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1. -.Q-'NW' ' . Y -PJ! g WK t bf .. A-,,5?- , 1 T K -' Y-9-f' ' If , qui , Y L .LIL-M-AC' A, ., 77' Y' f -,fn rf ' "'-eynw... .ff Ljggaum - K ,' 7 N-""h.Lx-'i,,.1i:A.',5,,giivl, AX' ,Q if xffj. Y.: fri 5 L., :,,, - Mu,-N-f-f- W1-'-,....f U 'ffk--fQgf,f.k,,, ' ff , ,- ' .41 ,,, . .1 ' -. N A f 'j""3L'ilffl-1,,-1 .,,, wi' V- f- L6 Q ' Efgn-W J I ' lizrf - P ' ff'-"af A. , ,.' .,.., W-. N, , Q-f"fM-' 1i,f gf 44 fr k Y X' , I 'gif' Ji-.Af ff ll - ,,,.., yy N 31 1 - s , ,, K. ya , m , J . - K? Q 5- M Q an . , X -fx ax Y ' 5 6 1,5 5, 4 gi 3 2,315 , 1, : VV fc , 2 'QQQEQQ ' " 1 1. Q , v , 0 FFS " M Q S5 vi. nl' ' 9, -, .11-.4 w n , H q vs -7 l 5 y . 1f 1 X. M . r r" WL A l 4 ,f sf .. 15.5 ' 231. gg , 4 . , ' ' as . '.,,.w,, 5,3 ggi'-A 7 Q - fr 0 wig, vf I ' '.-:ig ai. f 1' rin-rim, if , ,- Quai? v 23if.f?e:"'1N ' 1 ' Ti' 1.7 wif- ' ,. , ..f. V- ,. f ' f.a,E.,',- 1 1 -Nw , 'Y P5 xx Zfa E QSOJJ O M ffriifefgg mfr: 6 P W E X N X X XO X ff li E ff X945 FLEMINGTON I-IIGI-I SCHOOL FLEMINGTON X NEW JERSEY J x . X ECHO Uur Alma Mater Flemington High Schnnl 6 1 fi -J E U i i . r , 11 ,, Q QT' Y XXWXXXXxxxw - eDfDlCATl0N To Our Pan-American N E IG H B O R S We,'l'he class of 19115, cleflicah Huis issue of I 'HIC winlnleferumt liope Hui we rgmaill Ne' la .li- FUHEWUBD just as America's relations with its Pan American Neighbors have been interlaced with friendship, so have our activities here in Flemington High School been interlaced with good fellowship. It is with a definite feeling of regret that we leave its halls to pursue our own paths. if Pan Americanism is our theme because we feel it is most appropriate at this time when we are looking forward to a better world and better relations with all the- countries of the world as well as with our neighbors to the South. l, ' 'Y ' 7 ' - -I Iv .. T , A- I it-3 2' " f, C M J, Vw, 1 - 7.71.- ' T 1l g-1.-1111 iii lil- J 3:1-s il - .,. ..T. ,. . A.,-1 2 - 4 437 ill: .-ll. -1... 000 111. l. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 1, ,Y l ,I ,X X X, '1.. 1 ' rcs '. 'cieg is 'e1xg. r. 7. . fro: " 'z su , 'rcsice . lr-fi fronl f4u'c'gx'o11iul to hackplrmillrlz Nr. ll. llmvarrl Moreau, Mr. Ralph J, Muller, Mr, llowsrfl mill 'XI1 khul X XX li Il tint il l 'Nl I Viet Ixxllllilll 11 I lm Right from foregruuml to Irackgrrmiul: Mr. J. Russ llughes, Dr. XYilliam Y. lligprius, Mrs. Rufus ll. Matllews, Mrs. llcrgeu Carter. AHMINISTHATIUN To the Board of Education, whose only compensation is the knowledge that they have served to the best of their ability, We, the Class of 1945, take this opportun- y uf ity to express our thanks. Ally J Main llffilze MRS. Ross B. SCHAFFERNOTH Miss Ersm Hfxvmz gf MR. HAROLD S. GOLDSMITH I'z'i11rilDfzl FACULTY To the Faculty, Whom We have Caused to relinquish many pleasures for hours of Work and worry, We, the Class of 1945, express our thanks for enabling us to meet new responsibilities. Miss li. 1E1.12ANoR SCOTT. Cnznzxelm- AuN1is B1zsT. Smdwn Guidance fir .4 Z ah. rn HELEN ANDRUS Prolzlemr of De111m'1'111'y. E11mj7e1z11 H1,rlm'y. U. S. Hiifmy B. A., M. A., University of North Carolina C23 LOUISE P. ANTONINI 1lIll,ffl' B. A., Morehead State Teachers' College, Morehead, Kentucky l-Courses: New York University jd ,J .1 I nf JV I CD ,P MARY E. BARRE My -J . . I - J. L11g11fh 11, 111 3 9"'XavN f5J PATRICIA R. CASS E11gl1,rlv 11. III B. S., Tufts College M. A., Boston University C67 H. EARLE DAVISON Baolfeeepizlg, Cr1111111er1'111l Afffblllefjt' B. S., Rider College 475 d EVELYN E. DUANE Clflfhjllg Indiana State Teachers' College . Rutgers University CSD MRS. MILDRED M. GODLEY. EIIKQIUA7 I B. A., Wilson College if ' B. A., Boston University C47 MRS. FRANK BODINE Nfzrfe R. N., McKinley Hospital, Trenton -if ---.... O 4 -W -4-I ff if f:..-i4'-.- .J'.-is ' 1 ua- .. f. C13 HAROLD S. GOLDSMITH Principal B. S., Colby College M. S., Rutgers University C23 EDNA GREENFIELD Englirla IV. Frencb I B. A., Massachusetts State College C33 LEON F. HALL illtznnal Training, Merlaaniral Drawing Rutgers University C43 MRS. BLANCHE P. LE MONN 'l'ype1w'Ifi11g I, II. Offire Prariire, Slenograllihy B. S., Bowling Green College B. S., Rutgers University 7 1 II l C53 FRED G. LODGE Agria'nflm'e. Agl'ilIllIfllf'6 Shop B. S., University of Maryland M. S., Pennsy 'ania t te Wge tvefaglf .4 Cf cw ' NORMA MAGIDSO, Cooking W B. S., Mazsachusetts State College fi' C73 JOHN C. MILLER U. S. Hillary, Anrienl Hirfory. Geography y-J B. A., University of Wisconsin ji .V M. S., College of the City of New York QP Il f ' C33 C -fl , ANNE MONTI Algebra I. Il, Plan Geonleiry B. A., Montclair Teachers' College 9 E. ELEAIXl3R SCOTT Guidance Connfellor B. A., Wilson College Courses: Rutgers University LOUIS J. QRABRISKIE A6I'IlI1dlllil'.li. Alanna! 7raining,'Mechanical Drawing , I Trenton State Teachers' College Drexel Institute Lafayette College 8 MRS. NACSMI M. ZID Sfezmiqraphy I, Conimercial Lauf, fr. Bn.rine.v.r Training B. S., Rider College Co rses: Rutgers University fo? HARRY W. ZOLL Cbonliffry, Phy.ricJ'. Biology B. S., Ursinus College M. S., University of Pennsylviania U05 MRS. DOROTHY ZUEGNER General Malhernaticf, Algebra I, II, Soli.l Geometry, Trigonomefry B. S., M. S., New York University .AWP CU MARY L. MULLALY Librarian A., Marywood College, Scranton, Pennsylvania 423 MARY W. MURDOCH Frencb I, Il, III, Latin 1, ll B. A., M. Ed., Cornell University C33 MARGARET A. REEDER Ar! 5llll76I'1'if0I' B. S., B. F. A., School of Arts Courses: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Colorado College C45 R. EFFIE RIGGIO Superrifor of Girly' Phyfical E6fllCdfi0lI B. S., Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene C53 PRICILLA SMITH General Science, Biology B. A., University of Maine f Q I t -A '-N 9 N C .Y 'f OBJ ECTIVE Q Q. W' r 5 MF 'Wk i MXN 'N-Q I. Xlr. llzlrry Z4-ll. Q. Nliw M:u'gzu'ct Rccmlvr, Misa Imuiw Nllllcr. 7. Miw lfllllil Gwcrlllclul. S, Mixs I.UlliSl' Alllvllilli, Alllnillllli. 3. Nliw Ilclvn.Xml1'uN. 4, Mrs. l3lz11ncI1cl,m-Nimm, Miu lime Rigpfin, 'L Mis, lflczumr Sk-011, Miss l':X'L'ljil S. Mr. lmuux Znhrixkiu. 1-, Mr. lfnrlc llzu-iwn, Mr. john C. lluzuw, ll Q L .iii U75 T .L 5 0 G V1 '22ffg,j.g':-V , 4 T' 1 - --.gi ..'k -7 "k' I T 14.4. - r AL 'A K ' """j1:f: 'M ' LOW E R W ' JE 3 , -r, --., Qi..-1 .V 1' G-.44 . 1 Y, ...L " l ik' 'A 2 A QT K , 'W-wa I may GW-ie i Tp. Q'- 3350 f 1 :iw -. , J -fb '-A1 s fw 'Sag , x fc 1 , - eggs X 49,7 Q 36 ,TA 1 in . ibgggyx 5 "Eg N' -" 4, in -fm 5 ga . f ' ' X y 2f:4gifef fifg '- fsfuizpk, 4 ,Q - J, -' " KQ g,!- iff, f.f ",g,4':9f, ,fgirggl -lair? . Q ,G ' 'MM' I' 6 'I ' ,' ff 3 3225553 A ,,,,A is V ll' A -, isa '71 x g ' Q 0 Y .:-Ali! 1 1 ' , 1 " T1 ' X ' 'A xx tiff' x -t -' 3'w'4 ' Q , - A Q., va n J 'S' 'i I Q' 'K' 'Iv , A A r . '91 mf f , 1- .,,. . i ' gn' .47 - " ' iggam M L' 531 25, Q Q A A f .H x W .,..:, N ! 4: iz' r I' V - 2, -rfb' 01 0 '- M X ,. ,, '45 g '? OAO - 1- 595' Q .0 2 WH, '5 Q 1 . o fi X 3 E It 'P'-'5 "'-S? 'Ji pf' ' 0 " 9 R iu- U -' ' 1 0 O0 Q QQ 4' QQ 1, Gy P: o f 0 Ep 8 ,,, ' ,X 'fffg 4? K 2 'QBN fu "' --- ' We K... 15 A Q- 4 'QQ W6 A , HN I -,L The Faculty As We See Them ... Q f A 1 G Q . Q a n . i ff 15P 7 , 5 Ip A L E , !f'3lll.' j A hi 4 -1 . ig N- 75, an L-use .ga-ug ' A-.1 -V N:-aft.-.4 A.- -... 4 , . V V f , A ' " f 'I f v ' , X fl Q- r.'.f.:.f"ky9u- , L22"1-'gf'-ix' ' Lggvk., , ,f , ', "-Avbi I N I J yjm C J W 5.7 - I AZ ll K Q- A " f '- ,.. --, I x .lf Y Q ,-,gi , 2 f -A " " R . , X I Pvwvu .. f154lEf'LJ' if i. . 1' Q " 4 -- Q A' -a 5 w e I .io- Q A. 0. A V '-'Q Ja! . - O- 0 0 -1 l 1 : 5. , . Q I Q u ', :L-i q I ' 3 , 7 ' a O . I' . X V 7 ' ' , 6' s 1 ' 5' :QQ av : " QT ' li ,X J , Q Q 'xx Atskf ' Q ' 3-QI .3-,gfkivm Q 5 " f' 1 A -..- I-QQ4. e o . T17 1 ' 4 . 0 o - . F , 1 V Hb 6122 'J 2.3721 g. vffifl 213. ' Rf ' 1- - -- '- lv- - .- 'iff ' .smmw 'H fig ' -- '. -.'. 9. Visilinq In Latin America B I t X if School B I t ALMA MATEB America, land of the free Home of the true and brave Witlm Hag of red and white and blue Wliich does most proudly wave Her schools are large,'her courses long Her students brave and wise But best of all is Flemington High, The finest 'neath the skies. Now all together boys let's give a hearty cheer fRah, Rah, Rahj Three for our high school and three for Reading dear fRah, Rah, Rahj Rassle, dazzle sis boom ah-ah-ah Flemington and her high school fRah, Rah, Rahj. I l II trance Back Entrance WN W W7 7 2 5 3' L, ,-.---2 E42 E lf "":. 'Q :J ,. 5 5 3- 'E ..? ??" fn 5 5 ?' , f' l i- 14511 .rs '-.5 E gi 2 gl , uf, L .1 E 1 5 Z-fiixf E .5 L, f ,,J 1 in sg if K ,-: 'a,f-fe-'tv Ti x E E ,-Z " 5, Ei -5-i 3? 1'-1 f f S .,.e"2 2.5 "f"fQ.f.2-5 5 2 -, .1 2 X?" Eff" , T5 f ' Y Q , X fi... '2'? fi 715 ff' ' 'fffwf 5 , ' Z ff x 1 My A MXQZX , x . K K A lg Y - sri 1 1 7 , IA fl NR 5' Q f ax, f ' f f 1 X Aff '- A X ' I i!! V MSX Q X X N120 r ,V x -1-1 'n' , X K In ,kc j.l sf? f H Q 4 X xx w f, A gb W! ,Nic W , M , ,, 00, J K X 4,f fm 'ff 1 Wg, C. fgtl 0 . f f N gm' ,J K wx nw. 3 5 QI' KNQNRNXE "" ffff J tx 1 ff iffi 'ff " qgz1":Lf ,. .. 1" 'K .M - Xa ' f' y 42549 X 51131 M , 7+ f Q f Xi 95" -.' A ,Q ,.., ii' if ' --Y, Y , f iffy iQ ff - Nw ' K - R W he Q , fx Y X ff ,,f" 9,95 T1 Xml ' "4 f , 'S x : , I ff ,f":4f f 7 6 w X 210217 ff riff S U X an? ,:i:f"' In pf x Fefe' S . S I f s , flax -YV mv' ,S ! 7 Q J 7 'fbi - 45 Q? . I y ,V " V XX 2 N N - '- x Q mx P aw, K - if L 7 I A xxx!! N V ,,,.L.f-f f Ryfggff A Ax'5 R0 UCTION 5059 0 QU D QUQOQUQOWUQU QOCLAQSES F Elizabeth Alles R. Thomas Niet' Richard Haver Elsie Potter Secretary President Vice President Acting Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS NIEF .... ...... P rerideuf ELIZABETH Arries - --- --. -- Serremry RICHARD HAVIER - - -H ---. Vice Praridenl ROBERT DILLON - - -. - .... Trea,r11rer Senior Blass History The Class of 1945 has experienced many changes in these four short years at Flemington High School. just as we were getting used to the "usual rou- tine" the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. We saw many of the upper class- men leave to join the armed forces and the whole student body at once became war-minded. But in spite of this, our first social event, the Valentine Dance, under the leadership of Thomas Nief, our first class President, went over with a bang. In our Sophomore year we became better acquainted and many of our classmates joined in both athletic and non-athletic groups. In 1942 we elected Jacqueline Maxson our President. In November, as our contribution toward the social events of that year, we held the Halloween Dance. We were guided through our junior year with Thomas Nief again as our President. By this time many of our classmates had made the varsity sports teams. We were represented in nearly all the clubs and several of the members were among the .cast of our school play. We were the first class in many years to hold the traditional junior Prom in May instead of June. This past year has been marked with even greater change. Several of the boys of our class have left to join the lighting forces and conditions have com- pelled us to give up the usual athletic program for the year. Nevertheless, we are planning a Class Night that will top all in in the history of Flemington il-Iigh School. We also hope to mak-e our Baccalaureate Selrvice and Com- mencement an overwhelming success. We, the Class of 1945, willl keep the memory of our days at Flemington High School among our most cherished for here we not only acquired know- ledge and inspiration to achieve our individual goals, but also made life long friends. tl N N . 5 . KA I tx .ii i C53 GEORGE BARRICK "Barrick" Pittstown "Quitlerr nerer wing winner: neve Radio Club 35 Math Club 2. C65 IRA BASS "Ira" Flemington "Art and knowledge bring hread and honor." Journalism 1, 25 Band 15 Boys' Chef Club 15 Boys' Glee Club 25 Operetta 2, 45 French Club 25 Erho 3, 45 Student Voire 3, 45 Arts and Crafts Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 All State Chorus 4. C D JANE si BELLIS "Bellis" Ringoes "It if alto ether in rain to learn wirdonl 8 and yet live foolirhlyf' Chorus 25 Student Voire 3, 45 Journalism 3, 45 Traffic Corps 3, 45 Junior Red Cross 45 Erho 45 Victory Corps 2. AGNES, BEST "Best" Flemington "Ten arre: and a thorough-bred Jersey." Triangle Club 1 5 Band of Owl's Club 2, fVice Presidentj 3, 45 Traffic Corps 2, 3, 45 Student Voice 45 Echo 3: Chorus 2, 45 Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 4. 'Y fl? JACKSON B. ALLEGER "Jack" Flemington "If you he a jerter, keep your wit until you have ure for it." Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hill Billy Band 35 Aero Math Club 25 International Relations Club 1. C25 ELIZABETH IVI. ALLES "Libby" Flemington "The Junfhffze rome! along with her." Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, QSe:retaryj 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Erho Board 2, 3, 45 Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 35 Vic- tory Corps 25 Trathc Corps 2,3,45 Operetta 25 Home Me- chanics for 'Girls 45 Stldent Council 2. 35 Class Secretary 4. C35 JEAN MARION ALVATER "Jean" Flemington "A pleasant Jnzile, a wfll to plea.re." Gift Club 15 Glee Club 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Voice 25 Echo 35 Library 4. . C43 ARTHUR BANKER "Art" Flemington "Oh, happineu! how far ufe flee thy own .rweet pathr in xearrh of thee." Young Olhcials Club 15 Basketball 2, 35 French Club 25 Student Voire 3, 45 Football 4. uit." W .Lf lx l, I IG '17 1 153 JULIUS JOSEPH BORDUCCI "Admiral" Xxlhitehouse "I dare to walk where angels fear lo tread." Boys' Glee Club lg Cheer Leaders lg Pinochle Club 2g Boys' Chef Club 2g Inter-class Football 3, Chorus 4. fm WILLIAM BREWER "Hill" Sergeantsville "If I rleep. I .sleep for my.felf,' if I work, I kazou' fzol for ivlvonzf' Pinochle Club 1, 2g Tumbling Club 3g Hill Bi Football 3, 4. C75 DOROTHY BROST "Dot" Rocktown "Herr if a life of joliiyf' Band of Owls Club 2g Home Mechanics for irlsl C Girls' Leader Corps 45 Glee Club 4. CSI BM GLORIA JOYCE BUS "Tootie" Whitehouse "A lillle fzzixchief by llJe way, a lilfle frm I Jpi Cheerleading I, 2, 3, fHead Chee derj 4g ' l Leader Cor sl 2 3 4' Girls' Hocke 1 2 3 4 P 1 1 e 1 1 Y 5 V 9 i 33 Art Club lg Dance Club lg Key Klick , ' g se l, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Tumblin 2 419 DANTE BIANKI "Dante" Fleniington "What I hare been taught, 1 bare f0l'gUflt'll.' wlvai I know, I bare gl1e.v.i'ed." C25 MORRIS BLAHER 'lllurl" lflfllllllflffill "A jeff loser iii poll!! zrkwen the jeiter laugku' lvim.ielf." Journalism 1, 2g Slmlezzf Voice 3, 43 Echo 43 Basketball fAssistant Managerj 1, 2, QManagerj 3, 4g Operetta 23 International Relations Club lg Boys' Chef Club lg French Club QSecretaryj 2g Victory Corps 2. C39 ELIZABETH BLATTERSPIEL "Betty" Stanton Station "She may look qzzief, lm! look again." Biology Club 2g Library Club 33 Glee Club 5, -ig Home Mechanics for Girls 4. 449 WILLIAM W. BONHAM "Felix" l"lc-niiugtuu "Ab.rel1l :zone 1l'lfk70Ilf blame, f7l11'.lilllf none million! e.x'r1r.ve.' Young Official Club 1 g Boys' Chef Club 23 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. 