Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN)

 - Class of 1954

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Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1,1 11 1, 1.1 1,., 1 4314- .4 .,., ,117 1, ,, m11,.M1,fq1Y11,,A15121115111 ,-1311, 5 11' 1- 1, 1,1-357311111111 1 .1132 'r 1111.11.51 13 .L 1' , .71 1- Q 11,1 ,1-11, 1, 1' 11.,1 11 1M ,,., ,-,1g1g -.J ..., 'jf,1.w,,1'11,.m1,-11711411ki2111!?j11,1-1311Q 1-1, 1,1-'jkY3L11j'1'111,. 1 ,1'f'1 ""f:"f" 111,541 .+,..-.......m.,w1....,.-11- 1 -1-.1 ' -11.'.1,..,M-+1 'N' 111 1 1 1 '11 A -1,-1..,...- .,,e..f-W-,. 11311-1 11...1,,..1...,,.1,,,.,.,.,..,...i1.1...-..-1 1 1 - -.1..,,1' --11,11 -1-1 'UW 1-A N1, 1, -M.,u1,,,f1L,.,-1,Ng4.,1,M11 1 1 ..., ,,.,,......, ..., -.., 1 1 1 1 1 'E -,:-..T-.,q,i....- .... ----1-21111-1: -1 ,.,i.-- ,...,....,.. , , ,,.. --1. .V-..f-.-7. --1. .VJ ... - .... -.....A..i.1,.-T.,W:?,- g.,.-..T-.,qii....- .... - ...1 v, Wiz.- 1 ...,...., .., Y n.. ,-,. .V.,, THE BEACO :If wah' Publlshed By F'LINTVILLzL HIGH SCHOOL Flintville, Tennessee 1953-51+ .iii-.aaa if PURIW URI! 1" A w f ' f . , J , y ,.1. Y , VK ' x', V' , 2 ' ' ' my -, ' 'J "N "fx v1:'::1:i' J 2.1 if wr JL ' vb w A M1 3' 1 - - - .. .V . v Q - ' I 1-.' ,T ,I QM' U' ' ' x. v' "v ,w , ' ff A X.. f1,.v .1, 1 Dedication He, the Annual Staff, ded- icate this issue of cur Annual, THB BEACCN, to our coaches ---- Mr. Charles D. Harmening and Mr. F. C. Duqqin ---- who have served us so well. OUR CGACHES They have given of them- selves unselfishly--their time, their efforts, and their means. hach has striven to instill in our players the importance of clean sportsmanship in victory or in defeat. We praise them for their sincerity,their cour- age, their unselfishness, and their untiring efforts. Our wish to them is that success and happiness may rule their lives. Faculty ROBERT A. DICKEY B.S. BERRY COLLEGE M.S. UNIVERSITY of TENNESSEE HISTCRY PRINCIPAL QW? NRS. ROBERT A. DICKEY B.S. BERRY COLLEGE ALGEBRA. TYPING CAROLYN WHITAKER B.A. PEABODY COLLEGE ENGLISH JUNE POSEY B.S. PEABODY COLLEGE ENGLISH, COMMERCIAL CHARLES HARMENING B.S. MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE MATHEMATICS, GENERAL BUSINESS, PHY. ED. COACH CON S. MASSEY B.S. UNIVERSITY of TENN AGRICULTURE MARGARET JENNINGS A.B. TENNESSEE COLLEGE ENGLISH , LIBRARY MARY SUE GOLDEN B.S. MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE M.A. PEABODY COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS