl Officer . . . rrazy airout miiic siuaices. ELAINE B. SHAPIRO . . . . . . Latin Ciuiv: Home Economies Ciuiw, secretary: Interciass Alim- Ietics: numcraisz Home- room Officer: May Day: Nursc's Aicic . . . Iiopes to go to coIIc-ge. MILDRED SHAPIRO . . . Music Appreciation Ciutmz Interciass Atiwietics: ten- nis: minor HFU . . . wants to ine a secretary. SHAPIRO . . . Latin Ciuiv, treasurer: Ixiusic Appreci- ation, IIOIIIQ Eronomics, Ping Pong Clubs: non- atinictic "Fug Intcrciass Atiiietirsz numerals: Stu- ricnt CIOYICIIZ Senior Inaug' uraI I:Iowcr Committee: Iviay Day . . . icioiizcs Deanna Durimin. LI'I'A HAZLETI' SHAWE . . . npunieieu . . . Spcriai Chorus: Leaciurs' CIUI1: .I.V. Iroriccyz Varsity soft- Imll, fencing, swimming: Interciass Atiiietics: major '-FH: Homeroom Oifirer: Stucient Coacii: FOR- ESTERg Senior Piay: Happy I'IiIIs Entertain- mcnt: Senior Inaugurai Committee: May Day: I3oIy Chorus: Student OI- Iircr: Cate Officer . . . Iiices music'-"Baci: to Boogie". 40 N2 yAu""8 6 4 56 ,Vac Q-A . sr Q U SHEAR SHPRITZ R. SILVER CORINNE SHEAR . . . Ucorlzyn . . . non-athletic uF": Reci Cross, Barimin- ton, Glee, Ping Pong. Qpen Forum Clubs: In- terclass Athletics: Iencing: PRESS: First Aicl Sup- ply Committee, chairman . . . Wants to go into nurses' training. 1 JEAN CLAIRE SHENTON . . . "le-anion , . . Or- chestra. String Ensemble: non-athletic "FH: Inter- class Athletics: archery: numerals: JJJ: IVIay Day . . . college Iaounci. SHIRLEY SHEPARD . . . Shorthand. Glee Clulus: Music Appreciation Clulm. secretary: Interclass Atl:- Ietics: May Day . . . crazy about chiclcen chow mein, I9 l lv' w 'N-,,, SHENTON SHEPARD SHIRLEY SHUGARS L. SILVER L. R. SILVER SINGER SIRKIS SMOOT JEAN SHIRLEY . . . Scrib- hlers' CIuIJ, president: non-athletic "FH: Leafl- ers'. Ping Pong, Chemistry Clubs: Interclass Alh- Ietics: maiorUFu: PRESS: FORESTER: Scraphoolc Committee: JJJ: May Day . . . loves potato chips. LUCILLE SHPRITZ . . . "Lu" . . . Library. Ping Pong. Latin Clubs: non- athlctic "FH: Varsity Inari- minton, te n n i s 1 .I.V. hockey: Interclass Ath- letics: PRESS: May Day . , . wants to ine a social worlcer. JOHN SHUGARS . . . HBIacIzie" . . . Varsity baseball, SOCCCTZ J, V. HFH: Varsity "FH: Cvitt to School Committee: May Day: Cafe Officer K . . . wants to clo electrical work. LEATRICE SILVER . . . "Lee" . . . Home Econom- ics, Open Forum Clubs: Interciass Athletics . . . aciores the color reri. LEONA RAE SILVER . . , Honey" . . . May Day . . . would like to go to college, ROSALIND SILVER , . . "Ros" . . . Home Econom- ics, Four Square Clubs: Interclass Athletics: Stu- dent Coach: Cafe Officer . . . college hound. RUTH SINGER... HBunIQy" . . . Glee. French, Four Square Clubs: tennis: minor "FH: Intcrclass Athletics: Student Coach: Senior Play: Lost and Founci, chairman: May Day . . . wants to receive higher education. ETHEL SIRKIS . . . "Lee" . . . loves football games. EARL H. SIVIOOT . . . uHeetor" . . . Opportu- nity. Leaders' Clubs: Shorthand Club, presi- dent: Consular Club, vice-president: non-athletic UFU: Interclass Athletics: Year Officer: Homeroom Officer: Coaching Certifi- cate: Tree Planting Com- mittee, chairman: Senior Play: May Day: Com- mercial Hanciimooic, club editor: Cate Officer . . . Iilces to observe jitterhugs. if r.,1"0 fl! J!! .PV f fy' ,xff ff! M 4 L+ J 1 H 1 fy lhjf ICDITH SNYDER . . . Ping Pong, l.ntin Clutxs: Radio Vvorlcsliop: numerals: in- tvrrlass Atlilz-tirs: Student Conrli . . . tiopvs to stuniy