4g Mixed Q' lly Band 35 1, Q Q I N ce glayf' i Cl A 4 bll .. I hw VT- T'- J' w li' Jw' J YH tj, iq .uvn iv --.ly ,l ,M . 1 4 ef if 1 cn N -.PJ ,U I YJ ilpflyl 'V DOROTHY M. CAPELLE "Dot" Cherryville "Noi l'01I.l'Plt'll0llJ', but earzzeyt in all the does." Triangle Club 1 g Nature Club 2, Key Klickers 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 25 journalism 4. C23 GLADYS FLORENCE CASE "Casey" Flemington "ll"hV1' do I laugh? ll"ell. fo be explirif. I Jee fill? zrhere oilverr often min it." French Club 2, Girls' Leader Corps 43 Home Mechanics for 'Girls 4. C37 EVELYN COLE "I'fvie" xxvlllN'!ll0llSE Station "Leave ,rilemse to lhe gods-I am only lmmanf' Triangle Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Key Klickers 3, 44 Dancing 4. 441 H. RICHARD COMPTON "Dick" Flemington "He plouglu lbe air." Boys' Chef Club Ig Radio 25 Laboratory Assistant 4. C55 EDWARD J. coRoNA "Corona" Flemington "l'zfe lived and loved." f 2g Baseball 3. ELEANOR COTTRELL Knitting -Club 2, Arts and Crafts QSecretaryj 23 Key Klickers 3, 45 journalism 3, 4g Erbo 4g june Mad 4. 479 FLORENCE CVECICH J' I "Florrie" Ringoes lo lbe end." Knitting Club 15 Student Voice 3, 4g junior Red Cross Club 4, Echo 4. f8J ARTHUR DALLEY "DalIey" Reaville "It taker all kindf to make a world." Future Farmers of America lg Current Events 2. . . 19 1' Student Council lg Football 1, 43 Math Club fPresidentj' "A praetieal Jmdenl, a loyal friend ,' alufayf dependable -2. I . "Ellie" Flemington "A read y Jmile, a defire to pleafe, will: aeliorz barking if boil: of these." ' A i' 'ly' C13 DOROTHY DALRYMPLE "Dotty" Pittstown "One part of knowledge eonrillfy in being ignorant of .rurh thing! ar are not worthy to be known." Triangle Club lg French Club 2g Art Club 2g Knitting Club 35 Red Cross Club 4. C23 JACK DAVENPORT "Fat" Clinton "Eat, drink, and be rnerry-for tomorrow we diet." Model Airplane Club 1 g Glee Club 2g Boys' Chef Club 2g Art Club 33 Football 3g Current Events Club 2, Service Club 4. fab ANN DEMBESKI "Annie" VVhitehouse Station "Little-but, oh my!" Glee Club 2, Home Mechanics for Girls 4g Mixed Chorus 4. C43 ROBERT DI LLON "Trigger" Whitehouse "A wolf if alwayr raid to be more terrible than he it." Baseball 2, 3, 4g Boys' Chef Club 2g Glee Club 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 35 Football 3, 4g Class Treasurer 4. VM. V! t F .V .xty . .1 ' 1 Av ,,a I , iw . rf' 5 1 JJ' ,E IRENE EDGE "Renie" Flemington "Anything for 4 quiet life." Triangle Club 1, Glee Club 1, 3g Current History 23 Key Klickers 3, 4. 165 ELEANOR W. EWING "El" Stanton "Modem rinzple and sweet." Transferred from North Plainfield High School, Septem- ber 1942. Glee Club 3, 45 Student Voire 3, 45 Home Mechanics for Girls 4. C75 ANNABELLE FIRTH "Nan" Flemington "Be gone dull eareg thon anPI .fhall nerer agree." Triangle Club lg Nature Club 2g Girls' Leader Corps 2g Victory Corps 2, Gift Club fVice Presidentj 3g Home Me- chanics for Girls 4. C37 WILLIAM FOSTER "Willie" Ringoes "The u'orld'J no better if we worry: Life'.r no Jhorter if we hurry." Boys' Chef Club 1 g Radio Club lg Model Airplane Club 23 Current Events Club 25 Hill Billy Band 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 45 Art Club 4. S 7 f f- uw HERBERT FURSTENBURG "Herbie" Reaville "An afhlete who knouxr fmt defend." Football 4, Blseball 3. C25 BARBARA M. GULRICH "Bobbie" Croton "A mee! di.s'p0.i-iliozz ii not flae lem! of her chf1rn1.I." , Triangle Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, I 'Do 4, lnterprative Dancing 2. M' .LI LW-Z can A I u L 5' W ,A RICHARD Y. HAVER swnij' 62,10 M "Rich" Quakertown W R D "Before .vbifliug win' wozflh into ear. be .wire J fl. TJ" 'Jlylfl' your brain if fllffllllg 015-.I' Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, journalism 1, CSports Editorj 2, 3, 4, Pinochle Club 1, Geography Club 1 , Math Club QVice Presidentj 2, Young Officials Club 1, Service League 1, 2, Air Raid Warden 33 " Smileizf V0if04, Echo 4, Class Vice President 4. . gs. - I' 143 ' JAIRD HEINELT ."Clax"' FlC1lll!lHf0!l IVV , I 5,1 "Lore all, friirf 4 few, be faire to none." 2, Art Club fVice Presidentb 33 Student Council 3, fPresidentj 4, G'rls' 31 Echo 45 Languagt-Xflub 4. Masque Class Vice C55 MARGARET HEINELT V "Peggy" Flemington yf' "I am df I am, and Jo I will be." Gift lub 4, eorensic 2, Hockey 4, Victory Corps 33 Girlprgder Qorps 4, Home Economics for Girls 4. ' i V' H C65 ' yl P RICIA HENDERSHOT ' J J' g --Im" oldwiek I- w'll"h i mailer? Newer mind. Whai if mind ? 4 ' Newer mailer." ff! Student Council 2, Art Club 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basket ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, Home Mechanics Club 4, Girls ,I 'lj' Leader Corps 4, Stzzdenf Voice 4, Victory Corps 2. Q75 JEANNEQB. HIGGINS "Jeannie" Ringoes "The fl-l'.ff of all 1'irme.r ir i1m0c'e11fe.' modeify Ilae Jerond' Triangle Club 1, Masque and Sandal 2, 3, Home Me chanics for Girls 4, Mixed Chorus 4. CSD MARTHA EVANGELINE HOPPING "Martha" Flemington "Ewen 1l 'ith our ,rborf arqfmimafzce, we Jaw ul once her quiet and simple dignity." Transferred from Hackettstown High School, September 1944. 217 . 5 , x. .Il ,xx X k Vx "I . f- -ra" A-v M' jr! D ,if . it fx U7 BERNARD S. HUDECEK " I ludie' Stanton "He Jpeakf, bebaref. dffjejllif dj' he trbolzldzzl Boys' Chef Club 1 g Radio Club lg Model Airplane Club 25 Current Events Club 2g Hill Billy Band 3 Mixed Chorus 4g Service Club 4. C27 GROVER D. JOHNSON V johnson Sergenntsville t ,fsual-f J "Azz Qzzfxezza man fzecdi' no elnquemc A JJ Futdrejffrfuels Qof' America 4. my L 1 L' f -' 7' ' J N J , . . if ,-f .J ,- S if ww 1 ,uf - 4,1 1' JJAU Us WILLIAM KNISPLL ,Jn l I ' "Nippy" V Cherryville Q A "No fJI016I'dl7LJ Illllifdfllf jnerfuzffzr. but ll U I ' lhe rery bei! 0 fha J." t, f f 11 '4' Currenffblistory Club'2' Pinochle Club 1 Mixed i Chorus 5, 43 Sfl1dEF?'Wjf6 big Efho 4g Christm is pllv 3 I Al UMW . co , JA-' MATILDA KREBS 5,58 ' l"l'illie" Pittstowil JA ' Qiirffr! 'IWIOIIIQWI of feu' z1'm'd.r are llve ber! uf' 4-J' i ,M l Glee Club Ig Girls' Leader Corps 2, 4g Intrlmuril Sports km ' Ni K i 2g Home Mechanics for Girls 4g Mixed Chorus 4 twyrj l , Jfk . v ACP if A ,H A XIX ,ff , 9 'li D Q 9 , 'L in PAUL R. KUHL V7 A- Lx "Kuhlie" Copper llill JJ! 1 "A life of lei,vm'e am! life of lazifzeixv are lu'0 llaingff' N Chss Treasurer 1 2 Youn Officials 1 Bo s' Glee Ai ' . 2 g 3 y 2g Baseball I, 2g Hill Billy Band 39 Glee Club 4. I ANITA LAYDEN Vlffljf x "Anita" XYhitel1ouse ' ' .4 "Il ix only file Him! who ark my Il'l7y fbey are lored who are fair." J Q 'Girls' Leader Corps 2g Forensic Club Slmlelzl Voife 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 4. Class Secretary lg lg Literary Club 2g C75 GEORGE LOESER "Bad" VVertsville afleep who bare lbeir eye! ibut." Club lg Laboratory Assistant Club 4g Victory Corps 2g Pinochle Club lg Boys' Glee Club 2. C. "All are :lol Model Airplane C37 JACQUELINE MAY MAXSON "jackie" Flemington "Om feplllafian for zvifdom depends mnela on our 5uceefJ." Sllzdenf Voire 2, 33 Trafhc Corps 1, 2, 33 Victory Corps 23 Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 4g Echo 2, 3, 4g journalism QSecretaryj 3g Student Council lg Class President 2g Glee Club 3, 4g Assembly Committee 2. 22 7 49 tix! ylff ' I , ' I , liz' f ,- I ' I. fly!! 'julg 'X' cn , KATHERINE MCPHERSON ,fir ' 1 "Kay" Flemington "Life if to life, not to ihink about." ix Nature Club 23 Gift Club 33 Home Mechanics for Girls 4. KZ? 'DONALD MELICK "Don" Oldwick "ll"e do not Ililllf him any longer, be ir long ezmlfgh already." Young Officials Club lg Trafiic Corps Ii Shooters Club 23 Basketball 3, 43 Football 3. C37 PEARL LOUISE MILLER "I'ezirl" XVertsville "Lei hwzeriy and izzdmlry be lby mr11pani01z5." Girls' Leader Corps 13 Evho 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Mechanics for Girls 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Fore- nsic Club 2. C45 ELIZABETH DALE MOREAU "l7adie" Flemington X " 'Befam'e', if a 1l'0lIlcZ?7,J' afz5u'er." ef' Slmleuf Voire 1, 3, 43 Triangle Club 13 French Club ll CViqe Presidentj 23 Art Club 2, 33 Traffic Corps 23 Service I j 43 Gials' ,Leader Corps fPresidentj 43 Victory Corps ay ' RX 1321 .ebay 45 Assembly Committee 2. if I J V' MARGOT ANIQIIELIESE NEBEL J J' 4' , , 4' 1 4 P. "Margo ' Cloverhill H 1 'Be the day ezer .ro long, al lerzgfla romelh 61'ell Jong. 1 , Masque and Sandal l, 2, 3, 43 Echo 43 Student Voice 43 Girls' Leader Corps 2, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Arts and 1 Crafts 2, 33 Victory Corps 23 Intramural Hockey 23 Intra- mural Basketball 33 Christmas Play 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. y, J Xi Q65 JOHN A. NEWBERG f 91 "John" Ringoes D 7 b -- ' "I often regretfed my rpeech. lm! never my .rilenre." - 1 f I Future Farmers of America 1, 2, CVice Presidentj 33 , QPresidentj 43 Arts and Crafts 23 Traffic Corps 2. .1- A, . cn R. THOMAS NIEF t AAA "Nief1e" Flemington " "He can go on! with bu head erect, .f and dererre from all men Ibeir rerpertf' Pinochle Club 13 Traffic Corps 2, 33 Student Council 2, 43 French Club 23 Glee Club 23 Band 13 Cheer Leader 13 I . fix l Class President 1, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Baseball CAssistant ' .., Managerj 1, fManagerj 23 Air Raid Warden 2, 3. C35 1 Lois PACKER ' .I - "Packer" VVl1itehouse I' " 'ugly jr zvorlla a hzmdrezl groans in any market." lp I Ejpgefs 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Hockey 1, 2, 5, 4, Glee 3 , 2, 33 Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2, 33 Art Club 13 a e Club Ig Key Klickers 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 l Bfszloall 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 3. sf x is 1 'fl 23 'f l gf' uf ' Fiqh. IH lf is ' M C15 EDWARD H. PAULIK "lid" Lucktowu l "Slow and wry goizzg, but he getr flve1'eAJ0111eli111eJ." Boys' Chef Club Ig Model Airplane Club 23 Hill Billy Bancl 3. C23 EMIL PAVLICA "l'avie" Ringoes "Hair 0fIe11 the higher! lalezzf 1711361 111 0brc111'iIy." Masque and Sandal 2, 45 Glee Club 3, 4g Tumbling 3. rap JOSEPH PEREHINGS "joe" Ringoes "Oli, .rleepl If ir 11 genlle flying: b6l01'C'dfl'fN1l pole la pole." HELEN T. CEESCATORE "l'ecky" Riugoes "Sflafml if 19111 4171 lllfldelll in 4 bury life." Triangle Club lg Literary Club 2g Key Klickers 3g Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Home Mechanics for Girls 4. C55 BURDETTE A. POLHEMUS . "Burclette" Ringucs "So 111111'li to do: .fn liffle 1lf111e." Hill Billy Band 5. C61 ELSIE POTTER "Potter" lflenlingtfwu "Good zzaflfre. like 1: laee. rnlleclf lm11ey." Knitting Club fTr:as.j 23 Sudent Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Klickers 3, 4g Iirbo 4g Hockey 1, 2, SQ Basketball l, 2, -1. .Lf ' - 67,14 El xDQROTH -'REASONER f' 1 " J , - dy . fl "IJ Fldnhigton ' 1 ' "Cal'l1z lf,L-62111IZfj!El'.F6I'l0l4,f17 Qirlsf Lealler Coffs 1, 2, QP':es.5 3, Yarsity "F" 2g Baseball 1, 2,l3g ,Basketball 1, 2, 35' 1. Hockey l, QCapt.j 2, 3, fCapt. gud Mgrij' 45 Home Meg lanifs for Girls 4. N ' Y' csv STOWE RICHARDS Q "Chicken" Iliizginsville "For 711611 may mme. mul 111617 may go. 6111 I go 0:1 forezzr. I K X Band lg Orchestra 21 Tumblers Club 2, 3g Radio Zg Chemistry Club 3g Hill Billy Band 3g Football 4. 24 , y 'Ja ext!" li. KH 'rx s' Ht. my 'AIA XV, 41 tl f .xi cr' . WALTER ROBINSON "Walt" Flemington "B11.ri11e.rr and action .rfrefzglhefu lhe hraiiz, hifi loo much .fflldrll zveakeizr it." Boys' Chef Club lg Pinochle Club lg Football lg Boys' Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Current History Club 2, Game Club 23 Tumblers Club 3g Hill Billy Band SQ Masque and Sandal 4. DENNIS L. RODKIN "Him mind .tplilr 41 hair and fwfr ll'0ll,l'61'.f on iz flea." Pinochle Club 1, 2, French Club 2g Band 1. ROBERT E. RUNYON "High School ir an azvfiil bore- zrhnl did I erer rome here for?" Glee Club 4. ' N V' 445 ELEANOR SAMANTCHY 0 Triangle Club l 3 Service League 2, 3, 4g Art Club 2, 3' French Club 2g Victory Corps 2, Erho 3, QEditor-in-Chieffo 4g Language Club 4g Sliideilf Voice 3, 4, Girls'Leader"" C f. it ,.,f , - -. . orps -1 K 1 .w JU, ,Y ,V J-NSU.: 15, far .V H- up STANLEY Z. SELESNICK -E,X'.f""' "Stan" Flemington "AUlerIio11 if fhe hrofzderf l1a.ri.r of iz good life." Student Council lg Boys' Chef Club 1 g International Re- lations Club 1 3 French Club 2g Student Voice 2, 3, CEditor- in-Chiefj 4g Victory Corps 23 Basketball 2, fCapt.j 3, 4. C63 MARIE J. SICAK N-3:1-Lat Reavllle "Thru zwhirh Ire acquire with mor! dijfiw ire relain lhe loiige,tt." 1 ' y Triangle Club 13 Library Club 2g Victor Cor 2g o 2x 3, fAssistant Editorj 43 Slndenl Voife ng C JV 35 Foreign Language Club 4. , V .gy "' - 0, .B ., FRED SIEBER t ,uf-' , I., . I Sie y ' emrn f on I VJ. "Altho iz neu'romer among my hir arfionr were .ff proof of hir high qzlalilyf' "ll i Transferred from Haaren High School, N. Y., Septemgf Q' ber, 1944. Current Events 4. fl A HJ I " csv 5. , -.1 RICHARD SMITH VC. I "Dick" Three Bridges I i "He helierer in artiom, not u'ord.r." ' Baseball 3. . 25 "The more lalenlr lhe more lhey will he developed." Y U X 9 Cl C yr, f f D cu DONALD J. SNYDER "Don" Flemington "Caln1neJJ if a great advantage." Pinochle Club 1, 2, Baseball 4. C23 CLAIRE SOKODINSKY "Chatter" Linvale "Who mentioned ftudier? I am having loff of fun." Hockey 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Student Voice 3, 4, Echo 3, journalism 2, 3, 4, Triangle Club 1, Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 4, Cheer Leaders Club 1 , Christ- mas Play 4. can LORAIN E STRIMPLE ngoes "Nobody hath loo much prudence or 1'll'fll9.H Art Club 1, Foreign Language Club 4. C45 RUTH M. SUNDBURG "Sunny" Pleasant Run "A happy heart maker a hloonzing Virage." Transferred from Union High School, September 1943. Glee Club 3, 4, Studenl Voice 3, 4, Echo 4, Home Mech- anics for Girls 4. .1 cs: CHARLES P. SUSEN 1 "Chuck" Flemington "HiJ hack ir broad enough to hear je.rt.r." Radio Club 1, 2, 3. - C65 CHARLES L. SUYDAM "Pete" Quakertown "The man tha! hlufher is not quite a brute." Glee Club 4. C77 HILDA TANGE "Tange" Flemington "Though Jhe purfuer her Jcholarly way, much fun :he finds from day to day." Key Klickers 3, fSecretaryj 4, Studenl Voice 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, Commercial Club 2, Echo 3, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 3, Student Council 1, journalism 3, 4, ic- tory Corps 2. C87 X ' LOUISE M. TAYLOR 'fl,ou" ' Flemington I "A heautzful Jnzzle, a unnnzn way, makes life happy throughoui the u'agQ, . Transferred from Nazareth High School, P nsy 'a , December 1941. Commercial Club fTreasurerj 2' rts and Crafts 2, Modern Dancing 2, Key Klickers fVice Presidentj 4, Girls' Leader Corps 3, Student cil fTreasurerj 4, Echo 4. 26 V' A M C17 1, JOHN LOUIS THATCHER Qi "johnny" Flemington "The deed I fllffllul if great, bn! Il'h.1fd,l' ye! I know Mol." Pinochle Club 1, 23 Key Klickers 3, 4. C23 SHIRLEY E. THATCHER "Sna!cl1er" Flemington "Tulle and Shirley talkin with yo11,' be .rlill and Shirley Lzllm' alone." Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, Eg Arts and Crafts Club 33 Opcretta 3g Glce Club 1, 2, 33 Echo 2. yr C35 ROBERT THOMASON "Bob" Fleniington "Yon look for live borfe you ride on." Math Club 21 Glee Club 3, -ig Masque and Sandal 4' Slmlealf Voice 45 froze Mad 43 Christmas Play 4. C45 PAULINE TINNES "Pauline" Pittstown 1 "A light bear! li1'e.f long." 1 M l i J A Key Klickcrs 3, "ig Slmleul Voice 2, 5, 4g Commercial KR!Club 2g Erlvo 2, -ig Glce Club lg journalism 4: Victory 1 ' CWS 2. l in Wllll ' C55 ' DOROTHY A. TRIMMER "Dot" Oldwick "Make lllllfb of one, good men are .l'l'z1l't'6.U Glce Club 1, 2, 35 Triangle Club 1 3 Girls' Leader Corps lg Dancing Club 2, 4g Art Club 33 Home Mechanics for Girls 4g Dancing Club 4. C67 EDWARD A. ULRICH "lid" Siillllllll Station "5ilem'e Heier befrajf jon." Radio l, 2. C73 ETHEL VAN MARTER "Skip" i'ilC!lllllHtllll "A roire rofi, gentle and lou' ji' an exrelleul flung in cl u'o111an." Glee Club 2, 3g Modern Dancing 23 Home Mechanics for Girls 4g Dancing Club 4. C33 -n HELEN R. VLIET ? "Helen" Rbaiilllgfllll "If uoire were made by ylziel, .rlae 1l'0Illd be a ri0l." Commercial Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Key Klickers 3, 4. 27 95 ' q. N xiii 0,o.f . Isl wwf!!! J. C17 JEAN ELIZABETH VOORHEES "jean" Ringoes i "Digr1ilfe.f and honor rel off merit, ar good dren doer good figure." Glee Club 1, 2, French Club 25 Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Izrlw 3, 4g .lone Mad 4g Traffic Corps 3, 4. C25 JOHN E. vRooM ii u ' - Jolmny Olclwick l'Gl'0Zl'ff9 if fbe only eriderlre of Model Airplane Club 1, Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chef Club 1, Shooters Club 2, Boys' eretta 2g Mixed Chorus 3, 4. C35 LORETTA DOROTHY WADE "Retty" XYhitel1ouse "I giggle, giggle df I go." Bank of Owls Club 1 g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Modern Dancing 2, 4, Key Klickers 3, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 3, Hockey 4g Softball 4, Basketball 4. life," Chorus 2 g Op- Glnni -M' . K4 W ELIZABETH L. AGNER "Libby" Copper Hill "The mind ir like 41 bow: flye .rlrouger for being lllll16'lIl.H Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3: Traffic Corps 1, 2. 3, 41 Student Council lg Class Vice President 2: Girls' Leader Corps 41 Mixed Chorus 31 Home Mechanics for Girls 41 Igrlvo 4g Victory Corps 2. csu MURIEL DORIS WARNER "Shorty" Ringoes HQlll6l patlu are mine," Home Mechanics for Girls 43 Erlm 3, 43 Library Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. . f65 GEORGE L. WARRICK "Shorty" Flemington "The man who would be lruly happy ,rbonld not .rmdy to enlarge lair eftate, lm! lo rorzlrafl hir de.rire.r." Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 4, Football 2, 43 Young Olli- cials lg Future Farmers of America 4, Art Club lg Sports Club 1. Y, 'X 28 X 1 ' of!-ff9l.' J. vi .34 + Mx- , lf' 1 Nj du ,l-Jael. et Ja. C43 EUGENE WILSON "IYilson" Flcllliiigrtoil "A :mm who if not .rpolfelz of if 7101 aba.rloed." Math Club 2g Art Club Sq Slzzdezzl Voice 31 Basketball 3g Dfw 3, 4g Traffic Corps 2, 3g Service Club 4. Ka? DORIS XVORMAN "Bong" I-'lcinington "And never a better rpnrl. lhere um." Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2, 3g Triangle Club lg Knittin 8 Club 2g Hocke 3g Basketball 3g Glee Club 4g Chorus 4g Y Home Mechanics for Girls 4. C65 MARY YASUNAGA U' u - - X as I' lemmgton "Oh, life, how long to the 1l'1'6fCh6d, bow Jhort to the happy." Transferred from Dorsey High School, December, 1942. Victory Corps 25 Girls' Leader Corps 3, 4g Smdezzl Voife 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 35 Key Klickers 3, fPres.j 45 Echo 4. "Woe be to buzz u bore 41411 orare bemmer hu armler Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Varsity "F' Club 2 Athletic Council 1 2 Cheer Imders Club 2g Future Farmers of America 4 'Llflle 110111671 are dangefolzr thingy Glee Club 1 Triangle Club 1 Commercial Club P Key Klickers 3, 4 ournalism 3 fPresj 4 Dancing C I 1b 4 gtffif GWYNETH OLWEN WILLIAMS Masque and Sandal 1 2 3 Traffic Qorpff 3 I Stu dent Council 2 3 fAssembly Committee .141 Hong, Me chanics for Girls 4 Victory Co 2 042' 3 4 G rls Leader Corps4 Glee Clubjlf irls Cho 2 1 I t Xl IJ t l ll - Potter, Marie Sicak, Mary Yasuuaga, liugeiie XYilson. : . rs, orotliy Zuegner, adviserg Eleanor Saman- Back row: Ira Bass, Stanley Selesnick, lilizaletl es The Hnnnr Society To build character, to stimulate interest and desire for scholarship, and to promote leadership and,service are the main objectives of the Flemington Honor Society which is a chapter of the National Honor Society. The Faculty Advisory Council nominates the candidates from the upper fifth of the Senior class, preferential note is then taken by the Advisory Council and the high school faculty to elect forty per cent of the candidates as members of the so- ciety. Only those candidates who receive the unanimous approval of the fa- culty on Scholarship, Character, Service and Leadership can be members. Elec- tion to this organization is one of the highest honors to be obtained in high school. The initiation for the new members is a most impressive and beautiful ceremony. The members light candles forming the letters "S" for Service, "L" for Leadership, "C" for Character, and "S" for Scholarship. At each letter, the group is taught the appropriate lesson from the ritualistic key. After their journey through the letters, an oath to uphold the Honor Society and its ideals is taken by the members and the gold key of the Society is pre- sented to them by Reverend Edward C. Dunbar, vice president of the Board of Education. Following the ceremony, a reception is held in the honor of the neu members. The benefits received from membership in the National Honor Society are threefold: It is a privilege to be a member of a national organization, you also have the privilege of obtaining financial loan to pursue higher educa- tion, and last, membership in the society is a fine recommendation to college officials concerned with college entrance requirements because members possess those qualities necessary to be a good student. We are very privileged here in Flemington High School to have "The Honor March" composed by Velma Gene Dunbar '43 especially for the initi- tation service. The Class Will We, the class of '45 of Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, be- ing of sound and disposing mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this life, do niake, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament as follows, whereby revoking all other and former wills made by us at any time. I, Stanley Selesnick, bequeath my apple polishing machine to Henry Kuhl. I, jane Bellis, bequeath a few pounds to Gladys Simerson. ' I, Stowe Richards, bequeath my magnificent scribble to Vivian Velehradsky. I, Pat Hendershot, bequeath a couple inches to Blanche Garbow. I, Grover johnson, bequeath my solitary mood to Betty Kistner. I, Emil Pavlica, bequeath my dialects to Wayne Thomas. I, Margot Nebel, bequeath my perfect toned voice to sixth period orchestra. I, Agnes Best, bequeath to all the lighter sex my agricultural inspiration. I, jean Voorhees, bequeath my sweaters to my sister, Midge. I, Ed Corona, am going to take Betty- with mefwho wouldn't?j. I, Dot Reasoner, bequeath my jitterbugging to Edna McPherson. I, Claire Heinelt, bequeath my assortment of lipsticks to Conchetta Vuono. I, Tommy Nief, bequeath my executive ability to Ray Richards. I, Dale Moreau, bequeath my slick hair-do to Edna Peterman. I, Dick Compton, bequeath my yellow socks to William Turner. I, "Jackie" Maxson, bequeath my claws to anyone who needs protection. I, Marge Heinelt, bequeath my chewing gum to the armed forces. I, Paul Kuhl, bequeath my blushing to Kenneth Schomp. I, Libby Wagner, bequeath my giggling spells to June Abegg. I, Mary Yasunaga, bequeath my many smiles to everyone's Monday morning grouch. I, Charles Susen, bequeath my curls to Robert Clause. I, Richard Haver, bequeath my baseball to Louis Serridge. I, jack Allegar, bequeath my red hair to start a fire. I, Anita Layden, bequeath, my good looks to all poor girls in need of them. I, Calvin Loeser, bequeath my snazzy bow ties to Bill Mc Corkle. I, Anna Dembeski, bequeath my petiteness to Walter Housman. We, Eleanor, Eugene, Ira, bequeath our artistic ability to Miss Reeder's freshmen art classes. We, the class of '45 leave the fun we have had in Flemington High School to all students yet to come. Lastly, we, the class of '45, beg the Lord above to bestow upon the faculty a class as "ready, willing and as able as we." Having thus disposed of all our wordly goods and what-nots, we will now rest in peace while our executrix, Miss Anna Monti, worries about carrying out to the last detail this, our last will and testament. fSignedQ R. THoMAs NIEF, Esq. Prerident Witness: Clem Kadiddlehoffer Mortiner Sneed K Ish Kabibble , lb 31 an CLASR S? in 0 rf' , xulxxv 'I X 00 M5 RX 1- F .ares fx! If omason ...gray 1 or' M YI! Sicak --- Scienfisi EE 1 Q , Poasonar Afhclsfc Wi A 5, 1? X Q1 if Man-zg1...Nclnl K ,gf sg Si roger W-beffy , 5 1 f 6 2 ,f M ww f 44 Ilia. was X ni A x 1 vm wx V6 KN V 4 'if N ,f ' N JN o X NU W K9 o QX X f Wgaif I A I4 N Y X W M X!! ! f H J Mx .ov .1 s fam. f!f X 'Y-LJ? P Sales clt n If Eleanor Samanfehy AH' Teacher J C, 3 QQ ,a m , , ji, ff! f ff 2 Q i A Q' I 1 Tom Nidi--'.Sana'l'or Am' smug' huh SMLOR Glamov Girl x ,Rig .55 X ,l l ' I .27 1' J . W f If 55- f 1 X 1 0 ? ,f pf X A pl f J' Hx " H f Xa . 5 1. L H4 X AX 494. Annes Bos? Mary Yawnaga QQLQY EM! Secs-eTary M entionin g Jack Alleger --- Elizabeth Alles --- Jean Alvater ......... - George Barrick ....... Arthur Banker --- Ira Bass ...... Jane Bellis .... Agnes R. Best --- Dante Bianki ---- Morris Blaher ........ . Betty Blatterspiel ..... Bill Bonham ......... . Julius Borducci ....... Bill Brewer .... Gloria Bush ..... Dorothy Cape lle ...... Gladys F. Case --- Evelyn Cole .......... Richard Compton ..... Ed Corona ...... Florence Cvecich ...... Arthur Dalley ...... Dorothy Dalrymple Jack Davenport ..... - Ann Dembeski--- Robert Dillon --- Irene Edge --- Eleanor Ewing --- Annabelle Firth ....... Bill Foster .,....,,,,,, Herbert Furstenburg -- Barbara Gulrich ....... Richard Haver --- Claire Heinelt ........ Margaret Heinelt ..... Pat Hendershot ...... Jeanne Higgins .....,. Martha E. Hopping Grover Dilts Johnson - August Knispel ...... . Tillie Krebs --- Paul Kuhl ..... Anita Layden ......... C. George Loeser ..... Jacqueline Maxson .... Kay McPherson ....... 54 Wont Crime Demerits --- Talking .... .... . Talking .... .... . Cussing .... .... . Erma ..... - Laughing ...... Chewing Gum ....... Talking ............. . Getting Demerits - Silence .......... Moodiness ........... Skipping School -- Getting Demerits ..... Flirting with New Young Teachers Sports .... ....... Corny Jokes ......... Disappearing At .... . Just That Time! Talking Too Much Getging Girls ...... -- Horne on Time All Pretty Bad --- Getting Mad --- ----- School ......... .... . Chewing Gum ...... . My Opinion of ...... . Teachers Loitering In Halls .... Not Going Out--- With Girls Not Doing --- ---- Homework Eating Candy ........ In The Library Being Late .......... . Skipping Classes ..... . Not Reporting Back -i To Home Room Neckmg ............. Flirting With ........ Miss Greenfield Talking ............. Chewing Gum ......s Eating .............. . School .............. . Talking Too Much .... Talking ............. XVhispering ...... Comments Loitering in Halls ..... Can't Decide ..... Neckingl ........... .. Reckless ............. Homework Unfinished. Just Between ........ Orville and Me Weakneu Women --- Freshmen --- Movies .... Books ..... Erma ------- Lolly-pops .... Eating ....... Jersey Cows --- Food ....... Women --- Candy ...... No Brains .... Women ....... Staying Out ---- Too Late Late Hours ......--. - Military Secret ! l That Certain Gang From West of Here Late Hours ...-.. ---. Jean ............ Good Argument ...... J. S. ............... Laziness .... Eating .... Food ....... Frank Sinatra --- Doris Voorhees ...... Blondes --- Blushing QQ-- Him .... Sleep .... Sports .... Sailors .... Anita - -- Uniforms --- Sailors .... Root Beer ..........- - Giggling ............ . Chocolate Pudding -- Girls ................ Ice Cream .... Frank Sinatra ........ Southern Babes ..... Marines .... - ....... J Babes ............... Should I Tell You? -- Orville .............. . Fnmouf For Hair ...... LIIW Cause of Death Heart Failure Shortness .... ..................... G wyn Homework ........ Mr. Miller's Homework Women Sarcasm .... ............ . ..... Erma ...... ...... Art ............. Talking ........... ------------- Erma ----------- Homework Only Girl Taking ...... Agriculture Nick Name ........... Photographs of Girls Physical Education Unannounced Tests --- Going to School ------------Q- Women falkmg .................... Brushing Teeth Sleep .......... Talking Back To a Teacher Shortncss ........................... School Doing What --- .... A Fight With I Want To Paul Kuhl "Tootie"' .... ................ D ancing Sewing ...... --- Impossible ............ Doing What I Want Unknown-Still Living To Swimming in October -------------- Boys Yellow .Socks ........................ J. H. Talking Too Much ...... Hair -- .......... -- Nothing --- Talking .... Fat ---L ......... --- Paying Library Fines Some Teacher ? ? ? -------------- Boys ------------ Teachers --- Getting Up Early ------------ Teachers Faculty of F. H. S. Baseball .......................... Women Sleeping --- --- Homework Red Hair .... .... P . A. D. Misbehavin' .... --- Homework Workin' Hard --- --- Too Many Doin' Nuttin'! Teachers Demerits ...... ....... N ight Life Oh Pifflei --- .... Commercial Law Sports ..... ............. A nita M. B. ........ ---L--- Sailors Indifference --- .......... P. A. D. Height .............. ....... D riving a Car Freckles ..............-. Loosing Pocketbooks Not Enough Sleep -------- My Kid Sister Blue Eyes --.' ......... ....... B eirlg Quiet Being One of The .... Few Boys in Class Talking In Library .... Saying-"Oh, la, la!" I Wish I Knew ..... Saying-"Lord" --- ---- Catching'Buses ----------- School ------------- Work Mercury .............. ----- Commercial Law Betting ............... --- Miss Greenfield ---- Hard Telling- I'm Still Living --- Cooking Class -3 IJUW Mentioning Donald Melick ...... Pearl Miller --- -- Dale Moreau ....... Margot Nebel ....... John A. Newberg -- R. Thomas Nief .... Lois Packer ........ Edward Paulik ...... Emil Pavlica ----- ..- Helen Pescatore .... Burdette Polhemus --- Elsie Potter .......... Dot Reasoner --.. -.. Stowe Richards ....... Walter Robinson ...... Dennis Rodkin ..... Robert Runyon ....... Eleanor Samantchy --- Stanley Selesnick .... - Marie Sicak ......,,., Fred Sieber ...., ,,,, Donald Snyder ....... Claire Sokodinsky ..... Loraine Strimple ..... Ruth Sundburg ....... Charles Susen ........ Charles Suydam ...... Hilda Tange .......... Louise Taylor ...... Pauline I. Tinnes ..... John L. Thatcher .... Robert H. Thomason Dot Trimmer ......... Edward Ulrich ........ Ethel Van Marter .... Helen Vliet ..... .... Jean Voorhees ..... - John Vroom ..... .... Loretta VVade --- -- Elizabeth Wagner -- Doris Warner ...... George L. Warrick - John Warrick ...... Mary Wene ........ Gwyneth Williams -- Eugene Wilson ..... Doris Worman ...... Mary Yasunaga ...... in R'g,.g..,.i .