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.M W 5 s af", "pf 5 2 xl' 2 ff A Q. ,4 ay L A R. ,,,,,,,,qf.z, fs " x -. Ss- 'i 2 P w M vu K W - fmwwmm ' wmaww-Q-wwe " c' ---......,,,,. f , ..L.. ... M.-..,..,.,w , A Q 'T "fn-K f""" lk A :'?" '-1'ffs1qlusnfK""--anna Q if.. se. .a 1 9 xf 9. f I f... 's , V E ,... N A LL 5, K' K QQ? Q , gifs. ,, ' - ' ' A . ,- ,. My iv Q . M W ' f ' WL If - , " 1 .A,. aff v ,4 , , J I f! . p 4: avr 1 Us " R, A X , 1 . . s , un-- iv , 4 we S' ,Wm 1 , , 4 K Wm ' A 7754 ' LQ 1 , Q H Y' uf Y, " , M' H Y M- ,M A.. -L M V X M 41M iQ- 1- .mf 47' ,df 'Is Q I :MCU 9 Q1-41" ,,q,,. . g " H Ln. 0 "Zh ia' "ix 5 Gras.. 1 .df Y-2 og ' 4,533 . ?i?:5' 3144 . lf. ,. sw W V nf Tv, W 1 I S A X f A-. .I 7131 3144 " -4. Q --X ,J 1,5 r- fq K mpg, x .. X ,, 3 1' J N , , ,X , 1 f' " A f - -f ' mv: " . '41!i1ff2fQ'i'2, -' ' MQW'-fiafi wig? ' . mg, J f -vm . 'iff , .x , gh fifw-' , . . A ,. N A , A A T' ' "H,swfiE?f I 1'-'i iw 53155 ' wil' - , Q' 3 ' . , 5X "'v"'2i JY -., m-maui' W H -Zh . e me-1 ,, 5 PEM Table of Contents Academic Formula Athletic Formula .... 24 1 Organiiational Formula . -50- i Faculty Formula , -6s- Pupil Formula Ad Formula - 145 - -,Aff A 1: Q s y 9- E! S .fu 'F 39 K, 5' V ' 1 Q .,T, . Q Q , in ,I mm 'Q ,ggpaf Our Mother Tongue As Americans we are reared and taught the English language. Even though it is our native language, many of us find it difficult to master. Since English is the language spoken by most students at First Baptist, it is the task of Mrs. Cassibry, Mrs. Gallagher, and Mrs. Crook to patiently help us improve our understanding of this "foreign language." 'C TOP: R. Free and C. Colgin pay close attention to Mrs. Crook. CENTER LEFT: B. Broyles substitutes for Mrs. Cassibry. CENTER RIGHT: The underclassmen enjoy a game of peek-a-boo! RIGHT: Mrs. Crook explains the importance of good grammar. 14 ws lf. .Ng '04 One Equals Two Students at First Baptist find mathematics very exciting and challenging. It helps us in many important areas of study, and has the power to solve some of the deepest puzzles man must face . . .What is the formula to find a date to prom? TOP: D. Harper explains basic mathematical computations to Mrs. Capelan. CENTER LEFT: With the help of . V her trusty calculator, C. Colgin will pass her math class. CENTER RIGHT: M. Burdine and T. Allen enjoy a few moments of leisure. LEFT: "Oh right, Miss Butler: I really know that!" The lVlad Scientist Takes Revenge . , . Y, f V " "" ' H V - ifj mfl W, V AZ X M, Ygs When we last heard from our F.B. scientists, they had come out of their lecture and were convened in the laboratory. From our unconfirmed reports, the "Dr. Frankensteins" of the future were getting into some "Weird Science." All we could get from those tight-lipped scientists was that they were trying to create "The Bride," or something comparable. Will these "Misfits of Science" succeed? No oneis predicting, but we've heard that we might have some "Real Geniuses" on our hands. TOP LEFT: M. Barnett diligently prepares her physics experiment. TOP RIGHT: T. Harris and K. Barrington learn through intense experimentation. CENTER: An alien from Mars invaded the chemistry lab. RIGHT: J. Evans explains her Uncle Einstein's famous theory. aff-me Q91 ln A Historical Sense . History - Something that is made every day but cannot be repeated. The legacies of the past years were studied in all the history classes, and with the infinite knowledge displayed in their classes, there is no doubt that their students will leave the classroom with the knowledge that will serve them well in the future. ff- at , ,Wk t at vs- t Q1 .K -oe' l ll lllll -W was ,,.,,,,N .M Mt V 'Mk VF, K :T -N k. L ,, lf, iw! W 'ff, . it TOP LEFT: J. Harris found that Civics could be learned just as well inside as outside, ABOVE: "Oh, my gosh, l can't believe you would give us homework over the weekend!" LEFT: B. Johnson's reply to, "Et tu Brute." 17 Bible Stories With Mr Bill A year at F.B. wouIdn't be complete without those infamous Bible classes. Each day for one hour Mr Mabry entertains his students with fascinating stories about Biblical history. The awed students took what they learned in the classroom and applied it to their everyday life. The proof is in the attitudes of these students ,. ,ff ' t is Q ,gums r I lt A nl HN O if-3 RQ :si 5 'S' mum int! ,ln . ' mi 1 aus .... mu 4- . -vm ' A T, y mul ., 'O Q i LN. Q M - T 3 t is TOP LEFT: Ashley and Darryl, I wonder what Mr. Mabry would say! TOP RIGHT: M. McKneeIy delivered her banner speech with considerable aplomb. ABOVE: "Kim, that couIdn't be the answers to the Bible exam you're writing on your hand." RIGHT: Mr. Mabry taught The Word, and it was good. 18 1 Psychology - Mind Stimulation During the course of the school year, psychology students learned much about themselves and their inner feelings. ln various experiments performed throughout the year the pupils performed diligently and learned that coming to know yourself and others could be fun and interesting, too. will ISI IQ Qu il I1 if I1 if I1 QI il cf TOP LEFT: M. Darby tried to convince T. Smith that he could predict the future. TOP RIGHT: "If I don't finish this homework things could get really 'Sticky'." ABOVE: Pick a winner, Lane! LEFT: Mrs. Shea tried to control the enthusiasm of her psychology students. The Art Class Displayed Artistic Abilities During the year the F.B. art students, under the guidance of their mentor, Mrs. Key, displayed great artistic abilities. Move over Picasso, here comes some F.B. talent. See ya at the top. iiiit at 1 Gm' TOP RIGHT: As you can see Kristy puta lot of thought into her sketch. TOP LEFT: Art students took an artistic look at themselves. CENTER RIGHT: A young art student found himself in hot water. BOTTOM LEFT: H. Sawyer took time out from her drawing to pose for a picture. BOTTOM RIGHT: Don't be so Coy, Glasscock. OPP. PAGE: TOP: Really sinkin' in, huh Lane. OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: "Now, I told you two, if this happens again you know the consequences." OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Plggin' Out! OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: All decked out! vm 4.41 'is .04- i What Language Do You Speak? What language do you speak was the question asked by many of the new teachers and students as they attended class for the first time. With great professional teachers, much has been accomplished! Avior, Adios and Vale, we'll see you next year! fl L -M A6 1 lag, 5 A f 1 x...f Everyone's favorite hour soon proved to be Mrs CapeIan's typing class. The hour flew by, as exercises were practiced and fingers were stretched to the max Please, Mrs. Capelan, can't we use the hunt and pecl- method? 4':,4" 1 itr'i if e v 1 i fx fx ,D ai! o'x t IQ, X1 ,f Harqwytlg WM' P.E. Classes: Off to a Good Start The physical education program offers something for every student at First Baptist. Instruction in health, aerobics, team sports and individual sports is given for the benefit of all who participate. The smiles on these students' faces show how much they enjoy the various activities. ' ki OPP. PAGE: TOP LEFT: "Do I have to work, Mrs. Capelan?" OPP. PAGE: TOP RIGHT: M. Burdine anxiously awaits his next assignment. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: "Is class over yet?" OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Capelan shows her Christmas spirit. TOP LEFT: "Smile pretty for the camera, Lane." CENTER LEFT: M. Latham prepares for the big game. CENTER RIGHT: M. Rice proves that exercise can be fun and easy. ABOVE: "Watch the Birdie!" LEFT: W. Berry cannot wait for the badminton game to begin. 23 h............,...... m.-L . , W X1,. 1,h . ..NL 5 . vw mn..-...U-, ixzm X. fr Lpfw 0' ,rf G it' at Cheerleaders Set the Pace Whether football or basketball, the 1985-86 Patriot cheerleaders could always be seen jumping, cheering, and generally being very enthusiastic over the successful ventures of the athletic teams. Having trained at summer camp held at Southern Methodist University, they displayed excellent form and coordination. ,, , ,',' H VW , , in V Z - VV V V , ,, ,, , 1 , , , H, as r H .1 wr 5 aiffiv 'N W' of' s r' 5, in if ' lv' I K 'fs if ta , Q ' tl my f"-' b 2 171, we L Q39 99 OPP. PAGE: THE 1985-86 CHEERLEADERS - Carrie Jones. Carol Ann Johnson, Caroline Colgin, Heather Sawyer, Stacey Rosso, Lisa Miller, Mike Mikovich. TOP LEFT: Stacey cheered her way to victory. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Spirit Stick got into the groove of things. CENTER LEFT: Heather and Carrie shared a little bit of Patriot love. ABOVE: Mike cheered the Freshmen on. LEFT: Keep that balance, Carol! The Pep Squad Spreads Spirit The Pep Squad worked together to provide strong support for the school teams. The Pep Squad not only cheers the football and basketball teams in its.victories, but also in its losses. To promote school spirit they made the "artistic" banners for the football players to run through. Starting off the pep rallies with our famous cadance and marching, the spirit they built up proved victorious. Summer practices and the famous Tuesday afternoon practices provided pre-game entertainment and from each squad spirit was shown. Many devoted hours from officers and Miss Butler caused the pep squad to be a success. 2 'li simlswsswfgm -f-'ff'f""'f-1---.f""" . .... S lf g ,.,...t, ti ' k.t,W i ef 'gh ki S v,:' , iii 'K fig k S . f A ' 4--1 - -N ' if ' w if f 7 I t 7 ' fl' 1 t 2 W -r ..... . """"" f ..1.1 A ,,,,y.,, f ' 85 0 89 as .86 if , Q i YM V , VV V V .... IVIA vvv,vv i i r -5:5 . tt . . x i -' I' gi' mm' Figs , . S, . ' . t i- .. ' K f . I ,, i S K , K K 'X .Jh. , K xl. 5 fp to-. 9-'L an 2 i 3 is .S 3 in OPP. PAGE: TOP: THE 1985-86 PEP SQUAD - Officers - L. Culbertson, A. Peatross, J. Thomas, A. Peatross, R. Free, J. Lawrence, T. Brown, J. Evans. Top Row: E. Murphy, L. Tyrone, L. Smith, R. Robertson, L. Golden, K. Jones, J. Thomas, S. Long, C. Sullivan, J. Finney, L. Chandler, J. Perret. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: THE 1985-86 PEP SQUAD OFFICERS - J. Evans, Chaplain, L. Culbertson, Head Drummer: R. Free, Vice-Presidentg T. Brown, Asst. Sq. Ldr.g J. Lawrence, Sq. Ldr.g A. Peatross, President: J. Thomas, Sq. Ldr.g A. Peatross, Asst. Sq. Ldr.g H. Garrett, Sec. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: THE 1985-86 DRUMMERS - J. Evans, R. Robertson, L. Culbertson - head, C. Sullivan, E. Murphy, L. Smith, L. Tyrone. TOP LEFT: R. Free keeps an eye on Ashley. TOP RIGHT: Senior officers raised the spirit. ABOVE: Holly, Tonya, and Stacey showed excitement before the game. LEFT: J. Lawrence led the pep squad with determination. 29 Patriot Performers Danoed to Victory Summer camp set the mood for a winning season with the drill team With lots of hard work and dedication, the drill team upheld the spirit all the way to the finals The drill team showed true enthusiasm 1.32- I , z, - ' - r... , . N. , , . X' ' ny 5 . OPP. PAGE: TOP LEFT: S. Lieber kept the line in line. OPP. PAGE: TOP RIGHT: S. Luman didn't realize thatdrillteam re uired more than rett Q P Y looks. OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: H. Robertson showed off her winning smile. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Drill team kept that spirit up! OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: Smile Tiffiny, you're on Candid Camera! OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: Drill team members had friends too. ABOVE: THE 1985-86 DRILL TEAM - K. Gore, J. McAlister, S. Lieber, A. Turley, T. Taglavore, K. Barrington, J. Mason, H. Robertson, E. Neal, T. Rawls, T. Smith, H. Coussons. RIGHT: K. Wardlaw showed great great dancing skills. wc 5"-Mtv" ...lash 'N- an-ile' T .,, , 1 ' I fUP , 32 Lovin' Every Minute of It When the "hogs" started the year off, a winning season was dreamed of, but for some, unexpected. The Patriot football team of 1985-86 came away with a perfect season and a huge trophy with "State Champs" engraved on it. Through the hard work of the players and coaches, and the faithful support of the fans, the Patriot dream ofa State Championship became a reality. TOP RIGHT: K. Latham, future NFL Pro. TOP CENTER: Do the State Champ Shuffle! ABOVE: J. Stanford gave the fans a pep talk. RIGHT: J. Burdine calls a play. - -gkff 57 Q- f Q1 -wish QNX. ig Q "W-as--'J' TOP LEFT: B. Logan and D. Rayburn present the championship trophy to the school. TOP RIGHT: The Freshman and Sophomore contributions to the Patriot squad. RIGHT: C. Stensgard made an important phone call. ABOVE: "Digging for gold'?" I if -3 is I Qi If mv af. HA Q MW , x ,. J W -sv +1 1-Ht .. , 1 'K sf," .f ff . . . , wwf, 45, F 5 , 3 "' l , . . A' ,f 2- 'M-M' ,iql-Y" W' 21 ' 'K - 1 L 19- L N , ,.,, aw - ' Q 5 l ! I I I E E E u E 2 :- ff ! E f E - -I , ummwffmX: bmm:f4m-,,mfnwwqmnm,v?mmnwnmunm f:f Munn.-uwgum A flu Q. 's 11:5 1 afs' nf' ft 1 0 new - E' 4 5 Q' I 4a 'ff' .p 'H ' -n+mf.,,, ,af Y al I iphpiwv' I , 1, 11' Q, , A '. y Q - f 1 ' -H .-,N-ibggid , gf egx xx . ,gf Y ' -L. 'Q r fx .V X N T- x 1-"b Q' I . 5 - g "FY Q V ' .., L .. 4 A gg lg" Q "Jf'f 23: ' 31,4 . 5 1 I g ,..L..-, . lx I 1,1 f ,,' I Nu- , ,W 1 We if 4 Q v X W ' 4 An. f , ,,,: ' f ,ar . it ! F A X 3 4 . 6 ' 'ff , 'L'- X ' 72 Sink lt, Red, Sink lt! These were the cheers heard from the stands of the patriot fans as they cheered the 1985-86 Basketball Team to many victories. A triumphant season is not uncommon to the Patriots, in any sport, but you really can't have too many victories. 1985-86 BASKETBALL TEAM - Top Row: J. Pesnell, J. Whittington, S. Luman, M. Ryan, W. Gerhardt. Middle Row: T. C. Morgan, D. Golden, K. Long, T. Boddie, T. Allen. Bottom Row: P. Hutson, T. Allen, A. Horta, B. Wilson. 1 no I, TOP LEFT: "May I have this dance?" TOP RIGHT: D. Golden showed off his perfect form. ABOVE: The Patriot defense in motion. LEFT: The agony of de-feet! Lady Patriots Got The Ball Back 5, k 6 Q-vm-W-M .t- Nwmmm-wa.-W ,.....f-V--""" W' .I- 1 E ue 35 'fel wa -1 '---..,,..l --we--4-.-... Ml... 'C' T535 . gy . I W. v The Lady Patriots combined skill and I grace to make this year a successful L one. The girls' overall ability was better E developed through the many hours of 12l practice which they endured. The improvement shown by these girls is """""' the result of their dedication to basketball and their team. Q .Q iw 222528.22 f 1 wait. - ..,- 5,- s N-... .......,. .... ,, F. .Q I, ,vii OPP. PAGE: THE 1985-86 LADY PATRIOTS - L. Williams, L. Patterson, H. Robertson, J. McAlister, R. Calvert, R. Robertson, S. Long, T. Brown, J. Mason, C. Jones, N. Ford, A. Peatross. TOP LEFT: "But Coach, you know I can't dunk it." TOP RIGHT: Basketball made H. Robertson high. CENTER LEFT: Tonyajust laughed and laughed: she knew she had glue on her hand! CENTER RIGHT: "May I have this dance?" LEFT: Togetherness made this group a team. You Look Marvelous! Each class used great discretion when choosing their representative to the 1985-86 Basketball Court. The girls chosen set the standard for beauty and poise. At the Homecoming game against Calvary Baptist, the Court was presented. The crowd was overwhelmed by the grace of the young ladies. The spectators could not overlook the pulchritude of those presented. It seemed to run in the family for Basketball Sweetheart Heidi Robertson and her sister Renee, who represented the Freshman class. It was the presence of the Court which inspired the team and made them victorious. . 5,-, , -- J ,W ,, I 5,,,v4.,,M4 ,,5mf ' Qjyxiifsr A,w,,,ff':fg:g: F ff 1 Z f 4' nv ,Qr , if x ' , Z Q, , 4, 2 ,, X kwa 'M14 if' N i, 5 1 W V 1,5 W ff X X! 3 5 E if V "WV: 111 I, wa ,- ,,', ,, , , , . qf iiii TQ. ff swf pf Baseball: The American Pastime The "Boys of Summer" reported to the F.B. baseball diamond ready to win! And win they did, in one of the best seasons ever. The Patriots' many games that great old American sport remained a favorite with players and fans, alike. ABOVE: THE 1985-86 BASEBALL TEAM 'li' - A - Top Row: Coach Wilkins, J. Pesnell, B. Kirkman, J. Burdine, T. Allen, S. Luman, K. Long, B. Wilson, Coach Stansgard. Bottom Row: J. Abramson, D. Pesnell, D. Rayburn. LEFT: Coach Wilkins discussed Baseball Trivia with his players, I l They Like A Girl With A SIOW Pitch The girls' Softball Team had an errorless season, as well as a winning one, too. The Lady Patriots proved that daily practices and hard work leads to terrific rewards. M... f 1985-86 SOFTBALL TEAM - L to R: H. Robertson, A. Peatross, Coach Blackwell, J. Mason, J. McAlister, S. Long, A. Peatross, T. Smith, R. Robertson, T. Brown, T Rawls, H. Coussons, T. Taglavore. LEFT: A. Peatross and C. Jones show their enthusiasm for softball. Track Team Hurdled to Excellence The best track team in F.B. history reported to track practice, in the spring. The team endured grueling running programs, in addition to back-breaking shot-putting, hurdling, and high jumping. The payoff was the Blue Ribbons they brought home ,+,f. ,.,m TOP: TRACK TEAM - Top Row: K. Latham, M. Darby, T. Brown, J. Burdine, M. Ryan, T. Allen, T. Harris, S. Luman, J. Whittington, P. Hutson. Bottom Row: M. Burdine, S. Phillips, L. Smith, S. Long, B. Wilson, K. Long, A. Horta, B. Logan, R. Robertson, A. Peatross, H. Robertson, M. Rice, W. Wilson. RIGHT: K. Latham practiced for the "BIG RACE." ABOVE: B. Logan could hardly compose himself, he was so excited about the upcoming track meet. Wm few Q sf Game, Set, Match The Patriot Tennis Team "volleyed" to a winning season in 1985-86. The team performed like pros and "aced" their way to the top ofthe winners bracket. There might not be a Wimbledon Crown Holder in this group, but then again, you never know. in EM 'L ff' 7 -L V' Q00 1445, S A, rrti if T. ,W TOP: 1985-86 TENNIS TEAM - Top Row: L. Smith, J. Finny, E. Murphy, L. Tyrone, J. Thomas, C. Griffeth, J. Harris, P. Hutson, G. Andrews. Bottom Row: R. Free, J. Thomas, L. Hooper, B. Dorris, W. Gehardt, D. Pesnell, M. Ryan, S. Griffen LEFT: M. Flyan looked pleased after he served his fifth ace of his match. ABOVE, R. Free prepared to goto an out-of-town tennis match. This One's For You Big Red t bevy - . if ar. l ,xg . ft 39' i Golf Team Gets Teed-Off! The First Baptist golf team, under the aegis of Mr. Dornier, was a tremendous success. How could it be otherwise with experienced players like John Dunn, Wayne Gerhardt, and Bruce Dorris? is t si H W f Much hard work made the team's season S T "4, f Q . T outstanding.The divots onthe greens of Querbes ?'f:lf'T or g s speak for themselves. Through all the "hooks" 1 so f'i f ssts tftt s J and "slices," the golf team persevered. lo- ,ii,ttit lttr t 'L 5 mt! 'A it ,' . W fm," ' -'fn or .f T T T ' L M ' " ft ' 3 fri . f' M YH - 'ff , , ' il 9 ,ggQv""' FLQIPK What Do You Want To Do With Your Life The 1985-86 Yearbook Staff got off to a splendid start when the whole bunch of bananas made a tiresome trek to the Andrews' camp. Much was accomplished during their three-day imprisonment, which included a shaving cream and water balloon war. fThe contest ended in a draw, but everyone agreed that they got cropped at Technicamp. THE 1985-86 PATRIARCH STAFF - G. Andrews, H. Garrett, R. Free, C. Griffeth, L. Culbertson, H. Coussons, E. Murphy, J. Thomas, T. Taglavore. it TOP LEFT: "Lisa, you know you can't get out of doing pages that way." TOP RIGHT: C. Johnson and S. Rosso thought of their impending deadline. CENTER LEFT: G. Andrews traveled to a new dimension, THE TWILIGHT ZONE! ABOVE: H. Garrett faked enthusiasm over her new assignment, MORE PAGES! LEFT: "Tracy, you should have had a V-81' Can You Say lt? Mu Alpha Theta, a national honorary mathematical organization for high school students who excel in the field of mathematics and the related sciences, thrived. Any fool knows that 2:2, but it took this group to prove that 1:2. This amazing feat was the result of much technical training by the club's sponsor, Mr. Dornier. The sole qualification of membership is the ability to pronounce the organization's name correctly. I Klum. f mr' 1 ABOVE: MU ALPHA THETA MEMBERS - G. Andrews, A. Peatross, M. Barnett, H. Coussons, S. Griffen, K. Barrington. TOP RIGHT: Excellent mathematical instruction enabled K. Barrington to perform difficult computations in her head. RIGHT: "Nobody gets a 100Qfo on my test and gets away with it!" 0 ,M ... -A . 4 Beware Star Magazine, Here Comes The Bap Led by senior-leadership, that of Editor Wayne Gerhardt and Co-Editor Bruce Dorris, the mighty BAP thrived. With a cavalcade of interesting articles, the BAP gave its patrons enjoyable reading day-in and day-out. When asked what they thought about working on the BAP, Gerhardt and Dorris said, "It's simply fun-o-plenty!" '85, I ' skx TOP LEFT: J. Jeter found Wayne's suggestion that he redo his article amusing. TOP RIGHT: THE RAP STAFF - L to R: L. Tyrone, J. Thomas, A. Peatross, C. Griffith, B. Dorris, J. P. Byrd, editor: W. Gerhardt, J. Jeter, J. Pesnell, M. Mickovich. BOTTOM RIGHT: That's funny Wayne, you don't look a thing like David Letterman. BOTTOM LEFT: B. Dorris and W. Gerhardt were having "fun-o-plenty." Catch Some Z's Z-Club started out with a terrifying nightmare for some. Initiation this year consisted of an early morning kidnapping, rolled yards, serenading the ducks at the duck pond, and then to the Uptown Shopping Center for many Z-Club Olympic games, where find-a-penny and balloon relays were among the main events. Each new member had the pleasure of a quality make-over with the pleasant scent of ketchup, mustard, shaving creme, jelly, syrup, and mayonnaise. The rest of the year everyone contributed to the community, world, and national projects. Such projects were the foreign water well project, rock-a-thon, and nursing home visits. All together we had a sensational year. 'V , -Ja. My . z L.. TIN JV. wi. 'fs' f 2 A K, OPP. PAGE TOP: L to R: A. Peatross, M. Barnett, T. Brown, H. Coussons, T. Taglavore, J. Lawrence, H. Sawyer, R. Free, J. McAIister, E. Murphy, L. Culbertson, A. Peatross, H. Robertson, M. McKneeIy, J. Evans, L. Miller, S. Rosso, H. Garrett. OPP. PAGE BOTTOM: L to R: A. Peatross, S. Rosso, H. Sawyer, T. Brown, H. Coussons, R. Free, T. Taglavore, J. Lawrence, H. Garrett. TOP LEFT: Oh, yummy! TOP RIGHT: Surprise, You're on candid camera! CENTER LEFT: H. Garrett dreams about Z-Club projects. CENTER RIGHT: Oh my gosh, I forgot my blazer! LEFT: Dispose of that gum Z-Club girls. 57 Key Club Showed Service Although last year was not one of its better years, the Key Club of First Baptist worked this year to regain the respect it so truly deserved. Under the leadership of Greg Andrews and the other officers, the Key Club worked toward its objective -to make a lasting impression on First Baptist Church School. M7 TOP LEFT: For the last time, there are no girls allowed in Key Club! TOP RIGHT: G. Andrews found that the responsibilities of the Key Club presidency were too much. ABOVE: Key Club .qni"" members worked diligently to sell shirts at Back to School Night. . 