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' ■■■■7. ' ....:, 1 m ' I: ■•■- ' . ■ ' ■ . . ■ ' J V-f ' ■. " ' s-i ' ■t- f: ' -i ' i . . . • ■ife . ' ?: ' ' ;■ ; " - ' J ,v ; , ;• : ' ' :•- ' . ' ' -■ ■■»;■ ' -. ' ' ' ' 3 ' - ' ' - ■ ' " ' , - ' •■■■ ' ' J.J ' - " ' 1 " . i_ ■£••..• ' :■-.■ ' ' :A " ■■ ' ' • ' ' .■■ ' . } ' }, ' -, I l; ' " ' ' ' " ■; . " ' ' - ,! . ' ' -- ' ' i ' m ' ' »■ ' •- •■;, ;- : i ' i ; ' ' ■.■■- ;W ' . ' ■ ' - ' iAS " ,.V; ' -■■■ [• t - ' Q{ : -. t ... . Cr ,.■ ' .i ' .- .vvJI ■r. ■■ r ; ■..: ' . - =(.»-,,■. ' . ' • , V ' -r,M ' " --. ■,.-, V ' k " . V ' - ' ' ■■■ •■■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' i ' ■•1 ' -■ •■ ' . 1 J % florida state tally K0I97O . ' ■ f w. .- » ' fi «(l ' i A y " ' Wl fell! c««H ' ' ' .-y ' ' ' ' i ifpr : 1 1 upon arrival here ; we all perceived it: fear. the unknown seemed to oppress us at every Opportunity. unfamiliar places and strange faces all conspired to create in us a longing for home, for friends and family, for love and understanding. Ji 4 : ff m ' - i ;; y: (; j ' v ii - " ... rStfSgSBS ? - ■— Jiu ' J0 who among us has not experienced the sonnetimes not so fleeting suspicion that the decision to come here was all wrong? JA V 4»ii s I ' at ' l • • IsjhhTa I dte ri 3i e Bfeorida ' A tid later ited by the . -, ' Named for llorida, it bsperous , ...Pived in its bunty seat, has 824, It is the ,v.¥sity (1857) and 887). !■ V but somehow ;; ' ; those who remain |fe; to read these lines J); have looked into | .| ' .; " , ' themselves ' ,, ' ! ' ' ■. ' , " ■■■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' and found the courtage to go on. curious perhaps, ; about themselves ■; and other men, ■- following the philosopher ' s admonition: " know thyself. " ; thus the very environment of the university works change upon us ; even before we ;;; enter its walls. % -% ■■ ,« ' • r- ' i coed, jane j 261-82-3462 4as 010800 Caucasian i 5v the rigors of registration don ' t help the situation but through the common suffering comes sympathy — the germination of the realization that a common bond or bondage is shared by us the students. LIBRARY FIOPIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA female u-6576 599-4810 1400 zero street 4( y! j we settled down to learning ' s labor and wondered if it were possible to survive it all. ■■• i ' m ' m su . »!j iKi V. jsllSjSSiSJia- j»iii ' • " " ifeiiii ' " L« --B S those first few days of chaos and confusion, the sleepless nights full of anxiety will never be forgotten. they were our first classes, the beginning of our education when we began to cope with change and observed how others dealt with it. f .- can you remember when it was that you made your first friend here? at lunch ... or after class ... on that first dateless weekend night? fi perhaps the roommate assigned to you by chance turned out to be more personable than the ogre created by apprehension and your imagination. ■mm:if - M y » ] }««fc» lo .. was it a familiar face from home that brought together two who barely knew each other? chance and fortune work their change upon us, the former strangers now become fast friends. time now takes on new significance for us ... instead of being man-made measured beats it now becomes relative to the situation. - 0i m • ( . fi weeks seem to pass like years when thinking of a love back home, on some other campus or away at war. •.. ' 4 ' .1 . J- .%. o.M those same weeks go by like days when exams fail due and the library receives the midterm scholar. ' ' § 15 AV w sunny summer — fall September days when football season seems to have arrived a month too soon yield 17 to October and november days when hints of first frost work their charm upon the foliage reducing nature ' s spectrum to shades of brown gold orange and red. while we celebrate in varied ways december and January days all nature is in mourning and save for those who slip away to snowbound realms for winter play, we share her sorrow n frigid february. then follows winter ' s epitaph until mid-march when suddenly upon a shaft of sunlight spring pounces on us and the world explodes in renaissance ,, ' ' ' A " , ' ' $ ' ? » ' ' 22 23 spring showers us with color and moves too swiftly ; : : -■ on ■ ' . ;■ : ' ■■ " . to summer. graduation separation time at hand a rush of memories surrounds us — then suddenly we ' re gone. 25 A ' 26 c:r» - :5»s- -- %f %f ) ■msms, ' j? V s - ii J-— ' a time for dissent a time for love of country loving it enough to work together to bring about meaningful, effective change , peacefully. freaks, f ratmen, rednecks lay aside the urge for label liable and march together for peace now and awaken the silent majority from their apathetic slumber. .IPJM ' ' » .i m .- ■• i fy ji f " K • J 01 .T tf j NaT BUiiM ' u ' immt i ilfj f ■ r i 1 m h e| wk ' S ' ) ■ i 1 ' ' o W. ° ' Thar IG in " ; si- ' ' ?5;].™r ' ;sj ' I ' m,,.. Tnl H ' ' ■»% a. t ■ ' H ' o Jus ell " Th, ey eOe °yed ■ " ' ' Par.. " ( ocern ill m !!| K ' ii 1 1 If we must be warlike let us wage war at home war against hunger ... there are hungry children in america ... war for decent shelter for our people war on unemployment war against hatred and bigotry and violence Ml. ■-•:£ k ' -j jwifustov j i1 % t I ii K — 1 f ' I J ' 4i(%» ' l ii B ' || i l B ««:£ hej ., s ■ X r A ' i w ■ v . ' ■ ml m- ' (0 ' ' ' .JSf ' ' s?- JiPm. , ' 4- ; 1%; PI p ittii I " ■ H fl H n f v let us wage war on war with love and understanding and compassion for our fellow man and our fellow american and then there shall be peace. the campus is not for killing — ; let all who come here hurl nothing harsher than words for we ' re here to exchange ideas not rocks nor glass for bullets Ohio national guard move in on rioting students at kent state uriiverslty. four persons were dead and eleven wounded after national guardsmen opened fire, world wide photo ' . ' ■ : ■.: " •■ ' ,::; ' Ili- s. " " fmt j l ' J MS 3.W J if it ' s an idea which offends meet it with another ideas are like guns anyone can use them V, B hB n x m - .. b »- the campus is not for killing nor is it for burning. a; 3 •;»■ - y .■■ 2 .- ■ imi - »» i ' m just a typical american boy from a typical american town, i believe in god and senator dodd and keeping old castro down, and when it came my time to serve, i knew better dead than red; but when i got to my old draft board, buddy this is what i said: sarge - i ' m only 18, got a ruptured spleen and i always carry a purse, i ' ve got eyes like a bat and my feet are flat and my asthma ' s getting worse, consider my career, my sweetheart dear, and my poor old invalid aunt, besides i ain ' t no fool, i ' m going to school, and i ' m working in a defense plant. i ' ve got a dislocated disc and a wracked-up back, i ' m allergic to flowers and bugs, and when a bombshell hits, i get epileptic fits and I ' m addicted to a thousand drugs, i ' ve got the weakness woes, can ' t touch my toes, and i can hardly reach my knees, and if the enemy came close to me, i ' d probably start to sneeze. i hate chou en-lai and i hope he dies; but one thing you ' ve got to see. if someone has to go over there, that someone isn ' t me. so i wish you well, sarge, give ' em hell and kill me a thousand or so. and if you ever get a war without any gore, I ' ll be the first to go. draft dodgers rag 1970-71 budget 45 « - ' ' - ' ' ' . ffi . ' I features Shakespeare said the world ' s a stage and all themen and women ; merely players but this is inGompiete: ;,■,■■; ;.•:; life is a ' flfck ' , and each of us a star but more than that, ; we also write bur scripts and film this great celestial joke — the camera is the mind and fantasy the footage upon which it is recorded — each rrian an editor ;:■■-.• -and ' censor ' selecting what he wants to see — those things which please him and ignoring those that do not ■■ 3ii-,:t ' we sometimes share bur shooting time and script with others who have similar editorial sentiments: these for whom we cast a sympathetic role we call our friends ,.: ; ' and lovers, , ; . so that the plot does not at all times seem too serenely sweet we save space for those selected by us to serve as enemies, the villains of the piece. sometimes it all goes smoothly. occasionally inspiration lends a touch of genius J, r ; to our work and all too briefly separates our cinematic message from the multitude of others. there are times when the whole thing resembles a grade b script thoughtlessly cranked out, spliced together withcliches, seemingly designed to drive us wretching from our seats to demand our money back — if we could but find the ticket taker — sadly we realize we did not pay to get into the flick nor may we pay to leave it: we only pay while we are here, with pain, desperately trying to understand what its all about and hoping, hoping all in vain that we will have enough film left to put it all together and glean some meaning from it just before the end: I J stu gilliam and the spirit was not dampened it rained don ' t let it rain on my parade all together . v ■ how much soul is soul brother and social comment music and humor, homecoming is a happy time. . . .it rained. . . ' . must we think at times like these? it rained on all of us like death and joy and love peace is relevant it rained, and the spirit was not dampened. i J V . d i mimi wong regina mclin terry calland linda kay teuton V ■jt- I V P ' i ' H V ' l i ' ' « lynn owens 1969 homecoming queen : ' ' Vi(iiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiili n 55 « m. I«C«P« %. ' ■ „ ► .¥ " t jp-f 57 welcome to the campfire of the wandering gitanos. the roving caravan of thieves, vagabounds, and minstrels had put aside its trickery to entertain the queen and her court, acro-gypsies was the 21st annual production of gymkana ... a series of shows which through the years have proven to be one of the highlights of the campus, the production was divided into three main parts: the internationally known gymnasts, talented coeds, and tallahassee ' s famous tumbling tots. acro-gypsies is the theme of the twenty-first production of gymkana. the " crowning " point of the evening 1969. mary bauer, miss gymkana for the tallahassee tumbling tots show their exceptional talents once again. strength, agility, and poise are all characteristic of gymkana performers. gymkana court: front row: chris dietrick, ginger delong, de de sullivan, charia brackin, paula straton, marty peagler, mary gregory, mary fletcher; second row: mary bauer, gale walden, kathy cooper, jann van dusen, mary dark, linda cross, jeannine phipps, barbara poe; third row: carol castleberry, rosemary stone, darlene culler, barbara Wallace, linda magness, carolyn crum, becky ennis. 59 Christmas spirit pervaded the fsu campus, in the university union, decorations promoted the holiday atmosphere with lights and tinsel, caroling at the president ' s home, " secret pixie " visits, and tree trimming parties in the dorms were among the campus activities, another side of Christmas was displayed, as apo sponsored its annual white Christmas on landis green, the fifth annual madrigal Christmas dinner was complete with english customs, costumes, and minstrels, the traditional menu consisted of roast pig, plum pudding, and other english favorites. 61 flying high circus 63 64 66 ' the byrds the iron butterfly 68 69 playboy of the western world playboy of the western world exit the king 70 the alvin alley amerlcan dance theater abduction from the harem abduction from the harem ' im,. r .._.., r: - dracula blood, sweat and tears 75 stop the world, i want to get off 76 osipov balalaika orchestra of moscow the lettermen 77 grand funk railroad c ' is m liHL Ail L V Jr . ' ' ' ' J ■ i r 78 blues image rhinoceros pow wow II 80 nate John 81 Stewart udall John sack MH 1 ' .;; ' ; ,4 ' ' ' ' ' • ' " ■.■■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ■■ ' ■; , ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' i ' . - ■. ' ■; i V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' W . ' •■ y- ■ •:. ' ' .. ' ' . ' ■ ' .; ■ ' ■■; .■ ;.■ ' .■ . ' ■; ' « ' ■• " ■; ' ■ " " ' ■■ :-- ' --. ' ' . ' _.- " ■ , . • p " " ' »l ■ ft ' ■i i- adam Clayton powell harrison Salisbury dick gregory ■? ff: feSl " l - fA ' f i " " • ' W :4 ' : ti earth day -%v-. april 22 was earth day. millions of people gather- ed on college and high school campuses all over the nation to learn about the deterioration of man ' s environment, but the ultimate goal of earth day, however, was for action, the success or failure of the event laid in the number of people who would continue after earth day to save the environment, " do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee " was the central theme of fsu ' s observation of earth day. students, faculty and mem- bers of the community gathered on landis green to discuss the environment, various booths were set up to distribute information on different environmental topics, birth control information was a- vailable at the population booth, while the dangers of air and water pollution were described at another, to portray the population explosion, a 20 to 30 foot " sardine can " was assembled, a person entered the can every 7 seconds and one was removed every 15 seconds to sym- bolize the birth and death rate in the world today, seventeen motion pictures on natural and wildlife resources and pollution were shown continuously. 4 •♦•»• ' s ' .» l» •Hi ' • Ji % , . • .•.• » moratorium march through the florida state campus Initiated fsu ' s observance of the Vietnam moratorium with about 3,000 members o f t h e u n i V e r s 1 1 y c o m m u n i t y participating, the march left landis green and wound through the campus, growing in size as students left their homes and dorms to join, headed by a black coffin borne by four students and flanked by students carrying small american flags, the marchers sang anti-war sdngs. the call for a moratorium was part of a nationwide effort to indicate the strength of anti-war feeling in amerjca to the nixon administration, over 600 colleges and universities participated in their own moratorium day activities ranging from special religious services to the complete shut-down of many schools, the march was followed by an all-night vigil on landis green, throughout the 24-hour period, the names of the 38,000 american dead in the Vietnam war were read, the next morning several faculty " teach-ins " were conducted on landis green, followed by panel discussions which covered six different aspects of the war. an interfaith religious service was held and a folk sing-in rounded out the activities for the day. -- C J jpl •ki j % " -N ) . Y, V work for peace ' V i P ' »- rc " •S - f . rC .if - ,ii J r ;: 0 . I -fc ■ • ' ; . ;■«? IR beauties beautiful. it means we like it; it goes together well, reflecting the harmony of the whole. for the beholder, the beheld has communicated the indefinable. ■ . , ' ili HBH HI Hl l HHPyS ' js : ' } -5 £ ■: » ' " " ' aiiv :a. ' Cindy Cheshire miss tally ho susan ulm 1st runner-up f - Tf =■ jf. ' " ' • .- iipgi HI 1 1 i 3t 1 ii . jff ,■ » ' . - rm : " i »- M t A . J«r. »■ .i- 96 karen jaiko 2nd runner-up kathy wood 3rd runner-up 98 Chris mcdevitt 4th runner-up 99 lynn owens homecoming queen carol mcgann greek goddess 101 i ' . i ]i.:- m,4j. Y. m [i ' vJ " z - mary bauer miss gymkana 102 paulette pullen rose ball queen 103 alyson echevarria military ball queen 104 Joanne owens Sigma chi derby queen 105 w j A , mm r ij ' Hi 108 r y I X.I g i— i :j .,. , ) sports - ? 1 .9 im courage. if it had to be said in one word it should be this: courage. courage to sacrifice to endure pain to accept responsibility courage to seek one ' s physical limit and work to extend that linnit to be satisfied with nothing less than the best effort courage to be humble in victory to share the rewards the plaudits and the knowledge that it was all together this day courage to try to understand it to analyze what brought it about to resolve to work to prevent it for no one likes defeat yet everyone must know it and lastly courage to go on to demand of one ' s self the courage to have courage ... and finding it that ' s what winning is about www mi mtKmmmmm " iiii -r: ' - .-ii ■■♦■}«» -x.;--.- ■-r . ' ! 4 Im 1 ■ ' don fauls athletic trainer ken maclean assistant athletic director fsu coaching staff: front row: dan henning, bud whitehead, bill peterson, bobby jackson, sam elliot; second row: lindsey hughes, possum lee, al conover, bob harbison, gary wyant. bill peterson head coach the coaching staff plays an essential part in helping to produce a winning football team, this year coach pete, in his ninth year at fsu, was fortunate enough to be aided by several assistant coaches, each of whom contributed much to the seminole ' s 6-3-1 season, and, off the field, the coaches were equally as enthu iastic ' this year, led by athletic director vaughn mancha and the athletic board, their energies were spent trying to encourage a doubtful administration and an unwilling student body to permit the allocation of eight dollars pef student per quarter to intercollegiate athletics, another major endeavor was to work for fsu ' s admittance into the southeastern conference. vaughn mancha athletic director lonnie hurt sports information director 115 .: m %)7| N5 19 .%: ' ■ f ». s ' the 1969 seminoles: front row: abraira, ashmore, bass, carrell, g. davis, gildea, glisson, gridley, guthrie, lowe, magalski, roatche, thomas, warren, barnes, stupakis; second row: burt, dawson, hall, lanahan, lohse, maynard, j. montgomery, munroe, pederson, pell, rainey, ratliff, rust, sammons, whigham, white; third row: bailey, beville, dees, essex, gilman, hughes, jarrett, Johnson, Johnston, logan, mceachern. 1969 seminoles 1969 results (6-3-1) opponent fsu opp Wichita state (h) 24 mianni (a) 16 14 florida (a) 6 21 tulsa (a) 38 20 mississippi state (h) 20 17 south Carolina (h) 34 9 Virginia tech (a) 10 10 memphis state (h) 26 28 n.c. state (h) 33 22 houston (a) 13 41 116 a t:« 1 mckinnie, g. montgomery, barry rice, beryl rice, siiaw, Strickland, strickler, tyson; fourth row: amman, cappleman, Cheshire, churchin, e. davis, gaydos, glass, gray, minor, mitchell, rimby, sowers, spence.speer, stokes, vohun, walker, Wallace, whitehurst, zaffran. 117 senior year - the end of the road or the start of a new one . . . professional ball, it ' s something special to them — undefined, but special, the last homecoming — the last home game — and finally the last game — a sudden realization that for some there isn ' t another season, another game, another practice, blood, sweat, and tears . . . time and effort . . . poured forth unselfishly ... for some there was the big play — cappleman ' s record breaking sfeason, abraira ' s 92 yard punt return on national tv, vohun ' s 22 yard td interception runback and the penalty for running off of the field with the ball, guthrie ' s toe, saving the game more than once — a good year, but not a great year — post season disappointment — some say, " wait until next year " for the seniors there is no next year. Stan walker offensive guard k -4S phil abraira defensive back grant guthrie place kicker vVO ' jeff curchin offensive tackle tommy warren quarterback 118 bill cappleman quarterback wayne Johnson offensive tackle John pell defensive back W M brent gilman fullback «,d duke Johnston defensive tackle randy logan offensive guard frank vohun defensive tackle 119 for the first time in four years, tne florida state football team was absent from the post-season bowl picture. fighting through a rough schedule, the seminole gridders finished the season with a 6-3-1 season, tribe signal caller bill cappleman finished his career among the top five in the nation in passing offense for the ' 69 season with 2,467 yards, he also took the fsu career title with 4,877 yards in two seasons as starting quarterback. the first game of the season was held in the mud of Campbell stadium as the seminoles easily outswam the wichita state shockers 24-0 in a steady downpour, on to miami the following weekend, the seminoles took on down-state rival university of miami before 55,000 fans in the orange bowl, the talented toe of grant guthrie saved the day when he kicked three tri-pointers, one for 53 yards and a florida state record, a cappleman to gaydos touchdown pass rounded out the tribe scoring as the seminoles edged out the hurricanes 16-14. a tough defense and an unstoppable passing combination were all the gators needed in the mud of florida field to beat the seminoles 21-6. cappleman was harrassed all afternoon by the gators ' defensive line and was able to connect for only one tally, the florida combination of quarterback John reaves to all-america flanker carlos alvarez picked the tribe defense to pieces, the seminoles bounced back the following weekend as fsu hounded the university of tulsa 38-20 on the losers ' home field, back in campbell stadium, the tribesmen barely got by a surprisingly tough mississippi state team 20-17 before meeting south Carolina the following weekend for homecoming, the seminoles awoke with a roar as they ran the peach bowl-bound gamecocks out of tallahassee by a score of 34-9. the gobbler jinx struck again as the tribesmen found themselves knotted with Virginia tech 10-10 at the end of a cold and windy afternoon in blacksburg. grant guthrie gained the tie with his tremendous 52-yard field goal, with several bowl scouts in attendance, the seminoles wanted to be at their best, but their best wasn ' t enough, however, as the tribe fell to a bowl hungry memphis state squad 28-26 in campbell stadium, key interceptions and fumble recoveries by the tigers knocked the ' noles out of the bowl picture for the year. mm ' 122 mm bill lohse puts it to a tiger running back. - frank vohun pounces on a hurricane fumble to stop a miami drive. torn bailey racks up more yardage against soutii Carolina which helps insure the seminoles ' homecoming victory. 123 one of the greatest quarterbacks to play football at florida state, bill cappleman, throws another touchdown pass. appearing on regional television from tallahassee, the seminoles put on a good show for the viewers with a convincing 33-22 win over north Carolina state, smarting from their 40-20 loss from the seminoles at the end of the previous season, the houston cougars put it to the ' noles in the astrodome 41-13. fsu was trailing by 31-7 at the half, but injuries to magalski and bailey slowed and narrowed the Seminole attack as the cougars made the tribe ' s final note of the season a sour one. 124 f lorida state ' s ken gaydos grabs this pass against the wolf pack. fond memories of some of the best swimming matches in fsu ' s football history. seminoles crawl over the goal line for a td against north Carolina state. 125 majorettes: front row: susan romine, kitty bryon, robbie story, sandy phillips, kathy knox, Julie bartel, mary lynn hendrickson; second row: karyn riley, barbara knox, sandy Winchester, kathy riley, teresa koates, linda stotell, julie becton. pride in fsu has always been reinforced by the performances of the marching chiefs, spending countless hours in drill and preparation on the bandfield, they never failed to put forth a beautiful and precise half-time performance, mr. robert braunagel continued to direct the chiefs this year and was ably assisted by herschel beazley, who served his second term as drum major, seminole fans saw much creativity in the half-time shows this year, homecoming featured a " those were the years " theme, beginning from the days of fscw and continuing to the present, the grand finale included a peace symbol, " let the sunshine in " , and a sequence from " hair " . John boda wrote another of the chief ' s half-time shows, entitled band ballet no. 2. others performed were the 2001 show and selections of music from the blood, sweat, and tears. 127 128 quiet. the play begins. " hold that line. " an ancient anguished cadence conjures anger, love, and honor. " push ' em back, push ' em back way back. " " scream for the team " scream for the team listen, look. the frenzied whirl of a gold ' n garnet girl sight sound emotion emotion sound sight cheerleaders, cheerleaders fight, fight, fight, cheerleaders, cheerleaders rah rah rah have you got that spirit? cheerleaders: front row: gail andrews, james parrish, jann berry, bill reilly; second row: charlotte baker, bill travers, karen jaiko, rich chichetti; third row: cherry reynolds, will law, lynn owens, zan tracy. playing the roughest schedule in seminole history, the varsity basketball team went on to its best record in fsu basketball history and gained national ranking in the ap and upi wire polls, the cagers finished the season with a 23-3 record and ranked as high as ninth in the nation during the season, the seminoles finished eleventh in both polls, led by such outstanding seniors as dave covvens and willie Williams, the tribe went on to defeat such powers as Oregon, louisville, army, dayton and gave second-ranked Jackson- ville university one of its two losses for the season in an 89-83 tully gym thriller, fsu ' s three losses came at the hands of nationally ranked north Carolina, southern California and an 85-81 loss to the dolphins in the Jacksonville coliseum. 130 J 131 !«« :. basketball 1970 basketball team: front row: skip young, ron harris, ken macklin, randy cable, carl reynolds, ray glover, John burt; second row: coach bill clendinen, roland garrett, willie Williams, dave cowens, jinn gosink, dave macomber, jan gies, vernell ellzy, coach hugh durham. 133 1969-70 results (23-3) opponent fsu opp Oregon state (h) 69 68 Oregon (h) 100 84 rollins (a) 107 86 north Carolina (a) 75 86 georgetown (h) 98 65 louisville (h) 79 69 texas (h) 82 61 army (a) 86 51 florida (a) 88 63 pepperdine (a) 121 83 southern California (a) 58 71 arizona (a) 87 78 miami (h) 104 63 tulane (a) 82 77 clemson (h) 122 80 georgia tech (a) 89 83 Jacksonville (h) 89 83 Virginia tech (h) 83 73 kent state (a) 80 79 dayton (a) 82 76 florida southern (h) 98 74 tulane (h) 122 77 Jacksonville (a) 81 85 georgia tech (h) 97 80 stetson (a) 94 64 miami (a) 112 96 im- k • • ■,j . ' itMig I w 1 1 1 I x f ' h. S JIE ■ m " 1 ' ' 1 " jk 5Sj5SSL%: s?Sk If ' ' ' AJS S M 3 i m !jfww!66 v ■ ■ 1 I i r 1 soccer 1969-70 soccer club: front row: d. ferreira, a. masri, e. ergoz, d. petty, r. champ, p. rapp, p. kerr; second row: s. mosely, f. motes, e. hausman, d. palmer, b. fisk, b. morris, t. faust, d. bullard, m. lozano, p. kurtnetzoff, b. smith, z. edge. 136 ■■WKSSssc!!:: ? - 137 head coach bim stults i swimming 1970 results (6-3) opponent fsu opp evansville 62 48 georgia 58 51 florida 52 61 south Carolina 63 50 east Carolina 72 41 north Carolina state 51 62 north Carolina 71 42 florida 42 70 tulane 64 49 1969-70 swimming squad: front row: m. Jenkins, b. cole, h. acosta, k. vonroenn, s. connell, d. bonn, r. russell, p. boggs, c. miltenberger; second row: I. plank, t. gest, I. eisinger, j. wiggins, d. smarinsky, m. larmoyeux, g. thomas, e. anderson, t. maxhimer; third row: m. price, j. vining, n. loges, m. nniddleton, m. seelie, I. harrison, e. greene, m. fitzpatrick, r. tackles, s. compton, b. stults; fourth row: g. heller, g. norris, a. drusys, d. shiels, d. jerger, r. potts, j. Stevens, b. gest, s. driver, p. scholle. ft. »■ . t wflttf - " - " t- dffi; ■ta»s«s«fc»«-. ■UmrSSi -i — _ . ..i-ii . .;:. .. -{-s4;.i ' « ' ,w j 8iiif»«i4„ ,.»a» ■ -J: • ... .. - ' £w«i. - -i ,- , ■ 4. ' 4 .. -ijNMMl, -4 - " ' a !?,-- ' " --• ■ ]h|J Ijjl .v l_I ..n iJ 140 141 dick nichols, the seminole second baseman, rounds first base and prepares to steal his 20th base of the season, auburn ' s second sacker catches him offguard and nichols is picked off, but he successfully steals second base later in the game. 142 baseball 143 ' ,- t. I 1970 results (45-7-1) opponent fsu union university 5 union university 6 st. leo college 6 St. leo college 5 florida southern 1 miami 10 michigan state 5 miami 8 stetson 1 bowling green 17 new york university 6 rider college 8 new york university 4 southern Illinois 6 north Carolina 15 north Carolina 5 north Carolina 3 Illinois 5 maryland 6 holy cross 11 illinois 10 holy cross 3 maryland 4 auburn 10 auburn 3 south alabama 8 south alabama 4 south alabama 11 opp 1 2 1 4 1 6 3 8 1 1 2 1 6 4 2 4 2 4 3 4 5 4 MMk ' tilMk ' fll KiJHhH opponent south florida south florida St. leo college florida southern south alabama south alabama south alabanna georgia southern georgia southern Jacksonville Jacksonville miami miami florida florida georgia southern georgia southern auburn auburn florida florida florida east Carolina nnaryland mississippi state fsu 7 7 9 3 2 12 8 4 9 II € 1 4 8 1 5 7 3 1 9 2 10 5 opp 3 6 5 2 5 4 1 2 4 2 3 5 3 2 6 4 4 1 4 i V, f 1 _ -, . p ' J i " ' Q , M . J I 1970 baseball team: front row: g. gromek, d. nichols, d. grimes, r. flake, g. ammann, r. moss, g. zera, t. porter; second row: j. keith, I. cox, r. cash, g. schnute, p. osburn, j. grubb, d. harbaugh, c. gromek, j. stallings; third row: d. roatche, m. vasquez, d. kasimier, a. Cleveland, j. scheller, m. slade, m. scarce, h. saferight. 147 cross country 1970 results (4-1) opponent fsu opp south florida 28 29 auburn 17 39 south florida 25 30 florida 36 23 georgia tech 24 31 low score wins 1970 cross country team: coach dick roberts, del ramers, ken misner, george kaiser, eddie terry, jack castner. 148 wrestling l.j. Jackson 2. I. worthington 3. p. cooney 4. b. harold 5. r. wagnor 6. e. dunley 7. j. teideberg 8. h. Ireland 9. k.hart 149 the record of the fsu gymnastics team is one of the great athletic traditions in the united states. 56 team championships have been won including 5 national team championships, sixteen members have won reputations as Olympic team members or as individual national champi ons, this phenomenal record was curtailed when the athletic department dropped gymnastics as an intercollegiate sport in may, 1960. however, gymkana has continued with varsity competition on a regional basis, a women ' s gymnastics team has also been added to the program. - » • h ' - ' 1970 women ' s gymnastics team: gail sontgerath, gay thompson, sandy philips, susan liill, cindy bartin, susan jones. 1970 men ' s gymnastics team: steve kauffman, liank taylor, stave tarver, arthur hineman, david king, karl bishop, doug lemond, steve musielak, bob white. 151 ¥ A 152 track 1970 results meet fsu tenn. wstn. kentucky 3rd place Jesuit invitational 1st place coliseum relays 1st place gulf coast five-way meet 2nd place auburn 1st place alabama 1st place florida 1st place tennessee 2nd place southern illinois 1st place florida a m 1st place 1970 track team: front row: r. lesley, e. mcmillan , j. cofer, j. broun, g. kaufman, a. landis, b. waxman, b. weber, j. young; second row: g. kaiser, b. smith, r. stow, d. brown, b. jackson, r. gentry, f. drew, b. piccirilli, d. ramers, k. misner, h. illsley, d. pepper, j. fuss, p. sepulveda, d. roberts; third row: m. long, m. link, s. garland, d. fuchs, j. rowe, s. oulman, g. frank, j. castner, j. sauers, r. peterson, p. barrett, r. dunn, j. dobson, j. snyder, c. crowder, c. galloway, s. wright, d. wagner. 153 1970 golf team: front row: dick stevens, jim barber, mike cheek, mark alwin, bobby huber; second row: coach scott fletcher, vie gavalas, andy thompson, jim keedy, John calabria, Sydney gahlson. golf 1970 results ' meet fsu florida intercollegiate 1st place miami invitational 2nd place cape coral invitational 1st place Seminole invitational 1st place houston all-america 3rd place fsu, auburn fla. a m 1st place Calloway gardens 1st place 154 156 !;: : . ' s?5 3Sp fv x -?«5f- 5 ¥K;-5Si judo club 1970 results meet fsu ymca nationals 1st place fla. state promotionals 1st place baton rouge open 1st place fsu developmental 1st place s.e. aau championships 1st place estn. collegiate championships.. 1st place ntl. collegiate championships ••• 4th place gasparilla tournament 1st place fla. state promotional 1st place judo club: barry haber, edsel poole, bill curnutte, david frisby, steve masterson, John ross, rick potrekas, lee webber, terry keller. 157 HBS 1970 results (18-9) opponent v fsu mississippi state 3 l.s.u. 6 pan american 1 georgia southern 8 Houston 1 furman 8 florida 6 presbyterian college 5 georgia 5 middle tennessee 9 northwestern 8 northwestern 7 calvin college 8 north Carolina 3 Illinois 5 miami georgia 1 georgia tech 6 columbus college 6 florida tampa 9 rollins 4 south florida 9 miami Jacksonville 9 florida a m 5 columbus college 5 opp 6 3 6 1 8 1 3 4 ' 1 1 1 5 2 9 8 3 3 9 5 9 1 4 158 m 1970 tennis team: front row: bob marcher, randy jobson, al procopio; second row: scott bristol, herb rapp, John de zeeuw, dave danielson. 159 1 «• n; i ■ " " J P Sweeps Runoff Sherman New SG Head STORED I i . student affairs here are instruments of change: the voice of government, the printed page with which we may make known our sentiments (at least to those who read — or bother to ) ifri, ' ' ' III, 1 4 HOC NOCi fl J ' : y ' Si : i »■ perhaps they seem at times not as effective as they should°be. we have the right to alter such conditions. however, to secure alterations requires involvement and participation. how many of us see it as our duty to so do? a coalition party, the independent student party, wrested major positions from the incumbent action party in the largest turnover ever for student government elections, action party, which had held most of the major offices since its formation four years ago, was challenged by two new parties, isp and the now party, in addition, the worthingtonian party added humor to the campaign with its less serious approach to the elections, the candidates for student government president were chuck sherman, isp; wayne rubinas, action; rock leveille, now; and rick eyerdam, worthingtonian party, although the main issues included more adequate student representation, women ' s rights, controversy over dormitory funds and regulations, distribution of finances, block seating, and student participation in initiating courses, the deciding factor seemed to be the student dissatisfaction with the incumbent party ' s inaction, as a result of the large election turnout — despite long lines and cold weather — the slight margin of votes necessitated a runoff for almost all offices. worthingtonian party chuck Sherman wayne rubinas rock leveille IW 7 I " ic: V ' ' 0y i ' . . ' ' . .. ' " " 165 the highlight of the runoff was the disappearance of that morning ' s flambeaus, which carried now party ' s endorsement of isp ' s candidates, by the end of the day action, isp, now and many others had all been accused of absconding with the papers for various reasons, when the final count came in isp — a coalition of dorm residents, off campus residents, blacks, greeks, scholarship house residents, married students and others who had not previously been very involved in campus politics — had defeated the incumbent greek-oriented party, winning almost all offices on the slate. il,r-iq ffm action party candidate, wayne rubinas, campaigns during the runoffs. I 166 BEAUJ- noff Candidates Speak Out See Page 5 TT ' s foA My A " " m of i- chuck Sherman is congratulated by an isp supporter after winninq the elections. robert rackleff from wfsu television interviews chuck Sherman after his election. 