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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Cover

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Fimmfflm 1922 -J0I.K ruWzsktk bu " Wool te Olak Lolle fe , or Wc om n - J « FOREWORD Our efforts to prepare and publish an Annual has been full of interest from the beginning. It has been our good fortune to have the assistance of many college friends and fellow stu- dents. To one and all we wish to ex- press our grateful appreciation. QLo tfje ffltmavj) of €btoin Snbreto apben 0m teacher anb Jfrienb COLLtOC: CLASSES i ATHLETICS | OROAMZATlOflS | f EATORL5 A THE COLLEGE tttt OFFICERS AND FACULTY 1921-1922 EDWARD CONRADI. A.M., I ' n.D. (Clark) ' ' resident ARTHUR WILLIAMS. A.M., (Cambridge) Vice President ELMER R1GGS SMITH. M. . Secretary COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES WILLIAM GEORGE DODD. A.M., Ph.D. I Harvard) Dean. Professor of English ARTHUR WILLIAMS. A.M. (Cambridge) Professor of History ELMER RIGGS SMITH. M.A. Professor of Mathematics and Physics EDWARD CONRADI. A.M.. Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Philosophy JOSIAH BETHEA GAME, M.A., Ph.D. (Yale) Professor of Classics EDWIN WDREW HAYDEN. Ph.D. (Michigan) Professor of Philosophy and Psychology ALBAN STEWART. Ph.D. ( Harvard I Professor of Botany and Bacteriology LANAS SPURGEON BARBER. M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture EDMUND VERNON GAGE. A.M. Professor of Modern Languages RAYMOND BELLAMY. Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociolog y and Political Economy HORATIO HUGHES. Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Professor of Chemistry JAMES OWEN KNAUSS, Ph.D. (Cornell) Professor of History and Political Science ROWENA LONGMIRE, A.M. Assistant Professor of English LAURA TOWNE. A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish and French HAZEL ALLISON STEVENSON. MA. Instructor in English ROSALIE SZYMANSKI, A.M. Instructor in Latin KATHRINE FISHER. A.B. Instructor in French and Spanish a=t fr? SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND NORMAL SCHOOL NATHANIEL. MOSS SALLEY. AH. Dean, Professor of Education FREDERICK WILLIAM STEACY. Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Psychology INGA OLLA HELSETH. A.M. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education OLGA LARSON, A.M. Assistant Professor oj Mathematics EI.MA WILLIAMS EALY. B.S. Director Kindergarten EMILY PITMAN WILBURN. ILL. Assistant in Training School FLORENCE TRYON. L.I. Assistant in Training School LILLIAN WALKER PAGE. L.I. Assistant in Training School EMMA HELSETH, B.S. Assistant in Training School HELEN WOODBRIDGE SCHORER. L.I. Assistant in Training School SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS EDNA COITH ATKINSON. B.S. Dean. Professor of Home Economics ANNE YOUNG. M.D.. Dr. P.H. Professor of Hygiene JAUNITA ELIZABETH DARRAH. D. Sc. (Johns Hopkins Professor of Nutrition HATTIE MAE CARMICHAEL. M.A. Professor of Home Economics Chemistry LUCY KIMBALL. B.S. Instructor in Domestic Science CLELLA MAE BRICKLEY, A.B. Instructor in Domestic Art ANNA MARIE SCHREIBER. M.A. Instructor in Home Economics and Chemistry LUCY CAROLYN CUSHMAN Supervisor of Vocational Home Economics SCHOOL OF MUSIC ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN. A.B.,B.M. Dean GERTRUDE ISIDOR Instructor in Violin and Theory of Music EMMA E. BOYD Instructor in Voice and Director of Glee Club CAROLINE CURTISS Instructor in Voice GLADYS COMFORTER, B.M. Instructor in. Piano HELEN GENE CANTRALL Instructor in Piano and Piano Normal Methods SVEA MARIANNA ANDERSON Instructor in Musical History, Theory and Appreciation W u F=fr •Deceased. OLIVE SLINGLUFF Instructor in Public School Music GLADYS MOSELY. B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano, Voice and Theory ADALAIDE KOCH Assistant Instructor in Piano and Theory ALMA NIGRO. B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano and Theory SPECIAL SCHOOLS BEATRICE ALICE BEYER Director of the School of Art MARY HOLLINGSWORTH. A.M. Director of the School of Expression and Physical Education KATHERINE MONTGOMERY. A.B. Instructor in Physical Education MYRTLE SARA WELDON Instructor in Expression and Physical Education LUELLA MARY RICHEY, A.B. Instructor, Department of Business LUCILE GRIDER Instructor, Department of Business RUTH WOOLMAN. A.B. Librarian HOME DEMONSTRATION WORK SARAH WARING PARTRIDGE State Agent HARRIETTE BENEDICT LAYTON Assistant State Agent JUANITA ELIZABETH DARRAH, D.Sc. (Johns Hopkins) Research Worker MINNIE M. FLOYD State Organizer, Poultry Clubs MAY M. MORSE Specialist in Home Dairying AGNES I. WEBSTER. B.S. District Agent LONNY I. LANDRUM. B.S. District Agent ESTELLE BOZEMAN Specialist in Food Conservation GENEVIEVE CRAWFORD. M.S. Assistant Research Worker GLADYS SMITH, M.A. Nutrition Specialist MARGARET VIRGINIA CAMPBELL ANNE LOUISE HARWICK ANNA PENNOCK LAIRD MARGERY PIERPONT JANET MAC GOWAN Student Assistants in Library R f=f f$ 3 MYRTLE COLLINS Student Assistant, Supervisor of Practice. School of Music HELEN BEACH Student Assistant in Physics ELEANOR BREWER HELEN HEMPHILL HARRIS GLADYS LLEWELLYN MORRIS Student Assistants in Physical Education OTHER OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION MRS. S. L. CAWTHON Dean oj the College Home MISS MAMIE ANDREWS MISS E. H. DENHAM MRS. R. E. SLOAN MRS. KATE D. SHUT MRS. J. D. THRNBULL MISS MACY BAKER Assistants in College Home l RO RET WHITE. I!. . ) . II . C. A. Secretary ANNE YOUNG, M.D.. Dr. P.H. Resident Physician to the College MRS. MARY TOWNSEND. R.N. I lead Nurse in the Infirmary MRS. FRANCES SCOVILL Head Nurse in the Infirmary MISS KATE R. 1NMAN Assistant Nurse in the Infirmary JOHN O. KELLUM Treasurer and Business Manager of the College MARGARET VAN HOSEN, Ph.D., Dietitian. JESSIE McNEII. Secretary to President and Registrar MRS. AMELIA KEIPP CLARK Bookkeeper and Cashier NELLE DOOLEY Secrtary to Business Manager RLTH T. McILVAINE Manager of Book Store MRS. RUBY G. RICHARDSON Stenographer, Extension Department PRISCILLA LANE Stenographer, Extension Department NINA McADAM Student Assistant in Office •Resigned January 9, 1922. 6 " THE CLASSES SENIORS. 1922 K SBS StlS a SI ' S SI mniiDi SI ra s — f Helen Hemphill Harris, B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. A A A, 2 A II F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Class Sec. (1); Class Vice-Pres. ( 1) ; Class Pres. (2, 3, 4) ; Athletic Board (2) ; President ' s Council (2, 3, 4); Life-Savine; Corps (3, 4): Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Basedjall (3). SENIOR CLASS Colors: Green and White. Flower: Cherokee Rose. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Helen Harris Vice President Pearl Cail Secretary Dora Shepherd Treasurer Elizabeth Deaver Athletic Manager Antoinette Mullikin i : = i — - — r j L _____ -= - = _____= a cSP HH _.®i " g yw Lillian Elizabeth Allen. A.B. Orlando, Fla. H F Club (3. 4) ; Classical Club 1 1, 2, 3. 4 1 ; History and Social Science Club (4) : Flambeau Staff ( 2 ) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3): Life-Saving Corps 1 3. 4i: Vice-Pres. Classical Club ( 4 l . Dorothy Acelia Boal, A.B. Chautauqua, N. Y. AAA. i A IL AX A F Club (2, 3. 41 : Glee Club ill; Clas- sical Club (1, 4) ; Class Treas. ill: Flam- beau Staff (2, 3) ; Editor-in-Chief of Flam- beau (4); Presidents Council l4i. ■■ : !3 3! GS S? Wm ' i =t Rf 7 Margaret Josephine Boyle, A.B. Tampa, Fla. F Club (2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4} ; History and Social Science Club (4); Executive Committee of Student Government (3) ; House Pres. 1 4 ) ; Delegate to Studenl Government Conference (3) ; Smaller Cab- inet of Y. W. C. A. (3). Hazel Bratley, B.S. Miami, Fla. Home Economics Club (1, 2) ; Dramatic Club (4); Historv and Social Science Club (4). Him S?r " ' ■-—f S=j J CT ffF » ;3 ( » ... m Ss f IjKVJtrffm. (■rz. TEA ' Sj«j - 4 " ' ■ " r 1 9=3 Jane Butts, A.B. Dade City, Fla. H Classical Club 11, 2, 3. 4); Glee Club (2) ; Quartette (3, 4) ; Sec. Classical Club (2). Katherine Mae Byrd, B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. KA, AX A History and Social Science Club (4) Class Vice-Pres. (2); Class Sec. (3) Flambeau Staff (2, 3) ; Annual Staff (4) House Pres. (4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W C. A. (2). 3 w®W$ i s? % m mm fceS?S= 3 =3, r g s= { - fir- ;( ■ -v - 3£ 3 3te Margaret Virginia Campbell. A.B. Balboa. Canal Zone, R de P. A n. A X A Classical Club 1 1. 