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- Oa zL ; i F ,; jf 4 4 4 4 ■ ' ■ ♦ HBHH HwHBHHBHfflramBBmfflffl HHHHfflHHHHWI •» ' i ■ ■ ' . • ft - 4 « - ,«Cr " " " . THE INTERLACHEN 1934 ; • • 4 ■ —• » ««((;. J " COPYRIGHT 1934 JANE SCOTT Editor-in-Chief BILL RODGERS Business Manager WALDO CLEVELAND Art Editor V. r . • THE INTERLACHEN 1934 v Published by the Students of SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND, FLORIDA •:..■ f. ■ 9 V. t nWBWB WWffWWH BWHHBn HWHWBI FOREWORD If, fellow-students, forgetfulness obliterates the past in the grim march of years, we offer this book as a link to the golden thread of memory that the spirit of youth may be rekindled and the rugged voyage of life made easier by fond recollection of campus memories. ♦ v « % I ' , CONTENTS COLLEGE CLASSES FEATU R ES ORGAN IZATION S ATH LETICS ADVERTISEMENTS ♦ -n - ' •■ With hearts big enough to include all humanity MR. AND MRS. JAMES D. RANDALL are friends of education who are doing their part to make this a better world. This book is dedicated to them. ■ v.4 •: COLLEGE INTERLAO-IEN Ludd Myrl Spivey A.B., M.A., B.D., University of Chicago LL.D., Birmingham-Southern Ed.D., Stetson University President of Southern College - ■ -! ■ - _!- ■_ - I 934 Page 9 Lv ®4 ' ' i ., v » ' -- mm ft i y- i ! JS tfirw t i , - in W u ' ' ■ ' S MB X •■T , :;-¥ " ■ « - ESS " W a I !TU5 ;» . v. «a 31 " si l; KSffl; jg ' j ! " rfc-..l «P v ■ .• " • ' . ' Sat, .---i3Ei «p 5 M ,v i « »]»?5k8 W m -:•;-.•;». f 5 : :• ' ' ' •,: mc ■ ♦ ' ■ .♦ I A G U L T V ♦ -i -♦ ' ' interlacwe; William E. DeMelt Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D. Dean of College Marian Patterson, B.S. Dean of Women t X 9H ' kSfc r l b ji •.■• ' - ' . ' J -lit. .? ■ Page 14 . . ' ■ -3 -Jt ' J INTERLAO-IEN Walter O. Ropp A.B. Bursar Samuel G. Coe A.B., M.A., Ph.D. History James C. Peel A.B., M.A. Education Corydon S. Joseph A.B. English FACULTY Robert S. Bly Howard J. Barnum Charles A. Vannoy Marguerite Wills B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Music and Violin A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.A. Chemistry Foreign Languages Speech Page 15 I 934 «i i • i . ■ HM H wmm Harris G. Sims A.B., LL.B. Journalism Mary Watson Edythe Bainter A.B. Art Physical Education FACULTy Helen Barnum Piano Mattie Rampley B.S., M.A. Home Economics Ethel Rowell Typing Bernard P. Reinsch George F. Scott A.B., B.S., Arch., M.S., Ph.D. A.B. Mathematics History James R. Pentuff Greek and Latin Rev. P. M. Boyd Pas or, College Heights Page 16 Oween Sumner Louise Helmkampf A.B. B.M. Librarian Matron Mamie Krohn Thelma Willis Yvonne Strickland Nurse A.B. A.B. Secretary to President French Edgar E. Tolle Voice FACULTY Pauline Jernigan Dietitian Henry G. Barnett A.B., M.A. English J. F. Wilson, M.D. College Physician Mrs. Ed R. Bentley Orvan Pa g c 17 A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT some of you are leaving college for the last time. You have finished your course so far as SOUTHERN is concerned. However, you are not through. Long stretches of the road lie ahead of you, I hope. My wishes are, that as you march along this highway you will find much happiness and satisfaction. May your days at Southern help you, give you light and courage. No matter how far this road ahead may take you from the habitat of Southern, I hope that you will never allow your Alma Mater to have any less place in your mind and heart. Others of you will return to Southern to finish your college edu- cation. During the summer you will have many opportunities to tell others about your college. The enrollment for the coming year de- pends largely on your own attitude toward Southern. With the co-operation of all our alumni and students, Southern is bound to arrive. Jv -. 4p - ' CLASSES OLUtffC IE N I O E ... 4 • f MHUHMKI NTERLACHEN SENIORS President Treasurer Waldo Cleveland RUBYE HOLSBERRY A.B. A.B. College Corner, O. Vice-President Jeanne McCormick B.S.H.Ec. Lakeland, Fla. Louise Clark. A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Plant City, Fla. Clayton Calhoun Frances Clewis A.B. A.B. Lake City, Fla. Unadilla, Ga. I 934 Page 22 ' nITERLACWEN SENIORS John Dawson A.B. Brooksville, Fla. Ruth Draper B.S.E. Tampa, Fla. Francis Gates A.B. Manatee, Fla. Ruby Ivey A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Josephine Gresimer Willa Johnson A.B. A.B. Chicago, 111. Tampa, Fla. Page 23 ■■■ William Mundy A.B. Buchanan, Va. SENIORS Ben Perkins B.S., Tampa, Fla. John Permenter A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Julia Sessions B.S.E. Wauchula, Fla. Elizabeth Smith A.B. Williston, Fla. Betty Vaught A.B. Bradencon, Fla. I 934 Page 24 TERLAC SENIOR DIRECTORY Clayton Calhoun, A.B. Lake City, Fla. Football, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Vagabonds, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Y. M. C. A., ' 31, ' 32, President, ' 3 3, ' 34; Salmagundi, ' 31, ' 32; Interfraternity Council, Secretary, ' 3 3; Student Council, President, ' 34; Alpha Delta, ' 