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0 Bran Pubhbhed Bv THE SENIOR CLASS FLORENCE HIGH SCHOOL FLORENCE COLORADO MIRIAM CALHOUN Edltor Page Ono BILL BRENTON, Business Manager Page Tu o Foreword A melnoly IS a pleclous keep ako of the past to WhlCl'1 We flcquently look as tune steals aww the VOHIS The VCHIS come and the xeaxb go and wlth each veal we haxe manv flovsex to add to ou1 Q,3.IdQI1 ot ITl6I'I'1011GS We the staff hope that UIIS 1902 edltlon ot The La Bxan w1ll help Vou to lecall many fond HICIHOIIGS of Voul hlgh chool caleel A lanfl of 1310111156 a land of mem rw A land ot p1onnse flomng wlth mllk And honey ot dehelous memoues' Tennyson . ' . ' Q V I ' X ' .1 A ' . 'L f H. 1 . . . . , .- - ' . , . . . , .Q , . . . ' -' 1. k . . . r.. . . . i y C . V .. . .. . ' , 1 , - , . ' . Y. ' . . 7 . . . i. , 1 1 f DGd1Cdt1OH MISS KATHERINE MCCONNELL Whose effort through out the many years many her good work w111 not be forgotten the staff gratefully ded1cates thls La Bran Page Three - - s of her teaching, has done so much for so Page Four Admlmstratlon WM P CHOLLAR Superintendent Left tc Rlght MIS' ANNA JANE HITCHCOCK Asslstant Hlglx School PI'lY1ClD3l WILLIAM L CHOLLAR Superlntendent oi Schools RALPH BRENTON Hwh School Prmclpal and WAYNE STR CKLAND Offlce Secretary . . . 5 4 X, f , E 1' N, xx A 9 . . , .I , A 1 5 1 A Y G . , . l . . . , . Faculty -ai To, Row R Arnold J Core Wm Chollar K Gullmette Left Side Swanson Walters Crain Bottom Kind Phelps Brenton Baskcy Center Picture First King Baskev Hltchcock Walterc Prator Second Phelps Su anson VS illlams Brenton 'lhlrd Arnold Cram Choll 1 Lore Gullmettc Pagc Fne fm.. 4' Right: Williams Prator Hitchcock 2 ' , Page Slx Senlor Class HlSlOTy In 1948 Florence Hlgh School was blessed wlth 63 bashful bewlldered green Freshmen We were 1nv1ted to the usual Sophomore Freshmen get acqualnted palty and from then on had ve1y httle trouble paxtmclpatmg 1n school act1v1t1es Oul Sophomore year belng more confldent and polsed we gave the Freshmen a Lets know each other better party whlch was a b1g success We took part 1n the lnter class basket ball tournament and copped f1rst place Just to reassure the standmg the Sophomore glrls also took f1rst Prom whlch was later Sald to be a blg success Thls year many of us took part ln Western Day band and we put on a show Junlor Fun of 51 Our class play Cyclone Sally dlrected by Mrs Prator was a h1t We entered our Senlor year wlth one thought 1n mlnd MONEY AND HOW TO MAKE. IT We made lt Wlth scrap drlves sales and our semor play Hot Water Hero W1th thls money we w1ll go on a trxp and put out thls annual Now as we look back at these four wonderful years we hate to leave, but we must go and make way m the world once agam bashful bew11dered green Bxeshmen . KI 57 Upon entering our Junior year our main thought was ' Y gg ' ! 77 . GL !! ' , . . - ' 64 ay ' ' , . . M , . CAROL AMEDEI Jeff MARJORIE A FKINSON Porrgle BILL BEACH Kak VIRGIL BLANCHARD JR Tweeter ROBERT BRASSEA Butch WILLIAM C BRENTON W1ll1e MIRIAM CALHOUN Cowhorn JIM PHILLIP CAMERLO JR Skxrm CLARA CARESTIA Mxdge DOLORES CORDOVA Dolly Page Seven Ac rx r u ' u an xv , . u vw an vs u ' ' sy u an , . u ' H as ' n u sv Page Elght JOYCE CORNELL Bram No 2 BILL DAILEY Dlmbo fClass Treasurerl BENITO DURAN JR Ermm JACK FALGIEN Smiley lV1ce Presxdentl MAXINE GARCIA JOAN GILLESPIE Penrose DAVID GOURLEY Mortimer TOM G GRAHAM JR Pretzel fClass Presldentl LSTHER GUERRI Essle VIOLA HOLLAND V1 H ' Y! U ' 11 , . ll ' H U ' H .. ,, Max ll 7! U ' H ' l ll 71 1 66 ' H H 'U GLENOLA JONEm Mutt PAUL KATTNIG Purina PEARL KRAMER PK MARY LOUISE KUHNS Raccoon FRANK MADONNA ORLANDO MARTINEZ Lando MARVIN MILES ROBERT Abe DUANE MILES One Mnle MONITGOMERY Moose MARIE MORELLO Prarle Pup Page Nme - . 45 Y! . . . LK U Sweeper K6 Y! H ' JV N YY U ' 77 Page Ten KATHRYN INAILS Kathle ETTA OLSTON RUDOLPH ORTEZ Rudy DWIGHT PAYNTER George CHARLES PICCO PATSY PIXLER New York JACK PRECHT Spratt JOHN RIVERA Up John DOLORES RUNKLE Dee WARREN L SCHMITTEL Snertle V U ' H .. H Et H YY At YY Chow L4 71 GI if U D7 KL H SK YY CAROL JEAN SCUTTI Jeana TONY SHAFFEF Shaf GP RALD TEFNOR Teeno KAREN TIPTON Mrs C JOAN VAHLDICK Bram 1X0 1 GEORGE WALK Humphrey LORELLA WEST Wa Wa MARGARET WINKLER Wmky JOE ZAVILLA Josef JOAN ZIOLKOWSKI Joanle CClass Secretaryj Page Eleven u rv . u H w 4 A sc vu u my as ' 1 u u n an n xc ' rs u ev V 41 ' vs ,QQDWN fy Page Tw elw 0 IIA fl 7? 'Wm Z , L39 23 1, X Q, Ao N Ji-I In A .ff x+ I .1 Nt 'ef 5' f 4 w lumor Class HlSlOFY Lllra Q arestlt IllI'll0l Class Fdltor ln the eallv fall ot 1949 fortv eleht fleshmc n mth 1I'1'hlQIlLd eyes enter ed the halls of Florence Hlgh School Undel the Sponsoxshlp of Mlss Helen Bishop .md M1 Robert Qannon wc had successful yeax We took tust place ln HOITIPLOIIIIIII tlodt Sophs 'wc u a dance 'Ind ue hid cl pl'1v ln thc, lntcx clnss contest Vlc llolcl Fhcsc Truths In out Soph ye'l1 we xxete cxen bettcx took tust placc lv Home comm float again Out sponsor Nh Max Waketxeld und M1 Robert Arnold Wc Uaxc the Freshmen an lI'ltl0dUCt01Y paltv 1n Aovemoex md they returned mth one fox us IH Janualy Out entry Heap B1 Fue won second plwce IP thc Western Dav program In ou JLIHIOI vewz ue b Gan mth 00 Iunlols Out sponsoxs ucxe Nlxs Iato and Mrs XVWIILIS Flrst ue stalted oft xuth out Hom comlnf float and took second phce We gaxc a lldllowc en dfnncc md opcncd 1t to thc whoc school We 'also contlnued xssum the HUSKIF BARK Nou we are planning on out PIOHI wmch ue thlnk wlll be .1 gICd' success We are all looking forvtard to next veal when we .ne senlors and uc hop ou clas will be as wonderful as It has been the last three y ars Slncerely THE. JUNIOR CLASS Page Thlrtc-en ' 1 ' 'z .' 