llIK?Klit'illC. .lliANNIi'l'i'E SNYDER . . . nfvanrw" . . . Give, Scriiu- lmlors', Otticc Practice filutws: Homeroom Otticcr . . . tiki-S to sing in ltie SIIIIWPY. MARY V, SNYDER . . . "Ginny" . . . Latin. Ntasqucrs' Clubs: inter- vtnss Atlitctics: .t.l.l: May Day . . . wants to tie a nursc. SARAH RUTH SNYDFR . . . Clicmistry. Latin, Litrrury Clubs: Red Cross Disaster Corps: ixlas- quc-rs', treasurer: intvr- ctass Athletics: Radio Sctmot ot ti1c Air: At- tvnctancc Committee: Nlay Day: Stuflent fltticcr . . . wants to cntcr nursing. BEIIY LEE SOHL . .. "Duffy" . . . Latin, Fri-noir, Gtec Clulus: tn- tcrclass Attltcticsz swim- ming: FORESTER: Ntuy Day . . . iilccs nigiut tit:-. HN JAMES SOLLERS. .IR .... "luck" . . . 'l0llll't'00lll cpl-rtff'l' . . . 1-nioys llunting and eat- ing stcnlxs. ROBERT SOLLERS . . . A'Botz" . . . Varsity toot- tmtt: major "F" . . . tiopns to locfomc a nlcrlinnifnl cnginvi-r. JOHN A. SOMERS . . . Holi Iolumyn . . . Scout Clulm. pre-sirtnnt: non-ailv telic "FH: Ping Pong. Op- portunity, Lcacicrsi, Ciicss Ctutxs: .l.V. trafic: Many' Day: JU: Student Oliiirvr . . . iilurs swing music. OWEN SOPER . . 4 Cllcmistry Clutuz Varsity tracli: tntcrclass Atllloticsz Hom:-room Otiircr: Ring! Committee: C ll ri s t m a s Trve Cmmnittvvz txt u y Day . . . wants to go to college. E. SNYDIER j. SNYDER M. SNYDER SOHL j. SOLLERS R. SOLLERS SOPER SPARKS SPIVEY a LORRAINE SPARKS . . . Hsporlzyn . . . Advisory Pvriod Program, ctxuirmnn . . . wants to major in Comptomctry. LUCILLE ESTHER SPIVEY . . . "Spivey" . . . Gt:-0, L1-niivrs' Ctutns: FORESTER: Homcroonl Officer: PRESS: Student Ollirvr . . . vnioys all sports. EDITH STARK . . . Oifii-is Prartii-0. Sliortlmnft Clubs: lntvrclass Atti- lvtirs: t'lomvroom Ottiu-r: Student Conrll . . . lilccs to listen to Tommy Dorsey. S. R. SNYDER SOMERS STARK of 42 95 J! lv' - U 0 , . A. STEIN STICKMAN TALBOTT ALAN STEIN ..,"Al" . .. Open Forum, ljing llong Qlulxs . . . woulrl lilie to go to roll:-ge. NORNA RITA S'l'lflN . . . UAVUTIIIH . . . flrliu- Praf- tin-, Sliorlliaml Clulwsg llc-parlment ol Dc-lense Stamps mul Boncls: lvlay Day . . . wants to lie an important executixe. DOROTHY VIRGINIA S'I'liPHENS . . . "Blon- clivn . . . Open Forum, Glee Clulms , . . liopes to lm an ellicicrit stcnog- raplier. MARCARIZT ANNE STEVVART . . . "Peggy" . . . Latin Clulm, presiclent: lmaclers' Clulx: non-alli- If-iii: "FH: lnti-rflnss Alli- lctirs: Hom:-room Ollicer: Stumli-nt Coarll: Color Committee: Nlay Day: Sluclvnt Court .lus- A lil r if qw it it T l I 9 J N. STEIN STEPHENS STEWART STIRLING STRECKFUS SWARTZ TALLES TATE TERL tire . , . imlelinitr' plans man: Senior Play . . Llnivvrsity ol lvlarylanfl lor luture. liopos to stucly geology. lor accounting. , ., ROBERT L. TATE . . . l.ll,I.IAN G. STICKINIAN DQlF,5M:l? SVNIQAQU iv 'li' "Hob" . . . Oppofhmilv ' 0" - ' - mm ' "Y ' Clulm, vice-presiclent: . . . ULnl2ivu . . . flllire l"rar'tir'i-, Sliortlranel, Ops-n ljorum Clulms: lntvrcluss Atliletifs: Cnaelling Cer- til-ifatr' , . . wants to malfe some luoss liappy. NVALLACE STIRLING. ,IR .... "VVallie" . . . Latin Club: il. V. ire- lmrliey: Varsity sorrvr: ln- tr-rrlass Atlilctirs: Varsity HFH: Homc-room Olliccr . . . woulcl like to he a playlwoy. THOMAS STRECKFUS . . . mreflzly Boar" . . . Opportunity, Ethical, lui-aclcrs' Clubs: Varsity lootlmall, loasr-lmall: ,l. V. Hlfn: major "FH: Home- room Oiiirer: l'lomf-room Ailvisory Program, r'l1air- Sllflpl GIVE Cllllll tlilll Bklllfll HOIItFT00l!l CJlll1ll'l'fZ PRESS: FORESTER: .l.l,l: Senior lnaugural Committee . . . music IIIBCI. HARRY PAUL TALBOTI' . . . Scout, Stamp, Leafl- ers' Clubs: J. V. "FU: football team, manager: il. V. traclc: managcr's "FU: H 0 m 0 r o o m Ollicer: Cliristluas 'llree Cnrumit- toe: lvlay Day: Stunlr-nt Oiiic'f-r . . . llopes to join tlie Air Corps. IRVIN TALLES . . . "lm" . . . Boys' Cliorus: Office Practice Clulxg Varsity lrarli: lnterrlass Ailwletifs: FORESTER: JJJ: May Day . . . wants to go lo l.c-aclers' Clula, virc-presi- mlm-nt: Etllical Club: .l. V., Varsity llootldall, lvaslci-tlnall, lacrosse: Year lJresiclent: Url: lvlay Day: Senator: Cabinet: Stu- clc-nt Oli-icer: Cale Cap- tain . . . Woulcl lilce to attencl the Naval Acacl- emy. SHIRLEY TERL . . . "Tvrry" . . . l..eaclcrs', Home Economics Clubs: Four Square Clula, presi- nlc-nt: non-atliletic "FU: lntf-rclass Atliletirs: ten- nis: l'lomc-room Ol-l:icer: Stull:-nt Coaclil PRESS FORESTER: Lost and Fillllld, Clliilflllilnl SCni0l' lnaugural Program Com- mittee: Senior Play: May Day: Student Calainet . . . wants to teacli. FRANK V. TILLEN . . . I"a-nfing, CIN-mislry Clulxs: IIUIIICTUOIII flllicc-r: Cwllrislf IIIHS 'IIN-1: ClDllllllIIIl'i' , . . wnnls I0 wnrli in IIN- air plum- inrluslry, SHIRl.IiY'l'Il.'I'0N . . . "Till" . . . GI.-4-, CII-Iimv I,Yil1'IIff' Clulxs: Ilomv- room IPIII41-r: lvlny Dm' . . . iclolizr-5 Ionllmll play- 1 YS. DICSMA TYI-IRYAR . . . R1-QI Cross Club: Inlvr- zlnss Allulc-lifs: Honu-room Ullirr-r: Cz-rlilicnic worlc . . . lik:-S 'IIonlmyI.J0rS1-y's rr-rorrlings. PIKIGY lIHI,IiR , . . "Hy" . . . Home IiK'0l1OlllIl'S, QIIIPIIIISIIY, Srrilvlrlcrs' Cwlulrz nrmlu-ry: Stuclu-nl fum Il: PRESS, I,iXlIliiIIQ1' Ifclilorz .l.l.I . . . Ilopvs I0 In- an inh-riur clc-rumlnr. ROBERT .I. UNKI-fI"I-IR . . . UI fi u in 1' Il I n g Fc-rlilirah-: PRESS: FORESTIER. Girls' Sports Ifrlilorz Uilt In ilu- Sf-Iwul Conunillz-1-. clmirmanz Color Cormnil- If-c-. l'IlilIl'lllElllZ'I1II'l' I,IilIlI- ing ci0IlllllIII!'1'I .I.l.I: lxluy Day: Sp:-1-ml Clmrus: Slu- rlc-nl frlllniu-r: Cult- fyffu-r . . . woulcl Iikf to In- am army nurse-. .ORIA 'l'. VIiSI'IGNANl . , . HGI0" . . . going In Irlrsinr-ss full:-gm-, MARY GENE TORSCIII .. .. . I.IfIf X-'OGIiI.S'I'IfIN . . . 1. 1- - I . . Unlz . . . woulcl Isla- In .. , A .. . . . . fnrla fmnlung Ur- I . Xugw . , , Uppmiumly, rm-dur: I.r-uCIOrs', Iulxlf- INIUIIW a genius' I,nIin, flwmislfy- film-n III1-nnis, c1Ilf'H'ICIl'V Cwlulms: Ijorum. IA-mlm-rs' flulng 5HiI1llII'ISI filllll. S01 FP- I,':I.I RIARIE LIRIQY . . . I"r0sIl - Supl: lmslu-llmllc fury: Ink-rrlass Allrlz-Iimsg "lane" . . . Rl-LI from numerals: Inlz-rclass Allnf nmior non-ullllz-Iir Clulm, sr-rn-Iury: Iruclc-rs' If-lirs: CIORUIIIYIQ Cvrlilui- Ilomvroom O "wr: Clulw. virr--prr'siCIc'nI: non- rulrz I:fJR QIUIIFIIIIIQ Cr-rlilirnlvz Gilt nflllvlit' V in r S i I y Buys' Sporls Ifcli- I0 IIN- Sf-I.-ml ci0IlllllIIIf'l'I Iloclu-V. rupluin: .I.V. lms- lor: .I,I.I: lxluy Day: Slu- Goml cwIl1'l'I' CNOIIIIIIIIIPOI lu-Ilmll. null:-ylxnllg Ims- mlm-nl OIIir'4-r: Sluclc-nl .I.I.I: lxlny Duy . . . plum kr-nlmll, nmnugr-r: nmiur Cnurl: fella- Oll-ir:-r . . . lu nllvml VV:-slr-rn Ixlurv- HIT: Inlr-rflnss AIIII1-lim: going I0 Ilniw-rsily ol Iuml fIllIIl'Q'l'. Iln nn 1- r n u nn OIIH 1-1 Nlarylzmrl. TI LLEN TI LTON TORSI .H UHLER UNKEFER URITY VOGELSTIEIN XVAGGONIZR XVAIIMANN BOB VVAGUONIYR . . . Hxvagn . . . Inh-rrluss .Nllllt-lit'S: I10lIll'l'UOIll III- Iiu-r . . . wuuls In worli lmnl. FRANFICS VIRGINIA VVAIIMANN .. Hllirlrlyu . . . I.:-mlm-rs' I'IuIw, Vursily