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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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mim.v»mmuMwaamLUM » ' imyv.v mvM ' ! t Ji± , mi3..A jmwmuii.iJi B±jL..- ,. ' .b w ■MHMemnwl y lf y s» UK Nit mmrn- » M mm . sfflkb..,i$fifc ■Is ' liili ;s r.s i «$M$f. ! v " ? 1 »■ up— w«i5aw ' ' A £J| IS »pS fc8 mmfa- M - - " life ! " vt ' ■mmmmmmmm; 4-, t-j lli - ' i mBmm wmm ■ pr.T u ■ , -; p EXLIBRIS jlZQJl FLASTACOWO Nineteen Thirty-Nine Volume XXVL Published by Student Bodv Year Book of FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tallahassee, Florida Copyright 1939 FLASTACOWO by Betty Wynn Editor-in-Chief and Polly Ann White Business Manager euuxmm To you who have made our college days happier because of your presence here, your cheery smile, and helping hand ; to you who have given thirty years of your life to making our Alma Mater a better place for us ; to you who have spread your in- fluence over us all; we extend the highest honor within our power. To our Dr. Edward Conradi, then, we dedicate the 1939 Flastacowo — truly our school is what this great man has made it. Our school is but the lengthened shadow of . . . Edward Conradi I c isw d We have no set plan or theme for this year ' s annual ■ — rather we are trying to give you a written and photographic portrayal of your Alma Mater as you see it. If the book in years to come - or even this summer — helps you to remember what you otherwise would forget, then our purpose has been accomp- lished, for it is truly your 1939 Flastaeowo. omm Administration 19 Seniors 41 Juniors 81 Sophomores 99 Freshmen 117 Features 141 Sororities 165 Organizations 201 Honoraries 239 Sports 251 Snapshots 261 Advertisements 281 Index 28 3 MILES . SPEED ON CA! M p " The portals of knowledge " — - swinging wide to welcome the greenest of freshmen — and opening again, more slowly — to bid farewell to departing seniors — typifying the best in us all. page eleven Bunkers - — the thud of arrows in the target — laughing ' voices ■ — Robin Hoods in the making — beauty in oneness with nature. page twelve Class rooms — vine covered walls — the tramp of feet — the shouting of cheery " hellos " - whistles — the home of many memories. pqge thirteen V--. ,t. i SLt " The half of knowledge " - beauty and understanding — in- formed ignorance and true education — headaches and long hours — reseach — fun in learning ' . page- -fourteen Candles at dusk — soft voices singing — relaxation on the grass - Mortified iniation — simple dignity — beauty. page fifteen Sunshine and shadows — green lawn and sturdy pines — day dreams and aspirations — coming nearer their realization. page sixteen ■4K 4tx Militant simplicity — lights burning late — midnight feasts cheery fires in winter — center of activities — Brvan Hall. page seventeen mwkkUcdm, FRED P. CONE Governor of the State of Florida BOARD OP CONTROL R. P. Terry, Chairman Miami W. M. Palmer Oeala H. P. Adair Jacksonville Thomas W. Bryant Lakeland Charles P. Helfenstejn Live Oak por e twenty May your four years in college have helped you to see with an ever clearer vision that the spiritual values are the real values of life, and that the great thinkers through the centuries in all human activities are real interpretors of the great creative processes of God in the life of the Spirit and of the cosmos, the understanding of which makes a richer, a more comfortable, and a more sacred life ; and may this understanding always be an inspiring light along your pathway of life ! fe - C y e t tL Cj page twenty-one SIMEON R. DOYLE Registrar of the College JOHN G. KELLUM Business Manager of the College ELIZABETH G. ANDREWS Director of Personnel and Placement ELMER RIGGS SMITH Secretary of the Faculty IHiye twenty-two WILLIAM G. DODD Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences OLIVIA X. DORMAN Dean of Students ELLA SCOBLB OPPERMAN RALPH L. EYMAN Dean of the School of Music Dean of the School of Education MARGARET R SAXDELS Dean of the School of Heme Economics page twenty-three DEPARTMENT OF ART The Department of Art en- deavors to develop the ap- preciation of art and to train students to enter the fields of teaching, painting, com- mercial illustration, interior decoration, design, fashion il- lustration, and stage design. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Beatrice Beyer Williams; Lillian Canf ield : Mary Mooty ; Helen Alverda Thrush. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY Once offered as a part of the Biology and Home Eco- nomics courses. Bacteriology is now an individual course. Instructors for this course are Alban Stewart and Mary Xoka Hood. page twenty-four DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY Instructors in Botany at- tempt to point out how a knowledge of plants and flowers may be applied t i life. Students are taught how to know a reasonable number of cultivated trees, shrubs and " flowers. " Our students soon learn that not all growth under our feet is grass nor all ugly plants and weeds. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Herman Kurz : Kuth Schornherst. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY The department of Chem- istry gives to the students the essentials of courses in General, Analytical, Physical, Organic and Physiological chemistry. Graduate work and honors work is encour- aged in this department and independent study is ob- served by some students. By its membership in the Ameri- can Chemical Society the entire staff keeps in close touch with the recent ad- vances of chemistry. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Leland Judson Lewis : Isabel McKinnell : Jennie Tilt : Gertrude Ver- million. page twenty-five DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE The Department of Classi- cal Languages and Litera- tures has two objectives : to afford technical mastery of the Greek and Latin lan- guages as an aid in the use of the English language, for the purpose of personal en- joyment, for skill in teach- ins, and for g r a d u a t e studies; and to provide a thorough knowledge of the rich and varied cultures of these nations in the field of art. philosophy. literature. government and society as a background for understand- ing the word of today. The instructors in this de- partment are : Olivia Nelson Dorman : Ruth E. Fairman : Edith W. West. The Demonstration School supplies students who are training to he teachers with a knowledge of classroom procedure. It gives them supervised classes to teach in order to supply them with practical knowledge. page twenty-six DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS The Department of Eco- nomics and Commerce aims to give the student a knowl- edge of the social and eco- nomic development of society and a keener appreciation of the role of the cultural sub- jects as a necessary founda- tion upon which a broad voca- tional training is based. It is hoped that graduates from this department will be able to play a useful as well as an intelligent and enjoyable role in life. Instructors in the depart- ment are: Beulah Bell Briley. Lucile Glider Bass ; Inez Frink : William Harry Jou- bert; Royal Mattice; Mary Louella Riehey : Sadie Young. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION The Department of Educa- tion is responsible for giving such courses of study as will best prepare kindergarten, pri- mary, elementary school, jun- ior high school, senior high school teachers, and supervis- ors for the various duties that will front them. The depart- ment purposes to give such professional training as will enable students to use to the greatest advantage in the pro- fession of education all their training and experience. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Ralph L. Eyman; Mark II. DeGraff : Dora S. Skipper ; Marion Jewell Hay ; Murphy Roy Hinson ; Nita Ty- burn : R. L. Goulding. page twenty-seven DEPARTMENT F ENGLISH The Minis of the English de- partment arc: to develop in students clear thinking ' and ef- fective expression through speaking and writing; to fa- miliarize them with the cul- tural and spiritual ideals of English speaking people through the study of our lit- erature ; to instill in them the appreciation and b e a u t y through the study and prac- tice of arts of poetry and the drama. Instructors in the Depart- ment are : William G. Dodd. Mary Bethell Alt ' riend : Mar- tha Gertrude Chapman : Guy Linton Diffenbaugh : Mildred Fay Henry : Mary H. Me- Kean: Lou E. W. Miller: Wil- liam Hudson Rogers: Hazel A. Stevenson: Betty Bland- ing: Carmen Rogers. DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY The course in Geography is planned to carry out two chief functions: to furnish a major or minor in the subject in the College of Arts and Sciences and to give background courses for prospective teach- ers and students majoring in Economics. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Henry F. Becker ; Gladys Fawlev : William Bu- gelli. iwyc twenty-eight DEPARTMENT HISTORY OF The study of History begins with a survey of western civi- lization ; then courses are given covering significant per- iods of human activity or re- gions not primarily in the main course of " Western Civi- lization. In the course the study of the South and a Flor- ida history is emphasized. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Katherine Trim- mer Abbey, Robert S. Cotter- ill, Annie Marie Therese Pop- er : Venilia L. Shores. DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics contrib- utes to the development of a fine art of living and provides opportunity for the intelligent study of such phases of home and family life as child rear- ing, h u m a n relationships. housing, nutrition, clothing, money management and other phases of daily existence in the home. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Margaret R. San- dels : Clarine B elcher : Ruth Conner ; Eleanor Green : Edna Mae Mcintosh: Sara D. Mea- dor : Jennie Tilt: Anna May Tracy : Leila Yenable. poge twenty-nine DEPARTMENT HYGIENE OF The Department of Hygiene instructs students in matters of personal and public health that will aid them to live a more hygienic life in college and in a community. Instructor in this depart- ment is Sarah Parker White. DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts De- partment offers to students. preparing to teach, courses which will enable them to en- rich their professional educa- tional work through the knowledge and skill gained. Industrial Arts education, pot- tery, modelling, and sculpture, woodwork, weaving, metal craft, jewelry and leather craft are taught. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Emily Pitman Wil- hurn : Oval S. Harrison: Ber- niceDeetz; Sallie Williams. puffe thirty DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM The Department of Journal- ism offers varied courses to students desiring to follow a career in the newspaper world. Styles and means of writing are sought through the observing of famed jour- nalists and their work and through the reading of current metropolitan n e w s p a p ers. hooks and articles. Instructor in this depart- ment is Mr. Earl Vance. LIBRARY SCIENCE Courses in Library Science sire planned to prepare stu- dents for positions as librar- ians of small high schools. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Mrs. Pauline Rich- ardson; Mrs. Katherine Weed. page thirty-one DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS The Department of Mathe- matics has two purposes. Its intention is primarily to give students an adequate under- standing of the fundamental mathematical truths and sec- ondarily to develop logical ap- plication to problems in hooks and in life as well as speed and accuracy. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Elmer Kings Smith : Olga Larson. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES A knowledge of the life and culture of France. Germany. Italy. Spain, and Spanish America is afforded by the courses given in the Modern Language Department. It leads to an appreciation of the values of various civilizations that have intimately affected our own development, and thus enables us to better un- derstand ourselves. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Arthur R. Sey- mour : Dorothy L. Breen ; Margie Burks; Margaret V. Campbell ; Madeline Postaire ; Marie Davis. Myrtle Dolbee : Mildred Finnegan: Lucy Les- ter. page thirty-two DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Courses in piano, voice, vio- lin, cello, public school music and composition are offered by the Music Department. It prepares its graduates for vo- cational objectives in these fields. Special attention is given to individual instruction as well as group work in the glee club, orchestra and en- semble. In order that students may enjoy this universal lan- guage, m usic appreciation courses and concerts are given. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Ella Scoble Opper- man ; Karl Ahrendt ; Walter Ruel Cowles ; Mary Murphree Meginnis ; Zadie Lillian Phipps ; Mary Emily Reeder ; Etta L. Robertson ; Owen Frink Sellers ; Cecile Strong ; Mary Esther Winslow ; Edna Mabon ; Helen Hewitt ; Ra- mona Jorgensen. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Philosophy — Man ' s unceas- ing desire to discover meaning and value in life, to under- stand the world and find his own place in it, to make the most of himself without over- estimating his individual im- portance. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Anna Forbes Lid- dell and Robert Miller. page thirty-three DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION The purpose of the Depart- ment of Physical Education, through its class and extra- curricular program, is to give to all students an opportunity to increase health and physi- cal efficiency, to find joy and satisfaction in activity and at the same time to enrich their repertoire of recreational ac- tivities that their leisure time both in college and in later life will become a constructive factor in its contribution to more complete living. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Katherine W. Mont- gomery ; Mary B. Settle ; Re- becca Averill ; Claudia Moore; Grace Fox : Ruth Lehman. Marjorie Mayer. Felicia West. i r i -. • J ■i m DEPARTMENT PHYSICS OF The Department of Physics offers a full program of un- dergraduate work. Subjects emphasized in the more ad- vanced courses include elec- tricity, lisht, heat, mechanics, radio, X-rays, radioactivity, photoelectricity, and the math- ematical theory of physics. The Department is well equip- ped for lecture demonstrations and for individual work in the laboratories. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Harold F. Rich- ards: Elizabeth Lynn; Wil- liam N. Barrows, Jr. page thirty-four DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY Courses in Physiology deal with the basic facts as applied to physical activity, human anatomy, and a survey of cur- rent journals for recent re- search. At present the depart- ment of Physiology and An- atomy is established in the Demonstration School. Two general courses in human physics and human anatomy, and two advanced courses are offered. Instructor in the ment : Viola Graham. depart- DEPARTYIENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Political science furthers training in citizenship which will assist students more effi- ciently and intelligently to as- sume their responsibility for obtaining the general will in the American democracy. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Victoria Schuck ; Eleanor F. Dolan. page thirty-five DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY The object of study in psy- chology is the child and the developing person. The courses offered center about some as- pect of the individual : his en- larged behavior in a group and the life of the group it- self: his maladjustments and their correction ; his sphere of usefulness in adult life ; his growth in meaning and in es- thetic appreciation, and the final culmination of the per- sonality into the significant man or woman. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Paul F. Finner ; Elizabeth Gordon Andrews ; Louise Witmer ; Hugh Lee Waskom : Dorthy Rose Dish- er ; Christian Paul Heinlein ; Christine B. Scarborough. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY The department of Soci- ology has two main purposes. The program of courses of- fered is intended to give a cultural influence and offers the fundamental understand- ing of group life which re- sults in better citizenship. The second purpose of the courses prepares the students for Social Welfare Work. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Raymond Bellamy ; Margaret Cochran Bristol ; Coyle Ellis Moore ; Paul Wal- bert Shankweiler. page thirty-six DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH The aim of the Speech De- partment is to give training to those planning to work on the public platform as read- ers or lecturers, to students working to prepare for the teaching of Speech, to those preparing for a business life, and for purely cultural ends. Instructors in this depart- ment are : Mary Hollings- worth Buford ; Kemper Mar- tin Moore ; Sarah Elizabeth Thomson; Lulu Margaret Wyly. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY The aim of Zoology is to in- vite interest in the various phases of animal life, to give training in obtaining first hand information to students preparing for medicine, teach- ing, or as part of a general education. Chief emphasis is placed on freshman courses and the advanced courses in ornithology, compartive verte- brate zoology, parasitology, and embryology. Instructors in this depart- ment are: Ezda May Deviney ; Mildred Irene Boliek ; Mary Noka Hood. page thirty-seven SOCIAL DIRECTORS Miss Maude Flowers Head of Residence Halls Mrs. Miss Miss Miks Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mfis. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Directors Vera Allen Mai me Andrews Eva Bellinger Katherine Bird Rose Den ham Kathleen Groupe Evelyn Kennard Josephine Levy Anne Pope Beaulah Rivers Ida Rowan Margaret Saynor Melanie Surner LOLLIE WlMRERLY To you who have fostered the best in us for one to four years, who have guided us in successful group living, and have taught us that it is easier to keep rules than to break them, we owe our heartfelt thanks. HONORING THE FACULTY You have worked long and hard to give us knowledge, and all too often we have disappointed you. This is our loss, not yours, and we will regret it more as time goes on. But you have taught us much, in spite of our lethargy, and perhaps most of all, you have shown us the way to learn — the half of knowledge. You have given life to what has not lived for us before, and you have shown us a love of learning, perhaps even imbued some of us with the seed of this love. For these things, and for your friendship, we thank you, and we will remember you long after most of our classmates are forgotten. page thirty-eight Faculty Directory Edward Conradi A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. Kathryn Trimmer Abbey A.M., Ph.D. Karl Ahrendt B.M., M.M. Mary Bethell Alfriend M.S. Elizabeth Gordon Andrews Ph.D. Rebecca Gordon Averill M.A. Lanas Spurgeon Barber M.A. William Morton Barrows, Jr M.Sc, Ph.D. Lucile Grider Bass Henry Floyd Becker M.S. Clarine Belcher M.S. Raymond Bellamy A.M., Ph.D. Florence Bethea A.B. Georgia Elizabeth Blue A.B. Mildred Irene Boliek M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen A.M., Ph.D. Beulah Belle Briley M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Elizabeth Britton M.A. Mary Hollings worth Buford A.B. Margie Burks M.A., Ph.D. Edith Mildred Burlingarre A.M., Ph.D. Margaret Virginia Campbell - M.A. Lillian Caroline Canfleld M.A. Martha Gertrude Chapman M.A. Emeth Tuttle Cochran M.A. Grace Dodge Conard B.A.E., Ph.B., B.F.A. Ruth Connor A.M., Ph.D. Robert Spencer Cotterill M.A., Ph.D. Walter Ruel Cowles A.B., Mus.B. Marie Davis M.A. Nancy Jane Day B.S.. B.A. Hazel Bernice Deetz B.S. in Fine and Applied Arts Mark H. DeGraff M.A., Ph.D. Ezda May Deviney M.S., Ph.D. Nellie-Bond Dickinson M.A. G ' iy Linton Diffenbaugh M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Rose Disher M.A., Ph.D. William George Dodd A.M.. Ph.D. Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee M.A. Ralph Floyd Donaldson B.A. Olivia Nelson Dorman A.M., Ph.D. Margaret Whitney Dow B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Simeon Robert Doyle M.A. Mary Alice Eaton M.A. Ruth DeGraaf Ellis A.B. Ralph Lee Eyman Ed.D. Ruth Elizabeth Fairman A.M. Gladys Fawley S.M. Mildred Finnegan M.A. Paul Frederick Finner A.M., Ph.D. Kathleen Graham Fletcher B.A., B.S. in L.S. Ward Thomas Fletcher M.Ed. Maude Alice Flowers A.B. in Commerce Grace Imogene Fox A.B. in Education Sara Graham A.B. Viola Graham M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Eleanor V. Green M.A. Clara Martin Guerry A.B., B.M. Hope Harrin M.A. Oval Stanley Harrison M.A. Marion Jewell Hay M.A., Ph.D. Clara Rider Hayden B.S. in Education Frances Field Haynes A.B. Christian Paul Heinlein Ph.D. Mildred Fay Henry M.A. Sarah Herndon M.A. Murphy Roy Hinson M.A., Ph.D. Ethyl Holloway B.S. in Home Economics Henrietta Howell B.S. in L.S., M.A. Marian Doris Irish M.A. William Harry Joubert M.A. Jerry B. Kelley A.B. John Gabriel Kellum Mary Ellen Keown M.S. Gladys Olive Koch A.B., B.M. Herman Kurz M.S., Ph.D. Olga Larson M.A. Ruth Evelyn Lehman B.S. Lucy Lester AM - Leland Judson Lewis A.M., Ph.D. Anna Forbes Liddell M.A., Ph.D. Hugh Donald Loucks A.B. Edith Elizabeth Lynn M.A. Etta Lane Matthews B.A. Margaret A. S. McCurdie B.S. in Education Ruby McDavid Edna Mae Mcintosh M.S. Mary Helen McKean M.A. Isabel McKinnell M.S. Royal Mattice M.A. Sara D. Meador M.S. Mary Murphree Meginniss A.B., B.M. Martha Clara Menendez A.B. in Commerce Lou Egerton Whitfield Miller A.B., B.S. in Education Robert Daniel Miller A.B. Katherine Williams Montgomery M.A. Frederick Clifton Moor A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Coyle Ellis Moore M.S., Ph.D. Kemper Martin Moore .....M.A. Virginia Pearl Moore Mary Elizabeth Mooty A.B. Velma Ooton A.B. in Education Ella Scoble Opperman A.B., M.M. Rhey Boyd Parsons M.A., Ph.D. Zadie Lillian Phipps B.M. Annie Marie Therese Popper M.A., Ph.D. Madeleine Postaire B.A. Clarence Patrick Priest B.A.E. Dorothy Purse M.A. Nita Katherine Pyburn M.A. Mary Emily Reeder B.M. Harold Frederic Richards A.M., Ph.D. Louise Richardson A.M. Mary Luella Richey M.A., C.P.A. Etta Lucile Robertson William Hudson Rogers M.A., Ph.D. Nathaniel Moss Salley Litt.D. Margaret Rector Sandels A.M.. Ph.D. Christine Bryan Scarborough M.S. Ruth Olive Schornherst M.S. Victoria Schuck M.A., Ph.D. Owen Frink Sellers M.A. Lucy Belle Settle B.S. Mary Brandon Settle M.A. Arthur Romeyn Seymour M.L., Ph.D. Paul Walbert Shankweiler M.A., Ph.D. Venila Lovina Shores M.A., Ph.D. Anna Mae Sikes B.S. Mabel Simmons A.B. in Education Dora Sikes Skipper B.S. in Education Elmer Riggs Smith A.M. Esther Smith M.A. Hazel Allison Stevenson M.A., Ph.D. Alban Stewart A.M., Ph.D. Lois Lancaster Stone M.A. Cecile Strong B.M. Thelma Pearl Tew M.Ed. Christine Thompson B.Ph., A.B. in L.S. Sara Elizabeth Thomson A.B. Helen Alverda Thrush M.A. Isabelle Thursby Jennie Tilt M.S., Ph.D. Anna May Tracy Ph.B. Florence Reno Tryon M.A. Myrtis C. Tureman B.A. Earl Lynn Vance A.M. Leila Venable A.M. Gertrude Vermillion M.A. Florence Edna Wagner A.M. Betty Washburn M.A. Hugh Lee Waskom A.M., Ph.D. Edith Woodfin West A.M. Sarah Parker White M.A., M.D., Ph.D. Emily Pitman Wilburn B.L. Beatrice Beyer Williams M.A. Sallis Williams M.A. Mary Esther Winslow M.M. Lulu Margaret Wyly B.S. Anne Lee Yates A.B. Sad.e Gertrude Young M.A. page thirty-nine 3n jHemoriam otoena Congmtre Sanuarp 24, 1869 lulp 18, 1938 page forty iyHlC TA. Senior Class Officers President Mary Emily Parker Vice President Dorothy Ban- Secretary Marian Usher Treasurer Midelle Moore Parliamentarian Beulah Mitchell Athletic Manager Nancy Williamson Representatives to Senate Beck.y Ashton Marie Swillev page forty-two CLRSS OF 1939 HAZEL ADAMS West Palm Beach A. B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Alpha, Flambeau reporter, 2; Flam- beau Sports Editor, 3; Flambeau Business Man- ager, 4; Sociology Club, 4. SARAH E. ADAMS Gainesville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA C. ALLEN Brooksville, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Chairman Student Peace Service, 2, 3, 4; Inter- national Relations Club, 2, 3, 4; German Club, 2; Twenty-One Club, 4. BETTY AMBLER Arcadia, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EVELYN ANDERSON Bartow, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences SADIE ANDERSON Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ROSE APPEL Key West, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BECKY ASHTON New Smyrna, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A Zeta Phi Eta, Scholarship Plaque, 1; Torch Night, 1 and 2; Sophomore Council, 2; Spirogira, 2; Fealty, 2; Chairman of May Day, 2; Junior Minstrels, 2 and 3; Representative to Judiciary, 2 and 3; Odd Demonstration, 1, 2, 3, 4 : Fresh- man Advisory Board. 3; Religious Emphasis Week Chairman, 3; Representative to Senate, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities, 4; President of Mortar Bord, 4. page forty-three RUTH SCOTT ATKINSON Coral Gables, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences n b Alpha Chi Alpha, Junior Minstrel, 2; Even Dem- onstration, 2. 3; Cotillon, 2. 3, 4; Estern, 3; Flambeau Sports Editor, 3; Senate, 4; Publicity Director F. I, P. A., 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities. 4: Flambeau Editor, 4; Mortar Board, 4. AVALEE AUSTIN Kissimmee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences KATHERINE BACON Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Delta Phi, Sophomore Council. 2; Orchestra, 2, 3; Episcopal Student Vestry, 2, 3, 4; Usher Committee, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3; Odd Dem- onstration, 3; Lower Court, 4. LEILA BADGER Hastings, Fla. A . B. in Arts and Sciences Dormitory Teas, 4; Sociology Club; Odd Demon- stration, 3. EVELYN BAGLEY St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARTHA BAILES Eustis, Fla. B. S. in Commerce DANNER BAKER New Smyrna Beach, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences n b Village Vamps, 1, 2, 3; President, 4; Odd Dem- onstration, 1, 2; Torch Night, 1; Fealty, 1; Jr. Minstrels, 1 ; Social Committee, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1. DORIS E. BALLARD Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS DF 1939 page forty-four CLASS DF 1333 DOROTHY BARR Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA BARRON Safety Harbor, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EVELYN BAYLESS Jacksonville, Fla. B. M. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Astronomy Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; A. S. O., 2, 3, 4. JULIA BECKMAN Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A Z ANNIS BENNETT Apalachicola, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences KITTY BENSON Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Education 2 K Modern Dance Club, Odd Demonstration, 3. MARJORIE BENSON Lakeland, Fla. A. B. in Education Glee Club, Tarpon Club. BETTY BLALOCK Ocala, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Science II B I Assistant Chairman of Torch Night, 2; Astron- omy Club; Newman Club; Glee Club, 1. page forty-five MARY BOATWRIGHT Thomson, Ga. A. B. in Arts a ad Sciences A X ft Zeta Phi Eta, Class Games, 2; House Chairman, 2, 3; Freshmn Counselor, 3; Junior Minstrel, 3; Odd Demonstration, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities, 4; Legislative Committee, 4; Lower Court, 4; Senate, 4; Judiciary. 4; Off- Campus Committee Chairman. 4. DORIS BOWMAN Pensacola, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics MARGARET BOTELER Clearwater, Fla. A. B. in Education ATA Sophomore Council, President Sophomore Class, Torch Night Committee, Fealty Committee, Vice Pres. of Sorority, Odd Demonstration Com- mittee, Fi Delta Phi Secretary, Orientation Leader, 2; Freshman Advisory Council, 3. EMMA BRADFORD Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LILLIAN BRADLEY Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences NELWYN BROOKS, Jacksonville, Fla. X ft Village Vamps, 1, 2, 3, 4. OPAL BROOK Graceville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY BROWARD So. Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Astronomy Club, 3; Home Economics Club. 3, 4; Junior Minstrel, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4. CLRSS DF 1339 pag6 forty-sir CLRSS DF 1339 EDITH BROWN Lyons, Ga. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELEANOR DORIS BROWNE West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ROBERTA LOUISE BROWN Mcintosh, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences FRANCES BRUNSON Sarasota, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board, 4; Alpha Chi Alpha, 4; Life Sav- ing Corps, 3, 4; Flambeau Staff, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., Who ' s Who Among University Students ' 39. NANCY BRYAN Mulberry, Fla. B. S. in Commerce M Life Saving Corps, 4. RUTH BUECHLY Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JULIA BURNETTE Madison, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences II B t Fealty, 1; Odd Demonstration, 1; Zeta Phi Eta; Freshman Counselor, 3; Debating, 3. 