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■ H|y « ■ ' 4t 4 m a " ■■ %w | Library Florida Memorial College 15800 N.W. 42nd Ave , Miami, Fla. 33054; . s$ AR e oonZ " c 0l , " 3 3054 Volume 2 1952 Published by The Senior Class of Florida Normal Industrial Memorial College St. Augustine, Fla. «l FOREWORD There is a time in the life of every rational being, when he pauses, and takes a retrospective view of the life which he has lived over a period of years. This is not peculiar to the intelligentsia of any given community, but also to those who have not been ex- posed to the various arts and sciences of learning. It has been truly said, " no man can rise higher than he thinks, neither can his suc- cess be any greater than his ambition, and if he does not work for the better things of life, his future destiny lies in the hands of chance . " Today we are justly proud of the fact that our institutions of learning have sought beyond the realm of imagination to train men, and women for useful and profitable services, both to God, and their fellowmen. We cannot help but turn our minds to one of the most outstanding seats of learning in our country. The Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College stands with unquestionable air, as a beacon light among the gallaxy of universal schools of learning. To this college young men, and women of almost every land pay tribute, for the contribution it has made to their lives. This book is hereby named in remembrance of one of the most profound benefactors of Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College. Reference is made to Mr. A. L. Lewis, who was born on March 29, 1865, in West Florida. His initiative and zeal served as stepping stones to greater heights of achievements, and placed him among our greatest men in the business world. He was one of the founders of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company, which under his efficient leadership, has become one of the most formid- able insurance companies in America. He was particularly interest- ed in the economic, social and cultural life of the Negro. With those factors uppermost in his mind, he laboured untiringly, and eventual- ly founded the Afro-American Pension Bureau, The American Beach (near Jacksonville), and the Lincoln Club. At the main entrance of the college there is an exquisite piece of architecture, an arch. It stands as a living monument, symbolizing one of the many gifts which this generous patriot has made to beauti- fy our campus. It is constructed of masonry, reminiscent of the indomitable courage, untiring patience, and christian fortitude with which the giver has served his race. It is affectionately known as the Lewis Memorial Arch, and for this reason, the yearbook bears the name, " The Arch " . It is sincerely hoped that this book will serve as an incentive to our youth to enter the gateway of learning and drink of the reservoir of knowledge provided within the walls of this institution. Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College will always be endeared by the ardent admirers of Mr. Lewis, and songs of gratitude will be sung down the corridors of time by its students. Mother Dorothy E. Littlejohn Mother Christine Valentine DEDICATION It is our unique privilege to enjoy personal contact with two of the pioneers of this college community. One of these pathfinders is Mother Christine Valentine who was born in Waycross, Ga. At twenty years of age she moved to Jack- sonville, Florida. For thirty-five years she has dedicated to this institution and community her keen insight, patient labor, prayer- ful devotion, superb guidance, and rich experiences. The other pioneer, Mother Dorothy Littlejohn was born in New- port, R. I. in 1877. She later moved to Boston, Massachusetts. For thirty years she has dedicated her New England refinement, lofty standards, and faithful service to this institution. Because of our sincere appreciation of these profound pioneer ' s faithful and indefatigable service, we the class of 1952 dedicate to them this yearbook -- THE ARCH. FLORIDA NORMAL SONG I. As the breeze through moss-hung trees Seems to sing thy sacred name Thy sons and daughters love to spread O ' er all the land thy well earned fame. II. We love thy halls, coquina walls And the friends who gave thee birth, The truth we learned as each heart yearned For higher, nobler things on earth. III. Should future years bring joy or tears, To thy name we ' ll e ' er be true. To thee, we pledge our loyalty And dedicate our lives to you. CHORUS Florida Normal! Florida Normal! How we love to sing thy praise ! We ' ll be loyal; ever loyal. And for thee