swimnrinu. nr.Iu-ry: Inh-rclnss Allu- I1-Iics: I1IlllN'l'HI5I lVIr'm0ry II-roli cIllllllllIIIl'l'I S1-niur I'mm nml Ilmnquvl Cmn- milh-1-: lVIny Day: Sluxlr-ni fl 'fn-r: ciilff' Cn-Caplnin . . . uclnn-s nmroon con- vi-rIiIrIc-s. I' If G G Y Ii I I. E If N NVALSIIIZ . . . "Pr-gs" . . . I"r1-nc-Il, Arl Clubs: non-nII1Ic!ic- "ITU: I'I0lll!" rrmm flllllirf-r: FOR- Svninr Inaugural QYOIIIIIIIIIUFI .I.I.I: Sluflr-nl UIIiu-r . . . wunls In go In BIIII1- SL-Imol. TYITRYAR VIZQPIKLNANI WALSHIE sr' I 1 Ski- 5 THOMAS IL. VVATSON . . . Orcliestmz Interclass Attila-tics: Varsity traclxz .I.l.I . . . wants to graftuute. ROBERT E. VVAXNAN . . . "Bula" . . . fupen Forum, ClIK'lllIStf,', Latin Clubs: FresI1man-sopIi0- more numerals: J. V. "Fm: varsity UFH: Inter- class Atliletics: FOR- ESTER . . . wants to go to plinrmury college. RONA VVAXMAN . . . MRO" . . . Pliotograpliy Club, president: Natural History Club, vice-presi- dent: General Science Club, secretary: FOR- ESTER, Pbotograplly Ii rl i to r 1 Entertainment Committee: .IJ.I: May' Day: Senior Play: Special Ctmrus . . . going to Temple University. MARY .IANE VVEBB . . . "Pete" . . . Typing, Glec WATSON XVEHRIZNBERG XVEIS Clubs: Interclass Atliletics . . . wants to get a job nnfl llolcl it. FREDERICK H EN RY VVEHRENBERG . . . Hxvormn . . . FIOSII-S0pll lootball: Interclass Atlu- Iz-tics: Homeroom Officer: Senior Prom and Banquet Committee: .I.I.I: IVIay Day: Student Otticer . . . woultt like to wort: tor tlie Telephone Cumpuny. ANN D, WEINBERG . . . HAwin" . . . Latin Club. secretary: BHKIHIIHIOII, Four Square Clubs: Rent Cross Club, secretary: Varsity badminton: Inter- class Atlili-tics: Student Coaell: PRESS: Ring Committee: I-URESTER: May Day . . . Iilces classi- cal music. PAUL C. WHINBERG . . . Pllotograplly. Latin Clubs: soccer: J. V. "FU: Frosll-Sopli soltball: In- tvrrlass Alliletiesg Stuclvnt Coacli: FOREST E R : Student Officer . . . wants to gn into llltqflitfill l-ieltt. MARIANNITA WEINER . . . H-Iviidyn . . . Scrib- bIers', Library, Frencli, Cbemistry Clubs: Radio Vvorlcslxop : Interclass Atlu- Ieties: Stuctent Coacll: PRESS: Scrapbook Com- mittee: Ivlay Day: Senior Play . . . would like to rto scientific researcll. NIARGARETIE JEANNE WEIS . . ."Peggy" . . . Fencing, Leacters' Clubs: May Day: Student Olli- cer . . . Iiopes to be a tty- ing instructress. DOROTHY WHITE . . HSti1J-fy" . . . Clic-mistry. "Dottie" . . . Fencing R. E. WAXMAN R. WAXMAN WEBB A. WEINBERG P. WEINBERG WEINER D. XVI-IITE S. WHITE WHITEHURST Club: Student Ol.lit't'r . . Iikt-S classical music, BII, VVHITE . . , "Tiny" . . . Ivtusic Appreciation. Ping Pong Clubs: Inter- class Athletics: IV. Iioclrey: Varsity baclmin- ton: maior HF" . . . actoros music anrt ctancing. BARBARA B. WHITEHURST . . . "Bobs" . . . Latin, Least- ers' Clubs: Interclass Atluleticsz minor "Fu: l'I0ll-iltlllCttC HFH: Home- rnom Officer: Year Otiti- cvr: FORESTERg JJJ: Ivtay Day: Student Coacll: Senior Play: Ra- clio Scllool ot tI1e Air: Happy Hills Committee: Good Cbecr Committee: Student vice-presiclent: Student Cabinet: Stu- ctent Otticer: Student Presiotcnt . . . Inopes to attend State Teacliers' College. 'VN I9 pox VVDIIJIICIN . , . pig. Iuun .... l. X, l' Z Vursily lrnrlc. sun:-r: mn- jur ulcuz lxluy Daly: :Xml- 1 xisury ciUlllIllllll'l'2 lilly Clmrus: Spf-vinl Clmru-: Siucli-nl Ollirr-r: Cali- Ol'- lirvr: lnlormnlion Dvslq . . . inlc-mls lo Pnlisl in Nlurinvs. f'l,Al VDIC l.Y'l'Tl.lf'l'ON VVIILIAMS . . . "VVil lil". , . . Drum unrl Bugle- Corps: non-ullllvlir' Ulf.: Vnrsily "Fu: Vursily sor- rvr, lrurli: major Allin: Sluclvnl fnlliu-r . . . wnnlg In lulu' up C'lll'llllWlfy nl full.