31, Secretary, ' 32; Interlachen Staff, Business Manager, ' 34; Alpha Psi Omega; Beta Mu. Ruth Draper, B.S.E. Tampa, Fla. Florida State College for Women, ' 31, ' 32; Volley-ball, Captain, ' 34; Sports Club, ' 34; Southern Serpents, ' 34; Stu- dent Council, ' 34; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 34; Y. W. C. A., ' 34; Vagabonds, ' 34; Associate Editor Interlachen, ' 3 3; Staff, ' 34; Kappa Gamma Tau. Excelle Brown Chapman, B.S.E. Webster, Fla. Louise Clark, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. White Canoe Team, ' 31, ' 32; Baseball, ' 31, ' 32; Sports Club, ' 3 3; Southern Serpents, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi; Nu Tau Beta. Waldo Sherra Cleveland, A.B. College Corner, O. Class President, ' 34; Class Vice-President, ' 3 3; Y. M. C. A., ' 32, Treasurer, ' 3 3, ' 34; Interfraternity Council, ' 34; Inter- lachen Staff, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi, Presi- dent, ' 34; Walk of Honor, ' 34; Valedic- torian, ' 34; Beta Mu. Frances Clewis, A.B. Unadilla, Ga. Francis Gates, A.B. Manatee, Fla. Football Manager, ' 34; Y. M. C. A., ' 32, ' 3 3; Student Council, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi; Beta Mu. Josephine Gresimer, A.B. Chicago, III. Baseball, ' 31; Hiking Squad, ' 31; Sports Club, ' 31, ' 3 2; Southern Serpents, ' 32, ' 3 3, ' 34; Southern Songsters, ' 31, Secre- tary, ' 3 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 32; Salmagundi, ' 31, Secretary, ' 32; Salma- gundi Magazine Staff, ' 3 2; Vagabonds, ' 31, Secretary, ' 32, ' 33, Vice-President, ' 34; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, President, ' 33; W. H. G. A. Council, ' 32, Vice-President, ' 3 3, President, ' 34; Southern Staff, ' 32, ' 33, Editor, ' 34; In- terlachen Staff, ' 32, ' 3 3, ' 34; Alpha Psi Omega; Mu Omega Xi, Publicity Chairman, ' 34; Salutatorian; Nu Tau Beta. John Dawson, A. B. Brooksiille, Fla. Football, ' 31, ' 3 2, ' 3 3; Ruf-Neks, ' 3 2; Interfraternity Council, ' 3 2, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 3 3; Pi Kappa. Rubye Holsberry, A.B. Plant City, Fla. Freed-Hardeman College, ' 31, ' 3 2; Vol- ley-ball, ' 34; Class Treasurer, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi. I 934 fc_, «h L t, ■ » ,!»,. Page 25 ♦ ' ■I ■ INTERLACWEN SENIOR DIRECTORY Ruby Ivey, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Southern Serpents, ' 3 3, ' 34; Y. W, A., ' 34; Lakeland-Southern Club, Mu Omega Xi; Nu Tau Beta. C. 34; John Arthur Permenter, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Berry College, Vagabonds, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi; Alpha Psi Omega; Beta Mu. Gordon E. Johns, A.B. Winter Haven, Fla. Willa Johnson, A.B. Tampa, Fla. Sports Club, ' 3 3, ' 34; Southern Song- sters, ' 33, Pianist, ' 34; Y. W. C. A., ' 32, Cabinet, ' 33, President, ' 34; W. H. G. A. Council, ' 34; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 33; Mu Omega Xi; Chi Delta Nu. Alma Elizabeth Johnson, B.S.E. Sydney, Fla. Elva Jeanne McCormick, B.S.H.Ec. Lakeland, Fla. Vice-President Class, ' 34; Home Eco- nomics Club, ' 33, ' 34; Sports Club, ' 33; Mu Omega Xi. William Mundy, A.B. Buchanan, Va. Randolph-Macon College, ' 31, ' 3 2; Bas- ket-ball, ' 33, ' 34; Y. M. C. A., ' 34. Virginia Harris O ' Quinn, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Benjamin Harrison Perkins, B.S. Tampa, Fla. Football, ' 31; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 34; Chemistry Lab. Assistant, ' 33, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi; Pi Kappa. Julia Sessions, B.S.E. Wauchula, Fla. Volley-ball, ' 3 3; Baseball, ' 3 2; Sports Club, ' 32, ' 33, Vice-President, ' 34; Southern Songsters, ' 3 2, ' 3 3, Secretary, ' 34; Southern Serpents, ' 34; Y. V. C. A., ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Purple Palette Art Club, ' 3 3. Amanda Elizabeth Smith, A.B. Williston, Fla. Lander College, ' 31, ' 32; Sports Club, ' 33, ' 34; Southern Serpents, ' 33, ' 34; Southern Songsters, ' 3 3, Vice-President, ' 34; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34; W. H. G. A. Council, ' 34; Chi Delta Nu. Elizabeth Virginia Vaught, A.B. Bradenton, Fla. White Canoe Team, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, Varsity, ' 31, ' 32; Basket-ball, ' 3 1, ' 3 3; Tennis, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Hiking Squad, ' 31; Volley-ball, ' 3 3; Southern Serpents, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Sports Club, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Vagabonds, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, Vice- President, ' 3 3; Southern Songsters, ' 31, ' 32, Business Manager, ' 33, Treasurer, ' 34; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 3 2, ' 3 3, President, ' 34; Southern Star! ' , ' 32, ' 33; Interlachen Staff, ' 3 3; W. H. G. A. Council, ' 33, ' 34; Mu Omega Xi; Chi Delta Nu. - ii «i n_ri.i I 934 k—k. Pa 3c 26 J U N I O E ; • WIMIMHI— INTERLACWCN JUNIORS Preside 11 John Woodall Lakeland, Fla. Vice-President Jane