Flathead High School - Flathead Yearbook (Kalispell, MT)

 - Class of 1939

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Flathead High School - Flathead Yearbook (Kalispell, MT) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1939 volume:

, V. A A 1 A X Q I, :E " K- . X, ,! , 1' 4, X vf V 5.44. L,,. , ., x ,Ki if.,-Q 3 fm u , ,1 x , W - my RZZQQQ- Qi QQ e5 lihris.5. - .sw I D . if I2 4 W ,J M . hl WYJLJJIM if A is 'V JMQKWZWMWXJ' , 'W ax A LL f f Mm gglfcbiq- iff I aww KN' JP 91 W X . x . 3 X-an Y L fix! QEX X xx J . , - X . Q xx HN n .A Li. K N X ,N KK x E , - X- YN K. X x ig Q X 1 - xf KI . fxx J EX N -VXX gig xi Q51 yy vim X: X J X m A Wy . ' h NA X5 ff i . 1 X 1 X Q 1 xx . QQ 1 - . -.v . X ' . K x g " Ag .5 :fm - f '., , x s ' A ,M V Ag-,wg ..A,z.:.,-- :L-G.. ,.. ....,3, A AA. .. 'mx yy' 1:L4.1, , g Q.-1 , , qw .,,,g..:g X1 gh ,aut-.H .:...,,:l-,. , . - x A N We M 1 ' X LL 'Q . ' .- .fgf ' W. ., 9 .Q . -iMf'3fl1g.s' 2- - X- K L- It m. , , Af xAfigfgiffi: ?'5 ' 5 'f L' . -- , 1, -,... 1 ' ' fl, ' ' 5 :XSL , 5: 2:35,-L' . . iihikgif ii, -am. ' - a f N 3 I If 9 ' fr I Q K TZ . QE? D S 4 ' X , , A ... ..,,....f.Q,x, L ikiixi .Q X 5 ' . X. sf ' 3 N8 ' Q"?5S-X E ix Vw Q ' v Q "EQ 4 W .JJ mil N 1 , Q - QX K E' QE Q E v Q 3 My db, My bAA A XX waxy- Q - A4 1 -Q.x ' X dx? 43 S ' ft .-I, MW! wwf UMW 0 . Af .AQ ,, H ,W ' aiu -A wffiww ,0J,fZ'3QL ' W' Gcfffgjiviw fry THE 1939 FLATHEAB 67W 1 fa 2 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF vf fjzj 2 E Q 1' FLHTI-IEHD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL K ,JA S-. CABLE F. O'NEIL K x - EDITOR 2, ,, 5 4,5 Q 1-Q..-A H My BU QQ!! f ggsfcfxa mx! by GV f J . O Classei I - FSM 'fjqf' 53 '3 R Dramas Y 5 Xl 47 , '32, K iiilem S 3 . xg, 3 RF? AQDJS 4-' O 1 With the passing of time we grow more watchful ?iy?X....wA....... for fine things ahead and delight in reliving pleasant things of the past. We hope that this edition for which you watched, you will find a. fine thing and that it has registered some of the pleasant things of your past. K' 5+-f f fx 7296 . W ' .0 'J' E33 SSE DEIIICATIIIN . . . The noteworthy growth of the Flathead Band in Q S the past few years has gained for it the right to be called a. successful organization. The ba.nd's success has come from hard work under good leadership. It has grown out of self-sacrifice for the common good and has gained fame and prestige for Flathead High. With sincere hope and confidence in our bancl's continued fQ progress we dedicate this volume to the Flathead High Band and its director Sig Wenaas. ww m I WHEELS... Wheels of the mill growling, grinding, Wheels of the mill our lives unbinding, Keep life going, oh wheels we pray thee, 'Till thy job i.s done. Wheels of the mill whirling, ringing, Wheels of the mill our lives fulfilling, Keep us growing to heights of chara,cter, Thus we pray thee wheels of the mill. -Carle O'Neil JW! J WW iggv' . D 3 S gs I X ,f r, X Q A QT 9 MQ 78695 ki 3 X fx gf ww 'X K, QQ M! in QW? ,MW sanifwwp wigs 'wif dw ky cm sf W QWJ 31 7 J , by ' x Xxx X I b xx XJ X H dxf 'KP 11 1 . .C- R V 'S . . x X5 Q Rx xc- , 1 C 7' - K W R 1 i' " - f , 3 V. H H x, 2 ' v J . dk J xl ,xx x J if ADMINISTIRATIUN . . . MW! 7 9 S Titus Kurticllanov Principal . . . Q. Fare Ye Well ' When friends come to a parting of the way in the journey of life and each goes his own way in the direction of his vgoal, it is the impulse of friendship to say "Farewell.i' In this simple term there is conveyed all the good wishes and the thoughtful concern of a friend for the welfare of another. It is a way of saying "May you fare well," or "I wish you a happy journey-safe, successful and prosperous." It is encouraging to have the good wishes of a friend, but whether our journey be safe and successful, whether we reach our goal or not, is determined, not by the good wishes of a friend, but by our own good purposes. Our own wishes translated into deter- minations and enacted into deliberate achievements must carry us on toward a. worthy goal. The man who would achieve must do the workg the lad who would win a race must do the running. True achievement of good cannot be begged, borrowed nor stolen. No "relief" agency can "dole out" success. It does not come by acci- dent nor by some strange magic. The good things we want must be earned by work, pre-requisites must be met, the price must be paid in terms of obedience to nature's rules. The mind and heart must qualify for the reception of good things. Good attracts good but good and evil are mutually repellent. Whether we have a safe and happy journey depends on the road we take. There are roads that lead to all we mean by happiness and there are ways that lead directly away, so we simply cannot take the wrong road and arrive at the right destination. "There is a way, and a way," and only the high way leads to high things. Wise men tell us and all human experience corroborates, that: We pay for what we get and get what we pay forg we sow what we reap and reap what we sow. "I rave no more 'ainst time or fate, For lo mine own shall come to me." Therefore, Seniors, I wish you wisdom to choose the road to success and happiness and I urge you to qualify for the good things you seek. Fare-ye-well. 8 FACULTY 1939 -4 ROBERT ATHEARN University of Minnesota, B. S.-M. A WORLD HISTORY SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS Sophomore Class Sponsor Student Council Sponsor Ushers Club IRENE BERG Willamette University, B. A. University of Montana, M. A. Boston University ENGLISH JOURNALISM Scribblers Club Arrow Quiver LEORA BRADSHAW University of Montana, B. A. University of So. California, M. S. JUNIOR BUSINESS SHORTHAND SALESMAN SHIP CITIZENSHIP Student Store THELMA BJORNEBY University of Montana, B. A. Armstrong College, Berkeley, L a'if. ADMINISTRATION NAN COLE Montana State College University of Washington B. S. Degree in Home 'Economics ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS FAMILY RELATIONS Home Ee. Club IRENE ELDRED Montana State, Deer Lodge, B. M. Columbia University, B. S.-M. S. FRENCH ENGLISH KW ROBERT F TTERLY University of Montana, B. A. University of Southern California ENGLISH Scribblers-Assistant Advisor Arrow-Assistant Advisor Marionette Sponsor Freshman Class Sponsor AGNES FIELD St. Olaf College, B. A. Colorado State College MATHEMATICS Lyceum Bureau EDWARD A. FLOTTMAN University of Wisconsin University of Washington, M. A. Kansas State Teachers College, B.S. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL. SCIENCE EDITH GECK University of Idaho, M. S.-B. S. Illinois State Normal University HISTORY GUSSIE GILLILAND University of Montana, B. A. University of Chicago Columbia University University of Washington University of California University of Wisconsin HEAD OI' THE HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT CHESTER GOOD Montana State College, B. S. ALGEBRA SHOP Model Club MILDRED GRAWE University of Montana, B. A. LIBRARIAN Appinokwis CLARENCE LEE State Teachers College, B. A. Ellendale Normal and Industrial School, N. D. University of Montana, M. Ed. COMMERCIAL AND SCIENCE Arrow Sponsor Stamp Club OLIVE LEWIS University of Montana, B. A. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION BIOLOGY ALEX MCLAIN Jamestown, North Dakota, College University of Iviinnesota ATHLETICS CHEMISTRY "F" Club STEPHEN MATTESON University of 'Wisconsin, B. S. BIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY Annual Sponsor Ski Club RUSSELL MERRITT University of Montana, B. A. University of Southern California HEAD OI' COMMERCIAL DEPT. Student Council Sponsor Boys' Cooperative Work LEONA MYRICK University of Idaho University of Montana, B. A. University of Washington HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club Freshman Class Sponsor ANN PEDERSON University of Montana, B. A. Northwestern University MUSIC A Tempo Music Club CHARLES REEVES Hamline University, B. A. Boston University, M. A.-S. T. B. ENGLISH HISTORY Debate College Club Junior Class Sponsor TOM RICHARDSON University of Minnesota University of Washington, B. A. Washington State College, B. A. SPEECH ENGLISH Radio Dramatics Declamation Athletics HENRY ROBINSON Montana State College, B. S. AGRICULTURE Future Farmers of America ERTEL SI-IATWELL Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. University of Nebraska Municipal University of Omaha FOREIGN LANGUAGES 1 4 Lg, FACULTY 3939 P ACULTY 1939 C. H. SCHERF Baldwin University, B. S. University of Chicago, M. S. SOCIAL STUDIES Vocational and Educational Guid- ance DOROTHY SCHOKNECHT Valparaiso Universitb B. A. A University of Washington, M. S. SIGURD B. WENAAS 1 Montana State College, B. S. University of Idaho MUSIC Band F. E. "Rip" WILSON Montana State College, B. S. University of Southern California BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION VOCATIONS GRACE BALDWIN University of Montana, M. A.-B. A. Yale University Theatre ART BIOLOGY ENGLISH S Dramatics mor ass ponsor Masque and Dagger Sponsor G-EDA SORENG Minnesota State College Business College, Everett, Wash. Oregon State College, Corvallis TYPING Sophomore Class Sponsor EVA SYRE ' University of North Dakota, B. A. M. A. University of Washington X, University of Colorado HISTORY GEORGE TALLMADG-E Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky N Houghton College, Houghton, N. Y. STUDY HALL LEE THOMPSON Gustavus Adolphus College, B. A. ' University of Minnesota, M. A. X91 MATHEMATICS 11 ' NE X . g Xl is X PUBLICATIUN S . . . The Flathead Arrow H9-201 Searle ......... ..... Editor-in-chief Eugene Jones ......, .,,,,. , U ,,g,A, Sports Editor Rllby Jessop ......... - ,...... ..... C opy Editor Patricia Gentry ,.,... News Editor Alfred Pederson ,,,, ,,,, -,,--,,,,--,.,, - i N Columns ElSie Corbin ......... ....... - ....,.,.. E xchange Editor Vivian Jessop ..... - ...,...,,i,, - ,,.,..,,,,. ,.,,,, A,,,.,4.,.,,,, - .,,,,,.,,,, Typist REPORTERS Elsa Winkler, Rita Samuell, Don Young, Frances Slyter, Cleo Parr, Elsie Corbin, Ray Eklund, Roger Larson, Clarence Byers, Alan Aggson, Art Simon, Carol McCollum, Paul Streit, George Danford, Bud Stancill, Harry Anderson, Annette Walker, Victor Dikeos. Jack Burg ......... - ,,,,.......,.,.,.....,.... - ,......,...........,............... Business Manager Kenneth Felix nm..- ,.,. - ...r.. T .,.,.,,,............,,. Assistant Business Manager Beulah Dorrah o..,.. ....l - . ...........,.................,..,,............., Accountant ADMEN Furman Whitwell, Elsa Winkler, Francile Rawlings, Gertrude Robischon, Frances Bruyer, Lloyd George, Gordon Forsyth. ADVISORS Irene Berg, Clarence Lee, Robert-Fetterly The 1939 Flathead Staff Editor ,,,.,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,l.,,,,, C ,,,.,l ,,,., N ,,,,.,.l..,,,..,.,..,,,,,..,,,,,...,..,. L ...,,.. C arle O'Neil Business Manager .... ...... J ames Mclntire Assistant Editor ...,.. .... - . .... -. .,.. Joan Sim0l'1S0l1 Photographer ,,,....,,. ............................ H Hrilld Draper Ai-gist ,,,,,,lll,,l,.-,.,ol, ...,,,.....,..,,........,,,..... E clison Spriggs Senior Section ,,,,, ,.,.., M ary Jean Pasley, Irma Lee sports Editor .........,......,,..................e,..,.............. - ...e...........,. Eugene Jones Faculty ,--,--4-----,.,,,.,,,-,,-,,4,,,,,..,,,,, ,M ,,,.,,,,,,,, ., ,,,..,,,,,,,,l.....,.,.e,,... MOHg3n Humor Elsa Winkler, Patricia Gentry, Roger Larson, Jack Burg Log ,,.... ii-'Francile Rawlings, Dorothy Dunn, Jean Hoppe, Billy Keefe Typigts -,-,,,,,,.,.l g ..,..,,,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,l,,,,.,. . Patricia Gentry, Frances Slyter Business Staff ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Olive Manning, Frankie Hilhs, Henry Ness Stephen Matteson Advisor ..,....,,..,.. ...........,....,..........-.-..--- - .....,.--.,-. 12 Ilfficers FIRST SEMESTER- Jack Joy .....,...,........... .. ..... .,........ N President Joe Dieringer ...... ....... V ice President Roberta Hyde ....,, ............,. S ecretary Jack Burg ..............,............,,..............,,...,...,..,..........,...,. Treasurer Seniors-Art Simon, Marie Garey, Geneva Goldizen, Floyd Armstrong, Ethel Mae Peck, Alyce Hendrickson. Juniors-Irene Langdoc, Carol McCollum, Buster Foy, Merrial Holden, Jeannette Rankin, Peggy Brash, CleoraTh0n. Sophomores-Juanita Shouse, Bertha Mae Simon, Eugene Paschke, Betty Bailey, Ruth Sparling, Dick Wendt, Bob Davis. Freshmen-Franklin Mills, Dick Rowland, Gordon Larson, Paul Voorhees, Marian Zemple, Constance Everett, Shirley Albin. Post Graduate-Robert Glendenning. SECOND SEMESTER- Jack Burg ,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,, .,,.. - ,.,.,.. P resident Joe Dieringer ,,.,,, ....... V ice President Roberta Hyde ....., ......e.. - Secretary Ruth Moore ......... , .... 1 ....... - ............ - ............ -. ..,....... -... Treasurer Seniors-Earl Albin, Roberta Hyde, Jack Burg, Kathleen Dickson, Eugene Jones, Jimmy Mclntire, Art Simon, Alyce Hendrickson, Hazel Searle. Juniors-Bob Burns, Buster Foy, Ruth Moore, Fay Rob- inson, Irene Langdoc, Joe Dieringer, Rosemary Watts, Naomi Spriggs, Bob Gestring, Gordon Forsythe, Cleora Thou. Sophomox-es-Carl Smith, Riley Robinson, Betty Bailey, Dick Wendt, y Eugene Paschke. Freshmen-Shirley Albin, Lois Nelson, .Connie Everett, Jean Eidsvig, Joyce Phillips, Joyce bGreenwalt, Pat Lally, George Stearns. ' ' , ' Q W 13 Student Council . . . ' Muff 317' ,vlfiwkfrf SNQQ Wye? 14 CLASSES Senior Class Gfiiiielis . . . PRESIDENT HENRY GOOD VICE PRESIDENT sf MARY BOLON SECRETARY FRANKIE HILLIS EARL ALBIN FLOYD ARMSTRONG LESTER AVERILL HELLEN ANDERSON NORMAN ASBRIDGE ELMER BARNES MARY BOLON MAYBELLE BORGEN ELINOR BRITTAIN HELEN BOORMAN DONALD BRINKERHOFFlw0,b ROGER BRYANT bMj SENIGII '39 17 SENIIIR Q 9 ETHEL BUCK MILDRED BURTON CLARENCE BYERS JACK BURG VIVIENNE BUTT ANNA RUTH CAMPBELL DOROTHY CARLSON ...RAE MARIE CASEY ALYCE CHRISTIANSON JEAN CASEY n RAY CHAFFIN KENNETH CLOTHIER 18 STANLEY CLOTHIER NADINE COPLEY ABN OLD CORLISS EDWIN CONRAD ELSIE CORBIN AGNES COX JACK CRAVEN PETE DANIELSON KATHLEEN DICKSON FRED DANIELSON SIRI DANIELSON MAXINE DOYLE A 1 .,,x, rf ,x N ,rfb 'Q K fi 3 SENIIIR '39 19 A E SENIIIR H HAROLD DRAPER DOROTHY DUNN i NELL ECKHOLT ALENE DUNCAN PAUL EBERT ERNEST ENGBERG ALDENA ENSLEY MARGARET EVANS CHARLES FOOT JEANNE ERNSTER ROSETTA EVERETT HELEN FORHAN 20 LYNN FRASHER DORIS FREDENBERG THOMAS FUNK MARGARET FRAZER VERDA FRY Lors FURLONG VIVIAN FYLKEN MARIE GAR-EY LEVAUGHN GILBERTSON 1.EoNA GABLE PATRICIA GENTRY GENEVA Go1.n1zEN SENIUR Q39 21 ffvffw ,ff SE 0l?l Q39 fiiiwwywr Q HENRY GOOD SIDNEY GORTON EDWARD HANLON LYLE GREER CARL HANSEN MILDRED GORTON PEGGY HARP .EUGENE HAVENS A ELLA MAE HEWITSON STARLING HAR.RINGTON ALICE HENDRIGKSON CLARENCE HICKS 22 FRANKIE HILLIS JEAN I-IOPPE MAURICE HUNDAI-IL MILTON I-IOLLISTER HARRIET I-IOYT WILLIAM HUNTER EUGENE I-IUSO LESTER ISAACS RAY JENKINS ROBERTA HYDE JUNE ISCI-I ' RUBY JESSOP x 9? f SENIIIR X S I f39I 23 I .KE , .Q .,, . . . O SE on Q9 . , ff fflyffw, 7 V ,:,f V , ,.,, , ,, ,,,, , VIVIAN JESSOP FLORENCE JOHNSON EUGENE JONES BEULAI-I JOHNSON ROYCE JOHNSON JACK JOY ROLLAN KAUFFMAN ZELLA KAUFFMAN ANNABELLE KOEGLER STANLEY KAUFFMAN WILLIAM KEEFE ALYCE KELLY 24 HELEN KNUTSON RUTH KRAFT ELEANOR LANDWEHR DON KOCH MILDRED KUHN IRMA LEE JACK LESTER DUANE HND LUGILLE LOGAN q KENNETH LEWIS LOIS LOCKE FORREST LOVERING Q10 X 94? SEN I0ll 25 ..- X J SENIOR '39 RAY MAGNUSON NELLIE MAE MARTIN '. PEARL MELTSCH JAMES McINTIRE NORMAN MEULI OLIVE MANNING ' OPAL MOHN ' ,DOROTHY MONK HELEN NELSON ETHEL MONGAN ALINE MOYER ENID NESS 26 HENRY NESS GEORGIA NULL CARMEN NUTTER JACQUES NORVELL GERALDINE NULL OWEN OLESON CARLE 0'NEIL AVIS PAGE E'I'HEL MAE PECK JACK ORSER MARY JEAN PASLEY AVIS ANN PERRY sENl0n Q39 27 SE I 0B Ee 9 VIRGINIA PERRY MARY JANE PETRAM RUSSELL PE'1'I'INATO JOHANNA PETERSEN FRANK PETTINAT0 l W SYLVIIQ PHILLIPS BETTY PLUMMER I WARREN PUTMAN I . FRANCILE RAWLINGS HAROLD PULLIAM I PHILLIP RAMSEY GI-IARLOTTE REDPATH 28 ROSE RICHARD BETTY ROUSSELLE THER-ESA SCHMIDT GERTRUDE nonrscr-1oN Ensm RUFENACH ILEEN scHooLEY o'r'ro sol-1UL'rz HAZEL SE-WE BIRDEEN SCI-IIBSTED GEORGE sco'r'r LAVONNE SHEPPARD ART snuou SENIIIB 332, 1. 29 SENIIIR KL ' KEITH SIPE EDISON SPRIGGS PEARL STEARNS BOB STENSWICK CECIL STEVENSON ADELINE SMITHERS ' JOHN STOLLFUSS CLIFFORD SUNDAHL MORRELL THOMPSON GENEVA SUMMERS THOMAS SWEENEY ROBERT THOMPSON 30 RAY TI-ION EDWARD UNWIN CURTISS WELLS DONALD TURNER ESTELLE VIGK CLIFFORD AVERILL JOHN WENDT GUDRUN WOLDTVET ELSA WINKLER DON YOUNG SENl0R '39 31 RUSSELL ADAMSON ERNEST BARRY ERNEST BIRNEL WILLIAM DENNY WAYNE EISELE RAY EKLUND IVAN FREDRICKSON GEORGE GROSSWILER IRENE HALVORSON HAROLD HANSMAN BILL HEDSTROM VERNON HILL TED HUDSON KENNETH HUSO SENIIIII '39 Whose Pictures Were Not Taken BURTON KELLER BERNICE KIND ROGER LARSON LEON LIESTNER HOWARD LEWIS JOE de LONGPRE RAY LYKINS OTILGA MARQUARDT TOM MODEVITT BONNIE MQKINLEY NORMAN MOEN JOAN MUHLETHALER MELVIN IVIUMBOWER VERA NORTON DONNA PAISLEY MARY ELLEN PERKINS DOUGLAS PETERSON EARL PHILLIPS CASEY PRINDIVILLE LAURENCE RICHARDS OLAV ,RISDALE LOUISE ROBINSON HAROLD ROUSH JANE ROWELL RITA SAMUELL ARTHUR SAWYER MARY SIEVERS JOAN SIMONSON NORMAN SKIFTUN FRANCES SLYTER LESLIE SLYTER RAY SMITH JACK STANNARD PAUL STREIT HELEN SUNDAHL BERNICE WARNER LLOYD WEIR MERLE WETTERHUS STANLEY WHITE GENE WILL X 33 Junior 0iiicers . . . 1' .,.-...,. M. .. , ..... . .. .,k , ....... T. K .W f.,..,f ,.... ,I...,... .,......, ..,. ..., . Sfmt....,..,.....-I..,..,.,... 1 ! PRESIDENT: JACK ANRERSON SECRETARY: FAY ROBINSON VICE PRESIDENT: DON RILEY Row 1-Ardelle Anderson, Paul- ine Anderson, Jack Anderson, Harry Anderson, Ralph Asbridge, Jim Bald- win. Row 2-Ruth Barrows, Esther Bergt, Ronald Begg, William Broad, Peggy B1-ash, Mary Maude Brayton. Row 3-Rosalie Brinkman, Jack Brown, Mary Buchanan, Bob Burns, Maxine Burrell, Edwina Carlson. Row 4-Mae Chapman, Rachel Cook, Lylah Cornelison, Dorreen Craw- ford, Patricia Cross, Anita Cullen. 35 . . . JUNIIIBS ,4 . . . JUNIURS 1 , , ,, TL Row 1-Rosa Carbonari, Carl Daley, Barbara Davis, Yma Davis, Joe Dieringer, Pat DeLong. Row 2-Jeanne DeVoe, Beulah Dorrah, Rachel Douglas, Don Dunn, Bertell Eklund, James Edmiston. Row 3-Leonard Emmert, Neal Evenson, Kenneth Felix, Nellie Fer- ris, Dolly Fisher, Jane Foltz. Rowe4-Paul Foot, Rudy Forhan, Buster'Foy, Ed Franco, Helen Gang'- ner, Betty Ann Giles. 36 Row 1--Dorothy Gillespie, Doris Grosswiler, Charlotte Gunderson, Bet- ty Hall, Hazel Hanberg. Row 2--Melvin Henry, Minnie Hissong, Mary Patricia Houston, How- ard Huffman, Marie Huston, Lois Il- gen. Row 3-Opal Isaacs, Arnold Jac- obson, Jean Johnson, Walford John- son, Gerald Keller, Ruby Kuhn. Row 4-Audrey Kirkeby, Dorothy Lang, Irene Langdoc, John Lansberry Mae Lansberry, Hollister Larson. 37 i . . . JUNIIDRS JUNIIIIIS . . . Row .1-Richard Laurich, Erma Liebig, Evelyn Logan, Elva Longpre, Bette Lorang, Eldon Lowry. Row 2-Virginia Mackey, Helen -Martin, Dean Marquardt, Bonnie McClarty, Carol McCollum, Robert Mclntire. , XA . 1 N x Row 3-Velma McQueen, Amy Mero, Helen Metcalf, Florence Miller, Shirley Mills, Mary Esther Mont- gvomery. Row 4-Betty Moore, Mildred Ness, Beatrice Nelson, Gladys Ness, Cleo Parr, Evelyn Philips. 38 lvl , 1 1 Row 1-Beth Adele Prestbye, James Ray, Howard Redpath, Helen Reser, Margaret Rhone, Don Riley. Row 2-Fay Robinson, Kenneth Rongstad, Verla Ryder, Billy Saling, Betty Schomer, Marion Schomer. Row 3-4-Bessie Schi1ltz,QMae Shaw, Alvie Shermdn, Donald Siblerud, Bet- ty Smith, Norma Sorenson. Row 4-Wilma Sorenson, Naomi Spriggs, Phyllis Stauffer, Alene Steb- bins, Mildred Stebbins, Bob Stevens. 39 . . . .lumens X X Q 3 JUNIIIRS . . . Row 1-Starling Stotts, Levina Strom, Joe Sykes, Cleora Thon, Ag- nes Torgerson, Donald Trankle. Row 2-Inez Underdahl, Stella Ann Waggener, Annette. Walker, Helen Weaver, Elizabeth Weir, Jean Wendt. ' Row 3-Barbara Wightman, Bob Williams, Charles Willis, Vernon Wy- man, Wayne Wood. 40 X L 41 i SOPlIOMOIlES . . . Row 1-Allan Aggson, Arthur Anderson, Mathilda And- erson, Evelyn Baer, Graeme Baker, Roger Baldwin, Betty Bailey, Dorothy Berry, Harry Billsborough, Marie Blasdel, Betteann Bolon, Carl Bonde, Kenneth Brust, Leona Bruyer, Edith Carbonari. Row 2-Jean Carr, Duane Christianson, Doris Christ- opherson, Helen Cochran, Patsy Collier, Virginia Clark, Loretta Corbin, Ethel Craven, Allan Crumbaker, Lorraine Denton, Victor Dikeos, Warren Elwood, Bob Evans, Agnes. Emehiser, Kornel Fagerland. Row 3-Gordon Forsyth, Elfrieda Franz, Marie Fylken, Elsie Garey, Merlin Garkenn, 'Lenny Gray, Opal Grover, Bob Hardy, Shirley Hoiland, Athur Hoylman, Walter Hume, Grace Isaackson, John Isch, Art Jeffries, Bruce Johnson. Row 4-Donald Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Vernon John- son, Robert Jystad, Joe Kauffman, Joyce Kauffman, Mickey Kirkpatrick, Ward Kirkpatrick, Marion Klossner, Richard Knapp, Betty Knutson, Elaine Koford, Dagney Larson, Rob- ert Louden, Bryce Lee. . Row 5-Dean Logan, Dalin Lowry, Joyce Managhan, Gen- eva Mather, Donald McC1arty, Chester McHugh, Clayton McPheeters, Annabelle Mischke, Opal Moe, Harry Newhouse, Betty Ann Nordtome, Betty Opp, Eugene Paschke, Ella Jane Pennoyer, Douglas Penrod. Row 6-Eunice Peterson, Clyde Pierson, Lawrence Plummer, Patricia Pulliam, Robert Riley, John Rhone, George Rhodes, Riley Robinson, Juanita Shouse, Edward Scoyen, Nora Gene Seal, Ford Shook, Bertha Mae Simon. Milton Small, Norma Smart. Row 7-Carl Smith, Darrel Smith, Ruth Sparling, Nina Stevenson, David Streit, Beatrice Talbot, Frances Triplett, Benny Walton, R. M. Wendt, Bertha Weston, Furman Whitwell, Carleen Wills, Laura Wolfe, Fern Yaple, Evelyn Zimmerman. 42 1 ,i 4 Q E 43 FBESHMEN . . . Row 1-Evelyn Absolonson, Verg1ene Ainley, Shirley Al- bin, Alene Allison, Joan Armstrong, Gladys Asbridge, Bette Bond, Audrey Bell, Flora Mae Belleileur, Alice Marie Brown, Robert Bryan, Betty Buck, Walter Buck, Ione Bull, Iris Bundrock. Row 2-Betty Jane Burnett, Fern Charpenter, Fran- ces Charpenter, Suzie Clark, William Clark, Helen Cameron, Helen Cross, Sadine Curry, Betty Daley, Neil Danford, John Danielson, Virginia Davidson, Robert Derr, Mary Do- herty, Virginia Draper. N Row 3-Mary .Ellen Dyer, Jean Eidsvi-g, Thelma Ern- ster, Phloris Evenson, Connie Everett, Seth Everett, Ja- queline Ferguson, Helen Franklin, Max Frederick, Irene Gardner, Marjorie Gorton, Harley Gosney, Virginia Gau- stad, Joyce Greenwalt, Bettie Griffith. Row 4-Kebira Grover, Margaret Haines, Mildred Har- dy, Ted Halard, Kathleen Harper, Walter Hodgson, Donald Huck, Robert Hick, Mary Hume, Esther Hitchines, Mary Jezeck, Maroon Jenpee, Lawrence Johnson,'Nadine Jystad, John Kauffman. fwfr, W , J Row 5-Billy Kitchen, Eunice Knutson, Pat Lally, Frank Lansberry, Gordon Larson, Alton Lee, Carl Liebig, Elsa Livingston, Clair Lordon, Sheldon Lowry, Carl Luke, Sylvia McDonald, Ethel McKnight, Fred Metcalf. Row 6-Dona Miller, Franklin Mills, John Monk, Sid- ney Monroe, Dorothy Nees, Elva Nees, Betty Lu Nelson, Lois Nelson, Bill Newell, Janet Newell, Dorothy Oakes, Elsie Jean Passmore, Orville Peters, Joyce Phillips, Clara Poston. Row 7-Richard Poston, Judith Prestbye, Dorothy Ryker, Bill Ramsey, Robert Rathbone, Carl Richmer, Clar- ence Rhodes, Helen Riehl, James Robbin, June Robinson, Tommy Robischon, Harry Romasko, Clarice Sands, Maxine Scott, Helen Schomer. Row 8-Kenneth Sexton, Robert Shook, Virginia Sipe, Grace Smith, Betty Small, Betty Staffinger, George Stearns, Wallace Stinson, Elizabeth St. Germain, Willard Stockwell, Don Swanburg, Kathryn Sweeney, Mary Tonkinson, Lucille UnderdahL Rofw 9-Alroid Verley, Martin Vick, Don Voelker, Paul Vorhees, Arlene Waggener, Betty Webster, Dorothy West, Nadine Yeaw, Norman Zachary, Marion Zemple, Frances Bitney, Phyllis Riley. J ' 44 I . ff 45 1 w 4 1: U Q? 9 Ks f A 9 I 'S' I J' 1 9 1 " . 1 419' 'Q U G V 'I 47 ff uf, J 3 N URGANIZATIIINS . . . Tomallawks sf, Movie Club TOMAHAWKS Jack Joy, Floyd Armstrong, Elsa Winkler, Francile Rawlings, Jack Anderson, Ivan Hanson, Bob Burns, Fay Robinson, Peggy Brash, Betty Opp, Dick Wendt, Jean Carr, Arthur Anderson, Joyce Phillips, Mickey Mills, Esther Hutchinson, Ted Holland. MOVIE CLUB Miss Gilliland, Sponsor Betty Bailey, Eldon Lowry, Margaret Clocksin, Hollister Larson, Dean Marquardt, Richard Laurich, Bob Burns, Virginia Mackey, Vernon Wyman, Ethel Mae Craven, Dorothy Lang. 48 MARIONETTES OFFICERS Bryce Lee ........ ...-.-....- .... -........ .... ..,....... ..,. - .... President Don Huck ............. .. .. .... - ...... .... .... .. ........ --.. Vice President Phloris Evenson ....., .- .... - ...... ......-..-......... Secretary Tommy Robischon ...... - .... - ...,.... Treasurer Robert Fetterly .,.......- ...................,...... ,...- Sponsor MEMBERS Paul Voorhees, Helen Cameron, Mary Ellen Dyer, Jacqueline Ferguson, Phloris Evenson, Elsie Jane Pass- more, Wallace Stinson, Ellen Brinkerholf, Bobby Derr, Betty Bailey, Donald Covey, Harold Foot, James Gregory, Genevieve Honnold, Ethel Phillips, Pat Lally, Norman Knutson, LErma Lust, Graeme Baker, Francis Triplett, Grace Rexford, Virginia Draper, Joyce Greenwalt, Leon Davis, Janet Newell, Ethel McKnight, Les Cornelius, Joyce Phillips, Frances Bitney, Flora Mae Bellefleur, Jean Eidsvig, Betty Small, Helen Cross, Helen Anderson, James Robbin, Max Frederick Joan Armstrong, Shirley Albin. Lois Nelson, Martha Langzbeng. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Gladys Ness ,,.,, ,,,,,....,-,,.t-,-,, N N ,.,,,,,l,,..,,..,,,l., President Jean Hoppe ,,,,,,,.-..-- R ,,,,,, ,M ,,...,,-, ,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,, V ice President Elva deLongpre ,,i,,,,,,,,..,,, ,- .,.. - ,.,, ..,... S ecretary-Treasurer Miss Cole, Miss Myrick ..... ....... - .......,........ ,,,.............,......,. S P OIISOYS MEMBERS Doris F1-edenberg, Anna Ruth Covert, Elva deLongpre, Elva Marie Ness, Betty Buck, Amelia Jane Moore, Gladys Ness, Nellie Mae Martin, Jean Wendt, Doris Grosswiler, Ardith Buck, Ethel Buck, Iris Bundrock, Johanna Peterson, Margret Rhone, Dagney Larson, Hazel Sevier, Thelma Pengelly, Helen Reser, Yma Davis, Susan Clark, Jean Hoppe, Fernie Carpenter, Elizabeth Weir, Ella Bee Fordyce. 