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WcTMemoffal CoJIeai . « Florida Memorial Coll 1 5800 N. W. 42nd Ava, MianiJ, ifciji.AJMWfeih. President JOHN LEE TILLEY ■ " : ' .y. • ■. ' ■.- v 15800 N.W. 42nd Ave. Miami, Fla, 33054 FISHER HALL Dormitory For Women BACON HALL Dormitory For Women PICKFORD HALL Dormitory For Men GYMNASIUM ANDERSON HALL Administration Building PRESIDENT ' S HOME F L„ H n Published By The SENIOR CLASS FLORIDA NORMAL COLLEGE TRADES BUILDING SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA u A TRIBUTE CHRISTINE VALENTINE A tribute to Mrs. Christine Valentine 1 MR. W. C. COGDELL Dean of Instruction % MR. W. R. ROSSER Registrar I n Apprec iat ion MISS FRANCES L. HALL MR. B. G. SAYLES The persons whom we feel have been inspirational to us during our college days at Florida Normal are Miss Frances Hall who has been advisor of the class during the years of ' 44, ' 45, ' 46, and Mr. B.« G. Sayles who became class sponsor the year of ' 45- ' 46. To these persons we express our grateful appre- ciation for their interest in us. Dedication DEAN W. R. ROSSER MRS. ELLA R. WATTS Dean W. R. Rosser, first class sponsor and Mrs. Ella R. Watts, have done much in shaping the lives of members of this class. No other persons have been more helpful and encouraging than these two persons. To you, the Senior Class of ' 46, dedicate this annual. J-avlc aj: K -oitteut BOOK 1 ■ Faculty BOOK II Classes BOOK III Organizations BOOK IV « Sports BOOK V Features BOOK VI • Advertisements a Foreword 6 The purpose of this book is to build upon the conviction that all vital expression grows out of some purposeful activity or the practi- cal need of a life situation. It is not a book distinct from others, but, it is hoped to be a tangible expression of that which will best meet the requirements for the cultural and Christian background of our loved institution. It is hoped that this book will furnish a guide as well as an impulse toward vital self-expression and self-improvement. Each section employed is felt to be an end with interest in its own right as well as a fruitful means toward the development of a greater and more glorious Florida Normal. FACULTY MRS. J. B. GREER Dean of Women Social Science Department MISS M. T. DAUGHERTY Assistant Dean of Women Elementary Education Department MR. B. G. SAYLES Dean of Men English Department FACULTY N REVEREND ROBERT M. PUGH College Chaplain MRS. ELLA R. WATTS Mathematics Department MISS FRANCES L. HALL Librarian FACULTY MR. LEROY B. ALLEN Instructor in Education Director of Public Relations MISS A. B. COPPEDGE Romance Languages MR. BRYANT C. WALKER Director of Music (Q FACULTY MISS THELMA C. BEATTY Home Economics Department ' • 3r T MR. LEROY JOHNSON Business Manager MRS. GLADYS JOHNSON Instructor of English FACULTY MR. F. W. HINSON Physical Education Coach MRS. G. P. WEST Secretary to Registrar MR. JULIUS T. SMITH Biology Instructor FACULTY MRS. D. E. LITTLEJOHN House Mother of Boys ' Dormitory MRS. MARIE E. FERGUSON Physical Education Rural Sociology MR. O. W. FERGUSON Biology Laboratory Faculty And Staff Members Not Shown MISS LOUISE HOWARD House Mother Bacon Hall Mhs. P. Tilley Miss S. H. Green Miss E. Yelvington Mrs. Beatrice West Mrs. Carrie F. Carswell Mr. Wilson Gatlin Mr. Clifford Jolly Mrs. L. Cromwell Mrs. Mary B. Saunders Mrs. Edna S. Smith Miss Estelle Pemberton Mrs. Quincy McClendon Mr. Lewis Mehcado Mh. N. B. Brown Miss A. Smith Mn. J. Webster Mr. A. Maxey Mrs. Susie Holley BOOK TWO sla e£ 3 £ Seniors MARION C. BASCOM, Pensacola President