1 ' V ' . . 4 ' ' K L . l , ' -' A' X " ' X 5' '. . ' ' s . . . ' ' ' . . ' . . . 1 ., 5- - V K 1 f C ' . ' ,--. . .5' -- ls ' sb- l . ' 1 . , Y . , . , .two " ... . . , 'ls ,- . ' E, . ' A . B, .S A .A . " Z s' ' helped UT publish oux first issue of the school paper, THE HUSKIE BARK. , ' . . . ' V V s . D . , . A 1 is - -V c A ' x C - so -' ' K ' shst . L. F- ss- v is A -t., P. I U I 1.3, ' . . AJ. . '- ,' . Q. ' A ' . x ' V V, . ' . . V' ' . e ' Y' , . - . V . .. ' ' , . , V . . s ' . . ,, Q 1 5 ' f ' ' ' ' 3 e . , . Marlene Brator Leonard Brmlee Harold Bueno Avis Cooley Barbara Cornella Nadalme Davxs Betty Del Duco Evelyn Del Monte Tonv Espmosa Jacque Gattl Francls Garner Charles Guerrx Jerrv Halbrook George Hall Davld Hudgms Delore Hudglns Rosemary James Donna Kalbach Wllma Lewls Darrel Lmdsev Llla Llttlg Abel Lopez Lucllle Martmko Page Fourteen Muriella Henley Joan Mattice Curtis Motzner Lydia Nerone Bonme Owens Darold Noller Dom Petry Berl Peterson Catherme Plcco Hazel Poelle Frank Rocchxo Mary Anna Schelhmg Jack Smlth Claudxa Shvne JoAann Tamburello Marv Ann Tonko Bertha Vlllagrana Pete Vxllagrana Jam Walker Pete Weaver Emelne Weigel Jean Wllson Betty Jean Yellnco Joe Gonzales Page Fnfteen Evelyn Vahldick bm 43 Page Sixteen .iw-5 3, ef Sopnomore Class History Q 'ioiiioit lass Lam in Q 11 xo cf Q liuh in Oli. ' 0 , .. 1 Jhomoits Ihev g nxt ll 1111 in in 1 ' - tttis toot 1 Dum oui P1 shman xe11 mon oi cn toi Sxxcttheait Quetn 'ind she xxas elected Wa had Lhiixtrna naitx out Pies man xeai xx ich xxf njoxed imvnfnxey Duiinf 0111 Fitshmin veai ttrlx 1 es x D10 111n xxinni f 1 f'1ESilH1dIl0iflCe! toi the yt ll xxtie 'iesit n loin S in ci ' iesi nt Ixcitl ant ui o 1 was ic tit M11 mlxo Student Loumil limmit Piox xnzavxo 1-nd hi in t IIC an en in 1901 xxt exti soln1xe ll only hex an Olll Sonhoinoit ve11 71111111 is .11 xxc xuc xen mme IC 1x1 1 N nov Olll av xx o eaintc xcuu 1 lion Jud Iimmie Piovemano md K ul Huutx lhc B 1,11 it ltttei xxen to Del Duco Olll Sonhomoxe Llasx xxon tust place xxith oui tloat thix xen We ,axe the Freshmen 11 naitx this xcai xx hieh thex ietuined to us latei on Out of the Sophomme Class many ot the guts can be gixen cxedi toi ou bidc xxotk Cheerleadei fiom oui Class ls C 1th1vn Lfnneilo Maioiettes txom the Clase are Cailynn Bialv Elizabeth Lombaidi and Vicki Ixolebei Thele ale .1 numbei of girls in G AA and F H X alxo In Basketball thie yeai Daxe Adam made tust tixe Otheis xxho plaxed tint stung xxeie Jimmie Proxenzano Lail Hueixa and Donald Proud Clasi ottieere tor out Sophomfne yea: xxue Piesident Daw. Adaii Vice President Ilene Kulxlinslxi Seuetarv Ve1n.1Le1 luinei Iieisuiei tailynn Bialy, Student Louneil Daxe Adaii and Pom btanltei P me Qexenteen Tin .lopl ' "1 " 1' int thx h' ll: f Fi0l'QIl'J High .chool as - m.':1 ' 1950. In " I"1'eshman year we were il x'e1'v active claws. We took third place t' 1' ou" float this year. We gave the I'.l't'Sh!llllIl SODh0lIl.,l'l' party this year tor the Soi . "., " ' ya 'N r' ll l'l'llll'Il party later on in the year. In 1 Fresh 1 y '11i. Donald lroud ard .liniinie i!I'UYt'IllfLlll0 rect-ix'ed le - for ' l all. 1" 'Jem ' V' 1 '. we ' "rd Connie Ula: ' ' ' -- , 1' ' " '. 'h' 'e Q ' .e:l. -' 5 ' 1 L ' 'xxe xr ' fart in the W :tern Dag ' '1 . " 'ng third place. It was a radio progranx which we gave, Ou" ' " ' ' . :I tA" St: k":Vice PM"- de -- ' V 1 Iloll' l: S1 ' 'L'i1ll'YfAVil'QfiUlil t' rn 'lla: 'l" '1:1:' '1'-Alb - ' "1 '- t' 'i' ' -'-.' f "1 '. P'll' '1'l1. Thxf. .' " 1- 1 5' 1'.I 'gthf ye' ' x'x' e' 'x 1 't' 'x than xv' xvere our F1'e:l11nan Vl'lll'. The l ,S in ' Clk? 'h ' ' 'I A-Ji 1 l zxxvards were Dave AIi'liI'. aid Pri ' 1 -val 't Pete . . Y . . " .l. ' rx 1' . ' h. ,Q . Y Of, V A 1 v -1 ' 'J v x. 14 . ' F, . v X K. 1 1 I . '.AY.,.. t.- ' , .., ' . tl .' , 1.4 . 1 . 12 . 'YL . 'A .' . 5. '. ' ' ' i A .1 l 1 . . L , ,I . Y ,i . ul ' v w ' ' - A' 1 -4 1 Li L ' ' X' ' 'x'1: -lf' Y tv, .'-- '.x nf' L , f':-': .- D---' ., lf' . x.:".LA. . gn. 1. 1 ' Daud Adair B1 Alley George Andreatta Bobbie Lou Angone Shirley Banks Ona Bailey Barbara Berardi Marvin Berardi Q allynn Blaly S1 ulen Biatoi C harles Bulmack Charles Lalmett Lathiyn L imerlo Ebther Lhaxez Vlrvlnia Lolnella Rene Lostantmo Pete Del Duco Jerry D 1 Monte Faye Essmeler Jacque Falgien Vonme German Esther Gillespie Sharon Graham Keith Holland Carl Huerta Harold King Raymond Knisley Vicki Koleber Eileen Kuklinski Donna Lewis Flizabeth Lombardi Lawrence Madonna Page Eighteen "Nw Albert Martmko LOUISE Martinez Glen Mccready Danny Mestas Marla Montez Danlel Nerone Betty June Peek Lune Perez Allce Poelle Pwtrlcla Profflt Don Proud Ilmllllf PFOXQYIYIDO thaxlotte Rambleh Bernle Rnera Bllly Jean Rockwell Pete Ronco Jlmmle Saxely Herbert Shattack Rubv Shmman Myron Smith Vlola Solano Phyllls Jean