167 H ' conscious of its responsibility to represent and serve students, fsu ' s student government made expansive gains this year, no longer a passive organization, it has become a force to be reckoned with, no other year has seen a stronger student voice in the decision-making process. closer cooperation with the board of regents and student governments from other universities throughout the state has strengthened the base from which a responsible student government is derived, constant efforts to serve the entire fsu community resulted in many " firsts " ; one of major importance was the academic appeals board which offers redress for any student to contest a grade he feels he received unjustly. •■ v l " • ' MW- canter brown president of the student body 168 wayne rubinas is aided by anne johnson in reading the names of the american war dead in Vietnam during the October moratorium. the legal aid officer, another " first ' , provided free legal advice to all fsu students, possibilities for a rathskeller became more imminent and women ' s rules were relaxed considerably. active communication with constituents became a reality, visitations to the residence areas, extensive use of the flambeau and five months of weekly television programs were all used to keep the students informed. student government also showed evidence that it is no longer a society of the elite, emphasizing its motto " to communicate is the beginning of understanding " , a serious attempt was made to involve as many students as were interested in the decision-making process. student participation on committees swelled and the enthusiasm of becoming involved is student government soared, it was a very progressive and productive year. wayne rubinas vice president of the student body 169 cabinet Ijnda coburger women ' s vice president Charles banks men ' s vice president 170 anna marie howard secretary of communications rock leveille secretary of state jim sewell secretary of the union bill harris commissioner of elections 171 cabinet ■:f ' i doug lawton executive assistant debbie hasselo secretary of internal affairs matt Johnson solicitor general 172 anne Johnson comptroller ken davis public defender Steve reilly secretary of academic affairs i V c 1 I 1 ty Hr 2 1 |H .% B H r V J 1 1 •i 4 B ' ' B I 1 phi! alvarez secretary of junior college affairs 173 student senate the active pulse beat of student govern- ment, was more diverse this year than ever before, factions representing every segment of the student body came to- gether to discuss the problems of stud- ents, in particular, a larger representation of more liberal-min ded attitudes pumped vigorous new blood into the senate, one major accomplishment of this body was the allocation of the student activities budget, totalling nearly two million dol- lars, the senators spent many hours studying the numerous individual budget requests and gave of their time at several special senate sessions, also, an appro- priation of funds for involvement in no- vember ' s moratorium, although defeat- ed, was a healthy indication that student senate was willing to become involved in any controversial issue that might affect students, student senate has come far in its attempt to represent all areas of the student body, hopefully, this trend will continue, for student senate will remain a vital force in student government only as long as it represents all of the students at fsu. 175 . • supreme court %.. I ' W -v .•Vf . v ' " " " 1 |v-. ' . | frank Johns chief justice belinda oren clerk Steve buchanan associate justice david hurley associate justice rick eyerdam associate justice susan gore associate justice rayna hall associate justice linda hazelton associate justice herbert traxler associate justice paula watts associate justice V. .M " , I K. ■r- - N. . ■V honor court division I frank amatea chief justice michael moss clerk victor elion associate justice diane zook associate justice division II ken davis chief justice debbie middlebrooks clerk roger messer associate justice alex miller associate justice paul magalian bailiff fighting for retention of legislative power was the major concern of the association of women students during the early part of the year, after student senate passed a bill abolishing the legislative rights of aws, women students campaigned effectively and succeeded in defeating the proposed amendment in fall elections, although aws made changes in rules concerning women students, it also sponsored educational programs for men and women students, despite the defeat of the senate amendment, aws lost its legislative powers at the end of the third quarter when they were declared unconstitutional by the supreme court on the basis that it was discriminating among the students. women ' s vice president, mary mcinerny, addresses the members of aws. association of women students: front row: linda coburge r, elaine holmes, anna bryant, susan schowalter, peggy hails, ann phillips, barbara wegman, mary caine; second row: debbie wright, liz townsend, suzanne manning, carol winkelhake, karen hodge, paulette moe, harriet Packard, lana smith, Caroline harrell, kathie caughlin, woody woodward. 179 gilchrist hall junior counselors: front row: bobbie beals, susan dixon, diane vallella; second row: inge haavind, sue morris, glenda haas, nancy millen, sharon alexander, millie fernandez, diedre hornbrook, marita mckeehan. p dorman hall junior counselors: meg brady, marina fulner, roseanne vasquez, ellen quigley, anne lathrop. 180 Jennie murphree hall junior counselors: martha hoag, bev baer, karen jaiko, carolyn cooper, pat king, evan george, linda taylor, marcia ready, ann rentschler, carol macarthur, rosemary smith, tita bliss, suzanne Williams, Cheryl Wallace, pam coggin. ■■5aKK,»| broward hall junior counselors: front row: mary alice pignato, sandra thomas, maria tsacrious, peggy webb; second row: sharon langley, linda zoghby, tally kenyon, debbie pearson, lorraine dementi, louise ritz. reynolds hall junior counselors: front row: judy reigle, elaine ivey, sally arnold, woodie woodward, nancy harris, peggy edwards, Janice rice, linda webb; second row: ediyne boykin, ellen adkins, sandy phillips, margie day, Jackie deramo,geri Jackson, judy belser, ina meyer. when the freshman girls arrived on campus this year, they faced the new and rather frightening responsibility of being on their own. the girls who were there to help them over the rough spots were the junior counselors, giving of their time and experience, the jc ' s helped in many areas such as setting up governmental structures within the dormitories, they also played a vital role in aiding the new freshman girls socially by answering questions, giving advice, and just being available, on a campus the size of florida state university, it was a welcome thought for the younger girls to know that at least somebody cared, and the jc ' s did care, without them, few freshman girls would have handled their new way of life as wisely or as beneficially as they did. 181 junior counselors landis hall junior counselors: front row: sandy grand, cookie hamilton, susan day; second row: liz Jones, mary robie, Jennifer Jordan, sue adkins. r ' -;, 182 cawthon hall junior counselors; front row. anna schnetzer, shirley denton, paula watts; second row: linda baker, patty burns, cheri aliemand. X- ' ' -- ' -vfc , gilchrist hall officers: Janice rapp, patty hensler, betsy loescher, treasurer, sharon alexander, president, browning brooks, martha wynn, vice president, connie turner, marilee jugeler, cindy wozinak, barbara burk, secretary. dorm officers land is hall officers: cookie hamilton, 1st vice president, liz jones, president, Jackie fincher, 2nd vice president. 183 dorm officers magnolia hall officers: barbara smith, susan marsh, marilyn smith, kathy alien, susan potter, president, michele gaughn, treasurer, chris scaizo, secretary, June moyer, vicki sonnenblick. murphree hall officers: ann rentschler, vice president, pat king, president, lydia II, vice president. deviney hall officers: debbie hauseman, vice president, elizabeth blake, treasurer, Virginia golden, president, Carolyn chambers, secretary. 184 , -S " • ;. y,; broward hall officers: gay sipzer, treasurer, sharon langley, president, ellen heritage, secretary. r- % f :M r. ...fyi ' : reynolds hall officers: jackie deramo, president, cindy hagerman, vice president, michele ashdown, vice president. dorman hall officers: ellen hoadley, president, sandi montgomery, vice president, Christine bruton, cathy campbell, bobby barksdale. 185 scholarship house presidents m, debbie holt tea lenny adelman iiiriitllwii • 1 .am rotary foundation house Patricia strobel selby I 186 dale watson lions diana kane pilot gus aikens selby franklin watson selby II 187 the union board has accomplished much this year in furthering the development of the university and the union, under the direction of paul durrett, university union director, and in cooperation with the student-oriented union board headed by david fuller, the union has handled many new projects and affairs, it has completed and approved both the house rules and the constitution, a planning organization for the rathskeller has also been organized. in the athletic department, new pool facilities have been approved and an agreement has been made with the athletics and physical education departments regarding the pool and bowling lanes. " apathy rising from a bench " is presented to the union by two delegates from the worthingtonian party. the laureneke art show was one of many presented in the union walkway during the school year. union board: dr. francis cannon, jinn sewell, david fuller, steve scholl, sheila snow, mr. paul durrett, university union direct or. 189 program council staff: mrs. linda moffett, mrs. doris cantey, mr. logan birdsong, mrs. Iloryn swan. John sack program council: front row: steve white, geni everett; second row: colman rutkin, susan Cunningham, sue jeffers. program council officers: joe savage, treasurer, sheila snow, program council speaker, kathy mccann, secretary. 190 adam Clayton powell grand funk railroad coordinating programs and events to meet the needs of the university community was the prime objective of the program council, which consists of the union committee chairmen, as a result of the council ' s willingness to work for the students, the grand funk railroad, pat paulsen, blood, sweat and tears, the lettermen and others were able to perform on the florida state campus, the human rights symposium, held in february, included adam clayton powell, John sack, and ralph nader as speakers, other activities headed by the council were dances, swimming and tennis lessons, teas for the foreign exchange students, a bridal fair, canoe trips, and a trip to nassau. board of student publications: dr. francis n. millet, karen schadow, bill Johnson, bruce ieinbeck, j. scott byrd, judy morrow. betty humphris secretary bill Johnson bosp chairman no major June fallin secretary L» policy changes were determined by the board concerning student publications in the past year, since the censorship controversy of two years ago, the board of student publications has retired into the background of publication administration although students have acquired an active voice on the board, during the course of the year, particularly at election time, some questions were raised concerning the effectiveness of the board, the basic responsibilities of the board continued to be the hiring of editors, supervising operation of the production labs, and administering the money allocated by student government for publication purposes. president marshall talks with the flambeau ' s editor, sam miller, during a visit to the student publications offices. 193 emphasis on the individual as an integral part of the university reflected the new concept and form of florida state ' s yearbook, as a part of the nationwide trend, the tally ho became less formalized than the stereotyped issues of previous years, this broader scope gave the editors and staff the opportunity to take a more creative and meaningful approach to production of the book, the staff combined hard work, talent, and long hours to publish a yearbook that would be relevant to the rapidly changing university community. donna wiehaus editor-in-chief ava eng managing editor 194 if ' margie dees and sandy binder staff and features editor jean retzke associate editor, quarters I and II sue brown associate editor, quarter II 195 barbara harvey, janet segal, and anne mcchesney academics co-editor, staff, and academics co-editor arthur schoeck organizations editor mike mcfarland greeks co-editor 196 tricia francis student affairs editor tally ho ; .t.. bJllie reed greeks co-editor Cindy day classes edi tor 197 flambeau style was in a period of transition last year with innovation the key word, the traditional concepts of collegiate press had been changing during the sixties and the flannbeau reflected the shifts in ideas, big pictures and big copy with several different style name plates highlighted the changes, several special editions, including an election summary, offered variety to the daily menu provided by editor sam miller and his staff. i sam miller editor-in-chief tom henderson news editor 198 k ,r larry balewski associate news editor SNOW-JOB SPfClAllST sheila snow associate sports editor chuck moore associate editor ron scoggins sports editor gary smith managing editor flambeau mike bane associate editor - sue carey associate editor, quarter i gary morgan special writer s? 200 jack abstein special writer terry godbold sports writer i polly wingfield staff dave snyder special writer sandy shartzer special writer kirn rogers staff david morrill writer dale friedly sports writer 1% y ¥ ? f 1 1 rick eyerdam editor-in-chief LEGEND drennen browne art layout editor mallory pasco prose editor 202 •■ jiSWS curt butler poetry editor katie colburn secretary this is a legend. the legend is a literary magazine. say litter-ary; ary as in mary, mag; as in mag wheels, azine; as in " make the scene. " the legend has nasty old poems in it. the legend has big words in it. sometimes the legend has nasty old words in it. have you read the legend? have you read anything? why not start with the legend? you too can be literary (as in mary). don ' t you think, so? only two issues of the smoke signals were published this year as the publication again ran into difficulties, the main selling point of the first issue seemed to be the body-painted nude on the cover which sold one thousand copies on the first day. working with a very small staff, editor michael jegart put out the second issue of the humor magazine during winter quarter, for a variety of reasons, a third edition was never published. smoke signals staff: nina young, jon owen, tina slaney, michael jegart, editor quarter II, joe b. Johnson. smoke signals staff: 1. nina young; 2. candy cutler; 3. roger hanlon; 4. bob naylor, art editor; 5. norman asmar; 6. fred troxel, editor; 7. jon owen, feature editor; 8. tina slaney; 9. dow hammond; 10. bill wilson. 205 production lab nancy mickelberry assistant production coordinator iibnih I J- loulsa barendse varitypist susan turner typist 206 larry ewing production coordinator jack levins duplicating operator John richey production assistant 207 ' next week we ' re going to get caught up! " was a cry often heard in the photographers ' office, head photographer mike pruitt was plagued with a shrinking staff, cramped production space and inadequate equipment while working for four student publications, nevertheless, the photography staff managed to be in odd places at odd times to capture on film not only the activities at fsu but the character of the institution ' s students. w s t m fv r i w ( ; 1 ' A K ' 4 •;.« im shap wolf jim hicks .aa dottie shearn candy cutler John gilbert doug chanco and mike pruitt, head photographer V jack dempsey James funk 209 business staff Joanne brandt business staff kaye broaddus business manager sally millward business staff bruce robertson assistant business manager 210 advertising staff advertising staff : jim efstathion, salesman, diana glenn, salesman, mike tufarella, manager, joel ohisen, salesman. ' i I H patty cabaliero and mike tufarella advertising secretary and advertising manager lynn owens advertising staff 211 t ryf - A-»V W4 ■ , » r- . 1 iCOIBPli t ♦ V ix X B , 5 V , ' fc if J ¥ «• 1 A organizations through his organizations man is able to. achieve ends which he alone cannot ... ■ r Si ' fjm , ' ; s8Kw ' i: " mmssmmPSM 4 , . 1; . -Cf: . t i - ' mr ■ «iviv .., ikm,... . i::. .,««» » » ' w w » ' , i w i w itMi ui .- , « iiMi«w ,r ' » ' ( ' ' « » « i w «i n .-« «w a -.. ' i, ' . M phi beta kappa dr. conrad e. tanzy president dr. robley j. light vice president mrs. katherine h. hoffman secretary dr. raymond c. staley treasurer dr. daisy parker historian leonard adelman mary b. alfriend benjamin h. alien mrs. richard arellano kristine atkinson deborah baker susan g. barnes kenneth barwick ramona c. beard dorothy bennett James birchf ield homer a. black lois h. boggs richard boggy anne booth John p. booth daniel borasch leonard bower meg v. brady margaret braswell ruth breen thomas f. bridgland Jeanne d. brock reno w. bupp grace e. cairns doak s. Campbell margaret v. Campbell nancy campbell thomas m. campbell John j. carey susan carey John carrigan candace casseaux John e. champion karen chason gregory choppin robert g. clapp Christina Clarke Joseph conard kathleen converse richard g. cornel! dorothy g. cramer cynthia crawford susan curran karin daniels elias dann Caroline dean graydon I. deland elizabeth dillard diana dills dorothy dodd norman dodi John duffield thomas dye mary j. eaves John edwardson luis escajeda trances exam richard farrell sara b. fein david e. fields roy s. flatt kathleen francis george w. frank mark freshw ater earl frieden martha futch edwin s. gaustad philip gearing Sharon s. gibbs John c. gille kay h. goelzer david w. goetschius dwight b. goodner viola graham James j. grant Cordelia gray Joseph h. grosslight Jeanne gruber herman gunter, sr. paul g. halpern linda hamilton margaret hampton John a. hann William j. hannon orville g. harrold mary hatton marion j. hay henry g. healy mark s. heerema karl hein Wilson h. herrod Werner herz george e. hill mrs. louis hill John r. hills katherine h. hoffman linda holdener John w. holley irma horn Joseph horn delma hughes mrs. richard husband Pamela w. ierna lucretia ilsley joan Johnson herbert w. jones Janet Julian helen kaczetow nell kannwischer michael kasha winthrop n. kellogg jack e. kelly Jacob d. kimel, jr. mason ladd laurence lahiff teddy lane bruce lauer John d. lee John e. leffler lucille lehmann lester levine robley j. light richard lindstrand William h. long kern lunsford anthony mancuso Stuart mandel sheryl manley martin k. marsh, jr. Patricia y. martin gene mcburnett ralph d. mcwilliams robert j. menzies James mercer Jerome mercer Caroline miller mary miner wayne c. minnick elizabeth moore barbara naeseth mrs. johnny m. narkinsky jerard naylor marita neel kim norton arthur e. nudelman victor r. oelschlager allan h. orrick John Osmond melda w. page daisy parker mary f . parmenter donald peeples Claude pepper carol podworny kathryn rayburn erica rayner russell reaver billie reed eleanor e. reynolds mary e. roberts William h. rogers beverly ross emile b. roth martin a. schwartz Carolyn shafer linda sharkey venila I. shores robert b. short carl d. sikkema david skinner j.r. skretting estellie smith nancy w. smith robert f. smith walton p. smith mary j. smythe irvin sobel betty sowers elizabeth spencer raymond r. spencer robert a. spivey sara k. srygley raymond c. staley sarah stapleton kathryn steffenson paul strait nancy j. sullivan Charles w. swain richard Sylvester Joseph tafton conrad e. tanzy elwyn thomas lynette thompson mrs. Vincent thursby ray tipton Sharon titus lyman d. toulmin anna tracy edward urban Patricia vance burke g. vanderhill John s. vanderoef thomas j. vickers odell waldby barbara walker William watson betty watts g. edwin weaver Charles t. wellborn ruth wells Winifred I. wentworth mrs. wm. h. werkmeister susan west terrie whittier louis willhott charlotte a. Williams audrey wilson miriam c. wilson John winterle Stephen s. winters paul c. woods John f. worthington perrin wright toni j. wright glenn wrighton Jerome young phi kappa phi juanita devette president Charles c. matthews secretary William townsend treasurer leonard adelman nelda alderman mary v. alexander janis elaine askey kenneth w. barwick dorothy p. bennett marian w. black lela elaine buis nancy ruth campbell m.w. carothers donna rae Castillo melody ann claussen kenneth conners, jr. guadalupe constantakis kathleen beck converse richard g. Cornell Cecil m. curies marybeth judith dardis Caroline n. dean marjorie dillingham w.p. dillingham anne marie erdman melvin o. eubanks roberta s. fluhrer kathleen a. francis mark edwards freshwater Sharon s. gibbs hortense w. glenn anisia gonzalez jose g. gonzalez donna j. goodin ronald r. grawert david mills grogan jeannette p. hauseman mary Catherine herring dorothy I. hoffman patricia ann howell deborah huffman bonnie kay Johnson Stephen paige leach John d. lee lucille r. lehmann Jeanne edna ludke denise bell lujan katherine e. mccann louise thayer mceachern jill mckittrick kenneth d. miller susan e. mole barbara t. naeseth Vickie edith neely kim bolan norton daisy parker malcolm parsons gregg phifer howard o. phillips j.a. rehwinkel beverly j. ross arthur a. rouse mary c. saltsman betty c. shemwell Walton park smith paula m. stanton kathefir e b. steffensot richard bruechert tedder mary jo weale Janet wells donna jean wiehaus Chris d. wilson lorraine a. wolford elizabeth ann woodruff candace lynne wright ■« mortar board barbara gortych president genie cooney vice president Cecelia lafavour secretary Caroline randle treasurer donna jean wiehaus editor velma dobson historian Sharon alexander cathy alvarez sally arnold trish baisden Julie bartels becky bayer tita bliss judy blount beverly bolvin ediyne boykin meg brady susan carey nadine cherpak beverly ann chin nancy clay linda coburger genie cooney marybeth dardis velma dobson frances fox barbara gortych nancy harding nancy harris sarah harrison jeanette hauseman susan hawkins mary lynn hendrickson pamela hudson jane kendrick betsey komarek denise lujan ann mcgee ann neal nancy noel elizabeth petway beverly poison Caroline randle cathy reagan billie reed susan reed donna rogers mary saltsman susan Schumacher Catherine setzer mary sullivan Janice weir donna jean wiehaus linda zoghby J . spirogyra and esteren combined in 1947 to form a local honorary known as garnet key. junior and senior women are chosen on the basis of their outstanding leadership, spirit and service, a 2.3 grade point over- all is also required, the members of gar- net key were kept busy this year as some of their activities included chairing the homecoming queen contest and arrang- ing for the Christmas tree lighting at president marshall ' s home, for the first time in several years, the girls also parti- cipated in the garnet and gold banquet. 1. b. berry 2. j. kannette 3. d. cordell 4. m. Wilson 5. m. gowing 6. n. noel 7. c. bonifay 8. c. gierach 9. n. taylor 10. j. hudson 11.1. wing 12. I.donald 13. m. dardis 14. j. keiser 15. e. boykin 16. m. saitsman 17. b. komarek 18. j. davis 19. t. calland 20. m. hendrickson 21. j. hebert 22. j. regal 23. I. coburger 24. j. deramo 25. s. snnall 26. s. alexander 27. j. plitz 28. a. neal 29. p. king 30. a. coffee 31 . w. tichenor 32. t. baisden 33. m. smith 34. j. sapp 35. s. Campbell 36. c. randle 37. n. harding 219 omicron delta kappa i -fT - ' ■! ' " %•- ■ ■ • ■ ' ■ »..„» " .■■ richard arellano bob baker mark brandt canter brown • ' • ' wiley cunagin m wiley housewright rock leveille jim maim chuck mccartney carl mcdonald ■ ■ ' ' barry mittan douglas morford malcolm parsons " V ■.4- ' . :- " :■■ " ■• ,. ' ' ' ' - . ' ' -. ' :. ' ;-. . :, . ' ' ■-■■ joe plant paul regensdorf elston roady ' - .. ; ■ . ' wayne rubinas . -- chuck Sherman . ' Steve sparkman - , - robert spivey tom wade harold winter " Stephen winters thomas wright i i i ' gold key herschel beazley dan brady canter brown John burt david dickson John french don gifford bill harris howard horowitz frank Johns rick Johnson William Johnson carter jones John kaney lester kaney jim kirsh doug lawton bruce leinbeck donald loucks carl mcdonald trances millet barry mittan doug morford bobratliff vince rio wayne rubinas chuck Sherman robert shoemaker gary smith bim stultz ken vanassenderp tommy waits jack whitley Stephen winters thomas wright harvey zion alpha lamda delta janelle ganey president carol I. zeiner vice president juiia a. farris secretary carol a. Jennings treasurer Sharon a. teague historian rebecca j. adams Sharon alexander susan e. alien Sophia antone nancy e. arnow kathieen I. ashley martha d. backus Janet e. ball dianne bass mary ann beaudoin roberta a. berney Virginia m. blanning lucille g. bonderud lisa a. bower susan c. boyd susan j. bradshaw Patricia brantley Sharon brooks Christine v. bruton Catherine s. buck deborah r. callahan susan carmichael joan caulfield Cheryl a. chadurgian susan Christy katherine v. collier Pamela j. colton Christine crowell jane d. davis diane degarmo davida desmond barbara dexter Irene e. dowdy Janet I. duane stephany eisenmenger Julia a. farris susan k. fichter priscilla I. fields nancy j. fordyce carol e. f rick marion h. fuerst kathieen a. gage janelle ganey patsy d. granger barbara m. gruenewald margaret I. hannilton nancy j. harris katherine I. harrison Catherine leanne heath louise V. heins caria dale herman candas c. herrington elizabeth a. holley marie a. iglesias elaine f. Jackson carol a. Jennings Sharon I. Johnson tonie j. Johnson Stephanie I. jordon brenda f. joyner mary e. keen Janice e. kerr leannah r. kitchel karen I. kurtright matilda lacayo lucy e. langenbach robyn irene lau eileen lawrence karen m. leatherman mary lehmann page a. lemasters linda libecap trances lincoln anne I. lowell rebecca jo manley carol I. marchich peggy mccourt bonnie mclean carol miller stephani g. mills michelle b. mintzer Judith a. moore ann a. murray kristi a. nelson Valerie m. paine lynn m. peacock Janet a. quarles elien a. rabe carol e. rader melody I. read linda I. reiter dianne rhea karen tee rosendorf elizabeth a. sapp linda schleicher rebecca gale Schwartz terrie I. shatter martha a. sharp Ida Cheryl showalter marilyn e. smith linda o. spencer maria p. stansfield paula m. stanton Joyce a. steven peggy Jo strange sandra June stroberg Sharon m. stroberg fay a. sullivan patriae talley Sharon a. teague ann thigpen anne tomlinson Cheryl valentine kathryn I. walker wendy jo weiss Winifred e. Williams Cornelia Williamson Christine j. woerner barbara a. young carol I. zeiner 222 mortified Patricia a. king grand czar beverly a. baer Judith I. belser Cecelia bonifay ginger e. cassidy dee ann cordell frances e. creel deborah b. dulin susan a. gore Julia hays joan e. hebert martha n. hoag karen hodge elaine ivey karen I. jaiko nancy kelly patricia a. king celia lawhorn kathleen m. pressly Judith a. reigle mary lou sparks nnandy Stephens nancy e. taylor woodie woodward 223 underprivileged families in taiiahassee had a " white Christmas " this year as the members of alpha phi omega spearheaded a campus-wide drive for canned goods for the tenth year in a row. the national service fraternity also promoted the scouting ideals of leadership, friendship and service by sponsoring their annual boy scout camporee. listed among its other activities are the student directory, the student travel bureau, a registration information desk and the ugly man contest. alpha phi omega officers: front row: mark giliis, bob paulson; second row : craig kittendorf, Charles council, mike smith. 1 . b. Williams 2. c. bush 3. j. bullard 4. g. strong 5. b. paulson 6. m. giliis 7. s. reid, pres. 8. c. council 9. b. mcdonald 10. m. smith 1 1. c. duncan 12. s. goodwin 13. m. wichman 224 .. ' -. J . . 225 1 . V. crutcher 2. j.grieg 3. b. vega s. lamb s. magnum d. puckett V. dobson bowman hawkins gage apling sanjurjo austin 14. m. brooks 15. I. fry 16. s. cantrell 1 7. s. mikoda 18. m. Shaffer 19. s. wooddall 20. s»amos 21 . d. defence 22. m. tsacrios 23. k. kurtright 24. s. morris 25. n. millen 26. m. diaz 27. e. schlesinger 28. s. gude 29. s. elias 30. k. tylar .™l. 31 . s. borries 32. m. smith 33. d. dunbar 34. j. english 35. k. Johnston 36. n. morris 37. s. shrader 38. b. bennett 39. r. lewis 40. I. mcgilvery 41 . k. cavines 42. b. Stevens 43. s. bastian 44. r. sailors, pres. promoting their ideals of service, friendship and equality among women of all races and creeds, the girls of gamma sigma sigma can be found giving needed service around the florida state campus and in the community, every year they work at campus elections, usher at campus movies and the circus, and work daily at the infirmary, gamma sigma sigma has also worked closely with the children at sunland hospital, since its establishment on the fsu campus six years ago, alpha kappa chapter has won the margaret linton award which honors the chapter with the most outstanding service record for two years in a row. they have also received the national association for retarded children award for service and the march of dimes award for the southern region. 227 drug use was the subject of a survey conducted among students at fsu by the circle k club, this survey was used as a means to decide whether or not to support the " legalization " of marijuana or harder drugs on a realistic basis, bob lamp ' l, president of the circle k club at fsu, was the chief mover in the surveys, on which the service club spent well over 100 working hours, two surveys were con- ducted; one was concerned with the en- tire student body and the other was di- rected at one of the dormitories, accord- ing to the campus-wide survey, circle k found that 32.3% had tried marijuana and of those, 48.6% still used it. the sur- vey also showed that campus-wide, 73.3% of those questioned favored changing the legal classification of mari- juana use from a felony to a misdemean- or, while 52.2% favored legalizing it. at the same time, in the campus-wide sur- vey, 6.7% had tried harder drugs, but only 5.8% favored legalizing them. circle k president, robert lamp ' l, presides over their montliiy meeting. 228 circle k officers: larry lafollette, treasurer, robert lamp ' l, president, bill austin, vice president, paul laska, secretary. for precision while marching in the homecoming parade, the members of angel flight practiced their drills every week. angel flight is an air force program for women which has been active on the florida state campus since 1959. its purpose is to further the cause of the united states air force by promoting the interest of the college men in the air force program, clad in their blue uniforms, the members of angel flight marched in the homecoming parade, the veterans ' day parade and the sarasota parade, they also ushered for gymkana , prepared baskets for the poor at thanksgiving and gave a party at Christmas for the children whose fathers were overseas, celebrating its ten years on campus, angel flight held a tenth anniversary banquet. pictured above are the florida state representatives to the area conclave at patrick air force base in cocoa beach. 230 la petite corps actives: front row: p. geary, j. elliot, I. flagg, e. ivey; second row: d. real, k. jaiko, c. iierrington, b. Wallace; tliird row: c. swigler, s. Johnson, j. donahue, s. fichter; fourtii row: s. asker, b. corley, f. lincoln, b. bolvin; fifth row: p. van gundy, m. hoag. la petite corps is affiliated with the army rote program, its purpose is to exemplify and uphold the high standards and traditions of the army rote program, to strengthen the morale of the army rote eadets and to serve as offieial hostesses for the army rote program, with this purpose in mind, la petite eorps sponsored refreshers for the eadets, soeials with seabbard and blade, and coffees for the wives of the eadre. its members decorated and sold corsages for the military ball, made thanksgiving day baskets for the poor, took needy children to the circus, sent Christmas packages to the soldiers in viet nam and participated in the apo white Christmas. la petite corps pledges: front row: c. deitrich, k. berg, I. waddell, s. harris; second row: j. home, n. whidden, t. binion, p. king; third row: j. tedder, k. bryan, k. shannon, j. metzger; fourth row: m. van balen, a. rivers, d. sloan, d. Oliver; fifth row: c. cleland, g. arnold, t. gross, d. Johnson; sixth row: I. forthman, s. martin, c. haller, v. harper. les bleus berets is a drill team co-affiliated with pershing rifles and represents florida state in drill competitions, parades, and state celebrations, relatively new to florida state, the drill team was founded on campus in January of 1967. its activities have in cluded painting mailbox flags, selling corsages for the military ball, and holding bake sales, philanthropy projects undertaken by the girls include writing letters to servicemen in the dmz, taking gifts to the bond street day care center, giving a party for sunland patients and providing canned goods and toys for the underprivileged people in tallahassee. as a drill team, les bleus berets marched in the homecoming parade, the veterans day parade and the marianna Christmas parade. 