-,,..,, 1 M, . -y Worr! Crime Weakneu Gstting Kicked ...... - Out of School Strictly Personal ..... . Learning to Drive .... No Boy Friends ...... My Thoughts ........ Detention Hall-Once Giggling ............ . Language ............ Wolfing .............. When I Was Born --- Cussing on Sunday --- Arguing ............. Jitterbugging .... --.. Spelling ............. Goin' To Oldwick English .............. Coming Home --- After 3 Flunking a Test ...... Talking --- Talking .... Wolfing ....... Hookey ............. . Chattering-Noisy .... Arguing .....,....... Gift of Blab .... Kissing ............. . Playing Hookey ..... Raising H-- ....... Nice Gal-No Crimes Borrowing Money .... Being Suspended .... . Love Life ---.---.... Talk Too Much ..... What I Think ....... Going To Bed Late -- Chewing Gum ........ Being Good .......... Coming Home Late -- Not doing shorthand -- Homework Giggling ln .......... English'IV Just Between Us .... . Playing Hookey ..... Being Quiet .......... Talking Too Much -- Being In Love ...... Keeping Quiet ....... Arguing About ...... . Petty Things Writing Letters ...... --H French --- Fellows ............. Sailor U.B.K.J ...... Dancing ....... Homework --- Girls ....... Men ..... Work .... Women ..... Cake ................ . Food And Beauti- --- ful Girls Hamburgers ....... -. Late Hours .... Pretty Girls ........ . Doris Melick ........ Chocolate Cake ...... Blondes ............. Man With a --- Barbasol Face Teachers ..... Food ..... Dames --- Baseball .... Men ...... Worrying .... Men ................. Women .............. Girls With Money ..-- Fords ............... Him ................ . Tall, Dark .......... . And Freckled Women ........ .... Girls ........ ---. Robert Bush --- ----. Math ........ ---. Marty H. Jr. -- ---- Ice Cream "Jimmy" --- ---. Brunettes .... ---. Sundaes .... --- Dancing .... .... Writing On Baseball ............. Late Hours ......... . H. S. CWho is that?J Baseball Games ...... Sailors ......... .... Sociable .... .... ---z Albie ............... . Desks --- Famour For Came of Death The Brow ............ ..... M iss Parry Saying--"Oh, Brother!" .... Geography Class Peroxide ........ Smell of Chemistry Aprons Singing ------,,,,.,......,. ...... V acations Shortness --- Elections .... Sports ...... Hair Comb --- Easy To Get --- Along With Height ....... Nothing .... Talking ....... Girls -""s2,if.i'6QI,mafy -'ff ....... P. A, D. Geometry Disrupting People ------------- Men --- Electric Chair --- 5th Period English ---..-.l- Full Schedule Sports ............ H "Not So Worst" ...... .... , y.Most Anything Goin' To Oldwick ---..-----i,:.....------- Work Math ........... .... Wavy Hair ..... Brown Eyes ---?---- Wolfing --- f Chemistry --- Curly Hair ...... Mouth Closed ....... Nicknames: Socky, Sokodinsky, Chatte I' ----s-------- School --- Homework ---..------- Gym -..-- Apple Polishing -..----------- Gym ------- Teachers ..--------- Work --- No Love, No Nothing Homework Reading ................... ..... Wisecracks .... Wolfing ..... Blushing ........ Corny Jokes .... Big Blue Eyes ---- Doing The ........ Wrong Thing Homework and School Shock -,------------- School ---- Rare Hamburgers ---- Auction Market --- Getting In Early Sleeping In Classes --- .... Over Sleeping Swooning .......... .... A Neck Tie Talking Music --- Sports ..... Talking Sweaters .... Height ...... Giggling Giggling --- That Diamond ------- Homework --- Getting Up Early ---- Catching The Bus --------- Furloughs Homework Getting to Bed Late -------------------..--,-- Chemistry My Devotion For Albie ............... Him Sleeping ................. --- Heart Attack Sports ................... --- Night Life Doing What I Want To .............. Boys Late Hours .......................... Libby Everything In General ...... Getting Out Of Nothing In Particular School At 3:30 Laughing ............ Getting Up Too Early Being Myself -- .............. School 35 WHll'5 WHIJ QlljL'fL',l'f A'lo,rf Srlphiifimled ,llmf l'f1j11rfii1' rover -lolmsion, lrcnc lfdgc liLlVMfLI'kl COYCIIZI, Eleanor Samantchy 'i lF1'z1.i-s Nici, Dorothy Rcasoncr l o, Bef! NdfllI'6L! Bef! Avlmii Thomas Nief, Mary Yasunaga Emil Pavlicu, Margot Ncbcl Cfiziys' Slweelbearl l'elf1lI1je.i'f Anita Laydcn Rolwcrt Dillon, Lois Pucker WHITE WHII Cl.m ll"ul1'e,l Bell Dr'e.11rea' Bell 1ll.11l11er'ed Stanley Selesniek, Cfl.1r.1 Sokorlinsky Paul Kuhl, Dale Moreau Eleanor Szlmantchy, Eugene Wilson Bell Looking Bef! Dam'er.r Anita Luyden, Arthur Banker Dot Reasoner, Arthur Banker A loft Afhfflfr' C 14115 Lover Dot Reglsoner, Riclmrel Haver Edward Corona 37 Calendar SEPTEMBER September the sixth rolls around again, as Flemington High School opens wide her portals for another year and the first few bus loads of students ai'rix'e.tl'ic. l J. Mr. Harold S, Goldsmith speaks on our aims for the year as the program for our hrst assembly. On September 25 the juniors have the job of choosing their ring style. OCTOBER On October 19, the Red Dragons of the Flemington Baptist Church enter' tained us with "Sister Sue," tljicture 55. Mr. john C. Loch arrives as boys' gym teacher on October 25. Qpicture 25. The Sophomores put on the tirst social event of the year-Y-Halloween Dance. fPicture 45. No, that is not a member of the Sophomore class sitting among the corn stalks. NOVEMBER On November 5 we had our tirst inter- scholastic football game in three years we beat Lambertville: 18-O. During the following week the parents come to school to get an education on their "angels" behavior in school and are enter- tained by the faculty. QPicture ij. On Thanksgiving Day we eat turkey and Lambertville evens the score with us: O-0. CPicture 65. Calendar DFCIFMBFR I As the Yuletide season rolls around we lind ourselves in the midst of millions of things to do and only 51 short days to do them. We returned to school on Decem- loer sl after Thanksgiving vacation and got into the swing of things with the know' ledge that the marking period would end in four days with most of us having tests and homework to make up. Our social lite was enlivened by the excellent dancc given by the senior class. Picture number l shows ,lim Vlahakis and Co. rubbing stomachs in appreciation of the refreshments. JANUARY The new month and the new year brought Miss Writers who replaced Miss Mullaly as librarian. QPicture Zj. The first assembly of the new year Qpicture Sj brought the warning that mid-year exams would soon approach and that we all had better do a great deal of studying. Miss Murdoch immediately followed the advice given and is shown fpicture 4j enlightening QU a French class. FEBRUARY Satisfaction, gloom, and indifference are shown by Betsy, Roslyn and Guy who, as it you haven't guessed, are the recipi- ents of report cards! QPicture Sj. l The social event of the month was the .Freshmen Valentine Dance which was well attended. MARCH Lois Henzler is shown in the guidance otlice asking Miss Scott's advice about her next year's schedule, QPicture 6j. Calendar APRIL lhc hrst tlnng that ut'cttri'ofl tit srnnirs zlftcr their lfztstvr x':tc':ttimi was tw sit nu tht- frwnt stops. The girls in pifturt' tint: :irc row ll jvztn Vtitii'lit-vs, Klziry Yzuitf nagzi. Gwynt-th XYilli:nnsg rtvw 2: Nlgti-gut Nt lmul, ,lncqtit-liiiu Mztxstui, :incl lflizztlwtli XY:tg'iicr. April :tlsti lirwtiglit :t kt-cn iiitvrt-st in htisvlmll, 'Pill' ntztny zttitwiitittiis, litiy. trim ztll classes plztyctl :incl playvcl until thc tvani :incl its lll2l.ll2lQl'l'5 wwrv svlvrtvtl. Klaiiugcr XY:tltt'r tit-lliit-r is swing tit it in picture twin that thc ztssistztnt tiiztiizitlt-r, Cliztrlcs Knoll. is varning his lu-vp, This lucky hwys for this yt':u"s tvzun nrt- in picture tlirw: ruw li Ruger Sztrgt-nt, Dirk Havur, Nlickcy Scliciw. l.uu St-ri'icl51t', Melvin Uvimif row 2: Hi-A Zoll, :1Clx'isv1'1 .lark XYilsun, Wiztltvr Gcllnt-r, inaiiztgcri lfric Rodin, .Xugust Ruth, Huh .Xrt-tult. Clizu'lc's Knoll. assistant ninttztgt-i'. The thircl hip: t'x't'nt in ,Xpril wus tht- Puhlic Spvaking Contest. Tho winnvrs frmn cacli Class were sclt't'tt'cl ill :t st-rivs of ztsscuthlics. 'Vlicst' winnvrs thvn pri'- scntcd their spcvrlics un l':1rvitt's Visiting Night. The tinal winncrs wcrci Iii-st plum-, Doris Hzinipttmg svvuncl placc. llvrricla XYilli:unstm:third plztcc, liciiiwtli Sclnmipg fourth place, XY:1ltcr Hziusmzan, Xlztrgvry Hans. Flizztlictli Alles, :intl Mary liyvritt, thrvc' ritht-r mcuthcrs of tln- cuiitvst, :trv shown waiting in Nlr. Gnlclsniitlrs ntlirt' for their spt-:thing positions. tl'it'turt- -lt. MAY Tha' intintli of Klux' was turn lwtxwuii twti nizijnr intvrvst: thc .luninr Vrinn :ulfl Iinztl t-xzuns, 'l'liv siclc stops ftirin zi t-tniyt-iiit-tit plztut' for thc girls tti grzttltcr to cliscuss pztst :intl futurc cxztnis. Thi- unlyti'wl1lilt' with that is that it's right wutsiclc Miss Mttiitfs win. flnw :incl shi' usually clut'sn't zippiwwizlti- thc noisv. tl'ictur0 Sl. JUNE ,lunc ni l'lcniingtun High Sclintil is just one wcck lung. On Sunday, juni- 3. llztu- L'2llZilll'C2llt' sci'x'icvs art- hold in thc Prttsliy- tcrian Church. This is tht' tirst time thc Scniors wcar thvir raps :Incl ,fIwwiis. Junv 4 is 21 livziclztclit' for thc uiiclvrrlztss- mon-they havt' tu finish up tht-ir cxzuus. june 5 lirings Class night with its niztny laughs. "Curse of an Acliing llt':trt" wus prcscntucl. l.uis Vztckvr :ts "ll:1ttlt'-.Xxc Antica" sont thv :iuclicncc intu :tn upi-tinr. fpicturc 6l. june 7 with its prizes :incl spt-t-clit-s niztrks thi' and tif Il th-tinitc pcritttl in thi- lifc uf thc Sviiitn-s-Ctiiiiiiiciivvltit-tit9 Junc 83 Nu nittrt' pencils-ntl niort- lmtmksl-.Xnnc xlftflilll, Nlzwgarvttzt llztus- mztn, and Barbara H:u'tp0iu'0 sniilc in ztppu-cizttinii nf thu fun tu umitv. tl'it'. 71. .Iuniur Snaps 6 I, XX'I11tul11111w girlx l.1I1111g ll rc-I 1l111'i111: 11111111-h11111'. -. 'l'11'o 11--11'11111lN I,11111-u G1-cn :1111l l11'ct1'11c11 M1v1111t,f rczuly tu gm -1 41 11.1l11 111 1111- N1111f 3. .l.1vk lJ.1vc11p111't, Wzmltvr l,z111g:, and l11l111- I!--11l111'vi .uv 1'cl111'11111g 111 x1'l11111l glfu-r l1111c11. All 11111111 Imxx 11.110 114111 111111011 thc w1'1'i1'c. -I. l'cg1g5 ll11:1:111s 211111 1 Inu llc111lc1' N1111li11g11' 11p1v1'uz1cl1 lf.ll.S. fm' thc :1ftc1'11m111:1 11'u1'l1f1l1c1' lllllrl hlw itf 5. A1410 Nl2il'CNl'Jl 11-1'1111u1Az1l111g after ' 1111 '1 1'1111 111'--111111 the huwx 1111111111 11 11111111'l111111A lmvslmll 1:11 11. l'f1l k'111'1111:1 A1111 Hvlly tlmulcll- 11a if M111 1li1111'l I1111111' 7. .X UI11111111' lf11gl1al1 l'lz1wfff11c1111lc with good y,:1':11lcs zum' a ily Npunml. N. Dick IR-tn-1'1111111 ix 11111 "l1'11cl1i11' 1-11 11111111 ' T-111 1- s11,:11z1l111g fur the hull, Marjery Hartpence Ray Richards Virginia McPherson Robert Ringer Secretary President Vice President Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RAY RICHARDS ............................ Prefidezll VIRGINIA MCPHERSON .......... --- Vive Preridenf MARJERY HARTPENCE --- .-.... Secretary ROBERT RINGER ....... -- .... Treamrer' Junior Class History As juniors, we have not yet completed our education but our past has been very colorful. In our three years at Flemington High School we have been very active in school affairs. We have bought stamps and bonds to help the government, we have collected milkweed for life preservers, old clothes for foreign relief, and participated in the Red Cross and Salvage Drives. We are and have been very active in the school sports. Several of our classmates have been outstanding in football, basketball, and baseball. We are sure they will do even better next year. Many of our students contributed to other school activities also. Some worked diligently for the Echo and Stu- dent Voice, our musicians and actors assisted in school entertainments. Several of us had parts in the school play "june Mad". The class elections were held as usual and the results were: Ray Richards, President, Virginia McPherson, Vice President, Robert Ringer, Treasurer, and Margery Hartpence, Secretary. We are looking forward to holding a very successful and original junior Prom. We are also looking forward to our Senior Year, hoping that it will be an enjoyable one. ...M - Nw x 5 , lu P UQ- X bm f M , V y Q SX . ' ' . 5 I HOME ROOM 24 llwllwln nm: l:1.llH'lh' llnllvwwl ,l.u'x1l1cIix1c l"L'1'l'iN, lmix Dick- lluulgv furlvx, lfwml llvcl11L'r, llwpvl' lilllx, ,I-'Im lflwfvll, Mm, ll,ullv,ml.nK'1ulIvL', lhuxx lilllx, l'flu.uu-1 llwululwk, Sllwullm ll-vxxznxwl lflllmlunx, R-wx 3: vlxnncx lhlrk, .Xlllmx l!.n'x'irL, IM-uw. 'lu 4' .Xlu-gg, Rwxx 1: llctrumln' Sl1x'1r1u'rs, XYJHILIQ1 lin- ,lwhn liurnx, Rlvlmul llvxxyw, rlsumw lflvc, .Xlcmxllmlvl Il,u'11ux. ln-fxxmxln. Rum 3: Xl.uv:u1 ll.u'h1n.m, lilnrigl llslvrls, linrix Rum xl: K'l1:1l'Ig-N lflunc. lhumlml Ilzxlrylnplu, Ruin-1'1 Ibclllrxgh, ilulwlx. Nlzuu' Gnu.-xvl, k'lw1u141.1 llzwlvicri, Ifllllllll .Xlh'g:zu', XY:1llc1' 411-II-cr, Rwlxquul lhwlwn, ll-ulzahl llulwlx, Mr, 'luhxl ll, II1-I1-u Ifmm--Hx, livllx 111-mlvll Run -1: QKIIZIVILN I1cl111i11g'v1', Nlwllw, Julvxvr. Xlv-vnu: Rudy llwix--, Ilmxzufl 114.1-lx. HOMIE ROOM 29 llullmll lun 1 Olgzl Olcskiw, Gx'n'1a'l1Ql1 xllvlllli, R4-so Minn, Mu1'jwv1'ic lluzu, Helix' H:u'1lwm'c, Milmllml Nvfl, lfllgrllv Huw K.unlc1:mlvclx, l'fl:um' llulcmlllvc, lflilnlwtll Kzulcluhclx, Iluldzalwzult, Hrncc Krmll. .Xmm lQv111p!', Ilnrn NIL-llrl, llvlly ,I1-yrr Klinv. Ifvn HMT, l,4-uxw Ornchcu, Miss Ilnrrc. Run' l.iml:nln11'y, R4-xx 4: -lzumw Oahu, XY:nltux' Ilzmxmzm. XY1lliu1n J: Xlzugvrx ll.ulpn'm'v, l,uiN llvllllcr, Yilxilliza XlcI'l1c1'wn1, Nlzlrxlmll. ,luv-p11 Nlzucwczl, Oliver Ilvgully, 'l'wnu115 Ill mluliflx. lull: 'l'.uxlm, ,lvunlc lmlln' Nlzlrjurlv Morrill, Ifrlllzl l.:n11lu-11, Xliwing: IH-ggy lllppmx. llwvlulnlyxl fans, Klury .Xml l,x'n'll, limlmn' lxxllxlq, Xlzlrwll liuxh, Unlwllly Nlck'u1'1xl0. Ram' 3: 4 'N rv Q HOME ROOM 31 g 4 D Iinllmn ww: Miss lfmlllzx 1l1'v:cl1tix'Id, aulviscrg Marian SCSIIH- ,lt'Illlil' I'zu'lyvl1, Phylllx Sul-nl, june 'I'lu1lwrl:1kc, l'11HIllil NYM- lmuglm. Ihvmllu l'4-IIN, lfllllllll Sv.-zalx, Rim l'u1mstergim1, Shir- slum, I,1IllIx Scrrulgc, R443 Rirllarrlx. Row 4: XYillizmx Curr- Ivy Ymu1'llcvx. lllgulys Sinlcrxml. Rmv 1: lilcnmu' Repcr, ull, llzarry lim'kafcll1-w, IZ:-b llurdml, Make Schein-r, lfugcm lfnlnn l'l'll'lI!lilIl, Xlxeulzwcl 'I'rnincr, -lean Teen, Doris Rum- Sultyx, Huck l't'It'l'lll2iH, Huh llmff. Row 5: llcnrgv l'lzm1, :alll-v, Rnxlvn Smln-1. .Xllumzu fylxtrzl, Rim Shiuklc, l'HIlC81lli .X111e'1'u'm1 l'guwrl11I, .luck 'l'il1c, Mike fgxllkwxxxhi, fuixr-111111 Ymwlm. Run' 3: Huh Rillplf-'I', llzuwvld Rczmlcr, Mary Pyult, Xyilllillll 'I'ul'm'r. R:Qyl11-1114! Zlelxtrutf, Shirlvy llclla'n'kc11 43 l ff A i ,Q Suphnmnre Snaps l. Mary Duncan, Betsy Ann Miller, and Marjorie llaas won- return to school after a guild lunch. 7, llcre we have : rlcrinpz if they should return to the elementary school. irrimp nf lfreshmen and Soplmimvre girlsg un the wall J. lictsy Ann Miller anzl Ann Bonney llall are shown trip- Margaret Iarmsnn, Venice Patrizi, Charlotte Verity: stand ping the light fantastic. 3. tiny Hell frriwns Ol at the camera. ing: Ann Tolischns, Virginia llyncls, and lilainc llynils 4. llt-len Seilluwski, 'lless SCllXVEllIl6l'lllHll and Marian Fa:-iss Some girls just love that walll N. l'eggy lilaclx anil llctsy spent! their mum hour talking in the hint sunshine. 