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Deborah Snowden Carol Sobelman Early Childhood Glenda Soule Elementary Education Kathleen Strain Nursing Janice Stillman English Deborah Sundstrom Math •hanie Stringos Elementary Education s — — - i " ■ " ■™ " " l|l l|l ililili l|l l|l l|l l|l CO lllllllllllllll m " =r vsn ■= " " -kwPC H =- 03 - =- 3inn -= =■ N003M -= It 4 £ llllllllllllll llllllllllll vsn j ilililililihh 1 ill r J SAXIFRAGE 1971 ■ RK-X VFe can lift outselves out of ignorance, We can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. WE CAN BE FREE! Jonathan Livingston Seagull • T ii ii " 22___— - y ' 5 U. ' ' .. ' ..U-.. ' i y S yfr ffiEy jIIh !!l y r II l . 1 ■ ■ . . Fitchburg State College Fitchburg, Massachusetts . Ti 1970 through 1974 has seen many changes on the Fitchburg State College campus. A new women ' s dormitory was added and Palmer Hall was torn down. A new cafeteria was built to meet the needs of a growing student body. Mckay School opened on Rindge Road and the campus gained two classroom buildings, Edgerly and Behavioral Science. Now 1974 our last year, construction has started for the new Industrial— Fine Arts building and the new Student Union-Library will be completed. The campus has a new look since the day we first laid eyes on it as freshmen. mlhk MrcAJM mmsk- ■ ■■■ih £■ ► ag¥- ■i H H ■ Hl James J. Hammond, President Administration 10 I B ifr-c-r rj Dr. George H. Meriam, Academic Dean Dr. Lawrence A. Quigley, Executive Vice President John J. Boursy, Assistant to the President 11 Kir ■ ■ H Joseph A. Angelini, Director of Admissions mtL Duane Armstrong, Financial Aid Officer L J- ' « George J. Aziz, Registrar Dr. John F. Nash Director of Continuing Studies riMErcMC 12 Dr. Lawrence Ovian Director of Field Services Dr. Robert W. Greene, Associate Registrar Michael Rivard, Bursar Raymond Bryant, Director of Placement 13 n ■ ■ ■1 ■RM Dr. Joseph F. Durant, Dean of Students , A:. : ' . William H. Fitzgibbon Associate Dean of Students s Dr. Louise Keenan Associate Dean of Students William Casey, Librarian 14 LJt fi 6 ' Faculty 15 Dr. Alan Bernstein George J. Breen Dr. Grainger Browning Dr. Harry Crowley, Chairman Behavioral Dr. John P. Dufault na Folman 16 Dr. Everett A. Garvin Dr. Paul Girling Dr. Donald Issac Sciences David C. Maloney 17 Dr. Lenta .lanke »%3 Richard Kruse ■ HH Dr. Orin Leonard Behavioral Sciences Patricia Macrides Donna-Lee |£ I 18 ' Dr. Charles Streff Dr. Elbert L. Tompkins Dr. Richard Spencer Dr. Harold Melvin 19 v- ■ Xeal W. Anderson ■ 1 V , M H- . »-.VT Dr. Frederic Davis Biology Dr. Stanley Dick, Chairman 20 ■ ■ ¥. JPP " " » ► •y i , Dr. Donald J. Schmidt George Steffanides Rose Marie Neunherz Charles Habib Dr. Robert Zottoli Dr. Frank Wolf 21 ■l M Chemistry Dr. Hasan Bey Dr. Robert Strong Dr. John McNaney, Chairman Dr. Michael Vignale Dr. George Condike r • ! 