HOME ECONONICS MRS. D.A. PORTER A.B. UNIVERSITY of NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY JANE GILLUN B.S. MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE MATHEMATICS R.C. DUGGIN 5.8. MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE COLLEGE BIOLOGY, PHY. ED. COACH 5 A , J, Q Ia-Q my f ff, P 9 'S 3 'P' I ' A mimi 'Cx R 1. v ,QA 1 'qs' mrmw " fnhf 'SM 1 xi , :Vxm as 7 wiv A ,. Xt? Xu., 1 1 45" 1 bk D Y . ggaf' T' , 1,-t' 'ffmff::-3. V SHLHLEY BHAZLLTON Qi? Feature Editor JO ELLEN JARLD Editor-In-Chief JENNIE QUICK Assistant Editor DAVID WHmELER Assistant Feature Lditor a I UCQI? PHIPPS Assistant Feature Editor NARY RICE Photographer BETTY CHURCH Typist FHLLNA SHELTON Typist J M 5 JERRY DICKEY Business Manager JINLY CURREY FLOYD PRICE Boys' Sports Editor LINDA COPELAND Girls' Sports Editcr Assistant Business hanager . ,lo ': , Nw' J- JL ' J f A 7 K y qt X y xl ky X J . e , y L . F rx, 1. 1' ' .' J X J - x XkN Y x , V xxx X r. it N X N. 649 0 SHELBY AIMASON A Basketball Manager 2-bi Play Cast 3g F.H.A. Club 3-Ag L-H Club 3-L5 A-Y Club A. JUANITA SATES Perfect Attendance l-3g Class Play 35 L-H Club l-2-3-L5 F.H.A. Club 2- 3-ug Commercial Club C. NELLIE BENNETT Library Assistants Club l-2-ug A-H Club l-2-3-Lg P.H.A. Club 2-3-Lg Beta Club QP3-Lg A-Y Club 2- -L. ' V I' RLEY BRAZLLTON ,Perfect Attendance l-2g Play Cast l-33 Library AssistantsCHub 3g F.H.A. Club ug Annual Staff ug BERLCN CARLISLE F.F.A. Club l-2-3-by L-H Club l-2-3-ug President of L-H Club A. NELLIE FAYE CARLlSLL A-H Club l-2-3-Lg F.H.A. Club 2-3-by A-Y Club 3- bg Class Treasurer Lg Ch rleader A. I f .fQ1,.,s,if '19 fbi flxlf .QL-411,11--J -I Lil--M1 -21411, JILL csa,',1l.a1.ss 7f4.4igL.l- A' F.F.A. Club l-2-33 Sgt. at Arms 33 Basketball 2- 3-Lg President of F.F.A. Club 33 Beta Club 3-Lg President of Class bg Paper Staff L. BETTY JANB CHURCH Perfect Attendance lg A-H Club l-2-3-by Library Assistants Club'g Annual Staff 3-Ag Paper Staff tg Beta Club L. LINDA CCPELAND Festival Queen lg Class Secretary 23 Beta Club 2g Cheerleader l-2-3-Lg Class Play l-35 Annual Staff 3-Lg Student Body Treasurer Ag F.H.A. Club ug Commercial Club A. NINA CCRDER A-H Club l-9-33 U.H.A. Club U-7-Ag Class Play ?g A-Y Omb Lg Commercial Club A. KINNCN P. Cut. . 4-H Cluo l-2-7-Ag V.F.A. Club l-2-7. JBRRY DICKLY U.V.A. Club l-2-?g Class Vice-President?