1 . e. naclerio 2. s. nicholson 3. s. o ' steen 4. p. soud 5. a price 6. m. fray 7. s. godawa 8. b. nobles 9. a. grosskopf 10. k. armstrong 1 1 . s. burris 12. V. Casanova 13. s. martin 14. a. echevarria 15. s. rouse 16. s. weilman 1 7. p. white 18. b. evans 19. d. cordell 1. b. shea 2. m. olmstead 3. I. kjellstrom 4. d. Wilbur 5. p. wrigley 6. j. smith 7. c. bonnabe! 8. s. gates 9. s. hartley 10. j. gates 1 1 . n. hartkop 12. m. durand 13. I. carmichael 14. b. taylor, pres. 1 5. d. sutton 16. m. crouch 17. c. Sullivan 18. b. fulford 19. s. bell 20. j. ludke 21 . j. Williams 22. d. dumbieton founded to promote professional and social unity and to stimulate understanding of and interest in the programs of the graduate professional nursing organization, the student nurses ' association serves as a channel of communication between the student nurses and the graduate professional organization, representatives were sent to the state convention in Clearwater and the national convention in miami. the student nurses prepared thanksgiving baskets for the needy of leon county and gave Christmas and easter parties for the children of the mainey community day care center, student-faculty advisory committees and student-faculty picnics promoted mutual understanding and friendship. gamma kappa omicron 1 . j. Collins 2. s. rikley 3. d. Callahan 4. a. neal 5. b. perry 6. b. poison 7. p. edwards 8. m. andrews 9. j. burt 10. t. wheat 11.1. kitchen 12. I. buis 13. m. Williams 14. d. holt 15. b. poison 16. s. alexander 17. c. kennon, pres. omicron nu 1 . r. dale 2. p. peterson 3. g. dietrich 4. d. sidwell 5. c. mcgahey 6. j. Williams 7. p. helms 8. r. duparc 9. r. rulledge 10. h. glenn 1 1 . r. bowers 12. I. buis 13. j. rice 14. n. hendrikson 15. d. gables 16. e. soverns 1 7. a. buis 18. m. claussen 19. a. erdmon 20. g. cassidy 21. b. boyle 22. s. day 23. n. rehak 24. a. lang 25. j. gerken 26. n. mondy 27. d. lujan 28. g. rice 234 Sigma alpha eta Sigma alpha eta: linda monser, betty marquette, kit greenough, sally bush, kathy davis, susan casterton, aimee brien, dr. d.f. johns, barbara burgess, mary ellen longmire, carolyn ryll, pamela bashor, iva king, marylou pittman, jo ellen hicks, president. Sigma alpha iota 1. p. bethea 2. I. wiggers 3. c. king 4. V. Shipley 5. I. mcdonald 6. d. radomski 7. c. cockrum 8. n. andrews 9. s. grenovillou 10. d. neill 11.1. sponholtz 12. e. wellhoner 13. j. rivers 14. c. chambers 15. I. webb 16. b. thornton 1 7. m. walker 18. j. chapman 19. m. george 20. s. flye 21 . I. Simmons 22. m. green 23. b. burkett 235 sophomore council evangeline kalogridis president sally martin vice president Julie farris secretary margaret grable treasurer karen morse parliamentarian barbara alexander cynthia alien susan allred Sophia antone dee dee art lynn atlee kay bailey susan batstone mary beardall cindy bell jean bennett mary blankenship ginny blanning lucille bonderud vicki box cheri boyd mimi breeden patty brewster martha brooks weezy brown Joanne bucci cathy buck pat bumgardner ann burns sandy byars mary cain debbie callahan Charlie campbell margaret cannon susan carmicheal cindy cather Connie chadbourne ruth church cathy cooper cindy coram barbara corley sue croley sue cusac cathy dalrymple sue daniel dale daniels dale dennis dee dee desmond judy donahue jan dorr tommie drowne andrea duncan stevie eisenmenger jeanie ellis jane eppinger Julie farris susan fichter susan fickett janell ganey margie grable susan gregg patti guy Virginia harper dianne hicks elaine holmes deborah holt barbara humkey ann Johnson beth Johnson linda Johnson Sharon Johnson susie josephson marcia kapp leannah kitchell robyn kovac barbara krause cheryl-lawrence trances lincoln anita loggins cheri I ' orange linda marchick bonnie mclean beverly mcrae debbie melton candy miller carey moore reagan murphy sherry murphy fina nicholas jeri nichols Pamela northrup Connie olive mindy o ' neal kerrie osborne liz parker margie parker lynn peacock pat pearman pat pelham Joyce pepper cathy perry cindy phillips lynette pope ellen rabe randy randall peggy reinhardt diane rhea karen riley louise ritz rosie rosendorf gabrielle rotter jane sander lynn scheibel bonnie schurig sue scollon cheri simpson pat simpson judy skelton carol spence barbara stichler peggy jo strange sandy stroberg sharon stroberg iris stutzer colleen sullivan debbie taylor linda thalman liz townsend sandy vernon bonnie Wallace alice wander gail weathersbee jan wheeler pam whitlock Cornelia Williamson teresa wing linda witty wendy worall susan yoho barbara young christa zinn public relations student society of america public relations student society of america officers: bob albright, vice president, tim parker, president, jim vandervort, secretary-treasurer. James coulter presents tim parker, president, and dr. royal h. ray with the charter for the newly installed chapter of the prssa. alpha mu i-,»f 5 ■■ ' : j ui y i ' J .; i y • 237 3 s .fw ' " ' " A ■ .. WW i nM L U ' . i jj WW exterior view of the chapel of the upper room which is now under construction. J M some men see things as they are and say ' why? ' i dream things that never were and say ' why not? ' " — george bernard shaw. with the above quote as its challenge and general policy, the wesley foundation is seeking to become a community of heal- ing and reconciliation in a divisive and strife torn world, beginning at home, it is committed to an experiment based on the supposition that students, faculty and administrators can learn to trust one another and live together in a meaningful dialectic relationship even in the midst of the tension of their differences; that black and white can become but varying colors of a community of men living in trust, love and support of one another; that human life is far more valuable than any disputed racial, social or national boundaries and that the university can relate its knowledge, insights and skills to the urgent needs of the world, " why not? " wesley foundation officers: dr. myron blee, randy bernius, austin hollady, chaplain, dr. odell waldby, torn currier, Charles wellborn, faculty advisor, cheryl Williams, mr. arlis causseaux, mrs. betty phifer, margaret hardwick, assistant director, al schlaff, student president, liz malbon, mrs. dorothy birger, marinee Johnson, marilyn kirkpatrick. 239 fashion incorporated is a non-commercial association of college women interested in fashion and good taste in clothing, this organization was established in 1955 under the fashion institute department and has since grown considerably in size, one of the big activities for the year was a fashion day which was held during winter quarter, a designer from new york was the guest speaker as well as many speakers from local and nation-wide department stores, a fashion show was also held with the girls modeling the clothes which they had made during the year. juanita amendola cecilee austin linda barson gerry bennett char bie joy boniello aimee brien martha brown patty brown susan browning gay callaway mary lynn castellano sara ceccarelli Cheryl chadingian mary ellen dark Janice I. cooper carol cotten elaine cregg nancy deshefy sally droughman Julie farris barbara franklin marian fray Jackie gibson pam givens Pamela glattii kathy gorman barbara hart martha hoag grier houey kathy juilfs liz lane rose langston beth mates polly miller karen morse sha nicholson laura nottingham harriet packard barbara poe sheryl poston avery price patty sakkis donna shashy patricia simpson debbie skyrms gail sosby pan souda carol e. spence kathy spetz Jacqueline swikard lynn thomas susan ulm doris van glahn Cheryl Wallace susan wellman nancy wells Pamela whitlock sarah wilkenson leslie ann wood 240 urban renewal was one of the projects which the american institute of interior designers participated in this year, since its establishment in 1966, after approval from the national a.i.d. association, it has grown in membership from five to sixty students, its purpose is to implement and promote, through education and activity, the highest standards of professional practices and personal integrity, a student conference was attended in atlanta as well as the members helping with fashion day. 1. j. Williams 8. s. moore 15. r. vacaro 2 b. nicole 9. g- dietrichs 16. V. schafranski 3. s. muldoon 10. c. virgin 17. b. vega 4. m. weale 11. p stenstrom 18. m. claussen 5. p. Peterson 12. k harris 19. c. brinson 6. n. black 13. d gabul 20. s. basset 7. a. blackwell 14. b. carmona 21. g. waldon 241 members Sharon alexander sonya anderson nancy andrews martha barbee susan barone Sandra beasley mandy beason linda bell Pamela bethea karen blodgett ginger burris sally bush Carolyn chambers jane chapman cathy christian pam coggins pat cook toni constantini robin core kim croy diane davis gale downs april eaton patti edwards ann fitzpatrick sally flye Virginia flynn Cornelia frazier libby galloway janelle ganey anna garcia margaret gatlin michele gaughn kathy gray evans gilmore robin greatorex debra guedry nikki haglund jean sue hakes linda hall mary jo hall sally helvenston Chris hoffman elaine holmes Jeanne hubert Jackie idyll mary ismeurt martie jammes twig knowles nancy kreter karen kurtwright nancy lenhardt carol livingston bonnie macgregor kathy mansfield micki marvin rhonda mathis kathy mccann lyn mcdonald bonnie mclean sarah mcquady linda neff dorothy neill marsha nott mindy o ' neal Joanna patterson Judy pettit janelle plitz diane radomski mary santner nita sasser mary jane schilling elaine schlesinger donna shepler debbie smith sue smith beth spaugh melanie stacy Cheryl Stanley sally staten vicki sterrett jan swigler linda teuton judy toohill linda webb elaine wellhoner linda whidden ellaine wilson jeana womble diana wroten Shirley yackel composed of ninety girls, women ' s glee club was open to women students in all fields of study, the girls who participated in this organization were also able to earn one credit hour per quarter for active membership, the glee club presented three concerts this year including their annual Christmas vespers which was first presented in 1916. the women ' s glee club was ably directed by miss betty jane grimm. women ' s glee club officers: front row: pat cook, treasurer, vicki sterrett, martie jammes, president; second row: elaine schlesinger, martha mitchell, pam bethea, sally staten; third row: janelle ganey, pattie edwards, secretary, jeana womble. 243 pi mu epsilon 1 . m. brady 2. m. braswell 3. g. mcburnett 4. d. hoberg 5. o. harrold 6. I. mathis 7. c. mccann 8. j. snover 9. m. schexnayder 10. m. flynn 1 1 . r. korwar 12. d. kail 13. r. mcwilljams 14. I. peele 15. r. layton 16. d. batson 17. c. mcarthur 18. r. taylor 19. j. patin 20. j. ramalakshmi 21 . r. harper 22. i. Strickland 23. e. billingsley 24. s. leach 25. j. russell 26. e. bodo 27. s. achtemeier 28. c. kummer 29. d. bush 30. t. tomberlin 31 . d. Jones 32. m. donaldson Student art education assoc 244 student art education association officers: barbara barksdale, secretary, robert fuchs, president, margie ryan, ways means chnnn., Virginia wilson, program chmn., sinaron ellison, social cinmn., susan hightower, treasurer, ann marsak, publicity chmn. order of omega 1. b. wurzel 2. c. reisinger 3. e. vandergriff 4. s. winters 5. r. shoemaker 6. e. stacker 7. m. davis 8. g. mannheimer 9. s. sparkman 10. b. Williams 1 1. h. winner 12. r. benton 13. s. hawkins 14. g. tragos 15. b. baker 245 the society of hosts is a professional organization open to all interested majors in hotel and restaurant management, since its founding in 1960, the society of hosts has been engaged in advancing the latest methods of elaborate catering, private catering and dinner parties throughout the tallahassee area are among the pro- jects conducted during the school year. 1. 1, potts 2. d. boggie 3. a. graham 4. b. brickman 5. k. sheen 6. d. wolf 7. p. alcock 8. d. schreck 9. m. rockwood 10. r. goldberg 1 1. j. mastrangelo 12. m. cisak 13. c. dabney 246 established only last year, the student physical ed- ucation association was formed by a merger of the men ' s and women ' s phy- sical education majors clubs, the purpose of the organization is to develop more professional attitudes concerning physi- cal education and to aid in generating spirit for the florida state university athletic program, during the year, the group was responsible for organizing in- tramurals for both the greek and inde- pendent teams. student physical education association officers: front row: clara cook, lucy moody; second row: sarah hendry, joan gray, patti abbott, cathy butler. 247 tarpon club 248 1970 tarpon club: front row: maryann fair, Claudia kayser, maryann beaudoin, sherry deters, leigh young, carol zeiner; second row: aiicia crew, janet stoner, mikki banta, karen blodgett, melanie reading, mary mcinerny, ginny bunn; third row: susan mayo, carolyn kalmbach, bee casson, charlene thompson, Jeanne hubert, nikki haglund, karen deters, deborah parramore. gymnastica gymnastica members: front row: bob white, kari bishop, marshal! hinson; second row: carolyn cooper, dr. hartley price, cathy cooper, s teve kauffman, susan hill, bill crussells, nadean yuschak; third row: elaine nesbit, deedee Sullivan, gay thompson, glaythia hodek, sandy philips, susan banks, mary bauer. sailing club i Hi f I ' t • X " " 4 M 1-1 , , , ■ ■. ■ ' - - - . ■ ■ Vi ife fr . ' : . greeks I ' Oli being greek in a world where brotherhood seems bankrupt can be a rich and warm experience. to accept a code of conduct which embraces love, fidelity, friendship and honor among brothers and sisters and to follow it faithfully, is the test of true character. there are those who fail the test for greeks are human too. ■ ' ' i-? iSfe ' fl « » but he who knows and shares his brother ' s triumphs and his tragedies finds in himself a sense of understanding and compassion - for all men , everywhere. :v; - and in this sense, r?i ' this feeling I -V is manifested in | the true spirit of brotherhood. - ' liy would that all men -ii could share it ... r.VN - , 254 m .■ _;«■»?.!, • ' «? ' ••s . 1 , f ' %:. li ' 1 t- » i £« V 1 A 256 I Kitse msffit l " P- 257 fen,. ' JsjiJuf . ,...,-::-- -fst. ' fi -- .:;i$. . ' , . ' f? 258 259 : ft.. ' « interfraternity council interfraternity council officers: front row: ed stacker, president, george tragos, vice president; second row: larry simpson, ed vandergriff, bill everett. 1. j. mcmillan 20. j. montgomery 2. s. german 21. s. crooms 3. j. smith 22. b. kreiger 4. r. shoemaker 23. r. benton 5. r. mick 24. r. coleman 6. b. Willis 25. r. ross 7. h. brownett 26. j. maruniak 8. r. hedge 27. t. sechrest 9. e. vandergriff 28. t. hennis 10. p. Strickland 29. s. choos 11. c. reislnger 30. s. nelson 12. r. cruder 31. h. winner 13. d. rundle 32. j. edwards 14. r. zacur 33. 1. Simpson 15. r. stambaugh 34. m. trexler 16. t. browne 35. e. stacker 17 h. kapel 36. g. tragos 18. d. blackwell 37. b. avirret 19. b. rush 38. b. wurzel 260 ■ " W!f_ panhellenic panhellenic officers: dee dee sullivan, cecelia bonifay, bobbie beals, dee dee art, Susan gore, kathy hamilton, cheryl Wallace. H JjI- ' -I " " ' 1 1. b. 2.C. 3.b. 4. p. 5.d. 6.b. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. m 13. k. 14. k. 15. g. 16. f. martin Wallace baer hesler art marchick nelson lewis gore gowens . o ' neal . Stevens hodge hamilton owens fox 17. I 18. j 19. d. 20. d. 21. b. 22. c. 23. r. 24. d. 25. s. 26. b. 27. V. 28. m 29. s. 30. f. 31. r. ryan deramo . mckinney , sullivan . beals lawhorn Williams dulin daniels tedford shallantz . mears cooper mirgliano kaintz 261 1. k. thrower 15. 1. rawers 2. b. myrick 16. j. bennett 3. d. mckinney 17. c. cusick 4. d. mcdaniels 18. m. wombeldorf 5. j. ramsey 19. w. brown 6. s. hightower 20. j. hebert 7. c. Sullivan 21. c. randle 8. d. Phillips 22. p. bumgardner 9. j. davis, pres. 23. g. burris 10. r. randall 24. b. moore 11. b. sparkman 25. s. house 12. j. nolan 26. c. Simpson 13. s. higbee 27. m. nunnelly 14. j. idyll 28. d. smith 29. s. wagner 30. s. mccaskill 31. s. ulm 32. d. lujan 33. m. hart 34. d. hemmings 35. b. sorrells 36. g. harper 37. 1. marchick 38 b. hart 39 c. dykema 40 t. mcintyre i. ... lotus blossom queen ... watch out for the soy-aks at dinasor ... how do you spell " fat chance " ... susie ' s nnusical cups ... nuggle, tis and crunch ... where have all the waiters gone ... show ... tacks will sharpen the world ... ralph and rally ... tunkelovich ... you do and you do and you do and you do and what do you get, do do ... contrary to popular belief, dorothy and barbie really aren ' t Siamese twins ... linda and colleen need guinea pigs for their fleets ... nighty-poo ... don ' t worry bennett, bonnie brought her book ... pumpkin woman ... 222-2187, that ' s the number you dial for chanelo ' s heaven ... impy and wimpy ... catch ' cha ' round campus ... decade of the ' 60 ' s and the tropics ... i mean really ... meet ' cha at the mecca ... who ever heard of the koala bear with a burned bottom ... candlelights ... who ' s the guppy in the goldfish bowl ... in the p.r. ... it ' s a long way to nicaragua ... life is a sandwich and everybody is trying to make you take a bite out of it ... sweet sal ... can somebody move cars ... little brown bags ... ah yes, my little chickadee ... cherie and her 96 tears ... with donna and cecily, who rubs who ' s back ... 100 and counting ... r.aipi r " - ' -i , • ' «vrf- ' : , ' £ - i. J ' f- ' 1. j. owens 18. w. robuck 2. s. sandy 19. p. parramore 3. j. Sander 20. g. delong 4. g. weathersbee 21.f.talbot 5. b. brane 22.r. telleck 6. d. taylor 23. j. lynch 7. V. mutton 24. 1. Crawford 8. j. moore 25. t. Simmons 9. d. lineberger 26. a. park 10. p. van gundy 27. g. hannon 11. a. behnke 28. f. pughsley 12. b. barcus 29. j. woodward 13. n. miller 30. d. miller 14. k. bryan 31. c. setzer 15. 1. thalmon 32.d.dulin 16. j. hunter 33. 1. carey 17. d. melton 34. j. rogers " r T ,.. ■ ' ' fi ss ' " ' f .- " ' ' - 35. j. o ' brien 52. c. hoffman 36. s. martin 53. k. hodge 37. C.I. gregg, pres. 54. a. neal 38. f . adams 55. c. butler 39. k . colson 56. p. bowje 40. s. srnger 57. s. eisenmenger 41 . r. Pickett 58. m. breeden 42. m. dehoff 59. m. hauer j » 43. g. cassady 60. g. klingbeil 44. b. Stevens 61. a. klingbeil 45. p. lamb 62. z. osborne 46. 1. pyzska 63. m. cole 47. m. moore 64. j. dehoff 48. b. berry 65. c. Williamson kl 49. s. batstone 50. s. gregg W r 51. c. mason r M ... go lake county ... how many seniors have had candlelights? ... those ugly tallahassee girls ... the phi delts serenading who?! ... chapter meeting at the keg ... coke bottle bring down ... no more ' around the table ' ... if you can ' t go to mardi gras — make your own ... d.t. opens all resident mail ... katie goes continental — peas with a knife ... have a peace ... little sisters of the white jacket ... how ' bout a little ' b ' ? ... a shipping bill of $259?!? ... no holes in the telephone lists, please! ... C.I. goes for miss fsu title ... bonnie ' s wong again ... why not knit on Saturday night? ... who flew to the super bowl? ... carnations anyone? — we deliver ... everyone go down with the ato ' s ... pb j on the green carpet — a nasty no-no! ... your thumb ' s been asleep for how long? ... no sae pins in the house, but plenty of sae waiters ... fried chicken? steak? no! mystery meat! ... senior champagne party ... georgia or bust! ... last of the ka era? cute child! ... giant slump or red rover ... grand czar of what? ... the pencil test ... story time in melton ' s room ... 9,999 toads ... 4:30 dash to the holiday inn ... these hands delivered a baby!!! ... anybody for ping pong? ... quiet in front of the mirror ... the robert redford award ... ann candy ' s little girls ... those $90 keys ... unruly behavior in the ' lunch room ' ... favors with the crest ... ding, dong, avon calling ... V - -•■ - " ' « -t » ' » ' HM!m tM , ' • f» ' myf «,, 1 . c. schultz 18. s. scolion 2. k. mansfield 19. s. king 3. a. Phillips 20. s. foster, pres 4. k. spetz 21. j. sapp 5. I.burr 22. s. Johnson 6. e. gienau 23. k. Stanton 7. p. hails 24. c. spence 8. j. foster 25.d.droz 9. c. kennon 26. s. aired 10. j. crews 27.d.droz 1 1 . b. loescher 28. s. banks 12. b. burney 29. c. legg 13. f. bell 30. j. martin 14. t. portewig 31 . d. harmon 15. a. kotowski 32. n. harding 16. s. hayes 33. j. boutin 17. 1. mathis 34. f. fox ;? v J j •I " - ' ;; ' ... promises, promises ... if i have one more bridge to cross ... allblue, the flanker ... what a bird! ... caca! ... que pasa, baby? ... could be tense ... grouper, the groover ... hardo, the body ... it ' s no big thing, linda ... see ya later ... my name is sue, how do you do? ... how ' s your brain tumor and the walker, maudine queen? ... geels, geels, geels ... super tach, super tach, super tach ... fosterino, the spaghetti queeno ... what a ho, ho ... good show dental floss and the zoopremes ... oh dreadful day! ... gaby baby ... thelma ' s beauty salon ... oh poopies ... boom, boom my honey ... look at them short leggs ... na, na, na, na, na ... yoo hoo, boo boo ... it ain ' t easy alice, it ain ' t easy ... that ' s pretty mini, sue ... lightning may strike twice ... see that coke bottle? ... hardo manages campaigns, among other things, cheap ... rack attack ... it ' s heavy ... you picked violet? ... .- i ■; - «? - - -« ' ««l3S ii - T % wuyy 1 . 1, cross 2. m.billingsly 3.j. mcclellan 4. s. buchman 5. d. wells 6. a. verso 7.j.hebert 8.C. karl 9. b. poe lO.a.corbett 1 1 .a. lowell 12. a. urban 13.j.daniel 14. s. ceccarelli IS.j.huber, pres. 16. m. augustyniak 17. a. suggs IS.j.baldwin 19. s. bennett 20.l.neff 21 . m. hoffmeier 22.S. wertz 23. 1, cox 24. c. poulos 25. s. hancock 26. c. perez c. badia 27. 28. j. teal •SLmTKi ' lL ' 29. m. mastry 30. s. Shaffer 31 .c.davis 32. c. Wallace 33. 1, dud ley 34. S.Wilkinson 35.a.southworth 36.c.cotten 37. 1. Jackson 38. k. recchi 39. m.ziegler 40. d. hruby 41 . s. butler 42. s. shuman iw TTT iLLiLi ... remember times, friends, smiles ... have fun our motto is January 2, 1897 ... mary louise roller ... what kind of toys? ... what do we use those red stamps for? ... bobsey twins-no! ... jmc and sb your room looks so nice! ... kittens ... queer duck ... dyno ... gross me out ... big reds ... annie got pinned? no-married! ... sisters together ... only 13 below a 2.7 ... badia-not talking? what ' s wrong? ... jane knows about black eyes ... us-thieves, not really ... officer ' s retreat ... the yak ... don ' t look at the sun-panic ... everythings coming up roses ... janie-terrific president ... super servers ... delta omicron and sigma omicron chi ... 1 . g. van armen 15. g. stivender 2.g. ellis 16. j. bullard 3. p. meehan 17. c. Williams 4. b. lane 18. r. norris 5. b. duffy 19. s. barsom 6. b. heidtman 20. r. yawn 7. m. olewski 21. I.deddy 8. w. mckinzie 22. d. sellers 9. b. hubbard 23. m.todd 10. p. denton 24. s. burgess 1 1. b. chomat 25. h. hitchcock 12. p. flair 26. j. shuff, pres 13. j. bielling 27. e. crovo 14.j.tarr 28. r. bowdoin it m ... Steve ' s brown nose has gained 4.0 ' s and honors for ato ' s ... it took big chip all of three rounds but he finally made the Cleveland browns ... pete the fleetfoot is quite athletic, but for a fold-out somewhat pathetic! ... we all hope John ' s kinky hairs don ' t bring too many flies in pairs ... if crovo ' s best for all four years guess we ' ll shop next time at sears ... powell ' s the only one we all know who could take three hours to say hello ... complaints were one thing billy didn ' t horde and so was deserving of the h.a. award ... there traveled five tau ' s down mexico way, a trip which won ' t be forgot; especially for one unfortunate lad who experienced somewhat of a shock, unable to pay the debt he owed, he could not quell the shout of the lady who screamed, " police! and so paid the money to get out ... and, in conclusion, and with lasting memory, to the ffwc — " aardvark, aardvark bon bon! " ... 29. r. 30. k. 31. t. 32. r. 33. s. 34. s. 35. j 36. r. 37. d. 38. m 39. d. 40. s. 41. k. 42. b. ruediger kaucher h osford young sorensen crovo zeffer hitchcock pritchard . holmes price chambers Stuart rogers 1. k. wyckoff 18. p. brown 2. m. dark 19. m. rees 3. t. speas 20. d. Clifford 4. m. gambitta 21. d. owens 5. p. mintz 22. c. rossee 6. 1. tang 23. b. ausfeld 7. m. smith, pres. 24. d. hodges 8. k. riley 25. n. yuschak 9. 1. tremblay 26. k. riley 10. p. reinhardt 27. j. osborne 11. k. newton 28. t. Caldwell 12. s. hart 29. d. Campbell 13. a. rivers 30. d. wittstruck 14. g. pautke 31 . s. Johnson 15. a. smith 32. s. Campbell 16. m. lenington 33. s. mock 17. j.deknes 34. g. greenweli 35. b, 36. u. 37. r. 38. b, 39. s. 40. I. 41. j. 42. p, 43. c. 44. j. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. I. 51. I. bell chailancin dalton tedford martin mozley pettit renick gonos ford miller Campbell ostiguy salem hofmann maitland Campbell ... who ' s no. 27 — is there a man in the attic? ... use coke bottle burglar alarms ... snakes, worms, and frogs — good fly catchers ... fallen drawers and yellow slips ... think big — it ' s a wiz to fill a96-z... heel butch! ... would somebody like to do something nice for daddy huey? ... is the guest room full — oops! ... madame fifi ' s french parlor — why would you want to show a boy your bedroom? ... business is booming! ... lyre bird schenely — he wants a cheap thrill ... who do you want, I or II? ... what ' s this, paul at the weekend — he ' s a sweetheart ... there ' s something about those tallahassee cops — wicked! ... who " nose " about the strange markings on the door? ... breakfast with asmile! ... Il ' sv.w. caps the cops ... social anyone? ... mutt jeff ... longdistance — oh, it ' sjust for dede ... oh no, it ' s a " busted " birthday cake ... georgia, you have mud on your stockings ... Where ' s marian? ... mail ' s here ... it ' s a girl mom ... hey pledges, give me an " a " ! ... coffee flavored shower anyone? ... don ' t stand there, the t.v. won ' t like it ... is this our little kitchen? ... you have been selected to close the house this week — your duties are .. angels? ... love hera ... " 1 . s. moharg 2. e. naclerio 3. p. taylor 4. s. vernon 5. b. harvey 6. I. bell 7. c. skarda 8. m. lewis 9. k. boyd 10. c. may 1 1. p. anderson 12. p. edwards 13. r. stone 14. b.brickett 15. h. romph 16. a. 17.g. 18. s. 19. m 20. n. 21. s. 22. a, 23. b 24. n 25. s. 26. s. 27. b 28. b 29. j. meadows everett, pres. reid . gatten moharg staten kilgore evans nubar page godawa marchich paul fontenot • K ■ " IW " % ... the house with the winding staircase ... k.b., fiji sweetheart ... serenade from the servers ... take a dinner roll ... watch out for the big b ' s ... sigma phi epsilon winter sweetheart from boaz ... basketball champs ... open house and noise and people, people, people ... human checkers on a built-in board ... it ' s a mad, mad world ... when the candle went around five times ... beep, beep ... honk, honk? ... chat ' n ' chew ... the greatest mom ... the clean upstairs foyer ... who ' ll fix teddy ' s piano? ... could it be roosevelt? ... ta-rue ... true, maybe? ... you know ... sisters forever ... sharing and cari ng ... gamma phi beta officers: front row: r. taylor, social chmn., s. gore, panhellenic chmn., c. herrington, recording secretary; second row: b. paul, pledge director, e. naclerio, scholarship chmn., k. osborne, standards chmn., n. nubar, house manager, g. everett, president, s. godawa, membership chmn. ii 4r r AT Ar - AT 1. k. mullendore 16. c. hartley 2. m. newton 17. p. northrup 3 m. snow 18. c. cooper 4. m. newton 19. m. lowman 5. n. pope 20. p. barr 6. c. maza 21. b. pierce 7. d. Campbell 22. s. o ' shea 8. j. mack 23. g. nicholas 9. 1. Simmons 24 b. schurig 10. n. sackett 25 c. turner 11. j.hill 26 s. asker 12. c. dalrymple 27. 1. holderman 13 c. mcdevitt 28. s. josephson 14. p. black 29. b. borje 15. s. edmonds 30. t. hodge 31 . m. Stephens, pres. 32. j. wood 33. t. binion 34. V. vetter 35. k. moran 36. c. holden 37. g. bennett 38. j. kellog 39. c. cook 40. c. moore 41.j.plitz 42. g. sosby 43. p. herndon ... oldie goldie night on friday ... it was the year of the anchor ... blow it off ... on the dg line ... seniors unchained ... the 12 to 1 click ... dynamic duos ... midnight confessions ... no time left for ... what a beating ... right in the back ... don ' t vote for the pecker, vote for the beak ... swimming in budweiser creek ... can ' t someone get the phi delts out of sybil ' s room ... hosephones and tambourines ... a regurgitator for a favor ... won ' t you come home bill lindsey? ... what ' s new pussycat? ... sae ' s ... wedding bells aren ' t breaking up the old gang of mine ... it ' s a bananoo! ... girls, girls, fines will be given!! ... she ' s a dg, dg sweeter than a honey bee ... candlelight ... kelly, we ' re still waiting ... chub debs and junior plenties ... are you rippling? ... did you hear? — amy got a date! ... big ho - thelast of the original flowers ... how do, my name is sue ... fake ... does every dg have a date with a football player? ... when we leave, this house will crumble ... can you do the tom Jones? ... i love you budman ... who passed the pencil test? ... a phi across the sea is better than no phi at all ... i ' d rather be blue thinking of you ... 1 . r. shellnut 2. a. urban 3. j. segal 4. m. mowrey 5. j. pansa 6. g. waldon 7. c. Vaughn 8. m. hendrickson 9. m. gregory 10. I. peacock 1 1 . d. echols 12. c. I ' engle 1 3. n. roark 14. m. whichard 1 5. a. chartrand 16. k. anderson 17. t. mccabe 18. I. nations 19. c. robinson 20. n. noel 21. c. Stephenson 22. m. gugeler 23. g. dinnard 24. t. calland 25. d. Johnson 26. j.taylor 27. n. pepper 28. d. rogers 29. p. amoroso 30. c. hayn 31 . b. bray 32. j. douglas 33. d. desmond 34. c. bonifay 35. m. dark 36. d. rigsby 37. c. I ' orange 38. p. hudson, pres. 39. b.f rates 40. k. hartley 41 . f. adams 42. p. morton 43. m. gregory 44. m.peagler 45. c. hodges 46. p. Windham 47. s. rutherford 48. p. Wilson 49. k. crevasse 50. c. cooper 51 . c. coram 52. t. wing 53. s. daniel 54. c. crum 55. m. crouch 56. p. hardy A A ... happiness is a beautiful newinome... keg block seating ... men in the halls ... shaving cream fights ... a frog in montgomery ' s closet ... a tri delta man like de ... your father ' s mustache weekend engagements ... seniors-rah diah furniture that walks away ... mud fights in the front yard ... spring ... diets ... slumber parties on the sleeping porch ... triple deckers ... weekend trips ... house dedication, with our love to dr. wheel ... slow-children at play ... the age of aquarius ... nine of the sharpest winter pledges ... breaking and entering ... a color tv-our thanks to the lambda chi ' s ... painting leo with transluscent paint ... the " bat " of peace ... a phone call on sara, ida, shaw, or is it martin? ... mom powell all the delta time ... a purple room ... rippling ... four corners dancing lessons ... tri delta ' s own triple crown winner, carolyn cooper ... " what a bummer " ... t.c. homecoming court ... changing times ... happiness is being happy ... happiness is being a tri delta ... 1. p. bunker 2. I. outlaw 3. j. tedder 4. p. hunt 5. d. daniels 6. c. deitrich 7. s. ball 8. s. Winchester 9. I. galietti 10. c. swigler 1 1. s. Jones 12. m. desmond 13. p. mason 14. b. appieton 15. b. karipis 16. m. Sullivan 17. d. dardar 18. j. richardson 19. s. kenyon 20. s. coleman 21 . e. osborne 22. b. cayson 23. d. edwards 24. j. Stevens 25. b. herod 26. a. brien 27. e. brewer 28. s. warren 29. d. art 30. m. bellafiore 31 . a. martinez 32. j. Campbell 33. s. coffey 34. m. Stafford » imsmsimtamm ZFTA TAU ALPH m ... that ' s tacky ... plopped on ... the brown helmet ... friday the 13th ... easy rider ... seniors first ... hoggin ' it ... pi kappa phi happy hour ... animal farm ... float-number one ... toad ... sh-h-h galiette ' s taking names ... does anybody want a date tonight? he ' s real nice and makes his own clothes! ... quiet hours ... Where ' s my soap? ... has anybody seen my ... now, ya ' ll ... bulldog and themis ... the rain!! ... it ' s a fine ... don ' t feel put upon ... pickers ... you found another and p-p-d-d-t-t-t you were gone ... i ' m so-o-o cold! ... remember the face in the window, girls? ... kappa sig watertight ... two hijacked pledge trainers ... bucket ... pick me br-r-r sniff ... you ' re out of order ... and stuff ... 35. j. 36. b 37. b 38. b 39 40 41 42 43. n, 44. d, 45. n, 46. b. 47. r. 48. s. 49. b. 50. m wadsworth russell oren Williams banks Jamison schanbacher Wiley daley poteet condo martin kovac gee schanbacher rs. barry zeta officers: paula bunker, recording secretary, nancy condo, treasurer, babs cayson, vice president, barbara schanbacher, president, pam wiley, historian, peggy hunt, membership chairman, bobbie banks, panhellenic representative. m ' i . ■ii a. S - 1 . g. rotter 17. c. cleland 2. j. bartels 18. c. christian 3. b. alvarez 19. d. tracy 4. c. rotter 20. V. tipton 5. c. parkes 21 . k. bennett 6. n. lynn 22. m. duebler 7. s. gordon 23. c. bullard 8. s. slane 24. r. thrash 9. c. alvarez 25. m. kring 10. m. blankenship 26. V. box 1 1 . m. starnes 27.d.dodd 12. m. thorne 28. a. folwell 13. b. bayer 29. k. bailey 14. k. balistreri 30. s. croley 15. d. lasota 31. s. thomas 16. c. langpaul 32. k. whitehurst 33. I. martin 34. I. lastinger 35. c. lafavour 36. p. ward 37. b. home 38. m. mcintosh 39. 