5. The Miller having a chat before schnnl. Nu l'ep:pty tlncs nut prreat lrlnnlvcratr ffl,airil Kinnarfl. Herrick XYillian1sun, aml have four arms! 0. Melvin Dvnnr getting ready in knnrit Riuharrl Malanapliy, 6. llelen Kozicki and Pat Flaherty a homer at a noon hour baseball game. -ii ia McPherson Richard Meehan Vivian Velehradsky Margaretta Haus Secretary President Vice President Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD MIEEHAN ...........,....... . .... Preridezzf V1v1AN Vlirizl-IRADSKY --- .... Vice Preridenf EDNA MCPHIERSON ....... .,..... S errerary MARGARETTA HAUSAIAN ................... 7'rerz.un'er Snphnmure lllass H istnry This school year of 1944-1945 brings us one year closer to our goal of graduation. After the fast, frantic days as Freshmen we settled down to being the Wise Fools of the Sophomore Class. Officers were elected with Richard Meehan replacing Peggy Black as president. Vivian Velehradsky was again vice president, Edna McPherson remained as secretary, and Margaretta Hous- man replaced Anne Moreau as treasurer. Work was begun on the Halloween Dance, the first social function of the year, which was well attended and enjoyed by everyone. The school play, "june Mad", fwhich was presented in the Fallj again found our class helping to make it a success. The many and varied clubs and organizations this year interested us and we joined with a will. Having an interscholastic football team again, after its absence the last few years, a number of our ranks turned out. Basketball both inter-scholastic and inter-mural brought out still more. The Red Cross Drive, Infantile Paralysis Drive, and the War Fund dreg- ged our pocketbooks but we contributed willingly to all and every charity. With last year's courses for a guide post, we worked hard at our subjects and made the high honor roll as well as the honor roll. l l ,f , HOME ROOM S ll""""' "mi M5415 ll1111m':111, xlK'l'II2l ll11L'r11'11, l,illi:111 lluryx. ll11l1c1'l Lllllllx, wl11wpl1 L'11lc. linux X: Xlx, l,11111N f.1l111Nlx1v llvlty ll111L11m'l1, Xl111'j111'1c ll111r1fl4. llctty lllll'lIlt'Ntl'l', l'A1':111L'A'- :11lx'1w1g Rwln-11 ll1ll, llilln-11 k4:11'l1-r. l-1l111 lh-I11-Null, XX1Il1111 Il.1ll11-IX. .X1111q1 IM-l1f1fx11slx1. Rmx J: l'2llll llll1Ij'l, k'l1z11'l1-N 1'-11111--13 Ii-:ln-1A1.X11-111l1, Xl1w1111:: llfuxx lh-1111-11. K'11111N, ll1'111x llc'N1111x, R11l1n'1'I lk-1-1ly,-l11ycv lgllllk'l, 11111 llvll. HOME ROOM 6 ll-11111111 11-ui Klux 511111l1, znwlxlwrg fXl1l1l1'c1l llz114:111, L':1111l111c ll111'l1:11':1 ll:11'l11v.'11u', Nlz11g.11vlt11 ll:111x111.111. -la'.111111'11v lQ1111gvII l'fl1111.11111. R-1wll.1 lf4l111u1'1'. Kl:1114:11'ct ,l:11111N-111, .X1111z1 l"1'1lv1:1lX11, Rmx I: lJ1111:1lml l'.Il!L'!', Xl1'lx111 liul-11, lfl111-11 l4l1'11111114. N.111n'v lx.1111' llvnwl, l,:1111:1 ll.11't, .X1111 IZ1111111-1 ll,1ll. Xl:11'x lfxvrlll. ll1l1l1'l11':1111. R1-lu-1'l ll1gu111N. Nnwcll l"1xl1c1'. liwxx l 411-111140 Q-111 J: l':1111r1:1 l'Al:1l11'1'15, ,lvl .X1111 ll:11'1N, Xlz1111111 lf1'.1.1w. lf1lm'1, llv111'u'c ll111u111ml1111lz111 l'fu111g, Xl1111111 llx-1wl1-, Y-11 X1111,1 l"1'11t1111, l,w111w llcrll, M1111 lfwlx, X'11'141111':1 l':XXIlI!l, 1111111 llg1"1l,KAlx1ln' ll1111ul:1111l, l"1'.111m'1x l"1ll1-l1111xx11, ll11ll' Ill-vul HOME ROOM 7 U1-1111111 11111: Klury Rn-iglc, llurix l,:1uNl1L', Rluvsla Hughes, Ruth l,111lge, ll:1r1'y llults. Rmx' 3: Xlr. lfu-1l I,111lgv,:11l1'iw1'g llm-ln-11 l,1NLww:1ck1, Y1rgi11i:1 l,:11x1c111l11la, Shirley l.11'l'11urette, Russell llllllllliill, l"r1111L Ksulm-7:1l1clx, -l11l111 l.t'SJllIIlN. l3:1vi1l Huw I,1-1111111-. Rww J: l'.I'l'Ll l.z'11ti11c, llelun -lllHElJlllf, Ann Smith, k'l1z11'lvx K1111ll, l,:1ir1l K111v1z111'1l, Curl Su-l1r, Nlixsinu: lly'l:111, llclun Kfvliclxi, x.lI'1IIlll1I llymlx, ll111'1N K1'1111111z-1181, lllznlrlle Kallizl, lluwnvxl l,cx-er. 16 HOME ROOM 21 lhvltw-nl ww: Maury Puri. lflcnllm' Vpmlylxc, Murgznct l.nc:u, lhpc. Ifrvcl Mnmlx, Ilmmld Rnlnnwn, .Inhn Xlmnv. lin-lnzufl llvlxy M lHc1', lfmlna Mc l'lxc1'vvl1. Iflilnlwtll Mnrris, Uurxs Rmmhlz-r, M r. I lzwvxmm, zulviwx. M1-Ning: .Xnnv Mqnxvsull, Mnlllvxx S. Run Q: lfxzmlx X:u.u1'cI, SUHIICQ' Rmllxin, ,Xnpiuxt Ha-rnlmlixlc M Iles. Sznwllvl lialw. V1 ulluw Rvnl, lf! lr R-ulvn, Ruth, Rnrlnnuni Mculmn, Rxclmlnl Mzmlnnulwhy, NYilli:un Mu- Yicturlzl Ruflmxxkl. ,luwplmillc Muwu. klnklr, .Xnlh--ny X4-ml, lhuiml Mtlinlllild. Run' 3: Riclmnl ,. -, ,... ., ..... ..-,. .,... , .. -.,----. , .pn HOM 12 ROOM Zi Il-nt--In mu: Nliw Il, SA .xlltlfllx zulxiwr: l'n'gy.gy Hlzarlx, Clllhllljlll. Run 3: .lnnnw Ylznlmlxux, XYllh:nn Sun-, XY:ml1cr lfxlln-1 linxwll, Mau Slluvh. .Xnllu 'l'znlm'. .XIHY SHYLLCIII. Szlhnymlulx. k'l.u'c11n'x' Sllyllur, R-rln'x't Schultz, Wvllllznll Sala-r lfl-lm' Srll.u.ult, Mnlxlmln lfixlwl. Run 2: -lwlln Sllmllnlryf, lrcnu Run' fli XY:ul'l'c1l Slxllllllllll. linggcx' Szlrurllt, rlulln Sntlxhln. Slwlfcnxkx, lflmvuum- Scxnlx, 'l'hL-ruxn Schxxcndcrnmnn, l,zn'ry k'hzn'lv:s Sllykn-r, ll:-x1.mlml 'l'z1yhn. M1-sung: XX'.ml1v1 Sxxnlru. Sn-I-ww, l,-lnlw Srln-w-irl, llclvn Smllmulxx, lglilllfllk' Rumi- xxvlllilll!! Sliilldtll. gn..--, HOME ROOM 30 HIIIIUIII row: Arlene Yun.Xnlen, Iflsiv XVCBS, Mary Tuth, Row 3: Rich:n'ml Yaulfleet, llcrerk XYilliaxn-un, Stzulfsml Viviun Yvlclnwnlsky, Jnyce x'HlI:xl'Sd2ilC, Cllarlmte Verity, XYv:xlcr, NYalter Kailn, Mickey NVQ-liscwitz, Martin XYaiscmf lflilzalxrth xY2lNl'2lI'i. Row .Zz Miss Mary Mnrdnch, adviserg pzwlwr, Kenneth Tottcn, jack NYilmn. Row 4: Frank Nlalwl XYxlNm1, llelcn 'l'nmnre, jane XVnrst, Mildred XVilsun, 'l'hmn1mvn, XYaync 'l'hmnas. Missing: Marie XYAINI1, .lark NHHIFB' 'Vl'illlI1ll'Y. Marin' Yard, 'l'hel'eaa Fnray, 1ncz Vieytes. Ycrllw, Ann 'l'nliwhne. 4 7 +, v A .-3 v-'J' n.........M....-ll Freshmen Snaps l. NYh:it is gi more :ipproprizitc way for thc freshmen to get In know each other than the method Mrs. Godley used-by lmving 1-:itll one write his name on the board and tell some- thing about himself. J, Delores Tliompson, Marie Makarick, Irvin- Poalnyko czitrh zi breath of fresh air on the side steps. 3. The others watch the ball pzame, but Kenny SClll!lIlD is more interested in the photographer. 4. Carol ,lean llopper .intl Iloris Cottrell :irc hczuleil for home and lunch. lJo you NAT that lnmgry look in their eye? S. The freshmen girls get IH in Qi lmrlzlleghlarjorie Yan l.lt'n, l.or:iine XYl1itc. ,lr-um' Trimmer, Eleanor Fleming. 6. Venice Patrizi laughs while Nora jarnison shows ileciclecl sliszipproval-at what? YYlly' Mickey Sclleier in detention! 7, Mantielita I'ere7 is held clown by Margaret Jarmson so that her picture can lie taken. Klannelita is shy of cameras. 8. Mrs. A, M. lfchersen ex- plains written problems to her fifth period Algelira I class. U. lla-ivicl Fairbanks and Maier Salomon look at the millqweetl porl collection. Our school made a line showing. D lures Thompson Kenneth Schomp Marjorie Voorhees Henry Kuhl Secretary President Vice President Treasurer FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS KENNETH SCHOMP ........................ Prefidenr MARJORIE VOORHEES .... --- Vice President DOLORES THOMPSON ....... ..... .... S e rrelary HENRY KUHL ........... ....... .......... T 1 'eafurer 15' reshmen Class History September 6th was really the beginning of the Freshman class history. lt was then we first passed through the portals of Flemington High School. -Our high school career was started! During the past year most of us have found it to be both profitable and enjoyable. Our first few days at school did not differ from that of freshmen who have been coming to Flemington High School for many years. We were as confused and bewildered as any freshman class. But after struggling through those first few weeks, we settled down to our scholastic and social affairs. We have entered whole heartedly in the War Bond Drive, although it took us about two weeks to get interested. Once we really got started, we equaled and even bettered the upper classmen. In November the class officers were elected. Kenneth Schomp was elect- ed Presidentg Marjorie Voorhees, Vice Presidentg Dolores Thompson, Secre- taryg and Henry Kuhl, Treasurer. The Freshmen class returned its social debt to the other classes by success- fully sponsoring the Valentine Dance in February. Now, as we close our Freshman year, we can look back and smile at the memories of our bewilderment of the first few days. We still experience the proud feeling we had when we first saw our Minute Man Hag. The excite- ment of the Valentine Dance, and all the other social events will be among the cherished memories carried by us through the years. We now look forward to the day when we will be Sophomores. 2 ""' ""' I '42- -4 HOME ROOM 1 ll--11--nn mn: Nlxw. llfnwutlly Zncgncr, aclviwcr: Marilyn fre- Nlary llnfll, L'lai1'vl'alx,1, XX1llnnn llnwl. Run l, XXIII .Xllvqu-x, Liar, llmwtlu' ll:-lllllc, llnriw k'1Ittrcll, Mary ll:n'1'u'k, Vzuvvl .Xllall fa-0, xlwllm llaxix, My-In llrnvxl, k'Iu.uIv- KK-.vlan-1, k':u'tc1', llulty llrwlwn, Ilnvlwux-Q fwlla, Ruw 2: Xlarjn-rin Vasc, Run' S: ,lack Ilalwr, llrcx-mln L'..n..U-f, L'l1H'-ml Klum-ll. Iinln-.4 Ilvtty Iilanx. Slnrlvy llramiclx, Catlmcrinc llrnvlslcr, Shirley frrvncc, Mining: Xxllllllllll Cm1fu'cx', Slll'l'XXlll llnllm-3, la-N11-1 K'---'lm-, .Xnnnlzu RMI'-11111, Nlargery Paw, Nlarie llarlyay. Run' XVHIIIUI, 3- 'l'lum1.nN Illaclx, Ilunzwlt ,Xvila,.ll111e lfinlc, ,lean Blackwell, HOME ROOM 2 ll.-it-un ww: Klux lfvclyn Ilnnnv, amlviwrp Mary llevnc, Vis, Dlzumw llllllK'li, .laclx Iflulml, .Xxlllnr llxly, llrvm-llv Stmr, lluvru IM-nwzv, llvtty llxllx, lla-len lfostvr, ,lancl Fink. Run' llcnry lllavatslxy, Raylm-ml Iluttcu-1'. ,luwpll lfnxt Nlvv li rlavlx lk-nlviglu, Ilill lfx'u1'l1:1rslt. Rolmcrt licllerlxcr, Albert ing: Nlargarct lfwulx, llavill lfzalrlmnlxf, Nlznmn l".1n-N, lllvnn lfnn-a, Stanlcy lll'L'lll0l', liwurm' livcritt, ,Ruw 3: Carlton lfcr- ,lppfaxx HOME ROOM 8 liwvttmn ww: ,l'lll'l'l'wil linlalmnwki, lluris Kline, Anna llcr- Row 3: llarvey llarlmmv, Rfvnalml ll:-ffnlzul, .Xrclmiv ll1l4lvln':ult, llcr, Nlary vlulxnxmm, Nlarjfwne llnaglanrl, Shirley l,ambe:'t, john llrnlwf, llenry Klllll, L'uwlc's llrrr, Rlrllanl llnnrk Vznrvll ,Ivan ll:-ppm-r. Run' 3: nlrx, Mildred lmclley, adviser: Rnrlulplx Krebs, N'l:n'vin Knhl, Rnlwrt Zzmvlti, Nllxalllyl lflznnc' llyzllx, IM-ris llillllpilill, Andrey llnlcmnhe, Nora Ifilmer llurwer, lfreelerick llnalecek, Rnmlnlph llnmlccvlq, K'-vn glaun-Hn, lfarl l,an'wn. llarulxl llnpl, Carl llurlqenlxury, fall l.a'l'mn'ette, ,luhn l,iskun'acki, ilvralllinu l'rinfv, :O Hume Hnum 9 Bottom row: Anne Monti, adviser: Betty Reason- er, Claire lX1eyerwitz, Helen Reasoner, Irene Po- dayko, Ruth Porter, Marie Makariek, Marjorie Mathews, Ida Mae Piell. Row 2: Mary Meliek. Manuelita Perez, josephine Netf, Betty Preek- winltle, Venice Patrizi, Betty Kistner, Ruth Quinn, Mary Bino, Dolores McDowell. Row 5: liloyd Prall, joseph Miller, August Peters, Harold Quinn. joseph Ongo, Charles Mathews, Tony Mina, john Painter, joseph Mazzueeo, Tony Maddalena, Rich- ard Ramalho. Missing: Clarence Merrell, Alhert Miller. -- un-nun :pw ,N .C K s.:,e::e.a::h -1---. Hume Bottom row: jean Snyder, Nancy Rude, Greta Risinger, Margaret Zakzewski, Clara Weiss, Vera Zakzewski, Alma Zielstortf, joyce Trimmer, Edith Siegal. Row 2: Edith Reasoner, Edna Sutphin. joan Rogers, Helen Szulim, Nancy Templeman, Marjorie Voorhees, Ruth Tripp. Row 3: Mrs. Naomi Zid, adviser, Lorraine Wliite, Marialiee Robinson, Marie Taylor, Margaret Schomp, Mar- - .1 ww. Xuan Awww nissan, lacing ,, xv Hnnm lll jorie VanLieu, Dolores Thompson, Virginia Rine- hart. Row li: Paul Waldron, john Sehwender- man, Manfried Wolf, Stanley Yard, Robert Zylstra, Norman Sindlinger, Robert Reper. Row S: Ken- neth Schomp, Edward Samuel, joseph Szwed, Maier Salamon, Eugene Taylor, Wfilliam Conover, Louis VanRoy, Missing: Eric Rodin, Louis Ulrich, Helene Weibel. il 'Qu ln I. Um- uf thc Iv--xi gym flznsws keeping in vnmlition. J. XYINIK thc lrlmuln- in the lmrk ruw, Selcsnirk? 3. The SEC- rm-1:uu.nl f-ure nt wurlx. 4. Spring: suits in the nlakiug, 5, 421- 'xxny 4lm1't bm-ther uw ffarlixts must nvver he disturbed at xx'--:IJ I.. l'h5N1u prnvvx l!11l'fCX1llljl. 7. If yuu'rc hungry 5 rig 1 6 J Ii Schnnl cunfult the abuvefbut even cooking mczuu lvutllvcs um! note-taking'! 8. The plwtnplrapher atlrartw practiuzally cvvlv- rmnek attentiunf 'L Study Hall and alumni vvcrymw Judy- ing. Can yum imagine? lil. lfnglixlm IX' clzux rzmghl m thc act of having za gn-ml jfvke. 4 VYYWV I W' M 4 xx ' wma' lx K W N K Q Q QL! f . Iliff' lv A RSA I J' Y' ll 0 W ,- I ' I wi sh M Ufhlf , 30 Pail?-N35 Z.. ,lT 1-,ly l.i.t...l..,it - l.-.lj .1.1... -1. ..- I I ax N E figs 4 . Mrs. A-Mfskcran Miss M.'Rz.ulor Mrs. N.C. ZBA V N ? E, EJzTor Assi5T.nT EJrTornuTo3nplu5 Eel Spoifs EJ. Gu-ls'Spu-Ts EJ Elm Sanuntlw Mans Stal! flanma. Cyaeielw . Hauer Glaviqnsuslm 1 ,ry 1 f ggaff 'SQA A flgping Eelffor Au-T E4liTor Tbvlulieffg -Business Clrsulomon Navy 'hsvmga Mqmif Nglyj Evge.mW:lson A HilJhgQTgggge., ,Louiscfnglnr eric' Sr Class Hlifrg J Class Hliforg Sqakflass Hisly-Etvgsrfzlslmlkilvf u va-.Kutnklz H243 . i ll ll Ill 1-xv: Miss Anne llonti, nnlviserg lNl'ai'y Yasunaga, Run'-1: lletty llartpence, Virginia Mcl'lierson, Beth n innes, ,lean Yoorlxees, lflezniim' Sainantcliy, editor: bury, lloris Melick, Anne llylan, Ruth Loclge Mrs lXHO!Tll llilrlr I urge, Marie Sieak, assistant editor: Rosella lfrlingcr, Ziil, zulviser. Ron' S: lilizahetli Alles, Pearl Hiller lutl lliitnte Cv:-cicli, Ron' Z: Doris XYarner, Margot Nebel, Suznllmrgg llale More-au, lilsie l'ntter, Jacque me lk ix o llunt lleinelt, liarlmra llnrtpence, lNlarg:u'etta llausnian, lilizahetli XYap:ner, Gwyneth XYilliains, Row I x nn lean, I,onisc 'l'ziylnr, Yivian Yelelirzulsky. Row 3: lXlori'is lllaller, liupzene XYilson, August Km iel VSA ter llmlx llusll. llawlxara llartpence, Roslyn Sinner, lfleanoi' llausman, Ray Ricliarils, Ricllarcl llaver. Rom llinnns K null Ilelty l'rccltwinkle, llarluara llagan, jane Bellis. Nief, Ira Bass, Bernard llurlecek, George Plant EDITORIAL CIRCULATION ADVERTISING Guy Bell Dolores Colla Betty Hartpence Agnes Best jo Ann Garis Betty Hartpence Peggy Higgins Eugene Hilclabrandt August Knispel Betty Lindabury Ruth Lodge Jacqueline Maxson Virginia McPherson Betsy Anne Miller Betty Preckwinkle Ray Richards Eleanor Samantchy Marie Sicak Roslyn Somer jean Voorhees Elizabeth Wagner SPORTS-GIRLS Gloria Bush f TYPI N G Eleanor Cottrell Louise Taylor Mary Yasunaga Marie Conover Arthur Day Mary Duncan Rosella Edinger Eva Hoff Rhoda Hughes Edna McPherson Pearl Miller Luella Piell Betty Preckwinkle Geraldine Prince Elsie Schaadt Marie Taylor Pauline Tinnes Marie Yard PHOTOGRAPHY Jane Bellis Edward Corona Florence Cvecich john Moore Ruth Sundburg SPORTS-BOYS Richard Haver jerry Hartpence Margaretta Hausman Eva Hoff Ann Hylan August Knispel Edna McPherson Doris Melick Anne Moreau Lois Packer Emil Pavlica Hilda Tange ART june Abegg Ira Bass Morris Blaher Fred Deemer August Knispel Dale Moreau Margot Nebel Eleanor Samantchy Shirley Thatcher Doris Warner Eugene Wilson ll tt w: Mrs. lim-ntlly Luepzner, adviserg