Spera .I1mm1e Sperry Thoma Stankex Dlanah Truullo Aulene Walker Verna Lea Turner Carol Wates Dona Wll1l3mS Peggy Wllllams James Yeoman , . ' ' ' .z Page Nineteen Freshman Class Offlcers Class Sponsors Eddle Westwater Presldent Mlss Baskey Donald Moschettl V1cePres1dent MI' Cram Emanuel Del Monte Secretary Treasurer Dorothy Camerlo S Madge Zamarrlpa S C R THE FRESHMLN WERE INITIATED PROCLAMATION HEAR YE' HEAR YE' HEAR YE' Be lt known by all here present that this proclamatlon IS the supreme law subscrxb ed to by the most venerable most hallowed and most honored Seniors ln thls esteem ed lnstltutlon and w1ll be observed by each lovxly Freshman worthy of the name On thls Thursday the twenty seventh day of September the year of our Lord one thousand mne hundred and fxfty one at Florence Hlgh School Florence Fremont County State of Colorado Umted States of Amerlca Contment of North Amerlca Western Hemlsphere and the planet Earth of the solar system We hereby proclaim that tomorrow Frlday the twenty elghth day of September the year of our Lord one thousand nlne hundred and flfty one at the afore mentioned place the followmg laws will be ln effect between the hours ot zero exght hundred ante merldlan to sxxteen hundred post mer1d1an FIRST All green Freshmen must enter the hallowed halls of Florence Hxgh School by the door nearest the North Star SECOND All Freshmen must bow to honored Semors THIRD All Freshmen must proceed m the lower sanctuary 1n a d1rect1on faclng the North Star and proceed ln the upper sanctuary ln the reverse dxrectlon Thereby usmg the stalrway nearest the North Star to elevate themselves to the upper sanctuary and the stalrway most remote from the North Star to decend to the lower sanctuary FOURTH All Freshmen wlll be designated by the approprlate mark of the Fresh man Class a hldeous Emerald hued adornment stretchmg completely around the base of the head FIFTH No Freshman may use any taclal adornment nor may they prlde them selves by havmg thelr halr rn an orderly condltlon SIXTH The followlng Freshmen have been glven the honor of appearlng ln an mfants costume conslstlng of bonnet and carry a bottle fllled mth llfe gxvmg mllk Harry Atwood Joan Blanchard Rose Marle Borrelh Bud Chr1st1ansen Grnffrth Davles Page Twenty Floyd Essmexer Jack German George Knox Loul Lopez Bob Zamarrlpa u . ' 1 ' - . , , , . C. R. , . . . , . I , . . . . , ' , . ' , s v y 1 s v n v - ' . ' v . , ' I L . , . , . SEVENTH In honor of our forefathers and to portray the Slg!'llflC2I'lC6 of the locality in which we have the honor to reside those hereby named will appear ln a regalia representing the age of the stone man Richard Cornell Tony Flores Paul Moschetti Keith Smith Daniel De Angelo Billy Graham B111 Prather Frank Porter EIGHTH As a tribute to labor the following working garments of their honored father Alberta Snyder L01 Shipman Judlth Berndt Marlene Williams Wlllram Duran Dean Gattx Manuel Sarmlento Bobby Olson will appear inrobed in the Mary Margaret Maestas Patricia Kelly Dorothy Camerlo Aurelia Solano outer The afore mentioned laws were set down by special assembly of the legislative body of the honored Senior Class in gratltude for being admitted as a member ot' the alustrlous student body of Florence High School Set down and hereby enacted to which we affix our seal and signature this the twenty seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty one THE SENIOR CLASS Freshman Class HISTGFY In September the year of mnteen hundred and flfty one seventy four llttle Freshmen were ushered mto the halls of dear old Florence Since we were the new We felt awful Everybody was laughing at us but we guessed that was just part of being a freshman Although frightened shy and someuhat backward we looked to the bright and wonderful days to come Some of our boys lettered in sports 'lhis with the fact that we were now a part oi Florence High School gave us the confidence we needed In December the custom ary Frosh Soph party was given us by our new 3SSOCl3t6S the Sophomores It was a huge success and we returned it 1n January with even a larger turnout Then came Western Day This was the chance we had been wartmg for Now we were going to prove to the school that we were going to excel in everything we did We had a b1g disappointment in store for us at this point however the square dance we entered didnt win And although a little discouraged we went right on living as Freshmen Somewhat more confident than before ue will enter school next year with one goal in mlnd Success This we hope to gam by good sportsmanship and the right att1tude toward our fellow students Sincerely, THE FRESHMAN CLASS comers we had the honor of being initiated in an assembly arranged for our benefit. Page Twenty one .ggg 'Wish iv K..-,F TOP ROW Eumce Atwood Bud Chrlstlanson Nlck Ayala Judlth Berndt Adele Blrdsall Joann Blanchard Rose Marle Borrelll Dorothy Camerlo THIRD ROW Phyllls D1 Rocchx Emma D1 Tello Barbara Dorr Wxllxam Duran Lorretta Duran Floyd Essmeler Dean Gatt1 Jack German Page Twenty-two '91 ved' la., 'S .af SECONID ROW Ilene Chorus Marylln Clapton Donald Collett Rlchard Cornell Bernls Damels Damel De Angelo Grlffxth D3Vl8S Emanuel Del Monte FOURTH ROW Jennet Glanarelll Jamce Gourley B111 Graham Mary Loulse Herrera Carol Ann Kalbach Patrlcla Ann Kelly Dolores Kmght Erme Kramer Yr' .f We zz' fa ' V,., 0 Y V ,A '3- W xy Y K W ....,.', ' -C , ,, ,,.V1 - af : M ..