Religious Education President Student Council Curt FANNIE M. SLYKE, Summerfield Vice President English, French Club Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Fisher Hall Senate ROSA P. HILLMAN, Jacksonville Secretary Sunday School Y. W. C. A., English Class Secretary Pumpkin LUCINDA B. STEWART, Jacksonville Treasurer Social Studies Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Friend P - Seniors • Continued • • - m tilr ' .V . ERMA D. RUSH, Ocala Business Manager; Social Studies Y. W. C. A. President Flanician Staff Butter Ball v.- MERCEDES BYRON, Miami Reporter of Class English; Y. W. C. A. President of Spanish Club Student Council President of Farmerettes Flanician Staff Good Deed ANNA DELL WILLIAMS Jacksonville Y. W. C. A.; Student Council Women ' s Senate— Fisher Hall Flanician " Staff; Farmerettes Abbie LIZZIE M. WEATHERSBEE Punta Gorda Social Studies; Y. W. C. A. Boots o Sen iors • Continued • s LYDIA WILLIAMS Jacksonville LILLIE B. ROWE-BURGMAN Cocoa Mathematics; Y. W. C. A. Flanician Staff WILLIAM T. BROWN Dunellon Social Studies; Y. M. C. A. Printing Department Juniors CLARENCE CORBETT President JEWELL ANDERSON LYDIA HOWARD EVA BUTLER LOIS WILLIAMS J un iors • Continued • ALICIA SANDS LILLIA W. HOWARD v L -Syl CHRISTINE WALKER THOMAS L. LOWRIE PECOLA WARREN • Juniors • Continued • SADIE B. RUSH ALTOMESE GORDON BLANCHE THOMPSON VERA PATTERSON Sophomores First Row: Marjorie Alexander Georgiana Brown Rebecca Davis Mattie Fowler Second Row: Benjamin F. Green Inez Jackson Aramentha Johnson MOZEAN E. SMITH President Third Row: Bernice Johnson, W. J. Johnson, Geraldine Mclver, Ollie Mosby. Sophomores • Continued • First Row: Gladys Mosby Helen Shaw Audrey Byron Lula Singletary Second Row: Doris Shepherd Frank Watson Laura Williams Third Row: Holsey Gray, Evelyn Miles. H Sponsors: Mrs. Gladys Johnson Mr. Bryant Walker Freshmen First Row: Loreatha Baker Hattie Brown Malissa Floyd Lurine Green Edna Mae Jones Rosa Johnson Second Row: Creasy Johnson Mary Johnson Lillie Mae Johnson Dottie Lewis Eunice Walden Mary Waldon Third Row: Johnnie Randolph Ida Reddick Delores Rhodriquez Juanita Taylor Louise Thomas Addie Thompson Fourth Row: Audrey Daniels Lillian Collier Rose Taylor Lillie Mae Knight Freshman Group BOOK THREE -JtacLnir itivn Student Counci I if Marion C. Bascom President Geraldine McIver Vice President Hattie M. Brown Secretary Mrs. J. B. Greer Sponsor MEMBERS Loreatha Baker Clarence Corbett Anna Dell Williams Mozean Smith Mercedes Byrom Lydia Howard Altobelle Hoard T. L. Lowrie M. C. BASCOM President Y. W. C. A. ?? " •?J» ? 9 ;;« (- jS 5to ikkif iii: Front Rou : Misses Frankie Watson, Ollie Mosby, Queen Bowers, Johnnie Randolph, Mrs. M. Ferguson, Misses Helen Robinson, Elizabeth Latson, Eunice Walden, Annie Finley and Rena Dixon. Second Row: Misses Marjorie Alexander, Mercedes Byron, Hattie Brown, Ida Reddick, Mable Haile, Creasy Johnson, Johnnie M. Davis, Juanita Grooms, Willie Mae Knight. Third Row: Misses Malissa Floyd, Rose Taylor, Helen Benton, Jerine Epps, Essie Mae Mack, Rosa Hillman, Evelyn Haile, Louise Dupree, Lurine Green, Bertha White, Harolean Stuart, Lucille Zipperman, Bessie Bullock, Evelyn Miles. Fourth Row: Mrs. Ross, Misses Lillian Collier, Anna Dell Williams, Mary Johnson, Louise Thomas, Juanita Taylor, Mozean Smith, Maggie McClendon and Ruby Walker. ERMA RUSH President M. T. DAUGHERTY Sponsor Y. M. C. A. flfbrctry Florida Memorial College 1 j 1 5800 N.W. 42nd Ave, .Miami, Fla. 33054 - Front Row: David Fowler, George Jenkins, Clarence Corbett, Andrew Collins, Lawrence