our voices raise. Marie Evangeline Ferguson CAMPUS BUILDINGS ANDERSON HALL This is the building in which we studied hard for four long years. Although there were many errors, strikes, and sometimes " strike-outs " , somehow, we made a home- run within these walls. BACON HALL Yes, for two jampacked years, we the young ladies spent eager, enthusiastic moments studying, singing and enjoying the fellowship of various activities. Here we explored new avenues of life that may be forgotten by few but remembered by many. FISHER HALL Fisher Hall recalls the exciting moments where many hours were spent in the development of an ap- preciation for finer woman- hood and culture. May these who move into the new home follow in our footsteps. THE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Dear Seniors: This year marks the 60th anniversary of our existence as an institu- tion of higher learning. Many changes have occurred since the first stu- dents were enrolled in Bethel Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida, in 1892, which marked the beginning of our institution. You are the seventh class to graduate since we have become a four- year college. Scattered throughout the world are members of the Florida Normal College Alumni. They are torch bearers in our march of pro- gress; the tangible products of our teachings. The record of our school is marked by your failure or success as citizens. As you go into this world of confusion, bearing the imprint of our edu- cational efforts, we firmly hope that your standards will be guided by our basic philosophy and that your years spent here will be perpetuated by the memories and purposeful activities of which you were a part. May success in the things more excellent reward your endeavors, and in years to come may you look upon the work of our founders and in earnest truth say: " I, too, have fought a good fight. I, too, have kept the faith. " Sincerely yours, R. W. Puryear President Reverend W. L. Storrs, Jr. Di- rector of Religious Life, B. D. Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Center, Massa- chusetts. S. T. M. Harvard Uni- versity Divinity School, Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Mrs. B. H. Puryear Director of Teacher Training, B. S. Win- ston-Salem Teachers College, Winston-Sa- lem, North Carolina. M. S. Prairie View A and M. College, Prairie View, Texas FACULTY Frank T. Wilson Registrar, In- structor of Psy- chology A. B., Lincoln, M. A., Columbia Uni- versity « William L. Brown English Instructor B. S., Virginia State College, M. A., Columbia University Jesie B. Greer Head of Social Science Depart- ment. A. B., M. A., Oberlin Col- lege Louise Fields Instructor Ele- mentary Educa- tion Department B. S.,Fla. A M College V A Alta I. Greene Instructor of So- cial Science. B. A., Jones Millikin College, B.S., M. A., University of Wis. Bryant C. Walker Head of Music Department, Ho- ward University, Juillard School of Music 10 James Miller Librarian, In- structor of Library Science. A. B., Morehouse Col- lege E. W. Ware Instructor in De- partment of Re- ligion Ph. D, A. B.,Th. M, South- ern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary Monte z Morrow Physical Educa- tion for Women, B. S., Virginia State, M. A., New York University L.T.Whitelocke Instructor in De- partment of Re- ligion Lorenzo Thomas Head of Physical Education De- partment. B. S. Morgan State College, M. A., New York Uni- versity. 2 Betty Home Instructor of typ- ing and Short- hand, Veterans Instructor B. S., Ft. Valley State College. 11 em r » James T. Wallace Cashier . ) Edward Joyner Assistant Coach J Gladys Carter College Nurse STAFF Bettie R. Lang Secretary to the President j v Cornelia Rizor Secretary to Veterans ' Office Frances M. Walker House Directress, Bacon Hall 12 Wilma R. Thomas Secretary to the Registrar Robert H. Saunders Veteran ' s Advisor Louia D. Shivery House Directress, Fisher Hall Gladys Johnson Dietitian ffatmb James Stirrup Chef Cook ( " , J Anna Stirrup Assistant Cook Rosa Turner Kitchen Helper if f Mary Thomas Dormitory Housekeeper Matthew Thomas Horticulturist William Bryd Maintenance Department Allen Sapp Maintenance Department 13 r% - Madeline Edwards Secretary to Business Manager Ass °ciatio n Aium ni J. H. Blow Business Manager 14 YEARBOOK STAFF (seated left to right) Margie Wilson - -- Chief Typist Ora D. Bradwell Assistant Typist Fannye L. Blue — Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Phillips Secretary Maxwell Johnson Business Manager (standing left to right) Claretha J. Roache-- - Circulation Manager Lester T. Whitelocke Assistant Editor James C. Hampton Advertising Assistant James R. Wilder Advertising Manager James Gray Sports Editor James Sharpe- President of Senior Class Reverend Walter L. Storn Advisor (not shown) Alva Duke- - - Art Editor Rubye Haile Advertising Secretary 16 SENIORS PERICLES BIDDINGS Martin, Florida " Perk " B. S. Elementary Education, Col- lege Forum, Y. W. C. A. FANNIE BLUE Jacksonville, Florida " Baby Blue " B. S. Elementary Education.Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, College Choir, Student Christian Union, Editor of Yearbook Staff, Women ' s Sen- ate B. S. W. C ORA D. BRADWELL Quincy, Florida " Oralee " Elementary Education, A., College Choir. SIDNEY BROOKS St. Augustine, Florida " Sid " B. S. Elementary Education, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. TEMPERANCE H. BROWN Jacksonville, Florida " Temp " 3. S. Elementary Education. CLORETTA COHEN Loretta, Florida " Clo " B. S. Elementary Education, Dra- matics Club, College Choir SADIE DORSEY Jacksonville, Florida S. Elementary Education 17 FANNIE FOSTER Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Elementary Education JAMES GRAY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Elementary Education Yearbook Staff, (Sports Editor) RUBYE E. HAILE Aluachua, Florida " Ruba " B. S. Elementary Educatioi Yearbook Staff, V.W.C.A. JAMES C. HAMPTON Dunnellon, Florida " Hamp " B. S. Elementary Education Yearbook Staff JUNE W. HARRIS Titusville, Florida " Junnie " B. S. Elementary Education Y.W.C.A. SALLY HUNTER White Springs, Florida " Sal " S. Elementary Education AVERSIA M. JACKSON Jasper, Florida " Versa " B. S. Elementary Education Y.W.C.A., Sec ' y. Senior Class. DAVID E. JELKS St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Elementary Education Ministers Union, Y.M.C.A. CELESTINE JENKINS Jacksonville, Florida " Celeste " B. S. Elementary Education. 18 MAXWELL JOHNSON Detroit, Michigan B. S. Religious Education Yearbook Staff, Student Christian Union.y.M.C.A., Ministers Union, Chaplain of Senior Class. MARY E. MONTGOMERY Bradley, Florida B. S. Elementary Education Student Christian Union, Dramat- ics Club, Student Council, Stu- dent Forum. HENRY MOORE St. Augustine, Florida " Big Moore " B. S. Elementary Education Dramatics Club. " ' IKsBCi CATHERINE PHILLIPS Hawthorne, Florida " Cat " B. S. Elementary Education ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Green Cove Springs, Florida B. S. Elementary Education Pres. of Y.W.C.A., Dramatics Club, Student Christian Union, Yearbook Staff, (Secretary). MARY E. PINKARD Marianna, Florida B. S. Elementary Education College Choir, Women ' s Senate, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Dramatics Club, Student Council, Student Christian Union. CLARETHA J. ROACHE West Palm Beach, Florida B. S. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority , Dramatics Club, Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Women ' s Senate, Y. W.C.A., Pres. Fisher Hall. GLADYS SANDS Tarpon Springs, Florida " Sister " B. S. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Dramatics Club. 19 JAMES H. SHARP Geneva, Alabama B.S. Elementary Education, Pres. of Senior Class, Y.M.C.A. HIRAM M. SHERMAN St. Augustine, Florida B.S. Elementary Education EDNA SINGLETON Jacksonville, Florida S. Elementary Education BERNICE SIMPSON Titusville, Florida " Bern " B. S. Elementary Education MILDRED L. SMITH Okahumpka, Florida " Milt " B. S. Elementary Education, W. C. A., College Forum Y. RUTH M. SPIVY Jacksonville, Florida " Baby Ruth " B. S. Ele entary Education, Y. W.C. A., Student Christian Union. ARCOLIA TIGGETT Pompane, Florida B. S. Elementary Education 20 JAMES R. WILDER Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Elementary Education, Ad- vertising Manager of Yearbook Staff, Business Manager of Senior Class gj k ' -•■ || GLADYS WESLEY Williston, Florida " Jackie " B. S. Elementary Education LESTER T. WHITELOCKE Kingston, Jamaica B. W. I. B. S. Education ALTA S. WASHINGTON Jacksonville, Florida " Al " B. S. Elementary Education MARGIE J. WILSON Hollywood, Florida " Dimples " B. S. Elementary Education, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Yearbook Staff (Typist), College Choir CALLIE B. WOODSEN Mariana, Florida B. S. Elementary Education CLARA WRIGHT Palatka, Florida B. S. Elementary Education 21 -»» s 9 . . . Mr. Thomas beautiful flowers Dean Copeland ' s charming smile VIE RECALL PROBATION . . . with all its ups and downs! THE GOOD OLE DAYS TO- GETHER i Reverend Storrs ' persistence with the YEARBOOK L mm i 4 . . . Reverend Ware ' s easy- going manner. Mrs. Shivery ' s culture . . . Mr. Rhine ' s question: " Have you voted? " Mrs. Greer ' s personal charm . . . infinite patience