-lg Llect to Boys' County 35 Play C8SC 33 A-Y Club P-7-43 Sergeant at Arms l-Lg Beta Club 3-Lg Basket- ball 3-Lg Annual fta" 3-L. ,R for DOROTHY EDWARDS Beta Club 2-3-Lg Cheer- leader 2-3-bg A-Y Club Ag Beta Club Reporter ug Paper Staff L. JENNIE MARX EDWARDS Cheerleader lg A-H Club lg A-Y Club 2g F.H.A. Club l-2. MARGIE GARDNER . . . Club 33 A-Y Club JODINE GAULT Library Assistants Club 2g Class Play 3g L-H Club l-2-3-bg F. H. A. Club 2-3-45 A-Y Club L3 Commercial Club L. PEGGY HENSHAW Class President l-25 Basketball l-3-I+! Beta Club 2-'-ug Beta Club Secretary 35 A-Y Club Lg Paper Staff ug F.H.A. Club ug Student Body Secretary bg Commercial Club b. ELLIS HIRLSTON F.F.A. Club l-2-33 A-Y Club l-2-3. JO ELLEN JARED Neatest Girl 2g Elect to Girls' County 35 Play Cast 33 A-Y Club 3-Ag F.H.A. Club 3-Lg Annual Staff 3-bg Cheerleader bg Commercial Club Lg A-Y Secretary A. PEGGY ANN NCANALLY b-H Club l-2-3-Lg Pere fect Attendance l-2-35 Class Play l-33 F.H.A. Club 2-3-L3 A-Y Club 2-3g Library Assistants Club ug Basketball Q. LCYD PRICE XLCCLN QUICK MARY GLENDA RICE JOAN REAGCN ROBERT RUTLEDGE RUTH SANDERS LYD SHARP TUELNA SHELTCN F.F.A. Club lg A-Y C l-2-3-Lg Elect to Bo S' County 3g Treasurer Y Class 3g Play Cast Perfect Attendance 3 Basketball 2-3-Lg Annua Staff 3-L3 Paper Sta? 3-by A-Y President Beta Club President A A-H Club Reporter L. P.F.A. Club l-2-Eg No Likeaole Boy Q-33 Vice President of Student Body 33 Jice-President of Senior Class ' Club Ag President Student Body Lg Paper Staff L. Cutest Girl lg Play Cast lg Library Assistants Club Secretary ' A Y Club Secretary L' Club l-2-3-bg P.H.A.Club Secretary 3-by A-Y Club 3-Lg Annual Staff b'Cmw mercial Club L. Play Cast lg P.P.A. Club 1-?-33 L-H Club Reporter 33 A-H Club ?-?-L. P.F.A. Club l-2-35 Play Cast 3g Paper Staff A. P.H.A. Club 2-3-L3 Class PlaY 33 b-H Club 35 Com- mercial Club Lg A-Y Club A. V.P.A. Club l-?-35 Play Cast l-3g A-H Club l-2- 3-L.' Paper Staff lg F.H.A. Club 2-3-L+: Play Cast 33 A-Y Club 3-bg Basketball Z-Lg Annual Staff by A-Y Club Treasurer by Commercial Club L3 A-H Club h. JIDMY SILMS v.v.A. Club 1-2-35 A-Y Club 2-3-bg Basketball 33 Treasurer of P.P.A. Club 3. SARAH STEWART A-H Club lg F.H.A. Club 3. DEAN STONE Q1 A FAA. Club 3. , new ',-.'1LL1:ms "" L+-H Club 1-2-1-lg Per- ,QQQQEQQQK fect Attendance l-35 Li- brary Assistant 33 Asst. 2 'Q?- Editor Paper staff ag ,N Play Cast 35 Beta Club A ' ?-2-Lg Paper Staff 3-Lg '.H.A. Club 2-3-Lg Sec- retary of Class Lg Ed- itor-In-Chief of Paper Staff Lg Commercial Club L. GORDCN EDWARDS F.F.A. Club l-2-3g Play Cast 33 Sergeant at Arms KAYE OWENS E.H.A. Club l-1-lg L-H Club?