1 . RIGHT: Walter, wake up! .. , , is 12: - ..r:g:.f A D mg.: t . It A an 5 1 W at wa-wwf sm,-nnauwswu us AY! H563 Us .V Mi-SX 'all 'I13 I SDGFXYJSX Elk? 14- rl -Auf: ....n.fiQI't1ll- I 1ll1 Ili wrllii. Al - IU li-Qlli 1 llI Ita 1 in L5 ti ll, i I .!, li I 5 TOP: THE 1985-86 KEY CLUB - J. Pesnell, J. Byrd, M. Ryan, J. Harris, C. Griffith, P. Hutson, J. Whittington, B. Johnson, G. Andrews, S. Luman, W. Berry KEY CLUB SLAVES - K. Long, B. Wilson T. Allen, A. Horta. LEFT: KEY CLUB OFFICERS - C. Griffith, B. Johnson, G. Andrews, W. Berry, J. Byrd, J. Whittington ABOVE: Key Club members were athletes too. . Klf""'7f te Student Council Dared the Challenge of Success The 1985-86 Student Council took the plunge and dared to succeed. The challenge was great, but our hard workers got together and made this year a success. The school year started off with an exciting back-to-school party at the Peatross' farm. Mrs. Peatross found out that she had a demolition team on her hands when the floor of the porch cracked. Next, homecoming was quite a hit. A bonfire, super game, and a great dance topped off the week's events with which the student body was well-pleased. A number of fund-raisers, including the sales of stickers and balloons, helped make the Student Council financially fit. Ashley worked diligently with many goals in mind. She certainly has achieved them by daring the challenge of success. i fearsome .....-...- .W t.--W-A -- --E--H' I n um K S ' pi mms: M Q :,.1 1 :I2s 5 wi f K X, ! 'i 1 I S Q I 0 Y an X, 9' -S cs X x Q' N ABOVE: Left to Right: M. Mikovich, J. Jeter, E. Neal, C. Griffith, M. Burdine, L. Golden, T. Allen, A. Peatross, G. Andrews, A. Horta, T. Tuggle, A. Peatross, J. Whittington, K. Barrington. I 'lk Ca I 4. I 4' 9' 9 , G-v7 .fff ,ff""!!, TOP LEFT: A. Peatross and K. Barrington displayed their cheerful disposition. TOP RIGHT: C. Griffith and W. Berry found Ashley's proposal amusing. CENTER LEFT: K. Barrington provided psychological counseling for Jamie. CENTER RIGHT: Look at Kenny's Cover Girl smile. ABOVE LEFT: C. Griffith's one attentive moment was captured on film. ABOVE RIGHT: G. Andrews made plans for basketball homecoming. Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character are the qualities held by these six members of the National Honor Society. Each year a select few are chosen to join this elite group of great intellects. Each member is expected to abide by the code of the National Honor Society. Watched over by sponsor William Mabry, these students know the limits and stay within them during the year. ABOVE: G. Andrews kept the N.H.S. finances in order. TOP RIGHT: N.H.S. President K. Barrington is sad because she can't play right now, she has to study. RIGHT: THE 1985-86 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - S. Griffen, A. Peatross, K. Barrington, G. Andrews, H. Coussons, M. Barnett. s,s1....WW,Q.,,,,,,,M, H.S. Rises To The Top ...M ibm WW Hard Work Pays Gff Because of their citizenship, honesty, integrity, and scholarship, a number of First Baptist students were honored by the Masons, the Optimists, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Their achievements were brought to the attention of the public by the media. Hard work has paid off for these students, 1 C DAR Citizenship Award Winner: Ashley Peatross. Masonic Honesty and Integrity Award Winners: Greg Andrews, John Whittington, Shelly Griffen, Jamie Pesnell, and Holly Garrett. Optimist Club Award Winners: Holly Garrett, Missy Barnett, and Greg Andrews. 63 Political Hopefuls When the Louisiana Girls' State and Boys State Delegates boarded buses headed for Baton Rouge, they had no idea what was in store for There were 6:00 A.M. "Musters and 3 00 A M brainstorming sessions and miles of walking Despite the lack of sleep and the blistered feet these three students experienced a week of great times and lasting friendships they will never forget 5 5 A I ff., I TOP RIGHT: H. Garrett couldn't be happier than if she were in Sunny California. TOP CENTER: PELICAN STATE DELEGATES - Holly Garrett, John Whittington, Jamie Pesnell. TOP LEFT: J. Whittington may need the assistance of Dr. Feel Good to get off that tricycle. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Now Jamie, you know the Boys' State isn't really like being in jail, just almost." Fiesta In Paris The French and Spanish Clubs of First Baptist showed us what culture was all about. These educated souls let us see the different customs of their respective countries and made us want to fly over to Paris on l the Concorde, then party on over to Spain to see a bullfight. Only at F.B. THE 1985-86 SPANISH CLUB - L to R: J. Mason, A. Van Kook, T. Tuggle, K. Gore, A Horta, T. Ftawls, T. Brown, A. Peatross, K. Wardlaw, E. Murphy, L. Culbertson, K. Jones, J. McAIister. 4,0 THE 1985-86 FRENCH CLUB - Lto R: J. Jeter, E. Lyons, M. McKneeIy, C. Johnson H. Robertson, S. Rosso, S. Phillips, M. Rhodes, T. Taglavore, D. Harper, J. Lawerence, C. Griffeth, S. Griffen, L. Smith, B. Logan, M. Latham. F4351 S? if 65 Dramatists Take to the Stage Without so much as an acting class, the F.B. Drama Club gave performances that rivaled those given on the Broadway stage. In the dazzling plays, put on throughout the year, the critics gave nothing but great reviews. Who knows? There might be a Hollywood movie mogul in the bunch. XXX ABOVE: B. Dorris showed his angelic side. TOP RIGHT: M. Barnett and S. Lieber displayed the typical actress' aversion to the press. CENTER RIGHT: The Drama Club put in long hours to achieve perfection. BOTTOM RIGHT: K. Wardlaw studied her line with diligence. Politics In The Making A new club was added to the already abundant choices of F.B. extracurricular activities. The Young Republicans Club provided the opportunity for several students to be involved in the fascinating life of a political endeavor. Valuable experience was gained by those interested in pursuing a political career. i U sill: upnv-v-vm -V-w-N ------' -- 11 LQ. I-I 34" ,4lV" NPW iw-M 'Of YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB MEMBERS - B. Dorris, A. Horta, A. Turley, G. Andrews, H. Garrett, J. Day, J. McAlister, W. Gerhardt, L. Spano, C. Colgin, J. Pesnell. .5 'X A ,I A Message to the School U' It has been said that "Big things sometimes come in small packages." We are a small school in numbers, but very, very big in the quality column. l am very proud to be your headmaster, and you, the staff and student body, deserve all the credit for this enviable accomplishment. We are now in the process of building our leadership position into a long illustrious tradition that we can take pride in. Wherever you go or whatever you do, remember you are a Patriot first, last, and always. Uphold the values we stand for and strive for the standards that have been instilled in you by your teachers and always think of First Baptist as your Academic Home. Dave Gray The Backbone of FB. The administration of First Baptist was first and foremost in the development of a better school. F.B. Administration, we salute you! Q I1P"'s L Church Staff Promoted Spiritual Growth A Christian atmosphere was created by the church staff this year to give support and growth with plans of the new school. The church helped to sponsor such activities as dances and many other fund-raisers. A successful year can be attributed to their dedication and support. A f R, ' ,+q.,.r xt? ' iii 'ily xt' 4 , I ,W . .V O AVWV ,gf . I HQ , . 1st Flow: L. Curtis, B. Crews, S. Upshaw, Wm. E. Hull, J. Yang, A. Ogletree. 2nd Row: T. Cundiff, A. Heltzel, S. MacKnight, A. Austin, A. Middleton, B. Trigg. 3rd Row: S. Lawrence, C. Strout, K. Cheesman, Hinson, R. Stoner, B. Tingle, L J. Williams, G. Hunt, D. Jewett G. Bunch P.P.L. Helped the School to Grow! Another successful fruit and turkey sale was the result of much hard work on the part of the Patriots' Parents League. Through this and other fundraisers, the P.P.L. has been able to accomplish many helpful services to First Baptist, including the realization of many teachers' "wish-lists." The strength of First Baptist depends greatly on the work of these concerned friends, parents, and teachers. 'Q J ,,... J A' ' i H 5 1 ,,1' , 5 TOP: P.P.L. EXECUTIVE BOARD - R. Smitherman, B. Pesnell, B. Harris, S. Burris. CENTER LEFT: "Hey, I think they're about to bring out the refreshments!" BOTTOM LEFT: Hard workers for the P.P.L. ABOVE: Coach Todd and M. Shemwell discuss the schools football achievements. Mrs. Adams Mr. Bolin Miss Butler Mrs. Capelan Mrs. Caraway Mrs. Cassibry Mrs. Chandler Mrs. Cox Mrs. Crook Mrs. Davis Mr. Dornier Mrs. Fair Mrs. Gallagher Mrs. Garrett Mrs. Harper Mrs. Herndon Mrs. Jackson Mr. James The F.B. Faculty Enriched Our Lives Under the guidance of Dave Gray and Bill Ziegler, the faculty worked day and night preparing lesson plans grading tests, and, of course, teaching. After school, teachers could be found giving extra help to students. Much knowledge was gained by all f 1 f Z 1, 'PE , .,fs..v, . fl' QS is sa -I 'vt N "Z A dmc: f .' f' Q ii 4. ,., fag Q , , J Y A F I W 5- 'xi Mrs. Keating Mrs. Key Mrs. Lawhon Mrs. Ludwig Mr. Mabry ' Mrs. Mabus .if if xe.. . A mi.,, Miss Pigneur " :H Mrs. Redden Y 6 A , it-.Z q 2 T Q , Mrs. Roberts 6 v , K, A -tt xt., 2 Mr. Rogers l it g ' : ' il", , Miss Rust h 1 5 5 wr' P YNY, 3 V- f 3 ie' "fi 3 0 - ." ' ' Mrnose ' Q 5- Y X my Q' . fi ae.-:rv 51 Mrs.Shea Mrs. Sorenson Mr. Stensgard MissThomas ,tx ,iq , Mrs.Thompson .ll QQ Mrs.Tipton fix R '- .t ,:,gff'Xg--' Mrs. Wheeler 3 'f t x 3 Mrs.Wilson . gg. if Mrs.WintIe x Q . Q - l . . Ki. 1311191 V' .,, 5 K F bn ' 1 1, .45 DPP. PAGE: LEFT: "According to my calculations, everyone must take Geometry over again." OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: "Now where's my water gun?' .EFl': Mrs. Cassibry obviously doesn't know that the North won the war. TOP RIGHT: Hooray for Hollywood! RIGHT: Mr. White diligently graded 75 aapers. 4 3 I 'uv Q X W -- W i fi fx .., .wasgg fi 1-21. 1655 'ii ifirxiwsf R M -Q Q as Sv if -3 Q lk I Three Year Kindergarten - Redden 1 I 4 --ig . W. OPP. PAGE: TOP: 3-day class. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM: 2-day class. TOP LEFT: P. Mabus enjoys riding her tricycle during playtime. TOP RIGHT: "Here I come." CENTER LEFT: A case of hit and run. CENTER RIGHT: "Caught you." BOTTOM LEFT: "Future Hotrodders in the making." 79 Clay Burris Dixie Chidlow Elizabeth Clemons Sarah Crawford Elizabeth Gamble Jay Gammill Clare Green Laney Hearne Catherine Paine Phillip Risher Jonathan Smith Stephen Smitherman Four Year Kindergarten A loooo Brad Wedeberg Brad Wood Jail Caraway - Sorensen Q X v, S ,, W S Seth Robinson Julie Smith Sarah Wilson Amy Aillet Jonathan Bowen Douglas Bryson Stacey Chreene Kristi Cole Taylor Coleman Drew Dorris Ramsey Drummond Kelley Feller Erin Johnson Robin Kern Arthur Mendes Jonathan Scoggin Jonnie Underwood Qi , ei, .sw ' Y.-.N, OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: J. Smith recreated the Thanksgiving feast during the holidays. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM: Four-year-olds enjoyed playing with their five-year-old buddies. LEFT: A surprise visit from Santa was one of the highlights during the year ABOVE "Where's the beef?!" Jerel Allen Matt Bates Andy Bayley Jeffery Beasley Holly Brunson Laurie Chidlow Connie Chilvers David Dixon Ann Dodson Wesley Dowling Leigh Elgin Ricky Fraser Five Year Kindergarten -45? Michael Fulco Jamie Goodall Kyle Hammons Jennifer Hand Mark Jackson Jessica Jacob Lea Johnson Erin Jones Elise Kayser Kylene Knowlton Marion Lasiter Ryan Markham Chris Matthews .ps K, 3,2 - ,Mf,,. ,, si Davis - Dublin - Lawhon lla K .V f 1 ' '. ' With! y if -If Q J V ff ,fffw .1 r ,, J , ,, .... i Jennifer Osherowitz Megan McGuirt Mark Miller Frank Moore Richey Neeson David Nordyke Mandy Rankin Alex Rice Martha Rice Vincent Rice Luke Richie Christa Roach Dusty Roach Megan Robertson Brent Schurman Olivia Showalter Elizabeth Smitherman Vicky Specian Allen Templeton Zachary Umphress Carl Underwood Greg Waddell Nancy Webb Katherine Woods John David Wray W OPP. PAGE LEFT: Laurie and Mark enjoyed recess. OPP. PAGE RIGHT: The kindergarten students learned the importance of good lettering. LEFT: Leigh Elgin had fun playing with her sister Rebecca in their furnished playhouse. 