Mrs. Greene . . . the Y. W.C.A. ' . . .eagernessin instruction. . . . Mr. Wilson, and those Lists the Dean ' s Probation-etc. President ' s " Special Chapels. AND SMILE 22 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On a warm September day in 1948 we boarded our ship and prepared for " a long jour- ney. Our crew came from many different and far-away places. There were one hundred and five of us when we set sail. Bus as we approached the deep water some became weary. Others went out on deck to catch a breath of fresh air, and a sudden gust of wind came and caught them up and forced them overboard. It was left with those of us who remained to carry on. This we did with reasonable success. Among our achievements we can point to two publications of the " Freshman Whip " , with Ulysses Lane as our cap- tain and Lula Bridges as co-captain. At the end of nine months we drifted into Sopho- more Island for supplies and a much needed rest. Three months elapsed before the crew boarded ship again to set out on another voy- age. Having gone but a short distance, we discovered that a few had not returned. New members came, however, to take their places. Two months rolled by without any news from land. At last in November the news was rushed to us that a queen was needed to reign at Florida Normal Industrial Memorial College. The cable stated also that she who reigns must possess brains as well as beauty. The crew put their heads together and selected Catherine Phillips. A week later we learned that Catherine Phillips was chosen to reign at Florida Normal. After five months of sailing upon storm-ridden seas we drifted toward Junior Island. Upon arrival there we discovered that it was inhabited. Desiring the island for ourselves, we set out to convince the inhabitants that the island just beyond was even more beauti- ful than this one. They left in search of this isle of beauty called Senior-Land and as we waved farewell to them they sailed out of sight leaving us behind. We remained here for nine long, long months. They were not very exciting months. The Junior- Senior Prom was the highlight of our sojourn here. Our eyes soon turned toward Senior-Land in search of new activities, responsibilities, and, most of all, new adventure. We found what we were looking for. From Senior Land we sent one queen to reign over Florida Normal and another to reign over the May Day activities. We had a Prom, a play, a yearbook, a Class Night . . . wrote many a lesson plan, sold several ads. . .and did many other things which we dare not mention! Those were the days! We must leave now. The Captain has ordered the gangplank to be lowered. Our ship has been a good one. It has borne us through many a stormy sea. And as we stand and see her sail away we must say in parting that we have been fortunate indeed. We can face life, now, unafraid! 23 SUPERLATIVES Boy Girl S. Brooks Most Studious M . Wilson M. Johnson Most Energetic F. Blue J. Wilder Most Versatile M . Wilson L. Whitelocke Most Serious P. Biddings H. Sherman Most Unassuming F. Blue M. Johnson Most Optimistic M Pinkard A. Tiggett Most Pessimistic M Smith L. Whitelocke Most Dignified E. Phillips M. Johnson Most Religious M Pinkard A. Duke Most Talented M Wilson Most Beautiful R. Haile A. Duke Most Handsome J. Gray Most Romantic C. J. Roache S. Brooks Most Pedantic C. Cohen J. Gray Most Loquacious R. Haile H. Moore Most Popular C. Phillips H. Moore Biggest Teaser C. J. Roache A. Pearsoll Biggest Baby M. Pinkard J. Sharpe Best Groomed A. Jackson S. Brooks Best Dancer G. Sands A. Duke Best Swimmer C. Cohen A. Duke Most Artistic S. Dorsey J. Gray Sleepiest s. Hunter J. Gray Tallest G. Wesley H. Moore Chubbiest C. Jenkins D. Jelks Shortest A. Jackson L. Whitelocke Most Courteous P. Biddings H. Moore Filobuster C. Cohen J. Sharpe Best Executive F. Blue S. Brooks Most likely to succeed M. Wilson 24 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRANKIE McCULLOUGH Miami, Florida Corr. Sec ' y. Junior Class, College Choir, Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Sen- ate, Forum. LILLIE GRAHAM Bonifay, Florida College Choir, Business Manager of Junior Class, Varsity Basketball Team. MOSES OWENS Panama City, Florida Pres.JuniorClass, Pres. Y.M.C.A., Vice Pres. Business Manager of Varsity Club. BRAGG TURNER Orlando, Florida Vice pres. Junior Class, Dra- matics Club, Varsity Football Team. JENNIE D. CUNNINGHAM Ocala, Florida Treasurer of Junior Class, Vice Pres. of Y. W. C. A. ANNIE H. McGREEN Orlando, Florida Basileus ZOB Sorority, Women ' s Senate, Sec ' y, Junior Class, Col- lege Choir. MARY F. BLUE Miami, Florida Pres. of College Forum, Pres. Wo- men ' s Senate, College Choir, Dramatics Club 25 Anderson, Sarah WinterGarden, Florida Y.W.C.A. •,JL Harris, Mildred Jacksonville, Florida Hemphill, James Eagle Lake, Texas, Bus- iness Manager Y.M.