-f., - me I A I:-. gf, Tl" 3. 1 ' - ' ' Y Q ' Q 351 5 V"" ' 3' 1 "'. ""V ,. - " , " W ' :.f L 7:35 ' -", ' Lf 'V H, f ' "-' , V , .,1E?5f2f??:,E2i.1iif V , . ' 21, AE: ,, If .L . . . A ,V A V tw, :IIZ fa. : , . -'v:, 1: agg.,E:2EEI,,1.:5:1!Q:xl VV K Nr ' -fi E .- mg: "' fi P, . 'A., ? 3. ' f M ' l A V C 25:2 . ,O . ' QQ ' A H . f FF 5 4' Q TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: 'Q' A 1 George Knox Jeanme Mane La Crue Lou1se La Crue Benme La Crue John Lennox EISIE Leyba Carmen Lopez Louls Lopez THIRD ROW Frank Porter B111 Prather Exleen Rocchlo Antlonette Sabatmo M317 Lou Sapp BOTTOM ROW Manuel S3I'I't'lleIlt0 Bgb Zamarflpa AlVll"l Sifhade Tom Zamarrlpa Lois Shlpman Tony Flores Jerry Maglletto Raymond Martinez John Moore Donald Moschettx Paul Moschettx Gen Noller Bobby Olson Anleen Orsl FOURTH ROW Kelth Smith Alberta Snyder Aurelxa Solano Jerry Thomas Rock Tlpton Earl Walker Eddxe Westwater Marlene Wllllams Page Tu cnty three Sth Grade lv' at I km El II N, 'K Z g 'Yen' M AAI 9 5 "ff as 3 'IOP ROW Slmon Ayala Urban Bacca lohn Babb N ncy Berndt Joyc Beeman Bxlly Bxr c Daxxd B11 tz Jlmmv Brown Jean Collett Kenneth Lornella QECOND ROW Larry Cotton Stella D la Rosa Duan Del Duca George Del Monte Ahc Adele Dodson Gerald Dunsmoor B111 Church Ralph Ertf. Franklm Falvlen Bob Gallaxdo THIRD ROW Arnold Garcla Barbara Garcla Le Roy Garua Norman Graham Joseph Glullano Bonme Erdman Delbert Halbrook Bobby Huerta Sammy Jaquez Rlchard Johnson FOURTH ROW Shlrley Adamson Jeannle Kalbach Bobby Kochen Phyl11 Lukezlc Carolyn Martm Jack Martm Able Martmez Andrew Martme John McCand1ess Harold McCa1l!ster FIFTH ROW Jerrv McCreadv Eumce 1N1cK1nnon Fr nk Nalls Evelvn Ortez Margaret Reese Tommy Rxglrozzx D3V1d Resendez Glen Robmson, Le Sherldan, Bradford Sperrv BOTTOM ROW Carol Spera, John Stewart, Leslle bumptcx, Nma Trabucco, Patsy Vendett1, Bernard V1g11, Peyton Wllbar, Llla Jean Vvlllard, Myllss W ood, France. Zamarrlpa Page Twenty four L Q at I , is ,, x 53 ,i an X A 5 K K V Q , A ,A .Z . ,, Msn, V, y 1. -x J, 1 x E . 1:. 3' , -f A . Ka A se Xa X 4? KX x H 7, , 1 5 'ig' I .,,. 1 I in . 1' 1 A, x , .5 4 l vial:-iii: -A' 4 ' . . 9' I Q A , L. Q ' 1 . 1 . ' a ' A A ' I H ' . ' " , ' ' .- 5, fre f X ' Y ' A Q '3 A 2 'G' , f. W' .1 ' "T: A ,W ij- E , ',,- gt . dx ' . I r q at. Q, J' V- 21 ' f-Le" as U y .J J ff :fe ,Q sl, y t 'W an :Q Z., , , 5 -- gp! . X .I Q ' A 3 Q 'f x '37 - i 6 ' Lf X V 2, ,L ,N ' Q ei' . A - p ' fi ' A ' l' ' - - ' " A ' 2 ' , , - , A 7 ' 2 , ' ' 3 , " '2 , L : , e , 1' . , , ' e , 5 . Y 4 rl! . Q. 7 . ' ' 3 ' 1 ' , ' 'I , , ' ' , ' ! l 1 1 ' ' ! Y 7 F' i 7 Student Council Head Boy Head G1rl TOM CAMERLO CAROL JEAN SCUTTI F1RST ROW Orlando Martmez Tom Graham F1 gmk ROCChlC Dorothy Camerlo Marlene Brator THIRD ROW Lharles Guerrl David Adalr Tom Zamarrlpa Edward Westwater Ralph Brenton Page Twenty flve SECOND ROW: Anna Jane Hitchcock, Tom Camerlo, Tom Stanker, Sharlene Brator, Carol Scutti, onor Society SEATED Joan Vahldlck Joyce Cornell Ralph Brenton Dolores Cordova STANDING Evelyn Vahldlck Tom Camerlo B111 Brenton B111 Dailey Jacque Sue Gatti Anna Jane Hltchcock Nlot pictured Joe Zavillal The four cardinal princlples of the National Honor Society are Character Qcholar ship Leadership and Service Not more than ten per cent of the Semor Class and tive pei cent of the Junior Class are eligible for election to this group Thesplans The Thesplans Society is a non secret non social organization It has a m mber shlp of over 700 hlgh schools in which Florence Hlgh School IS enrolled as Troupe 28 In ordex to be a member one must have participated in one three act play or three one act plays 1n a major role Student on stage and make up crews are also ellffible for Thespian membershlp Although the reauxrements are simple enough there were only eleven members FRONT ROW Glenola Jones Joyce Cornell Joan Vahldlck Dolores Runkle Patsy Pixler Miriam Calhoun Miss Hitchcock BACK ROW B111 Beach Jack Falgnen Bill Dailey Producer Bill Brenton Tom Graham Gerald Teenor Tom Camerlo Manager Benito Duran Jr. Jack Precht Page Twenty-six 'Z' Vlola Solano Brovxme Walker Vcnnl Gcrman Phyllls Spera Carol Jean Scuttl Kathryn Nalls LOUISE Martmez Esther Chaxez FIRST ROW Dolores Runkle Jean Collett Jerry McCready Bllly BIFUQ Nma Trabucco Loulse Martm z FOURTH ROW Phylhs Lukezlc Carolyn Martm Margaret Reese Shlrley Adamson Llla Jean Wlllard Bonme Owens Jean Wllson Patsy Vendettl FIFTH ROW Adele Dodson George Knox Duane Del Duca Mlflam Calhoun Hazel Poelle Kenneth Gullmette TOP ROW Harold Kmg B111 Da1ley Arnold Garcia Lee Sherldan Bradford Sperry Aurelxa Solano Bobble Lou Angone Ona Balley Marle Moxello V1ck1 Koleber Sharon Graham Chorus SECONID ROW Patsy Plxler Joseph Glullano Ralph Ertz Eddle Klrku ood Jack Martm FHA PRESIDENT Brow me Walker VICE PRESIDENT Betty June Peek SECRETARY TREASURER Vlckl Koleber SONG LEADER Mary Anna SCh0lhlI1" I ARLIAMENITARIAIN Ellzab th Lombardl Faye Essem 161 Shlrlev Banks Marla Montez Mary Anna Schelhm Ellzabeth Lombardl Glenola Jones Betty June Peek THIRD ROW Eumce MCKIUHOH Barbara Garcla Stella Dela Rosa Bobby Huerta Able Martmcz Harold MCCDIIISICF Carol Spera Nadelme Dams Page Twenty sex en I I l l , W '. ' ' .. D' . 