49 Marionettes v Home Ee Lyceum Artists Y, Future Farmers LYCEUM ARTISTS Bob Huck, Don Huck, Elsie Corbin, Dorothy Carlson, Helen Anderson, Helen Franklin, Annabelle Mischke, ,Harriet Hoyt, Jean Hoppe, Jeanne Johnson, Casey Prindiville, Keating Dickey, Fay Robinson, Mary Esther Montgomery, Marian Schomer, Jacques Norvell, Ford Shook, Bette Ann Bolon, Joyce Kauffman, Jack Anderson, Jim Baldwin, Neil Evenson, Sid Gorton, Frankie Hillis, Bette Lorang, Gertrude Robischon, Bertha Mae Simon, RuthSparling. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President .,.,... ...... , .,.... , ..,. - ,...,.... ..... C h arles Foot Secretary ,,.,.. ................ Do nald Turner Treasurer ..,,... - .................... - ...........,. Calvin Johnson Advisor .,,...,,,,... - ....,t,.,.,,..,..,,....... - .,..,.s,. Mr. H. E. Robinson MEMBERS Walter Buck, Kenneth Cottrell, James Day, Ted Day, Dick Eickert, Robert Gestring, Kenneth Greer, Donald Guy, Robert Hall, LeRoy Hendrickson, Vernon Johnson, Dempsey Johnston, Donald Koenig, Donald Locke, Carl Luke, John Monk, Robert Ruggles, Kenneth Singleton, Willard Stockwell, Lester Swarthout, Willard Ulrick, Albert Verly, Pat Woolard, Olav Risdale, Norman Skiftun, Warren Coverdale, Richard Calvert, Robert Daffern,Carl Daley, Clyde Denny, Wayne Eisele, James Fogarty, Howard Hall, Earl Hunter, Gerald Keller, Luther Lalam, Donald McC1arty, Charles Stevenson, Benny Walton, Russell Adamson, Ernest Birnell, Arnold Corliss, Charles Foot, Paul Foot, Russell Greer, George Grosswiler, George Hunter, Miles Harbin, Calvin Johnston, Carmen Nutter, Forrest Lovering, George Scott, Donald Turner, Lloyd Weir, Vernon Shea, Garland Daley, Bob Eickert, Paul Griffith, Melvin Mumbower, Elmer Krantz. 50 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Alyce Gibbs ....... -. .......... -.... ....,... -......- .... - ....... President Vivian Fylken ....... ...... - ..,.... V ice President Maxine Doyle ........ ............ - ..- ..,. -... Secretary-Treasurer Miss Olive Lewis ....... - .... - ............ .. ............ -.,- ........ -... Sponsor MEMBERS Gwen Adams, Evelyn Absolonson, Joan Armstrong, Audrey Bell, Mary Buchanan, Iris Bundrofck, Evelyn Baer, Rosetta Everett, Julia Conn, Doreen Crawford, Patsy Collier, Lorraine Denton, Yma Davis, Beulah Dorrah, Mary Ellen Dyer, Mary Doherty, Phloris Evenson. Connie Everett, Jean Eidsvig, Nellie Ferris, Marie Fylken, Helen Franklin, Jacqueline Ferguson, Ruth Gates, Bette Griiith, Joyce Greenwalt, Leona Gable, Virginia Gaustad, Merrial Holden, Mary Jane Hume, Mildred Hardie, Grace Isaacson, Elaine Koford, Elsie Livingston, Ethel McKnight, Annabelle Mischke, Jane Newell, Elva Ness, Lois Nelson, Betty Opp, Carol Paisley, Joyce Phillips, Mary Pettinato, Cleo Parr, Belle Peterman, Pat Pulliam, Ella Jane Pennoyer, Clair Poston, Rose Richard, Phyllis Riley, Helen Reihl, Joan Simonson, Margtaret Shaw, Grace Smith, Helen Schomer, Frances Slyter, Lucille Underdahl, Estelle Vick, Beth Williams, Opal Walters, Laurabelle Wolfe. APPINOKWIS Mrs. Grawe, Sponsor Seniors-Norman Asbridge, Jack Burg, Dorothy Carlson, Jean Hoppe, Roberta Hyde, Doris Fredenberg, Kathleen Dickson, Mildred Gorton. Juniors-Harry Anderson, William Broad, Irene Langdo-c, Ruth Moore, Alene Stebbins, Mildred Stebbins. 51 Girls' Athletic Ass9n me Appinokwis Ushers :ff F Club USHERS Mr. Athearn, Sponsor F CLUB OFFICERS President CFirst Semesterj .,..,.,...,..,,,,. ,..,,,,, B illy Keefe President fSecond Semesterj ,.....,,. N., .... - ,,,.,,. Gene Will Treasurer ............. .. ...................,....,. -..-.,- .,A. - ,..,. ,,,., R ay Smith MEMBERS Paul Kampfe, Lester Averill, Jim Westwang, John McQuirk, Ed Uuwin, Ed Hanlon, Bill Hedstrom, Lester Isaacs, Norman Moen, Sidney Gorton, Arvid Christianson, James Conn, Paul Palge, Louis Bain, Don Dunn, Joe Dieringer, Owen Oleson, Bud Slyter, Fred Danielson, Melvin Pennoyer, Bud Stancill, Floyd Armstrong, Merle Wetterhus, Lawrence Richards. 52 Betty Bailey, Dorothy Jean Berry, Mae Chapman, Rachel Cook, Elsie Garey, Ireneu Langdoc, Helen Metcalf, Opal Moe, Donna Miller, Sidney Monroe, Beatrice Nelson, Ruth Sparling, Agnes Torgerson, Stella Ann Waggener. MUSIC and DRAMA Thru the Keyhole as Death Takes a Holiday THRU THE KEYHOLE The first all school production of this year, was a modern com- edy, Thru the Keyhole, by VVilliam F. Davidson, directed by Robert H. Fetterly and produced by C. Edison Spriggs. The cast of eight: Grandma Tierney, Alene Duncan, William the butler, Keating Dickeyg Joan, the psuedo French maid, Ruby Jessopg Genevieve Van Camp, Sidney Monroe, Archie Van Camp, Rudy Forhang Mary Tierney, Billie Culleng Jim Tierney, Edison Spriggsg George Allen, Duane Lind. It was a Student Council production, presented January 26, 1939. DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY Grace D. Baldwin. On May 1, 1939 the Senior class presented a sym bolic fantasy, Death Takes a Holiday, adapted by Walter Ferris from the Italian. The cast: Duke Lambert, Jack Burgfg Grazia, Ruby Jessopg Corrado, Eugene Jones, Princess otf San Lucca, Mary Jean Pasleyg Baron Cesarea, Jacques Norvellg Duchess Stephanie, Harriet Hoyt Rhoda, Gertrude Robischong Eric Fenton, Carle ONeil, Alda, Alene Duncang Major Whitread, Casey Prindiville, Cora, Bernice Warnerg Fidele, Arthur Sawyer, are 1n volved in a holiday of DEATH, who masquerades as Prince Sirki, Edison Spriggsg trying to discover why men fear him. The play was directed and produced by MIXED CHOIR Director, Miss Pederson Pauline Anderson, Rosalie Brinkman, Frances Bruyer, Mary Buchanan, Jack Burg, Dorothy Carlson, Ray Chaffin, Alyce Christianson, Rachel Cook, Patricia Cross, Allan Crumbaker, Barbara Davis, Keating Dickey, Kathleen Dickson, Maxine Doyle, Dolly Fisher, Gordon Forsyth, Jane Foltz, Roger Foy, Lloyd George, Henry Good, Betty Hall, Melvin Henry, Frankie Hillis, Jean Hoppe, Mary Pat Houston, Arthur'i"'I-Ioylman, Harriet Hoyt, Robert Jystad, Lois Ilgen, Helen Knutson, Hazel King, Jeanne Johnson, Vernon Johnson, Luther Lahlum, Erma Liebig, Bette Lorang, Dolin Lowry, Ray Magnuson, Geneva Mather, Pearl Meltsch, Mary Esther Montgomery, Robert Orser, Mary Jane Petram, Johanna Petersen, Ella Jane Pennoyer, Casey Prindiville, Betty Plummer, Alfred Poole James Ray, Jimmie Richards, Helen Reser, Gertrude Robischon, Bertha Mae Simon,TheresaSch1nidt, Ruth Sparling, Cleora Thon, Harriet Thon, Stella Ann Waggener, Bernice Warner, Jeanne Wendt, Fern Yaple, Joe Sykes, Dorothy Lang, Fay Robinson, Russell Adamson, Mary Bolon, Douglas Penrod, Joan Simonson, Leonard Stebbins, Wallace Stinson, Paul Voorhees. Choir 3 Band BAND Director, Mr. Wenaas Alan Agigson, Vergene Ainley, Dick Allen, Arthur Anderson, Harry Anderson, Jack Anderson, Norman Asbridge, Harold AuClaire, Sidney Baeschlin, Graeme Baker, Jim Baldwin, Roger Baldwin, Harry Billsborough, Bill Broad, Jack Brown, Margaret Clocksin, Stanley Clothier, Dorreen Crawford, Elsie Corbin, lEd Conrad, Anita Cullen, James Day, Ted Day, Robert Derr, Harold Draper, Dorothy Dunn, Bobby Evans, Neal Evenson, Kenneth Felix, Buster Foy, Wendell Fredenberg, Max Frederick, Merlia Goshell, Lloyd George, LeVaughn Gilbertson, Dorothy Gillespie, Sidney Gorton, Merrial Holden, Ivan Hanson, Robert Hardy, Jack Ho-ward, 'Howard Huffman, Russell Huffman, Bruce Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Walford Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Burton Keller, Bill Kitchen, Betty Jean Knutson, Don Koch, Forrest Loverirrg, Ray Magnuson, Gordon Manning, Fred Metcalf, Jim Mclntirey Mickey Mills, Mildred Neas, Billy Newell, Betty Opp, Jack Orser, John Rhone, Don Riley, Dick Rowland, Evan Rue, Birdeen Schibsted, Helen Schomer, Marian Schomer, Lowell Shepard, Art Simon, Betty Small, Milton Small, Darrell Smith, Phyllis Stauffer, Wallace Stinson, Bob Stevens, Thomas Sweeney, Morrell Thompson, Donald Voelker, Paul Voorhees, Bob Williams, Charles Willis, Elsa Winkler, Marian Zemple. ...L awaf .W ORCHESTRA Director, Mr. Wenaas Jim Baldwin, Lillian Barta, Fred Birnell, Audrey Bell, Edwina Mm Carlson, Doris Christopherson, Elsie Corbin, Bobbie Evans, Elfrieda Franz, Buster Foy, Elsie Garey, Dorothy Gillespie, Jean Hoppe, Roberta Hyde, Burton Kell-er, Ray Magnuson, Dorothy Monk, Sidney Monroe, Jack Orser, Waldo Pierson, Virginia Potter, Helen Schoiner, Marian Schomer, Art Simon, Bobbi-e Stevens, Lucille Underdahl, Rosemary Watts, Elsa Winkler, Marian Zemple. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Director, Miss Pederson Shirley Albin, Joan Armstrong, Gladys Asbridge, Esther Bei-gt, Mary Bernard, Betty Lou Bond, Marie Alice Brown, Betty Buck, Caroline Buhl, Carol Clark, Susan Clark, Helen Cross, Virginia Davison, Wilmetta Derrickson, Virginia Draper, Mary Ellen Dyer, Jean Eidsvig, Thelma Ernster, Phloris Evenson, Ada Farris, Jacqueline Ferguson, Ruth Gates, Joyce Greenwalt, Audrey Hagel., Mildred Hardie, Kathleen Harper, Minnie Hissong, Genevieve Holland, Mary Jezick, Nadine Jystad, Elsie Livingston, Erma Lust, Louise Lynch, Helen Mason, Sylvia McDonald, Ethel McKnight, Donna Miller. Amelia Jane Moore, Dorothy Nees, Lois Nelson, Janet Newell, Vera Norton, June Papendick, Jean Passmore, Thelma Pengelly, Joyce Phillips, Judith Prestbye, Helen Riche, Phyllis Riley, Lillian Risdale, Dorothy Ryker, Maxine Scott, Myrtle Schumaker, Betty Sievers, Betty Small, Grace Smith, Wilma Sorenson, Elizabeth St. Germain, Betty Jean Stoifregen, Beatrice Talbot, Mary Tonkinson, Elaine Viano, lglivayis Wfgner, Betty Webster, Dorothy 0 West, Mildred eeler, onnie Woodworth, Jean Carr Grchestra x Girls' Glee Club Jaephine Bw-1r,D0riS stewart. ' 56 Boys, Glee Club v A Tempo BOYS' GLEE CLUB Director, Miss Pederson Carlos Boettiger, William Clark, Don Clothier,.,... . .. Leslie Cornelius, Glen Daffern, James Gregory, Donald Guy, Eddie Hedstroxn, Howard Hall, LeRoy Hendrickson, Don Huck, Robert Huck, John Kauffman, Karl Kirkeby, Gordon Larson, Dean Logan, Alton Lee, Sheldon Lowry, Richard Poston, James Robbin, Harry Romasko, Thomas Robischon, Robert Shook, Lawrence Sonstelie, George Stearns, Martin Vick, Donald Laux, A TEMPO y OFFICERS President .,........... -..-... ........ - ............ - ...... - .... - .,.....,,.. Frankie Hillis Vice President ,...... - .... - ..... - .,.......... - ....... Mary Esther Montgomery Secretary-Treasurer .-... ............ -,....... ........ -..- ........... Kathleen Dickson MEMBERS Keating Dickey, Bette Lorang, Betty Plummer, Gertrude Robischon, Robert Jystad, Robert Orser, Jack Orser, Lloyd Georgie, Jeanne Johnson, Henry Good, Elsie Corbin, Ray Magnuson, Harriet Hoyt, Jean Hoppe, Johanna Peterson, James Ray, Mary Jane Petram. 57 s - Debate rf, Fall of the House of Usher DEBATE District Debate Team Art Simon, Alfred Pederson. Helen Martin-alternate. Harry Anderson, Norman Mitchell, Dean Marquardt, Bob Burns, Dick Wendt, Riley' Robinson, Art Anderson. FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER 1938 Radio Cast Keating Dickey, Tom Richardson, Beverly Hanify, Glen Nelson, Junior Carr, Randall Rueschelle, Elizabeth Hilton, Clyde Keeling, Frankie Hillis. This cast took a trip to Denver in the sping of 1938 to take apart in the National Broadcasting Company'S radio contest. They won'fourth place in the nation-wide contest. 58 Jim Baldwin, Ivan Hanson, Sid Gorton, Neil Evenson. Gentlemen of Swing Tune In GENTLEMEN OF SWING N Jack Anderson, Director TUNE IN "Tune In," the second presentation of the Student Council, was a musical comedy in two acts with lyrics and music by Dorn Wilson. the book by Edward Bradley. The staff of directors was: Musical, Ann Pederson, Assistant Musical, Sig Wenaasg Dramatic, Charlrs Reeves and Robert Fetterlyg Dance, Olive Lewis, Financial, Russell Merritt. The producer was Grace Baldwin. The featured cast was: Kasper Kroggins, Ray Magnuson, Mrs. Kroggfins, Frankie Hillisg Jean Kroggins, Maxine Doyle, Joe Brown, Casey Prindixilleg Jerry Kennedy, Bob Jystadg Tilly, Milly, Billy, as a sister team, Fay Robinson, Kathleen Dickson, Jeanne Johnson, Dynamo Dave, Jimmy Rayg Mitzi, Mary Jane Petramg Bob, Ray ChaffingJ.Bottomly Binks, Keating Dickey, Archibald Throckmorton, Jack Burg, Lysander Phipps, Paul Voorhees. These with a chorus of Engineers, Production men, Gypsy dancers, etc., composed of the high school glzioirb enacted a plot moving around Radio Station WTNT on March , 1 39. 1 r ' ' 60 mag? imm- Uwq, 172i UJ M gk WGN W aff' ATHLETICS . . . 