Doris Densnn, llartpence, Doris Romallm, jack Baker, Tony N ia Row ess, Claire lleinelt, llelen jnngblut, jo Ann Garis, 3: Toininy Nief, Kenneth Schmnp, XYalter llansin 1 ll y ll l tier, Gwynetli Vl'illiams, Peggy Black. Row 2: Kulll. I 1 X nllny, Guy llell, Richard Malanaphy, Marjorie Student Enuncil The chief purpose of the Council is to provide practical training in citizen- ship through group activity. It is the organization through which the stu- dent body cooperates with the principal and the faculty in meeting the problems of the school. The Council attends the Annual State Conference of Student Councils in November of each year. Membership includes four executive officers and one representative from each homerooom, with the exception that homerooms containing over thirty- eight may have two representatives. The executive officers for this year are: President, Claire Heineltg Vice President, Walter Housmang Secretary, Eliza- beth Allesg Treasurer, Louise Taylor. The Council meets regularly once a week on Fridays when its many com- mittees function. The standing committees are: Assembly Program chairman, Gwyneth Williams, Student Council Newsboard chairman, Elsie Potter, Elec- tion Committee chairman, Elizabeth Alles, Flag Bearers chairman, Richard Malanaphyg Noon Dancing chairman, Thomas Niefg Lost and Found chairman, Jack Baker, Locker chairmen, Elsie Weiss, Henry Kuhlg Honor Society chair- man, Elizabeth Alles, Playroom chairman, Elsie Weiss, Project chairman, Peggy, Black, Publicity chairman, Louise Taylor, Trafhc Corps chairman, Richard Malanaphyg War Savings chairman, Gwyneth Williams. The Project Committee participates in community activities such as milk weed pod collections, bundle week, etc. Because of the efforts of the War Savings Committee, the school has had the Minute Man Flag for over a year. ln order to receive this flag at least ninety percent of the student body and faculty must purchase a stamp each month. row: liilna McPherson, lflsie XVeiss, Jo Aim Garis, Voorhees, Agnes Best, lileanor Samantchy, lilizabeth XX ar. mana llartpence, Mildred Cary. Row 2: l,aura llart, ner, Jane Bellis, Gwyneth VViIliams. Row 4: Mr II Iarle Mau llnncan, Vivian Yelehradsky, Betsy Ann Miller, Mar- Davison, adviserg Richard Malanaphy, Robert Ringer Charles ix llartpcnce, lflizabetl1Alles. Row 3: Clara lleinelt, Jean llentzinger, Ray Richards, Oliver Headly, Jack Baker Traffic Enrps Since 1936 the Traffic Corps has been functioning in Flemington High School. It is composed of a group of students whose main duties are to sup- ervise and direct traffic in the halls and on the stairs while pupils are changing classes and usher in assemblies. Also, each period, a member of the corps is on hall duty at the front door to receive visitors and direct them to wherever they wish to go. It is a privilege to be a member of the Traffic Corps. The members are carefully selected by a committee composed of students and the adviser. They are judged on their scholastic standing, efficiency, and ability to take responsi- bility. No one failing to live up to these high standards is even considered. If at any time any member fails to live up to these standards he is automatically dismissed. The regalia of the corps consists of arm bands which are worn on the left arm while on duty and also for the purpose of designating the members of the corps in order that they may be excused from classes a minute early. The faculty adviser is Mr. H. Earle Davison. There are no officers in the Traflic Corps because the group acts as a unit and no one is above any one else. Meetings are held only in case of emergency. Bnttmn row: l,ouise Orashen, Clara Sokodinsky, Carolyn Row 3: Betty Preckwinkle, Anne Moreau, lileanor Cottrell, lihmann, Barbara Hagen, Shirley LaTourette, Pauline Tin- Nancy Trimmer, Venice Patrizi. Row 4: Richard llaver, nes, Mary XYene. Row 2: Miss Eleanor Scott, adviser: Ann Guy Bell, Charles Bentzinger, NYalter Hausman, liugene Romney llall, Jean Snyder, Helen Kozicki, Roslyn Somer, llildebrant, Oliver Headley. Hilda Tange, Jane Bellis, Dorothy Capelle, Edna Peterman. .Inurnalism Through this active club, news of Flemington High School is presented to the public, by the devices of the press. Membership is open to any pupil in the high school. Members are as- signed various school activities to write up, such as: stories based on interviews with teachers, visitors to the school, notes taken at regular and special assem- blies, athletic contests events. Articles are corrected by the editors and turned over to the Key Klickers who are under the supervision of Mrs. Blanche P. Le- Monn. These Klickers of the Keys type the articles which are then sent on to the Democrat for a final check on correct journalistic style before publica- tion in the School News Section. In 1936 the group was formally organized under a written constitution and in 1938, a beginner's class in journalism was organized to augment the advanced students who had experience in former years. Mr. D. Howard Moreau, editor of the Hunterdon County Denzormt, gave instructions at the first few meetings for novice writers. In the past years, Mr. Moreau present- ed keys to students who succeeded in having 25 inches or more published in the newspapers. The c1ub's ofiicers for this year are: President, Mary Weneg Vice Presi- dent, Roslyn Somerg Secretary, Dorothy Capelle. Editor-in-Chief, Eleanor Cottrell, Assistant Editor, jane Bellis, Faculty Adviser, Miss Eleanor Scott. 58 ll It in ivw: Klililreml Neff, lflaine llynils, joan Rogers, zabeth Alles. Row 3: Iilsie VVeiss, Josephine Neff Betty II I it llii-mpsmi, lileannr Saniantchy, Ann Kenipf, Gloria Preclcwinkle. Patricia llendershot, Gladys Case, Fliza eth lin h Xl ny Yasunaga, Margot Nebel. Row 2: Ann Bonney lYai:ner, Venice Patrizi. Row 4: Peggy Black, Dale Moreau rlnl Mcl'herson, Margaretta llHl!NlllHll, Barbara llart- .lo Ann Iiaris, Joyce Kline, Matilda Krebs, Clorinlla Barbieri i ui limi-otliy Ilrost, Lois Packer, Gwyneth XYillianis, lili- Eirls' Leader Enrps The girls of Flemington High Leader Corps believe that there is a sport or game for every girl, not just for the few who excel. They believe that every girl should be given an opportunity to participate in sports according to her interests and ability. They further believe that every girl should participate in the Physical Education program as far as she is physically fit. They believe that the scope of activities should include not only those they enjoy at present, but those which may form a basis for adult recreation. The purpose of this organization which had been established in 1955 is to foster clean sportsmanship, to promote active participation of all girls in Intramurals, and especially to promote leadership. All squad leaders, class captains, managers of sports and captains of sports are eligible for membership. The girls who have participated in a particular sport vote on the girls nominated for manager. The girl receiving the most number of votes is manager. Each class nominates and votes on girls to re- present it as class captains. Each squad elects someone from its own group to represent it. The Physical Education Instructress acts as adviser. This year our adviser is Miss Effie Riggio. The officers are: President, Dale Moreaug Secretary, Elizabeth Allesg Trea- surer, Gwyneth Williams. The Leader's Corps meet every Thursday during activity period in the gymnasium. l 14.-ttmn row: Mary Yasunapza, Marie Sicak, Anna Federaka, Miss Mary llarre, adviser. Row 5: Mrs. lllanrhc l'. l.c Caroline I-Ilnnann, Agnes Best, Eleanor Saniantchy, Albina Munn, adviserg August Knispel, limil Pavlica, Stanley Selcs Zylstra, Pauline Tinnes, llilrla Tange, Anita Layden, Margot trick, lingerie llilclabrant, Ruhert 'l'lmmason, lfrerl lleciner Nelmel. Row J: Clara Sokuilinsky, Doris Ramalho, Lois Tony Mina. Ron' 6: TIIUIIIQIS Nief, Guy Hell, lra llziss llcnzlgr, Patricia Flaherty, lfleanor liwinpz, ,lean Alvater, lfugene XVilson, ,lack llaker, Stanford XYexler, Oliver lleail lloris Mr-lick, ,lane llellis, Florence Cvevich, Louise Geczi. ley. Row 7: Robert Cronce, Dennis Roclkin, .lorilan lfwing Row J: Ann Tolisclilis, Virginia llynrls, llelen Kozieki, Ruth NYalter llansnian, Morris ltlaher. Run' S: Richard llavvr Sllllflbllffl, lletty ljnrlahllry, Virginia McPherson, Patricia Donald Robinson, George Plant, Robert. Denbigh. Missing ll'-mlm-rslml, Shirley l,a'l'uurette. Row 4: Marjorie Merrell, ll:-tty Kistiivr, Ruth Porter, Peggy llipzpzins. Mary ltinn, Ilale Moreau, Anne Moreau. Barbara Hagen, Student Voice The Student Voice is a magazine in which the pupils have an opportunity to express opinions on many topics and propose improvements or changes which seem advisable to them. Members of the editorial staff were chosen, one member from each Eng- lish class, and were augmented by pupils who tried out for positions. This year, Stanley Selesnick is Editor-in-chief, and Guy Bell 'is Assistant Editor. Material is prepared by the English classes as regular class work. This work helps them to create their ability in writing original topics. It gives the pupils on the staff an opportunity to gain more knowledge on publishing. The staff under the guidance of the English teachers, edits and selects the stories, poems, editorials, and features which make up the magazine. Miss Eleanor Scott and Miss Mary Barre are the advisers in the English department. The Key Klickers are an integral part of the Student Voice. This group handles all mechanical details connected with its production, such as typing. cutting stencils, and binding. The work is supervised by Mrs. Blanche P. Le Monn. Miss Margaret Reeder and her group of artists play a large part in mak- ing the magazine a success. They design the cover and are responsible for the many interesting illustrations found throughout. The above three departments have joined together to produce a really interesting magazine. Last year the Student Voice was awarded "All Ameri- can Honor Rating" by the National Scholastic Press Association. We hope to do as well this year. 60 Bottom row: Carol Jean Hopper, Doris Cottrell, Marion Stcnaliauirli, lrene Podayko, lfdith Siegel, Alma Zielstorff, Louise Geczi, Mary Barrick, Betty Goodell, Shirley Lambert, Carol Carter, Betty Reasoner, llelen Pescatore, Dolores Collai, lborothy Bodine. Row 2: Anna llerder, Geraldine l'riuce, llclen 'l'nrance, Mildred Cary, Josephine Neff, Agnes Best, Virginia Rinehart, Jeanne lliggins, Marie Yard, Betty lillllllisll, Miss Louise Antovini, adviser. Row 3: Manuelita Percy, Rhoda llughes, lidna McPherson, lileanor Lpzlylce. Maiialice Robinson, Marjorie X'anLieu, Verna Bacorn, Angela Corona, l'hyllis Sokol, Row 4: Marie Taylor, Margery Case, Katie llensel, Barbara Gulrich, Tess Schwendermau, Marian Frziass, June Timberlake. Row 5: Mildred Neff, Ainy Sar- ircnt, Alhina Zylstra, Mildred XYilson, l'at Flaherty, Claire Calca. Anna Kenipf, Laura llart, Doris Melick, Jean Alvater, Betty Klaus, Margaret Lucas. Rose Lentini, Virginia La- niendola, Shirley Thatcher, llelen Vliet, Joyce Buhel, Row oz Ruth Sundburg, Clara Sokodinsky, Virginia Ewing, Doris llainpton, Betty Lindabury, limnia Allegar, Mary Duncan, lra Bass, Betty Dellecker, Shirley Cole, Charlotte Verity. Row 7: Lois Packer, Anita Layden, Doris XVorman, Betty Kistner, lflaine llynds, Ann Tolischus, Virginia llynds, Brevoort Conover, Ray Zielstroii, Emil Pavlica, Mary Bush, Mary Bino, Marie Markarick. Row 8: Gloria Bush, Gloria llarris, Robert Thoinason, Clidord Creed, Robert llenbigh, Robert llill, Robert Claus, Paul Kuhl, George Plant, Jordan Ewing, Jack Tine, Dolores Thompson. Row 9: Jim Bar- rick, George Curtis, Louis Bellera, Donald Gulick, Sherwin Halley, Robert Ringer, llarold Reamer, Gilbert Carter, VVal- ter Robinson. Row 10: Richard Uenyse, August Knispel, Americo Passerillo, Paul Buggi, Louis Billera, Charles Cur- tis, Donald Robinson, Charles Suydam, Mike Schier, Richard Peternian, Louis Serridge, Ray Richards, Eric Rodin. T ixnd lihnrus The Mixed Chorus was organized many years ago and has grown into a very large group. This year so many students tried to enter that it became necessary to make it smaller by having try-outs. It now has an at- tendance of sixty girls and forty boys. The boys have done a very good job of enlarging the chorus. They worked hard and long in order to make the four-part singing some- thing enjoyable and beautiful to listen to. The chorus meets in the auditorium every Friday morning during activity period. Along with singing community songs, the Mixed Chorus has done a great deal of four-part singing. It not only participated in the Christmas play, but also it presented a feature program of its own with Christmas carols and songs. This spring it will provide a program for the parents on Parents' Visit- ing Night. On Sunday afternoon, November 19, 1944, the New Jersey All-State High School Chorus and Orchestra presented a most in- spiring concert at Newark. The chorus and orchestra are made up of those members who had attended try-outs last Spring and had qualified. Of the four students trying out for the chorus from Flemington, Ira Bass was accepted. In all, there were about four or five regional rehearsals. The chorus pre- sented a radio program over Station WAAT fNewarkJ on November 4, and on Novem- ber 9, performed at the Hotel Astor in New York during the New Jersey Teachers' Con- vention. The opportunity to belong to such an organization is to be remembered and cherished by all the participants. The faculty adviser, Miss Louise Anto- nini, has worked hard and with a great deal of patience in instructing our chorus and has obtained satisfactory results to the best of the group's ability. 61 Bottom row: Melvin Dvoor, George Warrick, Rudy Cedro, XVilson, Robert Zylstra, Richard Denyse, John XVarrick John Newbery, llarold Dalley, Carl Hockenbury. Row 2: Row 4: Frank Thompson, llrevoort Conover, Rudolph Krebs Mr. Fred Lodge, adviserg Robert Schultz, Grenelle Storr, Jack Goldy, XValter Kahn. Missing: Alan Case, llenry Iles Robert Clans, Robert Ringer, John Frizzell, Joseph Fust. nos, Roger liveritt, Don lfitzer. Row 3: firmer johnson, Frank Navarro, Joe Maresca, ,Tack Future Farmers Uf America The purpose of this group, which has been formed since 1929 is to develop leadership, create a love of country life, to establish the confidence of rural boys in themselves and their work, to promote thrift, to develop character, to train for useful citizenship, to promote scholarship, and foster atriotism. The Future Farmers of America has chosen corn yellow an national blue as its colors. Its motto is "Learning to do-Doing to Learn: Farming to Live-Living to Serve." The emblem of the Future Farmers of America is a cross section of an ear of corn surmounted by an American eagle. The emblem also include the plow, standing for labor and tillage of the soil, the owl, symbolizing wisdom, and the rising sun showing progress and co-operation. The cross section of an ear of corn represents common agriculture and the eagle means that it is a national organization. Necessary requirements of a good Future Farmers of America group are interested members, capable officers and leaders, challenge program of work, adequate financing, responsibility shared by all members, proper equipment and records, and acknowledge of Future Farmers of America by every member. The Flemington High School Chapter is very progressive. It plans to sponsor agricultural programs, sports, see movies and interstate agricultural contests. The Future Farmers of America officers are: President, john Newbergg Vice President, Robert Ringer, Secretary, Robert Claus, Treasurer, Rudy Cedro, Watchdog, Grenelle Storrg News Reporter, john Warrick, Faculty Adviser, Mr. Fred Lodge. 