83 Elizabeth Aillet Brooke Blaylock Melissa Braselton Klint Brazzel Ashley Carter Philip Chavanne John Chidlow Mauri Chidlow Andy Chreene Autumn Foote Megan Gardner Lauren Griffen Cole Guthrie Mary Marshall Harper Trey Hodgins Kathryn Howell David Huckabay Cayce Hunter Ashley Jacob Kris Jackson Catherine Johnson Alexis Kayser Holly Kilgore Drake King Kristen Kot Peter Lentini Heather Loeb L'CheIe Long Stephani Matthews Rebekah McCabe OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: First graders take time out for a game of Go Fish. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: Double your trouble with Double-Meng girls. RIGHT: First graders can't seem to locate the flag. Alan Means Caroline Meng Susannah Meng David Merkle Stephen Naremore Sarah Neeson Heidi Nissen Ryan Pennywell Ginger Phillips Joel Rice Raven Rivers Emily Smith Kristy Smith Matthew Smitherman Kim Stafford Bill Armstrong Michael Cathcart Kristina Davis Kendra Feazel Jason Fordham Emily Goodin Jonathan Harris Andy Heard Kirkley Hennessy Gene Hillard Weston McElwee Marshall Rice Sabra Scoggin Jennifer Smith Mindy Smith Second Grade Josh Stinson Amanda THOITIDSOD 4 Diane Verhalen ABOVE: Mrs. Fair is always eager to help her students. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Harper keeps close tabs on her pupils. RIGHT: Mrs. Fair grades her students' papers cautiously. 4 . J as ' , Q ,wwf 3-in Mg-A ii- r fy. V 4 -,I 451-. Daniel Sevier Devin Smith Jessica Thomas Emily Waller Amanda Wilcox Travis Wilson Julie Andrews Reagan Blaylock Mark Cole Brandon Friedman Brad Glassell Ben Goodman Amy Henderson Matt Jones Jeffrey Kern Melissa Malarcher Angela Rice John Richie ii! I fs? fr sg T TOP LEFT: My bologna has a first name TOP RIGHT M Malarcher is happy to be at school LEFT Second graders enjoy individual attention OPP. PAGE: A. Griffith anxiously awaits the end of the school day! RIGHT: Learning is fun for Mrs. Wheeler's class. Theresa Braselton Mary Ellen Brown Jeffrey Bryan Laura Caraway John Cassibry Rebecca Chilvers Sarah Katherine Dowling Ashley Drummond Rebecca Elgin Melanie Hall Nicki Henry Paul Hutson Eloise Kayser Lindsey Long Chuck McBee Julie Mead Rawls Moore Mary Beth Rice Ryan Wicker Lauren Wray Third Grade 4 l Rachel Alexander Rebecca Broyles Ryan Cush Ann Marie Griffith Ryan Hammack Penn Harper Claire Hutchinson Jessica Lea Christopher Lentini Mark Mabus Susan Messick Ginny Nissen Allison Reeves Alan Robbins George Schurman Shawn Shea Nora Tingle Patrick Todd Stephanie Todd Heather Zahn Charis Arnold E'NeaI Baremore Adam Bowen Chris Fordham John Gahagan Matthew Golden Chad Hanson Holly Hurst Kevin Kirschner Eric Knowlton Lauren Lasiter Trey Long Stephanie Matthews Joel Mills Marti Naremore Fourth Grade '-.rf x li .d . Q X 4 A .L if A , . , ,,:. I i X i W N Jason Rachal Christy Shaw Kelli Weaver Emily Wilkerson Thomas Young Vgzwfff A .Mus QX ,.,v"""' A X Moss - Tharpe Bryan Agent Leslie Boyd Creswell Gardner Dusty Herring k 2 Lf A e,r: I .Q ef? it E Danny Hodges . ' . wit t N as X . v . , k-hrr 1 Y. .. . Leigh Ann Jones Heather Kot Ashley Lawhon Betsy Lawrence Chad Ludwig Grey Mead Holly Mears Matthew Miller Amy Neeson Ronald Risley Amy Robertson Stephen Smith Trey Smith Charles Toorean Lauren Waller Chris Yeates Qlwlmngg OPP. PAGE RIGHT: Mrs. Moss tries to introduce her students to the joys of learning. OPP. PAGE LEFT: lsn't it 3:00 yet? TOP: K. Kirschner certainly enjoys his Crayola's. LEFT: C. Ludwig and A. Lawhon are proud members of the Star Club. RIGHT: Matthew "Michelangelo" Miller shows off his latest masterpiece. Julie Anderson Chad Blaylock Chris Cathcart Jonathan Chavanne Susan Chidlow Lane Dossett Elizabeth Drummond Millie Flournoy Bryan Harlan Tiffany Holtzclaw Jay Howell Jodie Jones Sandy Lindsey Michelle Mahoney Scott McElwee Elizabeth Means Keith Miller Trey Moore Susannah Flice Steffanie Richards Carolyne Smith Doug Smith Stewart Swearingen Shawn Traylor Fifth Grade Ashley Trussell David Wedeberg Sammy Woods Melissa Youngberg rl 4 l l 3. ak QE' fa Sei ,ar ,4 ,Mx Thompson - Keating Rebekah Alexander Ryan Allen Jonathan Andrews Scott Bryan Patrick Caraway Jack Culbertson Beth Figallo Denn Gamble Larry Gillespie Tara Hammack Scott Herbel Carol Ann Lawhon Halley Loeb Emily Lytle Steve Merkle Susie Murray Anna Neal Kristen Noles Kathryn Nordyke Jeffrey Padgett Keith Peterson Leah Redstone Lyn Smith Matt Stinson .ites HOD OPP. PAGE: LEFT: Mrs. Thompson lectures her class on the finer points of the English language. OPP. PAGE: RIGHT: . . . and this is downtown A 1 Shongaloo. LEFl': Mrs. Keating loves her job. RIGHT: R. Weatherton was certainly caught up in a learning frenzy. Lamar Alexander Jeremy Arrington Stephen Beniot Catherine Berger Carolyn Bird Kristen Brazzel Catherine Brown Kim Chidlow Kimberly Davis K'lain DeVille -1 OPP PAGE RIGHT Mrs Tipton takes roll. OPP. PAGE: LEFT S Beniot works hard to complete his assignment on time ABOVE Students of Mrs. Tipton pay close attention to the lesson RIGHT Sixth graders go back in time to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Jonathan Ford Dean Franks Amy Giss Kourtney Gore Sixth Grade 4 ul L Goeff Gregg Cooper Heard Molly Henderson m x Y - Tipton Kendrick Hennessy Leila Hutson Jamie Joiner Kristine Keating f qi Stephen Long Matthew Moss Holly Neeson Laura Richie .Mo Q P: . 115' - - iori J J f wu.,,Nm Rosalyn Flosenfield Justin Smith Nancy Tharpe V Kim Todd Catherine Willis J Jessica Woodman J I Jamie Baremore Brad Bates Baylor Boyd Lanier Braddock Daryl Brown Troy Brown Melinda Burdine Casey Butts Brooks Byrd Carol Ann Byrd Kim Cassibry Chris Coleman Stephen Cox Erin Darwin Michelle Downing Brent Durham Cameron Griffith Jacy Jeter Jonathan Hamilton Jonathan Harper Sarah Harper Joel Harris Vernon Hastings David Holman Ashley Hutchinson Michelle Jackson Rebecca Jackson Leigh Ann Jeter Stacy Jones Todd Lawhon Tommy Lawhon Jason Mays Kristen Mears Paul Neal John Noles Ronald Pierson Chandler - Wilson as 5. 3 l Kip Porter Monica Probst Jennifer Rice Stacy Rockett Mary Lou Sally Paul Smith Trey Sullivan Heather Waller David Wicker Reid Wilson Cameron Yarbrough Adam Youngberg Jason Zahn naw- nv-.Q-f anew Q-fww 2.-3 - . OPP. PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: The janitors found that cleaning the junior high was a difficult task. OPP PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: M. Jackson comprehends involved concepts. ABOVE LEFT: illiteracy proved to be a major concern at First Baptist. ABOVE RIGHT: ln 1986. J. Harris decided to come out of his locker. LEFT: K. Cassibry said, "Me no parle French." Bryan Boddie Wesley Bryan Courtney Burris Mary Emily Byrd Grayson Chastain Catherine Cosse Angela Dement Brandi DeVille Amy Doughty Karen Drummond Stacey Free Shannon Gay Mitzi Golden Clark Green Byron Harper Keegan Hennessy Creighton Hodges Elizabeth Johnson Jennifer Kot Danielle Krueper Todd Lawrence Todd Miller Scott Mitchell Kelley Paine Libby Patterson Kelly Pilcher Jennifer Richie Brooke Robertson Suzanna Smith Julie Stringer Eighth Grade Adele Swearingen George Tharpe Elizabeth Tilbury Tom Wardlaw Michael Waters Laura Williams Claire Woodall ' 4 I' "j,,,.-4-O "il-"i"H T lv ik. .Qt . X 5 P -Q . 5' W I A OPP. PAGE: S. Gay did her Kermit impersonation. TOP LEFT: M. Byrd and G. Chastain gave a winning smile. TOP RIGHT: S. Smith concentrated hard in Algebra I. CENTER LEFT: C, Cosse enjoys computer science. CENTER RIGHT: Lunch was a lot of fun. BOTTOM LEI'-'l': We are so tired. ABOVE: Lots of excitement in Algebra I. 99 Got Winning On Their Minds The First Baptist Jr. High football team continued the Patriot winning tradition with an outstanding season. Like their older counterparts, for the younger Patriots, a victorious season was in order. Perhaps this winning spirit will continue throughout their years at First Baptist and lead to numerous triumphs in the years to come. Top Row: W. Bryan, T. Miller, S. Mitchell, T. Lawrence, J. Harper, B. Boddie, S. Cox, D. Wicker. Middle Row: B. Brown, Coach, C. K. Porter, C. Green, Manager, C. Vandiver, Coach. Bottom Row: J. Harris, V. Hastings, B. Bates, T. Sullivan, B. Byrd, Ft. Pierson, C. Yar- brough, D. Allen, Coach. A Season of Winners The 1985-86 Patriot Junior High Basketball Teams were characteristic of the players that participated. They were winners. With its numerous wins, the boys' team proved to be truly outstanding. Athletic excellence was demonstrated by the equally successful girls' team. T Z ., 1985-86 BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM - Top ROW: T. Lawhon, V. Hastings, C. Griffeth, D. Holman. Middle Row T. Wardlaw, C. Coleman, B. Byrd, B. Bates, T. Brown, S. - - Cox. Front Row: J. Hamilton, R. Pierson. ,. E .. .15 l Efifiir! liiiiiiiie A f l" i2 "'. . 0.7, W. 1 at it tarr. Q5 ff +2 '37 -gg? S S s I sffcff' 'op Flow: H. Waller, A. Hutchinson, C. Butts, E. Canivin, K. Cassibry, M. Downing, K. Meaes, Coach Blakwell. Front Row: M. Probst, J. lice, S. Harper, S. Jones, C. Byrd. 6? H4 3 ff' 5, ,WW M: ,V Q, V . A , , av . N425 mf 3'-vw , Y fx vw W m 4 M -wf E WI 7,4 i Q . if-4 , 's W ,Q f 1 wh' 2 K M Jr. High Pep Squad Spirit Led to Victory With the voices of many enthusiastic girls, the junior high pep squad kept the spirit alive all the way to the end! Their hard work and dedication led them to a winning season. ...--..s-Q ' N M , m ' " ' 8 I i. S lvl . ,ma an can -in as is w . i . . S cct, ct c ..,..., . . gg QQ i S u nf' TOP: Lto R: H. Waller, J. Rice, J. Kot, S. Free, L. Williams, C. Byrd, A. Hutchinson, M. Salley, L. Jeter, C. Burris, A. Doughty, R. Jackson J. Stringer, J. Richie, K. Mears, S. Smith, S. Harper, E. Johnson, C. Woodall, K. Cassibry, K. Paine, B. Robertson, A. Swearingen, E. Darwin, M. Downing. BOTTOM: Lto R: H. Waller, C. Byrd, J. Rice, L. Williams, J. Kot, S. Free. Lending a Helping Hand Mary Emily Byrd, President of the Junior High Student Council, was quite successful this year in leading the organization. The members of Student Council were extremely helpful to the P.P.L. at Back-to-School Night, at which they sold directories. Because of this and many other fine deeds, the Junior High Student Council is "worth their weight in gold." wi gm TOP LEFT: C. Woodall made sure that the student counciI's finances were in order. TOP RIGHT: S. Jones enjoyed a candy cane during a meeting. BOTTOM LEFT: President M. Byrd pondered carefully what was said at the meeting. BOTTOM RIGHT: Student Council members helped in the sale of student directories. 9 l NJHS: Leaders of the Future The National Junior Honor Society of First Baptist was a reflection of its members. President Shannon Gay led the members in their quest for excellence in leadership, citizenship, service, scholarship, and character. This organization represents the ideal for which we all should strive. 9... fn. J. Top Row, Lto Fl: Mr. Gholson, J. Stringer, C. Green, E. Johnson, D. Krueper, Miss Pigneur. Bottom Bow: S. Gay, G. Chastain, A. Doughty, M. Byrd, S. Free. Top Row: L. Williams, L. Patterson E. Darwin, K. Cassibry, T. Miller, C. Griffeth. Middle Ftow: J. Richie, S. Smith, C. Coleman, J. Baremore, L. Braddock, S. Jones. Bottom Row: H. Waller, J. Rice, A. Hutchinson, L Jeter, Ft. Jackson, K. Mears. 105 Jr. High Foreign Language Club ls Active! Parlez-vous Francais? The Jr. High French Club learned much about the language, culture, and customs of French speaking countries. The members conversed in French. All enjoyed sampling French foods at the great parties. tl! lllllflmlllllll is. ii.. .--cur ...-- - 9 " V. LV Af 19 1, 1: 5, ff W 1 4 " ,.N. - iw 5? petit? M M S! """"""'Y f -1' wr 'W-6 lb -...-- - l i i i ...- ui -i 01 FZ'-...":"'.-. slixefl 5 "'....: :., . 