2); Glee Club (2); History and Social Science Club (3) ; Yice-Pres. Classical Club (2); Flambeau Staff 1 2. 3 1 : Annual Staff (3) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) : Life-S Corps (2. 3 ) . Carrimae Campbell. A.B. DeFuniak Springs. Fla. Classical Club 1 3. 4 1 : History and So- cial Science Club i 4 i . aving 3SE =Si 5 mmbm— ■■ dS " 9 = R Pearl E. Cail, A.H. Miami, Ela. F Club (3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice- Pres. (4) ; Executive Committee of Student Government (4); Varsity Base-ball (3). DeHersey Leota Carruthers, A.B. Tampa, Ela. K A, 5 An E Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Chapel Choir (3, 4); Classical Club (1, 3): History and Social Science Club (4) ; Athletic Board (2, 3) ; Pres. Athletic Association (4); House Pres. (3); Del- egate to Student Volunteer Convention (2) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Varsity Basket-ball (1, 3); President ' s Council (4). 3g_ Min as l |p?£|ff (Srp 1— — ay •j ssf m m,,: m AM 3K= m KM 31 ( Ul lii Wh lil i li.ii. - . -- Jgk ' Hal " v-i- fe Maude Roberts Collins, A.B. Geneva. Ala. A All Classical Club (1. 3); History and So- cial Science (,4). Annie Cordelia Connell. B.S. W inter Garden. Fla. Classical Club ill: History and Social Science Club 1 4) . == " " - — — -7-= - " : ■ f i ■ i ■ i ■ ■ ' ' ' j!!| " S f , 3 £ 3 38= 38= 3iA =, 1 " : ; m 3® Mary Margaret Cook. A.B. Sebring, Fla. Classical C lub (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (4). Marguerite Cope, A.B. Union Springs, Ala. K A. 2 A 1 1 Classical Club (4); History and Social Science Club (4); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. 131 ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4). v " " " ? jlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllil • Mary Polina Courtney, B.S. Palmetto, Fla. Dramatic Club (3) ; Classical Club ( 1) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Georgia Colburn Christiance, A.B. Cocoanut Grove, Fla. K A Classical Club (1, 2, 3 ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4). iBffliUlBliM ,?5SffT$S3P ir s,i [i t g f $ 1 Jewel Elizabeth DeVane. B.S. Plant City, Fla. Xfl Home Economic? Club Club (I). ] . 21: Glee Margaret Elizabeth Deaver, B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. History and Social Science Club (4) ; Class Treas. (4) ; House Pres. (4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) . MHiiil M i : -, put Jllllllll!llllllll!|llllll!ll(l!l! 4m. sP lillililllllfilll s a as. ty " jp§|fc. y Helen Mary Ellis. A.B. Miami, Fla. 2 A II Classical Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Sharps and Flats (2, 3); Fire Chief (4). Josephine Edwards, B.S. Tampa, Fla. AAII ijiMMi piM ii S T S i I— — i mfiSliSl mk ssi ,! ,WSt R i fff= fa Trudie Fowler, A.B. Mountain Creek, Ala. A A IT, 2 A II Classical Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) ; Larger Cab- inet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4); Pres. Classical Club (4); President ' s Council (4). Susan Pakramore Fraleigh, A.B. Madison, Fla. KA Glee Club (2); Classical Club (1, 2, 3 I ; History and Social Science Club (4) . 5gi5i3 ssZJa m 3 S- -V 1 ! ,-- Agnes Hughes Game, A.B. Tallahassee, Fla. A A II. Un, A X A Classical Club I 1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4); Flambeau Staff (2 I ; Editor-in-Chief of Annual (4) ; Pres- ident ' s Council (4 Kathleen M. Goff. B.S St. Cloud, Fla. 5 An Home Economics Club Social Science Club (4) (4) ; Flambeau Staff l4l 1 ) ; History and Dramatic Club r ii ! ■lllllllllllllllllllll If ' ' " ' !■)} R? li K ! PATH GRAY, B.S. Pensacola, Fla. 2 ATI F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Sec. (2); Class Vice-Pres. (3); Treas. Y. W. C. A. (31 ; Vice-Pres. Y. W. C. A. (4). Anne Harwick, B.S. Miami, Fla. F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Class Athletic Manager I 2 I ; Annual Staff (4). !?»»» i CM E5H Mabel Stuart Helveston, B.S. Sarasota. Fla. iK. 2 All Home Economics Club (1. 2); Histon and Social Science Club (4 1 : Class Treas, (2). I la Allegra Helms. A.B. Orlando. Fla. 2 An Classical Club i 1. 2. 3. 4l. ¥b A% (iiisaiisreju JJJJ1 UU 11I111 H II llXh Caroline Henderson, A.B. Tampa, Fla. x n Classical Club (1) ; Treas. Student Gov- ernment (2); Representative to National Y. W. C. A. Convention (2) ; Larger Cab- inet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Pres. Y. W. C. A. (4) ; President ' s Council (4) ; Honorary Rep- resentative to Student Government (4) . Minnie E. Johnson. B.S. Newberry, Fla. Dramatic Club (3, 4) ; History and So- cial Science Club (4) ; Executive Commit- tee of Student Government (2). £- " w 1=ff m - Helen Campbell Minium, A.B. Green Cove Springs, Fla. AAA Classical Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (4) . Gladys Llewellyn Morris, B.S. Sanford, Fla. nB D Glee Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chapel Choir (4); Cotillion Club (4); Pres. Jr. Nor. Class (2); President ' s Council (2); Ath- letic Board (2) ; House Pres. (3) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1). » W i Him Mi llll! " MT . UMT iffc flt - 4 t =c% Ruth Moulton, A.B. Tampa, Fla. 2 An Classical Club I 1. 2. 3); History and Social Science Club (4). Frances Antoinette Mullikin, A.B. Eustis, Fla. A A n F Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Classical Club 1 1. 3, 4): History and Social Science Club 14 1; Cotillion Club 11, 2. 3, 4 1 : Class Athletic Manager 1 3, 4 1 ; Athletic Board (3) ; Pres. F Club (4) ; Life-Saving Corps 13. 41: Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) : Annual Staff (4). JBHJiMS Janet Elizabeth McGowan, A.B. Quincy, Fla. K A, A X A Classical Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (1, 2) ; Class Vice-Pres. (2); Flambeau Staff (2, 3); Annual Staff (4). Elsie McConnell, A.B. DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Classical Club (3, 4); History and So- cial Science Club (4) ; Flambeau Staff (3,4). feffl S =3 . , __ „_ H Ruth Hoyyelle McGeachy. A.B. Chipley. Fla. Classical Club (1, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club 1 1. 2. 3, 4) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2). Stella McInnis, A.B. O ' Brien, Fla. Classical Club i 1. 2. 3. 4). 3y 1 1 ■ If m __ m g r a 3SE 7% cr-v S J — — P— MS to m 3 £ ) USl Jennie Eloise McIntosh, B.S. Tallahassee, Fla. K A Home Economics Club ( 1 1 ; History and Social Science Club (4). Mary Margaret Nestor, A.B. Elkins, W. Va. Classical Club (1, 2, 4). fe ae zZSti ffii . . i 3 3£ I J to II - - " ' " ' ■ ' " ™! Ethel Lucille Oliver. B.S. Punta Gorda, Fla. Home Economics Club (2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Eleanor Osborne, B.S. Tampa, Fla. Glee Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Cbapel Choir (3, 4l: Home Economics Club (2, 3); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Small- er Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4). 5£ a City am K 3 u S J4 liU Ethel Oglesby Paderick, A.B. Pensacola, Fla. AAA Classical Club (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club 1 4 of Y. W. C. A. ID. Larger Cabinet Hazel Garris Padgett, B.S. Tallahassee. Fla. AAA Home Economics Club (1, 2 ) ; History and Social Science Club (4). KgMKgJ® ' , ISSKs 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiii Oiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii p uLiiiiiiiiiiy . V!ti . " : " - : ' zr-r-. =8 -, Louise Roberts, A.B. Gainesville, Fla. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2); History and Social Science Club (4). Marian Elizabeth Robinson, A.B. Orlando, Fla. A A A, S A n F Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (2) ; Class Athletic Manager (1, 3) ; Class Vice-Pres. (2); Flambeau Staff (2, 3); Delegate to Student Volunteer Conference (2) ; Vice-Pres. Student Government (3) ; Pres. Student Government (4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Smaller Cab- inet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; President ' s Coun- cil (4); Varsity Basket-ball (1, 4); Life- Saving Corps (3, 4). 11 111 Lucille White Runyan, B.S. Pensacola, Fla. Home Economi cs Club (1, 2l. Makie L. Russell, B.S. Key West, Fla. Home Economics Club (1. 2); History and Social Science Club (4). 1 u S? luiniii! _ !!!l|!||||||l!l!l!lllllllilllllll!!llllll]||li 1i ' fcl ilillllli wm Dora Yulee Shepherd. A.B. Bagdad, Fla. Classical Club (1, 2, 3) ; Glee Club (1) ; Sharps and Flats ( 2. 3 I ; Class Sec. (4) . Lena Martin Story, A.B. Winter Garden, Fla. Classical Club (1. 