Bell, Eugene Brown, William Baker, Fred Faust, William Singletary. Back Row: B. G. Sayles, William Brown, Charles Johnson, William Johnson, Boyer, Henry Colvin, John Denson, Zeal Mizell. B. F. GBEEN President Fisher Hall Family FANNIE M. SLYKE President 37 Bacon Ha 1 1 Senate HAROLEAN STUART President 2 £ The Chora I Group ■h SBfcftf i ■ ■ " ■ " :T i, ' ,. ., ' • " - ' - Kneeling: Misses Marjorie Alexander, Bessie Bullock, Mary Johnson, Juanita Taylor, Malissa Floyd, Helen Shaw. Standing: Misses Louise Thomas, Julia Peterson, Mildred McShay, Ruby Walker, Estelle Beason, Mozean Smith, Delores Rhodriquez, Emily Taylor, Dorothy Lewis, Frank Watson. Back Row: Messrs. Andrew Collins, Robert Younge, Charles Johnson, Thomas Lowrie, William Brown, Holsey Gray and Clarence Corbett. MR. BRYANT C. WALKER Director MARJORIE ALEXANDER President The Rel i gious Club Front Row: Misses Willie B. Harris, Rena Dixon, Tlielma Bowers, Queen Esther Bowers, Evelyn Haile, Idella A. Baker and Mrs. Helen Benton. Back Row: Mr. Andrew Collins, Misses Hattie M. Brown, Johnnie Bell Randolph, Mozean Smith, Loreatha Baker. REV. ROBERT M. PUGH Sponsor " rovetts Club LYDIA J. HOWARD President Historical Guild Seated: Misses Dorothy Lewter, Loreatha Baker, Eunice Walden, Theresa Orr, Bertha White, Helen Ramsey and Lillian Collier. Standing: Messrs. William Johnson, Andrew Collins, Isaac Campbell, Misses Eliza Young, Rena Dixon, Mrs. J. B. Greer, Misses Maggie McClendon, Wilma Holloway, Messrs. Zeal Mizell, Eugene Brown and George Jenkins. EUNICE WALDEN President MRS. J. B. GREER Sponsor Home Economics Club Front Row: Misses Dorothy Rollins, Altamese Martino, T. Beatty, Nanearl Wylle, Gwendolyn Griffin, Dottie Lewis. Second Row: Misses Jerry Vaughn, Mary Johnson, Charleese McDuffy, Louise Thomas, Areba Taylor and Harolean Stuart. OFFICERS Nannie Smith President Dorothy Rollins Vice President Lorena Dean Treasurer Altamese Martino Business Manager Nanearl Wylle Program Committee Jerry L. Vauchn Reporter MISS T. BEATTY Sponsor French Club Holsey Gray, Misses Fannie Slyke, Jewell Anderson, Eunice Walden, Marjorie Alexander, Lula Singletary, Frank Watson, Maggie McClendon, Inez Jackson, Malissa Floyd, Dorothy Lewter, Aramentha Johnson, Georgianna Brown and Fred Faust. INEZ JACKSON President A.B. COPPEDGE Sponsor d. Spanish Club Rena Dixon, Bertha White, Mercedes Byron, Loretha Baker, Helen Ramsey, B. F. Green, Lydia Howard, Eliza Young, Andrew Collins, and Vermille Tanner. Members Not Shown: Audrey Bryon, Jessie Lock, and Helen Rackard. ALMA B. COPPEDGE Sponsor MERCEDES H. BRYON President Flanician Staff - 1946 Anna Dell Williams Editor Mercedes Hosie Byhon Sports Editor Erma D. Rush Business Manager William Brown Circulating Manager Lillie B. Burgman Staff Secretary Rosa IIillman Editorial Chairman BOOK FOUR SWIMMING POOL s, r Otl t. GYMNASIUM Coach F. W. HINSON CO-EDS BOAT RIDING THE DRILL TEAM ON HOME-COMING DAY JUTTI LOVELY CO-EDS TAKING SWIMMING LESSONS Football Squad of 1945-46 First Row: Brown, Daniels, Lowrie, Witherspoon, Colvin, Wallace, Lewis, Glass. Second Row: Corbett, Gray, Bell, Donaldson, McCormick,.Younge, Brown. Third Row: Brown, Boykins, Jenkins, Fowler, Selmore, Denson, Coach Hinson. F. W. Hinson, Coach Basketball Team - Boys First Row: Sidney Wynn, Clarence Corbett, Henry Colvin, Harold Daniels. Second Row: Charles Mobley, Brown, Dandy Smith, Isaac Campbell, " C oach " BOOK FIVE LIBRARY COLEMAN-WESTFALL DINING HALL =2 t ealit te Basketball Team - Girls First Row: Sadie Chapman Sadie Rush Mable Haile Geraldine Mclver Lula