-gl-. Fl'CilfNlf VVILSUN , . . "gli-'lvl' . . . flu-rnislry f lulx . . . lmpvs ln gvl -I iulr. NARTIIA D. VVILSON . . . Hxvillicn . . . lxlusir' xxppri-rinlinn, l.:-mlvrs'. Ulm-, Ping Pong Clubs: lnlvriluss Allllvlirsc Var- sily lyuslivllmll, vullvylmlli WOLF1iL WLJLFSUN '!'WOlfFl1 ' ' HI DC SA minor "lin: Hom:-mom fill-irvrz Yvur ffl-lirvri FORliSTliR: INL-mon lgnolc Cnrllrllillvv: .luniur Prom Ci0llllIlllll'P, rlmir- man: Si-nior Aulumn l lop Q'0llllllllll'l', fllillflllilfll Si-ninr Prom nncl Bnnqur-l Cmrnnill-"i', flux i rma n: Nay Dany: Happy Hills liI1lI'l'lillI1llH'lllI Poly LQIIOTUSI Stull:-nl Ollirtvr: finlv Cn-Caplnin: Slu- clvnl Court . . . wanls lu go lu will-gif. .YAN VVINOGRAD . .. Hnollivu . . . flpvn lsorum, Nlusir' Appr:-ri.: lion, fjllirv l,l'ill'llf'l' flulms: lrmli-rrlhss Allu- li-ti:-sq cillklflllllg Cvrlili- rule' . . . lmpr-s lo lmi-r'0lm- il lllO1l4'l, JROTIIY VVUHI, , . hnollyu . . . fyllimullrzxr- lin' Clulr: Happy llills lilllf'flEIlI1lllf'lll . . . inlc-nfls lu mln ulliu' wurli. M VVOHI, . . . "Ship" . . . Ari, Mnsqui-rsl. l-ulin, ffpporlunily, l.l'dlll'l'S' Clulxsz Hmrwrrmln Olli- rw-r: Yi-nr flllivvrz Fanclu- ing fxvrlilirnlvz PRESS. l"4-nlurv lfclilor: I-'OR ESTER: Happy Hills clUlllIlllllK'f'Z Arl iillllllllll' lm-1 Scruplmolc Cornmrl- lvv: .l,l.l: lxlny Duyl Slu- rlvnl Oflir'r-r: Sr-nior l'lnv: ixilll' flnplnin . , . VVilIllS lu ln- an Pnrlc AX'l'lIlll' clnrlnr. RUSSEIJ, T. VVUl.I"I-Q . . . URUSSH . . . Upporlumly Cfllllll l 2lrsily'vlrruAr'lf'i lmrllmll: : ln- lvrflnss Allilc-lirsz llomv- mom Oll-in-r: PRESS: .l.ll: Sp:-vial filmrus: Slu- clvnl flllirvr . . . lmpvs lu slualy law. 'XIfl'IlR A. WOI.I"lil.. .IR .... HXNirnpy" . . . c1filllSlllf'Il'S, Sunni Clulrs: Varsity sorri-rg niuiuruliuz llumf-room Advisory llvri- ml, rlmirmnn: Gill lo lln- Srlmnl cNllIlllllllll'l'C .l.l,l: VVUUULAN U lxluy Daly: Si-niur lllilv . . . vnioys sllip mmlvl- ing. NANIfRlflJ NNOIFSUN . . . nlllrirlllyu . . . lxlns- qui-rs'. flu-lllislry, ixlllvf- iran fonsulnr, G4-rnmn, flpr-n lrorum, lluiliu Srripl flulrs: IH7Il'illlll1'llf "lin: lillilflllllg fivrlili- rulv: .l.l.l: Poly fllmrus , . , wnnls in ln- SlIK'l'l'SSlvlll in lil!-. l'l lYl.l.IS l.lilf VVOI.I'lfR'l' . . . ulIl'lIlIyn . . . Ula-f-, lxlusic' Apprvriulinu lxlu-mislry filulrs: Gvr- mnn flulm. pn-simlvnlc lll' le-rrlass Allnlm-Iirs: llomv- room Ulliu-r: May Day . . , lmpvs lo slurly lmr- lvriulugy. ,IOIIN ll. VVOODIAND . . . ulriflen , . . Sruul lilulr, xiri--pr:-siilvrmli l.nlin. llirsl Aifl flulrs: lnlvrrluss Allllvlivsz Vur- sily sow:-r: minor Ulf.: .l, V. "lin: lnlurmuliun Di-sk . , . u luluri-1'lli-misl. WRIGHT B. YURKEWICH M. YURKEWICH ZLOTOVVITZ DOROTHY JEAN WRIGHT . . . "Dany" . . . Cllemistry, Latin Clubs: Hnmeroom olli- cer: May Day: Cale Ol- licer . . . wants to go to Business college, BARBARA LILLIE YURKEWICH . . . "Balm" . . . Leaders' Club: Varsity volleyball: Varsity lioclcey. co-captain: Varsity laaslcetlwallg swim- ming: maior "FH: Home- room Officer: FOR- ESTER: Color Commit- tee? .l.l.l: Student Olliccr . . . lilies to watcll lootlmll games. MARGARET LILLIAN R. ZLOTOWITZ YURKEWICH . . . . . "Lil" . . . Office "Mudgy" . . . Leaclers' Fencing Clubs: J. V. lnas- lcellnall, captain: lnterclass Athletics: lmoclcey: traclc: major "FH: JJJ: Student Oltlicer . . . lilces swim- ming and