62 lun i iw: lrene l'ndayku, llulores Tlnmipson, lla l e Free, lfngene VYilsoi1, Norman Sindlinger, Clarence Merrell Q an 'Xlnry llnsli, Nancy Trinnncr, Marjorie Mathews. llarvey Garbow. Run' 3: Charles Curtis, Paul llugxi Rn Crt n ony Mina, Tnnmly lludnlick, Alex llaritos, Iim Cronce, Sherwin Dailey, lra Bass. Service Eluh The Service Club is a new organization in our school. It is under the supervision of the art teacher, Miss Margart Reeder. It was organized by Miss Reeder because she found that it was impossible for the art classes to do the many odd jobs requested by students, faculty and towns people. The "odd jobsi' consist of posters for all events such as the bond drives, Red Cross drive, dances, plays, etc., back drops for plays, decorations for auditorium at Christ- mas, program covers for all school events, minute-man flags for the home- rooms receiving 90? or more in the weekly stamp drives, and an art file for the art room. These activities and many others keep the students who volunteered for this club very busy. They are supposed to meet only once a week on Wediies- day during activity period but many times they have found that the work could not be done in the allotted thirty-live minutes. They work at all times during the day and many afternoons and evenings. The Service Club deserves many thanks from the student body and facul- ty. It has proven to be an asset to the school and we hope it will continue until it becomes a permanent part of our school. 4 Bottom row: Mary Everitt,iAnn Bonney Hall, Edna Mc- Pherson, Shirley l.aTnurette, Barbara Hagan, Jean Voorhees, Marie Makarick, Mildred Cary, Margot Nebel. Row 2: Miss Edna Greenfield, adviser, Shirley Thatcher, Betsy Miller, Marie Taylor, Elsie Weiss, Helen Jungblut, Marjorie Vonrliees, Mary Duncan, Miss Patricia Cass, adviser. Row 3: Tommy Black, Jacqueline Maxson, Anne Moreau, Peggy Black, Joyce Buhel, Doris Hampton, Vivian Velehradsky, Jeanette Gingell. Row 4: Donald Robinson, Dick Hauck, XVayne Thomas, Jack Backer, Robert Thomason, Fred lleemer, Row 5: Jordan Ewing, XValter llausman, Emil Pavlica, Dick Peterman, George Plant, Jack Denbigh. Masque and Sandal The Masque and Sandal dramatics club was founded in 1932 by the origi- nal cast of the operetta, "Tulip Time". The purpose of this club is to create a real appreciation of dramatic art in the school and give students the oppor- tunity to get a start in dramatics. One way the club attains their aims is by the presentation of two one-act plays during the school year. One of these plays is usually a serious drama and the other a comedy. The proceeds from these plays usually are used for the purchase of stage equipment or is donated in part to some other school activity. The avenues through which a person may become a member in Masque and Sandal are by giving a successful tryout before the present members or by appearing in the operetta or other major play. Students who show aptitude and ability for property and stage managers may apply for membership. This year the club has two faculty advisers, Miss Patricia Cass and Miss Edna Greenfield. The oflicers are: President, Fred Deemerg Vice President, Edna McPher- song Secretary, Vivian Velehradsky and Treasurer, Betsy Miller. 64 w.. Ilottom row: Rose Mina, Gloria Bush, Mary VVene, Jennie Otto, Ann Kenipf, Louise Orashen, Mary Yasunaga, Shirley Voorhees, Lois Packer. Row 2: Gwendolyn Case, Evelyn foie, liai'l1zu'a Gulrich, Louise Taylor, Ilelen Vliet, Emma AIlcLt1u', l.oretta XVatle. Row 3: Hilda Tange, Pauline Tin- nes, Irene Edge, Eleanor Cottrell, Dorothy Capelle, Elsie Potter, Eva IIoFf. Row 4: Marjorie Merrell, Joyce Kline, Gloria Harris. Row 5: Jack Thatcher, Mrs. Blanche P. I,eMonn, adviser. Missing: Erma Lambert. Hay Klicliers Membership in the Key Klickers is open to the students of the Typing II Classes, and to those pupils who have formerly completed the course. Mrs. Blanche P. LeMonn organized this club in 1952. Since then it has been under her splendid supervision and guidance. The responsibility for the mechanics connected with the publication of the Studezzf Voice, as well as the typing of material for our year book, the Echo, has been given to this club. Key Klickers also do miscellaneous work including: mimeographing examina- tions, play programs, announcements, and many other things needed by teachers and the school office. Many members do filing and stenographic work for vari- ous members of the faculty to obtain experience in this fieldq The Key Klickers meet once a week on Wediiesday during activity period. But when there is a great deal of work to be done, the members work at all times during the day. The officers are: President, Mary Yasunaga, Vice President, Louise Taylor, Secretary, Hilda Tangeg Business Manager, Pauline Tinnes, Assistant Business Manager, Gloria Bush. 65 X1 l ise l'. Antuiiiiii, adviser: llenry Kulil, Robert Day, Stanley Yard, NYilliain Bird, Missing: Anna ll l lit-iwlx' lwck l'aintei'. Row 3: Doris Cottrell, Marian Stena- l'aul llugyi, Marilyn fre-izar, Robert Higgins, Cha l' mlm. Carol jean llnpper, Marie Yard. Row 3: Arthur scliinirlt, llorutliy llodine. 66 Urcheslra This year the number of instruments in the orchestra has been increased. Miss Louise Antonini has again been the director of the orchestra. Last year the members of the orchestra played merely for their own plea- sure but this year they have made the orchestra of real value to the school. In several assembly programs during the year they played for the student body to march into the auditorium. Under the direction of Miss Louise Antonini the orchestra has played for several special occasions during the year. These events were the Parents Visit- ing Night in the fall and the Commencement program in June. They also played for the Christmas program. Another event at which the orchestra was a great help and an asset was the Pep Rally, which was held at the opening of the football season. The members of the orchestra practice during sixth period on Tuesday and Vifednesday. The requirements are that a member play an instrument well, has a keen interest in music, and is willing to cooperate with a group. lunllmn 1--xr: Ri-Iwi! lh-rilx. R-in J: Xliss .Xnlonini, :nlvl-er: Ilcnrv linhl4 jack I iinlvr. Row 3: Vqn'--l jenn Iloppcr, lflsic Schzuult, Marie Yard. Row 4: Arthur lin I'ilun4l l'liiih lu th ich . ', 'Z ' ' ' , 'llllk' , ' lillllb. Banu: Band Mfuuia YARD. ,S'w1'a1m' 1 Cfuzoi. JUAN Hovvlzn, 'l'm',n. This cluh, under the direction of Miss Antonini, is mgide up of students who play un in- struinent well und have Ll keen interest. llvlloln row: Xlnrilyn L'rcp.1nr, Marjorie llozlpflamml, Ruth Ylnnlo, Marie Haluhzis. Row 3: M1u'jui'ie llzlrrick. Helly lulvr, Ih-ily llrolcgiw, .Xnilrey Hush, Row J: Miss Norma linrinester, Ifiaiices llzilik, Czwolyn lfhiuzinn. Missing: Mil- ugiilson, zulviserg lloris licilsinl, Ruth 'I'ripp, Concettzl ilreilll:u:z1i1,XY:1llilziUohnyynski, Xl:u'gni'et Zaltnewslxi. Experimental llnnkinq lfluh The girls. under the direction of Miss Norma Magidson, cook once ll month and on the other club days they discuss such beneficial topics as ration- ing, table service. and nutrition. 67 E Q 4 -,..., S A llmlwvxx lun: Xllv Klum Nlllllzllx, zulxlwrg .XJIIICN lhwl, Alzulc Xvurst, .Mum 'l'lxl-I". an lwm Rum-lx. R-rw 1: Rum' lxxltirln, lhvrix llllh, lmnisc flervi, fzfilfl' Krwm. Rc .i ll.-HN X1.1Hlu-xxx IM-1--1115 l'1vtl-, Ih-tty ilmnlcll, Rvrw 4: .Xrlelw Yrm .Xulm-11, HM Imm 1'vwyu'v, lynx lilrlwmu. Huw 31 FIFJIII .Xlx':lt01'. Library llluh Aaamas Iilfsl' I'1mxmfL1fl DORIS l3Il,'l'S I 'Inf ljumfl 111 B12'1"1'x' f1OUl5l'l.l Su'1'um1'.1 - ,llxmffl jo ANN CQARIS BARBARA HARTPl2NCIli IXflARGAR12TTA HAUSMAN I91'w'jzfc'11l Vive Pflifjdljllf SL'L'1'L'ffH'1 mm' 'I'1'm,s'1f1'w' Fnrmqn Lanquaqe Ifllu H.-lturll mn: Vlniu- Ilcim-ll, Rim Vslpsu, ,le-sm Sny41cr. I.m'- .Xraslzulmy Ann 'I'1-llwlmnx. lgllmlwxln Nlmrlx, .Xuuu lin-luwvfxuwln num-XYh1ln-, lfl1'u11wl' Smlmntrhy, -In .Xml Curia, Ilretn Ris- Run' 41 lmulx X':n1Ruy, Xlzirprcly ll:u'lp1'm'c, .Xml llxlul ulgvv, ful-rl kxzn'ta'l', Ilnlsvwv- Q-Hllil. Hhs x11lI'j' Muwlnrh, Inrmillc SlI'iI1IlFlL', Ruth Lmulpr, xx-llllilill HrK'vvl'Lh', IMI zulxlwr. Rum' J: xlilfll' Swzalf, Mary Ifich, Mary Vili, livtty l,cntim'. Row S: Rurhnnl X':a11l"lvvt, jnhn Sumlhurg, .Mm lhugpgvtl. -Ivzm 'l'w.'lN, M:n'p::u'L't1u H8113-lllilll, l!:u'lm1':a Hart- Ruth, Rirllnnl Mcchzxul. Rm-gur Szugcnt, Rlclmul Nlnl.u1.npI1x 1-4-:um-, Mznruzm Stcllulunlglu, R-wlyn S:-1114-r, ll-vrux Rmualhu. Huy llc-Il, Stsmluy R-Rlkin. Xliwiup: Nlzuwqul l!.u'In11.m,-Illm Run 3 Ihrrx- Krm1l11:1im'r, llclrn Kolirki, ll'L'l1c Slurlluwwky, Xhcfipr. Xlxuw NYJAINI1, I'hylli- Sulxnl, Virginia llymlx, fuycc Yun fifx Lzihuratury Assistants llluh This cluh, the purpose of which is to keep the lriborzi- tory up to drite, neat, and in running order, is open to all junior rind senior hoys who are llllilllitl Cfheinistry or Phys- ics. Mr. Zoll is the faculty adviser. Bottom row: Mr. llzirry Zoll, iulvis ' I ' 1 li ii li I l f er: liulu Ili-nhigrli, llnrrv Roekniellow, Riehi tom mul. Row -1 ' 4 ' 's leii1iilg'ei', Ilnrolrl Regiiiier Kieio1i:e liultl- livl Tim Row 3: Ray Riclinrils. William 'l'urner, kksiltei' tivllner, Ilfnge - ' ' 'ii i,. fx: XYexlcr. ni llilnlrln mt Ninifuid llotloni row: Mrs. Xlilrlreil Goilley, adviser: Nanuelitzi Perez, Knoll, Clyde lluziglzind, Xlivliziel XXI-lisewitl, Carl Sltxlll Xnnzn lferlemkza, Claire Uailizi. Row J: Paul NY:il1lron, Ron- Row 4: john Moore, Robert Zzinetti, Martin lleisele, Frm ild lllli-illllitll, lk-reek kyllliillllSUll, Stanley Yard, Floyd Prall, Sieher, Clizirles Mzitllews, llernnril Ronzllder, llenry tilova Ifxirli- Laiwson, Ricliziixl Rxiniiilho, Harold llalley. Row 3: sky. ltlissinpri XY:iltcr Swiiler, lohn Lisknwzleki, Josepli Mzxzzueeo, Laird Kinnzlirxl, Charles Current Histury Elull This club carries on interesting and informative discussions on current events under the direction of Mrs. Mildred Godleyr 6 an Q ai 2 -Levi DI Q 1 ffvmv im .-.----1 ' Hmm: MHl2hilllilZS K Fur fiuninr liirls F' 3, if lmmiy mon around ilu 1' '1 , LOUIS, xxiniows, QL"CCllS. " f plinnccs. iiulliilll ion: Ilol Rigusomw, lfliul Xml Xi:ii'li'i'. Kay Nlfl'i1r1'soxi, ,Xml iFul1iiwJ.'. Ili-In-in l'vsr.1l-vii-. Nou l: Nix. fqlinislxlv, suixiscrg lilnilys kizlsv, Hot 'lirilliillvig IM! Ili-ist, klvzlxvivr Iliggins. R--xx .iz Ni:n'g:ii'i'! iii-iilcll, lforis XY:i1'm'i', i'n':uil Xiiilvi. lilnzm-ii' Ifuiviq, Iglifnlwlil XXgig11vr, .Xivilzliwiic lfirth. Ron fl: Doris XYoilll:ii1. livll, Illgnltrlslvwi, 'I'illlm' Kin-Ins, Iflifzilxrtll .Xllcg fiwyil XYilii:iins. Row 3: Riilii Siimllriiiil, l'.ui H4-mivl shot. lia , K "X il ,,.. uw - ' L. li' if B1 in .'.ln.q,cf,.,i 1,4 fs J' """"S,f. My . .X 3 Urn fy ...N Bottom row: Luis Packer, Miss Effie Riggio, adviser. Row 2: Gloria Bush, Barbara Ilartpcncc, Lois llvnvlcr, Mary lilfk, Ifilna McPherson, Mildred Vary. Varsity Cheer Leaders Gloria Bush is the Captain of the Senior Cheerleaders under the direction of Miss Effie Riggio. 'O 5 Mr, Louis Zgllwriskic tcnclis cs senior girls Iioxx to bc liousc by rcpiirinig piuinlw- as A Juninr Bed Eruss The junior Red Cross Club, under the direction of Miss livelyn Dunne, meets every Wfednesdziy. The girls make ufgiins, overseas kir lugs, and other articles for the Red Cross, li--rroin row: Miss llnzini-, gulvisi-i'3 lli-ilrnilc Scln-pcix. Ili-115 Ilugzsom-i', Oluxi Oli--Lux lfilnzi l'k'lL'l'lIl1IlI, Shirley l.JHHllt'l'l. Row 3: vloscpliiin- Noll, Xiifzl .lzuins-111, k'nllic1'1m l5rui'lxlc1', .Xuilrvy llolc--mlmc, fX'l1u'i1xl1i'e Rolmiilsivil, Row 4: l,:mi':r llzirt, Ycxilxi llzir'-wil Alvlmii- l'.i1'1yrl1, Ilorolllx llulryxllplu, fNl.a1'g.eu'l 'l'l:uyl1-nk Row 5: llcltll XYciln llclcn lfininoiiq, Nlixsllllfi lllziry l'5:1lt. if---'f"' . i Ll F 5 ., ll-vlti-in row: ,Ioyrc linliel, Miss lfllie Riggio, rulviserg Mar- 3: Betsy Miller. llolorcs Cola, lflsir- Weiss, llvtty liislnci gnu-I -Iiiinlson, Row J: .loycc ,l'I'lII1lllCl', Rose Minn. Row jo Ann Garis. .Iuuinr Varsity Cheer Leaders Dolores Cola is captain of Junior Cheerleaders Llllklef the direction of Miss Eflie Riggio. 7l Mile 'R Extra Curricula I 'I'hc :ut club ,tcm nut. Lett to right: lra llase, Iiuizene Wilwn ,lunc Alva-img, Il:-ris Ramalhu, lilermor Samantchy, lfva llrvtlf, Miss lllarizaret Reeder Cadvise-rj, Mies Patricia ll'tr1wr tiruextl. J. The vlutllmaliaitt Club starts out for t-he Ilctnv-t'r:tt wfticc wlwrc' they are intrrwduced tru the mysteries -it thc gum-, 3. 'I'ht- K1-x' Klivlteiw' Klirlcinpr Kvy Klick wt 7 7 L f +1-.,, f. . Z Q...-Q.-Q ff ,,.w-"""'Mpsib in spite of the Klickiilpz Kamera, 4. Red llragvms dcpifl the drama ut' "Sister Sue." S. The l.ihrary Club surts iltztgafimw. Iv. llrvyx make full uw uf the game rmmt. 7. Tearlicrf run the wide line cheer nur buys alum! in the tint lrmthall gztnw three ycarx. R, Side liners with our side. U. lluxy hear husily lmildiitg? ? F lll CYS F ,H . '-X f-8 I-S N 'f"rF f . MQ - , ' W2 5 A2 A Q 1 x I Vlx' -I ,fx ,.N Q Z? X al I ,,n?g.,u,g Y fn , ,H . 8 QQ Ulj, 3- 3 f"N . x 'ji 1- , f f " '- R . XT X I Z.- V?xG 17, 4 ! V , x 1 y A1 ' "Ax 'iff' ' X 1 ,' A ' , 1 wit 4, x A, b Q if A I- ,ZHLQ gg? Q W L4 ' ' 'ff Av ' ,'f xg - -. 'll Yllllllillhanz. g 4 'M 1 ' Q A , g 5, '- I: ' ,X 71 ii: v-. I V' ' Z V ' 1 fy, I ,ff Qi - lv ff 5 , K 15, V, l , 1, 1 lf, ' , J bv. ., V 0, 1fNA,:P ,E If Q fy 1, Y, ' j,l cf jy -U 4 , W, f gi 5 X " S3 f ,L 5 f :E-Zdlii 5, 7 Z", 42 " x ff ' X -,ao ' x f ,. ,, ?1 1f fh -' 4- f f.. XXX X f' "', ,J 57144, - - , - x,x Wy 3- j :Ld jf E , -VW ' XIZNKXRX fw A ig f ,ff ITY1 h V ,,, - L . px ,V 4 K :fy , - f?jE- K N 2.5, mf I , 4 . f, 4' fix 1' - ,filx -xx I We: will I l 4 f A fl xr ,g..- f Nm '1 L S if 12331 1 'X fn -. 4 Am' W 1 Xf K v X N 'W' 1 . 4 .1 S Q -5 LL ,153 i ,Lx F ff: - xxlfif , xx 2 X ii'-S 'i1'!g'i1 'li . f"'N ' X , dag '3 D .. 7' it Wmwumvg PORTS If MH. .IIIHN E. LUEH You know the saying: "Better late than never". Until October 23, 1944 Flemington High School was minus one boys' physical ed- ucation teacher and coach, then, Mr. John C. Loch arrived. . 