1. owens 40. p. shaughnessy 41 . d. Oliver 42. a. Webster 43. I. zoghby 44. I. watson 45. k. doyle 46. j. Clark 47. j. dunphy 48. i. meyer 49. a. armstrong 50. s. harrison, pres. 51 . c. mcgann 52. m. yon 53. d. hultgren 54. r. turner 55. s. karlay 56. m. guthrie 57. j. donohue 58. e. gilmore 59. a. mcgee 60. s. ledbetter 61 . s. langley ... hallmark drafts bailey ... maggie - you ' re legal, 21 years ... kites fly as well as birds ... theta ' s waitas make it to the soup bowl ... nanner, nanner, nanner ... rush, raindrops keep falling on our heads ... executive board meetings result in high flying thetas ... kaye gets a horse for Christmas ... wedding march ... bebop ' s smile game ... kitty cents and noncents ... la stinger gets a plane instead of a pin ... alpha chapter 21 club ... theta ' s a 100 years old ... homecoming queen, most original float, 1st place skit ... service- men surprise ... tri phis - lifetime guaran- tee? ... new house - april fools ... a! baby vs barbarella ... sister angelica is a theta ... firedrill for the fijis ... the coed hilton ... our own California prom queen ... maybe kitt, we ' ll soon be scholars ... mr. hall plays santa claus ... twy ' s date for homecoming? ... minny mouse meets mighty ... pike " white " Christmas ... let ' s play dressup ... who said who was a load? ... turtles turn to football ... little rabbit foo foo? ... groovin ' groover ... as long as he needs me ... withered roses in the living room ... gee, our very own parking lot ... f9 V ' , - K, ' ' ir ,- -Vn . •• ;%. ,. .. " , -- % ' " • ' ' , • -t « ■ «_,- » . ' , . .«. " " 1. s. skyrms 18. p. alderman 2. d. whitaker 19. h. hagelauer 3. c. tscarios 20. p. sakkis 4. m. purcell 21. s. droughman 5. b. reeder 22. s. levan 6. t. rappold 23. m. ell is 7. m. westenhiser 24. g. melanese 8. p. Whitney 25. s. neck 9. d. holtzman 26. p. stratton 10. b. ennis 27. c. lawthorn, pres 11.1. Johnson 28. d. sullivan 12. e. loe 29. a. Oakland 13. m. brown 30. p. geary 14. d. von glahn 31. m. murphy 15. 1. lowry 32. c. bell 16. m. macphail 33. c. hundley 17. g. westenhiser 34 b. newsome h- ' X-M " ... " kappa delta reflections " ... that old kd spirit ... girls in diamond pins ... province workshop 1970 ... " big dog " ... hohos in the street ... late nights for the homecoming float ... fraternity serenades ... char-char ... lambda chi water fight ... spring weddings ... " wings locked together " ... girls in florence ... dp! tug of war team dp! ... three ... serious times of service ... dance through the ages amy ... how about some old 44 ' s cdp ... " we love you waiters " ... sunning on the fire escape ... my baby loves me! ... oldy goldy parties ... one red hen ... don ' t say goodbye ... " we love you mom " ... never stop hoping little dutch girl ... hank, could you ... heavy chicks ... senior banquet ... friendships true that last forever ... 1 s. osher 18 e. ivey 2 k. fischer 19 t. farley 3 c. haller 20 p. miller 4 n. Jennings 21 m. bauer 5 p. tucker 22 s. heare 6. m. owens 23. t. siviter 7. c. rifenburg 24. s. murr 8. a. graham 25. c. binion 9. j. osher 26. p. franklin 10. c. coburn 27. s. hagen 11. m. godwjn 28. r. Williams 12. d. shashy 29. k. busch 13. e. godwin 30. g. lenington 14. n. kelley 31. J. chapman 15. m. bishop 32. s. burgess 16. n. shashy 33. k. tucker 17. j. trescott 34. b. hopkins 35. c. buerger 36. d.newsome 37. k. yoder 38. p. sislen 39. d. degarmo 40. s. murphy 41 . d. schmall 42. n. Williams 43. j. eppinger 44. j. pike 45. j. bucci 46. c. boyd 47. I. finlayson 48. c. reagan, pres. 49. I. Johnson 50. m.bartlett 51 . m. griesbaum ly " tjr Y Ti::pr ' : iiiysKSSK ' Vmcr«s ' iissr:yv ... strawberry fields forever ... buckeye ... murrhead ... we ' ve flipped our wigs ... you rascal ... flannel nightie and fire escapes ... the eyes are the most expressive part of the body ... el, can you buy ... not another pledge prank! ... kappa pledges are " flour " children ... b.r. ' s ... raindrops are fallin ' in the dining room ... la serva breaks a record ... KKr - ' .-si 1 . r. hanlon 2. 1.lopez S.d.lyles 4. t. gravely 5.f. matthews 6. r. labasky 7.j.updegraff 8. r. morris S.g.stinson 10. r. Jackson, pres. 1 1 . h. redd 12. m.ford 13. p.douglas 14. r. Williams 15.g. home 16. m. lucas 17. j.guemple 18. a. gardener 19. 1, matthews 20. m. wood 21 . b. anderson 22. j. Collins 23. n. santacruz 24. j. lee 25. s. german 26. e. wynne 27. t. barnum I f - 4r • " Ul » ■ ' tmM ' 28. g. mannheimer 29.C. pigott 30. b.donnelly 31 . p. bowen 32. r. leonard 33. r. raffa 34. b. bean 35.f. walper 36. j. carter 37. r. law 38. r. hedge 39. g. eichenauer 40. b. crona 41 . b. brasington 42.b.scanlon 43. m. mcadams 44. b. ramella 45. g. lee 46. V. simmers 47. r. meadows 48.g. hiatt 49. b. doty 50. w. myers 51 . m.orsban 52. j. carrier 53. c. morris ... from oysters at the a-f rame to parties at the estate, lambda chi ' s do it all ... vice pres of the student body, senior class pres , pres of ifc, pres of the housemothers assoc. ; you name it, we ' ve got it ... number 2 in football but number 1 in basketball; hot rod, flo, and stork saw to that ... champion pig player of the backyard court? ford ' s got it wrapped up ... but then, there ' s always pez ... fall rush brings on 18 new brothers, and plenty of new life ... who says frats are dying? ... kappas and Ixa build most beautiful float; but where was it in the parade? ... Christmas tree hunt, ford ' s dead ... dg house all wrapped up ... whale chained to the anchor, yea pledges ... ok p.i. ' s, tri delts receive color tv; those Ixa ' s have big hearts ... dugie adds to the upstairs carpet ... thews, dows, buck, bobba lou a-tip, hard, pig-it, Charlie tuna, strick-dick, mons, peahead, gator, flo, f, red man, rog, dodo, mella, rafter, heimer, scobie ... kappas move in for the weekend ... happy hour ... marlys and long distance calls ... the a-frame is dead, but the frat lives on ... hurray for the year of the lambda ... go big green ... A_ 4tn ' m ' ' r- m ; I ' £li ifei SSfii ' T»AU:; « . .,, 1 . p. bramblet 2. s. roesch 3. j. danielson 4. m. gowing, pres. 5. j. mixner 6.t. sepielli 7. m. bissett 8. s. moore 9. j. drew 10. m. cooper ll.d.elliot 12. a. love 13. 1. wall 14. d. Callahan 15. s. rikley 16. b. bond 17. b. poison 18. b.bond 19. 1, soverns 20. p. robinson 21 . j.stambaugh 22. m. poison 23. c. crews 24. j. millitzer 25.j.barthle 26. c. lawrence 27. m. hicks 28. c. prescher 29. i.stutzer 30. b. krause 31.1. nagelson 32. s. gingery 33. j. haus 34. 1.scheibel 35. p. chiles 36. k. pressly 37. j. dorr 38. b. alexander Pi Beta Phi 39. g- gatchel 40. b. watkins 41. s. lande 42. m .sparks 43. P irwin 44. J- ferris 45. t. rickett 46. b deitz 47. c. west 48. b taber 49 P . hoover 50 .t turnbull 51 .b .chrisman 52 1. hood 53 J- houseman 54 b .tong 55 a .gray 56 .b . pressly ... take a gamble at the pi phi casino ... are you ripplin? ... who has lost their closet again? ... birdlegs! ... sin! sin! sin! ... with help of the magic glove ... " funny girl " rules the house ... pool-a-pledge party ... risk our hair for you? ... senior nights at the " hizza put " ... cash hall tonight? ... surly pledges ... sleeping on the ceiling is fun ... yeah, rhoda ... laveliered one night, pinned the next ... blackout-february 1 ... what are the sae ' s doing upstairs? ... gatlinburg weekends ... pledge night no. 1 ... sophomore strip ... ka kidnappers ... pikes one time! ... diamonds galore ... q., are you going to gainesville this weekend? ... a., does the sun rise? ... how would you like to split a split? ... wake-up, g. ... anyone going to fort walton? ... is the gulf wind blowing tonight? ... oh, gross me out! ... i ' m not real sure it is any of your business ... sarna ... another Saturday night at the pi phi house ... close door when leaving ... mary margaret truman and that ' s why the pi phi ' s drink beer ... 1 . g. kenney 16. s. gulledge 2. h. guice 17 d. Starr 3. b. claytor 18 e. vandergriff 4. t. cannon 19. j. spencer 5. j. madden 20 r. chinnis 6. e. eakes 21 b. baker 7. j. Johnson 22. j. mcswain 8. r. clary 23. b. weathers 9.t. knight 24 m. Clifford 10. j. meade 25. d. hammond 1 1. k. monfort 26 d. haltiwanger 12. r. moore 27. c. mcleod 13. d. peery 28. c. reisinger, pres 14. h. rapp 29. h. brownett 15. d. cogan U ft ... fall rush brought heavy member increase ... baker bounced back ... huck and herb visited the woods while governor checked out the closet ... rallies moved from enh 317 to farm ... winter froze out happy hour ... s.g. elections— you can ' t win everything ... byrd took another quarter off— where will he live next? ... red ralph led football, volleyball blitz ... little sisters carried saddles ... raiders invade keys ... wanger and gink out-dressed each other— what happened to delma? ... hh perfects yellow journalism ... chevy racing team grows ... owl feathers were ruffled as pi kapps wise up ... spring brought massive jewelry exchange ... shutout at pc turned into ft. walton blowout ... intramural championship shared with jocks ... dg ' s wonder where the anchor went ... brad takes most sacred award ... pencil yields rose to donna ... ricehead ends up on top— cuddles takes a break headquarters boarded up ... c.t. finally ready? ... 1 . g. hemstreet 2. p. muth 3. b. roberts 4.C. banks 5.g. mixon e.j.talley 7. d. stokes S.j.pearce 9.g. harvey lO.j.rowell 1 1 . m. english 12.j.brannen 13.e. kogelshatz 14. m.zahn 1 5. d. fields le.j.farrell 17. j.seager 18.b. winfree 19. m. england 20.S. caruso 21.b.davis 22.j.casbon 23. p. hill 24. b. Williams, pres. 25. c. pool 26. s. glass 27. s. brock 28. b. proctor 29. k. mckenzie 30.r. beal 31. b. kirk 32. t. parsons 33. c. clony 34.j.montgomery 35. b. banks Se.t.harkness 37. j.caruso 38. r. miller 39.m.fettig 40. d. sample 41 . j. romano 42. s. Johnson 43. b.gridley 44. b. boynton 45. t. smith 46. d. batchelor 47. s. bigham 48. s. crooms 49. s. merritt 50. p.gridley 51 . c. mason 52. s. montgomery ... after the smoke cleared the e ' s found they had another great rush ... hash was a bear ... no. 1 in intramurals again this year ... we did make some great scores ... with a little pot-luck we won swimming ... football was represented by a lot of good numbers 43, 64, 77, 76, 44, 18, 19 ... flagpole sitting seems to be gaining popularity ... although we didn ' t come out on top in baseball, we did get a lot of good hits ... to hell with hell week ... pledges had a great time on their bar-b-que in boynton ' s field ... the naked runner will be back for another wild weekend ... congratulations to ammon, galloway ... spring was a super ball around here ... the e ' s are riding high this year ... r I.j.becton 1 1. m.gurtis 2. m. metcalfe 12. s.whilden 3.t.kiser 13. s. Johnson 4. b. bell 14. k. marr S.s.eubanks IS.j.amos 6. V. pendergrass 7. 1. lewallen 8. e.george 9. b. baer lO.k.stillwell 16. c. day 17. p. king IS.j.bowen 19.j.hollis 20. k.tjernstrom 296 i ' ' f i :4 j. a " ' n mss . ... " we got the sigma spirit " ... ten reserved tables at the skyline ... post-initiation ritual at the h.h. ... dedication at the keg for p.k. ... president of garnet key ... grand czar ... president of Jennie roses ... ato sweetheart ... little colonel ... sig ep calendar girl ... farkle family reunion ... coff, jocko, fat pat, berg, pendergraff, warren, zanne, bon bon, space queen ... " who said that? " ... " you ' re just jealous " ... " what do you get when you fall in love? " ... brown bags are " in " ... old macdonald had a farm with a duck, quack, buck, and a moo moo ... " isn ' t that fowl? " ... " mary smith is a — ! " ... cover girl ... pre-skit warm-ups ... most appropriate float ... are you rippling on the fire escape? ... big mac and taco runs ... water fight champs ... another keg party at chink ' s? ... a. a. clinic ... chaires ... " jump back, loretta " ... " who got hit by that mac truck? " ... gushing gurtis and babbling becton ... head slapper ... we ' re room no. 1, Where ' s room no. 4? ... lynne ' s place — B-27 ... " we ' ve got a graveyard over there " ... d.b. ... what ' s that door doing in my bed? - or on the front porch! ... well, if you can ' t take a joke! ... the weekend ... band? what band? ... coast party? what coast party? ... date? what date? ... harry and the big " o " ... " jetplane " ... was " moo moo " mortified at lum ' s? ... " god knows " 21. m.dees 22.j.gentes 23. mrs. nevin 24. m. leonard 25. 1, mcfarland 26. m. brand 27. m. hoag 28. 1.donald, pres. 29. s. gurtis 30.d. wiehaus 31. s. cooper 32. 1, miller 33. j. kimsey 34. a.eng 35. n. whidden 36. s. badger 37. n.atwood 38. V. white 39. m. ready 40.5. hitzler 1 . j. gentry 16. m. Phillips 2. k. grierson 17. s. lester 3. s. reed 18. k. smernis 4. d. white 19. j. kilpatrick 5. k. hamilton 20. k. funchess 6. b. Olson 21. t. armston 7.d. moffett 22. 1. pratt 8. p. dark 23. s. kane 9. k. white 24. 1. kindred 10. j. weaver 25. k. lahrmon 1 1. b. pr-ddock 26. d. middlebrooks 12. c. short 27. j. o ' gara 13. d. gabel 28. h. huey 14. b. cash 29. s. stroberg 15. k. haverty 30. a. mazzarella Sd miA Si ' M S pma 31 . s. hagan 32. p. wingfield 33. I. shedd 34. m. brandon 35. s. stroberg 36. s. thomas 37. d. stark 38. m. kendrick 39. r. coon 40. I.trigg 41 . s. teague 42. s. Stephens 43. k. mcknight 44. b. stichler 45. m. robjnson 46. I. wing, pres. 47. r.ford 48. m. santner 49. g. harrison 50. b. craig 51 . j. navartil 52. j. burke 53. I. Olson 54. k. wells 55. I. dark 56. j. keiser 57. s. barone 58. g. blanning ... sorry, you don ' t qualify for ibb ... it ' s a t.p. party ... what ' s a golden jubilee? ... danny ' s miss pananna city ... are you kidding nne? ... number one for two years in campus sing, can we do it again? ... guess who called? ... i ' m not going to any more candlelights; this is getting ridiculous ... what ' s a fungus? ... weed of the work ... another watertight? ... they ' re climbing in my window ... are we really going to have a weekend? ... do they have any favors at all? ... are you ripplin ' ? ... fish is back ... who stole my cigarettes? ... captain america rides again ... but his hair ' s short ... our own dr. zhivago ... little sister football takes its toll ... the head beagle? ... oh ho! the bat ' s loose! ... mozzarella and barona ... beware - standards strikes every five seconds ... a turtle derby trophy? ... valentines in november ... there ' s a flying saucer over the phi mu house ... new phones - at last! ... keiser, how did you get in who ' s who, or is it what ' s what? . i know i ' m not supposed to do this but . the great purple sigma is going to get me . marathon dinners ... initiation til 3 am . whose hair are you wearing tonight? . let ' s go play ... kate, sing us an irish ditty ... a $23 phone bill to Canada? ... sigmas loving, sharing, and giving ... it ' s snowing all year round ... 1 . d. norman 2. c. hague 3. s. arnsdorf 4. m. pike 5. j. Crawford 6. r.doyle 7. d. norman 8. r. hamrick 9. s. Wakefield 10. m. hipps 1 1 . r. mick, pres. 12. b. hunsucker 1 3. k. martin 14. c. arick 15. t. dickson 16. I. earle 17. g. ciotoii 18. j. owens 19. m. maccampbell 20. t. marcinak 21 . e. croteau 22. j. faye 23. n. bower 24. k. tchantz 25. e. hockenberry 26. j. goodricli 27. d. schimmack 28. a. levings 29. b.daiey 30. r. munson 31 . c. vatikiotis 32. s. marable 33. w. langston 34. m. bromiey ... roses are red ... violets are purple ... it was a sig epic year ... checkbook chuck finally ran out of luck, so did maggot ... the grunge made it back with the banana ... remember the " games in gainesville " ... casino night ... the west Virginia flash, marc mazo, takes the big o trophy ... " ripple cripples " . .. why does costa keep riding by the pi phi house? ... sam says you can find anything in the minute market ... " goddammit pike! " something new for lunch, baloney sandwiches ... blitz ... bob mick? ... oh, he ' s over at the i.f.c. office ... down in the basement pushin ' steel ... arnswierd is a wildman ... " nice catch bromley " ... marcinak ' s car returns to the kd lot, only in a different spot ... eridu u ... trox ' s smoke doesn ' t send signals anymore ... wally ' s back ... martin retires as " b " of the decade ... hey luke, you seen the hunter? ... what about the flambeaus? ... charmin ' norman for associate justice ... there ' s a lizard in the kitchen ... Christmas basketball champs ... killer kraus graduates after 8 majors and untold hours credit ... deacon ' s midnight snack committee ... croteau ' s meat truck ... what goes with dick norm an? ... mustard and relish ... the phantom and the roach are still around ... never knew a redhead that didn ' t ... up on the roof ... peggy, rosemary and sue — our sweethearts ... is wakefield on top at last? ... what volleyball tournament? ask bernie, the minuteman ... charlie hague where are you? ... marble lover munson ... a Panama city weekend ... fi A mm «k« ' .J ' " " • ' " 1 . c. cason 17.j.hendry 2. r. mceachern 18.k. hitt 3. s. bass 19. t. palmer 4. p. halt 20. f. hanshaw 5. p. mooy 21.t.hawkins 6. m. elements 22. r. cuny y.j.moore 23. b. wild S.j.jones 24. r. free g.j.munoz 25. g. anderson 10. g. montgomery 26.t.davis 11. j. hellinger 27.b.balint 12. b. lee 28. t. cason IS.b.revell 29. b. wolfe 14. r. parsons 30. t. thompson 15. m. link 31.s. rause 16. b. harper 32.j.lytton ... best pledge class ever initiated — dirty dozen ... congrats on your grades ... brothers ... decent ... party at the villa! ... who has my belt? ... hey fletch! personal responsibility? ... neanderthal ball another big success with " the 8 of us " ... what happened to the miami clique? ... lurkin ' ... hertz-rent-a-sig ... j. dupree-aipha gam man ... homecoming and the spaceman couldn ' t get off the ground ... save your green stamps ... pbr man ... that ' s out of order ... bono ' s ... who ' s got our skin? ... fuzzy faces snatch is on for derby ... sig ' s complete another successful year ... 33. d. mclean 49 a. guy 34. d. bailey 50 b. nordan 35. w. hogan 51 m. wilcox 36. b. kicklighter 52 d. burke 37. b. avirett 53 w. Clarke 38. p. joanos 54. j. carpenter 39.r. o ' dell 55. b.sebolt 40. j. dupree 56. b. sproull 41 .d. Campbell 57. m. hines 42. r. atteridg 58. r. vallee, pres 43. r. mccoy 59. j. mcmillan 44. c. newcomer 60. p. kelly 45. b. palmer 61. g. castro 46. j. smith 47. n. prine 48. r. benton .ic:3 w.j, §1 W ' 1. j. schmeck 2. r. howell 3. b. marshall 4. r. burch 5. g. trussler 6. j.daly 7. c. dent 8. s. tarver 9. p. kirby 10. t. martin 11 a. morrison 12 j. tiedleberg 13. r. rotzko 14. c. iacino, pres. 15. r. zapp 16. w. gleaton 17. h. ireland 18. s. lawrence 19. p. winters 20. I. mclaughiin 21. j. mcdowell 22. m. hauer 23. g. zollo 24. r. dykeman 25. b. Johnson ! 26. j. 27. g. 28. j. 29. t. 30. r. 31. e. 32. r. 33. p. 34. t. 35. h. 36. g. 37. r. vandercrake wall maruniak shaughnessy hightower peeler davis matson fleming hawkjns wynn swaringen ... wonder what nu-nu is doing for din-din? ... why does pooh always start the water fights... what makes the clerk cry once a nnonth? ... is b.w. up for fly of the year award again? ... just what fraternity does fijicino belong to anyway? ... where does r.r. acquire his refreshments week after week? ... will e.g. remain pure forever? ... who will gain the phantom - frater title once c.o. is gone? ... the ugliest, dirtiest rah-rahs can be found in willis ' room... who fixed the only bell that went " yinQ-ying " ? ... what makes waiter bigger than his stove... why is c.i. ' s bomb still running? ... how come the front lawn is never there? ... .s Ik f j:... ■ - ' ' smfr --t: ir« O — - f { .ft: l.m.bainbridge le.g.guensler 2.r. rigsby 17.r. beaty S.b.waxmen IS.f.ioos 4. f. walker 19. b. Stevens S.m.gavalas 20. c. fuller 6. j. king 21.r. zacur 7. b. shea 22.b. knowles S.b.rishoi 23. r. butler S.a.j.grimaldi 24. b.piccirilli lO.b. widmann 25.g.davidson ll.v.gavalas 26.j.bell 12.k.comptofi 27.b.o ' donnell 13. s. hall 28. m. mcgrew 14. h. beckert 29. s. O ' Connor IS.d.wright ... an outstanding year in rush ... only fraternity to have two weekends - first to Panama city, first togatlinburg, next year - hawaii? ... four phi ' s sign pro football contracts, including bill cappleman, first round draft choice of the minnesota vikings ... brotherhood outstanding ... blue, blue, blue ... bowery ball once again a gala " formal " event ... won first annual ifc golf tournament ... actor burt reynolds returns to alma mater for founder ' s day banquet ... phi ' s on football, baseball, golf, track and tennis teams ... water fights, infamous serenades, keg parties ... campus sing and phi delt soapbox derby great successes ... is there any other way to go but number one?! ... 30. j. garrison 31. j. burke 32.b.dawkins 33.b.braithwaite 34. b. weber 35. g. Henderson 36. V. vickers 37. b. Simmons 38. r. stambaugh, pres. 39.j.nowakowski 40.b.esielionis 41.e. kindler 42. p. O ' Connor 43.g.ott 1 .j. ivey 2.t.stagg 3.f. Harrison 4. r. hoover 5. r. coleman 6. g. groves 7. r. plaster S.j.lesso 9.h.fletcher lO.b.york 1 l.j.rutherford 12. m. holmes IS.d.ferrel 14. r. holliday 15. j. hopkins 16. 1.cisney 17. 1, bray 18. e.goolsby 19. d. lane 20.t.bayer 21. b. Jones 22.d.benoit 23.d.anderson 24. r. hassberger 25.j.kelly 26. d. gardener 27.g.dumont 28. d. steins 29. r. wagner 30. j. underwood, pres. 31. t. lohman 32. b. Swindell 33. j. sporich 308 ... moonspin ... the traveling spam can ... ferrell ' s accident ... the fantastic song practices ... the hermitage ... mr. edwards and the " charge " ... can i see your identification mr. harrison ... evert otis... " if i were out on a desert starving and had this to eat, i would still be out in the desert starving " ... " pick me, pick me " ... ulcers ... five years of freedom and two weeks to go, " let ' s get pinned " ... motion for a keg Saturday — passed ... neophyte ball ... mcdaniel - " i ' ll be there within a month " ... heavy ... carnival man, again ... naked man in the hall ... dieting can be fun - especially around here ... dungeon party ... ferff ... in the first place ... I.e. verfus ... water fights ... serenades ... social tuesday night ... just what do you think you ' re doing sporich? ... 1 . n. sposetti 20. p. miller 2. b. meadows 21. k. collier 3. c. weatherred 22. s. lynn 4. j. deramo 23. s. Johnson 5. t. blankner 24. b. nichols 6. m. fade 25. m. Strickland 7. m. o ' neal 26. a. fitzpatrick 8. 1. vaught 27. 1. lee 9. n. ford 28. 1. Patterson 10. 1. swazey 29. h.friel 1 1 . s. small 30. g. parker 12. j. bonatz 31 . m. cain 13. g. scholz 32. f. doty 14. 1. fritz 33. s. wood 15. p. battle 34. p. holladay 16. c. harrell 35. 1. allieri 17. m. mcalpine 36. e. bailey 18. c. Crawford 37. g. morgan 19. m. chandler 38. c. bradford ♦ H " |iAi, ' ,i ' ' t wiiill ii, W ■ " " ' t ... our fortieth year at fsu ... starting the year with three new fraternity little sisters ... another candlelight? ... the pledges ' choreography was great! ... why did the lambda chi ' s kidnap our president? ... up on the rooftop, ho, ho, ho ... lynn ' s trophy collection ... " marks of distinction " ... who told the busboys? ... mud is thicker than water ... halloween and Christmas parties for kids ... who ' s that knocking at our wall? ... rocky ' s a deer ... is dwight here to stay? ... cards and bastille day ... the circus twins ... a wildwood weekend ... mother goose ' s tallent show! ... dana, what happened to 2:30 practice? ... joe buck at dinner? ... more space queens than the milky way ... myrick came home ... mary ' s and linda ' s coming out our ears ... a pound of true love ... dixie and friday night ... tv challenge for the march of dimes ... love, faith and hopey ... phi delts make the best busboys ... cool it! ... sue and michelle ' s invisible curtains ... midget-pooled again? ... dee, you ' re a mu alpha nu delta gamma reject ... dots are we! ... attitude check ... love and joy in our bond 39. m. green 40. m. zaruba 41 . d. younie 42. I. beard 43. d. gray 44. m. dardis 45. d. fersch 46. I. cox 47. b. lynn, pres. 48. c. turner 49. b. plummer 50. d. morgan 51 . s. medley 52. b. haynes 53. j. fuller 54. j. cratsenberg 55. e. adkins 56. r. church 57. a. wander 58. I. harden 1 . b. Johnson 17. d. fulton 2. c. zinn 18. j. davis, pres. 3. p. rhodes 19. e. middleton 4. s. morrow 20. b.dodd 5. b. baldwin 21. b. cooper 6. s. walker 22. h. hansen 7. b. bostian 23. 1. forthman 8. k. morse 24. b. reed 9. 1. peacock 25. j. trickel 10. e. mccary 26. b. crowell 1 1 . s. Oldham 27. c. mathis 12. s. pipkin 28. j. marks 13.j.ellis 29. j. Johnson 14. c. bianco 30. s. anderson 15. m. carpentieri 31. b. naeseth 16. j. bell 32. e. boykin 33. d. miller 49. b. strong 34. t. bliss 50. t. baisden 35. b. young 51. s. browning 36. 1. taylor 52. p. guy 37. a. renschler 53. g. lemeske 38. m. corley 54. b. sowers 39. h. lenfesty 55. c. alford 40. j. henriques 56. 1. harrison 41. 1. harris 57. c. chadbouri 42. d. hasselo 58. m. Williams 43. f. lincoln 59. m. pippen 44. k. harrison 60. s. varney 45. b. corley 61. d. alcock 46. 1. waddell 62. m. wood 47. p. thurmond 63. b. rinehart 48. m. goza ... " consider yourself one of us " and a carnation for mother mims ... the singingest pledge class since 1895 ... sophs say " it ' s gettin ' bigger every day " in perfect pitch ... and what about a cheap thrill?? ... is there true merit to nons? ... remember ina mae boles ... the long and the short of it in pledge trainers ... will " tail " say " i decline? " ... what ' s the future of carnation face? ... happy heart ... jammin ' in the kitchen can be fattening ... knitters anonymous will gather everyday for " love of life " ... what ' s the occasion christa? ... four dan- ces for a silent trouper ... " blowup " in black and white ... waiters come through at the pledge auction ... rodney says hoot ... another vain attempt to put perry on the map ... or watchula to you ... floating to a most original disaster a- top a mushroom ... will the whole world end up in lost and found ... is discretion tackie? ... but who ' s got the cat food this quarter ... itbc rose ... 6:30 with m.m. ... snakin ' spirit for sg ... groovin ' ... harch ... chi-o over and out! ... ' i ' 9 : Vw. U ... the future is in the stars and little books ... win with woodie ... j.d. meets her true love in a bottle ... Joyce runs again ... i decline, i decline, i decline ... e. v. a. forces the issue ... picky, picky ... hide in the closet, she ' s coming ... are you going to san francisco ... jan, now isn ' t this being a bit childish ... what ditch? ... we ' re going to be l-a-t-e! ... where ' s the flag? ... my little jew-el ... hava na-gelah ... davvy out the salad ... green potatoes and bouncing jello ... pink lemonade, anyone? ... hot lips run in the family ... how long can you tread water ... dawning of the age of aquarius ... pledges due at 9:00? 10:00? 11:00? ... cowgirl nancy, herds again ... what do all good pledges do? ... where ' s kathy ' s bear? ... don is alive and living in the rec room ... diamonds galore! ... get a candle for sister cin ... delta sig ' s invade the alpha phi house ... serving " boys " ? ... dinner at 15 watts ... fat, fatter, fattest ... remember, don ' t be " clannish " ... 1 . k. walsh 2.q. Phillips 3. c. maranto 4. b. brunson 5. p. Wilson 6. d. luker 7. k. moucha 8. e. peyerl 9. b. nicholas 10.W. weiss 1 1 . c. moran 12. n.snyder 13. s. burris, pres. 14. c. corbin 15. d. alien 16. r. perlman 17. m.geraci 18.S. jeffers 19. s. mcquady 20. s. parker 21 . c. moore 22. p. hesler 23. d. cravin 24. k. rice 25. s. bird 26. k. sedlack 27. 1, mauldin 28. k.gowen 29. d. petty 30. p. clann 31. m.reiiley 32. w. wildner 33. w. woodward 34. a.giller 35. 1, de jarnette 36. c. ferraro r- ' ' izsa D E Lt A Z E T ... far be it from me! ! ... so hello, gorgeous ... you mean we have to do the whole tape over tonight?? ... not spaghetti again?! ... quick, hide those coke bottles!! ... i didn ' t meet any neota sockett! ... water fights ... trophies... dream girl of delta zeta sung by who? ... another candlelight? ... chairs ... serenade who for our paddles?? ... room check ... card game, anyone? ... who ' s in my parking space? another all nighter ... priority, priority!! ... is the back door locked? ... pledges, upstairs!! ogre ... friday afternoon rallies ... 24 hour study signs ... d-delta delta ... thoughtful, understanding alums??... campus sing ... so what ' s new with scholarship? ... one large coke with a lot of ice ... homecoming trophy ... frog ... take a note ... i haven ' t heard from dick!! ... fagin ... jet plane ... libby ' s in orbit again ... a tremendous president ... buffy ... does paula ever sleep? ... oh stuff!!! ... weezer ... mom in guatemala!!? ... henry gibson by bones ... these are the same cookies you served last year!! ... delta zeta is all this, and much more ... 1 . j. saxon 2. c. bie 3. 1, reiter 4. m. mitchell 5. m. riordan 6. a. nicholson 7. p. givens 8. c. warden 9. k. harris 10. n.deshefy 1 1 . p. mulloy 12. c. miller 13. a. price 14. k. decamps 15.1. milby 16. 5. nicholson 17. s. moore 18. c. nelson 19. n. wells 20. d. Connors 21.d.kelly 22. r. harrell 23. m.fray 24. g. Callaway 25. j. ross 26. a. turner 27. b. scribner 28. m. murphy 29.b. dohl 30. b. chastain 31 . m. madson 32. p. ring 33. a. gardner 34. j. bird 35. k. cibula 36. 1, bantten 37. b. Williams 38. c. chadurgian 39. d. cahill 40. e. craig 41.h.holliday 42. s. sharpe 43. m. howes 44. 1, magness 45. d. duke, pres. 46. p. edmisten 47. p. messervey 48. d. dombrowski 49. p. munn 50. 1, huggan 51 . c. Crawford 52. e. padavano 53. d. graves 54. j. roche 55. s. sagar 56. g. downs 57. j. swikard 58. m. bachemin 59. m. kennedy 60. s. vause 61 . j. munn 62. p. bigham ' j ' ... what does theta chi mean? ... bailiff of the honor court ... track team ... kappa kappa psi ... baptist student union ... jazz lab band ... wrestling team ... faculty student biological science advisory committee ... omicron delta kappa ... order of omega ... golf team ... soccer team ... scabbard and blade ... music educators national conference ... karate club ... phi eta sigma ... ifc vice president for academic affairs ... phi kappa lambda ... chairman of 1970 greek goddess contest ... undersecretaries of academic affairs, organizations, and student activities ... judo club ... phi mu alpha ... drum major ... alumni council ... voice of the marching chiefs ... secretary of campus organizations ... rifle team ... opera guild workshop ... marching chiefs ... vice president of gold key ... swimming team ... theta chi means involvement ... I |B» nnxMwwnW.H Ji 1. m. granger IS.d.waddell 29. 1. Simpson, pres 2. j. welton 16. r. warfel 30. m. kent 3. h. acosta 17. j. parnin 31. r. dugger 4. b. dunn 18. b. Webster 32. j. sowinski 5. s. pletzer 19. s. snyder 33. m. whistler 6. s. spring 20. g. kaugers 34. p. magaiian 7. b. moritz 21 . h. greenman 35. b. maher 8. j. buckley 22. s. gossard 36. d. brooks 9. r. leslie 23. t. beard 37. r. magaro 10. r. gentry 24. c. keller 38. w. huston 11. j. hyde 25. d. mckinney 39. j. o ' brian 12. j. dobson 26. r. wise 40. g. rosetti 13. b. reid 27. d. Carlson 41. h. beazley 14. d. minear 28. r. freed 42. t. albanese :iic::vi: ' ' r 1 Z:. ... kappa sig ' s win best all-around ... thank you, zeta ' s ... but was it really a float kit? ... paranoia runs rampant ... senator mcfarland would like to speak to the gentlemen of the star and crescent ... little sisters are tops again with their box social ... she loves you kenny ... moving right along ... doak campbell was named after the stadium ... boogie is still looking for wally, but wally is on the phone to tucson ... rod the bod is still looking for those cool dudes ... keep the girls out of the shower ... there ' s a gorilla in room 4 ... cuban magoo ... havana comet ... sky king ... first quarter administration gets second chance, stay tuned for the second episode ... 1 . k. kasten 1 1 . g. costas 21 . a. Sherman 31. b. rozinski 2. r. britt 12. m. cannon 22. b. bryant 32. m. mcfarland 3. 1. shorts IS.j.fant 23. t. morcom 33. f. Owens 4. c. cowart 14. b. crusselle 24. n. carabel 34. t. Sanchez 5. V. santi 15. m. Williams 25.j.boyett 35. b. sisley 6. g. gerdon 16. j. tregona 26. j. hunter 36.d. wyatt 7. b. bourne 17. b. bagley 27. b. Johnston 37. m. sayers 8. r. king 1 8. t. babes 28. j. mannello 38. t. Williams 9. t. evans 19. m. dower 29. b. Jones 39. d. Campbell lO.t. bebant 20. c. sermons 30. b. barrios 40. t. thomas 317 ' I w ▼ 1 ... napolitano gets casted in emotional display ... kapple meets a low-rent ... turner ' s swinging bed not so hard to hit when you ' re high in the sky ... mf leaves panty hose in smc ' s room ... drip turns to a trickle ... greg picks up a hookah ... varca a shoo-in for perverted brother ... nick needs to get his hair dryer fixed ... griffin beats off redneck foe ... entire pike chapter at pi phi weekend ... martin and kay manley split up again this week— or is it for good? ... rates at the travelodge go up to $70 a night ... burnett scores tko over trimmer in 10th round ... rip and prok go south of the border and avoid communicable disease the only surefire way ... boyd ' s still adding names to frankenstein ' s pants ... berger makes smc by landslide ... tolar wipes out after going out ... buhl fillibusters for repeal of the water balloon law ... uhrig makes plymouth rock ... berger gets ee after a short stay at the tally motor lodge— doctor tells him to cut down on frequency ... 1 . p. alien le.t.marston 30. m. manley 44. r. eason 2. r. macklin 17. r. favarato 31. m.dennis 45.j.maynard 3.S. baptista 18.S. mccoy 32.j.knapp 46. f. griffin 4. r. parker 19. j. stump 33. c. napolitano 47. e. martin S.g.eyster 20.g.sullinger 34. d. Clark 48.d.ligler e.j.rogers 21.e.greene 35.l.wright 49. p. burnett 7. w.prokopetz 22. m.fenn 36. m.gonzalez 50. m.ripingill 8. m. morgan 23. b. courier 37.g.friese 51.1. tucker S.d.graybeal 24. d. underwood 38.g.jones 52. p. varca 10. p. meyers 25.d.stailard 39. f. buhl 53. s. turner 1 1 .b. Warner, pres. 26. n. uhrig 40.t.jones 54. t. trimmer 12. d. Phillips 27. a. miller 41. h. kapple 55. d. mulligan 13.w.baggs 28.t.kelly 42.r.boyd 56. t. tolar 14. b. nichols 29.r. mitchell 43. b. Johnson 57. m.larkin IS.j.fredericks . j; -«. EN ... i crave your tail ... peni lavalier service ... what do you get when you cross a low rent with an elephant ... a newby with an 8V2 trunk ... geyer gets a mega-bag ... dirty ed flunks out but gets an a in dog training ... war hero cj gentile returns full of bs ... the cod squad plays red-eye poker ... group variations ... flash keeps southern bell in business ... blue is cituk ' s color too ... the lion burns ... snake leads the panty raid ... Jewish power ... eskimo pie for dessert ... hey ken ... hey lee have a beer ... opie swap u-trou ... balome chorus ... nnonday night circus ... death of thee. t. ... harp ' s training bra ... igor ... red rider ... ragnnan ... pup ... just add water ... beennan and barfo miss train ... bullet joe ... magwag cools kit ... wood perfects lateral ... sulla gets master barf seal of approval ... mom gets zee-bag ... jack doff ... joints ... chumley ... tude blows his hose on way to the coast party ... amf from the melonmen and cmf ' s! ... to-. %- 4 l.d. geyer 10. h. winner, pres. 18. 