4; Senior hall, 4. EMILY BUSH Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A Z page forty-seven PETREA CABANISS Pensacola, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A Editor Distaff, 4: Distaff. 1, 2, 3; Torch Night. 1, 2; Fealty Chairman, 3; Flambeau, 2; Alpha Chi Alpha, Mortar Board. MARY FRANCES CAMPBELL Miami, Fla. A. B. in Education K A e Sophomore Council, 2; Orientation Leader, 2, 3; Lower Court, 3; Tarpon Club, Life Saving Corps. BETTY CASHEN Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARIE CASTELLANO Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Newman Club Treasurer, II Marzoceo, 3. ELIZABETH CAUSEY Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences x n Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Flambeau, 2; Managing Edi- tor Flambeau Summer School, 3. MARY ANN CHAPMAN Sanford. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VERNER CHITTY Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences FRANCES CLEMENTS Ft. Meade, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS DF 1339 " page f6Hij -eight CLRSS DF1939 JOYCE CLIFTON DeLand, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences SUSIE COGBURN Cottondale, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY COLBURN Miami, Fla. B. S. in Fhysical Education HONOR COLEMAN Boca Grande, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences NELL COLVIN Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. Sophomore Council; Torch Night, 2, 3; Demon- stration, 3; Spirogira; International Relations Club; Freshman Advisory Council, 3, 4; Hand- book Committee; N.S.F.A. Chairman and Dele- gate to National Congress; Debating, 3; Man- ager, 4; V.P. Mortar Board, 4. ELIZABETH COMPTON Jacksonvile, Fla. B. S. in Education A Z WINNIE OLIVE CONWAY Madison, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 4; French Club, 2, 3; Baptist Council, 4. JANET V. COOK Tampa, Fla. A. B. a o n Torch Night, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2; Religious Work- ers Council. 3; YWCA Cabinet, 2, 3; Interna- tional Relations Club, 3; Freshman Advisor. 3; Senior Hall, 4. page forty-nine LETITIA CORBETT Eiake Wales, Fla. A. B. in Education K A Glee Club, 3; Torch Night, 3. FAY LUCILLE COREY Miami, Fla. B. S. in Physical Education LUCILLE COTTON Baker, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA CRAIG Winter Haven, Fla. B. S. in Commerce Torch Night. 1; Fealty, 1; Freshman Counsel- lor. 3; Auditing Committee, 4; Budget Commit- tee, 4; Odd Demonstration, 2; May Day, 2; Senate, 4. DOROTHY CURTIS Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EDITH DANIEL Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELEANOR DANIELLS Eustis, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AGNES DE LOACH Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRS5 OF 1939 page fifty CLASS DF 1933 J Ik Jfi f mem Mm, GIBSON LEWIS DEY Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a a n Oc-Campus Committee; Chi Delta Phi; Fresh- man Counsellor. JUANITE DICKERSON Taft, Fla. B. S. in Education Transfer from Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege, Boone, N. C. HAZEL DONEGAN Waldo, Fla. A. B. in Education 2 K Sigma Delta Pi FRANCES DOUGLAS Miami, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council; Sophomore Representative to Senate; President Junior Class; Freshman Counsellor, Phi Beta Kappa; Spirogira; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. MARY LOU DUNCAN Clearwater, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELLIS DUNSFORD Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A X tt President of Sorority, 4; Transfer from Wesley- an College, Macon, Ga. MARY ELIZABETH EAGLE Tampa, Fla. A. B. In Arts and Sciences MARTHA EDWARDS Tampa. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences page fiftij ' One SEALE EFFINGER Shamrock, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EMMA RANDOLPH ELEBASH Pensacola, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences K A President of Panhellenic, 4; Secretary of Pan- hellenic, 3; Debate Club, 2, 3, 4; Usher Com- mittee, 4; Junior Minstrels, 4. RUTH ELKINS Chattahoochee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ERMA ENGEL Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Commerce VEOLA EVANS Coleman, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences WINIFRED EWART Miami. Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences n b i C. G. A., Secretary, 2; 1st Vice President. 3; President, 4; Who ' s Who, 3, 4; Spirogira; Junior Maid at Junior-Senior Prom, 3; Fealty. 1; Odd Demonstration, 1; Mortar Board; Senior Hall. RUTH EYMAN Tallahassee, Fla. B. S. in Education NELLE FAIN Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLflSS DF 1939 page .fifty-two CLASS DF 1939 MERIBA HELEN FERGURSON Lake City. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DORIS E. FILLINGIM Telogia, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Senior Hall. RUTH FISHER Alachua, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences k a e Distaff; Art Editor; Odd Demonstration, 4; Junior Minstrel, 3. MARGARET GRACE FISHLER Fernandina, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A 1 E President of Sorority; Social Chairman and Vice President of Jewish Womans Organization; Day Students Organization; Secretary-Treasury of Sociology Club. LOUIE FITZPATRICK Homestead, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MABEL FLETCHER Pahokee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Senior Hall. ELEANOR HASKINS FREER Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences e t Thanksgiving Water Pageant, 1; Art Staff of Distaff, 3; Episcopal Student Vestry, 3, 4. FREDDIE FRINK Kelsey City, Fla. n b Torch Night. 1, 2; Odd Demonstration. 1, Junior Minstrels, 2; French Club. page fifty-three ANGELINA FRISCIA Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Commerce Newman Club, Secretary. WELESKA FULMER Ponee de Leon. Fla. B. S. in Commerce Life Saving Corps, 4; 4-H Club, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA C. GAMMON Marianna, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences X ft Home Economics Club; Ruge Hall. JACKIE GATES Jacksonville. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA GAUTIER Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DORIS LOUISE GEIGER Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Commerce GRACE GILL Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LILLIAN GILLESPIE Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS DF 1939 page fifty-four CLRSS OF 1939 EUGENIA GLASS Miami, Fla. AAA B. S. in Education MARY LORD GOBER Ft. Pierce. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Vice-Regent D. A. R. ELIZABETH GIRARD GRILEY Miami, Fla. A. B. in Education AAA Cotillion Club, 3, 4. JEWEL GROOVER Ormond, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BEATRICE GRUS Daytona Beach, Fla. B. S. in Commerce MARTHA HAGUE Alachua, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences RUTH HANSON Pierson, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARY ISABEL HARDEN Fernandina, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics A II page fifty-five LOUISE HARRIS Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BETTY HARRISON Tallahassee. Fla. B. S. in Home Economics x n Sophomore Council ; Omicron Nu Scholarship " up: Freshman Advisory Council, 3; Secretary- Treasury Omicron Nu, 3; President of Sorority; Home Economics Club. BETTY HATCH Dunedin. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a x n Class Secretary, 1, 2: Sophomore Council; Spirogia; Mortar Board; Judiciary. 4; 2nd Vice President of C. G. A.; Odd Demonstration, 4; Freshman Floor Counsellor, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2. 3, 4. MARGARET HESS Winter Haven, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BEATRICE HIGHSMITH Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MILDRED HILL DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; President Omicron Nu, 4. JOYCE HINCKLEY Apalachicola, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; May Day, HAZEL HINSEY Sarasota, Fla. B. S. in Commerce Social Committee, 3, 4. CLASS DF1S39 page fifty-six CLASS OF 1933 RUTH HOBBY West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences FRANCES HODGES Graceville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JEAN HODGES Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 9 T Panhellenic, 2, 3; Art Staff Distaff, 3. JULIA HODGSON Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Commerce ATA May Day, 2; Intramurals, 2. DOROTHY HOFFMAN Miami Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BOBBIE JOSEPHINE HOWARD Winter Garden, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II Transfer from University of Georgia; Junior Minstrels, 3; Odd Demonstration Committee, 3; May Day Committee, 4. LEONA ANJALETTA HOWE Sarasota, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a a n Village Vamp. 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club, 1; Odd Demonstration, 1; Flambeau, 1, 2, 3, 4: Distaft Staff, 3. 4; President, Chi Delta Phi, 4; Alpha Chi Alpha; Junior Minstrels. 3; President, Alpha Delta Pi, 4; Chairman " 21 " Club, 4. FRANCES HOWELL Pahokee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Councilor, 3; President of Methodist S. O. 4; President Sigma Delta Pi, 4. page fifty-seven HELEN H. HUGHES Port Orange, Fla. B. S. in Commerce LOIS HUGHES Winter Park, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences B T PEGGY HUGHES Monticello, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VALERIE HUNT Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Physical Education e x BETTY LOU INGERMANN West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Education YWCA Cabinet, 3; Members Presbyterian Coun- cil, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor, 4; Senior Hall, 4. MARY LOU IRSCH Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Education ATA RUTH IRVINE Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Astronomy Club, 3; German Club, 3; Cotillion Club, 3, 4; Even Volley Ball, 3; Junior Min- strels, 4. JANE JACKSON Dade City, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS OF 1939 page fifty-eight CLRSS DF 1339 PEGGY JACKSON Miami, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics II B Home Economics Club. J. HENRIETTA JACOBY Tallahassee, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Fealty, 1; Dramatic Chairman Jr. Minstrel, 3; Dcr Deutsche Verein; Am. Chemical So. ANNIE JENNINGS Ocala, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences I. R. C. 2, 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein, 1, 2, 3, 4 Life Saving Corps, 2, 3, 4; Senior Hall. LOUISE JERNIGAN Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Education FLORENCE JAMES Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JEAN JOHNSTON Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences x n FLORENCE JONES Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. MYRLE HAZEL JONES DeLeon Springs. Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Torch Night. page fifty-nine ARYSTINE KENNEDY Lake Worth, Fla. B. s. in Arts and Sciences Secretary-Treasurer Photography Club, 4. MARGARET KENNEDY Malone, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences GENE CHARLOTTE KERNS Winter Haven, Fla. A. B. in Education AAA Orchestra, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. 3. 4; Freshman Counselor, 4. CHRISTINE KILLIAN Dover, Fla. B. S. in Education Senior Hall, 4; Odd Hockey. GAIL KINNEY Fellsmere, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences GERALDINE KNAPP Sarasota, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A IT GWENDOLYN KNAPP Sarasota, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a a n EDNA ELIZABETH KUNDE Greenwood, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club, 1, 3, 4. CLASS DF 1939 page sixty CLASS DF 1939 ILMA LA BAR Asheville, N. C. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A ANNE LADD Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences IT B f I Torch Night, 1; NSFA, 1; Astronomy Club. 1: Flambeau, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council, 2; Odd Demonstration, 3; Junior Minstrels, 3; Alpha Chi Alpha President, 3, 4; Senior Editor Distaff, 4. FRANCES LANE Graceville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Floor Chairman, 3; Member of Methodist Stu- dent Council ; President of Young Peoples Di- vision of Methodist, 4. FRANCES LA MOTTE Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Commerce K A HARRIET JEAN LAWRENCE St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Volleyball; Sociology Club. CHARLOTTE LEE LAWTON Oviedo, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club; M.S.O. Worship Chairman. LOUISE ANNE LEE Noma, Fla. A. B. in Education VIRGINIA MAE LEE Munson, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences page sixty-one MARIAN MARIE LEWIS Largo, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Transfer from Florida Southern College in 1937; (Jlee Club. . ' !. 4; Senior Hall, 4: Methodist Coun- cil. 4: Odd Basketball Team, 3. SARA LEWIS Orlando, Fla. A. B. in Aits and Sciences AAA ALBERTA LLOYD Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A X S2 Even Hockey. ALTHEA LLOYD Tallahassee, Fla. a x n B. S. in Home Economics Even Hockey; Home Economics Club. HILDA GERTRUDE LINTON Clearwater, Fla. B. S. in Commerce 4 M Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. MARTHA MAE LITTLE Tampa, Fla. A. B. in Education Torch Night, 1. JANET LOCKWOOD Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A ELIZABETH LOUNDS Crescent City, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLASS DF 1339 page sixty-two CLRS5 DF 1339 KATHERYN LOWE Key West, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BUNNY LOWERY Clearwater, Fla. B. S. in Education Sophomore Council; Freshman Counselor; Y. W. C. A. Executive Cabinet; Chairman of Recre- ation; Captain Basketball, 2; Supervisor of City Playground; Odd Swimming Team; Baseball; " F " Club; Life Saving Corps; Spirogira; Morti- fied; Senior Hall; " Who ' s " Who " ; Odd Demon- stration; Junior Minstrels; Torch Night; May Day; Fealty; President of W. A. A.; President of Outing Club; Senate. LILLIAN W. LUKENS t M Hollywood, Fla. A. B. in Education MARTHA LUMPKIN St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ATA LUELLA LYNCH San Antonio, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. SARAH LYTLE East Lake, Fla. B. S. in Physical Education Odd Basketball Team; Freshman Athletic Man- ager; Vice President Sophomore Class, 2; Vice President Sophomore Council, 2 ; Treasurer W. A. A. 4; Freshman Councilor, 3; Odd Volleyball; Swimming; Captain Odd Hockey Team; " F " Club; Spirogira; Physical Education Association; Life Saving Corps; Episcopal Student Vestry; Senate; Treasurer C. G. A. 3. IDA MANN Frostproof, Fla. B. S. in Commerce Senior Hall. MARY LEWIS MANNING Jacksonville, Fla. X ft Sophomore Council, 2; Odd Demonstration, 1; Pi Delta Phi; Modern Dance Group, 3; Usher Committee, 3; Junior Minstrels, 4. page sixty-three OLIVE MANZ Chicago, 111. A. B. in Arts ami Sciences AGNES MARTIN Lake Worth, Fla. A. B. in Education Orchestra, 1 ; Torch Night. 2; President Baptist Student L T nion, 4; Kappa Delta Pi; French Club, 4; Sociology Club. 4. ELIZABETH MEIGS DeFuniak Springs, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ATA Zeta Phi Eta; Y. W. C. A. 2; Intramurals, 2. ELVA MELVIN Winter Haven, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Torch Night, 1, 2; Glee Club. 1, 2; May Day, 2; Fealty. 1; Junior Minstrels, 2; Freshman Orien- tation Leader, 3. 4; Zeta Phi Eta, 3, 4; Modern Dance Group, 3; Freshman Advisory Council, 4; College Dance Committee, 4; Classical Club, 4. MARGARET MELZER Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Music MARGARET ELAINE MEREDITH Boynton, Fla. A. B. in Education Odd Demonstration, 2. MARJORIE MERRILL Ocala, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences HELEN GLENN MERRYDAY Madison, Fla. K A A. B. in Education CLRSS DF 1339 page sixty-four CLRSB OF 1939 BEULAH P. MITCHELL Winter Haven, Fla. A. B. in Education Torch Night. 1, 3 ; Freshman Counsellor. 3: Floor Chairman. 3; Social Committee. 4; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Delta Phi; Senior Class Parliamentarian, 4; Senior Hall, 4. DOROTHY MOLNAR Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARTHA MOORE Tampa, Fla. A Z A. B. in Arts and Sciences Y. W. C. A. 1; Astronomy Club, 1; Torch Night, 1; Water Pageant. 2; Life Saving Corps. 2, 3, 4; Class Volleyball Team. 2. 3; Junior Minstrels, 3; Physical Education Association, 2. 3, 4; Class Swimming Team, 3; Off-Campus Committee, 4; Odd Hockey Team, 4; President of Junior Coun- cil of Presbyterian Student League, 4. MIDELLE MOORE West Palm Beach. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ATA SARAH MOORE Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Commerce x n FLOREINE MORRIS Quincy, Fla. II B B. S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Counsellors, 3; Odd Demonstration, 3; Torch Night, 2; Junior Class Treasurer, 3; Presi- dent of Sorority, 4; LTsher Committee, 3; French Club, 2. IRENE MORROW Madison, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JULIA MULLIS New Smyrna Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences page sixty-five LUCIA MUNNERLIN Slater, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EVELYN MURPHY Mulberry, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences x n ALBERTA McBRIDE Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences HELEN McBRIDE Tallahassee, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences x n Transfer from St. Mary College, Raleigh, North Carolina; Freshman Counselor, 4. MARY McCAHILL Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA muriel Mccracken Ferry, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AILSA ELLEN McKELVEY Miami Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a o n Senior Hall; Flambeau Staff. mona Mclean Falmetto. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS DF 1933 page sixty-six CLASS OF 1939 betty Mcmullen Largo, Fla. B. S. in Fine Arts A O II President of Sorority; Extra Curricula Commit- tee; Odd Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Flastacowo Staff, 3, 4; Odd Demonstration, 2, 3, 4. jeanne Mcmullen Bradenton, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Y. W. C. A.; Torch Night, 1, 2. MARGARET ELIZABETH NEVITT St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College; Life Saving Corp; Tarpon Club. MARY NOBLE Jacksonville, Fla. AAA President Delta Delta Delta, 4. ESTHER O ' BYRNE Lake Wales, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council; Freshman Counsellor, 3; Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, 3 ; Torch Night Commit- tee, 3; Budget Committee, 3; President of MSO. 4; House Chairman of Gilchrist, 4; Fresident of Glee Club, 4. BETTY ORLEMAN Miami, Fla. B. S. in Education Newman Club; German Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas- urer, 2; Life Saving Corps, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Senior Hall. BERSHE OVEN Tallahassee, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics X ft Fealty; Home Economics Club. MARY PALMER Bartow, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences page sixty-seven MARY EMILY PARKER Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Ails and Sciences A A II Odd Demonstration, 2: Sophomore Council, 2; Freshman Counsellor, 2. . ' !; Student Governments of Florida: Treasurer, 4; Odd Cheer Leader; President of Phi Alpha Theta, 4; Vice Presidenl of Day Students. 3; Mortar Board; Spirogira; President of Senior class, 4; International Re- lations Club. MELBA RUTH PARKS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B. S. in Chemistry a x n Mortar Board; Spirogira; Who ' s Who; Fresh- man Counsellor, 3; Y. W. C. A. Executive Cab- inet, 3; Senate, 3, 4; Chairman Residence Hall, 4; Judiciary, 4. OWREATHA PARRISH High Springs, Fla. B. S. in Commerce DOVIE LEE PATTEN Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LYNETTE PATTEN Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 2 K Baptist Council. LUTRELLE PATTERSON Sarasota, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A Sophomore Council, 2; Social Committee, 2, 3, 4; Chairman, 4; Freshman Counsellor, 3; President of Spirogira, 3, 4; Mortar Board. MARGARET PEACOCK Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Commerce Glee Club; Geography Club. VIOLET IRENE PECK Jacksonville. Fla. B. S. in Home Economics AAA Cotillion Club, 3. 4; President. 4; Fealty 1 ; Torch Night. 4; Senate, 3; Off-Campus Commit- tee; Social Committee; Home Economics Club; Odd Demonstration. CLASS DF 1933 page si.rty-eir ht CLASS DFIS39 BARBARA PHELAN Dunedin, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CATHERINE GRAY PINNER Jacksonville, Fla. B. M. in Music Torch Night, 1 2; Sophomore Council, 2; House Chairman of Brvan, 3; Lower Court, 4; Olee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE PlTTMAN Quincy. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ANNIE LAURIE POLK Arcadia, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics k a e Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; M.S.O. 1, 2, 3, 4. ELLA FAYE PRICE Gainesville. Fla. B. S. in Commerce K A 9 CAROL RAMAGE Tampa. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 2 K Sophomore Council, 2; Y. W. C. A. Secretary. 3: Freshman Counsellor, 3; Fi Delta Phi President, 4; Zeta Phi Eta, 4: Classical Club, 2, 3, 4; Senior Hall, 4; Torch Night. 2. MARCIA RANNEY St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A X tt Life Saving Corp. 2. 3. 4; Sociology Club, 3. 4; Odd Demonstration, 2. 3, 4; Junior Minstrel, 2, 3. ELIZABETH RANSON Delray Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Ihkjc sixty -nine ELEANOR REDLINGER Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. iii Education B !• A Newman Club; Italian Club. BETTY REED Port Orange, Fla. A. 1!. in Arts and Sciences f m m JENNIE DORIS REED Tarpon Springs, Fla. B. S. in Education AAA Social Committee. ROBERTA REED Miami. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARGARET E. REES Corning, New York A. B. in Arts and Sciences n b DOROTHY RICKARDS Tallahassee. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA NANCY RIGBY Plymouth, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences FREDERICA GEORGETTE ROBERTS Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Classical Club, 1. 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi, 3, 4; President. 4; Social Committee. 2; Usher Com- mittee, 3; Phi Beta Kappa. CLflSS DF 1333 page seventy CLASS DF 1333 wL uf j jA If J Ik. GERTRUDE RODGERS Clearwater, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences NANCY JOAN ROGERO Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 9 T Torch Night, 1; Junior Minstrels, 1, 2; Odd Demonstration, 1, 2, 3; Flambeau Staff, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi Alpha; Life Saving Corps, 2, 3, 4; Tarpon Club, 3, 4; Off -Campus Committee, 4. MABEL BRYANT ROGERS Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II Pi Delta Phi; Astronomy Club. VIRGINIA ANNE ROOD Bradenton, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences ATA Transfer from Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn. 1937. Odd Hockev and Swimming Teams, 3; Odd Volleyball Team, 3; Odd Soccer and Swimming; Intramural Board, 4; Tarpon Club; " F " Club; Life Saving Corps; Physical Educa- tion Association. JEAN ROOT West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JOAN ROSS Palatka, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA NANCY ROU Reddick, Fla. A. B. in Education a a n LETHA MADGE ROYCE Lake Worth, Fla. B. M. in Music B i A President of Sorority; Orchestra, 2, 3, 4; El Mor, 4; American Guild of Organist, 2, 3, 4. page seventy-one JULIA RUDD Tallahassee, Fla. B. S. in Commerce DOROTHEA RUFF Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences President of Sociology ' liib lations Club. International Re- MARY ELIZABETH RUSSELL West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council; Freshman Counsellor, 2, 3 ; Pi Delta Phi; Senior Hall; Presbyterian League Council, 2, 3. 4. ANNA LAURIE SANCHEZ Coral Gables, Fla. k a e Odd Demonstration; Junior Mintrel; Fealty. BETTY SCOTT Tallahassee. Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a a n Zeta Phi E!ta; Astronomy Club; Day Student Organization; Odd Demonstration, 2, 3, 4; Junior Minstrels, 4; Fealty, 1; May Day, 1; Freshman Counsellor, 3; Senate, 3. DOROTHY SCOTT Winter Haven. Fla. A. B. in Education Torch Night, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2. 3; Freshman Counsellor, 2; Odd Cheer Leader, 3 ; Life Saving Corps; Senior Hall. LUCILLE SEED Lakeland, Fla. B. S. in Commerce K A JANE SHARON Sanford, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences X 11 Torch Night. 1; Odd Demonstration, 1; Junior Minstrel, 1; Cotillion Club; Zeta Phi Eta. CLflSS QF1939 page seventy-two CLASS DF 1333 HELEN SHATKOWSKY Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Education Flambeau Reporter; International Club; E. P. C; J. W. O. EDNA SIMS DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; 4-H Club. Relations JOHANA SKAGSETH Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A X il Torch Night, 1; " F " Club, 1, 3, 4; Odd Demon- stration, 1, 4; Freshman Advisory Council; German Club, 4; Life Saving Corps, 1. ADELAIDE SLAUGHTER Palmetto, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DORA ETTA SOLOMAN Pensacola, Fla. B. S. in Education Circulation Manager Flambeau, 4. MARGARET SPARKMAN Dade City, Fla. B. S. in Commerce ELIZABETH ANN SPICER Clewiston, Fla. K A e A. B. in Arts and Sciences Flambeau Staff, 2, 3, 4; Odd Demonstration, 2: International Relations Club, 3, 4; Alpha Chi Alpha. 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. 1. MARY ELIZABETH STEVENSON Lake Wales, Fla. N. S. in Home Economics Freshman Counsellor; Home Economics Club; 4-H Club; Senior Hall. page seventy-three CLARA STEWART Melbourne, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ATA Pi Delta Phi; Intramurals, 1, 2. MARJORIE STEWART Daytona Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences KB MARY SULLIVAN Key West, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ASA Flambeau, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman. 1, 2, 3; Alpha Chi Alpha; Junior Minstrels, 3; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Odd Demonstration, 3, 4. BARBARA SWANSTROM Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARIE SWILLEY High Springs, Fla. B. S. in Commerce HELEN TAYLOR Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LOUISE TAYLOR Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AXSI Vice President of Day Students, 4; Transfer from University of Tampa, 1936. JACKIE TEXADA Gainesville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences x n CLRSS DF 1939 page seventy-four CLflSS OF 1339 JANE THOMAS Selma, Ala. A. B. in Education K A Intramural, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Hop; Nurses Club, 2, 3. SUSANNA TRUSLER Gainesville, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences S K Y. W. C. A.; Astronomy Club, 3, 4; President Sigma Kappa, 4. SHIRLEY TURNER Greenwood, Fla. A. B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi. MARGARET TYLER Tampa, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences a o n College Symphony Orchestra; Little Theatre Orchestra; Torch Night; Odd Demonstration; Junior Minstrel; Senior Hall; B. S. U. Council. MARIAN USHER Miami, Fla. B. S. in Commerce BESSIE VAN IDERSTINE Lakeland, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ALTA VANN Homestead, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DILLA PEARL WAKEFIELD St. Petersburg, Fla. A. B, in Arts and Sciences Life Saving. page seventy-five MARGARET WALCOTT Lake Alfred, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council. 2; Life Savins Corps. 1, 2, :!. 1: Spirogira; Odd Demonstration, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 1, 2. 3. 4: Senate, 3; " F " Club, 2. 3, 4: Hockey (Odd) 1. 2. 3, 4; Odd Swim- ming, 1, 2, 3. 4; Chairman Class Day, 4 : Torch Night, 2, 3, 4. ANNA BELLE WALKER Pensacola, Fla A. 1?. in Arts and Sciences DORIS WALKER Montbrook, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences German Club, 3, 4; Senior Hall, 4. MARY CONNALLY WALLIS Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Education A X P. Torch Night, 1; Sophomore Council, 2; Fresh- man Orientation Leader, 2; Freshman Advisory Council, 3: Social Committee, 3; Odd Demon- stration, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. LOUISE WHEELER Hawthorne, Fla. B. S. in Arts and Sciences President Home Economics Club, 4; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Intramural Basketball. 1. 2. 3. 4; Modern Dance, 3; B. Y. P. U. BETTY WHITE Lake Worth, Fla. B. S-. in Education Freshman Advisor; " F " Club; Life Saving ' Corps; Odd Basketball Team, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Odd Swimming Team; Odd Swimming Leader, 3; Odd Hockey Leader. 4; W. A. A. Board; Episcopal St. Vestry, 1, 2, 3. 