Scott Tampa, Fla. Treasurer Margaret Parker Jacksonville, Fla. Secretary Marjorie Forehand Lakeland, Fla. Mary Arendell Lakeland, Fla. Mildred Anderson Lakeland, Fla. John Bryson Clermont, Fla. Albert Carey Key West, Fla. i . m .1 m m m ■ » 1 1 I 934 Page 28 ' ••-,•• INTERLA JUNIORS Etna Cook Chattahoochee, Fla. Wallace Gause Tarpon Springs, Fla. Arthur Hendrix Lakeland, Fla. Alice Curry Key West, Fla. Loren Hall Beaver Dam, Va. Louise Kelley Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Jacksonville, Fla. Kathleen, Fla. Twila Horton James Key Lakeland, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Ellie Ruth McLeod Brandon, Fla. b + + + m Page 2? INTERLACWEN JUNIORS Lionel Nelson Lakeland, Fla. Jessie Mae Rice Groveland, Fla. Adelaide Sampey Groveland, Fla. James Rice Groveland, Fla. Anita Robinson New York City Joyce Stoddard Lakeland, Fla. George Wessinger Lakeland, Fla. Emelia Sneller Jacksonville, Fla. Joanna Taylor Plant City, Fla. Fred Wilde Avon Park, Fla. m » .1 —i I 934 + . + m.m Page 30 O P H O M O E E ■ INTERLA N SOPHOMORES President Claude Harden Vice-President Linda V. Partee Treasurer Mary Love Tolle Secretary Ashley Calhoun Lillian Boone Joy Blackburn Netha Campbell Marion Daniel fci » » ■ 1 ■ I 934 Pasc 32 HOilB «r vt«nt; INTERLAO-IEN SOPHOMORES Alki Martha Horne Constance Jones Reba Jones Glenn Hutchinson Marion Jones Vesta Leslie Laura Long Eloise Mullen Harry McDonell William Linton Evelyn Middleton Frances McCullen I »» «■ i i ) v_ + ++: ++mm 4 Page 33 INTERLACUEN -X SOPHOMORES i Lucille McDaniel Allan Nac.el Charles Pickard Wayne McMullen Margaret Owen Kathleen Rogers Lucille Rose Louise Rosenbi.oom Ottis Vinson William Rodgers Margaret Rose Eldred Threlkeld 19 4- Page 34 C 3 P E E S H M E N HHHIHHH H INTERLACHEN FRESHMEN President Treasurer ade Cline Helen Hilliard Vice-President Secretary Virginia Mitchell Eleanor Morrison Elizabeth Adams Ernestine Alderman Norman Abbott Bernice Albinson Margaret Allan I 934 Page 36 INTERLACWEr FRESHMEN Carmen Barr Joe Bird Mary Faith Brice Margaret Beyer Miriam Boring Henrietta Bryant Iris Cleveland Dorothy Bryant Helen Caudle Mary Collar »»» ■ ««■ I ! , 7 v_J O Page 37 ■p NTERLACWEN FRESHMEN Shelton Cowart Josephine Davis Perry Ellis Roy Daniel Ellen Drompp Robert Frazier Dorothy Gifforu Charles Francis Loyal Frisbie Sylvia Griffioen ■■ m n , i I 934 : Pasc 38 v ' -g lNTERLACHEN ? FRESHMEN Margaret Griffin Hazel Haley Harry Hancock Mary Jane Guthrie Sara Hattavcay Samuel Hendrix Ruth Jones Eloise Hawkins Evelyn Jones Lillian Juhler » , a m m i i i O J o 1 Page 39 I ' INTERLACING FRESHMEN John T. Knight Hugo Leslie Katherine Lloyd Dorothy Lawlor Milton Little Linda Mason Ruth Miller Jessie Mae Mackey Jack Matthews Horace Mullen i»i«.i.i ». h P 1 ■ ■ Ml 7 _) .+ + + Pase 40 INTERLACUEN FRESHMEN MlLBURN McLEOD HoVi ' REN NORTON CHARLES PEARSON Ruth McKelvey Sara Bess O ' Neal Gladstone Roberts Ruth Scott Miriam Purcell William Sands David Setzer 9 A » • • « ■ a Pose 41 NTERLACUEN FRESHMEN Vernon Shaver Mary Shuler Evelyn Smith Louise Shepherd Carolyn Sistrunk Maxine Smith Frances Stribling Martha Smith Leon Spooner Ed Sullivan w 934 i -._ i - ■_- ■_ — ha Page 42 » INTERL ' ACWEN FRESHMEN Ross Swartzel Eloise Tucker James Turner Eunice Trask Frances Turner Warren Waters Sara Ethel Weaver Irene Tuttle Ruth Waldrop Alberta Worrell Pase43 I I 934 -n_.-»_r% i—i_ -i. - » a . ' ■ ■ FEATURES ♦ • ■HflHBUi fv MOST ATTRACTIVE Ellanora Jones Johnny Woodall ■B MOST POPULAR Ruth Draper Ashley Calhoun (■m ■ ■■■■■ii UAMH BBIKaBSUtClJaH ■I ■ MOST REPRESENTATIVE Josephine Gresimer Clayton Calhoun MOST VERSATILE Louise Kelley Wayne McMullen MOST ATHLETIC Mary Love Tolle Fred Wilde t ' 4 ■ 4 FRESHMAN FEATURES (Upper left) Most Athletic, Eleanor Morrison and Horace Mullen. (Upper right) Most Popular, Dorothy Lawlor and Albert Adams. (Center) Most Attractive, Virginia Mitchell and Joe Bird. (Lower left) Most Representative, Frances Turner and Milburn McLeod. (Lower right) Most Versatile, Linda Mason and Loyal Frisbie. f W WALK OF HONOR Waldo Sherra Cleveland Scenes from " The Fool " and " Three Taps at Twelve ' K.N»r, . ■■■■■■ A FRATERNITY HOUSES Theta Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa; Beta Mu Violin Ensemble Ope reft a " Mwnka of Astrakhan " THE CAMPUS That long, cool porch where we played ping pong in the afternoon. Here poetry and art are com- bined in equal proportions. Waldo ' s drawing made this view famous. An energetic group of stu- dents rushing to class five minutes late. ■■■■■■ FOUNDERS ' DAY All decked out in bunting, welcome signs and what have-you. Our visitors line up in the court and look pretty for the cameraman. ' " Twas steadily shoulder to shouder . . . " Some more visitors— but who ' s that on the stepladder? . _ .... FOUNDERS ' DAY That much-discussed garden. Another slant on our visitors. Some visiting celebrities and a couple of hard-working (?) journalists. Like bargain day in the city. t • ■ MBal ■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■1 FAMILIAR