61 A COACH McLAIN Football . , . N With but four letterrnen returning, Coach Alex McLain had to buil.d up an entirely new team and, as was expected with an inexperienced team they were slow in getting started. Winning? but two games, losing five and tying one, the season was a success due to the victory over Whitefish and the decisive defeat of a strong Butte Central team to climax the season. Beating Whitefish was a feat that a far superior team failed to do last year. Tying Polson in the opener was a disappointment to start the season but those who witnessed the fray'ag'ree that the Braves completely outplayed the Lake City boys in all phases of the ngame. A lucky pass enabled the Poison- ites to tie the score at 6-6 and th-en the gun ended the game with Flathead in possession of the ball just inches from a winning touchdown. The following weekend saw Flathead hold Anaconda to a scoreless tie during the first half and then weaken and let Anaconda climax a long drive with a tally. Later, McCabe, substitute Anaconda backfield man, broke loose and galloped 54 yards to score again and the Anodes won 12-0. Helena then handed the Braves their worst beating of the year when the Bengals pushed over two touch- downs in each period after the opening one to win 38-0. Parsons, fleet Helena All-State halfback, led the attack and scored once on a 60 yard run from punt formation. The Braves outscored and outplayied the heavy Great Falls team in the second half of their encounter but could not overtake the 20 point lead that the Bisons had gained in the first half. Bain plunged across for the final three yards to score after a sixty yard Flathead drive. Isaacs kicked the goal. Final score was 26-7. Missoula came to Kalispell with one of their strongest clubs int years and defeated the Braves after at hard battle 18-0. Flathead held the Spartans to one touchdown in the first half but the Missoulians capitalized on breaks in the final period and pushed across two more tallies. A victory over Havre was snatched from the Braves when the Blue Ponies completed a long pass in the closing minutes to come from behind and win 7-6. Dunn put Flat- head ahead in the first half when he crossed the final stripe to complete a long touchdown drive. Flathead out- gained Havre 2 to 1..in,,yardage but failed to capitalize on three of the four chances they had to score. The.-season?-sc-limax with Whitefish, before a. sell out crowd of about 2500 people, was a very exciting' contest with the Braves scoring the only touchdown to win 7-0. Bain carried the ball to touchdown land and Isaacs kicked the conversion. Flathead made a stout defensive stand Continued on Page 80 62 x xr Q x W' X R 5 X . . X X 31 .Q xi xxx--X ws Arvid Christiapson James Connx Bud Slyter Bill Hedstrom ' John Page Don Dunn Owen Oleson Lest-er Isaacs w as ix Hwy x xl ,' N f -lx ,f , 3 V , 11,-' . : kV!4,,Yid,vx,, L K 3 7 J fl? X 4 N f f l I, S5 l l M Q XNQ xxx, +R . . ,K l Q 3 X -f,..- 1 X S . Q. X X rf 'F' T X- Paul Page Luther Lahlum I ' Ed Hanlon Norman Moen ' Red Unwin Punchy McQuirk Bill Keefe Joe Dieringer Gene Will Sid Gorton Paul Kampfe Jim Westwang Les Averill Louie Bain iii .iris s ' - Basketball . . . Four straight victories over Whitefish, a decisive win over Missoula, decisions over some very-fast class B schools and the loss of sev- eralhelass A games by a very narrow margin, three by just one point, were the highlights of a very successful basketball season for the Braves. After virtually snowing under Columbia Falls in the Brave's first warm up tilt they dropped two double headers to Great Falls and Butte, then the fighting Braves took four games in succession from the Alumni, Libby and two from Whitefish. The first game' with Whitefish was quite decisive for the Braves but the second con- test was probably the most exciting of the four game series. The locals took an early lead but the Fishers rallied and forged ahead before the half time gun sounded. The third quarter was neck and neck with neither team 'gaining an advantages With the game' tied at 25-25 and but three minutes to go, McQuirk sank a long shot and put the Braves ahead and they started a stall to hold the ball until the gun sounded. The desperate Fisher's defense broke and Bain and Kampfe broke in for setup shots to put the game on ice. Wills sank, a free throw and then two long range shots by the Bulldogs some- what shortened the Braves lead but did not threaten the Flathead victory because there 'were only a few seconds of playing time re- maining. On a trip into the southern portion of the state the Braves lost to Butte by one point in a thrilling contest and then dropped a game by a wide margin to Missoula. The Braves then piled up a big lead over Shelby but lost to Cut- 66 bank the following night by one point just as they did the year before to the Coyotes. Two more victories over Whitefish and then the Braves lost to Havre and Great Falls and downed Fort Benton on a trip into the eastern part of the state. Havre's Blue Ponies then came to Flathead for a double header engage- ment and won both by narrow margins. The first game was decided by three: points and the second by one point in an overtime period aft-er the Braves had led all the way until Kuka, Havre's conference high scorin-g ace, sank a field goal to tie the game up just a few seconds before the final gun. In the overtime period Kuka came through in the pinch again to sink the winning basket. Missoula then came to Kalispell confident of a victory after they had defeated the Braves early in the season, but the Braves proved that a team that wouldn't be beaten couldn't be beaten and they took the lead from the start- ing whistle and held it throughout the- game. Wills' played a sensational game before he fouled out in the third Quarter. Captain Wills sank two free throws and'two 'field goals' in the first half to lead the Brave's attack and' then came back in the third iluartervand sank three successive field goals fromuthe middle of the fioor when the Missoula guards did not try to block his shooting. After that they came out to block the long range shots' and then the-deter- mined Braves would workin andPscore'setups. At the northern divisional class A tourna- ment the Braves dropped two heart breaking decisions to Helena and 'Butte'Central andfwere eliminated after a good hard iight. In the final game with Butte Central the locals led most of the way but Butte rallied to tie the score in the closing minut-es and then Rossellini, Butte 67 B an Basketball . . . Continued guard, sank a free throw and gave Central the winning: one point margin. Gene Will, Bill Keefe and Bud Stancill, the only seniors on the squad, all played good ball throughout the entire season and will be missed by next year's team but the six remaining jun- iors certainly should go places. McQuirk, Die- ringer, Bain, Kampfe, Dunn and Slyter will all be back to form a nucleus for next year's team along with the seven sophomores who so ably carried the burden of the Reserve squad this year. Through a peculiar quirk of fate the same two men who are co-captains of the football squad were elected co-captains of the basket- ball team. That's right, it will be Bain and McQuirk forming the brain trust that will guide the basketballers to greater heights next year. Bain played good dependable ball all year and his steady nerve and quick thinking well qualifies him for the job. "Punchy" started hit- ting his long range shots in the middle part of the season and finished as third high scorer on the squad. He was the coolest man on the door this year and he certainly will keep up his end of the co-captain job. RECORD 1938-1939 Braves Opponents Columbia Falls, here 52 20 Great Falls, here 19 30 Great Falls, here 18 25 Butte, here 23 37 Butte, here 27 30 Alumni, here 31 18 Libby, here 46 23 Whitefish, there 31 23 Whitefish, here 32 29 Butte, there 27 28 Missoula, there 28 48 Shelby, here 43 31 Cut Bank, here 33 34 Whitefish, here 40 29 Whitefish, there 30 23 Havre, there 23 43 Fort Benton, there 36 19 Great Falls, there 26 38 Havre, here 28 31 Havre, here 31 32 Missoula, here g , 34 26 Helena, tournament 28 36 Butte Central, tournament 41 42 A TEAM Left to right Coach Thompson Bobby Davis Duane Christianson Riley Robinson Roger Doyle Lee Gehring Royal Olson Victor Dikeos Roy Gilbertson Arthur Hoylman The Reserve Basketball squad under the competent coaching of Lee Thompson completed a successful season with ten underclassmen learning the fundamentals of basketball in order to fill the positions left vacant by the graduat- ing varsity men. Seven of these boys, all soph- omores, played regularly on the Reserves and will press the returning lettermen for their po- sitions next season if they can just gain a little height during the coming year. Reserves . . . Roger Doyle, Spencer Koppang, Bobby Davis, Victor Dikeos, Lee Gehring, Royal Olson and Duane Christiansen were the regulars on the Reserve squad that won a majority' of their games from surrounding class B schools, includ- ing the Whitefish Reserves whom they beat three games out of four. The outstanding game they played was when they shut out the White- ish Reserves in the first half and then went on to defeat them 25-7 after the Bullpups had defeated them the previous night. First row: Kampfe, Will, B. Lee, Robinson, Ooach Thompson, Sweeney, Bain and Gehring. Second Row: Danford Bailey Hoyl- man, Covey, Forsyth, Hodson, McClarty, Davis and E. Lee. Track . . . Winning three straight meets on successivewenekends the Flathead Track Team started out well towards their ultimate goal of participatingiin the Stat-e Meet at Mis- soula. First the Braves downed the Flathead Alumni, then a win over the Fishers in the annual Dual Meet and then a very decisive victory at the. District Meet gave the Braves a clean sweep in track this season. K p y The first meet with the Alumninwas a very lopsided victory for Thompson's men when they scored 72 2,"3 points to the Alumnifs 44 1,"3. Kampfe and Bain led the attack with 27 and 22 points respectively. In the annual Dual Meet with Whitefish Kampfe and Bain again did the heavy scoring with 17 points each to lead the Braves to a. 65 213 to 50 113 Win over the Fishers. Baker of Whitensh outshined the local hivgh pointers by one point to take the high scoring honors. Bain won first in the pole vault and high hurdles, second in the low hurdles and tied with Kampfe for first in the high jump. Kampfe won first in the discus and broad jumpt Tom Sweeney came through nicely in the two distance races to win by a giood margin in both of these events. i The District Meet, which Flathead sponsored, "was a walk-away for the Braves when they won seven.. of thir- -teen first places and scored 51 points to their closest com- petitoi-'s, Whitefish, 24 points. Eureka. won 23 points and Libby tallied 13. First places in the broad jump! and 440 yard dash, sec- Continued on Page 81 70 QEQQEQSQQQQQQQQ In this life, interests of groups and of individuals necessarily overlap. This may be good or bad according to the feelings behind these goals. The patrons and advertisers in this publication have kindly made our in- terests theirs. We urge you, the reader, to make their interests yours by giving them your support and patronage. Thus both groups will be happy and life will be more pleasant through interests made common. FEATURES . . . Senior Activities . . . ARNOLD conmss ng Club 2-3-4 AGNES COX Girl's League 3, Movie Club 3 PRED DANIELSON F Club 4, Football 4 PETE DANIELSON Annual Staff 4 SIRI DANIELSON Glee Club 3 WILLIAM DENNY Tomah awks 1-2-3-4, Movie Club 3, Masque and Dagger 3, Marionette Club 2, A Tempo Club 1-2, "Trial By Jury" 3, Assembly 1-2-3, Orches- tra 1-2-3, Radio Broadcasts 2-3, Home Room Pres. 2-3, Home Room Sec. 2, Track 2, Lyceum 1-2-3 KATHLEEN DICKSON Missoula 1-2-3, Masque and Dag- ger 4, A Tempo 4, Lyseum 3-4, Choir 3-4, "Tune ln" 4, Trio 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, Student Council Rep. 4 MAXINE DOYLE G. A. A. 3-4, "Trial By Jury" 3, "Tune In" 4, Choir 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 4, Home Room Sec. 3-4, All State Choir 3, Holstein, Iowa 1-2 HAROLD DRAPER Carbon County High 1, Science Club 2, Band 3-4, 1939 Flathead, Arrow 2, Radio Broadcasts 4, 1938 Flathead ALENE DUNCAN Masque and Dagger 3-4, G. A. A. 1-2, Movie Club 2-3, Home Room Vice Pres. .3-4, Home Room Sec. 4, "Through the Keyhole" 4, "Her Name Montana" 1, "Barbara Friet- chie" 2, "Much Ado About Nothing" 3, "Riders to the Sea" 2, "Gondol- liers 3, "Death Takes a Holiday" 4, "Old Time Concert" 3 DOROTHY DUNN Poison 1-2, Masque and Dagger 3, Band 4, 1939 Flathead, Home Room Pres. 3, Home Room Vice Pres. 4 NELLIE ECKHOLT Shelby High School 1-2-3, French Club 4, Radio Broadcasts 4 ALDENA ENSLEY All State Chorus 3, "Bravo Bar- bara Fritchie" 2, "Gondoliex-s" 2, Choir 2, Lyceum 2, Radio Broad- casts 2-3, Home Room Sec. 2 JEAN ER-NSTER Home Ee Club 1-3 MARGARET EVANS Home Room Sec. 1, Home Ee Club 3, Masque and Dagger 3 ROSETTA EVERETT G. A. A . 1, Sin-o-pah. CHARLES FOOT F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Masque and Dag- ger 3, Radio Broadcasts 3-4 HELEN FORHAN Masque and Dagger 3-4, Movie Club 3-4, Choir 2, "Gondoliers" 2 LYNN IFRASHER Lyceum 1, Band 1, Home Room Officer 2 MARGARET FRAZER Senate Club 2, Library Assistant 2-3 DORIS FREDENBERG- Whitefish High 1, Home Ec Club 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4 VERDA FRY Class Sec. 1, Tomahawk 1-2 THOMAS FUNK Somers High 1 VIVIAN FYI-KEN Minot, No. Dak. 1-2, G. A. A. 3-4, Girl's League 3, Pep Club 3, "Old Time Concerte' 3, Radio Broad- cast 4, Basketball 3-4 LEONA G-ABLE Home Ec Club 3, Art Club 3 MARIE GAREY St. Matthew's 1-2, Band 3, Student Council Rep. 4 PATRICIA G-ENTRY St. Matthew's, Kalispell 1, St. Mary's, Portland, 2, Lyceum 3, Girl's League 3, Pres. Home Ec. Club 3, Delegate to Bozeman 3, Masque and Dagger 3-4, Orchestra 3, "Trial By Jury" 3, Arrow 3, News Editor 4, 1939 Flathead, Radio Broadcwts 3-4, Home Room Sec. 3, Home Room Pres. 4, Jr. Prom and Senior Ball, Quill and Scroll 4, Senior Breakfast. 