4; Senior Intramural Manager; Odd Dem- onstration; Senior Hall. BLANCHE WHITE Tallahassee, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY WHITE St. Augustine, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences CLRSS DF 1933 page seventy-six CLASS DF 1939 MAYE WHITE Quincy, Fla. B. S. in Commerce POLLY ANN WHITE Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences II B Classical Club President, 1, 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi, 3, 4; Business Manager Flastacowo, 4; Freshman Counsellor, 3; Senior Hall, 4. AGNES WHITTEMORE Bradenton, Fla. A. B. in Education ATA Transfer from Tampa University. Junior Min- strels, 3; Odd Demonstration, 3, 4; Chairman of Organization Committee, 4; Senate; Kappa Delta Pi. LOUISE WHITTING West Palm Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JUDITH WILENSKY Miami, Fla. A. B. i«i E FRANCES WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences a x n GERALDINE Umatilla. Fla. A. B. in Arts k a e WILLIAMS and Sciences JUNA St. Pe A. B. WILLIAMS tersburg, Fla. in Arts and Sciences pa ge seven ty seven NANCY WILLIAMSON West Palm Beach, Fla. F . S. in Arts and Sciences a r a Torch Night, L; Odd Volleyball Team, 2, 3 Captain. 4; Tennis Team. 3; Baseball Team, 2, 3 Life Saving Corps, 2. 3. 4; Water Pageant, 1 odd Hockey Team. 3; W. A. A. Board, 2, 3 " P " Club, 2. 3, 4; Athletic Manager Junior Class 3 : Athletic Manager Senior Class. 4; Odd Demon- stration, 3: President Alpha Gamma Delta. MARGARET M. WILSON Atlantic Beach. Fla. A. B. in Education I M RUTH P. WILSON Jacksonville, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A a A BETTY WYNN Miami, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences n b ! Fealty. 1; Chairman Torch Night, 2; Odd Dem- onstration, 1, 2, 3; Junior Minstrels, 1, 2. 3 : In- tramural. 1. 2. 3, 4; Flastacowo, 2, 3; Editor, 4; Debating Team. 2, 3; N. S. F. A. Committee Member, 2, 3; I. R. C. 4; Senate. 4; Alpha Chi Alpha, 3, 4. page seventy-eight deniov Luiss Jristoe E WERE a little bit awed, we must admit, back there in the fall of ' 35. There were a bewildering number of buildings, ivy-covered, and girls — total strangers. We walked around in our best dresses and wanted to go home. But along came some upperclassmen and we decided that if they could we could; we put on our stiffest upperlip and took in Rush Week, and there we were with little ribbons and we were still bewildered. Some one said " Its Investiture tonight, " and solemnly, to be in the spirit of the occasion we watched some girls walk down the aisle in the auditorium. We missed Pomp and Circumstance but someone said, ' That comes at graduation, silly. " At Torch night, somehow, in spite of our cheese-cloth tunics, we did feel a queer little thrill as we bore our torches to Alma Mater, singing. Fealty was a beautiful pageant, but even before our sister class, we knew that we had pledged ourselves to the Torches Three. Then Demonstrations — ours was the best — and the games and red, white and purple, and turkey. This was our first Thanksgiving at school. Class elections, and oh, the politicing we did — Christmas, and Home. To return to our first semester exams — by now, we really know our way around, and were glad to see Good Girls rewarded with Sophomore Council pins. Coming back our Sophomore year we were pretty awfully sophisticated. Had our boy friend up for the hop! We felt a little queer, again, when we saw the new freshmen bringing us the torches: we were sort of sad at the sophomore-senior break- fast, because our big sisters were leaving us. Our Junior year, we really didn ' t have time to feel at all, we were so busy. These events stand out — Odd Demonstration, Junior Minstrels, elections — and the Junior-Senior Prom!! Everybody took lunches out of the dining room and we danced there. Then Mortar Board tapping — " Tis the torch the people follow " — and everyone letting her hair down and wearing rompers at the kid party. The Senior Year- -funny, how soon it came — There was Dr. Conradi putting mortar boards on the remaining members of the freshman class of ' 35. Christmas and the Senior Christmas party, then down to Dr. Conradi ' s in February to wish him Happy Birthday. Then the Prom, sophomore-senior and alumnae breakfasts, May Day, Class Day, and the flash of white against black gowns as our Junior sisters walked proudly beside us. The solemnity of Baccalaureate service and then — Graduation. Pomp and Circumstance! A mixed sensation of relief and sadness. As the sun slants through the high windows of the auditorium, our college life passes before our eyes. How different the school is now from the way we found it. We see new college generations coming on to take our places, as we go out to make room for them. But those we leave still here may be sure that we will remember and return. RUTH EYMAN, Historian. page seventy-nine SONGS - - ------ FLASTACOWO z 4-una y l a ex. GARNET AND GOLD Garnet and gold And may we ever loyal be ; As in days of old Thy daughters bore the torches three. Femina Perfecta, And at the top we ' ll always stand, And Florida ' 11 be The very best in all the land ! K ia s z3c CHQ ti F.S.C. WE LOVE THEE SADIE ANDERSON Dear F.S.C. we love you, Your hills and vineclad halls, The knowledge you have brought us, Within your red brick walls. May your standards never waver, Your torches ever shine, And in our hearts we ' ll always bear Your spirit true and fine. page eighty A UMAXrVL - ■ t frwk H VP IB J1I• Sims ■ r " -itt. , g I ' 1 M Junior Class Officers President Bettie Young Vice President Marian Grinnell Secretary Janice Simmons Treasurer Marjorie Yonge Parliamentarian Carolyn Collins Athletic Manager Frances Fryer Representatives to Senate Dorothea Kloeppel, Janet Jewett prif r eighty-two CLASS OF 194-0 4 H ■- m , LILLIAN ALLDERDICE MARY ALLEN DORIS ANDERSON JANE ANDERSON RUTH ARCHER BEATRICE ARNOLD AMELIA AVANT MAMIE RUTH BAGGOTT SUSY BAKER MARTHA BALLENGER DAYDE BARNARD JOSEPHINE BARONE CHARLOTTE BARTLESS IRIS BELL MABEL BENNETT page eiglity-three LENA BISCHOFF EDNA BLANTON BETTY BOOZER GRACE BREWER MARGARET BR1TTON JUAN1TA BROOK JAMIE BROWN MARTHA BROYLES DORIS CAHOON DORIS CAMPBELL HOPE CAMPBELL ROSE MARY CARLTON MARGARET CHALKER MARY COCHRAN CAROLYN COLLINS » 1 V J CLASS OF 194-0 page eighty-four CLRSS QF 194-0 MARY COLLINS LETITIA CORBETT DAILIA CURRAN SHIRLEY DAVIS MINNA DENNIS LOUISE DOUGLASS POLLY DOUGLASS VIRGINIA DOWLING SOPHIE DRAUGHON RUBY DUNSTON CAROLINE EDWARDS VIOLA ELLIS CARLYN ERWIN JUNNE EVANS FRANCES FARMER page eighty-five ROSE LEE FE1GENBAUM ROSALIE FEINBERG WILDA F1NLAYSON MARY FINNEY LILLIAN FLEET LUCILE FLOW KITTY FORD MAY BELLE FORD FRANCES FRYER WILLYNE GAINES PEARL GAY HARRIETT GILL CAMILLA GILETTE ALMA GODWIN AMELIA GORDY CLRSS OF 134-0 page eight ysix CLASS 0F194-Q KATHERINE GRAHAM BETTY GRAVES FRANCES GREEN EVELYN GREER FLORENCE GREGORY MARY GLENN GRIMES MARION GRINNELL CAROLYN GRISSETT JOAN HADY JOAN HAMPTON MICKEY HEARIN REBA HENRY RITA MAY HENRY FRANCES VONCILE HERRING NANCY HORNEY page eighty-seven NATALEE HOUCHARD ZON1RA HUNTER EVELYN HUSSEY BETTY JANE JACO ANITA JAECKEL MARJOR1E JESSUP ENA FAY JETT JANET JEWETT FRANCES JOHNSTON JESSIE KEELER VIRGINIA KEHR ANNE KENNEDY HARRIETT KENT CATHERINE KIRBY-SMITH DOROTHEA KLOEPPEL CLASS OF 1910 page eighty-eight CLRSS OF 194-0 JANET KUNNIG HAZEL LACEY EUNICE LASCHE MARY ALICE LESTER BETTY LINDSEY SARA LINES MARGARET LINGO HENRIETTA S. LISK JEANNETTE LITSCHGI MARY EUGENIA LONG ST. GEORGE LOURCEY ADA LYBARKER AVIS LYMAN ISLA JEAN MCCANN IDA MAY McCLAIN page eighty-nine GERTRUDE McGLAUN JEAN McCRAY ERNESTINE MAKEMSON VIRGINIA MAKEMSON ROSALEE MALPHURS JEANNE MANKES DOROTHY MANNING YVONNE MARCHESSEAU BETTY JANE MARKHAM JANET E. MATTERN PEGGY MEACHAM MARJORIE MEANS ELENOR MEGGS CLARA MEISCH RUTH MERBLER CLASS OF 194-0 page ninety CLASS DF1940 ELEANOR MILLER JOAN MILLER FRANCES MILTON VIRGINIA MILTON MARJORIE MORRISON PAULINE MORROW ANG1E MULKEY ELEANOR MULLINS MARY NICHOLS BETTY NICHOLSON SIBYL JEAN OLSEN CAROLYN O ' NEAL EDITH OTT MARY O. OVERMAN DOROTHY PARKER page ninety-one DOT PARKS PHYLLIS PARRAMORE MARIE PATTANI KAROLYN PATTERSON GLADYS PEACOCK CYNTHIA PEARLMAN ROANNA POSEY HARRIETT POST MARJA POURTLESS ELLA FAYE PRICE SARAH MARGARET QU1NCEY ISABELLE RAMSEY BARBARA REED MARY ELIZABETH REESE LOUISE RICE CLASS QF 134-0 page wmety-two CLRSS DF 1940 VIRGINIA RICKER MARGARET RINCK JEANNETTE RISH MARTHA ROBB1NS EDNA ISABELL ROBERTS MARGARET ROBERTS INA MARGARET ROBINSON MARGARET RODGERS NORMA RODRIGUEZ RUTH ROGERS JANET ROSS MERRYDAY ROSSER JULIA ROSSER MURIEL ROWLEY MARY SUSAN ROWLEY page ninety-three ESTHER SCHOWE MURRELL SCHUESSLER ELEANOR SCOTT MIRIAM SELLERS RUTH SHEPARD VIRGINIA SIGMAN JANICE SIMMONS FRANCES SLADE MARY NELL SMITH CAMILLE SOWELL GRACE SPARKMAN JEAN SPARKMAN DOROTHY STEELE EVELYN STEELE GLADYS STIVENDER CLRSS OF 1940 ■page ninety- four CLRSS OF 134-0 VALERA STORTER BELVA SUTTON MARY SWEARINGEN MARTHA TATOM LILLIAN L. TAYLOR MARY TAYLOR RUTH TERRELL LOUISE THOMAS LYNETTE THOMPSON LOUISE THRASHER HARRIETTE TOBIN ANN TOWSON DOROTHY TOWNSEND BUNNY TURNBULL EDITH UNDERHILL pag? . ninety-five MARION VALZ CLIFTON VAN BRUNT MARTHA VAN BRUNT MARY VERGOWE MARGARET VOGT KATHERINE VON DOHLEN LAV1NE VOSS EDNA WARREN LOLL1E WATROUS ELIZABETH ANN WEBB RUTH WEBER JEANNE WEBSTER SHANNON WEST JANICE WHEATLEY SUE WICKER CLASS DF 194-0 page ninety-six CLASS DF 194-0 MARILYN WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMS FLORENCE ELIZABETH WILLIS DAPHNE WILSON EDNA WILSON GRACE WIMBERLY JULIA WINN LOIS C. WOODWARD MARJORIE YONGE BETTIE YOUNG page ninety-seven pa oe ninety-eight- Sophomore Class Officers President Martha Anderson Vice President Mary Margaret Clann Secretary Virginia Balkcom Treasurer Ruth Harris Parliamentarian Ann Lane Athletic Manager Maribel Savage Representatives to Senate Dorothy Mitchell, Delores Fleischer page one hundred CLASS OF 1941 JUNE ACKER VIVIAN ADAMS GRACE AHERN VIVIAN AHLSWEH EMILY AKERMAN HILDA ALAGOOD MARY M. ALFORD MARY ALLRED CARMEN ALVAREZ BARBARA ANDERSON DOTTIE M. ANDERSON HELEN ANDERSON MARTHA ANDERSON MARTHA R. ANDERSON MARY L. ANDERSON HELEN ARMISTEAD SAIDEE M. ARNOLD MARY ASHMORE GEORGIA ASKEW IMOGENE H. AYALA MARY BABERS CATHERINE BAKER MARY E. BAKER MARY BAKER page one hundred one IRENE BANNERMAN INEZ BAREFOOT ROSEMARY BASH FRANCES BATTEY FRANCES BATTLE ELOISE BAUGHM HARRIET BEAVER ELEANOR BECKSTROM AMELIA LEE BLACK FERN MAE BLACK ELIZABETH BLAIR JEWELL BLANTON BERTHA ERNESTINE BLOODWORTH MARJORIE BOLAND LILLIAN JEAN BOWNESS MARGARET ELIZABETH BRADLEY PAT BRANDT ESTELLE BREWER CAROLYN BRINSON MILDRED BRINSON CARESE BROWN CATHERINE BROWN FLOREAD BROWN MENTON BROWN CLRSS OF 194-1 page one hundred two CLRSS QF 134-1 GENE BRYAN MARGARET-MARIE BRYANT ALINE BURNETT MARY LOUISE BURNS MARION BUSH MIRIAM BUSHELL CORINE BUTLER MARGARET CAMERON KATHRYN CAMP MYRTLE CAMPBELL BETTY CARNES MARY HANLEY CARTER MARY ELIZABETH CASE MARY HESTER CHAZAL MABRY CHRISTIAN MARGARET CHRISTIE WELDA CHRISTIE MARY MARGARET CLANN MARGARET CLEMENTS SARAH CODY FRANCES COFER LOUESS1E COGHLAN BETTY COLE ANNETTE CONE page one hundred three EMILY CONE BARBARA CONINE MARY CONNELL MERCEDES CONNOLLY JENNIE LAURA COX ESSIE MARGUERITE CREWS JEANNE CREWS MARIE CROUCH CONSTANCE MARIE CURETON MADELAINE CURRAN FRANCES CUSHING HELEN DABNEY LENORA B. DALE DOROTHY DANIEL MARY E. DANIELS EUNICE DAVIS ISABEL DAY MARY VIRGINIA DAY ELIZABETH DEMILLY META LOIS DIFFENDERFER BARBARA DOMAN DOROTHY DONNELLY DORIS DORNER MARQUERITE DRESSLER CLHSS QF 194-1 page one hundred four CLR55 OF 194-1 RUTH DUNSFORD IRENE EDWARDS CAROLINE ERVIN MARY KATE ERWIN RACHEL ERWIN BETTY EVANS ALLEFAIR EVERETT JEANNE FELKEL VIRGINIA FENDER BETTY FERRAN DOLORES FLEISCHER MARTHA FOLSOM EULALIE FUGATE ROZELLA FUGUITT SARAH FULLER SARA GALLEMORE BETTY GAMBLE FLORENCE GASK1N ELISE GASTON LINNIE LOU GAUTIER JENN GILBERT VIRGINIA GNANN LOUISE GOLD EVELYN GORDON page one hundred five MARY LOUISE GORDON JOVEL GRANTHAM MARY ELIZABETH GRAY NELDA GRAY MARY GREENLEAF JANE GUY ELODIE HALE VIRGINIA HAMILTON MAE HAMPTON CHRISTINE HARBIN OUIDA HARDY CATHERINE HARKINS GEORGIA HARMAN RUBY NELL HARRIS RUTH HARRIS ALLISON HARRISON MARY ELIZABETH HARRISON DORIS HATCH DORIS HAWKINS DAISY WALL HENDERSON JOAN HENDRIX SUE HENDRY MADGE HENRY DOROTHY HETSCH CLRSS OF 194-1 page one hundred ni.r CLASS OF 134-1 MARTHA HICKS ALICE HOBSON HELEN RUTH HOFFMAN MYRTLE MAE HOFFMAN LUCY BETH HOLDING ELIZABETH HOLLEY JEAN HOLLOWAY BETTY LOU HORTON MARY SUE HORTON IMOGENE HOWARD MARY HUBER MARGARET HUDSON SELMA HYMAN JUNE INMAN MONA IRWIN SYLVIA R. JACOBY ANNE JEWETT WILMA JOHNS HELEN CLARE JOHNSON ANNE JONES MILDRED JONES EILEEN JOYCE CATHERINE KALBACH JOAN KENNEDY page one hundred .seven LUCILE KETTERER ELIZABETH KIMBALL ELEANOR KING LEOTA KIRKPATRICK BETTY KISSINGER FRANCES KNIGHT NANCY G. KNOTTS AURELIA KREHER NANNA KURTZ MINNIE LAMBERT MARJORIE LANCASTER BETTY LANGSTON ANNE LANE TOMMY LYNN LANEY MARJORIE LANIER VIVIAN LANIER LUCY LESTER RUDINE LIGHT ELIZABETH LINN MARTHA LIPSHITZ MARY ELLEN LONG RESA NELL LOPER VIRGINIA LOUGNT NELLE LOYLESS CLRSS OF 194-1 page one hundred eight CLRSS QF 194-1 FRANCES LYTLE HOPE MCCAIN MARY ANN McCALLA JANE MCCARLEY KATHLEEN MCCARTHY EDNA EARLE McDILDA JEANNE McDOWALL MARGARET ANN McGARRY AGNES McKENDREE MATTIE LOU McKINNON PAULINE MCLAIN ANNE MCMORRIS LOIS EILEEN MCNALLY MARY ALICE MCNEILL EVELYN MARSH ELIZABETH MAYER LOUISE MAYS SYLVIA MEARES ELIZABETH MCDOWELL MILLER LOIS MILLER CAROLYN MIMS BERYL MITCHELL DOROTHY MITCHELL SONIA MITCHELL page one hundred nine BRENELLE MOBLEY DELIA MONTERO ELIZABETH MOORE RUTH LOVE MORROW FRANCES MOSLEY MARTHA MURPHY DEA NEAL CORA NEWBOLD JEAN NICHOLSON BETTY N1CKINSON SARA NOONEY NELLE NORFLEET MARGARET POLK OLDHAM RUTH ORWIG MARY BETH OSTEEN JEWELL OVERBY ALICE OWEN IRENE PACETTI ROBERTA PADGETT MARGARET PAINTER VELMA PATE LOUISE PATTERSON LUC1LE PEACOCK BETTY PEARLMAN CLRSS OF 194-1 page one hundred, ten CLRSS QF134I MARTHA DENT PERRY JULIA PETERS SUE PETERSON EMILY S. PHILLIPS JEAN PHILLIPS LOUISE PHILLIPS BEVERLY PHINNEY ANNE PIERCE FRANCES PINCKARD EDNA PITTMAN EDNA POLHILL LILLA POST JANE PRICE MINNIE RATLIFF ROBERTA RHYNE BETH RICKARDS MARY ELIZABETH RINEHART VIRGINIA ROBERTS VERA A. ROBINSON PATTY ROSS ESTELLE RUBIN CHRISTINE RUSS DAISY RYAN SIBYLE SANDERS page one hundred eleven BETTY SAVAGE MAR1BEL SAVAGE PEGGY SCHALLER IDA MARY SCHARFSCHWERDT PAULINE SCHULTE MARGARET SCOTT ALVAH SHAW JOCELYN SHEAROUSE SARA SHELDON GERALDINE SHIVE ELEANOR SHUMAN E. ROSALIND SIEGEL VIRGINIA LEE SILVER JUNE SIMMONS MARGARET L. SIMMONS PAULINE SIMONS ESTHER IDA SMITH MABEL SMITH MARJORIE SMITH HELEN SPRINGER ELOISE STEELE ADDIE LOUISE STEPHENS ALMA STEPHENS GRACE STEPHENSON CLASS OF 194-1 page one hundred twelve CLR55 QF 194-1 RUTH STOKES AMELIA STONE 1RMA STRENG MIRIAM STUCKEY kathryn summers helen sutton helen terry mary Lavis Thames KATHRYN THIGPEN BARBARA THOMAS CAROLINE THOMAS JOAN THOMAS BETTE THOMPSON MARIANNA THOMPSON NELL THOMPSON OLA BELLE TILLMAN ESTHER TORRES THELMA TOWNSEND FRANCES TRANTHAM RUTH VAN ZYLE ESTHER E. VEAL JANE VEAL INEZ VRIEZE MAGDA WARING page one hundred thirteen MARJORIE WALLING IRIS WALKER LUCILLE WALKER LOUISE WALKER EVELYN WALTON KATHRYN WARD DOROTHY WARE CORNELIA ANNE WATSON MARY WATTS JOAN WEAVER MARY NELL WEBSTER MAY WELTNER HELEN WESEMAN ROSE LEE WEXLER NANCY WHITE NANCY W. WHITE MARTHA WHITEHURST ELIZABETH WHITTINGTON SELMA WIGHT ANNE WILLIAMS RUTH ELIZABETH WILLIAMS SARA CLAIR WILLIAMS FLORENCE WILLIS ELIZABETH WING CLRSS DF 194-1 page one hundred fourteen CLASS DF 194-1 EMMA WIRT TYBELL WITTENSTEIN SARA WOODRUFF SARA WORTH HILDA WYRICK DOROTHY YOUNG page one hundred fifteen page one hundred sixteen VL£4 Freshmen Class Officers President Grace Bail Vice President Louise Crosby Secretary Helen Milam Treasurer Jean Kobey Parliamentarian Claude Ann Rhodes Athletic Manager Janet Wells Representatives to Senate Mary Lou Garrett, Jean Walker page one hundred eighteen CLASS DF 1342 MARY FRANCES ADAMO VIVIAN ADAMO HARRIETT ROBERTA ADAMS KITTY ADAMS LILLIAN E. ADAMS BARBARA ALBRIGHT ANNE ALFRIEND MARY KATHERINE ALISSAN DR ATOS ANNA MARIE ALLEN GENEVIEVE ALLEN VIRGINIA ALLEY BETTY ALLRED edith aly alma Louise Anderson carrie louise anderson gale angas ANN ANGEL MAXINE ARMISTEAD ALICE LUCILE ARNOLD MARTHA ARNOW RUTH ASBURY EVELYN ASH AUDREY LORRAINE ATHERTON MARY LOU ATKINSON HELEN AUSLEY JULIET BABBIT DOROTHY BACON GRACE BAIL page one hundred nineteen MARGARET BAKER ELLEN BALDWIN HELEN CHARLOTTE BALLOU VIRGINIA BARFIELD MARY SUE BARNES MARY AGNES BARRETT EMILY BARROW CLARA BASSETT CAROL CHRISTINE BATES FAIRFAX BATES ILETA BEALL ELIZABETH BECK BARBARA BECKSTROM MARGARET BENNETT HARRIET BENSON HELEN BENTON MARGARET BERGER JEANNETTE WELCH BERRY CAROL FRANCES BETTES MARY LILA BIBB BETTY ANN BIGGS RUTH BINNICKER CAROLINE BIRD MELANIE BITZ THEO BLALOCK SUSETTA BLANDING ADRIENNE BLUME MARY CATHERINE BOGART CLASS DF 1942 page one hundred twenty CLASS DF 1342 AUDREY BOLTON BERTHA HEETH BOND MARY LOUISE BONNIWELL CONNIE BOOTH EUNICE BOOTH MARGARET BOOTH YOLANDA BOROMEI EUNICE C. BOWMAN SARA LEE BOYNTON ELIZABETH ELLEN BRAGG MARTHA BRANDON NAOMI BRAUER VIRGINIA BROOKS ETHEL ELIZABETH BROWN IVY EILEEN BROWN MARY DANA BROWN MARIE BROWNSTEIN BLANCHE BRYAN GENEVIEVE BRYAN MARY PINCKARD BRYAN NELL BRYAN SARAH DUKE BRYANT LOUISE BUCKLEY ELIZABETH JANE BUCKNER EVELYN BUETTNER LOUISE BURGER BETTY BURNETT NINA PEARL BUSH page one hundred twenty-one MARY CALDWELL JUDY CAMPBELL BETTY CAPPLEMAN MARY CARLTON JANICE LOUISE CARRIE DORIS MAE CARTER CAROLINE CHOATE BLANCHE CLARK MRS. BLANCHE CLARK VIRGINIA CLARK LOUISE CLEMENTS BEULAH M. CLINE VIRGINIA CLOWER BEULAH COBB LUCILLE COKER EVELYN COLE LAURETTE COLLEY EILEEN COLLINS EVELYN COMBEE CARMEN CONSTANTINE BERNICE JEAN COOK PEGGY COOK EILEEN COOPER LOIS MARY COOPER LULU COOPER JEAN COPELAND LUCILE COURTNEY EMMA CAROLYN COX CLASS OF 1942 page one hundred twenty-two CLRSS DF 1942 MARY RUTH COX ANN CRAGO GRACYE CRALLE HELEN PAULINE CRAWFORD LOUISE CROSBY CATHERINE CROSS ETHEL CROWN GENEVIEVE CRUGER KATHERINE CULBREATH JANE CURD MARGARET CURRY EMMETT CURTIS MARLINE DALE FRANCES NELL DANIEL MARY SUE DANIEL JEAN DANIELLS ANNA CLAIRE DARRACOTT FRANCES CATHERINE DAUGHTREY MARGARET DAVIDSON BROWNIE DAVIS MARTHA DAVIS MARY ELLEN DEAN MARY BRICE DEAVER GRAY DECKER ANNA LAURA DEHAVEN LENOIR ELIZABETH DEKLE OLIVE DELL MILDRED DELONG page one hundred twenty-three MARGARET DEXTER MARGUERITE DIAZ ADELAIDE DICKSON JUANITA DICKERSON KATHLEEN DISMUKES JEANETTE DISSELKOEN MADELYN DOWNS FREDA DULL MARY BOLLING DUNCAN SARA DUNCAN VIRGINIA DUNN ELIZABETH DYE NYNA VIRGINIA DYE ANN LOUISE EBERHARDT MILDRED ELLIS HELEN EMMANUEL BETTY ESSLINGER BETTIE MAE EVANS CYNTHIA EVANS ELIZABETH EZZARD MARGARET E. FAIRCLOTH EVELYN FARRIS JEANETTE FAULDS RUTH FERGESON RUTH FERRELL MARY FRANCES FETNER RAELA FINK NOLIA ANN FLETCHER CLASS DF 1942 page one hundred twenty-Jour CLASS DF 1942 ELEANOR FLOYD LOUISE FLOYD MAURINE FLOYD HARRIET FOSTER MARY CLAIRE FOSTER HAZEL FOWLER GERALDINE FRANCIS MARION FREELING MARGERY FRYE PATTY ANN GALLESPIE OLIVE GALLOWAY MALINDA KATHRYN GALT HILDA GARCIA IRENE GARRETT MARY LOUISE GARRETT SARA MARGARET GEIGER EVELYN GERRISH ELIZABETH GIERSCH INEZ GILBERT OSSIE PEARL GINTHER ADELE GLEASON ROSALIE GLICKMAN JANE GODBEY SARAH E. GODDARD MAXINE GOYKE BLANCHE GRANTHAM MIRIAM GRANTHAM VIRGINIA GREENE page one hundred, twenty-five MARGARET C. GRIER COLETA GRIFFIN BETTY GRIGGS HELEN GRIMES VIRGINIA GRIMES CAROLYN ELIZABETH GR1NER KATHLEE GUEST LOIS GUNN DOROTHY GUTHRIE MIRIAM GUY ESTHER HACK RITA HADESMAN JOAN HADY SYDNEY ANN HALEY CAROLYN HALL HARRIET HALLOWES AUDRY HARDEE MARY CELESTE HARDEE ISABEL HARLEE MARGARET HARMONY CECELIA V. HARPER BARBARA HART ENID HARTSHORNE BARBARA HASELTON ELEANOR HASKINS IRMA HAWKINS JANE HEARD MARGARET HEARIN CLRSS DF 1942 page one hundred, twenty-nix CLRSS DF 1942 JENNIE E. HEIDT CORDELIA HELVENSTON BOBBY JO HENDERSON HELEN HENLEY MARGARET VIRGINIA HICKLIN DOROTHY MARYLYN HICKMAN EMMA JEAN HIGLEY EDDIE HILL TINY HOPE HINES HELEN HOBBS KATHLEEN HOGAN MAMIE HOGAN JEANETTE HOLLIDAY DOROTHY HOLLOWELL LUCILLE HOOD DOROTHY HOUSE JEAN HOWARD FRANCES HOWZE PEGGY HUDGINGS ANNA HUGHES DOROTHY P. HUGHES MABLE HUGHES BETH HUNTER DAVENE HUNTER MARY KNIGHT HUNTER FLORIS ELEANOR HURSTON BETTYE HYATT MARY INFINGER page one hundred twenty-seven ETHEL IVES GWENDOLYN ADRIENNE JAMES SELMA JENKINS JEAN JENSON ZOE JOHNS CAROLYN S. JOHNSON JANIE RUTH JOHNSON ANNA LEE JOHNSTON DORIS JOHNSTON ELLA MAUDE JONES OU1DA JONES MARY KASTANAKIS JACQUELINE KEMP BETTE KENNEDY SARAH MARGARET KING MARY FRANCES KLINGENSMITH MARGARET LACELLE MARY LOUISE LANGSTON SARA LAYTON CARRIE LOUISE LEE MARTHA JAY LEE VIRGINIA LEE ELIZABETH LEFFLER SADIE LEE LENTZ ANN LEWIS FRANCES MOYDE LEWIS OLEDIETH LEWIS SARA ELIZABETH LEWIS (CI V V ' l CLHSS OF 194-2 page one hundred twenty-eight CLRSS DF 1942 JEAN LORIMER RUTH ANN LOTT SUE LOVE ALBERTA LYLES MAURTICE LUKE MATTIE McCAHILL LAVELLE MeCALL JANE ANNETTE McCAY RUTH MCCAIN DOT MCCOWN NORMA LEE McCREA MARJOR1E McGILL REBECCA ANN McGLAUN SARA CATHERINE MCINTOSH ANNA FRANCES McKAY EDITH NOREEN McKEE ANNIE LAURIE McNAB LOTTIE McQUAGGE MARY LOU MACGOWAN BETTY MACPHERSON BARBARA MABRY JANE I. MAGUIRE JEANETTE ELL MARIE MANLEY BELLE MARKOVITZ KATHRYN MARSHALL FRANCES H. MAURA AUDREY MEANS CLAIRE MEANS page one hundred twenty-nine MARY JANE MEDLIN NELLE MELAHN ROSALIND MENDELSON JAYNE MENDENHALL ANN BEGGS MERRYDAY HELEN MILAM ELIZABETH M. MILLER MARGARET MILLER RUTH MILLER SUSAN MITCHELL MARJORIE J. MIXSON JUDY MOHR EMILY MORGAN JEAN ELOISE MORRIS ELIZABETH MOUNTAIN GERTRUDE MOZLEY MARY FAITH MYHLERTZ HELEN MYRICK CHRISTINE MCCORMACK NEEDHAM MILDRED ELIZABETH NELLES JUANITA NESSMITH MARGUERITE NEWTON HELEN ELIZABETH NOGGLE PAULETTE NOLAN CATHERINE ORTMEYER MARY FRANCES OVEN BETTY JANE OXER NORMA OXLEY CLRSS OF 1942 page one hundred thirty CLflSS DF 1942 MARGUERITE M. PAGE CAROLINE PAINTER CAROLINE PARK VIRGINIA PARKER GENE PARKHILL AGNES PARRAMORE GRACE PARRISH MARTHA PATTISHALL ANNE PEACOCK RUTH PEARCE DOT ANNE PEPIOT MAGDALENA PEREZ ROSALEE PERRY VIRGINIA PERRY EDITH PFARR WILLIE MAE PHELPS ELIZABETH PHILLIPS JEANETTE PHILIPS MART PIERSON FRANCES PINDER JANE LUCILLE PIPER CELIA ZOE PIPKIN BETTY ANN PLACIE MURIEL POOLE ANN POST JEAN MEANE POVEY MARY CAROLYN PRIEST LEORA PRUITT page one hundred thirty-one DlER PUCKETT DOROTHY PYLE VIRGINIA RAFTERY REBA RAGSDALE VIVIAN RAINEY E. EARL1NE RAKER MARY REED JUANITA REGISTER MARGARET REGISTER NELL REGISTER MARY LOUISE REHBAUM JEAN REYNOLDS BETTY JEAN RHODES CLAUD ANNE RHODES LUCILE RIHERD EVELYN PAGE RILEY CHARLOTTE RIVERS MARTHA MAE ROACH ETHEL RUTH ROBBINS ALICE ROBINSON VIRGINIA ROBINSON MARJORIE L. RODES FRANCES ROGERS ROSALIE ROSNER JANET RUBY DOROTHY RUDASILL BETTY RAE RUSSELL MARGARET RUSSELL CLASS DF 1942 p ige one hundred thirty-two CLASS OF 1942 ROSANNE RYAN ANNE SAFAY JUNE SAPP MARY LOU SAPPINGTON BLANCHE SAUL PEGGY SCHEMER DOROTHY SCHEPPE AMELIA SCHNEIDER MARY RUTH SCORGIE BETTY ROSE SCOTT CAROLINE SCOTT DORIS SEARCY EDITH SEIVER ELIZABETH SELIG BETTY SETZER LOUISE SHAHAN SADIE SHAW BEVERLY SHERARD MARY SHUMAN ANN SIMPSON ANNA MARIE SIMPSON DOROTHY SIMS BETTY SLEMONS RUTH SLOAN MARY SMALL FRANCES SMART ANNA BESS SMITH BILLY SMITH page one hundred thirty-three CORNELIA SMITH HELEN SMITH NELL FOSTER SMITH ELIZABETH SNIDER ANN PERRY SOLLAR MERELYN SOLOMONS GERTRUDE SPETTEL MARY ELIZABETH STAPLETON RACHEL STEIN JEWEL STELTS AUBREY JEAN STEPHENS GWENDOLYN STEPHENSON MARTHA STROBERG ANNE SUTHERLAND DOROTHY SWANSON SARA ISABELLE SWANSON MARGARET SWEAT MYRA SWINDELL VIRGINIA TACKER JANE TARR ROSE TATE BETTY ANN TAYLOR JANE TELFORD SARA TEPPER KARLENE THAMES JEANNETTE THARPE MARY LOIS THOMAS JONNIE N. THOMASSON ' mm A CLASS DF 1942 page one hundred thirty-four CLASS OF 1942 KATHERINE THOMPSON MARGARET THORNTON MARGARET TILGHMAN DORIS TISON JOYCE TOMASELLO JEAN TOTTEN MARY TOWNSEND MARTHA NELL TRICE GRACE WILBUR TROUT MILDRED E. TRUE FLO TRULOVE MARTELLE TURNER PEARLE TYLER ROSE MARIE UDELL JANE UNKRICH ALICE VALENTINE MARGARET VAN NESS BOBBIE VAN OSTEN CAROLINE VARN CORISE VARN MARY VAUGHAN SUE VENNING HELEN VOGT JEANNE WALKER ANN WALTON DOROTHY WALTON ELIZABETH WATERMAN JULIET WATKINS page one hundred thirty-five KATHRYN WATKINS ELIZABETH WEATHERS ELIZABETH WEAVER MARION WEBSTER MARGARET WEIBERG JANET WELLS BEULAH WHITE MONTEREY WHITTLESEY ANNIE BENN WILDER MARY MARGARET WILDER ANNE WILKINSON JEAN WILLIAMS ROSE WILLIAMSON SARA WILLIAMSON NANCY WILLIFORD ELSIE MAE WILLITS JOHNNYMAE WRIGHT JEAN WOOD MOZELLE WOOD MARGARET WOODWARD MARY EVELYN WOOTEN MARYBELLE WRIGHT LUCY ELIZABETH YANCY SARA YEARTY NELL YON BELLE YONGE DAPHINE YOUNG MARGUERITE YOUNG WHMk CLASS DF 1942 page one hundred thirty-six MARY ELIZABETH YOUNG DONICE YOUNGBLOOD AMANDA ZEWADSKI . " T l4UMll? ' tf ' A% y kn page one hundred thirty-seven page one hundred thirty-eight NAMES OF STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES FRESHMEN Ackerman, Esther Armistead, Helen Arnold, Leora Arnold, Marjorie Ashburn, Ethel Ashraore, Mary J. Ayala, Helen Baggs, Elizabeth Anne Barton, Louise Bauldree, Mrs. Inez Bedsole, Gladys Bedsole, Sarah Bell, Ruth Berger, Lillie Blaine, Margaret Boggs, Rosalind Booker, Eleanor Bowen, Florida L. Boyd, Gertrude O. Boyles, Muriel May Brantley, Edna Earle Brown, Betty O. Brumby, Agnes R. Brunei-, Margaret Ann Burt, Nellie Bush, Marion Cady, Beverly Calhoun, Genevieve Campbell, Myrtel Carroll, Elizabeth Carter, EuJa Maye Chamberlain, Anne Cheney, Naomi Childs. Barbara Clark, Elsie Clark, Virginia Clyatt. Montine Coe, Ruth Cohen, Lenore Counts, Margaret Cowart, Mary Cowen, Lizzie Craft, Carolyn Cyzycki, Jessie Dady, Rosa Daetwyler, Betty Daetwyler, Peggy Dale, Pauline Darsey, Roslyn Davenport, Pauline Davis, Mary Davis, Neva De Baun, Jean Dekle, Carolyn De Vaughn, Mrs. Viola Eckles, Edith Edwards, Mary Emerson, Rubelyn Endsley, Ala Dee Forehand, Carrie Lee Fuller, Sarah Garrett, Katie Gaskin, Florence Gaston, Elise Gaylord, Anne Geiger, Mary Ginorio, Provi Gluhr, Dorothea Gnann, Viginia Godwin, Rilla Gold, Louise Gregory, Virginia Hady, Joan Halle, Beverly Hallowes, Harriet Hampton, Ruth Harbeson, Gene Harbeson, Geraldine llarkis, Catherine Harris, Homer Harrison, Mary Haskins, Eleanor Hastings, Virginia Hawes, Ethel Hawkins, Doris Hazen, Gladys Hinote, Mrs. Pebble Holding, Luey Holland, Rebecca Holloway, Jean Holm, Bereth Hundertmark, Elaine Jacoby, Sylvia Johne, Lora Johns, Sarah Lea Johnson, Betty Lou Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Mary Kalbach, Catherine Ketterer, Lucille Kissinger, Betty Klarer, Carolyn Kobey, Marcia Kopf, Margaret Krentzmen, Carolyn Lamb, Kathryn Lamb, Vernell Lamb, Sallie Lancaster, Ilean Lancaster, Marjorie Langston, Betty Langston, Hazel Lee, Dorothy Lee, Minnie Leonard, Alice Lewis, Sara Linder, Peggy Lloyd, Betty Lorenz, Louise Louque, Myrtis Lowe, Marguerite Lytle, Frances McCown, Dorothy MeLain, Pauline Manning, Velora Marchant, Lois Mathers, Bettie Mead, Thelma Michaels, Ruth Miller, Dorothy Miller. Betty Mock, Agatha Morrow, Frances Mosley, Frances Murphy, Jane Neel, Josephine Nicholson, Mrs. James Nihoul, Mary Nowery, Nellie Pacetti, Macy Irene Parmer, Marjorie Peerman, Charlotte Perkins, Kathryn Perrin, Bessie Mae Perry, Ina Grace Phelps, Edna Phillips, Louise Phillips, Norma Phillips, Elizabeth Pittman, Edna Prange, Ruth Rainey, Mary Reed, Lois Rice, Maysel Ricks, Eloise Ringo, Bobbye Rivers, Charlotte Roberts, Byrnina Roberts, Virginia Robinson. Suzanne Robinson, Vera Rodnesky, Evelyn Rowad, Edwina Rudd, Carrie Lee Rushing, Sarah Ryan, Daisy Sagvold, Betty Sue Sanders, Ann Eloise Saunders, Dorothy Schenck, Mrs. Marie T. Seheppe, Dorothy Schoob, Mary Sharkey, Margaret Sinclair, Margaret Skinner, Rosemary Slagle, Wanda Starck, Betty Stone, Amelia Strickland, Toi Cumi Stringfield, Ruth Sullivan, Therese Taylor, Martha Thomas, Jewell Thomson, Ellen Tiedemann, Margery Till, Frances Tolson, Sara Townsend, Thelma Tucker, Avis Underwood, Clara Walker, Julia Walton, Bernice Watkins, Marjorie Webster, Mary Weeks, Evelyn Wells, Birdie Easter Wells, Mary West, Clara West, Dorothy Williams, Ann Williams, Eunice Williams, Virginia Withers. Rex Wood, Adeline Wood, Margaret Woodvery, Lillie SOPHOMORES Acker, Laura June Adams, Sarah Vivian Ahlsweh, Vivian Marie Alagood, Hilda Aletha Alford, Mary Myers Allred, Mary Jewel Alvarez, Carmen Anderson, Barbara Anne Anderson, Dorothy May Anderson, Helen Marr Anderson, Martha Anderson, Martha Rebecca Anderson, Mary Louise Arnold, Sadiee Mae Babers, Mary Gray Baker, Catherine Louise Baker, Mary Elizabeth Bannerman, Mabel Irene Barefoot, Fannie Inez Bash, Rosemary Battey, Frances Katherine Battle, Frances Eileen Baughn, Kathryn Eloise Beaver, Harriet Esther Beckstrom, Mildred Eleanor Black, Amelia Lee Blair, Elizabeth (Beth) Blanton, Edna Merle Bloodworth, Bertha Ernestine Boland, Marjorie Elizabeth Botts, Lora Aline Bowness, Lillian Jean Bradley, Margaret Elizabeth Brandt, Patricia Jean Brewer, Florrie Estelle Brinson, Carolyn Bailey Brinson, Mildred Smith Brown, A. Floread Brown, Catherine Grace Brown, Roberta L. Bryan, Elberta Eugenia (Gene) Bryant, Elizabeth Christina Bryant, Margaret Marie Burgess, Katherine Mitchell Burns, Mary Louise Bush, Doris Bushell, Miriam June Butler, Corine Morehead Cameron, Margaret Elizabeth Camp, Kathryn Nell Carnes, Elizabeth M. (Betty) Carter, Mary Hanley Case, Mary Elizabeth Chalker, Margaret Rose Chazal, Mary Hester Christie, Margaret Idelle Christie, Welda Frances Clann, Mary Margaret Clements, Margaret La Rue Cody, Sarali Isabelle Cofer, Frances Elizabeth Coghlan, Louessie Cone, Emily Ruth Council, Mary Helen Connolly, Mercedes Ann Cox, Jennie Laura Crouch, Lucille Marie Cureton, Constance Marie Currnn. Madtlaine Irraa Cushing, Frances Anne Dabney, Helen Knight Dale, Lenora Barbara Daniel, Dorothy