SIGHTS Our vice-president ' s charm- ing young daughter makes her debut in society. Studying chemistry — believe it or not (ask Dr. Bly). The most popular spot on the campu s between classes. What ' s wrong with this picture? ■ : ORGANIZATIONS ' ({ r (: :FT :PX»P.] -,♦ ,AC Waldo Cleveland, President John Bryson, Sffrc jrj Jo Gresimer, Publicity Louise Kellev, Vice-President Lionel Nelson, Sergeant-at-Arms Dr. Ludd M. Spivey Dean W. E. DeMelt Harris G. Sims Marguerite Wills Dr. R. S. Bly Fatuity Adlisors MU OMEGA XI National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity BETA CHAPTER Hi ity Vaught :: Cornelia Clark ' ' Ben Perkins " Albert Key Ellie Ruth McLeod Mi i vin Kirrpatrick Jeanne McCormick Mildred Anderson John Pirmlnter Ruby Ivey Mary Arendell Louise Clark rubye holsberry mary e. mltchell wllla johnson George Wessinger Etna Cook Francis Gates Wallace Gause : " No picture. I 934 RLACWEN THE INTERLACHEN Jane Scott Editor-in-Chief : ' Halley B. Lewis Associate Editor Lorun Hall Literary Editor Waldo Cleveland . Art Editor ;; " No picture. Jo Gresimer Fraternity Editor Joy Blackburn Assistant Business Manager Jack Matthews Athletic Editor Ruth Draper Organization Editor I 934 i + fc Page 64 IBHHH1HBHH .■■■• ■♦»• ' •♦ INTERLACHEN THE INTERLACHEN Bill Rougers Business Manager Bill Sparrow :; Bill McDonald Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager David Setzer Louise Shepherd Harris G. Sims Assistant Art Editor Ass is fa nt Business Man ager Faculty Advisor Loyal Frisby Marion Daniel Typist Assistant Business Manager No picture. Page 65 I 934 ■ THE SOUTHERN Josephine Gresimer Editor Louise Kelley Loyal Frisbie Associate Editor Assistant Editor Marion Daniel Loren Hall Ruth Valdrop Feature Writer Sports Editor Literary Editor Paqc 66 THE SOUTHERN Claude Hardin Business Manager " Lionel Ni i son Reporter Jane Scott Assistant Business Manager Eleanor Morrison Women ' s Sports Editor Harris G. Sims Faculty Advisor " " Hugo Leslie Assistant Business Managet Charles Pickard Exchange Editor Wayne McMullen Assistant Business Manager No picture. Page 67 . NTERLACHEN STUDENT COUNCIL Clayton Calhoun President Jessie Mae Rice Secretary Ruth Draper Etna Cook Francis Gates Warren Waters Joy Blackburn I m I I I t I 934 £ i -» i-Xj-i ii— i ii- — a " tftarih Pase 68 INTERL IWEN WOMAN ' S HOUSE GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Josephine Gresimer President Betty Vaught Willa Johnson Vice-President V. " . C. A. Kepresentati Etna Cook Netha Campbell Secretary Fire Captain ilizabeth Smith Margaret Parker Mary Love Tolle Mary E. Mitchell Sara Ethel Weaver Pase 69 934 m m- y w TERLAQ N Wayne McMullen President Louise Kelley Vice-President Josephine Gresimer John Bryson Betty Vaught ROSS SvCARTZEL Netha Campbell Reba Jones Marion Danill Marguerite Wills Secretary Fat ulty Adi isoY Ashley Calhoun Business Manager Clayton Calhoun Claude Hardin Martha Horne THE VAGABONDS Jane Scott Twila Horton John Woodall Fred Wilde Mary Love Tolle Vesta Leslie I 934 » rti«. i Page 70 v ■ - % 4 - • • » ■1HH Linda Mason Virginia Mitchilll Maxine Smith John Permenter Charles Pearson Eloise Tucker Caroline Sistrunk Louise Rosenbloom Frances Turner Howren Norton Joy Blackburn Ernestine Alderman Roy Daniel Lillian Juhler THE VAGABONDS Norman Abbott Loyal Frisby Ellen Drompp Ruth Draper Loren Hall Dorothy Lawlor Page 71 • NTER CHEN. Louise Kelley President Elizabeth Smith V ice -P resid en t Martha Horne Treasurer Julia Sessions Secretary THE SONGSTERS Margaret Allen Elizabeth Adams Ellen Drompp Dorothy Gifford Margaret Beyer Twila Horton Louise Clark Etna Cook Evelyn Jones Marion Jones tl I t • i 34 ,»». S.I«».» m Page 72 . INTERLACWEN Marion Daniel Reporter Willa Johnson P anist Howard J. Barnu Faculty Advisor Netha Campbell Librarian THE SONGSTERS Eleanor Morrison Helen Hilliard Jessie Mae Mackey Linda Mason Caroline Sistrunk Betty Vaught Ruth Waldrop Jessie Mae Rice Louise Rosenbloom Page 73 » ' ■■ +J ■ i • ' f - Louise Kelley President Julia Sessions Vice-President Ruth Waldrop Councillor Adelaide Sampey Councillor SPORTS CLUB Martha Horne Marion Daniel Eleanor M JRRISJN Etna Cook ucille McDaniel Eloise Mullen Laura Long Reba Evelyn Jones Jones Page 74 Willa Johnson Ruth Draper Jane Scott Elizabeth Smith SPORTS CLUB Ruth McKelvey Dorothy Lawlor Ernestine Alderman Miriam Purcell Jessie Mae Rice Ruth Scott Louise Shepherd Maxine Smith Irene Tuttle m ' wmto ttAt i iH INT{ LACHEN.5 Willa Johnson Vesta Leslie President Treasurer Laura Long Eloise Mullen Vice-President Secretary Etna Cook Martha Horne Morning Watch Chairman Publicity Netha Campbell Lucille McDaniel 2J ' , i Sister Chairman Librarian y. W. C. A. Dorothy Gifford Frances McCullen Lillian Juhler Jane Scott Maxini: Smith Margaret Parker Dorothy Lawlor Linda Mason hj ii » a, mm ■ • t I 934 ++. :+ m + Pase 76 ■ INTERLACE Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Adams Sara Hattaway Ernestine Alderman Mildred Anderson Margaret Beyer Mary Collar Evelyn Jones Margaret Allan