-33 A-Y Club 2-3-L. CAROLD LAPS F.E.A. Club 1-2-Y. CLASS CEFICERS JIMMY WALKER: Vice-President DAVID WHEELER: President CHRISTINE THRASHER: Secretary EDWARD WHITTEN: Treasurer DONALD COUNTS: Sgt. at Arms VIRGINIA COUNTS: Reporter FRANKLIN THONPSCN: Sgt. at Arms Junior CHARLES ARNOLD L Ai -.Lf - MARIE BAIN Q NAONI BARKER BILL CARTI-QP: i-- 'Q ,i , rr -P s,' ULYCES COLLINS BILL COUNT? DONALD CCUNTC VICKY COUNTS VIRGINIA COUNTS BARBARA JEAN CURREY JINAY CURREY CHARLES DICKEY JOE WAYNE DICKEY NELLE FCNLER CHARLENE GAULT BETTY JANE HALCONB f-Q I" K -13 A2 W R Www x 1 , 14 r A M'- .3 f ...., A ft 1? , 5 X ,. W R , --'rf' x bl .Q . S, x s v sg .1-.f,...,,,,,,:,- 1,3 . ,Q-. ""'-' ,113 ::::.,gf.. ,.:.'...,.. 5, X -2: '- -' L ,I 1 1. X. 4 v -guna,-.... - :- V gr .5 'gp' HH A . Q5 f 3:-Q Y 'if 3 QL If '.S:. ul v I I 3 'QT 1 . 1? " ,vi 9 , ,fig - Qi Jwf EI- Lg ' Q A I J " -. -v g Q. 6' '- fi V I 3'-' I ff, I x , .V , fi 4 "Y -A 'P -J' NCP f an Q I: , ML?L,.f 1 K, 2 Q. x I JVM Md' 'X R.D. HALL THONAS HOLLIS TEE HLRTCN lIn :QUJUCN AARTHA BELLE JEAN ELAINE JCNES BOBBY KINBRCUGH LORENE KING CHARLES NINCR FAYE NOCN NITA NEAL FRANCES NIXCN VIRGINIA NIKON EDWARD PEARSCN MARILYN PEARSCN ANNA PHIPPS EDNA PHIPPS RAY PICKETT EDNA PRUITT JENNIE QUICK JQAAHE REID KENNETH RUTLEDGE LACK SANDERS SUE NELL SCOTT JCSIE SHUBERT WILLA DEAN STEWART MARIE SYLER PAT SYLER EDWARD TAYLOR FRANKLIN THOMPSON CHRISTINE THRASHER BILL TOWRY DONALD TOWRY WADE TOWRY JERRY TUCKER KENNETH TUNSTILI DAVID WALKER JIMMY WALKER ADDIE BEA WEIR JAMES DAVID WHEELER LOLA WHITAKER EDWARD WHITTEN ORVILLE WOODS W 1 t , - , ', ' , v .3 W in V fQ'7' 1 A .5 i' zz?" Q" 'O' . if I h ,a'MiT:f 4 'mc nn: V"-J.. J -.Ji - , ? I A X 'N ' ' g . , 'Q v , A M, 1 1 " y , 1 I Ni - - A112 ' Z iL:vf'EgV iiihhk W34fl V gtk, A gif ii U :VA f -. ' A g '53 fs if AJ. Q 9 'Wav A Alf , wwiif' , wwvii Qi ' A274253 , . n 'mi , V " fr ' , ', Q ,':b'fLfA'-r . 1, - " ' - . Agiii 4937 V 3 ,N " ' M 'ian' " v ' 'V " ,,GwL""' I A A 4f"Jv K , Y 'I 2 I 'K K ' V 1 . D A I3 ' A 2222 , 13?