72 Senior Activities . . . LSVAUGHN G-ILBERTSON Masque and Dagger 3-4, "Where the Cross is Made" 3, "Much Ado ,About Nothing" 3, "Blizzard Bound" 3, Band 1-2-3-4 GENEVA GOLDIZEN Masque and Dagger 3, Thanksgiv- ing Play 3, Annual Staff 4, Stud- ent Council Rep. 4, Basketball 1 HENRY GOOD Whitefish High 1, Tomahawks 3-4, Masque and Dagger 3-4, A Tempo 4, Class Pres. 4, Student Council Rep. 2-3-4 IVIILDRED GORTON Home Ec Club 1-2-4, Girl's League 3, Home Room Sec 2-4, Home Room Pres. 3 SIDNEY GORTON All State Band 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Radio Broadcasts 3, Football 4 GEORGE GROSSWILER F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 IRENE HALVORSON Movie Club 3, Home Ec Club 2 EDWARD I-IANLON STARLING HARRINGTON Movie Club 4, Science Club 3 EUGENE HAVENS Pep Club 3, Band 1, Arrow 2 BILL I-IEDSTROM F Club 4, Football 1-2-3-4 .ALYCE HENDRICKSON Havre 1, "Old Time Concert" 3, Radio Broadcasts 2-3, Student Council Rep 4 ELLA MAE HEWITSON Home Ec Club 3, Lyceum 1-2, Or- chestra l-2, All State Orchestra 2, "Old Time Concert" 3, "Death Takes a Holiday" 4 CLARENCE HICKS Radio Broadcast 3 FRANKIE HILLIS Movie Club 1-3, Masque and Dag- ger 4, "Her Name Montana" 1, "Gondoliers" 2, "Trial By Jury" 3, whine In" 4, Keith Cup Winner 3, A Tempo 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Gir1's Trio 3-4, Girl's Glee Club 3, Boy's Glee Club, 2-3-4, Girl's Sex- tette 4, Orchestra 1-2, Radio 1-2- 3-4, Class Sec-Treas. 4, Home Room Pres. 3, All State Orchestra 2, All State Choir 3, Lyceum 1-2-3-4, 1939 Flathead Staff JUNE ISGH Home Ec Club 1, Home Room Vice Somers High 1-2, F Club 4, Foot- Pres- 1 ball 3-4, Track 3-4 PEGGY HARP Arrow 3, Home Ec Club 1 73 RAY JENKINS Student Council Rep. 1-2-3-4, Home Room Vice Pres. 4 JEAN HOPPE Lyceum 1-2-3-4, A Tempo .3-4, Home Ee Club 4, "Her Name Montana." 1, "Tune In" 4, Choir 1-4, "Much Ado About Nothing" 3, "Old Time Con- cert" 3, 1939 Flathead, Radio Broadcasts 2-3-4, Class Sec-Treas. 3, Student Council Rep. 1, Home Room Vice Pres. 3, Appinokwis 4, Assembly 3 , HARRIET HOYT Girl's League 3, Science Club 3, Marionettes 2, Home Ec Club 3, Masque and Dagger 4, Lyceum 1-2- 3-4, A Tempo .1-2-3-4, "Her Name Montana 1, "Trial By Jury 3, "Tune In" 4, Girl's Glee Club 3, Choir 1- 2-3-4, All State Choir 3, 19.39 Flat- head, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, Home Room Sec. 4, Student Council Rep. 3 TED HUDSON Boxing Club 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 4, Tumbling 4 MAURICE HUNDAHL Football 1 WILLIAM HUNTER F. F. A. .1-2-3-4, Christmas Play 3 ROBERTA HYDE Appinokwis 3-4, Student Council Sec. 4, Masque and Dagger 3, Movie Club 3, Orchestra 2-3-4, Lyceum 2-3,, Student Council Rep. 2-3 LESTER ISAACS Masque and Dagger 3-4, F Club, Christmas Play 3-4, Band 3, Stud- ent Council Rep. 1-2, Radio Broad- cast 3, Home Room Officer 1-2, Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4 Senior Activities . . . RUBY JESSOP G. A. A. 2, Scribblers Club 4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, "Much Ado About Nothingf' 3, "Through the Key- hole" 4, "Death Takes a Holiday" 4, Arrow 3, Copy Editor 4, Radio Broadcast 3, Home Room Sec. 3, Girl's League 3 VIVIAN JESSOP - ' Girl's League 3, Arrow 4 BEULAH JOHNSON Fawcett High, Alberta, Canada, 1-2, Masque and Dagger 3, Radio Broadcast 4. FLORENCE JOHNSON Stage Crew 2, Choir 1, "Her Name Montana" .1, Student Council Rep. 1, Home Room Vice Pres. 2 ROYCE JOHNSON 'Fawcett High, Alberta, Canada, 1-2, "Trial By Jury" 3 EUGENE JONES 1 Marionettes 1-2, Movie Club 3, "Death Takes a Holiday" 4, Arrow ,2, Sports Editor 3-4, 1939 FLat- .head, Student Council Rep. 3-4, Home Room Pres. 1-2, Basketball Mgr. 1-2, Junior Prom 3, Senior Ball 4, Sports Editor of All State Paper 4 JACK JOY Marionettes 1-2, Masque and Dag- ger 3, Pep Club 3, Tomahawks 4, Debate Club Vice'Pres. 2, "Trial By Jury" 3, Choir 2, Arrow, 3, Radio Broadcasts 4, Student Coun- cil Pres. 4, Student Council Vice Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. 2, Home Room Pres. 1, Pep Rally Chairman 2-3-4, Senior Ball 4, Jun- ior Prom 3 STANLEY KAUFFMAN Ski Club 4, Model Club 4, Radio Broadcast s 2, Home Room Vice Pres. 2 ZELLA KAUFFMAN Girl's League 3, Choir 3, Radio Broadcasts 3 BILL KEEFE F Club 3-4, Class Pres. 3, Class Sec. 2, Home Room Pres. 3, Stud- ent Council Rep. 2, Football 1-2- 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 3-4 HELEN KNUTSON Masque and Dagger 3-4, Glee Club 2-3, Choir 4, Arrow Reporter, 2. Radio Broadcasts 3-4 DON KOCH ' ' Pep Club 3, Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 2, Radio Broadcasts 4, Home Room Secretary 1 RUTH KRAFT ' G. A. A. 1, Masque and Dagger 3, Lyceum 2, Thanksgiving Play, 2, Radio Broadcasts 4, Home Room Sec. 1-2, Home Room' Pres. 3-4 MILDRED KUHN A Stanford High 1, Movie Club 3 ELEANOR LANDWEHR . Elbowoods High 1-2, St. Matthew's 3, Home Ec Club 3, Masque and Dagger 3-4 HOWARD LEWIS " Bravo Barbara Frietchie" 3, Band 1-2 IRMA LEE Science Club 3, Marionette s 1-2, Masque and Dagger 3, Tomahawks 1, Girl's League 3, 1939 Flathead, Home Room Sec. 2, Home Room Pres. 3, Drill Team 3 KENNETH LEWIS Football 1, Track 1, Basketball 1 DUANE LINVD Polson High 1, Masque and Dagger 4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, "Bravo Barbara Fritchie" 2, "Through the Keyhole" 4 LUCILLE LOGAN Home Ec Club 1, Girl's League 2, Home Room Vice Pres. 1, Home Room Pres. 2, Home Room Sec. 3. FORREST LOVERING F. F. A. 2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4 OLIVE MANNING Alamo High 1, Masque and Dagger 3-4, Debate 2-3, Home iEc Club 2, "Much Ado About Nothing" 3, Tournament Play 3, Orchestra 2, 1939 Flathead NELLIE MAE MARTIN St. Matthew's 1, Home Ec Club 3, Glee Club 3 74 Senior Activities . . . JAMES MCINTIRE Band 1-2-3-4, 1939 Flathead Busi- ness Mgr., Student Council-Rep. 2-4, Home Room Pres. 1, Junior Prom, Senior Ball PEARL MELTSCH Clarks Fork 1-2-3, Choir 4, NORMAN MEULI Bandl- 2-3, "Much Ado About No- thing" 3, Football 1-2 OPAL MOHN Home Ec Club 4, G. A. A. 2, Girl's League 3, Masque and Dagger 3 ETHEL MONGAN G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Sin-o-pah 2-3-4, Marionettes 1, Radio Broadcasts 2-3, 1939 Flathead, Choir 1-2-3, All State Chorus 3, "Her Name Montana" 1, "Gondoliers" 2, "Trial By Jury" 3 DOROTHY MONK Home Ec Club 1-2, Orchestra 1-2- 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 3, Class Sec. 1, Student Council Rep. 2 ALINE MOYER Home Ec Club 1-2 HELEN NELSON - Girl's League 3, Home Ec Club 1 75 ENID NESS Home CEc Club 1-3, Arrow 4 HENRY NESS 1939 Flathead Q JACQUES NORVELL Lyceum 3-4, "Old Time Concerte" 3, Radio Broadcasts 4 GEORGIA NULL Masque and Dagger 3, Movie Club 3, Masque and Dagger Play 3 GERALDINE NULL Home Room Vice Pres. 4, Home Room Sec. 3, Movie Club 3, Masque and Dagger 2-3 CARMEN NUTTER F. F. A. 2-.3-4 OWEN OLESON F Club 4, Ski Club 4, Football 1-2- 3-4,Track 4, Student Council Rep. 1 CARLE 0'NEIL Masque and Dagger 3, Marionettes 1-2, Quill and Scroll 2-3-4, "Why Grandma" 1, "Death Takes a Holi- day 4, "Trial By Jury" 3, Arrow 2, EDITOR 1939 Flathead, Student Council Rep. 3, Junior Prom 3 JACK ORSER Lyceum 3, ,Masque and Dagxger 3-4, "Bravo Barbara Frietchie" 2, Band 1-2-.3-4, Orchestra 1-3-4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4 AVIS PAGE Poplar High 1-2, Stage Crew 4 DONNA PAISLEY Debate Club 2, Home Ec Club 2, Scribblers 4, Movie Club 3 MARY JEAN PASLEY Havre High 1, Girl's League 3, Home Ec Club 2, College Club 4, Movie Club 3, "Much Ado About Nothingn 3, "Death Takes a Holi- day 4, Choir 1, 1939 Flathead, Radio Broadcasts 4, Library Assistant 3-4 ETHEL MAE PECK Q Butte High 1-2-3, Masque and Dag- ger 4, Student Council Rep. 4 MARY ELLEN PERKINS Glee Club 1-2, Girl's League 3 AVIS ANN PERRY Masque and Dagger 3, Ski Club 3-4, Glee Club 3 VIRGINIA PERRY Pres. Marionettes 1-2,Girl'sLeague 3, Science Club 3, Masque and Dag- ger 3, Home Ec Club 2, Radio Broadcasts 4, Student Council Rep. 2, Drill Team 3 JOHANNA PETERSEN A Tempo 4, Home Ec Club 4, "Tune In" 4 FRANK PETTINATO F Club 4, Masque and Dagger 3, "Turkey and Trimmings" 3 RUSSELL PETTINATO Science Club 3, Football 1, Basket- ball 2-3 MARY JANE PETRAM G. A. A. 1, A Tempo 4, Choir 2-3-4, All State Choir 3, "Gondoliers 2, "Trial By Jury" 3, "Tune In" 4, Radio Broadcasts 2-3-4, Student Council Rep. 3, Home Room Pres. 2 Senior Activities . . . EARL PHILLIPS Buffalo, Montana 1-2 SYLVIA PHILLIPS Marionettes 1-2 CASEY PRINDIVILLE St. Matthew's, Kalispell 1-2-3, "Tune In" 4, "Death Takes a Holi- day" 4, Home Room Pres. 4 BETTY PLUMMER St. Matthew's, Kalispell 1-2-3, "Tune In" 4, Choir 4 HAROLD PULLIAM "Her Name Montana" 2 WARREN PUTNAM Basketball 1-2 PRANCILE RAWLINGS Movie -Club 3, Tomahawks 3-4, Masque and Dagger 3, Marionettes 2, Arrow 2-3-4, 1939 Flathead, Radio Broadcasts 3, Student Coun- cil Rep. 2, Home Room Officer 3, Drill Team 3 , Junior Assembly 3 CHARLOTTE REDPATH Somers 1-2, Girl's League 3, Home Room Sec. 3 ROSE RICKARD G. A. A. 2-3-4, Radio Broadcast 3, Basketball 2-3-4 OLAV RISDALE F. F. A. 4 LOUISE ROBINSON Declamation 4 G-ERTRU-DE ROBISCHON St. .Matthew's, Kalispell 1, Lyceum 4, Masque and Dagger 4, Ski Club 4, Choir 2-.3-4, "Gondoliers" 2, "Trial By Jury" 3, Gil-l's Sextette 4, "Tune In" 4, "Death Takes a Holiday" 4, All State Choir 3, Music Festival 2, Arrow 4, Radio Broadcasts 2-3-4, Student Council Rep. 2 JANE ROWELL Home Room Sec. 3 BETTY ROUSELLE G. A. A. 2, Masque and Dagger 3, Girl's League 3, Radio Broadcasts 4, Home Room Vice Pres. 3-4 ELSIE RUFPNACI-I Somers High 1-2 RITA SAMUELL Lewistown 1-2-3 A1',1'0YV 4 ARTHUR SAWYER Christmas Play 2 BIRDEEN SCHIBSTED "Her Name Montana" 1, Band 1-2- 3-4, Pep Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Radio Broadcasts 4, Lyceum 2-4 THERESA SCHMIDT Klickitat, Washington, 1-2, Masque and Dagger 4, "Tune In" 4, "Trial by Jury" 3, Choir 3-4, Radio Broad- casts 3-4, Home Room Vice Pres. 4, Girl's League 3 ILENE SCI-IOOLEY Girl's League 3 GEORGE SCOTT F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 HAZEL SEARLE Quill and Scroll 2-3-4, Scribblers 1-2-4, "Her Name Montana" 1, "Gondoliers" 2, H-Much Ado About Nothingd' 3, "Through the Key- hole 4, Cohir 2, Arrow 1-2-3 ED- ITOR 4, Radio Broadcasts 3, Home Room Sec. 1, Girl's League 3. MARY SEVIER Girl's League 3 LAVONNE SHEPPARD G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Sin-o-pah 2-3 ART SIMON Debate 1-2-4, Masque and Dagger 3, and 2-3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Ar- row 4, Radio Broadcasts 4, Class Pres. 2, .Student Council Rep. 3-4, Home Room' Pres. 3, Football 1-2. JOAN SIMONSON Masque and Dagger 4, Girl's League 3, "Gondoliers" 2, Home Room Pres. 2, 1938 Flathead, 1939 Flathead. NORMAN SKIFTUN Parshall, North Dakota, 1-2,F.F.A.4 FRANCES SLYTER Williston, North Dakota, 1-2-3, "Too Old for Christmas" 4, Arrow 4, 1939 Flathead, Home Room Sec. 4 76 Senior Activities . . . EDISON SPRIGGS Masque and Dagger 3-4, Scribblers 2-3 -4, Speech 1-2, "Her Name Montana" 2, "Barbara Fritchie" 3, "Riders to the Sea." 3, "Much Ado About Nothing" 4, "Through the Keyhole" 4, "Death Takes a Holi- day" 4, Stage Mgr. 2-3-4, Arrow 2, 1939 Flathead, Home Room Pres. 4, Debate 1-2, Quiver 4. PAUL STANOILL Douglas, Wfyoming, 1-2-3, F Club 4, Arrow 4, Home Room Pres. 4, Basketball 4. JACK STANNARD . Senior Play 3, Ski Club 4, 'Stud- ent Council Rep. 4, Radio Broad- casts 3-4. PEARL STEARNS Home Ec Club 1, Tomahawks 1, Marionettes 1, Masque and Dagger 3, Home Ec. Play 1, Student Coun- cil Rep. 2, Home Room Pres. 1. BOB STENSVVICK Somers High, 1-2. PAUL STREIT Boxing Club 3-4, Arrow 4, Track 3. GENEVA sUMML'R.s ' Masque and Dagger 3, Stage Crew 2. 77 CLIITOR-D SUNDAHL Glasgow High 1-2, Radio Broad- casts 4. HELEN SUNDAHL Home Ec Club 1-2, Stage Crew 2, Home Room Sec. 4. THOMAS SWEENEY Ski Club 3-4, Science Club 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Radio Broadcasts 4. MORRELL THOMPSON Masque and Dagger 4, "Bravo Bar- bara Fritchie" 2,"Much Ado About Nothing" 3, "Where the Cross is Made" 3, Band 1-2-3-4, Arrow 4, Radio Broadcasts 3. ROBERT THOMPSON Masque and Dagger 3. RAY TI-ION Masque and Dagger 3-4, Science Club 3, "Bravo Barb-ara Fritchie" 2, "Turkey and Trimmings' 3, Ra- dio Broadcasts 2, Home Room Pres. 2-3, Home Room Vice Pres. 1. DONALD TURNER F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Radio Broad- casts 4. ED UNWIN Somers .1-2, F Club 4, Football 4, Track 4. ESTELLE VICK G. A. A 1-2-3-4, sin-0-pak 2-3, Marionettes 1, Stage Crew 4, Home Room Sec. 4, Home Room Vice Pres. 1. BERNICE WARNER Clearwater High, Hollydale, Calif. 