y. W. C. A. Ruth Draper Ruth McKelvey Dorothy Bryant Evelyn Smith Julia Sessions Irene Tuttle Martha Smith Ruth VC ' aldrop Ruby Ivey Frances Stribling Frances Turner Pa g e 77 ssmmm Wayne McMullen President Claude Hardin Vice-President Bill Rodcers Roy Daniel Harry Hancock Pianist John Bryson Set i clary-Treasurer Shllton Cowart Joe Bird MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Wallace Gause Clayton Calhoun John T. Knight Norman Abbott Charles Pearson Bi Pi rkins Albert Carey Howri n Norton Page 78 I ' V V ;:♦■ ! ' INTERLACWEN Clayton Calhoun Waldo Cleveland President Treasurer Claude Hardin John Woodall Vice-President Secretary y. M. c. A. Bill Rodgers Bill Mundy Fred Wilde Wade Cline Milburn McLeod Howren Norton Wayne McMullen John T. Knight Francis Gates I OXA m a m m i m i i n 7 _J + m + m Page 79 $ f ■■■ ■■■■■■i ■ Laura Long President Frances Turner Secretary-Treasurer Mattie Rampley Faculty Advisor HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Netha Campbell Dorothy Gii-ford Emelia Sneller Irene Tuttle Joanna Taylor Jeanne McCormick Carmen Barr Anita Robinson Lucille Rose Adelaide Sampi y i »,» » i Page 80 NTERLAC MlLBURN McLEOD President Frances Turner Secretary-Treasure Clayton Calhoun Chaplain PREACHERS ' KIDS CLUB Asm i v Calhoun Eloise Mullen Margaret Allan Harry Han ock Marion Daniel Louise Shepherd Virginia Mitchell How ren Norton Miriam Purcell Edward Sullivan i m » m m I I 934 . ■ r m + t Page 81 . -4 ' ♦ masiisMmm. INTERLACWEN ALPHA PSI OMEGA National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity the delta nu cast of Alpha Psi Omega was organized at Southern College on April 23, 1934, under the supervision of Miss Marguerite Wills, director of dramatics and honorary member of the fraternity. Eleven charter members were initiated in recog- nition of their high standard of achievement in campus dramatic activities. With this nucleus, it is hoped that the Delta Nu Cast may do its share along with the other ninety-six casts which exist throughout the United States and Canada. Membership is the highest honor to be earned in dramatics at Southern, and ap- propriately climaxes work done through the Southern Vagabonds. OFFICERS Ashley Calhoun Director Loren Hall Sub-Director Marion Daniel Secretary-Treasurer CHARTER MEMBERS Ashley Calhoun Loren Hall Marion Daniel Josephine Gresimer Linda Mason John Permenter John Bryson Wayne McMullen Ross Swartzel Loyal Frisbie Clayton Calhoun ALUMNI MEMBERSHIPS Maxine Swartzel Donald McQueen Martin Hough Bruce Mitchell INITIATED MEMBER Alma Johnson fc 1 r-fc » »— — w- I 934 - — i Pasc 82 FEATEENITIE ♦ ; -. ■• NTERLACHEN INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL the interfraternity council, composed of two members from each fraternity, purposes the promotion of a friendly spirit between the groups. It also has jurisdic- tion over all regulations for " rushing season. " The Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of three members of each sorority, supervises all matters concerning their groups and performs the same functions in general for the women as the Interfraternity Council does for the men. " Ralph Fletcher John Woodall President Charles Pickard Vice-President John Bryson Arthur Hendrix ' No picture. Waldo Cleveland Secretary mm » • i ■ m Page 84 . .V f ■ IT£ LACW Betty Vaught Josephine Gresimer President Keeper of the Constitution Mary Love Tolle Louise Kelley Vice-President Treasurer PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Eloise Mullen Margaret Parker Marjory Forehand Frances McCullen Netha Campbell Etna Cook Ruth Draper Emelia Sneller Mary Jane Guthrie Page 85 . INTERLACHEN KAPPA GAMMA TAU OFFICERS Mary Love Tolle . Ruth Draper Mary Jane Guthrie President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Elizabeth Adams Marion Jones ' Mildred Graham ' ' Constance Jones " Frances Bailey :: Sara Bess O ' Neal Margaret Beyer " Carmen Barr Margaret Rose ' Josephine Davis Margaret Owens Eloise Hawkins Tolle, Draper Guthrie, M. Jones, Beyer, Adams : " No picture. - i- -i - r - ii- 1 _r r _r h i ■ ■ i I 934 + m m • , Page 86 ,♦- «♦ r INTERLACWEN KAPPA GAMMA TAU FOUNDED 1924 COLORS Maroon and R ■d FLOWER A nerican Z3r i MEMBERS Rose Mary Faith Brice Eunice Trask Margaret Griffin Frances Turner Irene Tuttle Lucille Rose : Alberta Worrell ;: " Marjorie Nelson : Hazel Haley ' " Margaret Rowland :: Mary Kuhr Brice, Trask :: Jane Grubb Grifli n, Tuttle, L. Rose Turner " No picture. ■ m m Page 87 I 934 ■» • i mm INTERLACWEN PHI DELTA IcccccC 1 OFFICERS Etna Cook President Mary E. Mitchell .... Vice-President Marion Daniel Secretary Ellanora Jones Treasurer Emelia Sneller Chaplain MEMBERS Louise Kelley Bernice Albinson Vesta Leslie Dorothy Bryant Joy Blackburn :: Edna Pearce : Ellie Ruth McLeod :: ' Joanna Taylor " Elizabeth Wade -Lucille Dean :: Ruth Boswell :: Wauweena Spurlock Cook, M. Mitchell, Daniel, Sneller Kelley, Leslie, Blackburn, Albinron, Bryant : ' No picture. I 934 Page 8B ,nv v?