2); Dramatic Club (2, 3). t E lllill I WW 1 ' ; g gw = jk =j)ii F- ==v} 3 I Leila Corrune Sykes Summerlin, A.B. Fort Myers, Fla. 2 K Classical Club (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (4). Elizabeth Towles Summerlin, B.S. Fort Myers, Fla. 2 K F Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; House President (3. 4 1 ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2,4). Trfr 7 , • 5 jflfg II1|IIH ' if : Ik. SB ' S| i$$i$£jmif y ■ 1 khH .. • » Elise Bailey Turnbull, A.B. Moultrie, Ga. K A, 2 A II Classical Club I 1, 3); History and So- cial Science Club (4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 4); V. Vs. (2, 3, 4). Nonie Edmondson Wadswokth, B.S. Madison, Fla. K A Classical Club (4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3) g t »W m f mm ■mill ■■ I nrz z!!=3z3!z!2!3 ISP! exi Helen Elizabeth Williams. B.S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics Club I 1. 2 ) ; History and Social Science Club (4); Dramatic Club 1,4 i. Johnnie Evelyn Williams. A.B. Watertown, Fla. History and Social Science Club (4 1 Dramatic Club (4 ) . Sara Yent, A.B. Apalachicola, Fla. Classical Club (3, 4) ; History and So cial Science Club (4). Maomi Frances Hill, B.S. Dade City, Fla. Glee Club (3); History and Social Science Club (4) . U£ 9 m ex n x a J W. 3£ ■ I 1 1 % IHHPH HI ® ; J I III I Ill!llil! y i l l!I J II !! !lilll E ii.lllMM l pa ■e ? JUNIOR CLASS Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose « pa B JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President DOROTHY Rumph Vice-President Anna Bell Wesson Secretary Marie Yon Treasurer Sue Pitchford Athletic Manager Anna DuBois ■aiPP ■IIP .1 ih 1 MM oil m mt m iBm i Ill !!ll ISM If] lllll Nil! rflsr III! UUji ffi= =fl fa B y l 9 ■Z . Z J Norma Griffin West Palm Beach, Fla. Loulie Haile Live Oak. Fla. Frances Harris Jacksonville, Fla. Annie Mae Hendry Perry, Fla. 3fi I _ 9? W r Z$ m 3 PeBH liili I l!!l ! lliMSlPteW liaJllillilllliiiiiilMiliilii ' llliiiiiliillilli h $ mm r »te ™ »M)WX;B ft? ijy=-s iVmMMO % »7 T Annie Mae Sikes Punta Gorda. Fla. Mary Singletary Kissimmee, Pla. Ruth Snider Havana, Fla. Gladys Storrs DeFuniak Springs, Fla. P M k ■ ■ ■■-- -v,. — Mi M m l t III iliiiijj Hi I IHI llh II Mm MB aw f?? IP ■ ife a?f sawi Sl e Pearl Walsh Hav- ana. Flc Anna Bell Wesson Ocala, Fla. Carol White Tallahassee, Fla. Ruth Willis Fort Pierce, Fla. iiiiiiiiiiiiii ' i i iiiiiiii ' !iii WM lillllllll ' iilJ.IJ.JiililiiJiJiiiilldlLllLlliliiiiid Sali8mk { !f iin.ii 3 ra £E£3l. fr?33? s Dorothy Burrow Pensacola, Fla. LUCILE HlMES West Palm Beach, Fla. ■ mmm wm WF nn I i SS S9 KIT „. W Sm ■™» T n SOfflOMORE SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Albury, Alice Blackburn, Fannie Briggs, Dorothy Brunner, Lillian Behrens, Marie Belcher, Clarine Budd, Mary Bright, Annie Bird, Evelyn Caston, Anna May Carroll, May Carlson, Lillian Cooper, Helen Hortense Cooper, Annie Ruth Coleman, Eloise Day, Ruth Decker, Dorothy Ellis, Cary Eldridge, Callie Mae Felton, Ina Fuge, Alfreda Game, Mildred Gates, Evelyn Gregory, Gladys Mae Gilbert, Ruth Graham, Carolyn Hackney, Mabel Claire Hamilton. Anna L. Henry, Ethel Hiers, Ada Hughes, Maye Howelle, Dorothy Irwin, Frances Jackson, Georgia Johnson, Clara C. Jones, Elsie Jones, Thelma E. Keen, Desmond Lee, Mary Lipscomb, Florence Long, Thelma Lucas, Emily Lyman, Bessie Matthews, May Maxson, Rhea Myers, Hazel McMullen, Evelyn Meriwether, Minnie iVIintz, Hortense Munroe, Daisy Murphy, Teresa iVlcAdam, Nina McCall, Maude B. McCall, Mildred L. MacQueen, Lois Mohr, Kathleen Moore, Prudence Morris, Joe Anna VI urphey, Mabel McCubbins, Edna J. Musselwhite, Agnes Myeis, Hazel Nicholson, Sallie Nelson, Martha Owens, Carilee Parks, Anita Paul, Louise Parkhill, Nan Pierpont, Florence Poer, Gussie Mae Powell, Mildred Peters, Myra Lee Petris, Vilana Peiser. Beatrice A. Peaden, Anabel Richardson, Doris Richardson, Wilma Rickard, Geneva Roach, Maxine Robertson, M abel Robinson, Ella May Sanger, Charlotte Schwalmeyer, Frances Simmons, Ina Shipp, Kathryn St. John, Celia Stanford, Mattie Stephens, Nina Mae Strange, Margaret Thompson, Theodora Trammell, Ouida Trevor, Mary Ulmer, Veda Vanderipe, Mildred Wakefield, Olive Webster, Nettie Mae Wells, Thelma West, Josephine Wharton, Frankie Fay Whitney, Gertrude Whitfield, Lou E. White, Elizabeth Whittle, Emily Williams, Marjorie Witt, Ruth L. Williams, Ella Williams, Elizabeth Wilson, Isabelle Wise, Lois Wilson, Dorothy Zachary, Julia e - FR£SHOflD m %£$ • - • ■ - ?0% fifes ■ IB a KSlBS g FRESHMAN CLASS Colors: Purple and White Flower: Sweet-pea §f§y a ?f £ FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Lucile Sumner President Lucile Sumner Mary Coney Vice-President Mary Coney Sara Keller Secretary. Sara Keller Irene Chambers Treasurer Irene Chambers Ruth Whittier Athletic Manager Gladys Vaughn nn§ £ 3 3 Alderman, Mona Anderson, Anna Jane Anson, Lucy Andrick, Mildred Arden, Eleanor Adams, Gladys Aiken, Elizabeth Anson, Aline Adams, Esther Albury, Dorothy Ball, Annelle Barnett, Ullainee Bartoo, Eloise Bar wick, Lillian Bass, Elizabeth Brown, Kathleen Burright. Pauline Bassett, Edna Beasley, Evelyn Bright. Annie Bryan, Henrietta Burns, Ruth Bryson, hois Bogle, Mary Brown, Gladys Capo, Marguerite Candee, Beatrice Chaires, Ruth Cleveland, Catherine Curry, Lois Carter, Roberta Chambers, Irene Chapman, Allene Carlson, Lillian Cornwell, Ellen Coney, Mary Calhoun, Florence Crone, Clara Correll, Florence Clark, Evelyn Crum, Irma Crannell, Helen Curry, Rolina Davis, Sara Day, Verna Dew, Joe Anna Dickenson, Mary L. Doran, Effie Davis, Norma Dickson, Bertha Douglas, Lillian DeVane, Donna Driver, Martha Dupries, Meredith Dempsey, Marjorie Dodd, Mary Dodds, Marie Douglass, Gussie Earnest, Leonora Foster, Anna May Fraleigh, Rhoda Ferguson, Annice Ford, Nellie Friedlander, Edythe Fuller, Ellen Giles, Adelma Gillespie, Elsie Griffin, Julia Griffin, Bessie Gillette, Polly Glen, Gussie Gwynn, Isabel Glover, Mary Grady, Eunice Gerald, Elizabeth Graham, Rosemary Gregory, Nellie Gilbert, Thelma Greeson, Eleanor Gregory, Pearl Guilford, Eleanor Henderson, Mary Hodsdon, Esther Hollingsworth, Marv Home, Elizabeth Hoy, Lolla Helseth, Ethel Hobbs, Ellen Hill, Helen Howze, Virgnia Harris, Ainslee Hammargren, Beth Humphreys, Rosemary Hunter, Cora Mae Hogan, Jessie Ives, Helen Johnston, Audrey Jones, Flora Belle Johnston, Henrietta Johnson, Vera Johnson, Myrtle Kennard, Winifred Kitchen, Zilla Loomis, Cathryn hytle, Mabel Long, Thelma Love, Merle Lowe, Maude E. Langford, Joyce Lee, Dorothy Lewis, Nellie Langford, Lucille Lind, Elizabeth Love, Mary Lambright, Mary W. Lerch, Beatrice Mathews, Marie Lake, Sarita Lawson, Frances Miller, Edith Clare Moreno, Clara McMurray, Cornelia Magid, Bertha y IH£ I illllllllliillii ljj jlllli ,._., .. w Mann. Allene Murray, Lillian McCaskill, Clara McMakin. Edith Mann. Elizabeth Mathews. Mary Lee Mudge, Evelyn Mahoney, Frances Martin, Emma Martin, Virginia McMullen. Nannie Nelson. Elizabeth Newman, Doris Osborne. Gladys Osterhoudt. Josephine Olsen. Miriam O ' Kelley, Edna Parkhilh Helen Power, Edith Prime, Katherine Pedigo. Louise Price, Dorothy Parker. Louise Priest. Alma Priest. Dorothy Parker. Amy Richard. Katherine Kinghausen, Lucy Ramey, Leah Reece, Lucille Richardson, Bessie Riley, Lavinia Rogers, Marion Rouse, Harriet Russell. Barbara Ray. Elizabeth Read. Mary Scarborough. Omie Smith, Martha Seymour. Lillian Shields. Doris Simpson. Ada Louise Smith, Eloise Sumner. Lucille Sweimler. Myrtle Scott. Birdie Skipper, Minnie Smith. Thelma Stacey. Helen Sanders, Audrey Stallings, Mary Strange. Margaret Shaeffer. Lenore Tomkies, Christine Tucker. Alice Tureman, Myrtis Turner, Inez Thames. Agnes Tilford, Catherine Thomas, Eleanor Ulmer, Veda Vaughn, Margaret Vaughn, Gladys VandeVord, Myrtle rooman, Leola Walker, Mary Walton, Lyda Ward, Marjorie Watson, Wilma Wells, Thelma Whittier. Ruth Willcoxen, Sara Williams, Jessie Wilson. Christine Weller. Evelyn West, Dorothy Wilder, Annie Flagg Wilson, Marv Williams, Jane Yelverton, Edith TT TTT SENIOR NORMAL CLASS OFFICERS President Zemla Doke Vice-President Eleanor Johnson Secretary .... Frances Morey Treasurer .... Frances Horne Athletic Manager Joyce Alexander IMMM Ira i li Ml fPPl a ? $r ftE m « 5feE3 ffi=« « n Hi liilli Kathryn Shipp Tallahassee, Fla. Eva Theus Ocala, Fla. Karna Thompson Inverness, Fla. Gertrude Warren DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Fredericks Whitney Fernandina, Fla. ' " illlliiiriliilillTilii ri ' i T iiifiTTT JUNIOR NORMAL CLASS ROLL hut |! 