22 William Keough English George Case Colin E. Bourn Dr. Terry Grabar, Chairman Dr. William Barker Erwin Pally 23 KP, • !Jnrim John McGrai English Marie McAllister Nancy Lippert M. Irene Miranda H M MH yg —t Louis P. Shepherd Joseph L. Finkel Lillian Tater Robert S. Tapply 25 I HHBBiHH HI HHl H Dr. Adele M. Driscoll, Chairman Education Dr. George Miller Dr. L. Doris Moquin Dr. Patricia Barbaresi 26 r r Dr. Francis P. Powers Dr. Helen O ' Flaherty J. Walter Richard I I Dr. Elizabeth Ross Irene Passios 27 ■ ■ ■■ ■■ H Frank C. Patterson Fine A rts Dr. Richard Kent, Chairman Harry Semerjian Dr. Robert Fritz Elmer J. Arsenault 28 r i Joseph E. Carpenter Dr. Edward T. Donnelly, Chairman Howard J. Besnia Dr. Edward F. Driscoll Industrial Arts 2i» Ernest Pike Erling Hanson Dr. Harold J. Enzian Raymond G. Hoops 30 Dr. Everett Israel Dr. George B. James Joseph Farias to. Industrial Arts :;i • ' M XH 1 ' : H J! Industrial Arts 1 J Dr. Thomas Altshuler Rene J. Thomas Frederick R. Miller Walter F. Harrod Dr. Edward Martens 32 Dr. David Ryder, Director Howard Rivers Instructional Media Jamie Williams John P. Meany John Kelly 33 H HH Dr. Lvnn Ackler Nicholas J. Copoulos Dr. Christine Shaughnessy Dr. Clifford Wagner 34 m ■!■■ m «i M « Dr. Ruth Butler Barry Light Robert W. Clark, Chairman Mathematics 35 Ernest Fandrever Elizabeth Haskins 36 4 Dr. Jeanne K. Hambright Dr. John M. Burke Modern Languages Anthony Feroci Pierre L. Pinet, Chairman 37 Constance Hovt Virginia Doyle Nursing Jane Kerr Mary Haley Dr. Marie Farrell 38 - r±.iri.: Grace Duffield ! Sophia Harrell Jean Mansfield Jean Kressey f t m u I 39 Katherine O ' Connor Rita Driscoll Nursing Eleanor Voorhies, Chairman Elizabeth May 40 Rowena Taylor Judith Mizhir Margaret Taylor Janet Simmons Mildred Marion 41 PI i ilosophy Dr. Walter Jef fko Dr. Richard DeCesare Physical Lee Cunningham Dr. Reginald O ' Neill 42 Ml Joyce M. Downey James Sheehan Education Thomas Battinelli, Chairman Barbara Nole 43 Elizabeth A. Kruczek Theodore Lapierre, Chairman Physics Dr. Esmail Valanejad William Bowers Karl Lindquist Norman Fredette ! 44 klfcA fc l a iiW rt Carleton Laporte m i Dr. Edmund Thomas Social Sciences Dr. Muriel McAvoy l «L.. . WIVJi Dr. Donald Norton. Chairman r ■ H J |BjM " " J Mho m ZJZB Wifcd ' BH mm )yf u r ' I j IH H Jl Dr. Lawrence J. Arnold Dr. Alan Goldman Social Sciences Pasquale Micciche r T . Douglas Hebb Dr. Mary C. Foster 46 Catherine Cox 1 T L Dr. Robert Champlin % James P. Barbato Dr. Caroline Murphy Robert Gardula IT Dr. William J. Goldman, Chairman Dr. Anne May Special Education Dr. Rosemary Giovino 48 V H HHM Dr. William Brown Katherine E. Flynn Dr. Louis Frank Dr. William Brown Katherine Flynn Dr. Allen W. Zalk Dr. Michele Zide I ' .l Those were the days my friend, We thought they ' d never end, We ' d sing and dance forever and a day. We ' d live the life we choose. We ' d fight and never lose. For we were young and sure to have our way. 50 i " A- v m Mm r z m ii» i mi w r 1, Hi » £ . ' ; ■ - «f«£ 7 8P EM If S ffWS SA £ fe£ £ 00011 1 i«nnn» Mil nun In n n u a Innn 51 Class of Nineteen hundred and seventy-four 52 s 12 V 4 Senior Class Officers Charles Sampson, President Ann Karpawich, Vice President Joann Martone, Treasurer Carol Sobelman, Secretary 53 vStMiOtK ' r V» f . Christine Ahearn Elementary Education Celine Achin Karen Akin Elementary Education Harriet Alexander Elementarv Education Judith Alsterlund Special Education Carla Amadon Elementary Education Susan Anderson Special Education James Andrews Elementary Education Wayne Andrews Industrial Arts ■HH xfAWltl ' ■ " ■ • ' IV •» I Helene Avedian Special Education Elizabeth Ayotte Nursing Brenda Bahcock Special Education Juanita Bailey Regina Bailey Elementary Education Janet Benoit Psychology