sailing. Practice. Sl'l0I'lllBIld, Open Forum, Glee Clubs: ln- terclaes Athletics: Coacli- ing Certilicate . . . wants to do olzlice wnrlc. In SSM! um w N, JSDSAJQ gf Qx 0 ,ki X in -vf, 9,89 to plan! ccxsvoxm "A: '-1 Q, ,I yu-.5 'LZK6 an mergiosn. ng me Brat class 'co azure: ot its 'IGYJYXIBYY -JG Sain Q SSB TRW on Fog-one! i claw. 0,4150 Mrs! M6 98199 for wa 'AQNQO 5-7'-suozxs. --get up xn 'c-me nuiaiixg of nw! fight Dinners 'tier 'YXQGE W eafky wnlarwxs. clean to 31319 mania V 'M , yy T Quan no ,qu mo titans u-"1n1.n an-6 and 90 gamers Wham 'MO 1 .si . V n :sown n g Q new moi ga on K-some burial an fm wan ak Rate X30 ,fr ,-we Emeril'- was 9 vm fibb xy JA 9 mais' ff.. M V in Qehdwl wh! fb :f1+g,,j5 ,I ..-5520 'ZIV' ll 'gat 0 G 5:9 t-161315, Tlqrxl f 'LHf'9a A391 fs " 'JH ,,,cJJs ,ef,+1cl,3 'S.,,f:g,,,i,-S.fw1 Vigw!fh3w'D 1 ,N1,EiLlQ.,.h?,g, ,att fl UO 'zo 1' .al ,, . -: . 1 Q e a e tan' 529 wi? 1,1-V 5 Po er el 42,1 Ab '4'f1e,':'1,f'3 5- fu, H2584 'hast barge, lloeao .r ua be .21 rin! D . 194 .2 "" -4 Q dyno tn, JI' 07 6004.1 s 42 ' 5 .bt Pit c 1-,el Qs E L W Ohhn hg,f,awt,,,, F I o UN., 11. cfm- "1 f'l'f':a'f flgzs Johan E .', . X10 -U , " . G B9 KA . an-5 W?" ':1 . Q a-16 Y 'S .K boa d 2 , 5 x, A . X910 Y-Yr, 2 A m N gf 1-0 ,,m,q bmw. A ons on -hs' H21 t 31--g. 72, rv , ,-.-J.-:.--:-:,:, MM you H , Z 993'--:.. D ro . X fi, SUB-SENIORS Pitotect tmy ttleir Capaimte aftviser, ixtiss Hester Xviiittietrt, ttle Feimruary Ctass ot 10413 matte its iormai Ltetmut at Forest Parti wittl ttle presentation ot a Peggy Stewart Day iASSFll1i3t5'. Since ttien, ttmey tiave received ttleir rings and cooperated wittl time .iuniors in ltle J. .i. .i. 'fill' ottiieers tor ttme sutm-senior term have tween: Ciitton Yeariy, presictent: Caro- tyn Pritcilctt, vice-presictent: Etva Jarvis. recorcting secretary: Betty Jettries, corre- sponcting secretary: Virginia Bowen, treasurer: ixtitton Voiti and Richard Friectman, '4f'l'f.ff'2lIltS-iltfEll'IllS, anct iturton Stern, senator. THE FEBRUARY CLASS OF 1945 MISS HESTER VVHITFIELD CI Q Om 1 Actviser ash Cen THE JUNIORS A CWIIHSIIIIRIS 1-ntvrlaimm-nl pre-sentecl al lim Augslmrg Holm- for flrplnans . , , , . was ilu- Iirsi projvvl ol ilu- ,lunv Q lass ol IQVVS. Qonlinuing its lim- work ilu- class ,HIS sponsorvcl a clrivf- lor 'monks for the U. 5. O. and has participate-cl in ilu' .l. J. ,l. , . lil? CLI ss is glliclml ,xy 5lr. SUIIIIIPI c10lClSlllitll. 'ls onirers for llu' Junior yvar IIRIVC imvvn Slanlvy Dawson, preside-Ill: Sylvan Offit, vice-pr:-siclc-nl: He-My Clark, rf-fouling sf-frvlaryg Slmirlvy Balminglon, corrvsponcling sm-fre-iaryp ,lf-an Bc-niamin, ll'l'ilSlIl'l'l'1 Igllll ISIITIQPF illlil ,'0'Hl I,illII ,l0l1f'S, Sf'l'Qf'ElllIS-ill-HYIIISZ Il0flllilIl ll0Hi1'S, THE JUNE CLASS OF 1943 Ana. sfxmlfril, C1OI.IJSBIlTll CIW' DQLQ OIVN, NN H . Aclvisvr I N SUB-JUNIORS Tile newiy-organized February Class of 1944 was introciuceci just recentiy to its aciviser, iwirs. iviary ivioore. Tile tirst activity of ttlis ciass was to attend ttie Junior Prom. Tile ciass eiecteci time foiiowing oiliicers tor time suirjunior term: Robert Bressier, president: Jacob Kiitenic, vice-presicientg Ptiyiiis Cooper, recording secretary: Mar- garet Kocix, corresponding secretary: Audrey Recic, treasurer: Robert Bioore and iviaicoim Rosentimi, sergeants-at-arms: Piiiiip Voiii, senator. THE FEBRUARY CLASS UF 1944 NRS. MARY MOORE . , Ixdviser C,iilSS c5nlCf'l'S I. A. A4 fxxx iz 7 ,f Y 'i- , X- , 5,-QW 1 fx ig, AWJK? Q x Q 1 ' .Z-H . mc- 'f- Q4 4 ,f 'K I ' X' 'I if 2 7 T1 Z ' f 5 " 5 1 fikiifrrz? 