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' ■•.. ' ■ ' ' ■: ' ■■ ■ ' ■■■ ' :■ : ■ ' ■.:, Office c ; :nt sity I .Mda THE 1955 TALLY-HO FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TOM WOODS, Editor JIM BRODERICK, Managing Editor RICK HUBERT, Business Manager CT? FOREWORD Because we are so dedicated to the present and to seeing but one thing at a time, because we are so consumed in our own little worlds, so blind at times, because of our very nearness to the lives we are living we cast dark shadows over the truths it would be to our advantage to see. And only if we step away and allow the years to elapse are we able to recognize these truths — they are easily seen in the light. The 1955 Tally Ho under- stands this and therefore for all of us who have concerned our- selves with fulfilling the immediate, the material herein is pre- sented to show us, in years to come, what we once were. It is to be hoped that the years between will be happily and success- fully bridged and that some day, when we look back, we will remember fondly our brief prelude to life at the " University " . Thus these pages have sought, in words and pictures, to cap- ture and hold images of these days so that when we do look back we will see vividly all of our days here. The pages have also sought to gain and retain the essence of our college years. They have tried to catch those certain moments that will recall faces and incidents; incidents that will, in turn, evoke remem- brances of every phase of life here. In short, these pages have tried to help us see our former selves. Because each of us has separate and different memories about many of the same things, the theme will be a solitude of sorts, an attempted exploration of individual memories — mem- ories heavy with melancholy and memories light with laughter. These moods will be carried further in Retrospect, the annual ' s final backward glance at the year here. These are the things we have attempted. The attempt could not have been made without the extra efforts of all the members of the staff or without the inspiration others contributed. DEDICATION Because they have served Florida State University so tire- lessly, so endlessly, we are proud to dedicate the 1955 Tally Ho to the members of our band — the Marching Chiefs. Un- der the inspiring direction of Mr. Manly Whitcomb for the past two years, the Marching Chiefs have brought the eyes — and ears — of the nation to our campus. They have that certain wonderful faculty for getting the most original new sounds out of music, music we thought we were already familiar with, but upon listening to our band ' s version, dis- cover we have never, not ever, heard anything quite like it. They are unique; the best publicity bureau a university can have. We are glad we are associated with them. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration 10 Schools 20 Classes 48 Activities 142 Communications 174 Greeks 188 Features 254 Athletics 274 Organizations 318 Retrospect 366 GOVERNOR LeRoy Collins was born in Tallahassee, March 10, 1909, the son of Marvin H. Collins and Mattie Brandon Collins. He spent his childhood in Talla- hassee, attending elementary and secondary schools in Florida ' s Capital City and was graduated from Leon High School with honors. He attended business school and earned a degree in law from Cumberland University. He started out on his own in the practice of law in 1931. Soon after, he married his hometown sweetheart, Mary Call Darby. Mrs. Collins is the great-granddaughter of Richard Keith Call, one of Florida ' s early territorial governors and the Collinses reside in the Grove, the home built by Governor Call in the early 1800 ' s and the scene of much of Florida history. LeRoy Collins has always taken a great interest in government. In 1934 at the age of 25, he was elected to his first public office, that of Leon County Repre- sentative in the Florida House of Representatives. He served in the Legislatures of 1935, 1937 and 1939 as Representative, and in the Legislatures of 1941, 1943 (resigning in 1944 to enter the U. S. Navy), 1947, 1949, 1951 and 1953, as State Senator from Leon County. His service in government brought him many hon- ors. In 1947 and 1953 he was named " Most Valuable Senator " by Florida newsmen and " Best Legislator " by members of the 1953 legislative body. He has served as chairman of almost every important com- mittee of the Legislature, and as Governor he has brought to that office a thorough knowledge and un- derstanding of state governmental affairs. He is proudest of his work over the years in behalf of public education, public health, public parks, and governmental reorganization. He was a close per- sonal and political friend and supporter of the late Governor Dan McCarty, whose unexpired term he has been elected to fill. The Collinses have four children: LeRoy, Jr., 19, a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis; Jane, 16; Mary Call, 12, and Darby, 4. His mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Col- lins, also reside in Tallahassee. THE PRESIDENT Serving as president of Florida State University is one of the nation ' s outstand- ing educators. Dr. Doak Sheridan Campbell is now in his 13th year as president at the University. There is much evidence of President Campbell ' s leadership at Florida State. Before coming to Tallahassee, Dr. Campbell was associated with George Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee, for 13 years — first with the Division of Surveys and Field Studies and then as Dean of the Graduate School and Senior College. In 1916, he became vice-president and later president of Central College, Conway, Arkansas. President Camp- bell has received national recognition in the academic field for his work with junior colleges and curriculum. He was elected in 1921 as secretary of the American Association of Junior Colleges, a position he held for 17 years. In 1937 he was chosen consultant to President Roosevelt ' s Advisory Committee on Education. He is also a past president of the Southern Asso- ciation of Colleges and Secondary Schools and has always been in the forefront in the development of one of the new trends in higher education — regional education. THE VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Albert B. Martin has been the Vice President of Florida State since 1951. During this time he has be- come well liked by both students and faculty members because of his keen interest in the welfare of the Uni- versity. Before he became a member of the adminis- tration at Florida State he was director of the Extension Services, a professor of education, and director of the Summer Session at the University of Mississippi. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Southwest Texas State College. From the University of Texas he received his master ' s degree in education and his doctoral de- gree in college administration. Dr. Martin worked with the Texas State Department of Education and in that state his broad experience with schools includes serv- ices as teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. While in the U. S. Navy during World War II he held the rank of lieutenant-commander. THE BOARD OF CONTROL The Florida State Board of Control which is appointed by the Governor is composed of prominent citizens who are interested in the students and faculty of the University. The Board advises the Legislature in matters regarding the school, the appointment of faculty members as well as supervising the expenditures. The Executive Secretary, Dr. J. B. Cul- pepper, carries the business of the Board when it is not in session from the Board Office on the University campus. This year ' s Board members are: Mr. J. Lee Ballard, Chairman; Mr. W. Glenn Miller, Vice Chairman; Mr. Hollis Rinehart, Mrs. Jessie Ball DuPont, Mr. Fred H. Kent, Mr. Ralph L. Miller, Mr. Robert H. Gore, Sr. THE ADMINISTRATION BELOW, LEFT: Dean of Student Welfare, Dr. R. R. Oglesby Dr. Ralph Oglesby, Dean of Student Welfare, has become known as a man who is easy to work with during his first year at F.S.U. He is always ready to listen to the desires of the students and do all he can to help them. He tries in every way to provide an enriched campus life for the students. BELOW, RIGHT: Dean of Women, Miss Katherine Warren Miss Katherine Warren, Dean of Women, is the director of a program of personal counseling which is designed to develop the qualities of character and personality. Miss Warren and her staff make every effort toward establishing a well rounded college life for the girls at F.S.U. Page 14 RIGHT: Dean of Men, Dr. Louis D. Corson Dr. Louis D. Corson, Dean of Men, is responsible for the social well-being of the men students. He and his staff supervise a program to aid men students in developing competent social relations. BELOW, LEFT: Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Elizabeth Lynn Miss Elizabeth Lynn, the Assistant Dean of Women, is known for her motherly attitude toward all the students. She represents the Dean in her absences as well as supervising the problem of orientation for freshman and transfer students through the selec- tion of Junior Counselors. BELOW, RIGHT: Assistant Dean of Men, Mr. James F. Carr Mr. James F. Carr, Assistant Dean of Men, counsels men students with problems relative to personal and social adjustment. He works closely with the Dean in all of the assigned areas of responsibility. Page 15 .M ty ADMINI LEFT: Director of Public Relations, E. D. Whittlesey Mr. E. D. Whittlesey, Director of Public Relations, and his staff assist in giving the public and future students a view of life at F.S.U. They send out and prepare publications pertaining to the functions and activities of the University. LEFT, BELOW: Business Manager, Mr. Rod K. Shaw Mr. R. K. Shaw, Business Manager of the University, is concerned immediately with every phase of University life. No door in the University swings open more often than Mr. Shaw ' s to allow students, faculty, and staff to enter for answers to questions per- taining to business matters, university building expansion, pen- sions, and personal problems. RIGHT, BELOW: Registrar, Mr. Charles Walker Mr. Charles Walker, Registrar, is in charge of the admission and registration of all students. He is also custodian of the student ' s schedules, grades, class attendances, and permanent records, and determines his eligibility for the coveted degree when he has completed the prescribed course of study. Pa ge 16 RATION Head Dietitian, Miss Anna Tracy Miss Anna Tracy, Head Dietitian, realizes that the students of F.S.U. must be well fed along with being well educated. For this reason she does all she can to provide good food in attrac- tive surroundings at reasonable prices. Director of Test Service Bureau, Mr. M. H. De- Graff Mr. M. H. DeGraff, head of the Test Service Bureau, assists faculty members in the scoring and analysis of their examinations. The Bureau also organizes, administers, scores, and interprets the tests used in the counseling and guidance areas, as well as those used by the University Personnel Office, the public schools, and the State Department of Education. Director of Personnel Records, Mr. John T. Flournoy Mr. John T. Flournoy, Director of Personal Rec- ords, is the man responsible for those valuable student identification cards. He also provides an adeguate system of Permanent Cumulative Personal Records and makes such records ac- cessible to Student Personal, to Administrative Officers, and to members of the faculty. Chief Physician, Dr. Haviland G. Hathaway Dr. Haviland G. Hathaway, Chief Physician, and his competent staff hold the health of the students as their responsibility. It is Dr. Hathaway ' s job to supervise the operation of the University Hos- pital and to prevent and treat illness. Dr. Hath- away and his staff are well-noted for their co- operation with other departments. Directoi of Vocational Guidance. Dr. Glover E. Tully Dr. Glover E. Tully, Director of Vocational Guidance and Placement, is a person to whom many students owe much gratitude for the assistance he and his staff have given them not only in making their vocational choice, but also for placement in their fields upon graduation. He serves as Chairman of the Committee on Scholarships, Loans, and Student Employment. Assistant Director of Vocational Guidance, Mrs. Margaret Blair Mrs. Margaret Blair, Assistant Director of Vocational Guid- ance and Placement, is willing at all times to help stu- dents in their search for satisfactory employment after graduation. She assists the Director in working closely with students to help them with their vocational plans. Coordinator of Counseling and Guidance, Dr. Melvene Hardee Dr. Melvene Hardee, Coordinator of Counseling and Guid- ance, is the person to whom the new students are indebted for that much needed Handbook. Many uncertain students have profited by her valuable counseling and guidance. Counselor, Dr. Hilda Tinney Dr. Hilda Tinney, Assistant Coordinator of Counseling and Guidance, has responsibilities similar to those of the Co- ordinator in furthering the objectives of the program of coordinated counseling services. Her assistances has been greatly recognize d and appreciated by all upper classmen who have had difficulty in deciding upon a major. Her job is concerned primarily with guidance, counseling and human relations. »ge 18 Director of Publications, Mr. Robert T. Leigh Mr. Robert T. Leigh, Director of the Division of Publications, works constantly on publications for F.S.U. besides render- ing every service possible to the people of Florida. He and his capable staff design, edit, and produce the printed materials of the University. Social Counselor, Miss Anna Adams Miss Anna Adams, Director of Longmire Student Alumni Building, serves cooperatively and willingly the many needs and desires of all the students and faculty organiza- tions who hold their social business and professional activi- ties in the Longmire Building. Director of Social Recreation, Mrs. Mary Distelhurst Mrs. Mary Distelhurst, as Director of the Social Recreation Program, does a fine job in helping the students organize many of the social activities that take place on campus. Counselor for Student Organizations, Mr. Vogel Mr. Fred J. Vogel, Counselor for Student Organizations, assists both social and service organizations in their activi- ties. Mr. Vogel counsels, advises and aids in the administra tion of the student organizations. Page 19 mm mmwm m SCHOOLS DEAN MILTON W. CAROTHERS GRADUATE The Graduate School, enrolling approximately 2,000 stu- dents during the fall, spring, and summer sessions, now ranks tenth among the fifty-one Graduate Schools of the South in its regular academic enrollment. Master ' s degree programs, offered in practically all of the departments of the University, are now conferred at the rate of approxi- mately 300 per calendar year. Doctoral degrees were first conferred at Florida State University in 1952. One of the distinctive features of Graduate work is its very active research program. These research projects ta ■IV ASSISTANT DEAN DWIGHT GOODNER SCHOOL provide valuable educational opportunities for Graduate Students as well as providing employment which enables them to continue their education. Among the many social activities of the Graduate Stu- dents sponsored by the Graduate Club are luncheons, coffee hours, and at least one picnic at the reservation. The wives of graduate students participate in the activities of the Graduate Club and also have a separate organiza- tion of their own known as the " Dames Club " . -v ll • ' ■%• ' Perhaps the most diversified college in the University is the College of Arts and Sciences. It embraces three major areas of liberal arts: the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and the Natural Sciences. Registrants to the College of Arts and Sciences include those students majoring in any of its twenty-five departments and those students whose majors are undecided. In addition to the liberal arts courses, training is also rOV vJfcG O MR G s - p lS provided for such semi-professional programs as medical technology, guidance counseling, and government serv- ices. The College also offers pre-professional study for such fields as law, dentistry, and medicine. The College of Arts and Sciences emphasizes the type of liberal education which currently is being demanded by an increasing number of industrial and governmental agencies. " •■ flk 7 Hfc ' The School of Education offers courses in Art Education, Health Education, Physical Education, Elementary and Secondary Education. Its function is to train teachers, supervisors, administrators, and research workers and to maintain consultant services for the state. Included in the School ' s broad program of training and activities on both the graduate and undergraduate DEAN RALPH A. EYMAN SCHOOL OF ASSOCIATE DEAN MODE L. STONE EDUCATION levels are: a vast internship system which is carried out in cooperation with the public schools of Florida; a state- wide program of extension teaching service in which two thousand persons were enrolled last fall; graduate courses which lead to the Ph.D. degree; and a wide latitude of work in the field of educationa l research. SCHOOL OF The School of Home Economics offers op- portunities for majors and non-majors alike to explore and develop their interests in any area or combination of areas in Home Economics. Whether the student ' s desired goal be in- creased satisfactions in personal and family life, a career in one of the many professions open to home economists, or a combination of the two, the student may select the courses needed from the wide variety of offerings in the departments of the School. The courses offered include Home and Family Life, Food and Nutrition, and Clothing and Textiles. DEAN MARGARET R. SANDELS JOME ECONOMICS J .. - ■-© • DEAN KARL KUERSTEINER ASSISTANT DEAN OWEN SELLERS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Housed in the most modern and complete music building in the world, the FSU School of Music offers a varied course centered around active participation in the per- formance and creation of music for both students and faculty. Classes and private lessons are supplemented by ample opportunity for the student to widen his musical training and experience as participant and auditor. The School of Music is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music to award the master ' s degrees in Applied Music, Theory, Composition, and Music Education. Instruction is offered by its faculty of national and international renown. Over 150 musical programs are given annually, cov- ering a wide range of solo, ensemble, and dramatic repertoire, and including at least two concerts by each of the School ' s nine music organizations. J. DAYTON SMITH. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ■ SCHOOL OF BUSINESS There is positive and dynamic evidence that the South is experiencing a dramatic business development. Na- tionally, industry is undergoing a two-fold change; chang- ing geographically and internally. The internal changes are being accelerated by electronic developments, which are making possible for the first time true industrial auto- mation, and by nuclear discoveries. These complex changes reguire a new approach in the kind, competence, and dimensions of executive leadership. The curriculum and course content of the School of Business is designed to provide young men and women with the kind of pro- fessional education needed to meet industrial opportunities as well as providing a program of study based on a strong foundation of general education. DEAN CHARLES ROVETTA DEAN LAWRENCE R. CAMPBELL SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM Graduates of the FSU School of Journalism find careers in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, advertising, public relations, teaching, libraries, food and fashion writing, and in professional writing. The Journalism building is eguipped with classrooms, offices, a library and reading room, a complete AP wire service, laboratories for practical photography work, typography, news writing, editing, and ad- vertising. Also located in the Journalism building is the newly-established radio and television center, consisting of a studio, control room, and news room. Young men and women who have been taught how to get the facts, how to write clearly and accurately, and how to get along favorably with others have the way cleared for a successful career in journalism. SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SCIENCE FSU is fortunate to have the only nationally accredited professional school for the training of librarians. The School, which has its own building, offers these facilities for student use: a curriculum library, an audio-visual labora- tory, a projection room, a professional service library, a photography laboratory, and study rooms, along with classrooms and offices. The School of Library Science trains librarians and audio-visualists and administers the Audio- Visual and Materials Centers. Its program, which leads to the Bachelor ' s and the Master ' s degrees, renders professional personnel to serve in libraries of college, university, school, county, and city, in audio-visual centers, in the Armed Forces, and in governmental agencies. SCHOOL OF NURSING The School of Nursing offers two p rograms leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing or Nursing Edu- cation, The programs are planned to include the full general education requirements of the University, giving all nurses a solid foundation on which to base and utilize their professional education. t h jt — ' f .Jtk ' IST ' 1 T ■ 1 • .-00 0 ' ;: |§|. ..,♦; ' : ■ ' ,.:.;:;: , . ■:,,■. DEAN WILSON K. DOYLE School of Public Administration The School of Public Administration at F. S. U. is the only school of government in the South. Through teaching and research programs, it seeks to train young men and women for positions of leadership and responsibility in government. Students of the School enjoy pertinent lec- tures from federal, state, and local government officials and obtain first-hand experience by interning in one of Florida ' s government departments. 1 jM SCHOOL OF DEAN COYLE E. MOORE The School of Social Welfare provides education and training at both the pre-professional, under-graduate level and graduate professional level to pre- pare students for social work. The School is the only fully accredited training program in social work in Florida, and it also served the neighboring states under the Southern Regional Compact. Undergraduate students are given an opportunity to secure practical information by observing social agencies at work in one of our state ' s larger cities. A number of social work courses include study trips to state institutions and hospitals. The Marriage and Family Division of the School offers student preparation for wise courtship, marriage and parenthood. The School also offers a counseling service in marriage and family relations. OCIAL WELFARE LT. COL. PAUL W. CAMPBELL MAJOR MARTIN LICHTE and CAPTAIN THOMAS DEERING AIR R. O. T. C. Many of our Air Force leaders of tomorrow are Air Force cadets today. On the Florida State University campus more than 400 cadets are enrolled in Air Force ROTC training, presently the main source of junior Air Force officers. The training which they receive in the classroom and in the Leadership Laboratory is designed to make each cadet a better Air Age citizen and eguip him with leadership potential which will prove invaluable in later life. Even though a cadet does not choose the Air Force as a career the program helps to mould boys into men of strong stature and broad understanding. The complete training course for the Air Force ROTC is divided into two sections, the basic course for freshmen and sophomores and advanced course for juniors and seniors. Only those cadets who have proved themselves outstanding are eligible for the advanced course. Extra-curricular activities within the corps offer an opportunity for the display of leadership gualities. A cadet newspaper. Air Currents, is published weekly. They sponsor various projects on campus, including the annual Military Ball, in coordination with the Army ROTC, and make donations to the Blood Bank. ARMY R. O. T. C. The mission of the Army ROTC is to train selected students for commissions in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. The program presented is the General Military Science program which prepares the cadets for commissions in any of fifteen branches of the Army. The ROTC training is divided into two courses covering the four year University program. The Basic course is completed in the first two years with the Advanced Course comprising the last two years. Only the outstanding cadets who have completed the Basic Course are selected for this selection. All Advanced Course cadets are required to attend a six-week ROTC Summer Camp at which they place in practice the theory they have received in the classroom. Upon graduation from the University and successful completion of all ROTC requirements, cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants, United States Army Reserve. Col. Philip S. Greene and Stall. CLASSES HARRY MASSEY President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Now for the hard part. Out of the " Ivory Tower " into the cold sobering light of reality. This is the transition that the graduating senior must make. This is the big exam to pass. Your life after graduation will prove the value of your formal education, the strength of your character, and your worth to society. We hope that you will meet with success hroughout your life and maybe once in a while take down this year book from your shelf and recall your college days at Florida State. We hope we have preserved some of your memories in this volume. CAROLYN JOHNSON, Secretary Page 50 MIKE KISH Vice-President DODIE PLATT. Social Chairman HARRIETT RAMSEY. Treasurer Page 51 SENIORS FRANKLIN ADAMS; Madison; A.B. in Art; Omicron Delta Kappa; Les Jongleurs; Student Honor Exhibit Art Award; Flambeau staff; Smoke Signals staff; Pow-Wow. LOIS JEAN ADAMS; Atlanta. Georgia; B.S. in Medical Technology. BARBARA LEE AGEE; Tampa; B.M. in Piano and Theory; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Florida Composer ' s League. THEODORE STEVE AGGELIS; Pierce; B.S. in Education; Delta Tau Delta; Circle " K " , president; Organization Committee; Inter- Fraternity Council. CHARLES M. ALLEN. JR.; Lake Worth; B.S. in Speech; Theta Chi, secretary; WFSU-FM; Tally-Ho; Baseball, manager. ARTHUR H. ALLWOOD. JR.; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta, Vice President, Treasurer; Scullions; Men ' s Judiciary. LEO ALMERICO; Tampa; B.S. in Business; Pi Kappa Phi. ELVIRA ALVAREZ; Tampa; B.A. in Education; Sigma Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America. DORIS ARLENE AMOS; Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America. EDNA R. A. ANDREWS; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America, vice-president; Christian Science Organization, treasurer; Biology Club; Scholarship Club. GAY O. ARGO; Belle Plaine, Iowa; B.S. in Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Baking Club; Marching Chiefs. MARY RUTH ARMSTRONG; Madison; B.S. in Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, president. Goldfish in Wescott are continually disturbed by fraternity men who lose their hearts as well as their pins. ARGO ARMSTRONG Page 52 SENIORS IOLA ARNOLD; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Business; Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president; Sophomore Council, president; Senior Senate; Junior Counselor; " Mortified " ; Tarpon Club; Organizations Committee (UGA); Freshman Flunkies; Westminister Fellow- ship; Future Business Leaders of America. JUDY ASH; St. Petersburg; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta, vice-president; Freshman Flunkies; Canterbury Club; Warpath Club. BETTY JOANNE GRUBBS; Sarasota; B. S. in Secondary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary of Elections; President of Kappa Alpha Theta; U.GA. Elections Committee 2 years; Public Relations Manager of WFSU, 1953; Junior Counselor. LILIAN ADDISON AVIS; Vero Beach; B.S. in Business; Delta Delta Delta; Garnet Key, treasurer, vice-president; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Judiciary; Canterbury Club; Vice-president of Jennie Murphree Hall; Vice-president of Women ' s Affairs. JOANNE VANCE AVRIL; St. Augustine; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta. SUSAN ELLEN BAILEY; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Chi Omega; Freshman Flunkies; Warpath Club; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education; University Recreation Association. JOY BAKER; New Milford, Connecticut; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Association for Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America; Transfer from Miami University. ELIZABETH JEAN BALDY; Bradenton; B.S. in Elementary Education. ISOBEL G. BALFOUR; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Circus; Westminister Fellowship; Choral Union. ROBERT L. BALL; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Secondary Education; Baseball. BARBARA JEAN BALSKE; Panama City; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. W. LEE BARBER; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. ARNOLD ASH GRUBBS AVIS AVRIL BAILEY BAKER BALDY Sorority girls lose their make-up and inhibitions in Sigma Chi pie eating contest. BALFOUR BALL BALSKE BARBER Page 53 BEASLEY BEEHLER BEERS BELLAR SENIORS DEAN DE LOSS BARTLETT; Missoula, Montana; B.S. in Mathematics; Arnold Air Society. JENISU BARTLEY; Miami; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Counselor; Association for Childhood Education; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Future Teachers of America. FA YE MARIE BASS; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion; Transfer Counselor; Future Teachers of America. MARY ANNE BAUCINO; Miami; B.S. in Music Education; University Singers. ELAINE BEASLEY; Sarasota; B.S. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. CECIL COOK BEEHLER; St. Petersburg; B.A. in Chemical Science; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; American Chemical Society. BARBARA BEERS; Pensacola; B.S. in Recreation; Gamma Phi Beta; American Association for Health; Physical Education and Recreation; American Recreation Association; University Singers. WILLIA F. BELLAR; Plain Dealing, Louisiana; B.S. in Bakery Pro- duction Management; Delta Sigma Pi. RICHARD BENSON; Maitland; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta; Basketball. ROBERT L. BERTO; Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta, Junior Class Senator; Senior Class Senator. MARY CAROL BE VIS; Malone; B.S. in Education; Alpha Chi Omega. FRANK BIRK; St. Petersburg, B.A. in Education; Newman Club; Industrial Arts Club. Students take advantage of the periodicals room in the Library for study, research, or leisure reading. BEVIS BIRK Page 54 SENIORS BETTY LOUELLEN BISHOP; Jay; B.A. in Journalism; Gamma Alpha Chi; Sigma Theta; Junior Counselor. JAMES PRESTON BISHOP; Lakeland; B.S. in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scullions; Senior Judiciary. PATRICIA JANE BLAIR; Howey-in-the-Hills; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Xi Delta; Tally-Ho; Junior Counselor; 4-H Club; Art Interest Club. KENNETH DANIEL BLISS. JR.; Tallahassee; B.S. in Art; Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society, Executive Officer. JUDITH M. BLITCH; Jacksonville; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, Village Vamps, Secretary; Panhellenic Association, President; Flambeau. MARGARET A. BOBBITT; Fort Myers; B.A. in Business; Alpha Gamma Delta. ARNOLD BOBSON; Miami; B.S. in Physical Education; American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, President; Basketball; Volleyball. NORMA J. BOLTON; Batavia, New York; B.S. in Social Welfare; Junior Counselor; Social Work Club; Women ' s " F " Club; Methodist Youth Fellowship; Freshman Flunkies. BETTY JEAN BRADDOCK; Crescent City; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Chi Omega. BETTY BRADSHAW; Panama City; B.S. in Nursing. NANCY BRENNER; Riviera Beach; B.S. in Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers of America; Bit and Sput; Associ- ation for Childhood Education. CARL N. BRETT; Tampa; B.S. in Journalism; Les Jongleurs; Journal- ism Club; Seminole Broadcasting Association. Pretty hostess dips punch at Theta Chi rush party. BISHOP BLITCH BRADDOCK BISHOP BOBBITT BRADSHAW BRENNER BRETT Page 55 BROWN BROWNING SENIORS CARROLL W. BROCK; Decatur, Georgia; B.S. in Psychology. JAMES H. BRODIE; Sanford; B.S. in Business; Phi Kappa Tau; Treas- urer. FRANCES BROOKS; Chattahoochee; B.S. in Business. BEN A. BROWN; Winfield, West Virginia; B.S. in Journalism; Trans- fer from Morris Harvey College. CINNIE BROWN; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Mortified; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; President, Women ' s F Club; President, West Landis; Tarpon; Freshman Flunkies; Future Teachers of America; Women ' s Division of University Recreation Association, Vice President. FORREST BROWN; Madison; B.S. in Physical Education; Baseball. JOHN KNOX BROWN; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Social Studies; Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society. DOROTHY ELIZABETH BROWNING; Madison; B.S. in Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sophomore Council; Jennie Murphree, Vice President; Junior Counselor; Jennie Murphee, President; Garnet Key; Mortar Board, Vice President; Association for Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. JOAN BRYNN; Jacksonville; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. LEWIS W. BULLARD; Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare. MARJORIE C. HILL BULLARD; Tallahassee; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation. BARBARA C. BURKE; Miami; B.S. in Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta, Treasurer; Gamma Alpha Chi; Home Economics Club, Vice President. Students board bus for west campus. BULLARD BURKE Page 56 SENIORS EMORY T. CAIN; Jacksonville; B.S. in Finance and Management; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. JOE CALDWELL; Neptune Beach; B.S. in Education; Flambeau, Busi- ness Manager. CAIN CALDWELL ALICE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL; Panama City; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. VIVIAN JOYCE CAMPBELL; Tampa; B.S. in Education; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Future Teachers of America. BOB CANADA; Lake Worth; B.S. in Public Administration; Sigma Chi; Gold Key; Pi Alpha Epsilon; Sophomore Men ' s Council; Sophomore Class President. MARGARET CANTEY; Madison; B.S. in Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Junior Counselor; Pan Hellanic Council; Association for Child- hood Education; Future Teachers of America. BARBARA RUTH CARLAN; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Elementary Education. CECIL G. CARLTON. JR.; Perry; B.S. in Public Administration; Alpha Tau Omego; American Society for Public Administration. GEORGE FRANK CARNES. JR.; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business Admin- istration; Phi Delta Theta; Men ' s " F " Club, Secretary; Sopho- more Men ' s Council; Senior Men ' s Judiciary; Football. PAUL W. CARO. JR.; Pensacola; B.A. in Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega; Flambeau Staff; Swimming Team. JEAN CARR; Tampa; B.S. in Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Theta, President; Flambeau Staff; WFSU; Women ' s Judiciary. HAROLD W. CARRIN; Jacksonville; B.M.E. in Music; Lambda Chi Alpha; University Singers; Marching Chiefs. CARLAN CARLTON Freshmen meet the faculty at the annual President ' s Reception. CARNES CARO CARR CARRIN Page 57 SENIORS RICHARD EARL CARROLL; Marianna; B.S. in Education; Baptist Student Union; Debating Team. NANCY CHANEY CARTER; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Restaurant and Hotel Management; Delta Gamma, President; Gamma Alpha Chi, Treasurer; Scullions, Secretary. JOHN PAUL CASBERGUE; Freeport, Texas; B.A. in Restaurant and Hotel Management; Kappa Sigma; Scullions, President; New- man Club. CHARLINE CAVINESS; Ocala; B.S. in Education; Delta Delta Delta, Vice President; Kappa Delta Pi; Association for Childhood Education; Tally-Ho Staff. CHARLES B. CLARK; St. Cloud, Minnesota; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Baking Club, President. HUBERT EMORY CLAYTON; Monticello; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. SYLVIA CLOSTER; Fort Lauderdale; B.S. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta. JOSEPH CHASTAIN; Winter Haven; B.S. in Business. E. E. (MIKE) CHEESEMAN; Pensacola; B.S. in Geology; Pi Kappa Phi; Geology Club. MARTHA CHESNUT; Bradenton; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu, Secretary. LORENA CHESNUT; Chipley; B.S. in Nursing Education. WYON D. CHILDERS; Panama City; B.S. in Education. Zetas perform old-fashioned minstrel for Sigma Kappa Variety Show. CHESNUT CHILDERS Page 58 SENIORS LAURA ELZORA CHRISTIAN; Greenacres City; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Baptist Student Union; 4-H Collegiate Club. BETTY BLANCHE CLOPTON; Pensacola; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion. ROBERT CARR COBB. JR.; Morganton, North Carolina; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi; Political Science Club. LONA COCHRAN; Hollywood; B.S. in Home Economics; Junior Counselor; Flambeau Staff; Home Economics Club. DAVE COLLINS; Webster; B.S. in Education. DOROTHY ALMA COOKE; Jacksonville; B.S. in Recreation; Kappa Alpha Theta; Garnet Key, Secretary; Mortified; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; President of Broward Hall; Recrea- tion Club; Women ' s Judiciary, Chairman; Methodist Student House. MYRA L. COOK; Clermont; B.S. in Elementary Education; Junior Counselor; Future Teachers of America; Kappa Delta Pi. BETTY ANN CORBETT; Fernandina Beach; B.S. in Education; Delta Zeta; Tarpon Club. WILLIAM B. CORBETT, JR.; Orlando; B.S. in Real Estate and Insur- ance; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President, Secretary. A. JANE CORNWELL; Pensacola; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Village Vamps; University Singers. ASHLEY COSTIN; Port St. Joe; B.A. in Business; Alpha Tau Omego. CHARIS COULTER; Tallahassee; B.A. in Social Welfare; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Fresh- man, Sophomore and Junior Senator; Village Vamps. Seminole Majorettes whirl and twirl at Homecoming Barbecue. CORBETT CORNWELL y£rii»- . »» «.•• COSTIN COULTER Page 59 ORUTCHFIELD CULWELL SENIORS WALTER C. CONRAD; Winter Park; B.S. in Business; Alpha Tau Omega. MARY ANN COUNCIL; Tampa; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Circus; Tarpon. BEVERLY H. COX; Jacksonville; B.S. in Nursing Education. JANE WARDLAW; Hialeah; B.S. in Home Economics; President Gamma Phi Beta; Garnet Key; Secretary Mortar Board; Vice President Reynolds; Home Economics Club; Tally-Ho Staff; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor. MRS. JOANNE CUSACK CRANE; West Palm Beach; B.A. in Psychol- ogy; Zeta Tau Alpha. JAMES MUNDAY CREWS; Ocala; B.S. in Business Administration; Kappa Alpha; President of Kappa Alpha Order; Vice President of Inter-Fraternity Council; President of Phi Mu Alpha; Col- legians Male Chorus; Alpha Phi Omega; Scullions; University Singers; Choral Union. NEIL SHEA CRISPO; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Secondary Education in Social Science; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Alpha Theta History Hon- orary; State Rush Chairman of Delta Tau Delta; Vice President of Pi Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Phi Theta Kappa National Junior College Scholastic Honorary. JEANNE WOODWARD CRONMILLER; Winter Haven; B.S. in Edu- cation; Chi Omega; Cotillion; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education; Warpath Club; Fresh- man Flunkies. KATHLEEN CRUTCHFIELD; Grace ville; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America; Vice President of East Landis. MARY ANN CULWELL; Madison; B.S. in Social Welfare. PAT CUMMINS; Tallahassee; B.M. in Music Education; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sophomore Council. THOMAS C. CUNDY. Bellevue, Kentucky; B.S. in Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega; Iota Tappa Psi; Men ' s " F " Club; Varsity Tennis Team; Varsity Basketball. Phi Delts tune in F. S. U. victory with T.V. Homecoming decoration. CUMMINS CUNDY Page 60 SENIORS ANNE CUNNINGHAM; Columbus, Georgia; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America. JOAN CURTIS; Neptune Beach; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta; Home Economics Club; Tarpon; " F " Club. RICHARD O. CUTLER; Sarasota; A.B. in Geography; Delta Tau Delta. JOHN H. DANAHY. JR.; Lake Worth; A.B. in Journalism; Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Class Play; Newman Club; Officer; WFSU; WFSU-FM; Collegians. CARYANN DAVIS; Miami; B.S. in Education; Delta Zeta; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Circus. MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS; Quincy; B.A. in Education. MARY WILL DAVIS; Jacksonville; B.S. in Business Advertising; Alpha Xi Delta; President of Gamma Alpha Chi; Flambeau Staff; Future Business Leaders of America. ELIZA DICK: Melbourne; S.S. in Business Education in Secretarial Science; Sigma Kappa; Future Business Leaders of America; Vice President and Treasurer of Sigma Kappa Sorority. MARGIE DILLARD; Altha; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Economics. WALTER I. DOBAR; Jacksonville; B.S. in Geology; Pi Kappa Alpha; President, Vice President, Treasurer of Pi Kappa Alpha; Presi- dent of Geology. BARBARA DELGADO DONNELLY; Key West; B.S. in Bacteriology; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council. DAVID LEE DONNELLY; Winter Park; B.S. in Restaurant and Hotel Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sopho- more Council; Scullions; Cavaliers. Coaches cheer girls on as they round the post in Sigma Chi Derby. ' w p A DONNELLY DONNELLY Page 61 DUGUID DUNN SENIORS BETTY CLARK DOPSON; McRae. Georgia; B.S. in Business; Phi Mu. MARY F. DOUGHERTY; Palatka; B.S. in Medical Technology and Physiology; Alpha Gamma Delta; Cotillion; Freshman Flunkies. DAVID DREIS; Miami; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Les Jongleurs; Men ' s Sophomore Council Vice President; Alpha Phi Omega Secretary, Vice President; Flambeau Staff; Smoke Signals Staff; WFSU; Sandspur; Speech Department Plays. DELANO ELLEN DRIVER; Clearwater; B.M.E. in Music Education; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Alpha Iota; Light Opera Guild; Pow Wow Staff; Junior Council; University Singers; Freshman Flunkies. JUNE L. DUBOIS; Boca Raton; B.S. in Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; Home Economics. MARY PRISCILLA DUCK; Green Cove Springs; B.S. in Elementary Education. BENNIE JOE DUDLEY; Marianna; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha. IRIS JEANIIVE DUGGAR; Bristol; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America. DEDE DUGUID; Jacksonville; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Cotillion. CHARLOTTE HARDY DUNN; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Los Picaros; Association for Childhood Educa- tion; Future Teachers of America. RICHARD C. DUNN, JR.; Jacksonville Beach; B.S. in Home Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACQUELINE DUPONT; Plant City; B.S. in Home Economics; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor; Chief Fire Marshal; Women ' s F Club; Home Economics Club. Warlike Seminoles welcome alumni to the gala Homecoming festivities. DUNN DUPONT Page 62 SENIORS PHYLLIS DYE; Miami; B.S. in Social Welfare and Child Development; Delta Zeta; Junior Counselor; Freshman Flunkies; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Social Work; American Childhood Education. SUSAN TUCKER EARLE; Melbourne; B.S. in Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Canterbury Club; Future Teachers of America. SYLVIA ALICE EARLE; Dunedin; B.S. in Botany; President of Biology Club; President of Ornithology Seminar. KALLIOPE ECONOMOS; Bradenton; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; President of Future Teachers of America; American Childhood Education. WAYNE L. EDRIS; Marianna; B.A. in Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Scullions; Restaurant and Hotel Society; Future Business Leaders of America. MARY LOUISE EDWARDS; Quincy; Arts and Sciences. JOHN V. EICHELBERGER, JR.; Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Pi Kappa Phi. PEGGY ELLSWORTH; Lakeland; B.S. in Education; Chi Omega; Fu- ture Teachers of America; Freshman Flunkies; Theater Dance Club. MRS. MIRIAM M. EVANS; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Amer- ican Childhood Education. WILLIAM EVANS; Tallahassee. B.S. in Education. LOIS H. EVERITT; Pensacola; B.S. in Education. JOSEPHINE FABIAN; Tampa; B.S. in Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. Phi Kappa Tau ' s display prize-winning decorations with Showboat theme. DYE 7fct EICHELBERGER EARLE ELLSWORTH EVERITT FABIAN Page 63 SENIORS NANCY LOU FAGEN; Tampa; B.A. in Arts and Sciences and English; Zeta Tau Alpha Vice President; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortifiied; Women ' s Judiciary; Junior Counselor; Presi- dent of Reynolds Hall. DOLLIE ELIZABETH FAHLE; Lakeland; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Gymkana; American Childhood Association; Circus; Art Interest Club. LINDA FARRELL; Clearwater; B.S. in Nursing. SAM L. FAULK NER; Columbus, Georgia; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROY M. FERGUSON; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Phi Kappa Tau; Delta Sigma Pi; Inter-Fraternity Council Vice President; Scul- lions. PATRICIA M. FILSON; Hollywood; B.S. in Education; Delta Gamma; Junior Counselor. ELIZABETH FISCHER; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Circus; Tally-Ho Staff. BEVERLY JEAN FISHER; Tallahassee; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; transfer from University of Florida. HARRISON H. FISHER. SR.; St. Petersburg; A.B. and M.D. in Art His- tory and Medicine; Industrial Arts Club. CARL MANKIN FITZGERALD; B.A. in Social Work; Intramural De- bate; Bristol Social Work Scholarship; Social Work Club; Pro- gram Chairman; Intramural Athletic Officer; Senior Housef el- low; Miami Career Day Program. PATSY H. FLETCHER; Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta; Annual Staff. ROBERT PATRICK FOLEY; Chicago, Illinois; B.S. in Business Man- agement; Theta Chi; President of Gold Key; Arnold Air Soci- ety; Officer; Scabbard and Blade; Outstanding Military Award; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Varsity Swimming Team; Letterman; Fraternity Intramurals; Fraternity Vice President; Homecoming Dance Chairman; Men ' s Judiciary; Sandspur Business Manager; Who ' s Who. Seminole and alumni guests fill themselves with good food at Homecoming barbecue. FLETCHER FOLEY Page 64 SENIORS JEANETTE FOLSOM; Monticello; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu President. BOB FORD; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business. ROBERTA ANN FORREST; Pensacola; B.A. in Secondary Education; Newman Club; South Cawthon Vice President. JERRY FORTUNE; Laurel Hill; B.S. in Philosophy; Baptist Men ' s Or- ganization President. MARCUS T. FOUNTAIN. JR.; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. JOSEPH GERALD FRACASSI; Erie, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Geology; F Club; Track. CLAIRE LOUISE FRANKS; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Education; F. T. A.; A. C. E.; Geography Club; National Association of Exceptional Children; Newman Club. CECIL A ANN FRANKLIN; Donalsonville, Georgia; B.A. in Social Wel- fare; Phi Mu; Social Work Club; Wesleyan Foundation; Choral Union; Tally-Ho Staff. ANN A. FURGIONE; Altoona, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Nursing Educa- tion ANNE MONTAGUE GARDNER; St. Augustine; B.S. in Home Econom- ics and Interior Decoration; Cotillion Club, 3, 4; Circus, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA ANN GARRETT; Fruitland Park; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Sophomore Council; Mortar Board President; Omicron Nu Scholarship Cup; Home Economics Club President; Junior Counselor; President Delta Zeta. ELIZABETH GARWOOD; Augusta, Georgia; B.S. in Business; Delta Gamma; Baking Club; Newman Club. Tri-Delt sextet gives forth with harmony for Campus Chest. f f v i ii i 1 i S) Wiiwip - GARRETT GARWOOD Page 65 GEHO GETZEN GOTTER GRAEBNER SENIORS CECIL CAROLYN GATLIN; Tallahassee; B.A. in English; Gamma Phi Beta; Classics Club. 2, 3; Foil and Mask, 2. 