Singletary Estella Pressie Rosa Taylor Second Row: Johnnie Mae Davis Julia Peterson Emma Snow Nannie Smith F. W. Hinson, Coach Miss Florida Normal MISS ROSA P. HILLMAN LIZZIE MAE WEATHERSBEE Miss Senior LOIS WILLIAMS Miss Junior AUDREY ELEANOR BYRON Miss Sophomore MARY WALDON Miss Fresliman Love ly Co-Eds FIRST HOW: Audrey Byrom, Mnttie Fowler, Blanche Thompson, Mary Waldon. SECOND ROW: Hattie Brown, Edna M. Jones, Mary Johnson, Eunice Walden. THIRD ROW: Addie Thompson, Christine Walker, Helen Shaw, Erma Rush. FOURTH ROW: Frankie Watson, Mozean Smith, Aramentha Johnson, Jewell Anderson. FIFTH ROW: Marjorie Alexander, Altamese Gordon, Bernice Johnson, Evelyn Miles. SIXTH ROW: Lillie Johnson, Johnnie Randolph, Lillie Howard, Delores Rhodriquez. May Queen and May Day Activities fe May Queen and Her Attendants The Crowning of Miss " May Queen " 3 s% May Day • Continued Alma M ater . . . FLORIDA NORMAL Words by MARIE EVANGELINE FERGUSON 1. — As the breeze thru moss-hung: tree Music by J.HARL BRON (J.Harold Brown ' ) M r j j f As the breeze thru moss-hung trees Seems to sing thy sa-cred nameThy 2. We love thy halls, co - qui- na walls, And the friends who gave theebirth;The 3. Should fu-ture years bring joy or tears, To thy name we ' ll e ' er be true; To 9S i F i pfPfi i trf m i sonsand daugh-ters love to spread O ' er all the land thy well-earned fame, truths we learned as each heart yearned For high- er, no-bler things on earth, thee we pledge our loy-al - ty And ded- i-cate our lives to you. t f F m i f i s REFRAIN j-j j J i j--ii jujH E i Flor-i-da Nor-mal, Flor-i-da Nor-mal, How we love to sing thy praiseJ nr pf i f iff r if:cp g J: ' iij J i J ' i JfLg I ,). U iJM j51 We ' ll be loy-al, ev - er loy-al, And for thee our voi-ces raise. m f f iffffr ' i f : p i f Copyright, 1943 Printed in the U.S.A. £ CLASS HISTORY By Rosa P. Hillman In accordance with the perpetuation of the principles of Florida Normal and its growth, it is essential that the history of the second four-year graduating class of this college be re- lated, to promote courage and fortitude to the many classes which will follow. The Class of 1945-46 launched upon its college career on September 18, 1942. There were one hundred and twenty members with Dean W. R. Rosser, as sponsor. Miss Anna Harvin served as our president. Our sponsor was indeed an able leader and his experiences helped to guide us and we received much inspiration, that has followed us through the years. Miss Anna Harvin, our first president, was indeed a capabale leader and her interest and the spirit with which she served was a living example of the spirit of our institution. The freshman class attained such immediate goals as excellence in scholarship, par- ticipation in organizational activities, athletics, public relations and in constructive functions. In point of scholastic achievement during our first two years, Miss Anna Harvin, led. There were others with high averages, namely, Mrs. Freddie Mobley, Misses Olivia McCurdy, Margaret Bellamy, Erma L. Dawkins, Nancy Williams, Dorothy Strickland, Fannie Mae Slyke, Jakie Pendergrass, Mercedes Byron and Lillie Belle Rowe. Our contribution to various organizations deserve honorable mention. Miss Rebecca Walker served as student directress of the choral group for one year and a half. Under her direction, the choral group excelled in the musical world as far as vocal training was con- cerned. Her success marked the courage, ability and faith which she possessed. Miss Anna Harvin served as President of the Y. W. C. A. for one