Joyce Benoit Elementary Education Virginia Bergin English ■I HHI Randy Bigelow History Daniel Bodo Geography Mary Bochard Special Education Louise Boucher Elementary Education Karen Boudreau Elementary- Education Elaine Bourgeault Elementary Education Janice Bourque Elementary Education Susan Bouvier Nursing Donald Briddon pgraphy Lois Brissette Biology Melanie Brown Special Education Rebecca Brown English Leigh Burrall History Ruth Calcagni Elementary Education Virginia Cardner Elementary Education Elaine Caron Nursing Debra Caruso Nursing Dawn Carver Early Childhood Catherine Casey English Joyette Castagna Elementary Education Patricia Cavanaugh Special Education Donna Cedrone Nursing Linda Chase Special Education Ivanka Chesmejef English 4 Stephen Colby Special Education 5 Sophia Coker Psychology ' Joan Concan. n English Elizabeth Condon i Education Susan Condon Nursing Linda Conroy Elementary Education MM r ■rkAlM ' tf r tBl T 1 • ' T ' r ».Wi . ■H H B | :t W i - W W i fi L ' Hl •m B tft ™ Debra Coombs Special Education Paula Cordeiro Special Education John Cormier Industrial Arts Glenn Cote History Helene Cote Paulette Coulter Special Education Christine Crowin Deborah Cronin Nursing Deborah I English Deborah Curtis Elementary Education Mary D ' Amato Nursing Dorothy Daigle Elementary Education I Ann Daly Special Education JM HAL i II ' Gene FJeCamp History Margaret Delaney Math Joseph Delbove History ■■ x Susan D ' eon Nursing Lorna Doane Nursing Colleen Doherty Special Education Regina Doyle Special Education Carole Drescher Elementary Education Jan Drown Nursing Beverly Dufort Special Education Diane Duqw I Elementarv Y, 1. Colleen Dwarska Nursing Kathy Dyer Nancy Edwardsen Elementary Education Pamela Eggen Medical Technology MaryAnn Elchook Elementary Education Donna Emma Elementary Education Kristine Eramo al Education Joan Ericson Psychology Gerard Fallon Industrial Arts - J A i v t ■ i . ' .A-t- 1 wwmTOTTTTT " 1 — — ___ ' ' Mil SO jl i. Catherine Fanos Elementary Education Beverly Field Nursing Susan Fifield Elementary Education i ' ollccn Kil ::■ i aid Elementary Education Jacklyn Fleming Nursing Arlana Flynn Nursing Lisa Forrest Special Education Mary Forssen Nursing Susan Gange Biology Edward Gentili al Education Elizabeth Getchell Nursing Effie Gevrskakis ■(11 iflfe Miw. Patricia Foto Medical Technology Sharen Foumier Nursing Peter Franciosi Biology iiitiiii Dianna Gaumond Nursing Blanche Genitis Elementary Education Cynthia Gendall Math Nickolas Gianakis History John Gilmore 67 Maria Giuf frida EHementary V. , Bernadette Golden Elementary Education Valerie Gramolini Elementary Education Nina Haaker English Patricia Hare Elementary Education John Harrington Industrial Arts Maureen Hill Nursing Paula Hindi ' : Nut Robert Holland History Jane Hoyt Elementary Education H Bi rAr iri AFi»i Elaine Igo Medical Technology Patricia Irvine 69 Nancy Jai Special Education Jeanne Jamgochian Elementary Education Ann Jarvi Elementary Education Jon Jasinski Math 4 Winifred Jordan Nursing Roger Jubinville Industrial Arts David Junkins Industrial Arts Linda Jusczak Math Irene KalavTetinos Elementary Education Elisabeth Kandianis Elementary Education H M B »i ■[• J Ann Karpawich English M ira Katulka Elementary Education Stephen Kilcoyne Industrial Kirsten King