- UP 2' 4, 9:2 Y 5 I' -v a ' CLASS OFFICE? BETTY SHARPE: Secretary LOYD STEELNAN: Treasurer J.B. MOORE: Vice-President FAT HATLEY: Sergeant at Arms BOYD STEELNAN: Treasurer NANCY HALCOLB: President NINA DANRON: Reporter homore 22' 21: A O 2 ye i Q E 'QYETS 2 iw A M 3 , , 2:' A A . g lj 2 3 Jazz J YW A if ' La CLYDE ANDERSON JAMES ARNOLD JEANETTE ARNOLD CHARCLETTE BAIN CLARENCE DCUGLAS BAIN OREN BATES JEANETTE BENSON NINA BRUCE NAURICE CALDWELL ELAINE CARLISLE BILL CHURCH GLENDA CLARK HAROLD CORDER GENE CORNELIUS NINA DANRCN JERRY WAYNE DANIEL JOYCE DODSON FRED DONALDSON DOROTHY EAKES SHIRLEY EDHISCN VIROIL EDWARDS CHARLES FARYER BOBBY JOE FERGUSON JATES BRYANT FITCH ERNESTEEN FRAME HOWARD LEE FRAVE BARBARA GARDNER BONNIE JO GLOVER NANCY HALCCHL RONNIE HALL PAT HATLEY RALPH HOLLIS BARBARA HOLT DOROTHY HULSEY ELLIS JOHNSON DORIS JONES CLARENCE KEY JULIA KIMBROUGH SHIRLEY KUYKENDALL FRED MANN JEAN r-mir: Ln 1 LCUIS MEARSF1 RUBY MILES J.B. MCCRE ev' RITA NEAL BILLY OGLE MARIE PICKETT EUNICE PLUNKETT JIM POSEY MARGIE REID SARA RICE BETTY SHARP V ,,, 0 ,rl if7lJLx,J JOE SHARP MARY BELL SHERRELL BILLY FLOYD SHIELDS WILMA SHUBE T ' " - ,Q 'W N1 A Oxy' f ., - 1'4 ai' LGI' , 'I A I , A ,,1fI,v .O A 1' " A VERA SIMMONS I 2 JOYCE SMITH BOYD STEELMAN LOYD STEELMAN ' L , NRM ' ' l Q9j5'bS?b?y QJAFJHW O' fl' A A A M5 QV -5 LAWSON STEVENSON f kk MONTIE SULLIVAN 1' , 1 LOYD WARREN 3, ' 1 MARY ELLEN WELLS .lv A 'mfg A nl ' . .4 I t B ' DAVID WELLS LARRY WHEELER L.T. WHITTEN MAXINE WINSETT E, q Y JI ll 5.x v f J hues EMR lo O. 'J-L05 ff! JYN'l'f.,+ Xl? k Qea Ojknlx ' JOE EDD YARBROUGH 1,wA,A'CZs bfi'-yflf 1 X A lg MAN f A L' . MJFAQJS4 LZADAI ' .QA 'S President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter OFFICERS Carole Patrick George Massey Linda Jared Faye Arnold Charles Warren Fre hmen J.B. AMASON MAX AMOS FAYE ARNOLD EVELYN AYERS CLARENCE BAIN JO ANN BAIN SHIRLEY BAIN DEAN BAILY THOPAS HARNETT JERRY BROOKS NELLIE JEAN CAMPBELL DEAN CASH BILLY CHISAM BARKLEY COUNTS JOE COUNTS PEGGY CUZZORT ki J xv Af X fa n J ,gf Y, ,A.. V, Q- Ni A .f 4 ,. , YY' Tir 'x E If 510 .41 - 4 -2' I, -4 5 ..-. rg .. ,QI X s-P x, ,TAI 44 js A l nf mx..-.'.,,,, -1 " J' au: -f n klw A iff W L. 2 A x.4 5 W I J . Y E . . N-f 59f?EX,A'Qji Q12 313 Ef25.2zff?,1 ' A GRADY LEC DJNIEL JEAN FAN 'my' ING RUTH FANNING JAMES FARMER RONELD GARDNER FAYE GAULT MARGARET GAULT BILLY JOE GEORGE JAMES RAY GOLDEN FRED GRAY WAYNE HALL BOBBY HAZELWOOD JOSEPHINE HOLDER MILDRED HOPKINS WAYNE HILL ARTHUR HODFER WAYNE HOWELL LINDA JARED IVALENE JONES TOMMY KEITH PHILLIP KILPATRICK M.C. KIMBROUGH KATHERINE KIRKLAND BOBBY LAND OPHELIA LEE HILTON LUTTRELL GEORGE MASSEY PHILLIP MAY PEGGY MCGEE ANN MCMILLIAN HELEN MIRES MACK MITCHELL JOE EDD MOORE DONALD PAMPLIN RUTH PARKER CAROLE PATRICK LAVERN PAYNE LOYD PEARSON DORIS PHIPPS DOUGLAS PICKETT RAYMOND POSEY MARBREY PRICE DONNIE PRINCE JUDY QUICK J.B. REAGON CHARLES RUSH BILLY RUTLEDGE GLENDA SANDERS BETTY JO SAWYER CARL SHARP IRIS SIMS JOHNNY SIMMS DICKEY SMITH J.M. SPARKS CHARLES STEWART ANNIE RUTH STONE vb' '? N L .L . ,,.n? 1 ft 2. f -:F hwhgwi W'H1' .ZQQ-igfjg? 