year and a half, and was succeeded by Mrs. Erma Rush. Both of these young ladies worked faithfully and the organization stands as example of their efforts. The first president of the first chapter of Iota Alpha Chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, was Miss Avernell Clark of this class. It was Miss Clark and her class were proud of their classmates ' achievement. She also worked faithfully with this organization. The Farmerettes organization ' s first president was Miss Olivia McCurdy, former mem- ber of our class. She set the example of worthy leadership and her efforts were not in vain. She was succeeded by Miss Mercedes Byron, who has served for two years as State Vice- President. According to records in the field of athletics, those who led in basketball were Misses Lillie M. Richardson, Rossie Griffin, Dorothy Strickland, Victoria McPhee, Phillip Johnson, Rosetta Smith and Iris Blackshear. Our football stars were Messrs. George McCall, Herman Hunter, James Watson, Herbert Aikens, Dave Johnson, Isaac Campbell and William Brown. Our candidates for " Miss Florida Normal " have been Miss Iris Blackshear, who was an attendant for two years, ' 42- ' 43; Miss Rosa Hillman was next; she was attendant, ' 44- ' 45 and won title for ' 45- ' 46. During the year of ' 45- ' 46, the class president was Rev. Marion C. Bascom, and vice president, Fannie M. Slyke. Our two sponsors, Mr, B. G. Sayles, our Senior year, and Miss Frances L. Hall, for two years, have worked faithfully. Their loyalty and sacrifice will long be remembered. During the later two years of our school life, two of our classmates were united in wed- lock. Miss Erma Dawkins became the bride of Sgt. Fred E. Rush, and Miss Lillie B. Rowe became the bride of Mr. Sylvester Blirgman, they were united in marriage by classmate, Rev. Marion C. Bascom. BUSINESS OFFICE BOOK SIX ittauizc K Jitt c 4-dvetLL 4-et BEAUTY CULTURE— A vocation of Happiness and Independence SUNLIGHT SCHOOL of BEAUTY CULTURE Phone 2-9998 1011 N. W. 2nd Avenue Miami 36, Florida D. A. Julius, President • 803 Davis Ave., Mobile, Ala. Phone 9398 Compliments of D. R. FORD General Contractor and Builder " WE BUILD TO SATISFY " 576 West Church St. Orlando, Florida Compliments of JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME LOIS H. JOHNSON, Prop. 86 St. Francis Street St. Augustine, Florida Phone 340 Compliments " For The BEST in Shoe Repairing see MAC " 236 Unit B, King Street St. Augustine, Florida MAC D. EDWARD, Prop. Compliments of PARK ' S SUNDRIES Cosmetics and Patent Drugs Jewelry and Flowers for every occasion it Suggestions: Try our Variety of Sandwiches Milk Shakes Ice Cream Sundries Banana Splits ke Cream and OUR LATEST FOUNTAIN SERVICE Woodrow S. Parks, Proprietor 1 134 N. W. 3rd Avenue Miami 36, Florida Compliments of SUNSHINE CLUB OWNER AND PROPRIETOR D. S. (Fat) Fryor For Courteous Service and Entertainment Visit the " Sunshine Club " 554 West Church Street Orlando, Florida Phone 9157 Compliments of Compliments of Griffin Park Pharmacy SKINNER ' S FLORIST " Next to your doctor your Druggist, they safeguard your health " 416 Broad St. Jacksonville, Fla. 621 South Parramore Orlando, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of Bay City of Elks No. 268 McDonald ' s Grocery Tampa, Florida Groceries, Vegetables and Meats Chas. Ince, E. R. 2626 E. Lake Avenue George Frieson, Sec. Tampa, Fla. FRENCH DRY CLEANERS Compliments of The Home of Superior Cleaning We Clean Everything Except the Baby CLARENCE HALL, Owner EUGENE E. MACK Class of 1937 Phone 