1.spitzcopf 26.b.skelton 2. b. Jenkins 1 l.j. Wilson IS.j.krikorian 27.e.bradford S.j.broughton 12. g. Hudson 20. h. newberger 28. r. Clarke 4.C. vann 13. r. monchick 21. b. harper 29.t. mendenhall S.r.dyer 14.j.cituk 22.t.hennis SO.b.beebe e.h.cuadro 15. r. kinney 23.S. heinrick Sl.j.oertel 7.b. pfaender 16.g.diffenbaugh 24. r. beeman 32. b. Sullivan S.C.Stevens 17.p. marzulli 25.j.duket 33. k. kitchen S.a.fleetwood 319 ... mighty proud to be a fiji ... sunland hospital ... march of dimes ... harrington ' s a shoo-in ... rag man ... juma! ... cj ... get up that trellis, stan ... carl ' s right on schedule ... we ' re a bunch ... pig dinner is march 7 ... " jolly bus " ... the blue room strikes ... atchey ' s green belt just burned up ... the kid ' s goin ' bananas ... how ' d ja ... gamma ' s watching ... hump ... wow, like the whole world ... fantastic! ... flower, are you smil- ing again? ... a.n.k. ... j.j. ... you ' re what??? ... road rallies ... that ' s the wrong way, mike ... gastric and ptomaine ... beartrap ... sarge ... earth to horton ... roundball ... the hawk ... brothers ... together ... 1 . I. atchey 2. t. browning 3. c. stark 4. c. Cleveland 5. f. fagan 6. h. carruth 7. k. boyd 8. d. chalkley 9. b. wurzel 10. m. dombier 1 1 . s. nelson 12. c. horton 13. b. brown 14. r. gehret 15. m. davis, pres. 16. s. Stuart 17. c. perkins 18. j. reese 19. d. weekly 20. s. peacock 21 . d. mcgehee 22. j. Harrington 23. t. cooper 24. b. bogdanoff 25. r. mennett 26. j. downs 27. h. owens 28. m. cobb 29. p. bonapfel 30. j. holmes 31 . r. swaine 32. d. moss 33. a. page 34. d. borasch 35. j. ruth 36. d. camp 37. j. evers 38. s. bodiford 39. m. cloud . .4.. " - .. 321 f I • i ■40 ? ' ' -J f. f±4 academics — v 5r years of hard work filled with constant pressure and denial qualify him for the union card, which entitles him to more hard work pressure denial at wages and conditions most unions would strike against; an administrator developer trust Officer of our most valuable resource; an arbiter advisor consultant analyst coach and father-confessor; a drill sergeant block warden f mfi Sr m judge and executioner and who knows maybe god- at least he should be to work the miracles expected of him by the administration legislature regents governor parents students public department heads and - oh yes - by himself as well; he is the teacher ' IS? ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' J M im ■ - controversial is by no means an unused word at florida state — especially when used to describe our new president. Stanley marshal! ' s five months as acting-president were marked by demonstrations, arrests, and confrontations, as well as pro- and anti-marshall movements, the university divided over his actions; a division which may be long in healing, a year after his appointment the campus had quieted, but perhaps only as the quiet before a storm. Stanley marshall will certainly be a strong president, his talents are impressive, his liabilities are yet to be measured. j. Stanley marshall president of florida state university 326 Patrick w. hogan, b.s. director of university relations John k. arnold, jr., m.s. vice president for student affairs Cecil mackey, ph.d. executive vice president phillip r. fordyce, m.s. dean of the college of education paul g. craig, ph.d. vice president for academic affairs Stephen s. winters, ph.d. director of basic studies Wiley I. housewright, ed.d. dean of tlie school of music harold goldstein, ed.d. dean of the school of library science 328 hortense m.glenn, ph.d. dean of the school of home economics robert m. Johnson, ph.d. graduate dean and director of research robert o. lawton, ph.d. dean of the college of arts and sciences 329 bernhard scher, d.s.w. dean of the school of social welfare george e. fortin, m.b.a. comptroller grover I. rogers, sc.d. dean of the school of engineering science 330 ■;Wift»i««Knia»«SsCfS« « ' 2- Charles a. rovetta, m.b.a. dean of the school of business katherine b. hoffman, m.a. dean of student development robert b. kimmel, m.s. assistant dean of students k - Vivian m. duxbury, m.a. dean of the school of nursing 331 William I. wharton, ed.d. registrar Willis Caldwell, ed.d. director of admissions m iij t ' % Joshua m. morse, III, s.j.d. dean of the college of law ray e. green, jr., b.s. director of university planning herb f. reinhard, ed.d. dean of student services n. orwin rush, m.s. director of libraries don e. Strickland, m.s., c.p.a. director of business services participating in more effective student-faculty relation- ships was the quality on which ten pro- fessors were dubbed as outstanding, a committee of students at large with de- partmental recommendations chose the ten men on their noted reputations, con- tributions to the university and their pur- suance of better student-faculty relation- ships, their individual quotes show their involvement in the unification of florida state university, which can only be accom- plished through better communication between its faculty and its students. dr. Stephen s. winters — geology " faculty have a conimitment that goes far beyond the search for knowledge, it involves instilling in students the enthusiasm and discipline of the mind that are the natural outgrowths of a love of learning, and this commitment only begins in the classroom, as partners in learning, faculty and students must assume the responsibility to listen with interest and to speak with sincerity on all topics of mutual concern, both in and out of the classroom, the environment of learning is not confined by time or space, it is an order to develop this kind of environment that effective student-faculty interaction must take place. " dr. Stephen s. winters " i have not experienced another period of time in which communication and the emphatic sharing of experiences between people were more important than now. formal education, to me, is that priceless period of time taken from one ' s life to set a pattern, a foundation, for what will remain a lifelong search for an understanding of oneself, the world in which one lives and his role in it, his fellow man and his God. a faculty member must share his experiences in the search including his special discipline and reach out to attempt to understand the experience and needs of his students, mutual respect for each other ' s humanity and recognition of our common search offer some hope that the two-way avenue of communication and experience will remain open. " — richard fallen mr. francis n. millett — law mr. ri chard f allon — speech 334 mr. Charles rovetta — business dr.conrad tanzy-english " responsible student involvement in university matters v hich effect them should be welcomed, not feared. " -Francis millet " a major concern of the university should be learning, learning involves the active participation of both the teacher and the student, when faculty and students join together in this pursuit, good faculty-student relations generate rewarding intellectual experiences for both, it is from this environment that a great university emerges. " —Charles rovetta " if a university community is to achieve its ends — to search out as much truth as possible — effective student-faculty relations are essential, these are achieved when the faculty and students prize their own and each other ' s integrity, the university whose faculty do not value the insights of their students and whose students expect all wisdom to reside in their faculty is an institution fast abandoning the search for truth, it is ceasing to be a university and is becoming a museum, on the other hand, there is no point at all in students sitting before a faculty who have nothing to teach. " — conrad tanzy 335 " i admire the creativity, integrity, and adaptability of university students today, these traits are revealed most clearly when youth are involved in decision-making regarding policies and programs which have a direct impact upon themselves, the adult establishment might focus upon its responsibility for ameliorating those problems which contribute to youth alienation in our culture, when this responsibility is undertaken it will no longer be necessary for the establishment to project blame on the student community and we can move along with the important tasks before us. my students have kindly shown me this is possible. " -Thomas phelps " young people have asked faculty members to step out from behind the podium and, at least occasionally, to abandon the security of a narrovyly defined field of expertise, the faculty has responded with surprising flexibility and the result has been an increased participation in the educational process from both sides, today ' s campus is not only less divided and more intellectually alive, it is also more aware of its responsibilities to society, thischange has produced some tension and insecurity among both students and faculty, but it also promises a possibility of restoring the exchange of knowledge to its rightful place at the center of university life. " — david ammerman dr. thomas phelps — criminology dr. david ammerman — history »-,- ,.?!s " i dr. roberta. spivey — religion mr.thomas wright — music dr. ross ogiesby — government " matthew arnold once remarked that when ' we have become comfortable, we ' ll have to decide what to do with ourselves, the university is the place in our culture where faculty and students can explore what to do. more than ever, the university is called to be a human community in which learning, thinking, questioning, and the creating of visions are effected by students and faculty together. " — robert spivey " as florida state university continues to grow in size and our instructional program continues to expand, we are all challenged to create imaginative methods of preserving the precious commodity of close student— teacher contact which has been a treasured tradition of our campus. " _.. . . . — thomas wright " when both student and professor reach the boundary line where knowledge for both stops and ignorance for both begins, it is that point that the rich rewards of a companionship of learning truly begin, for it is then that the distinction between student and teacher begins to diminish. " —ross ogiesby 337 " in the right state he is man thinking, in the degenerate state, when the victim of society, he tends to become a mere thinker, or, still worse, the parrot of other men ' s thinking. " 338 " the sluggish and perverted mind of the multitude, always slow to open to the incursions of reason, having once so opened, having once received this book, stands upon it, and makes an outcry if it is disparaged, colleges are built on it. " Leave thecountry. 339 " the first in time and the first in importance of influences upon the mind, is that of nature. — he must settle its value in his mind, what is nature to him? " l M| II lii ' limi I " the next great influence into the spirit of the scholar is the mind of the past,— in whatever form, whether of literature, of art, of institutions, that mind is inscribed. " i4w«.5si«»« Sai- ■ -titif ' . Litral a-. -v. r;. j.id there ware -J- -cf p 1Z4) Th= xtcittcd with great " iuti— -ihe guiUoche awtaag below the " Ic W3i tEKetrvipiwi 341 " books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst. " CIVIL MSOBEDIENCE: theory and practiu |py|p ' __Hnnoy||7 - thers and Children :-! RaM m?mm mummi 233-0O33M; VVALDENmo 3 " " " ■■■SSilillllMM-flPtllllPtellPf WTTr 44 f « t i " the book, the college, the school of art, the institution of any kind stop with some past utterance of genius, they look backward not forward, but genius always looks forward, man hopes, genius creates. " " when the artist has exhausted his materials, when the fancy no longer paints, when thoughts are no longer apprehended and books are a weariness, " 344 Ci ' ' 4 y %:% ' :r " —he has always the resource to live, character is higher th an intellect, thinking is the function, living is the functionary, the stream retreats to its source. " 345 .m]wr 346 " in self-trust all the virtues are comprehended, free should the scholar be, —free and brave, free even to the definition of freedom, ' without any hindrance that does not arise out of his own constitution. ' brave; for fear is a thing which a scholar by his very function puts behind him. fear always springs from ignorance, so is the danger a danger still; so is the fear worse, manlike let him turn and face it. let him look into its eye and search its nature, inspect its origin,— see the whelping of this lion, —which lies no great way back; he will then find in himself a perfect comprehension of its nature and extent; he will have made his hands meet on the other side, and can henceforth defy it and pass on the superior, the world is his who can see through its pretension. " — ralph waldo emerson ■ from " the american scholar " ,0k: J ' --i, f i -Y j " you are the children of change novy grown to young adults who have had the fortune to study at this university. it has been a mixed blessing. not all you have learned here has been pleasant. nor should it have been so for the evil that man is capable of working on the world is a cruel and senseless power. i ' ' , ' iT ■■■ ■ ' • " ; .rV=f; - - ' r -,- v m 3 ' m yet you have seen man ' s most shining moments, studied his achievements and know that should he only choose to do so he could live at peace with other men, all earth ' s other creatures, and with himself as well. f Z l- " ' nn- 353 354 the choice is now yours: an awesome inheritance passed on by less courageous forbears whose lack of foresight might seem humorous for such a creature who has seen fit to call himself homo sapiens. that lack of vision has brought the earth and man, the most ingenious paradox, to the brink of extinction: poisoned by pollutants, succumbing to his own wastes, suffering with the cancer of hatred; humanity cries out for help to you 355 f C fsu students have been named to who ' s who among students in american universities and colleges, representatives from the administration and student body nominated forty eight students on the basis of their outstanding qualities of leadership which were displayed in their participation in campus activities and organizations. fellow seniors and graduate students charles banks made the final selection in a popular men ' s vice president, honor court, gold key, varsity sports, national student register, poll Sigma alpha epsilon ' .Mh.. bonnie berry president of village vamps, grand czar of mortified, angel flight, junior counselor, alpha delta pi, garnet key canter brown student body president, president ' s special committee of 77, gold key, omicron delta kappa, phi alpha theta 356 becky bayer honor court, garnet key, mortar board, alpha lambda delta, junior counselor, kappa alpha theta jo davis alpha gamma delta president, garnet key vice president, mortified, junior counselor charlotte baker cheerleader captain, mortified, kappa alpha theta herschel beazley drum major-marching chiefs, kappa kappa psi band honorary, gold key, order of omega, phi mu alpha y William barbee president of sigma alpha epsilon, omicron delta kappa, gold key, undersecretary to cabinet member susan carey mortar board, associate editor of flambeau, junior counselor, gamma sigma Sigma linda borg honor court, circus, junior counselor, garnet key, kappa alpha theta howard acosta gold key vice president, varsity diver, theta chi fraternity 357 margie gowing mortified, garnet key, angel flight, panhellenic, phi beta phi, pi kappa alpha dream girl susan hodson tally ho staff, garnet key, mortified, student senate, president ' s cabinet, panhellenic Julie davis chi omega president, garnet mortified, junior counselor, sigma eta honorary don gifford key, alpha gold key, omicron delta kappa, university union board, student government outstanding service award, who ' s who in undergraduates John french student senator, commissioner of elections, presidential advisor, phi mu favorite david fuller chairman of union board, president of house judiciary, sigma lambda sigma 358 dale duke delta zeta president, garnet key, mortified, racquettes bay gruber supreme court, varsity sports, gold key, student-alumni council deborah hasselo secretary of internal affiars, angel flight commander, garnet key, mortified, chi omega mike halloran union board, homecoming show chairman, program council, chairman of special events nancy Harding mortar board, president of garnet key, senior class secretary, alpha xi delta, panhellenic, junior counselor Pamela Hudson president of delta delta delta, garnet key, mortar board, junior counselor, kappa I alpha little sisters president M. rf Jamie kannette president of alpiia omicron pi, circus, garnet key, secretary to theimen ' s vice president sam miller editor of fl ambeau, gold key, editor of daytona beach junior college paper donna wiehaus mortar board, garnet key, editor 1970 tally ho, editor 1969 pow wow, senior executive council, sigma kappa cathleen reagan alpha lambda delta, sophomore council, flight, mortar board, garnet key, kappa gamma angel kappa 360 frank Johns secretary of state, ombudsman, gold key, sigma alpha epsilon, president ' s administrative assistant fran pughsley president of panhellenic, garnet key, mortified, senior executive council, alpha delta pi wayne rubinas gold key, men ' s vice president, omicron delta kappa, senator, lambda chi alpha, student body vice president elizabeth ann mcgee mortar board, phi theta kappa, debate team, delta Sigma rho-tau kappa alpha, circle k mascot Jeanne keiser garnet key, mortified, sigma sigma Sigma, senior class vice president jan sapp garnet key, mortified, alpha xi delta, homecoming committee chairman ' • %i iH K k " John marks senate member, gold key, student conduct committee, president of omega psi phi AU ' M. george waas flambeau editor, student body attorney general, gold key, fsu student bar association, editor — law school newspaper 361 sanara a. aoernatny ft. lauderdale, fla. education philip l.abraJra tallahassee, fla. business bruce p. adams delray beach, fla. arts sciences frances h. adams St. Petersburg, fla. education karen a. adams mount dora, fla. social welfare neta r. adams ft. Walton bch.,fla. arts sciences vivJkka 1. adams ft. lauderdale, fla. home economics Sandra f. adkins winter park, fla. education augustusd. aikens quitman, ga. arts sciences robert e. albright cocoa beach, fla. business dorothy a. alcock clarksville, tenn. music barbara e. alexander miami, fla. education brenda g. aiexander Jacksonville, fla. social welfare Joseph a. alfred Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences gladys m. alien Panama city, fla. education emma j. alley melbourne, fla. arts sciences lynn d. allleri ft. lauderdale, fla. business laurence p. allison tallahassee, fla. education phll alvarez miami, fla. business Janet 1. amatuzzi eau gallie, fla. education michele s. anchors port St. joe, fla. education anne 1. anderson lakeland, fla. arts sciences carol s. anderson ocala, fla. arts sciences lesley 1. anderson gainesville, f la. home economics paul b. anderson tallahassee, fla. business robert p. anderson tallahassee, fla. arts sciences linda 1. andrews morriston, fla. education mary e. andrews westville, fla. arts sciences richard w.anthony daytona bch.,fla. arts sciences linda j. arnold Jacksonville, fla. education sheran a. arnold brandon, fla. 1 lome economics joy y. arrington chiefland, fla. education martha s. arrington Jacksonville, fla. education janis e. askey Orlando, fla. arts sciences maria augustyniak miami, fla. business . 0i MiM A k 362 t. george aune Jacksonville, f la. business paula d. austin umatilla, fla. education William d. austin, jr. augusta, ga. arts sciences arlene b. avigdor mjami, fla. music elizabeth a. bachtel lake worth, fla. home economics James c. bailey pensacola, fla. arts sciences maryann d. baker miami, fla. social welfare myra 1. baker live oak, fla. social welfare robert 1. baker birmingham, ala. arts sciences Judith 1. baldwin binghamton, n.y. arts sciences Susan baldwin Sarasota, fla. arts sciences Patricia bambakos hallandale, fla. arts sciences Charles m. banks, jr. tampa, fla. business charlotte s. banks tallahassee, fla. education Virginia h. barbee miami, fla. eduction William r. barbee fernandina beach, fl 3. education anna barclay greenville, fla. education barbara s. barksdale Starke, fla. education susan g. barnes pensacola, fla. arts sciences barbara j. barnett cocoa beach, fla. education Clifton k. barnette tallahassee, fla. education John barr Jacksonville, fla. social welfare mary barrineau pensacola, fla. nursing iynn barren lake alfred, fla. education royce b. bartlett tallahassee, fla. social welfare permanent senior class officers: barry bennett, president, nancy harding, secretary, jeannie keiser, vice president. Paul c. barton Orlando, fla. arts sciences darrell batson hollywood, fla. education david bauer tallahassee, fla. arts sciences John baumann miami, fla. business becky bayer Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences aaron e. beam homestead, fla. education herschel v. beazley decatur, ga. music cynthia beckwith tallahassee, fla. education robert d. beebe Orlando, fla. business eva bell ft. lauderdale, fla. social welfare barbara bennett n. miamI beach, fla. education cecile bennett galnesvllle, fla. arts sciences gail a. benton temple terrace, fla. business mary a. bernreuter miami, fla. education bonnie berry hollywood, fla. education John s. berry tallahassee, fla. business Patricia bertke winter haven, fla. social welfare carol besserer sanford, fla. education mary betts chipley, fla. education robert bianchi goodland, fla. arts sciences betty j. birch tallahassee, fla. arts sciences Janice s. bird metter, ga. home economics richard birdsong Sarasota, fla. education linda blair miami, fla. business thomas j. blash atlantis, fla. business Cheryl blauser altamonte springs, fic education Christine e. bleddyn Orlando, fla. home economics rayford e. blitch tallahassee, fla. business Shirley block n. redington bch., fla education douglas c. boggie tallahassee, fla. business linda e. borg ft. lauderdale, fla. education michael p. boshnack tallahassee, fla. arts sciences barbara j. bosley palm springs, fla. education William boswell cynthiana, ky. music beverly m. boyce Orlando, fla. education i ii 364 i Atfc Ji tftatdh James e. boyd tallahassee, fla richard boyd tampa, fla. barbara boyle eau gallie, fla. 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Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences robyn a. green marlanna, fla. education jacquelyn k. greer owensboro, ky. business douglas m. gregory St. Petersburg, fla. business John r. gregory Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences jean e. greig Jacksonville, fla. education peter h. gretz tallahassee, fla. arts sciences donald b. greve, jr. perry, fla. arts sciences Patrick a. gridley tallahassee, fla. business gary e. groves Orlando, fla. business bay m. gruber ft. myers, fla. business James b. guerin tallahassee, fla. business harry e. guice w. palm beach, fla. business polly w. gurley huntsville, ala. education woody p. guthrle Jacksonville, fla. social welfare robert gutierrez tallahassee, fla. arts sciences verna v. guyette gulf breeze, fla. arts sciences Phyllis a. habel miami, fla. education phillip hadley tallahassee, fla. social welfare Charles e. haines belle glade, fla. arts sciences John p. haire St. Petersburg, fla. business donna m. hall St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences gary d. hall tallahassee, fla. business roger c. hall tampa, fla. home economics Judith 1. hamaker orange park, fla. social welfare Christopher e. ham! Iton monticello, fla. arts sciences ' douglas a. hammell tallahassee, fla. business gall a. hanelius collinsville, conn. education 4R| (f .V .. V iii ■ 3k S- I mkUM roger t. hanlon Orlando, f la. business robert e. hanson holly hill, fla. engineering mary h. harden Venice, fla. arts sciences nancy j. harding ocala, fla. education William t. hardy rockledge, fla. business Stephen w. harned kingsport, tenn. arts sciences robert m. harper, jr. Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences John r. harrell tallahassee, fla. business betty j. harris tallahassee, fla. nursing brenda k. harris Panama city, fla. education linda w. harris plant city, fla. social welfare mary s. harris deland, fla. nursing mary ann m. harris mlami, fla. home economics Patricia b. harris n. miami beach, fla. social welfare thomas w. harris grand island, fla. education gwendolyn a. harrison clearv ater, fla. arts sciences Suzanne harrison moultrie, ga. education brenda 1. hartlage tampa, fla. education katherine 1. hartley St. augustine, fla. h ome economics lanny hartsfield tallahassee, fla. business russell w. harvey III atlanta, ga. engineering wayne o. harvey tallahassee, fla. arts sciences dean f . harwood tallahassee, fla. business danny 1. haskett St. Petersburg, fla. social welfare david f . haskin w. palm beach, fla. arts sciences .,-v,fr--»iy»;: f7»; 7-! " deborah a. hasselo tampa, fla. education John V. hattesen miami, fla. home economics hugh w. Hawkins brooksville, fla. arts sciences robert k. hayden tallahassee, fla. social welfare herbert hays tallahassee, fla. business nancy 1. hayes plant city, fla. education miles j. heckendorr III port St. lucie, fla. social welfare mary d. hector tampa, fla. education george o. hedge, jr. tallahassee, fla. business thomas e. heisler tallahassee, fla. business Joseph b. helfrlch hammonton, n.j. social welfare roy V. helms opa-locka, fla. business hillary r. helper Orlando, fla. home economics pat a. henderson Panama city, fla. arts sciences Steven m. hernandez cantonment, fla. arts sciences John e. herndon, jr elberton, ga. business mary c. herring cordele, ga. arts sciences retha r. herrington leesville, s.c. arts sciences martin b. herskovit z tallahassee, fla. business george f. heubeck ocala, fla. arts sciences Janet m. heuman huntington, n.y. social welfare linda j. hewitt boca raton, fla. education katherine hibbs cocoa beach, fla. education linda j. higginbotha m lakeland, fla. education suzy hightower marianna, fla. education t. renee hightower Columbia, s.c. music John a. hildebrand eau gallie, fla. social welfare John r. hill, jr. york, pa. business louisa hinely tallahassee, fla. arts sciences Virginia r. hinte Jacksonville, fla. education jerrold r. hinton tallahassee, fla. business jack m. hipps winter park, fla. business don r. hirschfield tallahassee, fla. arts sciences ellen hoadley pensacola, fla. arts sciences donna c. hoberg St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences 11 g MM 1 liiii i A 1 376 ■f {| ' 5», «;»■ dlk ik kiM fff) fi? kathryn d. hodge tampa, fla. education Oliver k. hofmann vero beach, fla. business dennis e. hogan, jr. hallandale, fla. business linda 1. hoideman miami, fla. arts sciences linda e. holmes tampa, fla. education hope holliday Starke, fla. education mary 1. hopkinson tallahassee, fla. social welfare Suzanne f. house plant city, fla. home economics James a. howard Jupiter, fla. education dorothy h. howell crawfordville, fla. education lawrence r. howell plant city, fla. engineering Judith 1. howland miami, fla. education phyllis d. howland live oak, fla. home economics c. edward hubbard sanford, fla. arts sciences kathleen s. hubbard vero beach, fla. education susan 1. hubbard Jacksonville, fla. education jane e. hudson Jacksonville, fla. education pamela d. hudson miami, fla. education Stewart r. hudson Clearwater, fla. social welfare William r. hudson sneads, fla. social welfare jay t. huffman tallahassee, fla. business lynn g. huggan brandon, fla. home economics Sharon a. humphreys dover, del. arts sciences pamela j. hungate booneville, ind. home economics bruce a. hunt sebrinq, fla. education ward e. huston Jacksonville, fla. music frank p. huttner Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences Clifford j. iacino hollywood, fla. social welfare Connie j. ice ormond beach, fla education Jackie m. idyll coral gables, fla. social welfare dayle j. Ingerick deland, fla. arts sciences thomas r. inman.j r. Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences patricia j. Irwin w. palm beach, fla home economics jill e. ivey pensacola, fla. business Janice f. jack son lakeland, fla. education margaret b. james tampa, fla. hazel e. Jamison punta gorda, fla. martha k. Jeffords high springs, fla. kenneth g. Jeffries tallahassee, fla. cherylin I. Jenkins satellite bch., fla. ronald I. jewell satellite beach, fla. Cheryl d. joanos tallahassee, fla. paul e. joanos tallahassee, fla. mary e. Johnson zolfo springs, fla. richard s. Johnson tallahassee, fla. education nursing home economics social welfare business home economics business arts sciences arts sciences sharilyn k. Johnson bradenton, fla. home economics William a. Johnson daytona beach, fla. education jacquelin m. Johnston Jacksonville, fla. Ilnda d. Johnston omaha, neb. willard w. Johnston Jacksonville, fla. donald m.jones.jr. tallahassee, fla. hally I. Jones palatka, fla. ken r. Jones tampa, fla. linda l.jones Orlando, fla. Pamela j. jones tallahassee, fla. arts sciences education education business arts sciences business education education education business patricia a. jones Clearwater, fla. Stephen o. jones haddonfield, n.j. deborah c. Jordan satellite beach, fla. home economics Joseph b. Jordan lake city, fla. business nancy j. Jordan miami,fla. home economics patricia y. Jordan Jacksonville, fla. b. daniel Joseph hollywood, fla. louis I. jurika sarasota, fla. andrew j. jutila pensacola, fla. ann kahler boynton beach, fla. donna J. kail sarasota, fla. sherry I. kallionen riviera beach, fla. margaret e. kane bradenton, fla. Jeanne e. keiser Venice, fla. William n. kennedy lakeland, fla. education education arts sciences business education arts sciences arts sciences education arts sciences business f f5 fe gl Tr 378 . ' - ■ J m iii Mift richard b. kerlin bradenton, fla. arts sciences glen w. kerslake tallahassee, fla. arts sciences Stephen c. keteltas ' •■QO ' fa. arts sciences frederjck e. kinder ft. lauderdale.fla. education Carole a. king valdosta, ga. music roy 1. king w. palm beach, fla. arts sciences vickl j. king bunnell, fla. arts sciences gloria j. kinnard lakeland, fla. home economics joel I. kirschbaum tallahassee, fla. lynda I. kjellstrom miami, fla. business nursing jim I. knighton tallahassee, fla. mary k. koontz Clearwater, fla. business education Joseph j. kotsis Jacksonville, fla. Sandra m. kozak w. palm beach, fla. business education 379 frank a. kreidler lantana, fla. social welfare franz 1. kuder Orlando, fla. music Charles a. kummer winter park, fla. arts sciences konni 1. kunkel robins af b, ga. education carol s. kyser miami springs, fla. social welfare Cecelia a. lafavour meridian, miss. business sue e. laf ler leesburg, fla. arts sciences michele r. lahurd Sarasota, fla. education mary c. lajole tallahassee, fla. arts sciences jack lamotta tallahassee, fla. arts sciences marcia 1. lancaster ft. lauderdale, fla. education glenn e. land ft. Walton bch., fla. arts sciences robert b. lane, jr. tampa, fla. business paul d. larson oscoda, minn. education linda s. lastlnger gainesville, fla. social welfare Jacqueline m. lathrop Orlando, fla. business jere m. latimer Jacksonville, fla. social welfare jane c. latulippe lake wales, fla. education bruce m. lauer n. miami beach, fla. arts sciences Pamela j. lawton Orlando, fla. education phllllp layton winter haven, fla. arts sciences trances e. lee lake city, fla. h ome economics cynthia 1. legg albany, ga. education alfreda c. leibundguth Clearwater, fla. education david c. lelker tallahassee, fla. social welfare barbara d. leiterman pensacola, fla. arts sciences John a. lelland lake worth, fla. arts sciences gloria s. lemeske Jacksonville, fla. home economics edward c. lenner n. miami beach, fla. business Joseph r. lesyea miami, fla. business brian m. levine coral gables, fla. arts sciences marllyn b. lewis miami, fla. arts sciences lyonal b. lindsey, jr. lakeland, fla. arts sciences kenneth m. lipman tallahassee, fla. education aretta d. lipscomb perry, fla. education iikilbi I — i mk gl ll 380 O A 1 iftikiiiti li ,... .i-li •2 anne 1. livingston perry, fla. education jesse r. loftin, jr. Columbia, miss. social welfare gordan r. logan tallahassee,fla. arts sciences patricia a. logan tatlahassee, fla. education anne e. lomery miami, fla. arts sciences cheryle a. long hollywood, fla. education William a. long, jr. miami, fla. engineering Sylvia s. longe miami, fla. nursing m. ellen longmire naples, fla. education jo a. lopez bradenton, fla. education raymond j. lore tallahassee, fla. business terrance m. losonsky Jacksonville, fla. business george h. lott, jr. lake park, fla. business brenda c. lowe tallahassee, fla. nursing anna m. loy merritt island, fla. social welfare Stephen p. loy rockledge, fla. social welfare John r. luce oak brooke, pa. business Jeanne e. ludke Jacksonville, fla. nursing Judith m. lynch ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences kay f . lynn w. palm beach, fla. arts sciences noxie a. madson mclean, fla. arts sciences patricia 1. magruder miami, fla. education larry g. main auburndale, fla. business Judith m. majewski miami, fla. social welfare ann m. major miami, fla. education ' S V I m - - 1 j : michael c. mallardi tallahassee, fla. business earl h. manheimer St. Petersburg, fla. education carl r. maphls sneads, fla. education barbara m. marchetti winter