1 g5.,,,, v: Myron Brost, VValter Hausrnan, Ray Richards, Maresca, Edward Corona, Richard Smith. Row 3 Mr R la l llaver, Jack Davenport, Melvin Dvoor, Frank No- Loch, coaclig john llrubos, Richard Brown, Manfield X olf lemrge lVarrick, Robert Leitchte. Row 2: Robert lYilliain Brewer, Robert Dillon, John XVarrick, Artlm Bar uit 'tlorris Barrick, Louis Serridge, Stowe Richards, rick, Oliver Headley, Norman Sindlinger. l lt Wlon, Mike Scheirer, llerbert Furstexiburg, liniil Funlhall The year 1944 marked the return of Flemington High School to inter- scholastic football competition after a lapse of three years. Under the brilliant leadership of Coach john Loch, the Red Devils held the opposition scoreless in winning two games and tying the other. A magnificent passing attack led by the powerful Mickey Scheier and Lou Serridge, the speedy end, gave Flemington an initial 18-0 victory over Lambert- vill. Dillon, Warrick and Furstenburg also starred in the air spectacle. Coach Loch's gridders broke loose for hve touchdowns and a 31-0 triumph over the Washington High Jayvees. The deciding factor was a combination of speed and power by the whole Flemington backfield. The hardest fought contest was played at Lambertville on Thanksgiving Day with about 1,000 spectators witnessing a 0-0 tie. Scheier was the defen- sive star and he carried the brunt of the running attack with Dick Haver. The mud handicapped Flemington's backfield as their only drive stalled in the final minute on the one yard line. Coach Loch will lose four varsity backs, Furstenburg, Dillon, Warrick, and Haver. Gone from the line will be Corona, Richards, Brewer, Davenport, and Smith. However, Scheier will help offset the loses in the backfield as will Serridge, and Wilson on the line. ll I wi 4.i'm'gi' Warrick. Louis 5l'1'I'IflLfl', Stanley Seles- Top row: Morris Blaher, manager: Donald Ualrx ll I C l Rl lll Il a Bef Rl TJ xll'Nlll lk XXI 'VI arm avert, il'lfYl1l'S 'i . min, on: i . eici, 'ac' Alleizslr, lfixm-110 ' jolm I,i-ch. coach. One of the most powerful basketball teams in Flemington High School history was well on its way to the championship of the North Central Inter- scholastic League with six consecutive league victories by january 31. A fast Somerville quintet tripped Flemington High School in two close contests for the only defeats in nine games. The nucleus of Coach Loch's squad was built around seven letter men from last year-Lou Serridge, jack Allegar, Dick Haver, Don Melick, Stanley Selesnick, Tom Nief and George Warrick. Freshman, Eric Roden landed a 'first team position. Eugene Wfilson and Don Dalrymple rounded out the varsity. Versatile Lou Serridge was the sparkplug on offense, racking up 150 points in the first nine games. Allegar and Melick ably assisted him with a combined total of 106 tallies. On defense Captain Selesnick and Eric Roden shared the spotlight. The Red and Black rolled up a nine game total of 359 points while the opposition hit the nets for a mere 191 markers. Only Ser- ridge and Roden will return to the varsity next season. The jayvees also crushed all rivals except Somerville, in one game, which they dropped by two points. Only john Warrick will be lost by graduation. 1945 BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES F. H Opponent 39 - Alumni - Frenchtown ...... 23 43 Belvidere -- c-- Belvidere --- -- 19 60 - Clinton --- --- - Clinton ---- ,- 25 42 High Bridge High Bridge ...... 26 54 Washington Frenchtown -, 17 23 Somerville ....... Washington -- 51 17 Somerville ....... - Alumni - , - -- 41 S M ' :Q '. In A, J Buys' Activities I. .Xrliun ull ilu- fmvtlmll tlvlill lflciliiiuftslxi czirricd the ball S. llmmalml Xlelick at thc XYzisllil1p:tm1 gains Wilililljl for the Im' qu tnucli down. J. Stanley Sclcluirlx LID rvacliiiipr for hall Stanley ix fxwviug to si-ml him. rv, l,mvu Scrrixlplvs rczuly ilu- lmll :nl thc XY:nNl1l11glm1 gains. XXI' won! Score: SS-3I. for A fax! break. 7. Mickey Sclicicr :incl Cu. rvstnru tu lim' I. Slowc Ricli:ur1lQ, Mickey Scllcivr, ,loc Marvsca piled on a nf aftimi zu U-zecl1.l.1vn'l1 :mil rcfcrc-c lmvk un. S. 'Flu' playm- XY'ulli1l 'lllll l'uxx'cv lull rn'rwr 4 llwlw llillou getting' tllc rc-t lvctwn-ul lIiilYl'N zu llmrli lmcli gm-N mi-r ftrzilvgy, . p. . . . . lccl uf llic lmt. lim-lv G now za I1ll'lliil01' nl' Ilic ll.S,N. 77 I Xl I ll aml lliiclty Lance seem to agree on all point-z. lloys? 4. NYhat a loail on that Iieucli. 5. 'l'hi' I It l l lt ip! llaver gets rn-ady to lint one in the hay Fielil. the arrow lor a home l'llll. 3 IJ l llax-cr anal Alvin llush after a l.2llllL'. Who NVUII, Baseball Baseball, our national pastime, took its place beside basketball as one of the major sports to survive the war at Flemington High School during the 19441 season. Coach Zoll's Red Devils played an eight game schedule, winning the laurels in live of them. Although they did not win the league title, the local nine humbled the champion High Bridge team in two games by scores of 6-S and 15-8. Clinton also fell victims on two games, one of them a one-hitter. The other victory was over Flemingtonls traditional rival, Frenchtown. Lam- bertville was the real nemesis as they tripped Flemington High School in two crucial games by identical scores of 4-2. Champion batter was Richard Haver, who clubbed out an average of 381. Dick Smith followed with .350 and Bob Dillon and Herbert Furstenburg tied for third place honors with .296. Henry Cwik led the fielding parade with a perfect 1.000 average. Bucky Lance had the amazing low earned-run average of .97 runs a game, although Henry Cwik and Bucky Lance have graduated. Coach Zoll will have a powerful line-up this coming season with eight varsity men returning. It is probable that Richard Haver and Mike Scheier will form the battery, while Louis Serriclge, Bob Dillon, and Herbert Fursten' burg will return to the infield. Dick Smith, john Wfarrick, and Melvin Dvoor are again expected to be the flychasers. With this line-up and the wealth of new material in the Freshman Class. we are sure to do as well, if not better than we did last year. l ll nw' lfinllrl NY'ilili'u'i lflilalwetli lVlm'ris lliuris XIHYIC 'Favlm' lluris Krmtmaier, Jo Ann iiaris, Rlll l li. , , . i r, . ,. ., . - , l ll l'at lleuilersliol, Lois Packer, liluria llush, Mar- lletty Kistner, Caroline lflimann, llimutliy Reasuni l tt J ll , ,li-yu' lluliel. Row .21 Mary lluucan, niauairer: XYzule, niauagerg Miss lfilie Riggiu, adviser. Girls' Sports This year, girls sports were divided into two groups-hockey and basket- ball. The girls hockey team, which met twice a week, was organized in the later part of September. Games with Clinton and High Bridge were planned, but because of the transportation problem, only intermural games were played. The season was short because the girls did not show much interest in the game. In opposition to the lack of interest in hockey, the first try-out for basket- ball brought such a tremendous response that Miss R. Efiie Riggio, Physical Education teacher, found she could organize two complete teams. The girls who made the grade for the Varsity this year are: Gloria Bush, Lois Packer, and Pat Hendershot fForwardsjg Doris Romalho, Emma Waldron, and Joyce Buhel QGuardsj. The junior Varsity are: jo Ann Garis, Ruth Lodge, and Carolyn Ehmann fGuardsj. Pat Hendershot was elected Captain and Loretta NVade, Manager. The schedule for the year is: january 18 - Alumni - home February - Faculty - home February 1 - Clinton - home February - Alumni - home February 14 - Lambertville - away February - Clinton - away February - Lambertville - home To give all students an opportunity to benefit by sports and to see which of the classes wins the title of champion, Miss Riggio has arranged a complete schedule of intermural basketball. Students act as umpires, referees, scorer, etc. The qualities of good sportsmanship, good judgement, clean play, and group and school loyalty result from such a program. Each homeroom has been organized into a team with its own captain and manager. At the pre- sent printing the first round of games has been played with Rooms 1, 7, 9, 21, 24, 26. 30, and 51 still in the running. x 1 . X 'W Q W 5.41 ,-1 ' Ixxw- 253151 Girls' Sports I, XX 11.11 uwulwl luv l1llll'l' zl11pl'w1ll'i:l10 fur llw gxrlx' Nlmrt 1111310 lluwkcllmll uct- lllI1lcx'xx1l5, S, lt! nut Ja 111.111 41- nl ul 1X Hmm gurl-' phxwxfnl vslllcutlwll trszwlwrf- Xllw lfific Rlggiuf vin-ml -juxl A chem' xuth lcmlvlx Xlllmlx J. Ifuturv lmllvrx jwt rn-xlim: aww. 3. S1-nw watch thv flame Uuxh in thx- fwwcmmlml. W, I-'lvnmlgn-n m--n 4 xul-wx willow xxquvll thc hmlic, -1. k'l11-4-lla-Jnnlclx :lt wnvrk. 5. Mixs Ifl. lll'ZliNiIllL' l"lc1nim:tm1 llngh nut XIIH1 II Xl v xx J Rupp:-1 Nplltx whllv wr flu Illwwlxc. lr. Tho ball ig lust in cxlmtlmn nu thc NUIL' lmwf lmlx l',ucku 'ml Xlllvlu-I K ulx Je lmmlnllv .ax thx- pgnlx wrn111hln- In in-I xt. 7, .X fmt gzunc nf 508111 lllICl'l'Nll'4! in um' y:.nnN. f' :QA x Ilan You Imagine alla W fl Miss Duane "cutting a rug"? f.: Dick Peterman with his mouth shut? 4-' Mr. Zoll minus a corny joke? gg Louis Billera with a crew cut? -..-ff-ff' " 3 '15 Haver without his "woman"? 966 ,liif Miss Riggio minus her "Esquire"? 9 Q I 9 gig' ' Dot Reasoner without one engagement ring? " 5 Q 0 4gl1lu' "Slmle11l Voice" coming out on time? 331373931 9 il4f'f'i, Room 9 vacant at noon hour? Q QQQJ The Seniors deprived of the front steps? --gg l School with escalators? F:"':':"" A well-ventilated auditorium? S 1 A well-heated m throu hout the winter? , 1 ' - gy. g - A 1211--i .6 Ai F. H. S. with an indoor swimming pool? ii---I Miss Murdoch getting tough? puff '7 fr' Noon hour without the stone wall? ,4!!:g.-....-g ra 'f' F. H. S. without teachers from Massachusetts? 'pc' Halloween without clean-ups? -- :yfs Clinton defeating Flemington? gQq A drinking fountain that walks? 959 Laird Kinnaird in a spelling contest? -1 - Grover johnson in a hurry? ti' Q F. H. S. with an extra holiday? , y - X A Miss Monti teaching algebra without a pointer? - Mr. Davison with laryngitis? Q' ' of Q "Who" written over the door of Room 9 instead , 5 ff "5""",.e,,' of "Why"? The office without Rose? N S- F. H. S.'s football without Micke Scheier? F "J f n or er y asement a ismissa . 7 1 A d l b t d' ' ll? X X F. H. S. with a soundproof music room? Q xxlp' A quiet library? I 0 Q Q A Eleanor Samantchy without Marie Sicak? K I I K Elsie Haver in a bad mood? 1 E 49.4 Malanaphy without Williamson and Williamson V 'S without Kinnaird? fvicious circlelj Fl? 0 1 '-:ff School without tests? f 0 , , What Lizzy Kadezabek could have done if Lana 47 in .Z ' Pl " ' i ,a Turner werent around. . Q . . il Stanley without his wolf call? 9 o ' Q 6 D ri f 0 9 H! ' -3 X9 ' F 1 ii 414 0 , .... l ..-':"'-- 5 it Q 'as' " 1 l 81 E X TXZXA LUSION l. XXJX Rig MANY THANKS KA To All Thoseblho Have He:-sues! Make Our HQ 'R' Success The ECHO now ends for 1445 buf our memories of Flem I A-,. mg1'On SCHOOI will 90 ,X ' 3,3 f 'l . 0 9 ' f QA on for ever. Weihe class oF ' f! '-. ,' WA Q ICM-!'9S8y Buenos ranches amggoi ! Q Tn llur Advertisers llc-il The production of this book was, in a large de- gree, made possible by the loyal support our patrons and advertisers. The staff of the 1945 Echo is con- vinced that a high school year book is a very worth- while educational project as well as a valuable ad- vertising medium. The Staff expresses its apprecia- tion to those who have helped to bring it to a success- ful conclusion. . We hope the people of the community served by the Flemington High School will endeavor to help perpetuate the production of the Echo through their patronage of those business and professional men who have so loyally supported this year book. TI-LE ECHO Phone Lebanon 9-R-4 1 E E1 CD EE 1 ES Q 2 D' U '11 fn "1 rn 2 ' C Us 1 ff' C5 Z N- Wu ff, : E O r-' -1 9 3 53 S3 3 2 ,. 'T 2 "' y SH N 1 ffj 'US O v-4 U, E Z Q 2 2 E E' 'ff Q 75 sa 1 Z E rn Q e-r Fi' S FU +-1 ga 5 3 UQ E Q Q 5' +4 I 5, H E H 'ii E ,ig 2 m 2. ,ET-1 z Q 5. H H1 2 'TI C 5 'D 2. S ::- U1 eg if Q , z F' 2 W fn D' 2 5 5 5 H 'D S 4 2 1 Z P , Q io G vu rn Z .2 Q , 3 O w Q .. rn 2. N . l Q ':: l ua V1 I D1 4 s .S ,:010j0i0j4 ,imioiox 050101. 10101014 '14 110101011 yj TI-LE ECHO 'lbs' -101010101011 nioioioioioiarja - 'Ol inicvioioioioicnioicricricxicriqric CONGRATULATIONS To the class of 1945 of the Flemington High School, we extend our most hearty felicitations and good wishes AXlElLROlD'S FLFMINGTON PHARMACY A. J. AXELROD, PH. 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Morris Weisberg 86 Son YEATON ee YEATON DMM in REAL ESTATE, APPRAISALS FRESH WESTERN COWS l INSURANCE AND SPRINGERS Route 12 Between Routes 29 8: 50 g 172 MAIN STREET Telephone Flemington 924-R-13 l FLEMINGTON, N. J. i Phone 376-J FLEMINGTON, N. Compliments of Q l 2 Umon Hotel 5 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone, Lebanon 30-R-4 Compliments of ESTATE OF C. A. SKILLMAN De Luxe Moving Vans Estimates Cbeerfully Given Our References-Those We Move WHITEHOUSE STATION, N. J. Compliments of MRS. PAINTER Hairdresser Phone 1 6 8 -R 5 East Main Street Flemington, N. QUALITY MARKETS GROCERIES-MEATS-FRUITS VEGETABLES v DILLON 86 SEIGFRIED Whitehouse, N. rZ1n11lio1oi1aiar2e 'D' ill . ? njojoioioiujoju ,il I1 THE Ecl-xo NEVIUS BROS., INC. "A SAFE PLACE TO SHOP' FLEMINGTON, N. J. THE BODIN E LUMBER CO., INC. WHEN YOU BUILD YOUR HOME SPECIFY BODINE LUMBER FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Complimenti of XVishes the best to the Class of 1945 JOHN M' SAUMS Tailoring Men's Haberdashery Refrigeration O 35 Main Street, Flemington, N. J. rZ0i1l14bio1o11r2cri1xioi1visr1o1011 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY s Q l l i l E is Flemington Lunch STEVE PAPASTERGIOU, Prop. "Good Food Is Good Health" 42 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Compliments of W. E. McCORKLE, M. D. 3:1011 if Compliments of DR. W. S. KNOLL Compliments of DR. ALBERT H. KOHN OPTOMETRIS T aw l Q ' 'S l as 4 4 B1 i ' E ii g :2 'U :U Q - rn Q U1 ! -:z 5 2 W ". 1. 5 E IFJ 8 Q 5 E 'J' f pez m E 1 . m H E5 5 Cn 2 . gg S Cn Cf Q w -cz "5Z ff Q :U l F' 51 O 'S' ua Z P Q 0 3 .Zld OO k gg fl zu' 2 2 l 0 2 QE Q Q ! eu ' W Q 55 fn C3 hi rn E au as 2 S U Y: S3 Q ., Z 3 E F' l a U1 '-o . ' l-4 S l 'F a g15,,.1 fi H 'R rzozaioioinxozoiozoioivil vioifniozoop 5 X I A .el v s.o V W"3Mf,, U .. J gl 595' .vt J- Q ' . - x-gg.. I M 'J T' 154, if , ,. 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RIDER COLLEGE KILBOURNE 86 DON OI-IUE 40 CLINTON STREET Tram fm' Success Newark, New Iwey I Good Opportunities in Business, journalism, and Commercial RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, CUPS, Teaching TROPHIES, DIPLOMAS, Bachelor Degrees INVITATIONS Calalogzze Free O11 Reqzreff Founded 1865 Trenton, N. I MArket 3-071 2 Newark Photo Engraving CO. PHOTO ENGRAVERS Engravers for the Echo 72-74 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 'Ori1101111uininioic92011ri:uiuioiuillilnicxioioiuicnioiaxioicnizrianirrin-5 'O -L nv . Q 5 , 'E b ilggi,--'bb .5 xaggii-ffigjf7.s'4a qv V "UX21fi".'Q0' " , "f . 7 Wdwfff ff,5Q s,+a,f- JVWM '?,fj,i?wm: 0903 'ifgj' Mkgfff, H . ' 11 " . . . I? V '. U' 4 r J V W I .4 ,go-C' Q gf, ipjzffsfqa 5-?:9l':?S P00554 33' J Q wig' ,QTIL Qs. ,Xf- W Mm Nffiff N . X f r g I .1 va 4. f, rr, -G Q - , . - Q' D 3 . js , , Q U gif fi? . g -iffcxfx J iff., Q iy,yS F: h 3 'Lf 134' W Q B . V7 1559" P? ' i " N Q 5 'db U Dorxsxronm 'Q-T , I -Q 2 lf! . 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Suggestions in the Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) collection:

Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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