3, 4; Gamma Phi Beta Secretary, 2, 3; Vice President, 3, 4. JUANITA DeBERRY GEARY; Tallahassee; B.A. in Elementary Educa- tion; WFSU; Majorette; Theater Dance Group; Kappa Delta Pi. WILLIAM H. GEHO; Geneva, Ohio; B.S. in Marketing and Business; Sigma Nu. DOLLY FLORENCE GETZEN; Dade City; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Delta. MARILYN J. GOBLE; Tampa; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Omega Pi; Newman Club; Home Economics Club; Manager Gymkana Show; Junior Counselor. JANET GORALZYK; Niceville; B.S. in Education. MARY ALICE GOTTER; St. Cloud; B.S. in Business; Alpha Xi Delta. NAIDA GRAEBNER; Randolph Air Force Base, Texas; Choral Union; Gamma Delta; International Club; University Singers; Gym- kana. WILLIAM RANDOLPH GRAHAM; Bogalusa, Louisiana; B.S. in Insur- ance and Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta. CAROL VERNON GREEN; Lake Wales; B.S. in Psychology. RJMA GREENBERG; New York, New York; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. ADRIENNE D. GREGORY; Clearwater; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; University Symphony. Seniors try caps and gowns for the first time at Senior Investiture. GREENBERG GREGORY Page 66 SENIORS ROBERT GRENN; Brookhaven, Mississippi; B.S. in Business Manage- ment; Phi Delta Theta; Football Team. HILDA JUANITA GRUBBS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Nursing. CAROLYN A. GRUMBLY; West Palm Beach; B.A. in Art Education; Kappa Delta Pi; General States Scholarship; Newman Club; Librarian; Art Interest Club; Secretary, F.T.A. JOAN E. GUARD; Atlanta, Georgia; B.S. in Physical Education; Sophomore Council; F Club; Physical Education Association; A.A.H.P.E.R.; Secretary-Treasurer U.R.A. 1951-52; President U.R.A., 1954-55; Junior Counselor. RICHARD (DICK) GUTTING; Tallahassee; B.S. in Physical Education; Gold Key; O.D.K.; Scabbard and B ' .ade; Gymnastica; F.S.U. Hall of Fame; 1953 Who ' s Who among College Students; Head Instructor Tallahassee Tumbling Tots, 4 Years; Marching Chiefs; Sandspur; Gymkana; Career Days; 1951 Georgia- Florida and Southeastern A.A.U. Tumbling Champion; Florida and Southeastern A.A.U. Tumbling Champion; 1952 Georgia- Florida and Southeastern A.A.U. Trampoline Champion; Flor- ida A.A.U. and Southern Intercollegiate Trampoline Champion; National Collegiate Trampoline Champion; 1953 National A.A.U. Trampoline Champion. ROSANNE ELIZABETH HAGADORN; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; State President of Future Business Leaders of America; Canterbury Club. DALTON HAGLER, JR.; Malone; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Kappa Psi. KAY ALYCE HAINES; Daytona Beach; B.A. in Library Science and English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Corresponding Secretary, 4; Vice President, 4; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Fresh- man Dorm Officer; Soltas, 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Tally-Ho, 3, 4; Speech Production, 1; Homecoming Committee, 4; Sandspur, 1. IRENE MALVERN HALL; Miami; B.S. in Education. HELEN LOUISE HAMILTON; Jacksonville; B.S. in Psychology; Kappa Alpha Theta. JANET HELEN HAMRICK; Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare; Alpha Xi Delta. MERLE JOYCE HANNA; Altha; B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood; Association of Childhood Education. GRUMBLY GUARD GUTTING HAGADORN HAGLER HAINES Noted author. Rob White, talks to students at English Coffee Hour. HALL HAMILTON HAMRICK HANNA Page 67 HARMON HARPER HARPER HARRELSON SENIORS JENNIE LEE HANSHAW; Ft. Myers; B.A. in Education. CLAUDE M. HARDEN, JR.; Lakeland; B.S. in Journalism; Lambda Chi Alpha Secretary; Sigma Theta- MARY HELEN HARGRAVE; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation and Early Childhood; Kappa Delta Pi; Fire Marshal; Future Teachers of America. RONALD DEAN HARLAN; Clearwater; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Baptist Student Union. CHARLES D. HARMON; Lake Worth; B.S. in Business; Sandspur 1951-1954. DONNA LOU HARPER; Sanford; B.S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; National Music Honorary; Univer- sity Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Sweethearts; Sandspur; Westminster Fellowship; Junior Counselor; Speech Production 1954. SHIRLEY RUTH HARPER; West Palm Beach; B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation; Sophomore Council; Secretary of Student Body 1954 Summer School; Miss Betty-Co-Ed; Military Ball Queen ' s Court; Interfraternity Council Queen ' s Court; Cheerleader; Calendar Girl in Smoke Signals; Sigma Kappa ' s Outstanding Active in 1954; Modern Dance Group; Theater Group; War Path Club; Circus. MARY LOU HARRELSON; Mulberry; B.S. in Social Welfare and Child Development; Alpha Xi Delta; Association for Childhood Educa- tion; Social Work Club; Choral Union; Pi Kappa Phi Sweet- heart; Gymkana Court of Honor; Betty-Co-Ed; Light Opera Guild; Operetta; Dorm Social Chairman Summer 1954. JOE HARRIS; Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis; Sophomore Council; F Club. MARY M. HARRIS; Quincy; B.S. in Education; Sigma Kappa; Sopho- more Council; Sigma Kappa Second Vice President. CHARLIE M. HARRISON; Tallahassee; B.S. in Elementary Education. RALPH W. HARRISON; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Business; Baptist Student Union. Crowd watches Marching Chiefs as Furman burns in effigy at Pow-Wow. HARRISON HARRISON Page 68 SENIORS SARA V. HARTNESS; St. Petersburg; B.A. in Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education. BOBBIE JEAN HARTSFIELD; Tallahassee; B.S. in Art; Alpha Chi Omega. MARY ELIZABETH HARVEY; Macclenny; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Wesley Players; Secretary Methodist Student House. MILDRED JEANETTE HATCH; Branford; B.S. in Education; Junior Counselor; Education Scholarship; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union. PATRICIA HA WES; Tampa; B.S. in Business; Women ' s F Club. ELIZABETH ANN HAYES; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cotillion; Circus; Sandspur. BETTY ANN HAYNES; Zellwood; B.S. in Physical Education; Alpha Xi Delta; F Club. ANN LEE HAYS; Arcadia; B.M.E. in Music Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sophomore Council; Theater Dance Group; F Club; Vice President of Sigma Alpha Iota; Gymkana Honor Court; Kappa Sigma Queen ' s Court; Costume Chair- man of Theater Dance Group; Pledge Trainer of Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Senator; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band. DONA LEE HEIL; Pompano Beach; B.S. in Business Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Choral Union; Funture Teachers of America; F.B.L.A.; Student Christian Association. A. ARRIS HELMS; Malone; B.S. in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; F.B.L.A. FRANCES IRENE HELMS; Orlando; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Class Officer; Junior Counselor; Dorm Social Chairman; Associate Managing Editor of the Flambeau; Westminster Fellowship Secretary and Treas- urer; Zeta Tau Alpha Publicity Chairman. JEANNE LEE HELVE Y; Coral Gables; B.S. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Delta Pi; Historian, Reporter and Rush Chairman of Alpha Delta Pi; F.B.L.A.; Sandspur. Cheerleaders hitch a ride with student bigwigs during Homecoming parade. HELMS HELVEY Page 69 SENIORS JACKSON C. HENRY; Dade City; B.A. in Management; Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Foil and Mask. FRED HEROLD; Miccosukee; B.S. in Journalism; Theta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma Secretary; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Managing Editor of Tally-Ho; Journalism Club. HELEN JUANITA HICKS; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Transfer Counselor; Future Teachers of America. JOAN HIGGINS; Haines City; B.S. in Education; Pi Beta Phi. MARY EVELYN HILL; WiMwood; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Sophomore Council; Alpha Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Scholarship Club; University Government Association Funds Committee; Wesley Foundation; Choral Union. NANCY STUART HILLMAN; Lake Worth; B.S. in Advertising; Kappa Alpha Theta Rush Chairman; Lambda Alpha Chi; WFSU; Elections Committee; Smoke Signals Business Manager. JO ANN HIXON; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. SALLY JEAN HODGES; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Women ' s Glee Club; American Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. DON HOLLIS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Accounting; Kappa Alpha; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Sophomore Men ' s Council; Out- standing Junior Cadet R.O.T.C.; Arnold Air Society; Student Senate. NANCY N. HOLLIS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Dietetics; Home Economics Club; Dames Club; Junior Counselor. HENRY S. HOLLEY; Cuincy; B.S. in Public Administration. WILLIAM JOSEPH HOLSTON; Tallahassee; B.M.E. in Music; Orchestra. Sorority girls hurdle the hay in Sigma Chi Derby. HOLLEY HOLSTON Page 70 SENIORS JAMIE JO HOOD; Jacksonville; B.M.E. in Music Education; Delta Zeta; Marching Chiefs; University and State Symphony Orches- tras; Concert and Symphonic Bands; Choral Union. CHARLES HILTON HOOPER; Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S. in Trades and Industrial Education; Painters and Decorators of America. CHARLES JACK HOUSER. Goldsboro, North Carolina; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta. MIRIAM ROSE HOWARD; Bartow; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Dorm President; Second Vice President Delta Zeta; Home Economics Club; Baptist Student Union. BOBBY L. HOWE; Tallahassee; B. S. in Business Management. ROBERT LEE HUDSON; Sarasota; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President F Club; Captain Baseball Team Men ' s F Club; Scabbard and Blade. JANELLE ROSE HULL; Jacksonville, B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Traffic Court. MARTHA SUE HUMPHRYS; Coral Gables; B.M.E. in Music Educa- tion; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota; President of Pi Kappa Lambda; Majorette; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sopho- more Council; Women ' s Glee Club President. JULIAN P. HURST; Camilla, Georgia; B.S. in Advertising; Sigmu Nu Commander; Treasurer of Inter-Fraternity Council; F Club; Track Team. JAMES HUSSONG; Quincy; B.M. in Theory; University Singers; Wes- ley Foundation. JO ANN HUTTO; Tallahassee; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta; Circus; Freshman Carnival Queen; Sophomore Hop Court; Junior Prom Court; Sophomore Council; Village Vamps; Home Economics Club. RICK HUTTO; Orangeburg, South Carolina; B.S. in Radio Speech; President of Seminole Broadcasting Association; Station Man- ager of WFSU; Co-director of WFSU Special Events; WFSU-FM Organization Committee; Chief Announcer of WFSU-FM Sum- mer 1954; Chairman of Intelligence Faith Week Radio Com- mittee; Master of Ceremonies 1953 Military Ball; Wesley Foundation; Associate News Editor of WFSU-FM; Master of Ceremonies 1954 Sandspur Production. Seminole war canoe sinks Furman ship in Homecoming Decorations. HUTTO HUTTO Page 7 J SENIORS ARTHUR H. ILLIG; Endicott. New York; B.S. in Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Publicity Chairman of the Wesley Foundation; Baker ' s Club; Pershing Rifles. MARILYN M. INGRAM; Jacksonville; Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation. RUNJUAN INTARAKUMHANG; Dhonburi, Thailand; B.S. in Library Science. PHOEBE ANNE JACKSON; Jacksonville; B.A. in English; Pi Beta Phi President; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Freshman Flunkies Chairman; Sophomore and Junior Senator; Secretary of State; Mortar Board Jr. Women ' s Scholarship Cup. SARAH JACKSON; Pensaco!a; B.M. in Music; Sigma Kappa. JAN EICHINGER JARRETT; Tallahassee; M.A. in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; WFSU; Choral Union; Tar- pon Club Vice President; Cotillion Club; Dames Club; War- path Club; Dean ' s List. MARGARET JENNINGS; Galax, Virginia; M.A. in Arts and Sciences in American Studies. CLAIRE D. JENSEN; Tallahassee; B.S. in Meteorology. BOBBY LEE JOHNSON; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business Management. CAROLYN JOHNSON; Quincy; B.S. in Early Childhood and Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Secretary Senior Class; Association for Childhood Education; Wesley Foundation Council; Sophomore Representative to Women ' s Judiciary. DOT JOHNSON; Orlando; B.S. in Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Council; Treasurer Village Vamps; Garnet Key; Mortified; Sophomore Hop Court; Junior-Senior Prom Court; Military Ball Court; Homecoming Queen ' s Court; Smoke Signals Calendar Girl; Cheerleader; A.C.E.; Freshman Flunkies; Secretary Sophomore Class; Treasurer Junior Class; Circus. JANIE DONNA JOHNSON; Green Cove Springs; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Sandspur. Impressionism highlights exhibit at F. S. U. Museum. JOHNSON JOHNSON Page 72 SENIORS LIL JOHNSON; Alva; B.S. in Business; Phi Mu. ROSEMARY McELROY JOHNSON; Kingsport, Tennessee; B. S. in Busi- ness Education; Pi Omega Pi. JOE ANN JONES; Cross City; B.S. in Elementary Education. PATRIA INEZ JONES; Miami; B.S. in Education; Junior Counselor; Future Teachers of America; Newman Club. RONALD E. JUTILA; Pensacola; B.S. in Business; Sigmu Nu. STEVE KALENICH. JR.; Toledo, Ohio; B.S. in Social Welfare; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football; Arnold Air Society; Men ' s " F " Club; Social Work Club. DOROTHY KANNON; Winter Garden; B.S. in Art. HAROLD H. KASTNER. JR.; Sanford; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau Omega. RUTH ANN KEGEL; Hobe Sound; B.S. in Elementary Education; Art Interest. DAVID THOMAS KENNEDY; Tampa; B.S. in Arts and Sciences (Pre- Law); Alpha Tau Omega; Sophomore Men ' s Council; Gold Key Alumni Secretary, Vice President; University Senate; Honor Court; President Summer Student Body; Attorney General; Men ' s " F " Club; Inter-Fraternity Council; American Society of Public Administration; President Young Democrats Club; Flambeau Senior Staff; Smoke Signals Senior Staff. MARGARET JEAN KENNEDY; Miami; B.S. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America; Band; Asso- ciation of Childhood Education. RAYMOND KICKLIGHTER; Tampa; B.M.E. in Music Education; Sigma Chi Secretary; Freshman Class Play; University Singers; Choral Union; Sandspur; Collegians; WFSU; Air Force R.O.T.C. Women ' s " F " Club decorates Gate for Homecoming. KENNEDY KICKLIGHTER Page 73 SENIORS KERMIT GUY KINDRED; Miami; B.S. in Business; President Theta Chi ANDREW BAKER KING; Knoxville Tennessee; B.A. in Meteorology. GILBERT D. KING; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Marketing. KAY CONSTANCE KING; Tallahassee; B.S. in Psychology; Phi Mu; Freshman Flunkies; Sandspur. RONALD FLETCHER KING; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi; Men ' s " F " Club; Varsity Football. HUGH RUSSELL KINSEY; Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. in History; Baptist Student Union. VIRGINIA STEEN KIRBY; Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Work; Univer- sity Dames Club. BETTYE C. KIRKLAND; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Business Educa- tion; Pi Omega Pi; Future Business Leaders of America; State Scholarship Holders Club. MICHAEL KISH; Miami; B.S. in Public Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha; Vice President Senior Class. JACKSON D. KOONCE. JR.; Jacksonville; B.S. in Business; Lt. Commander Sigma Nu; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Track. CHARLES KRBLICH; Clearwater; B.S. in Business; Baseball. CAROL F. LABENSKI; Tallahassee; B.A. in Anthropology; Inter- national Club; Newman Club; Flying Club. Bevy of beauties pose for photographer at Miss F. S. U. contest. KRBLICH LABENSKI Page 74 SENIORS RONDEAU G. LAFFITTE. JR.; Tallahassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. JEAN ALICE LAMB; Jacksonville; B.A. in Library Science; Soltas; Student Association of Library Assistants; Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Judiciary. LYNDA BERNICE LANE; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Chi Omega President; Kappa Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America; Association Childhood Education; Warpath Club. JO CAROL LAW; Brooksville; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Treasurer and Vice President Alpha Delta Pi; Secretary and Treasurer of Phi Alpha Theta; Junior Counselor. MARCIE RAE LEE; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Arts and Sciences (Speech); Gamma Alpha Chi; Les Jongleurs; WFSU. DOROTHY LESLIE; Miami; B.S. in Home Economics; Social Chair- man; Gamma Alpha Chi; President Home Economics Club; Junior Counselor; Freshman Flunkies. VIRGINIA CAROLYN LETT; Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America. SYLVIA LEWIS; Cottonwood, Alabama; B.S. in Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. TOMMY LEWIS; Tallahassee; B.A. in Mathematics; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha; Collegians; Varsity Debate Squad; Men ' s Judiciary; Smoke Signals; Flambeau; Tally-Ho. NELL LIMBAUGH; Alva; B.S. in Child Development and Elementary Education and Home Economics; Baptist Student Union; Asso- ciation of Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. MARFESA SUE LINDAMOOD; Bluefield. West Virginia; B.S. in Social Welfare; Social Work; American Society for Public Administration; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education International. MARLENE LOOS; Hollywood; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Gamma; Junior Counselor; Newman Club. Student Senate meets in the State Legislative Chamber to add realism to their meetings. LINDAMOOD LOOS Page 75 LUKOW MAKOWIEKI SENIORS SONIA LOVELL; Ocala; B.S. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Future Teachers of America; Association of Childhood Education. SUSAN LUCAS; Jacksonville; B.M. in Music; Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vice President School of Music; Junior Counselor; Orchestra; Band. NEIL B. LUKOW; Brooklyn, New York; B.S. in Business; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Charter member Tau Epsilon Phi; Scullions. ALEX MAKOWIEKI; St. Monaco, Pa.; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Captain Varsity Football Team. ANNE WHITNEY MANEE; Plant City; B.S. in Education; Chi Omega; Circus; Choral Union; Freshman Flunkies; Association of Childhood Education. IRENE MANTZANAS; Perry; B.S. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta. GEORGE MARCHETTI; Pensacola; B.S. in Bacteriology; International Student Club. IONE ANNE MARRAINE; Monticello; B.A. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development; Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s " F " Club; Future Teachers of America; Association of Childhood Education; Circus. GEORGE CHARLES MARTIN. JR.; Sarasota; B.S. in Public Admin- istration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Traffic Court; Honor Court; American Society for Public Administration. MARY ELLEN MARTIN; Miami; B.S. in History; Future Teachers of America; WFSU. H. RUSSELL MARTIN, JR.; Savannah, Georgia; B.S. in Art and Sciences; Sigma Nu. CHRISTINE MARTINELLI; Miami; B.A. in Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Delta; President Alpha Epsilon Delta. Theta Chi ' s clown at Sigma Kappa Variety Show. MARTIN MARTINELLI Page 76 SENIORS HARRY W. MASSEY; Canton, Mississippi; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta Alumni Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Varsity Football; President Senior Class; Treasurer Junior Class; President Men ' s " F " Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Football Council. DINAH MURPHY MATTHEW; Auburndale; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Circus. A. ELIZABETH MAUCH; Miami; B.S. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Les Jongleurs Recording Secretary; Junior Counselor; Speech Productions. NANCY MARGARET MAXWELL; Tampa; B.A. in English; Zeta Tau Alpha; Transfer Student. NANCY JANE MAYER; Pensacola; B.S. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Delta Delta Delta; Secretary-Treasurer of Cotillion; Flambeau; Circus; Panhellenic; Association of Childhood Education; Sandspur. BARBARA RUTH MEADOWS; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Art; Zeta Tau Alpha. VIRGIE DOLORES MELTON; DeLand; B.S. in Nursing; Alpha Omicron Pi. PATRICIA R. MEREDITH; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Counselor; Cotillion; American Recre- ation Society; Circus. DOSSEY C. MERRITT; Lakeland; B.S. in Mathematics; Alpha Tau Omega Vice President and Treasurer; Arnold Air Society; Honorary AFROTC. JAMES A. MESSINESE; Jacksonville Beach; B.S. in Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football; Assistant Coach; Men ' s " F " Club; Sportsmanship Award; Joe College. JOAN JEANNETTE MIKESELL; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business Education; Chi Omega Pledge Trainer; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi Secretary-Treasurer; Sophomore Council; Secretary Sophomore Class; Future Business Leaders of America; Sandspur. ALICE ELIZABETH MILLER; Delta Zeta; Soltas. Jacksonville; B.A. in Library Science; Bob Foley, president of Gold Key, presents the queen and her court at the Homecoming Dance. ; HPvv ' 1 " v . tx— MIKESELL MILLER Page 77 SENIORS BERTRAM U. MILLER; Tallahassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences (Psychology); Justice Honor Court; Honor Committee; Treasurer, Vestry Ruge Hall. BETTY JO MILLER; Tampa; B.S. in Education; Secretary Kappa Delta; Homecoming Court; Miss FSU; President Village Vamps; Association of Childhood Education; Sweetheart of Sigma Nu. CHARLOTTE MAE MILLER; Quincy; B.S. in Education. EFFIE McRAE MILLER; Palatka; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Association of Childhood Education; Choral Union; Circus. MARILYN ANN MILLER; Vero Beach; B.S. in Art; Alpha Chi Omega. MARY E. M. MILLER; Wauchula; B.S. in Education. FRANCES McDONALD MILLS; Jacksonville; B.A. in Library Science; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Soltas. QUINTON MOORE; Tallahassee; B.S. in Journalism; Delta Sigma Omega; Sigma Theta. JOSEPH RICHARD MOORER; Orangeburg, South Carolina; B.S. in Business; F. S. U. Baking Club; Wesley Players; Wesley Foundation Council President; Alpha Kappa Psi; Inter-Church Fellowship President 1954; Vice President 1953; Intelligent Faith Week, President 1954, Vice President 1953; Student Christian Association. ANNE MORGAN; Tallahassee; B.A. in American Studies; Wesley Players. ROBERT D. MORRIS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business; Delta Sigma Phi; Scullions. BETTY MORRISON; Stuart; B.S. in Social Welfare; Social Work Club. Sunset forma unusual pattern behind modernistic West Hall. MORRIS MORRISON Page 78 SENIORS MANUEL GEORGE MOSHONAS; T arpon Springs; B.S. in Chemistry; Student Affiliate President American Chemical Society; Foot- ball. BETTY ANN MUNROE; Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare; Pi Beta Phi Scholarship Chairman; Garnet Key; Mortified; Sophomore Hop Court; Homecoming Court; President Village Vamps; Warpath Club; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; University Honor Court Justice; Circus; Head Cheerleader; Secretary of Honor on President ' s Cabinet; Freshman Carnival Court. BARBARA JoANN MURPHY; Johnson City, Tennessee; B.S. in Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega; Transfer from Texas State University. JOAN ELIZABETH MYNIHAN; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Cotillion; Association for Childhood Education. WILLIAM MARION Mc ARTHUR: Pensacola; B.S. in Social Welfare and Social Studies; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GLORIA ANN McBRIDE; Lake City; B.S. in Social Work. MARY ANN McFARLAND; Port St. Joe; B.A. Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Senior Representative Honor Court; Future Teachers of America; Circus. ELOISE McGIRR; Pensacola; B.S. in Fashion Institute; Delta Delta Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Tally-Ho; Smoke Signals. JO ANN McKAY; Pensacola; B.S. in Education. JANE GWYN McKNEELY; Griffin. Georgia; Kappa Alpha Theta; B.S. in Education; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart; Physical Education Association; AAHPER; Wesley Foundation; Chair- man of Off Campus Court; Chairman of Judiciary in Summer School. ERNEST LAMAR McMATH; Jacksonville; B.S. in Business. ROBERT K. McMILLAN. JR.; Brewton. Alabama; B.M. in Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Circus Band; Lab Band. Majorettes personify Little Brown Jugs in can-can routine at Pow Wow. McMATH McMILLAN Page 79 NAPOLI NASRALLAH NELSON NEWSOME SENIORS NEVA LYNN McNAB; Tampa; Chi Omega; Village Vamps; Fresh- man Flunkies; " Roberta " ; B.S. in Education. MARY ELIZABETH McNATT; Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. in Elementary Education; Future Teachers Association; Gymkana. EVELYN JONES McRAE; Fort Gaines, Georgia; B.S. in Elementary Education. MARCIETA NAPIER; Hialeah; B.S. in Education. STEPHANIE NAPOLI; Queens Village. Long Island, New York; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Journalism Club. BETTY ANNE NASRALLAH; Jacksonville; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion; Sandspur; Westminster Fellowship; WFSU. PAUL NELSON; Bonifay; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Social Work Club. JOHN ROBERT NEWSOME; Ocala; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Dean ' s List; Editor Alpha Kappa Psi Publication; March- ing Chieis; Symphonic Band; Circus Band. PETER LLEWELLYN NIMKOFF; Tallahassee; B.A. in American Studies; President Sigma Chi; President Student Body; Student Body Attorney General; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; President Sigma Tau Delta; President Tau Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track; " F " Club; Inter-Fraternity Council; Intercol- legiate Forensics; Debate Captain; Flambeau; Smoke Signals; Tally-Ho; Westminster Fellowship; Sophomore Council; Inter- national Debate. PATRICIA MAY O ' BRIEN; Jacksonville; A.B. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; President Association for Childhood Education; Record- ing Secretary Student Christian Association; Future Teachers of America; Theater Dance Group; Vice President Junior Counselor in Bryan; Baptist Student Union. EUGENIA RUTH OGDEN; Winter Haven; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion; Chi Omega; Association of Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. JANET ANN OSBORN; Eustis; B.A. in Library Science; Soltas Treasurer. Sara Jackson sings for Freshman Talent Night. OGDEN OSBORN Pag© 80 SENIORS HORACE R. OWEN. JR.; Neptune Beach; B.S. in Business. FLORENCE EMILY PACE; Lakeland; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Baptist Student Union; Association ior Child- hood Education International; Junior Counselor. NANCY C. PALMER; Miami; B.S. in Social Work; Alpha Chi Omega; Social Work Club; Canterbury Club. JOAN MARIE PARIS; Miami; B.S. in Physical Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; President Women ' s Division of University Recreation Association; Vice President Reynolds Hall; Women ' s " F " Club; Tarpon Club; American Associ- ation for Health and Physical Education for Recreation; Physical Education Association; University Recreation Asso- ciation. GAIL BUTTRESS PARKER; Dade City; B.S. in Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Bit and Spur; Circus. WILLIAM HENRY PARKER; Tampa; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Bit and Spur Club; Circus. BETTY CAROLYN PARMER; Jacksonville; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation. GLORIA DIANNE PARRISH; Tallahassee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Delta Sigma Omega; Wesley Players; Wesley Foundation. JOAN RUTH PEARSON; Miami; B.S. in Nursing; Gamma Phi Beta; Student Nurses Association; Rifle Club. WILLIAM F. PERRY; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. VIRGINIA PHILLIPS; Lake City; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Association for Childhood Education; Circus; Sandspur. JOHN JOSEPH PISTONE; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Health Education; President and Southeastern Province Chairman of Newman Club; Health Club; Future Teachers Association. Pretty co-eds give information to visitors at Homecoming. PHILLIPS PISTONE Page 8i SENIORS JEANNETTE LEE PITTARD; West Palm Beach; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club; Art Interest Club. DODIE PLATT; Dade City; B.S. in Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Senior Class Social Chairman; Cotillion; Association for Childhood Education. GERDA WILHELMINE PODDICK; Miami; B.S. in Social Welfare; Social Work Club; Junior Counselor. DEAN POHL; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business; Phi Delta Theta. JAMES WILLIAM POPPLER; Dunedin; B.S. in Education. SADIE KATHRYN PRESNELL; Panama City; B.S. in Education; Intramural Manager; Women ' s " F " Club; Program Chairman Physical Education Association; Women ' s Division of Univer- sity Recreation Association; AAHPER. NANCENE PRICE; Lake Worth; B.A. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sophomore Council Secretary; Association for Childhood Education; Smoke Signals; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vice President Reynolds Hall. E. C. PRINCE; Paducah, Kentucky; B.S. in Public Administration; American Society of Public Administration. SYLVIA MAREE RABB; Marianna; B.S. in Home Economics; Chi Omega; Future Teachers Association; Home Economics Club; Transfer from Queen ' s College. NANCY ELIZABETH RAINEY; Monticello; A.B. in Social Welfare and Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Dean ' s List; Future Teachers of America; Freshman Flunkies; Freshman Play; Social Welfare Club. HARRIET ELIZABETH RAMSEY; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion; Vice President and Treasurer of Chi Omega; Future Teachers of America; Treasurer Association for Childhood Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Senior Class Treasurer; West- minster Fellowship. ESTHER M. RANCIER; Tampa; B.S. in Social Science Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Theta Treasurer; Flambeau; Future Teachers of America; Transfer from Tampa University. President Campbell dips barbecue for Florida ' s Governor. LeRoy Collins. RAMSEY RANCIER Page 82 SENIORS HELEN ANNETTE RAY; Jacksonville; B.A. in Library Science. BETTYE ANN RAY; Mount Dora; B.A. in Education; Kappa Delta; Les Jongleurs; Women ' s " F " Club; Women ' s Division of University Recreation Association; Theatre Dance Club. CHARLOTTE REAM; Miami; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Canterbury Club. HELEN COLEMAN REDCAY; St. Petersburg; B.A. in Library Science; Soltas Club. JACK BRUCE REINHOLD; Lakeland; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Transfer from University of Florida. WILTON B. RAYNOLDS; Chattahoocee; B.A. in Arts and Sciences. CORA MAE RICKEY; Miami; B.S. in Elementary Education; Transfer from Marshill Junior College in North Carolina. MADELYN RICKER; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Alpha Xi Delta President; Future Teachers of America; Association for Child- hood Education; Sophomore Counselor; Junior Counselor. MARY JEAN ROBERTSON; Bainbridge. Georgia; Transfer from La- Grange College in Georgia. HOWARD C. ROBERTSON; Pensacola; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Baptist Student Union. DONALD L. ROGERS; Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands; B.S. in Advertising; Theta Delta Chi; Treasurer Arnold Air Society; " Outstanding Student " Florida Hall; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma President; Methodist Student House; Group Adjutant Air Force ROTC. RAYMOND E. ROGERS; Pensacola; B.A. in Chemistry; Kappa Alpha Secretary; Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society Judiciary. Girls scramble for key in sand-box at Sigma Chi Derby. .£ ikjyi h ROGERS ROGERS Parje 83 SALACZ-DOHNANYI SALLS SENIORS JEAN ELINOR ROHME; West Palm Beach; B.M.E. in Music; Women ' s " F " Club; Future Teachers of America; Light Opera Guild. JOHN NOVELL ROONEY; Wauchula; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. MARTHA McARTHUR ROSS; Tallahassee; A.B. in Education. MURIEL ROTHERHAM; Gulf port; B.S. in Education; Future Teachers of America; Home Ec. Club; Association for Childhood Education. BARBARA JEAN RUDIN; Bayard; B.S. in Business Education; As- sistant Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Membership Chairman Phi Mu; Pi Omega Pi; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Theater Dance Group; Bit and Spur Club; Future Business Leaders of America; Campus Chest Treasurer. JEANNE RUTHERFORD; Panama City; B.S. in Business; Alpha Delta Pi; Circus. DERRY RUTZ; Camaguey, Cuba; B.S. in Nursing. BETTY RYAN; Tallahassee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Sigma Omega. HELEN SALACZ-DOHNANYI; Tallahassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. RALPH E. SALLS; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. MARY JACQUELYN SANCHEZ; Key West; B.A. in Art. THOMAS F. SANDS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Journalism; Journalism Club; Sigma Theta; Flambeau Senior Staff; Physical Edu- cation Staff. Hans Tews gives kiss of congratulations to Homecoming Queen, Betty Wilmon. SANCHEZ SANDS Page 84 SENIORS MIRIAM OCTAVIA SAWYER; Malone; B.S. in Journalism; Gamma Alpha Chi. ELEANOR SCARBOROUGH; Chattahoochee; B.S. in Retailing; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Warpath Club; Transfer from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. GRACE SMITH SCHATZMAN; St. Cloud; B.M.E. in Music Educa- tion; Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band. MARIE E. SCHORMAN; Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. in Music. JAY SCHWARZMAN; Miami; B.S. in Recreation; President Gym- nastica; Recreation Club; Manager of Gymkana; Social Chairman Men ' s Senior Hall. MARGARET ELIZABETH SCOTT; Miami; B.S. in Social Welfare. THOMAS E. SCOTT; Miami; B.S. in Public Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARILYNNE JEAN SEARIGHT; Central Hershey, Cuba; B.A. in Child Development and Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education International. HARRY E. SENSKE; Augusta, Wisconsin; B.S. in History. JoANNE SETZER; Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Judiciary; Sophomore Class Officer; Association for Childhood Education; Baptist Student Union. MARY MARGARET SHEPPARD; Trenton; B.S. in Education; Junior Counselor; Vice President of Broward Hall and Landis Hall; Future Teachers of America; Women ' s " F " Club; Baptist Student Union. MARY GRACE SHOEMAKER; Jacksonville; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; President Phi Mu; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Parliamentarian Freshman Class; Social Chair- man Sophomore Class; Social Chairman Junior Class; Secre- tary Senate; Social Standards Committee; Junior Counselor; Vice President Reynolds. Prize-winning Delt Skit satirizes T.V. cowboy. SCHWARZMAN SCOTT SHEPPARD SHOEMAKER Page 85 4L w SHRINE ■fellbk A, SMITH SMITH-NOKOMIS SENIORS FRANCES DELORIS SHOFNER; Fort Myers; B.A. in Education; Future Teachers of America. LOUISE SHRINE; Miami; B.S. in Accounting; President and Vice President Tarpon Club; Junior Counselor. ALFRED O ' NEAL SHULER; Apalachicola; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi; Gold Key; Political Science Club; Tally-Ho. CAROLYN SIMONDS; Winter Park; B.M. in Piano; Phi Beta; Student Music Guild; University Singers; Choral Union. MYRTLE SIMPSON; Port St. Joe; B.S. in Retailing; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Tally-Ho; WFSU; Home Economics Club; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. SHIRLEY SIMPSON; Pierce; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Women ' s " F " Club; Sophomore Council; University Recreation Association. JANET STELLA SITGES; New Orleans, La.; B.M. in Piano; Pi Beta Phi; Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota; Secretary Sigma Tau Delta; Newman Club. BEATRICE " SISSY " SMITH; Punta Gorda; B.S. in Home Economics; Vice President Delta Gamma; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor; Mortified; Vice President Jennie Murphree; Judiciary; Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies. JOSEPH JAMES SMITH; DeKalb, Illinois; B.S. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi Treasurer; Future Business Leaders of America. JUNE LUNDRY SMITH-NOKOMIS; B.S. in Education; Junior Counselor; Wesley Players; Wesley Foundation. MARY MARLENE SMITH; Winter Park; B.A. in Anthropology and Archaeology; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Circus Band. MARY ALICE SMITH; Tampa; B.S. in Art Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Future Teachers of America; Association for Child- hood Education. Famous sociologists talk to students at English Coffee Hour. 1 SMITH SMITH Page 86 SENIORS MARY ANN SMITH; Jay; B.A. in Library Science; Soltas; Tally-Ho; Student Government; Flambeau. NORMAN J. SMITH; St. Cloud; B.S. in Political Science; Phi Kappa Tau; Vice President Pi Sigma Alpha; President Politics Club. SYBLE SNELL; Bartow; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Counselor; Baptist Student Union; Association tor Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America; Freshman Play. CAROL ROSALIE SNYDER; Jacksonville; B.A. in Library Science; Alpha Gamma Delta Treasurer; Soltas; Canterbury Club; Traffic Court Clerk; Freshman Flunkies. FREDDIE PATRICIA SOLOMON; Sarasota; B.S. in Education; Baptist Student Union; Junior Counselor. NANCY SOSSAMON; Tampa; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. JOE B. SOUTHARD. JR.; DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Retailing; Lambda Chi Alpha. ANN PHILLIPS SOUTHERLAND; Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Treasurer Delta Zeta; Sophomore Council; Association for Childhood Education. RAYMOND GLEN SPEARS; Winter Garden; B.S. in Social Welfare; Baptist Student Union. MARGARET ESTELLE SPIES; Ocala; B.S. in Education. VICTOR SAMUEL SPOTO; Tampa; B.A. in Spanish; Pi Kappa Phi; Men ' s Judiciary. WILLIAM C. STANCIK; Venice; B.S. in Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gold Key; Arnold Air Society; Sophomore Council; Bit and Spur; Senior Senator; Secretary of Elections; Univer- sity Court. Cheerleaders do war dance as Furman burns at the stake during Homecoming Pow Wow. SOLOMON SOSSAMON SPOTO STANCIK Page 87 SENIORS JOCELYN LEE STANDISH; Fort Myers; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Economics Club. NEIL M. STANFILL; Tallahassee; B.S. in Education. JOHN ALDEN STANLEY; Fort Walton Beach; B.M.E. in Music Education; Kappa Alpha Historian; Phi Mu A ' pha; Music Educators National Conference; Symphonic Band; Marching Chiefs. DOROTHY ANN STARBIRD; Palatka; B.S. in Physical Education; Tarpon; Women ' s " F " Club; Physical Education Association. DOT STEPHENS; Republic of Panama; B.A. in Spanish. SALLY STEVENS. Macon, Georgia; B.S. in Elementary Education. JEAN LEE STIGLER; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Business Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Tarpon Club; Smoke Signals Treasurer. FRANCES BAILEY STOKES; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development; Gymnastica; Theater Dance Group; Future Teachers of America; Association for Child- hood Education; Sandspur; General Chairman Gymkana. EDRIS ANNE STONE; Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. in Social Welfare; Alpha Chi Omega; Social Work Club; Senior Women ' s Judiciary. BETTY L. STRUTH; Milton; B.S. in Education; Recording Secretary of Delta Zeta; Junior Counselor. BARBARA SUMMERFIELD; Coral Gables; B.S. in Nursing. ADDIE E. SUMMERS; Bristol; B.S. in Journalism; Junior Counselor; Westminster Fellowship. The bench in the Music Building Amphi-theater provides a place for conversation and relaxation between classes. SUMMERFIELD SUMMERS Page 88 SENIORS ALAN C. SUNDBERG; Jacksonville; B.S. in Political Science; Pi Kappa Phi President, Treasurer, Historian; Omicron Delta Kappa; President Pi Sigma Alpha; Gold Key; President, Vice President Inter-Fraternity Council; Chairman Politics Club; Student Party Executive Council; Chairman Home- coming Decorations Committee; Campus Chest; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. BILL SUTTLEMYRE; Palatka; B.S. in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. JIM TANAKA; Philadelphia, Penn.; B.S. in Physical Education; Gymnastica; Gymkana; Gymnastic Team; Dorm Govern- ment; Men ' s " F " Club; Future Teachers of America; AAHPER; Major ' s Club. BOB TAYLOR; Holly Hill; B.S. in Journalism; WFSU; Flambeau. CONNIE M. TAYLOR, JR.; Colonial Heights, Virginia; B.S. in Business; Wesley Players. JIMMY LEE TAYLOR; Jacksonville; B.S. in Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football Team; Men ' s " F " Club. MINNIE JOY TAYLOR; Blountstown; B.S. in Mathematics and Science Education. SPAFFORD C. TAYLOR; Goden Beach; B.S. in Education. VALESKA McW. TAXWOOD; Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. in Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi; President Graduate Class. G. DONN TEAL; Bradenton; B.A. in History; Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer; Gold Key; President Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Delta Phi; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC Junior Honor Cadet; Distinguished Military Student; University Singers; Wesley Players President; Wesley Foundation; Secretary of Finance Student Body; " Roberta " ; Freshman Carnival; Director Freshman Talent Night; Funds Committee Chairman; Editor of AFROTC Weekly Bulletin. WAYNE E. TERRY; Washington, D. C; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Secretary Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega; Secretary Sophomore Men ' s Council; Vice President Men ' s Affairs; University Government Senate Member; Vice President Circle K; Future Teachers of America; Officer Young Republicans Club; West- minster Fellowship; Artist Series Committee; Vice Governor of Magnolia Hall; Governor of No. 394 West Campus Dorm; Parliamentarian of West Hall. EBERLE THOMAS; Lake Worth; A.B. in Speech; Les Jongleurs. SUNDBERG SUTTLEMYRE TANAKA TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR The campus post o ffice is one of the most popular places at the University ... for there is nothing like a " letter from home. " TERRY THOMAS Page 89 SENIORS JOYCE ELAINE THOMAS; Panama City; B.M. in Choral-Piano Principle; Corresponding Secretary Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Wesley Foundation; Music Educators National Conference; Music Teachers Na- tional Association; Future Teachers of America; Gamma Phi Beta. JOHN E. THOMBLESON; Bicknell, Indiana; B.S. in Physical Educa- tion; Men ' s " F " Club; Football; Track. BARBARA ANN THOMPSON; Miami; B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education; 4-H Club; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education. FRED A. THORNTON; Tallahassee; B.S. in Public Administration; Pi Alpha Sigma; President ' s Cabinet; Secretary of Organiza- tions; American Society for Public Administration. IVA JOYCE THORNTON; Winter Haven; B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Wesley Foundation. BETTY TINDELL; Lake Wales; B.S. in Business Education; Future Business Leaders of America; Baptist Student Union; Junior Counselor. SUZANNE C. TINDELL; Miami; B.S. in Early Childhood and Elemen- tary Education; Secretary Zeta Tau Alpha; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education. SHIRLEY TRAXLER; Alachua; B.M.E. in Music Education; Pledge Trainer Phi Mu; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; President North Cawthon; President Gilchrist; Chairman of Campus Chest; Officer in Wesley Foundation; International Club; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Methodist Student Group. MARY BELLE TWITTY; Sebring; B.S. in Elementary Education; President Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Association for Childhood Education. SANDRA TYLER; Dunedin; B.S. in Psychology; International Student Club. CORNELIUS VAN DORP; West Palm Beach; B.S. in Medical Tech- nology; International Student Club. CHARLES VAN MIDDLESWORTH; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Phi Kappa Tau President; Alpha Kappa Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council Representative. ' Gung Ho! " is the cry of the Air R.O.T.C. cadet as he leaves West Hall on his way to drill. VAN DORP VAN MIDDLESWORTH Page 90 SENIORS DON H. VAN NUS; Ft. Lauderdale; B.M.E. in Music Education; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Seminole Flying Club; Secretary-Treasurer Collegians; Choral Union; Light Opera Guild; Manager of Student Book Exchange; " Die Fliedermaus " ; " Sweethearts. " JANET VANOUSE; Asuncion, Paraguay; B.A. in Education; Delta Gamma; Gamma Alpha Chi; Los Picaros. JAMES E. VAUSE; Panama City; B.S. in Geology. JAMES H. VERRAN; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Industrial Arts Educa- tion; Phi Kappa Tau; Industrial Arts Club. JOANN VOGEL; Tampa; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Future Teachers of America; Association for Child- hood Education. CAROLYN C. WAGNER; Tallahassee; B.S. in Education. RICHARD WAGNER; Fountain; B.A. in Political Science; Politics Club; President Gamma Delta; Campus Chest; University Government Association Funds Committee. NANCY MAZE WAKEFIELD; Mobile. Ala.; B.S. in Business; Corre- sponding Secretary Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club Librarian, Secretary; Future Business Leaders of America; Freshman Flunkies; Flambeau. CLYDE R. WALKER; Longwood; B.S. in Physical Education; Physical Education Majors Club; Baptist Student Union; University Gov- ernment Association Funds Committee. BENNY CHARLES WALLACE; Savannah, Georgia; B.S. in Physical Education; Varsity Gymnastics Team. JACK WALTHALL; Tallahassee; B.A. in Spanish; Los Picaros; Glee Club. RUTH ELIN WARD; Hollywood; B.S. in Speech Correction; Zeta Phi Eta; Cotillion; Speech Productions. In spite of the many walkways on the Florida State campus, a number of the students prefer to tread upon the grass. VAUSE VERRAN WAGNER WALKER WALLACE WALTHALL WARD Page 91 WHITEHEAD WHITTINGTON SENIORS JAN CRAIG; Ocala; B.S. in Business; Delta Delta Delta; Tally-Ho Staff. JOANNA WATTS; Shellman, Georgia; B.S. in Speech Correction; Chi Omega. WILLIAM M. WATSON; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business Manage- ment; President Phi Beta Kappa Tau and Treasurer. NANCY WEHNER; Daytona Beach; B.S. in Medical Technology; Kappa Alpha Theta Treasurer; Tarpon; " F " Club. DOROTHY WELLS; St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; Vice President and Treasurer Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore Council; Secretary Freshman Class; Senior Senator; Association for Childhood Education; Freshman Flunkies; Student Government Budget and Funds Committee. HELEN WHITEMORE; Orlando; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi, Recording Secretary; Association for Childhood Education, Vice President; Episcopal Student House, Vice President; Transfer from Gulf Park Jr. College, Gulf Port, Mississippi. SARA FRANCES WHITEHEAD; Tallahassee; B.S. in Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Freshman Orientation Committee; Honor Court; Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Edu- cation; Wesley Foundation Council; Wesley Players; Student Christian Association. JONAH WHITTINGTON; Miami; B.S. in Nursing. NELDA A. WHITTLE; Brooksville; B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. DAVID E. WHITTLESEY; Tallahassee; B.A. in Arts and Science; Transfer from University of Florida. GLADYS BELLE WIGGINS; Ocala; B.S. in Mathematics. ANN BATES WILEY; Columbus, Georgia; A.B. in English; Pi Beta Phi; Flambeau; Warpath. Even in February, Florida State coeds find their summer wardrobe comfortable. WIGGINS WILEY Page 92 SENIORS MARTHA WILKERSON; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business; Vice President Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshman Flunkies. AUDREY ANNE WILLIAMS; Orlando; B.S. in Elementary Education; Apha Chi Omega; Sophomore Council; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union. AUDREY JEAN WILLIAMS; Tallahassee; B.S. in Business; Day Stu- dents Club. BARBARA R. WILLIAMS; Winter Park; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Florida Flambeau. HELEN JANE WILLIAMS; Fernandina Beach; B.S. in Art Education; President Delta Zeta; Social Chairman Dorm; Vice President Future Teachers of America; Vice President Art Education Club; Freshman Flunkies; Sandspur; Westminster Fellowship; Editor of Tally-Ho. LUCENE KIRLAND WILLIAMS; Tallahassee; B.M.E. in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Music Teachers National Association; Music Educators National Association; Delta Sigma Omega; Business Manager Choral Union. MARY A. WILLIAMS; Tampa; B.M. in Music. CHARLENE WILLIAMSON; Fort Lauderdale; B.S. in Nursing. MARY JANIS WILLIAMSON; Auburndale; B.S. in Education; Secre- tary Delta Zeta; Association for Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union. BARBARA WILLIS; Panama City; B.S. i n Music; Sigma Apha Iota; Junior Counselor; Future Teachers of America; Freshman Flunkies; Women ' s Glee Club. MARGARET A. WILSON; Sanford; B.S. in Elementary Education; Women ' s Glee Club; Future Teachers of America. NELLIE WILSON; Jacksonville; B.S. in Nursing. Determined, stalwart, and armed with books and ice cream cone these students trudge toward the Administration building. WILSON WILSON Page 93 SENIORS SHIRLEY WILSON; Panama City; B.S. in Business Education; Presi- dent Sigma Kappa; Secretary Panhellenic. JO ANNE WINTER; Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Secretary, Rush Chairman, Delta Gamma. WILLIAM A. WISNER, JR.; Tarpon Springs; B.S. in Geology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Geology Club; Basketball. WALKER E. WOOD. JR.; Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. in Geography; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Regiment Commander Army R.O.T.C. DOROTHY WOMBLE; Jacksonville; B.A. in Speech; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Les Jongleurs President; Vice President Zeta Phi Eta; Debate Sguad; Speech Productions. L. ARDEN WRIGHT; Sarasota; B.A. in Modern Languages; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Delta Phi; Light Opera Guild; Sandspur. CATHERINE ANN WYNNE; Clearwater; A.B. in Art; Transfer Coun- selor. LYDA ELIZABETH YARBROUGH; Tampa; B.S. in Education; Gamma Alpha Chi; President Cotillion; Vice President Bit and Spur; Circus; Theater Dance Group. ANN MARLENE YATES; Key West; Sophomore Council; Cheerleader; Sophomore Queen; Homecoming Queen; Village Vamps; Circus; Calendar Girl; Tally-Ho Beauty; Zeta Tau Alpha Rep- resentative to Panhellenic; F. S. U. ' s Candidates to Gator Bowl. KATHRYN MARY ZAPPOLO; Bonilay; B.M. in Mubic; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Women ' s Glee Club. DOROTHY ZUBROD; Indian Rocks Beach; B.S. in Social Welfare; Vice President North Cawthon; Vice President and Treasurer Social Welfare Club; Tarpon Club; Freshman Flunkies; Metho- dist Student House. The academic and social life a! Florida State is balanced by a wide offering of spiritual experiences. ZUBROD Page 94 sis " WWWft l jP iW p p IHKl , First Row: Bob Crenshaw. President; Hans Tews. Vice-President. Second Row: Tima Slahl, Social Chairman; Shirley Dallas. Treasurer; Bebe Bisbee. Secretary. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Whether freshman, sophomore, or junior, the realization of a college degree is yet unfulfilled. These are the " undergrads " , the green, awkward freshman, who through the process of the year has learned the college ways, the sophomore, who has crossed the halfway mark in his academic career, the junior, who now becomes the serious senior with an eye for the future. For these perhaps the best is yet to come. They are growing up with a growing University. As they, through the years, pursue the course of study that reveals the insignificance of human knowledge, they may turn back to this section of their yearbook and realize that time changes all. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Carmeme Ranieri, Treasurer; Ruth Williams, Social Chairman. Second Row: Ray Wagner. Vice-President; Betty Lou Whittle, Secretary; Paul Ort, President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Rows: Graham Teschke, President; Joan Hem mann, Vice-President. Second Row: Barbara Jean Lit- tle, Treasurer; Mary Louise Peacock, Secretary; Karen Kimple, Social Chairman. UNDERGRADUATES ELSIE ABBOTT, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida JUDITH ANN ABRAMS. Freshman Miami. Florida VELMA W. ACKERMAN. Freshman Plant City. Florida ANN ADAM. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida MARL YIN ADAMS. Freshman Key West. Florida BETTY ADDISON. Freshman Chattahoochee. Florida MARTHA ADKINSON. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida LISKA AHRANO, Sophomore Gainesville. Florida CHARLOTTE ANN ALCORN. Sophomore Chattahoochee. Florida MARY LOU ALBRECHT, Sophomore St. Petersburg, Florida ELIZABETH JANE ALBERT. Freshman Atlanta. Georgia MARY ALBERT. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM F. ALDAY, JR., Sophomore Quincy, Florida JEANNE ALLES, Junior Fort Lauderdale, Florida NEELY ALEXANDER. Sophomore Pompano Beach, Florida E. CAROL ALFORD, Freshman Bartow, Florida JEANNETT ALFORD, Junior Ocala, Florida JOHN ALFORD. Freshman Grand Ridge. Florida SION ALFORD. Sophomore Chipley. Florida WILLEY R. ALFORD. Freshman Panama City, Florida JACQUELINE ALLEN, Freshman Lake Worth. Florida SARA ALLEN. Freshman Tallahassee, Florida SUE ALLEN. Junior Miami. Florida BLANCHE ALLIGOOD. Sophomore Key West. Florida WINFRED ALMAN. Junior St. Petersburg. Florida HELEN AMATO. Freshman St. Augustine. Florida ALLEN ANDERSON. Freshman Oakland Park. Florida ANITA ANDERSON. Sophomore Tampa. Florida JOANNE ANDERSON, Junior West Palm Beach, Florida JUNE ANDERSON, Freshman Lakeland, Florida LAIRD ANDERSON, Freshman Atlanta, Georgia VIRGINIA ANDERSON, Junior Tallahassee, Florida Page 98 UNDERGRADUATES EVELYN ARNESON, Sophomore Bartow. Florida MARGIE ANDREWS, Freshman Tallahassee. Florida MARION ARD. Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida ANNA ARANGO. Freshman Tampa. Florida LARRY B. ARLINE, Freshman Tallahassee. Florida La VETRA ARMSTRONG. Junior Quincy. Florida PATTI ARMSTRONG. Sophomore Tampa, Florida LINDA ARNOLD, Freshman Lake City, Florida J. QUIMBY SCHWARTZ, Freshman Swamp Hollow, Florida FLORENCE ASHBY, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida MARY LIB ASKIN. Freshman Lake City, Florida CHRISTINE ATKINS, Freshman Chattahochee. Florida JIM ATHENS, Junior Bradenton, Florida SARA ATKINSON, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida DOUGLAS ATKINS, Freshman Wewahitchka, Florida ELIZABETH ATTISON, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida RITA BAILEY, Freshman Miami. Florida RUTH AULICK. Sophomore Tampa. Florida MAUNG H. AUNG, Graduate Student Mandalay, Burma JOY AUTEN, Sophomore Sebastian, Florida VIRGIL AUSTIN. Freshman Orlando, Florida BARBARA AYALA, Sophomore Tampa, Florida BARBARA BACHMAN, Junior Gainesville, Florida GUDJON BACHMANN. Freshman Reyujavik, Iceland LYNN BAGGALLAY, Freshman Miami. Florida MARTHA BAGGETT. Freshman Ft. Pierce. Florida CHARLES BAKER. Freshman Key West, Florida PAT BAKER, Freshman Madison, Florida PATRICIA ANN BAKER, Sophomore Arlington, Virginia POLLY ATWATER, Freshman Miami. Florida ANNE BAIN, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida NANCY BALL, Sophomore Belle Glade, Florida Page 99 UNDERGRADUATES LOWELL BALTHASER. Sophomore Miami, Florida JANE BANCROFT. Freshman Neptune Beach. Florida VALDEEN BANKS. Junior Lake Park. Florida JERRY BARBER. Freshman Auburndale. Florida JOE BARBER. Freshman Miami, Florida MARJORIE BARBER. Sophomore Ma dison, Florida GRACE BARCLAY, Junior Greenville, Florida RUBY BARKER, Sophomore Plant City, Florida ANN BARNES, Sophomore Miami, Florida MARY SUE BARNETT, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida SANDA BARNETT, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida SIDNEY BURR, Freshman Miami Beach, Florida WARREN BARRET, Freshman Kissimmee, Florida NILES BASHAW, Sophomore SeHner. Florida RICHARD BASILA, Sophomore Miami, Florida CYNTHIA BASKIN, Junior Clearwater, Florida CHARLES H. BARTON, Freshman Panama City, Florida GIBSON BATES, Freshman Saniord, Florida LESLIE BAUER, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT BAUER, Freshman Lynn Haven, Florida SUSAN BAYMILLER, Junior Panama City. Florida BILLIE JEAN BEAL. Junior Rockledge. Florida OTIS BEARDEN, Sophomore Fallanshee, West Virginia OUIEDA BEAUCHAMP. Sophomore Chiefland. Florida OPAL BECK. Freshman Atmore, Alabama PAULETTE BECK. Freshman Orlando. Florida KAREN BEDINGER. Freshman , . . Miami, Florida MARTHA BELCHER, Freshman Sebring, Florida ALGENE BELL, Freshman Miami, Florida MARJORY BELL, Sophomore Lake Worth, Florida BETTY BENECKE, Junior Titusville, Florida ANN BENNETT, Junior Bowmansdale, Pennsylvania Page 100 UNDERGRADUATES SUE BENNETT. Freshman Fort Myers, Florida MARION BENSON. Sophomore Jasper, Florida SHIRLEY BENSON, Freshman Winter Haven, Florida BETTY BENTON, Freshman Orlando, Florida MURRAY BERMAN, Junior New Rochelle, New York FRAN BERRY, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida ROGER BERRY, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida MARTY BETHUNE, Freshman Valdosta, Georgia STEVE BEVAN, Freshman Madison, Florida CLARA BEVIS, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida ELEANOR BILINSKI, Freshman Monticello, Florida JOAN BIRCH, Freshman New Smyrna, Florida JACQUELINE BIRD, Freshman Tuckahoe, New York JERALD BIRD, Freshman Archer, Florida WILMA BIRGE, Freshman Tampa, Florida CONNIE BISHOP, Freshman Gainesville, Florida GUSTAV BISCHOFF, Sophomore Macon, Georgia BEATRICE BISBEE, Junior Sanford, Florida BETTY JANE BISHOP, Freshman Bagdad, Florida HENRYETTE BIRD, Freshman Opa-locka, Florida DAWN BISHOP, Junior Sanford, Florida KAY BISHOP. Freshman Holly Hill. Florida GAIL BITTING. Sophomore Sanford. Florida JANET BIVEN. Junior Jacksonville. Florida ALICE BLAND, Freshman Winter Garden, Florida JO BLANTON, Junior Salerno, Florida BARMELL BLEDSLOE, Freshman Brooksville, Florida TANTRIS BLEDSLOE, Freshman Brooksville, Florida ROBERT BLOW, Freshman Aucilla, Florida RONALD BLUE. Freshman Pensacola. Florida JANET BOSWELL. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida LAYTE BOWDEN, Freshman Fort Lauderdale. Florida Page 101 UNDERGRADUATES JUNE BOWLING. Sophomore Limestone, Florida NEIL BOWERS. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida DIANE BOWMAN, Freshman Tampa, Florida MARION BOWMAN. Freshman Hollywood. Florida JACQUELINE BOULDER, Freshman Sarasota, Florida SHIRLEY BRADBERRY, Junior Miami, Florida JOAN BRADEN, Sophomore Zephyrhills, Florida JERI BRADFIELD, Freshman Boynton Beach, Florida MARTHA BRADLEY, Freshman Sarasota, Florida PAT BRADY, Freshman Gulf Breeze, Florida PATSY BRANCH, Sophomore Leesburg, Florida LOIS BRASWELL, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida COLEEN BRAZELL, Junior Anthony, Florida JOAN BREED, Junior Fort Lauderdale, Florida DOROTHY BRESLAR, Freshman Belle Glade, Florida MARY BRETT, Junior Miami, Florida ELAINE BREWTON, Freshman Orlando, Florida RUTH BREWTON, Graduate Student Panama City, Florida FLO BRIDGES, Sophomore Panama City, Florida MARY BRINDLE, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida JORITA BROCK, Junior Jacksonville, Florida JIM BRODERICK, Junior Hialeah, Florida BARBARA BROOKS, Sophomore Tampa. Florida JOAN BROOKS. Junior Bradenton. Florida THOMAS BROOME, Sophomore Greenwood, Florida JOY BROWER, Freshman Gainesville, Florida EVELYN BROWN, Freshman Zolio Springs, Florida LINDA BROWN, Sophomore Miami Beach, Florida MELINDA BROWN, Junior Hickory, North Carolina WILLIAM J. BROWN, Freshman Lake Worth, Florida WILLIAM R. BROWN, Sophomore Fort Lauderdale, Florida JAMES BROWNING. Freshman Madison. Florida Page 102 UNDERGRADUATES HOWARD BROWNING. Freshman Immokalee, Florida PATTY BRUCE, Freshman Lake City. Florida TOM BRUCKMAN. Freshman Largo. Florida FANETTE BRUNSON. Junior Perry. Florida JUNE BRUNSON. Freshman Perry, Florida SUE BRUNSON, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida FRANCES BRYANT. Freshman Perry, Florida NANCY BUCHAN, Freshman Tallahassee. Florida DAVID BUCHANAN. Sophomore Cecilia. Kentucky OLA BUCHANAN, Freshman Mayo, Florida LOIS BUCHHOLTZ, Freshman Athens, Alabama ARTHUR BUGGE, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida ANN BULLOCK, Sophomore Monticello, Florida JANICE BUTLER, Junior Point Washington, Florida ARLENE BUREAU. Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida SHIRLEY BURRELL, Junior Dania. Florida BARBARA BURKHARDT. Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida CLIFFORD BURNS, Freshman Perry, Florida DAVID BURNS, Special Havana, Florida IRMA BURNSED, Freshman Glen St. Mary, Florida ROGER BURNHAM. Special Uleta, Florida BETTY BUMBY, Freshman Orlando, Florida JUDY BURCH, Freshman Gainesville, Florida BETTY JO BUSH, Freshman Bonifay, Florida MARTHA BUSH, Junior Jacksonville, Florida JOAN BYNUM. Freshman Gainesville, Florida GAIL BYRD, Freshman Panama City, Florida JIM BYRD, Junior Lakeland, Florida PAT BYRD, Sophomore St. Augustine. Florida PATRICIA CAIN. Freshman Homestead, Florida ELLEN CAMPBELL, Junior Green Cove Springs, Florida JACQUELINE CAMP, Freshman Miami, Florida Page 103 UNDERGRADUATES JAMES CAMPBELL, Sophomore Panama City, Florida JOYCE CAMPBELL, Sophomore Panama City, Florida MARY LOU CAMPBELL, Sophomore Tavares, Florida BEVERLY ANN CAPPS, Freshman Plant City, Florida IVEY CAREY, Freshman Jackionville, Florida PATRICIA CARILLI, Sophomore Miami, Florida CLAUDETTE CARLEY, Sophomore Miami, Florida SALLY CARLTON, Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida MILDRED CARLTON, Junior Plant City, Florida YVONNE CARRIN, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida LOYD CARRUTH, Special Orlando, Florida GEORGIANNA CARTER, Freshman Perry, Florida PAT CARTLEDGE, Junior Roanoke, Virginia MARGARET CARY, Special Pensacola, Florida MARK CASTO, Junior Daytona Beach, Florida HILDA CATON, Junior Pensacola, Florida PATSY CAULEY, Freshman Panama City, Florida MARY FENN CAWTHON, Sophomore Chipley, Florida ELIZABETH CERNY, Freshman Punta Gorda, Florida BARBARA CHAFFIN, Freshman Kissimmee, Florida BETTY CHAMBLISS, Junior Marianna, Florida BETTY ANN CHANCE. Sophomore Miami, Florida MARTHA SUE CHANDLER, Sophomore North Miami, Florida SANDRA CHAMPLIN, Sophomore Tampa, Florida LUCY CHAO, Freshman Jacksonville Beach, Florida BILL CHAPMAN, Junior Chattahoochee, Florida CONSTANCE CHILLURA. Freshman Tampa, Florida DORIS JEAN CHURCH, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida JANE CLARDY, Sophomore Ocala, Florida MARCELLA CLARDY, Sophomore Jasper, Florida JAN CLARK, Junior Norfolk. Virginia JO ANN CLARK, Junior Jacksonville, Florida Page 104 UNDERGRADUATES MARGARET CLARK. Freshman Miami, Florida MOZELLE CLARK. Freshman Tampa, Florida LINDA CLEVELAND. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida BEVERLY CLUBBS. Freshman Panama City, Florida VIRGINIA COBB, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida ANN COCHRAN, Freshman St. Augustine, Florida LOUREE COKER. Freshman Lakeland, Florida MARILYN COFFEY, Sophomore Tampa, Florida MARY COFER, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida BRUCE COLE, Sophomore Miami, Florida MARILYN COLE, Freshman Madison, Florida MAXINE COLE, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida SALLY COLE, Freshman Holly Hill, Florida FRAN COLEMAN, Junior Tampa, Florida JOANN COLLEY, Freshman, Panama City, Florida SHIRLEY COLLIER, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida CAROL COLLINS, Freshman Tampa, Florida DARIAN COLLINS, Freshman Ocala, Florida IRMA CONE, Freshman Greenville, Florida PATTY CONKLIN, Freshman Miami, Florida LILLIAN CONGDON, Freshman Haines City, Florida GAI CONRADT-EBERLIN, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA ANN COOK, Junior Mayo. Florida BARBARA COOPER. Junior Princeton, Florida DONNELLE COOPER, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida JACK COOPER, Freshman Quincy. Florida JUNE COPE, Junior Chipley. Florida PATTY COPELAND, Freshman New Smyrna. Florida KATHLEEN CORCORAN, Freshman Lake Wales, Florida EVELYN CORNETTE, Sophomore Clewiston, Florida BETTYE CORCORAN, Freshman Columbus, Georgia BARBARA CORNETT, Sophomore Branford, Florida Page 105 UNDERGRADUATES DELORES COSIO, Sophomore Tampa. Florida JUDITH COULTER, Sophomore St. Ojus. Florida LUCY COUNCIL. Sophomore Tampa. Florida ANN COW ART. Freshman Tampa. Florida BETTY COX. Freshman Miami Springs. Florida IRMA COX, Junior Jacksonville, Florida MARGARET COX, Freshman Vero Beach, Florida POLLY ANN COX, Freshman Lake City, Florida BARBARA CRAIG. Freshman Ocala. Florida NANCY CRAIG. Junior St. Petersburg, Florida SHIRLEY LaVERNE CRAIG, Sophomore . Tallahassee, Florida DICK CRAWFORD, Freshman Plant City, Florida BOB CRENSHAW. Junior Miami Beach, Florida IRENE CREWS, Junior Glen St. Mary, Florida JACKIE CRITTENDEN, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida PAT CROCKETT, Sophomore Miami, Florida NANCY CROOKS, Freshman Ft. Pierce. Florida MARY JO CRUM, Freshman Plant City, Florida GAY CRUTCHFIELD, Freshman Panama City, Florida KATHLEEN CRUTCHFIELD, Junior Graceville, Florida PHYLLIS CREWS, Sophomore Dania, Florida NANCY CUBBON, Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida MARTA CUERVO, Freshman Tampa, Florida JOAN CULBERTH, Sophomore Panama City, Florida ROBERT CULLIVER, Sophomore Fort Lauderdale, Florida BESSIE CULLISON, Freshman Ocala, Florida WILLIAM CULLOM, Freshman Huntsville, Alabama STARR CULPEPPER, Freshman Miami, Florida GALE CURRY, Freshman Key West, Florida MARJORIE CURTIS, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida BETTE JEAN CUSHMAN. Sophomore Panama City. Florida CAROLE DAILEY. Freshman Ocala, Florida Page 106 UNDERGRADUATES SHIRLEY DALLAS. Junior Winter Park, Florida JOAN DAMEEOW, Freshman Vero Beach, Florida SANDRA DARLING, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida WILLIAM DARNELL. Sophomore Chipley. Florida SALLY DAVENPORT. Sophomore Silver Springs, Florida SANDRA DAVIDSON, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida SHIRLEY DAVIDSON, Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida WILLIAM DAVIDSON. Junior Wauchula. Florida BRUN DAVIS. Freshman Ruskin. Florida CAROLYN DAVIS, Freshman Tampa, Florida JAMES DAVIS, Freshman Sanford, Florida JANE DAVIS, Freshman Jacksonville. Florida JOHN PAUL DAVIS, Sophomore Ft. Walton Beach. Florida JANIS DAVIS, Sophomore Arlington, Virginia MARION DAVIS. Sophomore Orlando. Florida MARY SUE DAVIS, Freshman Walton Beach, Florida NELL DAVIS, Sophomore Quincy, Florida SHIRLEY DAVIS, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida THOMAS DAVIS, Freshman Panama City, Florida MEREDITH DAWSON, Special Gulfport, Florida JIM DAWSON, Freshman Brooksville, Florida PAT DAY, Sophomore Orlando, Florida ALBERTE DAYES, Junior Merrick, New York WILLIAM DECK, Sophomore Poplar Hill, Virginia KAY DECUBELLIS, Freshman Port Richey, Florida MARGARET DELLINGER, Sophomore Homestead, Florida DIANE DEMOULPIED. Freshman Tampa. Florida EDUARDO DELRISCO. Junior La Punta-Callao, Peru DORIS DEPUY, Junior Winter Haven, Florida SHIRLEY DERTING, Freshman Sarasota, Florida CAROL DEUEL, Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida BEBE DEWBERRY. Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida Page 107 UNDERGRADUATES SHIRLEE DeWITT, Sophomore Dade City. Florida VELA DIAMOND. Freshman Pensacola, Florida GERALDINE DIAZ. Sophomore Tampa. Florida LUCILLE DICRIST AFARO. Sophomore Miami, Florida BENNETT DITTMAR. Junior Jacksonville, Florida GORDON DIXON, Sophomore Camilla, Georgia KAREN DIXON, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida DOROTHY DODD, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida RITA DOLLAR, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida NANCY DONNALLY, Freshman High Springs, Florida MARGARET DONALDSON, Sophomore Tampa, Florida JOYCE DOPKO. Freshman Miami, Florida JUDITH DOUGAN. Sophomore Auburndale, Florida MARTHA DOUGLAS, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida BILL DOXE Y, Junior Coral Gables, Florida SIDNEY DOZIER, Junior Tallahassee, Florida MARY SUE DRESSLER, Freshman Gainesville, Florida ARIEL DREYFUS, Freshman Lake Worth, Florida LEE DUDLEY, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida FRANCES DUGAN, Freshman Madison, Florida DIANA DUNCAN, Sophomore Bradenton, Florida CATHERINE DUNN, Freshman Chipley, Florida MABLE Du PRE, Sophomore Live Oak, Florida WILLIAM DURHAM, Junior Jacksonville. Florida YVONNE DUVAL. Freshman Madison, Florida NANCY DVORAK, Freshman Valdosta, Georgia EDWARD DYAL, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida MARTIN DYCKMAN, Sophomore Clearwater, Florida TOM EHRHARDT, Junior Fort Lauderdale, Florida CORRINE EARLE. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida CAROLYN EARWOOD. Sophomore Belle Glade. Florida ANNE EASOM. Junior St. Petersburg. Florida Page 108 UNDERGRADUATES JANICE EBERLEY. Sophomore Maiden, West Virginia BETTY ECKHOLDT. Freshman Mount Dora. Florida EUGENE EDENFIELD. Junior Tallahassee. Florida MARY LOIS EDWARDS. Sophomore Quincy. Florida PEGGY EDWARDS, Freshman Jasper, Florida THOMASINE EDWARDS. Freshman Lloyd. Florida HARRY EIELSON. Junior Fort Lauderdale. Florida DAPHNE ELLIS. Junior Orlando. Florida ANN ELLIOTT. Freshman Tampa. Florida JOAN ELSBERRY, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida BARBARA EMMETT. Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida ANN EMMERT. Sophomore Goshen, Indiana CHRISTOBEL ENGLE. Junior Jacksonville, Florida DEE ENTENZA, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida SALLY ERICSON, Freshman Oakland Park, Florida HELEN ESPENLAUB, Junior Clewiston, Florida DIANE ESTES, Sophomore Alturas. Florida IRVIN ESTRIDGE. Freshman Saniord. Florida ESTER FACKLER, Junior Miami, Florida MOLIE MARY FAGAN, Sophomore Miami, Florida WILMA FAGEN, Freshman Miami, Florida MARY JO FAIN, Junior Quincy, Florida NORMAN FAIN, Special Quincy. Florida FRANKLIN FANSLER. Sophomore Waycross. Georgia MARY ELIZABETH FARRIS. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida RONALD FELL. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida NORMAN FENN. Sophomore Holly Hill. Florida ELIZABETH FERGUSON. Junior Fort Myers. Florida BERNICE FERMO. Junior Riviera Beach. Florida DOROTHY FERRELL. Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida MURIEL FIELDING, Junio r Ocala, Florida MARY ELLEN FINLEY, Freshman Ocala, Florida Page 109 UNDERGRADUATES DIANE FISHEL, Sophomore Tampa. Florida SUZANNE FISHER. Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida BARBARA FISSELL. Freshman Branford. Florida SARA FLEENOR. Junior West Palm Beach. Florida MELVYN FLEISCHER. Freshman Sanford, Florida BRUCE FLETCHER. Junior Jacksonville. Florida MAXINE FLETCHER, Junior Tallahassee. Florida SARAH FLETCHER. Junior Greensboro, Florida MARY ANNE FLORENCE, Freshman Williston, Florida PAT FLYNN, Junior Lakeland, Florida SHARON FLYNN, Freshman Tampa, Florida BETTYE JEAN FOLKS, Freshman Ocala, Florida BILLY ANN FOLSOM, Sophomore Mims, Florida EARLECE FORD, Sophomore Plant City, Florida JEAN FORD, Junior Quincy, Florida NANCY FORD, Freshman Clearwater, Florida SUE FORD, Freshman Palmetto, Florida RONALD FORM, Freshman Miami, Florida JACKIE FORTUNE, Sophomore Laurel Hill, Florida SHIRLEY FORTUNE, Sophomore Milton, Florida BOBBY FOUNTAIN, Freshman Monticello, Florida JOHNNIE FOSTER, Freshman Monticello, Florida PEGGY FOSTER, Freshman Tampa, Florida FLORENCE FRALEIGH, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida REGINA FRANCESCON, Freshman Miami, Florida ELLEN FRANCISCO, Sophomore Palm Beach, Florida GERALDINE. FRANK. Sophomore Hialeah. Florida ARLENE FRECKMEN. Freshman New Port Richey. Florida MARY CATHERINE FREEMAN. Junior Jacksonville. Florida RUTH FRITCHIE. Freshman Miami. Florida CAROL FULKERSON, Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida FRED FULLER. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida Page 110 UNDERGRADUATES HASKELL FULMER. Freshman Sneads. Florida ANNE FUTCH. Junior Dade City. Florida JOYCE FUTCH, Sophomore Ormond Beach. Florida BILLIE GAMBLE. Freshman Miami. Florida DOROTHY GANNON. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida RICHARD GANT. Junior Miami. Florida BETTY ANN GARNER. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida ROSEMARY GARNER. Freshman Sanford. Florida BILLY GARRET, Junior Thomaston, Georgia JOHN GARRETT, Freshman Columbus, Georiga KEN GATLIN, Junior Tallahassee, Florida WILLARD GATLIN, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida ELEANOR GATO, Freshman Key West, Florida MARIE GAUGER, Sophomore Milton, Florida LAVOHN GAULT, Freshman Placida, Florida JACQUELINE GEESLIN, Freshman Bainbridge, Georgia ETHEL GEISLER, Sophomore Winter Park, Florida MARGARET GENTRY, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida ANN GEORGE, Freshman Miami. Florida JAMES GEOGHAGAN, Sophomore Florala, Florida EMORY GIBSON, Sophomore Madison, Florida SARAH D. GIBSON, Sophomore Thomasville, Georgia JOAN GIEBEIG, Sophomore Lake City, Florida CELESTINA GIFFORD, Freshman DeLand, Florida CLARE GILCHRIST, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida JON D. GILBERT. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida BECKY GLASS, Freshman Orlando. Florida MERDITH GINGLES, Sophomore Pensacola. Florida GAY GILLIES. Freshman Orlando. Florida BEVERLY GLEASON. Freshman Orange City. Florida BARBARA GOIN, Freshman Tampa, Florida FORREST GOLD, Freshman Shelby, North Carolina Page 111 UNDERGRADUATES GEORGE GOLDSTEIN. Freshman Miami. Florida BETTY GOOCH. Junior St. Augustine. Florida ARTHUR GOOD. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida ZOLA GOODWIN. Sophomore Ocala. Florida DANIEL GORHAM, Junior West Palm Beach. Florida JOEL GRACE. Sophomore Panama City. Florida JANET GRAFF, Junior Ocala. Florida BARBARA GRAHAM, Junior Atlanta. Georgia LOUISE GRAHAM. Freshman Tampa. Florida NANCY GRAHAM. Junior Jacksonville. Florida JOHN GRANT. Freshman Panama City. Florida WEBA GRANT. Freshman Ponce De Leon. Florida GERTRUDE GRAVELY, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida ANN GRAYSON, Sophomore Bartow, Florida BARBARA GREBEL, Sophomore Chicago, Illinois BETSY GREEN, Freshman Ft. Valley, Georgia CAROL GREEN, Freshman Pensacola, Florida MARTHA GREEN, Freshman Cocoa, Florida BARBARA GREENE, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida THOMAS GREENSHAW, Sophomore Columbus, Georgia CARL GRENN, Special Bogue Chitto, Mississippi DEBBY GRIFFIN, Sophomore Quincy, Florida LUCEA GRIFFIN, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida MARY KATE GRIFFIN, Sophomore Auburndale, Florida SARAH GRIFFIN, Freshman Frostproof. Florida MARY L. GRIFFITH. Junior Perry. Florida MARTHA GRIZZARD. Freshman Atlanta, Georgia JANICE GROSSER, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida ROSEMARY GROW. Freshman Colquitt. Georgia ALINE GUERRE, Sophomore Tampa, Florida ALICE GUINAND, Sophomore Clearwater, Florida JANE GULICK, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida Page 112 UNDERGRADUATES NANCY GUNTER. Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida MARIE GUNTERMUTH. Freshman Pompano Beach. Florida ANN GWIN. Junior Atlanta. Georgia FREDNA HAAS. Freshman Alpin. Florida BARBARA HAGAN. Freshman Orlando, Florida JEAN HAIGHT. Freshman Orlando, Florida JACKIE HAILEY, Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida BETTY JO HAIRE. Freshman Gretna. Florida JOAN HALFORD. Junior West Hartford. Connecticut JOHNNY HALL. Sophomore Blountstown. Florida SHIRLEY HALL. Junior Jacksonville. Florida JUNE HAMILTON. Freshman Bushnell, Florida BARBARA HAMMER, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida LYMAN HAMMOND, Freshman Valdosta, Georgia TANN HAMMOND, Freshman Sarasota, Florida HELEN HAMRICK, Junior Jacksonville, Florida SANDRA HANCOCK, Freshman Tampa, Florida SALLY HANDLEY, Freshman Orlando, Florida ENOCH HANNA, Sophomore Altha. Florida MARY ANN HANNAH, Freshman Eustis, Florida MAXINE HANNON, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida BETTY H ANNUM, Junior West Palm Beach. Florida MASAO HANZAWA, Graduate Kamakura, Japan JUDY HARDENBURGH, Sophomore Palatka, Florida DONNA HARDY, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida ODIS HARE, Junior Blountstown, Florida GAY HARGIS, Sophomore Orlando, Florida JUDY HARGROVE, Sophomore Bartow. Florida BARBARA HARLESS, Sophomore Bartow, Florida JOAN HARMON, Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida NANCY HARN, Special Student Waldo. Florida HENRIE HARNED, Sophomore Mulberry, Florida Page 113 UNDERGRADUATES DOROTHY HARRELL, Sophomore Orlando. Florida MARY ANN HARRELL, Freshman Hernando. Florida CAROL HARRIS. Sophomore Pompano Beach. Florida HOMER HARRIS. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida JEAN HARRIS. Junior Daytona Beach. Florida PAT HARRIS. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida ROY HARRIS, Freshman Lakeland. Florida SHIRLEY HARRIS. Sophomore Greensboro. Florida DAVENE HARRISON, Freshman Orlando, Florida FRANKIE HARRISON, Junior Cairo, Georgia LINDA HARRISON. Freshman Haines City. Florida DELORES HART. Freshman Mayo. Florida BETTY HATTON. Freshman Orlando. Florida MARTHA HAWTHRONE. Junior Plant City. Florida ALEXANDER HAY. Junior Tampa. Florida JEAN HAYDEN. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida FRANCES ELOISE HEARN. Junior Live Oak. Florida GEORGE HEHEMANN. Junior Pinellas Park. Florida DON HEIDEL. Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida ROBERT HEINEMANN. Sophomore Miami. Florida RAY HEMANN. Special Student Tallahassee. Florida BARBARA HENDERSON. Sophomore Tampa. Florida CARLEE HENDRIX. Sophomore Panama City. Florida RODGER HERNDON. Freshman Miami. Florida DERALD HENDRY, Sophomore Tice, Florida ELIZABETH HERRING, Freshman Madison, Florida JEANYNE HERRING, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida RANDALL HESS, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida MARGARET HEWITT. Junior Orlando. Florida POLLY HEYWARD, Freshman Bogalusa. Louisiana BARBARA JOAN HICKS. Sophomore New Port Richey. Florida JANE HICKS. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida Page 114 UNDERGRADUATES MARJORY LOU HICKS. Freshman Barth. Florida AUDREY HIERS. Sophomore Enterprise. Florida LOUIS HIGHTOWER, Freshman Attapulgus. Georgia BETTY HILL. Sophomore Miami, Florida MARY E. HILL. Freshman Atlanta. Georgia DIANA HILLEBRAND. Junior Clearwater, Florida PAT HILTON. Sophomore Panama City. Florida JANIS HINES. Freshman Dade Ci ' Florida DORIS HISLER, Sophomore LaBelle. Florida ANNE HITT. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida JEANE HOBBS. Junior Jacksonville. Florida VIRGINIA HODGES. Sophomore Plant City. Florida DAVID HODGSON. Junior Tallahassee. Florida ANN HOFFMAN. Junior Orlando. Florida THOMAS HOGLE. Freshman Tampa. Florida JEAN HOLCOMB. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida ROSEMARY HOLLANDER. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida LINDA HOLLING. Junior Miami. Florida JAMES HOLLIS. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida BETTE HOLLOWAY. Freshman Miami. Florida GEORGE ANN HOLMES, Freshman Perry. Florida DORIS HOLT. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida SYLVIA HOMMER. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida JOYCE HOOKS. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida JEAN HOPPING. Freshman Williston. Florida DOTTY HOPPMAN. Junior St. Petersburg. Florida DOROTHY HORDUSKY, Junior Union City. Pennsylvania CON HORN. Junior Sarasota. Florida MARY FRANCES HORN, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida JUDITH HOSFORD, Freshman Miami, Florida MARY BIRDIE HOWARD. Freshman Gainesville. Florida JANE HOWARD. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida UNDERGRADUATES TEDDY HOWARD. Freshman Hypoluxo. Florida LINDA HOWELL. Freshman Bartow. Florida BESSIE HOWELL. Freshman Lakeland. Florida MARY ANN HOWES. Junior Jacksonville. Florida CRAIG HOYAL. Sophomore Hollywood. Florida KAREN HOYT. Freshman Hollywood. Florida IRIS HUBBARD. Junior Orlando. Florida NANCY HUDGINS. Freshman Lake Wales. Florida MARTHA HUGGINS. Freshman Hawthorn. Florida MARTHA HUGHES, Junior Palatka. Florida BARBARA HUGHES, Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida ILONA HULL. Junior Albany. Georgia MATILDE HUME. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida ELISE HUMPHREY. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida SALLY LOU HUMPHREYS. Junior Lake Alfred. Florida PHILIP HUNT. Freshman Montgomery. Alabama BONNIE HUNTER. Sophomore Quitman, Georgia MARGARET HUNTER, Sophomore St. Petersburg, Florida PEGGY HURST, Freshman Wauchulla, Florida JANE HUSKISSON, Sophomore Tampa. Florida SHIRLEY. HUTCHENSON. Freshman Mayo. Florida JERRY HYDE, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida SHIRLEY HYDE, Sophomore Lakeland, Florida SUSAN HYDE, Freshman St. Augustine, Florida ANNE JACKSON, Sophomore . . . Tallahassee, Florida SARA JACKSON, Freshman Maitland, Florida JANICE JARRETT, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida VIVIAN JAMES, Junior Macon, Georgia JANICE JARRETT, Senior Tallahassee, Florida JOYCE JEFFRIES, Junior Eustis, Florida CAROLE SUE JENKINS, Junior Jacksonville, Florida SUSAN JOHN, Freshman Harrodsburg. Kentucky Page 116 UNDERGRADUATES TINA JOHN. Sophomore Elfers, Florida JORDON JOHNS. Sophomore Sarasota, Florida BETTY ANN JOHNSON, Junior Pensacola, Florida CAROL LEE JOHNSON, Sophomore Winter Haven, Florida CHRISTINE JOHNSON, Sophomore . . Largo, Florida ERNESTDEEN JOHNSON, Junior Crestview, Florida EDNA M. JOHNSON, Junior Ocala, Florida GYNELLE JOHNSON, Freshman Jasper, Florida JANET JOHNSON, Freshman Orlando, Florida KATHERINE JOHNSON. Sophomore Lakeland. Florida NANCY JOHNSON. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida LOLA JOHNSON. Freshman Chipley. Florida RICHARD H. JOHNSON. Freshman Mobile. Alabama ROBERT JOHNSON, Freshman San Francisco, California RUSSELL JOHNSON, Sophomore Lakeland, Florida RUTH JOHNSON, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida WILLIAM JOHNSON, Junior Pensacola, Florida GEORGE JOINER, Sophomore Winter Garden, Florida ALFRED JONES, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida BARBARA E. JONES, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida CAROLYN JONES, Freshman Coral Gables, Florida CLAYTON JONES, Sophomore Madison. Florida DOROTHY JONES. Freshman Orlando. Florida JANE ELLEN JONES. Junior Ocala. Florida MARY JO JONES, Sophomore Trenton, Florida JOAN JONES, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida JULIA JONES, Freshman Miami, Florida KATHRYN JONES. Freshman Tavares, Florida LAURA JONES, Freshman Braniord, Florida SHIRLEY ANN JONES, Freshman Oviedo. Florida SANDRA JONES, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida PAT JONES, Junior Wildwood, Florida Page 117 UNDERGRADUATES WILLIAM JONES. Special Student Tallahassee. Florida JEAN JORDAN. Sophomore Leary. Georgia JAMES JULIAN. Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida SANDY INGRAM. Freshman Apopka. Florida GEORGE IRVIN. Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida CAROL IRWIN. Junior Jacksonville, Florida DORIS ISHIE. Junior Jacksonville, Florida SHIRLEY ISON, Sophomore Orlando, Florida JULIA IVES, Freshman Lake Worth, Florida JACK KULZER, Junior Ormond Beach, Florida RUTH ELLEN KUKURA, Junior DeLand, Florida ELLEN KIURU, Junior West Palm Beach. Florida BEVERLY KUIKEN, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida JAMES KUHN, Freshman Boyd. Florida NANCY KOHLER. Sophomore New Port Richey. Florida BARBARA KOESBY. Sophomore Miami, Florida ELYNOR KOERBER. Freshman DeFuniak Springs. Florida PAT KNOWLES. Freshman Orlando, Florida LARRY KNOWLES, Junior Dothan, Alabama CLARENCE B. KNAPP, JR., Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida JEANIE KITCHENS, Freshman Coral Gables, Florida CAROL KISSLING, Sophomore Atlantic Beach, Florida WILLIAM KIRKLAND, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida SUSAN KIRKCONNELL, Freshman Sarasota, Florida GRETCHEN KIRCHOFF, Sophomore Sanford. Florida HATTIE NAN KINSEY. Freshman Decamaguey. Cuba KAREN KIMPEL. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida PAT KING. Freshman Dade City. Florida MARY ELIZABETH KING. Sophomore Miami. Florida MARTHA E. KING, Junior Milton, Florida MARGARET KING, Sophomore Point Orange, Florida BETTY ANN KING. Sophomore Tampa, Florida Page 118 UNDERGRADUATES ALEYNE KING. Sophomore Tampa. Florida ANNETTE KIRKLAND. Freshman Bonifay. Florida MAX KILBOURN, Sophomore Carrabelle. Florida PIERRE KILBOURN. Sophomore Carrabelle. Florida KATIE KILBOURN. Sophomore Pt. Washington. Florida BARBARA KEESLER. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida GRETCHEN KERR. Sophomore Dunedin. Florida KARLIN KENT. Junior Columbus. Mississippi SANDRA L. KENDRICK, Junior Jupiter, Florida GRETCHEN KELLY, Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida MARY ANNA KELLY, Freshman Mt. Dora. Florida PHYLLIS KEITH. Sophomore Miami. Florida ANN KELLY. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida NELLA KELLY. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida CAROL KEELS. Freshman Miami, Florida JIM KAUFFMAN, Sophomore Lexington, Kentucky DOROTHY KAUFMANN, Sophomore Miami, Florida MARGUERITE KATSCH, Sophomore Miami, Florida JANICE KAMINIS, Freshman Tampa, Florida JOSEPH J. KAIRIS, Junior Tallahassee, Florida LINA LAMAR, Sophomore Denton, North Carolina JO ANNE LAMBERT, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida PHYLLIS, LANGFORD, Sophomore Frostproof, Florida LIZ LAUDER. Freshman Tallahassee, Florida CAROL LANDRY, Freshman Ft. Lauderdale, Florida JOYCE LANSDELL, Special Student Brooklyn, New York GLORIA LAUTZ, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida NORMA LAPINSKI, Sophomore Winter Park, Florida JAMES LARKIN, Graduate Student Washington, North Carolina AL LARSON. Sophomore Panama City, Florida GRETTA LARSON, Junior Bowling Green, Florida SHIRLEY LARSON, Junior Pensacola, Florida Page 119 UNDERGRADUATES ALBERT LATINA. Freshman Plant City. Florida BEVERLY LAURANT, Freshman Bartow, Florida MYRA ANNE LAY, Freshman Miami, Florida LYLE LAZE AR, Junior Eustis, Florida BENNIE LEE, Freshman Cocoa, Florida BETTY LEE, Junior Scotch Plains, New Jersey PIERCE LEHMBECK, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida GERALDINE LEHNER, Sophomore Miami, Florida ANN LEINHART, Freshman Oviedo, Florida BARBARA LESTER, Junior St. Petersburg. Florida DON R. LEWIS, Freshman Daytona Beach, Florida BARBARA LEWIS, Junior Jacksonville, Florida JANE LEWIS, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida JOHN LEWIS, Freshman Miami, Florida LORETTA LEWIS, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida ANTHONY LEONE, Freshman Ft. Myers, Florida JANE LEONE. Freshman Ft. Myers. Florida ANN LEOPARD, Freshman Auburndale, Florida ANNAH LEQUESNE, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida SUANNE LETT, Sophomore Montgomery, Alabama JEAN LEVENSON, Freshman Sarasota, Florida ROBERT L. LEWITT. JR.. Freshman Miami. Florida SUZANE LINEBAUGH. Junior Tampa, Florida KATHERINE LINDLEY, Sophomore Coral Gables, Florida MELITA LIGHTSEY, Sophomore Okeechobee, Florida LEE LIMING, Special Student Orlando, Florida ANN LINTHICUM, Freshman Hollywood, Florida GARRY LIPE, Sophomore Daytona Beach, Florida MARY LISTON, Sophomore Leesburg, Florida BARBARA JEAN LITTLE, Freshman Tampa, Florida JOHN A. LITTLE, Junior Belle Glade, Florida MARY LOCKLIN, Sophomore Milton, Florida Page 120 UNDERGRADUATES SYLVIA LOCKLIN. Sophomore Milton. Florida HOWARD LOGUE. Junior West Palm Beach, Florida CONSTANCE LONG. Junior St. Petersburg, Florida ELIZABETH LONG. Freshman Miami, Florida EVELYN LORRIER. Junior St. Petersburg, Florida ADRIAN LOVELL, Freshman Tampa, Florida MARA F. LOVETT, Freshman Ocala, Florida ALICE LUCAS, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida DICK LUCAS, Sophomore Hollywood, Florida JOHN LUKE Miami, Florida CLARENCE LUNDBERG, Sophomore Rockford. Illinois BETTYE LYNCH. Freshman New Smyrna Beach, Florida TENILLA LYRES, Junior Tampa, Florida FRANCES LYON. Freshman Sanford. Florida DALE MacCARTEE. Sophomore Tampa, Florida CAROLE MacCORY, Sophomore Miami Shores, Florida SANDRA MacDONALD, Freshman Miami Beach, Florida JEAN MacDONNA, Sophomore North Miami, Florida PAT MacFARLAN, Freshman Miami, Florida JOHN MacGOWAN, Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida BARBARA McCARTER. Sophomore St. Augustine. Florida RENA McBRIDE. Sophomore St. Andrew, Florida BARBARA McCARTNEY, Freshman Tampa, Florida SAM McCLAIN, Sophomore Quincy, Florida VIRGINIA McCLURE, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida ANN McCONNELL, Freshman Tampa, Florida JULIA McCOY, Sophomore Danville, Florida RAYMOND McCOY. Freshman Seffner. Florida CAROL McDANIEL, Freshman Miami, Florida JIMMY McDANIEL, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida NEAL McDANIEL, Freshman Eagle Lake, Florida ALICE McDONALD, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida I ii Page 121 UNDERGRADUATES BETH McDONALD. Freshman Blountstown. Florida LALA McDONALD, Freshman Quitman, Georgia NELLIE McDONALD, Freshman Bonifay, Florida BILLIE J. McFEE, Freshman Delray Beach, Florida LOIS McGILLIVRAY, Freshman Lakeland, Florida MARTHA McGINNES, Freshman Plant City, Florida SHEILA McGINTY, Sophomore Mimai, Florida T. JAMES McGONIGAL, Freshman Kissimmee, Florida BETTY ANN McGOWAN, Freshman Scarsdale, New York ELEANOR McINTOSH, Sophomore St. Petersburg, Florida JOAN McINTOSH, Junior Graceville, Florida ANN McKEE, Sophomore Miami, Florida BILL McKEMIE, Freshman Tampa, Florida TOM McKENZIE, Sophomore Dania. Florida SARAH ALICE McKETHAN, Freshman Brooksville, Florida JO ELLEN McKNIGHT, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida HELEN McLIN. Sophomore Miami, Florida SARAH E. McLAUGHLIN, Freshman Plant City, Florida MARGARET McLEAN, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida JEANETTE McLENDON, Sophomore Orlando, Florida MARY McLEOD, Junior Jasper, Florida LAURA McLEOD, Sophomore Greenville, Florida JUNE McMANUS, Sophomore Clearwater, Florida IRIS McMULLEN, Sophomore Madison, Florida FRED W. McN AIR, Junior Tallahassee, Florida SALLY McNUTT, Sophomore Clearwater, Florida CRYSTAL McRAE, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida JOYCE McRAE, Freshman Miami, Florida AUDREY MADALA, Sophomore Miami, Florida JAMES T. MAHER, Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida EVELYN MAHON, Sophomore Ochopee, Florida JUDY MARKHAM, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida Page 122 UNDERGRADUATES MARTHA MALCOLM, Junior Tampa. Florida MARGARET MALLOY. Junior Sanford. Florida SARAH MALPAS. Freshman Crawfordville, Florida RUTH ANN MANUEL. Junior Tallahassee. Florida HARRIS MALPOLES. Freshman Milton. Florida BARBARA MAPPIN. Freshman Miami, Florida MARY ALICE MARANVILLE. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida SONYA MARCELLINO, Junior Delray Beach, Florida PATTY MARLEY, Freshman Bradenton, Florida ANNE MARSH, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida MARGARET MARSH, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida DURFFEE MARSHALL, Freshman Eustis, Florida EDYTHE MARSHALL, Freshman Arlington, Virginia ETTA K. MARTIN, Freshman Port St. Joe, Florida CORINNE MASON, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida MARILYN MASON, Freshman Clearwater, Florida NORMAN MASSIE, Junior Clearwater, Florida HERSCHELL MATHIS, Junior Jacksonville, Florida BOB MATHEWS, Freshman Decatur, Georgia ANN MATNEY, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida CHARLES MATTHEWS, Junior Westville, Florida DOROTHY MATTHEWS, Sophomore Apalachicola, Florida ALFRED MATTMAN, Freshman Sarasota, Florida JOSEPH MATTMAN, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida CYNTHIA MAXON, Freshman St. Andrew. Florida ELIZABETH MAXWELL. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida SUEANNE MAXWELL. Freshman Orlando. Florida WILLIAM MAXWELL, Graduate Student Tallahassee, Florida BETTY MAY, Sophomore Winter Haven, Florida ANN MAYFIELD, Freshman Wewahitchka, Florida SANDRA MAYS, Freshman Plant City, Florida MARY MARGARET MEADOWS, Freshman Holly Hill, Florida Page 123 UNDERGRADUATES k . MARY MEEKS. Sophomore Bradenton. Florida CAROL MEMBERT. Sophomore Sarasota. Florida BETTY MERSHON. Freshman Coral Gables, Florida NANCY MERSHON. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida GORDON MERIMS. Freshman Jackson Heights, New York SARA MERO, Freshman Daytona Beach. Florida GAIL MERTHE, Freshman Daytona Beach, Florida SHIRLEY METZ. Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida PAT MIDDLETON, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida DAVID MIKELL, Freshman Delray Beach, Florida MONA G. MILES, Freshman Plant City, Florida SHIRLEY MILLER. Freshman Hollywood. Florida GRACE MILITELLO, Freshman St. Augustine. Florida BARBARA MILLER. Sophomore Bonifay. Florida MARILY MILLER, Freshman Eustis, Florida PAT MILLER, Junior Fort Walton, Florida MIRIAM MILLER, Freshman Monticello, Florida JEWELL MILLING, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida JANE MOBLEY, Sophomore Miami, Florida MARY JOYCE MORAN, Freshman Tampa. Florida SARAH MONROE. Freshman Tallahasee. Florida CARMINE MONTELEONE. Freshman Jersey City. New Jersey MARJORIE MORELAND. Freshman Havana. Florida SALLY MORGAN. Freshman Titusville. Florida 1 SHIRLEY MORGAN, Sophomore Tampa, Florida SHIRLEY MORING, Freshman Bronson, Florida J. ROBERT MORRELL, Junior Avon, New Jersey DAVID MORRIS, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida JAN MORROW, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida PEGGY MORROW, Sophomore Lakeland, Florida FRANK MOODY, Sophomore Plant City, Florida COYLE MOORE, Junior Tallahassee, Florida Page 124 UNDERGRADUATES JAMES E. MOORE. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida JAMES MOORE. Freshman Tampa. Florida TONY MOORE. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida JANET MOSER. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida NANCY MULLER. Freshman Clearwater, Florida CAROLYN MULLIS. Sophomore Green Acres, Florida EDMARIE MUNIZ, Freshman Jacksonville. Florida AMANDO MURPHY, Sophomore Brewton, Alabama ROBERT MURRAH. Freshman Pelham. Georgia BOBBIE LEE MURRAY. Freshman Mayo. Florida MARILYN MURRAY. Sophomore Melbourne. Florida RUSSELL MURRAY. Freshman Melbourne. Florida LUARA MURRELL, Freshman DeLand, Florida SALLY MYERS, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida AGNES NEARING. Freshman Hastings, Florida CAROL NELSON, Freshman Panama City, Florida VIRGINIA NESMITH, Sophomore Plant City, Florida EVELYN NETTLES, Sophomore Key West, Florida JERI NEUBAUER, Freshman Sarasota, Florida JANE NEWSOME, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida COLIE NICHOLS, Sophomore Chattahoochee, Florida ELINOR NEWMAN, Freshman Fruitland Park, Florida BYRON NICHOLS, Freshman Dunnellon, Florida JAMES NEWLON, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida JOAN NICHOLAS, Freshman St. Petersburg, Florida MARIE NICHOLS, Freshman Hollywood, Florida SHIRLEY NICHOLS, Sophomore Dunnellon, Florida FANCHONE NICHOLSON, Freshman San Antonio, Florida JANE NOLAND, Junior Tampa, Florida JACK NORTON, Junior Sarasota, Florida CAROLE ANN NYDEGGER, Junior Tampa, Florida JOHN O ' BRIEN, Freshman Wayne, Michigan Page 125 UNDERGRADUATES MARLENE O ' BRIEN. Freshman Altha. Florida BEVERLY ODOM. Freshman Bartow, Florida ROSETTA ODOM. Sophomore Sarasota. Florida MIMI OGLESBY. Sophomore Tampa, Florida SHIRLEY OGRAM, Freshman Orlando. Florida CLAIRE OLIVER, Sophomore Albany, Georgia LILLIAN OLSEN, Freshman Gulfport, Florida MARY ANN O ' NEAL, Sophomore Ocala. Florida PAULA ORR. Sophomore Orlando. Florida PAUL ORT. Sophomore Clearwater. Florida PAT OTT. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida D AVIES OVERCASH, Junior Havana. Florida MARTHA OWEN. Freshman Sanford. Florida WILLA JEAN PACE. Junior Marianna. Florida BETTY PADGETT. Junior Ponce De Leon. Florida PATRICIA PAFFOON. Junior Pensacola. Florida IRVING PAGE, Freshman Warrington, Florida ANGIE PALERMO. Sophomore Tampa. Florida KATHERINE PANOS. Junior Jacksonville, Florida HELEN PASCHALL, Sophomore Bartow, Florida PATTY PASCIAK, Freshman Palmetto, Florida JALNA PARCELL, Freshman Winter Park, Florida JULIE ANN PARIZEK, Sophomore New Port Richey, Florida ELIZABETH PARKER, Freshman Mayo, Florida JANICE PARNELL, Freshman Dunedin, Florida LOU PARMELEE, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida BARBARA PARMER, Junior St. Augustine. Florida NORMA PARKER. Sophomore Mayo. Florida PEGGY PARRAMORE. Freshman Quincy. Florida CLYDE RUSS PARRISH. Sophomore Vernon. Florida ROBERT PARRISH. Junior Pensacola. Florida JANIE PASQUARELLO. Special Miami. Florida Page 126 UNDERGRADUATES BARBARA PATCHEN. Junior Clearwater. Florida FLORENCE PATE. Junior Greenville. Florida MARY LOU PATE. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida CHARLOTTE PATTEN, Sophomore Chattanooga. Tennessee PHYLLIS PATTEN. Sophomore Chattanooga. Tennessee BETTY PAULICK. Freshman Coral Gables. Florida PAT PEACE. Freshman Miami Springs. Florida FRED PEACOCK. Sophomore Panama City. Florida MARY PEACOCK. Freshman Miami, Florida CATHERINE PEAK. Sophomore Blountstown. Florida ALICE PEARSON, Freshman Holly Hill, Florida ANNETT PEEL, Freshman Chipley, Florida PAT PELLICER, Special St. Augustine, Florida CLEMENT PENNINGTON, Freshman . Tallahassee. Florida GUSSIE PEEPLES, Freshman Punta Gorda, Florida MARY PERDUE, Freshman Pensacola, Florida DIANA PEREZ, Junior Tampa, Florida BEVERLY PERKINS, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida IONE PERRY, Freshman St. Augustine, Florida JOHN A. PERRY, Junior Baldwin, New York NORMA PERRY, Sophomore Tallevast, Florida PAT PETERS, Junior Atlanta. Georgia HARRY PETRY. Sophomore Crown Point. Indiana DANIEL PETURRSON. Sophomore Reyujanik, Iceland BARBARA PHELPS, Freshman Orlando, Florida JAN PHILLIPS, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida PEGGY PHIL YAW. Freshman St. Joe. Florida ROBERT PICKERING. Sophomore Fort Myers. Florida CATHERINE PIEPER. Freshman Havana. Cuba CHARLINA PIERCE. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida IVONNE PIERCY. Freshman Panama City. Florida MARY PILCHER. Freshman Panama City. Florida Page 127 UNDERGRADUATES CAROL PINKARD. Freshman Miami. Florida BETSY PINKERTON. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida JOAN PLATT. Sophomore Pahokee. Florida JOAN PITZEN. Sophomore Clewiston. Florida CHARLET POITEVINT. Freshman Miami, Florida RITA POLAK. Freshman Miami, Florida BETTY ANN POOL. Sophomore Pompano Beach. Florida BLANCH PORTER, Freshman Tallahassee. Florida ROBERT PORTER. Sophomore Crawfordville. Florida JOYCE POTTER. Sophomore Miami. Florida BETTY POWELL, Freshman Decatur, Georgia ISAAC LOUIS POWELL. Sophomore Winter Garden, Florida STEPHANIE POWELL, Freshman Brewster, Florida LYNNE POWERS, Sophomore Dania, Florida ANN PRATT, Sophomore Parker. Florida GAIL PRESCOTT, Freshman Jacksonville. Florida VIRGINIA PREVEDAL. Freshman Lady Lake. Florida SARAH PROSSER. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida KATHLEEN PSARAS. Sophomore Tarpon Springs, Florida DICK PUCKETT, Sophomore Miami, Florida JEANETTE PUCKETT. Sophomore Perry. Florida DORIS PULLIAM, Freshman Pinetta. Florida ANN PURVIS. Sophomore Arcadia. Florida SUE PURVIS, Freshman Cornelia, Georgia GERALDINE PURYEAR, Freshman Groveland. Florida JOAN PUTNAL. Freshman Mayo. Florida ANN RABORN. Sophomore Sanford. Florida HOPE RACHELS. Freshman Defuniak Springs. Florida ARTHUR RADIN, Freshman Tampa, Florida JANIS RAINES. Freshman Greenville. South Carolina KATE RAMSEY. Freshman Blountstown, Florida DONALD RATHBUN. Freshman Fremont. Ohio Page 128 UNDERGRADUATES JUDY RAWLINGS. Freshman Miami. Florida REGNA RAY. Sophomore Perry. Florida NILES RAY. Sophomore Asheville, North Carolina JANE RA YBON. Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida JOHN REECE. Freshman Pensacola. Florida ELINOR REED. Freshman Fort Benning. Georgia PATSY REGISTER. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida JANNET REED. Sophomore Ft. Pierce. Florida MARTHA REEVES, Freshman Largo, Florida JUDITHE ANN REGLE. Freshman Clearwater. Florida REBA REHWINKLE. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida EARL REID, Freshman Tampa, Florida TED REITER, Sophomore Bradenton, Florida LAQUITA RENFROE, Junior Ormond Beach, Florida BUDDY REYNOLDS, Freshman Riviera Beach, Florida LYNELL REYNOLDS, Freshman Ocala, Florida CARLYN RHODES, Sophomore Fort Myers, Florida ROSEMARY RHYNE, Special Student Albany. Georgia DOROTHY RICE. Freshman Orlando. Florida BETTE RICHARDSON, Freshman Coral Gables. Florida ANNETTE RICHMIRE, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida DONNA RIDGE, Junior Naples, Florida ANN RIDDELL, Sophomore Fort Lauderdale, Florida ANN RILEY, Freshman Coral Gables, Florida JOAN RILEY, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida NANCY REISMILLER, Sophomore Leesburg. Florida JOANNE ROBBINS, Junior Miami, Florida ANNE ROBERTS. Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida CLYDE ROBERTS, Sophomore Lloyd. Florida FRED ROBERTS, Sophomore Fort Lauderdale, Florida BARBARA ROBERSON, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida MARGARET ROBERTS, Freshman Gotha, Florida Page 129 UNDERGRADUATES SYLVIA ROBERTS. Freshman Dinsmore. Florida LENELL ROBISON, Sophomore Tampa. Florida MARGARET ROBINSON. Freshman Jesup. Georgia NEAL ROBINSON, Sophomore Crestview. Florida PATTY ROBINSON, Sophomore Williston. Florida DELITE ROBSON. Freshman Green Cove Springs. Florida PAT ROBSON, Sophomore Pompano Beach. Florida VIRGINIA ROBSON. Freshman Miami. Florida WILLIAM ROCHE. Freshman Panama City. Florida CONNIE ROD ABAUGH. Sophomore Miami. Florida CAROL RODGERS. Sophomore Miami, Florida DORIS ROGERS. Sophomore Pensacola. Florida JUDY ROGERS. Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida HUNTER ROGERS. Freshman Miami. Florida JANE ROGERS. Sophomore Kissimmee, Florida EDITH ROGERS, Junior Miami, Florida SUE ROGERS, Special Student Clearwater, Florida IRENE RODRIGUSZ, Sophomore Tampa, Florida VALERIE ROHS, Freshman Chicago, Illinois EVELYN ROOKS, Freshman Chipley, Florida PAT ROONEY, Sophomore New York City, New York ALICE ANN ROSS, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida BETTY ROUGHTON, Junior Panama City, Florida DENNY ROURK, Freshman Orlando, Florida DIANNE ROWE, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida GENE ROWELL, Freshman Orlando, Florida EDNA RUNNELS, Sophomore Homestead, Florida JEAN RUSH, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida GORDON tUSS, Sophomore Garden, Florida JANICE RUSSELL, Freshman New Tazewell, Tennessee CUBY RYALS. Junior Jacksonville. Florida ANN RYKARD. Freshman Madison, Florida Page 130 UNDERGRADUATES NINA HYLE. Sophomore Tallahasese. Florida MARY VIRGINIA SALE. Freshman Tampa. Florida GRAY SALLA. Freshman Panama City. Florida KATHRYN SANCHEZ. Freshman Key West. Florida SANDRA LEE SANDERS. Junior Chipley. Florida CAROL SAPP. Freshman Quincy. Florida CHARLES S. SAPP, Sophomore Madison, Florida ARLENE SARGENT, Freshman Avon Park. Florida SHIRLEEN SASSER. Sophomore Tampa. Florida FRANK SATLER, Freshman Tampa, Florida CLARA SAUNDERS, Freshman Sebring, Florida JONI SAUNDERS, Freshman Sanford, Florida BARBARA SCANLON, Junior Panama City, Florida BOBBIE SCHAILEY, Freshman Miami Beach, Florida CHARLES SCARBROUGH, Sophomore Atlanta. Georgia SANDRA SCHAAL, Sophomore Ocala, Florida ALLISON SCHAAL, Freshman Ocala, Florida LOVE SCARBOROUGH, Sophomore Chattahoochee, Florida PEGGY SCHATZMAN, Freshman St. Cloud, Florida JOANNA SCHEYE, Sophomore Tampa, Florida ALFRED SCHISSLER, Junior Jacksonville, Florida JACK SCHLOSBERG, Freshman Miami Beach, Florida MARIANNE SCHMALZ, Freshman White Hall, Illinois WILLA SCHMIT, Freshman DeLand, Florida JOAN SCOTT, Junior Chattahoochee, Florida MARY SCOTT, Freshman Havana, Florida SANDRA SCOTT. Junior Tallahassee. Florida WILLARD SCOTT. Freshman Fair Haven. New York BEN B. SELF. Freshman Panama City. Florida LOU ANNE SELF. Junior Sarasota. Florida JAMES SELL. Freshman Winston Salem. North Carolina BONNIE SELLERS. Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida Page 131 UNDERGRADUATES GENE SELLERS. Junior Tallahassee, Florida JAMES SELLERS. Special Student Panama City. Florida JOHN SELLERS. Sophomore St. Augustine. Florida BERNARD L. SEWARD. Junior Tallahassee. Florida MARY JO SHAFFER, Sophomore Tampa. Florida LUANNE SHAFFER. So phomore Lakeland. Florida DOROTHY SHARITZ. Junior Miami. Florida MARTHA SHANNON. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida AUTUMN SHANNON. Sophomore Sanford. Florida SHIRLEY SHARER. Freshman Foley. Florida CHARLES SHAW. Freshman Longwood. Florida WILLETTE SHEALEY, Freshman Monticello. Florida JOAN SHEAROUSE. Freshman Orlando. Florida ALICE SHEPARD. Special Student Tampa. Florida EDNA MAE SHEPARD. Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida ELIZABETH SHEPPARD, Freshman Key West. Florida SUE SHIELDS. Freshman Ft. Meade, Florida LYNN SHIRLEY, Sophomore Pahokee, Florida SUE SHIVES, Freshman Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLOTTE SHOPE. Freshman Mobile. Alabama RUTH SHUMAN. Freshman Plant City. Florida GEORGE SIKORSKY. Graduate Student Fairfield. Connecticut JUNE SILLAY. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida BOB SIMMONS. Freshman Tylertown. Mississippi JOY SIMMONS. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida LENA SUE SIMMONS. Freshman Kissimmee. Florida MARTHA SIMMONS. Freshman Orlando. Florida MARY SIMMONS. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida RAMONA SIMMONS. Junior Fort Walton. Florida DARRELINE SIMMS. Freshman Bradenton. Florida JULIAN SIMON. Freshman Lakeland. Florida JACK SINCLAIR. Junior Lakeland. Florida Page 132 UNDERGRADUATES JACQUELYN SINGLETORY. Freshman Bristol. Florida SUZANNE SLAPPEY. Freshman Tampa. Florida PHIL SLATON. Junior Eustis. Florida ROSE SMELTZER. Freshman Vero Beach, Florida JOY SMILEY. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida CHARLES SMITH. Junior Maywood. California DAVE SMITH, Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida DIXIE SMITH. Sophomore Lake Wales. Florida LORENA SMITH. Junior Tampa. Florida MARY SMITH. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida MARY ANN SMITH, Sophomore Quincy, Florida MARY INEZ SMITH. Freshman Marianna. Florida PATRICIA SMITH. Freshman Bradenton, Florida ROD SMITH, Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida SALLY SMITH. Freshman Tampa, Florida SANDRA SMITH. Freshman Fort Lauderdale. Florida SHIRLEY SMITH, Junior Jacksonville, Florida STANLEY SMITH, Sophomore Lutz. Florida SYLVIA SMITH, Freshman Key West, Florida VIRGINIA SMITH. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida IRELLA SMOTHERS, Junior Tallahassee. Florida JANE SMYTH. Freshman Orlando. Florida ELLEN SNOW. Junior St. Petersburg. Florida MARY ANNE SNEED. Freshman Tampa. Florida MARY LOU SNOOK. Freshman Clearwater. Florida JOANNE SNOW, Freshman Marathon. Florida JAMES SNOWDEN. Freshman Titusville. Florida MARTHA JANE SNYDER, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida JIMMY SOLES, Sophomore Auburndale. Florida ENLA SOMMERFELD, Freshman Fort Lauderdale. Florida JANE SOPER, Sophomore St. Petersburg, Florida JANICE SOUTHERLAND. Junior Lakeland. Florida Page 133 UNDERGRADUATES GINGER SPARKS. Junior Fort Myers. Florida BETTY SPENCE. Sophomore Niceville, Florida MARY CAROLINE SPENCE. Sophomore Niceville. Florida BARBARA SPENCER, Freshman Pensacola. Florida PLATT SPENCER, Sophomore Port Orange. Florida JACQULINE SPIRES. Freshman Defuniak Springs. Florida MARILYN SQUIER. Junior St. Petersburg. Florida LAURA J. STABLER. Junior Atmore, Alabama JANE STAINBECK, Frenhman Jacksonville. Florida ELIZABETH STAINER. Sophomore Tampa. Florida PEGGY STALL, Junior Tampa, Florida ANNE STANLEY, Freshman Panama City, Florida JIM STAPLES, JR., Junior Fort Lauderdale, Florida LORI STAPLES, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida ELLEN STARBUCK, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida ETHEL STEADMAN, Freshman Panama City, Florida WALDA STEARNS, Freshman Atlanta, Georgia ROSEMARY STEPHENSON. Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida JOAN STECKER. Sophomore Coral Gables, Florida CAROLYN STEPHENS, Sophomore Panama City, Florida EARNEST STEVENS. Junior Birmingham, Alabama JOYCE STEVENS, Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida ERAM RUTH STEWART, Special Student Jay, Florida HAROLD STEWART, Junior Tallahassee, Florida MARGARET STEWART, Sophomore Ashburn, Georgia MARY STEWART, Freshman Panama City, Florida NANCY STECH, Sophomore Montgomery, Alabama PATSY STEWART. Freshman Lakeland. Florida BURNETTE STILWELL. JR.. Freshman Glen Falls. New York ELIZABETH STITT. Sophomore Clewiston. Florida JEANENE STOKES. Junior Auburndale, Florida SAZANE STOKES. Freshman Atlantic Beach. Florida Page 134 UNDERGRADUATES BARBARA STONE, Freshman Lake Worth. Florida MADGE STRAIN. Freshman Orlando. Florida JOAN STRICKLAND. Sophomore Marianna. Florida SUSAN STROCK. Freshman West Palm Beach. Florida AMY STROM, Freshman Panama City. Florida FRANCES STURGIS. Freshman Fort Lauderdale. Florida BETH SUGGS. Junior Avon Park. Florida ALICE SULLIVAN, Freshman Bartow. Florida BETTY SULLIVAN. Junior Lakeland. Florida JACKIE SUTOR. Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida PRISCILLA SWAIN, Sophomore St. Petersburg, Florida DELORES SYMASEK, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida CAROLE TARNOW, Freshman Tampa. Florida ENID TAYLOR. Sophomore Mims, Florida JACK B. TAYLOR. Freshman Lakeland. Florida MARIAN TAYLOR, Freshman Sarasota, Florida JEAN TEDDER, Sophomore Live Oak, Florida BOBBY TEMPLE, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida ALISON TEMPLEMAN, Freshman Atlanta, Georgia JACK TERRWILLIGER, Freshman Dade City, Florida JAMES TEW, Sophomore Deiuniak Springs, Florida CLAUDETTE THACKERSON, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida RICHARD THIERRY, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida ELIN THOMPSON, Sophomore Port Orange, Florida JEAN THOMPSON, Freshman Fernandina, Florida RAY THOMPSON. Freshman Hollywood. Florida JESSIE THORNTON. Sophomore Pensacola. Florida LOIS TICHENOR. Sophomore Miami, Florida ASTRID TINDALL, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida MARJORIE TINDALL, Sophomore Lake Wales, Florida JOHN TIPPIN, Junior Vero Beach. Florida ELIZABETH TITTERTON, Sophomore Fort Lauderdale. Florida UNDERGRADUATES CAROLYN TOMPKINS. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida SUSIE TOPE. Freshman Lakeland. Florida SARA TORNAY, Junior Miami, Florida LOIS TOURTELOT, Freshman St. Petersburg. Florida BARBARA ANN TRAYER. Junior Bristol. Virginia CONNIE TREFFINGER, Freshman Tampa. Florida BARBARA TREBBLE, Junior Wake Forest, North Carolina NORMA TRIPPODO, Sophomore Miami. Florida MARGIE TROUSDALE. Freshman Tallahassee. Florida CAROLYN TROWBRIDGE. Sophomore Largo, Florida MARCELLA TRUZZIE. Sophomore Sarasota, Florida BARBARA TUCKER, Sophomore West Palm Beach, Florida CAROL TURKNETT, Junior Jacksonville, Florida EUGENE TURANO, Junior Tallahassee. Florida LUCILLE TURNAGE. Sophomore West Palm Beach. Florida CHARLES TURNER. Freshman Bunnell. Florida MARY ANNE TURPIN, Sophomore Dania. Florida BARBARA TWIEHOUS. Freshman Key West. Florida BARBARA ULLRICH. Freshman Wachulla. Florida SARAH UMSTOT. Freshman Tampa. Florida AL VALIANI, Junior Monongahala, Pennsylvania CYNTHIA ANN VANCE. Junior Hamilton. Ohio JUNE VANCE. Freshman Sanford. Florida NANCEY VanCLEVE. Freshman Atlanta. Georgia JOYCE VASQUEZ. Sophomore Tampa. Florida VIRGINIA VAUGHN. Sophomore Miami. Florida SANDRA VEEHNAK. Freshman Gullport. Florida LOIDA VELAZQUEZ. Freshman Miami. Florida PATRICIA VINSON. Freshman Tampa, Florida DICK VICTORY, Junior Miami, Florida BARBARA VICKERS, Junior Ft. Pierce, Florida PENELOPE VINSON, Freshman Fort Valley, Georgia Page 136 UNDERGRADUATES E. VERNELL VINZANT. Sophomore Tallahassee. Florida META VIOHL. Freshman Charleston. South Carolina BARBARA WADDELL, Sophomore Vero Beach. Florida GENEVIEVE WADDELL. Sophomore Tampa. Florida KITTY WADE. Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida CHARLOTTE VENABLE. Junior Rustburg, Virginia DIANE VICKERS. Freshman Dover, Florida ANN WALL, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida PATRICIA WALLACE, Special Student Charleston, West Virginia DOROTHY WALLING. Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida BETTY WALKER, Junior Pensacola, Florida NAT R. WALKER, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida RAY WAGNER. Sophomore Fountain, Florida CHARLES WATFORD, Sophomore Greenwood, Florida SYLVIA WARREN, Freshman Wauchula, Florida DORIS WARDLAW, Junior Miami, Florida DOROTHY WALKOM. Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida FRED WALTER, Junior Lake Worth, Florida PATRICIA WOMACK, Junior Tallahassee, Florida JACK WATSON, Sophomore Cedar Key, Florida JOHN WAVE, Junior Panama City. Florida DIANE WEATHERFORD. Freshman Jacksonville, Florida CAROLYN WEBB, Freshman Miami, Florida CELESTE WEBB, Freshman Frostproof, Florida JANICE WATKINS, Freshman Gainesville, Florida MADELINE WEINBAUM, Freshman L aurelton, New York CORNELIA WEITMON, Sophomore Oviedo, Florida ELINOR WELBES, Sophomore Panama City. Florida ANN WELCH, Freshman Panama City, Florida BARBARA WELCH, Freshman Panama City, Florida RUTH WELCH, Junior Marianna. Florida CHARLES WELKER. Freshman Lake Worth. Florida Page 137 UNDERGRADUATES CAROL WELLS. Junior Jacksonville. Florida JO ALLEN WELLS. Freshman Jasper. Florida THOMASSINA WELLS. Junior Burnell, Florida EILEEN WERTS. Sophomore St. Petersburg. Florida ROSALEIND WESNER. Freshman Jacksonville. Florida PHYLLIS WESNER, Sophomore Jacksonville. Florida FLEETA WEST, Sophomore Jacksonville, Florida W. G. WEZEREK, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida W. HALL WHALEY, Sophomore Crawfordville, Florida MARY HOWARD WHEELER, Freshman Fort Myers, Florida DAVID WHIPPLE, Junior Miami, Florida CHARLES WHITE, Sophomore Pensacola, Florida HELEN WHITE, Junior Pensacola, Florida ROD WHITE, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida HARRY WHITEHURST, Freshman Brooksville, Florida SARA WHITING, Freshman Miami, Florida SHERRY WHITLEY, Freshman Panama City, Florida ADRIA ANN WHITTLE, Freshman Orlando. Florida BETTY LOU WHITTLE. Sophomore Quincy. Florida MARY WILCOX. Sophomore Riviera Beach, Florida BARBARA WILF, Junior West Palm Beach, Florida ROBERT WILKIN, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida ANN WILLIAMS, Freshman Hawthorn, Florida BETTY WILLIAMS, Freshman Tallahassee, Florida BETTY SUE WILLIAMS, Junior Cross City, Florida CHARLENE WILLIAMS, Freshman Ocala, Florida EMORY WILLIAMS, Freshman Pensacola, Florida LYNN WILLIAMS. Freshman Orlando. Florida MARY JUNE WILLIAMS. Freshman Panama City. Florida MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS, Freshman Hawthorn. Florida MARY MARGARET WILLIAMS. Sophomore Bartow. Florida MARY PAGE WILLIAMS. Sophomore Raleigh, North Carolina Page 138 UNDERGRADUATES MAYNELL WILLIAMS. Freshman Tallahassee, Florida SALLY JANE WILLIAMS. Sophomore Sebring. Florida SALLY JEAN WILLIAMS. Sophomore Dothan. Alabama JOHN WILLIAMS, Sophomore Ft. Thomas. Kentucky WALTER WILLIAMS. Junior Tallahassee. Florida JOANNE WILLIFORD, Freshman Jacksonville, Florida MARTHA WILLIS, Sophomore Oklawaha, Florida SHIRLEY WILLIS, Sophomore Tallahassee, Florida ALBERT WILSON, Junior St. Petersburg, Florida BETTY JOYCE WILSON, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida FRANCES WILSON, Freshman Canal Point, Florida IRA WILSON, Sophomore Pullman, Washington PEGGY LOUISE WILSON, Freshman Orlando, Florida NANCY WINGERTER, Freshman Miami, Florida MARIAN WINGFIELD, Freshman Yellow Springs, Ohio ESTER WINKELHAKE, Freshman Fort Lauderdale, Florida BETTY WINN, Freshman Daytona Beach, Florida HILDA WINTERDORF, Sophomore Yaloha, Florida MARCIA WISENBAKER. Sophomore Woodland Hills, California PATTI WISENER, Freshman West Palm Beach, Florida EDITH WITHERSPOON, Freshman Daytona Beach, Florida JANET WISEMAN, Freshman Kissimmee, Florida EDITH WITTY, Junior St. Petersburg. Florida JOAN WOODS, Freshman Cocoa, Florida THOMAS F. WOODS, Junior Miccosukee, Florida BETTIE JANE WOODWARD, Junior Tallahassee, Florida CAROLYN WOODWARD. Sophomore Pinetta. Florida MARGARET WOOTEN, Junior Largo. Florida PEGGY WORTH, Freshman Orlando, Florida PEGGY WRIGHT, Freshman Sanford, Florida ROBERT WRIGHT, Junior Newman, Georgia JANE WILSON, Junior Jacksonville, Florida Page 139 UNDERGRADUATES EDDIE WYCOFF. Sophomore Winter Park. Florida JUNE YATES, Junior Key West. Florida PATRICIA WYATT. Sophomore Lakeland, Florida YASUKA ZU KANEMATSU, Graduate Student Tokyo, Japan SHIRLEY YATES, Sophomore Panama City, Florida ANN YEOMAN, Junior Fort Lauderdale, Florida DOROTHY YEOMAN, Freshman Fort Lauderdale. Florida NANDINE YORK, Freshman Stuart, Florida CAROL YOUD, Freshman Warrington, Florida DOROTHY YOUNG, Junior Coral Gables, Florida MARGARET YOUNG, Junior St. Augustine, Florida PATRICIA ZECH, Freshman Miami, Florida DOLORES ZEILER, Freshman Pensacola. Florida WINONA ZIEL, Freshman Santa Rosa, Florida JOHN ZILLES, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida BETTY ZIMMERMAN, Freshman Tifton, Georgia JOAN ZORBAUGH, Freshman Miami, Florida LAWRENCE ZUBER, Sophomore Sarasota, Florida Page 140 I f " ACTIVITIES President of Student Government, Peter Nimkofi. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Floridas State ' s Student Government is founded principally upon the same fundamentals as those of the state and nation. A Constitution created by the students provides for a separation of powers. Positions in the three branches of government are filled through election by the student body, appointment by the student president with senatorial approval, or voluntary action by the individual student. By enrolling at Florida State the student automatically be- comes a part of the Student Government. Whether or not he take an active part in its conduct is a matter of choice. The Executive Branch is comprised of the President, three Vice Presidents, and the Cabinet: Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Elections, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Honor, Secretary of Forums, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Organizations, and Secretary of Recreation. The legislative powers of the government rest in the Senate. Three men and three women from each class are elected to meet weekly. The three Vice Presi- dents act as chairmen during respective meetings of the three Senate sessions: Men ' s, Women ' s, and the two combined into the University Senate. Vice President of Student Government. Coyle Moore Vice President oi Women ' s Affairs. Joan Tavel Vice President of Men ' s Affairs. Gordon Gaster i m m i , Presidential Cabinet. Seated: Phoebe Jackson, Peter Nimkoff. Betty Jo Grubbs. Standing: Vern Williams, Charles Chester, Graham Carouthers, Betty Ann Monroe, Peggy Bobbitt, Pat Thorton, Dave Kennedy, Don Teal. Page 145 University Senate. Seated at desk: Coyle Moore. Mary Grace Shoemaker. First Row: Jim Moore. Gordon Gaster. Jo Jones. Polly Atwater. Petey Dunn. Bill Stancik. Ken Gatlin. Joan Tavel, Jim Soles. Joan Halford. Second row: Bill Swigert, Fred Mansfield. Ron- nie Blue. Hank McCann, Margaret Ann Bollinger. Liz Cerny, Francis Helms. Jim Joanos. Ikey Arnold. Last row: Nancy Vaughn, Lil Avis. Bill Wagner. Bob Temple. Students may confer with their senators as to what they want and don ' t want passed. " See your Senator! " was obviously the practice of many students during the ' 54- ' 55 school session. Many student benefits were put into operation. A statement and explanation concerning the student activities budget was made. Traffic fines were revised and additional parking areas provided to reduce traffic congestion on campus. Student insurance was inaugurated; and a printing press for student use was purchased. Increasing school spirit and University prestige was one of the major contributions of this year ' s Senate. Buses were chartered for athletic events away from Tallahassee. Letters reguesting egual distribution among the three state colleges of athletic scholarship money obtained from the race tracks were sent to the Board of Control. Such efforts were freguent in an attempt to advance student welfare. Secretary of Senate. Mary Grace Shoemaker Page 146 Chief Justice oi Honor Court, Jerry Meyer HONOR COURT The University Judicial System is divided into several courts. Highest of these is the University Court com- posed of eight elected members and a Chief Justice. This court has jurisdiction over violations of the Honor Code, constitutionality, and appeals from Judicial Courts. The Judicial Court is separated into two units, one for men and one for women. Meeting independ- ently, except in the instance of a joint case, the courts handle appeals from dormitory House Councils and guestions not delegated elsewhere. The newly formed Traffic Court deals with all traffic and parking viola- tions involving student cars. Members of all courts are elected by the student body. Their jurisdiction and procedure is set in the Constitu- tion of the student body. All cases are tried and de- cisions made by the students with recommendations and approvals given by a Faculty Review Committee appointed by the President of the University. Honor Court. Anne Futch, Cecilia Franklin, George Martin, Sara Whitehead, Jerry Meyer, Pat Dekle, Joe Harris, Barbara Graham, Warren Cobb. University Court Chairman, Dot Cooke Finklea Women ' s Judiciary. Seated: Beatrice Smith. Beachie Bunting, Dot Cooke Finklea. Sylvia Britt, Jean Carr. Jo Carol Law. Harriet Ramsey. Ann Stone. Greta Sims. Ina Jean Pruitt. Page 148 Men ' s Judiciary. Seated: Jim Moore, Harvey Hall, Bob Elting, chairman; Harold Stewart. Standing: Jim Fadigan, George Cams, Don Aliord, Tom Lewis, Jim Bishop. Traffic Court. Carolyn Redfern, Bob Porter, Jane Wardlaw, chairman. Page 149 CIRCUS The sight of a girl hanging by her teeth high off the ground would stir a few laughs on most college campuses, but not among the students at Florida State. It ' s just that she ' s " circus. " It ' s not the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey kind of circus, however. Our girl is a soph- omore out for a university education who has elected Physical Education 119 for this semester. Students at FSU are proud of their Circus Activities course, but they don ' t find anything particularly unusual about it any more; it has been a part of school life for the last eight years. A girl in a T-shirt and shorts practicing a double- knee hangover at the practice area or a boy in an iron- jaw spin is just as familiar to their classmates as a member of the track team jogging around campus or a girl rising to answer a teacher ' s guestion in a geography class. Every stunt and act executed by FSU ' s student per- formers is on a par with the professional " Big Top, " from the daring trapeze and high-wire acts, to the crazy antics of the clowns. And each act comes under the professional guidance of Coach Glenn " Jack " Haskin and his assist- ant, Jim DeCosmo. Coach Haskin began the first circus activities class in ' 47, and since then over eight hundred boys and girls have participated in it. Coaches Jack Haskin and Jim DeCosmo. THE FLYING DECOSMOS . . . AERIALISTS EXTRAORDINARY! — Crowds that flock to see the fabulous FSU Circus marvel at the grace, agility and precision of this troupe of high-wire daredevils. Ronnie Skelton awaits his turn as catcher John Mabee receives Sandy Sanderson from the flying trapeze. Ann Callahan and Gail Hanshaw on the platform complete the quintet. Page 150 Jane Sisson does the INVERTED ANKLE SPIN high above the ground. ABOVE. BIGHT— THE BREAKAWAY TRIO ... Sue Herndon. Dutch Martin and Gale Porter. LEFT — Got strong toes and lots of nerve? Ann Callahan can give you a few easy lessons in the TOE HANG. BELOW— Miss Chris Ginocchio on the AERIAL LADDER. " Flying High " goes on tour each year to many cities all over the Southeast, from Tennessee to South Florida, and returns to Tallahassee in early May for its biggest performance before the student body. Outstanding performers don ' t wear the school letter on their sweaters. Circus is an " activity, " not a " sport, " like football or track, but they are awarded two- and four-year medals instead. The thrill of the Big Top effects every student at FSU sooner or later — the lure of " The Circus — The Mighty Show. " Circus is always in season at Florida State University! Pretty Sandra Weaver on the SPANISH WEB • U.., 4 Try this one before breakfast! THE IRON JAW TRIO. Rod Smith, Marlene Pittman and Eleanor Long, make it look easy. " mf Gail Hanshaw, Eddie Wycoff and Charlie Matthews go through a series of AERIAL DISLOCATIONS. Beauty and muscular agility mix well in the QUARTETTE ADAGIO act. Petite Janet Johnson with her partners Nat Copenhaver, Tommy Waits and Bm ©urharr THE BUDDA . . . Frankie Harrison. Gale Porter. Dutch Martin and Kent Schroeder. THE IMPERIAL FOUR . . . pretty Gail Hanshaw on the shoulders of Eddie Wycoff while partners Charlie Matthews and Jim Holt lend a hand. LEFT — HIGH WIRE PRECISION ... La Vetra Armstrong and Gene Hill in a display of balance and skill on the high wire. RIGHT — lanet Graii adds a bit of Black Magic to a High-wire act. BELOW — Two sets of twins and BICYCLES BUILT FOR THREE. On the left Charlotte and Phyllis Patten with George Hill; and on the right Mary and Vicki Walter with Bill Wezrek. MAGNOLIA HALL First Row: Jack Lang, Governor; Mike Hillegas. Lt. Governor. Second Row: Larry Moore. Russ Parrish. Bob Butcher. DORM WEST HALL Bob Pope; Rene Davis, Lt. Governor; Buddy Bearden; Nick Harrington, Governor. Not Pictured: Shelby Brewer. Page 156 GOV ' T SENIOR HALL Don Powell; George Goldstein; Al Mattman; Leslie Hagadorn. Lieutenant Governor; Bob Crenshaw, Governor. NORTH CAWTHORN First Row: Marjorie McCreight; Dorothy Zubrod, Vice President; Winifred Alman, President; Evelyn Noll, Vice President; Peggy Workman. Second Row: Carolyn Redfern; Gretchen Kerr; Polly Swain. Page 157 DORM LANDIS HALL First Row: Betty Beneke. Vice Presi- dent; Cinnie Brown, President; Mar- garet Sheppard. Vice President. Second Row: Lynn Goode. Addie Summer. Margaret King, Mary Ann Howes. SOUTH CAWTHORN Dot Sharitz; Gretta Larsen. Vice President; Dot Dekle, President; Maxine McGill; Mary Lou Campbell. Nancy Rismlller, Vict President; Ferrell DeWHt. Page 158 BP ™ ■MHMMMMIPIMMl GOV ' T FLORIDA HALL First Row: Barbara Rynski; Barbara Wilf; June Watson; Joan Medlin. Second Row: Nancy Johnson; Virginia Nesmith, Vice President; Gloria Lantz, President; Anne Hodges, Vice President; Norma Bolton; Margie Bell; Earlece Ford. Page 159 REYNOLDS HALL Seated: Shirley Dallas; Lorraine Griffith; Ellen Campbell. Second Row: Helen Nemeth; Jeanene Stokes, President; Patricia Perez. Vice President; Jenny Lu Kent, Vice President. DORM BRYAN HALL First Row: Ester Winkelhake; Imogene Williams; Mary Catherine Freeman. President; Janet Reed. Vice President; Jean Morgan. Vice President; Claudia Walker. Second Row: Ann Callahan; Bebe Bisbee. Page 160 GOV ' T JENNIE MURPHREE Seated: Irene Crews. Vice President; Barbara Cooper, President; Donna Ridge. Vice President. Standing: Harriet Lowe; Pat Miller; Martha King; Mary Burkholder. BROWARD HALL First Row: Norma Cosby; Nancy Vaughn; Betty Gooch. Second Row: Barbara Bachman; Louise Hoyer; Esther Jones; Pat Jones. Vice President; Joan Johansen, President; Ann Yeoman, Vice President. Page 161 ARTIST The 1955 Artist Series brought several out- standing and unusual features to Florida State University ' s Campus. Included in the varied program were the Ballet Theatre, the Columbus Boychoir, the Dublin Players, Yma Sumac, Tommy Dorsey, and the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Ballet Theatre principles Nora Kaye and Igor Youskevitch. These artists, chosen by a committee composed of faculty and student body members, were received by all with interest and enthusiasm. Yma Sumac — called vocal phenomeon of the century. Page 162 SERIES The Dublin Players in a scene from " The Far Off Hills. ' Those Fabulous Dorseys " — Tommy and Jimmy. Progressive jazz stylists The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Page 163 THE CRUCIBLE. SPEECH PRODUCTIONS There is a twofold purpose in the dramatic productions of the Florida State University of Speech. First, to entertain the audi- ence with high caliber performances of classical and contem- porary plany. Second, to provide a laboratory experience for those studens who are interested in drama and who are willing to devote the necessary time. Students from all divisions of the University take part in the productions. Under the able directorship of Dr. Lynn E. Orr and Dr. Paul W. Davee the Department of Speech provided a well rounded dramatic season. This year ' s program featured Charlie ' s Aunt by Brandon Thomas, The Beautiful People by William Saroyan, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and The Cocktail Party by T. S. Eliot. Page 164 mwm M CHARLIE ' S AUNT. EB THOMAS IN CHARLIE ' S AUNT. Page 165 ■■BBS KittlgWj W hS 1 y A,- in THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. SPEECH PRODUCTIONS Page 166 CINDERELLA. CINDERELLA. Page 167 SPEECH Dr. Gregg Phifer lectures to the Debate Squad on the techniques. Every Tuesday night at seven, the Florida State Debate Squad can be found in 222 History. Here student orators gather to learn the princi- ples of debating and public speaking. Amid much sound and fury and under the able guid- ence of debate coach Dr. Gregg Phifer and his assistant Miss Betty Flory, the team was forged into a formidable competitor. The first competitive event was the Alabama Discussion Conference where Beverly Duper- rouzel won an Excellent rating. Next on the agenda was the University of Florida Invita- tional, followed by the All-Southern Debate Tournament held near Atlanta where Margaret Malloy and Arnold Greenfield finished third on the Affirmative team. The West Georgia Tournament, where Bruce Fletcher and Fred Roberts placed third, was followed by the Emory Novice Tournament at Emory University. Fred Roberts, like all successful debaters spends long hours at research in the library. Page 168 FORENSICS Beverly Duperrouzel. Bruce Fletcher, Norma Trippdo and Herb Lacayo debate the national collegiate topic, " Resolved that the United States should extend diplomatic recognition to Communist China. " In the Gulf State Speech Festival at Hatties- burg, Mississippi, Tom Woods placed first in After Dinner Speaking and FSCJ received a Superior Rating in Debate Oratory, After Din- ner Speaking, and Oral Interpretation. The final trip aside from nationals, found Fletcher and Roberts going undefeated at the Azalea Tournament in Mobile, Alabama. The sixth annual FSU Invitational found the local debat- ers finishing second behind the University of Miami. Woods and Duperrouzel received Su- perior ratings in Debate, Nimkoff tied for second in Impromptu, and Danny Morris received an Excellent rating in After Dinner Speaking. The Debate Team attended the national Tau Kappa Alpha tournament at Athens, Ohio, and the Southern Speech Association Convention at Memphis, Tennessee. All in all, it was a very eventful year. Margaret Malloy and Arnold Greenfield hold the " Holy Grail " of all debaters — the cup for the tournament championship. Page 169 GYMKANA Right: Faye Anthony, Miss Gymkana of 1955. ac- cepts her trophy and scepter from Anita Wall, Miss Gymkana of 1954. Left: Joe Taylor performs on the parallel bars. GYMKANA Right: The Tallahassee Tumbling Tots delight the audience with their well practiced act. Left: Rafael Lecuoner, Joe Taylor, and Jamille Ashmore show their prowess on the side horse. CAROUSEL Packed four nights running! Standing room at a premium! Yes, Rogers and Hammerstein ' s light opera " Carousel " was certainly a smashing success as put on by the Light Opera Guild of the School of Music here at Florida State University. Friday thru Tuesday, we saw the product of many days, weeks, and even months of hard work and careful planning. Miss Grimm and Dr. Briggs, both of the School of Music, worked with an all student cast to give us this production full of fine music and gay dancing. To see the seemingly spontaneous expression of happiness in the dancing, one would never guess that Frances Bailey Stokes worked out the Chore- ography down to the last detail. With backdrop and costumes from Boston, the student cast was able to give a fine performance. All in all, " Carousel " is sure to be remembered by all of us for a long time. The stars: Delano Driver and John Ziles. The entire cast on stage. THEATRE DANCE The Park Scene. L. to R.: Betsy Pinkerton. Betty Ann Ray. Peggy Debolt Maxine Fletcher. Not In Our Stars. L. to R.: Ed Frank- lin. Betty Gooch. Don Randall. Women. L. to R.: Joan Blanton, Louree Coker, Jim Fadigen. Libby Fergeson, Julia Jones, Susan Ball. Joan Cassidy. Lou Bain. Tommy Stanley. . " •:■■ .. COMMUNICATIONS Editor-in-Chief, Tom Woods, in unusual pose, (smiling) TALLY-HO Sports Editor and Spring Managing Editor. Jim Broderick, ponders over layout problem. Working on a yearbook is a heartbreaking job. At the beginning there are many beautiful ideas about what the book should be. At the end there is nothing but a long sigh of relief that the job is finally done. This year, the staff was small and inexperienced, but hard work made up for much of the inadeguate training. This was a year revolution for the Tally Ho. A student photographic staff was added which shot most of the pictures, a new look was given to the Beauties section, and a different style of photography graced the division pages. It is difficult, however, to break with tradition re- gardless of how badly tradition needs to be broken, and all of our ideas did not reach fulfillment. In the face of this year ' s many problems, there were brighter moments. Con Horn ' s wit made us laugh when things were darkest. Mr. Glenn Hobgood of Rose Printing gave us much needed advice and technical assistance. Mr. Fred Vogel contributed the complete services of the Student Activities Office. There were also a number of others whose names do not appear on the roster that contributed much time and service. We feel that there are good and bad features to this book; we hope that the good outweighs the bad. S Fall Managing Editor. Fred Herold. turns a critical eye to photographs. Photo-Lab Technician, Ray Singer, filters light for an enlarging. Head Photographer, Tom Castiglia, coaxes a subject into a cheerful pose. Art Editor and Copywriter, Con Horn, goes over layout with Layout Editor, June Anderson. Copywriter and Retrospect Editor, Dick Victor (left). admires " Beauty " pictures with Al Shuter, Features Editor. Paga 177 Fraternity Editors. Nancy Graham and Diane Weatheriord. mull over " Greek " copy. Industrious Activities Editor. Carol Landry, labors over Student Government section. Administration Editors. Lois Buchholtz and Gail Bitting. type copy. Page 178 EDITORIAL STAFF Tom Woods. Editor Fred Herold. Managing Editor (fall) Jim Broderick, Managing Editor (spring) and Sports Editor Con Horn. Art Editor June Anderson. Layout Editor Mickey Cole. Assistant to the Editor SECTION EDITORS Carol Landry, Activities Editor Judy Hargrove, Schools Editor Lois Buchholtz and Gail Bitting. Administration Editors Patsy Stewart and Mickey Cole. Senior Editors Russell Alderman. Undergraduate Editor Dot Young and Wilma Fagen. Organizations Editors Jim Broderick. Sports Editor Mary Liz King and Barbara Hughes. Sorority Editors Diane Weatherford and Nancy Graham. Fraternity Editors Al Shuler, Features Editor Dick Victory. Retrospect Editor BUSINESS STAFF Rick Hubert. Business Manager PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Tom Castiglia. Chief Photographer (fall) Bob Simmons. Chief Photographer (spring) Bob Markey, Associate Photographer Ray Singer Kane Xuto Neal Robinson Tommy Lewis Photographic Assistants Schools Editor. Judy Hargrove, and Senior Class Editors, Mickey Cole and Patsy Stewart, go through the old pictures file. Assistant Organizations Editor, Wilma Fagan, pounds out copy. Exchange Editor. Blanch Alligood, is snowed under with yearbooks. Undergrad Editor, Russel Alderman, checks on information. Page 179 THE FLAMBEAU Back before Galphin when the girls were here, the Flambeau was pretty much a family affair. Everybody knew everybody else, and you looked each time to see who had gotten their names in the paper. It was as familiar as the milk delivery — the " news " was supplied by publicity releases and the editorial page consisted mainly of gossip, poems on nature, and a few scholarly dissertations on school spirit or cheating which were looked upon with charitable tolerance. Aside from that, the paper was like a returned laundry slip — you checked to see that everything was " all right, " that there was no mistakes, and that is wasn ' t different from last time. You could depend on the Flambeau, at least for consistency, and the lack of originality was balanced by the warm assurance of familiarity. Advertising Manager Mary Liz King solicits ads ior the Flambeau and arranges their lay-out before the dummy is submitted to the editors. Second in command is Orchard Alonso. the Managing Edi- tor, who handles the make-up and writes headlines in addi- tion to a weekly column. Page 180 News Edi tor Jayleen Robertson is responsible for all news other than sports. She makes assignments for reporters and photographers and later edits all copy for style and content. Joyce Potter served as Feature Editor first semester, handled movie news, human interest stories, features. Editor-in-Chief Bob Folsom goes over a copy of the paper with a critical eye. Duties of the junior staff include reporting, proof-reading. rewriting, running errands, changing ribbons, and sharpening pencils. Pictured here (1. to r.) are Irma Cox (Asst. Business Manager). Marty Reeves, Jerome lernstein, Anne Stanley. Co-editors Jimmy Joanos and Dick Victory (1. to r.) alternated in bringing out the sports page, assisted by reporter and columnist Dave Morris. It isn ' t like that any more. Editor Bob Folsom has broadened the scope of the Flambeau. Current, cosmopolitan, and controversial, the editorial page no longer diffuses shop-worn morality or prim pedantry; it is an exercise in critical thinking. The huge Homecoming edition, featuring southern collegiate editors ' opinions for and against segregation, was the intellectual highlight of the year. Featured along with views of national and campus life are Herblock ' s cartoons, literary sketches, entertainment and political columns, and the ever popular Little Man on Campus. This year the Flambeau improved its make-up, adopted a policy of non-party affiliation, and added the works of Max Schulman. Spring brings dreams of glory, and the staff looks forward to an expanded Flambeau, with more issues, more copies, and more readers. Page 182 Editorial policy is determined by the vote of the senior staff. Part of this staff includes (1. to r.) Copy Editors Pat Marston and Willie Smith, Asst. News Editor Martin Dyckman. Amuse- ment Editor David Dreis. and Asst. News Editor Oscar Johnson. Photographer Laird Anderson is also a member of this staff. Columns may be written weekly for the Flambeau by " outsiders. " but mostly staff members double up chores and submit columns. Pictured above are David Dreis (Etcetera Etchings), sitting, surrounded by (1. to r.) Dick Victory (People I Knew), Oscar Johnson (Reflections), Martin Dyckman (The Dissenter). Jerome Bernstein, (A Better Measure). Page 183 September, 1954: All over the nation, college humor magazines were folding. Indignant and vigilant administrations took a dim view of the emphasis on " sex, vulgarity, cheating, drinking, and general all-round filth, " and neatly amputated budgets. Grim students accepted defeat without a fight and resolved to live up to the low opinions of their betters. Gone were the days of COLLEGE HUMOR; forgotten were the immortal names — Fitz- gerald, Thur ber, Arno, Schulman. . . . Even here in Tallahassee, it looked bad for the SMOKE SIGNALS. Unless a change were made, there would be a foreclosure and carefree students would be left out in the cold. Editor Bob Rice rallied his men (and women) around him and accepted the challenge to produce a sophisticated maga- zine, one that would satisfy young and old alike. Fall editor Bob Rice fights off rigor-mortis by calling out for hamburgers as he waits for eager contributors to storm office with jokes, cartoons, money. Business manager Nan Hillman augments monthly sal- ary by juggling books, embezzling subscription funds, appropriating contest money. (L. to R.) Dick Victory and Con Horn look on skeptically as editor Heidel tries to help budding artist Marcello Truzzi. Page 184 Caught in a rare moment oi har mony. SMOKE SIGNALS editors ponder forth- coming issue. Nan Hillman steps out of role as Business Manager to criticize art work as Joke editor Margie Hunter, Sally Ann Davenport (back row). Ex- change editor Blanche Alligood, Bob Rice, and satisfied Don Heidel pose thoughtfully. Humor staffers (1. to r.) Con Horn, Dick Victory, and Humor Editor Marcello Truzzi while away the hours exchang- ing witticisms as they await inspiration and the next mail ' s shipment of collegi- ate humor magazines. It was a difficult task. First of all, some things has to go — the corny jokes, the crude cartoons, the repetitious stories, all the old stand-bys. To satisfy the administration, these were eliminated and more student work was encouraged. To satisfy the editor and his Spring successor, Don Heidel, stories were made funny, cartoons subtle, art work more polished, lay-out neat and eye-catching. All in all, it resulted in a better SMOKE SIGNALS, one that could be pointed to in pride instead of being hidden in the bottom of a drawer or suitcase. " Make it a poor-man ' s NEW YORKER " was the rallying cry of the per- plexed but eager staff; and in spite of difficulties with printing, dead-lines, and eccentric writers, they just about did. Don Heidel moved up through the ranks in 1954, from Art Editor to Managing Editor, and finally Spring Editor. p age 185 Charlie Allen. Mr. Dan Wozniak, Assistant Professor of Journalism, and Hal LeVay plan News-Sports program, WORLD TODAY. A music student times concert music on a tape in the music building studio. WFSU Seven days a week from 2:00 until 10:00 P.M., University-level programs are available to radio listeners within a fifteen mile radius of the Music Building. WFSU-FM at 91.5 on the FM band serves the community with programs not feasible for commer- cial stations. It is the laboratory for students enrolled in courses which involve the skills of radio. The station is administered by Roy Flynn, Director of Radio and Television. Correlating departments provide staff and programs. Don Wozniak, assistant- professor of Journalism, is Director of News, Sports, and Special Events. Students in his classes assisted with FSU football broadcasts, did all home games in Pierce Lembeck, seated at typewriter, types up rewrite of copy received over teletype machine, handed him by Rick Hutto. regular news announcer. Turn-table where records are played in three speeds, and the " Monster " which is a complex mechanism for confusing beginners and for amplifying and softening effects on WFSU-FM programs. Page 186 Mr. Roy Flynn beside one of the television cameras of Jacksonville ' s WMBR-TV. The program was produced by F. S. U. personnel and was entitled. " THE PROFESSOR AND THE PROBLEM. " basketball and baseball. Tommy Wright, associate- professor of Music, is Music Director. Students work- ing under him are responsible for all music pro- grams. Harold Moreland, instructor in the Audio- Visual Department, is developing a program of in- school listening in cooperation with the FSU Demon- stration School. The Department of Speech has presented discussion programs. Programs produced by the station are featured by tape recordings on commercial stations of the state. One such series, " Repeat Performance " , is heard weekly on twenty-six stations of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Lounges in residence halls and in the Longmire Building are equipped with FM receivers. The prob- lem still to be solved is how to make programs avail- able to students in their rooms. Still under considera- tion is some combination of very low power AM radio with FM to bring the station to students ' AM receivers. To date, regional FCC authorities have not viewed such a plan with approval. Biggest boost for the station during its first year of broadcasting came by accident. When it was dis- covered that neither local stations would carry FSU football games, WFSU-FM carried them exclusively. People who had never bothered to check on whether their sets were equipped for FM reception, discovered they were. Many others bought FM receivers. The greater majority of these have remained loyal to the station long after the end of football season. For students WFSU-FM offers the chance to experi- ment with program ideas and program formats. For listeners the station offers long hours of good music, stimulating talk and discussion, complete coverage of FSU sports, and programs from other educational stations and foreign broadcasting systems through the tape exchange of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters. Page 187 J wi P H i 1 X ' , ' J : r. ■ % _i[inMiii j Jr « .-...:.. i « 5 l ' .■ 1 - . -1% _ . 4 3r " Sg» A 9 ifei ; . ' { ' .lilf ; ;; s " 1 Hr m SlBs i •• LIPS .■ • r M m l. i LT ? «■ r 1 J 8 . ' ■• JjJf n lv 1 -m. ' j i . 4 ' • ' i i s5| , | 1 M § B ' Mm • 1 ? r - . . I _ %, GREEKS t K PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 1st row left to right: Bill Watson (Phi Kappa Tau), Dale Wyngarden (Phi Delta Theta), Jim Crews (Kappa Alpha), Alan Sundberg, President (Pi Kappa Phi), Julian Hurst (Sigma Nu), Lon Hatton (Alpha Tau Omega). 2nd row: Jerry Klonsky (Tau Epsilon Phi), John Cooper (Sigma Chi), Ernest LaRoche (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Delwood MacDonald (Delta Tau Delta), Tom Day (Kappa Sigma), Miles Dean, Fraternity Counselor, Tom Hall (Pi Kappa Alpha), Eddie Wycoif (Lambda Chi Alpha), Kay Kindred (Theta Chi), Jerry Meyer (Sigma Alpha Epsilon). ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA OMICROM PI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA PHI MU PI BETA PHI SIGMA KAPPA ZETA TAU ALPHA Page 190 ALPHA TAU OMEGA DELTA TAU DELTA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA PHI KAPPA TAU PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON THETA CHI TAU EPSILON PHI First Row: Audrey Carlton, Mary Belle Twitty, Judith Blitch, Harriet Davis, Mary Jo Shaeffer, Sandra Weaver. Second Row: Marcia Yowell, Terry Secord, Louise Yarborough, Marlene Loos, Anita Anderson, Barbara Bachman. Third Row: Martha Morris, Jo Ann Setzer, Barbara Lynch, Alice Miller, Ann Yates, Grace Schatzman, Lil Hosjorter. Page 191 ALPHA CHI OMEGA First Row: Marilyne Searight, Mary Evelyn Hill, Anne Stone, Nancy Palmer, Barbara Murphy, Marilyn Miller, Mary Alice Smith, Mary Carol Bevis, B. Y. Bradaock, Charlene Williamson. Second Row: Joy Smiley, Allison Schall, Barbara Bachman, Carol Wells, Pat Dewberry, Marion Weaver, Miss Jane Adams, Carolyn Redfern, Bobbie Jean Hartsfield, Margie McCreight, Nan Henley, Dottie Sue Thompson, Barbara Jefferies. Third Row: Phyllis Hodgen, Mary Jo Githens, Sue Ellen Harkrader, Margie Mangles, Mary Evelyn Hill, Pat Peters, Carson Edwards, Jackie Allen, Maxine Hannon, Anne Holcombe, Pat Harris, Mary Scott, Rena Jane McBride, Judy Ives, Betty Hodges. Fourth Row: Carole Dailey, Jeri Bradfield, Joya Lansdell, Margaret Gentry, Frances Hamilton, Shirley Dallas, Marlene Hayes, Mary Catherine Freeman, Louise Graham, Ann Bohler, Janell Verga.3on, Sue Scott. Nomadic Alpha Chi ' s are still wandering but hopes are up for a new house on Park Avenue. Now the girls are meeting in Longmire Alumni Building and living in North Cawthon. Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885, at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and was the sixth national Greek letter fraternity- founded for women. It was founded originally as a music society whose purpose would be to develop social activities and promote musical art for the music students who weren ' t permitted to join the two women ' s social fraternitie.3 on the campus. The seven founders weren ' t guite satisfied with this idea and the result was Alpha Chi Omega, a women ' s social fraternity founded with music its chief tradition with some musical as well as literary culture expected of its early members. Alpha Chi Omega ' s chief national Altruistic work since 1947 has been their Cerebral Palsy Project, but ever since the founding of the fraternity Alpha Chi Omega has considered the welfare of children as a worthy field for its united efforts. Alpha Chi Omega came on the campus here at Florida State University in 1929. Marion Weaver Page 192 Alpha Chi is really pulling for F S U on Homecoming float. MEMBERS Barbara Bachman Mary Carol Bevis Anne Bohler Betty J. Braddock Nancy Counts Shirley Dallas Pat Dewberry Carson Edwards Mary C. Freeman Margaret Gentry Mary Jo Githens Bobbie J. Hartsfield Marlene Hayes Nan Henley Mary Evelyn Hill Margie Mangles Margie McCreight Marilyn Miller Barbara Murphy Nancy Palmer Pat Peters Carolyn Redfern Mary Alice Smith JoAnn Snipes Anne Stone Dottie Sue Thompson Marion Weaver Carol Wells Charlene Williamson And the big bad wolf said, " What big eyes you have PLEDGES Jackie Allen Jeri Bradfield Mary Brindle Carole Dailey Maxine Hannon Sue Harkrader Pat Harris Mary Hill Phylles Hodgens Betty Hodges Anne Holcombe Judy Ives Barbara Jefferies Rena Jane McBride Marilyn Searight Allison Schaal Sue Scott Mary Scott Joy Smiley Susan Strock Janell Vergason Page 193 ALPHA DELTA PI First Row: Ann Cochran, Carolyn Canova, Emma Dexter, Janie Pasquarallo, Pat Brady, Gretchen Kirchoff, Jane Davis, Anita Anderson. Second Row: Bonnie Hunter, Gay Hargis, Sarah Alice McKethan, Deborah Griffin, Judy Hargrove, Gail Bitting, Jeannette McLendon, Katherine Johnson, Diane De Moulpied, Judy Burch, Jo Anne Suber, Barbara Parmer. Third Row: Laura Ley Alexander, Sandra Moore, Helen Carothers, Jeanne Lee Helvey, Mary Ann Council, Mrs. Strachen E. Barret, Jo Carol Law, Jeanne Rutherford, Nancy Wakefield, Margaret Ann Young, Sally Ann Davenport. Fourth Row: Carolyn Stephens, Marcelle Potter, Mary Boynton, Jane Jackson, Betty Ann Scherer, Alice Sullivan, Joann Braswell, Peggy Greene, Mary Denny Rourk, Jeanette Porter, Billie Stokes, Jo Anne Lambert, Julia Jones, Ann Riley, Lynn Williams. Fifth Row: Mara Lovett, Nancy Dvorak, Carol Rodgers, Joan Bynum, Sharon Flynn, Lequita Johnson, Sara Jett Noland, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Barrett, Martha Owen, Carole Tarnow, Walda Stearns, Susan Hyde. Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, on May 15, 1851, and so became the first women ' s fraternity. Originally, known as the Adelphean society it later became known as Alpha Delta Pi. Iota chapter has been on this campus since 1909. It is recognized interna tionally because of its chapters in Canada. The flower is the violet and the colors are blue and white. The national memorial headquarters was dedicated March 25, in Atlanta, Georgia. Alpha Delta Pi ' s chief philanthropic work is dedicated to under- privileged children. Just recently, Alpha Delta Pi donated a mobile unit to the state of Florida for handicapped children. We participated with the Phi Delta Theta ' s in selling Easter lilies in cooperation with the Easter drive for handicapped children. Work has now been started on an addition to the chapter house of a dining room, study hall, and recreation room. The actives and alumnae have worked hard on this dream and are glad to know it will be a reality by fall 1955. In campus chest the Alpha Delta Pi sold " Pies. " There was a Christmas party with the Phi Delta Theta ' s for the underprivileged children. Founders ' day was a tea on May 15, with Mrs. LeRoy Collins, an alumnae, as honored guest. President Mary Ann Council Page 194 Spring arrived in the forms of five maidens that rode on the float. Winter ' s only snow salvaged by the sisters. MEMBERS Laura Ley Alexander Anita Anderson Nancy Bartlett Gail Bitting Mary Boynton Joan Braswell Judy Burch Joan Bynum Carolyn Canova Helen Carothers May Ann Council Sally Ann Davenport Jane Davis Emma Dexter Nancy Dvorak Sharon Flynn Debbie Griffin Gay Hargis Judy Hargrove Jeanne Lee Helvey Susan Hyde Jane Jackson Katherine Johnson Lequita Johnson Julia Jones Gretchen Kirchoff Jo Carol Law Mara Lovett Sara Alice McKethan Jeannette McLendon Sandra Moore Diane de Moulpied Jett Noland Barbara Parmer Janie Pasquarello Jeanette Porter Ann Riley Carol Rodgers Jeanne Rutherford Betty Ann Scherer Waldo Stearns Carolyn Stephens Billie Stokes Alice Sullivan Carole Tarnow Nancy Wakefield Lynn Williams Margaret Ann Young PLEDGES Patricia Brady Ann Cochran Peggy Green Jo Ann Lambert Marilyn Miller Martha Owen Marcelle Potter Denny Rourk Jo Anne Subei Page 195 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA First Row: Betty Jean Folks, Dot Jobe, Gary McAteer, Scotty Dickinson, Joan Coleman, Rosie Stephenson, Bebe Dewberry, Anne Bullock. Second Row: Doris Rodgers, Nancy Leber, Ruth Johnson, Linda Colt Graham, Shirley Metzi, Robbie Anne Turner, Mary Sue Barnett, Sally Jane Williams, Joan Cunningham, Carol Fulkerson, Sue Brunson. Third Row: lone Morraine, Jane Zevin, Barbara Tribble, Virginia Phillips, Mary Belle Twitty, Morther Rose, Judy Ash, Carol Snyder, Dee Roys, Sara Hartness, Betty Jane Sharp. Fourth Row: Marlene Pittman, Sally Lou Carlson, Sue Durrance, Martha Jane Snyder, Mary Anne Smith, Janelle Hull, Joan Sherouse, Evelyn Moll, Joanne Vogel, Peggy Bobbitt, Sarah Whitehead, Carolyn Johnson, Lou Griffin, Barbara Ayala. Fifth Row: Marilyn Squire, Barbara Keesler, Joanne Anderson, Dot Cohn, Donna McNab, Patsy Schulstad, JoEllen McKnight, Betty Jane Bailey, Carmine Ranieri, Barbara Emmett, Nell Davis, Sylvia Lewis, Beverly Davis, Jean Carr, Mary Dougherty, Ruby Jean Barker. Twenty-one smart gals, the entire pledge class of the Alpha Gams, made history by all making their grades. The Golden Anniversary of AGD was celebrated at Chateau Fronteac in Quebec, Canada this year. Four hundred sisters gathered for the Golden Jubilee. Gamma Beta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta received their charter after their first chapter was organized. Their house was completed in 1932 with an addition providing sleeping porch, dining room, kitchen, recreation room, and card room built in 1953. The chapter maintains its individual guota of 64 members. Mrs. Rosabelle Gilliland has been the chapter housemother for the past 26 years. Red, buff and green compose their colors and their flowers are red and buff roses. Always willing to lend a helping hand, the Alpha Gam ' s sponsored an Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children as their Altruistic Project this year: they made their donation to the campus chest with money earned by fraternity house-cleaning, mending, washing and ironing on Saturday morn- ing work party. President Mary Belle Twitty Page 196 Those Hurricane Blues, the Alpha Gams Homecoming Float. Bewitching time with AGD brings bevy of Costumes Jane Zevin Jannelle Hull Judy Ash Mary Belle Twitty Carol Snyder Carolyn Johnson Dorothy Womble Sarah Whitehead Jo Ann Setzer Mary Dougherty Dolores Roys Virginia Phillips Betty Jane Bailey Betty Jane Sharp Donna McNab Barbara Tribble Carol Fulkerson Joanne Anderson Scottie Dickinson Sylvia Lewis lone Marraine Peggy Bobbitt Sara Hartness Marilyn Squier Joan Coleman Ruby Jean Barksr Beverly Davis Carmine Ranieri Bebe Dewberry Sue Brunson Joan Cunningham MEMBERS Nell Davis Lou Griffin Joanne Vogel Jean Carr Beverly Whitley Patsy Schulstad Ann Bullock Nancy Leber Barbara Ayala Doris Rogers Mary Ann Smith Sally Jane Williams Evelyn Moll Rosemary Stephenson Robbie Ann Turner Joan Sherouse Shirley Metz Ruth Johnson Marlene Pittman Karen Kimpel Martha Jane Snyder Eleanor Long Mary Sue Barnett Jo Ellen McKnight Bettye Jean Folks Dorothy Cohn Barbara Keesler Gary Linda McAteer Jackie Hailey Barbara Emmett H ' ? i ' lit? •• X - ? : R PLEDGES Sue Durrance Dot Job Sally Lou Carlson Betsy Youngblood Page 197 ALPHA OMICRON PI First Row: Jean Brown, Mary Jo Shaeffer. June Brown, Taun Hammond, Jackie Spencer, Gayle Gardner, Joan Woods, Marilyn Bryant, Gerry Barber. Second Row: Lynn Shirley, Gerry Lehner, Mary Catherine Casey, Barbara King, Angie Rose Palernio, Nancy Rockwood, Lois Todd, Sandra Lovell, Lynelle Reynolds, Sandra Hancock, Joanne Towles. Third Row: Mary Burk Holder, Anne Emmert, Murrie Durack, Sue Allen, Renie Hall, Jo Fabian, Ardrenn Miller, Peggy Bray, Minnie Oglesby, Dot Hanson, Anne Hitt. Fourth Row: Gretta Larsen, Pat Day, Anne McCannell, Laura Eiler, Barbara Lynch, Carol Membert, B. J. McFee, Betty Lee, Jane Ellen Jones, Pat Hilton, Collie Economous. Filth Row: Evelyn Mahon, Loretta Woods, Carolyn Davis, Jeanine Stokes, Joy Baker, Jo Ann Clark, Sarah Fletcher, Linda Brown, Shirley Harris, Martha Hall, Liz Lauder. " Hey gal, How about a refill on the coffee? " " Don ' t drop those potatoes! " Dining rooms of ten frats had added attractions during the Campus Chest Drive. The AOP sorority supplied waitresses for frat houses — unheard of — not at FSU. These gals earned over $50 in tips for the Campus Chest. Five girls served dinner one night at the Phi Delta Theta, Theta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, and the Phi Kappa Tau houses. Alpha Omicron Pi was first established on January 2, 1898, in the old Columbia Library at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York. It came to FSCW campus on May 6, 1928. It went inactive in July, 1939, and became reactivated in February, 1949. Both the crest and the flower of Alpha Omicron Pi are the Jacgueminot rose. The jewel is the ruby, and the color is cardinal. The chapters have very little jewelry because the founders wanted it to be as simple as possible. The fraternity magazine is To Drama, which means " sheaf of wheat. " The pledge pin stands for the some thing. The significance is that each girl is a piece of wheat or " one among many, " bound by the fraternity of love in Alpha Omicron Pi. President Barbara Lynch Page 198 Some Seminole Mermaids help wreck the Cane oi Furman The fraternity is based on philanthropic work. The funds derived from this work is used to help needy people, cere- bral palsy organizations, and needy children in Europe. The first National Convention was held in New York in 1906. Ever since that time they have been held biannualy, this year ' s will be held in New Jersey. AOPi is also one of the thirty-one members of the Pan Hellenic Congress which began in 1902. Great Big Seminoles drown Furman at Homecoming MEMBERS Sue Allen Joy Bokes Jean Brown June Brown Linda Brown Pat Day Murie Durrack Laura Eiler Sarah Fecher Shirley Harris Jane Ellen Jones Greta Larsen Betty Lee PLEDGES Judy Beeber Ellen Jo Belincki Mary Burkholder Mary Catherine Casey Jo Anne Clark Jo Ann Calley Carolyn Davis Gayle Gardner Barbara Grenn Martha Hall Sandra Hancock Dot Hanson Pat Hilton Gerry Lehner Sonia Lowell Barbara Lynch Evelyn Mohon Carol Membert Ardrenn Miller Mary Oglesby Angie Palermo Marian Rack Nancy Rockwood Mary Jo Shaefier Jeannene Stokes Lois Todd Anne Hitt Barbara King Liz Lander Bennie Jo Lee Anne McCannell Billie Jo McFeen Shirley Pansessa Jalna Parsell Lynnell Reynolds Lynn Shirly Gretchen Thompson Joanne Towles Joan Words Page 199 ALPHA XI DELTA First Row: Charlotte Shope, Shirley Willis, Gerry Puryear, Myra Ann Lay, Corinne Mason, Sara Whiting, Marguerite Katsch, Mary Lou Harrelson, Mickie Dobbins. Second Row: Linda Brodrick, Patsy Wyatt, Margie Tindell, Betty Sullivan, Carolyn Baker, Peggy Schatzman, Beverly Welch, Nancy Cubbon, Madge Strain, Mary Elizabeth King, Jan Kaminis. Third Row: Pat O ' Brien, Janet Hamerick, Dona Heil, Nancy Brenner, Grace Schatzman, Mother Hill, Madelyn Reiker, Joan Johansen, Elizabeth Fable, Patricia Blair, Luanne Shafer, Emily Pace. Fourth Row: Connie Rodabaugh, Ann Murray, Mary Alice Gotter, Ann Yeoman, Barbara Hammer, Louise Petering, Mary Jane Albert, Eleanor Irvin, Virginia Vaughn, Carol Keels, Marjorie Vann, Lori Staples, Claudette Carley. Fifth Row: Mary Page Williams, Eleanor Reed, Wanda Sue Owens, Maynell Williams, Clara Bevis, Mary Will Davis, Angie Winters, Barbara Hughes, Kay Kohler, Stephanie Powell, Gail Pater, Barbara Evans, Barbara Sue Benton. " Let ' s see that crazy square bathtub. " What about that pledge project of sell- ing keys to the woodbox that opens into the house. This year ' s big events on the Alpha Xi calendar have been the celebration of their 25th year on campus, the moving into a brand new house, and the new and only sorority chapter at Georgia Tech. Homecoming had an added meaning for Alpha Omegans. The celebra- tion of Alpha Xi ' s 25th year on FSU campus brought back many alums, some for the first time since graduation. A big silver anniversary breakfast was held in honor of the occasion. The true meaning of Christmas, that of giving to the needy, was carried on with the help of Delta Tau Delta in the annual party for underprivileged children. Two weeks after return from Christmas vacation the Alpha Omega chapter held their grand open house in their new house. Some actives played the role of " Alpha Xi Chamber of Commerce " and s howed the visitors through- out the house from square bathtub to sunken living room. Other girls served refreshments and chatted with their guests. The new house, located on Park Avenue, has the sorority colors blue and gold as its color scheme. President Madelyn Reiker Page 200 New Castle oi Blue and Gold on Park Ave. Spring brought still another event on the Alpha Xi calen- dar and with it many plans for Alpha Xi weekend the first of March. The fun began with a theatre party featuring costumes that portrayed movie actors and actresses or movie titles. Real live " oscars " (gilded baby dolls) were awarded the costume winners. Saturday night found the Alpha Xis and their dates at the Duval Hotel for their Annual Rose Formal and Sunday was spent at the coast. Santa Claus waves a greeting at Alpha Xi-Delta Party for children. MEMBERS Mary Jane Albert Carolyn Baker Patricia Blair Nancy Brenner Linda Broderick Anita Brunson Claudette Carley Jean Conner Nancy Cubbon Mary Will Davis Barbara Evans Elizabeth Fahle Mary Alice Gotter Janet Hamerick Barbara Hammer Mary Lou Harrelson Betty Ann Haynes Dona Heil Priscilla Holmes Barbara Hughes Joan Johansen Jan Kaminis Marguerite Katsch Carol Keels Mary Elizabeth King Kay Kohler Myra Ann Lay Susan Lucas Corinne Mason Ann Murray Gail Pater Stephanie Powell Wanda Sue Owen Eleanor Reed Madelyn Reiker Connie Rodabaugh Joan Scott Luanne Shafer Betty Sullivan Lorie Staples Madge Strain Marjorie Tindell Marjorie Vann Virginia Vaughn Beverly Welch Sara Ann Whiting Mary Page Williams Shirley Willis Angie Winters Patsy Wyatt Ann Yoeman Pat O ' Brien Emily Pace Grace Schatzmen PLEDGES Lynn Baggely Barbara Sue Benton Clair Bevis Mickie Dobbins Eleanor Irvin Louise Petering Gerry Puryer Peggy Schatzman Charlotte Shope Paula Staples Celeste Webb Maynell Williams Page 201 CHI OMEGA First Row: Nan Wigginton, Barbara McCartney, Jean Rush, Elaine Brewton, Charlotte Alcorn, Beverly Laurent. Second Row: Elise Humphrey, Linda Cleveland, Ann Printup, Janet Johnson, Barbara Christman, Peggy Ellsworth, Janice Lanier, Mary Dressier, Sally Humphreys, Ginger Smith, Mary Ann Martin, Madeline Johnson. Third Row: Alison Templeman, Shirley Grenade, Dobie Piatt, Diane Kagen, Susane Linebaugh, Tina Slahl, Linda Lane, Mother Mack, Harriet Ramsey, Joan Mikesell, Sarah Hambley, Sharon Benton, Liska Ahrano, Adrienne Daly. Fourth Row: Beverly Odom, Euginia Ogden, Jean Robertson, Jane Lawrence, Ann Futch, Barbara Henderson, Nancy Jones, Karlin Kent, Jean Greening, Joanna Watts, Mary Virginia Sale, Ann Purvis, Betty Ann Chance, Mary Sue Thomas, Ann McKennon, Joann Fossey, Alice McDonald. Fifth Row: Peggy King, Love Scarborough, Martha Slayden, Eleanor Scarborough, Jane Sisson, Gail Moody, Bettie Jane Woodward, Phyllis Langford, Sylvia Rabb, Martha Grizzard, Thalia Whitehurst, Sandra Scott, Susan Bailey, Pickens Talley, Pat Cartledge, Jan Cronmiller, Astrid Douglass, Nancy Johnson. Sports minded Chi Omega is the holder of the over-all Intramural trophy awarded by Panhellenic in 1954. The Annual Carnation Ball week-end, held in March, highlights the Chi Omega ' s social calendar. At this time 30 new members were introduced and The Owl Man trophy presented. Chi Omega ' s also award the Willie Lanier Scholarship Cup to the sorority with the highest average on campus, which helps to carry out their policy of Sincere and Creditable Scholarship. The Chi O ' s entertain under-privileged children at Christmas with a party and also again at Easter with an Egg Hunt. The fondest dream of the sorority is to be able to move into their new house, which is due to be completed sometime next year. President Linda Lane Page 202 Trophy time ior Chi O ' s Homecoming float with slink sailors MEMBERS Liska Ahrano La Vetra Armstrong Susan Bailey Sharon Benton Patricia Browder Betty Ann Chance Barbara Christman Linda Cleveland Jan Cronmilier Janice Davis Astrid Douglass Peggy Ellsworth Anne Futch Sarah Hambley Barbara Henderson Elise Humphrey Dorothy Johnson Nancy Johnson Diane Kagan Karlin Kent Lynda Lane PLEDGES Charlotte Alcorn Elaine Brewton Pat Cartledge Adrienne Daley Mary Dressier Jo Ann Fossey Shirley Granade Jeanne Greening Martha Grizzard Sally Humphries Janet Johnson Madeline Johnson Nancy Jones Peggy King Janice Lanier Beverly Laurent Phyllis Langford Suzanne Linebaugh Anne Manee Alice McDonald Lynn McNab Joan Mikesell Eugenia Ogden Dodie Piatt Ann Purvis Sylvia Rabb Harriett Ramsey Eleanor Scarborough Jane Sisson Joyce Slater Martha Slayden Linger Smith Tina Stahl Jennie Wallace Joanna Watts Thalia Whitehurst Nan Wigginton Jane Lawrence Ann MacKinnon Mary Ann Martin Barbara McCartney Gail Moody Beverly Odom Anne Printup Jean Robertson Jean Rush Mary Virginia Sale Love Scarborough Sandra Scott Pickens Talley Alison Templeman Mary Sue Thomas Betty Jane Woodward Page 203 DELTA DELTA DELTA First Row: Shirley Seamon, Joy Auten, Jo Ellen, Kitty Bourland, Nancy Rice, Jeanne Cadenhead, Bessie Carol Johnson, Meridith Glenn, Mirian Miller, Margaret Dillenga. Second Row: Margie Lou Hicks, Bobbye Craig, Susie Fisher, Shirley Ison, Joan Wadsworth, Loretta Lewis, Shirley Cox, Susan Linebaugh, Gray Sala, Paula Orr, Hester Wright, Peggy Wright, Liz Graves. Third Row: Jeanne Hobbs Smith, Louanne Selz, Jackie Goddard, Charline Caviness, Ellie McGirr, Lil Av is, Mother " C " , Jan Craig, Joanne Pol, Nancy Mayer, Betty Fischer, Kathy Jacobs. Fourth Row: Ceil Turnage. Ann Dye, Susan Kirkconnell, Marty Bethune, Debbie Fennell, Beverly Brown, Carol Collins, Jane Soper, Jane Jennings, Jane Putnam, Jane Wheeler, Jane Clardy, Matilda Hume. Fifth Row: Carolyn Close, Sara Connell, Sandra Jones, Ann Raborn, Judy Hardenburgh, Emmy Buck, Pat Dekle, Ree Baskin, Nancy Ball, Meredith Gingles, Peggy Philyaw, Betty Bumby, Dot Young, Ann Bennett. The crescent moon of Tri Delta shone on many fun-filled weekends. Of course, sometimes it was hidden by Tally rain and snow. A Christmas party, Easter party for children, frat parties and many informal get-togethers brightened the year. One of the outstanding projects of Delta Delta Delta is the awarding of scholarships to women students on campus. This scholarship is open to both Greek and independent women and is based on high scholarship rating. Delta Delta Delta was founded at William and Mary College, Va., in 1889 and was established at FSU in 1916. There are 98 active chapters in the United States. President Jan Craig Page 204 Three little chil ' un sing for Kid party Anyone for making animals for House decorations of " Gone with the Wind " MEMBERS Joy Auten Lillian Avis Nancy Ball Anne Bennett Emmy Buck Charline Caviness Jane Clardy Carolyn Close Shirley Cox Jan Craig Pat Dekle Margaret Dellinger Deborah Fennell Bette Fischer Meredith Gingles Meredith Glenn Jackie Goddard PLEDGES Ree Baskin Marty Bethune Beverly Brown Betty Bumby Carol Collins Sara Connell Bobbye Craig Suzie Fisher Liz Graves Marjorie Lu Hicks Matilde Hume Shirley Ison Susan Kirkconnell Loretta Lewis Judy Hardenburgh Jane Howard Kathy Jacobs Jane Jennings Sandra Jones Nancy Mayer Ellie McGirr Paula Orr Joanne Poe Jane Putnam Ann Raborn Nancy Rainey Shirley Seaman Louanne Self Jane Wheeler Hester Wright Dorothy Young Miriam Miller Gray Sala Lucille Turnage Wimpy Addicks Kitty Borland Ann Dye Peggy Philyaw Nancy Rice Jane Soper Joan Wadsworth Peggy Wright Susan Linebaugh Jeannie Cadenhead Page 205 DELTA GAMMA First Row: Barbara McCarter, Beverly Rayfield, Marion Ard, Betty Paulick, Lois Buckhaltz, Judy Abrams, Charlotte Lucy, Annette Richmire, Louise Galespee. Second Row: Margaret Ann Ballinger, Pat Byrd, Margaret Gunter, Marilyn Keefer, Nancy Carter, Mother Kelso, JoAnne Winter, Shirley Hamblin, Donna Ridge, Sally Reed, Liz Garwood. Third Row: Carolyn Jones, Liz Cerny, Jane Mclntyre, Jane Allen, Betty Faye Horner, Jane Lewis, Margaret Donaldson, Jane Chapman, Joyce Stevens, Dolly Permenter, Sue Shives, Carol Sapp, Carol Duel. Fourth Row: Jack ie Altman, Eva Newman, Jan Swayie, Ann Lou Adam, Sallie Gladding, Joyce Davis, Ann Matney, Bette Richardson, Jan Marrow, Sarah Gipson, Sandra Smith, Diane Rowe, Sylvia Willis. New house plans, a permanent location, province conference, and new wearers of the golden anchor brought delight and happiness to the girls of Gamma Mu Chapter of Delta Gamma on the FSU campus this past year. At long last the girls are about to realize the house of their dreams on a lot recently purchased from the University! Excitement runs high as the D.G. ' s watch the plans progress. " Alice In D.G. Land " proved to be an inspiration to the many alumnae, national officers, and girls from Delta Gamma Chapters in Alabama, Ten- nessee, and Florida, who journeyed to 529 West College Avenue in March. The Gamma Mu ' s were hostesses to the Delta Gamma Province IV Con- ference, where many ideas were exchanged as well as old and new friendships renewed and begun. " D.G. Weekend " in February proved to be the highlight of the D.G. social season. A " Nursery Rhyme " party saw " Raggedy Ann and Andy, " " Huckle- berry Finn and Tom Sawyer " and " Jack and Jill " with many other nursery rhyme characters enjoying themselves. Saturday saw the annual " Anchor Cotillion " — dinner dance — held at the Hotel Duval where our own " anchor man " was crowned. President Nancy Carter Page 206 PJ Party at camp pretty crazy Ernestdeen Johnson, a blind student enrolled in the School of Social Welfare, comes to the house once a week for dinner. The Gamma Mu ' s provide a reading service for Ernestdeen and have received a " Certificate of Award and Appreciation " from the Florida Council For The Blind, for their work with Ernestdeen. This is Ernestdeen ' s junior year and the girls have helped her since she was a freshman and will continue to aid her with her studies until she graduates. Their work with Ernestdeen is not new for Delta Gamma ' s as " Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind " is the sorority ' s national project. let every good gamma now lift up her glass MEMBERS Jane Allen Margaret Ann Ballinger Patricia Byrd Jane Chapman Nancy Carter Margaret Donaldson Patricia Filson Elizabeth Garwood Louise Gillespie Margaret Gunter Shirley Hamblin Marilyn Keefer Marlene Loos Jane Maclntyre Temple Mitchell Patricia Fellicer Dolly Permenter Charlina Pierce Sally Reed Beverly Rayiield Donna Ridge Dianne Rowe Beatrice Smith Janet Sweazie Imogene Williams Jo Anne Winter Janet Vanouse PLEDGES Judy Abrams Ann Lou Adams Marion Ard Lois Buchholtz Sarah Gipson Sallie Gladding Barbara McCarter Joan Nicholas Bette Richardson Annette Richmire Carol Sapp Sue Shives Jane Stainback Joyce Davis Betty Faye Horner Carolyn Jones Jane Lewis Ann Matney Jan Morrow Eva Newman Betty Paulick Judy Rogers Joyce Stevens Jacqueline Altman Elizabeth Cerny Carol Duel Charlotte Lucy Sandra Smith Sylvia Willis Page 207 DELTA ZETA - First Row: Kathy Hamilton, Pat Riley, Diane Estes, Jo Hood, Carol Lee Johnson, Cubye Ryals, Sondra Golden, Doris De Puy, Peggy Arnow, Peggy MacDougal, Roberta Mumma. Second Row: Martha Bush, Carol Ann Nydegger, Treasurer; Betty Struth, Recording Secretary; Corrie Simmons, First Vice-President; Martha Garrett, President; Rose Howard, Second Vice-President; Janis Williamson, Corresponding Secretary; Cathy Peak, Shirley Bradbury, Pat Robson. Third Row: Jean Cooper, Betty Campbell, Kate Ramsey, Barbara Spencer, Margaret Miller, Janet Reed, Martha Sue Mizell, Carolyn Glen, Ann Corbett, Phillis Dye, Evelyn Nettles, Clara King, Betty Ann Pool, Harriet Ramsey, Kather- ine Hartley. Fourth Row: Christine Atkinson, Alice Benton, Linda Howell, Martha Douglas, Jane Newsome, Beth McDonald, Peggy Wilson, Lynn Smith, Polly Heyward, Reba Rehwinkel, Sara Beth McLaughlin, Claudette Thackerson, Martha Marie Simmons, Jane Rogers, Virginia Robson, Marilyn Sparanza. " Liberace knows the score, " according to the DZ ' s most original float in the 1954 Homecoming parade. Delta Zeta was very proud to boast of her high scholarship average which was highest on the campus. They work with the Tallahassee School for Exceptional Children, giving them several parties, and some of the equipment and materials that they need so badly. Delta Zeta was founded October 24, 1902, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The grand patron was Dr. Guy Potter Benton, who was a Phi Delta Theta. His fraternity was one of the three which formed the Miami Triad and Miami University which is so famous. The first Greek name of the sorority was Alpha Delta Zeta, but as the years went by and the sorority became national, the name was shortened to Delta Zeta. Delta Zeta came to this campus with the establishment of Alpha Sigma chapter on May 17, 1924. The colors are old rose and vieux green and the flower is the Kilarney rose. The pin is in the form of a Roman lamp with a diamond in the flame and four pearls at its base. President Martha Garrett Page 208 Showboat time for singing DZ ' s MEMBERS Peggy Arnow Shirley Bradbury Martha Bush Betty Campbell Jean Cooper Ann Corbett Caryann Davis Harriet Davis Doris DePuy Phyllis Dye Diane Estes Martha Garrett Carolyn Glenn Sondra Golden Kathleen Hamilton Jo Hood Rose Howard Carol Lee Johnson Clara King Peggy MacDougall Alice Miller Martha Sue Mizell Roberta Mumma Allie Jane McCoy Evelyn Nettles Carole Ann Nydegger Catherine Peak Betty Ann Pool Harriet Ramsey Janet Reed Patricia Riley Patricia Robson Cubye Ryals Corrie Simmons Ann Southerland Betty Struth Jane Williams Janis Williamson Now I sez to her. Party gabbing. PLEDGES Christine Atkins Alice Benton Mary Berkham Martha Douglas Polly Heyward Linda Howell Beth MacDonald Margaret Miller Sue Moseley Katherine Hartley Jane Newsome Kate Ramsey Reba Rehwinkel Virginia Robson Jane Rogers Martha Marie Simmons Lynn Smith Barbara Spencer Marilyn Spranza Betty Shepphard Jean Strickland Claudette Thackerson Sara Beth McLaughlin Peggy Wilson Page 209 GAMMA PHI BETA First Row: Jo Thomas, Joanne Robins, Margaret Stewart, Billie Ann Folsom, Martha Jo Little, Shirley Hall, Virginia Brennard, Barbara Stone. Second Row: Sue Earle, Libby Mauch, Barbara Beers, June McCaskill, Jane Theisse, Mother Shiver, Barbara Burke, Joan Grantham, Cecil Gatlin, Sandra Weaver. Third Row: Pat Ott, Carole MacCory, June Du Bois, Margie Flammer, Enid Taylor, Grace Militello, Betty Anne King, Sandra McEwan, Janis Raines, Alita Tomlinson, Kat Crutchfield, Betsy Green, Barbara Brooks, Betty Sue Wrenn. Fourth Row: Lucille Dicristafaro, Faye Moses, Jerry Hicks, Irene Mantzanas, Sylvia Closter, Dottie Dobb, Mary Frances Horn, Mary Ellen Adoph, Joyce Thomas, Frances Brooks, Barbara Driver. " Romans, not Greeks, for their week-end were the Gamma Phi ' s. " The in- formal gathering was a Roman costume party. Besides the party the won- derful banquet and Crescent Ball and coast trip won ' t be soon forgotten. They added two more trophies to their mantel this year with the winning of the Sigma Kappa variety show and the dizzy race in the Sigma Chi Derby. As is the Gamma Phi tradition, they again sold poppies on campus for the American Legion as one of their service projects. A new addition to the Gamma Phi house was a club room built by the alumnae of the chapter. The Gamma Phi ' s look back at the year with satisfaction and pleasure as a year that will long be remembered. President Jane Wardlaw Page 210 Ready for some fun in dungarees Gamma PHI ' s congregate at EX derby MEMBERS Barbara Beers Frances Brooks Barbara Burke Sylvia Closter Lucille DeCristafaro June BuBois Susan Earle Marjorie Flammer Cecil Gatlin Joan Grantham Anne Hays Mary Frances Horn PLEDGES Dorothy Bancker Penelope Binson Virginia Brennand Barbara Brooks Shirley Croft Carol Cross Kathleen Crutchfield Dorothy Dodd Barbara Driver Billie Folsom Betsy Green Betty Jo Hair Shirley Hall Nancy Herold Martha Jo Little Sandra McEwan Elizabeth King Mary June McCaskill Carrol MacCorry Irene Mantzanas Anna Mauch Faye Moses Patricia Ott Joan Pearson Enid Taylor Jane Wardlaw Sandra Weaver Sylvia White Grace Militello Janis Raines Joanne Robbins Mary Roddenberry Crace Schmitt Madeline Schmitt Barbara Shelton Margaret Stewart Barbara Stone Carol Thatcher Jo Ann Thomas Joyce Thomas Gay Tomlinson Phyliss Westner Betty Sue Wrenn Page 211 KAPPA ALPHA THETA First Row: Barbara Jean Little, Shirley Davidson, Beverly Perkins, Irwin Weissenborn, Greta Sims, Florence Ashby, Anita Wall, Sid Smith, Marleis Gessler, Barbara Blank, Betty Veal, Nella Kelly, and Carolyn Williams. Second Row: Mary Louise Peacock, Betty Douglas, Betty Willmon, Bebe Bisbee, Ann Farquharson, Mary Cargill, Ellen Francisco, Norma Ann Marshall, Mary Ann Matthews, Mary Eleanor Race. Third Row: Pat Meredith, Janie McKneeley, Jeanne Parker, JoAnn Hutto, Nancy Wehner, Donna Lou Harper, Betty Jo Grubbs, President; Mrs. F. F. Vernay, Housemoth, Kay Haines, Dot Cooke, Ann Hayes, Nan Hillman, Nancene Price, Joann Avril, Helen Hamilton. Fourth Row: Dee Entenza, Martha Grant, Alice Guinand, Jane Walker, Nancy Muller, Noanne Stubbs, Cynthia Vance, Jeanne Martin, Janet Nichols, Polly At- water, Nancy Vaughn, Inia Jean Pruitt, Mitzi McCollough, Marian Benson, Germaine Murray, Nancy Erickson, Judy Jones, Katy Dunlap. Fifth Row: Barbara Mead, Layte Bowden, Shirley Kellogg, Louise Yarborough, Barbara Graham, June McManus, Snookie Amato, Jeani Kitchens, Petey Dunn, Barbara Lou Lester, Caryl James, Hilda Hawkins, Liz Ann Cole, Barbara Caldwell, Joan Lee, Tricia Cooney. Highlighting the busy Theta calendar this year were such " goings-on " as the celebration of Kappa Alpha Theta ' s thirtieth year on the campus, election of Theta ' s Betty Willmon as Homecoming Queen, the Pike-Theta Christmas Party which featured Dean Oglesby ' s playing Santa Claus to 25 under- privileged children and dinner for all at the Duval Hotel, and the Pi-Phi-Theta box supper and a sguare dance at the Reservation in early March. Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at De Pauw University on January 27, 1870, and Beta Nu chapter was established here on October 18, 1924. The colors are black and gold; the flower, the pansy. President Betty Jo Grubbs Page 212 FSU Seminole in hot pursuit of Furmcm hurricane in Homecoming house decoration MEMBERS Florence Ashby Joann Avril Bebe Bisbee Barbara Blank Barbara Caldwell Mary Cargill Dot Cooke Tricia Cooney Dee Entenza Nancy Erickson Ellen Francisco Marlies Gessler Barbara Graham Betty Jo Grubbs Alice Guinand Kay Haines Helen Hamilton Donna Lou Harper Ann Hayes Nan Hillman Joanne Hutto Caryl James Judy Jones Shirley Kellogg Joan Lee Barbara Lester Mitzie McCollough Jane McKneely June McManus Mary Ann Matthews Norma Ann Marshall Jean Martin Pat Meredith Germaine Murray Jeanni Parker Nancene Price Inia Jean Pruitt Greta Sims Nancy Vaughn Jane Walker Anita Wall Nancy Wehner Irwin Weissenborn Carolyn Williams Betty Willmon Louise Yarborough Tree trimming at Theta-Sigma Chi Christmas party. Hey don ' t drop that star PLEDGES o fe fc5 » Helen Amato Polly Ann Atwater Marian Benson Layte Bowden Liz Ann Cole Shirley Davidson Betty Douglas Retey Lunn Ann Farguharson Martha Grant Hilda Hawkins Nella Kelly Jeani Kitchens Barbara Jean Little Barbara Mead Jean Morgan Nancy Muller Janet Nichols Mary Louise Peacock Beverly Perkins Mary Eleanor Race Valerie Rohs Sid Smith Noanne Stubbs Nancy Trask Betty Veal Page 213 KAPPA DELTA First Row: Nancy Warner, Majel Hinson, Joan Cassidy, Marsha Myrick, Patty Marley, Elaine Belvin. Second Row: Martha Pate, Mary Ann Snead, Margaret Hearn, Bennie Jo Cozart, Ann Gravely, Lucia Nell Hopkins, Patty Bruce, Marilyn Mason, Sarah Monroe, Cynthia Baskin. Third Row: Jo Ann Hixon, Florence Getzen, Sally Fussell, Pat Flynn, Mrs. Adele Hauch, Joan Mynihan, Betty Jo Miller, Virginia Anderson. Rae Miller. Fourth Row: Camille Fuss, Jennie Lind Williams, Karen Bedinger, Emilie Hudson, Eleanor Neel, Diane Latimer, Joan Cundiff, Molly Cary, Martha McGinnis, Elizabeth Ferguson, Terry Secord, Susie Tope. Diane Steagall, Linda Arnold, Judy Bishop. Fifth Row: Shirley Morgan, Ruth Williams, Betty Ann Johnson, Vivan Bernheim, Deane Jackson, Mary Carolyn Branch, Jean Ford, Shirleen Sasser, June Anderson, Frankie Harrison. Kate Thompson, Gail Hicks, Tommie Standley, Jane Hicks, and Betty Sue Graham. " Golden time " in the form of the Golden Jubilee celebration of KD Golden Anniversary was celebrated November 11, 1954. Twas a festive time and was all involved since it coincided with Homecoming weekend. The KD national president, Julia Fuqua Ober, climaxed the festive occasion with an address at the group ' s formal banquet. Fifty years ago, November 11, 1904, Kappa Alpha chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Florida State College making it not only the first sorority on campus, but also the first in the state. Since Kappa Alpha fraternity aided in founding our chapter on campus, the Kappa Delta ' s voted to name the newly established chapter Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha of Kappa Delta was thus the fifth chapter to be organized in the country. Since its estab- lishment Kappa Alpha chapter has produced two national presidents of Kappa Delta. At present the Kappa Delta ' s are busy raising funds for our new chapter house which we hope will be completed in the near future. It will be located at the corner of Jefferson and Copeland, housing 36 girls with study and recreation rooms as well as kitchen and dining room facilities for 75. President Joan Mynihan Page 214 The Winners of the Sig Chi derby fly victory flag A person in the Kappa Delta House who is very special to each one of us is Mrs. Adele Hauch, known to us as Mother Adele. Green and white portray Kappa Delta, while the white rose is the flower of our choice. Our Open Motto, " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest, " is a Kappa Delta ' s goal in life. Fifty years on FSU campus commemorated by House decorations at Homecoming MEMBERS Virginia Anderson Cynthia Baskin Vivian Bernheim Judy Bishop Mary Carolyn Branch Molly Cary Bennie Jo Cozart Elizabeth Ferguson Jean Ford Pat Flynn Camille Fuss Sally Fussell Florence Getzen Frankie Harrison Margaret Hearn Mary Rose Heintz Lucia Nell Hopkins Emilie Hudson Joan Hixon Deane Jackson Betty Ann Johnson Betty Jo Miller Rae Miller Shirley Morgan Joan Mynihan Mary Lynn Perkins Betlye Ann Pay Shirleen Sasser Terry Secord Joan Stecker Nancy Warner Ruth Williams PLEDGES June Anderson Linda Arnold Karen Bedinger Elaine Belvin Patty Bruce Joan Cassidy Joan Cundiff Betty Sue Graham Ann Gravely Ruth Harvard Gail Hicks Jane Hicks Majel Hinson Diane Latimer Martha McGinnis Patty Marley Marilyn Mason Sarah Monroe Marsha Myrick Eleanor Neel Martha Pate Mary Ann Snead Diane Steagall Tommie Standley Kate Thompson Susie Tope Ann Walker Jennie Lind Williams Page 215 PHI Mil f w " mm ' £ mmk • Jmh M ■-..mmW ' " - far ' -JB|Bb: WKk Km ;■: fflla tk Mr First Row: Janice Russell, Suzanne Eastwood, Suzanne Keefe, Susan Quarterman, Carlyen Rhodes, Nancy Graham, Marion Stephenson, Melinda Brown, Peg Wooten. Second Row: Kay King, Betty Clark Dopson, Barbara Rudin, Joanne Brooks, Mary Grace Shoemaker, Mother Farrish, Jeanette Folsom, Shirley Burrell, Ceil Franklin, Mary Ann McFarland, Barbara Summeriield. Third Row: Sueanne Maxwell, Kitty Culpepper, Mary Jo Crum, Joan Hemmann, Trudie Perry, Connie Bassett, Joan Braden, Anna Shuman, Rosemary Garner, Babs Essig, Gynelle Johnson, Paulette Beck, Lisa Reno, Nancy Roundtree. Fourth Row: Peggy Edwards, Betty Ann Peacock, Betty Hobson, Tina Gifford, Diane Weatheriord, Mona Gay Miles, Bennie Jo French, Ardis Liddon, Sue Cornette, Mary Oliver, Joey Hobson, Fleeta West, Jean Jordan. Twas the night before Christmas vacation and all thro ' the house was the hustle and bustle of Phi Mu ' s getting ready for their annual Christmas party. The party was given by the pledges who entertained the actives with a skit and songs. They presented the chapter with their pledge project, a ping pong table. The Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu was established on this campus January 26, 1929. The outstanding activities of this year were Homecoming and the annual week-end. The house decorations won honorable mention during homecoming with the theme " Beat Furman Well. " The week-end was held on Founders Day, March 4th and 5th, with an informal party and a formal banguet and dance at Wakulla Lodge. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852. The flower is Enchantress Carnation and the colors are rose and white. President Janette Folsom Page 216 Mixing trouble for hurricane on House decoration MEMBERS Scholarship chairman meditates on grade average. This is a girl? Constance Bassett Joan Braden Joanne Brooks Melinda Brown Shirley Burrell Sue Cornette Kitty Culpepper Suzanne Eastwood Barbara Essig Nancy Ferguson Ceil Franklin Rosemary Garner Celestina Gifford Nancy Graham Jo Emma Hobson Betty Hobson Jean Jordon Ardis Liddon Sueanne Maxwell Mary Ann McFarland Melanie Paulette Mona Gay Miles Betty Ann Peacock Trudie Perry Susan Quarterman Lisa Reno Carlyen Rhodes Nancy Roundtree Barbara Rudin Anna Shuman Mary Grace Shoemaker Marion Stephenson Diane Weatherford Fleeta West PLEDGES Paulette Beck Margie Blount Mary Jo Crum Betty Clark Dopson Joan Hemmann Gynelle Johnson Mary Oliver Janice Russell Margaret Ellen Wooten Kathleen Corcoran Bennie Jo French Suzanne Keefe Paae 217 PI BETA PHI First Row: Charlotte Patten, Luc ie Crossland, Marcia Welch, Betty Lou Whittle, Joan Zorbaugh, Mary Shaw, Sally Copeland, Dale Mac- Cartee, Meredith Payne, Ann Hoffman, Stew Bolton, Betty Hatton. Second Row: Cynthia Sweatt, Mary Sidney Stansfield, Helen Whitemore, Judy Blitch, Barbara Williams, Phoebe Jackson, Mother Palmer, Dot Wells, Nancy Sossamon, Jo Ann Higgins, Janie Cornwell, Myrt Simpson, and Ann Wiley. Third Row: Patsy Stewart, Sylvia Parrish, Phyllis Patten, Ann George, Lou Ann Burkhim, Hazel Jackson, Janie Mitchell, Janice Jarrett, Marian Davis, Priscilla Moss, Gloria Johnson, Glenda Sherrill, Janice Southerland, Pat Smith, Sarah Jane Griffin, Barbara Don Hastings, Katy Lindley, Joan Tavel, Faye Anthony. Fourth Row: Audrey Carlton, Dale Leary, Frances Carey, Mary Ann Hannah, Ivy Carey, Becky Glass, Adria Ann Whittle, Eugenia McLin, Sue Fain, Darian Collins, Mary Ellen Findley, Jean Hayden, Lou Parmelee, Barbara Hagen, Ruth Ann Whittle, Betty Jane Jackson, and Gail Hanshaw. " Railroad Furman out of town! " And they did ... on the Pi Phi train that captured first prize in the Home- coming house decorations contest. The golden arrow shone brightly in intramurals, with a Pi Phi first in the badminton tournament, and in student government activities. Cinderella won a glass slipper for a year, when the " Miss Gymkana " title went to a wearer of the wine and blue. Finalists in the various gueen contests were proof of Pi Phi pulchritude. Moments remembered were the Hallowe ' en party with the Lambda Chi ' s, when all the Pi Phi ' s went as ghosts ... the unveiling of the new rec room in the basement a " , a surprise from the pledges ... the Christmas party with Dr. Bellamy ' s plum pudding . . . Christmas caroling in the icy dark with the ATO ' s . . . snow on our roof in March . . . serenades after hours . . . the Pi Phi-Theta party at The Reservation. President Phoebe Jackson Page 218 Chugging along for FSU is Pi Beta Phi ' s house decoration. ■ i ' -.A ■• -. MEMBERS Campus rage of knitting socks is featured on float. Fay Anthony Judy Blitch Mary Stewart Bolton Sarah Boone Lou Ann Burkhim Frances Carey Audrey Carlton Janie Cornwell Lucie Crossland Marian Davis Mary Louise Dee Sue Fain Ann George Sarah Jane Griffen Gail Hanshaw Barbara Hastings Betty Hatton Jean Hayden Joann Higgins Ann Hoffman Phoebe Jackson Betty Jane Jackson Janice Jarrett Gloria Johnson Elaine Knight Dale Lear- " Katherine Lindley Patricia Lynch Dale MacCartee Eugenia McLin Priscilla Moss Betty Ann Munroe Lou Parmallee Sylvia Parrish Charlotte Patten Phyllis Patten Meredith Payne Mary Shaw Glenda Sherrill Pat Smith Nancy Sossaman Janice Southerland Mary Sidney Stansfield Patsy Stewart Joan Tavel Jean Tedder Marcia Welch Helen Whitemore Ruth Ann Whittle Adria Ann Whittle Betty Lou Whittle Mary Ed Williamson Ann Wiley Joan Zorbaugh PLEDGES Ivy Carey Sherry Cobb Darian Collins Sally Copeland Jane Davis Mary Ellen Finley Becky Glass Barbara Hagan Mary Ann Hannah Hazel Jackson Maggie Marsh Page 219 SIGMA KAPPA First Row: Dawn Sharp, Patsy Cooper, Mary Harris, Shirley Harper, DeDe Duguid, Mary Willis. Second Row: Carolyn Webb, Ann Callahan, Shirley Williams, Joyce Campbell, Beverly Alexander, Betty Benton, Sue Dees, Vickie Walters, Mary Walters, Mary Ann Smith, Ann Markham. Third Row: Beth Farris, Ann Jackson. Donna Hardy, Eliza Dick, Mrs. J. O. Cosper, Shirley Wilson, Pat Cummins, Toolie Streetman, Gail Jackson, Sarah Miro. Fourth Row: Shirley Jackson, Marjorie Moreland, Janice Grosser, Rita Dollar, Jackie Pearce, Martha Morris, Ann Quin, Lillian Haavind, Nancy Buchan, Martha Ann Atkins, Jeanne Herring, Pat Weaks, Kay Kelsheimer. Fifth Row: Ruthie Henshaw, Pat Smith, Sandra Davidson, Bobby Jones, Charlaine Weeks, Cynthia Maxon, Patty Copeland, Margaret Roberts, Sara Atkinson, Barbara Phelps, June Sillay, Amy Strom, Jeanette Kent, Sherry Whitley. Some singers, those Sigma Kappas! The Campus Sing trophy resides in their house for the 1954 contest. Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College, Watterville, Maine, on November 9, 1874. The founders were five young women who attended Colby when it first opened its doors to women students. Sigma Kappa first appeared on the campus of the Florida State Uni- versity in 1920. The chapter being named Omega. Since the date of the founding of our particular chapter, we have tried to live " one heart, one way. " The meaning of true sisterhood has been stressed to every Sigma Kappa. We are guite proud of our chapter this year for several reasons. One of our sisters has been put in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Garnet Key also tapped a Sigma Kappa this year. We had a finalist in the West Hall Sweetheart contest and a member in the Gymkana Court. An SK was elected as President of Cotillion this year. We have some Sigma Tau Deltas and a Sigma Alpha Iota. We have members also in the Education Honorary and the Business Honorary. An SK also had the lead in " Carousel. " President Shirley Wilson Page 220 Nine lovely Sig Kaps in formal attire. The chapter won the Sorority Bowling League on Campus and presented their annual Variety Show to collect money for Campus Chest. The Sigma Kappas came out second in the Sigma Chi Derby. Greenwich Village, no less MEMBERS Sara Atkinson Mary Willis Lillian Haavind Donna Hardy Ann Carey Rita Dollar Ann Markham Margie Morland Ruthie Henshaw Dawn Sharp Ann Jackson Ann Callahan Gail Jackson PLEDGES Ann Elliot Betty Jean Cushman Martha Ann Adkison Betty Benton Nancy Buchan Sandra Davidson Janice Grosser Shirley Grosser Shirley Jackson Bobby Jones Jeanette Kent Cynthia Maxon Jakie Pearce Barbara Phelps Margaret Cameron Roberts June Sillay Joyce Campbell Delano Driver Linda Ferrell Betty Sue Bradshaw Martha Morris Ann Guin Beth Farris Eliza Dick Shirley Wilson Pat Cunnins Patsy Cooper Mary Harris De De Duguid Mary Ann Smith Amy Strom Mary Walter Vicky Walter Charlaine Weeks Sherry Whitley Pat Smith Patty Copeland Jeanyne Herring Pat Weaks Kay Kelsheimer Carolyn Webb Beverley Alexander Betty Ann McGowan Ed Marie Munis Page 221 ZETA TAU ALPHA First Row: Jo Jones, Ann McKee, Crystal McRae, Rosemary Rhyne, Dorothy Browning, Pat Peace, Beechie Bunting, La Quita Renfroe, Carol Owen. Second Row: Nancy Maxwell, Sue Humphreys, Ikey Arnold, Anne Yates, Margaret Cantey. Jean Stigler, Mrs. Mildred Scott, Ruthie Armstrong, Nancy Fagen, Susie Tindell, Virginia Ann Cook, Charis Coulter, Frances Helms, Barbara Meadows. Third Row: Sally Erickson, Betty Gooch, Ann Kelly, Lucy Council, Ann Wall, Ann Waters, Denise Johnson, Nancy Watkins, Nancy Ham, Sora Ann Coulter, Eileen Werts, Betti Lawrence, Billie Jean Beal, Carolyn Pearson, Marie Wadsworth, Mary Fenn Cawthon, Kitty Wade, Barbara Burkhart, June Yates. Fourth Row: Ethel Steadman, Mary Margaret Williams, Mary Margaret Meadows, Selby Allen, Mary Powell, Joan Harmon, Joan Jones, Ann Williams, Sue Purvis, Patsy Boulware, Chris Ginnochio, Lala McDonald, Barbara Harles, Sue Herndon, Jane Smith. Outstanding ZTA chapter in U.S. and Canada are FSU Zetas! Zeta Tau Alpha was founded in Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898. Beta Gamma chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was installed at Florida State College for Women in 1924. The flower is the white violet and the colors are turguoise blue and steel gray. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded by nine young girls who united into a helpful, congenial band. It received its legal charter from a special act of the Virginia Legislature in 1902. ZTA became a member of the National Panhellenic Council in 1909 and was the 13th fraternity admitted. Zeta Tau Alpha is considered an international fraternity because of its chapters in Canada. The purpose of this fraternity shall be to " intensify friendship, to promote happiness among its members and in every way create such sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mold such opinions as will conduce to the building up of a nobler and purer womanhood in the world. " The Zetas placed second in scholastic average for the past year and also placed second in the Most Outstanding Sorority on Campus Contest. President Ruthie Armstrong Page 222 Pass the pizza please! MEMBERS Mary Futh Armstrong Ikey Arnold Billie Jean Beal Dorothy Browning Beechie Bunting Margaret Cantey Martha Sue Chandler Virginia Ann Cook Charis Coulter Sora Ann Coulter Lucy Council Nancy Craig Nancy Fagen Betty Gooch Frances Helms Sue Herndon Sue Humphrys Betti Lawrence Barbara Meadows Ann McKee Crystal McRae Nancy Maxwell Carol Owen Carolyn Pearson Jane Smith Jean Stigler Susie Tindell Marie Wadsworth Ann Wall Ann Waters Nancy Watkins Eileen Werts Martha Wilkerson Ann Yates June Yates Nancy Lee Young Nancy Ham liH BB I I if 1 1I« Hfil Pajama Party, striped rage for Zetas PLEDGES Selby Allen Patsy Boulware Barbara Burkhart Mary Fenn Cawthon Frandy Duggan Sally Erickson Chris Ginnocchio Barbara Harless Joan Harmon Jo Jones Joan Jones Ann Kelly Mary Margaret Meadows Pat Peace Mary Powell Sue Purvis LaQuita Renfroe Rosemary Rhyne Ruth Shuman Ethel Steadman Kitty Wade Ann Williams Mary Margaret Williams Page 223 ALPHA TAU OMEGA First Row: Ed DeLoach, Tom Sawyer, James Moore, James Allen, Lo non Koos, Gerry Kelly, Billy Shelton, Tom Speck. Second Row: Guy Revell, Jr., Gerald Cigarran, Ray Reinhardt, Guy Millner, Bill Mckemie, Bob Spaulding, Paul Caro, Dick Artmier, Bud Williamson, Neely Alexander. Third Row: Allan McCorkle, Jimmy Christo, Steve Kalenich, Cecil Carlton, Sidney Wilck (secretary), Dossey Merritt (vice-president), Bob Cohen (treasurer), Don Westbrook, James Booth, Eddie Chalker,Leroy Gainous. Fourth Row: Jack Rynerson, Emmett Hardin, Alex Makowiecki, Vernon Edgar, Ronald Langston, Ronald Beliech, Richard Esposito, Jimmy Messinese, Clarence Grantham, the Reverend Walter Morley, Jim Atwood, Tom Cundy, Bill Her. Fifth Row: Jim Harkins, Joe Holt, Oscar Laurene, Bubba Bisbee, Lonnie Padgett, Millard Branning, Tim Harris, John Craig, Don Powell, Jimmy Lee Taylor, Ashley Costin, Lee Corso, Bud Leonard, Ellison Willis. " Orchids to the Alpha Tau Omega ' s. " At least, that ' s what the ATO sweet- heart and her court were saying at the annual Orchid Ball, highlight of the ATO weekend. Several weeks before the big event, members of the fraternity select their respective candidates for sweetheart, and the fun begins! Each boy campaigning for his choice, hoping that she will be " the girl. " In the spring when everyone dreams of a lazy swim at the near-by shore, the ATO ' s take off for Panama City for their yearly coast party, Saturday afternoon of their weekend. Returning in high spirits, they precede the formal with a buffet dinner. As the " piece de resistance, " the long-awaited gueen and her court are presented at the dance. Carrying out the theme of the ball, each date is presented with an orchid, momento of the occasion. President, Lon Hatton Page 224 Get with it boys! Oh. the Hie of the pledge MEMBERS Hubert Ackerman Tomas Alexander James Atwood Louie Bauerle Ronald Beliech James Booth Millard Branning Tom Burst Cecil Carlton Jr. Paul Caro Jr. Barney Chalker Jr. Robert Cohen Walter Conrad Lee Corso Ashley Costin Robert Crenshaw Tom Cundy Vernon Edgar Richard Esposito Robert Gainous John Griner Paul Hardin James Harkins Robert Harris Lon Hatt on Richard Hollahan Joe Holt Bob Jones Harold Kastner David Kennedy Earl Koos Ronald Langston Oscar Laurene Allen McCorkle William McKemie Alex Makowiecki Dossey Merritt James Messinese Guy Millner Charles Miner James Moore Don Powell Guy Revell John Rynerson Robert Spaulding Thomas Speck Raymond Staab Sidney Wilck John Williamson Ellison Willis PLEDGES |5p James Allen Richard Artmeier Leo Baggett Chris Banister Hamilton Bisbee William Brown Gerald Cigarran John Graig Earl Crona James DeLoach Thomas Feamster John Harris Gerald Kelly William Leonard Edwin Merritt James Oler Jonah Lee Overton Roy Padgett Ray Reinhardt Thomas Sawyer Aaron Walker Charles Wilson Page 225 DELTA TAU DELTA First Row: Eddie Franklin, Dick Puckett, Johnny Hall, Ted Wyly, Grant Conibear, Nick Crisp, Dean Piatt, Ronnie Graves, Hank Taffe, John Straub, Don Cooper. Second Row: Bob Culliver, Earl Schroder, Duane Purvis, Delwood McDonald, Mother Curtis, Mike Sheridan, Sam Blount, Paul Nelson, Art Good. Third Row: Dick Passenti, Jerry Couch, Wayne Johnson, Lloyd Carouth, Bob Jerigan, Larry Merideth, Don Van Nus, Bob Raulerson, Mark Cone, Robert Newman, Harold Lambert. Fourth Row: Johnny Criel, Rex Davis, Bob Bogovich, Dick Catler, Roy White, Ted Aggelis, Sherwood Williams, John Word, Burney McCann, Bill Harvey. Not in Picture: Deck Gant, Larry Linder, Phil Slaton. Delta Tau Delta initiated the school year in its usual emphatic style. En- thusiasm keynoted a successful rush week, which was culminated by the first formal dance of the year given in honor of the newly pledged men. The Delts captured honors in the area of dramatics this year when they won first place both in the Sigma Kappa Variety Show, with a take-off on Swan Lake, and in the Homecoming skit which featured Gene Autabee and the Fighting Seminoles. To attest to the originality of the latter is the phrase " Why Heyell No, " which became a prominent Seminole expression. A new campus title was brought into being when the men from the Shelter made their first annual sorority of the award. The recipients of the sterling cup this year were the Kappa Alpha Thetas. The Deltas brought their old " Mobile Wagon " back from its retirement. Now it is not uncommon to see this Model T Fire Truck carrying the Delts and their gals through various parts of the capital city. President. Delwood McDonald Page 226 Where ' s the fire? Delts hard at work on Homecoming decorations The Delts placed third in basketball competition; however, the pledge-active games and the Delta- Lambda Chi sports competition gave the most illu- minous " vapor " to the athletic scene. Numerous social functions and activities filled this year. Among these were the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, co-sponsored with the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, a joint weekend held with the Delt chapter from Gainesville, and Home- coming festivities. The end of the year was climaxed by the Rainbow Ball Weekend. MEMBERS Ted Aggelis Sam Blount Bob Bagovich Don Cooper Lloyd Carruth John Creel Neil Shea Crispo Bob Culliver Dick Cutler Jim Fadigan Dick Gant Art Good Johnny Hall Wayne Johnson Larry Linder Delwood McDonald Bernie McCann Bob Newman Dick Passenti Duane Purvis Bob Roulerson John Straub Hank Taffe Don Van Nus Vinson Williams Ted Wyly Bill Deck Ray Johnson Marcus Cone Paul Nelson Earl Schroder Rex Davis Larry Merideth Phil Slaton Hoot Walker Mike Sheridan PLEDGES Dletus Blaes Bob Blanton Jerry Couch Grant Conibean Ronnie Graves Ed Franklin Bill Harvey Jim Harrel Bob Jernigan Joe Moore Tom Pridgeon Gordon Palmer Dean Piatt Dick Puckett Gus Sardina Dave Speed Chuck Straub Bob Swindel J. Tom Watson John Word Roy White Leo Tiernan L y Page 227 KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Pierce Long, Bob Miller, Bennie Joe Dudley, Charles Slater, Bob Butler, Earl Peterson, Bill Dean, Dick Hauff, Lem Hoover, Dixon Robinson, Dix Darnell and Donald Hare. Second Row: Harry Whitehurst, Emory Cain, Bill Strickland, Bob Porter, Jim Kearce, Ed Odom, Frank Marshall, Jim Ervin, Earl Cain, Nat Copenhaver, " Dutch " Martin, Jerry Albritton. Third Row: Dugger Palmer, Donnie Hollis, K. D. Bliss, Charles Mixon, Ray Rogers, Recording Secretary; J. Munday Crews, President; Mrs. Elizabeth Chapeau, Housemother; Bill Durham, Vice-President; John H. Smith, Tommy Waits, David H. Smith, Jim Broderick. Fourth Row: Mike Young, Gene Edenfield, Walter Edwards, Coyle Moore, Bud Eubanks, " Bokie " Daniels, O. B. Smith, Ken Abbott, Jim Julian, Floyd Jordan, Dick Thierry, Joe Mack Jordan, Palmer Munroe. Fifth Row: John Stanley, Fred Brinkoff, Larry Tuten, Martin Kuck, Don Stone, J. P. Clark, Max Long, Bob Fountain, Solon Slater, Paul Kreager, Arbie Herring, Jerry Merrill, Walter Elliot, Henry Horry Hair, Livingston Branch, John Perry. The Kappa Alpha Order was founder in 1865 at Washington and Lee Uni- versity, at the time when General Robert E. Lee was president of this school. Using the great southern hero ' s life as a guiding light of their own, the men of Kappa Alpha have made it one of the leading national fraternities. The seventy-seventh active chapter was added last year to the " Grand Old Gang, " which extends from coast to coast across the central and southern sections of our county. Gamma Eta Chapter is now in its sixth year on the FSU campus. It is the successor to Old Alpha Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha, which was the first national social fraternity established on the campus of the Florida State College, Tallahassee, back in 1903. Alpha Psi was moved to Rollins College, Winter Park, when FSC became the Florida State College for Women in 1905, and it wasn ' t until 1949 that Kappa Alpha returned to the new co-ed university, Florida State. The highlights of the chapter ' s social year are the " Old South Weekend, " held in the spring; the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, and the Convivium Banquet, which is a celebration of Robert E. Lee ' s birthday. This year the chapter was fortunate to be able to play host to the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra during their stay on campus. President, Jim Crews Page 228 Tommy Dorsey enjoys KA southern hospitality before FSU Concert KA ' s play host to Dr. Andrew Lytle, noted author and lecturer, and also a KA. at English Coffee Hour. MEMBERS Jerry P. Albritton Kenneth D. Bliss James M. Broderick Robert W. Butler Earl K. Cain Emory T. Cain James P. Clark Nat Copenhaver, Jr. J. Munday Crews, Jr. Payne Bokie Daniels George R. Day William L. Dean Bennie Joe Dudley William E. Durham Eugene L. Edenfield William R. Ervin Ernest H. Eubanks Charles Gentry Henry H. Hair Arbie G. Herring Donald R. Hollis Lamar Hutchinson John M. Hunnicut Floyd Jordan James F. Julian Paul M. Kreager Martin J. Kuck Max S. Long Pierce Long Frank Marshall Walter K. McKenzie Jerry E. Merrill Robert A. Miller Charles F. Mixon William Manning Coyle E. Moore, Jr. William " Dutch " Martin George E. Nunez John Perry Earl W. Peterson Robert M. Porter William J. Rogers Raymond E. Rogers Solon Slater David H. Smith John H. Smith O. B. Smith John A. Stanley Donald E. Stone William A. Strickland Richard N. Thierry Larry E. Tuten Thomas A. Waits Harry S. Whitehurst J. T. Williams, Jr. James M. Young PLEDGES Kenneth G. Abbott Livingston Branch Fred A. Brinkoff Travis E. Clark William D. Darnell Wendall L. Dowling Frank F. Fain Walter E. Elliott Ronald E. Hare Lemuel H. Hoover James T. Kearce William H. Kirkland Robert G. Landrum Palmer E. Munroe William L. Payne James R. Rhodes John M. Riley, Jr. Dixon G. Robinson Michael A. Rou William A. Woolington Henry R. Wetherington Page 229 KAPPA SIGMA First Row: Larry Keck, Gus Alford, Fred Brown, Jim Cullipner, Tom Bruckman, Joe Bauman, Jackson Henry. Second Row: Cliff Mayfield, Treasurer; Davies Overcash, Ritualist; Tom Day, President; Mrs. S. M. Lloyd, Housemother; Don Smith, Vice-President; Jim Byrd, Secretary; Jim Thomas. Third Row: Dan Petursson, Siggi Ragnarsson, John Casbergue, Al Dayes, Ted Reiter, Bob Brady, Don Heidel. Fourth Row: Lyman Hammond, Fenton Bennett, Walt Isham, C. W. Jones, Paul Gocke, John Winningham, Floyd Gangloff, Mark Casto, Bob Home, Jerry Wheeler, Russell Johnson. Fifth Row: Tom Batchelor, Jim Holt, Walker Wood, Lamar Allen, Bill Jones, Charlie Baker, Cecil Beehler, Bob Wright, Ronnie Anderson. The Kappa Sigs are justified in being proud of the fact that they led the campus blood drive this year by donating 23 pints of blood. They have now started their own blood account to be used by members in emergencies. Although actual construction has not been started on their " new home, " the Kappa Sigs have worked very hard this year toward making the new house a reality. They plan to start construction very soon. Among the many floats entered in the homecoming parade, the " Greek Temple " entry of Kappa Sigma won second place in competition for the most beautiful. At Christmastime the pledges were busily selling Christmas stockings of bubble gum and raised money to give a Merry Christmas to a needy family. The " Space Ship " party and the Black and White Ball held during the Kappa Sigma weekend will long be remembered as they biggest event of the year. Kappa Sigma made the first annual presentation of their " Hostess Sorority of the Year " trophy to Kappa Alpha Theta. President, Tom Day Page 230 The Gods Are With Us MEMBERS Gus Alford Lamar Allen Ronnie E. Anderson Ronnie R. Anderson Tom Batchelor Cecil Beehler Fenton Bennett Jim Berg Tom Bruckman Jim Byrd Fred Brown Mark Casto John Casbergue Tom Day Al Dayes Steve Edwards Muriel Fielding Floyd Gangloff Paul Gocke Don Heidel Henry Jackson Jim Holt Russell Johnson Charles W. Jones William S. Jones Larry Keck Cliff Mayfield Davies Overcash Dan Petursson Siggi Ragnarsson Ted Reiter Tom Robertson Jim Rogers Don Smith Jim Thomas Jerry Wheeler Bob Whittier Bob Wright Walker Wood Kappa Sig dream soon to be a reality PLEDGES Gene Carfagna Bryan Chastain Jim Cullipher Loran Harmon Mike Hillegas Walt Isham Gary Lipe Billy Fred Parrish Jim Scott Jim Stanley Bob Stearns Ray Thompson LM-K:t Page 231 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA First Row: Rod Smith, Carroll Fordham, William Wise, Bob Meigs, Gibson Bates, James Davis. Second Row: Harold Carrin, Hunt Wester, Lloyd Jett, Royce Phillips, Larry Kersey, Charles Chester, Pete Wooten, Bobby Sellers, Jack Holmes, Tom Castiglia. Third Row: Bill Suttlemyre, Dave Donnelly, Clarence Smith, E. L. Allen, Bill Corbett, Mrs. Pauline Yoe, Tommy Fountain, Mac Harden, Dr. Wesley C. Harter, Faculty Advisor, Jim Bishop, Joe Southard. Fourth Row: Gordon Gaster, Gene Ferguson, Curtis Simmons, Tracy Harrison, Willis Kennedy, Sam McClain, Eddie Wycoff, William Sullivan, John Tippin, Greene Harrison, Paul Bowen. Fifth Row: Jim Heaggerty, Fred Mansfield, George Adkins, Bill Monies, John Ware, Marion Arrington, Bill Pharris, Jerry Connell, Jack Sinclair, Guy Fountain, Paul Skoglund, Bud Brockenbrough. Always recognized as producing outstanding leaders in campus organiza- tions, Lambda Chi Alpha upheld this tradition by placing leaders in Uni- versity Government as Gordon Gaster, Men ' s Vice-President, and Fred Mansfield, Ju nior Senator. It has taken a leading role in class politics with Mike Kish serving as Vice-President of the Senior Class. Members of Lambda Chi are also actively represented in Varsity Basketball, Circus, Judiciary, Sandspur production, University Singers, Collegians and Alpha Kappa Psi. Other events of the year included the annual Lambda Chi-Theta Chi Charity Bowl football game, and the fraternity weekend in April with vari- ous informal parties and climaxed by the Crescent Ball at Wakulla Lodge. Lambda Chi was also active in intramurals, and at Chirstmas provided toys for the children of a needy family. President, Tommy Fountain Page 232 Ye Old Bell tolls for Seminole Victories But I Can ' t Swim a stroke MEMBERS E. L. Allen Marion Arrington James Bishop Eugene Brockenbrough Paul Bowen Harold Carrin Thomas Castiglia Jerry Connell William Corbett Charles Daugustine Robert David James Davis David Donnelly Eugene Ferguson Harrison Fisher Carroll Fordham Thomas Fountain Gordon Gaster Claude Harden Tracy Harrison Green Harrison James Heagerty Jackson Holmes Willis Kennedy Michael Kish J. D. Laney Fred Mansfield Robert Meigs Samuel McClain William Monies Richard Morrow Wayne Patton William Pharris Raymond Ruester Robert Sellers Curtis Simmons Jack Sinclair Clarence Smith Roderick Smith Joe Southard Bill Suttlemyre John Tippin Natcho Vasileff John Ware Hunt Wester Edward Wurzbach Edgar Wycoff PLEDGES George Adkins Warren Barrett Gibson Bates Charles Chestei Thomas David Guy Fountain Duncan Gray Donald Hassfurder Lloyd Jett Cecil Jones Thomas Lewis Royce Phillips Herbert Reinhard Jack Rogers John Rowe Paul Skoglund William Sullivan William Wise Marvin Wooten m -mm Page 233 PHI DELTA THETA i ft ft fT!2| gj B ft p | ft ft ft fsr ft Q ft i % , «Mk -«». k 1 r? O O First Row: Bill Du Bois, Dean Pohl, Bob Granger, Lee Barber, Hank McCann, Gene Estridge, Bob Berto, Dan Owens. Second Row: Al Martens, Art Hempel, Dave Abner, Secretary; Hal Schaus, Pledge Trainer; Jack Houser, President; Mrs. Cora Rogers, Housemother; Art Allwood, Vice- President; Charlie Ringer, House Manager; Jim Moore, Warden; Tom Barrows, Earl Reid. Third Row: Van Elliott, Ed McCall, Don Randall, Buzzy Strandhagen, Gale Porter, Jerry Jacobs, George Carnes, Tom Ehrhardt, Jim Petrandis, Bill Graham, Buddy Reynolds, Dick Bittner, Del Swilley, Dick Rhoton, Terry Barrows, Wilbur Hawkins. Fourth Row: Paul Jones, Sonny Casca, Chuck Burns, Bob Grenn, Bruce Pacetti, Harvey Hall, John Grider, Don Moot, Gary Bailey, Jim Webb, Bill Plumb, Ernie Stock, Bill Swilley, Keith Milligan. Not present: Harry Massey, Rick Benson, Bob Mathews, Dale Wyngarden. The Phi Delta Theta calendar has been full indeed this year. The men of Florida Gamma have been busy scholastically, socially, politically and in sports. Although the Phi Delt weekend was the biggest social event, the Phi Delts also enjoyed the beer bowl game with the S. A. E. ' s, a great bowery ball, and the fifth annual Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren held in conjunction with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. In athletics Phi Delta Theta has eight men representing them on the football team, two in basketball, and the captains of swimming and tennis teams are members. In intramurals the Phi Delts have won the all-over sports championship for the past two years. They are again on top in the standings this year with first places in football, volleyball, tennis, and track, out of five sports. In politics two senators, two men in judiciary and the presidents of the freshman, sophomore and senior classes are Phi Delts. Scholastically, Florida Gamma was awarded the scholarship improvement trophy from national headquarters for their all-over rise in scholarship. President. Dale Wyngarden Page 234 Phi Delts Christmas party for underprivileged children MEMBERS David Abner Arthur Allwood Wesley Barber Terence Barrows Thomas Barrows Richard Benson Bobert Berto Richard Bittner Albert Buford George Carnes Jr. Thomas Ehrhardt William Graham Robert Granger Robert Grenn John Grider Harvey Kail Wilbur Hawkins Arthur Hempel Jack Houser Jerry Hacobs George Lowe Harry McCann Charles Malloy Alan Martens Harry Massey Ray Milligan James Moore Don Noot Bruce Pacetti William Plumb Dean Pohl Richard Gale Porter Don Randall Richard Rhoton Charles Ringer Harold Schaus William Sechrest James Staples Ernest Stock Harry Stranhagen Delma Swilley Graham Teschke James Webb Richard Wells Robert Williams Phi Delt Beauty section PLEDGES Gary Bailey Charles Brock Charles Burns Anthony Casca William DuBois Irvin Estridge Ira Hill Paul Jones William Kelly Harry Kimbro Charlie King Edward S. McCall Bob Mathews John Mergins Peter Mitchell Paul Ort Jimmy Petrandis Earl Reid Burton Reynolds William Swilley Page 235 PHI KAPPA TAU First Row: Neal McDaniel, Buck Stuckey, James Brodie, treasurer; George Tucker, president; Mrs. Fred Avril, housemother; Ray Hemann, vice-president; James Van Middles worth, secretary; Boe Sharpless, Frank DeSteiano. Second Row: Tony Kind, Jim Fishback, Rudy Holton, Stan Ziobrowski, Byrd Mapoles, Morris Parks, Cliff Kidd, Jim Carter, John Cange losi, Sonny Shaw, B. B. Rhodes, Johnny Lewis. Third Row: Tom Feathers, Joe Masci, James Goesnell, Gordon Villars, Bill Graham, Derwyn McElroy, Harold Stone, Don Sebree, Ronnie Groom, Eddie Hoffman, Herman Murray. Homecoming was a huge success this year as Phi Kappa Tau walked off with the house decorations contest with the gigantic, flag bedecked " FSU Showboat — Presenting the Fighting Seminoles in Furman ' s Lament. " The " Seminole Queen " was featured in the major newspapers of the state and telecast statewide. The weekend also saw our skit reach the fraternity semi- finals for the second year in a row, and many friends and alumni return to Beta Iota. Highlighting the social season were sorority parties, weekend dances in the house, the big homecoming dance, the annual Christmas dance sponsored by the pledges, and the Carnation Ball. One of the major projects of the year was the establishment of a Phi Tau bloodbank, available not only to members and friends of our fraternity, but also to needy and worthy people. We were all very honored when our candidate, Miss Bobbie Craig of Ocala, was chosen queen of the Charity Bowl football game. In intramural sports we were well represented with winning teams, and had men playing on the varsity swimming, baseball, golf, volleyball, and tennis teams. It was truly a great year. The star of Phi Kappa Tau shown brightly. President, Bill Watson Page 236 Watch those pants boys MEMBERS The winning Fraternity decorations George Tucker James Brodie Jim Van Middlesworth Charles Van Middlesworth Ray Hemann Derwyn McElroy William Watson Norman Smith Ray Jones James Cerran Kenneth Nelson Roy Ferguson PLEDGES Gordon Villars Frank DeStefano Thomas Feathers John Cangelosi Morris Parks John Lewis Joe Masci Byrd Mapoles Jim Fishback Jim Gosnell Stan Ziobrowski Walton Stuckey Edward Hoffman Osmond Sharpless Rudy Holton Bill Graham Tony King Jimmu Carter Clifford Kidd Jim Hogan B. B. Rhodes James Yadon Harold Stone Rommie Groom Bill Griffin Neal McDaniel Charles Shaw Herman Murray Bill McClellan Don Sebree Russell Veeder Fred Tolbert Page 237 PI KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Walter Dobar, Treasurer; Robert Loomis, President; Mrs. Margaret Rroden, Housemother; Gean Turano, Vice-President. Second Row: Upton Officer, John Chambers, Douglas Scott, Norman McClain, George Redfern, Tom Hall, Rudy Igle, Larry Beveraly, Carmine J. Monteleone, Gean Petters. Third Row: Roland Barningham, Larry Miller, Arthur Rugge, John Risher, Frank Moody, Roy Harris, Fredricks Jaicks. Delta Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered in 1949. It is one of 109 chapters of the fraternity which was founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia. This year the chapter has had a varied social program. Some of the high- lights of the year include the Homecoming Weekend, Halloween party, Christ- mas party for children jointly held with the Kappa Alpha Thetas, Roman party, hobo party, and Dream Girl Weekend. Miss Myra Ann Lay, Alpha Xi Delta, is our Dream Girl of 1955. Besides these activities, the Pikes have instituted a program of improvements for the house. This includes redecorat- ing inside, landscaping of the yards, and the beginning of regular meal service. Lastly, the Pikes have promoted the establishment of a campus bridge tournment. Members of the fraternity are represented on the swimming team, base- ball team Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Tau Delta, and Phi Beta Kappa. President, Robert Loomis Page 238 URANIUM?? MEMBERS Roland Barningham Earl Collins, Secretary Walter Dobar, Treasurer Thomas Hall Roy Harris Fred Jaicks Gene Leamond Robert Loomis, President Carmine Monteleone William Moore Upton Officer William Lee Pryor Douglas Scott Gene Turano, Vice-President PLEDGES I ' m too young Wayne Barningham Richard Bennett Arthur Buggi Donald Chambers John Paul Davis Rudolph Eigl Fred Fuller Frank Moody Russell Murray Gene Peters John Risher Page 239 PI KAPPA PHI First Row: Ernest Diaz, Billy Boatright, Cris Walker, Danny Rodriguez, Al Hollander, Paul Perry. Second Row: Dick Lucas, Gary Campbell, Vic Spoto, Mrs. Deborah Gore, Alan Sundburg, Jim Ralston, John Adams. Third Row: Gilbert Fernandez, George Carter, Joe Emmons, Frank Kaney, Leo Almerico, Wally Reichert, John Eichelberger, Bruce Cole, Dave Coyner. Rourth Row: Howard Augustine, John Garrett, Danny Mengason, Val Hopkins, S. W. Rickards, Frank Valdes, Jim Clark, Burnett Stilwell, Jr., James Nettles. The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity began the school year with a pledge class of some twenty-two men. The Joe-College and Betty Coed Contest was under- taken with the Delta Gamma sorority and proved to be most successful with a sizeable donation going to the Campus Chest. Another project which has become an annual one is that of assisting the Tallahassee Polio Drive. This year four Pi Kapp pledges with Governor Collins worked at Aubrey Barrow ' s gasoline station which was the headquarters for the drive. The complete day ' s proceeds went to that cause. In the social scene, numerous Pi Kapp sorority parties have been held climaxing with our annual Rose Ball. Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi chapters in the Southeast represented their respective cha pters, with distinguished alumni also in attendance: such as the Assistant Attorney General of the state of Florida, Charles Thomas Henderson. Alan Sundberg, our president for the first semester, was elected president of the I.F.E. He was tapped for Gold Key and ODK. Other Pi Kapps are members of such organizations as Alpha Council, Scabbard and Blade, Col- legians, Choral Union, Los Picaros, Alpha Delta Sigma, and Phi Mu Alpha. One of the Pi Kapps, Frank Valdes, is the owner and leader of the out- standing band on campus, " The Commodores, " which furnishes music for numerous dances on campus. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity came in second in the scholastic race this year. President, Alan Sundberg Page 240 A Few Preliminaries first! MEMBERS John Adams Leo Almerica Bill Boatwright Gary Campbell George Carter Mike Cheeseman James Clark Bruce Cole Ernest Diaz John Eichelberger Joseph Emmons Gilbert Fernandez John Garrett Alfred Hofflander Frank Hopkins Frank Kaney Richard Lukas Daniel Meugason Paul Perry James Ralston Wallace Reichert Sylvester Rickards Daniel Roduigue Victor Spato Frank Valdes A Real Blast! PLEDGES Wilbur Caynes Neil Gray Thomas Hogle Robert Hutchins Paul Kula James Nettles Burnett Stilwell Charles Welker ssssadsixi Page 241 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON First Row: Bert Daly, Tom Turpin, David Medford, Bill McArthur, Terry Meyer, Bobby Blow. Second Row: Don Preisser, Dick Fletcher, Joe Wheat, Howard Andrews, Norm Shipley, Mother Holton, Rod Shaw, Jos Harris, Joe Tarbuck, Gary Roth, John Berry. Third Row: Bob Heins, Bill Haynes, Ron Weaver, Bob Richards, John Lindgren, Lee Flitcraft, Fred Siegrist, Jim Wade, Jerry Henderson, George Martin, Ed Threadgill, Olan Messer, Charlie Hayes, Kent Hearn, Jack Pickett, Bobby Dunn, Bob Hudson, Dick Dunn, Ron Blue, Charlie Davis, Steve Dean. Fourth Row: Carmen Battaglia, Dick Sweetman, George Kyle, Stuart Gould, Vic Prinzi, Don Ramsey, J. D. Nash, Bob Stuke, Sonny Titus, James Browning, Paul Morgan, Ed Kercher, Bill Stancik. To the S.A.E. ' s, one of the biggest events on campus this year was the presentation of the diamond S.A.E. pin to Governor LeRoy Collins. The governor was initiated into S.A.E. in 1939 while in law school at Cumberland College in Tennessee. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was well represented in varsity sports this year. The Sig Alphs were on the football, baseball, golf, track, tennis, gymnastic, swimming and volleyball teams. Bob Hudson, Ron Weaver, and Norm Ship- ley were the captains of the baseball, track and swimming teams respectively. The social calendar was filled with many events, such as the S. A. E. weekend, Founders ' Day banguet, the annual Christmas party, the Senior farewell, the pledge-brother football game, and the S. A. E. vs. Phi Delt beer bowl football game. During Homecoming, the house decorations won second place. Thanks to the work of lack Picketts, S. A. E. won the trophy for the best booth at the Freshman Carnival. Marlies Gessler of the Thetas, the S. A. E. candidate for Orange Bowl Queen, was in the court at the big game. President, Joe Harris Page 242 Presentation of diamond SAE pin to Governor SWEETHEART of SAE MEMBERS Howard Andrews Carmen Battaglia Bob Bennett John Berry Bobby Blow Ronnie Blue James Browning Jerry Byrnes Bob Crittenden Bill Cullom A. Davis Dick Dunn Chuck Ebert Dick Fletcher Lee Flitcraft Paul Grimmig Joe Harris Charles Hayes Bill Haynes Ken Hearn Bob Heins Bob Hudson Philip Hunt Ed Kercher George Kyle Charles Lester Johnny Lindgren Bill McArthur Ed Manders George Martin David Medford Jerry Meyer Paul Morgan Don Preisser Gary Roth Gordon Savage Fred Seigrist Norman Shipley Bill Stancik Bob Stuke Dick Sweetman Joe Tarbuck Hoop Tebault Ed Threadgill Ed Titus Tommy Turpin Jim Wade Ron Weaver Joseph Wheat Rosco Whiddon PLEDGES Bert Daly Jere Daniels Charles Davis Steve Dean Bobby Dunn Bill Grow Stuart Gould Dave Gibson Jerry Henderson Don Johnson Olan Messer Jack Pickett Tuffy Parsons Vic Prinzi Don Ramsey Bob Richards Bill Roche Frank Ruess Joe Tolle John Cory X • - ' ■■ .... ... Page 243 SIGMA CHI First Row: William Phillips, Bobby Payne, Robert Johnson, Jim Joanos, Raymond Kickliter, Peter Nimkoff, Mrs. Janet Baylor, John Cooper, Christopher Johnson, Graham Carothers, Ronald Skelton, John Rooney, Robert Temple. Second Row: Bruce Jacob, Carswell Ponder, Ronnie Lee, Del Wilson, Niles Ray. Robert McCall, Thomas Morgan, Donald Alford, Carlos Fraundorier, William Kelley, Harry Tysinger, Joel Jacobs, Alfred Schissler, Mark Movold, Edwin Mann, Joseph Bagby, Durfee Marshall, Elliot Whitton. Third Row: Joseph Grimsley, Brad Southerland, Carlos Watson, Paul Wolfe, Millard Noblin, Donald Lewis, James Moore, Dudley Davis, James Kauffman, Gary Nahrstedt, Francis Suttler, Neil Bowers, William Swigent, Robert Skiff, Samuel Walden, Jack Terwilleger, Melvin Fleisher, Laird Anderson. Sigma Chi retained her control of fraternity scholarship by again winning the I.F.C. trophy. The first place award for the most beautiful float was again awarded Sigma Chi at Homecoming ceremonies. Among its leaders, Sigma Chi claims the President of the Student Body, the Chairman of the Student Party, members in the Senate and the courts and members of Gold Key and ODK. Sigma Chi celebrates its 100th aniversary, having been founded June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Sigma Chi is a member of the famous " Miami Triad, " being one of the three oldest social fraternities. President, John Cooper Page 244 Go Dad. Go MEMBERS The Most Beautiful Homecoming Float Bob Canada John Rooney Ray Kickliter John Cooper Pete Nimkoff Carlos Heaton Elliott Whitton Graham Carothers Drew Boggs James Joanos Tom Morgan Sandy Sanderson Ed Mann Bill Kelly Bob McCall Chris Johnson Gary Narhstedt Dave Bachman Don Alford Duke Woodhull Bob Temple Gary Wold Ron Skelton Gene Williams Bill Doxey Carlos Fraundorfer Niles Ray Maurice Steinberg Al Schissler Jim Kauffman Mark Movold Bruce Jacob Mel Fleischer Jim Moore Bob Johnson Dudley Davis Dick Johnson Carswell Ponder Carl Edwards Durfee Marshall Bob Skiff Joel Jacobs Frank Sattler Neil Bowers Jack Terwilliger Bob Payne Laird Anderson Jo Bagby Bill Swigert Don Lewis Carlos Watson Sam Walden Bill Phillips PLEDGES Paul Wolfe Del Wilson Harry Tysinger John Tomberlain Percy Steele Brad Southerland Jim Olson Millard Noblin Ronnie Lee Georqe Evans Bert Kuhn Page 245 SIGMA Nil First Row: Charles Brown, Bob Dunkel, Leskey Jones, Rocky Holland, Norrie Wright, Bill Benner. Second Row: Harvey Davis Spurgeon Johnson, Jule Hurst, Mother Sealy, Jack Koonce, Hoke Grant, Gene Pipkin. Third Row: Bill Smith, Ronnie Jutila, Tommy Miller, Ed Fenn, Jim Newlon, John Cal.ahan, Ralph Atwell, Lyle Lazear, Bill Harris, Howard Logue, Bill Stephens, Gordon Dixon, Kent Schroder. Fourth Row: Richard Howser, Jim Hickey, Jerry Tucker, Wad Crews, Bob Andrews, Fred Kenney, Dave Taly, Jack Sweeney, Aubrey Odom, Pat Stewart, Don Pace. Sigma Nu has enjoyed a successful intramural season by gaining the finals both in basketball, and tennis doubles. The scholastic standing of the Sigma Nu ' s was third place among all fraternities on campus. Betty Jo Miller, K D, was chosen Sigma Nu Sweetheart. She was honored at the annual White Star Weekend Ball at Wakulla Lodge. The pledges started off the year with a " Baby White Star Weekend " ball at the Tallahassee Country Club. Homecoming was the highlight of the fall semester. A combo party was held Friday night at the house. Saturday night a buffet supper was enjoyed at the Women ' s Club, followed by a dance. Lyle Lazear gained recognition for his fine performance on the golf team. A fine freshman pitching prospect is Fred Kenny. President, Julian Hurst Page 246 Let ' s live a little But it ' s cold in there MEMBERS Bob Andrews Ralph Atwell Bill Benner Charles Brown John Callahan Warren Cobb Wade Crews Harvey Davis Gordon Dixon Bob Dunkel Ed Fenn Bill Geho Hoke Grant Jimmy Hanks Bill Harris Jim Hickey Jules Hurst Richard Howser Curtis Jackson Spurgeon Johnson Ronnie Jutila Fred Kenney Jack Koonce Jack Kulzer Lyle Lazear Howard Logue Joe Mars Tommy Miller Jim Newton Aubrey Odom Stan Orrick Don Pace Jay Perkins Gene Pipkin Kent Schroder Bill Smith Bill Stephens Earl Strickland Jack Sweeney Dave Talty Jerry Tucker Bill Wagoner Dee Walsh PLEDGES Doug Atkins Fred Forst Bill Hayes Rocky Holland Bill McCarter Dave Morris Dick Shevlin Pat Stewart Carl Stuart Dan Thomas Ikey Joe Tyre Rufeal Vega Jim Welch Emory Williams Barkley Wilson Norrie Wright Page 247 SIGMA PHI EPSILON First Row: William Pfeiffer, Neal Robinson, Wallace Jones, William Dayer, Richard Hutchinson, Louis Tillery. Second Row: Beryle Scarboro, Gay Argo, Erich Weber, Housemother Mrs. Mary Barrett, Ernest LaRoche, James Williams, Haskell Julmer, Harry Eielson. Third Row: Wayland Elam, William Monroe, Robert Connelley, Ronald Lee, Colie Nichols, Donald White, James Lockard, Norman Burth, Joseph Hollis. Fourth Row: Ronald Scarboro, Joseph Carbonell, Thomas Greene, Coy Winchester, Robert Gutting, William Begleman, Winton Day, William Combee. 1954 was another great year for the " Sig Eps. " The year started with the acquisition of a different fraternity located at 536 West College Avenue. Plans are now under way to build a new house in the near future. Three weeks before Homecoming the " Sig Eps " decided to have a pirate theme for their 1954 Homecoming Decorations. To make the theme more realistic President Ernie La Roche and Jimmy Williams, Don White, Harry Eielson, and some of the other boys grew moustaches and beards and were decked out as pirates. During the Homecoming Parade, the " Sig Eps " were highly conspicuous sword fighting " on the deck of their pirate ship, ' The Jolly Roger ' . " Other events to be remembered were the Annual Pledge-Active Football and Basketball games, which are always followed by a party given by the loser. Also to be remembered was the sponsoring of a turkey raffle for the Campus Chest. Social events of the year included the annual Queen of Hearts Ball and the traditional pledge dance, the Queen of Diamonds Ball. Among " Sig Eps " gaining honors are Gay Argo, who became a member of Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity, Harry Eielson, Secretary- Treasurer of the American Society of Public Administration, and Bob Gutting, Vice-President of Gymkana. President, Ernest LaRoche Page 248 House turns ship for Homecoming MEMBERS She was poor but she was honest — sing it boys. Gay O. Argo Richard M. Bryant Norman D. Burth Robert T. Connelly Robert T. Cramer Harry A. Eielson, Jr. Haskell R. Fulmer Thomas G. Greene Robert J. Gutting Joseph E. Hollis Walter E. Johnson Ernest P. La Roche James H. Lockard Colie Nichols, Jr. Oscar Oropeza Beryle R. Scarboro Erich R. Weber Donald B. White James T. Williams PLEDGES Ralph Ashley William A. Begelman Joseph F. Carbonell Larry N. Campbell William M. Combee James W. Day William L. Daye Wayland H. Elam Malcolm L. Hill Richard E. Hut chinson Howard E. Jones Wallace E. Jones Ronald E. Lee George V. Massoth William N. Munroe, Jr. William A. Pfeiiler Perry O ' Neal Robinson Willard H. Scott Rudy Signorelli Gordon L. Tillery James Victoria James E. Wetmore Buster Williams A Page 249 THETA CHI " T-y jMte y ■■■■ ' ■■ f™ f ' f First Row: Owen McCarron, Bill Ousterhoudt, John Matthew, Neil LaBar, Ed Hinson, Dick Hancock. Second Row: Tom Woods, Bob Elting, Charlie Allen, Bob Foley, Mother Golden, Walt Wilson, President; G ' .ayden Schafer, Jerry O ' Leary, Andy Scaturro. Third Row: Bob Scarbrough, Mel Hunter, Ken Rohach, Ron Twitty, Jack Veghte, Harold Stewart, Herb Lacayo, Fred Herold, Gene Nagle, Aerial Dreyfus, Don Mathieu, Dutch Voll, George Irvin, Dick Crawiord, Coleman Davis. Fourth Row: Joe Cummings, LaVerne Williams, Bob Shuman, Mike Tschirret, Gary Ashley, Roger Bickle, Skip Hibbard, Bill Alderman, Tony Stormont, Bill Neblett, Ray Baker, Grant Spinner, Jerry Iverson, Ken Segner, Doc Cunningham, Ron Fraser, Lee Miller. The serpent and dagger pin of Theta Chi is well known on the campus of F. S. U. The badge of Theta Chi is worn by men prominent in football, basketball, baseball, varsity and intramural debate, the student government, student publications and social life. Theta Chi won this fall ' s annual Charity Bowl Game with Lamba Chi Alpha. Proceeds from this event were donated to the Campus Chest. The men of Theta Chi enjoyed a well rounded and active social program highlighted by a supper for Yma Sumac in February, a Halloween party and Florida Festival at Lakeland. President, Walt Wilson Page 250 Good ol ' rush party punch! Theta Chi Mule Train MEMBERS Charlie Allen Ray Baker Roger Bickle Dick Crawford Joe Cummings Doc Cunningham Coleman Davis Breezy Dreyfus Bob Elting Bob Foley Ron Fraser Dick Hancock Ed Hinson Fred Herold Skip Hibbard Jerry Iverson Kermit Kindred Herb Lacayo John Matthew Lee Miller Owen McCarron Bill Neblett Bill Ousterhoudt Jerry O ' Leary Glayden Shafer Ken Segner Bob Scarbrough Al Schuler Harold Stewart Mike Tschirret Jack Veghte Walt Wilson Laverne Williams Duggan Whiddon Tom Woods PLEDGES Bill Alderman Mell Hunter Jerry Higgs Ray Markey Don Mathieu Grant Spinner Gene Streigle Jack Streigle Page 251 TAU EPSILON PHI First Row: Murray Berman, David Leblang, Neil Lukow, Leon Cutler, Jerry Klonsky, Harry Bernard. Second Row: Mort Lainer, Murray Stoddart, Jack Schlosberg, Mickey Kinsbruner, Donald Schwartz. Epsilon Deuteron chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi, youngest national social fra- ternity on the F.S.U. campus, was established on May 8, 1954. At that time nine men were initiated as charter members. Since that time the progress of this small organization has been tremendous. A chapter house was acguired on College Avenue with the help of hard working alumni. The fraternity showing in intramurals and other extra- curricular activities rate among the best on campus and its membership has almost tripled since it became colonized. A big formal weekend is now being planned for the beginning of May to celebrate the first anniversary of the chapter. Lovely Miss Petey Dunn will reign as gueen over the affair. With the enthusiasm and progress gaining in momentum daily, Tau Epsilon Phi is definitely more than holding their own in the outstanding fraternity system on the F.S.U. campus. President. Jerry Klonsky Page 252 They told us it was a crip course Got a penny? Larry Abt Murray Berman Leon Cutler Jerry Klonshy Harry Bernard Jerome Bernstein Michael Kinsbruner MEMBERS PLEDGES Neil Lukow Donald Schwrtz Murray Stoddart Harris Litwin Jack Schlosberg Page 253 Page 254 FEATURES Page 255 HOMECOMING QUEEN 195 4 MISS BETTY WILLMON Popular Betty Willmon is a happy choice for the Florida State University 1954 Homecoming Queen. Selected by her fellow students to exemplify the best at Florida State, Betty personifies wit, grace, and beau- ty. Betty comes to us from Quincy, Florida, and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sororit y. She was sponsored by West Hall. m CYNTHIA SWEATT SPONSOR PI BETA PHI The Tcrily-Ho is proud to present sophisticated Cynthia Sweatt, our 1955 Miss F.S.U. She is an art major, and a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Talented and versatile, Cynthia carries with her an air of poignant grace. Poise, charm, and vitality combine with classic features to create haunting beauty in Cynthia Sweatt. The judge for the 1955 Miss F.S.U. contest was Mr. William Gordon, talent director for Twentieth Century Fox Studios. Page 258 Miss F. S. U. 1955 Cynthia Sweatt LA VETRA ARMSTRONG sponsor Florida Hall Page 260 MARGARET ANN BALLINGER sponsor Delta Gamma MARY CAROLYN BRANCH sponsor Kappa Delta Page 262 BARBARA EMMETT sponsor Alpha Gamma Delta Page 263 MARLIES GESSLER sponsor Theta Chi Page 264 . : 1 DEANE JACKSON sponsor Kappa Delta Page 265 VIRGINIA SPICER sponsor Alpha Delta Pi Page 266 ANITA WALL sponsor Kappa Sigma Page 267 ANN YATES sponsor Zeta Tau Alpha Page 268 THE HALL OF FAME Ten outstanding Seniors are chosen each year for the F.S.U. Hall of Fame. We feel that these seniors, chosen here for out- standing leadership and service to the university, will continue to prove themselves worthy of a niche in the Halls of Fame of life. FRANKLIN ADAMS Les Jongleurs . . . Omicron Delta Kappa beau . . . Smoke Signals . . . Pow-Wow . Honor Exhibit Art Award . . . Gold Key. MARTHA GARRETT . Flam- Student Delta Zeta President . . Mortar Board President . . . Junior Councilor. Sophomore Council . . . . Home Economics Club Page 270 BETTY JO GRUBBS Kappa Alpha Theta President . . . Garnet Key . . . Cotillion . . . Mortar Board . . . Secretary of Elections . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. JACK HOUSER Phi Delta Theta President . . . Gold Key . . . Secretary of Finance . . . Omicron Delta Kappa President . . . Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SUE HUMPHRYS Mortar Board . . . Garnet Key . . . Choral Union . . . Sophomore Council . . . Circus . . . Women ' s Glee Club . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Page 271 PHOEBE JACKSON Pi Beta Phi President . . . University Senate . . . Garnet Key . . . Secretary of State . . . Mortar Board . . . Sophomore Council . . . Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. DAVE KENNEDY University Senate . . . Gold Key . . . Men ' s Sophomore Council . . . Flambeau . . . Honor Court . . . Attorney General . . . President of Young Democrats . . . Stu- dent Body Summer President . . . Smoke Signals . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Page 272 PETE NIMKOFF Student Body President . . . Sigma Chi President . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Gold Key . . . Tau Kappa Alpha . . . Sigma Tau Delta . . . Attorney General . . . Track . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ALAN SUNDBERG Pi Kappa Phi President . . . Gold Key . . . Politics Club . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . I.F.C. President . . . Student Party Executive Council . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. BETTY ANN MUNROE Village Vamps President . . . Garnet Key . . . Secre- tary of Honor . . . Head Cheerleader . . . Circus . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Page 273 ? Page 274 ATHLETICS Football Basketball • Swimming • Baseball • Gymnastics • Track Tennis • Golf Volleyball • Intramurals Page 275 CHEER " Come on Y ' all Yell! " This was Florida State ' s undefeated team. Although the athletic teams some- times came out on the short end of the score, the Cheerleaders were never beaten. This year saw the campus painted from one end to the other with " Beat Georgia, " " Go to Auburn, " and " Go to the I --? Maurice Stienberg Margaret Ann Ballinger E. L. Allen T o 1 " ' ' ' j -HW i fei Sarah Hambly LEADERS Pep Rally. " At the pep rallys, school spirit was fired to an all-time high. This was, of course, the result of untiring e_ort on the part of the Cheerleaders. As Florida State moved into the " big time " these ex- uberant Seminoles, under the leadership of head Cheerleader, Betty Ann Monroe, well keep the pace. « H Bill Kirkland Betty Ann Monroe Pat Harris Tommy Waites HEAD COACH TOM NUGENT ORGANIZATION Head Coach Tom Nugent Assistant Coaches Vaughn Mancha. Vince Ragunas. Bob Harbison. Win Siegfried, Frank Toomey. Owen Hale. Mike Long Co-Captains Billy Graham. Al Makowiecki Trainer Don Fauls 1954 SCHEDULE FSU-Georgia FSU Georgia 14 FSU-Abilene Christian FSU Abilene Christian 13 FSU-Louisville FSU 47 Louisville 6 FSU-Villanova FSU 52 Villanova 13 FSU-North Carolina State FSU 13 North Carolina State 7 FSU-Auburn FSU Auburn 33 FSU-VMI FSU 33 VMI 19 FSU-Furman FSU 33 Furman 14 FSU-Stetson FSU 47 Stetson 6 FSU-Mississippi Southern FSU 19 Mississippi Southern 18 FSU-Tampa FSU 13 Tampa SUN BOWL FSU-Texas Western FSU 20 Texas Western 47 . r. r FOOTBALL ■ 1L ' «.A ' Aki C B Bdfc 8 -.-. i— . iA A " Ik m m. Florida State University ' s 1954 varsity iootball team. Front row, left to right: Len Swantic. Buddy Reynolds. Ted Rodrique. Jimmy Lee Taylor, Joe Holt, Bob Crenshaw, Bill Cullom, Ronnie Schomburger, Carl Grenn, Billy Graham, Al Pacifico. and Harry Massey. Second row, left to right: Don Powell, John Craig, Bud Leonard, Patrick Versprille, Ronnie King, Robert Grenn, Vince Gibson, Jarry Jacobs, Al Makowiecki, Hobo Ackerman, Buck Melts. Back row, left to right: Bill Paskalakis, Bill Musselman, Vic Prinzi, John Griner, Jimmy Trado, Hamilton Bisbee, Lee Corso and Leo Baggett. Everything considered, it was a good year for Florida State University in football. After a slow start the Tribe picked up their pace and finished with eight regular season vic- tories against three losses. While rushing through the year to the Sun Bowl climax, FSU passers threw for nineteen touchdowns, a high for the nation ' s college teams. And while the running game was usually sec- ondary, it too had its more spectacular mo- ments. It was the best year Coach Tom Nugent has had since arriving here in 1953. In his initial season the Seminoles won five and lost five. Besides the peak of enthusiasm over the Sun Bowl game in El Paso, the 1954 season has its other high points. The Homecoming triumph over Furman was the first time an FSU eleven had ever beaten the Purple Hur- ricanes. And another big one was the 19-18 thriller over mighty Mississippi Southern, conqueror of Alabama for two straight years. But the season had more than its firsts — it also had its last, and a welcome one at that. For with the scheduling of enough name teams after 1954, FSU steps out of small college circles and into the realm of the " Big- Time. " So it is goodbye to an old era and hello to a new. If the beckoning football age is as generous as the old, the Seminoles from Flor- ida State will survive — and prosper! Seminole Co-captains of the year, Al Makowiecki and Billy Graham, were elected by their teammates just prior to the team ' s trip to the Sun Bowl, Page 279 GEORGIA The University of Georgia Bulldogs on September 18th, proved an early season Waterloo for Florida State ' s aspiring Seminoles in 1954 ' s opening game. They turned loose a slim, heady guarterback named Jimmy Harper who ran and passed them to a J4-0 victory over the Tribe as everybody and his brother jammed their way into Doak S. Campbell stadium. When the gloom had cleared, attendance statistics showed that 19,401 sports crazed fans, a new school high, had tired of a long season of baseball. Harper was involved in both the Bulldog scores, passing for one and running the ball for the other. Blocking was sharp for such an early season affair, and the tackling was crisp. The game was won up front, evi- denced by the way the big and tough Bulldog line smothered FSU offensive efforts repeatedly, and especially inside the 40. Likewise the Tribesmen were sharp on defense, but espe- cially outstanding for the Seminoles was the linebacking Sophomore Lee Corso ' s phenomenal affinity for Bulldog aerials. He swiped three. In view of the fact that the Georgia defenses were rated statistically among the finest in the Southeastern Conference at the end of the season, the Seminoles had nothing to be ashamed of. They were coming. ABILENE CHRISTIAN Abilene Christian, a small college from a large state — Texas — proved once again that where they come from they do things a little bigger and a little better. They ran up two first half scores and then hung on to frustrate the FSU band for the second straight week. They turned the trick, 13-0. It was lightning in exactly the same place for State fol- lowers. Just one year back they had seen the rugged Texans spot the Tribe seven points and then come back to win han- dily. 20-7. The Seminoles penetrated inside the visitors ' 10 yard- line twice, but were thrown back moments later when Sem- inole blocking assignments didn ' t come off. The only consoling point, and that rather perverse, is that the Christian club has been dropped from the Seminole schedule in 1955. The reason is simple: you beat a small school and who cares, but if you lose . . . Injuries definitely hurt the Seminoles. Little Ail-Ameri- can end Jimmy Lee Taylor, sophomore Buck Metts and senior fullback Ronnie King sat out most of the game, which placed a heavy burden on Coach Nugent ' s younger men, mostly freshmen. The Tribe was still coming . . . enter Louisville. RIGHT: Quarterback Ted Rodrique storms his way to the Georgia 19 yard line in the 1954 opener. BELOW: Massey fades back to pass . . . he ' s looking for a receiver . . . He throws . . . the ball is in the air . . . Billy Graham takes a pitch-out and heads around end as John Griner takes out a Georgia defender. LOUISVILLE The University of Louisville ' s Cardinals became the first team of the 1954 season to feel the sound and fury of the FSU offense. As the Seminoles met the Louisville eleven on the Cardinals ' home field and handed the Red Birds a 47-6 shellacking. Between the two teams, 55 passes were thrown; the Cards pegging 31, the Tribe 24. Each team completed nine. But there ' s where the similarity stops and the rather obvious difference begins. The Seminoles swept to 21 first downs. The Louisville club got 10, mostly by passing. FSU ran for 266 yards, passed for 212. The Cards got just 24 yards rushing. They threw for 128 yards, most of the yardage coming on the gifted passing arm of guarterback John Unitas. The Tribe ' s sophomore guarterback Len Swantic ran for 60 yards in seven tries to pace the ground game. Seven players shared in the scoring for the Nugent men, with no single back getting more than one. People in Tallahassee were smiling again. And right end Ronnie Schomburger scoops it in and races goal-ward. Nugent breathes a sigh of relief. Page 281 With end Jimmy Trado run- ning interference. Seminole QB Len Swantic sweeps through the Villanova line for a 23 yard gain. VILLANOVA Florida State University looked and acted the part of world beaters here Saturday, October 9. and you couldn ' t prove otherwise by a stunned Villanova eleven that was feeling mighty low after bowing, 52-13, to the Seminoles. The week before, the Wildcats had lost to the University of Mississippi, 52-0. Eight thousand fans were on hand to see it — but had a lot harder time believing it. " It, " of course, being the final statistics. The Seminoles completed 18 of 27 passes with Len Swan- tic hitting 13 out of 17 for 226 yards and three touchdowns. Junior end Tom Feamster, all six feet, seven inches of him, caught five of the aerials and rambled 60 yards after the catches. Three of his receptions were for touchdowns. The game was tight all the way in the first half and at the break the Tribe was holding an uncomfortable 13-6 lead. But come the second half and things really began to happen. That ' s when the Seminoles added 12 points in the third quarter and an amazing 27 in the final period to cinch the game. End Tom Feamster dwarfs a Wildcat defender as he tucks in a Swantic pass in the Villanova end-zone. Page 282 NORTH CAROLINA STATE Senior quarterback Harry Massey completed just two passes for only 12 total yards against North Carolina State, but both were for vital touchdowns as the Seminoles traveled north to meet the Wolfpack on their home field in Raleigh on October 16, and made the trip well worth-while by bringing home a tight 13-7 victory. Massey spent the entire first half on the bench while Tom Nugent stuck with Len Swantic. Swantic had had a fantastic night the week before against Villanova when he completed 13 of 17 passes. But it was all Massey in the second half as the stocky 180 pounder passed for eight yards to Jimmy Lee Taylor in the third quarter for one score and threw four yards to Billy Graham for the final touchdown. Two