haven, fla. education margaret r. marion Orlando, fla. education wayne s. markham gulfport, fla. arts sciences hedy g. merlin coral gables, fla. arts sciences d. gayle marr Springfield, ill. nursing bruce 1. marshal! Orlando, fla. business mary 1. marshal! perry, fla. arts sciences Carolyn s. martin bronson.fla. h( Dme economics Cornelia r. martin miramar, fla. nursing lynda 1. martin Jacksonville, fla. education nancy j. martin bradenton, fla. nursing ted martin plant city, fla. social welfare James g. mastrangelo brooklyn, n.y. business Joseph mastrovito hallandale, fla. arts sciences lynne a. matheis Orlando, fla. education lucy a. mathis w. oalm beach, fla. education mary 1. matthews palatka, fla. home economics jean c. maxwell Jacksonville, fla. education patricia d. may Panama city, fla. arts sciences susan w. mayo pensacola, fla. arts sciences Catherine r. mcardle ft. lauderdale, fla. education robert a. mcauliffe tallahassee, fla. business danica f. mcbride Sarasota, fla. music malcolm g. mccampb lell w. palm beach, fla. business martha d. mccarter n. mlami, fla. education lauretta s. mccoy blountstown, fla. social welfare anne e. mccracken ft. lauderdale, fla. education thomas c. mccracken Valparaiso, fla. social welfare margaret 1. mccreedy tallahassee, fla. education James e. mccullough Jacksonville, fla. business William v. mcdaniel, j r. tallahassee, fla. business herbert r. mcdonald miami, fla. arts sciences m iii fc iM l iT ttiiii 382 diM f ,M ' i tMMk marilyn a. mcdona Id Jacksonville, fla. music edward m. mcfadd en tallahassee, fla. social welfare michael a. mcfarland hialeah, fla. business Patricia a. mcfarlane ft. myers, fla. arts sciences elizabeth a. mcgee largo, fla. arts sciences John c. mcgee moore haven, fla. education James p. mchone Jacksonville, fla. education donald y. mclntyre tallahassee, fla. social welfare pat a. mcintyre memphis, tenn. education bruce mciver ft. myers, fla. business mary e. mckanna Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences roy mckee blountstown, fla. arts sciences judy a. mclaurin tallahassee, fla. music karyn a. mcleland Clearwater, fla. arts sciences James j. mcmanus, •■• tallahassee, fla. arts sciences pallia p. mcmanus Jacksonville, fla. education donna 1. mcmaster tampa, fla. education susan a. mcowen eau gallie, fla. education glenn w. mcquigg Jacksonville, fla. business doris m. mctague tallahassee, fla. arts sciences robert h. mctague, r- tallahassee, fla. education dianne e. means 1 Jensen beach, fla. education nancy e. meiners ft. myers, fla. arts sciences larry s. meisner ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences terry r. mendenhall St. Petersburg, fla. business richard b. merker St. Petersburg, fla. social welfare kerida a. merritt miami, fla. education ray e. merritt jackson, ga. social welfare Charles a. meschick miami, fla. arts sciences nan messer St. Petersburg, fla. education margie 1. meyer miami, fla. arts sciences robert a. mick miami, fla. arts sciences ellen d. middleton Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences barbara j. mieloch ft. lauderdale, fla. education | ' anita r. milbourne I Jacksonville, fla. education 383 karen k. miles tallahassee, fla. arts sciences lucinda e. miles miami, fla. education brenda s. miller Jacksonville, fla. social welfare Janet r. miller ft. myers, fla. education William m. miller tallahassee, fla. nursing sally d. millward palm bch. shores.fla. arts sciences deborah c. mings Sarasota, fla. arts sciences pene s. mintz Orlando, fla. education francine g. miriglianc ft. lauderdale, fla. home economics h. david mitchell w. palm beach, fla. arts sciences Stephen e. mitchell hollywood, fla. business jane e. mixner Orlando, fla. education Johns V. mixson graceville, fla. arts sciences beverly a. molander eau gallie, fla. education ronald e. molyneux lantana, fla. education mary s. moncrief Orlando, fla. social welfare sandi k. montgomery pompano beach, fla. education susan k. montgomery n. redington bch., fla business Julian m. moody lake city, fla. education carl r. moon ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences barbara j. moore Orlando, fla. arts sciences Julia k. moore miami, fla. education ted a. moore tallahassee, fla. business f lorence g. morgan w. palm beach, fla. education Iloyd d. morgan tallahassee, fla. arts sciences William c. moritz maumee, fla. business harold r. morley kingsport, tenn. arts sciences janetta morphew Panama city, fla. education elizabeth a. morris americus, ga. arts sciences jane morris miami, fla. education kathteen o. morris coral gables, fla. education terry e. morris Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences priscilla j. morton bradenton, fla. education donald a. moss miami, fla. business ann mostoller tallahassee, fla. education ij Mi 384 gail mott tallahassee, fla. arts sciences barbara a. mountain madeira beach, fla. arts sciences stallard b. mpata nkhata bay, malawi arts sciences donald j. mulligan miami, fla. business margaret I. mulloy laurel, fla. home economics William p. murphy tampa, fla. arts sciences Stephen p. murray Jacksonville, fla. William h. muth, jr. homestead afb, fla. business education Julian d. myra Jacksonville, fla. janis I. nance Orlando, fla. education business Joyce a. navratil miami, fla. home economics dartene d. nece miami, fla. education linda s. nederveld hialeah, fla. arts sciences William r. neeriemer cape coral, fla. arts sciences 385 nancy g. neff hialeah, fla. dorothy a. neill east point, ga. Carolyn nickens tallahassee, fla. arts sciences home economics Christopher c. nightingale ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences brenda j. nimmons holly hill, fla. arts sciences education business nancy b. nitcher tallahassee, fla. lynda s. norris altha,fla. Carolyn a. northridge deland.fla. home economics linda j. northup St. Petersburg, fla. social welfare Charles I. nowlin, jr. Jacksonville, fla. business alien m. o ' brien tallahassee, fla. thomas a. o ' brien miami, fla. dewey h. o ' connor tallahassee, fla. mary p. o ' connor naples, fla. John p. o ' dea tallahassee, fla. mary I. olmstead tallahassee; fla. Joanne e. olson Jacksonville, fla. laurel j. olson Clearwater, fla. James t. o ' neal, jr. tallahassee, fla. homer a. ooten tallahassee, fla. arts sciences business business education business nursmg education education arts sciences business betsy e. osborne new Smyrna beach, fla mellnda s. ossorio miami, fla. m. elaine owens tallahassee, fla. frank e. owens tallahassee, fla. frederick w. owens safety harbor, fla. education education social welfare social welfare business mk sM mary lynn owens Clearwater, fla. harriet a. packard Orlando, fla. Patricia e. page Callahan, fla. Judith I. pansa homestead, fla. marlene I. paris miami springs, fla. James t. parker Orlando, fla. Virginia I. parker miami springs, fla. linda m. parsons palatka, fla. donald b. passavanti Jacksonville, fla. cyndee m. patricIo tampa, fla. business home economics nursing home economics arts sciences business business education arts sciences education 386 f) a ' A V, denjse j. patronas mobile, ala. arts sciences peter 1. paul III bonifay, fla. business donna j. pawley Clearwater, fla. education louise s. payne punta gorda, fla. education phil j. pearce, jr. tallahassee, fla. arts sciences marlene a. pearman tallahassee, fla. social welfare dawnlta k. peasley Clearwater, fla. social welfare arthur h. peck, jr. Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences barbara a. peck holly hill, fla. home economics gary r. peckham tallahassee, fla. business harold f. peek, jr. ft. walton beach, fla. business carol j. pelham campbeilton, fla. education janis m. pepper miami, fla. education maria h. perdomo bainbridge, ga. arts sciences lorenzo p. perez miami, fla. arts sciences Janice k. perkins tallahassee, fla. education barbara j. perry palatka, fla. home economics brian e. peters bradenton, fla. arts sciences Phyllis c. Peterson tallahassee, fla. education roy 1. Peterson tallahassee, fla. engineering sally s. peterson bradenton, fla. social welfare James r. petitt tallahassee, fla. business Judith k. pet ley hollywood, fla. education John petri III miami, fla. business donald 1. petty Clearwater, fla. social welfare thomas m. phares Orlando, fla. business Patricia b. phelan tallahassee, fla. education denise b. pierson Orlando, fla. education Joyce a. pinder miami, fla. nursing peggy a. piper coral gables, fla. education bobby j. pittman tallahassee, fla. education barbara a. plummer bradenton, fla. education ronald j. polland miami, fla. arts sciences mary 1. pollock dunedin, fla. home economics Stephen s. poole, jr auburndale, fla. engineering anna r. pope neptune beach, fla social welfare flo popp Jacksonville, fla. home economics paula porterfield labelle, fla. home economics sherry 1. poston miami, fla. home economics saul pozensky tallahassee, fla. social welfare mary m. prater palatka, fla. education adriane pruett miami, fla. nursing alva j. purvis tallahassee, fla. education geraldine f . quirk deland, fla. arts sciences Janet 1. rabe miami, fla. education anne k. ralnes boca raton, fla. education dianne s. raker cross city, fla. education gwendolyn raley sebring, fla. home economics allison ramsaur Jacksonville, fla. education Caroline 1. randle bradenton, fla. education John e. randle Jacksonville, fla. business roy w. ransom tallahassee, fla. business herbert m. rapp decatur, ill. arts sciences mary b. ratzlaff marianna, fla. education fred s. razook, jr. w. palm beach, fla business rita r. reece n. miami, fla. home economics billie d. reed tampa, fla. arts sciences susan m. reed ft. lauderdale, fla. education rita c. reedy tampa, fla. arts sciences meredith a. rees v heaton, md. education a 4 .idk m m n k 388 m iii itt ti k 1 iiiii franklin h. regan winter park, fla. business John m. reid ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences mitchell a. reis miami, fla. social welfare edward 1. reisinger miami, fla. education dennis g. revell bristol, fla. arts sciences Cheryl h. reynolds tallahassee, fla. education John n. reynolds boca raton, fla. arts sciences nancy v. reynolds tallahassee, fla. education m. keys rhodes Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences lynne d. rice w. palm beach, fla. education Charlie e. richardson tallahassee, fla. arts sciences Patricia 1. richbourg Clearwater, fla. social welfare jane e. ridlon nokomis, fla. arts sciences douglas w. rieder tallahassee, fla. business dolores m. riera bradenton, fla. education roy r. rinc miami, fla. arts sciences robert e. ritcry lake worth, fla. music margaret c. ritterbusch delray beach, fla. education John t. rivers cocoa beach, fla. social welfare richard 1. roberts tallahassee, fla. business roland b. roberts bonifay, fla. business davine e. robinson tallahassee, fla. education John s. robinson naples, fla. arts sciences layon f. robinson III tallahassee, fla. social welfare marlene c. robinson pt. charlotte, fla. arts sciences myra d. robinson ■ redington bch., fla. home economics rudolf j. roble, jr. jessup, ga. business margaret c. rocker metier, ga. h ome economics damon h. rodgers tallahassee, fla. business Sharon a. rodnesky tallahassee, fla. arts sciences donna m. rogers doraville, ga. arts sciences george d. rogers tallahassee, fla. social welfare iris j. rogers Orlando, fla. arts sciences barry s. roginski south river, n.j. arts sciences elizabeth s. rollins palm bay, fla. education 389 richard b. rollins miarni, fla. social welfare linda g. rooks Jacksonville, fla. education thomas v. rooney tallahassee, fla. arts sciences John h. rose Jacksonville, fla. business ronald r. rotzko Stratford, conn. social welfare w. robin roush delray beach, fla. music ralph 1. rowe fitzgerald, ga. business doyle m. rowel! tallahassee, fla. business John r. rowland lake worth, fla. education Claudia rowley tampa, fla. arts sciences William rozinski lake worth, fla. business wayne 1. rubinas lake alfred, fla. arts sciences jon 1. rubinstein sarasota, fla. business barbara a. rudzik Orlando, fla. arts sciences roger d. rumenik tallahassee, fla. arts sciences claudio m. rus ' Chicago, ill. arts sciences melissa j. russeii Orlando, fla. education sherrie russo miami, fla. arts sciences ruth b. rutledge tallahassee, fla. home economics linda j. sackmann tallahassee, fla. business leon Sanchez tallahassee, fla. engineering robert b. sanchez plant city, fl a. arts sciences thomas a. sanchez tampa, fla. business Janet e. sanders miami, fla. education Janice a. sapp ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences linda m. sargent dade city, fla. education barry w. satchwell carrollton, ky. arts sciences Christie 1. scalera lantana, fla. social welfare waiter 1. schafer St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences marcia i. schaffer hialeah, fla. arts sciences cynthia k. scheffer ft. walton bch., fla. home economics denton scheiderer marysville, Ohio social welfare mike schenck waldo, fla. arts sciences kathleen s. schert Jacksonville, fla. education alex a. schlesinger atlanta, ga. education " Hk k r . mkA 390 ik h M l Stephen c. schmidt miami, fla. albert h. schneckloth marianna, fla. business business gregory a. schnute huntingburg, ind. geraldine a. scholz hialeah, fla. business education dennise schooley bradenton, fla. business david p. schreck vestal, n.y. business charissa w. schultz atlanta, ga. arts sciences Joseph s. schwartzer miami, fla. arts sciences William a. schwarz tallahassee, fla. ronald I. scogglns ft. lauderdale, fla. social welfare education delores I. sconiers St. Petersburg, fla. Sharon I. scott neptune beach, fla. arts sciences education judy a. searcy lee, fla. Jennie seay cottondale, fla. education education 391 William m. sedmak pompano beach, fla. business lynda g. seldl Orlando, fla. arts sciences melanie j. seifert miami, fla. nursing michael e. seigler belle glade, fla. education William t. seitz port charlotte, fla. business gene seileck boca raton, fla. education mark a. seileck boca raton, fla. education barbara a. sepielli hollywood, fla. education Carolyn e. seuss ft. lauderdale, fla. education phillip j.shad Jacksonville bch., fla. arts sciences peggy a. shannon hialeah, fla. social welfare waiter r. sharman Jacksonville, fla. business hannah j. sharp St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences donna r. shashy Jacksonville, fla. home economics alice e. shelton new Smyrna beach, f la. education mark a. sherouse miami, fla. arts sciences vicki sherouse hollywood, fla. arts sciences dennis r. shiels Cincinnati, ohio education Vivian m. shipley Jacksonville, fla. music james sikora Venice, fla. education myra e. silverstein ft. pierce, fla. education barbara a. silvis lake park, fla. home economics richard m. sims tallahassee, fla. business sally j. singer lumpkin, ga. home economics ronald n. skufca pompano beach, fla. arts sciences Carolyn 1. sladky miami, fla. education kenneth f . slater Sarasota, fla. arts sciences joar i. slattum tallahassee, fla. arts sciences Cynthia f . slivinsky ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences marolyn 1. slusher tallahassee, fla. nursing susan e. small ft. lauderdale, fla. education gayte a. smallwood Sarasota, fla. education s. kimberly smernis ft. lauderdale, fla. education beverly a. smid jacksonvilfe, fla. education charlene r. smith ft. walton beach, fla education iii4ii 392 -f -T P T ' ' i! i mi ifiiiiii ii chariest, smrth merritt island, fla. business gregg e. smith Jacksonville, fla. education Joseph g. smith tallahassee, fla. business rosie 1. smith bonifay, fla. social welfare Sharon a. smith tampa, fla. nursing wanda a. smith apalachicola, fla. education wayne h. smith largo, fla. arts sciences John p. smolenyak miami, fla. business nancy 1. sofge Chattahoochee, fla. social welfare eva sorbelio miami, fla. arts sciences sue a. sorice Orlando, fla. education tina 1. southard n. miami beach, fla. education betsy j . sowers Orlando, fla. arts sciences Patricia 1. spano holly hill, fla. education belinda sparkman bradenton, fla. education elizabeth d. sparkman dade city, fla. nursing arthur h. speedy Stuart, fla. engineering mary e. spratt miami, fla. education susan c. sprawls miami, fla. education Sandra e. spurlock Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences melanie s. stacy seminole, fla. music k. bridget stark vero beach, fla. social welfare david St. clair coral gables, fla. business sherry 1. steams homestead, fla. education kathryne b. steffenson St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences marcia 1. Stephens ruskin, fia. education pearl a. Stephens monticello, fla. social welfare peggy Stephens palatka, fla. education richard a. stern miami, fla. education Janet 1. Sternberg Cincinnati, ohio arts sciences bettie c. Stevens florence, Italy arts sciences James r. stevenson tallahassee, fla. business Janice k. Stewart Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences John r. Stewart tallahassee, fla. education robert n. Stewart Jacksonville, fla. education andrew 1. stigaard St. Petersburg, fla. social welfare diane m. stock ft. lauderdale, fla. education jerry r. stokes ft. lauderdale, fla. business linda d. storey Jacksonville, fla. education Iloyd j. stowers w. palm beach, fla. arts sciences chandler c. strlcklan d perry, fla. engineering nancy e. strickler Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences leonard g. strom palm bch. gdns., fla. arts sciences richard h. stubbs Jacksonville, fla. social welfare sziivia stuhlmuller miami, fla. education betty stultz miami, fla. education annette e. stutz Jacksonville, fla. education douglas r. sullenberger miami, fla. arts sciences mary m. sulllvan st. Petersburg, fla. education kay m. sunderland keystone heights, fla education rickie j. surface riviera beach, fla. music mark r. Sutherland tallahassee, fla. education paul b. sutta miami, fla. social welfare alexander m. sutton n. miami, fla. social welfare aubrey 1. sutton, jr. miami, fla. business donna s. sutton miami, fla. nursing robert a. sutton coral gables, fla. arts sciences James c. sweat mulberry, fla. social welfare Stephen f . sykes canton, me. business Jennifer j. tabor cape coral, fla. nursing MiMdk 394 1 f ranees h. talbot tampa, fla. education Steve j. taminosian ft. myers, fla. business Joseph r. r. tanner satellite beach, fla. social welfare betty a. taylor Orlando, fla. nursing carol r. taylor Clearwater, fla. education nancy e. taylor plantation, fla. education June m. teal pensacola, fla. education susan a. tesch pensacola, fla. arts sciences linda k. teuton gainesville, fla. nursing James h. thibault hallandale, fla. education Janice a. thomas pompano beach, fla arts sciences William j. thomas winter park, fla. social welfare Joseph e. thompson, jr. Jacksonville, fla. social welfare juanita 1. thompson n. miami, fla. home economics mary a. thompson leesburg, fla. arts sciences mary e. thompson hollywood, fla. business margaret k. thrower milton, fla. education candace i. tilton san mateo, fla. education Sharon k. titus Sebastian, fla. arts sciences glenda p. todd tallahassee, fla. business Judith a. toohill Jacksonville, fla. home economics diana s. townsend tallahassee, fla. education joe 1. trafton miami, fla. arts sciences gary f. treece morristown, tenn. education michael f. trexler maitland, fla. business linda e. trigg miami, fla. education Charles f . troxel ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences elizabeth h. truluck havana, fla. education richard c. turbeville ft. pierce, fla. arts sciences hugh r. turley tallahassee, fla. arts sciences linda g. turner lake city, fla. education richard c. turner winter park, fla. business John c. tye, jr. lawtey, fla. business brenda e. tyre green cove springs, fl a. education linda m. tyrholm pompano beach, fla. business 395 jan m. vail St. Petersburg, fla. education trudy van bezooye n miami, fla. arts sciences james w. vandervort tallahassee, fla. business Carole a. van gundy miami, fla. home economics helena e. van heinii igen delray beach, fla. home economics karen c. van rij tallahassee, fla. arts sciences betsy 1. vega perrine, fla. home economics vicki a. vega miami, fla. music gretchen 1. vodrey Jacksonville, fla. education kenneth f. von roenn, jr. louisville, ky. business david m.waddell boynton beach, fla business robert 1. wade tallahassee, fla. business arthur c. wagner, jr niceville, fla. business Stan i. wakefield pensacola, fla. arts sciences mary k. waldeck Jacksonville, fla. home economics patricia a. walden ft. lauderdale, fla. home economics terry h. walden lake wales, fla. arts sciences glenn walker, jr. waukeenah, fla. at ts sciences Suzanne e. walker rome, ga. home economics nancy k. waiters Panama city, fla. nursing Carole e. ward Venice, fla. education j. robert ward daytona beach, fla. business mary s. ward cottondale, fla. education peggy 1. ware branford, fla. education beverly a. warner lakeland, fla. education Sandra 1. warrlnger satellite bch., fla. arts sciences linda 1. waters tarpon springs, fla. home economics mary b. watklns wright patterson, o 1. arts sciences jerry j.waxman miami, fla. arts sciences Cynthia l.weatherred ft. lauderdale, fla. music calvin f . webb St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences richard f. webb ocala, fla. arts sciences barbara j. wegman tallahassee, fla. social welfare margaret 1. weide pompano beach, fl a. education Janice m. weir Jacksonville, fla. education t f fffl mk ' M . HkkMM m,m m richard a. welch Orlando, fla. Joseph I. wells Jacksonville, fla. carol s. wenshaw miami, fla. linda c. wenz Jacksonville, fla. Joyce a. west Chicago, ill. Patricia west ft. lauderdale, fla. susan c. west St. Petersburg, fla. gerald c. wester Chattahoochee, fla. business business education education home economics arts sciences education business kathy I. whetstone panacea, fla. education mary j. whigham pensacola, fla. arts sciences Claudia p. white apalachicola, fla. arts sciences david m. white tallahassee, fla. business harriet b. white kissimmee, fla. arts sciences James r. white tallahassee, fla. social welfare 397 lynne s. white tallahassee, f la. social welfare paulette 1. white pensacola, f la. business sherry e. white port St. joe, fla. education Stephen r. white pensacola, fla. arts sciences thomas w. whitefie Id opa— locka, fla. business kaye whitehurst plant city, fla. education ray a. whitson titusville, fla. education mark a. whittaker winter park, fla. arts sciences douglas e. whitten delray beach, fla. arts sciences donna j. wiehaus St. Petersburg, fla. arts sciences randall 1. wilder tallahassee, fla. business James 1. wiley Jacksonville, fla. business melissa s. wiikins sanford, fla. arts sciences nancy a. wiikowski holiday, fla. education enoch a. Williams titusville, fla. business trances s. williams Jacksonville, fla. home economics jerry s. williams winter park, fla. education Joseph a. williams tallahassee, fla. education Judith 1. Williams Jacksonville, fla. arts sciences marilyn d. williams Panama city, fla. arts sciences robert w. williams St. augustine, fla. business sandra g. williams Jacksonville, fla. education Willie e. Williams miami, fla. education franklin b. wilson, jr. Orlando, fla. education martha t. wilson tallahassee, fla. education mary jo wilson ft. pierce, fla. home economics Pamela p. wilson ocala, fla. social welfare linda g. wing fern park, fla. arts sciences Cecelia j. wingert miami, fla. education Stuart h. wise, jr. Orlando, fla. arts sciences linda j.wisner tampa, fla. arts sciences Carolyn a. witcher tallahassee, fla. arts sciences dixie e. wittstruck Sarasota, fla. education david b. wolfe tallahassee, fla. business lawson d. wolfe titusville, fla. arts sciences M. tr; - . dM k m 398 AAA ■ I I SLOWl! Jr. ' ■ I CHILDREN I AT P L A Y I . larry d. wood tallahassee, f la. business Sharon c. wood opa— locka, fla. education jane woodward quincy, fla. arts sciences Steven j. workman n. miami beach, fla. business carl p. worthy ft. lauderdale, fla. arts sciences William p. wright II tallahassee, fla. social welfare waiter d. wyatt tallahassee, fla. nursing paula m. wyche miami, fla. home economics linda I. wyman tampa, fla. arts sciences harry a. yates, jr. tallahassee, fla. arts sciences robert a. yatsuk Orlando, fla. music judy c. york Clermont, fla. home economics Sandra a. young brent, ala. bernard d. zavish tallahassee, fla. arts sciences business norma s. adams Columbus, ga. arts sciences sam h. adams Columbus, ga. arts sciences robert m. back Westchester, pa. arts sciences george baggett opa-locka, fla. law emily bane atlanta, ga. music carol a. belcer Chicago, ill. arts sciences mary g. bollinger Starke, fla. arts sciences ramon brodermann natchitoches, la. arts sciences drennen a.browne tallahassee, fla. arts sciences marguerite e. bryant Orlando, fla. library science donna m. bush flora la, aia. education juanita byrd berea, ky. library science teresita e. chambless tallahassee, fla. arts sciences sakit chantanotoke Washington, d.c. arts sciences robert w.chestney tallahassee, fla. arts sciences joan m.clare Jacksonville, fla. education ronald h. dark tallahassee, fla. arts sciences terry p. cole tallahassee, fla. law Stephen a.collins tallahassee, fla. social welfare richard a. colyer ft. lauderdale, fla. business laraine correll laud-by-the-sea, fla. library science James m. corrigan sarasota, fla. law James w. cortada orange, fla. arts sciences raquel a. cortina new Orleans, la. business leonard i. cottom tallahassee, fla. business ken w.davis perry, fla. law Carolyn s. doran lakeland, fla. arts sciences sheila k.dupree Panama city, fla. education lawrence e. ellis tallahassee, fla. library science carl r. enchelmager arlington heights, ill. business ava j. eng miami, fla. arts sciences erick p. erickson dothan, ala. education david 1. espenscheid tallahassee, fla. library science robert fahnestock pensacola, fla. business James f lanagan tallahassee, fla. business f ' ,:. - ffSti - l) iAik ifr i iui ft ■A -«. tei i. rS,.i flf ' l- ' -T M iiJliii geoffrey a.fletcher Jacksonville, fla. business William b. fletcher tallahassee, fla. education Joseph 1. fournier tallahassee, fla. social welfare sami goldstayn tallahassee, fla. business osborne 1. gomez St. Petersburg, fla. library science gary e. gore pensacola, fla. arts sciences benjamin h. groomes tallahassee, fla. education robert m. haggard tallahassee, fla. law marilyn c. hansen tallahassee, fla. education deedra 1. harpold seminole, fla. education david w. henne tallahassee, fla. music richard e. herrington graniteville, s.c. arts sciences emmett g. hines tallahassee, fla. business allison m. hubbard baton rouge, la. home economics loger a. huff Sarasota, fla. education sherrie 1. jack tallahassee, fla. library science James w. jackson tallahassee, fla. education marion f. jefferson tallahassee, fla. education matthew m. Johnson Orlando, fla. law William e. Johnson Jacksonville, fla. taw mohamed a. kadir tallahassee, fla. education Jamie e. kannette miami, fla. library science robert n. kenney III stone mountain, ga. arts sciences gene a. klinger tallahassee, fla. arts sciences wonja koh tallahassee, fla. library science bill I. kotch bremond, tex. poranee kunchavalee Washington, d.c. julle m. lasater tupelo, miss. linda c. lehmann wilmette, ill. suraphon lekpasan Washington, d.c. education education education education arts sciences ellls e. long tallahassee, fla. arts science? sven o. lovegren ft. pierce, fla. arts sciences roger w. lunt darango, colo. business Christine m. marston woodside, n.y. social welfare Jorge martinezguerra tallahassee, fla. business michael s. mcgahee powder springs, ga. arts sciences Cheryl a. mcgahey tallahassee, fla. William j. miles tallahassee, fla. robert I. mitchell Jacksonville, fla. peggy a. mohr tallahassee, fla. home economics arts sciences education thomas montgomery tallahassee, fla. p. kathleen moore lakeland, fla. William r. morris daytona beach, fla. Samuel n. mosley Jacksonville, fla. carl c. norton rantoul, ill. library science law arts sciences arts sciences education arts sciences William g. orlando Cornwall, n.y. arts sciences robert g. palmer, jr. tallahassee, fla. music chitchai panichapat tallahassee, fla. arts sciences sivara pataraporn Washington, d.c. arts sciences veronica s. pantelidis tallahassee, fla. library science howard I. parris, jr. atlanta, ga. William j. phelan tallahassee, fla. Sharon m. ohelps Jacksonville, fla. robert h. pinder tallahassee, fla. mary I. pittman tallahassee, fla. orlay e. plummer bradenton, fla. keren I. polidoro auburn, ala. arthur d. pollock dunedin, fla. robert posada tallahassee, fla. arts sciences education education home economics education arts sciences music arts sciences business nuntavadee puntamanonda tuskegee inst., ala. arts sciences gmg f 4 v : " l aldemar rojas tallahassee, fla. business raymond w. roland tallahassee, fla. law Stephen h. rugg tallahassee, fla. arts sciences peter c. sackmann tallahassee, fla. business James j. sale madison, fla. business malayad sankayadana Washington, d.c. arts sciences elton scott tampa, fla. arts sciences James r. sever pensacola, fla. arts sciences eleanor a. shaver taylors, s.c. library science v« illiam g. shultz lookout mt., tenn. social welfare pimjal skulratona bangkok, thailand business w. scott steggall tallahassee, fla. education Paul j. straube south bend, ind. business chinda suksriwong bangkok, thailand arts sciences John c. taylor ■ .. naples, fla. arts scietic martha a. taylor pensacola, fla. arts sciences mary k. timberlake Shawnee, okla. education mary c. traweek baton rouge, la. education herbert g. traxler Vienna, austria arts sciences gary w. van doren ft. lauderdale, fla. education willem i. van rij tallahassee, fla. arts sciences bernard w. vatz huntsville, ala. engineering george 1. waas tallahassee, fla. law Joyce a. waybright St. Petersburg, fla. library science david e. wegman tallahassee, fla. business Sharon 1. weintraub miami, fla. arts sciences William t. wheeler tifton, ga. education carol a. white tallahassee, fla. library science jack a. Whitley tallahassee, fla. law edna p. wilkerson jay, fla. library science John w. wllkes tallahassee, fla. education jong y. woo tallahassee, fla. arts sciences dianne h. wright valdosta, ga. library science mary e. wysong charlestown, w. va. library science richard e. yinger tallahassee, fla. arts sciences 403 wrn we pause to reflect on what these years have meant to us: if we have benefited from them we know that learning is a never-ending process. we leave these walls to go into the real world to be altered by it — . yes.— F J x.. - -. . J • •»! A. : " « " r - • j ' ! • t t » » ' .; but also to effect our change upon it. this is our challenge: not to make the world a fitter place in which to live but to make man a creature fit to live upon it. so Iphg my friend, and should we never meet again — have a good life. •b lS H , , ' ' " ' ■ ' h " 4 t A ' J ' ' M M m m- 5 i 1 : : r fs » ■ J, ■ " ' if " ' ■■•-• ' I ■ I f t- ' f . . ft r €01 ;•) it. : - ;. Ik -- ' • ' ' . • r A , ■■ ' ■ ' ■ ' Li ' t - • --. ' !. . . • f — n ' ' r h 1 x ¥ ' ' It », " -v. ' ' M « •♦.. «» ». ■ -»4 X K ' ' . ' «. ' » ■J ■■■ ' -. ; ' J i£ l tdir if ' ? " % ill subject index page introduction 1 draft dodgers 42 features 46 homecoming 50 gymkana 58 Christmas 60 circus 62 artist series 74 earth day 84 moratorium 86 campus beauties 90 sports 110 coaches 114 team 1 16 seniors 118 games 120 marching chiefs . 