1, Choir 2-3-4. LLOYD WEIR F. F. A. .1-2-3-4, Radio Broadcasts 4, Boxing 4. JOHN WENDT Band 1, Radio Broadcasts 4, GENE WILL Weber High, Ogden, Utah 1, Gran- ite High 2, F Club 3-4, Track 4, Football 3-4, Basketball 3-4. ELSA WINKLER Malta 1-2, Tomahawks 4, Christmas Play 4, Band 4, Choir 3, "Trial by Jury" 3, Arrow 4, 1939 Flathead, Radio Broadcasts 4, Home Room Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. 3. GUDRUN WOLDTVET Masque and Dagger 3, Movie Club 3, Camera Club 4. DON YOUNG Debate Club 1, French Club 4, Arrow 4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, Home Room Pres. 1, Home Room Vice Pres. 4. , RAYMOND MAGNUSON Band 1-2-3-4, All State Band 2, Choir 2-3-4, All State Chorus 3, "Trial By Jury" 3, "Tune In" 4, Orchestra .2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3, Marionettes 2, Masque and Dagger 3, "Much Ado About Nothing" 3, Home Room Sec. 1-3, Lyceum 2-3-4, .gagempo 3-4, Radio Broadcasts Senior Activities . . . RUSSELL ADAMSON F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Choir 4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, Track Manager 3, Ortonville, Minn. 1. EARL ALBIN Masque and Dagger 3, "Old Time Song and Dance Concert" 3, "Much Ado About Nothing," Home Room Representative 4. HELEN ANDERSON Somers 1-2. FLOYD ARMSTRONG Browning .1-2, Tomahawks 4, Stud- ent Council Rep. 4, Home Room Pres. 3, Football 1-2-3, Basketball Mgr. 4, F Club 4. NORMAN ASBRIDGE Science Club 3, Masque and Dagger 3, "Blizzard Bound" 3, Band 1-3-4, Radio Broadcast 4. CLIFFORD AVERILL Boxing Club 4, Rdio Broadcast 4, LESTER AVERILL - Somers 1-2, F Club 4, Home Room Sec. 4, Football 4 " ELMER BARNES Radio Broadcast 4 ERNEST BARRY Arrow Reporter 4, Radio Broad- cast 4 g ERNEST BIRNELL F. F. A. Pres. 4, Radio Broadcast 4 MARY BOLON , "Tune In" 4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Broad- casts 3, Class Pres. 1-4, Home Room Pres. and Vice Pres. 1-2-4 HELEN BOORMAN Somers 1-2 MAYBELLE BORGEN Home Ee. Club 1, Choir 3, Home Room Sec. 1, Coop 4 ELINOR BRITTAIN Girls' League 3, Masque and Dagger 3, Radio Broadcast 2, Home Room Sec. 4 ROGER BRYANT Band 1 ETHEL BUCK Home Ec. Club 4 JACK BURG Appinokwis 4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, "Tune In" 4, "Where the Cross is Made" 3,"The Gondoliersu 2, "Trial By Jury" 3, "Much Ado About Nothing" 3, Choir' 2-3-4, All State Chorus 3, Arrow 3-4, 1939 Flathead 4, Radio Broadcasts 3-4, Class Vice Pres. 1-2, Student Council Treas. 4, Student Council Pres. 4, Senior Ball 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Play VIVIENNE BUTT - Girls' League 3 CLARENCE BYERS Masque and Dagger 3, Movie Club 3, "Bravo Barbara Frietche" 2, Reporter 4, Home Room Pres 4 ANNA RUTH CAMPBELL Home Ec Club 2, Masque and Dag- ger 3-4, Christmas Play 3, Student Council Rep. 1, Home Room Sec. 2--4 DOROTHY CARLSON Bemidji, Minn. 1-2-3, Lyceum 4, "Tune In" 4 RAE MARIE CASEY Lyceum 2, Masque and Dagger 3, "Her Name Montana"..1, Arrow 3, Radio Broadcasts 2, Student Coun- cil Rep. 2 RAY CHAFFIN Band 2-3, Choir .3-4, Masque and Dagger 3, "Tune In" 4, Home Room Pres. 4 ALYCE CHRISTIANSEN Missoula 1, Dillon 2-3, "Tune In" 4, Home Room Sec. 4 KENNETH CLOTHIER ' Glee Club 3, Choir 4, Radio Broad- casts 2-3, "The Gondoliers" 2 STANLEY CLOTHIER ' Band 1-2-3-4, Radio Broadcasts 2 ED CONRAD ' ' ' Debate 1,: Band 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2 NADINE COPLEY Movie Club 3, Masque and Dagfger3 ELSIE CORBIN Lyceum 1-2-3-4, A Tempo 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, All State Orchestra 2, Arrow 4, Home Room Sec. 1 78 This Page Donated to Staff Members for Autographs by 0'Neil Lumber Co. 424 Main Street Phone 70 For Your Health RATH DRUG COMPANY 18 West Second Street Phone 99 A Full Line of Drugs and Sundries MONTANA HOTEL , HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL MEN Everything New and Up-to-Date+Combinations+ Sample Rooms Location Opposite Kalispell Mercantile Company KALISPELL -:- -:- MONTANA Always Ask Your Dealer For Postuerized Dairy Products BUTTER -:- ICE CREAM + CHEESE MANUFACTURED BY GLACIER DAIRY MILLER-FORD ELECTRIC CO. 'I' Y For Electrical Service 2 Q Football . . . Continued from Page 62 'when they stopped the Bulldogs on the four yard line late in the second quarter. Twelve seniors finished their high school careers in a blaze of glory when they decisively whipped Butte Central 39-0, Armistice Day on a snow covered field. Bain and McQuirk each scored twice in the first half after long down field drives had put the ball into scoring position. Dieringer carried the ball on three successive plays to score from the 25 yard line and Gorton, Flathead guard, intercepted a desperate Central pass in the closing mo- ments and raced down the side lines 60 yards to score. Isaacs added three of the points after touchdowns by -kicks from placements. Linemen Captain Bill Keefe, Paul Kampfe, Norman Moen, Gene Will, Ed Hanlon, Sid Gorton and Lester Isaacs all did commendable work for the Braves throughout the year. Ten returning lettermen will form the nucleus for an outstanding squad next year along with the reserves and a promising bunch of freshmen coming up. Great things are expected of Co-Captains-elect Louis Bain and John McQuirk who will play their final games for Flathead next year. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Coaches Alex McLain and Torn Richardson who succeeded in build- ing up a smooth working team from a. group of inexperi- enced players. Also we wish to thank Doctors Fred and Victor Sundelius who again gave their very competent services this year to those players who needed a doctors care. 80 Track . . . Continued from Page 70 ond places in the discus and 2201 and a tie for second in the high jump gave Kampfe 18 points and high scoring honors for the meet. Bain won first in the high jump and pole vault to score 10 points. A bad fall in the hurdle races kept him from winning one or both of these events and also probably stopped him from setting? a new district rec- ord in the pole vault. He topped the bar at .11 feet and then his injured knee stopped him from tryingv any greater heights. Sweeney won the half mile race easily and led most of the way in the mile event until Danford of Flathead beat him td the tape in the finish. Track -letter winners and the boys who went down to the state meet are as follows: Kampfe in the discus, broad jump and dashesg Bain in the high jump, pole vault and hurdlesgq McQuirk in the shot putg Sweeney in the distance races and Danford in the mile. So the track boys of Flathead completed a very suc- cessful season under the competent coaching of Lee Thomp- son and Flathead should be proud of him and these letter winning boys. 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WIT OF THE SEASON Some students can be analyzed by songs- Please Be Kind-Sid Gorton Deep in a Dream-Mr. 'Lee Thanks for Everything'-Class of '39 Just a Kid Named Joe- Dieringer A Tisket, a Tasket-Where's that Dogwgone Basket-Basket ball Team 1 Love is Where You Find It-Mr. Athearn Pink -Elephants-Joe Syk-es Now it Can Be Told-Senior Scandals There's Something About an Old Love-Bette Lorang Let Yourself Go-Casey Prindiville I'll Bet You Tell that to all the Girls-Rod Larson Alone ? T ? -Ray Thon This Can't Be Love-Cleo Parr and Paul Page You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby-Mr. McLain in Any Language-Agnes Cox and Bob Stenswick Pretty as a Picture-Miss Bjorneby I Cried for You-Carol McCollum They Say-Faculty Council Must This Be the End?--Senior Week - An Old Curiosity Shop-F. C. H. S. s I'd Rather Look at You-Bobby Orser Two Sleepy People-Russ Huffman and Scotty Albin --While others may be summarized by Moving Picturw! That Certain Age-Freshmen Thanks for the .Memory-Annual Staff If I were King-Mr. Kurtichanov Carefree--Fran Slyter Great Waltz-Junior Prom The Chaser-Mr. Flottman Women Against Women-Super Sub vs Sub Debs Dr. Rhythm-Jack Anderson Mad About Music-Agnes Torgerson Night Spot--Woodland Park Fools for Scandal--The "Cliques!" Everybody Sing-Miss Pederson Awful Truth-Slam Book Man Proof--Theresa Schmidt Daredevil Drivers-4Lester Isaacs and Floyd Armstrong Perfect Specimen-Bud Stancill There's Always a Woman-Jimmie McIntyre Fm From the City-Helen Papendick You and Me-Owen Oleson and Frankie Triplett Mr. Chump-Jimmie Baldwin Brother Rat-Billy Saling Man to Remember-Lynn Frasher Pardon Our Nerve-Seniors! Pete: "Aw gee, uncle, let's get a new car-" Unclfez "Wait 'til I've had a ride in the old one." Mr. Will: I've got a. freak on my farm-a two legiged calf. Mr. Vick: "Yes, I know, he came to call on my daughter last night!" Maxine: "Oh Carle, you're too slow. Carle: "I'm afraid I doift grasp you." Maxine: "Yes, that's just it." Reeves: "I see you have your winter underwear on Tommy. Thompson: "Why yes Charl-ey, how did you detect that?" Reeves: "'You forgot to put on your pants!" Jeanne: "Aren't sheep the dumbest animals?" Hank: "Yes, my lamb!" Bobby Williams: "May I drive you home?" Patsy Collier: "No, I'll go willingly." . . F. W. WOOLWDRTH SERVICE CLEANERS GARMENTS -2- R-UGS -2- HATS Phone 782 Moth Proofing 28 Second St. W. BUE'S GROCERY Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES Wallis Auto Repair Shop 4- Walter Franz. Prop- General Automobile Repairing, Reboring, Valve Grinding 305 First St., E. Brakes Relined Kalispell, Mont. BEN FRANKLIN STURE ROBlNSON'S lldwtm .Shep AUTO WRECKING Phone 528 Kalispell, Montana 314 First Ave. West G 'n E GROCERY WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT Phone 896 ED and BOB Kossoff Candy Shop .g..g..g.g..p.g..g.-l.q..0-Qw0-0-vIwQ-4-l--lw0-fi-0wO-0-fl-D-O-0--I-OMC-fl-O-'Owl'-0-wining N l x i F1HH1HadCvm1HHfCia1 UUIHPHHU we o ' - X ' -U" -Qi :- . 4. 0,9 -q.,a 3, . :il 'E it -Hr 2 -!- Q Munsingwear I Gossard I ' Q Kenwood I Jackie Jumper Q Airstep I A I I I I IQ Jarman 9 0444 Gwm-alone ia 'Filled Wild Named .Bike 744244 -adw0-vrQwvn-mww00Mvwlwr-w-0ddM-++4+-0dvdwk0-vlvOwwQwv00v+rv4ws5 Les Averill: "Something seems to be fwrorig' with this engine-it .... " h ' ' I J I ' ' I Ethel Peck: "Don't be foolish-wait until! 'weqget off the main road!" I - X. - Tom Richardson: "Have you any "excuse to offer for your laziness?" - I L Roger Doyle: "None that will work." Ruth Moore: "What will I get if I cook a meal like this for you -every day?" U William Broad: "My life insurance, I believe. Guy Ludwick: "Say, you almost hit George Tallmadgef' Harold AuClaire: "Don't care-haven't got time to go back and try again." Filthy McNasty at Junior Prom: "Fd ask you to dance but the cars are all taken." Mother: "Pat you shouldn't have stayed out on the porch so long last night." Pat Gentry: "But Mother, I. only stayed for a second! Mother: "Oh, I'm sure I heard a third." Joe Sykes: "Things seem blight-er after I've been with you." Helen Metcalf: "They should-you never go home until morning." James Ro-bbin, Frosh: "Please momma, can I go out to- night? I'll be in by ten." Graeme Baker, Soph: "May I go out tonight? Show's out at 11:00." Wayne Wood, Junior: "Pm goinlg out!"' Ray Jenkins, Senior: "Goodnight folks, I'll bring in the milk." L. .I P r 85 I--Q-0--0--0-0-0-0-owowm-0-0-0--o-0-0-'I--O-lv-D-0-I-Qv-v4-I--0-fo--of-0v-U--lv-o-o-ouo-o-0- .0 Phillips-Wuhlwend Motors -so-of-If-I--0 1:1 Z S-a - I-Z CD ,., 'I I-:1 LZ 5 Z G E-"' 0000000 'ONCWCUCU DOUG' Qullfineoffbacfgewnelp rqppaaaecfpmfaaaf A a I-be-I-co--0--0-'01 -0-.0--0-an fourfo- -radeon- O 0.0 Complete Body Rebuilding and Wrecking Service z I 2 i l ,r 340 First Avenue East Phone 929 4- + Kalispell, Montana AND NOW WE G0 LYRICAL A nut at the wheel A peach at his right A bend in the road FRUIT SALAD TONIGHT ! ! ! What keeps 'each freshman from breaking under the strain? What keeps each freshman from going quite insane? What keeps each freshman from softening of the brain? NOTHING ! ! ! Ode to Seniors To our dear upperclassmen Who think they're so smart You will soon be a "Has Been" But it won't break our hearts. -Underclassmen TRANSLATIONS? Union: Kind of suit. Farmer: Inhabitant of Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Somers-Note: Not to be confused with residents of Wotrdland Park. Stews: Abbreviation for students. Borough: A kind of mule. Artisan: A type of Well. The dimmest lights have the most s-candal power! Even the best of friends must parK! Girls are like snowballs- The harder you squeeze-the faster they melt. Girls up to 18 are minors- After that they're lgolld-diggers. Two heads are better than one- When they're on the same shoulder. Some girls are sweet like sugar- But still aren't reiined! I I High school days have their delights- But they carft compare with high school nights! Christy: "Ikes isn't the big fool he used to be." Louie Bain: UNO? How's that!" Christy: "He's on a diet." All men are not homeless- But some men are home less than others. Vivian Fylken, Senior: "Have you ever taken morphine?" Helen Schomer, Frosh: "No, who teaches it?" He failed in chemistry and Hunked in math. They heard him softly hiss, "I'd like to find the man who said That ignorance was bliss." It was a platonic friendship- Play for him and tonic for her. ,NO'O"O"O0O0I0I0O"l0lvONQNhhO"OMl"ONO0lWC0O0ONl0OlO0l BLU? LANTERN IQ'- - o " -- ,f' '0Ql" 'l9l' 3. vw' Zvi lg .gf Permanent lvave Faciaf Finger Wave -:- Water Wave -:- Marcel -:- Hair Cutting Shampoo -:- Manicure Perfumes and Cosmetics ' I FOUNTAIN and LUNCHEON V 0lNO'4l'0OwO0O"O'-O'-O1 Monarch Lumber Company HEADQUARTERS FOR Building Material Vx!