'e Charlotte Rambish Mrs. Walters M . . I A . . Z I I f I . . D Band FIRS'l ROW V1ck1 Koleber Avls Cooley Kathryn NHIIS Marle Morello Carlynn Braly Ellzabeth Lombardl SECOND ROW Louls Lopez Manuel Sarm1ento Bllly Blrge Sharlene Brator Lucllle MHFtlHKO D3Xld Resendez THIRD ROW Patsv Plxler Maxlne Garcxa Dorothy Camerlo Mary Anna Sche1h1nff Glenola Jones Ahce Adele Dodson lacque Falglen Rosc Vlary Borrelh Marlene Brator FOURTH ROW M1 Gullmette George Knox Verna Lea Turn 1 M1r1am Calhoun Rudolph Ortez Janlce Gourley Benlto Duran Jack Martm Pete Vlllagrana FIFTH ROW Rock Tlpton Frank Porter Gene lNolle1 Eddie Westwater Pete Del Duco Franklln Falglen Bobby Gallardo PERCUSSION Bobby Gallardo M1r1am Calhoun Franklm Falglen Rose Mary Borrelll Jack Martln Claudla Shyne FLUTES Rudolph Ortez Rock Tlpton Allce Adele Dodson BASS Dean Gattl J D Babb Page Twenty enght BARITONE Jacque Falglen George Knox MELLOPHONE Jacque Sue Gatt1 Lucllle Martmko Eddle Klrkwood TRUMPET Jamce Gourley Sharlene Brator B111 Blrge Benlto Duran Gene Noller TROMBONE Verna Lea Turner Frank Porter Compllments of NEW MUSIC STORE ROEDEL AGENCY SAXAPHONE LOUIS Lopez Manuel Sarmxente Berme Rlvera Patsy Plxler CLARINETS Eddl Westwater Maxln Garcla Pete Vlllagrana Pete Del Duco Daud Resendez Mary Anna SCh9lhll'1'f Dorothy Camerlo Daud Courley 1 5 1 .2 3 3 .M-Q 1:4 Q. . y 1 v y - v v - 1 - v ' . . . , . . - , r 1 v L- as - v K . 11 , Q . , ' D- ' ' . - 1 w 4 1 v 1 v 1 y 1 v I , v v w y 1 . v ' ' . I . 1 - . . . - 'Q v . D . I Q Majerettes Vlck1 Koleber, L12 Lombardx Kathryn NHIIS Glenola Iones Aus Coolev Marle Morello Carlynn Bralv Cheer Leaders Marlene Braton Jack Precht Carol Scuttx Pete Vlllagrana Cathryn Camerlo Complxments of FLORENCE HARDWARE FLORENCE HOTEL and CAFE Page Twenty nme , . , 1 . . v , 1 . ' 1 1 - 1 , . Y . Annual Staff Editor Miriam Calhoun Assistant Editor Rudolph Ortez Business Manager B111 Brenton Assistant Man ager Tom Graham Sponsors Robert Arnold France Williams Patsy Pixler Carol Scuttl Mary Kuhns Senior Editor Kathryn Nails Glenola Jones Carol Scutti Jacque Gatti D Bob Montgomeryj y Organization Pictures and Artl les Assistant Business Manager Tonv Shaffer Sports Bill Beach Sports Pictures Carol Amedei Pictures Jack Falgxen Freshman Editor Sophomore Editor Clara Carestia-Junior Editor Joan Gillespie Dolore Runkle Dramatics Dave Gourley Dramatics Dolores Cordova Staff Secretary Joan Vahldlck J Joyce Cornell J Charles Picco J Frank Madonna! Typists Committees COVER and TITLE' Jack Falgien Tom Graham Dolores Cordova Bill Beach Bill Dailey Joan Gillespie Compliments of VENDETTI CHEVROLET, GUS VENDETTI, Page Thirty DEDICATION: UNDER CLASS ASST.: Vicki Koleber Virginia Cornella Jennet Gianarelli Jacque Falgien SR. Huskie Bark CO EDITORS Murlella Henley Marlene Brator ASSISTANT EDITOR Pete Villaffrana Clas News Mary Anna Scheihing Sports-Darrell Lmdsey Jack Smith Leonard Brinlee Advertisement Rosemary James Evelyn Del Monte Harold Bueno Jerry Halbrook Art-Joe Gonzales Pete Weaver Circulation Frank Rocchlo Marlene Brator Jerry Halbrook Jokes-Bonnie Owens Sponsors-Mrs Bernice Prator Mrs Vera Walters Library Compliments of STANDING: Miss Hitchcock Nadeline Davis Rena Constantino Donna Lewis Esther Chavez Virginia Cornella SEATED: Adeline Martinez Patricia Proffit Shirley Banks Miriam Calhoun SOUTHERN COLORADO POWER COMPANY 1 NU-WAY CLEANERS Page Thirty one FIRST ROW Dave Adalr Jerry Del Monte Tom Zamarrlpa SECOND ROW Darrel Lmdsey Jack Smith Frankne Rocchxo Donald Proud THIRD ROW Carl Huerta Harold Bueno Francls Garner Leonard Brmlee Page Thirty tw o Club FIRST ROW: Bill Brenton Tom Camerlo Erminio Duran Jack Falgien SECOND ROW: Orlando Martinez rren Schmlttel B111 Beach Robert Montgom ry THIRD ROW Daxe Gourley B1ll Dalley George Walk Tom Graham FIRST ROW Mr Cram Bud Chrlstlanson Mr Swanson Frankxe Porter Mr Core SECOND ROW aul Moschettl ob Zamarrlpa Donald Moschettl Albert Martmko Compliment of FLORENCE LODGE NO 611 B P O ELKS Wa ' P . I B ' Cooks I B k 0 Q rene an Q Thelma Gonzales Maxine Walkel Venlta De Moss HEAD CUSTODIAN John Mauller Comphments of HOL'1 MORTUARY GAMBLES, FLORENCE and CANON CITY Page Th1rty three C '+C' ,xg I . 5? 3 . , . M W mga? S 11 ba t Foo 'U N UQ FD P5 S' v- 'S rv- '4 rm O C "1 Av Q-Yu I De Duco BACK ROW Coach Cran Provenzano Mart nko Moore Westwater Porter Pe ry Maestas Gatt Proud Huerta Bueno Brn ee Coach Core Sm th B Zamarr pa L ndsey Motzne Garner ZND RUW lvoschett Ada r Fa g en-Capta n Camer German T Zamarr pa Moschett 3RD ROW De Monte Davs Schm tte Conference 2nd Team A Conference Wa k Duran Honorab e Ment on A Team Captan A Conference 1st Chr st a son Conference Honorab e Ment on Brenton Rxera Beach A FRONT ROW Mart nez A ey De Angeo Nerone Coach Swanson Conference lst Team A Gour ey QIICS Confe 2nd Team A Montgomery Graham of Comp ments KEN COATNLY SPORTINIG GOODS TION A ST VICE R SE SER S S SA ' I 'EN rr S' : HSL, .K 'Ju SN I 'T' "S Q S I . .Riff ,W 3l31"""f- 1 . 1 ' -. "' LT? :'fN"jszm' V' me ' A - 1 - fsf,ii.,,r -' . Q - N A T . 