other Massey aerials fell incomplete. The Wolfpack outgained the Tribesmen on the ground, getting 183 yards to 105 for the victors. Billy Graham was FSU ' s top runner, eating up 46 yards in eight carries. The Seminoles ' passing game was good for 62 yards, 22 more than the Wolfpack could manage. The play that set up the winning touchdown came late in the game and was disputed. With N. C. punting from inside its ten, freshman end Ronnie Schomburger rushed in to par- tially deflect the kick. A Wolfpack halfback scooped up the loose ball and ran to the 13, but officials ruled that the receiv- ing team must have a chance to field the ball after it passes the line of scrimmage, thus giving the Seminoles possession of the ball. Two plays later Massey came through. VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Freshman Vic Prinzi, a rags to riches quarterback who had been a fifth stringer at the beginning of the season, came off the bench Saturday, October 30, to pass for three touchdowns and run for another to spark FSU to a 33-19 victory over Vir- ginia Military Institute in Lynchburg, Virginia. The three touchdown pass plays covered distances of 53, 55 and 45 yards. The two for 50 yards plus went to end Ronnie Schomburger. The other was junior fullback John Griner. The history of the FSU scores show that all came within five consecutive Seminole running plays, from the end of the third quarter to the beginning of the fourth. In the series, Prinzi threw for four times. Three were for the payoff. The first Tribe score came in the first quarter when Len Swantic threw another Herculean pass — this one for 45 yards. The other six-pointer came when Prinzi swung around end for the score from five yards out. FSU ' s junior center Bob Crenshaw, a two-year letterman, played a brilliant game at linebacker. Coach Tom Nugent called it his best game in a Seminole uniform. QB Harry Massey throws off a Wolfpack tackier with grim determina- tion in the closing minutes of the FSU-N.C. State game. The Seminoles won, 13-7. Page 283 QB Pat Versprille picked up seven yards before being brought down on the Auburn 31. Right tackle Don Powell, guard Charlie Jacobs and tackle Ray Staab offer able assistance. Florida State became the victim of a pair of circumstances named Fob James and Jim Pyburn in Auburn, Alabama, as the Auburn Tigers handed Tom Nugent his worst defeat as head coach. FSU fell 33-0. Pyburn, the Tigers ' finest end in years, and an All- American hopeful, caught two passes for 93 yards and one touchdown, and barreled in on defense to block a Tribe punt. James scored twice. A touchdown by the losers would have soothed the sting of defeat tremendously, but it was not to be as the Tigers smothered one FSU drive on the one and turned back a couple more inside the 20 yard line. Freshman left half Buddy Reynolds almost turned the trick for the Seminoles in the third quarter. He broke through left tackle, and dashed for 54 yards to the Auburn eight. But three plays later, the Tigers were in possession, a yard shy of the double stripes. FSU ' s chief threat, as per usual, was the pass. Tribe tossers completed 12 of 23 for 157 yards. Harry Massey had the losers ' most successful day, hitting on 6 to 9 for 83 yards. Left half Lee Corso carried for 18 yards to the Tiger 44 on this play. Guard Al Pacif- ico (left) and tackle Al Makowiecki (bottom) threw key blocks. Page 284 HOMECOMING 1954 Furman ' s ball carrier hasn ' t a chance as he ' s smothered by a host of Seminole defenders. FURMAN Revenge was sweet for FSU Saturday, November 13. in the big one . . . Homecoming. So the Tribe took a big mouthful chewing up Furman University to a 33-14 victory, thus aveng- ing two previous losses to the Purple Hurricanes. It was the play of a couple of late-season dynamo-backs that sparked the FSU victory — quarterback Harry Massey and left half Lee Corso. Massey completed 15 of 22 passes for 196 yards. Corso carried 14 times for 75 yards, caught seven passes, and scored three touchdowns. The Seminole offense run up 20 first downs, while ac- cumulating 173 yards, and 226 yards passing against the Hurricanes, who. oddly enough, went into the game as slight favorites. The outcome was not in doubt after the beginning mo- ments of the second quarter. By that time the Tribe had taken a 20-0 lead. They boosted it to 26-0 before Furman finally scored in the third period. Tackle Al Makowiecki was mean up front, and his play was a big step towards the second team Little All- American honors he received at the season ' s end. TOUCHDOWN! Corso and company rack up one of the many which defeated Furman in FSU ' s Homecoming game. Graham went all the way on this one. Mississippi Southern was kicked for a 19-18 upset by the fiery Tribesmen. MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN Tom Nugent ' s fighting Seminoles killed a giant-killer on Saturday, November 27, in Campbell Stadium as a dormant running game finally blossomed into a 19-18 hair-raising victory over mighty Mississippi Southern. The Hattiesburg Colonels took the field as the favored team after their second-year-in-a-row murder of Ala- bama, but a mighty sharp Seminole eleven had their hatchets sharpened, and the Colonels left that same field minus their scalps. It was FSU ' s biggest coup in the history of the University. Thus the Tribe, caught up in some late-season mad- ness counted its fourth straight win and its seventh victory in the last eight games. FSU backfieldmen, never better, saddened the book-makers by rushing for 200 yards even. The Sem- inole passing game was good for just 66 yards, but those 66 yards were never more valuable. The passes, one to Lee Corso and the other to big Tom Feamster, covered nearly the same distance. The one to Corso was a 20 yarder and came in the first guar- ter. Feamster snagged his in the third period from 20- plus-two-yards out. Harry Massey pegged them both. In the final analysis, the thin edge of victory can be credited to Billy Graham, who while playing his greatest game in a Seminole uniform, swung the foot that gave his teammates that much desired extra, and winning, point. He just isn ' t close enough, and Corso scoops in a 20 yard pass from QB Massey to set up the first Seminole touchdown. Page 286 STETSON Florida State University ' s backfield corps charged for 326 yards, a season ' s high, against a game, but outclassed. Stet- son Hatter team Saturday, November 20, at DeLand, pacing the Tribe to its sixth victory in its last seven games. The final outcome: FSU 47, Stetson 6. The victory brought FSU ' s won and lost mark to 6 and 3. The Seminoles ran up a 21-0 half time lead and Tom Nugent cleared the bench early in an attempt to keep the score within reason. But, it was to little avail, as everything the Tribe touched turned to goal. FSU scores came on a number of things: A 19 yard pass from Harry Massey to Tom Feams ter, a 6 yard slice off tackle by Lee Corso, an 80 yard punt return by Odom, a 25 yard keep play by Prinzi, a 5 yard smash by halfback Buddy Reynolds, a 19 yard interception by guard Jerry Jacobs, and finally, a 78 yard run by halfback Buck Metts on the last play of the game. Punting statistics, a good key to the final score, revealed that FSU kicked three times. Stetson nine times. Stetson averted a shut-out in the final minutes when half- back Gene Stephenson crashed over from the two yard stripe. TAMPA Tampa ' s Spartans, playing at home and bent on adding a dismal note to a successful Seminole year, held the visitors to a standstill in the second half, but fortunately the Tribe had chalked up two first session scores, good for a 13-0 victory. Again it was the yeoman passing of guarterback Harry Massey, the late-season whirlwind, which sparked the Tribe to the tight triumph. Massey threw for both scores. The first touchdown came in the first three minutes of play after Bob Crenshaw fell on a Spartan bobble. Halfback Lee Corso took a short pitch downfield from the Tampa 28, reversed his field, and sped over for the score, his sixth of the campaign. It gave him the regular season team scoring championship. He totaled 39 points. Halfback Buck Metts, who came on strong at the end of the season after recovering from a bad leg. scored the final six-shooter after going 47 yards on a screen pass from Massey. Attesting to the rugged defense of the Spartans are the statistics, which show State on the short end of the rushing yardage— 193-177. FSU got 14 first downs, Tampa 16. Jacobs. Feamster. Crenshaw and Staab help put a finishing touch to a Spartan score attempt. Page 287 Coach Nugent gives John Griner a lesson on how to use the oxygen the Floridians weren ' t used to the altitude around El Paso. Metis bucks his way through the Texas Western line in back of some well placed blocking. QB Prinzi barrels around end for a 37 yard gain. :EL PASO, TEXAS, JANUARY 1, 1955 Left Half Buddy Reynolds powers his way to the Texas ' 35 in the second quarter. TEXAS WESTERN 47, FSU 20 It was a long trip to El Paso ' s Sun Bowl, but it was a longer trip home. Not even Auburn, winner over Baylor in the Gator Bowl, could muster over 33 points against the offensive-minded Seminoles, and although the Tribe could hold only Tampa scoreless in the season ' s Reynolds again, with Graham. Pacifico. Massey. an d a host of Seminoles helping him pick up 21 yards of Miner territory. play, they checked three teams with one touchdown, four with two and two with three. Things started well for us. FSU scored first on Harry Massey ' s straight ahead plunge from two yards out. Lee Corso had set up the score on FSU ' s first play with a beautiful 45-yard run that carried to the four. Billy Graham added the point. The Texans tied it up guickly and eight and a half minutes later came the beginning of the end: the second quarter. In that miserable and maddening 15 minutes, the Miners crossed the double stripes four times and by the time the Tribe snapped back with two more touchdowns it was much too late. And the Miners were doing a Lttle scoring them- selves, adding two more markers, one in each of the final quarters. Late in the third period, tempers flared and the players were on the verge of a free-for-all several times. In a unique move, however, the coaches of both teams made a dra- matic entrance to restore calmness. A crowd of some 16,000 looked on. Page 289 SEMINOLE FRESHMEN FSU ' S 1954 Freshman team; first row. left to right: Bob Morris. Ira Hill. Wendell Saterfield, Norman Olson, Jim Young. Darry Robbins. Harold Cummings. Frank Westerdick. Second row: Carmen Bataglia, Dave Swanz. Bill Karch. Trainer " Hoot " Walker. Coach Steve Kalenich, Coach Owen Hale, Coach Jim Messinese. Mike Rou, Roy Beaty, Jerry Henderson, Steve Dean. Third row: Bill Brown, Jim Jumpa. John Woods, Ed Kercher, Al Yeargin, Bill Todd. Ron Weatherington, Scotty Ward. Pete Overton, John Craig. Fourth row: Gene Cox, Bufford Justice, Jack Houser, French Nappier, Amil Abood, Charlie Kicklighter, Wesley Holden, Bob Lowrey, Bill Swilley, Bob Mathews. Mike Norman, and Sam Walden. Hv nP I I Coach Bud Kennedy ' s hardwood corps virtually rewrote the record book this past season. The cagers ran up a 24-4 record, one of the best in the south, and went to the NAIA tourna- ment in Kansas City. Only 24 records had been logged for the university ' s basketball team, but this year ' s red- hot team chalked up 17 more. Heading the list of records was a team point total of 2,295, for an average of 88.3 points per game during the 26 game season. A well-balanced lineup of consistent scorers was the secret of Florida State ' s success this season. Four of the five starters, Jim Oler, Ham Wernke, Rick Benson, and Dick Artmeier, aver- aged double figures, and the fifth man, center Gary Wold, wasn ' t far behind. Guard Jim Oler established an all-time school record by bagging 549 points for a 21.1 average. Oler also dropped in 221 free throws. Ham Wernke, two-time Helms Foundation NAIA All-American, closed out a four-year career with 1,409 points and a 19.7 average. Wernke also set up an individual record by starting in 73 consecutive games. Rick Benson was FSU ' s number three scorer and a top rebounder. Benson dunked 432 points this season for a 16.6 average. His 420 rebounds ranks among the nation ' s best. Florida State ' s 1955 hoopmen; kneeling, left to right: Tom Garcia. Jim Oler. Bob Waits. Ham Wernke. Wayne Patton. Manager Jim Harrell. Standing: Coach Bud Kennedy. Dick Artmier. Bob Ward. Don Alford. Rick Benson. Bob Williams, Gary Wold. Ed Wursbach. Fred Twomey, Darrell Mahoney. Tom Burst and Coach Mike Long. Forward Dick Artmeier scored 339 points for a 13.0 average, and Gary Wold was fifth high scorer with 208 points and an 8.3 average for the season. FSU ' s 24-game team average of 88.3 points ranks them 10th in the nation. The Seminoles climbed the 100-point mark three times, and topped 90 points in 11 games. Page 292 1955 SEASON FSU 103 lax State 76 FSU 75 Ga. Teachers 67 FSU 90 Tampa 62 FSU 94 Stetson 79 FSU 71 Miami 66 FSU 79 Florida 82 FSU 97 Georgia 87 FSU 75 .... Duke 97 FSU 73 Florida Southern 69 FSU 96 Tampa 61 FSU 90 Georgia 81 FSU 81 Spring Hill 72 FSU 91 Mississippi State 76 FSU 84 Stetson 73 FSU 86 Rollins 74 FSU 84 Florida Southern 63 FSU 88 Georgia 79 FSU 110 Rollins 82 FSU 95 Loyola 101 FSU 102 Mississippi State 86 FSU 87 Loyola 84 FSU 86 Miami 80 FSU 86 Stetson 77 FSU 91 Ga. Teachers 83 FSU 93 Montana State 84 FSU 88 Beloit, Wise. 110 FSU ' s " upper and lower, " Tom Garcia. Rick Benson Bob Williams, and Jim Oler. Page 293 ' ■•■■■.. :-- WA • • 1955 SEASON Florida State AAU Champions Southern Intercollegiate Runnerup FSU 62 Georgia 22 FSU 45 Texas A M 39 FSU 52 SMU 32 FSU 68 Georgia Tech 16 FSU 58 Emory 24 FSU 50 Georgia 34 Undefeated in the past two seasons with 21 dual meet wins. M COACH " BIM " STULTS FSU ' s 1955 Mermen: First row. leit to right: B. B. Rhodes. Carswell Ponder, Earl Reid. John Grant. Don Lewis. Gene Ferguson. Second row: Dick Rhoton, Ken Abbott, Mike Tschirret, Ernie Stock. Jim Julian, Bob Stuke, Norman Shipley, Keith Milligan, Coach Stults. Third row: Don Ramsey, John Risher, Ron Twitty, Arnold Abramson, Graham Teschke, Joel Lurie, Mel Hunter, and Manager Earle Peterson. Page 296 The Seminole swimmers completed their third un- beaten season under Coach " Bim " Stults. The mermen outsplashed such foes as South- west Conference powers Texas A M and Southern Methodist, plus Southeastern entry Georgia Tech. The Seminoles also copped three firsts at the Georgia AAU to take that meet, and easily out- swam the Universities of Florida and Miami to win the Florida AAU. Dick Rhoton splashes his way to the finish line. Graham Teschke in the freestyle. Page 297 Number one man on this year ' s team was Ernie Stock, who won the national junior breast-stroke title with a sparkling 2:47.8 in the Florida AAU meet in Gainesville. Ernie scored 13 points in pacing FSU to an easy victory over Florida and Miami in the meet, and played a major role in FSU ' s 21-meet undefeated dual string that dates back to early in the 1953 season. Stock also represented Florida State in the NCAA meet at Miami University (Ohio). A Perfect " touch your toes " Juckknile. Jim Julian dives far and wide in a perfect take-off. Jim Julian and Mike Tschirret in the relay. .4 ■ HENDRIX SEVERS SWEENEY ASHLEY ' ' : .. : ; COACH LITWHILEE Florida State welcomes Coach Danny Lit- whiler, for 11 seasons one of the National League ' s best outfielders, as its new baseball coach this season. Coach Litwhiler arranged the best diamond schedule in Seminole history, a 24-game agenda headed by such name schools as LSU, Wisconsin, Furman, Georgia, Rollins, Amherst, and Miami. The 1954 season saw FSU roll up a total h ' " " .. KENNEY GARCIA VAUGHN of 14 wins and 9 losses, almost equalling the 1952 and best record in FSU history of 17 wins and 4 losses. Shortstop Cooter Mills had the most hits for the ' 54 season with 32, and also copped honors for the most assists of the sea- son with 75. First baseman Fred Twomey made 202 putouts to add his name to the season ' s records. And the final anaylsis gave FSU a total of 164 runs to their opponents total of 97. All in all a most successful season. HUDSON 1955 SCHEDULE March 11-12 at Florida Southern March 18-19 Furman March 21-22 Georgia March 23-24 Amherst March 28 Mississippi College April 4-5 Stetson April 8-9 Wisconsin April 12-13 at Rollins April 15-16 at Miami April 29-30 at Georgia Teachers May 2-3 at Georgia May 6-7 at Stetson «ltJ» J CAMPBELL BONDI HUNT ' YER OUT! ' ATWOOD BELOW. HAM WERNKE - ' «-- .»,.,, ALL-TIME RECORD FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY NATIONAL INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS BILL ROETZHEIM— US Team against Czecho- slovakia. 1947; US Olympic Team. 1948; National AAU All-Around Champion, 1949- 50; US Team against Japan, 1950; Represented US in Pan-American Olympic Games, 1951; NCAA All-Around, 1951; All- American All- Around, 1951; US Olympic Team, 1952; Na- tional AAU Side Horse, 1953; Bill Roetzheim was FSU ' s most outstanding gymnast from 1950-53, and this is only a thumbnail sketch of his many National and International titles. JACK MILES— NAAU flying rings, 1951; US Pan-American Olympic Team, 1955. DICK GUTTING— NCAA trampoline, 1952; NAAU. 1953. JACK SHARP— NCAA flying rings, 1952. GENE RABBITT— NAAU side horse. 1952. DON HOLDER NAAU club swinging, 1953; US Pan-American Olympic Team, 1955. RAFAEL LECOUNA— Captain, Cuba Olympic Team, 1955. Co-Captains Don Holder and Dick Ireland. The FSU Gymnastics Team, left to right: Rafael Lecouna. Tom Mac Donald, Bob Murray, Jim Tanaka, Don Holder, Coach Hartley Price, Dick Ireland, Jim Hanks , Jim Fadigan, Alvin Ruda, Benney Wallace and J. P. Griffin. Page 304 Florida State gymnasts, holders of two NCAA and two NAAU championships, turned in a fine performance this past season to extend their record to 24 team titles and championships won. In the first meet of the year the Seminoles dropped the first of only two losses for the season. That was at the Annual National Gymnastic Clinic in Sarasota, December 28-31. In a three-way team meet, FSU placed second to Illinois while edging out Minnesota. During the season the gymnasts retained three different gymnastics crowns for the fifth consecutive year, a remarkable feat in anyone ' s language. The championships included the Fifth Annual Alabama Invitational meet at Anniston, Alabama, the fifth Flor- ida AAU meet held here in Tallahassee, and the South- ern Intercollegiate meet in Atlanta, Georgia. Outstand ing in these meets were Jack Miles, newcomer Jamile Ashmore, Rafael Lecouna, Jim Tanaka and Joe Taylor. The only other meet lost by the gymnasts was the dual meet with the Swedish National Olympic Team in February. The Swedes, on a tour of the United States, won this meet that was based on indi- vidual championships. Unofficial score was 52-39. Main reason for the loss was the absence of outstand- ing gymnasts Holder, Miles, and Ashmore, who were in Chicago trying out for the Pan American Olympic Team. Alvin Ruda Joe Taylor In a team meet that did not count on the record the previous year, the Seminole gymnasts swept to a 50y2-45y2 upset of the Swedish team. Three members of the gym team brought added glory to the school by being selected through stiff com- petition to represent their countries at the Pan American Games in Mexico in March. The three were Don Hold er, Jack Miles and Rafael Lecouna. Lecouna, how- ever, entered the competition for his native Cuba. All three of the men that attended the Mexico City games have great gym records. Rafael has rep- resented his country in the Olympics twice; London in 1948, and Helsinki in 1952. He has also been in com- petition for Cuba in the Central American games held in Guatemala in 1950, and the Pan American Games held in Argentina in 1951. Don Holder is also an Olympic man, and holds a National AAU title as well. He was the second college freshman to achieve the honor of being selected to compete in the Olympic Games in 1952. Jack Miles is a veteran all-around man and one of the mainstays of the Seminole team. In 1951 he won the NCAA flying rings title, and has added many SIGL and AAU titles to his collection since. Jim Tanaka FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 21 TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Varsity Gymnastics Team- -Championship Record The true champion should seek excellence physically, mentally, so- cially and morally. 21 TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 1950 Florida A.A.U. Southeastern A.A.U. (Atlanta) Mid-West Open Intercollegiate (Chicago) 1951 Florida A.A.U. Southeastern A.A.U. (Atlanta) Southern Intercollegiate (Chapel Hill) N.C.A.A. (NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS) (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Bill Roetzheim, Bill Vrettos, C. Regna, J. Regna NATIONAL A.A.U. CHAMPIONS (Detroit, Mich.) Bill Roetzheim, Jack Miles, C. Regna, J. Regna, Jack Sharp, Scott Stanton, Joe Gusic, Lawrence Weston, Dick Gutting, Bill Vrettos, Pat Signorelli 1952 Florida, A.A.U. Southern Intercollegiate (Tallahassee) Georgia A.A.U. (Atlanta) N.C.C.A. (NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS) (Boulder, Colo.) C. Regna, J. Regna, Jack Miles, Jack Sharp, Don Holder, Pat Signorelli, Dick Gutting, Dick Ireland, Lawrence Weston, Alvin Ruda National A.A.U. — Runner-up (State College, Pa.) 1953 Florida A.A.U. Southern Intercollegiates (Hattiesburg, Miss.) Georgia A.A.U. Alabama Invitational National A.A.U. Champions (Chicago) C. Regna, J. Regna, Bill Roetzheim, Don Holder, Pat Signorelli, Jack Miles, Dick Gutting, Dick Ireland, Larry Weston, Al Ruda, Benny Wallace, Jim Tanaka 1954 Florida A.A.U Southern Intercollegiates (Durham, N.C.) Georgia A.A.U Alabama Open Rafael Lecouna Jamile Ashmore RON WEAVER. CAPTAIN 1955 SCHEDULE February 26 Atlantic Coast Conference Indoor Games at Chapel Hill, N. C. March 26 Florida Relays at Gainesville April 2 Mercer A P ri l 16 Florida AAU at Gainesville April 23 Georgia-Georgia Tech at Atlanta April 30 Loyola Ma Y 7 at Miami Ma Y 14 at Mississippi Southern Kneeling; Charles Watson, Tenny Brown, Warren Strickland, Carlos Fraundorfer, Lloyd Lassen, Ron Weaver, Joe Davis, Larry Hountha, Mike Smith. Standing; Manager Gene Leamond, Ken Hearn, Bill Ostehoudt. Gay Smith. Jim Harrell. Paul Ramey. Carl Grenn. Bruce Jacob. Ken Segner. Tom Hogle. Robert Grenn. Gary Letch worth. Sonny Titus, Jim Browning, Vern Duce, Bill Haynes, Jack Terwilliger, Mike Hillegas. Jim Maher. Don Dittman. Dan Thomas. Page 308 Coach Mike Long inherited nine seasoned letter- men from last year ' s track squad headed by lean Carlos Fraundorfer, who ' s been setting a series THOMAS. 1 MILE; HARRELL. 880; MAHER. 1 MILE; DUCE. 1-2 MILES of Seminole track and field records for the past three years. At one time or another in his career, Carlos has held FSU school records for the shot put, discus, and broad jump. In addition he ' s thrown the javelin, high-jumped, run the 100-yard dash, and sparked three different relay teams. Hardly a wonder he ' s considered FSU ' s best all-around performer in history. Other returnees included Joe Davis, Charles Watson, Larry Hountha, Tenny Brown, Jerry Jacobs, Lloyd Lassen, Mike Smith, and the 1955 team captain, Ron Weaver. Of the newcomers, fresh- man Vernon Duce, two-time winner of the state Class A mile event, and Ken Segner, a middle-distance runner, were the season ' s brightest prospects. In the 1954 season Carlos Fraundorfer set a new school record for the broad jump with a mark of 23 ' 3V2 " ; Jimmy Casteel was high point man for the season with 84% points, and the team record was 1 win and 6 losses, the point total FSU 298, opponents, 429 V2. HOUNTHA AND SEGNER 1 MILE RELAY TEAM: TERWILLIGER. WATSON, HOUNTHA, SEGNER AND DAVIS Page 309 BROWN. HIGH JUMP STRICKLAND. POLE VAULT SMITH, SHOT PUT FRAUNDORFER. DISCUS TITUS, DISCUS 1955 GOLF SCHEDULE Feb. 24-27 George Washington Tournament March 5 Rollins March 17 Davidson March 19 Auburn March 21 Georgia Tech March 22 Georgia March 31 -April 2 Florida Intercollegiate April 11 Kentucky- April 15 Stetson April 16 Rollins April 23 Stetson April 30 Auburn May 3 Georgia May 5-7 Southern Intercollegiate Former high school champions of four states inspect Coach Don Veller ' s form. Left to right: John Berry, Florida; Veller; Jack Veghte, New York; Billy Shelton, Alabama, and Bobby Dunn. Georgia. Keeping in step with the all-round building process at Florida State, the Seminole golf team took on what proved to be the longest and roughest golf slate in the school ' s history. Unfortunately for its opponents, Don Veller ' s links crew proved more than egual to the task. Lettermen John Berry, Jack Veghte and Bob Shuman were joined by one of the finest corps of freshman golfers in the South. Three former state high school champions — Bobby Dunn, Billy Shelton and Norrie Wright — and Dick Hauff, medalist in the PGA ' s National Caddy Tournament, were among the first year men. FSU LINK MEN— Left to right, front row: Bobby Dunn. Billy Shelton. John Berry, Dick Hauff. Stan Ziobromski. and Bob Shuman. Back row: David Morris. Sherman Goss, Vernon Edgar, Dink Wise, Norrie Wright, Jack Veghte, and Coach Veller. Page 312 1955 TENNIS SCHEDULE Big Ten and Southeastern Conference foes, plus nationally feared Rollins and Presbyterian, dominated the Seminole tennis slate this spring. Lettermen Shelby Creagh, Tom Cundy, Joe Harris, Tom Morgan, Hal Schaus and Don Wyly, backed up by a fine group of newcomers, formed one of FSU ' s most powerful net sguads. Wyly, Harris and Cundy completed four year careers on State ' s varsity. Despite the perils of a rough schedule, second year man Keith Pitchford had another fine season. March 14 Presbyterian College March 17 University of Georgia March 18 Auburn March 21 Ohio State University March 25 Pensacola Naval Air Station March 26 Georgia Tech March 31 Florida Southern College April 1 Rollins College April 2 Stetson University April 7 Indiana University April 8 University of Mississippi April 16 Emory University April 18 Auburn April 19 Georgia Tech April 20 Emory University May 7 Pensacola Naval Air Station FSU TENNIS SQUAD— Front row. left to right: Don Wyly, Dick Walker, Jim Wade. Back row: Coach Keith Pitchford. Shelby Creagh. Tom Cundy. Joe Harris, Tom Morgan and Hal Schaus. Page 313 VOLLEY BALL 1954 VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 11 St. Petersburg Invitational Jan. 29 Pensacola Invitational Feb. 10 Tifton, Georgia — there Feb. 10 Albany, Georgia YMCA— there Feb. 18 Jacksonville Navy — there March 5 Mid South Tournament — Memphis March 8 Americus, Georgia YMCA — there March 10 Albany, Georgia YMCA— here March 12 Atlanta YMCA— here March 19 State AAU— St. Petersburg May 6 National Intercollegiate — Univ. of Oklahoma May 8 National Open — Univ. of Oklahoma FSU VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Left to right, first row: Jack Mergens, Eugene Lewis. Phil Slaton. Ray Johnson, Bemie McCann and John Fitch. Back row: Mickey Kinsburner. Matthew Sullivan, Lyle Lazear, John Pickett, Joe Moore. Claude Jewell and Coach Bill Odeneal. One of the few major universities in the football- dominated South to offer intercollegiate volleyball, FSU annually is rated as one of the top teams in the nation. Because of the scheduling problem in this area, Coach Bill Odeneal ' s boys faced a slate loaded with tough AAU teams. The big hurdles of the season were the Mid South and the National Intercollegiate tournaments. Playing one of the fastest games ever devised, Odeneal ' s charges emphasized speed offensively and defensively. Hard spiking and hard serving featured Seminole games. With the assistance of set-up artist Ray John- son, Ail-American prospects Bemie McCann, Phil Slaton and Eugene Lewis were standouts on the talented Indian combine. Page 314 This was the tipoff that lead to the intramural baskeeball season which ended with the Theta Chi ' s as Campus Champs. Away with the weight during Intramural Track Meet. It ' s " Off to the races " as runners take their mark in the Intramural Track Meet. Where did the birdie go? Building the body beautiful includes a swing at a softball. The cold eye of the judge watched doubles play during Women ' s Intramurals. ORGANIZATIONS C7? PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa recognizes the highest academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. A minimum over-all average of 2.5 is neces- sary for consideration by this select honorary. The local chapter, founded in 1934, was the first in the state of Florida. It annually sponsors Founders ' Day Coffee Hour, held in December, and the Initiation banquet in May. OFFICERS Dr. Samuel L. Meyer Dr. Venila Shores Dr. J. Russell Reaver Mr. William Watson Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend President Vice President .... Secretary Treasurer Historian MEMBERS Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend Dr. Warren D. Allen Dr. William M. Barrows Clara C. Bartlett Mrs. Ramona C. Beard Nathan S. Blount Mrs. Lois H. Boggs Irene Boliek Dr. Ruth S. Breen Reno W. Bupp Grace E. Cairns Dr. Doak S. Campbell Dr. Margaret V. Campbell Robert Clapp Mrs. C. S. Davis Nancy L. Day Dr. Ezda Deviney Dr. Graydon S. DeLand Dr. Dorothy Dodd Dr. William G. Dodd Myrtle Dolbee Olivia N. Dorman Dr. Wilson K. Doyle Paul Edmonston Mrs. Esther K. Eyman Dr. Earl Frieden Dr. Paul R. Fuller Dr. Dwight B. Goodner Dr. Viola Graham Dr. Ernest M. Grunewald Herman Gunter, Sr. Dr. Marion J. Hay Dr. Werner Herz Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Mrs. Katherine B. Hoffman Dr. Marian D. Irish Richard Joel Dr. Winthrop N. Kellogg Dr. Lewis M. Killian Dr. William C. Kirk Sharon Lane Olga Larson Dr. Albert Leduc Dr. John E. Leffler Dr. Ernest H. Lund Mrs. Alice Mauck Dr. M. Avramy Melvin Dr. Samuel L. Meyer Mrs. Samuel L. Meyer Dr. Wayne C. Minnick Dr. Meyer F. Nimkoff Victor R. B. Oelschlager Dr. Lynn E. Orr Daisy Parker Dr. Mary R. Parmenter Dr. Malcolm Parsons Claude Pepper Edith G. Potter Dr. J. Russell Reaver, Jr. Dr. J. Paul Reynolds Dr. Harold F. Richards Dr. W. Hudson Rogers Dr. Arthur R. Seymour Mrs. Arthur R. Seymour Dr. Venila L. Shores Dr. Robert B. Short Dr. Elmer R. Smith Nancy W. Smith Mrs. Sara Srygley Lynette Thompson Mrs. Vincent Thursby Dr. Lyman Toulmin Anna M. Tracy Dr. Michael J. Walsh Dr. Francis R. Walton William Watson Miriam Wilson Page 320 PHI KAPPA PHI Similar to Phi Beta Kappa, this organization recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement in all Schools of the University. To become eligible for member- ship, an individual must maintain an over-all grade average of 2.5 in under- graduate work or 2.75 in graduate work. Members are then selected by a vote of the membership. MEMBERS Ellen Marie Appleby Mary Ann Bohlayer Milton S. Carothers Alton H. Cash Virginia Ann Davis Patricia G. Folsom Evelyn M. Frederickson Loretta Lucille Green Bonnie Muriel Hawkes Lenore G. Johanson Minnie Frances Jones Mary Ann Louthan Natheta M. McWherter Sarah Alice Murray Richard Shoenberger Bette M. Srygley Barbara Theophanis Lin Tsai Mary Audrey Whitehurst Joanne F. Williams Dorothy Louise Becker Patrick Robert Kelly Francis Anthony Longer Margaret Ann Nation Alma Lucretia Neerdink William Lee Whitesides William Darr Wise Dr. Gregg Phifer, President Dr. Milton W. Carothers, Vice President Mrs. Azzura B. Givens, Secretary Mrs. Hortense M. Glenn, Treasurer Mrs. Marion C. Thompson, Journal Correspondent Page 321 l.lfiA MEMBERS Students: Frank E. Bean, Jr., Franklin Adams, Robert Crenshaw, Richard Gutting, Donald R. Hollis, Vice President; Jack Houser, Presi- dent; James Joanos, Harry W. Massey, Coyle Moore, Jr., Peter L. Nimkoff, Alan Sundberg, G. Donn Teal, Treasurer. Faculty: Bob L. Bannerman, Doak S. Campbell, Charles S. Davis, Dick Erwin, J. B. Kelly, Lewis M. Killian, A. B. Martin, Otis McBride, Samuel Meyer, Faculty Advisor; Sam Neel, James Norton, Joe Plant, Paul Reynolds, James Tippin, William J. Tait, Secretary; Ed Wittelsy, R. R. Oglesby. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Top rung on the ladder for a Big Man on Campus is ODK, a national honorary organization which recognizes the cream of the campus. Members of this group are selected from the junior and senior classes by vote of the current members, and must have outstanding records in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. ODK also functions to unite and coordinate the activities of students and facul- ty, as well as to encourage school spirit. During the year, ODK performed many projects for the benefit of the school. This year Governor LeRoy Collins was tapped for membership in this select group, which was formed on campus in May of 1950. Page 322 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Composed almost entirely of Boy Scouts of America, Alpha Phi Omega is unique in being the only service fraternity in the world. To become a member, an individual must have a satisfactory scholastic standing, an interest in the campus, community, and nation, and a willingness to work. Always busy on campus, the APO ' s distribute the Florida Flambeau twice weekly, operate a student bookstore on a buying and selling basis, and sponsor the annual Ugly Man Contest each April to secure funds for the Community Chest. Ed Meaders Andrews Lionel Brenneman Sidney A. Dozier Thomas A. Dumper, President James P. Griffin, Jr. Robert M. Jernigan, Secretary Burt Mcintosh, Vice President MEMBERS Vic Herbert Mickunas, Treasurer Patrick L. Napier Clyde Russ Parish Jonathon Piper Charles Scarbrough Tom Simmons Donald Van Nus David Whipple Howell L. Winfree Dr. Alex Green, Faculty Advisor PLEDGES Fenton J. Bennett James D. Bradford Allan M. Cordish Carroll C. Fordham, Jr. Daniel Gordham Charles David Harmon William L. Hemingway Lonnie D. Sellers Ira F. Wilson OMICRON NU Pi Chapter, established in 1922 on this campus, was the first chapter of Omicron Nu in any southern state. The purpose of the society is to recognize superior scholarship and to promote leadership and research in the field of Home Eco- nomics. This year two awards were made by the chapter to students majoring in Home Economics. An identification bracelet was presented to Donna McNab, a junior, who maintained the highest average during her first two years; and a scholar- ship cup was awarded to Joan Braden, a sophomore, who earned the highest average as a freshman. Joan Avril Acquile Berlas Emma Jo Casson Elise Duval Anna Marie Erdman Marion Faulkner Priscilla H. Giffen, President Jewel Golden Elsie Hargrave Bernadine Johnson Rattana Suddharat STUDENTS FACULTY Helen Cate Ruth Connor Mary Cunningham Ruth Ferguson Helen Finch Hortense Glenn, Faculty Advisor Eunice Grady Mary Lee Marshall Kathryn Powell Helen Richey Jane Shearer Margaret R. Sandels Anna Mae Sikes Hazel Stevens Lena Sturges ALUMNAE Alice Cromartie Rovana DuParc Page 323 WM B Si MB m, MEMBERS Bob Canada, Secretary Dr. Claude Flory, Faculty Advisor Bob Foley, President Dick Gutting Donnie Hollis Jack Houser, Treasurer Jim Joanas Dave Kennedy, Vice President Pete Nimkoff Al Shuler Tommy Simmons Bill Stancik Alan Sundberg Don Teal Tom Woods GOLD KEY Similar to ODK, Gold Key is a local honorary organization which promotes scholarship, leadership, and service, and recognizes outstanding achievement in these areas. It is composed entire- ly of students, each of whom performs some specific service to the university during the course of the year. The entire group is responsible for carrying out everything con- nected with the Homecoming Dance in September, which this year featured the orchestra of Ray Eberly. Page 324 GARNET KEY Organized locally in 1948, Garnet Key recognizes women stu- dents of the University for their outstanding contributions of leadership, service, and spirit, and promotes those activities which foster the progress and enhance the spirit of the school. Candidates for membership must have an over-all average of 1.3 or better, be active in at least two different extra-curricular activities, and have attained the standing of a second-semester sophomore, in order to be selected by the group. This year Garnet Key was responsible for the Homecoming Ban- quet and the Installation of freshman officers, both in November. MEMBERS Lillian Avis, Vice President; Dorothy Browning, Dorothy Cooke, Corresponding Secretary; Barbara Cooper, Social Chairman; Charis Coulter, Barbara Donnelly, Nancy Fagen, Treasurer; Mary Catherine Freeman, Betty Jo Grubbs, Helen Hamrick, Sue Humphries, Phoebe Jackson, Ritual Chairman; Dorothy Johnson, Harriette Lowe, Betty Anne Monroe, Janet Reed, Jo Anne Setzer, President; Mary Grace Shoemaker, Cissy Smith, Beth Suggs, Secretary; Joan Tavel, Shirley Traxler, Nancy Vaughn, Jane Wardlaw, Dorothy Womble. Page 325 MORTAR BOARD The feminine equivalent to ODK, Mortar Board is a national honorary dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of leadership, scholarship, and serv- ice. Its members must maintain a high standard aca- demically whi le engaging in campus activities. This year Mortar Board took the responsibility of several service programs, among them the Leader- ship Training Conference in conjunction with ODK and the Spring Tea for freshman scholarship holders. The group was first organized at Florida State in 1931. MEMBERS Martha Garrett, President; Dorothy Browning, Vice President; Charis Coulter, Betty Jo Grubbs, Sue Humphreys, Treasurer; Phoebe Jackson, Editor; JoAnne Setzer, Mary Grace Shoemaker, Jane Wardlaw, Secretary; Dorothy Womble, Historian; Dr. Elizabeth Jeffress, Ruth Pyche, Mrs. Harold Richards, Faculty Advisors. Pago 326 GRADUATE CLASS This year the graduate class at Florida State boasted over 650 members. The group is fortunate in having as its guest each Thursday at the coffee hour some outstanding figure on campus. The speakers included President Campbell, Dr. Flory, Dean Oglesby, Dr. Carothers, and others. At the beginni ng of the year, the class held a huge picnic supper for 150 of the members at Lake Bradford. OFFICERS Val Taxwood President Myron Blee Vice President Lydia Boyce Fauls Treasurer Fred Schlamp Secretary Chris P. Simmer Social Chairman Dr. Ralph L. Witherspoon Faculty Advisor Page 327 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Some of the most active girls on campus are the members of the Sophomore Council. These girls in blue and white start the school year by arriving on campus one week before regis- tration to help with freshmen orientation. Carrying luggage, giving the Pow-Wow test, serenading freshmen, and guiding and counseling the new students keep the girls busy. In addition to their projects during Orientation Week, the mem- bers of Sophomore Council raise the flag at Bryan every day and sponsor the Faculty Auction for the Campus Chest, which netted over $97.00. This year members of this service honorary also assisted in the campus elections and sold Homecoming tickets. First Row: Pat Smith, Marlene Wadsworth, Shirley Morgan, Ruth Williams, Gretchen Kerr, Martha Sue Mizell, Emilie Hudson, Jane Soper, Evelyn Moll, Polly Swain, Dawn Sharp, Mary Elizabeth King, Patti Armstrong, Virginia Nesmith, Kathleen Psaras. Second Row: Mary Lois Edwards, Betty Lou Whittle, Ruth Ann Whittle, Ferrell DeWitt, Gail Bitting, Beth Farris, Dee Entenza, Kate Griffin, Susan Weisenbarger, Tony Moore, Jo Jones, Anne Hodges, Mitzi McCullough, Marion Benson, Shirley Seaman. Third Row: Anita Anderson, Gay Hargis, Car- mine Ranieri, Pat Rooney, Gloria Lantz, Nell Davis, Caryl James, Barbara Hughes, Ruth Henshaw, Lucy Council, Sue Brunson, Evelyn Nettles, Loretta Castellino, Mary Margaret Williams. Fourth Row: Beechie Bunting, Mary Fenn Cawthon, Pat Robson, Doris Holt, Gail Hanshaw, Phyllis Patten, Charlotte Patten, Shirleen Sasser, Genevieve Waddell, Barbara Harless, June McManus, Jane Chapman, Kitty Wade, Greta Sims, Florence Ashby, Carolyn Close, Elizabeth Stainer, Laura Nell McLeod, Edna Runnells, Lynn Smith. Not Present: Marian Ard, Margaret Ann Ballinger, Sylvia Britt, Jane Clardy, Sora Ann Coulter, Barbara Henderson, Lucia Nell Hopkins, Jane Jennings, Judy Jones, Susan Linebaugh, Laura Nell McLeod, Crystal McRae, Norma Trippodo, Nancy Lee Young. Page 328 ALPHA COUNCIL MEMBERS John Adams Don Alford David Bachman, Treasurer Joe Davis Vann Elliott Harvey Hall Don Heidel Oscar Johnson, Secretary Paul Kreagor Joel Mercer Lou Merritt Jim Moore, Jr. Jim E. Moore, Vice President Paul Ort Bruce Pacetti Earl Peterson, Jr. Robert Porter Ben Powell, Jr. Walter L. Revell John W. Rogers Jim Soles Bobby Temple, President Ray Wagner Pete Wimbrow, Jr. Jim Baker Dr. Sam Neel, Faculty Advisor Stepping-stone to recognition and success on campus is the Alpha Council, an organization for energetic underclassmen. Its purpose is to develop and maintain interest in worthwhile university activities by bringing together and honoring male students with potential leadership ability. Members are selected by vote at the end of the first semester of their freshman year, and serve on the Council through the end of their sophomore year. The organization was installed in May of 1953, and since then has taken an active part in the University Orientation Program for incoming freshmen, the promotion of the Honor System, and the development of school spirit. Page 329 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman women ' s honorary, promotes intelligent living and a high standard of learning and encour- ages superior scholastic achievement among freshman women. This chapter was installed on campus in 1941, and assists the Dean of Women each year in a tea for all freshman women with a two-point average and above. MEMBERS Barbara Blank Audrey Blomgren Joan Braden Loretta Castellino Deloris Casio Jane Clardy, President Joyce Cayard Lucy Council Majorie Ann Curtis Mary Lois Edwards Elke Frank Marie Gauger Gay Hargis Barbara Harless, Treasurer Ann Hodges, Secretary Lucia Nell Hopkins Jane Jennings Dale Leary Margaret McCullough Crystal McRae, Vice President Evelyn Moll Diane de Moulpied Virginia Nesmith Charlotte Patten Phyllis Patten Jane Sanderson Mary Jo Shaelfer Autumn Shannon Martha Shannon Pat Smith Elizabeth Stainer Genevieve Waddell Marlene Wadswoth Nancy Dodge Katherine Hartley Polly Swain Jean Teddar Dorothy Walling Sandra Weaver First Row: Donald L. Rogers, President; Mr. Richard Joel, Head Southeastern District; Dr. Royal H. Ray, Faculty Advisor; Mr. Richard Stevens, Gary Campbell. Second Row: Jack Mathis, William Telisak, Fred Herold. Absent: Wil- liam Monroe. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Alpha Delta Sigma ' s objective is to combine in one fraternal body professionals and students in the field of advertising. The main project of ADS this year was the solicitation of adver- tisements for the Florida Flambeau. The members of the fratern- ity, along with those of Gamma Alpha Chi, also acted as co- hosts to visiting students attending the Southeastern Advertis- ing Conference held at F.S.U. March 17-20. This event was di- rected by Dr. Royal H. Ray, head of the Advertising Department at F.S.U., who is also advisor for the two advertising fraternities on campus. Page 330 STATE SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS CLUB At the beginning of the fall semester, the Scholarship Club initiated a program of free tutoring service for the benefit of any students who desire aid in general education subjects. An- other activity, which has been designed to be put into full effect next year, is a counseling service for the benefit of Scholarship Club members. If this proves to be successful, counseling will be expanded and become an integral part of the Club ' s pro- gram to improve scholarship at F.S.U. As usual, the Scholarship Club started the year off right with its annual banquet. This congenial group also participated in a spring party and intermittent social gatherings. First Row: Dr. Sam Lastinger, Sponsor; Virginia Cook, President; Larry Moore, Vice President; Betty J. Bishop, Secretary. Second Row: Edna Andrews, Social Chairman; Mary Ann Turpin, Treasurer; Louis Tew, Parliamentarian; Doris Hisler, Corresponding Secretary; Beth Pitts, Historian. Page 331 CHORAL UNION The Choral Union is composed of students and townspeople interested in singing, who associate for the pleasure, experi- ence, and fellowship of presenting operas and oratorios to the student body. An oratorio or some sacred work is performed in the fall and each spring the group produces an opera. Judith Abrams Mary Virginia Allen Jean C. Armstrong Virgil Austin Martha Baggett Wendall Barthoff Cynthia Baskin Sue Bennett Marian Benson Joan Birch Janet Fay Biven Patricia Jane Blair Audrey Blomgren Ruth Boda Nancy C. Brenner Barbara Brunson Beverly S. Brunson Jacguelyn L. Camp Patricia Carilli Joyce Cayard Julie Cisneros Lucille Y. Chao Marcella Clardy Jean Claire Conner Jerry Connell Reginald Cook Gwyneth Cooper Rosalee Cooper Judith Ann Coulter Dolores Cosio Lucy B. Counsil Patricia Cummins Joan Curtis Sandra Davidson James Dawson Geraldine Diaz Robina Dobbins Martha Douglas Catherine Dunn Mabel Dupre Sue Carol Durrance Nancy Jean Dvorak Corrine Earle Mary Fagan Deborah Fennell Bernice Fermo Arlene Fuckmann Mary Julia Futch Betty Gatlin Charles Gibson Donald Giffin Louise Gillespie Mary Ann Gosselin Robert Grenn Sandra Golden Naida Graebner Aline Guere Shirley Anne Hall Morris B. Hamilton Dottie Harrison Howard Hartley Donnie Hastings Sylvia Hayman Ann Lee Hays Donna Heil Randall Hess Joan Hicks Marjorie Hicks Joan Hiscock Sally Jean Hodges Anne Holcombe Linda May Holling Linda May Horowitz Bessie L. Howell Nancy Hudgins Janice Jacques Nancy Johnson Ruth Johnson Candace Jones Joan Jones Jimmy Kearce MEMBERS Katie Kilbourne Karen Kimpel Sarah Kincaid Beverly Kircher Joseph Klingensmith Larry Knowles Nancy Kay Kohler Ruth Ellen KuKura Mary Lambert John J. Lawler Bennie Jo Lee Alice Lentz Lynn Longbottom Wanda Lundsford Wanda Mackey Mary Anne Meadows Mary Margaret Meadows Marinez Meeks Frank A. Mitch Marilyn Sue Moffett Mary June McCaskell Virginia McClure Lala McDonald Forrest McGinley Ann McKee Loretta McLaughlin Dave Mikell Karl Braden Mohr Sally Lou Morgan Judith Naftulin Catherine Nelson Kenneth Nelson Jane Newsome Bryan Nichols Ralph Aaron Nolen George Nunez Claire Oliver Carol Sue Owen Cliff Painter Norma Palmer Robert Lewis Parrish Mercury Paskalskis Peter Peck Sone Perry Jane Peeples Peaches Perdue Patricia Peters Clyde Plough Mary Powell William Prokopi Doris E. Pulliam Janis Raines James Ralston Maynette Jane Rees Martha Reeves Howard Richards Valerie Rohs Gene A. Rowell Judy Russell Ettie Scarborough Brown Setterland Martha Shannon Elizabeth Sheppard Margaret Shirley Reb Short Anna Schuman Sandra Smith Virginia Smith Ellen Wilson Snow Jane Ann Soper Don Spivey Ann Stickler Ticia Elizabeth Stitt Don Stone Eda Sullivan Ellen Taylor Enid Gaines Taylor Catherine Thi el Lois Joyce Todd Shirley Traxler Mary C. Turnbull Patricia Van Hyming Donald Van Nus Virginia Vickens Ann Wall Doris Wardlow Janice Watkins Char-laine Weeks Barbara Welch Charles White Harry S. Whitehurst Mike Whiteside Alfred Williams Betty Ruth Williams Barbara Willis Mary Kay Willis Nancy Wingate Nancy Wingerten Betty Winte Nancy Wise Anita Woods Beverly Woods Arden Wright Marilyn Jean Wright Robert Wright Patsy Ann Wyatt Leo W. York Naomi Young OFFICERS Karl Mohr, President Carolyn Glenn, Vice President Elizabeth Stitt, Business Manager Louise McClure, Publicity Dolores Cosio, Accompanist Mr. Herman Gunter, Jr., Faculty Advisor Page 332 UNIVERSITY SINGERS MHMaHnHRnHimi University Singers, composed of sixty selected students chosen by audition for their musicianship, voice, and appearance, sang all over the state during the year. Director Dr. Wiley House- wright provides opportunities for members to sing a varied selec- tion of music: sacred, folk tunes, negro spirituals, and secular music. Two concerts, one at Christmas and one in April, are always packed to capacity. The group also toured the state, giving concerts in Lakeland, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Brooksville. MEMBERS Allen Anderson Jim Atkison Ann Barnes Robert Blanton Neil Bowers Richard Boyer Beverly Brown Malcolm Brown Carolyn Close Jerry Connell Shirley Dallas Sandra Darling Mary Elizabeth Davis Meredith Dawson Deborah Fennel Harrison Fisher Barbara Foster Gay Gillies Meredith Gingles Lyman Graham Peggy Greene Candace Jones F. Cantine Jones, Jr. Mary Jo Jones Jim Kearce Mary Elizabeth King, Publicity Margaret E. King Larry Knowles, Vice President Lee Liming, Business Manager Susan Linebaugh Allie Jane McCoy Forrest McGinley Marinez Meeks Martha Sue Mizell Harriette Morrill Pat Napier Robert Newman Carole Ann Nydegger Paul Ort Bob Parrish Paul Perry Tom Pridgeon Jeannette Puckett James Ralston Harriet Ramsey Don Randall, President Connie Rodabaugh Barbara Scanlon Willard Schiffermuller Martha Slayden, Secretary Lorena Smith Jim Staples Jean Tedder Sheldon Torn Sara Tornay David Ward-Steinman Yvonne Weidman David Whipple J. T. Williams. Jr. Bettie Jane Woodward John Zillies Page 333 f 2 . -J3 ,«ttk x fi if ' | A f . v 1 4 TARPON CLUB The Tarpon Club presents Florida State ' s own water ballet pro- duction each year. It is composed of outstanding swimmers who must satisfactorily pass the rigid try-outs at the beginning of each semester before learning the synchronized swimming routines. Marion Ard Cynthia Brown Margaret Cary Linda Cleveland, Publicity Sylvia Closter Liz Ann Cole Ann Corbett Ann Cowart Gail Curry Joan Curtis Marion Davis Diane de Moulpied Petey Dunn Mary Jo Fain MEMBERS Sue Ford Margaret Gunter Jean Harris Jeanne Hull Betsy Laney Dale Leary Margie Mangles Jean Martin Barbara Mead Tonya Moore, Secretary Mary Ann O ' Neal Joan Marie Paris Kay Pieper Sadie Presnell Pat Rooney Glenda Sherrill Louise Shrine, Vice President Lynn Smith, Parliamentarian Jean Stigler Betty Anne Theobald, President Meta Viohl Jane Walker Nancy Wehner, Treasurer Mary M. Williams Angie Winter Dorothy Zubrod Miss Keiser. Miss Hicks, Faculty Advisors Page 334 THEATRE DANCE GROUP Once a year, in March, the Theatre Dance Group gets to enjoy the fruit of their labors — the annual Theatre Dance Production, this year held in the New Westcott Auditorium before a filled house. Membership in the group is open to all students who show an interest in modern dance and who satisfy the requirements established by the members. Tryouts are held twice a year, in the fall and spring. MEMBERS Ann Louise Bain Susan Ball Joan Blanton Mary Carolyn Branch Bert Braun Joan Cassidy Jacqui Charles T. K. Clyburn Louree Coker Pamela Duke Joyce Dunn Peggy Debolt Janice Eberly Jim Fadigan Libby Ferguson, Vice President Maxine Fletcher, Publicity Ed Franklin Jackie Geeslin Betty Gooch, President Janet Graff Ann Gravely Barbara Grebel Jackie Hailey Barbara Harless Katherine Hartley, Secretary Jean Hayden Alex Hay Bar bara Henderson Rosemary Hollander Pat Van Hyning Betty Inman Julia Ives Julia Jones Beverly Laurent Eleanor Long Mack Mangham Shelia McGenty Ardrenn Miller Marlene Morris Sarah Monroe Alisia Petruska Betsy Pinkerton Richard Puckett Bettye Ann Ray Don Randall Don Rapp Sue Rogers Cheyney Sanderson Joni Saunders Joyce Slater Jane Stainback Tommie Standley Frances Stokes Coral Thatcher Barbara Tribble Lucielle Turnage, Production Manager Mary Ann Williams Lyda Yarbrough Sidney Burr Ruth Harvard Mary Page Williams SCULLIONS The purpose of the Scullions is to bring together students reg- istered in the department of Restaurant and Hotel Management so that they may function as a social and business group in sponsoring guest speakers, parties, and projects. This year the group acted as co-hosts in the Salut au Restau- ranteurs, an annual banquet which honors the outstanding res- taurant owners of the South. MEMBERS Harry Anker, Kent Barrow, Jim Berg, Bob Brubaker, Judy Burkman, John Casbergue, President; Tom Day, John Decker, Dave Donnelly, Vice President; Wayne Edris, Robert Elting, Roger Herndon, Dan Lieblein, Neil Lukow, Bill Lundberg, Dave Meador, Treasurer; Jonah Miller, Larry Moral, Robert Morris, Waiter Mumford, Edward O ' Connell, Ed Pabor, Marge Plummer, Sigurjon Ragnarsson, Eva Sass, Secretary; Al Schissler, Allan Scott, Wayne Shroyer, Leo Tiernan, Bill Walker, Madeleine Weinbaum, John Williams, James Wilson, John Word. Page 336 First Row: Anita Wall, Jay Schwarzman, Barbara Ann Vickers. Second Row: Dr. Hartley Price, Clarence Hale, Frances Bailey Stokes, Bob Gutting, Barbara Rynski, Jim Tanaka. Third Row: Don Holder, Jim Fadigan, Dr. R. R. Oglesby, Dick Gutting, Dr. A. B. Martin. GYMNASTICA Gymnastica is a local honorary which promotes an interest in the pageantry and spirit of gymnastics. The organization cul- tivates an appreciation of sportsmanship, as well as of beauty of line, form, and movement. Many of the members have garnered individual honors in the field gymnastics. Don Holder was the National AAU Indian Club Champion and a member of the U.S. Olympic team in 1952. Dick Gutting won titles on the trampoline in the NCAA meet in 1952 and the NAAU in 1953. Other trampoline champs are Dick Ireland and lim Fadigan, who hold three and two regional titles respectively. Female standouts are Frances Stokes, who has directed, produced and done the choreography for the annual Sandspur production for four years, and Anita Wall, who was Miss Gymkana of 1953-1954. ACTIVES Jay Schwarzman Jim Tanaka Ann Tucker Anita Wall Barbara Ann Vickers Mary McNatt Don Holder Jim Fadigan Dick Gutting Barbara Rynski Frances Bailey Stokes Dick Ireland Bob Gutting ALUMNI MEMBERS Clarence Hale Jack Miles Gene Rabbitt Pat Signorelli Joe Regna Bill Roetzheim Carmine Regna HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Howard Danford Dr. Hartley Price Mrs. Hartley Price Dr. A. B. Martin Dr. R. R. Oglesby FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Hartley Price Page 337 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB One of the oldest organizations on campus is the Home Eco- nomics Club, founded in 1914. Membership is not restricted to Home Ec Majors but is open to anyone on campus interested in this area. Its purpose is to develop and promote interest in the various aspects of home economics and to foster good student-faculty relationships. OFFICERS Dorothy Leslie, President Barbara Burke, Vice President Mona Lee McKelvy, Secretary Carol Devore, Treasurer Jack Pickett, Publicity Chairman Claudette Carley, Notifications Chairman Barbara Evans, Poster Chairman Jane Wardlaw, Senior Class Rep. Dot Hordusky, Junior Class Rep. Martha Jo Little, Sophomore Class Rep. Fredna Haas, Freshman Class Rep. Louis Yarbrough, Scrapbook Chairman Helen Espenlaub, Membership Chairman Shirley Bradbury, Hospitality Chairman Martha Garrett, AHEA Representative Rose Howard, Social Chairman Page 338 WESLEY FOUNDATION Organized on campus in 1940, the Wesley Foundation has since func- tioned to enlist the interest and loyalty of Methodist students in the religious activities of the Methodist Student House on campus and the community Methodist churches, and thereby " to make Christ a living reality on the campus. " Aside from the drama group, the Foundation sponsors many activities during the year of a social and recrea- tional nature. Membership is open and extended to all students on the Florida State camous. Dick Moorer . President Mary Catherine Freeman ... Vice President Mary Ann Howes Attendance Secretary Mary Harvey Recording Secretary Sidney Sweeting Treasurer Al Holderbach Recording Treasurer Caryl James Recreation Committee Dottie Hoppman Publications Art Illig Publicity Gloria Parrish Study Group Susan Weisenbarger Fourth Torch Dr. Wesley P. Vordenberg Faculty Advisor Rev. and Mrs. Austin Hollady Directors Miss W. Vredenburg Hostess MEMBERS Mary Lou Campbell Mary Leigh Liston Nealie Weitmon Marty King Dick Moorer Ann Moorer Ann Morgan Barbara Chambers Russ Parrish Jakie Pearce Fran Berry Virgil Austin OFFICERS John Roddenbery, President Gloria Parrish, Vice President June Gurley, Secretary Earnesteen Johnson, Treasurer Austin and Becky Hollady, Mrs. Dot Binger Faculty Advisors WESLEY PLAYERS Wesley Players is one of the subordi- nate groups within the Foundation. It is a national religious drama fraterni- ty whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christian students to express themselves and gain a richer religious experience through drama. The Christmas and Easter plays high- light the year, as well as the annual banquet and the presentation of a trophy to the outstanding Wesley Player of the year. Page 339 NEWMAN CLUB Open to all Catholic students and faculty or staff of Florida State, the Newman Club attempts to foster the spiritual, intel- lectual and social interest of its members. Each year the Newman Club produces plays of a religious nature as a contribution to the spiritual life of the Florida State campus. This organization is sponsored nationally by the Roman Catholic Church. First Row: Nancy Dvorak, Julie Cisneros. Second Row: Aline Guerra, Joan Dykes, Patty Pasciak, Rosemary Hollander, Dolores Cosio, Martha Hughes. Third Row: Father Salvatore Profeta, Dan Schmidt, Morris Hamilton, Charles Jacobs, Louis Schlitt, Catherine Friedbeim, Jan Clark, Esther Friedbeim. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Snook, Van G. Peterson, Charlene Parramore, Sheldon Musgrove, Joan Damerow, Kay Pieper, Margaret Cary, Ella Jo Bilinski, Helen Dardis, Rosaria Polizzano, Tom Garcia. MEMBERS Jane Albert Anita Albrecht Anne Alkow Anna Arango Ella Jo Beninski Pat Brady Leslee Bauer Helen Dardis Centran Domingo Jan Clark Nancy Cleve Dick Crawford Helen Dardis, Freshman Advisor Nim Davidson Edward Donovan Nancy Dvorak Joy Flanagan Joanne Flis Catherine Friedbeim, Treasurer Esther Friedbeim Celestina Gifford Daniel Gorham Betty Gooch Carolyn Grumbly Marty Hall Morris Hamilton Lee Harrington Rosemary Hollander Jeannie Hotard Martha Hughes Mary Ellen Hollman Charles Jacobs, President Vivian James Otto Klein Carol Ann Landry Bill Rehm, Parliamentarian Barbara Rynski, Secretary Louis Schlitt, Vice President Mary Lou Snook Marilyn Sparanza Gene Striegel Hank Taffe Barbara Twichans Barbara Ullrich Albert Valiani, Vice President Raphael Vega Rev. Salvatore Profeta, Faculty Advisor Page 340 CANTERBURY CLUB The program of the Episcopal Student Chapel centers about the altar and the activities of the Canterbury Club. All Episco- pal students at FSU are eligible for membership in this national organization and in Canterbury they find their first opportunity to function as adult leaders of the church. Meeting each Sunday night, the Canterbury Club is responsible for the functions of our on-campus Chapel. The permanent chaplain, the Rev. Har- court Waller, arrived in November and is living in the East Wing of Ruge Hall, and will be available at all times. First Row: Diana Hillebrand, Carol Keels. Second Row: Paulette Beck, Carol Hummel, Betty Joyce Wilson, Mary Frances Horn, Edna Andrews, Zola Good " r in. Third Row: Miss Laura Lee, Gene Rowell, Betty Bumby, Piatt Spencer, Frank Fransler, Philip Hunt, Miss Luella Richey CHRISTIAN SCIENCE The Christian Science Association, which affords others the opportunity to learn and study Christian Science, has under- taken and completed many worthwhile projects this year. The most important project was that of acquiring a new house. The house, equipped with study rooms where the members can study and read religious publications, is the newest student house on campus and was donated by members of the First Christian Science Church in Tallahassee. Club meetings are held in the House every Thursday night. The annual Christian Science lecture was given this winter on " Christian Science and the Present Day World. " There were also parties given for the members by the Church at Halloween and Christmas. Page 342 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a world-wide organization, de- signed to link Baptist students with the community and church of their college town. The group also provides a social outlet for these students. Religious services on campus include weekly Vespers on Tues- day afternoons and Morning Watch, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Other activities are the Life Service Band, Y.W.A., and B.M.O.C. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Mary E. Answorth, Barbara Baredian, Bill Chapman, Irene Crews, Jerry Fortune, Dean Harlan, Sondra Kendrick, Jenny Lu Kent, Hugh Kinsey, Lynn Longbottom, Betty Jean Nichols, President; Bob Sellers, Jo Anne Setzer, Treasurer; Letitia Silver, Secretary; Ray Spears, Vice President; Dot Stephens, Vice President; Jeanene Stokes, Larry Knowles, Clyde Walker, Anne Williams, Cora Mae Rickey, Dr. H. G. Sanders, Mrs. Ida Simmons, Dr. Robert Schmidt, Faculty Advisor. Page 343 SCABBARD AND BLADE SOCIETY MEMBERS Frank Bean, Jr., Robert Bennett, Jr., Vice President of Operations; Charles Biersborn, Jr., Earl Chandler, Jr., Vice President of Personnel; Charles Clark, Treasurer; George Cornelias, Frank Eddy, James Fadigan, Richard Gutting, PIO Officer; William I. Harris, Secretary; Donald Holder, Dallas Malloy, William R. Newberry, Jr., Stanford Orrick, William Proctor, Gordon Tyrell, Robert White, Walter Wood, Jr., President. PLEDGES Jackson C. Henry, Truman Mock, Robert Foley, Gay Argo. Scabbard and Blade Society is dedicated to raising the stand- ard of military training in American colleges and universities, and to uniting in closer relationship their military departments. It encourages the development of the essential qualities of good and efficient officers and promotes fellowship among the cadet officers. This national honorary, founded on campus in December of 1952, works with the Arnold Air Society in the production of the annual Military Ball. Page 344 PERSHING RIFLES • • " MEMBERS Jerry Connell, Floyd Gangloff, Jr., Julian Hodge, Herb Lacayo, Earl Peterson, Ben Powell, Hugh H. Rhodes, Harold Stewart, Bill Harris, Tom Force, W. E. Wise, B. J. Manfre, Jack Henry, Tony Avitabile. The Pershing Rifle Honorary fraternity for outstanding individ- uals in the military training courses was established by one of the most famous men in the history of the Army, General John J. Pershing. This organization is composed of select men from the ranks of the Reserve Officers Training Corps on almost all the campuses of the United States, and is designed to build better spirit and pride in the soldiers and officers of tomorrow. Page 345 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB Traveling from all over the world to attend Florida State, the members of the International Students Club traveled still further during the school year. Trips to Wakulla Springs, the Gulf Coast, St. Petersburg, and other centers of interest in Flor- ida and neighboring states were arranged by the University and civic organizations. These students from abroad, with interested American students, under the direction of Mr. Sam Baptista, have also produced programs giving insight into the culture of Thailand, Korea and other countries. The exchange of information and ideas of dif- ferent cultures enriched not only the members of the club, but also the student body, instilling in everyone a knowledge and appreciation of world culture that will make them better world neighbors. OFFICERS Mr. V. V. R. Varadachari President Miss Elke Frank Vice President Mr. Julius Salacz-Dohnanyi Recording Secretary- Miss Carol Labenksi Corresponding Secretary Dr. Graham J. Brealey Treasurer Miss Eva Sass, Andre Julien Social Chairmen Mr. Sam Joseph Baptista Foreign Student Advisor First Row: Kay Pieper; Eva Sass, Naida Graebner, Georgina Shortt, Marylyn Lloyd, Hilda Wagner, Ankapradit Boonchua, Tuwayo- nonda Pranomsri, Vadhanapanich Somsri. Second Row: Aguila Berlas, Patty Conklin, Mizuno Miriam Toshiko, Andre Julien, Janet Mary Brown, Valdoges Loyda, Elke Frank, Loretta Castellino, Edwardo Del Risco, Sam Joseph Baptista, Veeravalli Venkata Ranga Varadachari, Mrs. Maxwell, Salud Tauson Acosta, R. R. Oglesby, Carol Labenski, Inger-Marie Pedersen, Lourdes Mendoza, Joan Westmoreland, Charoon Chantrakrua. Third Row: Nikom Wangyaw, Valdes Angelica Marrufo, Julio Canovas, Rafael Lecouna, Murray Berman, Nathan Soibel, Surinder Puri, Rafael Vega, Gudjon Bachmann, Carlos Otero, Julius Salacz-Dohnanyi, ElAtrash Ali Mohamed, Richard Stanley Sheffer, Raul Policarpio De Guzman, Xuto Kiatibasn, Ruben M. De Castro, Iketani Taiichi, Yasukazo Kanematsu, Buday Reni Constantin, Clayton W. Graves, Sangsnit Surin, Montrivade Dhawee, Harpik Der Hovhannissian, Potarazu Krishnarao, George A. Lensen, Dutch Vandorf, Swasdimongkol Prayuth, John Patrick McGlynn, Htay Aung, Graham J. Brealey, El-Sayed Mostafa, Canteen Johns, Al-Jadan Khalouf Ahmed, Massao Hanzawa, Charoen Vadhanapanich. Fourth Row: George Marchetti, Jr. Page 346 LOS PICAROS Los Picaros is a social organization designed to develop an appreciation of Latin American culture and to effect a better understanding between Spanish-speaking and English-speak- ing countries. This year the group held a flag-making party, at which flags of the twenty-one Spanish-speaking countries were made to decorate the Language Lab, and late in the year a Spanish movie was brought to the campus through their efforts. MEMBERS Joan Bryan, President; Katherine Panos, Secretary; Jack Walthall, Treasurer; Domingo Antron, Judy Ash, Orchid Alonso, Cynthia Baskin, Bill Coleman, Sandra Darling, Geraldine Diaz, Diane Estes, Mary Catherine Freeman, Aline Guerra, Lillian Haavind, Claude Jewell, Joyce Lans- dell, Alice Lentry, Lo retta Lee Lewis, Diana Perez, Bertie Pittman, Edith Potter, Ann Pratt, Carmine Ranieri, Carolyn Shepard, Sylvia Smith, Alia Spear, Vic Spoto, Polly Swain, Rafael Vega, Loretta Woods.. PLEDGES Shirley Morgan, Barbara Mead, Bobbie Bruce, Loida Velas- quez, Petey Dunn, Dr. Herbert Lacayo, Faculty Advisor. First Row: Marjorie Dillingham, Edith Potter, Edith Foster, Verlan Stahl, Dottie Hoppman, Dr. Graydon S. Deland, Ann Opalak, Joan Bryan, Dr. Margaret V. Campbell. Second Row: Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager, Maria Lacayo, Hildegard Wagner, Dr. Herbert Lacayo. SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is an honorary fraternity for those in the Spanish Language and Civiliza- tion area. It is dedicated to establishing a wider appreciation of the Hispanic contribu- tions to modern culture. To achieve this end, the group sponsored lectures throughout the year by Modern Language professors. These lectures, given in Longmire Auditorium, were accompanied by slides and many personal experiences of the speakers. The group was also active socially. The year was inaugurated by a picnic for all Modern Language students in the university. Important Spanish holidays were celebrated — Columbus day with a lecture in Spanish by Dr. Oelschlager, Christmas with an all-sing meeting and a party at the home of Dr. Lacayo, and Pan-American day Page 347 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association makes it possible for women students of Florida State to enjoy a wide range of interesting, and delightful activities in the field of recreation during their leisure time. This wise use of leisure time and choice of recreation activities is only a part of the University ' s all- round program to develop women stu- dents into mature, successful citizens. First Row: Gwen Loy, Marilyn Coffey, Boots Paris, Barbara Bachman, Betty Ann Theobald, Betty Evans. Second Row: Cynthia Brown, Joan Guard, Sadie Presnell, Angie Winter, Shirley Simpson, Miss Martha Moore (Intramural Advisor). MEMBERS Dr. Claude Flory, Kay Haines, Ben Henry, Ruth Henshaw, Dr. Sarah Herndon, Barbara Lewis, Taylor Littleton, Marie Marjenhoff, John McCall, Betty Jean Nichols, Pete Nimkoff, Jeannie Parker, Lee Pryor, Dr. Griffith Pugh, Dr. W. H. Rogers, Dawn Sharp, Greta Sims, Janet Sitges, Virginia Smith, Stuart Vandibiere, Miriam Wilson, Dr. Carmen Rogers, Elna McMullen, Nancy Smith, Patricia Mims, Hoyt Bowen, Earl Carroll, Nancy Fagen, Donna Hardy, Suzanne Linebaugh, Anne Mains, Jane Peeples, Carolyn Simonds, Betty Struth, Addie Summers, Martha Shannon, Robert Loomis, Dr. Mary Magginis, Miss Blanche Trezevant, Dr. Dwight Burton. Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary open to English majors with an over-all average of 2.0. The group functions for higher educational discussion and worthwhile promotions in the field of English. Anyone is invited to the meetings who is interested in hearing the speakers. Members are usually tapped twice a year, and this year the organization honored many of the speakers at the English Coffee Hour series, among them Philip Wylie and Frank Slaughter. SIGMA TAUI DELTA Page 348 VILLAGE VAMPS Membership in Village Vamps is open to freshman girls and transfer students who are selected on the basis of poise and personality. These beauties act as official campus hostesses for all visiting dignitaries and guests. They also act as ushers for Artist Series programs and Speech Productions. Dressed in their traditional black, these girls add an air of grace and charm to campus events. MEMBERS Anita Anderson, Sara Atkinson, Margaret Ann Ballinger, Treasurer; Sharon Benton, Barbara Blank, Judy Blitch, Beechie Bunting, Patricia Byrd, Mary Cargill, Sandra Carter, Barbara Christman, Jane Clardy, Jane Cornwell, Charis Coulter, Ann Cowart, Rita Dollar, Carol Fulkerson, Marlies Gessler, Deborah Griffin, Elizabeth Hall, Sarah Hambley, Mary Rose Heintz, Joann Hutto, Vice President; Shirley Ann Hyde, Deane Jackson, Caryl James, Denise Johnson, Dot Johnson, Shirley Kellog, Joan Lee, Barbara Lester, Project Chairman; Jean Martin, Betty Jo Miller, President; Betty Ann Monroe, Jean Morgan, Faye Moses, Lynn McNab, Jane Parkerson, Lou Parmalee, Janie Pasguarello, Norma Jean Prater, Ann Printup, Terry Secord, Jane Sisson, Martha Slayden, Joan Tavel, Nancy Warner, secretary, Bettyn Lou Whittle, Ruth Ann Whittle, Nan Wiggington, Margie Wilkerson, Betty Willmon, Ann Yates, June Yates, publicity, Marcia Yowell, Dr. Winters, faculty advisor. Page 349 Ted Agglis. James Davis, Rene Davis. Rex Davis. Vice President; Bill Deck, President; Bob Form, Eddie Franklin, John Hall, Robert New- man, Tom Pridgen, Richard Puckett, Gene Rowells, Secretary. CIRCLE K Circle " K " is a junior Kiwanis service organization equivalent to the high school Key Club. This organization is primarily for the purpose of developing leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and performing acts of service to the school and community through various projects taken on by the club. This year ' s projects included a hat and coat check at various social functions, the furnishing of student guides to the univer- sity for special occasions, and leadership in a local Boy Scout troop. The club is also working on a scholarship fund for students who are in need of help. Page 350 COTILLION Cotillion is a national social organization which strives for more and better social dances on college campuses. The local group works toward this end by sponsoring dances, assisting the university in their dances, and above all, by giving danc- ing lessons. Students are selected for membership on the basis of their danc- ing ability, appearance, character, and personality, and work in conjunction with the Cavaliers to keep the campus on its toes. MEMBERS Porky Alford, Jorita Brock, Winnie Cannon, Ann Callahan, Anne Cochran, Jan Cronmiller, Clare Dardis, Jane Davis, Joyce Dopko, Pamela Duke, Beth Farris, Camille Fuss, Sally Fuessell, Ann Gardner, Betty Gooch, Janice Grosser, Barbara Henderson, Ann Jackson, Gail Jackson, Shirley Jackson, Karlan Kent, Clara King, Mara Lovett, Pat Meredith, Joan Mynihan, Dodie Piatt, Ann Raborn, Carol Rodgers, Joan Strick- land, Ruth Ward, Sylvia White, Lyda Yarbrough, President; Barbara Yost, Vice President; Nancy Mayer, Secretary; Mary Anne Wil- liams, Treasurer; Dede Duguid, Dance Chairman. STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION The Student Nurses Association, open to all students in the School of Nursing who are not registered nurses, was formed at Florida State in 1951 as a branch of the national and state N.S.A. Its function is to promote professional and social unity among the student nurses on campus, and to prepare them for participa- tion in the field of professional nursing and state and national organizations. First Row: Barbara Summeriield, Charlene William- son, Mary Ann Sperry, Joan Pearson, Virgie Melton. Second Row: Elinor Reed, Judy Jones, Joan Mobley, Mary Helen Livingston, Shirley Goodson, Carolyn Earwood, Anne Hodges, President; Katie Kilbourne, Vice President; Betty Anne King, Margie Flammer, Beverly Smith, Sandra Coleman, Sally Cole, Barbara Tucker, Arlene Bureau, Joan Giebeig. Third Row: Mary Alice Wilcox, Mary Fagan, Barbara Chaffin, Rose Ann Smeltzer, Wina Sue Simmon, Ann Linthi- cum, Billie Gamble, Jackie Sutor, Secretary; Diane De Moulpid, Treasurer; Dot Thomasson, Ann Blanton, Becky Becker, Gail Prescott, Sally Copeland, Jane Copeland, Elin Thompson. Not Present: Betty Brad- shaw, Constance Christie, Linda Farrell, Nancy Ricks, Pat Thomasson, Johan Whittington. MEMBERS Lois Allsworth, June Anderson, Robert Blow, Barbara Brooks, Margaret Cox, Dorothy Gannon, Dick Gant, Shirley Ison, Gerald Kelly, Kenneth Manuel, Jean Moore, Bobbie Lee Murray, Elizabeth Parker, George Sandel, June Sillay, Glynise Smith, President; Gerald Stephens, Vice President; Carol Thatcher, James Turvaville, Marjorie Vann, Secretary; Carol Wilson, R. J. Ollry, Faculty Advisor. HEALTH CLUB The Health Club, reorganized in 1953 here at FSU, is open to all students, with full memberships available to majors or minors in Health Education or Sanitation. It is designed to acquaint the members with the problems and opportunities of this area of study; to develop professional and social contacts and a means of communicating with persons in these profes- sions; and to promote health, health education, and sanitation. Page 352 SOLTAS CLUB Furnishing the Library School Lounge with facilities to serve coffee and refreshments was the Soltas Club ' s main project of this past year. This social club is sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Rockwood and Mr. Harold Moreland. It publishes a bi-monthly mimeographed newspaper containing articles about the Library School of FSU and those of other universities, and of the accomplishments of the members of Soltas Club. This organization is not limited to projects, but also holds several social events during the year. Among these are a Hal- loween party, the annual Christmas party, and the annual picnic at the reservation in the spring. OFFICERS Albert Strickland President Barbara Myatt Vice President Nancy Rockwood Secretary Kay Haines Treasurer Mrs. Ruth H. Rockwood and Mr. Harold Moreland Faculty Advisors Page 353 FASHION INSTITUTE A student branch of the faculty Fashion Institute, this organiza- tion was inaugurated just this year to provide a professional interest group for those interested in fashion. The Institute pre- sented two fashion shows during the year, one in February, and another in March in connection with the Advertiser ' s Con- vention. MEMBERS Barbara Burke, Jeanie Cadenhead, Joan Grantham, Rosemary Rhyne, Richard Dunn, Elizabeth Stainer, Anna Shuman, Gale Curry, Mary Jo McElwee, Annette Richmire, Mickey Cole, Elizabeth Atkinson, Libby Askins, Valerie Rohs, Suzanne Keeffe, Jane Sisson, Karlan Kent, Barbara Caldwell, Sara June Mero, Ann Markham, Betty Benton, Donna McNab, Jack Pickett. Barbara Emmett. Martha Bush, Cubye Ryals, Nan Henley, Jerry Lehner, Marjorie McCrieght, Margie Mangels, Jane Clardy, Margaret Donaldson, Ellie McGirr, Tommie Standley, Virginia Anderson, Nancy Sassaman, Jeanie Kitchens, Judy Rowlings, Joyce McRae, Judy Russell. OFFICERS Louanne Self President Jerry Lehner Vice President Barbara Emmett Secretary Donna McNab Treasurer Margaret Donaldson Program Chairman Miss Tacionis Faculty Advisor PI OMEGA PI (Business Education Honorary) Members of Pi Omega Pi are selected on a basis of grades and leadership qualities, and they must major in business education. The group encourages and promotes scholarship in business education both at Florida State and in the State of Florida. Part of the organization ' s duties include a remedial lab for shorthand students, and a helping hand in the School of Busi- ness Reception in November. It also compiles and publishes annually the Directory of Florida Business Education Teachers. First Row: Frances L. Wise, Audrey Cawley, Faculty Ad- visor; Joan Mikesell, Treasurer; Bettye C. Kirkland, Presi- dent; Letitia Silver, Vice President; Patricia A. Miller, Secretary; Betty Tindell. Second Row: Florence Pate, Sonya S. Hagler, Barbara Rudin, Betty Gregory, J. Frank Dame, Glen E. Murphy. C. C. Miller, Roseanne E. Hagadorn. Carole Jenkins, Rosemary Johnson. Not Pictured: Mrs. Patricia Barrineau, Miss Kirk Bell, W. C. Richards. Page 354 Irma Allou, Ovida Beauchamp, Barmell Bledsoe, Tantris Bledsoe, Sue Cornette, Betty Cox, Joan Culbreth, Jimmy Dolan, Mary Dressier, Wayne Edris, Shirley Fortune, Secretary; William G. Grif- fin, Carole Jenkins, Guy Johannes, Claire Jones, Shirley Larson, Gordon Merims, Treasurer; Pat A. Miller, Shirley Morning, Marilyn Murray, Fran Neeley. Pat Potter, G. L. Price, Jimmy Soles, Presi- dent; Lamar Solomon, Helen Sparling, Betty Tindell, Vice President; Jane Westmoreland, Joan Westmoreland, C. C. Miller, Faculty Advisor. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Florida State Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America is the authorized State F.B.L.A. Chapter Sponsoring organization. It assists local chapters in organizing high school business departments, renders guidance services, publishes and mails the state F.B.L.A. newsletter, and as the main proj- ect of the year, plans and conducts the State F.B.L.A. Conven- tion which is held annually on the Florida State campus. FOUR-H CLUB The Four-H Club is a local organization installed at Florida State in 1926 to re-unite former 4-H members and to foster in- terest in 4-H Club work. The group is responsible for the Rural Youth Conference in February, the State 4-H Short Course in June, and participates annually in the State Fair in February. First Row: Martha Burdine, Jackie DuPont, Carol De Vore, Wylene Mayfield, Marjory Bell. Second Row: Pat Hardy, Fredna Haas, Jo Ann Putnal, Jacqueline Bouder, Miss Frances Cannon, Chris Engle, Jean Brownlee, Ruth Fritchie. Third Row: Miss Emily King, Ann Rykard, Sylvia Roberts, June Hamilton, Nancy Bass, Dotty Gannon, Mary Lou Campbell, Peggy Johnson, Phyllis Shaddick, Elzora Christian. Working for the education and well-being of grade-school children, the A.C.E. strives to promote desirable conditions, prog rams, and practices in the schools; to raise the standard of preparation and encourage the growth of teachers and lead- ers in the field of education; to bring into active cooperation all groups concerned with children in the school, home, and community; and to inform the public of the needs of children and in what manner the school program must be adjusted to fit those needs. This group, organized in 1952, sponsors the Book Fair each spring, an Easter Egg Hunt for orthopedically handicapped children, and a monthly story-telling series. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honorary, recognizes outstand- ing service in the field of education and fosters high intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for the teaching profession. To achieve this, it taps for membership persons who exhibit worthy educational ideals, sound scholarship, and adequate personal qualifications. It endeavors to develop a high degree of fellowship among its members and encourages professional maturity by recognizing achievements in educational work. First Row: Harriett Ramsey, Dot Wells, Vir- ginia Ann Cook, Margaret Cantey, Dot John- son, Madelyn Rieker, Pat Jones, Jean Kennedy, lone Marraine. Second Row: Helen Whitemore, Loretta Woods, Janice Southerland, Nancy Brenner, Bobbie Thompson, Emily Pace, Anne Futch. Third Row: Mona Simmons, Jeanene Stokes, Gretta Larsen, Nell Limbaugh, Eliza- beth Fahle. Fourth Row: Joanne Anderson, Virginia Phillips, Dot Brouning, Janis William- son. Jo Anne Stezer, Joann Vogel, Janelle Hull, Carolyn Johnson, Nancene Price, Sara White- head, Joan Myniham, Patricia O ' Brian. First Row: Patricia Miller, Barbara Ruden, Bernice Fermo, Beth Suggs, Winiired Alman, Susan Baymiller, Margaret Malloy. Second Row: Katherine Murphy, Corrie Simmons, Jeanene Stokes, Ann Southerland, Pat Jones, Betty Benecke, Sylvia Lewis. Third Row: Irene Crews, Frances Helms, Charis Coulter, Har- riette McCarter, Dean Ralph Eyman, Juanita de Vette, Mildred Swearingen, Sam Lastinger, Pat Courter, Mary Catherine Freeman, Betty Davis, Pat Cummin. KAPPA DELTA PI Page 356 SOCIAL WELFARE CLUB The Social Welfare Club, open to all students in the Social Work area, provides a means of contact between faculty and student body and an opportunity for discussion of curriculum and professional interests. First Row: Gerda Poddick, Virginia Kirby, June Brunson, Cecilia Franklin, Janet Hamrick, Phyllis Dye. Second Row: Polly Atwater, Iris Epps, Pat Perez, Mary Ann Caldwell, Betty Morrison, Carol Pinkard, Lois Buckholtz, Marion Ard, Jan Davis, Maxine Fletcher, Nancy Steck. Third Row: Albert Markowitz, Sally Humph- ries, Betty Ann Chance, Joan Strecker, Patricia Lynch, Irene Crews, Gloria Worthing, Dorothy Zubrod, Ruth Dowling, Alice Watford, Pat Cartledge. Fourth Row: Dean Moore, Dr. Mer- riman, Travis Northcutt, Joe Harris, Dr. Con- over, Dr. Leap. E. L. Allen, James Bishop, Emory Cain, Treas- urer; Charles B. Clark, Hubert Clayton, Eu- gene Crawford, Master of Rituals; Sam Faulkner, Dalton Hagler, Dean Harlon, Wil- liams Hofman, Richard Hollahan, Jack Houser, Cris Johnson, Davis Laffittee, Vice President; Gene Leamond, Dana McKinnon, Dick Moorer, Thomas Morgan, Robert Newsome, Wayne Patton, Secretary; William F. Perry, President; William F. Perry, Ralph Pickard, Howard Robertson, Donald Rogers, Clarence Smith, Donald Sweet, Charles Van Middlesworth, Erich Weber, J. T. Williams, Jr., K. M. Shaver, Faculty Advisor. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi installed a chapter at Florida State in 1949, to promote research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance, and to encourage the establishment of college courses leading to degrees in Business Administration. All men in the School of Business with an over-all C average are eligible for membership in this organization, which sponsors four banquets each year with prominent businessmen featured as speakers. Page 357 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Largest organization on campus is the Future Teachers of America, which boasts more than 250 members here at Florida State. F.T.A. is a national group which acquaints students pre- paring to be teachers with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession, gives them practical training experience which will interest them in the career of education, and attempts, through dissemination of information and through higher standards of preparation, to bring the teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. Highlights of the year are the Christmas party where gifts are brought for under-privileged children, and the annual banquet in November. Martha E. King President Edna Andrews Vice President Ethel Geisler Secretary- Ann Futch Treasurer Dr. Sam J. Lastinger Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Dr. Gunther Schwarz, Dr. M. Avramy Melvin, Dr. William Barrows, Dr. Alex E. S. Green, Dr. George L. Rogosa, Steve Edwards, Jr., President; Anna Hendren, Kenneth L. Zankel, Vice President; Cecil Beehler, John W. Burge- son, Alton Bert Clanton, Betty Lou Dilmore, Secretary; Lewis Eckhart, William Ivan Har- ris, Treasurer; Kiuck Lee, Edward L. Pipkin, Julius A. Salacz, William C. Taylor, Thomas Miller, Dr. Conway W. Snyder, Dr. M. A. Melvin, Faculty Advisor. SIGMA PI SIGMA Founded in the spring of 1954, Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society, has already laid a solid foundation. They have set a precedent of having an annual picnic for the Physics Department, faculty, staff, students, and honoring new Physics students. This national honor society has sponsored public lectures on topics of interest in physics. These lectures are given by pro- fessors here on the campus or by prominent industrialists. Page 358 BIT AND SPUR The Bit and Spur Riding Club, sponsored by Mr. R. Jegart, was founded in the spring of 1953 to encourage horseback riding at the University. Aside from their group rides on their own horses and those rented from the near stables, members have competed in many local horse shows and garnered many honors. Bill Wezerek, Pris Holmes, and Don Brese have been found in the center of the ring on numerous occasions receiving ribbons to add to those already found in the club ' s trophy case. Left to Right: Bill Stancik, President; Don Brese, Social Chairman; Jean Phillips, Secretary; Lyda Yarbrough, Vice President. Other Members: Algene Bell, Nancy Brenner, Claudette Carley, Jane Clardy, Diane Durston, Barbara Evans, Carolyn Griffin, Paul Grimmig, Ann Hoffman, Priscilla Holmes, Jane Huskisson, Lucy Joyce, Mary Elizabeth King, Barbara Rudin, Barbara Smith, Don Spivey, Pat Wallace, Eileen Werts, Bill Wezerek. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society serves to help chemistry majors, scientists, and engineers to become better qualified candi- dates for future professional work, and offers them an opportunity to meet fellow students and faculty. Florida State ' s local chapter assisted in the conven- tion of the Junior Academy of Science which met here in December. It also sponsored field trips to nearby chemical concerns during the year. When they ' re not busy in the lab, members can be found either at Dr. Herz ' s " get acquainted " eve- nings at his home, or at the football field perpetuat- ing the long-standing rivalry between graduate students and undergraduates. First Row: Jeanne Alles, Manuel Moshonas, Juanita McAnnally. Second Row: Margaret Neller, Harriet Davis, Coral Turknett, Robert Setting. Third Row: Alicia Petruska, Zola Goodwin, Ann Stokes. Fourth Row: Niles Bashwa, Don Johnson, Earl Schrogder, Gene Sellers. Not Pictured: Cecil Bechler, Carl Green, Ray Johnson, Frank Lupino, Ray Rogers, Bob Zattini. OFFICERS Manuel Moshonas President Jeanne Alles Vice President Harriet Davis Secretary Alicia Petruska Treasurer Dr. Werner Herz Faculty Advisor ART INTEREST CLUB The Art Interest Club, sponsored by the Art Education Department, under- takes worthwhile projects to further art appreciation among students and to coordinate students and faculty in the Art Department. It also provides a means outside of the Art Education area whereby students may explore art media. Some of the faculty this year held workshops in Ceramics, Wire Sculpture, enameled jewelry, and design. OFFICERS Norma Lapinski ■ President Jane Williams Vice President Carolyn Grumbly Secretary-Treasurer Jean McDonna Reporter Mr. Fred Metzke Faculty Advisor Page 360 JUNIOR COUNSELORS £ o a e af Oo First Row: June Rogers, Sandy Darling, Shirley Traxler, Mary Catherine Freeman, Nancy Erickson. Jayleen Roberston, Barbara Bachman, Nancy Vaughn, Joan Johansen, Betty Gooch, Shirley Meyer, Pat Jones, Ann Yoeman, Barbara Cooper. Second Row: Jenny Lou Kent, Lorraine Griffith, Jenkie Allen, Barbara Boredian, Imogene Williams, Bebe Bisbee, Jean Morgan, Fran Coleman, Claudia Walker, Janet Biven, Shirley Dallas, Patricia Perez, Helen Nemeth, Martha Berry. Third Row: Peggy Johnson, Donna Ridge, Martha King, Harriet Lowe, Jackie Fletcher, Esther Jones, Louise Hoyer, Norma Cosby, Esther Winkelhake, Janet Reed, Ellen Campbell, Anita Woods, Dawn Bishop, Carole Harris, Martha Bush. Fourth Row: Ann Murray, Sara Tornay, Sue Allen, Jeanene Stokes, Mary Burkholder, Linda Holling, Sylvia Lewis, Beth Pitts, Jeanne Alles, Cubye Ryals, Mona Simmons, Beth Suggs, Patricia Miller, Irene Crews. Hatching the ugly duckling fre sh- man women into swanlike coeds is the weighty task of the Junior Counselors, mother geese of the golden eggs. Performing their services with no other compensa- tion than the honor of the position and the friendships gained, they are on call twenty-four hours a day to advise, lend a sympathetic ear, and to set an example. Chosen by the Dean of Women and confirmed by Women ' s Sen- ate, the J. C. ' s must have leader- ship and character qualities that will earn the respect of the in- coming freshman girl. Being upperclass allies with the new class, they help the frosh bridge the gap between home dependence in high school and independence in college. PI DELTA PHI Pi Delta Phi is an honorary organization which recognizes and encourages in- terest and skill in the French language and culture. All students who make a 2.0 average or better in French and have taken at least three hours of an ad- vanced literature course are eligible for membership, which is also granted to French-teaching faculty and to town- people. Two meetings held this year were open to all students interested in French. In May the entire organization was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Leduc at a picnic outing. Two initiations were held this year, greatly augmenting membership and proving that interest in France is rapidly growing here at Florida State. First Row: Bettye Ackerman, Annie Lou Guess, Hildegarde Wagner, Ann Opalak, Dr. Albert Leduc, Mrs. Azzura Givens. Second Row: Dr. Wilson Micks, Dr. Margaret Camp- bell, Miss Marjory Judy, Miss Eva May Atwood, Dr. Graydon DeLand. WOMEN ' S " F " CLUB Girls who participate in the Florida State Intramural program and who demonstrate high qualities of athletic leadership be- come members of the Women ' s F Club. The Club cooperates with the Women ' s Division of the University- Recreation Association in promoting women ' s athletic activities and contributes to the development of high ideals, sportsman- ship, and university spirit among the students on campus. The Club undertook many service projects this year, among them the Campus Chest Box Supper, selling ' mums at Horns- coming, a Christmas party for under-privileged children, and serenades for hospitals and old folks ' homes around Talla- hassee. MEMBERS Patti Armstrong Connie Bassett. Norma Bolton. Cinnie Brown, President; Elaine Chapman. Jackie DuPont. Betty Evans Secretary-Treas- urer; Dons Holt Nancy Graham, can Guard. Pat Hawes. Betty Ann Haynes. Gwen Loy. Phyllis Mack. Tony Moore. lone Marraine Joan Pans yirgima Peck Sad,e Presnell. Bettye Ann Ray. Pat Rooney. Parliamentarian; Janet Reed. Jean Rhome Rose R lea Shirtey Simpson l t:tZ r aC T ePPatdl ISQbelle «• » • Wi — C ° Walker. Ann Yeoman. Vice Presided; " STy fy(% r- i GAMMA ALPHA CHI Gamma Alpha Chi is composed of girls interested in advertising, retailing, marketing, design, and other related fields, recom- mended by the faculty on the basis of their achievement in these areas. The group provides its alumna a contact with the adver- tising field through GAX members and through A.F.A. The group helps the Flambeau business staff by soliciting advertisements, and also participates in joint meetings with ADS. Betty Bishop, Vice President Barbara Burke, Secretary Nancy Carter Mary Will Davis, President Marcie Lee, Dorothy Leslie Nancy Lowe Jannene Morris, Corresponding Secretary Ann Tucker, Treasurer Janet Vannovse Dot Dekle Nan Hillman Mary Francis Horn Mary Liz King Eloise McGirr Mary Ellen Martin Jackie Sanchez Mary Ann William Lyda Yarbrough Ann Yates Dr. Royal H. Ray, Faculty Advisor PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honorary Fraternity, was established on campus in 1923, and has as its purpose the recognition of excellence in the study of history. The group sponsors two lectures per semester given by mem- bers of the History department to supplement the history courses and keep students informed on current world developments. MEMBERS Students: Jo Carol Law, Secretary-Treasurer; Neil Shea Crispo, Vice President; Anne E. Kelley, G. Donn Teal, President; T. D. Wyly. Faculty: Charles S. Davis, Earl R. Beck, Faculty Advisor; Venila L. Shores, Maurice M. Vance, Weymouth T. Jordan, Annie M. Popper, C. Louise Salley, Wallace W. Reichelt, Florence Tryon, George A. Lensen, Calvin Billman, Mary Elizabeth Thomas, Benjamin F. Rogers. Others: Mark F. Boyd, Col. Wm. A. Robinson, Mrs. Lynn Dawson Rahn, Mrs. Robert Miller. Page 363 COLLEGIANS Following tradition, the Collegians serenaded this year ' s Home- coming Queen, Betty Willmon, after the Pow-Wow. Also, on the more romantic side, this men ' s glee club sings to coeds who have become pinned to members during the year. Founded in 1947, this organization allows one hour credit for the musical activities in which they participate. The Collegian ' s membership includes men from nearly every school and depart- ment on the campus. Anyone who enjoys singing is eligible to participate and no elimination auditions are held. The group makes its contribution to campus life and school spirit through two annual concerts; traditional serenades to girls ' dormitories and sorority houses, and occasional participation with the Marching Chiefs in their sparkling half-time shows. In addition to their local appearances, the Collegians make annual tours in Florida, concentrating on a different section of the state each year, the west coast in 1953, the east coast in 1954, and north and central Florida in 1955. The music they sing comes from the light, rollicking scores commonly associated with men ' s college glee clubs. MEMBERS Russell Alderman, Samuel R. Alderman, Ed Andrews, James Ansley, William Arthur, Howard Augustine, Virgil Austin, Charles Baker, James Campbell, Bruce Cokeroft, Secretary; William Collins, John Condra, President; Jim Crews, Jr., Douglas Davis, Jr., John Davis, Jerry Dye, Richard Gant, Nelson Geiger, Jimmy Hanks, Gerald Henderson, Jo Holt, Wes Holden, Frank Knowles, Paul Kreager, George Kyle, Tom Lewis, Howard Logue, Martha Sue Mizell, Bob Porter, Gerald Powell, James Reed, Hugh Harris Rhodes, William Rogers, Marion Ted Royal, Willjohn Schiffermuller, Alfred Schroeder, Lonnie Sellers, Richard B. Shevlin, Percy L. Steele, William F. Stephens, David Talty, John R. Terwilliger, James Thomas, Jr., Cecil Thompson, John Tomberlin, Don Tromblay, Fred Tyson, Don Van Nus, Student Director; James Wallis, Jr., Danny Whipple, David Whipple, John Williams, Rodney Wilson, J. Dayton Smith, Faculty Advisor. a ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society is a national military honorary designed to further develop those traits becoming a junior officer in the U.S. Air Force, and to promote the spirit, reputation, and tradi- tion of the Air Force here on campus. To qualify for member- ship, an individual must have made B grades or better in AFROTC courses and demonstrate superior qualities of leader- ship and command. Highlight of the year is the annual Military Ball, co-sponsored by the Society, which also has formed a subordinate organiza- tion known as the " Sabres. " First Row: Bill Stancik, Don Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer; Anthony Wheat, Ken Bliss, Vice President; Dossey Merritt, President; Dean Bartlett, Donnie Hollis, Operations Officer; Don Teal, ISO. Second Row: Lt. Isaac M. Hamilton, Advisor; Glayden Schafer, Don Smith, Bill Johnson, Paul Grimmig, Cliff Mayfield, Coyle Moore, Bob Stukee, Russell Johnson, Howard Wilson, Jimmy Joanos. RETROSPECT When I lie talking all alone. Recounting what I have ill done, My thoughts on me then tyrannise, Fear and sorrow me surprise, Whether I tarry still or go, Methinks that time moves very slow. All my griefs to this are jolly, Naught so sad as melancholy. —Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy remember that beautiful pre-registration masterpiece of a schedule that becomes three eight o ' clock classes and a lab on Saturday, and the whistle that blows at quarter of the hour hi the morning, waking us, vi akin g us bury our heads in the pillow, trying to get that extra fifteen minutes sleep before the alarm rings but it ' s useless because the ticking is so loud, so loud, and the times when we shout out the window for the person who ' s hard of hearing in the room a few flights up to turn down the radio and the times a few nights later when they shout the same thing back to us, and the cold of " winter " when ive have to make that early lab on west campus and on the ivay a solitary snowflake brushes our windshield and later nobody believes us and still later we find it hard to believe ourselves, and the times when, if we work, we have grown a little bitter and feel it ' s useless and wish we didn ' t work at all until that friend of the family s from down the street writes and tells ns what a fine thing it is for us to do, what a really fine thing, and that class at noon when the professor asks a question over the troubled gurling of unfed stomachs and it sounds vaguely familiar, but not quite certain, we remain silent while the person three seats up and to the left confirms our suspicions — and gets credit for it and then a moment or a day or a month later we hear another question and we blurt out an answer and the moment we ' ve said it we ' re sorry, and the fall at sunset, in the half-light, when we hear the blare of the band in the distance, playing loud and clear and our flesh turns cold and we want to run, to leap — or to collapse in weakness, and the drill field with some stubble showing when we die a thousand deaths be- cause of a last-minute inspection, and i JL— - the big game with the crowd now chanting for a score, now screaming to hold them! and all the while your heart screaming and chanting just as desperately until the wonderful sigh of relief that comes when it ' s over, and the suppressed desire partly when we can ' t get that silly grin off our face and we feel it pulling at the corner of our mouth, until finally ' , in anger, we say some- thing nasty to ourselves and it vanishes and then creeps back a moment later, and the times when we ' re dancing with that certain one in a dimly-seen place, our eyes tightly shut, hoping the night won ' t end, and the times when we ' ve been here only a short while and we ' re alone in our room at night and it ' s raining outside and we look out into the darkness and see the city with its pale blurred islands of light and as we look out into that gray mist we say to ourselves, I wonder what they ' re doing back home, and the term ' s end, when as we walk across campus some leaves fall from high in a tree and rattle over the sidewalk sounding like rice in a balloon and as we glance around we decide we are very glad we came here and decide perhaps it would be well for our children to come also — to try to accomplish the things we didn ' t and surpass the things we did,

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