Daniels, Mary Elizabeth Davis, Eunice Day, Atlant Alicia Day, Mary Virginia Deese, Margaret Doman, Barbara Agnes Donnelly, Dorothy Marv Dorner, Doris Dressier, Marguerite Ruth Ervin, Carolyn Grace Erwin, Mary Kate Erwin, Rachel Morrison Evans, Elizabeth Lee Everett, Allefair Ferran, Betty Ann Finney. Mary Sahoy Fleet, Lillian Fleischer, Dolores Emma Folsom, Martha Elizabeth Fugate, Eulalie Fuguitt, Rozella Gaines, Willyne Elizabeth Gallemore, Sara Emily Gamble, Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Gautier, Linnie Lou Gay, Pearl Elizabeth Gilbert, Jenn Gillette, Camilla Godwin, Alma Hollingsworth Gordon, Mary Evelyn Gordon. Mary Louise Greenleaf, Mary Josephine Guy, Jane Hamilton, Virginia Hampton, Mae Harbin, Margaret Christine Hardy, Ouida Roberta Harman. Georgia Yvonne Harris, Carolyn Ruth Harris, Julia Elizabeth Harris, Marjorie Helen Harris, Ruby Nell Harrison, Allison Elizabeth Hatch, Doris Mamie Henderson, Daisy Wall Hendrix, Joan Hetsch, Dorothy Hall Hicks, Martha Hobson, Alice Loretta Hoffman, Helen Ruth Hoffman, Myrtla Mae Holbert, Patricia Katherine Holley, Alice Elizabeth Home, Sally Louise Horton, Betty Lou Horton, Mary Sue Howard, Imogene Louise Huber, Mary Elizabeth Hudson, Margaret Vallea Hunter, Margaret Louise Huntley. Edith Lillian Hyman, Selrna Inman, June Francis Irwin.. Nona Lee Jaco, Betty Jane James, Phoebe Mcllvaine James, Virginia Bonita Jett, Ena Faye Joerg, Mary Johns, Wilma Roberta Johnson. Helen Clare Jones, Anne Harrison Joyce, Eileen Margaret Kelton, Roxilu Kennedy, Joan Baldwin Kimbell. Edna Elizabeth King, Elizabeth Eleanor Kinney, Jess Holloway Kirby-Smith, CatherineBethune Kirkpatrick, Mary Leota Knight, Frances Parker Knowles. Elinor Edgin Kreher, Aurelia Hildegrade Kurtz, Anna Warren Lacey, Hazel Marjorie Lambert, Minnie Lambeth, Mary Jane Lane, Ann Rylander Laney, Tommy Lynn Lanier, Rose Vivian page one hundred thirty-nine NAMES OF STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES, Continued Lester, Lucy Lillian Light, Rudine Mary Linn, Elizabeth Lipsliitz, Martha Marcia Long. Mary Ellen Loper, Theresa Nell Loyless, Nellie McCain. Martha Hope McCalla, Mary Ann McCarley, Agnes Jane McCarthy, Mary Kathleen McClain, Ida May McDilda, Edna Earle McDowall, Jeanne McGa rry, Margaret Ann McKinnon, Mattie Lou McMorris, Anne Virginia McNeill, Mary Alice Mack. Patricia Jo Anne Marchesseau, Inez Yvonne Marsh. Evelyn V. Mayer, Elizabeth Page Mayland, Mrs. Isabelle Dorland Mays. Louise Glover Miller, Elizabeth McDowell Miller, Lavinnia Lois Minis, Carolyn Mitchell. Beryl Bernadette Mitchell, Dorothy Stewart Mitchell, Sonia Montero, Delia Moore, Elizabeth Bennett Morgan, Kathleen Morrow, Ruth Love Murphy, Martha Jenkins Newbold, Cora Mitchell Nickolson, Jean D. Nickinson, Mary Elizabeth Nooney, Sara Norfleet, Nelle Gertrude Oldham, Margaret Polk Orwig, Ruth Ellen O ' Steen, Mary Beth Overby, Jewell Owen, Alice Pate, Velma Patterson, Karolyn Patterson, Louise Lytle Peacock, Gladys Geraldine Pearlman, Betty Perry, Martha Dent Phillips, Emily Susan Phillips, Margaret Eugenia Pierce, Anne Hooper Pinckard. Frances Elaine Polhill, Edna Lee Proctor, Alice Apthorpe Rader, Evalena Louise Randazzo, Carmela Millie Ratliff, Minnie Elizabeth Raymond, Rhoda Louise Reagin, Jane Mae Rhyne, Roberta Clarkson Rice, Helen Marie Rickar ds, Florence Elizabeth Rinehart, Mary Elizabeth Rivero, Mary Elizabeth Roberts, Margaret Elizabeth Robinson, Priscilla (Sue) Ross, Dorothy Pearl Ross, Patricia A. (Patty) Rowley, Mary Susan Rowley. Muriel Alice Russ, Carole Christine Savage, Maribel Schaller, Marguerite (Peggy) Scharfschwerdt, Ida Mary Schulte, Pauline Elizabeth Scott, Margaret Mary Sellers, Myriam Davison Shaw, Alvah Ethel Sheldon, Sarah Marguerite Shive, Geraldine Shuman, Eleanor Clare Simmons, Mararet Louise Simmons, Marjorie June Simon, Alberta Pauline Smith, Esther Ida Smith, Mary Catherine Steele, Eloise Mary Steele, Evelyn P. Stephens, Addie Louise Stokes, Margaret Ruth Storter. Valera Stoy, Jean Vivian Streng, Irma Jane Stuckey, Miriam Summers, Kathryn Avine Taylor, Edythe Carolyn Terrell. Mary Ruth Terry, Helen Thames, Mary Lauis Thomas. Barbara Mae Thomas, Caroline Portis Thompson, Marianna Lucy Thompson, Nell Tillman, Ola Belle Torres, Ruth Trantham, Frances Elizabeth Turck, Elma Jane Van Zyle. Ruth Janette Veal, Esther Veal, Nancy Jane Waering, Magda Kjellesvig Walker, Lucille Walker, Marion Louise Walling, Marjorie Lytle Ware, Dorothy Weaver, Joan Bryan Weimer, Elizabeth Louise Weseman, Helen Louise Wheatley, Janice Marian Whiddon, Mary Grace White, Nancy Whitehurst, Martha Louise Whittington, Carolyn Elizabeth Williams, Edith Mayo Wilson, Suzanne Theresa Wing, Elizabeth Wirt, Emma Frances Wittenstein, Tybell Woodruff, Sara Carolyn Woodward, Lois Charlotte Wooten, Mary Evelyn Wynn, Florence Gertrude Yonge, Marjorie Young, Dorothy McDonald JUNIORS Allderdice, Lillian Adelaide Allen, Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Doris lone Archer, Ruth Avant, Gertrude Amelia Baggott, Mamie Ruth Baker, Susy Edna Ballenger, Martha Palmer Barnard, Ethel Marian (Dayde) Barone, Josephine Bartless, Charlotte Turner Bell, Iris Yvonne Bennett, Mabel Sieber Bischoff, Lena Margaret Boozer, Betty Ollever Brewer, Grace Dorothy Britton, Margaret Jean Brook, Alma Juanita Brown, Jamie Cochran Broyles, Martha Florence Campbell, Doris S. Campbell, Hope Celeste Carlton, Rose Mary Chalker, Mary Phillips Cochran, Mary Martha Colburn, Dorothy Rose Coleman, Mary Honor Collins, Carolyn Bena Collins, Mary Megargee Curran, Dailia Davis, Shirley Weston Dennis, Minna Sherwood Dickerson, Juanita Douglas, Pauline (Tolly) Dowling, Virginia Dunstan, Ruby Eckles, Kathryn Amelia Edwards, Caroline Williams Ellis, Sarah Viola Evans, Junne Louise Farmer, Martha Frances Feinberg, Rosalie Finlayson, Wilda Marshburn Flow, Alice Lucile Ford, Kitty Browne Ford, May Belle Fryer, Beulah Frances Gill, Harriett Gordy, Kathryn Amelia Graham, Katherine McCreery Graves, Betty Green, Martha Virginia Greer, Evelyn Lois Gregory, Florence P. Griley, Elizabeth Girard Grimes, Mary (ilenn Grinned, Marion Evelyn Grissett, Carolyn Grus, Beatrice Harris, Susie Louise (Sue) Henry, Reba Kathleen Henry, Rita May Herring, Frances Voncile Hinsey, Hazel Rebecca Hobby, Ruth Idell Ilocker, Eleanor Hodges, Bonnie Jean Hodges, Frances Jean Horney, Nancy Trotter Bouchard, Natalee Fern Hunter, Zonira Ella Hussey, Evelyn Hutchinson, Mary Elizabeth Irvine, Ruth Katherine Jaeckel, Nellie Anita Jessup, Marjorie Robertson Jewett, Janet Weathers Johnston, Frances Edmundson Keeler, Jessie Springer Kehr, Virginia Louise Kennedy, Emma Anne Kloeppel, Dorothea Minna Kunneg, Janet Elizabeth Lasehe, Eunice Marie Lester, Mary Alice Lindsey, Betty Shepherd Lines, Sarah Elizabeth Lingo, Margaret Ollie Lisk, Henrietta Susan Litsehgi, Frances Jeannette Lourcey, Louise St. George Luce, Eleanor Robinson LyBarker, Ada Carroll Irene Lyman, Avis Marie McCahill, Mary Dorothy McColskey, Voncile McCord, Jean Catherine McGlaun, Inez Gertrude McKissick, Edith McLean, Mona Virginia McRae, Fillette McRae, Jean Fraser Makemson, Ernestine Orrell Makemson. Virginia Lee Malphurs, Marjorie Rosalee Mankes, Jeanne Manning, Dorothy Markham, Betty Jane Mattern, Janet E. Meacham, Margaret Louise (Peggy) Means, Marjorie Arline Meggs, Julie Elenor Meisch, Clara Julia Merbler, Ruth Marian Merryday, Helen Glenn Miller, Eleanor G. Miller, Joan Milton, Frances Milton, Virginia Morley, Flora Tryon Morrison, Marjorie Morrow, Pauline Alice Mulkey, Angie Mullins, Eleanor Drake Nichols, Mary Elizabeth Nicholson, Betty Bradford Nordman, Lillian Jeannette Olsen, Sibyl Jean O ' Neal, Carolyn Virginia Ott, Edith Evermont Overman, Mary Olive Parker, Dorothy Omerea Parks, Dorothy W. Parramore, Helen Phyllis Pattani, Marie Pearlman, Cynthia Faye Posey, Roanna Quincey, Sarah Margaret Ramsey, Isabelle Reed, Barbara Louise Reese, Mary Elizabeth Rice, Margaret Louise Ricker, Virginia Rinck, Mary Margaret Hish, Jeannette Robbins, Martha Roberts, Edna Isabell Robinson, Ina Margaret Rodgers, Margaret Nell Rodriguez, Norma Rogers, Mary Ruth Rood, Virginia Anne Ross, Janet Ruth Rosser, Ethel Merryday Rosser, Julia Glenn Rudd, Julia Angelyn Sanderson, Alice Ruth Schowe, Esther Chattin Scott, Eleanor R. Shepard, Ruth Carolyn Sigman, Virginia Carolyn Simmons, Janice Lorraine Sims, Edna Louise Smith, Mary Nell Smoak, Mary Lucille Southard, Eloise Sowell, Camille Daphne Sparkman, Grace Evelyn Sparkman, Mary Jane (Jean) Steele, Dorothy Eleanor Stivender, Gladys Odessa Sutton, Belva Floyd Swearingen, Mary Bishop Tatom, Martha Belle Taylor, Lillian Lavanna Taylor, Mary Arnett Thomas, Louise G. Thompson, Lynette Thrasher, Margarita Louise Tobin, Harriette Townsend, Dorothy Clay Turnbull, Pearl Elizabeth Underhill, Edith Wilma Valz, Marion Elizabeth Van Brunt, Clifton Van Brunt, Martha Hudson Vergowe, Mary Madine Vogt, Margaret Rae von Dohlen, Katherine Voss, Lavine Palmer Evans Warren, Edna Louise Watrous, Lollie Steele Webb, Elizabeth Anne Weber, Ruth Esther Webster, Jeanne De Loran West, Emily Shannon Wicker, Clara Sue Williams, Elsie Marilyn Williams, Mabel Grace Williams, Ruth- Willis, Florence Elizabeth Wimberly, Grace Elizabeth Young, Elenore Bettie SENIORS Alford, Margaret Autrey, Katherine Barr, Dorothy Braverman, Irene Brown, Emma Cahoon, Doris Eagle, Mary Elam, Rebecca Evers, Florence Hamlin, Mrs. Cornelia Davis Harrison, Betty Highsmith, Beatrice Kamper, Charlotte Latham, Dawn Marwiek, Dorothy Molnar, Dorothy Parmer, Edna Pendleton, Mrs. Frances Rigby, Nancy Rubin, Ruth Scott, Mary Katherine Spivey, Katherine Trott, Eloise Wagner, Florence Walker, Doris Wallis, Connie Warren, Jessie Watson, Mrs. Emma Harrison White, Maye page one hundred forty Sec cy cAshton: Becky — blonde, small attractive. Excelling in whatever she does. The combination of a Mortar Board president and a chorus girl in Junior Minstrels. Standing on tiptoes .... reaching upward .... a little girl playing " grown up " .... a feather in her cap, a Vogue dress .... and she leads as the sophisticated young woman in " First Lady. " Adaptable to any situation .... Becky plays her four- year college part with capability, an intricate dance step, leads in college play productions, her own piano interpretations, . ... all mingled with a broad smile, the desire to be of service, and to accept her responsibilities! page one hundred forty-tvjo ickit =r4- kton •- ' i page one hundred forty-three " T urfi c 4 f prison: Directed energy, hitting the mark squarely and forcefully. Keen intellect levyed on the subject at hand resulting in worthwhile editorials, sparkling wit shown in gay bull ses- sions, seriousness in her love of poetry, of tennis, of the smell of a newspaper office, of people. She, with her clear eyes, her wide, frank smile, and her determined stride, overcomes each obstacle and in so doing gains the respect and admira- tion of the student body. page one hundred forty-four (f idlt =Atk LH4CU page one hundred forty-five IDanner a er: Femininity .... she lives, she looks like, she is the symbol of a typically Southern girl. Warm brown eyes, long bobbed black wavy hair, perfect features, tiny hands which express capability .... In a hooped skirt dress, a gardenia in her hair, femininely charming she waltzes at Gainesville, she poses for national products, she leads the Village Vamps, she combines appro- bation with dancing, bridge playing with an intelligent dis- cussion of foreign affairs, a warm and friendly smile with serious and sympathetic brown eyes .... Danner, with her beauty spotlights our college campus. prif r one hundred for$y six =Jjannet pjakex page one hundred forty-seven " Dorothy Barr: Beauty, poise, intelligence .... a composite of everything that each college girl would attain plus a ruffling with laugh- ter, head thrown back personality, and you have Dot Barr. . she sings in a low throaty , . she acts with the nonchalance of Junior Minstrels . voice .... Odd demonstration a gay nineties hero .... Sauntering on campus she speaks to everyone. Surrounded by men at a Gainesville dance, gliding to " swing music " , her wavy black hair bobbing, her brown eyes glistening .... Everywhere, she ' s that attractive and remarkable . . . . Dot Barr. page one hundred forty-eight = Dazetmi J att } (i(jc one hundred forty-nine Frances " Douglas: A scientific pattern smoothly woven with threads of idealism. In her classes she works with learned facts and in so doing she understands the subject at hand. On campus she con- tinues her scientific attitude but it is punctured with idealism. ►She seems to see beyond the fruitless attempts of the students. Franny weighs the circumstances and then she acts. Success is the result of anything she undertakes .... Junior class president, Freshman Advisor, Phi Beta Kappa .... She forgets her success, her mind is clicking, she wants new problems, she sees the ideal goal, and meticulously Franny works toward its accomplishment. puye one hundred fifty =ytauce tzsJjcutila page one hundred fifty-one ' Winifred Swart: Brisk, blonde, rushing first to one meeting then off to another. Gray-blue eyes sparkling over a direct pun, interested in everyone and everything that is going on ... . always going .... going from her freshman year as Secretary of College Government Association on and on to President of our Student Body. She ' ll not stop she ' ll keep going on and on, up and up ! It ' s Winnie who aspires to do great things .... talking seriously, her eyes confident, she thinks of the unattainable, the perfect .... she ' ll acquire it! page one hundred fifty-two 1 l iniTted (1 watt page one hundred fifty-three unny Lolvry: Action .... a dynamic force for good, confused with a friendly smile that seems to say " I ' ll help you .... if T may ' ' . Action, in modern dance activities, the skeleton dance at Thanksgiving time, teaching ' games to small boys, girls, and adults at the recreation center .... everywhere, she leads with her spontaneous personality. Reading poetry, discussing her ideas, ready to listen to the ones of the other person, ready to act in defense of what she believes to be right, willing to go out of her way if it means the chance to help someone .... Bunny, her love of all things great and small prove it ... . her actions ! to l aye one hundred fifty-four unnu UL.OWX. 1 J-™ page one hundred fifty-five cfMary Emily Tarter: Enthusiasm partnered with the desire to accomplish. Gay spontaneous laughter showing white, even teeth .... she sees a funny note in life, she sings it with her laughter .... . . Senior Class president, Common sense and intellect Mortar Board .... Winsome personality, blonde wavy hair .... Florida State ' s representative at the Rhodedendron Festival in North Carolina .... Red, White, and Purple .... she leads the Odd Cheer leaders at the Thanksgiving games .... Enthusiastically, she skips through each day .... " Screw- ball " , the fun loving, blithe, irrestible girl spreading her enthusiasm. page one hundred fifty-six - I at it (Li ml if jUatket page one hundred fifty-seven Sloise c rott: " Hello, " she says it with a Southern drawl, her mouth makes a strange quirked smile, her eyes twinkle, filled with sincerity, ready for laughter, or to be definitely serious if the occasion demands it. As Chairman of Judiciary she adequately lives up to the trust that the students have in her .... fair in all dealings, constantly striving to justly interpret the rules .... she has the respect of everyone. In small groups, on campus, at convocation, the quick puns, keen sense of humor, " actress ability " (aided by a handle- bar moustache in Odd demonstration), her portrayal of Eeyore, the old gray donkey .... Always inimitable, she is and will be ... . Gay and serious . drama. she plays a vital part in our college pnc e one hundred fifty-tight (Llauc J-tett page one hundred fifty-nine Setty IsJynn: ►She ' s straightforward, she ' s original, she wants to be of service. Beginning ' her freshman year, Betty has tried to bring variety into the traditional atmosphere. She ' s versatile .... her personality is filled with strange little corners .... her flying lessons at the Tallahassee air- port, her love of poetry, doing " case work " , debating for Florida State, dancing, bringing interest into the Torch Night ceremony. Betty seldom conforms to the tried way .... she wants new paths, new roads to travel, but she loves old places. She lives in a burst of ideas .... openly friendly, in her disarming manner she asks you to share her fun with her .. .. life is an adventure .... Betty takes the rocky roads and the smooth highways .... no matter what .... and like a good traveler .... she smiles. page one hundred sixty l etLj 1 Uj uu page one hundred sixty-one MAY 1 9 COURT 3 9 MAY QUEEN — DOROTHY BARR Maids of Honor REBECCA ASHTON MARY EMILY PARKER por e on? hundred sixty-two JULIA BURNETTE LETITIA CORBETT BETTY HARRISON Maids of the Court LEONA HOWE RUTH EYMAN JANE JACKSON BUNNY LOWRY JANE SHERAN page one hundred sixty-three Jippvecicitiotr ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Many of you who are not represented here have served our school long and faithfully, and it is to you that we wish to now show our appreciation. Your untiring efforts and in- satiable desire to foster the best for our Alma Mater have set a high mark for those who will follow us to meet. Your work has oftentimes brought little reward, and yet we know that the love that you bear for your Alma Mater blots out all desire for acclaim and praise for a service done to her. You will be remembered in the hearts and annals of the college many years, and the results of the work that you have done will live after our time. To you then, the unknown and little praised workers of the campus, we give our sin- cerest appreciation, and can only hope that the succeeding college generations will have many such tireless and loving members. page one hundred sixty-four yrtxyukieA Alpha Chi Omega j £ laude Anne Rhodes ( Frances Williams Alpha Delta Phi { Jf ona H° we t Gerry Knapp Alpha Gamma Delta j ? %%? Boteler I Nancy Williamson Alpha Xi Delta j Fa Core y I Mildred Jones Beta Phi Alpha (Margaret Hall I Bessie Perren Chi Omega j Bett y Harrison ( Isahel Ramsey Delta Delta Delta j Elizabeth Griley ' Jan Simmons Delta Phi Epsilon j Rose A ppel ( Rosea! ie Feinbera; Delta Zeta Hil(la Alagood I Edna Wilson Kappa Alpha Theta { S?. 1 " , 1 ' 11 1 Elizabeth Miller Kappa Delta J Becky Ashton i -Jane 1 nomas Phi Mi. j I ? ori Cahoon Sarah Lines Pi Beta Phi J [ an . et Mahern J una Burnette Sigma Kappa j Pnyllis Parramore L ( arol Ramage Theta Upsilon { Valerie Hunt I Nancy Itogero Zeta Tan Alpha j Fna Fa £f Jett 1 I Esther Showe page one hundred sixty-six PAN .HELLENIC Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter 1004 Chi Omega Gamma Chapter 1908 Alpha Delta Pi lota Chapter 1000 Delta Delta Delta Alpha Eta Chapter 1916 Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter 1020 Pi Beta Phi Florida Beta Chapter 1921 Delta Zeta Alpha Sigma Chapter 1924 Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Nu Chapter 1024 eta Tan Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter 1024 Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Beta Chapter 1025 Theta Upsilon Lambda Chapter 1025 Delta Phi Epsilon Iota Chapter 1925 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Pi Chapter 1928 Phi Mu Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1929 Alpha Chi Omega Beta Eta Chapter 1929 Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Omega Chapter 1929 Beta Phi Alpha Psi Chapter 1931 Panhellenic counsel strives to maintain on a high plane fraternity life and inter- fraternity relations within our college . . . to further fine intellectual accom- plishment and sound scholarship ... to compile rules governing rushing, pledg- ing and initiations on this campus ... to establish high scholastic achievements for chapter membership . . . to strive toward equalization of chapter membership. page one hundred sixty-seven BOATWRIGHT DUNSFORD HATCH WEBER BLAIR CAMERON NEWBOLD BIBBS BURGER STEELE THOMPSON WILLIAMS. S. C WOODRUFF BIBBS ■Br BURGER MOHR RHODES SMITH SCHULTE page one hundred sixty-eight ALPHA CHI OMEGA FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1885 BETA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek The Heights " Publication: " The Lyre " IN FACULTATE Bernice Deetz Mary Boatwright Ellis Dunsford Betty Hatch Alberta Lloyd SENIORS Althea Lloyd Melba Parks Marcia Ranney Frances William? Carolyn Erwin Beth Blair Margaret Cameron Mary Lila Bibbs Louise Burger Doris Carter Margaret Grier Ruth Miller Judith Mohr JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Ruth Weber Cora Newbold Sara Woodruff Claude Anne Rhodes Johanna Ska seth Marjorie Smith Nell Thompson Fillette McRae Pauline Sehulte A note of sophistication with a pledge " cocktail " party, created with a bar, nite club tables and costumes in red and white . . . the Alpha Chi " Swing Band, " composed of musical sisters and featuring the instruments and style of the Panama Zone . . . long hikes through Tallahassee hills, with spicy weiners over a hot fire as a reward . . . the celebration of the sororities tenth anniversary ... a formal dance with the spring motive . . . spaghetti suppers . . . bazooka horns . . . Alpha Chi Omega. page one hit nil red sixty-nine ANDERSON DEY EYMAN HARDEN HOWE KNAPP KNAPP MANZ PARKER ROGERS ROU SCOTT DOWLING GRAVES GRINNELL LINDSEY LONG MILTON NICHOLSON ADAMS BATTEY FELKEL HOLLOWAY HARRIS HENDRY HORTON HORTON. N. S. KIRKPATRICK LANE LESTER McCARLEY PATTERSON PETERS GASKINS SIMON TRANTHAM VEAL ANGUS AUSLEY ARMSTEAD BAKER BETTES CAMPBELL CLEMENTS COLE DeLONG GLEASON HARMONY HARTSHOME HELVESTON MILAM NEWTON PARKHILL PEACOCK PIERSON ROGERS SCOTT SIMPSON THARPE WALKER WALTON WILDER WILLIFORD poffe one hundred seventy ALPHA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, MACON, GA., 1851 IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1909 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live For Each Other " Publication " Adelphean " IN FACULTATE Margie Burks Lucv Lester Gibson Dey Ruth Eyman Mary Isabel Harden Leona Howe Gwendolyn Knapp Virginia Dowlinj Bitty Gra ves Ann Lane Louise Patterson Frances Grantham SENIORS Betty Scott JUNIORS Miriam Sellers SOPHOMORES Jane McCarley PLEDGES Geraldine Knapp Olive Man . Mary Emily Parkei Mabel Rogers Nancy Ron Frances Milton Bettv Nicholson Jane Veal Leota Kirkpatrick Jean Holloway Dorothy Parker Marian Grinnell Evelyn Anderson Vivian Adams Mary Sue Horton Gail Angus Maxine Armistead Helen Anderson Helen Ausley Margaret Baker Frances Battey Carol Frances Bettes Judy Campbell Louise Clements Evelyn ( ' ole Adele Gleason Jean Harbeson Jerry Harbeson Margaret Harmony Ruth Harris Enid Hartshorn Cordelia Helvinston Lucy Lester Betty Lindsey Helen Milam Marguerite Newton Gene Parkhill Anne Peacock Mart Pierson Frances Rogers Carolyn Scott Anne Simpson Jeanne Walker Anne Lamb Walton Mary Margaret Wilder Nancy Williford Hearts and flowers . . . crimson valentines, and period silhouettes . . . the Alpha Delta Pi formal dance . . .figures on the badminton court and never ending games of bridge and Chinese checkers . . . the never silent ping ' pong table . . . a tradgedy when the victrola records crashed to a horrible end . . . The pledges and a formal tea . . .light flash bulls, Sunday breakfasts, hot dog parties over a lighted fire . . . A. D. II. . . . clasped hands of friendship. page one hundred seventy-one HODGSON LUMPKIN MOORE, M. REESE ROOD STEWART SWANSTROM WHITTEMORE WILLIAMSON COCHRAN GAINES GILL GODWIN HOUCHARD KEHR MULLINS RINCK UNDERHILL BUTLER CHRISTIAN DONNELLY GALLEMORE GREY MOORE, E. ORWIG PINCKARD SCHALLER WARD ALBRIGHT ALFRIEND ARNOLD BAIL BARROW COKER DE HAVEN FITNER GEIGER HART MACPHERSON SCORGIE SOLLAR STEPHENSON TOWNSEND WRIGHT page one hundred seventy-two ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 GAMMA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors : Red, Buff and Green Flower : Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " SENIORS PLEDGES Peggy Boteler Julia Hodgson Mary Lou Irsch Elizabeth Meigs Middle Moore Wilvne Gaines Dorothy Donnelly Elizabeth Moore Frances Pinckard Corinne Butler Virginia Rood Clara Stewart Barbara Swanstrom Agnes Whittemore Nancy Williamson JUNIORS Edith Underbill SOPHOMORES Eleanor Mullins Peggy Sehaller Mabry Christian Sarah Gallemore Elizabeth Grey Barbara Albright Anne Alfriend Lucille Arnold Grace Bail Mary Cochran Anne De Haven Sara Margaret Geiger Barbara Hart Natalie Houchard Virginia Kehr Martha Lumpkin Betty MacPherson Ruth Ellen Orwig Mary Mary Elizabeth Reese Mary Ruth Scorgie Rosemary Skinner Ann Sollar Eloise Southard Gwen Stephenson Mary Townsend Kathryn Ward Mary Belle Wright Emily Barrow Margaret Rinck Harriet Gill Lucille Coker Glen Grimes Soft Music, soft lights, soft color in blue and silver, a formal with the creation of " star dust " ... a transition to the ridiculous with a pledge party of the bowery, featuring Tony ' s Hash House, sloppy bars and ragamuffins . . . roasted hamberger-on-the-bun get togethers, supper parties, lazy morning breakfasts, midnight bridge games . . . Alpha Gamma Delta. pinjc one hundred- seventy-three COREY HOFFMAN REID SULLIVAN WILSON ANDERSON MAYER JONES HOWARD ARNOW BRYAN HOGAN REGISTER RHODES STEELE SWINDELL page one hundred seventy-four ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Alpha Xi Delta " Fay Corey Roberta Reid Frances Fryer [mogene Howard Blanche Bryan Dorothy Hoffman Mildred Jones Betty Jean Rhodes Evelyn Steele SENIORS JUNIORS Eleanor Hocker SOPHOMORES Betty Mayer PLEDGES Mary Sullivan Ruth Wilson Roanna Posey Judy Triplet! Myra Swindell Doris Anderson Martha Arnow Dorothy Parks Margaret Register Four leaf clover and a flourish of green and white decoration for the Alpha Xi Delta formal dance . . . the good ship Mayflower with Puritans and Indians . . . " homecoming " at Thanksgiving . . .never ending games of fiddle sticks and Chinese checkers . . . and a visit from the chapter ' s province president . . . this is Alpha Xi Delta in a year of gaity and activity. page one hundred seventy-five ROYCE BELL CHALKER LOURCEY SMITH DRESSLER STEPHENS THOMPSON WILLIS REDLINGER PERRIN :aije one hundred seventy-six BETA PHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1909 PSI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Tea Rose Open Motto: " Scientia Virtus, Amicita " Publication: " Aldebaran " Letha Royce Iris Bell Kristine Harris Margaret Chalker Eette Thompson SENIORS JUNIORS Ht. George Lourcey SOPHOMORES Alpha Stephens Margaret Hess Mary Nell Smith PLEDGES Marguerite Dressier Eleanor Rertlinger Bessie Mae Perrin A formal tea on a lush green lawn, a party by the pledges . . . frequent in- formal coffees followed by group singing of sorority songs about the fire . . . spirited hikes over north Florida jungles . . . too many bridge games and eeas- less games of Chinese checkers . . . Beta Phi Alpha, fun with variety. page one hundred seventy-seven ' 1 4 BROOKS CASHEN GAMMON HARRISON JOHNSTON McBRIDE MANNING MOORE MURPHY OVEN SHARON TEXADA BAXTER F1NUAYSON GORDY HORNEY HUSSEY JAECKEL MCCORD RAMSEY RODGERS SLADE SPARKMAN SUTTON SWEARINGEN TOWSON WILSON WINN ANDERSON CONE GUY HENDERSON JONES LANCASTER PARRAMORE PRICE RHYNE WHITEHURST ADAMS BINNICKER BATES ALLEY CRAGO CRALLE DELL GODDARD HEARIN JONES McGOWAN MILLER OVEN ROBINSON SETZER SUTHERLAND TARR THOMASELLO SHERARD WELLS page one hundred sevenhi-euiht CHI OMEGA POUNDED AT FAYETTEVILLE, ARK., IN 1895 GAMMA CHAFER INSTALLED IN 1908 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto : " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publication : " Eleusis " IN FACULTATE Mrs. J. F. Miller Victoria Schuck SENIORS Nelwyn Brooks Louise Brown Betty Cash en Roberta Gammon Betty Harrison Jean Johnston Joan Johnston Martha Baxter Wilda Finlayson Alice Cannon Mary Chalker Amelia Gordy Nancy Horney Evelyn Hussey Anita Jaeckel Jackie Tex a da JUNIORS Mary Lewis Manning Helen MeBride Sara Moore Evelyn Murphy Bershe Oven Jane Sharon Jean Sparkman Isabel Ramsey Margaret Rodgers Frances Slade Belva Sutton Mary Swear in gen Ann Towson Daphne Wilson Julia Winn Jean McOord SOPHOMORES Dottie Mae Anderson Sue Bryant Annette Cone Jane Guy Daisy Wall Henderson Anne Jones PLEDGES Kitty Adams Edith Aly Fairfax Bates Ruth Binnicker Ann Crago Gracye Cralle Olive Dell Sarah Goddard Margaret Hearin Ella Maud Jones Marjorie Lancaster Jimmie Parramore Jane Price Roberta Rhyne Martha Whitehurst Margaret Miller Mary Frances Oven Alice Robinson Betty Setzer Ann Sutherland Jane Tarr Joyce Thomasello Janet Wells Virginia Alley Beverly Sherard Mary Lou McGowan Gay balloons and flowers . . . the Chi Omega formal . . . never ending ' groups of crocheters, bridge players and ping pongers . . . spirit of " swing " at the Joe College pledge party . . . jam, jibe, and killer diller . . . visits from nation- al officers, one that was acknowledged as a Kappa Delta . . . bull sessions. college days, Chi Omega. page one hundred seventy-nine GLASS GRILEY KERNS LEWIS MCCAHILL NOBLE PECK REED RICKARDS ROSS. J. BARTLESS BROWN. J. COLLINS. C. COLLINS. M. JOHNSTON JESSUP SIMMONS YONGE. M. VALZ CARTER DANIELS DAY HALE HETCH JOYCE ROSS. P. SCOTT THOMAS WALLING WARE VRIEZE ADAMS ALLAN ATHERTON BOGART BROWN, 1. BRYAN DAVIS DISMUKES GALLESPIE HASKANS HUNTER IVES McNAB MORGAN ORTMEYER PHILLIPS RAYMOND RUDASILL SLEMONS SMITH TROUT VARN WILLIAMSON YOUNG YONGE. B. page one hundred eighty DELTA