4 EW NT' A0542 S Y ' "7"4"f""?"' " ' "ff"-'Y7 cf 1 if 3' 'X' J ' V' ' 4. Hi. '1 V -fx if . .v .. .V pf ' T 'f fax like : i Y Y i 7 7 1 3 t Y 7 i7 l ' ' . A I I i, , . i , i , ' 1', ' i , , , , i I , . . I I , i , i l, , . i , i, i , 1 i i , 10- i , ll . , 1 ' i 11 , l , ll , i i 11 . ' I i , ll , I , , i ' . , ll . 1 i , , , , ll 1' . 1 ', ll . . li 7 ' , Co-Captains Tommy Camerlo Jack Falglen Semors FIRST ROW Bob Montvomery B111 Brenton Tommy Graham Benlto Duran Jr Warren Schmittel Davc Gourlev George Walk Compliment ot THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Page Thirty fue BACK ROW: Manager Orlando Martinez, Jack Falgien, Bill Beach, Tommy Camerlo, Coach Jim Core Page Thlrty sux Basketball HA" Squad 2' Don Proud .hm S Proxenzano Carl Huerta Jack Smlth Franc-15 Garner Bot Montgomery Daxe Adan Dave Gourlev Tom Lamerlo Leonard Brlnlec Basketball UB" Squad Dar' Nerone Darrel Lxndsey Ed Westxsater Pete Del Duco Curtlss Motznel Flovd Essmeler Don Moschettx Tom Zamarrlpa Jack German Harold Bueno Lomplnnents, ot RIALTC THEATER ROYAL GORGF PACKING COMPANY s 1 1 'X 5- X . ' , . 4 .i i , - 3 1 . . l 1 I! .Y 1 A 1 . . , ' . X , , Y v 1 , y , Y v V - . - 1- 4 . Prom Queen Candidates Larol Jean Scuttl Mlrlam Lalhoun Dolores Runkle Esther Guerrl Maxine Garcla Hemecommq Floats Upper Left--Juniors, second place. Upper Right-Seniors. Center-8th Grade. Lower Left--Sopho- more-s flrst Lower Rlvht Freshman third Complunent of THE FLORENCE CITIZEN Pave Thlrty sex on Hot Water Hero B111 Brenton a Joe Harper Zwisa g......... 315 B111 Beach as Parkhurst Tom Graham a Tom Wl11lHmS Mary Loulbe Kuhn ae Rowena Glenola Jones ab Ida Lane Pave 'lhlrtv G1 ht Patsy Pwlex a Av1s Tom Camerlo a Alfred Hlndson Dolore Runkle a Mary Dave Gourley ae M1 W1111ams damn Garcla a Mrs Wxlhams D1rected by Francns W1111ams . .,....,, ,,,. -, Q , J , 'V" 1 1 2' 'f , 15 1 Q' M' ' S .A S Y .l l S . v . . .1 . F S T '. Y- . F N . . . e .J . . 1 - 1 -U Q . .-, . is 2nd Place J umors Semors v W -7-up Western Day 1st Place Thespians Comphmentf oi LOTTAGE STUDIO 3rd Place F Club Page Thxrty nme It V! No Competition Page Forty 'YW WWE Q fi 'WHNQVW P vga! W A . .Xa Page Forty-one YEAR BOOK PATRONS JIM THE TAILOR 114 W Mam Phone THE MAGNET CAFE 114 E Mam Phone UNION CAFE Best Luck to the Class of 1952 We have enloyed your patronage E Mam Phone LUKE S MOTOR CO Ford SCYVICC Sales Parts Accessories 115 E Ma1n Phone 431 BUTLER 8: SAUER FURNITURE CO Best 1n Furmture 109 E Mam Phone 8W RADIO STATION KRLN Servmg the Entlre Fremont County Area MORNING STAR DAIRY 407 N PIKQS Peak Phone 430 FLORENCE PHARMACY 106 W Mam Phone 31 CROW DRUG CO Exerythmg ln Drugs 112 W Mam Phone 195 WHIPPLE S BOOK STORE Phone 183 W 420 Mam Canon Clty BETHEL CLOTHING CO The Best m Mens Furmshlngs Phone 146 Mam Cano Clty NORRIS TYPEWRITER CO New and Used Fypewrlters Phone 285 428 Mam Canon Clty MR and MRS WM J CALHOUN Brevsster Phone 15 J4 CADET GEORGE B CALHOUN West Pomt New York J. C. PENNEY CO, INC 116 W Mam Phone 36 Page Forty two BLUNI 85 DODSON AGENC' 108 E Mam Phone 46 HAGAMAN GAS 8. APPLIANCE CO Bottled and Tank Gas Appllances 120 E Mam Phon 61 DRS BRAMER 8a TULL Optometrists SPERRY S CONOCO SERVICE Your Conoco Dealer E Mam Phone EDDIE S BARBER SHOP Exp rt Halrcuttmd Servxce J W HAYMAKER County Assessor THE MODERN BARBER SHOP WALTER 'VIARTIN Fremont County Commlssloner JOHN FALGIEN ROCKY MOUNTAIN CAMP Good Clean Cabms Sandy 1127 W 3rd Phon 257W DAILEY TIRE SHOP 125 E Mam Phone 41 SERV ALL GROCERY AND MARKET 701 W 3rd Phone 322 CLARENCE W JOHN If Its Insurance We WFIIE It 200 W Mam Phone 146 DUCK INN CAFE AND BAR W Ma1n Phone 4 TERRACF GREENHOUSE AND FLORAL COMPANY Flowers For Every Occas1on 211 W Mam Phone 207.1 RICKETTS HARDWARE CO "Everyth1ng m .Hardware" 125 W Mam Phone 68 , T V A7 . ' 113 Q . ' . ' 423 1 A - ' 131 . ' H 426 . . . . . , 7 - - - 132 . ' 85 . -... , 1505 Central Canon City . . . . . a I I D , .. - ,, 2 l 1 ..... - 1 513 ' n ' 5 - - . . . . . 1 N y , l H ' ' l 221 . ' 13 1 , ' " . ' Y 1 ..... 1 YEAR BOOK PATRONS THE FELTER CLOTHING STORE Phone 362 W 518 Mann St Canon Lnty JANSEN SERVICE STATION Al Jansen Operator 401 E Mann Phone 405 FLORENCE GRILL Mary 81 Jenny 119 W Mann Phone 417 MORNING STAR MARKET 401 N Pnkes Peak Phone 430 BERNIE S RECREATION PARLOR 121 S Pnkes Peak Phone 418 STAR CAFE AND BAR Complnments of Teddy Penrose Phone 011 J3 NIEHANS STORE General Merchandnse Penrose Phone 010 R1 CULLIGAN S SOFT WATER SERVICE Canon Cnty Phone 1142.1 WESTWATER MOTOR SERVICE 313 W Mann Phone 137 M ADELLA ARCHER Coun y Supernntendent of Schools MARY J MCDONOUGH Fremont County Clerk and Recorder STRICKLAND REALTY AND INSURANCE 111 N Pnkes Peak Phone 91 MUIRS FINE FOODS Frozen Foods Specnalty and Popsncles 520 E 2nd Phone 112 FLORENCE LUMBER CO Ora Orendorff Manager 600 E Mann Phone 360R BROKEN SPOKE CAFE 8z BAR Penrose Phone 011 R3 ACME CLEANERS 8z TAILORS 115 W Mann Phone 136 THE FLORENCE MARKET Crnstelln Bros 111 W Mann Phone SENATORE S DEPARTMENT STORE Clothes for the Famnly 107 W Mann Phone 99 JOHNNIES CAFE AND BAR 102 E Ma1n Phone FABRIZIO BROS Dnstrnbutors of Fnne Beverages 128 E Mann Phone V D TONSO CANON CITY WHOLESALE GROCERY CO Canon Cnty Phone 1310 FLORENCE FEED AND FUEL The Purnna Store W Mam Phone 32 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO The Pause that Refreshes THE DAIRY KING Dr1,ve nn for the Best nn Foods 218 W Mann Phone 438 VERNETTI S Gas 85 Electrnc Phone 965 W 720 Mann St Canon Cnty JOE 8: NORMAN S SERVICE Phone 9 2nd and Church Florence FLORENCE POLICE DEPT Phone 100 C H CANTERBURY Fremont County Shernfr Canon Cnty KISSINGER HARDWARE Phone 197 520 Mann Street Canon Cnty Page Forty three 1 . ' 1 124 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 A4 y I . . ' ..... . ' 434 , i .. - - - . ,, . ' - 4 7 , . "A City Store in the Country" ' ' i . i . . . . . 