11 ii • ii i, it i 1! Il SI Cray, Hester Herrick, Reba Inman, Essie Jarrell, Alice Jordan, Gladys Lynch, Margaret Milliner, Roslyn Mitchell, Catherine Montgomery. Mamie Morgan. Lillie Moser, Lois McCeachy, Lina McKinnon, Nan McLeod, Edith Paul, Grace Pierce, Willene Rooney, Anne Rosenbloom, Minnie Shockley, Catherine Sparkman, Mabel Stallings, Imogene Tildon, Maggie Verri, Louisa Wakefield, Grace Watson, Saundel Wells, Dorothy Wightman, May ' T TMlll ' lTTIfm ' II TT Tr|||||i|i||||(T miiiiiiiiiii 3K5= =5S =SE=i , . c fh : fe jJIIIIIIII!..illllNJjlMJ,i | iiii|iiilJ, iji ami =35 =3 %: ' sfe : ■ j j 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . i ' 1 1 1 Ij. iJiL JJ iUU w X O BUSINESS GRADUATES Ruth Gilbert Louise Paul Myra Lee Peters Caro Lee Owens Marie Richardson A T H E T-fKctt ATHLETIC BOARD Leota Caruthers ...President Frances Harris Vice-President Sallie Jones Secretary Louise Paul ...Treasurer Elmo Bullock Representative-at-Large F CLUB Antoinette Mullikin. President Margaret Boyle Vice-President Anna DuBois Secrtary Pearl Cail Treasurer Dorothy Boal Annie Bruce Reita Chambers Leota Ca ruthers Dorothy Dodd Patti Gray Helen Harris Frances Harris Anne Harwiek vEthel Henr Elsie Jones Anna Laird Emily Lucas Louise Paul Elizabeth Ray Elizabeth Robinson Dorothy Rumph lna Simmons Elizabeth Summerlin Gladys Vaughn Ella Williams FRESHMAN BASKET-BALL TEAM SOPHOMORE BASKET-BALL TEAM JUNIOR BASKET-BALL TEAM SENIOR BASKET-BALL TEAM EVEN BASKET-BALI. TEAM Ina Simmons... Helen Harris... Ella Williams Forwards Elizabeth Robinson Guards Ethel Henry ..Centers Elsie Jones ODD BASKET-BALL TEAM Annie Bruce ...Forwards Miriam Olsen Elizabeth Ray Guards Ruth Whittier Gladys Vaughn Centers Ida Merriwether Lucille Reece VARSITY BASKET-BALL TEAM Ina Simmons Forwards Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Ray .Guards Ethel Henry Gladys Vaughn Centers Elsie Jones Ella Williams. VARSITY BASE-BALL TEAM Verlie Robinson Allie Lou Felton Margaret Miller Annie Bell Odom Helen Harris Alberta Schmitt Eleanor Brewer Pearl Cail M ane i on WOMAN ' S LIFE SAVING CORPS OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS Members Elizabeth Allen Evelyn Bird Louise Brannon Margaret Campbell Corrine Costin Florence Correll Anna DuBois Gladys Gregon Frances Harris Helen Harris Ethel Henry Mabel Claire Hacknev Eleanor Johnson Ina Simmon; Barbara Knight Anna Laird Winifred Lively Emily Lucas Katherine Montgomen Gladys Morris Teresa Murphy Rhea Maxson Antoinette Mullikin Margery Pierpont Luella M. Richev Elizabeth Robinson Dorothy Rumph FIELD DAY STATISTICS The following are the College records in athletics: Dorothy Doclcl 4 ft. 3 in. Running High Jump Margaret Boyle Antoinette Mullikin 12 sec 100-yd. Dash Virginia Holland 30 ft. 3 in Running-Hop-Step-Jump Anne Harwick 65 ft. ll 1 in Javelin Throw Antoinette Mullikin 15 2 5 sec Hurdles Elizabeth Peschmann 6 3 5 sec 50-yd. Dash Dorothy Richey 7 ft. 7 in. Standing Broad Jump Nell Carroll...... . 73 ft. 11 in Basket-Ball Throw Anne Harwick 180 ft. 10 in... ...Base-ball Throw Anne Harwick 27 ft Shot Put Helen Harris 3 ft. 4 in. Standing High Jump Emma Lee King 16 ft Running Broad Jump Nell Carroll 98 ft. 2 in Discus (National Record) Nell Carroll 112 ft Hurl Ball (National Record) All-Round Athletes 1915 — Emma Lee King 1916 — Emma Lee King and Virginia Holland 1917— Virginia Holland 1918 — Katherine Montgomery 1919 — Eleanor Brewer 1920— Nell Carroll 1921— Helen Harris Classes Holding the Banner 1913— Normals of ' 16 1914— College of ' 15 1915— Normals of ' 16 1916— College of ' 19 1917— College of ' 20 1918— College of ' 20 1919— College of ' 22 1920— College of ' 23 1921— College of ' 22 ORGANIZATIONS ' . PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL Elizabeth Robinson President Antoinette Mullikin Secretary Leota CARRUTHERS Treasurer Dorothy Boa I Caroline Henderson Zemla Doke Ethel Henry Trudie Fowler Gladys Morris Agnes Game Mamie Montgomery Helen Harris Dorothy Rumph Lucille Sumner THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT Elizabeth Robinson President Annie Bruce Vice-President Mattie Chapman Secretary Ina Simmons Treasurer HOUSE PRESIDENTS Elizabeth Summerlin Bryan Hall Margaret Boyle...,. Broward Hall Katherine Byrd Reynolds Hall Elizabeth Deaver Elizabeth Hall CEASS REPRESENTATIVES Pearl Cail Senior Dorothy Rlmph Junior Evelyn Byrd Sophomore Irene Logan Senior Normal FRESHMAN COMMISSION Evelyn Bird Fannie Blackburn Anna Lee Fleming Dorothy Howell Winifred Lively Lois MacQueen Nina McAdam Joe Anna Morris Teresa Murphv Ina Simmons I ranee " cliwalmeyer Y. W. C. A. " Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts " General Secretary Miss Margaret White Officers for 1921-1922 President Caroline Henderson Vice-President ...Patti Gray Secretary Anne Perry Treasurer Lois MacQueen Undergraduate Student Representative Cornelia Engle Student Government Representative Elizabeth Robinson Departments Membership Patti Gray Gertrude Whitley Ruth Willis Dorothy Dodd Finance Iris Knight Helen Bass Elizabeth Allen World Fellowship Anna Laird Margaret Campbell Social Trudie Fowler Elmo Bullock Norma Griffin Religious Education Marguerite Cope Antoinelte Mullikin Publicity Margery Pierpont Dorothy Decker Elizabeth Taylor Social Service Eleanor Osborne Joe Anna Morris Nina McAdam Florence Pierpont FLAMBEAU STAFF Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Boal Assistant Editor Dorothy Dodd Exchange Editor Margaret Campbell Business Manager Sue Pitchford Athletic Editor Teresa Murphy Local Editors Emily Whittle Ruth Gilbert Elsie McConnell Campus Circulation Kathleen Goff City Circulation Anna Lee Flemming Assistant City Circulation Marion Reed The Florida Hambea FLASTACOWO STAFF Editor-in-Chief Agnes Game Associate Editor Frances Harris Business Manager Anna Mae Sikes Literary Editor ANTOINETTE Mullikin Athletic Editor Katherine Byrd Art Editor ...Janet MacGowan Assistant Art Editor Fredericka Whitney Advertising Editors Anne Harwick Margaret Campbell Assistant Advertising Editor Joe Anna Morris Picture Editor Anna P. Laird ANNUAL STAFF FLUNKIES Mary Holt Gladys Vaughn Kathleen Mohr Emily Whittle Teresa Murphy CLASSICAL CLUB Officers Trudie Fowler President Bessie Allen Vice-President Nina McAdam Secretary Wilma Ellsworth Treasurer Roll Adams, Maude Fripp, Carolyn Nestor, Margaret Alderman, Mona Game, Agnes Nicholson, Eleanor Allen, Elizabeth Game, Mildred Nicholson, Sallie Anderson, Anna Jane Giles, Adelma Noble, Anita Anson, Aline Gillespie, Elsie Parkhill, Helen Anson, Lucy Godwin, Jewel Pierpont, Florence Ball, Annelle Graham. Carolyn Pierpont, Margery Bartoo, Carlotta Gregory, Janie Perry, Anne Bartoo, Eloise Hackney, Mabel Claire Peiser, Beatrice Barwick, Lillian Helms, Aldis Power, Edith Bamett, Ullainee Helms, Ula Prime, Katherine Bass. Elizabeth Henderson, Mary Raa, Ida Behrens, Marie Henry, Ethel Richard, Katherine Boal, Dorothy Hodsdon, Esther Rickard, Geneva Boyd, Isabelle Hollingsworth, Mary Ringhausen, Lucy Briggs, Dorothy Horn. Elizabeth Robinson. Elizabeth Brown, Kathleen Jackson, Edith Robinson, Ella May Brunner, Lily Johnson, Clara C. Scarborough, Omie Bryant. Eula Lee Johnson, Clara E. Shepard, Dora Burright, Pauline Johnson, Myrtle Smith, Martha Burrow, Dorothy Johnston, Vivian Stewart, Mary Louise Butts. Jane Jones, Elsie Sweet, Dot Cail, Pearl Jones, Thelma St. John, Celia Campbell. Carrimae Kennard, Winifred Taylor, Elizabeth Candee, Beatrice Knight, Barbara Tomkies, Christine Carmichael, Evelyn Lee, Mary Vanderipe, Mildred Carrell, Ruth Loomis, Cathryn Walker, Mary Capo, Marguerite Lovvorn, Beryl Walton, Lyda Cassady, Evelyn Lumpkin, Marguerite Ward, Marjorie Caston, Anna May Mathews. Marie Wilcoxen, Sara Chaires, Ruth Matthews, May Williams, Jessie Cleveland. Catherine Maxson, Rhea Williams. Marjorie Cooper, Hortense Merriwether, Minnie Willis. Ruth Cope, Marguerite Miller, Edith Clare Wilson, Chrystine Costin, Corinne Millinor, Rozale Wharton. Frankie Curry, Lois Mitchell, Margaret Whitfield, Lou E. Davis, Sarah Moreno, Clara Yent, Sarah Day, Verna Moyer, Margaret Doran, Effie Decker, Dorothy Mullikin. Antoinette Harwick. Anne Dew, Joe Anna Murphy, Teresa Roberts, Louise Dickinson, Mary Louise McAdam, Nina Watson. Wilma Dyer, Hazel McCall, Maude McBrayer, Miriam Ellis. Cary McCall, Mildred Wadsworth, Nonie Ellis, Helen McConnell. Elsie McWhorter, Pearl Ellsworth, Wilma McGeachy, Ruth Smith, Adelia Engle, Cornelia McGowan. Janet Parks, Anita