126 cheerleaders 128 basketball 130 soccer 136 swimming 138 baseball 142 cross country 148 wrestling 149 gymnastics 151 track 152 golf 154 judo 1 56 tennis 158 student affairs 160 university union 188 program council 190 administration and bosp 192 tally ho .194 flambeau 198 legend 201 smoke signals 204 production lab 206 photographers 208 business office 210 organizations 212 greeks 250 academics 322 administration 326 outstanding professor 334 classes 348 who ' s who 356 seniors and grads 362 index 408 408 4a30TT,O4TII A8ERN»tHY,S«NDR» IBRAIRO, PHILIP aBROIRO, PHILLIP 4BSTEIN, JSCK ACHTEMEtER,SU5«N acosia.HOHORO ACOSia.HOHIE 40aMS,K«RE ' AOdM ' i.NETa aoaHS»NORMA aoAMS, REBECCA OOAMS.SAM ADAMS, VIUIKKA ADELMiN.LENNT ADELMAN, LEONARD aOKINS, ELLEN aOKINS, SANDRA AHKINS, SUSAN ALBANESE.IOM ALBRIGHT, BOB AL(JRIGHT, ROBERT ALCOCK, DOROTHY c I -if 362 362 362 222 187 316 237 362 OTPICIA RARBARA ALFORn, CAROL ALFRED, JOSEPH ALFRIEN 217 ' 36,290, 362 362 217 ISO, 183, 218,219,222,234,21.2 313 362 216 182 215 235 ALLEY, EHMA ALLIERI,LTNN ALLISON .LAURENCE 3USAN ALLREU ALOED, SUSAN ALVAsfz BARBARA ALVAREZ ALVAREZ PHIL ALHINjH Srk AMATEiS, -RANK AHAIUZZI, JANET AMENOOL 1,JUANITA CHARD AMMAN, R AMMANN.GFNF AMHERmIn, DAVID AMOROSO RATRICIA AMOS, JA AMOS, STEPHANIE ANCHORS MICHELE ANOERSO M, ANNE ANDERSON, DON ANDERSON, EDWARD ANDERSON, GEORGE ANDERSON, KAREN ANDERSON, LESLEY " NDERSON, PATSY 8ACHTEL,ELIZ 9ACK, ROBERT BAOia, CYNTHIA BAOCFR, SANDY a, 6 - - ,BE aaER, BEVERLY ' laOGETT, GEORGE BAGGS,HaDE BAGLEY,BERNIE BAILEY, DOUG BAILEY, ELAINE 318 222 362 ,362 352 2 36 26S 2i2 336 279 295 ANDERSON, PAUL 352 ANDERSON, ROBERT 352 ANDERSON, S. 312 ANOERSON,SONYa 21.2 ANDREWS. GAIL 129 ANDREWS, LINOa 362 ANDREWS, MARY 352 ANDREWS, MICHELLE 231. ANDREWS, NANCY 235 2 ' .2 ANTHONY, RICMBRO 362 ANTONE, SOPHIA 222 ,235 apling.gayla applet6n,beth 226 280 ARELLANO, RICHARD 216 ARIC , CLARKE 300 ARMSTON, TRACY 298 ARMSTRONG, AROEN 283 ARMSTRONG, KRISTIE 232 ARNOLD, GIGI 231 ARNOLD, JOHN 327 ARNOLD, LINDA 362 ARNOLD, SALLY 181 ,218 ARNOLD, SHEPAN 362 ARNOW, NANCY ARNSOORF, STEVE 222 300 ARRINGTON, JOY 362 ARRINGTON, MARTHA 362 ART,DEOE 280 aRT,OEEOEE 236, 251, 261 A5HD0WN, MICHELE 185 ASHLEY, KATHLEEN ASHMORE, ROBERT 222 115 ASKER, SYBIL 231 ,275 ASKEY,JANIS 217 ,352 aSMBR, NORMAN 205 aTCHEY,LaRPY ATKINSON, KRISTINE 320 215 ATLEE.LTNN 2 35 ATTERtD iRAY 303 atwooo.nAncy 297 AUGUSTYNIAK, MARIA AUNE.T. GEORGE 258 ,362 353 AUSFELD.aaPaARA AUSTIN, BILL 272 229 auST N,CECE 225 auST N, CECELIA 2 ' .0 AUSI N, PAULA 363 AUST N.WILLIAH AVIGDOR.ARLENE 363 363 aVIRETT,8ILL J03 AVIRRET , BILLY 250 222 297 258 181 223,261, 295 BAILEY, JAMES BAILEY, THOMAS BAILEY, TOM BAINBRtOGE,«AR 9AISDEN,TRtSH BAKER, CHARLOTTE BAKER, DEBORAH BAKER, LINDA RAKER, MYRA BAKER, ROBERT BaLDWIN,a. SaLDWIN, JUDITH BaLOWIN, SUSAN QALEWSKt, LARRY 9ALINT, BRUCE BAlISTRERI ,KATHY BALL, JANET BALL, SUSAN BAMBAKOS, PATRICIA BANE, EMILY BANE, MIKE BANKS, BOBBIE BANKS, BREWSTER BANKS, CHARLES BANKS, CHARLOTTE BANKS, SUSAN BANT AjMIKKI 3antten, linda ba°tist4,sam aaRBEE,MARTHa SaPBEE, VIRGINIA BARBEE,WILLiaM BARBER, JIM oapCLaY.aNMa saRCUS, BEVERLY BARENDSE, LOUISA BARER, MARYANN BARKSDALE, BARBARA aaoKSOALE, BOBBY BARNES, DAVID BARNES, SUSAN HARNETT, BARBARA BARNETTE.CL IFTON BARNUM,TOM 9AR0NF, SUSAN OARR,JOHN BARR, PAMELA BARRETT, PAT BARRINEiSu.MARY BARRIOS, BOB BARRON, LYNN BARRY, MRS. BARSOM.SKIR BARSON, LINDA ■lARTEL, JULIE BA T ' LS, JULIE laRTHLi .JAf ' ET ,jaPTlN,rI.,nY BARTLET T,M«JGARET BARTLETT,RrYCE BARTON, PAUL BARWICK, KENNETH aaSHOR, PAMELA aaS5,DIANNE BASS, STEVE BASS.THERON BASTIAN, SUSAN BATCHELOR.OE 3ATSON,0ARRELL BATSTONE, SUSAN BATTLE, PATRICIA BAUER, DAVID BAUER, MARY BauMaNN, JOHN BEaR04LL,M«RY 8EasLEY,HEPSCH BEASLEY, SANDRA BEA50N,MANOY BEATYjRYAN 3FAU00IN,MaRYa BECKmTH,CYN BECTON, JULIE BEEBE, ROBERT BELCER, CAROL BELL ,BARalE BELL , CINDY BELL, CYNTHIA BELL ,JANE BELL, SHARON BELLAFIORE, MARIE BELSER, JUDITH BELSER, JUDY SENNETT, BARBARA OENNEIT, BARRY BENNETT, BETH BENNETT, CECILE BENNETT, DOROTHY BENNETT , GERRY BENNETT, GINGER BENNETT, JEAN 3ENNETI , JEANNIE BENNETT, KATHY BENNETT, SHERRY BENOIT,00UG BENTON, GAIL BENTON, RICHARD BENTON, RICK aERG.KAREN BERNEY, ROBERTA NIUS, RANDY ' " TER,f ' ONNIE BERRY, JANN OERRY.JOHN 9ERTKE, PATRICIA BESSERER, CAROL SETHEA.PAM BETHEA, PAMELA SETTS, MARY BEVILLE, STEVE alANCHI, ROBERT 353 282 235 116 123 306 218,219, 313 21.5,292 129, 357 216 182 363 363 312 268, 363 363 199 302 282 222 354, 365 363 21.9,266 206 353 21.1., 363 185 116 216,353 363 353 227 295 ..361. iTi. , 2 85 311 216 316 233 280 223 181 277 235 252 282 -J, (TOO, 56,364 129 361. aiE , CHAR BIE ,CHARLENE BIE LLING, jaMES BIG HAM, PATRICIA 3IG HAH, SID aiL L INGSLEY ,EARL au LINGSLY,MARCia BIN OER, SANDY UNION, TRaCY tlIRCH,8ETIY BIRCMFIELD, jaMES BIOD, jaNICE BIRD, SUSAN BIRDSONG, LOGAN BIROSONG, RICHARD alRGER, DOROTHY BISHOP, KARL BISHOP, MaRILYN alSSETT, MARILYN BLACK MEP , MARIAN BLACK, NANCY BLACK, PATRICIA BLACKWELL, AUDREY 9LACKWELL, DAVID BLAIR, LINDA BLAKE, ELIZABETH BLANCO, CARIDAD BLANKENSHIP.HARY BLANKNER,THERESa 3LANNING,CINNY BLANNING, VIRGINIA BLASH-THOMas 3LAUSER, CHERYL 3LED0YN, CHRISTINE BLEE, MYRON BLISS, TINA BLISS, TIIA BLITCH.RAYFORD BLOCK, SHIRLEY BLODGETT, KAREN BLOUNT , JUDY BDOIFORD, STEVE 30JO,ERWIN aOGDANOFF ,HOB 90GGIE,D0UG BOGGIE, DOUGLAS BOGGY, RICH BOLLINGER, 30LVIN, BEVERLY BOMGARONER, PATRICIA aONaPFEL,PAUL 30NATZ, JOAN 30N0,B. BOND. ELIZABETH BONOERVD, LUCILLE BONIELLO, JCY BONIFAY, CECELIA BONN, DENNIS BONNaBEL,CORaLIE BOOTH, aNNE BOOTH, JOHN 30RASCH,0AN BORASCH, DANIEL 30RB, LINDA , LINDA nORjf ,3A BORRIES, SUSAN 303HNaCK,MICHA 90SLEY,Bapnapa 30STIAN,BaPBaPA 30SWELL iWILLian 30URNE,9nB BOUT IN, JAN BOWDOIN.ROD BOWEN, JILL 3awFN,PAT BOWER, LEONARD BOWER, LISA BOWER, NATHAN BOWERS, REBECCA BOWIE, MARY EL iiUi 3 U K , BOYC BOyCE, BEVERLY BOYD,CHERI aOYD, JAMES 30 D,RICHAPO BO D,RICK 30 D, SUSAN 30 ETT.JOHN 30 KIN,£DLYNE 3 LE, BARBARA 30 LE, VALERIE rNTON,BEN 30 aOZEMAN, JAMES CKIN,CHARLA 3R SDFORO, CAROL B» IDFORO, LINDA BP SDFORD, RALPH BRADLEY, DEBORAH 3P »DSHAW, SUSAN BR OY,MEi OR ADY, PATRICK OR aiNARD, NANCY BR allHWAITF ,noB SM8LEI, PEGGY BR 3R .NO.MaPGIE 3P 3P ANDT, JOANNE 3R ANE.BETH aNNEN, JOSEPH 3R aNILET.PaTRICIA aslNGTON.BOB 8R BRAY ,BRENDa aRaY,LYLE 3REE0EN,M. 9REE0EN,Mim 3REEN,RUTH BREIN.aiMEE BREWER, ERIN BREWSTER, PATTY 3RICKETT , BECKY 9RICKMaN,B0a flRIOGLAND, THOMAS 3RIEN,AIMEE BRINKLEY, MARGARET BRINSON, CONNIE BRISTOL, SCOTT BRITT,ROD aRITIIAN, THOMAS BROAODUS,KAYE , JEANNE BROMLEY, f BROOK, PETtH BROOKS, BROWNING BROOKS, DENNIS 8R00KS, MARTHA BROOKS, SHARON 190 36 " . 239 217 21.1 275 21.1 260 351. 181. 312 235.292 310 235,299 222 36 " . 361. 351. 239 1.2,21.8 218 320 215 139 215 320 310 290 139 233 216 216 355 318 222 317 218, ,312 365 59 310 365 319 365 222 180,216, 218,21.4 186 3 65 307 290 297 299 210 261. 291. 222 289 216,21.1., 365 125 279 308 265 235 216 235 280,365 236 271. 21.5 355 210 216 316 225,236 222 BROWN, CANTER BROWN, JERI 8R0WN,M. 3R0WN, MARTHA BROWN, PATRICIA BROWN, ROBERT BROWN, SUSAN BROWN, THOMAS BROWN, WEEZY BROWNE, DRENNEN BROWNE, TIM BROWNETT.HERS 8R0WNETT, HERBERT BROWNING, SUSAN BROWNING, THOMAS BROWNING, TOM BRUCE, TWYLA BRUNSON, BARBARA 3RUT0N, CHRISTINE BRYAN, KATHARINE BRYAN, KITTY BRYANT , ANNA BRYANT ,303 BRYANT, CAROL BRYANT, MaPGUERITE aRYON, KITTY 3UCCI, JOaNNE BUCHANAN, STEVE 9UCHMAN, SUSAN BUCK, CATHERINE BUCK, CATHY BUCKLEY, JACK BUCKLEY, JOHN BUELL, BRUCE BUERGER, C. BUHL, FRED BUIS,ANNE aUIS,LELA 8ULLARD,CLE BULLARD.DICK BULLARD, JERRY BULLARD,JOHN BULLIHGTON, LINDA BUMGARONER.PaTRICI A BUNKER, PAUL A 8UNN,GINNY BUPP,RENO 3URCH, REGINALD BURGESS, BARBARA BURGESS, SIEVE BURGESS, SUZANNE 3URGI0, MICHAEL BURGOS, CARLOS BURK, RARBARA BURKE, DOUG BURKE, GEORGE BURKE, JEANNE BURKE, JIM 3URKEIT,BEriY BURLEY ,DavIO BURNETT, PETE BURNS, PATRICIA 9UPR, LAURIE BURRIS, GINGER 3Ui PIS, SHIPLEY BURROUGHS, DONNA BURI,90a8Y BURT, JOHN BURT, JUDY auRI,LONNIF BURT , RAYMOND 9URICH, DONALD BURTCHIN ausc aUSCnnun, BUSH,CHUr 9USH,D0NNo BUSH, SALLY BUTLER, 3ARPARA BUTLER, CANOaCE BUTLER, CATHY BUTLER, CURT BUTLER, MARY BUTLER, RAYMON BUTLER, SHARON 8YaRS,SaNDY BYLER,jaMES BYRO, J.SCOTT BYRD, JUaNITA NE 319 153 320 365 356, 365 365 153 365 365 195 365 236.262 175 268 222 236 316 365 355 231. 231., 234 282 136 270 216 ,365 235 355 365 183 235 176 318 365 265 236 182 266 21.2,262, 365 232,311. 365 115 133 365 365 365 285 366 225 CABALLERO.PaTRICia 211 CABLE, RANDY 133 CAMILL, DEBORAH 315 cain,hAry 235 ,310 CAIN£,MARr 179 CAIRNS, GRACE 216 CALABRIA, JOHN 151. CALOHELL, NORMAN 365 CALDWELL, T. 272 CALDWELL, WILLIS 332 CALLAGY, SHANNON 356 CALLAHAN, DEBBIE 235 CaLLaHAN,DEBORaH 222, 231., 290 CaLLANCTERRI 53, 219, 365 CALLANO, TERRY 278 CALLAWAY, GAY 21.0 ,315 GALLEY, LYNN CAMARERO,NORA 356 366 CAMP,OENNIS 320 CAMPBELL, CATHERINE 185 CAMPBELL, CHARLIE 236 CAMPBELL, DEBORAH 275 CAMPBELL, DOAK 216 ,317 CAMPBELL, DOROTHY 272 ,366 CAMPBELL, DOUG 303 CAMPBELL, JEAN 280 CAMPBELL, LEIGH 273 CAMPBELL, MARGARET 216 CAMPBELL, NANCY 215 .217 CAMPBELL, PATRICIA 355 CAMPBELL, SUSAN 219, 272, ,366 275 CAMPBELL, THOMAS CANNON, FRANCIS 216 189 CANNON, MARGARET 2 36 CANNON, MICHAEL 317 CANNON, TERRY 292 CANTEY, DORIS 190 CANTRELL, SYLVIA 226 ,355 CAPLAN, MICHAEL CAPPLEHAN,BILL 356 116. 119, 124 CARaaEL,NEIL 317 r.aRFY -JOHN 2tt CaREY,LYNNE 25 " . CAREY, SUSAN 200, 216, 2l8 ,35? CARLISLE, SAMUEL CARLSON, DALE 356 315 ,356 CARLTON, JEOFREY 366 CAPMIChSeL, LESLIE 233 CAPHICHAEL, SUSAN CAPMONa,RaRBARA 222 ,236 21.1 CAR0IHERS,M.W. 217 CARPENTER, JOHN CARPENTIERI, MARIANNE 303 312 .366 CARRAWAY, LILLY CaRHELL,DuaNE 365 115 CaRRIER, JEFF 289 CaPRIGAN, JOHN 215 CaRRICaw, RICHARD 365 CARRUTH,HAMP 320 CARSON, HAPRY 365 LARSON, ROBERT 355 CARTER, JAMES 289 CARTER, LOIS 356 CARUSO, JAMES 2 95 CARUSO, STEPHEN 366 CARUSO, SIEVE 291. RY CASANOVA, VICKI CASBON.JOHN CASH, BECKY Ca5H,R0N CASON, COSBY CASON, THOMAS CASSaOY, GINGER CASSEAUX, APLIS CASSEAUX,CaNOA CASSIDY, GINGER CASSON,BEE CASTELLANO CASTERT0N,4USA CASTILLO, DONNA CASTLEBERRY , CAROL CASTNEP,JACK CAIHER, CINDY CATOE, JUDITH CAUOEL, DOLORES CauGHLIN,KaTHIE CaULFIELO,J0AN cavines,k4y cays0n,ba8s CECCaRELLI,SaRA CHAOBOURNE .CONNIE CHAOaOURNE, CONSTANCE CHAOINGIAN, CHERYL CHAOUPGIAN, CHERYL CHALKLEY,0ivID CHALLANCIN, VICKI CHAMBERi, CAROLYN CHAMBERS, SCOTT CHAHBLESS, MANUEL CHAM3LESS,TERESITA CHAMP, RICK CHAMPIDN.JOHN CHaNco,aouc CHaNOLER,HBXINE chantanofoke,sakit chapoelain,d4na chapman, jane chapman, jeffrey chartrand, anne CHASON, KAREN CHASTAIN, ELIZABETH CHEEK, MICHAEL CHEN, LAURA CHERPAK ,NaDINE CHESHIRE, BILL CHESHIRE, CINDY CHESINEY, ROBERT CHICHFTTI .RICH CHILES, PAMELA CHINNIS, RUSTY CHOMAT,BOB CHOOS, SCOTT CHOPPIN, GREGORY CHRISMAN, BETTY CHRISTEAS, SUSAN CHRISTIAN, CATHY CHRISTY, SUSAN CHURCH, RUTH CHURCHIN.JEFF CI8ULa,K4«EN CIOTOLl.GENF cisak.mSrk cisney,luci an cttuk,jeffp . AMELA CLAPP, ROBERT CLARK, MARYFLLEN CLARK, PATRICIA CLARK, PEGGY CLARK, RONALD CLARKE, CHRISTINA CLARKE, LOPING CLARKE, WAYNE CLARY, REED CLAUSSEN,Mf LODIE CLAUSSEN, MELODY CLAY , NANCY CLAY, WILLIAM CLAYTOR,BOB CLELANOiCARRIE CLEMENTI,LORRaiNE CLEMENTS, MICHAEL CLENOINEN.SILL CLEVELAND, AL CLEVELAND, CLARK CLIFFORD, DEBORAH CLIFFORD, MICHAEL CLIFTON, W. LEE CLINE, CAROLINE CLONY, CHRIS " LOUD,MICHaEL LOWER, MICnaEL cobb.jInice cobb, mickey coborger, linda c03urger, linda COE, SHERRY COFER, JAMES COFER, JOSEPH COFFEE , ANITA COFFET, SUSAN COGAN,OAN COGGIN.PAM 59 11.8,153, 365 303 366 356 366 235 3 66 355 179 222 227 290,281 21.0,258 235 313 21.0 222,315 21.J 271 355 366 21.2, 286 290,357 215, 5l8, 367 21.2,282 222 235,311 216 1.00 318 ' :J9,A 59,27 367 2 91. 320 317 21 286 235 368 153 index 409 COOCINS.PiM COLOERT.J COLBURN.K COLE, BUZ C01.E,EveL COLE .FRINCFS COLE.NHNCY COLE.IERRY COLEHAN.DSVID COLEMAN, RICHARD COLEMAN, SUSAN COLLIER, KATHERINE COLLINS, JOAN COLLINS, JOHN COLLINS, RICHARD COLLINS, STEPHEN COLSON,KAY COLION, PAMELA COLTER, RICHARD COMFORT, EUr.ENE CONARO, JOSEPH CONOIT.J. ANTHONY CONDO. NANCY CONNELL, STEVE CONNERS, KENNETH 203 139 368 26 ' ; 369 369 306 139 216 369 291 139 217 311 UALEY,8ERNIE OALEY, NANCY OALRYMPLE OALRYMPLE, CATHY DALTON.OAVID CONOUER.AL CONSTANTAKIS.GUADALU CONSTANTIN. jiMES 5ba CONSTANTINI jTONI 21.2 CONUERSE, KATHLEEN 216,217 COOK, CLARA 21.7 COOK, COOKIE 277 COOK, PATRICIA 21.2, 21.3 COOKE, SUSAN 368 COON.RE ENIA 299 COONEY, GENIE 219 COOPER, ASA 368 COOPER, 9. 312 COOPER, CAROLYN 191,21.9 COOPER, CATHERINE COOPER, CATHY COOPER, JANICE COOPER, KATHY COOPER, MARY COOPER, SUNNY COOPER, SUSAN COOPER, TOMMY CORAM, CINOY CORAM, CYNTHIA CORRETT, PAULA CORBETT, SUZANNE CORBIN, CYNTHIA CORDELL.DEE CORDELL,DEEANN CORE. ROBIN CORLEY, BARBARA CORLEY, MARTHA CORNELL, RICHARD CORRELL.LARAINE CORRIGAN, JAMES CORTADA, JAMES CORTINA, RAOUEL COSTAS.GREG GOTTEN, CAROL COTTOM, LEONARD C0ULTE ,JA1 ' FS COUNCIL, CHARLES COURTS ' , " OP 0URTNEY,Rf ' GFR COHENS, OAVF COX.L . COX.LA RY COY, LINDA CRABTRFF, CAROLYN CRAFT, JEREMY CRAIG. BARBARA CRAIG. ELAINE CRAIG, STEPHEN CRAMER, OOROTHY CRATSENBERG, JOYCE CRAVEN, DONNA CRAWFORD, BRENOA CRAHFORD, CAROLYN CRAHFORD, CHERYL CRAHFORD, CYNIHIA CRAWFORD, JANET CRAWFORD, JEFF CRAWFORD, LINDA CREEL. FRANCES CREGG, ELAINE CREVASSE, KAREN CREW, ALICIA CPEHS, CAROLYN CREWS, JANE CREWS, KAREN CREWS, S. ELAINE CROLEY, SUSAN CRONA,BILL CROOMS,STAN CROSBY, JEANNE CROSS, CHARLES CROSS, LINDA CROTEAu.EO CROUCH, MARY CROUCH, MAPYANN CROVCED CROVO, SANDY CR0W3ER, CHARLES CPOWELL,B. CROWELL, CHRISTINE CROY,KIM cruder, ross crum,c4rolyn crum,mary C9USSFLLE,8ILL CRUSSELLS,eILL CRUTCHER, VICKIE CUADPO, ENRIQUE CULLER, DARLENE CULPEPPER. SUSAN CUNNINGHAM, SALLY CUNNINGHAM, SUSAN CUNY, RICHARD CURCHIN,JEFF CURLES, CECIL CURNUTIE,BILL CURRAM, SUSAN CURRIER, TOM CURRY, BRIAN CURRY, ROBERT CURTIS, MARY CUSAC, SUSAN CUSICK, CEYLON CUTLER, CANDY CUTLER, CAROL CUTIS, PEGGY UABNEY, CHUCK DALE, MIRIAM OALE,RUTH DALE,MOOOROH 276 290 297 261 320 236 279 268,368 358 3l5 313 216,217 319 369 309 269 1h7 311 299 315 369 216 311 216 368 300 290. 369 256 368 369 359 69,268 300 279 233 270 312 222 2 ' .2 260 2 ' .9 226 319 302 119 217 157 216 239 368 359 296 236 252 205,208 368 369 DAMORE.A. ROBERT OAMPIER,AN0REE 359 369 DAN EL, JANE 269 DAN EL, MARILYN 279 DAN EL, SUSAN DAN ElS.OALE 2 36 236 ,290 DAN ELS.KARIN 215 DAN ELS, SUSAN DAN ELSON, DAVID 251 159 OAN ELSON, JUDY 290 DAN NG, JANICE 369 DANN.ELIAS 216 OANNER, SHARON 369 OABOAR, DIANE 280 0ARDIS,MARYBE1H 217, 219, 219 ,3li DAUGHERTY, SHARON OAV DSON,GARY 359 306 DAV DSON.JANE 369 OAV S.8ILL 291. UAV S.CAROL 269 DAVIS. DENNIS 359 OAV S.DIANE 2 ' .2 OAVIS. EDDIE 115 DAVIS, GEORGE 116 OAVIS, JANE 222 DAVIS, JERRY 359 DAVIS, JO 219, 35fe 252, ,36 DAVIS, JULIE 312, 359, 35 OAVIS, KATHY 235 DAVIS, KEN 177 ,1.00 OAVIS, KENNETH 173 OAVIS, MARSHALL 21.5 ,320 OAVIS. MARY 359 DAVIS, RICHARO 305 OAVIS. T . 302 DAVIS, VIRGINIA 369 OAHKINS,BILL 307 DAWSON, RHETT 116 DAY, CINDY 197 ,295 IJAY.LUANA 369 OAY, MARGIE 191 DAY , SAVANNA 231. DAY, SUSAN 192 DE MARCO, MARY 359 OEAKYNE, JAMES DEAN. CAROLINE 369 216 ,217 OEAN.MARY 369 DECAMPS, KAREN 315 DEODY, LARRY 270 DEES. Allen 116 DEES, MARGIE 195 ,297 DEES, SANDRA 359 DEFELICE, DIANE 225 OEGARMO, DIANE 222 ,297 JEHART, EDWARD 359 OEHOFF, JULIA 265 OEHDFF.MARY OEITRICH. CHRIS 265 ,369 231 ,290 OEITZ, BEVERLY 291 DEJARNETTE, LINDA 311. DEKNES, JUDITH DEL PERCIO, LEONARD 272 369 OELAND,GRAYDON 216 OELANEY,GAPY 369 OELETTRE, CHRISTINE 369 DELONG, GINGER 59 OELONG, VIRGINIA 261. OEMAY,DUANE 359 OEMPSEY.JACK 209 OENICKE, CAROL 359 DENNIS, DALF 236 DENNIS. MICHAEL 318 DENT. HENRY 301. DENTON, PHIL 270 DENTON. SHIPLEY 192 OERAHO, JACKIE 191, 195, 3l5 OFRAMO, JACnuELINE 219 ,251 OESHEFY, NANCY 21,0 ,315 DESMONU.DAVIDA 222 ,279 DFSnONO.DEFDEE 236 DESMOND, MARY 290 DETERS, KAREN 21.8 TETTERS, SHERRY 2 ' .8 DFTHILER, PATRICIA 370 UEVEITE,JUANIIA 217 DEXIER, JARRAPA 222 ZEEU DIBENEOETTO VERONICA 21.6 369 231, DIAZ, MARGARET )I9ENE0ETTO VE JICKEY, ALFRED DICKSON, JIMMY DICKSON, THOMAS DIEM, BARBARA OIEIRICH.GERI OIETRICHS,GERI OIETRICK. CHRIS 0IFFEN8AUGH[GUY UILLARD, ELIZABETH DILLINGHAM, MARJORIE DILLINGHAM, W. P. DILLS, DIANA DILMORE.DARRELL DION, SUSAN DIXON, SUSAN 00 ' 3S0N,JAMFS D08S0N, JIM D03S0N,H. VELMA D0BS0N,VELMA DODD, DOROTHY OODO.FRANCES OOOL .NORMAN UOHERTY, SUSAN OOHL, BARBARA DOMBIFR, MICHAEL UOMBROWSKI , DONNA DOMINO, JOHN DONAHUE, JUDY DONALD, LINDA DONALDSON, MARY DONNELLY, BOB DONOHUE, JUDY DORAN, CAROLYN D0TY,9ILL DOTY, FRANCES DOUO. JAMES DOUGLAS, JEANIE DOUGLAS, MARY DOUGLAS, PETE DOWDY, IRENE OOWNS,G. DOWNS, GALE UOWNS, JOHN DOYLE, KAREN DOYLE, ROBERT ORAVES, SUZANNE DRESSE, NANCY 312 292 216 370 231.235 219,297, 37J ,370 299 293 290 299 310,370 370 279 OREM.PREl} OREH.JUOY ORIVER, STEVEN OROUGHMAN, ALLY OROWNE,TOMMIE DROZ,OARRAGH DROZ, DIANE 0»USYS,ALL AN DUANE, JANET DUCKWORTH, DIANA DUDLEY, L. DUEBLER, MARTHA OUFFIELD, JOHN DUFFY, BOB DUGGER,RIC DUGGER,RODERIC DUKE, DALE DUKE, JENNIE 256 139 222 370 269 292 216 270 370 319 223,251, DUM8LET0N,0ENISE 233 DUMONT,GARY 308 DUNBAR, DALE 227,370 DUNCAN, ANDREA 2 35 DUNCAN, CARL 225 DUNK, BARBARA 370 OUNN.BRUCE 315 DUNN, ROY 153 DUNNING. JAMES 370 DUNPHY, JAN 293 DUPARCROVANNA 231. DUPREE,JOE 303 OUPREE, SHEILA 1,00 UURAND,MARrELLE 233 DURDEN, FRANCES 370 DURHAM, HUGH 133 OURRETT.PAUL 189 UUXauRY, VIVIAN 331 DYE, THOMAS DYER.R. 216 319 DYKEMA, CECILY 263 DYKEMAN.RON 301, e EAGLE, LUANN 370 EAKES, EDWARD 292 EARLE, LARRY 300 EARP, JOSEPH 370 EASOM, LINDA 370 EASON, RANDY 319 EATON. APRIL 21.2 EAVES, MARY 216 ECHELBERGER, CLAUDIA 370 ECHELBERGER, PERRY 370 echevarria,4lyson 101,, 232 ECHOLS, DIANE 278 tDGE,ZACK 135 EDHISTEN, PAMELA EDMONDS, SUSAN 315 275 EDWARDS, aUCKY 309 EDWARDS, DOTTIE 290 EDWARDS, JAMES 260 EOMAR0S,PATTI 21.2,21,3 181, J31., EDWAPOS, PEGGY EFSTATHLON. JAMES 211 EICHENAVER, GLENN 299 EISENMENGEP.SIEPHANI 236 EISENMENGEP.STFPHANY -0,265 EISINGER,LEE 139 EKLUND, KAREN 370 ELAM.MiiRGAPET 370 ELDER. TIM 371 ELIAS, SUSAN 226 ELIONiVICTOR 177 ELLIOT, DONNA 290 ELLIOT, JOAN 231 ELLIOT, SAM FLLIOTT, DEMISE ELLIS. GEORGE ELLIS, JEANETTE ELLIS, JEANIE ELLIS, LAURENCE ELLIS, MARY ELLISON, SHARON ELLZY, VERNELL ENCHELMAGER.CAPL ENGLAND, MICHAEL ENGLISH, JOYCE ENGLISH, MICHAEL ENNIS, BECKY EPPINGER, JANE ERDMAN.ANNF EROMON,ANNE ERGOZ,ERTU ERICKSONjEPICK ERNSaERGER, HAROLD EPNS9ERGER,SU2AN ESCAJEOA,LUIS 371 270 312 2 35 227 291. 59,291. 236,297 tSIELIDNlS.BI ESPENSCHEID, DAVID 1.OO ESPY, ELAINE 371 ESSEX, JOHN 116 ESTEVEZ. GEORGE 371 EU3ANKS,MELVIN 217 EU9ANKS, SUSAN 296 EVALDI, MARTIN 371 EVANS, BUNNY 232,271. EVANS, TOM 317 EVERETT, BILL 250 EVERETT, GENI 190,271., 275 371 320 207 215 175,202 318 EWING, LARRY EXAM, FRANCES EYERDAM,RICK EYSTER. GEORGE 320 283 300 FA9ER, ROBIN FAOE,HARCI A FAGANjFRED FAHNESTOCK, ROBERT FAIR.MARYANN FALLIN, JUNE FALLON, RICHARD FANT,J0HN FA0UIR,HAMID FARLEY, TEDDY FARRELL, JOSEPH FARPELL. RICHARD F ARRIS. JULIA FARPIS. JULIE h aus 1 , [ in favar4to,rick FAYE, JOhA FEENEY,DIANNE FEIN.siRA 222 235, 21.0 FEJES. BARBARA FELOMAN, AL AN FELICIONE,LORETTA FENN. MICHAEL FENZAu,8ARRARA FERNANDEZ, MILLIE FERRAROjCONCETTA FERRELL, BRUCE FERRELL.CAPLA FERRIS, JUDY FERSCH. DARLENE FULTON, DEBORAH FUNCHESS, KATHY FUNK. JAMES FUSS, JOHN FUTCH, MARTHA GARCIA, ANNA GARDENER, ANDY GARDENER, DON GARDNER, A. GARDNER, DAVID GARDNER, DONALD GARLAND, SANDY GARLAND, SANFORD GARRETT, ROLAND 136 308 371 311 295,371 222,231, 235 235 ■ 1 tLU ,nHKGOKt ■ lELOS, DAVID FIELDS, DOUG 291. FIELDS, PRISCILLA 222 FINCHAM, LINDA 371 FINCHER, JACKIE 193 FINLAYSON,L. 287 FISCHER, KATHLEEN 285,371 FISHER, DAVID 371 FISK,B1LL 136 FITE,JO 371 Fir2PATRICK,ANN 21.2,310 FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL 139 FLACH, MORRIS 371 FLAGS, LEE 231 FLAIR, PAUL 270 FLAKE, ROBIN 11.7 FLANAGAN, JAMES 1.00 FLATT.ROY 216 FLEETWOOD, ANSLEY 319 FLEMING, TIM 305 FLETCHER, CHARLOTTE 371 FLETCHER, GEOFFREY 1.01 FLETCHER, HARDY 309 FLETCHER, MARY 59 FLETCHER, SroTT 151. FLETCHER, WILLIAM 1.01 FLINT, DOLORES 371 FLOOD, CARYL 371 FLOYD, GEORGE 371 FLOYD, MARILYN 371 FLUHRER, ROBERTA 217 FLYE,SALLEY 235 FLYE, SALLY 21,2,371 FLYNN. MICHAEL 21.1., 371 FLYNN, VIRGINIA 21.2 FOLEY, CHARLES 371 FOLEY, LINDA 371 FOLWELL.ANN 292 FONTENOI .JULIE 271. FORD, BARBARA 372 FORD, GENEVIEVE 273 FORD,M. 310 FORD, MICHAEL 239 FORO, RICHARD 372 FORD, ROBIN FOROYCE, NANCY FDRDYCE, PHILLIP F0RGUSON,0WEN FORTHMAN.LYNN FORTHMAN,LYNNE FORTIN. GEORGE FOSTER. HAROLD FOSTER. JANE FOSTER. SHIRLEY FOSTER. SUSAN FOSTER. WILL lAM FOURNIER, JOSEPH FOX, FRANCES 219,251 299 222 327 372 231 312 330 372 01 25 FOX, PAULA 372 FRANCIS. KATHLEEN 216.217 FRANCIS. TRICIA 197 FRANK. GEORGE 153,215 FRANKLIN. BARBARA 21.0 FRANKLIN, PATRICIA 296 FRATES, BARBARA 279 FRAY.mAPIAN ' ' ' ' FRAZIEP.CORNELI FRAZIER, NANCY FREDERICKS, JIM FREE, RICHARD FREED, RON FRFEMAn, ANN FREEMAN, JOHN FREEMAN, LAPPY FRENCH, JOHN FRFSHHATFR.MARK FRIBERG.BEVEPLr FRICK, CAROL 31 21.2 372 318 302 315 372 372 372 359 216,217 372 222 216 372 201 310 319 FPIEDEN,EAPL FRIEDLAND, RICHARD FRIEDLY.DALE FPIEL,HOPE FRIESE.GARY FRIS8Y, DAVID FRITZ. ALLEN 37Z FRITZ, LINDA 310 FROEDE, SUSAN 372 FRY, LINDA 226 FUCHS,DON 153 FUChS, ROBERT 21.1. FUERST, MARION 222 FULFOR0,aARBARA 233,372 FULLER. CARL 305 FULLER. DAVID 199,359 FULLER, J. 311 FULLER, JOSEPH 372 FULMER, MARINA 372 FULNER, MARINA 190 FULTON, DEBORAH 312,372 209 153 g 298 GABEL, DONNA GABLES, DONNA GABUL, DONNA GAGE, KATHLEEN GAGE, KATHY GAGE, MARY GAHLSON, SYDNEY GALIETTI, LINDA GALIT, LEONARD GALLOP, CYNTHIA GALLOWAY, CHARLES GALLOWAY, ELIZABETH GALLOWAY, LIBBY _ _ GAMBITTA, MARIAN 272 GANEY, JANELLE 222,23 ' 21.1 222 226 372 151. 280 372 372 153 372 21.2 2,21.3 21.2 299 309 315 372 372 153 372 133 GARRISON, JIM GARVEY,JEAN GATCHEL,GAIL GATES, JANET GATES. SHERRY GATLIN. MARGARET GAITEN. MARGARET GAUGHN,MICHELE GAUSIAD, EDWIN GAVALAS, MICHAEL GAVALAS,VIC GAVALAS, VICTOR GAY, FREDERICK GAYOOS.KEN GAYDOS,KENT GEARING, PHILIP GEARY , PATRICIA GEE, SUSAN GEEP, NORMAN GEHReT,RICK GEIGER.JEANNA GENTES.JEANINE GENTRY. JUDY GENTRY, ROY GEORGE, EVAN GEORGE, LAWRENCE GEORGE, MARY GERACI,MEG GERDON,GAPY GERKE, JOHN GERKEN, JANE GERMAN, STEVE GEST,BlLL GEST, THOMAS GEYER, DAVID GEZ2AR, DIANE GI38S, SHARON GIBSON, JACKIE GIENAU, ELLEN GIERACh. CINDY GIEPACh, CYNTHIA GIES.JAN GIFFORD.DON GILBERT, JOHN GILDEA, STEVE GILLE, JOHN GILLER, ANITA GILLIAM, STU GILLIS,MARK GILMAN.8RENT GILMORE, EVANS GILMORE, JAMES GINGERY, SUSAN GIONET,JEAN GITTERE,MELINDA GIUENS, PAMELA GIVENS, PAMELA GLASCO,RHODA GLASS, MIKE GLASS, SCOTT GLATTLI, PAMELA GLEATON, CARROLL GLENN, DIANA GLENN, HORTENSE GLISSON,GUY GLOVER, RAY GODAHA, SUSAN GODBOLD. TERRY GODWIN, ELEANOR GOETSCh!uS, DAVID GOLDBERG, RICH GOLDEN, VIRGINIA GOLDSTiYN,SAMI GOLDSTEIN, HAROLD GOMEZ, OSBORNE GONOERUD, LUCILLE GONOS, CLAUDIA GONZALES, MICHAEL GONZALEZ, ANISIA GONZALEZ, JOSE GOODIN, DONNA GOOONER.DWIGHT GOODRICH, JAMES GOODWIN, BONNIE GOODWIN, SANDY G00LS9Y,ED GORDON, SHARON GORE, GARY GORE, SUSAN 372 125 116 320 372 297 299 153,316 191,295 372 21.0 266 219 373 133 358 51 221., 225 116, 119 21.2,283 373 290 373 373 21.0 315 373 116 291. 116 133 2,271., 275 201 296 286 215 215 21.5 181. 1.01 328 282 1.01 176,223, 261,261,275 GORMAN, KATHY 21.0 GORTYCH, BARBARA 218,373 GOSINK, JAMES 133 GOSS, JAMES 373 GOSSAROiSCOT 315 GOWEN, KATHLEEN 311. GOWENS, KATHY 251 GOHING, MARGIE 219,359, 375 290 373 313 2 35 373 21.5 286 GRA3LE, MARGIE GRAFE, BARBARA GRAHAM, ANN GRAHAM, ANNABFLLE GRAHAM, JANET GRAHAM, KATHRYN GRAHAM, VIOLA RAIG,PAUL GRAND, SANDY GRANGER, MICHAEL GRANGER, PATSY GRANT, CAROLE GRANT, JAMES GRASIEP[MOLLY GRAVELLE,MARCIA GRAVELY, tERPY graves, dorothy graves, jean grawert, ronald gray, cordelia gray, diane gray ,joan gray, kathy gray, michael gray, mildred graybeal, david graybear, david greatorex, robin green, mary green, ray green, robyn greene. earl greene, earle greenmAn.hal greenough.kit greenwell,glenna greer, jacquely 216 327 192 316,371. 116 291 318 371. 21.2 235,310 332 GREGG, CAROL 255 GREGG, SUSAN GREGORY, DICK 236,265 93 GREGORY, DOUGLAS 371. GREGORY, JOHN 371. GREGORY. MARTHA 279 GREGORY, MARY 59,278 GREIG.JEAN 371. GRENOVILLOU, SUZANNE 235 410 GRETZ, PETER GREVE.OONOLD GRIOLEY.SUOaY GRIOLEY.PAT GRIDLEY. PATRICK GRIEG, JE«N GRIERSON.KOTE GRIESBOUH.MORia GRIFFIN, FUPNEY GRIMlLDI.aj. J. GRIMES, OivE GROG«N,aS«IO GROMEK.CURL GRnnEK.GREG GROOHES, BENJAMIN GROSS, TERRY GROSSKOPF, ODELE GPOSSLIGHt, JOSEPH GROVES, GARY GRuaa, JOHN GRUBER,3AY GRUBER, JEANNE RUENEHALO, BARBARA GUr)E, SUSAN GUEDRY,aEBR4 GUFMPLE.JOHN GUENSLER, GORDON GIJERIN, jdMES GUGELER,HAPILEE GUICE.HiPRY GULLEOGE, STEVE GUNTER, HERMAN GURLEY, POLLY GURTIS, SARAH GUTHRIE, GRANT GUTHRIE, MARIOEE GUTHRIE, MOnOY GUTIERREZ, ROBERT GUY, A. GUY, PATRICIA GUY.POTTI GUYEITE,VERNa HAASjGLENOO HAAVIND,INGE HABEL, PHYLLIS HA5ER, BARRY HAOLEY, PHILLIP HAGAN, SUSAN OGELiVER, HENRY 226 299 287 313 306 11 7 217 1 " »7 litZ itOl 231 232 216 308,371. 222 226 2 ' .2 288 306 371. 278 2 32,37i. 292 216 HAGEN, SALLY 286 HAGERMAN.CINOY 185 HAGGARD, ROPERT 1.01 HAGLUNO,NIKKI 2 ' .2 ,21.8 HAGUE, CHARLES 300 MAILS, PEGGY 179 ,256 HAINES, CHARLES 37 " . HAIRE,JOHN 371. HAKES, JEAN 21.2 HALL, DONNA 371, HALL ,GARY 371. HALL, LINDA 21.2 HAH.,MARYJO 21.2 HALL, PAT 302 HALL, RANDY 116 HALL.PAYNA 176 HALL, ROGER 371. HALL, STEVE 306 HALLER, CATHERINE 2 86 HALLER, CATHIE 231 holloran.mke halperh,Paul 359 216 HALIIWANGEPjDON 292 HAMAKER, JUDITH 371. HAMILTON, CHRISTOPHER 371. HAMILTON, COOKIE 182 ,183 HAMILTON, KATHY 261, 261, 298 HAMILTON, LINDA 216 HAMILTON, MARGARET HAMMELL, DOUGLAS 222 371. HAMMOND, OAVIO 292 HAMMOND, DOW 205 HAMPTON, MARGARET 216 HAMRICK, RICHARD 300 HANCOCK, SUSAN 268 HANELIUS.GAIL HANLON, ROGER 371. 205, 288, 375 HANN, JOHN 216 HANNON.GAYLE 261. HANNON, WILLIAM 216 HANSEN, HEIDI 312 HANSEN, MARILYN 1.01 HANSHAH, FRANK HANSON, ftOBERT 302 375 HAPBaUGH,OON 11.7 HARBISON, BOB 111. HARDEN, LINDA 311 HARDEN, MARY HARDING, NANCY 375 219, 219, 266,359 ,363 ,37? HAROUICK, MARGARET 239 HARDY, PAM 279 HARDY, WILLIAM 375 HARKNESS, THOMAS 295 HARMON, DAHN 266 HARNED, STEPHEN 375 HAPPEP, BRUCE 302 HARPER, GINNI 263 HARPER, ROBERT 2 ' . ' ., ' hn HARPER, VIRGINIA 231 ,23b HARPOLD.OEEORA 1.01 HOPRELL , CAROLINE 179 HARRELL, JOHN 375 HARPELL, MARTHA 310 HAPPELL,PAHONA 315 HARRINGTON, JOHN 320 HARRIS, BETtY 375 HARRIS, BILL 171 HARRIS, BRENDA 375 HARRIS, KATHY 315 HARRIS, KAY 21.1 HARRIS, L. 313 HARRIS, LINDA 375 HARRIS, MARY 375 HARRIS, MAPYANN 375 HARRIS, NANCY 191, 218, 222 375 HARRIS, PATRICIA HARRIS, RON 133 HARRIS, SUSAN 231 HARRIS, THOMAS 375 HARRISON, FRANK 308 HARRISON, GHEN 299 HARRISON, GWENDOLYN 375 HARRISON, KATHERINE 222 HARRISON, KATHY 313 313 HARRISON, LAWTON 139 HARRISON, SARAH 219 ,283 HARRISON, SUZANNE 375 HARROLCOPVILLE 216 ,21.1. HARTLEY, CHERYL HARTLEY, KATHERINE HARTLEY, KAYE HARTLEY, SUSAN HARTSFIELD.LANNY HARVEY , BARBARA HARVEY, GEORGE HARVEY, RUSSELL HARVEY, WAYNE HARWOO0,OEAN HASKETT, DANNY HASKIN, DAVID HASSBERGER.RICH HASSELO, DEBORAH HATTESEN, JOHN HATTONjMARY HAUER,MARY HAUS.J. HAUSEMAN, DEBORAH HAUSEMAN, JFANETTE HAUSEMAN, JFANNETTE HAUSMAN,ED HAVER, MAIHEW HAVERTY, KATHY HAWKINS, GLFNDA HAWKINS, HUGH HAWKINS, STAN HAWKINS, SUSAN HAWKINS, T. HAySeN, ROBERT HAYES, NANCY HAYES, SUSAN HAYN,CARLA HAYNFS.BRENOA HAYS, HERBERT HAYS, JULIE HAZELTON, LINDA HEALY, HENRY HEARE, SUSAN HEATH, CATHERINE HECKENDORN, MILES HECTOR, MARY HEDGE, GEORGE HEDGE, RON HEDGE, RONNIE HEEREMA,MAPK HEIDTMAN,alLL hein,karl heinrick,s. heins, louise heisler, thomas helfrich, joseph heller, george hellinger,jim helms, patricia helms, roy helper, hillary helvenston, sally hemhings, deborah hehstreet,gary henderson, george henderson, pat henderson, tom hendrickson.mapy hendrickson,maryl henorikson.nora hendry, john hendry, sarah henlEy,davf henne, david HENNING.DAN HENNIS.TED HENRIQUES.JANE HENSLERjPiTRICIA HOGAN, HOLDEM ,__ HOLDEN, CATHY INOA 375 375 375 308 2,313, 5 ,37G 376 216 265 290 181. 291 302 216 376 376 266 279 311 376 223 ■ 176 216 236 222 268 ,223, 262 376 378 376 260 289 216 270 216 319 LER,P ITAGE, 313 193 185 222 376 376 277 HERRINGION,CANOAS HERRINGION,CANOAS HERRINGTON.RETHA HERRINGTON, RICHARD HERROD, WILSON HERSKOVITZ, MARTIN HERZ, WERNER HESLEP, PANEL HEUMAN, JANET 376 HEV8ECK, GEORGE 376 HEWITT , LINDA HIATI.GAPY 376 289 HIBBS, KATHERINE 376 HICKS, OIANNE 236 HICKS, JIM 209 HICKS, JOELLEN 235 HICKS, MANELLA HIGBEE, SIDNEY HIGGINBOTHAM, LINDA 290 262 376 HIGHTOWER,R. 305 HIGHTOWER, SUSAN 21.1., 262 HIGHTOWER.SUZY 376 HIGHTOWER, T.RENEE 376 HILOEBRAND, JOHN 376 HILL, GEORGE 216 HILL, JOHN 376 HILL, JUDY 276 HILL, LOUIS 216 HILL, PAUL 291. HILL , SUSAN 150 ,31.9 HILLS, JOHN 216 HINELY,LOVISA 376 HINEMAN, ARTHUR 150 MINES, EMMETT -.01 MINES, M. 303 HINSON, MARSHALL 21.9 HINTE, VIRGINIA 376 HINTON, JERPOLD 376 HIPPS,JACK 376 HIPPS, MICHAEL 300 HIRSCHFIELD-OON HITCHCOCK, HOWARD 376 270 HITCHCOCK, RUDY 271 HITT,K. 302 HITZLER, SUSAN 297 HOODLEY, ELLEN 185, 376 hoag,maSiho 191,223, 11,21.0,297 H03ERG, DONNA 21.1., 376 HOCKENBERRY.ED 300 HODEK,GLAYTHIA 21.9 HODGE, KAREN 179,223, 261 HODGE, KATHPYN 265,377 HODGE, TANDY 277 HODGES, C. 279 HOOGES, DEBORAH 272 HOOSON, SUSAN 358 HOFFMAN, CAROL 265 HOFFMAN, CHRIS HOFFMAN, DOROTHY 217 HOFFMAN, KATHERINE 216,216, 331 HOFFMEIER,HARY 269 HOFMANN.H. 273 HOFMANN, OLIVER 377 OLDENER, LINDA HOLDERMAN,LOIS HOLLADAY, Austin HOLLADAY, PATRICIA HOLLEY, ELIZABETH HOLLEY,JOHN HOLLIDAY,H. HOLLI0AY,H0PE HOLLIDAY, RANDY HOLLIS, JAN holmes, ELAINE HOLMES, JOHN HOLMES, LINDA HOLMES, MICHAEL HOLMES, MONTY HOLT .DEBORAH HOLTZMAN, DEBORAH HOME, JENNY HOOD,L. HOOVER, PATRICIA HOOVER, RICK HOPKINS, JIM HOPKINS, ROBERTA HOPKINSON, MARY HORN, IRMA HORN, JOSEPH HORNBROOKiDIEDRE HORNE, BETTY HORNE,GARY HORTON, CHRIS HOSFORD, THOMAS HOUSEWRIGHT , WILEY HOWARD, ANNA HOWARD, JAMES HOWELL, DOROTHY HOWELL , LAWRENCE HOWELL, PATRICIA HOWELL , ROBERT HOWES, MARTHA HOWLAND, JUDITH HOWLANO, PHYLLIS HRUBY, DONNA HUBBAPO, ALLISON HUBBARD, BOB HUBBARO,C. EDWARD U8BARD, KATHLEEN HUBBARD, SUSAN HUBER, BOBBY HUHER, JOANNE HUBERT, JEANNE HUDSON, GREGORY HUDSON, JANE HUDSON, PANEL A UDSON UDSO hIzel ROGER AN, DEBORAH HES,BILL HES,OELMA HES.LINDSEY TGPEN,DEITRA KEY, BARBARA =HREYS, SHARON PHRI5, BETTY DLEY, CHARLOTTE SATE, PAMELA SUCKER, BUDDY ,BP UCE ,PE ER, JACK ER, JUDIT AND ,RICH JACK ,SHERRIE JACKSON, BILL JACKSON, BOBBY JACKSON, ROBIN JALKO, KAREN JAMES, MARGARET JAMISON, BETH JAMISON, HAZEL JAMMES,MaRTIE JARRETT, JAMES JEFFERS, SUSAN JEFFERSON, MARION J EGAPT, MICHAEL JENKINS, BOB JENKINS, CHF JENKINS, MARK JENNIFER JENNINGS, CAROL JENNINGS, NANCY JERGER,DEAN JEWELL, RONALD JOANOS, CHERYL JOANOS,PAUU JO8S0N, RANDY JOHN 377 ' 327 303 377 277 216 276 239 310 222 216 315 377 308 296 179,236, 21.2 320 236 308 286 377 216 216 190 283 289 320 271 315 377 377 269 21.2,21. 319 219,377 ?18,279, 359, 37? 377 377 299 1.01 216 316,377 377 316 lACINO, CLIFF 301. I ACINO, CLIFFORD 3 ' 7 ICE, CONNIE 377 IDYLL, JACKIE 21.2,377 IDYLL, JACQUELINE 262 lERNA, PAMELA 216 IGLrStAS,MAPIE 222 I nKEEN,MARY 222 ILLSLFY,HUGH 153 ILSLEYjLUCPETIA INGERICK,D«YLE 216 377 INMAN,THOM(S 377 IRELAND, HARRY 301. IRWIN, PATRICIA ISMEURI.MAPY 291 ,377 21.2 ivey.elJine 191,223, 231 IVEY, ELSIE 296 IVEY,JILL 377 LI 222 181 1.01 377 269 288 97, 129, 191,223 ,231 378 291 379 21.2 ,21.3 116 190 ,311. 1.01 379 378 205 319 378 139 52 222 ,222 286 139 378 373 303 378 159 91 235 176 360. JOHNSON, ANN 236 JOHNSON, ANNE 169 ,173 JOHNSON, B. 301, 312 JOHNSON, BETH 235 JOHNSON, BILL 192 ,318 JOHNSON, BONNIE 217 JOHNSON, DIANA 231 278 JOHNSON, JAN 312 JOHNSON, JEFF 292 JOHNSON, JOAN 216 JOHNSON, JOSEPH 205 JOHNSON, LINDA 236, 281., 28?. JOHNSON, MAPINEE 239 JOHNSON, MARY 378 JOHNSON, MATT 172 JOHNSON, MATTHEW 1.01 JOHNSON, RICHARD 378 JOHNSON, ROBERT 329 JOHNSON, SHARI 295 JOHNSON, SHARILYN 378 JOHNSON, SHARON 222, 2 34 231, .275 JOHNSON, SID 295 JOHNSON, SUSAN 266 ,310 JOHNSON, TONIE 222 JOHNSON, WAYNE 116 ,119 JOHNSON, WILLIAM 192, 378, 1 01 317 JOHNSTON, BUSTER JOHNSTON, DUKE 116 ,119 JOHNSTON, JACOUELIN 378 JOHNSTON, KAREN 227 JOHNSTON, LINDA 378 JOHNSTON, WILLAPD 378 JONES, BOB 308 ,317 JONES, DONALD 378 JONES, DOUGLAS 21. 1. JONES, GREG 318 JONES, HALLY 378 JONES, HERBERT 216 JONES, JOHN 302 JONES, KEN 378 JONES, LINDA 379 JONES, LIZ 192 ,133 JONES, PAMELA 373 JONES, PATRICIA 378 JONES, STEPHEN 378 JONES, SUSAN 150 ,290 JONES, TOM 318 JORDAN, DEBORAH 378 JORDAN, JENNIFER 182 JORDAN, JOSEPH 378 JORDAN, NANCY 378 JORDAN, PATRICIA 379 JORPON, STEPHANIE 222 joseph, b. daniel josephson, susie joyner,brEnda 378 2 36 ,275 222 JUGELEP,M6PILEE 183 JUILFS, KATHY 21.0 JULIAN, JANFT 216 JURIKA, LOUIS 379 JUTILA, ANDREW 379 KACZETOW, HELEN 216 KAOIR.HOHAMED 1,01 KAHLEP.ANN 378 KAINTZ, REBECCA 251 KAISER, GEORGE KALL , DONNA iJalLIONENjSHEPPY KALM8ACH, Carolyn 11.9 ,153 21,1. , 378 378 21.8 KOLOGRIOIS.EVANGELIN 235 KANE, DIANA 187 379 KANE, SHARON 298 KANNETTE, JAMIE 219, 760, 1.01 KANNWISCHEP.NELL 215 KAPEL, HAPPY KAPP,M«PCIA 250 236 KAPPLE, HARPY 319 KAPIPIS, BETSY 280 KAPL, CYNTHIA ZbS KARLAY, SUSAN 283 KASHA, MICHAEL 216 ASIMtEP,DOUG KASTEN, KENNY KAUCHFP.FRED 11.7 317 271 KAUFFHAN, STEVE KAUFMAN, JeoRGE 150 ,21.9 153 KAUGEPS, GEORGE KAYSER, Claudia 316 21.8 KEEDY.JIM 151. KEISER, JEANNE 299, 361, 375 KEISER,JEANNIE 219 ,363 KEITH, JOHN KELLE , CHARLES 11.7 315 KELLER, TERPY 157 KELLEY, NANCY 286 KELLOG.JANINE 277 KELLOGG, HINTHPOP 215 KELLY, D. 315 KELLY, JACK 215 KELLY, JIM 308 KELLY, NANCY 223 KELLY, PAT 303 KELLY, TQM 318 KFNDRlCK,jaNE 218 KENDPICK.MARY 299 KENNEDY, MARIANNE 315 KENNEDY, WILLIAM 378 KENNEY,GARY 292 KENNEY, ROBERT 1.01 KENNON, CAROL 231. ,265 KENT, MOM 316 KENYON,TALLEY 191 KENYON, TALLY 280 KEPLIN, RICHARD 379 KERR, JANICE 222 KERR, PAT 136 KERSLAKE,GLEN 379 KETELTAS, STEPHEN 379 KICKLIGHtER, BUDDY 303 KILGORE, ANNETTE 271. KILPATRlCK,JOY KIMEL, JACOB 298 215 KIMMEL, ROBERT 331 KIMSEY.JEANNIE 297 KINDER, FREDERICK KINDLER, ERNIE 379 307 KINDRED, LINDA KING.CAftOLE 298 235 ,379 KING, DAVID 150 KING.IVA 235 KING, JOHN 306 KING, PAT 181 ,181. KING, PATRICIA 219, 223, ,29 231 KING, RALPH 317 KING, ROY 379 K NG, SANDY 266 K NG.VICKI 379 KINNARO, GLORIA 278 ,379 KINNEY, JAMES KiRBY, Preston 319 301. KIRK. BILL 29 " . KIRKPATRICK, MARILYN KIRSCHBauM,JOEL KISER, TERRY KITCHEL.LEANNAH KITCHELL,LEANNAh KITCHEN, KEN KITTENDOPF, CRAIG KJELLSTROM, LYNDA KLINGBEIL.ANN KLINGBEIL , GEORGIA KLINGL£R,GENE KNAPP,JOHN KNIGHT, THOMAS KNIGHTON, JIM KNOWLES,OICK KNOWLES,TWIG KNOX, BARBARA KNOX, KATHERINE K0ATES,TERF5A KOGELSHATZ.EO KOHjWONJA KOMAPEK, BETSEY K00NT7,MAPY KOTCH, BILL KOTOWS KI,APLENE KOTSIS .JOSEPH ROBIN KOVAC, KOVAC, ROBYM KOZAK, KRAUSf SANDRA jBAPBAPA KPEIDL tR, FRANK KPEIGE R,60B KRETER ,NANCY KRIKOR [AN, JAMES KRING, MICHELE KUOEP, kummeJ FPANZ ,CHARLES kuncha VALEE.POR LXOPANgJ ,CHERI L«BaSKY,RO. ' LACAYO, MATILDA L ADO, MASON LAFAVOUR, CECELIA LAELER.SUE LAFOLLETTE,LARPY LAHIFF, LAURENCE LAHRMON, KAREN L AHURO , MICHELE LAjnIE,MARY L0H3, PATRICIA LAMB, SARAH L AMOTTA, JACK L AMP(L .ROBERT LANAHAN,JDMN LANCASTER, MARCIA LAND, GLENN L ANDE, SUSAN LANDIS, ALLAN LANGPAUL,CATHEY LANGSTON.ROSE LANGSTON, WILLIAM L ARKIN.MtCHAEL _ RMOYEU . _ LARSON, PAUL LASATER.UULIE LA5KA,pSuL LASOTA, DIANE LASTIN6ER, LINDA LASTINGER, LOUISE LATHROP,ANNE LATHROP, JACQUELINE LATIMER, JERE L ATULIPPE, JANE LAU.ROBYN LAUER,BRUCF LAVER, BRUCE ' ICh »D LAW, WILL LAWHOPN, CECELIA LAWHOPN,CELIA LAWRENCE, CHERYL LAWRENCE, EILEEN LAWRENCE, STEPHEN LAWTnN,0OUG LAWTON, PAMELA LAWTON, ROBERT LAYTON, PHILLIP LAYTONjR.RHILLIP LOESCHER, BETSY LEACH, STEPHEN LEAThErmAN, KAREN LEBBETTER, Susan LEF, FRANCES LEE, GATOR LEE, JAMES LEE, JOHN LEE, LINDA LEE, POSSUM LEE, ROBERT LEFFLER,J0HN LEGG, CINDY LEGG, CYNTHIA LEHMAN, LUCILLE LEHMANN, LINDA LEHMANN, LUCILLE LEHMANN, MARY LEiaUNDGUTH, ALEREOA LEIKER, DAVID LEINBECK, BRUCE LEITEPMAN, BARBARA LEKPASAN.SURAPhON LELLAN0,JOHN LEMASTERS,PAGE LEMESKE, GLORIA LEM0ND,0OUG LENFESTY, HARRIET LENHAROT, NANCY LENINGTON.ELEANORE LENINGTON, MARTHA LENNER, EDWARD LEONARD, MAPYANN LEONARD, RALPH LESLEY, RICHARD LESLIE, R09BINS LESSO,JACK LESTER, SUSAN LESYEA, JOSEPH LEVAN.SARA LEVEILLE,ROCK LEVINE, BRIAN LEVINE, LESTER LEVINGS, AL 233,379 255 255 266 379 281 2 36 379 278 235,279 298 222 215 283, 380 390 229 215 298 380 380 255 226 390 228,229 116 380 380 291 153 270 308 21.0 231. 222 1,185, 293 292 21,0 300 318 139 380 1.02 380 283 180 380 390 380 222 390 216 289 129 261 223,291. 235,290 222 301. 172 390 329 380 390 299 298 ,217 310 ill. 215 222 390 380 192 380 222 313,390 150 313 ,171 380 215 LFVINS.jaCK 207 296 LfNIS.MOL 271. LEWIS, laSH-YN 310 LF«IS,PII« 227 LEHIS.SlNORa 251 LIPECiPjLINDl 222 Lir.HT.oOBUFY LIGLER.OHVr 216 216 319 L INCOLN.EPONCES 222, 231, ,313 L NCSEV.LTnNOL 380 L NDSTuiNO,PICH«PO 216 L NEBERGER.OEBORHH 261. L NK, MICHAEL 1S3 ,302 LIPmSn, KENNETH 380 LIPSCOMe.OOETTl LIVINGSTON, «NNE 380 381 LIVINGSTON, CIROL 21.2 LOE, ELLEN LOE CHER, BETSY LOFTIN.jfsSE LOGON, GORDON 281. 