-'. T-X N N4 L. 1' J, '- J' - BUILD AND OWN A MONARCH HOME 42 N. Main St. Phone 337 Kalispell, Montana '?O1lMNOMCNl'0QWP04'4H0Q'QUPOW"0O0WQ'OlO'6N9Q"lWlX4KNlH0'PQK0M 1 I 0+-01:01-Onlvm 'CUC' 454040 01-0140 i CLOTHING FURNITURE MGNTGUMEBY WARD TIRES, AUTO ACCESSORIES HARDWARE IIILAND' The Best in Eats in GROCERIES and MEATS st' 4 lf li!-XILIISIPEII L 'Q U ' t GARDENS "S IT WITH FLOWERS, BUT SAY IT WITH OURS" Phone 588 SALLY ANN BREAB AT ALL GROCERS. Phone 62 ,310 Main Street 2 l 6 our-ns . --O- -If 0-44 -0-4--on 0-0+-0-Of 0-ao-mann-0-an no-an 2 2 2 E 2 2 LEST WE FORGET Another little loud-speaker was added to the Richardson family- We defeated Whitefish four times in the 1938-39 Basket- ball Series- Hank Good's mid year vacation--Also Jack Joy's. Jack Burg's mustache. Study hall pastime: Chinker Checks. Bow Tie Fad. Two Flathead teachers united in marriage-Lee and Kraft. Pat Crozs says she wishes the Lord had made her a man. Cheer up sister, maybe He has. Rachel Douglas: "What makes you so sure that Ray will be down this evening?" Marie Fylken: "Night comes doesn't it?" It takes experience to kiss like a begfinner! ! ! L0 of C ass of '39 WWW FRESHMAN YEAR snrrnnmrm T S The Freshman class president was Many Bolon, Tho' school was in the churches, she kept the class rollin'. 0, The other two officers were Jack and Dodel, V They assisted Mary in carrying the load. Churches, pews and gloomy light, We dilly Frosh make the world seem bright. We traipsed to the "F" one morning at nine, With brooms and buckets and water and lime. JOB PRINTING nscnmnn S-ff fun! And nolw for our biggest pride and joy, We move to our new building--oh boy! MARCH Our own Miss Baldwin and Mr. Kelser are co-producers, If you didn't see "Her Name Montana'-' you're the losers. 'MAY A tisket, a tasket, The girls made all the baskets. Z . 0 0 4 The auctioneer was Johnny Joy an Who sold the baskets to the boys. A 4-ku-mwawvt-Q-vwwnw-mvcwvow-+0-owwuwwmwm -vo-0 89 ,.. 8 5 E 2 5 2 I E 2 Q 2 Q 3 i 5 Q 3 5 9 'i 5 Y Y i g.....,..g..g.....g..g........g.4.4.g..gn...g..g.....,..g..,..,..g..Q.....g..g..q.....g..,.....g..g.....g--v1a....,,.... q e KALISPELL LAUNDRY 5 Superior Dry Cleaning 5 121 First Ave. East Phone. 31 Kalispell Sheet Metol Worlzs HUNDAHL 8: COMPANY SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS LATEST AIR CONDITIONING UNITS First street West - Phone 357 FRED A. BRINKMAN, A.A.I. " a WI-IIPPS BLOCK KALISPELI-, MONTANA BI- RITE 5 DRUG 2 To the Graduating CIBSSI LUCK and SUCCESS : Undergraduates: Remember us for School Supplies Q q..g..f.p........g..g.q..g,....q..g..g..g..g..g..g...ng.-Q..pq.mug...np.g-.q..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g..p.. .Q-...qui og of Class of '39 -SEPTEMBER Our sophomore year stan-ts with a bang, Art Simon's the man to lead our gang. Our other officers are Burg and Keefe, They'1'e pretty good-what a relief. The Gondoliers went off with a bang, It was just "O-K" in plain old slgxng. The mighty Seniors did give us a party, And all the Sophs felt very "Smarty" MAY Our underclassmen days are gone, VVe 'greet the future with a song. L0 of lass of '39 JUNIOR YEAR SEPTEMBER 6 We've really arrived it seems at last, To become a part of the upper class. SEPTEMBER 7 ' Uunior braves and squaws assemble to choose their chiefg To the beat of toni-toms their choice is Warrior Keefeg Roger Larson elected vice, part of the load will carry, iAnd Jean Hoppe, Somers ho! our treasurer-secretary. What fortunate Juniors we seem to be, Our most worthy sponsors are Schokneckt and Lee. SEPTEMBER 20 An Indian mural is placed in the front hall, Its color and lessons are pleasing' to all. Clubs begin to organize, I And the flighty Juniors rise. Student Council vice ,president-Johnny Joy. Other Juniors on the Student Council are: Hank Good, Roger Larson, Art Simon, Mary Jane Petram, Harriet Hoyt, Roberta ,Hyde and Carle O'Neil. Outstanding Juniors on the Arrow staff are: Hazel Searle, Jack Burg and Eugene Jones. Junior girls too numerous to mention are members of the Girl's League. Harold Draper takes pictures for the Annual and Joan does the typing. 91 MacMillan Drug PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS KALISPELL - I- -2- MONTANA Compliments of - ' LlSTLE'S CAFE G. M. Hanson, Prop. KALISPELL -:- -:- MONTANA C. M. ORSER Dentist phone 574 Over MacMillan Drug M SERVICE SHOE SHOP A COMIPLETE SERVICE IN SHOE REBUILDING- 28 Second St. West Kalispell, MOHWUG Bennie's Service Station FRIENDLY, SMILING SERVICE Cor. 5th and Main Phone 742 Kalispell, Montana , Women's ,pw Distinctive Fashions '0.0.".'0."l0.'0.0.0.'0.'0lNlNl'0T0.N.N.N.0i.'lINl0O'1l'0.0.'0"'l".".'Cl'0"'.0.'4lP'.".".'9."."."f"'0"0." RYDER'S FOOD STORE MEAT GROCERIES VEGETABLES Phone 568 , Meat Dept. 40 L I T E N I N G l Iverson Brothers WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Corner lst Ave. West and 3rd St. Phone 73 BLUE MUUN TEA RUUM t'sa?rfz5. 2a'LCJzs.,Fs:2S Brealcliast, Lunch and Dinner. + + Private Dining Room Y For Special Parties SALMON GREENHOUSE 645 Sixth Ave. E. Phone 667L Kalispell, Montana ,, , is Liberty fl! X ' mf 5' sv - Roxy l ' Or heum . . mil P HITS THE MARK OF HIGH ENTERTAINMENT R. D. MCDANIEL CARL E ANDERSON OLLINGSWORT Electric Company Telephone 86l ll-I9 First Ave. E. -9- Kalispell, Montana 0 ofi lass of '39, -We elected Mary Robertson, Bill Denny, Henry Good and Francile Rawlinfgs to Tomahawks. Fran is vice presi- dent. Ray Thon is vice president of the Science Club. Harriet Hoyt leads the Lyceum entertainers. Pat Gentry presides over the Home Ee. meetings. Estelle Vick does double duty by being president of the Sin-o-Pah and vice president of the G. A. A. Juniors have a monopoly on Movie Club offices. President, Roberta Hyde, Vice President, Clarence Byersg Secretary- Tneasurer, Nadine Copley. Another club of great renown rally in the honor second period study hall. They are the dutiful Sunbeam Sirens and the unknown wary sponsor: McLain. Anna Ruth Campbell keeps the minutes for Masque and Dagger. In the fields of music we rise and shine, For the Juniors' talents seem to be in this line. Band members: Paul Snyder, Dick Allen, Elsa Winkler, Elsie Corbin, Tom Sweeney, Mary Robertson, Harold Dnaper, Marie Garey, Marian Westby, Art Simon, Ed Conrad, Forrest Lovering, Stanley Clothier, Sid Gorton, Jack Orser, Morrell Thompson, Harold Au Claire, Norman Asbridge, Ray Magnuson, Ray ChaEin,Birdeen Schibsted, Jimmie Mclntire, LeVau+ghn Gilbertson, and Don Koch. Orchestra members: Dode Monk, lE1sa Winkler, Paul Snyder, Dick Allen, Marian Westby, Jack Orser, Ray M ,, I I , M Magnuson, Bob Manning, Roberta Hyde and Pat Gentry. ,NlNOWOHU6'0OW0Q'OW0'0QwOvMv04ulv0QNN40O'O"l"9Q0ON9QwYQhON6'0 0 of Class of 39 Choir members: Frankie Hillis and Gertie Rdbischon are president and vice president of the choir. Other sing- ing Juniors are: Earl Albin, Mary Bolon, Jack Burg, Ray Chaifin, Kathleen Dickson, Maxine Doyle, Aldena Ensley, Henry Good, Harriet Hoyt, Zella Kauffman, Harvey Mathwig, Ray Magnuson, Ethel Mongan, Mary Jane Petram, Theresa Schmidt, Paul Snyder, Fae Steck- man, Bernice Warner, and Elsa Winkler. Girl's Glee Club: Mary Jane Petram, president, Harriet Hoyt, accompanist, Male Brittain, Siri Danielson, Helen Knutson, Irma Lee, Nellie Mae Martin, Avis Ann Perry, and Ileen Schooley. SEPTEMBER 24 Sig's orchestra gives out hot swing, At t-he iirst school mixer we all take a fling. OCTOBER 16 Whitefish beats us 12 to 6, Now the team says "Nix on Tricks." 'OCTOBER 22 We set out for Missoula with a heart full of fun, Came hack with a victory that we justly won. 112-OJ OCTOBER 29 To the All-State Chorus we're the proud host, Director Archie Jones is our extreme boast. OCTOBER 30 Anaconda meets Flathead on our home town field, And to us the Copperheads their scalps did yield. 112-OJ RAPSON'S WHERE BETTER PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ARE SOLD Owl Barber Shop , WHERE STUDENTS MEET Kalispell Motor Supply Co., Automotive Replacement Parts Supplies and Equipment Phone 260 Forest Products Company LUMBER, PAINT AND BUILDING MATERIALS 155 N. Main Street r Phone 733 KALISPELL HARNESS COMPANY DON'T FORGET the place to get your smart luggage and travel goods of all kinds. "The Best in the West" at 20 Third St. West ' Phone 106 Derr-Bowman Motors, Inc. on soro -:- PLYMOUTH 17 First Avenue East Phone 17 You won't be satisfied until you have the joy of owning a New Oldsmobile Automobile or G. M. C. Truck Consult Your Dealer . Henricksen Motor Company, Inc. !-wvhrfO-++av0tkQ44wvQv4w0f-OM-v++4w0vw4-m44f0--kkMwM4vr+-mm4+0+ PRUVIDE for ihe FUTURE .-,Q , J ' islam WHAT does the--Future l-lold? That lS the Question! No one really knows + -:- + but everyone knows that MONEY can solve most problems + + + 4- The Dollars You Con Save Now Will Provide for Your Future if You Save Them sw sale s s aeauzwlfe as naw! We Welcome Your Banking Business The Conrad National Bank OF KALISPELL There is no Substitute For Safety MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORFl'1llON o -0-lv-0-0 0 of Class of '39 NOVEMBER 5 The Brave's conquer of the Bengals was followed by adance Held upon the Main Street while the drill team pranced. NOVEMBER 11 At the Armistice Day assembly our school is given a flag, The interest of the Auxiliary has ne'er been known to lag. NOVEMBER 24 In honor of Thanksgiving the Girl's League gives ahoedown And all the farmers and farmeretltes come to the gym and gio to town. 'DECEMBER S Whitelish presents cuts of their operetta, Flathead receives it with much respect-etcetera. DECEMBER 15 Junior Assembly at 10:15, We bring back memories of Holy Church scenes. Those taking part were: Roger Larson, Carle Cl'Neil, Elsa. Winkler, Jean Hoppe, Johnny Joy, Roberta Hyde, Bill Denny, Dode Monk, Jack and Bill Noe-xe.l. Mary Robert- son, Lester Isaacs, Fran Rawlings, Elsie Corbin, Dick and John Allen. ' DECEMBER 23 'Ifhe Senior Ball was fun .for all, . t . With music and swing in a star bedecked hall. Log of Class of '39 JANUARY 21 T-he Flunker's Fling was a night to revel, The inelligible Juniors absence shows high mental level. FEBRUARY 4 Amid the cheers and rousing yells We beat Whitefish all toianyway we beat them. FEBRUARY 8 On "Trial By Jury" the curtain rises, Amid relief and mild surprises. ' Juniors who took part: Mary Jane Petram, Maxine Doyle, Elsa Winkler, Jack Burg, Ray Magnuson, Ray Chaffin, Harvey Mathwig, Henry Good, Harriet Hoyt, Gentrude Robischon, Fae Steckman, Ethel Mangan, Theresa Schmidt and John Trudo. Ye olde time song and dance concert held the same night And the Juniors' performance was just all right. Juniors participating: Dorothy Dunn, Hank Good, Jean Hoppe, Roberta Hyde, Frankie Hillis, Carle O'Neil, Morrell Thompson, Alene Duncan, Ella Mae Hewitson, IEarl Albin, Jack Orser, Howard Churchill, Nivian Fylken, Maxine Doyle, Alice Hendrickson, Bill and Jacques Norvell. B EAMAN'S Photo Shop Moimn in Zawy Wfcuf D D t lll ll - 1 'an' is Films Frames FEBRUARY 10 Missoula comes up to our Flathead gym. Finishing Pofffqifgs 24 to 18 is the victory they win. E I ' C . FEBRUARY 14 n arglng opylng Flathead returns the favor to Whitefish, By presenting the operetta with plenty of swish. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M,, 5 l 95 X aggener Sz Qampbell 9 .- A I- ' f-L' A - Bi 1 'ai F51 " 4" 2 . ' i, . , se r jf 5, at .-vm , ilIf:':Li-iggiik-J: :-:L-7 . ,L , Tlzouglztful Funeral Service Compfiments of alispeu lout' Qompany Millers of Gold Nieclal niqitchen flivestedn Flour and Hmepenciabien Rex Hour og of Class of '39 FEBRUARY 15 JohnnyJoy was elected Student Council vice president. We are proud of Joy for he's a Junior class resident. FEBRUARY 20 A good Frosh assembly by us is seen, Hurrah for our fellow schoolmates and their Hashy green. MARCH 18 The Junior-Frosh party was nicely begun, Everyone mixed and had barrels of fun. YMARCH 25 Moriz Rosenthal a concert did give, And he forever in our memory shall live. APRIL 14-15 The Shakespearian players doeth their best, "Much Ado About Nothing" ith a success. Junior players: Alene Duncan, Ray Magnuson, Jack Burg, Earl Albin, Morrell Thompson, Leilaughn Gilbertsoh Ruby Jessop, Alfred Pederson, Hazel Searleg accompan- ists: Jean Hoppe and-Frankie Hillis. APRIL 29 After long hours of labor and strife, At the prom we have the time of our life. Fran and Billy lead the Grand March, Jean and Jimmie make the arch. N J 97 N 2 2 2 E Q 1 3 2 E 2 2 -0--0-fm swo- 0--Q-1-4 Class --0-0--0 U-4 -0--0--0--0-0 -04-0-A I-1-g,,.3 SWK 7: S EBSSQE ,ago 3 "' fseaesag .-. CD5-:DOO Y S Dl'.3"g3,UED" 'B 0-Scum 9' S012-433 Q D D so 'L Egg 'PG-"'S: 'QQ i Erin Q 8' gl- 95 'EF-'ll CD99-gag-A'1 In :Eu U1 "" i S OD.