Nursing Kathleen Kittredge Elementary Education Joseph Kraemer Industrial Arts Patricia King Nursing Wayne Kuczinski History Wendy Kuehl Special Education Darlene Kuczinski History David Labbe Special Education Cynthia Labby Special Education — I ■ Dennis LaMarche Industrial Arts Faye Lammi Elementary Education Cecelia Lamone Elementary Education AnnMarie Larocque Elementary Education Donna Laseunesse Carol Lauricella Elementary Education Janice Laverdiere Special Education Joan Lavoie al Education Barbara LeBlanc p]lementary Education Jean Leary tzMksJmk Sharon LeBlanc English Joan Legare Jeanne Lemay Teresa Lemire Kristine Lenehan Special Education Nancy Leone Special Education Nancy Levitre Elementary Education Marlene Levy Medical Technology Jean Ellen Lohan Psychology Ronald Lubianez Chemistry Wayne Lucier History James Lynch Industrial Arts 76 tAr±tL Lr ± ■ Nancy MacDonald Special Education Jacqueline MacLeod Psychology David MacNair Elementary Stephen Mager Math Carol Mahoney Medical Technology Rose Malonson Biology Cynthia Malynn English Diana Mancinelli Nursing Linda Marrone Elementary Education ■■ Nancy Marshall Elementary Education Jane Martin Special Education Lee Ann Martin Nursing Joann Martone Elementary Education Linda Mason Psychology Keith Maynard Math Barbara McCarthy English Bruce McCarthy Special Education Ruth Ann McHugh Elementary Education Marlene Mclntyre Special Education Sheila McKeon Special Education Harry McLellan Industrial Arts Victoria McMilleon Elementary Education Kathleen Medeiros Elementary Education Peter Meiers English Nancy Mellon English Elizabeth Mikac-lian Elementary Education ■ Catherine Minassian Special Education Joanne Monahan Elementary Education Nancy Moore Elementary Education Maureen Moran Nursing Edward Morocco Industrial Arts David Morris Geography Nancy Morrissey Nursing Margaret Moschini Nursing Elementary Edu Nancy Nevala Elementary Education Coral Nicholas Nursing Elissa Normandin Elementary Education Elaine Nugent Special Education Kathleen O ' Connell History Judith O ' Connor Nursing Elizabeth O ' Donnell Special Education Pamela Oja 82 Margaret Olsen Nursing trifrtrfrfl vf tci « t i Judith Orazio Elementary Education Joanne Ouellette Special Education Cheryl Owen Medical Technology Dorothy P Elementary Education Pamela Patryak Special Edu Diane Paul Medical Technology Kenneth Pearson Biology Joanne Pecci Joanne Pelletier Math Diane Penta elementary Education Marianne Picard Elementary Education Karen Peters Elementary Education ■ ' ■■ ' ■ ' " ■■ ' ■ Linda Piekarski Nursing Darlene Pichierri Special Education Cheryl Pitts Elementary Education Gail Possiel Elementary Education Ann Quinn Special Education Michael Quinn Industrial Arts Michaelina Quarella Elementary Education Jean Rabaioli Nursing James Rahoin Mary Ellen Radziewicz Biology George Rapoza Nursing Gayle Regele Special Education Margaret Richardson Special Education Spencer Riley Special Education Jane Rivard Psychology reeii Robinson Special Education Judith R utter Elementary Education Charles Sampson Elementary Education Catherine Sarault Special Education Patricia Saucier Elementary Education Ann Scavotto Special Education Alice Seagull English Theresa Shannon Elementary Education Patricia Shea Nursi ng Kent Siegfriedt Industrial Arts