183 381 381 LOGON, POTRTCIO 361 LOGnN,P0NOY lib ,1113 LOGES.NOPMON 139 LOGGINS,0NITA 236 LQHMnN.TOM LOHSE,BILL 308 116 ,123 LOMERT,0NNE 381 LCNG,CHERYLE 381 LONG, ELLIS 1.02 LONG, HIKE 153 LONG, WILLI «M J16 ,381 LONGE.SYLVIO 381 LONGMlPE.n. ELLEN 381 LONGHIRF,MnPYELLEN 235 LOOS, FERN 306 LOPEZ, JO 381 LOPEZ, LORRY LORE,R0TMON0 288 381 LOSONSKY.TERRONCE 381 LOTT,GE0Pr,F 381 LOUF.ONOREA 290 LOVFGRFN.SVEN 1.02 LnwF,HPENOO 381 LnuF.OONOLO 115 LOWELL, ONNE 222 ,268 LnHMON,MaRGIE 275 LOWPY.VIRGTNIO LOY, ONNO 281. 381 LHY, STEPHEN 381 LOZSNn.PlOURICIO 135 LUCOS.Mir.HOEL 288 LUGE, JOHN 381 LUOKE, JEONNE 217, 111 LUJON,OENISE 218, 231., 363 LUKEP,OON« 31 " . LUNSFORCKERN 216 LUNT, ROGER 1.02 LUSON, DEMISE 217 LYLES, DENNIS 288 LYNCH, JunlTH lynn,€liz«peth 26 " . ,381 311 381 lynnInoncy ' 282 LYNN.SHAPOM 310 HOrCOMPBELL.MOLCO MACGREGOR,nONNIE HACK.JONET NACKEY, CECIL 1ACKLIN,KEN MOCKLIN.ROB 1 . " OKU .BETSY 327 133 31S MACLEAN, KEN MACCMBER,DAVE lilt 133 MACPHAIL.H. MADDEN, JOHN 2 81. 292 HOOSON.MAPY 315 MOOSON.NOXIE 381 MOGALIAN,POUL 177 ,315 MOGALSKI.POUL 115 MAGARO.RtC MAGNESS, LINDA 315 59 ,315 MAGNUM, SANDY 225 MOGRUDEP, PATRICIA 381 MAHER.BILL 315 MAIN, LORRY 381 MAITLOND,OLEXIS 273 MOJEHSKI, JUDITH 381 MAJOR, ANN 381 MOLBON.LIZ 239 HALLARDI, MICHAEL 382 MANCHA,VSUGHN 115 MANCUSO, ANTHONY 215 MANDFL, STUART 215 MONHEIHER.EARL MANLEY, MARTIN 382 318 MONLEY,REBFCC0 222 MANLEY, SHEPYL 216 MONNELLO.JflE MONNHEIMER, GEORGE 317 21.5 ,289 MANNING, SUZANNE 179 MANSFIELD, KOTHY MAPHIS.CA L MAROaLE,STAN 21.2 ,266 382 300 MARANTO.CHPISTINE 311. MARCHICH, CAROL 222 MABCHICK,BFTSY 251 MOOCHICK, LINDA 235 MOPGHICK.LTNDY 263 MAOCINOK.T TMOIHY 300 MARION, MARGARET 382 382 MARKS, JANICE 312 MARKS, JOHN 361 HORLIN.HEOY 382 MOROUETTE . " FTTY 235 MORR.O.GAYIE 382 MORR, KAREN 295 MORSAK, ANN 21.1. MARSH, MARTIN 215 HARSH, SUSAN 181. marshJll.bpion 30 " . MARSHALL, BRUCE 382 horsholl.j. STONLEY 325 MARSHALL, J. STANLEY 193 MARSHALL, MARY NORSTON, Christine 382 1.02 M»RSTON,TIM 318 MARTIN, 80RBARO 261 MARTIN, BECKY 281 MART IN, CAROLYN 382 MARTIN, CORNELIA 382 MARTIN, EPIK 319 MORTIN.JOLINOA 256 MARTIN, KOYLE 300 MARTIN, LAURA 283 MARTIN, LYNDA 382 MARTIN, NANCY 382 MARTIN, ROTPICIO 216 MARTIN, SALLY 231,236, MARTIN, SHARON 232,273 MARTIN.T. 30 " . MARTIN, TED 382 MARTINEZ, ANN M ART INE7GUFRR0, JORGE 230 1.02 MARUNIAK, JOMES 260,305 MARVIN, MTCKI 21.2 MAPZULLI, ANTHONY 319 MASON, CHUCK 295 MASON, CYNTHIA 265 MASON, POM 280 M0SRI,OMAR MASTEPSON, STEVE 136 157 MASTRANGELO, JAMES 392 MOSTPANGELO.JIH 21.6 MASTROVITD, JOSEPH 382 MASTRY,HORY MATES, BETH 269 21.0 MATHFISjLYNNE MATHIS.i. 382 312 MATHIS, LINDA 2 " . " . MAIHIS.LUANN 256 MOTHIS,LUCY 382 MATHIS, RHONDA 21.2 METZGER, JANET MEYER, INO MEYER, MARGIE MATSON,PAUL MATTHEWS, CHARLES MATTHEWS, FLOYD MATTHEWS, LORRY IMER,TFRRY MAY, PAT RICIA MOTK APO .JACK MAyr ,SU 50N MOZO ,CA THY MOZZ JRELLA, ADRI MCADAMS ,MOC MCALPIN E.MORY jioTHERINE o,COROL MCOP OLE MCAP HCABTHU R, CHARLES F£, ROBERT MCAU LIF MCBR IDE .dSwica MCBL RNE ■T,GENE MCCO BE, TERESA HCCO MP6 ELL, MALCOLM MCCA NN, CATHERINE MCCA NN, KATHERINE MCOASKILL. SUSAN MCCH ESNEY, ANNE MCCLELLON, JEANNE MCCOURT, PEGGY MCCOY, LAURETTA MCCOY, ROY MCCOY, STEVE MCCRACKEN, ANNE MCCRACKEN, THOMAS MCCREEOY.HORGORET MCCULLOUGH, JOMES MCDONIEL. WILLIOH MCDONIELS,OONNA MrOEVITT,,rHRIS MCDEVITT, CHRIS MCDONOLD, BRUCE MCDONALD, HERBERT MCDONALD, LYN MCDONOLO, MARILYN MCDOWELL, JAMES HCEACHERN, LOUISE MCEACHERN, ROBERT MCFAODEN, EDWARD MCFARLAND,LYNN MCFARLOND, MICHAEL HCFORLONE, PATRICIA MCGAHEF, MICHAEL MCGOHEY, CHERYL MCGEE,? ' MCGEE,FL ZOBETH MCGEE,JOI- mcgehEe.oon HCGILVER .LOUREL Chael MCGREW.M MCHONE, J MES MC NERNY MARY MC NTOSH MC NTYBE ddnald MC NTYRE MCIVER. ' iPurE MCKONNOjf MCKEE,ROY MCKEEHON MAPI T A MCKENZIE, KIRB MCKINNEY,DOVE MCKINNEY, DOROTHY MCKINNIE, JULIAN MCKINZIE, WARREN HCKITTRTCk.JILL MCKNIGHT, KOTHY MCLOUGHLIN,L£ON 298 289 310 382 181 21.1. 382 382 216,21.1. 278 382 382 392 382 225 382 235,21.2 297 195,317, 393 383 1.02 23 " ., 1.02 101 ,283 218,283 361,383 383 32D 227 305 383 178,21.8 283 MCLAURIN, JUDY 383 MCLEAN, BONNIE 222, " zt MCLEAN, DOUG 303 MCLELAND,KARYN 383 MCLEOD, CHARLES MCLIN,PEGINA 292 53 MCMANUS, JOMES 383 MrMANUS,PALLIE 383 MCMASTER,DONN0 383 HCMILLON.EODIE 153 MCMILLON, JAMES 260 ,303 MCOWEN, SUSAN 383 MC0U0DY,SOR0H 21.2 ,311. MCOUIGG.GLFNN 383 MCROE, BEVERLY 236 MrSHAIN,JOHN 292 MCTAGUE,DOPIS 383 MCTAGUE, ROBERT 383 MCHILLISmS, RALPH 215 ,21.1. MEAOe, JOHN 292 MEADOWS, ALICE 27 " . MEADOWS, B. 310 MEADOWS, RICK 289 MEANS, DIANNE 383 MEARS,MAPYONN 261 MEDLEY, SUSAN 311 MEEHAN,RflT MEINERS, NANCY 270 383 MEISNER, LARRY 383 MFLANESE.GEROLOINE 28 " . MELTON, OEBPIE 236 MELTON, OE8OR0H 261. MENDENHOLL, TERRY 319,393 MENNETT, ROGER 320 MENZIES, ROBERT 215 MFPCER, JOMES 215 MFPCEP, JERHME 216 MEBKEP.RICHORO 393 MERPITt.KERIOO 383 ME=RITT,HAY 383 MEPRITT,SCnTT 295 MESCHICK, CHARLES 383 MESSER,NiN 383 MESSEP, ROGER 177 MESSERVEY, PATRICE 315 METCOLFE.MEG 296 1IGKLEB 1I0DLEB 1I00LET ROOKS, DE6OR0H -■ ,FLLEN lUN.MARC H, BARBARA .SHEILA RNE.ONITO 1ILES, HILFS, IILES, 11LLEN MILLER, C IILLER.D MILLER, ' 1ILLER,J HILLER.K " irLLEP,L 1ILLER,N 231 181 393 319 260, 300, 383 205 177,298 312,383 139 383 226 383 315 381. 222 216 313 MULLIGAN, DON MILLER, P. 285 310 MILLER, POLLY 21.0 MILLER, ROY 295 MILLER, SAM 193, 199, 350 MILLER, SUSAN 273 MILLER, WILLIOM 391. MILLET, FRAMCIS 192 ,331. MILLITZER, JAN MILLS, STEtHANr 290 222 HILLwSrO, SOLLY 210 ,381. MILTENBERCFP, CHESTER 139 MINE0R,DOUG 316 MINER, MARY 216 MINGS, DEBGRAH minniCk.hoyne 381. 215 MINOR, ROGER 115 mintz,pene 272 381. MINTZER, MICHELLE 222 MIRGLIONO.FPAhCINE 261 MIRIGLI0NO,FRONCINf 38 " . M SNER,KEN II.8 ,153 M TCHELL,DOUG 115 n TCHELL,H. DAVID 39 " . M TCHELL, MARTHA 21.3 n TCHELL, MERILYN 315 M TCHELL, ROB 318 M TCHELL, ROBERT 1.02 M TCHELL, STEPHEN 381. H XNEP.JONF MIXON, GEORGE 290 , 381. 291. MIXSON, JOHNS MOCK,STARLYN HDE, Roulette MOFFETT, DEBBIE 381. 272 179 298 moffett,linoo 190 MOHORG.NONCY 27 " . MOHARGiSUSON 27 " . MOHR, PEGGY 1.02 MOLANDER, BEVERLY 38 " . mdle,susSn 217 MOLYNEUX, RONALD 38 " . MONCHICK,R. 319 MONCRIEF.MORY 38 " . MONDY,NELL MONFORT,KIFTH 23 " . 292 MONSER, LINDA 235 MONTGOMERY, GEORGE 116 ,302 MONTGOMERY, JOHN 116, 260, 295 MONTGOMERY, SANDI 195 ,381. MONTGOMERY, SCOTT 295 MONTGOMERY, SUSAN 381. MONTGOMERY .THOMAS 1.02 MOODY, JULIAN 381, MOODY, LUCY MOONjOARL 21.7 381. MODRf, BARBARA 262 ,391. MOORE, ' -. 311. MOORE, CAREY 236 MOORF.CARY 777 MOORE, CHUCK 199 MOORE, ELIZ03ETH 216 MOORE, JAMES 302 MOORE, JOANN 261. MOORE, JUDITH 222 MOORE, JULIO 381. MOORE, M. 255 HO0RE,R.K0THLFEN 1.02 MODPE,RICH 292 MOORE, SONDPO 290 ,315 MOORE, SONDY 21.1 MOORE, TED MOOY, PETER 38 " . 302 MORGAN, GARY 200 MORGAN, LLOYD 391. MORGAN, MERRY 311 MORGAN, METT 319 MORITZ.BILL 316 MORITZ, WILLIAM 381. MOPLEY.HAPnLO MDRPHEW,JANETTA 381. MORRILL, DAVID 201 MORRIS, BOB 135 MORRIS, CHUCK 289 MORRIS, ELIZABETH 38 " . MORRIS, JANE 381. MORRIS, KATHLEEN 391. MORRIS, NANCY 227 MORRIS, ROWF 288 MORRIS, SUSAN 180,226 MORRIS, lERPY 391. MORRIS, WILLIAM MORRISON, ALAN 1.C2 301. MORROW, JUOY 192 MORROW, SARA 312 MORSE, JOSHUA 332 MORSE, KAREN 235,21.0, 31? MORTON, PRISCILLO 279,381. MOSELY, STEVE 135 MOSLEY, SAMUEL MOSS, DENNIS MOSS, DONALD MOSS, MICHAEL MOSS, RICK MOSTOLLER, ANN MOTES, FRED MOTT,GAIL MOUCH0,K0RFN MOUNTAIN, BARBARA MOWREY.MERl YN MOYER, JUNE MOZLEY, LINDA MPATA.STOLLORD UDIEjMOM HULLIG IN, DONALD 395 MULLOY mSrgaret 315,395 MUNN,J Snice 315 MUNN,P »UL A 315 MUNOZ,JOSE 302 MUNROF ARTHUR 116 MUNSON RICHORD 300 MURPHY 315 MURPHY MORILYN 29 " . MURPHY REOGON 236 MURPHY SHERRY 235 MUPPHY SHEPRYLL 287 WILLIAM 385 murRisIndr murray, ann murray, stephen musielak, steve MUTH,PAT MUTH, WILLIAM MUTTON, VOLDRIE MYER, INO MYERS, WALLY MYRA, JULIAN HYRTCK. BARBARA MACLEPIO,ELLYN •JOESETH, BARBARA NAGELSON,MARY NANCE, JANIS NOPOLITONO, CLIFF NORKINSKY, JOHNNY NATE NATIONS, LINDA NAVARTIL, JOYCE NAVRATIL, JOYCE NOYLOR,BOB NOYLOP, JERORO NFOL, A. NEAL,ANN NECE,OARLFNE NECK, SUSAN NEOERVELO, LINDA NEEL,MflRIT« NEELY, VICKIE NEERIEMEP, WILLIOM NEFF,LINDi NEFF, NANCY NEILL, DOROTHY NELSON, C. NELSON, KRISTI NELSON, STU NESBIT, ELAINE NEVIN,HRS. NEWBERGEP NEWCO lENRY ' ARLES NEWSOME, BARBARA NEWSOME, DONNA NEWTON, KATHLEEN NEWTON, MARGO NEWTON, MIMT NICHOLAS, BEVERLY NICHOLAS, FINA NICHOLAS, GINA NICHOLS, BEVERLY 293 299 385 3l5 290 395 318 278 299 385 205 216 217 385 21.2,268 396 21.2, 396 315 222,261 260,320 235,2 " .2, NICHOLS, BRUCE 319 NICHOLS, DICK 11.2 ,11.7 NICHOLS, JERI 236 NICHOLSON, ORLENE 315 NICHOLSON, SHA 232 ,2 " .0 NICHOLSON, SHARON 315 NICKENS.ciPOLYN 386 NICOLE, BFVERLY r 21.1 NIGHTINGALE, CHRISIOP 386 N1MM0NS,BRENDA 395 NITCHER, NANCY 386 NOBLES, BETH 232 NOEL ,NANCY 218, 219, 278 NOLAN, JEONNIE 262 NORDAN.B. 303 NORMAN, OOVID 300 NORMAN, DICK 300 NDRRIS, GERRY 139 NDRRIS, LYNDA 385 NDRRIS, RICK 270 NORTHRIOGE, CAROLYN 395 NDRTHRUP.POM 275 NDRTHRUP, POMELO 236 NORTHUP,LIN0O NORTON, CARL 395 1.02 NORTON, KIM 215 ,217 NOTT, MARSHA 2 ' .2 NOTTINGHAM, LAURA 21.0 NDH0KOWSKI,JIM NOWLIN,CHORLES 307 395 NUBOR, NANCY 271. ,275 NUOELMAN, ARTHUR 216 NUNNELLY,MFLINDO 262 OJBRION, JOE 0 BRIEN, ELLEN OiBRIEN, JO ' N,THOM0S OR, DEWEY OJBRIE 0 CONN OfCONN OJCONN OtCO 0«OEA NOR, POT NOR, STEVE , JOHN 0«OELL,MORLIN 273 395 309 21.1 O«D0NNELL,BILL D GORA, JANF OJNEAL, JAMFS 0«NEAL,MELINDA ODETTA OELSCHLAGER, VICTOR OERTEL, JOHN OLDHAM, SUSAN OLEHSKI, MICHAEL OLIVE, CONNIE OLIVER oliver, deborah olhste1o,hary olson, bonnie olson, joanne olson, laurel ootfn, homer oren, belinda orionoo, william ORR.BOB ORRICK, A 0RS80N, Miotvn T OSBORNE, BETSY OSBORNE, ELLEN OSBORNE, JOYCE 316 395 265 3 36 396 305 386 303 306 298 337 211 312 270 236 298 386 299,386 S80RNE,KERR1E 235 ,275 S90RNE,ZEBUL0N S9URN,PAT 265 11.7 SHER, JANICE 286 SHER,SUSON 296 5M0ND, JOHN 215 SSORIO.MELINDA 386 STIGUY, DIANE 273 TT,GARY 307 ULMAN, STEVE 153 UTLOM, LEIGH WENS.OONA 290 272 HENS, FRANK 396 WENS, FRED 317 WENS,FREDFRICK 386 WENS, GALE 261 WENS, HARRY 320 WENS, JEMPSEY 300 WENS.JOANHE 105 ,26 . WENS, JON 205 WENS, LYNN 53, 100, 129,211 ,28 WENS, M. ELAINE 396 WENS,MAPYLYNN 396 WENS, MELISSA 286 ACK RO,H RRIET AOAVANO, EILEEN AODOCK,nECKY AGE, ANDY AGE.MFLDO AGE, PATRICIO AGE SAND ALMER,ROBFRT ANICHOPOTjCHI ANSA, JUDITH ONTELIDIS,VER AOIS,HAPLFNE ARK, ANNE OKER, SUS ON RKER, TIM RKER, VIR GINIA RKES, CLE RMFNT RNIN, JOH SPOMO RE, CEBORA RE, PAMELA RRIS, ORO OPISH , JA MES , JO RSONS ■ LI ■00 OSONS ,H0 _COLM RSONS ,Tn SCO.M OLL PRY OSSAV0NTI,C PATTERSON, JOANNA PHELPS, THOMAS PHIFER,BFTTY PHIFER, GREGG PHILIPS, SONDY PHILLIPS, ONN PHILLIPS, CTNDY PHILLIPS, DOVE PHILLIPS, DEBORAH PHILLIPS, HCWARD PHILLIPS, MARS. 39S 315 299 320 ?lf 310 396 235 237 396 292 216 129 30? 386 217 PAUL, BARBARA 271., 275 PAUL, PETER 397 PAULSON, BOB 22 " . POUSON,BnB 225 POVTKE.G. 272 ROWLEY, OONHO 387 PAYNE, LOUISA 397 PE0Cn6K,LYMN 222.236, 278,312 PEACOCK, STAN 320 RFAGLFR.M. 279 PEAGLER, MARTY 59 PEARCE.JEFF PEARCE.PHIL 397 PEAPMON,MARLENE 397 PEARHAM.PAT 236 PEARSON, DEOORAH 181 PEOSLEY.OAWNITO PECK,ORtHUP 397 397 PFCKHOH,GARY 397 peofrson,oon peek.horOlo peel£,lohrfnce 116 387 2 " . " . PEFLFR,ED 305 PEEPLESiOONOLO 216 PFERY, DAVID 292 PELHAM, CAROL 397 PELHAM,PAT 2 36 PELL, JOHN 116,119 PEN0ERGRASS,VICK1 296 PEPPER, CLAUDE 216 PEPPER, OEN :ON 153 PFPPFR.JONIS 387 PEPPER, JOYCE 235 REPPER, NANCY PERDOmO, MARIA ' 78 387 PEREZ, cSndIOA 269 PEREZ, LORENZO 397 RERKINS.CHIP 320 PERKINS, JAr ' ICE 397 PERLMAN,POPIN 31 " . pfrpy,bJrbora 397 PEPPY, CATHY 236 PERRY, REBECCA 2 3V PETERS, BRION 397 PFTEPSnN,BTLL 11 " ., 115 PETERSON, PFTE 23 " ., 21.1 PETERSON, PHYLLIS 387 PETERSON, RODGER 153 PETERSON, RPY 397 PETERSON, SOLLY 397 PPTITT, JAmFS 397 PETLEY, JUDITH 397 PETRI, JOHN 397 PETTIT,JUDY PETTY, 6. 21.2,273 311. PETTY, DON 135 PETTY, OONALD 397 PETHOY,ELI70BETH 218 PEYERL,EVO ' 11. PFOENDER, ROBERT 319 PHORES, THOMAS 399 PHELAN, PATRICIA 399 PHELAN, WILLIOM 1.02 217 150.21.9 179,266 235 319 252 412 PHTLLIPS.O. 1 " HILLIPS.S ' NOT 1?7,1 PHiPPs, je: ' S ' ' |nine ' ICCII!{lLI,808 PICKETT ,H«NOS PIFPCE, BECKY PIFRSON.DFNISE , " iOb ?b5 ?76 Pir.OTT .I HUCK PIKE, J OYME PIKF.M ICH4FL PINOES ,jnvrE P NDEP .RORFRT Aeccy P PKIN ,SAR(1H P PPEN ,MORy PITTM4 N.nOBElY PITTH4 PITTHl N.MOPYLOU PLASif LEE R,PO ' PLET?E R.SKIP PLITZ, jiflFLLE PLUMKE R,04Pg6Ra PLUMME P.ORLOY PnOHPP NY.cnPOL P0E,B4 rbSpo POLIDO Pn.K ' RFN POLLAN n,R0 ' 0LO PPLLOC K.OPTHUR POLLOC K,««PY POLSON .alRPAPO POLSON ,11EVFPLY POLSON ,MORILYN pnoL.n POntf, HPIS EOSEL POOLE, STEPHEN POPE, NNE POPF.L YNETTE PnPF.N FTTIE LO POPTER ,TOH POPTEP FIELO,P«UL POPTEH IC.TPUOY posona ,R08FRT POSTON .SHERRY POTEET .DEBPIE POTREK AS.RTCK POTSON ,SHEPYL POTTEP , SUSAN POTTS, LYNN POTTS, POMALO POULOS ,CYMTHIO POMFLL ,AOAM POZENS KY.SOUL PP4TEP ,hSpy PROTT , LAURFN poESOH ER, CAROL Y,BAPi1APA PRf SSL PPFSSL Y.KATHLEEN PRICE, AVERY PRICE, OAUin PRICE, HARTLEY 313 1.02 13B 30» 316 21P. Z " .?, 27? ■Ill .38H itOJ 7ie. ■SB, 2 ' n, 232.? ' . PRICE. MICHAEL PRINE.NICK PRITCHARO.OANNY PROCOPIO.il PPnCTOR. BRYAN PROKnPFTZ.HAYME PRUFTT .ADPIANE PPUITT. MICHAEL PtJCKETT.OOMNA PUCHSLEY.FPAN PUCHSLEY, FRANCES PIJLLEN.PAULETTE PURCFLL, MILDRED PURVIS, ALVA PUTAMANONOA.NUNTA PYZSKA. NEVILLE OUARLES.JAMET RACKLEFF, ROBERT RADER, CAROL RADOMSKI, DIANE RAFFA.RICK RAINES. ANNE PAINEY.REECE RAKER. OIANNE RALEY.SUENOOLYN PAMALSKSHMI. J. PA 1FLL4,B0UCE RAMFRS.OEL RAM5AUR. ALLISON RAMSEY. JUDY RANDALL, RANDY RANDLE. CAROLINE RANOLE.JOHN RANSOM, ROT RAPP.HFRB RAPP. HERBERT RAPP. JANICE RAPP.PHIL RAPROLD.TKhKA PATLIFF.RON RATZLAFF.MARY PAUSE, 5. RAUERS.LIMOA PAY, ROYAL RAYftuRN.KATMRYN RAYNER. ERICA RIZOOK.FRED READ, MELODY READING, MELANIE PEADY.MARCIA REAGAN. CATHLEEN REAGAN. CATHY REAL. DONNA REAVER. RUSSELL RECCHI, KATHLEEN REDD. HARRY REECE.RITA REED.BILLIF ?EEO. SUSAN REFS. MEREDITH REGAN. FRANKLIN RFIO.OPOOKS 167 222 236,21.2 2H9 39S 116 3«8 39fl 21.1. 2HB 11.6,153 3«8 262 236.262 302 262 237 216 216 3 ' )8 222 21.8 181, 2B7 215 26B 288 388 107,216. 8, 31?, 388 218,298, 388 281. 388 272.388 320 217 316 389 REID. SANDY REin. SHEILA REIGLE. JUDITH REIGLE, JUDY PEILLEY.HAPY PEILLY.BILL REILLY, STEVE REINHARO.HFRB REINHAPOT. PEGGY REIS, MITCHELL REISINGFR, CLARK RFISINGER, EDWARD PEIIEP.LINOO RENICK. PATRICIA PEVELL.OENMIS Pi YNOLOS.CORL REYNOLDS. CHERRY REYNOLDS, CHERYL REYNOLDS, FLFANOR REYNOLDS, JOHN REYNOLDS, NANCY RHEA.OIANF RHEA,DIANNr PHINOCEROU RHODES, M.KFYS PHODFS.P. PICE, BARRY RICE, BERYL PKE.GINNY RICE. JANICE P ICE . K . PICE.LYNNE RICHARDSON, CHARLIE RICHARDSON, JOAN PTCHROIJBG, PATRICIA OICHEY.JOHN RICKETT .PATRICIA PIOLON. JANF 333 236.272 389 21.5. 260. 389 389 236 222 207 291 389 389 389 286 306 ' IFENBURGH. CHRISTINE UGSBY.RONOY JIGS9Y, VIRGINIA ' IKLFY. SANDY 73 " .. 290 =ILEY,KARFM 236 ULEY.KAPYN 127,272 ' ILFY,KATHrRINE 127 RILEY, KATHPYN RIMBY.OILL RINC.POY RINEHAPDT.B. PING, PHYLLIS PIOROAN, MARTHA RIPINGILL, MICHAEL 272 116 389 313 315 315 318 »ISH0I,9ILL ,)lrCRY,R08ERl i89 RITTERBUSCH, MARGARET 389 RITZ,L0UISF 181.236 RIVERS. ANN 231.272 RIVERS. JOHN 389 RIVERS, JULIE ' 35 POARK. NANCY 278 ROATCHE.DAN 116,11.7 ROBERTS, BOY 291. ROBERTS. DICK 11.8.153 ROBERTS, MARY 216 ROBERTS. PICHARD 389 ROBERTS. ROLAND 389 ROBERTSON, BRUCE 210 POBIEjMARY 182 ROBINSON, BILL 309 ROBINSON, CHARLOTTE 278 ROBINSON, DBVINE 389 ROBINSON. JOHN 389 ROBINSON. LAYON 389 ROBINSON, MARLFNE 389 ROBINSON, MYRA ' ' 99,389 ROBINSON, PAMELA 290 R09LE, RUDOLF OBUCK.MEN ROCHE, JANIE POCKER, MARGARET ROCKHOOD, MICHAEL RODGERS. DAMON RODNESKY.SHAOON ROESCH. SIDNEY ROGERS. BOB ROGERS. DONNA ROGERS, GEORGE ROGERS. GROVER ROGERS. IRIS ROGERS. JAN ROGERS. JANICE ROGERS. KIM ROGERS, WILLIAM ROGINSKI , BARRY POJAS, ALDEMAR ROLAND, RAYMOND ROLLINS, ELIZABETH ROLLINS, RICHARD ROMANO, JOHN ROMINE, SUSAN ROMPH, HELEN ROOKS. LINOA ROONET, THOMAS ROSE. JOHN ROSENDORF, KAREN ROSENDGRF.POSIE ROSETTI, GEORGE ROSS, BEVERLY ROSS, JOHN ROSS, JUDITH ROSS, RICHARD ROSSEE.MAPY ROTH,EMILE ROTHMELL, EMORY ROTTER, CHARLOTTE ROTTf R,GOBPIELA ROTTER, GABPIELLE ROTZKO, RONALD ROUSE, ARTHUR ROUSE. SHERPY ROUSH.H. ROBIN RovETTA, Charles ROWE. JERRY ROWE. RALPH POWELL. DOYLE POWELL, JOHN POULANO.JOHN 26 " . 315 369 21.6 389 389 290 271 218,278, 389 389 330 389 318 261. 201 216 389 390 295 127 315 260 272 216 309 236 301., 390 217 232 390 331,335 153 291. 390 ROWLEY. CLAUDIA 390 ROZINSKI.BILL 317 ROZINSKI. WILLIAM 390 RUBINAS. WAYNE 161.. 166, 169.361,39(1 RUBINSTEIN. JON 390 RUDZIK. BARBARA 390 RUEDIGER.RICK 271 RUGG, STEPHEN 1.03 ULL DGE.RUTH RUMENIK. ROGER RUNDLE, DAVID RUS.CLAUOIO RUSH. BOB RUSH.N. ORWIN RUSSELL. BECKY 231. 390 260 RUSSELL. PO _ RUSSO.SHFPRIF RUST , BENNY RUTH JAMES RUTHERFORD, JAY RUTHEPEOPO.SUZA RUTKIN,COLMAN 390 139 390 SACK, JOHN 82.190 SACKETT, NANCY 276 SACKMAN, LINDA 390 SACKMAN, PETER 1.03 SAFERIGHT .HARRY 11.7 SAGAR.SUSAH SAILORS, REE SAKKIS, PATRICIA 315 227 21.0.281. sale.jAmes 1.03 SALEM, CONSTANCE SALISBURY, HARRISON 273 83 SALTSMAN.MARY 217.218, 2l4 SAMMONS. MICHAEL 116 SAMPLE. DICK SANCHEZ, LEON 390 SANCHEZ, ROBERT 390 SANCHEZ, THOMAS 390 SANCHEZ, TOM 317 SANDER, JANE 236.261. SANDERS, JANET 390 SANDY. SiRA 261. SANJURJO, BARBARA 226 sankayadana.malayad 1.03 S ANT ACRUZ .NANCY 288 SANTI .VIC 317 21.2,299 SAOP. ELIZABETH 222 SAPP.JAN 361 SAPP.JANICF 219.266, 390 SARGENT. LINDA 390 SASSER.NIIA 21.2 SATCHWELL. BARRY 390 SAVAGE. JOE 190 SAVERS. JAMES 153 SAXON. JEANNIE 315 5AYFRS. MICHAEL 317 SCALEPA, CHRISTIE SCALZO.ftHPIS 390 181. SCANLAN.BOP 289 SCARCE, MAC 11.7 391 192 SCHAFER, WALTER 390 SCHAFFEP,MARCIA 390 SCHAFRANSKI, VALERIE 21.1 SCHANBACHEP, ANN 281 SCHANBACHER, BARBARA 281 SCHLESINGEP, ELAINE ll«7 390 330 390 21.1. SCHEPf , KATHLEEN SCHFXNiYnEP, MICHEL SCHILLING. mSry 21,2 SCHIMMACK ,OBLE 300 SCHLAFE.AL 239 SCHLEICHER, LINDA 222 SCHLESINGEP. ALEX 390 226,21.2, SCHMALL. DEBORAH 287 SCHMECK.JOHN 101. SCHMIDT. STEPHEN 391 SCHNECKLOTH, ALBERT 391 5CHNETZER, ANNA 182 SC HNUTE.GREG 11.7 SCHNUTE. GREGORY 391 SCHOECK, ARTHUR 196 SCHOLL, STEVE 189 SCHOLLE.PETE 139 SCHOLZ.GEPOLOINE 310.391 SCHOOLFY,DENMISE 391 SCHOWALTER, SUSAN 179 SCHRECK. DAVID 21.6 SCHULTZ.CHARISSA 266.391 SCHUMACHER. SUSAN 218 SCHURIG. BONNIE 236.276 SCHWARTZ. MARTIN 216 SCHWARTZ, REBECCA 222 SCHWARTZER, JOSEPH 391 SCHHARZ, WILLIAM 391 SCOGGINS.RON 199 SCOGGINS, RONALD 391 SCOLLON.SUE 236 SOOLLON.SU AN 266 SCONIERS,DELORES 391 391 315 303 260 311. 39? 139 392 392 392 SCOTT, ELTO SCOTT. SHARON SCRI9NER. BONNIE SEAGER, JOSEPH SEARCY, JUDY SEAY, JENNIE SEB0LT.3. SECHREST. THOMAS SEOLACK. KATHLEEN SEDMAK. WILLIAM SEELIE. MICHAEL SEGAL. JANET 196.278 SEIDL, LYNDA 5EIFERT. MELANIE SEIGLER. MICHAEL SEITZ.wtLLIAH 392 SELLECK.GENE 392 SELLECK.MAPK 392 SELLERS, DEVON 270 SEPIELLI, BARBARA 392 SFPIELLI. PATRICIA 290 SEPULVEOA.PAUL 153 SERMONS, CHARLIE 317 SETZER, CATHERINE 218.261. SEUSS, CAROLYN 392 SEVER, JAMES 1.03 SEWELC. JAMES 171 SEWELL.JIM 189 SHAD. PHILLIP 392 SHAFER, CAROLYN 216 SHAFFER. MAPCIA 226 SHAFFER. MICHELLE 269 SHAFFER, TEPRIE 222 SMALLANtZ.VICKI 261 SHANNON. KATHY 211 SHANNON. PEGGY 392 SHAPKEY. LINDA 216 SHAPM4N, WALTER 392 SHARP. HSnNOH 392 SHARP, MARTHA 222 SHARPE, SUSAN 315 SHARTZER, SANDY 201 SHASHY, DONNA 21.0,286, 392 SHASHY, NITA 286 SHAUGHNESSY, PATRICIA 283 SHAUGHNESSY. THOMAS 305 SHAVER, ELEANOR 1,03 SHAW, BILL 116 SHEA, BILL 306 SHEA.BRIGIO 233 SHEARN.DOTTIE 208 SHEDD, LAURIE 299 SHEEN, KEVA 21.6 SHFLLNUT,ROSANNE 278 SHELTON, Slice 392 SHEMWELL, BETTY 217 SHEPLER, DONNA 21.? SHERMAN, ADRIAN 317 SHERMAN, CHUCK 161., 167 SMER0USE,M6RK 392 SHEROUSE.VICKI 392 SHIELS, DENNIS 139.392 SHIPLEY. VIVIAN 235.392 SHOEMAKER. ROBERT 21.5,260 SHORES, VENILA 216 SHORT, CINOr 298 SHORT, ROBERT 216 SHORTS. LAPPY 317 SHOWALTER. IDA 222 SHRADER. SHARON SHUFF.JDHN SHULIZ. WILLIAM SHUMAN.SUS«NNE SIDWELL. DOROTHY SIKKEMA.CAPL SIKORA, JAMES SILVERSTEIN,MYRa SILVIS, BARBARA SIMMERS. VIC SIMMONS. BUDDY SIMMONS. LESLIE SIMMONS. LINDA SIMMONS. T. SIMPSON. CHERT SIMPSON. CHEPIE SIMPSON, LARRY SMITH, ESTELLIE SMITH, GARY SMITH, GREGG SMITH, JAKE SMITH, JOAN SMITH SMITH, ROB SMITH. ROBERT SMITH. ROSEMARY SMITH. ROSIF SMITH. SHARON SMITH, SUSAN SMITH, TED SMITH, WALTON SMITH. WANDA SMITH. WAYNE SMOLENYAK, JOHN SMYTHE,MAPY SNOVER, JAMES SNOW, MARTHA SNOW, SHEILA SNYDER, DAVE SNYDER. JOHN SNYDER. NANCY SNYDER, SAM SOBEL.IRVIN SOFGE, NANCY SONNENQLICK.VICKI SOWERS, CPAIG 227 270 216 392 392 392 289 SIMS,RICHAP SINGER, SALLY 265,392 SIPZER,GAY 185 SISLEN. PATRICIA 287 SISLEY.BILL 317 5IVITER, HELEN 286 SKARDA.CARYN 271. SKELTON.JUPY 236 SKFLTON. ROBERT 319 SKINNER. OAVIO 216 SKRETTING.J.R. 216 SKUFCA, RONALD 392 SKULRAf ONA ,PIMJAI 1.03 SKYRMS. DEBBIE 21.0 SKYRMS, SUSAN 291. SLAOE, MICHAEL SLADKY, CAROLYN SLANE, SALLY SLANEY.TINA SLATER, KENNETH SLATTUM, JOAP SLIVINSKY,CYNTHI SLOAN, OEBOPAH SLUSHER,MAP0LYN 392 SMALL. SUSAN 219.310, 392 SHALLWOOD. GAYLE 392 SMARINSKY, DAVID 139 SMEPNIS.KlM 298 SMEPNIS.S.KIMBERLY 392 SMID, BEVERLY 392 SMITH. AGNES 272 SMITH, BARBARA 181. SMITH. BAPRY 153 SMITH. BILL 136 SMITH, CHARLENE 392 SMITH, CHARLES 11.7 392 282 205 392 392 392 231 21.2 262 216 199 393 303 393 179 181., 222, 216 309 216 181 393 393 21.2 295 216.217 393 393 393 SONTGERATH.GAIL 150 SDReELLO,EVA 393 SORENSFN, STEVE 271 SORICE.SUE 393 SORRELLS, BARBARA 263 SOSBY,GAtL 21.0.277 SOUO,PAM 23? SOUDA,PAM 21.0 SOUIHiRO.TINA 393 30UTHH0RTH, ANN 269 SOVERNS, ELIZABETH 231.. 290 SOWERS. BETSY 393 SOWERS. BETTY 216,313 116 316 393 SPAOGH,aETH 21.2 SPAPKMiN, BELINDA 262.393 SPAPKMAN. ELIZABETH 393 SPARKMAN, STEVE 21.5 SPARKS, MiRYLOU 223.291 SPEAS, PATRICIA 272 SPEEDY. ARTHUR 393 SPEER, JACKIE 116 SPENCE, CAROL 236.21.0, 265 SPENCE, WAYNE 116 SPENCER, ELIZABETH 216 SPENCER, JOHN 292 SPENCER. LINOA 222 SPENCER, RAYMOND 216 SPETZ, KATHY SPITZCflPF,L.C. SPIVEY, ROBERT SPONHOLTZ.LIBBY SPORICH,jtRRY SPOSETTI.NITA SPRATTjMSry SPRAWLS, SUSAN SPRING, STEVE SPRDULL.BILL SPURLOCK, SANDRA SRYGLEY,SAPA ST. CLAIR, DAVID STACKER, EC STACY, MELANIE STAFFORD, MARY STAGG, TERRY STALEY, RAYMOND STALLARD, DENNIS STALLINGS, JACK STAHBAUGH.JOY STAM6AUGH, RUSTY STANLEY, CHERYL STANSFISlO, MARIA STANTON. KATIE STANTON, PAULA STAPLETON, SARAH STARK. CRAlG STARK, DEE STARK, K.BRIDGET STARNES,MAPGO STARR, DAVID STATEN. SALLY STEARNS. SHERPY 393 STEFFENSON.KATHRYN 216.217 STEEFENSON.KATHRYNE 393 STEGGALL, W.SCOTT 1.03 STEINS, DAVID 308 STENSTROM. PATRICIA 21.1 STEPHENS. MANDY 223,277 STEPHENS. MARCIA 391. STEPHENS. PEARL 391. STEPHENS. PEGGY 391. STEPHENS, SALLY STEPHENSON. C. STERN, RICHARD STERNBERG, JANET STEPRETT.VICKI STEVEN, JOYCE STEVENS, BECKY STEVENS, BETTIE STEVENS, BILL STEVENS, C. STEVENS, DICK STEVENS, JERRY STEVENS, JUDY STEVENS, MANDY STEVENSON, JAMES STEWART, jiNICE STEWART, JOHN STEWART, ROBERT STICHLER, BARBARA STIGAARD, ANDREW STILLWELL, KATHY STINSON, GEORGE STIVENDER, GEORGE STOCK, DIANE STOKES. DON STOKES. JAY STOKES. JERRY STOMP. JON STONE, ROSEMARY STONER, JANET STOREY, LINOA STORY, ROBBIE STOTELL. LINDA STOW, RANDY STOWERS, LLOYD 235 308 310 393 393 215 393 21.5,250, 260 21.2,393 280 308 216,216 318 21.2 222 255 217.222 215 320 299 393 282 299 222 227 265.391. 306 319 151. 139 280 261 391. 296 298 270 391, 21.8 391. 127 127 153 STRAIT, i AUL STRANGE. PEGGY 222.235 STRATON. PAULA 59 STRATTON, PAULA 281. STRAUBE.PAUL 1.03 STRICKLAND. CHANDLER 391. STRICKLAND. DON 333 STRICKLAND. LARRY 115 STRICKLAND, LAWRENCE 21.1. STRICKLAND. MARY 310 STRICKLAND. PETER 260 STRICKLER. JOSEPH 116 STRICKLER, NANCY 391. STR0BEL,PiTOICia 185 STR08ERG, SANDRA 222 STROBERG. SANDY 236.298 STROBERG. SHARON 222.235 STROBERG, SHARPY 299 STROM, LEONARD 39 . STRONG. ELIZABETH 313 STRONG. GARY 225 STUART. KEN 271 STUART, SYD 320 STUBBS, RICHARD 391. STUHLHULLER.SZILVIA 391. STULTS.BIM 138,139 STULTZ, BETTY 391. STUPAKtS. MICHAEL 116 STUTZ. ANNETTE 391. STUTZEP.IRIS 236.290 SUGGS, SARAH 258 SUKSRIWONG.CHINOA 1.03 SULLENBEPGEP, DOUGLAS 391. SULLINGER,GENE 318 SULLIVAN, BILL 319 SULLIVAN, CHRISTINE 233 SULLIVAN, COLLEEN 236,262 SULLIVAN, DEOE 59 SULLIVAN, OEEDEE 21.9,261, SULLIVAN, OFNISE 218,2 ?6l 281. 222 80, 3 94 216 SULLIVAN, NANCY SUNDERLAND, KAY SURFACE, PICKIE SUTHERLAND, MARK SUTTA.PAUL 391. SUTTON. ALEXANDER 391. SUTTON. AUBREY 391. SUTTON. DONNA 233.391. SUTTON, ROBERT 391. SWAIN, Charles 215 SWAInE.RICK 320 SWAN.LLORYN 190 SWaPINGEN,PANDY 305 SWAZEY, ELIZABETH 310 SWEAT, JAMES 391. SWIGLER. CHARLOTTE 231,290 SWIGLER.JAN 21.2 SWIKARO. JACQUELINE 21.0.315 SWINDELL, BUDDY 309 SYKES, STEPHEN 391. SYLVESTER. RICHARD 216 3 91. TACKLES. ROBIN 291 3 91. 139 lOFTON, JOSFPH ?1D VAllELLA,D1 ANc 180 WENZ, LINDA 397 HOOU, LESLIE 21.0 T»LBOT,F ?0NCES 26 " . 3PS V1NARMEN,GARY 270 HERKMEISTER.HRS. 216 WOOO.M. 313 TOULEir, JEFF 29 " . VANBALEN, MARGARET 231 HERTZ, SHAPlS WEST,tHARLA 268 HOOD, MARTHA 288 tJLLEY.POTOICE 2 ' 2 VANBEZOOYEN, TRUDY VANCE, PATRICIA VANDEPCRAKE, J. 396 291 WOOO.SHARON 399 TOHINOSI«N,STFVE 395 215 WEST , JOYCE 397 HOOD, SUZANNE 310 ruNG.LINOa 272 305 WEST, PATRICIA 397 WOOOOALL, SUZANNE 225 TaNNEl?, JOSEPH raNZY.CONRoo 395 VANDERGRIFF,ED 2 " i5,260, WEST. SUSAN HESieNHI5EP,GAIL 216 ,397 WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH 217 216 335 260,292 281. HOODS, PAUL 215 TORP.JEFF 270 VANDERHILL, BURKE 216 WESTENHISER.MARY 281. WOODWARD, JANE 254,399 T0PVER,RICH«RO 301, VANDEROFF.JOHN 216 HESTER, GERALD 397 WOODWARD, HOODIE 179,131 rapvFR, STEVE 150 VANDERVORt, JAMES 396 wharton, william hheat,t£resa 332 HOODHARD, WOODY 223,311. TSYLOR.SEITY 233 395 VANOEPVORI, JIM 237 23 " . HOPALL, WENDY 235 TOYLOP.CSPnL 395 VANDOREN,CARY 1.03 HHEELER, JAN 236 WORKMAN, STEVEN WORTHINGTON,JOHN 399 T»YL0R,DE9PIE 236 VANOUSEN,JANN 59 WHEELER, WILLIAM 1.03 216 T4YLnR,DFBflR«M 261, VANGLAHN, DORIS 21.0 WHETSTONE, KATHY 397 WORTHY, CARL 399 TOYLOPiMONK 150 VANGUNDY, CAROLE 396 WH CHARD, MARY 278 WOZINAK, CINDY WRIGHT, CANDACE 193 I BYLOR, JSNET 278 VANGUNDY, PENELOPE 231,261. WHIDDEN, LINDA 21.2 217 TOYLOR, JOHN " .03 VANHEININGFN, HELENA 396 WHIODEN,NEVIN 231 ,297 HP GHT,DAN 305 THYLOR, LINDA 181 313 VANN, CHARLES 319 WHIGHAM, FRANK 116 HP GHT, DEBORAH 179 TOYLOR, MIRTHS 1.03 VANRfj,KARFN 396 HH GHAM,MARY 397 WRIGHT, DIANNE 403 T SYLOR.NONCY 21 ), 223, 394 VANPIJ.WILLEM V ARCA,PHIL 1.03 WHILOEN, SUZANNE 296 WP GHT, LARRY 318 318 WHISILER, MICHAEL 316 WRIGHT, PERRIN 216 THYLOR.ROBYN 271. 275 VARNEY, SUSAN 313 WHITAKFR, DIANE 281. WP GHT, STEVE 153 TSYLCR, ROGER 21. 1. VASOUEZ, MICHAEL 11.7 WHITE, BOB 150 ,21.9 WPIGHT, THOMAS 337 rCHONTZ.KIM TF«GUE,SH»RON 300 VASOUEZ.ROSEANNE 180 WH TE, CAROL 1.03 WP GHT,TONI 215 222, 299 VATIKIOTIS, COSTA 300 WH TE, CLAUDIA 397 WPIGHT, WILLIAM WRIGHTON, GLENN wR GLEY, Patricia 399 VATZ, BERNARD 1.03 HH TE, DAVID 397 215 TE«L,JUNE 268 395 VAUGHN, CYNTHIA 278 WHITE, OELYNNE 298 233 TEDDER, JUDY 280 VAUGHT, LINDA 310 WH TE, HARRIET 397 WROTEN, DIANA 242 TEDDER, RIChSRO 217 VAUSE, SARAH 315 WH IE, JAMES 397 WUPZEL,90R 245,260 TEnOOR.JUOY TEDF0R0,9»PB0Pa 231 VEGA, BETSY 226,21.1, 396 WH TE,KAY 298 WURZEL,RnBERT 320 261 273 WH TE, LYNNE 398 WYANT.GARY 114 lELLECK.PENEE TERRY, EDOIF 261. VEGA.VICKI vernOn.sonoy 396 WHITE, PAULETTE 232 ,398 HYATT, DON 317 11.8 236,271, WHITE, SHERRY 398 HYATT , WALTER 399 TEsrH,susaN 395 VERSO, Jnorfa VEITER.VICKI 268 WHITE, STEPHEN 398 WYCHF, PAULA 399 TEUTON, LINDS 3, ?■. ' , 277 WHITE, STEVE 190 HYCKOEF.KIM 272 395 VICKERS, THOMAS 216 HHITE, THOMAS 115 WYHAN, LINDA THSLHON, LINOS 236 VICKEPS,VIC 307 HHITE, VALERIE WHITEFIELO, THOMAS WHITEHEAD, PUD 297 TMULMON, LINDA 261, VINING, JAMES 139 398 wynnImartha 183 THIOAULT, JAMES 395 VIRGIN, CAROL 21.1 111. WYNNE, ED 288 THIGPEN.ANM 222 VOOPEY.GRFTCHFN 396 HHITEHURST ,DAN 116 WVSONG.MARY 403 THOMAS, DANNY 116 VOHUN, FRANK 115,119, HHIIEHURST.KAYE WHITLEY, JAfK 283 ,398 THOMAS, ELWYN 215 12S 1.03 y THOMAS, GARY 139 VONGLAHN, DORIS 291. HHITLOCK.PAH 236 THOMAS, JANICE 395 VONROENN, KENNETH 139,396 WHITLOCK, PAMELA 21.0 THOMAS, LYNN 21.0 HH TNEY, PAMELA 281, YACKEL , SHIPLEY 242 THOMAS, SAMPRA 181 ,282 w HH TSON.RAY 398 YATES, HAPPY 399 THOMAS, SUSAN 299 WH TTAkER,MARK 398 Y ATSUK , ROBFRT 399 THOMAS, TIM 317 WHITTEN, DOUGLAS 398 Y AHN, RAY 270 THnMAS, WILLIAM THOMPSON, AMOY 3 95 151. WAAS, GEORGE 361,1.03 WHITHER, lERPIE HICHHAN.MARC 216 225 YINGEP, RICHARD YOOEP, K APEM 403 287 THOMPSON, CMAPLFNF 21.8 WADDELL.OAVE 316 WIDMANN.BOn 305 235 283 THOMPSON, G«Y 150 ,21.9 WAODELL, DAVID 396 WIFHttUS, DONNA 191., 217, Y ON ,MAPCI A THOMPSON, JOSEPH 395 WAODELL,LYOIA 18 " ., 313 218,- 97,360 ,398 YORK, BILL 308 THOMPSON, JUANITA 395 WAODELL, LYNNE 231 HIGGERS, LINDA 235 YORK , JUDY 399 THOMPSON, LYNETTE 216 WAOE ,P08EPI 396 WIGGINS, JAY 139 YOUNG, BARBARA 222,236, THOMPSON, MARY A. 395 HADSWORTH, JANE 281 WILBUR, DIANA 233 3l5 153 THOMPSON, MCRY E. 395 WAGNER, ARTHUR 396 HILCOX, ROBERT 303 THOMPSON, THOMAS 302 WAGNER, DONALD 153 WILD, BILL 302 YOUNG , JEROME 216 THORNF MIOKEY THORNTON, BAP-TARA 282 WAGNER, RICHARD 308 WILDER, RANDALL WILDNER, WILNA 398 YOUNG, LEIGH 248 235 WAGNER, SHELLEY 263 311. YOUNG , NINA 205 THRASH, PEBFCCA 282 WAKEFIELD, STAN 396 H LES, STEVE 309 YOUNG , ROCKY 271 THR0HER,KATHY 262 WAKEFIELD, STANLEY 300 H LEY, JAMES 398 YOUNG, SANDRA 399 THROUER.MAPGAPET 395 HALDBY.ODFLL 216, 239 W LEY,PAM 281 YOUNG, SKIP 1 33 THURMOND, PATRICIA 313 WALOECK.MAPY WALDEN,GOLF 395 W LKENSQN. ' APAH 21.0 YOUNIE , DI Af. ' E 311 IHUPS9Y, VINCENT 216 59 W LKERSON.EDNA 1.03 YUSCHAK ,NADEAN 249,272 T CHFNQP.WFNnY 219 waLOEN,PflTPICI A 396 H LKES,JDHN 403 T EDLEBEPG.JAY 301. WALDEN,TEo=Y 396 W LKINS, MELISSA 398 T LTONjCANDACE 395 HAL0ON,GAIL 21.1 W LKINSON,SONDRA 269 z T MRERLAKE, MARY 1.03 WALOON.GALE 278 HILKOWSKI, NANCY 398 T PTON,RAY 216 WALKER, BARBARA 216 HILLHONER, ELAINE 235 T IPTON, VIRGINIA 282 WALKER, FRANK 306 HILLHOTT, LOUIS 215 ZACUR, RICHARD 260,306 T TUS, SHARON 216 ,395 HALKFR, GLENN 396 WILLIAMS, BARBARA 281 .315 ZAFFRAN.TED 116 TJEPNSTROMiKRIS 296 WALKER, KATHRYN 222 WILLIAMS, BOB 225, 21.5, 294 ZAHN,MAX 294 TO00,GLENO» 395 WALKER, MARY 235 ZAPP, RICHARD 304 T ODD, MICHAEL 270 WALTER, STAN 116 , 118 HILL AMS, CHARLOTTE 216 ZARUBA,MARY 311 TOLAR.TOM TOMRERLIN, THOMAS 318 WALKER, SUZANNE 396 HILLIAHS, CHERYL 239 ZOVISH, BERNARD 399 21.1. WALKER, SYLVIA 312 WILL AMS,CPAIC 270 ZEFFER,JOHN 271 TOMLINSON, ANNE 222 WALL ,GERALO 305 HILL AMS, ENOCH 398 ZEINER, CAROL 222,222, r ONG, BARBARA 291 WALL, LINDA 290 WILL AMS, FRANCES 398 248 TOOHILL, JUDITH 395 WALLACE, BARBARA 59 WILL AMS,JEANNIE 21.1 ZERA.GREG 147 TOOHILL jJUOY 21.2 WALLACE, 90MNIE 231,236 HILL AMS, JERRY 398 ZIFGLER.MAOCIA 259 TOULMIN, LYMAN 216 WALL ACE, CAROLYN 269 WILLIAMS, JOSEPH 398 ZINN.CHRISTA 235,312 lOHNSENO, DIANA 395 WALLACE, CHERYL 131l !!2l WILLIAMS, JOYCE 231. ZOGHBY, LINDA 181,218, 28i TOHNSEND,LIZ 179 ,236 261,261 HILL AMS, JUDITH 398 TOMNSFNO, WILLIAM 217 WALLACE, Rfl ' 115 HILL lAMS, JUDY 233 ZOLLO, GREGORY 304 TRACY, ANNA 216 WALPEP, FRANK 289 H LLIAMS, MARILYN 398 ZOOK, DIANE 177 TRACY, DIANE WALSH, KATHLEEN 311. H LLIAMS, MARTHA 313 TRACY, 2AN i ' 9 WALTERS, NANCY 396 W LLIAMS, MASON 52 TRAFTON.JOE TRAGOS, GEORGE 395 WANDER, Alice 236,311 W ULIAMS, MICHAEL 317 ■! ' ••=,, 260, WARD, CAROLE 396 WILLIAMS, MPS. 231. 250 WARD, J.POBFPT 395 H LLIAMS, NANCY 287 IRAVERS,6ILL 129 HARD, MARY 396 W LL AHS.PAY 288 TPAHEEK,MARY 1.03 HARD, PATRICIA 283 w LL AMS, ROBERT 398 TPAXLER, HERBERT 176 ,1.03 HARDEN, CYNTHIA 315 W LL AMS, ROBERTA 285 TRFFCE.GAPY 395 HARE, PEGGY 396 W LL AMS,ROBYN 261 TREGOnS, JON 317 WARFEL,PirK 316 W LL AMS, SANDRA 398 TREMBL AY,LYNN 272 WARNER, BERGFR 318 WILL AMS, SUZANNE 181 TRFSCOTT,JFAN 286 UARNER, BEVERLY 396 W LLIAMS, TED 317 TREXLER.MICHAFL 260 ,395 WARREN, SUSAN 280 WILLIAMS, WILLIE 133 ,398 IPICKEL.JAfiE 312 WARREN, TOMMY warrinGep.sanopa 116,118 WILLIAMS, WINIFRED 222 TRIGG, LINO " TRIMMtP.TOOD IROXEL, CHARLES 299 ,395 395 WILLIAMSON, CORNELIA 222, 236, 265 318 WATERS, LINDA 395 395 WATKINS,RARRY 291 WILLIS, BOB 250 IROXEL ,FPEO 205 HATKINS,MARY 395 WILSON, AUDREY 216 TRIILUCK.FLIZABETH 395 WATSON, DALF 187 WILSON, BILL 205 T°USSLEP,GARY 301. WATSON, FRANKLIN 187 HILSON, CHRIS 217 TSaCPIns.MfPIA 226 WATSON, LESLIE 283 HILSON ,ELL niNE 21.2 T ' -OCPInus, MARIA TSGflPIOS, CAROLE 181 WATSON, WILLI AM 215 WILSON, FRANKLIN 398 2 81. WATTS, BETTY 216 WILSON, J. 319 TUCKtP.KiPFN 286 WAITS, PAULA 176,182 HILSON, MARTHA 398 TUCKEo,LEN 318 WA MAN,BERNIE 153 HILSON, MAPYJO 219 ,398 TUtl ' ER, PAMELA 286 WAXMAN,JERPY 396 WILSON, MIPIAM 216 TUFARELLA, MICHAEL 211 WAXMEN,BERNIE 305 WILSON, PAMELA 279, 311., TURBEVILLE, RICHARD 395 HAYBPIGHI, JOYCE 1.03 398 TURLFY,HUGH 395 HEALE.MARY 217 WILSON, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER, SANDY 21.1. TUPNBULL, T . 291 WEALE.MARYJO HEAThERRED, CYNTHIA 21.1 127 ,280 TURNER, A. 315 310,396 WINDHAM, PAMELA 279 TURNER, C. 311 WEATHERS, BILL 292 HINFREE,BILL 291. TURNER, CONNIE 183 ,276 WEATHFRSBEF ,GAIL 2 36 W ING,LINOA 219, 299, TURNER, LINDA 395 HEATHERSVEE ,GAIL 251. 398 TURNER, RICHARD 395 WEAVER, G.EdWIN 215 WING, TERESA WINGEPT, CECELIA 236 ,279 TURNER, RITA 28J WEAVER. JANE 298 398 TURNER, STEVE 318 WEBB, CALVIN 395 WINGEIELD, POLLY 201 ,299 TURNER, SUSAN 206 HFBB, LINDA 181,235, HTNKELHAKE, CAROL WINNER, HARCLO 179 TYE, JOHN 395 ' 1.5, 260, 319 iylIr.kay 226 WEBB, PEGGY 181 TYRF.BRENOA TYRHOLM, LINDA 3 95 WEBB, RICHARD 395 HINTFRLE, JOHN 215 395 WEBBER, LEE HEBER.BOn 157 WINTERS, PHILIP 301. TYSON, JAMES 115 153,307 WINTERS, STEPHEN 216, ' U WEBSTER, ANN 283 328 1 , WEBSTER, BRUCE 316 WISE, PAY 315 «-« MEEKLY, DANNY 320 WISE , STUART 398 WEGMAN.BARPARA 179,396 WISNER, LINDA 398 UOALL, STEWART 82 WFGMAN, DAVID 1.03 HITCHEP, CAROLYN 398 UHRIG,NICK 318 WEIDE, MARGARET WEINTRAVa, SHARON WEIR, JANlftF WEISS, WENDY 395 HITTSTRUCK, DIXIE 272 ,398 ULM, SUSAN 96 21.0, 1.03 HITTY, LINDA 236 263 218,395 WOEPNER, CHRISTINE 2 ' 2 UNDERWOOD, nAN 318 222,311. HOLE,OAVIO 21.6 UNDERHOOO, JOHN 308 WELCH, RICHARD HELLBORN, CHARLES WELLHONEP, ELAINE 397 HOLF,SHAP 208 UPDEGPAFF , JACK 288 216,239 HOLECBOB 302 URBAN, ANN 278 21.2 WOLFE, DAVID 398 URBAN, ANNE 268 WELLMAN, SUSAN 232,21.0 WOLFE, LAWSON HOLFORD, LORRAINE 398 URBAN, EDWARD 216 WELLS, DiRLENE 268 217 WELLS, JANET 217 WOMBELOORF, MARGARET 252 HELLS, JOSEPH 397 WOMRLE , JFAMA 242 ,21.3 V WELLS, KATHY 299 WONDER, STEVIE 52 WELLS, NANCY 21.0,315 WONG.MIMI 53 vacaro.rita vail.jAn 2 " .l WELLS, RUTH 216 WOO, JONG 1 03 396 HELTON, JOHN 316 WOOD , JOYCE 277 VALENTINE, CHERYL VALLFE, ROGER 222 WENSHAW, CAROL 397 WOOD, KATHY WOOD, LARRY 9S 303 HFNTHORTH. WINIFRED 215 3?l special appreciation for outstanding services of louisa barendse to student publications 415 photos by barry mittan ■ .. 4!r ■ .. •■■■ - . ' ' ' -fr ,i; -» ' ' . ' ' . ' . « ' ■«l ?Si : r-» r :? W " • ■ ,. • . c - v? -.:,. •• ;:: ' ' -:.-;- :. ' ♦• . 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