DELTA DELTA FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY IN 1888 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery SENK )RS Eugenia Glass Elizabeth Griley Gene Charlotte Kerns Sara Lewis Mary McCahill Charlotte Bartless Jamie Brown Carolyn Collins Mary Collins JUNIORS Marjorie Jessup SOPHOMORES Mary Hanley Carter Mary Virginia Day Mary Daniels Elodie Hale Dorothy Hetsch Eileen Joyce PLEDGES Lillian Adams Anna Marie Allan Audrey Atherton Mary Catherine Bogart Mary Pinckard Bryan Esther Brown Davis Kathleen Dismukes Patty Ann Gallespie Eleanor Haskans Emile Morgan Mary Noble Irene Peck Doris Keed Dorothy Riekards Joan Ross Frances Johnston Janice .Simmons Marion Valz Marjorie Yonge Patricia Ross Margaret Scott Caroline Thomas Marjorie Walling Dorothy Ware Inez Vrieze Annie Laurie McNab Catherine ( )rtmeyer Dorothy Rudisill Betty Slemons Anna Bess Smith Grace Trout Corise Vain Sara Williamson Belle Yonge Rita Young A year in a brand new house ... a formal in May with flowers and " tea on the Terrace " . . . ' Artists and Models ' at the pledge fashion show where sport and evening- apparel were displayed for visiting pledges . . . light flash parties with " Scottie " peanut brittle, the Radicals, and discussions on the Tri Delta hero, Donald Duck . . . The Delta chapter . . . sorority of the Trident. page one hundred eighty-one FEIGENBAUM FEINBERG MANKES PEARLMAN TOBIN BUSHNELL HYMAN LIPSHITZ SMITH GOLD WITTENSTEIN BRAUER BROWNSTE1N FINK GLICKMAN HADESMAN JENKINS MARKOVITZ ROBBINS ROSNER SAUL SCHNEIDER SCHEMER 2EPPER UDELL page ■one hundred eighttf-tioo DELTA PHI EPSILON FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY IN 1917 IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Esse Quam Videri " Publication: " The Delta Phi Epsilon Quarterly " Rose Appel Lillian Fleet Jeanne Mankes Miriam Bushell Louise Gold Selma Hyman Cynthia Pearlman Tybell Wittenstein Naomi Brauer Marie Brownsteen Raela Fink Rosalie Glickman SENIORS Margaret Fishier Judith Wilensky JUNIORS Rosalie Feinberg Rose Lee Feigenl Harriette Tobin PLEDGES Rosalie Rosner Blanche Saul Peggy Schemer Sara Tepper Esther Smith Martha Lipshitz Selma Jenkins Belle Markovit . Ruth Bobbins Candy hearts, red and white streamers, and a huge red valentine on the wall . . . Delta Phi Epsilon banquet and formal in the Valentine motive . . . sizzling steaks over an open fire at Wakulla Springs . . . and a rain storm at the steak fry . . . Fun in the oriental style at the pledge party created by gay Chinese costumes, eating chop suey and drinking tea cross-legged on the floor . . . Musical harmonies by the pledge quartette . . . jam session of dancing to the vie . . . pledges fishing from the F. S. C. W. fountain . . . intra mural activity . . . the triangle of Delta Phi Epsilon. page one hundred eighty-three BECKMAN COMPTON MOORE PEAVY WICKER GR1SSETT PATTERSON ALAGOOD DONAN FUGUITT OVERBY SIMMONS HUDGINGS JOHNS PYLE SLOAN VAUGHAN WATKINS page one hundred eighty-four DELTA ZETA FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD, OHIO, IN 1902 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Rose Publication : " The Lamp " SENIORS Julia Beckman Elizabeth Compton Emily Bush Martha Moore Blanche White Peavv JUNIORS Karolyn Patterson Edna Wilson SOPHOMORES Hilda Alagood Barbara Doman Jewell Overbj PLEDGES Ca rolyn Grissett Zoe Johns Sara Margaret Quincey June Simmons Ruth Sloan Rosella Fuguitt Mary Vaughan Kathryn Watkins Florence Wynn Peggy Hudgings Jokes and pranks . . . Delta Zeta formal on April Fools Day . . . ouija board fanatics and the ever present craze for ordering a " cheese sandwich on rye, toasted " . . . the annual kid party . . . short dresses, pig tails and colorful hair bows . . . everybody with an hilarious nickname ... A young ardent admirer of the group who stopped by every morning to take the girls to breakfast in his auto ... a year of sleeping all day, playing all night . . . Delta Zeta. page one hundred eighty-five BARR CAMPBELL FISHER HAGUE LABAR POLK PRICE SPICER WILLIAMS. AVANT BROYLES MORRISON ROBERTS SCOTT STEELE TERRELL WILLIAMS. R. BAKER BASH BECKSTROM. CONNELL CROUCH FLEISCHER GAMBLE GORDON HARRISON K NOTTS McCALLA MILLER OSTEEN RUSS SAVAGE SUMMERS BECKSTROM. COOPER CULBREATH HACK HICKMAN HIGLEY HYATT SCOTT SMALL STROBERG THARPE WHITTLESEY page one hundred eighty-six KAPPA ALPHA THETA FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1870 BETA NU CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors : Black and Gold Flower : Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta " IN FACULTATE Jennie Tilt Mildred Finnegan Edna Mae Mcintosh Edith West SENIORS Dorothy Barr Mary Frances Campbell Ruth Fisher Martha Hague lima La Barr Amelia Avant Martha Broyles Marjorie Morrison Jarrett Parker Margaret Roberts Millie Beckstrom Mary Connell Delores Fleischer Betty Gamble Allison Harrison JUNIORS Annie Laurie Polk Ella Faye Price Anne Laurie Sanchez Betty Spicer Geraldine " Williams Eleanor Scott Dorothy Steele Ruth Terrell Geraldine Williams Ruth Williams SOPHOMORES Kathryn Summei PLEDGES Rosemary Bash Marie Crouch Catherine Culbreath Elizabeth Miller Barbara Beckstrom Lois Cooper Mary Lou Gordon Esther Hack Nancy Knotts Mary Ann McCalla Mary Beth O ' Steen Christine Russ Maribel Savage Dorothy Hickman Emma Jean Higley Bettye Hyatt Hetty Rose Scott Mary Ellen Small Martha Stroberg Helen Smith Jeannette Thorpe Monterey Whittlesey Purple dragons, polka dot serpents, green alligators and a large " Ferdinand, the Bull " over the mantle . . . decoration for the K. A. T. formal . . . ship ahoy and a pledge party in the nautical style . . . long to be remembered bull sessions at the " honor store " in the kitchen . . . This year also brought visits from national officers and most glorious of all Katherine Rawls Thompson, swimming Olympic champion, formerly a Kappa Alpha Theta pledge . . . Tennis intramural cups and two national KAT cups proudly arrayed on the mantle ... a great year, with fun and achievement . . . Kappa Alpha Theta. page one hundred eighty-seven ASHTON CABANISS EDWARDS, M. ELEBASH ENGEL JACKSON LAMOTTE LOCKWOOD MERRYDAY PATTERSON SEED FAIN THOMAS BALLENGER C. CORBET! EDWARDS, KENT LITSCHGI ROBINSON TURNBULL VAN BRUNT. C. VAN BRUNT VOSS WEBSTER ALFORD anderson, anderson, battle: BRINSON BRYANT COFER ERWIN DABNEY EVANS FULLER GILBERT HAMPTON LANGSTON LANIER LONG MCCAIN MCMORRIS NICKINSON R1CKARDS WALKER WELTNER WHITE WING WIGHT BIGGS CARLTON DUNCAN FLOYD KLINGENSMITH MABRY MERRYDAY, A. MITCHELL NOGGLE PERRY PHILLIPS RYAN WILLIAMS puf c one hundred eighty-eight KAPPA DELTA FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, PARMVILLE, VIRGINIA IN 1897 KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1904 Colors : Olive Green and Pearl White Flower : White Rose Open Motto: " Let Us Strive For That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest " Publication : ' ' Angelos ' ' IN FACULTATE Helen McKean Kathleen Fletcher SENIORS Becky Ashton Petrea Cabaniss Martha Edwards Emma Randolph Elebash Erma Engel Nelle P ain Jane Thomas JUNIORS Jane Jackson Frances LaMotte Janet Lockwood Helen Glenn Merryday Lutrelle Patterson Lucille Seed Martha Ballenger Letitia Corbett Caroline Edwards Harriet Kent Jeannette Litschgi Ina Margaret Robinson Bunny Turnbull Clifton Van Brunt Martha Van Brunt La vine Voss Jeanne Webster SOPHOMORES Mary Myers Alford Barbara Anderson Martha Anderson Fiances Battle Caroline Brinson Margaret Marie Bryant Frances Cafer Mary Kate Erwin Helen Dabney Betty Evans Sara Fuller Jenn Gilbert Selina Wight PLEDGES Betty Ann Biggs Mary Carlton Ruth Coe Mary Boiling Duncan Ma urine Floyd Mary Frances Klingensmith Jean Williams Mae Hampton Betty Langston Vivian Lanier Mary Ellen Long Hope McCain Anna McMorris Betty Nickinson Beth Rickards Lucille Walker May Weltner Nancy White Elizabeth Wing Barbara Mabry Anne Merryday Susan Mitchell Helen Noggle Rosa Lee Perry Elizabeth Phillips Kappa Delta formal dance ... a picture of spring . . . pledges dressed to impersonate swiss premium hams, strange interlude, etc. . . . pledge party of fun and laughter . . . the A. F. A. L. (anything for a laugh) Daily Dirt news- paper published weekly ... a humorous resume of Kappa Delta doings among the chapter by Scoop Getter and Snoop Better . . . and ye Sanitary Sandwich Shoppe, through which week funds were made ... a disasterous fire that kept the Kappa Deltas " out of hot water " for weeks . . . Kappa Delta . . .sorority of the shield. page one hundred eighty-nine BROWN BRYAN CHAPMAN LINTON LUKENS RODGERS SLAUGHTER WILSON ALLDERDICE BOOZER CAHOON CAMPBELL DRAUGHAN GAY HOGAN LINES MEACHAM MILLER AHERN ASKEW DUNSFORD GREENLEAF HARRIS INMAN KETTERER KING NICHOLSON OLDHAM PHILLIPS SHEAROUSE SUTTON BIRD GERRISH NELLES NESSMITH RAINEY SHUMAN LOTT page one hundred ninety PHI MU FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, MACON, GA., 1852 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER INSTALLED TN 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto: " Les Soeurs Fideles " Publication: " Aglaia " IN FACULTATE Christine Scarborough Edith Brown Nancy Bryan Betty Boozer Mary Greenleaf Eleanor King Lillian Allderdiee Grace Ahern Georgia Askew Ruth Dunsford Pearl Gay Lucille Ketterer Gertrude Linton Eleanor Miller Adelaide Slaughter Sophie Draughan Helen Sutton SENIORS Lillian Lnkens JUNIORS Sara Lines SOPHOMORES .Tooelyn Shea rouse PLEDGES Mary Shuman Mary Chapman Margaret Wilson Doris Cahoon Peggy Oldham Jean Phillips Jean Nicholson June Inman Caroline Bird Doris Campbell Evelyn Gerrish Ruth Anne Lott Kathleen Hogan Peggy Mea chain Betty Nelles Juanita Nessniith Vivienne Rainey After dinner coffees followed by fire side chats on brisk evenings . . . croAvds of sleepy faces at a weekly waffle breakfast . . . Eager eyes before the numerous quail dinners at the Phi Mu house ... a Phi Mn kindergarten of fun at the annual kid party with pop corn and lolly pops for all. page one hundred ninety-one ATKINSON BAKER BLALOCK. B. BURNETTE. J. EWART FRINK JACKSON LADD MORRIS REES STEWART WHITE WYNN ALLEN ANDERSON BENNETT DENNIS JEWETT LESTER MATTERN MILLER POST ROBBINS ROWLEY TAYLOR AKERMAN BRANDT CHAZAL DANIEL FERRAN LOUGHNOT LANIER McGARRY MITCHELL MORROW PAINTER PIERCE THIGPEN WALKER WALTON ANGEL ATKINSON BLALOCK. 1 BRYANT BURNETTE. CALDWELL CURTIS GIERSCH HILL LEFFLER McKEE MAQUIRE PAINTER PEARCE TRICE VALENTINE VENNING WILLIAMSON page one hundred ninety-two PI BETA PHI FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS IN 1867 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication : ' ' Arrow ' ' IN FACULTATE Mrs. Herman Kurz M SENIORS Ruth Atkinson Anne Ladd Danner Baker Floreine Morris Betty Blalock Margaret Rees Julia Burnette Marjorie Stewart Freddie Frink Polly Ann White Peggy Jackson JUNIORS Betty Wynn Mary Allen Joan Miller Jane Anderson Martha Robbins Mabel Bennett Mary Susan Rowley Janet Jewett Lucille Smoak Mary Alice Lester Mary Taylor Janet Mattern Betty Venning Barbara Tyler SOPHOMORES Emily Akennan Dorothy Mitchell Pat Brandt Ruth Morrow Mary Chazal Margaret Painter Dorothy Daniel Anne Pierce Betty Ferran Katherine Thigpen Margaret Ann McGarry Louise Walker PLEDGES Ann Angel Elizabeth Leffler Mary Louise Atkinson Virginia Loughnot Theo Blalock Jane Maguire Sara Duke Bryant Noreen McKee Betty Burnette Carolyn Painter Mary Caldwell Ruth Pearce Einmett Curtis Nell Trice Minna Dennis Alice Valentine Elizabeth Giersch Sue Venning Eddie Hill Rose Williamson Confusion in the night . . . the Pi Phi fire drill . . . the Halloween formal with dim lights, punch, and Pi Phi kisses (chocolate ones) on the terrace . . . sneezes from angora as knitting takes a prominent place during exam week . . . clowns, cotton candy, and sideshows as the show goes on for the Pi Beta Phi circus . . . " greatest show on campus " . . . Monkey shines and Cookie shines . . . the arrow of Pi Phi. page one hundred ninety -three DONEGAN EFFINGER PATTEN RIGLEY TRUSLER LYBARKER OTT PARRAMORE PORTLESS THRASHER EDWARDS GNANN MCNALLY NORFLEET TORRES COOPER COURTNEY GRINER HOBBS HOWZE FLACIE TURNER page one hundred ninety-four SIGMA KAPPA FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, WATERVILLE, MAINE, 1874 OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1920 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Open Motto: " One Heart, One Way " Publication : ' ' Triangle ' ' IN FACULTATE Sue Pitchford Rachel Pitchford Leila Venable Kitty Benson Hazel Donegan SENIORS Susanna Truster SJeale Effinger Carol Ramage Edith Ott Phyllis Parramore JUNIORS Ada LyBarker Mona McLean PLEDGES Virginia Gnann Gladys Johnson Lois McNally Nell Norfleet Nancy Rigby Esther Torres Louise Thrasher Lucille Courtney Irene Edwards Carolyn Griner Helen Hobbs Becky Holland Frances Howze Lois Marehant Lynnette Patten Betty Ann Placie Betty Tolson Martelle Turner Eileen Cooper Marja Pourtless Goal posts, footballs, and maroon, lavender and gold colors of Sigma Kappa . . . the pledge banquet in the football style . . . the Bowery Ball . . . clever cos- tumes and an evening of hilarious skits ... In the more formal trend, the formal dance presented a southern garden . . . huge clusters of wysteria and a silhouette of the old south . . . the ping pong rage . . . and thrills with chills as a cold morning provided ice skating on the frozen balcony. page one hundred ninety -five HUGHES WH1TTING page one hundred ninety-six THETA UPSILON FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF GAL1FONIA IN 1914 LAMBDA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors : Rainbow Flower : Iris Open Motto: " Let There Be Light " Publication: " The Dial " IN FACULTATE Etta Robertson Mary Settle SENIORS Eleanor Freer Lois Hughes Valerie Hunt Jean Hodges Nancy Rogero Louise WhittiiH Grace Brewer PLEDGES Dorothy White Anna Dubrocq Bright colors, confetti and surpentine . . . Mardi Gras theme at the Theta Upsilon formal . . . more color . . . the ' ' rainbow tea " ... toasted roasted hot- dogs at out-door parties and toast and coffee on lazy Sunday mornings . . . Excitement and a call for the police when a prowler w-as found in the house ... a strange sleep walker rage, the victims always making their way to the kitchen . . . Theta Upsilon ... a new house and a new year. page one hundred ninetii-seven PATTISHALL RUSSELL UNKRICH Mi Ijuye one hundred ninety-eight ZETA TAU ALPHA FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE IN 1898 BETA GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors : Blue and Steel Gray Flower : White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " Publication: " Themis " Ena Faye Jett Carolyn O ' Neal Barbara Reed SENIORS Camille Geneau JUNIORS Louise Rice Esther Schowe Margaret Smith Betty Cappleman Marguerite Page Martha Pattishall Virginia Raftery SOPHOMORES Margaret Hudson PLEDGES Mary Reed Betty Rae Russell Jane Unkrich Jean Wood Isabelle Waterhouse GRADUATE J fine Freeman An April Fool Formal ... no fooling, with fun and frolic for all . . .endless fun and laughter at numerous spaghetti suppers . . . Weekly hamburger par- ties that suggest the thrills of vacation time ... a star-light tea . . . and the shuffle board plaque awarded Zeta Tau Alpha in the Intra-mural games . . . a year of thrills . . . good times. page one hundred ninety-nine EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF C. G. A. Winifred Ewart, President MEMBERS Katherine Graham, 1st Vice President Elizabeth Ann Webb, 2nd Vice President Martha Murphy, Secretary Sara Lytle, Treasurer Eloise Trott, Chairman of Judiciary Prances Douglas, Freshman Adviser Executive Council The Executive Council performs all duties delegated to it by the Senate, acting in an executive capacity. It assists in the formulation of policies to be sub- mitted to the College Government Association and to the Senate. l age two hundred two JUDICIARY OF COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Senior Representatives — Betty Hatch Julia Beckman Junior Representatives — Connie Ash Ina Margaret Robinson Frances Slade Chairman — Eloise Trott Sophomore Representatives — Cornelia Watson Lucille Walker Chm. of Residence Hall Committee — Melba Parks Chm. of Off-Campus Committee — Mary Boatwright Freshman Adviser — Frances Douglas President of C. G. A., ex-officio — Winifred Ewart Judiciary The purpose of the Judiciary is to educate the student body to a realization of the responsibilities and privileges of self-government through a clear interpreta- tion of the regulation and through personal assistance in helping each person who appears before the court to adapt herself to the high standards and to contribute her best to the advancement of the college community. page two hundred three FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL Freshman Adviser — Frances Douglas MEMBERS Mary Allen Tessie Backman Betty Bartholf Charlotte Bartless Eleanor Doris Browne Thelina Butler Janet Cook Shirley Davis Gibson Dey Pauline Flake Marian Gaddom Camilla Gillette Florence Gregory Donna Haney Frances Hodges Nancy Horney Zonira Hunter Betty Lou Ingerman Harriet Kent Gene Charlotte Kerns Dorothea Kloepell .la net Kunney Martha Lumpkin Avis Lyman Helen McBride Mary McCahill Muriel McCracken Elva Melvin Joan Miller Marjorie Morrison Xewie Powell Louise Rice Martha Bobbins Virginia Sigma n Lynette Thompson Louise Thrasher Dorothy Townsend Ann Towson Margaret Walcott Edna Warren Lollie Watrous Hazel Wilkerson Bette Young Marjorie Yonge Ltl If If f mSmttSmm -• " ... . " Freshman Advisory Council The Freshman Advisory Council is made up of orientation leaders and members of the council. This group carries on a program of orientation for the new students in order that they become well acquainted with campus activities and campus life in as short a time as possible. page ttcq hundred four SENATE Katherine Graham, Chairman Elizabeth Ann Webb Eloise Trott Melba Parks Mary Boatwriglit Bunny Lowry Ruth Atkinson Betty Wynn Petrea Cabaniss Emma Randolph Elebash Anne Jones Dorothy Parker Mary Emily Parker Bettie Young Martha Anderson Virginia Craig Evelyn Anderson Lutrelle Patterson Becky Ash t on Marie Swilley Janet Jewett Dorothea Kloeppel Dolore Fleischer Dorothy Mitchell Frances Douglas Senate Senate is the legislative branch of the College Government Association. It voices opinions of the student body in matters concerning the administration of College Government. The First Vice President of College Government As- sociation is the acting head of the Senate. page two hundred five LOWER COURT Melba Parks, Chairman Katherine Bacon Mamie Ruth Baggott Lucia Mnnnerlyn Esther O ' Byrne Sue Pinner Hnth Rogers The Lower Court Lower Court is a part of the Judicial Department of the College Government Association. It is the purpose of the Court to deal with minor infractions in the Residence Halls and in so doing to promote higher standards of living and greater understanding of these rules. page two hundred site OFF-CAMPUS COMMITTEE Mary Boatwright, Chairman Mary Frances Campbell Gibson Dey Anita Jaeekel Catherine Kirby-Smith Janet Lockwood Martha Moore Midelle Moore Edith Ott Roanna Posey Nancy Rogero Off-Campus Committee Off-Campus Committee is an organization whose purpose is to bring- those liv- ing off-campus into closer association with campus life, and to act as a judicial body for those students. [Hiffe two hundred seven SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Dorothy Anderson Martha Anderson Virginia Balkom Elizabeth Blair Pat Brandt Gene Bryan Margaret Cameron Mary Chazal Helen Dabney Atlant Day Dolores Fleischer Hetty Gamble Anne Jones, Chairman Linnie Lou Gautier T elia Montero Jenn Gilbert Mary Greenleaf Mary Sue Horton Margaret Hunter Mary Joerg Holly Kinney Elinor Knowles Carolyn Minis Beryl Mitchell Dorothy Mitchell Sonia Mitchell Elizabeth Moore Martha Murphy Ann McNorris Betty Nickinson Barbara Northen Peggy Oldham Ann Pierce Jane Price Minnie Ratliff Roberta Rhyne Mary Elizabeth Rivero Ida Mary Scharfschwerdt Margaret Scott Katherine Thigpen Barbara Thomas Nell Thompson Jane Veal Magda Waering Lucille Walker Cornelia Watson Nancy White Suzanne Wilson ' - ' - ' ■- - " " — i_ s. Sophomore Council Sophomore Council is composed of a group of girls chosen from the Freshman class each year, by the Executive Council of College Government Association and the Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. It is the connecting link between Student Government and the Freshman Class and it takes care of the many duties of the Student Government. Each Sophomore Council girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. page two hundred eight DAY STUDENTS Dorothy Parker, President Louise Taylor, Vice President Edith Chason, Secretary Nellie Fain, Treasurer Doris Searcy, Parliamentarian Senate Representatives — Holly Kinnev Dorothy Parker Jocelyn Shearouse, Social Chairman Margaret Fishier, Activity Chairman Elizabeth DeMilly, Transportation Chairman Ethel Hawes, Publicity Chairman Evelyn Weeks, Peace Chairman B liifii iiii w JF iiifWl ■—-■■ ! Day Students The aim of the Day Students Organization is to bring day students into closer association with campus life and give them the responsibilities which will make them more a part of the campus. page two hundred nine WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President — Bunny Lowry Vice President — Louise Rice Secretary — Mary Collins Treasurer — Barbara Thomas Senior Intramural Manager- -Betty White Playnight Chairman — Ruth Wilson Senior Class Manager — Fay Corey Junior Class Manager — Dot Colburn Sophomore Class Manager — Daisy Belle Savage Freshman Class Manager — Janet Wells W. A. A. The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization whose purpose is to stimu- late interest in a program of wholesome physical activities, to promote athletic accomplishments, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. All members of the Florida State College for Women resident on the campus are members of the association. page two hundred ten PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION President — Yvonne Marchesseau Vice President — Katherine Kirby-Smith Treasurer — Gene Runyon Secretary — Minnie Ratliff MEMBERS Dorothy Colburn Fay Corey Jackie Gates Valerie Hunt Bunny Lowry Sara Lytle Martha Moore Virginia Rood Betty White Louise Whitting Nancy Williamson Ruth Wilson Mary Collins Kitty Ford Frances Fryer Janet Jewett Katherine Kirby-Smith Patricia Mack Yvonne Marchesseau Martha Robbins Martha Dent Perry Frances Battle Margaret Clements Mildred Hear on Mary Sue Horton Brunelle Mobley Minnie Ratliff Priscilla Sue Robinson Barbara Thomas Cornelia Ann Watson Emily Barrow Margaret Barger Montiene Clyatt Lucille Coker Marian Freeling Enid Hartshorne Eleanor Haskins Prances Howze Jean Jensen Bette Kennedy Nell Loyless Dorothy McCown Anna Frances McKay Mary Jane Medlin Paulette Nolan Dorothy Parks Ruth Pearce Reba Ragsdale Nell Foster Smith Gwendolyn Stephenso Bernice Walton Dorothy Walton Janet Wells Jean Wood Edith Young Marv Elizabeth Youn 0, V i rV ' M tin r« The Physical Education Association The Physical Education Association is an organization composed of those stu- dents majoring or minoring in Physical Education and those faculty members in the Physical Education Department. Its purpose is to promote interest in physical activities and to also bring out their social, moral and intellectual values. page two huiidred elqvev DISTAFF Editor — Petrea Cabaniss Editorial Board — Frances Williams Leona Howe Anne Ladd Ann Towson Florence Gregory Bertha Bloodworth Vivian Alsweh Managing Editor — Ina Margaret Robinson Copy Editor — Mnryl Roland Art Editors — Ruth Fisher Roanna Posey Louise Prine Circulation Manager — Dorothy Mitchell Business Manager — Julia Beckman Business Staff — Frances Milton Holly Kinney Dorothy Gamble The DISTAFF The Distaff, a collection of stories, poems, essays and articles, is the college quarterly magazine. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for the literary expres- sion of the student body through their contributions. page two hundred twelve FLAMBEAU Editor Ruth Atkinson Associate Editor — Prances Brunson Managing Editor — Alma Warren Nancy Rogero News Editors — Jeannette Mullis Muryl Roland Business Manager — Hazel Adams Assistant Manager — Doris Browne Circulation — Dora Solomon Clara Willets Advertising — Rose Lee Feigenbaum r- The Florida Flambeau A newspaper published weekly by the students of the Florida State College for Women. Its purpose is to provide for the students a summary and presenta- tion of activities from week to week. page tivo hundred thirteen FLASTACOWO Editor-in-Chief — Betty Wyim Associate Editor — Betty McMnllen Managing Editor — Joan Miller Assistant Editors — Pat Brant Amelia Gordy Dorothy Mitchell Doris Summerlin Jean Webster Art Editors — Charlotte Bartless Lonise Prine Snapshot Editor — Beatrice Highsmith Freshman Editor — Dot Pepiot page . two. hundred fourteen FLASTACOWO BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager — Polly Ann White Advertising Manager — Jeannette Litschgi Staff— Carese Brown Mary Vergowe Carolyn Edwards Amelia Gordy Wilma Johns page two hundred fifteen HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President — Louise Wheeler Vice President — Lollie Watrous Secretary — Mary Vergowe Treasurer — Dorothy Townsend Senior Representative — Betty Harrison Junior Repr esentative — Ruth Sanderson Sophomore Representative — Jean Phillips Publicity Chairman — Mary Lou ' Haver Social Chairman — Marjorie Morrison Parliamentarian — Ruth Ey man Faculty Adviser — Miss Sara Meador The Home Economics Club The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to encourage interest in young women for a better knowledge of home and community life and to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. paye two hundred sixteen GLEE CLUB President — Esther ' Bvrne Vice President — Betty Bartholf Secretary — Elizabeth Ranson T r ea su r er — Dorothy Sa n ford Ushers — Louise Thrnsher Eleanor Mnllins Ruth Eyman Marv Greenleaf iiage two hundred seventeen CLASSICAL CLUB 1 t w ' ■»■-. ■■■ ■ •- g President- Vice President — Lynette Thompson Secretary — Frances Cofer Treasurer — Wilma Johns Publicity Chairman — Hilda Alagood Ann White Bulletin Board — Betty Nickinson Christine Russ Faculty Adviser- Miss Edith West Helen Ballou Edith Chason Virginia Clark Lenore Cohen Lucy Cole Eileen Collins Barbara Conine Helen Davis C ' lotilde Fernandez Virginia Gautier Virginia Hamilton Catherine Markins Danine Hunter Wilma Johns Koxilu Kelton Betty Kissinger MEMBERS Nanna Kurtz Marguerite Lowe Susan Mitchell Jeanne McDowall Mary Palmer Mary Olive Pinckney Carol Ramage Frederica Roberts Gertrude Snettel Lynette Thompson Christine Russ Peggy Thornton Dot Walton Polly Ann White Margaret Marie Bryant Frances Cofer The Classical Club The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This study is worked out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this way the laboratory serves also as a training school for future teachers of Latin. page two hundred eighteen NEWMAN CLUB «% President — Elizabeth Loimds Vice President — Dorothy Molnar Corres. Secretary — Suzanne Wilson Rec. Secretary — Kathleen McCarthy Treasurer — Rita Mae Henry Chaplain and Adviser — Rev. W. C. Carroll The Newman Club The Newman Club, a Catholic organization for Catholic girls in college, has for its purpose the furthering of their religious, intellectual and social standing. page two hundred nineteen 7 CLUB President — Mary Palmer Vice President — Fay Corey Secretary-Treasurer — Louise Prine Connie Ash Margaret Clements Dorothy Colburn Mary Collins Dolores Fleischer Frances Fryer Donna Haney Mary Sue Horton Valerie Hunt Janet Jewett Katherine Kirby-Smitli MEMBERS Elizabeth Bounds Bunny Lowry Sarah Lytle Ernestine Makemson Yvonne Marchesseau Brunnelle Mobley Dot Molnar Gladys Peacock Louise Rice Ruth Rogers Merryday Rosser Virginia Rood Johanna Skagseth Barbara Thomas Lynette Thompson Margaret Walcott Cornelia Watson Betty White Nancy White Louise Whitting Nancy Williamson Ruth Wilson Y Club The ' F ' Club is an honorary for girls who have exhibited themselves in physical sports and the purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in the world of physical education. page two hundred twenty SENIOR HALL ( Minimum — Marie Swilley Secretary — Margaret Walcot t Hazel Adams Katherine Autrey Julia Beckman Dorothy Broward Julia Burnette Nell Colvin Janet Cook Frances Douglas Mary Louise Duncan Florence Evers Winifred Ewart Ruth Eynian Meriba Helen Ferguson Doris Fillingim Mabel Fletcher Jackie Gates Virginia Gautier MEMBERS Betty Lou Ingermann Annie Jennings Christine Killiam Gail Kinney Frances Lane Dawn Latham Marie Lewis Elizabeth Lounds Bunny Lowry Sarah Lytic Muriel McCracken Ailsa Ellen McKelvey Beulah Mitchell Dorothy Molnar Irene Morrow Julia Mullis Elizabeth Oiieman Mary Palmer Mary Emily Parker Melba Parks Carol Ramage Frederica Roberts Jean Root Betty Russell Dorothy Scott Margaret Sparkmau Mary Elizabeth Stevenson Margaret Tyler Elcise Trott Marian Usher Florence Wagner Doris Walker Betty White Polly Ann White ■payc two hundred twenty-one 4-H CLUB President — Mary Alford 1st Vice President — Betty Reed 2nd Vice President — Jeannette Rish Secretary — Frances Palmer Assistant Secretary — Hazel Lacy Treasurer — Beatrice Arnold Freshman Adviser — Laura McCaughan Program Chairman — Ruth Sheperd Edna Sims The College 4-H Club The College 4-H Club is composed of former 4-H Club girls who present satis- factory records of achievement in active 4-H Club work and of scholarship in college. The main objective of the club is to encourage other 4-H Club girls to enter college ; to develop an appreciative interest in college life ; to promote the program of 4-H work in Florida. page two hundred twenty-two D. A. R. Regent — Mary Gober Secretary — Madeline Duncan Treasurer — Nancy Bryan Registrar — Lucille Ketterer Chaplain — Ruth Wilson Publicity Chairman — Emily Cone Sponsor — Dr. Shores page, two hundred twenty -three ASTRONOMY CLUB President — Mary Cochran Vice President — Elizabeth Ann Williams Sec ' y--Treas. — Virginia Makemson Publicity Chairman — St. George Lourcey, Sara Nooney Chairman of Telescope Team — Zonira Hunter Faculty Adviser — Miss Lynn ITALIAN CLUB President — Sibyl Jean Olsen Vice President — Eleanor Redlineer Sec ' y--Treas. — Angie Friscia Faculty Adviser — Miss Marie Davis page two hundred twenty-four LIFE SAVING CORPS President — Fay Corey Sec ' y.