1 1 1 1:1 .: X: 41' I 4 4 P fi! yz I , Afff , 1 i A jj I- ijgi A . ts I .Y If.: , Y' .Q , fra., ,-Y "2-. :::-AI' ..' ' ' TR 'fm -5 'xl I I " :..Nw'fw+m+ ::-gy Q ,, , I : '. .I 15513251-r , 'N Q9 ' 's 12 4 , xx 1 Z , ,J , I I 1 HQ, MB -fr' 5. I 8 0 i A irpii . J, S, J., I A , 1 4 ., lg , .'lHA. ' , , if 1 W' iaith. H 'W 44,111.- 4 xx RUBY SULLIVAN NANCY SWINFORD CHARLES TAYLOR JO ANN TAYLOR CHESTER THRASHER NOLAN THROWER JOE TROGLEN JUANITA TUCKER DALTON TUNSTILL HAROLD DEAN TUNSTILL CHARLES WARREN JUNE WEIR JAMES WHITT MATTIE BELL WILSON BARBARA WOODS llrgani ation STUDENT COUNCIL Flrst How Cleft to Flghtl Llnda Copeland, Treasurer of Student Body, Carole Patrlck, Presldent of Freshman Class, Peggy Henshaw, Secretary of Student Body Nancy Halcomb, Davld Wheeler, Vlce Presldent of Student Body, Malcolm QUlCK, Presldent of Student Body, Bllly Chamblee, Presldent of Sen 1or Class, Mr Dlckey, Prlnclpal President of Sophomore Class, Second Row Kleft to rightJT--- PAPER STAFF Elsle W1ll1amS, Edltor ln Chlef, F1PSt Row Cleft to rlghtl V1rg1n1a Counts, Junlor Reporter, Faye Moon, As slstant Buslness Manager, Nancy Halcomb, Feature Edltor, Betty Church, Proofreader, Betty Halcomb, Cartoonlst, Peggy Henshaw, Senlor Reporter, Dorothy Edwards, Beta Club Report er, Second Row Cleft to rlghtl Charles Warren, Freshman Reporter, Nlna Damron, Sophomore Reporter, Robert Rutledge, Typlst, Malcolm Qulck, Prlnter, Jlmmy Slmms, Typlst, Jlmmy Walker, Asslstant Edltor, Floyd Prlce, Buslness Manager, Bllly Chamblee, Prlnter, Mlss Carolyn Whltaker, Sponsor BETA CLUB Presldent Floyd Prlce Vlce Presldent Davld Wheeler Sec A Treas Mary R168 Reporter Dorothy Edwards Flrst Row fleft to Plghtl M1ss June Posey, Nancy Halcomb, El51e W1ll1ams, Jeanette Benson, Betty Church, Ellen Wells, Dorothy Eakes, Martha Bell Jean, M Harmen1ng Second Row fleft to rlghtl Peggy Henshaw, Dorothy Edwards, Bllly Chamblee, Davld Wheeler, Jerry Wayne Danlel, Mary RICE, Harold Corder, Floyd Prlce Thlrd Row Cleft to rlghtj Elalne Carllsle, Jerry Dlckey, Nellle Bennett, Jennle Qulck, N1na Bruce Wllma Shubert, Maxlne Wlnsett, Nlna Damron OFFICE STAFF First Row Cleft to rightl ---- Mary Rice, Linda Copeland, Naomi Barker, Mr. R.A. Dickey, Elsie Williams, Jo Ellen Jared,Thelma Shelton. Second Row Cleft to rightl ---- Dorothy Eakes, Mary Ellen Wells, Shirley Brazelton, Betty Church, Jeanette Benson, Virginia Counts. Third Row lleft to right! ---Nellie Faye Carlisle, Sara Rice. Christine Thrasher. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Presldent Thelma Shelton V1ce Presldent Shelby Amason Secretary Peggy Henshaw Treasurer Betty Church Reoorter Nellle Jean Campbell Flrst Row lleft to Plght, Nlna Corder, Betty Church, Peggy Henshaw, Shelby Amason,Thelma Shelton Second Row Cleft to rlghtl Sarah Stewart, Joanne Reld, Marle Ba1n,W1lla Dean Stewart, Peggy McAnally, Nellle Faye Carllsle, Llnda Jared, Jeanette Arnold, Nellle Jean Campbell,Sh1r1ey Brazelton, Llnda Copeland, Dorothy Edwards, Nellle Bennett Thlrd Row Cleft to Plghty Charlotte Baln, Juanlta Tucker, Joan Reagon, Kay Owens, Frances Nlxon, ChP1St1U9 Thrasher, Mary Rlce, Jo Ellen Jared, Lola Whltaker, Addle Bea Welr, Vlcky Counts, Marbrey Prlce Elsle Wllllams, Ernesteen Frame Fourth Row Kleft to rlght Ruth Sanders, Margle Gardner, Dean Stone, Barbara Gardner, Julla Klmbrough, Faye Arnold, Faye Moon, Nlna Bruce, Shlrley Kuykendall,Betty Halcomb,Jean Currey, Jeanette Benson, Shlrley Ba1n Flfth Row Kleft to r1ghtJ Carole Patrlck, Nlna Damron, Maxlne Wlnsett, Elalne Carllsle, Sara RlC6, Betty Sharp, Glenda Clark, Montle Sulllvan, EUn1CS Plunkett, Wllma Shubert, Dorothy Eakes, Mary Ellen Wells, Joyce Smlth Slxth Row Kleft to Tlghty Rlta Neal, Jean Mann, Vera Slmmons, Ruby Sulllvan, Peggy McGee, Joan Baln, Elalne Jones, V1rg1n1a Nlxon, Nancy Halcomb Sue Nell Scott Marle Syler 1-nl SS Ce BE-4 by QJCDO 0 HOSE!! D d R rles h D.:-4 I-4 .C-C1 UDD- r-1:-4 r-4 -C arl nson UD-Cd! -H O D 4-7 r-4 O D1 'C O O E0 C5 CD 5:05 CU:-I 30 +313 S4 UD O .C S-4 CD CL C5 D- O r-4 I LJ r-CCD I-4 O E .hd U KU U1 'agen GJ bD'1'U+-7 C5 r-49-1 OCD CZ.CCJr-I C0 Ulf-4.54 E105-'O 'O CJ Q bw-4 K-D32 4-7 P-.-C V14-7 R59-4 DOG! CJ DL' CD 'U U O r-I CU 'U lil CD 2204 S4 S-1 O LU Pubs .-Q 0 H C ID E CDT! r-4'-4C .24 C O 1C"J CUTS:-I B301 O bar-4 Lu-'Ir-I 54003 EUl"a CD D-.Civ-4 .M-CI C3 D 4-7 ,M U r-VU D-F11 CE GLC EJ-7 C119-4 O 4-7 C GJ S-av-I CD 313 O"C'U 'A 'U "D C r-VU-540-O r-4 bu-'I EIO 1-'I O U1 ID 5-ar-4 423 v-4 'Tr-I ID Dsl-9 S4 CD 'U 'U allrl 3,ma. '1 r-4 r-I e 1 o 1 0111118 - E4 4-7.