- C.A. College Choir, Varsity Football Team. Holland, Theressa St. Petersburg, Florida Pres. College Choir, Women ' s Senate, Stu- dent Council. Jackson, Earnestine Mt. Dora, Florida Col- lege Choir. to Jackson, Millicent Port St. Joe, Florida Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Mullen, Eloise Blountstown, Florida Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Senate. ' K W,. , . jS Sawyer, Theron Thompson, Eunice Young, James a Cocoa, Florida, Col- West Palm Beach, Flor- Pensacola, ' Florida ' s lege Choir. ida, Dramatics Club, Ministerial Women ' s Senate. Alliance PICTURES NOT SHOWN Anderson, Dorothy Jones. William Bolds , Cora Jones, Rosetta Bush, Gussie James, Ester Bram , Johnnie Palmer, Odice Ellis, Frankie Peterson, Emma Franklin, Wilester Scippio, Dennie B. Hart, Ruth Williams, James Houston, Carlos Williams, Louise Jenki is, Mary Woods, Harvey 26 SOPHOMORE CLASS ■ .v Left to Right, (First row): Eugenia Francis, Ethel Whichard, Molcie Carter, Catherine Dudley, Francis Wiley, Myrtis Bryant, Elizabeth Samuels, Cordelia Lembric. Left to right, (Second row): James Thomas, Lionel Moore, Clarence Robinson, Leonard Wilson, Willie Stallworth, Lindsey Heard. Sponsors: Mr. B. C. Walker, Mrs. L. C. Fields. 27 fr 3 £ 5 Jk v I hSMH W " IF J fig i r FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right, kneeling (First Row). Columbus Roberts, Arthur Backford, Cecil Felder, Kenneth Atkinson, Sylvester Douglas, King Crawford, Ammond Jackson, Johnie Jones, James Du ' pree, Fred Barber, Willie Cooper, Maurice Howard, Alvin Williams, Edgar Manker, ' James Miller James Robinson. Left to right, standing (Second Row). Curlie Ra wis, Johnnie Evans, Zernie Moses, Ry lie Crews, Lillian Stephens, Doris Brown, Mable Haynes, Joyce Peek, June Carter, Nola Young, Priscilla Brown, Almeta Green, Allie Brooks, Lillian Haile, Doris Slykes, Matthew Green, James Smith Randy Dupree. Left to right (Third Row). Veronis Herring, Doris Medlock, Delores Pelham, Theresa Kennedy Willie Cromity, Betty Hutchinson, Doris Hutchinson, Rubye Cason, Geogia Mae Edwards Gwen- dolyn Maxwell, Aree Bellamy, Juanita Papino, Queenie Bush, Bennie White, Caretha Bellamy Sponsors: Mrs. J. B. Greer, Miss V. Copeland, Rev. E. Ware. 28 mx COORDINATOR OF TRADES Thomas A. Lang B.S., A T College (1948), Greensboro, N.C. Taught South Carolina area Trade School, Denmark, South Carolina, 3 years. Instructor of Auto Mechanics. 29 TRADES FACULTY a £ °e ?, e Pai it Alva Rosemond B.S., Chicago Tech. Instructor in Electricity, Radio, Automotive Electricity f % Vetera in iasrftsL sonry X.L. Pellicer Instructor in Printing. 30 CARPENTRY DEPARTMENT (Left to Right): Willard Findley, Isaac Cody, Leroy A. Calhoun, Arnold Berry, M. L. Terell, Willie J. Davis, Edward Hearse, Walter Major, Hammond Odom, George M. Edwards, Louis Williams, Clarence Odem, Herman Lawton, Percy A. Plummer, Eddie Brown, Arthur Wilson, George Conway, Willie Green. 31 CLASS IN MASONRY Left to right (Front Row). James Staley, Roscoe Halyard, Louis Gran- berry (Instructor). Robert Mimms, Arthur Backford, Left to right (Back Row). Alfonso Kearse, Alton Greene, Paul Armond, Jerry Agustus, Fletcher Dirven, Leroy Stafford. 32 CLASS IN TAILORING (Left to right): Edward Mack, David Williams, Robert Wright, Thomas Cave, Nathaniel Robinson (Instructor), Eddie R. Ferguson, J. C. Johnson. (Not Shown): Charles Tanner, James Thomas, D. L. Leaver, Harold Palmer, George Gantt. 33 91% 5sra SHOE REPAIRING (Left to right), (First Row): Leonard Carey, James Pugh, Henry Halley, Sam B. Fredrick, Willie Nicholson, Fred Hall, James Jones, Rev. Arthur Hughes (Instructor). (Second Row): M. Williams, William Blancard, Joe Stafford, John Palmer, McKinley Dickson (Third Row): Willie Swain, Plato Stokes, William Rhines (Assistant Instructor; 34 AUTO -MECHANICS Standing, (Left to Right): Levi Chavis, Thomas Gardner, Jakes Green, George Davis, William Owens, Paul Moore. Kneeling, (Left to Right): Robert Hall, Clifford Williams, Marvin Handcock, Willard Odem, Trusty Singletary, Berry Plummer, Robert White. 35 RADIO ELECTRICITY Standing, (Left to Right): Felix Williams, George Willington, Allen Murdock, James Young, Henry Twyne, George Murphy, Alva Rosemond (instructor). Sitting (Left to Right): Lewis C. Williams, Arthur Vernon, Turner Battle Prince Reid, Walter Hunter. (Not Shown): Willie McBride. Hardin Mitchell, Albert Wesley. Robert Bane. Jimmie Martin, Mack Edwards. Irie Leonard, Samuel L Wash- ington. 