1 P . ., ...455555 F S inn, gk M' - K Z S5555 , QM ' Q t , l Z ig ' Q5 2 Zil' ur dlairif ia ever fke dfrongedf . . in our worL, lafag, an infereafd ll siarled wifh a smile on Seplember l9, I94-O and lhrough all our lrials and Tribulalions, Thai smile has shown fhrough. The lady behind rhe smile, Mrs. Fischer, caplured lhe hearls of some Swinginq of lhe Junior Tea Dance. Planling Our Green and Silver Evergreen. live hundred sludenls when she was inlroduced 'ro us 'rwo shorl years ago. No one lhal was There could possibly lorgel Mrs. Fischer's inspir- ing words, "ll is iusl as il we were slarling a We Enlerlained al l-loppy Hills, Lasl Day of School Meant Twice as Much-Class Rings Mar !aifA wi La in euergfking we 0 game or aThleTic conTesT. To win, everyone musT play Tair, play hard, and be sporTsmanlike To The end." From a worThy Iisf aT candidaTes inTroduced aT our TirsT class meeTing, Bob TaTe was elecTed presidenT. Following a successTul Term in This capaciTy, Bob was reelecTed To piloT our class Through iTs remaining year. Swinging inTo acTion aTTer The Peggy STewarT Assembly given by The February Class of I942, we aTTended The Junior Tea Dance aT Their inviTaTion. AT our ChrisTmas celebraTion, we shared our TalenT wiTh The Happy Hills children. To The de- lighT oT all The kiddies, our own Dick BaTTin, ccT- ing as SanTa Claus, disTribuTed all kinds aT good- ies and giTTs. ln making oThers happy we realized The True spiriT of ChrisTmos. ln addiTion To This, as is The TradiTion, we Trimmed The schooi's ChrisTmas Tree. On arriving and leaving school we were puT in The holiday mood by The pealing aT ChrisTmas carols Trom our school Tower. Spring I94I-March I4, I5-l6Th annual Jolly Junior Jubilee-our Jubilee-long hours OT prac- Tice-halls resounding wiTh Tapping TeeT- breaThless expecTancy of preview assembly- dress rehearsal and Then-The big nighTs-BaTTin in Tails-Conga Chorus knocking iTselT ouT-Gay NineTies-Anne Hearn Taking encores up in The gym-Dancing To Howard Hayden-audiTorium show-SouTh America, walTz Time, gay nine- Ties and swing-Thunderous applause-"Casey WalTzed wiTh The STrawberry Blonde"-Bob Hop- kins' band backgroun-ding The gym show-buy- ing pop corn and cokes in The Bazaar-ushers .land checkroom boys dying To see The shows- grease painT and powder-Cherry, Pecora, Kelly and oThers dancing in choruses-girls' choruses ThaT were beTTer in sTyle, buT noT in humor Than The boys'-orchids To Miss BuTler, Mr. Vavrina and Mr. Burger Tor swell direcTion-and a couple of bouqueTs To Mrs. Fischer and Mr. Scheid Tor The piloTing-''while-you-waiT" porTraiTs slighTly below The RembrandT sTandard-people, people and more people-Lenny Sachs, Russ Wolfe, Sam Wohl and oThers in whiTe Ties and all The resT-Jean Oliver, Mary Snyder, Nancy Lender- king and Co. impersonaTing seioriTas-beTore we knew iT, iT was over-counTing iT up-biggesT since I935-whaT a week-end-whaT a Jubilee! As iT is The cusTom Tor each class in iTs Junior year To planT a Tree on The campus oT ForesT Park, we chose ci CosTer spruce because we con- sidered The evergreen, which reTains iTs green freshness ThroughouT The enTire year, To be sym- bolic oT our regard Tor ForesT Park. This spruce will always represenT To us The colors of ForesT Park wiTh iTs silver gray ouTer branches symhlic of sTeadTasTness and sTerling worTh and iTs green inner limbs symbolic oT aspiraTion, growTh, and opTirnisTic hope. Had The good Queen Bess and Lewis Carroll himself collaboraTed on The producTion of June '42's May Day FesTival, a more rnerry merger oT ElizabeThan TrivoliTy and panTomime a la Alice- ln-Wonderland could noT have resulTed. Presiding over The colorful pageanT which was presenTed on our aThleTic Tield, Bob TaTe as King I. WhaT a Jubileell! 