Foster. Anna May Mclnnis, Stella Tinsley, Jessie Fowler, Trudie McMurray, Cornelia O ' Donnell, Mary Fraleigh, Rhoda MacQueen, Lois HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB Aiken. Elizabeth Anson, Lucy Albury, Alice Adams. Gladys Alexander. Joyce Allen. Elizabeth Alderman. Mona Bohman, Mary Brunner. Lily Bratley. Hazel Budd, Mary Ball, Annelle Bloom. Vera Briggs. Dorothy Boyle, Margaret Butts, Jane Boylen, Lorraine Bullock. Elmo Byrd. Katherine Blackburn. Fannie Bartoo. Eloise Bartoo, Carlotta Bryan. Henrietta Brown. Kathleen Briggs. Uarda Burright, Pauline Barwick, Lillian Boyd. Isabelle Bryson, Lois Bass, Elizabeth Bonaker, Allyne Curry. Lois Crannell, Florence Chapman, Mattie Connell. Annie Corbett. Elsie Campbell. Carrie Mae Cornwell, Stanley Christiance. Georgia Cope, Marguerite Courtney, Mary Chambers, Irene Crone, Clara Campbell. Margaret Cassidy, Evelyn Candee, Beatrice Cooper, Hortense Capo, Marguerite Calvert, Bell Costin, Corrine Collins, Maude Carmichael, Evelyn Cail. Pearl Caston, Ann i May Dickinson, Mary L. Dickson. Bertha Driver. Martha Dew, Joe Anna Decker. Dorothy Doran, Effie Deaver. Elizabeth Davis. Sara Edwards. Marguerite Engle. Cornelia Ellis, Cary Flow, Eleanor Fripp, Carolyn Fraleigh. Susan Fraleigh. Rhoda Felton. Ina Farr. Katherine Foster. Anna May Griffin, Norma Gray. Patti Glenn. Gussie Gardner, Gladys Game. Agnes Giles. Adelma Game. Mildred Gillette, Polly Graham. Pauline Hodsdon, Esther Houze. Virginia Helveston, Mabel Henderson, Caroline Helseth. Ethel Hackney. Mabel C. Henry. Ethel Harris, Helen Haile. Lula Hoy, Lalla Heidt, Lillie Mae Hendry. Annie May Hollingsworth, Man H-jmmargren. Beth Holland. Virginia Hamilton, Anna Lee Home. Elizabeth Hobbs. Ellen Ives. Helen Jones, Mertice Jones. Elsie Jones. Thelma Johnson. Clara Johnson. Myrtle Johnson, Minnie Johnston. Vivian Jackson. Helen Kennard, Winifred Knight. Barbara Knight, Nannie Lee, Mary Lucas, Emily Lively. Effie Lytle, Mabel Lane. Mary Langford. Lucille Lambright, Mary W. Lumpkin. Marguerite Lynch, Margaret Lovvorn. Beryl Lively, Winifred Loomis. Katherine Lee. Dorothy Murphy. Teresa Murphey, Mabel Moser. Lois Mann. Elizabeth Mitchell. Catherine Mitchell. Margaret Mintz, Hortense MacQueen, Lois Morris. Joe Moreno. Clara Mathews, Mary Lee Mohr. Kathleen Mathews. Florence Mathews, Mae Morris, Gladys Moulton, Ruth MacGowan, Janet McWhorter. Pearl McMurray, Cornelia McCall. xMildred McMullen. Nannie Miller. Edith C. Mclnnis. Stella Mullikin. Antoinette Merriwether. Ida Merriwether, Minnie Morgan. Lily Millinor. Rozalie Mover. Margaret McConnell. Elsie McAdam, Nina McCall, Maude Nolder. Ruth Osborne, Eleanor Olsen, Miriam Oliver, Lois O ' Donald, Marion Oliver. Ethel Parkhill, Helen Peiser. Beatrice Perry. Anne Padgett. Hazel Power. Edith Raborn. Marianna Richards, Vera Runyan, Lucille Robinson, Elizabeth Russell, Marie Ramey. Leah Ray, El izabeth Roberts, Louise Richard. Katherine Rickard. Geneva Rosenbloom, Minnie Ringhausen, Lucy Reed. Irene Summerlin, Elizabeth Smith. Adelia impson. Ada Louise Snider. Ruth Shepherd. Dora Scarborough, Annie Sumner. Margaret Schornhurst. Mary Stewart. Mary Louise Smith. Martha Smith, Eloise Summerlin, Lela Stanford. Margaret Seymour. Lillian St. John. Celia Simmons. Ina Turnbull, Elise Todd. Moeta Tucker, Alice Taylor, Elizabeth Tomkies. Christine Tureman, Myrtis Trevor, Mary Thompson, Theodora Tervin, Pauline Vanderipe, Mildred Vaughn. Gladys Vaughn. Margaret Wesson. Anna Belle Williams, Marjory Walker. Mary Ward. Marjorie Willcoxen, Sara Woodell, Marguerite Wilson, Christine Williams, Jessie Watson, Wilma Whittle. Emily Williams. Helen Wilder, Annie F. White. Elizabeth Wharton. Frankie Whittier, Ruth Wilson. Isabelle Yon, Marie Yent, Sara MASK AND DOMINO Members Elizabeth Bass Helen Bass Clarine Belcher Mary Bohman Margaret Boyle Hazel Bratley Emily Burton Evelyn Carmichael Anna Mae Caston Irene Chambers Eloise Coleman Lois Curry Bertha Davis Sarah Davis Mary Will Dowdell Hazel Dyer Wilma Ellsworth Leonore Earnest Elizabeth Gerald Adelma Giles Gussie Glen Kathleen Goff Mabel Claire Hackney Lucy Jeffries Clara Johnson Minnie Johnson Mertice Jones Elsie Jones Iris Knight Mary Lane Beatrice Lerch Mabel Lytle Mary Lee Rhea Maxson Gladys Morris Teresa Murphy Miriam McCall Ruth McGeachy Nannie McMullen Miriam Olsen Louise Pedigo Muriel Prentiss Elizabeth Ray Lavina Rilev Annie Rooney Lucy Ringhausen Lucille Simmons Elise Turnbull Veda Ulmer Gladys Vaughn Marjorie Ward Evelyn Weller Sara Willcoxen Helen Williams Johnnie Williams Olive Wakefield SCOUTS Motto: Be Prepared. Slogan: Do a good turn daily. Captain: Inga Olla Helseth Lieutenants: I la Helms Josephine Mauldin Florence Tryon Active Members 1921-22 Helen Schorer Clare Goertz Anita INoble Tussie Galloway Kleta Mae Wilson Mable Sparkman Aldis Helms I illve Morgan Sylvia Roseman Eessie Lyman Lucy Diamond Minnie Rosenbloom Delia Smith Inez Turner Mamie Li la Alontgomery FIRE DEPARTMENT Helen M. Ellis, Fire Chief Broward Hall Marguerite Lumpkin, Captain Margie Williams Irene Riley Ruth Carrell Jo Costin Mabel Murphey Nan Parkhill Minnie Johnson Clarine Belcher Anita Parks Lily Brunner Bryan Hall Marianna Raborn, Captain Mary Louise Stewart Leila Summerlin Ruth McGeachy Kathleen Mohr May Matthews Nettie Mae Webster Reynolds Hall May Carroll. Captain Ada Louise Simpson Elizabeth Allen Elizabeth Ray Evelyn Bird Mary Will Dowdell Myra Lee Peters Elizabeth Hall Nina McAdam, Captain Mary Trevor Anne Perry Mary Schornhurst w H H w H OS ■ D a o ■ PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Officers Caroline Henderson Chi Omega President Nan Parkhill Delta Delta Delta Secrtary and Treasurer Representatives Elise Turnbull, Kappa Delta Nan Parkhill, Delta Delta Delta Dorothy Dodd, Kappa Delta Helen Harris, Delta Delta Delta Margaret Mitchell, Kappa Delta Elizabeth Robinson, Delta Delta Delta Martha Murphree, Chi Omega Louise Brannon, Sigma Sigma Sigma Caroline Henderson, Chi Omega Mildred Burdick, Sigma Sigma Sigma Jewel DeVane, Chi Omega Ida Bell Appleby, Sigma Sigma Sigma Nettie Mae Webster, Alpha Delta Pi Mabel Helveston, Sigma Kappa Antoinette Mullikin, Alpha Delta Pi Gladys Vaughn. Sigma Kappa Cornelia Engle, Alpha Delta Pi Frankie Fay Wharton, Sigma Kappa Gladys Morris, Pi Beta Phi Reita Chambers, Pi Beta Phi Marguerite Straw. Pi Beta Phi Flower White Rose KAPPA DELTA (Founded in 18971 Publication Angelos Motto Colors Green and White " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and bright ' KAPPA ALHPA CHAPTER (Installed in 1904 I SOROR IN FACULTATE Lucy Kimball Sorores in Collegia Class of 1922 Emily Burton Katherine Byrd Leota Carruthers Georgia Christiance Marguerite Cope Mary Beggs Dorothy Dodd Edna Greer Vivian Johnston Fannie Blackburn Ethel Henrv Class of 1923 Class of 1924 Lois Wise Susan Fraleigh Janet MacGowan Jennie Mcintosh Elise Turnbull Nonie Wadsworth Margaret Mitchell Margery Pierpont Anne Perry Dorothv Rumph Florence Pierpont Emily Whittle Class of 1925 Annelle Ball Ellen Stanley Cornwell Rhoda Fraleigh Isabel le Gwynn Rosemary Humphries Pledge Bertha Dickson Henrietta Johnson Dorothy Lee Mary Lee Mathews Lucile Sumner Mary Katherine Wilson CHI OMEGA Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895 Publication Eleusis Colors Cardinal and Straw Flower White Carnation Motto " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " GAMMA CHAPTER (Installed in 1908) SOROR IN FACULTATE Rowena Longmire Jewel DeVane Sorores in Collegia Class of 1922 Caroline Henderson Martha Murphree Barbara Knight Eunice DeVane Emily Lucas Betty Williams Lou Egerton Whitfield Class of 1923 Class of 1924 Norma Griffin Pauline Tervin Ella Williams Prudence Moore Mae Carroll Celia St. John Ouida Trammell Class of 1925 Sara Keller Mary Louise Dickinson Roberta Carter Mary Dodd Evelyn Beasley Pledges Mary Wallace Lambright Eloise Smith Ada Louise Simpson Sarita Lake Bertha Snyder ALPHA DELTA PI (Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851) Publication Adelphean Colors Blue and White Flower Violet Open Motto " We live for each other " SORORES IN FACULTATE Gladys Comforter Lillian Page Gladys Mosley Sorores in Collegia Class of 1922 Josephine Fdwards Maude Collins Trudie Fowler Agnes Game Antoinette Mullikin Cornelia Engle Class of 1923 Cecil Comforter Florence Matthews Class of 1924 Winifred Lively Nettie Mae Webster Dorothy Wilson Florence Lipscomb Doris Newman Alice Tucker Mary Reed Edith Yelverton Irene Chambers Class of 1925 Pledges Alma Gibson Mildred Game