1 .1 A ,.:-' h e " -3 sets t q :wr Q? fi R N A -K J K ..vkG' A I A w if - N- : Qs-if I5 J J c ff was J T TOP: We are proud of our newest American citizen"Danielle Pigneur. CENTER: "I don't understand." BOTTOM: L to Ft: M. Byrd, L Patterson, S. Gay, G. Chastain, C. Cosse, A. Dement, A. Swearingen, S. Free, L. Williams, C. Burris, S. Smith, M. Golden, E. Tilbury 106 J Kot, B. Deville, B. Robertson, J. Stringer, Miss Pigneur. , WW' ..,, 91' Fantastic Favorites Shannon Gay Todd Lawrence Lanier Braddock Joel Harris Holly Neeson Stephen Benoit , A.,,N4k , 2 .. Qimw "'wq..., I .n l 5 v , ' uw SP X if L 1 5 an NJ 'ef ' Q, 355, ' P mi' 3, YA-LAyv ..,A - V ,ws ,, ' ' ma i--t.-rf, A I mm- I- mi .: -'ajax A ' I if 108 ' 1 , E X Q-1 W -x . - ik Y v . .' W -f-'. M ,. 1 ' ers 2 .3g g 3 "N--.. jj ,-fB 2 EEN: :gif E l'l 1'5"2'Q 11: if wk .wwm w.,.,,,,MqN 'M 1-..,., - Nz.. -. ......,,,,, R fi: 1 --Q. ,. M t M, ,I il 2 li l S!! 's ' :E Fir! i .,:. - S he -Ia: SUYGI' ? . V ' A f-, I I K A Q A K-:Rfk xx- ,xm- M air 'E bf 'H' gf 'M ' 'ff' .L P, I -'Jil M "Ah .A S ' -G' my " A W'AkA 1 A M B 1 f K ,o3"""' K' K' K I K , K , Q 153 Trey Allen Troy Boddie Mitch Burdine Lauren Chandler will Day Scott Downing Jennifer Finnry Steve Floyd Doug Harper Jim Harris Jeffrey Jeter Walter Johnson Stacy Long Brian Mays Julie Paul Kevin Perret Renee Robertson Lisa Smith Cindy Sullivan Julie Ann Thomas Lisa Tyrone Jon Wardlaw Will Wilson 'Alf ABOVE: Pay attention Jim! ABOVE LEFT: Together again B01TOM LEFT: Jon and David sat back and relaxed. Freshmen Pleaded For Respect The Class of '89 started the first of four years pleading for respect. But of course, pleas went unheeded like always. Just remember the years ahead will be challenging and exciting "---.......,,E TOP LEFT: Mrs. C, you look fifteen years younger. TOP RIGHT: Smile, you're on Candid Camera. ABOVE: Oh, what a mug. BOTTOM RIGHT: Hats off to you Mike. OPP. PAGE: TOP LEFT: Plant that bomb under the seat. OPP. PAGE: TOP RIGHT: Put your nose back in that corner! OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE LEFT: Freshman girls take charge. OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE RIGHT: Guided by the light. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Freshmen take bubble blowing lessons. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: Today's Freshmen, tomorrow's scientists. 'Cite . .f 'S' We A 5"'X :xiix :dag , 4 X -1 5 . Sex 1 ' Jef X r X 5 Wie we , ,-f-- Vff, my-w.m 1 We JA - 1, ,,.,,Q1maggie1Farm'lmm'4e,,.,1,L 3 ficers Ben 1 '2 - - in , fag X- .L L L Z X - .,g, s if k 'iw T. 1 2 . sl, L Jim Pat Byrd Laura Culbenson Kendal Dean Julia Evans Nikki Ford David Golden Lauren Golden Charles Griffith 4- Mike Latham R X R A, - s . 35? ws. : - fi."Z:1- X :lysis ls 'SET N. is N s 5 X 2 Q X 1 X ,F - : k as 4. sf if-it Q' ,Q H kg .q, ff..x,L,: Iles K --gig 5' s- 1 5 4""'...m"". ,.,. .. . , +5 LBSISG HOODBI' Kell Jones ,., L. J . Elizabeth Murphy Emily Neal Allison Peatross T as Mark Rhodes Alec Van Hook TOP LEFT- Such classroom togetherness TOP RIGHT Sophomores show their super spirit N Sophomores Sought Revenge This year's Sophomores added to the Patriots spirit week after week with their various challenges to the student body on Fridays. Their spirit was seen throughout the year. Their enthusiasm also helped to unite them to face the challenge of giving a Sadie Hawkins which proved to be a success. E Wx N .V -sf E JJ 1 WWE R lm, WS is ,AA- . YP -'Jog' . gg, p, OPP. PAGE: TOP LEFT: T. Rawls insisted upon being first. OPP. PAGE: TOP RIGHT: Kendelicious: The Ultimate Bubble. OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE LEFT: United we stand, divided we fall. OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE RIGHT: Got the Ex-lax Blues. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: How do I spell relief? OPP. PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: "You've got the look I want to know better." TOP RIGHT: Yes, it's me. TOP LEFT: Do you mind? We're giving our report. MIDDLE LEFT: High school students certainly "LOVE" their lunch break. BOTTOM LEFT: Surely, it wasn't that funny. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kelly, don't you see? RI w-6' "if aw Brett Kirkman Treasurer Holly Coussons Todd Allen wcial Chairme Tiffiny Smith Michael Ryan l l Todd Allen Marci Barnett Ryan Bolton Joey Burdine Holly Coussons Katie Gore Shelly Griffen Tim Harris 3 t- iw J- , 3 gi f tx vi in 1 t, . S ' x X Y .i is-lt t Q-5 1 , 1' -. as x s X 5 X Q Preston Hutson Carrie Jones Brett Kirkman Jennifer Lawrence Kevin Long Melinda McKneely Kevin McKnight Lisa Miller Don Mitchell T. C. Morgan Jerrie Perret Doug Pesnell Susan Pesnell Spencer Phillips Michael Ryan Tiffiny Smith Audra Stinson Tracy Taglavore Johnette Thomas ' Jim Van Hook Kim Wardlaw Brian Wilson 2 ill, ....-,. any 'llll ,. M. 'Www TOP LEFT: Junior guys proclaim to be the best. TOP RIGHT we're Jerri and Audra, your operators at Time-Life Books Fil' Juniors -- Just A Cut Above' The Junior Class with their various personalities has proven themselves to be a class with "Class" This year they were brought together to work as one by the leadership of their class officers. Through their hard work and planning for Prom the Juniors proved themselves and met the standards of excellence -if Q TOP LEFT: Let us dry your hair. TOP RIGHT: Could it be a Sticky situation? BOTTOM LEFT: Even T.A. joined in the Christmas spirit. BOTTOM RIGHT: Katie and Tiffiny always crossing each other. OPP. PAGE: TOP LEFT: Tis the season to be jolly? OPP. PAGE: TOP RIGHT: T.C. checks Mr. White's peripheral vision. OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE LEF'I': Micheal's version of creative writing. OPP. PAGE: MIDDLE RIGHT: Authority at its best. OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Yes, she did say "Ready, type." OPP. PAGE: BOTTOM RIGHT: Curtis catches some ZEEES. I f- f,. 55:3 .. V J : t. - . V :':ff.f,x . f rf K Qs NQFQ' Ks we-' - 1 N X g f N met N .1 ' A 'Gm-Mfw W, rf - any U M y L ,A V may V ., s ' 'A W A """'li 5 ,I A m:..........1.W , "" , f, ,M ap.. 'iw' ,EW Qtr Just For The ,z:,. Q . , 9 Q .Q 1 Ei President- Ariel Horta, Vice-Preiident - Heather 'lk Secretary - Moment i i I , 32' K x 5 6 ee i 1 a an ,, i i , Maia Caroline Coigin, Treasurer - Ben Logan, Social Chairmen - Greg Andrews and Heidi Robertson 121 Jay Michael Abramson Gregory Haden Andrews Kristy Barrington Mary Caroline Colgin Donald Bruce Dorris Ronda Sue Free Holly Kay Garrett Martin Wayne Gerhardt Ariel "Slick" Horta Carol Ann Johnson Kenneth Gordon Latham Stephanie Lorelei Lieber Benjamin Gabriel Logan Steven Calvin Luman Janice Louise McAlister Elizabeth Ashley Peatross James Gordon Pesnell Sarah Melinda Rice Heidi Elizabeth Ann Robertson Stacey Renee Rosso Heather Elisabeth Sawyer Shannon Joy Smith Patrick Lane Spano Catherine Ann Taylor A1 Charles Christopher Tingle Tracy Lea Tuggle Ashley Diane Turley John Donald Whittington .fx s ' gs-21 wf, K 2 align jx , I ,sr Q 9' f t ,,,.......--uvn- ..vxVYfZ H l l TOP LEFT: Through the works of H. Garrett and G. Andrews, great steps were taken toward the realization of world peace. ABOVE: In 1986, C. Colgin became Montgomery Ward's top model, LEFT: Beauty School dropout, no graduation day for you! 1. ft" vnu- S, wr is Q QD" If iv I ' X55 5 , e 5, , A-,rw ,f M 'md' fb K Y X ff 'rw g 4 UV?- JFQQ i Q-f 'wi' .1 in me X N Q M4 A: ' Friendliest Holly Garrett Ben Logan Most Likely To Succeed Ashley Peatross Greg Andrews Most Talented Heather Sawyer Kenny Latham f, uf, X i . S i Most Athletio Cutest Couple i Jan MoAIister Heidi Robertson John Whittington Steve Luman IVIOSt Spirited Stacey Rosso Wittiest Tracy Tuggle Chris Tingle . '-.-.,Z Ariel Horta E sum div M ANA t M. We're so glad We've had this time together, 128 ffm? -.' J .ffl 1fC.:',.,Wt r n E 41 x f W Just to have a laugh or sing a song. ...S ff, ,, 129 KV ,M I 5 fp in A, 24 Y 'Q-of X' Seems we just get started and before you know it ? limi. -4 V5 .wpfvi Wal? Andi' .qi A nov!!! Comes the time we have to say "So Long! ,,,,,,,......--vv- ,.,...,.--an-0 "!D,9 'E' ,, w XXX -.XNXXXN N 'xi X X Iv V ,,. . W .. W W ""' ,... : .S3' ffffl I . E ,Q gf' Mitsui I K ' L1 ,, W w ' I mf :'I' 'J' an 434' , 1 -W .v - X X QW Freshman Favorite Renee Robertson Troy Boddie ' . 2 1 K x ,Q 1. . GI: 4f.' if Q, K. 'Q f . l M-I , Q , .QM H E5 xl, -vu ll. U , Q . if . .T ..kAL 'mi X , L ' 5- Xxx Qi 2, i E W S 4. 752. T145 5, ,Q A ,., 'dn 5 W , Tonya Brown 1 .rf f 5' L 1 V - 5 l M' ' 'vi 1 s 4 Q , 'mfg W M -- " D as 133 1' QQEQWQ A ,K 5352 is "' -f wfwmqpiz . 52 .. ff Q if? We Surg Q if yum B Q ' milf 1 I 1 as A' ff' w . fs f Qfffzkw .' aff 51 M get 4' 95. MN ,L ... . 'fl Q 4 ' . . -'ill fr,-. ,,' Inf A U, 91 W M Hs' ' fa -ov" If 9.92 ' f 94 U L7 . ', D 'I 2','g,,. ",4f'1:f. - - , ..,.,,,, Q - ' Y. ff ' V R " Yi 1119- ' 1 " ' "ak bp. s."'s1f,' . ' 1 'H X . - --H 1 5, v .fyewnf .,. ,AJ . I - ' wx : 1- ,T Q- 2w'j'..m.:4fQv 4 X .1 lx 'vi fig" f,.. :2.2. . , 'Y 'iw f.. g..g .2 "f.."1f x, , Mi, .z..'L45 .tie ::::':f .':1::. 4 rf J., .. mai . ...q... gf -4 .-. 54 'P 'P-vassal A ini, qsM,!Q,.ff.. u-fr ww 4? 5, x-, ,R e.. Q . .X km. y , " M V, . x qw, 1 'im' .e i. ' - .J-W. - 9- ' , " 4 :mai N kv K ., 6 f1lwf?5xRw?Lg. , , 1--'v gk V' , "s.',.2 " - ,Q . ,W ,L 1 .YJ . ,.,. 4. ' l A q ,?,,, v 473, - -' ,K AL 'Nm -P " - .V K an wwmw R - aw " . ' ,. :fp i ,-Q, my 5 , . A -Y IL S Raw .- ,m,0., , mx. W. W ., A ,ib ,,,.. ,,,x:,+ +"f- .L Q'- l- , , ,. 1 bf hi fi E. 'LS 39955 NR OPINION POLL The Patriarch Staff surveyed one-hundred students to find what their likes were. Book - The Outsiders Movie - St. Elmo's Fire T.V. Program - The Cosby Show Actor - Sylvester Stallone Actress - Meryl Streep Male Singer - Phil Collins Female Singer - Madonna Song - That's What Friends Are For Album - Rocky lV Political Figure - Ronald Reagan Male Sports Figure - William Perry Female Sports Figure - Mary Lou Retton '13 t' 'Y 5- MAIN EVENTS TWA Highjacking Halley's Comet Geneva Summit Achille Lauro Highjacking Royal Couple Visits U.S. Death of Samantha Smith Mexican Earthquake Edwin Edwards Trial First Baptist Wins State Championship Space Shuttle Tragedy When asked what their hopes and expectations for the future were, they replied: . . . "to graduate" . . . "to be accepted to the college of my choice" . . . 'to have world peace" . . . "to end world hunger" . . . "to DSCOITIG 3 SUCCGSSH ..."to be the best l can be" 'C5-J' K. PRICE LIST Cassette Tape 38.00 Boy's Polo Oxford 3527.00 Candy Bar S .45 McDonald's Quarter Pounder 31.50 Movie Ticket 33.75 Unleaded Gas 31.13 whole Milk W2 gang st .43 January 28, 1986 CQ XR 3'vg 3- ri, f 'K 1 if ' ihul -A , as f ff-,f wy,L.z-W..,,w I Y .f Y 5' 4' ,L I i s rl If wqk 1 9' 1 9 r x Lf .. 