-o-Omg 1 57 Fw8"'Q'4 5 ff fb SUD' 2 2 59123 8 5 3 m 6'9,'Ug,Q 5 .1 E v-0-QCD CD 3 Fiiorio. QQNQIWWILUILXWHQNS 0 of lass of '39 May 7 At the District, track meet under the sun, Roger Larson the javelin throw won. MAY 1-1 To the state track meet at Missoula we did go, There our athletes their brawn did show. MAY 18 The annual came out on this beautiful spring' day. Through all of our classes our ininds it did sway. Student Council elections are quite a chor-e, But the Juniois came through with colors flying as of yore President, Johnny Joy, Treasurer, Jack Burg, Secretary, Roberta Hyde. Frankie Hillis that talented lass, Wins the music cup and brings honor to' the class. MAY 20-26 Dull, dreary days of Senior week, Metihinks the Juniors should have taken a sneak. This ends our 'year of being flighty, Next year you'll find us Seniors mighty. JUNE The Radio Cast with Dickey and Hillis, Did journey to Denver and win 4th place, to thrill us. og of Class of Q39 lwoowv-lv-0--I--If-Ov-M-I--of-I--0-'Q-0-if-U-0--I--O--M-no-dawn-lfwwowo--wha-M4-huwonrwvwo-0-as - Johns Hardware Store Phone 78 '--rn i U -S sw- --l28VMain St. SENIOR LOG PHILCO RADIOS A B C WASHERS l SEPTEMBER 6 A Three long years we've toiled for this 20 Thrid St phone '38 Hurrah for our Seniors-Ah what bliss! ' Good for president is our selection, He fits the position to: perfection. A girl from Creston is our president's vice, You all know Mary Bolon, who is very nice. -' Our secretary-treasurer is an efficient miss, Surely you know .her-Frankie Hillis. Pederson and Robinson, two sponsors fine, Guide the officers of the class of '39. SEPTEMBER 20 ' - - The Annual staff has gone to work And not a member was known, to shirk. The Editor is Carle O'Neil He turned out an annual with plenty of appeal. Jim Mclntyre handles the business end, There goes our money--"an1en." Captain Keefe, better known as Bill 5 3 S Q l 4 FITCH DRUG COMPANY Sfuclenfs anal Family lvefcome Q 5 so IZ 2- " Z 7 cn as Z ff 2' O 3 5' Z 4- . Q1 cn so Q 0 -55 OPI-' 0 -om' -lol' Q I-l"'l we -ITI Oi Zag + -i-. 2 W O 'Q Q Z if 'U 7 E J, 'U - z X 5 '4 5 EAGLE SHOE CO. ll7e Pit the Feet Flathead Valley Sausage Company "Best of the lvurstv Leads the football tea 'th k'll. ' , m W1 S I 3 When' Better Sausage IS Made We'll Make ll: SEPTEMBER 26 3 The Braves played Polson, and at the sound of the gun 6' PECH each score was the sax-net P. O. Box 651-L 4- -:- Phone 272-L We went to the Tomahawk dance after the game. .Q- 'Of-0-'lvlw0nOf0--O-0--Iwtwvsi'-Owtwl-vl-Quo-'lvl-0--0--I-dv-but--0-0--I-0-0-0-www-Of-of-o--I-0-'Ov-0-fl-5 Cars Trucks '7!w Gfmice Gm 0 Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories 9 Complete Body and Service Department 8 ' 704e4 Flathead Motor Sales Cnmpang Kalispell, Montana. Telephone'228 an-vmewwvdnwv-OM-odwvwmwon-he-0-fowiwki 0 of Class of '39 SEPTEMBER 23 The first school mixer was on this date, We danced in the gfym with our new classmates. Anderson's Jitterbugs, or the Gentlemen of Swing Furnish sweet music at all of our iiings. fFeaturing Sid Gorton, Class of '39.J The council was organized by the representatives. The school to be guided by the' advice they give. Home room elections were also this week, Giving the students their chance to speak. SEPTEMBER 24 The second game was with the Copperheads, At the end of the fourth quarter, Anaconda led. Art Simon, that great leader of debate, Showed that Flathead is not out of date. OCTOBER 1 Our sixty piece band to Helena did go, And in the capitol city put on quite a show. The Braves played Helena for their third game, fI'he score was 39-0-amidst a downpoun of rain. Lester Isaacs goes bye-bye in car, Driven by a highway patrolman-more fun! About this time the faculty a fishing trip took, They had everything except the hooks. 0 of Class of '39 Hazel Searle, Editor-in-chief Turns out an Arrow every other week. Burg with the business and Jones the sports, Help her with their greatest efforts. OCTOBER 8 The Great Falls Bisons, led by Seelinger, Were too much for the Flathead challengers. Appinokwis claims some of the class of '39, VVhen it comes to scholastic ability we really are fine. OCTOBER 14 The Missoula Spartans came to town, And the Flathead Braves they had a hard time to down. OCTOBER 22 The Havre Blue Ponies beat us 7 to 6, The Braves are beginning to break that old jinx. OCTOBER 27 Flathead is host to the M. EE. A. Mr. Kurtichanov greets them the first day. OCTOBER 28 'In the annual classic between the Bulldogs and the Braves Flathead took the victory, which we hope always stays. NOVEMBER Mr. Raymon with all of his snakes -Proved to us that reptiles aren'.t fakes. ?'009Q049'O0O0OwWQH9QoQv4n9QwkiMl'4"G'C094vO'4C0Gl9'0l90lwM0O'k ongratulations . . Senior Qlass our U39 may ' A STORE FOI I WOMEN WllZElR'S a. . . is the Place fiwbere Cloocl Furniture Qlosts See Our New Lines of Home Furnish ings for Spring .... G '-o-of-of-o-o-wo-o--0-vowvowowowc--one--m-o-4-m-ow-Q-u-4-o-o--of-o-o-c--o-o-0--U-0-o-m 0--of-0-ow SS QV XX X 5 315 Q Y 4- is plat' I if ffl 2 X X ., Modern Service Station Gamplefe egmaice fm A!! Malaga of Gam 'i'!' l pf ' ,f IQSZ5 e r 'l2,,l' Barog Motor Eompanq Kalispell, Montana f-O-O-O--Q-0-O C25 eg F G 9 -'a 1 3 W U it fl W 9 9400-4- -vo--O-Q-.gn 'NOVEMBER 8 The first of T. R's broadcasts began, 'To acquaint the community with our school's program. NOVEMBER '10 Butte Central Gridsters sure too-k a beating, When the Flathead Braves they found themselves. meeting. NOVEMBER Flathead is at last endowed with an important organ- ization, Q y With the Bachelor-'s Club creating a sensationrl About this time, Johnny Joy to Whitefish went, Where his evenings were pleasantly spent. This makes the second president in succewion Q Who goes to Whitefish to get a possession. Thanksgiving comes 'but once a year And with it a rollicking good cheer. We stuff ourselves up to the brim And can't eat again 'til school begins. DECEMBER 15 Basketball now comes into the limelight, The team, under Gene Will, has plenty of ight. iDECEMBER 23 I -T"Too Old for Christmas" was presented this day And believe you me, it was a fine play. With "Stardust" as the enchanting theme The Senior Ball was really keen. 102 N. Q 0 of Class of 'Sgf Q ' WIIN lKILlElR'S Today starts Christmas vacation, J Besf Wishes to the Class of Itis sure a relief to forget education. if . x Q JANUARY Q 8 S 1 9 3 9 School starts and there is lots of work. The Seniors at last have become alert. JANUARY 6 Edison Spriggs of the Senior Class .fedadfi F0011 MART FRESH MEATS, FRUITS and Vegetables DEL MONTE and RICHELIEU Canned Goods X For Your Table Phones: 200 and 390 Four Daily Deliveries Produces a play with plenty of laughs. McIntyre loves his Flathead pals, But he goes to St. Matthew's to get his gals. .JANUARY 23 This is the week for semester exams. We all stay honie so we can cram. estern mmunition Winchester Guns, Shakespeare Tackle Candy, Drinks, Tobacco 4- + -o- -nf Phone B4 Will and Stancill realty flash. ' SAFEWAY ST0nES GROCERIES, MEATS We gave Whitefish a terrific blow, When we beat them four times in a row. H 1000000000 vG'lM4'k900i' l FEBRUARY Our new president is Jack Burg, And of him the best reports are always heard. Basketball games come thick and iast. The Post Mortem threat-ened us with a Valentine edition. It didn't appear because of a strange premolnition. The basketball team goes on a journey. To Great Falls to take in the tourney. 4 l l g tionmiolligmihiwilomnsmi. Qless ol ', S 39 ancl llraculty I . 2 'Rs-ge NHC AE1XPig 3 44'l0lwO0l'0vl"UI.N0'O"Ov-OWO"I'Q"O"l"O'O0If'O"Y'l'fO'O'l"O"OvI0O'll'-O'vONl"Cvl0Q0vO0I0O'Ob 2 Q 2 ' XlRlf e QNV0 'A Jrw 5 ee lm- 040 5 llylw otograp ic I ea quarters lQE,estman Supplies 336 Main Street -:- Telephone 81-LO Kalispell, Montana ALICE TIEGEN VICTOR A. GUEST 3 4.4...........g.Q.4-....g.....g..g..g-onQ--o-9--o--Q-o-0--o--v-o--0-vo--0--o--o-s-m-o-o--s--Q-of-u..g..g.,g....-0-0-.i R s 1 T L0 of lass of Q39 MARCH Seniors are measured for caps and gowns, Th-ey are beginning to take on serious frowns. The girls escort the boys one night this year, The after expense is their only fear. The twenty-ninth appearance of the Bobcat Band 'Directed by Lou Howard was really grand. "Tune In" was presented with renown, And wrs thoroughly enjoyed by all the town. The "F" Club initiation was after the game. As a result of the paddling the athletes will never the same. The ski tournament was held on Hell Roaring Hill And our boys skied with greatest skill. APRIL The girls fell sad, the boys go away, Then to Missoula where the De Molays hold sway. The Senior Class has a. honey of a. play. 'Ruby and Edison star, "Death Takes a Holiday." The Music Festival in Missoula was held, Flathead attended and really did swell. Field Day was held, a new event. It was attended by all the students. b I 105 o--u .4-.q..g..g..g..g..g-Q.. --0-owl--I-'owe '9"l"INOl'O"OHl'IO"D'-0-0000--9001.0 -O--o--owm 44 4-of-v -0--0--Mft'-iffo--v-0--0--v -0- -044- of-v .gap-5-.Qs-QuQ1-pug.-9-pq.4.-g..g.....g..g..g..g--g..q..g..g..g..g..g..q..g..p..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.-g..g..q..g. . W. G. Woodward Co. A Complete Line ot CLOTHING and NOTIONS. Everything to Wear for the Entire Family. We Feature PETERS' All Leather Shoes Dr. Qoolt lDr. llgeauclin La Rayne Beauty Shop Specializing in Hoir Styling and All Lines of Beauty Work. Pre- senting "HARMONIQUE". Phone 105. Service Heating and Plumbing 34 First Avenue East -t Phone 907 We Ash you to lpatronize the Advertisers in this lBool4 -U-O-Csriwo-O--Q-'O-luv!-so-0--0-Q-O-fl'-Q-tw!-O'-Ov-0--Ov-O-0-fo--0-0--l-Q L0 of Class of '39 MAY Roberta Hyde, our outstanding girl Was presented a medal by the D. A. R. .MAY 5 Thanks to the Juniors for the Mexican Prom. We'll remember it for many years on. MAY 12 The kids and athletes leave for track, Everyone has fun and hates to come back. MAY 22 - 27 The Wheels of Time have spun around, In the whirl of Senior Week weire found. MAY 22 Baccalaureate MAY 23 Senior Assembly MAY 24 Senior Breakfast MAY 25 Picnic MAY 26 Commencement And so with a sigh, the class of '39 says: Goodbye now, we're through-we've spent fouryears withyou We are singing our last song, for we must be getting on, We're through with high scool fun, ourworkhas just 'begun And we'l.l ever more be true-to Flathead, dear Flathead. Goodbye now, we're through. 106 S Q NQQNQ mg 2 SWS Sm SN gsm NES QW -3255323 Q Smmfxb wi .Qwwvmw QQ NQ N5 QQDQ5 mx NQQJ bww:- mm Sgggmm QQ SNQTQSQQ my . NNQ Rm 30 QQ H I I' Z7- 42 EES :GQ 4U C272 S2332 '-'Z E ..- 1 5 11- v Jrf H ' .fl V74 W?4o,w - ' Z all no H 'U as 5 .2 3 -5 Ll af Cb- Zl- 'IIOMO1 lui'-011 O0'l"O"O0vO0'O"l0O"l". Z Q EL A-3 aw - to 5.5 5 -'vm 263 51 ,, . in 5' w 2.43 515 33 x!'- SI img- W' 25.93 ' OU :. "Id :Q fn uorru 52" 5 as 'Tess 3 ig- 3:3 Qn CLQZ 'I r'D2. CT: 990 Km: D as 255509 H' CD 3 Q as V' Z ,- D m YQ UI W m W cr m '1 CD :- o 'U --0 Where Students Meet Duke's Hamburger Inn Foot Long Hot Dogs, DeLuxe Hamburgers. Fifth and Main, East of H. Earl Clock Service Station. DUKE WILLEY, Proprietor. Meet Your Friends at Q Alton Pearce Drug Company 3 - uint 55 --- el : alum H -ll 1' 'l' Q i -Q. -o-0-owe-0-as-Q-0-1-0 -0-0-so-4-5 THINGS MONEY CAN'T BUY Everyone can think of something that he has grown to love so much that he wouldn't take money for it. These things are usually some prized possession or some expensive article. But my idea of what money can't buy diHers from these material articles in many ways. For instance, if I were to go skating with a group of my friends, we would all probably have a lot of fun and get delightfully tired and hungvry. I feel as though I were the healthiest person alive. This feeling of health and satisfaction is one of the things which I have that money could not buy. Another thing is the feeling of having helped someone: You say a kind word or help some poor person. Some people would help a poor person and curtly tell him to forget it and then these same people would themselves forget it. I forget the aid I have given, but I will always remember the look of gratitude and the feeling of satisfaction from my act. This is another thi-ng which money couldn't buy. Another instance is a scene from nature. Everyone treasures some possession but it is not everyone who treas- ures a glimpse of a beautiful sunset, a distant mountain, or a beautiful lake and considers it an indescribable treasure. These are all things that anyone can have, but are not sold for money. -Howard Huffman, Class of '39 L- iw, 7 4 " x 1 66335 f a-:fSfi.:-zgjgif +l:wg5.f2f9?3f1 5 -ra., STWYEL-??f3,,,.,35,,V,le 4 ,F V, . ,5?,q WM f'Q6'LMf , r Q x L '. 55435 , ,. as ' C Arg. , v NNeaf-.f--N-qxifgx. vig--5 xiggy3g.gq,3 3 X . A. zifw 1 1:5 .. . I. ,fy Sf-5.5f3 ,h-,gqmggl N - , Z , . K K ,Q , figvgf .Tn gg-, , 2. U iv 4 , X 1 1 4 , . , f , -A . . Q My J Q , Q7 M 1 all Tx I, , f I X ff . ! V, .f I x ! . N f A Q X x -. x S ,, . ,hx . V .3t.'?A', W wr, '. .'i1fi.h- -' afkl'-xt? V .Ai Q A Sf' 'E' 'ifk x. Y . j I N: x 1? .ff- E -ilg '2 1 Al K N 1 .24 ' . ,. . . S' - ' - ' A x gl. 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