2. Wnliz Time 3. They beat ouT The rhyThm 4. M. C. Dick BaTTin 5. "I-2-3-Kick" 6. The Glamour "Goils" of The Gay NineTies Www... W,-A many.-LQWM., ,,,w-w . -v - - W J' J X xw , , M., ,.jm'?'f'W'N , WM' MJW-.Mf-W ,rw-' 'mm N1- ,Q .,.f.,.1-r."-1 Jaw-w-W' M I Jn-'-" I -f' vp-su' -F . ' w H V , ' - AwN,f"': Rmb' rf-un, ,L I W W nimxwqrww Ez A ,ML A Ain., M W.W..,,,,4-.f--.,4-.----.f..,-.,V,..-,,',1-"""Q"" N--W wf Nwmwwfug Nm- av 'V V . it ' ,. Avail' 'Vf --J" - .. i lj' I A '.' xx-,, , , - -2 ,' ,Nb 5,1 f ..,F iff, . I I, I , 4 H+' 4? .' .V f K: .1- , ff , -f , .. 'Lg , Y ' .i A ' I , Y sn X, "4 X V - fi! xx' , N M .wt-,.. 'XX 'IG -A V I ' .fy . so , V 4-VNNQ5'-mi' tv-at X' , ,. , S mu. For she was our Queen of fhe May-- Helen Maynard -and Rona Lee Cohen as Queen-made a handsomely royal, if slighfly uncomforfable couple. Under fhe scorching May sun, bofh King and Queen loolced as if fhey would have readily given up Jrheir velvef, wool-lined, ermine-fipped Capes for a couple of good rubber bafhing suifs. lBuf fhen, in fimes lilce fhese, who wouldn'+ give up an ermine cape for a good rubber bafhing suif?l Followed by her lovely affendanfs, fhe wind playing havoc wifh fheir colorful bouquefs, our fall, affracfive May Queen, Helen Maynard, in flowing whife chiffon, glided across The field wifh 'rhe proper ouf-of-fhis-world expression upon her face. Affer Helen had been crowned by 'rhe King S9 I1 fAe 2I"l" wifh a wreafh of flowers, she foolc her posifion, surrounded by her affendanfs. Then Mary .lean Torsch, alias Alice in Won- derland, pinafore and all, proceeded fo dance obouf The field accompanied by fhe Dormouse, fhe Mad Haffer, fhe Queens, and various ofher characfers of Carroll's looking glass phanfasy. The Mock Turfle, much fo his dismay, found lhe wind a bil foo sfrong for his frail shell. All 'loo soon, however, 'the friumphanf sfrains of an exulfanf march announced fhe exif of fhe brillianf cosfumes, fhe lovely affendanfs, and fhe very afmosphere of gaiefy fhaf nafurally reigned over such a sparkling presenfafion. onfk of my IT was all a year ago, now, buT iT's sTill a pre- cious gem oT a memory ThaT all June '42 For- emTers are proud To possess. AnoTher greaT day arrived in The lives oT The Juniors, Our Junior Prom was a gala aTTair. The rain didn'T sTop The Townsmens smooTh music, nor did iT sTop our dance Trom being a success. Everyone Turned ouT Tor The prom-spring wa- in The air and all were in high spiriTs. ln Tune wiTh The Times, our year was in There lciclcing, as The conga line Tripped, and we do mean Tripped, The lighT TanTasTic, WhiTehursT walTzed, TaTe Tripped, Coursey congaed, Jones iived, and Wolle lived up To his name. This year The lasT day oT school meanT Twice as much-we sTarTed our summer vacaTions wiTh The loveliesT rings we had ever owned. In The succeeding days, all seniors were meT hand TirsT eyes, you've guessed iT-ThaT was The day we received our class ringsl 'YP lt? G. jk .Slam Well ---- Really! Our cocclw, Mr. J. Fred lpopl Moore O-o-o-olo-lwl l l "A quiel evening of home" "Now yolfre ready fo sellle down ond gel morrled Llqhfs-Curloins-Aclion.

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