36 itMMis STUDENT jj COUNCIL Seated: Left to Right Theressa Holland, Mary Pinkard, Eunice Thompson, Claretha J. Roache, Ethel Which- ard. Standing: Left to Right Mr. Frank T. Wilson, (Advisor), Lindsey Heard, James Wilder, Harvey Woods, (Presi- dent). w o M E N S E N A T E it i .it » ■ in • ' •» ■»»« J 9Bfl»JMI ' : ■ If If « » »i»18 ' Silt ■liliilllll ' " •lillniii ' ' ■ilium « ; . m ■ ■ ■ U IIHIIH ' !l?iHIIIilnn»sil.- !!!!! i| |)imih " " " " 8 u s 1 i { ( | 198 .. i; Front Row: Left to Right: Emma Peterson, Eunice Thompson, Frankie McCullough, Mary Francis Blue, Gussie L. Bush. Second Row: Left to Right: Annie H. McGreen, Fannye L. Blue, Johnnie M. Bram, Claretha J Roache, Jennie D. Cunningham, Mary Pinkard. Therssa Holland. 38 V v Y. W. C. A. Front Row, (Left to Right): Odessa Brown (sponsor), Alta I. Greene (sponsor), Lugenia Francis, Joyce Peek, Ruby Cason, Mary F. Blue, Frankie McCullough, Mildred Smith, Millicent Jackson, Fannie L. Blue, Eloise Mullens. Back Row, (Left to Right): Willester Franklin, Sarah Anderson, Delores Pelham. Y. M. C. A. Front Row, (Left to right): Maxwell Johnson, David Jelks, Zernie Moses, King Crawford, Moses Owens (President). Back Row, (Left to right): J. Thomas Wallace (sponsor), James Hemphill, L. T. Whitelocke, Leroy Calhoun, Walter L. Storrs, Jr. (sponsor;, James Smith, James H. Sharpe. 39 COLLEGE CHOIR Front Row, Left to Right: Ora D. Bradwell, Emma Peterson, Fannye Blue, Joyce Peek, Margie Wilson Doris Brown, Ethel Whichard, Annie McGreen, Marion Bessent, Earnestine Jackson, Gussie Bush Second Row Lento Right: Lillian Haile, Nola Young, Lillian Stevens, Vernice Russ, Francis Wilder Third Row Left to Right: Theron Sawyer, Theressa Holland, Gwendolyn Maxwell, Mary Pinkard, Lindsey Heard fourth Row Left to Right: Lilhe Graham, Bettye Hutchinson, Carlos Houston, Alfred Moorer, James Thomas Frankie McCullough, Delores Pelham, Mary F. Blue. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Cecil Felder, Randy Dupree ' Alva Duke, Clarence Robinson, Maurice Howard, Ammon Jackson, Leonard Wilson " A REAL JOY IN THE LIFE OF OUR COLLEGE " 40 MINISTER ' S UNION (Left to right): Arthur J. Hughes, Walter L. Storrs, Jr. (sponsor), G. Glover, Cephas Preston, J. T. Tannor, Curley Rawls, Maxwell John- son, James Young. CRESCENT CLUB (Left to right): Edgar Manker, Theron Saw- yer, Jerome Gallman, James Wilder, Frankie Moss, Leonard Wilson (sitting). (Not shown): Henry Moore. (PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY) 41 IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER OF ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC. ! " ' • i:; ; ' J0 ! (Left to Right), Sorors: Juanita Griffin, Fannye Blue, Frances Johnson, Claretha Roache Dorothy Anderson, Annie McGreen, Mary Pinkard, Millicent Jackson. (Not Shown)! Sorors: Margie Wilson, Gladys Sands, Madeline Edwards, Geraldine Evans, Betty L. Home. " HISTORY OF IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER The Iota Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was organized at Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College, Saint Augustine, Florida, April 2, 1944. Prior to this time there was no sorority on this campus. Big Sister Alpha H. Moore of Jacksonville, Florida, through a charter given her by the National Officers of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority in Wash- ington, D. C. decided to confer this honor on Florida Normal. We consider this great sorority an excellent asset to our " Big Sisters " as well as to our college. " Finer Womanhood " is our aim and we will live up to its ideals. OFFICERS OF IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER Basileus Annie McGreen Dean of Pledgees Annie McGreen Gramma teus Margie Wilson Tamias Dorothy Anderson Phylacter Claretha Roache Antipokritus p 3i ue s P° nsors ' . . B.L. Home M. Edwards G. Evans 42 ARCHONIAN CLUB (SPRING) (Left to Right): Gussie L. Bush, John- nie M. Bram, Annie L. Gantt. (FALL) (Left to Right): Mary Pinkard. Dorothy An- derson, Fannye Blue, Juanita Griffin, Mil- licent Jackson, Frances Johnson. 43 DRAMATIC GUILD (Left to right) Alvin Pearsall, Clare tha Roache, Eunice Thompson, Alva Duke, Bragg Turner, Mary F. Blue, Mary Pink- ard, William L. Brown (Director), Lugenia Francis, Mary Montgomery, Emma Peterson, Elizabeth Phillips. F O R U M (Left to right): Carlos Houston, Fanny Ashwood. Wilester Franklin, Frankie Mc- Cullough, James H. Sharpe, Mildred Smith, Mary F. Blue, (President). Molcie Carter Maxwell Johnson. Sponsors: Dean Vivian Copeland, President R. W. Puryear. 44 MISS FLORIDA NORMAL 1951-52 " Miss Florida Normal " Rubye Haile and es- cort Harvey Woods (President of the Student Council). 