«t ' INTERL :HEN PHI DELTA FOUNDED 1925 COLORS White ami Gold FLOWER Chrysanthemum MEMBERS Mary Collar Lillian Juhler Evelyn Middleton Virginia Mitchell Linda Mason Frances Stribling Eloise Tucker Maxine Smith Caroline Sistrunk Louise Rosenbloom ' Imogene Wells Collar, Juhler, Middleton, V. Mitchell, Mason Stribling, Tucker, Smith, Sistrunk, Rosenbloom ' No picture. 1 i I 934 Pase 89 sUNTERLACHEN NU TAU BETA OFFICERS Margaret Parker President Ruby Ivey Vice-President Reba Jones Secretary Martha Horne Treasurer Frances McCullen Priestess Jo Gresimer Rush Captain MEMBERS Margaret Parker Miriam Purcell -Caroline Yates :: Marie Clark : Ruth Miller :: Mildred Hunter ■ : " Lottie Neuner P-irker, Ivey, Jones, Horne McCullen, Gresimer, Allan, Purcell i: ' No picture. L " m T m i 7 O Pasc 90 » ♦ UNTERLAC NU TAU BETA S FOUNDED 1926 COLORS Green and White FLOWER White Carnation Jane Scott Dorothy Gifford Eleanor Morrison Sara Ethel Weaver MEMBERS Frances Clew is Sara Hattaway Louise Clark Martha Smith Iris Cleveland Scott, L. Clark, Gifford, Morrison, Hattaway Smith, Weaver, Clewis, Cleveland ' No picture. " - " ■ «— " - Page 91 INTERLACUEN 4 CHI DELTA NU reel |V C c C OFFICERS Netha Campbell President Eloise Mullen Vice-President Betty Vaught Secretary Jessie Mae Rice . Treasurer Elizabeth Smith .... ... Sergcant-at-Arms Willa Johnson Priestess MEMBERS Evelyn Jones Dorothy Lawlor Louise Shepherd Ruth Waldrop : Alma Johnson Campbell, Mullen, Vaught Rice, E. Smith, W. Johnson, Jones " " No picture. w. __ . -— ■»— »w». fc • • 934 •_ -..i— ■ k— «» Pase92 Il -:.,. " ! ; : ,,■;: . ' , ' ■ ' ' • .- JTERLACHtN FOUNDED 1929 COLORS Crimson and White FLOWER White Rose MEMBERS Ruth McKelvey Ruth Scott Ernestine Alderman Evelyn Smith Shepherd, Lawlor, U ' aldrop MeKel ey, Alderman, Scott, Evclyr Smith Page 93 2LACHEN THETA PI DELTA FOUND] n 1925 COLORS . ' ■; en ler and Gold FLOW 1 R Chrysanthemum OFFICERS Marjory Forehand President " Linda V. Partee Vice-President " Margaret Darracott . . Secretary " Onnie Mabel DeVane Treasurer " Alison Pickard Priestess MEMBERS Jessie Mae Mackey Helen Hilliard " Henrietta Bryant " Silvia Griffioen Forehand. Hilliard. Mackey ; No picture. I 934 + + + m + m Page 94 ♦ « % ♦ % ,♦ .♦ INTERLAO-IENSs THETA KAPPA PSI Page 95 INTER CWEN BETA MU " lap. OFFICERS John Woodall President Clayton Calhoun Vice-President Francis Gates Secretary Waldo Cleveland Treasurer Fred Wilde House Manager Harry McDonell Historian MEMBERS Claude Hardin Ashley Calhoun Wade Cline Hugo Leslie Albert Key Sam Hendrix Giles Van Duyne ;: Bill McDonald :: " Charles Francis :: Bevo Bevis Woodall, C. Calhoun, Gates, Cleveland, Wilde Hardin, A. Calhoun, Cline, Leslie, Hendrix ' No picture. h U t I 934 «» m Page 96 ■ fmift n ftwffl. ■ INTERLACWEN x. BETA MU FOUNDED 1924 COLORS Purple and White FLOWER White Rose Wallace Gause James Key Warren Waters ross swartzel David Setzer MEMBERS John Permenter Wayne McMullen Bill Rodgers Shelton Cowart :: Eugene Smith Gause, J. Key, McDoneil, Permenter, McMullen Waters, Rodgers, Swartzel, Cowart, Setzer ; ' No picture. m i Pa S e97 I 934 hi i A . i INTERLACWEN- PI KAPPA - c cOc c - OFFICERS John Dawson President Arthur Hendrix Vice-President James Rice Secretary Charles Pickard Treasurer Ben Perkins Sergeant-at-Arms :: ' Halley Lewis Master-of -Ceremonies :; ' Gary Linton Chaplain MEMBERS Alfred Nagel Ottis Vinson Jack Threlkeld Willie Hawkins Fred Miller Albert Adams Gerald Carr " Jack Matthews Dawson, Hendrix, Rice, Pickard Perkins, Nagel, Threlkeld, Vinson No picture. Page 98 INTERLAC PI KAPPA k FOUNDED 1925 COLORS Maroon, G ' uW, and Blue FLOWER Red Carnation MEMBERS Joe B:rd Bob Frazier Milburn McLeod Hoxxren Norton Leon Spooner Loyal Frisbie Harry Hancock Vernon Shaver Horace Mullen Bird, Frazier, Frisbie, Hancock McLeod, Norton, Shaver, Mullen, Spooner Page 99 ■ •■•••-♦■«■■•♦ : r t 4f $4-W» ' ' Wv uv ATHLETICS INTt. ACW ROSS SWARTZEL Captain James Rice Alternate Captain FOOTBALL John Woodall Coach PAVING THE way for an intercollegiate athletic program it was necessary to build a football eleven of the little material available from last season ' s intramural teams. Most of the small squad to report had never played the game before and much valuable time went to teaching fundamentals. Coupled with this was a too ambitious schedule for a first-year team. Opening the season, the light Mocs squared off with the Lake Wales Golden Wave under the floodlights on Lakeland ' s Adair field. Playing a smart game, the Mocs skirted the heavier Wave and pushed over five touchdowns and marked up an extra point to tramp out a 31-6 win. Student-coach Johnny Woodall was well pleased with his charges. The powerful University of Tampa Spartans entertained the Blue and White eleven and ruled 50-1 odds to crush their little opponents. The Spartans, with three equally strong teams, went to work with a will and did little. At half they held a small 7-0 Bill Sparrow, Waldo Cleveland, and Bill Linton, Managers Page 103 INTERLACWEN FOOTBALL advantage over a surprisingly scrappy underdog. Two more pounding scores were