8 141 . Miss Patriarch Ashley Peatross Ashley Peatross was selected as the 1986 Miss Patriarch because of her scholastic achievement and involvement in school activities. Ashley was Vice President of the National Honor Society and was on both the Headmaster's list and the honor roll. She was Vice President of the Mu Alpha Theta and participated in the district rally in Algebra l, Geometry, and Algebra ll. During her high school life she held offices in Student Coun- cil, Z-Club, and Pep Squad. She participated in basketball and softball. She was elected Freshman Maid for Basketball Court, Sophomore Maid of the Homecoming Court, and Football Sweetheart her senior year. Other honors include the Scholar Athlete Award, Captain of the Honor Guard her junior year, Who's Who, and the DAR Good Citizenship Award her senior year. Mr. Patriarch Jamie Pesnell Jamie Pesnell was chosen as the 1986 Mr. Patriarch for his outstanding character, leader- ship, and accomplishments in sports. Jamie represented our school as a Louisiana Boys' State delegate. At Boys' State, he was chosen to be a member of the City Council. He was on honor roll and was selected as a member of the Honor Guard in his junior year. Jamie was a proud member of the First Baptist state championship football team. He earned a four year letter in both football and basketball, receiving the title of All- District and All-State in football as a wide receiver and defensive back. Jamie also participated three years in tennis and baseball. He received the All- District honor in baseball. Jamie served as Parliamentarian in the Student Council and made other contributions in Key Club, French Club, and on the newspaper staff. :PHY f Gnce upon a time, there were two eager yearbook editors, Holly and Greg. At the beginning thing was fine and dandy. Some staffers refused to But not for long! ww co-operate. All the others quit. Holly and Greg were greatly distressed by this action led to a state of delirium between the two decided to do many pages on their own. This quickly for nonactionl. They put their heads together and editors. They began to climb the walls and each their brow, sit back, and say, God it's The cou- 144 Vn?'W"" - to wipe the sweat other. After much hard work and perseverance, the yearbook was completed. The two were then able f r o m "Thank o v e r ! ' ' ple lived happily ever after. THE END of the year, every- PxO' B1LL HUNTER Ferguggns FLORIST 16 . -Y f' 9 ruwoll A 41 Shrovopon, Lou :lone BILL 5- .,r , ?34E.700hS!r0d-AC I 71105 -1667330618 3" "'5""5 Silver 81 Lingerie JOAN if fi-to 3912 Youree Drive 1 1- BEA eu1LBAuLT Shreveport, LA 71105 I 1 mt-?""3Q""m" T13 13131868-7366 SX rfabrqieeyf gf. t - ' '55-. PHONE 865-5136 'P' 1' L ' 1 6505 LINE AVENUE mulling 31131159 28 P1ERREMoNr COMMON ,K jgwxyv SHREVEPORT, LA 71106 ,rr ,t' '46 . ' ' 1551131 1 I. A lvloreman, Moore 81 Co., RFU lno. WFMW Insurance Agents and Brokers . .D M RAYMOND F CAMUS Electric Co l B G 4 Oore 3108 Southern Ave Shreveport LA 71104 Republic Bank Building, Suite 400 RAN MOND F CAMUS Sr Presrderr 82Q Jordan St. Shreveport, LA 71101 13181424-9160 - . UC. 13181 222-3333 Presmem Compliments of Insulators and Sales Company, Inc. 1124 Commerce Shreveport, La. 71101 Ernest E. Adams Phone 221-2141 WHEN YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO CARES .gum Broadmoor Umted Methodlst Church .L . . H15 Vlxu-10 DI-ivl sum.,-sn umm.-rnxos sxuumu I. ,g t.,. ,t M FREESJHC Hr' We iff U, We'll keep you , dv cool all over. ' X 1 ' 2 v C 42523951 Service on all makes - Amana - Fneorioh - Rheem York I 22,221 I 2'E9a"e I 2322 - Climatrol ' Heil - Weatherking - Coleman ' L nnox - Westinghouse L L - Fedders - Magsc Chef - Whnrlpool s E R v I Since 1948 ' 24-Hour Emergency Service THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH IN SHREVEPORT A WORD FROM OUR PAS TOR Shreveport is a city of churches, each with a distinctive personality shaped by history, setting, and membership. As the first of many Baptist congregations in this area, we have a rich heritage fashioned by a host of dedicated leaders. Centrally located in the Shreveport-Bossier metroplex, we seek to serve individuals and families from all of our communities. A diverse membership insures that those of every age and background will feel a warm welcome in our fellowship. Our primary purposes are to worship C-od both collectively and in private devo- tions, to reach out to others with the sav- ing message of the Gospel, to guide disciples toward spiritual maturity, to care for one another in the crises of life, to pro- vide opportunities for mission service among those in need of our support, and to build a strong church with growing resources for ministry in the years to come. We would consider it a surpassing privilege to have you ioin us as a partner in this grand endeavor. William E. Hull, Pastor WEEKLY SCHEDULE SUNDAY: 9:30 OITW. 401415 a.m. Morning Worship 7:00 p.m. Sunday School Evening Worship WEDNESDAY: 5:00-6:45 p.m. Church Family Dinner 51115-7:45 p.m. Children's Choirs and Missions 6:30-7:45 p.m. Midweek Prayer Service A GUIDE TO OUR CAMPUS Gym Q 5 X I 3 2 -, Acnvmzs, 2 fi nunoiue . Qy H K3 1-.-' 'I'-4, Dowtinqlones 33 3 x Parking Parking an DODD HAlI. ,x , Parking C hmm ,.-.....l...-1-....1--1 PLAYLMOUND Q - 5 I: W - .. OL"n,9 Q Mwonmi 'Ib 3 GARDEN QQ - X I gifs at ' J 4' 6 of ssqv I-9 149 1 . .r jr! IN GUI? 52nd YEAR isauxsxnx , . l 5 Z 5 , r 1 ' 5 .-' .-n --, fa .--, -' ss--A-.-' : A 1 : ff T4 'f , .v. I 1 I , 1 s, . . I, 5 , ..- Z gn. : : 5 : , -,uv 7 :E 5: 1 1: 9-:-:1 :Av I 4 ' n , - -n -' Q.: 'U' 'in--"vv". "lu: 'uni' 'itixsha :sSS!Svittsbvaxsnsshwkysssss:misss-usa x,,' 9 " , . l.',il 'h' .fl - I I fw SKEETER SEA RAYE WATERSKIS EVWUD 321Q ACCESSORIES YAMAHA BASS MERCURY LAKESHQRE TRACKER 636-1 300 RIVERGATE II, SUITE F SHREVEPORT, LA 71105 1950 E. 70th STREET PHONE 318-798-1081 JOE E. FORD Contractor 9300 MANSFIELD ROAD SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 71118 OFFICE 688-0863 HOME 869-1900 Compliments of Cindy Emiciotto of Camille Millen Designs ammo aww 5ar4w5f2f4.fmnqyer fuzzy he tfylldlvll :fade J40 60.90 .fizauw JZ,-wgaof-0 I' " 71104 W P Compliments Evangeline of 'f Restaurant 0 6030 Line Ave. 869 3291 GQCDD LUCK PATRICDTS! Shreve glframe 8: Qllnrk Ealing 6012 LINE AVE. SHBEVEPORT, LA 71106 861-2529 SOUTHWESTERN WHOLESALE CO., INC. 616 MARKET STREET SCOTT D. LAWRENCE P O BOX 1235 318-222-3184 SHREVEPORT LA 71163 Best Wishes Patriots GQQD LUCK SENIORS' Dr. R. A. Drummond Orthodontics C5JQroz2 Cgbjzzyrczv ny Go Keep Smiling Z . 3l6 OCKLEY DR. AT YOUREE DR. POST OFFICE BOX 57OI SHREVEPOFIT, LOLHSIANA 35 4503 FERN SHREVEPORT LA 71105 OIL WELL DRILLING AND WELL SERVICE CONTRACTOR ASTRO DRILLING CO., INC. 0 J 8 HN W. THOMAS JOHN W. THOIVIAS, JR. 61-6337 865-4413 Qood Antiques - Gifts luck d oillt KATI-ii HAiviEi. Sf' , 3 KAY PAINE best wishes Vy Que ...WZ . - 1 Kf'-s 's+s f 3307 L' e Avenue - Shreveport, Louisiana M,-Xil SIHX INC I Ni 611421 IIAXAS, Ykllx NMI vk,r kwmmlum 1 me W. L. Stephenson 1 G gag l V Stephenson hmm Floor Coverings SS?iil3XT'i'i3'11B5 391 1 Southern Ave. Midi? ffm J 1 Shreve3p3cart6lg2a711O6 Good Luck Patriots "Seniors of 1986" S vie' if If I f ' E I ,,,, 5 I Paper R Doll Children - Pre-Teens - Juniors S030 LINE AVENUE, EVANSELINE SQUARE SUITE 211 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 71106 JAMIE THOMAS 13183 865-2679 Li. ii. suirz 125 LENA THOMASON 525 RSHALL S7 asian 424-0272 sunsvzronr LA 'nioi HOME 636-4695 BUSINESS 222-6005 ASHLEY'S SERVICE E CHOO Y Selecting each student who attends K entenaryl ollege is one of the most important decisions we make Our students are achievers they are motivated to succeed in challenging scholasnc programs wide variety of extra curricular activities They are open to new ideas and talk frequently and freely with faculty staff and peers They are fun loving they reach out care and tike a personal interest Selecting, the right college may he one of the most important decisions you will ever make Be choosy RANCH We are 3040 CENTENARV BLVD. g I y Je ASHLEY SHREVEPORT LA 71104 A Fnend of Mind. I 5 o Q of ga ry 1 Q. I V, T They are leaders, shaping and directing a 1 I I Y ' I " 1 r X , I , Tall and Stout Shop Specializing in Tall and Large Sizes 5821 Youree Drive Southfield Shopping Center Shreveport, La. 71105 868-1616 Betty 8 Vince Taglavore Owners FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. Tom Lawhon's Farm 81 Garden Store 4310 IVIANSFIELD FIUAD SHREVEPORT, LCDUISIANA 71108 Compliments of Griffith Allergy Clinic Asthma, Allergy and Related Illnesses of Children and Adults s 2751v g A Ph Sh p L 635 4353 BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL SEASON FROM BEAIRD-POULANIWEED EATER Rf, Easy to own! X7 Easy to operate! ELECTRIC 81 GAS E Easy to service! D SO O E E SO E ECTRCCO F OURNO UC S D S EVE OFIT 9 WEST POWER CLEANING 305 OCKLEY DRIVE, SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 71105 nas my Shoppe 525 Marshal 425 1347 Balloon Bouquets Candy Gifts Monday thru Saturday 9:33 am Ill 5111! pm J . ,ex 'RH 5 ilsiqlqlh A D Shreveport, LA 711 Carolyn C. Clone, Owner 318-425-5772 TRANS WORLD M 'W 4851 Line BuddyD Toby Professional Guide Koran LA Compliments of The Culbertson Family Best Wishes to the Sophomore Class THE COMPANY OF TOMORROW TO DAY ure ANY 'SQ ' A 551 x- ' 04 4 I I 4 I I l S ' 16 Qgiffiard ffqczrfozzg Dcsiiqm ofllisriln H017 RmiJu111ml ' QnUl77lIla'Hfrll .l ISHLHN IHA m -lpm -X111ml.wl11f1.u bl 35 Fairfield Ave. 861-0531 9058 Mansfield Road - Shreveport, LA 71118 318-688-0480 - M X PHOTOGRAPHIC Q E , l SERVICES, INC. - TRAVEL SERv1cE.,.c """""" 643 SEGNER AVE, 4 4-4402 Sandra Edmistorm Ruth Magovirk 635-4656 owners 63514067 """" """' ""' """" """" -'---- 4 1' Co Q at Iato s Sophomo es' Conmmnmns , of a Class of 88 Fnend MOORE 8 MEARS INSURANCE AGENCYJNC. ' r.o. sox 7217 srmevsronr, LOUISIANA 71137-7217 n r U I n PHONE 221-488 Guy S . Moore , CPCU Ron Mears , CPCU r President Vice-President ' Congratulations Yearbook Staff Compliments of Martha Bowen Q I ,.. o ge Q "L!lllIlllUlIh,,1illhlglwml 1' 1-- Ill In KTBS SIIREVEPURT KEEPING YOU ON TOP il 1 wb 41 M ng . ll J. - .QAM ll'-34 ., . 'Hx "s 11 , Q A h 3. -' .4 " " L- N I x10 y .Q A 1. 'ii ' - " ,' ' . 4, . 4 '. :I . ir :shin Q I 1 ll . L. F 3 .1-',',f!-. M I Q . I G P .A . .V M .,,4 -gf, .,.. ,,,.,,,.,. -.:,,:,.,, .. A I' A - . ,., 1 1 - .1. . .- . ..H - kitittttiikkitkftitkil lf 5 P1115 P1 121 F13 t ,ll I L!! i Y vs..-5.51 5001121115111 001111111111 X' 11.0. Box 9054 s11115v5P0111, LA.71139 X 1. 5051 0115511w000 110. 11110115 631-8300-WATTS 1-U10-872-2486 1 If W-was , V RENTAL RATES X S-"5'!111,14l111ff?T'R29 0 f ,,., . "Lf . f "5"-i?-b ' 1 ...4n151?s. 3. . 1 .-01'.11f11.1.. .:: . 2 r"f.7, 'E .' X 1 155,55- .w550510.., '11 - K- 1 4 ,J -- x- 'V 1 E A4 -- Q fmm"1lml15" X qf?35- hhjg' ' '-HP 11117 Y. - ' 3 - -' f f , . X, '75, ,gg gb L ' 'sg ag,-: ' .0 ., -L ' T. , -A . ff f " if DOZERS lf! JJ!!! 111011111 41 lv 0.0. 4500 250.00 150.00 2450.00 K CIT 04 290.00 870.00 2610.00 K t CIT 05 425.00 1275.00 3825.00 t C47 05LGP 511.00 1833.00 5500.00 K CAT 08 585.00 1755.00 5265.00 Q cn 05105 750.00 2250.00 5750.00 .K KOMATSU 555 505.00 1755.00 5265.00 'W' 3333353 3333.333 33333 533333 333333 'K if RUBBER 1111110 101105115 ' 'K t 047 830 355.00 1065.00 3195.00 K 047 850 455.00 1395.00 4105.00 1, cn 955 mAcK5I013016ERS 1740.00 5220.00 -K ..L. x' 047 931 -5 275.00 825.00 2475.00 K Y 041' 855L 425.00 1275.00 3825.00 K X 041' 8'l7L MOTORQIBKAODERS 1583.00 4750.00 i J.0. 5704 385.00 1085.00 3250.00 K CIT 12 E cAV5iQ0Rs 1425.00 4250.00 K A 120 z05LE0' W0 :m0x Q nusssn TIRED BACKHOE 1 t J.0. 4100 SCFJXBISIEOR 550.00 1850.00 K i J.0. 