Richard Simoneau Elementary Education Debra Simonis Nursing Dianne Simulavich Nursing Halina Sinasky Special Education Steven Skorko History Carolyn 9 Special Education Karen Smith Special Kducal ion ' li I n H i- H Deborah Snowden Carol Sobelman Early Childhood Glenda Soule Elementary Education Kathleen Strain Nursing Janice Stillman English Deborah Sundstrom Math Elementary Education Cheryl Sweatman Elementary Education Deborah Sylvia Special Education Lynda Thistle Special Education Susan Thompson Elementary Education George Tignor Industrial Arts Karen Timmerman Special Education Michael Tocci History Cynthia Tomasini Elementary Education Nanci Toscano ■ W! Elaine Touma Hi ' ' t. v - « Jennifer Touma i Patricia Tuttle Biology Richard Trifilo Biology Paula Vic Elementary Edu Rosalyn Walczak Special Education Carole Walden Special Education - Patricia Walsh Special Education Robert Ware Math Kathleen Wasgatt Special Education Jane Waskewicz Elementary Education : - 7 ft . ' .■■ % Kathy Watkevich Elementary Education Jonathan Watkins Industrial Arts I art« _iif Catherine Weisse Nursing Carla Weiner Special Education Debbie Whelden Nursing James White Elementary Education Lillian White Elementary Education Sue Willey Nursing Adele Winocour Special Education Margaret Wolff Special Education Janice Wright Nursing In Memoriam Edward Smith To everything there is a season And a time to every purpose Under heaven A time to be born, And a time to die . . . .- ♦»« » IW rr . $» «.. ■ " ' • iff: ? i " y tai ! here, washing them pass •before ' our .eyes; four years that we vaguely remembered, yef fo u " of the most important years of our life. So mucli 1 has happened, we travelled from freshman to senior; . from child to adult, but still the future h l ' ds even more for us, yes us the graduates. We know we ' ll only get out of our college years what We put into them. Did we do our share? We doji ' t have that second chance now, this is it! We ' ve been turned loose into that battlefield of life. We only hope we ' re ready to face this new world. In appreciation to our class advisors Dr. Betty Ross and Dr. Bob Zottoli, we ' d like to thank them for their concern and involvement with the Class of . 1974. Thanks to the Class of 1974 for beihe4he ver special people they are. Charlie • " H -4nn Jbamn CslM Sports 96 ,»r iKIl ' ■ i 3e. s ■ ' - __■. CO OP «-W- 99 Soccer . IKII • 101 HHM 71 % 102 lor, rr ; V k ! W w ' ■ ' m ■ fnT 106 , • Afrj«.hKi«C4:f HHHHHHH ■■1 ■ — — ■ — 1MWMMW ' £.■ -£ ? • II) ' ) Hockey no ! fe£ « . I 1 111 A 112 113 .fc % II4 — ' - - -- ■ ■■ ' - ■ ■ ' iXi M ± 115 r r. : 116 Basketball 117 • ■ i 118 119 rti I hiifBS ' lMTr 1 « V K t ■ v A V mA jk 1 II 1 m ■ w ' l W .. N IfLl ft .. 125 Cheerleaders Dm Delay Beth Libby Jeanne Payette Leslie Fawcett Alexis Eaton Sue Belles Marie Cotie Roberta Rizzo Colleen Pickard Dee-Dee Dion Robin Malonson J 26 m m rm a « , I 1 ■ 128 «« ' 129 Women ' s Sports Varsity Basketball L-_L 130 A AkrJ M.fc1 W.A.A. Intramurals 131 132 133 n ' tii: L ' X - - 1 Campus Life 135 Dorm Life 136 137 High Rise Dorm Council President-Nan McMendmom Vice President-Ellen O ' Neill Secretary-Mary Waystack Treasurer-Kathy Sigler Social Chairman— Rosemary Hirtle Freshman Rep.