-Treas. — Hazel Wilkerson Captain — Louise Whitting Instructor — Dorothy White Chairman of Canoeing and Water Sports- Valerie Hunt Chairman of Program — Jackie Gates Chairman of Publicity — Sandra Peckham Hilda Alagood Lucille Arnold Marjorie Benson Evelyn Buettner Dorothy Colburn Mary Frances Campbell Carolyn Collins Mary Collins Fay Corey Frances Fryer Patty Holbert Mary Sue Horton Betty Lou Horton Valerie Hunt Annie Jennings Bunny Lowry Nellie Loyless Olive Manz Yvonne Marchesseau Dorothy Marwick Betty Mayer Jane McCay Martha Moore Sarah Nooney Betty Orleman Dot Parks Gladys Peacock Sandra Peckham Martha Dent Perry Marcia Ranney Bebbe Rivero Sue Robinson Nancy Rogero Esther Schowe Dorothy Scott Eleanor Shuman Margaret Walcott Frances Weber Betty White Dorothy White MEMBERS Nancy White Louise Whitting Hazel Wilkerson Nancy Williamson Ruth ' Wilson Kathlee Guest Ernestine Makemson Virginia Makemson Jackie Gates Louise Rice Kitty Ford Rachel Erwin Rhoda Raymond Carmen Lytal Louise Patterson Mary Allred Elizabeth Lounds Frances Battle Virginia Rood Barbara Thomas Janet Jewett Mary Palmer Mickey Hearon Anne Jewett Frances Branson Louise Brown Nancy Bryan Evelyn Marsh Margaret Scott Katherine Kirby-Sniith Sara Sheldon Annette Cone Welaska Fulmer Eloise Baughn Martha Anderson Wilda Christie Sara Cody Genevieve Conger Rose Lee Feigenbaum Martha Green Mary Glenn Grimes Helen Hoffman Ouida Jones Betty Lindsey Louise Lorenze Sarah Lytle Jean Mankes Margaret Nevitt Edna Pittman Jane Telford Marion Webater Margaret Wheeler Betty Barthoff Jean Lawerence Grace Sparkman Dilla Wakefield Minnie Ratliff Margaret Clements Harriet Gill Tarpon Club President — Dorothy Colburn Vice President — Yvonne Marchesseau Secretary — Frances Weber Treasurer — Frances Battle Student Instructor — Valerie Hunt Faculty Adviser — Miss Mayer MEMBERS Mary Frances Campbell Sara Moore Lois Hughes Gladys Peacock Katherine Knight Dorothy Rickards Ernestine Makemson Virginia Rood Virginia Makemson Dorothy White Louise Whitting PLEDGES Lillian Alderdice Marjorie Benson Carolyn Collins Mary Collins Hazel Wilkerson Patty Holbert Olive Manz Louise Patterson Louise Rice Nancy Rogero 1 H if n page two hundred tiventy-five Y. W. C. A. Faculty Adviser — Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell President — Charlotte Kamper Secretary — Virginia Balkcom Treasurer — Pauline Flake CABINET Dorothy Broward Margaret Cameron Mary Collins Janet Cook Margaret Hunter Joan Kennedy Dorothes Kloeppel Elinor Knowles Elizabeth Linn Dorothy Marwick Mary Jane Medlin Marjorie Morrison Beryl Mitchell Sonia Mitchell Frances Palmer Jan Simmons Sara Worth BAPTIST STUDENT ORGANIZATION President — Agnes Martin 1st Vice President — Peggy Hughes 2nd Vice President — Mamie Ruth Baggott Devotional Chairman — Muryl Roland Secretary — Mary Lou ' Haver Mr. Treasurer — Laura McCaughan Sunday School President — Julia Beckman Publicity Chairman — Florence Gregory Faculty Advisers — Miss Maude Flowers R. S. Doyle page two hundred twenty-six METHODIST STUDENT ORGANIZATION President — Frances Howell Vice President — Mary Elizabeth Stevenson Secretary — Marie Lewis Treasurer — Allefair Everett Financial Secretary — Annie Laurie Polk Personnel Director — Rose Mary Carlton Worship Chairman — Pauline Flake Publicity Chairman — Johanna Skagseth Music Chairman — Ola Belle Tillman Dramatic Chairman — Katherine Summers Alumnae House Chairman — Frances Clements Social Service Chairman — Eleanor Hocker Recreational Chairman — Lucille Flow Sorority Chairman — Marjorie Morrison Off Campus Chairman — Anna Walker President of Sunday School Class — Esther ' Byrne Secretary of Sunday School Class — Lollie Watrous Treasurer of Sunday School Class — Mamie Piland League Representative — Frances Lane League Social Chairman — Elizabeth Whittington Chairman — Emily Philips n f) fioo thi» Id t PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT SENIOR COUNCIL President — Janet Cook Vice President — Betty Russell Secretary — Betty Ambler Treasurer — Dot Scott President Sunday School Class — Jean Hampton Spiritual Life — Beth Ransom Missions — Merryday Rosser Social Service — Mary Lou Duncan Music — Eleanor Danniells, Edna Warren Extension — Betty Bartholf Student House — Doris Browne Publicity- — Hazel Adams Dramatics — Harriet Kent Dieticians — Mildred Hill, Mary Vergowe Social — Betty Lou Ingerman Athletics — Louise Patterson Librarian — Donna Haney COUNCIL JUNIOR COUNCIL Martha Moore Betty Nickenson Corinrie Butler Ruth Hampton Delia Montero Marjorie May Saidee Mae Arnold Pauline Morrow Jean McCord Virginia Balcom Katherine Burgess Marjorie Smith Dayde Barnard, Ruth Eyman Minnie Ratliff page two hundred twenty-seven USHER COMMITTEE Chairman — Jeanne Webster MEMBERS Amelia Avant Jean Bennett Wilda Finlayson Willyne Gaines Betty Jane Jaco Janet Kunneg Jeannette Litschgi Isa belle Ramsey Margaret Rodgers Virginia Signian Janice Simmons Lucille Smoak Clifton Van Brunt Daphne Wilson DEBATE COMMITTEE Chairman — Nell Colvin Secretary — Nell Thompson Business Manager — Betty Nickinson Faculty Advisers — Miss Young Miss Richardson Miss Wylie page two hundred twenty-eight N. S. F. A. Chairman — Marjorie Jessup Senior Representative — Ruth Eyman Junior Representative — Eleanor Miller Sophomore Representative — Gene Bryan Faculty Adviser — Dr. Shores N. S. F. A. The local chapter of the National Students Federation of America is under the auspices of the Student Senate. Founded through the work of Mary Jeanne McKay in 1936 as a Senate Committee, N. S. F. A. has come to play an im- portant part in student life. N. S. F. A. forums are places of open discussion for students and faculty alike; all students are members of the organization by right of registration for classes, and the faculty are encouraged to attend the forums. N. S. F. A. deals mainly with campus problems, attempting to bring together student opinion and to work out some solution that can be recommended to Senate, the N. S. F. A. chairman, who is a member of that body. There is no doubt but that N. S. F. A., in its three years on campus, has done much to iron out the irritating and unimportant details of student life, and to coagulate student opinion into a well-planned and driving force. Its place on campus will continue as a Democratic one, and its part in student life will be of even greater importance in future years. page two hundred twenty-nine SOCIAL COMMITTEE V .ft Chairman — Lutrelle Patterson Assistant Chairman — Marv Allen CAMPUS SOCIAL COMMITTEE Chairman — Lutrelle Patterson Assistant Chairman — May Allen MEMBERS Catherine Camp Katherine Thigpen Beulah Mitchell Margaret Xevitt Elizabeth Holley Hazel Hinsey Holly Kinney Jerry Knapp Anita Jaeckel Julia Mullis Helen Dabney Jane Price Irene Peck Muriel McCracken Elva Melvin Jackie Gates Amelia Gordy Connie Ash Martha Edwards Nell Colvin Jackie Texada Janet Lock wood Dot Ban- Katherine Autrev Mary Emily Parker page two hundred thirty AUDITING COMMITTEE Virginia Craig — Chairman Marie Swilley Gene Dunn Faculty Adviser — Miss Richey BUDGET COMMITTEE Evelyn Anderson — Chairman Katherine Autrey Virginia Craig Harriet Kent Lynette Thompson Faculty Advisers — Miss Richey Dr. Shores Miss Sehornhurst HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Virginia Makemson Ernestine Makemson Sara King Co-Chairmen Nell Thompson page two hundred thirty-one INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB President — Agnes S. DeLoach Treasurer — Margaret Harrison Vice President — Julia Mnllis Reporter — Helen Shatowsky Secretary — Elizabeth Linn Librarian — Nancy White Faculty Adviser — Dr. Abbey JEWISH WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION President — Lillian Fleet Vice President — Tybee Wittenstein Secretary — Miriam Busline!! Treasurer — Trma Streng piiffe two ii a mired thirty-two ORGANIZATIONS ASTRONOMY CLUB BAPTIST STUDENT ORGANIZATION CLASSICAL CLUB COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION COTILLION CLUB DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION DEBATING CLUB DISTAFF E.P.C. EPISCOPAL STUDENT VESTRY ESTEREN F CLUB FLAMBEAU FLASTACOWO FRENCH CLUB FRESHMAN CLASS 4-H CLUB GLEE CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB I.R.C. ITALIAN CLUB JEWISH WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION JUNIOR CLASS LIFE SAVINGS CORP METHODISTS STUDENT ORGANIZATION MODERN DANCE GROUP MORTAR BOARD NEWMAN CLUB N.S.F.A. PANHELLENIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR CLASS SENIOR HALL SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE COUNCIL SPANISH CLUB SPIROGIRA TARPON CLUB VILLAGE VAMPS WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOC IATION YOUNG WOMENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION page two hundred thirty-three on Club President Irene Peck Secretary — Lucille Walker Vice President — Frances Slade Treasurer — Jimmie Parramore Faculty Adviser — Miss Settle MEMBERS : Ruth Atkinson Emily Akerman Dorothy Barr Elizabeth Griley Erma Engel Mae Hampton Janet Lockwood Dorothy Mitchell Julia Mullis Martha Anderson Joan Miller Amelia Gordy Jane Sharon Jane Guy Janice Simmons Ruth Irvine The Cotillion Club, a social organization, has for its purpose the furthering ' of better dancing and better dances on the campus. Its duties consist in spon- soring dances, obtaining orchestras, and giving their services to teaching those who wish to learn ba ll-room dancing. page livo hundred thirty-four • — IT - President — Banner Baker Treasurer — Nehvyn Brooks Vice President — Beth Rickards Reporter — Ann Towson Secretary — Leona Howe Historian — Betty Langston Faculty Adviser — Dr. Covle Moore MEMBERS : Pat Brandt Betty Graves Betty Cashen Mary Jane Lambeth Virginia Dowling Frances LaMotte Margaret Ann McGarry pagt tu-o hundred thirty-five President — Lutrelle Patterson Vice President — Katherine Autrey Secretary — Dorothy Barr Treasurer — Margaret Walcott Winifred Ewart Sara Lytle Betty Hatch Becky Ashton Mary Emily Parker Bunny Lowry Eloise Trott Janet Lockwood MEMBERS : FACULTY Nell Colvin Melba Parks Lucille Walker Anne Jones Martha Murphy Cornelia Watson Carolyn Mims Barbara Thomas Miss Flowers Miss Devinney Miss Dorman Miss Tracy Miss Thomson Miss West Miss Stevens Mrs. Weaver Mrs. Hay Spirogira is a local campus honorary for Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. page two hundred thirty-six eren President — Frances Slacle Vice President — Elizabeth Ann Webb MEMBERS : Sec ' y Treas. — Katherine Graham FACULTY Miss Schornherst Miss Stevenson Lynette Thompson Ruth Atkinson Dorothea Kloeppel Jeannette Litschgi Miss Lynn Miss Richardson Yvonne Marchesseau Migs Montgomery Connie Ash Marjorie Jessup Anita Jaeckel Ina Margaret Robinson Ruth Rogers Bettie Young ESTEREN Esteren is a local honorary club to which Evens are eligible. Its purpose is to strengthen Even friendships and to help carry on the traditions of the Even Classes. page- two hundred thirty-seven THE PLACE OF ORGANIZATIONS To many students here organizations, as such, mean little or nothing, to others they are an integral and important phase of college life. To many of those students who take no part in campus organizations, the lack of concern is sincere — their interests simply do not lie in this direction. But there are no students who are not touched by one or more of our college organizations — C.G.A., JUDICIARY, Y.W.C.A., SENATE, and others, affect directly the life of every student. There is much criticism made by students that our campus is over-organized, but this fault, if it is a fault, is not one of the organizations, but one of the student who cannot say " no " . Organizations serve their foremost purpose in helping prepare students for active community life when they leave school — the classroom furnishes the theory for living, and the organization acts as a laboratory for experimentation with this theory. A student learns to choose her activities with care, learns how much she can do and not suffer for it ; learns to work under, with, and over people ; learns to accept responsibility seriously ; and to take power with a smile. To these ends, organizations are carried forward by and for the students themselves as " a laboratory for living. " page two hundred thirty-eight (MOWUZJL Announcing the Installation of GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON (Chemical Fraternity) FOUNDED AT DAVIDSON COLLEGE, DAVIDSON, N. C. IN 1919 BETA GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1939 Colors : Blue and White Flower : Blue Hyacinth Publication: " The Ray " FACULTY— HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Leland Lewis Miss Gertrude Vermillion Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Isabel McKinnell STUDENT MEMBERS Henrietta Jaeoby Dorothy Molnar Annie Jennings Margaret Vogt Marie Castellano Eunice Lasche Elizabeth Blaloek Marion Gaddum Elizabeth Lounds page two hundred forty MORTOR BOARD fi££l FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, N. Y., BY FOUR UNIVERSITIES IN 1918 TORCHBEARERS CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Colors: Gold and Silver Open Motto: Scholarship, Leadership, Service Publication: " Mortar Board Quarterly " MORTOR BOARD President — Becky Ashton Vice President — Nell Colvin Secretary — Betty Hatch Treasurer — Lntrelle Patterson ( ' orres. Secretary — Frances Brunson Historian — Mary Emily Parker MEMBERS Ruth Atkinson Winifred Ewart Petrea Cabaniss Charlotte Kamper Frances Douglas Melha Parks Mortar Board is a national honorary, for senior women whose candidates are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. page tico hundred forty-oHe PHI BETA KAPPA FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY IN DECEMBER, 1776 ALPHA OF FLORIDA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN MARCH, 1935 Colors : Pink and Sky Blue Open Motto: " Love of Wisdom the Helmsman of Life " Publications: " The Key Reporter, " " The American Scholar " President — Miss Myrtle Dolbee Vice President — Miss Olivia Dorman Secretary — Miss Victoria Schuck Treasurer — Dr. W. M. Barrows Historian — Miss Ezda Devinney MEMBERS Frances Douglas Fredericka Roberts Rebecca Ashton Elizabeth Blaloek Emma Randolph Elebash Mable Rogers Margaret Vogt Retry Hatch Winifred Ewart Mary Emily Parker Petrea Cabaniss Eloise Andrews Eunice Lasche page two hundred fortyitwu ALPHA CHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IN 1919 GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 Colors : Yellow and White Publication: " Al Cri " President — Anne Ladd Vice President — Frances Branson Sec ' y-Treas. — Mary Noble Chapter Editor — Petrea Cabaniss MEMBERS Ruth Atkinson Betty Wynn Hazel Adams Martha Lumpkin Betty Spieer Nancy Rogero Anne Lange Ayala Alma Warren Leona Howe Elizabeth Turner Mary Sullivan Mabel Bennett Polly Douglas Ann Towson Jeannette Mullis Muryl Roland CHI DELTA PHI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IN 1919 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED TN 1931 Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " The Motto of the Sorority is to Be Found in Its Name ' ' Publication: " The Litterateur " MEMBERS Petrea Cabaniss Leona Howe Bertha Bloodworth Oibson Dey page two hundred forty-three ETA SIGMA PHI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO IN 1914 ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 Colors: Yellow and Purple Publication : " Nuntius " President — Frederiea Roberts Sec ' y Treas. — Polly Ann White Vice President — Lynette Thompson Sergeant at Arms — Lynette Thompson FACULTY MEMBERS Olivia N. Dorman Ruth E. Fairman Edith West KAPPA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IN 1911 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Publication: " Educational Forum " President — Mary McCurdie Secretary — Beth Ranson Vice President — Mrs. Joe Hall Treasurer — Mrs. W. Rudeger Councilor — Mrs. Paul F. Finner MEMBERS Dawn Latham Beulah Mitchell Mary Clyde Grace Mrs. T. C. McKee Clarice Curry Jane Gale Mary Elizabeth Orleman Wilda Mack Katherine Miles page two hundred forty-four PHI ALPHA THETA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS IN 1921 DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 Colors: Madonna Blue and Madonna Red Flower: Red Rose Open Motto : Vox Populi Publication: " Star and Serpent " President — Mary Emily Parker Sec ' y.-Treas. — Kathryn Eckles Faculty Adviser — Dr. Annie Popper MEMBERS Dr. Katherine Abbey Dr. Venila Shores Mary Emily Parker Dr. Cotterill Miss Florence Tryon Kathryn Eckles Dr. Annie Popper Daisy Parker Dawn Latham PI DELTA PHI FOUNDED AT CALIFORNIA, STANFORD UNIVERSITY OMICRON CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1938 Colors : Blue, White and Red Flower : Fleur-de-lis Publication: " Deux Patries " President — Carol Ramage Secretary — Margaret Boteler Vice President — Beulah Mitchell Treasurer — Mary Manning- Faculty Adviser — Miss Marie Davis MEMBERS Beth Ranson Dawn Latham Clara Stewart Ruth Eyman Mabel Rogers FACULTY Miss Lucy Lester Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Madeline Postair Miss Marie Davis PLEDGES Katherine Bacon Sandra Peckham Harriet Kent Betty Russell page two hundred forty-five PHI KAPPA PHI FOUNDED IN 1897 F.S.C.W. CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 President — Miss Louise Richardson Secretary — Mrs. Dora Skipper Vice President — Dr. Margaret R, Sandels Treasurer — Miss 01 ga Larson Journal Correspondent — Dr. Dorothy Breen Dr. Kathryn Abbey Prof. L. S. Barber Dr. Raymond Bellamy Dr. Dorothy Breen Dr. Beulah Briley Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Martha Chapman Dr. Edward Conradi Miss Margaret Dasher Rebecca Ashton Betty Ambler Betty Blalock Annie Jennings Virginia Craig Nell Colvin Gene Charlotte Kerns Petrea Cabaniss Emma Randolph Elebash IN FACULTATE Dr. R. L. Eyman Dr. Paul Finner Mr. William Joubert Miss Clarissa Knight Dr. Herman Kurz Miss Olga Larson Dr. Leland Lewis Miss Katherine Montgomery Dean Ella S. Opperman Miss Myrtis Trueman IN COLLEGIO Winifred Ewart Dawn Latham Ruth Rubin Betty Orleman Carol Ramage Frederica Roberts Mabel Rogers Mary Emilv Parker Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Louise Richardson Dr. Margaret Sandels Dr. A. R. Seynour Mrs. Dora Skipper Prof. E. R. Smith Dr. Alban Stewart Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Florence Tryon Betty Harrison Agnes Whittemore Marie Swilley Betty Hatch Agnes Martin Gail Kinney Eleanor Daniels Frances Howell Mildred Hill OMICRON NU FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE IN 1912 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1922 Colors : Lavender and Pink Publication : " Omicron Nu " President— Mildred Hull Vice President — Ruth Eyman Sec ' y--Treas. — Betty Harrison Faculty Adviser — Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh page two hundred forty-nix SIGMA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1919 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1935 Colors: Red, Yellow and Purple Flower: Red Carnation President — Frances Howell See ' y.-Treas. — Nancy Rigby Vice President — Rose Appel Historian — Hazel Donegan Faculty Adviser — Dr. Dorothy Breen MEMBERS Elizabeth Finch Eunice Lasche Sandra Peckham Rose Mary Carlton Emily Bush FACULTY Dr. Burks Miss Dolbee Miss Campbell ZETA PHI ETA FOUNDED AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY IN 1893 UPSILON CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1937 Colors : Rose and White Flower : La France Rose Open Motto: " FOE EOF— Friend of Each, Each Our Friend " Pu blication : ' ' The Cameo ' ' President — Mary Boatwright Treasurer — Elizabeth Meigs Vice President — Elva Melvin Corres. Secretary — Julia Burnette Secretary — Betty Scott Faculty Adviser — Miss Thompson MEMBERS Becky Ashton Carol Ramajie Dorothy Barr Jane Sharon Nell Fain Louise Usher Betty Jane Jaco Sara Woodruff paye two hundred forty-seven ORGANIZATIONS OF WHICH THE COLLEGE IS A MEMBER AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN COLLEGES SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES FOR WOMEN ACCEPTED LIST OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES APPROVED BY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES page two hundred forty-eight HONORARIES Honoraries hold an esteemed place on any campus, particularly so here. They show due recognition for work, for brilliance in scholastic lines, and for achievement in the girls chosen fields. It is of interest to note that most people who attain prominence in campus activities are also members of one or more scholastic honoraries. This tends to show well balanced, deep thinking students as leaders of student life, and is a compliment to the student body in their choice. It may be well to adopt as the qualifications for all honoraries those used by Mortar Board, for none more truly expresses the true meaning of any or- ganization of this type — in the honoraries particular field — the recognition of " scholarship, leadership, and service. " ' page tiro hundred forty-nine Jd 0 l£tL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL In the annual Thanksgiving Day Game marked by ac- curate passing and superb teamwork, the Evens defeated the Odds with a score of 38 to 16. While the excited spectators cheered, Wood and Prian, with the aid of the passing and teamwork of Walton and the other players, dropped ball after ball into the basket. Before the Odds had settled down to better and surer playing their oppenents had stacked up 10 points. Al- though they made a heroic rally at the beginning of the second quarter, their forwards were so closely guarded by the Even players that it was almost impossible for them to score. The Even line-up was: Marchesseau, captain, Walton, Lytle, Wood, Prian. Nolan, Raymond, McKay, Wells, Fryer, Parks and Brown. The Odds: Captain Watson, B. White. Walker, Clem- ents, Corey, Skagseth, Battle, Colburn, N. White, Marwick. Sheldon. Cox and Rehbaum. page two hundred fifty-two VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL An excited crowd cheered the final Odd-Even showdown in Volleyball, as the Odds edged out the Evens with the close score of 29 — 26. The Evens scored the first point of the game with a swift smash shot by Ash. The Odds, however, confident of victory because of their overwhelming successes in class games, retaliated with similar fast playing. Although the Evens held them off to make it an exciting game, the Odds ranked a 14 — 8 score in their favor at half. During the second half, the Evens held their own, but failed to match the teamwork of the Odds and went down to de- feat by the final score of 2 9 — 2 6 with three points spelling victory for the red, white and purple. Odd team: Captain Williamson. Mobley, Wilson, Lytle, Hunt, Thomas. Mohlnar, Moore. Palmer, Rood and Fleischer. Evens: Captain Thompson, C. Ash, Medlin, Irvine, All- derdice, Rogers, Pucker, Babbit, E. Ash, Malphurs, Ezzard and Makemson. page two hundred fifty-three •fi ' ■? .► • •CfT HOCKEY HOCKEY The Evens chalked up a 2 — 1 win over the wearers of the Red, White, and Purple in a hard fought hockey game, which was filled with exciting plays and characterized by long runs. Both teams fought hard during the playing periods, and deserve praise for their excellent drives. The regular class games were merged into another Odd- Even game, in which the Odds had the chance to revenge themselves. And they did. The tri-color team downed the Green and Gold with a return score of 2 — 1. Paulette Nolan made the only goal for the Evens, while on the op- posite team Mary Sue Horton, Cornelia Watson, and Fay Corey helped the Odds exonerate themselves from their former defeat. Two seniors, Betty White and Margaret Walcott, made the actual goals which spelled defeat for the Evens. page two hundred fifty-four SOCCER SOCCER The annual Odd-Even soccer game ended in a scoreless tie. It showed unrewarded effort on the part of both teams as neither the Green and Gold, or the Red, White, and Purple could get into scoring position. The Odds were forced to play a defensive game. Twice, Even sup- porters crossed their fingers as their team threatened, but the Odds prevented scoring by their excellent passwork. Tie games seemed to be a jinx this year. Despite desperate playing in the second Odd-Even game, neither team gained supremacy. With a final score in black and white of 2 — 2, we will have to submerge our class loyalties and call our respective soccer teams evenly matched. t C 7 page two hundred fifty-five SWIMMING SWIMMING " Hawaiian Melody, " a water pageant sponsored by the Tarpon Club, was a colorful exhibition that showed long hours of practice and preparation. Its locale was Hawaii in the month of June. Before the action began, Elva Mel- vin, the reader, set the scene for the audience by describ- ing the situation. The lover, played by Jackie Gates, pad- dled his canoe across the water to the village where he met his sweetheart, while an island maiden danced for them to the music of a guitar and an accordian. As they watched the reflections in the water, the swim- mers, carrying sparklers and candles, formed the milky way, the big dipper, and a six pointed star. A group of intermediate swimmers gave a fine exhibition forming figures with candles. At last the lovers saw the symbol of happiness, the shooting stars, portrayed by Ernestine and Virginia Makemson diving from the springboards with sparklers in their hands. Having viewed this sign of joy, the two lovers departed happily in the canoe amid a gay finale of lights and balloons. page two hundred fifty-six DANCE DANCE During Thanksgiving week, a very interesting and beau- tiful dance exhibition was given. Miss Moore, the Modern Dance instructor, conducted a typical beginners ' dance class. These beginners were taught steps which had not formerly been learned while fond parents and students looked on. The advanced group demonstrated the different dance techniques of four great American interpretive dancers. Bunny Lowery showed the technique of Martha Graham, which is based on contraction and release. Rita Henry and Janet Jewett interpreted Doris Humphrey ' s principle of opposition with elevation and stretches. A group gave Charles Weidman ' s distortion of running and leaping while Hanya Holm ' s lyrical and axial style was demonstrated bv Jeanne Webster. page two hundred lifty-scven BASEBALL BASEBALL History repeated itself this year when the faculty nine trounced out a 14 — 9 victory over the student team in the annual faculty-student baseball game. The faculty team started action in the first two innings by managing to eke out two runs while the students failed to score. With the students still on the small side of the score, the faculty came up in the last of the fifth with Moore who swatted out the first homer of the game. The stu- dents retaliated in the next frame by sending Hunt to bat as she walloped the ball for another homer. As the teams went into the ninth frame, the score stood at 12 — 9 in favor of the faculty. The students failed in their last chance to score, while the faculty chalked up two more runs to end the game. page two hundred fifty-eight MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS Week-ends are filled with extra-curricular activities in an effort to relax the serious, study-laden student mind. Ten- nis courts and archery ranges are always filled with play- ers, while this year the shuffleboard courts have been dominated by the faculty. The freshmen proved them- selves particularly adept at ping-pong, as Jennie Murph- ree won the ping-pong intra-mural. Week-ends at camp are often filled with such activities as canoeing, out-door cooking, shooting on the rifle range, sleeping, bulling, swimming — when it isn ' t too cold and even then a few daring souls go in — and sailing. page two hundred fifty-nine WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 19 28 Simpy Yarborough 19 28 Bernice Conklin 1928 Margaret Richards 19 29 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox 19 30 Betty Bell 1931 Nancy Lutz 1931 Marion C. Phillips 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Geffcken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrey 1933 Rhea Gallager 1933 Grace Kirby 1933 Betty Bailey 1935 Frances Hurlin 19 3 5 Felicia West 19 38 page two hundred sixty B£ -AA Kers " O ' Va STEAKS «( r two hundred sixty-two page two hundred sixty-three [idyc tiro hundred sixty-four page two hundred sixty-five iiii ( two hundred sixty-six page two hundred sixty-seven page tiro hundred sixty-eight page two hundred sixty-nine ■page two hundred seventy pngr t r- hundred seventy-one STRAW SPEOAL THE PUT-ER AWAY-ER 9HflHHBHn ■ u) Lm SSI TtV»E OUT FOR A CHAT page two hundred seventy-two page tico hundred seventy-three page two hundred seventy-four page two hundred seventy-five 3FF0RE CLASS page two hundred seventy-six page two hundred seventy-seven Voon«a 6 n. ' t AlEarn70beal page two hundred seventy-eight page two hundred seventy-nine i n( i r hundred eighty ft ft ESTATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE " talking Pictures at heir esp- K THEATRE TALLAHASSEE it it it page tiro hundred eiyhiy-two OUR SIXTEENTH ANNUAL EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS AND CONFIDENCE IN THIS SHOP VOGUE .., the ( 11 -i I ill illohossee, florido feminine wearables HISTORY OF FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 18 8 7 Higher education began in Florida in 1823, one year after Florida had been organized as a territory, when two townships of land, known as seminary lands, were reserved by the General Government for the purpose of aiding in the maintenance of two higher educational institutions. Nothing more was done until 1851 when a law was passed authorizing the establishment of two seminaries, one on the east and one on the west side of the Suwannee River. In 1853 the East Seminary was located at Ocala and the West Seminary at Tallahassee. During the Civil War the West Seminary was a military school for men only. It was from this institution that the cadets went into the Natural Bridge battle in March of 1865. After 1882 the seminary was made co-edu- cational. In 1883 buildings were enlarged, new equipment was purchased, a normal school was established, and the number of the faculty was increased to seven. The enrollment was the largest, there being 74 students, 15 of which were from outside Leon County. In 1887 Professor George M. Edgar became president of the institution and the whole was reorganized. The military training was discontinued and the scope of the institution was limited to four years of work : two high school and two collegiate. Student government was unknown. The catalogue said that the " President and faculty will exercise a whole- some supervision over students. " Their discipline was described as not harsh but " strict and firm. " The title of the catalogue at this time was " Catalogue of the Seminary West of the Suwannee River (The Florida State Classical and Literary College) " . The courses offered were: history, philosophy, pedagogies, mathematics, elocu- tion, drawing, Greek, German, natural science, English, French, Latin, commercial science, and high school sub- jects. And so by 1887 the school that was to become F. S. C. W. was a flourishing co-educational institution. page tiro hundred eighty-three THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA FLORIDA ' S OLDEST BANK BEGAN BUSINESS IN 1856 Invites your cAccount ■•=j Resources Over Three Million Dollars c- MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE 18 9 7 Eighteen hundred and ninety-seven was the first year that Dr. A. A. Murphree was president of the institu- tion. Three courses were offered: classical, literary, and scientific, which extended through four academic years and leading to the B.A., B.L., and B.S. degrees respectively. Two wings had been added to College Hall (present Ad. Bldg.) and it then " had ample capacity for all educational purposes, having 13 well-ventilated study halls for both sexes, a library and reading rooms, class- rooms, laboratories, lecture rooms and office for the president and the board of education. At this time there were no dormitories and students were accommodated in private homes. Chapel was held every morning and all students were required to attend. Church attendance was also compulsory. The girls of the college organized a Naturalists ' Society and the Murphreean Literary Society. There was also a Platonic Debating Society composed of the earnest young gentlemen of the school. Later an Alumnae Association and an Athletic Association were formed. The purpose of the latter was : 1. The harmonious training of the physique of the members by a system of well-directed exercises. 