9143 Palatka, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Phone 1289-J Compliments of Compliments of MUNGEN GROCERY EDNA ' S FLOWER SHOP Buy for the Family 101 St. George St. St. Augustine, Fla. Washington St. St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of DR. N. H. JONES MAMIE LEE ' S Physician and Surgeon BEAUTY PARLOR West Broadway Ocala, Fla. 102 N. Gadsden St. Ocala, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of EUGENE L. BARNES THE PILGRIM SHOE STORE, and SON Inc. Real Estate All That ' s Best in Footwear 65 King Street St. Augustine, Fla. 49 King St. St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of SUPERIOR DAIRIES 276 San Marco Ave. Phone 740 ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Compliments of SINGER ' S SERVICE SHOP 124 St. George St. • Phone 1285 Fountain Pens Loose Leaf Binders Pen Repairing Loose Leaf Sheets Greeting Cards Art Supplies Albums Gifts St. Augusine, Florida Compliments of D. W. PERKINS Attorney At Law t Colored Masonic Temple • 410 Broad Street Office Phone 5-0739 Res. Phone 5-67 12- J Jacksonville, Florida ANDREW J. HUFF Mortician • Ambulance Service 1337 Davis Street 114 Central Avenue Jacksonville, Fla. St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 5-4646 Phone 1317 Fernandina, Florida Compliments of ST. MARK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH REV. R. L. CASON, Pastor Punta Gorda, Florida Phone 2-6989 PALM FOUNTAINETTE Compliments of Wade Miller, Proprietor Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Murrell HOME COOKED FOOD FOUNTAIN SERVICE Miami, Florida 832 N. W. Avenue Miami, Fla. Phone 5-4574 Service With A Smile JOYNER ' S CLEANERS ' AL. C. JOYNER, Prop. Most Modern Plant 829-833 Kings Road Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of Compliments of Atlanta Life Insurance Company MODERNISTIC BEAUTY SALON Miami, Florida D. A. Douglas, Manager Compliments of 233 N. W. 9th Street MIAMI TROPICAL DISPATCH Miami 36, Florida Mr. Daniel Francis, Prop. Miami, Florida Compliments of Attorney and Mrs. L. E. Thomas Miami, Florida Compliments of Compliments of Sunlight Beauty Salon MRS. GLADYS VALDEZ, Manager Mr. GEORGE STYLES Operators Miami, Florida Mrs. Clara Heastie Mrs. Arizona Owens NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 1025 2nd Avenue Miami, Fla. Phone 2-1887 " We Emphasize Quality " Compliments of HOLLYWOOD STUDIO FASHION CLEANERS CLEANING • ALTERING 529 West Church Street Lelia Mosley, Prop. E. B. Mitchell Orlando, Fla. 1036 Kings Road Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of " FLORIDA ' S FAVORITE Asa Marion Price, Props. Phone 91 88 COLORED WEEKLY " PRICE, The Tailor Miami, Florida " YOUR PERSONAL VALET " Compliments of Merchant Tailor ZORIC SOFT WATER LAUNDRY French Dry Cleaning 145 San Marco Avenue St. Augustine, Fla. 310 S. Terry St. Orlando, Fla. 1901 1946 Afro-American Life Insurance Co. Forty-five Years of Dependable Service Protection DR. A. L. LEWIS FOUNDER CHAIRMAN OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS TREASURER " THE AFRO " issues policies for every form of Sick • Accident • Industrial • Educational Endowment Whole Life • Fraternal and Group Life Insurance OFFICERS A. L. Lewis, Chairman of Board and Treasurer James H. Lewis, President L. D. Ervin, Vice President and Cashier W. H. Lee, Vice President and Secretary J. T. Betsch, Vice President J. L. Lewis, Executive Vice President J. P. Patterson, Medical Director S. D. McGill, Counselor R. P. Stewart, Vice President F. W. Rarnes, Assistant Cashier A. St. Geo. Richardson, Assistant