381 U I 7 t ' ' ' . . . . . , . 7 7 Autcnqraphs Autcaqraphs Class Wlll of 52 Carol Amedel V llls nothmg she IS takmg George vuth her Marlorle Atkinson Wllls her sewlng ablllty to Donna Lewls Bill Beach Wllls hls Al Jolson volce to John Lennox Vnrgnl Blanchard Wills h1s ab1l1ty to get thmgs easlly to Berl Peterson Robert Brassea Wllls hls wood worklng abllxty to Mldge Zamarrxpa Bull Brenton Wills h1s ab1l1ty to understand Marlene to Pete Weaver Mmam Calhoun Wllls her ab1l1ty to make no mlstakes ln Journahsm to L1z Lombardi Tom Camerlo--Wllls hls nose to Darrel Lmdsey Clara Carestna Wxlls her shape to Betty Del Duco Dolores Cordova Wxlls her sweet and quite wavs to Joan Mattlce Joyce Cornell Wllls her Love of Arguments to Bonme Owens Bull Dauley Wllls hls muslc ablllty to Harold Bueno Ermnmo Duran Wxlls hls motto Makes no dlfference to me to Dave Adalr Jack Falglen Wills hrs pancake appetite to Dom Petry He needs nt Maxme Garcca Wllls her stralght As to Delores Hudgms Joan Gnllespie Wllls Frankle Porter to Dolores Knight Dave Gourley Wllls hls abxllty to square dance to Peter Vxllagrana Tom Graham Wxlls hrs ab111ty to get everyone ln class m trouble to Jlmmnc Provenzano Esther Guerra Wllls her abllxty to blush to Betty Jean Yelllco Vlola Holland Wllls her ablhty to get along wxth her teachers to Barbara Berardn Glenola Jones Wllls her beautlful Blonde halr to Lucille Martmko Paul Kattnlg Wills hls ablllty to take blood tests to Jerry Hallbrook Pearl Kramer Wllls her smlle to Francls Garnel Mary Loulse Kuhns Wills her abxllty to argue to Jean Wllson Frank Madonna Wllls hls clgarette appetlte to James Yoeman Orlando Martinez Wllls hrs baseball ablllty to Glen McCready Duane Miles-Wills hxs speed to Rock Txpton Marvln Mules Vlllls his height to Bnly Graham Bob Montgomery Wills hrs abllxty to get along w1th the referees to Red Brmlee Mane Morello W1lls her love for Canon Clty girls to Marlene Brator Kathryn Nauls-Wills her strut to Cathryn Camerlo Etta Olston Wllls her ab1l1ty to chew gum m class to Jack German Rudy Ortez Wllls hls beloved hlgh school teachers to Holt Mortuary Dwnght Paynter Wllls hrs ab1l1ty to give Moose Competltlon with V1rg1n1a to Larl Huerta Charle Pncco Wxlls hrs abxllty to keep hrs hair combed to Jerry Maglletto Patsy Puxler Wllls her posxtlon of Worthy Advxsor of Rainbow Glrls to Avxs Cooley Jack Precht Wllls his gracefulness nn cheerleadmg to Pete Del Duco John Rnvera Wllls hrs ab1l1ty at bxlllards to Jerry Thomas Dolores Runkle Wxlls her car drlvlng ablllty to Nonny German Warren Schmittel Wxlls hls abxllty to get h1s drlvers llcense returned legally to Das ld Hudgms Carol Scutta Wllls her ablllty to go steady to Dorothy Camerlo Tony Shaffer Wxlls hrs fool proof system of sklppmg school to Danny Maestas Gerald Teenor Wills hrs wnllmgness to help hls class and frlends to Charley Guern Karen Tnpton Wllls her Mrs degree to Mary Anna Scherhmg Joan Vahldlck Wllls her ablllty to burn mldmght oll for studylng to Don Proud George Walk W1lls his football ab1l1ty to Curtls Motzner Lorella West Wllls her ab1l1ty to get good grades to Mary Tonko Margaret Wmkler Wllls hex sweet dxsposltlon to Hazel Poelle Joe Zavnlla Wxlls hrs racket of sell1ng Mr WllllamS Engllsh Tests to Evelyn Vahldlck Joan Ziolkowskn Wllls her personallty to any lucky glrl ln school Page Forty sxx - X . .. . . . Y. 1, . , , .1 . . .. . , . . . , . . .. , . ' Sl 71 ' , , . . . .. ,, . . U . ,, . ' ' ' ' Il!!! ' , . .. . . . .. - . . . . . .. . . ,. . . ., . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. , 5 ... G , . . .. .. . .. .. , .. . . . Y. T L . , . . . .. . . . . . Prophecy At a banquet rn the drnrng room of the new halt ence Colorado the Class of 52 held a twenty year Wrllrams Lookrnd over the past twenty years we Carol Ameder Carol rs lrvrng rn Florence wrth her husband George Walk He was to bashful to propose so she drd rt for hrm Marlorre Atkmson Her career started when she got an A rn Chemrstry She rs now employed rn the Westrnghouse Laboratorres washmg test tubes Bull Beach Hrs ab1l1tv to get along wrth Mrs Ran km has made hrm manager of the Florence Hardware Incrdentallv he rs strll lookrng for that black harred babe that rs shorter than hrm Vrrgrl Blanchard Vrrgrl IS now one of the promrn ent grease monkeys of the Indranapolrs Speed way Robert Brassea Robert rs co owner of one of the most outstandmg busrness establrshments rn town Eckert and Brassea Mrneral Research Brl Brenton B111 rs drstrrct Manager of Foresty rn the Florrda everglades Paul Bunyon has nothrng on hrm whether rts cuttrng down trees or sprnnrng yarns Mrrram Calhoun Mrrram rs edrtor of the Brewster Trmes challengrng the New York Sun crrculatron Tom Camerlo--Tom head coach of Western State