2. The cultivation of a deeper interest in college athletics among the students. At this time Mr. P. I. Williams and Mr. Smith were champions of the cause of women ' s athletics. In fact it was said that they even went so far as to equip a complete hockey team, but Mr. Kellum wouldn ' t let them have any grass to play on. page tiro hundred eighty-four Pause... at the familiar red cooler FOR THE PURE REFRESHMENT OF ICE-COLD COCA-COLA TALLAHASSEE HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE 19 7 Then came the Buckman Bill, which passed the Senate and House of Representatives by only one vote, and consolidated all the small schools of the state into two large ones, the University and the Florida Female College. At the time Florida was unique in providing for equal educational advantages for both sexes. It was the aim of the college to be a university for women in fact if not in name. The campus of the college was described as being located in the suburbs. And indeed there were negro houses on College Avenue. The old gym had previously been used as a negro church and school, and the cottages used for music studios were negro cottages. The catalogue printed the same paragraph in regard to supervision and discipline as it did in 1887. Com- pulsory chapel was still held every morning. The catalogue also said, as regards the social life, " The Y. W. C. A.. the two literary societies, and the college fraternities will each in its way help to brighten, strengthen, and sweeten the womanhood of our country. " In 1907 Bryan Hall was built to take the place of West Hall which had burned during the Christmas holidays. 19 9 Nineteen hundred and nine was Dr. Conradi ' s first year at the college, in that year and the seal bearing the three torches was adopted. The first Flastacowo was published page two hundred eighty-five The City of Tallahassee Appreciates and Recognizes the Florida State College for Women as being its most valuable asset Parents of Students are invited to investigate advantages of owning a home in Tallahassee City of Tallahassee Tallahassee, Florida HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE 19 17 In 1912 Reynolds Hall was opened. It contained accommodations for 133 students besides a play room, now known as " Rec Hall, " the Infirmary, a parlor, and a suite for the matron. Church attendance was compulsory and mail was subject to inspection by the president or matron. During 1912-13, a system of student government was started under the " Student Government Association. " Officers of this organization were supervised by a committee of faculty members. In the records of cases, one case is described in which a girl was restricted to the campus because she wore a skirt split up the side. In 1915 there were no trees in front, nor any vines on the Ad. Building. The streets were not paved, and the big, wide circle had not been laid out. There was a stepping stone for getting in and out of carriages and buggies in front of the Ad. Building. At this time the mail was placed in a wire basket in the tiny post office and bookstore at the south end of the main hall. One girl would stand on a chair and call out the names while the rest stood around to grab their letters. It was known as " mail call. " According to the college paper the favorite restriction of student government was eampusing. There were endless petty rules. Up to 1926 it was an offense to leave the campus, even in the day time, without signing up. Nobody was allowed to go to town on Saturdays because of the great crowds of negroes that came to trade. A teacher or a matron was required for chaperon for students who wished to go to town at nights. Everyone lined up and marched up and down College Avenue to church on Sunday mornings. Students had regular places to sit in the dining room and a girl was called before Student Government for cutting breakfast three times, ac- cording to old records. The Class of 1916 gave the gates at the College Avenue entrance, and the Classes of 1915 and 1917 presented the fountain in front of the Ad. Building. During the period from 1916 to 1920 no annual was published because the girls were busy putting all their spare time and money into war work. Between classes they made bandages, canned, pickled, and dried the garden products. Troops often came through the town. A regiment from Texas came through Hallowe ' en and their officers brought them out to the college. They marched through the dining room just at supper time while the girls cheered and sang war songs. An epidemic of " flu " was raging in the town. Everyone who was well helped nurse and make soup. The report of the Armistice was celebrated three days before it really came out. That evening the girls marched up and down College Avenue " 400 strong " and when they got to Monroe Street, the cheer leader, Gladys Morris Williams, stood up on an old truck in front of the drug store and led them in songs and yells. page two hundred eighty ' Six Capital City Bank TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Capital and Surplus $200,000,00 Commercial and Savings Deposits Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE 19 2 7 During the period from 1921 to 1925 many new buildings were finished. Among these were Science Hall, Broward, and Jennie Murphree. Camp Flastacowo was made available in 1924, the girls themselves earning a large part of the money for the construction of the building. Tag days were held. One student said she painted a barn to get money for the camp. In 1925 the first unit of the library was built and an addition to Reynolds was completed. In 1926 a pipe organ costing $32,000 was installed in the auditorium. This was also the first year in which students were allowed to play cards in the dormitories. In 1927 the first unit of Gilchrist was ready for use. It was the first year the Fealty ceremony took place instead of the Freshman-Junior wedding. The Board of Control authorized the building of a new gymnasium. It was also the first year of the Junior Prom with men for guests and partners in the dancing. The enroll- ment had increased to 1434 with a faculty of 129, 30 of whom held degrees above that of Masters. 19 3 7 Much remodeling and additional wings were added in this decade. The History Building, now the largest academic building on campus, was built in 1927 and added to in 1931. The Education Building was modernized in 1927. In this same year the Home Management House was built. It is provided for the use of advanced students in home economics, that they may secure experience in the management of a well-ordered home. A new wing was added to Gilchrist in 1928. In 1929 the Physical Education Building was constructed with the most modern equipment available. It includes lockers, showers, swimming pool, basketball court, remedial room, and offices for the instructors of the department. This same year the library was added to and remodeled. The Green House (1930) furnishes facilities for sprouting and growing plants for the collage campus and farm. In 1931 the Central Heating Plant was built with the view of adding to it later when the demand makes such addition necessary. The Dining Hall was remodeled in 1932. It has four entrances, each connected with residence halls by a covered arcade. The food service department was made as modern as possible. The Westcott Building was rebuilt on the north end in 1936. By this time students were permitted to go to town during the day without chaperonage and without sign- ing out. The dating restrictions were lessened, freshmen being allowed an average of two per week, sophomores three, juniors four, and seniors unlimited. The enrollment had increased to almost 1800, and the social sororities on campus numbered seventeen. page two hundred eighty-seven HOTEL FLORIDAN 150 IZgoms TALLAHASSEE European Tlan S EXCELLENT g 2 DINING ROOM L J HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., Inc., LESSEES J. B. WADDILL, President J. T. SMITH, JR, Manager HISTORY OF THE COLLEGE 19 3 9 The enrollment was 1845 with a faculty of 27. " ). Those who were unable to get rooms in the dormitories lived in off-campus houses in which the same restrictions as the dormitories had were carried out. Students were still unable to stay out after 10:30 on week nights and 11:30 on Saturday and Friday nights; freshmen were still unable to have dates unless accompanied by another student of P. S. G. W. ; students were still required to sign in and out of dances (at which there was a special permission required before they could stay out until 12:20). Senior Hall was started in 1938. This was a great step in advancement of dating regulations, since those selected to live here are permitted unlimited dating with no restrictions regarding dates or conduct or cutting classes. The fall of 1938, many new buildings were started. The Student-Alumnae Building, new dining room, in- firmary, and dormitory (known as " the new dorm " ) are as yet incomplete. The College Government Association promises changes in restrictions next year. Some of the out-dated rules will doubtless be eliminated, and further changes be made to make F. S. C. W. an even better and more modern college. page two hundred eighty-eight C0mPLim€nTSTOTH€ STAFF OFTH€ 9 3 9 FLflSTflCOWO RtSPtSS JflCKSO nVI LL€, FLOP.IDA -flRTISTS-D€SIGn€RS-€nG RflVCRS page two hundred eighty-nine AGAIN the Flastacowo is entrusted to the House of Rose . . . where craftsmanship in the graphic arts is placed above the level of a manufactured article . . . this continued confidence we feel is a tribute to our skill of production . . . . Rose Printing Company at Tallahassee . . . creators of fine printing and design pnf r two hunrfrrrl ninety Maas B rothers FASHION first FASHION RIGH ! TAMPA Photographs c hat Tlease PHONE 297, TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Photographers FOR THE 1930 31 32 33 34 35 36 38 39 FLASTACOWO The Covers for the 1939 Flastacowo were made in the David J. Molloy Plant The S. K. Smith Company 2857 NORTHWESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Buirdiiie s d- xt en a. a r-reatLLe t K onatatitlaii i on a CI ass o f ' 39 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN page two hundred ninety-one fSp One of the South ' s Qreat Stores wg@® COMPLIMENTS OF Cherokee Hotel EXCELLENT DINING ROOM J. A. STILES, Mgr. T. B. BYRD SON TALLAHASSEE ' S OLDEST GROCERY 21 1 East Tenn, St. We Deliver Phone 1 v ell cue (pjeaiitu z$ aL MARY JOSEPHINE GUILFORD— Owner on An Attractive Appearance Is as Essential to Your Success as Is a Well Trained Mind 110 S COPELAND ST. PHONE 829 P. W. WILSON COMPANY READY TO WEAR, MEN ' S WEAR PIECE GOODS, ACCESSORIES TALLAHASSEE ' S BEST STORE Since 1837 COMPLIMENTS OF Capital Paper Company 730 West Games St. Tallahassee, Florida OUR " COLLEGE FILLERS " Fill the College Importers-— Wholesalers and Manufacturers of Printing and Wrapping Papers ■pfi.Qf two hundred vjnetyJuo MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Bennett ' s College Inn Pharmacy COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY 109 E. COLLEGE AVE. PHONE 800 EXCHANQE PHOTOQRAPHS With Classmates, and Keep School Memories Fresh PIKE STUDIO 107 W. COLLEGE ACKERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. SEYBOLD BUILDING, MIAMI. FLORIDA THE SWEET SHOP " Good Things to Eat " COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE —TOILETRIES— 701 W. JEFFERSON OPPOSITE GILCHRIST PHONE 1091 FEDERAL BAKE SHOP H jme of FANCY PASTRY PARTY GOODS 202 S. MONROE ST. ARTCRAFT PRINTERS PHONE 179 21 1 E College Ave TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Always a Welcome AT THE GIFT SHOP CORNER COLLEGE AND ADAMS Let us be Responsible for your Soles CALL AND DEL. PHONE 1078 SUTTON ' S SHOE SHOP 209 W. COLLEGE AVE SUPERIOR Dry Cleaners and Dyers SUPERIOR SERVICE SELLS PHONE 216 CLEANING " 308 V 2 SO MONROE ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. i n Appreciation Che Rug and Drapery Shop TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 119 E. COLLEGE AVE. " A Complete Soda Fountain " SANDWICHES— CANDY— CIGARETTES " AT THE COLLEGE FRONT GATE " PHONE 635 PROMPT DELIVERY page two hundred ninety-three THE DUTCH KITCHEN COMPLIMENTS STILL SERVES THE BEST FOOD M N CAFE IN TALLAHASSEE 119 E Jefferson St. BALDWIN INSURANCE AGENCY Incorporated Compliments Of JEAN THOMPSON WRITING EVERY KNOWN LINE OF INSURANCE FLORIST SEYBOLD BUILDING Tallahassee, Fla. MIAMI, FLORIDA Phone 379 777 Miccosukie Rd. 4S9 w " tx Grant Furniture Co. YOUR HOME SHOULD COME FIRST l» jJr More for your Money JEWf LRY rCOKPAMY " nd Credit, too , TALLAHASSEE, FLA. PHONE 100 Chr € t( t QTorcfics MEALS FOR ALL TASTES BANQUET RESERVATIONS 103 S. Copeland Phone 837 ixiye two hundred ninety-four FACULTY INDEX Page Dr. Edward Conradi 10, 21 Dr. Kathryn T. Abbey 29 Prof. Karl Ahrendt 33 Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend 28 Dr. Elizabeth G. Andrews 22, 36 Miss Rebecca G. Averill. ... 34 Dr. Win. M. Barrows, Jr. 34 Mrs. Lucile G. Bass 27 Prof. Henry F, Becker 28 Miss ( ' larine Belcher 29 Dr. Raymond Bellamy 36 Dr. Mildred I. Boliek 37 Miss Elizabeth Blanding.. 2S Dr. Dorothy L. R. Breen 32 Dr. Benlah B. Briley 27 Mrs. Margaret Bristol .... 36 Mrs. Mary H. Buford 37 Mr. Delmar A. Bugelli 28 Dr. Margie Burks 32 Miss Margaret V. Campbell 32 Miss Lillian C. Canfield 24 Miss Martha G. Chapman.. 28 Dr. R. S. Cotterill 29 Prof. Walter Ruel Cowles.. 33 Miss Marie Davis 32 Miss H. Bernice Deetz 30 Dr. Mark H. DeGraff 27 Dr. Ezda M. Deviney 37 Dr. Guy L. Diffenbauiih 28 Page Dr. Dorothy R. Disher 36 Dr. W. G. Dodd 23, 28 Dr. Eleanor F. Dolan 35 Miss Myrtle E. Dolbee 32 Dr. Olivia N. Dorman 23. 26 Mr. S. R. Doyle 22 Dr. Ralph L. Eyman 23 27 Miss Ruth E. Fairnian 26 Miss Gladys Fawley 28 Miss Mildred Finnegan 32 Dr. Paul F. Finner 36 Miss Grace I. Fox 34 Miss Inez Frink 27 Dr. R. L. Goulding 27 Dr. Viola Graham 35 Miss Eleanor V. Green 20 Mr. Oval S. Harrison 30 Dr. Marion J. Hav 27 Dr. C, P. Heinlein 36 Miss Mildred F. Henry 28 Dr. Helen Hewitt 33 Dr. M. R. Hinson 27 Miss Mary Noka Hood 24. 37 Miss Ramona Jorgensen .... 33 Mr. Wni. H. Joubert 27 Mr. J. G. Kellum 22 Dr. Herman Kurz 25 Miss Olga Larson 32 Miss Ruth Evelyn Lehman 34 Miss Lucy Lester 32 Dr. L. J. Lewis 25 Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell ... 33 Pa pre Miss E. Elizabeth Lynn 34 Miss L. Edna Mabon 33 Miss Marjorie Mayer 34 Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh.. 20 Miss Mary Helen McKean.. 2S Miss Isabel McKinnell 25 Mr. Royal Mattice 27 Miss Sara D. Meador 20 Mrs. Mary M. Meginniss .... 33 Mrs. Lou E. W. Miller 28 Mr. Robert D. Miller 33 Miss Katherine W. Montgomery 34 Miss Claudia Moore 34 Dr. Coyle E. Moore 36 Miss Kemper M. Moore 37 Miss Mary Elizabeth Mooty 24 Dean Ella S. Opperman 23, 33 Miss Zadie L. Phipps 33 Dr. Annie M. T. Popper 20 Miss Madeleine Postaire .... 32 Dr. Nita K. Pyburn 27 Miss Mary Emily Reeder. . 33 Dr. Harold F. Richards... 34 Miss Louise Richardson .... 31 Miss Mary Luella Richey 27 Miss Etta L. Robertson 33 Dr. Carmen Rogers 28 Dr. W. H. Rogers 28 Dr. Margaret R. Sandels... 23 Page Mrs. Christine B. Scarborough 36 Miss Ruth O. Schornherst 25 Dr. Victoria Schnck 35 Mr. Owen F. Sellers 33 Miss Mary B. Settle 34 Dr. A. R. Seymour 32 Dr. Paul W. Shankweiler... 36 Dr. Venila L. Shores 20 Mrs. Dora S. Skipper 27 Prof. E. R. Smith 22, 32 Dr. Hazel A. Stevenson 28 Dr. Alban Stewart 24 Mrs. Cecile Strong 33 Miss S. Elizabeth Thomson 37 Miss Helen A. Thrush 24 Dr. Jennie Tilt 25, 28 Prof. Earl L. Vance 31 Miss Leila Venable 20 Miss Gertrude Vermillion.. 25 Dr. Hugh L. Waskom 36 Mrs. Katherine K. Weed ... 31 Miss Edith W. West 26 Dr. Sarah Parker White .... 30 Miss Emily P. Wilburn 30 Mrs. Beatrice B. Williams 24 Miss Sallie Williams 30 Miss Mary E. AVinslow 33 Dr. Louise R. Witmer 36 Miss Lulu Margaret Wyly 37 Miss Sadie G. Young 27 STUDENT INDEX Pase Acker, Laura June 101 Adamo, Mary Frances 119 Adaino, Vivian Elizabeth. ...110 Adams. Harriett Roberta. ...110 Adams, Hazel 43 Adams. Lillian Elizabeth. ...110 Adams, Marv Katherine....ll9 Adams. Sarah E 43 Adams, Sarah Vivian 101 Ahem. Grace Edith 101 Ahlsweh, Vivian Marie 101 Akerman, Emily Caroline.. 101 Alagood, Hilda 101 Albright, Barbara Louise.. ..119 Alford, Mary Myers 101. 222 Alfriend. Anne Gordon 119 Alissandratos, Mary Katherine 119 Allderdice, Lillian Adelaide 83 Allen. Anna Marie 119 Allen Genevieve 119 Allen. Mary 83 Allen, Virginia Caroline 43 Allied, Mary Jewel 101 Allied. Nancy E 119 Alma Mater 80 Alpha Chi Alpha 243 Alpha Chi Omega .... 168, 160 Alpha Delta Pi 170, 171 Alpha Gamma Delta 172, 173 Alpha X. Delta 174. 175 Alvarez, Carmen 101 Aly, Edith Rose 110 Ambler. Betty 43 Anderson, Alma Louise 119 Anderson, Barbara Anne. 101 Anderson, Carrie Louise. .110 Anderson, Doris lone 83 Anderson, Evelyn Mae 43 Anderson, Jane Alvira 83 Anderson, Martha 100. 101 Anderson. Martha Rebecca 101 Anderson, Mary Louise 101 Anderson, Sadie 43 Pase Angas, Elizabeth Gale 110 Angel, Martha Ann 119 Appel, Rose 43 Archer, Ruth Evangeline.. 83 Armistead, Helen 101 Armistead, Maxine 119 Arnold, Alice Lucile 119 Arnold, Beatrice 83 Arnold, Saidee Mae 101 Arnow, Martha Grace 119 Asburv. Ruth 119 Ash, Evelyn Ruth 119 Asbmore, Mary Josephine 101 Ashton. Julia Rebecca 42, 43, 142, 143, 262 Askew. Georgia Aurelia .. .101 Astronomy Club 224 Atherton, Audrey Lorraine 110 Atkinson, Mary Louise ....119 Atkinson. Ruth Scott 144, 145, 44, 213 Auditing Committee 231 Ausley, Helen Saxon 119 Austin, Avalee 44 Avant. Gertrude Amelia .... 83 Ayala. Imogene Helen 101 Babbit. Juliet 119 Babers, Mary Gray 101 Bacon, Dorothy Jean 119 Bacon. Katherine 44 Badger, Leila Blanche 44 Baggott. Mamie Ruth 83 Bagley, Evelyn Frances .... 44 Bail. Grace Vasco .... 118, 119 Bailes, Martha Elizabeth.. 44 Baker, Catherine Louise. .101 Baker, Danner 146. 147. 44 Baker, Margaret Gilchrist 120 Baker, Mary-Elizabeth 101 Baker, Mary Elizabeth 101 Baker, Susy Edna 83 Baldwin, Ellen Louise 120 Balkom, Virginia 100 Page Ballard, Doris E 44 Ballenger, Martha Palmer 83 Ballon, Helen Charlotte ....120 Bannerman, Mabel Irene 102 Baptist Student Organization 226 Barefoot, Inez 102 Barfield, Virginia Blanche 120 Barnard, Ethel Marian 83 Barnes. Marysue 120 Barone. Josephine 83 Barr, Dorothv Rose ....148, 149, 42, 45, 263 Barrett, Mary Agnes 120 Barron, Ruth Virginia .... 45 Barrow, Emily Hand 120 Bartless. Charlotte Turner 83 Barton. Louise M 258 Baseball 258 Bash, Rosemary 102 Basket Ball 252 Bassett, Clara Elizabeth 120 Bates, Carol Christine 120 Bates, Fairfax 120 Battey, Frances Katherine 102 Battle, Frances Eileen 102 Baughn, Kathryn Eloise ..102 Bavless, Evelyn Mae 45 Beall, Ileta 120 Beaver, Harriet Esther ....102 Beck, Elizabeth Gladys ...120 Beekman, Julia Inez 45 Beckstrom, Barbara 120 Beckstrom, Mildred Eleanor 102 Bell, Iris Yvonne 83 Bennett, Annis C 45 Bennett, Mabel Sieber 83 Bennett. Margaret 120 Benson, Joel Harriet 120 Benson, Kitty 45 Benson, Marjorie C 45 Benton, Helen 120 Berger, Margaret Elizabeth 120 Page Berry Jeannette Welch ...120 Beta Phi Alpha 176, 177 Bettes, Carol Frances 120 Bibb, Marylila 120 Biggs. Betty Ann 120 Binnicker. Ruth 120 Bird. Caroline Pickens ...120 Bischoff, Lena Margaret... 84 Bitz. Melanie 120 Black. Amelia Lee 102 Black. Fern Mae 102 Blair. Elizabeth 102 Blalock. Elizabeth A 45 Blaloek, Mary Theo 120 Blanding, Suetta 120 Blanton, Edna Merle 84 Blanton, Jewell Rucelle ....102 Bloodworth, Bertha Ernestine 102 Blnme. Adrienne Marguerite 120 Board of Control 20 Boatwright, Mary Clayton 46 Bogart, Mary Catherine.. ..120 Boland, Marjorie Elizabeth 102 Bolton, Audrey Elizabeth 121 Bond, Bertha Heeth 121 Bonniwell. Mary Louise ...121 Booth, Eunice Marie 121 Booth. Vivian Constance.. .121 Boozer. Elizabeth Ollever.. 84 Boromei, Yolanda 121 Boteler, Margaret Elizabeth 46 Bowman, Doris Eloise 46 Bowman, Eunice Claire 121 Bowness, Lillian Jean 102 Boyton, Sara Lee 121 Bradford. Emma Whitaker 46 Bradley, Lillian Pearl 46 Bradley, Margaret Elizabeth 102 Bragg. Elizabeth Ellen ...121 Brandon, Martha Bailev....l21 page two hundred ninety-five STUDENT INDEX Continued Pase Brandt, Patricia Jean 102 Brauer, Naomi Judith 1-1 Brewer, Plorrie Estelle 102 Brewer, Grace Dorothy S4 Brinson, Carolyn Bailey....l02 Brinson, Mildred Smith ...102 Britton, Margaret .lean ... S4 Brook, Alma Juanita S4 Brook, Carmen Opal -1(1 Brooks, Nelwyn Mignonne -Hi Brooks, Virginia 121 Broward. Dorothy Isabel. -Mi Brown, ( ' arose Adams ...102 Brown. Catherine 102 Brown. Ethel Elizabeth ...121 Brown. Iva Eileen 121 Brown. Jamie Cochran .... 84 Brown. Mary Dana ... ....121 Brown, Menton 102 Brown, Roberta 47 Brown, Sarah Edith 47 Browne. Eleanor Doris .... 47 Brownsteen. Marie 121 Broyles, Martha Florence.. 84 Brnnson, Frances Elizabeth 47 Bryan. Blanche 121 Bryan, Elberta Eugenia ....103 Bryan. Mae Genevieve 121 Bryan. Mary Pinckard ...121 Bryan, Nancy Katherine.... 47 Bryan. Nell 121 Bryant, Margaret Marie ....103 Bryant, Sarah Duke 121 Buckley, Louise R 121 Buckner, Elizabeth Jane ....121 Budget Committee 231 Buechly, Ruth Davis 47 Buettner. Evelyn M. 121 Burger, Florence Louise ....121 Burnett, Betty 121 Burnett, Mittie Aline 103 Burnett. Julia 47. 262 Burns. Mary Louise 103 Bush. Alice Emily 47 Bush. Marion 103 Bush. Nina Pearl 121 Bushell, Miriam June 103 Butler, Corinne Morehead 103 Cabaniss, Petrea Elizabeth 48, 212 Cahoon, Doris Annette .... 84 Caldwell. Mary Louise 122 ( ' ameron, Ma r,ga ret Elizabeth 103 Camp, Kathryn Nell 103 Campbell. Doris Sharit .... 84 Campbell. Hope Simone Celeste 84 Campbell. Judy F 122 Campbell, Mary Frances. ... 4S Campbell, Myrtle 103 Cappleman, Betty Louise. .122 Carlton, Mary 122 Carlton, Rose Mary 84 Carnes, Elizabeth McElman 103 Carrie, Janice Louise 122 Carter. Doris Mae 122 Carter, Mary Hanley 103 Case, Mary Elizabeth 103 Cashen, Betty Valentine .... 48 Castellano, Marie 48 Causey. Elizabeth 48 Chalker. Mary Phillips 84 Chapman. Mary Ann 48 Chazal, Mary Hester 103 Chi Delta Phi ....243 Chi Omega 178, 179 Chitty, Verner Christine.... 48 Choate, Caroline Nancy ....122 Christian. Priscilla Mabry 103 Christie, Margaret Idolla 103 Christie. Welda Frances. ...103 ' Li mi. Mary Margaret 100, 103 Clark. Blanche 122 Pase Clark, Mrs. Blanche Walker 122 Clark, Virginia Alexandria 122 Classical club 218 Clements, Ellen Louise 122 Clements. Frances Mae .... 48 Clements, Margaret La Rue 103 Clifton. Joyce Louise 49 ( ' line. Beulah Mavoureen 122 ( ' lower, Virginia Lorene....l22 Cobb, Mary Beulah 122 Cochran. Mary Martha 84, 224 Cody. Sarah Isabelle 103 Cot ' er, Frances Elizabeth 103 Cogburn, Susie Emma 49 Coghlan. Louessie 103 Coker, Lucille 122 Cole, Betty Mabel 103 Cole. Evelyn B 122 Coleman. Mary Honor 49 Colley, Frances Laurette 122 Collins, Carolyn Bena 82, 84 Collins, Eileen 122 Collins. Mary Megargee.... 85 Colvin, Frances Elinor .... 49 Combee. Gladys Evelyn ....122 Compton, Elizabeth Jeanette 49 Cone, Annette 103 Ccne, Emily Ruth 104 Cone. Fred P 20 Cone. Fred P 20 Conine, Barbara Mitchell 104 Council, Mary Helen 104 Connolly, Mercedes Ann.. 104 Constantine, Carmen Cecelia 122 Conway, Winnie Olive 49 Cook. Bernice Jean 122 Cook, Janet Vera 49 Cook, Peggy 122 Cooper, Eileen 122 Cooper, Lois Mary 122 Cooper, Lula Powell 122 Copeland, Jean 122 Corbett, Letitia Boss 50, 85, 283 Corey, Fay Lucille 50 Gotten, Eleanor Lucille .... 50 Cotillion Club 234 Courtney, Jeny Lucille ....122 Cox, Emma Carolyn 122 Cox, Jennie Laura 104 Cox. Mary Ruth 123 CragO, Ann Elizabeth 123 Craig, Wilton Virginia 50 Cralle, Gracye H. 123 Crawford, Helen Pauline 123 Crews. Essie Marguerite ...104 Crews. Jeanne Miriam 104 Crosby. Louise Webster US, 123 Cross, Mary Kathryn 123 Crouch, Lucille Marie 104 Crown, Ethel G 123 ( ' ruger, Flossie Genevieve 123 Culbreath, Katherine Sue 123 Curd. Jane Frances 123 Cureto, Constance Marie 104 Curran, Dailia Isabel 85 Curran, Madelaine Irma 104 Curry. Margaret Kay 123 Curtis, Eminett Louise 123 Cushing, Frances Anne ...104 Dabney, Helen Knight 104 Dance 257 Dale. Lenora Barbara 104 Dale, Marline Jenette 123 Dale, Pauline Annie 257 Daniel, Dorothy 104 Daniel, Edith Wilson 50 Daniel. Frances Nell 123 Daniel, Mary Sue 123 I ' ae;e Daniells, Eva Georgene 123 Daniels. Mary Elizabeth ...104 D. A. B 223 Darracott. Anna Claire 123 Daughtrey, Frances Catherine 123 Davidson, Margaret 12. " , Davis. Esther Brown 12. " , Davis, Eunice 104 Davis. Martha Walker ...123 Davis, Shirley Weston 85 Day, Isabel Gwendolyn ....104 Day, Mary Virginia 104 Day Students 209 Dean, Mary Ellen 12:: Deaver, Mary Brice 123 Debate Committee 22S Decker, Evelyn Gray 123 De Haven, Anna Laura 123 Dekle, Lenoir Elizabeth. ...123 Dell. Olive 123 Delta Delta Delta .... 180, 181 Delta Phi Epsilon .... 182, 183 Delta Zeta 184, 185 De Loach, Agnes Stiggins.. 50 De Long, Millred Jordan 123 De Milly. Annie Elizabeth 104 Dennis. Minna Sherwood.. 85 Dexter, Margaret Louise. .124 Dey, Gibson Lewis 51 Diaz. Marguerite 124 Dickinson, Juanita 51. 124 Dickson, Adelaide 124 Diffenderfer. Meta Lois....l04 Dismukes. Kathleen 124 Disselkoen, Jeanette Marie 124 Distaff 212 Doman, Barbara Agnes ....104 Donegan, Bessie Hazel .... 51 Donnelly, Dorothy Mary.. ..104 Dorner, Doris 104 Douglas, Frances May 51. 150, 151 Douglass. Louise Elizabeth 85 Dowling. Mary Virginia.... 