Charlotte Perry Josephine West Cornelia McMurray Elizabeth Hammargren Lyda Walton Allyne Mann Frances Lawson DELTA DELTA DELTA (Founded at Boston in 1888) Publication The Trident Colors Silver. Gold and Blue Open Motto Flower Pansy " Let us steadfastly love one another ' ' ALPHA ETA CHAPTER (Installed in 1915) SORORES IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery Margaret White Sorores in Collegia Dorothy Boal Helen Harris Helen Minium Class of 1922 Ethel Paderick Hazel Padgett Elizabeth Robinson Elmo Bullock Annie Bruce Clara Johnson Class of 1923 Frances Harris Elizabeth Taylor Marguerite Edwards Class of 1924 Nan Parkhill Jennie Holsapple Elizabeth Aiken Mary Coney Adelma Giles Elizabeth Home Marie Dodds Class of 1925 Clara Moreno Elizabeth Nelson Helen Parkhill Marion Rogers Mary Walker Pledges Helen Ives Anna Lee Flemming SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA (Founded at Farmerville. Va., in 18981 Publication Triangle Colors Purple and White Flower Violet Motto " Faithful unto Death " RHO CHAPTER (Installed in 1920) SORORES IN FaCULTATE Florence Tryon Helen Schorer Sorores in Collegia Marguerite Grimsly Nell Morgan Louise Brannon Class of 1922 Gertrude Warren Frances Home Desmond Keen Ida Belle Appleby Werdna Claire Allen Imogene Stallings Louise Ferguson Class of 1923 Gladys Jordan Louisa Verri Annie Rooney Virginia Boynton -7— • rrrr SIGMA KAPPA ( hounded at Colby College in 1874) Publication Sigma Kappa Triangle Colors Lavender and Maroon Flower Violet Motto " ' One heart, one way " OMEGA CHAPTER {Installed in 1 920 I Sokokes in Collegia Elizabeth Allen Jane Butts Ed y the Dann Class of 1922 Mabel Helveston Elizabeth Summerlin Eela Summerlin Carlotta Bartoo Myrtle Collins Elsie Corbett Class of 1923 Sue Pitch ford Gladys Storrs Helen Whitten Ina Felton Evelyn Gates Dorothv Howell Lois MacQueen Class of 1924 Mabel Murphey Margaret Strange Frankie Fay Wharton Marjorie Williams Gussie Glen Catherine Richard Class of 1925 Marjorie Ward Margaret Vaughn Cladys Vaughn Sara Davis Pledges Chrystine Wilson Elizabeth Gerald PI BETA PHI (Founded at Monmouth College in 1867) Publication The Arrow Colors Flotver Wine Red and Silver Blue Wine Carnation Sorores in Collegia Class of 1922 Margaret Stanford Annie Laurie Ethridge Gladys Morris Class of 1923 Reita Chambers Pearl McWhorter Iris Knight Marguerite Straw Class of 1924 Alice Alhury Agnes Musslewhite Julia Zachery Class of 1925 Anna May Foster Myitis Tureman Dorothy Priest Eleanor Arden Eleanor Thomas Pledges Myrtle Johnson Martha Driver nonorarp 4S.1ti ALPHA CHI ALPHA Honorary Journalistic (Founded in 1919) Publication AXA Messenger Colors Flower Orange and White Chrysanthemum GAMMA CHAPTER (Installed in 1921 ) Sorores in Collegia Dorothy Boa! Dorothy Dodd Janet MacGowan Margaret Campbell Katherine Byrd Anna Mae Sikes Agnes Game Honorary Members in Faculty Miss Rowena Longmire Dr. W. G. Dodd SIGMA DELTA PI (Founded on May 1, 1921) Colors Flower Vhite and Gold Daisy Sorores IN Facultate Inga Helseth Olga Larson Emma Helseth Katherine Montgom SORORES IN Collegia Helen Beach Kathleen Goff Dorothy Boal Patti Gray Annie Bruce Janie Gregory Ruth Carrell Helen Harris Margaret Campbell Ula Helms Leota Caruthers Mabel Helveston Mary Courtney Lucile Himes Marguerite Cope Margaret Mitchell Dorothy Dodd Ruth Moulton Helen Ellis Margery Pierpont Wilma Ellsworth Elizabeth Robinson Trudie Fowler Lillian Schwartz Agnes Game Elise Turnbull Helen Williams Pearl Walsh SIGMA DELTA PI The purpose of this fraternity of the Florida State College for Women shall be to foster a spirit of unity among the upperclass women; to encourage high standards of scholarship; to develop leaders among the lower class students; and to identify the members with attainments of the first order. Those students of the Florida State College for Women shall be eligible for membership who have maintained through three semesters a general average of ninety-two per cent or who have maintained through five semesters a general average of ninety per cent. In addition they must have successfully taken part in some kind of campus activity. ' 4 fM - ' 4 0 42 m v ■v; r TrtrhwmTitT ?gcv g 6 6 a 4 ? U 3zmz 2iL4» A V I CLUBS THE SPINSTERS Evelyn Beasley Allyne Bonaker Bessie Dew Barbara Knight Sarita Lake Mildred Powell Members Emily Lucas Clara Johnson Elizabeth Nelson Martha Nelson Doris Newman Elizabeth Taylor Alice Tucker THE COTILLION CLUB Members Elizabeth Aiken Irene Chambers Georgia Christiance Elizabeth Gerald Helen Harris Erances Harris Ethel Henry Sara Keller Ella Williams Gladys Morris Antoinette Mullikin Teresa Murphy V. vs. Members Stanley Cornwell Lucille Reece Eleanor Arden Lucille Simmons Beth Hammargren Elise Turnbull Frances Harris Dorothy Wilson | [5fc • . - ' ' ■ ■- ' ■: f : : ' f • Z-jt jj4$ »||l m ■ Pm Bl. f k V ' M i . . . 1 E % 3f jJB % I • « ' %;- FEATURES gipabala Humming Bird was the daughter of Micco, the Great Chief, who long before the coming of the white men, ruled the people who dwelt between the waters of the East and of the West. Humming Bird was beloved by all who knew her, and many a young warrior sought her for his bride. One warrior especially, more manly and strong and handsome than any of his companions, wooed her, but he was young and had as yet won no name. For days he wandered through the forest. He prayed and fasted, and spent night after nighl without sleeping. One night as he lay by the fire he had kindled in the woods,, he was aroused by the hiss of a serpent, and saw coiled before him a great rattlesnake, about to strike. He seized it in his powerful grasp and dragged it, subdued to his will, but unhurt, to the feet of Humming Bird. Now a name was his reward, and the Great Chief said, " You are now Micco-Espoke (Rattle- Snake King). You have proved your cunning and strength. But the Rattle-Snake is the friend of man. You must win over an enemy before you can have the hand of Humming Bird. " The young man went forth again, this time with a war party, and when he returned, his comrades told of his triumphs over the enemies of his tribe. He showed the scalps of his victims to the Chief, and his heart beat high with the hope of reward. " Your name is Ashtamalutka, Brave Warrior, " declared the Chief. Then his voice faltered and his eye dimmed, for Humming Bird was his only child and dearer than life to him. He was unwilling to give her in marriage and sought delay that he might keep her longer. So he bade the lover bring a gift worthy of her loveliness and typical of her virgin beauty. In his eager search through field and forest, the warrior lover came upon a beautiful milk-white doe and her still more beautiful fawn. Forgetting the reverence due to the white deer, he pursued and overtook them. He garlanded them with vines of grape and jessamine, and led them, unresisting in their meek gentleness to Humming Bird. Surely no more beautiful gift was ever brought to maiden, and the presence of the white deer were believed most auspicious. " Cunning, brave, and swift of foot, you are, " de- clared the Chief, " And you shall be called Man- wahnee, Swift of Foot. At the Bosketah, in the sight of all my people, she shall become your bride. " The Bosketah, or Feast of Green Corn, is held in the late summer at the time of the harvesting of the corn. It is the greatest occasion of the year, the harvest, the thanksgiving, the time of games, of dances, of feats of skill and strength. Then old friendships are renewed, old wrongs forgiven, and then no tribe goes on the warpath. It is then the time of betrothals, the time when honors are be- stowed, and the greatly prized name delivered. What time is more fitting for the marriage of In- dian man and maid? After many games and dances in celebration of the marriage feast, it was proposed that there should be a race, the happy lovers trying their fleetness against the fleetness of the white deer and doe — the lovely animals that had followed here and there the light, graceful footsteps of Humming Bird. Around the borders of this lake spring lilies, white, blue and yellow, and these are the spirits of the brave and gay throng that were drowned at the marriage. And in the Bosketah season every year, the spirit of the bride is seen greeting, in a deep and pas- sionate kiss, these water lilies and spirits of the wedding guests. At long intervals, the flood sub- sides, and the meadow is restored. Then is seen a white doe, witli a faint shadow of a woeful man, walking by her side, always drooping, always walking, always seeking. Written by Miss Caroline Mays Brevard. Jttosit popular ftelen ftarris jfflo t gtfjletic Ctfjel ftenrp prettiest Cilice tucker jfflosit g tpltsf) era Eicfjarbsi $eppiesst §labpg Jfflorris l ttttesit Cmtlp kittle Jflosst (Original Caroline enberston jfflosit ll ftounb Cit abeti) Eobtnsion Cutest Jfflargaret pople esitBancet €li abetf)?