46 MISS HOMECOMING (Left to Right): Horatio Grisby, " Miss Home- coming " Frankie McCullough, and Bragg Turner. 47 ' Ht £ • % M A Y Q U E E N Miss Catherine Phillips Hawthorne, Florida QUEENS COURT (Left to right): Drajah Morrow (crown bearer), Lillie Graham, Rev- erend Walter L. Storrs, Jr. , Catherine Phillips (May Oueen), Lugenia Fran- cis, Delores Pelham. (Left to Right) FIRST ROW: (Captain) Vet- nice Russ, Lillian Haile, June Catter, Ethel SECOND ROW: Molcie Carter, Annie Gantt, Doris THIRD ROW: Lillie Graham, Caretha Bellamy, Don- BASKETBALL 1951-52 " Randy " Dupree (center) high scorer 1951-52. BOYS ' SQUAD (Kneeling) Lindsey Heard, (Captain), Carlos Houston, Leonard Wilson. (Back Row) Sylvester Douglas, Harvey Woods, James Mil- ler, Clarence Robinson, Matthew Greene, Elwood (Randy) Dupree, Johnny Jones, Edgar Manker. 50 •y?$ft « i- . .. " ™™ fpfi. iMkt , " ■ m ABOVE: (Lions ' Forward Wall) L. to R.: Scott (End), Wilson (Tackle), Owens (Guard), Turner (Center), Williams (Guard), Roberts (Tackle), Dupree (End). FLORIDA NORMAL LIONS FOOTBALL 1951-52 EDITION BELOW: Football Squad (L. to R.) FIRST ROW: Moses, Pearsall, (Grisby, Turner, Captains), Manker, Heard. SEC- OND ROW: Mooter, McPhee, Smith, Hemphill, Jones, Evans, Owens, Palmer, Stallworth. THIRD ROW: Britton, Carter, Miller, Scott, Williams, Howard, Robinson, Roberts, Dupree, Wilson. | ... i i % ' i b, ft- f 4 ia M -Shi -S ,,_ j L —■ ■ j £ ! N H i i MAY DAY ACTIVITIES AFRICAN SPEAR DANCE " A tense moment in the performance of this dance. " Featured Dancer: Am- mon Jackson. " A more serious mo- ment featuring Doris Medlock in this dance to the beat of the pri- mitive drums. " AFRICAN SACRIFICIAL DANCE 52 OTHER ACTIVITIES FOUNDERS DAY We pause to remember those who were responsible for a large part of the progress of our school who gave their lives for the cause of Education Founders Day Speaker: Mr. Eugene J. Butler, Principal, Matthew Gilbert High School, Jacksonville, Florida. Speaker at the graves: Reverend L. E.Terrell, Pastor, Bethel Bap- tist Institutional Church, Jack- sonville, Florida. fc .» - ANNUAL WOMEN ' S DAY This is one of the high- lights of our academic year. Here we see the receiving line. The two campus ' mothers ' are seated at the ex- treme left. 53 RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE Reverend D.C.Rice talks informally to a group of students about some of the problems of life. (L. to R.) Reverend Rice, Elizabeth Phillips, Fan- nye Blue, Moses Owens, Theresa Holland, Harvey Woods, Mary Frances Blue, Maxwell Johnson. RELAXING AT THE POOL During the very hot days, a most refreshing experience comes when we take a ' dip ' in the pool. (L.to R.) Florida Normal ' s mermaids are: Misses Herring, Bush, Whichard, Pelham, Haile and Russ. DINING TOGETHER This is the place where we all meet, eat, chat about problems, exams, home, classes, and anything else that may come to mind. 54 COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES- 1951-52 BACCALAUREATE Speaker: Dr. Ralph W. Riley- President, American Baptist Theological Seminary, Nash- ville, Term. CITATIONS (Collier and Blocker Awards) Below, (left,) Reverend K. D. Britt, (Center) Reverend J. A. F. Finlayson (Bottom of page) Miss Josephine Jones. M 1 II ( ' jr. -1 i 11 I ¥ 1 1 1 ■■ :; I • I 1 11 ..;. :; III! -1 | :: ABOVE Dr. G. T.Wiggins: (Com- mencement speaker), de- livering his address to the graduates. COMPLIMENTS OF ATTORNEY D. W. PERKINS P.O. Box 92, 412 Broad Street Jacksonville, Florida 56 BETHEL BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH (founded 1838) L. E. Terrell, B. D., Minister H. M. Smith, Clerk 1058 Hogan Street Telephone 4-4851 Jacksonville, Florida The pastor, officers and members of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church greet you, Florida Normal And Industrial Memorial College. Having served as your cradle, we hail your signal success and noble achievement. May you continue to be a lighthouse of truth in a world of darkness, sending your beams far down education ' s broadening way. May you continue to hold high the torch of Freedom, freedom of the human spirit, and faith in Him who has brought you through storms, and is raising you from the valley of despair toward the mountain peak of true greatness. His grace will carry you through. Congratulations to President and Mrs. R. W. Puryear for a great year ' s work. Rev. and Mrs. L. E. Terrell 57 COMPLIMENTS OF Best wishes for the senior class of 1952 from the ROYAL GRAND CHAPTER OF THE EASTERN STARS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA Prince Hall Jurisdiction. Lady M.C.P. Keene, G.R.M. Sir M.L. Cherry, G.R.P. Greetings