added after the rest period and Tampa left the field with a hard-fought 21-0 vic- tory. Southern stock rose with this moral win, as the Spartans were destined to become Florida ' s most power- ful secondary-school football machine. A bit cocky and apparently played out, Southern Trekked to Deland and were badly beaten and crippled by the Stetson Hatters, 73-0. The big Hatters crashed over a score in the opening minute and scored there- after at will. Stetson was content to use their first squad freely in running up the impressive win. This rout robbed the Mocs of all but twelve able players. (Top, right to left) Wade Cline, Quarterback; Fred Wilde, fullback; Albert Adams, Center; Gerald Carr, Eml. (Center) Clayton Calhoun. Halfback. (Bottom row, left to right) Leon Spooner, Halfback; Perry Ellis, Halfback; Wayne McMullen, Center; Horace Mullen, End. m ■ t I 934 tm Page 104 • ♦ • ■ . «t INTERLACHEN FOOTBALL Playing the Florida frosh after a long automobile trip, the weakened Moccasins were ag ain trounced 39-0. Using smart football, the Mocs were a good match for the Baby Gators for a quarter. Tiring fastly, the Blue and White gridders lost excellent opportunities to score and let the frosh slip through for two markers at the half. The Gator march was continued in the second half when intercepted passes spelled the difference be- tween a closely contested tilt and a decisive victory. Still loyal, Moc fans and alumni turned out for Homecoming to see a rejuvenated team wade into the Rollins " B " team and smash out a 19-0 win over a much surprised Tar. (Top, left to right) Howen Norton, End; Milburn McLecd, Guard; Albert Starke, Fullback; Charlie Francis, Fullback. (Center) Halley Lewis, Tackle; Shslton Compart, Guard. (Lower, right to left) Giles Van Duyne, Guard; Bevo Bevis, Tackle; Harry McDonell, Center. mm Page 105 I 934 , - m+- u + INTERLACWEN Fred Wilde, Guard Milton Little, Forward Ai m kt Adams, Guard James Rice, Forward Coach John Woodall BASKET-BALL the moccasins played brilliant basket-ball to gain better than an even break with powerful teams on the West Coast. The Blue and White racked up seven wins to five losses. Coach Johnny Woodall began the season with a squad of ten players and was able to close the schedule with only five men. Four veterans from last year ' s Florida Intercollegiate Athletic Association champions were available, however, and a promising squad of freshmen brightened the outlook. Opening the season. Southern beat the fast Rogers and Middlebrook Independents of Plant City, 36-3 1. Tampa University, one of Florida ' s stand-out fives, romped on the Mocs 5 5-3 8. A return engagement with these two teams re- sulted in a second win over the Independents, 41-26, and a second toss to the Tampans, 37- 32, in a fast game. S— « i - — ' fc- . ■ta-A I 934 nm Pase 106 » » V » ♦ t ♦ INTERLACWEN Wayne McMullen Manager BASKET-BALL The Groveland Independents shoved South- ern under, 13-10, in the Grovebnd " shoe-box " court. The Moccasins returned to form with a triumph over Clearwater Independents, 31- 21, in a see-saw match which left the outcome always in doubt. An even break with the St. Petersburg Junior College was sandwiched around a contest with the F. M. I. Generals. St. Pete won an over- time, 3 2-3 0, thriller, while the Mocs took the second, 45-14, and went on to beat the Gen- erals, 3 3-13. Dropping the next titlt to the Lakeland Sun- kists, 40-21, the Southern cagers finished the season appropriately by upsetting the renowned Sebring Firemen, 25-21, and coasting out 27- 13, over the F. M. I. Generals. Lettermen were: Woodall, Perry Ellis, Mil- ton Little, Eugene Smith, Fred Wilde, Albert Adams, Wallace Gause, Horace Mullen, Bill Mundy, and James Rice. ' No picture. Horace Mullen, Guard Perry Ellis, Forward Bill Mundy, Forward Wallace Gause, Guard " Eugene Smith, Center v «■%. »- . Page 107 • » 0+ mm ' I 934 «fc » m m • i ERLACWEN Upperclass Volley-ball Team Freshman Volley-ball Team Basket-ball Team I 934 w . Page 10 » ♦ i t ■ V »■•■♦ • «•-, «♦ - " jh ADVERTISEMENTS ,■..,...... ,♦ • ♦• ♦ o o The Lakeland Merchants o o o o and the o Chamber of Commerce o o 5 A n and the City of Lakeland all Strong for SOUTHERN COLLEGE An Outstandingly Important Institution to all Florida VDO ZZ)OC Pase III (J ' ' cc3 ° ' ' ° ' ' Ocz o o o = ck o o_ CK CH 0 )OC130CZDOC O OC OCZII OCZ o o ' COMPLIMENTS OF " THE POLK HAS THE SHOWS " o o 0 mmr o o « yOLR THEATRE. ■ k. 8 o CHILDREN ADULTS o o o o ADVERTISING 10c 35c o A Sparks Florida Theatre o o STAFF • " HOME OF PROVEN HITS " o o o o LESLIE GRIZZARD SINCLAIR H C GASOLINE BUSH o o o o o CHILDREN ADULTS Kelly Springfield 10c 2Sc 8 o " Fatigue Proof " Tires A Sparks Florida Theatre ' presenting o o o Main St. at Florida Ave. Dial 32-1! 