|ammargren Jfflosit Jflusitcal labps; torrs; Jfflosit intellectual gness ame THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE Consists of Five Separate and Distinct Colleges and Five Other Branches of Varied Acrivities located on a domain of 613 acres. 1. The College of Arts and Sciences. 2. The College of Agriculture. 3. The College of Engineering. 4. The College of Law. 5. The Teachers College. 6. The Graduate School. 7. The Summer School. S. The Agricultural Experiment Station. 9. The Agricultural Extension Division. 10. The General Extension Division. Sixteen units, or four full years of successful high school work are required for admission to the Freshman Class. For catalog or further information address Registrar UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GALNESV1LLE THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA THE OLDEST BANK IN FLORIDA, Began Business in 1856 RESOURCES OVER $1,500,000.00 INVITES YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOUR LUNCHES AND PARTIES AND ANYTHING YOU WANT TO EAT, GO TO T. B. Byrd Son " FINE GROCERIES " AND " EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT " Phone 1 DAFFIN THEATRE C. E. DAFFIN, Mgr. ATTRACTIONS OF QUALITY Phone 334 J. E. McNAIR DRUGGIST Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles Martha Washington Candies College business especially solicited McNAIR ' S Opposite Court House Phone 23 Tallahassee, Fla. " Bends with your foot " Trade Mark THE " RED CROSS " LINE CARRIES ALL THE NEWEST STYLES IN WOMEN ' S FOOTWEAR " Holeproof Hosiery " BURNS-GRAMLING CO. Monroe St. Park Ave. Hall-Martin Drug Co. TALLAHASSEE ' S UP-TO-DATE DRUG STORE Lewin R. Spear Minnie Clark Spear Janie Rosselle Clark Clark Jewelry and Book Store Successors to Erastus W. Clark TALLAHASSEE, FLA. J, H, BRUNS DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty Drugs, Stationery, Candies Hot and Cold Soda Agent for Whitman Candies and Eastman Kodaks Gifts That Last These you can purchase at the Store of Quality J. 0. Williams 5c Co. JEWELERS 80 Monroe St. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Well Selected Furniture is the first necesity for HOMEY HOMES and the true test of women of today as home-makers " We cater to those who care " GRANT FURNITURE CO, TALLAHASSEE, FLA. WOMAN ' S EXCHANGE AND TEA ROOM All kinds of home-made cakes, nut bread, candies, mints, etc., packed and shipped to any point. Regular lunch and supper daily ex- cept Sunday. YAEGER-RHODES HDW. CO. Wholesale and Retail Headquarters for Agricultural Implements, Building Material, Sporting Goods Tallahassee Phone 31 Fla. EDITION PRINTING AND BINDING We now have the largest edition bindery in Florida, and are equip- ped for prompt action. Write us for quotations on Col- lege Annuals, and other College Printing or Binding. T, J. APPLEYARD, PRINTER " A Modern Printing Factory " TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 2 resses Anything Sent on Approval Phone 495 Johnston ' s We Appreciate College Girls ' Trade A Cordial Welcome always to the Faculty and Stu- dents of the Florida State College. SAFETY FIRST, then SERVICE THE CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. State and federal Supervision The Exchange Bank is a Member of the Federal Reserve System, and as such conforms to the rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Reserve Board. Moreover, it is chartered under the laws of Florida and is subject to strict State supervision. Every safeguard is provided to protect the interests of depositors. The Exchange Bank of TALLAHASSEE, FLA. You Can Always Enjoy A BOTTLE OF ORANGE-CRUSH LIME-CRUSH CHERRY BLOSSOMS Or any of our delicious sodas AS SANITARY AS SUNSHINE INSPECT OUR PLANT MIDDLE FLORIDA IGE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Phone 9 OUR LEADING DEPARTMENTS Books on every sub- ject. Stationery, Fancy and Commercial; Ath- letic Goods Wear and Equipment. Picture Framing, Better work- manship. K o da k s , Films and Supplies. Unexcelled Finishing, Artistic Supplies. You can Always Depend on DREW for Quality and Service Send us your orders for anything - that you would expect a first class store of our kind to have and we will surely satisfy. 45-49 Bay St. Jacksonville PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRIES by buying " ZPonce De jCeon Spring Sir and " Creamery Products Brick Ice Cream, any color desired made by the jCeon County 9 Jc Company The Cherokee Tea Room Northeast corner of College Campus Jack:— " May 1 call tonight? " June:— " But our lights are out ol order. " Jack ::— " Have you dates for the rest of the week? " ■ —V oo Doo. Teacher (holding up a picture of a zebra): — What is this? " Johnny (hopefully) :— " A horse in i bathing suit. ' ' FAIN DRUG CO. TALLAHASSEE ' S BEST DRUG STORE The Telephone 56 XjaJUL Store Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens Conklin Fountain Pen Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen Eastman Kodak Supplies Cranes Stationery Agents for All Magazines HILL ' S BOOK STORE M. W. Carter, Prop. Tallahassee ' s Best Store NEWLY EQUIPPED AND REMODELED We now have the most modern store in this part of the state and our merchandise is of the very best, such as Dorothy Dodd Shoes, Buster Brown Hosiery, Kabo Corsets, in addition to the most up-to-date styles in Millin- erv, Ready-to-Wear and Dress Goods. In fact, you will find ours, the ideal store to do your shopping because here you get the styles and quality at the most reasonable prices. MAY WE HAVE THE PLEASURE OF SERVING YOU? THE SURPRISE STORE SP. 2l . Tl i son (Sc Company TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA " WEST FLORIDA ' S BEST STORE " PERMANENCE AND SUCCESS PIGGLY WIGGLY was planned and founded for permanency. Permanence and success are de- pendent upon the confidence of the general public, and that confidence cannot be won through misrepre- sentation. PIGGLY WIGGLY has stood the test of time and the test of the most rigid and thorough investi- gations. PIGGLY WIGGLY has succeeded because it is an economical advance and because it meets the demands and satisfies the desires of the American Housewife. FAMOUS APALACHICOLA OYSTERS They are noted for their delicious flavor We ship to hotels, restaurants and markets RICE BROTHERS PACKING CO. Apalachicola, Fla. Wisteria Ted Room " If it ' s good to eat we have it " Southwest Corner College Campus Sweeter than the Sweetest Florida State College Girls and The Bon Ton Candies THE BON TON W. A. Shands, Manager Gainesville, Fla. Sft i e SSirci Ilea Shop South Monore St. CATERING TO NORTH AND CENTRAL FLORIDA GAINESvtlLt.HuHiuA " Modes of the Moment " CHAPEAUX Ready-to-Wear Piece Goods We Carry Everything a Good J. T. BARROW Store Should (Owner) Phone 116 MAIL SERVICE Parties, Dinners, Special Lunches We prepay all postage charges SAVE IT WITH ICE The Premier Line of JUST AS IMPORTANT College Stationery Waiting- until the real hot weather is false economy. Food which you may think absolutely untainted but which in reality is unfit for the human system, is very common at this season of the year. Food kept ice-cold is more pleasing to the palate and keeps appetites whetted for every meal. Ice frozen from the purest distilled water Phone us today — our wagon will call SOUTHERN UTILITIES GO. J. N. S1KES, Manager Visiting Cards, Commencement Invita- tions, Monogram and Fraternity Stationery Harcourt Co- Stationers and Engravers Louisville, Ky. Write for samples or mention name to your dealer when you want the best in this line. PROFESSIONAL MEN DOCTORS LAWYERS 0. G. KENDRICK, M. D. Specialty: Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat Res. Phone 335 ; Office Phone 452 FRANCIS B. WINTHROP Attorney-at-Law W. E. VAN BRUNT, D. D. S. Telephone Building Telephone 257 FRANK D. UPCHURCH Attorney and Counselor at Law Fernandina, Florida J. K. JOHNSTON 51 S. Monroe St. Office Hours: 11-12, 3-5 X Ray BOOST " FLASTACOWO " THIS SPACE IS DONATED BY FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE St? fij, ,»»ftwJ2 ' !©:,. -Sir %l [ IPi !;W J , [JJJ ' m l- 3 ' : £ ' .