-Paula Rudenawer 138 kmi m ft 139 140 141 New Residence Hall New Hall Dorm Council President— Nancy Bartley First Vice-President— Nancy Bumgarner Second Vice-President— Elaine DeGregorio Secretary— Cynthia Ambrogne Treasurer— Louise Bombardieri Social Chairman— Carol Smith Freshman Rep.-Mary Beth McDermott 142 BDUHH ■ aSR™».r-«! 144 wsm 145 A New Cafeteria 146 ki m l i fi I 148 [fcoici li 149 Herlihy Hall Herlihy Dorm Council President-Neil Donovan Vice-President--Chuck Karalekas Secretary-Dan Mahoney Treasurer-Mark Sullivan Social Chairman— Fred Vona 150 ( " » ' If , - " 1 4 L51 Those Were 152 l The Days 153 ■ Social Clubs oo Adelphian Society 156 ID President-Kathy O ' Connell Vice-President— Maureen Robinson Treasurer—Colleen Dwarska Corresponding Secretary— Cathy Fanos Recording Secretary-Lee Ann Martin Social Chairmen— Nancy Donahue, Judy DeLucia Karen Akin Cheryl Ashley Lois Brissette Dottie Caldwell Marie Cleary Helen Dargie Rachel Dean Karen Dobosz Joanne Downey Nancy Dutra Barbara Fortier Patti Foto Mary Hetu Janet Hunt Sheila Lambert Sandy Martin Linda Mason Maureen McKeon Mary Means Sue Marino Lyn Miller Cheri Owen Fran Pera Cathy Pendlebury Kathy Rheault Jackie Rainville Linda Scott Patti Sullivan Chris Suty Karin Smith Carol Wade Shirley Wade Ann D. Williams Donna Woodworth Jennifer Touma Dianne Young Fenwick Society Pi Sigma Upsilon 158 4 President— Leo Shaughnessy Vice-President-Leigh Burrall Treasurer— Dave Junkins Recording Secretary— Mike Fitzgerald Alumni Secretary-Steve MaGuiness Corresponding Secretary— Al Vincent Rick Beshara Steve Brown Michael Burns Peter Callahan Jay Castro Glenn Cote John Crowley Gene DeCamps Joe DeVoleo Fred Holder Brian Kane John Lewis Billy Loftus David O ' Brien Greg Petucci Paul Piccolmeni John Pouliot Tim Prouty Ronny Reid Charlie Sampson Peter Tracy Jim Walsh Bob Ward Bob Ware 159 Gaveleers 160 jS m 5j |gii T 161 MOHAWK Club 162 i iMi ricla«ei President-Harry McLellan Vice-President— John Harrington Treasurer— Mike Quinn Recording Secretary— Al Kirouac Corresponding Secretary-John Sodano Social Chairman—John Cornelio Athletic Director— Rich Hanlon Bill Nasta Steve Finneron Joe Kraemer Mike Flaherty Rick Thibeault Larry Carroll Charlie Mega Steve Poirier Roger Jubinville Scott Haves Brian Finneron Dana Singleton Frank O ' Brien Dan Coughlin Kevin Callahan Bob McCarrick Ray Tomasini Doug Ahem Paul Hallion Bill Yonge Harry Logan Paul Quatrale 163 Neasylon Society 164 President— Cathy Minassian Vice-President— Sheila McKeon Treasurer— Ginger Ledwell Corresponding Secretary— Joan Davis Recording Secretary— Maureen Hill Alumni Chairman— Ellen Angelo Publicity Chairman— Mary Lou Stagnone Athletic Chairman— Sue Anderer Social Chairman— Maureen Cox Historian-Lorna Chester Linda Cahill Jill Hierman Sheila Hemmingson Andie Dodge Donna Dube Carol Mahoney Diana Mancinelli Joann Martone Liz Sera Carolyn Slowe Margaret Talbot Donna Tiso Debbie Wood Anabel Byrne Cindy Fosse Laura Hernandez Pat Higgins Donna Holmes Liz Jankowski Cathy Kerins Karen Malatesta Debbie Moriarty Pat O ' Brien Brenda Rodciewz Andrea Russell Rosalyn Walczak Ann Karpawich Carol Sobelman Eileen Meagher 165 ?T . 