from the KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS OF FLORIDA We appreciate this opportunity to say " HELLO " and BEST WISHES " to the graduating class of 1952 For further information write B.L. Goines, Grand Chancellor, 1762 Venus Street, Jacksonville 9, Florida Reverend Graham Jessie Bell-Williams, Instructor, Westconett School-Duval County Mr. Mrs. Glenn B. Washington Son - Jacksonville, Florida The Faculty of Long Branch School - Jacksonville, Fla., Mrs. Aldonia Joyner, Principal. Ronnie ' s Place Lois Gibson ' s Beauty Box, St. Augustine, Florida Jessie Quigley, St. Augustine, Florida Dr. Julius D. Fields, St. Augustine, Florida Slim ' s Cafe, St. Augustine, Florida The West Side Community Club - Mrs. J. B. Gathers, President The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter) The Gordons - Rudolph, Rosalie, Carlo, Rudolph 2nd The Globe Cafe, Washington, Street, St. Augustine, Florida " Friends of the Senior Class " , Jacksonville, Florida Albritton ' s Grocery and Hatchery, 2 Masters Drive, St. Augustine, Florida Jack Browdy, St. Augustine, Florida Popperledor, St. Augustine, Florida The Duval Shoe Store. 58 GULF OIL DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION (Service Station) Fort Marion Circle Saint Augustine, Florida Phone 562 61 AMERICAN OIL DISTRIBUTORS Palmer Street Saint Augustine, Florida Phone 1310 R. C. Stevens - Agent 62 PARKS MOTORS 300 San Marco Avenue Saint Augustine, Florida Phone 1848 63 The printing industry has a heritage, rich and ro- mantic — so far reaching in its influence that there is not a corner of the civilized world that it hasn ' t beneficially touched. World progress began with Gutenberg ' s invention of movable type and press about 1 440, and printing since then by recording and distributing knowledge, has built our institutions, our economics, our government, in fact, it has built our whole present day intellectual and social struc- ture as no other human service could have done. Wc ore indeed proud of our heritage. THE RECORD PRESS, Inc. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA 64 m A Hospitality TOV jL n y° ur hands Phone 124 Compliments of ■ DRINK S? STT jQ ' ' 1 (m(x$ir r («£ 239 San Marco Avenu e St. Augustine, Fla. CARTER ' S FUNERAL Compliments of HOME the Ambulance service ST. AUGUSTINE 925-929 West Beaver Street Jacksonville, Fla. AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 0. C. Jernigan, owner- S. L. Davis, Mgr. Phones 40545 40546 65 Phone 718 FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT - COMPANY 17 King Street St. Augustine, Fla. SAINT AUGUSTINE PAINT AND HARDWARE Paints and electrical appliances 121 St. George Street St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 229 AFRO-AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 105 East Union Street Jacksonville, Fla. Phone 60441 CONGRATULATIONS from KNIGHT BROTHERS PAPER COMPANY AND CRUSADER PAPER PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY P.O. Box 52, Station G Jacksonville, Fla. Phone 60411 66 Phone 580 Compliments of BUSINESS SERVICE INC. Bookkeeping service — office supplies and equipment P.O. Box 1129 St. Augustine, Flo. Phone 7024 ZORIC DRY CLEANING 143 San Marco Avenue — St. Augustine, Fla. Addin Mobbley - Pres. H. T. Cone — Owner ICE-BERG Drugs, cosmetics and fountain service St. Augustine, Fla. Dr. A. C. Forward Compliments of the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC STORE Jacksonville, Fla. Joseph E. Higdon, Mgr. Compliments of the PILGRIM HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of AUGUSTA. GA. " Unlimited opportunity for men and women of ability " FLORIDA BRANCH - JACKSONVILLE, FLA. P.O. Box 1176 - J. W. McDowell, Mgr. CITY BAKERIES " Look wholesome, Be wholesome, Eat Holsum Bread " 67 Phone 1371 NATHAN THE TAILOR 1370 Custom tailoring made expressly for you J. C. BLALOCKS FOOD CENTER 38 Granada Street St. Augustine, Fla. Groceries, Produce, Meats and Poultry 135 King Street St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 64141 JACKSONVILLE PAPER HOUGH HOME EQUIPMENT COMPANY 173 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, Fla. 808 West Bay Street Jacksonville, Fla. G. S. Hough — Mgr. Phone 1365 CASTRO- DeGRANDE ARTISTIC BARBER SHOP Frigidaire appliances Cor. St. Francis and Central Avenue St. Augustine, Fla. 60 Granada Street St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of BOTTOM DOLLAR THE ANDERSON LETTER SERVICE 205 West King Street St. Augustine, Fla. Letters and mimeographing service 68 5 3 ■, " MMfti m+. , ? K " • ' ' 7 • iSp BPPS f. W.f 4 , A L t i I . it , ' " » . ' -

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