- ' h SI i 1 Mil- Mra ' ppr-wm f " tanmsa -mmx: TES£ l) ' JJ roup lARce aoops %M • I y SOO P£OPt,t m " tar ' MM S : ' ; v ,, 9 " • « aw iw, fcfetffj V " ' I 4a i £?■ v -3sil ' H If II I ri QJULALITY ENGRAVINGS and prompt delivery have built for us one of the largest engraving and art establishments in the country. Courtesy co-operation and personal interest in our customers are additional inducements we offer in return for your business. JAHN So OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 554 WEST ADAMS STREET, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS J " a pj " offices in. rwxa.rxy ' principal cities . .fiJttriaTmMU-u ajco " jfa MBU - ' ■ °TTth TmTi i Iimiii " " - ' - -- ■ - ' . Jr rX ' ■ ;- ' •■: ' ' v € =AJ J. RAY ARNOLD, President General Manager R. L. ARNOLD, Treasurer J. B. ARNOLD. Secretary J, RAY ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY (Formerly Edge-Dowling Lumber Co.) MANUFACTURERS OF GULF CYPRESS AND LONG LEAF YELLOW PINE Members Georgia-Florida Saw Mill Assn., Southern Cypress Mfgrs. Assn. Band Mills— Daily Capacity 150,000 Feet GROVELAND, FLA. LAKE PHARMACY The $ Xcd!JL Store Phone 42 LAKELAND, FLA. Everything in Drugs HENLEY ' S DRUG STORE Phone 62 LAKELAND, FLA. EARNEST GO. PALATKA We always have the latest in Ready-to-Wear and Yard Goods Carl F. Crawford John Fletcher Fletcher Crawford Company, Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS ORLANDO, FLA. Everything in building mate- rials. Can make immediate ship- ments to any part of the state. The (Has. n. Elliott (a. The Largest College Engraving House in the World Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs Class Pins and Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Menus 17th St. and Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia Just Maxwell House Coffee GOOD TO THE LAST DROP PRODUCED BY GHEEK-NEAL COFFEE JACKSONVILLE NASHVILLE RICHMOND HOUSTON NEW YORK STUDENTS OF Florida ' s Greatest Woman ' s College SHOULD READ Florida ' s Greatest Newspaper The Florida Metropolis Hotel Seminole CLASS RINGS, PINS AND MEDALS, LOVE CUPS, Steel Fire Proof TROPHIES AND PRIZES JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Clubs or committees in search of articles appropriate as prizes for EUROPEAN athletic events or presentation pur- Rates $2.00 up (has. G. Day, Mgr. poses will find it easy to make se- lections from the stock of ASSOCIATE HOTELS GREENLEAF CROSBY CO. Hotel DeSoto, Savannah Jewelers Hotel Savannah, Savannah Hotel Patton, Chattanooga Hotel Annex, Chattanooga Noted for Quality JACKSONVILLE, FLA. J. B. Pound, President Selection packages sent upon request " The Big Store " Do You Walk With a Smile or a Florida ' s Greatest Limp? Wearers of Department Store 100 Departments under one Roof CANTILEVER SHOES Walk with an easy poise that be- speaks freedom from foot troubles. Try them. Mail orders a specialty Cofjen Protfjens PORTER-JUDY FRUIT CO, Wholesale Fruits and Produce GOLDEN ' S BOOTERY Private Cold Storage Plant JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 37 West Forsyth St. Tampa Warehouse, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 117 Whiting Street, Tampa, Fla. A uerrj s TALLAHASSEE ' S LARGEST READY-TO-WEAR Phone 481 IF IT ' S NEW AND MADE TO WEAR WE HAVE IT 18 1922 FOR 54 YEARS FURCHGOTT ' S " The Store Accommodating " JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE NATIONAL MEMORY AND FELLOWSHIP BOOK COLLEGE MEMORY BOOK CO., CHICAGO Buy Jax Biscuits COOKIES, CAKES AND CRACKERS DELICIOUSLY LIGHT AND CRISP AND FRESH Butter Wafer: One of the 122 Kinds Recognized by its brown edge and golden center. Jacksonville Cracker Works " ghkktriig " THE OLDEST IN AMERICA THE BEST IN THE WORLD F. 0, MILLER PIANO CO, 117 W. Adams Street JACKSONVILLE, FLA. J lowers FOR EVERY OCCASION Everything in Season Wire, phone or write us for quotations and suggestions 9? itls the Christ Inc. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 46 W. Duval St. Phone 714 ASK FOR Pinellas County Oversea Brand Bank LARGO, FLA. In the Heart of Pinellas County ' s Products Famous Citrus Section OUR AIM IS CONSOLIDATED GROG. GO. Sole Distributors The Development of Largo, Pinel- las County and the State of Florida and WE BELIEVE Jacksonville Tampa Pensacola Miami Florida Schools to be One of the Greatest Mediums for Accom- plishing this Aim Jew (arriving upon the scene of an automobile accident, to only conscious victim): — " Oye, a iccident? Effrybody laid oud, eh? " 0. C. V.: — " Yes, all but one. and I just came to. " Jew: — " Has de insurince achent come by yet? " 0. C. V.:— " Not yet . but he ' ll probably be here soon. Why? " Jew: — " Veil, if he ain ' t come yet and you expect him soon, 1 vonder if you ' d mind ef I lie down vit de bunch? " — Lord Jeff (Amherst). " Read the Florida Times Union Every Day ' " The House Reliable " Gonzalez Sanchez Co. Havana Cigars JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA We are Distributors for the A. J. Reach Company Baseball, Tennis and Basketball Goods, which we believe to be of the highest quality made, and will be glad to furnish information and catalogue. KNIGHT WALL COMPANY TAMPA, FLA. Ideal Fertilizers During the past twenty-five years the most profitable crops of Florida have been grown with IDEAL FERTILIZERS. Our new plant has been com- pleted and we are now in position to give our customers even better service than in the past. Let us quote you on your re- quirements. Wilson Toomer Fertilizer Co. Manufacturers of Ideal Fertilizers JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Established 1893 Maas Brothers TAMPA, FLA. wm KiSSl .: .. i - eg . ' . " mTTTZr. J " n JAAaLiM turn an s.s_-S-3js;3 Special Mail Shopping Service Let us place your name on our mailing list to receive our special announcements from time to time. TAMPA BOOK STATIONERY GO. Yates Grocery Company STATIONERS Wholesale Grocers and OFFICE OUTFITTERS TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Quality and Service " Agents Hershey ' s Chocolates " TAMPA, FLA. BUY IT AT TYPICAL OF TAMPA— BW B " TOP ' 0 THE TOWN " Jfcotet Jfcillsboro 1430 Seventh Ave. Ybor City, Fla. Famous Sayings " You ' ve got to show me — I ' m from Missouri. " " You ' ve got to teach me — I ' m from Harvard " " You ' ve got to watch me — I ' m from Sing-Sing. " — Virginia Reel. YOUR HOME WILL BE TASTEFULLY DECORATED If furnished from our selections. Interior Decorators services for our customers without additional charge. ___ TARR FURNITURE CO. INC. PP lR TAMPA We occupy the entire building Furniture, Floor Coverings, Draperies, China Constant Effort Toward Perfection Will Raise the Standard of Any Product We are constantly striving, through a study of trade con- ditions, efficient methods and the application of modern machin- ery, to make our service more valuable to our customers. Correspondence and Consultation are invited on all matters involving the use of type, engravings and printer ' s ink. " Printing Up to a Standard — Not Down to a Price ' Pepper Printing Company TELEPHONE 136 GAINESVILLE, FLA. BASEBALL. FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, Call for CANOES, LAWN TENNIS, ROLLER SKATES. GYM. EUIPMENTS, CUTLERY, GOLF, COCA-COLA BICYCLES AND SUNDRIES, FISHING and TACKLE, FIRE ARMS, AMMUNITION SODA WATER in Bottles BICYCLES AND GUNS REPAIRED TENNIS RACKETS RE-STRUNG HYGEIA BOTTLING WORKS 126 E. Chase St., Phone 587 •firiLSON W W ARMS CYCLE CO. PENSACOLA, FLA. KODAK FINISHING We are really careful with all our work Sporting and Athletic Goods and use the BEST materials We will be prompt and our prices are reasonable PLEASE T RY US 24 South Palafox Street PENSACOLA, FLA. ROX GIFT SHOP P. 0. Box 1305 PENSACOLA, FLA. J dL Ask your Grocer for : - — " OVER SEA " Photographs that are Different PURE FOOD PRODUCTS 14i 2 South Palafox Street PENSACOLA, FLA. Phone 1934 H. Lee Bell The best quality obtainable S ?ej na ds PENSACOLA, FLA. CONSOLIDATED KODAKS VICTROLAS GROCERY CO. CORONA TYPEWRITERS PENSACOLA, FLA. Developing and Finishing " If we sell it, it ' s good " PORTRAITS ARCADE STUDIO Court Arcade, Opp. Court House TAMPA, FLA. KODAK FINISHING THE LEON HOTEL Tallahassee, Fla. THE QUINCY HOTEL Quincy, Fla. MOORE HAVEN HOTEL Moore Haven, Fla. THE CALLAHAN HOTEL Bainbridge, Ga. All Under Same Management J. R. RANDLE, Lessee Hewitt Bros. Garage, Largest Garage in Florida Punta Gorda, Florida P friends © ' JMinc friends © ' jMinc friends o ' JVKne

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