5704 510.00 1850.00 5,500.00 x t CAT 6138 comgggggns 2000.00 8000.00 .K 225 017' 555 00 2000 00 ttuvsrsn fxfxffxifixfxixrxffi CARAWAY TRAVEL SERVICE Agents For All 01 A Arrlrnes Crurse Operators Pl 3730 Youree Drrve Shreveport La 71105 Pat Caraway 227 0500 8m TRUST COMPANY Member FDIC Ships and Tour ROBERTS, CHERRY 8: COMPANY A Corporation of Certified Public Accountants 650 Olive Street 0 Shreveport, La. 71104 D Telephone: 13181 222-2222 ALLEN'S SERVICE CENTERS lQ'iU 602E t7Oil1 3865 66011161671 p it 11106 37 Sh p it 71106 666 9060 666 4779 3904 Southern Av Sh p t L 71106 865 1132 Donald Allen Dempsey Allen Vernon Allen Coon LUCK PATRIUTS Brake Repair, Road Service, and Alignment Complete Automotive Services AIWCIWOV Fife Compliments of 31 Safety lno Scott Jackson 601 West 62nd St Sr 85 865 4627 IndustnalF1re am 1- Pfvtectlon HOUSE I GROOMINGW 8t Safety Supplles , l 7 I I I l Q 2' I l E 2401 E 70111 snnevepont 1,oo1s1ANA 71105 Wong 797 2963 ' commstg UNE or ooo za om sovpnes tjgtffig Frank Stinson's D tree iff 1' -2'-' ...oft .Aint OLDSMOBILE'CADILLAC'lSUZU Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart fiom it. Proverbs 12:6 Compliments Casco Industries Good Luck Class 86 Devereaux Appraisal Co., Ino. 3541 Youree Drive Shreveport, Louisiana 71105 Donated to the First Baptist Church School Juniors Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Jack S. Coussons Goo? Luck o HOLLY COUSSONS From Three Good Friends!! Art Turley Insurance Agency 798 2242 Congratulations 86 Class of 87 Remains Supenor' Never Underestumate an 87 Sensor Compliments of Tracy Jennifer 8t Holly Seniors of Ldve Ya As y and Holly W Q Q QE WIIIIIEIHIIEMIIIIE III I IlII5Wlil i- L CENTURIES MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME 8a CEMETERY NON-SECTARIAN PERPETUAL CARE BRONZE MARKERS S MAUSOLEUM CRYPT EVERYTHING AT ONE LOCATION 8801 M f IdR d 686 4334 American Storage 8516 Line Avenue 865-0376 James S. Kot Remodeling 845 Trabue Shreveport, Louisiana 865-7367 GOOD GOOD LUCK LUCK PATRIOTS in 86 Holly Coussons Comphments of from Pro Inc DOT SCOU BOX 9349 Huntington Park Shreveport L3 Hair Designers 7505 Pines Fld. 687-1234 Broadmoor Drugstore 3964 Youree Drive Shreveport, LA 71105 1318i 865-4617 MOISE SINITIERE LINDA SINIT PLUMBING - HEATING - DRAIN CLEANING MASTER PLUMBING CO. SAM CICERO 424-1312 OR 865-41 JOHN PARKER 2119 LAKESHO OWNERS SHREVEPORT, LA. 711 Win! Win! LUV Win! YA PATRIOTS Ann-O-nymous First Baptist Junior CONGRATULATIONS Class SENIORS '86 Compliments of Juanita Smith THIS ONE'S i ff XS X FOR ' YOU! STUDENT COUNCIL 1985-86 LUV YA PATRIOTS CGNGRATULATIONS SENIGRS! Hargrove Insurance SERVING SHFIEVEPORT SINCE 19471' fy 41 BILL HARGROVE -I-8 2T'511.... P.O. Box 6001 """"""'0""""""' Shreveport, Louisiana 71106 Rall! 3181865-8481 G ,gggwg7,, 13181 226-7870 -'C 318 228-7838 3904 Ave. 6 as17OIh REP. nosenr P. "BOBBY" wADoELL Shreveport, La. 71106 SVWGVEDOV1. LB- 11105 USTWCT 4 865-1132 865-9050 ALLEN'S SERVICE CENTERS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 7808 JEWE1-LA STATE OF LOUISIANA SHFIEVEPOHT LA 71108 e want to help you become smarter about money matters - because the more you know about money, the better off you'II be. Loenl lnvutmenll Helueme Home Money Market Checking A I IRA Equilyline fline ol creditj Money Market Investment Acc t Keogh Property Improvement Certilicntnl ol Deposit Annuities Mobile Home Jumbo Certiticetu ol Deposit Statement Snvings Accounts SAVINGS 81 LOAN 9122 Mansfield Road 686-2810 ESE: 'E-E1 2230 Jewella Road 631-5620 4361 Youree Drive 869-3207 nt Progu mn I uuunce Homeowners Morlgege Cencellet Automobile Lite Credit Lite I8...,-an on-our Compliments of Zhan Chiropractics 1005 Southland Park Drive 688-1221 Donated to the First Baptist Church School Seniors Dr. and lVlrs. Richard K Barnett Compliments of Jim Elgin Builcler, Inc. 222 Crockett St. Shreveport, La. 71101 t Phone 227-0778 Compliments of 2 A x,' ., SANDWICH DEN The best hamburger in two cities. Bo, Carolyn and Candy Mcllwain 3380 Barksdale Blvd. Bossier City, La. 71112 Ph. 747-7350 Cherish your health! Ifs your most prized possessionf, 1 no wlLus-KNlGHroN MEDICAL CENTER 2600 Greenwood Road Shreveport Louisiono 71103 SOUTH PARK H O S Pl TA L 2510 Flournoy-Lucas Road, Shrevopon. Louisiana 71118 8240 JSWTZ 2208 739A Benton na. n, . S"'eVfQ068,,4900 mmf CW- LA ELECTRIC PAINTED ILLfP' A 742 7439 . .ASTIC ERECTION Brown E NEVELS Brothers ARE-I APPLIANCES Sales if Service 'A' Parts 7 H 'IP sz' 276 SOUTNFIELD ROAD F EGOD CRANE RENTAL MAINTENANCE 227 2664 0 SANDBLASTED SIGNS 0 TRUCK LETTERING 0 IN L LEAF 0 IILLIO IDS 0 SILK SCREEN 0 DECALS 0 PLASTIC LETTERS Ill AIIYCVIT X SNlfVlF0lT, LA- 'Il gn of pTUfl'SSI'0IIllI Dry f.'If'f1Hl'lUH , SHREVEPCIPT, LOUISIANA IIIDS Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana A Professional Medical Austin W. General G'eaSOf11 Corporation Orthopedics M.D. Sports LEWIS C- Medicine J , M.D. Diff D. 2900 Hearne Ave. SUTQIZQ3 vvaddeu, 635-3052 Shreveport, Louisiana 71103 Micro M.D. And Vascular Marion E. , S IVIIISIBHG, 2120 Bert Kouns Industrlal Loop H5222 M.D. ' James S, South Park Medical Plaza Footiugiijg LHHCI1 Phone: 687-7260 Shreveport, Surgery Louisiana 71118 By Appointment Only H RON HOOPEFTS f f "'1'. 1 Evangelme , 1 Y ,, H Square 1 I La. 6030 LINE AVENUE SUITE 320 L H 1 ra 313-333-3430 S ,LSE gSTLLhgOiOAJV:IIqE711O6 .3 5,8 , WMAN I IL CO. P.O. BOX 8158 SHREVEPORT, LA 71108 13185 635-9026 SPECIALIZING IN HAND FINISHING AZALEA CLEANERS INC CLEANERS INC PREPARE TO BE PAMPERED 732 AZALEA DR DIAL 861 0557 BEN JOEL 81 SHREVEPORT LA Phone 318-869-1206 C IIIMNASTIII SUPPLIER OF ALL TYPES OF EXERCISE, DANCE, PEP SQUAD 8: CHEERLEADER EQUIPMENT, T SHIRTS SOFTBALL UNIFORMS 81 - FRANK PERNICI, Jn. P.o. sox 5374 ANTHONY CATANESE 4727 LINE AVE. sHnEvEPon'r, LA 71106 WALTER JOHNSTON '1Always Welcome to" , DON 'S fig? Seafood 84 Steak House 3100 HIGHLAND AVE PHONE 865-4291 TL X . SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA SUNDAYS-THURSDAY 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. FRIDAYS 84 SATURDAYS 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. ALSO IN LAFAYETTE ' BEAUMONT ' BATON ROUGE ' HOUSTON ' NEW ORLEANS WE SPEAK , TEDDY BEAR! Y C' T Louisiana BEER Best VVISIWGS Benjamin E Foster Practlce Llmlted to Orthodontics 1914 East 70th Hwy. 80 E. Haughton Phone 1914 Pines Rd. 797-8833 NIU-SOUTH IICREATION. INC. DIA rmns Sowing Tho Wol Sn Throughout Tho Ark-Ln-Tax :sn un: Avz, ron vous :vsnv ro. sox con s num room. Nuo S nz an Irv. LA. 71106 'I S- 9?4y.a .. 904.3 Qe4c.9Z0,e 5825 Youroo Dr. - Southfield Plaza SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 71105 Phone 869-3165 M6079 Pierremont Mall Shreve City Yarbrough Interlor Designers Shreveport La 71105 Phone 797 7997 I X numuflosnmu o Shreve Island Bicycle Center 2402 East 10th Street 797-9500 or 797-9502 Cpen 8:30-6 lVlon.-Fri. Sat. 8:30-5 Compliments of Dixie Weld-Fab, Inc. PC. Box 271 378-4275 Belcher, La. 71004 425-8977 Compliments of Brown Builders, Inc. 1619 Jimmie Davis Hwy. Phone 746-0211 Compliments of Winningham Datsun-Volvo, lnc. New and Used Cars Phone 227-1185 1322 Texas Ave. Rentals Sales Vldeo West Roy Graves Owner 6138 Greenwood 636 9608 Troy s Photo 645 Kings Hwy Shreveport Loulslana 865 4351 Custom Balt Cabinet 8 SUPPIY 6000 Unlon St Shreveport Loulslana 8651412 Wallpaper Carpentry Remodeling J 8 A lntenors Quality Work Andy 8 Joanne Klldaw 635-2841 "The end is only the begmmng for those who see 1t as the Gr pht future." CI i u Aid Station Marina Aliens Service Center Allure Travel Agency Anchor Fire and Safety Andress Hall Ann Osment Art Turley Insurance Artie Nevel Signs Ashley and Holly Ashley's Service D.J. Ranch A Stitch ln Time Astro Drilling Azalea Cleaners Beaird Poulon Ben Foster Orthodontics Bill Hunter Bobby Waddell Bowman Oil Co. Broadmoor Drugstore Broadmoor Methodist Church Brown Brothers Brown Builders Buddy D. Toby Caraway Travel Agency Casco Industries Centenary College Centuries Memorial Funeral Home Cindy Emicrotto and Camille Designs Coca-Cola Company Colony House Culbertson Family Custom Bilt Cabinets 8t Supply Devereaux Appraisal Dixie Savings and Loans Dixie Weld-Fab Inc. Don's Seafood Dot Scott Dr. and Mrs. Coussons Dr. R. A. Drummond Evangeline Restaurant Fabric Gallery The Fashion Feeders Supply First Baptist Church Frank Stinson's Rountree Free's lnc. Griffith Allergy Clinic Hargrove Insurance Hilliard and Barlow Initially Yours Insulators and Sales Co. J and A Interiors James S. Kot Remodeling Jim Elgin Builders Ad Index Joe E. Ford Contractors Jordan and Booth Juanita Smith Knox Goodmans KTBS LaTienda Lena's Little Shoppe Lena's Shoe Gallery Louisiana Bear Co. Martha Bowen Master Plumbing McCarty's ll Moore and Mears Insurance Moppet Shoppe Morehead Pools Moreman, Moore and Co., Inc. Oak and Ivy Orthopedic Specialists Paper Doll Pep Squad Officers Pioneer Bank Pipes Porter Cleaners Ray's-Don's Deb Shop Reeves Marine RFC Electric Roberts, Cherry and Company Senior Class Shapes Hair Design Shreve Frame and Clock Gallery Shreve Island Bicycle Center Shreveport Gymnastics Smith Photographic Service Sophomore Class Southern Gallery Southwestern Wholesale Student Council Styron Engraving Tall and Stout Shop Teddy Bear Sandwich Den Thrifty Rent-a-Car The Tipton Class Tracy, Jennifer and Holly Trans World Life Insurance Troy's Photo Video West West Power Cleaning White's Cleaners Willis Knighton Hospital Winningham Datsun Volvo W. L. Stephenson Floor Covering Yarbrough Interior Designers Zahn Chiropractics Patri It would be hard to describe the making those of us on yearbook staff, who have could never have been possible without 1986 yearbook such as the mothers the typing, and those who just gave us a to express our deepest appreciation. Patrons . . . The as anything less than complex. And the Patriarch together, know that it Those who have contributed to the who have helped with us to keep going, we would like a special thanks to our Patriarch Senior Achievements Jay Abramson Key Club 1, 25 Newspaper 1, 2, 5 F.C.A. 1, 25 Drama Club 1, 25 Honor Roll5 Senior Class Favorite5 Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1-4, All District Pitcher Greg Andrews Student Council Representative 1-45 Key Club 2-4, President 45 Mr. Spirit Stick 45 Yearbook 2-4, Editor 45 F.C.A. 1, 25 Drama Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2, President 25 Quiz Bowl 35 German CLub 3, President 35 Young Republicans 45 Freshman Class Social Chairman5 Senior Class Social Chairman5 N.H.S. Treasurer5 Headmaster's List5 Honor Roll5 Junior Honor Guard5 State Rally in Latin I and ll, placed 2nd in Latin I, Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students5 Who's Who5 Senior Class Favorite5 Masonic Honesty and Integrity Award5 Optimist Scholarship Award5 Tennis 1, 25 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, President 45 Most Likely to Succeed and District Rally in English IV Missy Barnett Z-Club 2-45 Pep Squad 1, 35 Drill Team 25 Newspaper 25 Drama Club 45 French Club 1-35 Latin Club 45 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Secretary 45 N.H.S. 3, 4, Secretary 45 Headmaster's List5 Honor Roll5 District and State Rallies in French I, ll, and III5 Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students5 Who's Who5 Senior Class Favorite5 Harvard Book Award5 Basketball 2, 35 Track 25 Soccer 1, 2 Kristy Barrington Student Council 4, Secretary 45 Z-Club 3, 45 Pep Squad 35 Drill Team 45 Cheerleader 1, 25 Yearbook 25 Newspaper 4, Secretary 45 F.C.A. 1, 25 French Club 1, Treasurer 15 Latin Club 4, Secretary 45 German Club 4, Treasurer 45 Football Ad Staff 2, 45 N.H.S. 3, 4, President 45 Headmaster's List5 Honor Roll5 District Rally in Spell- ing, World History, English5 State Rally in English5 Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students5 Who's Who5 Senior Class Favorite5 Mu Alpha Theta 2, 45 National Honor Roll5 Beta Club 25 Track 15 Softball 1 192 Caroline Colgin Pep Squad 15 Drill Team 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Newspaper 2, 3, Secretary 35 F.C.A. 25 French Club 1-3, Secretary 2, 35 Latin Club 45 Young Republicans 45 Honor Roll5 Homecoming Court Senior Maid5 Basketball Court Senior Maid5 Who's Who5 Senior Class Favorite5 Track 25 Softball 2 Marion Darby Student Council Representative5 Key Club 1-35 F.C.A. 1-35 Football 2-45 All District Football5 All State Football5 Senior Class Favorite5 Track5 Baseball Julie Day Newspaper 35 Drama Club 15 French Club 25 Latin Club 35 Creative Writing Club 35 Young Republicans 45 Freshman Class Vice-President5 Sophomore Class Vice-President5 Headmaster's List5 Honor Roll5 Senior Class Favorite5 Sophomore Most Attractive Bruce Dorris Key Club 25 Newspaper 45 Drama Club 45 French Club 1, 25 Latin Club 45 Young Republicans 45 Honor Roll5 Junior Honor Guard5 Senior Class Favorite5 Football 2, 45 Track 25 Baseball 1-35 All District Baseball5 Golf 4 Ronda Free Z-Club 3, 4, Senior Board Member 45 Pep Squad 1-4, Chaplain, Treasurer, Vice-President5 Yearbook 2-4, Ad Editor 45 F.C.A. 1-35 French Club 1-35 Latin Club 45 Honor Roll5 Senior Class Favorite5 Tennis 1-4 Holly Garrett Z-Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Pep Squad 1-4, Secretary 3,45 Year- book 3, 4, Editor 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Ger- man Club 3, Parliamentarian 35 