-C Us--'I CDDMU Qbbd Or-I DCC 4-74-7 Y-or-if-1 5-5: 7-.ID MUD CIOE4 CU-5491 cd 7-'ADHD :QE Or-4 r-'I lJ,Dr-401 1-4 1-4.2 Pa QJ.C J.B. Moore .DC .DW 7,04-7 .0014-7 Hollls S 321-lv-I CED!!! homa T W- r-IDC 03.21034-3 H505-4 'U 7121:-40+-7 CD S4 LF!- 4-7 4-7 fo-4 Hr-"I r-4 bv-4'U bDr-I 5 .COD G1 I-I UZ LT! r-4 EZ U3 CI O +7 .-CEI-u-'I U10 04-7 ba r-I IE-4CD"1I!'1 S-er-4 P1 3 4-3 UVU .Sdr-4 S10 Cd Q-4 n-IQ I-4 CD4-J bu-9 D-GSB-4 0.310 r-4 III .C v-'I'1D'l .C 0.4-5 43.-CU! S-:CO hD 0.5 bD 5.2 OD ,DC O C UJQ S-1525424 QD.-C 'O UQ .C O Q- 1-I 'U 1-40:-I HSI!!! 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A -ul 0 o Q A . ---- L o . . . ---- I , , First prize winner in the Soil Conservation Contest, sponsored by the Soil Conservation Board, was Nellie Bennett,a Senior. The ers for the occasion were Mr. Brock,County Agent, Mr.Thomas Superintendent of Schools, Mr Rees, of the Union National and Mr Bryant Warden, member Soil Conservation Board First Row lleft to right Bryant Warden,Mr James Rees, Bennett, Mr R A Dickey Qow Kleft to rightl Brock and Mr Thomas Towrv J speak- M. D. Towry, James Bank, of the Nellie Second HHLCIWEERVATKHJ PROGRAM prizes With Mr Rees are Nellie 5 Bennett,f1rst pr1ze,Jeanette Benson, second pr1ze,N1na Bruce,th1rd prize, Linda Jared, fourth prize, Betty Jo , fifth prize . . ---Mr. . ' ' " ---- MQ. M. D. 5 1 L 1 Mr. James Rees awarded the THELMA SHELTON SGHIOP Lettered Two Years Position--Forward www fe 19 P-99 iof fear 5006 Oneguafd rivet? on" mevoeav BALL o DAIXVBELL ASW QQLVXS wa' wear L L Fr Aff 50 e Pot Cmlsfm, d FZDGY C 622 O fe t C eppesh RT beixf .X-O9 Y Q5 .ne fd YEQe6'SL?0fwa 055' ELAINE CARLISLE Sophomore Lettered Two Years Position--Guard OS- 11.100 O09 FU A , e . ix awe! 100 VIRGINIA COUNTS Junior Lettered One Year Position--Forward CLUB mfr SWS X ffesfmgxe 55356 efe ,-io ?f-lifioo NN Q91 AYGSSH AG r W' ,gof 9 1931.5 Se 'tbfe Gvafd 14 llfff VBR Let 301:17 0005 Posifsfed o"?o,.e Cjon one Y s'GuaheSp d PAY E P O 21569 hesflm L0 08.1. lo One Q05 PEGGY MCANALLY 45 0 x x I' Ou aria 1. 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Suggestions in the Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) collection:

Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 39

1954, pg 39

Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 36

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1954, pg 25

Flintville High School - Beacon Yearbook (Flintville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 48

1954, pg 48

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