Secretary Mrs. M. M. Bethune Rev. K. D. Rritt Mr. L. D. Ervin Rev. J. R. Evans J. T. Betsch- Mrs. M. E. Harris DIRECTORS W. H. Lee J. J. Heath A. L. Lewis James H. Lewis J. L. Lewis Dr. T. L. Lowrie S. D. McGill J. S. Lane K. L. Pharr D. D. Powell Dr. I. E. Williams D. H. Dwight R. B. Stewart R. P. Stewart • • EVERYBODY SAYS — THE AFRO PAYS HOME OFFICE 101-105 East Union Street Telephone 5-7813 Jacksonville 1 , Fla. Bethel Baptist Institutional Church The Mother Church of Florida • • FOUNDED 1838 In the heart of the city, for the hearts of the people 1210 Hogan Street Telephone 5-3789 Jacksonville, Florida COURTNEY J. SMITH, SR., Clerk REV. CHAS. ROBINSON, Acting Pastor OFFICERS OF BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH BOARD OF DEACONS K. C. Hines, Chairman Samuel Smith R. L. Butler, Vice Chairman A. S. Campbell C. J. Smith, Secretary J. G. Staley L. M. Argrett S. C. Evans B. L. Goines H. M. Smith J. D. Thomas J. E. Avery L. G. McKissic Jas. Brown A. Jenkins D. D. Derrictte BOARD OF TRUSTEES L. D. Ervin, Chairman E. L. Harris, Treasurer R. McClendon, Vice Chairman D. W. Perkins J. E. Whittington, Secretary S. A. Brookins Compliments of ROBINSON ' S LAUNDRY West Palm Beach, Florida Compliments of MR. L. A. ALEXANDER REAL ESTATE AGENT West Palm Beach, Florida Compliments of Mrs. Louise Genwright Compliments of ELOCUTIONIST THE RADIO SHOP 2109 Moncrief Road Punta Gorda, Fla. Jackscnville, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of HOLLYWOOD MUSIC STORE KING ' S FURNITURE We repair all makes of STORE Radios and Victrolas Phone 3-9270 J. E. Higdon, Prop. Punta Gorda, Fla. 605 West Ashley Street Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of DR. W. J. COLLIE • DENTIST • West Palm Beach, Florida Compliments of Compliments of Moonlight Garden Cafe ART CATHEDRAL QUEEN V. HICKS, Prop. BOOK STORE Phone 6504 Box 449 49 St. George Street Hastings, Florida St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of THEORA B. GADSON WEEMS PHOTO STUDIO Registered 434 W. Beaver St. REAL ESTATE BROKER Photographs of Notary Public • Loans Negotiated DEPENDABLE QUALITY Real Estate for Sale • Rentals E. L. WEEMS, Prop. 516 W. Brodway Ocala, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of GROCERY STORE MRS. MARIE W. GRIFFIN Ponta Gorda, Fla. Ponta Gorda, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of EUGENE E. MACK DR. N. H. JONES " Class of 1937 " PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Tampa, Fla. West Broadway Ocala, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of ANDERSON ' S SHOP FORD ' S CANDY Jacksonville, Fla. ICE CREAM PARLOR Compliments of EARL THOMAS ' FLORIST SHOP Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of MT. SINAI BAPTIST HARVEY ' S BAR-B-CUE STAND CHURCH Auxiliary B oard West Palm Beach, Fla. Reverend H. H. Robinson, Compliments of Pastor CHARLES MINOR RADIO SHOP Jacksonville, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of Atlanta Life Insurance ECONOMY DRUG STORE Company J. W. JENKINS, Owner Jacksonville, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla. Compliments of SPOTLIGHT CAFE MR. and MRS. GREENE, Prop. 507 N. Sapodilla Street West Palm Beach, Florida Compliments of Compliments of The Florida News Stand " The Paper That is Always Right, A Friend To Man " ATLANTA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY " Insure With US M. BODIE, Prop. Put YOUR Life In OUR Hands " West Palm Beach, Florida West Palm Beach, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of PINE RIDGE SUNDRIES