Young Republicans 45 Honor RolI5 Girls' State City Council5 Junior Honor Guard5 District Rally in Typing5 Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students5 Who's Who5 Senior Class Favorite5 Friendliest5 Masonic Honesty and Integrity Award5 Optimist Youth in Government Day Representative5 Soft- ball 1, 2,5 Academic Decathalon Wayne Gerhardt Student Council Historian5 Key Club 2, 3: Newspaper 3, 4, Editor 45 Drama Club 15 French Club 1, 25 Quiz Bowl 35 Young Republicans 45 Sophomore Class Social Chairman5 Junior Class Social Chairman5 Honor Rollg Junior Honor Guard5 Basketball 1-45 Golf 4 Carol Ann Johnson Pep Squad 1, 2, Drummer5 Drill Team 35 Cheerleader 45 Yearbook 3, 45 F.C.A. 4, French Club 2-4, Vice-President 45 Latin Club 15 Honor Roll5 Senior Class Favorite5 Basketball 25 Track 2, 35 Soft- ball 1,2 Kenny Latham Student Council Historian5 Key Club 1- 35 Yearbook 15 Newspaper 15 F.C.A. 1, 25 French Club 15 Senior Class Favorite5 Football 1-45 Basketball5 Track5 Baseball5 All District Football5 All State Football Stephanie Lieber Pep Squad 15 Drill Team 2-4, Captain 45 Newspaper 2, 35 F.C.A. 1-35 Drama Club 1-45 Latin Club 1, 25 German Club 3, Secretary 35 Sophomore Class Presi- dent5 Junipr Class President5 Honor Roll5 Girls' State Alternate5 District Rally in English5 Who's Who5 Sophomore Class Favorite5 Senior Class Favorite5 National Leadership Organization5 Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Con- ference5 National English Merit Award5 Drill Team Excellence Award5 Softball Kelly Loftus Cheerleader 25 Yearbook 25 FrC.A. 1-35 French Club Secretary 25 Freshman Class Secretary5 Sophomore Class Vice-President5 Junior Class Secretary5 District Rally in English III5 Homecoming Court Freshman Maid5 Homecoming Court Junior Maid5 Sophomore Class Favorite5 Senior Class Favorite5 Basketball 1-35 Track 1, 35 Softball 1-3 Senior Achievements Ben Logan Student Council Representative 1, 23 Key Club 1-33 F.C.A. 1, 23 Interact 1, 23 Sophomore Class Vice-President3 Senior Class Treasurer3 Senior Class Favorite3 Football 1-42 All District Foot- ball3 All State Football3 Track 3 Steve Luman Key Club 43 Yearbook 23 Newspaper 23 F.C.A. 1, 23 Latin Club 4, President 43 4-H Vice-President3 Junior Class Social Chairman3 Honor Roll3 Academic Decathlon3 Football 1-43 Basketball 3, 43 All District Football3 All State Football Jan McAlister Z-Club 2-4, Parliamentarian3 Pep Squad 13 Drill Team 2-4, Co-captain 43 Newspaper 1, 23 F.C.A. 1-33 Drama Club 1-43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Young Republicans 43 Sophomore Class SGCYGTSFYQ Honor Roll3 Junior Honor Guard3 District Rally in Spanish l3 Who's Who3 National Leadership Award3 Basketball 1-43 Softball 1-43 Miss Offense in Basketball and Softball Ashley Peatross Student Council, Parliamentarian 10, President 123 Z-Club 2-4, Vice- President 123 Pep Squad 1-4, Vice- President 3, President 43 Yearbook Staffer 23 F.C.A. 1, 23 French Club 1-33 Latin Club 43 N.H.S. Vice-President3 Headmaster's List3 Honor Roll3 Junior Honor Guard Captain3 District Rally in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II3 Homecoming Court Sophomore Maid3 Homecoming Court Football Sweetheart3 Basketball Court Freshman Maid3 Who's Who3 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4, Vice-President 43 DAR Good Citizenship Award3 ScholarfAthlete Award3 Basketball 1-43 Softball Jamie Pesnell Student Council 4, Parliamentarian 43 Key Club 43 Newspaper 43 French Club 33 Honor Roll3 Boys' State City Council3 Junior Honor Guard3 Football 1-43 Basketball 1-43 Tennis 1-43 Baseball 1- 43 All District Footbal and Baseball3 All State Kicker3 Senior Class Favorite Darryl Rayburn Freshman Class TYSHSUFSYQ Football 1- 43 Track 13 Latin Club 1, 23 Baseball 23 Sophomore Class Favorite3 F.C.A. 33 Junior Class Treasurer3 Senior Class Favorite Melinda Rice Pep Squad 33 Drama Club 13 French Club 43 Spanish Club 1-43 District Rally in Am. History3 Track 1-43 Senior Class Favorite Heidi Robertson Z-Club 43 Pep Squad 1-4, Chaplain and Drummer3 Drill Team 43 F.C.A. 1, 23 Drama Club 1, 23 French Club 1-43 Latin Club 43 German Club 3, Social Chair- man3 Senior Class Social Chairman3 Honor Roll3 Junior Honor GUBFGQ State Rally in German I, placed 2nd3 Basket- ball Court Junior Maid3 Basketball Court Sweetheart3 Senior Class Favorite3 Basketball 1-43 Track3 Soft- ball3 All District Basketball Stacey Rosso Z-Club 3, 43 Pep Squad 13 Drill Team 23 Cheerleader 3, 4, Head 43 Yearbook 3, 43 Newspapeer 23 French Club 2-4, President 43 Latin Club 13 Sophomore Class Treasurer3 Junior Class Historian3 District Rally in French lll3 Senior Class Favorite3 Most Spirited3 Softball2 Heather Sawyer Z-Club 2-4, Board Member, Secretary3 Pep Squad 1, Drummer3 Drill Team 2, 3, Co-Captain3 Cheerleader 43 Newspaper 2-4, Editor3 F.C.A. 13 Latin Club 1, 2, President3 German Club 3, Vice- President3 Football Ad Staff 33 Freshman Class Social Chairman3 Sophomore Class Vice-President3 Junior Class Vice-President3 Honor Roll3 Junior Honor Guard3 District Rally in English I3 Homecoming Court Freshman Maid, Junior Maid, Queeng Basketball Court Sophomore Maid3 Society of Distinguished Am. High School Students3 Who's WhOQ Freshman Class Favorite3 Sophomore Class Favorite3 Senior Class Favorite3 Most Talented3 Track 2, 33 Softball 1 Shannon Smith Gals Club 1, 23 Pep Squad 1, 33 Drama Club 23 French Club 33 Senior Class Favorite3 Basketball 1 Lane Spano Student Council 1, Class Represen- tative3 Newspaper 3, 43 Drama Club 33 Spanish Club 1, 23 Latin Club 43 District Rally in SpelIing3 Track 23 Golf 33 Senior Class Favorite Cathy Taylor Pep Squad 23 Spanish Club 33 Basket- ball 1, 33 Track 13 Senior Class Favorite Chris Tingle Drama Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 13 Art Club 13 Senior Class Favorite3 Wittiest Tracy Tuggle Student Council 4, Representative3 Pep Squad 1, 23 Drama Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 1-4, Treasurer, President3 Senior Class Favorite3 Wittiest Ashley Turley Pep Squad 13 Drill Team 2-4, Co- Captain 43 Newspaper 23 F.C.A. 3g Young Republicans 43 Honor Roll3 District RGIIYQ State Rally in Home Economics3 Society of Distinguished Am. High School Studentsg Who's Who3 Senior Class Favoriteg Sophomore Class Beauty3 Drill Team Excellence Award3 Softball 2 John Whittington Student Council 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 43 Key Club 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Yearbook 23 Newspaper 23 F.C.A. 1, 23 Drama Club 33 French Club 13 Boys' State3 Junior Honor Guard Captain3 Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Favorite3 Masonic Honesty and Integri- ty Award3 Football 1-43 Basketball 1, 2, 43 Track3 Baseball3 All District Football3 All State Football 193 Abramson, Jay 122, 125 Alien, Todd 34,35,59,60,116,117,118 Alien, Trey 34,35,1o8,1o9,111 Andrews, Greg 10, 24, 27, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 67, 120, 121,122,124,126,128,131,136, 144 Barnett, Marci 56, 57, 117 Barnett, Missy 22, 29, 54, 62, 63, 66 Barrington, Kristy 20, 30, 31, 54, 60, 61, 62,120,121,122,124,128,129,130, 131, 136 Berry, Walter 23, 24, 33, 34, 35, 58, 59, 61, 115, 133 Boddie, Troy 34, 35, 109, 132 Bolton, Ryan 117 Brown, Tonya 28, 29, 42, 43, 50, 56, 57, 65,112,113,133 Broyles, Beth 113, 114 Burdine, Joey 34,35,117,118,119 Burdine, Mitch 22,34,35,60,108,109, 110 Byrd, Jim Pat 23, 33, 34, 35, 55, 59, 113 Chandler, Lauren 28,109 Colgin, Caroline 20, 25, 26, 27, 36, 37, 42,43,67,77,12O,121,122,124, 129. 130 Coussons, Holly 30, 31, 52, 54, 56, 57, 62,76,116, 117,119,134 Culbertson, Laura 28, 52, 56, 57, 65, 112, 113, 115 Darby, Marion 19, 34, 35, 130 Day, Julie 67, 130 Day, Will 109 Dean, Kendal 19, 31, 37, 112, 113, 114 Dorris, Bruce 49, 51, 55, 66, 67, 120, 121,122, 125,128, 129, 131 Downing, Scott 33, 34, 35, 109, 111 Dunn, John 23,49 Evans, Julia 56,57,113,114 Finney, Jennifer 28, 109 Floyd, Steve 109 Ford, Nikki 113 Free, Ronda 28, 29, 52, 56, 120,121, 122,124,128,131 Garrett, Holly 10, 24, 28, 29, 50, 52, 53, 56,57,63,64,67,12O,121,122,124, 126,129, 13O,131, 144 Gerhardt, Wayne 49, 55, 67, 120, 121, 122 Glasscock, Coy 20 Golden, David 109, 112, 113,114, 115 Golden, Lauren 28, 60, 113 Gore, Katie ao, 50.65, 78, 116, 117, 118 Griffen, Shelly 62, 63, 65, 117 Student Index Griffith, Charles 52, 55, 59, 60, 61, 65. 113, 115, 118 Harper, Doug 65,109,111 Harris, Jim 17, 59, 109 Harris, Tim 34,35,117,119 Hooper, Leslee113 Horta, Ariel 59, 60, 65, 67, 122, 124, 127 Hutson, Preston 59, 117 Johnson, Ben 17, 52, 58, 59, 112, 114, 115 Johnson, Carol 21 , 25, 26, 27, 53, 65, 12O,121, 122,124 Johnson, Walter 109, 111 Jones, Carrie 25,26,27,117 Jones, Kelly 28,52,65,112,113,115 Kirkman, Brett 34, 35, 111, 116, 117, 118,119 Latham, Kenny 34, 35, 61 , 120,121, 122,124, 126,128,131 Latham, Mike 23, 65, 113 Lawrence, Jennifer 28, 29, 52, 56, 65, 117 Lieber, Stephanie 30,31,66,120, 121, 122, 125 Loftus, Kelly 65,120,121,124,128, 129,130,131 Logan, Ben 25,33,34,35,65,77,12O, 121,122,124,126,128,129,130, 131 Long, Kevin 34,35,117 Long, Stacy 28,29,109,111 Luman, Steve 25, 34, 35, 59, 120,121, 122,124,127, 128, 129,130,131 Lyons, Elizabeth 42, 43, 65 Mason, Jennifer 30,65,113,115 Mays, Brian 109 McAIister, Jan 30, 56, 65, 66, 67, 77, 12O,121, 122, 125, 127,128,131 McKneely, Bo 33,34,35,125 McKneely, Melinda 18, 56, 65, 117 McKnight, Kevin 34, 35, 117 Mikovich, Mike 26,27,55,60,110 Milleg, Lisa 26, 53, 56, 57, 58, 117,118, Mitchell, Don 117 Morgan, T. C. 34, 35, 117, 119 Murphy, Elizabeth 28, 52, 56, 65, 113, 114 Neal, Emily 30,113,115 Paul, Julie 109 Peatross, Allison 28, 55, 56, 57, 60, 65, 112,113,114,115 Peatross, Ashley 28, 29, 36, 37, 54, 56, 60,61,62,63,120,121,122,125, 126,128, 129,131, 142,143 Pesnell, Doug 34,35,117 Pesnell, Jamie 34, 35, 55, 59, 61 , 63, 64, 67,12O,121,122,125,142,143 Pesnell, Susan 117 Phillips, Spenser34, 35, 59, 65, 117 Perret, Jerrie 20,28,117,118 Perret, Kevin 109 Ravygs, Tonya 30,31,58,65,76,113, 1 Rayburn, Darryl 18, 33, 34, 35, 76, 120, 121,128, 129,130,131 Rhodes, Mark 61,65,113,114 Rice, Melinda 23,12O,121,122,125, 128,129, 130,131 Robertson, Heidi 21, 30, 31, 42, 56, 57, 65,120,121,122,124,127,128,129, 130, 131 Robertson, Renee 28, 42, 43, 109, 109, 110, 111, 132 Rosso, Stacey 21, 25, 26, 27, 53, 56, 65,77,120,121,122,125,127 Ryan, Michael 34, 35, 59, 116, 117, 119, 134 Sawyer, Heather 20, 25, 26, 27, 36, 37, 56,57,120, 121,122, 124, 126,137 Smith, Lisa 28,37,65,108,109,110, 111 Smith, Shannon 120, 121 , 122, 125, 128,129, 131 Smith,Tiffiny19,30,31,76,116,117, 118 Spano, Lane 19, 20, 21 , 23, 67, 76, 120, 121, 122 Stinson, Audra 117, 118 Sullivan, Cindy 28, 109, 110, 111 Taglavore, Tracy 17, 30, 31 , 37, 52, 53, 56,58,65,76,117 Taylor, Cathy 120, 121, 122,125 Thomas, Johnette 28, 52, 117, 118,119 Thomas, Julie Ann 28, 55, 109 Tingle, Chris 120, 121, 122, 125, 127, 128,129, 130,131 Tuggle, Tracy 60, 65, 120, 121,122, 125,127,128,129,130,131 Turley, Ashley 18, 30, 52, 67, 120, 121, 122,124,128,129,13O,131 Tyrone, Lisa 28,55,108, 109,110,111 Van Hook, Alec 65, 113 Van Hook, Jim 117 Wardlaw, John 109 Wardlaw, Kim 18, 20, 31 , 65, 66, 117 Wilson, Brian 19, 34, 35, 59, 117, 118 Wilson, Will 65, 109 Whittington, John 34, 35, 50, 59, 60, 63, 64,120,121,122,124,127,128,130, 131 1 SEEN HTQ 9 P 1 Q F A l 19s L, f k iii P 4 'i ff- -H - --Y- f- ff-W - f L., a :ilu .. '. ,iw V. i , , ,. . . , .Jw A 1 ' . , . f - ,A-55 L, Q w if 20 4 Autographs Taylor Publishing Company Insalco

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First Baptist Church School - Patriarch Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 161

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First Baptist Church School - Patriarch Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 23

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