recently sold hrs shares rn the Hemz Mustard Manufacturrnd Co He found out that athletrcs and mustard dont mrx Clara Care tra Clara IS now manager of the Grulr ano Coal Mlne Dolore Cordova She IS strll peckrng away on the tvpewrrter at Roedel Agencv Joyce Cornell Joyce has become secretary of the governor of Colorado Metropolrtan Opera Co he frnallv made rt He now sweeps out the peanut shells after per formances Ermrnro Duran He rs now rn absolute control of hrffhway 50 now that he IS a member of the State Courtesy Patrol Jack Falgren Jack rs grvrng strff competrtron to Icfty Ffrzell He rs better known as leather lungs Smrlev Hrs latest hrt IS Do you re member the dav that I dred Maxme Garcra She IS now Dean of Women at Blarr Busrness College rn Denver Joan Grllespre She was recently elected Frrst Lady Mayor of Penrose Dav Courley Dave rs now drstrrbutron manager of Seagram Seven Hrs motto rs Lay some thrng on the bar besrdes your elbows Tom Graham He rs now lrvrng on hrs uncles ranch up rn the mountams wrth hrs wrfe Marre Morello They must be happy for no one has seen them for 7 years Marne Morello-No Comment Esther Guerra Sh has been promoted to chref soda lerk at the Florence Pharmacy Vrola Holland She IS now marrred to a major at Camp Carson Glenola Jones-Yes rn case you drdnt know she rs strll marrred to Jumor Paul Katlnrq He rs now owner and manager of Florence Feed and Fuel Pearl Kramer Although she lrves rn Wetmore she recentlv made a trrp to Parrs to look for her Ffh hub nd Af last report she hasnt found hrm yet Some grrls Just dont have any luck mrllron dollar youth Center at Memorral Park rn Flor reunron Guest speakers were Robert Arnold and Francrs see the tollowrng changes that have taken place Mary Lourse Kuhns She rs a lady wrestler of the world unknown better known as Terrrble Mary Frank Madonna He rs one of Hollywoods hrghest pard stars He may now be seen rn M G Ms latest mystery The Case of the Mrssrng Rrng or Who Washed Out the Bathtub Orlando Martmez He rs head barber at the Wal dorf Astorra Hotel rn New York Duane and Marvm Mules They are co owners of the M11es and Mrles Meat Packrng Industry rn Kansas Crty Bob Montgomery He rs now startmg forward for the Phrllrps 66 Orlers Kathryn Narls-She rs owner and manager of Kathryn Style Shop rn Puerto Rrco Warren Schmrttel After berng voted Most Lrkely to Complam by hrs classmates rn 52 he lrved up to hrs name by gorng rnto polrtrcs Etta Olston Etta wasnt as lucky as Vrola the best she could get was a 1st lreutenant Rudolf Ortez He rs employed as under cover man rn the secret servrce Dwrght Paynter Every weekend he drrves hrs 72 Pontrac out to San Francrsco leaves rt rn a garage and shoves off rn hrs prrvate yacht Charles Prcco-He became champron bronc buster last year at the annual rodeo rn Fort Worth Patsy Prxler After wrnnrng frnals on the Horace Herdt show rn 1968 she has been wrth hrm ever srnce Jack Precht He rs now the offrcral sports an nouncer for statron KWX Jaurez Mexrco He John Rnvera Although he rs busy rn Hollywood wrrtrng plays producrnd them and actrng them he manages to have a lrttle trme to sell pop corn ln the lobbv Nothrnv lrke a lrttle busrness on the srde Dolores Runkle She was recentlv named Sweet heart of the Armed Forces after devotrng her trme to all branches of the servrce Nothmg lrke berng patrrotrc Carol .I an Scuttr She rs strll scootrng around chasrng Sonnv Her brvgest trouble seems to be comrng from Uncle Sam Tony Shaffer Upon completrng hrs educatron rn Korea he went to Texas and struck orl Too bad rt was on somebodv elses land Gerald Teenor He rs now sole owner and manager of a brg bakerv 1n Denver Karen Troton She recently celebrated her 20th weddrng annrversarv Joan Vahldrck She rs busrly occupred wrth her new Job on the faculty staff of Columbra Unr versrtv Georqe Walk He rs Presrdent of the Walk Brew rng Co rn Florence Colo Lorrella West She rs now teachrng Senror Englrsh rn Florence Hrgh School Margaret Wmkler She rs the head of a candy makrnff frrm Her most famous candy bar rs the Wrnklers Twrnkler Joe Zavrlla When wrrtrng to Joe wrrte to Admrral loseph Zavrlla Secretary of Navy Washrngton D C .Ioan Zrolkowskr She rs now mrstre s of the Gus Vendettr Jr household Page Forty sey en Y ' 4- . : ' . ' ' . . ' 5 1 -T l ll ' Y ' 1 . . . ,, . . . - - . , , - - ' ' . as - - ' ' - ,Z H , at 1 T 'I . - l 1 i- .1 - 1 . ' 44 .1 U ' ' Z ' . . 1 l ' ' T ' ul ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 my . . . ' . L . , . - I Q 1-. 1 Y , , - . . . . ,, . ' yn - rr vw in . - . . ' 1 T I . . U , . 3 . .7 . 1 , . S , T . w- -- ' g S l 1 1 Q . , . . - ' ' 1 U ll th 1 by Q ' 1 , . . rves re urns a ' , Bill Darley-After years of tryrng to get rn the g , on e, atest flu fights .3 ' as - . ' l . ra ' - , . 1- 5 1 Q 1 S . C . A6 J 1 1 1 1 A A .' ' ,, 1 - - 41 A Q 3 . - ' ' . ,, A 1 1 1 . - L . - . I -. .3 . T ' .1 - - ' ' ' ' ,Y ' c , . 4, rv ' ' . u - 1 '- Q ' . .- G l ' ' . , . ' ' s . . l 1 , . . . . T ,' . ' - ' I v V 1 . v D Q -1 Q . I 1 ' '- ' ' s J Q 1 1 , ', . ' 5 , , Semors Page Forty e1ght Semor Plctures Cottage Studio Class Pxctures Cottage Studlo Group Pxctures Cottage Studlo Prmters The Florence C1t1zen

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