5DCIETV Philodemic Society 166 President- Winnie Jordan Vice-President-Carole Drescher Treasurer—Patricia Morin Recording Secretary-Ginnie Bergin Corresponding Secretary— Sue D ' Eon Social Chairman-Nancy Bartley Co-Editors-Bobbie Calamare, Wendy Hood Service Chairman-Joy Castagna Brenda Pina Sharon Porter Nancy Catalfo Joan Kennedy Ginnie Giovanello Helen Giblo Susan Gorman Debbie Hackett Anita Iannelli Nancy Gorman Pat Benoit Terry Meroski Marie Remillard Joan Fitton Marie Cash man Martha O ' Toole Su Willey Alice Seagull Terry Swift Mary Holway Diana Edmunds Barbara Roy 167 Organizations Freshman Class Officers President-Randy Talancy Vice-President-Steve Moriarty Treasurer-Linda Quinn re tary— Susan Manzello Winter Carnival Chairman— Lauren Giacchino 168 Junior Class Officers President-Jill Hierman Vice-President-Suzette Courtney Treasurer-Debbie Page Secretary-Denise Fredette 169 (M a fe History Honor Society Phi Alpha Theta 170 F.I.A.A 171 Newman Association 172 Student Christian Association 173 Student Government Association Executive Board President- Alice Seagull Vice-President-Nina Michaud Treasurer—Francis Trevisani Recording Secretary— Joan Fitton Corresponding Secretary— Cathy Bertelli 174 X B HH HHH 175 Cultural Events is a committee funded by S.G.A. which strives to bring entertainment to Weston Auditorium for the students and faculty of Fitchburg State College. This year held many entertaining evenings for the Fitchburg State Community. There were movies Thursday and Saturday nights, 176 i guest speakers. theatrical productions like GODSPELL H KS HHnm 179 The Association in Concert. 180 9 1 W M " Pft$ r i XTcSJfc w 1 C r iik 1 J , J 1 - w s r " CM ' -: » 4 ■ n -. ♦ Theatre Workshop MBHj ■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■i £ »w J 1 i 3 F.S.C. Band HH HHHHBHH HHaHni Spring Concert on Campus 185 Governor Sargent Visits VI l HBH HI IIIWlWW— n ■ ■HH Fitchburg State College Winter Carnival February 21-2 J+ " Threshold of a Dream " 188 ££B2asl lHBfl iBHHI HHi W HWW WjW f 189 Mural Competition V ■mHHH n n ■ ■ 191 ai t m " lt i» ii ■NPSOW BME Ha B 5s -5 BE1 9KSJ ' ■ •»i- BBBBHH Olympic Foolery s • I Dinner-Dance February 22, 197 % Thunderbird Restaurant 194 v mmm on — ( ■ k . 4 2 v 9 1 1 Wn r J I W 1 B •! Last year ' s King and Queen, Curt and Donna Bates King Gene DeCamp and Queen Carolyn Slowe and their Court 195 -rJ f ' « ' ■ mpn ■ 197 M ■ i »■ aMd ini »ji I • A fine way to end a Great Weekend Richie Havens in Concert 199 ••■ • 3 4 r l m ■ BaE pP j flUr mMPHMN 201 •» A« - i , r JiiBi sr« , f. b h ■I t»v: :, ' ' iv- ' ' : f 3]i 2s i r | «i «■■ ' " liBl v nil 1 tt 1 -■H 1 i B ' I ,: H Bj Memories, like the corners of my mind Misty water-colored memories of the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. M -£7 l Can it be that it was so simple then? Or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, Would we? Could we? So it ' s the laughter we will remember, Whenever we will remember the way we were. WS5 5 jrt " , JiV %; v ' t-c ' c .Ty.- H Yearbook Staff Editor-Catherine Minassian Photography Editor— Ed Morocco Faculty Advisor— Howard Besnia Photographers: Joni Barnes David Besnia Nancy Morrissey Jim Shamberger Rich Wallace Jon Watkins Typists: Andi Dodge Ann Karpawich Special thanks to Joe Madden and Doug of Adams Studios in Fitchburg. Also thanks to Joe Donovan of Keller Publishing Co. for his help. 207 ru CT9 The End : 208 WM.JKeLL.eR sw S3 UmiM Mk M lrfl 81 JH ■ ! • mj .mm. 4 i;

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