85 Downs, Madelyn Ruth 124 Draughon, Sophie 85 Dressier. Marguerite Ruth 104 Dull, Fredie Elaine 124 Duncan. Mary Boiling 124 Duncan, Mary Louise 51 Duncan. Sara Elizabeth....l24 Dunn. Virginia Allen 124 Dunsford. Ellis Aline 51 Dunsford, Ruth Helen ......105 Dunstan. Ruby 85 Dye, Elizabeth Jane 124 Dye, Nyna Virginia 124 Eberhardt. Ann Louise .... Edwards, Caroline Williams Edwards, Martha Ann Edwards, Mary Irene Ef finger, Carlota Seale Elebash, Emma Randolph Elkins. Mrs. Ruth McKeown Ellis, Mildred Katherine Ellis, Sarah Viola Emmanuel, Helen Beatrice Engel, Erma Augusta Ervin, Carolyn Grace 85. Erwin, Mary Kate Erwin. Rachel Morrison.... Esslinger, Elizabeth Julia Esteren Eta Sigma Phi Evans. Bettie Mae 105. Evans, Cynthia Avery Evans. Junne Louise Evans. Veola Everett. Allefair Ewart, Winifred Josephine 52, 152, 124 85 51 105 52 124 85 124 52 105 105 Kir, 124 237 244 124 124 85 52 105 153 Pase Executive Council of C. (J. A 202 Eyman, Ruth Louise 52, 263 Ezzard. Elizabeth 124 " F " Club 220 Faculty Directory 39 Fain, Nelle DeMilly 52 Faircloth. Margaret Elizabeth 124 Farmer, Martha Frances.... 85 Farris. Evelyn 124 Faulds, Jeanette 124 Feigenbaum. Rose Lee 80 Feinberg, Rosalie 80 Felkel, Jeanne 105 Fender, Marian Virginia 105 Ferguson, Meriba Helen... 5:5 Ferguson, Ruth 124 Ferran, Betty Ann 105 Ferrell, Ruth 124 Fetner, Mary Frances 124 Fillingim, Doris Evamae.... 53 Fink, Raela Pauline 124 Finlayson. Wilda Marshburn 86 Finney, Mary Sahoy 86 Fisher. Ruth Guard 53 Fishier. Margaret Grace.... 53 Fitzpatrick. Louie Long.... 53 Flambeau 213 Flastaeowo 214. 215 Fleet. Lillian 86 Fleischer, Dolores Emma 100. 105 Fletcher. Mabel 53 Fletcher. Nolia Ann 124 Flow. Alice Lucile 86 Floyd. L. Maurine 125 Floyd, Margaret Louise 125 Floyd. Mary Eleanor 125 Folsoni. Martha Elizabeth 105 Ford. Kitty Browne 86 Ford. May Belle 86 Foster. Harriet Howland....l25 Foster. Mary Claire 125 Fowler. Hazel Helene 125 Francis, Geraldine 125 Freeling, Marion Lillian... .125 Freer, Eleanor Haskins 53 Freshman Advisory Council 204 Freshman Class Officers. ...118 Frink, Lucian Freddie 53 Friscia, Angelina 54 Frye. Margery ...125 Fryer, Beulah Frances 82. so Fugate. Eulalie 105 Fuguitt, Rozella 105 Fuller. Sarah Seward 105 Fulmer, Weleska Lee 54 Gaines, Willyne Elizabeth so Gallemore, Sara Emily ...ion Gallespie, Patty Ann 125 Galloway, Olive Valeria. ...125 Gait. Kathryn 125 Gamma Sigma Epsilon 240 Gamble, Elizabeth Jane 105 Gammon, Roberta Carter.. 54 Garcia, Hilda 125 Garrett, Hazel Irene 125 Garrett. Mary Louise 118, 125 Gaskin, Florence 105 Gaston. Elise 105 Gates, Leoline Sue 54 Gautier, Claire Virginia ... 54 Gautier, Linnie Lou ion Gay, Pearl Elizabeth SO Geiger, Doris 54 Geiger, Sara Margaret 125 Gerrish. Evelyn Elizabeth 125 Giersch, Elizabeth Dent....l25 Gilbert, Bessie Inez 125 Gilbert. Jenn 105 Gill. Grace Beverly 54 Gill. Harriet Ellen SO Gillespie, Lillian 54 page tiro hundred ninety-six STUDENT INDEX Continued Page Gillette, Camilla B 86 Ginther, Ossie Pearl .125 Glass. Mary Eugenia 35 Glee Club ...217 Gleason, Dorothy Adele ...125 Glickman, Rosalie ...125 Gnann, Virginia V ion Gober, Mary Lord 55. 223 Gcdard, Sarah Etheridge 125 Godbey, Emily Jane 125 Godwin, Alma Hollingsworth so Gold. Louise ...105 Gordon, Mary Evelyn 105 Gordon. Mary Louise 106 Gordy, Kathryn Amelia .... so Goyke, Maxine Margaret 125 Graham, Katherine McCreery 87 Grantham, Blanche Tallulah 125 Grantham, Jovel 106 Grantham, Miriam Alcona 125 Graves. Betty 87 Gray, Mary Elizabeth 100 Gray, Nelda 106 Green. Frances 87 Green. Virginia 125 Greenleaf, Mary Josephine 106 Greer. Evelyn Lois 87 Gregory, Florence 1 ' 87 Grier, Margaret Campbell 120 Griffin. Coleta 126 Griggs, Elizabeth Inez 126 Griley, Elizabeth Girard... 55 Grimes, Helen Belle 126 Grimes, Mary Glenn ST Grimes. Virginia Claire 126 Griner, Carolyn Elizabeth 126 Grinnell, Marion Evelyn 82, 87 Grissett. Carolyn ST Groover, Jewell 55 Grus, Beatrice 55 Guest. Kathlee 126 Gnnn, Lois Iona 126 Guthrie, Dorothy Lee 126 Guy, Jane 106 Guy, Miriam Denny 126 4-H Club 222 Hack, Esther Rowland 126 Hadesman, Rita M 126 Hady, Joan ST. 126 Hague, Martha 55 Hale. Marie Elodie 106 Haley, Sydney Ann 126 Hall. Carolyn 126 Ilallowes. Harriet Brown 12 ; Hamilton. Virginia Irene 106 Hamilton, .lean Margaret.. ST Hampton. Mae 100 Handbook Committee 231 Hansen, Ruth G 55 Harbin, Margaret ( ' hristine 106 Hardee. Audrey 126 Hardee. Mary Celeste 126 Harden, Mary Isabel 55 Hardy. Ouida Roberta 106 Harkins, Catherine Esther 106 Harless. Isabel Brown 126 Harman, Georgia Yvonne 106 Harmony. Margaret Louise 126 Harper. Cecelia Virginia 12(1 Harris, Carolyn Ruth 100. 106 Harris, Ruby Nell 106 Harris, Susie Louise 56 Harrison, Allison Elizabeth 106, 263 Harrison. Elizabeth Burwell r 6 Harrison. Mary Elizabeth ... " 106 Hart, Barbara Bernice 126 Page Hartshorne, Enid Holton 120 Haselton, Barbara Clymene 126 Ilaskins. Eleanor Hume. .126 Hatch, Doris Mamie 100 Hatch, Helen Hetty 56 Hawkins. Doris .lane .106 Hawkins. Sarah Irma 126 Heard, Jane Helen 126 Hearin, Margaret Louise 126 Hearon, Mildred Ruth 87 Heidi, Jennie Elizabeth 12T Helvenston, Frances ( ' ordelia 12T Henderson, Bobbie Jo 12T Henderson. Daisy Wall ....106 Hendrix, Joan 106 Hendry. Edna Sue 106 Henley, Helen Blondelle 12T Henry, Madge Aldine 106 Henry, Reba Kathleen .... 87 Henry. Rita May 87 Herring. Frances Voncile.. 87 Hess, Margaret Virginia.... 56 Hetsch, Dorothy Hall 106 Hicklin, Margaret Virginia 127 Hickman, Dorothy Marylyn 127 Hicks, Martha 107 Highsmith, Beatrice Elizabeth 56 Higley, Emma Jean 127 Hill, Eddie 127 Hill. Mildred Ethelyn 56 Hinckley. Joyce Powell 56 Hines. Tiny Hope 127 Hinsey. Hazel Rebecca .... 56 Hobbs, Helen 127 Hobby. Ruth Idell 57 Hobson, Alice Loretta 107 Hockey 254 Hodges, Bonnie Jean 57 Hodges, Frances Jean 57 Hodgsom, Julia Moffatt.... 57 Hoffman, Dorothy P 57 Hoffman. Helen Ruth 107 Hoffman. Myrtle Mae 107 Hogan, Kathleen Winston 127 Hogan, Mamie Laura 127 Holding, Lucy Beth 107 Holley. Alice Elizabeth ....107 Holliday. Jeanette 127 Holloway, Jean Idella 107 Hollowell. Dorothy Louise 127 Home Economics Club 216 Hood, Lucille Kathryn 127 Horney, Nancy Trotter .... 87 Horton, Betty Lou 107 Horton. Mary Sue 107 Ilouehard, Xatalee Fern.... 88 House. Dorothy Mae .127 Howard. Bobbie Josephine 57 Howard. Imogene Louise 107 Howard. Jean Delight 127 Howe. Leona Anjaletta 57, 263 Howell. Sarah Frances .... 57 Howze. Frances E 127 Huber. Mary Elizabeth ...107 Hudgings, Peggy 127 Hudson, Margaret Vallea 107 Hushes. Anna Williams ....127 Hughes, Helen Hilda 58 Hughes, Lois Margaret .... 58 Hughes, Mable Lee 127 Hughes, Margaret Elizabeth 58 Hughs, Dorothy Pitchford 127 Hunt, Valerie Virginia 5S Hunter. Elizabeth Vernon 127 Hunter. Davene 127 Hunter. Mary Knight 127 Hunter, Zonira Ella 88 Hurston, Floris Eleanor.. .127 Hussey, Evelyn 88 Hyatt, Bettye Jane 127 Hynian, Selma 107 Page Infinger, Mary Edna 127 Ingermann, Betty Lou 58 Inman, June Frances 107 In Memoriam 40 International Relations Club 232 Irsch, Mary Louise 5.S Irvine, Ruth Katherine .... 58 Irwin, Nona Lee 107 Italian Club 224 Ives. Ethel Louise 128 Jackson, Margaret Nelson 59 Jackson. Virginia .Line 5s. 263 Jaco, Betty Jane 88 Jacoby, Jean Henrietta .... 5!) Jacoby, Sylvia Ruth 107 Jaeckel, Nellie Anita 88 James, Gwendolyn Adrienne 128 Jenkins. Selma 12S Jennings, Annie 59 Jensen, Katie Jean 12S Jernigan, Louise 59 Jessup, Marjorie Robertson 88 Jett. Ena Faye 88 Jewett, Janet Weathers 82, 88 Jewett. Marion Anne 107 Jewish Woman ' s rganization 233 Johns, Rega Zje 128 Johns, Wilnia Roberta 107 Johnson. Carolynn Stuart 128 Johnson, Helen hire 107 Johnson, Janie Ruth ...128 Johnston. Anna Lee ..128 Johnston, Doris 128 Johnston, Frances Edmundson 88 Johnston, Jean 59 Jones, Anne Harrison 107 Jones, Ella Maude 128 Jones, Florence Catherine 59 Jones, Mildred Means 107 Jones. Myrle Hazel 59 Jones, Ouida Merle 128 Joyce, Eileen Margaret ... 107 Judiciary of C. G. A 203 Junior Class Officers 82 Kalbach, Catherine Bainbridge 107 Kappa Alpha Theta.... 1S6. 187 Kappa Delta 188, 189 Kappa Delta Phi 244 Kasranakis. Mary 128 Keeler, Jessie Springer .... SS Kehr. Virginia Louise SS Kamp. Mary Jacqueline. 12S Kennedy, Arystine Elizabeth 60 Kennedy. Bette Irene 128 Kennedy, Emma Anne 88 Kennedy. Joan Baldwin. ...107 Kennedy, Margaret Elise.. 60 Kent. Harriet Elizabeth.... SS Kerns, Gene Charlotte .... 60 Ketterer, Lucile Harriette LOS Killian. Christine Oil Kimbell, Edna Elizabeth 108 King. Elizabeth Eleanor 108 King. Sarah Margaret 128 Kinney, Gail Asenath 60 Kirby-Smith, Catherine Bethune 88 Kirkpa trick. Mary Leota 108 Kissinger. Betty 10S Klingensmith. Mary Frances 128 Kloenpel. Dorothea Minna 82. SS Knapp, Geraldine Caldwell 60 Page Knapp, Gwendolyn Caldwell 60 Knight, Frances Parker ....108 Knolls. Nancy Gene 108 Kobey. Mareia Jean 118 Kreher. Aurelia Hildpgrade 108 Kunde, Edna Elizabeth .... 60 Kunneg. Janet Elizabeth 89 Kurtz, Anna Warren 10S La Bar, lima Claire 01 La Celle. Margaret Esther 128 Lacey, Hazel Marjorie 89 Ladd, Anne Shepard 61 Lambert. Minnie 108 La Motte. Frances Elizabeth 01 Lancaster. Marjorie Hallie 108 Lane, Ann Rylander 100, 108 Lane. Frances Cordelia .... 01 Laney, Tommy Lynn 108 Langston, Betty 108 Langston, Mary Louise ....128 Lanier, Rose Vivian 108 Lanier. Marjorie Olivia 108 Lasche. Eunice Marie 89 Lawrence. Harriet Jean... 01 Lawton. Charlotte Lee 61 Layton, Sara Elizabeth ....128 Lee, Carrie Louise 128 Lee, Martha Jay 12S Lee, Virgia Mae 61 Lee, Olive Virginia 12S Leffler, Renie Elizabeth 128 Lentz, Sadie Lee 128 Lester. Lucy Lillian 108 Lester, Mary Alice 89 Lewis. Ann 128 Lewis. Frances Mayde ...128 Lewis, Marian Marie 62 Lewis. Norma Oledieth . . 128 Lewis. Sara Effie 02 Lewis. Sara Elizabeth 128 Life Saving Corps 225 Light, Rudine Mary 10S Lindsey, Betty S9 Lines, Sarah Elizabeth . 89 Lingo, Margaret Ollie SO Linn, Elizabeth 108 Linton, Hilda Gertrude .... 02 Lipshitz. Martha Mareia 108 Lisk. Henrietta Susan so Litschgi, Frances Jeannette S9 Little. Martha Mae 02 Lloyd. Alberta E 62 Lloyd. Althea E 62 Lockwood. Janet Birdsall 62 Long. Mary Ellen 108 Long. Mary Eugenia S9 Loper, Theresa Nell 10S Lorimer, Jean 129 Lott, Ruthanne 129 Lougnot, Virginia Louise 108 Lounds, Elizabeth A. 62. 219 Lourcey, Louise St. George 89 Love, Eddie Sue 129 Lowe. Kathryn 63 Lower Court 206 Lowry. Myrtle F. (Bun- ny) ....63, 154. 155. 210. 263 Loyless. Nelle 108 Luke. Maurtice 129 Lukens. Lillian Whitaker 63 Lumpkin, Martha Benham 03 LyBarker. Ada Carroll Irene S9 Lyles, Alberta Agnes 129 Lyman. Avis Marie 89 Lynch, Luella Mary 63 Lytle. Frances R. 109 Lytle. Sarah Dumas 63 M Bride. Mrs. Alberta Patrick 66 McBride. Helen Alline 66 McCahill, Mary Dorthy .... 66 page two hundred ninety-seven STUDENT INDEX Continued Pane McCahill, Mattie 129 McCain. Helen Ruth 1-0 McCain. Martha Hope 10S McCall, Twyla LaVelle ....129 McCalla. Mary Lauriann 109 McCaun. Tsla .lean 89 McCarley, Agnes .lane 109 McCarthy. Mary Kathleen 109 McClain, Ida May 89 McCown, Dorothy 120 McCay. Jane Annette l- ' J McCracken. Muriel 66 McCree. Norma Lee 129 McDilda. Edna Earle 100 McDowall, Jeanne Elizabeth 1,M McGarry, Margaret Ann.-109 McGill, Marjorie 129 McGlaun, Inez Gertrude. ... on McGlaun, Rebecca Ann ....129 MacGowan, Mary Lou -129 Mcintosh. Sara Catherine 129 McKay. Anna Frances 1-0 MeKee. Edith Noreen 129 McKelvey. Ailsa Ellen 66 McKendree, Agnes Jeanette 169 McKinnon, Mattie Lou ...-10J McLain. Pauline Gladys.. ..100 McLean. Mona Virginia .... 66 McMorris, Anne Virginia 109 McMullen, Betty Ann 67 McMullen. Mary Jeanne.... 07 McNab, Annie Laurie 129 McNally, Lois Eilleen 109 McNeill, Mary Alice 100 Macpherson, Betty Wiley 129 McQuagge, Lottie Hortense 120 MacRae. Jean Fraser 90 Mabry, Barbara 120 Maguire, Jane Isabella ...129 Makemson. Ernestine 00 Makemson, Virginia Lee ... 00 Malphurs, Marjorie Rosalee 90 Mankes, Jeanne 90 Manley, Jeannette E. M. 129 Mann, Ida Elizabeth 63 Manning, Dorothy 90 Manning. Mary Lewis .... 63 Manz, Olive Adelaide 64 Marchesseau, Inez Yvonne 90. 211 Markham. Betty Jane 00 Markovitz. Belle 120 Marsh. Evelyn V 100 Marshall. Kathryn 120 Martin. Agnes 04 Mattern, Janet Elizabeth.. 90 Maura, Frances Helen ....120 May Court 262 Mayer. Elizabeth Page 109 Mays, Louise Glover 109 Meacham, Margaret Louise 96 Means, Audrey Carmen ....129 Means, Claire Campbell. ...129 Means, Marjorie Arline .... 90 Meares, Sylvia Adelle 160 Medlin. Mary Jane 130 Meggs. Julia Elenor 90 Meigs. Frances Elizabeth. 64 Meisch. Clara Julia 00 Melahn, Nelle 130 Melvin, Jessie Elva 64 Melzer, Margaret 04 Mendelson, Rosalind .130 Mendenhall, Jane 130 Merbler, Ruth Marianna... 90 Meredith. Margaret Elaine 04 Merrill, Marjorie Ruth .. . 64 Merryday, Ann Beggs .130 Merryday. Helen Glenn ... " 4 Methodist Student Organization 227 Milam. Helen Vivian 118. 130 Miller. Eleanor Glessner ... !)1 Page Miller. Elizabeth McBride 136 Miller. .loan 01 Miller. Lavinnia Lois 100 Miller. Margaret Milam .130 Miller, Elizabeth McDowell 109 Miller. Kuth Irene 136 Milton. Frances Bryan ... 01 Milton. Virginia 01 Minis, Carolyn Clark 100 Mitchell. Beryl Bernadette 109 Mitchell, Beulah Pearl 05. 42 Mitchell. Dorothy Stewart 100. 100 Mitchell. Sonia 100 Mitchell. Susan ( " handier 130 Mixson, Marjorie J 130 Mobley. Brenelle IP Mohr, Judith Ann 130 Molnar. Dorothy May 65 Montero, Delia Rosario— .110 Moore, Elizabeth Bennett 110 Moore, Martha Pearl 6.1 Moore. Mary Middle ....65, 42 Moore, Sarah 65 Morgan, Emily Joyce 136 Morris. Floreine 65 Morris. Jean Eloise 130 Morrison. Marjorie Mae .... 01 Morrow, Irene Margaret. ... 65 Morrow. Pauline Alice .... 01 Morrow, Ruth Love 11(1 Mortar Board 241 Mosley, Frances Elizabeth 100 Mountain. Lois Elizabeth 136 Mozley, Serena Gertrude 130 Mulkey, Angle 91 Mullins. Eleanor Drake .... 01 .Mollis. Julia Alice i5 Munnerlyn, Lucia 66 Murphy. Evelyn Elizabeth 66 Murphy, Martha Jenkins 116 Myhlertz. Mary Faith 136 My rick. Helen Burroughs 130 Neal. Dea Welles 110 Needham, Christine McCormack 130 Nelles, Mildred Elizabeth 130 Nesmith. Juanita Ostelle 130 Nevitt. Margaret Elizabeth 67 Newbold. Cora Mitchell ...110 Newman Club 210 Newton, Marguerite 130 Nichols, Mary Elizabeth.... 01 Nicholson, Betty Bradford 01 Nicholson. Jean Dorritt 110 Noble. Mary Wyand 67 Noggle, Helen Elizabeth....! 36 Nolan. Paulette 1.30 Nooney. Sara Naomi 110 Norfleet, Nelle Gertrude 110 N. S. F. A 220 O ' Byrne. Esther 67, 217 Off Campus Committee. ...207 Oldham. Margaret Polk. ...110 Olsen, Sibyl Jean 91, 224 Omicron Nu 246 O ' Neal, Carolyn Virginia.. 91 Orleman. Mary Elizabeth 67 ( )rtmever. Catherine Florence 136 Orwig, Ruth Ellen 110 O ' Steen Mary Elizabeth 110 Ott, Edith Evermont 01 Oven. Bershe 67 Oven. Mary Frances 130 Overby, Jewell 116 Overman, Mary Olive 01 Owen, Alice 110 Oxer, Betty Jane 130 Oxley, Norma Carolyn ...130 Pacetti. Macy Irene 11D Padgett. Virginia Roberta 116 Page. Marguerite Mae 131 Phtc Painter, Caroline 131 Painter, Margaret Eddins 110 Palmer. Mary 1 67. 226 Pan Hellenic 266. 267 Park. Caroline Isabella 131 Parker. Alice Virginia 131 Parker, Dorothy Omera 91. 209 Parker. Mary Emily ....68, 156. 157. 42. 262 Parkhill. Gene 131 Parks. Dorothy Whitcomb 02 Parks. Melba Ruth 68 Parramore. Agnes Jeannette 131 Parramore, Helen Phyllis 02 Parish. Grace Ella 130 Parrish. Helen Owreatha OS Pate, Velma Bernice 110 Pattani, Marie 02 Patten. Lynette 6S Patterson, Karolyn 02 Patterson, Louise Lytle ...110 Patterson, Lutrelle Knapp 68 Pattishall, Martha 131 Peacock, Anne Borden 131 Peacock, Gladys Geraldine 92 Peacock, Margaret Elizabeth 68 Peacock, Mary Lucile 110 Pearce. Ruth Myrtice 131 Pearlman, Betty 110 Pearlman. Cynthia Faye ... 02 Peck. Violet Irene 68 Pepiot, Dorothy Anne 131 Perez. Magdalena 131 Perry, Martha Dent Ill Perry, Rosalee 131 Perry, Susie Virginia 131 Peters, Julia Marie Ill Peterson. Edna Sue Ill Pfarr, Edith Geraldine ...131 Phelan, Barbara 60 Phelps, Willie Mae 131 Phi Alpha Theta ...245 Phi Beta Kappa 242 Phi Kappa Phi 246 Philips. Emily Susan Ill Philips. Jeanette Esther Ill, 131 Phillips, Agnes Louise ... . Ill Phillips, Ruth Elizabeth 131 Phi Mu 100. 101 Phinney, Beverly Lake ....111 Physical Education Assn. 211 Pi Beta Phi 102. 193 Pi Delta Phi 245 Pierce. Anne Hooper HI Pierson, Mart Coleman ...131 Pine.kard. Frances Elaine 111 Pinder. Frances C 131 Pinner. Catherine Gray .... 6!) Piper, Jane Lucile 131 Pipkin. Celia Zoe 131 Pittman, Annie Catherine 60 Pittman, Edna Mae 111 Placie. Betty Ann 131 Polhill. Edna Lee Ill Polk, Annie Laura 60 Poole. Muriel Virginia 131 Posey. Roanna 92 Post, Ann Richards 131 Post. Harriett Mav 92 Post. Lilla M Ill Pourtless. Marja Belle .... 92 Povey, Jean Elvira Meane 131 Presbyterian Student ( ' ouncil 227 President ' s Message 21 Price. Ella Faye 60. 02 Price, Jane Ill Priest, Mary Carolyn 131 Pruitt. Leora 131 Puckett, Dier Tidwell 132 Pyle, Dorothy Ida 132 Quincey, Sarah Margaret.. 02 Patre Kaftery, Virginia 132 Hagsdale, Reba 132 Rainey, Mary 132 Raker, Epsie Earline 132 Ramage, Carol Leona 69 Ranney, Mania Bell 69 Ranson. Elizabeth Erwin.. 69 Ratliff, Minnie Elizabeth 111 Redlinger. Eleanor Louise 70 Reed, Jenny Doris 70 Reed, Mary .132 Reed, Mary Henrietta 70 Rees, Margaret Elisabeth 70 Reese, Mary Elizabeth .... 92 Register, Margaret 132 Register, Mary Juanita ....132 Register. Nell 132 Rehbaum, Mary Louise .....132 Keynolds, Frances Eugene 132 Rhodes. Betty Jean 132 Rhodes, Claud Anne 118, 132 Rhyne. Roberta Clarkson 111 Rice, Margaret Louise 92 Rickards. Dorothy Jane .... 70 Rickards. Florence Elizabeth Ill Ricker, Virginia Frances.. 93 Rigby. Nancy Adela 70 Riherd. Lucile 132 Riley, Evelyn Page 132 Rinck, Mary Margaret 93 Rinehart, Mary Elizabeth 111 Rish. Jeannette 93 Rivers. Charlotte 132 Roach, Martha Mae 132 Robbins, Ethel Ruth 132 Robbins, Martha 93 Roberts, Cornelia Virginia 111 Roberts. Edna Isabell 03 Roberts. Frederica Georgette 70 Roberts, Margaret Elizabeth 03 Robinson, Alice Earline.. .132 Robinson, Helen Virginia 132 Robinson. Ina Margaret.... 93 Robinson. Amanda Vera. ...Ill Rodes, Marjorie Lucille. ...132 Rodgers. Gertrude 71 Rodgers, Margaret Nell.... 03 Rodriguez, Norma 93 Rogero, Nancy Joan 70 Rogers, Frances Roberta 132 Rogers. Mabel Bryant 71 Rogers. Mary Ruth 93 Rood, Virginia Anne 71 Root. Jean 71 Rosner, Rosalie 132 Ross, Janet Ruth 93 Ross. Joan Kennerly 71 Ross. Patricia A Ill Rosser, Ethel Merryday .... 93 Rosser. Julia Glenn 93 Ron. Nancy Lou 71 Rowley. Mary Susan 93 Rowley. Muriel Alice 93 Royce, Letha Madge 71 Rubin, F. Estelle Ill Ruby, Janet Marie 132 Rudd, Julia Angelyn 72 Rudasill, Dorothy 132 Ruff, Dorothea Osborne... 72 Russ, Carole Christine ...111 Russell. Betty Rae 132 Russell, Margaret 132 Russell. Mary Elizabeth... 72 Ryan. Daisy Elizabeth Ill Ryan. Rosanne Dunbar 133 Safay. Anne 132 Sanchez, Anna Laurie 72 Sanders, Sibyle Rebecca... Ill Sapp. June Cora McCloud 133 Sappington, Mary Lou ....133 Saul, Blanche 133 Savage. Elizabeth Charlotte 112 Savage, Mary Isabel 100, 112 page tiro hundred ninety-eight STUDENT INDEX Continued Pasc Schaller Marguerite Esther 112 Scharfschwerdt, Ida Mary 112 Schemer, Peggy 133 Scheppe, Dorothy Louise 133 Schneider, Amelia Janet. .133 Schowe, Esther Chattin.... 94 Schuessler, Murrell 94 Sehulte, Pauline Elizabeth 112 Seorgie, Mary Ruth 133 Scott. Bettv Rose 133 Scott, Carolyn 133 Scott, Dorothy Miller 72 Scott, Eleanor R 94 Scott, Elizabeth Lavonia.. 72 Scott, Margaret Mary 112 Searcy, Doris Hoyt 133 Seed, Lucille Elizabeth .... 72 Seiver, Edith Virgil 133 Selig, Elizabeth Ann 133 Sellers, Mvriam Davison... 94 Senate 205 Senior Class History 79 Senior Class Officers 42 Senior Hall 221 Setze r, Betty 133 Shahan, Marie Louise 133 Sharon. Jane Audrey 72, 263 Shatkowsky, Helen Shaw 73 Shaw, Alvah Ethel 112 Shearouse, Alice Jocelyn 112 Sheldon, Sara Marguerite 112 Shepard, Ruth Carolyn .... 94 Sherard, Alice Beverly 133 Shaw, Sadie 133 Shive, Geraldine Rebecca 112 Shuman, Eleanor Clare 112 Shuman, Mary 133 Siegel, Eulalia Rosalind.. ..112 Sigma Delta Phi 247 Sigma Kappa 194, 195 Sigman, Virginia Carolyn 94 Silver, Virginia Lee 112 Simmons, Janice Lorraine 82, 94 Simmons, Margaret Louise 112 Simmons, Marjorie June 112 Simon, Alberta Pauline ....112 Simpson, Ann 133 Simpson, Anna Marie 133 Sims, Dorothy Evelyn 133 Sims, Edna Louise 73 Skagseth, Margaret Johanna 73 Slade, Frances Vivian 94 Slaughter, Adelaide 73 Slemons, Mary Elizabeth 133 Sloan, Ruth Amelia 133 Small, Mary Ellen 133 Smart, Frances Edna 133 Smith, Anna Bess 133 S mith, Billy Patricia 133 Smith, Edith Marjorie ...112 Smith, Esther Ida 112 Smith, Helen Anna 134 Smith, Mabel Mae 112 Smith, Mary Nell 94 Smith, Nell Foster 134 Smith. Sara Cornelia 134 Snapshots. Soccer 255. 261. 272 Social Committee 230 Snider. Elizabeth 134 Social Directors 38 Sollar, Anne Perry 134 Solomon, Dora Etta 73 Solomons, Betty Merelyn 134 Sophomore Class Officers 100 Sophomore Council 208 Sowell, Camille Daphne... 94 Sparkman, Grace Evelyn.. 94 Sparkman, Margaret Katharyn 73 Sparkman, Mary Jane 94 Spettel. Gertrude Evangeline 134 Paee Spicer, Elizabeth Ann 73 Spirogira 236 Springer, Helen Marie 112 Stapleton, Mary Elizabeth 134 Steele, Eloise Mary 112 Steele, Evelyn Philamena.. 94 Stein, Rachel Marie 134 Stelts, Jewel Marie 134 Stephens, Addie Louise ....112 Stephens, Alma Louise 112 Stephens, Aubrey Jean ....134 Stephenson, Grace 112 Stephenson, Gwendolyn 134 Stevenson. Mary Elizabeth 73 Stewart, Clara Hutchinson 74 Stewart, Marjorie E 74 Stivender, Gladys Odessa.. 94 Stokes. Margaret Ruth 113 Stone, Amelia 113 Storter, Valera 95 Streng, Irma Jane 113 Stroberg, Martha Katheryn 134 Stuckey, Miriam Elizabeth 113 Students without pictures 139, 140 Sullivan, Theresa Mary.... 74 Summers, Kathryn Avine 113 Sutherland. Anne 134 Sutton, Belva Floyd 95 Sutton. Helen Elizabeth ...113 Swanson, Dorothy Martha 134 Swanson, Sara Isa belle ...134 Swanstrom. Barbara Lillian i 74 Swearingen. Mary Bishop 95 Sweat. Margaret Ruth 134 Swilley. Audrey Marie 74, 42, 221 Swimming 256 Swindell. Myra 134 Taeker, Virginia Clara ....134 Tarpon Club 225 Tarr, Lucy Jane 134 Tate. Rose Marie 134 Tatom. Martha Belle 95 Taylor, Betty Ann 134 Taylor, Helen Francis 74 Taylor. Lillian Lavanna .... 95 Taylor. Louise Rosalie .... 74 Taylor, Mary Arnett 95 Telford. Ruth Jane 134 Tepper. Sara 134 Terrell. Mary Ruth 95 Terry, Helen 113 Texeda, Jacqueline 74 Thames, Cilia Karlene 134 Thames. Mary Lauis 113. 134 Tharpe. Lillian Jeannette 134 Theta Upsilon 198. 199 Thigpen, Kathryn Wilkey 113 Thomas, Barbara Mae 113 Thomas, Caroline Portis....ll3 Thomas, Harriet Joan 113 Thomas, Jane 75 Thomas. Louise Golden .... 95 Thomasson, Jonnie Neil.. ..134 Thompson, Florence Elizabeth 113 Thompson, Katherine Ruth 135 Thompson, Lynette 95 Thompson. Nell L 113 Thorton, Margaret Louise 135 Thrasher, Margarita Louise 95 Tilghman, Margaret Olive 135 Tillman. Ola Belle 113 Tison. Doris 135 Tobin, Harriette 95 Tomasello, Varina Joyce.. ..135 Torres. Esther Marie 113 Totten, Jean 135 Townsend, Dorothy Clay.... 95 Page Townsend, Mary Naomi ....135 Townsend, Thelma Irene..ll3 Towson, Ann Morgan 95 Tranthan, Frances Elizabeth 113 Trice, Martha Nell 135 Trott, Eloise 158, 159 Trout. Grace Wilbur 135 True, Mildred Evelyn 135 Trulove. Jennie Florence 135 Truster, Susanna Jane . .. 75 Turner, Martelle 135 Turnbull, Pearl Elizabeth 95 Turner, Shirley 75 Tyler, Margaret Esther ... 75 Tyler. Pearle Lorenda 135 Udell, Rose Marie 135 Underhill, Edith Wilma.... 95 Unkrich, Barbara Jane 135 Usher Committee 228 Usher, Marian E 75 Valentine, Alice Preston. ...135 Valz, Marion Elizabeth 96 Van Brunt, Clifton 96 Van Brunt. Martha Hudson 96 Van Iderstine, Bessie Virginia 75 Van, Alta Lucille 75 Van Ness, Margaret Louise 135 Van Osten, Bobbie 135 Van Zyle, Ruth Janette .113 Varn, Corise Patricia 135 Varn, Janet Caroline 135 Vaughan, Mary Will 135 Veal, Nancy Jane 113 Venning, Sue Williams 135 Vergowe. Mary Madine .... 96 Village Vamps 235 Vogt. Helen Mae 135 Vost, Margaret Rae 96 Volleyball 253 von Dohlen. Katherine 96 Voss, Lavine Palmer Evans 96 Vrieze, Inez Wilhite 113 AVaering, Magda Kjelleswig 113 Wakefield, Dilla Pearl 75 Walcott, Alice Margaret .... 76 Walker, Anna Belle 76 Walker, Doris Marie 76 Walker. Harriet Eugenia 118. 135 Walker. Iris Christina 114 Walker, Lucille Lever .114 Walker. Marion Louise ....114 Walling. Marjorie Lytle....ll4 Wallis, Mary Connally .... 76 Walton, Anne Lamb 135 Walton. Dorothy 135 Walton, Evelyn Jane 114 Ward. Kathryn Lillian ... 114 Ware, Dorothy Augusta. ...114 Warren, Edna Louise 96 Waterman, Mary Elizabeth . ' 135 Watkins. Ida Juliet 135 Watkins. Kathryn 136 Watrous. Lollie Steele 96 Watson, Cornelia Anne ....114 Watts. Marietta Olive 114 Weathers. Elizabeth Gay 136 Weaver, Joan Bryan 114 Weaver, Mary Elizabeth....l36 Webb, Elizabeth Anne 96 Weber, Ruth Esther 96 Webster, Jeanne D 90 Webster, Marion Elizabeth 136 Webster, Mary Nell 114 Weiherg. Margaret Elizabeth 136 Wells. Lucy Janet .... 118. 136 Weltner, May Pope 114 Weseman, Helen Louise....! 14 West, Emily Shannon 96 Wexler, Rose Lee 114 Wheatley, Janice Marian... 96 Wheeler. Rebecca Louise 76, 216 White, Betty 76 White, Beulah Estella 136 White, Blanche Elizabeth.. 76 White, Dorothy Curtis 76 White. Maye 77 White, Nancy 114 White, Nancy W 114 White, Polly Ann 77, 215, 218 Whitehurst, Martha Louise 114 Whittemore, Willa Agnes.. 77 Whitting, Lillian Louise... 77 Whittington, Carolyn Elizabeth 114 Whittlesey, Monterey 136 Wicker, Clara Sue 96 Wight, Selma H. S 114 Wilder, Annie Ben 136 Wilder, Mary Margaret ...136 Wilensky, Judith Harriet.. 77 Wilkinson, Marlin Anne ....136 Williams. Elizabeth Ann 114 Williams. Elsie Marilyn... 97 Williams, Frances Elizabeth 77 Williams, Geraldine Clarice 77 Williams. Jean 136 Williams, Mary Juna 77 Williams, Ruth 97 Williams, Ruth Elizabeth 114 Williams, Sara Clair 114 Williamson. Nancy Hartford 78, 42 Williamson, Rose Powell 136 Williamson, Sara 136 Williford, Nancy Lee 136 Willis. Florence Elizabeth 97 Willis. Florence Elizabeth 114 Willits, Elsie Mae 136 Wilson, Daphne Laura 97 Wilson, Edna 97 Wilson, Margaret Maxwell 78 Wilson, Ruth Phelps 78 Wimberly, Grace Elizabeth 97 Wing, Eiizabeth 114 Winn, Julia Pauline 97 Wirt, Emma Frances 115 Wittenstein, Tybell 115 Woman ' s Athletic Assn 210 Wood, Jean 136 Wood, Sara Mozelle 136 Woodruff, Sara Carolyn. ...115 Woodward, Lois Charlotte 97 Woodward. Margaret 136 Wooten, Mary Evelyn 136 Worth. Sarah Lenorah 115 Wright. Johnnyinae 136 Wright, Marybelle 130 Wynn. Betty Melson 78. 160. 161, 214 Wyrick. Hilda Lois 115 Yancey. Lucy Elizabeth ... 136 Yearty, Sara Boyd 136 Yon. Margaret Nell 136 Yonge. Belle Pitman 136 Yonge. Marjorie 82, 97 Young, Dorothy McDonald 115 Young, Eleanore Bettie 82, 97 Young. Marguerite Ruth....l36 Young. Mary Daphine 136 Young, Mary Elizabeth ...137 Youngblood. Donice Lucille 137 Y. W. C. A 226 Zeta Phi Eta 247 Zeta Tau Alpha 198, 199 Zewadski, Amanda Barco 137 page two hundred ninety-nine SENIOR REGRETS So long, F. S. C. — good-bye to convocation; to term papers; to the dining ' room; to endless hours in the Reserve room, in classes; to the long trek to the gym; to rainy days and wasted moonlight; to girl-breaks; to Rec ; to the Spick ami the Sweet Shop; to the vine covered halls; to bull sessions; to traditions; to security within these walls — but most of all — good-bye to our friends — to those, faculty and students alike, who have made these four of our happiest years. It is with tears in our hearts that Ave say good-bye to you, and though we may never see some of you again, you will be remembered. Time may dim, but cannot blot out entirely, these past years, and we will always have a place in our heart for you who made P. S. C. mean to us what it has. For, after all, a place means to us what the people in it mean, and the halls, the tall pines, the campus, would not live so for us if you had not been here. Good-bye then to the sorrows — lime will blot them out — to the joys — they will never fade — to the friends we have come to know and love so well. Keep the torches burning brightly — keep your banners high — as we will re- member them — so, to the faculty, the seniors, those we leave here — hail — and farewell. page I It rec hundred APPRECIATION You, the students, if you like this book, owe a debt of gratitude to many people for its being. I, as editor, owe a debt to many more. To the staffs of years before — to Eileen Robinson and Honey Forth who taught me much of what I know — to Miss West, head of the faculty committee, for her invalu- able suggestions and assistance — to Miss Richey an 1 Miss Thrush (the other members of the committee) for the help they gave us — to Mr. Respess and Mr. Thigpen of the engraving company for the long hours they spent planning and executing the details of the book — to the entire of Rose Printing Company ' s personnel for their fine work and most of all to Charles Rosenberg, without whom 1 he hook could never have come out, I owe a debt too deep to be paid by mere words. To all of you who have given of your time, to Eloise Trott for helping us with the Feature Section vote-counting — to the staff for their diligent, hard work; their effort to get their copy in on time; and their very real interest in the book as a whole, I owe more than I can pay. So may I say simply " Thank you, and I hope the book rewards your effort. " Now to yon, Jean, and to the rest of next year ' s staff — the very best of luck — and please, may I have a copy of your book. Betty Wynn. UtM. utaatawlt } a taw h iit ataY lt wzawi g r m t M wmM$mmpmm wmMSm ■U8 flni ' WwHUt 3 1254 02943 8310 A • Mb liiiffp M: wmmk mmmm mmmmwm® ' ■a WrMr C 1 f j ..Jiiiilk,- HP f 4« ! M 5 to " " H ' " IT r i mms «i '

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