1 Lakeland, Florida The Pick of the Pictures o o o o o o o o o ' compliments of ■ Benford ' s Stationery Co. o o o Complete Office Outfitters o . . . also . . . o o o o o o Picture F raining o 127 South Kentucky Avenue [1 Chevrolet 1 o Hammond Jones. Inc. o ' compliments of 1 o o o FLORIDA o o o o NATIONAL BANK o o o o o LAKELAND 1 FLORIDA o , p iQ , , ni 10i ini c o. - o« ,r o , n , J Pase 112 If Sea Food and Western Steak " Our Specialty " SHILLING ' S TILLMAN ' S, Inc CORRECT FASHIONS . . . for . . . Spring and Sit miner CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ' TO ' SOUTHERN COLLEGE Lyons Fertilizer Company 0= oc Page I Baldwin Mitchell M. M. Lynch THE TAMPA SHOP Exclusive Millinery Phone M 5 8-681 Remodeling Reblocking S08 Tampa St. Tampa, Fla. THE INTERLACHEN STAFF extends congratulations and best wishes to the DQN QU!X OTE CAFE ' 3 4 Cuban Sandwiches Best Food in Town II COMPLIMENTS f 1 OF 1 RUSSELL TARR CO. ' Furniture r Tampa Florida HOTEL THELMA Lakeland ' s Most Popular Modern ' Fireproof 12 5 Rooms Popular Priced Cafe ° c car Ann tampa ' s c £at{st sroei i Established 1SS6) South Florida ' s Shopping Center HEADQUARTERS FOR MAAS TROPICAL FASHIONS Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS 1 i OF 1 1 o Polk County Baking Co. Makers of Buttercrust BrcaJ KELLY-HUDSON CO. LAKE MORTON PHARMACY BEST WISHES . . . TO . . . SOUTHERN GRAND LEADER COMPLIMENTS i i OE i ■ LAKELAND TERRACE HOTEL o J Pase 114 ,♦ ■•,♦-,♦•.♦■ T acker ' s Economical Drug Co., Inc. Prescription Druggists Phone 2177 : 112 S. Tennessee Ave. Lakeland, Florida High School Pharmacy 328 North Florida Avenue O ' Keefe-Weaver Ice Cream Co., Inc. Mfrs. of ROSELAND ICE CREAM 620 N. Florida Ave. : 110 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, Florida Phone 32-491 1 The Traders Furniture Co. 701 N. Florida Avenue Corner Myrtle Street " Your Home Should Come First " L. L. Humphreys P resilient Lakeland, Fla. ' Compliments PALACE SWEET SHOP Cuban Sandwiches BEST COFFEE IN TOWN George Appreciates Your Business OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1934 INTERLACHEN 8 THE PARAMOUNT STUDIOS o (j PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR COLLEGE ANNUALS o n ORLANDO ' FLORIDA Page 115 Norman Rodger ' s Garage Phone 3 3-5 81 wrecker service , storage battery service General Auto Repairing Open Day and Ni ht Cornir Florida Ave. and Lemon St. ICE CREAM Poinsettia ice cream of to- day is the perfect product of 21 years of ice cream making " The Smile Follows the Spoon " PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK Commercial Accounts Safe Deposits Savings Lakeland ' s Home Bank ppreciahon 6W ] IE wish to extend our most sincere thanks to the students, faculty members and advertisers who through their kind co-operation have made possible this Interlachen. The students and friends of Southern should pay especial attention to the advertising section of the Interlachen and patronize those friends who have so willingly done their part. ( = oc J Page 116 ► ■♦♦ %■♦■♦ " ♦ COMPL IMENTS i i OF 1 EMPIRE STORE S Don ' t Buy Any Furniture . . . until yon see KIRK McKAY LAKELAND FLORIDA WHEN AWAY FROM HOME The Next Best Place . . . IS . . . THE HOME RESTAURANT HENLEY ' S DRUG STORE CERTIFIED PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 3 l - l 6 l QUALITY CLEANERS BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP o Work Called for ami Delivered o MODERNLY o Equipped o 1 03 South Tennessee Avenue o Page II7 Teacher: " Willie, give a definition of home. " Willie: " Home is where part of the family waits until the others are through with the car. " The biology prof was speaking: " I have here some very fine specimens of dissected frogs, which I will show you. " Unwrapping the parcel, some sand- wiches, fruit and hard-boiled eggs came into view. " But, surely — I ate my lunch, " he exclaimed. After weeks and weeks of study we have found out what the yellow light in the traffic signal is for. It is to warn Scotch drivers to start their motors. J (p COMPLIMENTS GULF REFINING COMPANY • Good Gulf Gasoline and Lubricatin3 Oils • Don Sloan, Distributor Lakeland Florida c FINER MONARCH FOODS See It in Glass Buy It in Tin Sold Only Through hide pendent Merchants REID MURDOCH CO. COMPLIMENTS A. G. King Produce Co. Wholesale Fruit and Produce QUALITY FIRST SERVICE ALWAYS Lakeland 1 Florida HIGHLAND DAIRY CO., nc. Pasteurized Milk . . . is . . . SAFE MILK HIGHLAND DAIRY CO., Inc. e oc Page 1 1 8 . U Cloc COMPLIMENTS 1 1 OF i CUNNINGHAM STEAM LAUNDRY Inc. Phone 3 l - 1 1 1 l l 4 l E. Parker St. COMPLIMENTS ' 1 OF MONARCH MARKET Incorporated 800 Block North Massachusetts Ave. P L E E - Z I N G ' Quality Products BERGER RACHELSON, Inc. Wholesale Distributors Tampa Florida B A K E R I T E 100 ' , Vegetable Shortening Made by WILSON CO. Certified Beef Packers — Q s Page 1 20 ♦ ♦ .-♦. ••♦•• o SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY HAVE THESE SERVICES S nd . the most necessary components of all really fine books including A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT MODERN AND COMPLETE PRICES REPRESENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE Atlanta Qeorgia Page 121 %■ V ♦ ♦ » ,♦■., •.♦;♦■ ♦• £££ ; -v .

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