THE DUCK INN West Palm Beach, Florida Jacksonville, Fla. II Compliments of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH REVEREND J. W. MAPSON, Pastor West Palm Beach, Florida v -: Phone 2795 Compliments of Compliments of E. P. SMITH PALACE DRUG STORE Agriculture Agent for 1002 Scott Street MARION COUNTY Tampa, Fla. Ocala, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of Alex ' s Tonsorial Parlor BROADWAY CLEANERS " Where You Can Keep Trim WILLIE COTTON, Prop. and Net " ALEX JOHNSON LUTHER ALEXANDER Ocala, Fla. Manager Owner 908 Scott Street Tampa, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of MODERN " THE SAVOY " DRY CLEANERS " We serve the best home-cooked meals " 157 West Kings Street Washington Street St. Augustine, Fla. St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 1005 TUCKER ' S STUDIO HAL M. TUCKER, Proprietor PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Wholesale and Retail Photo Finishing 30 St. George Street St. Augustine, Fla. uorory Florida Memorial Collegd 15800 N.W. 42nd Ave, Miami Ha. 33054 Compliments of Compliments of ARTISTIC BARBER SHOP PELMER A. ARNOLD, Prop. HASTINGS VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL W. E. HARRIS, Principal Hastings, Fla. Hastings, Florida Phone 375 Compliments of Compliments of THE BLUE CHIP CAFE NU ART STUDIOS The Queen of the South 105V2 Central Ave. St. Augustine, Fla. Orlando, Florida Phone Y-3821 Compliments of Compliments of BIRD OF PARADISE ALVAREZ CLEANERS DINING ROOMS " Once a Trial; Always a Customer ' ' INEZ AVERY, Prop. 931 - 7th Ave. Tampa, Fla. 1030 Central Ave. Tampa, Fla. Phone 5-7880J Compliments of MRS. M. E. THOMPSON BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of WOODY ' S CLEANERS WOODY PIPPENS, Prop. 1103 Kings Road Jacksonville, Fla. 1103 Central Ave. Tampa, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of CHARLIE INCE ETHEL ' S BEAUTY SHOP 2804 - 22nd St. Tampa, Fla. 3214 - 24th Avenue Tampa, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of LILLIAN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Central Avenue LINCOLN ' S GROCERY MARKET Tampa, Florida 3800 - 29th St. Tampa, Fla. Phone 5-4659 Phcne M 53-284 Compliments of Compliments of RICHADSON • THE TAILOR ELDER M. C. STRACHAN 608-610 Broad St. Jacksonville, Fla. 1521 Lamar Ave. Tampa, Fla. Compliments of Compliments of CLAUDE PARSONS DR. L. R. HAMPTON Ocala, Fla. Ocala, Florida Compliments of JAMES E. WHITTINGTON ' S FUNERAL HOME Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of TOUCHTON ' S DRUG STORE 49 Kings St. St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of H. W. DAVIS, Inc. St. Augustine, Fla. iflli ■ m m L L k I Fin tAT ' f iMmmmmmm Established Since 1867 Compliments of COHEN BROTHERS m The Big Store Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of WILLIAM ' S 5 10c STORE St. George St. St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of McCRORY ' S 5 10c STORE 58 St. George St. St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of SMITH BRINSON Funeral Home Phone 7748 5674 Day or Night 719 S. Parramore St. Orlando, Fla. Compliments of William ' s Pharmacy Orlando, Florida Compliments of South Parramore ' s Pharmacy Orlando, Florida utaatayk (lohenti San SEVEN LUES OF SERVICE • Lithography • Printing , Binding • Of f i ce Supplies • Engraving , Embossing • Rubber Stamps Seals • Office Furniture • Duplicating Machines Supplies School AnnuaU a Specialty 1946 FLANICIAN PRODUCED BY LITHOGRAPH PROCESS c 4-iitaa tawk

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